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Welcome back to Kamen Rider Chronicles! You play as Reiko Yukihara, Genius Pro Gamer, bearer of the Gamer Driver and Bugster. You defend the streets of Seito City and are slowly working to bring Bugster and Humans together in order to finally put an end to Chronicle once and for all.

In the last episode, we spent some time wandering around in a dream and teamed up with another Rider who allied himself with the spirits of historical figures! Once we woke up from our coma, we are challenged by Graphite to prove our worth before he would choose whether or not he'd join our cause.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=NovaQM
Twitter (Where I try and post when I'm free to run this quest, hold polls about player opinions, and generally just wish people a good day. Probably more important now that I have a part time job and can announce when I can run.): https://twitter.com/nova_qm
You stand amidst the crackling flames, panting. You weren’t expecting to be ambushed like that and you weren’t sure if you were completely safe at the moment. Chidding yourself for not anticipating something like this occurring, you quickly back away into the darkness. You keep your eyes on the illuminated area just incase Graphite decided to leap back out but once the flames started to die down a little and the clearing grew smaller you turn around and begin sneak along the forest. You try and make as little noise as possible while doing so in order to be harder to track.

For a while you also tried to hide your tracks as you did so but eventually you gave up when you realized that you didn’t know who to do so and because it was only slowing you down even more. You couldn’t return back to the dragon skull, even after fighting over it, because it would be too obvious. Instead you focus on finding somewhere else to hide and get some rest. Eventually you find yourself wandering towards the waterfall area. It was relatively close to spawn and that notion brought some level of comfort to you. Maybe it was the idea of having some landmarks from keeping your from losing your way.

The full moon glints off the flowing river as you approach. The water rushes loudly as it approaches the edge of the cliff and flows over, making it hard to hear your footsteps. The tree line is also somewhat thinner here due to the various rocks making it hard for them to plant their roots. Your search leads you to a large fallen tree. As you poke around, you see that it is hollow and you climb inside. Finally having some modicum of shelter, you feel the exhaustion wash over you and you fall from your kneeling position onto your side. You don’t even try to fight off the sleep as you feel your world go dark and you slip off into a dreamless rest.

>You found some shelter. Due to you searching for plants and your minor scuffle with Graphite Reiko did not a full night’s rest and regains 1 health.
>Reiko’s HP 10/15
>What is the plan for the next day?
>Search out Graphite. If he keeps this up, he’ll whittle you down. He may have the warrior machismo going on but he doesn’t fight stupid.
>Try and set up a trap of some kind. If Graphite wants to be sneaky, then so can you. You might not be able to match him in a straight up fight but you have your wits to even things up.
>Try and rest some more. You’re still missing some health but staying in one place for too long might not be the best idea.
>Explore. You’re going to have to fight Graphite. That’s the whole point of all this but you’d rather it be in an area of your choosing.

1d20 rolls for all choices please. Also apologies for the abrubt end to the last thread. This new part time thing took alot out of me so I'm figuring out sleep schedules, pacing and all that. Thanks for your patience.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Explore. You’re going to have to fight Graphite. That’s the whole point of all this but you’d rather it be in an area of your choosing.
When you wake up the sun is high in the sky. Beams of light stream through the cracks in the hollowed out tree. You crawl out and stretch a bit with a wince. You didn’t get much rest that night but at the very least you seem to be alone again. Looking around, you decide to explore a bit more. It would be best if you knew the terrain and landscape before you chose your battle ground. You make your way towards the edge of the waterfall. The rocks and gravel crunch under your feet as you make your way over the wet stone.

Careful to avoid loose stone and not fall into the rapids you climb one of the larger boulders that have come to a stop in the river. You peer out into the distance into the sea of green looking for points of interest. From your wider vantage point, you notice that the jungle itself is the center point of various biomes. To the west of the jungle the trees thin out and fade into a large plains. Even from this distance you can see the small dots of wild animals roaming around. Going there meant you’d be easily spotted but the reverse applied as well. Anyone trying to sneak up on you would be seen just as easily.

To the north you can just make out the ocean. While the trees make it hard to see what that biome would be like, you can assume that it’d be sand and rocky. Footing there would be uneaven and treacherous but the presence of water would dampen the power of flames. All you had to do was be careful not to fall into the ocean or onto sharp rocks.

To the east, you can see the jungle abruptly become a wasteland. The earth is grey and black, charred and ashen. There seems to be no plant life there but you can see large white structures here and there. You assume they must be bones much like the large dragon skeleton. If anything screamed dragon’s lair it would be that.

You can’t see behind you for obvious reasons but the way the land seemed to slope up when you headed towards the skeleton, you assume it would be either a hills or mountainous biome. There maneuverability would be king. Your grappling hook would allow you to climb faster and more easily than most people. Assuming Graphite couldn’t fly that would be your biggest advantage there.

You slowly make your way back to your tree trunk and ponder your next move.

>Where do you want to go to?
>The plains.
>The Wastes.
>The beach.
>The mountains.
>Stay here and plan something out. (Write what you want to do here. Make traps, search out Graphite, try and craft something to assist you [specify what])
>The beach.
>The beach
We're going to the beach. Writing.
You stare at the glittering edge of the horizon that was the ocean for a while. It had been ages since you went to the beach. Last time you had gone, you were still in high school and you remember that mom and dad almost caught a cold after falling into the water. You had all gone just to get away from the business of life and to enjoy some time away from home. A small pang sadness pulls at your heart at that thought.

They really weren’t your parents. They were Reiko’s. You never grew up with them, you just had memories that you did. But even knowing that, deep down you really loved them as your own family. The memories you had of them felt as real as the ones you had of growing up with Parado and the others. That made it all the more difficult when you considered the fact that they didn’t know the girl they visited on Halloween was the one that killed their daughter. You weren’t sure if you could bring yourself to tell them the truth but you also knew you probably couldn’t lie to them about it and continue to pretend you were their daughter.

You swallow a bit and push those thoughts away. That was something you would have to deal with after all of this. Once the city was safe, you could think about broaching that subject. Maybe Emu and Parado could help you. They were your family, though Emu hasn’t been told you wanted to adopt him into your bizzare concept of a family, and you’d would love their support.

You make up your mind and begin to head towards that horizon. Maybe the calming sounds of the ocean would put your mind at ease. At the very least, you’d be out of the jungle and less likely to be ambushed. Jumping off your rock, you slowly begin to maneuver around the cliff side trying to find a suitable slope downwards. After about an hour, you give up as the cliff doesn’t seem to show any signs of sloping so you put your equipment to good use. You draw and spin your grappling hook for a bit before throwing it into the branches of a tree. The clawed end catches on something and after a few experimental tugs and some snapped branches, the claw hooks on tightly and refuses to budge. You steel your nerves before you leap off the edge of the cliff and fall.

Unfortunately you forget to give the rope some slack and you find yourself flying towards the cliff face. You slam into the rock and stay there hanging and dazed for a few moments. You consider yourself lucky that you managed to hold on to the rope and that you had it attached to your toolbelt. Shaking your head clear you kick off from the cliff and give some more slack out so you could decend, repeating the process until you ran out of rope. Once this occurred you climbed onto a small ledge, despawned your grapple hook and respawaned it to latch it onto some outcropping rock or wedged in between the cracks of the cliff.
The entire process takes you all day and by the time you reach the bottom, you’re panting and sweating as the last of daylight vanishes. You press onward into the darkness of the forest and swap on your night vision again, wary of the possible attacks to come.

>Roll me 1d20+4 for perception
Rolled 16 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Rolled 8 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Guys. I think Reiko is learning to use her perception beyond reading people. Writing.
The sound of snapping alerts you immediately to danger and you see a tree tipping over in your direction. You throw yourself to the side and avoid it as it crashes into the ground sending dirt and splinters everywhere. You were about scoff at how obvious that ambush was but your thoughts are cut short when you see a bright light flying towards your downed form. With all your might you pick yourself up and vault over the fallen tree to use it as cover. The flaming slash collides with the trunk and explodes, sending you flying and singeing your clothing. Flaming bark and wood is flung everywhere starting fires around you. Through the sound of crackling flame you hear the crunch of boots making their way towards you.

Graphite slowly steps through the flames and dashes towards you, glaive raised and ready to strike! You spin and flip on your back, rai
sing your feet and planting them on the glaive’s handle, stopping the attack midway. You kick to the side, knocking the weapon out of your opponent’s hands and giving you the momentum to roll to the side and back on your feet. You draw your arm blades and ready them, anticipating another attack.

Graphite ignores his fallen weapon and rushes you throwing a kick to your side that you manage to sidestep. His leg collides with a nearby tree and you hear something break followed by the sounds of branches snapping and the whole trunk falling over. You step forward and swing your blades down but he smacks them aside and he kicks you right in the chest, sending you flying backwards. You manage to land on your feet and roll with the blow, trying to prepare yourself for Graphite’s next move.

HP: 10/15
>What should Reiko do next?
>Try and go toe to toe with Graphite. It’s obvious he’s going to keep attacking you at night when you can barely see. You should end this once and for all.
>Try and grab the fallen glaive. Use Graphite’s own weapon against him. Maybe you can run off with it? (Choose if you want to stay and fight or run with it.)
>Run. Graphite’s flaming attacks makes him deadly in the middle of a dense jungle. If he keeps them up, the resulting forest fire will make it even harder for you to survive.

1d20+4 for these choices.
Rolled 6 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try and go toe to toe with Graphite. It’s obvious he’s going to keep attacking you at night when you can barely see. You should end this once and for all.
Rolled 3 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try and go toe to toe with Graphite. It’s obvious he’s going to keep attacking you at night when you can barely see. You should end this once and for all.
Not the best rolls. Game will be back this friday.
Rolled 19 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try and grab the fallen glaive. Use Graphite’s own weapon against him. Maybe you can run off with it? Run to the beach if we aren't there yet.
Nice roll! At the moment votes leaning towards 1v1 but still open for others to vote. Work sucks btw.
1v1 Graphite. Writing. Peronsally I liked the beat him with his own weapon choice but if I remember correctly, it's rarely ended well for us.
File: ezgif-3-d399f0434802.gif (2.48 MB, 500x250)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF
You get to your feet, panting. Flames crackle all around you, igniting nearby trees and other foliage. You retract your blades and clench your fists. With a loud scream you run towards Graphite fists raised. Graphite responds in kind and rushes at you. You swing your fist only to have it blocked but you follow up by smashing your knee into Graphite’s ribs! You quickly follow up by slamming your palm into his jaw, sending him stumbling back. Graphite counter attacks by breathing a stream of fire at you!

You throw yourself to one side, your ruined coat flapping in the wind as the air expands from the sudden heat. The heat intensifies as the surrounding woods burst into flame but you push it out of your mind as you scramble forward and towards your opponent. You leap into the and aim your foot for a kick striking him right in the neck! Graphite grunts and grabs your leg, slamming you into the ground, but you immediately kip up and shoulder check him. Your shoulder tackle lifts him off the ground giving you enough time to extend a blade and slash him out of the air.

Graphite corkscrews and twists in the air, landing back on his feet. He rolls to one side and grabs his fallen weapon. Twirling it, he sends two flaming slashes in your direction but you manage to leap over them and they explode a few feet behind you. Your roundhouse kick misses by inches and your opponent follows up by trying to cut you in two from the waist. You throw yourself backwards, onto the ground avoiding the attack as the glaive flies over you. Immediately you start rolling to one side as Graphite begins to stab downwards at you. He misses once, twice, before you twist and raise your legs as you spin. The first leg kicking the glaive aside and the second following up with a kick to the torso.

Using the momentum you get to you feet. The heat surrounding you is unbearable as the entire clearing is set ablaze. Flames crackle and roar as they consume everything around you but your eyes are only on Graphite as the two of you slowly begin to pace each other in a circle. The crackling grows louder before you hear a sudden snap and a large tree gives out. It falls in your direction, threatening to land right on top of you!

>Reiko’s HP 10/15
>How do you dodge?!
>Roll out of the way. It’s the easiest thing to do.
>Draw your blades and try to slice the tree down. You can use this to try and close the gap between you and Graphite.
>Use your grappling hook and try to pull Graphite under the tree. It could cause a lot of damage. Or it can just make him angrier.
>You can...kick the tree at Graphite? You’re pretty strong in this form and Graphite wouldn’t expect you to try this out.

1d20+4 for any option.

Also, do you want to stick around and continue the fight as the jungle burns around you or do you use this opportunity to try and retreat?
Rolled 5 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Use your grappling hook and try to pull Graphite under the tree. It could cause a lot of damage. Or it can just make him angrier.

Rolled 8, 18 = 26 (2d20)

We're pulling a scorpion and then running away! I'll do the next two rolls otherwise we'll be waiting all day I think.
Woo! nat18 for a 22 total. Thanks Justice.
File: 20190829fire.jpg (387 KB, 937x528)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
As the flaming tree falls, you quickly unhook your grapple from your belt and fling it towards Graphite. He tries to slap the claw aside only to have it wrap around his forearm. In his confusion you throw yourself backward and use your weight to pull him towards you and right under the tree. He roars in anger and tries to breath fire before the tree crashes on top of him. You despawn your grapple and run into the jungle before the blaze gets any worse. Other trees snap and begin to falls as well, exploding into flaming embers and spreading the blaze around even more. You leap forward and try to keep ahead of the blaze.

The roar of a dragon and the sound of wood being smashed echo throughout the jungle as you blend into the darkness. Said darkness is obliterated as an enormous jet of flame burns through the trees and nearly misses you. The nearby trees are reduced to ash and what remains crashes to the ground, ablaze. You dash as the darkness slowly comes back and slide behind a rock when around roar and gout of flame rushes by. The rock you’re hiding behind glows an uncomfortable orange as the flame passes by and incinerates any nearby trees. You hear heavy breathing and the sound of footsteps walking nearby. Graphite must be looking for you.

>What do you do?
>Try and set up an ambush. It’s your turn to do a surprise attack.
>Run out and engage Graphite once more. He’s gonna follow you either way might as well keep the fight going.
>Try and sneak away. He’s angry and frustrated so his concentration is shot and he’s probably not paying too much attention.

1d20+4 like always.
Rolled 16 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try and set up an ambush. It’s your turn to do a surprise attack.
Sneak attack. Writing. Also...I hope everyone is still around. I know I haven't been consistent these last few weeks.
Rolled 10 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try and set up an ambush. It’s your turn to do a surprise attack.
You take a deep breath and move out from behind the rock, spitting out a fireball at Graphite. The attack connects but the bugster seems unaffected, just as you expected. Using the explosion as a momentary distraction you dash deeper into the darkness. Graphite roars and chases after you. You continue setting the forest ablaze as you spit more fireballs out and they are deflected. Graphite returns fire with his glave, the flaming slashes cutting trees and rocks in half with molten temperatures.

You run in zig zags to avoid them as you formulate your plan. You wouldn’t be able to set up any real traps. You simply didn’t have enough time to gather materials or find a location so you had to do the next best thing. An ambush.

You throw another ball of fire while simultaneously drawing your grappling hook. As the fireball flies towards Graphite you throw the hook to a tree and swing from it, turning sharply around it and out of sight. The attack explodes once more and you use that as your queue to start running towards Graphite keeping a wide arc so you don’t get caught. You keep to the shadows, behind trees so that the light from the blasts of fire don’t give you away. You see Graphite look around and examine the ground as you slowly creep towards him, your senses on high alert. Not only for signs that he may suddenly turn around and face your direction but for things such as fallen branches you could step on and break giving you away.

Graphite kneels and examines what you think might be a footprint you left. You slowly walk towards him crouched. You worry that your clothes might snag on something and make a noise, that your breathing might be loud enough to give you away. You’re unsure of how sharp Graphite’s senses are in that form and the lack of knowledge keeps you on edge. Suddenly you hear the sound of something snap as you take a step and immediately you throw yourself behind a tree as a gout of flame roars past you.

You hear see the culprit, a small dinosaur like creature that was grazing nearby, immediately engulfed in the fires. It lets out a howl of pain as it runs out of the flames and deeper into the jungle. You can feel Graphite just stare in your general direction and that alone is enough to make you hold your breath. You hear his footsteps walking towards you, slow and steady. Looking around, you see that there is no way you can leave your spot without giving yourself away so you sit still hoping that he doesn’t catch you.

Graphite stops a few feet away from your tree and you can hear the quiet grinding of him turning in place and looking around. You fidget nervously on your ruined coat as sweat slowly falls from your brow and into your eyes, making them sting but you don’t close them in the off chance you're caught and you need to be able to react.
It seems like forever but eventually, you hear Graphite move and slowly walk away. You don’t give yourself the time to wait as you start tailing him again. Every instinct in your body screams for you to attack right now, to strike and take advantage of your position but you wait. Something didn’t feel fight and the sun was just peeking out in the horizon...the horizon! The two of you were leaving the jungle! Your jaw aches from having clenched your jaw for so long. Your hands curl up into fists once more but you can’t bring yourself to strike. Whether out of fear or something else you couldn’t tell but you could feel it. The time was coming soon.

The sound of the ocean striking the rocks reaches your ears and the sea starts to glitter brightly from the sun being directly behind the ocean’s horizon. Graphite raises a hand to block out the glare...


You’re not really sure why you shouted it but it had the intended effect. Your opponent wheels around in surprise but you were already in action. Your fist crashes right under Graphite’s chin and is immediately followed up with a kick to his head. Your shin connects with the bugster’s temple and he spins as he fall backwards off into the rocky beach. You race to the edge to and jump off in a Rider Kick at the struggling Graphite.

Your kick sends him flying into the the rocks and he crashes into them, breaking them to bits. Graphite grunts in pain as he shakily tries to get to his feet before falling back to the ground. He tries to get back up again using his glaive for balance.

>What do you do?
>Order Graphite to surrender. He’s badly injured from your multiple skirmishes and it’s obvious he can’t continue. You’re here to show him that you can lead and fight but that doesn’t mean your not going to give everyone a chance to give up and end this peacefully.
>Attack Graphite and beat him into submission. He wants to fight to the end and your here to show him that you can handle yourself. You’re not sure if Graphite would even accept a surrender but you’re also not sure how far he’ll go. He might want to go to the death.
>Subdue Graphite. There’s more ways to win a fight than to beat an opponent to death or breaking them. By tying him up, you have taken him out of the fight and he can’t fight back. To you, that’s a win.

1d20+4 for these choices.
Rolled 9 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Subdue Graphite. There’s more ways to win a fight than to beat an opponent to death or breaking them. By tying him up, you have taken him out of the fight and he can’t fight back. To you, that’s a win.
Rolled 4 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Order Graphite to surrender. He’s badly injured from your multiple skirmishes and it’s obvious he can’t continue. You’re here to show him that you can lead and fight but that doesn’t mean your not going to give everyone a chance to give up and end this peacefully.
Not the best rolls. Gonna need a tie breaker or I'll roll for it in about 20 mins.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Let's see what we go with.
Rolled 3 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Alright we're gonna try and tie graphite up. Just do the last roll and I'll get to writing.
You draw your grapple hook once more and spin it above your head before launching it at Graphite. The rope wraps itself around the bugster and tightens. ”It’s over Graphite.” You say. ”You’re down and now you can’t move. Just give up and we can go home. I’ve shown you I can handle myself in a fight.” You pull on the rope to tighten it some more. Despite your best efforts, Graphite slowly stands up and begins to struggle against the ropes.

”Hey come on! We’ve been at this long enough.” You argue as you try and tighten the rope some more. Graphite struggles against them as he looks at you straight in the eye.

”You disappoint me.” He growls as he slowly starts moving his arms apart.

”Oh no, no, no no. What now?” You moan.

”You have everything a soldier could ever need. You’re perceptive, cunning, persistent. Your pain tolerance is far higher than even a regular bugster. By all means, you can be the perfect warrior. Level 99. But you always have to hold back in the end.” Graphite continues. The ropes fray and struggle to hold him down as they slowly come apart. ”All because of those human memories.”

You step back a bit still trying to keep a hold of the situation. This is bad… you think.

”You’re at war! Fight like it! You’re opponents won’t hold back! Why should you?!” Graphite roars as he breaks from his restraints! You fall back from the momentum of trying to tighten the rope. Graphite rushes up to you and grabs you by the front of your coat. He lifts you up and smashes you against a boulder, shattering it. ”They’ll take everything away from you! The people you love! Just like the humans kill us, you can’t give them the chance.” He rants turning and slamming you into another rock. Graphite throws you away and you crash to the ground, bouncing once and rolling.

You cough and groan as you struggle to your feet. “And what gives me the right to take away everything they love…” You mutter as your arms tremble under your weight. ”Why do I get to be the one that murders everyone they love!”


You get to your feet and hold your burning arm, glaring at Graphite.

>Reiko’s HP 6/15
>What do you do?
>Try and talk to Graphite. If you can get him to change his point of view or at least accept your as being valid, you can probably end the fight here.
>Try and tie up Graphite again. It’ll be a bit harder since he’s anticipating it but nothing says you can’t give it another go.
>Go back to fighting him. Maybe he’s right. Maybe you should just take the enemy down before they can hurt you.

Goddamn work deciding that my day off isn't my day off after all.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>Try and talk to Graphite. If you can get him to change his point of view or at least accept your as being valid, you can probably end the fight here.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>Try and talk to Graphite. If you can get him to change his point of view or at least accept your as being valid, you can probably end the fight here.
Gonna do what we do best. Make friends! Writing.
”You heard me. Why do we get to choose to kill people?!” You shout.

”Because they’ll kill us first!” Graphite shouts back and rushes towards you, glaive raised. You duck under the swing and kneel to sweep his legs, knocking him down. You backflip onto a nearby rock and keep your distance.

”They have families Graphite! People they love and cherish! They’re like us! Don’t be in idiot Graphite, you’re doing the exact same thing you hate humans for!”

”They never gave us a chance! From the moment we were born, we were immediately the enemy! If they wouldn’t give us that, then neither should we!” He counters spitting out fireballs in your direction. You jump down behind the rock to use it as cover and start to pull out more rope for your grapple hook.

”We kill our hosts Graphite! What else were they supposed to think? Then add Gemn Corps’s propaganda and we never stood a chance! But now we do! NCR is our way of showing the world we’re not evil!” You hop out from behind the rock and roll out of the way as Graphite fires another blast of fire. Mid roll you throw out your grappling hook at him and tie him up once more.

”You can’t just hold me down like some animal girl! I’m not an opponent you can simply take down and walk away! Graphite growls as he tries to break free again.

”Wasn’t trying to…” You reply getting to your feet and pulling backwards with all your might. Graphite’s lack of balance causes him to fly towards you as you move towards him to intercept with a clothesline to the neck! Your forearm collides with his throat and he flips once before begin knocked to the ground, hacking and coughing.

You turn and jump ontop of him, driving both your knees into his chest. ”Just think about it Graphite! How long do you think you can keep it up?”

”I’m a warrior! I won’t stop until I die.”

”NO! How long do you think you can keep fighting against humans?! How long until you lose something you care about!? Just think for once! Can’t you imagine what you’re doing to people? Killing their loved ones? Having them live in fear?”

”I’ll never reach that point! What can they take away from me? They chose to fight against someone who has nothing to lose. That’s why I can never empathize with them.”

”Really? Then how will you feel if they took Parado away from you? Still can’t emphasize with them?” You ask quietly. Graphite’s eyes grow wide. ”It hurts doesn’t it? Just thinking about living without him? I feel it everyday. I live knowing I did that to someone. To people I love. I took Reiko away from mom and dad. Thats why I want bugsters and humans to live together. So you don’t lose Parado. So Hiiro doesn’t lose me. And so other bugsters can have the chance to feel what we feel right now.”
Graphite looks at you conflicted. ”You can’t do it. There’s no way.”

”Maybe not...but I do have something that makes it easier.”

”And what’s that?”

”Hope.” You say quietly. Graphite scoffs weakly.

”That’s it? Just hope? Am I supposed to be convinced to join you with that?”

You nod. “Did I ever tell you my name? My non human one?” You ask.

”You don’t have one. Didn’t live long enough to think of one. And don’t go trying to tell me, you figured it out and that it’s Hope.” He sneers but you shake your head.

”It’s Pandora.” You say. ”Like in the stories. Despite all the bad things that were released by opening the box, in the end humanity was gifted with the most powerful thing. Hope. And just like us bugsters and all the chaos we cause, I want to be the one that uplifts us. I want to be the hope that brings humans and bugsters together as we weather all this. So please Graphite, help us. If you can’t bring yourself to hope this will all end up well then trust me to hope for you. ” You say quietly.

Graphite lays on there motionless, breathing heavily and in pain before slowly nodding and dropping his transformation.


You breathe a sigh of relief and exhaustion as you remove the Gashats from your driver and the two of you are transported back to your room in NCR. You’re about to get off Graphite and help him to his feet but are interrupted by Hiiro shouting.

“REIKO! What the hell is going on?!”

>This last post for you guys. I gotta go to bed. It’s 2am. In my next post, we’re taking a brief detour. See ya and thanks for sticking with me!
File: 1000full-nico-saiba.jpg (116 KB, 1000x666)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
You are...Nico Saiba

Fucking Reiko...what makes you so special…

You think to yourself bitterly as you wander around the streets. You shiver a bit and adjust your jacket. Taiga had kicked you out of his office for a bit after you had voiced your complaints and the two of you argued for the umpteenth time. You had been here longer. You had been helping CR from nearly the beginning and even fought a few times with the Chronicle Gashat. You helped Taiga find and defeat bugsters and even helped the others track down monsters.

“So why the hell does everyone just flock to her?” You grumble quietly, kicking a can into an ally. You think back to your argument with Taiga.

”It’s not fair! She gets her own Gashat! She even got to use Mighty Action X! Nobody told her off! But noooo, I get all the shit for trying to use one and getting sick.”

Taiga looks up from his computer and glares at you. “For the last time Nico. We stopped telling you off when we realized you wouldn’t listen about Chronicles. And I presume, they stopped telling her off when they realized she was getting everyone’s stuff back and wasn’t going to stop once she had done that. I’m not her doctor. Hiiro is and if he’s ok with letting her put her life at risk like that then that’s on him.”

“Yeah because when she does get hurt everyone comes running to help.” You shoot back. Taiga rolls his eyes.

“Last time I checked, when you came down with Game Syndrome, twice by the way, you refused treatment from Emu and the others.”

You try to hide your reddening face. “Yeah, well...I had you. What did I need them for?” You mutter back. “Besides, she’s a coward too! I don’t even know how she gets anything done!”

“Nico...get out of my office.” Taiga replies tired. “We’ve had this discussion at least half a dozen times since the attack on the hospital and my answers aren’t going to change. I’m trying to work here.” He turns back to face his computer. “Come back once you’ve cooled your head…”

You clench your teeth and let out a shout of frustration as you kick over a trash can. Several passersby turn to look at you in confusion. First she tries to muscle in on my job and now she’s gets to play hero! The fuck is her problem! You think furiously as you remember a few days back when Reiko refused to play against you at the tournament. She wasn’t as famous as you but she was getting there. Every now and then you head her name. Some new pro gamer rising in the scene and when you had the chance to beat her once and for all, she just says no. Just like Emu...or their bugsters. The real Reiko never competed with you. She died according to Taiga. The girl who refused to fight you, who was stuck in the hospital was some bugster. Just like Parado and how he beat you 6 years ago.

Fucking bugsters…
In your frustrated thoughts, you fail to notice a large black car pull up beside you. A chauffeur steps out and opens the back door for a man dressed in a black suit. Everything about him screamed businessman. He approaches you with his hands behind his back and you glare at him. “Sorry, if you’re offering a sponsorship. I’m not interested. I got a good enough backer at the moment and I’m not really in the mood to haggle out a new deal. Call my agent.” You say adjusting your cap and starting to walk away.

To your surprise, the man smiles calmly. “Ms. Saiba. I’m not here to offer you money. Rather, I'm here to offer something more. I know you’ve had a...less than amicable relationship with a certain bugster. She’s also been a bit of an issue on my end. I believe we may be able to work out a deal that is beneficial to both parties.”

You stop and look at the man confused. “W-who...are you?” You ask. The man gives you a slight nod and continues his polite smile. He steps aside and motions towards the back door of the car. The chauffeur quickly moves over to open it for you.

“I’m the CEO of Gemn Corp. Masamune Dan. A pleasure to be working with you.”

Meanwhile at NCR…

You look at Hiiro in panic and then down to at Graphite whom you were sitting on his chest. “I...umm...It’s not what it looks like!” You say panicked, worried about the very obvious implications that your current position implied. “I was...we were…” You stammer. Graphite grunts and shoves you off of him. “Hey!” You yelp in surprise.

“She’s being an idiot.” Graphite says dusting himself off and wincing at his bruises. “And you are if you think he's gonna assume we were doing anything other than fighting.”


Hiiro sighs and sets his bags on the nearby table. “Reiko...what on earth would make you think I would assume you cheating? We haven’t even-” He rubs his temples and glares at Graphite. “More importantly, what the hell are you doing here?” He asks Graphite, eyes narrowing. “I don’t remember giving you permission to see my patient.”

“I asked him to come over!” You blurt out. “I wanted to talk to him…” You add quickly as Hiiro gives you a wide eyed incredulous look.

“Explain.” He manages to choke out.

You gulp but get ready for the incoming storm.

>How do you explain all this?
>Tell Hiiro the truth. You wanted to ask Graphite to join your group, he wanted you to prove yourself as a leader via combat. You had thought about asking for help but you felt that it would defeat the entire purpose...and you wanted to prove yourself to everyone as well.
>Tell Hiiro that he doesn’t need to worry about it. All that matters is that Graphite is willing to help NCR and you’re ready to get back on the streets and helping.
>Tell Graphite to explain it. It was all his idea anyways. He should be the one to explain all this though you’re not sure this is entirely a good idea.
>Tell Graphite to explain it. It was all his idea anyways. He should be the one to explain all this though you’re not sure this is entirely a good idea.
the comedic option
Pretty slow recently. I won't be able to write until tomorrow. Vote's open til then but for now it seems like Graphite is gonna do the talking.
>>Tell Hiiro the truth. You wanted to ask Graphite to join your group, he wanted you to prove yourself as a leader via combat. You had thought about asking for help but you felt that it would defeat the entire purpose...and you wanted to prove yourself to everyone as well.
Got a tie. And I just woke up. Sigh I need to fix my fucking sleep schedule. I'll give it 20 minutes for a tie breaker then I'll roll for it.
>Tell Graphite to explain it. It was all his idea anyways. He should be the one to explain all this though you’re not sure this is entirely a good idea.
Hiiro you baka. A lady's feelings are delicate.
Hey right on time. Graphite to the...uhh...rescue? Writing.
You get up and dust off your skirt. “I...we…” You stammer growing red before to smack at Graphite’s shoulder. “You tell him, this was your idea to begin with!” You shout. “I just wanted to talk! You’re the one who kept pushing to do it!”

“Excuse me?!” Hiiro shouts.

Graphite shoots you a malicious grin and you feel the blood drain from your face. “Are you two…?” He asks before laughing.

“I-” You start but are interrupted.

“She is right. As a matter of fact, I strongly remember you didn’t even hesitate when I offered the physical route. You even went to go tell the mad man to help you get ready.” Graphite explains offhandedly. Hiiro’s face turns an odd shade of green with red and he makes a sound not unlike a man choking.

“Don’t word it like that!” You shout. “I just asked him if he wanted to join us! Parado and Poppy did it and I thought we could use more people…” Your voice trails off as Hiiro glares at you in confusion.

“I will admit Hiiro, your current girlfriend is much better than your first one.” He says grinning widely. “She’s pretty rough not that I didn’t enjoy our time together.”

“Stop!” You shout glaring at Graphite. “You’re being an ass! I thought you were gonna help us!”

Graphite shrugs, “I am. You won our wager. But that doesn’t mean I have to get along with him.” He says shrugging and walking off. He intentionally bumps into Hiiro and looks behind him. “By the way, you might want to mind who you’re dating. The surgeon’s girlfriend’s don’t have a good record of living too long. Then again, you’re a bugster not some weak human.”

Hiiro snaps and draws his Driver. “You motherfu-”

“Hiiro stop! Both of you!” You shout grabbing Hiiro’s arm.

“I’ll will avenge her Graphite.” Hiiro vows. “When all this is over I’m coming for you. Don’t think it’s all fine between us just because Reiko asked you to help.”

Graphite smirks. “I look forward to it.” He replies as he heads out the door but pauses before speaking. “Take care of him...Reiko. If you need actual practice in combat. You know where to find me.”

Hiiro takes deep breaths before closing his eyes and turning to you. “Reiko...what’s going on…” He asks slowly trying to keep his voice even. “Without the innuendos...please.”
“Sorry.” You mumble fidgeting. “I wanted to talk to Graphite. It had been so long since I’d seen him-” You stop when Hiiro gives you a look again.

“I mean since I seen him according to my memories! I got them back Hiiro. Everything.” You say scratching your head. “Turns out when you're fighting a bugster with the powers to mess with your dreams, your memories kind of get a little loose.”

Hiiro sighs and sits on your bed. “So let me get this in order. While you were in a coma, you were being attacked by a bugster.”
You nod. “Yeah, he had the ability to manipulate dreams and memories.” You explain. “I was in highschool again and Emu and Parado were my brothers from my mom and dad’s side of the family. Taiga was...a teacher for some reason. And you and I were dating…” You finish and blush deeply.

Hiiro nods, “Well...now you don’t have to dream about it any more.” He says awkwardly. You grin and sit next to him.

“So back to the present. I wanted to ask Graphite if he would join NCR. Of course he didn’t initially. Said that I didn’t know what it was like to lead and that I can’t just make friends with everyone I meet and hope both sides to just give up their differences ect, ect.” You say sighing and flopping backwards on to the bed.

Hiiro smirks. “Clearly he doesn’t know you at all does he?”

You giggle. “No. Guess he doesn’t. Mostly I think he was afraid. Of losing people close to him. Losing his best friend. We have the bugsters backed up against a wall Hiiro. From his point of view, he’s seen the war turn from a victory into an obvious defeat.”

“So you think he’s just switching sides to preserve his own life?” Hiiro asks. You shake your head.

“No. I think he’s confused. His entire way of life has been turned on it’s head. Humans working with bugsters. Gemn Corp using everyone as pawns. It’s like if you suddenly found out that doing bugster removal surgery actually killed the patient and what was left was a bugster. So I had to convince him that he needed to let go of the past.”

“And I’m hoping you did that without sleeping with him.” Hiiro points you.

“Hiiro! I’d never do something like that!” You say reddening. “I’ve never even...dated a boy before.” You say embarrassed. “He asked me to fight him.”

“And you did it?!” Hiiro asks. “Reiko, you just got out of the hospital and it hasn’t been 24 hours before you throw yourself into another fight. You could have at least told me!”

“Sorry...I just…” You sit up. “I wanted to prove to him that I could lead. And I wanted to prove to you that I wasn’t just some helpless girl. These past few weeks had me running away from everything. And the one time I did transform it was to try and kill my own brother against my will and that nearly killed me. I just wanna help.”

Hiiro pulls you close and kisses the top of your head. “You have helped. Who do you think remade CR? Who’s somehow managed to convince everyone to try and work together? Just because you’re not in the field fighting doesn’t mean you haven’t contributed.”

“Yeah...well I want to do more than just be some kind of diplomat. And I don’t want to keep ending up like some kind of damsel in distress all the time. I was kicking a lot of ass in the beginning you know.” You point out.
Hiiro chuckles. “I’m well aware of how you kept getting sent back to the hospital after each adventure, yes.” He sighs. “Reiko, as much as I love being your doctor-”

“And me?” You ask.

“Especially you.” Hiiro continues. “But I can’t let you keep doing this. Last time you went off to go enact one of your plans, I found you bleeding out under a desk.” You wince. “Reiko, please, I’ve told you that if you’re going to go out to let me know.”

“Funny. I remember you said that I should only call you in emergencies.” You joke in an attempt to lighten the mood. Hiiro gives you a withering look. “Alright, I’ll let you guys know next time I have an idea. I guess you’re right. What’s the point of having a team if I’m going off on my own and nearly dying every time.”

“Thanks. And don’t let Graphite do the talking for you.” Hiiro grumbles as he gets up and hands you a lunch box.

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” You mumble. “I’ll make him admit his feeling for Parado before that.” You mutter.

“What was that?” Hiiro asks as he gets you a drink.

“Nothing! Smells good. Where’d you get this?” You ask opening your meal.

“From my house. I made it.” Hiiro replies smiling slightly. “Told you I could cook.”

You grin and grab the drink ready to dig in.

>Congratulations. You’ve recruited Graphite and have made things really awkward between all three of you. What is next on the itinerary?

>Gather the team. You’ve been out of commission for a few days and the hospital was attacked. Akihito’s notes helped wonders to bring up to speed but they don’t show everything. You want to know what’s going on and plan the next move.
>Hiiro did offer you to take you on a lunch date...to his place. Everyone has been working hard, a few more days off won’t hurt.
>Hang out with one of your team members. A good leader should keep in touch with their crew. Emu still needs to be told you’re adopting him, Poppy is now two and you could learn more about that. Parado and Graphite need to talk about each other. You haven’t seen Taiga either. And Kuroto...well Kuroto is a unique man and nothing else needs to be said about that.
>Hiiro did offer you to take you on a lunch date...to his place. Everyone has been working hard, a few more days off won’t hurt.
>Hiiro did offer you to take you on a lunch date...to his place. Everyone has been working hard, a few more days off won’t hurt.
>Hiiro did offer you to take you on a lunch date...to his place. Everyone has been working hard, a few more days off won’t hurt.
So looks like we're going on a date. Last thread we established that Hiiro plays piano as a hobby when not working. But now, where does he live?
>A high end apartment. Hiiro is a simple man. He doesn't need too much but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy nice things.
>A large house. Not exactly a manor but nothing to scoff at either. Bought at a time when Hiiro thought spending money would help aliviate the pain of Saki's death. Only to find out living in a large home made him feel lonelier than ever.
>The family manor. The Kagami family is distinguished family of doctors and sugreons. Said manor has been passed down from generation to generation with each successor adding or improving on it.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Let the dice decide
1. Large house
2. Manor
Looks like Hiiro comes from a long line of doctors. Writing.
The next day…

You sit in the passenger seat of Hiiro’s car trying to keep yourself from grinning ear to ear. Earlier in the day Hiiro had been wandering around NCR. You thought he looked a bit disoriented and when you went to see if he was ok he blurted out,

”Reiko...do you...wanttogotomyplaceI’llmakeyoulunch?”

Once he was done clearing his throat and you snapped out of your stunned state to let the meaning of his words register, you did the only logical thing. Hug your boyfriend and kiss him.

“So where do you live?” You finally ask after snapping out of your daydream. You look out the window trying to discern which house could be Hiiro’s. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you leave the hospital. Always assumed you lived there.” You grin.

“I don’t spend too much time at home.” Hiiro replies. “Most of the time one hospital or another is asking for my services so I’m too busy traveling. My father and mother are the ones who spend the most time there.” You look at him confused.

“You live with your parents?” You ask as you feel the car slow to a halt. Hiiro always seemed to be well off. You kind of assumed so seeing as he is the best surgeon in the world. Hiiro nods.

“Yes. My house has been in the family since my grandfather’s grandfather. Granted it’s changed over the years but eventually my father will pass it down to me.” Hiiro explains with a conflicted tone in his voice as he motions out the window. You look out and noticed you’ve parked outside some gates. Beyond that, on a hill, lay the Kagami manor, complete with elaborate shrubbery, a fountain, and acres and acres of open space. You can see the small figures of servants maintaining the property and washing windows. It was straight out something you’d see royalty live in.

Your jaw drops and you look at the manor then back to Hiiro. “That’s a house?! Holy…” You look back at the building. “And I thought my house was pretty big. It’s a shack compared to your place. Hiiro I expected you to be well off but you’re practically royalty! You’re not batman are you?” You ask in awe.

Hiiro gives you an embarrassed look. “No...I don’t like using my background to impress or for favors. Especially after dealing with King.” He says quietly. You frown and lean in to kiss Hiiro’s cheek.

“Hey, you’re nothing like him. He was supposed to be your foil. Remember what Parado said? They were supposed to be like your extreme opposite. Besides, I’m pretty sure the best surgeon in the world deserves to have the best house ever.” Hiiro was about to respond when you hear a knock on your window.

“Excuse me. This is private property. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” The security guard says. Hiiro gives the guard a weird look and digs out his wallet.

“I know. I live here.” He says showing his driver’s license. “My name is Hiiro Kagami. My family owns this place.”
“Yeah right kid. You’re not the first too…” The guard starts as he looks over the ID and the color drains from his face. “I-I...my mistake sir! I’ll go get the door for you sir!” The guard stammers handing the license back and dashing to the guard station. The gates open to let you through and you snicker.

“Happen often?Sir?” You joke. Hiiro sighs.

“He must be new and I can’t really blame him. I barely come home.” He says. “I was more worried you’d think I was just trying to trick you into thinking I set all this up.” He admits pulling up into the driveway. A chauffeur and a butler walk up to the car and bows.

“Young Master, so good to see you.” The butler says as you both step out of the car. “Oh? And we have guests. Forgive me sir, but had I known I would have prepared in advance. I will go and inform the chef to make extra for lunch.”

Hiiro shakes his head. “That won’t be necessary. I plan on cooking for myself today.” He motions to you. “This is my girlfriend, Reiko. I...promised her that I’d make her lunch.” He says bashfully. The butler nods and smiles.

“Ahh to be young and in love.” He says nostalgically before bowing. “My apologies young master. We will treat her as if she were part of the Kagami family. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Mistress Reiko.”

“H-hello. Nice to meet you too.” You say shyly. You’ve only ever seen house staff in TV shows. Never did you expect to actually have servants and butlers serving you. It was kind of overwhelming. You wanted to treat the staff nicely but you weren’t sure if being too polite would be some kind of insult to their work.

“We’ll be heading to the kitchen. Let the staff know that if we need them we’ll call them. Otherwise, we’d prefer to be alone.” Hiiro instructs as he hands the keys to the driver. He takes your hand and your heart skips a beat. “Let’s go Reiko.” He says quietly. The butler bows and holds one of the massive double door open for the two of you.

“Thank you.” You say politely as you step into the manor. The interior was just as extravagant as the outside. The floor was completely spotless and had the sheen of being recently polished. The walls were lined with family portraits, the large windows crystal clear, and the ceiling lamps hung and glittered in the sun. You were in silent awe at how lavish the manor was. It was one thing to see all this in pictures and media but a whole other thing to actually walk through it all.

“Sorry about that.” Hiiro says. “I try to do things on my own but the staff has been with the family since I was born and it’s their job. I get that it can be kind of overwhelming.” You nod.
“Yeah...it’s just...different you know? You hear about this kind of lifestyle but it’s just not the same until you actually see experience it yourself.” You say. “I’m not sure how I'm supposed to act. I don’t want to be rude or embarass you.” Hiiro stops and smiles at you.

“I want you to act like you. That's the person I invited over, and that’s the person I fell in love with.” You blush and cling to his arm.

“I’m not the most refined person you know. Technically I’ve grown up both on the streets and to a middle class family. Living like this was always something I could dream of but know I’d never achieve. Not unless my gaming career kicked off and I became the number 1 streamer in the world.”

“Believe me, the kind of refinement you’re thinking of is more of an annoyance than anything.” Hiiro explains pushing open the door to the kitchen. Like the rest of the house, the kitchen was spotless and well organized. You wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of kitchen was in 5 star restaurants. “I just don’t want you to be pressured to act like something you’re not because of all this. You know the stories. People get together. One of them is wealthy and slowly their partner starts to change because of the wealth they have access to.”

You shuffle nervously. “Did you ever bring your ex here?” You ask rubbing your arm. Hiiro stiffens up a bit. You bite your lip worried that you pushed too far.

“I did...she was just as nervous as you are right now.” He says quietly. He opens the refrigerator and rifles through it. “So...what are you in the mood for? The sink is over there so you can wash your hands before we begin.” He says.

You stand up straight. “Wait, ‘we’? You said you were going to cook for me.” You stammer. “I-I can’t cook!”

Hiiro looks at you with a smile. “Well I aim to change that. You always liked a challenge. Is NCR’s brave leader backing down from a challenge?” You open your mouth and then close it.

>Well? Does Reiko rise up the challenge?
I’ll need 1d20-2 if you do attempt to cook something.
Rolled 12 - 2 (1d20 - 2)

Let's make a disaster!
Rolled 20 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>Make a disaster
>Gets nat 20
mfw. Gotta love the dice.
You pout at Hiiro and give him a mischievous grin. “Alright, you’re on. Let’s try cooking...Ah! I know help me cook pizza...from scratch. That includes the tomato sauce, the dough, ummm the cheese? Course we can’t have pizza without hot wings. So we’re making that too!” You say crossing your arms. “I mean if it’s too har-”

“Deal. But you’re going to be cutting everything.” Hiiro says. You gasp.

“Y-you weren’t supposed to agree!”

“No backing out. If you truly can’t cook and this pizza fails then I promise to make you lunch and dinner for the month.” Hiiro says smiling. “Of course if the inevitable occurs and you make an edible pizza then…” Hiiro thinks for a bit. “You have regular cooking lessons with me.”

You blush. “Cooking lessons? Like here?” You ask.

“Or your place. Whichever you feel comfortable. Eating healthy is important and I want you to learn how to take care of yourself.” He shoots you a smile and you’re vaguely aware this is the most times he’s ever smiled. “Of course for our first lesson I’ll be teaching you how to make something healthy. This pizza and hot wings kind of thing won’t happen often when I’m showing you how to do things.”

You snort. “Already thinking you’ve won? And I thought I was cocky. Alright scoot over. Let’s get this pizza started.”

Hiiro withdraws from the refrigerator with his arms full of fresh vegetables. “Right then, scalpel.” He says placing the ingredients on the counter and holding out his hand expectantly as he studies the veggies. You look at him with a confused and blank stare before bursting out laughing. Hiiro coughs and clears his throat. “I mean, could you grab a knife please.”

The next hour or so was spent with you fumbling around the kitchen. Hiiro was patient as he walked you through the basics of making dough and sauce. Somehow you managed to get flour all over each other when you wanted to keep the dough from sticking and simply dropped the mass into a pile of flour causing it to explode in a cloud. He would often stop you from over pouring or over measuring and once, while you were cutting, he reached around you from behind and gently held your wrists. You find yourself pushing yourself against his chest as he leans in to look over your shoulder. He smelled nice like always.

“When you’re cutting things, kind of make a fist. Use your knuckles to guide the flat of the blade away from your fingers. The edge will follow.” He instructs gently. “That way you don’t cut yourself by accident. Go at your own pace. It’s better you get some nice slices than rushing it and getting butchered ingredients.”
You nod and find that time fades away as you listen to his voice and follow his directions. Before you know it, Hiiro is pulling a pizza out of the oven. It was slightly misshapen, some of the cheese was a bit thicker on one end, and the toppings were of various uneven sizes but ultimately it was edible.

“I did it…” You breathe and turn to your boyfriend in awe. “I did it!” You shout and jump to wrap your arms around Hiiro. “I didn’t burn the house down!”

Hiiro holds onto you tightly and chuckles. “See? I told you cooking wasn’t hard. You just needed some direction. Now, when do you want your first lesson?” He asks. You laugh and smack his shoulder.

“Hey don’t rub it in. I’m basking my moment of glory.” You say grinning. “Now how are the wings?” You ask looking over Hiiro’s shoulder at the oven. He turns you both around and puts on oven mitts to pull the wings out of the oven.

“Looks good to me.” He says. “That’s two for two. Still say you can’t cook?”

“Yes. It was a fluke.” You insist. “But...maybe if I keep practicing with you it doesn’t have to be?”

“And here I thought you'd try and sneak out of your half of the bet.” Hiiro says. “We’ll need to clean up after this though...and the kitchen. I don’t think the chefs will appreciate our handywork.”

You look around at the chaos your cooking spree has made. Various dirty dishes and utensils lay about. Flour was all over the counter and floor as well on some drawers. You chew your lip and grow red with embarrassment. “Sorry. I got carried away. I didn’t mean too-” You start before you feel Hiiro’s lips against yours. You close your eyes and hold Hiiro close. For a moment, it seems like everything could wait, even if for a little bit.

>You didn’t burn the house down! Congrats! But what’s next for you guys to do?
>Gather the team. You’ve been out of commission for a few days and the hospital was attacked. Akihito’s notes helped wonders to bring up to speed but they don’t show everything. You want to know what’s going on and plan the next move.
>Hang out with one of your team members. A good leader should keep in touch with their crew. Emu still needs to be told you’re adopting him, Poppy is now two and you could learn more about that. Parado and Graphite need to talk about each other. You haven’t seen Taiga either. And Kuroto...well Kuroto is a unique man and nothing else needs to be said about that. (specify who)
>Emu still needs to be told you’re adopting him

Cooking is just food surgery
Ladies and gentlemen, I won't be able to post til late if not then my next day off is friday. Stay safe.
>Hang out with one of your team members. A good leader should keep in touch with their crew. Emu still needs to be told you’re adopting him.
We're gonna go adopt someone. Maybe feels incoming. Writing.
You spent the rest of the day in Hiiro’s arms chatting and eating. The conversation was superficial for the most part with the two of you just being happy to be in each other’s arms. Eventually the sun began to set and Hiiro offered you a guest bedroom but you declined and asked to be driven home. As much as you wanted to ask to stay, you felt it was more appropriate to just ask to go home.

By the time you arrive home it’s dark out and Hiiro walks you to your door. You wrap your arms around him, “I had fun today. Not a bad way to celebrate my release from the hospital” you say.

“I’d rather you not be interned at a hospital in the first place.” Hiiro replies. “But yes, it was fun. Maybe next time we won’t make such a mess.”

You grin. “No promises. I’ll still hold today as a fluke.” You joke. Hiiro smiles.

“There’s no flukes when it comes to me and cooking. Just like with my medical license. I’m the best chef in the world.”

You laugh and smack his arm. “Stop it, you.” You giggle. “But you said...there’s gonna be a next time?” You ask shyly as you fidget with your hair. Hiiro leans forward and kisses you.

“Of course.” He says softly. “Stay safe tonight. I don’t want to hear about you running off in the night and getting into fights.”

You blush. “I’ll call you…” you say sheepishly. “But that goes for you too!” You says. “I’m not the only trouble maker.” Hiiro chuckles and ruffles your hair.

“Goodnight Reiko.” He says walking back to his car.

“Night!” You reply as you wave and go inside your house. As you get ready for bed, you can’t help but skip around and gather your things. By the time you lay your head on your pillows to sleep, you’re still smiling broadly.

The next day

“Are you sure about this?” Parado asks as the two of you walk towards the elevator that lead out of NCR’s base. Your brother was carrying a large white box in his arms and was looking at you nervously. “I mean, granted we’re all on good terms but we haven’t had the nicest of history with one another.”

“You worry too much.” You reply as you push the elevator call button. “Besides, it’s not like he has a choice anyways. He’s getting adopted. End of story.” You grin. Parado smirks.

“Right. I’m sure he’ll be very receptive to that.” He teases. “So then what’s with the cake? And the soda?” He asks motioning to the box in his arms and the drink in your hands.

“To celebrate...and Hiiro wouldn’t let me have champagne.” You say. “So I got the next best thing.”

“Speaking of which…” Parado says slowly. “I heard you went to Hiiro’s house.”

“Yeah...what about it?” You ask cautiously. “He asked me out and decided to teach me how to cook. We made pizza.”
Parado raises an eyebrow. “First of all, he’s a braver man than I to try and risk his house and teach you how to cook.” You glare at him. “Second of all...I don’t know. It just feels weird...I have been trying to kill him for a while.” He says sheepishly. “And you are my sister so you know...I worry.”

“That’s a very human emotion to have Parado.” You point out grinning. “Maybe you’re not so different after all.” Parado rolls his eyes but laughs.

“Alright calm down there human whisperer. I’m just saying that if I find you crying because of something he did. I’m totally going to go back to my original plan and wipe out humanity...with a few exceptions.” He says. You shake your head and grin.

“Right and I’ll be there to stop you.” You reply before pausing. “...You’re not serious right?”

“...” Parado stays quiet. You’re about to press him more before the elevator stops with a loud “Ding!” and the doors slide open to reveal the hospital roof.

Emu was sitting in the far off corner, idly playing a game. His lunch, a simple burger and fries from the cafeteria, lay forgotten beside him. Parado looks at him then to you. “You ready?” He asks nervously. You nod, equally unsure.

“Hey Emu!” You shout, perhaps a bit too loud, as he jolts in surprise and looks around in confusion before spotting the two of you. He smiles and waves you over.

“Hey! I’m surprised you two aren’t off exploring. Especially you Reiko. Last few days you were here, you were practically bouncing off the walls trying to do something.”

“You try sitting in a room for a week with nothing to do.” You grumble. Parado bumps you with his elbow. “But! That’s not why we’re here!” You add quickly.

Emu looks confused. “Right...so what’s up? I’m still on my shift so I can’t play for long. But if you want to wait, we can go hit up the arcades afterwards?”

You and your brother look at each other. “Umm...well...I know that we haven’t...you know...had the best relationship until recently…” Parado starts and Emu slowly nods.

“Right...umm yeah you could say that.” He says. You glare at Parado.

“What we’re trying to say is that we were thinking since you’ve been a close part of our lives.” You say trying to think of the right words. Emu maintains his confused look.

“I...wouldn’t say that. I think that’s kind of putting it lightly all things considered.”

“Ugh. We’re trying to make it a surprise!” You blurt out. “We want to adopt you into our family!” You shout huffing. “Why’s was it so hard to say that…” You mumble.

“Oh…” Emu says nodding before the words settle in. “Wait...WHAT!?” He shouts looking at you both in surprise. “But...I already have a family?” Parado frowns.

“See I told you it wasn’t gonna work.” He says. You shake your head.
“Yeah well I think it can.” You reply and look at Emu. “I mean think of it Emu. You’re practically family. It’s because of you that Parado and I are here. And Parado is basically part of you so that makes you brothers already. And Parado is my brother so that would make me your sister. We’re just wondering if you’d like to make it...official?”

Emu looks conflicted. “I’m honored but...I mean I tried to kill you. Both of you.” He says sadly looking between the two of you. “I’m surprised that I’m even here alive and well let alone be fighting alongside both of you.”

You shrug. “Come on Emu, we’ve all tried to kill one another at some point. It’s basically family tradition at this point.” You say smiling. “I just think...we might have started off rough but we all have one another to thank for still being here. You’re the closest thing Parado and I have to family. We can definitely try to make a better future.” You fidget and pace, chewing your lip.

“You ok?” Emu asks concerned.

“It’s just...when I was in a coma. I had this dream...or created reality really.” you shake your head. “In it we were all family. We were close.” You say sitting next to Emu and looking at the sky. “I guess...I guess I kind of wanted that. It was the perfect combination of what I was. Bugster with human memories. I had a family. Times were hard but at least we had each other to face everything was bad. We’ve all been through some rough shit and I don’t think we could have made it out together if we didn’t have each other. I guess I just wanted a family that was actually mine. Not just one that I stole from my host”

You sit quietly and kick your legs unsure what to say. Emu remains quiet as well. He looks at Parado and asks, “What about you?”

Parado sighs and sits on the other side of Emu. “I just want my sister to be happy but...I kind of feel what she says. I can’t deny that I do feel something between us Emu. You’re the reason I exist. We share the same interests. I think...if we hadn’t started the way we did...maybe we could have been friends. Best friends.” He admits.

Emu nods. “We still can be.” He says. “You guys are trying your best to make someone out of the situation you’re in. Maybe we’ve all stumbled at some point but...in the end, one of us was always there to help pick the other up.” He smiles at the both of you. “So yes. I’d love to be your family.”
Your face brightens up and you grin. “Yes! Break out the food!” You shout. Parado laughs and opens the box containing a large chocolate cake with the words “Welcome to the Family!” on it. You laugh and start to shake the soda violently before the cap finally bursts and everyone is sprayed with the drink.

“Ah! Reiko! These are my work clothes!” Emu shouts. You continue to laugh.

“Sorry but at least it wasn’t Champagne! We’re going out to dinner tonight too! Then every arcade in town!” Emu shakes his head but maintains his grin before taking the soda out of your hands and taking a swig.

He grimaces. “Ugh. It’s flat already.” He says before drinking some more. “Let’s head back down stairs. I need to change and we need plates.” You’re about respond when Akihito bursts out of the door, breathless.

“Guys...we...situation…” He pants. “You’re needed downstairs…”

>Celebration will have to wait! Looks like things are heating up.
>Ask what’s going on.
>Say nothing and follow Akihito downstairs.
>Just ask where you need to go. If it’s a bugster he’ll know the location. Better to not waste time.
>Just ask where you need to go. If it’s a bugster he’ll know the location. Better to not waste time
>Just ask where you need to go. If it’s a bugster he’ll know the location. Better to not waste time.
“Just tell us where to go.” You say getting up. “It’ll save time than having to wait around.” You start going down the stairs. Akihito nods and follows the group having caught his breath.

“There’s a group of Ride Players downtown.” He says hurriedly. “They’re claiming a shopping area as their own.”

“Wait what?” You asks looking at Akihito confused. “Why the hell would they do that?” He shrugs.

“I don’t know. I’m guessing they figure that only other Ride players could stop them and since they’re a large gang then they guess no one will step up to stop them?” Akihito suggests shaking his head. “If only I could transform and show them the true path of righteousness! Instead I have to rely on the generation I should be helping!”

You pat Akihito on the shoulder with a grim smile. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll take care of it. Thanks for the heads up. Let us know if anything else happens while we’re gone.” Emu places a hand on your shoulder.

“Reiko, you should wait til Hiiro arrives from his shift.” He says. You look at him confused.

“Why? You and Parado are here. We can take them.” You say confused. Emu shakes his head.

“I have work here. And Parado doesn’t have a Gashat anymore.”

You bite your lip. “Then is anyone else available? I promised Hiiro I wouldn’t go running off alone anymore.”

Emu thinks for a moment. “There’s the second Poppy...and Kuroto. Taiga and if you wait Hiiro.”

You play with your hair as you think. “Do you know what the group is doing right now?” You ask Akihito. He gives you a tentative nod.

“Kind of. From what I could gather, they’re just loitering and harassing people that walk by but I would say it’s only a matter of time before another group comes to fight them or maybe the police try to disperse them and they try to resist.” He admits.

“If that’s the case, then if we try to confront them they’ll just try and fight back. I think it’d be better if you had someone backing you up.” Parado points out.

>What do you do?
>Go ask the second Poppy to come help you. You know she’s good in a fight but you’ve never actually worked with her before.
>Ask Kuroto for help? He’s a bit of a loose cannon but he definitely will be willing to stop people abusing his game.
>Try and contact Taiga. You’ve seen him fight and his long range attacks could come in handy.
>Wait for Hiiro. You don’t know how long he’ll be but he does have a level 50 Gashat and that’s a powerful asset to have on your side.
>Go ask the second Poppy to come help you. You know she’s good in a fight but you’ve never actually worked with her before.
>Ask Kuroto for help? He’s a bit of a loose cannon but he definitely will be willing to stop people abusing his game
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Got a tie. I'll roll for it. Just got home from work so give me a bit to eat and decompress.
2. Kuroto
“I’ll go get Kuroto.” You say. Parado gives you a strangled look.

“Why him?! Poppy is here too.”

“Right but people might recognize her as a player killer from before she joined us.” You point out. “Granted Kuroto won’t make talking to the players easier but…” You grimace. “I’m kind of worried that if we leave him cooped up in base he’ll go off the deep end like last time. Better we have him help us than trying to murder us again.”

Parado winces. “I don’t think this is what Hiiro meant by having someone be with you.” He points out. You nod weakly.

“Yeah but we don’t have much time.” You point out and face Akihito. “Keep me posted.”


You find Kuroto downstairs balancing a pencil on his upper lip. He had his feet kicked up on the desk and was leaning back on his chair. “Kuroto.” You say grabbing your bag. “Get your driver. We have work to do.”

Kuroto smiles. “So my skills are required. What can God do for you today?” He asks leaning in and removing the pencil from his face. You click your Gashat to make sure it worked much like someone would check to see if there was a bullet in the gun chamber. In reality it was a useless gesture but one that brought you comfort.

“We’re going to go see if we can break up a group of Rider Players. They’re-”

“BAH! I’m the Game Master! I run this game. I command it! I’m not some glorified babysitter. I-”

“They’re using Gashats to harass regular people and not hunt bugsters. Basically actively avoiding playing the game. We’re worried they’re going to steal your technology to use for their own ends.” You finish. Kuroto goes quiet and lets out a screech.

“Reiko! We’re going to show these heathens what happens to them when they try to abuse the gifts I give them!” He shouts as he knocks over a monitor and keyboard trying to grab his driver and Gashat.

“Fine. But let me do the talking. Maybe we can convince them to give up their things before things escalate.” You say running to the elevator.

As you approach the downtown shopping center, you see a large crowd surrounding a fountain. You push your way through, with Kuroto shouting “Out of the way! The Game Master approaches!”, you see a group of Ride Players hanging around the fountain itself. Their armor was decked out in premium skins. While it still bore the basic features of the regular brown Rider armor, various decals were placed on them. Some had skull decals in a faux spray paint, others had false chips and battle damage, and one even had what looked liked fingerless gloves.

The players were speaking among each other and generally acting menacing when one of them notices you and Kuroto. They smack the shoulder of the player with the skull decals and points at you. “Dude look. She actually came. They were right.” The players slowly get to their feet and you raise your hands up in a sign of peace.

“Hey look I don’t wanna-”


The players look confused and mutter among each other. You grumble and elbow Kuroto in the gut. “Shush! Not. Helping.” You hiss through clenched teeth. “Just ignore him! He tends to get a bit overzealous about his game!” You call out. “Listen, he’s half right though. We came to ask if you can give us your Gashats. Chronicle is dangerous. People can get seriously hurt! That’s all we came for. The Gashats and nothing else. We don’t gotta fight.”

The leader of the group shrugs. “Sorry but we kinda need your stuff. But on the first part we agree on. Just give us your things and we don’t have to fight.” He says holding out his hand.

“As if we’d do that.” Kuroto says drawing his driver. “Reiko. It’s time to show them what happens when they oppose us.”

You reluctantly draw out your gear from your bag, ready for the fight.

>What do you do?
>Continue to try and talk them out of it. They really don’t have to fight.
>Transform and try to take them out as quickly as possible. You don’t want to hurt them too badly.
I'll also need a 1d20+4 roll.
Rolled 19 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Transform and try to take them out as quickly as possible. You don’t want to hurt them too badly.
“We don’t have to do this.” You say once more as you raise your Gashat. The player nods.
“But you already know talking was never an option.” He replies.

“It’s always an option.” You reply clicking your Gashat. Henshin!

Noir Mystery…

Kuroto raises both his Gashats and smirks. “You’ve really chose the worst option. Not that I’d have let you choose any other. Rule breakers deserve to be punished.”

Dangerous Zombie. Mighty Action X

The people around you screamed and began to scatter in panic as you run up to the skull player and smash your knee into his helmeted face. You opponent staggers back and his friends rush in to help him. Your hand goes to your hip to unclip your grappling hook and with a flick of your wrist you send the rope flying out towards the player with fake battle damaged armor. As it wraps around them you pull it back, and by exentsion them, towards you and you throw a straight punch into their face. As you fight, you notice the painfully obvious difference in power between both your Gashats much like the first time you ever fought.

Kuroto draws his sickles to engage the other two ride players. He cackles wildly, slashing at both players while ignoring the hits he was taking. The two players you were facing draw their weapons and engage you. “Hey! Ease up, we’re just trying to disarm them!” You shout at Kuroto as you idly dodge your opponent’s attacks. Compared to the fight you had against Graphite, these players’ attacks were simply too slow and telegraphed. You simply lean back or to the side to avoid their attacks and respond with swift kicks and punches to their sides or stomach.

The two players roll with the hit and get to their feet before both of them rush you at the same time with their small daggers and aim for your neck! You swiftly duck under them and thrust your palms deep into their stomachs, launching them into the air and into the fountain. As you get prepared to go for another around, you hear ringing in your helmet. Confused, you notice a small call icon in your HUD and a prompt asking if you want to answer. You assume it must be some kind of built in communication to NCR the group must have set up.

>What do you do?
>Continue the fight. You need to disarm these guys first. Answering the call can come after.
>Disengage and answer the call. Kuroto can handle himself and if NCR is calling you in the middle of something then it must be pretty important.
>Try to do both. Talking and fighting is going to take some concentration but you could manage it. These players don’t seem to be the best of fighters even with your experience.

1d20+4 roll
Rolled 12 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try to do both. Talking and fighting is going to take some concentration but you could manage it. These players don’t seem to be the best of fighters even with your experience.
Rolled 2 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Try to do both. Talking and fighting is going to take some concentration but you could manage it. These players don’t seem to be the best of fighters even with your experience.
Multitasking it is. Writing.
You kick away a dagger swing as you spin on one foot and swing your leg back to kick the other player away. ”Hello? you say as you answer the call. ”Little bit busy here.

You hear Akihito on the other end of the call. “Reiko! Are you almost done? We have a situation! There’s a bugster attack on the other side of the city!” He shouts. You pause for a moment in shock, allowing the players you were fighting to get a few hits on you. You grunt in surprise and pain as you whirl around a palm strike one into the other.

“Reiko! What are you doing?! You’re not supposed to hold back against these players! That is my orders!” Kuroto shouts at you. You grumble and go back to the call.

“We’re still trying to deal with the situation here.” You say as you hop onto the edge of the fountain and strike at the players with a few kicks. ”Can you send any of the others?” You ask. You jump off the ledge and axe kick the player with battle damaged armor. He crashes into the ground and is forced out of his transformation. Akihito hesitates before responding.

“We already have Poppy and Graphite trying to handle another bugster situation. Emu and the other Poppy are here taking care of accident that happened.”

You wince and are hit in the back with a few shots from the pistols the players had. “I got...I could send Kuroto to handle it. What about Hiiro and Taiga?” You ask jumping into the melee Kuroto was involved in.

“We can’t get a hold of Taiga. He won’t pick up his office phone...and Hiiro won’t answer his.” Akihito says.

”WHAT?! What happened?! Where is he?!” You shout tossing a player over your shoulder.

“I don’t know but Reiko this isn’t the time. We need a plan. If there’s bugsters that means there’s infect humans. What do we do?”

You clench your teeth and think, trying to push away the worry gnawing at your thoughts.

>What do you do? The others are indisposed or aren’t picking up. You still need to figure out what’s going on with these players as well.
>Send Kuroto. If it’s a bugster, he can just go all out. No need to worry about actual players getting hurt but that doesn’t really include any collateral damage the fight could have.
>Go yourself. Tell Kuroto that he’s not allowed to do anything more than force the players to untransform and take their Gashats.
>Try and call Hiiro. He might just be busy. But if he see’s it’s your name that’s calling then he might pick up. Though if he saw NCR’s number he’d have picked up anyways…
>Try and finish this fight up as fast as possible and rush to the next area. These guys aren’t too tough but you’re not sure if you can trust Kuroto fully just yet.
Fuck forgot HP values.

HP: 13/15
>Try and finish this fight up as fast as possible and rush to the next area. These guys aren’t too tough but you’re not sure if you can trust Kuroto fully just yet.
>Try and finish this fight up as fast as possible and rush to the next area. These guys aren’t too tough but you’re not sure if you can trust Kuroto fully just yet.
Trying to do everything at once. Writing.
“Kuroto, we have a situation.” You say drawing your brass knuckles and throwing a right hook at one of the players. “We have a bugster on the loose. We have to end this quick.” Kuroto swings wildly and accidentally cuts down a sign post.

“Just send Emu or someone else.” He says driving both sickles into the player and lifting them above his head before slamming them into the ground. “I’m busy.”

You duck under a knife swing, and follow up with a combo to the torso ending with a vicious uppercut. The player flies back and lands in the water before untransforming. “They’re busy. Emu has hospital emergencies, and Poppy and Graphite are dealing with a second bugster. Apparently Hiiro and Taiga aren’t picking up.” You say sweeping the legs of another player.

“Looks like Gemn Corp is making their move. Fine, let’s hurry and deal with these heathens. We have bigger bigger targets now.”

You nod and move next to Kuroto. Together you team up against the last two of the players. They try their best to fight back but ultimately they’re overwhelmed by to Level X Gashats. You didn’t even have to use a finishing move to end the fight. You quickly untransform and start gathering their Gashats.

“Please!” The player who had the skull motif cries out. “We don’t want to die! We were just doing as we’re told!” You pause and give him a reassuring look.

“Listen, we just wanted your Gashats. We’re not going to hurt you.” You say gently. “You should go home before someone calls the police or something.” The player shakes his head desperately.

“No! You have to let us win! My friends need them!” He shouts motioning to the other players who were now writhing in pain. Sweat breaks out on their brow and they clutch at their bodies as if everything was in pain.

“Game Syndrome!” You shout rushing to their side. You pull out the GameScope and scan them. A small emblem of a wheel appears on the results screen.

“Bakusou Bike.” Kuroto mutters. You look at him in surprise.

“The racing game?” You ask putting away your things. “Think that’s the other bugster we’re going to go fight?”

“No clue. In any case we should hurry and find it.” He says getting up to leave.

“What?! We can’t just leave them!” You protest.

“And what can you do now? The virus is probably already running around the city. You can’t force anything out for an operation.”

“We should at least try to get them to the hospital.”

Kuroto shrugs indifferently. “You can’t save everyone Reiko.”

“I can sure as hell try!”
>Problems upon problems. What do you guys want to do?
>Just leave and go find the other bugster. With any luck it’ll be the one infecting these players. If it is, all you need to win and they’ll be cured.
>Try and call NCR to see if they know what bugster they’re sending you after. Better to be sure what’s going on then rushing off without a plan.
>Talk to players themselves. Maybe they can shed more light on what’s going on.
>Split up. Send Kuroto to go fight the bugster while you stay behind and try to piece together what’s going on.
>Write in

With that. I gotta stop for today and head to work. If you got any suggestions or advice I'm all ears.
It seems like this quest is slowly dying due to lack of interest and my now slower postings. Should I just stop? We did have a good run guys.
>>Try and call NCR to see if they know what bugster they’re sending you after. Better to be sure what’s going on then rushing off without a plan
No it's not that. Thread's on page 10 and will soon fall off, the lower the thread, the less visible and active it becomes.
Yeah that would make sense. I'll try and finish up this current bit and start a new thread. Normally I'd like to wait till the posts are in the 200s but that was back then when I was bumming around all day with free time. Didn't want to spam the board you know?
You pull out your phone and quickly dial Akihito’s number. “Akihito, we have more problems.” You say nervously. You can hear him groan quietly on the other end.

“What’s going on? Did something happen to the players?” He asks as you hear the rapid clicks of his keyboard. “Poppy and Graphite are still busy and I haven’t checked up on Emu and Poppy. Hiiro and Taiga still aren’t picking up their phones.”

You try to ignore the cold feeling in the pit of your stomach at the mention of Hiiro’s absence. “R-right. Well keep trying.” You say taking a deep breath. “But we have bigger problems right now. The player, they’re infected with the bugster virus. Do you know what the bugster you mentioned was? The one you wanted us to go after?” You hear another flurry of clicks as Akihito probably goes through his myriad of notes.

“Right, I can’t find any pictures or names but various sources mention it’s some kind of swordsman monster? Do you know anything about that?”

You feel a chill run down your spine as you remember the name. Kaiden. The swordsman bugster that had attacked you and your family last halloween. If you hadn’t asked Hiiro for help… You shake your head, getting rid of the myriad of emotions running through your head, and return to the present situation. “Yeah, I know it. It’s a bugster named Kaiden, based off a samurai fighting game. We finished him off months ago. But that’s not the one I’m looking for. The players here are infected with another bugster based on a racing game. Can you keep an eye out? Probably look for something to do with motorbikes and speeding?”

“I can try but it’s gonna take some time. Finding something like that is harder than looking for a lone swordsman in modern Japan.” Akihito says uncertainly.

“You can do it Akihito. You’re their senior. They’re counting on you.” You say trying to inject some confidence into the conversation.

“R-right!” Akihito replies. “I can’t fail them! It’s my duty!” He shouts and hangs up. You let out a soft breath and turn to Kuroto.
“Just talked to Akihito. The bugster we know of is Kaiden.” You say. Kuroto crosses his arms and frowns.

“You know what they’re trying to do right?” He says. You shake your head.

“Not really?”

“It’s fairly obvious Reiko. They’re trying to split us up.” Kuroto points out. “Unless Lovelica has lost it and is starting to cause another Zero Day with a mass pandemic, none of this makes sense for Gemn Corp to do.” You nod.

“That might be but we can’t ignore what’s going on right now. These people need help.” You insist.

“Then what do you want me to do? I’m only here to see my game completed. We can leave them and look for Bakusou Bike later.” You glare at him. He knew full well you’d never take that option.
>How do you want to handle the situation?
>Stick around and call the emergency number. If you can get them to a hospital Emu and Poppy might be able to help.
>Stay here and look for the Bakusou Bike bugster. If they got infected then he must be nearby. With Kuroto helping you, it shouldn’t be too hard to find and deal with.
>Split up, send Kuroto to go fight Kaiden the swordsman and you can stay around looking for the other bugster. It might be part of Gemn Corps plan but it also covers all current situations.
>Leave the players while you go with Kuroto to fight Kaiden. You can call an ambulance for them but without knowing where the bugster that infected them is, you don’t know how much you can help.
>Stick around and call the emergency number. If you can get them to a hospital Emu and Poppy might be able to help.

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