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Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. Once excommunicated, she now wields the powerful blade known as Excalibur. Recently she has slain another dragon, making it the second soul she has consumed. With another ally in the form of Shirone, Asia must prepare to face the leader of most dragons, Ouroboros.

Journal Entry VIII

It has been a while since writing in this book, and a few things has happened. The afternoon after my previous entry I met a Devil by the name of Shirone. She is a small girl, about the same size as myself. While she is a Devil the girl has found a possible faith in God and forsaken her master. So she has joined me, though I wish there was a chance we could rid her of such a curse.

After about a week later, yesterday, we faced down a Dragon. He was prideful, and told us a great many things we would not have known beforehand. We triumph against him though, and I consumed his Soul for myself.

With that, I plan to look more into whoever this Ouroboros is, as he is the leader of these Dragons. It worries me that he would be so willing to work with the Devil’s drags.

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Choose two of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 6 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Drive Vehicle Skill
>Cooking Skill
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Peer (Church): Improves interactions with Church officials

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Air of Authority: Those of lower rank to Asia will instantly go into line, with even a chance of affecting the enemy.
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when atleast 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponet makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
Im guessing Full dragon aspect does what it should have done is skyrim wasnt limited because dragon controls would be wonky and is a full blown dragon Transformation?
I meant to say if skyrim wasn't limited i not the one who was doing the charater sheet stuff so i dont want to ruin the build they were going for
As I closed my journal I laid a little way back into my chair. To say I have been through a good bit might not give things credit, and as I take a moment to read through the journal I realized just how far I have come. From a lost sheep who was saved by a powerful shepard to the shepard myself, helping people who truly needed it.

Speaking of which, I turned around to see Shirone standing at my door. I soon got up from the chair, making my way over with a smile, “Did you sleep well Shirone?”

“I have.” She said with a straight face.

I thought to myself for a moment before petting the girl on the head, “That is great then!” With that the little girl grew a slight bit red, growing a small smile on her face, “Have you gotten used to living here?”

I received a nod and a smile, “I have.”

With that I stopped petting the little girl and started to make my way down the hall, “Then we should get moving, if we are not careful someone might eat all the food.”

“Yeah...” Shirone called out before gaining blushing with a pout, “You’re talking about me!”

I thought to myself for a moment, “Well I was referring to Irina, but you both have big stomachs. We never have any leftovers thanks to the two of you.”

“Oh, sorry.” The girl’s shoulders become slumps.

I patted her on the shoulder, “It means you both are eating well and growing. Mother Griselda must enjoy the fact that all the food has been eaten!”

With Shirone’s brightening smile we soon made it into the living space, the smell of food brushing by our noses. We came in about the same time Irina and Xenovia had, to which the two girls gave eachother death stares.

“Good morning Asia.” Xenovia said as she took a seat at the table.

“To yourself, Xenovia.” I said with a smile on my face.

Soon enough we all gave a short prayer, Shirone trying her best to mimic what I was doing. Within the moment we were done, the two fired off like gun in a race. Soon enough a good majority of the meal was missing, but there was still enough for me and Xenovia.

Once we got a good way into the meal I called over to Xenovia, “So what will you be doing today?”

“Training in the equipment room, yourself?”

>Train as well.
>Go into the library to study a little magic
>Sit in on the Devil’s interrogation
Still accepting level up stuff. just moving the plot along.
>raise Dragon Aspect
In QM we trust!
>raise ballistics and strength by +5
Our enemies are getting tougher, first the cerberus and then the dragon. We need to became stronger too.
>spend 3 units in HP and 3 in Mana
I want to learn more magic soon, but HP also is important, so half each sonds good to me.
>Air of Authority: Those of lower rank to Asia will instantly go into line, with even a chance of affecting the enemy.
>Peer (Church): Improves interactions with Church officials
Our girl deserves. Also, it migh help Shirone, in case someone on the church tries anything funny.
>Drive Vehicle Skill
Since we are apparently turning in a saberface, we need that sweet sweet motorcycle from zero
>Go into the library to study a little magic
It's been a while since we last learned magic
>Dragon aspect
> 3 mana 3 hp
>Air of Authority
>Drive vehicle skill
>Peer church
Anon i was checking that char sheet and noticed that want we wanted when i came back and saw your stuff was identical
Great minds think alike!
Like i literally had to post it As fast as i could to show it wasn't an exact copy but literally almost the same hell when i put down the stuff i was like we a saberface now then was like saber loves motorcycles Air of authority more like air of royalty Peer of the church Bitch we hold Excalibur and it will probably kill others who wield it of course they respect her that and she to nice to hate...
>Library to learn those most holy magics
“I am thinking of going to the library.” I said while picking up a small piece of bread, “While I know a little magic, I wish to know what the Church specializes in.”

“Respectable.” She slowly placed her utensils on the table, “You do need to learn about bounded fields, I understand that using it is actually what we are suppose to do.”

My brow was raised from that, “Then why have we not done it then?”

She gave me a shrug, “Usually we both hope the enemy is capable enough to put one up themselves before hand. I will admit we have just gotten lucky in our years.”

“Oh, you ate it all.” I turned to see Irina looking the now emptied plates.

“You did as well.” Shirone claimed while pointing a small fork at the Exorcist.

“I only ate what was needed.” Irina said with a small grumble, “You’ve got the Sin of Gluttony down pat.”

“Says the Ill mannered Exorcist!”



The two went to their respective sides. I shared a look at Xenovia before making our way over to our respective peoples. I tapped on Shirone’s shoulder, “Time to get going.”

“Okay.” She stood up from her seat, and we were then on our way towards the Library. Shirone was quite silent as we were traveling, to the point I could not hear her footsteps. Though as I looked over I noticed how she had her head hanging down a little.

We then arrived at the library, the place relatively small compared to the massive ones above ground. It did however have value in that every book had some kind of useful knowledge relating to our field.

From a quick browse I found the book that contained a spell for the Bounded Fields Xenovia was talking about. Other books I saw included a spell that harmed the Undead, one designed to amplify the amount of pain a Devil could experience, and a volume on calling Angelic beings to your aid.

>Which book you wanna read, I accept wright ins.
>Talk to Shirone, *About What*?
>Bounded Fields By Zel
>How she ended up working under rias and how her time there was
>Summon the Holy Host (I.E. the volume on calling angelic beings to your aid)
>>Which book you wanna read, I accept wright ins.
we have a book on conjuration, right?
lets become master summoners
>Bounded Fields
>ask Shirone if she knows or is interessed in magic
>offer to teach her some simple spell if the answer is yes for either option
>ask what are her favourites sweets are
Remind me to pick Cooking Skill next time we gain xp
I went ahead and brought out a couple of books from the shelves. ‘Bounded Fields for Dummies and Shitty Apprentices’ by Zel was one while the other was ‘Summoning the Heavenly Host’. With these in hand I made my way to a small chair and sat myself down. Shirone herself took a seat next to me with a small book in her own hands. I could not tell what it was from here though.

I went ahead and started with the book on bounded fields, since it was what Xenovia suggested. It talked about how they came in many forms, being able to change reality in small amounts at their weakest to creating an entirely separate dimension. What they all have in common is that they are protecting something in some way.

Once I started coming to a finish in the book I looked over to Shirone. While her face was stoic for the most part, I noticed a few cracks in her facade. I tapped the girl on the shoulder, which got her head to almost whip towards me.

I gave a soft smile, “Are you interested in magic?”

Her face became… complicated, “I would, but I don’t know. When I was with Bouchou I was her Rook. I only needed to know summoning and teleportation magic of her house.” She took a few more moments to read the book before her, “Complicated. All of this is complicated compared to Devil magic.”

“Do you want to learn some?”

She looked at me for a moment before nodding to herself, “Yes, I do.”

“Well, I only know Restoration magic, but it is good for anyone to learn.”

Shirone tilted her head but nodded, “Okay, I am in your care.”

And so we worked at teaching Shirone healing magic. It was a little difficult, as the girl always seemed to generate some kind of infernal energy at the very beginning. Such energies continued to mess with the spell, causing it to either disperse or cause small bursts of bright light. None of it however was the life magic of Tamriel I had learned.

“Let us take a break.” I said as Shirone failed for another time.

“Yeah…” Her face had fallen out.

We moved over to the chairs we were before, dropping ourselves into them without much care. Shirone herself had curled up into a ball of sorts, though I think it was more for comfort than of panic.

As we sat there, I realized there are still some things I do not really know about her. Though it might be a little bit inappropriate it would always be, “Hey Shirone, what was it like working for the Gremory?”

“Bouchou?” the Devil girl shifted a little in the chair, “Bouchou was nice… but she wasn’t the best.”

“Why was that?”

The girl seemed to take a moment more of thought, “Bouchou’s specialty when it came to contracts was lust. While she did not accept prositution, she did not mind letting us be used as models for perverted men.”

She continued with a little strain, “It was fine, I saw it as serving my Master. I have done it for years, and I never thought of it as wrong. But now, I wonder what my sister would think of it.”
>Urge Shirone to talk about her sister
>Continue talking about her work for Gremory
>Go to a different topic entirely *What?*
>Urge Shirone to talk about her sister

So her devil magic is impeding her of learning the healing magic, huh? Interesting. I can't think of a solution yet, but i will come with something later.
Roll for me.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Rolled 61 (1d100)

We need a new thing we already have drive vehicle
Now that she mentioned it, "You never talk about your sister much Shirone. What happened to her?"

The Devil's eyes widened for a moment, and for a second I thought she was going to run from me. Before she did anything though, I placed my hand on her shoulder, "If you do not wish to talk about it, that's fine."

Shirone's eyes grew a slight bit wide, a smile coming on her face, "Th-thank you. It's fine though, you need to know." I watched her bosom expand as she took a couple of breaths, "My sister… her name is Kuroko. Unlike myself, she has black hair and is much older than me. She took care of me when our mother died, and no one really liked us. In the end we ended up in a Devil’s service."

I felt a slight not forming in my stomach as she continued to talk.

"My sister, she became his Servant in exchange for food and shelter. The Devil treated me so kindly during those days, occasionally he would give me lollipops every so often." A small tear formed in her eyes, "Then one day she killed him. I don't know why, but she killed him and left me to fend for myself.”

“And that is when you were taken in by the Gremory?”

She nodded slowly, “Thats it really. I was about to be deemed too dangerous and was about to be executed, when Bouchou’s brother interrupted it.”

“I…” I thought a little more, running a few words through my head, “I would find it hard to believe your sister abandoned you without good reason. You should know this already, but you should never trust a Devil at face value.”

“That’s what I realized.” She frowned a little, “What is it that Kuroko found. Why did she not just take me with her.”

>Give me a final response

And for afternoon activities
>Go training in the Training Hall Still trying to make a final name for this room.
>Continue studying magic
Yeah, I need a better method of tracking the skills you guys already got. Right now I just copy and paste the previous Level-up screen.

Also, I havn't had a chance to update the page today. That will be done tonight.
>She probably thought she wouldn't be able to escape with or with out you and they would catch her executing her leaving you alone
>Continue studying magic the angel book
should i choose a new skill beacues we already can DRive shit
I pick Cooking personally.
>Mayne she tought you would be better off without her. That it you would be safer if she was away. Maybe she felt that she couldn't protect you while she was being hunted
>Continue studying magic
cooking it is asia can cook unlike those other church-ed raised idiot xen an irina
Asia was an Orphan raised in a church...
I'm pretty sure he was just using the sentence as a figure of speech/comparison.
It was a comparison and also slightly calling our selves stupid because how can she not recognize a devil when she knows magic exist unless she wasnt thought how to tell and shit which is more likely than her being stupid
“Well, she might have abandoned you for some reason.” I grabbed the girl’s shoulder and quickly brought her close, “Maybe she thought if she took you, the two of you would have been captured and executed. If nothing else, I am sure she had good reason.”

“...” Shirone looked up to me with watery eyes, “... thank you.”

I rubbed her head a little before placing the book back on her lap, “Let us continue working, we might be able to come out with something before dinner!”

With that we continued working into the afternoon, small rays of candle light hitting the edge of our chairs. By now I had changed out my books from the Bounded Fields to the one about Conjuration and summoning Angels.

My understanding of it was a little shaky, and I soon realized how dangerous it might have been to use Mor’ Voh’s conjuration spells. The book talked about Daedra, and how many of them are Gods in their respective parts. While I understand a little bit and maybe summon a [Familiar], instead I turned to Heaven’s options.

The book talking about the summoning of Angels was complicated, but shared some similarities with the one about Daedra. Both talked about summoning beings from a different plane of existence, but Heaven’s would of course draw upon the Divine people.

With a little bit of work I determined the summoning method to bring a Celestial Familiar into existence. While it would be a weaker beast, it still meant I had an ally in battle.

Asia has learned Conjure Familiar (Heaven/Daedric).
Asia has learned how to conjure a bounded field.

The room was soon died a slight red as the candles dimmed themselves for night. I looked over to see Shirone already starting to drift to sleep, “Lets go have some dinner.”

She quickly jolted awake, “S-sorry I-”

I shook my head a little, “It is time to go eat, are you ready?”

She stood there for a moment before nodding. With that we made our way back down into the small room that acted as our dinning room, with Irina and Xenovia arriving at the same time. As I looked at the two I noticed Irina seemed worse for ware, almost completely covered in sweat while Xenovia looked a little winded.

We took our seats without saying a word, quickly rehersing a prayer before going to eat. While Shirone was about to go at the meal before she instead looked over to Irina, “Are you alright?”

“Xenovia freakin’ beat me up like a dog.” She said with a small cry. The one in question did not bat an eye at the accusation, and I do admit Xenovia can get into training.

Shirone took another look at her plate of food, before moving over and placing a small bit of meat on Irina’s plate. Before the girl to say anything Shirone quickly but her off, “You need to eat. You are growing.”

Irina slowly reached over and took a bite out of the meal, a small smile appearing on her face, “Thank you Shirone.”

“Nn, your welcome.”
>Anything you gues wanna have them talk over dinner

Night activities
>Go out to Rome proper
>Study more
>hang out for a little bit
>Go train in the Training Hall
>ask what are their favourite weapons(specifically guns)
We're a gun nut after all
>Go out to Rome proper
We still have that money we gained when we still were with Mor'Voh right? Let's spoil our girls tonight!
>ask what are their favourite weapons(specifically guns)
We're a gun nut after all
>Go out to Rome proper
Same as the other guy excepte asia Makes investments
I continued eating my meal with a small smile forming on my face now. We all had our pieces of a meal, Irina gaining a little bit of her appetite back while Shirone seemed to be holding a little back. If things are going at this rate, we might actually have food remaining!

Now that I thought to myself for a little bit, “So what is everyone’s favorite weapon?”

I got some looks from the others which only worked to betray their confusion. I felt my face going a little flush before Shirone nodded, “I am learning to use my mace. I feel I need something more though.”

Irina gave a nod, “I know what you mean, ever since I lost Excalibur Mimic I’ve been itching for a new weapon. The Lightsabers don’t really cut it, and I’m pretty bad at guns admittedly.”

We turned over to Xenovia, who’s face grew a small bit red, “Durandal… it can be a little too much to handle.”

Irina just gave a small sigh, “I guess only Asia has her dream weapon~” She soon grew a small smile at that, “Maybe me and Shirone should get some better arms from Griselda.”

“Arms…” Shirone gumbled before sending a small piece of food at Irina’s face.

“S-sorry Shirone!” The other quickly dodged it with a slightly panic expression, “But guess what I heard from Griselda, we might soon get you a new arm!”

Shirone had already loaded another round, into her single hand, but dropped it. She then rubbed her armless shoulder with a more somber expression, “That… is great.”

“Yup, now here’s payback.” Within the next moment a cookie crumb was sent flying towards Shirone. Instead of trying to dodge it however, the Devil simply opened her mouth and nommed it.

The two grew smile as I just sighed. Their relationship is growing a good bit I guess, somehow.

“Well, I plan on heading out to Rome tonight, is anyone willing to come with me?” I announced with a small grin.

I got nods from both Shirone and Xenovia, while Irina gave a small cheer.

>Go visit a roman structure, like the coliseum
>Go see a movie *Give Genre*
>Go for a little bit of shopping *Give objective*
>Make your own.
>Borsa Italiana S.p.A. To make some investments for her 401k
i relizes that the head quarters of the stock market is in rome but the building is else where but you can ignore that...
>Go for a little bit of shopping *Give objective*
Let's just buy whatever catches the girls attention.
Since it's a night out to have fun, let's just walk around Rome and have a good time. If they find dresses, sweets or even tourist traps they like, let's give to them as gifts.
File: Tonio.png (318 KB, 350x434)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
As soon as we finished, we made our way out into the streets of Rome. It was starting to approach the fall season, so people were starting to wear longer sleeved wear. It did not however deter anyone from actually heading out, so the moon lit streets were bustling with people.

Irina was rubbing her back as we walked, “Man Xenovia, next time can you not beat out my spine.”

“Sorry.” The abuser said without any sympathy in her voice.

“So I take it the two of you just trained throughout the day?” I said.

Xenovia just nodded while Irina sighed, “We need to hit a little bit harder, I guess. Fighting that Dragon was so hard, things might have gotten much worse.”

About everyone nodded in agreement. Soon enough we arrived in the market district, everyone’s eyes looking about for something nice. We came by a few stores that had clothing, some that had perfumes, and even a small bag place. None of them seemed to draw the ire of anyone though.

It was only when we came by a sweets shop that two of our members suddenly disappeared. I turned around to see both Irina and Shirone now looking into the glass cases of sweets. Looking up at the title, Remer’s Sweets, I decided to call out to the others, “You all wish to go in?”

“Yes!” Irina cried out forthright, while Shirone simply nodded.

Walking in the place seemed like a very normal restaurant, though the amount of people in it was scarce. In front was a class case filled with sweets ranging from cakes to candy. Though as we walked in, something felt… off.

“Welcome to Remer’s Sweets, may I ask what you wish for today?” a blonde haired main with a chef’s apron appeared to welcome us.

“Hey Shirone, Irina, pick whatever you want.” I said with a small smile.

“Ah a girl’s night out?” The man asked with a curious smile.

I nodded, “You can say that. Are you the cook here?”

The man shook his head, “That would be the owner of the store, Remer. I am simply a cook in training, Tonio Trussardi.”

“Well it is nice to meet you.” I said with a smile.

The man looked over to Shirone, growing a small frown as he did, “Well usually I am not allowed to do this, but I wish to try my skills since things are slow.” He turned back to me with a genuine smile, “Would you be interested in a full course meal, I will only charge you Fifteen Euro each.”

>Accept the man’s offer
>Decline it.
Finally updated the Sheet, told ya'll I'd get it done today!
>Decline it.
>Accept the man’s offer
I'm changing my vote to
>Decline it.
I forget that we just finished eating. Going for a full couse meal might not be the best idea.
>"I'm sorry, but we just had dinner not to long ago, so i don't think we would be able to eat a full course meal. Maybe another time?
I still wanna buy sweets for the girls though
Ask the others, we did just eat and while two meals in a row might be too much for some of our group we could always reserve a full corse meal for tomorrow or something. I for one say we should accept
I thought for it for a moment, but in the end shook my head, “We just finished eating dinner a few hours ago. Maybe another time?”

The man gave a slim smile, “I understand, my boss always leaves when it gets dark. So do come by when you can.”

I soon shook my head, “I still want to buy everyone some sweets, so take whatever they request.”

“I will do so.” He made his way over to Irina and Shirone, both of whom were picking out sweets. I watched as Shirone was about to go for a cake, but instead changed her decision to a cupcake that might have been a little too big.

Soon enough we had a small amount of treats such as cakes and candies, which cost me about 30 USD. The two had happy looks about their faces as he handed them the treats were priceless.

As we were about to leave the man gave us a smile, “Come back here soon, you hear. I am sure you will never regret it.”

While I was confused by his goodbye, we made our way out of the store. The two gluttons somehow waited till we were halfway down the street when Irina took out a small candy, “Time to have a snack!”

She bit into the treat, and soon Irina’s eyes went wide, “This tastes awesome!” She continued at it for a few moments until we heard a crack. We watched as Irina’s spine went a little weird for a moment before going back to normal.

“Are you okay!” The first to be next to her was Xenovia, who had somehow stepped from the front to the back in a moment.

Irina’s eyes were wide as she reached for her back, “It’s not in pain anymore.”

“Huh?” Was what escaped my mouth. I walked over and cautiously took a piece of candy for myself. I chewed it for a moment, but it seemed to just be normal candy. I swallowed it before looking to Irina, “Was it magic?”

“I… don’t know.”

With that little odd factor we continued our walk through the night. It was more just walking around exploring all the places about the land, though that shop was still on my mind.

Either way when it was about 10 o’clock we made our way back to the Catacombs for some rest. In all likelihood tomorrow would be when we get the results back from our prisoner.

Asia’s morning activity to set the scene
>Training in the Training hall
>Library once more
>Trying to cook lunch for everyone
>Trying to cook lunch for everyone
Hunger is the Enemy!
>Trying to cook lunch for everyone
We are slowly becoming the mom of this group
At the stroke of noon I opened the doors from the kitchen and into the main hall, simple ham sandwiches in my hands. Sitting at the table was Irina, Xenovia, and of course Shirone. All looked at the meals I put down in front of them with hungry eyes.

“Before any of you eat, you should do prayer first.” I said with a soft smile on my face.

“Oh, right!” Irina and Shirone shared nods before doing as they were told. After they finished though they took their respective meals and tore into the sandwiches. With a calming sigh I sat on the table to join them.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals, but as they were doing so the door to the dining room opened up. I turned to see Mother Griselda coming in a little worn down.

“Oh I have left you without a meal in so long you have learned to cook it yourself.” The Mother said with a slight frown.

“It is not like that!” I quickly said, “I just wanted to cook for everyone!”

“Good for you then Asia,” She grew a soft smile on her face, “Still, it has been so long since we all have eaten together.”

“Yeah, thats right.” Irina said as she took a break from consuming her meal, “Have things on top been going getting out of hand?”

She shook her head, “It is less things are getting out of hand and more of things are falling into place. Sadly though I am here not to share in a meal, I have been given your next mission.”

She slowly brought out some papers from a bag she had been carrying, placing some documents in front of us, “You will be split in two for these, as they are simple for the most part. Lord Micheal’s research is very close to finishing, but they need to examine Reincarnated Devils just to be sure. So your jobs will be to collect a few.”

We all stared at the papers with confusion, but the one who seemed most confused was Shirone. Griselda seemed to have expected it and point out to the documents, “This one is to Glasgow, England; Quebec, Canada; Detroit, United States; and lastly Stalingrad, Russia. These are places of heavy Stray Devil activity, and we believe you can gather at least a few being in these locations.” She nodded to herself, “So, which ones do you want?”

>Chose one of the locations
>Glasgow, England
I reached forward and grabbed the document about Glasgow, quickly reading through the briefing. It seemed seems some Devils were actively working on something from the city. What they are looking for is unknown.

“Me and Shirone can take this one.” I said with a firm determination.

Irina and Xenovia nodded, taking the mission to Quebec, “We can handle this one.”

Griselda nodded, “When you capture the Strays, I ask that you use this circle and they will be sent to Heaven for their research. Though you must at least eliminate all of them before then.”

We all nodded to her so she continued, “Tell me if you need anything, if not I expect you to leave by tomorrow morning.”

>Say the things you need.
>Also anything you wanna do before you all leave.
>The standard Accommodations we will need while there and travel expenses food
>Read a book on healing magic or grab on to read while she travels
Supporting this, but also let's check if we recieved any letter from Mor'Voh yet.
By the afternoon the next day we had been transported over to Glasgow by airplane. The travel was nice, though the book I was reading told me something interesting.

It claimed there was no real form of healing magic that one could use, only items or side effects. Its primary example was the Tear of House Phenex, a Devil house that produced near instant healing products. This made the household extremely wealthy, placing it on the same standing as houses that produced Satans.

Besides that, the only other proper form of healing was [Twilight Healing]. I felt a little knot in my stomach that I was the reason such an item was destroyed. Though the more I thought about it, it kind of explained why Shirone could not use Healing Magic. Devils have the [Power of Imagination], which allows them to produce just about any magic they can think of. I guess Healing magics are just not compatible with them.

Finally we arrived in the small hotel that would be our base of operations. It was a little hard convincing the gentleman upfront we were the tenants, but soon enough we had our room.

“Okay Shirone, here is all the information we know.” I said while placing the briefing down on the table, “You have faced Stray Devils before working for the Gremory, correct?”

“Yes.” She said before shaking her head, “I have not been ordered to keep them alive though.”

“Well, I guess it will be a first for me too.” Soon enough I produced a small map that showed the city’s layout. Marked on the sheet was the hotel we were at, as well as a couple of locations. A few were historical locations all about the border between England and Scotland, while the City blow up highlighted some warehouses, the slums, and part of the railway network as possible hide outlocations.

“What do you make of this, Shirone?” I said turning to my companion, “You probably had more experience than me.”

She nodded and loomed over the map, “I can’t make more out. These are places where I would have checked out too.” She switched over to the other maps, “What are they looking for?”

“I do not know, maybe we could try and find it first…”

It seemed they were discovered in old castles and fortresses, once in a church. Looking over this, we could figure out where they will go next with a bit of luck.

>Investigate the Rails
>Investigate the Warehouse
>Investigate the Slums
>Investigate a Ruin (Needs Int Roll)
>Investigate the Slums
Smart strays will nom homeless
>Investigate the Slums
File: 287147.jpg (25 KB, 225x299)
25 KB
As the night fell upon the city we made our move through the streets of Glasgow. The moon was high in the sky, which gave just enough light for us to see about ourselves. Just then a cold breeze came by, the air easily penetrating our robes.

“By the Lord its cold.” I said with my teeth chattering.

“Nn.” Shirone has placed herself against me, trying her best to get some warmth from me.

Looking about some people were moving about, though they all were getting themselves someplace to lay down. It seemed like a pair of men had taken a spot in front of a door while a girl was trying her best to inside her own home.

While small, this place made my heart drop a little.

“So Shirone, Any idea where to look?”

She shook her head, “Bouchou always knew where. Sorry.”

“Thats okay.” I said with a slight smile.

“Hey there young lady.” I turned to see a man sitting on the ground. He looked up to me with a bit of confusion, “Arn’t you two a little too proper for this neighborhood?”

I looked around and found a few people on the other side of the street walking, while another man was simply laying down by himself. I turned back to the man who was talking, laying next to him was a bottle of what I guessed was gin.

The poor souls.

>Give me a response and a Roll.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

>just passing thuru
no summoning magic or the others we learned in the char sheet?
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Supporting >>3920128
I turned to the man trying my best to calm him, “Uh, we are just passing through, sir. That is all.”

He shook his head, “Whatever girly.”

We kept making out way about the slums, searching high and low for anything that could give us a bit of revelation. Nothing seemed to stick out though, and no one seemed to be having any real trouble. With Shirone next to me, the ability to feel out the Devils has dampened a little bit.

I sighed a little, “Shirone, are you sure you have nothing?”

The girl looked at me with a bit of a worrisome face before nodding, “I will try.”

Shirone began to sniff the air as if she was some kind of cat, no real noise was made but she was obviously trying. A cold breeze came through, and she nodded. She raised her arm up north, “That way.”

“Thank you Shirone!”

We soon made out way up the street, soon coming into a more proper part of town with places to shop. Some homeless were still about, all sleeping at the steps of stores. I turned to look over to Shirone for anything more, but she shook her head.

“Should we try the allies?” I asked the Devil.

She shrugged, “We once found one in the parking garages.They just like it isolated.”

I could only worry we were too much in the dark.

>Inspect the Garages
>Inspect the Allies
>Other suggestions
>Inspect the Garages
Rolled 22 (1d100)

Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rolled 47 (1d100)

I nodded, “Then let’s check out the garage first.”


We made our way about the set of stores, soon making our way behind it to the garage. Slowly we made our way up the ramp and into the place proper, our eyes and ears open for anything of value.

As we slowly made our way over I felt something was off, and it seemed Shirone felt it too. It was then I heard a slight chuckle, one that definitely was not sane. I quickly looked about the place, and I noticed just how empty the place was.

My eyes focused on a single spect that seemed off, white canines shinging in the air.

“Oh how lovely it is that you have come looking for us. An Exorcist and her pet~”

I watched as the blotched dashed from one corner up to about halfway between us and it. I tried my best not to let it know anything more.

“You two don’t look very tough, I’ll just slice you!”

In the next moment both myself and Shirone dodged the being. Now in the moonlight stood a rather lanky creature with claw like hands. He had a good bit of gore still stuck to his shirt as he pouted, “Are you not going to stand still?”

Rolled 94 (1d100)

>Let it stab it self by running into Excalibur 27 times..
Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rolled 3 (1d100)

>First we use dragon aspect to tough ourselfs up, them we turn excalibur into our good old crossbow and start to shoot it in the legs, to make the capture more easy.
I quickly brought out Excalibur, willing it into the form of a crossbow. With a fire in my throat once more I called upon my internal spirit, ”Mul Qah Diiv”

Unlike the times before, I was now covered head to toe in spectral armor. The Stray’s eyes widened a little as he studied me for a moment before clicking his tongue, “So there was more to this little Exorcist than met the eye.”

Before he could move however Shirone had already closed the distance with him. With her mace now in hand she swung at him, though he skillfully dodged out of her attack. Seeing as he was forced into melee, the Stray focused on trying to claw at her. None of the attacks hit however, each one barely dodged by the girl.

I aimed with my crossbow, waiting a moment for a clear shot. The moment luckily came, and I fired a bolt directly into his leg with ease.

”Damn that fucking hurt!”

He was about to make a break for it, but Shirone quickly came behind the Devil and gave him a good punch in the stomach. The sound of the Devil losing his breath reached my ears, but he did not go down. Instead the Devil made a made sprint for the edge.

I did not have time to aim, simply firing a bolt as close to his legs as possible was my aim. I watched as he gave a slight cry of pain before falling on top of his own feet to the ground.

Taking the chance Shirone quickly ran up to the body and loomed over it. I myself aimed at him, waiting for the Devil to make any move.

Luckily he never did. I watched Shirone examine the body for a moment before turning to me with a smile, “He is knocked out.”

I let out a sigh of relief, “Great! But… what do we do with him?”

All I got was a shrug.

He’s not going to wake up for at least a few hours, that much I know.

>Try and take him back to the Hotel *How?*
>Summon an Angel for pickup
>Summon an Angel for pickup
>Summon an Angel for pickup
“Well, we might as well send him over.” I soon took a seat on the floor, getting out the box that was given to me. Opening the box revealed a couple of small flasks containing mercury, as well as a rosari that contained a slight glow to it.

I took out the instructions, drawing the ritual on the pavement to about the size of the creature. It was a rough circle, hardly anything I would be proud of. It was done however, and that was all I needed.

I read the last snippet on the instructions, reciting the words as prayer, “Oh Lord of Heaven, I give to you this sacrifice so that you may become stronger. Amen.”

Soon the mercury glowed, the body of the injured devil vanishing. With that the mercury vanished as well, leaving only a slight indentation in the pavement where it was placed.

“Then that is one down.” I mumbled to myself while getting onto my feet, “How are you feeling Shirone?”

“I can continue.” She said curtly, a monotone expression on her face.

If we retired now we could probably work once the afternoon hits. If we do notstop now though, I imagine we will not be doing anything till late evening.

>Continue Searching *Where*
>Call it a night

Yeah, I forgot it was just a sending spell. Sorry for no angel guys.
>Continue Searching near a school
It's cool, don't worry about it.
>Continue Searching *Where*
In the Allies
Shirone said that strays like isolated places, so i don't think we will have luck seaching near a school
fine allie ways it is
Give me a roll.
Rolled 16 (1d100)

Rolled 85 (1d100)

We could not stop now though, we had to continue. So soon enough we made our way out of the garage and into the allies of Glasgow.

I kept my eyes out for any movement, Shirone sniffing the air as well. There were not many sounds coming from here, and definitely not people living down them. I noticed how trash bags would miss dumpsters, as if the residents were trying their best to not even risk being down here.

As we turned from the alleys into ones that were disconnected from the road, my eye caught something. Quickly on my feet I made my way down to examine whatever it was. What I found was an injured man.

I checked over my shoulders really quick, no signs of a Devil stalking the man. The area about him however was filled with scratches and damage, things fighting one of their kind left behind. I reached down and tried to examine for any wounds, but the man quickly stirred.

“H-help me…” he said weakly while rolling onto his back.

Now that I had him in better light I could see him in full. His clothing was ragged, just like many of the homeless men before. He had an injury on his stomach, a clean slice about it. It could be healed, but that would require me to use my magic.

>What do you wanna do with the man?
>Or maybe you wanna do something else.
>Check to see if hes a devil him self
>If not knock him out then heal him partly
This could work. Supporting!
Hello everyone is there a way to find part 3 and 4 of this quest in the qst archives I looked for them but I am unable to find them.
I took in a breath, first things first I need to check something.

I moved the man slightly onto his side, reaching down onto his shirt and lifting it. There was nothing on his back, no black dots nor any demonic energies coming off of him.

I gave a slight sigh of relief, before shaking my head on what I must do.

I quickly brought out Excalibur, switching the form into a small bat. The man's eyes slightly widened as I smack him upside the head. Knocked out.

With that I summoned [Heal Other] in my left hand, quickly casting the spell onto him. As soon as I did so his wounds sealed, no longer bleeding praviously.

I gave a small sigh as I turned to Shirone, to which she shook her head. No more Devils at least around here.

Well, last thing to do figure out what to do with this man, and then we should head back.

>What you wanna do with the man you KNOCKED OUT!
Leave him near a clinicn near by and hang around using him as bait and making sure he safe
Wait, what you mean by using him as bait?
Stray devils eat people a homeless person is like a free meal
Hello anon. Unfortunately, i think these threads weren't saved in time and got deleted. The GM asked us to save the threads in his place because he didn't feel confident in writing the description. Unfortunately, no one tried it until part 3 and 4 were already deleted :(
Wouldn't it be out of character for Asia to risk a person life for her goals? And it's a risk even with us there to protect him, since we could always fail a roll or something.

How about we bring him to the clinic, and try using aura whisper on other isoleted areas?
“Hey Shirone, can you pick him up for me?”

“Nn.” Without much issue the Devil grabbed onto the man and placed him over her shoulder.

With the man collected we made our way out of the allies and into the city proper. I quickly checked the maps for a clinic for the man, which took us from the lower income district towards a generally better area.

What we soon came across was a nice sized white building. I made a sigh as the two of us went inside the building in the ER wing. We walked in to see a bunch of people hanging about, most of them giving us weird looks. I ignored most of them and took the man to the front desk.

“Uh, excuse me, this man here needs medical attention.”

The lady looked up from her paper work towards me and Shirone, then up at the man she was carrying. Confusion crossed her face before she shook her head, “Uh, girl, why is your friend carrying a homeless man?”

“He was stabbed when we found him!” I said gesturing to his blood stained shirt, “I did what I could, but he’s still in need of care!”

As I finished the nurse’s eyes widened, “Put him down right now!” The woman quickly took up a phone and started making a number of phone calls.

Shirone did as she was told, gently placing the man on the ground beside her. We both shared a look, after which we made our way out. I watched as the nurse was trying to get our attention, we really were not supposed to be there anyways.

As we stepped outside I spoke a soft tongue, ”Laas Yah Nir”

Once more the entire world was laid bare to my eyes, all the souls working their way about the city. It took only a few minutes but I finally noticed the auras of Devils, and they were all heading out of the city, towards the South. About four of them in total.

And they were all fleeing from the city.

>Give Chase *How?*
>Head to Hotel, its already too late
File: saber_bike.jpg (52 KB, 500x361)
52 KB
>Give Chase *How?*
Turn excalibur into a motorcycle and give chase!
Give me a Drive Check

Also, does Asia follow the laws of the road?
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Yes she does
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Well, guess we are going to jail for crossing the red light
Rolled 91 (1d100)

Good thing i vote to follow the laws we dont fuck up we just drive like a grandma
Because asia Can Drive
We needed to catch up fast, my mind quickly racing on what to do. I could call a cab, but that would take time and funds. If I went for a train it would take time to get on such a vehicle. It was then an idea settled in my head.

I reached back and quickly drew Excalibur, with a push of my will it started to change form. Gone was the blade of Excalibur, now it had become the motorcycle of Excalibur!

The chassis of the motorcycle was a deep rich blue, with golden trimming all about it. THe engine parts however were made of a silvery steel that seemed to scream power in them. It was a nice ride, and somehow I feel I would enjoy it.

“Come on Shirone!” I cried while hoping on, “We might be able to catch up with them!”

“Alright.” With a jump she landed on the back, swinging her hands around my waist.

“Okay, now let us go!”

With that the machine moved forward at a surprisingly fast pace. It was like trying to ride a lion with how unwieldy the machine was. As we lurched forward I felt the instinct to stop. We then lurched forward again and then I stopped.

“Uh, Asia. Do you know how to drive this?”

I thought to myself for a moment, “I kind of know how to drive cars, but I think this one is just a little too much for me.”

I looked up once again, no longer was I able to see the Devil’s aura. I gave a slight sigh as I slowly started inching my way out of the slums. As we drove a little it felt like I could get the hang of it, but I am not going on any high speed chases in the near future.

>Head on back
>Just drive in the Devil’s general direction. Might take till morning, so theres a risk Asia will fall asleep at the wheel

If you do head back
>What do you wanna do when you wake up in the evening.

Sorry for the late Update, at work right now. This will likely happen tomorrow too since I'm doing what is essentially a LARP.
>Head on back
>Practice driving Excalibur in Motorcycle and car forms
>Plan to get a licence in the future it will solve problems if you get stoped for looking to young
>Head on back
Unfortunately, continuing to follow then sounds to risk, not to mention reckless.
This sounds like a solid plan. Maybe ask Xenovia to help. I think she was the one driving the car when we meet, right?
I revved the engine a little and started moving back towards our base of operations, the sounds of a subtle city life ringing in my ears. I decided to take it slow for a little bit, trying my best to get a hold of the engine’s temperament. I struggled a little, but soon I managed to get a slight handle of it.

After that I decided to try and will it into a car, but when I did so nothing happened. It felt like Excalibur was not really able to turn into anything much bigger than the bike, so I marked that down in my mind as we traveled.

Soon enough though we ended up at the hotel, quickly making our way off the motorcycle and into the building. I made sure to Excalibur back into a Rosary as we made our way inside, holding the item tight with a slight smile.

Once inside we made our way into the beds and snuggled into them, the warmth entering my body from such a long night.

When me and Shirone woke up it was about three o’clock in the afternoon, much too late to have the breakfast provided by the hotel. Instead we had to order some food to eat, which ended up being pizza since it was the first thing Shirone thought of.

“What are we going to do?” I said while poking at a half eaten slice.

Shirone herself looked longingly at a half eaten pizza, “We got one…”

“But we need more of them.”

We both bashed our heads on the table, my gut feeling a good bit horrible for not succeeding in what could barely be called a chase. We were just lucky enough not to be pulled over by some law enforcement.

“Well, we could go after them.” Shirone said with a bit of strain.

I thought to myself, “I mean, I could see them once we enter town. We would just be relying on God then.”

“Do you remember which way?”

“Yeah, South West I think.”

>Go for them, this will require a roll.
>Call it in
Rolled 35 (1d100)

>Go for them, this will require a roll.
Rolled 2 (1d100)


>Go for them, this will require a roll
“So, do we take the chance?” Shirone said with a worried expression.

I sighed, “I trust the Lord to guide me. We will head out after we finish eating.”

The girl grew a slight smile before nodding, “Okay.”

With that we finished eating and soon made our way out of the hotel and onto Excalibur Motorcycle. As we loaded on the engine I felt something hitting my leg, so I pulled it out. What were in my hands was a pair of helmets.

Not looking a gift sword in the mouth, I handed a helm to Shirone while putting on on myself. Soon enough I felt Shirone’s arm wrapping around me, the engine giving a nice wave of warmth to ward off the cold. With a sigh I revved the motor and drove down the road.


“Close?” I heard Shirone through the helmet.

“Maybe, I have not seen any of them yet.”

“So. Long.”

“Please just hang on tight Shirone.” I said to the girl who was slowly losing her grip.

“Oh!” The grip suddenly tightened, a little too much!

“Little less little less!”

I felt the grip lessen, “Sorry.”

I grew a small smile, “As long as you are safe, I am fine with a little pain Shirone.”

As I said those words I noticed a new type of Aura crossing my vision. They were like black dots on the horizon. I quickly looked to the sign, Carlisle.

“I think we made it!”


>Go directly at them
>Find a place to stay
>keep driving after them until we are close enough to follow then on foot, but not to close to be detected. Once we are close enough, we turn excalibur into a uzi with silencer(if someone knows a better gun for a silencer, i'm all ears) and then we use Transparency to turn ourselfs invisible(turn excalibur invisible too). After all is ready, we start to shoot them on their knees our spines, anywhere we can reach to incapacitate them from moving
This is good
File: hqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB

Sorry it took so long for me to come back, I had that game I was talking about. Was Germany, ended up committing Final Solution Part 2 Electric Bugabloo on aliens.

All I can say is, German Engineering is the Greatest!
File: 1.jpg (39 KB, 852x480)
39 KB
As we made it in the city I did not bother stopping to get a place to go. We were given a mission, and if I knew where the Devils were I am going to go directly towards them.

The traffic was quite sparse as we made our way through the streets of Carlisle, and I finally had a good handle on the bike. It was so natural now I wonder how I was messed up so much earlier.

Soon enough we ended up outside of a warehouse, my sight exacting on the Devil with ease. There were five of them standing in there, and it looked as if they were moving things around.

“Shirone, stay here.” I quickly turned the motorcycle into a small machine gun, “Only come in when there is fighting.”

She looked at me with a bit of worry, but gave me a nod.

“Thank you for the trust, Shirone.” With those words I activated Transparency, my body becoming invisible as I made my way over to the Warehouse.

As I made my way in, a Devil was making his way into the building with a few bags of what I guessed was groceries. Taking the chance, I fell in behind him to slip into the building without even being spotted. Soon enough I was welcomed with a bunch of Devils hanging about the place.

Inside the place were a pair of cars, each of which I guessed were more sturdy than meets the eye. The Devils were playing cards as the Devil with bags slammed it on the table, “Here’s your fucking drinks.”

“Ah, thank you Charlie!” A stubby one yelled as he brought out a bottle of booze with a smile.

A taller one nodded to himself, “A nice reprieve from yesterday. Damn Angels.”

An African one popped the top off of his drink, “Yeah, think the fuckers got Slicer. He ran to the garage to see if anyone was stupid to go there.”

“Well he was stupid too.” The shorty said again, “A toast to his stupidity.”

As they clinked their glasses I changed the barrel of my gun into a silencer.

Rolled 81 (1d100)

>after making sure their devils
>Head shots For every one!

But our mission is to capture then alive

How about we cripple them instead? Shoot then in the elbows and knees instead, so they can't escape or fight back
Rolled 37 (1d100)

I raised my firearms at the Devils before me, my firearms aimed at their limbs. While I wish I could outright kill them it was my job to bring them to heaven for God’s Angels.

Within the next moment, as one of the Devils were jugging their alcohol I opened fire upon all of them.

Bullets went flying across the floor and into all of the Devils before me. I watched as a good majority of bullets either pierced their arms or chests. I watched as one of them, the smaller one, fell to the ground without fanfare while two other’s arms exploded.

Those whose arms exploded could not stop screaming as they dropped to the ground. They were not stopping though, and I could only guess the pain was just that extreme.

“Fucking Satan!” One of the two still standing yelled as he was just lucky enough to dodge my initial barrage. He quickly generated a small ball of energy within his hands and released a massive beam across the floor. I luckily dodged out of the way, but I noticed how his attack was too wide.

The other ran to where I was, and started looking for me.

But I was invisible.

>Silently move out of their way so we aren't detected. When we are in a good position, shoot their knees or elbows again.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

I slowly made my way about them trying my best to keep out of their line of fire and attack. As I was walking I did not notice the bottle sitting on the ground, to which I walked right into it!

“Shit, behind us!” The melee called out to his fellow. The one in question quickly turned around, firing a beam of light just barely away from me.

Before the other could make it through the door I came in was smashed open. I peeked over the wall and saw Shirone charging directly at the melee Devil, her fist smashing into the other’s stomach with an earth shattering force.

Now that chaos was starting to rang I came out of my cover and started firing at the range Devil. He just barely dodged to the side, a stray bullet impacting his leg.

>conjure our familiar and have him attack the long ranged devil, while we continue to shoot him. If it looks like our familiar will kill the devil, we disperse him. If the meele devil gains a upper hand against Shirone, we start to shoot him instead.
Rolled 99 (1d100)

You've got to be kidding me.
Rolled 4 (1d100)

Okay, I'll be writing then!
As reality shifted in an odd mix of purple and yellow out came a wolf like creature. It was a clear golden color, and within moments of being summoned the beast went straight to attacking the Devil next to it! Neither of its attacks hit, but the Devil was too distracted when I shot a single bullet at his legs. With a prayer to the Lord, I completely destroyed the limb with ease!

I turned around to watch as Shirone slammed her first directly into the Devil’s stomach, the sounds of bone breaking ringing in my ears.

I looked over to Shirone, how seemed to have faired pretty well in the fighting. She nodded her head, the simple fact that the Devil was alive stated.

“That got a little close there, what do you think Shirone?”

“It was.”

I gave a small sigh, healing up the Devils just enough to prevent them from dying while we tied them up. Soon enough I got a good count, three still living Devils. Sadly as I healed the other two their wounds were so dramatic that even when they closed their screams did not stop.

So I felt a little bad for them, but to cry over a dead Devil is something I do not ever plan on doing.

Now they were prepared to go to Heaven.

>Send them up
>Wait till they wake up, Asia might need to ask something
>Send them up
I don't think there's anything Asia needs to know from them
Hell we didn't even need many of them so i think the jobs done?
Taking a moment I slowly created and formed the circle around the knocked out bodies of the Devils. Shirone looked towards it with a monotone expression, her eyes darting between them.

I finally finished the making of the circle, and kneeled down in prayer. As I did so the circle began to glow with a powerful force, light soon flooding the room just as it had before. Within the next moment, the three Devils had disappeared without much of a fus.

The light died down as I finished the prayer.

“So… thats it?” Shirone said while coming over to help me up.

I gave a nod, “Yeah, I believe so.”

“Hmm, it feels like something is missing.” Shirone said with a slight tilt to the head.

I shrugged, “It is not really our place to do otherwise, we should start heading home.”

With that we made our way outside, and I quickly turned Excalibur into a Motorcycle. I got myself on, then help Shirone do the same. Once I felt her arm around me I revved the engine and we rode out.

Back to Rome it is.
I got a crazy week coming up, so I'll be taking a break. Hope you all have a nice day and hope to see you next week!
Thanks for running QM. Have a nice day too! See you in a week!
I'm back!

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