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What is your name fair traveler?
And what, is your goal?

Note: As the first post, I will wait a bit before writing scene one to see how many people reply. This will help me decide how many votes to take before writing each part, or if I need to use dice, etc. If the QST is particularly empty I'll just take the first thing someone says.
>my name is John Smith and my goal is to be something other than extraordinary average

My name is John Smith. The most ordinary man in the world of the extraordinary. I work at an airport, as a janitor. Over there, Pyra, is my coworker. She's a girl with magic powers, can control the elements, especially fire. She can also control traffic, air traffic, to be precise, she's our air traffic controller.

And through that window? Is Jake King. The name suits him. No matter who he meets they obey his commands. You see, he's a psion. One of the most powerful, too. I have yet to see anyone who doesn't bend to his will. So you'd think he would be out there ruling his own kindgom, right? Wrong. He uses it to pick up the ladies, can't say I don't blame him. He also picks up the luggage. Yup, he's out luggage guy, still can't figure out why.

And over there? That giant with a single eye? Eye-Clops we call him (behind his back), he's our manager, Steve. He has the ability to see through walls. A living x-ray machine. However, he can only see through one at time, and only certain materials. Still, we're extra careful when we sneak in an extra snack break to avoid the main office.

And then there's me. John. Just a plain... guy. Might even be considered handsome if everyone around me weren't the most interesting people in the world. As I have it though, even my roomates are something special, four spirits from the world of Naught. Whatever that means.
They're always going on about it. In the world of Naught, from which they were cast out, there are no sorrows. In the world of Naught those pants DO come in pink. In the world of Naught, so one ever has to say I love you, and if they do, they always mean it. blah blah blah, yakity, yakity. I hate all four them.

They make me do their chores for spiritual favors - what this really means is that they'll scare off the monolits. Small pitch black creatures that creep up from the Dark Place. And hey, I'm not complaining, after all, I asked them, and I needed it.

You see, I'm the only person around here without any powers, so I have no way of fending off the monolits and their ceaseless battle to take over the minds of the people of COOL-ISLAND, ISLAND OF SUPER POWERS AND SUPER BEINGS, and John.

Yah, I won a lottery, so here I am.

Let's establish my routine. I go to:

[]Play Hooky today and go to the park
[]My Boarding House
[]Write in a location
Is this just setting up our day routine or just where we are going now? Either way first things first
>eat breakfast
Most important meal of the day then
And get some average grades
>The hospital, for my kidney stone operation
We take one of our spirit roommates with us of course, as the Monolits can spring out from every dark crevice. I think it's Jyidon's turn today.

First I eat breakfast. Magiballs, magically delicious, but also magically obnoxious. I get a small toad stuck in my throat before eating two counterspells and washing it down with a glass of milk.

I get into my uniform and don my backpack, and I'm off.


Ah, school. This is the one place I'd actually stand out--if it wasn't for Tara.

"What is the capital city of Cool Island?"

Pinnacle Heights! I raise my hand.

"That's easy, Pinnacle Heights," says Tara.

"Correct. And WHY is it the capital?"

Because it was pivotal in the battle of...

"Because it was pivotal in the battle of," Tara pauses.

I don't know for sure, if she's reading my mind, but I suspect it. That's her power after all. I finish my thought. The Great Bind. Because it's the highest point on the island, the best place to see from and for casting spells.

" of.. of.. ah! The Great Bind."

"Correct, Tara, excellent! Excellent! And why was it pivotal?"

"That's easy. Because it's the highest point on the island, the best place to see from, /and/ the best place for casting spells, after all."

It's rather hard to cut off your own thoughts and forget them entirely. Maybe I should ask the Naught's if they have a potion or something...

Later, in the hallway, Tara just smiled at me. I was careful to hold back my thoughts (though some choice words may have escaped from my mind. When my grades didn't depend on it, it was a little easier.

I headed to the locker room and got my things for work.

Jyidon was waiting for me outside the school, haunting in every way. Her hair was long and white, her complexion like a sheet of paper, so bright you could see no details except for those eyes. Large, luminous, and sky blue.

"You've got to leave work early for the hospital today, don't you John?"

Shsht. I almost forget.

"Yah, hey Jyidon, you wouldn't happen to have a potion of forgetfulness, would you?"

She taps her lip with a slender finger. "No, I don't have anything like that, why'd you ask?"

I sigh. "Nevermind. Do you know anyone that.. could block mind powers?"
"Now that!" she waves a finger in the air, "could be helped by none other than, Jake King."

I sighed, even deeper. Jake King. My co-worker and consumate lady's man. I'd die before asking HIM for help. Or, would I? Could I? I mean, we've hardly talked. Maybe Jyidon is right, maybe I /should/ talk to him, what could it hurt?

"Heh, yah, I guess, I could ask him."

Jyidon's ethereal hand tousles my hair like a mini tornado.

"There you go John, remember, it'll be Argon again tonight, to pick you up from work and take you to the hospital."

My face turns red. Argon. The worst of the Naught's. His arrogant smarmy, disgusting--

"And John," Jyidon says. "You might want to practice hiding your EMOTIONS too. I can see it like dirt written all over your face."

I bite my lip, and remember all over again why I hate ALL of the Naught's while handing over a sizeable chunk of my paycheck to Jyidon for today's protection.


Work goes very ________________.


But that doesn't even COMPARE to what happened at the HOSPTIAL.

Now that we have some locations, let's find out exactly what happens.

[]At work, set aside some time for Jake King.
[]At work, forget Jake. You just can't do it. Ask around about potions, keep your eyes open for a tincture seller.
[]Give Argon the slip, screw the monolits, I need a breather. I should be safe for one day. I'll catch up on some homework then go straight to the hospital.

The one power I do have is to lie, I'll say that I was sick, it's not wrong, is it? I am going to the hospital, after all.

[]Skip work AND the hospital, isn't this an island of extraordinary beings? I bet I can find a MAGIC way to get rid of these Kidney Stones.

[]Write in some ways to be less ordinary at work, and/or at the hospital
[]Write in a unique location AT work, or the hospital
[]Write in someone already mentioned here in the story so far, to BE at work, or the hospital
[]Write in someone who is from your work, who you talk to about potions, or your kidney stones.
Also: Sorry about switching the tense of the narrative between past and present. I TOLD you this would be badly written.
> Work goes very okay, not good but not bad either just AVERAGE
> []At work, forget Jake. You just can't do it. Ask around about potions, keep your eyes open for a tincture seller.

>At the hospital something extraordinary happens, we have SLIGHTLY SMALLER than average kidney stones. Truly a sign we are becoming something more than average

Lucky for me, only Jyidon prefers money in exchange for chores. Argon, for all his personality flaws, won't expect anything of me, if I miss his protection. Normally he makes me scrub the toilet - you'd think for ghosts there would be no mess, but THESE ghosts have a game night with 5 minotaurs, tacos, and HOT SAUCE.

Tonight however, he just wants me to take out the garbage. NO PROBLEM. And something else good. He's awfully silent tonight. I don't know why, and I don't want to either. The trip to work goes off with hardly a work spoken between the two of us.

He just stares out the car window as I drive, his long white hair, like his sisters, flowing out the window even though the window is closed. His pale green eyes, look wistful, like he's miles away.

First thing when I get into work, Pyra marches up to me and stands there with hands on her hips. Her eyes, which are normally green, are a shade of pink, but not quite red.

"What's this?" She says, holding her phone out. It's a text message. It reads:

TARA: Pyra, didn't you say you work with that guy, you know the one, John...John, oh what was it. It's something really boring and ordinary. It's so NORMAL that I can't even think of it...

PYRA: Smith. The lottery winner?

TARA: Yes! That's it. SMITH. We go to school together. Today he called me a b*tch! Right to me face, after class.

PYRA: What??

"Wait, wait, just a minute." I say. "I did NOT say that. I only thought it and--"

"I /know/ you thought it. You thought it right in my sister's face! She told me, look. And she also said you knew that she can read your thoughts." She scrolls down.

It was true, I did know. But it's not like I did it on purpose. Did I? Did I know she was going to read my thoughts, and let those words slip out on purpose? No, that's ridiculous.

"That's not fair. I can't even stop myself from choking on toads when I eat my Magiballs, let alone control my thoughts. And for that matter, your sister has been taking advantage of me because I can't! She's stealing all of my answers in class. I'm almost sure of it."

Pyra looks on me, a small frown, her brows knit. "John, Steve--oh, that's Eye-Clops, don't you remember his real name?-- he asked me today if I would recommend you for a promotion. I was going to. I would have. If it wasn't for this." She waggles her phone in my face. "If you apologize to my sister, maybe I'll change my mind."

A promotion. We always have a big promotion party.
A promotion? In front of everyone? Yes! I'll stand out! Maybe, my new position, won't even be...average! I definitely need that. It might even make up for protection money to Jyidon, it would be good if just for that reason alone.

Then, the rest of what Pyra said, and what's she's doing, sinks in.

I turn red. The nerve of her... I can't just take it.

"There are more people here than just --YOU-- Pyra! I'll.. I'll think about it, okay?"

Tch. That was weak. But what else could I say? She has seniority over me. . Besides, she's /not/ the only person working here, maybe I can get a good word in from Jake.

The rest of the day goes smoothly, in fact, I /do/ get a recommendation from Jake. So it all evened out. Which makes me feel sick, because I knew it would. That's the average, working for me. Although today, I'll take it.

I don't however, work up the courage to ask Jake to help me with my 'problem', especially not since Pyra now knows I hold something against her sister. Instead, for every passenger I see holding a fancy bottle, I ask, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know anything about potions, would you?"

I get a little lucky too. Because one of them says: "ROLL 1d100, the higher the roll, the more I know about Potions, and the more helpful that potion will be in your QUEST."

At the end of work, I finish sweeping up and see Pyra waiting for her ride. I manage to wave and try my best to look expressionless--thanks Jyidon, you were right. I've got to learn to control how others see my emotions. Pyra waves back, her eyes returned to verdant green. Phew. But her expression gives away nothing, either.

I step outide. Where is he?

I look around for Argon. He's usually waiting by the door, but one time he was off a little to the side, by the flowers. I step out of the warm light of the foyer, and into the shadows of the night to check the flower bed.

That's when I feel something swirl around my ankle---

It's whispy and inky black!

At the hospital, if you make it there, something extraordinary happens. But will you live to find out?

[]ROLL for the potion thing at work: I will take the first roll I see.
[]Hit it with your BROOM!
[]Shout, call out to Argon, he has to be somehwere! He's never been late before. Though, he did look oddly... distant today. (No time to think about that. Shout.)
[]Yank as hard as you can, try to run, with enough slack you might be able to slam this thing with a car door. (Roll 1d20 DC: 12 to find an unlocked door.)
[]Run back inside! (If you can) There are extraordinary people in there. Someone has to be able to do something about this.
[]Grab whatever it is, this inky blackness, and pull, with all the strength in you. It might just come loose!
[]Write In what you do.
NOTE: It is now time for supper. I will return either later tonight, or on the morrow to continue this awfully written QST.
Rolled 7 (1d100)

>Roll for potion

no worries anon
Rolled 89 (1d100)

> []Hit it with your BROOM!
This inky blackness can never handle the light of our average everyday BROOM

I swing down the broom with all my might.



The inky black hair of Maron, the third sibling of the spirit's of Naught, is now coiled tightly around the broom handle.

She pulls me by the broom out of the shadows of the flower bed.

"Fool!" She says. Her stormy dark eyes glitter. "You nasty little living fool."

I jump. Her voice has that effect.

"I'm sorry Maron, I didn't know, I was expecting Argon."

"Argon is missing." She uncurls her hair from my broom, it hangs like a long cape, ethereal once again, it frames her pale face and pouting expression. "Don't you understand? Stay, out, of the shadows. Just what are you doing all those chores for, anyway, if not to avoid becoming mind-food for the monolits."

I have a feeling she doesn't care one way or the other if I become mind food but only cares that she finally found someone desprate enough to feed her 'pets'.

"Wait, did you say Argon is /missing/?"

"Yes, that's right. Oh, don't look at me like that, so -average-. It happened this afternoon, after he came home from watching after /you/, fleshform. Argon had just used his magics to call the minotaurs - you know, for one of his famous hot tac-sauce parties, and that's when it happened. He VANISHED."

"Well he is a ghost."

"SPIRIT." Maron says. "And he does not simply 'vanish' to our eyes. I would see at least a fragement of door, a trace of spirit, but no, there was nothing. He just went out like a puff of smoke, mid-sentence. Poor Pardon was shaking with fright."

Pardon is the fourth sibling, the she has black hair too, like Maron's. But unlike her siblings, she looks like a young child. And it's creepy.

The Naught's were all cast out of the world of Naught. Nobody knows why, and none of them will say, but I suspect it's because they're all unbearable. For that matter, I don't even know WHO cast them out of Naught, assuming there is a who, and if there is a who, could that somebody possibly bring them back?
"Maron, is it possible that Argon... was brought back to Naught?"

Her thin brows raise. "My, my, my. Yes, I suppose that /is/ possible." After a long pause she says, "But it's not likely."

Just then, a car pulls up to the front door and Pyra walks out meet it. There in the driver's seat, is Tara.

"Come now, let's hurry along," says Maron. "You don't want to miss your surgery and I don't want to miss The Breadroll Souls of Cool-Island."

Nothing more came of our conversation, she ushered me into the car, and I drove to the hospital. Unlike her brother, Maron was not lost in thought. Her eyes were steady on me, the road, everything, as though a monolit could pop out of any shadow--and I suppose one could, though I hadn't seen any for an entire week. I said as much. Maron looked disturbed.


"Have you been taking advantage of him?"

Huh? My vision is still blurry.

"I guess I have. But it still wasn't right what he said to me."

"Thought, Tara. And you gotta remember John doesn't have any powers, this is all new to him."

John. Are they talking about me? I turn my head and try to focus.

"Besides," the second voice continues, "School, work, and then an operation, all in one day. He was obviously under a lot of stress."

The virst voice sighs.

"Yah, I didn't know he had an operation on the same day."

"I didn't either. I shouldn't have chewed him out at work."

At work? My vision clears. I manage to lift my head a bit.

"Look, he's waking up. I'll go get the nurse."

I recognize Pyra leaving through the door. I'm laying in a hospital bed.

Tara steps close to me. She leans down.

"You know, I'm still upset about what you said -thought-, what you thought at me today."

She looks away, a flash of irritation crosses her features - though it's hard to tell because those short black bangs hide her eyebrows. When she looks back at me her tone softens, "How are you feeling?"

[]Don't apologize
But also think
>get out of my head

"I'm alright, I guess. Listen, Tara. I... apologize for what I thought at you in class today,"

But get out of my head.

She smiles a half-grin. "Apology accepted."

There's a long pause. Maybe she can't read my thoughts because of the anesthetic, I'm still a bit groggy.

"And --I'm-- still upset you've really been stealing my answers!"

"Tough luck. All's fair in school and war. But... I've been thinking about what my sister said. How you're the only one here without any powers. Maybe I can help you, you know, control your thoughts."

Is she reaching out to me? This family has some nerve... still, if I could block my thoughts, it might help me be just a little less average.

"All right then, I accept."

"Don't think that means you're off the hook! I'm still going to try my best to beat you in class."

I scratch my head. "Heh... Tara, just why are you here anyway?"

"We came to see you. We overheard you from the car."

"I see how it is. Pyra must have dragged you along. She's so bossy."

Tara breaks out in a laugh. I think it's the first time I've heard it.

"She IS bossy, but it was my idea."

Her idea? She's full of surprises, today.

"Speaking of the car..." Tara looks around. "Where's your aunt?"

"My aunt? Oh hah. You must mean Maron. She's my roommate. A spirit from the world of Naught, so they say. I live with four of them. They help protect me against the monolits, for... a price."

"Wow, you really are helpless."

My lips tighten.

"They're not so all-powerful themselves. Actually, something's been bothering me. Argon, he's the eldest of the Naughts. He went missing today. Maron said he'd just, 'vanished', right before her eyes."

They're all I've got for protection.

"Not another one!"
My jaw drops. "What do you mean, another one?"

"People have been going missing from Cool Island. It all started two weeks ago. I heard about it in the daily telepath telecast, Mind Your News. It always seems to happen on a tuesday, at noon."

Telepath telecast. I forgot. I suddenly realize Tara could have been reading my mind this entire time. We both know it's Tuesday but...

"How did you know he went missing at noon? Didn't I just tell you to get out of my head?"

Tara's face turns bright red. "You just surprised me. I swear! I promise I didn't read anything else - though I won't hold to that once we get back to school. Understand?"

I nod, reluctantly. She did look surprised, Tara's probably telling the truth.

A realization dawns on me. I get an idea.

The one thing I'm not average at is my memory for useless facts. The only reason I get average grades is because of Tara stealing all of my bonus points and project ideas... if I could solve the mystery of the missing people, WHOEVER could solve THAT mystery, certainly wouldn't be average. Yes. I'm going to do it.

"You said /people/ have gone missing. My roommate is a spirit. Does that mean anything?"

"The only way to make a SPIRIT disappear would be powerful magic. They'd probably even have to cast it from--"

"PINNACLE HEIGHTS." We say in unison.

The door swings open and a tall nurse enters with Pyra.

"I see that you're all awake!" she says.

The nurse hands me a jar with some pebbles resembling yellow peas and corn. I show the jar to Tara.

She looks perplexed. "They're.. they're slightly smaller than average." And for reasons she doesn't understand,

I am overjoyed.

After coming home, I still had to feed Maron's pets. The ghost dogs.

The ugly little puff balls feed on the giggles of ridicule.

So I have to stand there modelling these ridiculous outfits that Maron picks out for me. Everyone points and laughs at my unmatching socks, then me in a one-piece bunny suit. It's humiliating.

But lucky for me, it doesn't take much to make these phantom puff balls roll on the floor in fits of raucous laughter. And soon enough I collapse into bed and get a good nights sleep.


It's time to find out how you did with that potion from work.

"Rolled 7 (1d100)" You find a potion seller and ask him to sell you his FINEST potion. He says, "My potions aren't fit for a BEAST let alone a man." No. I'm only kidding.

You find a passenger who has a briefcase full of potions, and he is indeed a potion seller, but the potion he sells you is so good that you forget why, or even that, you've taken it. And not only that, you miss every single question the teacher asks today, no bonus points again.

You also forgot it was supposed to be a test day. If it wasn't for your curse of averages it might have even been detrimental for you. But fortunately, or unfortunately, the test was moved to tomorrow. Predictable.


After class Tara makes good on her offer to help me learn how to control my thoughts, after the potion wears off. But my mind keeps wondering... there's so much that has happened this week.

I think about Argon, the missing people, and work. Am I going to get the promotion?

As soon as school is out I decide it's time:

QM: Pick 1

[]To investigate Argon and the missing persons.
[]To go to work first to find out whether or not I was promoted. Today's my day off but the boss said he'd make his decision today, and that it was all right to drop in.
> []To investigate Argon and the missing persons
Solving a mystery is the PERFECT way to be something other than average

I've made up my mind. I'm going to solve that mystery.

But where do I start? Where should I look?

[]Practice mind blocking with Tara
[]See if anyone at work knew one of the missing people
[]Question the Naughts, maybe Jyidon will know more about what was bothering Argon before he went missing.

[]Skip everything, live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be.
>[]Question the Naughts, maybe Jyidon will know more about what was bothering Argon before he went missing.

"MARON! That's what was bothering him. And I bet she acted innocent, too."

I asked her what she meant and remarked she looked rather disturbed, actually.

"Dont let her fool you, her and the brat--" and at this Jyidan's blue luminous eyes scanned the room, but Pardon was still downstairs.

"They're close. The dark haired siblings against the white, it's the same old same old. Can't get over it, can they. Oh, mother. Why did you ever have to remarry."


I asked Pardon the same question.

"Why are they always picking on us? It's as likely to be /her/ you know. They're the ones who got us--" But she shut her lip after that.


When Maron got home, I tried asking her. But she didn't know any more than she'd already told me.


I asked all three of them why they were kicked out of the World of Naught, since I remembered what Maron said, that it could be possible, to be called from that world, and brought back to it. It was a long shot and none of the other missing persons were spirits from Naught, that I knew of. But maybe it would help me understand this feud, and bring me closer to an answer.

Of course, each and every one of them was tight-lipped. And even heaped extra chores on me, just for asking.

But perhaps there was a way to get them to talk...

[]Ask Pardon to teach you a magic spell in exchange for more chores.
[]Practice mind blocking with Tara
[]See if anyone at work knew one of the missing people
[]Hey, maybe Jake... He's a lady's man with mind-powers. Maybe HE can help me get an answer out of the Naughts.

[]Skip everything, live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be.
>[]Ask Pardon to teach you a magic spell in exchange for more chores.
> []Practice mind blocking with Tara
Lets get us some average powers

Pardon's violet eyes begin to swirl. I find myself nodding.

"You're sure, this will, work, on, ... anyone?"

She floats, face to face with me. "Shhh, shhh." A pale child's finger presses against small rosebud lips. "Hush now, Jo-o-o-hn."

Her voice is distant like it was coming from down a well.

"Yes, hush... I. Hush..." My eyes close.

"Wherrrre did Maron hide the COOKIES."

"Wherre...she... she put them on top of the pantry, in the kitchen."

Pardon snaps her fingers. My eyes spring open.


Pardon is already holding the box and stuffs three cookies in her mouth at a time.


"Sorry John, here, this scroll should help you."

She hands me a magic scroll. It is written in crayon.

"This is the spell I just used on you. It's imbued with residual magic, so even someone like -you- could cast it. Just follow the instructions."


You see Tara and your mind blocking bonus goes up.

[]Use the scroll on Pardon.
[]Use the scroll on Jyidon
[]Use the scroll on Maron
[]Hold on the scroll. I might need it for something else.
[]Lure Pardon, Maron, or Jyidon to PINNACLE HEIGHTS. You might need to make the spell extra powerful for it to work on them. (ROLL 1D20 DC: 15)
[]Roll to see if you have any memory-wipe potion left (1D20 DC: 10). It might come in handy if I fail.
[]Change the order. Practice mind blocking with Tara first, then come back.
[]Go to work. See if anyone knew one of the missing people.
[]Go to work. See if Jake will help you with his Mind-Powers.

[]Skip everything, live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be.
*Note: The scroll can only be used once.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Wait so we are already with Tara? If so then
> []Change the order. Practice mind blocking with Tara first, then come back.
After getting back
> []Roll to see if you have any memory-wipe potion left (1D20 DC: 10). It might come in handy if I fail.
> []Use the scroll on Jyidon

Time to make supper again. I'll be back either later tonight or continue tomorrow. Thanks for joining me again Anon!
Hey thanks for running QM
--> Np!


Changing the order gives your next roll a +2

The memory potion you have left allows you to roll with ADVANTAGE.

You unroll the scroll and begin to read the crayon.

Roll 2d20 and take the highest number, add your +2.

DC 16 for complete success and memory wipe afterwards.

DC 13 to get the information but you can't give her the potion in time so she forgets she told you.

If successfull, what do you ask Jyidon?

[]Why were you cast out of the world of Naught?
[]Why was Maron cast out of the world of Naught?
[]Why was Argon cast out of the world of Naught?
[]Why was Pardon cast out of the world of Naught?
[]What did Maron do to bother Argon before he went missing?
[]Why is there a rift between the black, and white, haired Naught's?
[]Are any of your siblings capable of the disappearances happening around town?
[]Did you know any of the other missing persons?
[]Is there anything you could give me that would help me in my quest?

Should I be careful? I may not get all of my questions answered before she wakes up, or I snap my fingers.

ROLLING NOTE: I don't know if QST is capable of showing both rolls on a 2d20 so you may have to roll one at a time in separate posts, taking the highest.
Rolled 5, 5 = 10 (2d20)

> []Why was Argon cast out of the world of Naught?
> []Why is there a rift between the black, and white, haired Naught's?
oh no

Jyidon rips the rainbow crayoned scroll from my grasp and crumples it in her hand.

"Never try that again."

--> I retain the memory potion, but with Jyidon on full alert, there's no way I can try to give it to her.

Maybe some she'll answer some of my questions without it.

[]What did Maron do to bother Argon before he went missing?
[]Why is there a rift between the black, and white, haired Naught's?
[]Are any of your siblings capable of the disappearances happening around town?
[]Did you know any of the other missing persons?
[]Is there anything you could give me that would help me in my quest?
[]Best not to try my luck it's been long enough. I think I'll visit work now.
(Forgot to add)

[]Skip everything, live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be.
> []Did you know any of the other missing persons?
Jyidon crosses her arms. "John, are you asking this for you? Or were you sent up here by my sister."

"I didn't do it if that's what she's after. Why doesn't she ask Maron, if I understand their story SHE was the one who saw Argon last, just before he disappeared."

"Pretend for a moment that I didn't think this was all a trick set up by my sisters Maron and Pardon to get rid of me, to have me disappear like my brother Argon, why should I help you? Why should I /trust/ you after... THAT."

She points to the crumpled spell on the floor.

"I'm not asking for Pardon. I'm actually trying to find Argon myself, AND the missing persons, or to at least find out what happened."

"Oh?" Jyidon raises a white brow. "Let's see, why would John smith, handsome, if average--ah, but that's it. You don't want to be average, do you?"

I bite my lip. "No. You're right. I'm not doing this for your unbearable brother, I'm not doing it for you, or anybody else. I'm doing this for me. I want to be something more than average. Everybody else here has powers, a special ability, or even just an interesting story, like your siblings. I... I won a lottery to get here."

Her sky blue eyes take me in. She nods.

"No, I don't know any of the other missing people on the island. However, as you may have already guessed from my suspicions, my siblings /are/ capable of it. But it would take a great power."

Pinnacle Island. It always came back to Pinnacle Island.

"Jyidon, is there anything else you can tell me?"

"If it IS one of my siblings, John, you're in over your head. Make sure you have help."

Maybe some she'll answer some more of my questions:

[]What did Maron do to bother Argon before he went missing?
[]Is there anything you could give me that would help me in my quest?
[]Best not to try my luck it's been long enough. I think I'll visit work now.

[]Skip everything, live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be.
>[]Best not to try my luck it's been long enough. I think I'll visit work now.
Make sure to think real hard that you don’t like any of the naughts

I haven't seen a monolit in a week and after today's fiasco I decide Pardon is the best choice for the ride along.

Did Maron get rid of Argon with her sister Pardon? The question bothers me. And I contemplate what it might be like to disappear as I look over at Pardon, her head fully out the window, or through it I should say, hands on the sill, like a puppy.

I doubt she can feel the wind.

Still, better to disappear than to have...

That happen.

Out the side window there is an elderly woman in a cape and leotards lying on the sideway, she must have been a hero in her hayday, now her eyes a glowing white, mouth agape, and blackness oozes out between her teeth in a puddle on the road.

I serve to avoid it.

"Oh, look." Pardon says passively. "The monolits are out."

I look in the rearview mirror. The woman stands up. Then hovers. Her eyes blazing like two suns. Her corpse flies toward the back of the car.

No, no no, no no, not today. Why today.

"Better speed up John. They look pretty hungry."

I obey.

The road behind me froths with black ink, it bubbles like oil, skinny limbs popping out, a leg here, an arm there, a fat round belly of ink running on skinny legs with kobbly knees before they spashes back into the ooze. The black broiling mass of monolits trail behind their possessed host.

A man trying to cross the road screams as the ooze washes over him like a tide, his shining black firgure writhes, his arms contort, "CRUNCH" they now face backwards on his body, his head is a melting mass that reforms into a round glistening bulb, ink black, with two large white eyes. He jumps unto the legs of the flying corpse and trails behind her.

ROLL 1d20 + 10 (because you are with Pardon)

DC 15 to out-drive them until you get to work.

DC 12 and you get away, but not without paying a price.
Rolled 15 + 10 (1d20 + 10)


I gun it. Pardon crawls over the passengers seat and into the back. She spreads her arms out toward the flying corpse and floats half out of the back window to meet it.

There is a flash of purple light. And the next time I look in the rear, the caped woman is rolling and bouncing hard against the road. The ooze entirely consumes her and spreads out to the east and west.

We'll have to take a different way back home.


It turns out Pyra put in the good word for me at work! Tara must have sent her a text.

I not only got my promotion, but because of her extra recommendation I got a pay raise too.

I'm now working for security. Which gives me this cool TASER.

+1 Taser and Shield (It comes complete with switch. Switch the taser to shield mode and it will shield you from 1 magic spell before it explodes.)

And wouldn't you know it, they threw a surprise promotion party for me, right then and there!

Everyone got tipsy.

Eye-Clops stared a little too long at Pyra's skirt and she set his hairy chest on fire with nothing but a zap of her finger.

Jake congratulated me and said now we'd be spending a lot more time together. He then mind-controlled the passengers waiting for their flight to do a line dance and sing what he called the traditional 'Promotion Song.'

*Hey, you're promoted, good job man, you've got a raise, don't forget to land, take that cash in your hand, don't spend it all on unmarked vans!*

I'm pretty sure he just made it up.

But everybody laughed and had a good time.

Pardon was even invited inside. (I had her wait for me because I was suppose to just be in and out).

"Hey, you're Tara's sister, aren't you?"

"Yah, how'd you tell?"

"Well, your hair is pink and her's is black but your eyes are almost identical."

It seems like Pardon knows Tara. I wonder if spirits go to school. Maybe they had a class together. That's a bit odd, but I never bothered to ask.
"You know, you're actually kind of... handsome. I mean, for someone with no powers."

"Tara! You're here, too?"

"Mhm. Tara picked me up for the party."

"Hey, that's great. Don't mind me, enjoy yourself, I've just got to do some things while I'm here at work:"

[] Inspect the flower bed outside. Last week Argon was there instead of the front door. It's daylight, maybe there's a clue to be found.
[] Ask if anyone at work knew one of the missing people.
[] Ask Jake King if he will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 + 2 (Mental Bonus from blocking practice)
[] Ask Eye-Clops, er, Steve if he will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 +2)
[] Ask Pyra if she will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday (Roll 1d20 +2)
[] Ask Pardon if she will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 +2 OR Do Chores)
[] Ask Tara if she will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 + 5 {friendship bonus})
[] Practice Mind Blocking with Tara (This cannot add an extra bonus to any of the above rolls)

DC: 10 for any party member you roll to join. You may roll for any number of them.

[]It's time to go home. Live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon, all by yourself. You're as ready as you'll ever be
Rolled 18 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

> [] Ask Tara if she will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 + 5 {friendship bonus})
> [] Ask Pardon if she will join you when you go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday. (Roll 1d20 +2 OR Do Chores)
> [] Inspect the flower bed outside. Last week Argon was there instead of the front door. It's daylight, maybe there's a clue to be found.
Rolled 4 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Rolling for pardon
Oh well just do chores then


I step outside the party. I dig around a bit in the flower bed out front. Is that, something pink? You at it until it comes loose from the topsoil.

You get a pair of PINK PANTS.

Pink, pants. Pink pants. Pink... pants. Why does THAT ring a bell?

I decide to brush off the dirt, wrap them up in a vaccuum bag from work, and put them in the trunk of my car.

At the end of the night there's a Magiball eating contest. I choke down three toads before:

[]Roll 1d100
Rolled 23 (1d100)


Eating 23 Magiballs in under a minute.

I lost the contest, but hey, it hit the spot.

It's time to go home. Live your life as normal, and go to Pinnacle Heights next Tuesday at Noon with Tara and Pardon.

You've got,

EXTRA CASH (Raise) and

You're as ready as you'll ever be.

Buy a spell with your extra cash:

[] Roll 1d100

(This is the last post of the night!)
Rolled 34 (1d100)


34. Greed: Creatures develop an overwhelming urge to possess a visible item of your choice.

(Magic table courtesy of Knave, a light tabletop OSR RPG.)

Good Night, Anon. And thanks for playing.
Night QM thanks for running

"Tara picked me up for the party"

Should have said Pyra, since it's Tara who was picked up. I'm sure there are other mistakes but just wanted to make that clear.

And without further ado...


The night before my trip to Pinnacle Heights, Maron went missing. Did that mean she was the one? Am I going to see her when I get there, at noon? Or has she been disappeared...

Jyidon wasn't home either the hour before we left. So Pardon left a note for her on the fridge door in crayon, "Gone to Pinnacle Heights, brought John with me, if we're not back by 1 PM please come and help!"

A little dramatic. But considering the circumstances, that we were about to face whoever was making people go missing, well, I can't say I blame her.

I drive up to the highest peak of Pinnacle Heights with Tara and Pardon. I park the car just below the crest of the peak and off to the side, behind a thicket of bushes. And there, we wait.

I look at the dash. 11:55 PM.

Whoever was casting those spells would show up any minute now, if the pattern held.

"We should get out, I can hardly see through the window," says Tara.

I agree. We step out of the car and sneak around the corner of the thicket. Hiding behind the bushes we watch the crest of the peak.

11:58 PM.

The wind blows the grass.

11:59 PM.

The bushes creek around us.

12:00 PM.

I hold my breath. Here it comes...

12:01 PM.


"Maybe I got it wrong?"

"Let's check around the crest, maybe there's something hidden there that we just haven't seen yet," says Pardon.

She floats through the thicket and me and Tara follow.

"There's something here!" says pardon. Tara takes a step back, hesitant. She looks afraid.

If I'm going to be anything but average, I've got to be brave. For Tara, for everyone, all the missing people, even Argon.

I follow Pardon on to the crest. She turns around and faces me.

Pardon's violet eyes begin to swirl. I find myself nodding. Wait--what?
Tara steps out on to the crest, and she's, smiling. Behind her, obscuring the thicket of bushes, a black mass of ooze is boiling and frothing up from the ground. She raises her hands to the sky, Tara's eyes turn pitch black, and the hidous creatures, the monolits, rise up from the ooze. Deformed faces, gaping mouths of black with jagged little teeth, wide white eyes, and limbs in places where there shouldn't be any.

"Joo-oo-hn..." Pardon's haunting voice intones.

I fight. I struggle inside of myself, my insides are writhing. No, no,

"No!!" I manage to shout, but my limbs are stiff. The spell is taking hold of me.

"Oh John, it turns out the one thing you thought you had going for you, your memory for useless facts, was just average after all," Tara says. "But it did help /me/."

"B-but... you helped ME! Why? Why did you visit me in the hospital?"

"Oh you figured that out a long time ago. Poor pitying Pyra, my HALF sister dragged me there."

Tara steps to the edge of the crest and looks out on Cool Island. "The Great Bind, remember? That answer you gave me in class?"

The monolits swarm around me leaving the spot where I stand motionless an island of green grass.

Villainous exposition time! (The hallmark of the WORST writing).

"I already knew about it of course, but you DO have a knack for useless facts. Even the teacher didn't know what I sought - but you, you won that lottery and read everything you could get your hands on about Cool Island. I was missing something, I thought, maybe /you/ had the answer. So I offered to help you, do you remember? At the hospital?"

Pardon continues chanting. I bite my lip and blood comes out, I tense my muscles and try to wriggle. Nothing. I'm trapped. The monolits raise higher into the sky so that now all I can see is the pathway to the crest of Pinnacle Heights, and Tara's smug smile.
"After class, you were EVER so eager to provide me with the clue I needed. Just as the potion was wearing off, you told it to me, just when it had worn off enough that you could answer, but before it was so worn off that you would remember that you did. I asked you one question: WHY haven't my sacrifices been enough? What happened at The Great Bind on Pinnacle Heights to make a spell SO powerful it could bind the RIFT? And if it was powerful enough to bind one, could it not break one?"

"I'd be using it to make sacrifices for weeks," she continues. "But none of them were working... I even had to sacrifice my poor monolits for a week to strengthen the spell. But the answer you provided me worked. I had to sacrifice a being from a world more powerful than our OWN."


"Yes, Argon," she reads my thought. "By the way Pardon, how are those POWER cookies working out for you?"

Cookie crumbs fall from Pardon's lips as she eats the last of the cookies, the same cookies I told her where to find.

"Mmnon nom, nom, nom. Just fine sis. I have power enough to spare!"

"Soon enough, we will tear open the rift, and march on Naught with all of the pathetic Cool Islanders controlled by our precious monolits!" Tara cackles.

Soon enough.

"But wait, if your spell was so successful, why are you still here?"

"That's my fault," Pardon says, sullenly. "I was sur'pose to lure them here. But you were so AVERAGE you couldn't even pull THAT off John. The sleeping spell I gave you, you botched it up! And there's no way I could try it myself, what with Jyidon already suspecting me and Maron."

Maron. What about Maron? Why isn't Maron here? They must have sacrificed her already, and Jyidon... oh no. That's why I am here. To lure Jyidon out to the crest. They must need one more sacrifice and it has got to be Jyidon!

Tara cackles. "Bingo, John, as always. Your thoughts are so transparent, but average, once again. You were half right. She should be here any minute now."
I creak open my jaw, even that takes effort now, but I manage to say one last thing, "So I was right! I /knew/ you were a B!TCH!"

Tara's face drops. Her expression cold. She twirls her finger in the air and the black mass twists around me closing off my view off the crest. Trapped inside a vortex of black ooze, twisting limbs, and sharp teeth gnashing just inches from my face, I turn my eyes upward, to the narrow circle of light from the sky. It is slowly closing.

"Jooooohn! Where are the PANTS?" A thin voice carries in through the crack in the vortex.

The pants? Why they're....

[]Use the last of your strength to shout out where the PANTS are, if you do remember.
>”they are in a vaccuum bag in the trunk of my car!”

Using the last of my strength I shout, "THEY'RE IN THE TRUNK!!!"

There's a great blast of something, a flash of purple light, and moments later, up in the sky, falling from the hole in the vortex, drifting down on a beam of sunlight, are the PINK PANTS.


There's no mistaking it now. The voice is Maron's.

The pants land on my face. It tingles. I feel my arms break loose.

I put on the pants. Suddenly, I feel no more... sorrow. I feel like, no, I don't feel. I know. I just KNOW who loves me. Pyra loves me, and so does Jake, and even my boss. But most of all... Maron. Maron, she really cares about me.

I guess in the world of the extraordinary, when you're just average, when you're the only one with no powers... you ARE extraordinary. At least to everybody else.

The large white eyes of the monolits all blink shut at once, the nightmare wall of turning black ooze recoils from me, the vortex widens. Cracks appear, and daylight breaks through. The hole at the top closes off and the roof of monolits caves in, dripping liquid searing hot falls toward my head just as something grabs me by the ankle and yanks me out!

SPLOOSH! The monolits collapse in a crash of waves as Maron holds me in her hair, her back turned to the carnage. Each fleck of monolit tar sizzles on contact with her skin, creating great red welts on her back. She clenches her teeth against the pain.

"Maron!" I cry. "Where is Jyidon?"

"Don't you see?" And she points to the writhing black mass of monolits. The monolits bubble and spew forth a spire, it gains arms, long gnarled fingers, and a head with large sky blue eyes and long waving hair.

"They've already got her."

"I don't understand!"

"There's no time for this John!" Maron clasps my head in her hands and I see white.
Argon is standing by the flower bed, Maron is there, looking concerned. "Maron, take them! You've always wanted them anyway, right? I'm telling you, whoever it is, they're up to something. Any one of us could be next. It's just a matter of time."

"Argon, there is no 'last Naught'. We're it. We're all that made it through!"

"But ONE of us brought the monolits!"

"That's nonesense! They just APPEARED. And what good will these pants do me anyway! You know I can't use them any more than you can. We're SPIRITS now, Argon."

"Creatures from OUR underworld? Just HAPPEN to appear when WE are cast out of the World of Naught? You may not be able to use them but you can find someone who can."

"Argon," Maron folds her arms. "I won't hear any more of this."

"Please, just take them."

"All right. Fine. If that'll shut you up."

Maron takes the pair of pink pants.


"So tonight then, I'll brew my famous hot sauce!" PUFF!

Maron looks on in shock as Argon vanishes before her very eyes. Pardon is huddled in the corner muttering to herself. Poor thing, she must be so afraid. What's going on here?


It's me. I'm riding in the car with Maron, it is the night she picked me up.

"Where are all the monolits? I haven't seen any for an entire week."

Maron looked disturbed.


'Who is that girl... didn't I see her pull up in a car at the airport? Is she here to see John? She looks so familiar...' Maron ducks from the hospital window as Pyra enters my room.


"Hey Maron, you know the other day when you pulled me from the flower bed at work?"

"How can I forget."

"I was just wondering. On the drive to work, Argon looked... upset. Do you know why?"


Jyidon stomps into Maron's room and slams the door shut.

"If either of you EVER tries that again, I swear, sister or not, I'm going to feed you to those 'pet's of yours, no, I'll feed you to the MONOLITS! They're YOURS after all, aren they not?!"
Maron stands up and brushes a hand through her hair. "What are you going on about?"

"About trying to put me to sleep. I don't know what you're up to Maron but I'm sick of your jealousy. The two of you have to get over yourselves!"

"What ever are you talking about."

Jyidon tosses a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.

Maron picks it up and unfolds it. A powerful sleeping spell, written in crayon.

"And the NERVE to use that poor helpless, powerless boy. We're suppose to PROTECT him from those --things-- you unleashed. You may pretend not to believe it. But Argon knows it's our fault. And so do I, why I ought to--"

Maron's brows shoot straight up. "John!"

"Did John ask you about Argon, too?" She shakes Jyidon by the shoulders.

"Yes but--"


Maron's forceful words stun Jyidon to silence. Finally, she says, "He's off to see a classmate, Tara I think her name was, they're practicing, oh, something or other boring, but Maro--"

"Who's with him?"

"Who do you think? Pardon. And then he's going to work, Maron is there a point to any of this? Or are you just trying to get out of--"

Maron turns and faces her tall black armoire. She stands on her tip toes and takes a small silver key from the top. She bends and unlocks the bottom drawer. Clothes fly as she rifles through the contents, until she pulls out a pair of pink pants.

"So THAT'S why he was creeping around the flower bed." Maron says tucking the pants up her sleeve.

"MARON!" Jyidon stomps.

"No time."

Maron brushes past her sister and swings open the door. She drives as fast as she can to the Airport.

"Hopefully, I'll make it back in time. That fool boy had better check the flower bed. No, of course he will. He /needs/ to be more than average, he wants to solve the mystery, he'll look."

Maron paces her room. "This is our fault. The monolits. Why hadn't I seen it sooner? We've got to protect John, but, the skinsack needs to wear the pants."

"We can't tell him now," says Jyidon. "It will only frighten him. I wish I could just ASK him, but he's so dreadfully AVERAGE. No. We'll have to keep our eyes open. One of these days, they'll come for me... or you Maron, then whichever one of us is left, will have to tell him to use the pants."


The whiteness fades and my vision returns. Maron's stormy dark eyes are looking deep into mine.

"I knew you weren't really average, John. You pitiful meat pocket. You found the pants, and you brought them right where they're needed most."

"The monolits are beings of fear, hate, and disgust, they are everything we didn't want in the world of Naught, cast into the under realm. Those pants hold the spirit of the over world, and all that is good in Naught. Use them John, STOP TARA!"

I feel tingles starting to climb up my legs. My entire body is free again. I feel hope.

Maron turns to face Tara.

"I -knew-- you looked familiar. You're Pardon's half sister." Maron says.

The last Naught.

"WHAT? How did you get those pants?" Tara collects herself. "No matter, I'll still get what I want. What can HE do with them. He's only AVERAGE!"

Tara's eyes turn completely black, covering the even the whites. She sways with both arms and sweeps them up in the air.

A giant monolit Argon rises beside the Jyidon abomination, both creatures grow taller, and taller, until they reach up into the sky, grab at nothing, and pull. A rift opens, a crack in the clear blue sky. Black monolits pour out.

Maron cries out to Pardon, "Stop this, you're being had! Tara is from the underworld, she will sacrifice you too!"

"She WON'T! She's my half sister, she would never! We will march into Naught and force our way back home!"

"To rule there!" Tara finishes with a cackle.

The monolits cascade out of the rift and rush like a river towards us.

Maron pushes me out of the way.

I skid to a stop and land just feet away from the rush of monolits. They tumble over Maron like an avalanche. Consuming her.


Tara spits in her right hand, then her left. She wriggles her fingers and rises from the ground, her feet hanging.

The earth tembles. Dirt flies as cracks appear in grass. The ground opens up before her and a large black monolit rises up from the hole. It has long flowing hair of black, and large, stormy dark eyes.

No. No...

The giant Maron Monolit turns and aids her tormented siblings. They pull at the sky and the rift opens even more, pink light pours through with black.

"Yes, YES, it's WORKING, I can see the gate to Naught. I just need ONE MORE SACRIFICE."

[]Overcome THE AVERAGE Convince Pardon that SHE is the last sacrifice. Write IN what you do and say.


{}Greed: Creatures develop an overwhelming urge to possess a visible item of your choice.

{{((_)))}} PINK. PANTS.
> []Overcome THE AVERAGE Convince Pardon that SHE is the last sacrifice. Write IN what you do and say.
Breaking the 4th wall isn’t average
>”It’s obvious that you will be the last sacrifice because this quests writing is terrible and there is no writing more terrible than antagonist betray their ally while promising they will rule together, its honestly so predictable how could you not see this?”

>tase Tara because why not
> {{((_)))}} PINK. PANTS.

Alas, my one and only audience. I shall return to finish this tale with you, Anon. After my supper.

(Again either tonight or tomorrow, but I'm thinking tonight most likely. I just need some time to eat and write based on what you said.)
What every you need to do QM

QM: By the way, your answer is genius.

(To sup!)

The pink light spilling from the sky falls on Pardon, and her ghostly features take on the color of flesh. She takes a breath in. A breathe. Something is happening, spirits don't breath.

"It's obvious, isn't it?!" I shout to Pardon across the abyss of black ooze. "Pardon, YOU will be the last sacrifice, because this quest's writing is TERRIBLE! And there is no writing MORE terrible than when the antagonist betrays their ally, while promising they will RULE together. It's honestly so predictable. How could you not see it!?"

"John... that's. That's the least average thing you've ever said to me." Pardon stares at me. The monolit giants waver.


"There IS one way to find out," I say.


"NO! GET HIM!!!!!"

Tara throws her arms toward me and the gigantic monstrous monolits that were the Siblings of Naught raise their giant tarry legs and CRUMP, STUMP, K-PLUNK! Each thunderous step brings them closer me.

I duck and weave, running toward my target. I slip the taser out of my belt and fumble with the buckle. It slips loose. I remove the belt. Running faster, and faster. I pull down the top of the pants, at least stumbling in my underwear. I slip them off.


"AHA hahaha! HA, of course! She can't USE them FOOL! She's a SPIRIT!"

"Is she?" I shout, and toss the pants.

Tara's black eyes follow the pants through the air and land on Pardon just as she catches them, in her pink, human, living, hands. Yes. The light from the rift HAS transformed her.

"For me?" she says.

"YES! Put them on!"


Tara throws herself forward and with a blast of wind, the force of a hurricane, electric black sparks spring from her finger tips like razor sharp bullets.
Now that I'm no longer immune to the monolits they swarm over me, carrying me to the crest like a tsunami out to sea.

As the blackness clouds over me this is the last thing I see.

Pardon looks down at the pants, then up at the rift in the sky. The pink light illumines her face, the same color as the pants. She shimmies out of her skirt and puts on the pants. Sudden recognition strikes her features.

And I know, she understands who loves her.

It's me.

The ooze cracks!

Pardon's eyes glow a bright violet. She parts her rosebud lips and says something I can't make out. Pulsating light from the rift envelopes her body. She touches her forehead, closes her eyes, then swings her hands toward the giants.

The giant Naught Siblings turn their massive bodies and march to Tara.

"What?!" Tara cries. "No, Pardon! You don't understand!"

The sea of monolits writhe and seethe, they part before me.

I walk, pantless, to where Tara is held aloft in the sky.

Monolit Argon and Monolit Jyidon are holding her by the arms, while Monolit Maron lifts her by the legs so that her belly is exposed.

I extend my arm, and the taser.

"No, please, please, you don't have to do this John. Why, I can take you to NAUGHT with me! You'll be SPECIAL. You won't be -average- there!"

Didn't I tell you? Get out of my head!!!

You ignite the taser sending shockwaves and pain through her body. Tara shakes and tremors violently. Her hair sticks out in every direction. Her eyes roll in opposite directions.



I step back.


Tara's body drops to the ground.

The giants turn and together they grasp the edges of the rift in the sky. They heave, pulling it closed once more.

The pink pants fall off of Pardon as she turns pale once more, covering herself with her hands.
The gigantic Argon Monolit's leg has hardened, the blackness turned grey, it cracks, pieces break off, they scatter to the ground like a rain of dust, all the way up his body, and the real Argon falls out of its center.

Next is Jyidon.

And finally Maron.

Argon gets up off his knees and brushes dirt of his shirt.

"I knew you would find use for the pants, sister! But who knew it would be our very own Pardon who wore them. Good job! You must have had that nasty Naught tricked!"

"Oh you idiot, it wasn't Pardon who save us. It was John," says Maron.

"John?" Jyidon and Argon say in unison.

I scratch the back of my head.

"Heh, yup."

And from that day forward, COOL-ISLAND, ISLAND OF SUPER POWERS AND SUPER BEINGS, and John.


Cool-Island, island of super powers and super beings, AND JOHN!

After that, the ambassador from the World of Naught paid a visit to Cool-Island. (He noticed the rift)

And said the Naughts could come home if they like, but not before they paid off their debt, by doing chores... for JOHN. He was, after all, the one who saved not only the island, but the World of Naught from a monolit invasion!

But not before John did... a few things he owed.

PENALTY: Pardon ate Maron's cookies and it's John's fault.
PENALTY: Pardon taught John a spell in exchange for more chores.
PENALTY: Jyidon had John try a scroll-spell on her and it failed.
PENALTY: Pardon had to be bribed with more chores to come to Pinnacle Heights.

(Story reasons aside, yes, believe it or not, I was pretty sure they would be the bad guys BEFORE you chose only those two to come with you. If I remember incorrectly, may I the QM be forgiven.)

COST: "It doesn't matter WHAT happened John. When you owe a being from the World of Naught you must pay it!" Argon says. That smarmy, arrogant, good for nothing....

"TARA is not the only one of us who can READ THOUGHTS!"

John serves one last five minotaur taco toilet party reminding us that Argon is still a jerk.
File: JohnAnon.png (696 KB, 1051x1218)
696 KB
696 KB PNG

Argon regails the tail of how he vanished from Pardon's teleportation spell and found himself on top of Pinnacle Island. He was swarmed by the monolits. They grew in power. They attempted to tear opent he sky, a rip, a few more monolits poured through, but the gate closed shut. It wasn't enough.



MIND BLOCKING BONUS +1 rank out of 2 (One chance missed)
PINK PANTS BENEFIT - NOT TAKEN (Do you have anything that would help me in my quest?)



And John's name was renowned throughout the island, his fame as a grand investigator, and knower of useless facts, spread far and wide. Everyone was coming to him to solve their mysteries, from the Harpies of Hipster Hallow to the mysterious Minotaurs of Ma'lon.

John was also offered the chance to enter a lottery. If he won it would allow him to enter into the World of Naught. He decided. Ah, what the heck, I may as well put my name in. Why not?

(The artwork is your prize, make sure to click on it to zoom in.)
Thanks for running this quest QM it was ton of fun to play and I hope to see if you have anymore in the future

Thanks Anon!

It's archived here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4286474/

And you might even be the person who played Reginald the Reluctant.

I normally do drawquests.

Have a great night!
Also: I prayed that it would be fun to play!

A final note. I did screw up the order in the flashback thing. I think I went with the original order of seeing Tara /after/ trying to cast the spell, but our hero did pick to reverse the order, to get that extra bonus on the roll.

Re-write it in your mind so that it works!


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