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File: excited.jpg (145 KB, 759x922)
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You are Gurie Niamic, a Hex Maniac with anxiety issues, among a few others.

One of those is Insominia. In the last 24 hours you have teleported to the distorted world and turned a entire boat intangible.

So going to bed at 7pm was justifiable to you, in fact you feel a lot better now.

Thing is, its now 3am and your not sleepy.

Your also... entirely alone.

No shadow, no pokemon, no Mimikyu. Not even Susie is around.

Was it all a dream? You did think it was a bit strange, being as successful as you were, but wait it HAD to be real you aren't in your house and its way too nice to be a jail or something.

You take a breath, count down from 13, then back up to it, then down again. If everyones missing they must have a good reason... or maybe something happened to them.

Wait how could something happen to them they had Giratina, what someone pokenapped a god and just thought to take a Chinchou as well? You should probbably go find them.

You stumble out of bed, still in your bright skull pajamas as you grab Bedbug's handspun walking stick. Well off a searching you go.

>Check the rest of the floor first
>Look in the lobby
>Maybe your hex mania can help sniff them out
>Get changed first you look silly
>>Maybe your hex mania can help sniff them out
Roll me a d100 please
Rolled 43 (1d100)

Rolled 26 (1d100)

Rolled 68 (1d100)

I guess ill do the next dice
File: guriespooky.jpg (96 KB, 1095x730)
96 KB
Your eyes glow purple as you use your abbilities to sniff out your pokemon.

Unfortunately there is some interferrence, as if the dark presence of this Parlor is clouding your vision somehow... but you can still see a Bright dark cloud in the arena, that must be your ghosts.

There is a small puddle near the pool so maybe thats where Sparkler likely is.

Planny however seems missing, which is worrying...

Which one do you look for first.

File: chinwoo.jpg (8 KB, 255x197)
8 KB
You head down into the pool area, looking for Sparkler, he's your first pokemon here and thus the likeliest to wander off.

You head to the elevator, rocketing down to the Pool level where Chincou is supposed to be.

Well you don't have a swimsuit... or ever plan to really! What are you? Someone who shows their skin like some harlot? No one wants to see that... and you don't really want anyone to see you either!

So looks like the world is all united on the fact your never going into the pool. Neeeever ever.

Oh hey the elevator reached the pool, with no one getting in the elevator in another floor, how lucky!

Your hex is working a lot better when there isnt 3 floors in the way, letting you easily peek around with your powers to see Sparkler, the chinchou talking to... some little orange thing.

"Chin?" The blue ball mutters worriedly as the Orange thing wanders around the hallway, looking nervous.

"Link?" The creature calls out. "Liiiink!" It seems the two are looking for something?

>Gather Sparkler, you gotta go find the others
>Go help the little orange thing with Sparkler
>Leave the two to their work and try to find the others first.
>Go help the little orange thing with Sparkler
>>Go help the little orange thing with Sparkler
>Go help the little orange thing with Sparkler
File: thebraveandthebold.jpg (266 KB, 2017x1601)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
You decide that looking for your friends can wait. Simply speaking, if Mimikyu is with Suzie then he’s safe and Planny.

You trust Planny, she’ll be fine. She’s too responsible to get into trouble.

Sparkler on the other hand… well you can’t actually say because you don’t know! But if Sparkler is helping this weird pokemon out she’s probably a pretty good person, and you’d like to get to know her better.

Plus its a good deed! You love doing good deeds.

You approach Sparkler. “Is everything alright Sparks?” You ask bending over as your Chinchou looks up at you worriedly.

“Chi Chi!” She says, blowing six yellow bubbles and pointing at Falinks, then plucking one and tossing the other five away, letting them drift in the air.

“Chichi!” She says pointing at the yellow pokemon with one bubble in her hand.

“Falinks.” The pokemon says worriedly, it seems like it was missing it’s… team?

Its right around here that you remember that pokedex you never bothered using ever since you got it from Datura.

The pokedex turns on with a beep. “Falinks the Formation pokemon. This pokemon never operates alone, with five trooper falinks working under one “Brass” Falinks. They are never seen apart and even work together in pokemon battles.”

Well that’s a load of nothing there’s only one right here… Which you guess is the issue.

“Alright Sparkler lets go find the other Falinks.”

“Links!” The Falins perks up quickly as he hears that, his horn pointing proudly forward as he marches forward with his newfound crew.

Well you know WHAT your doing but HOW
>Hit the popular places first, the food stand, the playpen, the casino hall, the theatery part with the magic show
>Check the lost and found
>Use magic!
>Get the others, whatever they are doing can wait, there are missing pokemon!
>OH! You remember when your brother found you that one time with the nice lady with the missing child intercom thingy! Maybe that can help here!
>>Use magic!
>>Get the others, whatever they are doing can wait, there are missing pokemon!
>Hit the popular places first, the food stand, the playpen, the casino hall, the theatery part with the magic show
>>>Use magic!
>>>Get the others, whatever they are doing can wait, there are missing pokemon!
Alright with more hexmania comes more rolls.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

File: 1476942102167.jpg (247 KB, 1416x656)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Well there you go. Give me a bit to write something.
File: whatthehell.jpg (3.52 MB, 2000x2220)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
The Falinks thingey, whatever it is, looks awfully worried. And frankly you know enough about being alone that you want to help this thing out whatever way you can. And your sure your pokemon will too once you get them.

Which reminds you, if you found Sparkler and Mimikyu and the others with your ghost powers… maybe you can find Falink’s friends the same way?

You press two hands on the walls of the parlor and push, feeling the same interferrence in the walls as if the Parlor is intentionally blinding you, this time however you push back.

It was fine when it simply made it harder to find your friends, you trust them, especially with Suzie looking out for them. But now a little pokemon needs your help.

And Mysterious G isn’t going to back down.

You feel your eyes flip behind your head as the Falinks shudders, gravity temporarily severing its relationship with you as the two of you see other people. And you see other people, phantom eyes roaming through the dark void, as you feel through the fog and reach with icy tip fingers and pluck.

You hear a shrill noise followed by a pop as you pull your fingers through the wall, a strange plastic clown being thrown with you, its ballon head rolling off as it lands on the wall. Sparkler gasps as the pokemon(??) makes a soft his in pain.

Now the fogs taken care of the Parlor’s secrets fall to you like a house of cards. Which of course, it is. Though not literally, though thats even more interesting, as you scan for life in the building you find out that without the ghosts interference the building itself is alive, small blue eyes blinking back at you as you glide your astral gaze down the floors.

“Staka?” The Parlor rumbles as you ignore it. You dont think the kid is looking for a building.

It takes a bit and you find it! And then again! And a few more times for good measure. All five of the missing pokemon are nice and located.

The first one is locked in the fire room where its managed to get itself trapped in one of the specialty kitchens. It seems like its less in danger as it is hopelessly lost.

The second one has fallen into the ball pit in the Fairy Floor and cant crawl out with its little shield nubs. This one is also safe but you can tell it wants to cry.

The Third one is in the basement, stuck in a laundry hamper. The fourth one is there as well trying really hard to pull the other out.

The fifth and last one seemed to be cowering before a Murkrow outside the building in the back, fortunately another pokemon is helping him out… Wait that’s Planny!

Pick your order of operation here
>The Fairy Falinks seems the most miserable, get him first
>The fire rooms the closest, get him first
>The Outside one is in the most danger, get him first
>Your team should be able to help look, go get Suzie and the others
>Get the laundry ones before a maid accidentally washes them
>Deal with this weird clown thing

> Fairy Falinks is suffering, gotta help dat boi
>Get the laundry ones before a maid accidentally washes them
>Get the laundry ones before a maid accidentally washes them
File: falinksnosurrender.jpg (101 KB, 640x786)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
You got your lead on the pokemon in trouble and that's all you need. You withdraw your hand from the wall... well the Stakataka... whatever that is.

You point towards the elevator. "I know where they are everyone! Follow me." The Falinks and Sparkler chirp excitedly as they run towards the elevator, though you stay behind for a few seconds to take care of somethings.

"Hey..." You look over the clown thing, a reassuring smile on your face. Or what you think one looks like, you don't really get reassured very often so you wouldn't know... "I don't know if your a pokemon or some weird balloon and, I don't really mind, but I'm trying to save some pokemon right now so stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours. Okay?"

"Blace?" The pokemon warbles as you turn around. Yeah you think it gets the picture... maybe.

Can it even see pictures? Whatever its not any of your business it might be a weird pokemon, or a weird clown, but your a weird person! So who are you to judge.

You head down the elevator but... your first hurdle happens.

Right on the fire stage the doors open and... 3 people walk in. The first of which is a Blackbelt who pushes the lobby button.

A businesswoman walks past your group as they scotch in, the woman's cellphone in one hand and her daughter's hand in the other.

The little girl smiles at you brightly. "Hiya! My names Alyssa! I'm this many years old." She raises four fingers. "We are going to the pool! Where are you going missy!"

>Hex maniac out of this elevator abort abort
>"Um... I'm going to the laundry room."
>Say nothing just whimper

Time for social rolls.
>"Um... I'm going to the laundry room."
Rolled 66 (1d100)

>"Um... I'm going to the laundry room."
Roll social now?
What a great idea
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Rolled 50 (1d100)

File: allison.jpg (120 KB, 1078x1544)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
You shrug. "I'm sorry I'm just going into the laundry room." You say as the girl pouts.

"Laundry? Awww that's boring, there's no pokemon in the laundry room." She frowns as you mimic that, well that's no fun.

"Well here is a secret..." You lower your voice to a whisper. "There ARE pokemon there?"

"Your lying." She says pouting. "Pokemon don't wear clothes."

You shrug. "Sure don't believe me kid. More pokemon for me."

"Wait... Mom!" She tugs the sleeve of the office lady shes holding the hand of. "She's going to get all the pokemon we gotta go to the laundry room."

"Allison." The woman sighs as she holds the cell to her chest. "You can't even have a pokemon remember? Let the nice lady go to the laundry room." She gives you a apologetic look before going back to her phone. Eventually they step out on the grass floor where they are sleeping.

Oh wow no one ever called you nice before! Or a lady!

Wait Alder did... Or was that just him complimenting your pokemon? You never found out...

Maybe you should call him? He was nice and wandery maybe he knew cool Johto facts...

Well after you save these little ball Pokemon of course.

You enter the lobby, since you cant get to the service floors on a customer elevator. This means you arent quite at the Laundry room yet... but theres a few ways around this...

>The Hotel is a pokemon, ask the pokemon to send you to the service floor
>Your going to just phase down there. It's pretty easy
>Your going to, and hold on cause its a crazy plan, tell the front desk that there are lost pokemon in there and ask them to let em out
>Nah that's lame, lets just jump down a laundry hamper.

> Talk to the front desk.
>Your going to, and hold on cause its a crazy plan, tell the front desk that there are lost pokemon in there and ask them to let em out
What is this
Looks neat
>Nah that's lame, lets just jump down a laundry hamper.
>Nah that's lame, lets just jump down a laundry hamper.
File: Gurieandfriends.png (167 KB, 482x360)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Hex Maniac Quest! The asocial romp of friendship and ghosties


Technically its three years old but I dropped off the fast of qst for a bit so now we are redoing in in the Johto region as like a reboot.

Everyone loves Johto.

Your Gurie, you started as a chronically shy woman haunted-ahem PROTECTED by a incredibly violent Bannette, your also a seamstress who made the team skull hat but if your honest your probbably not that good. Despite having got a commission from a frontier brain.

You are NOW a incredibly powerful psychic, the owner of Giratina (Aka the god of consequences), and you won 1, count em 1, badge... in a different region so no one cares.

Admittedly your progression as a trainer and as a person are not necessarily sync'd.

Right now your in Olvine city, which happens to be the home city of the BATTLE FRONTIER.

You are in the Battle Parlor, the fancy Casino that works as the Battle Pike/Battle Arcade from the past seasons, and since the Battle Tower originated in Crystal Johtos battle frontier is actually a huge deal.

In past threads you found out to use the last seasons team you're gonna need to get enough endorsements to get a Trainer Passport, which is a lot like qualifying for a national dex.

It also turns out Jasmines pretty scary and wants to make you do a POKEMON CONTEST, which you aren't sure about.

Currently 3 of your pokemon wandered off to fight in the Battle Parlor and are currently facing a noname wanderer called Ash Ketchum, but you don't know this cause your helping a Falinks.

*Exhales* DONE
Guys i need a tie breaker
File: noah2.png (227 KB, 500x707)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
You decide that, while it may be a bit wild, you should probbably just ask the receptionist.

You head up to the counter, the line now absent since its like 3am. "Excuse me miss?"

"Hmm?" The woman looks up, a rather sharp face framed by a pair of half rimmed glasses. "Can I help you."

You take a deep breath, calming yourself, you've had a busy day you can handle one receptionist. "Yes actually, it seems a pair of pokemon are trapped in the laundry room and if you can get them out..."

"Hmm?" The woman checks the computer. "That's a unfortunate situation, are they your pokemon?"

You shake your head. "No I just want to help them out before they get anymore lost."

"Oh? Then how did you know they were there." The woman leans forward, examaning you with dull amber eyes, "You aren't trying to take advantage of someone elses missfortune."

Falinks stomps angrily at this "Fa! Fa!" It hops angrily behind you, full of coiled up fury that probbably would be a lot scarier if it wasn't knee tall.

"Sorry um no but it's this pokemon's friend and they are really worried so..." You stammer as the woman sighed

"Well we can send someone to retrieve them but we can't just hand them off to a lady who isn't their owner. Can you wait over there." She points to a bench.

"FAAAA!" Falinks is sturggling to wiggle past Sparkler's antenna, your Chincou sighing worriedly.

You bite your lip unsure of what to do, you think your being suspected of something but your not suspicous looking right?


"Now now Belle." You hear the slight rasp of Noah's voice as Noah walks out of the nearby service elevator (Same one you were hoping to use actually). "Our dear guest has been through enough without dealing with our skepticism."

He gives a thin smile, revealling slightly yellowed teeth, it seems slightly forced, but you've given a lotta weird smiles in your day so maybe he has trouble with it too. "My apologies... Gurie right? I will be happy to escort you to the laundry room to look for these lost pokemon. Though I am afraid Belle will have to watch over this rowdy one. Don't want to cause too much of a mess you see."

Huh, you guess that makes sense...

Seems you can take sparkler since he fits in a pokeball but this Falinks isn't yours. You arent even sure if anyone owns it, so maybe it's best not brought in the elevator.

>I am sure if they are just brought up here itll be fine, don't wanna leave this one alone
>No that's okay (Use the laundry chute)

Thank you
>I am sure if they are just brought up here itll be fine, don't wanna leave this one alone
>I am sure if they are just brought up here itll be fine, don't wanna leave this one alone
File: CoinmasterSours.jpg (30 KB, 320x240)
30 KB
“Actually…” You begin as you look at the hopping mad Falinks. “I think I should likely stay here and help keep the Falinks calm, you can probbably find the two pokemon on your own, one is stuck in a laundry hamper and the other is helping them, right over…” You point to where your hex eye detects the pair. “There. Right corner, can’t miss them.”

Their is a moment of quiet before Noah responds. “Of course, that’s a sensible response. Please wait here.” The man disappears into the elevator as you go pat Falinks, humming some lullaby you would sing Suzie when you were little.

“Hush child, the darkness will guide you to dreaming” You sink softly. “The eyes watching you scheming, ways to keep you safe when your sleeping.” The falinks struggles slow under your cooing as his eyes slowly flicker closed, the exhausted falinks’s lulled into sleep.

“The spirits will know that you’ve obeyed, and your peace will be stillness like the grave.” You continue singing, you don’t know where the lullaby comes from but you remember always feeling comfortable when it was sung to you, and seems like its working. Even if Sparkler also has fallen asleep… And so has Belle weirdly.

For a receptionist she’s not very good.

Eventually the doors of the elevator open, Noah walking out holding the two Falinks aloft by their horns, a scowl on his face and a crack on his right lense. “My apologies for the delay, it seemed my presence agitated them.”

The past tense might be inappropriate given the pokemons helpless wriggling, which seems only heightened when they see their buddy’s sleeping form. Noah lets go of them and they run to the larger horned companion.

“Fa! Fa!” The falinks yell as the leader slowly rises awake.

“Fa? Links! Links!” The three of them are hopping happily, at their reunion.

“Well, all’s well that ends well.” Noah says, fiddling with a hole in his jacket. “I should mention that the battle floor is currently in use so the Battle Parlor’s competition is temporarily suspended should it resolve.” The man gives another thin smile. “You might be interested in watching.”

Huh thats where your ghost friends are… maybe they are… also watching the fight? Huh you didn’t think Suzie cared for pokemon battles.

>Make the Falinks thank Noah for helping
>Go visit the battle floor
>Ask Noah about the weird pokemon balloons and elevator and stuff
>You got that outside Falinks to rescue! Keep going.
>Make the Falinks thank Noah for helping
>Ask Noah about the weird pokemon balloons and elevator and stuff
>You got that outside Falinks to rescue! Keep going.
File: noahscary.png (200 KB, 900x900)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
You really cant stay here dillydallying and watching fights, there is pokemon to rescue!

Though speaking of rescue... You get down on a knee so you can get a closer look at the celebrating Falinks.

"Hey, guys." You say as the three pokemon stand at attention. "Thank Noah for helping you."

The three of them look unsure, your apperantly less intimidating without Suzie leering over your shoulder, however after a few seconds glaring at them they turn around and bow towards Noah.

One of them loses his balance and falls over, that one was likely the one stuck in the hamper.

"We'll I appreciate the gesture but it's my job. Family is important and I can only hope that our Hotel can simulate that for a while." The man gives the same thin lipped smile as before.

Huh speaking of the hotel. "Oh yeah Noah, while I was looking around I found this weird balloon ghost do you-"

Noah raises a hand while Belle wakes up from your lullaby with a start. "Now now, let's leave such conversation outside of the lobby. You have a family to reunite, and if you are really curious we can arrange a appointment."

He is right, you really should be helping planny!

You turn around to head towards the back ally.

"Have a Lovely day Miss Niamic." He calls after you.


You open the back alley door, the stars blotted out by the lights and sounds of city night, the former clean vaguely lavender scent of the Lobby replaced with the fetid scent of garbage.

Which makes sense cause your right next to a dumpster.

It doesn't take you too long to spot the Murkrow and Passie, their loud fighting quickly guiding you to the ally way. The Murkrow darting between the deleporting psychic, beak meeting wooden sword.

It's actually really impressive that the Murkrow is lasting this long, type advantage or no Passie has always been your strongest pokemon.

Well besides the ones not actually on your team.

Near you is a Cowering Falinks, slightly scuffed but mostly okay.

>Help Passie out! Direct her in combat

>Sparkler! Help Passie!

>...You should catch this murkrow!
File: giratinaishere.jpg (97 KB, 1024x960)
97 KB
You are Giratina. You are older then this world knows, with grudges not far younger.

You are death, you are fear, you are a god who makes even your brothers tremble.

You are also, though you don't like admitting it, not having as easy a time as this as you expected.

"Come on Charzard! Fire fang Throw!" Ash cries as the pokemon snakes its toung at your neck, fire wreathing its maw as it bites you and unleashes its flame directly upon your spectral flesh.

You cry, pain budding accross your neck as a ill whirlwing spinds accross from you, tossing the dragon aside.

Should you have access to the Griseous orb the full extent of your power would be unleashed upon this whelp. However your treasure was taken from you and your powers are... diminished in its absence.

You are not used to flesh and this form is hampering you.

You rear your head back and exhale fell flames from your Cursed Breath, green fire striking the dragon imitation until he counters with fireblast, the large flame blasting into yours and causing the streams to vanish into the mist.

You suppose its good your disciple is not hear to witness your mortallity.

>Dragon dance, get as tough as you can and wipe him out

>His power is from the drought abillity, take the weather back from him

>Shadow Force is risky without your orb, but so is letting this battle keep going

>Phantom force, return to your home dimension to recover for a bit.
>>Sparkler! Help Planny!
I assume you meant our pokèmon Planny and not our cousin Passie.
>>Dragon dance, get as tough as you can and wipe him out
Got to buff up.
Give me some attack rolls for sparkler
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Rolled 40 (1d100)

Rolled 30 (1d100)

File: shygurie.jpg (122 KB, 1193x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
You have the element of suprise which, if your dad taught you well, and he did, is the only element you really need.

“Alright Sparkler, when there is an opening, use spark and knock that Murkow out in it’s blindside.”

The Chinchou nods and concentrates, watching the squabbling pokemon, as soon as Murkow ducks away from another of Planny’s swipe the Chinchou charges.

“Chin!” The pokemon cries as a small orb of electricty sparks around her like a small lightning barrier. The murkrow squawks in shock as Sparkler hits it right in the blindside.

“Crooooooow” The pokemon sighs as it crashes into a wall, slowly sliding into the dumpster as the Falinks all gather around cheering, only 2 more to go.

“Kir?” Planny walks up to you, shoulder cape slightly dusty as you pat her head. Helping people even when your asleep, what a good girl.

You should probbably start wrapping this up.

>Fairy floor next, time to dare the ball pit
>Fire floor next, get through the kitchen
File: dovazard.jpg (52 KB, 630x630)
52 KB
If this heretic was going to unnatural enhance his power, you see little reason you should not do the same.

You roar, dark steam rising from your body as you feel dragon dance infuse power into your atrophied veins, you look up to glare at your foe and dodge a bright red blaze hurtling toward you.

You fell the inferno burn behind you as you charge, night slash met with fire fine. Your stronger now and you can feel the dragon losing ground behind you but its eyes look no less intense.

“Now!” Ash yells as the charzard inhales. “Use dragon breath!”


You wisp into phantom force just in time to dodge the blue fire, the super effective attack burning ineffectively against the floor.

You try to rush the best but as soon as you pop out of the distorted world the dragon takes to the sky, crashing into your Protect as the two of you eye each other.

This is close, and it shouldn’t be close.

>Draw the fight out, sunny day wont last forever
>Suzie might do special effects better then you but you have some tricks, use curse!
>Try to finish this now before he can use another dragon move
>Try to exploit his weaknesses
>>Fairy floor next, time to dare the ball pit
>Try to exploit his weaknesses

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