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In this thread we will be building up a world shaped around the theme of the Mario universe. Essentially each post will add or take from the world to craft crazy plots, gods, kingdoms, cities, artifacts, heroes, and wars- the works.

>As GM I'll mostly observe but I'll add a few things myself that could bring sweeping to the entire world at once

>Only post once in a row- don't hog actions. Free turns such as diplomacy, simple talking, general planning or OCC discussion don't count as turns

>Don't get too attached to certain things

>Combat/Conflict will be solved by rolls done by the GM

>GM can overrule really hamfisted stuff that can botch the game

Every action posted most correspond with the year (or optionally at the end of every year a decimal AND number to represent a particular month along with it. Standard 12 months)


>Year 482: A meteorite strikes near Happville bearing rare material .

>Year 482.1: Word about this meteorite sparks like wildfire throughout the region

>Year 483: A banditlord begins assembling a Host to acquire the meteorite material

and so on
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Currently the world is lush.
At the near centre is a mountain range.
To the far west holds the jungles.
To the near-perfect certain is where the light plains are.
East is where the hilly forest region is.
To the North holds the evergreen Taiga, and ice-capped tundra further north beyond that.
South-East holds the deserts.

The current tech epoch is the Iron Age (TL 1.3)
(The world has no name)

Year 1
>Year 2: Seismic/Volcanic activity in the unnamed eastern ocean has caused tsunamis around the east coast.

Okay first off:
- Is there anyone living here since it's the iron age already?
- Can you please do a drawing, even a shitty one, instead of ASCII Dwarf Fortress?
bump. still pretty interested in this idea.
File: Turn2.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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I'm bad at drawing, but your more than welcome making a normal map for the game if ASCII jars you. I only use the ASCII paint because its more easier for me. Also my mistake- no sophant entities exist in the world yet, only a few animals. The world Tech level is actually TL-0 (Stone Age)

A large Tsunami hits the the forested hill zone of the land. This causes many of the once lush area to be flattened and gradually change to a huge soggy breach front as the months pass. More smaller Tsunamis happen as well throughout various places on the east coast, but not as strong as the initial waves.
NP. What's that island on the bottom?

Its desert island with an active volcano.
Damn! The only reason I made that Tsunami was to make a volcanic island. Oh well.
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In a time where dinosaurs rule the earth, a single caveman leads his tribe to greatness with the invention of tools. He is forever known as the GRANDDAD of humanity.
File: Turn3.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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Year 67

(Timeskips are allowed, but don't go way too far when you want to add a new post)

His name is lost to the ages, but he is known as the first "man" to cusp the spark of sophance. Using his knowledge the man only known as "Granddad" uplifts his fellow man into intelligence. This dawns the era of the first Great Tribe from which all men stem from. It was a prosperous era where Dinosaurs were no long feared and great tools to make life palpable were devised.

Also though after his death of old age, his sons fought amongst themselves over who would claim ownership of the great tribe. The war spanned years at a time- camps were burnt down, food stores stolen or sabotaged, former friends against one another as they swore oath to one of the sons of the Granddad- now brought to club again club.

Eventually the conflict petered out to five different clans as the years and various battles took place.

The Eraio clan is the near strongest as they descend from the oldest of the Granddad's brood and inherited most of his spears and clubs.

The Uakigi tribe is the most spiritual being able to commune with spirits called "Boos". This allows them to spy on their adversaries with prime success as most tribes are deliberately ignorant of the spirit world or superstitious of communion with such entities.

The third is the Vario clan- the clan most attuned to getting wealth as much as possible. Greed is the unspoken ideal with the constant audit for land, precious gems, or high value animal bones. This clan more than any else has a specific rivalry with Eraio due to the battle of Skies when both Chieftains of their clans fought ontop of the clouds over a mysterious gem that was then later lost. To this day the Vario blame the rivaled clan for this loss.

Zaluigi are the clan particularly adept at stealth and advanced intrigue. They are the less warlike than the other clans, but when they strike it is with the utmost precision. They act usually act as intermediaries between the other 3 larger clans as they cannot risk more of their Clan perishing due the recent upticks of disease in their Clan capital.

...Beside these four pinnacle clans being the most influential due to directly descending from the first man to utilize tools and spread knowledge, a plethora of other human tribes also exist. While the Clans do periodically war and intrigue among themselves, when threatened with an outside force they band together with all their specialties to fight off these interlopers. This fact makes them feared throughout the unnamed world.
The first star spirit flies down to the planet, to oversee the development in secrecy
please don't be dead OP i just saw this this is really cool
wait Year 69: The first star spirit flies down to the planet, to oversee the development in secrecy
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(Hahah, I honestly thought this was going to die)

An entity beyond comprehension to the nascent mortals that have begun their first chronicles on this see a magnificent spark in the sky- the vanishes as soon as it is soon. Most tribes brush it off, some see it as an auspicious era. To the first Star Sprite to grace this planet, it is a new opportunity to watch how the planet develops. The Star Sprite makes its secret dwelling deep in the northern part of the world in a floating island made of cloud stone.

[The current year is 69. TL is 0 (stone age). The world does not have a common name, but different ones amongst the various human tribes]
Somewhere in the forest, a great mushroom springs up and blesses a certain human tribe with mushroom heads!
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Time goes on in the world. New wars start, small headways into new technology, new beasts are discovered everyday.

On one particular time a certain paleo-nomadic tribe of people take rest in a slightly shaded clearing deep in the forest- just hours ago staving off an ambush by a few another hostile tribe.

In the middle of the night an ginormous mushroom spontaneously bursts up from the ground in the center of their camp. Before some could even wake up, a mysterious gas spurts out from underneath the cap of the enormous mushroom- putting back the alerted tribesmen back to sleep from pure knockout alone.

The next morning when they awake- they find a discovery. Startling for some. Horrifying for others. Curious for the most open minded. The tribesmen are no longer human anymore... Something else entirely. On top of their very heads are Mushroooms biologically welded around their forehead, to the sides, and to the very back of their head. Their mushrooms would have various different colors, but the general scheme was a white main part and the polka-dot pattern intrinsic to mushroom would be main scheme of color- usually red, green, or yellow.

They also find their stature shortened and capped at 5'5 to the lowest of 4'8 in some cases for some people who were already short before the transformation.

From this a brief chaos consumes the band of "Mushroom" people. Before there was no real leader- the group mostly did things in consensus being a paleo-nomadic tribe. With this change situation arises a unique Mushroom person, a man with a purple polka-dot pattern. His name is Toad, paying homage to how he could easily catch toads to bring back to eat for the tribe.

He organizes the tribe into a full fledged village town under the giant mushroom- in which it is now the certain of worship among these Mushroom people.

[The current year is 73. TL is 0 (stone age). The world does not have a common name, but different ones amongst the various human tribes. A new race has been added to the world. Mushroom people.]
Large turtles watch the humans, slowly learning their trades.
File: Turn6.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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It is wholly naive to think that only man should be able to walk this world. Fate as it seems shares this sentiment as JUST the right things at the right time allow an evolutionary chain reaction at sea. By this point 30 years have passed, the various human tribes gradually uncover new smallscale scientific ways of thought, allowing the world to enter the Bronze Age. The four Clans that descended from the Granddad continue their influence- their once medium camps turning into bustling city-states. Meanwhile humanity as a whole also begins settling into neolithic pattern of adaption, staking territory for fertile land as new farming techniques are uncovered.

During all this time the curious evolutionary shift that took place at sea finally shows itself. Waves upon waves of bipedal turtle people amble on to the various shores of the world. At first they are welcomed by a few weak villages of humans. The Turtles being reptilians take this overt kindness as a weakness. A few tribes of Turtles, the species as a whole being dubbed "Koopa" later on for the unique barnacle warhammers they use for battle, wage a short but brutal war against a few humans.

This begins the centuries long animosity the Koopas and the Humans will have in the future.

Meanwhile the Mushroom people mourn the death of their first king. In his honor the high Shaman of the Mushroom people does a huge ceremony that lasts for days. At the end of the ceremony he reveals that from now on the Mushroom people will be known as "Toads" in honor of their King who led them out of chaos.

As the sorrow eventually clears through the months after his death, deadly intrigue takes place in the Toad capital between his oldest inheriting son and his brothers who inherited small, but significant parcels of land after the death of their father.

[The current year is 103. TL is 1 (Bronze Age). The world does not have a common name, but different ones amongst the various species. A new race has been added to the world, the Koopa]
year 105: Conditions get harsher in one region of the locale. Some unable to withstand it leave to find greener pastures or remain on green land. Others stay to tough it out (the beginnings of sarassaland)
File: Turn7.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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One of these tribes of humans that stick to the desert become the most proficient at survival in the region. They outcompete the other tribes, making the ones who failed to secure the various oasis springs become nomadic bedouins of the desert. The more stable tribe that came out top from the various conflicts form a Kingdom after their tent-city begins incorporated clay and rock-slate from the nearby mountain into the settlement.

The one who helms this new Kingdom in the desert is Hilgoc Lomb, a veteran of the desert wars. He is a fair, just, and reasonable- traits that are highly valued in the chaotic dunes of the desert. The Lomb dynasty emblazons a white Daisy as their Kingdom insignia, representing the flower petal Hilgoc once noticed while drinking from an oasis. That one petal made a one rhythmic jerk that alerted him of a sudden ambush. That one daisy petal saved his life and he always carried it with him thereafter.

After his impromptu coronation he dubs his Kingdom as Sarassaland.

[The current year is 104. TL is 1 (Bronze Age). The world does not have a common name.]
one more for ya OP I gotta go to bed

year 108 (if this is too big a jump you can reduce it): A group of humans find themselves in a green land with heavy elevation, to adapt they began to practice their jumping as a method of traversal.
File: Kario Bros.png (1 KB, 220x220)
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At first people find this group of people jumping with abandon in the middle of a hills as complete fools. They become a laughing stock throughout Human society, a fond curiousity to the Toads, and found a nuisance to the Koopas who patrol the hilly regions to hunt for food.

Greatest among the slowly cultivating order is a man named Kario, the most skilled Jumper among them. One fateful day Kario and his men get embroiled in the politics of the Toad Kingdom as the tensions flared between the deceased Toad King's oldest son and his near to warring brothers. During this exploit in the Toad Kingdom, Kario along with his men would use their trained Jumping abilities to get into high castle towers, walk on walls for moments at a time, back-flip away from arrow barrages, and even literally jump on top of enemy agent heads to near flatten them.

In the head of this adventure, with the aid of Kario with his band of men, the middle child of the Toad King- Barthelomeo Toadstool- becomes the new King without having to draw up a single levy.

The sheer prestige Kario gains from small adventure enables him to officialize his order. He names it the Kario Bros, as he considers each underling under him part of his new family due to his real one being long dead to him. The Kario Bros continue on doing mercenary work around the world ranging from mere escort missions, assassinations, serving as backup garrison, or doing bounty hunts- the Kario Bros gain enough funding to establish a hidden fortress deep in the untamed wilderness.

From this fortress Kario deems himself as grand master of the order, ready to have the Kario Bros name stitched to history forever. From his fort Kario also receives a steady stream of prospects from various human tribes or neolithic villages as their more cheaper than recruiting from the established urban city-states. The training to join the Kario Bros is extremely taxing and only the recruits with the most endurance proceed in rank to become official. Failures are executed to ensure the location of the fortress is kept hidden.

[The current year is 108. TL is 1 (Bronze Age). The world does not have a common name]
Honestly, I really don't think we should be focusing on Mario's origin story so early on. We should really just focus on building up the Kingdoms.
>A Cataclysmic war between the Humans and the Koopas, nearly wiping one of the races out!
File: Morrow War.png (5 KB, 720x720)
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It was horrific. Horrific one of the only, but palpably simple words to describe the Morrow War. From their initial contact with one another, the Koopas and Humans have been an ever in near boiling levels of hostility between themselves. The Marrow War was the culmination of the brewing contention.

It began when King Zowzer a regional Chieftain of great power was doing a routine hunt with his closest warriors north of the desert lands. Their were close to the query of animal they were hunting, just so close King Zowzer could practically taste it.

It was then he saw her, the foreshadowed cause of the entire Morrow War. As such from were the war gained its namesake, the person King Zowzer had a gaze upon was none other than Princess Morrow Lomb- daughter of Vicroy Lomb, the current King of Sarassaland as decades had already passed since the time of Hilgoc 'the Observant', the founder of the dynasty.

Princess Morrow was in a strider dune caravan carried by moderate force of retainers, with assorted servants following the caravan on smaller wheeled carts. Their destination was to head to the Eraio clan capital as Prince Morrow's father was there currently waiting for her arrival. The King organized a betrothal between his daughter and son of the current clan head of Eraio. The marriage if the negotiations go swimmingly would subsequently result in a alliance and trade pact. On its own it is very rare for the four Granddad clans to have relations with other human realms as their prestige allow rarely warrants them to acknowledge for what they see as upstarts.

All of that could've been realized for the Sarassaland Kingdom until the fateful decision wrought by Zowzer. Wanting the beauty of Princess Morrow himself, the Koopa King orders his warriors in attendance to immediately capture the Princess. Without any hesitance at all despite being outnumbered, the Koopa warriors charged through the silty desert straight for the royal transport caravan. The retainers notice the near berserked Koopas and immediately responded with a counter charge. A hubris they paid for dearly as these Koopa warriors were one of King Zowzer's most highly trained from among his own realm. The smaller, but more elite Koopa warriors made short work of the Princess Morrow's retainers. The Captain of the retainer force tried to rebulk the remaining men from the counter charge into a shield wall, but it was too late. The entirety of the retainer force would be decimated, their mushified, pulped corpses littering the dunes of the desert.

After that King Zowzer has the caravan along with Princess Morrow's servant cart train redirected back to his castle. He didn't find what he was initially hunting for.. but THIS query was definitely something more worth wild than anything else he and his men usually hunted down in the desert.


Weeks since this ambush had passed, throwing up an entire confused uproar in the Sarassaland Kingdom. It was an unmitigated disaster for King Vicroy! Not only that- an embarrassment even! His only chance to ally with the Eraio squandered away in a fell swoop! Among the landed nobility across human speciation, he could only believe he was rumored upon for botching a once in a life time chance to allow with on the Granddad four clans!

King Vicroy in almost every waking hour imaginable sent out a plethora of scouts, in-house investigators, adventurers, and his own spymaster to found out the cause of his dear daughters disappearance. Months pass with no credible lead at all, until an escaped servant from the starting ambush of King Zowzer makes it back to the Sarassaland capital-city, only escaping due to the leaky weak foundational wall of the cell he was housed at.

When learning of the full knowledge of how his daughter disappeared, King Vicroy was outraged beyond peerless belief. Without assembling any plan or course of campaign, Sarassaland sent a full mixed regiment of heavy saber-wielders and light cavalry. In his rage King Vicroy didn't bother to mobilize his army in adequate patience, which tipped off King Zowzer's advance scouts that the human desert King was preparing for somesort of campaign.

When King Vicroy had finally reached King Zowzer's fortress-castle after a march of 2 days, he'd find a waiting counter army already critically flanking his - the Koopas hid inside their shells while buried under the sand. The sudden spring-ups from the ground and subsequent melees threw the Sarassaland force completely offguard.

The Zowzer army wielded an assortment of mega-hammers along with bladed polearms. The polearm wielding Koopas formed up up in ranked lines, fully decimating any possible recovery counter charges King Vicroy's light cavalry attempted to make.

In another part of the battle the mega-hammer Koopas with their initial blind siding had an advantage for a time, but quickly as the heavy sabered footsoldiers of King Vicroy stabilized themselves proved an adequate match for the mega-hammer Koopas. The bloody fighting for that matter carried on with full force. In the end very end though once the polearm squadrons of King Zowzer were finished managing the dead or routed light cavalry, they reinforced the standstilled mega-hammaer Koopas. Eventually the battle ended in defeat, making King Vicroy retreating with an inch of luck allowing him to retreat safely.


The Sarassaland was mortified by the defeat! His legitimacy, prestige, and almost everything else were going the of the dodo after his failures on top of failures.

Hearing news of King Vicroy's shattering defeat, the Vario clan sends a delegation to the Sarassaland capital. The current head of the Vario clan wanted to use Sarassaland's newly weakened state to his advantage, with the added bonus of founding out what got the Eraio clan even wanting to make relations with this second-rate Kingdom. Who knows, maybe the Vario clan could even get wealth out of this- the clan master of the Vario knew as much that as a trade hub in the desert- Sarassaland is the main market of where an enormous amount of exotic products and rare commodities are traded hands often.

Hearing news that the Vario clan sent a delegation to Sarassaland, the Eraio as well prepare and send off their own team to the desert realm. The Eraio clan master in all honestly cared little for the Sarassaland nation after their uncovered incompetencies. Though he knew that Vario gaining a foothood would be bads entirely for them and their interests.

The other tribes don't send an official delegation, but a couple of half-disguised spies are sent to Sarassaland respective to pay heed of the brewing continued conflict.

Finally when the two clans Eraio and Vario arrive they are shocked by the true nature of Princess Morrow's sudden disappeared. They at first were probably going to bicker for days concerning actual negotiations and agreements, but something like this could not be ignored. Vario, Eraio, and the Sarassaland Kingdom all decided to establish a triumvirum temporal alliance so that Princess Morrow could be set free.

Thus fully begins the Morrow Wars. The conflict was only between these three human civilizations, but more became embroiled as old alliances under the table were called in to aid in the war effort. King Zowzer would gather up a huge host from around Koopa society in effort to combat the stubborn idiotic humans attempting to free his lil' pet.

The war approximately went on for a decade. In the aftermath the Eraio clan was wiped out entirely as they were the most stalwart and battle-lusted in the conflict- always sending troops on wreckless charges, not securing supply lines, or securing officer intel. On one particular day King Zowzer had a precision regiment sudden surgically strike the city-capital of Eraio, ending it in one fell swoop despite the Eraio clan having the strongest troops.

The Eraio remnants would go on to join the other clans, adding to the martial prowess of the military of each- giving the assorted human Kingdoms a chance against King Zowzer with the added elite troops. Now they were utilized more properly in more organized armies than the former Eraio.

King Zowzer also suffered heavy losses in a couple battles and a few odd stalemates.


At the near end of the war only the Zaluigi and Vario stand at anything representing some operational strength. The hardest inflicted were the Uakigi clan, who in an act of heroics led a Koopa heavy cavalry regiment in a particular battle toward their camp capital on purpose- a capital that was runed with an enormous spirit fire trap. A large chunk of the Uakigi deliberately stayed behind to keep up a diversion while the shamen of the clan activated the rune- sparking the up the entire city in a cavalcade of fiery plumes.

Having enough of this, King Todd Lomb the more experienced son of Vicroy Lomb who assumed Kingship after his father's passing, assembles a final war brigade to fully break King Zowzers military. Likewise by a stroke of fate, King Zowzer himself also had planned a similar motion, calling upon his warriors and sergeants.

The finally pitched battle took place at Boo's Watch. The place was named as such because the clearing was thought to be haunted. Alas though the name would fit more after the advent of this battle as many spirits would come from their bodies in the pitched battle.

The battle itself was the culmination of all the rage and hate of the entire Morrow War. The ear shattering pops of bones echoed throughout the clearing as hammer Koopas struck their opponents true. Loud gashing noises of bronze against leather-scale blurted out with every swing of a saber trooper from Sarassaland or high impact martial punches from either of the Granddad clans as the battle raged on.

In the midst of this all King Todd and King Zowzer met eachother on the battlefield. The two stared at eachother, the chaos of the battle raged about in the background of their staredown- but they didn't care. It was time to decide this war.

Charging at one another the two Kings finally clashed with their full respective might. Todd was more agile, while Zowzer himself had more might than what was previous construed before. This resulted in a deadly dance between the two Kings- Todd bare a two-handed saber his sword, while Zowzer only utilized his grand claws. The fighting continued like this until King Zowzer caught a lucky hit across Todd's torso. Zowzer in glee of his hit was momentarily distracted, allowing King Todd just the right avenue to dive-through at Zowzer's neck. Like that the war had ended.

Though Todd was too injured from the strike from King Zowzer forcing him to not advance further to the now deceased Zowzer's realm to rescue his estranged sister he only vaguely remembered due to her being gone in captivity for so many years.

Todd was the only force of morale that allowed the rest of allied troopers to stomach more fighting after years of it already. It was a good note that Zowzer himself was confirmed dead, but with Todd's retreat the various minor human factions, the Vario clan, Zaluigi clan, and the already heavy war fatigued Uakigi all return back to their assorted realms.

File: Turn8.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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With King Zowzer dead from battle, the remnant of his army quickly rout back to the realm proper of the now deceased Zowzer. The generals of Zowzer quickly battle among themselves in successive power grabs to see who will rule Zowzers expansive Kingdom. The mini-Wars in the Zowzer realm after the Morrow War can only be be likened to how hyenas fight over a dead carcass. In all this time it is actually revealed that Princess Morrow had a half-human half-koopa hybrid child with Zowzer named Zowzer the II. Despite Princess Morrow's child being the rightful inheritor to the Kingdom, the warlord fallout from Zowzer's remnant army still continues on throughout the interregnumed realm. The only place in full non-chaos is the heartland of the Zowzer Kingdom where the main fortress-castle is- the essential capital so to speak. From here Princess Morrow acts as a just regent while Zowzer II is cared for her by her. Morrow can't just leave with her son as outside the heartland of the Zowzer King, many Koopa warlords want her and her son dead for his legitimate claim. Essentially Princess Morrow and her son were trapped in a metaphorical island in waters infested by sharks. Time will tell how the interregnum era of the Zowzer Kingdom will fare.

[The current year is 178. TL is 1.2 (Middle Bronze Age). The world does not have a common name. A major event (the Morrow War) has come to pass]
A group of dinosaurs have a population boom and force them to meet other races.
File: Dinosaurs.jpg (68 KB, 1138x640)
68 KB

(Remember to add in a year whenever you post)

A couple more years pass, allowing a much needed normalcy after the horrors of the Morrow War. Even with that though, the sudden lessened numbers of encroaching sophont species due to the war, the Dinosaur population receives a never before seen boom in numbers. The situation spawning from this is mixed for the various races.

Toads seem to have caught the brunt worse as the many Dinosaurs are omnivorous and see the Toads as easy snacks. With a small pro atleast the new found danger spurs Toad society to better establish their weaponry industry themselves. Usually mercenaries sprung them along, but the Toad Kingdom couldn't pay mercenaries bands for months on end- let alone the Kario Bro order despite discounted contracts due to the long history the Toad Kingdom had with that order.

The humans have a mixed time as well, but with more good than bad. Most Dinosaurs due to their upstick slaughter nomadic jungle tribes in the legions. A few humans from sedentary townships are able to tame a few Dinosaurs- utilizing them as mounts. This way of travel quickly spreads like wildfire throughout the strata of human civilization everywhere. The most favored and highly valued Dinosaur mount is the Ceratopsia for its low maintenance, sturdiness, and overall durability.

Meanwhile the Koopas have the most attunement with the uptick of Dinosaurs. Koopas shared common kinship with the many of the Dinosaurs that have been recently reappearing after being endangered. It isn't uncommon to found a T-rex in patrol with a Koopa bandit patrol nowadays or a Pterodactyl sky force transporting troops to an ordered destination.

[The current year is 179. TL is 1.2 (Middle Bronze Age). The world does not have a common name. Many Dinosaur species have come off of being endangered after the Morrow War]
Year 182: After seeing the horrors of the marrow war, the lone star spirit watching over the lane decides they may need to take a more active role in protecting the landscape. They call upon help from their brethren and form a small establishment.
File: Star3dworld.png (99 KB, 424x480)
99 KB

When it had first came to this world, the Star Sprite had thought that it would have funny learning of species other than its own. It was a wondrous experience overall, but seeing the banality of horrid war, famine, and disease- all the realities of this shook the Star Sprite to its very core. It had realized that it was very alone as it had no one to convene with after seeing the traffic events of what was going on from its cloud-stone dwelling in the sky.

With this in mind entirely the Star Sprite sends out an inner beacon from within itself. This had the side-quest of bequeathing the entire tundra sky in a beautiful coalescent yellow-bluish tinge until the beacon died down.

Minutes had passed to a point where the Star Sprite thought it failed the ritual. It wasn't until suddenly thousands of fellow Star Spites were self-hurled directly to the sky island of the original Star Sprite. The mortal races to the ground see this spectacle taking the shooting stars as good auspicious gestures.

[The current year is 182. TL is 1.2 (Middle Bronze Age). The rest of the Star Sprite race has made its way into this world]
Year 183: The human and toad races during a scheduled communion come upon a strange fauna. A strange flower, red white and yellow. Fascinated they take a closer look at it. During the research process it's consumed as a test. The lone toad who ate it for several days is bedridden for what seems like a horrible fever however soon after he found himself able to shoot fire from his hands.
File: Turn9.png (17 KB, 440x384)
17 KB

So to speak, rumors of this discovery spread like wildfire. Throughout all the Kingdoms of Man, Koopa, and Toad word of this new flower that granted the gift of internal fire was heard.

At first things were calm. The alchemist who tested the flower to discover the property that it instilled into the consumer was placed into extended protection by the Toad Kingdom, despite being a citizen of Kurdogga, another Toad Kingdom. With this enlisted "protection" via proxy of having the alchemist in their hold, the Toad Kingdom would come to possess the only known seeds for the magical fire-giving plant. This is how the Flower Wars began.

King Bacht, the presiding lord of the Kurdogga Kingdom was outraged that his subject was under the hostage of the Toad Kingdom. To him it didn't matter that the alchemist discovered the plant in that land and was subsequently bed ridden for days on end in that place due to the discovery.. the power that the plant could wrought must belong to him!

Hiring out the services of the Vario Clan who now took up mercenary work due to the Morrow War shortening their numbers and overall wealth from the scale of the conflict, the experienced Clan would shore up intrigue infrastructure in the Toad Kingdom. They were patient. Acquiring the alchemist, much less the seeds of importance would require precision this time around- something they know of despite usually only cutting corners to get to any sort of wealth.

This was abated though as the reigning King of the Toad Kingdom had hired the Kario Bros order to in foreknowledge that many outside interests would want the alchemist for their own gain. The Vario Clan and the respective Kario Bro order clashed with eachother, sparking the covert Flower Wars. It was a war of stealth, bloody smallscale battles fought in city alleys, and the utilization of spies to gain intel advantages. This war covertly went on inside the Toad Kingdom for a year before it culminated to the alchemist committing suicide by burning himself to death.

The seeds were thought to be lost for good, but a Toad smuggler merchant by a stroke of pure fate happened upon the secret locale of where the alchemist was kept under hostage of the Toad Kingdom. Going through the ashes of the medium sized shack turned to cinders in the woods, he found the seeds inside a weathered crisp satchel. The Fire Flower seeds were fire resistant! From then on from this one smuggler who held a short monopoly distribution of the seeds, the Fire Flower becomes a staple of military augmentation due to wide demand from various Kingdoms, mercenary groups, and other unsavory vagabond.

Even though the previously mentioned Flower Wars ended in a statelment for both parties, the fact of this war would set the Vario Clan and the Kario Bros as set rivals for a long time.
File: Fire Plant.jpg (62 KB, 450x370)
62 KB

[The current year is 188. TL is 1.3 (Middle Bronze Age). The Fire Flower was discovereed. It is found to be a plant when grown, harvested, and consumed by someone it allows them to shoot burst of flames from the palm of their hands. Although it only lasts for a few minutes and the effect dissipates if the user is hit many times]
File: IMG_8069.jpg (34 KB, 800x452)
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Year 200: The Kario Bros become proficient with large metal hammers in combat. These give them an edge over individuals imbued with a Fire Flower, as they are trained to hurl hammers long distances to intercept foes before they can get close.

Meanwhile the Vario Clan experiences a resurgence through facilitating trade throughout the land. They become known for their massive wooden wheeled landships that they use to transport goods between the various growing settlements. They begin practicing slavery as a way of powering their trade empire, a practice that the Kario Bros find particularly distasteful. The Vario prefer to enslave any remaining remnants of the Koopa people who they deem as an 'inferior' species. The Kario Bros frequently raid Vario caravans and free Koopa slaves who often join up as recruits.
File: Goomba.png (100 KB, 300x347)
100 KB
100 KB PNG

With the development of the Kario Bros freeing captured Koopa slaves and enlisting them in their order, the Vario Clan use this as a scrapegoat to tell out that the Kario Bros have sympathies toward the Koopa and that suspiciously the Kario Bros were never apart of the devastating Morrow War along with the other Humans. Most of the Human aristocracy to the various human Kingdoms around the world largely ignore this muckraking from the Vario Clan, as it is well known in various sagas that Kario Bro footsoldiers were apart of the Morrow War because they were hired out in small numbers to supplement battered regiments.

Meanwhile Zowzer the II finally reaches to age 18, pulling down the regency his mother occupied until he come of age. At first it is hard for Zowzer to gain respect of his few remaining loyal generals and men-at-arms as he was only half Koopa. Among the regular civilian subject strata though, Zowzer II was lauded greatly for his public works and invested work into infrastructure. Soon he proves himself to be a great warrior-tactician as he reincorporates the majority of his fathers interregnumed Kingdom back together in a series of mini-unification wars.

Meanwhile something horrific happens among the Toads. A particularly outlawed and fanatic cult in the Toad Kingdom devised a plan to consume all of Ghajzki to gain more purity- Ghajzki being the name for the giant mushroom that progenitored the race of the Toad people in the first place. They built up their following slowly at first. The usual works of building influence- staging meetings, hosting charity events that were in reality wealth transfer to shore up their projects, poaching vulnerable youth into their fold, the works.

When they had enough strength the cult staged a massive intra-siege in the center of the Toad Kingdom, the very place where the Ghajzki was. Before they could be stopped as their fortifications prevented the Toad Kingdom guardsmen response to break through in time, the cult had drained the sap of the Ghajzki and distributed it among the cult.

The cult received their wish in wanting to gain the utmost purity of their Mushroomed state, but it was more than they bargained for. Their arms would turn in upon themselves, their height would already grow shorter than it already was, their necks painfully transformed- concaving within to their torsos entirely. Their eyes already began huge and their tusks became enormous.

File: Turn10.png (16 KB, 440x384)
16 KB

As they could no longer hold their weaponry, the cult was easily dashed away and slaughtered to the last man. Though from a miraculous reason well after the fact they were dispatched, more of their new "kind" kept appearing. It wasn't until a human scholar from Sarassaland surmised that the new 'Goomba' race they've begun to be known as reproduces via spores. Their presence in the world thereafter would be a fact of life, feral and deadly, killing wayward travelers or in rare catches forming up in huge hordes to destroy small cities or whole towns.

[The current year is 202. TL is 1.3 (Middle Bronze Age). The Goomba race has come into
existence through the tampering of the Ghajzki mushroom and drinking its transmorgifying

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(I had an idea but it's still too soon I think so I'll write something else)
Year 205: A lone member of the human tribe encounters a member of the star spirits. Thought the star spirits usually try not to interfere this human presented a curiosity not present before. As a result that human was granted knowledge unlike any other. Though aware of the potential consequences of relinquishing the knowledge of the star spirits, he simply kept to himself and began making preliminary plans for several different contraptions.
File: IMG_8099.gif (182 KB, 500x512)
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182 KB GIF
Year: 205
The Toad, now Godless without the Ghajzki, seek a new deity to worship. This is when Toad explorers happen upon the Star Sprites. They associate their powerful wish energy with godliness and revere the entities as the true Gods of the world. At the same time, a human girl comes into contact with a Star Sprite and gains immense wish power. The Toad discover this girl's power and declare her a blessed Messiah of the Gods. She is given the title of Princess Toadstool and becomes the monarch of the newly-formed Mushroom Kingdom. A theocracy dedicated to the worship of the Star Sprites.
File: A Kario Bro.jpg (46 KB, 825x454)
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Year 206: A Human Kingdom in the mountains one day unearths a strange gem from a copper vein. It seems to have somesort of ambient energy inside of it as its lulling emanations could be felt when held. Before the King of this mountain based Kingdom could even stifle word of this unearthing, the speculation and rumors surrounding the gem ran madly exactly when the initial discovery of the Fire Flower was heeded throughout the world.

Tensions among the human civilizations mount because of this, but nobody makes any mobilization of troops at all in an effort to retrieve the gem for themselves.

The King in possession of the gem has his court scholars work like mad trying to uncover the exact power or use of the gem before anything could happen. The Kario Bros were hired out as defense against any intrigue operations that could spark from within the territory. Likewise the various Human Kingdoms with interest deigned upon the gem hire out their own Orders and Agencies in operations to acquire it.

Another shadow war similar to the Flower Wars is brewing.

[Current year is 206. TL is 1.3 (Middle Bronze Age)]
File: IMG_8150.jpg (91 KB, 1024x597)
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Year 206: The Vario Clan, with their love for gemstones, fights hard to obtain the mysterious gem. Once in their possession, their scholars are able to surmise that the gem is able to completely alter how others perceive the user. It changes their appearance and voice completely to the user's will as long as the gem remains on their person. The gem is coined as the "Disguise Gem" and is considered priceless by the Vario.

Right after they discover the nature of the gem, it is stolen from a transport caravan by the remnants of the Zaluigi tribe. They make good use of the gem to spy and sow discord between other factions in the land.
File: King Bomb-Omb.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
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(Its no worry at all! ANY activity to keep this thread alive is good)

Year 210: A Sarassaland Engineer by the name of Quntillus Haximus was one of the most renowned minds in the Kingdom of the time. His notes were disseminated regularly among the knowledge seeking portions of humanity and even to some Koopa realms.

His theses greatly helped to bring new philosophical views into the world that were never thought of before. The patronages he gained from the nobles and even King of Sarassaland allowed him to accure much prestige along with exorbitant wealth.

His rivals, fellow scholars who also worked within the royal court of Sarassaland, were extremely jealous of his continuous boons. One night this cabal murdered the King's 3rd daughter, Princess Maia who they knew had secret relations with the older scholar- of which Quntillus was in the same bed as her at the time of when the cabal orchestrated her secret murder.

Upon discovery in the morning by a servant woman, the entire court and Kingdom of Sarassaland was clasped into a shock. The King doubly engrossed into a manic anger. Quntillus was put through almost every torture imaginable- whipping, rope pulling, branding, and much, much, more. On the eve of his execution Quntillus Haximus using his Engineering expertise escaped from his cell and the subsequent dungeon he was housed in to the desert wilderness of Sarassaland. The search for him stretched for weeks as the disgraced Engineer hid, ran, and threw off the trail of the Sarassaland warriors and huntsmen who were looking for him.

Eventually Quntillus escaped entirely by rafting to the uninhabited Wako island south of Sarassaland. He wasn't going to make it as he was severely malnourished, heavily wounded, and most of dehydrated.. but Quintillus didn't give up. In a last ditch effort of both desperation and a bit of equal inspiration, Quintillus using the resources of the Island made the first ever Automaton of the world using his Engineering expertise and his rudimentary theorycrafting of AI before his false conviction in Sarassaland.

File: Turn11.png (17 KB, 440x384)
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As the giant Automaton looked upon his ailing master, Quntillus Haximus gave one order to his creation before his death whilst leaning on a palm tree- avenge my death.

From there the Automaton while low in computational intelligence at first, became more self-aware and memorized more data as it practiced its functions on the island. Just as Quintillus masterfully had planned before his demise the Automaton gained full sapience and gained a personality.

Seeing as the Automaton was the only inhabitant of the island (barring the buried corpse of his creator), it realized that it would need others to see to it that his creators wish for revenge was to be realized. The Automaton created the first factory on the planet, well throwing out the fact that the entire planet wasn't even supposed to be in that technological epoch as of yet, to fabricate more smaller variations of itself. When one of the bots exploded in the factory due to an accident, the Automaton found that it liked explosions very much- so it set all of its newly manufactured Automatons to explode as a main source of attack, utilizing gunpowder it created from crushed sand and flint.

From this fact the Automaton gives itself a name: King Bomb-Omb. From its island, King Bomb-Omb sends periodic damaging raids to the various Kingdoms, reveling in the explosions and chaos its creations cause. This begins the Bomb-Bomb incursions. The manner of these metal circular walking bots absolutely confuse the Bronze aged Koopa, Human, and Toad Kingdoms. Nobody knows where the Bomb-Bomb bots come from, only that they are severely dangerous and almost practically cannot be dispatched up close.

[Current Year is 216. TL is 1.4 (Middle Bronze Age). The Bomb-Bomb incursion has been founded by King Bomb-Omb]
Year 218: Though the clans could not compete with the automatons on their own they could create something that would. They built these large stone walls that were used to protect themselves from the explosive blasts. In order to better protect themselves they used the blessings of the then princess Toadstool to bring them to life.
File: Whomp.jpg (107 KB, 578x679)
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107 KB JPG

218-222: Ever graceful as she was and being saddened at seeing the deaths from the ever constant attacks by the Bomb-Bomb bots, Princess Toadstool at behest of a few stone masons who devised the plan in the first place attempt to make their own Automatons in some manner to counteract the Bomb-Bombs.

In being in the Bronze age and no one of the world at the time being in any similar spectrum of the intelligence of the late Quntillus Haximus, the best the stone masons could do was build large stone wall golem-like statues. Then with the aid of Princess Toadstool tapping into the blessing of the Star Sprites uses one of her wishes. Minutes after that with nothing happening, the people in the attendance of the event, Toad and Human alike was down trodden.

Soon just like that however, the golems spring to life. It was completely miraculous, it actually had work! Quickly the golems were put to work with their sole purpose of countering Bomb-Bomb raids. The main technique of these golems were to collapse straight on the designated enemies of battle, which matched perfectly for this primary use since their immense height could take out mulitple Bomb-Bombs at once with ease- while still remaining relatively unscathed from explosions due to being made of pure stone. This is what gained them their namesake- Whomps for the ear-shattering noise they made when crushing a particular insurgent or vagabond.

A was fine and seemingly resolved.. until the Whomps grew angered at Humanity. The various Human Kingdoms who gained their own set of Whomps from the Toadstool Kingdom weren't as nice- some batches of Whomps went for months without repair, some embarrassingly used as pure statues despite the fact of being entities made for war, being laughed out for their worn appearances due to fighting Bomb-Bombs..

Eventually this resulted in the Whomps to rally upon the most charismatic of the species into an all out rebellion against the humans, wanting nothing more than freedom after their selfish services were squandered for so long. The various Human Kingdoms and even Granddad Clans (who were the most experienced of humans in terms of war) could not withstand the onslaughts of the Whomps. The sheer height, stone bared strength, and overall ferociousness of the Whomps put all Human Kingdoms in a taxing four year war.

Eventually the Kario Bros with their skillful tactics and Hammer throwing, supplemented with help from the Vario and Zaluigi clan rout a major Whomp force in an ambush at a valley. With most of the King Whomps forces decimated, the war comes to a close.

With remnants of his army King Whomp heads to the Zowzer Kingdom, the largest Koopa realm there is and swears fealty to Zowzer II. To the humans it was good that the Whomp threat finally abated, but it was horrendous that they went and joined the largest Koopa Kingdom in the world.

File: Turn12.png (17 KB, 440x384)
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Only time will tell on how this will develop, but for any present matter it would seem Zowzer II now has an immense boon to his forces.

[Current Year is 222. TL is 1.4 (Middle Bronze Age). The Whomps were created by the Toadstool Kingdom, but upon abuse by the other human realms when they acquired their own Whomps have caused the golems to defect to King Zowzer II, sovereign of the largest Koopa realm in the world currently]
Year 230:
With the Thwomps joining the forces of King Zowser II, the Koopa kingdom gets the opportunity to study the nature of the living statues. Koopa scholars uncover the nature of their locomotion as the power of the Star Sprites. One Koopa scholar known as Kameq becomes intimately familiar with the power of the Sprites through detailed study of captured specimens. He discovers that the physical essence of Sprites can be altered into shiny red spheres through specific alchemical processes. These spheres can then be used to cast transmogrification magic by trained individuals.

This gives rise to the Magikoopa sect of the Koopa empire. They are an elite group of wizards capable of casting deadly transmogrification magic against their foes through the power of processed Star Sprites. The processes used to create their magical implements are considered cruel, so the use of magic becomes taboo throughout the land. The Koopa, not above such barbaric practices, gain a powerful sect that will surely turn the tides of many battles to come.
Year 231-234:
Word of this horrific utilization of the sacred Star Sprites spreads like wildfire to the Toadstool Kingdom. How could the Zowzer Empire- no longer a mere Kingdom- do such a thing to their sacred living icons! It was blasphemy! Princess Toadstool who was usually of complete aloof demeanor completely livid on the matter. She along with her Toad nobles had tried to lobby the other Human Kingdoms and Clans to wage somesort of Holy War- Crusade to be exact- against the barbaric Zowzer Empire for their transgressions against the defenseless Star Sprites.

Despite her constant organization of various meetings, touching base with the other human monarchs, and giving large boons to other lords much lower in influence than her self- nobody wanted open war with the Zowzer Empire.

First the Morrow War was only a few decades ago. Many elder war veterans remember the certain horrors of what it entailed. Even so Kings of today were young men when they fought in the ranks of the many armies that were set to fight against Zowzer, the first one of the line that is.

Second most Humans of late were extremely distrustful of magic due to the backfiring of the Whomp war. Despite its original intended use of aiding the beleaguered Kingdoms from the initial Bomb-Bomb incursions (that have as currently subsided- most certainly due to the Whomps when they used to be on the side of humans), the Whomps weren't what the various nobility of almost every Kingdom expected. The magic was too unnatural for the collective tastes of most humankind- the Whomps were too sapient, thought too much for themselves which was the spark of their rebellion in the first place.

Only human Clans utilize magic in great numbers nowadays- needing it of course for the various clandestine mercenary and intrigue based operations they carry out. So alas Princess Toadstool's lobby for a collective Star Crusade against the Zowzer Empire falls on deaf ears entirely. This doesn't stop the now semi-ambitious woman. With her royal writ Princess Toadstool fashions up a Holy Order called the Knights of the Stars drawn from the most elite fighting Toads around the Kingdom.

File: Turn13.png (17 KB, 440x384)
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The Knights of the Stars only have on goal- ensure the Star Sprites aren't captured due to the depredations of the Koopas who want to use the Sprites for malign purposes. With funding and official acknowledgment of the Toadstool royal house, the order establishes a monastery-fortress deep in the north, close to the tundra where the Star Sprites reside. With the presence of the Knights of the Stars the overall trafficking of the Star entities decreases as the Knights decimate most raiding parties of independent Koopa bandits who want the bounties the Star Sprites have back in the Zowzer Empire. Though at times some bandit groups get luckly or worse- the Knightly patrols sometime engage professional raiders sponsored by the Magikoopa sect of the Zowzer Empire. These battles for the Knights of the Stars are the hardest for them as victories against these branch of agents are greatly armed and trained.

For now though the Star Sprites do full somewhat protected after the horrors they faced before the formation of this order..

[Current year is 234. TL is 1.5 (Middle Bronze Age). The Knights of the Stars has formed]
File: AngryBro.png (580 KB, 2633x2263)
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580 KB PNG
Year 236:
With the tensions growing between the Toadstool Kingdom and the Koopa Empire, the Kario Bros, still consisting of both humans and liberated Koopa slaves from Vario imprisonment, is forced to take a side in the conflict. Finding the magic-creation process of the Magikoopa abhorrent, they side with the Toadstool Kingdom.

A majority of the Koopa members of the Kario Bros are outraged by the open hostility to their kin and defect to the Koopa Empire. These highly-skilled warriors trained in the arts of combat quickly establish themselves as an elite soldier unit in the Koopa ranks. These defectors become known as the Hammer Bros, due to their mastery with hammer weapons from their training with the Kario Bros.

Both sides of the conflict gain new allies. Tensions continue to rise. At this rate, an all out war is inevitable which will decide the fate of the Star Sprites.
Year 236-248:
Lily was Princess Toadstool's personal confident and best friend. Lily of course was a Star Sprite, one of the most brightest there were. She, Princess Toadstool, and Toadstool's little sisters would go on numerous fun little adventurous outing around the Kingdom. They told jokes among one another, spread gossip on various nobles from the within in the Kingdom, and bathed in the natural hotsprings in the rural hamlets in the wilderness. Lily was an inseparable part of Princess Toadstool's life. Until separation finally happened that is.

The speculation of worth around Lily was very high as she was unusually bright for even a Star Sprite, which poked the academic naughterity of the Magikoopa sect of the Zowzer Empire. The Emperor himself, King Zowzer II had put policy that Lily was off limits- as the right hand of Princess Toadstool, having Lily harvested and extracted would spur diplomatic horrendoucy. For a time the Magikoopa obeyed- but eventually the lead Grand Master (Master Wakataka) of the Magikoopa sect put in the order for the capture of Lily. He couldn't possibly wait to get his hands on the bright Star Sprite anymore.

Knowing that Koopa agents operating in the Toadstool would be an open letter that a plot would be brewing, the Master Wakataka had hired the services of both the Zaluigi and Vario clan. It is to note- most of Humanity in this world was miraculously not superbly religious at all. So when the two Granddad Clans, who predated the Toadstool Kingdom's state religion altogether, were offered exorbitant sums of wealth to orchestrate the kidnap of a mere star- they couldn't possibly refused.

It only took a week due to the combined skills of the Zaluigi and Vario clan to kidnap Lily, delivering her straight to the academy base of the Magikoopa. By the time Toadstool finally realized where her missing friend went, it was too late. The princess went into a week long state of self-isolation in her chamber. When she finally emerged, so uttered one word.

"Declare war."

Thus began Star Crusade.


The Princess was in such an unflinching state of conviction that her previous appeals compared to her current call for the various human Kingdoms to join the Star Crusades could be likened as outright demandment! The Kingdoms of near equal footing to the Toadstool Kingdom largely still ignored her calls, but the smaller sovereign Kingdoms and a few primitive tribal groups heeded them as they did not to be embroiled in Princess Toadstool's righteous rage.

Zowzer in the mean time was completely slack of what to do next. The Magikoopa sect of his court directly went against his decree, thus sparking the Crusade mounting on his door step. By law alone he could just have the Grand Master arrested and his accomplices executed, but his position as only a half-Koopa was still strenuous in the eyes of his vassal lords and generals. The Magikoopa in their short time of ascending as an institution within his Empire have garnered an immense amount of respect and prestige in their breakthroughs in magic and the sciences. Not only that the institution itself held Koopas of greater age than his own- disrespect of elders in Koopa society was balked upon.

From the logic of his noble underlings as Zowzer pre-theorized punishing the Magikoopa for destroying the sentiments of the mere Mushroom spawn would seem weak and unnecessary- proving to them that a mere half-human shouldn't be responsible for lording over the most immense Koopa realm there was.

It was instead that Zowzer II mobilized his army and vassals. He'd have to fight this war, a predictably large one just as his father before him.

The war went on slowly at first as the Toadstool Kingdom was very unadept at warfare, even more with the minor Kingdoms and small tribes that had joined the Crusade. This slowness allowed Zowzer in the beginning to shore up his frontline defenses with a successive of Whomps who decimated the initial Toadstool probes into Zowzer territory. Inexperienced generals from the Toadstool side kept up improbable and foolish orders that lead to many battles ending in defeat. Where Zowzer could stave off the assaults and counter with a huge drive of troops to the frontline of Toadstool territory than vice versa.

Powered by the energy extracted from Lily, the Magikoopa rid on improved brooms enchanted to be flying devices. Acting as air support along with Koopa archers mounted on Pterodactyls, the majority of the Toadstool force, which was mostly surmised of light infantry was ubiquitously shuttered in causalities in droves. What saved the Crusade from being a complete disaster was the arrival of the Knights of the Stars to the general warzone, setting up their own camp.

File: Dry Bones.jpg (50 KB, 570x760)
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The Knights with their cavalry would flank out of nowhere in key critical moments of certain battles, establishing a nice string of good victories. On ground combat alone as heavy infantry, their fighting prowess was completely unmatched as they chipped away at Whomps tactically dodging slams, going toe-to-toe with even more elite infantry, and blocking the magi blasts along with arrows from the sky. This momentous gains weren't to last however as the Hammer bros were deployed. In one battle the Grand Master, Toleric, of the Knights of Stars was felled by the Hammer Bro clan master- Dargoth Kenta. This blew a wide chunk of morale for both the Knights of the Stars and Toadstool Kingdom, with the successive battles after that ending up in hard defeats.

With mounting desperation Princess Toadstool, the other crusading Kingdoms and tribes, pooled in a large portion of wealth to hire out the services of the Kario Bros for the Star Crusade.

The reigning head master of the order, Hadvar, was extremely hesitant to join the war. If he were too, the split between the Kario Bros and the Hammer Bros would be solidified. The previous head master wanted the Kario Bros to be an understanding point where Koopa and Human could see eye-to-eye. Though it seems in this matter the original thought of this was to be dashed.

Now with the Kario Bros and the Knights of the Stars on the Crusaders side, the subsequent intensity of the war increased thrice fold. Almost anything was on the table- Kario Bro detachments organized stealth killings of major officers for the Koopas, Whomps went deep into Toadstool territory deliberately as to destroy many villages to sabotage supply lines for the crusaders, the Knights now over the morning of their grand master were in berserked powerful rage, and the Hammer Bros were extremely skilled with tactful maneuvers that lead many Toadstool battalions to their ultimate demise.

Amidst this status quo of war, something terrible was brewing back in the Zowzer Kingdom. Master Wakataka was finally finished with his project. It was the most malign of what the Magikoopa have researched thus far- necromancy. Lily's extract as it seemed was so powerful it could reanimate the dead. This was a secret Master Wakataka ultimately keep wholly to himself, until he was discovered doing such research by an apprentice who happened upon the act.

Master Wakataka knew by then beyond a reasonable doubt that he would be arrested and tried for this practice as even the Koopas wouldn't want magic to mess with the dead like this- Master Wakataka wasn't a fool, he knew the half-breed Emperor would play upon the yarns of society to finally have the Grand Master rid of since the Emperor was still furious with him.


In the dead of night the Wakataka left into the wilderness before his wanted status would be noted across the Empire. Wanting to test his necromancy in full fruition, he went to the frontier of the Star Crusade under the guise of doing field work... of which by itself was technically correct- but with the caveat of being for HIS benefit instead of the Magikoopa sect. For all purposes at this point, Wakataka was completely rogue.

For days he traveled to camp from camp waiting for word of an ongoing battle. When such was finally reported upon, Wakataka waited no time flying to the scene of battle on his rug. Hovering over the ongoing mass killings eeked from both sides, when he had felt the body counts were sufficient enough- Wakataka rose his own army.

The Star Crusade was now flipped.

Either side was confused- who in the name of whomever was raising these corpses from the dead? A characteristic of these undead was that upon reanimation their skin completely sloughs off in favor of only bone. This alone was deceiving however as the skeleton reanimates were supernaturally tough almost to parody. Wakataka with his newfound power decide that HE wanted to rule the world as he worked hard for actual power- not the foolish Kings and Queens of noble birth born in it. The undead army of Wakataka breezed through both the forces of the Toad, Koopa, and Humans. It was at this point that Emperor Zowzer II and Princess Toadstool came to understanding: Wakataka was an asshole.

Calling an end to the Star Crusade, the combined forces all mentioned previously worked to fight tooth and nail to stave of Wakataka's undead onslaught, less the whole continent become ensnared in undead.

This conflict lasted for 10 years, ontop of the original 2 that Star Crusade stretched out from. It was a war of conflict nightmare as from one second you could be fighting with your comrade who has just been cleaved, only to see him again days later as your new enemy. It was a war without peer, but alas Wakataka lost more and more ground as the more elite warriors in the form of the Knights of the Stars, Kario Bros, Hammer Bros, Whomps, fellow Magikoopa, and many more whittled away at his horde.

Eventually the war ended with Wakataka's stealth escape to an island east of the continent. Starting fresh into the basics, he has the construction of a new personal Tower be worked on, utilizing the natives he finds and enslaves through force of the remnants of his undead army.

For now though tensions in the main continent proper deflate as any push for further war is shot down. Princess Toadstool though is wrought bitter from the whole ordeal as from all this tragedy and turmoil from the Star Crusade, nothing can revive her friend Lily.. Nothing. Wakataka becomes the top priority of elimination for the Knights of the Stars. They scour the land for any hint of his presence to avenge the death of one of the most sacred stars.

File: Turn14.png (17 KB, 440x384)
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The Zowzer Empire begins to face direct independent raids from the Knights of the Stars too as heavy flame is put on it for this whole debacle in the first place- alot of grudges, alot of anger.

[Current year is 248. TL is 1.6 (Middle Bronze Age). The Star Crusade concludes in a white peace due to supernatural circumstances]
Year 249

A great earthquake splits the mainland in two.
File: Quakia.jpg (64 KB, 512x184)
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Year 249:
At this point the majority of the various races of the planet were fully fatigued by the events of the Star Crusade and Wakataka's necromantic upheaval. People HOPED that some manner of normalcy would come about, but alas such a thing wasn't to come as of yet.

It came without warning, without a chance to anyone to respond, without any waking hour to even comprehend the damage. A massive seismic tonal shift happens, a very strong one that is felt across the ENTIRE breadth of the land. It utterly devastates the various nations that found itself in the center of the main rupturing. Sudden near the end of the episode of the earthquake debacle, the land itself violently ruptures from one another, as if facing some penultimous personified divorce.

This natural disaster causes a huge refugee crisis of both Human and Toad alike, city dwellers who no skill in the wilderness now that their homes were destroyed now having to feed for themselves. With the chaos of the earthquake wild Goombas use the opportunity to snack on the now multitude of disorganized patchworks of people strown about. The Toadstool Kingdom faces the brunt of the crisis as many people from various cleaved out nations form the earthquake flock to it. Even with their very own Monarch being a Human, this crisis sparks an immense tension between the usually quiet and shy Toads having the lands overrun with rowdy, anxiety induced Humans.

Of this all the Granddad clans along with the Kario Bros as mostly mercenary family clans profit the most from this as many other Monarchs who face similar refugee crises as the Toadstool Kingdom hire out their services like mad to keep some semblance of order. The least effected from the disaster is the Kingdom of Sarassaland and Zowzers Empire as they were mostly out of the way from the earthquake- no only that their climes are hospitable to those who cannot handle or adapt to it.

From this something in a ways good happens later in the year of the earthquake. Some Kingdoms despite being in the epicentre didn't immediately fall as the others did, only straggling on a fragile order after the fact it. In one particular Kingdom a King by the name of Harold was exceptionally tyrannic and paranoid, executing any for the slightist of transgressions. He feared that with the chaos of the disaster he'd get overthrown. As it would, wish fulfillment took hold and his continuous tyrannic reign set off a peasant rebellion. Usually such events are easily crushed, but with the infrastructure and Harold having extremely low manpower, he is outplayed and executed by the rebel forces within months.

The rebels instead of having another Monarchy write up a constitution of fundamental rights for former realm of Harold. With this one act, the first Republic in the world is wrought. It is called Quakia, tactfully named for the disaster that set the events in motion for the birth of this new nation.

File: Turn15.png (17 KB, 440x384)
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[Current year is 249. TL is 1.7 (Late Bronze Age). The first Republic has been born]
Year 260

For years, small aftershocks of the initial earthquake can be felt, slowly driving the two halves of the former mainland apart.

The Republic of Quakia gains a leader that emphasizes spending on agriculture so as to be prepared if another great disaster strikes again.
File: Turn16.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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Year 260:
The subsequent aftershocks over the years after the initial main earthquake continue to drift the land until two continents now exist. This new development changes the entire significant.

First major trade routes are disrupted entirely as most of the mobilization of retail in this world was land based. The tradesmen classes across every city never expected this to happen and never adequately invested in ships or shipbuilding at all. This sends the nascent Bronze Age level economies everywhere into hemorrhaging free-falls. Some smart merchants however adapt quickly, ushering in the over water trade route era quickly- the ones who can't adapt falling out of business.

The Vario Clan out of all the Granddad Clans face the most disadvantage. With their clan holding now being so close to Koopa organized realms, slave raids are now too risky and any attempted stages of such are easily beaten by the more organized Koopa Kingdoms and most pertinent, Zowzer Empire. Along with the market collapses the Vario fortunes become dryer and dryer with every coming week. Eventually with great debasement of themselves due to generally being of higher prestige, the Vario clan enlists a contract with the Sarassaland Kingdom as a means of a revenue.

Quakia organizes itself around a learned senate of rich businessmen and land owners who are elected by popular votes of the common citizenry. The senate of Quakia seeing the weakening stature of the other settlements around them quickly sets off a series of annexation campaigns, incorporating more and more independent villages and towns into the nation. From the senate emerges a competent man by the name of Scipio Hebitus who sets radical agriculture policy that increases the overall food stores of the state of Quakia.

[Current year is 260. TL is 1.7 (Late Bronze Age). Aftershocks continue to divide the land]

Year 270

Over the decade, Quakia continues its aggressive annexation strategy, along with investing in its agriculture.

The Vario clan have been reduced to banditry, and have managed to get a hold of Zowzer Empire's heir.
File: Vario Clan.png (2 KB, 220x220)
2 KB
Year 270:
The Vario clan needed as way to shore up their last troves of wealth over the years due to the hardships of the recurrent natural disasters. Not wanting to serve under the contraction of Sarassaland anymore- the clan promptly breaks away in an act of stealing half the royal treasury of the Kingdom. From the entire clan becomes a primary source of judicial interest to the Sarassaland Kingdom. All attempts to bring the clan to justice fail promptly as its years of pound-for-pound experience in stealth and ambush is unmatched in their new environment.

Vario clan and its crime streak come to a head one it by chance captures the heir of the Zowzer Empire. Predictably upon hearing of if, Zowzer II had the deserts to a point allegorically and literally combed over for the Vario clan. Months of low intensity fighting between the larger force in the form of Zowzer against the largely elite, but small mercenary clan ended in a white peace between both factions. The heir would be returned to the Zowzer Empire on the trade of a large sum of hostage money. This deal takes hold with the heir given back and the bags of gold coins, gems, and gold ingots all in the hands of the Vario clan.

In the end though the mouting tensions the Vario had garnered in the desert region from both the various Koopa Kingdoms, Sarassaland Kingdom, and even Zowzer Empire was too much for the clan to bare- it had bitten off more than it could chew from being flagrant bandits in the region. The Vario Clan migrate north way in the mountains near to where the Republic of Quakia there, quickly establishing up a gradual new network of contacts.

File: Turn17.png (16 KB, 440x384)
16 KB

[Current year 270. TL is 1.7 (Late Bronze Age)]


The Varios cut off Quakia's trade routes with their banditry, forcing Quakia to toughen up their police force as well as to develop weapons for rounding up Varios.

Varios in turn, develop more sophisticated banditry tactics.

Given that the Varios have been pushed to more and more extremes towards history, the star sprites side with the Varios, at least until they've dug themselves out of the hole they've put themselves in.
File: outputToken.png (1 KB, 128x128)
1 KB
Year 280: To the immense surprise of all involved in the mini-conflict between the bustling new nation of Quakia and the Vario Clan, the usually recluse Star Sprites choose to aid Vario. Nobody knows for certain why it came to be that way, but post-contemporaneous after the fact Magikoopa and Sarassaland scholars consensus that it came about through the Star Sprites possibly having more immense bonds with the Granddad Clans since the Star Sprites have been watching over humanity for a long time. The Star Sprites at observation from the opposite spectrum of the lens of the mortal races have usually tacked the entities of having an alignment ranging from neutral to neutral good.

Outright supporting the Vario in their banditry efforts surprise those who learn of it from secure sources of intel. In the exact details of how the Vario are helped by the Star Sprites are numerous. Sometimes Vario footmen disappear entirely into thin air when chased by Quakia legionnaires, other times they in some cases outrun dinosaur mounts, fly for brief periods, teleport, have access to magic keys that opens any lock- almost anything imaginable.

It came to a point where magic certainly became more distrusted by human societies around the world, as the Republic of Quakia weren't the only victims of the Vario clan crime spree. At the pinnacle of the year this all happened in, the Knights of the Stars were horrified at what the Star Sprites were doing. For years the Toad knights of that order protected, worshiped, and ensured that the anomalous entities were attended to. Now seeing their aid in crime however set a concrete spike of disillusionment into the ranks of the order.

By the end of the year the Knights of the Stars were no more; the monastery-fortress being completely abandoned. More than half of the honest-up-to-moral Knights left on journeys back to the Toadstool King. Some had become mercenaries, while others completely retired in more simplistic works such as farming, fishery, or mercantile. A small portion of the most elite and fanatical Knights interpreted the aid of the Star Sprites to the Vario as somesort of divine sanction. That faction of the now defunct order joined the Vario Clan in droves- forcing their way into recruitment from sheer fanatism. The elders of the Vario Clan are skeptical however. As one of the oldest humanity societies, they looked down on the other non-human races.

Not only that the Vario Clan was atheistic- while the new "recruits" to their operation were zealous fanatics. In the end though they were begrudgingly accepted. The Vario Clan needed shock troops to levy adequate raids due to the Quakia Legion becoming stronger.

[Current year 280. TL is 1.8 (Late Bronze Age). The Knights of the Stars has disbanded]

The inclusion of ex-Knights introduced the religion to the Vario Clans. Some are a bit more fanatic and try to forcefully convert younger Vario Clan members into their cult.

Meanwhile, some ex-Knights who joined the Toastool King are searching for ways to negate the Vario Clan's advantage, preferably by slaying Star Sprites.

Quakia's mercantilism continues to grow, with Quakians being found in the other tribes in the eastern continent.
File: Zaluigi Thwomp.png (2 KB, 260x320)
2 KB
Year 281-285: While the Star Sprite worship religion gained some ground initially, it was stamped out by the Vario elders before it could take any real root. Still though despite being Toads, the former Knights were their charismatic prose and gallantry enable the conversion of some of the young Vario into the faith- which the human conservative elders don't cherish at all.

At awhile later on in the year of 282, the other ex-Knights who returned home back to the Toadstool Kingdom were lost. Their entire order, entire purpose turned up in ashes. As these out of caused Knights heard more and more of the exorbitant crimes of the Vario Clan with the direct aid of the Star Sprites, they decide to secretly form a new order called the Smoldering Light. These sect of veteran Toads unlike the mainstream of their society shared the human views toward the Star Sprites; their power was too immense it can lead to abuses unheard of by the ever mounting scales. The Knights of the Smoldering Light knew just as much fighting against Wakataka's machinations in form of undead horde upon horde. These experienced Knights knowing the best ways to track the entity living Stars systemically hunted down Star after Star until it became noticeable around the world.

Of all interest to this development were in the form of the Magikoopa institution of the Zowzer Empire. For weeks they had tried to figure out the organization who could proficiency track down the Star Sprites with such ease- making such a group allies would be a momentous boon for further research. The Smoldering Light knew of their interest though and largely ignored it. Their only goal was to destroy all Star Sprites. Beside they had to limit on who knew of the order as the Toadstool Kingdom had the highest writ of kill against the ones perpetrating the slaughters. This didn't stop natural greed though as one Knight of high position in the order along with his own men separately made contact and auctioned Star Sprites for wealth.

Eventually the Kario Bros with surprising help with the Vario clan would uncover this cabal entirely setting off a small shadow war. The Smoldering Light along with the Magikoopa's own agents were no match for the onslaughts and nightly raids of both these groups- they were too experienced. In a last ditch effort the Smoldering Light had hired out the services of Zaluigi. The odds of now were quite even, but not by much. Battles were win patternly by both groups in waning and waxing moments.

It was then a spiritualist by the name of Hakma devised a new Golem that was quite similar to the Whomp of before. This time it would be a Golem that could fly in the air, stay static in any position desired, and crush the targeted person in a fell drop.

With this the Zaluigi were victorious over its peers in this shadow war.

File: Turn18.png (16 KB, 440x384)
16 KB

The Kario Bros were too rusted. This Golem advent shook up their rustiness even more as the traps set by the Zaluigi took squad after squad of Kario Bros. With their only ally out of the fight, the Vario clan couldn't match out the expertise of the Zaluigi and might of the Smoldering Light all at once; even with the ex-Knights of the Stars among the clan as their numbers were too slow to boot in any matter.

This victory causes the Smoldering Light to continue on its agenda of destroying more and more Star Sprites, but eventually with the continued corruption of the Magikoopa this secret order just went to outright trafficking of the Star Sprites to the Zowzer Empire. The Knights had felt angered at the Toadstool royalty and Toad society in general. They had felt their value was squandered despite how much blood and sacrifice they shed during the Star Crusades and Wakataka's incursion. For this they justify their covert betrayal of the Toadstool Kingdom's religion in doing these deeds.

[Current Year 280. TL is 1.9 (Late Bronze Age). A shadow war has recently concluded, Zaluigi clan victorious]
Year 290

Zowzers, with their newly purchased Star Sprites develop new technologies and magics harnessing their power.

The Zowzer empire begins a crusade of expansion throughout the continent.
File: Lartan Hoplite.png (5 KB, 267x189)
5 KB
Year 290: With the fact of being an Empire already, the Zowzer realm was the first to recover from the Star Crusade readily despite being the defendant of the entire war. Zowzer II growing more older along with taking more of his Koopa side instead of his Human one pangs for the glory of conquest.

At the eve before his campaigns would start, court engineers employed by Zowzer II with the science input of the Magikoopa invent the cannons along with airships. This drop of tech plays without a doubt greatly in Zowzer II's favor. With all the elements in his arsenal: his Whomps, Magikoopa, Hammer Bros, and now airships, the might of Zowzer is absolute. He breezes through the other disparate Koopa fiefdoms, then going west to subjugate a few human city-states in his fold. The ruler of Sarassaland having blood ties with Zowzer the II through Princess Morrow quickly erects an alliance to spare the chance of possible attack.

The Zowzers continuous advance comes to a surprising halt when contesting a medium-to-small tribe called the Lartans. They were a heavily strict warrior society who utilized advanced fighting phalanx techniques to decimate foes higher in number than them. These Lartans were also adept at guerrilla warfare outside of ordered phalanx lines when needed, cutting off the supply lines and doing lighting raids of warehouse camps set up by the Zowzer Empire. To the life of Zowzer II he couldn't fathom how a force as skilled as this could be a mere human tribe- much more embarrassing that a mighty Empire owned by him could be outmatched this many times by it.

The most epic battle was when only a force of 300 Lartans defeated a 10,000 strong army supplemented by Hammer Bros in the Pentalos region. From this battle the Lartans become one of the most lauded groups of humankind since the beginning advent of the Granddad clans. Sagas, stories, tales, of whom or whatever spread like wildfire throughout the land concerning the Battle of the Pentalos. Zowzer II's advancements are halted for a moment as he tries to restore order against his enraged nobility. This buys time against any further expansions, if any happens at all once Zowzer II gets internal affairs in order. The Lartans are heavily sought for as mercenaries after the event.

[Current year is 290. TL is 1.9 (Late Bronze Age). Zowzer II's rapid advancements were halted by a tribe called the Lartan]
Year 294: enraged by the selling and enslavement of their brethren the star sprites are forced to take matters into their own hands. The 7 strongest, names not known perform a nightmarish miracle on the zowzer empire. Thousands lost in an instant on top of pushing back their advance as far as it could go many koopas would consider a mass extinction event
Year 295,
The Quakians continue their mercantilism, subtly taking hold of other tribes' economies.

Quakian shopping centers can be found in other cities.
File: Zowzers Gambit.png (26 KB, 250x200)
26 KB
[Zowzer Empire: 1d20=16
The 7: 1d20=6]

Year 294: The prime 7, one of the eldest of Star Sprite society attempts the ritual to wipe out the Zowzer Empire. Wakataka however had sensed their ritual taking place due to the high amounts of ambient energy cloaking their particular locale of where the ritual was taking place. Even though long being absconded from the Zowzer Empire in particular, the Magikoop, no even a Koopa at a base, still was slightly patriotic of the Zowzer Empire. He sent out a quick counter ritual ruin the one the 7 were attempting for a while- which somehow hits off.

He then sends out a magic wisp to the next Grand Master of the Magikoopa- Dankaboogo. The wisp relays the information of what is to come to Master Dankaboogo who then goes on to inform Zowzer II. Without any waste of time upon learning of this development, the Emperor has airships tread toward the last known location of the ritual that the 7 were conducting from, info courtesy of Wakataka's wisp. The 7 prime Star Sprites in their powered hubris thought their initial botch of the ritual came about due to misstated chants- they couldn't be further from the actual truth.

Cannon fire rained down on the group, decimating the Star Sprites and the few former Knights of the Stars that were with them. When the bombardment had ceased, Pterodactyl ridden Koopa archermen flew off from the airships to better shoot down any remaining survivors in the taiga woods where the ritual was taking place. By noon almost all who were in the clearing were either dead or dying. When the check-in forces scoured the area after, they only found 4 of the prime 7 Star Sprites bodies; making out 3 survivors of the Starstruck sept.

295: Quakian influence becomes the near norm as their mercantile expanse along with their military acumen aid in their growth. Many former refugees displaced by the events of the earthquake of yore flock to the prospering capital of the Quakian republic; Trome. Within a span of only a fear years this urban center becomes the highest populated city at 300,000 people- a number taken by Quakia's robust clerical institution. This growth is not without ire from the more traditional monarch held nations. Such a display of peasantry having such a grown state sends a bad precedent to their own subjects- revolts can work. The collective human Kingdoms around Quakia plot and scheme against it..

[Current year 295. TL is 2.0 (early Iron Age)]
The year is 296. Quakia's leaders gain knowledge of the plots against them and beef up their police.

The Zowzer Empire continues to expand, their expansion efforts running counter to Quakia's expansion efforts. Quakia is forced to fight a war on two fronts
File: Zowzer vs Quakia.png (40 KB, 500x200)
40 KB
[Republic of Quakia: 1d20=6
Various Human Kingdoms: 1d20=2
Zowzer Empire: 1d20=7]

Year 296-297: In the instance of the plots the various other Human Kingdoms tried to hatch on the republic- each successive one from every individual Kingdom is easily shuttered down by internal security of Quakia. Being as they were as monarchs, they never thought to cooperate with one another to achieve a successful influenced sabotage of Quakia. Even with the fact that these slew of royalty all agreed to loathe the republic for being a nation of peasant upstarts, they still as independent sovereigns did not trust one another. Eventually months pass with no specific plot breaking the mold, even some failing so badly they got caught quite openly by Quakia internal security which invokes reimburstments- less the republic embargo the offending Kingdoms.

While this was happening the Zowzer Empire finally expanded to a point where the borders of the Quakia Republic met with it. Having a considerable underestimation of the nation, Zowzer immediately declared a punitive takeover of a few key border towns of the republic, as lucrative trade routes had passed through these areas.

The year lasts for exactly 1 year, but it is a surprising one for Zowzer II to say the least. In the first opening moves of the theatre, Quakia was totally blindsided by the airships in possession of the Zowzer Empire. Volleys after volleys of cannon fire rained down at the usually organized ranks of Quakia- now completely disheveled- to the point where Hammer Bros could close in an finish off straggling survivors of a wiped out coturbia. The military brass of Quakia were quick to adapt. Using firebranded arrows, scores of Quakia archers rained counter barrages at the airships. This had caused some to retreat, some being sent to crash, while the remaining ones in operation still being ordered to stay out of range entirely- essentially putting airships out the war entirely.

Now the footing was somewhat equal with Quakia gaining some victories after the shatter out of the airships. Despite being such a wrong nation Quakia was very gifted in disciplined rank-to-rank warfare. This allowed them to poke out the elite, but still unorganized waves of heavy soldier Koopas and respective Hammer Bros. For most battles however when they were present, the Zowzer cavalry regiments and assemblages of Whomps ensured victory. Quakia simply had no counter for the Whomps them being meters tall of stone walking death, while the heavy cavalry flanks from being distracted from the Whomps ensured decimation of most battalions.

Soon this brief war ends in a minor victory for the Zowzer Empire.

File: Turn19.png (17 KB, 440x384)
17 KB

Its not all the border towns Zowzer II had wanted, but gaining two prosperous towns out of Quakia control is atleast good for now. On the other side the senate boils to arguments about ways of research of finding out ways to kill Whomps, if that is possible at all. The war could've ended in a stalemate, but the dominos Zowzer II in his hand so to speak was just the tipping point needed to turn the tide of the war.

[Current year 297. TL is 2.1 (early Iron Age). A minor war sparked between the Republic of Quakia and the Zowzer Empire with victory going to the Zowzer Empire]
The year is 300.

Some Star Sprites have grown disillusioned from the wars fought over them after they sided with the Varios.

Some use their magic to corrupt themselves, calling themselves Dark Stars. They seek to be as disruptive as possible all throughout the land.
File: Kozar.png (28 KB, 820x431)
28 KB
[Dark Star path of destruction: 1d20=11]

Year 300: 3 years before the concurrent calamity, things in the world of Gomp (as the leading powers of the planet, the Zowzer Empire and Republic of Quakia came to a rare moment of agreement to find a name for the known world- thus the advent of Gomp; a name decided upon by complete random draw of paper) were very stable. The previous market collapse subsided entirely. With that new avenues of sea land trade were invested upon- of which Quakia gained the most benefit of due to being a republic based on the coast.

Sarassaland with its royalty being blood related to the Zowzer Empire faced years of no war- greatly adding to the prosperity of the desert realm. From Sarassaland the greatest of musicians called home, the desert bedouins of all make playing on their flukes sending lulling music to those who would hear it. The citizenry of Sarassaland generally became more affluent in general, causing the first instance of a middle-class strata to form in the whole of Gomp at Sarassaland.

The Toadstool Kingdom day after day faced more and more ironcladism. Princess Toadstool long dying from a stress related illness has seen her son Carpolio Toadstool rise to the throne. Unlike his predecessor King Carpolio has an adept favoritism toward the human population within the Kingdom despite the fact most of his nobility and all of his landed vassals were Toads. This would bare many small squabbles within the court of King Carpolio. The lack of trust also bread corruption. It came to a point where King Carpolio's entire were filled by landless yesman who agreed on any motion he mad. This causes factionalism within the realm, which at some point can blow over into something tangibly eventful.

Zowzer II has passed on. In his place was his son Kozar who this time was full Koopa as his father wed Lady Karpa, one of the daughters of the most powerful General in the Zowzer Empire. Due to this Kozar faces much more better and affable treatment than his father ever had. This proves to be a double edge-sword. The coddling of Kozar by the aristocracy of the Zowzer Empire results in a few minor wars with the Quakia Republics to be completely lost to them. Even with those incidents he is still coddled, allotting further that that his expertise in statesmanship would be lacking for future crises.

File: Dark Star.png (30 KB, 260x260)
30 KB

To this point of brief normalcy, it was dashed with the appearance of the Dark Stars. When the entities from beyond first came here, they merely desired to observe. Gradually though their directives shifted and shifted until they made contact. Then came deep attachment. This lead the Sprites becoming wholly easy to discover. That's when the abuses had started.. the slaughters.. becoming scrapgoats.. This is what gave birth to the part of the Star Sprites who wouldn't remain as pacifists. Now they had wanted to inflict instead of being afflicted. The particular Sprites who called for this however were shunned then banished for calls extreme as they wanted.

It was then these stars became to be known as Dark Stars because they only ever struck at night. With their potent innate cosmic magics they wrecked havoc across Gomp unabated for months. The roster of what they did was exceptional unique given their powers: on some assaults the Dark Stars would blip the existence of the mouths of entire settlements so they couldn't eat or drink at all, leading into induced famine or suicides knowing they would succumb to the former. On other assaults they used telekiness to smash multiple people with boulders. There were even times when the Dark Stars raised their own counter armies into undead from the piles of dead bodies they killed.

It was a disastrous , but of the most hit hard was the Zowzer Empire. Many experienced Magikoopa of the were killed in the dozens in attempt to successful capture a Dark Star. Now the institution would have to restructure the Magikoopa research ranks and many other things of note.

[Current year is 300. TL is 2.1 (early Iron Age). The Dark Stars have formed]
The year is 310.
For centuries the Uakigi have lurked in the shadow of society, slowly yet surly growing in power. Now they have finally have the perfect opportunity to further their unknown goals. From the abandoned remains of a Vario Clan stronghold they claim the Disguise Gem and offer it up to the Boos. In exchange for the boon the Boos gift the clan potent spiritual arts that allow the creation of false spirits to do the clan's bidding.
The year is 312

Due to Carpolio's incompetence, the nobles no longer listen to him and instead engage in warring with each other. Looks like each faction is trying to be the one that unites all the novles through conquest to become the next king. Precious few nobles try to avoid war, but they are quickly subsumed.

The year is 315

Dark Star activity seems to have died down. However, the Dark Stars are actually engaging in unethical magical experiments to wage war on the other races in the future.
Year 315:
The Dark Stars, only able to attack at night, hatch a scheme to plummet Gomp into perpetual darkness. Using unholy magic, they cast a spectacular spell that shatters the great ball of light in the sky. The shattered fragments scatter throughout the known world as artifacts known as Shine Sprites.

The perpetual darkness gives the Dark Stars free reign over the entire land. Kingdoms are toppled thousands are slain. It takes years for the people to discover the nature of the Shine Sprites and come up with a way to return light to the land.
File: 310-315.png (135 KB, 700x550)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Year 310: The Uakigi clan were smart. Very smart. While the weakest of the Granddad clans still around (miraculously the Vario and Zaluigi still surviving despite their lack of... subtleties or care of detail), it was well connected to the underground world of the arcane. While the rest of humanity began to distrust magic altogether from the Whomp rebellions decades ago, the Uaikigi were different.. gainfully so, even in the beginning of the initial split when all the Granddad clans used to be one.

This testimony could've have rung more true as they struck a deal with the astral Boos from beyond the veil with trade of one of the old Vario artifacts. With the terms of the deal completed within one night the entirety of teh Uakigi clan become blessed with ghost based supernatural powers- along with the ability of making "ghost clones" of themselves to trick enemies in the midst of a fight or large battle. These new facts about the propel the once recluse and seldomly known Uakigi clan be the most sought after mercenaries, above the Kario Bros and Zaluigi clan, barring out the Vario who've stopped being mercenaries to become full time bandits.
The time period of 312-314 within the Toadstool Kingdom is one of interregnum and blatant disregard of the royal house, such a behavior never even being thought possible years ago in the good times of the Kingdom. Many upstart counts from the most legitimate of Dukes within the Kingdom fight pitches after pitches of battles to gain ground or enough support to be guaranteed as new King. Meanwhile in the heartland controlled provinces of the Toadstool Kingdom, Carpolio was debased as ever and didn't worry of the squabbles of his now fractious vassals. The more they fought among themselves, the more he could enjoy the pleasures of his own wealth.

In this war the two major mercenary groups: Uakigi and Kario Bros are present in the many subrealms taking up jobs for their respective employers, even to as far fight one another in conflicting secret operations. To boot many other new mercenary clans on the same style of the two old ones make appearances: The Yamagaka, a clan based out of the city-state of Yomin. The Condottieri- a mercenary group that did operations much differently than the Uakigi, Kario, and Yamagaka. Instead of doing intrigue network building, spying, and assassination- the Condottieri were a pure strongman fighting force of Hoplites, some Lartan, some Quakian. Of the bunch they fare the worse off in mission efficiency and hirings as they can't keep up with the more ninja-like organizations.
>Mario 7? Is that the one I played?
>Let’s check it out...
File: Ritual of Blotting.png (289 KB, 600x489)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
[Dark Sprite ritual of Blotting: 1d20=13]
Year 315-342: It had come without warning. In one moment the sun was in its normal frame of existence, in another it becomes completely shattered in what was thought as a totality at the time. No one had time to prepare. The malign reign of the Dark Sprites had begun.

Of course to suffer the brunt of the ire of the practical mini-Gods at first was the Zowzer Empire. The Stars of dark death desiccated entire towns of the Zowzer subjects in a few fell swoops. Responding garrison forces with practically all but blithered out from beams projected from the denizens of Dark aching for revenge for what the Zowzer Emperor had done for years. Emperor Kozar despite the vastness of his army and having the strongest force on Gomp itself could not match the angered onslaughts of the Dark Stars. Even in an alternate scenario where he was older, experienced, and atleast half competent- there would be no winning regardless.

The Republic of Quakia even with foreknowledge of what was to come with some adequate preparation after seeing what had happened to the Zowzer Emperor could not stave off the all out attack of the Dark Sprites and their magic. The pain, rage, and death of what the Dark Stars cause power them even further. Within 2 years the Republic of Quakia falls as well, with Trome, the greatest city of which was said in sometimes that all roads led to; was burning.

The Toadstool Kingdom not even unified didn't have absolutely no chance at all, but their attacks by the Dark Sprites weren't as intense since even these mini-Gods of dark destruction could be killed- the years of their collective rampages taking some of their numbers.

File: Tario.png (25 KB, 526x489)
25 KB

Eventually a horrid status quo took hold of the entirety of Gomp. The misery was wild within abandon in many of the denizens of this world as the Dark Sprites continued their tyranny. Only a few hidden Kingdoms, small groups, and tribes could manage at a time. Anyone who were foolish enough to start larger settlements were found by the Dark Sprites, elimination being their fate. All had seemed to be lost.

Until the day of the penultimate discovery. Wakataka now changing his alignment after being driven to dreadful sorrow at the destruction of his nation works in every waking hour has to find the means to reverse the destruction of the sun. He was close to giving up, until he noticed one thing from old manuscripts from the Zowzer Magikoopa institution. The ritual that the Star Sprites used were something that was attempted by the a group called the "7", a Star Sprite terrorist group Wakataka remembered outing to the Empire when it still existed. One of his colleagues (since Wakataka had acquired this manuscript from the ruins of the academy-base) written an exreta of details regarding the strange ritual and what it did. Essentially it was a dark cosmic ability made eons ago that its sole purpose was to destroy other stars- basically what the Dark Sprites have done now.

There was a way to reverse it however! There existed semi-sapient mini-stars of the sun after its shattering called Shrine Sprites! With this information Wakataka contacts the Order of Smoldering Light- the Toad Knightly group who as of now had full legitimacy given the certain circumstances now. The Smoldering Light, Kario Bros, Vario Clan, Uaikigi, and other covert organizations all set about to gather the Shrine Sprites to restore the sun- whilst fighting the dark humanoid minions of the Dark Star Sprites and even the Sprites themselves at time- in such cases as this resulted in defeat..

In all this there was one human recruit to the Smoldering Light called Tario... For some reason he was gifted without peer in matters of perilously fighting the Dark Star Sprites directly. It was only far into the various missions of retrievals of various Shrine Sprites was it realized that the boy was Starlight blooded- somewhere down the line he was half Sprite himself.

File: Tario2.png (36 KB, 250x250)
36 KB

This revelation had happened when Tario and his team composed of: Rutger, a Zaluigi clan archer; Enrico, the Uaikigi spectralmancer; Morgue, the berserker Vario of the party; and a Hammerthrower in the form of Billy, a Kario bro had happened upon one of the only remaining non-corrupted Star Sprites still alive in Gomp. The Dark Sprites had systemically killed the other Sprites who didn't want agree with their philosophy or general bloodthirstiness. They were deemed too weak to live by the rationalization of the Dark Sprites, so over the years along with the other nations that were being destroyed, the Star Sprites were as mentioned before whittled down until there were little to none left. Until now.

This spread sensed that maternally he was Star-Touched, of the particular make a great internal strength of magical potential. Unfortunately though the Star the party had met was near to death, but it gave one last gift- unlocking Tario's full power. With that the brave Star crumbled away. For centuries after that event no one would see anymore untainted Star Sprites.

Tario as a fully dedicated Knight of the Smoldering Light used his power to the fullest extent- taking back the fight straight to the Dark Sprites. Mustering up one last army to make or break the horrific decades long calamity the people of Gomp found themselves in, Tario with his friends lead the fields armies of Human, Toad, Koopa, Goomba, Whomp, Thwomp, and Bomb-Bomb in the last bid to restore the sun. Him and his party one-by-one already defeated one of the last remaining Dark Sprites in their various holdings in a strange cosmic realms they all held privately. Each realm had the Shrine Sprites, of which Tario almost had all of. Now the final countdown had begun: they were right at the maleficent portal that lead to realm where the last Shrine Sprite was housed.
File: Aakdahqio's Realm.png (1 KB, 256x384)
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They didn't know how long they were in the realm for, no one could possibly keep track in all the fighting. To describe the last realm they delved in.. it was unlike Tario or his friends had seen before. It was pitch black entirely save for strange netherlike purple wide continent sized pathways. For a time as the army marched on they were greeted.. by absolutely nothing. The silence stretched on and on making some troopers go mad entirely with those afflicted having to be left behind as to not jeopardize the final task of absolution. Failure wasn't an option.

The realm somehow had.. air.. but it wasn't the natural air of Gomp. The men complained of a strange malignant taste and a smell as the army tread on. These senses became more and more apparent to the entire force. That's when the war, the war to decide the fate of their world began. Purple winged beasts came at the army in the thousands. Tario's army was ready and already battle hardened for decades of warfare against the horrible abominations the Dark Sprites had made as they lost their own numbers.

Archer regiments of the center down of the field army laid down quick upended barrages at the charging winged monstrosities. This kept the winged horde at bay for awhile before they got too close to continue firing arrow onslaughts without accruing friendly fire. The Pikemen lines- remnants of the Guakia Republic- were quick to form up, staggering back the brunt of the probes by the beasts. The pikemen regiments could only do so much though as Tario's army was massive. The chaotic melees had begun as the lightswordsmen and heavy-battle knights alike began to engage. It wasn't Tario's style to be this disorganized when leading an army, but he had no time. None at all.

He only gave one order: hold the position. This order spread like wildfire from the officers, to the colonels, to the sergeants in quick succession to the soldiers involved- they knew what they picked their weaponry up for, knew the stakes. Each an every soldier that would fall in this realm will be fighting for a chance of fighting generations merely having this sun back.

While the army held the monstrosities, Tario along with his friends charged ahead on their horses from where they could see the dark temple in the center of the realm.

File: Uraun.png (108 KB, 894x894)
108 KB
108 KB PNG


Tario couldn't understand it, but when his party got closer and closer to the temple, he just felt the name come entirely to him. Dismounting their horses, the 5 of them fearfully drew their respective weapons. The entrance of to the temple was just an extremely wide rectangle opening thousand upon thousands of stairs leading up to the very wide top-roof of it.

Not even getting up half the steps, the 5 heroes would be accosted by the same demons- no doubt in an effort to stop the humans at all cost. It was one of the hardest things to do, keep walking and ensure you don't fall off while fighting off a large number of deadly mindless flying killing machines. Already Morgue has been lost, his usual bid of fighting on stable ground being lost to him. The 4 couldn't spare to even watch his descent from down the stairs as they were incessantly beleaguered. All they heard was his splat at the bottom.

This went on as they pitifully tried to go up further.



then Enrico

Tario was almost at his breaking point. Almost. It was then he finally realized that he mad it to the top of the steps to the roof of the temple. In the center of this wide roof was an alter- the last Shine Sprite. Then it had showed. Uraun. It was the most frightful Dark Sprite Tario had ever seen. First of note- it was humongous, more than even a Whomp. Then it seemed to be encased in an always flowing bubble of dark energy of which it was encapsulated in. The rest of the visage of Uraun was that it had spikes, a warn aura about it.. and that giant red eye.

"So, you've finally found me." Uraun spoke out. Though it had no mouth, the only indication it gave when speaking was a periodic flash of darkening around its frame.

With his sword drawn Tario would respond. "This all ends here" getting into a pose.

The fight lasted for what seemed like forever. Uraun who spluttered lasers at Tario, of which the Smoldering Light knight had to respond with was perfectly time wards of Sprite light less he get instantly evaporated. Another move Uraun had was evoking spikes of dark energy, which it would use to try to catch Tario off-guard with a follow up with laser blasts. It was a deadly tango. If Tario was to die here, Gomp would be doomed. Then he saw it though. The opening he needed.
File: Sun.png (2 KB, 409x418)
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It was an opening, but Tario almost botched it entirely. Uraun a practically realized god in its own right had intuned reflexes. Tario rolled to a side of Uraun that was wide open, but with the aforementioned fact before, it was about to reverse the hole in its defense. It had thought the fight was continue on. Uraun in this moment was wrong.

At a milisecond of speed, Tario called upon his Star Sprite power from within- supercharging himself straight to Uraun. The hero at a glimpse had seen the pupil of Uranus dilate in surprise. Tario smiled humbly. He had gotten the bastard.


Uranus was cleaved horizontally across.

It was over.
Year 342: Tario along with whatever was left of his army solemnly left Uraun;s realm as it began concaving within itself due to the holder of it being no more. Yes- it was good that they had won and stroke out the evil that plagued for 27 years. Too much was lost in the wake of it though. Too much desolation.

Tario along with the current de jure (certainly not de facto as it no longer existed in physicality) Zowzer Emperor- Bokka, the uncle of Kozar since the former died in battle in the beginning stages of the Dark Star tyrannies- was present along with the various clan masters of the Granddad clans, Kario Bros Grand Master, the Quakia senate-in-exile, and Grand Master of the Knights of Smoldering Light were all at Wakataka's tower. It was made into the headquarters of the resistance against the Dark Sprites as Wakataka could cloak it entirely when the monstrosities were at their worst. Wakataka himself died long ago on a sacrifice he committed to save Tario and his party.

A moment of silence was wrought before the Shrine Sprites were assembled. Once they were the bits and pieces turned in an orb before going at mach speed into the sky. An enormously burst of light exploded.

The sun was back.
Even with the sun back, its absence had too much damage. Many of the once lush forests had died out, rivers dried up, almost everything. All hope again despite the various races fighting tooth and nail to secure a good life for future generations- had seemingly failed.

That was until a Magikoopa by the name of Egburt discovered something funny. The Sun apparently was only taken out in THEIR continent mass only the. The Ritual of Rotting was actually one that transports wide swatches of land into a pocket dimension. Essentially they were for so many years trapped in a killing playground of the Dark Sprites own amusement...

With this information, the age of colonization had began. Now that they were back in mainstream reality, the various groups of the Gomp continent had to now leave it- it spent too long without light in the pocket dimension. Even with the sun back now, it was already too late.

File: Turn20.png (16 KB, 440x384)
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Tario knowing the avarice and bloodiness of man, koopa, and toad alike knew where this was heading. After his main mission was finally done, he disappeared never to be seen again. He owed no one- they owed him. The best they could offer was to leave him out of what was to come next.

Forever though Tario would be immortalized in history for his deeds. A legend of hard comparison for any future heroes near his tenure.

For now though another chapter begins as the various groups leave Gomp for better lands and needing to cleanse away the nightmares it involved.

[Current year 342. TL is 2.3 (Middle Iron Age). Gomp from being in the localized Dark Sprite realm for 27 years has deteriorated beyond help. The age of colonization has begun]
Year 350

Uraun, it seemed was more insidious than expected. Upon death, it managed to seal an aspect of itsef into Bokka, heir of Zowzer. This aspect manipulates Bokka in subtle ways, causing the rulee to be more war-like over the years. This aspect seems to pass itself on to family members descended from Bokka.

Also, a priestess named Tulip was born in the Uakigi whose spiritual powers were so strong that she was deemed practically half-Boo
A sect of the Uakigi, who had seen the power of Uraun and wanted to make it their own, started a ritual to infuse their bodies with the essence of the Boos themselves. This blasphemous ritual had the unforeseen consequence of warping their bodies, making them more stout and wrapped in a darkness so thick and unnatural that they had to cover themselves up completely in heavy clothes, lest they fade away. Their bodies, especially their faces, became horrifying, forcing them to wear masks in shame to cover the abominations they had become. They also lost most of their ability to speak, making others assume that they were covering their faces simply because of shyness, thus earning them the name of “shy guys”
File: Welcome to the Jungle.jpg (704 KB, 1332x850)
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704 KB JPG
Year 350-353: Some had stayed. They fought with every inch of their being to have their homes back. Leaving would only mean that all the people who died along the way would mean absolutely nothing. Others argue however that the man, women, and even children that died for the cause of being free of the Dark Sprites would've wanted the ones who've made it to continue on and survive.

For whatever the case there maybe as state before- some had stayed, though, the majority of people who used to be native to Gomp had set sail for new lands. Gomp would never be a forgotten chapter however.

We follow how the remnants of the Quakia, Sarassaland, Granddad clans, and the Knights of the Smolder Light (which has become a human operated order as of now due to Tario). The voyage for these groups was absolutely perilous. It was a last ditch effort, barely had anyone prepared adequately since they had to find some sort of land fast. Gomp's arable prospects were all but nil due to the Dark Sprite crisis lasting for so long. If they had stayed, they would've died. With this voyage through, there also was a risk of death.


(I'm taking a little nap, I'll be back in a few hours)
File: BowingMario.jpg (8 KB, 213x237)
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(Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I'm not feeling to well and I don't want it to affect my writing. I'll chill out for a few days and we'll come back to this.)

Here is an archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4263566/

Feel free to also discuss the game so far if you want as well.
No worries man, get well soon!
The game has been pretty good so far.
File: 1533861002530.png (13 KB, 300x400)
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I think things have been very interesting so far. Would love to take this to the space age. I'll keep a lookout for more updates OP.
It's a real fun game, OP. I hope this gets many threads.
Nice, will be see the Shy Guys develop their innate power or will they descend into primitive thought?

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