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You are the young adult man Green Truck-kun Isekai[green/] and you one day instantaneously woke up in the brain of a genetically engineered catboy's in the form of an advanced and extremely illegal AI brain chip.

In this future the world went insane and created two new sentient and organic forms of life through the power of genetic engineering. Orcs; which are like humans and have animal traits. Then there are the demons; a hyper brainy, hardy and adaptable monster race. Abominations that can transform their DNA with their minds. Hell bent on replacing humanity and willing to go leagues beyond cruel to crush them.

Your host is a hobo orphan named Tony Spanner, or what he deserves to be called; Twink! He's a total crybaby bitch that wants to go an elite Hero Academy that teaches Demon Slaying called Eden even though you calculated he has less than 10% chance to be accepted.

That less than 10% chance being he's an ESPer with a powerful electrokinesis he as a hard time controlling, some experience fighting demons for bounties and he apparently knows how to use a knife, but he got it stolen and his melee weapon is a crowbar for now.

It's pretty far into the future. World War III started in 2020 after the losing dickbag forces of evil assassinated Trump and blamed the murder on Iran. During wartime, they revealed, perfected and invented corrupt Trojan Horse technology to weaken the mind, body and soul. AI brain implants were part of that. Taking over the host and injecting them with horrible viruses and never letting get help to slowly rot away was something you read in your research. This was the Blasphemy period. After a bit the demons rose up in power to overthrow human presidents and alike. Even some UN Officials. These demon leaders views varied from apartheid to genocide. Over the years humanity was able to get it's foothold back, the demons and those that support them are rising up once again. The Soviet Union has returned if that says anything.

>[9:03 AM]

>[4,000 pence]
>2 miles from shop

Currently, you are arguing with the owner of the Weapons Shop, Daniel. He will let you go on your mission, but he told you Ergin was trouble for 5 Demon Slayers and you two need to train more before heading out. He only counts you as one Demon Slayer because you are a total newfag.

You are leaning on the glass counter in your projected solid hologram form. A beautiful Japanese women with a black ponytail who's main outfit is a Sengoku Period Samurai attire.

Staring daggers into his soul. You really don't want this man to step on your manhood, but for real. Are you ready? You flew at 50 mph while carrying Twink and his bike yesterday. Maybe?

What do?
>Go on the fucking mission NOW
>Train some more
>Buy stuff//WEAPONS SHOP
>Buy stuff//ITEMS SHOP
>Buy stuff//black market
>Go back to the DARK NET VR
>Write in
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166 KB PNG
ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=That%20Voice%20In%20Your%20Head%20Quest

UPDATES ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/loveiswarr2

SHIT YOU HAVE: https://pastebin.com/kzf0nWKy
I guess we're off to "train" some more? It's not like need the money to live off the land.
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1.87 MB GIF
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Rolled 76, 166, 231 = 473 (3d300)

Yay! I will make some of these smaller so I can post a few times a day sometimes.


"Daniel!" You slammed the counter top. "I'm going on the mission NOW! It's only one demon and I saw the kid blow up trashcans yesterday you know he can do more than that! I think we can win. I copied his power yesterday and can calculate what's the best course of action for him. Plus I'm a mother fucking technopath going to a mattress factory!"

"Carmen told you copied him and all you could do was make a ball."

"Hey! I can control the drone now and make it shoot! I have my own powers anyway. If anything goes sour I will fly away."

"Green." Twink interrupted. "Daniel said we can leave at any time. I think we are ready, but I want to replace my knife first."

Daniel looks like he's in pain. "Toby. I was praying to Jesus that you would have some sense. Alright. I will let you borrow this." He grabs a knife from inside the glass display. "If you best Ergin you can keep it." He grabs some advanced medicine from the back. "Come back here before you can't if you can't handle him. Promise Toby?"

Twink nods and smiles. "I promise it! Thank you so much Mister Daniel!"

You begrudgingly say "Thanks for not being a cheapsake."

+ 1 steal combat knife
+ 3 meds

"Let's go kick some ass!" Without saying goodbye you flew out of the shop to that mattress factory.

Main: Steel Combat Knife +6 Pierce
Secondary: Steel Crowbar +4 Strike
Special: Small Drone that shoots darts filled with industrial strength rat poison +4 Pierce +1 Bash Poison
Armor: Bulletproof Vest +10 Def
Face: Gasmask +1 Def
Shoes: Sneakers +1 Agi


You're hiding out on top of a parking garage with Twink. Using your awesome eyes to gather info on the old factory.

"Twink I got the blueprints of the factory when it was open." You said calmly hiding your massive excitement.

"Green, why are you shaking? You okay?"

"It's only a mirage. It's August so it happens sometimes." You quickly point to the left of the building to change the subject. "We will sneak through the other building then I'm going to process you to fly to the vent and..."

"WHAT! You can control my body? That's forbidden technology!"

"Calm down furry! I can only do it if you let me" That's a total lie because you removed the safety protocol last night. "It's only for the mission. I if you up there we will have a better chance of getting shot down or me dropping you. After that I won't need to do it. Got that?"

He looks defeated. Understanding you're right. "Just be quick with that part."

He didn't say please. Maybe it's because he trusts you even he shouldn't.

"I'm fast. Of course I will be quick." You can help at least.


\"What the fuck is this hax?"/ You complained with your thoughts.

\"Hax Green? I don't follow."/

\"I can't detect him. I was able to look up the sad fuck's powers besides the rewrite DNA thing, but I can't sense the asshole. How is Nondetection 1 blocking my radar."

*beep* *beep*

\"I'm sorry! I'm sorry Green! I forgot to switch to silent."/

\"How does that cheappy watch work, but I don't?"/

\"You probably forgot how to use it. Nondetection 1 blocks magic only Green."/

You heard groaning.

"Sarah! Is that you?! What the Hell!? I was sleeping and just broke out of prison. I need a break from your shit!" Said a normal male voice. "No. It came from the top. The vents! Those cunts are here already!?"

Ergin blows up the vent, it drops down and Twink comes sliding out.

You shift out before he could see you're not a human.

Ergin is not in any monstrous from. He looks like some dude just laying on a bed on wheels which is in a line of them. He can see you're unimpressed.

"No! Only demons are allowed to see my true form!"

Back in your Sengoku Period Samurai clothes you took a picture of him. The mattresses are pocketed coil. Perfect!

He frantically transforms. Then you scream;

"Twink! Towel him now!"

He whipped out the hotel towel onto a mattress causing a line off static shocks to set the mattresses line on fire until the Ergin mattress.

\"Magnetize the mattresses and smash them on him!"/

Twink then made them fly unto the tutorial demon and crushed him.

\"Bend the metal of the bedsteads and coil layer in half on to him like a mouth. Push the others down on top the main one."/

Twink did that and made the coils piece out like teeth. The coils melted on his skin.

The three dice will determine how much damage Ergin takes. His HP is 3,000.

What do?
>Magnetize the broken vent beam and blow it up on him. (roll 1d10 for to see if it works. 50/50)
>Push him to the foam crushing machine and overcharge it when it's crushing.
>Run up. Turn on the fans, then the fire alarm sprinklers, let him get out, electrocute him and then overcharge the fans. Magnet a falling fan to slide him up into an unbroken one.
>Write In
>Unleash the drone
>Stab him
>Unleash the drone
Drone go pew pew
>>Unleash the drone
do dat
File: 1593725166377.jpg (15 KB, 252x300)
15 KB
Rolled 20, 50, 48, 94 = 212 (4d100)

Ergin 2527/3009

Ergin the Tutorial Demon took the first mattress fire pretty well all things considered. When the fire got to him it was the smallest, but big enough to cover a chunk of his large, strange body. Good thing you tricked him to transform sitting on the bed. He gave you a "You sly asshole." with his paper eyes before screaming as he got crushed by 5 flaming mattresses which by how loud the wails of pain. Doing something as compacted as changing your DNA takes concentration and you're trying to cripple him with mountains of anguish and a lack of oxygen. A demon only has so much willpower and can only change so much before needing to eat or something.

The last maneuver actually worked out a lot better than you thought. He was already in agony and couldn't breathe for multiple reasons so crushing the lungs more and melting the coils to have melted metal pour into your wounds hurts a bit.

You whipped out the drone and unsheathed katana from your Avatar.

\"Twink. Unleash the drone. Wait for him to get out."/

Alas, fire destroys stuff and so does Ergin. He finally got a little bit of air to concentrate with and was able to channel enough magic to blow up a hole he could crawl out off. He didn't say shit or even looked at you, but anyone could see he was raging hard inside. Ready to maul the annoying weasels that made his favorite spot a blazing inferno.

But, that would have to wait because after escaping Hell itself he got his back rapid fire shot by darts that are already leaking the Generation 5 rat poison into his blood stream to cause internal bleeding!

"AHGGHAHHAHHGGA! Dirty bastard children! I was on my knees and on fire! Do you cunts have any hon-"

"You're wasting your energy. Your last moments are just you being a dumbfuck." You calmly interrupted. Fire!"

He got rapid fired again!

Gasping for air, struggling to even get his feet, he gets up in a wobbly stance. He is finally adapting to the fire as it's burn through him less and less. "You're the lazy telepath that gives all the orders and barely does the work type? Are you miss?"

He grabs a pillow, it flashes red and chucks it at your face.

Barely anytime to doge it you heard a fucking loud boom behind you you remember that behind is a solid steel wall.

"Green! You lied! You didn't say he could do anything like that! What the fuck!" He said with awesome anger.

"We can talk it about later!" You ready yourself. "Use your outrage to slay this fag! Channel it into your lightning like yesterday! He's doing the same!"

He readys himself too.

Ergin grabs another pillow it glows red a little longer. His swords do the same. The weapons will explode what they touch, but they won't do it themselves.

And he starts charging!
File: 1589602804324.jpg (30 KB, 354x360)
30 KB

What do?
>Magnetize a mattress to make him fall on himself and go boom!
>Grab something a do boom stuffs have Twink do boom stuff himself.
>Drone stuffs
>Slash him with your poisoned katana
>Turn on the sprinklers to dampen the expositions
>Write in
>Run like a pussy
>Turn on the sprinklers to dampen the expositions
>spam electricity
You literally cannot miss Twinkie boy.
File: 1577656464596.jpg (110 KB, 960x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Rolled 152, 365, 225, 266, 169, 381 = 1558 (6d500)

>roll 1 = Base damage per round of darts +4 = 48
>roll 2 = How much damage will he get from the poison last turn = 50. This turn it's 100.
>roll 3 = How for is he into is fire resistance transformation = 48%
>roll 4 = His base speed = 94

Ergin 2429/3000
Green 2003/2003
Twink 1500/1500

The tutorial demon is on the move like a racecar trying to drive through the gates of Hell before it closes in. How is he this fast? None of the sites said anything like this!

\"Put your lightening armor on and move!"/ You shout. He's faster than you both. If you're going to get hit you might as well make him regret it!

You tried to fly left to doge him, but the damn pillow exploded on your side and your body dropped down, face flat on the concrete.

"GAWHHAH!" Holy shit! You didn't even get to punch a monster before you took an explosion by a retard! Your wound burns so bad!

"Green! You're bleeding! I wil-" You feel him reaching for the medicine.

"DON'T HEAL ME! I'M FINE!" You snapped.

He's disoriented, believing that the wound is to big. \"No! I know you feel pain!"/

\"Fuck the wound! Spam electricity when the water comes!"/

Think about your rage instead of the pain! Ouh! Do it, Damn it! You roll up on your feet to give him your poisoned Nippon steel into his chest wounds! Success! Remember Carmen patronizing you last night! Jump on him!

When he was screeching and hissing in pain you doubled up and drove a lightening ball deep into the the largest chest wound, spinning it and making it grow.

With another of your psyche, you were analyzing the room to find the sprinkler system. When you found it "something" switch on and thing became part of you in a way. Your new hand turned on and the water poured down!

When your host got the queue he did the spamming!

Ergin rose his katana to slice your head off, but it was a lightening rod that only made his day worse. He's on his knees. "Who's the coward hiding!?" he said not wanting to admit he's losing to Twink.

You did a back flip off him and ordered Twinkie "Do it again! He's only on the knees!" You said gleefully.

"WATYHGGGGGGHHH!" Ergin is still on his knees. "AI! I know what you ARE! You copied the catboy's power and you can't use like him!"

Oh shit! "I started learning it a while ago. I'm a late bloomer. AGAIN!"

He slammed the electricity down! The demon is on his belly, but not dead!

"Don't go near him!" He's faking a KO.

4 little magic circles appeared on the floor! Black creatures rose up! About 5 feet.

They spoke in Icelandic panic and healed him! Not fully. They are pretty weak.

"Thank you, everyone!" Ergin spoke. "I'm -"

Not sure if he's going to make it out.

The stood up. One of the monsters who had a katana jumped on Ergin to were the head should be.

Pistol 800/800 Knife 1200/1200 Katana 800/800 Spear 500/500

Coming back sooner.
File: 1524946050023.jpg (47 KB, 800x800)
47 KB
What do?
>Electrocute the wet floor
>Heal Up
>Throw Twink at them with the lightening armor on
>Set the creatures on fire and throw them at Ergin
>Spam electricity
>Drone stuffs
>Write in
>Run like a pussy
I'm ready to write, btw.
>>Electrocute the wet floor
Rolled 36, 55, 2, 38, 40, 25, 35, 43 = 274 (8d60)

Rolling for returned HP and Speed
Ergin 1071/3000
Green 1851/2003
Twink 1500/1500

Despite you taking a fucking exposition you only took a tiny amount of HP. A true monster you are! Your katana did more damage! Twink did the most this round of course. He strained himself too much and had to breathe for a second before spamming again. You catboy was disheartened after the second attack. Ergin was STILL on his knees! Twink tried to get closer for the third spam to do it point bank, but you tugged on is arm and pulled him back. Twink spammed a third time and did a little better. The demon fell over and he was healing Thankfully one of the black creatures fucked up big time. He even gave a similar look Twink gave. When Ergin saw this he simply said "Just fight!" and the black dude jumped onto the top of the demon and stayed on with uncanny balance.

Your second attack did so much it frightened you. You struck right into his heart. Your lightening ball spun like a discoball on coke and has it span faster and grew in size his guts and blood clothed you like an edgelord and the ball basically became a God damn sprinkler!

Standing next to your pussycat you brace yourself for the worst!

Pistol sidestepped and fired at Twink twice. He used a bolt to block the bullets, but they exploded into black flames. Kitty boy got blown back from the impact and a quickly recovered. Twink magnetized a table to throw it at the black dude which he quickly dodged.

Ergin threw his pillow at Twink and both Knife and Spear ran to strike, but you flew over to tank the knife and pillow for him. Spear vaults over you to penetrate Twink's stomach with exploding flames! Both his armors and the water softened the blow, but it was hard enough to blow him back 3 feet to crash into some equipment.

Spear advanced forward for a second strike. Twink still on the equipment stood up, clutched his crow bar to charge it and soared high!

"Maurice!" He spat like he was talking about Satan! "You will face the might of my ancestors and burn in Hell!"

He's spamming again and you don't think he even realizes it! The catboy goes ham and became the ball of lightening you saw yesterday!

He body slams Spear and you heard a loud crack. Spearboi drops his weapon and shrills harshly. His back arching on his own. His body spazzing. Black steam leaked out.

The lightening ball electrocuted the water and it's electricity surged all five of them.

During the surge Ergin advanced towards Twink so fast katana fell off!

"Repulsive thugs! I will feed you to the dogs!" He screamed at earsplitting levels.

The both of you ran to dodge the demon. Spear forced himself up and is ready for the next charge.

The demon formed a ball of acidic blood. The same color as the explosion glows.

He thrust it at you both and it detonated you both. That not all! Every drop it left exploded too!
File: 1551535207305.jpg (71 KB, 872x1200)
71 KB
Rolled 61, 37, 3, 1, 52, 8, 42, 51, 46, 75 = 376 (10d100)


What do?
>Use factory equipment to attack them
>Overcharge the fans and the other technology on the ceiling and make it all crash down.
>Use the steal beams under the concrete to impale them.
>Spam electricity
>Drone stuffs
>Write in
>Run like a pussy
File: 1557875305044.png (594 KB, 768x768)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Rolled 168, 8, 75, 462, 357, 216, 100, 190, 212, 235 = 2023 (10d500)

Wrong number
>Drone stuffs
If it ain't broke it ain't no problem
>Drone stuffs
>Drone stuffs
You're doing great QM, keep at the story you picked it up better than a lot of us could!
File: 1568829795237.jpg (68 KB, 450x438)
68 KB
Rolled 154, 105, 162, 184 = 605 (4d200)


Ergin 401/3000
Green 1621/2003
Twink 703/1500
Knife 495/1200
Katana + Pistol 5/800
Spear KO

[New Trait Discovered! // Explosion Res // Half DMG]

Explosions really don't do shit to you. Ergin's pillow barely touched your leg and only left a tiny mark. The knife was able to make you bleed at least. When Twink landed on the equipment he took it very bad on his right leg leaving a gash. His adrenaline and heartrate rose and you think it's because he took to much damage early in the fight and it humiliated him. You felt him reach for a memory to overcome the wound with something that's probably worse. He was crying. The blood bomb was more damaging to you. It got into your wound the acid melted it. Twink feels drained, but considerably less so as Ergin's party. Spear faded away, Katana and Pistol are struggling to say conscious and Ergin has major wounds all over his body. Knife is fine though.

Through telepathy you told Twink this fight is almost over and the knife guy is very weak so he may disappear if Ergin loses because he needs his magic to stay in this dimension. Just bring out the drone again and keep your distance. If it breaks you will buy a new drone.

Twink out the state he was in before flew out the drone again.

Pistol snapped backwards to shoot the drone down, but before he even put his finger on the trigger a dart punctured his face and he faded into steam. Katana tried slice the dart in half, but it poked his shoulder and he faded like the others. Knife is now poisoned because he tried to dive bomb it.

Ergin actually was able to slice a few darts, but most of them landed and Ergin's basically dead so you fired again and laughed.

He's on the floor again and Knife can only heal him once today.

During all this mess you realized you didn't film yourself attacking anyone so you got out the camera to film your finisher.

What do? (you can combine)
>Pretend to leave and then you yourself slip n slide his body while electrocuting the floor water into the solid steel wall.
>Shoot the rest of the darts.
>Anything I suggested earlier.
>Explode his pillow on him.
>Explode the drone on him. Roll 1d10 (Again, we can get a new one right after)
>Write in.
>Run away when winning like a dumbass

>Finish the job
>Interrogate him on his "Sarah" friend and who helped him escape.
>Just bring him to Daniel
>Ask nicely for him to be a good person and buy him a sundae.
>Shoot the rest of the darts.
I must say as entertaining as your quest is, the text style leaves much to be desired.

>Finish the job
Congradulate Twink on his almost solo fight. He's earned himself a sandwich.
I will be late today because of my date. Sorry.
File: rip lol.gif (2.89 MB, 640x360)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB GIF
Back. Not going to use my colors anymore. I'm switching to first person to see how it goes.

Ergin the tutorial demon is stubborn pain the ass. He's still somehow awake so at least he he knows he's about to die. Twink also soloed this fight so a sandwich and a sundae is an order. The birds are chirping, Ergin is in human form coughing up blood and Knife is frozen in fear.

"Twink. No mercy. We are finishing the job." You said trying to sound menacing and badass.

Knife when heard that last sentence purists us by dipping into a shadow and jumping out of mine. I was ready to cleave him, but a magic circle popped up and Knife went home. Ergin had his fist out and when he dropped it his face was sullen. No movement. No screaming. He grabbed one of his katanas and rolled over to face the drone and it was difficult for him to do even do those actions.

He coughed up blood again and sent me a message telepathically. "An AI that connects to the soul of the host. You and I have almost nothing in common, but my Vivilors and I are the same. I think you know what that means. I met others like you. Be careful or you will never pass on."

"Why the fuck are you using telepathy? The camera can't hear you!"

"So, you are an AI with a soul." He closed his eyes for a beat and with struggle the katana glowed a deeper red.

"Just die you faggot! Fire!" Twink unleashed all of the darts we had left onto to Ergin. The demon's body ruptured and when the darts pierced his heart it erupted like a volcano. He was screaming and whaling the whole time trying to say more random insults and expositions, but the blood coming out is mouth was getting the way. Ergin the tutorial porcupine was shaking it up like an autist and his guts were shaking out his body like confetti. This will be a hit on gore sites!

"Ergin, rest in pieces!" The video needs editing, but I saw real magic just then.

Twink fist pumped. "Yes! I did it! I really did! Thank you for believing in me!" He looks so bright now. Ignoring the gash on his leg. He said he only helped killed demons before, but he did most of the work here.

"Twink!" He spun to you. "You did a great job today. You earned a sandwich and a sundae."

"Ice cream!? I didn't eat that all summer! I didn't had a sundae in years! Are you going to eat with me?"

"No! I'm a hologram! Just pick up your shit and leave." I really don't know that. I just don't want to waste a sundae. Maybe I can try to eat with a snack.

I walked to Ergin. The body has been annihilated and there's gore everywhere. No way in Hell we could just take it outside.


"Huh? What are you doing, Green." He said packing up.

"Found you!" I flew over to where he kept the trashbags, flew to his corpse and dumped it into the trashbags. It's probably a good idea to loot this place too.

+ 3 used trashbags
+ 17 unused trashbags
+ 2 pillows
+ 2 blankets
+ 3 katanas
+ 1 sleeping mask
+ 3 Shadow Cores
I found strange gems where the Vivilors were KO'd and next to Ergin. They pulsate with power and have a very faint glow. Would Daniel know what these are?

What do?
>Loot this place more!
>Search this place!
>Get food!
>Give corpse to Daniel before you go to prison!
>Write in!
>Dance to Pillar Cats playing from Twink's watch!
>Heal up!

Pic related is your Avatar's causal outfit.
>Ergin the tutorial demon is stubborn pain the ass.
Ergin the tutorial demon was a stubborn pain the ass.

>Loot this place more!
>Search this place!
>Get food!
First, try to stanch the bleeding on Twink's leg, thendouble bag the trash bags and start looting anything of relative value. After that we can explore some more before eating the food from their fridge.
Pic related is Twink's outfit, but with black sneakers. Jacket is loot from a demon. It's also oversized. Whole outfit has been trashed.

Twink snapped out his desire for ice cream when he glanced at his bleeding leg and clawed for one of his shirts inside the backpack and was about to tear off a piece of fabric to stanch it when I yelled, "No need! He may had a first aid hiding somewhere. Just press down on the gash! Analyze!"

The UI blinked next a door. A backpack!

"He didn't even hide it!" I said in disbelief. It was labeled 'waterproof' and had the first aid kit and a bunch of other stuff. Some telling me how he escaped and it's obvious he had help from the outside. Did Sarah help him? She was part of Ergin's terrorist crew according to your research. Some this loot is pretty pricey. Why would he need a potion of fire breath is a question I can't answer.

As I dig deeper I found something I never expected. A smartwatch! A nice one too!

"Oh shit!" I slipped of the back. Thank shit he was smart enough to remove the simcard.

I flew over to take care of Twink's leg. "This place is huge. There has to be a bunch off loot. Maybe food. Let's find the kitchen."

Ergin's backpack:
+ 40ft of rope
+ 1 full bottle of oil of etherealness
+ 1 aluminum mess kit (bowl that doubles as a pan, pot with a handle, cutlery, can opener, 1 burner, small plastic fuel bottle
+ 2 empty bottles of oil of etherealness
+ 1 pack of beef jerky
+ 1 comb
+ 1 deck of cards
+ 1 rock
+ 1 shampoo bottle
+ 1 soapbar
+ 1 toothpaste
+ 1 unused toothbrush
+ 1 pair of designer glasses
+ 1 multicolored stone disk
+ 1 first aid kit with 4 meds
+ 1 potion of fire breath
+ 1 rain parka
+ 20 laundry tokens
+ 1 prison uniform
+ 1 modern smartwatch w/o sim card
+ 1 smartwatch charger
+ 3,000 pence (watch)
+ 4,000 aracoin (watch)
File: 1565915019337.jpg (46 KB, 749x694)
46 KB
The mattress factory was old and abandoned, but it's nicer than some schools you been too. Sleek purple and blue neon machines, bulletproof glass that showed video of picturesque landscapes and spacescapes. They look perfectly real, but they can't be. Right? Every room has a skylight or a video of one. Not only this place has showers, but a pool and artificial hotspring with a waterfall.

Twink told me they had a pool and hotspring because they wanted a lot of human employees and they make them work faster.

The kitchen was more normal than a hotspring, it looked like a lounge in a night club. It was a total mess and junk food wrappers were everywhere.

"It seems Ergin and his shadow friends had quite the reunion." Twink remarked. He doesn't care about the mess, it's just that rest of the place was so clean. "Do you think he really has ice cream, Green?" Twink said pointing to 3 empty ice cartons on the floor.

"If they don't I can find a place" I slammed open the fridge to raid it. "Mother of God!" I can't believe this shit! "He has steak!"

Twink started bawling! "Don't fucking lie to me Green! I didn't had steak in such a lon-"

"No! No! See! It's real! Stop crying!"

He just sobbed more are louder. What have I done?

"You want me to prepare it now! I know how to do it on the stove."

"YES!" he screamed.

I went to do that on the stove. I guess Ergin bought the pan and other kitchen stuff.

+ 1 80 ounce bag of rice
+ 1lb of alligator meat
+ 14 maple breakfast sausage links
+ 10 Eggo buttermilk waffles
+ 0.75 oz of chives
+ 6 lemons
+ 1 pack of Oreos
+ 1 dark and white chocolate cake
+ 1 loaf of bread
+ 1 carton of chocolate ice cream
+ 8 eggs
+ 6 tamagoyaki
+ 22 oz Tyson grilled chicken breast strips
+ 1lb Beef Ribeye Steak
+ plates, cutlery, bowls and cups (8 each)
+ 1 frying pan
+ 1 pot
+ 1 coffee maker
+ 1 mixer
+ 1 spatula
+ 1 pair of tongs
+ 1 rice cooker
+ 1 bottle of steak sauce
+ 1 toaster

More loot you found on the way to the kitchen:
+ 1 large waterproof backpack
+ 2 jars of honey
+ 20lbs of random foam
+ 1 cart that can attach to bikes
+ 20 pillows
+ 20 blankets
+ 8 snacks
+ 1 jar of tea leaves
+ 55 Serta sheep plushies
+ 1 potion of clairvoyance
+ 10 random chairs
+ 2 leather armors
+ 1 iron pipe
+ 1 smithing hammer
+ 5 beanbag chairs
+ 1 wand of Magic Missiles (7 charges)
+ 1 goggles of night
+ 1 pair of bluetooth headphones
+ 1 orb of time (see what time it is outside)

(part 3 will be here very soon.)
File: 1558554553526.jpg (106 KB, 600x480)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Rolled 81, 72 = 153 (2d100)

He keeps staring at me. It's so awkward.

"Just eat one of your snacks. Stop looking at me!"
He pulled out a Pingles can and kept staring.

"It's only steak man! I'm cooking on the stove so it won't even be that good."

"I don't care at all. I had a sundae sooner." He's drooling now. Stay calm. Don't fuck up the steak.

"When did that happen?"

"Before I started demon slaying. It was a reward."

I guess this was at the orphanage. "Reward?"

He shifted back. "I did a good job that day." he said with a bitter tone. Realizing how awful that sounded he got super nervous and jittery. "I didn't do anything dirty! I promise!"

"I thought you did."

"I did not! Trust me! I'm a virgin!"

"I know that, loser. Want to tell me what happened at the orphanage?"

I stunned him. "Loser?! You are literally cooking me steak because I won a fight! How did you know about the orphanage!? I didn't even tell you both my parents are dead! Does your scanner work on me?"

"Of course it does." I looked up the orphanage part though, but I still used AI stuff to do that so it almost counts. "I guess you're not going to tell me then."

"It's boring anyway! Other kids got sundaes too. You know." he pouts.

No way in fuck it is! "Why would they bother with a unique reward for each kid?"

"To make them do more things." He looks so sullen.

Criminal things? "Cool. Did you ever get a unique reward?"

"Yes, but I don't remember my past much. I really just want to eat." Liar.

"You have your chips. By the way, do you know how to make tea? We've got tea leaves, lemons and honey. Should be good."

"I do actually."

Was he taught over there? Maybe his family did. "Really? Then go do it."


Even though this steak does not look so tasty I still wish I could share. Twink is drooling like a dog. I prepared the steak and gave him the A1 steak sauce. "It's still hot. Be carefu-"

"Thank you Jesus!" He chows down like a vegan eating kale that tastes like bacon. Not even registering the heat or the steak sauce bottle. Sparks are flying. He's eating so fast I'm afraid his fangs will bite his tongue off.

"You want the steak sauce?" He snatches it right out your hand.

He's in a much better mood now. Maybe I can ask him a few things?

What do?
>Ask him about the orphanage and what he had to do get rewards.
>Ask him about his childhood.
>Ask him something else.
>Go to the VR world (what site)
>Write in.
>Make sundae.
Lucifer's mighty mammoth cock, that's a lot of loot.

>"Thank you Jesus!"
Neat. Christianity is still a thing in the distopian future.

>Write in.
If this place doesn't burn down from all the fires, or the owners dont come back to check on the place, the factoryvwpuld make a pretty swagger home all things considered. Fridge is stocked, there are beds everywhere, theres a big bathroom.
Does this place have any interior/exterior cameras? If not it might be worth shilling a few hundred for a basic security cameras set up.
>Reflect with him on how the battle went. Maybe we can give this little shit some pointers along the way, old wise teacher style.
Check on his leg again. We can't let our money maker have any blemishes. Think about his fans.

"What do you think about this being our new home? It has everything we need, it didn't burn down, the owners don't check in on this place ever from my research. It even has cameras."

He's busy munching and crunch, but he nods.

"Like I said you did a great job, but you still need improvements in some areas. Like that body slam you did on the spear guy. He was very weak, but he could had struck your leg again you if he was fast enough."

"I'm sorry."

"No need. I said he was weak. You rushing over to attack the demon close range when you didn't need too was pretty dumb. The boom pillows didn't do much to me, but his reflexes are rad. He was able to slice a few darts in the air."

"I'm sorry. I didn't do much damage the second time and I wanted to you the first round wasn't a fluke."

Does this kid have any confidence? "It's in the past, damn it. Just learn to clear your mind so you can think before acting. You were thinking about a man from your past when doing the body slam, right? It's great that you channeled your anger, but many men can do that and focus on their fight. It's really my fault that didn't make that clear. For now think about your past or whatever first and then semi switch your anger to your opponent and think about the past when you can. Ergin was a terrorist after all." He made others feel what you felt.

He clutched his arm. "You're right. I'm too emotional." His body is tense. Shit! I didn't mean to do that.

"You are. Way too much, but you're improving at least. Also; even if the first was a fluke you can see it as your potential."

He twitched and loosed up a little and looked at me dead straight. "Potential?"

"Yes. Do think you need Eden to make trash cans explode on you own? Even with others training you it's still you doing the work. Hard work and practice is what will help you master you power."

"But, I'm dangerous! There's no way that I can do this on my own!"

"You don't need too! I'm here! Trainers can and do help the trainee get stronger, but you are your own master. Even if it would take years of work you being able to make explosions with your lightening magic by yourself at all is proof enough you can control it and command it!" I pound the table and the tableware shook.

"Can I-"

I summoned the lightening ball and grew it. "I could not do this 24 hours ago and I can do it without a teacher. Hold your hands out." I dropped it into his palms and snapped it away. "I know it's basic, but I'm training too. Point is I did this even without you."

"That didn't feel like me."

"What? Feel like? You mean electricity can feel like people?"

"Yes. I can detect your energy from it. A little."
Mine? How does that work? "You do you see auras or something?"

"No. It's just feels like you." Weirdo.

"Okay, this is to crazy. I want to see your wound."

"Sure Green." He gives me his leg. It doesn't look so bad. Defiantly it will fully heal. The catboy spoke up. "Orcs heal much faster than humans. I can take the medicine if you want."

What do?
>Make sundae
>Ask about healing
>Ask him about something else
>Go over fight more
>Heal up!
>Go to the VR world (what site)
>Write in.
Tell him no homo since he can feel our energy. Gotta make that clear. He's got full reign of this place until we get back.
>Go to the VR world (what site)
"Save the meds. Your leg's healing great. Oh and no homo on that energy thing! No homo at all! We clear?"

"Crystal clear, but what was gay about-"

"Just! Just stop talking about it!" I'm about to die! "I'm going away for a bit. You got full reign of this place until I come back. The ice cream is in the fridge."


As I try to repress the memory of what just happened remembered there are a few quests open for me to take. I do have some free time now, but I want to explore first. The tutorial said there is a way to bring my host. Somehow.

I see a dark purple teleporter for a site I new heard of in my life. "Desert Jam". There was a large gathering around it. It's logo had a brightly colored anime girl in an action pose. It's teleporter had katakana, kaoemoji and the usual matrix code. As I walked closer I heard j-pop and cheering. "This has to be good."

"Move it! Jackass!" some pushed me and I fell into the teleporter which became falling into a pastel vortex of sparkles and flowers. It looked like a magical girl transformation sequence.


When I came to I was in a endless of moe avatars packed shoulder to shoulder with a swarm of retards bouncing and bopping to a j-pop concert. I pushed, stepped on, jabbed and hit in the face multiple time each and remember pain is on in the world so I got to enjoy the full experience of overexcited weebs torturing me at a concert.

Oh God! What I've done?! I only heard screeching and squealing everywhere. Not even the stage show itself could overpower them. I had to fly out to escape moeblob Hell.

At the very first chance I could get I jumped I into the sky over the mosh pit only to stopped by security. It was a loli avatar with long purple hair.

"No! Back away from the idols! Meanie!" She jolted her open palm forward at me with authority. I guess.

"I was only trying to leave this place, dipshit! The only way I could get out was forward!"

She blushed and flustered up. "Sumimasen!" she yelled flapping her arms. "I'm new and only want to protect the idols from hentai and bullies! Watashi will escort you out! Yes!" She grabbed my hand with the grip of a coomer and dragged me out of the concert hall. I flew away at the speed of sound before she could say good bye.
File: 1426688801769s.jpg (2 KB, 125x125)
2 KB
I hid near a store with a shiny window and what the fuck? My model shifted into a moe teenage girl version of the OG one and I'm wearing a 'kawaii' idol dress. I can't even switch it back. I can only switch to an anonymous idol girl with a static dress.

This place was still futuristic, but in a more idealized way compared the over sites I'v seen. Many of the avatars, while still moe, had an alien theme. Many places where decorated with ufos and various moe anime art. The sky was pastel pink and had cartoon stars and other shapes up there. The clouds looked like thick cotton. Milky streams flows around the sky and sometimes cascades down as waterfalls. So to speak. Random lace and cute objects are there also decorate it. It's blindingly bright and there's a total lack of shadows in some places. There's a bunch of 'cute' shops and themed cafes centered around certain anime and idols.

The main draw of this site that this is home of the V-idols which are V-tubers with some twists. One of those are Battle Idols. A combo of magical girls that fight crime and bloodsports which involve fighting other idols for money and glory. Maybe I can sign Twink up?

What do?
>Explore more
>Go to another site (type which one)
>Go to 40chan (type which board)
>Explore the VR World in general
>Go back to Twink
>Go to your HOME
>Eat in VR World and try to meet others
>Write in.
>Ask the alien girl next to you random questions
>Explore the VR World in general
Posting this for fun. You can switch outfits with the younger avatar and pay to be able to switch between all avatar's here. (2 aracoin)
I'm busy tonight. Coming back tomorrow
Oh boy, I can't wait for Twink to become some hardcore badass, grimdark vault hunter. While we still make him do dumb perverted shit for our own amusement.
And SIMPbucks
Naturally. We fund our murder-hobo related purchases with SIMPbucks
File: 5acb650de29f258af69d830.gif (5.16 MB, 1920x1080)
5.16 MB
5.16 MB GIF
After playing with the menus for 10 minutes straight I finally found the options to change my outfit and TO PAY the site to let me use any avatar I want I switched back, kicked a trash can out of frustration and teleported back to the hub.

-2 Aracoin

I'm back! The crowd by the Desert Jam is now more packed and some avatars are trying to sell stuff like t-shirts to them. Apparently the teleporter's drop location can be chosen and if you touch (or bump into) another avatar when the thing activates you go with them. It's also named Desert Jam because the site's owner used autocomplete and didn't notice the glaring error.

Glad that's all over! I really should get the hang of my technopathy so I can fuck up the site. Maybe I should explore more? I ready beat my quest.

I turned around away from the teleporters and walked forward. Can I find new websites by just walking around? Maybe? Near the hub are a bunch of shops, bar, restaurants, dance clubs and alike. A shit ton of them crow related for no reason. There's crow avatars everywhere and some stare at me. Next to be is a dive bar named Crow's Wit Bar. It was a red and blue gradient with talon marks on it. Outside was a bunch of trash and drunk(?) AI.

"Fuck it! Going in!" I slammed open the door and in front was a swirling wall of black metallic slime which a giant crow like intrusion ever so slowly formed out of it. The slime melted away and a the giant crow in a red and blue gradient tuxedo revealed itself.

"Greetings m'lady." the crow bowed. "What refreshments would you like to enjoy on this fine afternoon?" He said all this cawing every fifth word.

I tried to summon my lasersword, but the bar won't let me do that. "Ice-cream. I guess." His eyes were slime too.

"Very well. The Black Sabbath Sesame Seed Ice Cream with a German Chocolate Browne will be your meal. Come now!"

I nervously walked into the bar. Another giant crow was doing Earth shattering level bad stand up and a jazz band played music that would give Squidward AIDS.

The first crow "clapped" and I was teleported to a table with a parody of a classical painting with crow instead of humans on it's top. I was sitting alone in a velvet booth that smells like and was filled with trash.

The crow on stage cracked his neck. "What did the handsome crow commissioner say to the handsome detective after he found out that the detective's adoptive robin children murdered the beautiful crow idol?"

All the crows in the bar screamed "WHAT?!" and started to beg for the answer.

"You better ROUND! ROBINS! UP! CAW!" The crows laughed, cried and begged for more jokes.
A normal looking anime avatar in a goth outfit gave me my icecream. She tried to be elegant, but came off as stiff. "Good day to you. Your black hair pleases the manager of this fine establishment." she bowed like molasses. "He has requested that I give you a "The Crow's Wit" mug.

+ 1 TCW mug
+ 1 encrypted note

I scanned the note and it reads
>Republic of Gamers
>Stand up. Join us.

What do?
>Leave this bar and go to the link.
>Stay like a moron
>Attack the crows
>Look up Republic of Gamers
>Ask the waitress something
>Write in
>Do stand up
File: 1572120059058.jpg (29 KB, 474x355)
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I will start a new thread soon.

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