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In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Rules: Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

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My Twitter: https://twitter.com/QmGalvan

In this thread we'll be recapping as much as we possibly can before this thread auto-archives. I'll be reposting the work I've done in the previous recap thread, along with new content that I've been writing for the past few days. So sit back and enjoy the show! It's Showtime!
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Location: Elsewhere...
Date: Irrelevant

You walk through the dimly lit hallway leading to your ship's main deck, your black nano-weave mesh cape flowing with every step you take. You were never a fan of capes, but the big boss insisted that it be a part of your dress code.

The automatic doors swing open with your arrival, and the heads of your squad-mates swing around to face you. Even beneath the black visors, you can tell that they are assessing your each and every movement, trying to sniff out the tiniest hint of weakness or nervousness. And you won't lie, you cannot help but feel nervous under their penetrating gazes. Especially from Prodromos. The way his eyes trace along your curves...it makes your skin crawl.

[Saveus]: Galatea.

Your head turns to Saveus, the oldest member of the Eternal Empire. His wisdom and calm judgements have been invaluable to this team.

[Saveus]: Eon has granted you the honor of researching Subject: 303-4-076.

A mission? So soon? You were only recently recruited to be among his personal guard. This must be a test of some sort...

[Galatea]: Why would he entrust such an important mission to me?

[Saveus]: He believes that you are quite capable. Do not disappoint him.

You stare at him for a moment before bowing your head to him and resigning to your terminal. If Eon wishes to asses your abilities, then you cannot allow failure to become a possibility. You WILL succeed.

It is not too difficult to hone in on the subject's timeline, but this task will require you to pay close attention to his interactions, unconscious tendencies and personality.

Let us start at the beginning...

Thread #1:

Subject 303-4-076, otherwise known as "Wade", began his journey on the 26th of June in the year of 2019. The game he is playing, I believe it is a sport known as "soccer". And he appears to be doing rather well. His victory was earned through cooperation with his teammates.

Afterwards, he made contact with a "Julie Yamamoto" and exchanged contact information with her. Just look at him squirm and panic at the sight of an attractive female. You would think it was his first time speaking to one. He does not seem to be a particularly impressive organic, but you will continue to observe him for a while longer.

His conversation is interrupted by his Grandfather, Phil Wakeman, and he proceeds to board his hideous vehicle and make contact with his cousin, Olivia Wakeman. The three of them seem to be extremely close to one another. Much closer than you were with...

Let's move on. You cannot allow your mind to wander.

Once they arrive at the designated campsite, Wade fantasizes about ingesting a strange slop that his Grandfather has produced, while Olivia considers fleeing into the forest in order to avoid eating it.

However, Wade volunteers to fetch some firewood from the forest, and leaves his cousin to suffer. You cannot help but shudder at the thought of being forced to ingest such a toxic substance.

File: Vertigoat.jpg (106 KB, 736x981)
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You set aside your pity for the subject's cousin, and continue observing Wade. During his afternoon stroll, he is confronted by the being known as "Verdona". She traps within a powerful barrier and engages him in conversation. For some odd reason, you cannot decipher what is being said by either of them. Must be the Anodite's interference.

Suddenly, the Anodite flings a meteorite at the subject, causing him to flee. Well, he tries to at least.

After the collision, Wade approaches the smoldering crater after seeing a...purple glow!


A black orb in the center of the crater opens up, revealing the Omnitrix. Wade reaches for it slowly, only to have the Omnitrix forcefully attach itself to his wrist after it senses the DNA of Max Tennyson. Saveus informed you of his origin as a clone of the late Max Tennyson, but you assume that Wade himself is unaware of the fact.

The subject struggles to pry the watch off of his wrist, but to no avail. The Omnitrix identifies him as a suitable match for Max's DNA, which confuses him. His first transformation is that of a Soldat Mkulu, otherwise known as "Rad-El Snake". He tests out it's abilities on his cousin Olivia, hypnotizing her and forcing her to perform a dance for his amusement. Afterwards, he times out and escorts his cousin back to the campsite, where he quickly reveals the Omnitrix to his Grandfather. Phil feigns surprise at the existence of the watch, and worries for the safety of his grandson. But the moment is cut short by the intrusion of three hunter drones that were sent by D'Traxus, the mad warlord that has taken an interest in him. The subject quickly dispatches them with ease, using the alien known as "Wildfire". Once he times out, he notices that a much larger hunter drone is terrorizing the park nearby. Feeling a heroic obligation to help the innocent, he and his cousin run ahead to assist those trapped beneath piles of rubble.

His Omnitrix eventually recharges, and he selects "Vertigoat" before dismantling the hunter drone with his gravity manipulation abilities.

The subject seems to have gotten used to using the Omnitrix fairly quickly. It's no wonder Eon took an interest in him. Further research is required for this subject.

End of Thread #1
File: Sixsix4.png (346 KB, 640x480)
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346 KB PNG
Thread #2:

On the way to his next destination, Wade toys with the Omnitrix and tries out some of his other transformations. He discovers "Knuckle Duster" and "Thriller Whale". Along the way, Wade and Olivia spend time thinking of a costume design for his human form. It is wise for him to consider hiding his true identity. There are far too many Omnitrix users that neglect their personal safety with little to no regard for their loved ones.

Afterwards, Wade and his family embark on a trip to an Animal Sanctuary. There, they encounter Dr. Animo and Nyancy Chan. Wade dispatches both with Thriller Whale and makes sure that they are properly arrested by the local authorities. Quite impressive, if I don't say so myself.

Wade wastes his time "texting" with the Julie from before. His efforts to court her do not go unrewarded, and they manage to arrange a "date". Wade and his family meet her family, and Wade decides bring Olivia on his date. You truly do admire his relationship with her. It warms your cold heart to see that they consider each other as close friends, despite being family. That is quite rare.

On his date, Wade notices that he is being followed and tries to slip away without worrying Julie. In his absence, he battles several bounty hunters and dispatches them flawlessly with Knuckle Duster. In his attempt to apprehend them, Tetrax Shard intervenes and captures them himself.

Wade retursn to his date, and accidentally angers Julie for his brave behavior. You will never understand the hormonal imbalances of teenagers.

The date becomes quite awkward for a while, before both of them apologize to one another, recovering from their slump. However, their date is rudely interrupted for the second time by Sixsix. The three of them flee the wax museum, but Wade is compelled to defeat the bounty hunter before someone gets hurt. He reveals his identity as a "Superhero" and transforms into "Zipmunk". Julie is pleasantly surprised to learn of his abilities, and Wade rushes to confront the Sotoraggian hunter.

Wade quickly defeats Sixsix with his ability to manipulate electricity, rendering him unconscious. Tetrax later confronts Wade, having seen his fight with the bounty hunter. Clearly impressed by his responsible use of the Omnitrix, he captures Sixsix and wishes him luck on his journey.

It says here that Tetrax was originally hired by Xylene to take the Omnitrix from it's new user, but he changed his mind once he had met Wade.

Julie had promised Wade that she would keep his secret, and they promised to "hang out" again in the future.

End of Thread #2
File: Mother.png (3 MB, 1024x2048)
3 MB
Thread #3:

After learning that his grandson is being pursued by bounty hunters, Phil Wakeman drives to New York without rest. Wade and Olivia manage to convince him to rest while they tour the city.

During their excursion, they visit an arcade and proceed to play silly games to waste their time. They face one another in a fighting game, rekindling an old rivalry from when they were younger, and Wade, of course, comes out victorious.

Later, a ruffian attempts to steal the Omnitrix, and flees the scene when he spectacularly fails to do so. Wade decides to let him get pummeled by another one of his victims, moving on to the movie theater with his cousin. At said theater, Wade suffers a rather pretentious film for an hour and a half. The woman behind him, known as "Rojo" begins to protest the movie and tries to convince the two to get their money back for the time they wasted on the film.

Suddenly, the city is attacked by flying stone creatures known as "Scrutin". Wade uses the alien known as "Dropkick" and dispatches the creatures spectacularly with his spring-loaded kicks. Phil arrives after the battle and rescues Wade and his cousin from the scene. Rojo and her friend "Spud" accompany the three of them. The human known as Spud seems to know more than he lets on, but is hysterical nonetheless.

The group witnesses a news broadcast that relays the images of Scrutin invading the city. And the fact that the city is...being held up by giant chicken legs?! Interesting...

Spud reveals that he knows who is causing this to happen, and that he can lead you to her. Their conversation is suddenly cut short by the Scrutin pursuing them, and Wade must attempt to aid his family in their escape before his transformation ends. However, he miscalculates a jump and causes the vehicle to flip over onto its side. Wade is flung into the distance, and onto a car, causing him to time out lose consciousness. His first defeat. Hopefully it humbled him.

When he wakes from his slumber, he finds himself and his friends bound by mana. The witch that binds them reveals herself in the dark room, and introduces herself as "The Mother of Midnight".

The subject proceeds to mock her for her ridiculous name, infuriating the witch and causing her to lose her composure. It is actually quite amusing. Because of this, the others wake up join Wade in his mockery. Spud on the other hand, begins to recite a spell that he learned from her spell-book, freeing the group and allowing them to fight the one known as Mother.

Wade selects Zipmunk and absorbs the magical energy that permeates the room. You were unaware that he was capable of such a thing, but you are quite sure that Wade was not aware of that fact either. Using the absorbed mana, Wade uses it to create a powerful beam of energy that sends Mother flying through a wall. Once Wade destroys her once beautiful visage, he reveals that she is nothing more than an ancient hag. Mother attempts to command her Scrutin to attack Wade, but he directly attacks her spell-book, ending her powerful spell over the Island of Manhattan.

After a powerful backlash of mana, Wade and his friends witness the city return back to normal. Mother attempts to declare her revenge on Wade and his friends, but her tirade is cut short once Adwaita captures her for her abuse of magic, much to Wade's confusion.

The following day, Olivia reveals that she procured a magic charm from Mother's spell-book before it was destroyed. Wade advises her to research the trinket before she uses it, but Olivia is all too eager to become a hero like Wade.

Wade tests out his "Snotrocket" transformation and learns of the ability to time out early.

Wade later discovers that his cousin is making a costume for herself, but he does not get upset with her. Phil proposes that they go on a family outing while their vehicle is being repaired. When they arrive at the park, they are met by a family of strangely competitive individuals known as the "Morrisons".

Much to everyone's surprise, they easily take first place with their spectacular show of teamwork. This angers the Morrisons, much to the joy of the Wakeman family.

While they attempt to celebrate in the family event's intermission, Wade is abducted by the young Morrison boy and dropped from a significant height. Wade transforms into Snotrocket and latches onto the Morrison boy in order to save himself. The boy panics, attempting to shake off his combatant, but Wade succeeds in avoiding oncoming traffic and blinds the Morrison boy, causing him to crash.

The Daughter of the Morrisons attempts to pounce on Wade, but she is quickly dispatched by one of Wade's "snot rockets". The Mother and Father of the Morrison's arrive to assist the rest of their family, revealing themselves as "The Crime Syndicate".

Wade is not very impressed by this reveal, being previously unaware of their existence. The one known as Headcase attempts to attack Wade, but is quickly defeated before he gets the chance to do anything. This causes the one known as Mama Bear to fly into a wild rage, but she is defeated by Olivia using her magic luck charm.

Authorities arrive to arrest the defeated criminals, and Wade assures Olivia that he is not upset about her usage of the magic charm. She gives Wade the hover-board that was used by the Morrison boy as a gift.

Later, Phil is ordered by his superior to execute a human boy who is being engineered to be a weapon for an organization known as "Providence".

After they retrieve the "Rust Bucket", Phil drives his grandchildren to the military base in which the weapon is being held. He orders his family to remain in the RV as he equips his gear from his days as a Rooter. Wade manages to convince him to inform them of the situation at hand, and Phil decides to tell Wade about his origin as a clone of Max Tennyson. He reveals that he stole Wade from a scientist that wished to turn him into a weapon, and Wade took it surprisingly well. His ability to adapt and accept the unusual is astounding.

Phil agrees to let Wade rescue the individual instead of letting his grandfather execute him. He transforms into Zipmunk and infiltrates the building without being detected. Once he locates the individual known as Subject 11, he discovers that his name is Kevin Levin, and he is bonded to a Galvanic Mechamorph known as Malware. Wade rescues them both as Bloodrush, but is spotted on his way out. He manages to cripple their defenses and disable their transport before leaving, assuring that they cannot be followed.

As they flee from the scene, they are pursued by a mutant sent from Providence. A mutant named Clancy, with he ability to manipulate insects. Wade transforms into Wildfire and uses his control of fire to incinerate the bugs and set Clancy ablaze. Once they have fled to a safe distance, Wade uses Thriller Whale to empower Kevin's will, allowing him to separate from the Mechamorph.

Wade chases the Mechamorph known as Malware, but ultimately decides to let him go. Confused by this random act of kindness, the creature flees the scene, more confused than ever.

Personally, you find the notion of allowing your opponent to flee ridiculous. But, that mercy of his can be used against him.

Wade enters the Rust Bucket once more, informing the others that Malware has gotten away from him. Kevin expresses him gratitude to Wade and his family, promising to repay them someday.

Suddenly, the Plumbers that Phill called arrive to pickup Kevin. One of them being Phil's superior, Koba.

End of Thread #3
Thread #4:

Once Koba arrives, Wade inquires about the Omnitrix and the state of Plumber HQ. He is denied entry to the Plumber base and Kevin is taken into custody before saying a brief farewell.

Later, Wade and his family set out towards North Carolina, where Phil visits his old friend Charles Albright. Wade and Olivia make friends with his son, Alan, and follow him to confirm a local superstition of alien abductions. Skeptical as he is, Wade humors the boy and waits for the aliens to arrive in a field of corn.

To his surprise, the aliens arrive and begin attacking them. Wade transforms into Bloodrush and quickly dispatches them, but he and his friends are suddenly caught in a tractor beam that pulls them up towards a rather large saucer-shaped ship.

The group is knocked unconscious for a short while, and they awake to find themselves strapped to surgical tables. The alien's leader, a masked man named Coyote, enters the room and explains the situation to Wade. It was then that he revealed his "alien" employees to be humans that were victims of alien abductions. They intended to illegally capture and deport aliens and mutants to their "native planet". This group later became known as "The Fourth Kind". Wade attempted to resist, but found himself unable to reach the Omnitrix.

It was then that he experimented with the voice control function on the Omnitrix. Using only vocal commands, Wade transformed into Rad-El Snake and escaped from his bindings He then proceeded to locate his comrades and render their guards unconscious. The three of them then proceeded to clear out the guards on the ship's bridge and free every single alien prisoner on-board. The freed prisoners incited a riot, which distracted the guards long enough for them to disable the navigational systems and engine.

Once that was done, they too joined in on the riot, before they decided to go after the group's leader. Surprisingly, Coyote was a mutant himself, able to teleport objects away from himself with only a touch. Their confrontation is cut short by the ship's sharp decline, and Wade foolishly decides to save his assailant and captor. With his brave actions and persuasive skills, he manages to convince Coyote to rethink his actions.

Once they crash, Wade and the other prisoners exit the ship and reorient themselves. The prisoners then attempt to relentlessly beat their captor, but they are stopped by Alan, who awakens his latent mutant abilities as a Pyronite.

Shortly afterward, Wade's grandfather arrives to assess the situation and make sure that the abducted aliens are safely escorted to their homes. It was during this time that Wade encountered his beloved, a Kineceleran named K8-E. She will be a useful tool to use against him in the future.

Once they return Alan to his home, they set off on their journey once more. And in Wade's sleep he encounters Verdona once more, who appears to be oddly fond of him for his relation to Max.

End of Thread #4
Thread #5:

Phil confronts Wade about his conversation with Verdona, revealing that she stole it from Azmuth in order to give it to Wade. And this compels him to begrudgingly request Wade to speak to Verdona once more. She seems to have been the only one to have encountered Azmuth since he had disappeared.

During their trip to South Carolina, Wade and his family encounters a reptilian creature that's terrorizing the neighborhood. Wade attempts to transform into one of his new aliens "Spin Cycle", but his Omnitrix mysteriously malfunctions, turning him into a Necrofriggian. Or "Big Chill" as he likes to call it.

He manages to trap the creature, but a rift opens up from the ground, swallowing the creature before closing once more. Wade grabs his collar before the creature completely disappears beneath the dirt, intending to use it to track the creature down. His grandfather locates a shard of Amalgamite within the collar, unsure of its purpose. But Wade is certain that there is extraterrestrial activity afoot.

He returns to the site of the incident and uses Spin Cycle to drill through the dirt. He eventually reaches a mine-shaft occupied by reptilian slaves and short alien creatures. One of the reptilians attempts to sneak behind him, but his 360 degree vision allows him to easily spot and dispatch the creature stealthily.

While he still has the element of surprise on his side, Wade launches an attack on the leader of this illegal mining operation, a being known as Vulkanus.

His surprise attack is successful, and he makes quick work of Vulkanus' mutant slaves. However, his hubris gets the best of him, and he attempts something truly foolish. Unaware of the substance he held in his hands, Wade picked up the raw, volatile Amalgamite, and tossed it towards Vulkanus. As the Detrovite fired his blaster, his plasma bolt intercepted the Amalgamite and created a powerful burst of energy that knocks Wade unconscious.

He later awakens to find himself chained to a pillar, surrounded by Vulkanus and his men. Wade attempts to appeal to Vulkanus' morality, but he finds it to be quite grey. Eventually, Wade's family enters the scene to rescue him, and he uses Big Chill to freeze Vulkanus and his slaves solid. Afterward, Wade reverses the effects of the Amalgamite and changes the reptilian slaves back to their human forms. He flies them over to the local authorities before timing out, and he flees the scene with his family.

Later that night, Wade has another dream in which Verdona confronts him. She attempts to seduce him with her human form, but Wade is determined to set her straight without leading her on. She offers to take him to see the wonders of the galaxy, and he agrees to go with her once he becomes a legal adult at the age of 18.

Wade relays the information of his new deal with Verdona to his family, and they become agitated that Wade is willing to risk his safety by accompanying her on a tour of the galaxy.

File: Zombozo.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
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157 KB JPG
The matter is settled by Wade agreeing to bring them on the trip as well.

If the human is going to be accompanying the Anodite on an extended trip, then we must strike before then, when he is vulnerable.

Wade's grandfather proposes a trip to a local carnival, to which Wade and Olivia agree immediately. There, they engage in all sorts of unsafe activities. You do believe you witnessed him willingly entering a plastic bag of some sort, only to be lowered to the bottom of a river. If this is what he does for fun, then he might just perish before you even arrive.

But it appears that he has gotten angry over the lack of safety precautions installed on the "ride". He and his cousin angrily storms off, before encountering a strange girl with white hair.

Hmm. The one known as Hope does not seem to be from Wade's Earth. You will have to perform additional research on this particular subject. The concept of "Magic" eludes you.

Once they have finished speaking to the girl, they go to attend the carnival's main event with their grandfather. There, they encounter a strange clown known as "Zombozo", along with his band of freaks. The clown attempts to bewitch the crowd with some sort of hypnotic ray, that will cause them to laugh until they pass out. Fortunately, Wade manages to nullify the effects of the hypnotic ray by transforming into Thriller Whale. Using this transformation, he dispatches Zombozo's mutants and offers to treat them for their deformities with the Omnitrix's DNA repair function. They show genuine fear at the thought of being made normal, so he uses it to threaten them, assuring that they would not dare act against him in the future.

You're intrigued. You didn't believe the subject capable of such cruelty. It is an appropriate response, nonetheless.

Wade helps his family to recover from the ray's effects, and together they pursue Zombozo into a tunnel leading underground. Once they have caught up with him, they find that he has recruited a partner in crime known only as "Hex". Yet another magic practitioner.

Hex uses his magic to revive an army of the undead, which Wade is forced to fight without the use of his Omnitrix. Once it recharges, he transforms into "Snot-Rocket" and uses him to create giant bubble of slime. He allows his family to enter the bubble and uses it to roll over the undead army, causing them to stick to its surface before Wade allows it to pop. Quite an amusing strategy. Unorthodox, but amusing.

Zombozo attempts to harm Wade and his family with a device that shoots acid, but he clogs up the nozzle before it can be fired, causing to explode from the built-up pressure. Wade makes sure that Phil and Olivia are unharmed, but Zombozo loses a hand to his own weapon. The clown and the wizard begin to argue, so Wade traps them in slime while they are not paying attention.

Eventually, authorities arrive to arrest the two men, leaving poor Hope to be placed in child services. What a delicious recipe for revenge…
Trivia Time:

>Originally, I planned for Verdona to take the place as your caretaker instead of Phil. She was going to be the human flesh of Verdona brought to life, without her powers or memories. Verdona's raw Anodite form would still be roaming the galaxy, desperately searching for her other half. At the time, the idea of an irresponsible "cool mom" appealed to me.

>Olivia replaced an early concept I had for a grumpy goth named Mandy. She would've been Wade's neighbor and childhood friend. The personalities between Mandy and Olivia were complete opposites, but I decided to switch to Olivia sometime during the first thread and I haven't regretted it since.

>In the early stages of my planning, I intended to put the Plumbers in a much sorrier state than they're in now. Basically being freedom fighters that oppose the big bad. The big bad himself wasn't originally meant to be D'Traxus either. It was supposed to be a man by the name of Prodromos. I decided that he would've been a bit too powerful to use so early in the story, so I'm saving him for later.

>I had originally planned for Providence to play a much bigger role in the story, acting as the opposing military force to Wade and his friends on Earth, but my plans began to slowly change with each passing thread.

>There are many aliens that didn't make it into the quest, because I believed that they weren't necessary to the roster. Aliens such as Trailblazer, Punch Buggy and Blasteroid will most likely never be used since they are far too similar to already existing aliens in function and design. However, Vertigoat made it into the roster by the skin of his teeth, since I swapped him into the lineup during the first thread.
File: Ben_10k.png (169 KB, 720x544)
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169 KB PNG
Thread #6:

Wade and Olivia are brought to a theme park, but Wade's thoughts linger on his inability to help Hope. It was on this day that Wade encountered Kirby, an older version of Ben Tennyson from an alternate timeline. He may have wisdom and experience, but he does not possess an Omnitrix, making him much more vulnerable.

Wade saves the life of a seemingly endangered citizen with Dropkick, but stumbles onto a movie set for a movie starring his childhood heroes, Kangaroo Kommando and Captain Nemesis. Wade eventually flees the scene and formally meets his future mentor, Kirby.

Kirby informs him that he has been sent to his timeline by Professor Paradox, and he cannot return to his own timeline until a major crisis has been averted. Wade accepts Kirby as his mentor, so Kirby proceeds to add an alien and a new function to the Omnitrix. Surprisingly, Wade was not scared off by the fact that this homeless man was talking to his hideous bag and claiming that he was married to it.

Later, Wade and the others investigate another incident in the park that doesn't seem to be a scene for the movie. Kangaroo Kommando has captured the movie's lead actress and is planning to get rid of her and replace her with Jennifer Nocturne. Wade pursues him with Bloodrush and engages his hero in battle. The washed up hero activates a deadman trigger in order to negotiate his release, but Wade tightly wraps his hand in Bloodrush's wing, preventing him from releasing the trigger before Olivia can find the bombs.

While he waits patiently, Wade questions Kangaroo Kommando on his sudden shift in morality, and he discovers that he is only an impostor wearing the hero's mantle. The real Kangaroo Kommando eventually arrives, and identifies the impostor as his twin brother, who cares more about fame and glory than true heroism. Captain Nemesis arrives to the aid of the impostor, and Abel North volunteers to take them both on while Wade flees the scene.

The Omnitrix times out, but Kirby's gift allows the Wacth to temporarily recharge itself at a faster rate. With his watch recharged, Wade selects his new alien "Diamondhead" and returns to quickly end the fight, saving Kangaroo Kommando. Abel North volunteers to wait for the authorities to arrive. allowing Wade to escape and maintain his secret identity.

After the action dies down, Wade invites K8-E to hang out at the amusement park. She agrees and jumps at the chance to get to know her savior better. Wade is absolutely floored to see that she has decided to come wearing a flattering dress that hugs her thin frame. The group spends their afternoon enjoying the attractions and each other's company. Wade finds himself smitten with the Kineceleran girl, but they must eventually return to their grandfather's vehicle and return to their trip. When they return to the front gates of the amusement park, they learn that Phil has had his vehicle stolen, and has asked the Yamamoto's for their assistance in the matter.

Once Phil confirms that Kirby is who he says he is, Wade and the others join Julie and her family in their vehicle. It is much nicer than the "Rust Bucket".

Julie's parents are thrown off by K8-E's bizarre appearance, but they manage to bluff their way out of it. K8-E agrees to help Wade find his RV before she returns home, and he eagerly welcome her to "Team Wakeman".

As they pursue the RV, Wade takes this time to recap his adventures to Julie and K8-E. Julie is slightly upset that she missed so many opportunities to help the team, but she is very understanding about it.

Once every gets ready to rest for the night, Wade wakes Kirby up and persuades him to teach him how to use magic. Surprisingly, Wade takes to it very wuickly. The boy is a fast learner, but you are troubled by the fact that he has learned magic. You are unsure of how to deal with such a mysterious power. Well...no matter. Eon will surely have thought of a countermeasure.

Wade shows off his ability to use magic to the others when they wake up, and Olivia expresses great interest in learning how to use it as well. Eventually, they locate the Rust Bucket, only to find that it has been enhanced by a Galvanic Mechamorph and is being driven by a gang of vehicle thieves called the "Road Crew".

Wade transforms into Zipmunk, has Kirby catapult him onto the Rust Bucket, and releases a powerful burst of electricity that incapacitates the Road Crew. They are later confronted by a criminal known as "Fistrick" who was willing to buy the vehicle from the Road Crew.

Fistrick and his gang combine their vehicles to from a mech, and it begins to attack Wade and his allies. In order to defeat Fistrick, Wade combines his abilities with the Mechamorph's and fires himself out of a cannon, disabling the mech and causing to it to explode. K8-E risks her life to save Fistrick before the mech explodes, and Wade becomes frantic when he thinks that he lost her. The Kineceleran reveals herself once more and Wade hugs her in a moment of passion, leading to his family teasing him for the rest of the trip. The Mechamorph takes an immediate liking to Julie, and she decides to name him Ship.

Wade helps his grandfather to repair the Rust Bucket and discovers a new alien named "Ghostfreak". Kirby witnesses him using the Ectonurite form and angrily tells him to avoid using the alien before locking it. Out of curiosity, Wade persuades Kirby to explain why that particular alien form is so dangerous. He decides to heed Kirby's warning and keep the alien sealed until further notice.

Wade says his goodbyes to the Yamamoto's and K8-E before they depart and return to their vacation. Olivia finishes making Wade's suit, which appears to be inspired by a popular television series known as "Kamen Rider". He also creates a keyword linked to his catchphrase "It's Show Time!", which allows him to summon the suit at will. It is quite clever actually. For a human anyway.

File: Enoch_(Ultimate_Alien).png (338 KB, 772x720)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
Wade and his family arrive at a forest in Mississippi, but the kids quickly become bored within the first hour, instead deciding to explore. They accidentally stumble upon a group of "Forever Knights" in a cave, trying to unearth some sort of strange creature embedded into a stone wall. Wade sneaks behind them and makes a dramatic appearance, before deciding on his secret identity, "X".

Wade transforms into Vertigoat, quickly dispatching the knights with his gravity manipulation abilities. However, the Knights manage to free the creature with their plasma drills, causing it to lash out at the knights in response.

Wade attempts to scan the creature's DNA, only to be met with a mysterious error. So instead, Wade times out early and switches to Thriller Whale. He sings a beautiful melody that puts the creature to sleep and seals it inside of the cave. Upon exiting the cave, Wade encounters the Forever King and the Forever Ninja. He switches to Diamondhead and manages to defeat them both, along with Enoch, before backup arrives. Wade and Kirby resolve themselves to confront the Kaiju that has been trapped within the cave, along with the knights that were unable to escape.

End of Thread #6
File: TheReturn.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
Thread #7:

Plumber Agents, Tripp and Dribble, arrive to arrest the knight's and propose an operation to free Azmuth's assistant, Myaxx, from the prison ship Incarcecon. Wade agrees, excited by the fact that he will be working with Kevin. Finally, the Plumbers report that they have severely crippled the operations of Providence and sent them into hiding.

Once Wade confirms that the Knights are in the Plumber's custody, he and Kirby travel into the cave to check on the slumbering beast within. Upon entering, they find them ashen remains of the knights that were trapped inside, along with a tunnel leading into to the nearby town. Wade transforms into Bloodrush and chases after the creature, hoping to catch it before it has the chance to harm anyone.

Once he finds it, wade engages the creature and manages to distract it from the fleeing civilians. Eventually, he is joined by a group of scientists known as "The Saturdays" and they defeat the beast with their combined strength.

The Saturdays invite the Wakeman's to their airship to discuss what to do with the ancient "cryptid", and Wade becomes well acquainted with the Saturday's son, Zak Saturday.

The Saturdays decide to keep the "Beast Glatisant", and the Wakeman's acquire their contact information before continuing their journey.

As they travel to their next destination, Wade and Phil grow closer through some sort of Male bonding ritual, and Kirby instructs Wade on how to use his scanning feature properly.

The next day, Olivia shows Wade the results of her research on the "Charms of Bezel". These magical charms grant its users great power. And if you manage to collect them all, then you would be granted power without rival. The two of them resolve to collect the charms so that no one else may be allowed to.

The family travels to New Orleans, where they encounter a Loboan and Thep Kuphan that are terrorizing the town's citizens in their search for a mineral known as Corrodium. Wade and Phil manage to track them to abandoned factory by taking a Corrodium tracker and a single containment suit from a chef that has been dabbling in alien Contraband.

Upon arriving to the factory, the two of them are attacked by a horde of humans infected by the Corrodium. Wade uses Diamondhead to quickly dispatch the horde by creating a large crystal mass that nearly encases the entire factory in mere moments.

Wade enters a deep put leading to the lower levels if the factory, where he and Phil encounter the pair of alien monsters once more. Together, they defeat the aliens and subdue them before the Plumbers can arrive.

Wade subdues and cures the infected humans with his Omnitrix and helps the Plumbers procure the Corrodium and its previous owners. Before the group leaves, Wade also manages to trick the chef into walking into an ambush, where the Plumbers detain him as well.

File: Viktor_OV.png (529 KB, 1167x720)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
While everyone else prepares to sleep, Wade befriends the Omnitrix's AI and names her Trixy. She greatly assists him in the Omnitrix's operation even today.

The next day, Wade and Olivia have a sparring match during their mana training session, which Wade wins.

Continuing their trip, the Wakeman's journey to the Houston Space Center, where they encounter a "Dr. Viktor", a strange and eccentric man who takes an interest in Wade.

Wade and the others later stumble upon a Lenopan named "Lucy", who incapacitated them by smothering them with her gelatinous body.

Once they awaken, they find themselves imprisoned in a cell and surrounded by aliens of all sorts. The aliens reveal that they are being attacked by a sentient virus, known as The Flash Mob, that takes over the minds of the infected and forces them to fight innocent people. Dr. Viktor reveals himself as an alien and informs the group that he wishes to help the aliens that are running from the virus. Wade offers to help and manages to create a cure for the virus with Thriller Whale. Eventually, the group manages to fight off the infected and cure the virus, forcing it to flee the systems of the infected. Wade befriends the aliens present in the room and acquires the contact information of Dr. Viktor. Kirby, in particular, is quite pleased by Dr. Viktor's attitude towards him. It seems that he is used to fighting the individual in his own timeline.

End of Thread #7
File: K8-E.jpg (45 KB, 786x1017)
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Thread #8:

Upon waking up the next morning, Wade encounters Kirby's wife, Hope. She relays the story of how she and Kirby met, along with her shameful past a power hungry villain. She volunteers to take Kirby's place as Wade's mentor for the day, explaining that Kirby is busy tending to the Inner Sanctum inside of her hideous bag. Apparently it houses some sort of pocket dimension.

The group proceeds to hike up a mountain at Big Bend National Park, until they spot a creature made of molten rock making his way down towards the bottom. Wade becomes Big Chill and attempts to stop him, only to learn that he possesses one of the charms of Bezel. The Charm of Pyrokinesis to be exact.

Hope and the others volunteer to stay behind to put out the fires left in the creature's wake, while Wade pursues him and attempts to put a stop to his rampage.

The creature successfully stopped the train in its tracks by erecting fiery pillars of magma to hold it in place. Wade prevented the pillars from burning through the train and injuring those inside. The magma creature tore open the front of the train, only to be blasted by a plasma pistol at point blank range.

It was then that Wade was met by a Forever King known as Jesse, who had used his authority and resources to deliver his own brand of justice to criminals.

The two of them join forces in order to defeat the creature, and they successfully hold it back with sustained firepower. Eventually, he extinguishes his own soul from abusing the magic charm, leaving only a dried husk in place of a man.

The Knight introduces himself to Wade and attempts to execute the man responsible for the magma creature's suffering. Apparently, he had been experimenting on mutants in secret. One of which happened to be related to the creature. Being predictable as ever, Wade prevents Forever Kin from executing the sorry excuse for a man that was responsible for this incident. Jesse decides to leave the man for the authorities to punish, as he does not wish to invoke the wrath of the Omnitrix wearer.

Later on, Wade and the others have a party to celebrate Wade's last night on Earth before his mission on Incarcecon. He partakes in a bowling competition with his family and the Kineceleran K8-E, who was invited to be a part of the festivities beforehand.

She and Wade share a tender and embarrassing moment with one another while Wade tries to assist her with rolling the bowling ball. It appears that they are both quite conscious of one another. The slightest act of skinship is enough to fluster the both of them. How adorable…

File: Myaxx_enojada.png (177 KB, 656x496)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
After they leave the establishment, they go to the top of a hill to watch an electrical storm in the distance. It is at this moment that Wade professes his undying love for the Kineceleran. But for some reason, K8-E hesitates to answer Wade's confession. You cannot fathom as to why. She clearly had feelings for the human boy. Perhaps the taboo of having a relationship with such a young boy had weighed heavy on her mind. Despite her hesitation, Wade was willing to wait to hear her answer. K8-E was very grateful for his understanding, and the two of them agreed to remain friends for the time being.

For reasons unknown to you, an inkling of anxiety forms in the back of your mind. The fate of their relationship does not matter to you in the slightest...but it is distracting you from your data gathering. Perhaps you should fast-forward in order to confirm whether they got engaged in a relationship together. This isn't because you are curious. You simply want to confirm whether you can use the Kineceleran girl against him.

...But you should refrain from such undisciplined behavior. Eon is always watching after all. We shall continue writing the report as planned.

After saying his goodbyes, Wade received a strange trinket from Kirby and departed on his journey with Kevin Levin. Once in orbit, he meets the legendary Rad Dudesman and a street urchin named Argit. For once, Wade has trouble getting along with his crewmates and is forced to retire to his cabin. He and Kevin manage to get along very well though.

Wade activates his trinket and discovers that it is a miniature golem, created to protect its owner. Wade names the creature "Slate" and treats it as if it were a dog.

Eventually, they arrive at Incarcecon and begin their operation as planned. Wade quickly learns how to use his space suit as they traverse the trash chute leading into the prison. The automated defense systems latch onto Argit in the process of inspecting the debris floating around the area, but he is saved by Wade's quick thinking.

The operation appears to be going smoothly, until a massive portal opens, hurling a prison ship from the Null Void and sending it hurtling towards Incarcecon. The resulting collision knocks the group unconscious and sets hundreds of prisoners free to roam the damaged ship.

Once they awaken, the group attempts to take a shortcut to reach Myaxx, but are met by a gang of escaped prisoners that are planning to escape. Wade and his friends manage to escape by trading their weapons to the gang's leader, Lockjaw, thus ensuring their safe release.

Eventually, they reach Myaxx and manage to free her, but she refuses to leave without her friend. Wade helps her to free her associate, only to find out that she is indeed the woman that created him as a part of the Mutant Regenesis Project.

File: Attea_OV.png (173 KB, 340x519)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Wade manages to suppress his anger and focus on rescuing the one known as "Iden". They are met by opposition from the escaped Null Void prisoners, but Wade and Kevin quickly dispatch them and proceed to the designated escape route.

Before they can escape in Rad's ship "The Lovely Duck", D'Traxus attempts to kill Wade and his creator. Fortunately, Wade refuses his attempts to instigate an ill-advised battle and escapes with the prisoners before narrowly avoiding a massive beam of plasma from The Chimerian Hammer.

Wade discusses ideas for Omnitrix modifications with Myaxx and contacts Koba to assist him in transporting Myaxx to the safehouse. For some reason, Wade was unable to contact Phil or the others. Once this is dealt with, Wade tries to talk to Iden. The mad scientist manages to deduce Wade's identity as "Subject 10", and Iden agrees to help Wade to defeat D'Traxus. However, the most shocking revelation that he had learned of was the existence of another clone of himself that was running free somewhere.

The trade-off between Wade and the Plumbers goes off without a hitch, and Wade makes Koba promise not to speak of his involvement with a war criminal.

Wade later inquires about the condition of his friend, Coyote. Koba informs him that the man is developing grotesque mutations that have caused him to become more animalistic in appearance. Wade thanks Koba and departs before he addresses Trixy's worries about her "personality problems".

Instead of celebrating their successful escape with their hard earned Taydens, Wade chooses to return home to his family. However, he was not expecting to find an army of Incurseans invading Earth.

The group quickly boards an enemy ship and proceeds to eliminate all hostiles in the loading dock. Wade scans an Incursean and uses his form to acquire access codes that allow him to board the Mothership. The group eventually meet Empress Attea, and attempt to bargain for fate of the Earth. Somehow, Wade manages to seduce the Empress and convince her to leave the Earth alone in exchange for a planet that he purchases using all of the group's Taydens.

Wade and the others quickly flee the ship before the Omnitrix times out, having ended the war and assured the safety of Earth in almost half an hour. This act of heroics would go on to be unnoticed and uncredited for the remainder of Galactic History. Mainly due to the fact that the events that take place in the account were particularly embarrassing for Wade himself.

End of Thread #8
File: Olivia.jpg (667 KB, 3000x4600)
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667 KB JPG
(I underestimated the spam laws!)

>Location: Downtown Bellwood
>Date: Who cares?!

If you’re reading this...THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE READING THIS! And if your name isn’t Olivia Claire Wakeman, then you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be reading this!

Go on. Close the poor girl’s diary, you big fat jerk. I’ll wait. I’ve got tons of page space.




If you’re still here, then that means you’ve got guts. You’re ambitious. And you just might be worthy of learning the 100% true history of “X”, or as I know him, Wade Wakeman, my cousin and best friend.

OH YEAH! We’re flashing secret identities in this journal! Pretty crazy, huh!?

Wade would get upset if he found out, but I don’t intend to pass this around. I just figured that...if we don’t make it through some terrible mission...this can be our legacy. I want to leave something behind. Something of value. Something that would be considered a historical document if Wade dies without ever clearing his reputation or addressing his loved ones.

Or at least, that’s my intention. If this journal gets stolen by some punk or falls into the wrong hands, then I’m sorry. But for now, we’ll ignore that possibility and begin our tale somewhere in the middle of our summer adventure. So sit back, grab some snacks and prepare for your mind to be blown! It’s Showtime!™

Thread #9:

After paying off the toad empress, Attea, Wade returns to his wreck of a home planet with the intent of reuniting with his loved ones. The funny looking space duck, Rad Dudesman(Pfft!), drops off Wade and Kevin somewhere in Downtown Bellwood. For them to see their home in such a desolate state after only having been gone a few days, I can imagine how stressful that must have been for them. Wade especially.

He always puts so much pressure on himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt that the invasion was somehow his fault for leaving when he did. But I don’t blame him. This was just a stroke of bad luck.

Anyways, Rad splits after finishing his end of the bargain. Now that the boys were off his ship, he couldn’t be bothered to care about the fate of Earth. And what’s the first thing they do as soon as they’re left alone? They steal a car! Without me!

Kevin manages to snag a sweet ride off the side of the road, and the two of them set off to find Kevin’s mother. Somewhere along the way, he got in touch with our Grandpa, Phil Wakeman. Phil told him that he’d been waiting in Bellwood with Kirby and a few others, but they had no idea where I was. And to be frank, I didn’t either.

I’m not mad at Grandpa for not finding me, by the way. Cree had been chasing me for quite some time, and Grandpa was busy trying to round up refugees and keep them alive. Kirby had run off to assemble a team of Young Avengers to fight off the invasion. If only he’d known that my cousin was going to buy the planet before he got a chance to do anything!

File: Snapdragon.jpg (101 KB, 1024x716)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Eventually, they find Kevin’s childhood home, and his mom along with it. Really wish I could’ve been there to see Kevin getting all mushy and vulnerable. His Mom is the only family he has left, and the two of them haven’t seen each other in like 6 years. But as touching as this family reunion was, Wade didn’t have time to linger. After all, he still had to find me!

Wade decides to let Kevin and his Mom have some time to catch up, as he uses this opportunity to track me down. Wade calls Grandpa to coordinate the search effort, while using Bloodrush to sniff me out. I’ve got no idea how he has my scent memorized, but I decided not to ask when he found me.(Spoilers!)

After narrowing down my location, he comes across an exposed underground tunnel, leading to a subterranean city full of aliens! People down there call it Undertown, but I didn’t care much for the details when I fled down there for shelter.

After he arrived, it didn’t take him long to track me down, and I’m grateful for that. I’d been running for days without a wink of sleep, covered in bruises from my frequent scuffles with that persistent hag.

Unfortunately, our touching reunion was cut short by Cree attacking my cousin. She was a magical assassin that had been after my Luck Charm. But imagine my surprise when Wade retaliates with an alien I’d never seen before! Some sort of plant, crocodile thing!

After a very brief battle, Wade traps her legs in moss and brambles. And he has the nerve to name the alien without me! A tragically recurring trend from this point on, I’m afraid.

Anywho, Wade begins to interrogate her, but the crafty hag manages to cut herself free and flee the scene. Too bad. I wanted to give her a few punches for chasing you like a wild animal.

Afterwards, Wade showed me his newly acquired stone dog. The cute little guy was a gift from Kirby. I can’t deny the fact that I was a bit jelly. The only gifts I’d gotten from Kirby were musty old books.

While we were catching up, Wade told me all about his prison break, adventure. How he’d broken into alien Alcatraz, caused a riot and freed Azmuth’s assistant, all while being chased by D’Traxus. And the weirdest part? Wade managed to find and free his “creator”. She was an alien cyborg named Iden, who had also created D’Traxus. My cousin’s family tree is downright freaky.

Before Grandpa came to pick me up, Wade quickly mentioned how he had bought the planet in order to save it from the Incursean invasion. He’d also mentioned something about transforming into an Incursean and seducing their empress, but you zoned during that bit due to dehydration.

Once you were safe in Grandpa’s truck, Wade went to go find Kirby. He’d been gone for a few days, before walking into a portal with some dude that looked like Bill Nye.

Eventually, Wade finds Kirby, along with the other members of his teen team standing in front of some company called Evo-Corp. Including Wade’s reptilian boo thing!

File: Elena.png (290 KB, 704x400)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Despite having his confession put on hold before he left, K8-E embraced that man like he was her long lost husband. You had a feeling that they wouldn’t stay “Just Friends” for long.

Besides K8-E there were a few more familiar faces, and some unfamiliar. Julie(w/ Ship) was there with Alan, who had now been given the Charm of Pyrokinesis in order to control his powers. A huge upgrade if you ask me.

Malware there too, and he’d been bonded with a new host named Carol Smith! Carol was one of Julie’s tennis buddies, and she had found Malware after he crawled to her place in one last act of desperation. The blonde teen taught malware the value of compassion and empathy, but you don’t think he would’ve changed his ways were it not for Wade sparing him back when they first met.

After catching up with his friends, Wade greets the pink alien that he doesn’t recognize. She was an underground resident known as Ester, but you aren’t sure how she and Kirby know each other.

Speaking of Kirby, the only reason he’d been waiting there was because he thought he saw an entire building get up and start walking. So him and the rest of his team had been arguing with a group of Forever Knights, hoping that they’d be let in without a fight. One of which was a giant with a bad temper!

Sometime after their reunion, a woman with shoulder-length black hair exits the building alongside an old midget with a crown and golden armor. The woman is wearing a short, black dress, and seemed to command some type of authority. Her name was Elena Validus, and the short guy was a Forever King named Toley. The two of them try to defuse the situation, but the big guy in the back suddenly goes into a mad frenzy and attacks Wade!

Wade and Kirby manage to shield the group with a combined mana barrier, but that doesn’t stop him from coming at them again. Once the peace talks break down, Wade transforms into Spin Cycle, grabs his cape and tosses him into a nearby truck. The other members of the teen team begin to pour on the firepower, but they’re quickly dispatched when the Black Knight fires a friggin laser beam from his eyes!

Wade manages to stop him by tossing a manhole cover at his head, but the one to defeat the Knight is some weird kid with huge metal arms. You’d later come to know him as Rex.

After Rex pounds the Black Knight’s face into the ground, he grabs the ferocious giant by his leg and drags him inside the building. He seemed to work for Elena, and judging by the look on Kirby’s face, he knew more than he let on.

But before the situation could escalate any further, Wade was greeted by the sight of Plumber ships touching down on Earth. Reinforcements had finally arrived!

Along with them, some guy called Professor Paradox shows up to take the others home. I remember him from Kirby’s story. He was the one that had gotten his son killed.

Before leaving, the Professor imparts a bit of wisdom to Wade regarding his future. From the sounds of it, his advice was very cryptic, but you expected as much from a time traveler. But the biggest bomb that he drops comes from his vague remark about our timeline being doomed because the Tennysons are gone.

After the others have left, K8-E and Julie decide to stick around, while Carol and Malware fly over to Kevin’s house in order for the two of them to reconcile.

With the team disbanded, Wade and the others headed to Grandpa’s base of operations, just in time for them to throw Wade a surprise birthday party! Surprise!!!

Once Wade blows out the candles on his gross birthday cake and gets acclimated to his new environment, he and Kirby have a man-to-man talk. Kirby tells Wade everything he knows about Elena and Rex, but he isn’t able to make any predictions based on his dimension’s versions of them.

However, the festivities did not last very long, as Mother had crashed the party with a group of enemies that Wade had already defeated before. They called themselves the “Negative 10”. And I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit proud of my cousin for having a group of criminals hellbent on destroying him. That’s like, every superhero's dream come true!

Anyways, the other members of Mother’s team of villains do their best to keep us busy while Wade fights three people at once. The team consisted of Mother, The Crime Syndicate, Forever King Driscoll, the Forever Ninja, Dr. Animo, Kangaroo Kommando(the evil one!) and Captain Nemesis!

At first, I thought that we had this fight in the bag, but when Mother managed to create a crack in the Omnitrix, I started to doubt our chances of winning. We tried our best to keep the others busy, but Wade still ended up fighting three people at once. He summoned Slate to help him and they both got a few good licks in, but it wasn’t enough to defeat them. Wade was too scared to use the Omnitrix. If it broke...then our adventure would be over. Everything would be over.

Without the use of his Omnitrix, Wade was more vulnerable than he’d been in a long time. If Mother was alone, he might have had a chance. But against Driscoll and Animo’s mutant bat? The odds were stacked against him.

He put up a good fight before being beat down, though. I still remember my heart racing as I tried to run to his side. But thankfully, his execution was delayed by the arrival of a talking, purple cat. Her name’s Gwen!

And soon after, an Anodite named Sunny showed up to crash the party that had already been crashed.

She was a bit scary, but you’re grateful that she repaired the Omnitrix and undid Mother’s curse. However, things got scary again when she unlocked Ghostfreak and forced Wade to turn into him again. Using the alien that Kirby locked away, Wade proceeded to beat the tar out of the remaining villains who had once terrorized him. And he made it look easy! In fact, it almost seemed like he was toying with them.

He eventually regains control of himself, but the mental scars he gave Mother will probably haunt her for the rest of her life.

After timing out, Wade passed out and stayed asleep for an entire day! From there, we carried him back to the Rust Bucket. When he woke up, Gwen was the first to greet him. She explained how Verdona mutated her from a normal street cat and taught her how to use magic, which allowed her to show Wade the technique of astral projection.

During his out of body experience, Wade reunites with Verdona, who then explains the complications behind locating Azmuth, as he’s somehow teleporting around the galaxy at every given moment.

Afterwards, Wade confronts Verdona about her relationship with Sunny, who is revealed to be her Granddaughter! She assures Wade that she will deal with Sunny as soon as possible, and Gwen volunteers to travel with Wade and his family for the time being.

It is at this time that Wade decides to set Verdona straight and clearly state his stance on their relationship. Verdona apologizes for getting carried away with her delusions and hugs Wade tightly. They agree to remain friends, however, and Verdona sends Wade back to his body on Earth, where he woke up in front of me. I swear, I might’ve reopened some of his wounds when me and Grandpa piled on top of him.

End of Thread #9
File: Upgrade_re.png (126 KB, 482x740)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Thread #10:

The beginning of this thread is a self-contained spin-off about Albedo becoming an anti-hero. And as such, it has no bearing on the overall story. So feel free to go read Albedo: Earth’s Protector #1. It’s a hell of a good time!

(Moving on)

Once Wade woke up, he went to greet his friends, thanking them for their help during his time of need. Kirby had decided to let Alan keep the Charm, and Julie seemed to enjoy chatting with the young rookie.

K8-E made sure her family was safe and sound via video chat, only to be embarrassed by them teasing her about her relationship with Wade. Despite her delayed response to Wade’s confession, I still thought there was hope for the two of them.

Among Wade’s friends is Malware and Kevin, who appear to have squashed their beef and buried the hatchet. You’re just glad to know that Malware isn’t evil anymore. Redeeming bad guys is like the coolest thing a hero can do!

After making his rounds, Wade goes to test out his new aliens without me! Again!

Trixy had managed to unlock Upgrade, Grey Matter and some zombie guy called Hack N’ Slash! Upgrade was capable of interfacing with technology and...well, upgrading it. Grey Matter was super smart and super tiny, sort of like Azmuth. And the zombie guy could manipulate his bones to make weapons out of them, while regenerating at a fast pace.

Subsequently, his watch goes on super cooldown, and he decides to give his parents a call for the first time in forever. But to his surprise, he finds out that there’s a strange woman in his home asking questions about him!

Wade goes into a panic as he frantically explains the situation to us, but he soon realizes that we greatly outnumber our potential foe. With great haste, we all pile into the Rust Bucket and drive over to Wade’s house. It made me a bit nostalgic seeing it again after a few months.

While I waited inside the RV, Wade went to go greet a woman who looked exactly like him, but with short white hair, a side-cut and boobs. That story he told me about that twin clone of his was true after all. It was just freaky to see her in person.

Upon greeting his twin and reuniting with his parents, Wade revealed that he had found out about them lying to him his entire life about being his real parents. Sam and David were taken aback by this revelation, but Wade’s sister, Wendy, was somewhat amused by the drama.

Wendy then went on to reveal her tragic past, being flung about like space debris in a cold and unforgiving galaxy. She had recently come into possession of a device known as the Amalgamatrix, which is a knockoff of the Omnitrix that allows her to combine alien DNA. And due to her honesty, Wade felt obligated to indulge his guest and guardians by explaining his adventure thus far.

File: Diamondhead_OV_II.png (732 KB, 948x664)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
Wade’s parents were surprised to learn of Wade’s perilous journey over the course of several weeks. Sometime afterwards, Wendy decides to take her leave in a seemingly anticlimactic manner. She extends a hand to Wade, and he takes it. But at the last moment, Wendy grabs the Omnitrix with her Amalgamatrix, allowing her to copy the DNA strands stored within the device.

The devious clone attempts to flee the scene, but is quickly stopped by Wade’s friends and family. Me included!

However, Wendy is far from cornered! She activates her Amalgamatrix, and uses it to combine the DNA of Wildfire and Vertigoat, creating “Wendigoat”! I came up with the name myself btw!

With Wade’s Omnitrix recovering from Wendy’s attack, we were left to keep his crazy clone busy. She was kicking our butts at first, but Alan managed to absorb her fire attacks and save the rest of us from getting fried.

As soon as Wade’s Omnitrix is recharged, he uses it to transform into Diamondhead, one of his strongest aliens! Wade makes quick work of Wendigoat by tackling her to the ground and trapping her with crystal constructs. Wendy responds to this by canceling her transformation and switching to a fusion of Spin Cycle and Knuckle Duster, creating Dust Devil!

Wendy starts consuming Wade’s crystal constructs, granting her more power and stamina and allowing her to spin at incredible speeds!

Wade remarks that he’s impressed by her ability to transform so quickly, but Trixy reveals that Wendy’s dual transformations are causing negative effects on her mind and body! The Amalgamatrix was actually making her more crazy and shortening her lifespan!

As Wendy drew closer to Wade with her flurry of claw swipes and punches, Wade managed to trap her legs by binding them with a cluster of crystals. And when she falls over, he seals her mouth shut with another crystal construct, while Alan dries her out with a wave of sweltering heat.

But right before she passes out, Wendy uses one last transformation to free herself. This one was a combination of Zipmunk and Bloodrush, which I call Ampire! Well...that one might not be as good as the others were. It’s a work in progress, okay!

After Wendy spouts a few more curse words, she flies off into space, leaving us in the middle of Wade’s lawn with his parents giving us concerned glances. And instead of kicking us out, they were nice enough to invite all of us over for dinner!

We all had a wholesome, hearty meal, and Wade got some closure with his parents about the whole clone adoption thing. And not only that, but it turns out that Wade’s parents were surprisingly okay with him fighting crime on a daily basis. I guess they knew he’d grow up to be something special after a space cop dropped him into their lap.

But for me, the weirdest part would have to be when Wade’s parents gave him this strange cube that he’d had from birth!

End of Thread #10
Thread #11:

Yeah...so you know that cube I was hyping up in the last journal entry? Turns out that it was a huge dud! Some triangular device fell out, and Wade decided to open it up after the dinner party was over.

Eventually, the others had to leave, and Wade said his goodbyes. He even had a touching moment with Malware of all people! But since we were family, me, Kirby and Grandpa got to stay over! And let’s not forget to mention that whole thing with K8-E staying the night! Had I not been so dead tired, I would’ve nudged the hell out of my cousin.

And get this! Sometime during the night, K8-E snuck into Wade’s room and confessed her undying love for him. And despite the taboo and social implications, Wade jumped right in there!

Well...they just kinda cuddled all night. But they did share a passionate kiss. Steamy~!

The next morning, Wade transforms into Grey Matter and cracks open that lockbox of his. To his surprise, it contains a Galaxy Map, along with a genetic log that implies he had more than one donor. In hindsight, that might’ve been more important than we initially thought.

Once he finished his business at home, Wade hugged his parents goodbye and set off to meet up with the Plumbers stationed on Earth. Due to the extremely recent alien invasion, the general public didn’t take too kindly to alien cops making a base on their planet. This led to violent protests, which we helped to suppress with the help of Wade and his aliens! But before we could bring in the crooks that we caught, we got stopped by that Rex guy and his Pack of weirdos!

Wade managed to talk them down, but it nearly erupted into another violent brawl. Even though they were new in town, they were acting very territorial.

Meanwhile, Phil and Kirby stayed back to help Koba and the rest of the Plumbers since they were short on manpower. Kirby also revealed that Elena Validus, the woman in black, was actually a supervillain in his dimension. He also said something about nanomachines, but I didn’t really understand what he was talking about at the time.

When we brought the crooks back to the Plumber base, Koba had told us to submit to the Forever Knights since the citizens of Bellwood liked them better! But we weren’t gonna lay down and let Elena get her way. So me, Wade and Kevin concocted a plan to break into Evo-Corp’s HQ and find out what their true intentions were.

We got in pretty easily due to Wade using Snapdragon, and not to mention how lax their underground security was!

Wade crawled through the vents, located Elena’s office, and snagged some important documents from her desk. All of which were incredibly incriminating. Everything except that one folder called “FusionFall”. I have no idea why they’d be keeping tabs on that.

File: Magistrata_.png (387 KB, 480x621)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
According to the information within the documents, Evo-Corp had some sinister plans! Including, but not limited to, mind control, scummy real estate practices, and black market purchases. But unfortunately for them, we decided to publish the documents we found in a very inspirational broadcast that we made from Kevin’s basement. It was at this time that Wade’s alter ego, “X”, became an internet sensation. And due to our meddling, Evo-Corp landed in some hot water!

However, there was a downside to our little display. Since we made that broadcast global, some alien bounty hunters picked up on the transmission and came looking for Wade’s Omnitrix. Their names were Aztak, Kraab, Fistina and Thunderpig. Fortunately, we were able to dispatch them with a little help from Bat-A-Boom! That is, after we lured them away from the innocent civilians nearby.

But it only got worse from there! After our fight, Koba called us and said that the Galactic Council was summoning Wade to appear before them. They needed to know that he wouldn’t be a threat to the galaxy, like D’Traxus was.

Wade agreed to go, but there were some very demeaning conditions to this deal. First of all, Koba put him in handcuffs, and...actually that was it. But it was still pretty outrageous!

Once the two of them boarded the shuttle, Wade left to go on another space mission without us. It felt a bit lonely, and I really wished I could’ve come along, but Grandpa said that it would only complicate things.

After a lot of bickering, the two of them reach Plumber HQ, where the High Magistrata was waiting to receive them. Wade suits up before they land, and the Magistrata seemed to be showing an unusual amount of interest in his watch. She and her personal guard then escorted them to the Councilman’s Chambers, in which the four members of the Galactic Council began Wade’s trial. As it turns out, the weird green lady was going to deliver the verdict on this trial.

All sorts of accusations and insults flew in Wade’s direction, but he and Koba handled themselves very well. Most of the spiteful statements came from Councilman Mizaru and Councilman Moshae, while Councilman Novak was neutral and Councilwoman Zennith was willing to vouch for Wade.
Eventually, the Council decided to congregate in order to debate Wade’s case. And while he waited outside, some lady named Xylene totally blindsided Wade with a huge drama bomb. Apparently, she was Max’s ex and one of Azmuth’s trusted partners, so there was a lot of salt mixed into those complicated emotions of hers. Wade managed to get her to leave him alone by spitting some hard facts and laying down some nuggets of wisdom, but he knew that he’d probably see her again someday.

End of Thread #11
File: OmniverseGreyMatter.png (100 KB, 244x430)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Thread #12:

Once the council had reconvened after a brief respite, they decided to put Wade to the test by having him work alongside one of their best solo operatives. His name was Kilik, and he had the appearance of a tall, bipedal praying mantis.

Together, the two of them boarded Kilik’s ship and set course for Zebhest, a toxic trash heap of a planet. The mission began as a simple drug bust, but things quickly became complicated when Wade’s morality clashed with Kilik’s cold and calculating personality. As soon as they had arrived on the planet, Wade had to prevent his new partner from seriously injuring an alien that he’d been interrogating. Fortunately, Wade’s methods bore fruit, and they got a good tip that pointed them in the right direction.

Wade and Kilik procured some hover bikes in order to cross the toxic lake, however, you were quickly interrupted by rabid mutants dwelling within the lake. But despite having both their vehicles destroyed, Kilik managed to grab hold of Wade and fly him to safety. Although it took quite a toll on his body due to him using his tattered wings to take flight.

They then began an arduous trek through the swampy marshland, while Wade offered to give Kilik a lift as Big Chill. Together, the two of them flew between the low-hanging trees until they reached the factory. And seeing as the factory was bursting with suspicious activity, Kilik decided to start letting Wade make important decisions in order to continue his evaluation.

And since he was already using Big Chill, Wade made the call to do some recon. While inside, he discovers that the factory’s crawling with armed guards, an unholy amount of alien narcotics and something in the basement with a ticking timer.

Once again, Wade reports to Kilik and is forced to call the shots. So he decides to use Grey matter in order to disable their transports and vehicles. He succeeds, but is caught in the act of sabotaging their equipment!

While he’s being held hostage by some sort of cyborg lobster, Wade manages to activate the stun baton on his hip, therefore electrocuting his captor and allowing him to escape. He is then pursued by a mushroom alien called a Chanterelian, along with the rest of the armed guards.

But while his foes tower over him as lumbering giants, Grey Matter’s brain power got him out of that hairy situation. And when I say “got him out of it”, I mean he used a centrifuge to tear the plant lady’s arms off, before overloading the machine and using it as a giant, rolling wheel of death.

Once he’s taken out every bad guy in the facility, he goes outside to greet Kilik, only to be met by the gruesome sight of his partner murdering the other factory workers.

Since this was Wade’s first time seeing a dead body in real life, he was taken aback by the sudden development. But a moment was all he needed to calm himself down. He questioned Kilik’s motives and methods, but once again, the two of them did not see eye to eye.

File: $.png (656 KB, 768x934)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
After confirming that the area was secure, Kilik commended Wade on his efficiency, while also allowing him to store his DNA within the Omnitrix. Now that tension had passed, Wade was free to run through the factory with XLR8. His search had revealed that the criminals were planning on transporting advanced alien weaponry to the three marked planets, along with an encrypted datapad.

Kilik quickly snatches the datapad and deduces that his mission was in fact a setup. A setup staged by a member of the Galactic Council! But before he can continue, a missile salvo is fired at the factory! Kilik turns to retreat, however, XLR8’s Superhuman Speed allows him to grab Kilik, along with everyone else within the factory, and carry them outside before the missiles can demolish the place.

And once the criminals have been carried to safety, Wade creates a powerful cyclone by running in circles, and uses it to destroy the aircraft. Fortunately, the crew managed to survive the crash, allowing for some hot Bad Cop/Bad Cop action. Eventually, the crook caves in and spills the beans, revealing that they’d been hired to kill Wade and Kilik as soon as they’d arrived.

But despite not knowing the true identity of their employer, the mercenary revealed that they were always paid via drone. And due to the rare make and model of the drone, Wade and Kilik figured that they’d be able to track this drone to its manufacturer if they got their hands on it.

A bit of coercion was all it took to squeeze the location of the merc’s base out of him, and with that, Wade and Kilik were back in the Cicada to pursue their lead!

After Wade receives an unbiased evaluation on his progress thus far, Kilik decides to put the entire thing on hold until further notice. The coordinates that they received from the mercenary led them to a run-down and highly populated space station called Golban 9. And within five minutes of arriving at the station, someone attempts to rob Wade. However, he sends Slate to dispatch the common crook, allowing Kilik to don the cloak that he drops as he flees the scene. Seeing as his partner is disguising himself, Wade decides to transform into Spin Cycle in order to increase his vision, eliminate his blindspots and hide his true identity.

The two of them scour the streets in search of the safehouse that they were sent to find, and eventually, they come across a decrepit shack in one of the less reputable sections of the station. And inside, they find two young kids playing by themselves.

But out of the corner of one of his eyes, Wade spots a figure creeping up on him from behind. He signals Kilik, who uses his wings to kick up a cloud of dust, before turning to kick the plasma rifle out of her hands. The alien girl falls on her butt, and Wade recognizes her as one of the aliens that he’d freed from Coyote and his group of deranged humans. Otherwise known as “The Fourth Kind”.

File: Snotrocket.jpg (32 KB, 409x360)
32 KB
The jellyfish girl introduces herself as Vaylin, but she doesn’t appear to recognize Wade. My cousin decided not to tell her who he was in order to avoid the spread of privileged information. Instead, Wade had her show him and Kilik where the drone was being held.

According to her story, the gang she does work for, a group called the Roman Charges, stole the tech in order to scrap it later. Along the way, Wade stays in Spin Cycle’s form and casually chats with Vaylin. As it turns out, she’s in massive debt due to her losing a valuable shipment upon being abducted, and the only way to pay it off is by doing deliveries for the gang.

Once she shows Wade and Kilik where their hideout is, she wishes them luck and departs from the group. With their guide gone, Wade times out and waits for the Omnitrix to recharge, But in the meantime, he and Kilik concoct a plan where Wade busts through the front door, knocks over some wine barrels and sends a powerful electric current through it.

However, this plan is quickly thrown out the window since the gangsters ended up hearing them before they entered. So Wade decides to bite the bullet and use Snotrocket instead, while Kilik uses his insect swarm to distract the majority of them.

The Roman Charges fire a volley of arrows at him, but Wade manages to deflect all of them with a springy snot bubble. With you and Kilik laying on the firepower, the gangsters are quickly overpowered. Eventually, all the damage you’ve caused attracts the attention of the big boss, otherwise known as D’Nero. He was a red-skinned mountain of a man, wearing armor and accessories from an assortment of Terran cultures.

The interior design of their base was absolutely laughable from what Wade described. It was like they couldn’t decide which culture they liked the most, so they just used all of them at once. But as it turns out, this gang was nothing more than a group of sweaty Earth weebs. They all truly believed that Earthen culture was superior amongst any preexisting ones in the galaxy. Kilik called them Terranites.

Luckily, Wade managed to gain their favor by using Upgrade to fix up a shitty little Earth car. After that, they give up the drone and banish the two of them from the space station, but they hadn’t planned on returning anyway.

Once they had returned to the ship with their haul, the two of them decided to converse with one another while the Omnitrix recharged. Kilik confesses that the only reason he had become a Plumber is because he was banished from his homeworld due to a crime that he was falsely accused of. The crime of cannibalizing his brother.

After the Omnitrix recharges, Wade transforms into Grey Matter and examines the drone’s guts. He discovers that the tech originates from Agra Taj, a desert planet near the fringes.

With their destination decided and their course set, Wade decides to contact his friends and family. Among them, is Verdona and Sunny.

End of Thread #12
File: Fourcast.jpg (58 KB, 768x1024)
58 KB
Thread #13:

Wade manages to find the two Anodites via astral projection, and he happens to walk into a heated argument. And as it turns out, the powerful creatures were worried over the revival of their natural predator, the Omnivore. Since Omnivores were capable of eating anything, including mana, Sunny and Verdona were at risk of being consumed should they confront the creature directly.

Due to the Anodites wild and unpredictable nature, Wade’s friends were on their own when it came to the being known as Davaedra. They had told him not to worry, but that was quite impossible now that he knew what was going on.

Eventually, Sunny sends him back to his body against his will, causing him to fall from his bed. But on a positive note, he and Kilik made it to Agra Taj! Wade described it as an alien version of Agrabah, so that made it a bit easier to envision. He had also transformed into Wildfire in order to endure the sweltering heat.

Following the directions from their intel, the two of them find the shop that they’re looking for in the middle of a bustling marketplace.

Once inside, Wade is immediately harassed by a small green creature named Pakmar. However, his associate, Qarma, is much more agreeable. And right before he can tell Kilik who he made the drone for, an assassin attacks Wade out of nowhere!

He manages to toss her out the window with a rather impressive display of athleticism, allowing the two of them to have their fight away from innocents. Wade manages to give her a run for her money, but he gets a little too unlucky upon trying to catch her sword, and it sinks into his shoulder.

The Omnitrix automatically times out due to the severe damage that he took, and he ends up being knocked out by the assassin and captured.

Upon waking up, Wade finds himself strung up by his ankles and dangling above the ground in a musty old dungeon. The assassin from before patched up his shoulder, and was holding him prisoner. But since the mask is muffling his voice, he has to trick the assassin into removing it for him. And once he does, he uses the Omnitrix's voice command function in order to transform into a new alien! It's a tech-based alien with weather manipulation powers. He calls it "Fourcast", and it looks just like the Flatwoods Monster! Although, it makes a lot of sense since this cryptid is believed to be an alien.

Using his weather orbs, he caused a massive geyser to burst out of the ground, destroying the building they were in and incapacitating his assailant from the sheer force of the eruption.

Soon after, Kilik calls Wade to alert him to the fact that there are many other bounty hunters searching for him on Agra Taj. He sends his location to Wade’s Omnitrix, and Trixy acts as a navigator for him. In order to avoid being caught, Wade surrounds himself in mist, and refracts the light around him.

He eventually finds his friends in an abandoned building surrounded by shifty aliens, but after he whips up a quick distraction, Wade reunites with his partner and the two from Pakmar’s shop inside of a cavern. I was particularly pissed about Wade wrecking the suit I made for him, but you wouldn’t be a real superhero if you didn’t go through a couple of costumes.

Seeing as they had nowhere to go, Wade decided to dig deeper into the cavern with Snapdragon. And along the way, they stumble upon a massive treasure trove. But the greatest treasure of all was resting inside of a shiny, golden lamp! Upon rubbing it, a cloud of blue smoke rose from its spout, before forming into the shape of a beautiful woman.

The woman introduced herself as Olumar, and confirmed her existence as a Djinn. And after having a very strange exchange with Wade, she decided to play a little game with him in exchange for his freedom.

Surprisingly, Wade offers to bring the genie with him on his adventure. Olumar is rather amused by the offer, but proceeds with the game anyways. She gives Wade a rather simple riddle, which he manages to solve while transformed as Grey Matter. And without a second thought, Olumar frees them and offers her service to Wade. Later on, Wade told me that Olumar had purposefully made the riddle easy, as she was desperate to leave her prison.

With a deep, hearty cackle, Olumar grows to gargantuan size and punches a whole into the ceiling, allowing Wade and the others to escape to safety. Together, they all pile into the Cicada and flee the planet.

Once inside, Wade retreats to his quarters and applies a healing salve that he made with Snapdragon’s help. Afterwards, he finds a beautiful scarf that had been stuck in Slate’s throat.

He was pretty sure that he’d seen it in the treasure room, but he had no idea how his dog had swallowed it.

Eventually, the painkillers begin to take effect and Wade settles down, giving him the bright idea to introduce Trixy to Olumar. The two of them begin to bicker at first, but then the conversation quickly becomes a history lesson for some reason.

And that’s when Wade decided to clock out and get some rest. But upon drifting out of consciousness, he finds himself in a dark place in the back of his mind. It is here that he has his very first proper conversation with Z’Skayr.

The Ectonurite apologizes for his earlier behavior, and reveals himself to be a scientist that hitched a ride on the Omnitrix in hopes of escaping the effects of a debilitating disease that affects 99% of the Ectonurite population. The disease is known as the Spectraphage, and it causes the mental state of Ectonurites to rapidly deteriorate, making them act crazy and savage. But while being inside of the Omnitrix, his condition doesn’t progress. However, his condition has a chance of deteriorating whenever he is used by Wade.

File: Pakmar.png (183 KB, 478x616)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Z’Skayr confessed to practicing this cloning process several times. Once when his people had torn him to pieces, and another time when he had implanted a sample of his DNA into the Omnitrix. Surprisingly, Z’Skayr revealed that he had once worked with Dr. Viktor, but his deteriorated mental state had caused him to attack the man, torturing him for days on end. Which explains why he was so afraid of Z’Skayr when we met him in Texas.

And then there’s the possibility of Wendy carrying a corrupted copy of Z’Skayr’s DNA, which is worrying in its own right. Infact, the only good news was that his species was weak to direct sunlight. That should be useful in the future.

But all in all, he didn’t seem like a bad guy. Wade promised to find a cure for him, but until then, Z’Skayr would have to remain within the Omnitrix. The Ectonurite scientist agreed to his terms and conditions, wishing Wade luck in his endeavors.

After waking up, Wade tells Trixy of his discoveries, and she provides him options for solving Z’Skayr’s curse. But the most reliable solution seems to be finding Azmuth and asking him for help.

As Wade deliberates over this new predicament, he receives a message from Koba telling them that an elite Plumber squad was now on their tail! As if they didn’t have enough problems!

Even though he had just woken up, Wade uses his astral projection skill to reach out to Hope. He nearly becomes lost in the astral plane, but is quickly snatched up by Kirby’s wife and dragged to her sanctuary. And as it turns out, her sanctuary really does exist within Kirby’s bag.

Kirby nearly faints upon learning that there might be more than one Ghostfreak running around the galaxy right now, so Wade decides to cut the conversation short after catching up with the two of them.

But upon waking up, Wade finds that he now has a new costume created from the scarlet scarf that Slate coughed up. Sometime during his slumber, the symbiotic creature crawled onto his body and attached itself to him, granting his new owner a sick Rider suit!

Feeling caught up in the moment, Wade asks for the Omnitrix to be made into a belt, and Trixy agrees to shift the device down to his waist. He strikes a few poses in front of the mirror, completely disregarding the fact that a parasite was wrapped around his neck.

Soon after, they arrive at The Fringes, which is like the Milky Way’s Black Market. And according to Qarma and Pakmar’s info, the order to create the drone came from here. But in order to find the Tayden storage unit that he uses, Wade must steal a data disk from a nearby security tower.

While Pakmar leads Wade to the tower, Kilik decides to draw attention away from Wade and the others by distracting the Plumbers.

File: K8-E Halloween.jpg (1.88 MB, 3741x3741)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
With the help of his tiny companions, Wade manages to acquire the disk quite easily. However, he happens to witness a disturbance in one of the nearby sectors. And from the looks of it, Kilik’s getting ambushed by a group of PLumbers wearing black suits!

If Wade wanted to save him, then he had to act fast!

End of Thread #13

Trivia Time:

>I had originally planned for Iden to betray you when you found her again, but as time went on, her personality began to develop a bit more. I thought making her into a simple villain would have been a complete waste of her character, and I'm glad that I never went down that route.

>Before this quest even started, I had planned for Ghostfreak to become a major villain. Sort of like what The Lich was supposed to be in Adventure Time. A downright terrifying existence that instilled fear in his enemies. But when I saw the enthusiasm and excitement that you guys had when he first appeared, my plans changed completely, and I had to make room for him to be redeemed. At first, I was going to create a whole adventure to find the cure for the Spectrophage, but at the end of the day I thought it'd be nice to give him to you in a "Flashback". Thanks for changing my mind on the matter.

>Wendy's existence was inspired by a close call where Wade almost had his gender swapped in the very first thread! It would have changed a good chunk of the story, and I wasn't prepared for that possibility. The Anon from that time named her Wendy, so I used that very same name to make Wade's twin. Shout out to the anon that nearly changed history!

>I had never imagined that K8-E would become as popular as she did. I intended to keep throwing women at you guys until one of them stuck. But at the end of the day, Kineceleran milf won the Wade-bowl. And at this point, I'm glad she did. Writing for K8-E is strangely soothing for me. She truly is best girl.

And that will be it for today. As I said before, writing these recaps is exhausting for me. This is the culmination of my efforts over the past few days, and I'm not sure how much I can get done before this thread auto-archives. Recapping a year's worth of work is proving to be much more difficult than I assumed it would be, but i won;t let that stop me. Every day, I plan to post at least one thread recap if I'm able.

But I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know what you think about the story, trivia or anything else that's on your mind!
Keep up the great work, and rest well you deserve it M8.
K8-E got stuck to us early on in the story and was/Is good decision Although when i first read through i was skeptical on wade and K8-E being together cause she has kids and wade was 16 xD in the end though I feel happy and I think Wade is to
File: Rooters.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
Thread #14:

Wade shows up just in time to lay the smackdown on those Plumbers and save Kilik. However, the one thing he wasn’t expecting was Kilik’s betrayal. The double-crossing Mantis slapped a collar on Zipmunk that drained whatever remaining energy he had left in his body, causing him to pass out.

When he woke up, he realized that he was being held captive by Kilik and the Rooters. But the most surprising betrayal of all was that of Councilwoman Zennith, who seemed pretty nice when Wade had first met her. Apparently, she was in charge of this entire operation, and had been orchestrating a series of events that would eventually lead to Wade’s death. As to why she hated him so much, it seemed to stem from the fact that she saw him and the Omnitrix as a threat.

Zennith used to Azmuth’s wife, and she left him once he created Ascalon, a sword that was capable of cutting through reality. Yikes…

But even after Zennith left him, Azmuth kept creating powerful weapons that were capable of tearing the galaxy apart. And one of them just so happened to be the Omnitrix.

After he gets tired of hearing about Zennith’s evil tirade, Wade cuts through his bindings with a mana construct, setting himself free. However, Zennith isn’t worried in the slightest. She even goes as far as to send her personal guards into the next room. As it turns out, she’s had Kilik outfit you with an explosive collar that will go off if Wade gets too excited.

But before she can detain him, a loud crash is heard in the next room, allowing Kilik to deactivate Wade’s collar and disable the ship’s engines in one fell swoop. So Kilik wasn’t a dirty double crosser. He was a dirty triple crosser!

Wade thanked his partner, before transforming into Diamondhead and laying the smackdown on the Rooters a second time! First, he creates a thick layer of crystal over Leander’s face in order to prevent him from firing any radioactive lasers. And in the meantime, his partner uses his insect swarm to keep Zennith busy.

Next, Wade takes out Servantis by refracting the plasma beams that Swift fired at him. Now enraged by her error, Swift attempts to tackle Wade, but is quickly disabled by Kilik’s plasma pistol. She loses her balance and flies straight into Leander, taking out the last of the Rooters for good! And once her lackeys were taken care of, Kilik and Wade were free to capture Zennith.

She struggled and began to gloat about how cool her militia was, but she got pretty deflated once she realized that Olumar had taken all of them out by growing to a gargantuan size and pulverizing the poor saps. Thankfully, Qarma and Pakmar got out okay and were promised a safe place to be relocated to.

File: Koba.png (245 KB, 250x500)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
After Wade used the remaining time he had to detain his enemies, Kilik revealed himself to be a double agent that was ordered to go deep undercover in order to root out the Rooters, and he even went as far as to apologize for dragging Wade into this mess. For once, the two of them were finally beginning to see eye to eye.

Eventually, Koba and the rest of his squad show up to make the arrest. Along with Tripp and Dribble, there are two new agents that Wade’s never met before. One is a Loboan woman named Kayn, and the other is a giant, shy iguana-like alien with hair covering his face.

Once Wade and the others make it back to Plumber HQ, Kilik gives his report on his findings during the investigation. The Council reacts negatively to his report, even going so far as to cast suspicion on Kilik, but Wade and Koba provide their own testimony in support of Kilik’s character, which seems to sway their opinion in Wade’s favor. And finally, Kilik gives his evaluation of Wade’s performance thus far, which ends up convincing the rest of the council to give my cousin a shot! He even receives the title of Deputized Agent! Whatever that means.

Subsequently, Wade and Kilik exchange contact information with hopes of working with each other again in the future. And in the most non discreet manner, Wade asks Koba if he can help him track Iden down. In a panic, Koba drags Wade away from the public and chastises him privately. Somehow, Wade manages to convince the Magister to go along with his crazy plan. But in the meantime, Wade was free to roam the Plumber base for a little while.

The first thing he does is help out a struggling secretary by lifting some heavy boxes with magic telekinesis. Still have no idea why he dropped it. He was a natural.

Next, he goes to attend a martial arts display by some guy named Magister Hulka. There, he meets Kayn and Neffie again, but this time the dog lady is wearing a muzzle for some reason. During the demonstration, Wade learns a bit about alien martial arts, and they don’t seem too different from human ones.

After he leaves the auditorium, Wade goes to order some equipment from the local weapon’s vendor. An energy shield and an upgrade for his arc gauntlet to be specific.

Once that’s over and done with, Wade finds himself in the HQ’s holding facility, where most of his enemies are being detained. The first person he tries to visit is Coyote, but he soon learns that his old friend had escaped a few days before his arrival. In his room, he finds a series of carvings, claw marks and blood stains. But the most mind boggling discovery comes from a star map that the Coyote had carved into the wall. Wade had Trixy scan the chart for further study, before he goes to visit Dr. Animo in his cell.

File: Iden.png (968 KB, 2657x3796)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
At first, Animo is increasingly hostile towards Wade, but once he shows that he means no harm, and in fact wants to get to know the doctor better, Animo calms down and goes along with Wade’s suggestion. The looney animal lover gives my cousin his tragic backstory, which isn’t actually as bad as we both thought it would be.

But by making him realize the scope of the galaxy, as well as the limitless options that he has even after being discredited on Earth, Animo starts to rethink his decisions. Wade advises him to think of ways to help people without hurting them, and even promises to get his sentence shortened.

Afterwards, Wade brings Trixy to the facility’s Data Storage Units, where she interfaces with the alien technology and draws upon the massive amounts of information contained within. Trixy obtains additional information on Wade’s aliens in order to help Wendy, as well as information regarding the map that Wade found. As it turns out, Coyote’s map has some relation to an ancient civilization of teleporting aliens that tore their planet in half during some dispute. Wade quickly deduces that Coyote is a descendent of these people, as well as the possibility that Azmuth might be with them.

Soon after, Koba calls Wade and summons him to the location they had last met in. Once there, Koba reveals that he has decrypted a message meant from Iden playing on repeat. At first, it seems to be rather pointless, but Koba reveals that the mad scientist may be using an obscure code from the Tetramand Suppression Era, meant to prevent the enemy from deciphering their messages.

The old Magister manages to obtain a set of coordinates from her encoded message, and the two of them set off to find her in Koba’s personal shuttle.

Once they arrive, they find that the designated location is devoid of life. But after some experimentation, they discover that Iden’s message was the key to revealing her cloaked ship.

Upon boarding, Iden greets the party, but Koba is still wary of her. The doctor explains that Wendy had destroyed Rad Dudesman’s ship and attacked her. But after learning of Wade’s whereabouts and his possession of the Omnitrix, she left her creator alone.

It is then that Wade reveals his intention to find Wendy and cure her of her affliction. Iden agrees to help, but with the exception of Wade delivering Wendy to her so that she may remove the Amalgamatrix.

Before he leaves, Wade decides to take Iden up on her offer to cybernetically modify his body. But instead of letting her cut into him, Wade asks her to create an advanced suit of armor for him. Together with Grey Matter and Upgrade’s help, Iden creates a suit of adaptable armor with room for Trixy to interface with it. It’s power source was a dehydrated Techadon cube, granting Wade a nearly inexhaustible supply of energy.

After he equips the suit, Iden uses a DNA sample from Wade to track down Wendy. And once they narrow down her location, Wade and Koba depart immediately.

They track Wendy to a jungle planet called Kanjigar, and they easily find her by following her trail of carnage. When Wade catches up to his sister, he finds her battling a tribe of fish people in a large stone temple. For some reason, she’s desperate to find an artifact known as the Sunstone, which is a mineral capable of absorbing and amplifying the effects of the solar rays.

Obviously, Wade’s plan to talk her down failed, and the two of them ended up fighting. Wade mis-transformed into Dropkick and got the stuffing kicked out of him at first. But he got a few good licks in the end there.

After violently tumbling down the temple stairs, Wade and Wendy found themselves surrounded by the fish people from before. And as if things couldn’t get worse, a buff woman riding a Mastodon-like alien charges towards them, along with two kids on Pterodactyls. This third party strikes terror into the Irukandji and keeps Koba occupied, while Wade and Wendy chase after the kids that seem to be trying to steal the Sunstone.

Wade attempts to stop one of the kids with a concentrated mana bolt, but he ends up being slammed into the temple walls by one of the other siblings. Fortunately, Wade is able to disable the boy by using Big Chill’s cryo breath, while Wendy takes care of the other one.

Seeing as Wendy seems to be using the surrounding chaos as a way to go for the Sunstone, Wade follows her into the temple once more. But as she holds it in her trembling hands, Wade places a hand on her shoulder and silently stares at her, somehow managing to guilt trip her into putting the artifact back where it belongs.

After a brief tantrum, Wendy confesses to having met the corrupted version of Z’Skayr. She had possessed and abused Wendy for a rather long time before her Galvanic Mechaporph friend, Killa-Byte, seemingly destroyed the creature by flooding the ship with solar rays. She also admits her intention of stealing the Sunstone with the hope of protecting herself from Z'Skayr's clone.

Upon seeing his sister break down, Wade hugs Wendy and assures her that he believes her and is willing to help. But soon afterwards, Wendy has a relapse, where she is shown fragments of the corrupted Ectonurite’s memories. And in them, she gets a rather gruesome glimpse of her plans.

End of Thread #14
Thanks! I think I should be able to get more done once I get past this season. Or at least I hope so. I'd never noticed how much I crammed into these threads.

And Wade's relationship with K8-E is certainly a taboo, but the two of them have decided that they don't really care what everyone else thinks about them. If only they'd known how much they'd get teased by their friends and family.

I will be writing more later in the day, but I doubt that I'd be able to post it before tomorrow.
Thanks for writing this amazing quest. It's been a fun read so far.
I wasn't completely sure about choosing K8-E as a love interest at first, but she really won me over very quickly. Her moments together with Wade are always fun to read.
File: E-Gad.jpg (63 KB, 783x1021)
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Thread #15:

During Wendy’s episode, she reveals that the corrupted Ectonurite is planning to do something with a ship that produces bombs capable of demolishing whole entire universes! But with no leads to go on for the moment, Wade decides to set the matter aside for later and get Wendy to Iden’s lab.

On the way there, Wade and Wendy have a heart to heart, during which, Trixy becomes uncharacteristically emotional and insults Wendy. Wade’s sister also reveals that she had gotten the Amalgamatrix from an individual known as Dr. Psychobos.

Upon arriving at Iden’s lab, she greets the two of them while wearing a mask to disguise herself. However, Wendy refuses to go anywhere until the doctor unmasks herself. But when she does, Iden reveals the face of a severely burned human being, much unlike her clear green skin. Convinced by Iden’s display, Wendy is led to an operating table and laid down by Wade, where he holds her hand until she loses consciousness.

After Wendy passes out, Iden reveals that she had used Wade’s parasite to drastically change her facial features. The morally ambiguous doctor begins listing the necessary procedures that are required to cure Wendy of her affliction, estimating her recovery to take place in exactly seven months with their current resources.

Wade suggests that they liberate Myaxx and bring her to Iden’s lab in order to speed up the process, to which Koba sighs deeply and agrees begrudgingly. The two of them fly back to Plumber HQ, where Wade goes to pick up his equipment and integrate it into his Techadon suit.

However, things get a bit hairy when Wendy’s Galvanic Mechamorph, Killa-Byte, takes over the facility and terrorizes everyone inside! Wade manages to fend off the symbiote with Zipmunk’s help, as well as locating the main body within the energy grid and reconnecting the comm systems.

Wade races to the Records Room, where he finds the massive form of Killa-Byte, sprawled out and connected to every computer in the immediate area. The mechanical menace reveals that she’s been downloading every bit of information from the Plumber database, while using the surrounding chaos as a distraction.

Zipmunk tries to zap her with everything he’s got, but it’s simply not enough! Killa-Byte grabs him and slams his body into multiple sturdy surfaces, dealing considerable damage to the tiny rodent. But in one last ditch effort, Zipmunk absorbs every last bit of energy in Killa-Byte’s body, before using it to create a highly concentrated energy beam. A female Ectonurite flees the Mechamorph’s body during the event, but the beam is so powerful that it nearly eradicates the Ectonurite along with Killa-Byte. The stress from this attack causes Wade to lose consciousness, while the Ectonurite flees with her tail between her legs.

File: Tgis_prof.png (1 MB, 1280x720)
1 MB
When he wakes up, Wade realizes that his energy beam destroyed a good chunk of the records room, and has left the defense systems of the facility in shambles. Judging from what he’d seen, Wade concludes that the corrupted Z’Skayr, or the Lady in Wight, possessed Killa-Byte in secret and hitched a ride on Koba’s shuttle.

Amidst the confusion, Koba summons Wade to meet him and Special Agent Kayn. Once there, they deliver Myaxx and prepare to depart the station before they’re noticed.

After arriving at Iden’s lab, the two of them embrace each other and take a moment to become reacquainted. In the meantime, Wade tells everyone about his encounter with the Ectonurite and what she plans to do. Iden agrees to work on a cure for the Spectraphage, but only after Wendy is cured.

Seeing as his sister is still sleeping, he takes a moment to wish her luck and deliver the news of Killa-Byte being severely wounded. Soon afterwards, Wade and Olumar have an intervention with Trixy about her behavior lately, to which she responds by venting her pent up frustrations over Wade’s illogical decisions. The two of them manage to persuade Trixy on the matter of giving second chances to people that are widely considered untrustworthy, and Trixy seems to grow emotionally from this conversation.

But before they can properly conclude their debate, a group of alien superheroes known as the Galactic Enforcers arrive unannounced, demanding to be granted the right to search the ship.

However, Wade manages to turn them away by transforming into Thriller Whale and playing the role of a struggling scientist, down on his luck. While immersed in his role, Wade makes the enforcers so uncomfortable that they leave! He even started crying! I so wish I could have been there to see that!

Subsequently, Trixy alerts Wade that she has managed to decipher Coyote’s map, allowing her to predict where the planet will appear next. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Wade heads to Earth in order procure an alternative power source for his suit, as well as recruit his friends and family for Azmuth’s rescue mission.

Upon arriving on Earth, Wade absolutely nails the Hero Landing and makes a huge show of his arrival. Ever since his video went viral, a new wave of mutants and masterminds have taken the world by storm, seemingly inspired by his message. Both heroes and villains alike.

Me and the others go to a secluded area in order to avoid the public eye. I was joined by my Grandpa, Julie, Ship, Carol, Malware, Alan, Kirby, K8-E, Kevin and the Secret Saturdays! But unfortunately, the Saturdays were only there to deliver Wade’s new power source. Doc Saturday didn’t want to endanger his family, which was understandable. Wade thanked them for their help thus far and wished them luck before departing for his shuttle. Team Wakeman is back together again!

File: Olumar.jpg (100 KB, 671x1150)
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100 KB JPG
Once aboard Iden’s vessel, Wade must deal with the inevitable chaos that comes from everyone interacting with his crazy creator. Afterwards, K8-E and Wade share a rather tender moment together, leading to Wade losing his V-card! Heyo!

Sometime later, Wade and the others take part in a feast made by Iden and Myaxx. Everything was going well for a while, until Olumar threw a fit and retreated back into her lamp after she was made to recall her past as a slave.

But before any of you can finish your food, a powerful shockwave rocks the ship! Apparently, the planet arrived at its designated location ahead of schedule and off course. But due to the sudden arrival of a massive object, the shockwave it created was powerful enough to destroy Iden’s ship and everyone aboard it!

Wade attempts to shield the ship with a massive mana barrier, but for some reason, his magic fails him, and he’s knocked unconscious by the resulting blast!

End of Thread #15
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You guys are gonna make me overdose on the G O O D C H E M I C A L with all of these compliments. I'm lucky to have such based players, because man, did reading all these grammatical errors from the past make me wanna die. Glad you guys stuck with me for so long despite my bullshit.
File: Azmuth.png (260 KB, 1280x720)
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260 KB PNG
Thread #16:

When we came to, we found ourselves on the planet that had just teleported in front of us. We were all mostly unharmed. Everyone except Wade. Since he took the brunt of the blast, he was knocked out cold. Gwen described it as some sort of magic induced coma, but even he wasn’t entirely sure how he pulled it off.

So for the time being, we had to do things without Wade leading the pack. K8-E, in particular, stepped up more than anyone else. I guess seeing Wade like that must have set off her motherly instincts or something.

After she stabilized Wade’s condition, a bipedal dog alien showed up out of nowhere and grabbed my cousin. At first, we were pretty hostile towards him, but K8-E managed to get us to stand down so that we could follow the dog alien to his village. The alien agreed to guide us there, as well as offer whatever resources they had available to help Wade.

Once we make it to the alien’s village, our guide identifies himself as an Aflezzi, one of the aliens native to this impossible planet. As the one known as Jakal begins his operation, he confesses to his people being at fault for causing our crash. Apparently, they had foreseen our crash in a vision, and in an attempt to prevent it, they ended up causing it.

Their visions were so powerful that they could influence the flow of history, but most of them were too scared to try. We tried to squeeze some info out of them, but all of them gave us the same response and apologized.

With D’Traxus’ army approaching the planet, we were running out of time and options. Our meager forces were insufficient compared to that of our enemy. So for the time being, Iden decided to wake up Wendy and Olumar, while K8-E and Kirby went to speak to Azmuth.

Along the way, K8-E runs into a rather odd Aflezzi, who happens to be none other than The Coyote! At first, K8-E is rather apprehensive before this alien hybrid, but after hearing his heartfelt apology and seeing his now peaceful disposition, she freely forgave the man for kidnapping her.

The Coyote then transports them to Azmuth’s location before leaving them alone with the First Thinker. His abrasive attitude and defeatist outlook begin to rub Kirby the wrong way, causing both of them to engage in an intense argument. But right when K8-E thought things would go sideways, Azmuth starts to vent about his frustrations with the galaxy, and with himself. In light of the tragedies that beset the Universe with no end in sight, Azmuth quickly lost hope and reasoned that everyone would be better off without his interference.

It was then that K8-E and Kirby forced Azmuth to confront his own cowardice, allowing him to clear away the doubt that had held him back for so long. Now filled with newfound hope, Azmuth agrees to help Team Wakeman!

File: D'Traxus.jpg (259 KB, 790x1200)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Together, the three of them get to work, creating three scientific marvels in record time. One of which is a device that helps to speed up Wade’s recovery, the other is a jamming device meant to interfere with D’Traxus’ teleportation tech, and the last is an ultralight suit of high tech armor meant for K8-E’s personal use.

As Azmuth calibrates the healing device, K8-E proceeds to explain Wade’s most redeeming qualities to the Great Thinker. The grouchy frog tries to act indifferent towards my unconscious cousin, but he can’t help but feel nostalgic upon being reminded of Max Tennyson.

Afterwards, K8-E shows him off to her friends, but that only incites more bickering from the group. She then goes to greet a new group of travelers that had crash landed on the planet as well. This group seemed to have some knowledge of magic, as their background implied, and considering the fact that they were stuck in the middle of a large scale battle, the three of them were forced to help.


As me and the others make our preparations for our battle with D’Traxus, he ends up arriving ahead of schedule. And the moment his troops make landfall, we begin our assault!

However, D’Traxus was one step ahead of us! He used some sort of unusual energy to empower himself and his soldiers, allowing him to ambush our forces by crashing down directly on our heads in a burst of radiant light!

Severely injured by the blast, K8-E helplessly crawls away from the big brute. And right before he can crush her skull with the heel of his foot, WADE COMES BACK JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME! Or should I say “Diamondhead” comes back just in the nick of time?!

Either way, Wade’s back! And he’s ready to kick some ass!

Wade’s running punch sends D’Traxus flying, as well as the reptilian lackey that was taunting K8-E. Somehow, my cousin had managed to shield us from the brunt of the blast, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to cover K8-E in time.

Grandpa grabs Wade’s girlfriend and carries her to safety, while the rest of Team Wakeman prepares for the fight of our lives!

As the warlord’s forces engage us, D’Traxus leaps high into the air with both hands together. However, Wade manages to intercept him mid-air by popping himself up with a crystal pillar and tackling the mad giant into the ground. The two of them engage in an intense grappling match, but Wade has big ugly on the ropes!

D’Traxus attempts to hit Wade with some sort of energy beam from his mouth, only for it to be shut down by Wade delivering a swift uppercut to his jaw. Nonetheless, D’Traxus continues his assault, by channeling his energy through the ground and forcing Wade to retreat temporarily.

Seeing as they’re both at an impasse, I decided to toss Gwen at Wade, causing her to form a suit of enchanted armor over his alien transformation, further empowering him. He even got a cute lil’ cat print on his chest!

File: Chimerian_hammer_ov.png (780 KB, 1280x720)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
Together, Gwen and Wade refract a powerful man beam at D’Traxus, sending him flying backwards and incinerating a good chunk of the forest. But instead of being defeated like he should’ve been, the mad warlord gets back up and shrugs it off like nothing happened!

Gwen seemingly gets spooked by the bizarre energy coming off of him, identifying it as mana in its purest form. Due to this strange phenomenon, D’Traxus gets a huge power boost, allowing him to move faster and hit harder than before!

So instead of fighting him alone, Wade traps him beneath several layers of crystal constructs and mana barriers before running off to reunite with us.

Seeing as the rest of us were busy dealing with grunts, Wade grabbed Myaxx and Wendy, the biggest powerhouses of our team, to help him fight the big bad.

Together, the tree of them wombo combo the shit out of D’Traxus, leaving him dazed and battered. But before they can celebrate, the Chimerian Hammer charges up and fires a massive energy beam at us!

Thankfully, Olumar managed to jump out and tank the attack for us, but her noble act left her pretty drained. For some reason, she seems to get younger when she uses up her energy.

Out of nowhere, D’Traxus gets back up and tackles Wade, causing him and Gwen to fall through some sort of alternate dimension, before falling back into our own and landing on a steep pillar on the other side of the planet, surrounded by stormy seas. Soaked by the pouring rain, and rocked by the crashing waves, Wade and D’Traxus square off for one last time.

D’Traxus charges at Wade, but he manages to keep him at a good distance by delivering a crushing middle kick to his side and firing a volley of crystals at his face. Without losing any momentum, Wade continues his relentless assault by throwing a series of quick, but devastating jabs targeting his already fractured jaw. His middle kicks that were once used to zone his opponent were now being used to target his ribs and liver, and his jabs had now become ferocious haymakers meant to overwhelm D’Traxus and break his guard.

Unable to disengage or gather his thoughts, Wade delivers a brutal overhead kick to D’Traxus, causing him to stagger. He then pins his foot with a volley of crystals, allowing Wade to continue his onslaught without interruption. Eventually, D’Traxus is so exhausted that he resorts to swinging his arms wildly, only to be severely punished for leaving his guard down. And right when it looks like he can’t possibly take anymore, Wade hits him with a devastating right hook that uproots him and sends the warlord flying backwards.

But before Wade can celebrate his victory, D’Traxus gets up once more and calmly walks towards him. The bizarre energy from before starts to spark out of control, interfering with the Omnitrix’s functions and causing Wade to time out.

File: Storm Drain.jpg (167 KB, 1000x676)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Clearly distraught by this new development, Wade backs away slowly, only for the ground beneath his feet to collapse, sending him hurtling towards the sea. But before he hits the water, the Omnitrix begins cycling through every single transformation that Wade has, before finally deciding on a new one!

As his body impacts the water’s surface and sinks beneath the murky depths, he begins to absorb a great abundance of the water surrounding him. Now empowered by the great body of water that he was once submerged in, Wade’s new alien, “Storm Drain” grows to gargantuan size and uses his colossal strength to severely injure D’Traxus, as well as destroying the pillar that he once stood upon.

Despite his impressive display, Wade quickly passes out due to overexertion, only for Slate to pull him to a nearby beach. And to his surprise, Gwen goes out of her way to fish out the mad warlord.

While they recover from their wounds, both Wade and D’Traxus retreat to a nearby cave and light a fire to keep warm.

In his attempt to learn more about his enemy, Wade manages to learn that the Teramand Suppression was instigated by the Galactic Council, who had wished for Gar Red Wind, an influential Tetramand, to lose his seat on the council. The mad warlord who had once seemed shallow and emotionally unstable had now claimed to have a sense of justice, despite his unjust methods.

But Wade is not so easily swayed by his flimsy excuses. He comes to understand the reason for D'traxus' actions, and even admits that he might have helped him if he had known earlier. But the one thing Wade can’t excuse is the needless sacrifices that the mad warlord has made along the way. And for that, D’Traxus will have to serve his sentence in Incarcecon to term.

Soon afterwards, the Plumbers arrive to rescue Wade and arrest D’Traxus! K8-E came along to, but only so she could cuddle with Wade on the way back.

Before meeting Azmuth, Wade got cold feet, but was quickly reassured by Trixy. However, after he had finally met the crotchety old frog, Wade realized that his fears were warranted. It would take along time before Azmuth finally warmed up to my cousin.

End of Thread #16

End of Season 1!
Storm Drain is such a cool alien. I would vote to use him more if he wasn't such a overkill. Then again, that's one of the things i like about him. The only reason he isn't my favourite is because of Thriller Whale.
File: Hotspot.jpg (92 KB, 802x997)
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Thread #17:

One year after his confrontation with D'Traxus, Wade has fully immersed himself in his role as a full-time Superhero! Now a beloved, yet mysterious, member of the mutant community, he lives his life to the fullest while juggling the responsibilities he has as a Plumber, Vigilante and provider for a family of four.

The night begins with a thrilling car chase, in which Wade dominates the road in his custom built fusion powered motorcycle. The common crooks try firing a few shots at my cousin, but they're no match for his alien transformations. And for this particular job, Wade decides to bust out one of his new guys! He calls him Hotspot, but I thought Blasteroid would've been cooler.

After dispatching the Violet Offenders, a crowd of civilians gather around the scene and cheer loudly for their faceless shapeshifting guardian. And standing among them is well known reporter Darcy Drew, a woman who's been shown to defend "X" by digging up facts related to his missions.

The plucky young reporter asks for an interview with the legendary Superhero, but like usual, Wade refuses to address the public when he doesn't seem it to be necessary. Instead, he shoots up straight into the air and flies towards the fancy alien restaurant that he and K8-E made reservations at.

Along the way, Wade notices a digital billboard addressing news regarding a young boy in China who has an Omnitrix as well. Wade makes a mental note to deal with him later, but he can’t help but be reminded about how lonely he’s become due to how busy his friends have become.

My cousin swears up and down that I went to college and my bus didn’t get blown up by robot beetles, but we’ll get to that later. Point is, Wade insists that me, Kevin and a few of our other friends had left him behind in Bellwood, but he’s the only one who remembers anything like that happening.

Regardless, Wade arrives at the restaurant and sits down to have dinner with his reptilian lover. But once again, Wade is reminded of the depressing fact that he cannot age for reasons unknown. He thinks it’s because Trixy did something to him when he was fighting D’Traxus, but he isn’t sure.

However, Wade’s worries are quickly blown away when K8-E tells him that the kids are at her sister’s place, inspiring the adorable couple to race home and make passionate love.

Sometime afterward, Wade receives a surprise visit from an old friend, his twin sister Wendy! Clearly shocked by her arrival, Wade inquires where she’d been for the past few months after she ran off. Apparently, she’d fled back to Earth and made a home in Undertown, right underneath our noses! After Wade and the others fixed her brain, she decided to take some time to figure herself out a bit.

File: Rex Salazar smug.png (140 KB, 500x281)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Wade apologizes for not being there for her when she was grieving over Killa-Byte, who has retained serious damage to his memory cores as a result of his battle with Wade. Due to his amnesiac state, Killa-Byte doesn’t remember anything about Wendy, so she decided to leave him alone in order to give him a chance to rebuild his life.

And despite Wade and Wendy’s history, their relationship has improved greatly, allowing them to have a conversation without punching the daylights out of each other.

Finally, Wendy confesses her reason for showing up at Wade’s doorstep. A black ooze has slowly been spreading throughout Undertown, pushing its residents deeper into the tunnels and endangering their lives. Additionally, strange men in red cloaks have been seen creeping around the city, and their appearance is suspected to have some sort of correlation with the mass of disappearances over the past few weeks.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, Wendy reveals that her friend Kaz Torr, a man that she had met during Wade’s battle with D’Traxus, has been taken by the ooze.

Given that most of Wade’s friends were out of town at the moment, he had one other ally that he knew he could rely on. The twin clones then hop onto Wade’s bike and depart from his house while engaging in casual conversation.

Over the past year, Wade’s been especially busy with ending the Lenopan/Plumber conflict. Doing so has greatly widened the range of Plumber patrols and increased the resources of both parties. Not to mention the addition of the first Lenopan Plumber Cadet!

Somewhere along the way, Wendy uncharacteristically apologizes for involving Wade in this mess while hugging him from behind. However, Wade confesses that helping Wendy doesn’t bother him in the slightest, allowing the two of them to share a tender sibling moment. But said tender moment is quickly interrupted by the sick wheelie that Wade pops!

After they reach city hall and suffer through another rant from Will Harangue, Rex Salazar, Agent of Providence, arrives to assist the two of them!

These days, Providence has really cleaned up their act, and has been given a second chance after having a change in management. Immediately, Rex and Wendy start to argue upon meeting one another. But their argument is quickly cut short by the ground beneath their feet caving in, causing the three of them to plummet down into some hollowed out cave system.

Luckily, Wade manages to grab Wendy and activate his rocket thrusters, knowing full well that Rex can fly on his own. But as soon as they start to relax, an army of ninjas leap from the shadows and attack the three of them in mid-air. Without a word, Wade and Wendy fight in perfect sync, dispatching their opponents without a scratch, peeling them off of Rex and landing safely on the cavern floor.

File: The Shogun of Sorrow.jpg (345 KB, 1024x1448)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Upon noticing that they’re now surrounded, Wade transforms into Snare-Oh and forms a dome of bandages around his friends. While the ninjas struggle to cut through the dome, Wade, Wendy and Rex proceed to clobber the cultish assassins with ease. Soon afterwards, they locate Kaz within the cavern, still weak from his exposure to the ooze.

But just then, the floor begins to shift as the ooze beneath your feet flows upwards until it takes the shape of a massive black pillar of some sort. Eventually, the horned pillar forms a wide face full of fangs with big, bulging eyes.

The humongous creature proclaims himself to be a shapeshifting demon named Aku, while also declaring his intention to obliterate Wade and his friends on the spot. But due to Wade’s quick thinking, he manages to distract Aku long enough for him and his friends to escape the pit. With Aku hot on their trail, he follows them to the surface and begins his hostile takeover.

Despite the efforts of Providence, the Superhero community and Team Wakeman, none of them are able to harm Aku. Even after ordering an aerial bombardment on the creature, Aku is seemingly unharmed.

So Wade prays for a miracle, and her name starts with a V. But instead of getting backup from his favorite Anodite, Professor Paradox pays him a visit and freezes time around him and his friends.

According to his explanation, there’s no way that Wade can defeat Aku without the use of some ancient magic sword that has the power to banish evil. And the only way to find it is by traveling to the future and stealing it from Aku!

After being offered a chance to hop off this interdimensional roller coaster, Wendy and Rex throw their lot in with Wade and join him on his journey to the future!


After a rather trippy trip through an infinite monochrome spiral, the three of them end up in a bleak alternate future filled with flying cars, aliens and robots. As soon as they arrive, the trio decide to investigate a nearby dive bar. But upon entering, they are immediately surrounded by every able-bodied patron in the bar. Apparently, Wendy and Rex have some very large bounties on their heads for some reason.

Right before the ruffians pounce on them, Wade manages to bluff his way out of trouble by claiming to be a minion of Aku, which seems credible due to his uncanny resemblance to the beetle drones.

And while a good few of them don’t seem convinced by his claim, a blue-skinned man covered in bandages interjects in order to diffuse the situation. The man later introduces himself as Jabbo, and offers to bring the trio to his village, where he claims to know someone who knows about the sword.

Seeing as they didn't have any better leads, Wade and the others join Jabbo on his caravan and ride it out of Future City. But as soon as they reach the desolate wasteland known as The Wastes, Jabbo and his people spring an ambush on Wade and his group.

File: Snare-Oh.jpg (67 KB, 1024x654)
67 KB
It would seem that Wade’s lie got him into hot water with the locals. However, he managed to turn things around by transforming into a Thep Khufan, the ancient ancestors of Jabbo’s people. The ones that had once threatened to shoot Wade and his friends were now prostrating themselves before him.

This causes the village elder to emerge from hiding, as she truly believes that Wade is telling the truth. After he explains the reason that they’re there, Vreeda begs the three of them to save their village from Aku’s minions.

According to what Wade had heard, Aku built giant mechanical worms a long time ago with the intent to hunt down the remainder of the Thep Khufan in the Corrodium irradiated wasteland. Eventually, he succeeded in his mission to wipe out the species, but his worms had persisted in their mission to eliminate anything that resembled a Thep Khufan. Apparently jabbo intended to capture a minion of Aku in order to gain the information required to defeat them, but instead, he found Team Wakeman!

Wade offers to help, of course, and uses Upgrade in order to merge with the worm and reprogram it to hunt down other Trench Worms. In return for his undeserved kindness, the villagers offer to make a feast for the trio. But due to their time constraints, the group is forced to decline, however, they’re more than eager to accept a new vehicle and some snacks for the road.

As they hit the road, Wade rests his eyes and drifts to sleep. But then, something bizarre happens!

Wade claims that he had a strange flashback where he saw me and Kevin off to college, but instead of going, we were attacked by mechanical beetles similar to the ones Wade met in Aku’s future. Wade claims that it was Aku’s doing, but I’m not so sure.

In his flashback, Wade trashed the bugs with Zipmunk, but he also trashed Kevin’s car and my bus…

Seemingly apologetic for his recklessness, Wade offered to pay for the damages to Kevin’s car. But something about that day made me rethink the whole college thing. Being in Bellwood with my friends and family is waaaay more fun than going to some stupid school. And as such, I made Wade accompany me on the way to tell my Mom about my big decision.

Once he snaps back to reality, Wade shares his suspicions with his friends, but is quickly dismissed due to lack of evidence. However, one thing is for sure: Wade is the only one that remembers both versions of history.

Later, the group is ambushed yet again by a group of Wasteland Rodeo Clowns led by Zombozo! Wade transforms into Goop and tries to fend off the gang of Juggalos with Wendy and Rex, but Zombozo goes ahead of them and cuts them off in advance.

File: Eunice.png (524 KB, 1024x4752)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
After Wade and Zombozo play catch up, my cousin delivers a sick burn to the overweight clown, causing him to fly into a blind rage and send the remainder of his clown army after Wade. He manages to slip out the way with Goop, before swapping to Bat-A-Boom and blowing them to smithereens! Eventually, he and the others manage to take Zombozo down once and for all. And since Rex is a technopath, he uses his powers to take control of several cars in order to haul the rodeo clowns to the nearest town.

As Wade leans back into his seat to relax, he focuses on another memory that may have been altered due to the ripple effects that Aku’s invasion caused. In this particular one, Me and Wade visit Azmuth’s lab due to some “Urgent news” that he had. Once we arrive, we’re greeted by Azmuth’s assistant, Eunice. She’s a sentient Unitrix that used my DNA to create a human form for herself. She’s super sweet and funny, but the fact that she wears my face while pining after my cousin is kinda creepy.

Anywho, Azmuth informs us that he may have found a way to cure the Spectraphage, but it involves snagging a crucial part from a stolen Omnitrix prototype. This device was capable of forcefully evolving an alien species inside of the Omnitrix, and was planned to be used inside of a device called the Ultimatrix.

Apparently, the prototype was stolen by his last lab assistant, a Galvan named Albedo. But right before he lost the device, Albedo crash landed on Earth! With his current whereabouts unknown, Azmuth promises to monitor the situation while Wade goes to fetch the stolen evolutionary matrix.

End of Thread #17
Funnily enough, the idea for Storm Drain was given to me by a friend and player of this quest. It really helped to make an epic conclusion for the finale!

And yeah, there a few aliens that are very situational, but also very powerful. It's more fun when we don't get access to the "win" button.

Also, glad to see that both of your favorite aliens are from the same planet. After this recap wraps up, I'll try to start adding to pastebins again. There's also the matter of providing new aliens for you guys. I'm cooking up a couple of concepts, and you'll likely see them very soon.
While I write another hefty recap, have some trivia!

Trivia Time!:

>If you had picked the Secret Scientist background, then you would have been taken under Dr. Arthur Beeman’s wing as an assistant. Dr. Beeman specializes in alien research and UFO hunting, which would have made you an excellent fit for his field.

>If you had picked the Plumber background, then the tone of the quest would have shifted to accommodate some buddy cop adventures. You would frequently run into Kilik, Koba’s squad and a few other new characters!

>If you had chosen to become Azmuth’s assistant, then you and Eunice would have been partners. Together, the three of you would explore the galaxy, discovering new things and saving lives while you were at it. As to how K8-E would fit into those plans...would have been a work in progress.

>There were many plans going into Season 2, and quite a few of them were scrapped. One of which involved Wade acquiring a cursed sword instead of Jack’s sword, and another would have included Wade meeting a good chunk of Jack’s rogues and allies. But unfortunately, scheduling troubles and issues with pacing became apparent, so I had to cut some pieces out. There will, however, be more opportunities to go back in the future!
File: Psyphon_(UA)_Infobox.png (329 KB, 853x480)
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329 KB PNG
Thread #18:

Upon leaving Azmuth’s lab, Wade is dumbfounded by the sudden discovery of him being half alien. The old frog assumed that his aging dilemma is due to his foreign DNA. And to make matters worse, Azmuth had no idea which alien it was. Apparently, it hasn’t been discovered until now.

Me and Eunice pick up on this pretty quickly, and we force him to spill the beans. But I don;t know why he’s so bummed out about being different. If I had a life as exciting as his, I’d love every moment of it!

Eventually, we arrive at a rest stop in The Fringes, and almost immediately, we run into the Vreedle Brothers. Now, these two space hillbillies were dumb as a sack of bricks, so we nearly managed to goad them into giving us the device that they’d pocketed.

Unfortunately, their contractor, a shark dude named Psyphon, showed up at the worst possible moment! But fortunately for us, Wade was able to buy the Vreedle’s loyalty by flashing a few Taydens their way.

Psyphon, of course, is not happy about this development, so he begins attacking us. Me and Eunice take on shark boy’s goons, while Wade transforms into Big Chill in order to challenge Psyphon.

But get this, Psyphon barely lasted a minute in the ring with my cousin, allowing us to grab the device and dip out with the Vreedles in tow!

Back then, Wade had planned to place the Vreedles in a rehabilitation center in an effort to redeem them, only to find out later that they’d blown the place up and escaped.

Once he snaps back to reality, Wade learns that he has successfully created the cure for the Spectraphage, making Ghostfreak safe to use!

After gathering information from his friends, Wade confirms that he’s the only one who remembers both realities. However, he decides to hide this information so as not to alarm his friends.

Eventually, they reach the Bizarre Bazaar, where they offload the criminals to the local authorities and go to stock up on supplies.

Once inside, Wade and Wendy allow Rex to try alien food for the first time, despite it being the alien version of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Upon realizing that they need a different type of currency for this dimension, Wade splits off from the others and decides to sell snow cones as Big Chill. It went well for a while, but a strange man wearing an Oni Mask decided to attack Wade when his Omnitrix had timed out!

In an attempt to run back towards friends, Wade realizes that dodging the simple attacks of the dual-wielding Oni is a rather simple task. So much so that he has time to call his friends to his location, just in time for Rex to take him out with his Slam Cannon!

File: Oni.jpg (236 KB, 1920x2715)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
After inspecting the body, Wendy discovers that his injuries are healing at a rapid rate, estimating his recovery time to be about four to five minutes. So Wade breaks his swords, ties him up for the authorities and scans him with the Omnitrix. Trixy discovers that the Oni’s DNA had been tampered with, and that he had undergone several surgical procedures in order to increase his strength and speed.

Due to the Oni’s arrival, the trio decides that they must depart the Bazaar before reinforcements arrive. Once they’re back on the road, the group holds a vote, before deciding to go through the territory of a dangerously infamous man named Anaris. But before they can get too far, Wade is assaulted by a massive migraine, causing him to have a flashback against his will.

He claims that this one took him back about six and a half months before Aku’s attack, where he found Mother breaking into a museum in order to steal a rather peculiar magical relic.

End of Thread #18
Thread #19:

Upon confronting Mother, Wade pokes fun at the old hag in order to rile her up. But to his surprise, the artifact that she stole, The Helm of Desire, allows her to change into whatever their target desires. And in this case, it was Ahsoka Tano!

Wade transforms into Zipmunk and engages the Togruta in martial combat. However, once Wade had realized that Mother had gained access to all of Ahsoka’s abilities, including The Force, he was severely outmatched by her raw power.

After being tossed through several walls, Wade loses track of Mother and finds Charmcaster instead! The one from his dimension, I mean.

Hope greets Wade, unaware of the fact that she had met him before, and reveals that the Mother of Midnight is indeed her great grandmother. And since Mother’s using forbidden magic, it’s Charmcaster’s job to put a stop to it.

And despite her intention to go solo, Wade persuades her to work alongside him as his partner. She reluctantly agrees and summons a rusty old car with a snap of her fingers, whisking Wade and Charmcaster away to wherever Mother ran off to. Even after timing out, Wade decides to hide his identity from Hope.

Once they arrive at Mother’s current location, a fairly crowded shopping mall, Wade transforms into Rad-El Snake and uses his hypnotic powers to evacuate the premises. But to his surprise, Mother has taken the form of Jennifer Nocturne and used the Helm’s power to possess the minds of the weak-willed men around her.

Charmcaster break’s Mother’s illusion with a well-aimed mana bolt, which causes her to transform into Wolverine. Hugh Jackman to be exact. Apparently, Charmcaster had a huge crush on him after watching the movies.

Wade transforms into Hack N’ Slash in order to subdue the mutant with a bladed whip made of bone and cartilage, but Mother quickly slips out of his grasp by transforming into Cassandra Cain!

Clearly outmatched by her superior speed and technique, Wade is severely injured by her attacks, to the point of being beheaded when he tries to catch her in a submission hold. Lucky for Wade, Hack N’ Slash is practically immortal.

As Mother gloats over her victory, Charmcaster rushes to Wade’s side in order to defend him. It is at this moment that Mother reveals Wade’s identity to Hope, and hurls a volley of insults at both of them before leaving.

Feeling betrayed by Wade’s lies, Charmcaster places his head back on his body and forces him to tell the truth. Wade admits to putting her uncle in prison, and apologizes for not being able to do more for her. She’s understandably upset, but more so about being forced to pay off her uncle’s debts. To Wade’s surprise, she’s actually grateful that she got sent to the orphanage.

File: Cree.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
Wade takes the chance to introduce himself as “X”, as well as offering to help her pay off her debts. But since he doesn’t have any Dwarvish gold, his offer is nothing more than a pleasantry. After revealing that he knows an alternate version of her, Charmcaster’s bag bites her in order to alert her to a pivotal discovery in their quest to defeat Mother.

The two of them feel a terrible rumble, alerting them to Mother’s location. Once there, they find that she’s taken the form of Giganta, and is rampaging throughout the city. And with Storm Drain’s help, Wade is able to take Mother down by absorbing the moisture in her body.

Then, Charmcaster removes the mask and stores it in her bag for safe keeping. She also promises to lock Mother away for good, while remaining in contact with Wade should either of them require help. And just like that, the two of them left on good terms.

Once Wade snapped back to reality again, he found himself lying on his back in the middle of a forest with Cree sitting at his side! Trixy informed him that she had been taking care of him for the past two weeks or so while he was unconscious. Wade then asked her to perform constant brain scans during and after his blackouts in order to figure out what was going on.

Cree offers Wade some food before explaining anything, and to his surprise, his motor functions aren’t too sluggish. Apparently, Trixy had been using the suit to forcefully move his joints and exercise his body.

While Wade was out, Wendy and Rex were defeated and captured by a minion of Aku known as Yojimbo, a member of a group known as the 47 Oni. But before they had been taken, the two of them went through painstaking efforts in order to ensure Wade’s safety. From there, Cree found him and had been taking care of him ever since.

The Oni were formed by Aku’s servant, Demongo, in an attempt to prepare for Wade’s arrival to the future. And their most powerful warrior is said to be an “expert” at using the Omnitrix.

After being informed of his friend’s whereabouts, Wade thanks Cree and flies towards Yojimbo’s castle as Bloodrush.

Along the way, Trixy informs Wade that she can detect two other Omnitrix signals besides his, which is worrying in its own right.

Once he arrives at Yojimbo’s castle, Wade switches to Ghostfreak for the first time in a long time, and he actually manages to hang on to his sense of reason!

Now that he’s able to freely make use of his abilities, Wade turns intangible and phases through the castle walls with ease. After slipping through Yojimbo’s defenses, he discovers an underground arena, where Wendy is found fighting an oversized bird!

End of Thread #19
File: AbelNorth_TabberOS.png (360 KB, 516x590)
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360 KB PNG
Thread #20:

This thread details the events that took place in Mad Max’s dimension. But due to it being a spin-off, it has no bearing over the main story. Although it wasn’t finished, you’re free to check it out sometime later!

End of Thread #20

Thread #21:

To Wendy’s shock, Wade approaches her while intangible, causing her to scream and swing her spear at her brother. He eventually manages to calm her down, promising to free her after he creates a diversion of some sort. Until then, he trusts Wendy to survive her fight with the giant bird.

Meanwhile, Wade phases through the ground and finds the holding cells beneath the arena. In order to free the prisoners held within the cells, Wade possesses a guard as Ghostfreak and convinces the other one to leave. After he releases the prisoners, Wade leaves the guard’s body and returns to his sister, where he tries to possess the giant bird.

Even though it doesn’t go the way he expects, Wade manages to make the bird pass out, causing Yojimbo to fly into a blind rage. And his mood is only worsened when he realizes that the prisoners had escaped.

While he’s distracted, Wade uses his tendrils to smack him with his own club. But despite being clobbered, he seems to tank the hit pretty well, that is until Wendy knocks him out with an electric prod.

Unsurprisingly, Wendy is pretty upset at Wade for being absent when they needed him the most. Wade apologizes and explains the unusual nature of his flashbacks. Wendy accepts his apology and is slightly reassured by the fact that Trixy is looking into the matter. But when she mentions that Rex is being held by Elena Validus, Wade begins to panic. Somehow, the corporate witch managed to survive by preserving her body with nanites.

Exhausted from her time spent in captivity, Wendy asks Wade to take her away from Yojimbo’s castle. Once outside, the two of them are confronted by the infamous Samurai. And since Wade’s Omnitrix is recharging, he can’t transform in order to defend himself!

But right before the Samurai can cut Wade in half, a bola flies from the forest, distracting the Samurai long enough for him to blasted by Wendy at point blank range.

To the twin’s surprise, a man dressed like Kangaroo Kommando comes to their rescue, riding an overgrown version of Slate. The two of them agree to go with him, but along the way, Trixy makes a shocking discovery!

Apparently, both the Samurai and the Kangaroo Kommando wannabe have DNA identical to Max Tennyson’s. Before the news can properly sink in, the gang is pursued by a trio of alien frog ninjas. But with Wade’s quick thinking and sharpshooting, the trio is quickly dispatched by a series of well placed blaster bolts.

Once they get to safety, Max informs Wade and Wendy that he’s a clone, along with the Samurai. But the most shocking news comes from the fact that Iden’s still alive, and she’s made an army of Max clones in order to fight against Aku. And while Max intends to take the group to Anaris’ base in order to regroup, Wendy is eager to attack Elena’s base and rescue Rex. But when Wade doesn’t support her, she storms off into the nearby city, with Wade and Max following close behind.

Due to the fact that the city operates outside of Aku’s influence, lawlessness plagues its people. However, within the first hour, Max quickly realizes that they’re being followed. So in order to lose them, Wendy and Max split off from the group, leaving Wade alone as bait. As the stalkers follow Wade into an alleyway, he transforms into Spidermonkey and hides alongside a nearby brick wall.

Once the three reveal themselves(A demon cyclops, a bipedal panda, and a robot), Wade uses his webs to glue the demon’s eye shut, subduing her for a while. Max and Wendy use this opportunity to flank the Panda, but he easily deflects their attacks with a twirl of his forearm.

The robot named Clancy brandishes two pistols and fires a volley of plasma bolts in Wade’s direction. But he skillfully dodges them in mid-air, before landing near him and sticking the robot to a nearby wall with his webs. Somewhere along the way, he managed to snag Sienna( the demon) in a wide net that he cast before landing. And when Shen(the Panda) proves to be more trouble than he’s worth, Wade has to see to it personally that he’s subdued.

But things start to spiral out of control when Wade gets a face full of magic dust, causing him to split into two halves of his personality. Even Trixy got her personality split!

End of Thread #21
File: 640px-AnurTTVSB00002.png (339 KB, 640x360)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Thread #22:

Red X(Wade’s sinister counterpart) attempts to persuade Wade to party the night away with him, but when Wade suggests that the two of them try to find a way to reverse the spell, Red X becomes violent! And it isn’t until he nearly breaks Max’s wrist that he and Wendy jump into action.

Wade transforms into Fourcast, before clashing with his evil counterpart in order to save his friends. But after a failed negotiation check, Wade uses his drones to drastically lower the temperature, taking away Bat-A-Boom’s ability to detonate his sweat. And while he’s busy with the bat, Wade asks Wendy to interrogate Shen without wrinkling his nice shirt!

In the meantime, Wade makes one last attempt to talk his opponent down. But when that falls through, he releases a paralytic gas and commands his drones to deliver powerful electric shocks to Red X. Once he’s subdued, Wade times out and checks on Wendy’s progress.

Thankfully, she got the information that she wanted, and she didn’t even have to ruin his nice shirt!

The panda’s plan was to split Wade in two and force him to fight the Samurai, who held the cure to his affliction. For if they were unable to join back together again, both halves would wither and die. But instead of playing into his enemy’s hands, Wade decides to reverse engineer the mystical drug by transforming into Grey Matter.

With the help of his other half, Wade managed to create a cure for himself, allowing both halves of his personality to become one again.

And although he was given the chance to confront the Samurai, Wade decided to create some distance between the two of them, while laying some traps along the way.

On the way to Anaris’ base, Wade and Wendy have a bot of a heart to heart, where Wade admits to being homesick. Being away from his loved ones, especially me, must have really taken a toll on him.

So while Wendy gets some sleep, Wade decides to go check on Z’Skayr. The now cured Ectonurite expresses his undying gratitude to Wade and voices his desire to return to his lab. Wade promises to find a way to get him out of the Omnitrix, but Z’Skayr reveals that he’s quite content with remaining trapped. Unable to understand Z’Skayr’s resignation, Wade is shown a simulation of an alien planet created from Trixy’s database. Apparently, Z’Skayr and Trixy spend alot of time together.

Wade confesses that he’s going through an unusual change, and to his surprise, Z’Skayr actually believes him! The spectral scientist wishes Wade luck before Trixy pulls him out of his deep dive.

Afterwards, Wade goes to talk to Max, who had been driving the Rust Bucket while the twins slept. Max sings praises of Anaris, calling him the greatest man he’d ever met, while bashing Iden at the same time. He had never been close to her, but he loved his brothers a great deal. However, the clones in his squad had been wiped out during a mission that Iden sent them on.

File: Phil_Tabber.png (101 KB, 350x403)
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101 KB PNG
And since he failed to successfully kill Demongo, he was punished for retreating, and has been wandering the land wearing the costume of his favorite hero. Wade manages to comfort Max by convincing that his brother’s sacrificed themselves in order to make sure he got out safely.

Later, the two of them share a laugh about the clone army using prototype lightsabers as grenades.

After their chat, Wade decides to have another flashback. This one in particular is especially precious to him.

He travels back to the time when he fixed up the Rust Bucket with Grandpa and Kirby. During the male bonding ritual, the three of them became closer, even after Grandpa grilled Wade over moving in with K8-E. They casually chatted about relationships and the progress of the Galactic Council’s court case. But the highlight of the day would have to be when Grandpa gave Kirby the Rust Bucket! Right about now, he and hope should be touring the country.

Once Wade exits the flashback, he is brought to a strange room that he doesn’t recognize. He is then confronted by a shadowy figure that begins speaking in ominous and foreboding warnings. But being the joker that he is, Wade nonchalantly brushes off the shadowy figure and leaves the strange room instead of indulging his curiosity.

Nonetheless, Wade wakes up from his fever dream and is met by Wendy panicking over something hitting the RV. He doesn’t feel it at first, but when the Rust Bucket swerves out of control, the trio is forced to exit the vehicle in order to investigate. And to their surprise, a volley of arrows flies towards the group, phasing through solid objects in order to impale them.

They take cover in hopes of hiding from the shooters, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from shooting an arrow straight through Wade’s chest!

End of Thread #22
Thread #23

After having his sternum and shoulder pierced by the arrows, Wade struggles to either remove them or tie them down. But for some reason, Wade is unable to touch or interact with them in any shape, way or form. And seeing as the archers are becoming more accurate with their shots, Wade decides to take action before he bleeds out.

He removes his armor and commands Trixy to act as a decoy while he flanks the archers. To Wendy's chagrin, Wade transforms into Ghostfreak and flies deeper into the forest in order to locate their assailants.

Eventually, he finds them and possesses one of the beastly archers. He fails to use the ghost arrows against them, but is successful in defeating one of them in martial combat. And after Wendy and Max deal with the straggler, Wade leaves his host's body and flees into the Rust Bucket before he times out.

By doing this, Wade narrowly avoids going into shock, but still passes out from blood loss.

When he wakes up, Wade finds Wendy wearing the Omnitrix and giving him a blood transfusion with Bloodrush. But due to him being high on painkillers, Wade was pretty delirious during the whole conversation.

Wendy informs him that she and Max smashed the Archer's bows and arrows, and left them tied up in the forest. Trixy had temporarily allowed Wendy to wear the Omnitrix in order to save his life, but she wasn't too big on the idea of leaving Wade's side.

After Wade is patched up, Max suggests that they leave him behind and let Wendy wear the Omnitrix for a while. But Wendy vehemently refuses and states that she won't go anywhere without her brother. A delirious Wade agrees with her and suggests that they camp out for the night, so Max agrees out of obligation.

The next day, the group awakens to an intense rumbling sensation. And in the time that they spent sleeping, Demongo and his forces caught up to them!

Due to his fragile condition, Wade decides to transform into Upgrade, fusing with the Rust Bucket and using his advanced machinery to outrun Demongo’s army. And even though the robot beetles manage to flank them, Wade makes quick work of them with his bleeding edge tech and sick driving skills!

But as soon as they start to lose them, a giant rises up from the ground, reminding everyone why the area is known as “The Valley of the Foot”. The giant hag swipes at Wade, forcing him to swerve out of the way in order to avoid her hand.

However, the hag quickly recognizes Wade as her very own Master, before revealing herself as Olumar! Ever since Wade disappeared in this dimension, she went on a rampage and secluded herself within that desolate valley.

Delighted by her Master’s return, Olumar returns to her original form and decimates Demongo’s army for trying to harm Wade. But since my cousin was on a tight schedule, Olumar chose to stay behind in order to distract Demongo.

Wade begrudgingly left her to fight the sinister spirit, praying for her safety all the while.

After they escape, Wade times out and attempts to use a healing spell on himself. However, his lack of practice shows, and he accidentally reopens his wound by losing focus during the ritual. Wendy walks into the gruesome scene of her brother bleeding all over the floor for the second time within 24 hours, and is forced to bring him to Iden at Anaris’ base.

When he wakes up, Wade is greeted by his creator, who is absolutely delighted to see him again. She then informs him that Gwen is still alive somewhere, before mentioning a brutal war that Wade has yet to experience.

Immediately afterward, the man known as Anaris walks into the room, revealing himself as Wade’s nemesis, D’Traxus! But this version of D’Traxus has reflected on his mistakes and repented for his sins. At some point, he changed his name and redeemed himself as a sort of freedom fighter.

Wade and Anaris then proceed to exchange information regarding Elena, Rex and the sword that they’re looking for. Apparently, Elena works as Aku’s chief weapon’s manufacturer and engineer, which makes her a high value target. She stays holed up in her fortress of a factory, making use of her automated defenses to stave off any attack that may come her way.

Anaris brings Wade to the War Room in order to discuss the details of their siege, and he runs into Wendy and Max when he arrives. Together, the five of them devise a plan to break through Elena’s defenses by sending the clone army as a distraction, while a small team infiltrates the facility and grabs Rex.

However, things start to heat up when Iden suggests that Wendy use the Amalgamatrix in order to ensure their success. But before she even gets the chance to consider it, Wade shuts Iden down and refuses to let Wendy destroy herself again.

During the meeting’s conclusion, Wade chooses Wendy and Iden to join him during the mission, as he knows their capabilities well. And after grabbing his newly upgraded armor from Iden’s lab, Team Wakeman begins their mission.

Once they load up and finish their preparations, Wade is dropped off near the factory’s walls while the rest of the Clone Army does their part. He then uses the Omnitrix to transform into Wildmutt, allowing him to tunnel beneath the walls without alerting anyone.

And due to his radar sense, the team is able to avoid being detected on their way to find the control room. They manage to disable the automated defense rather easily, but things get a bit complicated when Biowulf makes an appearance!

As Iden works on installing a dangerous computer virus into Elena’s systems, Wade and Wendy wrestle with the Evo-enhanced soldier. They eventually subdue Biowulf, allowing them to interrogate him for additional information.

File: Zipmunkfinished2.png (3.64 MB, 2819x4616)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
Biowulf reveals that Rex is being mind-controlled by Elena yet again, and is being used as her personal bodyguard.He also seems fairly confident that Elena has complete control over this situation, which is further supported by Elena’s firewalls triggering an alarm, as well as providing a map to her supposed location.

Wade refuses to play along with her games, and volunteers to stay with Iden until her upload is finished. But in the meantime, Wade and Wendy are forced to confront two new EVO’s due to Elena’s impatience.

After defeating them, Iden finishes her upload, only for her to be torn clean in half by a giant squid alien that bursts through the wall. But this isn’t just any old squid alien! This is none other than the infamous conqueror of star systems, Vilgax!

The twins quickly realize that they’re outmatched, so they grab Iden and try to escape the squid’s clutches. They soon find out that escaping the relentless giant is no easy feat, but luckily for them, Anaris shows up to hold him off! Considering that the two are evenly matched, Wade and Wendy try to create some distance between both groups.

Wade notices that Iden’s condition is worsening, but he doesn’t want to leave her alone. So he ends up handing her to Wendy and confronting Validus on his own!

Once Wade arrives at Elena’s main control room, he’s met by a nanite infused version of Validus standing alongside Rex, who seems to be completely under her spell. But before Rex can do anything to hurt you or himself, Wade transforms into Thriller Whale and uses his sonar to blast an inspirational song straight into his noggin!

And once again, Wade manages to break Elena’s control over Rex! Enraged by his insolence, Elena turns on both of them and uses her artificial biology in order to combat Wade’s alien form.

It was pretty even for a while, but out of nowhere, Elena grabs Wade’s Omnitrix and uploads a virus that she’d been preparing for decades! It seamlessly slices through the Omnitrix’s firewalls, and nearly manages to damage the device beyond repair. But due to Trixy’s quick thinking, she reprograms the virus and makes it into an asset for Wade. What once existed as a virus to destroy Wade’s DNA samples has now become a tool that makes his aliens stronger when they’re sick!

Yes, this was the first time Wade gained access to his Viral Forms!

When the control room is destroyed by the explosion that resulted from Trixy’s interference, Elena reforms herself into a giant mass of shifting nanites. However, that big gross bug monster was no match for Viral Zipmunk!

Despite being infected with rabies and infested with alien fleas, Zipmunk had become much stronger and more ferocious than ever! So much so that he had managed to call down the Grand-daddy of all thunderbolts, destroying Elena’s second form in one shot!

Wade was pretty tired afterwards, but he was insanely hyped over his new alien upgrades.

File: Vilgax.jpg (183 KB, 1206x1807)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Wade and Rex then retreated to the front of the facility to meet up with the others, but with Vilgax hot on their trail, Wade’s forced to hold him off while his friends escape.

Wade transforms into Viral Wildfire, causing molten rock-like scabs to form over his skin, while an absurdly hot fever drastically raised his body temperature.

As Vilgax charged at Wade, he sent a tidal wave of molten lava at his opponent, before absorbing the heat from it and causing it to quickly solidify. But once Vilgax breaks free, Wade’s already long gone!

Eventually, he regroups with his team in the underground tunnels, along with the remainder of the clone army. When asked about the Viral Forms, Trixy explains that she reprogrammed Elena’s virus by using a fail-safe that was built into the Omnitrix.

Wade is slightly worried about voluntarily allowing a virus in the Omnitrix, but he trusts Trixy to handle it. And now that he has everyone back together, Wade reveals the truth behind his “Daydreams”!

End of Thread #23
File: Demongo.png (797 KB, 1920x1080)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
Thread #24:

After Wade spills the beans about his bizarre flashbacks, he’s forced to confront the possibility that he might have killed Elena. Although he tries to remain positive, the consequences of his action begin to weigh on his mind.

Eventually, Team Wakeman and the Clone Army exit the tunnel system and regroup outside the factory. Soon after, they mobilize and set off towards their base in order to stock up on supplies. Along the way, Wade acquires Anaris’ DNA, helps with Iden’s repairs and confronts Wendy about the Amalgamatrix. Apparently, she had it in her bag during the siege, and had intended to use it in order to take out Vilgax. If it weren’t for Wade, she would’ve screwed herself up again.

But during Wendy’s intervention, she blows up at him and vents all of her frustrations and insecurities. For the first time in a long time, Wendy shows a tender side that she’d kept hidden for the majority of her life. After Wade reassures her, Wendy gives the Amalgamatrix to him, showing her brother that she doesn’t need it to make her feel important.

Suddenly, the trucks stop due to a herd of rampaging beasts wreaking havoc upon the clone’s ranks. Wade and the others make quick work of the beasts, only to be ambushed by a squad of undead clone troopers. And to make matters worse, Demongo arrives with Olumar under his complete control!

Just like last time, Wade transforms into Thriller Whale and uses his sonar to project an anime song straight into Olumar’s head. It works for a while, as she grabs Demongo and squeezes him with all her might. However, the big blue giant pleads for Wade and his friends to retreat before she loses control again.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Wade transforms into Viral Snotrocket and asks Olumar to toss him at Demongo! She begrudgingly does so, sending him flying towards the cackling demon, and clearing the entirety of his undead army in a single bound.

Strangely enough, Viral Snotrocket’s abilities change completely when he gets sick. In fact, he becomes another creature entirely! Instead of manipulating the gel-like substance in his nose, Viral Snotrocket is capable of disintegrating anything that he touches. He’s even been shows to be capable of curing diseases and destroying bacteria, but that’s a story for another time.

Upon grabbing Demongo, the sinister servant of Aku struggles with all his might to avoid being destroyed by Wade’s decaying touch. But he’s shown to be no match for my cousin, as he explodes in a burst of magical energy, without a shred of him left.

When Wade wakes up, he finds a child-like version of Olumar crying over his body. The two of them reconcile and reminisce over the past, collectively agreeing that neither of them have changed during their time apart.

On the way back, Iden informs the others that the 47 Oni are lying in wait for Wade to arrive at Aku’s treasure room. Even so, Wade and the others had no choice but to walk right into it.

File: Scaramouche.jpg (100 KB, 1400x788)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
While he’s relaxing with Olumar, Wade inquires about the war that Iden had mentioned. She tells him that the war was instigated by a Galvan named Xellit that studied magic, which triggered something in Trixy’s memory.

After a quick rest, Team Wakeman arrived at the train station that would take them to Aku’s treasure room. Then, Rex uses his technopathy skills to snag them some tickets, and the group splits up in order to avoid suspicion when they board the train.

Rex and Wade stick together, leaving Olumar with Wendy for a short while. And once it’s time to pick their seats, they choose to sit across a rather loud Scotsman and a black guy wearing funky clothing. And during their brief time together, Wade and Rex decide to mess with them by retelling the events of the original Star Wars trilogy and replacing the main characters with themselves.

Seeing as how his new friends are absolutely enamored with him, he decides to call it quits and take a quick trip to the restroom. But on the way back, he’s suddenly attacked by a pair of ninjas, with one blending in with shadows, and the other turning invisible when exposed to light.

He manages to get away from them for the most part, but to his surprise, Rex and the other two aren’t there when he returns to his seat. The only one sitting there is a rather dapper looking robot with a wide-brimmed hat, a scarf and a trench-coat.

Wade tries to ask him for information, but he doesn't give him anything useful. And when Wade turns around to leave the cabin, he hears someone playing a flute, signaling everyone else in the cabin to turn and attack Wade. According to Trixy’s scan, all of them seem to be lifeless puppets.

So in order to defend himself, Wade transforms into Viral Knuckle Duster and attempts to grab a warhammer that’s hurtling towards him. But as he grabs it, the hammer effortlessly swings his heavy body around the cabin, and it nearly succeeds in tossing him off the train.

However, Wade manages to eat the hammer, as well as everything else in the cabin by swallowing them up like Kirby. But when he goes to chase after Scaramouche, he somehow disappears in the next train cabin.

Wade asks Trixy to try to make sense of this train’s structure while using Knuckle Duster to track a strangely familiar scent. It leads him to a tightly packed luggage car, as well as his old friend Gwen, who’s now all grown up with a woman’s body!

But their tender reunion is quickly interrupted by four assassins from the first train cabin. And for the first time, Wade uses Viral Brainstorm to deal with these goons!

Due to his unusual biology, Brainstorm gains the ability to produce electrified bubbles when he gets sick. These bubbles have a multitude of properties, most of which have gone untested.

Once they’re defeated, Gwen and Wade use this opportunity to find the sword. And in the most anti-climactic manner, they manage to find it in one of the overhead storage areas in a nearby cabin.

File: jason-kang-aku-da.jpg (540 KB, 1920x2247)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
But immediately afterward, they’re confronted by the Samurai, who seems to be itching for a fight! And unfortunately for him, so is my cousin!

The two of them clash swords, going toe to toe with one another as they test their mettle. But somehow, Wade managed to pick up on a few techniques from the movies and video games that he watched, allowing him to overwhelm the Samurai with raw talent and tenacity.

And when things start to look risky for the Samurai, he calls in Vilgax to back him up. Now sandwiched between two dangerous adversaries, Wade transforms into Viral Vertigoat in order to defeat them.

And “defeat them” he does! With his newly enhanced gravity manipulation powers, he sends both Vilgax and the Samurai crashing through the train cars, leading all the way to the train’s engine room. And while the wannabe Samurai passes out from the damage, Wade is forced to toss Vilgax out of the train in order to get rid of him.

Soon after, Wade meets up with his friends once more with the sword in tow. Having completed his mission, Team Wakeman decides to leave before the train reaches its last stop. And after giving a heartfelt goodbye to Olumar and Gwen, Wade returns to his original timeline.

Upon being dropped off by Professor Paradox, Wade, Rex, Wendy and the rest of the hero community pile onto the Shogun of Sorrow with everything they’ve got. And to Aku’s surprise, Wade actually manages to wound him!

After being bullied by Wade and the others, Aku transforms into a fearsome fire breathing dragon! And while everyone else shrinks back in fear, Wade leaps towards the demonic beast. He eats a faceful of fire, severely damaging his armor in the process, but he also manages to deal a serious blow to Aku, nearly severing his neck in the process.

Seemingly frightened by Wade’s mighty blow, Aku flees into the depths of Undertown in order to recover his strength. Before they head down to chase the little rat, Wade asks Providence and the hero community to evacuate any nearby citizens.

Once they descend, Wendy asks the locals if they’d seen anything unusual. And from their eyewitness accounts, the trio manages to track Aku to the mineshaft that they’d found him in.

Upon exploring the tunnels, the group is ambushed by a horde of Aku's worshippers! But with Wendy and Rex’s help, Wade manages to fend them off with his sword. And not only that, he somehow learns a neutral sword style in the process! Go figure!

But before he gets a chance to celebrate, Aku grabs him from behind and drags him deeper into the tunnel.

During his final confrontation with the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness, Aku seemed to have taken a human-like form in order to fight Wade inside of the narrow tunnels. The two of them clash blades in a rather intense exchange, but at the end of the day, Aku reveals himself to be a filthy cheater and a sore loser, as he tears open a portal in time and casts Wade into it before he can be finished off!

My cousin’s mind was racing as he was falling helplessly through time and space, but fortunately for him, Professor Paradox was there to give him a push in the right direction. Literally!

He’s sent hurtling back out of the portal that Aku had cast him in, and with one mighty blow, Wade cleaves Aku in two, causing him to explode in a burst of light. What a drama queen~!

As Aku fades into a puff of smoke, Wade nearly collapses as he lets his muscles relax. And like always, his friends are there to pick him back up.

While Rex goes back to deliver the good news, Wendy escorts Wade back to his front door. My cousin invites her inside, but she kindly refuses and departs on good terms with Wade.

Upon returning home, K8-E is quick to greet him at the door. She frantically frets over his well-being, but a passionate kiss from Wade takes her mind off of the little things. Reinvigorated by seeing his love once more, Wade picks her up and carries her to bed.

After the two of them did the deed, they embraced one another, covered in sweat and short of breath. And although K8-E felt every new wound and scar that Wade had collected on his new adventure, she decided not to ask about it for now. Instead, she gingerly kissed his forehead and welcomed him home.

End of Thread #24

End of Season 2!
File: Megawhatt1.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
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Thread #24.5

One day, on a cold and stormy summer night, I dropped by Wade’s place(unannounced of course) and interrupted his family game night with K8-E. But it was for a good reason!

See, during my heroic escapades, I’d gotten rather well acquainted with the old ladies in the Bellwood community. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from observing their houses, it’s that old people hoard candy like crazy! Sometimes it’s because they need treats to give their grandchildren, and other times they just need something to raise their blood sugar. But none of that matters!

What does matter is the fact that they have loads of candy, waiting to be given out! So I devised a plan to go out in full costume, and take part in some early trick-or-treating. At first, Wade was being a bit difficult, but he seemed to perk right up when K8-E agreed to come along. Me and Wade went in our superhero costumes, while K8-E quickly put together a Spyro costume. It was so cute!!!

As we scoured the neighborhood in search of fresh candy, my bare thighs began to draw a little too much attention. Thankfully, Wade was there to scare off the creeps.

At our very first door, K8-E gave the old lady a good scare with an enthusiastic roar, which managed to net us a super sweet haul! So, admittedly, I got a bit cocky and decided that we should visit the holy grail of trick or treating, Bellwood’s very own local retirement home!

But unfortunately, we ran into JT and Cash along the way! And to make matters worse, Cash had some beef with Wade after my cousin arrested him a while back.

After I got directions from a super rude security guard, we snuck into the old folks home, only to find that it had changed drastically from the last time I was there. And that was fairly recent.

Regardless, we entered the shady looking building, only to be trapped inside by some freak power outage. And instead of being kicked out, we’re greeted by a kindly old lady named Vera. She told us that Pearl, the old lady that I was there to visit, had fallen ill after her family stopped visiting her. So in order to make it up to the old gal, I asked Vera to take me to her in her time of need. It was the least I could do.

Around the same time, JT and Cash snuck off on their own, and K8-E expressed the need to use the little reptile’s room. But instead of splitting up Wade transformed into Echo Echo and split himself into three copies in order to stay with the whole group.

Echo 1:

One of the Echoes manages to track down JT and Cash just in time to defend them from a hungry Loboan. But after Wade repels his attack, the Loboan suddenly disappears!

JT freaks out and runs off on his own after having narrowly avoided being mauled to death. But when he tries to leave, the group is attacked by a Nosedeenian. And in an attempt to contain the creature, Echo 1 is destroyed in the line of duty, allowing JT and Cash to safely escape.

File: Limax.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Echo 2:

And as for the Echo that was escorting K8-E and Vera to the bathroom, he quickly discovered that his girlfriend had been abducted without so much as a peep! So he creates Echoes 4-6 in order to search for her, while Echo 2 stays behind to grill Vera for information.

He discovers that the retirement home has recently changed ownership, and the resident’s strange behavior quickly followed afterwards. However, the most shocking revelation came from the fact that Vera had in fact been a shapeshifting alien known as a Limax, and that this retirement home was little more than an old people buffet for aliens!

Vera admitted to playing along with their schemes for a while, but after she had lost her friend, she began to regret her actions. Even so, she was unable to leave the property or call for help, which is why she wanted me and Wade to put a stop to it.

Echo 3:

But the most bizarre experience would have to come from the Echo that accompanied me to Pearl’s room. I tried my best to cheer her up, but instead of smiling or crying, she snarled like a wild beast and tried to choke me with some inhuman strength! Thankfully, Wade was able to pry her off of me. We had no idea of what was going on, but we knew that it couldn’t have been anything good, so we decided to regroup with the others for the time being.

Soon after, me and Echo 3 met up with Echo 2 and Vera. We compared notes and figured out that the majority of the residents were actually Limax, like Vera. And to make matters worse, the crazy carnivorous shapeshifters left their rooms and started chasing us!

Echoes 4-6:

Upon locating K8-E, who was squirming around on top of a dining table, the Echoes accidentally uncover a sinister plot by a group of aristocratic aliens known as the Gourmet Guild. And apparently, they work for the High Omnivore, the things that eat Anodites!

Without delay, the Echoes bust into the room and destroy the large chandelier chained to the ceiling, plunging the dining room in darkness. As Echo 5 goes for K8-E, Echoes 4 & 6 duplicate themselves and trap the Gourmet Guild members in a wall of sound. However, the clones are quickly dispersed by a deadly spider-like alien, allowing the head honcho, a rather dapper Gourmand named Arthur, to chase after the remaining clones.

After a brief battle, Arthur manages to destroy most of the clones, but he loses K8-E in the process.

Echoes 2 & 3:

As the group flees from the horde of rampaging aliens wearing the skin of old people, Wade notices that the Omnitrix is about to time out. So before it does, Echoes 2 & 3 duplicate themselves and hit the Limax horde with everything they’ve got! The resulting blast knocks them out of the house and into the pouring rain, and lucky for us, their weakness happens to be water!

Afterwards, K8-E catches up with us, and my amazing joke makes everyone burst into uproarious laughter.

File: Omnivore.jpg (551 KB, 1767x2024)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
But before we even get a chance to do anything, we’re suddenly ganked by the entirety of the Gourmet Guild! So in order to thin out the herd, we make use of guerilla tactics, while Wade makes use of a new alien! We call him Knucklehead!

Eventually, we’re cornered in a rather spacious ballroom, where we have our final confrontation with the carnivorous alien aristocrats. Luckily, me and the others manage to take them out with good ol’ fashioned teamwork!

However, things get a little hairy when the High Omnivore herself shows up! But for some reason, she eats all of her allies, excluding Arthur the Gourmand. He must be her favorite. And when she threatens Wade, my cousin threatens her back by copying her DNA into the Omnitrix!

Fortunately, this threat is enough for her to back off and retreat, for now at least. Having K8-E read through her contract probably helped a bunch too!

Soon after, the Plumbers show up in order to clean up the mess, but the Omnivore left the place spotless! Koba informs Wade of the looming danger known as the Gourmet Ascendency, and how they’ll be forced to play nice for the time being.

And as if this night couldn’t get any worse, JT and Cash made off with our candy! All of it!

End of Thread #24.5
These threads are getting pretty big and I’m getting pretty tired. So here’s some trivia in the meantime!

Did you know?

>Whenever Trixy isn’t talking, she is either managing subroutines, conversing with Z’Skayr, or communing with a rather curious sentient DNA sample within the Omnitrix. Her link to the Codon Stream also allows her to communicate with the AI present at the facility.

>Wendy once tried to use the Amalgamatrix in order to combine Galvan and Cerebrocrustacean DNA. However, the resulting conflict in their brain chemistry nearly crippled her permanently before she timed out.

>Despite Wade and Julie going on a date a long time ago, neither of them ever really bring it up in conversation. However, this isn’t due to shame or regret, as both of them were just experimenting in their youth. Even now, they remain good friends, but they both secretly agreed to withhold this information from K8-E in order to avoid future complications.

>Wade brought the Amalgamtrix back from the alternate future of Season 2, leaving Azmuth with two Amalgamatrices and no idea what to do with them for the time being.

>The Coyote writes to Wade frequently, using his teleportation powers to send the letters to Earth. But due to the fact that the Coyote doesn’t know where Wade lives, he simply sends them anywhere, hoping that he’ll find them. The letters have recently become a hot topic on paranormal enthusiast sites and discussion boards.

>Whenever Trixy isn’t talking, she is either managing subroutines, conversing with Z’Skayr, or communing with a rather curious sentient DNA sample within the Omnitrix.

I wonder how much she learn from them

>Despite Wade and Julie going on a date a long time ago, neither of them ever really bring it up in conversation. both secretly agreed to withhold this information from K8-E in order to avoid future complications.

Yeah, it's probably for the best. While i believe K8-E is mature enough to deal with it, it would make things pretty awkward between her and Julie.
>Wade brought the Amalgamtrix back from the alternate future of Season 2, leaving Azmuth with two Amalgamatrices and no idea what to do with them for the time being.
"For the time being" ;)

>The Coyote writes to Wade frequently, But due to the fact that the Coyote doesn’t know where Wade lives, he simply sends them anywhere, hoping that he’ll find them. The letters have recently become a hot topic on paranormal enthusiast sites and discussion boards.

I hope Wade discover these letters through one those paranormal tv show. It would be hilarious.
File: The Red Pill.jpg (381 KB, 1280x837)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Thread #25:

Several weeks after Aku’s attack, Wade has really come into his own as a Superhero. His popularity only increased after the Trial of the Demon, and he’s practically worshipped for his services.

On this particular night, the city’s seemingly invaded by a large alien starfish resembling Starro. But being the comic geek that he is, Wade sees through this deception and discovers that this is in fact an illusion created by the mischievous villain known as The Red Pill! Or as we know him, Cooper Daniels, our childhood friend.

Cooper was always a gifted kid, but neither of us knew that he’d turn into a technopath. And a radical one at that!

Cooper threatened to reveal some incriminating info about a new military group called "Time-Out". They were initially deployed by the U.S. government in order to counteract the vast vigilante movement that has swept the nation. But all it’s done is cause friction between the cops, Plumbers, Providence and Superhero community.

And as much as Wade hated them, he couldn’t allow Cooper to leak highly sensitive information. However, Cooper was well aware of this fact, and had deployed an army of killer drones in order to eliminate Wade before he had a chance to thwart his plans.

Luckily, Wade had backup that night. This particular vigilante was called The Cowl, and he was sort of like a highly sophisticated Batman, with gadgets, Kung-Fu and all. Together, the two of them manage to disable the drones that had once plagued the city, and were soon on their way to crash Cooper’s party!

Later on, Wade and The Cowl traced the signal to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Downtown Bellwood. But before they could enter the building, they were quickly ambushed by three villains for hire. This trio consisted of Pyth0n(a coding genius, contortionist and master martial artist), La Mariposa(a sadistic freak that made use of poisonous gas to subdue her foes), and the Terrorantula(a beefy luchador with spider powers)!

While La Mariposa and the Terrorantula kept the Cowl busy, Pyth0n was busy squeezing the life out of my cousin with her powerful thighs. However, instead of fighting her, Wade offered Pyth0n a contract with the Plumbers for her services. Specifically her hacking skills. After mulling it over for a minute, Pyth0n released Wade and betrayed her comrades for the sake of an easy paycheck.

And once he’s free, Wade manages to dispatch the B-rate villains with one of his new aliens, Shinobloom!

Soon after, they locate a hidden passageway within the warehouse, leading down to a secret basement level filled with killer robots and alien tech. And of course, the killer robots attack Wade and his partner as soon as they arrive.

File: Shinobloom (2).png (618 KB, 1269x885)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
My cousin spends a few minutes flexing on these clankers, tearing them apart without taking so much as a scratch. And sometime during this, The Cowl located another hidden passageway. But due to the sudden appearance of reinforcements and the limited time on Wade’s Omnitrix, The Cowl decided to stay behind while Wade went after The Red Pill.

Eventually, he catches up to the creepy little mastermind behind all this and extends an offer of mercy to the delusional man. He refuses, of course, but not before revealing that he knows Wade’s secret identity.

This, of course, doesn’t come as a surprise to Wade, as this all went down a few months back when Cooper remotely manipulated my cousin’s armor and removed his mask. But for some reason, he’s never held it over his head or blackmailed him.

After exchanging pleasantries, the two of them get down to business! Well...it was more like Cooper ran away and let his identical robots fight for him, while Wade sliced them to pieces with his new sword. The final battle didn’t take place until Wade chased Cooper to the roof, where he had used his technopathic powers to assemble a mech suit.

And even though Copper had destroyed Wade’s suit, my cousin brought the symbiote as a backup costume!

After a brief battle, Wade brought Cooper down with Spin Cycle, one of the classics! It was so cool how he spun so fast that he barreled through the mech’s chest!

But just when things started to calm down a bit, those Time-Out jerks had the nerve to take a shot at Cooper when he was already in Wade’s custody! If it wasn’t for Spin Cycle having a billion eyes, then that situation would’ve been a lot uglier.

Fortunately, Wade and Cooper manage to bullshit their way out of the situation, despite being surrounded by Steel’s forces. And due to their rash behavior, Steel decides to retreat for the time being, allowing Wade to hand Cooper off to the authorities and race home in time for dinner.

Once he arrives, he’s met by K8-E and the kids, who greet him warmly despite his tardiness. Right about now, Wade’s living his best life.

Cute girlfriend, cute kids, Genie as a maid and a nanny, a magic rock dog and a house in the suburbs. For anyone else, leading a double life would have destroyed their relationships, but not with Wade. For those in the know, existing within his circle of trust, we never try to hold things against him when he gets busy. It’s like the number one rule, but we try not to mention it around Wade.

After a delicious dinner made by K8-E and the kids, Wade is woken up in the middle of the night by a security alert from the Omnitrix. According to Trixy’s readings, a rift in space-time was about to open up in his backyard!

Once he was suited up, Wade set up a lawn chair and waited until the portal had finished opening, but to his surprise, an 11 year old girl with an Omnitrix was the one that came out of it.

File: Albedo.jpg (118 KB, 1920x1080)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
The girl’s name was Gwen Tennyson, and she had come on behalf of a group of Multiversal Omnitrix users known as the Council of 10. Gwen revealed that they’d been watching Wade throughout his journey, and after much deliberation, he was being invited to join the team!

Wade accepted her offer, so long as he was able to return home shortly afterward. After being away from his loved ones for a month, Wade was in no mood to start another long journey.

So after my sleep deprived cousin entered the portal, he arrived at the secret base that Professor Paradox had built, The Nexus between all dimensions!

But shortly after arriving there, Wade quickly realized that he was one of the only non-Tennyson’s present. He quickly became insecure about this fact, and had fled to acquire some freshly brewed wake-up juice.

And during his coffee break, he ends up running into Ben 10K! He’s one of the big shots around there.

The veteran Omnitrix user puts Wade at ease, assuring him that he isn’t there to be made fun of. The whole point of the recruitment drive was to locate the Omnitrix users across the Multiverse and assign them a partner so that they’d be able to protect one another. Although, this is all because some new big bad has been taking out Omnitrix users left and right.

At the time, they didn’t know who was behind it, but Wade thought their intentions were sincere enough for him to stick around for a while longer.

Afterwards, everyone is gathered into the main hall, where Ben Prime gives a rousing speech! However, Wade told me that his entire speech was written on the side of a smoothie cup, so I’m beginning to question how legit this “Ben Prime” guy is.

Soon after, Wade is assigned to a team, alongside other Omnitrix users. They consist of young Gwen Tennyson, Charmy(a Ben that’d had his body swapped with Charmcaster), and a farmboy named Clyde. Wade was delighted to meet new people just like him, but he got the feeling that a lot of them weren’t too thrilled to meet him. In fact, there was a good chance that he was being avoided due to the fact that he was from a doomed timeline.

And he wasn’t alone in this ostracization. Later on Wade met with a man named Albedo, who expressed concerns on the Council’s lack of resources. Albedo proposed an alliance, but Wade countered his offer by supporting his earlier claims and encouraging him to bring them up with Ben 10K. Albedo, surprised by Wade’s initiative, took him up on his offer and parted on good terms with our hero.

Once he received a device to communicate with his comrades, Wade returned to his own dimension and passed out immediately.

File: Clyde_Fife.png (820 KB, 1280x720)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
After waking up late, Wade decides to have lunch with me, Kevin and his parents. Things got a bit awkward since his parents are a little bent out of shape about him moving in with K8-E, so we quickly moved onto another topic. Specifically, the topic of Wade joining a team of Multiversal Omnitrix users! I thought he’d be more hyped about it, but it seemed like he was bummed out by the fact that he was the only “Wade” in the room. The possibility of his existence dooming his timeline was eating away at him, but I didn’t know why he thought it was such a huge deal.

Unfortunately, Wade had to attend to a crime alert as soon as I had decided on what I’d be doing with my future, so we split the bill and tried to enjoy what was left of brunch.

Upon arriving at the alert’s designated location, Wade ran into Vivian Wagner, a.k.a. Miss Army Man! Her name sounds stupid, but she’s actually pretty dangerous.

Luckily, Wade manages to take her out with one of his new aliens. He calls him Splash Damage!

Miss Army Man goes down pretty quickly, but Wade has to spend a good chunk of the day waiting for the authorities and assisting in her arrest. And as soon as he gets some free time, the police station that Cooper’s being held at is attacked by a terrorist cell known as The Rogue Element!

And with The Cowl out of commission due to some coordinated assault, Wade is the only one available to save his friend.

During the rescue, Wade runs into the leader of the terrorist cell, a powerful mutant named Blast Shadow. However, Wade decides to grab Cooper and flee the scene without stirring up trouble.

Considering the fact that Cooper is being sought after by both the “good” guys and bad guys, my cousin resolved to call our Grandpa in order to look after him.

Seeing Phil again must’ve been really therapeutic for Wade. I would’ve loved to see him again, but if you stay tuned, you’ll see that I got my chance a few days later!

The two of them got a minute to catch up, but their touching reunion was cut short by Grandpa’s Plumber business. The former councilmen’s trial was dragging much longer than he would’ve liked, and that was really eating into his time. Grandpa promised to keep Cooper safe for the time being, allowing Wade to answer a distress call from Clyde.

After being shot through a wormhole, Wade arrives in an alternate dimension, where alien insects attack human settlements on pioneer planets. But the carnage and destruction that was caused wasn’t due to some bug attack. No...this was something else.

Eventually, Wade finds Clyde’s unconscious form, battered and beaten from a recent battle, and his Cincotrix shattered by some plasma weapon of some sort. And soon after, his assailant reveals herself and attacks Wade without warning!

The perpetrator was some masked lady, wearing black and purple armor, and wielding a fearsome plasma pole-arm. Her name was Galatea, I think.

File: Gwen_10.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Unsure of why she had such a grudge against him, Wade transformed into Snotrocket and went toe to toe with her. Initially, she was no match for my cousin, but then she started cheating by creating clones and overwhelming him with sheer numbers.

Sometime during their scuffle, another robed figure appears and uses some strange ability to freeze Wade in place, age his slime to dust and force him to time out! This creepy old dude was named Saveus.

Together, the two of them snatched Cylde’s Slingshot device and fled the scene right before backup arrived.

Upon getting Clyde back to HQ, Wade has a word with Ben 10K about their new enemy and Albedo’s plan to expand their operations. Wade suggests that they focus on Martial Arts training and Omnitrix operation, which the others seemed to agree with whole-heartedly. Wish I could’ve seen the looks on their faces when Trixy spoke in front of them. Apparently, befriending your Omnitrix isn’t “normal” either.

But before Wade leaves, Ben 10K informs him that he will have to recruit another member in order to fill Clyde’s role. And one of the candidates is the kid from China with an Omnitrix on his own. Wade begrudgingly agrees, but he’s sworn to save his city before he even begins to worry about that.

After arriving returning to his native dimension, Wade meets up with The Cowl, who’s decided to return to his base with the rest of his bird-themed allies. And while he recovers from his injuries, the avian archer known as Birdie is going to be taking his place!

>End of Thread #25
I’ll try to pop out another recap sometime today, if possible. But for now, have some more trivia.

Did you know?:

>The Cowl has ways of trying to find out Wade’s identity, but he refuses to do so out of respect for the man. It takes a good amount of his willpower in order for him to stave off his burning curiosity.

>The Helm of Desire was created by a coven of Succubi and Incubi with the use of ancient, forbidden magics. But once they had created it, they quickly realized that it was too dangerous to be controlled, so they sealed it away.

>Despite the constant threats to Earth’s safety, Kirby and Hope have been trying their best to enjoy their cross-country road trip, even if they have to cross a few realms in the process. And somewhere along the way, they've even run into Charmcaster(Young) on a few of her jobs. They treat her as if she were their own daughter, and have even offered for her to come with them on several occasions.

>Due to their infamous reputations, Iden and Myaxx remain in hiding for the time being. Secretly, Azmuth extended an opportunity for Myaxx to take her place by his side again, but she vehemently refused when approached by her old mentor.

>Olivia has become slightly more conscious of Kevin ever since you teased her about their relationship. Even she isn’t sure where they stand.
>The Cowl has ways of trying to find out Wade’s identity, but he refuses to do so out of respect for the man.
Wow. I thought he knew but didn't mention it. Didn't expect him to respect Wade this much. Does he do the same for other heroes?
File: Amalgamech.jpg (158 KB, 1080x1350)
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158 KB JPG
>Thread #26

With Birdie by his side, Wade goes on a spree of superheroics, while his new partner explains who they’re up against. The man that he’d met earlier, otherwise known as Blast Shadow, is something of an international terrorist. And the guy that took out the Cowl is one of his newer subordinates, Tiger Moth.

With this new information in hand, both of them rush over to the Time-Out facility, which seems to be the main focus of the Rogue Element. Along the way, Wilderbee and a few others manage to cover for Wade and Birdie’s absence, allowing the two to focus on the objective at hand.

Although the majority of the prisoners are running amok in Bellwood, a large chunk of them are still raising a fuss in the courtyard with their newly procured alien weaponry. And with Birdie’s help, Wade manages to cross the bridge with his bike and smash through their blockade!

Upon arriving at the facility, Diamondhead and Birdie are forced to engage the mutant mob in the courtyard. Wade started having a bit of trouble with some sort of Rhino alien, but he managed to take him out pretty quickly, along with the rest of the prisoners in the courtyard when he traps them inside of a massive crystal pillar!

However, things get a bit heated when Steel and Rojo crash the party. Like always, Wade and Steel butt heads due to their differing ideologies, but for once, Steel actually gives Wade a decent reason as to why he doesn’t trust him.

The two go back and forth for a while, before deciding to work together in order to prevent Blast Shadow from waking up a powerful mutant named Shiva! This Omega Level headache is kept under lock and key at all times due to her unusual ability. The more scared she is, the more powerful she gets.

Once they enter the prison, they’re immediately ambushed by Tiger Moth and an army of prisoners. The web-slinging menace snags Steel and tries to make off with him in order to obtain his clearance codes, but Wade quickly puts a stop to it by transforming into Amalgamech, splitting himself into five mechanical beasts and taking out any nearby villains.

Upon being rescued, the group delves deeper into the dungeon, before reaching the mess hall and falling into yet another ambush. This time, they’re attacked by some military freak with a puma mask named General Disorder, along with a Korean engineer that creates mechanical killing machines designed after animals.

At first, the two of them manage to overwhelm Wade’s group with sheer force and tenacity, but due to Pyth0n’s sudden interference, B3AST M0DE’s robots are thrown out of whack, taking out her allies and eventually causing their downfall.

However, sometime during the chaos, Blast Shadow got behind Steel and took him hostage! But before Wade could pry his filthy exploding hands off of the Commander, Blast Shadow sent Vilgax after them! That’s right! The big bad himself! Alive, breathing and in the flesh!

File: Rojo.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Although, the big squid spoiled what was supposed to be a battle of epic proportions by running away! Clearly baffled by the conqueror’s behavior, Rojo snapped him out of his trance and brought his attention back to the situation at hand.

Wade, Rojo, Birdie and the remainder of Steel’s squad chase after Blast Shadow, but they’re soon cut off by the last of the Rogue Element’s forces. Fortunately, Birdie and the rest of the soldiers volunteer to stay behind and buy time for Wade.

Soon after, Wade and Rojo confront Blast Shadow in Shiva’s cell, where he holds a pistol to the chest of the slumbering metahuman. And while Steel finds a way to break free from his grasp and shove a knife into the arm of his captor, Blast Shadow still manages to fire the gun at a nearby pipe. The ricochet of the bullet creates a loud noise, which was more than enough to awaken the terrified terror.

As Rojo and Steel try to keep Blast Shadow busy, Wade makes an effort to calm Shiva down with Thriller Whale. And even though her loud heartbeat prevents her from hearing Thriller Whale’s song, he manages to make her hear it by sending the vibrations through her body.

Luckily, Wade’s lullaby was enough to put her back to sleep, which ended up preventing a possible national crisis. Although, Blast Shadow wasn’t too thrilled about this development.

In one last desperate attempt, the mischievous villain tries to kill Steel, only to be stopped by Wilderbee at the last minute!

Later on, backup arrives in the form of additional Time-Out agents, and Wade promises to keep an eye out for Vilgax. With an APB out on the big lug, there’s no way that he’d be able to remain in hiding for too long.

Once their business is concluded, Wade and Birdie head back into the city in order to pacify the remaining prisoners. Everything was going well for a while, until Birdie passed out from exhaustion. But to Wade’s surprise, her heroic form fell apart and she reverted back to being a prepubescent child. Birdie was incredibly flustered upon learning that she allowed someone to learn her identity, and attempted to hide the truth by making a flimsy excuse. However, Wade was pretty cool about the whole thing. He lectured her about taking better care of herself and offered her a ride home, without prying into her personal business. He even lent her his helmet in order to hide her identity.

When they arrived at her house, Wade gave her one of his old cloth masks as a souvenir after he took his helmet back.

Upon returning home, Wade is met by Olumar, who seemed to be the only one left awake. The two of them argued back and forth as Wade carried his kids and girlfriend to their respective beds. Olumar gave Wade a cryptic warning about not letting his fame get to his head, and in hindsight, she was right to warn him. When you’re constantly in the public eye, they’re opinion of you can change in the blink of an eye.

File: Shakedown.png (364 KB, 1024x1078)
364 KB
364 KB PNG

As soon as he wakes up, Wade eats a hearty breakfast with his family, before flying off to China to meet the Asian Sensation known as Ben Seven!

Once there, Wade quickly tracks down the kid in question and finds him in the middle of a fight with a giant centipede. But instead of interfering, Wade decides to patch into his radio frequency and provide guidance from. And surprisingly, the kid proves his worth by taking out the centipede with minimal casualties. Wade lectures him on staying focused during his battles, as well as minimizing collateral damage to his surroundings, but he also compliments him on his quick thinking.

Wade refrains from revealing his identity, but admits to legally owning the planet. This catches Ben off guard, as well as reminding him of the horror of the Incursean Invasion.

Later on, the two agree to meet in a public location, where Wade and Ben get comfortable and begin exchanging information.

Annoyed by the sheer amount of “Ben’s” he has to deal with on a daily basis, Wade starts calling Ben “Red”. The kid then proceeds to spill the beans about his affiliation with the Chinese government and the people that he calls his teammates. He doesn’t care much for either, but he does it because his Mother works for the Ministry of Defense, and this is the only way for him to protect innocents.

After they grab some food, Red asks Wade about how he got his Omnitrix, and he gets strangely curious about Azmuth when he mentions him.

But before they can go any further with their conversation, a global broadcast addressed towards “X” is transmitted to every electronic device on the planet. The transmission comes from a Raskadarian princess named Coco, who asks the citizens of Earth to bring Wade to her.

Unfortunately, this event revealed Wade’s ownership of the planet to the entire galaxy, which created a ton of problems in the future.

Seeing this as an opportunity to evaluate Red even further, Wade invites him on a little trip to New York in order to see what Coco was up to.

Once there, he’s joined by Julie, Carol, Ship and malware, who greet him warmly after being reunited with their close friend. But their reunion is cut short when Tripp and Dribble notify them of Coco’s presence at the UN building.

Wade and the others arrive just in time to prevent a galactic incident, but before they can properly exchange pleasantries, the princess is attacked by three alien assassins. Wade transforms into Zipmunk in order to defend the princess, which ends up making her fall in love with his Raskadarian form.

Zipmunk makes quick work out of the cyborg monkey alien by using his energy discharge to send a powerful jolt of electricity into his neural and spinal implants.

Afterwards, Red helps Julie and Carol to take out their opponent, while Wade assists Alan in defeating his.

File: Coco.png (1.69 MB, 4000x4000)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Once the coast is clear and Coco is rejoined by her cowardly guards, she comes onto Wade pretty hard, only to be further motivated in her pursuit by their unusually high compatibility. Wade quickly changes the subject by asking her what the purpose of her mission is.

She reveals that she had never intended to contest Wade’s ownership of Earth, and had in-fact been planning on drawing his attention in order to ask for his help in destroying a powerful alien cult.

Coco then goes on to explain her relationship to a being known as The Great One, who was responsible for the consumption and destruction of several of the Raskadarian’s homeworlds. And it is only through offering up healthy planets that the Raskadarians will be spared from his wrath. The three assassins were residents of some of the planets that Coco allowed to be destroyed, but she was no longer capable of letting The Great One destroy innocent lives.

Wade agreed to help her, so he called in the remaining members of Team Wakeman, as well as his new teammate, Charmy!

At first, Kirby is thrown off by seeing a younger version of his wife, and Charmy isn’t too thrilled to see Malware. But once the drama had been settled, me, Wade and the rest of the magicians on the team had joined hands and used our combined power to track down the Great One!

>End of Thread #26
There are a few that he keeps tabs on, but he generally tries to avoid spying on those whom he doesn't deem to be a threat. It's more like a bad habit of his to be suspicious of almost everyone around him.
File: Gravattack_Pose (1).png (393 KB, 834x725)
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393 KB PNG
>Thread #27

>Out of genuine laziness, I will avoid recapping the holiday special. I apologize for any delays or cut corners, but recapping is surprisingly tough. If you want to figure out what happened, feel free to go back and give it a read! And if you were curious about Mad Max's ending, I wrote a large prompt about it in this thread.

After we located the overgrown tick, we all hopped onto Ship and sped off towards his location. In the meantime, while me and others were doing our own thing, Wade decided to drill some last minute training into Coco’s cowardly guards. And I have to say, the results were phenomenal! For the most part at least.

The leader of the troupe improved greatly, while the most laid back member proved to be a monster in combat.

But before we could make landfall, something knocked Ship out of the sky and nearly caused us to crash! The tough little guy managed to land safely, but we were soon surrounded by the acolytes of The Great One.

Immediately afterwards, we were approached by a trio of pretentious freaks that tried to get us to join their freaky cult, so we decided to say no in the most violent way possible!

Amidst the chaos, Wade transforms into Gravelanche and dispatches a large chunk of the acolytes by firing massive rocks at them. But as he rolls towards the tick, Wade is cut off by a guy that looks like a sinister version of himself! When questioned about his identity, the man gets violent, uses his Omnitrix to transform into a rock creature, and uses his gravity manipulation powers in order to force Wade’s massive, lumbering body to the ground!

End of Thread #27
File: Great_One.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Thread #28

Realizing that Gravelanche is no match for his new opponent, Wade creates a rock shield over his body, before timing out early and swapping to Ghostfreak.

Using his unique biology to his advantage, Wade phases through the barrier and brings The Heir to his knees by wrapping his tendrils around his arm and tossing him aside. And after uttering a curious remark, The Heir attempts to blindside my cousin by using his gravity manipulation to smack him with a boulder.

Wade easily phases through it, but out of the corner of his eye he spots a group of cultists surrounding them both.

Due to this new development, both Wade and The Heir ended up teaming up in order to defeat the acolytes. And since the Omnitrix was recharging, Wade had to learn a new sword stance in order to defeat them. He calls this one the Fire Stance, and it’s all about overclocking his suit in order to increase his speed and power.

Together, the two of them managed to defeat their opponents, but The Heir slipped away sometime during their encounter. Still wondering what to make of his peculiar adversary, Wade races towards The Great One.

At first, the giant tick barely pays any attention to him, but once he transforms into Storm Drain and uses his gargantuan strength to squeeze the life out of him, The Great One begins to panic.

Wade manages to crack his shell open by absorbing it’s moisture, thus making it fragile. However, a giant moth-like creature flies from its dried out husk and spreads its massive wings, revealing itself to be The Great One’s final form!

And in one last epic clash, both The Great One and Wade fire powerful beams of energy at the other. For a little while, their power seems to be equal. But eventually, Wade’s plasma beam overpowers the moth, enveloping its body and frying it to a smoldering crisp!

With this random world-ending threat dealt with, Wade returns to his friends. But before he can get there, a series of news choppers, armed forces and Plumber ships arrive at the same time!

Sensing that this might become an international incident, Wade tells his friends to flee, leaving him with Coco and her subordinates to explain the situation at hand. The honorable princess ran them through the events that led to the present,but in doing so, she ended up accidentally admitting to consorting with The Great One’s followers.

Wade attempts to defend her, which brings him back into the spotlight, with no support from the Plumbers, State Police or US Military. In fact, most of them are too busy bickering amongst themselves to think rationally.

Finally, Darcy Drew drops the big question on Wade, allowing him to shut everyone down with a rundown of the harsh reality that would have awaited them had he not claimed the planet as his own. And once everyone’s on the same page, they back off and decide to play nice for a change.

File: Splash Damage.jpg (140 KB, 736x981)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
After the paparazzi disperse, Coco confides in Wade about her lack of confidence. She had originally intended to give up her crown and suffer the consequences for her actions. However, Wade encouraged her to make things right by helping the Great One’s victims. It is then that she approaches the assassins from before, promising them that she will find a new home for their people. But instead of attacking her, the refugees actually end up taking her up on her offer!

As her subordinates and new partners board her ship, she runs back to give Wade a kiss on the forehead, promising him that they will meet again. And sometime during that, she left her number in Trixy’s archives!

Seeing as his job is done, Wade heads back to Bellwood in order to check on K8-E and the kids. Along the way, he makes an appointment to visit Dr. Animo and checks social media in order to gauge the public’s reaction to the news of him being the owner of Earth. And from the looks of it, he was really getting slammed back then. His haters, fans, peers and critics were tearing him apart. So much so that Trixy began to question the rationality of it all. Even I’m not sure why my cousin gets so much crap for trying to do the right thing.

In response, Wade reminds Trixy that his job isn’t dependent on fame or reputation, while reassuring her that they’ll see things from his perspective eventually.

Afterwards, Wade returns home to his family, only to be tackled by the Kineceleran kids at the front door. They express their genuine concern for him, clearly scared from the news broadcast and social media posts. Wade assures them that it will all blow over soon, and sits down to watch a family friendly movie with them.

And once the kids go to sleep, one thing leads to another and...y’know…

When they wake up, the five of them have a relatively peaceful breakfast together, before K8-E and ML-E go shopping, leaving the boys alone in the house.

Now that he’s got loads of free time due to him having to lay low, Wade decides to spend the day cleaning the house with his alien transformations. For the most part, it goes well, that is until he accidentally pops his neighbor’s tire with Splash Damage.

And things got a bit hairy when the neighbor showed up at his front door claiming that his cameras caught everything. Luckily, Wade managed to get some last minute help from Pyth0n in order to erase the footage.

After he spends a bit of time checking on me and the rest of his friends, Wad receives a peculiar distress call from his teammate, Gwen Tennyson. He asks Charmy about it in the group chat, to which she describes it as an SOS that’s sent back in time in order to prevent the untimely demise of the user. The SOS is known as a Hindsight Beacon, and is extremely experimental, which is why Gwen is one of the only ones that has it.

Charmy implores Wade to respond to it while she deals with a full-scale alien invasion. And he does, but in the process, the Slingshot device tosses him right in the middle of Gwen’s classroom. Wade shoots her an obvious glance and hauls it out of there before he can be caught, but not before receiving an earful from his comrade in the group chat.

After he makes a hasty retreat, Wade recalls his armor and is told to wait until Gwen is done with her test. So in order to pass the time, Wade decides to explore this alternate version of Bellwood.

In this dimension, it would seem that magical creatures, humans and aliens coexist in an unstable society. They’ve got these weird rifts that lead to pocket dimensions, which is why there are tons of explorers and adventurers roaming the city. But instead of exploring the rifts, Wade heads to a nearby arcade and throws down with a tubby ogre in Sumo Slammers 3!

Really wish I could have been there to see what a video game looks like in an alternate dimension!

The match got a little heated at some point, but since Wade hadn’t intended on trying very hard, he abandoned the match as soon as Gwen let him know that she was ready.

When her family picks him up in their version of the Rust Bucket, Wade is introduced to Gwen’s Grandpa Max and her cousin, Ben. And since Gwen has the Omnitrix in this dimension, Ben is left with a bare wrist and a heart full of resentment.

Wade informs Gwen of the Hindsight Beacon, which seems to confuse everyone present. But this is mostly due to the fact that Gwen has never lost a fight ever since she had obtained the Omnitrix. Not even against Vilgax or Z’Skayr!

With her above average intelligence, magical prowess, and martial training, Gwen was growing up to be a little prodigy! However, she didn’t seem to like winning all the time. Her exceptional talent had caused her to grow bored and crave an opponent worthy of her skills. And like most exceptionally strong individuals, Gwen was beginning to feel extremely lonely.

But since this is all stuff that Wade would find out later on, he and Max went on to cook up the most disgusting dish known to man! And at the very same campsite that Wade got his Omnitrix! How nostalgic!

But sometime after Ben goes to brood alone in the woods, a trio of alien bounty hunters arrive at the camp, bearing a striking resemblance to the Great One’s acolyte’s.

Wade and Gwen make quick work of these bozos, but as soon as they’re defeated, a holographic message of their boss is sent through their ship. Apparently, he’s a great warrior known as The Challenger, and just like Gwen, he’s been looking for someone to challenge his immense strength.

While Wade expects Gwen to be afraid or angry, Gwen is nothing short of excited for her upcoming life-threatening battle.

File: tenor (1).gif (2.84 MB, 360x206)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB GIF
Once the smoke clears, Ben returns from his brief respite, only to be chewed out by Gwen for going off on his own. Ben responds with an equal amount of anger, causing the two of them to butt heads once more. And while Max separates the two of them, the tension still hangs heavy in the air.

A few minutes later, Wade helped Max to fix up the Rust Bucket, while providing a bit of advice regarding sibling rivalries. And due to their unusual kinship, my cousin manages to convince Max to go talk to Gwen about her attitude, while Wade offers to confront Ben about his.

Wade later finds Ben by himself, tweaking an usual piece of alien weaponry, where the young boy admits to being jealous of both Gwen and his Grandpa. Understanding his feeling of helplessness without an Omnitrix, Wade encourages Ben to continue training until he finds something that he excels at.

However, after his little pep talk, The Challenger arrives in an exact replica of the Chimerian Hammer and begins his assault on Gwen’s planet. And since the RV is still undergoing repairs, Wade and the kids decide to go ahead of Max and confront The Challenger by themselves.

Seeing as he and his minions are causing untold destruction in the state park, the newly formed team divide their efforts in order to assist the civilians while Wade challenges The Challenger with Hotspot!

At first, he was doing really well. But once the brutish gladiator kicked it into high gear, Wade was at the complete mercy of his powerful opponent. That is until Red arrived in response to the SOS! And with a new alien, no less!

>End of Thread #28
While I write up this next recap, have some trivia. I should also get to work on these pastebins later.

>All of Red's alien forms are artificially created in a lab, taking samples from existing aliens and splicing them in order to form new ones.

>Gwen 10 doesn't name her alien forms, but instead relies on Ben to come up with names for them. At first, she refused to refer to them by their nicknames, as she thought it was childish. However, she slowly began to recognize the convenience of it later on in her career. But to this day, she will never admit any of this to Ben.

>Azmuth visits Zennith in prison whenever he has free time. The conversations have been very slow paced and hostile, but Azmuth is just satisfied with the fact that they're talking again.

>During a brief celebration party that Azmuth and Eunice held for themselves after the creation of the Spectraphage cure, Azmuth got slightly inebriated and went on to reveal his true feelings on the matter of Wade wearing the Omnitrix(and why Azmuth doesn't wear it instead). The contents of which were so shockingly genuine and mushy, that Eunice was moved to tears by his heartfelt confession. Ever since then, that conversation has never left the lab.
File: Bungee Sponge.jpg (37 KB, 360x450)
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>Thread #29

Right before Wade takes the hit, Red charges in and tanks it for him. The spongy form of his alien body allowed him to absorb the shock without any repercussions. And for the next few minutes, The Challenger proceeds to pummel the crap out of Red, but none of it has any effect on him. So in a fit of anger, the macho reptile kicks Red out of orbit for a little bit, leaving Wade, Ben, Max and Gwen to deal with their opponent.

As the Tennysons and Wakemans pour on the firepower, Red comes crashing down from above, redistributing all of the damage that was done to him in a single blow.

And with that, the Challenger takes advantage of Wade’s mercy and flees with his tail between his legs. But out of nowhere, Eon’s cronies show up to crash the party! All three of his elite guards: Galatea, Saveus, and Prodromos.

At first, Red runs up to them thinking that they’re just average chumps. But somehow, Prodromos extends one of his tendrils and uses Big Chill’s power to freeze him solid and break him apart!

Clearly shocked by this act of cartoon violence, Wade whips out his most powerful alien in order to combat these creeps. That’s right, here comes Septic Shock!

For those of you who are unaware, Septic Shock is a bundle of boiling radioactive waste. He’s incredibly deadly to organic beings, and is only meant to be used in case of emergencies.

Galatea charges directly at Wade, only to be slapped aside by Wade’s radioactive burp. This, in turn, causes Prodromos to freak out and attack my cousin. However, Wade manages to trick him into engaging in a grappling match, allowing him to fuse the giant’s armor together through the process of nuclear fusion.

He lets Prodromos drop to the floor, immobile and embarrassed from his blunder, before slowly advancing towards the remaining two.

In a panic, Galatea sends an overwhelming army of clones at Wade with their weapons drawn. Some of them even resort to dogpiling. However, due to his unique biology, the clones are dissolved without impeding Wade's advance.

At this point, Saveus steps in and starts tossing massive objects at Wade, all of which he had conjured up from other dimensions.

They manage to slow him down a bit, giving their big dumb friend enough time to get back up. And seeing as how Gwen, Ben and Max fled into the forest with Red’s sponge chunks, Saveus decides to chase after them.

Fueled by his desire to end this fight and aid his friends, Wade charges up for a nuclear fission punch and clashes with the big ‘ol sore loser known as Prodromos.

>Red’s perspective

Embarrassed by his crushing defeat at the hands of Prodromos, Red tries to gather his strength after timing out.

Unfortunately, Saveus catches up with them rather quickly, injuring Max Tennyson in the process. So in order to defend his new allies, Red transforms into his most powerful alien: Disk Jockey!

File: Septic Shock.jpg (141 KB, 1704x1060)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
At first, Red attempts to overload Saveus’ suit by vibrating the air around him at an extremely high frequency. However, Saveus evades his attack by blinking out of Gwen’s dimension and reappearing behind Red.

Thinking himself clever, Red allows himself to be hit, knowing full well that his alien could not be destroyed completely. Then, he reformed his body behind Saveus and hit with a powerful “vibro blast” when he least expected it. And once Gwen’s plant alien covered him in tree roots, he was trapped and totally at their mercy!

Soon after, a large portal opens up, allowing the team’s reinforcements to cross over into Gwen’s dimension! Out of the reinforcements, Red recognizes Ben 10k from the hologram of his slingshot device. And alongside him is a teenage Ben with pink hair, who Ben 10k nicknames “Peacock”. The man known as Peacock offers to provide aid to Max, while Ben 10k and the others agree to help Wade in his battle.

> Wade’s Perspective

After landing his powerful punch, Prodromos is blown away and knocked unconscious, leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

At this point, Wade questions Galatea about the motives of her master, to which she responds with a statement that confuses Wade even further. But the one thing she clearly mentions is that Wade might be The Heir’s competition when it comes to inheriting Eon’s empire.

Before they can get any further in the conversation, Galatea calls in a seemingly infinite amount of warships and threatens to bomb Gwen’s dimension into oblivion if Wade doesn’t agree to come with Galatea in order to meet her master.

However, Ben 10k arrives just in time to convince Wade to fight. And even though Wade’s watch times out, Ben 10k uses his dual Omnitrix, the Biomnitrix, to transform him into a cross between two of the most powerful aliens in the galaxy. He calls it Atomic X!

Using his reality bending powers, 10k mops up the fleet without any problems, leaving Wade to face Galatea alone.

At first, Wade is overwhelmed by her sheer ferocity and is stuck on the defensive for a while, And since the other Omnitrix users, including Red, are occupied with her clones, Wade had to save himself this time.

But to Galatea’s surprise, Wade’s mastery of the Water Stance far outpaces her training with the plasma glaive, allowing him to disperse her clones and incapacitate her in a series of quick, fluid movements. And as soon as Galatea goes down, Prodromos freaks out and charges at him again, only to be interrupted by Red’s alien, Buzzkill!

With Eon’s cronies restrained and the Infinite Army on a full retreat, it’s safe to say that Wade and the Council of 10 won this one! It was a huge victory for them!

While Prodromos was incapacitated, Peacock crept over to disable all of the Omnitrices installed within his body. Impressed by his mastery of the Omnitrix, Wade asks to be taught by the gleeful young man. Peacock then invites Wade to attend a course that he’s teaching after they return to the base.
File: Animo.png (397 KB, 1280x720)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Once they round up the bad guys, Wade thanks the others for having his back during his time of need. And for once, Wade feels like he’s growing closer to his teammates.

Upon returning to the Nexus, Ben 10k tosses Eon’s cronies into containment chambers, gets Max to the medbay, and allows young Ben Tennyson to practice his marksmanship at the firing range. And right before Gwen leaves with Ben 10k, she gives Wade a huge hug for saving her, which makes Red super jelly!

Afterwards, Wade decides to sit in on Peacock’s session, where he easily learns a valuable skill! Wade isn’t sure of what to call it yet, but it allows him to cancel out the transformation of another Omnitrix user!

After class is over, Peacock makes note of Wade’s remarkable progress and invites him to an advanced crash course, in which he’ll go over several fields of study in one class. My cousin decides to think it over for a bit, while thanking the young professor for his assistance.

Subsequently, Wade returns home once his duties as an interdimensional warrior are fulfilled, allowing him just enough time to avoid being caught by K8-E and the kids.

K8-E is pleasantly surprised by Wade’s cleaning session, seemingly unaware of Wade’s mid-day shenanigans. After a while, the two of them retire for the night, earning Wade a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Wade arranges for Kilik to pick him up in order for them to meet with Dr. Animo. However, he did not expect his old smuggler friend, Vaylin, to tag along. And because of her involvement, yet another person is informed of Wade’s identity. Although, she still calls him “human kid” since she’s bad with names.

Despite being lied to, Vaylin doesn’t seem to mind Wade’s human form. In fact, she delighted that she got to meet her savior once again.

Vaylin agrees to keep Wade’s secret, and informs him that her debt’s been cleared. Meanwhile, she and Kilik proceed to argue for the remainder of the ride.

As you arrive at the facility, Wade and his partner convince their pilot to park the car and wait for them to come back.

Upon greeting Animo, Wade sees that his new friend is doing well at this facility and has been making great progress towards changing his attitude. However, their conversation is quickly interrupted by a loud explosion in a separate wing of the station.

Wade and Kilik go to investigate the cause of the explosion, only to find Kilik’s people invading the station. And standing among them is Kilik’s very own father! Awkward…

While Wade chastises Kilik’s father, Kilago, for his outrageous entrance, the elderly Acrid Gregaria confesses to needing Animo’s help in order to save his people. Apparently, a swarm of Sanguinites(Bloodrush’s species) is drawing near to his native planet, Ghirgost.

But since this involves Animo, Wade leaves the decision up to him. He takes a bit of convincing, but ultimately, he agrees to help the Gregaria in an attempt to turn his life around.

File: gypsy_pfinished.png (1.36 MB, 2117x3802)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Upon boarding Vaylin’s ship and heading for Ghirgost, Wade transforms into Grey Matter and helps to build a device that will amplify Animo’s powers. But the entire time, Kilik seems bothered by something, and he won’t admit to what it is. Instead, he remains silent as he and the others land on Ghirgost and are led to Kilago’s village. You’d think Kilik would be a bit happier about returning home.

Before they begin their strategy meeting, Kilago offers to provide a feast for their new saviors. Animo and Vaylin happily agree to this feast, but Kilik pulls Wade aside and admits that something is very wrong with his native planet.

Sometime later, Wade and his allies are seated in the dining hall, where an assortment of servants bring out a rather odd looking alien buffet. And while Kilago implores them to dig in, Kilik interrupts them and asks one of the servants to give his compliments to the chef. But as soon as he gets close to Wade’s partner, Kilik blows his head clean off!

Amidst the chaos, Wade transforms into XLR8 and runs over to inspect the Gregaria’s brain. After a quick scan, Trixy confirms that he was infected by a parasite that had taken control of his motor functions, leaving him conscious, but barely alive due to lack of nourishment.

As Kilago orders his servants to capture Animo, Wade tries to kick up a powerful cyclone within the room, but is quickly interrupted by running through a large swarm of Gregarian mind bees. Kilik helps to wipe the viscera from his mask, whie coating him in a chemical that will protect him from them.

However, sometime during their struggle, Kilago and Animo have disappeared! Wade grabs his friends and races through the city in order to track them down. And due to his superior speed, he just barely manages to catch a glimpse of where they’re escaping to.

But they don’t have time to celebrate yet! The swarm of zombie bugs is drawing ever close to them! So in order to avoid being eaten alive, Wade and Vaylin grab onto Kilik and glide down into the jungle below.

After having narrowly avoided the swarm, Wade addresses Kilik for their next course of action. But Kilik seems to be distracted by the shocking sight of witnessing his brother amidst the possessed swarm that was carrying Animo.

With his newfound resolve, Wade’s group begins their trek through Ghirgost’s treacherous jungle in order to rescue Animo.

>End of Thread #29
>Thread #30

Due to this being a spin-off, it has no bearing on the main story. But if you want to read it for fun, feel free to dig through the archives!

>End of Thread #30

So now that we're one thread away from completing this recap, I have no actual idea as to whether I'll be able to finish it. But, as always, I will try my best to get this last recap before the thread auto-archives.

Either way, I'm satisfied with the progress that we've made here. Hope this manages to attract some new readers in the future. As always, you guys have been the best. Couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Hope this quest continues to live up to your expectations!

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