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You look at the figure in the shadows and strain your eyes to make out her features. It's... odd.
Perhaps it's the pitch black darkness making you see things where there's nothing but she looks almost monstrous.
Her massive dress manages to obscure her figure quite well, leaving only her torso from the cleavage up exposed. She looks relatively normal there with the only oddity being the fins on her head. But her shoulders... there's something definitely wrong there.
It's almost as if her muscles are so developed her skin is stretched to fit them, leaving it looking disfigured.
But maybe there's something else, as when you look a bit further down things unravel even more.

Her arms are almost comically oversized and don't look entirely whole. They are more like several thick noodles squeezed together to make faux limbs... are those tentacles?
I-Is that huge dress meant to cover a bunch of tentacles? Is that what she is underneath? Just a mass of limbs propping up a normal torso and vaguely kept in the shape of a humanoid? Come to think of it you can't even see her legs...
You shudder a little.

This amuses the alien. Chuckling a little she begins taunting you.
"What's wrong? Afraid of the da-"

Not even bothering to listen to her you shoot out an invisible blast from your fist and watch it pass harmlessly through her.
Her visage dissolves into an inky black substance and returns to the darkness whence it came from.
"An illusion?"
It's her.

As you hear her voice coming from behind your back you turn to see an orange light illuminate the hole. A ball of fire.
Striking it makes it disappear without causing any sort of harm. But it somehow still had weight to it.
Suddenly the entire cave lights up with innumerable six sided shapes before they all fade into the shadows.
"I can create no less than 129 different illusions and 76 different attacks."
That's a scary number of combinations...
"But I'd rather not have to use them if I can help it."

"Odd thing coming from an assassin."

"Yes, I suppose it is.
But I assure you I have a good reason. I could share that with you-"

She wants to talk? Well that's certainly strange.
You certainly could, if for nothing else than a chance to get the hell out of here.
But every second you waste here Cabba has to spend fighting 2 to 1. Against people that don't give a shit about fighting fair.

>Alright... what do you want?
>Screw it. The sooner you get attacking the sooner you can find her
>Find a way out
>Alright... what do you want?
>Screw it. The sooner you get attacking the sooner you can find her
>Use Buu to destroy the illusions somehow.
Well it's a tie... Someone we need a hero!
>Alright... what do you want?
Illusion shenanigans means just straight up attacking ain't gonna cut it.
This is the best chance for a opener as far as I can tell.
Rolled 10, 5, 10, 8 = 33 (4d21)

Hmmmm yes. Quite

rolling and writing
File: 1qhdqqJ.jpg (92 KB, 1060x404)
92 KB
Yeah next time don't do your evil laughter until after you roll, that never works out.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Let me show you how to make the donuts.
Indeed you beat the QM! [By 1]
The thought of ignoring her wish and just gunning for her does cross your mind. But if it failed once it'll fail again, especially since your opponents shtick is illusions.
So you feign interest and with a bit of sleight of hand make it look like you turn off the budding Null Star in your hand.
"Okay, I'll bite. Why would an assassin who already signed their execution warrant even bother with talking with their mark?"

"Simple. You and I are in the same boat."

"I doubt that."

"Why though?
Of all people in the multiverse you should be aware of what working for a Destroyer entails.
When they tell you to jump you ask how high. When they tell you to kill you ask who and how."

"Ah... That's what you want to get to? That this is just happening because Quitela told so?"

It's your head for ours, that was the deal.
If we fail at our task we'll take your place. It's that simple."

"Ouch. Sounds like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because you're toast no matter what!
Either I kill you or he does!"

"Are you so sure about that? You're wounded and tired. And it will keep mounting. But that doesn't matter.
Basically what I want to say is that you shouldn't take this personally. We have nothing against you. It's not personal just business."

"Hmmm... thanks I suppose.
Doesn't mean I'll go any easier on you!"

"And I suppose it's because of this and our shared "camaraderie" as servants of the gods that I feel pity for you.
So I'd like to extend an offer to you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours."

"The easy way? You're really coming at me with this shit?"

With my illusions I can give you any death you desire, they don't exist only to harm you know.
What if you could die the most pleasant death in the universe? I could do that to you. Or we could continue and you'd regret passing up my offer."

"Pffft... that's adorable!
You think I'm going to take this?"

"Hmmmm... guess not.
But what if I sweetened the deal? How about I let you die quickly and without pain... and let you keep your soul."

>Yeah whatever, I heard enough
>Okay that does sound tempting
>Come again?
>Yeah whatever, I heard enough
>"Sorry Calamari I already did the noble sacrifice sthick and scared my girlfriends once if I pulled that shit again... Well lets just say I've been to hell and not even that scares me as much as what they would do to me."
>Counterpoint: Your boss is stepping out of line by interfering with another universe in a negative manner. I get away with that shit because it's beneficial for everyone involved, but this assassination would be the opposite. So if you really want a way out of this, we can bring it up with your boss's boss, or one of the attendant angels.
Diplomancy MIGHT work.
>"Sorry Calamari I already did the noble sacrifice sthick and scared my girlfriends once if I pulled that shit again... Well lets just say I've been to hell and not even that scares me as much as what they would do to me."
>I hope you will be safer in afterlife if you are insistent on my death. We could always go to my boss, angels or someone else to sort things out.

Not expecting this to go towards her accepting the later in any way.
Well... guess you guys better get ready for that inevitable Hakai then

Oh and please start rolling
Best of 4
DC: 10 (due to her failure)
Crit: 17
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Away with yee sudden string of bad luck
Rolled 18 (1d21)

This battlefield will smell of donuts
Rolled 10 (1d21)

The droids are back.
Rolled 13 (1d21)

Looks like Eric's gonna pound that tuna hard.
But I'm worried if Cabba will get to eat any
That line, that fucking line. You can't help but crack a smile at the mere mention of it.
"Sorry calamari! I already did the noble sacrifice thing once and managed to scare my girls quite well with it! If I pulled that off again well... let's just say I'd prefer if my soul was gone for good!
Because they'd drag my ass back from hell just to kick it back into oblivion! So yeah, not scared the slightest!"

"Fufufu... you'd prefer your soul being annihilated over angering your mates?
Sounds like you just made a bad choice to me."

"Aaaaand you're gonna die just for that.
Don't worry, I won't burden you with a dumb choice like that! It'll be slow and painful no matter what!
Just gotta decide how to cook you once I'm done!"

"Well... that's reassuring to hear! At least now I know I don't have to go easy on you!"
You see a figure emerge from the shadows once more, alongside several others.
This time it's pretty easy to tell which one's real even with all the duplicates around. Why would she do this when she can remain safe and abuse her magical attacks? Unless...

Your guts are telling you that this is a trap and you agree. But what is its purpose? You sense nothing coming from behind and all the clones are right in front of you. Which must mean-
Turning around you reveal the miniature star in your hand and slam it into the ground. As it breaks the sphere implodes and drags in a decent amount of rubble in a circular area around it before exploding with equal force. At the same time you hear a surprised scream coming from the rocks below and see the illusions disappear, even the very real looking one.
Of course, she has you locked up in here for a reason so the rock above is too important to gamble. That leaves the ground as her only point of attack.

She emerges from the darkness cast on one of the walls and wipes some blood off her cheeks.
"He saw through it?!"

"I was trained by an assassin among many others!
One that could wipe the floor not only with you but with me as well. If you thought your entry level shit would be enough then you made a grave mistake coming here!"

"Heh... you remind me a lot of someone. He was a crafty bastard too!"
She smiles as her flesh begins to undulate and squirm.
"I was going to stop you from squirming around too much but if you want to be difficult then fine!
I'll just do it the old fashioned way!"
File: dercori.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
Your suspicions were correct. What she was packing down there was not in fact the worlds greatest rear end.
Both the small collection of tendrils she has for arms as well and a great swarm of the things coming out of her dress engorge and lengthen a great deal until her upper body only makes up a fraction of her full size.
In addition to that her hair turns white and strange markings appear on her face. She seems elated about this change and wastes no time using her new "tools" on you.


She swings her arms around like a whip and her arm splits into the many great tentacles that usually form it.
Even in their regular state each of those individually were as thick as a normal persons forearm, now they are the size of tree trunks. And they are packing quite a punch.
As she swings them around she makes use of the tight space and covers ALL of it in a storm of angry worms ready to slam you into the walls.
With the limited area to move around in you can't help but take those hits.

Guarding your most vital areas you leave your gut exposed and focus your defenses on hardening it.
Praying to some higher power you brace for impact... and several comes. The impact of each hit is like a drum of war being vigorously pounded. As you stand there the walls around you start to crumble whilst the tentacles easily carve through them like hot butter.
She starts laughing like a maniac as she continues to hit you over and over again, feeling overjoyed about her physical superiority.
But as she continues to whip up the collected dust in the hole she starts having trouble breathing and seeing you.

Stopping for a quick cough she quickly returns to taunting you.
"There! You land dwelling ape! How was that?!"

As the dust settles she sees you still standing in the same place and a single eye poking out over your crossed arms.
"Not bad... my turn."

>Rush her while she's still here
>Better not attack while the risk of the illusions is still there
>Blow. It. All. UP!
>Attack her mind directly with psionics.
Psychic powers, bitch! It doesn't matter how beefy you are or how many illusions you hide behind, your mind is still present and a viable target.

Sense her out with psychic senses, then attack using Timeskip.

I’m not sure if we can use psychic stuff to mind crush people yet. But I guess that’s be cool too if the DC isn’t too high.
Actually, since we’re in Buu form right now, might it be possible to try and have Buu channel some huge magic juju to try and shatter illusions, or make the generation of illusions impossible or difficult?
>Rush her while she's still here
Yeah sure, either of those could be possible
I’ll go along with my suggestion then. Buu might like the opportunity to do stretch his magical muscles.
Okay then. That got an actual support so it wins

And roll for the result
Dercori fucked up by not managing to shadow bind you and then wasted a whole bunch of stamina for next to nothing
Best of 4
DC: 10 Crit: 16
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Witness Me!!
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 6 (1d21)


Still huddled behind the stalwart defense of your arms you continue to stare through C'thulhus sextoy over there and into her fucking soul.
Your mind is poised on finding a way to get your hands on her neck and strangle the life out of her. But with those illusions threatening you and her imposing strength that she can use when she's caught would make that hard.
If only you could get around it.

But how? Psychic attacks would work but attacking the mind directly is something you can hardly pull off even in your awakened state, not to mention using the majin form.
Maybe... maybe you can attack the illusions directly? Yes. That sounds more plausible.
It's definitely magic, it has to be. And Buu's the strongest there is when it comes to magic.


You start giggling and laughing to yourself like a maniac which the lady doesn't like.
"What's so funny?"

"Yeeees... yes! You're going to pay for that!

Remaining in the same stance you begin drawing out more and more of Buus energy until it's starting to create localized anomalies.
The still air of the hole begins to move around like a typhoon and your pink aura illuminates the place as it erupts from your body.
To your shock your opponent takes a step back as her form begins to shrink. Ah... so it's the dark. That's why they wanted to seal you in here with her.
No matter now. Nothing... nothing matters now.

"Heh... hahaha... hehehehehe... Hahahaha!"
You continue to laugh as your veins bulge from the excess energy running through them.
The aura around you gets even wilder looking, taking on the appearance of pink transparent flames.

The lady stands far away from you and it feels like she's retreating back into the shadows for safety.
"Is that your big plan? Shouting me to death? Or are you trying to unnerve me with that giggling? Because let me tell you, it's working."

Finally the focus returns to your eyes as you look at her once more and not into her.
Still grinning you give her a final educational advice.
"You're missing the point."
She doesn't seem to have a clue about what you're doing which is good. That means you can continue building this up unimpeded.
Once the pressure builds up even more and it threatens to overwhelm her she does change her mind however.
You feel a presence creeping up on you, using the long shadows of the place to move unobstructed.
But it's far too late now.

She gets actually rather close when it happens, making it much worse for herself.
Spreading your arms you shout triumphantly and release all the barely restrained energy.
It feels... good, really good. Like firecrackers exploding, it fills you with a near childlike glee. The sight of everything being ruined, the sound, even the tentacle monsters screams just add to the experience.
No wonder Buu liked it.

But you need to focus yourself to observe the effect of the attack. As you expected the gargantuan amount of magical energy released manages to destabilize all those "seals" she put around the place.
One by one they either malfunction and begin firing off illusions and attacks with wildly unpredictable results or they just simply explode.
Once all of them either blow up or start doing wacky stuff however the attack doesn't stop. The pressure inside keeps on building, the walls crack and the giant stone above begins to yield.
As the storm reaches its apex it finally begins to break through the rock in beams of pink light before tearing the boulder asunder.

It seems like there was a fight happening upstairs but now it's all stopped as the lid has been blown off your hole.
After picking up something you fly up and toss your new acquisition on the ground.
The other two assassins immediately pick up on it.

"Mommy, Daddy! I broke my toy. Can I get a new one?"

"Y-You! What did you do to our friend?!"

"Awww buu-hoo!
Big meanie chef turned your friend into fried calamari!
Shoulda thought of that before you came to assassinate me!"

As you continue to taunt the remaining two Cabba flies down to you to regroup.
"Hey... how are you holding up?"

"Not good.
Blew a pretty big load down there. Got pounded by tentacles just like in my japanese animes.
And that's on top of all the bullshit I got so far. You?"

I'm still tired after the whole Super Saiyan 3 thing and these two don't fight fair.
Once you were gone they got to bleeding me dry as well."

"You got poisoned?"

"No... I don't think so."

That means we can still fight."

"Okay but how?
Got any ideas?"
He seems to be relying on your for your tactics.

>Take out his support and the boy is barely a threat even with his rising power
>Set 'em up, knock 'em down. Once we turn Big Bird into KFC the girl won't be an issue
>I say we don't give these shits a fair fight! Fusion!
>Set 'em up, knock 'em down. Once we turn Big Bird into KFC the girl won't be an issue

I propose a ZA WARUDO plus the magic dimension of “fuck you” energy that we’ve been stockpiling. That should hurt him significantly or get him down for the count.

Nuking every hidey hole might take too much energy.
>I say we don't give these shits a fair fight! Fusion!
>use magic make a dust Storm then make a chamber in the ground go in seal it then fuse
>>I say we don't give these shits a fair fight! Fusion!

I wouldn’t be so gung-ho about fusion. We are fucked with a capital F if we flub the roll.
>How about we make this a 3 on 2 fight? I could let Buu out to play for a little while.
While I am advocating against fusion...

if we are worried about Buu mode making things harder, we could have Stand Buu run interference to increase chance of success. Along with any other maneuvers we could do to increase chances of fusion success.
Hmmmm there doesn't appear to be much consensus
But it looks like Fusion has multiple supporters
At the same time I'm seeing some good write-ins
What to do what to do...

Well let's do a roll and we'll figure it out that way

Best of 4
DC: 13 because of the good ideas
No crit
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Rolled 21 (1d21)

I was just pretty undecided on that one so yeah I guess having the dice decide works.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

>Buu doesn't understand why we're doing a silly dance to fuse, since fusion comes so easily to him
>He just smashes eric and cabba together
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Aww yis

RNGesus Vult!
File: eeibi26qdmu11.jpg (52 KB, 499x326)
52 KB
Have another reaction image to complete the set!
"You know what? I'm tired of playing fair with these tools!
I say it's time WE were the cheating assholes!"

"Y-You don't actually mean-"

"I do.
It's TIME!"

"Alright but we need to make sure this isn't another Makai situation."

"Don't worry. I'm already on it."

While you're busy discussing how to perform the dance your opponents are busy handling their own stuff.
The bird boy swoops down and scoops up his unconscious friend without getting into much trouble. Once he returns to the other one they begin talking things through as well.
"This is bad Ganos!"

"I know!"

"We need to get Dercori out of here right now!"

"Shut up I know! Let me think!
Maybe just maybe we have to-"

"Look! They are doing something!"


As birdbrain looks at you he sees that you've begun doing something wacky.
You're about to perform the fusion dance with Cabba and though he may not know what it is, he probably suspects that it's nothing good.
Just as you expected him to do so he attacks you alongside his ladyfriend.

Cabba gets stuck with the girl and has to stop his routine to block her but he seems to have the situation under control.
You on the other hand have the big guy to worry about and his raw power has increased tremendously since you last clashed with him.
Luckily you don't intend to fight him now. Since he took the bait it's about time the trap is sprung.
A pair of transparent pinkish hands sprout from your shoulders and grab hold of the boy while the rest of the figure materializes.
"Good job Buu! Now keep him locked down!"
You shout as you move past them and hear the bird shout profanities in your direction.

Now that you're free you give Cabba a helping hand and kick the sultry girl in the back.
Looking at Cabba you give him a telepathic message and he nods. Despite not knowing what you want he starts doing the dance alone while you watch out for the girl.
Cabba does the final pose and as you suspected the girl already threw a pair of energy boomerangs at him. No matter.
It's time to get crazy.

Spreading your arms you shout: "ZA WARUDO!"
Inside the world of frozen time you line yourself up with Cabba and do the other half of the ritual.
The instant your fingers touch you undo the freeze and let things proceed naturally.
Your bodies both turn into energy and mingle with one another. When the maelstrom fades it reveals a new figure standing inside.
One where there was two.

This sensation is as indescribable as it's unforgettable. A part of you almost forgot how good it feels to be in a union like this whilst the other was gnawing at the back of your mind to fuse back together.
But if there is one difference now than when you did it the first time it's that you're more educated now and didn't fuse while transformed.
Despite that however you're still brimming with power, enough to casually swat away the pathetic little toys your attacker just threw at you. Once those two weapons turn into dust from the impact of your swipe you step forward and pump up your chest.
"Alright everyone! Chill! The Chad of Chads is here!"

She stands there motionless while the birdguy manages to get his act together as Buu disappears.
"HEY! Who the HELL are you?"

"Hmmm? Guess we don't have one. Didn't need it before.
Buuuuut we probably need one, otherwise it won't be as cool.
Eric, Cabba.... how about Caric hmmm? Yeah that should fit! And uuuuh... now's the time you surrender."
Aaaand that's it for now
But don't worry. We'll come back tomorrow
With an asswhooping of near unprecedented proportions
Thanks for running, Nega-som!
Thanks for running!
I uh... I got some bad news bros
Due to the quarantine regulations being lessened in my country most establishments that had to close can now operate once more. That wouldn't be an issue but my parents decided this morning that we should go and eat out for dinner.
That means if I should run today there'd be a 3 hour gap at the very least, probably more.
And I'm not very comfortable with that, what with my run time being as limited as is

So uh... I guess I'm glad I decided to run yesterday
Please forgive me and accept my humble apology in the form of some assclapping, courtesy of Lythero
Avoid the second wave. Don’t be a chump and don’t let your parents be chumps either.
So long as you aren't going to the middle of the city you are most likely fine I went out to dinner at a local steakhouse with my grandparents for mothers day they seated all the patrons far enough away from the others to be safe and we are all fine. You just have to be smart while out and about.
File: crying cat.jpg (30 KB, 1080x726)
30 KB
I live out in the boonies, no big city in the vicinity. The closest ones are at least an hours drive away at the very least
Plus the place we go to is like dead dead. Hardly any patrons ever.

That's not my main issue though. Corona didn't hit us nearly as bad as it did the freedom land.
I'm just fucking mad
I just wanna run my wacky quest and have fun but life seems to go out of its way to shit on my plans

Although... it might not come to that actually
I got hit with a sudden case of stomach cramps out of nowhere, probably something I ate doesn't sit well with me. I might not go with them. Will try to post updates.
If nothing else I'll start the quest but might have to call it quits super early
>Implying backwoods rednecks and hicks are intelligent enough not to superspread it even in the far reaches of nowhere
I don't trust like that
You'd be surprised how backwards things are in eastern europe
City people are soft assholes that keel over if they have to use toilet paper that's less than 3 layers thick and despite having better schooling they have no technical knowledge
In contrast village people might be simple but they are wise, hardy, have a lot of life experience and used to bad times. I found more people wearing masks, keeping distance here than in the big city because simple folks know how bad disease can be
True there are stupid people here as well but there is a far larger population in big cities, meaning more idiots over all and a higher chance for the virus to spread
File: dtyui.png (72 KB, 693x407)
72 KB
Might want to reevaluate that thought process. Here is a hint the overwhelming amount of cases are in cities.
Population size directly affects number of affected? Color me shocked, bro! It’s almost like less people have been affected outside of densely populated areas because less people exist there.
Never would have expected a hodunk town of 5,000 people might have less infected than New York City
"Surrender? Hah! Don't make us laugh!"

"I don't know Ganos... Isn't this that fusion thing we saw in the tournament?"

"Heh... not quite Caway.
These two didn't use the divine instruments of the kais! They are using a fake, a copy!
Besides we nearly beat them to death already! It doesn't matter if they fused now!"


To prove his point the big bird lunges at you, covering the entire distance between you in a fraction of a second.
But you're far too busy taking in all the changes now that you're free to do so. Back in the tournament you were a bit... overwhelmed by the odd change but now you can figure this shit out.
If only this annoying fly wasn't in the way.

Right on queue you feel an odd tingle and reflexively act on it, raising your tail and casually swatting the ducks hand away so he flies past you and craters the ground.
"Oh... a tail... NEAT!"

"Rrrrrrr.... you think this is a game?! I'LL SHOW YOU A GAME OLD MAN!"
He turns around and rushes you but you keep comically slapping him around by swinging your waist from left to right and testing the limits of this new and exciting addition much to his dismay.

Continuing to ignore him as much as possible you focus on your arms instead.
They look like big, strong hands... don't they? It feels like you could carry a fucking galaxy on your back with them. So this is what the Saiyans strength feels like, huh? Nice.
But your other half is wondering much in the same way. As if a whole new world is being revealed to him due to the enhanced awareness granted to him by the merging.
No wonder the girls are willing to take any chance to fuse together, this is amazing! The strengths of each half are being amplified by the others whilst they also cover for the weaknesses. It may be just a lucky pairing but damn if it doesn't feel right!

"Hold on... how do we actually look? Never got a chance to see that!"
Opening 2 portals while fending off the chicken you check yourself out from different angles.
"Damn... We look like a reverse Guy Fieri! What are these? Reverse frosted tips? At least the outfit's cool."

He roars at you.

>You sure about that? (Go Super Saiyan)
Okay, I'll give this one a try
Hopefully I can keep going without being interrupted
Just please don't be surprised if I have to call it off early
It isn't directly linked to population size retard otherwise Texas would have a larger blip on the radar as well. Either way this conversation isn't worth continuing here.
>You sure about that? (Go Super Saiyan)
>Do not interrupt my portal-gazing insect. (Go Super Saiyan)
>You sure about that? (Go Super Saiyan)
>You sure about that? (Go Super Saiyan)
>You sure about that? (Go Super Saiyan)
No need to pop the SSJ cherry yet

Let's style on these fools a bit and get used to it.
Let’s beat some sense into him, then go for the girl and wrap it up.

Don’t forget, we’re on a time limit and the #1 reason why fusions fail is because they take too long in kicking their opponents’ asses.
I like your sensibility but there is a teeny weeny bit of detail you failed to account for
But anyway, Super Saiyan won


And uuuuuh...
We won't be needing any dice for this one
>We won't be needing any dice for this one
That big of a gap eh? Would our Potara equivalent be stronger?
I think the Daizenshu actually said the Dance is a tiny bit stronger, since it's more difficult to do and has requirements
But the Potara lasts twice as long.
>I think the Daizenshu actually said
I don't trust the guidebooks on any topic relating to canon, and most certainly not to CYOA threads on a Tibetan soap carving forum.
I was asking specifically what you decided for the quest, but I'll assume you're going off of what the Daizenshu said since you quoted it.
Yes because it makes sense to me
The dance is complicated, requires oddly specific people under specific conditions
The trade off is that if you succeed the two parties will be perfectly harmonized so their fusion is stronger

Whereas the potara just squishes two people together, no questions asked
Seems far less organic and feels like it was never meant to be used by mortals anyway
See, that's plausible. I guarantee you put more thought into that interpretation of existing examples of fusion than anybody at Toei did though.
>Saying that the mortal technique is superior in power to the divine technique
Zamasu hated that.

You stop for a moment and let the kid punch you in the face. However his brief moment of joy disappears as he realizes you haven't budged an inch and he begins stuttering.

"Fine. But remember, you asked for this."
The reason for his attack coming to a dead stop is revealed as your body starts shining with a golden aura.
It's surprising how the energy making up the Super Saiyan form can be veiled around the body like that without transforming but it's supremely difficult to maintain.
Giving him a flex you unleash the full brunt of your might and the resulting explosion of wind shoves him away with ease.

The sensation is almost impossible to describe. You feel this strange energy coming somewhere from the deepest recess of your being. It's fickle as it only keeps coming as long as you possess the strength to draw it out but whilst it's out it manages to strengthen your body, granting you more power, speed and durability than you could ever attain naturally.
And as it fills you entirely it even causes the cells in your hair and eyes to change temporarily.
Looking down you even see the gold creep up the length of your tail, overtaking the brown fur in the process.

Your opponents are staring at you in disbelief as they get physically pushed back by the sheer weight of the energy being shunted from your body.
"Don't worry..."
You start ruffling your hair while checking it out in a new portal.
"We'll end this quickly."
Mostly because you're certain Champa and pretty much everyone in the galaxy was aware of your existence the moment you fused.

You wait for a brief moment, taking a deep breath and focusing on your body to figure out its exact limits. Wouldn't want to overshoot this.
The girl rushes up to her ally and starts begging him to run away with their injured friend.
But he relents. Either he's very driven or very scared of his boss...
Looks like you have to teach him he should be more worried about you right now.

Using a time-skip as a test you enter the alternate time-space and realize how... effortless it is to do it now.
You fly up to the chicken in about one tenth of a second and stop as you pull back your arm. It's clear in that moment that you could still keep going with this for at least two whole seconds if you wanted to.
But you don't need that right now and turn it off as you strike. Hitting the boy in the stomach you keep pushing your fist into his stomach until you smash him into the wall of the ravine.
The impact is much less subtle than what you're used to and the collision causes the earth to quake and the wall to split in half in front of your very eyes.

Blood begins to trickle out of the boys beak as he falls to his knees before the crumbling mountain.
"This is amazing! Is this what being a Super Saiyan feels like? Damn!"
As you're marveling at your own capabilities you also start testing it, lowering your energy to base level and realizing how easy it is to just... keep the form on forever.
It felt nearly impossible for Cabba but the Eric half is making it trivial!

You don't have much time to wonder further unfortunately as you hear a shriek coming from behind.
It's the remaining girl.
As she screams her body also undergoes a transformation, bulking up greatly and becoming quite monstrous with a large mouth and sharp fangs. Her fair skin also appears to change and becomes covered in warts.

"Eww... Is every woman in your universe just a monster in disguise?
No wonder you're all miserable, backstabbing bastards."

She screams and charges you, creating a solid light battle axe in her hand. Now you kinda get how she was wielding a hammer before.

She swings down, aiming to chop you in half.
You don't like that idea and raise your palm at her and exercise psychic might your human half could not hope to match.
Bolstered by saiyan might the telekinetic grab becomes strong enough to stun her in place.
The only thing she can do is gasp in surprise as she can't even move her mouth now.
You smirk at this.

"Now... what to do with you?"

>That axe looks sharp...
>Blow a hot load all over her insides
>Knock her out
>Knock her out
>Knock her out

I'm of the opinion that the best way of displaying a massive power difference is quickly dispatching someone as if one might swat away an insect. Or brushing away a stray strand of hair that fell in front of one's eyes.
> Knock her out
>Knock her out
>Show her how to make donuts.
>Knock her out
Two get to live
We'll see if that becomes three...

Now however I might need you to roll. It ain't high, but you better not fail
Best of 4
DC: 5
Crit: 8
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Rolled 1 (1d21)

Wow... you're lucky Caric apparently fucks >>4271523
Otherwise you'd be in deep shit now
Rolled 1 (1d21)


Guess I'll do one more roll to round it out.

Rolled 17 (1d21)

Nah bro check it
File: hakai.png (2.37 MB, 1280x1141)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG

She looks at you with her arms stuck in the air, as if she was submerged in cement. Her trembling body betrays her fear. It's enough for you to feel pity for her.
You step to the side and walk around her newly widened and imposing from. Reaching behind her you do a karate chop to her neck with one hand while extending the other to catch her.
As her eyes go blank you undo your hold and gently easy her onto the ground.

The boy just watches this unfold from the ground, his look is similar to the girls except he's not fearing for his own life.
"W-What did you do to her?!"

"Can't you sense it? We knocked her out."
He looks at you as if he can't comprehend your actions.
"Look... I don't know if you know this or even if you know the meaning of the word where you come from...
Mercy. We spared you because the future is born in mercy. Its giving or the lack of it

He doesn't understand. Or maybe he doesn't want to understand.
Either way he's furious about something. His thought pattern is enigmatic to you.
And that rage makes him dangerous. Where previously he always retained some portion of lucidity if only to use it to grind down your resistance, now he's gone off the rails.
He raises his hand and begins concentrating energy.

But the lightning you expected didn't come... instead his energy changes color and becomes purple.
The unknown power flies out from his hand and coalesces into a ball floating above his hand.
You don't know what that is and strangest of all, you can't sense anything coming from it.
Only a looming sensation of dread.

Neither of your halves knows what it is but both are aware that it IS dangerous.
Jumping away from him you gain some distance before he could use it on you.
You stare at him preparing to use that thing on you and know you must do something.

>Hit him with a beam attack before he can throw that thing!
>Take it! Let's see what that thing can do!
>Try to knock him out quick!
>Grab one of his friends and use them as a shield
>Hit him with a beam attack before he can throw that thing!
>Hit him with a beam attack before he can throw that thing!
>ZA WARUDO and blast it away
>Hit him with a beam attack before he can throw that thing!

Maybe portal a beam to his exposed back to shock him and make him drop it? Either way, we probably should be taking evasive maneuvers in case he powers through the pain. That hyperspeed fighting thing we did in the Tournament of Destroyers might be helpful here if our mental processes can handle it without the Awakened state.

Actually, I'll change my vote from this: >>4271621

To something more like this: >>4271620

He's being fueled by rage, we'd have to atomize him to stop him from throwing it.
Also I know I'm a bit late, but on the earlier discussion of fusion The elder Kai states that Portara fusion is stronger because it adds the two people's energy together rather then requiring the stronger to lower their level to that of the weaker one.
I mean not even the people writing this shit can make up their minds regarding it.
Sometimes they claim one is stronger, later it's reversed
So at this point I think it's a matter of personal preference
Hmmmm I was waiting for someone to break the tie because this is actually fairly important/dangerous
So... do you WANT to kill him or not? Because some of these read like you do
Hit me up for a ZA WARUDO
>The non lethal. (Whatever that is)

Sorry busy today.
I'll vote for the one that doesn't kill, not actually clear on which one it is though.
Kill him.
The afterlife will sort him out.
I understand don't worry

Neither, just anon >>4271634
said atomize and I got scared

I was just saying that his rage-fueled desperation attack might require excessive force to shock him into stopping. Either got to KO him or kill him to stop the attack, or neutralize the Hakai prior to knocking him out.

I'd prefer a non-lethal option, but if putting him down is the only way to live then I'm all for letting Yemma deal with him.
A'ight there seems to be more support for the non-lethal one
That means no excessive force out of the gate
Killing him is now harder but so is stopping the attack


And gib dice
Best of 4
DC: 15
Crit: 18
Rolled 14 (1d21)

Could always try to flash up to God if it'll help.
Might end up necessary with how godly energies seem to cuck anything but truly excessive amount of mortal energy.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 10 (1d21)

A success but only barely
How fitting
You focus on the orb and try to decipher it. That... void you feel when you look at it is familiar.
Like despite being very tangible and observable it doesn't in fact exist. Almost like... ah.
Of course. The gods.

Now it makes sense. That's quite a deadly tool he was given for the job.
One that he clearly has no experience with as he's spending more time looking at the damn thing than you and one you have to take care of. Fast!
His nervousness about using it is something you can exploit to do just that.

But the second you'd act against him he'll probably throw that thing. And while dodging it MIGHT be possible you'd rather not risk it. So instead you decide to buy yourself a little time.
Using another aspect of your compound being you call on a second source of power in the shape of Buu. His mark appears on your forehead and you use his magic in tandem with your ludicrous power supply to supercharge your technique.

You feel a ripple spread through the fabric of time in an instant, freezing everything it touches.
At this moment you doubt anything short of a true god could move in here and the still swirling ball confirms that suspicion of yours.
That coupled with the extra six seconds you just added to the clock makes this probably your biggest stop yet, one you doubt you can replicate anytime soon. But there's not enough time to marvel at this, you need to get to work.
Spreading your arms you gather up energy which you hope will be enough to stop whatever that thing is, hopefully without obliterating the planet in the process.


You feel a constant shiver running across your body as you prepare yourself for the attack.
There's nothing you'd like more than firing it off right now while time is still stopped but you have a feeling you'll need everything you can get.
Once you feel like there's enough ki concentrated you start adding things into the mix. Arcs of lightning colored yellow and purple dart around you, reaping carving lines into the planets crust as they keep going.
Just as the time stop is about to run out you feel like it's ready and shout.
You were fast, as fast as possible. But it was still not fast enough.
Ganos sees the attack coming out of nowhere and manages to react to it just in time.
But his action was rushed, one made in a fit of panic. He raises the orb in front of him and tries to guard your attack with it.
To your shock the beam comes to a dead stop the moment it touches the ball.
Your energy continues to ram into it and gets practically annihilated upon contact.

"Grrrrrr! What IS that thing?!"
You struggle penetrating it but keep on pushing.
The bird is obviously satisfied by this as he begins laughing.

He laughs like a maniac and tries to throw the ball with his mind. It shoots out and keeps destroying your beam.
However its progress slows down until it reaches to about the halfway point where it crawls to a dead stop.

You smile.
Looks like all your efforts not not for nothing.
The swirling energies you put into the attack managed to contend with the ball if only momentarily.
But at this rate you'll never beat it, in fact that fucking orb might be what breaks you. Despite stopping it you can't seem to grind it away, meaning you'll run out of energy and then it will go on to devour you unless you do something.

>If this is not enough then maybe it's time to GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!
>Hold on... if you can stop it then... you can catch it!
>Maybe redirecting it?
>>If this is not enough then maybe it's time to GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!
>If this is not enough then maybe it's time to GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!
>Maybe redirecting it?
>If this is not enough then maybe it's time to GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!
Well well well
Time to start shouting real loud I guess
Best of 4
Crit: 20

Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 1 (1d21)

Witness me
Rolled 14 (1d21)

File: 958.jpg (196 KB, 600x587)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Rolled 20 (1d21)

The hero we needed
>the boys' face when
There's simply no way around it. You need power, more power! But how much exactly? All of it! This is not something you can just half ass!
The most obvious source is the Saiyan half so you draw deep from Cabbas memories and his wellspring of power.
Going through the motions you start screaming.

You swiftly ascend to the next level after you manage to reach the maximum amount of power the first one can safely provide... but it somehow feels "too easy". Usually Cabba struggles more with that. Whatever, you don't have the time to think about that!
The orb is now moving around but it's still a back and forth fight, sometimes it goes back a bit only to gain more momentum and push back to the middle.
So you decide to continue.

Your hair is starting to grow outward as you dig ever deeper.
Hitting what feels like the bedrock of saiyan power you fully transform into a Super Saiyan 3 and feel its raw power hitting you like a truck.
Grunting from its drain taking its toll you continue pushing and finally it looks like you're making progress!
But it's still not good enough.

You never could've imagined the form having such a drawback even when you're fused so it looks like all you did is accelerate the inevitable.
Unless you try something else you'll run out of every ounce of energy you have before you can turn this around.
No choice then, time to use the other half as well! Time to bust out the blue and pray to every higher power that you won't blow up from it.
As you start tapping into the human side however you stop. Something's amiss.

You've been so focused on the Saiyan side that you didn't bother to look at it from a human point of view.
Now that it's not something observed but experienced and lived your human side is starting to get a better view of the picture.
Finally something to smile about.
Yes... you could use that!
Damn it!
He's using *that*?

Are we going to use *that*? The most powerful technique, of which even divine entities cannot escape the grasp of?

The full nelson ?
File: Spoiler Image (133 KB, 1280x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Time to REALLY push the Saiyan physiology to its very limits the only way a human could!
With raw, unrestrained emotion that your typical monkey would frown at you release EVERYTHING.
Your frustration, your anger, your hate, your love as well as the raging fight boner you have, all of it will be used to fuel that power! To whip up a storm unlike any Cabba experienced before.

On the inside you feel a grumble as the influx of wild emotions create a cyclone, whipping up the settled down dregs of saiyan blood.
And as the storm rages it begins to... break things. What you perceived to be the bottom was just a wall, perhaps a safety net. Who knows?
What matters is that you feel it affecting your body.

The tail is acting as a conduit, picking up the energy leaking through the cracks and regulating it. Were it not for that the saiyan blood in you would be boiling right now.
Slowly it spreads through your body causing minor changes to occur. A flash in your eyes, a twitch in your muscles... and a brief shift in your aura from gold... to green.
It's only for a fraction of a second but it provides you with enough power to overwhelm your opponents attack.
With a final roar you push against it and shoot the damn thing into space.

You watch as the beam continues to travel and hits the moon.
Where you expected a big "kaboom" the celestial object simply turned to nothing, like your energy before.
"Jesus Christ what the hell was that thing? Guess that's what they meant by "erasing my soul".
Well whatever,, at least I was right and my gamble paid off."
Still in Super Saiyan 3 you look down at the kid who looks just about ready to piss himself.
"Hey you! You done? Got another one in you perhaps?"

"W-What are you?"

"Who knows? I'm not even sure myself.
But I think I could use you to find out..."
You give him the most menacing look you can manage and with the heightened rage your current form gives you manage to scare him into submission.

He falls on his knees and practically begins crying.
"Damn it! DAMN IIIIT!
Not like this! Not by another human!"
And I think we'll do the aftermath next time as these guys are officially out of tricks
And your boss is on his way. And he's rather pissed

Anyway I'm glad I got to do this one regardless of my predicaments
I hope you enjoyed it
Tune in next time where you get the Prize in the form of 3 hostages

See you fellas next week and stay safe out there

Thanks for the run, Nega-Som! See you next time!
>And your boss is on his way. And he's rather pissed
So when did he figure out we dipped? Was it the six second timestop or was it when we brute-forced our way into the Wrath state?
The picosecond you fused with Cabba

Did anyone else feel that fusion?

What is Vados' opinion of the situation right now?
Pretty much anyone in the same quadrant of the galaxy as you that can sense energy. Oh and everyone who has cheap ycouter without protection just experienced a nasty case of explosions

She's quite erm... excited about it
Especially when you went ham
Okay you big weenies! I'm back and you know what that means!
Tomorrow we return with a new session as well as some good news
I hope you can make it
File: withwhat.png (670 KB, 900x861)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Good times will be had
God that brings back mrmories
I'm not much of a disney fan but I adore Atlantis. Same with Treasure planet
Atlantis probably has one of the best ensembles out of any animated Disney movie, and Treasure Planet is way too good for the treatment Disney gave it.
At least we can always look back and enjoy quality.

>H-ha ha fusion? What's that? Some kind of vegetable? I've just been chilling at home all day boss, no idea what you're talking about.
You stand over your battered and beaten foe triumphantly. Your thorough dismantling of his attack has finally broken his spirit and now he can't help but kneel and cry his eyes out before you.
He's so frustrated that he's repeatedly punching the ground.

You decide to let him vent a bit longer until he finally stops and you call out to him with arms crossed.
"You done?"

"Y-Yes... I can't compare to the power of the gods and you beat even that.
I'm re-"

"Psh... you think that's it? Boy we could've done THIS the whole time! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"
You turn blue for a second and revert back right afterwards.
"See? Don't like doing it though. Head might explode.
And wanted to experiment."

He's struggling to not choke on his own words.
"How do you function?!"

"That's none of your business.
Now... about that punishment of yours-"

"Yes. I'm ready.
Just... I know I have no right to ask this but please.
Do what you will to me just finish my friends quickly. They shouldn't even be here! I tried to tell them no but-"

Raising a hand you shut him up.
"Alright. None of that! We don't know if you noticed but you're not really in a position to bargain right now!

>You're not gonna die so stop crying already!
>If you think you can get out of this that easily you're mistaken!
>Give our regards to the big blue guy (Kill him)
>If you think you can get out of this that easily you're mistaken!

I dunno how bad killing servants of other gods is, but it sounds like we should bring this to Champa or Vados. It might also serve to mitigate some of Champas’ anger, too.
>If you think you can get out of this that easily you're mistaken!
>If you think you can get out of this that easily you're mistaken!
Yosh. Looks like they get to live for a bit longer
Technically they've breached several laws just by being here and trying to assassinate you, so in Zenos court of law you'd be in the green for killing them
Might piss of Quitela though


GoDs seem to get a lot of leeway. I wonder what one might have to do to get replaced, short of attacking an angel?
You'd need a replacement first and those don't come around very often
"-if you think you can get out of this that easy then you're severely mistaken!"


"We're not sure what killing the servant of another god means exactly... but this seems like the perfect opportunity to find out!
You see you just tried to kill one of Champas servants! So it makes sense that HE gets to decide what happens to you!"

Anything but that! Please just kill us!"
You give him a casual little slap and remind him of his place.

The least you can do is act like you have some dignity. So dry up those tears and find your balls!
But you better do it quickly because they are on their way here!"

"WHAT?! No!"

He reverts to his smaller form and starts crawling on all four towards his friends but you grab him by the collar and lift him up.
Giving him a stern look for just a second, you turn your attention to the sky where you already feel the energies of your boss radiating.
In a few seconds a pillar of light appears before you and from it two figures step out.
The short, chubby one steps out from the shadow of the tall one and starts shouting.



Champa stomps up to you, his bloodshot eyes are oblivious to the presence of the three assassins.
"A-AND WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! YOU FUSED? Is that meant to be a challenge? You think you can stand up to me like that?! Well I oughta-"

"Lord Champa-"


She points at the strangers present and urges her master to get back to his senses a bit.

"Who are these?"

"Champa, we present to you the assassins!"

"I CAN SEE THAT you fools! Don't try to change the subject!"


I'll deal with those dead meats later! For now you're in far bigger trouble mister... s.
What the HELL do I call you again?"

"We decided on Caric."

"Okay. Deadmeat!
Care to give me an explanation for your actions so I can put something on your tombstone?"

>Apologize and hope he forgives you
>Surely he'll listen to reason, right?
>Lord Champa, this not only deals with the assassination issue, but it gives you an incredible boon: Serious blackmail against Quitela. Just think about what you could force that rat to do under the threat of revealing this.
>Surely he'll listen to reason, right?
This, and if that fails
>Throw in some logic and reasoning and embellishment and flattery.

Though initially I was confused by your order to stay on your planet at all costs, upon further reflection I saw the divine wisdom in this contradictory order. By restricting me to a single place, you foiled the initial phases of their plan: to utterly annihilate my existence without anyone being the wiser until it was too late. So they could only sit and sulk while I carried out my duties.

However, they would not have waited forever. They would have gone after my family, adopted or otherwise, to attempt to bait me into recklessly charging into battle with no regard for the consequences, which would have sealed my fate. But as I was leaving, I remembered the way that you dealt with your brother; by maintaining as hot-headed and reckless facade, you keep him complacent and unable to determine your deeper plans. So I staged a conflict with Cabba under the pretense of Eric being angry about his budding romance with his sister, and then angrily stormed out from your planet to lure them into a trap.

Though they thought I was a mere chef, your approval and encouragement to have me train saved my life, and following your example as a cunning and wise deity taught me how to out-think my enemies when brute force would not have won the day.

Also this:

Make him think that he thought of everything and that he is a master ruse-maker.

We will not existsoon might as well try to apeal to same thing we allways do.(Our bigest worry is that he will catch on and look past that.) The ego.
Damn that's good.
Holy shit that's good stuff count me in for this one as well
Not bad, not bad at all

Kind of a long winded way to say "The Destroyer of Universe 6 is the very picture of grace and dominion before adversity; he and his do NOT simply cower and hide when challenged! Besides, how often do you actually get dirt on THAT guy of all people?"
It's part explaining what the deal is and part working Champas ego
A bit of theatrics is necessary
The lengths we go to for the boss...
You try to think of a way to defuse the situation. You could run to Vados but her loyalties lie unquestionably with Champa so she might not be your best bet.
Instead your best option might just be the tried and true one: Appealing to Champas logic as well as his ego.

"Sorry Lord Champa.
It's hard to admit but I... Eric, didn't initially see the wisdom behind your orders. He felt frustrated, angry and it brought him much grief. However it's clear now what you intended and it succeeded. To foil the plans of the assassins and let them sulk.
But as great as the plan was surely you see the flaw within it."


"The assassins became desperate, angry and reckless. But their plan remained: To annihilate Eric permanently.
If they couldn't achieve their objective they would've found a way to make it happen, by going after those important to us. How long do you think they would've waited before going after our family?
And when they did they would've had us right where they wanted, in a trap.
By going against your wish and breaking your law we ensured your brilliant plan didn't go to waste!"

"I uh.... wait wha-"

"And as we prepared we remembered how you dealt with your brother. By maintaining a hot-headed and reckless facade, you kept him complacent and unable to determine your deeper plans. So we decided to follow your example and set up a show to make them think we were frustrated."
The two halves of your mind are having an argument about this because it's not true at all but you try to ignore them and focus on the bullshit you're spewing.
"Thanks to your great example we managed to turn the table on them and triumph in the end!
That is why we disobeyed you. To follow your divine example!"

As you reach the end of your little speech Vados is burying her face in her palm in embarrassment while Champa is starting to blush.
"W-Well of course you did! I'm pretty inspiring aren't I hahahahha!"
File: Spoiler Image (504 KB, 1095x828)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
>As you reach the end of your little speech Vados is burying her face in her palm in embarrassment while Champa is starting to blush.
"Why must you blatantly toy with his ego like that? You realize he can Destroy you, yes?"
"At this point it’s a game; if he calls me out, he loses. And he KNOWS that."
Nothing quite like undercutting all the ill-deserved praise you’ve ever gotten to push you into a corner!
File: cheshire champa.png (1013 KB, 6650x3000)
1013 KB
1013 KB PNG
Good. Looks like it's working.
"And look where that got us!
Not only did you prove that the Destroyer of Universe 6 is the very picture of grace and dominion before adversity; he and his do NOT simply cower and hide when challenged! But you also nets you an incredible boon! Serious blackmail against Quitela!
How often can you get your hands on something like that?"

"You're RIGHT!
Hehe! Finally that Rat is going to get what's coming to him!
But why stop at blackmail? Why... I could just... KEEP them locked up and keep extorting Quitela while also making him sweat bullets because he had one third of his team taken out before the next tournament just like Sidra! HAH!"

"Yes my lord!
Soon everyone will know you don't FUCK with the Destroyer of the 6th! That you're a stalwart protector of your realm and that your rule is unquestionable!"

"Yeeees! And once everyone knows I can rub it my stupid brothers face! Hah!
Well done my boys! Well done! You've exceeded my expectations in ways I never even expected!"

"Oh no need to be modest my lord.
Everyone present knows you calculated every move of this intricate game."

As Champa becomes enamored by himself he starts hyping himself up about how much street cred he's going to get with the other gods and how awesome everyone will think he is.
At the same time Vados steps up to you with a disappointed look on her face.
"You boys know you're playing with fire now, right?
Sooner or later he'll realize you're blatantly toying with his ego and then he'll destroy you."

"At this point it's a game.
If he calls it out he looses. And he knows that.
Guess we're just lucky it's not Beerus. He seems less temperamental but also less easy to sway."

"I just hope you know what you're doing."

As you finish with Vados so does Champa with his routine and he manages to get back to you.
He observes his "prize" including the two unconscious girls.
"Wait... I know that guy. Wasn't he the one leading Quitelas team?"


This is even BETTER than I thought! Heheh!
He's the rats personal attack dog, his right hand man, his most prized possession!"

"Like... Eric?"

"Kinda yeah."
Champa starts grinning maliciously.
"I wonder... do we NEED three? Maybe I should send his "prized stallion" back to him as proof.
Piece... by... peace!"
He raises his hand at the boy.

>Leave them be. Do you really want to lower yourself to Quitelas level?
>Have fun. Just leave them alive. They are worth nothing dead
>Do as you please
>Leave them be. Do you really want to lower yourself to Quitelas level?
>Leave them be. Do you really want to lower yourself to Quitelas level?
>Leave them be. Do you really want to lower yourself to Quitelas level?
>Leave them be. Do you really want to lower yourself to Quitelas level?
"The only thing anyone loves more than a winner is a GRACIOUS winner, my Lord."
Looks like the chumps get to live for at least a little while longer
"The only thing better than a winner is a graceful winner my lord."

"The hell's that supposed to mean?"

"You wouldn't want to lower yourself to his level, right?
It'd look much better if you projected a dignified image, one that Quitela could never manage.
Everyone would think: Wow Champa is so much in control he doesn't even kill Quitelas subordinates even though he could! I wish I was as gracious as he is!"

"Y'know Caric, sometimes I think your human side is just playing me..."

"What? Nah!
We just know you're a very intelligent and cunning person who listens to reason and knows how to exploit it!"

"Ah yes of course! You're right!"

Seemingly resolving the conflict with Champa himself you turn to the little boy still in your grasp.
"See? Nothing to worry about. Yet."

"W-What are you two doing?!
Please end this, my suffering!"

Champa points at him.
"The looser doesn't get to dictate the winners actions boy!
It may be hard to grasp since you come from that shithole of a universe where everyone is a looser but you really should learn your place and SHUT UP!"
Guess he's still pretty pissed regardless. That might be a problem.
"Okay I decided! You worthless little shits will live. And since my universe is becoming a penal colony anyway you'll make a fine addition to my collection!
Don't worry though... my chef will take GOOD care of you. Especially since you just tried to kill him!
By the way, how do you fancy Cum Soup for the rest of your natural life span? It's home made!"

"P-Please my lord... there's no need for that-"
You shudder.

"I know. But even a kind and forgiving lord like I can... allow himself a bit of entertainment by tormenting his captives!"
He then reaches for the boy in your hands and pinches his cheeks with his claws enough to draw blood.
"Make sure to act nice while you're in the care of my servant though! Since he's the one advocating for your safety!
If it were up to me... or Zeno forbid you actually killed him ohohohoho... Not even I know what I would've done to you. Or those pretty little girls you keep shooting glances at!"
The boy freezes up and doesn't dare to avert his eyes from the god before him. Even you feel the sheer pressure that he exudes. Luckily he ceases tormenting the kid for a little while as he turns to his aide.
"Okay Vados! I need to make a call and quick... gotta display my new trophies and make a few not so veiled threats!
Caric, you want in on this?"

"Talk shit to the man that tried to get us killed?"

>No thanks
>No thanks
>I think I'd prefer watching the master at work. Maybe make some popcorn for the show, you know?
>No thanks

No more pushing luck we have Done that quite a lot in our last IC day. Time to chill.
>No thanks
Don't bite off more than we can chew
I'm glad that your massive balls don't prevent you from seeing a dangerous situation when it appears
Still that's a bit disappointing
Got some tevhnical difficulties
Looks like my internet borked, currently posting from phone
I'll see what I can do but I might have to call it quits after uploading the next 2 posts
Fixed it!
It was just the computer acting up, one restart and I'm good to go
"I'll let you do the honors.
Maybe instead I'll watch the master at work.
How about I make us some popcorn instead?"

"You have some on you?"

Opening a portal directly to your own planet with your range boosted by Cabbas surplus energy you grab a bag and pull it through.
"But I can always make do."

"Sweet! Okay do that! It'll add to the smug factor!"

Generating heat with your energy you make some instant popcorn and serve it to your godly benefactors. Not the assassins though, fuck those guys.
While loudly chewing on some salty, buttery goodness Champa finally orders Vados to do her thing. It takes a while for the call to go through though. No doubt Quitela didn't expect a random call from the guy he's planning on shafting.
But eventually the line does get established and you're greeted by the image of the rat in question.
He doesn't seem too pleased about the situation.

"What is the meaning of this Champa? Why are you calling me at a time like this?
Then again I guess you're not familiar with how busy a proper god can be-"

"Save that speech to someone who cares Quitela... or someone who's below you in rank!"


"Ohohoho! Touched a nerve did I?"

"You have about five seconds before I cut this line you fat fuck!"

Champa smashes his fist into his open palm, creating a thunderous smack which shuts up the yellow mouse and betrays his nervousness.
"No you don't you slimy weasel! I'M the one who decides when this line gets cut here!
And if you so much as THINK about leaving the call I'll have your head served to me on a silver platter with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!"

Quitela doesn't seem to know what to make of this as he's shaking like an autumn leaf.
But you don't know if it's from fear or genuine anger.

"That's right!
I know what you've been plotting behind my back Quitela! And you just made a big mistake!
Invading my territory? Coming after my people? Interfering with another universe? Those are big crimes Quitela!
And I ALWAYS collect what I'm owed... with interest!"

Looks like all that dieting was for nothing 'cus the fat already got to your brain Champa you delusional feline!
I have no clue what you're talking about and frankly... I oughta report your unfounded, baseless accusation straight to Zeno to-
Quitela begins screaming as Champa raises one of his mercenaries into the picture whilst chewing on some popcorn.

"You were sayin'?"
"G-g-g-g-g-ganos! Dercori! Caway!
W-w-w-w-what are you guys doing over there? I was wondering where you disappeared to!"

"M-Master Quitela..."
The boy calls out to his master. Strange, he almost seems frustrated. As if he's surprised his boss is throwing him under the bus... no, that's not it.
He came here expecting death and his fate is sealed now. It's more like he's mad his boss won't even own up to what he did.

"Oh really?
You mean to tell me they somehow crossed universes, tried to kill my chef... all of their own accord?"

"I know, crazy isn't it?
Can't believe I trusted these ones! So hard to get decent mortals nowadays, ain't I right Champa?"

"And... pray tell my friend... where did they get access to the Energy of Destruction then?"


"Because I'm short one moon and I'm pretty sure it's gone without a trace.
Vados, can we do a check if the moon got Destroyed?"

It appears the satellite of this planet did indeed get destroyed. Which is strange because you haven't used it in a while."

"I thought so."

"Y-You... idiots!"
The mouse finally speaks up.
"You used my energy... and FAILED?! HOW CAN YOU BE SO INCOMPETENT?!
I should've left you in the dregs where I found you Ganos you... YOU... YOU BASTARD! How can you be such a MORON to fail with the Energy of Destruction when I EXPLICITLY TOLD YOU to ONLY use it when you got no other choice!
But to go ahead and MISS?!"

"Give it up Quitela!
I caught your men red handed and beat the crap out of them! Of course they were gonna use it... and fail!
Really, the only moron here is YOU! Next time maybe don't send your men on a suicide mission and expect them to win!"

"Grrrrrr... Champa... I thought you'd be too lazy to defend your realm like that..."

"One more word from your filthy mouth and I'll gather all the Super Dragon Balls and erase cheese from the multiverse permanently!"
Quitela then shuts up and reels back in horror.

"Y-You wouldn't!"

"I can and I will! Unless you start listening to what I have to say with those big dumb ears of yours!"

"W-What do you want?"

"Hehe I'm glad you finally understand the situation you're in!
But don't wet yourself just yet. I want nothing from you."


"That's right.
I think I'll hang onto your little puppets for a little while and... let you think about what you've done.
We'll be in touch-"
Champa waves at Vados who promptly cuts the connection.

"I don't think blackmailing another God is allowed my lord."

"I don't think sending assassins to other universes to fuck with them is allowed either.
Let's just say I'm handing out Zenos justice right now! No need to bother his greatness with such trifling matters!"
Your boss then turns to you.
"By the way, do you guys want to lay a claim on these three or... can I just toss them in a dungeon?"

>Let them rot
>Let them rot
A fine addition to my collection
>Eric has way too many people to watch over as is. But Cabba might be able to, given his job.
Maybe Cabba and the SDF can find something to do with them?
That actually works

I'm sure that Eric would be more than happy to handle them.

On another note, it's kind of weird but also funny that Caric can think of bullshit and have both Eric and Cabba in his head openly protesting about it. Kind of really emphasizes that fusions are a composite being that's distinct from the people that fused.
That's... not bad actually
Looks like Cabba can start building his harem... well, continue building his harem with a member of Zarbons race, a tentacle beast and a shota that tastes like chicken

You briefly consider your options.
On one hand they'd make an excellent addition to the collection, on the other Eric already has enough homies to deal with as is.
But wait! Cabba has no such thing. And he could put them to good use! Maybe he won't have to rely on Hit and Eric all the time when he needs an infiltrator!

"Yosh! Give!
The SDF will have some use for them!"

Less mouths to feed and less annoying little insects buzzing around!
Win-win for everyone! But I'm not a fool Ca- uh... Caric! Those three are still my property! I'm not giving them to Cabba without any insurance!"

"And what would that be?"

We put collars on these doggies so they don't run away!
Collars that explode if they try and leave!"

That... doesn't really sit well with you. But you can't deny it's an absolutely necessary thing.
If Cabba gets custody of them he might not be able to guard them properly. Since they are spies and assassins they could easily escape and in that case he might not have the strength and courage necessary to take them out.
"That's fair."

I'm sure we can get something like that.
Now let's get back home. I tire of this place already!"

Well that's a relief. Looks like he's not really holding a grudge since he got out of this one so well. Good.
"How long 'till we get back?"

"About a minute."
Vados responds.

"Good. That'll leave us with plenty of time left."

"Time for what?"

FUCK! You... saw... nothing!
Anyway, I think that about wraps it up for now. Onto the good news I promised!
Y'see lads I got myself a bit of a break from work for a while
And since I got a whole bunch of free time on my hands I thought I'd run a few days during next week
About... every 2 days for a couple of days actually

I don't know when I'll do the first but I'll notify you the day before
See you then!

Thanks for running, Nega-Som!
So it's finally time? Caric is gonna gets a feel of all theirs forms to see if they can get a feel for them in their original body's when they split?
Can't say the girls will get any of the good stuff since you seem to be set on giving them 4 but Cabba definitely gets something out of it
Super saiyan 4 that is what control of the Oozaru form gets them.
I figure it's for the best anyways that we only have the one Super Saiyan God.
IIRC there was some bullshit about anybody who unlocked the transformation drawing from a single source of divine energy, making them weaker as more people had access to it. No idea if that's how it works in this quest, but no reason not to be safe about it.
Not like we could try and get the girls Super Saiyan Blue 4 or some bullshit like that.
That sounds like made up nonsense to me, brother.
Never heard that one, and while it sounds like something that could be in the Manga I think you might be confusing canon with fanfic there.
So does most stuff past Z, not to mention there's never really been a concrete explanation for what the God transformation is besides "Divine Ki".
Also wasn't there supposed to be some origin story about it with the ancient Saiyans? Whatever happened to that?
That sounds like you misinterpreted something
The only time someone gets weaker with divine energy is when they use Blue repeatedly in quick succession because like SSJ3 it drains you

It really is just God Ki. It's true that the logistics were never explained but here's my interpretation
If you get god ki you can just have it for the rest of your life if you manage to figure it out how to use or draw on it (even I have no clue if you can just cultivate it or you need to draw it in), that's why you're stronger in your base
But if you gather or build up or whatever enough of it you enter a proper god state, like Goku in Saiyan God or Toppo as a destroyer
Super Saiyan God is just the monkeys being mad cunts and stacking the Super Saiyan and God forms on top of each other
I don't know what you mean by the "ancient Saiyans" because I think they pretty much gave us all the information they had to
When it comes to a legend or a myth you really shouldn't explain everything and leave things to the readers imagination but that's just my opinion

Basically this is how it happened:
A thousand years ago a good hearted Saiyan named Yamoshi along a couple others decide they had enough from their dickish cousins and try to correct things by pouring their power, hopes and dreams into Yamoshi who becomes the first Saiyan God
He whoops ass until his power fades and the evil saiyans get revenge and wipe them out
This event is what also spawned the legend of the "Super Saiyan" because the monkeys didn't understand it

That's pretty much it and that's all you really need to know about it
It tells what it needs and leaves the rest up to the imagination of those that care about it, which I love

Now here's my take on it:
This definitely happened on the Saiyans original planet Sadala. In fact I believe it MIGHT be the thing that forced the Saiyans to move to Vegeta. You can imagine how much devastation a God can bring if they can't properly control their power.
Now it's also HEAVILY implied that Yamoshi might've been an ancestor of the Vegeta line based on his hairdo. So even if he didn't succeed his descendants eventually did take over even if they were nowhere near as pure hearted as he was (King Vegeta was still much more mellow and thoughtful in the movie and super than in his original depiction in Z, getting on all 4's to grovel before Beerus, exiling Broly instead of murdering him, letting Paragus go after him)
Given how that fucked up hairline seems to be a dominant genetic trait, you might be on to something there. I feel like that's a plausible enough theory to go on if nothing else.
I'll keep the specifics of God and Blue in regards to this quest in mind.
Okay! I got back in gear and ready to rumble!
Starting tomorrow around the usual time we'll begin our marathon!
This may bleed into the next thread when it happens but... whatever
Prepare yourself for some fusion shenanigans
>ID ends in Mprg
My condolences.
File: mfw.jpg (48 KB, 480x480)
48 KB
I wish it was five minutes ago when I haven't read this
I guess you'll also regret knowing that Eric will have memories of banging his sister thanks to fusions sharing memories.
I don't think it works like that when the fusion ends.
Otherwise Vegeta and Goku could use each others techniques.
SSBEKKX20 when, Vegeta.
>Implying Vegeta would ape goku's moves
Not even if his life depended on it.
I mean... we did only ever see Vegeta go red after they fused...
Clearly the only appropriate punishment for that would be to find Cabbas brother and/or sister, fuck them in the ass and then fuse with Cabba
You arrive carried by a pillar of light back home and take a deep breath once the beam fades away.
"Ugh... we'll never get used to this."

"I personally prefer it over regular movement or portals."

"Yeah that's because that's what you're used to.
But moving without sensing motion is a one way ticket to nausea town for us."

Vados shrugs and addresses your "guests" while she turns around.
"Alright everyone. Welcome to the masters planet! Please be advised not to touch anything, least you meet an unfortunate and abrupt end.
Just sit down over there while I prepare you some refreshments."
Then she looks at Champa.
"And you my lord? Would you like to request something?"

I'm gonna take a nap.
All these scares and excitement are not good for my heart. You can go nuts just don't wake me up."

"Understood! Have a nice rest!"
As Champa lays down under the shade of a tree your teacher turns back to you.
"So... about that experimentation. What did you have in mind exactly? I assume you want to make the most of your... how many minutes do you have left?"

"If we recall correctly about 20.
Though we didn't really count."

"Hmmmm... not a whole lot. Then again you don't get much in that form anyway."

And who knows if extensive usage drains the time or not..."

"Only if you abuse a power you can't realistically maintain for long periods of time I think.
Even then it might just start draining your lifespan for the remainder of your time like last time."

"It's a cointoss then?"

"Honestly I don't know.
Not very familiar with the details of the Metamoran fusion dance."

"Ah well, guess we just have to find out.
But uuuuh... you'll not let us die, right?"

"Of course not.
That's the least I can do."

"Thanks! Now... what to do?"

>That god ki sounds like the most important thing to focus on
>We managed to tap into whatever power Kale is using let's try figuring that out
>Honestly a good spar might be the best use of our time. How about it Vados?
>That god ki sounds like the most important thing to focus on
Its potentially useful for both of them
>That god ki sounds like the most important thing to focus on
>We managed to tap into whatever power Kale is using let's try figuring that out
We know less about Wrath than we do about divine ki, if only in that we know we can probably call up divine ki whenever Caric fuses into being by combining Awakening and Super Saiyan. On the flip side, exploring Wrath helps Kale, who can end up going berserk just using her own power. Besides... That hilarious moment when we steal the Oozaru straight out of Cabba’s head and spontaneously grow our own tail. Though I suppose we should also consider what Wrath could do to Cabba once we unfuse
>That god ki sounds like the most important thing to focus on
Well I can't say that I'm surprised but I'm still a bit sad
Not like we can't do other options in the future, brudda
"Well this whole God Ki thing is what piqued our interest the most so that's probably the thing we'll do.
It's weird how the mixture of two completely unrelated transformations produce it, don't you think?"

"Not really.
It's not necessarily the reaction of the two transformations that produces that effect but what they entail."

"What do you mean?"

"From what I've seen of Son Gokus and Vegetas form, the blue one that is, it appears they are the result of their Super Saiyan transformation being used in a... shall we say unnatural manner? For the saiyans anyway.
The red colored one seems to be them simply using God Ki naturally while the blue one is them turning Super Saiyan on top of it... or at least that's how it looks initially.
But I believe it has more to do with how they "conduct" themselves."

"You mean it's possible to become a god just by behaving a little different?
Sounds like nonsense."

"No. I'm saying that for a Saiyan to become a god they must become anathema to themselves.
Control, awareness and absolute focus are all necessary parts of divinity. Without those components you can give God Ki to any ape but they'd sooner destroy themselves and the planet they stand on than anything else.
But these qualities go against the so called "warrior race" that prefers overwhelming brute force over anything else. They must abandon what makes them unique."

"But then... the super saiyan-"

"It's an empty frame, a vessel meant to be filled. You can certainly use it on its own and even polish it to reach higher and higher levels by tapping more and more into the Saiyans natural potential but that seems more like a divergent evolution than anything.
It's entirely possible that the Super Saiyan God is the true form of that state and everything else is a bastardization of that."

"A bastardization that can reach the same level as the original mind you."

"Of course.
Divergent evolution is not a bad thing. A mistake like that can lead to a whole slew of beneficial discoveries.
I'm just saying that it might be wrong to assume that the blue form is an evolution of the regular golden one."

"And so... the key is not the merging of the two transformations but applying the principles behind awakening to Super Saiyan.
Is that what you're trying to say? Makes you think what your intentions were for poor little Eric."

"Yes. And wanting to see his limits...
A thing I'm still waiting for."

"Okay... that should be easy enough."
Not for a while fampai
But it isn't. For some reason Vados' explanation only served to confuse you.
It's definitely not JUST the principles behind awakening applied to Super Saiyan that's for sure. Or at least you aren't good enough to pull it off like that.
Oh well, brute force it is.

First you transform into a Super Saiyan. It's still as raw and brutish as you remember but now that you can actually observe it it's so much clearer how... base it really is.
The instant your hair turns fully gold instead of that weird mixture of black and blonde your body releases a shockwave that rustles the nearby trees.
And now to do the next step slowly and carefully...

You push the power of the base super saiyan to its absolute limits until your aura is like the corona of a star, hot and destructive even on its own. Its so intense that it's causing you physical pain to continuously put out that much energy. But luckily it doesn't last long.
Closing your eyes and pulling all of it back in the prerequisites for awakening are met and you trigger the transformation.
Your eyelids snap open as you feel a great change inside. The suppressed energy somehow gets altered and becomes too strong to contain even for you.

The first fragments of godly energy begins to bleed out of your body, caking it in some sort of residue that almost feels like a cocoon.
As the rest of the altered energy soon follows it the erupting aura blows it off of you. What's revealed underneath is the fully changed body, your eyes and hair have been tinted blue and the rest feels like it's supercharged.
Yet... there is no sign of that power affecting the outside world. It's quite, deathly quiet. Where the trees swayed and shook before now they stand still and silent, giving you the sensation like you've become the calm before the storm.

But your moment of serenity is cut short as a clapping sound breaks your amazement.
"Wonderful! Wonderful!"
Vados cheers you on.
"So... how do you feel?"

"Now that we can fully take it in?
How can we say this... unsettling."

"How so?"

"Not sure it can be put into words..."

"Well that's understandable.
But unfortunately we don't have time to dissect your feelings because the clock is ticking."


>Calm down and try to study the form as much as possible
>Try to test its physical capabilities with a few exercises
>So uh... any advice?
>Calm down and try to study the form as much as possible
>Calm down and try to study the form as much as possible
>Try to test its physical capabilities with a few exercises

Saiyans appear to be more of physical/kinesthetic learners. We should try to take advantage of that.

As always, remember the fundamentals. Conserve and compress power, do not let any go to waste.
>Calm down and try to study the form as much as possible
>>Try to test its physical capabilities with a few exercises
If we honestly want to go for wrath any time soon there's always fusing with Kale or caulifla. The technique has on restriction on gender.
It seems like you opted for the human way and not the ungabunga way

Now show me how good you are at studying the divine
Best of 4
DC: 14
Crit: 21
Rolled 21 (1d21)

Rolled 11 (1d21)

And today's android is?
Rolled 21 (1d21)

File: helltaker.gif (179 KB, 640x548)
179 KB
179 KB GIF
Cake bot is doing work I see.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Oh well what do we have here a 1. Good thing that this place is fancy enough that your kind is not welcome if minimum competency is atchived. Plus you were bor from a d20 like a barbarian.
>”What is a God but a divine being that defines understanding? Their power, their form, beyond comprehension? What if you could understand them though? If through intensive study and research you realize just what a God and Divine Power IS? Once the Unknowable has become known are ‘Gods’ really any different from ‘mortals’? -Eric probably
But how to tackle this issue? Two ways pop into your mind because you simply don't want a coach for this one.
Those two methods spring from the duality of your being and both have their ups and downs. The Saiyan method would be to do it physically as their kinesthetic learning ability is simply outstanding. With that you could EASILY figure out how to use the god power, even if you couldn't figure out how it works specifically.
But once you unfuse... then what?

Would Eric be left in the dirt with maybe some knowledge that he might not even be capable of using once his mind is not tangled up with that of a Saiyans? Nononononono.
The human way is definitely preferred in this case. Even if Cabba will be left in the dirt after separation Eric can still explain it to him, which wouldn't work vice versa.
Instead of performing a lengthy test run where you use the form as much as possible you'll have to study it meticulously.


Looking at your hand wreathed in godly fire you begin deciphering it. Despite clearly looking like flame it's dense, it has mass. The flowing energy feels more like tangible matter and it's HEAVY.
Stretching out your hand you let it linger there before pulling it back for a quick jab. You feel its immense weight yet find no visible sign of it actually affecting the environment.
Deciding to try again with another punch you put your mind behind this one and watch as your intent and will are given form and a wave of force shoots out in a straight line, making the grass sway and the trees shake.
You smile.

"Interesting. "

"What is?"

"I think I'm starting to see the bigger picture."

Vados gives you a coy smile.
"Are you really trying to study the very essence of the gods? Don't you think that's a bit arrogant of you?"

"It's not arrogance that drives me... it's audacity!
What is a God but a divine being that defines understanding? Their power, their form, beyond comprehension? What if you could understand them though? If through intensive study and research you realize just what a God and Divine Power IS? Once the Unknowable has become known are 'Gods' really any different from 'mortals'.
With strange aeons even death may die after all!"
Huh that was just me shit posting. Thanks nega som
He even added dady Lovecraft reference.
The slight shift in Vados' smile suggests that she's pleased with your answer. Do not belittle the gods but don't assume they are infallible. Your current state is proof that their power can be taken, they CAN be beaten!
"Now onto the next step..."

Since it's pretty evident that the energy has a tangible effect on reality and it's driven by will... how else can you apply it?
Pulling your arms back and taking a relaxed stance you begin consciously shifting your aura around, making it ebb and flow in slightly different directions each second.
It's admittedly quite hard, you can barely wrestle it in the position you want it to about 10% of the time it's so wild.
But it SEEMS possible to influence it a great deal.

Raising your palm to your chest you generate a small ball of ki and fire on yourself.
Using only your aura you try to stop it first by making it thick but malleable, almost like honey only to harden it once the energy sphere is enveloped by it effectively trapping it in place. Not only that but it seems like it cancelled all motion the ball had.
"Incredible... such a versatile energy... and they use it as a sledgehammer."

It'd not be wise to get tunnel vision so quickly and shift your focus away from the aura for a moment. While it'd be desirable to know as many of its properties as possible, you need to cast a wide net to fully understand the functioning of divine ki.
Turning away from the physical aspects, you raise your hand and tap your forehead with your middle and index fingers.
With a little bit of focus you feel your awareness expanding to ludicrous degrees and begin sensing individual lifeforms not only on this planet but the surrounding ones as well. If only you had a couple extra hours you'd certainly become capable of focusing it even further and becoming capable of detecting specific things like thoughts or emotions.
"Looks like it also boosts whatever I use it in conjunction with... interesting."

Using this knowledge you turn all of that enhanced focus inward and look into the ki itself in the hopes that you could maybe see what makes it up.
To your utter... there is something. Though you wouldn't call it very scientific. It's less like you can see the subatomic particles and more like you see... concepts.
Ki as you can see it is composed of 3 distinct components:
Vigor, aka your stamina
Mind, which is needed to harness it
and lastly Courage, the drive pushing you forward

All three of these contribute to your overall ki. But there is another, separate thing. The Divine Ki.
It's a homogeneous thing unlike the regular one and even with your enhanced perception it's impossible to see exactly what it is. But that's enough.
Now it's clear that regular ki doesn't turn into god ki and that it can 100% substitute the regular one.

Your eyes snap open and Vados leans forward to look you in the eyes.
"Found anything?"

"Yes. The spark."
Shitpost or not, if it's good I'll try my damnest to put it in
"Are you saying you really found the source?"

Just the Spark of divinity.
But we're still not sure how it's produced... if we draw it in or if our energies react somehow and turn the regular one into god ki... or something else entirely."

"That's still more than what most scholars can manage in their lifetime. Impressive for 1 minute of exertion.
So what's the next step?"

>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
>Well... if god ki is that versatile, what if we use it to make more energy?
>If focusing on one test subject doesn't provide enough information... maybe multiple ones will (analyze Vados and Champa)
>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
>>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
>Let's see what happens if we use purely god ki and nothing else
Going raw then
Let's see how well you can handle it

Best of 4
DC: 14
Crit: 21
It doesn't matter if you don't crit this time but if you do there is a huge reward for it

Rolled 15 (1d21)

Kek. Performing literal internal alchemy to refine our power.
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 9 (1d21)

This is what could have been
a massive FFFFFFFUCKING failure
File: Spoiler Image (225 KB, 1152x2048)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
You smirk.
"Human transmutation on a quite fucked level."

Relaxing your body you turn your attention towards your own energy once more and begin meddling around with it.
You think it'd be quite interesting to see what would happen if you used exclusively god ki. But for that you'd need to do a bit of mixing.
Since you don't yet know how to make more god ki to drown out the rest you have to do it in what might seem counterintuitive at first.

Taking a closer look at the natural life force swirling around inside you start picking it apart and returning it to its base components.
In theory you could easily remake that even without this internal meddling so it shouldn't be dangerous. But unmaking ki is something you're not familiar with so you'll have to do it the hard way.
But it does seem to work and as its cohesion is lost the ki inside begins to dissipate and return to where it's drawn from.
It feels weird becoming "mundane" once again. A sensation not too unfamiliar to Eric overcomes you but your Saiyan side is horrified by it. It's like loosing one of your senses on top of having one of your limbs paralyzed.
That horrific feeling is pushed into the background however as the other energy begins taking over these lost functions.


At first you feel almost anemic because there isn't a whole lot of it there but as your body adjusts to it you realize you haven't felt this alive in a while. Maybe ever.
Your body has shrunk quite a lot but it's also become much more nimble. The same energy you struggled with minute ago became lighter and much more free flowing while retaining its strength.
Yes! This is it!

"So how do we look?"
You half ask Vados and half yourself because you're curious about the physical changes.
"Red huh? The Saiyan God!"

"Well someone is cheerful. But it suits you.
How does it feel?"

After a little squat you do a "small" hop and find yourself jumping so high that the air became quite thin before you finally fell back.
Oh this feels right! Buuuut it's pretty obvious why Master Vegeta and Goku don't like using it.
Less brute force, more nonsense."

"So you think it's superior?"

Reaching down to your chest you tap it and feel your heart beating.
"It feels like we could do miracles like this... move mountains, close wounds, heal the sick... not just punch things hard.
So no... not superior. It has more uses, costs less. It almost feels like the Super Saiyan God is a warform compared to this..."
Moving your body around you almost feel detached. The level of freedom you feel is almost going to your head.
It's as if not even the laws of nature itself have any hold over you any longer. Instead they would obey your command.
Attraction, repulsion, gravity and all other forces could be subdued and enslaved to your will and it wouldn't need much more than a little bit of fiddling with your energy.
You could stand on water as if it was a solid, undo wounds and who knows what else? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE fairly limited but have enough variety to warrant experimentation.

"Well it does look quite interesting.
I've only seen glimpses of it from Goku and Vegeta so I'd be very interested to see what it can really do!"

D-Did she just?
"Is this an invitation?"

"Look at it however you will."
She gives you a smile.

>Accept her challenge and test this out
>Refuse but give her a little mischievous taste of it
>Use Champa as demonstration
>Accept her challenge and test this out
>>Accept her challenge and test this out
>Accept her challenge and test this out
>Accept her challenge and test this out
>>Accept her challenge and test this out
>>Accept her challenge and test this out
Uuuuuuuuuuh... you sure that's a good idea?
Well yeah ofc we're gunna get out ass kicked but why not learn Divine Power by sparing with an angel?
>It feels weird becoming "mundane" once again. A sensation not too unfamiliar to Eric overcomes you but your Saiyan side is horrified by it
God, Cabba, could you BE a more basic bitch?
I think the issue is champa might get the wrong idea about it.
I mean, if we tried to spar with Champa with it, he'd probably think we were stepping to him anyway. Might as well deal with it.
File: EE6zJcDWkAEle73.jpg (33 KB, 680x392)
33 KB
Now there's an offer you can't exactly refuse, can you?
Smiling you jump in the air and strike a fighting pose and respond eagerly.
"I'll take this dance!"

Letting go of her staff, which begins floating in place.
Vados meanwhile raises her hands in a way you haven't seen her do before.
Guess that's meant to be her fighting stance. You don't see what's so special about it though. It seems like it's full of holes and openings.
Perhaps it's not meant to be special at all since the user is more than dangerous enough on her own.

But somehow even with that very weird pose she's striking she manages to make all of your instincts scream at you to run the hell away.
What's more is that even now with your ability to feel and comprehend godly energy you still can't sense the faintest of fucking hints of it coming from her.
At the same time the anticipation is killing you.
Licking your lips you assess the situation an adequate approach.

>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers
>Maybe you can use your time-skip to catch her off guard
>Rush her and test the physical limits of your body
>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers
>>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers

don't lose focus
>>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers
>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers
>>Don't even think about beating her. This is just training for your god powers
That's not gonna change anytime soon
So let's see dem rolls
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 17
Crit: 21

17 is needed to learn something
21 to not get absolutely styled on
Rolled 1 (1d21)

Watch this.
Rolled 19 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)

Rolled 17 (1d21)

Finally. Not some logic defining bullshit luck
Rolled 1 (1d21)

you mean defying?
I dont mind getting styled on as long as it's vados
it's getting late
Bringing your godly aura to bear you cautiously attack Vados in the hopes that facing such an adversary would aid you in mastering the form.
Lifting off from the ground you start flying so you can maneuver in 3 dimensions and Vados follows suit.
You throw the first punch but she effortlessly dodges by moving to the side.

Initially you thought the Saiyan God form gave you aetherial movement but hers is just ridiculous.
Her actions feel like a mixture of Erics telekinetic movement, your current one and a few others you can't quite pinpoint and all of them are supercharged to the extreme.
And while she's fast it's not just her speed that allows her to do this but her instantaneous reflexes. Every movement you make, the instant the signal from your neurons hit your muscles she's already dodging, making it quite literally impossible to hit her.
In a whiffed swing you even feel yourself tripping forward and headbutting the ground so hard you leave a hole there.
While it felt like you messed up, you're certain it was her that tipped you over and you just couldn't see it.

"Damn this is infuriating!"
You continue watching her like a hawk while attacking to discern any nugget of information you can but it's just so hard.
The only thing that you managed to figure out so far is the reason behind her lackluster stance. It's to mock you.
It offers next to nothing for her since she can evade, counter and hit you whenever and however she wants.
It's just there to show you she doesn't need anything to do it.

You pursue her as she's backing away, eventually flying above the nearby lake and continue to fight on its surface.
As you expected it's perfectly feasible to stand on its surface now in your current state.
Throwing a straight punch you attempt to get a reaction out of her. Vados disappears and in response you preemptively start turning around because you just KNOW she'll teleport behind you. If you're lucky maybe you can hit her with your elbow. But as you swing around there's nothing there.
She did not teleport, she just flew upward so quick you didn't see her.

Landing back behind you she gently taps you on the back.
"Splish splash this smelly boy needs a bath."
Reaching under your armpit she throws you into the lake using your own momentum and you hit the bottom of it in an instant.
Enraged you release a burst of energy and erupt with explosive force from the lake.

*pant* *pant*
"This is... supremely unfair."

"Nobody said it wouldn't be."
Wiping or at least attempting to wipe away some of the water from your face you smirk.
"Well that's true. But luckily we learn best from HARSH lessons!"



"You just gave us an idea!"
Reaching down you swipe at the surface of the water and splash some water into the air.
Infused with your energy they separate into droplets and as you accelerate to a higher speed they appear to be frozen in the air.

Using them as stepping stones and miniature platforms you begin moving around. As you jump from one drop to the next you also knock many out of the way, sending them colliding against one another and sending all of them flying like billiard balls.
Combining that with a fraction of what you've learned from Vados' movement you manage to apply your TK movement to god ki manipulation, picking up your speed and moving so unpredictably that even she has to actively pay attention to follow you.
But rather than attacking you take advantage of the situation and redirect a few raindrops towards her, turning them into miniature water jet cutters. Combining them with a few choice ki blasts you manage to occupy her enough to create an opening.

Seeing your chance you rush her and prepare for an attack aimed at her back.
To your shock she doesn't move and instead raises her hand over her shoulder and easily catches your fist.
Kicking forward with both legs she turns upside down with flight, unwinding her arm and coming face to face with you.
Raising her other hand she points at your chest and speaks up.
"You made me block. Not bad."

With a casual flick she sends you flying backwards. The lake splits in half as well as the ground once you reach it.
Uprooting several trees on the way you gasp as it feels like you were just shot in the chest with an anti-tank rifle.
Coughing during your recovery you can't help but speak up.
"Damn... and we thought we were clever there..."
And this is where I have to end for today
But not to worry, we'll continue in but two days
See you guys soon!

Thanks for the run, Nega-Som!
If we have time before the fusion wears off. I want us to find out why our human and sayain transformation lead to blue. Basically see how our awaken mode effected super sayain or vice versa.
Huh you know it kinda seems like that description of our god ki is the antithesis to destroyer energy. I wonder if the Kai's might have some insight on what we can do with it.
Okay so quick heads-up and announcement
As you know tomorrow we'll continue. However there have been some complications
Y'see... my tooth chipped. So I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I only got an appointment in the afternoon.
So that means there might be more radio silence from me after the first post than usual
However once I return we go back to our regular schedule
That's all

Not necessarily. You're not the polar opposite of a GoD. They are the unique ones among all other gods
Most others use their powers to create, change or protect creation while they destroy it
Your powers are much more in line with those of the kais
And each ability I described is something Goku or Vegeta exhibited already, albeit I did apply some creative liberty here and there
Trying to get up you feel a sharp pain in your chest, making your left side ache like one big wound. Each breath drawn feels like you're inhaling pure fire.
"Oh fffffffffffffffuck...
That's a collapsed lung."

Huffing and puffing as you desperately try to draw in more oxygen you raise your hand to your breast and try to do remedy the situation as quickly as possible.
With a little bit of focus your aura spreads over the afflicted area and seeps into the wound itself. Soon you feel soothed and sedated as the sensation of pain leaves your body.
The flesh is healed, the shattered bone is fused back together and life returns to the dying organ you so desperately need to survive.
Once the burning but not at all unpleasant sensation fades the surreal sensation of the godly energy burning away the damage fills you.

Managing to stand up you tap your left side for any lingering injury but find nothing out of the ordinary.
This healing is... quite effective. It's almost the same as Buus but it's less about treating your body like play-doh and reshaping it and more like true healing.
The downside is that it takes even more energy to perform but leaves the new flesh in as good of a condition as it was.
No need to break this one in.

As you get back to your senses you feel the presence of your master approaching as Vados flies over you.
"Oh I'm sorry. Did I go overboard?"
You can't tell if she really got a bit too enthusiastic or it was her intention to wound you to see what would happen.

"A bit, yea."

"Are you alright?"


"Do you want to continue?"

>Yeah sure
>That was... enough. Thanks
Sorry fellas
Had some technical issues
But I'm here now so let's roll!
>Yeah sure
We gotta use the time we have
>Yeah sure
>Yeah sure
>>Yeah sure
>Yeah sure
Rolled 18 (1d21)

But now Imma have to start rolling as well
DC: 10

And you'll have to do one later
Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)

Wait oh
You were rolling
Nevermind then.
Don't worry about it. I like your enthusiasm
Rolled 19 (1d21)

"Yeah. Better make the most of the time we still have."

"I couldn't agree more."
Just as she says that you see her winding up for a chop and the blood freezes in your veins.

Using time-lag to buy yourself some time you create a portal under yourself and retreat to a safe distance.
Popping out a few yards away from her you wipe the sweat off your brow and try to get your bearings.
"Christ! She's waaay too into this!"

Looking out for her you see that she's just standing there, casually waiting for you to make your move.
Hopefully that was just her trying to keep you on your toes. If not and she really aims to hit you then you're in it DEEP.
You shake off that feeling of dread and recollect yourself.
You got a job to do.

The only question is how to do it. What you really want is to get a better grasp of the godly energy.
Perhaps you're missing something.

>Just focus on fighting Vados and hope for the best
>Let her come at you again and try to defend yourself
>Try to mimic her movement
>Try to mimic her movement
>Try to mimic her movement
>Try out some of Eric's psychic and magic techniques, but with a little god ki thrown into the mix. Maybe it'll do something interesting.
>>Try to mimic her movement
Rolled 4 (1d21)

These three are obvious but their synergy with the 4th is not
No matter, I'll think of something
>writing and rolling for the same DC as before

and NOW you get to roll
Best of 4:
DC: 17
Crit: 21
Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)

Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 15 (1d21)

Come on RNJESUS Please
No super boost to your power AND the end of the fusion
Bad luck indeed
There is just something about the way she moves that has you captivated. It's mesmerising in its elegance and beauty, not things you'd normally associate with battle.
Every move, every action she performs is done with such fluidity it makes her look almost uncanny.
If only you could copy that...

Well there's an idea. It's obvious that her movement is not too dissimilar to Erics telekinetic one, using force to move her body around in whatever way she desires.
But that alone would be nowhere nearly as effective. You'd need... more.
"Now there's an idea!"

Taking a deep breath you call forth your godly aura and lift off the ground just slightly using your psychic powers.
The main problem with TK movement is that it takes way too much effort for something relatively basic. It allows for incredibly precise three dimensional movement but it requires a lot of mental effort for every inch covered.
Ones current position, the surrounding area, any opponent and the end goal all need to be kept in mind on top of needing to monitor the body constantly.
But maybe that load can be lessened.

Your body crackles with energy as your aura gets mixed with raw psionic energy as well as magic, distorting it into a chaotic mass of undulating force.
Its color, shape and density begin to fluctuate going from its natural red to purple, to black and every other color in between.
Putting one leg behind the other you spring forth and shoot out like a rocket.
In an instant you cover the distance between you and Vados, though it does come at a price.

Gone is the graceful and light movement of the God form, gone is the precision and absolute control of psionics and the unpredictable chaos of magic chafes under the ordered yoke of the other two.
It's an unharmonious mess that DOES manage to push you beyond your previous speed limit but it still feels like strapping a Null Star to your back and using it as a jetpack.
Looking up at Vados you do a flash kick quicker than you ever thought you could. Yet she dodges it like it's nothing.
The difficulty of controlling this polymerized energy only becomes more apparent as your every move is horribly telegraphed before you can even perform them.
All it does is get a chuckle out of Vados.

"You're waddling around like a drunk penguin! It's so cute!"
You shout under the duress of the raging energy.
"Then how about-"

Preparing to throw a punch you see Vados raising her hand to block. More accurately her fingers, specifically her thumb and little fingers.
Just as you're about to hit your mark your body begins glowing white and start feeling weird.
With a loud popping sound you split back into two individuals, your fists each get intercepted by one solitary finger.

In your confusion you both land stomach first on the ground and begin groaning from the discomfort.

"My hair hurts..."

It wasn't a clean separation. The deeply intertwined energies were forcefully yanked apart and the resulting feedback gave both of you a decent whallop.
In an almost patronizing Vados looks over you while you're holding your booboos.
"It's fine to strive for ever greater heights. It's fine to punch above your weight class.
But it can be dangerous to fly too close to the sun. Don't strain yourselves too much or you'll hurt yourself."

"T-Thanks Vados..."

Say... do you need some help?"

"N-No thank you.
I think I... I'd like to lay down here for a bit."

"As you wish."
With that she turns to her overlord.
"Shall we take our leave now my lord?"

"Nnnnnyeh! About time I'd say!"
The two of them leave you alone to writhe a little bit more in your piles of dirt.

Meanwhile Cabba is panting his life out while struggling to cope with the effects of separation.
"So uh... what now?"

>We compare notes
>I uh... I gotta make a call. I was fucking around for long enough (Try to reach Hit)
>I need a rest. Where are my girls?
>We compare notes
>We compare notes
>>We compare notes
>We compare notes
You're not gonna let this one go huh?
Okay but don't think I'm gonna make it easy for you
Sitting up you look at the exhausted saiyan.
"So uuuuuuuh... how are you feeling?"

It's... I'm gonna need a minute to readjust.
Being fused is nothing short of amazing but separation is not pleasant."

"Good. Take your time to gather your thoughts because we gotta compare notes."

"Uuuuh. Compare?
Are you... unable to make sense of something as well?"

"Literally all of it.
I remember everything, I just don't get half of it."

It's like a puzzle that you can only see about half of but the pieces are jumbled so you don't even see half a picture.
Only bits and pieces."

"That's... very apt.
Are you sure some of me didn't get stuck in you?"

"Well... at least then you'd have your revenge?"

"What do you mean?"

"Then I'd have an Asulf inside me in return of being inside one myself."


"Easy! EASY!"

After having a shouting competition and almost tearing out the jugular of the person you literally shared your body and soul with just a minute ago you calm down and sit down next to him.
What he said is indeed accurate. You do have all the information. Not just Carics experience during fusion either but fragments from Cabbas memories still linger.
But it's all a haze. One you can't make heads or tails of and as such they serve little to no purpose. With so much context missing, with all emotion and feeling misplaced or not present it's almost impossible to derive anything useful out of these.
No wonder the fusees don't just start copying each others moves while they could use them so seamlessly while whole.

"Okay... so how do we ACTUALLY do this?"
You wonder out loud.

"H-How should I know?
You're supposed to be the brains of this operation!"

Well we should probably pinpoint our focus first, right?"

"The God Ki."

What we know is that merging the Super Saiyan with my Awakening makes Blue.
That's our shortcut."


"And if we take out all the residual energy we get vanilla Saiyan God."

"Is the energy that we take out still our mixed together or-"

"I honestly have no idea what it is at that point.
If it's the Super part of Super Saiyan God, a weird mix of yours and mine or something entirely unrelated which wouldn't surprise me one bit."

"Wasn't it also... Distinctly different from regular Ki as well?"

"I wouldn't call it that different.
Just that it wasn't the same. There was a distinct line between the two but there were similarities."
"So... what do you make of this?"

"I-uh, nothing. Sorry."

"Of course you don't.
Why am I not even surprised?"

"Hey lay off! This is a bit outside my realm of expertise!"
Cabba then pauses and starts scratching his head.
"But hey-"


"Why are we bothering with this?"

"Why a-"
You almost choke on that one.
"What the- Are you fucking insane?! Don't you realize that we are at the precipice of something extraordinary?
And you're saying why do we bother with it?"

"That's not what I said."

"ThEn WhaT tHE FUcK do YoU MeAn?"

"We don't need to figure it out necessarily.
Remember what happened when we clashed? What if we replicate that? If we could produce it randomly like that... maybe we can make some intentionally and then harness it."

That's... actually an idea.
"Okay. Not to take the wind out of your sail or anything but let's not get hasty. Let's weigh our options first.
Hmmmmm... So basically what I think the deal is that to reach that level you don't... NEED me. That's proven by Goku and Vegeta.
I was trained by Vados to perfectly control my energy at all times. Maybe if we apply that to a Super Saiyan we get God?"

"I-Is that it?
Just concentrating equals god? That sounds ludicrous."

"It does.
But then again doing what I do might as well be a display of divinity for you monkeys. You can't even focus your attention on a mundane thing for five seconds, not to mention your energy in battle.
Hell, from what I've seen most other humans struggle with what I operate at.
Though I don't know if the credit goes for me or Vados..."

"But erm, wouldn't that mean only I get to go god?"

"Hey it's a safe bet.
And I couldn't go Saiyan God anyway. Just means I'll have to figure out the Human God by myself.
But knowing how you do it would help my job tremendously. So-"

>Let's try your idea
>How about it? I'll help you attain my level of focus and we'll see what happens
>Let's try something else (write-in)
>Let's try your idea
>>Let's try your idea
>Let's try your idea

He may have to learn control anyway to harness divine Ki, so let’s try the different option.
Looks like that's it huh

Time to see if you can pull it off at will and not just by accident
Best of 4
DC: 17
Crit: 20
Rolled 15 (1d21)

Rolled 2 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Stop it, it's clearly not working
Try the Cooler yyYYYEAAAAHHHH!!! next time
Maybe that'll help
Maybe the RoF arc of Super ATATATATATATATATA will bring me more luck.
God damn it why did they decide to recap the movies but way worse?
Rolled 13 (1d21)

Witness me.
I don't know and nobody knows
But knowing humans people would've been pissed if they didn't
Even though any fan worth their salt would've already seen it by that point

I'd like to see you roll better, cunt
File: a6e.jpg (41 KB, 600x514)
41 KB
Rolled 19 (1d21)

You dare challenge me in my own realm?
File: giphy.gif (1.23 MB, 480x239)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
Damn, nice roll Boss...
"You know what? Let's actually give your idea a try."

"W-What? What's with the sudden change?"

"I realized while saying it that no matter which way we do it you'd still need a lot of practice to learn how to properly focus.
And at the same time I bet I'll have to take a few lessons in how to behave like a total fuckhead if I am to become like a Saiyan.
Since if that wasn't a necessity I'd already have it by now."

"Guess that makes sense.
So we just get it at the same time and help each other work out the quirks."

"That's the idea.
The weird part is that we each have the key to the others puzzle.
But if we do it simultaneously we should be alright. Right?"

Cabba shrugs like he has no idea and begins walking away from you.
Once he's a fair distance away he mentally prepares himself to transform and you do the same.
With both of you ready for the act he starts asking questions about the details of your experiment.
"So do you wanna fight for a bit or do we just... go for it?"

"I guess go for it.
Last time we did one punch and that was it."

"Yeah but we fought before for a while."

"In base form. That's hardly a warm-up.
And I'm pretty sure we did more prep now with Vados."

"Did we though?"

"Stop playing the philosopher and come at me already! Get a running start as well, that's how it went last time."

Both of you start flying straight towards the other with your fists ready.
Once you get in range you both swing and do the biggest brofist you can manage and create an explosion of air the shakes the surrounding area but no divine juice is seen flowing.
"D-Did we do it right?"

"I'm... not sure.
Last time couldn't have been a fluke. And we did it exactly like this!
One more time Cabba!"

You try it again and again, putting your fists together in the most violent of fashions until your knuckles begin to hurt with the exact same amount of success as the first time.
But the collateral damage does seem to increase with each successive attempt.
"I don't get it!"
Cabba complains.
"Last time it felt so... natural."
Your attempt at conjuring up some divine mojo ends up looking like two idiots playing patty cake so hard that it's affecting their surroundings.
Eventually you get tired of this charade and sit down, wanting to review what you just experienced.
"Okay... why isn't this working? Aren't we hitting hard enough?"

"No, that's definitely not it. My hands are pulsating as is."


"Okay Cabba, calm down!
I have no fucking clue. Maybe we missed something."

"Missed what?"

"I don't know. Last time was in the arena, with many people watching and both of us performing to the best of our ability not just to win but to impress
What changed since then?"
You wonder.

>The shockwaves?
>The mentality?
>The audience?
>The mentality?
>If this is another chance for you to talk about banging my sister, I'm going to fuck you myself, Cabba.
We need to think this through. Maybe it'll be best to leave it for today so we can check on Hit and the kids
>>The mentality?
>The mentality?
It seems you managed to pick the silver medal
>The mentality
We were two parts of one whole. Not necessarily the best of both people. But enough to be very different than each other.

"I swear to Zeno if this is another attempt at talking about how you fucked my sister I'll fuck you here and now Cabba!"

"E-Erm... I'll shut up now."
That doesn't clarify whether he was going to do just that or he's simply discouraged from speaking.
You hope for his sake it's the latter.

This is infuriating! I have no clue what's wrong!
We did everything right! You came at me, I came at you, we punched with all our might while transformed just like back at the... tournament. Huh."
Suddenly realization hits you.
"Hold on. I think I remember now how that went. And what's different now."

"Really? What?"

"Let me answer your question with another question.
What were you feeling when you attacked me just now?"

"Why does that matter?"

"I'm asking because it might be important!
Back in the tournament! What did you feel when you attacked me? And what do you feel now?"

"I dunno. It's kinda hard to describe."

"Fine. Then I'll tell you what I felt and you can give me a yes or no if you felt the same way.
Back then I felt triumphant, like I accomplished something. After I won we had our little duel where we displayed everything.
There was no nonsense, no anger and no malice. Just the two of us, fighting to our hearts content unhindered by unnecessary things.
And now I wanted to punch your lights out.

"Y-Yeah it kinda is.
It was like a... like a mutual acknowledgement and respect. We knew each other and despite our differences in personality and power we worked together for a greater goal.
Guess our fight back then was more like a victory lap."

"But now you feel inclined to return my animosity and kick me in the nuts."

"Most of that is your fault..."

"And most of that is the fault of your penis but I digress.
What matters is... some things changed. I guess we aren't as "harmonious" as we were before.
The baggage we carry and want to beat the other to death with is... well it's probably not making it any easier."

"I don't want to kill you..."

"Me neither.
But I'm willing to bet even a little discord can fuck our unity up royally.
And unless we're on the same wavelength as if we were fused we probably can't pull it off again."

"Hmmmmmm.... Not sure I entirely get it but it sounds right at least."

"Damn right it does."

"So what do we do about it?"

"I... honestly don't know?
Want to go grab a beer?"
I think I'll end it right here
Seems like a good place to cut it off and a good way to resume on Saturday
Without the hiccups this time

See you guys later
>You came at me, I came at you
Thanks for the run!
That hilarious moment when "cracking open a cold one with the boys" is now a valid means of training.
>Vados decides to check up Eric and Cabba as the sun starts to set
>Eric and Cabba are just chilling nest to a smoldering grill, beer and hotdogs in hand
>"So you two decided to call it for to-?"
Alcohol: The cause of and the solution to all of lifes problems

But it'd be funny if they "overtrained" and mellowed out to the point that they can't do anything productive and so have to try again tomorrow
So when does Eric introduce Cabba to the wonders of recreational drugs?
Pot's legal in space, right?
Anything's legal until you get caught
Though I'm worried if Eric would give Cabba the bad cush on purpose to give him a scary trip

Also a little demonstration of how their drinking will go down
>Though I'm worried if Eric would give Cabba the bad cush on purpose to give him a scary trip
Better. We get him some special brownies and conveniently forget to mention they don't work instantly.
That'll teach him for his transgressions.
>Queue Eric and Cabbas Bizarre Adventure for the dankest kush of the universe
>They find a fungoid species and commit a hate crime just so they could eat them
>This happens
After getting up and helping Cabba do the same you head towards Champas castle, more specifically his kitchen.
Seating the monkey down you go ahead and start rummaging through the freezer for some quality refreshments.
"What'chu want? Eh you know what? Doesn't matter. Here's how we're gonna do this."
Reaching in you grab two bottles of one of the trashiest ones you can get. Why you even bought it in the first place is a mystery, perhaps there was a discount and you couldn't just ignore it.
Whatever. The biggest friendships usually blossom when accompanied by garbage tier drinks.
And besides, you gotta get back at the monkeys for that one time they got you sloshed.

"Here. Rolling Rock."
Using one of the bottles you pop the cap of the other one.

"How did you do that?!"

"Once you become a dad you get powers like these.
I can use virtually anything to pop open a bottle. Watch."
Pressing your own bottle into the flesh of your forearm you twist off its cap as well.
"See? Don't even need ki to do it."


With a satisfying click you toast with Cabba and get drinking. On second thought it's not even that bad, for its price.
But Cabba does a spit take almost as soon as the liquid touches his tongue.
"What's wrong?"

"I-It's like water!"

"Fuck you."

You continue sipping beer in awkward silence while staring at each other.
"So uh... what... are we supposed to do?
Just drink? Is that it?"

>Yeap. Give it a couple more rounds...
>So uuuuh. How's the family?
>Look I'm not sure either. Wanna ask something?
>We could play some games to pass the time
>Yeap. Give it a couple more rounds.
>Look I'm not sure either. Wanna ask something?
Take turns asking questions
Hmmmm... not a lot of activity today
gonna wait a bit longer
>>Yeap. Give it a couple more rounds...
Fine, I'll take it
>Yeap. Give it a couple more rounds...
"Yeah kinda. That's how this usually goes so don't worry about it.
Give it a couple more rounds and then it'll kick in real good."

"If you say so."

You continue to drink in peace as Cabba keeps tapping at the table impatiently.
His discomfort is starting to make you feel annoyed as well so you reluctantly speak up.

"You know it's said that the greatest test of a bond is just sharing a quiet moment with someone and see if you can tolerate it.
Guess we failed that part already."

"I'm just... not accustomed to this.
We don't usually do this sort of thing."

"Except when you're flabbergasted by my sister...
Well whatever. You guys seem to be a rowdy bunch regardless of how calm you are.
So... I guess we can take turns asking questions about one another. At least until the beer starts kicking in."

"Erm... how was your day?"

"I'll start then."
Clearing your throat and mind you start thinking about an interesting topic that might give him an idea as to how this should work.
"So... I know about your parents and how they are, were low born and rose thanks to you. Got any other relatives?"

"Where did that come from?"

"I'm just curious.
A simple no will suffice if you don't wanna talk about it."

"I uh... I do have a little sister."

Why haven't you talked about her before?"

"We don't... really talk about her that much.
She left Sadala a long time ago for adventure or something.
Haven't heard from her since."

"And you didn't try to stop her? Don't take it the wrong way but I take you for the type to stop her from doing something so... out of character for a saiyan."

"I wasn't there when it happened.
Really I never actually met her in person, only over long distance calls.
So I couldn't be there for her. She just sorta came into my life one day, fresh from the pod and the next thing I know she's gone."

You look at your drink and watch it settle down.
"Maybe I'm not the best one to tell you this but perhaps the reason she left was because she was inspired by you."

"What makes you think that?"

"Knowing how siblings work.
I know Elena and how hard she works day in and day out. Can't even count the number of times I envied her for her... tenacity.
And while I may not always have been the best brother for her I tried to support her. And will continue doing so even if she drives me insane sometimes.
That's why I'm saying that. Her brother is a Sadalan hero and one of the rare few who managed to claw their way up to the rank of nobility with sheer determination.
So it's no wonder she'd be inspired by your actions... or agitated into outdoing you."

"I guess... but I'm scared she'd get hurt.
From what mom and dad said she wasn't born very strong..."

"Does that matter though?"

"Guess not."
"Anyway... is it my turn now?"

"Go ahead."

"How about yours-"

"That's a stupid question..."

"You just asked it."

"Yeah. So that's why it's lame and uninspired.
What is this anyway, you wanna know what to expect when she takes you home is that it?"

"You're dodging the answer."

"Yes, yes I am.
Now take a hint."


"I don't really like to talk about it. My parents I mean.
It's a... touchy subject."

"All the more reason for me to hear about it.
Look I told you about my sister so the least you can do is return the favor.
This is supposed to be an exercise for building trust isn't it?"

"Maybe a couple drinks down the line. Ask something else."


Taking a deep breath you resign yourself to your fate and mentally prepare yourself.

Your decision decides what they'll be like. You can write whatever you want
>I'm scared of them
>I hate them
>They hate me
>They are weird...
>They are weird...
Mom's a corporate CEO with an ice cold temper that terrifies us, while dad is generally the Bob Ross supportive type but disapproved of our pizza delivery boy lifestyle.
File: tenor.gif (659 KB, 220x220)
659 KB
659 KB GIF
>They are weird...
I like this. Too bad typing in "Big tiddy strict mommy gf" doesn't get many results so I only have this as illustration
Okay, guess it's just gonna be a slow day
Thank you qm you have excellent taste
File: man of culture.jpg (24 KB, 460x308)
24 KB
Ah yes, a fellow patrician
Would you mind doing me a solid and finding me some similar stuff?
Preferably a blonde lady in a suit looking condescendingly
are we a viking from which side of the family?
It's up to you
I won't specify
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Such a thing belongs in the hands of fate.
1 is paternal, 2 is maternal.
At work without access to my home comp, but had these saved
File: Elfs_mom.png (121 KB, 340x270)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Also my Id changed it seems.
File: 225px-Add's_Mom.jpg (18 KB, 225x324)
18 KB
"They are uh... weird."

"Of course they are-"
Cabba whispers in a hushed tone.

"What did you just say?"

"N-Nothing! Please continue!"

"Well to be more specific dad is... he's quite amicable. The good supportive type that can always cheer you up no matter what.
While mom is a bit more, how should I put this?
Erm. She's quite a bit of work actually. We're both terrified of her."

Cabba shudders as you open a second bottle for him.
"What the hell terrifies you two?!"

"I heard people call her iron lady and ice queen before so... take that however you will.
She's some bigwig in a large corporation. All business all the time. She can have such an ice cold temper that she can freeze your blood with just a glare.
And once you get on her bad side you'll regret not dying in your bed that morning. She never really DOES anything.
But she has that... look, the look that can make you shrivel up and die on the inside. After that? After that you'll BELIEVE with all your heart that you're the scum of the earth.
And nothing in this world will manage to convince you otherwise."

Now that the boy is swallowing hard he has to adjust the collar of his battle armor even though it's nowhere near his neck.
In the meantime you also grab another cold one and start chugging it until you get about half of it down in one go.
"But despite all that Elena still semi lives there with them. She visits them every weekend she can at least."

"Not you?"

You look around with arms spread wide.
"What do you think?"

"O-Oh... right."

"Buuuut. That question was on point. I'm not on good terms with them.
Back when I was still... lazing around on Earth they didn't exactly approve of my life choices.
I wasn't surprised about mom. But dad? That one hurt."

"W-Why did they not approve? What did you do?"

I dropped out of uni, which was the first nail in the coffin. Then when they chewed me out I went with a stoner and a possible russian sleeper agent to live with.
Aaaaaand I made a living as a delivery boy. Truth be told we haven't talked ever since I came here, not that we talked much before either."

"When was the last time you SPOKE with them?"

"I 'unno. Years.
Hard to keep track of time."
Wow these are pretty good!

It was either this, being the ironic one or the obvious choice with the harsh mommy having viking blood.
But man oh man Sigurd must be rolling in his grave that one of his descendants is... just a chill guy
You know what they say. Never find a way to piss off someone who's slow to anger.
that somehow reminded me of this hot take
"O-Oh wow...
I don't know what to say Eric."

"That's okay, you don't have to say anything.
But now you kinda get why I don't like talking about them that much.
And one of the reasons why I prefer keeping my face covered when I make a public appearance. I don't want them to see me.
Now that I think about it though they probably know. Or at the very least suspect something. Hopefully my massive gains and the mask are enough to throw them off."

"And erm... what do you think my chances would be when I meet them?"

"Chances of what?"

"Them liking me?"

"It's probably high. Dad likes everyone.
Your chances of survival though?"
You start hissing.
"I don't know about those. Anyway, those were already two questions.
Is it my turn yet?"

"Y-Yeah. Go ahead.
I think I need something to take my mind off of this."


>How about your parents?
>Can you tell me about Caulifla and Kales parents?
>How does saiyan marriage work exactly?
>What are your plans for the future?
>How does saiyan marriage work exactly?
>Cabba meets Eric's parents
>Mom terrifies him
>Dad likes him
>I guess Eric gets his rage from his mom, wow
>Dad pulls him aside
>Brutally terrifies him into treating his little girl right and giving her the respect she deserves.
>Ends it with a smile calling cabba a good kid
>Cabba goes home crying calling up Eric.
>Bruh I told you what to expect, shouldn't have gone
>How about your parents?
where IS everybody?
>How does saiyan marriage work exactly?

Wageslaving, and very busy too. Can barely even spare a glance at my phone every now and then.
>>How about your parents?
slow day boss
>How about your parents?
Im busy shidding myself to death because i ate bad things
Oh wow I'm sorry now I feel like a dick
I just assumed everyone fugged off
Wow, so you guys also wageslave during the weekend? I feel that

>writing about saiyan knot tying
You need a calculator, brah?
Because you miscounted
Nah, I do shift work. Have to do 4 weekends per schedule period.

I get paid more but caring for people on the weekend is a bit of a pain.
Ah fek
Yeah you're right
Currently in the grips of crippling self-loathing, personally. I usually prefer write-ins, but given the funk, I'm mostly just reading along whenever I can muster up the energy to take another look.
the only day off I have is sunday, feels bad man.
"How 'bout your parents?"

Doing another spit take Cabba snaps at you.

"Stop what?"

"Deliberately making me spit!"

"I'm not. That's a legitimate question.
You're just a pussy. And unlike you I'll admit why I want to know.
I wanna know you aren't getting my sister into some shit."

"Not any bigger than the one I'm in apparently."
Cabba grumbles but then poises himself.
"Well like you already know mom and dad were into the lower."

"Yes. That weird system where you divide your entire race between the strong nobility and the weak commoners."

"That one.
Well one thing you should know is how that... affects people."

"I'm listenin'."

"Usually when we're young everyone dreams big. I still remember being in a playground boasting with everyone how I'll become an elite. We all did that, every generation.
But as you get older and you start to settle into your given position in life many people just loose their drive.
That's why you'll see so many mellow and kind people in the lower ranks. They become content not chasing dreams anymore."

"Meanwhile I guess elites are super competitive all the time to stay relevant and not get demoted, right?"

"Yes but it's more than that.
Once you're in the elite you gotta show off your prowess to prove you are better than your peers.
I wouldn't call it cutthroat... more like a meatgrinder."

"So which one do your parents fit in?"

"The former thankfully.
They were quite happy when I became an elite and by extension they did too. But they just don't care that much about it, same with most families that get to ascend which is why they are sometimes looked down on."

"But not you. Because you got in.
And that means you gotta follow their example."

Which means Elena would also be under a lot of scrutiny if she were to.... errr-"

"Back to the topic Cabba-"

"I'm trying but you'd find it weird if I didn't tell you this!
So erm... mother works in the meat market selling-"

"Meat, I gathered that much."

"And father is a fisherman."

Isn't Sadala a jungle planet?"

"Yeah but we have large bodies of water.
Mostly large rivers but we got lakes and even seas."

That's... significantly mundane."
File: Spoiler Image (49 KB, 474x716)
49 KB
Okay okay, I'll stop being a dick now
I'm sorry. I just got anxious everyone left. Please accept my humble apology in the shape of this good luck charm
its all good man, here have a smoll titty anime mom
Little demon babies, soon. It’s time for D to give her the D.
"Told you!
Father is uuuh... very simple. He goes river fishing with his mates and that's where he spends most of his time.
He can cuss like there's no tomorrow-"

"Not unusual among seamen."

"And he may not know much but he knows the waters better than most.
So while he's not that strong he knows how to wrestle any giant fish into submission. Unfortunately because of his free speech he often offends a lot of people who then beat him up for it but he always just stands up and laughs it off saying "Guess I went overboard again".
Or something along those lines."
Cabbas impression of his father shocks you. Who would've guessed he can make his voice that deep?

"And your mom?"

"Oh she's the best!
She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. She just.... uuuuh she has this bad habit of stuffing everyone like a pig when she invites them to dinner. Including us.
She keeps telling me I'm all skin and bones and that I should eat more meat-"

"She's right though-"

"ShhhhhhH! Shush!
I don't need to hear that alright? I'm very conscious about my figure!
Luckily I think my growth actually made me put on a few pounds."

"I'd say the best part of that was when you stopped being a manlet-"

You continue exchanging verbal jabs at each other for a while and then continue your little trivia night digging deep into the personal life of the other.
All the while the brewskies keep on coming until both of your faces are completely flushed.
Somewhere along the line you also switched seats and now find yourself sitting next to Cabba with one arm over his shoulder and the other holding your bottle.
"C-Come ooooon! Anover one! M-My treat!
But firsts we's gotta take a shot! Right?"

"Nooooo! Thas a bit much for me man!"

"Come on! Aren't you a ninja?"

"Of course I'm a fuckin' ninja! Give it here!"

The plan worked.
While his liver is probably ten times stronger than yours there doesn't exist a liver in the multiverse that can take the Tyson-uppercut that are Jägerbombs.
Unfortunately your drunken revelry has become so loud it attracted some attention.

"Hey! Don't you two think it's a bit early to getting wasted?"
Caulifla roars at you.
"Without inviting us?"

"Well it's gotta be five o' clock somewhere me dear!"
You waste no time retorting and then shoot a glance behind her.
"Kaale! My sweet, sweet little Kale! How're ya? I've missed you... I need a hug."

"So... you two just went ahead and did some cuhraaazy shit! Didn't invite us!
And then started celebrating... without us!"

"Y-Yeah. And you didn't come to watch me be all badass and stuff!
We were cool weren't we my man?"

"H-Hell yea brother!
We wuz gods 'n shiet!"
Cabba nods in agreement after a hiccup.

"Well we'd be interested in about half of you when you fuse so-"

But anyway! Come join us! I got some stuff to tell you!"


>We got some god stuff worked out!
>Guess what! We managed to do a Kale!
>I *hic* We kicked some assassin ass! We can go to Sadala now!
>We got some god stuff worked out!
>But Cabba's a pussy so I had to get him drunk so we can bond and shit to figure it out when we're not fused
>No homo tho
>I *hic* We kicked some assassin ass! We can go to Sadala now!
>>We got some god stuff worked out!
File: 11356748.jpg (61 KB, 623x414)
61 KB
These tributes will make a fine addition to my collection

It’s ok Nega-Som. At least you didn’t throw our protagonist down a pit to kill him off or made rocks fall and everyone die.
Rolled 11, 16, 13, 12 = 52 (4d21)

I'll just do this one real quick if you don't mind
Eh... not the best but it's something
Kinda like 16 himself
"We got some god stuff figured out!"

"What, really? Oooooooh! Tell me more!"

"Well... we tried at least.
But once we unfused we couldn't do it anymore because this-this guy here is a pussy! So I had to get him drunk to bro it up with.
No homo!"

"Oh please *hic* gaylord!
We know you rock a massive hateboner for me!
I was k-kinda scared I'd have to tell Elena her brother took my maidenhood!"

"Awww shush you cunt!"

"So uuuh... what did you find exactly?"

Leaning back you kick your legs onto the table as you try to convey your findings.
"Basically? Fuck all! But we made a lotta progress toward nothing!
Anyway, it looks like we don't need to mix transformations, we just need my focus that comes from the a-a-a... the shiny form!
Once we have that the Super Saiyan part just sorta becomes godly so we become blue. Then if you remove the Super part the god stuff stays and we get just regular Saiyan God.
Makes sense?"

"Not really. You're rambling a bit."

We figured out that if we can MAKE some god energy without fusing then we could just keep it and split it like good boys!
Probably. Hopefully. And once we do we can properly figure it out."


"What's wrong? I thought you'd be happy!"

"I mean... don't get me wrong that does sound rather rad.
But I just can't take a thing you're saying right now seriously. Besides, I'd be mostly happy for you ain't that right Kale?"


"H-Hold on wha-"

"Sis and I decided that we'd beat Son Goku our own way!
Not by chasing his shadow! But you go on ahead! We'll be rooting for you!"

"Once you sober up that is."

You get miffed at that.
"A'ight cunt. Let's show the ladies how we do it!"

"Hell yea brother!"

You bump your fists together and tiny blue sparks fly out of them like fireflies.
The room gets deathly quiet for a moment until you open your dumb face giggling like a girl.
Caulifla buries her face in her palm.

"I can't tell which is worse. That you idiots can pull this off or that it's this small."

"I-It's not that small..."
And I think I'm gonna call it quits here
For a while as well. I don't think I'm gonna run until Saturday now because I'm starting to run out of gas and I think it's showing

If anything I'll try to write a somewhat lengthier side story about Kamin and Orens adventure and how it's going
That aside I think I'll take my leave
File: Filename Pending (82).gif (498 KB, 298x200)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
>"We wuz gods 'n shiet!"
>"I-It's not that small..."
Thank you for the run boss, I was out running errands today and all I got to show for it was some nice prosciutto and a new saw.
Thanks for the run boss
Thanks for the run, Nega-Som!

I look forward to seeing how “uncle” Hit interacts with the twins!
Ham is always important and not even I can deny the usefulness of a saw
Don't worry about it
I was just worried that people got bored or... died off, literally

Lots of icy glares and not much else
He's there to make sure they are okay, not help them
What I went out for was a fucking ethernet cable but apparently my local big box store was fresh out of those. Total bullshit.
Thanks for the run as always, and don't sweat slow sessions so much ok? Trust me we are much too autistic just abandon a quest without saying anything about why. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine.
Hell I remember fighting Cooler basically by myself back in your namesake's quest when I had to roll every set of dice and be the only vote because nobody was around to roll with me.
>Fighting Cooler by myself
How does it feel that you'll likely never say anything even remotely as cool as that again?

On another note, I'll deliver that thing I promised tomorrow
It's uuuuh... shaping up to be pretty chonky
I distinctly remember rolling a crit on the fight against Cooler in Som's quest. He's probably referring to the second fight with him.
I basically cut him to ribbons and took his tail as a trophy.
Yeah there were a lot of anons there at the end, but when we were fighting the squad and initially it was basically just me iirc
"So uuuh... Hit-"
Oren spoke up as the boredom of space travel started getting to him.
"Have you ever been to Plant before?"


"What do you mean no?
We have data on you-"
Kamin responded.
"How is that even possible?"

"That's because you were made by a paranoid neural network that thought the entire universe was against it... and it was correct.
I never in my life set foot on your planet, nor did I assassinate anyone on it."

"Wait... nobody thought of hiring you?"

"They did. Even the Saiyans were willing to bury the hatchet if it meant I took care of their problem.
But I don't take contracts like those. Because you can't assassinate a hive mind. Even if I touch down on the planet without getting noticed, one drone or camera sees me and the entire planet becomes aware of my presence.
And even if I manage to get to my target and eliminate it, what then? If it's a hivemind they can just download their consciousness into a new shell.
I'd have to exterminate the entire planet to fulfill my mission which is beyond even my abilities."

"The sad part is that you're not wrong."

"I know...
And no matter how angry you might be at him you should realize that your father is probably the only one in the universe who could've done what he did.
Even I thought splintering the Tuffles was impossible. And he broke them in half..."
The interior of the cube falls silent for a moment as the kids fail to make any sort of a retort until Hit finally speaks up again.
"Okay. You better prepare yourselves. We're here."

"Let me handle that-"
Oren steps up to the driver seat.
"Can you slow down?"


The ships movement ceases instantly as the boy closes his eyes.
"Okay. I relayed our arrival and received the coordinates.
I'll guide us down. Just watch out for artillery."

"No need.
Just give me the coordinates."


Once the location of the landing area is known the ship moves with such blinding speed that nobody, not the blockade in space nor the planetary defense systems even register their arrival.
Simply popping into view instantly they manage to shock the lifeforms waiting for them downstairs.
Looking out the transparent walls of the ship they see various weapons aimed straight at them until one of the Tuffles runs out screaming at them.

Back in the ship Hit looks at the twins cautiously.
"Do they know who I am? Can they recognize me?"

"It's honestly hard to tell. We had access to everything but it's not clear how widely available that is.
Especially after what Eric did to them."

"Then it'd be best if you went out alone.
I'll come out once you give me a signal."

Doing just that the kids step out of the spaceship and the mechanical soldiers lower their weapons.
The unit responsible for stopping them approaches the kids and bows down before them, exposing himself in more ways than one.
These half machine monstrosities were never too pleasing to look at. Their perilous situation forced the hivemind to be very conservative back when it was whole. It was always a matter of how much can it skip or how much it can remove and still leave the drones perfectly functional. Their flesh is a mangled mess half ruined where their augmentations were ripped out and the remaining is a decaying mound of meat barely sustained by their remaining mechanical parts. But now with their civil war going on they also have battle scars added on top of those further ruining their appearance. Burns, cuts and bullet wounds dot them and obvious signs of shoddy surgery are clearly visible on their exposed skin. But at least now with their individuality they have the faculties to hide their shortcomings with various rags and scraps of clothing. Some use it to hide their injuries, others wish to obscure the hated inorganic material fused to them whilst even more simply wish to regain and retain their humanity by pretending to be dressed up.

The kids speak up.
"You don't need to do this."

"I'd feel nothing but shame if I did anything less."
He speaks about them with such reverence. It's hard to tell if it's worship speaking or some sort of envy.
"We're so grateful that you answered our call! Please... tell me you've come to help us."

"Yeah. We are.
Also brought some help. So you might not want to shoot him."

Standing up the tuffle signals its kindred and they put away their weapons.
As Hit steps out of the ship he gives the kids a puzzled look.
"Where are the rest?"

"It's just him."

"One man?!"

As he approaches them Hit speaks up.
"I heard what you said and forget it. I'm paid to make sure you're safe, not save your planet."

"W-WHAT? Hit! The hell?!"

As the Tuffles hear that name they experience one of the emotions they've grown to dislike quite a bit: Fear.
All of their guns are pointed at them once more as irrationality takes hold of them.
Despite not knowing who or what that word means some lingering memories from the days of the hivemind still linger in them.
An ingrained fear overcomes them as they can't help but associate that name with one thing: Extreme Danger.
It took the twins some convincing that the man whose designation as an extreme threat was burned into their DNA is not here to ruin them but eventually the Tuffles are convinced and they lead the trio into their compound.
Mostly because they got no other choice. Along the way the one speaking for the rest of them begins asking questions.

"So... please tell us how the First Born is."

"You mean Lyn? She's fine."

"She even got herself a name? That's good. It seems she's in a good place then.
At least that means even if we fail she'll get to live and the master brains sacrifice was not for nothing."

"Why were you worried about her?"
Hit asks in a moment of confusion.
"Pretty sure there was no chance of her not bonding with E-"

But the twins clamp his mouth shut.
"Don't... talk... about.... him!"
They whisper.


"They don't know about him!"


The leader figure takes them further in and shows a monument to them. It's a rather ugly thing fabricated out of rusted scrap and various other refuse. It's essentially a grave stone they created to honor the memory of their progenitor the mother brain. But there's something off about it. While it has the rough outline of an oversized brain there's something wrong with it and only when a light is shined right on it does Hit see what it is. The large blob is hollow and in the middle of it stands an imposing, featureless but humanoid figure with one hand stretched out.
"What... is that?"

"We don't know.
When we awoke we... we don't know how but had these... images etched into our minds. It took us a while to figure out that we all had it but we eventually did. None of us know what it means though. What we know is that it's related to our "rebirth".
Some claim that they saw a figure like that moving around that day but... it's all inconsistent and we don't know what to believe.
Most of us just call it The Spark. But what it is other than the thing responsible for our change, we don't know."

"Oh he's not going to be happy about this..."

>"They don't know about him!"
We are going to have a long talk about why you don't willfully neglect to mention the sole reason for a fucking CIVIL WAR!
>"Oh he's not going to be happy about this..."
When did Hit start stating the obvious?
"What are you talking about?"
The Tuffle asked.

"Nothing! None of your concern!
Tell us about the current situation instead!"
Kamin tries her best to dodge the topic.

"As you wish.
In short, it's not good. As you know since the awakening about half of us tuffles were not satisfied with what happened.
Mainly those of the older generations but some of the young ones also couldn't cope with the change. Since then they recreated their hivemind and we've been waging war on them ever since. They are more coordinated, better equiped and more skilled than us on top of having access to the majority of resources on the planet.
We could only fight them with sabotage, stealth and theft. We take and repurpose whatever we can.
Luck seems to be on our side though, most of our operations went off without any problems and even when we were caught in a bad position we somehow got out of it almost every time without many casualties.
But obviously we can't count on that lasting forever..."

"And I assume every time one of you is lost the enemy gains a new soldier."
Hit observes.

The hivemind is scared of us. It doesn't dare to reintegrate any of us as it fears that we'd corrupt its thoughts. Instead they just kill us every time...
But that doesn't stop Dr Lychee from stripping the corpses of any usable machinery."


"He's the jerkwad scientist that made us."
Oren answers Hits question.
"He's an original Tuffle, one of the people responsible for the creation of the hive mind and one of the few who were deemed useful enough to leave intact with some individuality to perform better.
A leader of sorts."

"He's been getting madder every day since the split happened. And our successes only aggravated him further.
Reports say that he's even more unhinged now than he was back then and alongside the other individuals remaining they've taken the entire group consciousness under control. With rumors spreading around that they are siphoning resources from all across the planet to fuel their warmachine...
Before he was concerned about conserving as much as he could for their "glorious return to the galaxy". But now all he cares about is eradicating us..."

"So. They centralized a lot of their power.
That seems like something you could exploit."

"What do you mean Hit?"

"Is it possible for this Lychee to be "remade" by the hivemind should his body be destroyed?
You mentioned he was more of an individual even back then."

"We... don't know."

"No matter.
Even if he is virtually immortal that doesn't mean he's invincible.
Capture and separate him from the hivemind and that should deal a lethal blow to the enemy."

"If only it was that easy.
Lychee and the others scientists are holed up in their personal fortress."

"That shouldn't be a problem for Kamin and Oren."

The twins give him an odd look.
"I thought you're not here to help us."

"I won't fight.
But that doesn't mean I can't share my thoughts."
They have a very good reason to NOT tell the Tuffles about Eric
I won't go into detail about it now but let's just say that individuality has a massive downside. Even though the "rebels" are a group not all of them feel the same way about their current situation
And a good portion of them would be quite happy to learn the name of the person responsible for this and not for good reasons
Now that I think about it, Hit's still pretty scary.
1000 years of good clean assassination probably makes him one of the foremost experts on punching above your weight class.
Makes sense that he'd be able to throw out some good tips to a Guerrilla force.
Also does he really not have the ability to take out a planet?
I'm pretty sure Vegeta could do that back when he first came to Earth and that level of power is chump change now.
I mean... he MIGHT be able to punch a hole going from one end of the planet to the other
But it's not his style

Also you're right
The dude's supposedly been leaving a trail of corpses for 1000 years with an apparently perfect kill record until Goku came along
And there is a good reason why even fucking CHAMPA is scared of him
I'd guess the power to take over a planet would depend on the planet in question, too.
Plant's probably had most if not all of its crust, mantle and core replaced by artificial stuff of unknown durability, and it's populated by cyborg Tuffles rather than PL5 earthlings.
>I mean... he MIGHT be able to punch a hole going from one end of the planet to the other
Real talk, what's Hit's powerlevel?
Did he ever really train often during the last millenium?
None of this matters, I just need to know.
>Powerlevel: I haven't got the foggiest. Obviously much lower than Goku and Vegeta even back during the Tournament of Destroyers. I'd say at MAX Perfect Cell level But it doesn't matter
>Training: He might have during the first one or two centuries but after that he got so fucking good he didn't need to because he could one shot anyone in his universe
But as the adults are busy talking strategy Kamin has something else occupying her mind, a little girl sitting in a dark corner fiddling around with the machinery jutting out of her skin.
Kneeling down next to her she calls her out.


"What are you doing?"

"S-Scratching the machines..."

"You know you're not supposed to do that."

"B-But... but! It hurts!"
Upon closer inspection she's clearly bleeding from where her flesh is fused to metal. She's been trying to tear out her own implants.
And she's clearly seen better days. Her flesh, for a lack of a better term, is spotty and scarred. She must've suffered some serious injury right before shit hit the fan on the planet. Her flesh was mended just enough that she's capable of functioning but either it was left at that or the apocalypse happened mid way through. It doesn't matter really.
And her hatred of her machine parts is understandable. Many despise their mechanical half but most of them are adults who know how necessary they are. But for a little girl? It must be hell.

"I know. But you can't remove them.
So be a strong girl for me and don't touch them okay?"

Tears swell in her eye. Whether from the pain or because she thinks she did something bad is impossible to tell.

"Shhh. Don't worry. Here, I'll help."
Kamins hand dissolves into fluid and it enters the girls body through the self inflicted wounds. Using her extensive knowledge of Tuffle biology she does her best to fix what the automated systems messed up. The girls flesh is mended and her augments are adjusted so they don't cause discomfort.
"There. Better?"


"Good. Now what's your name little one?"


"You don't have one? That's fine.
You got such pretty red eyes. I know, how about Mato? I know it's unusual but you'll love having a name. Trust me.
Now Mato, do you promise me to not touch the machines?"


"That's a good girl.
Don't worry. Once me and my brorbro fix things we'll find a way for you to remove them.
You'll see the sun, you can play and eat good food! You can be a good kid then! So just be a little patient and we'll make everything good okay?"

Stepping away from the little girl Kamin is found by her brother.
"You sure that was wise?
Can you even make a promise like that if you can't fulfill it?"

"It's not a matter of can or can't. I had to.
And if nothing else we can rip Lychees head off. That should be a good start."

"You sure that's a good idea?
I mean grampa did make us. He knows us better than anyone, including us."

Cracking her knuckles Kamins eyes burn with determination.
"Well it's a good thing then that dad made us transcend our own programming isn't it?
Now what do you say we live up to our family name and... Slay a little?"
And that is actually it for this story
I left out a bit of stuff regarding the new "society" of the Tuffles and their views but we can leave those for the quest
>Luck seems to be on our side though, most of our operations went off without any problems and even when we were caught in a bad position we somehow got out of it almost every time without many casualties. But obviously we can't count on that lasting forever..."
Eric bestowed something more important then individuality on them he also gave them luck.
Thanks for the side-story!
>he also gave them luck.
Pretty sure that's Porunga's blessing from when we wished on the namekian dragon balls to give the rebels a hand.
File: Porunga Okay.png (416 KB, 576x432)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Oh yeah forgot about that.
File: Kek_Statue.jpg (34 KB, 360x450)
34 KB
I suggest we tell them we contracted a guardian spirit to watch over their endeavors.
Let's just say it's Kek. They're both big and green, and what's luck besides RNG manipulation?
Just popping in for one last time before the thread disappears to confirm when I'll be running next
I'll make a new one Saturday around the usual time
I'll try and post it on twatter as well for anyone that cares
I love you
Haha you have the big gay
File: Spoiler Image (127 KB, 680x425)
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127 KB PNG
So, how about that big PS5 reveal, huh?
You can't fathom the amount of dead men behind me
>Sony CEO when asked about the number of deaths in their child labor camps
File: Spoiler Image (174 KB, 414x578)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (47 KB, 252x512)
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Meanwhile, with Yamcha:
6 hours
6 minutes

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