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The Dragon Slaying Saint Asia Argento tracked down the location where the demonic creatures originated from. There they fought against a plethora of people, including the Magus who created them. While they were mostly doing well at the start, the entire house was soon ambushed by Archer, the Demon King Nobunaga Oda. Dead at the Hands of Rider, all know the strength the Lord’s fury.

Journal Entry XVI
The battle of the previous night was a dire one, if I had made a wrong step I probably would have died to it. However, thanks to luck given by the Lord and Saint Georgios’s might I was able to survive the night. After words I was able to heal Rin back to her full health, saving her leg from being severed for the rest of her life.

Speaking of the Saint, he has told me Archer has died a heretic’s death. It is a pitty I could not have helped him with her, but at least we have culled our enemies from six to five now.

Of all of the enemies I fear through it would have to be Assassin. Because of the events last night, we were unable to follow up on our investigation. For all I know, Assassin had went ahead and killed all the men involved.

At the very least, an ally was saved. Hopefully we can make it in such a War from here onwards.

Link to previous Thread: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wQAwFLkM6O04ABX4K0RkYPaJro65EEbebl-EQU39Q7I

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Acquire a new spell (Chosen from Skyrim)
>Medicae +20
>Crushing Blow: +2 damage to melee attacks

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Othopoxy: Gives a +20 to resist torture.
>Frenzy: When Declared, grants +10 to Weapon Skill, Strength, and Constitution Test. However they receive a -20 to Ballistics and Intelligence Test as well as being forced to attack the nearest enemy.
>Counter Attack: On a successful Parry, Asia may attack him back at a -20 without expanding her own actions.
>Purge the Unclean: As an Action, Asia forces a supernatural enemy to make a will save or be thrown back. If it is possessing someone, she has a chance of purging it from their body.
I slowly brought my hands up into the air, my hands and arms shifting about as I channeled through my body magicka. It was a calm flow, though I knew for certain if any human attempted moving this much they would be killed. Why, I am sure that not even Devils could muster such large amounts of power.

With a last second check, I made sure that the ghostly presence of Caster was gone from the place. Even if he tried to hide like Assassin, the World was laid bare to me. Then again Assassin was able to hide from me.

As this point though I needed to concentrate, the body of Rin laid below me with almost an entire leg gone. Such a wound would surely leave her debilitated for the rest of her life. It reminded me of the wound that Shirone had, her entire arm ripped to shreds by the massive beast that was Cerberus’s pup.

And because of that I developed this magic.

I finally drew back my hands, massive amounts of power flowing through my hands. With the spell is complete, I reached forward towards her body.

Her body was completely consumed in light, even her mauled leg doing so. I watched as the severer wound slowly moved, the flesh stretching towards the remainder of her flesh. The sounds of bones being snapped together rang inside of my ears.

And soon enough she was healed. While whatever she was wearing was surely ruined, but the leg was completely reattached. Her skin even gave a slight golden glow from the sorcerery I had committed, signs that it had worked better than I even expected.

With that over, I quickly dressed her in an available nightgown and settled her body onto her bed. Because of what happened, I am sure she would not awaken till at least mid morning. If she was still going to school, I guess she should be lucky it is a weekend.

As for my own wounds, I would just need to wait to regenerate magicka. I never realized how much my body has changed over the years, but I can surely take more of a hit than a mortal now.

>Go and rest up herself.
>Track down Caster and talk to him
>Go poking around the place. Maybe Asia will find something interesting.
>Leave for your own mansion
>Blather Skill
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
Increase HP
>Track down Caster and talk to him
With Rin taken care of, there was one person who I have been wanting to talk to for a good amount of time though. With my vision, I easily spotted the form of the suspicious man who could not very much be trusted.

With that I made my way out of the bedroom, crossing the halls abd heading down the stairs. Velvet carpet cushioned my steps as I wondered, the place very well kept for a person who was living by herself.

And that's what I realized was weird. This girl, Rin Tohsaka did not have a parent about. She was clearly about my own age, which was truly about seventeen if I remember right. If she does what the common man does, she would be in highschool studying to go forward into the college and making a life for herself.

Instead just tonight she about lost her leg. If I was not here to cure her, then she surely would have. By the Lord, she might have even died to blood lost before anything else!

With those thoughts ringing inside my mind, I soon walked down into the basement of the place. Looking around, the place was filled to the brim with those same gems that she used to cast magic. Crates worth of the stuff sat ready for whatever craft she used to turn them into miniature bombs.

Though sitting in a chair writing on pieces of paper was Caster, though he was no longer a ghost. Instead what I looked at was an elderly man wearing a suit. A pair of glasses rested on his nose, a quill in his hand as he did a singular dot.

“Caster, we need to talk.” I carried no sympathies for the man before me as I spoke.

“Indeed we do.” He slowly set the quill on the table before him with a slow but practiced motion, “Though I could only wish we were in better situations.”

“I believe you wished to have kept me at phone’s length.”

“Indeed!” The man cheered with a curt smile, “Though it seems even throwing two and a half Servants against the Matou Family was too little. Because of that miss calculation, I seemed to have almost gotten the Rin girl killed.”

>Why are you so Craven!
>Do you even know how to cast spells? You do not seem to be a magician.
>I do not recognize you, so why did you work so hard keeping your identity a secret?
>Do you even know how to cast spells? You do not seem to be a magician.
“Do you… even know how to cast magic?” I looked the man over, “You do not seem to be a magician.”

I heard a small laugh coming from the man, “And you would be precisely right. I have a great many skills in my reputar, but none of them is the ability to cast magic.”

I felt a small ping of confusion crossing my mind, “But you are a Caster!”

“Isn’t the saying that magic is simply science that has yet to be explained? If you show a caveman a rotary telephone he will swear you are a witch and attempt to beat you into submission?”

I thought of his words for the moment. Soon enough though all I could do was nod solemnly in agreement.

“Then what my magic is something different but the same from you. In that manner, I have become Caster.”

“So that means you cannot fight. You have no offensive capability.”

He let out another laugh, “Indeed! If I was to face another Servant, I would likely die a rather painful death.”

I soon gained a bad taste in my mouth, “And what is to stop me from defeating you right now?”

“Simple.” The Old Man stood up from his seat and leaned on the table with a smile, “You will not. You and your Servant are heavily injured by now as well as my own Master’s life was saved by you. On top of that, you worry what other mechaniations I have already in store, but also those of others.”

“In the end, it is in neither of our interests to fight right now.”

As he finished those words I could feel the approach of Rider. It seems he has finished his battle with Archer.

>Prove him wrong, *ATTACK!*
>Hand over the phone that could lead to Assassin
>Just leave, Asia needs to talk to Rider and make sure he is alright
>Hand over the phone that could lead to Assassin
Sorry for the bump. I was busy with some family stuff
“...” I starred at the Servant who’s smile was quite daunting. To think that such a being existed, both now and in the past. He must have been quite the threat in his day, one that few knew about.

“It seems my case has been rested.” He lowered himself onto the desk, “If you do not mind now, I need to get back to work making sure the Matou incident does attracts the right attention.”

With a small bit of grit I reached into my pocket and removed the phone from earlier. I placed it onto the desk of the genius, who shinned me a smile.

“Well well, thanks for the gift.”

“You are welcomed.” I soon made my way up the staircase and into the front hallway. Just as I did, the rythmic knocking came from the door. With a small smile, I went over and pushed open the door.

“Welcome, Rider.” I cheered slightly as I looked upon the Servant. Several burns were about his face, dried blood easily staining his white robe. Though as I say that, his cross was still pronounced upon his chest.

“Indeed, thank you for welcoming me Asia.”

“What happened to Archer?”

“I have slain her.” His expression did not change as he said that, soon making his way into the hall proper, “Saint Asia, do you not need rest still?”

I could feel my many wounds burn as he said that, “Yeah, I need to sleep.”

“You do so, I will try my best to guard you.”

“Oh, uh, thanks.”

Since I could not argue with those words, I made my way to bed in what I guessed was a spare bedroom.

>Cook breakfast
>Work on your manual (Almost Done!)
>Spend the morning making sure Rin’s new leg works.
>Spend the morning making sure Rin’s new leg works.
>Spend the morning making sure Rin’s new leg works.
We can't let Rin's greatest asset be poorly done
The morning sun came into my room and I easily answered. It seemed to be about ten o’clock according to the grandfather clock, so I swiftly rose from the bed and remade it just how I found it. Though I had a small desire to go have some breakfast, there was someone I needed to check on first.

I drifted through the hallways in what I do admit were borrowed clothing. I had to acquire something to wear last night, as a good majority of my clothing was in tatters. So I roamed into Rin’s room wearing a red sweatshirt and black pants. If I had to admit, they were a little bit tight on my bosom but they would work just fine.

I arrived at her bedside, the girl still quite asleep from the state I left her last night. Though funny enough she seemed to have shifted slightly to the right, a good majority of her blankets in her arms.

Since it would be a little embarrassing to start the check up and have her wake up, I poked her face. There was no reaction, so I poked it again.

With my patient still quite asleep I went ahead and took the covers off her legs. Where I expected to be scars like the many I have, there was nothing. If I had to admit, her flesh looked more than healthy to the naked eye, from her face all the way to her one severed leg.

“Mmmm” I looked over to see her stir for one second, a lone eye opening up to look at me, “Ugh, huh?”

“I see you have finally awoken?” I shined the girl a small smile, though suprisenly enough she just covered her face.

“Five more minutes.”

“Come on Mrs. Tohsaka, you have already rested for eight hours.”

“W-wait a moment…” She slowly rose from her position and looked at me with tired eyes, “You. Why are you here?”

“Well, uh, you told me to come here.” I answered with a small burn in my chest, “You were grievously injured, so I went ahead and healed you. Uh, you do not mind if I borrowed your clothes right?”

“Oh yeah, my leg.” She shifted a little and looked at the pristine limb, “Wasn’t this hanging on a string of skin earlier?”

“Indeed, but by the will of God you made a full recovery.”

“But I pretty much lost my leg. How?”

I placed my fingers onto my lips, “It is a Secret.”

“...” She shook her head and simply rolled out of her bed lazily, “I don’t care right now, let me just get some morning tea and then we will chat.”

I watched the girl put pressure on the limb, nothing catastrophic occurring as she did. Satisfied with my work I started to walk myself, “Very well.”

>A simple bread and Breakfast meal
>Try and cook something a little bit more, maybe eggs and bacon

>Write in what you want them to talk about.
>A simple bread and Breakfast meal
>Write in what you want them to talk about.
What's our next move?
Where do you think zouken go?
Tell her Georgios killed Archer
(I just realized we never found out who archer master was)
“Ahh, that is some good stuff.” Rin said as she sipped onto the tea I poured out for her.

“Yeah, though I prefer a little wine myself.”

“So are you Italian or French? Either way, your Japanese is too good.”

“I felt a small blush coming to my face, “Italian, the other I do not really know. I was just able at one point.”

“I heard.” The girl before me said with a small nod, “I know a great many who would love to get some samples from you.”

“Uh, is that suppose to make me feel better?”

Rin soon gained a small blush while sputtering the tea about“Oh, yeah, uh, I guess thats not really something someone would want to hear…”

“Its okay.” I rose my hand to try and calm the girl, “So what is our next move? Do we even know where that monster went?”

“Chances are, we do. Caster where are you!” Rin shouted into the voided space around the room.

Within moments the form of the man I met last night appeared, “My apologies, I was just cleaning up the mess you made last night.”

“Oh, we made? Coming from the guy who wasn’t even there!” Sharp eyes glared up towards the Servant.

“Indeed, that means it was entirely your fault.”

“Don’t shift the blame you damnable old man.”

“Tsk, ignorant Magician.”

I looked at the duo for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened. I should have expected something more, well, comradery from the two. Something more similar to that of me and Georgios.

Soon enough enough Rin moved to face her Servant fully, “I know thats not all you did. What did you come up with?”

“Ah, you have finally seen the light of my genius!” He cheered with a flourish of his hair, “With the Death of Archer last night, the number of Servants goes to Six. Both Joan D’ Arc and Vlad the Impaler have received critical damage from last night as well, so we will not be seeing either of them in a while.”

“Berserker is hanging out at the Einzbern Manor while Assassin is still unknown.” Rin said with a pick up, “With Rider here, thats everyone accounted for. From my guess, we can fight either Berserker or Saber here tonight.”

“Oh, and how do you know the whereabouts of the Saber?” Caster asked quizzically.

“Ryujie Temple, right?”

I watched as Caster grew a sinister grin about his face, “Ah, how such a mind is put to waste on things such as Magecraft. Though along with that I have an idea with Assassin now.”
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I quickly rose my voice, “You do? What were you able to find from the phone?”

“Indeed, though I think the radio will help instead.” Caster brought from behind himself an old radio, one that must have been at least a few decades. He slowly raised the volume, allowing the voice to come through.

“Last night, at about ten o’clock last night a black market deal went horribly wrong. A Yakuza Affiliate was found dead the previous night with his head severed. Last night witnesses claimed to have heard multiple screams throughout the hour. While there are no current suspects, the Police have ruled this a vigilante murderer. Any information on the attacker or the missing bodies Police as you to come forward to come forward.”

Caster lowered the volume once more, “I was able to hack the database of the previous victims, and they all died close to the same fashion. Also, I was able to find something else much more intriguing.” This time he clicked a phone that appeared in his very hand.

“Hey, Yoji, this isn’t fucking funny. Where the fuck you at? You better not be-.”

Suddenly another voice comes in, “You better not be messing with me, you fucker. If you don’t bring me the Child like I asked for, you are going to suffer a fate way worse than death.”

“Hey, I’m not messing with you.”

“Then why don’t you- Whose there!?”


“Boss, did you see something?”

“Shit! Fireball!”

The sound of magic covered the audio as we could hear man panicing. Soon enough though, the one source of attack stopped.

“W-what the fuck, he lost his head!”

“Fuck, there he is! Agh-”

“Oh fuck!”

“Please no, please! I want to keep my head!”

With that, the communication ended.

Caster gave a slight laugh, “Now that man was not dealing with humans but supernatural beings. That also means he has stuff we might want, so if you two would be willing over the day you could drop by the police station and pick up his phone for me.”

>Attack the Einzbern Manor
>Stalk Ryoujie Temple
>Go get a phone from Police.
>Go get a phone from Police.
I'm curious about how we are gonna deal with this. Reminds me of the hotel back in Rome
“We do not really have a choice then, we go for the police station.” I answered the Servant.

Rin just waved her hands non-chalantly, “Yeah good job Caster, I’ll be sure to actually feed you mana this time.”

“Oh, your reward is too much for me.” The Servant answered with a devilish grin, “Now, I took the liberty of producing some false Identification for you. All you need to do is not mess it up yourselves.”

He handed over the IDs, and as I looked over it I felt something was a little off, “Private Consultant?”

“It will work, trust me.”

“All right?” I turned to Rin to see if this was really our cover.

Rin just shrugged, “Let me get dressed and we will head out of here.”

Soon enough we were on the road with Excalicycle, making our way into downtown. We crossed a large amount of skyscrapers, soon arriving at the rather large police station. The place was plain looking, and shorter than the buildings that it was put close to.

“So Rin, does Caster really expect us to just walk in and use these IDs to get the evidence we need?”

My partner in soon to be crime got off of Excalicycle, “They will come up as authentic, but I am sure we’ll need to put in our own effort.”

As I turned to look onto the structure I called over to my Servant who was in his spirit form, “Uh, do you see anything I can not Rider?”

“Hmm, maybe through the roof seems to be a viable way to entry if you can make it.”

Hmm, this one’s gonna be hard.

>Try and get entry from the roof
>Walk right in like Asia owns the place

>Both needs rolls
>I would love flavor if you can provide,
Rolled 19 (1d100)

>Walk right in like Asia owns the place
We are a dragon. Of course we own this place
>I would love flavor if you can provide,
Turn excalibur into cool shades just 'cause
Act like the most sassy agent we can
Any others wanna roll!
“Well, I guess I should own it.” With a push of my will Excalicycle transformed from a simple motorcycle into something much differnt. Gone was the blue and steel grey bike, as within my hand was a pair of sunglasses, steel grey with blue and gold highlights.

“Well Rin, let us get going.”


Within a few steps we were off the streets, now walking the interior of the building. At the front desk was a man who looked to be some kind of front desk attendent. He seemed to be typing on the computer, but as we walked close his head rose to look at us.

What would have been the eyes of wariness was replaced with raised brows and surprise, “Excuse me, but who are you?”

“Asia Argento, Private Consultant.” I flashed him the identification card, “We are here to see the evidence relating to the decapitation incident last night.”

“Well yeah, uh, you expecting me to let you see that?” He began to shake a little as I peered over him, “Th-that is off limits until we jail-break his phone.”

“So? What do you think I am here for?” I lowered my glasses so I could look the man straight in the eyes, “I was brought in by your higher ups, you do not want to be burnt right?”

I could feel Rin’s wide eyes staring at the back of my skull, a look shared with the man before me, “Y-yeah you’re right! Down the hall on the left!”

“Thank you~” With that I patted the man’s head and was soon on my way. Rin of course followed me, making our way to the Evidence Room. I noted how the office space was rather open, most of the desks opened to the world. At the back was a singular closed office, along with an exit door and stair case.

As we arrived at our destination the girl brought out a small gem, which exploded as soon as it came out, “There, that fixes that. Now, how many times have you done that?”

“Uh, once before?” I answered Rin with a smile, “It was a Hotel then.”

“Don’t underestimate the Church’s Exorcist.” Rin said with a shaking of her head, “Well, here’s the stuff I think, ready to go?”

As she rose form the cubby my mind linked with Rider “Asia, some suspicious people are coming in. Two Yokai and a Devil.”

“Have they noticed you!?”

“Not yet, though I cannot get any closer without giving myself away. They have just entered the building.”

Of course that went too smoothly.

>Try and slip past the Supernaturals
>Go for an exit on the second floor
>Take the Fire Exit on the rear
>Confront them
Rolled 98 (1d100)

>Walk right in like Asia owns the place
>Go for an exit on the second floor
so close
>>Go for an exit on the second floor
We should use Aura Whisper too, to keep track of them
We got a majority, give me a roll!
Rolled 71 (1d100)

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Rolled 37 (1d100)

Classic saving throw of the wolf jk i failed
“Rin, we need to move!” I quickly reached over and grabbed my ally by the cloth, leading her out of the evidence room.

“W-what? Something happened?”

“Yeah, three creatures have just arrived.” We soon crossed the rather large room with all the desks, quickly making our way towards the second floor of the place.

As we went by there, I could finally feel their presence. While two were something I could not really tell, the feeling of a Devil was very hard to forget. I could only click my tongue as we crossed through the open room, the feeling of Demonic magic wavering through the air. I could hear Rin click her own tongue.

Though before the door from the lobby opened, me and Rin were up the staircase and towards the second floor.

“Shit, I guess Caster was right.” Rin cursed as we went up the stair towards the second floor, “Just who is letting them here though?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked as we past the second floor still going upwards.

“This is Magician Territory, just like there is Devil, Church, or Norse.” Her voice was now seething as we finally made it to the top of the stairs, “My Family is recognized as the heads here, but I haven't been able to… That shitty fucker!!!”

Rin quickly punched the door that was in our way. It was easily a door that would lead to the roof. Sadly for us, it was locked.

“When I see that Matou Baster, I am going to burn him.”

“Hey, Rin what are you-!?”

Before I could stop her the girl quickly took out a small gem and placed it on the door handle. With an explosion that sounded similar to a .22 cal, the door soon swung open.

“Come on!” Now it was me who was left in the dust as Rin quickly made her way across the roof top. My eyes quickly checked from one side of the place to another, from an open balcony door way from across the street to the nearby allies. Those were our possible escape routes.

“Hey, I heard something coming from up there!”

“Yeah, be careful though. Place reeks of Dragon. Might be one of dem Servants.”

>Have Rin make a Bounded field to you can stand and fight.
>Make a leap for the open balcony apartment
>Go for an alleyway

And as always, I’ll need rolls.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

>Go for an alleyway
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Rolled 2 (1d100)

“Laas Yah Nir”

With those words, I was easily able to see the world in its entirety. My eyes quickly shot towards the three figures who glowed in very different colors than the mortals within the building. They seemed to be steadily making their way up the staircase, so I quickly made a decision.

“This way!” I grabbed onto Rin’s arm and quickly made my way across the roof, my vision searching for the most desolate of places. That was easy, as I quickly came across the small back alley.

“Oh come on!” Rin cried as I forced her down from the roof, both of us landing inside the trash bin that was there.

As we landed, I quickly checked towards, the roof, seeing their figures walking about it. Not a peep came out of Rin, who was honestly smart enough to know what was happening.

“Damn it, you sure they came over here?”

“Yup, I heard the firecracker and you saw the door.”

“Fuck, you know what could happen if that phone makes it to the Magus Association!”

“Well yeah, the idiot gets attacked by their executioners. What are some magicians going to do against us? We are just covering our asses.”

“Did you not realize this all started because Luke’s gang is dead? One of those Servants from the Grail War are targeting us now, and I bet you he’s not in it for the Grail now.”


“Yeah, let’s check to see if there was anything else.”

“Did you catch what they were saying?” Rin quickly said as the sounds of the door being slammed rang through the air.

“Yup, they are scared of Assassin, and that there is a gang of them here.” I cautiously answered back.

“Well, lets head our way back.” With that, Rin slowly left the bin, “And I am taking a shower after this.”

“Yeah.” With that I slowly moved myself out of the bin, though as I did I noticed something was quite off.

My eyes quickly moved, sharpest they have ever been. Where the balcony was opened, there was no mortal there. No with the world made bare to me, I was able to see just the slightest silhouette of a massive figure looming over the station. As if stalking his target.

I felt a small tug in my heart, the same feeling I had many times before.


>Go confront the Servant.
>Go back to the Tohsaka Mansion
>Stalk the Devil and Tokai, for its surely what Assassin is doing now.
Rolled 68 (1d100)

>Stalk the Devil and Tokai, for its surely what Assassin is doing now.

Ok fine I'll vote some more since it is pretty dead here.

As for the actual reasoning, at the very least this will give us some info on what Assassin is doing and if we are lucky we might be able to get some further info on how he operates.

Also dice cause this is a sneaking mission.
Any one else wanna roll?
Rolled 56 (1d100)

Thanks for assuming, have a free roll
>Stalk the Devil and Tokai, for its surely what Assassin is doing now.
Tell Georgios about this to. We migh need his help if we end up in a fight

Crap, i forget to roll
Rolled 79 (1d100)

“Hey Rin, let us follow those Creatures.”

“Huh!” The girl quickly made a one eighty and looked at me with dreadful confusion, “Where did you get that idea from!?”

“I saw Assassin,” I made a slight motion to the open balcony, “So maybe we can have a chance to find out what exactly he is doing?”

“...” She was soon in thought, as if wondering what to do. Though as the supernaturals started to leave the place proper she nodded, “Fine, lets go.”

“Great!” Since we are going to sneak with Assassin nearby, I went ahead and told Georgios to stay quite a few paces behind us, but not so much that we would not be able to get together for a fight.

As I watched the Supernaturals get into their vehicle, I transformed my Excaliglasses into a Excalicycle. As soon as Rin got in the Helmet we were going forward to began our tailing of the supernatural deviants.

So we drove, getting out way out of the suburban area where the police station was placed and crossing the bridge towards the commercial district. As it was a Sunday in Japan, there was a good amount of people going about their day either shopping or getting their groceries together.

With that though we soon came out to a tall, modern building that scraped the sky. My eyes focused on the Supernatural who went into some kind of car garage, the gate closing behind. Though there was that, I could easily see where the bulk of supernatural actually is.

“With the three who we followed, I think there are ten of them in total.” I claimed as Rin herself dismounted the vehicle.

“Are they near the top?”

“Very top.”

I could hear a small chuckle coming out of Rin, “Well it is the most defensible part besides underground. And I bet they are just doing that so they can spite the idiot gods.”

“So, uh, what do you think about it then?” I asked the Magician, “How do we get in?”

“Well we can take either the back or front of this place, but what matters more is what happens when we get there.” The Magician called out with a small frown, “The place is surely loaded with traps, and they have the home field advantage. Maybe we should just wait a floor below and wait for Assassin to show up. Do you still see him by the way?”

I took a minute to look about the air, “No, but I know he is here.”

>Take Rin’s suggestion
>Go at them head on
>Go on ahead and just fly onto the roof, going down from there.
>*Write in*
Rolled 5 (1d100)

>>Take Rin’s suggestion

Probably the best choice. I was tempted to suggest have Georgios ferry us up the side of the building like that one time but i don't want to tip off the heretics before hand.

Also dice again cause its probably still a sneaking mission.
Rolled 45 (1d100)

Cant top this guy unless i get 1 or a 2 or a 3 or 4
Rolled 61 (1d100)

Supporting this guy
“Alright then, let us go with your idea.”

With that we dismounted off Excalicycle, the weapon once more transforming into a pair of shades for me to wear. We made our way into the building, the front desk attendant not paying us any heed as we cross the floor and into the elevator.

We waited there for a few moments, “Hey Rin, are you not going to press the button?”

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Her face started to get a bit red, “Could you press it?”

“Alright?” With that I pressed the floor right before the top.

With a jerk we quickly ascended the floors. If I had to be honest it was quite a ride, as while someone like Rin could not experience the way up, I quickly watched as we passed floor after floor filled with people.

Soon though the trippiness ended, and soon we arrived at the floor which was right below the people. Walking out, we quickly noticed a man seated at the attendants desk, who simply gave us a sharp look as we made our way towards him.

“Do you have a meeting with the executives?”

I quickly reached into my pocket and brought out the false ID that Caster created, “We are private investigators. We are in need of your conference space.”

“If there way anything we would be giving you it would be during Discovery phase of the Trial.” The man’s eyes sharpened onto my own, “I will not be letting you through.”

I took in a breath, my heart aching on what I was about to do, “I am not here for your company. Lives and fate are on the line here, so goodbye.” And with that I went around the fellow.

With no more incidents on the way over, we took over an empty conference office that was close enough to the supernatural above. With such a lucky spot, I was able to hear the beings above.

[i]“So someone got to the phone before you three could?”

“Yup, though unless our problem got to smelling like a Dragon I think someone else has found us out.”

“Shit, it’s probably a Master from the Grail War. Those guys just took out Matou, so it's either going to be them, this vigilante, or the Magus Association when they found out we encroached on their territory. FUCKING DAMN IT!”[/i]

As they said all this, I soon noticed something that was right above them. It was a thin form, dispersed over about five feet about itself, but my gut could tell me what it was.

Assassin was loaming over them from the rooftop.

He did not move however, seemingly waiting from above for a chance to strike at them.

>Try and attack when Assassin does
>Stay hidden, waiting until Assassin finishes up with these deviants
>Confront Assassin, for right now you have the best chance to catch him.
Rolled 26 (1d100)

Ask Rin if she has some way to monitor how Assassin does his take downs of the deviants, then try and confront him with extra info on his methods. Caster might have a suggestion on that as well.

Otherwise just see if we can get our fellow Saint in position to ambush them once he makes his move.
>Stay hidden, waiting until Assassin finishes up with these deviants
Rolled 31 (1d100)

>Stay hidden, waiting until Assassin finishes up with these deviants
“Hey Rin, do you have a good way to monitor those above us?” I said while turning to my partner in crime.

“Uh, not really…” She seemed to grow a great frown before shaking her head, “Give me a moment, I’ll see if Caster can get a feed from my place.”

“Alright, I need to talk to Rider as well.” With that we were relegated to our mental connections. As I thought about it for a moment, the feeling of a connection snapping into place was easily felt.

“Do you need anything Master?” Within no time I had received his response.

“We have sighted Assassin and a few heretics, since it seems Assassin will be aiming for them first I was going to prepare an ambush after that.”

“Understandable, what do you need me to do?”

“Uh, do you think you can climb the tower within a few moments? Since you are so far away Assassin might not see you coming.”

My link was quite for a moment, one that honestly would have made my heart skip a beat. However, I soon recieved my response, “Sound judgement, I will await your signal.”

As I finished up with his I watched Rin quickly make her way to a computer on the room. Slowly but surely she was pressing a series of buttons, “So I’m suppose to press the enter key? Okay?”

With that the room itself came to life, the light of the overhead projector came on and greated us with a picture of the rooms above. Almost a camera in every corner, you would be surpised on how the Devils kept everything secure for so long.

“Caster was able to get us this view, so let’s see what happens.”

While I could not really hear them now that they were not yelling at one another, we were easily able to watch as they seemed to be in intense discussion. After what felt like minutes, one of the creatures simply shook his head and made his way out of the room.

He was a rather bulky, if nicely dressed creature. My eyes now tracking his life essence as he crossed the room.

Within a moment the man started to freak out, running in the opposite direction from where he was going. We could not see what was happening, but within a moment we saw.

One of the floor panels opened from above a little ahead of him. It was a black, massive blur that simply came through and severed the things head.

“What in the Root.” Was all Rin let out as within moments every single one of them were takin out. The group in the room had ran out, leaving only moments as the black clur took out a straggler.

“P-please no!” Cried out the head Devil as he fell onto the ground. My eyes were now staring at his aura, Assassin’s completely gone, “I want to keep my head!”

Within the next moment, I watched as it was lobbed off by a great sword.
At this moment the figure stopped for some reason, both myself and Rin’s breaths being held. Within moments through, the figure turned towards the camera. And we saw Assassin

He was a massive figure. His face was not real, instead replaced with a skull mask that glowed a ghostly blue flame.

As we saw that, I reflexably looked to where the new aura was coming from. Completely whole now was Assassin, the figure unable to hide from my sight. But that came with a feeling.

I was going to die.

>Call in Rider to fight him.
>Confront him yourself

Dont forget rolls.
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Unrelenting Force for delaying tactic (maybe it will work on ONE of the Servants, and calling in the Literal Cavalry while we do.
My other thought on strategy is one I've been itching to do as well which is turn Excalibur into a Lance and charge some one with Whirlwind Sprint.

Mostly I dont think running would work here for us unless we didnt care about Rin probably dying since Whirlwind Sprint might be able to get us out of the way long enough for Rider to mount a charge over here.
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Use Dragon Aspect to fly away with Rin. Break a window if we have to. This is not a good place to have this fight
I need rolls and a Tie Breaker!
I'mma leave this here over night since it, funny enough, does have a large impact on whats gonna happen.
“My Lord!” I felt my entire being shake as the figure started moving once again, his aura quickly moving from the upper floor for the staircase on the other end of the building.

I thought we could face Assassin, but my body was moving on its own. I quickly rushed to Rin, who was covered with confusion. Time was slowing down as I turned to see his aura not only arrive on this floor, but almost making it to the us. With that, I only had one option.



With a slam of my body I threw myself against the wall. What should have been resistant to such things was shattered with the full force of my body. The feeling of air slamming into me was insane as we fell from what must have been hundreds of feet in the air down!

Somehow I felt like this was something I missed. A primal fury to flee from Assassin lead to what I could only say was an ecstatic feeling of flight. I already know what I needed to use as I fell.

“Mul Qah Diiv!”

Within moments through as I flew into the air, I watched from behind as Assassin too took to the air. Within moments through I watched as his form crossed the void of air between us with a single bound, his hand latching itself onto my leg!

“FUCKING SHIT!” Cried Rin as we were quite literally flying with Assassin on my foot! With his added weight, we were slowly dropping from the air, I needed to get him off! I felt the desire coming to my throat, so I spoke!


Somehow, at point blank range the Servant skillfully dodged my attack. Even more than that he started to move about on top of me, his form climbing up from my legs onto my back!

I thrashed and kicked, trying my best to knock this Servant from my back. But none of my kicks or screams seemed to stop him. I could not stop him as the Servant wrapped his hands around both me and Rin, a violent jerk of his hands that seemed to almost snap my back.

I cannot fly like this.

And with that thought we we fell from the sky like rocks.

>Try and hit Assassin with a full Fus Ro Dah
>Take the chance to stab him with Excalibur
>Try and get Georgios to hit this guy off you guys before you hit the ground!
Rolled 46 (1d100)

>Try and hit Assassin with a full Fus Ro Dah
Ok, this is probably one of my favourite moments in this quest so far. The idea of someone as huge as King Hassan holding on someone of Asia's size mid flight is just so funny!
Rolled 74 (1d100)

>Try and hit Assassin with a full Fus Ro Dah
>But there's one they fear. In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin. Dragonborn.
Our descent was fast approaching, and by the Lord was it terrifying. Assassin, who I have already learned to fear simply has me grappled. The sight of the ground coming towards us was just as terrifying, and as I had lost the ability to fly it was going to kill us!

With another feeling in my stomach, I moved myself from within his titanium grip. Terror and power were built up inside of my lungs, power in my very soul was accumulating for one single moment.

I soon stared into ghostly unmoving eyes, said eyes stared back at me. They were terrifying, as if they were looking into my very soul. I however had my response.


The sheer force of my shout blew his head upwards, his grip on the two of us gone as reality was forced away from me. It was unrelenting, an unstoppable command that all who were caught inside my attack experienced.

He could not hold onto me, but I did not expect Assassin to extend his long limb and ensnare my leg.

And like that I soon lost all sense of reality as I was brought along with Assassin. My world simply continued to spin and spin, no way to reach adherence like this. Surely by now I had lost my grip on Rin Tohsaka, so I could only hope that Saint Georgios would run to rescue her.

While we spun Assassin held my leg in a gargantuan grip, enough that even while we were spinning he would not let go. I could feel my reality slip in and out, a washing machine of pain, confusion, and misery.

When I was a whole I saw the entire city, then within a black flash I was flying over the waters of a river. The next moment lead to that rive getting much, much bigger.

Finally, I felt my entire body being submerged into water. By then, I could not keep my mind inside of reality.
In my mind, I felt like I was only out for what seemed to be only a second, a moment of time. However, what my body told me was I was out for much more than that. The aching I felt all over was extreme, the lethargy upon my body was just as so.

I soon began coughing up a lung, or more precisely all the water that landed inside of my lungs. It was a surprise I did not drown from that, but I guess my body needs more than that to knock me out. It was still mortal though, so I guess spinning across an entire city propelled by my very voice was enough.

My eyes shifted from one side of the place to another, cold stone ceiling and floors. The walls were jagged, each of which would be quite a problem if I were to land upon them. There were tattered cloth about the place as I rose, as if they were out to dry.

I felt a warm feeling in my chest, and I, “I am alive.”

Steadily, I rose from my position on the floor, the room barely lit by a space lamp in the corner. As I did, I could hear the steady sounds of swords clashing, but there the sound of flesh being torn was missing.

It kind of gave me a warm feeling, it was a pair of people training. Just like my times in the Vatican with Shirone, Xenovia, and Irina.

Though that left the next thought into my mind, that this was infact Assassin’s lair. He would have been the only one to have saved me. Why though?

>Go towards the sounds of training and practice.
>There is a rear, turn and head in that direction.
>Stay where she is, maybe cast a few healing spells to make herself feel better.
>Go towards the sounds of training and practice.
Out of curiosity, wich ability score did we use in this roll?
Charisma, kind of. Maybe stealth as well so agility. The rolls are just the general, I apply them to the units.

Like earlier, you guys actually failed a Constitution test due to G-Forces. Its something that I reference as I go.
I miss understood what you were asking earlier. So for the most part I was testing your strength and consitution. Strength to move around, which I rated at a +10(Easy).

For your shouts, I decided that most of them actually test the opponet, with Unrelenting voice at a -30. Assassin, knowing he was not going to dodge it, opted to instead grab you guys on his way out instead of dodging, making a -50 roll. He rolled a 37, which barely succeeded.

The last test was a Con to stay mentally stable in the punishment of falling. I made it a Difficult (0), meaning you guys quite literally lost by 1. As for how you survived the fall, well you can infer I bet.
File: Grail_Apocrypha.png (178 KB, 340x342)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
With a softness in my step, I silently made my way towards the sounds of fighting. As I did so, I could feel the area was different.

It gave off an aura that was extremely close to holy, but something felt wrong about it. It was like a taint just like those monsters of the Matou’s, how they were simply corrupted beings. Such a feeling only amplified as I walked out from the shadows of the cave, soon seeing the massive object before me.

It was at least the size of a large house, the object in a clearly globe shape. It shined with a golden radiance like that of Micheal. There was a crack in the center of the construct that showed the massive form of a woman. She looked to be made of marble and gold, but I felt that she was somehow alive.

My vision soon moved to where the fighting was occuring, a pair of folk both dancing around each other. The first and very noticeable one was Assassin, his massive form looming over his opponent like a monster ready to eat it.

The other was a young child, his age maybe ten at most. He was on the losing end of a battle, his spear being bashed away with relative ease. Though as I looked upon the kid I could see a stark determination that screamed the desire to train.

It was only a moment later that Assassin rose his hand, the boy stopping the blade a moment later. The shortsword once more disappeared into Assassin’s cloak as he turned to face me, “Thy has finally awoken, have you experinced injury.”

I slowly shook my head, “N-no, a bit of pain but nothing too much.”

“Then that is good, that is what I need of you.” He soon made his way towards me, the child quickly falling in behind him.

“W-where am I?”

“The outskirts of Fuyuki, within a cave behind a grand temple.” The Servant of the Dagger announced, “As for what is before us, I can only guess it is in fact the False Holy Grail of this War.”

“Th-that is it!” I almost felt a heart attack upon realizing that, “H-how did you find this place?”

“It was the perfect place to hide.” He answered with a casual motion of his hand, “It simply seems that someone thought the same as thyself. Now that you see the prize, I must ask you, why do you seek it?”

“W-what?” I felt my chest flare up upon hearing him say that, “W-what do you mean?”

“Thy has actively pursued me for almost my entire time upon this earth when I was anew. Is thou’s desire so selfish that you were willing to cross swords with thyself?”

>”I want it to talk to God, for not even his Angels can now.”
>”I simply wish to keep it out of heretical hands.”
>”I will not answer, for a Servant of the Lord does not speak freely to a possible heretic.”
>*Write in*

>Questions for Assassin if you have them.
>”I will not answer, for a Servant of the Lord does not speak freely to a possible heretic.”
But if he says he is not a heretic, then

>”I want it to talk to God, for not even his Angels can now.”
>”I simply wish to keep it out of heretical hands and I want it to talk to God, for not even his Angels can now.”

Fairly certain both of those are our goals here i mean our wish is certainly better than whatever the hell Matou wanted with it. We are basically at his mercy here, and he could've already killed us. Hell he's even cordial enough to ask after our health, I don't see a great reason to lie here to be honest.
If I had to be honest it felt a little off listening to Assassin ask me such a thing. The being himself looked at me with a unblinking stare, one that was unerry to say the least. Even with that however I looked into him with an equally stern look, as I was sure we were enemies. Though, he was the one who kept me alive…

“I am sorry Assassin, but I will not answer. I am a Servant of the Lord, and even if you give me such hospitality my wish cannot be told to a possible Heretic.”

I felt my heart drop a little as I said that Assassin stood unmoved for a moment. Slowly he removed the blade from his sheath, “I am the blade of Azreal, the Angel of Death. Thy and thyself would call each other heretical in previous times, but these nights the air itself has changed.”

“You serve Heaven?”

The being slowly moved his head, “That is true, I serve the God who stands above us all, the one who blessed Mohammed. But as I arrived, his grace has waned in these lands.”

The skull never moved, but somehow I felt that he was telling the truth, “My duty is to keep such a device from the hands of Heretics, Assassin. My wish is to talk to God himself, for not even the Angels can in these days.”

I felt his eyes sharpen towards me as it was the first time his skull moved, “The Angels no longer hear God’s wisdom?”

“They claim he is dead, I do not know how though.”

It was a sad thing I said, and Assassin's flames soon dimmed to the point that they were no longer even lit. That however was only for a moment as they soon lit with a bright flare, "I see then, that I would agree with your desire."

"It is the same one that my Servant Rider holds as a Servant of God." I admitted without worry, "Though how does a Servant of God take up the dagger?"

"The world has always been full of Assassins, I simply decided that they should follow the will of God.” The blade soon disappeared, “Both Devil and Jin invade the courts of Caliphate and King, I myself, and my order, work to cleanse the world of their influence.”

The being nodded, soon presenting his hand towards the item that radiated such majesty, “Before us is what I learned is the Greater Grail, but ever since I have found it I have been unnerved by its existence.”

“You… yeah, I know what you are saying.”

“If you have connections to the Heavens above us, might you find one who can examine it?”

>Yeah, an Angel who goes by the name Matilda Gorgon.
>We cannot call Heaven down, but I know Rin Tohsaka’s family ran this for a time.
>I have a feeling… the Einzberns. Berserker’s Master might know something.
>Yeah, an Angel who goes by the name Matilda Gorgon.
I thought to myself for a moment, “Y-yeah, an Angel named Matilda Gorgon. She seemed to be a pretty good magician, and then she was turned into an Angel by the Seraphim of Heaven.”

“Turned into an Angel, like Metatron?”

“Y-yeah, I know a great many who were turned into such.” I grew a small smile, “Even a Devil saw the light. She is currently serving at the side of Micheal as his Jack.”

“A Devil, interesting…” The being tilted his head as my words reached a small bit of understanding to him.

“Indeed, though I also know the Devils carry the same ability.” I could not stop myself from bringing Assassin up to the modern era, “It is only a matter of time before we come into conflict, as they are not wise with their effects.”

“When that date comes, I will be ready.” Assassin announced as he turned towards the Grail, “I have been gone for too long it seems.”

“Yeah, give me a moment and I will contact Micheal.”

As I said those those words I brought out my old Rosary, a simple piece of silver that has gone through wear and tear over the last few months. If what Micheal said is true, I can simply sit myself down and pray.

And so, kneeling before the Grail with my rosary in hand I spoke, “Micheal, Angel of God who carries a Flaming Sword, I pray in hopes that this will reach your ear. By the Grace of the Lord above us all may you send down Matilda Gorgon, the Angel who serves under you. A fellow Servant of God and I, myself, wish for her to examine the Grail.”

As I said those words, I felt a small ping go into my mind. Like as subtle hint or question that would have been meant to move people to action. I would have once regarded it as a stray thought if I did not know it was coming.

[Is there any who would sense her arrival?]

Could you clarify a bit on this one? If we pick 'No' does it mean we are lying to Micheal? Or, as far as Asia know, no one will sense her arrival?
It's your call. You know supernatural are running about and might care. You know the Einzbernz and Matou are still in the game. Who knows what else is still running around thanks to Matou as well.
If you feel the chance is too great, I'm sure the Angel would not mind his subordinate realizing they made a mistake.
>Yes, probably
Thanks for answering. I think i got the gist of it.
I thought about it long and hard. It was quite risky, the simple fact that someone could notice the arrival of the Angel. There was however much more in favor of her coming here.

As far as I know, there are no Supernaturals in the War. I have met most of the Masters in the War. While it seems that Matou would have relation to the Supernatural, I do not think he would be able to detect her arrival now. Especially so as I have destroyed his workshop.

“Yes, probably.”

With that I felt a small spark of divine power coming from the spot in front of me. Within moments the simple sigils of Heaven appeared, revealing the girl before me within moments. At the corner of my eyes, I noticed how Assassin kneeled on the ground at her arrival. The child, was urged by the giant after a moment.

With that, the circle descended onto the ground, revealing the form of an Angel in her majesty. Her eyes opened, a wicked smile growing upon her face as she rushed towards me, “Asia! Its been too long!”

“W-wa- ouch!” The girl got me in a hug, “C-can you stop. You are hurting me!”

“Oh, sorry.” She let go of me before her eyes turned towards Assassin. Within a moment she recoiled, “Uh, who are you?”

“I am the Old Man of the Mountain, the first and last leader of the Hashashin.” Assassin announced without a second’s thought.

“A-as in the Order of Assassins!?” Her eyes went wide with wonderment upon saying that, “That is awesome! Uhh, you can stand up now.”

“I thank thouself, Matilda Gorgon.” The Servant rose above Matilda, “The False Grail, I fear, has something within it. Can thy’s wisdom find out what is corrupting such an artifact?”

The girl turned and looked at the Grail, her eyes widening the most, “Well damn, I can try, but whatever that thing is I am going to need a lot of time. I’ll see what I can do.”

“If thy can, I would be in Heaven’s debt once more.”

“Sure thing!” And with that she grew wings and went to flight, quickly going towards the Grail to examine it.
As she did that, I turned towards Assassin once more. The Old Man of the Mountain simply watched the Angel go until she was no longer visible. I guess this man is like Mor’ Voh, that one simply needs to know them more so you do not assume they are a monster.

Though that brought a question into my mind, “Uh, Assassin, why am I here?”

The being turned towards me, “I have sensed you, Master of Rider, from the time on the Hotel tower. A Saint serves you, and I have knowledge that at least one more follower of God roams this war.”

For the first time Assassin brought forwards the small boy who has been around for some time. Now that I have a look at the boy, he has arabic features though his muscles are awfully in need of food and nourishment.

“This boy is my Contractor, as I was summoned to slaughter those who seeked to control him and his gift from Allah. Because of this War, I have been given a second life after Allum’s destruction by my very hands.” Those fires seemed to burn deeply into my soul now, “I do not desire to claim the Grail, as I have realized that the Hashashin are needed once more. I plan to start with Awal, and from there rebuild.”

“Thus, can thou relinquish their desire for the Grail so that more may come?”

>Yes, that is a worthy goal
>No, such a thing cannot happen
>Maybe, let me ask my Servant's desire
>Ask a Question *What?*
>As always, *Write in*
>Maybe, let me ask my Servant's desire
So this became a fate cross? Damn this went to shit fast and I thought it was deacent when I read the first archive a while back.I guess jokes on me for having hope for this being deacent.
Yeah, it was the Fate part that lost ya, not the fact I butchered Highschool Fucking DxD.

Ha Ha.
>Maybe, let me ask my Servant's desire
>Maybe, let me ask my Servant's desire
“I… cannot say right now.” I answered Assassin with a small turning of my heart, “I will not rid him of his chance if he so desires it.”

“That is understandable.” The Servant responded with a flicker of fire, “He was summoned for thy had desire. I will simply be forced to face off against him then.”

“Thank you.”

“Though that leads to another object that I must ask thou.” Slowly the giant placed his hand on top of the head of the child, “As War wages, I am of chance to meet death. In such a time, I ask that you take this one as your ward.”

“W-wait! Why do you wish for me to do that!?”

“It is to make sure he is raised by those blessed by Allah. Even if you are not of my true faith, we all serve Allah.”

“Uh, again I will need to think about that.”

“That is fine, I do believe I will be guarding this Angel as she does her work. That is all I need of thou, so thy can leave when they desire.”

“Th-thank you, I guess.” Was about all I could answer to the being before me.

“Thou’s consideration is enough for me. I wish however to learn of your decision as soon as possible.”

With those parting words, I left to get back with Rider as fast as I could. The next few coming days will be something though, that I am sure of.
Well, thats it for this thread since I got something big happening today. Next one should be happening Sunday Evening!
Thanks for running Boss! I really enjoyed this quest.
And man, King Hassan want us to raise kid huh? I'm fine with that actually, i mean, we kinda adopted Shirone already, one more won't hurt.

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