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282 KB PNG
You are Cheetah, a young tribal man living unknowingly on a planet far on the edge of known space; a rimworld. Isolated with no strong central government and low population density, this world has a great deal of interaction between people of different technology levels. Tribes like your own that live with primitive tools and weapons. Outlanders who live in small communities with electricity and gunpowder weapons. And mechanoids, autonomous intelligent (but hostile) robots possessing advanced technology.

You were an abandoned child, taken in by a gentle tribe known as the Union of Comba. Your simple (but not entirely peaceful) life took a turn when your tribe's chieftan took a serious injury and fell into a deep coma. The shamans declared that someone must find the "Sacred Red Jewel", and with its magic heal the chief from his death-like slumber. In naive hope of winning the heart of the chief's daughter you volunteered to find the jewel. Now you have left your village and travel the world in search of your prize...

Hours ago. While searching the remains of an ancient buried structure, you accidentally awakened some sort of outlander from hibernation. Who was frozen in some inexplicable coffin-like machine. His head was filled with evil spirits, he demanded something called "luciferium" quickly went berserk and attacked you. You were unable to fend him off and were knocked unconcious. You awoke covered in bruises and found all your possessions except the clothes on your back have been stolen!


Previous thread:

File: 1563537874641.png (63 KB, 512x512)
63 KB
Angrily you follow the Luciferium Man's clumsy trail. You need your possessions and more importantly you need to get even. His boot-prints stand out a lot in the dirt, and he clearly is making no effort to avoid tracking.
After a few hours of following his haphazardous trail you find a disturbing development. Your quarry has been ambushed, the signs of a battle are clear. The outlander must of been subdued and taken south into the hills into the territory of your enemies: the evil Covenant of Breixo.
Stubbornly you refuse to give up the chase and continue your hunt into the Breixo territory.
After the sun sets you find a small camp site, there sit three Breixo men. Lying on the ground bound by thick ropes is the captive Luciferium man. Not to far away, leaning against a tree is your backpack. A few yards across lies your ikwla. Not to mention the Breixo's own items are strewn exposed around the campsite, ripe for stealing. Observing the Breixos you see each one is armed, and from the times you've fought them in the past you know they are dangerous warriors. You start to rethink the wisdom of trying to steal your possesions back. If they catch you there's no way you can fight all three of them, especially without your ikwla in your hands.
You clench your fists tightly. No, there's no way your pride can let you back out like this. You have to at least get some of your items back.
You wait in the darkness, still as a stone until they all sleep. Then you wait even longer until the one man awake standing guard stops focusing on his watch duties. Now's the time.

How many items do you take? The more you go for the greater the risk.

>Steal Items
>>Your backpack
>>Your ikwla
>>Breixo pack A
>>Breixo pack B
>>Plasteel Knife

Another option would be to try and sneak up on the sentry and take him out. Without him, you would be free to plunder at will. But that would be very risky.

>take out the sentry
>write in
Go for the plasteel knife to take out the sentry.
This. Go for broke.
File: turn_around.png (15 KB, 512x512)
15 KB
No way you're going to let these Breixo cannibals frighten you. Stealth and hand to hand combat are what you excel at! Taking out one absent minded sentry in a dark forest will be Phoebe Chillax.
You deftly reach out and grab the knife. As you thought it's made of Plasteel, stronger and sharper than even the compacted steel buried deep in the mountains. Your prey wanders a little further from the campsite.
You try to still your pounding heart as you approach. You've fought with Breixos before and even killed at least two or three. But never alone.

Roll 1d100
first roll counts

1-20 Your sneak attack fails to kill him
21-40 You kill him, but make too much noise
41-100 You successfully take him out
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Time for death
well that is good news
File: lucre.png (6 KB, 205x350)
6 KB
Quickly and quietly you pounce on the sentry, he never knew what hit him. Very slowly and gently you let the carcass droop to the ground.
You take out the remaining sleepers in a similiar fashion. Ruthless, but you're ancient enemies. You wipe the plasteel knife on the grass. The Luciferium man sleeps slumped against a tree. You're not sure what to do about him. He's no Breixo, you're not sure it's right to kill a man who's mad with dark spirits. Plus he seems to be some sort of exotic Outlander? Maybe he might know something useful for your mission. Something you can decide after checking the spoils of your victory.

You quickly check your pack, everything is still there minus a bit of your pemmican. Rooting through the Breixos' own packs you find

>A bunch of prepared simple meals
>A large bundle of tanned human leather. Disgusting.
>100 Silver pieces
>A sandstone club
>A steel gladius
>A clump of herbal medicine
>A new map, detailing a nearby region.
File: 1580748292970.png (32 KB, 512x512)
32 KB
Rolled 8 (1d8)

You examine your newly acquired map...
File: dangerously_close.png (64 KB, 512x512)
64 KB
Aha! A settlement of Outlanders straight to the south! The Nation of Logua, a civil outlander union. Their people are always friendly and occasionally trade with your tribe. Perhaps with their knowledge of advanced technology they can tell you where to find the Sacred Jewel?

You determine your current position based on landmarks...
You're dangerously close to a Breixo village!
Not good. You better decide where to go next, and what to do about the Luciferium man, who's tussled up to your side.

>write in
>write in
Wake up the outlander and tell him he can find his Luci thing in the outlander town.
Wait for the cover of night before heading for the outlander town to avoid the Breixo
I agree, wait for night, and as dangerous as it might be, take the out-lander with us. Arm him with the steel gladius, but don't let him see the map. If we hide the map from him, he is going to be dependent on us. If we show him the map, then we have no leverage over him.
We should apologize for sucker punching him, and explain who exactly captured him, and what they were going to do with him. Show him the human leather from the Breixo packs.
I wonder how much time he has left before his withdrawal.
File: night_walk.png (35 KB, 271x349)
35 KB
You crouch down and grab the outlander by the arms and shake him awake. His eyes open and rapidly dart around taking in your appearance, then widen with recognition.
"You. The tribal who smashed my Cryptosleep Casket."
You shoot him a nasty glare. You just saved this guy from being EATEN and he's giving you crap!
"I just saved your hide outlander! You turn the sack of human leather inside out and the tanned skin tumbles onto the ground. The Covenant of Breixo are cannibals, you were going to end up as either a slave or a human leather armchair."
He readjusts himself to sit up straight. Still bound.
"...I guess I owe you my life then. I'm sorry for going crazy yesterday. I have an addiction to a rare and dangerous drug. If I don't get enough of it, it causes berserk mental breaks and eventually death."
"Luciferium right?" you start to cut from his bonds, "I think we can help each other."
"What do you mean? Why would you help a man that mugged you?"
Ignoring his question you continue: "To the south there's a civil outlander union. I bet you can find some more of that Luciferium stuff there."
He leans forward intently. "Are you sure? Let me see that map!"
You hold the map out of his reach. "Not so fast, I'll take care of the map. Besides you don't seem to be a very capable navigator since you bumbled straight into Breixo territory."
You cut the last of the ropes from him and he stands, massaging his rope burns. "Fine, whatever. But what do you want in return?"
"You're going to help me on my mission, I'm looking for something that I think might be highly advanced medicine. I could use your outlander knowledge. I'm not very smart with technology."
"You got yourself a deal kid. I could use someone who knows how to survive in the wild. The name's Barrett by the way." He extends his hand.
"I'm Cheetah."

You start travelling immediately, the night's still young and it's not safe to sleep in Breixo land. It's pretty hard to travel this hilly terrain in such darkness but you can tell which direction you're going based on the stars. A conversation starts to break out between you and your new companion.
What do you talk about?

>Sacred Red Jewel
>write in
>>Sacred Red Jewel
Lets see if we can get some knowledge on this.
Based rimworld returns.

>Sacred Red Jewel
>Barrett (what's his story, why was he entombed)

Let's try not to discuss luciferium with the addict in withdrawal
That is a good point about the Luciferium.
"And so now I've set out to find the sacred red jewel to revive chief Jaguar. Do you know of any technology like that Barrett?"
"The only medicine I know of that's small and red is my Luci."
You roll your eyes. You don't want him to change the subject to his addiction again.
"Is there anything else?"
"Look Cheetah, I come from an Urbworld with technology you've never dreamed of and we don't have anything that can restore serious brain damage. Only super advanced Glitterworld mechanite technology can do that."
"I don't know what Urbworlds or Glitterworlds are."
"Just tell the outlanders you're searching for Glitterworld tech that can cure brain damage. As for your shaman's 'red jewel' thing, the only thing I could think that would describe is Luciferium which comes in the form a small red pill. And it CAN heal brain damage."
"What!? Seriously!?"
He points two fingers up to his eyes.
"When I was 17, my eyes got turned into mincemeat. And look at them now."
His eyes look completely fine, his eyes and face is entirely devoid of scars.
He continues. "The stuff gives you very slow regeneration. What it did for my eyes it can do for Jaguar's brain. If there's any truth to your shaman's gobbledygook, I bet the red jewel you're looking for is Luciferium. Though, it's probably the furtherest thing from 'sacred'."
You stare into space contemplatively. Is this what the gods want? If you give Jaguar luciferium he will live again, but he will become like Barrett. If he doesn't get enough he'll go mad, and then die. What if that's the only option?
You notice Barrett starting to tense up, scratching the side of his head and breathing harshly through gritted teeth. Better change the subject before he has another breakdown.

Deciding you've travelled far enough you set up camp in the remains of some small ancient structure and ask him about himself and his story. He goes on to tell you how he grew up in a world far off in outer space covered in vast continent spanning cities. He lived in dark unwanted regions of a city full of crime and violence. His youth being characterised by theft and street fights.
Eventually he became a crewman on a space faring vessel, that was forced to land on this Rimworld after being damaged in battle. The survivors of his ship built a colony but eventually Barrett was forced into a machine that would freeze him when he ran out of the Luciferium he needed to live. Centuries later he awoke when you smashed his casket.
His story is spectacular to you. Until now you were unaware of people living in other worlds amongst the stars, let alone machines that could travel between them. You feel a little guilty for breaking his 'Cryptosleep Casket' but the guy *did* steal all your shit.
File: medicine_man.png (11 KB, 512x360)
11 KB
After a scant few hours sleep the sunrise awakens you. No sign of Breixo, but somethings wrong. Your body is covered in cold sweat and you have a headache, your heart is beating far too fast. Sickness. Worse it could be a case of malaria, a illness known to occur sometimes in this land. You check Barrett, who's still fast asleep. He's showing the same symptoms as you. This is BAD. You're still in Breixo land and only have a small amount of Herbal Medicine. Oh! and one unit of 'Special Medicine'. You wake up Barrett and break him the bad news.
He claims to be very resilient against diseases and says not to worry about him. You're not too sure he knows what he's talking about. With your current supplies of Herbal Medicine you have enough to fully treat one person for the duration of the illness or mostly treat two people. With your excellent herbalist skills you can try to find some extra wild heal root on short notice. "What about these green needle things?" You ask.
"Go-Juice? That's a combat enhancing drug, not much use here, unless you need to get somewhere quick."

Do you go out to harvest extra herbal medicine?

>Go foraging

Do you Try to hide, or exit Breixo lands ASAP


>write in
If he says that he is resilient enough then we might as well leave ASAP
If he feels fine, let's trust him and not hang out in enemy land. Treat self and keep on the move toward outlander union, Barrett's still a ticking time bomb.
File: birdseye_view.png (16 KB, 512x512)
16 KB
No way you're sticking around here. They might already be looking for you.
You travel up and down the forested hills, stopping only to tend your illness. Barrett tending you with Herbal Medicine and you tending him with nothing.
You start to reach the edge of Breixo land. Without bedrest, your disease has progessed significantly. You're now developing a burning fever and startign to experience fatigue.
Barret is in a similiar state. He's actually doing a little better than you are, but without rest or medicine he's also getting very sick.
Just a little further...
The sound of dogs barking sounds from over the hill behind you. Hollering voices yell out and start homing on your position! A crowd is coming your way, and you don't expect them to be friendly.
You cup your hand to your boiling hot forehead. How are you going to escape!?
A sharp pain. Barrett has stabbed your forearm with a needle.
"Barrett! What are you doing!" You grab his arm and struggle to remove the syringe.
"Stop squirming you moron. This is Go-Juice, it will make us run faster."
He injects the nasty contents into your vein and you shove him away, he tumbles over onto the ground.
Your pain suddenly fades away. You feel focused. Relaxed. Full of energy. Your vision sharpens, and you start to become very aware of your surroundings. This magic is powerful.
Barrett gives himself a dose, and stand to his feet. The barking dogs and shouting draws closer.

>Dive into the river
>Run into the cave
>Run away
>write in
>>Dive into the river
Hope we can swim
>Run away
>make obvious tracks heading to the water
>Dive into the river to lose scent
>go back and hide in cave, try to cover tracks
"Quick hide your scent in the river!" You stomp across the soft dirt deliberately leaving footprints and dive in. A second splasg sounds as you scramble onto the grass.
"This way!" You yell. Pointing towards the open cave. With the drug's magic coursing through your veins you dash into the cave quick as an arrow and hurry into the darkness.
Through the exit and down the hill ou see a large party of Breixo men and their savage hounds searching the river. You place your hand against the wall to rest and feel the chill of metal under your palm. A sign! With what looks like a warning pictogram.
"Can you read Barrett? What does this sign say?"
He steps over. A pushes you aside. "It says: 'Warning. Restricted Area, it is unlawful to enter this area without permission, blah blah blah use of deadly force authorized.'"

>Crawl on your belly into small dark tunnel
>Run deeper into the cave
>Hide behind the rocks
>write in
>Crawl on your belly into small dark tunnel

Gotta check this out, be nice and stealthy and have a peek around
File: stealth_game_guards.png (11 KB, 512x428)
11 KB
You hear some men approaching the cave. "They're coming! Quick crawl under here."
Barret squirms into the cramped tunnel and you go into one beside it. Down on your belly you crawl backwards into the cranny.

You see the feet if some Breixo men and woman walk past you. Muttering as they go.
"There's nothing here. This has been a waste of our time." Growls a woman.
"Be silent whelp. If we don't find that Spacer and Comba runt. Lamprey will have us chopped up and fed to the hounds. We are the Breixo, and we do not let our prey escape."
Another voice speaks out "I see words! A threat of death to intruders. There may be blood machines sleeping here."
Silence. They're just standing there thinking.
Finally one begins. "We'll leave a scout by this cave and continue the hunt. There's no need to disturb this evil place."
They walk out. 5 minutes later Barrett crawls out. You would have lied low longer but it seems he grew impatient. You crawl out of the filthy crevice. You whisper "I think they're gone". Barrett nods.
You creep towards the mouth of the cave, sure enough there's a lone young Breixo standing guard outside the cave.

>Sneak past the scout
>Kill the scout
>Go deeper into the cave
>write in
>>Kill the scout
>write in
Kidnap the scout for info
dank, supporting. should be an easy takedown 2v1 if we sneak, be ready to kill him though if we fail the sneak
File: vigilance.png (12 KB, 512x512)
12 KB
"A breixo" whispers Barrett. "Kill him?"
"Nah, let's catch him! Then we can question him."

He's not paying attention. Sneaking up on him should be pretty easy. Especially for you.

Roll 1d100
higher is better
only first roll counts
Rolled 30 (1d100)

uh oh
File: the_chase.png (7 KB, 296x281)
7 KB
You impatient try to strike before creeping close enough. The sentry is alerted and starts running away as fast as he can. Leaving his shabby club behind. You start chasing him down. A burning pain starts to grow in your head. The painblocking effect of the Go-Juice is wearing off, you are once again starting to feel your illness.

>Chase the sentry down (roll 1d100)
>Let him go
>write in
Rolled 18 (1d100)

>>Chase the sentry down (roll 1d100)
Wow this cheetah dude is absolutely incompetent
Rolled 50 (1d100)

More like a streak of bad luck
From a rolling sense it's luck, yeah, but in context it's basically the guy failing to focus enough
In his defense he did catch malaria
File: doctoring.png (12 KB, 467x439)
12 KB
He's just too fast. Even with the magic of the Go-Juice, your illness and amount of travel without rest is too taxing. The scout dissappears over a hill and you collapse to the ground exhausted.
Barrett soon catches up and nudges your shoulder "Damn it. Are you still awake Cheetah?"
"We've got to get out of here Barrett, the Breixo will be swarming here in no time!."
"You're too sick to travel. If you try to run the malaria will kill you. Hold still I'm going to use the Glitterworld meds on you." He pulls out the special medicine you took from Barrett's 'tomb'. Not protesting you take some pills and another needle. You take a deep breath and stand up.
You survey your surroundings. There's the cave you were just in. A moderately sized ruined structure. And a large chunk of machinery, the kind that falls from the sky and (usually) has Mechanoids sleeping within.

>Run for it
>Hide in the cave
>Hide in the ruins
>Hide nearby the mechanoid ship part
>Climb up a tree
>write in
>>Hide nearby the mechanoid ship part
Well they are more likely to avoid the mechanoid part due to its potential danger, hopefully it wont be dangerous then.
File: DANGER ZONE.png (23 KB, 1024x512)
23 KB
You jog up to the the mechanical hulk. All the vegetation in a 10 metre radius around the thing is either dead or rotting. Not a single blade of grass has survived.
Four of the dreaded bloodmachines lie dormant around the ship part. The long ranged variant, ready to activate in a flash.
With a coarse whisper Barret says "Shit! Mechanoids. They're all hostile on Rimworlds right Cheetah?"
You don't fully understand "Rimworlds" or "Glitterworld" but one thing's for sure. Blood machines are cold killers.
"They're hostile. But these ones are sleeping. They won't awaken unless they, or that strange mechanical hunk gets attacked. Come on."
You start calmly and slowly walking up to the ship part.
"Cheetah! are you crazy!"
"The only way we're surviving both the Malaria and the Breixo is if we USE these 'mechanoids'" you snap back

Chief Jaguar has used these things to his advantage in the past. One of these things fell nearby your village and he waited for an enemy raid before awakening the sleeping machines causing both parties to fight amongst themselves.
If nothing else the Breixo will probably avoid this thing until they can muster a bigger attack force to get rid of it.

What the hell are you going to do?

>write in
Do we fit under it?
You might have to dig out a little space, but yes
Then lets do that and rest there until nightfall and leave for the outlander town in the cover of darkness.
File: exterminate.png (10 KB, 483x360)
10 KB
You wriggle under the heavy sheet metal of the ship part scraping away the soil like a mole. The sleeping Mechanoids don't react and soon you find yourself nestled under the ship part, with Barret doing the same.
Now all you can do is wait. A long hour passes, lying cramped in the dirt. The Breixo arrive in a drove, once again bringing attack dogs. Too cautious to peek out from your hiding place you're unable to watch. They comb the area for a while, but don't approach your hiding place.
It sounds like they're about ready to give up and move on. One by one they start meandering away.
But then you here and awful, dreadful noise. An arrow whizzes through the air and pierces the side of the ship part, doing a very miniscule amount of damage to it. With a high pitched electric whine and the low thrumming of engines all four mechanoids activate! They start firing their deadly energy weapons, presumably at a fleeing gaggle of Breixo archers.
All the while you're still beneath this hunk of machinery. Seems like they're unaware of you.

>what do?
File: moon.png (13 KB, 512x512)
13 KB
I'm ending the quest here. Hopefully I'll find better luck in the future.
Cheetah eventually developed immunity to his illness and escaped Breixo land finding his way to the Civil Outlanders where he continued his search for the Sacred Jewel.
Thanks for playing
RIP. You did your best OP. Hope that you aren't discouraged by this in the future.

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