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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life. The first day of school has just started, and you’ve come by similar faces while also acquainting yourself with some new ones. After sleepwalking through most of your morning classes, you’ve decided to meet up with your childhood friend in lunch.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders before we start:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.
We experienced some delay in the past month, but hopefully we'll be back on track from this month and on

Archive of previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=One Year with Osana
The mere act of approaching Sakura for an inquiry has always brought upon a nameless anxiety from within, and having to do so without the company of a much more articulate Akira certainly does not help. Nonetheless, what needs to be done has to be done.

“I, um, I’ve got some topics to discuss with Yukari, you see…” Finally mustering enough resolve, you bring up the question. “ I-I was wondering if you know where she is?”

Sakura listens in silence as her piercing red eyes scale you from head to toe like the judge of a fashion show, making you waver a bit. Her consistently stoic yet collected demeanor gave her the aura of an inquisitor, oftentimes making interactions with her highly pressurising, even for a simple inquiry.

“Eh, um…” The raised eyebrow above her stone cold glance compels you to give more information to justify your question. “I- I want to thank her for, uh... helping me out this morning.”


“Yeah, um…” You find yourself nervously twirling your fingers while trying to scramble together an answer. “She gave me a bottle of water today when I didn’t bring mine and, uh…”

“She’s at the pavilion.”
Sakura cuts your mumbling explanation short with a flat but concise reply. While her demeanor remains unchanged, that inquisitorial aura around her has largely dissipated.

“T-thank you.”
A breeze of relief brushes past your mind as you disengage from the conversation. As you turn around to head for the door, the chatter between the two friends resume. However, the mention of your name in their exchange catches your attention, compelling you to stop dead in your tracks for a closer listen.

“...Is Hasome-kun’s coming with us?”
Perhaps assuming that you’re away from audible range, Michiru is the one who brings up your name. Soft spoken as her words may be, the reluctance in Michiru’s tone cannot be clearer.
“Yes, Hasome-san desires an audience with Murasaki-san.” Sakura explains in the same monotonous tone she treated you with earlier. Her words do little to bolster your image or pacify Michiru’s worries.
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You stop for a moment to reassess the choices at hand. You do not usually eat lunch with Yukari in school, mainly due to her preference in keeping her social circles separate- her school friends as one circle, Mifuyu and yourself as another.
After all, you really can’t blame Michiru for her all too apparent anxiety, particularly after your atrocious attempt at introducing yourself to her earlier today.
While you meant no ill intentions, forcing yourself into their circle like this isn’t exactly polite nor ideal. You wonder if Yukari herself would approve of your actions.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Hasome-kun is harmless.” Sakura’s voice catches you by surprise right as you are planning to abandon your plan. This time, she speaks in a noticeably higher volume in contrast to her usual speaking tone... almost as if she intends those words not just for her friend. “Come, let’s not keep Yukari waiting.”


While still reluctant, Michiru did not contend with Sakura any further, and soon you hear the rustling of the two packing up their belongings. You, on the other hand, remain at the spot, bento in hand and frankly dumbfounded by Sakura’s actions.

Did Sakura just vouched for you? But what suddenly changed her mind, going by how coldly she interacted with you earlier?

As your mind tries to wrap itself around Sakura’s actions, the girl with the hime-cut brushes past you, towing Michiru by the arm. Stopping a few steps in front of you, Sakura peeks over her shoulder and, tilting her head backwards, giving you a faint but welcoming smile.

“Hasome-kun, you are welcome to join, if you so wish.”
Sakura disappears behind the sliding door with her friend as soon as she finishes her words.

As strange as this endorsement may be, it’s a welcoming one nonetheless.
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Soonafter, you find yourself standing in the central courtyard of your campus, a triangular area sandwiched between the two wings of the classroom complex and the auditorium. The lush green patches of neatly trimmed grass, various trees are planted along stone walkways and benches dotted the area. From this view the courtyard very much resembles the layout of a medium sized park.

At a distance, you spot the small peaked roof of the pavilion, melting into the foliage of the tree leaves like a work of natural wonder. Located near the center of the courtyard, the landmark forms a cavern-like shade from the resulting late spring overgrowth.

Fitted with a picnic table, this place has always been a highly sought after spot for various social activities, ranging from simple lunches, group projects to more… private encounters. You could see why it’s imperative for Yukari to come here and claim the spot before anyone else does. Speaking of Yukari…
File: Yu by ディフ cr.png (313 KB, 461x471)
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313 KB PNG
From the pavilion embedded in greenery, you can make out the silhouette of three early comers occupying the picnic table- among which, a familiar figure you recognize, fully engrossed with the book in her hands. You sense your heartbeat begin racing again, unsure of how Yukari would react to your unannounced intrusion. Perhaps today she’d not be too averse with your presence during lunch, given that her friends may have given her a heads up...

“Hey… Yukari?” You greet your childhood friend somewhat uneasily as you step into the pavilion, instantly grabbing the attention of all 3 of its occupants.

“Senki?” Yukari lowers the book in her hands and looks toward you in surprise, while her two friends watch on the side in mild bewilderment. “What are you doing here?”
With the usual demanding and critical tone not that different from how she greeted you this morning, it’s not hard to see Yukari neither expects nor particularly welcomes your presence

“I was thinking maybe I could join, um…”
“Why?” Yukari takes an assertive step forward, placing herself quite close to your face.

>”I-I just wanted to know how you’re doing… I’m sorry, I’ll be on my way."
>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
>"Well... Konishi-san invited me, so I came along."
>Write in
>You sense your heartbeat begin racing again, unsure of how Yukari would react
>Perhaps today she’d not be too averse with your presence
>the usual demanding and critical tone not that different from how she greeted you this morning
>neither expects nor particularly welcomes your presence
Yukari just keeps hitting every toxic relationship checkbox, huh

>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
Hiding behind Sakura would be duplicitous, since it was us who wanted to find Yukari in the first place.
Try to be confident
>Huh do I Need a reason to see my bestie And hang
>Introduce ourselves to her Friends and ask if we are intruding on a private conversation And of so we can leave
Do we really have something for her except for our Bento?
>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
Seems so, but it's also appropriate for what she gave us
Changing to
Give bento
>>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
In a way she's kind of acting like a more realistic sort of modern tsundere. I think people were expecting the standard fare where the character is comically violent and not one who's psychologically taxing.
The point of tsundere is to eventually warm up to the protagonist. With the mind games Yukari is employing though, when she seems to have warmed up is when we should be the most cautious.
Didnt notice till now but for some reason my Ip changed
This is me
Also me
>"I got something for you... to return the flavor earlier today."
That's a normal speed for him.
Was the previous thread run on 2x speed then?
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Yukari is never one to appreciate you beating around the bush. Hence, you might as well just be upfront about your intentions and get it over with.

“I got something for you,” You set your bento box onto the picnic table then push it towards Yukari. “To return the favor this morning… you know, the water. ”
“Your bento?” Her head tilts slightly as she quickly snaps her eyes at your offering, then back at you in mild bewilderment. “What makes you think I’d want your lunch?”



“There could be something really nice in there, but you won’t know if you don’t open!”
A small bead of sweat runs down your temple as you realize how incredibly dumb your words sounded. Having braced yourself for Yukari’s reaction to your embarrassing declaration, you sit tight in full anticipation of her calling you out on it.

Much to your surprise, Yukari promptly ignores your display of folly, instead putting more attention on the bento box on the table. As far as you’re aware, she’s always been as fond of your mother’s cooking as you have been. While Yukari still has her hands firmly folded before her chest, her curious glance is a dead giveaway that your offer has piqued her interest.

You notice the tension dissipate as Yukari lowers her arms, disengaging from her defensive stance. Pulling the box closer, Yukari opens it up, revealing its contents: a variety of finger sandwiches, including Yukari’s favorite smoked salmon and egg salad.

“Look! That’s pretty good, no?”
Now having the upper hand, you decide to commit to your gig and play a fool to the end. Surely, there’s no reason she’d turn you down
“Well then,” Yukari turns towards you with questioning brows. “If you’re giving me your bento, what do you plan to do for lunch?”
Wait what? What is this whole fucking situation? She bought us a drink, so we're giving her all our food and sweating that she won't accept it? Even trying to manipulate her into taking it? What?
I can't even find fault with Yukari this time, it's just us being a weird simp. What is this I don't even.
I mean, the scene itself is alright, it could've been cute in another context. But the mptivation for giving the bento - that Yukari didn't go full emotional abuse on us for once - just makes us seem like a broken man in the grip of the Stockholm syndrome.
I can't tell if you're serious or not.
File: chikuzen-ni.jpg (235 KB, 1496x842)
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235 KB JPG
“I, um… haven’t thought of that.” Your gaze sinks as you admit with a deflated murmur. It seems like Yukari can always instantly point out the weak link at whatever action or plan you have in mind.

“You really are an idiot, aren’t you?” Yukari shakes her head disapprovingly and lets out an irked sigh, before reaching into her bag in search of something.
Moments later, she turns back towards you, this time with a bento of her own in her hands.
Yukari announces, setting out the bento right in front of you as an outward demand for your attention.
Having grabbed your eyes, she proceeds to open the box, revealing a menu rather modest in comparison to yours: oatmeal rice with burdock roots alongside some chikuzen-ni, stewed chicken with root vegetables and shiitake mushrooms.

With your eyes still glued to her bento, Yukari’s vague command comes in a bit of a shock.

“Your. Hand.”
She reiterates, this time pointing at your right hand.
You hesitate for a second, staring back into her stern and slightly irritated gaze. Knowing well that her patience is running thin, you cautiously reach out your right hand in a handshake position, still uncertain of what she wants. At a moment’s notice Yukari grabs you by the wrist, flips your hand upright, then places a pair of chopsticks onto your palm.

“There, eat up.”
She gives you the greenlight, releasing your hand with a content and anticipating smile.

However, you find yourself a bit hesitant to comply.
You certainly appreciate Yukari’s gesture of offering you her bento. However, should you take her lunch, wouldn’t it nullify your actions in repaying her favor?
Going by Yukari’s seemingly eternal record on these kinds of debts and favors, this would land you back to square one…

“But this is Yukari’s handiwork.” Echoes your olfactory nerves, apparently striking up a fierce tug of war with your better judgement. As plain as the bento appears, the pleasant scent of stewed chicken and vegetables in onions sauce based broth undeniably tugs on your appetite, particularly after not having eaten anything for the day.
Surely you shouldn’t turn down her act of kindness?
“Um… Owww!”
Yet before your mind is set, you find yourself yelping back to reality by Yukari’s pinch on your cheek.

“What’s with the spacing out? You got some problems with my bento?"
Her smile fades, now replaced by the irritated glare your peevish childhood friend so often displays.
“N-No! Not at all!”
She turns her head away with a pout, only to freeze halfway through her action.
Her puzzling display made you curiously trace her line of sight... bringing you eye to eye with Sakura and Michiru, observing the two of you on the other side of the table with careful but intensive interest. Noticing your glance, Michiru dives her head behind the notepad she is holding like a hermit crab sensing danger, all the while scribbling and murmuring in a volume only she herself could hear. Sakura, on the other hand, remains unshaken by the newfound attention from you two, instead flashes you a suspiciously amicable smile.

“Please, carry on. Don’t mind us.”

You can already feel the rising heat of embarrassment flushing through your face. Pursing your lips, you quickly break eye contact and instead face towards Yukari, whose cheeks have taken a very lovely shade of pink.
It took her about three seconds before she realizes you’re staring right at her.
“J-Just eat up already! Idiot...”
Her quiet, mumbling complaint while turning away is accentuated by a light tug on your sleeve under the table, hidden from the view of her two friends sitting across the table.

Cautiously, you take a bite of the chicken, and immediately you can feel your taste buds cheering in unison to the perfect blend of onions sauce, mirin and chicken broth. The fibers of the lean poultry practically melts in your mouth, releasing the savory juices from within. This is without a doubt the exact sort of quality you have come to expect from Yukari’s cooking skills.
For a brief moment, owing her some more favors in exchange doesn’t seem so bad after all.

While you savor Yukari’s hand-made lunch, you can’t afford to notice that the pavilion remained strangely silent. Perhaps due to the little incident from earlier, an awkward cloud of silence blankets the three girls. Yukari seems hesitant to bring up any topic while Sakura continues to observe the two of you.
As for Michiru… well, she seems to be preoccupied in her own universe, fervently scribbling on the notepad she’s been working on all this while. Maybe you should bring some life into the fray...

>Check on Yukari, see how she’s enjoying the sandwiches
>Offer to exchange some food with the two, they shouldn’t skip lunch just to observe your interactions
>Ask Michiru about the notepad, she seems to be oddly obsessed with it.
>Write in
>Ask Michiru about the notepad, she seems to be oddly obsessed with it.

I have to admit this part is actually quite sweet. I guess to bring out Yukari's good side it requires someone else to also be around.
>Offer to exchange some food with the two, they shouldn’t skip lunch just to observe your interactions
>Offer to exchange some food with the two, they shouldn’t skip lunch just to observe your interactions
>Check on Yukari, see how she’s enjoying the sandwiches
Strike while the iron is hot. If her friends enjoy seeing her spill sphagetti all over the place we'll entertain them with it.
Now this is more like a normal tsundere.
God, what an oxymoron...
>Check on Yukari, see how she’s enjoying the sandwiches
>Check on Yukari, see how she’s enjoying the sandwiches
>Check on Yukari, see how she’s enjoying the sandwiches
“Yukari, how are you liking the sandwiches?” You once again prop up your head to check on your childhood friend. She is on her way to finish her third finger sandwich, leaving the fourth and final salmon egg sandwich untouched.
“It’s been a while since I last had these.” She swallows her bite and forms a content smile before turning to you. “They’re as good as I remember. Thank your mother for me, would you?”
Aside from her fondness over your mother’s cooking, saving her favorite for last has always been Yukari’s modus operandi. Though this habit of hers does bring back a particularly interesting memory from your younger days...

“Hey, remember when Mifuyu-”


Yukari’s eyes widen with alarm, as if she has choked on her bite of sandwich. With the precision and speed of a boa striking its prey she wraps her free hand around the bento box, bringing it closer and shielding it with her body from whoever might swoop in and take it away.

With vigilant eyes she screens her surroundings for the infamous food snatcher of a senpai, only to realize that she is nowhere to be seen. It is not until Yukari checks around her proximity three times before she disengages from her position, quick to shine you an angry glare.

“Are you trying to mess with me, Senki?”

“W-what? I was just sayi-”

While both Yukari and yourself are frequent victims of Mifuyu's bento snatching antics, never could you predict the magnitude of Yukari’s reaction to the mere mention of her name. Scars from Mifuyu’s mischief taking away her saved up favorites certainly cuts deeper into her psyche than you have imagined.

“Shut it!”

Face reddened with embarrassment, Yukari shuts you up by shoving the half eaten sandwich in her hand straight into your mouth. She then turns antagonistically towards her friends, who are once again watching the events unfold on the sidelines with great interest.

“You two! Did you forget to bring your lunch or what?” She angrily berates the two, before pinning her focus onto a startled Michiru, staring back like a deer caught in headlights.
“Michiru, put that notebook away!”
As if being picked out by a drill sergeant, Michiru panickingly slams her notebook shut and produces a sandwich to nibble on, taking nervous peeks at the rageful Yukari between each small bite.

“And you, Sakura!”

“Ah yes, of course.”
In contrast, Sakura continues to be as calm and immovable as a mountain in the face of such fiery rage. Calmly, she takes out her own bento and lays it out on the table.
Sakura clasps her hands together with closed eyes and, following the soft declaration, begins eating too. Her serene motion seems to synchronize in perfect tandem with the breeze gently blowing through the pavilion. For a moment, it’s almost as if Yukari’s outburst had never even taken place.
File: Yukine by はむ汰.jpg (278 KB, 1344x2048)
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278 KB JPG
With the heat from Yukari’s explosive outburst still fresh in the air, the exchange of dialogue at the table has ceased entirely. On one corner of the table sits Yukari, looking away from the group while propping her head up with a hand under her chin. Though you cannot see her face, you can affirm from her aura alone that her rage has yet to subside.

The sheer weight of the silence made it difficult for you to enjoy your meal, and judging at least by Michiru’s expression, you’re quite certain the same applies to Yukari’s friends as well.
“So, um, did either of you do anything interesting during the vacation?”
You ask in an attempt to inject some life back into the scene, only to receive an unenthusiastic “Not much” from Sakura and a silent headshake from Michiru. Dead air returns back to the table soon after.

“So, uh… Hasome-kun, what is your relationship with Yukari-san?” Michiru speaks up softly, attempting to pick up where you left off. Her words are immediately met with another fiery, rage-filled glare from your childhood friend, nullifying Michiru’s effort and sending her shrinking right back into her seat.

While you do admire Michiru’s attempts to revive the conversation, it has become apparent that any mention of the current circumstances has become a volatile, airborne gunpowder, and a mere wrong move just might set off Yukari once more. Perhaps it would be wise for you to shift the conversation towards some much less personal topic?

>Whisper to Sakura “Yukari is a bit cranky today, did something happen during class?”
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened
>Ask Sakura if there are some other old classmates that ended up in their class.
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened

I have a feeling that these two have more of a boss-henchmen relationship with Yukari than being actual friends, considering how much she's trying to save face here.
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened
>Ask Sakura if there are some other old classmates that ended up in their class
>Ask Sakura if there are some other old classmates that ended up in their class.
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened
For Michiru probably. Sakura seems to know exactly how and where to press her points
>Ask Michiru about the morning classes and if anything of interest happened
The first and foremost topic that comes to mind happens to be the classes you missed this morning. While usually nothing much happens on the first day of school, you still feel the need to fill in the gap to make sure you haven’t actually missed out on anything important.
Your classmate’s name barely escapes your mouth before you hurriedly swallows your words. Wouldn’t it be rude to just call her by her first name, having only just met her?
“Um… Excuse me, I don’t think I have your full name yet?”

Michiru’s glance waver from side to side before she fully realizes that you are talking to her.
“Uh, um…”
Michiru’s glance falls onto her lap while her lips pursed, appearing strangely hesitant to give such simple information.
“Don’t worry about it, Hasome-kun.” Sakura speaks up, filling in the silence left by Michiru’s lack of answer. “Her full name is rather hard to pronounce, even for us. Right, Yukari?”
Yukari made a soft grunt in accord while still turning away from the group, maintaining her rather petty display of pique.

“P-please just call me Michiru...”
The bashful girl answers you with a barely audible murmur. Michiru’s reaction does make you curious for why she would hide something as substantial as her name, but the girl’s anxious, reddened face makes you decide not to push too far, lest you unnecessarily antagonize her.

“So… Michiru-san, could you kindly tell me if anything of note happened during the morning classes?”
“A-about that…”
Michiru places her sandwich aside and reaches into her bag to once again bring out her notebook, laying it out on the table.

“You fell asleep quite early on, so...” She recounts, flipping through the pages. “ When sensei reached your name for introduction, um… you weren’t responding. ”

Michiru’s words are quickly followed by a quick slap on the top of your head from Yukari, much to your dismay. You peek towards your childhood friend fearfully, quickly snapping back upon seeing Yukari’s vexed stare.
Maybe you should’ve wisened up and taken her offer for a coffee.

“Sensei tried a hand to wake Hasome-kun up before recess, but you were...”
“Sleeping like a log.” Sakura finishes her friend’s sentence with a short idiom.
“And to whom are you apologizing to?” Yukari picks up on the topic to roast you like a drill sergeant. The heat of embarrassment soon washes over your consciousness.

“Sensei says he will talk with you some time later…”

“Oh, goddamnit…” You sigh in resignation, knowing well that you’re most likely in trouble for your behavior in class.

“Um, so... How did I get through the rest of the morning classes?”

“D-during recess, M-Minami-san set up a decoy for you with a hoodie, and Seto-san tried to mimic your voice...”
Michiru almost chokes on her words as she can’t help but let out a soft chuckle when recalling what must’ve been quite a comical scene.


Michiru gives you a few nods in response.
“For the classes, um, right after homeroom was…”

She goes down the list, detailing each of the classes that has transpired. However, you soon feel your focus drifting away from her accounts, placing more focus on the folks that offered you cover to pull through the morning without more complications. Guess you’ve got more favors to repay now…
File: yukine by nyanmaru.png (1.81 MB, 1489x1474)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
While Michiru reads to you the notes for the math class on the third period, you couldn’t help but notice a colored spot on her shirt, right between her collar and the second button of her shirt. On closer inspection, the spot appears to be a drip of mustard splattered on her shirt, surrounded by breadcrumbs.
Oh dear, it must’ve dripped onto her shirt while she was eating earlier while keeping an eye on Yukari.

Instinctively you reach for the handkerchief in your pocket which your brother insisted you pack. However, before you offer it to Michiru, you find your attention shying away from the stain, instead towards the part of her body the spot is sitting on.

You did take notice of Michiru’s figure the first time you set your eyes on her, but only when sitting right across her for such prolonged period did you realize how… well-endowed she is.
She easily trumps her peers of this small group in this regard, and perhaps even Mifuyu and other more mature ladies you know of.

Upon this realization, you find your glance persistently gravitating away from her face and towards her upper torso, against your better judgement. You try to turn your gaze away to focusing on her face and her words, but time and time again the devil whispers into your ear four simple words---“Just a little peek”.
Never have you thought such an easy task would be so… hard.
With the temptation growing stronger by the minute, you gradually find your eyes wavering between her face, the stain on her shirt, and her ample bosoms.

“... and that’s about it, Hasome-kun…?”
Michiru raises her head upon finishing reading her notes, catching you red handed with you dishonorable act. A moment of silence befalls upon both of you as she traces your line of sight, then…
Michiru’s cheeks flash bright red as her ear-piercing shriek of panic stuns all at the table. At a moment’s notice she shrinks back like a sea anemone sensing danger, putting as much distance as possible between you and herself while hugging tightly onto the notebook. Panting heavily and face reddened with discomfort, Michiru frowns at you disapprovingly with watery eyes.

“Wait. I-I wasn’t-”

The low groan from Yukari sounds more like noises of a bear preparing to maul its prey than a person calling her childhood friend. You picture Yukari’s face to resemble that of an oni right about now, but you dare not find out with your own eyes.

“I-I’m sorry!”

You lower your head for a sincere apology, while quickly placing your handkerchief onto the table right before Michiru. With your survival instinct in high gear, you prawn leap out of your seat before Yukari can pin you down, then begin running in the opposite direction like there’s no tomorrow.
Only when the pavilion is no longer within visible range did your body finally decide it is safe enough to stop and pant. In spite of having evaded Yukari’s wrath for now, you feel you’ve probably blew your chance to acquaint yourself with Yukari’s friends for good…

“Ack, god damnit…”
You whisper to yourself, marking the third time today you’ve made your life harder than it has to be.
On the other hand, there’s still some time before you have to return to class for the afternoon lessons. To rid the bitter aftertaste of your most recent fuckup, you decide to head to...

>The school library, to put your mind off with some reading (+ learning)
>The gymnasium, and maybe do some exercise (+ sports)
>One of the “uncharted havens” in the corners of the courtyard to get some sun (+ social)
>The school library, to put your mind off with some reading (+ learning)
>One of the “uncharted havens” in the corners of the courtyard to get some sun (+ social)
>One of the “uncharted havens” in the corners of the courtyard to get some sun (+ social)
If what just transpired is anything to go by this should be one of our main focuses
>One of the “uncharted havens” in the corners of the courtyard to get some sun (+ social)
>One of the “uncharted havens” in the corners of the courtyard to get some sun (+ social)
Wanting to take some time away from the crowds, you decide to head to one of the “uncharted havens” in the courtyard.
Simply put, these ‘havens’ are various corners of the courtyard situated near the side of buildings or along the walls around the school, away from passageways and shielded from view.
As loitering around these spots are officially banned by school rules, these spots normally don’t attract traffic from most students, making them the perfect spot to spend some time alone and cool your head.
Sure, there’s the chance of running into a disciplinary council patrol, but from your past experiences you know well that the repercussion of being caught sunbathing is little more than a pocket search and an oral warning.
Besides, it's not a violation unless you're caught, right?

Soon after, you arrive at the ‘haven’ of your choice, a corner of the courtyard near the gymnasium, obstructed by a tree and some decorative bushes. Not only does the spot receive ample sunlight and has an elevated platform to sit on, the extra effort of having to either hop over the bushes or squeeze between the tree and the wall next to it also made it safer from regular patrols.

Right as you plan to squeeze past the tree, a round of laughter emerges from the ‘haven’ behind it- unfortunately for you, it appears that forecomers have already claimed the area for themselves. Normally, you would turn around and go somewhere else, but what you have just witnessed while peeking around the tree's side is rather… worrying, to say the least.

A small group of four female students, all of whom with severe dress code violations, are encircling an uneasy looking male student, whose comparably shorter stature suggests that he is likely a freshman.
The term “bullying” instantly registers in your mind as you sneak behind the tree, trying to remain hidden

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy~?”
“N...Nee-chan! Quit it! P-Please!”

Wait… You recognize those voices!
Sneaking a peek around the tree, you manage to take a better look at the group... which instantly dispels your concerns and compels you to exit your hiding spot and make your presence known.
“Mifuyu-n… Senpai?”
That’s not the only person amongst the group you recognize. At the center of the group’s attention is her brother Haruto, firmly held in place by his sister’s embrace. His messed up brown hair and pinch marks on the cheeks are telltale signs of what he’s gone through, and the look in his light green eyes cry out ‘help’ in desperation.

“S-Senki Nii---!”

“Ah! Senki-kun!” Noticing your presence, Mifuyu greets you joyfully, finally loosening her grasp on her little brother.
“Welcome to Haruto’s high school debut! Why don’t you come and join us?”
Alright, that concludes this thread.

We will be resuming "Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theater" for the next thread, then be alternating between the two quests for all coming threads.

Thanks everyone for joining!
They got us in the first half, not gonna lie.

Thanks for running! Eagerly awaiting the return of VCPT
File: 1598983705622.png (90 KB, 512x512)
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>Accosting her own brother with a band of delinquents
So we have an emotionally abusive Childhood friend and an even more emotionally abusive Childhood friend who does it with a smile on her face.

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