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As time resumes the blood that's been shed flows freely out of Lee.
His right knee buckles under his own weight, as the cap has clearly been dislocated.
The red aura strengthening him a great deal also breaks.

He spits the blood out of his mouth and pops his knee back in place without as much as a whimper.
"Well that's a surprise!
I admit, I didn't realize it at first. Much easier to realize it once you experience it first hand!"
Lee then wipes the blood off his face as he continues.
"During your "skip" the attacks come in sequence... but with the "stop" they happen at the same time!
Looks like I was too focused on overcoming the technique itself and forgot about the real threat... the user!"

"Just a heads up, I got plenty more where that came from!
It's not too early to give up yet!"

"I appreciate your concern but...
I'm dead anyway. No reason to worry about my life!
Instead, I fear I'll miss out on quite something if I don't fight you right now!"
He says with a cocky smile, you don't see a hint of fear on him.
"So... I guess that was... about twice as much... yeah, that should be enough-"

"What are you-"

His energy returns with the same intensity as before... and keeps on rising.

"Four... five... Six, NO!

His body is bathed in the crimson light emanating from within, coloring everything except his eyes a different shade of red.
The roar he let out sounded almost pained, but judging by his posture now he's barely feeling anything beyond the initial sting.
"Well... shall we?"

Taking the sword off your back, you gently place it down now that you've made your point with it during the last fight.
Raising your hands you assume your stance as you square off against the martial arts legend for real now.

>Seize the initiative and attack!
>Raise your guard. That technique is bad news
>Keep him away with ranged attacks
>Grapple him. His strength won't be of much use that way
>Keep him away with ranged attacks
>Keep him away with ranged attacks
Congrats Bruce, you scared us
I suppose this is the curse of loosing the thread and not being able to announce the new one.
Well, I'll just hope that others will notice this one's up and join later.

Anyway! Keepaway it is!

And would you kindly roll?
If nobody shows up and it's not a success I'll just roll 2 myself
Best of 4
DC: 14
Crit: 20
Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Nono anon
You'll be on the receiving end of that!
Rolled 21 (1d21)

Oh well there goes my hopes of only regular DC.
Can I request that QM treats this as a just regular pass?
I mean... sure?
A downgrade I can accept. But it's your responsibility now
What the fuck?
Don't be such a negro.
However if by some chance some other anon rolls a crit that overrides yours, unless he also agrees to it
I assumed that much.
Just not to invested in stomps yeah we dominate whoptie do that is just boring to me. One place I do not mind that is final single hit clashes.
Rolled 5 (1d21)

Maaaaan. I just finished Kengan Ashura and what a ride it was.
The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that Ohma didn't get to put a baby in Karla.
He died as he lived, a virgin
You ready yourself for the coming storm and start contemplating how to handle it.
On one hand, you're eager to see just how does that additional x5 multiplier feels like. On the other, you don't want it anywhere near you.
So the only real course of action is trying to keep him away with ranged attacks.

"Heh... Guess "that" should do the trick!"
Raising your fist, you point it at Lee and get this party started!
The invisible line of energy is fired out of your knuckles and makes its way towards your foe who, just like you expected, dodges it with ease.
Not that he can see it mind you, he's so on-edge that when you shouted he instinctually began evading.

Changing trajectories the thing curves around and begins tracking the guy whose movements appear more like flickers than anything else.
His form completely melts away the second he takes a step and only by focusing on his overwhelming energy can you trace his movements.
But that's more than enough for you.

Jumping around the arena, avoiding the invisible wave of death through prediction alone he rolls, backflips and flies out of the way.
It's clear that he has no trouble dodging it, hell this may not even be his maximum speed. So then why is he content being so defensive?
You see his lips curl into a cocky little smile when it hits you. He really was going slow!


With a quick eruption his ki flares up and he begins moving so fast he's passively leaving after images around as he's changing his directions.
The arena now littered with clones leaves you worried as you keep loosing track of his energy signature as he's bouncing around the place. This is bad!
Quickly you decide to cover yourself by shutting down all possible avenues of attack.
Raising a ball of ki in your hand, you shoot it out and it quickly fractures into dozens of smaller projectiles which shower the area constantly.
Aiming them around your body, you guard yourself with the projectiles while trying to get adjusted to his new speed.
As you're constantly adjusting the Flash Fist Crush to follow Lee, you spot him right in front of you, giving you a goofy smile.
He wants to confuse you so your own attack hits you? Fat chance! Spatial awareness of not just yourself, your opponent but even your attack is your forté!
Preparing to shift the attack around so it curves around so it hits Lee from the side instead of the back, you start performing the necessary actions... which is when he completely disappears.

You freeze up.
There was nothing. You lost his energy, no motion, no sound. He vanished off your radar without a trace.
It then hit you... literally.

A sharp pain penetrates your side, looking down you see Lee, his fist deeply planted in your liver.
He somehow slipped through all your senses and defenses while landing such a powerful blow.

Not missing a beat, you grab his leg and practically dig your fingers in his calves.
His goofy smile is met by your savage grin as you stare him down. Raising your hand, you clash fists with him several times.
Each sequence you manage to perfectly cancel each others attack out perfectly, resulting in only superficial damage on both sides...
That is, until your guided attack finally arrives.

Staring down Lee feels his nerves firing off a great many signals as his guts churn with pain.
The viscera within his guts trembles as the Flash Fist Crush shakes him to the core and passes through him.
As he looses his composure, you tighten your hold on his leg and after swinging him around, you throw him far away.
He manages to get back on his feet rather quickly and taps his abdomen a few times.
"Looks like a draw!"

"Yeah! Now we'll see which one lasts longer!
My reserves... or your body!"

>That trick was nice! Almost like a time-skip. But it couldn't be... could it?
>More area of attack! He can't dodge if you hit everything!
>It's your turn now! Time-Skip!
>It's your turn now! Time-Skip!
>It's your turn now! Time-Skip!
It's your turn now! Time-Skip!

Best of 4 again!
DC: 17
Crit: 20
Rolled 20 (1d21)

Rolled 2 (1d21)

Hmm... I'll keep this as it looks finalish enought for me.
Hint: It ain't
You just picked a bad move
Oh well. Cant be takeing away other players toys all the time. I might develop bad rep that way. (as If downgrading once didn't do that allready.)
Permanent success can get a bit boring.
If nothing else, I get your point and understand your decision
You alter your stance and raise your hands, completely exposing everything the neck down.
Most of the arena starts ridiculing you for your "stupid pose" with the exception of one...

Of all people, Bruce is recognizing that something's off and raises his guard.
Either he knows somehow, or his instincts are hard at work. Not good, no matter how you look at it.
No matter.

You prepare yourself for the time-skip and begin vibrating your muscles in preparation when Lee springs to action.
Charging into you head first, he leaves a trail of mirages behind him as he readies one of his full-body kicks.
Except the same thing happens last time and he disappears again.

Activating time-skip immediately, you turn around and preemptively throw a punch.
The moment your skip ends, you find your knuckles digging in the guys cheeks as you take a step in and push him down into the dirt.
Upon making contact with the ground he extends a hand and fires off a blast of energy, which ends up propelling him out of danger and almost knocking you over.
A good chunk of the skin on his arm gets frayed as it drags against the concrete, leaving a rather ugly smear of red on the ground.
He gets up, tearing his shirt to scraps and covering his arm.

"How did you know?"
He asks curiously.

"I didn't.
Don't get me wrong, I don't get how you're doing it because that's not what I'm focusing on.
I just reacted based on what I would've done."

"Then you have excellent sense for battle!"
Lee adjusts his guard and lowers his hands, abandoning much of his defense for increased offense.

You scoff at this.
"What? Not gonna try that again?
It might work now!"

He wipes his nose and takes off again.


Lee begins his much more direct assault, aiming to rush you down with a series of blindingly fast blows.
You quickly start backing away both to gain some distance and to lessen the impact of the blows and as such, begin zapping around the arena while the stadium rings from your thunderous blows.
This type of attack you're much better adjusted to and fare equally as well... for a while.

But once it becomes obvious to Lee that his tactic is ineffective he starts doing something... bizarre.
Despite having read his movements, his speed and his technique to such an extent that you can see his movements played out before they even happen, he still gets hits in!
You jerk your head around but your cheek still receives a cut, despite the fact that you were sure you dodged it.
And many other such attacks get past you. Nothing serious mind you, but it's still threatening.
It's after about the tenth little "scrape" that you start figuring it out.
He's slightly adjusting the boost of his Kaio-ken, slightly increasing or decreasing its output. Not by much, but just enough to throw off your timing.
Well... if he wants to play like that!

You can practically hear the others in the VIP room going off as they see you suddenly standing your ground.
Sparks begin flying off where your fists connect and no more attacks get past you. In fact, quite quickly you start turning things around with only one simple trick.

You uppercut Lee with full force, shaking his entire skull with the impact and with that things get out of control.
The two of you are no longer equally matched, instead Lee is being overwhelmed by innumerable, invisible strikes that he just can't get adjusted to.
He manages to grit his teeth and weather your blows just long enough to throw both his arms back and strike you with them simultaneously.
The blow is quite hefty but compared to the damage you just inflicted, it's nothing.

Now both of you are panting and staring down the other.
"You're not the only one who can mess with his opponents!"

"I see that...
And I hate to admit it but I'm starting to feel winded.
Haha! I did not expect to get pushed this far! Fighting you was really worth the wait!"

"Enough talk old man! Show me what you got!"

"With pleasure!"
He then raises both of his hands in the air and shouts to the crowd.

Looks like he's trying to pull something freaky again...
>Don't let him!
>Wait and see
>Wait and see

Oh boy, dis gonna be good!

Also humanity working together, also good

It's nice to make the audience feel like they're a part of the action
>Wait and see

It is foolish... I am still doing it.
>Wait and see
Spirit Bomb! Spirit BOMB! SPIRIT Bomb! SPIRIT BOMB!
>>If he wants a power up from outside sources two can play at that game! Time for Majin Mode!
>Wait and see

Oh boy, Bruce Lee launching a Spirit Bomb is something I gotta see. Wonder how it'd effect us? I seem to recall it only hurting evil people, but I guess we do have Buu inside of us?
Isnt spirit bombs positive energy really effective against Bu? Or was that only because U7 Kid Bu was just pure evil after he literally spat out the good in him with Fat Bu?
Not 100% sure but I think that was just some bullshit they added onto the dub

Like when they made goku heroic or spics turned 18×krillin into/ss/
Strange... I also recall the Spirit Bomb hurting "People with Impure hearts"
Which is why it bounced off Gohan and why Kid Buu could hold it so long.
One is pure good, other is pure evil
I doubt it ineffective again those who are good. I would say it's extra effective against those who are evil.
I'm on my way home now by the way
Will update soon
Okay! I'm back!
And that seems pretty one sided for me
File: The_Big_Oof.png (150 KB, 640x480)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
You muse to yourself and cross your arms, waiting to see what happens.


At first it looks like nothing.
But then you start spotting little specks of light floating up into the air... from what appears to be the grass.
Slowly as people realize what he wants them to do, they begin raising their hands one by one, causing similar looking little wisp like things to appear out of their palms.

"A technique that draws out the energy of others..."

"No. A technique that lets others GIVE energy!"
Lee looks up with an amused look on his face.
"I still remember the beginning of my career. So many people laughed. They called me a clown, a monkey dancing for the entertainment of others.
Now look at it! The TV has become a formidable power indeed... capable of broadcasting our match live... to the entire world!"
He says with a smug smile.

"Oh no..."

The match is indeed broadcast worldwide and it shows. Soon enough the small light way up in the sky begins to swell.
It grows and enlargenes until it eclipses the Sun... and then it keeps increasing until its sheer size becomes intimidating.
Staring at the thing you let him make you can't help but shake in both fear and excitement.
Grinning from ear to ear you begin shouting.


Give me a moment! I'm just about done with the people.
Now all that's left is a bit more of the earths other life forms! The trees, the animals..."
Suddenly the massive thing in the air pulses.
"READY! The collective force of billions!
Hmmmm... a bit too big. That won't fit!"
He moves his hands around and begins concentrating the massive thing until it shrinks down just enough so it could fit through the roof of the arena.

Lee lowers his hands and the "Bomb" as he calls it begins to descend, were it not for its own light you're sure it'd eclipse the sun.
This one's gonna hurt...

>Gotta take it!
>Grab it and throw it back!
>Destroy it!
Can we open a portal big enough to redirect it and drop it on Lee's face?
That big of a hole and "transporting" that much mass?
Not without great effort
but it's energy
>Grab it and throw it back!
B-But anon... energy has mass...
>Destroy it!

More like reduce the impact. Constant wave/stream/beam of energy might "soften" it enought to move from knock out to hurts like a bitch.
>>Awaken and Portal it right back at Lee!
Do it, why not.
Even partial transport might that ultimatly fails might reduce its effect. Or detonate it early as part of it is chipped away when the portal fails.
File: giphy.gif (793 KB, 320x240)
793 KB
793 KB GIF


Roll the dice!
Best of 4
DC: 17
Crit: 20
Rolled 2 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 6 (1d21)

Oh well we reap what we sow. Honestly would not be mad losing here atleast it's not a fight to save the world.
Rolled 15 (1d21)


S-Sam-sama tasukete!
Rolled 1 (1d21)

I did not vote for that. Just speculated how it might go. Then again not like it would matter as 2 VS 1 it still wins.
There was also "grab it and throw it back" so I kinda roped the two together
Thank god you are late.
You watch the thing as it descends and feel something stir within you.
A feeling starts to dominate you as veins begin to appear on your dark eyes.
Buu seems to be restless and you kinda agree with him. You don't want that thing to hit you.
And you might need the big guys help with it.

Giving him a free ticket outside, you feel your teeth and even your clothes changing as the Majin overtakes you.
Suddenly you feel energized as if you were just awakened from a nap and stare the big fuck-off SUN that's about to smack you in the face.
"I'm gonna FFFFFUCK THAT!"

You can feel all eyes on you as reality slowly dawns on them and they realize what happened to you. But it does not matter.
Raising both your hand, you start picking up all the magical mojo you got in this spiffin' new body and begin putting it to work.
Digging your fingers into the folds of space, you begin pulling it apart to form a portal several feet ahead of you.
The blackish ring expands until its edge reaches the walls of the arena.
The Spirit Bomb slowly drifts toward you, it too barely fitting in the confines of the arena.
Looks like it'll be a tight fit but it'll work.

You don't bother masking your intentions from Lee. He'll figure out what your plan is sooner or later and even if he does, it won't change a thing.
Just like how you waited for him to finish, he too is ready to accept his fate should you turn his attack around.
Emphasis on should.

As the ball begins to pass on through you start feeling ballsy before the voice of Lee pierces the roaring of the gigantic sphere of energy.
"Oh no you don't! EXPAND!"
Whether through Buus own recklessness or yours, you overlooked the fact that he just shrunk it down, so it would make sense he can make it increase in size.
You just... didn't think he'd do it. But he did.

The bomb begins to unravel, its energies becoming less densely packed and as it grows in size it hits the inner ring of your portal... and keeps growing.
Like a balloon with a rubber band around it, the thing grows until it starts scraping the energy barrier defending the audience, and making the Spirit Warriors grit their teeth.
In the end, it got stuck and it's not looking like it'll move anytime soon... that is, until Lee starts meddling again.

The thing struggles against its binds, not because its user wants it to move in any particular direction, mind you.
You see the bomb contract in an effort to change its shape, its mass congregating around the border of your portal.
From a sphere, it goes into an oval like shape, pushing back against the ring that binds it until you hear a-


It detonated in close proximity to you.
Thanks to Lees meddling the vast majority of the explosion happened on your side as the shape of the thing was altered.
Not only was the blast strong enough to engulf you and throw you against the wall of the arena, but it totally dismantled all the protective barriers you've put up previously, leaving the audience exposed.

With one swipe of your arm, you clear the rubble off of your body and stand up to face your foe.
Just about the entirety of your right side got singed in the explosion, leaving you much to repair with Buus power while leaving Lee just about intact.
Well... intact in the context of the fight. He still took quite a lot of punishment, though now it's questionable which one of you is better off.
But for now, he's content.

"Not bad. You almost had it!
But if you want to use my own technique against me, you'll have to work for it!
Speaking of which-"
He raises his hand which is tingling with a familiar energy, one that manages to put some fear in you.
"I thought I'd keep a bit of it just in case.
And I'm ready to use it! So what do you say?"

>I give up...
>Bring. It! ON!
>Bring. It! ON!
Ahh shit, barriers down, wat do!!????
>>Bring. It! ON!
>Bring. It! ON!
>Bring. It! ON!
Purely physical finish.
Aaaaaalrighty then!
It's time for the big finale!
Let's see who gets to go to the finals!

Best of 4
DC: 15
Crit: 19
Rolled 14 (1d21)

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 21 (1d21)

File: sick.png (121 KB, 500x500)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Rolled 7 (1d21)

It finished! That probably was amongst the best fights to us IC.
Ahh shit, this is kinda making me want to play as sam for the end of the tournament, just to see how bullshit having to fight us really is
>Wanting to play as Sam
Get out. That boy needs an asswhooping hardcore and we're just what the doctor ordered.
I'd prefer if we didn't get to be curbstomped by ourselves for multiple updates.
I mean... if you like playing against permanent DC21.
Well if we have seen anything it's that he will do it.
Standing up and raising your left fist because the right one doesn't work so good no more, you speak up.
"Bring. It! ON!"

"That's what I like to hear!"
Lee clenches his hand and the energy held within it disperses throughout his entire body as he sighs with relief.
"Much better! Now... Kaio-ken! Times... THIRTY!"
His entire body begins to swell up from the energy until his shirt is ripped to shreds.
Though now you detect more than just a hint of pain in his expression.
"Come! Show me your determination!"


Not feeling like giving him a chance to strike first, you make your way up to him and engage him in a battle of fisticuffs.
Between his additional 50% increase in power combined with that leftover spirit energy and your Majin mode the two of you seem to be pretty equally matched.
Like before your current fight is more of an arms race of trying to outperform the other in prediction than an actual brawl, but that's just fine.
The one thing that's different now is the fact that he doesn't seem to do that vanishing act anymore, you wonder why.

But one thing starts becoming clear. Even with your superior ability in time and space manipulation, using only one hand you are at a great disadvantage. You'll need to compensate for that somehow...
During your exchange you lock one of Lees arms under your armpit and make your way in. He sees the rising knee coming and blocks it with his own leg.
So that leaves you with a headbutt, which he should counter with his hand and then-

He gently touches your shoulder with his free arm.
"Zero Inch Punch..."

It's so gentle, so innocent looking. Yet the moment he touches your right shoulder it practically crumbles into dust.
With his ki he managed to improve the one inch punch so all he needs is any kind of physical contact to strike them with full force.
That's nasty... however-
"You shouldn't have aimed at the broken arm!"

You pull back and headbutt him at full force, breaking his nose and sending his eyes rolling back into his scroll for a moment.
>"You shouldn't have aimed at the broken arm!"

That was probably meant as a deterrent. But there is no use crying over spilt milk, much like about an already broken arm.
If he destroyed your other arm? Then you may have considered retreating. Now all that did is piss you off.
Rushing after him you prepare your remaining hand with a murderous glint in your eyes.

Seeing this Lee takes a deep breath and steels himself.
His pectoral muscles bulge as he raises his hands and begins throwing attacks.

Doing your best you endure his rush to the best of your ability.
But given how he's putting everything behind it and your half-assed state, it's not looking good.
With one of his attacks swatting your arm out of the way Lee exposes you to his finishing blow.
Raising his fist, he pours every ounce of energy he has, from the Kaio-ken to the Spirit Bomb, into it with the clear intent of ramming it all into you.
You grin at him. Because he made one. Fatal. Mistake.

Using your telekinesis, you force your right arm up to intercept the blow.
Lees eyes go wide in surprise as he sees your mangled mess of an arm raised into a guard but chooses to pay no attention to it.
He must think that even if you were at full, you couldn't handle this blow. Which may have been a case a few minutes ago.
But being beaten into a corner and having half of your body mangled? That's your element! It's where you THRIVE!
And it bore fruit to a new technique... or rather-

You shout as Lees hand gets in touching distance.

The instant his hand makes contact with you open palm his entire arm erupts in a massive gash running up to his shoulder.
All the energy he gathered up ended up working against him as your vibrating waves disrupted his Ki. Knowing full well how it feels when such force is unleashed within your own body, you guess he lost function of that entire arm.
Good. That leaves you open for a follow up!


Spinning around you strike with the back of your fist, not at Lee, but at the air.
You pull back your hand and make it stop. Air is just as much of a medium as water or flesh, you just have to adjust it.
Striking the air effectively, you send out waves through it which, with a delay, reach your intended target and with explosive force shoot him into the arenas wall.
Having returned the favor, you relax your posture and patiently wait for the announcer the crawl out of the woodworks.
"I-Is it over? Are scary things still happening?
No? Oh thank you Jesus!
Erm... what... happened? Is he alive?"

"He is but you better start counting.
'Cause I'm not chancing it by pulling him out of there."

"G-Got it!"
He goes ahead and counts to ten before checking out whether he's dead or not.
After confirming you didn't just kill him twice, the announcer speaks up.
"AND WE HAVE A WINNER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Bruce Lee the martial arts god is out!
The SLAYER advances to the finals!"
Our hardest fight to date, and we absolutely earned that win.

>Develop a variant of our technique that doesn't just block a super-enhanced blow, but reflects It onto the user

I wanted the Stance, but nevermind this Is better. This Is a game-changing development.

How long until meme edits show up on the internet? At what part of the fight does PIANO kick In
Aaaaaand that's the end for today.

I'll try to keep this one brief:
If nothing else happens, we'll continue on Saturday
Will keep you updated
See ya!
The second your long range Earth Quake Strike lands.
Think White Beard from One Piece
>Savior of the Tuffle race
>Twice killer of the Demon King
>Menace of the Makai
>Tamer of the Majin
>Chef of The Destroyer
>Trump card of Universe 6
>Strongest Human
>Shitposter Supreme
>Child Collector
>Fusion Fetishist
>Blue Balled By The Blue Chick
Honestly forgot where i was going with this

How about we compile everything we've gained by participating In this tournament.

>We witnessed several different forms of and learned quite a bit about Ki Weapons
>We got firsthand experience with and information about Ultra-Instinct
>We learned how to manifest our viking bloodlust and inner demons as a pair of demon horns
>Learned how deep our inner demons go (Still need to work out all of that)
>Deepened our connection with Buu, attained Majin Mode, learned how to use It
>Improved our general attunement with magic (We're still lacking a bit In that department, we need some formal training from Vados to round It out)
>Whirlwind Fist? (Not sure If we knew this before, but I can't remember It.)
>Learned Sam's new capabilities
>Taught Dominika and a good bit of the world about Ki and where to learn It
>Taught Kamin and Oren Important lessons about martial-arts

Then from the Bruce Lee fight alone-

>Got our first taste of someone countering time-skip Goku style, learned to out-counter the counter
>Got a taste of Kaio-ken firsthand (Need to learn It)
>Got a taste of the spirit bomb firsthand
>Got stress-tested, Improved ourselves as a martial artist
>Pulled the Earthquake Guard technique out of our ass to clutch the win
>Learned Bruce's air-palm punch as the Earthquake Strike
>Potential to copy Bruce's one-inch/zero inch moves later

All In all today has been VERY productive. It might be an event lasting several threads but for In-game time we're improving ourselves scary fast and I'm damn pleased. Now I just hope the Sam fight turns out to be a good showing on both sides.
so guys i had a thought majin mode+ kaioken= pls no nerf
Archive link please?
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Human Quest Super

You did know the whirlwind
All in all you got 3 elemental strikes, earth, wind and water
But what about fire? We need to come up with a fire based technique. Null Fist: Firestorm Strike?

What would that even look like? Hmm... perhaps 'Igniting' them with our ki, Gogeta style like how he enveloped Broly with his ki, then seemed to detonate It at the end? Something to look Into, maybe.
Imma be real with you chief.
I haven't thought of that yet. Two out of three I had planned, one of them I came up with on the fly.
But so far I got nothing for fire
>fire based technique
Killer Queen?
File: 82a.jpg (78 KB, 770x800)
78 KB
>Killer Queen
Jesus Christ...
I mean... it's good but... don't you think it's a bit overkill?
I may not agree with most of what Plague of Gripes says but he got the right idea

"Imagine if a Stand user or a psychic from YuYu Hakusho entered Dragon Ball.
The entire UNIVERSE would be fucked"
Yeah but it's a great finishing move for people we actually want to kill.

Also, he says that, but with the exception of a very select few stands, Ultimate Kars rapes Stand Users.
He rapes even the top tier stands if he figures out what's going on and spontaneously develops his own stand which would be the best stand.
Not necessarily. Only most prominent ones, because those are usually just punch ghosts.
Any Stand that fights in an unconventional way however...
Can you imagine Kars beating Hey Ya? Or Superfly? Or something super broken like Tusk?
The problem is we've seen what happens with Ultimate Kars vs Stands in Jorge Joestar.
He can copy/steal Stands.
Ultimate Made in Heaven Reqium is a thing he has.

So yeah.
Yeah I do see him winning.
I don't think Jorge is canon... then again I like having 47 Kars on Mars...
File: scrumptious.jpg (104 KB, 900x1003)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Obligatory for the eventual Christmas episode/omake
If we somehow develop a Fire technique, we are then obligated to make a spiritually-based Heart one too, so we may combine our powers to summon Captain Planet.
Fun fact in U7 Mars is inhabited by squid like ailiens. Duno if U6 ones are alive or they have just pulled DC and moved underground or somthing.
Arent they the same squids that the galactic king is?
Just poppin in to tell you I'm aiming to run tomorrow
But if anything changes Ill announce it

Im home finally so there wont be any interruptions and I'm aiming to wrap up at least the fighting part of the tournament.
I hope to see you there, as this is likely to be the last thread before the holiday and I dont intend to write during it
I say just similar looking like how humans and sayans look really similar especialy in U6.
After your victory has been announced, you go over to the pile of rubble and with a simple push of your hand, you send out a wave which blows the debris clear off of Lee until the team of paramedics arrive onto the scene.
They quickly put him on a stretcher before he signals them to wait for a second. He motions for you to come closer with his bruised hand.
Upon closer examination you realize that he must be suffering from severe internal damage, including but not limited to fractured or outright shattered bones, torn muscles and quite possibly internal hemorrhaging.
It's a small wonder he's even awake right now but you DID notice Sigurd being much hardier than a regular human.
Perhaps being dead has its benefits.

"So... be honest with me!"
He smiles through his wounds, highlighting his injuries with his red teeth.
"How much were you holding back?"

"I'll tell you if you first tell me how far you could've gone!
What number are we talking about?"

"Eh... around... 45-ish.
But at that point it starts being really painful and dangerous.
Even my body starts to change. It's... much more of a transformation at that point.
And how about you?"

"Tell you what... Get yourself patched up and take a seat.
I'll do more than just tell you about it!"

"Alright! Don't leave me hanging now!"

You give him a little fistbump and then tap the medics so they take Lee away.
And once they are out of the picture the announcer nervously shuffles close to you.
"So erm... Do you need a minute? We can stall for time you know. At least long enough for you to erm... get some treatment?"
He motions at your arm, which is still badly injured.

"No need."

You're clearly injured!"

"No I'm not. Look, it's already healed."
You raise your arm and despite being able to move it around without much trouble, it's still purple and swollen.

"NO! It's clearly not!"

"Just move on...
Announce the next match. I'm ready!"
Walking up the stage you wait for things to proceed until Sam is announced.
"And NOW! The black horse of the entire tournament!
Despite being unknown in the world of martial arts up until now, he reached all the way to the FINALS!
He is powerful, he is mean and he doesn't bow to anyone! EVERYONE! Please welcome to the stage: SAMUEL!"

Sam comes out wand with arms spread out drinks in the adoration of the people watching him.
He makes his way to the stage and comes face to face with you. Suddenly the roaring crowd gets drowned out as you focus entirely on him.
Sam speaks up, his voice clear as crystal.
"Here we are. The finals."

You talk back with a cold voice.
"The only question is... what happens now?"

"I wonder... After making it this far our deal has been completed-"

"I'm going to stop you right there.
If you're as much as thinking about surrendering you'll kiss that money goodbye."

"You... You can't do that!
We had a deal you asshole!"
He speaks with fake outrage, though you detect a hint of truth behind it.

"I thought you're a lawyer...
No contract was signed. We only had a verbal agreement.
So I can alter it as much as I please and that means no easy way out for you! And if you surrender I'll personally give the money to Domi."

Sam then breaks the act and chuckles.
"Well... I suppose this has been about more than just the money for a while now.
I've put too much work into this... Too much thought put into how to finally beat you! Now I want to kick your ass!"


You take your stance and Sam does the same.
Both of you are ready to throw down... Now the only question remaining is how to handle him.

>Toy with him for a while. Hold back and lull him into a false sense of security
>No bullshit. Just fight him straight up and beat him fair and square
>He's crossed the line... Time to teach him a lesson. And a thorough one at that
>No bullshit. Just fight him straight up and beat him fair and square
>No bullshit. Just fight him straight up and beat him fair and square

>crossed the line, what are we his father?

Just tell him he was kinda a dick before and that domis probably gonna jump his ass when they get home, these are our friends not our children
>No bullshit. Just fight him straight up and beat him fair and square
>>No bullshit. Just fight him straight up and beat him fair and square

I think he's already had a healthy enough dose of reality that we don't need to play up the beating to humble him. Not more than this already will anyhow.
No excessive bullshit then.


Oh and just as a formality, let's roll a bit
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 4
Crit: 8
Rolled 5 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)


Can't wait to fail!
Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)

Call me Jiren because I'm fucking carrying this team.
Well... you almost didn't crit
So you weren't wrong
There's no reason to get excessive... But that means you also won't go easy on him.
As the match is announced to begin, you start encircling around Sam, looking for any openings you may find.
In complete contrast he remains in place and starts taunting you.

"You know... I've been watching you fight.
Observing, thinking... about that freaky time ability of yours.
And I think I've figured out a way to beat you! So I hope you're ready! 'Cuz I'm about to-"

Sam blinks once mid sentence and as he's about to continue he realizes too late that you've moved.
A chill runs down his spine as you speak up behind him.
"About to what?"

He turns around with a swipe but misses you by a mile as you back away.
"ALREADY?! You got no chill man!"

"You think that was a skip?"


Stepping forward and extending your fist, you begin attacking immediately
In rapid succession you begin raining blows on him and don't stop. As Sam is pushed back you reply to him to further split his attention.
"I'm not as good as Bruce Lee but I still figured it out! All I did is move when you blinked! Do you get that?!
That's the difference between our speed!"

Being battered into submission Sam is blown back by a great punch and begins whining immediately.
"Owowowow! Fffffuck...
My arms hurt! Shit... I didn't think I'd need to get serious so soon!"
Extending his hand Sam conjures the same sword he used against Jeanne.
"Okay Eric! Playtime's over!
That money's as good as mine!"

"If you want it... you'll have to take it!"

Twirling his sword around for a moment he pulls the sword behind his head and points it at you before lunging forward with it.
With a simple back handed swat, you knock the blade away and making it go past your head.
Kicking him in the stomach, you knock him back.

Is rushing in all you can do?
I expected more frankly."

Recovering quick he moves back in and starts flailing around wildly with his blade.
But as enthusiastic he is, his lack of skill with his weapon of choice is rather obvious.
As he keeps swinging, you side-step him effortlessly and when he has the audacity to do a downward swing, you not only dodge him but also step on his sword.
Reaching for the thing on your back you decide to humor him for a moment with a mock duel but his eyes bulging out are a clear indicator that he just shat his pants.
Abandoning his sword he gets the fuck out of dodge as you impale the thing into the ground. A great hole is punctured into the stone arena where you left the Z-sword.
As you pick up his weapon and closely examine it.

And pulsating...
If I break this will you die?"

"It'd be extremely painful..."

"You're a big guy."

"For you!"

Looking at Sam you see him nervously sweating... but oddly enough you don't hear his heart rate picking up.
Come to think of it, you don't hear his pulse AT ALL. That thing in your hand must really be his heart.
Well at least you can give him credits for his conviction. Tossing the weapon back, you speak up.
"I hope you can do more than some half baked swordsmanship!"

Snatching his sword out of the air, he dispels it and responds.
"I'll show you half baked!"

Pocketing his hands Sam prepares to cast some sort of spell.
Looks like the fun is about to begin.

>Go in and keep beating him into submission
>If he wants to have a magic duel... you can oblige
>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)
>>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)
>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)
>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)

As much as I'd like to practice magic, I think it's better to open Sam's eyes to the different types of stuff he'll encounter.
>>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)

If Sam's gonna be swinging his heart around as a sword, we better make damn sure he gets training for it later. And teaching to expect esoteric bullshit.
Iirc he can't use Psy cause of drugs
The Virgin Mage vs The Chad Psycher

Technically he can but he shouldn't.
And even if he does it won't be very good
>>Magic might be his specialty... But you have your own (Psychic)
_/ _/


And time to roll again
Since Sam is about to unleash some fuckery the DC will be higher
Best of 4
DC: 8
Crit: 14
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Let's hope we don't fuck up
Rolled 6 (1d21)


>stance-ing intensifies
Rolled 16 (1d21)

In my mind the drugs fuck up your psychic potential not because "drugs are bad m'kay" but because the general way that always goes is "drugs + psychic powers = screaming eternities projected into the unprepared minds of all living things around them, and occasionally into reality".
Rolled 19 (1d21)

File: well_hello.jpg (423 KB, 1366x968)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Well hello

Obviously not because of the former.
But beside the... Warp... it also messes with your cognitive functions and makes focusing nigh impossible
You feel the air tingle around you and a faint buzzing sound hits your ears.


Dodging the lightning bolt mere moments before it strikes, you start using an old trick in the hopes of confusing Sam with it.
Lifting yourself off the ground just slightly you slide around the arena and forcibly alter your movement whenever you feel a spell incoming.
To give credit where it's due, Sam does not employ any attack fired directly from his person, instead they are spontaneously conjured on the spot.
But their strength and speed are still severely lacking.

Your irregular movements are enough to throw him off guard long enough to get close enough. Once within range, you move behind him to which he reacts violently.
Sensing the immediate danger he turns around and thrusts his palm out, from which a jet of flame shoots out much faster than any of his previous spells.
It seems that he still has some surprises left. He probably kept this one in reserve for when he really needed it.
But it's no matter.

Raising a multi-layer barrier with pockets of air between them, you shield yourself from the changing temperature before extinguishing the flames with a telekinetic swipe that creates a gust of wind strong enough to blow them out.
Another forward thrust blows him back with enough force to push him into the concrete wall of the arena.
He struggles to pull himself free but before he could get any mileage, you send out a tendril of pure psychic energy and wrap it around his neck.
With a quick pull you make him grind against and dig a trench into the wall. Only thanks to his own barrier does he manage to get out mostly unscathed of your bind.

Panting he falls to his knees for a moment before realizing that he needs to retaliate quick or else he'll be overwhelmed.
Taking his hands out of his pockets he starts displaying his intentions by repeatedly pulling on the air, always going from left to right.
His plan becomes readily apparent when the air around you starts swirling around violently.
A whirlwind forms around you which eventually grows into a fully blown tornado, the effect of which is only limited by Sam itself forcibly pushing all of the winds power inward.
Firmly locking yourself in place with a rigid force field pulled over your skin and bound to the ground, you start feeling out both the mystical energies Sam is unleashing as well as the strength of the winds themselves.
Once you're done with the analysis and sure that your plan won't affect the citizens you go to work.

The force field around your body starts expanding and changes to be more spherical.
Though you start out gradually, the second you get near the wind wall you send out the repulse with explosive force and blow the whole thing apart.
With its structure compromised Sams tornado falls apart at the seams. And good thing too, because if you were wrong and the spell would've kept going... well best not to think about it.

Sam meanwhile is dumbfounded by this clear defilement of the forces of nature.
"Why won't you go DOWN?!

Without warning or any preparation he haphazardly cupped his hands together after calling out the name of the attack, he throws it out surprisingly quick but weaker than if he did it normally. Clearly he's banking on it catching you off guard.
Too bad.

Swiping your hand around, you bend the space around your body until it curves back around and with it Sams attack.
Judging by his surprised expression he completely forgot you can do that, a clear sign of his inexperience as a fighter.
The attack blows up in his face but thanks to its weak power it barely deals any damage to him. Could it be? Was he... actually counting on that?
Nah, no way.

When the smoke clears he's left standing in the exact same spot without budging.
"Well well well... Looks like I'm shit out of luck, huh?
Good thing I managed to keep this one in reserve!"

He crosses his fingers and forms a shield around his body.
"Again Sam? You saw how that worked last time-"

"Oh I'm not sure it'll work out the exact same way..."
He reaches into his pocket-

>Go through the barrier and stop whatever he's doing
>Let him do what he wants... and then destroy that as well
>Go through the barrier and stop whatever he's doing
>Go through the barrier and stop whatever he's doing
>Let him do what he wants... and then destroy that as well
>Let him do what he wants... and then destroy that as well
>>Let him do what he wants... and then destroy that as well

Let's commit fully to our lesson.
>>Go through the barrier and stop whatever he's doing
Fuck your Mafuba.
Well we got a tie. I was hoping for someone to break it.
Tell you what, I'll go eat and when I return if nothing changed I'll roll myself
>Let him do what he wants... and then destroy that as well
Worst thing that can happen is we lose the tournament to a cheap trick but learn about the mafuba in a safe environment.
Oh wow. Didn't realize how eerily similar his actions are to the Mafuuba

Anyway, it looks like he gets to do it

And uh...
Roll the dice
Best of 4
DC: 14
Crit: 17
Rolled 15 (1d21)

oh hey, we running.
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 2 (1d21)

Rolled 20 (1d21)

File: kek.gif (955 KB, 499x281)
955 KB
955 KB GIF
That should about do it
Talk about a curbstomp
Biggest brain ‘bot is looking out for us today!
Deciding to let Sam do as he pleases, you wait and observe him. Closely.
Watching his every move behind the safety of his barrier you almost reel back in horror when you see what he was reaching for.
From his inner pocket he produces a hand rolled cigarette... and you highly doubt he was just craving some nicotine.

Pulling up his hoodie with his free hand, Sam quickly pops the joint in his mouth and with a flame sprouting from his finger he lights it.
Almost immediately after the first puff, a terrifying grin spreads across his face while his visage seems to darken. Quickly his features disappear, leaving nothing but his white eyes and teeth contrasting the engulfing blackness.
His fist clenches down on the joint and he crushes it a bit too enthusiastically.

"Yeeeeeah... That's the good shit!"
Sam forcibly deepens his voice and makes it echo with his powers. What a poser.
"Apologies for the wait... but I wanted to make this special!!"
Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a pair of earbuds and puts them in.
"You see... This barrier is not to keep you out Eric. It's to keep everything else out.
And now... It's showtime!"


He turns on the music in his phone and takes a stance like a conductor preparing to orchestrate the greatest concert of his life.
The air begins to sizzle around you as it gets charged with his practically oozing magical energy, making every strand of hair on your body stand up.
Putting his middle fingers and thumbs together he starts tapping his foot to the rhythm of the song before he starts snapping them.

Things start off relatively tame with one or two explosions happening at a time but that only lasts for a couple of seconds as he picks up the speed.
Pockets of air spontaneously combust, erupt in massive ice sculptures or electrically discharge around you seemingly at random.
The rapid changes in temperature and air pressure cause great gusts of wind to form on their own, adding another element to the chaos.

Jumping out of the way of the explosions, you do your best to dodge most of them but this unnatural storm shows no signs of abating.
Instead, it just keeps escalating without any clear indication that it'll stop anytime soon. The explosions grow in frequency and ferocity as Sams song picks up and get so out of control that his rape of the air actually starts to sound like... music.
Things shriek, creak and crackle in a mad cacophony of sound as the vibrations of the air are forcibly altered by Sams storm.
Oh no! Random elemental chaos and a place where the laws of causality have no rhyme nor reason! If only we had trained extensively in a place that had similar environmental conditions, we may have stood a chance!
Meanwhile you just keep running, gliding and jumping around the place in an effort to stay out of that bullshit as much as possible.
"HAHAHAHA! YES! Keep Dancing!"

Sam starts gloating as he lowers his open palm before raising it up, causing a labyrinth of blue, hard as steel ice to erupt from the ground at once.
Still managing to stand perched on top of one such walls, you watch as Sams little safety bubble rises into the air as he continues his vile performance.
Now snake like tongues of fire slither around in the air while a literal thundercloud forms around you and channeling actual bolts of naturally formed lightning into you.
And Sams madness is only now about to reach its peak.

Colors distort and mirages alter your perception of reality, creating a kaleidoscope effect localized within the arena itself.
The nauseating sensation combined with the air somehow both scorching hot, freezing and filled with electricity makes merely existing painful.
And you can't help but take a second to drink it all in.


"Aaaaaaah... This takes me back! How pleasant~"

"Excuse you?!"
Sam asks you, visibly infuriated even behind the dark veil obscuring most of his face.

"I remember when we had such nice weather!
I used to take naps with Sala... I hope she didn't get homesick because of this."
Cracking your joints one by one you get back in gear before assuming your fighting stance.
"Alright, enough nostalgia. TIME TO GET BACK IN BUSINESS!"

"Have you lost your min-"

You then spring up and dash through the cloud of aetherial bullshit, ignoring all of it and just letting the pain invigorate you.
With your fingers extended you pierce the barrier before completely shattering it like glass and reaching for Sams neck.
He dodges just enough that you don't strangle him but in turn you manage to shut his mouth and dig your fingers in his cheeks.
His terrified scream is muffled by the flesh of your palm as you cackle like a hyena and push him into the wall.

Breaking through the concrete, you keep pushing Sam into the spectator area, up the stairs and into the outer wall of the stadium, putting a great dent into it.
Still grinning you keep him pinned against the wall and with your free hand punch him in the gut so hard that it breaks his concentration and all of his spells, including the one obscuring his face.
Finally you can clearly see his expression, the tears running down his cheeks which finally explain that wet sensation, his popping veins reddening his eyes and the wrinkles caused by indescribable terror.
To be fair it is an excellent move against anyone that is not like a handful of beings in U6 that had experience with the realm.

Sam is just as much of a monster as Eric really judging by his performance thus far. it's just that Eric has trained for longer and has more access to the best teacher in U6. It's really impressive that he even can do shit like this so fast with so little training.
Magic is a hell of a drug...
And drugs too...
>Finally you can clearly see his expression, the tears running down his cheeks which finally explain that wet sensation, his popping veins reddening his eyes and the wrinkles caused by indescribable terror.

...I kinda feel like a dick now. Nega-Som, are we the bad guy?
You are called the Slayer...
But Sam is also a major dickcheese, so I guess it's fair
Kind of he was bit proud and cock shure of his progress and... If the performance is any indication he had a reason to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder that likely would have disappeared eventually.

I think Eric just kind of decided he shouldn't and it really rubed him the wrong way. Like what is he proud of he is still a small fish kind of thing.
Fair enough. I still feel kinda bad for terrifying the fuck out of him so badly, but he needed the wake-up call yesterday, since he was acting like King Asshole of Dick Mountain.
Plus he triggered what's the second or third closest thing to a Vietnam flashback to Eric.
If he started displaying shit like Technomancy, he'd be fucking dead right now.
Yeah... To be frank the Slayer persona is my least favorite part of his character. I know it was born in deamon realm to survive and thrive there just he is not there anymore.
Wack, I love it
Letting go of him just in case he's about to soil himself, you stare at Sam as he slides down onto the floor while barely managing to contain his terrified tears.

"And now you understand.
Don't get carried away again... because there's always a bigger fish. And if you don't act nice they might just fuck your face.
But... I have to admit you got quite strong quite quick. You certainly got talent. Just be a bit nicer about it in the future.
And as far as I'm concerned you earned the prize money-"
Leaving him there you fly back into the ring so the jury can finally count Sam out and declare you the winner.
The crowd, having the fact that you were quite terrifying fly over their heads, cheer for you enthusiastically and the Saiyans finally descend from their little area.

"Impressive display young man!"
King Sadala speaks up and pats you on the shoulder before reaching for your arm and lifting it up in the air.
Waiting a few minutes for the crowd to die down a bit, the king continues.
"Now... I'm sure there will be a great ceremony where you'll receive your reward but first... we got other things to attend to!"
He takes a microphone from the staff and starts speaking to the audience as well.
"Now as you may have heard this does not mean the end of the tournament! NO! We got a special treat for the kind people of Earth!
An honor duel between the strongest sons of our planets! PLEASE! Welcome the Prodigy of Sadala! CAPTAIIIIN CABBA!"
So Cabba got a promotion, huh? Good for him. Sadly it probably means just more work for him.

The royal family makes way for the young man and he walks up to shake your hand.
"Congratulations Eric!"

"Did you doubt me?"

"Can't say I have.
Hey... before we begin... I gotta ask you something."
He leans in closer to you and whispers in your ear.
"I know we're supposed to have an honor duel but... I was wondering if you'd be willing to cooperate with me a bit?"

"What do you mean?"

"W-Well you see, I'm not too keen on fighting... not right now anyway.
So I thought maybe we should... "send a message" instead. If you catch my meaning!
Or... we could fight too if you wanna."

You frown a bit as you think about what he said.
He can't mean... can he?

>Okay. I'll play with you. How should we do it?
>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt...
>Nah. I'm sure we'll deliver your "message" as we fight anyway.
>Nah. I'm sure we'll deliver your "message" as we fight anyway.
>Nah. I'm sure we'll deliver your "message" as we fight anyway.
Honor duel, brah. Gotta abide by the honor.
>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt...
>>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt...
Does he mean...?
>>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt
Let's hear the guy out. What was he thinking, fusion? Really sell the 'we're stronger together' thing?
>Nah. I'm sure we'll deliver your "message" as we fight anyway.

I'm not sure I know what he's getting at
>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt...
If he means what I think he means...
Has Cabba become a fusion slut or something?
You know, if I'm right.
Are there any earrings available?
Caulifla and Kale have a set, don't they?

I don't want the chance of Cabba fucking this up.
Think of It like this, It's a lasting trauma for Eric. We went there In the first place because It was the fastest way to get strong enough to beat Frost, but the Makai put a constant strain on him for months.

The other two aspects of It's importance are the fact that because the kai's made a TV show about It, we've kind of got a bit of celebrity status surrounding It, and finally because we killed Frost with the mask still on, It's how we came to be known by the public and now how we go around while hiding our true identity, super hero style. So there IS reason the Slayer thing Is still around anon.
Well we've only done It (successfully, there was that bit In the Makai) once, so hopefully not?

Besides, since this Isn't a combat situation we should be able to take our time and the DC shouldn't be too high to do the fusion...
Changing my vote to
>Maybe a bit of fun won't hurt...
Okay. It looks like we'll have just a little fight with Cabba.
Nothing serious. As such I won't be asking any DC from you since neither participant wants to "win"


And as to what Cabba meant... you'll find out in a minute
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Rolling anyway
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

You suck
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Well you are not Chad enought to be this guy >>3983392
File: 0069_Cabbe_01_Chara.png (202 KB, 522x522)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
"Okay! I'm game!
But don't be such a stick in the mud!
An honor duel is an honor duel! If you're so worried about me then let's just skip to the fun part!
I'm warmed up already anyway."

"Heh... was it that obvious?
But if you're saying you're okay, I won't doubt it.
So... wanna hear my idea?"

Might as well know what I'm getting into."

Cabbas expression gets serious.
"Eric, I-"
He swallows nervously.
"I think it's about time we ended this charade.
I've been living a lie for a while now and I'm getting sick of it.
It's time people knew about "it". I want to bare it all!"

"I thought you might say something like that just... not quite to that extent.
And I assume you want me to join in as well?"

He nods.
"That's the plan."
So he wants to reveal the next level to Humans and Saiyans alike, huh? Interesting.
Not sure what his end goal is, or if he even has one but at least now you know what he wants.
"So uh... are you ready? Because we can wait if you want to heal up-"

"Just shut up Cabba and punch me already!
I need my actual climax and I need it badly!
If we're gonna do this then the least you can do is indulge me! So hit me with everything right from the get go!"

"Okay! You asked for it!"


Cabba assumes the stance he learned from Vegeta and you raise your hands to maximize the effectiveness of your Time-Skip.
After exchanging a brief little glance the two of you spring into action simultaneously, fists cocked and ready.
You exchange the worlds most forceful fistbump to date, sending a shockwave through the entire complex and pressing people against their seats with the power of at least 2 G's.
Even the Saiyans are taken aback by the force the two of you display right off the start.

"W-WIND? From a mere FISTFIGHT?!"

Your thunderous blows keep shaking the ground and creating an ever expanding crater under your feet as your perfectly synced blows keep clashing against one another.
Not feeling like using any of your cheap tricks, you simply rely on brute force for once and just have some fun.
Relinquishing your hold on your Ki, you let the audience experience the full force of your energy and Cabba does the same.
The blue and purple energy washes over the audience members, most of whom are terrified by it. And only those who are initiated in the arts and aware of the higher realm sit with a calm frown on their faces.
They feel that something's off.

"Oy oy! Are you serious?!"
Princess Azuki speaks up, much to the surprise of her family.

"S-Sister? What's wrong?"

"Open your eyes Sadala!
It's just like it was back home... Something's wrong!
It feels like they are holding back!"

"I'm sure you're mistaken-"
Her mother speaks up.
"I know for a fact that this is Cabba boys limit... and by the looks of it the humans as well."

Caya corrects her mother.
"Sis is right. Something's coming-"
Cabba cups his two hands together and smashes you over the head with it.
For a brief moment you get stunned and fall forward but thanks to your psyonics, you manage to balance yourself before throwing an uppercut enhanced with your abilities.

You hit him in the stomach and launch him high into the air, way above the stadiums roof.
Following him up, you stop the moment you get face to face with him and he chuckles while wiping his face clean.
"Hehe... Remember when we first sparred?"

"That was a while ago. But I do."

"It wasn't that long ago actually.
But here you are... standing more or less as an equal..."

"Awww don't be like that! Pretty sure you're an entire level ahead of me with that second level of yours!"

"Heh... Yeah.
Unfortunately brute force isn't exactly useful against you so-"
He looks down at his hands and closes them into a fist.
"I'll need to get stronger! And that means I can't tip-toe around any longer!
All this time I've been feeling like I was walking on eggshells... well no more!
And whatever it means for the future... I hope I can count on you as a friend... So here goes!"

>Let him do his thing
>Join him
>Wait! Let's make this a bit more poignant! (Fusion)
>>Let him do his thing
>Join him
changing to
>Join him
>Let him do his thing

Then we do our thing, fusion is something we don't want to teach everyone just yet
>Join him
It's not about teaching, just showcasing.
The Saiyans already know about it and humans... well they won't be able to figure that out anytime soon due to the arcane bullshittery involved
>>Join him
>>Join him
>>Everyone watching, Humans dead and alive, and Saiyans alike, pay close attention now. Cause this is what its really like..TO SHATTER YOUR LIMITS AND GO BEYOND!
>Join him
None of that.
File: my_virgin_academia.png (115 KB, 1024x523)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
The best/worst part about Deku is that the Spin-off vigilantes series has a protagonist that is basically him but done well and not absolute dogshit.

Hmmm I had a Virgin vs Chad with Deku and Crawler but I can't find it no more.
Also, I don't watch or read either of these things, I just saw the 1st season of MHA and heard the MC never manages to cut himself off from his onions IV drip so I quit

Is because Deku actually has seven quirks now.
The powers of all the prior wielders of OfA.
But said powers have also all been supercharged by OfA.
So Deku is literally undefeatable now as he has like 5 Get out of Jail free cards where he can just pull up a previously unrevealed superpower.
7? Kek
That cuckold can't even use 1
You know the black webbing shit that comes off the Venom Symbote in spiderman? Not the web it fires but those tendrels that just wave all over the place?

Its basically that, the quirk, supercharged by OFA.

>The original user describes Blackwhip as a top-grade Quirk. It grants the user the ability to produce black tendrils from their arm and command them at will. It appears to be useful for capturing enemies and increasing one's own mobility by grabbing onto objects.[1]

By the time Izuku acquires this ability, Blackwhip has evolved within the core of One For All. When Izuku focuses on capturing a target and gets angry, this power explodes out of his arm. The black tendrils are much larger and powerful enough to cause Izuku great pain and force him into submission. The tendrils easily whipped Izuku around Ground Gamma and destroyed a number of its structures.[2]

Later when Izuku used the Quirk again to grab onto some pipes that were going to hit him, he found he could only use the Quirk for a brief amount of time because of how powerful it had become due to One For All. He was left with a numbing pain after using it.[3]

Recently it has been shown that Izuku is able to use a less powerful and smaller version of Blackwhip without any physical strain, as long as he stays calm while using it and doesn't go over five percent of his power.[4] In Izuku's fight with Ending, he was able to use Blackwhip to save cars from falling.[5]


His entire body becomes wreathed in a golden glow as he starts out slow and eventually erupts in a full roar.
The gold around him expands into a proper aura and the color of his hair, as well as his eyes change to reflect the transformation.
Upon changing his energy is magnified several times over, the force of which hits the stadium without mercy, making even those normally insensitive to energy feel it ramming into them, like when an inaudible sound hits a person with enough force to make them sick.
But it's not them that are affected the most, it is the most seasoned of all, the Saiyans who are shocked to their core.
Their mouths hang agape in their dumb confusion, watching the golden god revealing himself above their heads.

"Well shit... now I gotta step up my game!"
Taking your mask off for a brief moment so you can be heard better, you start shouting.
"HUMANS! DEAD OR ALIVE! Watch me! Watch me and SEE!"
Clenching your fists you squat down and finally call forth your hidden strength.
Consciously letting your energy go out of control upon transformation, you let them experience your change in energy.
Though it's nowhere near as impressive as Cabbas, the fact that you still managed to do something like that puts the fear of god into your fellow kin.

With the theatrics out of the way the two of you exchange a quick little nod and slowly descend back into the remnants of the ring while strapping your mask back on.
There is no need for demonstrations, no need for explanations. An unnerving yet serene calmness washes over the masses as they can't help but stare in awe at what they could only describe as... Divine.
And I think this about wraps up what I wanted to do today. I kinda wanted to do fusion as well but I understand why you wouldn't want that.
Good news! We reached the end of the tournament!
Now we only got a few little bits of post-tourney talks to go through (if you care enough to do so)

After that...
We won't have fights for a while.
I'm planning on doing socializing for a bit if you don't mind. Training maybe, developing relationships, wrapping up some other plot-threads etc.

I wish you guys a very merry Christmas and a happy new year should I not be able to run until then.
Here's hoping
Oh shit, now the world has seen our face.
Oh well, not like we actually visit Earth much. I just hope anonymous doesn't release our internet search history to the world.
With that much power being thrown around, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a shit ton of interference, let alone mechanical failure from the shockwaves of previous fights or from Cabba’s SSJ transformation.

The gear used in the Cell Games didn’t survive for long when Cell started throwing his weight around.
Erm... you were kinda high in the air when you removed it, way out of eyesight in fact.
The only people who could see it are the Saiyans with their scouters and they already know what you look like and don't care
And the fbi/jews with their spy satellites and shit
thanks for the run not-som

Thanks for the run!

How much WAS Eric holding back against Sigurd and Bruce? I got the feeling that we had to start getting serious against Sigurd, and had to actually fight for reals against Bruce once he started tapping into the higher numbers of the Kaio-ken.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nega-Som!
Against both... Eric used everything his BASE form had to offer and tapped into Buus a bit.
But that's a form you literally just got so you can't use it properly.
The whole "holding back" referred to Awakening solely.
If you enjoyed MHA but wished Deku was a bit more of a chad and wanted more world building there is a quest that's a good alternative out there, but the autism is off the charts
. Last I checked they were talking about the possibility of sentient parasitic quirks and genetically engineered humans made from stolen cumrags by the CIA. It truly amazes me how every thread of Stand Quest Requiem manages to top the autism of the previous one, it's a shame that we'll be occupied by USJ and the aftermath for a while once it starts back up in January. I really wanted to know what was going on with the foreign transaction ledgers.
Stop shilling that shit.
MHA is shit.
File: 1498197598627.jpg (20 KB, 461x439)
20 KB
I agree.
While I don't object to "every side character being better than the protagonist" that only applies when the protag himself is actually good and not shit.
How is it that literally everybody else is more interesting and would make a better main character than Cucku
Deku's not perfect, but he actually is a good protagonist (aside from the Bakugo apologism, and even that tones down later in the series). Basically, if you haven't even watched/read the series, don't buy into the memes. They're fun in a stupid way, but they are not accurate at all.
You wouldn’t know a good protagonist even if they fucked you in the ass. You want a good protagonist? Look no further than Guts.
>Manly, doesn’t have a childlike figure.
>Is neither a moralfag nor a murderhobo - he has detailed and realistic emotions, desires, and fears throughout the story.
>Only cries in situations where it’s warranted and understandable, doesn’t shed tears unnecessarily but still sheds them as proof of his humanity.
>All of his power was earned personally through hard work and dedication. His equipment was well-earned.
>Would go directly into hell if it was to save a friend.
>Doesn’t forgive transgressions easily like a fool would.
>Actually has emotional development and is not a stagnant character
And that’s just the tip.
I mean, Guts is a great protagonist. I'm not gonna argue that. Deku also is, if not on the same level. It's not a zero-sum game, there aren't a finite number of slots available before everyone is forced to write shitty protags.
He's the shittyiest protagonist ever, especially since his big powerup all of his own is figuring out that he has legs and can kick stuff
He isn't though...
Afaik, every character including his bullies mom would make a better protag than him.
That's not exactly the quality of a great protag

I mean, I get the intention.
The whole show is praised for breaking conventions and that's most apparent in Izuku.
However, I think the creator forgot an important thing.
That conventions exist for a good reason, they work.
We can hate on Toriyama all we want about the shit tropes he created... but they are still popular
"Cool" characters like Trunks aalways were and always will be popular, etc.
BnHA is dogshit.
It made the main character too strong out of nowhere (SEVEN QUIRKS) so then the villain had to have his own gay arc and an "ow the edge" level flashback powerup.
90 percent of heroes could be killed by a fucking gun.

Deku himself isn't just shit a shit protagonist.
He's the worst shonen protagonist we've ever had.
>No superpower?
>told you can't be a hero?
>do you:
>>Persevere, you'll find a way to be a hero without a quirk!
>>Give up lmao.
>>Randomly get given the worlds greatest power for free because you acted like a suicidal retard.

In this universe, Batman can't be a hero, but the living spacesuit man that is a literal fucking blackhole can be a hero.
File: 772.jpg (43 KB, 680x499)
43 KB
>Legitimately and unironically saying that Deku is on the same level of greatness as Guts
Get the fuck out of here and never show your face again.
>Implying that's what was said
Do you even comprehend what you read? Nevermind, you're posting on 4chan I have my answer. No, he's not on the same level. That doesn't make him bad though.

Imma be honest, this all sounds to me like the usual 4chan "I don't like X, therefore it's shit and always was because clearly I have impeccable taste" faggotry. Your opinion is not objective, don't pretend it is.
Deku is inconceivably shit.
I could write an essay on why he's pathetic, but the virgin vs chad meme works better.
He's a more pathetic self insert character than even the generic isekai protags.
>Deku does something that any other Shonen protag does like once or twice every chapter for the first time in 70 chapters

He's trash.
>He's a more pathetic self insert character than even the generic isekai protags.
Careful, your bait is showing!

Also, Virgin vs Chad is a shit meme and everyone knows it. Especially the people posting it.
>your bait is showing
It's not bait though.
At least Isekai protagonists don't tend to act like they genuinely worked for their cheat skills.

Your series is fucking tumblrcore.
It's shit.
File: bender.gif (1.13 MB, 288x198)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
>It's not bait though.
>At least Isekai protagonists don't tend to act like they genuinely worked for their cheat skills.

>Your series is fucking tumblrcore.
>It's shit.
t. Master Baiter
>90 percent of heroes could be killed by a fucking gun
This is probably my favorite part of the Overhaul arc. People were legit freaking out over dudes with guns. And then it turns out that those bullets could literally shoot you in the fucking superpower.
Hey hey people!
I wanted to do this at midnight but then I remembered time-zone shenanigans.
I just hopped on to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas.
Sadly I did not prepare any gifts for you, as the only thing I can give is my writing and I believe you got more important things to do right now.

So for what it's worth I hope you get to sit back and relax during this brief pause in everyday monotony.

Back when I started I did not realize I'd last even half as long as I did, let alone the fact that I managed to make the time of so many of you just a little bit better.
And don't worry. I'm not gonna bail anytime soon. I'm having just as much, if not more fun than you guys. Even with the occasional hiccups from my part.

And if you feel like repaying me in any way, just have a drink in my name while I'm forced to slave away in my workplace.
See you guys soon
File: DUMkg_7U8AE3cZT.jpg (58 KB, 426x513)
58 KB
I give you a meme.
An acceptable substitute
File: p.txt.jpg (280 KB, 750x1125)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
This confirms it.
The fanfic tier self insert is complete.
Now I'm finally done raging. I've peaked.
But I'm also torn. On one hand, while not many rules have been established about the angels, this still breaks pretty much all of them.
On the other it makes them have some potential depth...
However it still feels wrong

In better news, Vegeta seems to be doing alright.
So here's hoping
So Merus was basically a young Angel going full chuuni cosplaying as a Galactic Patrol member? I mean, we don't know enough about Angels to say that can't happen, and it does explain his fanfic-tier power level, but ehhh...
For anyone still paying attention to the thread, Merry Pre-Christmas you worthless 4chan shitlords!
You too anon and now move your ass and flame Hog the QM of "The Chosen Hero denies Destiny". It brings joy to my frozen heart to see the 4chan comunity work together so well to tell a crap QM how much he sucks.
Merry Christmas you filthy animals
No u
I have no idea what that is and judging from the fact everyone's shitting on it I don't want to know. I'm busy cathing up on a Fiction.live (you'll always be Anonkun in my heart) quest right now anyways.
>herofag uses akun
You really just love guzzling shit, huh?
There is actually good stuff there, it just easily gets drowned out by their well-deserved reputation for shitty wish-fulfillment smut quests.

I've even tried reading some of the smut-quests (distinct from "quests with smut in them") for fairness' sake, and they were just as shit as reputation made them seem. But yeah, I could easily recommend a number of actually entertaining ones if anyone cared.

Merry Christmas to all of you guys. May your rolls be high and your stockings full.
I just hope non of them are Vex quests the guy is bouncing from quest to quest like a bouncy ball. As for recommendations "A Chuuni's Guide To Isekai" is enjoyable and "Pokémon Professor Quest" (The one written by Prof) are good picks to read if you have not allready.
Yeah, akun’s got some decent picks, if you’ve already built up enough of a tolerance for degeneracy that you can wade through all the shitty ones to find them.

There are a few QMs that jump from quest to quest. Annoys the hell out of me, since if they just stuck to one they could probably write something at least half-decent. Dao (I only read that one dragonball quest he did with the frost demon, but it was pretty alright until he cancelled it), sanstus (Liked that one DMC quest he did, even if the WoW one was shit), moon (He’s still a filthy fucking traitor though), chuckles (actually no, not chuckles, chuckles just sucks and seeing a new quest of his live always annoys the hell out of me), etc.
Pls no Christmas episode I have depression
Well that sure was fun.
But enough of that, back to the fucking grinder it is and you're coming with me!

Jokes aside, I'm officially back to work and done with the holidays.
So that means I'll be actively running again.
And in turn, that means the next time I'll be available is on Monday. Let's hope I won't get a shitton of work dumped on my head.

In the meantime I might try to save some of my sanity by writing side stories.
Any requests?

Don't worry it won't be for a while.
Even if I do a christmas episode it'll be in the context of a proper session I think.
Meaning we got Halloween and maybe one more story segment before we even get that far
I dunno, Caulifla playing Doom?
Hit playing Hitman or Splinter Cell?
Literally anyone playing a Kojima game and trying to understand it?
I like the first two options, not so much the third.
Added to the list
But right now I think I'll progress the "plot" a bit with my next one. So these will have to wait
can we get champa/vados to play asuras wrath?
I don't see why not.
gotta get the dlc ending so they can punch zen- i mean Chakravartin in the face
Oppose a GOD?
Perish the thought, heretic.
Zamasu pls go
Be careful you don't bite off more than you can chew ZamZam
Otherwise you'll start regretting your immortality real soon
File: Ligma Balls.jpg (144 KB, 1200x607)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
May Zeno forgive you all for your ignorance. I was merely suggesting that a god of destruction and an angel wouldn't approve of such a plot.
And if they did approve of it, then there is only one fate in store for them.
>side story suggestions

Further Universe 7 human adventures or moments where their renewed training pays off.
Pfft, just fuse lol.
Gogeta is Zeno+ tier according to Heroes.
Heroes, much like GT, is only a valid argument if it's dissected from the anus up for those few good ideas that are in there

Once the entire tournament has transpired there were many people left wondering what'd happen next.
Some of them came out, some would say, better than they entered. They, more so than the champion himself, are the true winners of this tournament.
But of course there are the others.

People that believe they ended up receiving the short end of the stick.
One such person is currently licking his wounds figuratively and quite literally in one of the tunnels running under the complex.
The staff have been looking for him now and by the looks of it one of the medics finally succeeded in their endeavor.

"Ah! There you are contestant!"
The medic is part of the Saiyan attaché and carefully approaches the young man.
"How do you feel? Are you injured? Come! We'll take a look at you and put you into a healing tank!"

"Get out..."

I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"


The little guy ran away as Sam began glaring daggers at him.

"Poor guy... looked like he was about to start crying... didn't mean to snap at him like that.

Sulking in his corner Sam turned his attention ever inward.
His thoughts began spiraling out of control and the guilt he felt for roaring at the little guy did not help the matter one bit.
Soon enough he curled into a ball and almost got to the point where he was biting down on his own nail.
In a cold sweat he recalled what just transpired mere minutes ago.
"T-Those eyes... What were those eyes?
H-He... he was gonna kill me! He's not human! He's not-"

"My thoughts exactly."
An unknown voice spoke up, its deep tune echoing through the mostly empty hall.
Though not at all pleasant, it was perfectly adequate for snapping Sam out of his deathly trance.

Standing up the young man dusted himself off and looked at the stranger.
"And who the fuck are you?"

"Good... Good...
You can compose yourself rather quick.
That means you still got your wits about you!"

The man stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself.
He was nothing more than an ordinary man, no alien features, no otherworldly energies, nothing.
By Sams standards he was positively mundane... even though he couldn't be farther from that.
Judging by his grayish-white hair he's way past his prime in terms of age, but his build shows that he maintained his body even to this day.
He wore a pair of perfectly ironed suit pants and a short sleeved shirt which was revealing his veiny muscles.
Combine that with his unnaturally rigid stance and it became obvious that this was no ordinary man.
Sam knew his type.

Despite being outside his "element", his natural environment, he couldn't abandon his old habits.
He had a compulsive need to meet the high expectations people had of him, making him look more like a store mannequin than an actual person. He was too "proper".
Sam knew his type. And he hated it.

"An agent". A perfect example of a government puppet, a cold and emotionless machine fit into the mold of a man.
But this one was even worse. The build of his body, his scars and his always ready stance suggested more.
This was no ordinary suit wearing goon. This one was military.

Chuckling to himself Sam took out one of his cigs, one of the normal ones, and lit it with his zippo.
"I'll ask again... and if I don't get an answer this time either I'm turning you into a statistic.
Who are you?"

"I appreciate the warning...
General Stephen Morrison, United States Army."

"Well... general.
I suggest you take your Men in Black lookin' ass, do a heel turn and get out of here with your G-man act before I do it for you... starting with your head."

"Hmmm... And here I thought you were the reasonable sort.
Must've misread something-"
Taking out a rather thick stack of papers from his handbag, the general started flipping through its pages seemingly at random.
"Samuel Donohue... graduated from Harvard Summa Cum Laude as a lawyer... earned no less than three different recommendations from the firms he worked for-
And... did all that with more drugs in his system than in the entirety of Brazil...
An impressive track record! One that suggests a certain level of intellect... one that can recognize an opportunity."

"Exactly! And it also lets me see red flags.
So I'll give you a count to three before I make sure no intelligence agency will find what remains of you.

"It's infuriating isn't it?"


The soldier calmly puts his documents back in place and without batting an eye approaches the young man.
"Look at you. You were barely a blip on the radar two weeks ago...
And now you are one of the strongest people on Earth! Yet you are outshone by some mask wearing freak who thinks he's playing Superman."
He then raises a finger to his ear and signals Sam to listen.
"Hear that? Even now they are praising him... worshipping him, like some celebrity.
Only this time he's shaping the entire planet as he pleases... making us bend the knee to some alien freaks while not too long ago they sought to enslave us."

"Is your intel worse than you let on?
The Saiyans weren't the one who did that! Frost was!"

"And there is a difference?"
Sighing the grizzled soldier continues.
"Once you've seen enough... you'll start to realize everybody is the same. Us, that Frost freak, these brutes... the packaging is different but it's the same deal.
If they were in that position... or if we were, all of us would've done the same.
But even now, after we got confirmation that the rest of the galaxy is the same as us, we got this pop-star making us suck up to them instead of taking charge of things."

"So what? You wanna wage war on the entire Universe? Putting humanity first and everyone else second?"

The man responded without batting an eye or hesitating for a moment.
"We had a chance but we blew it. Frost was a wake up call, a sign that the world outside is not a happy place. It is cold, cruel and out to get us.
We could've unified... mounted a resistance... and carve ourselves a piece of the pie!
We could've become contenders, players! Instead... we'll become little more than... slaves for these aliens.
It makes me sick to my stomach... and I see the same in you. These more "civilized" people... they can't see the forest from the trees.
They are too caught up in the dream. But you... you got disillusioned quite well!
You've seen it, haven't you? You were nothing more than a pawn in his game. And even after accumulating this... fabulous power you got toyed with!
Does that sound... grand to you?"

Sam looked down for a moment and bit his lips.
"You don't know everything! You don't know half of what you're saying!"

"True... but you also don't know half of what I do."

"What do you mean?"

The man grinned, showing emotions for the first time since he appeared.
"How about I show you?
I'm not asking much. Just to take a look at what I have to offer.
A better, more glorious fate for humanity! And... power. Enough power! More power!"

"Power? You?
You don't even know power!"

"Don't I?"
The man reached into his briefcase once more and retrieved something from it.

Sams eyes opened wide.
"W-What the hell... is this?"

"Like I said Samuel! Power!
You... help me build a better future... and I'll give you the power to take down that Slayer of yours!"
Da gubbaments tryin’ ya make our pal Sam go full Majin Vegeta on us!
let's invite sam to go conscript an ice cream place with us and the ghosts
oh and also give sam the prize money plus maybe a little extra
My guess he dose not buy in to single thing ideology wise as he knows a lot they do not thanks to having spent time on Eric's planet.Tought he might play lipservice to get what they have in the case as right now he reall hates Eric's guts.

The guy probably represents ultra radical faction which only could come to any kind of power do to how helpless the military powers feel right now. Like how Natzi regime took advantage of how fucked Germany was after WW1.

My guess they are on our new guardians radar or will be and he is keeping tabs on them and will slap their hand (or atleast try), if they cross some kind of line witch they have not as of yet.
"He gave me the one thing I needed to beat you, Eric! The power to understand TRUE FLAVOR! Get ready for my ultimate dish, because you're going on a one-way trip to Flavortown!"
>"And there is a difference?"


>We could've become contenders, players! Instead... we'll become little more than... slaves for these aliens.

Bruh, the average Saiyan could literally turn Earth into a lifeless dust ball, or just blow the whole thing up. These dudes should at least ask us what the general military power of the universe is, before they start talking about going out and conquering shit. The only thing keeping them from taking Earth over is common decency and us being a deterrent. I feel like we should really schedule a meeting with the world powers or something, give them a rundown on what it’s like out there so they don’t start making a bunch of dangerous assumptions like this nutcase.

I bet his plan involves something along the lines of making supersoldiers, either captain America style or terminator style and then adding ki autism and/or psionic bullshit on top of that, then what, seizing power and leading humanity to It's 'greatness'?

Fuck off man, haven't you watched movies? TV? You should know how this shit goes down.

Sam might jump In just to get back at Eric though, and literally nothing else. Not that the suit cares as long as he's a good tool.
>Sam challenges us to a cook-off

I'd be fucking down.
File: DYjJm6CW4AASN6t.jpg (130 KB, 1024x700)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Then your fate is sealed!
>I bet his plan involves something along the lines of making supersoldiers
X-COM: Resurrection Bio-Frost!

For all we know, this G-Man could be some kind of shadowy manifestation of a shadow government itself. Similar to how Baba Yaga and other legends and mythical figures exist.

Perhaps this personification of an all-pervasive and intrusive shadow government is seeking out vulnerable figures to protect itself. It had a near death experience after everyone was killed and brought back to life, but things went back to normal soon enough, though everyone being a bit nicer and more introspective. But now it sees how its existence is being threatened by the introduction of an intergalactic stage and senitent extraterrestrial life, and the welcoming of Earth into the intergalactic government.
Perhaps they don't even represent any kind of legitimate government, but a private organization. All you need are people who look the part and you can convince a surprising amount of people to do things for your organization, in full belief that you're representatives of their country. When in truth, you don't care about their safety, the country's well-being, or even the laws of the land.
Hell, you could even convince people to test some dangerously experimental serums if you claimed to be a government agent, probably.
Oh god I hope we don't have a glownigger manipulated Vergil on our hands. I guess this is Sam's new theme song now https://youtu.be/wN34pZSLMv4
The stadium is filled with a grossly incandescent light as you and Cabba stand in the middle, stunning and radiant.
All the unrestrained power radiating off of you is enough to make even the insensitive people shiver as a wall of pure pressure washes over them.
But the ones most affected by it are the Saiyans, all of whom can't help but fly into the ring to get a better look at you.

Though most of them lack the guts to walk up the stage, the Royal Family more than makes up for it as they approach you.
"Incredible.... simply incredible!"
The King mutters to himself.

"Heeeheee! Look sis!
Big bro Cabba is glowing!"

"I-Is that... Cabba?"

Even the crown prince and the queen are left speechless by your visage and only the boy manages to recover from the shock enough to comment on it.
"I... I'm starting to fear my coronation won't happen..."

"My boy-"
King Sadala completely ignores you and places both his hands on Cabbas shoulders.
"What... is this?"

"My liege, this-"
Cabba takes a deep breath.
"Is called a Super Saiyan."

They whisper with a hushed breath.

"Tell me! When? When did you make such a discovery?
I-In fact what is it that I'm looking at?"

"I'm sorry my king but I... I was not the one who found this.
I was told about it by someone, my mentor."


"No.... someone else.
I'll tell you all about it later but it's very sensitive information.
Wouldn't want to divulge it in public."

"O-Of course! I understand! But... PLEASE! Tell me!
What is this?"

"It's a transformation my king, like those of the late Frost, except many times greater in magnitude.
It multiplies the power, speed and durability of the user tens of times over!"

"A-And... anyone can attain it?"

"I don't think so... It seems to be a part of our Saiyan blood and even then it seems to be rare.
We've been living for thousands of years yet none of us managed to unlock this state despite meeting all the conditions for it.
So I think it takes a special kind of person to use it."

Hearing that the Queen steps forth and manages to put on a convincing display of calmness, even though she's obviously shaken by the Super Saiyan.
"Cabba boy... you were hiding quite something up your sleeve all this time! No wonder you were all jittery!
But I hope this sudden revelation doesn't mean you'll be challenging my dear husband for the throne now!"

"O-Of course not my queen!
I have no such ambitions whatsoever!"

"Oh good! I was getting a bit worried there! Now-"
She wraps her arm around Cabbas neck and pulls him in to her bosoms while rubbing her fingertips together on her free arm.
"Let's talk about your engagement, shall we?"
You chuckle as he desperately tries to break free of the queens hold even with his superhuman strength and at that moment the King turns his attention to you.

"And you young man... I take it this is your "answer" for this so called Super Saiyan, isn't it?"

"You're correct... from a certain point of view.
I call this Awakened Human. And I'm the only one who can do it as of yet."

Tell me, does it come with a power boost? I'm only asking because your energy is so hard to read-"
Sadala then rubs his head awkwardly.

You nod.
"But it's nowhere near as substantial as "that".
While it boosts my physical abilities its real use is the unparalleled level of focus and the boost in cognitive function that it grants.
In the end it doesn't matter much I suppose... While the Super Saiyan is all about overwhelming force, I increase my destructive power through the better performance of my usual abilities, in addition to some more "exclusive" techniques I wouldn't be able to perform on my own."

He rubs his chin.
"I suppose asking for a little demonstration would be out of line, correct?"

>Yes. We did not keep it in reserve for no reason. It's too dangerous
>Not a full one. I could give you a punch but... no more
>Sure, why not?
>Not a full one. I could give you a punch but... no more
> >Not a full one. I could give you a punch but... no more

Yes and no. It does provide a power boost, and that’s easy enough to extrapolate and theorize what that would do in a combat situation. As would the increased reaction times.

The increased perception and cognitive processing upgrade is a bit harder to quantify without a more extensive stage to demonstrate it.
>Not a full one. I could give you a punch but... no more
>Yes. We did not keep it in reserve for no reason. It's too dangerous

Personally I just want to get this tournament over with
Okie dokie!

And uh...
I'm gonna need a roll there chief
Best of 4
DC: 15
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 5 (1d21)


Rolled 9 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)


Don’t worry guys, best android wouldn’t do us wrong.
Lies I literally remember him giving us a big shining 'L' again Bao.
"I'd rather not.
For one, the nature of this form is pretty abstract so demonstrating its effect is a bit hard.
And at the same time, it's extremely dangerous. I wouldn't be okay with endangering the attendants.
So I'll give you a deal: I can give you one punch."

"One punch you say?"

"Exactly. Just one.
Take it or leave it."

"Then let's see it!"

Nodding at him you turn to queen Pinto and interrupt her.
"Sorry my lady but could you show some mercy to the boy?
I need him for something."

"Oh, by all means! Here..."
She releases Cabba but leans in and whispers into his ear.
"Don't think this is over though.... Son!"

Cabba gulps and undoubtedly feels like there are needles in his throat right about now.
Walking over as fast as he can he positions himself so you stand between him and the queen.
"What do you need Eric?"

"Let's show these guys something and get this over with.
I want my wish granted and this tournament over with."

What do you have in mind?"

"We bump fists once.
Should be enough."


You walk a few paces away from each other so you can get a running start and inform the royals that they better leave the arena at the very least right the fuck now.
Once they retreat to a safe distance the two of you exchange a brief nod before beginning.
Taking off, you propel yourselves towards the other with your right fists cocked and ready.

You're painfully aware of the fact that if you slip up, he'll blow your arm clean off like that, so you better not loose this one.
Analyzing his speed, the amount of energy he unleashed, his momentum and the direction of his strike you prepare for the clash.
There is nothing.

A big loud smack can be heard as your knuckles strike each other but there is no explosion, no wave of force, nothing.
Only the sensation of your strikes being perfectly matched and canceling each other without any of the energy leaving your bodies.
And... a tinge of blue.
For a split moment, until the shock causes you to pull your hands apart, your auras mingle and fuse together, changing in both color and nature.
It's not much, but enough for a few blue embers to spark out and scatter in the wind.
To the average person this didn't do much. But for the saiyans practically leaning in to look at you?
They feel your energy vanishing for an instant before returning.



"Huh... Weird."
The King muses while unbeknownst to him his wife is starting to hyperventilate.
She reaches up to her mouth as if to hold something back and starts making retching sounds.
"My love! What's wrong?!"

She pulls her hand away after calming down.
"Nothing... Don't worry. I just feel a bit nauseous, that's all!"
Looking away from her husband she stares at you and for the first time you see her composure completely broken.
"W-Water! Could you maybe get me some water dear?"

"Well, if you say so...
Once he made sure his wife is fine, King Sadala walks back up to the stage to address you.
"Well I'm not sure what that was but it made a chill run down my spine that's for sure! Cabba... Slayer!
I'm astonished by your achievements and as a warrior, I congratulate the both of you! My only regrets are the fact that it wasn't my family to make such a fine discovery and..."
He looks at you.
"That you weren't born on Sadala. You would've made an excellent Saiyan!"
Then he claps his fist into his palm, as if he just had a brilliant idea.
"I KNOW! How does being an "Honorary Saiyan" sound to you? I could arrange it if you wish, you know!
Think about it! You could own land on Sadala, make a name for yourself and... who knows? Make a clan even?"

>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!
>That's... a very tempting offer! Very well, I accept!
>Actually I got something else- (write-in)
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!

We got our own planet
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!

This might seem like a huge request, but I think they just wanted to see their families again without fear of reprisal, right? They seemed pretty disinterested in the idea of participating in Saladan society again. So it’s not like they’d go around flaunting their presences.
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!
>I know the request sounds ridiculous but they have stopped the gang stuff.
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!
As if there was any question.
>You honor me your lordship but I already have a wish: I request an amnesty for the crimes of the Saiyan renegades Caulifla and Kale!

Wonder if we should mention that they can go Super Saiyan too? Might make him more inclined to offer the amnesty.
Also, curious reaction from the Queen. I guess she could pick up on the God Ki?
Well that is obviously one sided
Adding God Ki to our bag of tricks it is!

We just love making U7 humans look like garbage.

Man, Caric is gonna be so bullshit next time we fuse.
Such a shame there's no cool name for Potara fusion.
Y-You already did
And you can't exactly use this just yet. It was a result of your Awakened ki mixing with Cabbas Super Saiyan ki

And erm...
Erra? Maybe?
Either way I'm not too keen on doing a Gogeta/Vegito conondrum
It's a tempting offer to be sure, but... you already made your decision long ago.
This is really not a question.

"You honor me... Unfortunately I also have to refuse.
Because I already have something to ask of you."

"Awww. That's a shame.
I suppose it WAS a bit too ambitious of me to try and snatch you.
Very well. Let me hear your wish and by the gods if it's within my power I'll do it."

"You uh... you may want to rephrase that.
I know this sounds ridiculous but-"
You take a deep breath and speak up with a stern voice.
"I wish for you to pardon the past crimes of the two renegade Saiyans: Caulifla and Kale!"

If any of the monkeys were holding glasses at that moment you're sure you'd be hearing the sound of shattering glass right about now.
Without fail, those that heard you are giving you the biggest deer in the headlights stare you've seen in a while.
Even for King Sadala it's quite difficult to process this.

"Okay... How- May I-
Let me ask you a FEW questions first!
HOW do you even KNOW about those two? And second, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!"

"Now I know what you're thinking! But hear me out!
Those two... are my friends! And if after all this my word means anything to you, I personally vouch for them! Those two have changed!
They've quit the gang life and, more importantly, have done the entire Universe a great service!"

Lord Sadala is looking more and more like an enraged bull as he's huffing and puffing through his nostrils.
His mounting fury is only calmed slightly when Cabba actually steps up to him and confronts the king.
"He's speaking the truth your highness!"

"C-Cabba?! YOU TOO?"

"Caulifla and Kale put their lives on the line and fought for the survival of the Universe!
That alone should speak volumes of their character!"

Looking at the King you see that he's confused, this piece of news is clearly not what he expected.
Taking your chance, you try and sucker him in further.
"AND! Did I mention they too have access to the Super Saiyan form?"

"T-They do?"

Cabba nods.
"In fact... I'd say they got a better understanding of it than I do...
Both of them are very gifted with it."
You could always try using Asulf as the base.
Or Slayer?
Like Vegito uses Kakarot(to) and Gogeta use Goku

And I know we sort of did already, I was just reflecting on things.
Now we just need to get it and the Kaioken and we'll be super bullshit.
Awakened God Majin Mode Kaiokenx100 soon.
So does this mean that saiyan/human hybrids get the easy road to god ki?
Seems like they get the easy road for everything honestly.
Their human nature helps them unlock the Super part of their Saiyan blood, as evidenced by every halfbreed ever.

So I wouldn't be shocked if that was the case
It also lets you become Bootleg Broly if you get angry enough.
Good job Trunks.
The results aren’t much better if we do it like that, unless you’re an ABBA fan.
You continue.
"I'm not trying to be unreasonable here! I, as well as they, do know that they are pariahs.
I'm not asking for them to be welcomed back with open arms. I just want them to be able to visit their families once in a while!"

"They... are... rogues!
They took our rebellious youth and turned them into marauders!
They... broke an arranged marriage and threw the noble houses into turmoil!
And... AND... and it's all pointless-"
He starts shaking his head.
"The damage was done, the dust has settled and nobody cares anymore..."
"Very well. I'll officially pardon them and have their criminal records erased.
HOWEVER! Nobody will be forced to tolerate them! If they get ostracized or GODS forbid break the law again they'll have to deal with the consequences themselves! UNDERSTOOD?!"

Not wasting a second you bow before him.

"Straighten your back young man! You're only embarrassing me with that!
Honestly, I don't know and I don't care HOW you know those two... But your kind heart or your naïveté will be your downfall, you know that?"

"If that happens, I'll take it in stride."

"Spoken like a true Saiyan.
Now go on! Get out of here!
Patch yourself up and tell your "friends" the good news.
May you have good fights in your future, Son of Earth."

Giving him just a slight bow to show respect, you turn around and start leaving.

>Time for some celebratory ice cream with the gang!
>Gotta tell the girls the good news
>Thank Cabba
>Your job is done, get the fuck out of here!
>Thank Cabba
>Gotta tell the girls the good news
>Time for some celebratory ice cream with the gang!
>Time for some celebratory ice cream with the gang!
>Thank Cabba
>Time for some celebratory ice cream with the gang!
>Thank Cabba

Instead of killing him immediately if he makes any moves on Eric’s sister, we will instead give him a 20 second warning.

I guess there could be an argument that Cabba and Eric are so well synced with each other that Caric is the only possible outcome of a fusion.
It seems to be an even split between Cabba and Ice Cream
And with that the Tournament is officially over!

But I may have to stop after the first update to go home
Giving a quick turn to Cabba you nod at him and send him a little telepathic message.
"Thanks for the help."

"I was just speaking the truth.
But you're welcome!"

After bumping fists with him you turn off your awakened state, your hair returns to normal and you get the hell out of there, leaving the Saiyan boy to deal with whatever comes next.
Making your way to a secluded area, you open a portal and enter the hidden room where the others are, whereupon entering you get greeted by a pair of shoes firmly planted in your face.

"I'm BA-ACK!"
As you get dropkicked, you bump your head into the wall and start seeing doubles of everything.

Kale shouts in a high pitched voice.
"Are you alright?"

"Did anyone write down the number of that BITCH?!"

Caulifla storms over to you and grabs you by the collar before lifting your limp body up.
"The HELL were you thinking? Was this all part of your plan?! HUH?"



"Er-Sis... you're breaking him..."

Caulifla shouts before pausing to look at your dizzy body and hugging you.
"Thanks... idiot."

"You're welcome-"

After so rudely greeting rather rudely Caulifla takes her time to dust you off and then passes you onto Kale who starts supporting your still lump body.
Once she gets past the fact that her sister just bodied you, she starts examining your prior injuries, running her hands across them to completely assess their severity.
"A-Are you alright?"

"No. I just got wrestlemania'd into the wall."

She starts pouting.
"You know what I mean..."

"Yes Kale. I'm fine.
See? My wounds are mostly healed now anyway."

"And your eyes?"

"My eyes?"

"They are... black."

You hit yourself on the head a couple times with your fist to shake the thing out of them.
"How about now?"

"N-No. Still black."

Guess that's just how they are now."

"Most surprising."
A new voice can be heard as Vados stands up from her chair and walks over to examine you closely.
"It seems that your deepened connection with the Majin entity had a permanent side effect.
Speaking of which, congratulations Eric! You managed to make even Lord Champa scared for a while!"

I was not scared! I was just worried I'd have to ice one of my best fighters! THAT'S IT!
And DON'T ACT like you weren't worried either!"
And I'll have to disappear now
See y'all in... about an hour
>pitch black eyes

Oh nonnono, we're not anywhere near heroes levels of muh donut steel, but were clearly approaching super levels
Lali-ho! I'm back

Well, black with the red iris that the Buus have other than Fat Buu
Don’t worry, I’m sure we can glamour something up with magic to make our eyes less freaky. Pretty sure Buu changed his pupil color at some point in the anime for humor purposes.
Afaik, his irises were white until Gotenks kicked him in the neck so hard they went red
File: Spoiler Image (26 KB, 450x225)
26 KB
>That time Buu wanted to make himself hot so he could try and make friends with the ladies
Funnily enough, he specifically shapeshifted into BARRY KAHN.
Barry Kahn? Whomst?
File: Spoiler Image (48 KB, 300x400)
48 KB
File: Barry_Kahn.png (584 KB, 922x702)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Aw shit really?
Now I'm kinda disappointed I skipped that shit
Vados casually whistles and averts her gaze while Champa is raging at her.
You can't help but laugh at this display and ask Kale to let go of you so you can stand on your own.
After dusting yourself off, you turn to the others and cut them off.
"Okay everyone! Pack your stuff and make sure you don't leave anything behind!
We're going to go and get some ice cream!"

You get a unanimous roar from everyone except Hit and after taking care of the trash that piled up, you abandon the place quite possibly forever.

Going outside you try your best to explain your reasoning for your wish to your girls while also trying your best to keep the three Tuffles by your side from going haywire in the large crowd.
It's not necessarily easy but at least you got some friends to help out, minus Hit because he really doesn't want to get spotted by any members of the SDF.
While on your way to the ice cream parlor, you bump into a certain someone you've been meaning to talk with: Sam.
Leaving the others alone for a bit, you check on your pal who seems a bit out of the loop.


"Oh... hi Eric."

"I see you got the briefcase."

"Oh... oh yeah. Some tournament officials came and handed it over to me.
Thanks for that."

"Hey as far as I'm concerned, you earned it!"

"Hmmmm thanks.
I'll make sure to cover Domis medical expenses first...
Then I'm gonna fly to Jupiter and I don't mean traveling. You want in?"

"No thanks. I quit.
But you have as much fun as you want. Just make sure you don't overdo it, okay?
By the way, we are going for some ice cream! Would you like to join us?"

"I'll pass."

"Suit yourself!
Take care bud!"

Leaving the guy alone, you return to your friends and ignore whatever Sam was mumbling.
He clearly has a lot on his mind right now and you wouldn't want to bother him.
File: badborgar.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
By the way, have you guys heard about this?
Wild ain't it?

It's pretty wild. I doubt that it's going to cause people to grow boobs or anything, but that's a pretty blatant mistake that nobody caught or allowed to go forward to public consumption without raising any concerns first. I'm glad that I stopped eating a lot of fast food a while ago.
File: ben.jpg (20 KB, 839x361)
20 KB
Sam was a good friend.
Not grow boobs? If I remember correctly 1 has estrogen = to an estrogen pill

He beat a lady friend of mine black and blue and tried to fry me with fire and lightning.
He was a good friend

True, but all of that is floating around in food instead of being in a pill that's designed to dissolve in a certain way and at a certain rate so that the hormone gets released in specific amounts in a specific part of the digestive tract.

Still wouldn't eat one though.

Sam is now taking Frost's part in the rival dynamic. This is why you don't do drugs, kids!
Oh come on Nega-Som, It was a tournament. He's a cocky asshole but he's OUR cocky asshole. We just wanted to take him down a peg, not turn him to the dark side.

Sam you retard, we went first. That's It. We went fucking first, of course we're better at this than you are. Give It a while and you'd probably be about our equal If you stay as dedicated as you have been.

Now It looks like we've gotta kick the shit out of you seriously this time.
>Black eyes with red pupils
Fuck, that’s edgy. Well, maybe we can learn some shapeshifting or something later. If we can pull off the regenerating it’s probably doable. At least people would probably just think we’re an edge lord or something if we walked around on the streets these days in the meantime, what with people inking their eyes and all.

Serves the filthy herbivores right, I say.
C'mon I was just goodfriend posting! Give me some slack
He dies if he's turned evil for no reason other than "muh power".

He's already got the telltale signs going on of going mad with power.
Is the Tuffle planet ever going to pay child support?
File: simpsons_cake.jpg (65 KB, 787x572)
65 KB

The Tuffle planet’s busy right now, I think. We really should just fly over and end that whole civil war thing, by the way. The good Tuffles weren’t really to blame for all the cruel shit that was done before they were born anyways, and we could probably resolve the whole conflict pretty easily at this point, strong as we are now and weak as the Machine Empire’s become due to all the fighting.
Leading the others to the building in question, you quickly rush ahead and prepare the poor guys working there for their reckoning and try to calm them down by stating that they'll be rich after this day.
One by one you have people order their bowls of ice cream with the cones on the side because god damn it, you're celebrating and no way will you let your friends drop their towers of frozen goodness on the ground.
After your horrifying little deletion of the shop stock, you sit down with everybody else and just enjoy a nice banana split with the gang.

But as you're shoveling delicious, sweet confections into your cake hole you spot a somewhat familiar if odd sight.
You see a rather tall and very imposing looking Saiyan woman carrying a small human male on his back...
Nooooo way!

>Go and say hi
>Leave them be
>>Go and say hi
Oh, it's whats-his-face
File: 4f1.png (3.09 MB, 998x1500)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
Just give up.
You're not getting the alimony
>Go and say hi

ffffffffffuckit why not. Lucky bastard.
>Go and say hi
That's what thay all say but simtime they are wrong.
...wasn’t he supposedly gonna livestream the tournament? That might be a fun image for later. Also, did we make any plans with the heroes from Other World at any point?
>Go and say hi
Not really
>Go and say hi

Go congratulate the lad on his Saiyan gf.
>Thinking I'll give up on getting a whole race that can fill in our current tech weakpoint

Dream on. Besides, feel like it's kinda our duty as the kid's parents to help the other Tuffles and their....highly advanced super-smart sex robot?
Handing your spoon over to Lyn you ask her to protect your confection while you take care of some "business" and stand up from the table.
Making your way over there you raise a hand and speak up to the guy.
"Hey! Johnny!"

"N-No way! Dude! What are the odds?"

"I know right! Hey, have you been watching?
Hope you captured my right profile!"

"Oh that... sorry dude, I couldn't. I was... doing...

The Saiyan girl holding him raises one of her hands.
"I was stuff."

"SHUIRIKA! Please don't be so loud!"

"Why? It's true."

"Oh right... erm, she's Shuirika.
She's this nice girl I met."

She lowers the hand she raised and shakes your hand.
"Pleasure to make your acquaintance Eric."


"Yes. That's my name. But you gotta keep it our secret okay?
If you do that I'll forgive your transgression! But I'm just joking!
I'm glad it worked out. So why are you two here in this... compromising position?"

"We need ice for his nuts."


Johnny has the biggest shit eating grin on his face.
"I... kinda can't walk!"

You grind your teeth as you grumble.

"Seriously, if that's all it took you are really in need of some training-"
The girl continues.
"Okay, it's decided. Next shore leave I'm coming here and I'm making a man out of you."


"No buts!
I can't have your spine snap in half when I'm taking you back home!"


As the guy is blushing so hard his face is turning red the Saiyan girl starts looking over your shoulder.
"Are those your friends there Son of Earth? Ah, I see your children! And uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh-"
She freezes in place and her legs starts shaking.
"Caulifla and Kale the wanted criminals? H-Hit the legendary assassin?! LORD CHAMPA?!"

"Oh yeah, you weren't watching.
The girls aren't wanted anymore, King Sadala pardoned them.
I hope that won't be a problem."

"Nuh-uh! I am NOT getting paid NEARLY enough to deal with this shit!
OKAY! We're out of here!"

I'm so confused, why are we leaving?"

As she storms out however the Saiyan takes a strange turn and locks eyes with Caulifla who is busy being told that she has whipped cream on her nose.
She stops and sizes both her and Kale up before speaking to them.



"W-Why what?"
Kale mutters.

"Why did you choose a human?"

"I 'unno, why did you?"

"Because they are weak, soft, bruise easily, mewl like babies... but make the cutest sounds, they are tenacious and this one is just really sweet to me."

"Well there you have it."

I understand. Oh and also, welcome back. If you two break the law again I'm taking you in."

"You won't. Bitch."
"Bye! Have a nice day!"
So, fellas. I’ve been considering what we might do when we have some free time again.
Eric is ALL ABOUT getting better, and we’ve heard about a few different races which are supposedly pretty damn good at the shit they do. Maybe we could pay them a visit at some point, see if we can pick up things from various masters. Yardrats would be an excellent choice, but so would Namekians (who have potent magic to boot), Metamorans...and as weird and risky as it sounds, training under a Kai wouldn’t be a terrible idea either, especially given what we saw from the spirit warriors.
Vados is an excellent teacher, but I think the best student is one who can draw from the knowledge of multiple masters.
After they're out of the picture you feel terribly frustrated and return to consume the rest of your sweet treat and gobble it all so fast you receive several brain freezes.
"E-Eric... maybe you should slow down! This is the fourth time-"

"Kale! I appreciate your concern! But I need sugar in me right now!"

But you really should've listened to her. For your impatience born out of frustration has brought you nothing but pain.
In the end you finished last and headed out with a seemingly never ending onslaught of headaches.
Upon leaving you gathered up everyone in one place so Vados could take you far away from this place...
But then someone stopped you.

The Spirit Warriors, now having shaken off the army of reporters finally caught up with you and begged for you to wait for a bit.
Well... Jeanne did for the rest of them.
"Please wait!"

Raising a hand you have the angel stop her spell and step forth.
"Oh... you came! I did not expect that."

"Of course we did! We wanted to thank you for allowing us this great opportunity."

"HAH! Damn right we did! We haven't had such fun in ages friend!
Thank you!"

"And by the looks of it we managed to serve our purpose.
While they haven't figured the lessons out, they seem to have stuck with them!"

"And... I finally got to meet one of my descendants.
Gotta admit. Feels nice!"
Sigurd extends a hand to you and you shake it.
"You gotta come and visit us sometime.
We could use a proper challenge. Maybe you could even convince King Kai to teach you some new tricks!"

>I'll think about it
>No offense but I'll get there when I'm dead!
>>I'll think about it
>I'll think about it
Kind of pointless to get involved with them when we already know the fusion dance, innit? But yeah, picking up some more esoteric techniques sound good. Was going to suggest we bug Bruce to teach us the Kaio-ken before he has to go back to the afterlife, at least.
>Next time I get shanked, sure!
It's gonna happen, it's just a matter of when.
>I'll think about it

Kinda hoping we can get the Kaio-ken from Bruce before he has to go anyways, but picking up the Spirit Bomb later would be nice, I guess. Maybe this universe's King Kai knows some other stuff too, if we're lucky.
Consider that the Metamorans are the KINGS of “teamwork”. Their fusion technique is sure to be just one aspect of the philosophy that people are stronger working together than alone - a group is more than the sum of its parts.
Also consider that Eric permanently has a second individual riding with him at all times.
I think Metamoran teachings could greatly help with utilizing Buu even better, alongside perfecting team fighting in general. And hey, we also only know the two-person fusion dance.

Vados is a great teacher since she does a fantastic job at hammering in the fundamentals and accessing higher power, but it seems that she doesn't have much in the way of techniques or other such things. Which makes sense, given how she's there to groom a GoD candidate into a full-blown GoD; this probably means that said candidates have already reached the apex of normal mortal development and have accumulated a lot of techniques and other stuff on the way there.

I'd be all up for a GRAND TOUR of the various reaches of U6 or even beyond to see what kind of crazy shit we can pick up.
>I'll think about it
File: 162442-full.jpg (103 KB, 1357x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>only know the two-person fusion dance
We ain't doing Fusions. That's only a step below Heroes but with more DonutSteel and less edge
So you admit that you’re afraid of the sheet autism that a Hit Eric Cabba Tri-fusion would contain?
File: bb7.jpg (22 KB, 680x760)
22 KB
Yes. Very.
How can you tell?

I'm even scared of an Eric/Hit or Eric/any female fusion
Anyway, I'll try to keep this one short
Behold. Champa + Eric + Buu. The unstoppable chef who turns everything into divine meals and destroys them through consumption.
Sounds like either Vore propaganda or a universal reset button where you compress all matter into one spot to just restart.
Probably both
"Sure! Next time I get shanked I'll be sure to head over."
Kale upon hearing that snuggles up close to you.
"Heeeey... don't worry! I'm not going to let it happen! But you know... you gotta prepare for the inevitable.
And besides, I'll just come back."

She nods after a little while but then whispers in your ear.
"I'm not letting that happen! Never! Not to you!"

"D'awww thanks!"

"Well even if you don't die it seems like that's not really stopping you.
Feel free to come and visit us. North Kai puts up an act but he enjoys the company. Especially since he hates our guts! Haahaha!"


"Oh we uh- keep blowing his stuff up!"

"Well that's understandable.
But I'll think about it. IF you guys promise you'll teach me some of your tricks!"

"Fat chance kid.
I tried doing that and you almost gave me final death."
Sigurd responds immediately, which is then followed by Lee.

"Well the rest of us disagree.
We'd be happy to do so. Just... not outside the confines of Otherworld.
We already did a number on this place as is!"

Jeanne then steps forth and bows to you.
"Thank you for all you did. And... since I'm not seeing young Samuel here...
Do give him my regards, okay? I'll make sure to include him in my nightly prayers from now on!"

"You can count on me!"
The rest of them line up and one by one say their goodbye's before grouping up and waving at you.

And as the energy you sacrificed to bind them to this plane for a day expires their bodies become translucent before disappearing completely.
An eerie silence fills the area as none of you really know how to handle the situation.

You clap your hands together.
"Let's go home everyone!"
Aaaaaaaaaand that's the end of that.
I'll take my leave now.
Tomorrow I might do some side stuff, if I find the time for it in the night shift.
Maybe continue the Sam story, maybe do the vidya ones. We'll see

I'll post an update tomorrow when I can run next time.
Anyways, take care!

Thanks for the run, Nega-Som!

Are people just not commenting on Eric's new eye color or is there something drawing their attention away from it?
You have a purple man with a dick for a skull, a walking talking cat and a 2m tall blue lady alongside three kids and two girls with monkey tails.
IF they notice your fucked up eyes, they just assume it's a thing you do because you're a weirdo
Is humanity scared shitless of their savior, the slayer of frost? Going from only what the public knows, he seems like the strongest motherfucker alive or dead, and has abilities that are crazy even in comparison to the other tournament fighters. Plus the whole “i casually broke my entire fucking arm and regenerated it like it was nothing” bit...
A bit. Just a bit though.
He pretty much single handedly repelled an "alien invasion", one the entire world couldn't. So there's the hero factor to all of it.
And since people don't really have anything to compare his powers to and usually can't sense energy either, past a certain level everyone just seems the same.

The only two times they got shit scared were during the Sam and Lee fights because at those points big fuck-off energy balls were thrown around.

But then his transformation during the finale had this majestic feel to it so...
It's a bit of a mixed bag
It's not yet midnight for me and I know it won't be for you guys for a while.
But I'd still like to wish y'all a happy new year since I'll be busy this night!
A happy new year to you as well
File: happy_new_year_faggots.gif (796 KB, 239x240)
796 KB
796 KB GIF
Happy new year fellow human super questers!

Hope everyone’s 2020 turns out okay.
Technically cucked, first post of 2020 get
Hey hey people!
Just popping in to tell you I'll be running tomorrow if nothing else happens
Hey Nega-Som, I got a question for you:

Have any of the Z-fighters tried to cheat and figure out Eric via the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? Is is that not expansive enough for mimicking different universes?
Sorry, meant Room of Spirit and Time.
You mean the Hypersonic Liontamer?
Since when can that straight up create matter?
Afaik it's just a big expanse of absolutely fuck all and fluctuating weather conditions
He probably means the Pendulum Room. Filler.
But that did not mimic real life either.
It was some bullshit Kami/Mr Popo came up with that had faux saiyans of a relatively high power.
Because the illusions looked nothing like Nappa or Vegeta nor did they have nearly the same level of power
File: Pump&BrockVsTien.png (501 KB, 693x390)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
You must be mistaken.
The Pendulum Room sends your mind to another time and place (in the past, as far as I can tell) to do a what-if battle that doesn't actually affect the timeline. The saiyans they fought existed, they were just thuggish looking ones. Still looked like actual saiyans could feasibly look like, and it only makes sense that they were weaker than a Saiyan Elite and Super-Elite like Nappa and Vegeta.
Well I'll be. You're right.
But apparently it only goes back, not forward. Or at least they never showed us. So I'll operate on that assumption.
In that case they'd only be able to go back to the Tournament of the Destroyers II: Electric Boogaloo or something equally outdated because Erics ultra fast development pretty much makes every past version of himself obsolete.

But otherwise, yeah they COULD use it to try and cheese you.
But who's gonna do that? The Saiyans who prefer getting swoler and beating you properly? Or the humans whom don't even take martial arts that seriously anymore?
Hmm... Point most of them would not. Tought I would actually like a scene of like Yamcha going to the room to beat the Android Gero just to vent or setting Cell games as his long term goal and going there somtimes now that he is training again atleast for now. I don't think he would go to Bu arcs time even if he beat Cell (unlikely) because how the thing ripped a hole in space by just screeming.

Anyways I could see some of them setting benchmark opponents there as temporary goals. Like semi-petfect Cell for Tien or somthing as it's the moment he made a stand but still failed.
It's been a couple of days since the tournament of Earth has concluded and only now do you feel like you've gotten back in the swing of things.
But thanks to your new and rather kick-ass healing factor most of your injuries are already healed, safe for a few scars you explicitly wanted to keep to look cool.
Pretty much the only downside is the fact that you sometimes freak out when you look into a mirror because you're still not used to your eyes being permanently black.

And now that you finally feel refreshed and ready once more, you get up from your bed and do your morning routine of washing yourself, getting dressed, grabbing the Z-sword, and doing a hundred pushups with a single thumb before getting to work.
Portaling into the kitchen, you start looking through the pantry in search of inspiration for todays breakfast.

>Some traditional breakfast... like pancakes or waffles
>Something fancy, like Eggs Benedict
>How about something experimental?
T-That actually sounds rad
>Something fancy, like Eggs Benedict
>Some traditional breakfast... like pancakes or waffles
Healing factors are bullshit.
They are.
But keep in mind, you're not Buu.
Your body is still a humans and if you... for example, loose a heart, you die WAY before the hole is patched up.
So don't get crazy
Pfft, just wait for us to use stored time to hypercharge our healing factor.
>Some traditional breakfast... like pancakes or waffles
Thank you it's a resource that allows you to allways keep your eyes on the goal. Even if the goal post is allways moving in some cases like fighting Eric.
If you can't beat the past him... Then fighting the curent him is pointless.

I'd say unless you can fight and beat a fake, present version of Eric you got no chance on beating the real deal.
Even then, he might just get better during the fight so...
At this point the only 2 ways I see is to either evolve faster than him or just overpower him so much that you can end the fight instantly
Rolled 7, 10, 19, 1 = 37 (4d21)

Also rolling for the result
Just for fun
Obiously but the past is all they in U7 got to compare themselves to and it's like the bare minimum they need to clear to even start training for curent him.
"Lessee... flour, egg, milk... hmmmmm. Yeah, why not?"
Lifting your hand, you start telekinetically levitating the aforementioned ingredients and continue humming to yourself.
"Maybe... a bit more?"
A bottle of carbonated mineral water catches your eye and the dish begins to compose itself in your mind.
Raising a bag of crushed walnuts, a bottle of rum, some raisins and plenty of chocolate and cocoa powder, you bring all the ingredients over to the table and get to work.

Combining the flour with the eggs, milk and the water you create a very thin batter and make sure to work all the lumps by working your Whirlwind Strike into your tiny whisk.
Once the generous amount of batter is ready, you prepare the filling which is as simple as adding the raisins, a splash of rum and some sugar to the finely ground walnuts.
After whipping some cream and creating a simple chocolate syrup with the cocoa, chocolate bars, eggs, milk and rum, you are ready to begin.

Normally it'd take ages to create such a large batch of crepes but with your quad-flipping skills, you work through the liquid goodness much, MUCH faster.
By the end up looking like Deadpool with a big pile of pastry towering above you.
Gently filling them with the sweet walnut mixture, you fold them into triangles one by one before giving each one a generous squeeze of whipped cream and drizzle the thing with the chocolate.

Putting your thumb together with your middle and index fingers, you make a smacking sound and speak up.
Wait... is that how you say it? Benis?"
You shrug and get to serving.
Inside the dining room a sleepy God of Destruction comes out in his pajamas, rubbing his eyes while yawning.
But the moment he smells what you've cooked up he immediately springs to life as the sugary goodness wakes him up.

"372,844 pancakes to be precise!
Dig in!"

"WOOOHOOO! Eric's back baby!"

Champa immediately gets to gorging himself on the sweet goodness while you serve coffee to both him and his attendant.
"You too Vados. I did not make these for show."

She smiles.
"I'm not objecting to that. I'd just like to know if that number is correct..."

You rub the back of your neck and chuckle awkwardly.
"I kinda got carried away... Actually I couldn't figure out the consistency and just kept adding stuff to the batter until it worked out. Never did thin pancakes before."

"Well I'm sure it won't be a problem.
We got two piggies who'll happily take care of them."
After an initial sip of her coffee Vados takes a bite out of what you made and seemingly melts.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm so good! Sweet yet... has this strange undertone-"

"That's the rum. Don't get carried away.
It has no alcohol content. It's just flavoring.
Since I couldn't boil away the alcohol in the filling."

"Who cares? Just bring us more! This stuff is awesome!"
Champa roars and you do as he ordered.

Around the time they get to the fifth or so serving the others start flooding into the room, undoubtedly attracted by the sweet aroma gradually filling the air.
The pleasant little breakfast turns into a loud feast in a manner of moments as the Tuffles, Saiyans and the other aliens start gorging themselves on the mountain of food you've piled up.
All except you.

You're just drinking in the atmosphere that you missed.
It's much nicer to spend a happy little breakfast with those that matter to you instead of trying to appease stuck up politicians and world leaders.
This catches the attention of Vados who's finished already.
"What's wrong? Not hungry?"

"Nah. I'll start in a minute.
Just wanted to appreciate the moment."

"Well, that's understandable I guess.
You've been quite busy these couple of weeks."
She then finishes her coffee and sets aside her mug.
"But with that said... do you have any plans now? Since you just finished your big project?"

>No, why? Got something for me
>I was thinking about visiting Sadala actually. Since I busted my ass to get the girls a passport...
>Yeah, Hit said something about a job
>I've been meaning to check up on planet Plant actually
>Yeah, Hit said something about a job
>>Yeah, Hit said something about a job
>Yeah, Hit said something about a job
>Yeah, Hit said something about a job
File: sad tuffle.jpg (70 KB, 1280x718)
70 KB
>sad tuffle noises
>I've been meaning to check up on planet Plant actually
You muse around for a moment, juggling the possibilities in your head and come to the conclusion that you already kinda promised someone...
"Actually, yeah. Hit asked me to help him with a mission.
Speaking of which-"
You pick up a plate and toss it into the doorway like a frisbee.

A purple hand emerges from the shadows as Hit nabs the plate out of the air with zero fucks given.
He's not even fazed by the fork you aimed at his eyes afterward and just grabs that as well.
"Thank you."

"You know... you got just as much of a seat here as everyone."

"I know."
He takes a bite out of the breakfast without any reaction.
"But that tournament was already more social activity than I can tolerate.
So I'll pass."

Despite just saying that he still enters the room and takes a seat at the table.
At the complete opposite end as everyone else, mind you, but still...
"Okay so... what's this job about now that I agreed to it?
Or is it a secret?"

"It's not a secret, not this time anyway.
But I still object to sharing any information with people not involved..."

"That's fair."

Champa shouts at him.
"I hope you aren't planning on messing with me Hit!"

But if it puts your mind at ease I can share this:
It won't involve this universe in any way. So there's that."

"You mean it's from another universe?"

With the Cube Champa supplied to me, my client base exponentially expanded."

But in that case you have no clue why exactly he wants you to accompany him.
Perhaps he's just seeking someone that can be a worthy partner to him and you might be the only one that qualifies...
Well whatever his reasoning is, you're just glad he considers you worthy of taking out on a mission... that's not a cake-walk like the last one.

"Okay... Just answer me this:
How immediate future are we talking about?
Is it super important or can it wait?"

He shrugs.
"I haven't heard anything from my contractor for a while.
So it's either not that important or we're not short on time.
Either way, we can afford to wait if you feel like you need more time to recuperate."

"Oh, that's not it!
It's just that I promised you guys a Halloween party and there's NO WAY I'm going back on my word!"

Hit blinks a few times in disbelief then chuckles.
So you're willing to jeopardize the mission for a party?"

"You gotta live sometimes Hit!"
"Ooooh! That's right!"
Champa smashes his fist into his palm, with only a lightbulb above his head missing from the picture.
"I gotta the assholes!"

"Wow... what a nice way to address your friends."

"Eric, in my position every person that could even POTENTIALLY be called a friend is just a massive tool and thinking of them any other way is delusional.
So while I call them "friends" there is not a moment when I DON'T want to strangle them.
Especially one of them..."

"I'm sure it's not that bad-"

"Oooooooh believe me it is!
It's gonna be eye-opening when you see them!
That much I can guarantee!"
He then begins twiddling his fork around while looking at Vados.
"So... when can we give them a call?"

"That depends my lord-"
Vados then turns to you, looking expectantly.
"After you're done cleaning up Eric... would you be interested in training?
I'm curious if you've managed to get accustomed to the Z-sword yet."

>Nah, I'm good. Go ahead and make the call
Imma head home now. I'll be back in roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour.
I'll wait until then because the thread is a bit slow.
Will begin writing then
Oh shoot, didn't realize there was a 4th post...
Okay Im back!
"Yeah, sure.
Just let me have my fill."

"You sure it's wise to train on a full stomach?"

"Better than training on an empty stomach I'd say."
With that said you shoveled the rest of your plate into your mouth and went back for seconds... and thirds... and a few more because by god are those delicious, not to toot your own horn or anything.
Once you're done you slam your hands on the table and head for the exit.
"A'ight Vados. Let's do this!"

As you get to the lake the blue angel recreates your training stage by conjuring a simple log on the surface of the water and gesturing for you to get on it.
Floating over the lake, you gently touch down on it and already see the thing bobbing up and down, making waves.
"Just perform the kata once without making any waves, correct?"


"And I'm done?"

"Also correct!"

"And what's stopping me from using Awakening to make it easier?"

"Your perfectionist nature!
If you use your transformation as an aide and manage to do it... then you'll never be able to use the technique in your base form.
Is that sufficient of an answer for you?"

"Yeap. Just checking."
Taking a deep breath you exhale and draw the Z-sword off your back.
Thinking back on it, the thing was practically on your person for the entire duration of the tournament and you've gotten quite used to its weight.
But getting used to it and managing it via telekinesis are two entirely different things.

It's not even the swords weight that's causing problems but the counter force.
During the swing the log always remains practically frozen in place but the second you stop the swing or gods forbid, change trajectory then the surface of the water begins to flutter as if you were slapping jello.
Perhaps your acclimation to the blade is enough to finally help you make a breakthrough or...

>Just do it normally
>Fuck it, transform and crush this exercise!
>Something else... (write-in)
>Just do it normally

No shortcuts.
>Just do it normally
>Just do it normally

Awakening should not be used as a crutch.
>Just do it normally

anyway, thread is cancelled.
Please roll 4d21 to see the result.
I might write it once I'm done in the workplace.
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 17 No crit
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 19 (1d21)

Rolled 17 (1d21)

Rolled 21 (1d21)

Okay... I'm a bit calmer now.
I'll try my best and write a scene for that nat21
Sorry for this but I'm not joking. I literally got called back because my cocksucking whore of a boss edited my schedule... and didn't edit it in the system AND forgot to tell me
Too bad no crits on this one.
I literally don't give a shit at this point.
That's a crit, no matter which way you slice it
Ouch. Sorry to hear that Nega-Som.
You close your eyes and try to focus.
Recalling the past events and how the various spirit warriors used their weapons, you find the inspiration you've been looking for.
While raising the blade to a high guard and assume the starting position of the exercise you turn your attention inward.


The swirling energies within, including ki, magic and psionics begin to stir as you bring them to the surface.
Each one makes its way through your body, invigorating your cells and even entering the sword through the handle.
The moment it gets both filled and surrounded with your life essence the thing ceases to feel like an object and more like a natural extension of your arm.
You start feeling every little bit of stimulus through the blade as if it were your own flesh and blood.
Its weight, the air surrounding it, to the various forces exerted upon it by the minute motions brought about by your body, like your pulse, become as integral to your being as the act of breathing.

In that profound moment you begin swinging your sword around, which now feels weightless as a feather.
With perfect spatial awareness which extends to every fiber of your being, you perform the motions without flaw all the while managing to compensate for each one perfectly.
The end result is a perfectly controlled motion which transfers zero energy to the tree log and thus, the water.

Fighting the urge to do a big flourish at the end, least it creates waves, you simply sheathe the weapon and turn around to look at your teacher as the magical moment fades and your senses return to normal.
"Well? How did I do?"

Vados lets go of her staff and begins clapping for you.
"Marvelous! Looks like your time walking around with it on Earth paid off!"

"Does this mean I cleared it?"

"Yes! Absolutely!
You should be able to use the technique now!"

What technique?"

She extends her hand to you.
"Give it here!"
Slightly reluctantly you hand over the Z-sword and watch as it turns into nothingness in her hand.
"There. It served its purpose now."
"Okay Eric... It's time.
Could you replicate that same sensation you felt while holding the sword?"

Raising your fists to hip level, you begin focusing intently on your center of mass.
The lack of the massive weight is actually throwing you off quite a bit at first, but once your body adjusts to its lack of a limiter it's actually easier to do and maintain.

Now tell me... Do you think you can keep it up?"

"N-No. This feels... not just hard but unnatural. Like when you are aware of your own breathing.
In fact it's taking quite a bit of effort to maintain it even now."

"Well that is to be expected.
But don't worry. You'll soon grow into it."

"What, you mean fighting like this? Bullshit!"

"Not fight-"
Vados then raises her free hand and forms a cup with it to amplify her voice.
"My lord~"

Suddenly Champa jumps from somewhere behind you with his hand raised high and delivers a karate chop to your shoulder.
The moment his hand as much as touches your body, you feel the weight of a literal planet pushing you down.
Sweat rolls up your forehead as your feet dig into the ground and form a rather alarming crater underneath.

The blow was fierce and quite frankly terrifying enough for you to snap out of your trance and turn around.
And just as you say that your knees buckle under your own weight and your legs give out.
You feel as if all the energy has been siphoned out of your body and you were forced to run a marathon afterwards.

The purple cat smugly starts rubbing his nose as he looks down on you.
"Not bad for a mortal! Not bad at all!"

"Indeed. But it seems merely blocking one hit from you was enough to completely drain him.
Still... he's unharmed otherwise."


"A defensive technique of near unparalleled efficacy, one that allows you to weather any storm as long as your stamina holds out.
The Reflex Guard."


"Remember the exercise? I taught you how to move without affecting the world around you.
To put it mildly, you could stand on a blade of grass while in that state and it wouldn't bend.
But... the real power of it comes from using the same principle to counter all outside forces with an equal, opposite force."
>Managed to survive a surprised attack from Champa

I mean, I doubt he put everything he had into it, but still, goddamn.
That was the same chop that bodied SSJ3 Goku btw
I blame that on SSJ3 just being an awful transformation.
I'd call it "rough around the edges"
Like the Stage 3 Super Saiyan, except even worse.
Clearly it's a very rough one and it got stuck in development hell because working on it is fucking hard outside Otherworld
File: Super_Saiyan_3_-_Ape.jpg (110 KB, 640x480)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Honestly I just subscribe to the popular fan theory as to why SSJ3 sucks cock.
It's theorized to just be SSJ2 with a forced/botched Great Ape transformation slapped on top (signified by the fact that pic related occurs during it's initial reveal and that it's significantly easier to maintain if the user has their tail intact)
I also blame it for killing our unborn child in Saiyan Conqueror Quest
Wait, can we train our stamina by having our friends hit us while we're in Reflex mode?
Hmmm that's an interesting theory. However, given the speech Goku gave the two boys on Kamis lookout about "digging deep" which certainly is an allegory for their Saiyan blood/heritage...
Actually I don't know where I was going with this. I wanted to prove how the idea is wrong but... I just ended up convincing myself

Still, given the almost eerie similarities between 3 and the Buff Saiyan Trunks and Caulifla used... yeah I'm not abandoning that.
It's obvious that Goku went really Waku Waku when he saw SSJ2 and he's been desperate at recreating the lightning in the bottle.
And given his experience he managed to mostly avoid the pitfalls of the power stressed form... at the cost of increasing its drain
Technically yes
But if it's stamine you're after you're better off trying elsewhere.
The technique is not only incredibly difficult to perform, meaning there's a very real chance of you botching it, but it's inefficient as a training tool.
The most you'll get out of repeated usage is getting better at performing the reflex guard.
Standard stamina training would yield greater improvements because it works several areas in conjunction, all of which improves your constitution
Okay yeah, that sounds like the obvious answer.
I suggest we start doing stamina training with the kids (they basically never run out gas so they'd be great partners)
I see the schedule going like this.
>4:30 AM: Escape embrace of monkey women, down a can of Monster
>4:45 AM: Push-ups and sprint full-speed across personal planet until sufficiently drained
>6:00 AM: Hot shower, hope Caulifla respects the intent of a locked door
>6:30 AM: Shit out culinary genius yet again
>7:30 AM: Vaporize dishes, go out and begin individual training
>10:00 AM: Sparring with whoever's available that day
>12:00 PM: Lunch Break
>1:00 PM: Resume Sparring, hope we don't break something
>2:30 PM: Cooldown exercises and Meditation/talking with Buu
>4:00 PM: Chill, see if anybody wants to do anything
>6:00 PM: Put 5-Star Restaurants to shame
>7:00 PM: Shots with Vados while tidying up
>8:30 PM: Put Lyn to bed
>9:30 PM: Pass out while watching movies with the girls
This is all made to be flexible, but covers pretty much all the day-to-day stuff.
File: saturdaymorningboomer.png (64 KB, 540x345)
64 KB
>no room for moving the lawn after the refreshing first sip of the day
>unbased and bluepilled
Yeah 8 hours and 45 minutes of non-consecutive training seems conducive to gains.
Oh and light training on Sundays, just stretches, image training, and meditation.
That way we can have at least one day out of the week where we can have a proper rest.
The running is how we mow bro, gains and landscaping can be one in the same.
We just sprint fast enough to shear the grass when we go through it.
That said, we need to have dad rock blaring until Lunch is over.
File: 15325.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
That has to be against some kind of law or policy.
Unfortunately it probably isn't and even then, it can just be played off as "Whoops, I forgot to tell you your plans for the weekend meant nothing"
What >>4000780

Basically the bitch forgot to INFORM me about the change OR update the system where I can check.
And even if it was against a law or policy... who the fuck is going to investigate it? The police? Investigating itself? yeah right
I could VERY easily see it being against a rule. If it's neither recorded in the system or told to the employee it would apply to, it's basically like asking someone who's off to come in - and thus subject to being rejected without penalty and not mandatory.

If they want you to work a certain timeframe with absolute certainty, they should make sure that it's in the system beforehand and that you're informed of it. Otherwise? They can get fucked.
Just make sure you keep hydrated and do a really half-assed job this shift.
And the best part is... I won't get jack fucking shit for it.
I gotta come back tomorrow night as well, meaning I go home from here, sleep 12 hours and come right the fuck back.
And I won't get compensated for it.

They HATE paying for overtime, instead opting to give you time off for it.
HOWEVER I am the second to last guy that they give breaks for. My senior is the only one that has it arguably worse than me.
So yeah. Railed in the ass and won't even get tree fiddy for my trouble.
I worked so much overtime last year (remember those days when I was in the nightshift back to back? yea) and got like... 2 days off tops
Actually my colleagues gave me a nifty advice, since apparently they got fucked over by this as well:
Drink the second you get home
It depends on a few things honestly.
>How long have you worked there?
>How much do your coworkers like you?
>How replaceable are you?
>How important is the guy fucking you over?
If you're some nobody who's been working a crap job for a few months, they usually just tell you to sit and spin or fire you if you make a big deal about it.
The place is actually desperate for people and I work quite well, but none o' dat matters jack.
The one that did it is pretty high ranking. I don't know if you guys use military ranks for police officers but we do, and she's a fucking colonel.
I think... not good with military names in english
Either way man, sounds like your fucked and I'm sorry to hear that. It's always retarded when other people schedule your shifts, because this shit always happens.
File: Armstrong-2.jpg (49 KB, 800x450)
49 KB
>fire you if you make a big deal about it
Sounds like something that could get all their asses in deep shit, at least in the land of Freedom. I can't speak for lesser countries, but here that shit is reportable with 100% certainty.
Of course, that doesn't stop many of the betas and pussies of the USA from not punishing them for it, but it's still definitely not something they're permitted to do.
Remember kids, shady work practices only happen with regularity because the people allow them to. When they're reported properly and regularly, then the cunts who break the rules are let go and workplaces are brought up to code. How long you've been working there and how important the people who break the rules are is irrelevant in the face of policy.
Sure, they'll probably be pissy and moan about it and might even give you shit about it. But then you just slap them with another report for giving you shit about it because retaliation is impermissible. True CHADS don't take shit from their employers, and make it a better place for everyone who follows the rules.
I appreciate it.
The only thing that's consoling me right now is the fact that my papers are being processed right now for my transfer.
It's gonna be real hard to keep a straight face in front of that bitch.

I've been having some reservations about fucking over my actual colleagues since they'll have a shortage once I'm gone.
But now I no longer give a shit
God I want to be a part of Freedomland so bad.
Even the brewing third world war is seeming like a huge plus right now
I'd definitely take some Heart of Darkness over this fucking bullshit
File: tenor.gif (1.85 MB, 640x480)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
>Sounds like something that could get all their asses in deep shit, at least in the land of Freedom.
Pic related.
And if most of us had the luxury of not being too broke to risk the job in the first place, reports would be flying left and right.
File: 0307_loc_old-glory.jpg (960 KB, 1920x1133)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
>Even the brewing third world war is seeming like a huge plus right now
I mean the conflict is ever gonna touch the glorious trash filled shores of this great country, so yeah feel free to come on over.
File: 01.jpg (148 KB, 637x643)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Pussy logic!
Firstly, when you're that low down the totem pole, you must be prepared to quit your job (or be let go) at any moment and have another one lined up.
Secondly, you must not fear financial ruin, because that would entitle you to a far greater payout if you pursue legal action once you can.
Thirdly, retaliation is ALWAYS against the law and VERY clear-cut. HR almost always knows this thoroughly and will prevent you from being let go while an investigation is ongoing.
Don't be a pussy! Report your shitty bosses and co-workers today! I believe in you!
I would if I had the money, you bastards aren't exactly know for affordable living conditions.
Or durable housing...
Though I don't wanna catch the plague... and I'm so white snow appears black on photos I'm in...
So that rules out a few places. Which state has relatively cool temperature and isn't infested X-chromosome supremacists?
Idaho looks pretty good right now. Low highs, high lows, pretty moderate temperatures. Low cost for most things.
Washington State is actually pretty decent so long as you stay out of King County (Seattle especially).
You can find decently affordable housing outside of massively populated areas just about anywhere in the states.
I just left Washington. It’s a shithole compared to Idaho.
It's 3:30
I've been awake and working close to 24 hours.
I don't feel hunger, nor tiredness. My body probably entered autophagy to keep me going
And Im coming back tonight
I feel the warp taking me,. This is hell
File: IMG_0403.jpg (44 KB, 540x405)
44 KB
May America take your miserable nation soon, brother...
I shall pray for you to Uncle Sam tonight.
Try anything north of Virgina for cool temps and lack of X infestation. Can't comment on the prices tho...
Sam raises his hand to look really condescendingly at his watch.
"It's been ten minutes. How deep is this?!"
He grumbled as way before he even got into the vehicle that brought him here, his phone has been shut off completely, so he had to endure the presence of the boomers without any distractions.

"Don't worry. We're close to the end.
Back in the cold war facilities like this one had to be built deep underground so that nothing they experimented on could get out should things get FUBAR.
Makes sense, considering the heinous things they cooked up in here."

"And you're telling me you could set up in one of these without anyone knowing?"

"Of course.
This place got decommissioned pretty early and promptly forgotten.
Turns out the dumb masses, like the cannery workers turned party leaders in the ol' Union feared loud explosions and blinding lights more than disease or any bio weapons...
Real shame. A well engineered plague could've wiped them out before they could even retaliate...
Then again, given how paranoid they were they probably would've answered with nukes even if they had no evidence to suggest it was us."

The long elevator ride finally ended as they reached the bottom of the shaft and the two stepped out to a brightly lit facility brimming with life.
"How do you get anything down here?"

"We have more than one elevators. Some reserved exclusively for materials."

Sam looked around as they reached a hallway with glass panes overlooking the research area.
He was shocked to see so many people moving around, working on god only knows what.
Even if he discounted the soldiers overseeing them, there were still hundreds.
"Wow... And you're telling me this is all without government support?"

"Son... if those idiots were involved either the location of this place would've been leaked or it would've blown up.
No... We are more of an independent organization representing the collective desire of several... influential groups."

"Are you saying you are involved with foreign powers?!"

"Not at all. Patriots only.
Wealthy businessmen who know what's good for the country AND the world.
And with enough money you can achieve anything!"

"I don't know still sounds like treason to me.
Or a coup..."

"That's because it is."
At the Generals word, the soldier behind them placed his hand on his rifle.

"And if I suddenly decided I'd blow you all you traitorous bastards to kingdom come?"

"Well I guess there is not much we could do about it!"
The general smiled.

But at the same time the grunt behind them aimed his gun at Sam.
"Do it faggot! Amuse me!"
Sam grinned and the guy pulled the trigger.
As nothing happened he looked at the barrel of his gun to see some sticky goop dripping out of it.
"Lube bullets!"

The general roared.
"Get your dumb ass out of here and stop embarrassing me!"
Well I guess we're gunna end up killing Sam for going along with this Ultra Nationalist bullshit. I know we should never have given that faggot powers.
File: anakin_2Bburnt-6714.jpg (318 KB, 816x816)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
A good friend.
To quote a good/okay character in a mediocre game: sometimes you give small people power and you’ll end up regretting it.
The general takes him down to the manufacturing level where he begins showcasing some of the things he's so proud of.
"Now... let us begin our little tour!"
He slaps an inconspicuous looking, black and yellow colored plate.
"Gotta admit one thing, even if it pains me. That Frost fellow was right."
Sam frowns at that.
"We've only recovered scraps from him. Things like his queer hover chair, or a communicator...
And even with that we've made several hundred years worth of breakthroughs. Metal alloys capable of surviving orbital entry without even getting warm to the touch, instantaneous communication over seemingly limitless range, body armor capable of shrugging off everything short of an artillery shell while still light as a shirt and stretches like rubber are but a few examples!"
He grabs something that looks like a modern assault rifle in shape but clearly much bulkier, with a rather large and rather ugly looking form clearly concealing some sort of advanced machinery.

"But you don't care about that. Here's something interesting!
We've been experimenting with so called "railguns" before but now we've managed to make personal mass accelerators like this beauty!"
He turns his head to the scientists and starts barking orders at them.
"Get us a target!"

Members of the staff bring over a several inch thick metal plate.
After carefully taking aim the man pulls the trigger once and the gun erupts with a torrent of sparks, its projectile pierces the metal like a wet paper tissue.
Sam just scoffs at this.

"What's wrong?
Not impressed?"

"You idiots got no idea what you're getting into."
By merely raising his hand he creates the remainder of the steel to erupt in an explosion, which not only engulfs it but also the many devices strewn all around the place, only sparing the people.
"Toting toys like they are weapons... Metal that can survive orbital entry? Railguns?
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... every one of the Saiyans could blow up the planet by FARTING! You morons will kill us all...
So I'm giving you the count to three... Either put that barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger or stop. Wasting. MY. TIME!"

The general gently puts down the rifle and gently pats Sam on the back.
"Very well. I'll show you what you want.
Please...This way!"
I wonder if Sam has even considered the fact that, even if he did kill Eric or pummel him into submission, he’d have three of the most powerful Saiyans ever in existence howling for his blood and THE best assassin ever also gunning for him?
Guys, pleeeease. Have some faith in your best friend.
These guys are showing him their best shit on a fuckin tour, which means he'll know exactly where and how to dismantle the entirety of this immoral organization with the snap of his fingers.
Ah fuck, they're gonna wheel out nanomachines, aren't they? And I can tell Sam's probably gonna go along with it just for the opportunity to scream "NANOMACHINES, SON!" at us at some point in the future.
So, will this eventually cross with Mass Effect?
These fucktards are starting to look like Cerberus more and more by the minute, and at least they had TIM.
They go through several hermetically sealed sections, each of which gets progressively more tightly secured and equally as bizarre until they reach a massive vault like structure clearly hiding Sams prize inside.
The thing has no lock or key mechanism on the outside, it can only be opened from inside by the security team.
After the general stares into the wall mounted camera, the gate opens and Sam is greeted to things he didn't even dare to imagine.

Dozens of them.

Walking up to one, he placed his hand on it and found himself at a loss for words while the soldiers trained all their guns at him.
"You... managed to copy the Saiyans pods so fast?"

"Sadly no.
These are rather shoddy contraptions we had to cobble together in a hurry. If you look close you can see the welding... maybe some exposed wiring as well.
Point is, be careful..."

"And this inside?
It's their healing juice, right?"

A new, third voice speaks up and a white lab coat bellows as its wearer jumps down a small set of stairs.
"It's a faux amniotic fluid we created.
Of course... it has to be a little erm... "special" considering the circumstances!"

"Samuel... allow me to introduce Dr. Geraldine Occam.
She's our lead researcher and world class geneticist."

"Pleasure to meet you Sam!
May I call you Sam? I'm gonna call you Sam!"
The lady standing in front of him shows obvious signs of her age, her skin has somewhat lost its elasticity, leading to wrinkles and her eyes have some bags under there.
However despite that she's kept herself in remarkably good condition... even with her obvious habit of chainsmoking.
And with her long, red hair tied into a ponytail? She was positively hot.

"You... sure it's okay to smoke in here?"

"Whaaaaat? Of course it is! All our tubes are hermetically sealed!
Don't worry!"

"She's a bit eccentric but you won't find a greater expert of the human genome than her.
We would be nowhere without her."

"Awwww! You do recognize my genius General! Thank you!
But... I sadly can't take the credit for this one. If it wasn't for the willingness of our subject I wouldn't have been able to do any of this!"


You don't know, do you?"
The old lady grabs Sams arm and begins guiding him.
"Come, come! I'll show you!"
Oh god it's BioFrost isn't it?

They probably either spliced Saiyan genes or Frost's genes with some human, I bet.
are they making a lesser Cell?

But since they’re not good at psychological conditioning in the iron womb, it will instead be educated via memes.
Practically showing his face into a microscope the lady began explaining things.
"Look. Look! Here they are! Aren't they cute?"


"Well beauty is a subjective thing. Anyway!
These are the cells we managed to recover from the "subject". Sadly not much was left of him buuuuut we did have a lot of wine glasses we could draw samples from!
And his cells are simply incredible! We put them through rigorous experiments and they proved quite resilient! Cut them in half and they just keep functioning as if nothing happened? Put them in a vacuum? Under extreme pressure? Near absolute zero? Nothing! Barely a reaction!
The only thing they were "weak" against was extreme heat. And we are talking thermite level here!"

"Yea but... how do cells cooperate?"

"That's the thing! We just don't know! What we do know is that they have more than just durability!
Any machine we tried to use on them... they interfaced with it perfectly! Hook them onto a scanner and they'll start sharing their genetic information on their own! Attach them to a lightbulb and they supply it with enough energy to outright BLOW IT UP! It's incredible!
I bet if we used these cells we could create automatons even!"


"Sorry... We learned a great deal about this incredibly tenacious and *chuckle* frankly terrifying life form! It's genetic code is incredibly densely packed and its body is built around redundancy! Like a weird... complex... tardigrade!
So we got the idea of-"

"Putting it in people..."

These 20 or so men and women are our latest batch of volunteers!"


"Oh yes. Before the amniotic fluid was perfected we had... troubles.
The cells would integrate but not do much. The fluid, containing a wide variety of acids, vitamins and minerals mostly found in shellfish and wine seems to be the perfect nutritional mix for them!
Once they got hooked up they started multiplying like CRAZY!
Suuuure... a few people died... many... people died and that's really sad...
Their immune systems turned on the foreign cells even if they were actively trying to integrate themselves into their new homes, resulting in... well... a mixture of HIV and Cancer.
We went through a lot of failed batches but we live and we learn! And.... we already have a few working specimen!
Would you like to meet them?"

Sam swallowed nervously.
"Y-You mean-"

"Yes! We already have hybrid soldiers! Amazing isn't it?
Now... how about a meet and greet?"

X-com niggers get off of my planet.
Jokes on them, we already fused with the epitome of functionally immortal lifeforms.
That said, OH NO OH NO OH NO
Vigilo Confido biatch

Also, this is it for now.
I 'unno. I'm rotting in the workplace again.
Depending on how many braincells I got left by the end I might continue in a few hours.
maybe with something a bit more lighthearted... or continue this
Oh god what the hell
This is like some kind of weird love child between XCOM and ADVENT or EXALT.
Did somebody just set themselves up to trigger the Tuffle PTSD?
Hm, so they've got some hybrid soldiers? Interesting. Doubt they'd give us much trouble, considering we killed the original ages ago and are much stronger now, but mass-produce an army of them and then we might get something interesting. Of course, the Frost genetics are probably pretty useless for anything other then exceptional resilience, unless they can get someone to teach them how to use Ki.
Better than fucking NERV.
Use ki?
Nibba Frieza had a power level of well over 1.000.000 from day ONE
They could have access to other genes too, couldn't they?

If we follow the logic of how Human/Saiyan hybrids work out, these Frost Demon/Human hybrids might be able to access Ki abilities faster than regular Frost Demons. But at the cost of probably much lower resilience and some other traits.

If Frost was a mutant akin to Frieza, then they may have a leg up on regular humans by a significant margin when it comes to instinctual Ki use. But at much less efficacy than Frieza did since Frost was weaker than his U6 counterpart after Frieza got swole. Though Frost probably got some training on the job in since he personally played a big part in his schemes.
File: 301px-Baby_cell.jpg (8 KB, 301x169)
8 KB
They probably passed over all the Saiyan genetic material that got left around during the tournament in favor of focusing on Frost's.
That said, if they gain knowledge of the Super Saiyan transformation, I can see them fast-tracking the second generation of hybrid soldiers.
Oh fuck what if they get samples from Kefla?
I can also see them incorporating Namekian cells.
Hopefully Sam will at least have the good sense to tell us about these guys.
There could be some Majiin in there from Eric's altered DNA.
Yeah, but while the physical abilities are nice, if you've got literally no knowledge of how to even do something like fly or shoot a basic Ki blast, and no one to teach you, then they're still relatively limited in what they can do. Even Frieza probably had King Cold to teach him all the basic shit you need to know.
Why do you think they reached out to Sam?

Saiyans would blow the whistle and demolish the site with more zeal than they’d devour a Christmas Ham. Any other xeno is too untrustworthy in their eyes and might exploit them.
Well they at least know to try to actually shoot lasers and channel this nebulous energy after the tournament.
The biggest barrier for the general population was the fact that ki manipulation was generally thought to be impossible.
Once they actually saw people doing it though, they started learning.
Even a band of autists on 4chan managed to brute force ki manipulation over the course of a few years.
By that metric, I'm gonna say that this shadow organization has at least an inkling as to how to go about training their ki control.
I do have to wonder though, what do they expect to accomplish by having strong ground troops and piss-all for interstellar travel?

If they really want to throw their weight around but are grounded, then all they'd accomplish is getting Earth labeled as a bunch of brutes and making things worse interstellar wise. Even if they play it cool for a few generations while their space program goes interstellar, they'll immediately be overwhelmed by the Saiyans if they try any fancy shit or get sanctioned by galactic society as a whole.

These guys really are playing with fire here.
Who says they aren't working on that?
Frost's people can survive in space can't they?
That could be their plan, just use regular soldiers to travel across the stars.
>what do they expect to accomplish by having strong ground troops and piss-all for interstellar travel?
We just saw them working on space-faring materials, it's safe to assume they also managed to reverse engineer most of the other shit from Frost's ship.
That said, the soldiers have Frost Demon DNA, So they might actually be able to just travel through space unassisted.

Well they did mention all the materials advances. And the industry can go at pretty good speeds if unfettered by regulation and bureaucracy.

Come to think of it, Frost basically wanted to turn Earth into a Forgeworld for bootleg Space Amazon products do that he could manufacture arms and materiel for a new army. That probably included setting up or at the very least planning infrastructure for such things. Frost might have already illegally smuggled some transport ship blueprints or intact vessels that are considered rusty junkers by interstellar society as a whole but would provide invaluable insight into the fundamentals of constructing FTL ships.

If they can fix the problem of not having viable FTL travel, then all they’d need are fast and reasonably safe transports for their genetic soldiers to deploy close enough to their target. Not unlike how the PTO operates in the few scenes we see in the Bardock movie and other various DBZ media.
With how these shadowy groups operate, I can't wait for several small towns to "disappear" after warp drive testing.
...didn’t we let the heroes from Other World basically broadcast the basics of channeling ki on live television?
Yeah pretty much. It's not some big secret anymore
what are the chances that sam is doing something like what we did with the tuffles? the spying i mean not impregnating a planet
Question for anons.

Since Eric is able to absorb his own Kamehameha through his own technique for a power boost, what are the chances that we can develop a defensive technique that functions the same way with all beams fired at him?
I dunno, seems like there'd be some limit to absorbing the power from others.
Our own energy is, well, ours. Trying to absorb an energy beam that's sent out to hurt you seems like it wouldn't work out so well.
Fucking with someone elses Ki seems to be exceedingly rare.
The only example I can think of is when Broly, with sheer force, managed to reverse the polarity of Gokus technique or some shit, turning his own attack against him
That's it
can we summon a giant buu head to eat an attack and either absorb it?
Not presently
I'm pretty sure he just busted out using overwhelming force and move-sponged Goku's technique on the fly and used It against him. No amount of raw power should let you make someone else's ki your ki or some bullshit like that.

I think the only way I can think of to do that Is to keep the beam In some volatile state wrapped up In our own barrier, then throw/portal the whole thing back and detonate the whole thing In a massive fuckoff explosion.

That said It shouldn't be completely impossible I just don't know how. Gero figured out how to make machines that ate ki and shoved them In his own android and 19. Maybe If we got a look at machines like that we could figure out the theory? Still, I think those machines fed ki to some kind of ki-engine rather than It really being his own energy mixing with It, but still.
>I'm pretty sure he just busted out using overwhelming force and move-sponged Goku's technique on the fly and used It against him. No amount of raw power should let you make someone else's ki your ki or some bullshit like that.
Yeah the closest thing we've got is the spirit bomb.
And that shit takes time to charge up and it has to be voluntary.
>Maybe If we got a look at machines like that we could figure out the theory?

I doubt WE could, we’re not some genius scientist. We do have a genius daughter that’s the paragon of a race that specializes in technology though that could probably figure that shit out easy. Also, I’d assume it’s like you said, and it’s more that the machines absorb the Ki and then store it somewhere. We know they don’t generate Ki themselves naturally, so it’s reasonable to assume they’ve got some sort of engine that generates the Ki for their attacks and it just feeds the Ki they absorb into that.
You make a persuasive argument. Eric SHOULD nut up and go on a high speed learning program taught by the tuffles.
I’m positive he could learn far quicker than even the most genius of humans thanks to his psychic mastery.
He’s a disgrace of a father if he can’t build a simple quantum wifi router.
if we get the tech to work we maybe able to get bruce and the other ghosts a computer or two so they can shit post on the earth internet if we can get king kai to allow it
I'm pretty sure Jeanne would lose all hope in humanity if she was allowed on to the internet for any length of time. Our ancestor would probably browse around, horrified, before eventually ending up on /k/ or somewhere equally to his sensibilities, I've got no clue what Bruce would get up to, maybe streaming his movies in HD or something, and Pier....I've got nothing. Try and buy Sealand maybe?
bruce might video chat some folks actually did he get to meet up/talk to anyone who knew him while he was alive or his family while he was earthside?
I can see Bruce sneaking a smart phone back with him and somehow managing to get reception, leading to the greatest live stream on Earth.
Imagine the donation messages.
I'm back from torpor.
Currently I got a double night shift so no session for two more days.
If the thread lasts until Saturday I'll host here, otherwise I'll make a new one.
And if I have the time tonight or tomorrow night, I'll write some side stories

I'm pretty sure I included a line where he got to meet up with his family... perhaps I forgot to add it.
Regardless, I wanted to. So treat it as such
File: MvBm0o.jpg (49 KB, 1680x1050)
49 KB
"Thanks again for letting us do this Dende!"
Yamcha grinned with a goofy smile on his face.

"Don't thank me. Thank the Elder Kai for helping me out."
The young namekian responded much to the confusion of the earthlings.
"Normally the Pendulum Room can't take you back to a time or place outside our own universe.
But the Kai thought it's a good idea to get you guys up to snuff, so he lent me some help. However, he also made me swear to stick around so, and I quote: "Those idiots don't get themselves killed"."

"Don't be like that Dende! We've been inside before and even died a couple of times.
So we're pretty much used to it!"

"Y-You did WHAT?! Do you realize that even if you don't get physically injured the mental trauma could've had lasting effects, RIGHT?
Mr Popo?!"

Indeed I let them in when the Saiyans attacked Earth way back when."

Tien nodded.
"It was quite a harrowing experience.
We got sent to planet Vegeta and had to fight two bloodthirsty Saiyans.
And despite not being near the same level as Vegeta they just slaughtered us over and over again...
Come to think of it, how were we supposed to beat Vegeta or even Nappa by fighting foes vastly inferior to them?!"

Mr Popo hummed.
"Hmmm.... When did I say I was preparing you all to fight?"


The black genie looked at them for a moment, unblinking, uncaring...
And then left.

"W-What did he mean by that?"

"Best... not to think about it!"
Dende replied and they all swallowed nervously.
File: DBTimeChamber2.png (484 KB, 1024x768)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
"A-anyway, let's get going!"
Dende ordered them and they started moving towards the room once more.

Along the way one of the shorter members of the gang spoke up nervously.
"Thanks again for inviting me guys but this is not what I was expecting when you said you wanted to get back together!"

"Hmmm? What do you mean Krillin?"

"You know what I mean Yamcha!
Like... normal people stuff! Cracking open a cold one with the boys, talking about recent stuff that happened to us!
Anything OTHER than nightmarish training! What's up with that anyway?
Since when did you care about being buff?"

"Yamcha's been pretty restless about training lately..."
Tien replied.
"He's been at it day-in and day-out."

"That's rich for you to say!"

"The difference is that I never stopped to begin with..."

"What's up with the New Crane School anyway?"

"I left Chiaotzu to deal with them.
Honestly, it's not going too smoothly. I expected at least SOME people with actual talent to show up.
Aside Yurin I got nothing and she doesn't count because she knew the advanced stuff to begin with.
So I'm stuck trying to explain and teach the use of ki to a bunch of normal people, most of whom just give up and move on once they realize they aren't going to get any instant gratification...
How about you?"

"Sheesh, sounds like you got your hands full.
Me? I'm well... you know, doing normal stuff. Being a cop rules. Not only do I get to help people but playing by the rules of society is actually quite refreshing.
Of course it has its ups and downs but... I'm gonna keep going. I got a family to support!"

Tien nods.
"That's a noble goal indeed.
And the others can say whatever they want, now you're even more of a hero than you were.
A hero for the everyman. Meanwhile Mr Baseball star over here keeps complaining about being rich and famous..."

"Speaking of which-
Yamcha, is it true you've been skipping your games lately?"

"Hehe... I admit, I've been playing hooky lately!
It's getting kinda hard to explain why my bones keep breaking!"

What's gotten into you?"

"He's been making more progress than even I have.
But like the idiot he is, he keeps breaking his body during practice.
In fact, this whole group training thing was his idea."

"What's wrong with me wanting to get back into relevance?!
Come on guys! Show some enthusiasm! We are bringing the Dragon Team back!"

"Well at least you're pumped!"
The bald midget chuckled.
Taking a brief break
Why limit yourself to only a Brief break? Bulma's good, sure...but she's got nothing on 18.
Pray tell, whomst hath been the uncouth nigger that doth suggesteth I referred to Bulma?
Ah yes, I forgot about the nearly nonexistent sister
I know...
How ridiculous that is?
What's with Toriyama and siblings?
Tarble? Irrelevant
Tights? Non-existent
Raditz? Fucking dead
Goten? half of a Gag character

Did he have a brother that bullied him?
>Did he have a brother that bullied him?
No that'd be Araki. Toriyama just decides to make side-characters related to the main cast for no reason.
I mean that would be a good thing under normal circumstances.
It can give depth to the character in question but it could also introduce a new and relevant figure in the story.

Dropping a BOMB like "Oh by the way, the protagonist you've been following all this time... yeah he has a brother. And he's an alien.
Aaaaand now he's fucking DEAD never to return in a series FILLED with resurrections" is not okay.
Switch Nappa and Raditz' role in the story and things become so much cooler, honestly.
Switch Raditz and Vegeta after that and it also gets cooler imho.
Nah, El Hermano de Goku shouldn't be that strong.
You miss out on all the super elite stuff.
Though maybe have Raditz survive where Nappa fucking died.
Eh... Geets is by FAR the best character (development wise) in the entirety of DB
Raditz being second fiddle to him would be fine, just make Vegeta ditch his ass when he runs away from Earth and BAM you already got a perfectly good setup
Raditz is now stuck on Earth completely at the mercy of the gang so he has to reform like Piccolo did
Random thought:
Cabba+Eric potara fusion name: Ekya
Borrowing a bit from the confusing ass naming of Vegetto, I used Cabbas japanese pronounciation Kyabe
>just make Vegeta ditch his ass when he runs away from Earth and BAM you already got a perfectly good setup
Yeah fair enough, but that'd take effort, and you know how Toriyama hates that.
Also don't forget he was originally gonna kill off Vegeta too until fans vehemently told him not to.
>Raditz is now stuck on Earth completely at the mercy of the gang so he has to reform like Piccolo did
I'd probably have it be more gradual seeing as it might be looked at as a rehash of Piccolo's arc.
I'm still a fan of Erba
After a while Dende is finally done setting up the "training" of the human type earthlings.
"Okay... Here are the rules.
The fight starts the moment any of you step in the ring.
If you leave the ring, the fight resets and you start the fight over.
He shouldn't kill you on purpose. That means if you feel fatigued or in pain you have to come out manually, I'll stay here and patch you up. DON'T try to play tough guys and stay in there for too long or you'll risk permanent brain damage! Got it?"

"Yes Dende. Thank you!"
The trio then enters via a portal and they get transported through time and space and enter what could best be described as an illusion.
They arrive in an exact replica of the arena where the Tournament of Destroyers was held and in the middle of it was their opponent.

"So... this is the guy, huh?"
Yamcha mused.
"Funny. He's smaller than I thought. I mean he's tall and all but look at his arm!
He's so skinny!"

Krillin snapped at him.


"Please take this seriously! This guy took down me, he beat Piccolo and he made a joke of Gohan!
You haven't been there! You haven't seen it! The guy is totally insane!"

So you mean this guy is a monster?"

"Oh no Tien. He's a really cool guy.
He's just a monster on the battlefield.
I suggest we switch things up and for once we DON'T go in one on one.
Because if this image of him doesn't hold back then I don't wanna be stuck there alone!"

"Come oooon Krillster!
How bad can it be?"




"It's infuriating! We couldn't even make him transform once!
AND SOMEHOW he manages to body all of us at once!"

"I bet this is Dendes fault!
If the fight didn't reset every time we could've-"

"Erm... Yamcha? The guy specializes in fighting efficiently and biding his time until he can find the perfect opportunity to hit you where it hurts.
I don't think the reset is doing much...."

While those two were having a discussion Tien continued his nervous breakdown.
"I don't get it! I've been practicing all this time yet I can barely move while in that state!
Yet here he is! Jumping and flipping around without as much as breaking a sweat! HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO IT?!"

"Jeez dude, no need to shout like that!
Look, we still got time, we haven't died yet... we'll figure it out! Baby steps!"

"Baby steps? Baby... steps...
Baby steps!"

"Uh yeah? You know... like the proverb?"

"No! That's it! I figured it out!"
File: Z (23).png (551 KB, 640x480)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
>"I don't get it! I've been practicing all this time yet I can barely move while in that state!"
"Krillin! What did you say, was he a martial artist before working for Champa?"

In fact, he said he just delivered pizza.
He never even worked out before."

"So that's it! It's so clear now!
We've been doing it wrong! All this time we were trying to rein in our ki!
While he never had that issue because he was training like that from day one!
We got no choice but to dismantle and rebuild from the ground up!"

At that moment Tien simply let go of his energy and it started to plummet down to the same level as a normal humans.
Technically it's still a fair bit higher but nothing compared to when he's actually applying himself.
Then... it disappeared.

"Dude! You did it!
How do you feel?"

"Much better!
Lot easier to keep it up.
Come on Yamcha! Let's try this one more time!"

After performing the same ritual, the two of them charged in the arena with renewed vigor.

To say that they've been outmatched is an understatement, since both of them had to rely exclusively on raw martial arts with no energy usage what so ever.
And yet it was working out much better than before. They slowly gained confidence in their own ability and got comfortable using it.
But even so... they were being beaten, hard.

Tien decided on a desperate move.
He threw off his jacket and ripped off his shirt, exposing his naked upper body.
Engaging Erics temporal clone in a fistfight he waited during the clash of their rush. And waited and waited and waited...
Until the opportunity presented itself.

The clone used its limited time-skip to do its usual move of striking Tien in the back, which is exactly what the triclops has been waiting for.
A pair of arms sprout from his soulders and started pointing backwards.
He threw caution to the wind and in a desperate move raised his ki. Just barely he managed to keep the technique from failing as he fired off his two attacks.

A pair of beams shot out from his new limbs and they pierced the right shoulder and the left thigh of the clone.
Seeing this Yamcha took his chance and joined in.

Shooting out his new and enhanced attack Yamcha slammed the clone into a wall.
The duo pat each other on the back while panting and as their focus broke.
Just at that moment a sharp, purple glow pierced the cloud of dust and from it, a shadowy figure jumped out, taking both of them out in one swift motion.
They woke up moments later not knowing what the hell happened.

"Congratulations. You died."
Dende answered them and the two began to laugh.
"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing Dende! But so much for that!"

"Yeah... After all that we managed to make him transform...
And we couldn't even see it! Hahahahaha!"

File: Spoiler Image (14 KB, 250x309)
14 KB
>”...did you just-? That’s it, pay up.”
I'm not gonna lie, ever since the tournament of destroyers I wanted the boys to come back, and they are! Bit by bit, they're coming back! After all this time, they're going to get to have their time in the sun.

More, Nega-Som. I want to see more of their improvement. I want to see It all really *click* for them. This Is the first step, I want to see them when they really get it. I want to see them surpass gohan by finally mastering the crucial key they've been missing so long and have their development skyrocket when they do so.

You know, It might be nice for us to pay a visit to U7 sometime we aren't too busy. Once they get themselves In gear a bit of move-trading would be beneficial on both sides. We could show tien how to use his psychic potential properly, and can you imagine a wolf fang fist with our Kamehameha tech? We could learn a thing or three from Tien, multi-form, witches technique, ||volleyball|| tri-beam. Wolf fang fist could probably be converted to a new Null Fist variant. Can you imagine Krillin with access to magic? I'm not sure what he has to trade outside of the destructo disk, but hey, we tend to improve on whatever we pick up rather than just using it as is so I'm sure we could make something cash out of that.

Fuck I'm rambling. I just can't wait to see where this goes.
Well that's disturbing.
Fuck, it's good to have the earthlings back in action

Only minor thing is that little green wouldn't really be scared of popo, for some unknown reason popo seems to really like the namekian guardians and gets sad without them around, and little green just doesn't care.

But even though they're treated as basically equals popo is still a bad roommate who asks you to leave whenever he wants to get busy with his ladyfriend and steals your cush
I'm deliberately trying to avoid going full TFS.
So I'm doing a mix of both that and canon.
Hell the meme has gotten so real that even the anime acknowledged its existence.

Remember when during the Zamasu kerfuffle Vegeta broke the Time Chamber?
And the camera zoomed on Popos eyes as he said "You are banned from using the chamber"?

So Popo is not a full psycho and Little Green is not that much of a smug asshole
File: EN3VDAUW4AAuRNq.jpg (345 KB, 1913x2048)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
A humble offering for your spookiness m'lord.
By the way, did we ever assign Sam a character portrait? At some point I just started picturing him like pic related.
Well, he was supposedly a law school graduate, so...probably a cross between a NEET and an Ace Attorney character.
Man. While I'm a big fan of our saiyan waifus, I still think it's a shame there's nothing like 18 here for us.

Japan is actually aware of that?
File: 111824.jpg (41 KB, 225x350)
41 KB
Honestly, I can't help but imagine him as this dude.
Mostly because his appearance is relatively close to a dbz character of my own, from a tabletop game, who also was called Sam...and wielded magic...and had a fairly similar personality...
I have no proof of that...
I can tolerate Sharpner if it means having Erasa.
Just a quick reminder that I'll be running tomorrow
Here it is

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