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This is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

The Quest is updated daily at about 20:00 GMT – 15:00 EST – 24:00 PST

You are Cynthia Gualdo, a daughter of two tailors and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Until recently, you had no other goal in life but to follow their footsteps and inheriting their hard-earned workshop situated in the most expensive trade region in Kikka: the High Street. Sudden circumstances and opportunities pushed you to seek highly-paid position in Charlotte’s Roselei - the Captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad – mansion. Living together with the wardens of the Clover Kingdom made you aspire for something more and, in time…

You became a Magic Knight yourself.

At first, It was hard to convince your father to consider your decision but eventually, he agreed to let you follow your own path and to support you. Six months ago, Captain Charlotte said you were not ready – and to return after those months have passed and you became stronger. After a lot of training and self-improvement you felt you were ready to start this new part of your life – the part that will lead you to exciting undertakings and alien lands. You returned to the Headquarters for your promised initiation ceremony only to find Captain Charlotte having to depart earlier for the Magic Knight Entrance Exam – a challenge you did not have to go through yourself.

Having to face Wardress Virginia’s rite of passage instead – the person third to Charlotte after the Vice-Captain – you somehow managed to survive an onslaught of her Angelic Fire Magic for five straight minutes. She rewarded you with a cape – a Blue Rose cape. You were now a full-fledge member of the Squad however, your celebration had to wait until Charlotte, and other new recruits, came back from the Coliseum. Until then, you had another “mission”.
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Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4060219/

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Black+Clover
> Please vote if you feel like it.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/raw/U7aqy2Bh
> Has been heavily updated.

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC4_oMTsxNE
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“Trust me. Captain Roselei and others are working hard to find a cure… but Tresses needs to be part of it.”

The man smiles and, albeit with a slight hesitation, nods. “What she needs now is some time away from danger.”

You straighten your back and clear your throat. You run your fingers through your forelock, “Can I say hello?”

His cheeks bulge as he wavers with his response. “I can’t just say no to such a delightful and kind girl like you!”

You pout but decide against defending your honour. You sheepishly smile at him as he opens the door and lets you inside his house. The building is in much of poorer quality than your workshop. Despite the cheap look and olid smell, it looks amateurishly taken care of and repaired – possibly by the father of the family himself. There is a worn-out rug at the entrance of the main corridor where you wipe your shoes before you follow him further.

The building is connected to others by a wall, and only has the ground floor and an attic. It is cheap and badly maintained but, in a way, it also appears very cosy and grounded. The man stops in front a small living room with pinewood flooring and stools made out of logs, as well as a few benches located near each of the walls. He asks you to wait as he enters inside and tosses some firewood into the dying fire. Carefully, he adjusts the coal embers.

“Tresses should be meditating in the rear yard,” he speaks in kind voice as he leads you to the end of the building. “I would say I’m surprised she never told me about you but we hardly speak to each other.” He chuckles tensely.

You nod, unsure on how to take it. He slowly opens the door to the rear yard – it is a cold and slimy blind alley surrounded by stone walls and shadows of neighbouring houses. In addition to the unwelcoming atmosphere of this corner of the house, it also looks heavily destroyed. Many of the objects left here to rot are pummelled and shredder into debris and unrecoverable pieces. Every single wall has a deep cut made by all sorts of “weapons”.

At the centre of the rear yard there is a half-collapsed half-sitting body of Tresses – she is like a mannequin. The only thing that is not unmoving is her glowing white hair: it is spread out and stirring like some massive seaweed. Infused with her powerful magic, every single strand of her hair has a shape of a sharp weapon: sword, pike, spear, sabre, dagger, halberd, and even a double-sized axe. Her hair continues to twist around likes a tornado…

“Tresses, there is a friend of yours from the Blue Rose who wishes to talk to yo-”

He doesn’t finish, one of the long strands in shape of a sword-blade at the end impales itself into the door he immediately closes in front of your and his faces. He holds his hand in front of you and gently leads you back.

“I wouldn’t call this mediating,” you say calmly – already adapted to Tresses antics.
“I never bother her when she is training,” her father says a melancholically, “And that is almost every day now.”

He narrowly opens the door so you’ll be able to watch her – but not wide enough for her strands to impale you. From here, you can see almost the entirety of her body being of grayish-hue like Tugela’s arm is. Her grimoire is floating by her side – a beautiful golden glow surrounds a thick tome adorned with a helix of red and blue colours.

“How long is she going to be like that?” you ask.

“It could be a few more minutes, or until midnight,” he gingerly raises his shoulders.

> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell. [Please specify which spell and in what way you want to use it]
> Ask Tresses’ father if he can lie to Tresses about Captain Charlotte being here. This might break her meditation.
> Enter the rear yard. Repeat her father’s words with a shout to try and “wake” her up. Tell Tresses your name.
> Thank Tresses’ father for his hospitality. Depart without interrupting Tresses; maybe another time.
> [Write In]

>Please consider leaving a comment with your prompt selection!
Enter the rear yard. Repeat her father’s words with a shout to try and “wake” her up. Tell Tresses your name.
>Get outside and fly above rear yard. Repeat her father’s words from safe distance with a shout to try and “wake” her up. Tell Tresses your name.
>Take bucket of water, get outside and fly above rear yard.
Dump the water on Tresses.
>> Enter the rear yard. Repeat her father’s words with a shout to try and “wake” her up. Tell Tresses your name.
>>Get outside and fly above rear yard. Repeat her father’s words from safe distance with a shout to try and “wake” her up. Tell Tresses your name.
I was tempted to do that but I decided to not risk it
You turn around to walk away from the door, across the hallway and then to leave the premise of the house.

“Are you leaving?” Tresses’ father questions once he makes sure the door to the rear yard is safely locked.

“No,” you shake your head. You take out your grimoire and allow it to softly float in front of you. With closed eyes and some concentration, you surround your hand with your mana before you thrust it through the open pages of your grimoire. The black mist is soon intercepted by several items gently floating in the white pocket of your mind. This took so many tries previously it’s – in all fairness – unreasonable. You pull back your magic broom.

“I just want to keep a safe distance.”

You open your eyes and the disquieted parchment pages settle and solidify. You drop and stop your feet on top of the broom and, with another release of your mana; you begin to ascend above the Amuur household. You keep your body close to the wood shingle roof as to have some sort of protection if Tresses notices you before you do.

“Tresses,” you yell down to the ground once you are high above so that Tresses is as small as your finger. You shout, “I am from the Blue Rose; I am simply to talk. My name is Cynthia, you might not remember me but-”

You are interrupted by an abrupt wind whistle as a long and thin strand of almost metal-like hair breaks through the air, aiming for your legs. To avoid Tresses’ attack, you are forced to jump away and thus, lose your balance and control over your Magic Tool. “Safe distance”. Slipping, you try to desperately grab the broom, only to have it tumble into entirely different direction. In haste, you struggle with the lock of your pouch to free your grimoire.

“Water Magic: Sea Foam Bubble,” a quiet voice calls from below before you find a rapid layer of water materializing around you from the a burst of magic. Despite now being trapped in a thick bubble of liquid, you are able to breathe… not for long. Your orb connects with the same kind of bubble surrounding the doll-like body of Tresses. Instead of sending you two flying in opposite directions, the bubbles burst. You fall on top of her.

Both you and Tresses are lying in a puddle of water completely drenched in in. You end up sitting on top of the prodigy Magic Knight, in a cage surrounded by dozen of weaponized hair-tentacles. With a gulp, you reach for your grimoire. You toss a short glance to the door – the one who thankfully cast this magic was Tresses’ father.

To your relief, Tresses’ glowing hair begins to twist, retreat and shorten. Losing its vivid-blonde colour, her now dried wheat hued locks collapse with a wet slop against her body; her grimoire falls in the puddle with a splash.

You feel an uncanny warmth as almost all of Tresses’ body is surrounded in magic. Like an animated marble statue, the woman pushes you back with her chest and stands up. She looks around herself and then at you.
“What are you doing?!” it does not seem that she lost her voice, “Wait, who in the world are you?”

Her father peeks through the small opening of the door, “Tresses, perhaps I can prepare some tea for you two-”

The girl – just a year older than you – turns around and glares daggers at her father. “Jarak, leave us alone.”

“I made some pastries,” her father, Jarak, insists. He takes a step forward only to be interrupted again.

“I said leave us alone, Jarak. How many times have I told you not to interrupt me when I’m meditating?!”

Her father keeps a half-sad half-smiling expression as he nods. He closes the door and leaves you with Tresses.

“Now,” her blue eyes stare you down as she angrily slams her wet clothes, forcing them to dampen her skin even further. “Damn it. Wait a minute,” she leans even closer, “That cape… the Blue Rose? You are one of the Knights?”

“That’s what I said,” you mumble.

“But I don’t know you! You must be some sort of commoner or, even worst, a peasant. Are you a new recruit?”

“Not exactly,” you reply with a wince as you try to keep your footing. “Name is Cynthia, do you… remember me?”

“Cynthia?” she puts a finger to her lips in though. She shakes her head, “I don’t know any Cynthia. You can’t expect me to remember every commoner.” A burst of magic flies across the yard as she slams her hands downwards “I can’t believe Captain Roselei replaced –me- with some peasant! I can’t believe I have to stay at this shack for so long!”

You glance around and raise your finger, only to be shut down by Tresses’ sudden spin-around.

“Do. Not. Say. A. Word,” she grumbles as she pushes through you to pick up her damp grimoire.

“Your father seems like a nice person,” you raise your shoulders in half-shrug, smiling.

“Nice?” she grinds her teeth as she points towards the door, “He’s the reason we have to live in this hellhole!”

You sigh, “I am not here to brag or humiliate you – you are the one who attacked me. I was asked by Wardress Virginia to try and convince you to return. Captain Charlotte is still looking for a cure, but you also have to-“

“She did?” Tresses responds with a harrumph. She holds her grimoire with both of her hands. “Of course she did, I was one of her best Knights and it was only my first year. Of course she wants me back… the way I used to be…”

“So why don’t you?”

“Are you blind, peasant?” she lifts part of her chest below her waist to show you a stone-like texture completely covering her stomach, “It takes all of my mana to control my body like this – but I can’t just my grimoire or any kind of magic until all of my mana is free. The Goat Knight and the weakest knight… It’s their entire damn fault.”
> “My father was hit by a similar curse before and a powerful healer in Kikka cured him. I can introduce him.”
> “I am Cynthia; I was a tailor in the Roselei mansion for six months now. We will be comrades so remember it.”
> “Captain Charlotte is currently looking for a cure. Tugela is managing just fine despite her current condition.”
> “I don’t know what happened in that cultist village but you have no right to blame either Tugela or Alice.”
> “Virginia asked me to try and convince you to return. You can continue battling those walls if you feel like it.”
> [Write In]

>Questions if you feel like answering them!
> “My father was hit by a similar curse before and a powerful healer in Kikka cured him. I can introduce him.”

i am uncertain if it is the same curse, but we can try
> “My father was hit by a similar curse before and a powerful healer in Kikka cured him. I can introduce him.”
>> “I am Cynthia; I was a tailor in the Roselei mansion for six months now. We will be comrades so remember it.”
> “Virginia asked me to try and convince you to return. You can continue battling those walls if you feel like it.”
> “You can continue battling walls, acting like a spoiled child having a tantrum or you can follow me.” If she follows “we’re going to Kikka, and then after our business there is complete, back to Blue Rose Headquarters.”
> [Write In]
>"Ok you are not fully capable. Why you hinder your progress by denying yourself superior facilities and environment for training?"

Lets not give her hope yet. Firstly she might not believe secondly even if she does and it doesn't work she might become even more stubborn. Let go to healer with Tugela after we return to headquarters.
yeah changing vote to this
Switching from >>4106187
to >>4106195
Support. Besides, if she earns another wage she will be able to pay him.
You roll your eyes across the isolated ruins of the yard. You look up at her– Tresses’ cheekbones are moving unnaturally. “Maybe you are not fully capable yet,” you sigh as you raise your hand, “But you’re not going to get better doing… whatever you are trying to achieve here. Are you trying to get better at controlling your magic?”

She angrily clears her throat. Without warning, she loudly claps her hands for emphasis; a soft flicker of her blonde mana tries to desperately hold on to the edges of her shirt. She points her finger to her magic-less grimoire. “I am –making progress-, making it so that I can survive a fight without having to use my body…”

“Why do you hinder yourself denying a superior environment and training area in the Blue Rose Headquarters?”

“Because I am nothing but dead weight right now,” she harrumphs, “I do not wish to be surrounded by judgemental and mocking glances of peasants, commoners or rival nobles - especially their pity. Because of this curse, I am unable to take part in most of the missions. I am the future Magic Emperor, and so is my image.

“I can’t believe not only Captain Charlotte but also the Wardress and now you – a commoner – are aware of where I’m currently forced to live.” Tresses angrily stops and spin around. A strand of her wet hair hits your face.

You take a deep breath before you grunt back in annoyance. You wipe the droplets with your hand, “Careful.

“Wardress Virginia asked me to convince you to return, but she didn’t say you would try to kill me.” You pause and sigh. You place both of your hands before your back and step away from the grief-stricken woman – you do feel some pity for her. “There are people born who don’t have a one-fifth of the mana you do, yet they still try their best to rise above their status. Even in the Blue Rose there is Cleole, whose curse is as bad as your curse.”

Once more, like an uncanny stone effigy, she turns and croons. “And everyone is annoyed at her behind her back.”

“Maybe, but she doesn’t allow her powerful curse and the lack of sleep to stop her being a Magic Knight.”

Tresses’ aquamarine eyes stare you down – as if those were not words but a harsh slap to her face. She steps forwards, practically showing her chest into your face. “… I don’t know why but your face is making me angry.”

You clear your throat as you adjust your cape to put it – even more – on display:

“I was a tailor in the Roselei mansion for six months now.”

Her eyes – as if in the process of being chiselled – widen. Her teeth begin to grind. “You were with the kitchen maid…” She gasps, “They replaced me with lickspittle like –you-?! And then send you to convince me to return?!”

You furrow your brows. “No, they didn’t replace you with me. I am a Magic Knight of my own.”
“I’m –not- going to shrivel your way into becoming Charlotte’s favourite to replace her as a Captain later!” she shouts. With a forceful swing, she raises one of her hands while opening her lightless grimoire with another. She trusts her hand into the pages only to slap and crumble the parchment. There is no glow, her hand doesn’t enter.

“Why did I have to leave my broom in my grimoire?!” she continues to punch in fury. You wince and hesitate.

“If you want, my magic broom should have enough space to fly us both.”

“No!” Tresses slams her grimoire shit before striking it against her knee. After a pausing and annoyed exhale, she turns her pouch around to let some of the water out before immediately shoving her grimoire inside. “I am not humiliating myself by flying on some else’s magic broom. I am going to walk!” Just like that, she leaves you.

“Are you leaving?” you can hear her father’s voice echo behind the door, “Maybe take some pastries with you…”
You decide against giving either Tresses or Jarak a farewell, it seems they about to have another family argument.

You stand there for a few seconds, contemplating on what just happened. After a brief shake of your head, you decide against dwelling on it further. Is your first “mission” a success? It looks like you managed to convince her, even if you did not plan for it to end up this way. You look over yourself and your drenched clothes in relief… After a brief moment you flood every single piece of your linen clothing with your magic – obediently, they dry up.

You use your scarf to fix some of your ruined hair – you allow the cold, brisk air above the skyline to do the rest.

Hecairo is located dead centre between Roselei’s Mansion and Kikka; it takes you about as long to reach your home castle-town. Long before you arrive to the city, the Kingdom’s colossal palace becomes visible on the horizon. Even as a Magic Knight, you still are not sure you will ever get the chance to enter inside that castle…

You pass above one of the three massive walls and hundreds of red and dark-purple tiled houses until your shadow enters a long and wide paved road leading to a colossal limestone and concrete coliseum. Dwarfing any building nearby, this oval venue was something you had to walk around several times a week – never entering.

You gently land yourself in front of the huge and hollow entrance. You find hundreds of people standing behind wooden fences located at the sides of the road: they are either friends (perhaps enemies) or relatives of the candidates currently inside. You approach an open window with a man sitting inside of it. You lean in closer.

“You’re late,” the tired, brown-haired man informs with a skeptical gaze, “The exam is over, try next year.”
File: City of Kikka.jpg (284 KB, 1278x1819)
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You shuffle awkwardly, “I’m not here to participate.” You put your hand over your cape until it finds the Blue Rose emblem, “I am a Magic Knight of the Blue Rose. I was hoping to watch from a distance who my Captain choses.”

“Likely story,” he replies and waves her hand, “Go play pretend somewhere else, kid.”

You frown and glance back at the small crowd gathering behind you.

“Besides, if you really were a Magic Knight, why didn’t you arrive with your Captain but by yourself?”

“I had something to take care of,” you reply awkwardly. Did you just fly to Kikka for nothing?

“Her cape looks like the real deal,” another man behind him mutters, “Just let her enter, it’s almost finished.”

His red eyes continue staring you down. He sighs before nodding his head, “We haven’t seen anything, okay?”

You share a thankful nod. You make sure to rush up the tall and ancient sandstone steps splitting from the main entrance into the centre of the Coliseum. There, you continue to pass several of the rows until you reach the second highest ring – there are not that many people here: a few Magic Knights, some nobles as well as some aristocrats. Sneakily, you look down below the barrier at the candidates.

In the centre of the labyrinth there a gathering of people of all ages – most of them about your age. The exam is certainly over, as most of them are standing aside and waiting… watching. There is a balcony row below you but above the candidates with nine stone seats placed in a row. One of the people sitting there is Captain Charlotte.

“Well, look at you,” a girl with light-brown hair with green ends and dark-red eyes states sardonically as she approaches and, without much acknowledgment, leans on the stone boundary, “You’re a real Magic Knight.”

“Patricia,” you recognize the daughter of the most influential White Yul family. “What are you doing here?”

“Enjoying the fireworks,” she bows her head and points down below, “And the rest of the exam. You probably won’t see a firework like that in Kikka until the Star Awards Festival. There was a boy with a four-leaf clover, too.” Her cheeky smile spreads, “You just missed him – that, I’m sure, you won’t see for another one hundred years.”

> “Now that I am a Magic Knight, I am not going to allow your shady deals with Purple Orca to go through.”
> “Yes, and as a Magic Knight I am going to make sure my father’s workshop will never have to be sold away.”
> “There is enough space in the High Street for all of us. I don’t understand why you have to be so greedy.”
> “I am aware about Lucius. That arson was a disgusting and low sabotage, and I’ll make sure it will not reoccur.”
> “I don’t know or care what you are planning, but keep your hands away from my workshop, Patricia.”
> Ignore Patricia further, watch the announcement of the results; try to spot Olyver in the crowd of people.
> [Write In]
> “Yes, and as a Magic Knight I am going to make sure my father’s workshop will never have to be sold away.”

fuck this bitch Patricia, she and the rest of the white yul gonna get crushed by us eventually
>> “Yes, and as a Magic Knight I am going to make sure my father’s workshop will never have to be sold away.”
> [Write In]
>> Is the real reason you came here so you could bribe more Magic Knight's into your family's pockets?
>> Ignore Patricia
>> Ignore Patricia further, watch the announcement of the results; try to spot Olyver in the crowd of people.
> Ignore Patricia further, watch the announcement of the results; try to spot Olyver in the crowd of people.
be gone thot
>> Ignore Patricia further, watch the announcement of the results; try to spot Olyver in the crowd of people.
>Update will be later today.
You will have a lot of chances to see the four-leaf clover in the future, especially if he is now a fellow Magic Knight. You decide to ignore Patricia – you have nothing to talk to her about. Instead, you turn back to face the open centre of the Coliseum. Several other people step forwards after being called by their number to hear the Captains’ verdicts – not one of them raises their hand in support and offer. You got lucky avoiding all of this.

“Number 489,” a voice beckons from below.

You lean yourself above the stone corridor fence. It is Olyver. He looks fashionable – he is an ex-Head-Tailor, after all. He is wearing black baggy, long pants that have a spiralling pattern appearing see-through below the ankles, an oversized and tightly tied cloth-belt, two silk bracelets decorated with black gold traceries, and snug, compared to his pants, bluish shirt with small gold-droplets hanging instead of buttons. People are going to misunderstand…

You hold your breath, wishing him good luck. You are caught off-guard when Patricia leans her head closer:

“Is that your friend?” she asks with a chuckle. She raises her wrist to hide her lips, “He was lucky there was that near-magicless boy with his filthy grimoire to keep everyone’s attention. He didn’t show anything interesting.”

You close your eyes and exhale. It takes a lot of effort to ignore her comments but you manage.

His short, brunette hair is even bristlier now, although his eyes do not appear as strange as they are from so far.

Somebody raises their hand. It is a young boy – he looks no older than eighteen. Oh, you did hear a rumour about there being the youngest Magic Knight – as far as you can remember, his name is Rill. The young boy with a spiky, aqua-coloured hair jumps from his seat pointing a magic (?) paint brush towards Olyver. He is wearing a long, white open coat with two pairs of large, turquoise diamonds on the front and on the sleeves on top of his suit.

“You use your vapour like paint!” his loud but young voice rings across the hall. Wait, what Squad even is that?

“Azure Deer,” the announcer answers your question when no other hand is raised by Captains.

“Yes!” Olyver raises his hands in bliss. You smile – he wanted this way more than you did. You are happy for him.

“If you don’t count the Black Bull, Azure Deer as the weakest Squad in the entire Kingdom – dead last. Their Captain is aloof and doesn’t bother with his duties.” Patricia clicks her tongue, “You should feel bad for him.”

“Number 490,” another person is beckoned by the Captains.

You roll your eyes – if she is trying to get a reaction out of you it’s not going to wo-
“Lucius?” you wheeze and injure your voice mid-word. Coughing, you watch as a boy in ebony-dark clothes stops in front of the nine seats with a slow and mellow step. On the back of his neck there is a long scar – it is, indeed, the white-ash haired Lucius. Finally, he shows his face; what is he doing here?!

One of the aristocrat women nearby whisper barely audibly to her husband, “Hey, isn’t that the boy with that scary ‘Bone Magic’? I hope none of the Captains invites a creepy peasant like him – the Knights don’t need him.”

You frown with concern. While working for you, he never mentioned anything about becoming a Magic Knight.

“Purple Orca,” a voice follows after a brief pause. The Captain of the Purple Orca, a large and obese man wearing –unsurprisingly – purple clothing, raises his hand. He has a short haircut and on his face there’s a rounded mask.

You harrumph. The men who are completely ignoring your request to seek the bandits are his… bribed by Patricia.
“I guess that’s as good as we could hope for,” Navika surprised you with a smile. She leans her head closer, “His magic might be creepy, but he performed quite well down there compared to your friend. What’s with the long face, Cynthia? Unlike you, I have no time to fight and die on the battlefield, but I still need a Knight of my own.”

You clench your fist. You deliberate on whenever to let her know about her, Lucius and the Purple Orca or not.

“He was so startled when he came to me from you – I can’t imagine the reason why. Honestly, he was being wasted down in your little workshop. That boy is just good enough to be my bodyguard, with his magic, y’know?”

> “I am going to keep a close eye on the High Street, Patricia. Don’t do anything you will regret.”
> “I don’t know what made Lucius start working for you, but can’t buy or lie to gain someone’s trust.”
> “As long as I am here, that workshop will never be sold off to the Navika family. Goodbye, Patricia.”
> Look for Charlotte and Sol to meet up with them and new recruits. You can skip flying back this way – too.
> Try to catch Dorothy before she leaves and inform her about the progress on her blanket. Show your scarf.
> Leave the coliseum without another word to look for Siegfried to question him – while you are still in Kikka.
> Catch Lucius before he leaves with the Purple Orca. Demand him to explain himself.
> Say nothing. Climb down the stairs to wait for Olyver outside the arena to congratulate him.
> [Write In]
> Leave the coliseum without another word to look for Siegfried to question him – while you are still in Kikka.
> Look for Charlotte and Sol to meet up with them and new recruits. You can skip flying back this way – too.

I don't think we should confront any of those people yet or give them any reason to think we are suspicious of anything. Now priority should be checking if we can deal with curse on Tugela and other girls. Than we can go talk with Wardress about our suspicions regarding criminals that attacked our father and and corruption in Purple Orca.
> [Write In]
>> Look for Olyver to congratulate him
>Look for Charlotte and Sol to meet up with them and new recruits. You can skip flying back this way – too.

For some reason I think Patricia might be legitimately ignorant of the skulduggery with the Purple Orca and what Lucius did.
You wiggle your noise at Patricia’s attempts to irritate you. You will have a chance to talk to Lucius in the future; there is no need for Patricia to act as an obviously untrustworthy messenger. You wait until the last person is called and – sadly – is rejected with no offers. At most, you imagine just a few dozen people out of the hundreds (512 to be exact) here had an offer from the Captains to join their squad. You turn and depart down the stairs.

“Make sure you find time in your busy schedule protecting us from harm to visit the High Street,” Patricia continues talking despite the obvious notion that you are not interested. “Thing are going to get interesting.”

“This concludes the Magic Knight Entrance Exam,” a voice from below echoes.

You sigh once you out of her view; this is not the right time to confront her – that is going to wait. You climb down the tall, limestone hallways trying to avoid the massive crowd of people leaving the premises of the coliseum. Despite his choice of attire, you still find it hard to spot Olyver – perhaps congratulating him will have to wait…

Suddenly, out of the shadows of a room you pass, a muscular girl about your age bumps into you! She remains standing while you are forced to falter and fall onto the cold, stone floor. Wincing in pain, you raise your head.

The burly girl is wearing a loose sleeveless shirt tucked into her suspender trousers. Her pale yellow-brown bowl-cut hair with strange white dots covering the entirety of it closely resembles an amanita mushroom. She huffs.

“Watch where you’re going!,” she speaks rather rudely before she escapes further into the crowd. You frown.

“I’m sure that girl does a lot of lifting,” a familiar voice comments behind you. “Are you alright?” Olyver offers you his hand. Sheepishly, you take it – it would be rude not to. With a pull, he lifts you back on your legs. You smile.

“Olyver,” you keep your hands raised, unsure of how to tackle this. With a roll of your shoulders, you lower one of your hands and offer him a handshake with your other one. The boy happily accepts it. “Congratulations, Olyver.”

The boy cheekily smiles with his eyes closed and his head tilted. Once the handshake is done, however, he quickly and rather intimately approaches you only to grab a part of your long scarf in his hands, lift it, and begin rubbing his face against your enriched linen. “Oho, what is this?! Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

You cheeks redden as you unwrap your scarf further to have some distance between Olyver’s face and yours, “It’s a personal project of mine – its linen made out of flax infused with my magic. It took me a long time to make it.”

“It’s amazing,” he continues to snuggle the cloth before his eyes widen. He grasps the edges of your cape and gasps, “Oh and you also have the official cloak of the Blue Rose now, I am so jealous! I’ll have my soon!”
You glance away, “I’ll be honest, I do not know much about the Azure Deer. I hope they will treat you well.”

“You don’t?” Olyver widens his black eyes further. He let’s go of his hold and takes a step back. A smug smirk spreads across his face, “Well, Magic Knight Cynthia, it used to be a Squad of which current Magic Emperor, Captain Williams of the Golden Dawn as well as Captain Yami of the Black Bull were a part of. I’m fortunate!”

“I was only able to see the announcement of your results – sorry about that. How did your exam itself go?”

“It couldn’t have gone better,” he says with a ginger chuckle, “But I think I did better than most here.”

“I heard there was a boy with a four-leaf clover grimoire?”

Olyver slaps his face gently, as if to calm himself, “Yes. I think his name was Yuno. All of the Captains raised their hands for him, it was incredible. The most amazing thing was that he was from the boonies, and this is the first time I have ever seen either Golden Dawn of Silver Eagle offer a position to someone who wasn’t a noble or royalty! And, despite being a peasant, he was –so- powerful his opponent – a noble – was unable to fight back!”

That sounds amazing. Thankfully, nobody here is your rival – you are not a Magic Knight for social advancements.

“What about the Blue Rose? Do you know where the Captains went to – I need to catch them before they leave.”

“They are probably getting ready to leave, Magic Knight Cynthia,” Olyver points his hand in the direction of the crowd, “I was nervous, so I might be wrong but I believe there were only two candidates Captain Charlotte deemed worthy today…” He runs his fingers across his brunette hair, “And one of them refused her invitation.”

“S-she refused?” you repeat his words in disbelief.

He nods, “It was the girl you collided with, in fact. Nobody else raised their hands for her but Captain Charlotte. I believe she said she did not want to be a part of a ‘girly squad’ so she decided to try another year… I presume.”

You hem at such absurdity.

“It’s a shame you didn’t want to stay in the Blue Rose.”

“But I hope you understand my reasoning, Magic Knight Cynthia. I needed a fresh start.”

You nod. He nods. The two of you share a greeting and a farewell before departing to search for your respected Captains. Several of the people you pass look in envy at your cape – so much, in fact, that you uncomfortably have to hide the Blue Rose emblem – all of them are obviously melancholic about their failure tonight. Finally, you spot a familiar tanned figure of your friend – Sol – further down the corridor. You rush your pace to catch up with her.

“A man in his late twenties is running towards us. He is wearing all black, and has a miserable expression on his face,” you hear an unfamiliar voice of a girl about Sol’s age chanting under her breathe. What is she talking about?
“No, that’s just Cynthia,” Sol says as you stop in front of them. You catch your breathe.

“Y-yeah,” you confess, “I had some time between Wardress’ challenge and visiting Tresses. You nod your head to –what you assume is – a new recruit. She has a long dark hair with multiple golden, snake-like strands going through it. She is wearing a garland made out of long branches with sharp leafs. Her eyes are closed, but she is looking in your direction. Unsure if is able to see you; you raise your hand in order to awkwardly welcome her.

“Cynthia,” the girl pauses to taste your name.

“Virginia sent you to Tresses?” Captain Charlotte acknowledges with discomfort, “I told her to do it herself.”

“It was after her initiation ceremony for me,” you smile, “She asked me to…”

“Wait-wait-wait,” the girl slowly attempts to stops you – practically pushing her hands in your face. “Let me take a guess,” she pauses and thinks. “Did she ask you to juggle wooden balls set on fire over a tall and deadly ravine?”

You look at Charlotte in confusion before you shake your head, “No.”

“I’m sure I go it pretty close,” she squeezes her eyes further. She puts two of her fingers to her forehead.

“Cynthia,” Captain Charlotte’s calls, “Cob Portaport will be here shortly to teleport us back to the Headquarters. This person here is Beraber Pythia, she is our only recruit this year. She possesses powerful ‘Edict Magic’, was it?”

Beraber pouts. She opens her dark emerald eyes, “You can’t just spoil all the surprise, Captain Charlotte.”

“I can’t believe that damn brat –refused- your offer,” Sol’s face is red with anger, “Who does she think she is?”

“Let’s not dwell on it, it is her decision,” Roselei comments mildly – she is far less bothered by it than Sol.
> “I think I managed to convince Tresses to return, but she said she was going to walk all the way from Kikka.”
> “Unless you have some plans, Captain Charlotte, do you mind if I take Tugela to a strong healer I know of?”
> “Edict Magic, can you tell me more?”
> “It is good meeting you Beraber, I hope we can be friends.”
> “Captain Charlotte, once we are back to the Headquarters there’s something I wish to talk to you about.”
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> “It is good meeting you Beraber, I hope we can be friends.”
> “Edict Magic, can you tell me more?”

a miession with some meat on its bones soon hopefully
> “I think I managed to convince Tresses to return, but she said she was going to walk all the way from Kikka.”
> “It is good meeting you Beraber, I hope we can be friends.”
> “Edict Magic, can you tell me more?”

Anyone else think it might be worthwhile trying to convince the mushroom girl to give the Blue Rose a chance?
>> “I think I managed to convince Tresses to return, but she said she was going to walk all the way from Kikka.”

Sure I'll support all of that, including recruitment.
> “I think I managed to convince Tresses to return, but she said she was going to walk all the way from Kikka.”
report that our mission was successful
> “It is good meeting you Beraber, I hope we can be friends.”
> “Edict Magic, can you tell me more?”

>Anyone else think it might be worthwhile trying to convince the mushroom girl to give the Blue Rose a chance?

No her denying opportunity to join was a insult to our Captain
i will support
>I'll bump so the thread survives longer but update will take a while longer.
“Wardress Virginia said it was a mission,” you shift uncomfortably, “Captain Charlotte, I think I managed to convince Tresses to return, but she said she was going to walk all the way from Kikka so hopefully we’ll see her.”

The eyes of the woman widen. She gently slides her fingers against her long braid before turning to face you, “You‘ve managed to convince Tresses to return? Now, that’s surprising, Cynthia. How did you manage that?”

“Who’s Tresses?” the girl questions. Immediately, she lifts her finger upwards, “Wait let me guess…”

“She’s a strong but a very young Magic Knight who was hit by a powerful - yet of unknown origin - curse.”

“Oh,” Beraber bites her lips with disappointment, “I though you mean one of those tree eating troll-beasts.”

You look at her in confusion. Innocently, she shrugs her shoulders.

“It’s the name, sounds like something you would name your troll-beast pet.”

“She’s not the kind of person who’ll be happy hearing that,” you shake your head. You waver with how exactly communicate to Charlotte what happened in the Amuure household. “I’ll be honest, Captain Charlotte, she said she was very unhappy when she heard I joined the Blue Rose as a Magic Knight. She said she won’t ‘lose’ to me.”

Captain Charlotte allows herself to chuckle, “Perhaps Wardress Roffissard did the right thing sending you, then.”

“Thank you, Captain Charlotte,” you awkwardly salute to your Captain in respect.

“I am ready to go on a mission, as well,” Beraber drawls as she lifts the long hood of her mantle to cover her head and even her eyes. “I can only guess how dangerous it is going to be. The Diamond Kingdom is invading us constantly, doesn’t it? Will we be sent to deal with it? Maybe there’s a thieves’ gang operating somewhere and needs to be dealt with? Is it exploring a dungeon? Or maybe it’s a powerful wizard using forbidden magic you need stopped? I think it’s a bit too early to send us to guard the King, but maybe we can defend some noble?”

Charlotte calmly shakes her head, “Let’s start by having you go through a quick trial as well as meeting the rest.”

“Let me guess, you will ask me to juggle wooden balls set on fire-”

Charlotte ignores her question and allows Beraber to rabble on to herself.

“It is good meeting you Beraber; I hope we can be friends.”

“I hope so as well, Cynthia,” the girl answers with a wink, “Maybe even more in the future – like best friends.”

“About your ‘Edict Magic’, can you tell me more about it?”

“I could, but it will be unsurprising if I just tell you what is it and how it works. How about I’ll show you?”
“Maybe not here,” Charlotte comments as she turns to a plump and cheery man - Cob Portaport. With a less-than-needed, apologetic nod, the man approaches the four of you with his grimoire already open. Once again, he manifests a magnificent and magical door which opens to strange and mystical dimension. Beraber is thrilled by this display; she is also the first one to jump into the portal. Sol follows the girl, and you go in before your Captain.

A bright burst of sunlight hits your eyes as you enter. You take another step forward to find yourself standing on a grand balcony with a glass door leading back to Charlotte’s office. Portaport’s magical gateway crumbles as soon as Charlotte enters the balcony, too. After just a few more seconds, it crumbles into a golden dust and disappears.

“That is a very amazing view,” Beraber speaks slowly as she leans on the tall stone and precisely-decorated rails of the balcony. “And very peaceful, I enjoy it. From what I can see, we are still in the Common Region, are we not?”

“We are,” Captain Charlotte nods before she removes her Magic Tool – a hilt. After a short hum, four endless briars bloom out of the naked end of the hilt to surround the bodies of you, Beraber, Sol and Charlotte. With a quick gesture, Charlotte’s magic infuses the briars further and lifts all of you slowly into the air. Now, as weightless a feather, Captain Charlotte steps over the balcony as if we walking on air; she pulls the rest of you after herself. Gently, your group descends from the balcony and above the garden until you land near the lake.

There are several people standing there already - many of them you know although don’t remember name of.

Tugela is still holding her newly-adopted goat kid and Wardress Virginia can be seen discussing something with her. Lilth and Pero are there too, and they are extremely happy to see you. Pero has grown a bit in those six months although he is still just as unruly. It seems that Lilth is over his crush on Elvira, as well as her departure.

Bonnie is here too, and she is visibly annoying the broody Cecilia with her talks. You can spot Cleole, who is standing away from everyone else – either by choice or by their desire to not be near the cursed grimoire. Once she spots your descend, she raises her pale hand to greet you. You know that she is excited to meet a new friend.

Alice is here too, the woman returned from her first dangerous mission unharmed but in failure, and despite overcoming the labyrinth she is reluctant to take any other. You did not get to interact with her much after that, but what you do know is that she managed to learn an ability Tugela named ‘Mana Skin’ – a powerful spell which coated your body in mana and made it five times stronger and durable.
Together with her Afterimage Magic, a single vestige was now strong enough to do what previously she had to use five of them for. In addition, somehow, she managed to convince Captain Charlotte to give your Paralyze Knife to her. Although a bit hurt by this fact, later you came in terms that Alice had much more mana and fighting ability to make better use of it.

Beraber continues looking around herself, “I heard it was a mansion but I didn’t think it was really a mansion.”

“Captain Char’ is a fine-looking and regal noble, of course our Headquarters will be just like her,” Sol says proudly.

“Sol, I remind you to call me by my full name,” Charlotte drawls before she slowly approaches the lake and hangs her beautiful grimoire above it. She gently puts her palm on the surface of the lake and releases a surge of magic into it. Gradually, a massive flower-like thorny lotus – with all of its huge petals spread out and touching the water – surfaces from beneath the lake – it is glowing with Charlotte’s magical energy. She looks at Beraber and nods.

“Beraber, before you become an official Magic Knight of the Blue Rose it is only fair the rest of the Magic Knights are able to see what you are really capable of, what you showed me and Sol during the Entrance Examination.”

“It doesn’t look like you want me to fight, I hope you don’t,” she tells as she raises her grimoire, “I like to settle things peacefully.” She proclaims outright as she looks at you and the rest of the Magic Knights, “I know how.”

You look at Sol in confusion. The tanned woman simple shakes her head, “Too long to explain, just watch.”

Charlotte turns around and shortly kneels on one knee to whisper, “Most probably noticed your cape, but I hope you can wait until after Beraber is done so I can introduce you both together. I hope you can help with healing.”

There is no need to argue – you would feel awkward just being introduced all by yourself, anyway. You nod at her.

“Beraber,” Charlotte puts her fingers on the top of her grimoire, “I want you to stand in the centre of the water floret and avoid sliding and falling into the water. You can use your magic in whatever ways you want to do it.”

She shakes her head to let her half-golden hair loose, “Doesn’t sound too exciting, but easy enough, Captain.”

The girl approaches the massive rose-lotus with sparkling blue petals and takes a step inside. This should be easier than your Initiation Ceremony. She looks around and opens her yellowish-grimoire with a waxed three-leaf clover.

> Remain standing by Charlotte’s side. Watch Beraber’s initiation and magic in a silence with a vigilant eye.
> Whisper to Charlotte and tell her about the Purple Orca and their bribed ignored to investigation of the arson.
> Approach another person in the crowd to watch the initiation by their side. Discuss with them a certain topic.
> [Write In]
> Who’s magic do you find the most interesting so far?
> Do you have problem following so many characters and their names?
> Remain standing by Charlotte’s side. Watch Beraber’s initiation and magic in a silence with a vigilant eye.
>once Beraber finishes ask Charlotte to meet with you
>if she meets lose your cool and beg for her to help, someone tried to hurt your father, they might be doing something to Lucius, and you have no clue how to help
I'm really excited for Beraber
and outside of remembering how to spell them I've had no issues so far
> Approach another person in the crowd to watch the initiation by their side. Discuss with them a certain topic.
> Alice, talk to her about how we met Tugela and Tresses earlier and that Tresses is on her way back, so she won't be caught off guard by that. Ask how she's been doing since the failed mission.

Alice afterimage magic was really cool and flashy. I'd be interested in seeing more of what exactly Cleole can do, even with her Grimoire being cursed.

I don't think it's difficult to keep track of all of the characters. I think it's a good thing to have so many, it makes the world of the story feel more lived in.
> Remain standing by Charlotte’s side. Watch Beraber’s initiation and magic in a silence with a vigilant eye.
> Do you have problem following so many characters and their names?
A little bit
Charlotte did not warn Beraber the possibility of getting hurt, unlike Virginia who made it quite clear to you. Just maybe, Captain Charlotte has a sinister side to her as well. You keep your gaze on the ‘Princess of Briars’ as she simply folds her hands and watches the new recruit make herself comfortable inside the huge water rose. She wobbles a little on the uneven ground but eventually finds her footing. She takes a deep breath and relaxes…

She stands there for a few seconds before she lazily shrugs her shoulders. You look at the other Magic Knights behind you: they are all watching with curiosity. You wonder if all initiation ceremonies are different or the same?

“This is not really that exciting, Captain,” Beraber admits as she looks behind her, “There won’t be a shark will-”

She stops mid-sentence as several vines from beneath the sea glade slowly slide and envelope her boots. She comes falling down on the brittle heart of the water rose and begins to physically and awkwardly try to free her legs. As she struggles, the massive petals begin to rise from their lowered position. On the inside of each of them you notice sharp and long thorns beginning to emerge. Pythia notices seconds too late: one of the petals lowers.

She raises her grimoire to hold and block the petal from dropping further; however the flower leaf twists and its thorns impale deeper into her arms. She yelps and, despite the obvious pain, she continues to battle the petal.

Several of the other petals begin to slow raise to enclose and skewer Beraber like an iron maiden.

“Beraber!” you instinctively try to protect and warn you but Charlotte puts her plated hand before to stop you.

Beraber winces as she pushes her grimoire deeper against the petal thorns until she has enough space to open it with an explosion of yellowish-red radiance. “Edict Magic: Law of Nature.” She speaks and magically takes out a single glowing parchment page from within the grimoire – it is born, not ripped. Then, every single petal of the flower encloses on the woman before she is able to do anything else. Some of the Magic Knights look worried…

The blue water rose stands gently shaking on the water surface completely shut for a minute until there’s no response. Charlotte, with a visible concern, shivers her hilt to loosen and lower the petals. You release your grimoire to prepare and heal the girl, but when the floral leafs are raised Beraber is standing unharmed. However, you notice a strange thing: most of the thorns are lying around her broken and shattered. The page is crumbling.

She raises the parchment to show you, Charlotte and the rest, the dazzling letters now embellishing the paper…
Charlotte nods and her grimoire hovers to her side to emit a soft glow. The water rose tremors and raises to thrust Beraber away from the lake and towards the crowd. Many of the Magic Knights look surprised, interested and confused – some of them approach her to congratulate but many others, especially the nobles, stay away from the suspicious commoner. Charlotte nods favourably as you approach the woman to looks over her bleeding arms.

“What –exactly- did you do?” Sol looks dumbstruck, “That is a completely different spell to what you did during the Entrance Exam against your opponent, wasn’t it?!”

“Why don’t you try and guess?” Beraber grins briefly.

“Linen Magic: Homely Blanket,” you announce once the crowd somewhat disperses. Caught in a surprise, Beraber relaxes when your enchanted linen cloth surrounds her body like a cocoon and begins to drain her blood onto the previously pure-white cloth and quickly heal her injuries. She chuckles rather quietly, visible enjoying the process.

“So this is your magic, Cynthia – it’s good, very good. It almost makes you want to get injured more.”

“Please do not,” you tell her with concern, “I only have so much mana.”

“Hey, Cynthia is wearing the cape – what about her initiation? It’s not fair if she doesn’t go through it!”
“Yeah,” another Magic Knight supports the other one you do not know the name of, “Tailor girl, why-“

Suddenly, the two women are silenced by a massive but short burst of heavy and pressuring mana. Virginia’s shadow appears much bigger than her figure as she slaps both of her hands on separate shoulders of the females bothering you. With a cold and serious expression, she says, “Cynthia already had an initiation with me. I am sure it is only fair that you both – Toda and Jane – go through mine first if you want Cynthia to have another one.”

The two women look at each other with understandable worry. The gulp and, silently, begin shaking their heads.

“That is a shame,” Virginia concludes as she removes her grasp and softens the heavy atmosphere around her.

Charlotte slowly approaches and regally stops in front of you and cured Beraber. She lifts her hand towards Wardress Virginia who dutifully takes out another ceremonial cape exactly the same as yours. Charlotte takes it, with a strike of her hand she unfolds and straightens it and then, after Beraber leans her neck, she puts it on her.
Charlotte raises her voice, “Until today, Cynthia has been working diligently and hard for us as our Head Tailor – but not anymore. For Cynthia, is now not a problem but Beraber is a new face, and it is up to everyone here to make her feel welcome. From today on, those two are your equals as Magic Knights – they will share your responsibilities, your failures as well as your victories. Judge them by their merits.” Roselei’s gaze slips across the crowd – she pauses briefly to look at everyone’s eyes. “I want Blue Rose to have the most stars this festival.”

“Yes, Captain Charlotte,” the Magic Knights speak in unison as they place their fist to their chest in salute.

She nods. As soon as he grimoire is back in her pouch, the massive rose water flower begins to descend back beneath the waves. “Now, Cynthia and Beraber, ask somebody to show you to your rooms – and after you are rested and had your first meal of the day return to my office so we can start you on your first suitable mission.”

“I can only guess what it will be,” Beraber says.

You tell Beraber to go ahead. You quickly catch up with Captain Charlotte and, after hearing your plea, she leads you to her beautiful and bright stone office. Roselei takes off her helmet and places it on the edge of the table…

“What is worrying you, Cynthia?”

You attempt to remain calm, but it is incredibly difficult. You have to avoid mentioning Nicolai, somehow, since Charlotte does not know the whole truth – as far as you are aware. “As you are aware me and my father live on the High Street in the Merchant District if Kikka. I know that Magic Knight Squad that is tasked with overlooking and protecting that part of Kikka is the Purple Orca. You have to help me, Captain Charlotte, six months ago there was an attempt to burn my workshop to the ground and it nearly cost my father his life. I am worried for him.”

She interlocks her iron fingers as she leans further against the table.

You continue, “We begged, and asked, and kept reminding them but the Purple Orca Knights did nothing – the bandits were never caught. I have a reason to believe they are being bribed by the family who are trying to get rid or buy out all of the opposition on the High Street – including my workshop. It’s a good thing nothing happened.”

“The next time I have the occasion I will talk to their Captain and ask why they were unable to find the bandits.”

“If you talk to him perhaps they will be on their toes, for a while…”

“The Purple Orca is the biggest and most populous Squad in all of the Clover Kingdom, because of this, and because many of their Magic Knights are not that powerful, to be honest with you, only they have the manpower to patrol and oversee the royal-town up close. It will be hard to convince them to let my Squad to perform those duties, Cynthia, as they have been doing them for dozen of years. And I know I can use you for bigger things…”
“There was also a boy – Lucius – who used to work for us. But one day he used some kind of curse magic on my father and left him all by himself in a soon-to-be-set-a-fire building. I feel like he is being used by this family…”

“You do not think he did it out of his own free will? He had no grudges or personal reasons to do?”

“I don’t think so,” you shake your head, “Today he joined the Purple Orca Squad as a Magic Knight. I feel like this, too, wasn’t his own decision. I feel, and afraid, that he is being manipulated by the family’s daughter to do so…”

“Quite a few people today joined the Purple Orca Squad,” Charlotte comments with a sigh, “Like always.” She looks outside the window before continuing, “Bribing is a serious accusation, and do you have any evidence?”

> Confess about Nicolai. Tell Charlotte about his useful magic and how he has been protecting your house.
> Ask Charlotte to come visit your workshop and then allow Nicolai to use his magic to discreetly stalk Patricia.
> Tell Charlotte that no, you have no concrete evidence and those are just your justifiable worries.
> Say that the Knights have been acting very suspicious and you saw them visiting Navika household.
> [Write In]

> Please roll 1d10+10 – best of three – for the cost of the previous spell: [Linen Magic: Homely Blanket]
Rolled 4 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

>> Ask Charlotte to come visit your workshop and then allow Nicolai to use his magic to discreetly stalk Patricia.
Rolled 5 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

>> Tell Charlotte that no, you have no concrete evidence and those are just your justifiable worries.
Rolled 9 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

>nothing concrete, but i do have a witness.
Rolled 1 (1d3)

>I'll roll for it.
> You spend 14 mana.
> Mana [85/130]

“There is, but it’s not physical,” you wiggle, “You can see for yourself if you visit my workshop, Captain Charlotte. It’s because of our workshop assistant and his magic that I was able to learn this – he made sure to keep us save.”

She raises her brow, “And what kind of magic is that?”

“It’s hard to explain,” you admit after a brief pause, “But it allows you to discreetly watch over people.”

Charlotte clears her throat as she lets go of the silk window curtains she was holding. Her fingers reach her chin before she looks at you with a serious and empathetic gaze. “I will have a meeting with the Purple Orca’s Captain and investigate it first, and then we’ll see. For now, after having a proper meal, ask Tugela to show you your room.”

You nod a few times in gratitude.

“Once you are done – as I said before – return with Beraber for your first mission,” Charlotte takes out several filled forms and spreads them on the table. Audibly, she hums to make it clear she is still deciding which one.

“Thank you, Captain Charlotte,” you salute before you leave her office.

There is not much you can do until Charlotte is finished with her diplomatic mission. You turn around the corner and enter one of the many hallways basking in the aquamarine light of the intricately stained windows: all amazing and unique. During those six-months you have become accustomed to the layout of the mansion and now, it was incredibly easy for you to navigate through the labyrinth of stairs and corridors.

You reach the dining hall in about ten minutes – it is incredibly busy, mostly because all of the Magic Knights are here. Perhaps, they get a free day during the Magic Knight Entrance Exam? The majority of the tables are crowding with Magic Knights, and the kitchen staffs near the buffet counter are doing their hardest to keep up.

Somehow, you manage to squeeze in through the gathering of people to reach the counter. You accept an incredibly generous portion from the chef you are now terrified you won’t be able to finish. ‘Compliment’ – she calls it. You find a seat behind one of the tables empty; on the other side of it Alice Phetocruel is eating her meal.

“Do you mind?” you ask the girl once you are close enough. Alice, who is just one year older than you, continues to rudely chew her food as she raises her head. Her magically mint eyes – meaning she is still full of mana – lift to face you. After a brief pause and a harrumph, she shrugs her shoulders and lazily tilts her head to the seat nearby.

You nod and place your heavy tray. Alice’s eyes widen as her face grimaces and she is forced to gulp down a lump.

“That’s more than I’ve got after I joined last year,” Phetocruel quickly and angrily complains towards your plate.

“If you want I can give you some,” you say.
Alice shakes her head as she impales another potato, “I am not eating your droll.”

“I didn’t even touch it yet,” you mutter. No use arguing – Alice is still as unreasonable and pretentious as ever. In addition, her bizarre blue haircut consisting of dozen of straight cubes is still as outlandish as ever. The two of you sit in silence as you fill your stomach: who knows how long it will be until your next meal? With accordance to etiquette, you clean your lips with a cute napkin you made previously. “Tresses is coming back today, I believe.”

Again, she coughs on her food and begins barbarically hitting her stomach with her fist. She looks surprised.

“Why?” she shakes her head and leans closer, “How? I thought it was impossible to convince her to come back.”

“I… visited her household after my ‘initiation’ with the Wardress,” you roll your shoulders awkwardly, “I don’t think Tresses will appreciate me going into details but, somehow, I managed to convince her to come back…”

“That’s…” she hisses, “Great… Her stuck-up attitude, her arrogance, her prodigal importance: we all missed that.”

You frown. That is a bit rude – if not outright hypocritical - but you find it hard to argue. You try to be positive.

“What about you? How have you been doing since your special mission? I’ve heard you refused any other-”

She slams the table. You gasp and hold on to the edges. Some of the women turn around, but you reassure them that everything is alright. Alice sulks, “I have been training – getting stronger! I now know the labyrinth like the back of my hand.” Her voice is proud yet desperate. “I have no right to accept any other important mission after unfulfilling this one – my first one. I am sure that damn “prodigy” fells the same way – I am –ready- to try again.

“But, Captain Charlotte informed me that, because of how ‘dangerous’ the mission is, and because… agh, I can’t tell you, you commoner, it’s supposed to be an undisclosed secret. Magic Emperor forbids it for now, there…!”

You nod with a calm understanding; at least her heart is in the right place. Alice finishes her meal in haste after that, without even saying good-bye she departs and leaves you by yourself. You force yourself to eat the rest not to appear rude and underappreciating of the chef’s charity. It is so good you can enjoy it even when stuffing it.

You approach Tugela and your friendly-and-local Goat Knight happily agrees to lead you to your new room. You ask her about the goat kid and she reassures you that he is very obedient and is sleeping in her room right now. Tugela congratulates you one more time on finally joining the Squad and, joyfully, she marks the mission you were forced to go with her on as the starting point in all of this.

Maybe she is right.
You tell Tugela about Nicolai who is now an incredibly useful hard-worker in your father’s workshop, and how it is good you two have avoided arresting him. A bit reluctantly, Tugela asks you about Labrys and if you have met since – you didn’t, and you admit it honestly. You let Tugela know there was nothing romantic or continuous between you two and, thus, you had no reason to see him again. He never visits the High Street as far as you know.

Eventually, you approach a door not far from where Tugela’s room is. It opens from outside. The room is as spacious as Tugela’s – and it’s all yours. There is a gilded key just for you with a bright blue ribbon which you find on a large, high and long wooden wall desk with a massive mirror above it. There is a stack of papers with a regal quill on top as well as a brand new ink pot. In addition, there is a clay flowerpot decorated with bluish swirls resembling the patterns of Roselei’s grimoire. Of course, the flowers that are blooming in the pot are blue roses.

Standing near the table are two gold-gilded chairs. There is a soft, blue padding on the bottom and back of each.

There are multiple brass candle sconces with long-living magical candles in them spread across the four walls of the room; as far as you are aware, they are easy to light up with a single rub of your fingers. Your bed is freshly made – you can practically smell the linen. As you look around you find several more chests and hanging shelves – all empty. Either nobody ever lived in this room or the ones in charge of cleaning did an incredible job doing so…

There is a unique iron frame mannequin standing on the corner of the room waiting to be fashioned with either your uniform or the other of your clothes. Standing just next to it is the massive oak cabinet with glass doors.

Tugela enters the room like her own – you don’t mind – and takes out a ridiculous expensive-looking bottle of wine which she immediately puts inside the cabinet. She then turns to you with a big smile and a nudging wink.

“I am still only fifteen,” you remind Tugela – memories of the previous event with Pero whirl in your mind.

“If you’re old enough to kick ass as a Magic Knight you are old enough to drink. Just make sure to drink slowly to enjoy it.”

You sheepishly smile back at her; she simply replies ‘It’s a gift for officially joining the Blue Rose’. She leaves soon after to check on her adopted goat as well as to let you get used to your room and get ready for your mission…

In the marked time you and Beraber – who is seamless in hiding her excitement – enter Charlotte’s office. She is wearing her uniform bar her helmet, which is sitting on the edge of her table. There is a single paper which is she holding in her arms. Patiently, she waits until you two approach her desk before she clears her throat and begins.
“You two are going to Tota village in the Noble Realm. You will not be accompanied by any experienced Magic Knight so you are responsible for anything that happens. There is a man called Aubert who lives all by himself in a manor he owns. For the last few months he has been requesting Magic Knights to investigate and stop some kind of disturbing presence haunting him, but the three Squads that accepted were unable to report anything weird, strange or suspicious – they report that there is nothing wrong with the manor, or the man. The man, however, continues to request that we investigate. He’s a powerful noble… it is the Blue Rose’s turn now. Any questions?”

> [Write In]
> [Write In]
>What his family name is?
>Which squads investigated and how long those investigations lasted?
>Do we have description of that 'disturbing presence'? Any details?
>He lives alone alone? No servants or family do we know why is this?
supporting >>4116696
Who has access to the manor and or its grounds?
“What is his family name?”

You notice Beraber leaning forward – it appears that you managed to be faster than her with your question.

Charlotte strokes her fingers against the paper, and thus, the table of her office. “It is Pouvoir.”

You nod. “Do we you have any descriptions or details about what constitutes this “disturbing presence”?

“If I were to guess – giant spiders and flesh-eating maggots – you can’t get more disturbing than that.”

Charlotte shakes her head, “No, the request does not include any specifics; you are going to have to ask Aubert.”

Beraber rolls her shoulders and, cheekily, nudges closer to you as if to calmly tell you: ‘Told you, giant spiders.’

“Which were those others groups that investigates this, Captain Charlotte? How long did they do it for?”

Captain Charlotte perks her eyebrow. She takes a careful look at the piece of paper – she leads some parts with her finger to find a particular mention. “Both Green Mantis and the Crimson Lions spend a whole day and night inside the mansion as well as questioning the owner and those who are currently working or used to work for Aubert: nothing. Black Bulls were the last Squad to be hired; they destroyed a huge part of the building in order to ‘search inside the walls’ of the manor because, as they said, ‘Aubert swore something sinister was living there.’”

Beraber shakes her head with a disappointment, “How violent, but you can’t say they are not straightforward.”

“They were dismissed from this mission for that, and earned a negative star. Do –not- follow their example.”

“Does he live alone in the manor? Does he have a family or, more likely, servants working and living there?”

“No, he used to have several dozen servants but it became impossible for them to work in such an atmosphere. From what I can see here, the only other person who ever visits him is a chef named Gabriel – but he does not interact with the owner. He comes three times a day to prepare a meal for Aubert which he leaves by the door of his room. He has a small house located near the manor. He is a suspect, but there is no evidence against him…”

“But does he have a family?” you ask.

“It doesn’t say here. If he does, they live in another town,” Charlotte says, “You have a day, maybe two, at most.”

Beraber locks her hands and puts them under her chin, “It must be so horrible for him; he might be going insane.”

“It does sound like it might be a mental problem if other Squads were unable to find anything.”

“He had a personal doctor in his manor, from what I can see, who recently quit. Other groups had a healer.”

Charlotte straightens her back, “The manor is located in a peaceful region of a small village. This is not a dangerous mission – there is practically no chance you will get hurt. I want to see how capable you two are.”
“Yes, Captain Charlotte,” the two of you say in unison – although Beraber drawls a little behind – before you depart. While you are ready to leave straight away, Beraber asks you to wait for her as her broom is in her room. In just six months, you forgot how useful your grimoire have become. You enter the gardens to patiently wait for your compatriot... You wait for five minute, ten minutes, twenty minutes… It becomes hard not to get angry…

Finally, after you brush a deep hole in the ground with your foot, the woman comes back. In her hands she is holding a regular broom; her clothes and hair are all messed up. Before you can ask, she sluggishly yet earnestly apologizes to you. “My bad, I forgot where I put my magic broom – it was under the pile of clothes and medicals.”

“That’s fine… medicals? Do you have some horrible ailment I should know about?”

She shakes her head, “Nothing serious, I use them to calm down. Some make you all wobbly, it’s pleasant.”

You sigh and shake your head, “You should make sure with Captain Charlotte it is not something she’ll mind.”

“I don’t think so, most of the ones I have are so rare and unique there won’t be a law against them – I am sure.”

You decide not to argue with her. You follow the instructions given to you by Captain Charlotte as you lift into the air and leave the premise of the Headquarters. Unhurriedly and calmly, Beraber follows you – her broom is not as fast as yours so you have to constantly keep slowing down to let her catch up. It takes you several hours to finally reach and find Tota Village. Unlike any other villages you’ve been to before, the so-called ‘villages’ of the Noble Region are royal and grand – there are dozens of mansions and manors here, each one separated from another by several acres of land. It’s less of a village and more of a country-hub for nobles. It is only after you pass multiple of the palazzos, you find a tight centre filled with expensive and new, yet much undersized and shoddier, buildings.

“What do you think, Beraber?” you ask your companion once you begin to descend near one of the mansions.

She yawns and spreads her arms before smiling at you, “It should be easy enough using my magic, Cynthia.”

“…You won’t tell me how it works, will you?” you sigh. Your feet connect with the hard ground.

“No, I want you to guess,” she exclaims with another yawn before she, too, lands in front of massive iron gates…
It would be ill-mannered to enter without a proper invitation. Behind the gates stands a luxurious mansion, yet the road to it is flanked by overgrown bushes and shrubs; some of the shrubs in the front garden clearly used to have an ornamental sculpture-like shape but that is no longer the case because of weeks of neglect. The mansion is mostly build out of ocean stone, a unique material which traps the sunlight to give it a very gentle, subaquatic appearance. The mansion is incredibly tall and has enormous windows – although the thick dust covering them is visible even from here. Emerging from the highest floor there are multiple small grey-slated – put into a unique diamond pattern – gambrel roofs joined together. In one of the tallest windows there is an unclear visible light.

One part of the wall is collapsed and crumbled. It is not a big damage, but it is an evident eyesore. There’s a hole.

You glance around before you sigh, “Nobody is planning to welcome us, is it?”

“Greeting,” a voice of a man startles you. You and Beraber turn to find an adult man with a long, fiery orange-hued moustache and imperial-styled beard. He is wearing simple yet at the same time elegant long-sleeved black jacket and comfortably-fit pants. On his head there is a chef’s black skull cap. His eyes are dirty brown-bluish…

“‘Greetings’ to you too,” Beraber leans her body closer coquettishly, “Let me guess – you are the chef Gabriel?”

His expression does not change. “Yes, and if I were to guess you are the Magic Knights of the Blue Rose.”

“We are,” you say as you step forward, “We’re here on a mission and…”

“I know,” he replies briefly, cutting you mid-sentence. “The other Magic Knights have been of no help so far.”

> Allow the chef to lead and guide you inside the mansion and straight to the owner’s study room.
> Don’t enter the building yet. Let Beraber do the questioning while you investigate the garden and the exterior.
> Questions the chef some of the things you wish to know. It will be ill-mannered to question him too much.
> [Write In]
>> Don’t enter the building yet. Let Beraber do the questioning while you investigate the garden and the exterior.
this and this >>4117296
> Don’t enter the building yet. Let Beraber do the questioning while you investigate the garden and the exterior.

i didn't get the update
> Questions the chef some of the things you wish to know. It will be ill-mannered to question him too much.
Ask about family of the noble
How long it was happening
What visages seem to invade noble mind
If anyone else noticed something
You gently pat Beraber on her back. “I am going to check around the garden grounds. Can you question him?”

She smiles sluggishly, “Of course. Leave the questioning and Gabriel to me.” She takes the adult chef by his hand.

Unintentionally, you roll your eyes at her. You observe the adult chef doubtfully for a short moment before turning around. You step away from the unkempt grounds behind the iron gates as you move further into the dense grassland behind the tall shimmering navy walls. You relax your body and cease your breathing and, with every step, you attempt to sense any kind of abnormalities. After making a full circle, you find nothing suspicious.

You step in front of the destroyed ruins of a huge part of the wall: the collapsed stone resembles a desolate landslide. The massive mound of rocks and stones is blocking practically any kind of alternative entrance the destruction had made – there is just a small hole at the very top of the unstable uphill pile – you do not risk it.

You sigh in defeat; you roll potential ideas in your mind of what can be causing the mansion owners fear as you approach Beraber and Gabriel once again. The man looks annoyed and unhappy, while Beraber is clinging to him.

“You can at least tell me if you are currently meeting somebody – romance wise,” Beraber nudges closer.

“Beraber,” you awkwardly interfere, “I was hoping you would ask him questions regarding our mission.”

Beraber lowers her hands in a defeated manner, “I tried, but he refused to let me use my magic on him!”

“Of course I did,” he frowns, “Your magic is not typical from what I understand, Magic Knight; you refuse to tell me what exact effect it will have. I wanted for your companion to return so I could answer your basic questions.”

“But I can’t really trust you until I apply my magic,” She whinges. She quickly puts her hand in her alternative pouch and takes out a smelling mash of strange weeds and berries which she tries to put into the man’s mouth.

He stops her from doing so by grabbing her hand. Gabriel looks angrily at the woman. “What is that?” He asks.

“You’d like to know, but maybe you can try and guess,” she smiles faintly, “Don’t worry, it’ll help you unwind.”

“I don’t need to be -relaxed-,” he takes a few steps away from Beraber. “I have half an hour to prepare and serve Mr Pouvoir’s meal, and I am currently wasting my time.” He frowns, shakes his head and sighs, “I am going to tell you the usual questions the other Magic Knights asked me, and if you want to know more I’ll be in the kitchen…”
He raises his clutched fist and, with every additional answer he raises a new finger. “Mr Pouvoir started telling us about those he-called ‘presence’ a few months ago, but it was not until this month that he locked himself inside the room. None of the servants, me included, have experienced anything similar. When it first began, his personal apothecary stayed by his side for several weeks but, eventually, he quit because, despite Mr Pouvoir having no sicknesses or mental disorders, he could not deal with his behaviour. Eventually, everything but me quit as well.”

He continues, “Let us avoid the topic of Black Bulls all-together – they were as useless as it is known. The other two Magic Knight groups which came here each had a person with healing magic with them – they had to forcefully attempt to use their powerful healing spells on Mr Pouvoir as he refused to cooperate, and snubbed to concede the fact that he is sick. Despite their efforts, Mr Pouvoir continued to mutter about the trailing presence.

“Both groups remained for full day and night to investigate the mansion – and I will give them credit – they explored every cranny, corner and corner of the building but, in the end, they were unable to find anything.”

“Does he have a family?” you ask the chef the same question you previously asked Charlotte.

“He does have a sister in the Royal-Capital of Kikka, but the two rarely meet each other and she rarely visits, especially now. Let me think… the last time they’ve meet has been about a year ago or so. As I said: rarely.”

He turns around to walk the steps leading to the massive wooden door of the mansion. He takes out a bronze key and opens the door to allow you to enter the extremely dark and dust-filled entrance chamber. Aubert’s mansion looks like what one would imagine a mansion to look – only damper, dimmer and covered in layers of dust. You and Beraber can spot massive hanging chandeliers, marble floors, brass and bronze decorations, giant clay pots with dying trees inside them and a strange wood interior with snake-like pattern on it. Gabriel clicks his fingers to create a small flame using his fire magic – he leads you through a spiral of huge set of stairs and then, the corridor.

There is a small empty oaken table standing right in front of the door – perhaps, where Gabriel leaves the meals.

A stone arch frame with a snake motif shields a luxurious dark-oaken double-leaf door. It appears locked. By each side of the frame stand two snakewood pedestals with intricate carvings of landscapes, wild animals and people.

“The door is locked,” Gabriel confirms your thoughts before he snaps his fingers over one of the candles in an iron wall sconce to give you some light. “You will have to convince Mr Pouvoir to open it, or to break in – if you wish.”

“Don’t you have a key?” you ask.
Gabriel turns around before he enters the corner, “No. I am not the butler. Mr Pouvoir doesn’t wish to see me.”

Beraber’s eyes continue to follow Gabriel even after she is no longer able to see him.

“Can you use your spells to open the door?” you ask.

“I have one spell,” she says sluggishly as she begins chewing on the mush she previously offered to Gabriel, “But it uses a lot of my mana. If you ask me really nicely – I’ll do it.” She smiles at you and unlocks her grimoire’s pouch.

> Approach the door and courteously ask the owner of the mansion to open it and let you inside.
> Investigate the corridor in search of anything suspicious. You are unable to see any sinister mana in here.
> Put some effort and use your battle-scarf to break and cut the heavy door until there’s enough space to enter.
> Ask Beraber to use her magic to open the door… somehow? Perhaps you can finally see what her Edict Magic is.
> Go to the kitchen and question Gabriel further (specify) as well as carefully watch him prepare Aubert’s food.
> [Write In]

> Wish I knew how to improve this Quest to gather slightly more attention.
>> Approach the door and courteously ask the owner of the mansion to open it and let you inside.
>> Approach the door and courteously ask the owner of the mansion to open it and let you inside.
> [Write In]
>> Ask Beraber if what she offered Gabriel was the medicine she mentionee taking earlier. Is it really a good idea for her to be offering it to others?
>> Humor Beraber and take a guess as to what her magic does. Does Edict magic let her compel things to follow her orders? So she could have forced Gabriel to speak only the truth, or she could make the door unlock itself and open.

Best not to let Beraber expend herself until there's something important she can use her magic on. On the subject of attracting more attention, I don't really know. I guess you could try asking in /qtg/, not necessarily just announcing a thread like you normally do in there, but asking what you could do to get more anons interested. Other than that, I can only really think of things I really wouldn't recommend, like trying to drum up interest on external sites, or in the Black Clover threads on /a/.
You approach and gradually move the table standing just in front of the heavy doors of Pouvoir’s study room.

You glance at Beraber inquiringly, “What’s that thing you tried to give to the chef? I don’t think it a good idea to be offering it to others…”

The adult woman lazily bobs her head, “You already heard me explain to him, Cynthia. You chew it to chill out.”

“Is it the kind of medicine the Magic Knights will approve?”

She keeps her emerald eyes on you for a couple of seconds before shrugging her shoulders, “I guess not?”

You nod with a sigh, “That’s why I don’t think you should be offering it to others – it can get you in trouble and-”

A sudden strong floral odour hits your nostrils when Beraber practically shoves her fingers into your mouth. She pushes her fingers and the mash which she previously offered to Gabriel deeper before you step away and spit it in your hands. Your head fills with smoke as you stumble back – as previously with alcohol. Your bones soften…

-or, at least, if feels like it. You awkwardly shake your shoulders; your shake your body – you feel oddly tranquil.

“You were –clearly- curious what it was,” Beraber says kindly as she rubs her fingers against her mantle. “Cynthia, don’t look at me like that. You shouldn’t throw it away: the effect disappears if you don’t continue to chew it…”

Dead-on, after a couple of seconds, clarity and stress returns to your mind. You pout and shake your head at her.

“Something like this should be enjoyed when we are not on a mission. This is not going to help us.”

“It’s only our first mission, Cynthia, calm down,” she raises her hands and then softly lowers them to emphasis.

You decide to completely change the topic. “Let me guess,” You humour her as you step away from the doors, “Does your Edict Magic compel things to follow your orders? Could you, back then, force Gabriel to speak only the truth?” You point your hand towards the dark-oaken doors, “Could you make the door unlock itself and open?”

Beraber frowns and bites her lips, “I guess with a name like ‘Edict Magic’ it was kind of obvious.” She reconsiders before grinning. She nods and then shakes her head. “The answer is: yes, but not exactly, and no, not exactly.”

“I want to see it but…” you say before you raise your fist and knock on the door, “Let’s try talking to him first.”

You repeat until a creaky noise of moving furniture – towards the other side of the doors and not away from it, as if blocking if further – is loud enough for you to hear it. You lean your ear closer to make out shrivelling footsteps.
“W-who is there?” you hear the man speak into the keyhole with a grumpy and tired voice.

“Mr Aubert,” you repeat Gabriel’s courteous address, “We are from the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad.”

“Y-you should be careful, watch your backs. That thing, t-that thing is there – I know it. Watch your backs.”

“Mr Aubert, could you open the door for us? We’d like to ask you some questions – that would be very useful.”

“No!” he shouts. “N-no. Pin your ears back. Y-you don’t need me, it’s not here – it is outside, where you are. I-I am safe here – it is not in this room, yet. It is afraid of the raising and dawning light – it is when Gabriel puts my food.”

You look at Beraber with a raised eyebrow. She just shrugs.

“Is it alright if we enter when you take your meal?”

“Y-yes, but I can’t let you out until the next day… and that thing… that… it’s there, you don’t need to enter inside.”

> “Can you describe what exactly is haunting you, Mr Aubert? That will help us a great lot.”
> “There is nothing here that we can see, Mr Aubert. Perhaps, it left soon after you locked yourself in?”
> “Do you have any suggestion on how we can deal with it, Mr Aubert? What happened those few months ago?”
> Try to break the door open using your enriched linen battle-scarf.
> Ask Beraber to use her strongest spell to open the door.
> Leave Aubert for now and inspect the mansion. Come down to the kitchen to question Gabriel further.
> [Write In]

> Thanks for playing so far, sorry for the delay.

> Yes, I tried mentioning it on /a/ threads a few times but I don't want to be too much of a shill.
>> “Can you describe what exactly is haunting you, Mr Aubert? That will help us a great lot.”
> [Write In]
>> "What exactly has it done to him? Has it ever harmed him or someone else, or damaged something?"
>> "Is he 100% sure that whatever is haunting him has never made it into his room? Is a door really enough to keep it out?"
>> "Could he clarify what he means about the light?"
Oh, I just remembered we could ask him about the damaged wall we saw earlier, but I'm pretty sure that was the Black Bulls' doing and Gabriel suggested we we shouldn't bring them up. Anyone think it's worth adding in?
this seems good
“Can you describe what exactly is haunting you, Mr Aubert? That will help us a great lot.”

“I-it always hiding in the shadow,” he speaks as another loud noise is heard from the other side. You hear the owner huff and catch his breathe. “I don’t know what it is but it is there, a manifestation, a being… stalking me.”

“Do you know why it would target you specifically?”

“No-no, I can’t,” he says, “It’s so clear when it is there – the dark and heavy presence – like a breathing shadow.”

“Have if injured you in some way?” you ask.

“Every time it is near my vision turns dark, my words incoherent, my blood freezes and I am unable to breathe.”

“But are you injured? Do you have bruises or wounds or some kind of sickness marks?”

He pauses; you hear a ruffle of clothes as he checks himself. “I don’t. That thing doesn’t need to leave a mark. I-I know that if it comes close enough, even for a brief moment, I am a goner. It will kill me like some solid plague.”

Beraber stares down the dark shadows present in the corridor. With only one night-light lit in the whole passage, the hallway you are currently in is extremely dark and pale on all sides. Beraber looks back at the door and shrugs.

“Can you explain what you mean by the raising and dawning light?”

“It stops following me the seconds the sun is barely raised or practically lowered behind the horizon… I thought it was just a ridiculous omen but that is not the case – it is the truth. It is afraid or simply dislikes that kind of light.”

“Are you sure it is not inside the room you are currently in, Mr Aubert?”

“Y-yes, it is well lit and I have been safe here for several days now. It is safe here, but now where you are… You might not see it, I have no idea why I am the only one who can – you are all just blind, but it is there, behind you.”

Beraber shakes her head. The woman decides to chew on her calming blend of weeds and berries instead. Sigh.

“Maybe if you move away this ‘presence’ of yours won’t follow you? Maybe this is just a haunted mansion?” Beraber asks him lazily.

“This is my family’s manor – I do not want to be the part of the family tree to sell or move away, it’s not right.”

“Do you know anything about the collapsed-slash-destroyed part of our mansion’s wall?”

“Y-yes, I heard it,” he repeats, “Some other Magic Knight group asked me on their visit some time ago where was the last time I felt the most sick ‘meeting’ this… presence. Gabriel told me they decided to destroy the wall…” His voice is weak and trembling but he does not appear to hold any anger towards the Black Bulls. “It did not work…”

> What do you do now?
>ask him if anything notable happened before the being in the shadow started haunting him
>try and sense if there is any mana or magic around you
>Ask him what his magic is
>Look for light like oil lamps or candles (ask chef)

Ok so it does sound like mental illness.
or it could be illusions created by magic
> Clarify one more thing. Has he ever felt the creature during daylight hours? Do regular lights seem to help in any way, or only the sunlight at dawn and dusk?

Interesting, I wonder what the significance of it weakening at sunrise and sunset is. It could be a creature that hides or travels in darkness and shadows, but then I feel that daylight in general would keep it away.
IF it is magic we can assume its moment when person resets the spell/ritual
So couple ideas:
>Use Beraber calming blend of weeds and berries to see if they counter effect a 'presence'
>Use edict magic in a way 'presence' would stop affecting him
>Use edict magic on us in a way it would force us to see 'presence'

Remember that traces of magic might be near invisible, just like that coin we shown to Tugela
I doubt this is the case, but Gabriel could be drugging his food with something.
He isn't a butler tho, so obviously he isn't a one who did it
But seriously. Gabriel has fire magic and poison that is affected by light sounds unlike even for high fantasy.
True, now that you say it like that, it does seem unlikely.
>Currently writing the update, will be a bit later.
“Can you think of anything notable happening before you this ‘being’ started haunting you, Mr Aubert?”

“It’s the question you Magic Knights always ask,” His voice cracks, “N-no, I wish there was an event I could point to before all of this started happening to me but there’s nothing I can remember. My life was the same few months ago.”

“What kind of magic do you have, Mr Aubert?”

“I have Sand Magic… I am not sure if that is of any help or importance?”

“Probably not, but any information can be helpful,” you mutter to yourself before you lean away from the door. “Mr Aubert, one last thing – have you ever felt the presence of the creature during daylight hours? Does regular light help you in some way?” You run your fingers against the curvatures of the oaken door – it’s an average door.

“It’s always there,” he insists, “I don’t know if candle light helps… it hides even in invisible unseen shadows.”

You frown and ponder. Closing your eyes, you slowly raise your hands to point it towards the overwhelming shadows of the stone corridor. You concentrate and exhale – calming all your senses and mana to try and feel the supposed eldritch magic of the ‘presence’. This would be a perfect mission for Tugela – certainly. You stand still as flames begin to light up in the darkness of your mind: two glowing flames in fact: Beraber’s and Aubert’s one.

Considering Aubert is a noble, his magic is much more ‘visible’ and brighter than yours. No other magic is here.

“It’s strange,” you tell Beraber as you turn, “I can’t feel or see anything the owner seems to be describing.”

“Me neither,” Beraber lazily bobs her head before she turns towards the door, “I need to see the person face to face for my Edict Magic to work, Cynthia; just saying. When you are tired asking questions, let’s break the door.”

You feverishly begin shaking your head, “Not yet, let’s not. Let’s go question Gabriel some more.”

Beraber’s lips twirl into a smile. “I can get behind that. I’m talking about your idea, not the person.”

Your cheeks flush before you awkwardly step away and clear your throat. You carefully traverse through the darkness as the only burning candle near Aubert’s study room becomes smaller and smaller. Once you reach the steps, you realize how dangerous it will be to try to climb those down. Instead, you take out your grimoire to use its magical glow as a guiding light – another one of its functionalities. It takes a while for you to find the kitchen.
It is the only chamber filled with light and heat. You and Beraber find the door leading to the half-basement of the mansion. Is it just slightly smaller than the enormous kitchen room of the Blue Rose Headquarters, however, with only single person currently preparing food it looks very deserted. You approach and watch as Gabriel lowers the flames of the kitchenette and rolls around the cast iron pan and the slice of fat laying on it. He makes sure it is evenly distributed before he leaves it be and then turns around – he is so invested he doesn’t acknowledge you.

The man slams an already cleaned, gut and cut fish on some strange crusty leaves before he takes out a glass vial and takes out a sprinkle of eccentric rosy salt. The man rubs the salt into the flesh of the fish before he wraps the leaves around it and puts it onto the pan. The leaves immediately turn yellow but somehow refuse to burn away.

“Can we ask you a few more questions, Gabriel?” you say, “And do you think you can give us some candles?”

“They are in the white cupboard,” he speaks without taking his eyes off the fish. “And do not come any closer.”

His ability to sense other’s mana is as good as yours. Beraber stops and frowns, “Why not? You are too far away.”

“You won’t,” he speaks before professionally turning the leaves and the fish inside. “The smell might be too strong for you, ladies. And my fire might accidently burn your uniforms – I received such complains before. Stay away…”

You take out a few candles and a lantern to hold them. You look at your grimoire – do you really need them?

You decide to ask Gabriel a few of the same questions you asked Aubert previously.

“Mr Aubert was always afraid of the shadows, even before he started feeling this ‘presence’ a few months ago – but not to this extent. It is not my position to know if the fear is justified or not. As for the dawn and sunrise light – I can’t say I ever heard of such an omen… It must be something Mr Aubert heard from his family or associates.”

“I wonder what kind of food nobles eat,” Beraber begins to salivate. “Do you think we can have a bite?”

“I need to hurry and present the hot food in the exact time Mr Aubert wishes, I don’t have time to cook for you.”

Beraber pouts and regrettably strikes her fingers against her grimoire pouch.

“Has anything changed or happened before Mr Aubert started seeing this presence?”

“Not that I am aware of, it was business as usual. It can’t be a magical curse, as others are unable to sense it.”

> What do you think you should do now?

>Unimportant question: What's your favorite BC opening?
> Try to convince Aubert to let either ourselves or Beraber into his room when Gabriel brings him his meal. One of us can spend the night in the room while the other patrols the rest of the mansion.

This is the best I can really think of right now. Whoever goes into the room with him might need to put out the lights and open the door to lure the thing out into the open. Maybe Beraber could use her herbs to make Aubert more pliable.

I personally like these two best
yeah i can't come up with anything so i guess this
>Does he knows where fear of shadows comes from?
>Did mansion went thru any repairs recently?
>Did source of food changed?
>How many meals he delivers and at what time and does Aubert takes them all into his room?

>“Is it alright if we enter when you take your meal?”
>“Y-yes, but I can’t let you out until the next day… and that thing… that… it’s there, you don’t need to enter inside.”

We don't need to convince him he already agreed to it. Also Im against splitting up as Beraber is kinda useless on her own

>>Unimportant question: What's your favorite BC opening?
I don't really watch anime but from all of them third would be in my opinion the best one
“Do you know where his fear of the shadows comes from?” you ask Gabriel.

“No, I can only assume and guess but perhaps it will be better for you to ask Mr Aubert himself.”

You frown, “Did the mansion go through any repairs before this problems started?”

Gabriel gently shakes his head as you watch him force a hot burst of flame to roast washed and cut potatoes.

“Every stone in Pouvoir mansion is extremely ancient and timeworn. I believe the first owner build it at least three hundred years ago. Mr Aubert has previously refused any kind of reconstructions, renewals or repairs… I hope, once he is hopefully sound of mind, that he reconsiders else the cold wind from the destroy wall will be irritating.”

“How many meals do you prepare and deliver?”

“Since he only opens his door two times a day – as he told you, it seems, I can only put it twice a day as well.”

“Have the source of food you buy from changed recently?”

“No, else I’d consider it as well. The only problem we have with is the fish, which is delivered to the local market from a trusted source. Most of the nobles living in Hecairo have their own local supply of vegetables, chickens and meats – as well as other things. If there’s a single difficulty I could point to, it would be the availability of spices.”

“What is the problem with them?”

“They are very expensive, and most nobles are just not accustomed to eating ‘bland’-tasting food.”

“You used some kind of colourful salt, have you purchased it somewhere in Kikka or Hecairo?”

“In Hecairo, but since there is no local source or market, the only way to purchase any kind of spices here is from traveling merchants. I bought it from a lady, I’m not sure why exactly it looks and tastes like it but I can use it as a regular salt and that is enough for me.” He drops some of the salt on his fingers and licks it, “But it is harmless.”

“How long ago did you start using it?”

“A few months ago,” he frowns, “But as you can see it is just a coincidence. It has no effect on me, you can try.”

You accept the glass vial with a rosy-tinted salt he offers you and, indeed, there is nothing special to it…

You turn to face Beraber.

“Captain Charlotte said we have two days for this mission – and I’m afraid that’s how long it is going to take us.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Beraber winces but does not turn – she continues watching the chef cook his food.

You move your hand to ruffle your red hair, “I think one of us will have to spend a night with Aubert in his room.”

Beraber puts a finger to her chin before giving you a lazy smile, “This is your plan – it’s only fair you’ll do it.”

You frown, “Another person will have to spend the night patrolling the mansion. I believe your Edict Magic is going to be much more useful in that room than my Linen Magic, Beraber. You can also give him your mixture.”
Beraber blinks. “I shouldn’t be using it on a mission, thought?” She continues to chew it.

“Maybe not yourself, but if it is going to help Mr Aubert we need to use all the means we have.”

Beraber laments, “There is not interesting and exciting about spending a whole night in a locked room. This is my first time in a mansion like this, Cynthia – I’d rather be the one to patrol and check it around when you are inside.” She tries to approach the man but again, he raises his hand to stop her. “Also, I think I prefer Gabriel’s company.”

Gabriel looks back with a grim demeanour, “I’m leaving after this so you two will have the mansion to yourself.”

Despite your factual reasoning, Beraber sees no cause. If she uses her Edict Magic cleverly she won’t have to spend a whole night inside the room, how can she not understand that? However, you also do not wish her to rush it or do something stupid; you cannot outright state it. As you two carry on debating, Gabriel places the fish on a clay plate and professionally arranges potatoes, the fish, a fresh vegetable salad and two lines of sauces…

Gabriel ceases the fires of the kitchen and dims the light using his magic. After your request, he lights the candles in your lantern and his before picking up the plate and beginning to walk up the long and broad staircase which eventually leads you back to Mr Aubert’s room. Gabriel harrumphs when he notices the table is not where it is supposed to be and you awkwardly glance away. The orange-haired man puts the plate on the table and pushes it.

With a heavy sigh, he takes off his skull cap and puts it into his pocket. With that, he nods and begins to depart.

“Are you not going to wait for him to take the food?” you ask Gabriel suspiciously. He shakes his head.

“I have my own things to take care of – my job is to make sure Mr Aubert doesn’t die of hunger; it’s all I can do.”

With that, Gabriel offers you both a short nod and departs. If you really need him, you’ll see him in the morning. You patiently wait until you hear furniture loudly beginning to be pulled away from the other side of the door. Then, there’s a loud click of a key and, with a heavy rattle, the door slowly opens. A man in his late fifties with massive eye shadows beneath his grey eyes greets you – his expensive noble attire is all wrinkled and champed.

“B-blue Rose,” he mutters as his sleepless hands take the plate, “Please, you have to get rid of the presence…”

You nod to Beraber and the long-haired woman sighs. Quickly, she approaches the double-door and puts her heavy boot inside the threshold before Aubert is able to close it. The man’s eyes shrink in panic as his breathing shortens and he begins to forcefully pull the door to close it. Beraber pushes him the man away and walks inside.

She locks the door and leaves you standing all by yourself in the dimly lit corridor. You scratch your head.
The mansion is truly huge; if you wish to inspect all of it you’ll need to start imme-

“Edict Magic: Binding Oath,” you hear Beraber shout before a beautiful yellowish glow shines below the door.

You furrow your brows and take out your grimoire: just in case. You wait patiently for a few seconds before the door unlocks yet again. In haste, Aubert’s hairless head appears from the opening as he looks side to side before his eyes gaze daggers at the shadows. He licks his lips in confusion. Beraber walks out of the study room and loudly closes the heavy doors behind her. Her grimoire is floating besides her while in her hand she is holding a crumbling parchment decorated with a brightly glowing sentence. You question Beraber - what did she do?

“There are two difficulties with my Edict Magic,” she lazily explains, “One of them is that it is very short lived.”

As if to emphasise her words, the parchment continues to quickly wither away until nothing but golden dust remains beneath her fingers – and even that soon dims. As soon as that happens, shock and horror returns to Aubert’s face. Clumsily, the senile man darts away from the shadows and begins trying to get the door to open.

“N-no, it’s here again. It’s here again,” he mutters to himself as he fails to open the door, “No, no, no…!”

Once again, you return your gaze to the shadows to see and sense… absolutely nothing – even when you concentrate. Beraber is lazily watching Aubert continuously pushing the door to try and escape back into it.

“Beraber, can’t you see he’s terrified? Give him one of your blends before he dies of heart attack.”

Lazily, she gives Aubert the relaxing blend of herbs and berries… it does not seem to help him that much.

“I’m not sure it’s going to help… I don’t understand -what- he is afraid of.”

“What exactly did you tell him to do using your magic?”

“My edict was ‘forget the presence that you are so afraid of’.”

For some reason you feel like you and Beraber are going to botch up this mission worse than the Black Bulls.

> Open the door into the study room and allow Aubert Pouvoir to return inside where he should feel safe.
> Ask Beraber to “issue” another edict using her Edict Magic – let her do it herself or give a suggestion.
> Open your grimoire and use Homely Blanket to calm the man with comfort – perhaps he’ll fall asleep.
> [Write In]
> Ask Beraber to “issue” another edict using her Edict Magic – let her do it herself or give a suggestion.
>Tell her to order us to see the same 'presence' Aubert does

If that doesn't work well...

> Open the door into the study room and allow Aubert Pouvoir to return inside where he should feel safe.
Supporting >>4127793

Maybe we should try to convince him to stay somewhere outside of the mansion, like at an inn, or maybe Gabriel's home or one of his neighbors? It'd at least help us determine if the problem was localized to him or to the mansion.
Supporting this
You turn to Beraber, “Can you use your magic to order us to see the same presence he does?”

Beraber places her mantled hand on Aubert’s shoulder – it makes him scream in fright – before turning her head towards you. Lazily, she shakes her head, “It doesn’t work like that, Cynthia. It will just be a waste of my magic.”

You try to stay calm: it’s not easy with Aubert acting like he’s on a brink of his sanity. “I don’t know how it works.”

She pouts, “Well if I told you it would be uninteresting. Besides, what if we will have to fight someday?”

“Why would we have to fig-”

“Please-please-please open the door,” the owner of the mansion begs as he continues to dangle the door handle.

You frown at Beraber’s uselessness before approaching the door and painfully pushing it with your shoulder. With a heavy creak one of the doors finally bulges and both you and Aubert come rolling into the study room. Beraber steps in and, with a bit an effort of her own, slams the door shut. An extremely powerful honey and burning-paper odour hits your nostrils as you enter. You notice that the entire room is succumbed to a brightness of fifty or more candles located on every table, chair, shelf and corner of the room – a fire hazard, if nothing else; it’s very bright…

Instantly, Aubert dashes to the brightest corner of the room where a massive tower of reading books can be seen.

You keep your fingers close to your grimoire before you glance at the panicking and shacking man questioningly.

“We should be safe here, shouldn’t we?”

“I… I don’t know,” he folds his hands over his chest and darts his head, “There was enough time for it to enter!”

“But –I– don’t feel anything,” Beraber complains as she opens her grimoire to remove another page. “This isn’t working.”

You kneel behind the old person to create some kind of wall between him and the presence inside the shadows.

“What are you doing?” you question Beraber.

“Trust me,” she pauses as she takes a step forwards and to the left to see the owner, “You can try and guess.”

With that motion, she raises the parchment page and, with a breath of a golden dust, she sounds her incantation. “Edict Magic: Honour Word.” You watch as the radian letters begin to magically engrave themselves onto the parchment until a complete ‘edict’ is made and the room is briefly surrounded in a shimmering yellowish sunlit.

‘You promised me you would go to sleep.’ It says; it is so close you are able to read it.

Straight away, Beraber’s page begins to crumble and burn… You feel Aubert calm down and his anxiety cease, he leans against the study shelves and closes his eyes. Because of Pythia’s edict and his fatigue he succumbs to sleep.

Beraber waits until her paper is entirely fizzled out before she leans and picks up Aubert’s untouched meal.
You put some books under Aubert’s head to make him more comfortable. “This is not going to help,” you say as you peek at Beraber, who you find enjoying Gabriel’s cooking. “He’ll be all scared again when he wakes up.”

“I didn’t have any other ideas,” Beraber cuts a piece of leaves and fish with the silverware, “Neither did you?”

“You should be careful with that food – I’m still not entirely sure it is safe.”

“It tastes too good to be some kind of venom,” she chews it hungrily, “Besides, Gabriel wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“We just met him, and he refused to let him use your magic on him.”

“He’s just acting hard to get, Cynthia. I’m surprised you are so blind to it.”

You sigh, “I feel like he never left the mansion grounds since he started feeling this ‘presence’. He will be scared, but I feel that if we try to isolate him from the manor we might get a clue if the one at fault is him or this house.”

Beraber penetrates another portion of the food, “Then it’s perfect. He’s asleep so we can just carry him to an inn.”

You hesitate, “I am not sure he is going to appreciate it that much – and if it doesn’t help it’ll end up very badly.”

The woman switches between the legs hanging on her knee. “We have all night to ourselves, Cynthia. Think…”

Is Beraber right? You don’t know. Aubert is a noble, how will he appreciate everything two commoner girls did so far – including pulling him outside his safety room and eating one of the two meals he gets a day? Unhappily.
You perk your eyebrow as a sudden yet quiet noise echoes the corridors of the manor. You take a deep breath and concentrate, leaning closer to the locked door. You focus in an attempt to feel anything that is unfamiliar to you.

You can’t sense any foreign mana or magic, at least nothing too close by.

> Stay quietly inside the study room and wait patiently to see if it was your imagination or not.
> Beraber didn’t seem to notice anything. Are you paranoid? Ask her to patrol outside until Aubert wakes up.
> Ask Beraber to stay with Aubert and go patrol the mansion by yourself.
> Leave Aubert alone in the study room surrounded the motherly glow of the candles. Take Beraber for a patrol.
> Must be your imagination. Ask Beraber to help you to carry Aubert to the closest inn; hope nobody will see you.
> [Write In]
> Ask Beraber to stay with Aubert and go patrol the mansion by yourself.

hmm might as well, we might see whatever it is that he is scared of
>> Ask Beraber to stay with Aubert and go patrol the mansion by yourself.
>>> Stay quietly inside the study room and wait patiently to see if it was your imagination or not.
You place your hand on the oaken door. You stand up from your crouching position. You glance at Beraber.

“I think I heard something,” you inform her as you pat your grimoire’s pouch, “I think it’ll be best if I check it.”

Beraber finishes Aubert’s dinner and places the empty plate on the surface of an exotic and expensive table. The woman rubs her stomach in satisfaction and, while you do your best to hide it, you are a bit jealous because of how delicious she made that fish look. “I am going with you as well, Cynthia,” Beraber raises her hands in a yawn.

You nudge your head towards Aubert, “We need somebody to stay and keep an eye on him.”

“He’ll be alright, there’s nothing here that will harm him.”

“We don’t know that,” you assert, “He might wake up to be just as scared as before. Your magic will work best.”

She hems and slaps her ankles, “Curse my useful and interesting magic. Let me guess… it will just be some wind?”

“It might be the presence the owner keeps talking about,” you dreadfully stroke your arm with your fingers. You shake your head and take another deep breathe, “Or nothing at all but it is still best to check it out. I’ll be quick.”

“I hope you will be,” Beraber mutters to herself as she darts one of the books in the middle of the unstable tower – by some miracle, she manages to keep it from collapsing. “I’ll be busy here checking what nobles read about…”

You give her an uneasy nod before you vehemently push one of the heavy oaken doors open once more and leave the study room. You wince as the welcoming brightness of the chamber is replaced by almost-pitch darkness and a hulking smell of dust and clamminess. You raise the trembling candle in your lantern to give yourself some gleam.

You turn your head left and right attempting to find the source of the sound… there is no mana and there is no noise. After a brief thought you decide to stroll back to the humongous staircases of the manor. Your keep your pace slow – you make sure to check every hidden curve of the corridors you pass. You ponder on what it could be?

You suddenly stop once you hear a quiet noise, then another: a ringing duo of footsteps. Holding your breath you nudge behind one of the taller stone-bust displays before wrapping your scarf around the lantern to dim the light and melt yourself into the shadows. You push the hanging linen lid of your pouch as you take out your grimoire…

You wait as the sound of the footsteps grows louder, only to suddenly weaken. Finally, you are able to feel a weak magical aura… no, two of them. They both continue to wallow through the darkness until you can hear their voice.

It is too dark to get a good grasp of how they look.

“Why didn’t we bring any torches or candles?” a boyish voice interrupts the hanging quietness.
“Because I care less about you stumbling about something than getting caught,” a womanly voice answers.

The boy grumbles, “Are you absolutely sure there is nobody here?”

“I don’t believe I said that?” the woman responds sarcastically before she forces the boy to stop in front of a wall – as if inspecting it. Her cough is incredibly loud. “The manor’s owner is still here, but he doesn’t leave his room.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Well, you know, I’m just guessing,” the woman replies with another joyful sarcasm before her tone of voice returns to normal, “Idiot, everyone in the town knows about this. The manor’s last servants all quit weeks ago.”

“But I remember seeing Magic Knights going inside this mansion weeks ago. They were Crimson Lions, in fact!”

“Oh, so you were actually paying attention,” she says, “Yes, there were a few. Nothing has changed since their visit – I don’t know or care why. It should be safe, I’m sure even the Magic Knights gave up on him…” You hear a grunt and a huff and then a quiet clang as the boy climbs the woman’s shoulders and reaches for the paintings.

If you have to fight them your scarf is not strong enough to deal actual damage to mages.

> Wait patiently for the duo to do finish and, once they’ll be unable to see you, call Beraber to assist you.
> Leave the duo to be. You are not a fighter and your mission was not to protect the mansion. Return back.
> If you do not hurry they might escape. Make an attempt to slip pass them to call Beraber for assistance.
> Stand up from the shadows to reveal yourself – hopefully you can scare the duo to leave with no conflict.
> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell. [Please specify which spell and in what way you want to use it]
> [Write In]

>Please consider leaving a comment with your prompt selection!
>> If you do not hurry they might escape. Make an attempt to slip pass them to call Beraber for assistance.

we have no idea about what magic they have, one of them could have a magic that counters ours
>> Stand up from the shadows to reveal yourself – hopefully you can scare the duo to leave with no conflict.
> Speak loudly enough for Beraber to hear us.
>> If you do not hurry they might escape. Make an attempt to slip pass them to call Beraber for assistance.
Could we launch our scarf at the boy and drag him into darkness? How hard would it be to do?
>I'll update a bit later today.

>Impossible without the woman noticing, and he'll get an easy roll to try and avoid but if he fails it'll be possible to drag him towards you.
You push yourself low to the ground, your hands facing forwards to soften your head. You snuff the candle wick before you gently put away the lantern. You keep a patient pause until – or so you hope – the pair is too occupied with stealing gold-framed oil paintings to notice you. You try to avoid raising your head any higher as you quietly sidestep away from the pillar. You cannot let them rob your requestor – that is out of the question! There are two of them there, you will need a backup in case one of them has a magic which perfectly counters yours. Beraber…

“What did you see there?” the woman loudly questions when she, presumably, notices the boy acting strange.

“N-nothing… I thought I saw something moving,” he whispers back lifelessly.

“I hope it was not a rat,” she holds a more than unnecessary pause, “I hate rats.”

“I-I know, me too.”

You shake your head as you place your hand on the dark wall of the cold limestone corridor. You bite your lips to avoid yelping because of the uncomfortable sogginess your fingers discover growing on the surface of the wall. Continuing with your slow pace, it takes you a minute to reach the burning candle sconce and the study room doors. You frown in pain as you finally allow yourself to stand up and straighten your back and neck. Trying to make as little noise as possible you gradually turn the handle and then weave your scarf to assist with opening.

There, you find Beraber holding a rich book. She is slacking on an exquisite dangling chair while the owner is asleep.

“Cynthia,” Beraber exclaims in a raised tone of voice before you push your finger to your lips to emphasise the need for silence. You need to catch them off-guard. She immediately closes the book to look at you instead – doesn’t seem that interesting. “You won’t believe how many horror books there are in this room, Cynthia.”

“Not the time,” you shake your head.

“Did you actually fight somebody?” she pauses uncomfortably, “He wasn’t making it up… was it a giant spider?!”

“Keep calm,” you push your hands, “I did not fight anybody but there are intruders in this mansion right now.”

“Intruders?” she echoes you as she gently hits the edges of the book against the table and then puts it away. “Do you think they are the presence this noble keeps babbling about? It’s too absurd to be just a bunch of thieves.”

“No, I don’t think they are the ‘presence in the shadows’, but they are still robbing this man as we speak.”

Beraber lazily spits out a munched ball of weeds and berries which she wraps into a piece of paper she puts away.

“I’m a pacifist, I hate fighting,” she says, “Our mission is to solve why the owner is seeing things – that is all.”

You pucker your brows, “You are right, but do you think the Captain will be happy if we let him get robbed?”
Beraber pauses and then – with a visible disappointment – she scowls. She sighs and nods, “You are right…”

The woman stands up, covers her head with her incredibly loose cowl and then takes out her grimoire. You share a glance at Aubert who is still soundly asleep – he has been in this room by himself for a couple of weeks now, nothing will happen to him while you go outside. After a short uncertainty you take the key off his hands so that he does not lock himself by the time you arrive. You silently lead Beraber to the beginning of the broad staircase.

Before you can mutter some sort of plan to Beraber, she steps away from the shadows by flaring up her grimoire.

“I don’t like this – let’s settle it without violence,” she says as she removes a page. “Edict Magic: Honour Word.”

As soon as her incantation is said, you turn in panic – that is too reckless! Of course, the figures below notice both you and Beraber as well. Naturally, both of their grimoires are sent floating in the air by their side. Each of their grimoires soon begins to illuminate a distinct and bright glow which reveals their bodies and faces. The boy’s grimoire submerges him in a yellowish-white light; he is no older than you. His companion is a woman in her late teens; her grimoire is already wide open and is sizzling out sparkles of magic. She doesn’t bother to wait a second.

“Cement Magic: Grey Sludge,” her voice echoes as she connects both of her wrists together and opens her palms towards Beraber. Like whirlwind her mana gathers in front of her hands in shape of a ball. Then, like massive horizontal cyclone of grayish substance, it burst towards Pythia. However, the boy begins rushing forwards just a few seconds before the woman casts her spell. As if with no motive, he stops in front of Beraber to shield her…

“What are -” the woman’s eyes open wide before she puts her hands away from Beraber. The massive barrage of her cement magic changes its course just in time to avoid hitting her comrade – instead it connects with the wall.

“What are you doing, Glym?!” she shouts at the boy immediately after. Her cement begins to very quickly petrify.

“I-I-I don’t know!” the boy yells back before he looks at his hands and then, awkwardly, at the smiling Beraber.

In her hands the edict parchment finishing completely crumbling into a bright golden dust.

> Yell to Beraber to focus on the woman while you will handle the boy. Use your scarf to try and shackle him.
> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell. [Please specify which spell and in what way you want to use it]
> Make sure your Blue Rose emblem is visible and then calmly ask the duo to peacefully surrender.
> [Write In]
>> Make sure your Blue Rose emblem is visible and then calmly ask the duo to peacefully surrender.
lets try and save our mana
>> Make sure your Blue Rose emblem is visible and then calmly ask the duo to peacefully surrender.
You stroke and straighten your undersized bluish cape to display the centrepiece emblem of your blue flower.

“We are the Magic Knights of the Blue Rose,” you announce as you lift your grimoire to illuminate your clothes and your face, “You have been caught in the middle of a robbery – for your own safety I suggest you surrender.”

The boy’s eyes are hidden by the shadow of his afro-like orange bushy hair. He winces and awkwardly looks at his companion – a girl Tugela’s age whose hair is slightly shorter than yours but, at the same time, appear more fire-like. You have no doubts now – they are no regular commoners. Both of them are wearing clothes from a mix of cream-copper silk and linen fabrics that are intricately decorated with glimmering magical jewel-stone thread.

“Firaa!” the boy yells to his companion before her bloodshot eyes force him to yelp in distress and shut up. He nods and turns around towards Beraber as his hands tightly grab both the edges of his grimoire to spread it open just before her. “Glue Magic: Sticky Trilobites,” he nippily whispers as his yellowish-white magic begins to drop on the stone ground like some ooze. Beraber’s reacts with a visible worry: she takes a step back and takes out a page.

She is unable to do it in time. From the white sludge two scorpion-like creatures with hard turtle-like shells are spawned above the ground and thrown towards your companion – they are as big as your head! With a vigilant dodge Beraber somehow manages to evade one of them but another clings to her elbow like a maple leaf. From the sheer speed and weight the creature forces her to fall on the ground. As soon as her elbow connects with the stone floor the ‘trilobite’ explodes and transforms into an extremely adhesive sludge. Beraber scuffles to move.

You turn to Firaa who is already weaving another one of her spells…

“Why do you Magic Knights care so much about this mansion?!” she yells in annoyance.

> “You are asking the wrong question. How low you have to be to rob a defenceless old man?”
> “Your clothes look as expensive as those paintings – if not more – surely you are not doing this for the money?”
> “Your companion clearly doesn’t want to do this. If you continue to fight, we will put you both in prison.”
> “Cool down. Surrender and leave and everyone can forget all of this ever happened. That sounds reasonable?”
> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell. [Please specify which spell and in what way you want to use it]
> [Write In]

>Sorry for the delay, I'm a bit tired after a flight.
> “Your clothes look as expensive as those paintings – if not more – surely you are not doing this for the money?”
>cast weighted blanket and try to restrain them
> You'll have to pick which one of them you want to try and restrain as you only have one blanket.
the male
>> “You are asking the wrong question. How low do you have to be to rob a defenseless old man?”
>> “Your clothes look as expensive as those paintings – if not more – surely you are not doing this for the money?”
> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell.
>> Use Weighted Blanket to restrain the woman. If it works, order the boy to undo his glue magic binding Beraber.
changing vote to this
sure this
>Hello everyone. Sorry but there will be no update today but I'll make sure to make one tomorrow. Once again, sorry.
That's okay, looking forward to then!
Loudly, your open grimoire flips through a number of pages until the spell you require is found and the letters begin to illuminate with silver fire. You raise your wand from your small satchel and point it towards the woman.

You demand: “You are asking the wrong question. How low do you have to be to rob a defenceless old man?”

The red haired woman too, lets her grimoire engulf in grey fire. She pulls the magic from the pages to form a ball.

“Why do you care?!” she grunts, “He’s not even looking at it anymore – We just wanted to make some money.”

“It is my job to stop criminals like you,” you exhale before a burst of magic is sent barraging from the tip of you wand towards the woman before she can finish preparing her own spell. “Linen Magic: Weighted Blanket!”

“Cement Magic-!” the woman’s tries to counter-attack but is unable to. Rapidly, the threads manifested from your mana form a glistering dark-gray blanket. The long, harsh and rigid cloth catches Firaa unprepared and so, it easily and completely shackles her into a cocoon; you make sure to leave her with no exposed mouth to cast her spells.

It will be hard to talk to her like that. Like a sack of tatters your blanket drops on the floor raising a cloud of dust.

You turn towards Beraber who is having much harder time against her opponent. The second scorpion-like creature made of glue clings to Beraber’s second arm before she can reach for her grimoire - it restraints her.

He gasps once he realizes that you have your wand now pointed at him. Visibly uncomfortable, he turns around.

“Stop what you are doing and release her.” Your voice is serious yet calm. You gently wave the wand a few times.

“I-I told her it was a bad idea!” the boy shouts as he awkwardly holds both of his hands to his open grimoire.

“We can talk once you free her – don’t worry, I won’t harm you,” you say.

“Edict Magic: Honour Word.” Both you and the boy wince once you heard Beraber announce her spell. While she is still completely glued to the floor, her magical grimoire has safely levitated to her fingers – close enough for her to take out another slowly burning sheet of parchment. You can’t see what the edict is – what an annoying magic.

In panic, the boy begins to flip through his grimoire only to suddenly stop, turn towards his companion and break into tears. “I didn’t want to come here; it was entirely her idea! It was a big mistake; you don’t need to arrest us!”

Your Blanket will disintegrate in a minute – maybe less if Firaa can free herself – you need to act quickly.
> “We can talk this over once you free my companion and hang me your grimoire.”
> “We are not going to arrest you. If you and your friend surrender, we can talk this over.”
> “I can’t make promises. All I can say is that if you continue to fight back the punishment will be harsher.”
> Open your grimoire and cast a magical spell. [Please specify which spell and in what way you want to use it]
> [Write In]

> Please roll 1d10+10 – best of three – for the cost of the previous spell: [Linen Magic: Weighted Blanket]
Rolled 1 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

>> “We can talk this over once you free my companion and hand me your grimoire.”
>> “We are not going to arrest you. If you and your friend surrender, we can talk this over.”
>> “We are not going to arrest you. If you and your friend surrender, we can talk this over.”

no need to roll since the anon above got the best possible outcome
> You spend 11 mana.
> Mana [74/130]

“We can talk this over once you free my companion and hand me your grimoire.” You insist with a gentle voice.

His eyes squeeze with panic as he nervously clenches his book closer to his chest. His eyes water as he looks at the wrapped-up yet struggling blanket cocoon. Beraber frowns; her grimoire lights up as she takes out another page…

Sternly, you shake your head at Beraber – the boy will be easier to deal with than his acquaintance. You sense the magic inside your cloth: you can feel the girl struggling to unwrap herself without much of a chance to actually do so. You have some time until your ‘Weighted Blanket’ will begin to break down. You raise your eyes at the flustered boy and, to show no ill will, you lower your wand. Your grimoire gently lowers to hover by your side.

“We are not going to arrest you. If you and your friend surrender, we can talk this over.”

“It was a mistake,” he repeats with a heavy and trembling sigh, “I-I can’t speak for Firaa, I-I didn’t say her name,” he stares back at the blanket. After a brief hesitation and Beraber’s loud harrumph, he nods his head in defeat and slowly sways his hand. The strong glue holding both of Beraber’s elbows to the floor turns all-gooey and vanishes.

She lazily stands up from floor with her grimoire in her hands. She walks to the boy to swiftly nick his grimoire.

“If you want to have any luck in the future, I don’t suggest you use your magic to glue girls to the ground like that.”

The boy – Glym – looks in confusion at Beraber but decides against arguing. “I am s-sorry for that…”

Beraber eyebrows rise as she frowns, “And here I thought I’d have to use my magic to make you apologize.”

You turn around and raise your wand once you sense your blanket complexly breaking apart into the mouldy air.

“You damn commoner…” the red-haired woman pushes her hand against the hard floor to stand up and face you.

“Edict Magic: Binding Oath,” Beraber eagerly acts before you as she takes out another one of her pages. A powerful presence tremors like a gale of wind as she does so. Firaa, the girl, stumbles and glares daggers at her.

“That will not work…” she grinds her teeth and puts her palm on the cover of her grimoire, “What a weak magic!”

Beraber tilts her head as if in apology, “The second weakness is that strong mages can try and ignore my edicts…” Her lips twirl in a rather twisted and cruel smile, “It is not the case right now however, Cynthia.” The letters glow.

The three of you watch as Firaa’s eyes suddenly widen in shock. Struggling, she closes her rather heavy looking grimoire and smacks it against her face with full force. She stumbles in pain but continues to do so several more times until Beraber’s parchment page is completely crumbled. Firaa’s face is bruised and her nose is bleeding…
“Please stop hurting her!” the boy begs Beraber as he grabs into her hand. She hems disappointingly at nobody.

“What are you doing, Glym?!” the woman demands as her legs bend and wobble, “Why aren’t you fighting?”

“P-please sister,” he desperately looks at you and then back at Firaa, “They are Magic Knights, we can’t win here.”

“We don’t have a choice,” she exhales – finally finding her balance. She raises her silk sleeve to rub her tearful eyes. “They are going to put us in prison now – and they know how we look. We have to kill them, now!” She sends a powerful surge of magic across her grimoire. “They are commoners; they should be out of mana soon!”

With a strange grin, Beraber pushes the boy away. “We are not going to fight, but I can humiliate you a bit more.”

> Should you let them go? They are nobles: it is going to be a problem to simply arrest them; perhaps, a fine?

> Kindly ask her to not do anything foolish. Tell the same thing you told her brother – ‘You won’t go to prison.’
> Threaten with a serious tone of voice to hurt her brother if she does not surrender. Point your wand at him.
> Offer to heal the non-major injuries in good faith. Explain and promise that you are not going to arrest them.
> Step away and let Beraber handle this. Hopefully, she can use her Edict Magic to convince her to give up.
> There is no use talking with her like this. Wrap Firaa in another Weighted Blanket to make her unable to fight.
> [Write In]

>Yep, that was a very lucky and good roll!
> Offer to heal the non-major injuries in good faith. Explain and promise that you are not going to arrest them.
>> Offer to heal the non-major injuries in good faith. Explain and promise that you are not going to arrest them.
> [Write In]
>> Beraber, did you not say that you were a pacifist mere minutes ago? There's nothing to be gained by turning this into a fight.
> There is no use talking with her like this. Wrap Firaa in another Weighted Blanket to make her unable to fight.

You push down your palm to calm Beraber down. That is enough – you resolve. Your brown-red eyes jib over the loose bluish mantle of Beraber and her surprisingly excited face. “You have a strange understanding of the word ‘pacifism’, Beraber; let’s not fight,” you say once you make sure her grimoire is safely put back in her book-pouch.

She looks at you with a surprised expression and raises her shoulders in a shrug. “I hate violence – it’s not a lie.” She folds her arms and corks her elbow to point at the huffing woman, “I don’t want to hurt her, or have her hurt me – that’s a ‘pain’,” she chuckles softly at her own pun, “But if she hurts and humiliates herself – that’s alright!”

You gaze back at her with confusion. You open your grimoire…

“I can clearly see what you are doing!” she encysts more of her cement magic above her own soaring grimoire.

“Wait-wait-wait,” you compose yourself as you step forwards. A brilliant silver light engulfs your fingers as you wet your lips. “I made a promise to your brother (?) that we are not going to arrest you. I won’t harm you here.”

“So what are you trying to do then?” she frowns, “You were the ones who attacked us – why should I trust you?”

“I trust her,” Glym mutters. He approaches his sister and tucks her sleeve, “You will be making it harder, Firaa!”

Firaa’s growl echoes the halls. She claps her hands against her hips and sighs, “Fine. What are you trying to do?”

You roll your eyes and raise your hand. “Linen Magic: Homely Blanket.” You hope that the name of the spell will speak for itself. Thread by thread brightly glowing pearl-white linen arises from your mana. You gently wave the blanket above Firaa’s face injuries and, after she takes a step back and realizes there is no dangerous sorcery surrounding the cloth, she allows you to use it like a warm sauna towel. She grunts as her wounds begin to heal.

“I knew it,” Firaa winces as she grabs into your cloth and tries to pull it off, “You were trying to put me to sleep!”

“No,” you say with brief irritation. You allow her to toss the blanket away; all of her blood and bruises are gone.

She refuses to get rid of her grimoire – despite your words, promises and actions she is still clinging to her magic.

“So what now?” she asks both you and Beraber before she takes a step back, “We are just going to leave then.”

You pause for a thought as you turn to Beraber for some guidance. She wickedly nods at her pouch – you shake your head. You turn back at the older of the siblings – the cement mage. “Why were you trying to rob Aubert?”

Glym fails to hide his sob, “We are a minor noble family – we just needed money, I s-swe-agh!”

Firaa smacks him upside the head and then painfully squeezes his shoulders, “They know enough. We’re leaving.”
“Have you encountered something like a heavy presence that is hiding in the darkness and hunting you - here?”

Glym gulps and clears his throat. He stares at the deep shadows, visibly uncomfortable, “I-is there one here?”

“No, neither me nor him have encountered anything of that sort,” she says, “We were here for the paintings.”

You push your hands in front of you, “The owner of this mansion is suffering through… I can’t exactly say what, as I do not understand it myself... He’s seeing scary and dangerous things walking the halls and climbing over the stone walls.” You contemplate, “I want to see if the mansion is at fault for this or not. Can you offer him a room?”

“I refuse,” Firaa quickly cuts you as she continues to walk away.

“She’s not going to arrest you,” Beraber echo your words once again, “I do know your names and that you live nearby. Certainly, it is not just you in your noble family. We’ll have to tell your father you tried to rob this man.”

Glym’s eyes widen as he grabs Firaa by her hand in panic. Even the woman’s usually serious expression appears distressed. She narrows her eyes at you and pulls her grimoire higher, “I guess I will still have to kill you two.”

You strike your fingers against the engravings of your wand, “This is the least you can do after trying to rob him.”

Glym looks at Firaa’s burning eyes and your stance with panic. He pulls her away and whispers something to her.

You watch her face grimace with an unhappy expression. With visibly annoyance she pushes the boy away with a single shove and –finally – closes her grimoire tight. Reluctantly, she nods towards Beraber, “We will wait here…”

Folded. You appreciate Firaa’s decision with a silent nod of your own. You are the last person to return your grimore to your pouch. Beraber begins to follow you without any call – at least she knows you are going to need her. The two of you quickly return back the study room. After another struggle with the door you find him inside.

He is still soundly asleep. The upper part of his body is lying on the cold floor with his legs now resting and rocking on the chair. You approach the man but decide against waking him up – it’s best not to trouble him too much. While he looks very hungry after those last few months, he is still a plump and timeworn noble. He’s heavy. You take one of his hands over your shoulders and neck and wait until Beraber succumbs to offer you some assistance.

“Beraber, can you make sure to put him back to sleep if he wakes up by accident?”

“You should guess,” she smiles but you are not impressed. She pouts, “Probably yes, I guess I still have mana left.”
“Good,” you nod approvingly at Pythia. You curse when you eventually reach the stairs – you can’t sense any linen clothes Aubert could be wearing – perhaps, all of it is silk. Thankfully, you now have your enriched linen with you. After additionally folding your long battle-scarf in form of a long body pillow you put it under Aubert to assist you.

With the help of your magic and your scarf, you and Beraber manage to easily carry Aubert to the end of the long staircase and then the open door of the mansion where you find both Firaa and Glym impatiently waiting for you.

They are very unhappy with this turn of events, and it’s understandable. Trying to avoid appearing like kidnappers you continue carrying the owner of the mansion in the middle of the evening – it’ll be too noticeable with broom.

It takes you about twenty minutes to reach yet another, neighbouring mansion – the trope to here skips the living centre street of Hecairo from where the rest of the town spreads. Despite being ‘minor nobles’, the house of the two siblings – at least visually – is just barely smaller than Auberts’. With an iron gate the same size but with a much less intricate design the boy and the girl quietly open it to let you inside. Firaa hushes you to keep silence.

They do not light up any lights – they are doing this outside of their father’s knowledge. You follow the tight white-brick corridors until, eventually, you reach a specific door that looks like the ones previously. Firaa glances to her sides before she finally opens and lets you inside. Neither she nor Glym enter. Firaa says it’s a guest room.

She adds with annoyed croak, “It is just for one single night, Magic Knight. It’s our dusted off deal, understand?”

You nod.

It is a noble’s room – it is incredibly impressive. There is a single standing brazier located not far from the door – the strange bluish firewood in the brazier is whistling yet not burning. Opalescent purple draperies with emblazoned edges hang over the deep but small rectangle windows and make the room appear as if it is stuck in permanent twilight. A massive round and verdigris-hued rug with amethyst adorned tips – like a sun – is there in the centre of the room. On top of the rug there is a king-sized bed with pillow and blankets of the same colour…

You and Beraber put the man on top of the bed. You no longer force yourself to contain the magic in your scarf – you release and free it, only to have some of it cling back to your body and some of it mix with the world’s mana.

After a short discussion you agree to switch with Beraber every two hours as to keep eye on Aubert and catch some sleep. Either because he was so tired or because Beraber’s magic is that powerful, but Aubert sleeps through the entire night without a moan or a nightmare. He wakes up when only a few minutes are left before the sunrise.
Beraber is still sleeping in her own makeshift bed of pillows – it was hard to convince her to let you use it.

“This… is a strange place,” Aubert hushes as his face pales. “I-is this the afterlife, d-did it get you too!?”

You shake your head and softly yet understanding smile at the owner of the mansion, “No, it didn’t. We are currently inside the mansion of your neighbours, Mr Aubert. Right now, here, can you feel the eldritch presence?”

He pauses. He grips tightly into the sheets. He gulps and begins to speak – his teeth are trembling – “Yes…”

You sigh in loss. Once again, you raise your hand and open your palm to try to sense anything in here. Nothing.

“It is here… somewhere,” he begins to shiver, “I-I swear I can feel it. I feel… it feels strangely quiter t-today.”

“Your problem might be the mansion,” you say, “After spending a few months there you are still stressed out.”

“B-but I lived in that mansion all my life, Magic Knight. It was not a problem until three months ago. I’m not going to demolish or sell it,” his voice becomes just a bit firmer, “It is ‘the’ Pouvoir mansion, you need to free it…!”

> While others have tried healing Aubert’s sickness with their healing magic, maybe you will have a better luck.
> Perhaps it is just a very strange manifestation of his stress. Insist that Mr Aubert should take a two week break.
> Ask Aubert is he knows anything about the ingredients Gabriel is using for his meals. You have the spice on you.
> Gabriel is not aware about the fact that Aubert is spending his night here. Find and tell him to bring the meal here.
> [Write In]

> Please roll 1d10+10 – best of three – for the cost of the previous spell: [Linen Magic: Homely Blanket]
Rolled 1 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

> While others have tried healing Aubert’s sickness with their healing magic, maybe you will have a better luck.
>> Discreetly use one of our crickets to amplify our magic, then cast Cloths of Solace on Aubert.
> Ask Aubert if he knows anything about the ingredients Gabriel is using for his meals. You have the spice on you.
> [Write In]
>> Beraber ate his meal yesterday, wake her up and ask if she feels any different.

Damn, I would have hoped to have gotten more conclusive information after he was taken out of the mansion. We've still got a day to try and figure things out, so I guess it's time to start throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.
you did it again
Blessed dice, my dude.
>Hello. I am currently working on an update and a new thread but it will take a bit more. Just a heads up.

> New Thread! Man, the board is suddenly much quicker.

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