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You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And you feel as though it's been quite a while.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns:
Quest Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=999%20Quest

So after a monumentally long absence due to real life shit, lack of inspiration and assorted things, this quest is back. Hopefully for good this time around.
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Previously on 999 Quest:

You had fought your way through malicious spirits (that burned), poisoned reality (that also burned) and horribly mutated werewolves and assorted terrors, until you've finally come face to metal face with the leader himself. You're not sure how you'll deal with this, being honest. But, you'll figure it out. Probably

The metal titan reclines upon an obsidian throne of fire and obsidian. It has no eyes, but you feel its presence bore into you all the same.

How do you introduce yourself?
Slither up to him and give him a happy wave!
>Slither up to him and give him a happy wave!
Well, maybe some smiles and waves will be a good way to open things off and clear out the tension in the air.

You move up to the feet of the titan, who dwarfs you pretty heftily and then stare up at it, before offering a happy wave in introduction.

"Blorble! [Hi there!]" you announce, which catches the attention of the statuesque being. It turns it's head towards you.

"Ah, the Scarlet Child. Your arrival I have foreseen. Please, make yourself at home. My domain is your domain for as long as you wish it."

Several smaller seats and a small table manifest from the ground, shifting themselves out of steaming glass and metal. Blue wanders over to one, and pokes it, drawing a slightly smoking limb back a moment later. He shrugs and takes a seat at the table.

Everyone else looks very hesitant or on edge still, but the titan just laughs creating a loud echoing boom.

"Come now!" he shouts, still chuckling. "Do not be shy! You have questions I am sure, and I have much time to grace you with answers."
Forgot the options dammit

>Take a seat at the table and...[Write In]
>No, you're fine where you are right now
I think I was part of the first thread of this.

You flatly look at the table and the chairs, and at the seated Blue, turn towards the titan on hid throne, and very bluntly say:


Moments pass following your unimpressed phrase. The werewolves crowded around the feet of the being look positively feral, barely restrained growls rippling through burning throats. The giant raises a hand to still them, laughing as he does.

"Well met, Alath. Tis' only fitting that you would not place your trust so easily. Not after what my Claws did to you and yours." he says.

"Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am known to those under my care and those who wander gurihal as Linggan Zhao, Father of Claws and Lord of Rising Flames. I have come far, sown peace in my path and brought truth and light to those who would serve me in the clutches of the end. I welcome you to this place of life and peace. Be at ease."

You still give him a pretty level gaze, limbs wrapped around your sword. You didn't exactly receive a very 'warm welcome' as it were, in spite of all the heat.

"As I said, you no doubt have questions. Ask them! Let me tell you that which you no doubt wish to know."

What will you ask him?
>"What are you doing here?"
>"Why the sudden attack on us?"
>"The disturbances in reality, are you the one causing them?"
>"What do you know of...werewolves?"
>Ask something else. (Write-in what).
>>"What are you doing here?"
>>"Why the sudden attack on us?"
>>"The disturbances in reality, are you the one causing them?"
>>"What do you know of...werewolves?"
>>"What are you doing here?"
"Blorble-blorble [Why are you here?]" Best to start off simple.

"What are any of us doing, little flame? We all lose ourselves to the great flow of ah, which we can never hope to fathom." Linggan Zhao raises an arm. "Nevertheless, an explanation is warranted."

He goes on to explain that he had come to this city to spread his 'sslvation' to it, that the souls therein were in need of his aid. He came to the werewolf packs present and provided them with his patronage, making them his Claws to further his goals here. It was then that he came into awareness of the two warring Courts.

"I was here when the Red Court brought their bothersome and decadent practices into this already suffering city. The Court of the Tides went to blows with them, disrupting the nature of the network of power that thrums through here-they launched points of anfarti, shells of metal, with vessels of flesh and tore through Hisil with ritual and thought." He goes on to explain, entering details about the Courts, such as 'The Red Queen and her stolen legions' and the murder (or is it consumption?) of the Blue Court's Prince.

>[ ] "What else do you know about the Courts?"
>[ ] Keep silent, for now.

>>"Why the sudden attack on us?"
"Merely a protective measure I assure you." Linggan Zhao turns and nods to the wolves curled at his feet. He tells you that they were not certain of whether you would be a threat or not, and that they'd simply taken measures to defend themselves.

"One cannot blame a creature for simply looking out for its own can they?" he questions you.

>"The disturbances in reality, are you the one causing them?"
"Askah-that is, this is nothing but coincidence as it stands. Reality was thinning well before I arrived here, flame. What you have seen on your way here is merely me trying to do the best I can with the hand I have been dealt."

For some reason, you kind of doubt that.

>You have further questions...(Write-in what topic you wish to ask about)
>Take a closer look at your environment (2d100 roll)
>No further questions. Let Linggan Zhao proceed with his own topics
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Admittedly a slow thread, but eh I can deal. Still need votes tho.
Rolled 54, 72 = 126 (2d100)

>Take a closer look at your environment (2d100 roll)
Can you list current goals? I don't know what's happening.
Sure. Current goals at the moment are:
>Stop the leyline network beneath the city from exploding (MAIN)
>Aid SCP 2295 in dealing with the Grandmother
>Reconnect with Vuindred
>Salvage bits of the Shaded Palace that have been hijacked by some unknown force
>Find out what's going on with the warring Courts

Quest Archive is at the top if you need more specific events. Feel free to ask questions.
>Take a closer look at your environment (x126)
You decide to take a closer examination of the environment around you, letting your senses open to accommodate for your new observations.

Flames rage in the distance amidst twisted spires of metal and glass, the ground chokes and cracks beneath you as metallic dust spreads into the air floating upwards. Hissing steam pushes upwards with each step you take, making the dust spread further, causing rippling distortions in the air.

And sitting in the center of the distortions, which ripple out from him like a stone thrown into a lake, is Linggan Zhao.

>Observant (F++)
>Observant (F+++)

...You're not sure what to make of this, but it's probably nothing good.

"Little flame, you seek duksium, the protection of this city." Linggan Zhao continues, seemingly unaware of your observations. "Brave, purer of heart and will still, but your cause is naturally a difficult one. Many are the things which seek the annihilation of this land, some beyond even I. Such is the case that I must shepherd my Claws and carry them beyond this coming oblivion."

He look to you, eyeless gaze boring into you. "The magath you're hunting, for instance."

You and your friends are put briefly on guard by the statement, with even Blue seeming to give a pretty suspicious gaze at the titan.

>Ask him what he knows about the Grandmother.
>Ask him about the other threats.
>>Ask him what he knows about the Grandmother.
>Ask him what he knows about the Grandmother.
Linggan Zhao seems to almost shift in his obsidian throne, the structure groaning as he presses his weight into it.

"My knowledge of the abominable magath extends only so far, little flame. How its will alters the world to its own alien specifications, and that it itself desires to offer salvation from the coming ending, much like myself. Beyond that, direct attempts to perceive it's actions grow increasingly hazy, even with the actions of the hithisu that trail beyond its waves of power."

You're not sure what "hithisu" means, but you have a feeling it probably isn't any good.

>First Tongue (F.)
>Scholar of Realms: E. (E+ Arcadia)

Zhao goes on to explain that the 'demesne' of the Grandmother, a specific space connected to the spirit's conceptual existence, is a moving changing thing. Very literally an extension of the entity itself. It's difficult to predict its movements because the location is not tied to any one point, and moves as the Grandmother does.

"The only sure way to track the loathsome thing is those few moments when it bridges a rift between its dominion across the Hisil to offer its brand of 'salvation', when it has captured new prey." Linggan Zhao explains. "Beyond this, the only other means you might have would be to search only the most unstable parts of the city for its presence, the areas where the spiritual nexus is most damaged. Only the most finely cultivated flesh could state its hunger."

Well, that sounds simple enough. Can't be too hard to find if you have something to go on.

>What else do you want to ask about?
Sorry this update took so long. Caught sick and was apparently given 3 days for functionally no reason. So it came out really late.
Slow days are painful. Oof.
Where can I find more candy? I have my reasons for asking.
>Ask him about the other threats.
>Where can I find more candy? I have my reasons for asking.
"Blorble-blorble?" you actually take out the bag of treats you've been holding onto and motion to it as if to emphasize your point. It's almost finished too...

Linggan Zhao actually tilts his head with a metallic 'creak', seeming mildly confused at the question. Some of his wolves snigger.

"Thispu?" he asks. "I know of those who grant access to it in my city, and many who offer fonts that provide it. I can list them for you, if that is your wish little flame.

>"Yes, that would be great!"
>Refrain for now. You just need directions and you'll get the candy on your own.

>Ask him about the other threats.
"I know that the war between the Court of Tides and the Red Court grows fiercer with every passing day. Whispers of a Broken Moon, a shattered fallen thing have reached my ear, wandering and twisting both packs foreign to me and my own Claws with deceptive teachings." He says, sounding mildly frustrated at that last one. "The depths of Spirit have twisted, and begat strange things, from what my visions have shown me. The things I've heard spoken of only in strange half-mad whispers, Difala-Namtar, wander as jagglings and etchings in the heart of disillusionment and only the princes of madness and terror stalk in their wake. And more unsettling things continue to reach me day by day.

>First Tongue (F+)
>Knowledge of A Broken Moon
>Knowledge of The City

"I try to look farther at what the future holds, but all I hear are the dragging of chains in the dark. I so not know what this means, but it bodes ill. That I am sure of, little flame."

He says in his throne. Maybe now would be a good time of change the topic?

>Inquire more on these 'Difala-Namtar' as he called them.
>Try to learn more about the Courts.
>Ask about the 'broken moon'.
>Try to learn more about the Courts.
>>Refrain for now. You just need directions and you'll get the candy on your own.
>Inquire more on these 'Difala-Namtar' as he called them.
>>Refrain for now. You just need directions and you'll get the candy on your own.
You decide to refrain. You just need some basic directions and you can locate the candy places on your own.

"Hah! You are truly no lilu, little flame." Zhao chuckles, seeming quite pleased with your answer. "Sources of thispu are all over the city, and they provide much of their wares for the tasting. You will find no shortage I'm sure."

You nod. Sounds like you'll be in for a haul if you're really sticking to this.

>Candy Shop Hijinks (Quest) gained!

>Try to learn more about the Courts.
You decide to switch the questioning over to the subject of the Courts.

"[Do you know where we might find them]?" Purple chooses to chime in.

He tells you that the Court of Silent Tides prefers to stay around the educational centres of the humans (the actual term he uses sounds like the sharpening of iron on a stone) and around large bodies of water. Which is fitting for their namesake.

In stark contrast, the Red Court prefer to stalk in places that have already been touched by gruesome situations. Mental asylums, criminal slums, abandoned buildings, places of murder, etc. Anywhere tainted by ills in reality, the Court of Delirium can be found.

"Such has only worsened as their conflict rages. Even now, I have heard whispers in Hisil that the Queen of Delirium herself intends to step in to silence the war herself." Zhao explains. "It would be wise to make a path elsewhere before then, alath, as I intend to."

Well, THAT'S ominous.

>Knowledge of the Court of Silent Tides
>Knowledge on the Court of Delirium

>Inquire more on these 'Difala-Namtar' as he called them.
Finally, you decide to ask more about these 'Difala Namthings' he mentioned.

"I know little of them, alas." he responds. He tells you that he knows they are not from here, that they are creatures of trickery and bonds and pacts who make deals with mortals or foolish spirits that often find them to their service, and that they have apparently been manifesting more and more these past weeks.

"Something has agitated them, no doubt. But I cannot fathom what." he slumps once more in his seat.

"If this is all you wish to ask little spark, then we should move on."

>Move on, you have no further questions.
>What about...(Write-In what you want to ask about)
>Move on, you have no further questions.
>>What about...(Write-In what you want to ask about)
The broken moon.
File: 1489858688639.jpg (199 KB, 968x1000)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>tfw two conflicting options emerge
>>What about...(Write-In: The broken moon.)
You decide to press for info on the 'Broken Moon'. Maybe it has ties to your current search.

The wolves beneath the feet of the iron titan start snarling and snapping at the mention of it, and you're worried they'll start mindlessly lashing out, until Linggan Zhaos raises a hand to silence them.

"The twisted moon is a broken servant to one of the Dihar, beings that supposedly 'govern' the realms from their celestial perches." Zhao begins. "I do not know the full history of the broken thing, but I know that it fell from amongst the celestial choirs to roam the places of Suhahdu, gathering throngs of worshipers to it, Spirit and Flesh alike. I do not know why, but there are those who say that it went mad. Became too obsessed with Flesh and so it destroyed its own nature to wander and frolic amongst it."

"Such an aberration is disgusting on all levels. We are spirits. There is no wonder or worth to Flesh beyond its usage to us to fulfill a purpose. Would you not agree, little flame?"

He looks at you, and though he has no face, you can feel the mirth coming from him.

>Maybe it just needs a hug?
>Ignore the prod. Continue discussion.

Assuming you have no further questions, Linggan Zhao proceeds to voice his own reasoning behind speaking with you.

"I believe we may be able to aid each other, little spark." he says, grinding metal gauntlets into the grooves of his throne. He refers to the corruption throughout the city, of the damaged leylines, the warring Courts, the Grandmother and other horrors profiting off of the chaos, and of the coming of the Red Queen.

"This city will not survive the coming days. It shall be but one of many signs of the end. But you provide an opportunity, spark. For the both of us." he continues. "I merely implore you to continue doing what you have been, to hunt and destroy the corruption you find and bring this city back from the brink. The destruction of that bothersome Magath should be a fine start, I suspect."

"What say you?"

>Yes, you'll do it.
>...What's the catch?
>You have something else to say (Write-In)

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