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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life. You are currently halfway through your first day of school, and you’ve come by similar faces while also acquainting yourself with some new ones. After a rather embarrassing lunch session with your childhood friend and her pals, you ran into your longtime senpai and her brother in what appears to be a rather unsavory situation.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

Archive of previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=One Year with Osana
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“Um, I-”
As you step out of your cover, you find yourself at a loss of words to Mifuyu’s invitation.
Your glance wavers between the alarmingly welcoming smile on Mifuyu’s face, the curious glances of her peers, and a flushing red Haruto attempting to use this opportunity to make a break from his captor...
“Haa! Stay still, little brudda!”
...only to be apprehended halfway in the act, with Mifuyu reinforcing her embrace around his neck then giving him a good pinch on the cheek.
“No way you’re eeling out of here this time!” Mifuyu proclaims proudly as her brother wriggles in discontent, soon accompanied by the lighthearted chuckles from the other members of the group.
“N-nee san! Please stop! I-it’s embarras-”
“So Senki-kun, what brought you to our little hideaway today?”
The lad’s plea promptly falls on deaf ears as his sister cuts him short while diverting her attention onto you.

“Um, senpai, what are you doing?”

“Punishing this bad boy, of course!” Mifuyu places her right hand on top of Haruto’s head and strokes his hair like petting an animal, much to her brother’s dismay. “As punishment for ditching his big sis this morning, he must be subject to punishment for proving himself a good boy, in front of his onee-chan’s friends!”

Her explanation does much to dispel your worries on what is happening at the scene.
While this is no doubt a display of public humiliation, Mifuyu’s aggressive cuddling of her brother makes it rather difficult to take the situation any more seriously. After all, the only thing at stake here seems to be Haruto’s pride.

“While we’re all here, Senki! Let me introduce you to da gang!”
With an amicable smile, Mifuyu gestures joyfully towards her audience, first at the girl standing to her immediate right. Standing at around the same height as Mifuyu, this young lady is the most mature in appearance amongst the group, possessing a top-hourglass figure no less eye-catching than the drama club prima donna herself.

However, what truly catches your attention is not her physical appeal, but rather her apparel.

If Mifuyu is a regular to the disciplinary council for her minor dress code violations, then you can’t begin to fathom how this lady even made it past the morning checkpoint at the gates.
Her long, manicured nails are painted in the same hue as her flamboyantly dyed pinkish hair with black streaks, accompanied by the pair of unique metallic hair clips and numerous hairpins on her head. The various accessories she adorns around her wrist and neck further reinforces her delinquent vibes, and the piercings on her ear certainly does not help her case.
Yet all her bling pales in comparison to the way she wears her uniform.
She has deliberately undid most of the buttons of her uniform save for the second button from the top, baring much of her chest and well-toned midriff in plain view. Her halfly undone tie hangs loosely around her collar, the long black fabric draping right over her bountiful bosom.
A single glance at her makes it clear that she doesn't give a damn about school rules, perhaps to the point of deliberately going out of her way to break them. Equally stunning is how unfazed she and her peers are by her public display of indecency, save for the very bashful looking Haruto desperately twisting his head to place his glance elsewhere.

“This is Misao Kureha, my good ol’ partner in crime!” Mifuyu gives her friend a playful wink as she rests her cheek on top of her brother’s head. “She’s quite the cinematic mastermind, I must add!”

“Oh, you flatter me, Mifuu~”
Misao giggles at her friend’s compliment, calling her friend affectionately by a pet name in return.

“N-nice to meet you, senpai…”

Uncertain as to whether it would even be appropriate for you to be looking straight at her, you decide to lower your head as you greet your newly acquainted senpai.
She, however, pays absolutely no attention to your greeting. As a matter of fact, she has her full attention on the Oshitari siblings all this while, her eyes glowing with morbid bemusement at Mifuyu’s deliberate display of affection towards her brother.

“Mifuu, may I pet him too?” She inquires in a purr with arms open, eagerly ogling Haruto from head to toe like observing an exotic animal. “Please~?”
While soft spoken, you can definitely pick up the tinge of coquettishness in her tone, if not see it in her eyes.

“Nooo--- This one’s mine!” Mifuyu mischievously sticks out her tongue at her eagerly anticipating friend and tightens her grip on her brother, like hugging an oversized teddy bear. “Go get your own little brudda!”
“But he’s sooooo cute!”
Undeterred by Mifuyu’s denial of her request, Misao doubles down on her approach, this time appealing directly to Haruto. She takes a step closer and leans towards the boy, reaching his eye level to whisper into his ear.
At an instant Haruto stops squirming in his sister’s hold, instead sinking his gaze to the ground, away from a snickering Misao. You can tell he’s been trying to hide the blush on his cheeks from the shower of praise and adoration, yet at the same time ashamed of being seen as a plaything.
“Misao~? Don’t bully the boy!”
“Oh, but I only asked for a hug~”
You, on the other hand, find yourself sidelined from the senpais’ conflict for hugging rights of the young lad. Opting to step aside while the senpais settle their score, you suddenly feel a gentle tap on your right shoulder. Reflexively, you turn your head to the right-
- only to be met by a finger poking at your right cheek. You have just fallen for the oldest prank in the book.
”Haha, got you!”
A squeaky, bubbly voice proclaims proudly as its owner hops right in front of you- a hearty girl slightly taller than Yukari, waving her hand at you with a cheerful smile. Without a moment of hesitation she clasps her hands around yours, gazing into you with her clear blue eyes glimmering with childlike glee.

“I’m Satsuki Makino, nice to meet you!”
The girl makes her introduction by shoving her face dangerously close to yours, making you instinctively recoil by half a step but also giving you a good look at her person. Reflecting her spirited enthusiasm, Satsuki’s delicate but emotive features, her smooth, fair skin and well kept blonde twin pigtails all glisten with life. Yet her most notable attribute lies not in her appearance, but in her alarming lack of reserve in approaching a complete stranger.
Additionally, her surname seems to ring some bells… though at the moment you couldn’t quite recall where you’ve heard it from.
“How did you know Mifuyu-senpai?” Still holding onto your hands, she shuffles herself closer to you, each of her words and actions radiating with curiosity. “Are you an admirer? Hm, but you seem too close to just be a fan. From club activities maybe?”
“Was it in from the swimming club? But I’ve never seen you at the joint practices...”
She gives you no time to formulate a response, keeping up one inquiry after another like a highly suppressive machine gun.
“Ah, you must be from the drama club then! What is your-”
File: cal by 8c.png (470 KB, 481x536)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
“God, no.”
Satsuki’s barrage of inference is shot down by the sudden interruption from the last member of Mifuyu’s audience. Coming up beside Satsuki, the newcomer sizes you up with a razor sharp gaze, accentuated by the thick eyeliner she applied around her pale amber eyes.
“If any member dare present themselves in a state as sorry as this one, the president would have fired their sorry ass to oblivion.”
Being met with such sharp criticism made you wonder what gives her the audacity, though a single glance at her more or less explains where her confidence stems from.
Her curly, unbraided green pigtails and choppy bangs may appear unkempt at first glance, but a closer look reveals that her hairstyle was deliberately made to look unruly on purpose. Save for a few decorative pins, her uniform is impeccably clean and ironed, giving her an overall presentation most spruce and proper amongst her peers.

"Besides, I've never made costumes for him in the club before. That's for sure."
“Huh?” Satsuki retracts her hands and immediately pulls away from you, covering her mouth in a surprised yelp, “Then where could he possibly know Mifuyu-senpai from? I-is he one of those rabid fanclub stalkers?”
“Satsuki, senpai wouldn’t have invited him to join if he was a stalker.”
Despite being the only person at the scene with a stature shorter than Haruto, her calm and collected attitude gives her a certain aura of maturity, forming a sharp contrast to the overly energetic Satsuki.

“Then... who might he be?” Satsuki hooks her arm around her friend’s, at the same time keeping a concerned lookout on you. “Please tell me, Koito-sensei!”
“No idea, but dear God. He looks atrocious.” Pinching the bridge of her nose, Koito issues a particularly disapproving comment at your current state.
>Ask ‘Koito-sensei’ for guidelines on how to look less atrocious
>Approach Satsuki to try and clear your name
>Go back to the senpais and help Haruto from his predicament
>Ask ‘Koito-sensei’ for guidelines on how to look less atrocious
Ahh, the obligatory pedo nee. QM, are you deliberately trying to pack into this quest all possible tropes than make anime a mistake?

Genki girls are nice though.

A second tsundere?

>Approach Satsuki to try and clear your name
Going from the other quest, these characters would be utilized in some way to beat the MC down mentally.
>Ask ‘Koito-sensei’ for guidelines on how to look less atrocious
>Ask ‘Koito-sensei’ for guidelines on how to look less atrocious
Senki would definitely be more receptive to this sort of character. Remember who his childhood friend is.

I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to pander to /ss/fags or make fun of them
>Approach Satsuki to try and clear your name
>Ask ‘Koito-sensei’ for guidelines on how to look less atrocious
>Introduce ourselves first & explain how we know satsuki
Come to think of it don't we have all the archetypes assembled?
>Abusive Tsundere childhood friend
>Her otaku friend/henchman
>Upbeat Senpai childhood friend
>Weird cryptic speaking Miko
>Student council prez
>/ss/ bait
>Genki girl
>Autist obssessed with detail
Since when was abusive tsundere childhood friend an archetype?

Also we're still missing the gentle dandere, the pseudo-samurai and the haughty ojou (though Koito might be the ojou, actually).
Only missing member here is the bland as a wood plank childhood friend, and that's a good thing.
File: cal by 那桜.jpg (684 KB, 849x1200)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
“How do I make myself look less atrocious, Sensei?”
Perhaps due to how accustomed to interacting with Yukari you have become, you find Koito’s confrontational attitude not a challenge to your person, but rather a very roundabout reminder. Hence, instead of going defensive, you decide the better course of action is to just agree to her standpoint and ask her to elaborate. Who knows, you might even get something out of this.
“It’s Harime-san to you.” She quips back as she shoots you another sharp glance. Part of you anticipates her next line to be a harsh ‘figure it out yourself’, but the words never come- instead, she takes one step forward, scanning you from top to bottom for a proper examination.

“Now let’s see… first things first, stop slouching.” Her doorbanging knock on your back made you instantly straighten yourself up. “ You’re not THAT tall.”
“Y-yes, ma’am!”
“And your shirt, did you wear your uniform to sleep last night?”
Technically, her assessment is at least half true. You do vaguely remember Yukari making the same comment this morning, though you probably undid all she had done while you slept your morning classes away.
“Then for the love of God, at least try ironing it.”
She grumbles as she takes out a small spray can from her hand bag, sprinkles some of its contents on the more obvious wrinkles on your shirt, then begins patting your shirt and sleeves to flatten them out. Upon completion, she straightens your shirt out by pulling its edges, finishing off by fixing your collar.

“Now squat down so I can fix your hair.”
As you obediently do as told, you notice Koito once again reaching into the small handbag, taking out a small round canister-
“H-hair wax is against school rules!”
“This isn’t hair wax, it’s hair cream. Learn the difference!”
Her raised voice to your protest made you recoil and brace for a half-hearted smack on the head, but unlike what Yukari might’ve done, Koito merely begins applying the lotion-like substance onto your hair.
“If you’re not going for anything particularly fancy, hair cream alone should do the trick. Also doubles as conditioning treatment for your hair.”
She explains as you feel her fingers working expertly through your dampened hair, flattening the cowlicks while smoothing your hair along your spirals. With the top of your head tamed, she lays the finishing touch by styling your bangs uniformly to one side.
“There, done.”
“Ahh, he looks much better! That’s amazing, Koito Sensei!”
Koito announces with a hint of pride for her work to the backdrop of Satsuki’s applause. The young stylist then hands you her pocket mirror for you to view her work firsthand.
True to Satsuki’s remark, you do look much more presentable now. Hell, this might be the best you’ve looked since your brother isn’t around to coach you on grooming.

“Unless you’re going for the Bohemian style, then I’ll undo everything.”

“No...no, this is better than I can wish for. Thank you.”

“Not much I can do about the pimples and the panda eyes though. Unless you want to go for makeup.”
Being a complete novice on the subject makes it hard for you to give her any answer other than shaking your head.
“Get more sleep at home. Also, consider picking up skin care” She advises, speaking like your very own lifestyle coach. “Surely you got lotion at home, don’t you?”
“Oh, I know! The onsen-essence ones nee-chan, U-chan and I help each other put on everyday after bathtime!” Satsuki chimes in passionately, eager to share her own experiences.
“Sometimes onii-chan will join too, and we-”

“Alright, thanks for sharing, Satsuki, but too much information.”
Koito’s interruption puts an abrupt stop to Satsuki’s increasingly suspicious sounding family encounter. Though you do appreciate her eagerness to help, her response ends up raising more questions than answers.
“But as she said, put lotion on after bathing or showering. Any non medicinal, moisturizing ones will do.”
You nod again as your newfound beauty advisor takes one more glimpse at your face, then lets out a disappointed sigh.
“Honestly, you do actually have the potential to look good, yet you choose to squander everything… Do you see how irritating it is to see?”
“Ye-yeah?” Despite voicing yourself in agreement, you can’t really say you share the same sentiment.
“Surely you do.” She quips back sarcastically. “Who are you, anyway?”

“Um, I’m Senki. Senki Hasome.”
“Oh, so you’re related to the old student council prez, huh?”
“Yeah, he’s my brother.”
“Oh wow,” As calm as Koito’s tone stays to be, her raised eyebrow nevertheless gives away her surprise.“Never would’ve guessed.”

“Really?” In stark contrast to Koito’s passive sentiment, Satsuki’s eyes instantly flare up with newfound interest. “Really really?”
“Misao-senpai!” The hyperactive lass takes no time to inform this newly acquired message back to the two bickering seniors. “Senki-kun over here is Eiki-san’s brother!”

“Hm~?” This additional bit of information somehow gives Misao enough interest to look straight at you for the first time since your arrival. As the bicker over Haruto sets aside, Mifuyu finally remembers the whole reason she invited you to join in the first place.
“Ah, right! I forgot to mention that...” Mifuyu murmurs softly, her cheeks faintly reddened by her apparent overlook of her initial intentions.
“My, my…” Misao walks up next to you, swaying from side to side with every step. Once sufficiently close, she leans in closer, behaving in the same coquettish and suggestive manner that made Haruto look away earlier flushing red. And when you are on the receiving end of her attention… his actions become quite understandable.
“Did Eiki-kun ask you to send his regards to his old friends, hm?”

“How is Eiki-san doing? Please tell him U-chan and I are doing well!” In stark contrast, Satsuki’s inquiries are of genuine interest and glee, radiating with innocence and goodwill. “Ah, so’s everyone in class C! They’re all nice people!”

“Hard to think prez Eiki ‘the magnificent’ would allow his lil brother to grow this decadent…” Sharp as her tongue remains, you definitely can hear Koito’s approval of your brother in that backhanded criticism of yourself.

The mention of your brother suddenly brings you into the center of attention, invoking vastly different sentiments on your brother. However, the one that particularly piques your interest is...

>His relationship with his associates, from Misao
>His reputation amongst the students, from Satsuki
>His accomplishments as the student council president, from Koito
Koito is strictly superior to Yukari.

Misao is strictly inferior to Koito.

>His relationship with his associates, from Misao
What is our bro's relation to this person of obviously ill repute?
>His relationship with his associates, from Misao

And Eiki officially ticks off the school idol archetype checkbox. Kind of refreshing I guess to have it assigned to a guy instead.
If that's the case his relationship with Mifuyu may very well be a secret/publicly undisclosed one.
>His reputation amongst the students, from Satsuki
Of all the options this one sounds like the most productive one in the long run. The /ss/ here is somehow oddly uncomfortable and the student council is out of our league
>His reputation amongst the students, from Satsuki
Hmm why not both, they seem quite similar
>His relationship with his associates, from Misao
Satsuki and Koito are just this quest's iteration of Margaret and Yanagi.
MC bro is Mifuyu's BF, so no shit he'll get to know about her associates
Kind of funny that of all the characters introduced so far it's the two main girls' sidekicks that end up having the better/more fun personalities.
Yanagi is much gentler and Margaret calmer though.
File: brem by fage.png (1.05 MB, 851x679)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
You find your gaze gravitating towards Misao, not to the temptation of glimpsing at her undeniably alluring figure, but out of surprise at her words about Eiki.
What could your valedictorian brother, who had a borderline impeccable disciplinary record, have to do with this obviously delinquent individual?

“Um, senpai...You knew my brother personally?”

“Why, you seem surprised?” Misao jests with a light hearted chuckle, alongside a drastic shift in her tone- from deliberately slurred and devilishly cutesy to a fashion more akin to casual everyday smalltalk. “Surely you didn’t think he only has acquaintances within the student council?”

As much as you’d hate to admit, her joke hits bullseye on your lack of knowledge on your brother’s social life.
Close as the two of you are, he rarely delves into details about his social circles, and you’ve never really thought to dig into his privacy.

“Now, I’ve got nothing against our president, that little miss goody two-shoes. But that puritanical mule of the disciplinary council...”
“Yes, but not so much the petite iron maiden secretary. It’s her Javert wannabe older brother, who leads the disciplinary council like an impromptu inquisition.” She addresses both the Fukuhara sibling you know and the one you don’t, addressing the latter with noticeably greater disdain.

“Yeah! He’s a big meanie!” Satsuki backs Misao up in her characteristically childish manner. “He and his sister always pick on me and U-chan!”

“He surely rustles quite a few feathers…” Her previous negativity soon mellows into a rather nostalgic smile. “But Eiki-kun managed to keep relations cordial between us, as he did with all parties with conflicting values. Did you know how?”
“Because he sees a friend in everyone, earnest and personal. He’d make the others’ problems his, willing to lend his time and effort for anyone who needed it most.”
So far, the description fits perfectly with your own perception of your brother, just that you didn’t have any idea to the extent of his deeds outside of personal experience.
“No conflict is unresolvable with his mediation, when both sides view him as a man of honor.”
Misao ends her recount of your brother’s character with a few gentle nods, like recalling the fond memories she had with a deeply respected friend.

However, her assessment didn’t really shine light on how she and your brother became close in the first place...
“So senpai, how exactly did you know my brother?”
Since Misao went off a tangent earlier, you decide to get straight to the point this time.

“Why, through Mifuu, of course! We’ve been in touch ever since.”
She states in a matter-of-fact fashion, her formerly nostalgic smile slowly widening into a much more mischievous one. “And let me tell you, your brother has a few friends he keeps MUCH closer than the rest...”

“Um, who...?” Her strange, alluring emphasis on the word ‘much’ made the inquiry escape your lips like a reflex response.

“Those who he spends his free time with, of course. Ayato-kun, Momiji-chan, Mifuu and myself, alongside the senpais who graduated with him…” She chuckles, and at the same time you begin to notice another shift in her tone.
“Oh, all the fun we had together~!”
Like flipping over a page in a book, she reverts back to the deliberately slurred speech, and the gleam of sultriness once again emerges in her words.
Then, mimicking her moves on Haruto moments prior, she takes a step forth and slips her face right beside yours, so close that you can feel her breath on your ear.
“Wanna know what we did~?”

“M-Misao! Stop! Stooooop!”
At a moment’s notice, a blushing Mifuyu rushes in between the two of you and, with Haruto still in tow, nudges her friend to cease the topic at once.
“But Mifuu~ I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet~” However, her reaction only serves to incite Misao to go even farther. “For instance, the onsen trips~”
Mifuyu’s face flushes red like a tomato at the mere mention of the activity you vaguely remember your brother told you about. You couldn’t help but wonder what they did there...
“H-Hold your tongue, Misao! Those stories aren’t for children!”
“Oh? What about...”


Before Misao can finish her sentence, the sound of the bell rings in the distance, signaling the end of your rather eventful lunch break.
File: brem by kakeru.png (1011 KB, 852x690)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG

“Oops, it’s this late already?”
The bell also successfully catches the attention of your senpais, forcing both of them to disengage from their bickering as they both look towards the source of
“I- I need to go!”
The same distraction finally made Mifuyu loosen her grasp, giving Haruto his long awaited opportunity for a breakout. With a well timed duck, Haruto weasels out of his sister’s embrace, quick to charge full speed away from his captor. Unabated by the waist-high decorative bush blocking his way out, Haruto clears the obstacle with a powerful leap that would make an Olympic medalist proud.

“My, look at the energy in that boy! How nice it is to be young.” Mifuyu marvels at her brother’s display of fight-or-flight response, then turns back to you for a final reminder. “Well, best be going now, everyone! Don’t be late for class~!”
“Aye aye, Captain!” Satsuki playfully salutes her senpai before waving the group goodbye. “See you around, Misao-senpai, Koito-sensei, Senki-kun!”
Possessing the advantage of height and physical prowess, the two athletes easily leap over the waist-high bush, one after the other. Being the third in line, Misao also takes her position, preparing to leave in the same fashion her two peers did.
Right before she makes her jump, however, Misao pauses her action and lifts her head, seeming to have recalled an overlooked detail.

“Oh, since Mifuu forbids me to spill any more beans, perhaps you should seek out Ayato-kun and Momiji-chan~” Misao turns and gives you a particularly implicative wink. “I’m sure they’re all looking forward to meeting you too~”

“R-right. Thanks, senpai…”

With her own leap Misao scurries away like a gust of wind, leaving only you and Koito back at the hideaway.
File: cal by amonitto .png (334 KB, 618x670)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
“You’re not jumping over?”
The height of the bush is considerably low enough for you to simply cross over, but there’s still a good chance where you might trip on or get tangled by the branches and fall over like a clumsy ox.
“I… I guess not.” You answer, scratching the back of your head while picking the safest option at hand.
“Oh, looks like we’re on the same boat.” The fashionista of the group first nods acknowledgingly, then immediately flips into the ‘drill sergeant’ mode she exhibited earlier. “What are you waiting for? Get going!”

Making haste, you made your exit through the same way you came in, squeezing yourself through the space between the tree and the wall. Koito follows closely behind, sticking close while the two of you maneuver through the rather claustrophobic passageway.
“Why are you asking the others about your brother?” She raises a question as she waits for you to pass through, pulling no punches in cutting straight to the point. “Couldn’t you just go ask him? He’s your brother, for heaven’s sake.”
“Well… He never really talks about these things back home.” You reply, more or less stating the truth but omitting your own uncertainty on how to bring up the topic to him. “I was just wondering, that’s all.”

“If you really are curious, I’d suggest you pay the student council a visit.” You hear her making the suggestion the moment you squeeze yourself out into the open. ”It’s a good place to start if you want to look for someone.”

“Thanks for the suggestion.” You reply, lending her a hand to dislodge from the cramped space, to which she gladly accepts.

“No problem.”

Done bidding each other farewell, the two of you part ways to return to your respective classes.
This whole part reads as if Misao has potential blackmail material on Mifuyu, Eiki, or both.

Assuming this is the full roster,
Mifuyu > Koito > Satsuki/Michiru > Yukari/Sakura > Karin/Hotaru > Misao
I've already forgotten who Karin and Hotaru are, but they can't be worse than Yukari.
It really is too early to really rate any of the characters, especially when you take account of how the character dynamic in QM's other quest turned out. Hibari started off as an unlikeable cunt too but became gradually better once she had more people to interact with. Margaret started off as the token perfect GF that fell from the sky until she started revealing more and more about her unsavory family issues.
I'm sure most of the candidates here would have some sort of deep underlying issue haunting them too. Misao has already hinted it here for Mifuyu's part.
Rushing back from the courtyard to your classroom, you manage to beat the bell, but not without a price. Having done only the bare minimum exercise during the Spring break, the short run proves to be more excruciating than it has any right to be.By the time you reach your seat, you find yourself leaning wearily against your desk, panting like a tired donkey.

“Hasome! There you are!” As you attempt to control your breath, Karin surprises you from behind with a pat on the shoulder. “For a moment I thought you dozed off again somewhere and we’ll have to go looking…"
However, her casual demeanor turns to concern as soon as she walks up to your front and sees your face.
"Um, you okay?”

“Y-*pant* yeah.” Wheezing, you give her two nods while raising your right hand to gesture that you need a minute. “J-just need to... catch my breath.”

“Oh, okay...hm?” Initially, Karin appears to be planning to leave you alone to calm yourself down, only to stop right before she disengages from you. “You look a bit… different?”
She murmurs softly, narrowing her eyes while swaying left and right to better examine you. You had thought that you must’ve messed up all of Koito’s efforts to fix your apparel on your way back, but perhaps Karin still manages to catch on?
“Ah!” She gasps as she takes a step back, her eyes glued to the top of your head in disbelief. “Hasome, you… you waxed your hair?”

And she happens to pick up the one handiwork of Koito’s that might get you into trouble for breaking school rules.
If your acquaintance with Karin has told you anything, her next move would be an offer to help you cover up your delinquency. While her eagerness to help is always appreciated, she could be a bit overbearing at times in her approach, resulting in unnecessary attention being drawn on the both of you.

“Um, it’s, uh...” You want to clarify that it was ‘hair cream’ instead of wax, but your brain is too preoccupied with controlling your diaphragm to form a coherent explanation.
“Not gonna lie, that’s pretty good!”
However, her uplifting compliment accompanied by a thumb up instantly washes away most of the worries in your head.
“But Hasome, what made you want to do your hair all of a sudden?” She continues, tilting her head puzzlingly to the side.
A moment of silence ensues as you watch Karin cross her arms before her chest in deep thought… but not for long. You swear you can hear the ‘ding’ of a microwave the moment her eyes light up from reaching a conclusion.

“Ah, I know!” She exclaims, her mouth agape as she tosses her hands in the air in shock at her self-concluded epiphany. "You're… looking to pick up girls, aren’t you !?”

>"Nah, I just got a makeover from a kind passerby"
>"Dunno, maybe?"
>"Yep. Wanna have a cup of tea with me, young lady?"
>Write in
>"Nah, I just got a makeover from a kind passerby"
>"Dunno, maybe?"
>"Yep. Wanna have a cup of tea with me, young lady?"
Better yet make it sound really sarcastic
>"Dunno, maybe?"
"Dunno, maybe?"
“Dunno, maybe?” Finding her conclusion a bit outrageous, you decide to play dumb and humor her.
Unfortunately for you, Karin has taken your answer completely at face value.
”That means yes!” Her eyes gleam in excitement, “Who’s the pretty lady that caught your eye?”
“Probably my PC back home. Why?”
“Come on, stop playing dumb! Is it someone in our class?” She continues nagging as she follows you back to your seat. “It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone! Promise!”
“Minami, it’s a joke! For god’s sake!”
“Nuh-uh, Hasome! I see right through you! There’s no need to be shy!”
In the end, it takes the sensei of the next lesson walking into class for Karin to finally stop buzzing around your seat.

With your long morning nap and a good lunch, you manage to pull through the afternoon classes with no problems at all. Hell, you feel you even learned a thing or two. (+learning)
Time flies faster than you realize, and soon you find yourself sitting in the last class of the day, eagerly anticipating the end of your school day.

*Ring! Ding! Ding!*

And there goes the bell!
With great enthusiasm you toss your books into your bag, ready to head home and lead your hivemind civilization to a new golden age-

Right as you prepare to pick up your bag and leave, you hear your name being called by someone at the door. Gazing towards the door, you spot Hasogawa sensei, calling for your attention while cutting off your escape route like a rival character from some creature fighting simulator.
“There you are. Come, let’s have a chat.”
You sigh, dread filling your mind. You know very well what sort of ‘chat’ you will soon be having with Sensei.
You slept through homeroom, your introduction to the class, and all other morning classes. What else can you possibly expect?

“Aw Shiiit Hasome!”
And as if things are not already bad for you, Chihaya just has to capitalize on your misery by being a cunt. “You’re in deeeep shit, boy!”
Deliberately sounding like an uneducated hooligan, he loudly proclaims in schadenfreude, then proceeds to crackle like a hyena watching a poor animal die.

“Hasome…We tried to cover for you, but, um...” Karin, on the other hand, sighs and looks at you with pity. “...Good luck.”

Frowning and head hanging low, you leave your bag at your seat, then slowly slump your way towards your foreseeable doom.

Following Sensei out of class like an apprehended criminal, you are led down the corridor and around the corner, ending up next to the connecting bridge that links the left and right wings of the main school complex. As no classrooms are in its proximity, there are no other students or staff present, leaving just you and Sensei alone at the spot.
“Now Hasome, you know why I’ve called you over, right?”
He speaks in the same amicable, almost personal tone you remember from the start of the day. However, you can still pick up the slight serious shift in his voice.
You answer weakly, both anticipating and loathing to hear the punishment you are about to receive.
“So, what do you think your punishment for snoozing off the entire morning class should be?”
Right now, you are only one wrong move away from getting a phone call home and having your gaming privileges revoked… What is there left to live for, if you can’t get your hivemind to dominate the galaxy?
Instinctively, you bow to sensei, hoping your sincerity can avoid the situation from going any worse.
“Sensei, I… I’m sorry.”
With no valid excuse in mind, all you can muster is a very timid apology.

A moment of silence engulfs the two of you as you keep your head low and your teeth clenched, your mind racing with projections of the worst case scenario.

“How about you do me a favor, and I’ll spare you from disciplinary action?”
After what feels like an eternity, Sensei’s voice breaks the silence with a proposition. Nervously you raise your head to peek at sensei, whose bright as ever smile makes you more anxious than ever.
“W-what is it, sensei?”

“From today on, get 8 hours of sleep every night!”
The anxiety from earlier fades, replaced by a mist of confusion.
“Do some stretches, avoid using your phone or computer late at night, and drink a glass of warm milk before bed. And don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards.”
Sensei continues to hammer on with his lifestyle advice, leaving you rather bewildered on the spot. At this moment, you can’t help but think of yourself as a fool for being that anxious in front of someone radiating with this much positivity.
“Have you taken note, Hasome?”
“Y-yes, sensei.”

“Great! Best be on your way home, then.” He amicably announces your dismissal. “Oh, I’ve also told the other Senseis in the morning that you weren’t feeling well, so they’ll probably let you slip today. But there won’t be a next time!”
“Thank you, Sensei.”
Sensei gives you a content nod, then shines you a wide smile. You swear you can
“See you tomorrow, and don’t forget your promise!”
You turn around and leave, breathing a sigh of relief. Considering what you’ve got at stake, sensei’s display of mercy to you is nothing short of divine grace. Maybe this would be a good day after all...

Your wishful thinking is abruptly interrupted as you ram into something… or rather, someone, just as you turn around the corner leading towards the homeroom classrooms.
You instantly recognize the person who bumped into your right shoulder as Yukari’s friend, who has dropped both her pen and the notebook she’s scribbling on from the collision.
“S-Sorry!” Like a startled sparrow, she apologizes, before quickly bending down to pick up the utensils she dropped on the ground.
“Uh, no, it’s my bad. Here…”
Feeling somewhat responsible too, you kneel down to help, reaching towards her notebook-


An out of nowhere banshee screech both startles you and makes you reflexively duck. Amidst your confusion, Michiru snatches her notebook off the ground and swiftly makes her retreat, disappearing into one of the classrooms down the corridor. In her absolute haste she even forgot to pick up her pen before leaving.

You pick the pen off the ground as you awe at the undoubtedly strange event that just transpired before your eyes. Deafening and stunning as the screech was, what surprises you more is the fact that it came from the supposedly timid and soft-spoken Michiru.
Just what secret could the notebook be holding to make her act so erratically?
File: Ren by Kiriya.png (352 KB, 508x573)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Following the little episode with Michiru you return to your now emptying homeroom, feeling much more at ease than when you first left minutes ago. Your first course of action is to scan the room for Michiru’s presence in order to return her pen. However, your new classmate is nowhere to be seen, and her desk already emptied. Perhaps you should return the pen some other time...

While you head to your seat to collect your bag, you are alerted by the familiar energetic voice of Karin calling for your attention.
“Minami! Eh, Akira?”
Your friend from class A greets you with a jolly wave while Karin runs up to you like a concerned relative.
“How bad was it?” She asks, . “H-how many days of detention did you get?”
“None, actually.” You scratch the back of your head, and announce to both of your friends. “Sensei says he’ll let it slip!”

Unsurprisingly, the two of them can only stare in surprise with raised eyebrows.

“He said he’s letting me off the hook, as long as I don’t do it again.” You happily explain as you recall your sensei’s merciful deeds. “Our Sensei is actually a pretty cool guy!”
“Fortune smiles on you today, Senki.” Clapping softly, Akira congratulates you with a slight tinge of envy, “If only our homeroom is one fifth as generous.”
“How so?”
“Ahh we can save that for later! We gotta go fetch Shinichi!” Karin cuts Akira off as she tugs him by the sleeve, urging him to leave as soon as possible. “Hasome, you’re coming with us, right?”
>Of course, join them and walk home together afterwards
>Turn down, ask Akira if he’s seen Yukari.
>Turn down, you want to go around campus for a bit today (visit student council)
>Turn down, you want to go around campus for a bit today (visit student council)
Who's Shinichi?
We really need a character list. With how slow this quest moves, it's really easy to forget who is who.
Shinichi is Karin's close childhood friend and was in the same class with you (Senki) last year. He hasnt been formally introduced yet because Senki has yet to meet him for the schoolyear.

We will prepare a character list one put it up (and will be linked to alongside the opening of all future threads)
Sorry for the slow pacing and updates. We tend to work quite slowly because we want to make sure the quality of the posts can stay consistent... that and we simply write very slowly.

Thanks for supporting us!
>Of course, join them and walk home together afterward
Since these guys are our friends there is no reason to turn down. Not to mention Senki wasn't being attentive to them at all through the day
>Of course, join them and walk home together afterwards
It's perfectly fine focusing on quality over quantity. You guys and Present Mic are kind of the poster child for these kind of longform questing
>Turn down, you want to go around campus for a bit today (visit student council)

I think we currently have...
Yukari, tsundere childhood friend
Her henchmen, Sakura and Fujo girl
Mifuyu, second childhood friend and Eiki's gf.
Her henchmen Satsuki, Koito and brother Haruto
Misao, ara ara oneesan
Karin and Akira, friends from last year. Shinichi is mentioned in the first thread to be part of the group and got separated via class sortition
Fukuhara siblings, one of them apprehended Mifuyu at the school gates
>Of course, join them and walk home together afterwards
>Of course, join them and walk home together afterwards
It's better now to think long term since these sort of quests probably won't allow you to get a waifu that easily.
>>Of course, join them and walk home together afterwards
hopefully we can encounter michiru in morning to give back the pen tomorrow and we can talk with student council aswell after classes
“Of course.” You nod, picking up your belongings. “Where are we heading?”

“He should be in class 2-C!” Karin reaches her other free hand to grab you by the wrist too. “Come on, let’s go!” Coursing on the energetic vigor of your friend, Akira and you follow her lead, eventually finding yourself at the entrance of the class next door.
Karin stands in front of the classroom door, then… stops.

“Well, what’s wrong?” Akria raises an eyebrow, questioning Karin’s unexpected hesitation.
“It’s just that… ya know, it’s class C.” She replies uneasily, “Haven’t you heard about them?”
“I heard they’re nice people?” you reply, recalling the brief mention of the class during your brief exchange with Satsuki during lunch. You don’t see a reason for her to be dishonest about it.

“What I heard from Shinichi was a bit different.” She hesitates, her words choking at her throat. “He says they’re a bit, um…”
“Rambunctious, you may say.” Akira interjects, brushing past a wavering Karin to take point.
“Though, it’s quite a bit early to pass a judgement, before any first hand interactions.” He continues as he places his hand on the handle of the sliding door before him. “Are you ready?”

“Alright, alright.” Karin garners her courage with a deep breath. “Do it!”

Nervously, Karin and you watch as Akira begins pulling on the sliding door at a snail’s pace, trying not to disturb the room’s “inhabitants” in the process. However, as soon as the door reaches half open, Karin loses her gall and immediately ducks behind your back.

“Karin, you okay?”
Akira lets go of the handle, turning to check on the distressed girl.
“U-um, I… I think we should take a peek before we go on...”
You couldn’t help but wonder how Shinichi had portrayed his classmates to get Karin this afraid of them.
Akira, agreeing to Karin’s decision, takes cover behind the door and slowly peeks his head over to scout the room, with Karin and you joining him soon after.

Given the time period, Class C is mostly empty, save for a handful of students spread out amongst three groups:
The first group of two students occupy the empty area around the back of the class, playing pass with a makeshift ball made of a rolled up sports jacket. From their sun scorched tans and chatter about practice, you assume they belong to one of the many sports clubs Kidosaka had to offer.
The second group is made of three fancily ornate girls, not dissimilar to Mifuyu’s little group you met earlier today. Occupying some desks and chairs near the other exit, they gossip away casually, completely immersed in their own little universe.
The last group of the three consists of the rest of the remaining students, all of whom congregating near the center of the classroom. Together, they encircle a single table, eagerly stretching their necks to take a closer look at whatever event happening in the center.
File: waver by おへま.png (266 KB, 350x601)
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266 KB PNG
“I guess it’s safe to head in?” You ask your friends.
“Probably…?” Karin replies with a confused stare, first at you, then at Akira.
“Only one way to find out.”
Resolute in both his word and action, Akira leads the way like the leader of a caving expedition. You follow closely behind, while Karin slowly trudges along.

The first attempt to call for your friend is instantly muffled by thunderous cheers from the group of students in the center. Like baseball fans reacting to an unexpected home run, the group noisily chats amongst themselves over the heated contest taking place in the middle of the ring.
Curious, you break away from your friends and move towards the crowd of students to see just what is causing the fuss and excitement. The packed-like-sardines circle prove nearly impossible to penetrate, and in the end you opt to tiptoe and peek over the shoulders of two tall and very excitable mohawk-haired students.

That has to be him, sitting at one side of the table circled by the crowd.

Despite having not spoken face to face for a while, that clean-cut neck length hair, slim frame, and that signature boastful grin of confidence when things are going well make you recognize him in a heartbeat. Additionally, his neatly ironed and properly tucked-in uniform makes him stand out in particular among the disorderly bunch .
His tranquil disposition and the slightly smug grin on his face dispels any notion that his rowdy classmates are giving him a hard time. However, with the height of the two students obstructing your view, making out what exactly is happening on the table remains unknown.
You decide to move to a different position to get a better view-


As it turns out, you are not the only person looking for a better spot- and you just so happen to ram squarely into another spectator moving about.

“I’m sorry!” You reflexively apologize to the person you rammed into, noticing the squeaky, high pitched grunt sounded quite familiar. Sure enough, you turn and find yourself staring into a face you were freshly acquainted with during lunchtime.
“Ah! Senki-kun!”
Mirroring your own sentiment, Satsuki looks just as surprised to bump into you out of nowhere. Her astonishment quickly fades however, as she greets you cheerily with the amicable, sunny smile you most remember her of.
"What brings you to our class?”

“I’m here for a friend, Shinichi Hojo.” You answer, trying to get some clarification while pointing at the crowd. “I think I saw him in there... do you know what’s going on?”
“Shinichi-kun and Nanase-chan are playing a game called liar’s dice!” She comes closer to whisper in your ear so as to not disrupt the game. “He’s amazing at it!”
Another bout of heated roar and cheers erupt from the surrounding students signals that another twist has happened with the ongoing game.
Taking this opportunity, both Satsuki and you manage to squeeze into the circle, landing right beside the table.

“Bravo,” Shinichi’s opponent, a tan girl with purple twin braids sitting right across the table, declares with a slow clap. “You’ve bested me again, Hojo.”
Despite the defeat, the gaze of her hazel eyes display more bemusement than irritation.

“Wow, five wins!” With unhindered excitement Satsuki rushes up to Shinichi, throwing her arms over his shoulders to congratulate his victory with a surprise hug from behind. "Shinichi-kun! That’s amazing!”

“M-Makino!” Shinichi visibly recoils to Satsuki’s abrupt act of intimacy, his face flashing red like a ripe tomato. Reasonably so, too- you doubt anyone you know has the discipline to keep their composure with a girl pressing her chest against the back of their head, let alone someone of Satsuki’s caliber.
“I-I’m just lucky today, that’s all. Ahem.” He turns his head around to make some space between himself and his congratulator, doubling as an attempt to regain his composure.
Despite his bashfulness, it’s hard to overlook the smug smile on Shinichi’s face as he relishes in his circumstances, making no efforts to break from Satsuki’s embrace.

Watching Shinichi’s reaction only serves to further amuse his rival, who grins at his low key boast like a scheming JRPG villain.
”Lucky as you are, our illustrious champion!” She jests with an ever widening smile, at the same time addressing him with open, inviting arms. “Say, would you like to redeem your five victory points for another round of hugs? Or do you want to save them up for something even better...”
The battlecry-like exclamation explodes from the crowd directly behind you, with Karin crashing through the rabble like a berserker cleaving through hordes of enemies.
hooo our boy shinchi a playa
Feels like the designated rival character to be honest, as opposed to Akira who's the wingman
As soon as Karin breaks through the crowd, she immediately grabs Shinichi by his left arm, attempting to pull him off his chair.
The powerful tug of his childhood friend instantly forces Shinichi out of indulging in his victory and back to reality, though not too happily as he almost fell off his seat.
“Shinichi, what are you doing? Come on, let’s go!”
“But Shinichi-kun is on fire! Why not play another round?”
In a direct counter to Karin’s efforts, Satsuki suddenly tightens her arms around Shinichi’s shoulders, holding him down in his seat to prevent Karin from dragging your confused friend away.

Perhaps for the first time in his life, Shinichi has become the point of serious contention between a handful of fair ladies.

A feminine and highly authoritative voice from the entrance instantly silences the chaotic Class-C, grabbing the attention of every student in the vicinity. For a moment, you thought it might have been a sensei here to break up the scene, but the fact that Satsuki is being addressed by her first name proves that to not be the case.
“Ah! Nee-chan!”
As if her interest in Shinichi has suddenly evaporated into thin air, Satsuki lets go of her grip and breaks out of the crowd. The energetic girl eagerly and obediently races to attend to her older sibling at the entrance, greeting the latter with a big embrace.

“We’ll continue tomorrow then, Hojo-san”
With Satsuki out of the frame, Shinichi’s opponent excuses herself too, though not forgetting to flash him a suggestive wink before departure.
“Let’s go, Shinichi.” Karin once again urges your friend, who still has yet to recover from the chaos.
“Oh… right, just... let me get my bag.”
“Good. Now, where’s your desk?”
Joining a somewhat relieved Karin in packing up, Shinichi too leaves his seat at the table.
Without the show to hold everyone’s attention, the crowd begins to disperse as well. Seems like the chaotic day is finally coming to an end...

“Excuse me, you must be Senki Hasome, yes?”
“Um, yeah?”
Just as you wait for your friends to get ready to leave, you are once again called to attention by an unfamiliar voice from behind. You spin around to address your caller, finding yourself greeting a young lady who bears a striking resemblance to Satsuki in both figure and looks, yet at the same time giving off an entirely different vibe from the hyper-energetic girl.

“I am Yayoi Makino. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Like an attendee at a ball, Satsuki’s older sister lifts the edge of her well-ironed uniform skirt and introduces herself with a courteous curtsy. Her voice, soft as a lullaby, further adds to the impression of someone from the upper echelons of society. The light makeup she adorns is masterfully applied down to every detail, further accentuating her already breathtaking features to a level equal to if not surpassing even Mifuyu in beauty.
Presentation- that’s the most significant aspect Yayoi differs from Satsuki, trumping her younger sister by a long shot.

“May I borrow your hand, just for a moment?” She smiles amicably, glancing at you with her gleaming, curious canary-yellow eyes, emanating a mysterious aura that runs opposite to Satsuki’s endless vigor.
“Y-yeah, sure…?”
You reach out your right hand without a second thought, almost as if she has placed you under an enchanting spell.
Following a nod of gratitude, she gracefully shuffles adjacent to you with the swift steps of a seasoned dancer, then gently holds your right hand palm-up with her left.

Your heart skips a beat as your mind finally registers her actions, and the fact that at this position, Yayoi’s upper torso is pressing tightly against your right triceps. Accompanying the tender sensation on your arm is the sweet aromatic scent of lavender from her hair, and the soft touch of her fingers on the back of your hand. This combined assault of overwhelming intimacy makes your heart race, as you feel blood rushing into your head, clouding your ability to think.

Taking no notice of your progressively reddening face, Yayoi reaches into her little sling purse and takes out a round ball pen, then begins to scribble… a string of numbers, onto the center of your right palm.
Utterly confused, you carefully turn to your right, only to be met by the older Makino glancing right back into your eyes. A part of your mind compels you to open your mouth and ask her of her intentions, yet her hypnotic round eyes and mesmerizing smile seem to lock that urge tightly in your throat.
As if sensing your vulnerability, she tips her toes and leans even more onto you, just enough for her mouth to reach your ear.

“Call me.” Her silky voice whispers, sending a shiver down your spine. Yayoi then softly folds your fingers inward to form a fist, covering up the numbers she left on your palm. “It’ll be worth your while.”
Her grasp slips away from your hand like an escaping snake, fingertips brushing against your balled knuckles before finally disengaging from you… or so you thought.
Stopping a few mere steps away, Yayoi turns to face you once again, catching you off guard with a playful wink before finally rejoining with her younger sibling at the entrance.

“Nee-san, what did...”
“Let’s go, Satsuki.” She orders as she slides open the door, the initial authoritative tone returning to her voice. “Uzuki must be waiting for us.”
Satsuki nods a few times and, without further words, follows closely behind her sister, but not forgetting to turn around to give you and the class a wave before disappearing down the corridor.

You blink, snapping out of this trance-like state from Akira’s issuing wake up call. To you abject horror, you have become the center of curious attention of every pair of eyes of Class C. Some stare at you in wonder, while others glare in envy and malevolence.
“Time to go.” He nudges you to hurry with a pat on the back, and promptly points towards the exit of the classroom.

The two of you make your hasty exit, joining up with Karin and Shinichi already waiting outside.

Together, your group quickly makes it to the school entrance, then out of the campus all in a near synchronized motion, yet in a rather abnormal silence.

“So...since when did the two of you become casanovas?”
Karin becomes the first to break this weird atmosphere, or at least attempts at doing so, by putting up her usual relaxed and carefree tone. However, even you can pick out the hesitation in her voice, no doubt still a bit shaken by what happened back in Class C.
“No, nono, Karin? What are you saying?” Shinichi cowers away trying to hide his blush, that smug, confident attitude that he exhibited earlier nowhere to be seen here. You always forget how easily he crumbles the moment someone gets under his skin, and Karin happens to pull that off rather easily.
“So what was that then, Mr. Drowning-in-women?”
“Um, well…”

On the other side, Akira pays no attention to the two childhood friends’ bickering, instead rubbing his chin while deep in thought. Perhaps he’s gone through a long day as well?

>Talk with Akira about his experience in class A
>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
>Rally him and go break up the bickering, and see what Shinichi has to say about his day
>Write in
>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
Margaret but 200% more sus.
>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
OP you can't just write a scene like this and expect people not to pick that option
>>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
>Tease shinichi a bit "Ya man who would ahve know you where such a playa, you 3 girls wanting you"
"Ya man who would have know you where such a playa, you had 3 girls wanting you"
>Ask him if he knew anything about the girl that just approached you, Yayoi Makino
There are now 3 girls in the roster that are objectively better than Yukari and her goons, as it stands
Only 3?
Well, Yukari's personal problem is also the one which remains the most transparent for MC to see. Not so much the others.
The way Yayoi is introduced here has a very 'designated rival' vibe going on too. Won't be surprising if there's some drama already between the two
You call for your friend’s attention to the background noise of Karin and Shinichi’s bickering.
“Do you happen to know anything about that girl earlier?”
“Yes, of course.”
He nods, sounding as if his mind was already on the topic before you even asked.
“She is Yayoi Makino, a fellow classmate of class 2-A.” He explains, still rubbing his chin as he recalls as much details as he can. “Aside from her reputation as an exemplary student and an adept socialite, rumors say she and her sisters are relatives of the Kido family.”

“Kido? The Zaibatsu family that owns our school?”

“Just a hearsay,” He holds up both hands as if to calm your sudden surge of curiosity. “But certainly plausible.”

You recall the way Yayoi introduced herself, acting very much like an attendee at a formal public event. An upbringing from a prominent aristocratic family may explain her initial greeting, but...

“Um, so…” You take a look at the string of numbers scribbled neatly on your palm. “Does she do this to everyone, then?”
“None that I’m aware of.” He says with a shake of his head. “She has always been cordial in her approach, but never to the point of being intimate.”

This information only serves to puzzle you even more. The way Yayoi interacted with you following the initial greeting definitely crosses the boundary of being merely cordial. For what reason did she take a special interest in you?

“The way she approached you earlier was quite uncharacteristic of her, to say the least.” Akira’s eyebrows scrunch into a scowl, as if he’s trying to solve a complicated logic puzzle. “Perhaps some ulterior motives are at play... ”

“Then what about-”
“So what are you guys talking about, hm? Mister Casanova?”
Karin seemingly interjects out of nowhere, sticking her head out between you and Akira’s shoulders. With a swift leap your fellow classmate skips in front the two of you, taking point for your group.
Playfully, she spins around by her heel, then begins walking backwards on the road while snickering at you.

“Yayoi... Makino, is it?” She teases you with a grin. “What did she write on your hand?”
You immediately notice Akira begin lagging behind as soon as Karin hops before you two, leaving you at the mercy of Karin’s inquisition.
Not wanting to get into the same sort of bickering she subjected Shinichi to, you decide to just be as straight with your words as possible.
“Her phone number,” You answer, trying hard to suppress memories of that intimate encounter earlier.

"Hoo boy! You a real lady-killer!" She cheers loudly while giving you a thumbs up, before returning to further questioning. “Is she the one then? The one you mentioned during lunch?”
“Maybe.” You reply with a soft spoken murmur. This, of course, is not enough to satiate Karin’s curiosity.
"Oh don't hide it, I saw your face when she snuggled beside you!" She jabs at you mischievously, twitching her eyebrows. “You looked like someone fresh outta sauna back there!”
“I, um… I guess?”
Despite the urge to fight back, you find it difficult to come up with a witty retort. What Karin described was more or less true afterall, whether you like it or not.

“You're an honest one, Senki! At least your body is!” Karin grins devilishly, then uses her hands to mimic a loudspeaker to loudly call for Shinichi’s attention. “Unlike a certain someone over there!”
“Oh come on, Karin! Can’t you just snap out of it for once?”
“Not til you tell me the truth, Shinichi!”

Though you originally intend to stay away from Karin and Shinichi’s bickering, you have to admit that they unwittingly revived the lively atmosphere that’s lacking in your group ever since school ended.
Shortly after, you bid Karin and Shinichi goodbye at the intersection leading up to your home, then finally parts with Akira as he drops you by your home.
“Seeya, Akira.”
“See you tomorrow, Senki.”
Living the furthest away from school, Akira leaves your front porch and continues towards the train station by himself, as he always does.

The rest of the day goes by more or less as usual, save for your mother noting that her PC is acting strangely lately.
After having dinner with your parents and a refreshing shower, you retreat back into your room. As this is the first day of school, you are fortunately spared from any sort of homework, projects or test preparations. This leaves you with much leeway on what activities to spend the rest of your night on...

>Do some exercise, as instructed by Sensei (+Athletic)
>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
>Resume your Antpires megacampaign (+Intellect)
>Give Yayoi a call
>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
Calling immediately is a sign of thirstiness.
Okay, this will be the last post for this thread. Thanks everyone for joining! Hope you enjoyed the story.
We will be resuming VC: Pacific Theater for our next thread.
Hope to see you there!
Oh and I forgot to mention
>Pick 2 activities for the night
>Resume your Antpires megacampaign (+Intellect)
For the second activity.
File: 1604597390786.jpg (361 KB, 1000x1371)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
>Resume your Antpires megacampaign (+Intellect)

A little roundup
- Mifuyu is best girl, but probably shouldn't be touched for obvious reasons
- Yukari is probably much easier to get along when it's just Senki and her alone.
- Kind of a wild guess but Yayoi might be looking for someone that's more like Senki's brother.
- Of all the friend groups introduced so far, MC's established group is the healthiest. Mifuyu hangs out with some delinquents and Yukari's interaction with Sakura and Michiru mirrors that of a villain and her henchmen

In conclusion: Get on the Koito train before it departs for good
>Do some exercise, as instructed by Sensei (+Athletic)
>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
Should probably take a look at what the Makinos are up to first.
I was thinking about going for Karin, but she's apparently interested in Shinichi. Koito doesn't seem like a bad choice in any case.
I'm actually glad that QM laid ou the hurdles and difficulties of some routes right in the beginning. At least the obvious ones that is.
But that also means none of the routes are going to be smooth sailing
>>Do some exercise, as instructed by Sensei (+Athletic)
>>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
>Start a skincare routine, as instructed by Koito-sensei(+Social)
>Resume your Antpires megacampaign (+Intellect)

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