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You feel tired beyond imagination.
A single chop managed to sap so much of your energy that you can't even support your own body anymore.
For a while you manage to stay in a kneeling position but after your legs turned to jelly you couldn't even manage to do that anymore.

Falling face first in the dirt you begin to mumble through the soil in your mouth.
"That's very good Vados...
Now can you move me so I don't choke?"

"Ooops! Sorry!"
The angel rolls you over with her telekinesis.
"There we go."

"HAHAHAHA! Look at you! That's hilarious!
You can't even move!"

"Fuck you Champa..."

"Anyway, like I said before this technique allows you to block almost any move as long as it's physical.
Obviously your body is still flesh and blood so things like heat will affect you all the same, no matter what.
However I think you'll find this to be a very handy tool in your arsenal.
And it's an excellent first step-"

"First step for what?"

"Never mind that.
First we need to patch you up-"
Her staff begins to glow, indicating her use of some sort of divine healing ability.

>Let her
>Just get me some nutra bars from the fridge
>Take me to the girls so I can be nursed back to health instead
>Let her
>Let her
Hit needs us to do a hit with him.
B-But I wanted to do halloween
>Let her
Okay... I guess Hit time it is
Laying back, you let Vados do her thing and you feel your flesh being stitched back together seamlessly.
Once her ritual is done you manage to stand up and test out the results of her healing.
Not only has the strength returned to your muscles but you feel better than ever, like even things you didn't know were wrong were fixed.

"Well? Satisfied?"

"Yeah! This is perfect!
Thanks Vados!"

"Oh it was nothing. After all I was the one that got you into this mess in the first place.
Now... I believe that concludes our training for a while."


While I could keep teaching you, I think it'd do more harm than good for the time being.
Let the rest settle down for a bit and once you're ready we'll begin again."

"A'ight, I can work with that."

"Good good!"
Champa said, rubbing his hands together.
"Now that that's settled how about another meal?"

"Y-You just had breakfast-"

"I know what I said!"

"You really should watch your appetite Lord Champa.
I know I said that you've been loosing weight recently but that doesn't mean you can go and gorge yourself to your hearts content."
Vados looked at him really condescendingly.

"Aw come oooon Vados!
He's my chef! That's his job!
What's he gonna do anyway?"

>Actually, Hit asked me out for a job so... yeah. I got other things to do as well
>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
>Sigh. I'll get right on it
>Actually, Hit asked me out for a job so... yeah. I got other things to do as well
>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
>>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?

Time to remind Champa of his promises and play to his ego!
>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
When will you learn n-som,hit is best waifu
>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
>>Sooooo you don't want me to prepare for the upcoming party? The one you invited your friends to?
Guess I learned now that he ain't!
Well all know that cats are home wreckers. All needy and doing what they want all the time.
You raise an eyebrow at him.
"Soooooo you DON'T want me to prepare for the upcoming party?
You know, the one you invited your friends to. It'd be a real shame if they were disappointed-"

You mean that's today?"

"I mean... I intended it for today."

"I thought parties take ages to plan!"

"Only if it's organized by you my lord-"

A-anyway I got a few calls to make in that case!
You have my permission to focus on the preparations! Just make sure we got some actual food as well.
Because if I can't eat properly I'm gonna die!"

"Of course boss.
What would you like? Pizza or tacos?"

"What's tacos?"

"Ground beef in a corn shell and you can pack whatever you want on it."

Okay! Do that! Oh... that reminds me! Will there be cheese?"

"I... yes, I wanted to make some cheese sauce for that and the nachos.
Why do you ask?"

"Good! Make sure you DON'T bring it out without first notifying ME.
Got it?"

"As you wish."

Then as you turn around on your heels and head inside to do your job, you hear Champa frantically making his calls with the help of his attendant.
"Ah yes! It's me, Champa!
Yeah, remember when I told you about a party! Well it is today!
Yes of course I know it's sudden. You're still gonna come because you got nothing better to do!
Okay. Screw you as well! I'm gonna call the others. See you at the party!"

That got a chuckle out of you.
Still... You wonder what kind of people Champa would consider "friends" or if he even has any.
It's more likely that they are just world leaders that are scared shitless of him.
Unless.... Nah! That's not possible.

And as he continues to make at least two more calls, you get back in the kitchen to do your stuff.

>Roll 1d21+3 for cooking
Best of 4
DC: 9 Crit: 17
Rolled 18 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 16 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 3 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 18 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 17 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Artifical 21 now we only need a nat to make it transcend even Zenos comprehension.
File: NT2JFf1.jpg (37 KB, 600x474)
37 KB
That's uh.... that might complicate things
...how so?
You'll see
My guess we impress other GoD so much they might be tempted to fight for Eric?

Also will Sidra be there just to take the rare opportunity to relax for a while as he is still petty much in all work and no play mode?
Grabbing an apron, you start by preparing the main attraction first.
Since you already decided with Tacos, you go along with the idea and prepare things with a bit of a latin-american twist to them.
After the ground beef, the shells, the guacamole, sour cream, cheese and everything else you could possibly want on a Taco is prepared, you get to the appetizers.
Foregoing traditional snacks, you instead make some Nachos and just as promised make some cheese sauce alongside the salsa.

But of course, since this is a Halloween party after all, the sweets must be the heart and soul of all things.
For those with a more refined taste, some pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies will do. And the children can enjoy mountains of candy, all prepared by hand naturally.
All of these elements combined together make for quite a delectable selection of treats that would be fitting for any kind of party... Short of the ones held in college frat houses.
And with all that settled now you only have to set up the location.

"Hey kids! Do you wanna help your old man out a little?"

Kamin looks up from her magazine.
"Do we have to?"

"I mean you don't. Then I'll just set up the decorations myself."


"I told you, didn't I?
We're having a halloween party!"

"We thought you were just kidding!"

"Come on now. I thought you knew me better than that!"

Lyn cheered joyfully and with her enthusiasm rocketing sky high the other two also felt inclined to join and help you with the preparations.

Heading out you began setting up tables, chairs and poles upon which you'll hang the various decorations.
Lyn even began the assembly of a rudimentary speaker system through which you can play some music if you so wish.
Naturally even the older kids start enjoying themselves as the place begins to look more and more festive.
And you'd be smiling from ear to ear from watching them... if the honored guests did not show up... in a pillar of light.
Though appearing singular, there are in fact three distinct beams of energy that struck the ground of Champas planet and each carries not one, not two but at least three people.
Once the lightshow ends and you no longer have to cover your eyes you see the beings that arrived here and your suspicions are confirmed.
Judging by their dress and their companions... each of them, without a shadow of a doubt is a Destroyer God.
Though... you'd be hard pressed to be intimidated by any of them.

The shortest of the three screams in a shrill voice.
Its source is a short, bipedal and yellow mouse or rat that's only slightly less disturbing than the great evil mouse of your own world.

"Can I help you?"
You ask him.

"Oh... look guys! The fat cat got himself some servants! How nice!"
He raises his palm at you.
"I wonder if it'd upset Champa if I broke his toys! Kyekyekye!"

>"You don't wanna do that"
>"May I interest you in some snacks?"
>Time-skip behind him
>>Time-skip behind him then ask "May I interest you in some snacks?"
>>"May I interest you in some snacks?"
>"May I interest you in some snacks?"

Less dramatic version.
Seconding as well.

Also probably won't see much of me, power's out and I'm phoneposting right now.

Fucking, worst GoD has arrived.
an alternate way to do this would be "May I interest-"timeskip behind him
"-you in some snacks?"
also we should be holding a tray of snacks in either case
This is actually pretty ingenius
thank you like most anons on the interweb i too occasionally have good ideas bad ones as well but hey that's life
File: pink_elephant.png (256 KB, 782x1022)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
You look over your "guests" and the list looks like something out of a psychedelic kids show.
Completely ignoring the fact that there are three angels and more than three Supreme Kais present, all of whom look either bizarre or completely unassuming (meaning out of place) you still got the Gods.
And what a fucking circus this is.

There is the No-horned Small-rat, a fucking ROBOT and a literal pink elephant.
Looks like even after cutting the drugs out of your life you still failed to escape such sights.
But no matter, they are Champas "friends" and as such honored guests.
Just gotta scare the piss out of the little ratty and all will be well.
You already have a devious idea in mind...

Looking over at the table, you spot one of the plates with the nachos on them, complete with all manner of sauces except the cheese of course (which you now sorta get why was left out).
Activating your time-skip, you grab the plate and move past all these cartoon characters.
You haven't been paying attention to them but assume the angels already know what the deal is, but you can't say the same for the gods.
"Welcome my lords... May I interest you in some snacks?"

The rat is too busy shitting himself to respond, so the elephant is the one to react first.
"My, what a well trained valet!"
He takes one of the chips and looks at the condiments inquisitively.
"How do you consume these... things?"

"Just dip them into whichever sauce strikes your fancy.
I assure you they are all quite delicious, I prepared them myself.
But one warning: These ones are spicy."

A chef as well? Champa really stepped up his game it seems!"
He then dips the tortilla into some guacamole and he seems pleased by the results.
"Mmmmmmmm! You gotta try this one Mule! It's nothing but a carrier for the dip but it's still quite good!"
He speaks to the... robot?

Just as he does that the hatch on the golems stomach pops open and a red, impish creature pokes his head out of.
As you lower the plate for him, he immediately goes for the spicy salsa and finds it delectable.
"Yeah boy! This is quite nice! Aren't you gonna try some Quitela?"

"A-Are you guys BLIND?! Didn't you SEE that?!"

"See what?"

The tall, male angel of the rat is quick to calm him down.
"Now now my lord. There is no need to be upset.
Let's just be polite guests and-"

"Oh you WOULD say that!
Fine... whatever! Hey servant! Bring me some cheese for this thing so the lesser gods can have their turn as well!"

"I'm afraid I can't my lord.
First I must notify Lord Champa of your arrival-"
You lie through your teeth.
File: garfield.png (182 KB, 540x565)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
But as if on queue, you hear the voice of your boss shouting in the distance.
He appears holding the big bowl of semi-liquid cheese that you prepared.
But the fact that Champa is willingly doing something so petty as bringing the dip himself is eclipsed by the sheer absurdity of his appearance.

As he flies out his costume becomes apparent, with his usual purple fur coated in orange and black spray paint.
The other gods also catch this rather obvious change and both the elephant and the imp start loosing their shit.
The elephant roars through his trunk.

Didn't you know? This party is themed after a holiday on one of my planets! It's called Halloween and it's tradition that you dress up as weird creatures during it!
It's culturally enriching. As such, you'll be referring to me as Garfield this day! And ONLY this day! No exceptions!"

"Whatever, I don't give a damn.
Just gimme the cheese already Champa!"

"Oh? You mean this?"
His mouth curls into a devilish smile.
"My faithful cook... would you like to confirm what this is?"

"Cheese dip my lord."

"Excellent! And how about this?"
He pulls out a green vegetable from behind his back.

You begin sweating.
"That's a jalapeño sir. It's... hot."

He drops it into the cheese, much to the rats dismay.

You KNOW I can't eat spicy food!"

"I do!
And I also don't like it when a rat-bastard jumps INTO the cheese sauce meant for everyone!"


The two begin going at each others throats and it doesn't look like they'll be stopping soon.

>Take your excuse and leave to get into costume as well
>Offer the rest of the guests some food and refreshments
>Go and get Vados. You have a feeling she might wanna be here
>Go and get Vados. You have a feeling she might wanna be here then get into costume as well

what costume did eric pick? can i recommend the MASK?
>Take your excuse and leave to get into costume as well
File: Doomguy.png (283 KB, 340x837)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
>>Take your excuse and leave to get into costume as well
Got Eric's costume right here
>Go and get Vados. You have a feeling she might wanna be here
someone needs to babysit champa
Well now I am disappointed we didnt go as Gordon Ramsey...
I mean that's basically just Eric's regular outfit though.
File: Spoiler Image (155 KB, 608x700)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
This one?
yup hopefully we can get buu to help with the cartoon shenanigans
Ohhhhhh that's good. Please tell me we can play music via magic as well.
>Take your excuse and leave to get into costume as well
File: Spoiler Image (153 KB, 728x1088)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
"Excuse me for a second, I got to get in costume as well.
Please, feel free to help yourselves to any of the snacks and refreshments here!"
Moving over to Kamin and Oren, you grab them as well before they could potentially do any damage and move back home.
"Okay. I got your costumes ready, get dressed!"

"Wait... what? Where did you get these?"

"Isn't it obvious?"


Now put these on. One Vergil coat for Oren, and one Dante for Kamin."

"Oh wow.
These are actually pretty cool!
What are you gonna dress as? Sparda?"

Shit! That would've been a good idea!
No. I got this Mask outfit instead."

"What's that?"

"The Mask? An old comic book that got buried by its movie adaptation.
Then got a terrible sequel everybody wants to forget, including me. Anyway, you better get going.
I got to apply the actual rubber mask and paint which might take a while. Oh and do see if Lyn showed up.
And what costume she got. I swear to fucking god if Vados gave her an Odie one I'm gonna pop a vessel!"

The two of them nodded and took off, and judging by the multitude of ki signatures going past Caulifla and Kale probably smelled the food and also joined in on the fun.
By the time you finished with your getup the party's well underway since the twins finished the rest of the decoration.
And luckily, you won't get a stroke either as Lyn only has some face paint and a pair of gray cat ears as her costume.

What's perhaps even more hilarious are the others.
Caulifla, completely nonchalant about it, got herself a big monkey costume. And not one of those slutty halloween ones either, a full blown King Kong outfit minus the head.
Kale on the other hand dressed up as a princess with a big ballroom dress.
You have no idea how Vados managed to get Hit to dress up as King Crimson... but you're glad she did.
And speaking of whom... she uh, let's just say she went the extra mile.
First off, has she been browsing Earth's internet?
Second, that costume is on purpose, isn't it?
Shit Vados is studying up on her internet memery. We'll have to up our game if wanna sucessfully troll her ever again.
"That one's gotta be deliberate... Look at her, she even flaunts it in front of her family like she doesn't give a fuck...
Well, I'm not gonna be outdone by dickery JUST yet!"
Closing your eyes, you start focusing.
"Buu... I'm going to hand over more of my body. Go nuts..."
Opening your eyes, you feel the chaotic energies swirling inside.
You swipe your hand across your face and cast an illusion over your eyes to make them appear normal for the duration.

Throwing your arms behind your back, you start walking forward causing the limbs to stretch behind you until you arrive at your destination and they snap back in place.
Appearing next to the girls, you run your finger along the brim of your wide hat.
Giving Kale a a big ol' smooch, you leave the girl red as a firetruck and start laughing like a maniac.
"It's party time!"

Grinning, you size up your potential victims.
You got the mostly stuck up GoD's who seem more like... friendly rivals to Champa rather than friends.
Then there are the Supreme Kais of the three gods that are sitting far away from everyone else, looking quite uncomfortable.
And of course Vados with her two brothers and one sister...

We will have no fucking party poopers. Deploy the alcohol.

Eh, so torn between amusing/making even more uncomfortable the Kais and seeing what Vados' family think of us. Literally had to flip a coin, came up Angels this time.

Might also be a good opportunity to do some mid-level networking.
>Play up the Mask persona
gotta get the bunny
Hmmmm that came close
But the kais won
Say hi to Tea Man
You decide to ease off with the act and head over to the Kais, mainly because while they might be fine keeping that massive stick up their asses, you sure aren't.
Sitting down on the bench next to them, you slide across the whole thing and with an unnaturally stretchy arm that's beyond your control, you bring over some drinks.
"Well hello there! I'm afraid we got strict rules about the toilet in place here!
That means no party pooping is allowed!"
Pouring each of the four kais a glass of beer, you slide them over with a grin.
"So please... let us drink!"

The old and wrinkly yellow one looks at the bubbly thing and then back at you.
"Would it be rude if I asked for tea instead?"

"Let me answer that question with another question!
Do you like magic tricks?"
Wiggling your fingers in his general direction you watch them stare in awe as the bubbly beer turns into tea right before their eyes.

"This- This can't be!"
The blue one with the glasses gasps.

The reserved orange one with the mohawk chastises him.
"I don't think a god should act surprise when faced with magic...
Could it be that after all these years in your mechanized universe you've forgotten all about the arcane Universe 4?"
He then turns his attention to you.
"I hope you don't find him too rude. Here, I'll show you proper etiquette and imbibe this strange drink of yours!"
He takes a few sips before he has to stop.
"GAH! It-It's so bitter! How does anyone drink that?"

"Should've asked for tea!"

"Grrrrr! You shut up Kuru! I'm frustrated enough as is!
I should be at home preparing, working! Instead I'm here with you guys!"
Well... looks like he's the only one with a stick up his butt, the rest were simply uncomfortable.
Although... there is still one remaining who didn't join in on the conversation.
"So let me get it clear... Universes 3... 4... and 10, correct?"

The yellow one nods.
"My name is Gowasu, my fellow Kai here as you've heard is Kuru.
And my esteemed colleague there is Ea..."

EA? Well that doesn't bode well. And did they say "mechanized"? You hope to god he's not charging things like oxygen to mortals as micro-transactions.
Anyway, you stand up from the table and go around the kai with the poor eyesight and bring a glass with you.
Setting it down on the corner of the table you look at the petite, green kai that's been trying awfully hard to hide all this time.
"And to whom do I owe the pleasure here?"

"Ignore him servant!
She's my assistant Mu and you need not care for her. She's not a Supreme Kai."

"Oh, a Kai in training?"
You smile at her.
"Will this do or would you like anything else to drink? I'm quite versatile!"

"N-No thank you..."
She says as she buries herself in the stack of papers she brought with herself out of nervousness.

"Ea... you've been training the poor girl for ages now.
When will you let her spread her wings a little? At this rate she'll never take over for you."

I told them I don't need an apprentice but they gave me one anyway.
Well, at least she's useful as a secretary. But if it were up to me I would've sent her back to the Sacred World long ago!
Sadly... we don't get many golden fruits to be picky!"
The little nerd adjusts his glasses with pride.

But as you're busy looking at him and suppressing the urge to punch him in the face, you feel someone else staring at you.
It's the little Kai who at first only shot you a few cautious glances but now she's staring at you without breaking eye contact.
"E-Erm... Excuse me... do I know you from somewhere?"

"Hmmmm. Now that you mention it young one, he does seem familiar!"
Gowasu also observes.

>I'm afraid not! I would remember meeting someone like you
>Ah yes, I remember on a hot, steamy night in Paris! (start rambling about some bullshit)
>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.
>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.

Oh boi 34!zamasu
“I’ve been on television recently, but nothing I can imagine the kais watching; we don't exactly broadcast between dimensions I don’t think. Well, besides Lord Fuwa I suppose, but I have no clue how that works.”
>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.
>Did we run into each other at some point? Do have any idea where?
Big think
>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.

Oh man, we got genderbend Zamasu!
>>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.
I remember this! This lady is a HUGE Slayer TV fan to escape her shitty irl life.
>>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.

Also Nega-Som, if it's not Spoilers could you answer this question? On a scale of 1 to "Universe 6 is fucked", how bad would it have been if we had opened that final door Buu warned us against when learning how to properly BERSERK?
>>I'm afraid not! I would remember meeting someone like you
Scale of 1 to ALL?

The threat was not "physical".
Ah, the spiritual kind of threat then. I imagine the demon within might've become a lot more literal then. On a soul level. Or something, I'm not describing it well.
>>Maybe you've seen me on TV recently.

More like a can of worms not even a nigh omnipotent evil genie wants to fucking deal with, especially since he'd be closed in with it
Good point. After Superhell Eric's issues have subscriptions. Can't be pleasant at all.
"Well I suppose I was on TV recently but I don't see why the Earth Tournament would be broadcasted-"

Her eyes start shining bright as she casts off her shyness.
"Oh my lord! Now I know! That voice! You sound exactly like the Slayer!"


"Ugh... Again Mu with that brainless cartoon of yours?!
At this rate I'll have to take away your breaks because if you keep rotting your braincells with that drivel you can't do my paperworks!"

"Wait... the Slayer?"
Gowasu muses.
"Huh... I thought that's just a cartoon, not live action.
Then again I didn't really watch it that much. Didn't see what was so great about it."

"So? Is it true? Is it is it is it?"

"Well... Yes. I am.
Or at least the character is based off of me.
Man, I had no idea that thing was already in production much less actually RELEASED!
Fuwa must've been crazy busy."

"I'm... lost-"
The orange kai speaks up.
"What are you talking about?"

"It's this amazing cartoon for adults! It has violence, gore and great character development and and and-"
Mu, realizing she just went crazy, takes a deep breath to calm herself down.
"Basically I'm a super big fan! Could I maybe get um... an autograph?"

"Sure, I don't see why not. For Mu, right?
What would you like signed?"

She undoes the buttons on her attire and your thoughts start running wild before she opens her vest and reveals a T-shirt with what appears to be a heavily stylized depiction of the Slayer, Sala and Ken. How amusing.
She stretches the lower half of it, revealing her mid-riff, and spreads it on the table so you have a flat surface to work with.

"Let's see..."
You start wondering how the FUCK to do this.
"Erm... "For my greatest fan Mu"
And a signature: Eric Asulf, The Slayer!"

"Ohmygosh! I gotta tell my friends- Oh... I don't... have any friends.

You blush through the green paint as the short sighted Kai continues to remind you of brainy smurf.

"Yeah, that's great and all but could you tell your Supreme Kai that MAYBE instead of producing childrens GodTube programs, he should instead be doing his job?
Like... I don't know! Cultivating his warriors like any sensible person would do!"

"I'm not cultivating my warriors-"
Gowasu speaks in a confused manner.
"Anyway, could you instead ask him what gave him the inspiration to make up such a story?
I've been struggling to break into the GodTube business but he seemed to do it so easily!"

What do you mean?
Make up?"

"You know, that Slayer show. It's on the shirt you just signed."

"Oh... that...
I don't know how to tell you but that's not made up-"


"W-Wait! Y-Y-Y-You mean-"
Ea gulps down what must feel like a ball of needles in his throat.
"You WENT into the Makai?! WILLINGLY?"

"Went in, crushed it.
Aaaaaaaand that's it boys.
I'm out of stamina. Tune in next time when we'll have to scrape the Kais brains off the table.
Or their coom.
One or the other

Take care until next time
thanks for the run

Thanks for the run, Nega-Som!
Thanks for the run.
thanks for the run Nega-Som
Wait...do we get residuals?

From what Fuwa said earlier, GodTubing is an entirely popularity-based thing. There's no monetary exchange involved anywhere.
idea for next time we start pulling shit from our jacket that we got from makai (we will actually be pulling stuff from a portal or making stuff via illusion) somewhere along the way down memory lane via momentos from makai we pull out a "demon"(buu in disguise/or another illusion/magic construct we give control to him) who will roar loudly before we quickly shove him back in and then we end with telling them we made a friend there who we brought back with us we then hold up one finger to symbolise we need a moment lean over sideways then do the hitting one side of your head when you have water in your ear then buu oozes out in his own costume then we introduce as our friend majin buu does this work for anyone?
File: Z (19).jpg (41 KB, 500x281)
41 KB
Run-On Sentences are no way to format your posts Anon.
does it look like i give a shit?
Isn’t universe 7 low on Supreme Kais after a pink disaster fucked most of their boy band up?
Universe 6 might be the same, I’m not sure.
Either way, if he doesn’t want that Kai as an apprentice, he ought to hand her off to a universe in need.
Technically Fuwa has his own Kibito.
A blue guy that doesn't show up much


You didn't get jack.
And if you think "well what about merchandising" then I got bad news for you
She made the shirt herself
I’m just sayin, there’s supposed to be 4 supreme kais and a Grand Supreme Kai that stands above the rest.
Universe 7 only has a shitty dumbass kai and his attendant and an old fuck.
Universe 6, as you just told me, only seems to have Fuwa and his attendant.
Give us the fapbait kai!
File: fahpx3va9qz31.png (1.08 MB, 968x1452)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Ok Coomer.
What's she worth for you?
How far are you willing to go for her?
File: 155.jpg (29 KB, 680x680)
29 KB
It's not a matter of how far I'm willing to go.
It's a matter of how far I'm willing to come.
Okay. That slayed me harder than it had any right to.
I'll see what I can do
Man, I've been feeling the warp overtaking me for a while now
I felt the gnawing desire for some grand adventure
So I gave into my urges and got back into pen and paper RPG's
And wow... did /tg/ get cucked since quests migrated
I remember finding myself a pretty neat group back in the day but now Group Finder threads are utter dogshit and other places like Roll20 succumbed to jewry...
Guess I'm stuck just reading my books for now
What kind of game are you lookin for, bro?
I've been perusing things for inspiration when stumbled across Eberron and I instantly fell in love with the setting.
I'm still reading the metric fuckton of books I found so I'm nowhere near done.
And I also refreshed my memory on D&D 3.5 because that's the one I used to play back in the day and I only heard mixed things about the newer editions.
That being said, if I can't find any I might have to learn those newer one...
>I only heard mixed things about the newer editions.
5E is pretty decent honestly, not many glaring issues. Great for new players as well if you feel like converting your friends.
I don't know. I just don't like having less options.
While 3.5 was by no means perfect, it still offered more complexity which I was fond of
File: 1552856573469.png (262 KB, 540x485)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>She made the shirt herself
Also, implying that I have friends to speak of is hilarious
Homebrew is your friend Nega-Som.
I mean you could just play through some vidya RPG's instead. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is pretty good.
File: 17832.jpg (10 KB, 250x222)
10 KB
Shadow of the Demon Lord is a good option for having less retardation than 3.5 had yet far more in terms of choice and flexibility than 5e.
I especially like the way they handle 'classes'.
File: 1499976244582.jpg (135 KB, 512x411)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
/tg/ died when quests left, I remember I used to browse the catalog while waiting for quests to update, that probably helped retain a good amount of the userbase.
I don't want to make any promises but it looks like I can run on Wednesday
File: D6XWy2YU0AA-_G- (1).jpg (39 KB, 512x512)
39 KB
The gods are busy picking up their jaws from the ground for various reasons. Not even Mu seems to be immune to the shock factor, though admittedly it has a different effect on her.
As they gasp and struggle swallowing their saliva, they finally manage to compose themselves after a few minutes and look at you with abject horror, utter adoration or a mixture of both.

"The Demon World..."
Ea, the bespectacled kai adjusts his glasses as he starts thinking out loud.
"Even the one in our universe is a wretched place. I shudder to imagine what a Hellhole like the 6th could create..."

You take offense to that.
"The place is not that bad! Sure we're like... the third from the bottom but still!
We're NOWHERE the worst there is."
And considering the nature of the Makai, the better a universe is generally the nastier their version of the Demon Realm would be.

The up until now reserved orange kai begins gritting his teeth however.

What's that?"

"You... are... the fourth!"

"Oh damn! Really?
When did that happen?"

Gowasu looks at you and answers your question.
"Just today the annual Mortal Level rankings were released. He's been quite tense since.
But back to the topic at hand...
May I ask why haven't you abandoned your master after he threw you into the Demon Realm?"

"Threw me in?
I went in on my own."


I needed to grow stronger to protect my home.
And Lord Fuwa provided me with an opportunity.
To get in and fight for dear life until I become strong enough."

"I see...
So the humble attendant became a mighty warrior?
Come to think of it, what is your role in Champas court if I may ask?"

"Full time Chef, part-time maverick."

"Hmmmm... Well whatever you are, make sure you keep it a secret from Lord Quitela.
I have a suspicion that he won't appreciate your *ahem* performance as we do."

"I'll make sure to keep that in mind."

>Now if you'll excuse me, I got other guests to attend to
>Oh, that reminds me. I was supposed to bring you tea-
>So... Mu. How come a god like you is watching cartoons?
>So... Mu. How come a god like you is watching cartoons?
>So... Mu. How come a god like you is watching cartoons?
>So... Mu. How come a god like you is watching cartoons?
File: green_ass.jpg (60 KB, 500x632)
60 KB
In a not so surprising turn of events Not!Zamasu keeps dominating
Turning away from the elderly kai, you seek to steer the conversation away from serious subjects. This is a party after all.
"So Mu... how did a god like you come to enjoy cartoons so much?"

The girls cheeks become a darker shade of green as she gets flustered.
"W-Well... I don't really have any hobbies so when I have some free time I just... browse GodTube until I fall asleep.
I... never really got into any series before that."
Damn she's adorable. The way her elfin ears twitch, as her mouth curls into a slightly ashamed smile.
Her facial muscles clearly not used to exhibiting emotions to this extent begin twitching, making her look even more shy and nervous.

"Well I'm just glad that little shitshow managed to bring others some joy.
But damn! It's only hitting me now that I got an edgy saturday morning cartoon about my life!
Feels great!"

"Hey hey! You gotta tell me something!
What was fighting the three Demon Lords like?"

"The who?"

"The three generals of the Makai! You know! They set aside their differences, challenged you three on one!
You fought on the remnants of a great battlefield? One of them you beat up with the ripped out arm of the other?"

"Oh those guys...
I guess Fuwa took some creative liberties with the stories.
You see I just found out that three greater demons were planning on teaming up against me. This was when I already had quite a bit of notoriety to my name.
I didn't want others to get any ideas so I ambushed them before they could really strike a deal.
I did fight them three on one but it wasn't some big duel or anything. I ambushed them, assassinated one, maimed another and beat the third one up with his two friends to make a point.
It was rather one sided actually."


"If you're asking me, besides the Demon King himself the only others I had any real trouble with were the guys in the beginning-"

Mu then starts covering her ears and starts singing.
"Lalalalala! I can't hear you!"
Once she realizes you stopped she nervously stops.
"Hehe... sorry... I don't want to get the Demon King fight spoiled."

You start laughing.
"This is great!"
"S-Say! I know I said I didn't want any spoilers b-but could you tell me what happened to the others?
Did Sala survive? What happened to Ken?"

"Erm... Don't know how mad she'd get if I talked about her so I'll just say that Sala is fine.
And Ken is in the Makai studying under the Master. He rebuilt the entire dojo and is now guarding it.
If he wanted to he could've fought for the throne but... he didn't."


While his assistant is continuing to nerd out over her animated series the actual kai of the third universe is just rubbing his eyes in disbelief.
"This is so shameful... It's because of such behavior that you'll never become a proper god of the 3rd Mu."

Gowasu snaps at him.
"That is uncalled for!"

"Why? It's true.
She's so obsessed with childish things like cartoons or... brawn. *shudders*
If you've seen her salivating over those shirtless freaks beating each other into bloody pulps you'd understand Gowasu.
Oh wait! You do understand! Your universe entered the last tournament with nothing but brawn in mind! And look where that got you?"

"It's true that we did drop out rather quick. I admit that.
And it's true that you've lasted fairly long... but you still lost. The great strategy your universe was betting on did not work out."

Looks like the old kai struck a nerve there.
"No matter! Next time we'll use fusion from the start! With an even larger number of fusees! That way we are sure to win!"

"I don't think you will-"
You retort."

"What was that mortal?"

"You can plan all you want... if all you know and can work with are numbers then you simply won't win a tournament. Period."

"Y-You dare?"

Because you clearly don't understand how mortals work.
You see them as numbers, statistics, pawns to use or cogs in a machine. We simply don't work like that.
You can bash Gowasu or Mu all you want for favoring brawn... But as far as I know it was exactly physical might that won the last tournament. So statistically speaking they are right and you are wrong."

By this point, as you smugly look at the kai whilst leaning on your arm, Eas eyes begin twitching.
He clearly can't fathom someone like you having the galls to talk back to him.
But he quickly regains his composure and adjusts his glasses while looking real condescendingly at you.
"About what I expected from one of the denizens of the lower universes. Uneducated and barbaric at best!
Are you really under the impression that we'll loose a second time? I don't think so!
We got precious few days to prepare for the first tournament! Now that we know a second one can happen at any time we can prepare as much as we want!
And there is no way for your inferior flesh to keep up with the progress of our technology!"


>Wanna bet?
>Good for you
>This feels like talking to a brick wall. Ignore him
>Wanna bet?
>You’re starting to sound like the Tuffles. I’d be careful about treading too far down that path, you should see where it got them before I stepped in.
>>Wanna bet?
Well this is a 50/50 split
Let's see if I can work it out
>Wanna bet?
>That monofocus let you exell for a while I guess. Now it is just holding you back as you have forgotten about other things. Not utilizing everything is jus wasting potential.
Damn it 4 seconds late.
"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?
I've seen where that single mindedness can lead, especially if it involves technology. You should really be careful about it...
And yeah, it may have aided you up until now. But look where it got you. Now it's just holding you back and you're unable to diverge from it.
Or... could it be you forgot how to? That's the problem with specialization.
You eliminate your options and waste your potential!"

You can tell how mad that made him by the sounds of him nearly choking as he breathes in.
He looks down at his apprentice and grabs her by the hand so hard it's making Mu wince from the pain.
"Mu! We're going back to Lord Mules side!"

But as he stands up and turns around he finds you standing in front of him which makes the little manlet nearly fall on his ass as he hits his leg into the bench while backing off.
You look down at him with as much malice as you can muster without actually raising your powerlevel.
"I'd suggest you let go of her hand. And refrain from using force on her...
Or we're gonna have problems."

"I-Is that a threat?!"

"No. It's an advice."
Your eyes turn momentarily black as you keep leering at the small kai.
His legs start trembling as an unshakable feeling of dread starts overcoming him while he's slowly realizing that he DIDN'T see you move at all.
Raising your hand, you present him with a platter of snacks.
"Now how about you eat something and chill out?"

His eyes shift down and he's very clearly contemplating smacking the thing out of your hand but something urges him to not keep fucking with you.
So instead he releases Mu and just storms off to his lords side all on his lonesome.
As you sit down the remaining Kais stare at you with a mixture of fascination, adoration and cautiousness.

"That was not a smart move-"
Gowasu says.
"No matter who you are, threatening a Supreme Kai is never a good idea."
"At these times I think it's no wonder our universes are twins. He really reminds me of... never mind."

You're lucky this is Ea we're talking about.
Most other Kai would've struck you down for your insolence."
Kuru adds to that.
You opt for staying silent and not mentioning the fact that you could most definitely hand him is pasty blue ass on a silver platter if it really came down to it.
Instead you just shrug and sit down next to Mu.

"The only threatening thing about him is his God of Destruction and he seems to be literally eating out of my hands.
Plus I got Champa for insurance."

"You mean your Lord would go to such lengths to protect you?
Just... what sort of a relationship you have with him?"

Opening a portal you retrieve a kettle from your kitchen and start preparing some tea for the yellow toned kai.
"A mutually beneficial one. He employs me and I keep feeding him, plus doing the odd job here or there.
It really seems like the best way of dealing with a GoD like him, make yourself so convenient to have that replacing you would be more of a pain in the ass than keeping you around."
As you finish your explanation you hand over the cup to the god who accepts it with gratitude.
"Here, you said you wanted some."

"Ah thank you."
He looks down at the cup and seems almost lost as he's staring at the swirling liquid.

"What, the tea? I admit we usually only make tea when we dump it in the ocean but-"

"No, that's not what I meant.
I wanted to say what a strange creature you are.
You seem young, rash, certainly not pure... and yet-"
The kai shakes himself awake and looks at you.
"And perhaps that's what we need now more than ever. We... I put a lot of emphasis on acting rational, calm and attaining purity of mind.
But now that I look at you I see how a little chaos can liven up things among even the gods!
Also... if you find it in your heart, don't feel ill towards my twin. He... hasn't taken his loss lightly."

"Don't worry. I'm not one to hold grudges.
But how I'll resolve it is entirely up to him..."

"I guess that's fair."

>Anyway, I better check up on the others. Make sure you enjoy yourselves and call me if you need something (Who do you want to go to?)
>Could you explain this whole Twin thing for me? Is that literal or because your universes are paired? Come to think of it, how do Kais work even?
>Hey Mu. Why do you tolerate this jerkass?
>Anyway, I better check up on the others. Make sure you enjoy yourselves and call me if you need something (Who do you want to go to?)
>We casualy apear with a fake hole in our chest. You know true mask comic stuff.
Okay I'm back!
Wow, I thought you guys would be gunning for the green bussy harder than that
Angels it is! I just gotta get some quick grub first
Phew Imouto got me some kebab for when I came home. Today is a good day
Okay, I'm full and ready to jump back in!
File: happymerchant.png (123 KB, 320x320)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Though I must say the delivery guy looked familiar from somewhere
Maybe we ordered from him before
>pic related
If she bought them for anything more than 300 shekels she got scammed hard, really her own fault for not knowing how to haggle
Actually we both know how to haggle. The principle anyway, I don't have the face or the guts to pull it off. Because mom frequently visited markets like that and she can even rip off arabs and gypsies if she wants to.
So I can confirm that it does indeed work like that
"Aaaanyway, I better not ignore the rest of our guests!
Please enjoy yourselves by all means. And if you need anything just give me a call!"

Standing up from the table you spin around once before looking at the entire gathering of deities and start choosing your target.
Almost immediately your grin returns because who else would be a better target for your shenanigans than the angels?
Besides, meeting the relatives of Vados will surely be a treat.


So turning the dial back to eleven you revert to cartoon physics and zip-zap over to the blue angels.
Leaning against the air like a mime you wink and snap your finger guns at them.

Vados speaks up in a rather surprised tone.
"Erm... everyone! This is Eric, the one I talked about!
He's um- not usually like this I swear!"

"Hold that thought my lovelies! It appears I've left something when I hurried over here!"
You look around for a bit before spotting the illusion of a human heart you left behind and your eyes pop out of their sockets in shock.
Looking down at your chest you see the mock "hole" you made with two portals.
With a quick snatch and grab you put yourself back together and then doing a little twirl present yourself with a bow.
"Bonjour! Eric Asulf at your service!"

Looking a bit embarrassed Vados introduces her siblings to you.
"V-Very nice introductions Eric! These two are my brothers Camparri and Cognac from the third and fourth universe respectively!"

"A pleasure."

It's good to see our little sister is finally in good company after all this time.
However eccentric it may be."

"And this is-"

"Awww don't pay any attention to these three meanies!
I think your act is very funny!
I'm Kusu by the way! Nice to meet you!"

You kneel down before her and by stretching your arms out conjure a spotlight for her.
"Please! Everyone! Praise this literal angel! Because it seems that nothing less can appreciate a good clown nowadays!"


Seeing how she appreciates the performance and how she's practically BEGGING for a hug, you indulge her by picking her up, spinning her around a little and then letting her settle down on your shoulder.
Quitting the act just for a little you look at the other angels who seem downright terrified.
"But really it's a pleasure to meet y'all. I always love getting acquainted with the family of my friends.
But Vados... I have no idea how you could've kept such a cute little sister a secret from me!
I mean just look at her! Such a cute little cinnamon bun! I just wanna pinch her cheeks!"

"I don't see why not!"

But just as you set down the little girl and start smushing her cheeks together you get stopped by, a frankly pale Vados.


eric you dumbass!
File: best-angel.gif (1.07 MB, 389x295)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
"I don't."


This time the other angels step in.
"Vados is actually our youngest sister."

"And Kusu is our oldest.
In fact she's the eldest sibling out of all of us."

Your neck practicall creaks as you look back down at the cute loli you've been playing with and kinda feel the magic disappearing.
*squish squish*
Nope, it's still good.

But she does walk away from you for a little to bonk her two brothers on the head with her staff.
"Jeez guys! Didn't father teach you it's not polite to talk about a girls age?
And you Vados! Here I thought after all this time you finally loosened up a bit!
You know, figure things out and break out of that shell of yours! And you were talking so much good stuff about him as well!
It really made your big sister proud how you've grown up finally!"

"S-Sorry sis-"

"Or... could it be?"
She twirls around and tucks her arms behind her back.
"Hey mister! Could you hold me a little? It's been so long since someone carried me!"

Vados tries to stop her but the girl practically leaps into your arms, making you hold her like a bride.


>Drop her before ANYONE sees you
>Vados! Help!
>You know what? This is nice
>>You know what? This is nice
fuck it, go all the way. Vados will punish us later.
>You know what? This is nice
>>You know what? This is nice
>>Does the adorable angel have any other requests that the Clown Prince Of Chefs can fulfill?
>You know what? This is nice infact I feel a song coming on(hey pachuco)
>All these posts about trolling Vados, I love it
>hey pachuco
>You know what? This is nice
It’s also a direct request!
Can we do some psychic/magic space fuckery to make us the same size as kusu?
You KNOW what that scene ends with don't you?
Also why the size change?
It would be kind of hard to dance with the size difference is what I was thinking
I also figured eric wouldn't kiss someone while he's in a relationship
I suppose we could just kiss her nose/forehead instead if you think we would need to kiss her
Oh... that's much less worse than what I imagined.
Imma just say this: Kusu is smol and adorable, therefore she is littlest sister. Age is no factor in this perfect equation. One of many things Vados is yet to learn.
Wrong, loli-babas like her are great because you get to bully someone who is usually much older and wiser than you

It's cute
After we finish dancing with her can we give her a lollipop?
>Bulli the elder lady
>Able to do so for all the reasons that make her littlest sister regardless of age

Your hypocrisy is noted, plebian. These words will not be forgotten I assure you.
What did you imagine I was asking?
I don't wanna answer that
Large insertion?
File: blease sdop.png (8 KB, 528x404)
8 KB
You monster how dare you post such filth!?!?!?!?
But it'a only words Anon, they can't hurt anybody. Should I post a picture to validate your rage? Maybe even a gif?
In the immortal words of dad Turner "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will leave psychological wounds that will never heal"
Shit, my plan is exposed! Um,uh, you saw nothing! I never posted here today! IGNORE ME.
You look down at the loli angel and you can just BARELY catch a glimpse of her coy little wink.
That look she gave you tells you everything you needed to know to get what her plan is.
This might take every ounce of your magic but it'll be well worth it if you can pull it off. Because using phenomenal cosmic powers for jackassery is something Jimmy would definitely approve of.

Setting her down you strike a pose as you increase the volume on the sound systems and switch the music currently playing.
As everyone notices the sudden change they immediately turn to the culprit posing like a faggot in the middle of the crowd.
"Let's ROCK this joint!"


Shrinking a couple sizes smaller so you can match Kusu in height the two of you begin dancing.
Well... maybe dance is a strong word for it. Combining your two left legs and your complete and utter detachment from the world of dancing itself yields interesting results.
But that's kinda the point.

Though it looks like you're leading, your inability to move to the rhythm means you rely on Kusu for much of the actual movements while only the general choreography is left up to you.
This process results in quite a fun little performance that only looks like how a dance floor virgin like you imagines dances look like rather than anything real.
However both you and your partner seem to be into it and having fun, so who cares?

As the song starts nearing its end though you decide to wrap things up in a stylish manner.
You spin together with your partner for a while. Going faster and faster, you eventually look like a small whirlwind and once you reach sufficient speeds you let her go.
She twirls around for a little while on her own and when she ends she strikes a cute little pose as a finisher.

Most of the onlookers have no clue what just happened, a few of them are mighty pissed and two out of the three angels are... scared, while the arguably most important one is... Well it's not easy to figure it out.
But at the very least Kusu seems like she enjoyed this little performance of yours.
Approaching her, you revert your form to your natural one.

"Thank you for the dance!"


"And here. To show you my appreciation!"
You reach under your coat and whip out from it a giant lollipop in the shape of a flower and hand it over to her.

Thank you!"
And I think I need to cut this one off today.
This one took a bit more out of me than I'd like to admit.
If you couldn't guess I know jack diddley shit about dancing. So this was awkward.
And I also have important business to take care of tomorrow.

In turn I'll be on vacation after tomorrow. So that means at least two more threads in the very near future.
I hope to see you guys there where I'll finally give y'all a CHANCE
Thanks for the run notsom
Thanks for the run! Also Vados worstgirl, Kale & Caulifla endgame. Because Eric's put too much effort into that for some blue Angel pussy.

Unless the girls are up for a foursome then we're DTF all the way.
I want mommy vados.
Went to sleep after posting this and dreamed that eric accentuated his point about this by spraying the kai down with a hose that got increasingly larger with each point given.
A spraybottle, then a garden hose, then a fire hose, then one of those crowd control army vehicles with a fuckoff huge mounted hose on it.
File: youserious.jpg (76 KB, 641x530)
76 KB
Y-You serious?
I mean I'm not even gonna mention how I don't get it.
But you... fucking dream about the quest?

Now I'm actually mad.
All I get are nightmares with Hag monsters that I have to hide from in shit like blood filled bathtubs...
So fuck you
>on all levels except physical, I am Eric.
File: EOX0Rm6X4AARtz2.png (273 KB, 500x576)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
My dreams are usually excessively based.
9/10 times, they involve some real interesting plot or hella cool setting details. My dreams are basically fully immersive kinos that my brain creates just for me. Hell, just the other day I had this long fuckin xianxia army-building dream that I would definitely read if it was a book or something.

Basically? Most people are fucking dreamlets, especially everyone who wants to lucid dream. Not knowing that it isn't real is the best part. Git gud and even nightmares will feel enjoyable to you, faggot.
I usually just have dreams about my day to day life, save for when it inevitably takes a turn and I end up getting into an argument with somebody I know I wouldn't fight with.
Then I wake up feeling incredibly bewildered.
I don't think I've had an outright scary dream in years.
My mind creates some wild shit. From brand new (sadly fake) Yugioh anime shows to continuations of existing stories that go to hilarious places. Granted some times my dreams are just wierd jumping allover the place.
I don't like lucid dreaming actually.
Every time without fail one of two things ends up happening.
Either I realize I'm in a nightmare and start beating the living SHIT out of everyone and everything, which is pretty fun not gonna lie.
But other times I just realize everything is consequence free so I just start doing the worst shit like chain raping everyone and once the dream people start catching up I turn back time and do it again.
One time I even fucked up and made mermaids to rape but my own cognition fucked me over because I IMMEDIATELY began thinking about the mermaids from like sailor tales. You know, the murdery ones.
And since they were empowered by my own lucid dreaming they got too strong and I slipped seamlessly back into the nightmare, loosing all control I had. I shit you not
I'm gonna write something.
Got inspired because someones name in a case REALLY reminded me of a specific character.
Don't expect it to happen soon. It'll probably take a while.
However I think you might enjoy this
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
It has to be asked however... what happens when a person is fooled one too many times?
In most cases the ignorant will continue suffering the consequences of their negligence for all eternity, wondering where they ever went wrong.
But much like the most stubborn of animals, once you throw enough things at a wall something will eventually stick.

"And *huff* guess what happened afterwards!"

"I don't know.
What happened?"

"Some student actually raised their hand to ask a question!
Caught me so off guard I couldn't even answer him for a few solid minutes."

"You don't say."

"And one thousand....
Damn. This is much harder than I remembered."

"Keep at it Gohan, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."

"Thanks Videl!"
Gohan then sets down the sofa on which his wife was relaxing all this time.
"And thanks again for letting me us you like that."

I'm just glad you're trying to get back in shape again!
What's with the sudden change anyway? Usually it takes something big for you to start practicing."

Sitting down next to his wife the scholarly young man began pondering out loud.
"I was wondering the same thing. I-"
He pauses for a moment, unsure as to WHAT his actual reason was.
"I guess hearing how Yamcha and the others started training again from Dad really made me anxious."

"But why?
It's not a competition. And you don't have to do it.
While I'm glad about it, you don't have to keep going if you don't want to-"
His wife responded. She always tries her best to support her husband but sometimes it's really tiring to get through that surprisingly thick skull of his.

"That's the thing...
I never thought of myself as the competitive type.
But getting beaten and even lectured by that guy... It really made me angry.
Angry at myself, angry at my lack of conviction. Even angry at him!"
Gohan then took off his glasses and really had to focus on not breaking another pair.
"I mean look at me! It took me this long to realize he was right! That fighting is about more than what dad thinks, that I have a responsibility now to use my gifts and protect you!
Otherwise how can I call myself a good parent? Or a good husband even?"


"So long story short...
It's about time I rolled up my sleeves, fastened my belt and started working-"

Videl watched her husband burn with an intense desire, one she hasn't seen in quite a while.
And one she knows he's not comfortable with.

"But... I wonder-
If this is really what I should do."

"What do you mean?"

"I've been thinking. Putting all those years of academia to good use.
When was the last time I beat... anyone?"
"Well erm-"

"I'll help.
The tournament of power. I fought against Dyspo... and would've lost if it weren't for Frieza of all people!
I fought for a brief time against Toppo and did next to nothing. I participated in the clash against Anilaza. With Mister Piccolo we tag teamed the two namekians and won. Again, I couldn't have done it alone.
I tried to use my intellect to beat Botamo and the only thing I could think of is hitting him over and over again, which somehow worked.
The ONLY fight I won on my own was against Obuni... and I massively overpowered him.
So that's one win the entire tournament I can call my own."

"W-Well you beat Cell before that!"

"Yes. After almost getting everyone killed, getting Dad killed for real and barely eking out a victory in the final clash.
Before or after that? Nothing. I participated but in most cases all I managed to do is buy time for someone else!
Even when I was made the team strategist I could barely come up with anything more than the most basic tactics.
I don't know my strengths and weaknesses, let alone those of others to formulate grand plans in a battle.
Sometimes I wonder if my great potential is... some sort of cosmic joke-"

Having heard more than enough Videl clapped both her hands around Gohans head and she practically headbutted him as she stared straight into his eyes.
"Now listen here mister!
I don't want to hear any of that coming from you!
Out of everyone that I know you're easily the smartest, bravest and kindest person on this whole world!
Because no matter if you win or loose, when the cards fall down I know that no matter how bad something is, you'll be there and give it your all! That's more than what most others can claim!
Who stood up to Buu when nobody else could? You.
Who attacked both Beerus and Frieza when everyone knew it was pointless? You!
And who was the one that wanted to save me in the World Martial Arts Tournament, who was the one that taught me how to fly and who was the one that stole my heart? That's right! YOU!"

Taught... Videl you're a genius!"

"Teehee! I know I am. But... why?"

"Doesn't matter! You just are!"

"Well now... since I'm such a genius.
How about you pay me back for my awesome advice?"

"I- I uh..."
Gohan lets his wife move his head downwards.
"Yes Videl."

"You know the rules~"

"Yes mommy."

"That's better!"
And now feel free to post any juicy or thicc videls you want as my access to such pictures is limited right now
>Gohan calls Videl mommy when he eats her out...cause SHE wants him to.

Not sure how to respond to that.
What? Did you think Gohan was the one wearing the pants in the house?
Oh no, I'm not surprised Videl Doms him, I'm just surprised about the Mommy part.
Well... that's because she is one.
I know, we all try our best to forget Gohan soiled her but it still happened
Is Gohan finally getting around to enlightening u7’s earth with his ki theory book?
It's either that or he's finally getting a proper teacher
One that doesn't simply yell DODGE at him before punching him in the face
Haven't decided which yet
There's no reason he can't write a book on rest days.
Which should exist because training nonstop is counterproductive entirely fuck you goku fuck you vegeta you're retards at training
Master Fucking Roshi.
File: 1509906985919.png (3.66 MB, 1436x1500)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
I sincerely doubt Gohan has the brain capacity to know he can do two things at once
Well that's not true
What I meant to say was, I sincerely doubt he can do one thing without fucking it up royally, let alone two at once
File: 1566543190618.jpg (142 KB, 960x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Maybe he should ask Bulma how to make brain think good. She's like, a genius or something.
>One that doesn't simply yell DODGE at him before punching him in the face
I'd say his Great Grandpa would probably be a safe-bet, but uhhhhhhhhhhh...yeah.
Therefore Roshi is the next best thing.
She's currently too busy placating the Prince of all manlets.
Fucked up how Mutaito got zero appearances in any of the otherworld arcs.
You'd think the person who taught Roshi and Shen everything and developed one of the most powerful sealing techniques ever would be a bit more of a prominent figure among the dead.
>Fucked up how [DRAGON BALL CHARACTER] got zero appearances in [DRAGON BALL Z]
>Fucked how Mutaito got zero appearances OUTSIDE FILLER EPISODES
Wow. I uh, you know, with how much I thought you hated Gohan I didn't think you were ever gonna give him anything. But you know what? It's never too late to improve yourself. The fact that no one had to TELL him to scramble to get swole and that It occurred to him naturally Is actually a really good sign.

I dig It. Actually go learn from somebody that can teach you something meaningful, Roshi or Whis if he could get the bastard to bother would be great teachers for him. Gohan always could have been a contender for top dog, It was just always him that pissed that chance away. How much of a threat Is he gonna be now that's he's decided for *himself* that he's gonna take things seriously for the long run, not just whatever threat pops up in front of him?

...Now I'm gettin' excited about a rematch...

But please do actually learn something beyond how to punch good next time we fight Gohan, please. You have no common sense but you *do* have intellect. Give yourself the tools to use It to your advantage.
Hey, Nega-Som could still do something with him. He could have just abstained from fighting because he was too busy attaining ki enlightenment or something.
Now lemme correct you there chump
You didn't "think" I hate Gohan. I genuinely despise his guts
And despite it coming off as a joke, few things would bring me more joy than cucking him (and maybe Krillin because that midget is the second guy who is suffering from chronic friction burns on his dick, but I like him and he paid with sweat and blood for what he got so it's cool)
However I'm not compromising my integrity as a QM

There is simply no way either 18 or Videl would betray their husbands.
And that's the only thing stopping me from opening the NTR valve
True. Mutaito might not give a shit about tournaments. I can see a lot of legit martial artists thinking that competitions are unnecessary ego-stroking nonsense, and that time is better spent refining one's self.
This is what time travel is for.
Time travel cucking is the ultimate flex.
>thinking there's an actual tangible difference between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z

Hello there, anime-only.
File: Spoiler Image (116 KB, 716x1011)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>tangible difference between DB and DBZ
Yes I'm still mad
He probably moved on from all of that and went to whatever place awaits spirits after they get all their paperwork in order.
That’s a pretty neat looking Xenoverse character, Nega-Som. How much money did you pay to commission that?
Dude's a goddamn hero who sacrificed his life to save the world. He's definitely in paradise right now. Likely still has his body too.
There really should have been a dragonball wish to make them Into separate people. That must be horrible for both of them having to share their lives like that.
It's called Dissociative Identity Disorder. It's incredibly shitty to deal with, but I assume Launch has the money for therapy. That or they offer it in prison.
Is she even aware that it's happening to her?
I admit my memory is fuzy about the subject
No. No she is not.
It's textbook D.I.D. I'm telling you.
Don't be a retard and try to apply IRL logic to magical sneeze girl.
Most of the time it appears not. I do remember Blue Launch making references to trouble caused by Blonde Launch, just referring to her as "I" and whatnot, but that might just be years of fanon seeping into my brain.
Let people have their fun
I know full well how engaging theorizing can be about a thing you like
And there are a lot of things you can ask about Launch

Was she born like this
Is it a curse
Were they always like this
If not, which one is the original or is it a Dog/God situation?

And most importantly: Why does it hurt so much knowing I cant be there for blue Launch to help her not sneeze and protect her?
You forget the most crushing question of all.
Why can’t I nut inside these anime girls?
File: EKqumaiWwAASYaJ.jpg (36 KB, 720x391)
36 KB
File: D0J1RveWsAAoQP2.jpg (71 KB, 912x1024)
71 KB
Why yes, I have abandoned 3d women entirely, how could you tell?
>Implying Blonde Launch isn't superior
I have some bad news fellas
I caught the cold, hard
My throat feels like I swallowed a sea urchin
So I dont think I can run for a few days

Hope you get to feeling better soon, Nega-som!
Take care of yourself. Much as I might be disappointed, your health is more important than this quest.
Get well soon chief!
I'm kinda starting to feel alive again. Not 100% but come tomorrow and I should be in good shape once again.
In the meantime I got some serious SHIT to deal with, which I won't go into any details about because I frankly raged over it too much already so it's not worth any further discussion.

What IS however is the fact that if the stars align I can continue the thread tomorrow.
This is not guaranteed as it depends on how quickly I can resolve previously mentioned fecal matter
HOWEVER to compensate for that slight inconvenience I'll write something today for y'all

Don't know what yet, got a nice backlog already.
We'll see
File: Havel_The_Rock.png (669 KB, 445x664)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
I'll look forward to whatever you have planned.
I'm currently burnt out after bashing my head against pic related and everything else in the area for a few hours.
Hope you get your shit cleared promptly.
I mean... regardless of what iteration you're fighting just circle strafe around him
It's not that hard
After everything you've done, tried and experienced you've come to realize that the one thing humans are clearly superior to everyone else is culture.
And the reason behind that is the sheer amount of variations and deviations from the norm the average human can possess.
These differences while often infuriating, problematic or downright infuriating, it means with all the variations born from differing races, beliefs and countries of origin you managed to experience a great deal of things.
And it may be true that you're somewhat lacking in terms of technology, medicine, power and knowledge at the very, VERY least you don't have to endure-


Champa asks in confusion.
"This is the hottest game on the market right now! Turbo Tennis 2000!
It offers you creative freedom! I can just close my eyes and imagine I'm a hot blooded rookie on the world tournament taking down the champions one by one until I become the greatest player in the universe!"

"Yeah... fuck that!"
You walk over to the glorified Atari that Champa has and stomp on it so hard it shatters into a million pieces.


I'll show you nooblets a fucking video game!"

After rushing off for a few minutes you return with a big box containing your precious stash of bimeo james, you get to working on setting up the lan party of the gods!
Champa and Vados get to experience the delightful experience that is Asura's Wrath on the Xbox, Caulifla and Kale quickly jump on the Play Station and start ripping and tearing quite a lot of ass in Doom and finally you sit down Hit in front of the PC and have him play Hitman... the series.

The girls, mostly Caulifla actually, start looking at the gore filled screen with starry eyes.
You see this Kale? I've never seen so much blood before!"

"S-Sis... I'm scared!"

"Don't worry Kale! They aren't real!
Besides! I'm playing as the real monster here!"

You chuckle at her comment.
"Just wait until you get the chainsaw-"

Walking away from them for a moment, you turn your attention to Champa who's currently taken away by the (admittedly rather simplistic) gameplay of an otherwise pretty excellent game.
"Y-You mean THIS is what you guys got cooked up down there?!
It looks so realistic!"

You snicker at him.
"Let me guess... you don't like your "freedom of expression taken away from you?"

"You kidding me?!
FUCK expression! I want to see more of these!"

"Awww don't be like that.
I know how entertaining simple games can be because... they don't make games like those anymore.
They sadly dropped complexity for appearances sake. But in cases like Asura, where spectacle is the point, I can make an exception."

"But I hope you aren't getting any ideas from this Eric!"

"Don't worry about it my lord.
We just really like stories about beating up gods.
Doesn't mean we actually want to do that... Mostly because you aren't really the kinda dickbags we imagined."

And finally, turning to Hit you see him just... sitting there.
Agent 47 doesn't appear to have moved an inch.
"What'cha doin'?"


"For what?"

"I'm analyzing the patrols of the guards."

You've been doing that all this time?
Hold up, let me see your record-
You perfect cleared every mission?"

This simulation is rather good if limited.
But I'd prefer if it wasn't so silly. And if it was a bit more realistic."

"Well sadly such a psycho trainer hasn't been developed yet...
But I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. When you finish hit me up and I'll give you Splinter Cell.
I'm interested to see how you handle that."
>Perfect cleared every mission
Abusing speedrunner glitches too, I bet. “It’s in the game, so I’ll use it.” He’ll say. As expected of the time skipper...
>mfw Hit is the dude who uploaded autistic analyses of stealth mechanics interacting with light/sound and guard routes on GameFAQs when it was still popular
Give Hit Half Life and see how he long he spends analyzing the cockroaches before realizing they like bright lights.
Is it bad I want to give them a copy of the sims? Because I love the idea of them getting super into it....

....I had a realization.... Me must introduce them to anime.

Imagine them mimicking and making moves from it and the cosplay.... so much cosplay.... We shall make the cosmos into the image of the weebs!
As you part with the young(old) lady sparks go off behind you like the fucking rock star you are.
Well... technically only in your mind but it still counts.

And judging by the looks of things it appears the devious lolis plan went off without a hitch.
While she's trying her luck with the candy flower you gave her the titular little sister Vados stomps up to her rather uncharacteristically.
"What was that if I may ask you?"
She asks, her voice unusually filled with anger.

Her "big" sister tries to play coy while gently patting poor Vados on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist! I'm sorry...
He looked like a cute little puppy begging for food but his meanie owner wouldn't give any.
And since it looked like you weren't gonna make a move I thought I might as well!"

Gritting her teeth Vados tries her best to remain calm and fails miserably.
"That-That's very nice Kusu!
Shall we discuss this a bit further away?"

While this is going on the effect of your little shape shifting ends and you return to your usual height while the two remaining brothers look at the unfolding scene in horror.
"Well well well. Didn't expect that-"
Cognac observes.

"Quite. Never seen little Vados flustered like that.
Big sis sure knows how to grind our gears..."
His brother responds and then turns to look at you.
"I certainly hope you're happy."

"Sure am!
And hey... I was basically just going with the flow."

"Well nobody will argue that Kusu isn't a bit-"




>Well I'd like to talk further but I feel like I gotta run. And fast!
>Really now? Is she special? Beyond being the oldest I mean.
>I don't know. I kinda see those in Vados as well (shift the conversation to her)
>>I don't know. I kinda see those in Vados as well (shift the conversation to her)
>I don't know. I kinda see those in Vados as well (shift the conversation to her)
>I don't know. I kinda see those in Vados as well (shift the conversation to her)
>I don't know. I kinda see those in Vados as well (shift the conversation to her)
Okay then

>shit-talking the little sister infront of the big Angel onni-sans who can kill us by staring at us kinda hard

Good job guys, I hope to see you all in not-soms next quest
"I don't know..."
You blurt out.
"I see a lot of those traits in Vados as well."

There's quite a long pause from the two other angels.
Then... their cheeks puff up as they can't help themselves and start chuckling rather loudly.
"Hah! You're quite amusing! Here-"

They conjure up a small round table with three chairs around it and have you sit down on one of them while they take the others.
The two then set aside their staffs while sharing their own experiences with the lady in question.
"So tell us, how long have you known our little sister?"

"I 'unno. My sense of time is all kinds of jank right now.
Hard to count the days when this planet doesn't have a proper day/night cycle.
About a year I guess? A little less maybe."

Their eyebrows twitch a little, which is as far as you can get with an angel in terms of getting them surprised.
"That short? Well in any case, we've known our little sister for a bit longer."

"Just a bit though-"
The other adds.
"And little Vados alongside her twin brother was always daddys little favorite... with a hell of a mean side to her."

In mortal terms she was always the kid that pulled a bugs legs out one by one just to see how they react.
Her desire to meet the Grand Priests expectations were only matched by her sadism."

You frown at that.
"It's true that she can be a bit too reserved and maybe emotionless at times but...
That can be said about all of you. There's no need to single her out and call her a sadist for it though."

"Then you did not get to really know her.
Or rather-"
His eyes narrow down on you and he looks like he's about to say something but then holds himself back.
"Oh well, can't be helped!"
Cognac's smile returns.

"I'm guessing you're surprised about something."

The pompous angel reels back a bit and his brother Camparri laughs him off.
Eric, your masochism is showing!
"Hah! You're loosing your edge brother!
Even a mortal can see right through you!"
"What he means young man, is that Vados has been doing her work for quite a while now.
And despite her many attempts most of her "students" ended up broken or worse, save for one."
He points at Champa.
"Which is the reason she's been so very loyal to him despite her grievances.
And even then, she's been a strong adherent to the angelic law despite her long time spent here."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at Kusu-"
Turning around you see Vados practically shouting at her older sister in her only display of genuine anger well... ever.
"She's both the oldest and most experienced of us all, even amongst the rest back home."


"And it clearly shows. She cast aside so much of our angelic purity to be more like mortals. We don't know why though.
Most of us strive to not get "tainted"-"
He puts up his fingers to signify his quotation marks.
"And she not only willingly, but happily embraces it all."

"You mean you guys strive to not get influenced by us?"

Admittedly some does rub off on all of us."
Cognac answers you before his brother continues.

"And that's the thing about Vados.
But before I tell you, let me ask something.
What do you really think about her? What's she like?"

>She doesn't usually hold back, and it's great. A lot of people could do with a push like that, someone who says how it is and drives them to their absolute limit. I can see how that might have broken a few of the other trainees, but honestly, that just means they wouldn't cut it anyways. She's a perfectionist in a lot of ways, but that's not a bad thing...it makes it nicer to see those rare moments when she cuts loose and really relaxes.
Took me too long to think of something, fugg :DD
Might be shit, I dunno.
This good write in mang
I like it, so this
Well uh... not the answer I was expecting.
But okay
What were you expecting?
I 'unno
A short 1 word descriptor or something
A 1-word descriptor could hardly do an angel justice.
And I don't mean that in racial terms.
You think about what they just said and how it differs from your views.
"She doesn't usually hold back, and it's great.
A lot of people could do with a push like that, someone who says how it is and drives them to their absolute limit. I can see how that might have broken a few of the other trainees, but honestly, that just means they wouldn't cut it anyways.
She's a perfectionist in a lot of ways, but that's not a bad thing... it makes it nicer to see those rare moments when she cuts loose and really relaxes."

"C-Cuts loose?"
"C-Cuts loose?"

"Awww shit..."

"Now just hold on a second!
What did you just say?"


"I'll be...
You really do like her, don't you? To think a man can not only tolerate her but enjoy her company-"
Scratching the back of your head and giggling nervously, you fail to respond to him.
"I guess you're either far worse than I imagined or...
You had far bigger of an impact on her than we realized."


"In that case I guess it's appropriate to tell you-"
Cognac speaks up in his brothers stead.
"Did you know Vados signed up for resignation recently?"

Your heart sinks into your stomach.

He nods.
"It's true... well, from a certain point of view."

"Recently in our terms. Couple hundred years ago in fact.
Do you know what that entails?"
You shake your head.
"Then this should be quite educational."
He adjusts his posture so he can extend his hand to the side and conjure his staff.
The orb in it begins to glow as Camparri begins his explanation with a very simplistic illustration of the process.
"Here's the multiverse as you know it. And outside of it... is the Angel Realm."
>"Here's the multiverse as you know it. And outside of it... is the Angel Realm."
"Ooohhh, and what’s outside the Angel Realm?"
File: that_blue_asshole.jpg (27 KB, 770x433)
27 KB
"You mean you guys got a whole universe all for yourselves?!
And what's outside of it?"

"Don't think of it that way.
It might share the size of a typical universe but it couldn't be any more different.
Your laws and rules do not apply to it.
And there is nothing outside it. Between the angel and mortal realms is the Void."

Our home is like us.
Everlasting, pure... static."

"H-How many of you are there?!"

"Less than you think.
Due to our longevity we reproduce at a... slow rate.
We are talking about times longer than the life span of the oldest stars."

"Back home we can remain as we were made.
In fact, your universe of change and chaos is as alien to us as ours is to you.
To become an attendant a young angel must spend considerable time in the mortal realm just to... adjust to it.
To gain a better understanding or perspective of its workings."

The other angel nods in confirmation.
"Understandably, many who come to serve our Lords would eventually feel a longing sensation and wish to return.
When we do so it's as if we are... washed clean. The things we accumulated are discarded and we become our old selves once more.
Many... prefer it that way."

"And Vados-"
You stare into the ball.
"Wants to go back?"

They nod.
"From what we heard one of our little brothers is already inside a universe, getting acclimated.
Once the Grand Priest deems him ready, he'll be the one to replace her.
I'm... sorry."

>I gotta talk to Vados right now!
>Okay. And?
>I know this is random but... how is angel babby formed?
>I gotta talk to Vados right now!
Huh, too bad, I guess? Though considering centuries ago was something they'd consider recent, I feel like we'll probably be long dead by the time she retires.
>So what would happen if a Mortal went there? Has it ever happened?
>>I gotta talk to Vados right now!
>I gotta talk to Vados right now!
>I gotta talk to Vados right now!
>Okay. And?

Jesus christ, don't go into full panic mode the second she does something unexpected, especially when this has been centuries in the making, at most we should have a talk with her about it later but that's about it
Too bad others don't seem to share your demeanor
I guess panicked response it is
Some part of me wonders if Vados really is going to return to the Angel Realm at some point, or if this is some ploy by her siblings to elicit a reaction from her.

Either way, it'll be interesting development!
"Excuse me for a moment!"
You push yourself away from the table and start frantically running towards the angel in question who's still quite busy arguing with her older sister to notice your arrival.

Only when you're actually up in her face does she even recognize your presence at all.
"Oh Eric...
How much of that did you hear?"

You didn't even bother listening to her when you rushed over.
Looking up at her you try on your best "orphan looking at the candy store" impression.
"Is it true that you want to leave the place and go back home?"

Who told you that?!"

"Your brothers?"

She looks quite upset as she raises her head and locks her eyes onto them.
The two become quite visibly terrified as they feel a sharp, cold shiver run up their spine and turn away in the hopes that their vengeful sister won't come after them for retribution.
For a moment she composes herself and takes a deep breath before answering you.
"How much did they tell you?"

"That you have a brother in Universe 7 currently training to be your replacement so you can go back home..."

"Those idiots..."

At that moment when you feel despair creeping in Kusu steps up like the shining beacon of hope she is and snaps you out of your weird mental state.
"Hey! Down here!
Since she's too much of a dummy I'll ask it for her instead.
What's wrong? Why are you worried about her leaving?
Is it because you care about her?"


She nods.
Care to go into a little detail?"

>I don't want to loose a friend
>I don't want her to go
>Why didn't you tell me?
>I don't want to loose a friend
>I don't want her to go
>I don’t want her to lose what she’s gained here. Going back home would do that, right?
Current vados best vados. Her experiences, memories, and changes are all extremely important to who she currently is.
>Your brothers told me that when you go back you are washed clean, that you discard all the things you learned away from your universe. I think that would be a terrible lose.
I don't want her to go and lose herself to perfection.
>I don’t want her to lose what she’s gained here. Going back home would do that, right?
>I don't want to loose a friend

Mix of these 2.
>I don’t want her to lose what she’s gained here. Going back home would do that, right?
>I don't want to loose a friend
>Sorry if this is an overreaction. I still fell like I know so little.
>I don’t want her to lose what she’s gained here. Going back home would do that, right?
Besides, we might never be able to repay everything she’s done for us, but if we ever master Time Skip enough to start storing time we just might live long enough to show her how grateful we are.

I guess what's most important is that we just want to try and discuss it with her to hear her thoughts on the issue so we can understand it a bit better. Maybe not now, but when she's comfortable.
>I don't want her to go
>Why didn't you tell me?
I want mommy vados to stay

This idea seems to have garnered some attention
I like it
"Your brothers they... they told me what happens if you go home.
You'd loose everything, your memory, your experiences, everything that makes you who you are.
And I don't want that. I don't want those precious little things to go to waste, not once they mean so much to me! And I don't want to loose you either.
Listen, I know I'm rambling. But that's because I still feel like I have so many pieces of the puzzle missing. So I'm sorry if I'm over reacting! I know I can't ever fully pay you back for all you did, but I hope I can at least return the favor in some capacity!
And once you feel like talking about it I'd gladly be there for-"

But as you continue to go on and on in an endless tirade you feel something stopping you.
A warm pair of hands wrapping around your head and pulling you dumbly in to the embrace of an angelic bosom.
With one of her hands gently rolling through your hair as she pats you, Vados speaks up.

"Oh my stupid little boy.
I would never. Ever consider leaving you. And don't even think about it."
She pulls back just enough for her to raise your head up so she can look in your eyes.
"Now stop crying you silly, silly little creature! My little prodigy, my darling speck of Humanity."

As she gives you a warm smile you can only mutter a single word.

She then wipes your face clean with a paper tissue and preps you up so you don't look so sorry.
"There we go. Much better!"

"B-But what about the replacement?"

"Oh him?
That... was an old story. I did ask for a replacement once. But it turned out that the guy is... less than capable. So he's Whis' problem now. Or fathers, one or the other.
And besides, I don't even want it anymore."
Feeling like a massive rock just fell off your chest, you sigh with relief.

hey so uh when she pulled us into her boobs would eric classify the feeling as heavenly?

I don't ship Vados with Eric, but I do value their relationship highly IC & OOCand am glad she's not gonna leave.

As an aside, I'm kinda halfway expecting that at some point in the future (like after-quest-end future) Vados will somehow manage to drunk-talk Caulifla & Kale into a foursome with Eric. Just for the sheer WTF when they all wake up in the morning wondering how she did it.
And just as you share that tender little moment the elephant in the room, or rather the loli in the room rears her cute head.
"Awww that's nice! You finally said it! I'm proud of you little sister!
It only took the combined effort of everyone involved and a little extra but you did it!"

"You know, I hate nothing more than you being correct about something, being smug about it while also remaining too cute to get mad at..."

"I know!"
She then twirls around and with a hop, skip and a jump moves over to you so she can whisper in your ear.
"Okay I'm going to leave her in your care now.
Don't let anything happen to my little sister now that she's growing up! ᴼʳ ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵈᵉᵃᵈᵎ"
Looking down at her you start thinking whether or not that was a hallucination. Best not to risk it.
"Anyway, see ya! It was fun dancing with you!"

The little girl then moves back to her siblings, leaving you and Vados alone for the most part.
Awkwardly she starts rubbing her neck.
"I told you she's dangerous."

"Yeah no kidding.
She's not just a firecracker but a full nuke! Still sweet though."

"Are you trying to make me jealous now?"

"Not as sweet as you!"

"That's better."
For a while you two stand there not doing anything.
Eventually however Vados begins whistling awkwardly.
"So uh... what now?"

>Wanna go somewhere?
>I guess I'll go and... do something else. Y'know. Make sure our guests are fine
>I think I had enough fun for a while. Call me when it's over and I'll clean up
>I guess I'll go and... do something else. Y'know. Make sure our guests are fine wanna come with me?
>I guess I'll go and... do something else. Y'know. Make sure our guests are fine
>Wanna go somewhere?
Fuck that angel.

Tell Vados we're going to mingle with the other Gods of Destruction, see if we can get a for fun tournament with Universe's other than Seven. But we're definitely going to hang out soon.

Yellow Rat Bastard should be easily baited.
>>Wanna go somewhere?
supporting and add
>when all this crazyness is over I'll love to hear your play the piano again
This is gonna be a short one
Don't worry, this might seem railrodey. Just know that you WILL be heading towards the GoD's in the end
"I... I guess I should go and see if our guests need anything.
Wanna come?"

"N-No, I think I'll chat with the family a bit.
Since it's so rare that we can get together like this."

"Okay. Gotcha.
But when this is all over, I'd love to listen to you playing the piano again!"
Vados doesn't say anything but instead gives you a reassuring smile, which is answer enough.

Following that you part ways with her and start making your way to the REAL meat of this whole thing: The Gods of Destruction.
It's not always that you get three of them and your mind is already racing with potential things you can milk from them.
Tournaments, jobs, adventures... anything really. When someone is this powerful and THIS lazy they become invaluable to someone like you.

But as you make your way to them you start sensing something stirring in the distance. A power, closing in rather rapidly.
Looking up you start covering your eyes as you scan the skies for traces of it.
"Oh Cabbas ship! Neat."

The aircraft quickly lands a safe distance away from the party and a confused monkey steps out from it.
"What the hell is going on here?"

"Welcome buddy! We're having a halloween party!
Come and join us since you're already in costume! Tasty Spartan cosplay."

He looks around in his confusion and as he does so you notice something about him that makes your mouth curl up into a smile.

"My my my.
Is that a tail I see coiled around your waist?
Which one of them did it?"

"Oh? You noticed? Yeah I got one...
WAIT! What do you mean by WHICH?!"
Cabba pauses before looking at you with genuine anger.

Chuckling like a madman you cover your face to appear less psychotic and fail miserably.
"Guilt as charged! So tell me which of the ladies got lucky and popped your cherry?

But Cabbas reaction is not like what you were expecting.
Like a dead man breathing his last breath, he seems relieved.
"You know... I can't walk right, I can't sit right, I'm sore and tired... and pretty sure I ended up getting a boost from it.
But if there's any consolation in it... it's that this'll hurt you just as much!"
Confidently he raises his fist and pokes himself in the chest with his thumb.
"It was all of them!"


"All three!"

"N-no... nonono!"

Including Elena! In fact, they were COMPETING to see which one of them would be the alpha!
I was so proud of her when she gave it her all and won!"

That's it...
You feel a grumble.

"I welcome death!"
I lied. I couldn't fit it into a short one
Anyway, I think I'm gonna bounce.
Not used to running again, yet.

I'd like to try to continue either Sunday or Monday.
Will post an update once I know more about when I'm available.
Take care until then
Great, now we have to ask Hit about the best way to dispose of a saiyan’s corpse.
clever monkey
Thanks for running, Nega-Som!


I wonder, do humans have a Super Human RAGE form? Because I think that might be a thing here if Cabba keeps pushing.
>"I welcome death!"
"Sounds like you’ve cashed in a little too much luck for it to be that easy my friend."
I know it's not true, but I'm kinda getting a "student has become the master" feeling on trolling now.
File: yare_yare_daze.jpg (89 KB, 474x474)
89 KB
What makes you think he's lying?
What makes you think?
File: bigbraintime.png (19 KB, 500x590)
19 KB
What makes "you"?
>"I welcome death!"

Death would be a mercy compared to what we're going to do to him.
Let's throw him in Makai for a while.
Soft. We imprison him in a pocket dimension for a month, with only the Supreme Kai of time's "finest" dishes to sustain him.
File: 1506811365361.jpg (74 KB, 1024x595)
74 KB
What makes?
So... Slightly above averige dishes? We did help her cooking. Remember?
Damn, you're right.
I came back to it today and beat him with 10 non consecutive backstabs.
My problem is that I wasn't committing to circle strafing hard enough and the shield I was using didn't have 100% physical damage reduction.
Still though, fuck Havel.
Who says you have to lie to troll the shit out of someone?
Got dome bad news
Very. VERY bad news
Laptop croaked, permanently
So I got no way to write until I get a new one or build a Pc
I'll try to boot up my old one to see if I can run at all

If it works I'll make a new thread tomorrow will update soon
File: 1548553743115.png (3 KB, 256x192)
3 KB
The chinese niggas that built your laptop are probably dying to the plague right now, if it's any consolation.
In a slightly macabre way, it is
Winnie the Pooh and his gang of communists deserve it
But the schadenfreude wont get me back all my save files ;_;
So long my dozens of hours on Hades
the old one aint dead yet but the keyboard borked
need a replacement and i can run at the very leat
File: EPOjvfmWsAAiRyY.jpg (89 KB, 652x1199)
89 KB
Have a fresh Vados to placate your weary mind.
Oh, that actually happened to my brother once. They should be able to either fix the keyboard up at a repair shop or order a replacement for you, a lot cheaper than getting a new one entirely I suppose.
At worst you plug a USB keyboard or use a wireless one in and use it jank-style.
I'm planning on the usb option myself
This shit is too old to waste money on and it only has to hold out until I get a new one

But I got work tomorrow so I cant buy one yet
Even if I run it'll be super short
try and connect the borked laptop's hard drive into the old one so you can back up it
I'm gonna be straight with y'all
I'm not gonna make it today
BUT it looks like I might be able to salvage the situation by tomorrow
After the thread dies I'll post on twitter at least a day before I'll run

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