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Asia Argento, Dragon Slaying Saint of Heaven. The tides of the War are turning, and it is looking in her favor. With the support of Rider, she will need to go through and determine which alliances she will seek to keep, destroy, or forge.

Journal XVII
After what felt like an eternity, I was finally able to meet Assassin. Just like myself and Saint Georgios, he sees himself as a man of God. The Old Man of the Mountain seems to have been killing a great many supernatural about the land since his summoning, and desires to continue doing so.

Which means he gave me a choice. We could forsake the war so that he may rebuild his order with a second lease on life.

And so I now wonder if I forsake my chance to talk to God so that the Saints may walk throughout the world once more.

Link to previous Thread: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wQAwFLkM6O04ABX4K0RkYPaJro65EEbebl-EQU39Q7I

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Apprentac)
>Acquire a new spell (Chosen from Skyrim)
>Medicae +20
>Crushing Blow: +2 damage to melee attacks
>Magician Lore

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Othopoxy: Gives a +20 to resist torture.
>Frenzy: When Declared, grants +10 to Weapon Skill, Strength, and Constitution Test. However they receive a -20 to Ballistics and Intelligence Test as well as being forced to attack the nearest enemy.
>Counter Attack: On a successful Parry, Asia may attack him back at a -20 without expanding her own actions.
>Purge the Unclean: As an Action, Asia forces a supernatural enemy to make a will save or be thrown back. If it is possessing someone, she has a chance of purging it from their body
>raise Constitution by +5
hopefully this will help us tank more hits
>use one unit on HP and 3 on Mana
without mana Georgios can't use his noble phantasm
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
Destruction: Frostbite
I've been thinking about getting a offensive spell for some time now, and frost seemed the best option for me. Slowing down our enemies, and maybe lock them in one place, even if for a short while, could help a lot.

>Frenzy: When Declared, grants +10 to Weapon Skill, Strength, and Constitution Test. However they receive a -20 to Ballistics and Intelligence Test as well as being forced to attack the nearest enemy.
this probably should only be used as a last resource. When we know our enemy don't have any more tricks to pull on us and we can safelly go for a brawl.
The silence of Excalicycle was something that I realized was an oddity to people as I drove through the suburbs. I found after leaving that Assassin’s cave was on the western part of town, dug deeply into some woods. The area around it felt weird as I crossed it, like a bounded field that is hostile to supernatural beings.

A perfect stronghold, I could assume. If you were anything other than mortal you would be forced with only one way to approach Assassin.

I was able to leave through the brush though, soon emerging from the forest out onto the suburb roads. I was soon driving down the roads as darkness finally settled into the world. People who were walking about did not notice me as I drove, the silent vehicle making it far too easy to watch people carry on their nightly activities.

Occasionally I would see couples making their way to social events or children running their way home. The many lights of the houses showing the large amounts of life that went through the area. It seemed that normal life has come back to the people after the incident a few nights ago.

Soon enough though I arrived at the Tohsaka Manor, looking forward I could see the form of Saint Georgios standing at the front door. He looked towards me with stern eyes, “What happened to thou, Saint Asia?”

I felt a small knot forming in my stomach, “I was… kidnapped by Assassin. I kind of still do not understand why he did it.”

“Thou had me worried for a bit.” The Saint said as he grew a small smile, “Especially when you dropped the Magician to her near death. She was lucky to have been caught by me.”

The knot only grew, “I am really sorry.”

The Servant simply shook his head, “You will not need to apologize to me, but the one who was dropped. I would also like to know where you were, as I was not able to detect your presence.”

“I understand…”

>Tell them everything
>Simply tell Rin of Assassin’s location, but everything to Rider later *Roll*
>Lie saying Asia found herself in an ally afterwords. *Roll*

If its any of the
>>Tell them everything
let's be honest with our comrades. Also i really want his opnion on the matter.
File: 17-UBW13-01-19.jpg (128 KB, 800x600)
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128 KB JPG
With that Rider made way for me, allowing me to go into the room proper. Walking in I quickly saw Rin Tohsaka standing in the hallway before me, quickly tapping the floor with her foot. Arms crossed over her chest, eyes in a stern stare.

I lowered my head to the girl before me, “I am sorry for dropping you, Rin.”

“...” As I did not get an answer I slowly looked up to see the girl growing a tinge of red, “Do you know how scary it was dropping from hundreds of feet in the air?”

“Well, kind of.” The memory of my introduction into the Exorcist was coming to mind.

“Well it was fucking scary as shit! I almost burnt a command seal because of it!” She quickly yelled in anger, “It was only because of your Servant that I survived.”

“Indeed, I am sorry.”

“Now raise your head.” I did as I was told, her expression changing to something much more complicated, “I owe you a lot still, don’t I?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“My leg, getting me the hell away from the Matou’s home.” Rin quickly flicked her hair to the side, “If I gotta admit, I prefer falling out of the sky and still being able to walk around instead of being dead by a thousand bullets.”

I felt a small bubble come into my chest, “So, you forgive me?”

“Yup.” She gave me a thumbs up with a smirk, “So since you’ve survived wherever Assassin took you, what did you learn?”

With that, we all moved to a living space all on the first floor of the house. The room was reminiscent of the Gremory Heir’s place, but for some reason it gave off a different feeling. It was closer to a casual space, instead of the more sinful space from before.

Actually, now that I think about it the couches actually matched the room while there was not a shower in this space.

Anyways, with Rider at my side and Caster to Rin’s I told them what I learned. How Assassin found the Holy Grail itself and has been guarding it. How his Master is a Child who was about to be sold to Devils for what I assumed was a Sacred Gear.

“As such, Assassin wants to rebuild his order of Hashashin to serve God once more. That way, he has sent a request that we end this War instead.”

The first to speak up was Rider, “I can understand thy’s sediment. I am sure the Angels of Heaven would lend us Saints Mana to live once more. I would agree with him.”

“You say that, but my family has been fighting this war for generations.” Rin quickly rattled off, “I cannot just give up the Grail like that.”

“Indeed, to lose the Grail would be greatest hit my wish as well.” Caster admitted with a frown, “Of course, I am quite unable to face off against the combined forces of Assassin andRider.”

>Allow everyone to stir on it for a while
>Declare that Asia will follow Assassin
>Declare that such a power is too much to waste
>Declare the desire for it, but ask if Caster and Rin would want something in return for losing this chance.
>Declare the desire for it, but ask if Caster and Rin would want something in return for losing this chance.
We still want to find out what happened to God and where he is, but we are allies, and Asia has direct contact with heaven itself. There must be something we can give in return for the grail. QM, what was Rin wish again? It's been a long time since i saw Fate/Stay Night. Was it just to reach the root like her father?
It helped a good bit that Rider seemed to be on board with the desicion. With his support I decided to speak up, “For myself, I believe in Assassin’s words. To have two, maybe even three Saints all rejoin the the service of Heaven is too much not to ignore. So I ask you two, Caster and Rin, what do you want in return?”

“Negotiations huh?” Caster mused to himself we he laid back into his chair, “Tell me, girl, how many people roam the world these days.”

The question was odd but I went with it, “Uh, maybe eight billion.”

“Out of that many people, how many of them could be counted as geniuses? Np, how many of them would be super geniuses?”

“Uh, maybe a thousand?” I felt like I was missing something as he continued.

“You can say that my wish is to be rivaled once more. For the world is drab when there is no one there to stop you.” Caster flicked his hand off to the side with a muse, “But if I was to relinquish my desire, I would instead ask for a favor. One that cannot be overruled due to other matters.”

With his declaration our eyes shifted towards Rin. The girl herself simply nodded, “Well, to be honest, I was only doing this war out of obligation, since my father died in the last one. Asia, how much are you willing to give me?”

“I have direct access to Heaven itself, as I am a direct agent to Micheal. Besides that, I am able in body and in soul.”

“Very well.” She grew a small sinister smile while leaning back into her chair, “I want you to kick Kotomine out of his Church.”


“You heard me.” She announced with a swift challenge, “Kick that smug bastard out of his church, and you got a deal from me.”

>”Whoa whoa, I can not do that!?” *Which terms you wanna modify*
Do we have any proof that makes him unable to continue in the church ? If not, we need to have it first
I should i've seem that coming. It totally sounds like something Rin would ask. But damn it's not going to be easy to do. How are we even going to explain that to the higher ups?
She is a ally and a friend. But we should be careful with how we do this.
I agree with this guy. We need to do this the right way or we are screwed
“I mean, kicking him out of the Catholic Church would be really hard.” I said with a small bumble of confusion coming to my head, “But if it is to give everyone a chance to leave this War I am fine with it.”

“Great, though I think you are mistaken about something. While I would love to kick the bastard off his high horse, I just want him permanently out of my hair.” The girl said with a stern call.

“H-has he been causing you problems?”

“Ever since I was eight he’s been a pain in my ass.” I watched as Rin became slowly more somber as she went, “That satirical asshole should not have permission to raise children. Whenever it was Sunday he would drag me to his sermon just to spite me. Me, a Magus, in Church! And he still asks that I give him a donation!”

I could hear a small chuckle coming from Saint Georgios as Rin was quite literally pulling out her hair. While I understood Rin’s sediment, it might have done her some good to have been lectured every Sunday. Though having one done by the head of the Church’s Inquisition is something I would not give to a child.

Yeah, whoever gave her as a Ward to him was not in the right state of mind. That much I will admit.

“Well now that the deals have been struck, we can continue onto our next part.” Caster announced with a small smile, “We should prepare for the other Servants. I am sure that Berserker would not agree to this, nor would Lancer. Saber, well what is your opinion George?”

The man simply shook his head, “Joan D’ Arc seems to be following a false will of God. When we fought, she claimed that serving the Magician was God’s will, even after all his heinous crimes came to light.”

“Is that so, interesting.” the still frankly mysterious man shook his grew a wide smile, “I have been able to find the location of both Berserker and Lancer, so we can fight them first. The Einzberns, Berserker’s Master, lives in a castle deep within the forest. Lancer’s live in a penthouse. Though we might just attack during the daytime instead.”

“Okay, why do we need to do that Caster?” Lancer gave in and asked.

“Simple, they are Vampires.”

>Launch an Attack on Berserker
>Launch an Attack/try to talk to Lancer
>Focus on finding Saber and the Matou plague instead
>Focus on finding Saber and the Matou plague instead
Sakura is still with them right? We need to save that poor girl.
>Launch an Attack on Berserker
“We… I would like to find where in the world that Magician Matou is.” I admitted with a small grumble.

“I would too, but I do not know where he is.” Rin perked in with a small seeth in her voice, “Next time I see the Bastard I am going to throw all of my gems at him. I do not care if I lose a fortune, I am going to kill him.”

“Then how about this.” Caster announced with a small notepad in his hand, “I will search for the location that Magician while the rest of you try to eliminate Berserker.”

While I hated to rely on Caster, “Very well, we should get moving then.”

Everyone else gave an affirmative and soon we soon got our gear together. I myself was finally able to put back on a Habit from the manor. Apparently Rider and Rin had gone over there to see whether or not I ended up back there, so Rider took the chance to retrive my clothing.

Soon enough I was very well equipped once more. Excalibur and Avalon hung on my hip, invisible to the world itself. A satchel with all my extra equipment was at my side. As we left the house, I soon brought out Excalibur and recreated Excalicycle.

As Rin approached she called out to me, “We are heading to the Einzbern manor, so I will be giving you directions on how to get there.”

“Alright.” I said while throwing a helmet towards her.

“That said, should we see about getting Assassin? Since we are basically allying with him we might as well get the extra fire power.”

>Go get Assassin.
>”No, he is guarding something very important”
>*Other things you wanna do?*
>”No, he is guarding something very important”
>>”No, he is guarding something very important”
File: Calico_M950.jpg (833 KB, 3264x2448)
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833 KB JPG
I thought about it for a moment, but then a thought came into my mind. It was that of Matilda being attacked by Matou, “No, trust me when I say he is protecting something.”

“Tsk, alright.” Rin placed her hands on my hips, “Lets get going, you need to take a right down here.”

With that I followed her commands, going up the hill towards the mass of trees that covered. As passed the steadily dwindling streets and road. Within fifteen minutes we were no longer on the paved road, but instead a gravel path. In actuality though, this road was much easier to drive on than any paved road.

Well, except for the roads of Rome.

“Weird.” I heard Rin’s voice coming from the helmet I wore, “There should have been a bounded field here.”

“Is that not really bad for you Magicians?”

“Fuck yeah it is.”

Within moments I could hear a cry coming from all around us. A primordial cry of monsters that no human should ever have the opportunity to hear. I looked to my side, and saw what I should not have.

Right out of the woods came the Monsters of Matou in all their glory.

“Shit!” Rin cried as I watched a pair of blackish red balls go sailing towards them. One of the attacks hit, causing one of them to fall face first into the ground.

From behind us I felt my mana drain just a tad, the appearance of Rider on horseback welcoming my sight, “It seem thy has come here before us. Though I feel as if he has not finished his assault on the building proper, both Saber and Berserker are still there.”

“Alright!” I cried as I tried to think of something. I reached into my bag, and within moments brought out a Calico M950, “Where did this come from!?”

“Wasn’t it yours!?” Rin called out asns he released another round of bullets.

“No, but thank the Lord that it is here!”

>Fire upon the oncoming swarm with the Machine Gun
>Focus on driving, handing the gun to Rin.
>Fall back, fighting inwards is not in Asia’s interest
Since your in combat, I ask that you guys roll as well.
>Fire upon the oncoming swarm with the Machine Gun
Rolled 45 (1d100)

With a quick movement I swung the gun over Rin, the weapon giving quite the response as it did. The bullets of course hit their marks, the blessing of the Lord was upon them as they slaughtered the foes before me. Though a few were able to dodge my attacks.

“How close do you think we are Rin!?” I called out as the fireing of the gun ceased for a moment.

“Close, I fucking hope!” Her bullets were becoming more and more erratic as we turned over a corner.

As we took the corner, I did not have enough to to notice the creature that quickly got infront of me. Within a moment the being was slammed int by the full force of Excalicycle, the sword turn vehicle easily destroyed the creature.

As it did that though I could not hold on, my strength just barely overwhelmed as we soon went flying onto the ground below. The feeling of my body being bashed around was pretty brutal, stopping right in the middle of the path.

As I got up though, it seemed that I did not gain any damage. Maybe a bruise, but with the helmet equipped I did not suffer any injury.

I watched within the next moment as a pair of hexes went sailing past my face, smashing into a pair of beings that were trying to get to me. I stood up, Excalibur within moments returning to me as a sword.

“Are you alright?” I heard Rin call out from behind me.

“Yeah, we need to keep moving!”

I watched from behind as Georgios continued his slaughter of those that dared to face him. The Servant trying his best to clear out the forest of our ambushers.

>Turn Excalibur into a Machine Gun to help him with the fighting.
>Use Excalibur to face off the beasts, making your way towards the Einzbern’s manor.
>Just run towards the place, reckless but seems Asia is still able.
And I will need Rolls, with these of course
Rolled 76 (1d100)

>Turn Excalibur into a Machine Gun to help him with the fighting.
We are better with guns
One. ONE. ONE FUCKING number above our gun skill. I think the dices are just fucking with me right now
Rolled 77 (1d100)

have another roll
....Eh well that didn't help.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Aren’t those good rolls ? Why are you complaining ?
You want low. If you lurk, give me a roll just because you can!
To the Clutch saving dice
Jk my roll are allways shit
Rolled 10 (1d100)

I use Cap Dice instead of dice
Yes king slay
You're my hero now
With a push of my will Excalibur transformed, no longer was it a sword, but instead it took the form of a large machine gun. I did not even leave the enemy with a beat as I released a torrent of gun fire upon the hordes that came upon us.

They were not able to make any more distance upon us as they were destroyed. Those that got close enough to be dangerous were slaughtered by Rin as she quickly stunned them with her hexes. That gave me enough chance to gun them down with a full auto burst.

It only took another minute though as their numbers began to shrink. After the initial wave was cut down, their number dropped by more than half. Soon enough there were no more coming towards us/

“That would be the last of them.” Rider claimed as he walked up from behind us. The battlefield behind him was covered in swaths of corpses and crevices in the ground.

I looked over the mess with a wary eye, “Is he running out of them?”

“Probably.” Rin said with a smile adorning her face, “He must have started being desperate, who knows what he is trying to do in there. Anyways, I’m pretty sure we are close.”

With that we continued our way down towards the trail. Soon enough we came across what could only be described as a massive castle built into the ground. Looking around the place, there was a good majority of those creatures standing for some reason.

It did not take very long as within moments the walls of the manor began to crack, soon shattering as the massive form of Ibaraki Douji emerged from the keep. She was covered in a series of blackish boils and swarms of insect like creatures. She let out a roar, a good majority of the insects were quickly burned to a crisp.

“You bastards! I am going to ground you all into sausage!” The giantess quickly reached down towards the ground, bringing up what I could see was that little girl Master. The Oni quickly set her on the roof, though it seemed more like throwing as within the next moment she was attacked by a maiden wielding a sheathed saber.

The Giantess somehow dodged the attack, doing a quick step to get away from the home proper. Though she dodged it, the numerous monsters about the place began rushing towards her location.

>Have Rider assist Berserker while Asia and Rin go to help Illya
>Have Rider help, but go find Matou instead.
>Attack Ibaraki while there is a clear advantage
>*Write in*

All these come with rolls
Rolled 43 (1d100)

>Have Rider assist Berserker while Asia and Rin go to help Illya
Rolled 80 (1d100)

>>Have Rider help, but go find Matou instead.
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Better dice maybe
“Rider, go and help Berserker!” I called out to my Servant.

“Then thou shall receive! It shall be thankful for my assistance!” And with that cry he charged forward towards the horde and Saber.

“I guess we are going to help the Einzbern?” Rin equipped with a snarky smile.

“Indeed, I cannot take this standing down!”

With that we began our jog across the courtyard. As the majority of the beasts were going towards Berserker, none of them stood in our way as both myself and Rin got next to the castle.

“Asia, get close.” I felt Rin grabbing onto my shoulder, quickly bringing me close. A gem soon dropped to our feet, which quickly expanded into a massive disk, ”der Aufzug!”

With a small jolt we were sent flying towards the roof. I found such powers hard to believe, but soon we had arrived on the top of the castle, soon overlooking the courtyard.

“Damn pest! Die!”

“Rin get down!” I quickly grabbed onto the girl as a wave of destructive fire went sailing above the roof. I looked over to see a wall of fire where the fight was occurring, leaving only forwards for us to go.

The sound of tiling rang in out ears as I saw the little girl. As before, she was just a bit smaller than Shirone, hair somehow even more white than her. There was a bunch of boils all about her skin, as if she was bitten by a swarm of locust.

“What happened to her?” Rin exclaimed with cautious steps.

“I do not know, but we are about to find out!”

Just like that a massive swarm emerged from the hole in the roof, one that was about the size of the swarm we fought earlier. The swarm once more somehow looked at me as something emerged from underneath it.

“Tsk, what a troublesome girl you are.”

My eyes would only widen as I saw someone emerge from the mass. Her purple hair was unmistakable as well as her eyes, though now they were inhumanly wide. All across her skin were veins and boils that were quite literally leaking insects.

“Sakura! What the fuck did you do to my sister!?” Rin cried out with eyes full of fury.

“Its because you broke our agreement that I did this Tohsaka.” She spoke in a voice similar to both Sakura and the old man we faced, “You have destroyed my previous body and home, so I decided to take hers. Shame though, I was going to use her as a way to produce heirs. Instead she became my skin for the moment.”

“Now die, I need to secure the Lesser Grail for my own use.”

With that the swarm came right at us.

>Turn Excalibur into a flamethrower to burn the insects
>Use wirlwindsprint to get to the Einzbern’s side
>Use Excalibur’s true ability on him, if just to end it fast.

I'll need rolls with these, and you can always write in.
Rolled 41 (1d100)

>Turn Excalibur into a flamethrower to burn the insects
With the swarm coming towards us I quickly pushed my will into Excalibur, within moments the weapon transformed from a machine gun into that of a flame thrower. I quickly raised it, firing a massive spray of flames upon the swarm.

“In the name of the Lord, burn!” I cried as flames turned all the creatures into ash. Rin had quickly joined me, firing a barrage of hexes into the mass as well.

As we destroyed the mass of insects I noticed something from the corner of my eye. It was then that Matou stood above the mangled form of Einzbern. Emerging from below his clothing was a small insect like creature, one that unlike the rest had a reasonably large tail.

I watched as he quickly moved the body to her side, the scorpion like creature hoping off of his arm and onto the girl. The next moment, it had moved and latched itself to the back of her neck. The stinger quickly descended into her skin, attaching itself to the back of her neck.

“NO!” I tried pushing forward towards the pair, flames soon going everywhere as I pushed my way into the crowd of Insects.

“Even in this state your mind is intact? Are you perhaps partly human?” The form of Sakura muttered as she rose from the place, “Oh well, soon enough I will have the Lesser Grail under my control.”

With that he began swaying about, thousands of insects soon leaking from his body. As he did this though I noticed that I was still killing them much faster than he could produce them.

>Use whirlwind sprint to attack him directly
>Use Excaliburst to clear a mass of Insects
>Simply fight your way to the little girl
Rolled 60 (1d100)

>Simply fight your way to the little girl
Using whirlwind sprint could leave us surronded by insects, and excaliburst cost a lot of mana i would ratter not risk missing it
Rolled 80 (1d100)

>Simply fight your way to the little girl
You guys will need better rolls than those.

Which means, ROLL!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
“Come on come on!” I began to march my way forward, flames burning just about every insect I could. Though as I marched forward, it was slowly becoming evident that I would not be able to burn them all in time.

[b]“Kue kue kue, it tis only a matter of time till I gain my new body.”[/b] As he spoke those words one of the arms that looked to be full of boils burst open with dozens of bugs, [b]“My current one is failing due to the overproduction of insects.”[/b]

The once petty girl began to laugh like a mad man as her body was slowly being destroyed by escaping insects. It was likely a brutal sorcerer, using one’s own flesh to fuel their swarm of monsters.

I watched as the body of the little girl began to glow a bright blue, as if her body was trying to fight off the bug. Soon enough she began to roll and twitch about. Slowly but surely, I am sure whatever creature he placed on her was taking control.

I could only click my tongue, “I do not think we can get to him Rin.”

“I don’t fucking care anymore!” from Rin’s side the girl quickly brought out a small dagger. The weapon was small, but for some reason it glowed with the colors of a rainbow. Actually, now that I looked upon it the weapon was more like a Kaleidoscope of colors.

[b]“H-how did you produced that?”[/b] The Matou exclaimed with his eyes going wide, [b]“Do you want to kill us all!?”[/b]

“Maybe!” She laughed while bringing the dagger to point at him, “I told everyone I was going to kill you with everything I got, so I’m going to fire off a pet project.”

I watched as the colors all around the air began to dance about Rin, the energy frying all the insects that tried to swarm her. First was the clothing around her arm that got burnt to ash, but soon her flesh itself was going away.

“Rin, what in the name of the Lord are you doing!?”

“Avenging my Sister! So take this you bastard,” Within moments the dagger glowed to an extreme light that easily consumed her entire hand, “Zero fucking no chill! Jeweled Dagger of Tohsaka!”

With that the entire place lit with brilliant light, a beam similar to Excalibur’s tore through the air and into the being that took Sakura’s body. Within the next moment, as the light died down the entire upper torso was destroyed along with a vast majority of the insects.

[i]“Take that you bastard…”[/i] And with those words she collasped onto the ground with a stump for a hand.

The area was silent for just a moment, but I soon watched as both the old body of Sakura and the Einzbern child twitched. The girl herself looked to be in excruciating pain, while the corpse had somethign small come out of it, a bug.

I do not have much time before the bastard comes back.
>Eradicate the corpse
>Burn the Illya to guarantee Matou’s death
>Try and remove the Scorpion from her *Medicae Check*
>Heal Rin with a Master level spell
>Eradicate the corpse
>>Try and remove the Scorpion from her *Medicae Check*
does medicae check needs a roll?
It does, in fact!
Rolled 29 (1d100)

I wonder if it's possible to get Rin a replacement mechanical hand.
Rolled 32 (1d100)

Do I need to roll as well ? While I think heal anon won anyway
My eyes shifted from one person to another, my eyes quickly checking up on everyone. Out of all of them Rin was in the best condition. While she did infact lose her hand, the explosion partially cauterized his hand so it would not bleed out. As for the remains of Sakura, its dead.

That left my eyes dead set on the little girl. I quickly dashed across the roof, past the series of ash that was the army of bugs incinerated by Rin with what I could only assume is the fury of God. The corpse of Sakura twitched again as I passed it, as if trying to grab ahold of me as I passed. I was however able to get there in time.

I quickly flipped the little girl over, her skin hot to the touch. As I did I saw the creature that was attached to her, the thing almost completely submerged into her skin. With a push of my will I transformed Excalibur into a small scalpel, and slowly it approached the thing.

My hand was steady as with a quick slice I cleared out a majority of the cover around the thing. I felt what must have been its eye look at me. With another breath, Excaliple sliced clean through her bone and nerves, severing the creature in the process.

It tried to make a dash for it, but with a simple swipe of my hand I destroyed the creature.

I cast a quick healing spell, the flesh around her neck healing from the attempt. It was so deep however that I would need to cast restore flesh just to help her recover motor functions. She would not die luckily.

“you… I had tried so hard and yet you and the Tohsaka stood in my way.” I watched as something emerged from the body of Sakura, and I could tell within a moment what it was. A phantom, a lost soul of another bygone era. It was in the middle stages of a grown man devolving into the decrepit old man I met earlier.

“We have, because you stood against the Lord.” I answered the being as he soon finished reforming, though massive holes in his body showed that most of his being was not recovered.

“You have tried so hard, but I will come back. As long as one of my worms live I will haunt both of you for eternity.”

>“Then do so” Burn the remainder of the body.
>“You do not need to do so, you will be forgiven if you give in to death now.” *Persuasion roll*
>”Not if I eat you.” *By Command Seal, order Georgios to turn Matou into a Dragon.
Rolled 30 (1d100)

>”Not if I eat you.” *By Command Seal, order Georgios to turn Matou into a Dragon.
This has a high chance of backfiring because of rolls
Rolled 41 (1d100)

>”Not if I eat you.” *By Command Seal, order Georgios to turn Matou into a Dragon.
We already have a 30, so why not ?
Rolled 59 (1d100)

>”Not if I eat you.” *By Command Seal, order Georgios to turn Matou into a Dragon.
“No, you will not.” I stared at him, my soul burning with a righteous fury. It was one that would be carried through by me.

“Ku ku ku, you must not have understood my existence, Exorcist. I am a Wraith, a spirit whose soul has been permanently attached to the world using flesh. I cannot die unless all my bugs have been slain.”

“No… you are wrong.” I raised my hand towards him, the symbol of the Holy Cross burning red, “Your Soul itself shall be devoured by me.”

I opened my voice and sounded it to the world above for all to hear.

“Saint Georgios, by my Command Seal, I order you to use your Legend. Transform this Heretic into a Dragon so it shall be eaten by my very Soul!”

As my voice finished the light of the Command Seal climaxed, and I felt a drain upon my Mana Reserves. They were negligible though, as within moments a voice boomed throughout the world to all who were present to hear.

“I Saint Georgio who serves the Lord has heard thy call!”


A red cross came darting from the fires of Hell behind me. It quickly slammed into the wretched being, its essence binding him.

“In the name of the Lord, Thou Art a Dragon!”


Within moments the spirit was ensnared in toxic black flesh, the mush attatching itself to his phantasmal form like putty. He tried to escape it, but soon his very form was adjusting to the new form.

Tar from all across the lands of Fuyuki came flying at it, expanding the beast to a gigantic size. Not even the corpse of Sakura was spared as it was quickly consumed by the expanding mash. Legs and wings soon emerged as they quickly took the form of their new kind.

I watched in anger as Matou’s face finally formed. It was not human nor truly dragon. Its eyes were that of a fly’s while its wings belong to a locust. However, the claws were draconic, and I knew for sure its soul was as well.

A Phantasm that brings a person’s inner self to the forefront. A disgusting creature of tar and insect is what made up Matou.

It soon roar something mad, the creature obviously losing its sanity as it became so. Its ire though turned to me with a vengeance in them.

>Dragonrend then attack it head on with Excalibur
>Use Excalibur’s true might upon the beast
>A Flamethrower for good time’s sake.
>Dragonrend then attack it head on with Excalibur
I do need rolls with these btw
Rolled 49 (1d100)

Rolled 33 (1d100)

Dragon slaying is our thing this should be easy right?
Wow shit's hit the fan. Sakura's fuckin' dead and Illya's pretty close behind.
I hope eating Zouken's soul doesn't corrupt Asia too bad.
On a related note, Asia should try to be Assassin's master's ARA-ARA nee-san once we get an opening.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Must've formatted the roll wrong
As it finished the roar, the beast lowered itself down to level its maw against me. I watched as the thing began to breath what would have been a mass Locust towards me. However, as the first one exited its maw I gave my response form the bottom of my Soul. Not the Immortal Dragon that roars.

But the Mortal who was once slain.

“Joor Zah Frul”

The beast did not have any chance to dodge as the wave of blue mortality slammed into it. The mass of tar and bugs quaked as Mortality was reintroduced to the man who forgot it so long ago.

I quickly covered the distance between myself and the beast. I did not even need to force it as Excalibur became its true form once more, golden light dancing across the roofs of the castle.

“May the Lord bless my strikes as I destroy the Dragon that is you, Matou!”

And with that cry Excalibur sliced deeply into his flesh, the wounds quickly catching on fire as my blessing from Heaven destroyed the tar. With one strike I ripped a chunk of its chest, and the following I created a massive scar running across its neck.

The giant quickly retaliated, the front claws both being used to rip my flesh asunder. While I was able to dodge the initial claw, the other soon made its way upon my flesh. It went into my left arm, though my month’s of experience had made such an attack much less damaging then it could have been before.

Asia has received 14 Damage, leaving her at 34/48 Wounds.

With the scar upon my flesh however I quickly struck into the beast in retaliation. With a simple strike I sliced into the arm that had attacked me, the blow instantly severing it from the main body. The next ended up slicing into the neck of the great beast.

It let out a cry of pain, the being that was the Elderly Matou brought its maw down to bite into me. I tried to dodge, but the maw wretched onto my shoulder and burned my flesh with its surrounding touch.

Asia has received 9 Damage, leaving her at 25/48 Wounds.

I was quickly picked up off the ground, the great maw quickly biting down a second time as it held my right shoulder tight. It was painful for sure, and I felt the mass of blood leaking down my arm as it did so.

Asia has received 15 Damage, placing her at 10/46 Wounds.

I knew however that I could take much more punishment, especially as I felt magicka course through my veins. For the Dragon itself, it was just about the same state as me.

>Dragon Aspect into cutting into the beast’s skull.
>Use Grand Healing to heal herself, since its pretty obvious the beast would not benefit nearly that much from it. The cut into its skull.
>Just Excaliblast into the skull, it has no way to dodge
And put rolls with your choices.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

>Use Grand Healing to heal herself, since its pretty obvious the beast would not benefit nearly that much from it. The cut into its skull.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Fuckit, I'll support.
>get lots of low rolls in regular qst
>get lots of high rolls in low rolls qst
C’mon anons, I know that you aren’t sleeping yet. Also where did all that damage came from ?
>Also where did all that damage came from ?
Good question.
Hey QM, is there any actual way that we can avoid or mitigate damage in combat?
Rolled 47 (1d100)

God i feel like shit for failing in saving Sakura. Where did we go wrong in that QM?
Usually its using armor of some kind to mitigate it. Dragon Aspect comes with a Armor bonus of 16, which is pretty much insane. The only character who had more armor than this is Georgios. You can also increase your Toughness which provides raw armor as well.

Its really just bad luck my friend. With Matou getting away at the mansion he had to get a body that wasn't turned into a thousand pieces.

You can't save everyone since you are not Shirou Emyia. Honestly though you guys saved Illya, as she was one roll away from being possessed by Zouken Matou.
As I was brought into mid air I decided to call upon what I have been studying for the last few months. A small flicker of golden light soon sprang forth into my hand, and with a quick flick of my wrist I casted Grand Healing!

Asia has regenerated 24 wounds, placing her at 34/46 Wounds.

I watched as slowly the Dragon’s flesh was knitting together, but just as I had estimated it was not nearly as beneficial. With a turn of my blade I jammed Excalibur right into his jaw, causing the beast to give a massive screech before dropping me into the ground.

It soon retaliated, the remaining claw coming down to strike me down where I stood. I was skillful however, and with a push of my strength I pushed the claw off to the side in a parry. It tried to do another attack, but it was simply too slow as I began my cut!

“Burn for the Sin you have commited!”

With an upper cut I carved a clean trail of blazing fire across his neck and into the jaw of such a beast. It gave a massive scream as it recoiled backwards in misery, Matou finally realizing he was approaching the death he had avoided time immemorial.

Now was the finishing move.

>Excaliblast the beast.
>Hop onto his back to decapitate the dragon
>Cut him down to size with a series of attacks.
>Hop onto his back to decapitate the dragon
Rolled 51 (1d100)

>Excaliblast the beast.
Nothing personal boomer
Rolled 68 (1d100)

>Hop onto his back to decapitate the dragon

Should probably save our mana for the Servants we are going to be trying to kill.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Epic faill roll i wont get under 50
The Dragon brought its head to bare, an attempt to slam me into the ground and turn me into a pancake. With just the barest margin I brought my sword up and bashed his skull aside. While it was more forcing myself to move to the side, it gave the same effect.

With a quick burst of speed I quickly hopped off the ground and gripped onto his extended neck. The feeling of the gushy tar was disgusting, and I could feel the Sin of his deeds as I climbed. Soon enough though I was on top of his neck.

Suddenly he moved his head side to side, trying his best to thrash me off his neck. I had to stab Excalibur into his neck as a grip. Black blood and tar leaked from the wound, but thanks to it I was able to keep my hold as he brought his head to the skies.

“In the name of the Lord!” I brought Excalibur to the skies above all present, “Bless me as I eliminate this creature of Sin!”

And with that I brought the weapon down upon it, the blade cleanly going through its neck with a single slice. All tension within the body was suddenly released, and the corpse dropped down onto the roof below with a slight shake.

As I got off the beast, the tar like flesh finally gave to a burning golden rainbow. The ecstasy I experienced as I ate him, completing what it was I was meant to do, was almost inhibiting. The sounds of Heaven’s celebration rang in my ears as its entire body was consumed by me. Soon, I felt it settled in my Glutinous Soul.

Asia has consumed a Dragon Soul! You can chose the shout you wanna put it into at any time.

Soon though it finished, and my mind came back to reality. The bodies of my comrade lying peacefully on the ground. Of course, I would just need to help her with her hand when we get the chance.

I watched as suddenly a ball of yellow crossed my vision, the sound of a horse galloping right behind me. It had slowled down though, as both me and Georgios watched as Berserker quickly wrapped herself around the little girl.

“Mastah, are you alright!?” The Oni placed head next to the girl’s chest, “Yes, you are! When we get this fucking War done with we are going to kill that old fucking man and celebrate! You hear me Illya!?”

I slowly took a step forward, but as I did a torrent of flames was sent flying my direction. Though the attack did not hit me as I was stared at by primal eyes, “Don’t you fucking dare approach! I don’t care if I die, but I am going to kill any of you who mess with Mastah gain!”

>Tell her about Illya’s wound, and that you can fix it if given the chance.
>Tell her that the War is ending soon as a tie, and that they do not need to fight now.
>Take the chance to attack Berserker *How?*
All above need rolls as always.
>Tell her about Illya’s wound, and that you can fix it if given the chance.
If she refuses our help, we leave with Georgios and Rin.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Fuck, i wrote the dice option wrong again
Rolled 66 (1d100)

>Tell her about Illya’s wound, and that you can fix it if given the chance.
Rolled 45 (1d100)

I guess I should try getting a lower number.
The Oni was guarding the body of her Master, doing so like a tamed beast would a favorite owner. Of course she was covered with wounds from the previous fights, which only made the scenario that much worse for myself.

I took a small step forward, which caused her eyes to dart quickly to me. With her attention, I decided to speak, “Look at the back of her neck, Berserker. The wound there will cause her entire life to be impossible.”

The Servant did as she was told, eyes widening on the spot of wet flesh made bare to the world, “What happened! Was it that slimy bastard!?”

“Y-yeah. He tried to control her or something. That was the only way I could remove it in such a small amount of time.” I soon brought out my magic for the Berserker to see, “I can heal her if you give me a chance.”

“...” Her eyes seemed to switch between Georgios and myself, “Do it, but Rider is not coming anywhere closer to us.”

“Alright.” I answered quickly and took a few steps forward. Within moments I was next to the girl, the eyes of Berserker staring at me with high suspicion.

I took in a breath, gathering my mana and moving my arms. Slowly but surely, the ritual’s somatic component was being fulfilled as light covered me. With an exhale, I casted the spell.

Whatever wounds the girl had were instantly removed, the body was knitted with golden light. Such a person had a close brush with death, but now they were a quite literal shining example of health.

“There, does she not look better?”

“She does!” The Oni cried while hugging the little girl. Within the next moment though she dashed away from us with the girl in hand, “What do you want?! You wouldn’t have done that without wanting something from the great Ibaraki Douji!”

>We want you to help us finish out the war
>Leave this War, it will end in a draw and will stay that way.
Rolled 44 (1d100)

>We want you to help us finish out the war
Once we kill off the troublemaker factions like vampires and devils we can kind of just decommission the Grail right? Or hand it off to Heaven? Maybe the angels could lend a hand in keeping friendly Servants manifested after the war was over in exchange for bringing things to a relatively peaceful conclusion.
i thought we wanted to find God? Did something change?
Oh true. If that doesn't burn the Grail out we might be able to do something with it afterward though.

Oh and we should have Caster tell us what Nobbu's master is up to when we get the chance.
oh yeah, we never found out who her master was. Yeah, we definitely have Caster look into that
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Rolled 52 (1d100)

“I need your help and your allegiance.” I answered quite sternly, “We plan to finish out this War soon and simply ignore to finish it as most of us are giving up our wishes.”

The Oni looked at me like I said something completely outrageous, “You’re… giving up?”

“You can say that.” I gave her a casual shrug, “At least two participants would rather stay alive than risk death than the end of the Grail War. Though I just want you to help us finish it, you can always try and challenge them afterwards.”

“...” The Oni bit her lip and looked between me and the girl who was in her arms, “You holier than thou people are really mean.”

I bowed to the Oni before me, “Then I am really sorry about that. While I can not promise it yet, I will try to make sure you do not regret this decision.”

“Fine then.” The Oni answered with a flick of her head, “But you are giving us a home and as much food as we can eat, you hear me!”

“Sure!” I answered with a happy smile.

With that I turned back towards Rider, who finally came up to meet me, “Saber, the Saint of Or’leans, has been killed when something possessing her was finally removed.”

“Then that leaves only Lancer.”


With that I turned towards Rin, and quickly got started on healing her up so that she has a hand again.

>GO to the Tohsaka Mansion to wait out the night.
>Visit Assassin
>Visit Assassin
>GO to the Tohsaka Mansion to wait out the night.
With a small effort we were soon able to make our way back to the Tohsaka mansion. Rider stayed in his physical form and was carrying Rin while Berserker was focusing on her own Master, the little girl named Illya.

We crossed the streets, with enough uck that no one noticed us carrying these two through there. I would have had a heart attack if someone caught us carrying them around, as last time that happened I had to quite literally flee Japan.

Soon enough though we arrived at the Manor. I quickly got in front of the two and held the doors open for them, Berserker quickly coming in first followed by Rider.

“Berserker, there is a small bed to the left on the second floor, you can place your Master there.”

“Got it, and where is the Kitchen?” The Oni said with a wide smile.

“First floor in the back.” I said quickly before shaking my head, “But do not eat too much, you do not want to be glutinous.”

“Ha, I’m an Oni, we eat to live and survive!” With that she passed me, muttering something about pillaging the kitchen after she gets Illya in a bed.

“I will take the Magician to her own room.” Georgios simply said as he went up the staircase behind the other Servant.

I soon made my way towards the living space, setting myself down to rest if only for the moment. It was not long after that Rider came into the room with a rogue Ibaraki in his hand. Said Oni was currently eating what looked to be a box of dried ramen. As if he expected it, the other door was used to welcome in Caster who had a thin smile.

“So it seems you two have come out with an extra Servant of all things.” He gave a slight chuckle before continuing, “I assume that places us into the final battle between us and Lancer?”

“Yeah that is what things are looking like. By chance do you know who was the Master of Archer by the way?” I asked as the Servant sat down on the couch.

“Indeed, they were some kind of Yokai. Nothing much more to worry about though, as they left the city a few nights ago.”

“That’s good.” I checked the time on the grandfather clock which read a little bit past one o’clock, “Do you know where the Vampires are?”

“Yup. they seemed to be hanging out in a high end apartment complex while buying out an entire floor.” He said with a flick of his hand, “Very nice place with lots of security. Take it you want to go at them?”

>In the Morning, its best to wait for our allies to wake up.
>Best to strike while the hammer is hot. We do so tonight with everyone.
>In the Morning, its best to wait for our allies to wake up.
They’re vamps after all
>In the Morning, its best to wait for our allies to wake up.
It also gives our allies more time to recover
Quick question, you guys wanting to sleep or do something before Asia sleeps?
Does Rin need more heal for her hand ? If not, let’s sleep
“Yeah, in the morning.” I announced with a large stretch of my limbs, “I need to sleep, and I am sure they are going to be weakened by morning.”

“Indeed, then I guess I will return to my office.” Caster made his leave through that doors that let him in.

“I will try and make sure this one does not eat our entire stockpile of goods.” Georgios said as Ibaraki quickly escaped his grip and made her way into the kitchen.

With all that done, I took a moment to breath myself. After that I went ahead and just prepared to sleep here on the couch, considering I gave the Illya girl my own bed.


I woke up at the break of dawn, when light flooded my room. I arose from my small spot on the couch, the sun quite brutal due to my late night escapades. Once I get a chance I hope I can regain my old sleep schedule I had back up in Heaven.

I drifted out of bed, soon making my way about the place proper. While I did not see the owner of the house coming through, I did catch sight of a white haired little girl as she wondered down the staircase.

“Oh, there’s someone…” She said with eyes looking a slight bit drowsy, “Where am I?”

“The home of Tohsaka.” I answered her question with a small smile, trying my best to look welcoming to her.

“Toh-sa-ka…” She looked a little bit loopy before those drowsy eyes became sharpened to a fine point, “Wait, as in the Tohsaka Magus Family!”

“That would be correct,” I felt a little bad for having the girl freakout before me, “You are a guest of the house, so is your Servant.”

“But you’re not a Tohsaka!”

“Indeed, I am Asia Argento of the Catholic Church.”

“Of course, to think the Tohsakas would align themselves with the Church!” The girl exclaimed with a small pout, “So why am I not dead yet? Last thing I remember that monster was trying to possess me!”

>Why not over Breakfast *Suggested dish?*
>Sit her down and calmly tell her what happened
>Other method since I’m out of them.
>>Why not over Breakfast *Suggested dish?*
Pancakes and possibly some eggs and bacon.
Roll just because I can ask for it.
Rolled 69 (1d100)

As you wish!
Rolled 6 (1d100)

Asia continues to the smexy beast she is
Apparently an amazing breakfast cook as well.
“Well how about this.” I quickly grabbed the girl by the shoulder, “Let us get something to eat and I will explain exactly what happened.”

With my hand as a guide I took the girl from the staircase towards the kitchen, and what I saw was quite, well, something. Sitting about the entire room was numerous food goods, ranging from cereal to hot sauce. All were either emptied out completely or had themselves half eaten.

“Did you let Berserker into the kitchen?” The young girl asked me.

“I was… tired and had promised her the meal.” I answered truthfully, “Come on, lets see what we can recover.”

With a little bit of work we were able to get a good amount of goods out of the cabinets and onto the middle table. We had just about everything I needed to make my signature pancakes, though for some reason the flour had a massive bite mark on it.

Soon enough though I was able to start working on the meal proper, getting a good majority of the batter already made by the time I heard the girl talk once more.

“So, uhh, why am I here?”

“Well…” I thought about what I was going to say for the moment, “I will admit it was more spur of the moment. We were able to remove the bug the Matou had placed on you and heal you back up. Besides that, Berserker was willing to help us finish this War.”

“Finish the War?” The little girl tilted her head a little, “That does not sound right to me.”

I gave a small shrug, “Well we do not plan to really ‘Win’ but simply end competition for the War. Most Servants are wanting to just live out their new lives instead of fighting for the Grail.”

“That…” She shook her head for a moment, “I guess some could be like that. I don't really know if Berserker would want that though.”

“Well we did save you.” I said poking the girl on the head, “She was really thankful for that.”

“Was she?” The snow fairy’s face grew a small tinge of red as she heard those words, “But she only cares about Shutten though.”

I gave a simple shrug in response, “I have learned that Yokai can change, as I am friends with a Nekomata. Anyways, I expect you to want something in return for giving up the Grail?”

“Me?” Her eyes went wide for a moment, “I-I… Don’t really have anything else. I wanted to see Papa, but he seemed to have died back in the Fourth Grail War.”

As I heard those words an idea sparked in my head, “Was he Christian by chance?”

“Maybe?” The girl seemed more perplexed by my question, “I know he and Mama were married, and that Grandfather has a church in the Castle.”

>Promise to take her to Fourth Heaven to see about meeting her Father.
>Probably shouldn’t, that might be pushing the boundaries a bit.
>Ask her to think really hard about it (Sets to revenge against Grandfather Einzbern)
>Promise to take her to Fourth Heaven to see about meeting her Father.
Since I think this may be difficult even for us, tell her that it only has a chance of happening after everything has ended
“Well, you see I am a Servant of Heaven.” I answered the girl with a small small smile, “There is a chance you can see him again.”

“Really!?” Her eyes quickly lit up with wonder as I said those words.

“It will be difficult, as only Dante has been allowed to enter Heaven in the past. But I am sure if you help us you will surely be able to do just that.”

“I will do it.” The Girl quickly answered, “I… just want to talk to him just one more time. Just to ask him what happened.”

“And you will be able to. Micheal is a good person, so he might give you the chance.” I checked on the pancakes one last time, “Well, how about you eat something. Here.”

With a swift motion I sent the pancakes flying across the air, having them land on the series of plates sitting out on the table. They gave a slight steam as I quickly placed some syrup and butter on them for the girl.

The little girl looked at them hesitantly, before grabbing her fork and cutting a piece off for herself. With a few slices she got a small glob on the fork, and placed it in her mouth.

“Mm!” Her face quickly lit up, “Th-these are the best I have ever had!”

“Great, I am happy you like them.” After saying that I thought to myself, realizing I had neglected something, “Hey, you never properly gave me your name.”

The girl stopped for a moment as she quickly swallowed what she had in her mouth, “Illya von Einzbern, I hope we can know each other more Asia!” She ended the sentence with a smile.

“I hope so too.”
Thats it for this thread fellows. Next one should be the last for the Grail War Arc, and then we are back to fighting Khaos Bridge.
Thanks for the run man. I hope you continue soon.
Thanks for running QM! Looking forward to next thread

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