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For those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Jewel Change. It is a Chinese Wuxia web-novel.
You can read it here, it is completed: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/heavenly-jewel-change, Wuixiaworld have recently changed their style of letting people read completed books, you are able to buy it, but you can just as easily gain and spend something called Karma to read chapters.

The Wiki (May lack information with certain characters but has all the mechanical information we need): https://heavenly-jewel-change.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Jewel_Change_Wiki

Lots of things like place names and people will be OC. so I can run with interesting character ideas.

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3638342
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4004165
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YB

Last time you visited Fei, trying to warn her about the many problems awaiting your future, you were turned away, being that a Queen is always busy, and instead visited Shao-Bao, who informed you that Heaven cannot act as they please, and need puppets to work on Earth, she also warned you of assassins who would try to kill your daughters, in the simplest way to solve the problem. You unlocked and trained a new technique: Web of Sin! You went to attempt a Feat of Strength, continuing along the path of Godhood, but ended up injured by a massive metal golem. You killed it, but you had to stop for the day, as your children were afraid you would leave them too early. Achieving Divine Heavenly Energy Control, you tested you limits, and are in the process of doing so now. Awaiting the monster army now getting closer and closer, possibly on a path of peace, but also of war.

>Attempt to try a group buff

You spread your Heavenly Energy outwards, the light and pulse of your will dominating its surroundings, and activate your Saint Element. Your two willing victims, Azzura and Hongtian, react to the Element, you see Hongtian start flying in the air, she is now much stronger, but Azzura does not react. In a moment's notice, you buff her too, barely a second in between the buffs, but you are not able to activate buff for multiple people at once without a Skill or a technique to specialise in it, and for that you would need the pressure of battle to promote growth. You gained Web of Sin because of the horrible evil some people in this place hold, but more effort is needed for this to work.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Set up the Buffing Camp and find the Vice-Marshal

You decide to focus on more material matters, namely, the buffing station. However, it would be easier said than done. You head to the Wall, and ask the people where you might be the most helpful.

"Hang on, let me get Commander Zaozhi. COMMANDER! GET OVER HERE! IT'S ABOUT THE-"

"Fine! I hear you!" You see a very thin, almost haggard old man run over, you can tell he is supported by 9 Physical Jewels.

"What were you looking for again?"

"Where do I set up my buffing station for when the monsters arrive?"

"I mean, multiple places, each have their advantages. The other commanders and I have been debating a bit, but we voted on putting you on the south side of the barracks. That place is the only bit the public can visit reliably, and it's relatively close to the Wall, but, in a pinch, it is a fair bit away from the Wastelands."

"The other places?"

"Just on the Wall itself, on the inside, this was chosen due to the difficulty normal people would have in reaching it but the military would reap all of the benefits. The other place was in the Town Square, but this would only benefit the normal people, and we really need those buffs of yours."

"Alright, so do I get a tent or something?"

"An Earth Master will be sent, if you like, you have the authority to overturn our vote, and put it anywhere you like. Please say so now, the order will take a little while to get through the chain, I'm sure you understand. Even with the technology the 4th Princess invented, information is still our hardest asset to maintain and gather."

Player Choice
>South of the barracks
>Along the inner wall, right in the centre
>Town Square

You leave, and head to fine the Vice-Marshal. You find him with Shao-Bao, peering their heads over technical documents and logistical analysis. You knock on the door, and Zhang welcomes you in.

"Anything to report? Please make it quick, I have a meeting with the other Elemental Heads soon."

Player Choice
>Write-in for what you wanted to say to Zhang
>Along the inner wall, right in the centre
>Tell him where the buffing station will be, ask him if he needs Resurrection charges or buffing

"The buffing station is going to be put up right by the Wall, dead centre."

"Good work. Anything else?"

"I can put two contingencies on you. Do you want them?"

"Go ahead. The things cheats like you provide always end up helpful. I'm surprised it's only two."

"Mm. Any buffs in particular you would like?"

"All Elemental Jewel Masters should be prioritised for Heavenly Energy or Stored Skill prowess. Even me. Heavenly Energy if the time comes please."

"What about Divine Element resistance?"

"There is no resistance. There is only controlled or not controlled." He looks towards Shao-Bao for confirmation and she nods.

You leave with that. Hongtian and Azzura kept themselves outside the room, but they have so many questions about the Elemental Research department.

Player Choice for the evening

Can't use this site on computer anymore. 400 error. Using phone for now.
> Move out to to set up the station, and in the meanwhile explain the Army to the children.

You leave for the appointed area, and see an 8 Jeweled Earth Master making a 4-person sized building. There was only one way in, and it was essentially a kiosk.

"Teleship Commander Zou! I am almost done. This will be a big help if anthing goes wrong. I hear you can make someome 500 times stronger! The Heavenly God Consolidated Equipment Master told us Zong Stage Masters that this would be a boring time for you, but please bear with it!"

He finishes by engraving metal, expunged from his fingertips as red-hot liquid onto the front of the stonework, cooling into shining cobalt-infused aluminium.

"Buffing Station. There we go! Goodbye sir!" He leaves in a hurry, you can see other small scale building projects being made furthetmr away. It seems Fei is doing a lot of work here.

"Dad, what's a commander?" Hongtian asks.

"It is a title, for the military. You know how the big monster was really dangerous, well. Auntie Fei and some others pay the brave Jewel Masters, like me, to protect those who have no Jewels from monsters like that. Auntie has the most control, but everyone chips in. It's how this city was secured, the Army only works on the ground, we have different people for the sky and sea, not sure where it is though."

Azzura seems confused.

"You told us that people without Jewels end up being tread on, but you keep them safe?"

"Some people simply can't cultivate, or they can, but they can only get so far. My first Master was like this. He was too old to get his Jewels. So we protect them, allow their life to be fruitfull."

"Are you paid a lot?"

"Yeah. Although I don't think either of you would be fit for the army." The thought of some prick being able to order your girls to do whatever he wanted puts a bad taste in your mouth.

You sit inside the station, you guess this is your new base of operations until new orders are posted out. Azzura and Hongtian come inside, it isn't cramped, but it is a bit barren, with only grey and yellow stone walls for company. You could open it now, or you could prepare some information for "customers". People who were strong would have a tougher time with more power. You could use fewer pieces of your equipment for them. You are aware this is a free service, but recording down the names of the people who use your service multiple times could be good for bargining.

Player Choice
>Write-in for information you will display on the front of your shop about the buffing, this could also include instructions for customers.
>Do you want to record down names or faces of repeat users Y/N
> Rules: Can only Buff one attribute and one person at a time; The buff will last a few hours; A tariff will be imposed on the extent of the buffing; Available buffing: x2, ×4, ×8, x16, ×32, ×64, ×128, x256, ×512; The Saint retains the right to deny requests; Immaterial attributes, such as willpower or aptitude, can be buffed, at double price; Try and start up anything around the place and the Saint will reduce you to dust.
> Record EVERYONE.
>A reminder, this service is supposed to be free because you are all members of the military
>You are breaking this rule, but for how much
>What will be the cost per buff per person?
> Normal people pay, military don't
> 2 Gold × Buff (ex. Buff×512 = 1024 Gold)
Rolled 43 (1d100)



You write out the sign, it has a few points.

-Buff works on one of the 7 Attributes, only one per person.
-Increase your power by :x2, ×4, ×8, x16, ×32, ×64, ×128, x256, ×512.
-This buff lasts for a few hours at a time
-Other immaterial attributes such as willpower, aptitude or regenerative ability can be buffed, but at double the price for a non-military member
-People who are disrespectful or refuse to pay will be dealt with deadly force
-The Saint retains the right to refuse service to any customer
-Service is free for all members of the State Military, once identification has been provided
-Price is 2 Gold multiplied by the intended buff. A x2 buff costs 4 Gold for one civilian, or 8 Gold for an immaterial attribute to be powered up.

You think this will suffice. Despite your power, you are still young, and some people, in the heat of battle will make rash decisions. You summon some spare paper and an old pen. You want to record down the names or faces of everyone who makes use of this service. Especially the ones who might pay 2048 Gold to increase their cultivation rate by 512 times.

You see a few members of the military walk over. A bit suspicious of the new structure. You see one with the Darkness Element look at the side of the building, he sees something, and he nods to the others. This is a reputable place. The weakest one, with only 2 Water Elemental Jewels walks over, reading the sign. You hear Hongtian and Azzura hide away when he walks over.

"Is the service for immaterial buffing free for us infantry too?"


"A 512 buff to that please." You do so, and you see 2 more Jewels form on his left wrist in a few seconds meaning he has reached the Zun Stage from just this moment! This could be an opportunity for the weak to grow much stronger. However, his face looks pale, perhaps something this strong might be a bit overkill for his soul to handle.

"Thank you! I'll be back later, I need to try this out! You two! Ask for something!" The Darkness Element and Physical Jewels Master with him ask for different things. The Darkness Element asks for a buff to his Stored Skill "Claws of Burning Shadow" at 4 times. The Physical Jewel Master asks for a 512 times buff to his Coordination. You do so, and they both have the realisation that this is real. After a few more minutes, tens more people come to your station.

You draw their faces on the paper in a matter of seconds, then you get more and more people.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE to get down all the faces that you buff
>This takes up all the evening
Rolling 1d100 DC 50 for a fight to break out.
Rolled 94, 86, 80 = 260 (3d100)


You manage to get down the identities of most of the people that saw you. You think that the barrack's strength increased by about 2 Jewels on average. That's a lot. People fell into line, and seeing the benefits, didn't worry about the young age of their Saint. Most of the higher up members recognised you anyway.

The real problems came when normal people, or Hunters flew over. Some came on mounts or ran the way here. Most only had about 200 in spare cash, so got the 32 times buff to their cultivation rate. Many were unhappy, saying something about the balance of power being greatly upset, but not many had the power to complain.

You ended up with a full book on the first day, and you feel so bored. This is what being a Consolidated Equipment Master must be like. The same reactions again and again. You did get an awful lot of money though. You saw about 20 Hunters, all paid a sizeable amount.

>You have 24891 Gold

Even into the night, as your kids fall asleep, more and more people come, seeking some sort of blessing. You would normally fall asleep right about now.

Player Choice for the night
> Keep working, use the Nature Element.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

>You don't have Nature Element
>I assume you mean the Life Element

You continue into the night, but only those who had the time came to you, that is, fewer members of the army, and more Hunters. You saw impressive cultivations and powerhouses in their fields ask for some buff, and you became that much richer. The Hunters were richer and had more spare cash.

>You have 30000 Gold

Rolling 1d100 DC 40 for an event overnight

>Start of the 198th day
>People are still visiting.

You receive word that the monster army can be seen by a normal person with a telescope now,

Player Choice for the morning
> Call up an officer and ask for a detailed sitrep

You take out your communicator, stopping the people as they queue up. You call one of the nearby officers.

"Yes? Who is this?" The voice is grainy, distorted, it must be a cheaper method he is using.

"This is the Angel of Death, I would like a report on the approaching monsters."

"Ah. Well, we can see the 4 ones you were talking about. That last one appears to be mainly Water Element, but some Nature mixed heritage. Only powerhouses like you have hope of defeating them. Think they will be here in 2 days."

"Have they attacked?"

"Nope, just walking, some talking. Some Heavenly Energy used for something. That one guy in the centre hasn't taken off his mask. The Wasteland's been quite, no monsters or anything, these things must be scaring them off."

"How are preparations going?"

"Well, we should be able to handle 75% of them with no problem if they don't get inside the city. The rest...leave it to Master Shao-Bao. Your role remains the same, I guess. All the Princesses are here, the Hunters are here. Whatever this guy is planning, it won't matter, if he tries anything he'll be dead all the way up to his grandparents twice over! Not to mention our ground forces now average at 6 Jewels!"

Well, things appear to be going smoothly for now, but monsters always have tricks up their sleeves. You end the call, and get back to work. Your kids leave you alone now, or something, you haven't really taken too much notice.

Anything else you would like to do for the day instead of man the shop?

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE DC 70 for perception
> Why don't you go find the Guard and have him meet the kids? Honestly, you could use someone to keep an eye on them too.
>Close to a year since you've seen him.

"Alright everyone! Shop's closed for the day!"

"No! All that money I saved!"

"No! My Nature Element Crystal!"

You pick up the kids, and teleport all the way across the city, following the curve of the Earth, until you reach the Cursed Forest Hunters Camp. You are welcomed with blades.

"Who the hell are you? Children don't belong her-" He sees you, then sees your badge. Then your two kids.

"What the everliving fu-" You move to silence him.

"Where's the Guard, I'm an old disciple of his." You flash your Jewels. Letting his mouth go.

"Oh hell, it's you! The "Great genius who abandoned me!" fellow. Well come right in then! No-one can stand up to Gaoshi Tzhihua of the Cursed Forest Hunters!" He leads you right on, the tower hasn't changed one bit.

"Hey! Guard! We have some Army kid! has 9 pairs of Jewels! And some brats!"

"You what!?" The Guard puts his head out of the tower, and his face goes white.

"Zou! You died! Like actually died! The Palace said so! You have kids! Explain! Under the 9 Heavens of Buddha! Explain!" You detect his cultivation. One Physical Jewel. The other Hunter leaves, a look of confusion plastered on his face. He has no Jewels, but two levels of Heavenly Energy. Respectable out here, but not in the city.

You hide Azzura and Hongtian, who are staring wide-eyed at the Cursed, black, thorny forest in front of them, and at the crazy old man shouting about how you died. This could get complicated.

Player Choice
I also need that roll.
Rolled 13, 86, 48 = 147 (3d100)

> "Ehh. In my field of work death isn't exactly uncommon, uncle. Look, stranger things have happened in one year. Like, me changing the climate in two places, me fighting in an interplanetary war, or me getting a tour of Hell! But in the midst of that, I got kids. Hey, Azzurra, Hongtian, this is your uncle. He helped me when I left the Orphanage."

As you were working, you noticed that Azzura had a new book in her hands. She was reading it intently. However, from the few works that you could take a peek at, you could tell it was about the basics of cultivation. Occasionally Hongtian would take the book for some reading.

You children were learning about cultivation all on their own.

>Talk wth Uncle

"Ehh. In my field of work death isn't exactly uncommon, uncle. Look, stranger things have happened in one year. Like, me changing the climate in two places, me fighting in an interplanetary war, or me getting a tour of Hell! But in the midst of that, I got kids. Hey, Azzurra, Hongtian, this is your uncle. He helped me when I left the Orphanage."

They don't respond very enthusiastically, in fact it sounded like they didn't trust your true Master.

"Shut up! Climate changing? Hell touring! INTERPLANETARY WARRRR! Boy, when I get down there I will bless you back to Hell like the phantom you are! What women would even think of marrying you?" He jumps out of the tower, the Jewel moulding into small dice.

Which he throws at you.

You dodge them, to hear small explosions and other effects. Some technique he made for himself then. You still see the dice in his hands. He gives up immediately, focusing instead on the children. Who are trying to back away, after having their Father attacked.


"Tch. Heavenly Jewel Masters! Can't love them! Nope! How is she anyway?"

"Not, uh, not here."

"Oh...I mean, seriously? The Palace never sent word."

"Enough. We should get in the tower, for their sake." You see Hongtian's wings start to flutter, she is getting very anxious. You can smell something approaching.

"Fine. I'll get a drink, I was supposed to save it for our reunion, but, as you went to Hell. You won't be needing this 30 year aged Whiskey now will you!"

"That's right. Especially since we have something coming! Battle stations!" You shout at him, and he turns around, the monsters now visible with his meagre strength. You leave him too it, and hide in the tower whilst he finishes the Wind Wolves off. You have no idea why they came this close, but it matters little. Afterwards, he joins you in the tower. Half-empty bottle."

"I'm afraid it's water for the kid and the half breed, I never knew you were into that sort of thing." You see him staring directly at Hongtian's wings. Instead of hiding them, she flaunts them off, expanding them to half a metre out.

"Kneel before me lowly uncle! I am an Angel above!" The old man only responds with laughter.

"Man! I thought the other one was angel-blood but wow! Both of them? You must be unlucky." He looks at Azzura, she looks absolutely in shock.

"H-hello. U-uncle M-master!"

"You can say that again." He's changed, he's a bit more wild.

"So, it's been nothing but monsters and time for me. I need some of these exploits in detail. It's been a long time."

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to tell him/ not tell him.
> "... Most of it was bad luck, to be honest. Not that I'm not happy with what I do have now - the kids, working on the Tenth Jewel, a cool job that let's me kill stuff - but the bad luck seems like it came with the blood. Can you believe the two rascals looked around one year old a week ago? And Jiang's... whatever, it's from some sort of bloodline thing. Really annoying, let me tell you. But enough about me! What have you been up to?"
Rolled 5, 6, 5 = 16 (3d8)


"... Most of it was bad luck, to be honest. Not that I'm not happy with what I do have now - the kids, working on the Tenth Jewel, a cool job that let's me kill stuff - but the bad luck seems like it came with the blood. Can you believe the two rascals looked around one year old a week ago? And Jiang's... whatever, it's from some sort of bloodline thing. Really annoying, let me tell you. But enough about me! What have you been up to?"

"Well. I haven't been able to get much stronger. There's a limit for people like me. Those two need to awaken their Jewels soon. Something's coming. You'll need that 10th Jewel soon."


"I don't think you ever went to the castle after the Blistering Tornado Wolf Mother left did you...uh, it's been acting odd. We keep getting reports from the new colonies that they see...people, and hear voices where there shouldn't be. Now I'm well read now, figured I'd learn a bit more, there's a patron who visits- anyway! So I recognised the signs. The old cathedral is working again."

"What do you want me to do about it, the place is a week away?"

"I mean we may have an Angel's puppet becoming active! Those guys are cultivation freaks! I'm not even sure they use Jewels..." You see him take a deep look at Azzura.

"Kid. Keep an eye out. My Heavenly Energy Control and my experience tell me that you are just as abnormal as your sister." He turns his head to Hongtian.

"And you! Learn to fly! Live another day! You will be blessed with talent." He stops, and faces you.

"If you want the real truth of what I'm doing here? My job. Just sitting here. Guarding." He stops for a second, to take a drink from that special whiskey.

"You don't happen to be able to use that Saint Element to improve my Jewel count can you?"

"I can, but, if I do it. You won't be able to progress by yourself ever again, no matter what rare resources you find."

"Deal. I can't progress at my age anyway!" He holds out his hand, waiting. You buff him, and he immediately starts cultivating. Azzura and Hongtian take note as he does so. You best leave him too it, a person normally needs complete concentration to cultivate.

>He will be cultivating until the evening.

Rolling 3d8 to see how many Jewels he gets, taking the largest value.

>Whilst he cultivates, you still have some time until the evening

I need to finish now, I only got 4 hours of sleep so I need to have an early night. The Quest can continue tomorrow from 16:30 to 19:00 GMT. Going to a gun club in the evening, apologies.
> Since they seem so eager to learn, answer any question about Cultivation and begin teaching them the basics

"So, learning a bit about cultivation are we?"

"Ah! No! Not at all haha." Hongtian tries to deny it, but you can sense lies a mile away.

"Really? Where did you get that book then?"

"Nowhere." Her face is a bit pale.

"Oh. Well, I was thinking of helping you, but since you aren't reading-"

"No! Please! Tell us!" Azzura butts in. At least one person here is honest."

>Roll 3d100+29 best of ONE for teaching
Rolled 52, 2, 17 = 71 (3d100)


Hongtian, being the more academic one, takes more of the lesson in. You talk to them about the aims and results of cultivation, what it does to the body and mind. You tell them about the process of gaining a Heavenly Energy Level. You can't tell them what it is, but you do tell them there should be a sliver of energy already in their bodies. You tell them that most people never gain a Heavenly Energy Level. They ask you how to get it, but you don't really know. There are all sorts of techniques, and they can't use yours, as you absorbed the knowledge and never copied the book down before it happened. You show them almost all of the relevant points Heavenly Energy settles in, the channels it uses. Azzura has to have more explanation for each point.

"So, we need a Cultivation Technique?" Hongtian asks, always to the point.

"Yes, and some are much better than others. There are three kinds. First is called "Cyclical", where you control the minuscule amount of Heavenly Energy in your body and move it in a pattern around your body, this action draws Heavenly Energy from the world into yourself, enlarging yourself. Then there are the "Law" or "Way" based ones. Where you contemplate a certain aspect of the world enough and to a high enough degree that your mind expands to allow more Heavenly Energy to enter. My latest Master uses this one. Then there are the other ones, weird ones, I use one, and they are not normally recommended. They are experimental, and I don't think you should use one."

"What should we use then?"

"Nothing for now, you're too young. Focus on learning, and understanding how the world works first."

"R-right." Hongtian seems a bit disappointed.

"That book doesn't have it's own special technique or something does it?"

"Uh, yeah. I can't read it, so..." She hands you a small book, the new, white paper shocks you, this is less than three weeks old!

"Dershwa Royal Blood Cultivation Technique: Angelic Blood Conversion." What on Earth?

"Co-authored by Shian and Jessica Dershwa. DO NOT GIVE TO ANYONE ELSE"

"Who gave this to you?"

"We don't know, some woman in all black. She seemed to want to look after us though, she was a bit spoo, uh, spooki?"

"Spooky." Azzura nods, and carries on.

"Yeah, we were a bit scared at first, her hand was like a window!"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, she never hurt us, and we haven't seen her in a long time." Three weeks, maybe two. This is not a long time for you, but for them it would be more than half their life! These women, always meddling in your affairs somehow.

You see the Guard finish his cultivation, 6 more Jewels on his arm.

"HAHAH! I AM A GOD! BOW BEFORE ME CREATURES OF EARTH!" You cover your children's ears as he shouts.

"I still outrank you."

"I care little! The Zong Stage! I could live for another 80 years, and you thought I was a failure didn't you mother! Well look here!" 7 Physical Jewels glimmer like stars in the dark.

Player Choice for the night
> "Any thoughts on dealing with the Puppet? I'm of half a mind of just erasing the whole cathedral from existence here and now. I could also get a Heavenly God and come around, though I wouldn't want to ask a favour without needing to."

"Huh? Oh, you're still here...uh, thanks. I mean, please don't destroy the castle, or the cathedral. They are excellent traps for us Hunters. Monsters are drawn to the place. It is a fortress."

"So what should I do then, get a Heavenly God?"

"Hahaha! You've gained quite the sense of humour haven't you. Nah, don't bother a Heavenly God with this. Just get as far away from the place as you can. That way whatever ritual it's setting up won't affect you too much. We have some information guys going in, and they think whatever's there must be around 9 Jewels strong, so a Heavenly King would be the best, someone without the tendency to destroy buildings."

"That's literally none of them, I don't think."

"Isn't there one with the Darkness Element in the city? Or did she...go, too?"

"Gone too, although, I can get a message through."

"That Saint Element's a real mystery isn't it, apparently we're still discovering new Elements thanks to the 4th Princess, pride of our country she is."

"Not really, I can deal with Hellspawn and buff people. The only thing going for it is that I can use it on myself, if I couldn't then I would probably have an entirely different role. It matters little, at my power everyone has some sort of boost or multiplier."

"Huhuhu, I guess I have them beat, with my Control I can do stacking two times buffs to my Physical Attributes, I think I might have the power to be transferred to the Central Hunters with this."

"Go for it. Our other Saint user disappeared, so there's no point being here."

"Disappeared? Lad, she..uh, I'll tell you later." He take small glances to the kids. You guess the old bat died.

"I still need a concrete plan."

"Well go scope out the place, or wait for our info guys to come back, if they don't...I'll send a letter? You must have changed address, none of my letters ever reached you." He looks a bit suspicious of you.

"Hm, recently. I'll give it to you." You do so. Hopefully something about this puppet makes it back here. Azzura and Hongtian go to sleep, tired after a long day out. You and the Guard talk, well, whisper, late into the night. Getting into the details of your exploits. True, with 7 Jewels he can retain his...youthful looks, but you swear you see new grey hairs appear on his head as you talk, the shock on his face is palpable.

Sometimes Azzura rustles in her sleep, some bad dream. You've had many, she will get used to them.

>Start of the 199th day
>The Monster Army reaches the Wall tomorrow.
You sustain yourself using the Life Element, but the Guard declines, apparently his combination of Attributes makes him need less sleep anyway. The kids wake up without issue, even on the hard surface of the tower, they still got a good night's sleep.

"Dad, what are we doing today?" Hongtian asks, her blonde hair very dishevelled. You get a call.

"Saint of Death, please report to your station." You don't know the voice.

Player Choice for the morning
> You report to your station

You pick up the kids.

"We're going home."

You Swap to your small hut, the buff station. The place is empty, apart from a few people. Jessica stands a few metres away, she looks odd, like her body has been stretched.

"Sweet. I'm wasn't a member of the military, until now, but with THIS!" She takes out a badge, one showing the rank of Light General.

"I can get an intelligence buff for free right?"


"Do it, 512 times."

Player Choice
>Do you want to buff Jessica's intelligence
> "Fair warning. Your brain might explode. However, I'm doing it anyway just to see what happens. Don't worry, if it happens I'll resurrect you."

"Fair warning. Your brain might explode. However, I'm doing it anyway just to see what happens. Don't worry, if it happens I'll resurrect you."

You send the energy towards her brain, and apply the buff. Surprisingly, she doesn't die, but she does collapse. You see her hand jittering, and someone puts some specially made paper, filled with Heavenly Energy nearby. You see all sorts of diagrams and words you will never understand being written down. It is profound. You rip your eyes away, and block your kids eyes, as you can tell your brain was not in a good shape. The men with her have used their Darkness Elements to shield themselves.

"Alright, sir? I'm afraid we're not going to move her from here, and no-one else must see her. I'm afraid that we need to shut down the area until the afternoon."

"Really? Well, put up a Darkness screen, I'll just sit in here." The older one does so, and you use your Light Element to make it bright inside.

Player Choice for the rest of the morning

>You have suffered 100 points of STA due to mental shock.
> Operate your stall of wonders
Did we just get SAN damage from eldritch drawings beyond the human mind? Cool.
I can begin the quest at 14:00 GMT today.
Scratch that. 15:00 GMT now.
>Operate stall of wonders

You wait a few hours, and once you are sure the buff wears off. You call Jessica take away the screen of Darkness and see that the piece of paper has disappeared, but Jessica is still there. However, this time with 11 pairs of Jewels on her wrists, she broke through!

"Buff my Endurance, 512 times again. I need a lot of mental stamina to read anything from that...document."

"What was it even about?"

"I still haven't cracked that infinite Heavenly Energy thing you do, well, I have, just now, but I can't read it!"

"Anything else?"

"More stuff on Hell, a better Heavenly Master Awakening potion, or treatment, it looks like it might be, some stuff with Hell and Heaven. God I feel so retarded! The answer was right in front of me!" She looks incredibly annoyed, but you do as she says, and she storms off. Potentially cursed document in hand. You could sense something off from it, it was like it was alive or something.

You ignore that, and start serving customers, some of which come to you with only 2 Heavenly Energy Levels, the weak public have come for your blessings, but balk at the price.

"2048 Gold! What do you think we are, made of money?! At most I can do 5!" One older man, probably a merchant, is very unhappy with the rules.

"That won't even get you a 2 times buff for your cultivation. 8, no changes, you can read, can't you?"

"You military folks normally aren't this gree-" You use your Spatial Element to grab his larynx, with your medical knowledge, this is an easy feat. His voice stops coming out.

"Pay or leave. Your choice." He starts to walk away, out of the queue. You let him go, and he storms off. Business continues as usual. Fewer Hunters come see you, but some richer members of the public pay a lot to gain a boost to their cultivation. You see about 25 people gain their Jewels, mainly Physical, but some Elemental, you see one with two Elements to his one Jewel.

>You have gained 2000 Gold

You get a call from Fei.

"How are things going with the station?"

"Well. Only had to hurt one person so far."

"R-right, well. We have some more intel for you, or at least information you might want to take into consideration. We do not think you should fight in any potential battle."


"Your buff is great, I mean. Jessica broke through using it, and I might be able to get to 12 Jewel pairs too. So, in the event of war, which is looking less likely by the second, do not engage. The Vice-Marshal has been warned."

"War is looking less likely?"

"They are a few dozen miles away, yet show no signs of attacking. Just be aware that people expect you to be right there, at your station, including me and my sisters."

"Got it." You didn't need to be told this, maybe Fei needs a buff to her intelligence too.

"Also, when you have time, report to the Palace. I need you to bring Shian back. She needs to be here for spying and stealth.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> While operating the stall, ask around how much would it take to make it permanent. Zou's Clinic of Cultivation, the Slice of Life sequel of Heavenly Jewel Change Quest, coming soon^TM
Rolled 8 (1d100)


"So. If I were to make this whole operation a bit more...permanent, what would I need?" You ask one the generals, already 9 Elemental Jewels to his name of the Nature variety, who asked for a boost to his Skill proficiency growth. His grey hair, full and with a tint of green in places, looks well kept. He looks experienced, powerful, but he is nothing compared to you.

"Permission. 15,000 Gold to buy suitable land in the city centre, you would not be setting up here. A few more thousand Gold to use the services of an Earth Master to make a workplace and make it look nice with the Help of other Jewel Masters. A lot of time."

"Permission from who?"

"Who ever is above you, that would be the Queen, the Vice-Marshal of the Space Fleet, and your Elemental General, who off the top of my head is that old Bao? The Consolidated Equipment Master?"

"Yes, but only recently."

"Ah, well. I don't think they'll allow a power like this to reach the public, as much as it pains me."

"Go figure."

"Hm, the only reason this whole shtick is happening is those blasted monsters! Hah, if only I were a Heavenly Jewel Master like you, I could smash them to bits!"

"Well, if Jessica uses her brains well enough, that might be a possibility."

"Really? I know you used your Element on her this morning. It's a real shame what she is, all the men are absolutely terrified of her." He walks off with that, wanting to use every minute to gain a better appreciation of his Element. You keep going, but it seems you hit a peak in visitors. The money starts coming in slower and slower. The only people now visiting you are the army, and a few members of the Air Force.

>You gain 1000 Gold

Hongtian is practising using her wings again, with Azzura to comment on their action. It's pretty noisy behind you, and it seems they grow less and less appreciative of the space as time goes on. They are bored, to say the least. However, you start to see a small change in your Saint Element as time goes on. This is another chance to gain a special technique! You have been buffing and buffing again and again. Using your domain to strengthen the world around you. You think a new way to use your buff will come into being soon, but you have no idea when.

>You are on the cusp of something great. I want you to make a technique to amplify your buffing in some way, this will become passive once learnt, and will be unlocked immediately. Some techniques will be off limits, so if something sounds over-powered, make another technique, and we can work towards the right one for you.

Player Choice for the evening

Rolling 1d100 DC 95 for ???
> Holy Land of Power: in an area around the user, a buff is constantly applied on every allied person or beast inside. It also applies the protection of the user's domain.
> Go to the palace
>Adding to paste
>Saint Element has gained 1 priority

You make a determined effort to improve your buffing, and end up with something really quite interesting. You create a small area around yourself, without any Consolidated Equipment. This is a time when people are not coming as quickly. You can tell a buff will be applied, but the action of your Element is shakey, and you cannot get the Holy Power to condense to the right density. More training is needed.

You decide to go to the Palace, people in the support function and catering will be here. It will undoubtedly be very busy in some areas of the Palace, but not others. You don't have a place to sleep here, perhaps the barracks? Azzura is getting tired, and Hongtian is getting...fluttery.

"Oi! You!" You see a messenger, wind at his feet, rush towards you.

"The Princess wants you in your station at all times, why are you here?" 7 Tourmaline Jewels glitter under the gold and Amethyst that makes up the corridors, you recognise him as one of your benefactors from a couple of days ago. He takes a sharp look at Hongtian, who hasn't bothered to hide her wings in any way, it would be difficult as they are growing larger and larger with each day. His gaze returns to you, quizzical.

Player Choice
> You laugh with mirth "What is your rank, officer, to be so lacking in respect to your betters? Step away now, for the Queen saw fit to summon me, and I saw fit to answer."

You laugh with mirth "What is your rank, officer, to be so lacking in respect to your betters? Step away now, for the Queen saw fit to summon me, and I saw fit to answer."

"Hang on! Don't shoot the messenger. I really hate this. She goes to above and beyond to actually make use of us Jewel Masters, unlike her father, and she does all this stuff without telling us! How many secret plans does that woman have? Ah screw it." He runs off, some other business to attend to. You still don't know his rank.

You go to the Throne Room's side door, luckily this time Fei opens it without resistance.

"Well? Is Shian here?"

You use your Saint Element with your 9 Jewel cultivation, the power letting you slip into the realm of the dead, and you see Shian, kneeling at the desk where Fei works.

"Yep." As you say this, you see a shadow form in the real world. An ethereal form of Shian, almost ghost-like, appears in the room. It speaks in a hollow, droning voice.

"Hello. Sister."

"AHH! What the fuck are you doing?! Back off you vengeful spirit!" She stars shaking at the thing with her domain. This could be bad. You step in, and activate Resurrect. Shian comes back incredibly exhausted. Your children are absolutely silent, and you try and cover their ears when Fei swears.

"Hah. Hah, thank you."

"So? I got a letter about progress this had better be good."

"I know how the Angels can act on Earth, I know their forces on Earth. I am close to their gate now."

"Good, well. You had better stick around and hide for a few days. Put it in a report and I'll read it at some point."

"Why? Is something that bad happening?"

"You remember the Enclaves? We're helping out one, the Water one, and the Fire one...it's still a work in progress, but Shan-Bai says she getting there, the disturbance at that place is something she can deal with, even in her inexperienced state, but she couldn't make it here in time. The problem is with the Saint one. They are visiting, 80 of them including their leader, who is in fact the Divine Element."


"Tomorrow morning. I need you on intel. You now outrank Gang-Sei."

"O-oh. Understood!" Shian disappears into the dark clinging to the floors and shadows. You don't think you'll see her again for a long while.

"Angel of Death. You have your orders for tomorrow correct? Unless you have any questions, you are dismissed. Ah, hello again. I think we've met before?" She suddenly switches from talking to you to talking to your children."

"Yeah, you were angry." Azzura says.

"Not much anymore. Has your papa been treating you well?"

"Y-yeah." Azzura is a bit pale, and not staring Fei's face properly.

"Yes! Of course he has. Our dad is the best!" Hongtian spreads her tiny wings, and tries to establish dominance.

"Hm, more improvements must be made. Azzura, you look a bit pale. Is everything alright?" Fei is smiling, exactly like how she looked a year ago, when she first met you. Bubbly.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what say?
> "We'll hole up in my Little Shop of Wonders until this whole mess is taken care off, then. Anything else before then? Do you have need of my services to strengthen yourself? If not, I do have a couple new Saint techniques to work on, and then there's the matter of the kids' education... Listen, can we all, you, me, the kids, your sisters, get together for dinner, when there's time? I'd like Azzurra and Hongtian to be with their family as much as possible."

"We'll hole up in my Little Shop of Wonders until this whole mess is taken care off, then. Anything else before then? Do you have need of my services to strengthen yourself? If not, I do have a couple new Saint techniques to work on, and then there's the matter of the kids' education... Listen, can we all, you, me, the kids, your sisters, get together for dinner, when there's time? I'd like Azzurra and Hongtian to be with their family as much as possible."

"No. None of that. Too busy. Many things happening. Shian has to be gone soon, not even the chefs know about her...duties. Jessica doesn't care for family, too interested in her research. If anything, it would be Sun-Di and Shan-Bai whenever she get's back. Maybe in a few years, ah, wait, you'll be gone...I'll see what I can do."

"Really? None of the chefs? I know how to cook, I can-"

"I'm too busy too." She walks back to her desk, in her point of view, this conversation is over. Azzura didn't speak a word to her, and with your Life Element, you can tell something is wrong.

"No buff?"

"Don't want it. Crutch, couldn't cheat on my Control, can't cheat on my cultivation."

"You're too old to make progress."

"I'm too old to need progress, we have a Heavenly God. We have 4 Heavenly Emperors and 7 Heavenly Kings. I don't want to be stronger, my domain already crushes the others, some people already see me as unfit to lead, and getting too strong could be a catalyst for a revolt. The only people who would care would be Shan-Bai and Shian. Jessica, Sun-Di and my non-blood-related uncles and aunties would not care if I...left this position."

Azzura pulls on your sleeve, she wants to leave, badly. You Saint Element is reacting to something in the air, but you can't tell what, something else is interfering.

"What about my kid's education?"

"You have your options, private, tutors or state." She truly ignores you now, and starts reading a few documents. You leave, unless you hurt her, she isn't going to notice. Hongtian says something about a prank, but you drag them out of the room. What a waste, she's becoming more and more distant. How hard could being a monarch be anyway? It's not like she has to personally oversee everything that people do, just keep an eye out. Her father seemed much more dependable in times of need.

Player Choice for the night
> "Guess I'll go, then. Call me up when you want me to heal your depression and inferiority complex. Bye!"

"Guess I'll go, then. Call me up when you want me to heal your depression and inferiority complex. Bye!" You leave, and the door calmly closes behind you. You feel that odd pressure lift off you. Perhaps that was her domain?

>I still need that write-in
> Go back to work. See if you can train Holy Land with at it.

You Swap back to your station, and you hear something odd. Thunder, repeating, like a march. You guess it must be your new visitors. Azzura and Hongtian can't sleep with the sound going on. So you use some Wind Trickery to make things quieter.

Time to get down to business.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for training Holy Land of Power
Rolled 40, 50, 11 = 101 (3d100)

Rolled 2 (1d4)


>Start of the 200th day

You are on the edge of the wall, and you hear the monsters knock on the metal.

"Hello? Is there a door?" You hear the Divine Element King ask. One of the guard's answers.

"No, but we can get some ladders, or just, hang on. STATIOOOOOOOOONS!" The cry goes far and wide, and you see a few Spatial Element users use their Jewels to lift all 80 monsters into the city walls, You see mainly Saint creatures, but the 4 generals and the eerie Divine Element monster have complete dominance over them. The King lands on his two feat, with the other abominations behind him, the veil does not uncover his face.

"I wish to meet your leader." He says, people listen. You see Fei, surrounded by the most powerful members of the city, including Demon Hammer, who probably showed up for security. He has not revealed his Jewels, luckily for the earth beneath him.

"Welcome to Dershwa. My name is Fei Dershwa, and I am Queen of our great city, it is a pleasure to meet you." Fei has decked herself out with Jewels and exotic metals. You see other commanders and servants spread out, they are planning something.

"Thank you. Miss Dershwa. My name is Great-God-Equal-To-All-Heaven. I am the sole King of my city, your visitor must have found our humble encampment most agreeable."

"Hm, a few rules. People are always addressed by their title, as such. I am Her Highness, and you her His Majesty. Secondly, the power we hold never comes into contact with the masses, please leave them be."

"A few rules on my side. We gave ourselves names, you will respect them as such."

"In official documentation, yes. In conversation? You are our guests, and you will be polite."

"It really is such a shame, a beauty like you would change your tune upon seeing just my face."

"The Divine Element. We are aware." You see his eyes narrow. The Water Elemental creature, looking like an eel based mermaid, tries to reach out to him, but he continues anyway. You can feel the wrath from Fei from here.

"I am merely saying I am handsome. This conversation has become too fraught, let us retire to a more private place, yes? I am aware Humanity likes to segregate things from each other."

"A useful habit, please. Follow me." The 80 monster strong force starts to march, but the King motions them to back away, at some protest from the Spatial Element monster, and at great protest from the Fire giant, whose very body temperature is making the air almost toxic to the normal people, who have gathered to see what the commotion was all about. The generals split up with 20 monsters each, and go their separate ways. Hongtian and Azzura huddle behind you in shock, the last monster who looked this big almost killed them.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what do now?

Rolling 1d4 for which monster recognises you.
> Retire into the shop. It really doesn't have anything to do with you anymore.

This isn't about you anymore, you decide to retire into your shop, and wait.

You see the Spatial monster sort of...sludge over to you, it forms a vaguely human shape, complete with a mouth, and begins to talk, it sounds like a robot that has been left in motor oil for 5 days.

"Hello. I see you are like me. What are you doing here? You came to our holy land, did you not?" A limb melts off the main body, and it extends to you, in a form of a handshake. The military back off as the 20 guards clear a space for it to walk safely. You can tell it is as strong as a Heavenly Emperor, and has a hint of Earth Element in it. Actually, that looks like its original Element, it must have awakened Spatial later on, and specialised in it. You see it start to float up and down gently. It recognises you.

Player Choice
> "... Like you? I'm sorry, but I don't see the resemblance, friend."
Rolled 16 (1d100)

Quest can continue proper at 14:00, but I have some time.

In response, you see him bend the world, the effect of curved space appearing in the air. Condensing the space together, to make higher gravity. It's something you are partially able to do, but not to his level.

"Like this. You can move the waves of this plane. I'm told it's rare, our king thinks so."

He continues holding out his hand, the oily sludge staying put, his Element working continuously to maintain the form, extra digits appearing from the limb.

"I know there is more to you, but in this, we are alike." He slowly turns another limb, this one growing an eye, to your sign.

"I have no Gold, but, as a gesture of peace, would you show me yourself."

"You mean my Jewels?"

"Ah, it would be different for humanity, for things like me, our Element defines us. I am a slime, by birth." The liquid tissue pulses together, inspecting the atmosphere, it must be hotter than he's used to. He speaks slowly, purposefully, like he's new to the language. The other Saint monsters don't speak a word, only looking around, the eyes scouting, the armoured sentinels making a barrier between the barracks and the shop. The few people that come check out the commotion try to make conversation, but are unsuccessful.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what do?

Rolling 1d100 DC 10 for ???
> Pulse out from your body each Element you have, including Chaos
Rolled 68 (1d100)


You release your Jewels, and let the Elemental Energy flow from your body. You mix Wind and Water to make the Chaos Element. That's the only one he bothers to Spatially shift away.

You see something odd by the Palace, it isn't that far from the both of you. Red, the sky is turning red, you know the Evil Element when you see it. You get a call from your communicator.

"GET TO THE PALACE NO-!" You hear a scream after that, then the glass roof of the castle smashes to bits, and you see Demon Hammer, two fleshy Hammers in hand, flying into the sky. The air shudders with fear at his very presence. You see a flaming trident form above his head, which falls down at a horrendous speed, to land somewhere in the Palace. You see a massive explosion as the structure is partially damaged from the force of Hellfire burning within.

You see the monster change colours, from grey, to white, to stark black..


You see Fei, her Consolidated Equipment form around her, flying towards Demon Hammer, an alien force surrounding her. The monster you were talking to disappears, only to appear by Demon Hammer's side. You see both Hammers flash red, and a Stored Skill activate, and the monster dies, its core falling to the ground beneath it.

"DISCIPLE! THE MONSTERS HAVE BETRAYED US. I AND THE OLD BAO WILL KILL THE KING. KILL THEM ALL!" You hear his voice from here. Then you hear a commotion within the Palace, you see a massive Laser Beam shoot from the Palace, missing its target entirely. The other 4 generals are running back to help. The force from their bodies not going after the main threat, but the public.

You see the sentinels and eye things turn towards you. The eye's charging an energy in their pupils, the armoured ones forming a barricade. Azzura and Hongtian are not safe here.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to do now?#

Rolling 1d100 DC 40 for Shian
> Try to freeze the Spatial/Earth monster with an hail of Frozen Rain Arrows and Water Element Control.
> Sorry, I misread. Teleport away with the kids, then use the Spatial Element to catch and crush the eye-beam monsters

You activate Dimesional Swap. Taking Azzura and Hongtian with you, taking them to then Guard's tower, where they might be safe. You teleport back, and start to control your Spatial Element, as the ranged attacks from the Eye Saint Monsters fire towards you, a burning white fire. You crush it to the stonework below, and make the area of increased Spatial density larger, until you throw your hands down, pulling the space to the monsters, crushing the eyes, who tried to close in. You see many mechanical parts, fused with the occasional piece of flesh. The sentinels ignore you, instead breaking up, and attacking the weaker members of the military. Halberds in their hands forming from Holy Power.

The Palace is getting crazier. You see the Fire giant start to be covered in Darkness, it's horns struggling to knock anything down. The energy starts to be sucked from it's body. Shian has not been controlled. The others are very different. The Darkness Element General wheels over, friction from the contrast of black and white pushing it forward. It tries to knock it's ally out of the Stored Skill. However, you see Shian, Heavenly Empress, donning her Consolidated Equipment, drag her prey to the ground, fire spreading out from the impact. The Darkness Element is focused on Shian, slipping into the darkness.

Shao-Bao and Jessica are going at it. Surprisingly, Shao-Bao is not dominating the battle, Jessica has more combat power, and even with both sets of Consolidated Equipment on. The Spatial Element can't seem to get past Jessica's combined Domain and Defensive Form, form 1. The Opal delivering all the Elemental damage you could imagine, you even see her using a tool to regenerate Heavenly Energy. Shao-Bao is trying to teleport around, but it is the speed of light versus the speed of thought, one is quicker. Jessica will win the fight if something drastic does not change.

You see Sun-Di, the robotic like Metal-Bound Frame covering her body, rise from the ground, she does not seem to be under control of the Divine Element. She targets the Water and Nature Elemental General. Who appears to be setting up a forest in the city. You see 4 of your own Elemental Generals, including the Nature one you met earlier taking her on, and currently losing. However, Sun-Di activates a Stored Skill, her eyes turn yellow, and you see the forest start to petrify, stone replacing tree.

Demon Hammer is trying to hit Fei, but the combination of Wind and Agility makes for a tricky combination. You see Fei's Consolidated Equipment shift and form to make her more aerodynamic with every movement, zipping past with every attack Demon Hammer makes. However, every time she tries to hit him. He takes damage, but not only does the flesh that hates regenerate, but Devour activates, absorbing her Heavenly Energy with each strike. Agility is beating Strength, but not the Evil Element.

At your stall, your sentinels start to converge together into one form.

Rolled 4, 54, 24, 15 = 97 (4d100)


As one unit, they must have been 9th Jewel only, but when merging together, they become something slightly above the Heavenly King level. You see corpses around you, apparently you are the bigger threat. It towers above you. Halberd made of Halberds. You even see a small shoulder cannon.


In all this commotion, you have yet to see the Divine Element monster in all of this. You should really keep an eye out for him. You see that almost half of the inner city is on fire, the other half currently being destroyed by the other sentinels, who have combined. The attacks from the Princesses killed a few, but you see 4 Saint Element Giants form, all around Heavenly King. Your one is busy with you, but the others start to move to support their generals, who are in a slight pinch. You don't see Zhang in all of this, but he's probably rallying the troops. At this time, you see the Elemental Generals, yours, starting to fan out to the edges of the city. They are planning something. You see Teleships in the air, half are attacking the Princesses, the other half the monsters, that Bastard managed to get to them too. You wonder which group Shwei-Fa belonged to.

The sentinel raises his weapon, and charges the shoulder cannon, the white energy, covered in leaves of gold, Holy Power, contained by the monster, and aimed squarely at you.

Player Choice


Rolling 4d100, Jessica, Shian, Sun-Di and Fei. DCs 50, 60, 60 and 90 respectively.
Roll 3d100 Best of ONE for perception DC 75 also. Sorry
> Buff your Strength, swap yourself with Grand Halberd, wield a Wind Rapier, and slash it
Rolled 85, 68, 87 = 240 (3d100)


You buff your strength, the minor tremors in your movement causing ripples in the air. Then you activate Dimensional Swap, the front of the Sentinel facing you. You use Wind Rapier, the condensed Wind Energy forming a slightly different shape as the pure strength in your fingertips deforms it. It becomes thicker, the hilt moulding around your wrist, as the identity of the Stored Skill accepts your power. Instead of thrusting at it. You slash, a sound cone forming and breaking as you completely shatter it's torso apart. The Wind Blades strike the barracks behind it, not doing much. You watch as the Sentinel falls to it's chest height. You see the arms it has left stretch to grab its weapon. You have not struck its Core. It can still move!

You see the other sentinels activate a beam through a gap in their armour. The Darkness Monster General gets stronger, the Water Monster General get's stronger twice over as two sentinels support it. You see the Fire Giant die, the Core falling to the ground and breaking under the force of gravity. The Darkness Element General takes the offensive, and even though Shian can focus on it, the monster has the upper hand, you see a battle only fought in the shadows. However, you can tell Shian is losing. Sun-Di is having a harder time battling the Water Monster General. Her eel half is shooting out a sticky substance. Sun-Di responds by letting her Metal-Bound Frame pick up the stone debris of the shattered city, the size of her is enough to terrify her opponent, but, it seems the Eel is of the Heavenly Emperor level. The only way Sun-Di can win is with more stone and metal material reinforcing her armour. It is a good thing when she jumps the eel, and for a moment, her superior Strength deals some internal damage, but because the Monster is incredibly slippery, it gets away every time. Her mouth contorting in fear as this massive person of metal and stone tries to grab her and crush her to death.

Despite all the advantages Jessica has, you see that Shao-Bao is gaining the upper hand, she has forgone her Consolidated Equipment. Instead. You recognise the power of a technique. You see Jessica's left leg Rend from her body. She cries out in pain, blood streaming from her body. Even her Heaven-breaking defence can't withstand true technique. However, to get to Heavenly Empress, she must have devised her own, and you see her attempting one. As her Consolidated Equipment changes to form 3, the canon growing. You see the Opals instead merge into her Skin, a glimmering sheen covering her. Shao-Bao tries preparing another technique, but Jessica is preparing one of her own.

Fei is losing against Demon Hammer. Her Stamina, whilst impressive, is running out at increasing rates as she tries to dodge the attacks imbued with the force of the Dao and Hell. Demon Hammer is using full fledged techniques against her, red marks appearing on her body as they fight.


Success! You see the Divine Element King

As Demon Hammer uses enormous amounts of Heavenly Energy to keep up with Fei, he keeps taking more and more from her. This is a battle of endurance, and Demon Hammer, in the glory of the boar, can eat and eat. Gorging on his very enemies. You see him get one clean hit, and she's out. She flies to the ground, the red burns and marks sealing her movement. You detect that she's not dead, but her fate is on a wire. You see Demon Hammer raise the Hammer in his right hand, the glowing golden eye drawing some strength from the Consolidated Equipment he wears, the only thing covering his horrible body. You see hunger, and rage, and desire imprinted on his very soul. You can see the strange energy flicker and grow. ou recognise it: The Domain of Hell. If she is hit by that Hammer, she will not just die, but she will be sent to Hell. You see the flaming red trident appear, probably as security. If you don't do something, another one of your family will be gone to the machinations of the afterlife.

You see all of Dershwa's Elemental Generals reach their destinations, and prepare some sort of ritual. Their energy, all at their respective peak, forming around them, sparks of hope in this battle. You look around, your opponent still gathering its strength after that blow. You see something in the distance. The Divine Element Monster, with no veil. You try to look away, but you feel the energy, all the glory of God attack you. You are falling to its control again...

>Roll 3d100 DC 95 for a Domain challenge.

Rolled 2, 14, 8, 45, 83 = 152 (5d100)

Rolling 5d100 for Jessica, Sun-Di, Shian, Fei and the Dershwa Elemental Generals respectively. DCs 60, 60, 40, 85 and 20.
Wow, just wow. Thanks, dice gods, for sending Fei to the shadow realm, killing Shian, killing Jessica and killing Sun-Di all in one stroke. Fuck. At least the formation is set...
Rolled 7, 87, 35 = 129 (3d100)

Holy shit, even at Divine the DC's still so high? This guy is really tough.
Rolled 6, 12, 80 = 98 (3d100)

>He is not tough, his Element is. This is why it is counted as one of the 4 Great Elements.

You will serve your King! Like before!

Kill that fucking demon!

You have your orders, and your boosted Strength. This could be possible. You survey your surroundings, Demon Hammer lowers his hammer slowly onto Fei's chest. You see her body covered in dark red blood, and she slowly sinks through the ground. You see the Darkness Monster General, backed by your own Element, finally kill Shian. She isn't going to Hell or Heaven, but she may as well be done with now. Sun-Di is overpowered by her opponent, the natural weakness to Water eroding her armour and rusting the frame supporting it. She suffocates under the pressure. Jessica fails to activate whatever technique she had, and Shao-Bao knocks her out with a Telekinetic Slap, her armour now gone. 3 Princesses of Dershwa are now dead. There are only 2 remaining, Shan-Bai. She should be returning home now, and Jessica, who is unconscious. Your King has won! You look at the sentinel below you, who is now your ally. What a day, huh?

You see the Generals activate a formation, a massive cornucopia of Heavenly Energy covers the city, and beasts, made of Pure Element, come down to the surroundings. You see the Earth Element Construct, a Turtle, falling above you. It matters not, you only have one goal. Kill your former Master.

>Roll 3d100 DC ??? for a Strength/Domain Roll against Demon Hammer to pierce his Consolidated Equipment and deplete his Stamina.

Rolling 4d100 for Demon Hammer, the largest DC of which shall be your DC to kill him, once dice for each Jewel pair he has over you.
Rolled 23 (1d100)

Rolled 73, 99, 17 = 189 (3d100)



You launch forward, the Strength in your legs propelling you forward. You summon Saint's Radiance, and slash, the Holy Power tearing through it's mortal enemy. Your domain overpowers his, and you cut Demon Hammer in half. His body returning to normal, human, dead.

Help! Help! I'm being attacked!

You hear your King cry out for help, but you have no idea where he went. However, you see that Shao-Bao has disappeared from her location. You, the Three Generals and the three Sentinels start searching.

>Roll 3d100 DC 60 for perception
Rolled 45, 75, 18 = 138 (3d100)

Rolled 4, 55 = 59 (2d100)


You see Shao-Bao fighting your King. She has not noticed the death of Demon Hammer. You also see the Monster Elemental Generals start to be impeded by the Formation of Elemental Animals meant to provide some help.

Then you see your King die. Shao-Bao uses the Spatial Element to rip him apart instantly, with no room to intervene. He may be a Heavenly God, but he didn't specialise in Endurance. You can feel the spell of the Divine Element breaking. You see the 3 Sentinels turn around in confusion, but, ultimately, start attacking their allies. Shao-Bao collapses to the ground, her Heavenly Energy spent, even her Physical stats are pitiful, any monster could come and kill her now.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to do?

Rolling 2d100, first for the Dershwa General Beast Formation and the Sentinels, second for the three Monster Generals. The first 1d100 has a +10
> Resurrect Shian, Jessica and Sun-Di
Rolled 80, 30 = 110 (2d100)


You teleport over to Shian, and use Resurrect on her. Her body comes back to life. Immediately she melts into the darkness towards Demon Hammer's corpse at blinding speed, and she swipes his Jewels from the ground. You ignore this, and proceed to resurrect Jessica and Sun-Di, who go right back to fighting. Jessica takes on the Darkness Wheel in Shian's place, using her Light as a natural counter to its Darkness. This makes them at a stalemate. Unless Jessica has something up her sleeve these two will be at an impasse.

Sun-Di is now a lot weaker than before, her massive armour reduced to its frame, and what's more. The Elemental Monster Generals are beating back their Sentinels and the Elemental Beast Constructs. You are in the middle of seeing this happen that the Water Monster General uses its fluid, now as large as a tsunami, to rush the two of you before you can do something against it. You see all three sentinels smashed to pieces by the thick, strong tail of the eel half, whilst the human half shoots water from her hands, in a massive display of force. How much Heavenly Energy does she have anyway? You see the Jungle start to form again, her Nature Element no doubt.

Then the Heavenly Energy for the Elemental beasts runs out, they are defeated, and you sense the Dershwa Elemental Generals fainting. Shao-Bao has retreated to recover some Heavenly Energy, but for normal Jewel Masters, that takes hours. She's out of the fight. You see the wave approach you very quickly. Sun-Di is planning to tough it out, as now the Water Elemental Monster General

Player Choice

Rolling 2d100 both DC 50 for the Railgun Canon and Shara to escape their bindings in the Stored Skill Palace

I need to stop now, but I might be able to get another update in around 21:00 GMT, we'll see. This has been a real roller-coaster today, but fun to write. Thanks for playing! If I don't post, the Quest can start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow.
> Create a massive Lightning Javelin (20000 HE) and slay the Water General!
What was a Lightning Javelin again? I don't have it on any of my notes...

I have to stop now. Quest can begin again at 14:00 GMT Saturday.
Well, now we can make Skills up, right? In the end, what is a Lightning but a Lightning shaped like a Javelin and thrown from the hand? No, it would barely be called a Skill, basically a big lightning. Or as Palps would say, UNLIMITED POWER! Or something like that. In short, throw Lightning at the Water thing. It should work. In theory.

When I say you can make Skills, I mean permanent ones for your Jewels, this would just be an Elemental application.
>20000 HE
>Doubled due to weakness
>40000 STA


You gather a small chunk of Heavenly Energy, you are aware that this thing has been taking damage for a long while, and should be weak. You throw a bolt of white lightning, crackling in the air. You see it strike the scales of the eel-woman, and it starts to spasm, shaking everywhere. You see its eyes pop out, and the massive thing falls to the ground, turning to dust and leaving the Core sitting in the middle. The jungle remains, but this general is dead.

Jessica is making quick work of the Darkness Monster General, you can see it moving slower and slower, not only it is weaker from fighting Shian, but it is being targeted by the Light Element. Soon, it is dead, dropping its own Core.

Demon Hammer is still dead, Fei has been sent to Hell. You think about 75% of the populace are dead, half the city has been flattened, the Dershwa Elemental Generals are still alive. Shian has Demon Hammer's Jewels too. The Divine Element King is dead, luckily.

>Battle is over, u won.
Player Choice
>Write-in, what do now?

I can't run today, have cold/flu, difficulty breathing, fever. Apologies.
> Collect the kids and go eat and sleep. You already did everything you could.
Get well soon, man. It appears it's really Flu season, since my brother also got it all the way in Malta.
>Trips of death

When the news of this new Kung Flu is getting worse it's shit like this which makes me uneasy, my uni has a lot of chinks and I have to go in tomorrow, fuck. Send my well wishes to your brother, my lungs feel like shit and I can empathise with him.

Next update today, probably between 13:00-14:00 GMT.

You teleport back to your kids. They are very afraid. Shaking, with the Guard comforting them.

"Kid, I could hear all sorts of stuff, what happened? How many are gone?"

You're about to speak, when you get a response from your Spatial Ring. The Reaper's Scythe pops out.

You see it slowly aim to your kids. Not good.

>Roll 3d100 DC 90 for a STR check. A failure will result in a death.

Posting on phone. At grandma's house because of celebration. Posting will become irregular.
Rolled 3, 9, 66 = 78 (3d100)

Can we buff Strength? Because we should do it.
The DC is the same.


You try to grap onto it, but it slips out of your hands and flies straight into Azzura's skull. Blood pools, then the body starts to turn to ash. To stone. Unlike the tree, you see white lines, in the same places as her meridians glowing. A statue of a child. Your child.

Hongtian is screaming. You see the Scythe start to float again, cracking out of Azzura's body, and turn towards Hongtian. You see her flap her wings in panic, and fly towards you.

>Roll 3d100 DC 90 best of ONE for a STR check.
Rolled 89, 60, 96 = 245 (3d100)

I'm sorry, but why is the DC the same? How even is the DC decided? If it is a Strength check, shouldn't Strength influence it? I know it's a bit late, but it's something that has always bothered me in this Quest - how personal abilities don't influence DCs.
The reaper's scythe is a special item, it will always have a DC of 90, or at least, from now on.

Personal ability has been affecting DCs, probably not as much as they should be, but to some degree. You are fighting stronger and stronger opponents, who will have made similar achievements or greater than you. Think about all the work you need to do to get to Heavenly Emperor, all the monsters you will be going against will have achieved that. I've decided to basically ignore the stats and look at Jewels and buffs, you are not the only thing with a buff, that Water Monster General had a rolling buff to her END, which is how she lasted so long. The Darkness Elemental General buffs with AGI, etc, etc. I have made some effort to not make this easier because you have cheats and because this is the post-game, meaning it will be harder and you will lose more without concerted effort, this can be explained in lore thanks to the fuckery of Heaven and the Dao caused by spoilers.


Hongtian flies towards you, managing to duck behind you as the scythe rushes towards you. You grab it in mid air, even your buff is not helping you this time. You hold onto it, and manage to gain control of the thing, you really should try and destroy it, you haven't even used it before, and it's only caused you problems. You decide to stuff it in your Spatial Ring for now. It has been months since you last saw it, why did it come out now?

You walk over to Azzura, and use resurrection on her, and you see her body return to normal. However, her eyes are still glowing, and you see only fear spread on her face. Hongtian is backing away still, she is absolutely terrified. This doesn't look like a medical issue, so you start to examine Azzura using your domain instead.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception using your domain.
Rolled 22, 93, 40 = 155 (3d100)

Quest can't run today, or tomorrow. Exams and ill, much worse now.

Expect a new thread on Wed at 14:00 GMT, if I'm not up to it, will post.

I sincerely apologise, I have never been this ill before and it's put me in a bit of shock. I might have to miss the exam, but it's 30% of my grade, I really can't afford to miss it and I need to revise.
Get better soon and good luck for the exam!
Can't do today. Going to doctors, It is becoming harder and harder to breathe as the days pass; I need treatment. Hospitals ban internet use because it messes with the equipment so can't access the site. Apologies.

Exam was OK in the end.
Take all the time you need to get better. For how much I detest hospitals, I hope you get better soon.
Hospital did nothing and told me that the symptoms would fade. Lazy fucks. New thread this evening 18 30.
Good to know that no matter where you are, hospitals will always disappoint you.
New thread here. Updates tonight are fine, and tomorrow evening from 17:00 GMT. NO updates Sat. Updates from 14:00 (Suspect to change) GMT on Sun.


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