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File: milktraining.jpg (42 KB, 837x630)
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>You are Son Gohan, son of Earth’s heroes, Maple and Goku.

>WARNING: This is a spin-off of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Should be fairly self-contained, a single adventure and all, but knowing the lore helps.

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here. In fact, quick recap of new faces, dead faces, and not dead faces: Your sister’s an expy of Note from Dragon Ball Heroes and hella gay, your cousin’s an expy of Anlucea from Dragon Quest X sorta and very Ohohohojo-sama, your mom and uncle are new to the setting and standard dragon ball human quest protags but shorter and tuffer, Raditz not dead, Nappa not dead, Ginyu Force not dead, wanted war criminal General Blue not dead, Android 19 not dead but is a cute girl, Android 16 not dead but also hates you and everyone you care about, Dabura not dead and shacking up in his sister’s living room until they get the whole Demon Realm succession crisis sorted out, Buu isn’t even woken up (small thanks to you, scrub), and… you are dead! Yup, you died just recently. What are you doing on Earth?

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:

>Have some fun or whatever.

“Yaaaawwwnnn,” you yawn. You stretch your arms and walk out into the desert sun, blinking away the whiteness until the world returns. Around you is the Palace of Fortuneteller Baba, your Great Great Aunt, one of those “greats” delivered with thumbs up. Speaking of the baba yaga, she floats beside you on a crystal ball.

“Tired?” she asks.

You shake your head, “Nah, just woke up. Who knew even the dead need rest?”

A broom that was sweeping sand away stops its motions, and floats over to you! “MeeeEEeee~!” shouts Phanny, a blue ghost girl who appears out of the air, holding the broom. “Hey Gohan, what are yoooOOOooou doing here?”

“Hey Phanny, and actually… don’t know?” You turn to Baba, “Why am I here?”

The wizened old lady replies, “A client bought a day pass for you, seeking to enlist your services.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Oh, for real? Uh, doing what, for who, and why me in particular?”

Fortuneteller Baba nods, “Indeed, for real. Your friend Lime needs you to deliver something for her.”

You nod, “Huh, okay…” You wonder a bit on how Lime could even afford the Day Pass, but ask the more pressing question, “Why me though? Surely it would be easier and cheaper to get someone else to deliver it.”

Fortuneteller Baba averts her eyes, awkwardly coughing into her hand. Strangely, this causes Phantasma to look at her in alarm. Baba waves off her employee’s concern, and says to you, “Have you heard any news of Earth recently? Or, spoken with any of the recently dead?”

You shake your head, “Nope, came straight here from the Check-In Office.” As Baba nods and thinks how best to put her next words, you glance around the Palace, not noticing much activity. With your ki senses you don’t even feel the usual line of people out to enlist Baba’s services. “Huh, slow day?”

Phanny scoffs, “Slow MONTH if we’re lucky.”


Baba explains, “Gohan, the Earth is in a bit of a pickle.”

“A pickle jar, more like,” Phanny pouts as she gets back to sweeping.

Baba continues, “Recently, a pandemic has spread across the Earth, and the World Government has issued a state of quarantine in every city and town. Most of the population is staying in their homes to combat the spread until the World Government comes up with a solution. This includes most of the Earth Self Defense Force.”

“Oh,” you say. “Uh, where did this pandemic come from?”

“Well, rumor has it that it originated from Octagon Village but that’s beside the point, what matters is that for what Lime has in store for you, you can do precisely because you are dead. Dead people don’t get diseases. That’s also why I have Phantasma working as part of the Skeleton Crew.”

“Heh, spooky. Okay, I’ll go see Lime then.”

Baba cuts in front of you and reaches into her sleeve. She pulls out a Scouter and gives it to you. “I would recommend calling her.”

>RECEIVED: Scouter! Can make long distance calls through Atmosphere and Space, tell how strong an opponent is and where they are, and make you look like a geek.

You say your goodbyes and step out of the Palace into the desert, booting up your Scouter.

Who you gonna call?
>A. Lime
>B. Your Family
>C. Write-in
>D. This whole thing’s probably just way overblown, go directly to Lime’s house.
You must be mistaken, it's """son-mahogany"""
>A. Lime
You dial up your old friend and new employer, best to see what she wants you to do in the time you’ll be on Earth.


She answers, “Gohan! Hi! Listen, can you do me a flavor~?”

“You summoned me from beyond the grave, Lime. Whatchu need?”

“…I need you to deliver some things for me.”

“Sounds easy enough?”

“They need to be intact and present on arrival…”

“Of course.”

“They need to be at the destination in a timely manner, not instantaneously but as fast as a shipping run...”


“Aaaaaaaand, I need you to deliver them from West City to East City through the Great Sea, a route that no one has gone on and come out the other end, all of them never to be seen or heard from again.”


“See, I figured that if I sent one of the Earth Self Defense Force people along the route, they could figure out what made it so dangerous, and maybe fix it. Then, I would be the discoverer and main user of a new trade route, (getting me enough money to pay back that loan I took from Baba), and my family’s store would gain a reputation among the world for dealing out goods in this trying time, making us popular, Popular, POPULAR!”


“So that’s why I need you as one of the only strong guys not shut up inside a house to go see what’s wrong with the route, fix it, and deliver the goods!”

“Well, I don’t have anything planned for today. Sure.”

>Deliver the Goods
>See what’s up with the Great Sea
>Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it! …Fix it, fix it, fix it!
>Don’t use up all your boojuice before you do those things, you’ll be sent back to Otherworld lickity-split and Lime will lose all her money, and a distance will arise between the two of you that will likely never be able to be bridged.

“Great! I’m counting on you~!” cheers Lime with a sense of overwhelming positivity that sends a shiver down your spine. "Just head on over to Capsule Corp, the Goods are there with your special someone~"

You blush and pout.

"She also said she had some new gadgets to help you carry everything, not that I doubt you could bench the moon, just that I doubt you could bench sixteen little moons at the same time. Have fun, but most importantly, do all the things I said to do, my indentured servant!"


"Okay, okay, my 'trusted employee.' Also, uh... I'm happy to hear from you. I, well, missed you... Good luck!" she ends the call.

Well, you have a Mission!
>A. Proceed to Capsule Corp
>B. Call someone else (who?)
>C. Write-in
(I'm gonna sleep for a bit, then I'll be back.)
>A. Proceed to Capsule Corp

>Don’t use up all your boojuice before you do those things, you’ll be sent back to Otherworld lickity-split and Lime will lose all her money, and a distance will arise between the two of you that will likely never be able to be bridged.
...Or we can just promise to cover the bill for her if we screw it up. But let's not mention that unless it looks likely.
>>A. Proceed to Capsule Corp
File: Pantea.jpg (1.47 MB, 1500x2118)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
You fly over to Capsule Corp, the journey taking about 10 minutes with you making a conscious effort not to use more ki than necessary in mind of this body's limits. When you touch down in front of the building, several automated miniguns pop out of the ground beside the sidewalk.


...maybe if you knocked really quick,

"CHANGING ARMAMENT FROM 'Stun Gun' TO 'Sick Stick.'"

A drop of sweat rolls down your face.

"FIRING IN 3. 2. 1- Shutting off. Have a nice day!~"

"GOHAN!!!" shouts your best friend in the whole wide world, Pantea Briefs, a tech-wizard and decent martial artist (given the heights your mother's generation set). She runs around the side of the building, and you see she's wearing a suit that seems more like it's for a rainy day on Venus. After she uses a cloth to wipe the grease on her glove off, she rustles your hair. "Good to see you! Come 'round the back, I have a few things to show off."

"A few things" turns out to be like fifty different projects, each schematic the work of a madman with only their own mind as a sounding board. Among the mad designs which received time and resources, she presents to you two she finished. One's a metallic pallet floating off the ground with a plasteel box on it, "This container should be hard enough to withstand a MOAB's payload, and the hover technology should float easily over any surface no matter how wet or dry." Then, in the garage's drydock, she unveils a submarine. "This is the RIN-5, rated five stars in safety, speed, and submersitude!"

>RECEIVED: Hover Pallet, RIN-5

"Oh, and the Goods haven't been loaded yet, been sorta preoccupied with my other babies. I can help you load them though!"

>A. Load the Goods and get going
>B. Ask Pantea some questions (note: any questions about her other inventions won't make sense to the unenlightened (I'm not an inventor, but if there's an gizmo you want from her I'll see of I can fit it in)) or say anything else you wanna say before you go
>C. Write-in
>B. Ask her if there's any hits to what's going on with this route.
>A. Load the Goods and get going
>C. Afterwards call mom and tell her what's up, and that if we screw up bad and end up despawning to please settle Lime's debt.
File: EZ BREEZ.jpg (999 KB, 1720x1214)
999 KB
999 KB JPG
"Pantea, do you know anything about the Great Sea that I should know?"

"Well, all accounts of the Great Sea say that no one who goes through there is seen from again, but Capsule Corp has definitely heard from our (former) employees while they were in there. Just a sec, let me see if I can find a recording…" she figures with a touchpad until she finds an audio file.

"-ayday, Mayday! *screams* We're under attack by a big, bulking, behemoth! *sounds of waves crashing and high-speed winds* GO BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL, FOUL BEAST! *gunfire* YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME- *a rumbling, otherworldly sound drowns him out* ...Oh, you want me to get in your mouth? Well, can't be helped, I suppose! *CHOMP* *static*"

"That's weird!" you shout.

Pantea nods, "Yeah, why did that guy do a 180 in his attitude? Did he go crazy?"

"Well, hopefully it was this monster that made him go crazy, and not the Sea itself. I can defeat a monster."

Pantea puts down the touchpad and rests a gloved hand on your shoulder, "In any case, be careful, Gohan. You're already dead, which is better than crazy in my opinion. I don't know what I would do if my mind started working against me. So, remember that you don't need to push yourself if it wears on you too much. Worst case scenario, you poof back over to Otherworld, and Lime's gonna Lime like always."

>RECEIVED: The Well-Wishes of Pantea! (Well-Wishes counter: 3, Baba's and Lime's included)

The two of you load the Goods into the refrigerated confines of the container, taking inventory as you do. Several crates of milk in plastic containers, bags of sugar, and lots and lots of limes (Yes, limes).

>RECEIVED: The Goods, be careful with them!

You say your goodbyes, both hoping you can meet again in more pleasant times.

As you make your way along the route through Yahhoy to the coast, you call your house’s… your family’s house’s phone.

When the call connects, you hear heavy breathing over the line.


“Hello? Son Residence,” your mother, the one and only Maple Son-Mahogany replies. Her voice sounds especially electronic even for a phone call. “The one ‘n’ only Maple Son-Mahogany, defender of truth, justice, and yadda yadda yadda speaking.” She sounds tired.

“Hey Mom! You get two guesses who this is.”

“GOHAN!!!” she squeals, the Scouter’s speaker nearly blaring your ear off. Impressive considering the thing was meant to relay messages with a surrounding environment of explosions. You tell her what you’re doing on Earth, as well as the mission you’ve been given, and she cherishes every word. “Oh, it’s so good to hear from you! How I wish I could see you right now! Getting big...ger, and strong and going on adventures!”

“Well, I could come over for a bit-”

“NO!” she snaps.

You jerk in surprise.

File: New Look.jpg (68 KB, 500x700)
68 KB
“Gohan, you must not come here! You could bring in something like a pathogen, or even get something on your person from… here.”

Panic alights in you. “From there? From there!? Are you-”

“No, no, I’m fine, but your father ate something bad, and hopefully it’s just food poisoning, but I have him cordoned off in the bedroom. Your sister’s also gone stir-crazy with Cabin Fever, thankfully I haven’t had to chase her through the IT Zone to keep her inside.”

“Through the what?”

“It’s something only ITers can conceive of, I’m afraid. At least some stores are still open, that alleviates some of the stress. Managed to nab some child-sized HAZMAT suits before they went out of stock, and I even managed to get ahold of a few rolls of the Parchemin Essentiel.”

“Rolls of the what?”

Your mother sighs, “Oh, my sweet summer child. It’s something I pray you’ll never have to understand the true greatness of.”

“…I died suicide bombing-”

Your mother continues, “Truly you are among the fortunate to not be beholden to the horrors that I have seen earthlings commit in their desperate struggles for survival!”

"ANYWAY, I have a fla, Favor to ask you, can you help Lime out in case I screw this up?"

"Well, Gohan, I can't… because I know you won't screw up! Hahaha, but okay, I promise."

You hear someone else speaking, “hey mom, cocoa just sent me the funniest thing, it’s this new meme where people share an inconvenience they have, and then sarcastically go, ‘Thanks, King Furry.’ funniest thing I’ve ever, oh! you’re on the phone. sorry. who is it?”

“Your brother-”

“GOHAN!!!” owwwwwww, "Gohan how are you doing what are you up to you wanna hang out we probably have the same immunities being twins and all so we don't have to wear those uncomfortable suits while living the simplest of lives even if living without the sun shining on you or the wind blowing through your hair can't be really called living I haven't seen my girlfriend in so long I am a little bird trapped in a cage not being able to fly but even more tragically have known the wonder of flight making my sorrow that much greater but Mom's cooking at least makes up for it and HAAAAAAAAHHH, I'm so glad to hear from you!" she finishes.

You share your situation with her, and she replies, "Pssh, luckyyy. Getting to go out and DO SOMETHING with all this going on."

"Um, again, I died blowing myself up-"

"Mom, can I go? Please, can I go? I really want to go on the adventure with Gohan."


You hear your sister take a deep breath, likely to calm herself. "Phew… well, that TEARS IT! ENOUGH is ENOUGH, you can't force me into this half-life, I'm leavin- ah, ow, ow, ow, my ear, let go of my earrr, I'm sorry!"

You hear the phone rustle a bit in the wrestling match, but then you hear a revving sound of all things.

File: cloudy-1309843_960_720.jpg (162 KB, 960x627)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
"ah, damnit! them again!" Your mom shouts, before picking up the phone, "Sorry Gohan, those CHODE Warriors are at it again, driving circles around the mountain until we give them the Parchemin, which they can have over my dead body! Well, gotta go deal with that. Peppa, get the Power Pole, and this time wash it with soap after."

"yes!" You hear the front door kicked open.

"Bye Gohan, good luck on your adventure! Ooh, before you go, talk to your father a bit!"

A door opens and a wooshing comes from the phone, stopping with a "Hi son! Mm, grrk..."

"Hi dad, gonna go deliver some milk."

"Ha, ugh, that takes me back! Good... luck!"

"Thanks, bye Dad."

"Bye, son!"

>RECEIVED: The Well-Wishes of your Family (4)

You reach the port of Yahhoy, looking out at the Great Sea.


Anything else before you depart?
>A. Nah!
>B. Write-in
This will continue tomorrow! See you then.
>>A. Nah!

Poor Maple having to deal with a sick Goku and a stir crazy Peppa, could be worse though Goku is almost guaranteed to go stir crazy as well and the same applies to Maple herself
File: DQIX_Pale_Whale.png (99 KB, 350x266)
99 KB
Rolled 2 (1d2)

(((Oh, bother. I forgot to include Honey in the Goods.

The RIN-5 is a typo, wanted to put an actual star at the end of it but 4chan wouldn't allow it. So, it's The RIN-5*.)))

The hover pallet drifts lazily over the Great Sea at an altitude of 20 meters, dragging a net behind it through the water. On top of the craft, you lay back and gaze up at the sky, thinking of how the world is and what will become of your friends and family in it, and ponder if this is a dragon ball worthy dilemma?

As you do so, the waves beneath the hovercraft quiet and still.


A shadow looms above you, belonging to a massive white whale seeking to swallow you and your cargo whole!

In the few seconds before it comes down upon you, you get up, and pull up the net you attached to the back of the hovercraft. With your considerable might, you heft and swing the net and its contents up at the beast’s mouth!

CHOMP! The whale manages to close its mouth around the projectile in time, but the mass of the contents throws off its own trajectory, sending it hurtling down beside your craft.


The whale bites down on its new meal, unknowingly sealing its fate by unleashing a school of ultra hungry carnivores in its soft insides. If your cousin were here, she could probably come up with something about biting off more than it could chew and getting chewed up.

As the waters below you grow increasingly redder, you crack your neck. “Well, with that much blood in the water, whatever’s in charge of this Sea will notice me eventually,” you think to yourself.

You lean back, pry your bangs out of your sight, and tie your headband snug.


You unsheathe Kyabetsu and get in a guard, sensing for anything else looking for a snack.

>Every round, time will decrease, and distance will lessen. Every non-combat round, a 1d2 will be rolled to see if the voyage to the west encounters an enemy. 1 is yes and 2 is no. If not, Gohan regains 5 Ki and more notice.
>Mook Combat: Mooks have numbers of many, but their ranks rely on herd mentality. Using safe attacks that don’t use up much energy will lessen their ranks somewhat, but also not discourage their numbers from eating into your flesh, cargo, or time. To lower their morale, use a flashy technique, thin out a large number all at once or take out their elites.

HP: [100/100]
KI: [100/100]
GOODS: 100% Intact
Technique Costs: https://pastebin.com/SXuW8A5D
?????? ??????’s NOTICE: 1%
File: what white whale ate.png (76 KB, 257x300)
76 KB
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Distance lessens to "Still a ways to go." [1/20]
Time lessens to 22 Hours and 50 minutes.
Notice increases to 4%.
File: crabid mob.jpg (106 KB, 955x576)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5 (3d2)

>Enemies! Notice level tier 1 out of 6, tier 1 enemies.

A wave chops up beside your craft, and three crabs are flung out on top of the hovercraft.

>A. Attack them
>B. Use a technique
>C. Write-in

>Actions: Gohan gets one action, HP or KI can be spent on more actions, 1 HP/KI per action
>Initiative: Enemies either get the drop on you or get dropped on, you go after the 1s and before the 2s.
>>A. Attack them

3 tier 1 enemies shouldn't require any ki i think
File: kyiiick.gif (1006 KB, 500x281)
1006 KB
1006 KB GIF
Rolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d2)

One of the crabs pinches you. Ow! [99/100 HP]

You punt one of the crabs over the horizon.

The last crab is too distracted gawking at its fellow's flight to attack!

>A. Attack them
>B. Use a technique
>C. Write-in
>>A. Attack them
File: crabby.jpg (607 KB, 2761x1381)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
That one crab pinches you with its other pincer! Annoying! [98/100 HP]

You stab your sword into the gawker's body, getting rid of its single hitpoint instantly.

>A. Get rid of the single crab
>B. Get back on course, crab and all (Gain 1 crab)
>C. Write-in
Your sword, if unsheathed, can attack multiple targets who fail to get out of the way, cleaving them, but only if they are Medium and Large. If sheathed, drawing your sword can steal an action from one of your attackers. Sheathing costs an action.

Enemy Types:
>Small - Can be grabbed either for use as a meal or use as a projectile, will gawk at any comrade's KO, only 9 can attack Gohan at once (6 if attacking with 1 Medium enemy, 3 if attacking with 1 Large enemy)
>Medium - Can be cleaved with sword, will gawk at Medium and Large comrade KOs, only 4 can attack Gohan at once (2 if attacking with 3 Small enemies, 1 if attacking with Large enemy)
>Large - Can be cleaved with sword, will only gawk at Large comrade KOs, attack every other turn, only 2 can attack Gohan at once (1 if attacking with either three Small enemies or 2 Medium enemies, or 1 Medium and 1 Small enemy.

>At the end of combat, any left over enemies that are either dead or pacified can be used for a meal. Any enemy that dies before the last one will get swept off the deck during combat, so it's recommended to save larger enemies for last.
Small - 1 HP if uncooked, 5 HP if cooked
Medium - 2 HP if uncooked, 10 HP if cooked
Large - 5 HP if uncooked, 20 if cooked
(Cooking costs 1 KI for Small, 2 KI for Medium, and 3 KI for Large)

Eat meals and use that HP to get more Actions!

Kill and eat
Rolled 2 (1d2)

You look down at the crab, still pinching your arm with all its might. It looks up at you, its bloodshot gaze meeting your own. You smile at it. Its bloodthirstiness lessens, its eyes brightening and generally getting more and more puppy doggish. As you reach over to give it the pat on the head it's always wanted in this dangerous world, it hopes this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendshi-


The crab goes sailing into the water without its meaty arms.

RECEIVED: Crabmeat! (Small Uncooked x 1)

Distance lessens to "pretty long still." [2/20]
Time lessens to 22 Hours and 35 minutes as you get back on course.
Notice increases to 7%.

>A. Write-in (Use an item, a technique)

Rolling for encounter.
File: krabby.gif (835 KB, 500x367)
835 KB
835 KB GIF
>A. Ki sense the area
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Distance lessens to "it'll be a while." [3/20]
Time lessens to 22 Hours and 25 minutes.
Notice increases to 10%, Tier 2 reached

Crabmeat eaten raw, [99/100 HP]
File: Eveel and Suckling.jpg (151 KB, 800x533)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d4)

You extend your Ki sensing out into the Sea. There's fish. Lots and lots of fish.


>Enemies! Notice tier 2 out of 6, two Medium enemies

Speaking of, something that's technically a fish climbs onto your hovercraft! Some sort of octopus, and it swings a friend on board as well.

Wat do?
>A. Attack mundanely like we did the crabs until we say to stop. (Auto-battle)
>B. Use a technique
>C. Spend HP or KI for an action (Specify which and how much)
>D. Write-in
File: Pikachu_thunderbolt.png (95 KB, 320x240)
95 KB
>D. Try diplomacy. Some aquatic critters can talk in this universe!

If that doesn't work!
Double Geist Magnum (Lightning)
Warning: Medium enemies can grapple Gohan and steal an action from him while their comrades wail on him. They roll 1d4s, attacking if odd and going for a grapple if even. 1 and 2 go before Gohan in that case, 3 and 4 after. Using defensive techniques such as Flight can prevent this.

Also, feel free to specify which enemy you want dead before they make their move, Gohan will attack accordingly.
File: Suckling_Ocker_modern.png (79 KB, 384x220)
79 KB
Rolled 2 (1d2)

The Eel snaps at you and sinks its teeth in! [95/100 HP]

"Fellas, can we talk this out?" you reason as the Eel continues to gnash its teeth on your leg.

The Octopus raises a tentacle to stroke its other tentacles as it considers.

1 - Nah
2 - Kay
Double Geist Magnum (Lightning) on both then.
huzzah, diplomacy works then.
File: DQVI_Eveel.png (238 KB, 480x480)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
The Octopus nods, and slithers over to yank its once companion off of you, grappling it.

>A. Attack Eel mundanely
>B. Geist Magnum (Lightning)
>C. Another Technique
>D. Write-in
>D. Defeat it with a joke.

When you're down by the sea and an eel bites your heel.

That's A MORAY
>D. Grab, swing and throw to a safe distance.
Eh, I'll support this instead
Your joke is super effective, causing the Eel to thrash out of its captor's grip, glare at you especially, and slides off of the container into the Sea below.

>A. Keep Octopus around
>B. A traitor's just dessert
I'ma name you Lord Tako and teach you how to cook. You'll be a five-star Michelin chef in no time!
File: Retcon.jpg (283 KB, 1067x1200)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Except you don't do any of >>4173264, instead you grab the Eel, along with the Octopus still attached to it, and them away Mario style.

Distance lessens to "trailblazing" [4/20]
Time lessens to 22 Hours and 10 minutes.
Notice increases to 14%
Ah, shit! More enemies! Quest will continue at 9.
File: DQIV_Barracuda.png (96 KB, 408x400)
96 KB
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Just when you've cleared the deck, another problem rears its head!

>Enemy! 1 Large

A Barracuda slams onto the container, throwing off the hovercraft's course! It roars at you, sounding like an old engine ignition.

>Large enemies' initiative varies from other enemies in that 1s go before Gohan and 2s after, but on 3s they will lash out at the very container! To stop this, end them with a strong attack before they can do so!

>A. ATTACK! (Unsheathe Sword?)
>B. Technique
>C. Write-in (diplomacy works better on mishmash groups)
>B. Shinespark this fucker
File: Shinespark_Artwork.jpg (425 KB, 732x618)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

[92/100 KI]

As the Barracuda flops up, and rearranges mid-air to torpedo its hard head into your craft, you burst into a sprint.

Getting underneath the fish, you quickly crouch down, the momentum of the run converting into Ki throughout your body, and shoot up into the air, the Ki discharged from the swimmer's kick sending you skyrocketing towards the shocked fish, and the electromagnetic nature of the attack forcing the discharged ki to keep up with you, making several super-charged afterimages trail after you. Your shocked foe is quickly shocked in more than one sense when you finally make contact, the energy of your aura adding to the force of the blow, finally finding an outlet.

At one moment, you headbutt the fish.

The next moment, there is no fish!

A bunch of water droplets that form a crude outline of a barracuda stay in the air for a moment, then come raining down on you and the hovercraft as a cloud of ashes spreads out among the sea breeze.

>Ultimates: These won't even leave a body!

Distance lessens to "huh, you're actually a quarter of the way there" [5/20]
Time lessens to 21 Hours and 55 minutes.
Notice increases to 18%
File: sea.jpg (3.69 MB, 4272x2848)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
>Rolled 1

Distance lessens to "huh, maybe this won't be so tough" [6/20]
Time lessens to 21 Hours and 45 minutes.
Notice increases to 22%

[97/100 KI]

>Defeating enemies raises Notice, as well as making progress. One of your objectives is to find out what the deal with this place is (besides the hostile inhabitants), not merely to run a fluke of a voyage through a sea literally no one has made it through (though that sounds like it would be really cool).

>The bodies of dead enemies can be used as bait to attract more enemies, or double the rate of notice. Cooked bodies attract enemies from the next tier which give more Notice and also triples the rate of Notice on non-combat turns.
File: preying mantas.jpg (110 KB, 916x507)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4 (3d2)

>Enemies! 3 Medium, all same race (diplomacy impossible unless isolated)

From the crest of a wave, three figures glide down towards you. Crikey, it's a group of mantarays! Instead of flopping onto your container though, they circle around you, observing you.

Your course isn't thrown off yet with them in the air.

>A. BANZAAAIIIIII!!! (Aerial melee, uses Flight)
>B. Technique to shoot them down!
>C. Leave them be, maybe they'll leave.
>D. Write-in
We will continue tomorrow, if not then, then Monday.

>Flying enemies
You gotta fly to reach them or spend ki to shoot them down if you're grounded.

>Grounded enemies
You can fly out of range of their attacks unless they have lasers, but that's just silly, what kinda sea creature would be able to shoot a laser beam?

>Elite Enemies
These oddly colored enemies keep their same race friends from gawking at losses, but at the cost of making all their same race friends gawk at their death. They usually keep out of melee range unless you make an effort to attack them (Spend 1 HP or KI) or they are the only one left of their race in a fight.
>>B. Technique to shoot them down!
Lightning kamehmeha
You think of what your Mother would say in a situation like this.

Ah, you’ve got it!

“BLITZKRIEG!!!” you shout as you unleash a wave of electric energy out at the three fish who have yet to make any aggressions towards you. “Strike hard, strike fast, no mercy!” your Uncle would also say.

[88/100 KI]

The Kamehameha catches the group of Rays in the air, frying them!

[OH BABY! It’s super effective!]

>Most creatures of the sea will be weak to Gohan’s electric techniques. Adding electricity, fire, or light to an attack ups the cost by 1.5x. Striking an enemy with an element they’re weak to will steal their next action. However, some creatures get supercharged from certain elements, so be careful!

The Manta Rays sizzle in the air, and flop onto the deck of your craft. [Actions stolen, can no longer do free actions, including flight.]
[Enemies grounded! All enemies shocked! Free turn!]

>A. Attack, Attack, Attack!
>B. One more technique!
>C. Write-in!
And as always, say if you want to do multiple actions and what you'd like to spend for them.
>>A. Attack, Attack, Attack!
Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d3)

You stomp on a Manta, leaving the other two to get their bearings. [1 action for attacking taken.]

>If you had to quantify how many hits it took to kill things, small creatures would be one hit, medium creatures would be two to four hits, and large creatures would be five to ten. How many hits you can dish out in a ki attack varies on how much you put into it.

The other Mantas recover, and take to the air again, and this time, they’re supremely ticked off!

>Enemies flying! Flying enemies that try to grapple Gohan will be susceptible to getting hit without Gohan having to fly at them.

>A. Attack them (Uses Flight) (Use Sword?)
>B. Shoot them down! (Technique)
>C. Write-in
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d4)

Ah dang, wrong dice.
Well, I'll see y'all tomorrow. Thanks for playing, we shall continue as long as I need to finish telling the story.

Should I drop the mechanicky bits to get to the meat of the story or are they fine?
Mechanics keep getting added a lot. Keeping it simple might be helpful.

Spirit Ball.
File: great sea.gif (623 KB, 434x250)
623 KB
623 KB GIF
Rolled 1 (1d2)

You hold up a hand as if cupping a ball, and will an orb of ki into existence there. Once it’s around the size of a softball, you fling it at the Mantas.

[84/100 KI]

It hits one in the head (or torso, it’s hard to tell), making it flounder into the waters below. His wingman (or is it finman?) flinches at the sight, hesitating! Poor choice, as you send the Spirit Ball back and nail him in the spine, sending him after the other one.

>Enemies defeated!
Notice increases to 28%.
Distance lessens to "beginner's luck" [7/20]
Time lessens to 21 Hours and 30 minutes.

As you get back on course, you think on what to do with the slab of mantameat.

>A. Eat it raw, watch out for that stinger tho.
>B. Cook it!
>C. Set it out as bait. (Cook?)
>D. Call someone.
>E. Write-in.
Then eat it.
>D. Contact Lime and tell her the aquatic animals are rather hostile for unknown reasons.
>E. After that telepathically contact your family to see if their ok from this pandemic.
Acer and such, since we contacted our close family already.
(((Ah, wait. One of the Mantas got an attack in on Gohan, I forgot.


A Manta sails by and lashes out at you with its stinger! Owie! [90/100 HP]


As you cook the Manta with your ki, you make a call on your scouter!

“Son Gohan to Lime Command, Come in, Lime Command. Do you read me?”

“I read ya, Son Gohan. What’s your status?”

“Making headway so far. Goods are in mint condition. Gotta say, this sure is a strange ocean. No signs of cordial life anywhere.”

“Any signs of what’s making this sea a death sentence for travelers?” she asks.

“Not yet. Mostly just ornery sea creatures, nothing that would stop, let alone kill an entire crew.”

“Well, better get to finding it then. I’m banking it on it, y’know~!” she cheers good-naturedly.

“Uh, will do.”

She ends the call.

You finish cooking and eat the Manta! Tastes a bit flat. [100/100 HP]

As you dig into the fried fish, you try exercising your telepathy. You can’t reach as far as King Kai, or even Namek, but anywhere on Earth is a good bet. Especially if the receiver also has telepathy.

You reach over to Castle Frypan, nnnnnn… there!

“-cer, acer, acer, acer, maple, maple, acer, acer, acer, acer, a-”

“Hello, Uncle Acer!”

“GAH, oh, it’s you Gohan! How are you doing? Wait, are you on Earth?”

“Long story, I’ll tell it to you outside the quotation marks,” and so you did, “And that’s about it.”

“Hmm, shipments through the Great Sea? Well, Frypan wouldn’t get much use of that, but other countries we trade with would. Good luck!”

“So, what are you up to? Like, how are you dealing with this pandemic?”

“Well, we’ve closed the gates for the meantime. Only opening when this whole thing blows over. Any day now, I’m hoping. Though, Izumi goes out with Icarus to deliver airdrops of cakes to the citizenry.”

“Hmm, cakes?”

“Yup, all sorts. Wanna talk with her?”

“Sure-” you feel your mental grapevine yanked and tossed at another source. The world tastes electric blue for a bit, then normalizes. You shake your head, then go, “Izzzyyyy… IzzzyyYYYyyyy…”


“Ennh, wrong! It’s Gohan.”

“GOHAN!!!” your nose starts to bleed, “Hi! What are doing, dead and all?”

Recap! “And what’s up with you?”

“Been a bit busy, Mom’s helping me cook. Actually, I have a question. A lot of the refugees we took in recently, well, some are carnivores, and we have stores of meat, but a lot of the others are herbivores. Do you think I could substitute bananas for eggs in the cakes?”

“...I don’t think herbivores would mind non-vegan meals?”

“But you don’t KNOW, do you!?”

“...I don’t,” you concede.

“Ha, that’s what I thought!”
“Bananas might work, I dunno, I haven’t done that much cooking. Here, I’ll redirect you over to my mother.”

“Ah good idea! Oh, and Gohan, good luc-CCCK…” your cousin says as she mentally bites her tongue, whisked away towards your mother’s wavelength.

File: mermaniac and mermans.jpg (196 KB, 900x506)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
A voice fills the void your cousin left.

“Why is she spacing out like that,” you Aunt asks as she snaps her fingers in front of Izumi’s slackened face, “Wait a second, someone’s there!”

You brace as you call out, “Hi, Aunt Chi-Chi!”

“Gohan!” there we go, “Are you on Earth?”

“Yes ma’am,” you say and fill her in, “So Izzy’s learning how to cook?”

“Yes, she claims it’s solely out of the spirit of Noblesse Oblige but I saw her pick up on something the TV said about how ‘the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach’ so she insisted on learning from me. However, she is tailor-making her sweets to the wishes of each of our subjects, so it’s fine.”

“Fine, fine… and if Tapion doesn’t like sweets?” you venture.

“We Will Cross That Bridge When We Get To It,” your aunt dictates, prodding your brain with each word. “Anyways, feel free to come over and try some desserts! We have a cafe area in the courtyard we can purify with dragonflame when it’s not being used.”

Fuuuck yesss, your aunt’s cooking is up there with your mom’s!

“I heard that, Gohan!” uh oh “But for the compliment, I’ll ignore it just this once. Good luck with your journey!”

>RECEIVED: The well-wishes of that branch of the Mahogany tree. (5)

You gasp as you come back to your senses, opening your eyes to the sight of four sea creatures coming to tackle you.

How to deal with them...
>A. Izumi Combo
>B. Explosive Wave!
>C. Afterimage (Leave an exploding one?)
>D. Machinegun Punch (Lightning?)
>E. Go for their leader first.
>F. Write-in
(Lightning flavored hands!)
Rolled 1, 1, 2, 2 = 6 (4d2)

Dang it, forgot the roll. Also, I have decided against including the Grappling thing. They just do an attack now.
File: Merman.jpg (7 KB, 254x198)
7 KB
Rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4 (3d2)

One swipes at you with a webbed claw! However, you redirect the attack with a palm, his claws only grazing you. [98/100 HP]

With your other palm, you take advantage of his momentum, as well as a bit of electricity coursing through your hand, and deliver a crushing blow that sends a current running through the fishman’s body, paralyzing him, and unable to do anything as you continue raining blows on him, making his eyes roll up and KO-ing him.

The different colored one swipes at your back with a claw! [92/100]

His fellows join in as well, punching you and slapping you with their tail. [84/100]

>A. *Insert your best sword pun here* and cut them down
>B. Double Geist Magnum ft. Lightning the blue ones.
>C. Burning Crusher that green one.
>D. Write-in
[83/100 KI] from Spirit Ball
[81/100 KI] from Izumi Combo
"Hey guys. I'm sorry if I'm trespassing but you can tell Poseidon, Neptune, Ryujin, Namor, Aquaman or whoever your leader is that I'm trying to be peaceful here. So go back to Atlantis or whatever and let'em know not to be dicks."

After-image around them and knock them out with a strike to their fishy necks then toss'em back in the water.
File: btfoutta water.png (83 KB, 357x238)
83 KB
Rolled 2 (1d2)

“Hey guys. I’m sorry if I’m trespassing, but you can tell Poseidon, Neptune, Ryujin, Namor, Aquaman or whoever your leader is that I’m trying to be peaceful here.” The fish just growl in response to your words, but you notice their eyes light up when you say “Ryujin” and they look at you in surprise. “So go back to Atlantis or whatever and let ‘em know not to be dicks.”
The green one roars in response, which sends his companions roaring as well. The three charge at you, and the green one gets another swipe in! [79/100 HP]

One of the blue ones claws at your face! [80/100 KI] His claws sink right in… and through the back of your head like it was nothing, because of course it was.

With them distracted by your after image, you take the opportunity to do a bunch of chops on the back of their necks to knock them out. [78/100 HP] [79/100 KI]

However, before you can strike the third one, you see he's already abandoned his fellows and headed for the watery hills.

>Mechanic: Gawking enemies who are given another reason to gawk will just straight up bail.

You then pick the three of them up by their tails and throw ‘em overboard.

>Enemies defeated!
Notice increases to 37%.
Distance lessens to "eight out of twenty. that’s as many as four-tenths. and that’s decent." [8/20]
Time lessens to 21 Hours and 15 minutes.

Do you eat a fishman?

>A. Eat it raw, just don’t look it in the face as you do.
>B. Cook it and eat.
>C. Set it out as bait. (Cook?)
>D. Think on what you know of Ryujin...
>E. Write-in.
No eating the fishman. Toss it back, ew.

>E. Do a little meditation to recover energy.
File: ryujin.jpg (481 KB, 947x1200)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

With your foot, you nudge the fishman’s corpse off of the hovercraft.

With that cleared out of the way, you sit on top of the craft in the Seiza position, ready to spring to action at a moment’s notice. With that, you meditate. You could do the lotus position, but there’s a chance you would float right off the thing while becoming one with nothingness.

As you breathe, in and out, your mind relaxes a bit, focused on the simplicity of one task it normally does absently. The ki coursing through your mind and breath re-energizes from this exercise. [Bonus on regaining Ki! 1.5x] [86/100 KI]

After this feeling of refreshment comes, you ponder on that throw-away taunt given as a joke, “Ryujin.” From what you learned of the legendary figure in class, it’s a deity of the sea who takes the form of a dragon. Or sometimes a man. Or maybe he was a dragon-man… Anyway, he also had power over the waves and water, able to flood a plain into an inland sea, or drain a marsh into a desert. He used to be worshipped along every coast by fishing communities, but that practice has not gone on for some time. You also heard that he had a palace that floated atop the sea, but it sank or something.

Could it be real?

Notice increases to 42%. Tier 3 reached after defeating those mermen.
Distance lessens to "nearly halfway there." [9/20]
Time lessens to 21 Hours and 5 minutes.
File: ocean.jpg (453 KB, 2000x1308)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d3)


Notice increases to 47%.
Distance lessens to "halfway NOT there, glass empty." [10/20]
Time lessens to 20 Hours and 55 minutes.

You open your eyes to see- ah shit, the sun! Blinking away the spots in your eyes, you see
>A. Dinosaurs?
>B. Squid kids.
>C. Some sorta cucumber and an eye.
>D. That octopus and eel again!?
File: YGO-002_Die_game.png (133 KB, 287x261)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Rolled 1 (1d4)

>A, 1

>B. 2

>C. 3

>D. 4

Let dice decide my fate.
Rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4 (3d3)

>Dinosaurs! 3 Large enemies plop themselves right onto the container.

The red one lets out a gout of flame from his mouthhole!

>A. Burning Crusher the red one for science.
>B. Swords... swords. Swords.
>C. Fly out of their melee range.
>D. Use an Ultimate?
>E. Write-in

And specify if you want to do multiple actions please.
Hit the red plesiosaur with another plesiosaur.
Rolled 1, 2, 3 = 6 (3d3)

The Red Plesiosaur lets loose a cone of flame towards you! You catch on fire! (-4 HP per round) [74/100 HP]

Another Plesiosaur whips his head around and hits you with bone crushing force like a giraffe! [67/100 HP]

Before the third one can do anything, you go up and grab it, then, like a madman, you throw it at the Red Plesiosaur! [90/100 KI]

The Plesiosaurs collide! A hefty amount of damage is dealt to both of them. The Plesiosaurs will remember that.

>A. Cut them up with a sword!
>B. Kamehameha one of them.
>C. That move Grandpa Bardock taught you that does the flaming uppercut.
>E. Put out the fire.
>F. Write-in

Use the fire, Gohan!
File: fire fist jonathan.jpg (34 KB, 600x400)
34 KB
Rolled 3, 3 = 6 (2d3)

You go to put out the fires on your clothes and creeping up towards your hair, but then you get an idea, an idea you saw pulled off by the first main character of that manga people reference all the time even though it doesn’t even have an anime. You put your fist into the flames, lighting it on fire. Then, you turn your body into a current of electricity.
[86/100 KI]

>Transformation: Raio-ken! This takes ki to transform into, and a hefty cost per round to keep up. It also flavors all your Ki attacks unless otherwise specified into electrical ones. On top of that, it gives you a free action per round.

While this occurs, the Red Plesiosaur snaps its jaws on you! [60/100 HP]

However, its jaws go numb from the buzz about you, and it relents, jerking back away from you.

Then, you see that one you threw earlier rearing to bodyslam its mass into the container. Not today.

When it leaps into the air, you get underneath it, and the fire on your fist flares up!

“SOMETHING COOL!” you shout (your attack’s pending name) as you strike a fatal blow on the Plesiosaur, frying its flesh to where it looks more like a fossil exhibit at the worst museum ever because dinosaurs are commonplace in this world.

>2 Large Enemies left.

The Other Plesiosaur snaps its jaws around you, and flings you down onto the top of the container! [53/100 HP]

Also, you’re still on fire. [49/100 HP]

>A. Double Geist Magnum!
>B. Kamehameha!
>C. Machinegun Punch!
>D. Afterimage.
>E. Put out the fire.
>F. Write-in.
File: came back just to die.jpg (90 KB, 640x576)
90 KB
[78/100 KI]

You get up off the deck, and leap off the hovercraft. A second later, you leap back up onto the container, fires doused in saltwater.

When you get back onboard, you see the Plesiosaurs fixing to slam into your hovercraft.

“GEIST MAGNUM!” you shout, firing at both of them! Your first shot hits the Red Plesiosaur in the head, not only killing it, but throwing off its balance and trajectory, making it leap off the hovercraft and soar like a boulder into the water.

>1 Large Enemy left.

Your second shot hits the remaining Plesiosaur, the electricity sparking through its muscles and paralyzing it momentarily, meaning it don’t jump.

>A. Finish it off with a slash!
>B. Kame…
>C. Write-in!

And, that will be all for tonight. We will continue tomorrow!
>A. Finish it off with a slash!
File: plesiosaur cubes.jpg (81 KB, 931x524)
81 KB
Rolled 1 (1d3)

[75/100 KI]

You unsheathe Kyabetsu, and whip your sword around in katas to get used to wielding it with Raio-ken’s speed enhancements.

The Plesiosaur shakes off their paralysis, and glares at you with murderous intent. However, from one moment to the next, you disappear before their eyes, flickering out of existence.

You flicker past the Plesiosaur, standing on the deck behind it. You clean your sword of blood and blubber before sheathing it.

The Plesiosaur snarls and turns towards you, but it falls to pieces when it does.

With that done, you let out a breath of sparks, ending the transformation.

>Enemy defeated!
Notice increases to 59%, Tier 4 reached.
Distance lessens to "man, it’s so blue everywhere." [11/20]
Time lessens to 20 Hours and 40 minutes.

>A. Eat the Plesiosaur raw like the animal you are
>B. Cook and eat the Plesiosaur
>C. Set the Plesiosaur out as bait. (Cook?)
>D. This isolation is getting to you, talk to your sister for a bit.
>E. Write-in
Ah, wait. I did say that large enemies attack every other turn cuz they're so big and dumb. So... let's half the damage taken. [64/100 HP]
>B. Cook and eat the Plesiosaur
>D. This isolation is getting to you, talk to your sister for a bit.
File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 807x388)
20 KB
Well, cut evenly as it is, it would be a shame to waste such an appetizing sight by not doing it justice. You unleash some energy from your hands at the meat, sizzling all of it. [72/100 KI]

~ ~ ~

[84/100 HP]

As you eat up, you talk with your sister about things.

“Man, I sure do love spicy stuff!” she says.

“Heh, you’re always like that.”

“I bet this meat would be a lot better if you put some spices on it!” she says, thrusting a fist into the air!

“No doubt!” you reply.

“It’s too bad Lime didn’t ship any spices over, then you could skim some off the top!” she says, rubbing her hands together.

“Peppa, no! Taking advantage of Lime like that is bad!”

“Doh! You’re right, I’m sorry!” she says as she bonks herself on the head.

Anyway, her line was busy (probably talking with Cocoa) so you couldn’t get a call through. You wipe your hands off on the dinosaur’s leathery hide, and put the tail puppet back into your pocket.

With that done, you find that some asshole fish have once again begun an assault on the shipping container.

>A. Khalamama and her kids
>B. Another goddamn Plesiosaur with Crawfish for company
>C. A weird looking Octopus
>D. Napalm spewing Mantas
The fuck you doing Gohan.

No, let's address that little talking to yourself shit before we move onto a fight.

Stop that. Seriously.
File: i like my coffee black.gif (1.18 MB, 500x288)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
Gohan blushes, and angrily refutes this notion, "I am not talking to myself!"

Peppa chips in, "Yeah! He was talking with me!"
Rolled 4 (1d4)

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4
File: incineraytors.jpg (120 KB, 602x339)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Rolled 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 = 11 (5d3)

A wing of red Mantas fly from above, and zoom towards you!

>Flame attack on 3's.

>A. Unsheathe sword, fly up towards them.
>B. Kamehameha!
>C. Eh, Luminaire.
>D. Spirit Ball!
>E. Write-in
>E. Ki Jan Ken (Lightning)
File: break that pencil.jpg (54 KB, 480x360)
54 KB
Rolled 2, 1, 3, 3 = 9 (4d3)

A Manta swipes at you with its stinger! [80/100 HP] Gah, good thing these clothes are pretty much invincible unless you get hit with ki a whole lot.

You fly up towards one [71/100 KI] and let loose the combo that doesn’t get enough love, “KI JAN KEN!” [67/100 KI] You punch the Manta in its center of mass, zapping it with ki, then chop it from above, striking its spine with electricity, and then swipe at one of its eyestalks with two fingers, cutting it off!

Yeah, it ded. This flashy display of brutality sends the other Mantas reeling.

>A. Welp, you have some grub now. LUMINAIRE.
>B. Sword them all.
>C. Burning Crusher one of them, what could go wrong?
>D. Double Geist Magnum.
>E. Write-in
Nvm, that's [65/100 KI] from enhancing it with lightning.
File: KenshinOVA.png (498 KB, 529x1022)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
>E. Hiten Mitsurugi Style! Ryūkansen!

>Most effective when surrounded by enemies as this technique has the user spin to attack in all directions. It can also be used as a counterattack against a thrust or charge, one sidesteps a forward-moving opponent and moves past them. In doing so, one spins in a full circle, adding momentum and centrifugal force to the strength of the sword swing, which is then aimed at either the opponent's back or the back of the neck.
File: ryukansen.png (469 KB, 850x1300)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Rolled 1 (1d3)

[64/100 KI] for flight.

That Manta that got lucky before gets over its shock and comes in for another sting! It grazes your cheek, [69/100 HP] but you sidestep it, pivot, and slash it in half horizontally! [65/100 KI]

The other Mantas see this, nod to each other, then zoom into the water in fright.

>Enemies defeated!
Notice increases to 67%.
Distance lessens to "still blue everywhere." [12/20]
Time lessens to 20 Hours and 30 minutes because the craft never got thrown off course.

Whatcha doing with the Mantameat?
>A. Write-in
Cook and eat
File: turbulence.jpg (34 KB, 425x425)
34 KB
[63/100 KI]
[79/100 HP]


Ah shiiiiiiiiet, more enemies! Rough part of the ocean.

>A. Laser cucumbers.
>B. Flying squids!
>C. Stampeding school of boarfish?
>D. Pretty lightbulb... uh, Angler Fish.
>D. Pretty lightbulb... uh, Angler Fish.
File: danglerfish.jpg (73 KB, 1037x574)
73 KB
Rolled 1 (1d3)

When you finish eating the Manta (it was a bit spicier this time ‘round) another fish shoots out of the water, and lands onto your ship!

The Anglerfish bares its teeth at you while flashing its bulb. Then,

“URP, grr…” the fish groans. Wait, is it-

Rolled 1, 2, 1, 1, 1 = 6 (5d2)

“MMPH, BLEEECCCHHH!” the damned thing vomits its last meal onto the deck.

And that meal is moving towards you.

>1 Large enemy, 5 small enemies.

...what is a thing like doing above the sea floor? Eh, whatever, not important.
>A. These pirahna things are pretty annoying… time for the nuclear option. LUMINAIRE!
>B. Electric Kamehameha them all!
>C. Machinegun Punch them.
>D. Burning Crusher the anglerfish.
>E. Write-in
Hmm, that initiative isn't good. I would recommend defensive moves for what it's worth.
>E. Explosive Wave
File: VegetaVs5Raditz.png (332 KB, 640x480)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Three of the zombiefish leap at you! You slap one away with your tail, but two of them manage to bite your nose and thigh. [75/100 HP] It smells like dead fish.
On top of that, the Anglerfish comes over and gobbles you up while you try prying the zombiefish off of your nose. You go thrashing about in his dagger-filled maw in an experience not all that dissimilar from that time you hid in the dryer from a seeking Peppa when you were little. [67/100 HP]

The Anglerfish then spits you out towards the rest of the zombiefish, whose teeth chatter in hunger!

Yeah, no. You flare your Ki in a bubble around you, and expand it rapidly! [58/100 KI]

Faced with the wave of ki colliding into them, the zombiefish deform into loose scatterings of bones, and the Anglerfish is pushed back as if slapped in the face.

>1 Large Enemy remaining.

The Anglerfish looks at you with concern tinted with malice, and concentrates. Its bulb starts to glow.

Large enemy already moved this turn, you get a free action.
>A. Kaaameee…
>B. Iagiri.
>C. Burning Crusher!
>D. Negotiate?
>E. Write-in.
>Iaigiri (Draw Cut).*
Slice the bulb off, empower it with light magic and shove it in his mouth.
Any one-liners to go along with that?
"Lights out lady."
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Yeah, you’ve played enough games to see where this is going. You bolt over on top of the Anglerfish, and slice its Dangler off. [56/100 KI] Now it’s just an Angryfish.

As the Angryfish screeches in pain and impotence at the loss of its shiny possession, you hold up the bulb, and on a theory, pour light ki into it. The bulb glows. It was meaning to shoot an attack at you with this. How the turn tables…

You pour more light ki into the bulb, and when its flickering starts getting pretty rapid and causes it to shake, that’s as good a time as any to throw it.

The Angryfish thrashes towards you, baring all its teeth as it screeches! As well as its throat.

You fling the flashbang, no, the light grenad- er, the bulb exploder (you don’t wanna get sued) into its maw. When you do, you give the pithy remark, “Lights out lady.”

This causes a pair of sunglasses to appear on your face, which helps stave off any potential blindness caused by the resulting blast.

>Enemies defeated! Large Carcass left behind.
Notice increases from 69% (nice) to 78%, Tier 5 reached!
Distance lessens to "aaah… it’s nothing but motherfucking blue around here." [13/20]
Time lessens to 20 Hours and 15 minutes.

And that's all for tonight.
File: ship.png (252 KB, 433x433)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
[49/100 KI] from Bulb Exploder.

As you remove the sunglasses (which disappear into nothingness) and wipe the sweat away from your brow (more due to humidity than any actual challenge so far), you see something on the horizon.

It looks like a ship, but who would be crazy enough to come all the way out here?

“Yeah, what’s their deal!?” Peppa agrees.

Whatever their deal is, they’re headed in your direction. Probably to see what that brightness was about.

>A. Greet them, perhaps they’re friendly.
>B. Keep heading West, you’ve still got things to do.
>C. Write-in

Also, whatcha doing with the Anglerfish? The radiation already cooked it.
>D. Eat it!
>E. Perhaps these other people would want some?
>F. Set it out as bait.
Ki sense the ship out, and observe them before

Gotta recover that health.

Yo, there's no chance of getting poisoned right? I don't wanna accidentally eat a pufferfish and be laid out for a round.
File: jimmy.png (70 KB, 260x370)
70 KB
You watch as the ship gets closer and closer, eating nuked Anglerfish as you do. The thought crosses your mind that some of this seafood buffet might be poisonous, but shrug it off as you’ve had plenty of poisoned food before (thanks, Princess Snake).

You use your ki sensing to get a measure of the amount of people onboard. Seems to be a normal amount for a shipping container, though some of them are fairly strong. Well, you suppose they would have to be to make it out to the middle of the sea.

Soon, the ship comes to a stop just below you. The crew eyes you warily through their masks, some of them are even armed. But, they make way for the... captain, seems like.

The captain waves a robotic claw up at you, his electronically-modulated voice blaring, “Hello there!”

You wave back, “Hi. I’m Son Gohan. Uh, may I ask who you all are, and what you’re doing here?”

The captain takes a washcloth out and rubs his lenses. He puts it back, and goes, “THE Son Gohan? Son of Maple Mahogany and brother of Son Peppa?”

You sigh.

“What luck! Well, we’re here looking for a treasure… but it would go easier if we had your help! Why don’t you come down and I’ll tell you more?” the man offers. “Oh, and my name! Does ‘James Camera’ ring a bell?”

>A. You’ve been making great time on the expedition so far, and as fun as constantly fighting sea creatures and talking with Peppa is, you could use a break.
>B. Politely refuse and keep heading West. You’ve still got that mysterious presence making people go mad to deal with.
>C. Write-in
How much that angler heal up?

>A. You’ve been making great time on the expedition so far, and as fun as constantly fighting sea creatures and talking with Peppa is, you could use a break.

>C. Warn them about the dangerous amphibious critters.

>D. Ask if they've heard of a Ryujin. Some Mermen reacted to that name a some time ago.
[87/100 HP]
File: god of the seas.jpg (121 KB, 600x800)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
You think it over, and relent. With some commands given by your Scouter, you set the hovercraft down easy onto the ship. You hop down onto the ship, and stretch your legs. James Camera beckons you to follow him.

You follow him across the deck, and think to warn his men of the dangerous sea creatures, but you can see several dead fish of all kinds with laser burns peppering them laid to the sides of the boat. They likely know.

You’re led inside to the captain’s quarters, and have a seat on the sofa. The director-turned-captain messes with a laptop, eventually getting a slideshow up and running. Isn’t it hard to do that with those robotic hands?

“So,” you begin, “Have you heard of a Ryujin? Some of the Mermen I’ve encountered reacted to that name.”

James Camera turns toward you, eagerly nodding, “‘Heard of him’? I’ve seen proof of him! Well, not first-hand, but my source is reliable. Though, neither I or my crew have ever tried asking the… natives, if you could call them that, beasts that they are. More of a shoot first and shoot again attitude we’ve taken with them. Anyway, it’s that evidence I found that led me here this day, searching for the lost palace’s treasure.”

“Lost Palace? Treasure?”

“Yes, both those objects belonging to the fabled Ryujin are not fables at all, and I’m voyaging down into the sea to find them. For you see, the undersea palace, or Ryugu-jo, did not used to be undersea, but floated on the surface from place to place as this ship does now. Ryujin himself controlled the direction, speed, and even the tides of his palace’s journey all with his very will, or his Heart. Even though all signs point to Ryujin not being alive or active, the readings in the report I found still point to his Heart being there at the bottom of the sea, in that palace.

“But, that palace is something I have not been able to reach, due to its Guardian. I’m sure you’ve heard the tales of this sea before you came here?”

You nod.

He continues, “Yes, no one has been able to get through this sea in some time, even air traffic has to go at extreme altitudes lest a titanic wave swallow them up. The Guardian is behind this phenomenon. All attempts to get near that palace have met with failure when that thing attacks.

“So, to get to that palace and recover the Heart of the Ocean, the Guardian needs to be dealt with. If it’s not too much trouble for someone of your caliber, would you lend us your aid in dealing with this monster? Of course, I will hear any questions or concerns you have before you give your answer.”

>A. Agree to help them look for the Guardian, putting your own voyage’s progress off for now. This is fulfilling one of your objectives.
>B. Refuse the offer, continue on your own voyage and deal with the Guardian when you deal with it. Two birds with one stone.
>C. Write-in some questions!
File: Rourke.jpg (52 KB, 500x794)
52 KB
>C. "I have some stipulations. I don't really care about the wealth involved, I mostly want the challenge. However, I've seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire. If this Guardian can be reasoned with, or if this heart is vital for the balance of the Ocean we turn back. Don't try to pull a Commander Rourke on me."
File: james camera ship.gif (1.67 MB, 480x270)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
Rolled 1 (1d2)

You raise a palm, “I have some stipulations.”

He gives a whirring nod, “Please, go on.”

“I don’t really care about the wealth involved. I mostly want the challenge.”

He chuckles, his feline tail waving in a pleased manner, “Ha! Same here. Just owning wealth or fame for its own sake is a hollow affair. You need to have something you can really put yourself into to make the most of life. Exploring the sea, for one, is a big hobby of mine. Oh, I’m sorry, you were saying?”

You nod, but continue, “However, I’ve seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire. If this Guardian can be reasoned with, or if this heart is vital for the balance of the Ocean we turn back. Don’t try to pull a Commander Rourke on me.”

His lenses light up, “Oh, I love that movie! Same with Dances with Wolves. I must admit, they did give me plenty of inspiration… but you didn’t hear that from me, kapeesh? Okay, okay, I promise not to be a Commander Rourke. In my humble opinion, I’m more of a Milo Thatch, just wanting to see a wonder with my own eyes.” He coughs awkwardly, reining in his excitement, “Though, Son Gohan, are you really sure such a being that has sunk thousands of ships can be reasoned with?”

You shrug, “Eh, we’ll see. I mean, that approach has worked with some Saiyans my mom has encountered.” Didn’t work with one particular case.

James Camera looks at you from behind his lenses, considering your words. After a moment, he nods. “Very well, so long as you keep the Guardian from sinking my ship, you can deal with it as you please.”

The two of you shake hands, sealing the agreement.

Notice increases to 85%.
Time lessens to 19 Hours and 55 minutes.

You get back on deck, and see the armed crewmembers shooting some smallfry that got aboard. Nothing you need to concern yourself with… actually, that’s a thing. Do you concern yourself with anything besides the Guardian when it shows up?

>A. Continue on as you have before, deal with threats as they come, only this time with a bit more firepower on your side.
>B. Go nap until the Guardian shows up, they can handle things. (Regain KI, lose later help for Guardian fight)
>A. Continue on as you have before, deal with threats as they come, only this time with a bit more firepower on your side.
File: Tier 5 enemies.jpg (80 KB, 548x295)
80 KB
Rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4 (3d3)

You shake your head at those loserly thoughts, no being a layabout when there’s sea monsters to fight.

As you step out into the center of the deck, several creatures climb aboard, some floating, and one tortoise thing slams down from the sky while its rider goes “WRYYY!”

>10 Enemies, 5 Medium, 1 Large with Medium Rider, 3 Small

Small enemies roll first! 3's mean they go after the Cameramen.
Rolled 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 = 14 (5d3)

Now those Octosoldiers...
Rolled 3, 2 = 5 (2d3)

Wow. What a bunch of suckers. And here's the initiative for Ryuman and his Wartoise.

You have twenty Cameramen, which can focus fire five at a time and do one hit apiece.

Now you can decide what to do!

>A. Use a technique.
>B. Draw sword and go nuts in melee.
>C. Direct fire with Spirit Ball to specific targets.
>D. Luminaire!
>E. Write-in
Continuing tomorrow, goodnight y'all!
Ka-Blam Slicer
What do you wish to Ka-blam Slicer? The floaty eyes, the octotroops, the tortoise or its rider?
The rider. Then I wanna take the turtle's reins!
File: sword beam.jpg (15 KB, 251x310)
15 KB
Rolled 4, 9, 2, 10, 1, 1, 3, 8, 4, 3, 1, 7, 9, 1, 10, 7, 6, 8, 1, 1 = 96 (20d10)

Two of the flying eyeball things shoot lasers at you. From their eyeballs. [83/100 HP]

You draw your sword, charging ki into it as you do, and with a burst of energy, you slash into the air three times, three divisions speeding through the air at that flashy rider. [45/100 KI]

The rider grimaces at this, and puts up a guard! The ki slashes drive into him, piling the force on until the third one sends him flying back. He hits a crane, making it spin right back round, and collapses on the ground. He leaps back up to his feet, and spits out some blood, snarling at you!

One of his tentacley cohorts points a spear at you, the tip shining and sparking off a lance of ki, which pierces you through the kidney. Good thing it’s one of those Otherworld kidneys or you’d be in trouble! [77/100 HP]

You wince, and power through the pain as you leap up on top of the tortoise. Let’s see, reins, reins… no reins. The tortoise glares up at you, and opens its mouth, charging up a ki blast. Well, you’re already on top of the tortoise, and you’re not getting off. You course electricity through your palms, and put an end to whatever notion it had with an Izumi Combo. [43/100 KI]

Well, you’re on top of a turtl..se with a bunch of spikes on it. You adjust your balance as the shell skids along the deck.

The last of the floaty eyes zaps you with another laser, hitting you in the eye and making it to where you see only those microscopic things floating through your eye.

Around you, the Cameramen begin shooting!

1 - Ryuman
2 - Wartoise
3 - Tentarii 1
4 - Tentarii 2
5 - Octati 1
6 - Octati 2
7 - Octati 3
8 - See Urchin 1
9 - See Urchin 2
10 - See Urchin 3
File: the mighty lasgun.jpg (132 KB, 1024x762)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Rolled 3, 2, 1, 2, 1 = 9 (5d3)

(((Oh right, a little detail real quick)))
The tortoise retreats into its shell, invincible from physical and weak attacks.

Their rifles fire hot laser into the salty assaulters! You feel all three of the floaty eyes go down, and that rider from before gets taken out before he can do anything. Huh, he felt kind of strong, but he did just get cut up and riddled with lasers.

Some of the Octosoldiers balk at this, but their superiors keep discipline with swift reprimands (which sound like record scratches). The Octosoldiers get peppered with lasers, but none of them go down.

A shot glances off of the tortoise’s shell, narrowly missing your head in the ricochet.

The Octosoldiers attack the Cameramen, taking out 4 of them!

>6 Enemies left, 1 Large (paralyzed) and 5 Medium (2 Elite)

Well, how do you finish this off?
>A. This shell… and those troops. Hmm…
>B. Go and slash into the Octosoldiers and rack up some sweet, sweet cleave damage!
>C. Kamehameha Wave them goodbye!
>D. Write-in.
>A. This shell… and those troops. Hmm…

Time for these fools to get Mario'd
Those two elite Octosoldiers fire their spears at you! [65/100 HP] You think back to what Mister Piccolo said about dodging on the few times Mom brought you along on a meet and greet, and though you really should be doing it, you can’t really deem any of these attacks a serious threat. You’re kinda like the Assassins from Iji that way.

You hop up off the shell, do a little spin, then kick it over at the Octotroopas. Maybe they’ll have better luck dodgi- OOF, they did not. The spiked-tortoise shell hits them while spinning dangerously, and the sight isn’t pretty.

The shell hits the side of the ship, bounces up, and flips over! The tortoise comes out of its shell, attempting to flip itself, but cannot.

One of the remaining Octotroops that survived the collision (for a loose definition of surviving, at any rate) reaches over to his superior’s necklace, and takes out a conch shell. He blows into it!


The sound resonates throughout everything and everyone, and the water ripples strangely around the ship.

The Cameramen start aiming their rifles at the remaining soldier.
>And what to do about that big tortoise’s big tortoise body?
Yes. Wanna interrogate him
>And what to do about that big tortoise’s big tortoise body?
Chuck it back into the water.
Chuck it at the water ripples to be more accurate.
File: DQVI_Octavian_Sentry.png (934 KB, 1222x1600)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
Before the Cameramen can take the shot, you get between them and the octoman.

"Hold on, I want to interrogate him!"

The Cameramen look at you in disbelief, one going, "You speak squid latin or something?"

“No, but I don’t have to either,” you say as you crouch down beside the wounded soldier. He spits at you, but you don’t pay it as much mind as you do his. You place a palm near his head, and glean what you can from it.

“These stupid air-breathing oxymorons have nooooo idea what’s coming for them! Gyork gyork gyork!”

“You mean the Guardian?” you think into his mind.

The soldier’s eyes bulge out! “GYAH! How do you know about that!?”

“Well, it has been wrecking ships for a few decades.”

“...and it will wreck this ship as well! No one trespasses through our kingdom!”

“So you called the Guardian on us? Okay then… What exactly is it? Or Who even?”

“Gyork gyork, the ‘Guardian’ is our kingdom’s finest warrior and peacemaker! As good a servant to the Queen as the Queen is to her subjects!”

A Queen? “I thought your leader was Ryujin?”

“Not for an age, you ignorant seacur!”

“So he is dead?”

“No! His Heart still beats and gives life to our kingdom!”

“What is his Heart?”

“Oh, I bet you’d like to know… unluckily for you, I’m not spilling the inks.”

“Well, I don’t suppose you and yours could stop harassing travelers and sinking ships? I don’t really feel like defending myself as a trespasser, but I have an errand to run.”

“Gyork! As if a lowly soldier like me could do that, or even want to, gyork gyork gyork! No, you will meet the same fate as all the others when the Guardian arrives."


>A. Ask about this Queen, what is she like?
>B. Throw him overboard.
>C. Anything else with him?

As you think on the mollusketeer's words, you pick the still flailing tortoise up over your head and fling him overboard at the ripples, the shell skipping across the water on each ripple. It's pretty, but doesn't really do anything to disturb the ripples emanating from your ship.

>C. "So taking the Heart is a bad idea right? Ok. I'll make sure to keep it safe for ya."

Take the conch caller.

>D Ask him while tossing him overboard.

"So does the Guardian follow the conch or does it just attack any ship it sees after hearing it?"

Whatever his answer is, toss him over after.
File: talk to the hand.png (2.12 MB, 1920x800)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
“So, what’s this Queen like?”

The soldier’s eyes light up, “Only the most gracious and fair and beautiful ruler in all the world!”

“Uh huh…”

“If I had seven more lives to give for her majesty, I would!”


“Truly there is no other person as good as her in all of creation!”

“Right, and the sunken ships are?”

“Part of it!” the fanatic affirms. “Only royalty like her knows best for the kingdom! And you would do well to heed that.”

You shrug, and shake your head. “Well then, taking the Heart is a bad idea, right?”

His glare at you could boil water.

You heft him up onto your shoulder, and carry him. “Okay, I’ll make sure to keep it safe for ya.”

He starts thrashing in rage, not noticing you take the conch caller from him. You wonder what it-

>RECEIVED: Conch Caller! Calls fishpeople over to come kick your ass.
Ah, thanks tooltip.

“You will do no such thing, you air-breathing dirt-dwelling boat-fancYING-” he begins only to be cut off as you toss him overboard.

The ripples continue, and then… they stop.

Not only the ripples. The entire sea goes still.

Clouds gather overhead.

>A. Try to sense out a presence.
>B. Get in the air.
>C. Go tell your host.
>D. Write-in
>D. Get under the ship and get into the air quickly.
Gohan should be able to carry the ship no problem. Using ki to keep it from falling apart that is too.

Kinda like how Supes does it.
You dash over the side of the boat and dive into the water below. You dart towards the ship’s underbelly, and heft it up. The ship raises out of the water, dripping torrents of water along the bottom, but you hold it steady. As the crew above panic at this turn of events, you keep an eye on the ocean below.


A small cone appears. Not even an inch wide. Doesn’t stay that way. The cone widens, and widens, and widens… Soon, a whirlpool big enough to swallow the ship you’re holding as an hors d'oeuvre rages below you.


What to do with this ship you’re holding?
>A. That part doesn’t have a whirlpool, set it down over there, then go down into the whirlpool.
>B. Set it down on the rim of the whirlpool, time to cash in on that help dealing with the Guardian.
>C. Eh, Feet Kamehameha.
>D. Write-in
Man if only we learned something that let us hold shit without having to touch it. But I mean, when is telekinesis ever going to be helpful?

Don't wanna risk their lives.
(((Most likely never.)))

You carry the Mermaid Sapphire over to that part of the sea that isn’t currently being sucked who knows where. As you set it down, you come up, spin about like Taz to dry yourself off, and look over at the whirlpool.

James Camera hollers up at you, “Son Gohan, I think the Guardian’s noticed us!”

Notice increased to 100%!

“Sit tight, I’ll go deal with it!” you tell him. The whirlpool whirls towards the ship. The ship with the Goods on it. “Oh no you don’t.”

You swoop down into the whirlpool! Eventually, you see a spinning mass that looks like a mountaintop.

You can feel that unlike the foes before now, this one is strong. You’ll actually have to try.

How you gonna deal with it?
>A. Kamehameha!
>B. Go into the whirlpool and come out under it, while trying not to get hit by the thing.
>C. Aim for the center where the rotation is low, and punch through it with Shinespark.
>D. Thunder Break Slash the whole thing!
>E. Write-in
>A. Kamehameha!
>>B. Go into the whirlpool and come out under it, while trying not to get hit by the thing.
Okay, uh, roll me 2d15+5 with DCs of 15 for the Kamehameha and 13 for the diving and we'll continue tomorrow. Best of... however many people roll.
Rolled 14, 5 + 5 = 24 (2d15 + 5)

>DC of 15

Jesus. The first option shouldn't be the highest DC....
File: Wham_tornado.gif (4.18 MB, 300x300)
4.18 MB
4.18 MB GIF
Rolled 2 (1d10)

>First DC passed, Second DC bypassed!

[44/100 KI] from flight.

You gather ki in between your palms [40/100 KI], and launch it! “Kamehameha!”

The wave of energy strikes dead center into the pureeing mountain, and pushes it down! The walls of water come down upon it, and it loses its balance in the rotation, stopping the spinning. Although,

“Oh wait-arghglubglubglub!” The walls of water come down on you as well!

When you get your direction back, you look down at the thing.

Four limbs and a long dragonian tail sprout out the sides of the mountain, and with mighty bursts, flip it over. It’s a turtle. A big one, but you can feel it’s different from Gamera.

A head pops up from it, but all you can make out are two eyes in the darkness.

The beast sticks its tail straight out, and starts waving its arms and legs up at you. The waving is slow at first… Then it gets rapid and the water around you starts moving with it. Four cones begin to form.

>A. Go punch its face!
>B. Its eyesight must be accustomed to darkness, but... you don’t know Solar Flare. You have the next best thing though. “LUMINAIRE!”
>C. Slash one of its limbs!
>D. Write-in

Rolling for if the Mermaid Sapphire gets caught in a whirlpool, though this can be interrupted. the ship will have a turn left before it goes down.
1 - Right Arm whirlpool
2 - Left Arm whirlpool
3 - Right Leg whirlpool
4 - Left Leg whirlpool
5-10 - Smooth sailing
>D. But do it with a Shinespark.
Alright, roll me a 1d15+5, DCs of 14 and 20.
Rolled 7 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Gonna fail this one
File: maelstrom.gif (3.61 MB, 450x450)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB GIF
You make towards the turtle’s head, but it sees you do so and adjusts one of the whirlpools, catching you in it!

As you swirl about, you manage to get a breath of air! [42/100 KI] But, you have been prevented from attacking the Guardian. Although, the way to one of its limbs is open… but you also realize that the ship is being sucked into a whirlpool.

As you consider your options, you get a message on your scouter, “-ayday, mayday, Son Gohan, do you copy?”

You shake water from the Scouter and put it back on, “Yes, is that you James?”

“Affirmative. We’re being sucked down into the sea, but I have an idea! See, we have a few torpedoes onboard, so we could deal some damage to the Guardian. Might be enough to get him to stop. We only have four of them, so you’d best dispatch the Guardian ASAP!”

>The Mermaid Sapphire has four torpedoes, which can stop a limb from generating a whirlpool. The Mermaid Sapphire will suffer hull damage for however long it’s in a whirlpool.

You hear the ship creak, separate whirlpools and all. [85/100 Ship Integrity]

>A. “Nevermind that, I’ll come lift you out.”
>B. “Sounds like a plan.”
>C. Ka-Blam Slicer the turtle’s right hand!
>D. Kiai your way through the water over to the turtle’s head! (Use a technique on the head?)
>E. Kiai down to that tail and attack it! (Use a technique?)
>F. Write-in

Moveset: https://pastebin.com/4js0H6Jx
File: the big suck.jpg (79 KB, 480x472)
79 KB
“No, I’ll just come lift you out. Be right there,” you say before pocketing the Scouter. You focus your ki around you, and wave your hand at the water. A blast goes through the water, and you go with it to the other whirlpool. [41/100 KI] When you reach the other whirlpool, you see the Mermaid Sapphire clinging as best a ship can to the side of the whirlpool, just barely managing not to tip over. You speed over and heft it up, again setting it out of the way of the whirlpools.

But, those whirlpools are coming for it again.

>A. Well, it’s not spinning its shell at mach speeds anymore. Go beneath that turtle and push it up into the air.
>B. Go down into one of the whirlpools and Thunder Break Slash a limb (which one?)
>C. Maybe if you used a Kiai to get the water out of your way, you could pull off a Shinespark. Where do you strike?
>D. Write-in
Oh right, 1 Ki used from flying. [40/100 KI]
>A. Well, it’s not spinning its shell at mach speeds anymore. Go beneath that turtle and push it up into the air.

>D. Try to telepathically communicate with it.
Okay, roll me 1d15+5, DC of 11.
And what would you like to say to the Guardian?
File: 636252771128151641.jpg (432 KB, 643x1000)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Rolled 11 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Mostly right now seeing if the thing can talk.

Diplomacy if capable.

"This isn't an invasion. Your people deserve peace but killing everyone who comes close isn't the way. It will only bring more and more forces until you and the others attract greater forces that will overwhelm even your great might. Let us speak to your Queen and establish a peaceful relationship instead. Let me help you find common ground with the Land."

You dive into the sea once more, blasting through it at supersonic speeds with a kiai, and manage to evade the Guardian’s notice as it focuses on moving the whirlpools towards the ship. [39/100 KI]

You swim up at the Guardian’s shell, past a spike, and grab hold of it. With that, you push.

After a few seconds, the Guardian realizes it’s rising as its whirlpools lose cohesion, and its tail thrashes around for stability.

Well, it can’t reach you right now, so no harm in being civil. You think to it, “This isn’t an invasion. Your people deserve peace but killing everyone who comes close isn’t the way. It will only bring more and more forces until you and the others attract greater forces that will overwhelm even your great might. Let us speak to your Queen and establish a peaceful relationship instead. Let me help you find common ground with the Land.”


You feel the Guardian probe your thoughts without sharing its own. Instead, he tries to flip over!

>Roll 1d15+5 to hold him steady as you bring him to the surface! DC 15
Rolled 9 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Hurm. Gonna need to rest after this battle and eat. Hopefully, the ship has some rations.
File: Dragon Turtle.png (1.25 MB, 1024x768)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
The creature muscles control away from you and flips over! You hold on, but the water is too wet and slippy and you get flung off. You come up for air [41/100], and fly up. There don’t seem to be whirlpools, but that dark mass keeps getting bigger-


The Guardian surfaces. His head appears.


>The Guardian of the Great Sea - Dragon Turtle

He opens his mouth, and roars at you. You are blown back by the force of it, the ship threatens to capsize.

>A. Uh… Kamehameha! Maybe Roshi befriended him!
>B. Thunder Break Slash him.
>C. Ki Jan Ken his mug.
>D. Write-in
>D. Hikari Kamehameha

Light Magic empowered Turtle Destruction Wave.

And going by how light magic attack for Izumi's Photon Ray work, this should be extra strong.
You decide to try out a move you’ve been experimenting with in Otherworld. Pouring some light magic into the ball of ki between your palms, you sound out, “Kaaa...meee…”

Then that turtle opens his mouth, “KAAAMEEE…”



Welp, his is bigger, but you’re quick on the draw. “HA!!!” [34/100 KI]

The Beam of Radiance shoots towards the turtle, who can’t help but blink at the sight. Still, he fires his own blast, not at you, but at the boat.

No dodging this one.


(((Okay satan, can you roll me 1d15+5 with a DC of 15?

>A. Continue as is
>B. Put a little more Ki or HP into it to lower the DC
Oh yeah!

>C. "Fire the Torpedoes!"
Spread it between both

File: sapphire weapon laser.jpg (504 KB, 1920x1358)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
(((Okay! HP lowered to 55, KI lowered to 30.)))


Your energy wave clashes against the Guardian's, holding steady but still dwarfed by the Guardian's might. You pour more energy into it, and even a little bit of what life this dead body has. Now, do you push, or pour more into it?

Or, "James! Fire the torpedoes!" you shout.

Below you, you hear sounds of machinery, and then four bursts of air as torpedoes are launched from the deck and glide across the water towards the turtle's head, which still has its eyes closed!


The torpedoes explode against the turtle's face, weakening the might of his own kamehameha wave.

DC lowered to 11!
>B. A little more...
Rolled 4, 2, 2, 4, 4, 3, 5, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 = 43 (15d5)

File: 1566607515_rainbow.png (523 KB, 1280x720)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Rolled 12 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Whoops...wrong dice. Try that again.
File: guardian KO.png (12 KB, 166x132)
12 KB
There! “HIKARIII!!!” You push through with your Kamehameha, shining brilliantly through the Guardian’s own Kamehameha, and redirecting its flow back to sender!

The Guardian’s eyes open, and widen! The energy wave engulfs his head, and when it ends a cloud of steam and smoke is all you can see. That too, blows away in the storm winds. The Guardian’s eyes are closed in a stoic expression…

Its head flops onto the water with its tongue lolled out.

>Dragon Turtle defeated!

You take this time to catch your breath instead of do a victory dance, that Kamehameha really took a lot out of you. [32/100 KI]

Perhaps you should take a rest to recover your energy, but maybe if you can get the Guardian to stop attacking people, it'll be smooth sailing from here on out in both senses.

>A. Go talk with the Guardian
>B. Kill the Guardian lol
>C. Write-in
Make sure to tell the others to keep a safe distance away and to repair their ship's integrity.

"How do you know the Kamehameha?"
File: young roshi.png (205 KB, 512x386)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
You shout down to the deck, “Keep your distance, I’m going to go talk to it! And can you repair the ship?”

James Camera replies (with his voice blown up with a megaphone function in his mask), “Will do, and, well, we don’t exactly have anything on hand to repair the boat. But that’s okay, I have bigger ones anyway!”
You nod, and swoop over to the Guardian’s head. Huh, that’s odd. It looks as though it shrunk when it got defeated. Like, no longer dwarfing the boat, if anything it’s the size of a raft now. Huh. Anyway, you land on his snout. “Hey, hey, hey!” You whistle and snap your fingers repeatedly.

The turtle groans, and his eyes open, eventually centering on you. A voice enters your head, “You have beaten me. May I ask the name of the one who did so?”

“Son Gohan, recently dead deliveryman, and your name?”

“Longgui, Guardian of the Great Sea and Servant of Her Majesty.”

“How do you know the Kamehameha?” you ask.

“The Kamehameha was taught to me long ago by the one called Kame-sennin. Truly a great man for a denizen of the surface world. Still, I wouldn’t let him within 20,000 leagues of the Queen though.”

“Heh, well, can you do me a fla…FAvor and stop attacking ships that come through here? Perhaps talk to your Queen about it?”

“You do have the right of the winner, that is true, but I cannot and will not make this so. We have severed ties with the surface dwellers for a reason, and will keep our seas clear of them. Though, there are some notable exceptions we allow to live in Ryugu-jo, provided they obey. I sink their crafts, but the survivors I have escorted safely down by our kingdom’s soldiers, though, at times I have to make do with the alternative method when we don’t have enough shell-subs available.”

“Ah, so you don't focus on killing everyone who travels here, just reverse Mifanning them." Wait, he mentioned something about an alternative method... "What is the alternative?"

Longgui opens his mouth and goes, “Aaaaahhhh.”

>A. Gross.
>B. Well, can you take me down to the Ocean Palace? Oh, uh, I have my own means of transpportation.
>C. Wait, did you just say "Ocean Palace"? Why do you feel a shiver going down your spine? That's it, fuck this, fuck the Sea, fuck the Milk, and fuck the Queen, you're washing your hands of this.
>D. I'm gonna go have a nap first, then can you take me down? I wish to speak with your Queen.
>E. Write-in
>E. "A mouth Kamehameha is neat. I'll definitely keep that one in mind. Any tips on learning that?"
File: mermaid-sapphire.jpg (321 KB, 700x570)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
So that’s what the transmission was about… hm. You say to the dragon turtle, “Even for one of Roshi’s students, a mouth Kamehameha is neat. I’ll definitely keep that one in mind. Any tips on learning that?”

The dragon turtle snorts, “Oh, it’s the Kamehameha with all the same basic principles, just a different application depending on which part of the body you can fire it from. I saw (for a moment) you put your own twist on it as well. So when I do it, I can fire it from my limbs, or where I breathe. Did you know that turtles can breathe through their-”

“Yes!” you interject, blushing. You then ask him, “Well, can you take me down to the Ocean Palace?” A shiver runs down your spine for some reason, but you ignore it. Oh, right! “Oh, uh, I have my own means of transportation.”

Longgui nods, “So you wish to live in our kingdom? A simple matter.”

You quickly wave your hands, “Oh, no, besides, I can’t even ‘live’ there. I really just want to speak with your Queen about stopping your raids.”

Longgui scoffs, “And what makes you think one such as you would even be allowed anywhere near the- wait a second.” The dragon turtle inspects you closely, and even takes out some measuring tape from his shell and measures you. He gasps in shock. “The Chosen One!”

Uh, what? “So, I’m gonna have a nap first, and then we’ll go. Should take about two hours.”

He nods, almost waving you off, “Oh, yes, yes, yes! Have a nap first, then I will escort you down to Ryugu-jo to meet our Queen!”

Well, that’s weird… but not unwelcome?

You hop off over to the ship, and speak with James Camera. Surprisingly, the director has a request.

“Son Gohan, may I come with you?” His lenses gleam in eagerness. “It would fulfill one of my dreams, you see.”

>A. Okay.
>B. No-kay.
>C. Write-in
>C. Telepathically scan him first.
File: camera flash.jpg (15 KB, 172x205)
15 KB
You probe into his mind.

"I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to go down to the Ocean Palace."

One of his lenses twinkles.
Well, that could be malevolent or benevolent.

>Samma Ditth- oh wait I'm not a Buddhist.

>A. Okay

But its not really up to Gohan, its more up to the Guardian.

Time to go eat and then nap real quick. We're burning our 24 hours up.
File: mess hall.jpg (45 KB, 620x368)
45 KB
Well, you can’t make heads or tails of the intention, but he really wants to go down to the Ocean Palace. Perhaps if you listened to Tripitaka for anything besides a bedtime story, but eh. You’re doing good. Yeah.

“Okay, you can come with, but only if the Guardian allows it.”

His ears droop slightly, but nods eagerly!

“In exchange,” working that Tuffle sense of commerce, “You guys got food?”

~ ~ ~
You finish raiding the lunch line with a heaping mound of food on your tray, and look around the ship’s mess hall.

There’s a serious looking guy eating by himself. At the same table but not next to him is a blue-skinned alien, looks to be from Anesidora if you heard Peppa right. There’s a chance they maintain a social distance at all times, but it could be that they too are doing so for the sake of quarantine.

You see at another table a lady drink a carton of milk, and let out a contented sigh, “Nyaaaahh~”

At another table you see a big, hulking guy pick up a bushel of bananas, and he puts the whole thing in his mouth. At the same table, you see a skinny looking guy with purple hair observe the gorillalike man in horrified fascination.

The rest of them don’t seem that noteworthy, still wearing their protective suits and masks.

Oh, and there’s James Camera sitting by himself, he waves at you.

Who do you sit with?
>A. I am the broodlord, I go in the corner.
>B. Those serious dudes.
>C. The lady who just meowed.
>D. Gorilla man and the skinny guy.
>E. Renowned film-maker James Camera, see if you can get a bit more out of him
>F. Eat outside on the deck, talk with Longgui some more, what’s this about “The Chosen One”?
>G. Write-in
We might continue tomorrow, if not then, then Wednesday.
>F. Eat outside on the deck, talk with Longgui some more, what’s this about “The Chosen One”?
sure, support
File: bathysphere crane.jpg (113 KB, 1540x800)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
(((One post for now, might make another later. Doing spring cleaning.)))

You wave back at him, but head outside to the deck. You go over to the back of the ship, where Longgui waits. Sitting on the side of the ship with your legs dangling over the water, you ask before digging into your food, “So, Longgui, what’s this about a ‘Chosen One’?”

“Oh, the Chosen One is the person who can help our Queen in her time of need. You are to fulfill a task for her, which should be no problem for one as stout and sturdy as you.”

You finish chewing ten chicken fingers, and swallow, saying, “Oh really? But aren’t you very powerful?”

The Guardian waves this off, saying, “Oh, I have other duties, I’m afraid. No, this can only be done by you, Son Gohan.”

“Uh, thanks I guess. So what will I be doing exactly?” you say as you scoop up a bowl’s worth of mashed potatoes into your mouth.

“The Queen needs a pillar of support in these trying times. Just, be there for her.”

You shake your head, “I’m afraid I won’t be there very long, I only have the day, after all.”

The Longgui chuckles, “Don’t worry, even with the limitations of an Otherworld body, we’ll figure something out.”

You finish up the boiled carrots, and set your empty tray down. [70/100 HP] “Alrighty then, I’ll come help the Queen, but only if she has you all stop attacking people coming through here.”

Longgui winces, “Well, you and the Queen can sort that out later, I am merely a servant. Still, I will take you to her.”

You nod, and head back to your shipping container. You set an alarm on your Scouter, and stare up at the cloudy sky. The rocking of the ocean calms you. Eventually, you drift off…

~ ~ ~


>FOUND: The Source of attacks on travelers through the Great Sea.
>FOUND: James Camera, director and captain of the Mermaid Sapphire
>NEW GOAL: Head down to the Ocean Palace and convince this Queen to stop her kingdom’s attacks.

~ ~ ~
Time lessens to 17 Hours and 15 Minutes.

Your alarm beeps, and your eyes squint open, the clouds having dissipated and the sun shining down on you. It’s about 3 PM where you are. The people Lime was shipping to expect the Goods within a day, overnight shipping. You eye the container below you. The Rin-5 Star should have space to store it.

Bring the Goods with you to the Ocean Palace or leave them on the Mermaid Sapphire?
>A. Ocean Palace
>B. Mermaid Sapphire

And any calls to make before you head down?
>C. Write-in
>D. Nah.
Oh, and Ki raised to 55.
File: gas masks.png (338 KB, 750x1049)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>The rest of them don’t seem that noteworthy, still wearing their protective suits and masks.
Gotta keep a close eye on them!
>C. Call up Lime. Let her know we're getting to the bottom of these Aquatic Attacks. If our hunch is right, there should be smooth sailing for deliveries after this.
File: RIN-5 STAR.png (62 KB, 512x384)
62 KB
You decide to bring the Goods with you. They are not leaving your watch.

With that, you capsule up the hover pallet, and activate your other capsule, chucking it into the water. A submarine that looks like a lemon floats on the water. You trust that Pantea didn’t give you an actual lemon though.

You take the shipping container into the water, hooking it under the submarine with a big claw that comes out the sides of the RIN-5 Star.

You inform both Longgui and James Camera that you’re about ready to leave, you just have to make a call.

“Do I get to bring friends?” you ask.

Longgui nods, but asks, “Why does he wear the mask?”

You shrug and wager, “Epidemic? I mean, there should be no problem with him coming down to your kingdom if he keeps that suit on.”

The dragon turtle hesitantly agrees, and with that settled you call up Lime.

“Same Lime Time, Same Lime Channel,” she answers.

“Goin’han, Goin’han,” you respond, “I’m getting to the bottom of all these attacks, and by bottom I mean the bottom of the Great Sea. If my hunch is right, there should be smooth sailing for deliveries after I get things sorted out.”

She cheers excitedly, “Great news! Phwew, for a moment there I was having some doubts about all this, but I’m glad you’re managing to pull this off!”

“Thanks, I think. Anyway, these scouters don’t make calls through water so good, so just let everyone else know I’ll be busy under the sea for a bit.”

“Will do! Again, thanks a bunch, Gohan!” So ends the call.

With that, you help James Camera into the RIN-5 Star. It’s a bit of work, cuz for all his love of the sea, Mr. Camera hates water. Still, you managed to not get scratched.

Longgui breathes in and out in contentment. “My own energy has returned from that respite,” he says, before turning to you and asking, “Would you kindly follow me to Ryugu-jo? And once we’re there, you will be led by me straight to the Queen.”

His voice reverberates throughout your body and your mind. You respond, “Well, of course. That’s what we agreed on!”

“Indeed,” the Dragon Turtle smiles.

You hop into the submarine’s cockpit, and take the pilot’s seat. After checking that the control panel has a bunch of levers, switches, and dials, you flip on the Auto-Pilot function and ping Longgui with your Scouter as something to follow.

The submarine submerges, and James Camera turns to you, and asks, “So, you have anything you want to talk about? Looks to be an hour’s worth of travel from the scans.”

>A. Ask about him. (Write-in)
>B. Ask about where he got his source from.
>C. Only right that you tell something about yourself in exchange. (Write-in)
>D. Nah, let’s just sit quietly.
>E. Write-in
"So you said Dances with Wolves and Atlantis gave you inspiration. For what exactly? You a film maker?"
>C. "You wanna know how I died?" Tell him all about the kamikaze attack on Baby.
File: follow the guardian.jpg (42 KB, 1092x720)
42 KB

“So,” you begin, “You said Dances with Wolves and Atlantis gave you inspiration. For what exactly? You a filmmaker?”

At this, James Camera’s ears droop and he his arms power down. He grudgingly nods, “I am, or, I still like to think so. Surely you’ve heard of some of my films?”

“Um, nope, sorry,” you reluctantly admit, seems you just stepped on a landmine of a conversation. You try thinking back to all the movies you’ve seen, and any that were made by him, though you rarely pay attention to the credits. Still, his name does seem familiar for some reason…

“Well, nuts,” he chuckles darkly. “If only that were true for everyone else...”

Huh, that’s kind of an alarming viewpoint. Maybe ask him something lighter, “Uh, where did you get your source from? About Ryugu-jo and the Heart of the Ocean?”

His ears perk up and his lenses brighten, “Oh, I found it on another of my sea expeditions, about 14 or so years ago. I found this one research facility that had a bunch of data on legendary artifacts, and one of them caught my interest, the Heart of the Ocean. Its abilities were written off as ‘cheap parlor tricks’ by the researcher, but I personally think the Heart is amazing, for it can show what your heart wants as well as move the hearts of other people. If I had that, the appeal of (as well as ease in making) my movies would skyrocket!

“But, I’ve talked about myself for a bit now, why not tell me something of yourself, Son Gohan?”

Hmm, what to tell him about… ooh, that! “You wanna know how I died?”

“Sure!” the catman nods, before his lenses flash in recognition, “Wait, huh!? You died???”

“Yup, blew myself up in a kamikaze attack against Baby.”

James Camera tilts his head, cupping his ventilator with a robotic hand, “Baby, that Machine Mutant on the news who bodysnatched everyone on Earth 2 months ago. I had heard Son Peppa had defeated him?”

You slump, “Yeah, she did. I uh, came close though with my own attack.”

He raises a hand, “I’m sure you did. Still, she’s the one who did the deed and got the glory.”

You nod.

He continues, “I’m sorry, I know what it’s like to have all your past contributions be overshadowed by something. It sucks. So, I see you’re among the living, how does that work?”

You fill him in on how the afterlife and Baba’s one day pass works, and he nods along.

He asks you, “Why did you blow yourself up? I mean, your sister and mother probably would have figured something out on how to save you even if you got taken over by Baby. So why did you do that?”

>A. I didn’t want him to get to them.
>B. I wanted to kill him myself.
>C. I was kinda looking to redeem myself at the time. I uh, messed up a while back.
>D. Write-in
>“Sure!” the catman nods, before his lenses flash in recognition, “Wait, huh!? You died???”
James Camera thinks to himself, "That does explain the Halo..."
Continuing tomorrow.
>B. Mermaid Sapphire

> Call Pantae
Well, a bit late, but what do you want to talk to her about?
>D. "If he took my body, he would've caused untold destruction, unlike anything he was capable of before. I preferred dying and trying to take him with me than ever let him hurt my family, friends and all the innocent lives on Earth. I may not have killed him but I did disrupt him long enough for the others to regroup against him at least so my death was not in vain.'


Oh can we also ask more about that database?

Was it Doctor Gero's?

Did it have info on the Sleeping Princess too?
File: gohan.jpg (147 KB, 960x658)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
You think back to that time, when that ball of slime was set to have you run amok on the world… “If he took my body, he would’ve caused untold destruction, unlike anything he was capable of before. I preferred dying and trying to take him with me than ever let him hurt my family, friends and all the innocent lives on Earth. I may not have killed him but I did disrupt him long enough for the others to regroup against him at least so my death was not in vain,” you resolutely declare. Baby’s evil was something you’ll never forgive.

James Camera nods, a red light blinking in one of his lenses. “How brave. Someone with reasoning like that, maybe a bit taller, would make a decent leading man for one of my movies. But, I notice that for someone who wants to break out of their family’s shadow, this was an instance where you left things in their hands. Any particular reason for that?”

You wince, and think even further back, to Babidi’s spaceship. The sound of flesh getting impaled, and the shattering of metal rings through your head. “I’ll admit, I was kinda looking to redeem myself at the time. I… messed up a while back. Majorly.”

“So you were also seeking your family’s forgiveness?” the filmmaker asks.

You avert your gaze, and say, “I suppose I was. I lost my cool when I really shouldn’t have, and it ended with me leaving friends in danger to go after something selfish, and I couldn’t even do that right. And, I disappointed a lot of people, including my family.”

He nods, and offers, “How about this, Gohan: You give me specifics on this story, and I’ll do the same. I heard that your mother practices ‘Equivalent Exchange’? This will be the same.”

You admit, “I do have some more questions about that database.”

His ears perk up, “Ah, I figured you would. Yes, I can offer specifics on that.”

>Equivalent Exchange?
>A. Yay.
>B. Nay.
>James Camera nods, a red light blinking in one of his lenses. “How brave. Someone with reasoning like that, maybe a bit taller, would make a decent leading man for one of my movies. But, I notice that for someone who wants to break out of their family’s shadow, this was an instance where you left things in their hands. Any particular reason for that?”
(((Eh, I'm not satisfied with this. Changing it.)))

James Camera nods, a red light blinking in one of his lenses. “How brave. Someone with reasoning like that, maybe a bit taller, would make a decent leading man for one of my movies. But... such a display of resolve, blowing yourself up to take out your nemesis, was it entirely selfless?"
"Maybe I wanted to spite him. Maybe I wanted to prove myself. Maybe I just wanted to save the day and be a hero. I really don't know. That's something therapy might have to handle."



>Also taller

Say that to Tom Cruise and RDJ....both leading men and short!
File: Dr. Kochin.png (186 KB, 360x450)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
“Well, okay,” you agree. Not to sound like a racist, but catmen are generally curious by nature, might as well scratch his itch. You tell him all about Babidi, Towa, and the three-way standoff you had with them (if only there were a better term for three-way standoff), especially how all of them just drove you to anger, like Ledgic, Basilea, and Broly. And then, how your foolishness broke your mom’s treasured sword, Rainbow.

“Wow. That’s a lot of pressure to put on you,” James Camera says. “Saving the world at the age of 14.”

You shrug, “Eh, my mom did it even younger.”

“I know, I know,” he says dismissively. “Still, there was pressure on you, to the point where eventually you exploded on someone, however deserving they might have been. Maybe going out like that was in itself, a form of relief from that pressure, don’t you think?”

You hold your head in your palm as you watch the depths of the ocean wave by. “Maybe… maybe I wanted to spit him. Maybe I wanted to prove myself. Maybe I just wanted to save the day and be a hero. I really don’t know. That’s something therapy might have to handle.”

“Do they have therapy in Otherworld?” he asks.

“...they have a Terrible Torture Tour? Well, that’s about it for the details of my story, now I wanna hear about this lab you found. Was it Doctor Gero’s? Did it have info on the Sleeping Princess?”

He shakes his head, “No, it was owned by a Dr. Kochin. It was on a glacier near the Tsumisumbri Mountains. Though, I did find a report on the Sleeping Princess, was deemed potentially viable for his purposes but the location of it was unknown.


“So, you told the Guardian that I wear this mask because of the epidemic. That’s not entirely true. I have worn this everyday for the past 14 years. While I was in Kochin’s lab, I tripped some security measure, and was obliterated by some small creature leaping onto me and blowing itself up. I almost died, but then whatever ran the lab’s security measures was itself an AI, and deemed my dying body useful. So a real deus ex machina operated on me, and fixed me up to where I could walk around… but without this mask or my suit pumping painkillers, it would be extremely painful, and every day would be utter misery,” his voice drones electronically as he examines his bionic claws. “Also, can’t swim.”

>You have confided in James Camera and he has done the same.

"I suppose it was curiosity that did me in," he jokes as his hand rotates lazily.

You feel a city nearing. Should probably wrap up any conversation before then.

How do you respond to this information?

>A. “That’s rough, buddy.”
>B. “Hey, we’re here!” 360-degree moonwalking away from this conversation.
>C. Write-in
Silence is a valid option.
>C. "You may only get to see what your heart desires once. I intend to resolve these attacks with the Queen. She might use it to look at our heart's desire to test us. I'm not even sure if I want to know my heart's desire."
You sigh and inform your new companion, "You may only get to see what your heart desires once. I intend to resolve these attacks with the Queen. She might use it to look at our heart's desire to test us. I'm not even sure if I want to know my heart's desire."

James Camera winks at you, “Oh, I’m sure being able to see my desire just the once is all I’ll need.”

You see a bubble in the sea ahead. The dragon turtle dives toward it, and enters the bubble, your ship doing the same. The RIN-5 Star splashes through the barrier and crashes into the ground. You and James push down your deployed airbags, unbuckle, and hop out of the submarine. Longgui steps over to you two, and says, “We’ve arrived, welcome to Ryugu-Jo.”


Time lessens to 16 Hours and 10 Minutes.

File: undersea kingdom.jpg (112 KB, 1024x569)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
“Now, would you kindly follow me to the Queen?” he asks, heading towards that building in the distance.

You both nod, and follow after him.

To your surprise, James Camera pops some capsules on the ground, and some drone looking things float up into the air around him. They look to be recording equipment.

“What are those?” Longgui growls.

James Camera explains, “Just cameras, I’m recording this for later.”

The dragon turtle scoffs, “You will have no need of them. Would you kindly perish the thought of leaving here?”

One of James’ lenses twinkles as he says, “Okay~!”

The cameras hover around you, taking footage of former surface dwellers who are now residents of this undersea kingdom. They’re a motley crew, even though many are sailors, many cultures and walks of life are represented, and some of them even pop out as especially anachronistic to you with old fashioned clothes. Like you’re one to talk, anyway.

Time lessens to 16 Hours.

You look up at Palace now that you’ve gotten closer, and see… a really curious sight.

File: shenron statue.jpg (215 KB, 1080x1296)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
A white statue of Shenron coils above and around the Palace, keeping this whole place intact from what you can tell of the energy flow. What’s a statue of Shenron doing here?

Longgui leads you to the gates of the palace, and asks, “Would you kindly disarm and leave your weapons at the door?”

“And I’ll leave my weapon,” you respond as you chuck the still-sheathed Kyabetsu over your shoulder and, following your example, James drops his own flare gun on the ground.

Time lessens to 15 Hours and 50 Minutes.

You are brought through a courtyard, and through some corridors, and before some fishy attendants open the last door for you, Longgui turns towards you both and requests, “Now, before I present you to the Queen, would you kindly refrain from mentioning anything untoward, negative, or harmful of Her Majesty’s appearance?”

Time Lessens to 15 Hours and 40 Minutes.

>A. Sure!
>B. Positively!
>C. Can do!
>D. Write-in
>D. How does one address her royal highness?
File: Spoiler Image (2.19 MB, 1500x2000)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
(((Oops, almost forgot. The RIN-5 Star got put back in a capsule, so Gohan's towing the hover pallet again while James Camera rides on top.)))

“Sure! Positively! Can do~!” You can’t quite put your finger on why, but you just wanna Obey this reasonable command! Wait… hold on a second, you’ve figured out why you’re heeding this request so diligently. It’s obviously because your parents didn’t raise a rude boy! “Mr. Longgui, how does one address Her Royal Highness?”

The Guardian taps his chin, “Well, she used to go by the handle ‘Toyoto,’ but in recent times she has adopted the name ‘Toyotama.’ So address her as ‘Toyotama-hime.’”

With that settled, he gives a nod, and the servants open the doors. He walks into a throne room, and prostrates himself (lowers his shell to the ground) in front of a throne from what you can make out, it’s hard to see over the dragon turtle. “Your Majesty Toyotama-hime of Ryugu-jo, I bring to you the one we have been searching for: the Chosen One.”

“Rëällÿ!?” the figure cheers. She coughs into her hand, “Ahëm, this is jöyoüs nëws. Plëase, prësënt thëm bëforë üs.”

Longgui gestures you forward with a wave of his tail, and you walk past him and lay eyes on this Queen.

She does the same, gasping into her hand at the sight of you, scanning you up and down repeatedly.

Time lessens to 15 Hours and 30 Minutes.

What do you say to her?
>A. ...Pretty?
>B. Why are you blue?
>C. Well excuse me, Toyotama-hime, but will you please stop harassing the surface?
>D. Write-in

(Continuing tomorrow.)
>D. Respectfully bow to her.

"Queen Toyotama-hime. I have come as an ambassador from the land. Please stop your attacks on the surface world."
File: Spoiler Image (35 KB, 326x495)
35 KB
You bow respectfully before the monarch. “Queen Toyotama-hime, I have come as an ambassador from the land. Please stop your attacks on the surface world.”

She finishes inspecting you, and considers your words. “Oür ättäcks? Nö, it is thöse öf thë sürfäce whö trëspäss thröügh öur tërritöry and brütälize the vëry concept of dëcëncy!”

You nod, and turn to leave, “Then I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

“Hüh?” she grunts in surprise.

Longgui blocks your path, asking, “Son Gohan, would you kindly reconsider leaving before you hear of what your task as the Chosen One is?”

Well, you suppose you could at least do that much. You turn back towards the fish queen, and look her in the eyes expectantly.

Her gaze shifts left and right in consideration, before looking at you in resignation. “Alright, wë shäll cönsidër this rëquëst if yöü will cönsidër ours.

“Chosën One, thëre is ä röle yöü müst fülfill if we äre tö have pëace,” the queen says as she gestures to a table beside her throne. “Plëase, cöme sëë for yöürsëlf.”

Puzzled, you walk over and inspect the table. Kinda simple in design, supported by three red poles that look sorta familiar to you. They look to be about 150 centimeters tall. Seems that it could use a fourth… Yes, you check, and the space where a fourth pole would go has no pole.

“Dö yöu sëë öür problëm, Chösën One?”
>A. “Seems it’s missing a leg.”
>B. “...what do you need me for, exactly?”
>C. Write-in
Time lessens to 15 Hours 20 Minutes.
>C. "Could you tell me what happened to the fourth leg?"
Will continue tomorrow, running an errand.
File: Spoiler Image (44 KB, 400x246)
44 KB
“Seems it’s missing a leg,” you affirm. “Could you tell me what happened to the fourth leg?”

“Wëll,” the Queen begins, thinking back, “I süppöse it wäs fröm when my dä- öür fäthër was träining that grëën män whö visitëd öur kingdöm.”

Huh? “This green man, did he have antennae?”

After a moment, she nods, “...yës, I’m süre hë did, äctually. Büt thät wäs cëntüriës ägö för yöür wörld. Why, dö yöü knöw him? Did hë gö ön tö becöme ä figüre öf grëät rënöwn ämöng thë sürfäce?”

You give a “so-so” gesture. “Interesting… This missing leg, did it happen to have the ability to extend and shrink?”

“Her mood sours. “Yës, änd I rëälly wish it hädn’t, cönsidëring thë ättitüdes öf thëse öthër thrëë,” Toyotama grouses with her arms crossed.

“So, it seems you need a handyman to fix a table… what do you need me for, though?”

“Wëll, thë thing is: wë cän’t jüst replace thät missing lëg with jüst äny öld röd. Nö, thë öthër thrëë will ëxtënd ör rëträct öf thëir öwn will üntil thëy gët whät thëy wänt. And whät thëy wänt is ëithër thëir öld cömpäniön back (which I häve nö clüe whëre ön thë sürface it could bë), ör ä nëw öne.”

“A new one,” you repeat, not liking where this is going.

“Yës, yöü ständ ät ä cömförtäble enöügh hëight för öür purpöses, änd yöür cölör isn’t bäd ëithër,” she says as she strokes a lock of your hair.

“So, the reason I’m the ‘Chosen One’ is because-”

“Yöü’re the përfëct fit,” she damningly concludes. “And önce the täble is cömplëte, wë cän finally drink milk cömförtably.”

This isn't good.
>A. “Hold on, hold on, I’m sure I’m not even the right height! Just a sec,” (take off shoes)
>B. “Wait a minute, I won’t even be here tomorrow, I can’t possibly be your table!”
>C. “Please don’t turn me into a table!”
>D. Save your sorry ass by bribing her with the milk you carry.
>E. Offer her the Power Pole your family is currently using to fend off bandits.
>F. Write-in
File: clock.jpg (182 KB, 800x800)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Time lessens to 15 Hours 10 Minutes.
>“Hold on, hold on, I’m sure I’m not even the right height! Just a sec,” (take off shoes)
To clarify, Gohan is 150 cm tall with his shoes on, this is him attempting to shorten himself to beat the system.
>F. "That's funny. I thought Master Korin made the size-changing pole to get from Korin's Tower to the Guardian of Earth's Lookout."
>G. "I'm not going to be able to get you that table leg back, nor will I become a table leg but I can commission you a new one. Master Melchior is familiar with such magics and this way you'll be able to begin peaceful relations with the surface world too."

Also I gotta go deliver some stuff.
File: Spoiler Image (107 KB, 704x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Putting the rest of that on pause for now, you instead remark, “That’s funny. I thought Master Korin made the size-changing pole to get from Korin’s Tower to the Guardian of Earth’s Lookout.”

In response to this, Toyotama takes out a royal ledger, which is also a scrapbook, and selects a photo from it. She gives it to you to look at. “Indëëd, Möthër’s Wöndër Cät mäde a löt öf üseful things. Qüëstiönäbly üsefül in möst cäsës,” she says as she side-eyes the table, “But üseful äll thë säme.”

Hm. You nod and give her back the photo.

“Sö, yöü knöw öf thë size-chänging pöle,” Toyotama says as she fixes you with an analytical gaze, “Dö yöü knöw öf whëre it is?”

You nod, “I do, but I’m not going to be able to get you that table leg back, nor will I become a table leg.”

She looks personally affronted by this statement. The palace guards hold their laser harpoons at the ready.

“But,” you continue, “I could commission you a new one. Master Melchior is familiar with such magics and this way you’ll be able to begin peaceful relations with the surface world too.”

She shakes her head, angrily shouting, “Nö, I dö nöt wish tö have äny relätions with thë sürfäce!” She snaps at the dragon turtle, “Lönggüi!”

Longgui steps in, “Son Gohan, would you kindly fulfill Her Majesty’s request?”

Well, when he asks that nicely… still, you protest, “But, I won’t even be here tomorrow. I can’t be your table, it’s impossible!”

The Guardian shakes his head, “As I’ve said before, we have our ways of working around the limitations of an Otherworldly body. A method of stasis.”

Oh, well you guess you look pretty silly now… but! “Also I gotta go deliver some stuff!”

The Peacemaker of the Kingdom considers you as he would a child throwing a tantrum. He speaks, “Through our territory without our say-so? Son Gohan, you should have realized the folly of this errand from the start of it all. Would you kindly put those thoughts to rest and accept your purpose?”

You look back to James, silently pleading for him to back you up. His lenses reveal nothing as he views the Queen and her Court, but he glances at you. One of his lenses dims for a split second, and he beckons you to roll with things.

>A. Resist
>B. See where this goes
>C. Self-Destruct, this journey is bogus anyway.
I will never remember: Time lessens to 15 Hours. About 5 right now.
>D. "Let me speak to these poles first."
Telepathically communicate with the other three table legs.
File: but rounder.jpg (15 KB, 250x198)
15 KB
You sigh, and your shoulders slump. Then, you perk up falsely, and say, “Well, I guess I have no reason to refuse! Well, there is one thing I should do before we go through with this.”

Toyotama and Longgui ask wearily, “And this thing is?”

You point to the table, “Let me speak to these poles first.”

The entire court is stunned by this request. The Queen herself stares at you with wide eyes, before rubbing her chin, considering it. “Yës, yës, wë wöüld nëëd tö cönfirm whëthër ör nöt thëy äccëpt yöü bëföre döing änything. Plëase, förgive my hästiness,” she asks as she gives an “OK” sign with her hand.

You nod, and inspect the table. You get under it, and turn around. You grasp one table leg in one hand, the one opposite with the other, and curl your tail around the last one. You try reaching out to them with telepathy as you would with a normal being…

“Hi, I’m Son Gohan, can you all just… keep being a bad table?”

A response comes to you. The one in your left hand has the name Południe, the one in your right has the name Północ, and the one in your tail has the name Wschód. The poles all vibrate in your grip, and they extend and retract for a bit. Then, they settle, matching your height, and resting the table on your head somewhat comfortably.

“Ah, it sëëms thëy häve äccëptëd yöu! Cöngrätülätiöns!” Toyotama cheers, clapping.

“Congratulations,” Longgui says as he claps his big turtle hands together.

“Congrats, kid!” James Camera adds, his hands clanking against each other.

“...thank you all,” you say through grit teeth as you step out from underneath the table. Before you can even think of bailing, Longgui reaches over and picks you up by the scruff of your robe.

“Ood oo kinely stay stil?” he asks.

You nod in disgust.

A servant comes into the hall, and announces, “Toyotama-hime, your milk!” They clap their fins twice, and more servants bring in a big… a really big glass of milk. Where the heck do they even get the stuff? Shipment raids? Manatees?

“Ah! Thänk yöü!” the Queen cheers. Then, you feel something from her. Whereas before her ki felt composed, now it’s being let loose, and you feel her power spike to insane levels with no dam in place. The effect this has on her body, well, she’s a few stories taller now. You thought this room had a rather high ceiling for a pagoda anyway.

She drinks from the glass, gulping half of it down, and sighs in satisfaction. “Ah, that’s the stuff! Holding court in the Bubble really drys out my throat.”

With that, she sets the glass on the table, and reverts back to the smaller size she had before. “Now, time for the-”


File: Spoiler Image (649 KB, 801x1200)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
The glass spills on her! She is completely drenched in white milky fluid, which is actually milk!

“Heavens to Betsy!” she shouts in frustration. “Darn it all, everytime! ...Longgui! Don’t move the Chosen One without my permission!”

Longgui nods in apology, swinging you up and down.

How do you react to this display?
>A. Oh My God! Her shirt’s completely soaked! And she’s not wearing a bra!!!
>B. This lady… she’s an idiot.
>C. Ashamedly adjust your garments right quick.
>D. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
>E. It’d be better if she had glasses on, this doesn’t appeal to you at all.
>F. Just ignore this and get onto the next post.
>G. Write-in
>G. "This is why I need to learn clothes beam..."
File: courtroom.jpg (336 KB, 960x2400)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
You blush and avert your gaze, holding a hand in front of your eyes. “This is why I need to learn Clothes Beam,” you lament.

Time lessens to 14 Hours and 40 Minutes.

“Now, time for the Water Mirror!” Toyotama commands.

The what now? Before you can ask, Longgui carries you through the castle to another room, with the Queen, her guards, and James Camera (escorted by guards at laser harpoon-point) following after.
You are brought to a large room with a small pool of water in the middle of it. The Queen takes up a position at another throne at the end of the hall, and says, “Chosen One, you shall undergo stasis until we no longer have need of your services, and can find a suitable replacement. However, this stasis will not be a cruelty, for you are performing a great service for us. As such, the Water Mirror you will be engulfed in shall be touched with the Jewel of Desires.”

“The Jewel of Desires? What’s that?” you ask. “Wait, actually, what’s a Water Mir-”

The Queen explains, “The Jewel of Desires is one half of the Heart of the Ocean, able to-”

“HOLD IT!” a girl’s voice rings out.

You look around, and see no one, then look down.

...it’s that octopus from before.


Toyotama sighs, “Tamayori, will you please go back to your room? I’m holding court right now.”

The octopus shouts, “No, Sister, you must not subject this one to the Jewel of Desires!”

Huh, seems your earlier kindness paid off, diplomacy really does solve everythi-

“He’s a total jerkwad!”


“Subject him to the Jewel of Fears!” the girl shouts while glaring at you.


“Tamayori, what has the Chosen One done to deserve such a torment?” the Queen asks.

The octopus begins, “Well, I was playing on the surface-”

“I’ve told you countless times not to play on the surface!”

“Eep! Well, I was playing on the surface, and then I saw his ship floating above the water. So, like anyone in our kingdom would do, I tried to sink it. Had an eel helping me, but then… then he tricked me, by saying we could talk things out, just like one of the former surface worlders in our kingdom, and so I helped him fight the eel, and it ended with him throwing the both of us off!”

Everyone but James Camera gives you the evil eye.

Toyotama glares at you, “Chosen One, is this true? Were you mean to my sister? Perhaps the Jewel of Fears is enough for y-”

“OBJECTION!” Longgui calls out.

File: based on what.jpg (213 KB, 1622x811)
213 KB
213 KB JPG

“Your Majesty Toyotama-hime, in Son Gohan’s defense, given the situation he was in, he probably could not tell your sister apart from some of the lesser developed life in the sea, given her smallness," the dragon turtle reasons. "And, you have warned Tamayori many times not to go up to the surface, what happens to her there is her own responsibility to deal with.”

Tamayori pouts, “Ooh, Longgui, you traitor! Big dumb turtle! Your face is stupid!”

Longgui continues, “And, given the duty he is fulfilling for you of his own kindness, I would suggest a lighter penalty for his trespasses. That is all.”

Toyotama nods, and scrunches her eyes in thought. She opens them, declaring, “Very well, we have decided upon our judgment. Chosen One, for this trickery played on our sister, you shall have a trickery played on you. Bring them in!”

Two servants each bring in a box, one with a red pattern on it, and one with a blue pattern on it.

“One of these boxes contains a Water Mirror touched by the Jewel of Desires, the other contains a Water Mirror touched by the Jewel of Fears. We will not tell you which is which. We shall leave your fate up to chance. Now, you choose: Red, or Blue?”

>A. Can someone please tell me what a Water Mirror is, please?
>B. Whatever, I pick Red.
>C. I guess I’ll pick Blue.
>D. Look to James Camera for a hint.
>E. Write-in
>You get dunked with both waters.
>For your birthday, you get the new remake for Chrono Trigger!

"No!" she shouts. "Pick one, please!"
File: CourtroomAA6.jpg (385 KB, 1300x810)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Time lessens to 14 Hours and 25 Minutes.


Look before you leap. “Can someone please tell me what a Water Mirror is, first?” you innocently ask.

The Queen’s subjects barring Longgui chuckle and jeer at you, “Dumb surf-monkey don’t know what a Water Mirror is!” “Gee, they must be all living in some backdirt up there.” “Gyork gyork gyork!”

“Would you kindly be silent,” Longgui intones, and the laughter stops. He then explains, “The Water Mirror is a method we possess of maintaining someone in stasis for long periods of time, a form of time magic similar to how this Bubble has time move faster inside it than it does outside of it.”

“It has time do WHAT?” you exclaim.

“All in due time, Gohan. When your time as the Queen’s Pillar is over, to be precise. What is relevant to you is that the Water Mirror will show what’s in your heart, the flavor of such things being colored by the gem the Water Mirror touched.”

“Uh, thanks Longgui,” you respond. Okay, red or blue… which one would be fear, and which would be desire? No asking the audience, it’s already 50-50, maybe phone a friend?

You glance back at James Camera, who stares at the boxes. He sees you looking at him, and one of his lenses flashes blue for a moment.

Well, do you take the plunge?
>A. All on Blue!
>B. Uh, Red.
>C. Explosion Ending.
>D. Write-in
Sure why not.
File: don't touch the glass.jpg (62 KB, 1200x494)
62 KB
Eh, might as well go with it at this point. You point dramatically and shout, “All on Blue!”

Toyotama nods, and signals the Blue box bearer to present it to you. They open the box, and you see a mirror inside.

“Would you kindly touch it?” Longgui asks as he breathes on your neck.

You poke the mirror, and it ripples.

You pull your hand back, and see that some residue got on your fingers. Not only that, the liquid substance spreads down your fingers, giving them a silvery finish. And it’s still spreading down your arm.

>A. Whoa.
>B. Oh, Sweet Space Christ, NOT AGAAAIIINNNaaarrgghhgrblblblbl…
>C. Well, your other arm’s free, Final Explosion.
>D. Write-in
>D. Try Exorcism?
File: blue heart.jpg (92 KB, 578x952)
92 KB
[47/100 KI]

With your other hand, you use the ability the Supreme Kai himself taught you, and draw out this invading spirit from your body. Unluckily for you, the Water Mirror has no spirit, but the Blueness does. You see the blue aether gather into your hand.

Have the Water Mirror swallow you whole without the Blueness flavoring it?
>A. Abort, refund 4 KI.
>B. No Blue please.
File: sssh, only dreams now.gif (3.44 MB, 512x334)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB GIF
With a sigh, you waft the blueness back into the Water Mirror, and let the silvery substance travel up and down your body while you try to think of more pleasant times. You close your eyes, and take a deep breath. When the Water Mirror goes down your throat, your eyes bulge open and you cough, leaving a dumb expression frozen onto your face as you drift out of consciousness.

You’re in a deep slumber, plagued with fitful dreams. Of Baby, of Towa, of Basilea, of Broly… and Dabura. They all mock you for being weak. They point and laugh as the world burns around you. Powerless to help those you love, even as they cry out for your help. You want nothing more than to deck your enemies in the schnoz, to prove them wrong, that you can help those you love.

You don’t know how long you have these dreams. But they feel as familiar to you as your hair, your skin, and your teeth. Maybe this is life now, the life of Son Gohan the table le-

File: Spoiler Image (307 KB, 1490x978)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
The world shines bright for the first time in years, or maybe minutes, you don’t know. The Water Mirror recedes down your body, drained into the pool of water below. A Toyotama who looks a few years older looks upon you with a solemn expression.

She begins, “Chosen… no, Son Gohan, your time as a table leg is finally over. We- I, am sorry for putting you through this. It was the decision of a much younger, more vain me, but that is no excuse.”

“...” you glare at her as you work at draining Water Mirror out of your ear. “Just let me go on my way with the Goods.”

“Oh, right. You did say you had to deliver something,” the Queen says, unable to look you in the eye. Then, she painedly says, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that anymore.”

You flare your ki. “And why not?”

She flinches, and says, “The world as you know it has changed.”

You glare daggers into her. “In what way?” you growl.

She whimpers, “By about a hundred years?”

You laugh. Must be some of that weird fish comedy you’ve yet to hear down here at play. “Heh, well, thanks a bunch for all this, see you never.”

With that, you get the Goods, fly out of the Palace, out of the Bubble, and out of the Sea. You make your way over to East City. Don’t wanna be late.

What you see when you get there…


You try feeling around for any life, but only manage to find cockroaches. You reach out for someone you know, your Mom, your Dad, your Sister… They’re not here.

>Age 874 - Ruins of East City

You get a notification from your Scouter. You put it on, and read the message.


>B. Laugh, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
>C. Write-in

HP: 70/100
KI: 51/100
Time Left: 14 Hours and 10 Minutes in the Mortal World.

(((And I’ll be starting a new thread.)))
>C. Head to the Lookout.
New Thread!

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