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Welcome to なんだよ異世界ゼロ!

I'm taking over! Enjoy!

This quest will be 100% random, poorly written and generally feature everything that players hate from a QM. It will take the premise of ShortTrip's classical "WTF Quest" and run it into a new direction.

Thread #1:

ShortTrip Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=wtfq

Thread song:

Last time our last two MCs fucking died. One by a giant spider and one by seven skeletons, but in Mythic tradition if a MC's an anon they come back next thread. You can play as one of them, a new pre-made MC or make a new one. (but, the new MC has to be an anon)

The other MCs will still be around and you will be given the choice to have them join your party.

Also in Mythic tradition anons get a Class and Cheat Power. The classes and cheats for the three anons where rolled last thread. You can also chose to have Gary's powers or chose the class yourself for the MCs. Warrior, Thief, Sorcerer, Priest or Kek's Choice which is RNG. Kek's Choice can bring out powerful classes. I rolled Kek's Choice of the three and tried to make them fun. You can make suggestions. If you don't like a class you rolled for someone you can choose my rolled classes, Gary's powers or one of the 4 classics. You can also reroll for a new cheat if you don't like one I rolled. More info below.

Art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82498200

These are your choices along with making your own MC from the start. A isn't canon just yet so you can change her stats. The brothers are new and they haven't been fully established and both evolve through the players, but the stats can't be changed in less it happens in story or through a class or cheat.
MC 1:
Joseph Mama - He was a prepper thinking the world was going to end in 2020 and looking forward to it. Also a very enlightened NEET. Age: 20. Stat sheet pic related.


>>4401479 Rolled 93, 94, 90, 71 (4d100)
>Proceedings Elements/Failure of representatives

>[Synergist] Do you hate being hungry in a forest where you don't recognize any of the glowing, possibly radiated, plants and when you get to the town it's a desolate wasteland where even the rats left? About to die of starvation? Well fuck! I may have forgotten to tell you can literally turn just those radiated berries into safe berries. Synergists are adept in Transmutation magic and alchemy. Casting is Wisdom. For example you can transform the air into elemental attacks, turn invisible, make modern technology like guns, speed up your actions and reaction times, also speed up regeneration and resting time, create homunculi, shift your vibration to see spirits and plane walk and more. Another power you gain is the ability to infuse spells into non-magical objects and another is to see the properties of items. You gain Average Rank in Alchemist Tools, Technology and Explosives. Also gain a +1 RS to one Stat of your choice.


Rolled 1 (1d50) = Overlord

[Overlord] Oh, BABY! All your class skills get +3 RS. Average becomes Exceptional Rank. You also gain more money when using them.
MC 2:
Johnny Mama - You are a passionate and stubborn young man that wanted to rebuild the world after the end with your brother. He is missing for some reason. Age: 22. Char sheet is pic related.


>>4401479 Rolled 54, 10, 45, 9 (4d100)
>>Celebrate Evil/Kill Good

[Hellraiser] War-forged in the most God forsaken, grimdark part of Hell with the flames from the God of Hellfire, meant to weather 100 year wars you are the fury of the netherworld meant to lead an army to bring anything holy and virtuous down on it's pathetic knees to worship the Demon Lord. Your magic is evil, darkness, demonic, death, blood, warrior and fire themed. IQ based. Forbidden sorcery and demon summoning comes twice as easy. (these boosts don't stack with the Edgelord cheat) You love the crowd have an unstoppable presence so you are powered by hate/rage/fear/despair you cause and can heal/boost others with your passion if you chose. Any traits from a class/cheat/strength in others that need a crowd only need you. Can shapeshift into anything humanoid related to your magic themes, astral travel, interact with spirits and can temporary evolve any creatures in your control. (Average skills, but for astral travel/interact with spirits if your Intuition and/or Willpower is higher than Average then it will be as high as the higher of the two and you can use a spell or something to use these skills instead) Tactics and Great Melee Weapons (like greatswords) are boosted to Average rank. +1 RS against holy/celestial creatures (like priests) and/or those who are Lawful Good. Any zombie you raise are smarter, but only a little. Your class magic besides demonic and evil have a neutral aliment if your not evil as they need passion for evil for that to be so. (if you are evil you can switch between them) You can choose to use these powers for good or evil. The choice is yours. Yes you can make guns with warrior magic.


49 (1d50) = Cheat Cook

part 1/2

File: 1521772961121.jpg (25 KB, 480x336)
25 KB

49 (1d50) = Cheat Cook

[Cheat Cook] Max comfy. Can summon wheeled food stands (which are hard enough to destroy steal) and a small restaurant (one small restaurant at a time and the summon's cooldown is 3 days) and choose what they look like and what music plays. Both of them will have all the tools you need and no one will bother you about permits, property rights or taxes. You gain an Exceptional Rank in Culinary, nothing you eat/drink can hurt you at all unless you want it too, (same with fire/heat) supernatural creatures love your food and it's much easier to manipulate them from through it, everything YOU taste will taste like a God of Culinary made it and you can put magical effects into your food. There is a secret to this cheat, however. All the monsters/demons/spirits/animals/aliens/divines/celestials you kill or at least had a hand in killing keep their magical proprieties. If you eat them you gain one power they had of your choosing. If they somehow don't have a physical body at death one will form. You can't take really OP powers like time stop and all powers will be modified to be not really OP. (for now, in 1 or 2 centuries you will be strong enough to take any power you want) Powers can't be taken from other anons and their major allies. (unless the ally is a God/Goddess or a major demon or angel. Anyone that was ever a Princess of Hell won't count for some reason.) Moreover, you can summon any culinary related attire onto your person, combine stands/restaurants with other Cheat Cooks to make them bigger and combine restaurants with other buildings like guilds and houses.
File: 1597157028779.jpg (42 KB, 563x717)
42 KB
MC 3:
Adrianna Sweet. A light hearted young women that wants to be a pharmacist. Also a massive, ruthless troll. Was friends with the Mamas but got super busy. Age 20. (Sweet girl and ruthless troll combo was inspired by my father and so was the terrible memory. He's actually very charismatic, tho.)

Limbo sheet: https://pastebin.com/FREriXK7


>>4401487 Rolled 1, 37, 44, 70 (4d100)
>Attainment of Business/Release Extravagance

[Tycoon] There's a reason it's said in the Bible that the love of money is the root of all evil and you're now being given a class to prove it. Willpower Based. First you choose a product to sell and you get an Average Rank in Knowledge of that product. You can summon and buy off (with mana, health coins etc) creatures both physical and spiritual to do dehumanizing work for your profit. Profit doesn't have to mean money and you could just make them fight for you, but with the spell Merchant Charm to recruit 3 low rank creatures at a time to temporally work for your business for no pay and they can joyfully work until they die. Under Merchant Charm they don't need to eat/drink/sleep, but won't attack anyone for you unless they would anyway. They gain High Rank in the task you give them. You can use currency (mana, health or money) to use Enchantment magic like the normal Charm spell, summon non magical items (like guns), summon potions, summon elements, give magical effects to objects/creatures and cast spells related to business, capitalism and anarco-capitalism. Gain Average Rank in Business and Tax Evasion. +1 RS against Local Lords, Tax Collectors and Rival Merchants. Can also talk to snakes.


Rolled 24 (1d50)

[Sword Artist] Your sword autism as gained supernatural powers. Good job! Every sword you touch you can copy to use as an energy attack later or summon them as normal swords. You can evolve swords, Flash Step, move swords with your mind, use the evolve skill to make gun swords, talk to and command the elemental spirits inside the swords, have a main sword and can teleport it to you and fake and toy swords are like real ones when you hold it. You have an Average Rank in all Swords (including using swords with your mouth) and The Gun Part of Gun Swords. Become Exceptional Rank in a Sword Type of your choosing. You are now obsessed with swords and love them like your own child.
File: sheet.png (102 KB, 970x1102)
102 KB
102 KB PNG

See pic related for the character sheet

*Name, age, gender, ethnicity, faith/religion, mode of thoughts (see below), 4chan home boards, political views, hair, eyes, height, weight
*Stats (see below)
*Skills: all skills, talents, combat skills, magical powers, languages
*Strengths/Weaknesses: (optional) situational bonuses based on your personal background

MODE OF THOUGHTS (can have more than one)
*Visual: you think with images
*Verbal: you think with words/voice
*Emotional: you think with emotions
*Abstract: your thoughts are abstract
*Unknown: you are not aware of your own thoughts

*Strength (lifting)
*Dexterity (hands)
*Agility (everywhere else)
*Reflex (speed)
*Toughness (tanking)
*Fitness (cardio)
*IQ (thinking)
*Memory (long-term)
*Intuition (gut feeling)
*Willpower (mind over matter)
*Wisdom (introspection, spirituality)
*Charisma (talking)
*Beauty (appearance)

Describe your stats in plain English using the ranks below.
Ranks: minuscule, weak, low, below average, average, above average, high, exceptional
For Stats, an “average” rank means the rank of an average person
For skills and other abilities, an “average” rank means an average person skilled with this ability; an average professional. Those with less than average ranks are skilled amateurs. Yes, this means, above average skills are uncommon.

The skills are freeform so you can list anything. Here's an extensive list if you need inspiration: https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Skills

Reminder: for skills, an average rank means the rank of an average professional, not the average person. If you rank yourself as Average, then it means that you're as good as the average professional.


>Warrior - A mundane master of martial combat, you are considered to have Average skill in every weapon and armor you choose to wield.
> Thief - An accomplished savant of subterfuge and guile, you receive a boost to your Agility and Dexterity (+ point-based skills).
> Sorcerer - A magic user tapping into your own mind, you may attempt to visualise spells and cast them in accordance to your imagination. Sorcery is fickle and often backfires or works in unexpected ways.
> Priest - A champion of a deity of your choice, you may invoke them to lend you miraculous aid from above or below. Your deity doesn’t always answer and members of rival religions shall hate or shun you.
> Kek's Choice - If you want to live dangerously, you can let Kek decide your class for you. This might unlock rare, prestige classes.

1) Overlord
2) Cheat Magician
3) Elementalist
4) Buffed Up
5) Fast Learner
6) Legendary Equipment
7) Isekai Smartphone
8) Brick Phone
9) Re:Zero
10) Reincarnated as a Monster
11) Death Count
12) Strange Aeons
13) After-Effect
14) Vice/Virtue
15) Sword Saint
16) Cursed Sage
17) Dragon Soul
18) Sweet Ride
19) Cosmic Vending Machine
20) Moneychanger
21) [Make a Stand]
22) Pokemon Trainer
23) Goblin Slayer
24) Sword Artist
25) Exorcist
26) Jack of Shadow
27) PvP God
28) Death Note
29) Omae wa mou shindeiru
30) True Sight
31) Edgelord
32) Harem Protag
33) A E S T H E T I C
34) Creepy
35) Japanese Bloodline
36) My Little Demon
37) Killer Instinct
38) Fight Night
39) Seven Sins
40) Sweet Pain
41) Kek's Blessing
42) Kek's Favorite
43) Honkler
44) Chaos Factor
45) Anonymous
46) Meme Magician
47) Autism Jesus' Blessing
48) Trapped in Karma
49) Cheat Cook
50) Do You Love Your Mom?
File: 1556738303841.gif (201 KB, 660x780)
201 KB
201 KB GIF
>Joseph Mama // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Johnny Mama // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Adrianna Sweet // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Make your own MC // Roll 1d50 for me and choose a class >>4415500
File: 1456417403945.jpg (471 KB, 1060x1500)
471 KB
471 KB JPG

>Joseph Mama // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Johnny Mama // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Adrianna Sweet // Say if you want to change class/cheat
>Make your own MC // Roll 1d50 for me and choose a class
I had made the first post while you were still posting so I deleted it.
I vote Adrianna Sweet. Her class is weird and evil,
she has a lot of potential.
I'm glad you like her and the class. Thank you.
File: 1596408340487.png (40 KB, 497x509)
40 KB
Rolled 22, 25, 3, 14, 9 = 73 (5d25)

Bad QM actions. I won't go to far. It's for fun.
with impossible saves. it's time to pray kek.
How many quests will you make today wuxyflu
File: 1554623140397.jpg (87 KB, 426x640)
87 KB
I'm not Wux. He's busy with a crossover quest.
Rolled 30, 15, 8, 16, 36 = 105 (5d50)

Rolling for later. Has nothing to do with the party.
Rolled 39 (1d50)

One was a double
Rolled 33 (1d50)

Fuck it! It's a boss so the demon gets a cheat.
A demon boss???
File: 1543014949157.png (3 MB, 1200x1692)
3 MB
Rolled 3 (1d3)

You will see. Oh and since the players will control the full party this time and I don't think it's fair to have one anon choose the team leader I will roll for a temp one. I'm sorry. They can still make a new MC to join later.
The dice agreed, it is a blessed choice
Adrianna Sweet. A 20 year old student studying pharmacy before the 'rona happened. Her parents are a corrupt pharmacologist and a corrupt gynecologist and they are experts in tax elevation. She were watching one of your favorite sovereign citizen videos from your parents when you noticed in another tab an update to a civ quest she's been following. Maybe you should start a quest about monopolizing all the fast food chains and have your rivals fight in mechas in space. Insane idea, but that's makes the world go around. But, some caught her eye. Some larp thread that says if you click it you will go to a brand new world. Amateurs. She clicks on it to troll the troll, but it ain't no troll because her effay bedroom became a forest clearing and she's leading on a tree. The wind is gentle and warm. There's a faint glow among the plants and a light fog. Behind her is a chunk of the forest which everything is rotten and dead. There's an unnatural purple mist over there.

Adrianna in front of her see two sleeping dudes. The black haired one sleeping peacefully next to a rusty sword and the brown haired one in a panic. She knows them! Johnny and Joseph Mama! How long as it been?! Focus! Get your bearings! Adrianna hears a tree shaking.

"Deeesssuu!" A woman fell out of a tree. She's obviously in pain and very confused. Her head jets back and forth. "Stranger lady! Hi. You shouldn't be so close to the cursed forest." She winces. "Are you a healer by any chance? I'm a vampire and our bones are brittle. I landed on a bush to cushion my fall, but I was with a dangerous fairy man that wants my panties and I would like to be in tip top shape if he tries to murder me."

The /fit/ girl responds "I'm not a healer miss. I though vampires were meant to be tough and you make it sound like a disease." Or that's how it goes in this world. She's in direct sunlight and not on fire. The vampire is ditzy and weak her lavish outfit screams sheltered as well. She could be a good minion or a proper team mate if she has the traditional vampire powers.

Adrianna walks to Joseph's body. He's breathing heavily right now. She thinks to herself how cliche this all is with her waking up her childhood friend and all.

"Wake up loser. Those Corona-chans are not real." Joseph told her the world was about to end and him and his bro were going to remake it. Strange bunch. The brunette opens his eyes.

He gets up swinging his torch "No frog! I have to help them slay the succubi!"

"Joseph?! This frog is new." She crosses her arms and laughs. "Do you think it's going to rain frogs or something?"

The prepper flusters up "It was real and felt like reality! Wait." He checks his ripped sweater and the purse with the potions. "You know where we are?"

She shrugs. The vampire woman is waking up Johnny.

What do?
>Ask everyone what happened.
>Go into that death forest
>Go west through the normal forest
>Try to test magic
>Write in
>Try to test magic
summon a wooden club or another cheap item
>Try to test magic
I'm not even Wux. Just go.
Sorry. It was dad's birthday. Coming back the next day. Sorry.
File: 1582144891831.jpg (63 KB, 504x405)
63 KB
Rolled 43, 88 = 131 (2d100)

Rolling for summon and rusted sword crit. I will post at least twice today.

Summon Club (DC 85) Lower than 86 is a success.

Sword's Effects

1-10 = Impossible to break without magic to break and acts like light blue crystal.
11-70 = Very damn hard to break and acts like light blue crystal.
70-100 = Harder to break than a normal sword and acts like light blue crystal.
Just a thought. It might be an interesting mechanic to let your cat roll the dice.
Like his bro, Johnny was having a hyper realistic "dream". He was in a large and homey restaurant with a bunch of fantasy creatures talking to a chef over food that was so unbelievably good he wondered if was Heaven. The chef told him he was glad he was able to find another like him and he would make him his protege, but the frog wants him to return soon. Johnny didn't mind this. He had so much to do in his life and walked out the front door into a bright light.

When Johnny awakes he sees that vampire girl and his sword. This isn't the God forsaken forest he was in before. It's a serene clearing with a white fog. A simple look to the left made his emotions broke through his usual poker face before he was able to hide his anger. His brother was alive, but he's screaming he was killed by a giant spider and there is a monster frog that brought him here. His old friend from middle school was with him, but he didn't see any other anons. What are the odds of them being the only ones clicking on the link? The frog choose them! He got up with ease for he was fully healed.

"Joseph! Turn around. I know about the frog monster."

The brother was in visible shock and slowly turned. Johnny was in this Hell too? "Johnny be careful! There's a giant spider and--"

"It made you it's pray and you died? Don't worry. That won't happen again." He made a weeb motion with is sword. "The monster ambushed you because he knew you are the hunter even without a proper weapon. It's not even worthy of your revenge."

The brother thinks it over and then shifts into a confident boxing stance. He was able to last a few minutes against a giant monster with his fists! The full demon witch is unnecessary!

"You're right, Johnny!" There's a spark that lit up inside that gave him strength when he listened to his brother's words, but the strange thing was it was physical strength he gained. Magic? "Tell what you know about the frog monster. I don't know much, but in my dream that felt like the real world I was about to enter a dungeon with a party to fight demons, but the frog grabbed my soul and told dropped me here. There's vague memories about me having superpowers, but I only know I have them and not what they are."

Adrianna put 2 and 2 together and went to meditate behind a flowing tree. The closest thing to magic she did was visualizing piles of money while meditating. It's a shot in the dark, but she has no weapon which is more valuable than money now.

Johnny answers the question hiding his weeaboo joy at the very possibility having powers. Joseph knows the truth and smiles. "I didn't even meet him. A chef said he wanted me to come here and I believe that frog choose us 3 to be is warriors. Won't there be a crowd of anons if that wasn't the case?"
His brother didn't like this. This demon frog was clearly evil, but that thought was interrupted by Adrianna's screaming.

She ran out with a wooden club from an unknown origin. "Guys! Guys! Look at this beauty! I summoned it!" She swings it.

Joseph shouts "How the fuck did you know you could do that!? You have the worst memory out of all of us!" Johnny ponders his dream.

She grins back. "I meditated and visualized like I did back home back home like the sovereign citizen told me too. It's the closet thing I did to magic so it worked! I'm so stoked!" She beats the tree testing it's durability and more times just for fun. She was always strong so the tree is getting rekt.

Brunette realizes the attack boost he got from his bro is fating away. He sprints to the tree to show his brother the gift that God gave him.

A simple kick to the tree chopped it down with a loud crash. The group was taken aback. Johnny was able to THAT with WORDS?

This spell is Passionate Attack UP +2. Lasts a minute. Joseph's Strength Stat wentt from High to Incredible. Hard spell to pull off, but Johnny loves Joseph so he get +1 RS.

After the tree fell Joseph points to his brother. "That. That wasn't me!"

"What does that have to do with cooking!"

What do?
>Test more magic
>Go into that death forest
>Go west through the normal forest
>Try to remember the dreams.
>Write in

Art by ebi (daidalwave) and https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/10172952
>Try to remember the dreams.
The dreams probably contain more essential information. But dream recall is not easy so it might require hypnosis skills...
Rolled 83, 95 = 178 (2d100)

Rolling for memories. DC 65 and 50
File: 78662117_p0_master1200.jpg (646 KB, 900x1200)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
Art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78662117 and https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=83301213

In a Hellscape like this they are bound to meet a powerful enemy extremely soon. They probably only have a few hours before they find something like a boss. With mostly unknown magic and starting weapons everything will fall apart before it even started. If he only had 15 seconds with the boost left he should at least see how much this stat boost gave him. For this to truly be a test he had to strike a big, strong tree.

He was still pointing at his brother. Mostly because he was frozen by the shock of what just happened, but this emotion extradited him. He kind wished he went to the strongest tree in the clearing, but there's no way in Hell that tree's getting knocked over anytime soon.

Johnny didn't say shit at first. He just ran past him to go behind the giant tree to hide his own massive excitement. You hear the tree getting punched. Adrianna has to get her somewhere. He finally spoke up to give a clue to something they desperately needed. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's just that a chef told me I was like him and he wanted he me to become his protege, but he didn't tell me what he was. Maybe I have some kind of chef class, but that happened." He's points to the murdered tree. "I barely even remember the dream. We just talked in his restaurant for a while and I saw a lot of fantasy creatures. We should find a hypnotist or a mage that can do something similar. How did you know that was me?"

"I felt..something right after you were talking about the spider. The chef is likely famous so we can probably find him by asking arou-." Johnny grabbed in to go behind the tree. The grip hurt like Hell and his shoulder felt like it was going to be ripped right out of it's socket. There's a spark in his eyes.

"It's all real, Joey. Everything from my lucid dreams and draw in my notebooks. The both of us have powers like my dreams said. We will reshape our world as we look over it. I just hope we will get home before the apocalypse starts, but maybe God bought us here to prepare us and we will return when we are ready to be his knights." His movements are rapid, but still graceful. His other half. Both are true to himself, but this one is more hidden. There's a faint green aura around him. "Are you ready to challenge this dreadful, pitiful world and make fate bend to our whims in the vain hope he will survive?"
Is it true that God bought them here to prepare them and used the demonic frog as a tool or is yet another trick from Satan? Whatever it is Joseph is stuck here. Might as well make the best of it while trying to find the truth. "Fuck this retarded world and every vile thing in it. I'm glad you see it's corrupted beyond repair." They shook hands on it.

His bro give a smug smile of confidence. "I'm glad we agree, Joey. What do you the rest of my powers are. I can probably empower myself too and I do have this knowledge of cooking I didn't ha-" The green aura shines much brighter. When he saw it he walks out to show it off and give orders to the women.

"Anna will find food around the clearing and prepare a picnic. If you can't start a fire Adrianna will teach you. And Adrianna, if you had a dream like us you will mediate with Joseph and I. If you didn't then you will summon meat, a proper weapon for my brother and basic supplies." He does respect Adrianna, but he believes he has a clearer mind. Lucky for her, it's a good order.

His memories are fading. He doesn't have much time.

They went behind the tree again. Joseph sees a blond paladin, a modern looking couple, a goblin with pokemon from NYC(?), a man in a hockey mask and motorcycle and a beautiful miko. The miko want's to prove her husband's innocence and the couple are taking about an alien evasion!? He missed the ayys!? Fuck! Nothing about his powers, tho. There's at least 2 martials and 2 healers. His he a caster?

Johnny just sees useless info and hears small talk about trivial bullshit. He remembers the chef's face and voice at least.

They write down everything in a sketchbook.

What do? (choose 2)
>Try to use magic even if you don't know what you do
>Go into that death forest
>Go west through the normal forest
>Meditate and try to focus on your soul
>Think on the basic info of the dream
>Write in
File: that smug smile.jpg (25 KB, 300x300)
25 KB
>Try to use magic even if you don't know what you do
Will gather more knowledge before exploring the environment.
>Knowledge Occult x3 DC 50
>Cast spell one DC 85
>Cast spell two DC 85
>Survival skill one DC 85
>Survival skill two and three DC 75

Art: tyuga@お仕事募集中
Rolled 8, 90, 68, 36, 99, 87, 17, 75 = 480 (8d100)

Rolled 8, 91, 97, 89 = 285 (4d100)

And roll DC 95 and 85
Rolled 72, 2 = 74 (2d100)

DC 85
File: 6395fedc1f742770e.jpg (116 KB, 850x850)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/75533648

Anna and Adrianna left to do to their tasks and decided to scout the area together to find food and animals. Before doing that she suggested to the guys to try hypnotism themselves. She asked for the clock on Joseph's watch and Johnny's chain to create a tool and waved it over their heads pretending she didn't forget what she read on the subject. She she fast walked into the forest to hide her embarrassment leaving the tool to Johnny.

Anna was living near the forest before her curse so she knew what was safe to eat and the poisonous glowing purple berries that cause seizures, destroys bones and shuts down the nervous system. Adrianna recognizes the foxglove, oleander, nightshade, rosary peas and castor beans as dangerous and know if there's this much greenery there has to water nearby. She tries to bugs like flies because they live near water and sure enough a stream was found.

There's also techniques on how to test the of plants with water and remembers that if you follow rivers and such you always find civilization.

"Lovely, Adrianna." Anna claps. "I don't need water anymore, but with you around you were able to make running water useful to Anna."

She puts her hands on her hips and stood on a rock to gloat. "You haven't seen anything yet, vampy! I have an arsenal of varying useful skills that I have learned in my time instead of wasting it with soulless sheep that only exist to serve the likes of I. and having a bf I know how to fish and I can create a dam with my magic slow you won't slow me down with your curse. Creation!"

In her over confidence she tries to create a few watersacks and fishing poles, but fuck all happens. She's embarrassed herself in front of an inferior species. She tries the spell 5 more times to create various stuffs, but nothing works. Anna starts to stomp the rocks on the ground. .

"What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to release the evil spirits in the rocks. They are everywhere in this forest."

She's taking a back. "Good to know. I guess." and joins in.

After a minute of stomping the summoner thinks about what type of weapon she should summon for Joseph and decides to summon a set of knuckle dusters. She sits down at a glowing tree to focus like when she made her club. Anna watched in silence.

"Adrianna! Look down! Look down! Look down!-"

"What is it, damn it!?" Anna shoved the knuckle dusters into her face. "Give me!"


The bros were still at the clearing trying to remember the dreams they had. Their was a problem with the hypnotism idea. While Joseph can slip into a trace with ease, he's much harder to influence mentally. Johnny tries everything he could to influence his bro, but Joseph stays wide awake. He failed so harshly some of his magic poured out to boost Joseph's and his own Willpower stats so they became even less tried and harder to influence.
(I was very busy, sorry)

"How did you do that in fucking reverse!? That shouldn't be possible!?"

"You said you saw pokemon and they where from New York and so was their goblin trainer. I wouldn't try to talk about that."

"Touche. Do you have any other ideas?"

He nods and sits back. "We may have to try again tonight. You can try it yourself if you would like, but it's probably a better idea just to practice our powers now. We know you're a caster. It can't take too long for you to succeed."

Joseph is conflicted. He limited knowledge of hypnosis, but he knows Johnny has a very active imagination. Even though his self hypnosis techniques failed him, it can not hurt to try this himself.

"I will do it, Johnny." He held out a peace sign. "Look up without moving your head." Johnny followed "Very good. Now breathe slowly and follow the peace sigh." Joseph moved his hand up and down. He continues to give commands and Johnny is falling for it. "Now, it's necessary for us to follow me into the restaurant you met the chef. You wouldn't want to die? Please hold your hand. I will give you a compass." Joseph reaches for his brother's hand in anticipation. There's an otherworldly energy flowing through it. The very instant he touches it a green magic circle lights ip Johnny falls extremely deep into his mind, staring blankly.

This his is power? Mind control? It would had fitted the others much better. It was hard for him to get full demon to join his party. No. It can't be just that. Johnny is able to do more stuff than just boost stats, why should he be different? He thanks Jesus for giving him this power and promises he will use it upon demons like King Solomon.

"Johnny. Can you still hear me?" He nods. Hmm. If this hypnosis is more potent and basically a status so maybe it works in his hentai. "Remember your last dream in full and repeat every word you hear."

His brother mentally goes back in time to the "dream". It felt just as real as the last time. The chef's name is Reizo Nagamine. Someone called a Cheat Cook. >>4415495 Everyone made fun of his powers until one day after his close Goblin obsessed friend suggested to Reizo to start eating goblin meat and the friend handed him a cooked leg from a rapist pimp goblin that Reizo that slayed. The pimp goblin had a power to summon hot 2D anime girls which he used for pimping and when Reizo ate him he got his power. The best power ever. For 30 years he killed and ate more magical creatures and got so OP high ranking demons ran away from him and lower rank ones gave him their waifus and cried. He explained if the creature has more than one power you have to choice which one to get or it's random.
File: cae67d545ead7f7bd7c268.jpg (135 KB, 850x567)
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Joseph wrote down everything with fury in the sketchbook. He will use this info to find Reizo ask him how to get a Christian virgin trad gf.

Reizo explains to Johnny that he also has a class, but doesn't know it's name. Just that it's very strong, it has both martial and caster traits, it can evolve low rank creatures, use shape shifting and it runs on passion.

"That's all?" Johnny nods again. "Okay then. Wake up I guess."

Johnny grasps for air. "Where did you learn to do that!? It was amazing!" His green aura appears and ran to the tree to punch it down only for it to stay put. He did less damage than what could do at home? Why?! The unworthy tree was suppose to fall before him.

"I don't get it. I see my battle aura and I was able to buff up my stamina or something like it. What gives? Maybe I'm tried. Do you want to try?" Die tree die.

"Well, I know how I was able to show you my dream." He shows off the magic circle. "Want to see my dream first." He touched the circle with his left hand and did that trace thing. He's on the ground.

"Bro?" He walked back over.

"Johnny? Where are you?"

Great. "Go back to your last dream. Tell me everything you hear."

He's back at the cave with the old party. Yes pokemon exist somehow. There is a message in head he repeats to Johnny.

>[Synergist] Synergists are adept in Transmutation magic and alchemy. Casting is Wisdom. For example you can transform the air into elemental attacks, turn invisible, make modern technology like guns, speed up your actions and reaction times, also speed up regeneration and resting time, create homunculi, shift your vibration to see spirits and plane walk and more. Another power you gain is the ability to infuse spells into non-magical objects and another is to see the properties of items. You gain Average Rank in Alchemist Tools, Technology and Explosives.

He also hears his cheat power is called Overlord which means the Alchemist Tools, Technology and Explosives skills are buffed to master levels and he will earn more money using them.

Then he hears the party's classes and basic info.
>Miyashita Emiya - priestess-thief
>The Last Defender - fighter
>Milena Ravensun - paladin // Christian
>Alexander Rostov - crusader // Christian
>Alicia Hiroshi - psionist // Christian
>Andrew Reed - pokemon trainer
>Hatsune Miku(?) - bard

They all seem cool upset for the goblin and masked man. Anime is pretty much real at this point.

He woke up. "Miku Hatsune is fucking real. Was my body pillow magic? Did I turn the body pillow into her? I have to tell her I bought her to life."

His bro just stands in awkward and painful silence and then goes to make a shelter.

The shelter was being built and the girls returned to see the guys building a shelter for themselves. Joseph placed his hand on it and it transformed into a very nice tent.

"You guys really do learn fast. I'm impressed. That was alchemy? Right, Joey?"

"It sure was! I saw my dream and Miku Hatsune was real! I'm going to find her and ask her out! My body pillow became her."

"I told you to keep it a secret. Dad really did dropped you on your head." Johnny whispered and face palmed.

"Hahahaha! Man! You never stop!" The blond keeps laughing.

"I don't get it? Do we get to sleep in there tonight?" Anna asked naively.

"You girls will built your own." Johnny remarked. "Adrianna, where's our supplies? I only see fruit and knuckle dusters. You spells failed. Didn't they?"

"They got stolen by a slime monster. Tell them, Vampy."

"Oh yes. He was scary and mean." They don't believe them.

"Hey, can just go transmute some wood and rocks. Addy. Give me your club and knuckle dusters. Thanks, by the way." Said Joseph.

"Welcome. You want to make them stronger or something?"

Joseph transforms the wooden club into an iron club and his brass knuckle dusters into steal ones that is like the magic blue crystal.

He then uses transmutation to receive better torches, shovels, backpacks, bottles, bedrolls, basic tools, a pot and pan, mess kits, fishing rods and bread.

The blond uses her embarrassment to summon 12 steaks with tableware and a picnic blanket.

They ate and are ready to do more stuffs/

what do? (pick two)
>go to river
>Go into that death forest
>Summon/Transmute stuff
>Go west through the normal forest
>Write in

art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/81739901 @ayayayasaka https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82910992

Thanks for staying.
>Summon/Transmute stuff
>Go west through the normal forest
Let's avoid the death forest
Rolled 37, 20, 73, 70, 54, 66, 42, 84, 42, 32, 91, 68, 28, 59, 72, 84, 40, 87, 66, 70 = 1185 (20d100)

Rolling. Had been very busy.

Art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/77025606
File: Spoiler Image (358 KB, 514x650)
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358 KB PNG
The basic tools were:
>20 matches with striker
>flint striker
>5 inches of jute twine
>butterfly sutures
>small axe
>fire starter toggle
>5 safety pins
>pocket bellow

Anna's stuff:
>Elegant Mask
>Elegant Feathered Fan
>Elegant Parasol
>Elegant Purse
>Sewing Kit
>Compact Mirror
>Handmade Dollie
>Light blue crystal
>Sparkling dust

Someone give me the items you have in your bag/on person for Adrianna's inventory. Shorttrip thing.

Let's go!


The party was almost to get a move on, Joseph and Adrianna thought it would be for the best to magic themselves a few more items. What was transmuted in was coats, gloves, rice, a bit of steal, rope and a small knife and the summoned stuff was summoned was an emergency blanket, a few plants that can be used as medicine, (and was transmuted into such) water and a club for Anna after she asked for one.


The forest to the west was pretty ordinary at first. The only things notable about was all the plants were foreign and the trees covered the sky.

As they progressed however the trees started to become metallic, crystals grew from the ground after a bit they noticed 2 5 by 5 arrays of gracefully decorated chairs pointing to an arch with a silk draping on a podium.

"Ahh! Someone got married here?" Anna clasped her hands. "Kawaii! I wonder who the couple was?" She grabs some glowing flowers and runs to the arch.

"I pledge to love and honor you in life an death with all that I am and ever will be. I will walk to the edge of eternity just to see you smile."

After those words she was left in cold, dead silence. Alone.

"Wait! Where's my party?!" She spins around a few times. I happened again. Didn't it? She was with a group her "friends" that pushed onto Cinnamon to escape with their own lives and has not seen them since that day. Anna cried at the realization.

"What is wrong, my dear?" Said a warm, but young voice.
"What is wrong, my dear?" Said a warm, but young voice.

Anna quickly turned to see no one. "Hello. Desu. Who are you sir? Have you seen a group of three? Two men and one lady? I want to return to my party."

A green haired bishe slipped out the tree. "Yes. I do know them. They called you a childish burden and left you in this death trap alone."

Anna readied her club. This monster attacked her friends and is trying to woo her! "You're a monster. An alraune. Where are my friends, creepy plant man? I'm a super strong vamp-"

A shimmering dust appears to attack Anna's mind. This isn't an evil menace that wants to eat her friends for dinner. He's a human vampire hunter that came out of love to cure her of her curse. She was so awful to him. She gets down on one knee.

"My love. My only hope. I will serve you until the end of time. Forgive me for my transactions!" Anna smiles at her "savor."


Do to their there skills and life experiences the other where able to get out of their respective death traps from three different and thankful slow as fuck alraune. One that was a man that became a woman. Problem is that not many people are willing to come to a forest where one the weakest monsters was a giant spider so any monster that finds a human will give chase until on of them dies.

The leader with a purple flower on her head vine whips out to Adrianna's ankle and the razor sharp picks cut her left ankle tendon and Joseph runs back to help her, but the alraune already dragged the blond back.

They see Anna at the arch with another alraune holding hands and kissing? Joseph and Johnny are very offended has this is a front against Jesus and the divine bond between man and woman so they dive bomb the plant girl with slashes and punches. When she was on the ground, Joseph brought Anna out the spell.

The four monsters surround them in a circle and Adrianna is bleeding!

For fights with parties you will pick the actions for each party member. Each member can do more than one action.

What do? (Joseph)
>FIGHT! (how, you can do more than one action) Class and Cheat info here: >>4415490
>Heal up!
>Free Adrianna
>Convince them to stop with intimidation
>Convince them to stop with charisma
>Sneak away
>Write in

What do? (Johnny)
>FIGHT! (how, you can do more than one action) Class and Cheat info here: >>4415494
>Heal up!
>Free Adrianna
>Convince them to stop with intimidation
>Convince them to stop with charisma
>Sneak away
>Write in

What do? (Adrianna)
>FIGHT! (how, you can do more than one action) Class and Cheat info here: >>4415497
>Escape plant lady (how)
>Heal up!
>Convince them to stop with intimidation
>Convince them to stop with charisma
>Write in

What do? (Anna)
>FIGHT! (how, you can do more than one action) Class: Vampire. She's actually very strong, but a glass cannon.
>Heal up!
>Free Adrianna
>Convince them to stop with intimidation
>Convince them to stop with charisma
>Sneak away
>Write in
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Online
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