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/qst/ - Quests

You are the young adult man Green Truck-kun Isekai and you one day instantaneously woke up in the brain of a genetically engineered catboy's in the form of an advanced and extremely illegal AI brain chip.

In this future the world went insane and created two new sentient and organic forms of life through the power of genetic engineering. Orcs; which are like humans and have animal traits. Then there are the demons; a hyper brainy, hardy and adaptable monster race. Abominations that can transform their DNA with their minds. Hell bent on replacing humanity and willing to go leagues beyond cruel to crush them.

Your host is a hobo orphan named Tony Spanner, or what he deserves to be called; Twink! He's a total crybaby bitch that wants to go an elite Hero Academy that teaches Demon Slaying called Eden even though you calculated he has less than 10% chance to be accepted.

That less than 10% chance being he's an ESPer with a powerful electrokinesis he as a hard time controlling, some experience fighting demons for bounties and he knows how to use a knife. You two just defeated your first major demon who's name was Ergin. After killing him you had officially made the mattress factory he was in your sick new base.

[2:16 PM]
[The Crow's Wit Bar]

Currently, you are in the VR Dark Net and after escaping a site at runs Magical Girl Bloodsports you went to explore the VR world and ended up in a creepy as fuck dive bar run by giant crows that are probably part of a gang.

A normal waitress in a goth outfit walked up to you and slipped in your hand an encrypted note inviting you to join a rebellion of some kind run by gamers.

It reads:
>Republic of Gamers
>Stand up. Join us.

What do?
>Leave this bar and go to the link.
>Stay like a moron
>Attack the crows
>Explore of the VR World
>Look up Republic of Gamers
>Go back to Twink
>Ask the waitress something
>Write in
>Do stand up
File: 1524464137064.jpg (14 KB, 184x184)
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ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=That%20Voice%20In%20Your%20Head%20Quest

UPDATES ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/loveiswarr2

>Look up Republic of Gamers
>Look up Republic of Gamers
>we were in a crow bar with bad jokes
Even in cyberspace we suffer.

>Look up Republic of Gamers
>Look up Republic of Gamers
Blessed be the New QM.
File: rog.gif (5.16 MB, 1920x1080)
5.16 MB
5.16 MB GIF

Less than 24 hours and I'm already being asked to join a rebellion. This Republic of Gamers seems like it could be a fun gang to join, but I never heard of them. Is goth waitress a spy? I can ask later. Time to go to the search engine with the cheesy name.


>The Republic of Gamers is an international cluster of rebels from across cyberspace reaching it's tentacles into multiple darknets and clearnets. No one knows who the founders are, but it gained traction when multiple nation's freedom of speech were threatened and populist President Julian Mensen of Flueque took a subconscious resignation and was later pushed off a tower near the UN. The International Bill of Rights for the Internet was scraped and the nations of the world were left to their own devices of Internet rights. This failed massively as governments started to use mass censorship online and if you got caught for breaking even minor Internet rules the nations had you could fined or make you go to prison. Many free sites were blocked in certain nations or had yatabytes of cp and minority gore uploaded onto them to get them shutdown. Not only was you could go to prison and be banned from sites these nations had a Social Credit Score system in place. If you did "bad stuff" it goes down. If it goes down to much you lose rights like being banned from commerce or having a car. and negative 3,000 is death in some nations. Thankfully, you don't live in a place with that. If you stay with a "bad person" for to long your SCS goes down. If you say to don't like Communism, Scientology or a government approved product (depends on the nation) it goes down. The Republic of Gamers started out only rebelling against tyranny with various levels of extremism, but after some time it become a refuge for those who have no where to go. Travel is very limited if you have bad SCS. ROG Mirco-nations popped up on all notable Dark Nets. Some are lively and safe and some are cults. Some users spent 20 hours a day online. Some offed themselves and uploaded themselves to a Dark Net. One thing ROG does is going to Clear Nets and fucking it up in someway to make it unusable for hours and doxing people like child pornographers onto the front page of Facebook. ROG has no leadership and there's terrorism, murder and kidnapping in subsets. This means they are active in the real world. Many former website admins and government agents had joined. Both reasons are true.

This is a lot to take in, but at the very least you can enjoy your ice cream and research. Just like home, but you have senors.

What do?
>Leave this bar and go to the link.
>Stay like a moron
>Attack the crows
>Explore of the VR World
>Order something else for later (health item, first was free)
>Insult the Crow doing bad stand up
>Go back to Twink
>Ask the waitress something
>Write in
>Do stand up
>Go back to Twink
If he's not asleep, go out and buy an voltmeter or ampmeter to see if we can have Twink practice controlling his powers, by gauging how much electricity he is outputting.
If he's asleep then go ahead and earn more simp bucks.
>Go to 40chan's /x/ board
>Go to the link

I want to take a quick look at 40chan's /x/ board. I suspect that this is where the most precious esoteric knowledge can be found. There must be useful knowledge about ESP and possibly enlightenement in general. I bet one hour in /x/ is more useful than years in Eden.

Next, joining the Republic of Gamers seems like the right choice because they are standing against the Jewish control system. Basically, ROG is the largest known association of demon slayers. When you are not in power, the two choices are either to be a loser or to be a rebel. As ROG is practicing leaderless resistance, at least in appearance, this makes it even better.
File: 1544939020892.gif (997 KB, 500x475)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
Note: 40chan connects to the AI Dark Net another one that humans go on.

This brownie is so delicious. How do they even make it so good in VR?

I looked at the website in my mind. So to speak. Maybe I should quickly search through 40chan's /x/. I have doubts that Eden would be that good of place to learn magic. The schools and colleges back home were never about learning, but how to be a wageslave and love it. Everything I saw so far makes me believe nothing's changed and if the Academy really was run by demons in secret they would "forget" a lot of important facts.

"Waitress. I'm going to make my leave. I'm babysitting." And I walked out, trying not to grin.

Back outside. It's raining for some reason now. The drunkards didn't leave of course, but at least the water slips off like oil.

I flew up to the top of a shop to get privacy because there is none in this district. It's only a trap for newfags.

With a thought I see 40chan's /x/ in my head. It showed me a forest with the prompt "Would you like to go?" I want get back to Twink soon and don't want to get lost again so I just went to the board and made a "larp thread" laying out what happened to me and that I have no clue what I'm doing.

40CHAN /x/

I am from the year 2020 before WWIII kicked off. I only had been here for a day and found out magic is real and I don't know anything about it. How did this happen? Where did the ESPers come fucking come from? I'm a technopath and I also have electrokinesis.

>Also AMA

>not knowing magic was real
How fitting.

Wtf does electrokinesis have to do with shit?

This dimension IS electricity. Everything is bound together by it. Not like they teach you that in school. It was one of the first supernatural powers exposed to the normalfags. Of course the reason to was to save money.

You don't know about the Destiny Shift?!

Humans changed fate or something?

No. This universe moved up a few levels in the omniverse. This was a slow process at first but over time the changes became more drastic. In your time the process had started already. Magic was always real, but much harder to use. The start of common and public use of humans using magic was during WWIII.
File: 1542212987258.jpg (70 KB, 1024x768)
70 KB
Wait! I always had powers? And so did the people I knew? Maybe even my parents? What is the omniverse? And why did the demons use magic first?

>And why did the demons use magic first?
ayy lmao

ETs and mad scientists made them. They are part ayy. The Ecill. Creepy buggers. Earth doesn't know about them. The omniverse is a collection of dimensions of all kinds. Anything you could think of and everything you can not. There are techniques and technology that can help you get to them. The 3rd dimension is a giant recycling plant for energy. That's why it's so dense. Less energy is recycled here. Much less. And we are closer to the next gate.

Aliens?! I knew it! I fucking did!
>There are techniques and technology that can help you get to them.
Like what?

Hold up! It's not that easy anymore, but you can buy an astral enhancer at a black market. You being a technopath it should work out smoothly for you. And here's a link to some book torrents for the basics: anondrive.moe/57n8nf5n0m3 If you have any questions I will be watching the thread.

Thanks, man. You really believe me?

I believe want I've seen and let's it at that. Good luck, OP.

I laid down and looked to the sky. Strange. There's no clouds even though it's still raining.


Hm. Twink is still awake playing a game on the new smartwatch. He's pretty good.

"Twink! Back! I got an idea."

"Oh. Hi Green. What have been up too? Is the VR World fun?" He knew?

"Ummm. Yes. Is your game fun?"

"The best! I had it on my old watch and this one has a much high framerate. Do you think you have a gaming function?" Or 'take me to your VR World'

"Well if I did I don't think I would have any games for to to play?"

"You have your outfits for your avatar."

"You're right on that. We can save up money for VR games and a console."

"What about a VR headset? A cheap one isn't much these days." Oh shit. He said it.

"Sure. I want to go to the black market anyway. You need to practice controlling your powers so I'm buying a voltmeter and an ampmeter."

"To gauge my electricity? Right?"

"Yes. And maybe we will buy a VR headset. My internet is AI only so you are on your own."

He tried not to frown. "It's okay. I've been alone for a long time."

We packed up everything and attached the cart to his electric bike.

In cart:
>5 pounds of random foam
>20 spare pillows
>20 spare blankets
>5 random chairs
>55 Serta sheep plushies

27,890 pence on hand
10,000 pence in bank
19,498 aracoin

More stuff:


It's really bustling now. I'm pulling the cart around so I really could just set up shop. Even hobos are selling stuff.

+ 1 voltmeter
+ 1 ampmeter
- 40 pence

"Green! Green! Green! Green!"

"Stop yelling you brat! I feel pain and told you not to yell!"

"I'm sorry, but look!"

He pointing to a cheap VR headset. It's 5,000 pence. Used.
File: 1578250123270.jpg (154 KB, 1200x802)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
What buy?
>VR headset
>Astral Enhancer
>Health Items
>iPod Nano with songs in it
>Weapon Upgrades
>Write In
>??? box

What do?

>Go to the ROG link
>Go see a psychic
>Explore city
>Go back to the VR World (what?)
>Set up shop
>Sell stuff to merchant
>Write in
File: 1597871614148 (1).png (364 KB, 584x500)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Have I seen you before?

Wait. We have a cart?
Our little chuckle fuck can carry all that on an electric bike? Ok. Thiscis happening.

>5,000 pence
Did we turn in the reward monies for killing the demon yet?

I mean. Yeah? Sure? If we can afford it.
The actual. Genuine. Flying fuck is going on in California? This cant be real. I was in Cal but I dont recall any fires.
File: 1582813789924.jpg (66 KB, 560x799)
66 KB
Not yet. 20,000 pence = $500 so it would be cheap in that future's standards. He's a strong little guy even without electric boosts.
As a Californian, I can safely say that Mother Nature hates our state, and this is just proof.
I'm busy. Sorry. Coming back tomorrow.
Fuck sake man. Can you recall all the disacters in Cal in this year alone? I think there was that the giant storage crud oil fire in May or March. The general disaster fire that fucked everything in I think east and sol Cal. Now there's this recent fire due to lightning. I think I'm missing two or so other fires.
Wait... I think we haven't picked an action yet.
I was going expand on the VR headset thing and have Twink play with it. Got one? We never went to the forger and we have no ID or proof we are not an AI. Eden is overrated for learning, but it a good place to find powerful party members. There's other places too. The students at Eden are 10-22.
>get ID
>get VR head gear
add it to the get list
>get Astral Enhancer
It's a necessity
My catboy really, REALLY wants that thing. His dopamine levels are skyrocketing just looking at it.

I ask the bitch selling it if the VR is lifelike. She spat on me and called me a hobo in a stolen outfit. Yes then. Then I ask if it comes with games or if needs batteries. She said to pirate them and the God forsaken brat doesn't need batteries. I looked at her shitty old lady smartwatch. It's worse than Twink's old one. The cunt probably stole the thing so I used my technopathy to make it look like I paid her and ran off.

"Green. Why does it say we still have our money?"

"Because fuck her. Why are you so dense?"

"You stole from an old lady."

"I would had raided her shop if it wasn't so busy. Come on, boy. I want an Astral Enhancer." I said stealing a good outfit for Twink from a douchebag from yesterday.

The Astral Enhancer shop had a 2 for one deal. they told me Twink hand set the shop to the right on fire by touching a rug so they said Twink would have no fucking problem using it. They gave me a ebook too.

+ 1 VR Headgear
+ 2 Astral Enhancers
+ Good Outfit
+ Ebook
- 400 pence

"You wanted to see the forger right?"

"Yes of course." Twink nods 5 times.


We had to go under a bridge and inside an other shop to her inside a makeshift building. The inside was pretty nice at least besides the fact there's no air conditioner and the wallpaper was slapped on. There's a lady yelling a re run of a 1980's soccer game on a CRT TV. She had a collection of 80's posters with "autographs" and had a yellow gray printer with her stickers on it.

"Ahhh. Look what the cat dragged in. It's been a while." She rolled her chair over. "Who's the chick? Your cosplay tell's me you're a new slayer. Be careful around this one, girlie. He's more deadly than some demons. Better pray he doesn't burn your pretty face. If he does, come to me. I know how to heal burn scars it they're new."
File: 1523299066200.gif (1.75 MB, 344x224)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
"A woman of many talents. The healer thing is your cover ain't it"

"One of them I make music too. I'm a fan of the musicians of the 1980's if your to thick skulked to tell, but you seem pretty bright. Tell me what is your name? I'm Holly." She gives me her hand.

"I'm Green Truck-kun Isekai and a projected AI. I don't remember my true name or my old host."

"True name." She ponders. "Hey. You're not in trouble or some bolognese. Green, huh. Takes me back." Her back cracks. "I'm also a fan of old Japanese games. Are you here for an ID and basic papers? Toby has his on his watch. Thanks to me of course."

"Yes. That would be rad. Put me down as Green Kuroki."

"Gotcha. Any details you want?"

"That I'm a music producer and my persona is named is Green Truck-kun Isekai."

"What a horrible name, but I'll do it cause it's better most of the nicknames I get. Want anything for Toby?"

"Not now." We don't need Eden, but I want to deal with the bullshit now. Eden is a great motive to train.

"Why! I've been doing so well!" Sparks fly.

"Because if you do magical shit at Eden the way you are they will kick you." Got him.

"I. Never mind. Just come back."

Holly buts in. "Eden is a nobody school for nobodies. The school never made a Hero the Heroes did."

What do?
>Tell him the truth about Eden
>That and a suggest another school
>Ask Holly about herself
>Go to the ROG link
>Play with the Astral Enhancer
>Play with the VR Headgear
>Write in
>Go to Eden to rekt it and it's cult
>That and tell Twink the truth
play with the astral enhancer

lets keep bullshitting twink and make him train the body for us, so he makes the efforts. and then we'll take over and destroy him. if he's a punk he'll always be. so i declare the death penalty for twink.
It's 3 AM. Got home late and was working on another quest. Sorry.
(I'm picking up the place. I think it's time to start doing smaller updates which will equal one big one per day or more)

I left the forger shop and now I can bullshit the cops into thinking I'm human. The forger lady told me if I need help training Twink or myself she can do that with her cousin and made us a fake gym memberships. I really wanted to know if the rumors about Eden are true so I wrote and snuck her a note. Holly gave me a telepathic message saying:

"Twink can not hear this. Eden is a scam school that breaks potential heroes into drones that only fight decoys, figureheads, fake villains that are just actors and the completely innocent or brain washes children into communism and self-hate so when the cult offer them redemption they will join them to kill their fellow man and recruit them into sex slavery. Even their parents or kids." She sounded dead straight and rage filled to contrast with her jovial disposition. Her posture even shifted a little before switching back with a fake smile. It's creepy.

"How the fuck you knew I had a soul? And Eden's cult kill's kids and makes them hate themselves?!" I tensed up. Eden has thousands of students and many top Heroes went that school and Twink wants to go to the meat grinder.

"We were both students. Trust me. Also trust that I've met many people in my time and some are like you. I didn't know for sure so I took a shot in the dark." She shifted and switched again.
"I believe you, Holly. I will think about your offer as well, but I need to go. No promises."

After that I'm constantly wondering if the Blasphemy Period even ended or this nation is truly neutral if a God forsaken place like Eden exists here. If it did end the second one is coming soon. Twink won't believe me and the cops will do nothing. We are at a quiet park right now. I told Twink to go to an empty place and run after I used the astral enhancer. It's simple to use. The box said to put it on my hand and hold there with the intent to leave. The thing has a second use of stopping possession so Twink forced me out.

An then then there was nothing. I couldn't even see anything. Not even my other senses worked. I've never tried anything like this before or even believed this was a thing. I feel like I should hyperventilate, but I don't even think I have a body. My mind is going to be next, isn't it? I can't visualize a thing! The apple isn't showing up. To prolong my existence I tried to remember everything I could. I couldn't remember my face or name before projecting so I tried to reach more my childhood. None of the faces showed up before, but I know who my love one are and what I learned from them. I'm probably the last one that knows who they were. All these fuck ups that caused this distopia in the first place will be remembered, but my family and friends won't?! NO! I will keep them alive! I'm not gonna die!

My technopathy came with me to the future and if I still have my soul I still have my power. I'm in the void, but I channeled my intend to give force to my existence. There's a feeling of water on my hand! It's cool and it feels like it's underwater. Underwater? I tried my damnest to feel the water around my body. After a minute it works! After another one I swim up to a faint purple light. I never wanted something this much before.

Bursting through the water I screamed into the purple sky. "I cheated death! I'm your master! HHAHAHAHHA!"

There was three other pools around me over a purple rainforest and the pools' water each reflected a different image. My pool was the park I was at and the other has surreal landscapes. Far in the distance I saw a dragon made of light fractals. His body was split 12 time and every split had a different creatures in it. Pool two had metal goo creature like angels in it's refection gathering around a much larger one with a heart dress. Pool 3 was a portal to a galaxy that a giant crystal pyramid inside it. Pool 4 went to a castle with a giant alien baby floating next to it. I'm trying to get over the surrealness of a this trippy bullshit, but I never will.
(I will post again today)

What do?
>Pool 2
>Pool 3
>Pool 4
>Rain Forest
>You are in a dreamlike world. Try to fly up.
>Go back
>Fly until you see a city
>Write in
>Pool 3
File: apple test.jpg (22 KB, 583x192)
22 KB
>Pool 4

What's your result with the apple test, mina-san? Visualize an apple in your mind and rate.
California has four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fire, and Flood. Although lately, it's more like Spring, Fire, More Fire, and Flash Flood.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

I had a shit ton of trouble deciding which alien death cult max level top secret designer drug's trip I wanted to replicate this afternoon, but in the end the galaxy looks rad as fuck so Pool 3 it is.

The pool I emerged from didn't even seem to have a temperature. It barely even felt like water and it was perfectly still. The fluid was much denser and harder to threw. Pool 3 was a different story. It acted like a wave pool and the motions of the waves were random. Some of the water was splashed out violently. When I stepped in the water formed to my body like a magnet, kind of like giving me armor. I dove deeper and the bottom of the pool disappeared. I swam and swam down and I final saw the purpleish blue ocean I saw in the reflection. Thousands of chariots popped in like a videogame, most of which were being pulled by dolphins. To my left was a cosmic parade that looked like the photoshop stuff from the preview. Flowers blooming into new flowers. Sand castles that have strong fans blowing on them, but even though they ripple they don't fall. Something that looks like the big bang. Parade floats that all look like hyper realistic alien being stabbed.

"My, my. Don't you look confused." An unknown photoshop hand swept me from the ocean, swirled 360 degrees around the crystal pyramid around like 20 times and dropped me into a glass ball. All in the span of 5 seconds. I just escaped the void and this place is freakier and more disorderly.

A giant face rose up from behind the pyramid to greet me. "You conquered the big empty and made it to Davia in only one day? You must be so tried, Offspring." The woman's hand grabbed the glass ball and singed a hymn so soothing that even through I only heard two notes I can't compare to anything else. I dreamed in a 5 day slow-mo version of when she span me around the pyramid, but it wasn't boring at all. I was at hypnotic peace.

When I awoke I saw dancing lights slowly flowing over me. I'm in the glass ball still, but it's in a magnificent auditorium that could fill innumerable souls, but was empty.
There was a presence of excitement everywhere I looked, but I saw no one aspect for the woman that brought me and a blue man who's presence was stronger than the women's.

"While hello, Offspring." She knocked on the glass.

"Alien bitch! What the fuck?! I'm not going to let you make me your cute pet or collectible! I'm not much of a Christian, but God won't stand for my enslavement! I'm from an advanced world where school kids summon black holes to be used as toys! I'm part of the elite interdimensional warrior race and my bros will smas-"

"Hahahahhahhhhaaahahha! You precious gem. Go on, sweetie. I believe every word and not doing this I find humans entertaining and hilarious." She makes a sweeping gesture.

"I'm not human! I just lost most of my celestial powers! My nieces are bigger than you! Let me out before recon kicks your ass into the void I returned from!"

"Kiddo. Black holes are not scary and I killed many of celestials in my youth. I could still defeat them, but that's not why you're here."

"Then why I'm I here? If you are gonna force me into your harem I-"

"To watch the birth of a God. A transcendence. He's not going to become some weak god either."

The blue man teleports into the glass ball. "Uenara it's not that huge of a promotion. We talked about this."

"Yes it is Mazus. Stop putting yourself below others. You're fabulous."

"I still have a long way to go and fell into darkness many times. I won't even become the main God of my domain yet."

"Hey! Your bandmates are in Vegas. Beat it, man!"

Blue man turns to the lady. "I told you to not to scare the outsiders! We have a reputation to clean up!"

"He's a scary cat that afraid of black holes! How can I not scare him?!"

"I gave you a list 15 times! Not showing as a giant. Telling the ball his meant to to protect him from those that want his life source. Not spinning him around Lubruna." He stopped for a moment. "It's almost time. You're lucky they need all of my essence up there."

They both teleported away and a MUCH larger presence filled the room. The blue man was done with all the swearing and prep rituals and the main ritual was about to begin.

20 major divines and 200 other divines ripped open the ceiling and thousands of souls flew in to chant for him so loud the pyramid shook. They began to rip open the fabric of the dimension and what had to million types of alcohol spilled out into his essence and it was followed by the souls getting drunk and danced until they passed out. The Gods chanted and posed. All the versions of Mazus flashed in rapid succession as the room shifted with him.
File: 1519067385689.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
He himself named every past life and what they've done for the omni verse. Some of those lives were human?! All the God's got drunk and started to fight each other like they do in bars. Mazus stood still chanting and then meditated for 20 hours while the Gods still fought. Uenara sped up time for me. Thank God. The coolest God drove his car drunk and ran Mazus over 10 times, but he was still meditating. He drank a pool of beer and was tested by a human cop they kidnaped for dui. They all hugged and Mazus sat down and the sky opened up a portal to rain down snakes, hurricanes, galaxies, rainbows and water along with life energy to make him a god of alcohol.

He stood up and bowed to Jesus and I stood up out of should had fainted 9,001 times shock.

What do?
>Talk to the the duo
>Explore the dimension
>Ask questions
>Explore somewhere else
>Go back to Earth
>Write in
>Talk to the cop (??? box)

(I can make this non canon au shit if you don't like it)

>Explore the dimension
Let's find a wiser entity to speak to
Do you have questions for this wiser entity?
>is OP a faggot?
I mean this in absolute seriousness. We're a retarded AI.
The standards for Godhood must be lower than the Challenger Deep. These hopeless degenerates have actual authority? No wonder I live in a distopia. Either that or this is Hell and their demons posing as gods.The alien bitch finally let me out and the offered tea, but I said no. Maybe I will come back if need a favor, but for now I'm GTFO. Apparently I can fly here because I'm a spirit.

It's extremely fucking clear that the entity with the highest wisdom stat there has one of -500. Wasn't hyperspace meant to have a bunch of super wise spirits? Well, only one way to find that out.

I flew into the galaxy ring and planned to stop at the wisest place I can find. In here there's normal planets of course, but also odd shape ones like bear head, flat planets and floating islands. There a lot of mini planets I can count the creatures on. They all seem to have a theme and remind me of Mario Galaxy. Plenty of spaceships traveling between them.

Between a mini Lego planet and a bigger planet that was a photoshop school there were 7 school kids racing in little spaceship to that school. Lego? How much do these Gods know about the outside world?

I did see some humans, but they where in a "sleepwalking" state or high. They were mostly floating about or playing on the mini planets. Two high ones were in a psychic battle terrorizing the aliens on a mini planet and another one was stalking an alien in a spaceship asking him "Did the sun cheat on the moon with Earth?" and other stupid questions. I want to make the alien's worse so I asked if Earth and the moon fucking would incest or masturbation.

Speaking moons, I found what I was looking for. A super small floating island with an old temple that has a moon inside it and peaceful waterfalls. A gentle hum came from the moon and the island somehow had a warm wind. The only creatures I saw at first were alien birds and only a little bit a way was another moon. The island it played piano music. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hello there. There's no need to be afraid. Welcome to my sanctum." said a space women with gray skin and black hair. She was holding a planet.

"Whoa. You're much hotter than that thot that trapped me inside a ball. What's up?"

"I see you're a brave human. I'm doing well. I've returned from some important business. You best be careful for I've returned from reusing your kind from slavemasters. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Is OP a faggot?"

The woman was confused and wondering if Green is doing a shittest on her. "Excuse me. May you repeat what you said? It has been a very long day and-"

"Na eh. Is OP a cum guzzling, triple nigger dick taking, dragon dildo collecting, shota raping, fursuit commissioning, sperm bank robbing, scared of children, cucked by betamales faggot?"

"Young one. Could you please explain what almost all of those things are? Though I assume if OP participates in homosexual sex he is , in fact, a faggot." She's getting mad with a fake mom smile.

What do?
>Ask more questions (what?)
>Explore Temple
>Explore Dimension
>Find a human
>From hotter woman to annoy
>Write in
>Play Minecraft
Great! I will post a few times today.


"Lady, you're not wise at if you need me to explain these terms to you. I'm gonna pirate Minecraft and fuck with it's playerbase. I out." and I flew away!

That was a was a waste of time. The dark lady was shouting she's 800 years old and not from my world. Who cares? The photoshop lady told me if I'm in a safe place I can just 'wake up'. Hey from what I know this is a dream world, but real so I guess that makes sense.


"Yo, faggoton! I'm back! How many laps you took around the park?!"

"Green!" Twink almost tripped and kept running . "57! I did that in 73 minutes without my magic! That's very good for the size of this park! I've been improving a lot! Do you think so?!"

Dafuq? Even when calculating using the data from the last night, he's telling me the truth. "Well done, but you're not finished. 5 minute break and then run with your buffs active til I get back. I found out I can play Minecraft in VR and I'm going to break someones server with my technopathy. BRB."

"Why would you do something so mean? Kids play that game"

"That only makes it more lulzy, dumbbitch!" I smiled wide and evilly.


I downloaded Minecraft and STALKER with my build in bittorrent client with no trouble, downloaded every gun, grief, annoying and anime mod and also every hack I could find and then went to a Clearnet vanilla server to ruin everyone's lives.

The server has over 20,000 online users because even the kids know there is no hope. It's run by middle aged Jewish, communist tranny, furries from a foreign land called "Utopian California." California has been balkinzed because no one could agree on laws and what not. Most of them are worst than Hell, though.

The admins have a huge list of rules that takes up 14 pages and the first three is to not make fun of Jews, furries or trannies. As a technopath I can't get banned or anything unless I run into another technopath, a l33t haxor, anti-magic user or something. Very unlikely.
File: 1531060147652.jpg (22 KB, 498x723)
22 KB
What will your username and skin be?
>You made an avatar that looks like your main one
>Green Anon with Tux
>Buff as Fuck Diogenes
>Anime Character (who)
>Vidya Character (who)
>SS Officer
>Islamic Terrorist
>Mass Shooter (who)
>The guy from Hatred
>Real person (who)
>Write in

Any mods you what? Green downloaded extras
>Write in

Yes you can build a militia in this Quest. Rep will help you a lot. Certain groups have their own skills and advantages. Fucking with people in Minecraft can only make Rep better and not worse unless it is said to do so or you get a crit fail. (less than 10) Minecraft is run by communists now so you will aggro them outside the game. They will not track you unless you fuck up big time. Rolls are best of 3.

What do? Yes there's overlap (pick 5 or less)
>Fuck with the children (builds Rep with gamers and hackers)
>Fuck with furries (builds Rep with ROG and nazis and aggros furries)
>Fuck with weebs (builds Rep with Koreans and normies)
>Fuck with commies (builds Rep with nazis and ROG and aggros commies)
>Fuck with nazis (builds Rep with commies and jews)
>Fuck with jews (builds Rep with nazis and muslims and aggros jews)
>Fuck with normies (builds Rep with gamers and weebs)
>Fuck with women (builds Rep with nazis and gamers)
>Fuck with muslims (builds Rep with nazis and Americans)
>Fuck with trannies (builds Rep with weebs and nazis and aggros trannies)
>Fuck with faggots (builds Rep with muslims and nazis and aggros trannies)
>Fuck with Koreans (builds Rep with weebs and gamers)
>Fuck with Americans (builds Rep with commies and muslims)
>Fuck with niggers (builds Rep with nazis and kids)
>Fuck with hackers (builds Rep with gamers and jews)
File: 1568957874105.jpg (89 KB, 1080x1069)
89 KB
Roll 5d100

How would you like to fuck up the server (pick 3)
>delete all of the target's builds
>delete all of the ore on the server
>summon 200 Enderdragons with no hp that only attack targets
>raid target's bases and make them your own
>hack their devices to replace all the image files with hardcore furry porn (or IRL furries getting murdered for furries)
>hack their devices to make them blow up
>replace stone with lava
>replace stone with bedrock
>hack their devices to make it block every site besides stuff they hate
>dox them and show browser history to parents/school/work plus the server
>blackmail them into giving you favors and show the blackmail on server
>SWAT them
>make deepfakes of them stealing killing trannies and jews
>make death camps
>spawn kill
>write in
I will make a new thread

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