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You are 999, a bobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And after all you've dealt with, you feel ready for just about anything now!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=999+Quest

Stats: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hpqnngsKkabt5aRreo8vj4LiQNGDwSBO7vmM4Q808G8/

After a long hiatus, I'm back. Due to real life issues the quest had to be temporarily halted but enough of that should be resolved that it can be safely continued. Apologies for the wait.
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Previously on 999 Quest:

You and your friends made discourse with the powerful spirit, Linggan Zhao, who implored you and tried to manipulate you into making a pact to fulfill the destruction of the Grandmother, a spirit of significant power and madness infesting the city you have found yourself within. You refused to take on the pact that the spirit tried to enforce, but you vowed to destroy the mad spirit anyway.

After crossing through a threshold between the material and spiritual however, you quickly found yourself thrown into s bizarre realm of falling gears inhabited by a strange man in flowing white clothing and mechanical features. The man told you of how he came to be there and what he was doing before you were attacked by threatening mechanical creatures of alien metal. You and the figure engaged and fought off the initial wave of unnatural machines before a second horde descended stronger than the last. The man, now introduced as Robert Bumaro, told you to find his 'Church' and inform them of his struggle. You left him there, still fighting off the oncoming hordes.

After that, you blacked out from what little you can recall. Slowly coming to, you look around and find yourself on the ground alongside your friends. You're back at that zoo you had found yourselves in before, still dark but lightly being illuminated by moonlight.

What do you do?
>Look around. Has anything changed?
>Get up and check on your friends.
>Do nothing for now. Try and get your bearings.
>Get up and check on your friends.
>>Get up and check on your friends.
>Get up and check on your friends.
You push yourself up. No time for lazing about.

You go over to Blue and Red who managed to collapse on top of each other and level a poke into their sides. They groan and shift a little bit but otherwise don't respond. You go over and do the same to Spanko sprawled out next to them, who "cacks" but otherwise doesn't move much beyond rolling over. You find 2295 lying on its side to the edge, wobbily trying to push itself upright before you help it up. Looking around, you find that you don't see either Lord Blackwood or Purple anywhere around. Turning, you ask 2295 if it has seen them.

With a shaky arm, it points over to a tree by the side, facing outwards from the rest of the zoo. Following it and tracing your gaze up you find Lord Blackwood sitting along a branch, seemingly polishing a rifle as he watches from off the ground. Across from him, Purple gently hovers somewhat, trails of gleaming violet light lifting him in the air. Curious about how thry got up so quickly before the rest of you, you ask them if they're okay.

"We're fine, my boy. A little banged up but nothing too major." Blackwood responds, not really taking his focus from the gun in his hands. Purple nods and states that they gained awareness shortly before you did. Sounds like them to be the first up, in all honesty.

"[What about you, Orange. You feeling okay.]"

>Fine so far. Has anything changed since we got back?
>Actually...(Inform them about Bumaro)
>Just nod and keep quiet for now.
>Fine so far. Has anything changed since we got back?
>>Fine so far. Has anything changed since we got back?
>Fine so far. Has anything changed since we got back?
"[Well, aside from detecting trace amounts of thaumaturgy which could be explained by the portal we just went through, nothing so far.]" Purple says, levitating down to the ground. "[Blackwood informed me that it was far more unstable than a Way, so excess magical bleed-off is to be expected.]"

That probably explains how you met Bumaro.

Lord Blackwood then states that it would be best if you headed back for now. Most likely, Linggan Zhao will send you word or a sign when he is ready. It would be wise to get rested and prepared beforehand.

>Fair enough. But you want to look around a bit first.
>Head back now (Time-Skip ahead)
>Fair enough. But you want to look around a bit first.
>>Fair enough. But you want to look around a bit first.
>Fair enough. But you want to look around a bit first.
Blackwood and Purple both nod at this and allow you to look around for a while before you head back, going back to polishing off their tools and reading through their tome respectively.

As you take note of the area, you immediately notice the feeling of raw energy- Magic - that saturated the area. It clings to your body like static and hums in tandem with something within you.

>Observant (C+)
>Basic Magic Sense

Next, you take a proper look at the ok around you. No sign of the earlier battle damage from when you fought that werewolf, which is suspiciously convenient. Furthermore, no sign of said werewolf. But the feeling of corruption in the air us still present. In fact, probably moreso than when you left. Possibly from Zhao, but you think something else might've passed through while you were gone. Something big.

>Corruption Sense (D)

...You're not sure what to make of that.

Shaking your head, you decide to rummage a bit, moving your limbs along the ground to see if you can find or dislodge anything of note. Apart from some still mildly singed rock and bits of burnt fur, nothing of note immediately pops up.

>Take the burnt fur with you
>Leave it where it is and move on

With that done, you, Blackwood and Purple get the rest of your friends up and quickly get going before anything else can crop up today. You're exhausted and you need to regroup and plan for your next move against the Grandmother and whatever Zhao has planned. And so you all head back to 2295's ramshackle (["Rundown is more like it."], Blue grumbles) home. You slide into the the hole in the wall, with the others following and 2295 leading as you all pile in, Purple and Red sliding the metal sheet over the wall to keep the interior from view.

2295 immediately pulls over its chair and leaps onto it, beginning to intensely scribble and jot something down on a piece of paper with a pen. Purple and Blackwood follow and looks over as the little bear works, deciding to add what they can. Blue and Red beeline for the beds in the far corner of the room, collapsing onto them almost instantly. If it weren't for your own persistence in staying up to prepare for the Grandmother, you'd probably follow them.

As it is, you're thinking of the best way to get yourself ready for when word is sent from Zhao.

>Practice with your Sword
>Train Construction
>Train Mass Builder
>Train your other skills maybe? (Pick two)
>Study the Nameless Book that Vuindred gifted you
>Tinker with your Dream Trinket
>Study the Nameless Book that Vuindred gifted you
>>Take the burnt fur with you
>Study the Nameless Book that Vuindred gifted you
File: 1508095947078.png (102 KB, 1000x800)
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102 KB PNG
>>Take the burnt fur with you
It couldn't hurt to have another reference for analysis in case you ever need it right? And given you've already established your working relationship with Zhao so far...

You pick up the clump of burnt fur, that's still oddly coated with with blazing embers despite the fight having been hours ago, and store it somewhere within yourself

>Gained item: Burnt Fur

With that done, you decide to hurry back to the rest of your friends and get out of here.

>Study the Nameless Book that Vuindred gifted you
You decide that the best use of your time at this point would be to start studying the Nameless Book Vuindred provided to you. That decided, you sit down on the floor and open up the untitled text.

Almost immediately, the pages unfurl with a crackle of moving shadows and elaborate puffs of magic. Brushing off your face, you look at what's actually been written into the book. A thrum of power moves across your perception and connects to you.

>Basic Magic Sense (F+)

Having a better grasp of the terms and verbose descriptions of magic, it's somewhat easier to go through the pages of the text that go into immensely complicated and overly complex spellwork.


>Knowledge of the Tapestry (F+)
>Scholar of Mysteries

You keep at this for a good couple hours, trying to make the most of your time before you turn in for bed, but eventually exhaustion takes its hold all the same. Eventually, even Purple notices you despite the (no-doubt engrossing) work he's involved in. Likely because you're starting to sag lower and lower as you flip through the pages.

"[Orange, you should try and get some rest.]" he suggests to you. "[We can keep things running for now. No need to wear yourself out.]"

You want to argue back, but the nods from Blackwood and 2295 make the words die in your throat. You sigh.

What should you do?
>Go through a few more pages, then turn in for the night.
>Turn in. Trust that Purple, 2295 and Blackwood can deal with whatever happens.
>>Turn in. Trust that Purple, 2295 and Blackwood can deal with whatever happens.
>Turn in. Trust that Purple, 2295 and Blackwood can deal with whatever happens.
You sigh. Purple is right, you need to rest. No use in exhausting yourself over this before you even get the chance to face the Grandmother.

You yawn a little, wave a good night to your three friends, and then head over to the beds. You move past Blue, who's somewhat sliding out of his and collapse into an empty bed. You fall asleep almost as soon as you hit the mattress.

And as you sleep, you Dream.

Pick one.
>A Flowing Stream
>Amongst the Flowers
>A Factory In Blood
>The Hanged King's Tale
>>A Flowing Stream
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 537x504)
90 KB
>A Flowing Stream
[Within and around, you feel waves and cold. An endless space-that-is-not-space. The domain of the Gods Who Were.]

[You cannot tell for how long you remain like this, floating off into the vastness of eternity. It feels like eons. Then something changes.]

[An Eye opens and beholds the world. A General wages war on all that exists. The Raptor tears itself free from the primitivistic embryo of the first history. A Unity howls in mad harmonization. A Father seeks the dominance of all. And a Gate silently watches.]

[You watch as the flow of the stream-that-was-not-a-stream halts and all things halt. Becoming like them, stagnant and empty and dead.]

[For a brief moment you glimpse the Heavens above. And you see them burning.]


You snap awake, and shiver slightly. What was that?

>Knowledge of the Beyond

You pull yourself out of the bed, shaking off the lingering haze from sleep and the dream. You'll think on that later. For right now, you've got a job to do. Scanning the room, you catch no sight of Purple, Blackwood or 2295. Also Red or Blue for that matter.

>Investigate the room
>Inspect the notes on 2295's desk
>Check the beds
>Go outside
>Other (Write-In)
>>Check the beds

Do we know what time it is? We might just have woken up early. If we find them in bed, don't wake them up.
>Do we know what time it is?
Your own internal clock and your intuition estimates it is somewhere around mid-day.
Still check the beds first.
>Check the beds
You decide to check the beds to see if they're still in there. You know you'd sleep in after the events of the last night(?) so you couldn't fault either Red or Blue if they did.

Unfortunately, you don't find them. You even lift up the sheets to try and see if they'd fall out. And pulling up the mattress to try and shake them out if they'd gotten wedged underneath it also doesn't get you anything. You're mildly disappointed, as you'd hoped to see Blue in a compromising position at the least.

>Try to 'feel' any lingering magic in the area around the beds
>Move on to other things

You look around, noting that there was at the very least some movement in the area before you woke up. If you had to hazard a guess, everyone is outside right now. Hopefully waiting on you.

>Go outside
>Inspect the notes on 2295's desk
>>Try to 'feel' any lingering magic in the area around the beds
>Go outside
>Try to 'feel' any lingering magic in the area around the beds
A pulse of magic radiates from your core, streaming outwards and rippling across you. You open your eyes and are greeted with the world in new colors-no, the symbols of the world. More specifically, those symbols as they pertain to Red and Blue.



You blink as you try to get the stars out of your eyes. That was...weird.

>Basic Magic Sense (F+)
>Symbol Reading

Focusing a little bit but not opening yourself to the world as openly again (don't want to get lost in another trance), you can sense that the trail of Blue and Red's energies went outside somewhere. You can also feel Purple's vaguely following, as though coming after them but you don't look too deeply. Strangely, you can feel Spanko's 'essence' but you don't get anything from either Blackwood or 2295.

Something to investigate later, maybe.

>Go outside
With your little experiment done, you decide to finally go outside. Sliding off the metal cover, you are greeted almost immediately with the bright light of day bearing down on you so hard you have to shield your eyes as you adjust to it.

Looking around, you don't see anyone near you or even in the general area. Not until you hear the voice behind you.


Shifting, you turn suddenly only to come face to face with Blue, sitting in a tiny corner and almost entirely obscured by the shadows that the light doesn't reach. Judging by his tone and expression, he's bored out of his mind.

>What are you doing in that corner?
>Where are the others?
>Take a chance to snark at him for being shady
>>Where are the others?
>Where are the others?
"Out" he says. "One of Zhao's cronies came and lead them off to one of the locations the Grandmother likes to prowl about whilst you were still sleeping. And since you wouldn't wake up, I was left to keep watch until you did." He finishes and promptly goes back to skulking in the shadows.

Did they say where they were going?

"No, but they said we can psychically message them in case we need anything."

You sigh, and are about to ask if there's anything he wants to do until he comes up to you and shoves a flier on your face.

'Oakwood National History Museum - Grand Showing of Ancient Relics'? What is this?

"Apparently," Blue squints at the sun's rays as he speaks. "There's this big museum debut or some shit. Blackwood said we could head to it when you woke up, have a change of pace for a day."

Well, that sounds:
>Fine with you. It could even be fun!
>Kinda weird. Isn't splitting up not the wisest move Right now?
>Like a bad idea.
>>Like a bad idea.

We should try to find everyone else, we can't go looking around a museum while they are hunting the Grandmother.
>Like a bad idea.
You look over the flier, and then assess that whilst it MIGHT be something to look into, it's a bad idea. Not while your friends are out chasing the Grandmother.

"That's what I said" Blue says, seeming exasperated and thankful at the same time. "I'm glad SOMEONE understands. Sure it seems great and all, but we have a job to do."

You nod. Blue's right for once. You can't get sidetracked right now.

Even so, you pocket the flier somewhere within yourself for later. Like you said, it might be something worth looking into.

>Flier for Oakwood National History Museum

"Anyway," Blue seems to stretch himself out a little. "I think we can catch up to the others if we get going. Blackwood's psychic link is open and should be a way to track them. Come on."

With that said, Blue starts walking down the street, away from the old building that acts as 2295's- and in turn your -base of operations. You take one last look around before moving to try and keep up.

Blue looks firmly ahead, but you can definitely tell he's listening in all around him. Keeping an eye out.
>Ask him a question (Write-In)
>Keep quiet for now.
>>Ask him a question (Write-In)

Ask him what he's worried about, does he think we'll get ambushed?
>Ask him a question
>Ask him what he's worried about, does he think we'll get ambushed?
"Blorble?" You ask, seeing how worried and tense Blue is. As though he's constantly on edge.

He jolts slightly, but doesn't stop moving, even as you start heading into some of the more populated areas of the city. He sighs heavily.

"Yeah, I just don't trust this." he says, eyes still focused ahead mostly. "It just feels like, we're being tricked y'know?"

He goes on to explain that ever since you first encountered the Grandmother-no, even before that, when you fought Karcist Varis, he's been getting a bad feeling. Encountering the Grandmother and then meeting Zhao has only made that feeling swell. Like something really terrible is going to happen any day now.

"And like, shit. We're on a wild goose chase and most our leads are guesses at best or throwing our lot in with some untrustworthy spirit bastard."

He snarls a little to himself, which seems to be enough to cause most of the passerby to give you two a wide berth. You're really glad for those bone trinkets the wolves gave you tight now.

You shoot him a worried look. He's really been taking this hard.

>Hug him.
>Give him some space.

The rest of your trip continues in somewhat still silence aside from the soft noises of animal life waking to the day or the chatter of a few people which eventually gets lost as you take a few turns and corners. Finally Blue stops, signalling for you to stop as well.

"This is the place."

Look past him, you see a large and derelict building. It might've once been a school a long time ago, but it's clearly fallen into extreme disrepair and damage since then. You're almost surprised that it's still standing. From close by, you can feel the rest of your friends somewhere in the vicinity.

>Approach the building. How bad could it really be?
>Check the surrounding area with your Magic Sense first.
>Let Blue go ahead.
>>Hug him.
>Check the surrounding area with your Magic Sense first.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

>Hug him
You give him a hug. It's not much, but you pull him into one anyway.

He stiffen in your grip, almost looking like he's going to fight it, but relaxes into your grip anyway.

He's quiet for a good moment and you are too. Just letting the simple nonverbal exchange do its work. When you let go of him, he still doesn't turn towards you, but you catch his lightly-whispered words all the same:

"Thanks, Orange."

You smile, before you continue walking on.

>Bond with Blue (D++)

>Check the surrounding area with your Magic Sense first
You open up yourself to the world, feeling it out and making sense of the flow of power in the area as something in the vicinity shifts.


>Basic Magic Sense (F++)
>Symbol Reading (F+)

You barely have time to react and close your senses as a force lurches downwards and impacts the spot before you, splitting the ground in half as it does.

To you, it looks like a dark heavy sphere levitating and radiating several feet off the ground. It shifts and moves with a mechsnical *click* as it hums in front of you and Blue. Then, without warning it's shooting towards you!

>Roll a 2d100
Rolled 27, 57 = 84 (2d100)

>84 vs 86
You veer out of the way as the mass of dark rust-colored metal flies forward, briefly unfolding to reveal a metallic drill st the tip of it as you and Blue duck and dive out of the way.

It halts in air for a moment, then slowly but surely begins to peel apart to reveal a *much* larger being contained within.

It lifts off the ground as a humongous hunk of corroded and ruined metal, vaguely humanoid in shape but only just so. From its torso extends another torso, arms extended to wrap around it as two similar bodies jut from the sides and clutch to it with all of them being completely motionless aside from dull rust-colored pinpricks focusing in on you. The top of the being's frame is lined with spikes and metallic spears, all coated in that same rust that flakes off into the air. The main 'head' is itself rust-coated and covered in yet more spikes, which give way to two sunken in holes where eyes would normally be. The entire thing lurches and shivers as it unfolds and creeps along the ground, lower portion ending in a number of creaky mechanical legs.

"Be still." orders a silky, yet utterly guttural voice that echoes all around you. It creaks forward slightly, its form flaking off more rust.

We apologize for the disruption," the entity replies. "But you are currently intruding upon property owned by the Factory. To compensate for your issues here, you shall be compensated with employment opportunities. Please follow this designated Foreman unit to be granted personal interviews, assessments, reorientation, and complimentary septic buckets."

You step back a bit.
>What if we say no?
>Raise your sword threateningly.
>Prepare your guard, you have no idea what this thing can do.
>>What if we say no?
File: SCP-748-5.jpg (358 KB, 1227x1600)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>What if we say no?
The Thing does not respond. You feel a cold shiver come on, as the eyes of the smaller torsos home in on you.

The bizarre entity then roars, an echoing mechanical sound that freezes the two of you in place as it begins to approach atop its nest of creaky scuttling legs.

A bolt of violet-tinged energy streaks overhead and crashes into it just as it closes the distance between you and itself, briefly staggering and disorienting the beast.

"[Orange! Blue!]"

Suddenly snapped free of the alien influence for a brief moment and looking behind you, you spot Blackwood, Red, Purple and Spanko coming up quickly. They look like they're covered in soot or something adjacent, their bodies crusted with the blackened material.

"Agents of the Factory. We should've expected as much as soon as we caught the signs in the area..." Blackwood states, looking dismayed at the current situation.

"[N-No use getting s-sad over it!]" Red says. "[W-We have to help Blue and Orange!]"

"And we will, my boy. But a Foreman is a dangerous opponent and we cannot-"

The bizarre spider-machine thing- a Foreman-, shoots up off the ground, the only thing highlighting its movement before it makes impact against your sword being a rust-colored blur, as it sends you toppling backwards.


The demonic mass of scrap metal gestures, and around you pipes burst upwards and encircle your frame, pulling you into their embrace as they coil around you. From its chest, a mechanical drill unfolds.

>Try to break free of them With your sword!
>Cast a spell of some kind.
>>Try to break free of them With your sword!
>>Cast a spell of some kind.
Use purifying touch to melt the pipes away.
Rolled 6, 88 = 94 (2d100)

Roll a 2d100.
Rolled 67, 62 = 129 (2d100)

>94 vs 129 + 1 (Protection From Evil)
>Try to break free of them With your sword!
You draw your sword with a free limb and cut at the pipes, sawing through several but not all of them.

Oil leaks from the severed pipes and spills freely onto the ground. The remaining few coil and tighten around you. The Foreman's whirling drill inches closer and closer.

>Cast a spell of some kind.
You focus on yourself and the power deep in your soul as the Foreman picks up speed in a sudden burst towards you.

As it does so however, raw light unfolds from your body, blasting apart the pipes and sending the Foreman staggering back with a rattling cry. The energy twists in the air for a moment, before surging and rocketing down and striking the Foreman again and again, chipping slightly at its rusted frame.

>Basic Thaumaturge

You fall towards the ground, only for Blue to catch you and pull you up.

"I've gotcha."

He pulls you upwards as he tries shifting towards the group whilst the Foreman is still impaired, but that doesn't seem to be on the table, as the entity bolts upright and unfurls a long jagged spike from its side, the weapon sliding freely out of the deeply rusted malicious machinery.

Blackwood raises a rifle and takes a shot, blasting straight into the thing and out the back in a spurt of glittering rust. The Foreman roars once more, before clearing the blade downwards in an arc towards you, a long shadow trailing behind it.

>Catch the attack on the edge of your sword!
>Dodge out of the way with Blue.
>Counter with another spell.
Use one limb to parry the attack with our sword and use another to take hold of the foreman and set it on fire.
Rolled 38, 20 = 58 (2d100)

Roll a 3d100
Rolled 59, 75, 83 = 217 (3d100)

>58 vs 217
The Foreman's blade impacts against your own, the attack flying far off course, as you wrap another limb separate from your sword-arm and grab the Foreman. A burst of purifying fire explodes into being around where the limb touches, digging into the Foreman and setting it ablaze.

>Purifying Touch (B+++)

The Foreman tears the arm apart, but the flames keep on burning against it. Nevertheless it lashes out again, blade swinging wide in an arc you actually need to duck to avoid. The air breaks as it does so, creating a brief flash of the void as the world itself looks as though it were divided by the attack.

You reorient yourself, raising your sword again until Blackwood comes up beside you, rifle raised in the direction of the thing.

"My boy, I very much doubt we stand any chance against an agent of the Factory as we currently are. Even this Lesser Foreman is merely toying with us, following whatever paradigm it was set to. I'd advise a tactical withdrawal for now."

>What do you say? (Write-In)
Follow Blackwood's advise. Immobilize the Foreman with Chains of Harrow and then fly away.
>Follow Blackwood's advise. Immobilize the Foreman with Chains of Harrow and then fly away.
Roll a 4d100 to make your escape.
Rolled 67, 89, 46, 75 = 277 (4d100)

File: Spoiler Image (262 KB, 418x631)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>Follow Blackwood's advise. Immobilize the Foreman with Chains of Harrow and then fly away.
You mentally curse yourself as you realize that Blackwood is right. This thing is simply playing around, and the more time you waste here, the less you have in hunting the Grandmother.

The Foreman charges at you, flames becoming irrelevant against the sheer speed with which the monster brings to bear, cracking the stone earth from the raw force. Before it can even reach you for an attack however, a flash of light blinds it, as the Chains of Harrow manifest and wrap around its bulk. It struggles and tries to break free of them, but being as hopelessly immobilized as it is, it can do nothing but snarl and lash out blindly.

>Chains of Harrow (C++)

You shift your body into that of a bird and signal for the others to do the same and follow, taking off into the sky. Blackwood hops onto Spanko as 2295 clings to Red and you take off, Blackwood peppering the Foreman with more rifle fire as he does.

Once you get high enough into the sky and far enough away, you feel the shuddering *snap* as your chains break, and the Foreman is freed. It glares up at you from far below, before vanishing with a flicker of black smog.

"Well that was eventful, wasn't it?"

"[If by 'eventful', you mean 'fucking horrifying', then yes."

"[I personally believe this gave us a fair bit of necessary knowledge.]"


"[Yeah, like what jackass? 'Cause I ain't seeing it.]"

"[G-Guys, don't fight...]"

You concur with Red. You don't need any squabbling or bickering


You motion for Purple to elaborate on what exactly happened during their investigation into the Grandmother's favored locations as you crest over a good field to stop and rest.

"[Well, Linggan Zhao did indeed hold to his end of the deal,]" Purple begins. "[Led us right to where the Grandmother tends to manifest and accumulate power. We were provided with other locations naturally, but this was one of her most common stops. And once we got there we could certainly see why.]"

How so?

"[The area is loaded with dark magic Orange. Negative emotions, hateful moments playing out and over again, whispers of the tortured dead. You and Blue were unlikely to have noticed much of it with your lesser magic senses but we were hit by the full force of it when we got there. Then we found the reason.]"

Purple pauses for a while as you start to head downwards, face set in such a way he'd go pale if he were human. Blackwood holds his rifle tighter and 2295 pulls tight to Red as he shivers.

"[...There's Factory infrastructure underneath the city Orange. I don't know how far it goes, but the one we found there goes miles deep at *minimum*. We were attacked when we tried to investigate by the Grandmother's servants but they were 'changed'. Made worse. As such,]"

"[We have cause to suspect the Robber Barons of working with the Grandmother.]"

You continue to fly silently.

-999 Quest 22 End-
Quest archived. Feel free to ask questions or comment on the quest, for anyone still here.

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