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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
From being pranked by your older brother to witnessing the gunpowder filled rivalry between your childhood friend and the Makino siblings, it’s safe to say your second day of this new school year sets off with an incredible bang.

Luckily for you, the day has just begun!
Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The Cast:
(!) Denotes ongoing events. Characters with no (!) have no event Senki notes in particular or can participate in at the moment.

The archive of the previous threads:
Even the densest element on the periodic table can probably tell that the two aren’t fond of each other from that exchange. In order to not aggravate Yukari further, you decide to recount your encounter with Yayoi in a more… roundabout way.

“Um, I happened to run into Mifuyu and her friends yesterday, and she introduced me to Satsuki Makino, ya know-”
“That airhead?” Her disdainful reply comes as soon as her mind calms down sufficiently to think straight. Though that does make you question, does she hold the younger Makino in the same negative regards as her sister?

“That airhead blondie never stops babbling or listens to any- eck, whatever. Keep going.”
“She was with Koito Harime, and were talking about-”

“Cut to the chase.”
No doubt due to the reminder of the younger Makino’s excessive verbosity, Yukari has less patience than usual on getting to your run-ins with Yayoi than the process leading up to it.

“I met Satsuki again alongside her older sister when fetching Shinichi after class.” You answer, rearranging the sequence of events and cutting out the details of the encounter. “Karin urged us to leave quickly, so we didn’t really talk much…”

She scoffs, standing with arms firmly folded before her chest. Her eyes cast a doubtful gaze towards you, most definitely noticing the lack of details in your testimony.
If she chooses to keep pressuring you and press on, or cross examine your words with any of the other witnesses to find out what really happened…
You’ve got to come up with something to avoid total disaster.

Churning your brain for some way to convince her of your narrative, you happen to catch the newly lit green light at the pedestrian crossing from the corner of your eye.

“Y-Yukari! We should get going!”
You point towards the green light and the uphill road leading to your school behind it, successfully at diverting her attention and making her look around. Without another word she turns around storms off to the other side of the street, with you hurrying about to catch up.
“W-what’s your ire with her, anyway?”
You follow closely behind the still grumpy Yukari, attempting to change the topic in effort to prevent her from digging deeper.

“I don’t like her.” Yukari proclaims, with no intention to turn around nor slow down. “She’s shady.”
“That’s... it?” Her answer is surprisingly short and open ended, very uncharacteristic of her..

“What, you got a problem with that?”

“No-no! I just thought you’d have more… specific reason, that’s all.”

“Specific reason!?” She clicks her tongue impatiently as she stops and looks over her shoulder, glaring at you in disbelief. “Can’t you see how pretentious she is?”

“I thought she’s just being polite-”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Senki!”
Yukari storms up to you with the force of a raging bull and a visage fierce as the hannya, making you reflexively shrink your shoulders and raise your hands in fright.
“That’s what she wants others to think!” Sticking her right index finger right at your nose, she allows her unrestrained anger to erupt onto you like a volcano. “Can you not fall for cheap tricks like that for once?”

“Oh you better understand.”
Yukari lets out a long, exasperated growl, rolling her eyes at your perceived naivety towards the older Makino.
Her regular irritability aside, her reactions today seem more intense than usual, so much so you can almost see steam emanating from the top of her head. She’s in dire need of cooling off… And what better way to cool the head and refresh the mind than having a nice, ice cold sip of KAIJU?
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“Y-Yukari, I got something for you!”

Reaching into your bag you pick out one can of the newly purchased energy drink, and present it in front of her with both hands like an offering to a vengeful oni overlord.

“What’s this?”
She takes the ‘offering’ from your hands, examining the can with vague curiosity.
“It’s Kaiju! Carbonated Concentrated Energy!” You explain excitedly, styling yourself in the same fashion as the announcer of the drink’s advertisement to heighten her spirit. “It’s the Neon Blueberry Splash!”

Unfortunately, judging by Yukari’s brows soon furrowing into a tense scowl, your efforts may have had the opposite effect.
“Why the hell would anyone want to drink this?”
”B-but you said to get you an extra of whatever I’m getting!”
”By that I mean- ugh, fine.” She lets out a disgruntled sigh, no doubt regretting her earlier request on the phone. She begrudgingly accepts the drink by placing it in her bag, then once again resumes her march, quickly shooting over you by a couple of meters.

You look at your own can of Kaiju, once again doubting if you’ve made the wrong choice in drinks, as well as the question of whether Yukari considers it an apt recompense to your dues. Whichever case it might be, the strangely intense morning has left you pretty perched…
With a shrug, you decide you might as well enjoy your can of Kaiju while strolling to school.

You pull the tab on top of the can to have a good sip of the drink, unleashing the Kaiju onto your tongue and throat.
The neon blueberry liquid carries a pretty intense artificial fruit scent and an overwhelmingly sweet taste, but the strongly carbonated base helps wash down any lingering aftertaste and leaves a refreshed palate.
The overall experience feels like a fusion of ramune and kakigori syrup, which isn’t bad at all.

“You coming or what?”
Your enjoyment of the drink is suddenly interrupted by Yukari’s call for your attention, who stops a few steps ahead and is peeking over her shoulder upon noticing you haven’t caught up.
“Y-yeah! Coming!”
You hurriedly zip up your bag and swing it behind you back to catch up, but not before taking another sip of Kaiju.
The two of you resume your usual way up the uphill towards your school, albeit this journey feels particularly taxing today from the uneasy silence cloaking the two of you. This silence most definitely stems from Yukari’s anger, though you’re not sure if she’s still mad at Yayoi, or that your choice of a drink has further added fuel to the fire.
Out of both a genuine concern for her emotional wellbeing and the deathwish of poking a tiger, you decide to probe her and find out.

“Ya know, Yukari, this Kaiju drink is actually pretty good!” Pointing overdramatically at the can in your hand, you struck a silly pose in effort to lighten up the mood. “It tastes like, um, kakigori soda!”

Unfortunately, Yukari gives you no response, not even sparing you a look as she continues speeding ahead. Being only a few steps ahead, she definitely heard you, but chooses not to react. To you, her lack of response is more concerning than her usual quipping back or rolling her eyes. Furthermore, she shows no indication of slowing down, fully implying that she’d leave you behind without a word.

“Um, if you don’t want it, I can get you something else, ya know…” You break into a light jog to catch up and resume your effort, doubling down on what you think may raise her spirits, or at least appease her. “W-what about we visit the cake shop near my house some time? You like their mont blanc, right?”

She once again gives you the cold shoulder, even at the mention of one of her favorite treats. Cold sweat starts to ooze out from your pores as you observe the highly irregular coldness displayed by the usually explosive character of Yukari.
From what you know of her, she is either pissed beyond all recognition… or something is bothering her, putting her deep in thought.
Whichever one it may be, there is only one way to be certain.

“H-hey, Yukari? Are you… are you okay?” You inquire in grave concern, stuttering from both the concern of further enraging her with your persistent pestering and the physical exertion from constantly catching up to her. “I- I’m not sure if I can help, but if you need someone to talk with, um…”

Unlike your two prior attempts at starting a conversation, this time she does have a response, almost instantaneously even. Even before you finish your words, she stops dead on her track, forcing you to break in short notice to avoid bumping right into her.
File: yu_mei_ren_by_toi8_.jpg (174 KB, 580x541)
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174 KB JPG

She begins, slowly and softly. Her unexpected shift in tone adds to your anxiety, making you reflexively wince at the thoughts of the worst case scenario.

You brace yourself for what might come as you watch her brush her long braid to the side, look over her shoulder, and… greet you with a wry smile.

Yukari mutters softly, her deep brown eyes now glimmering with serenity, the last bit of rageful steam has fizzled out of her system. She quickly looks away and once again starts darting forward, as if laying down a challenge for you to catch up with her.

“You’re... welcome?” The words escape your lips naturally, albeit you’re not sure if she has heard it. Glad as you are knowing she’s no longer angry, the reason behind her rage remains elusive for you.
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Shortly after your little walk down the street, the grandeur steel gates of Kidosaka come into view. You’re not in a hurry this time, as today you have more than ten minutes to spare. That’s long enough for you to take a leisure stroll around before waltzing into your respective class.
Without Mifuyu in tow, you are sure to face no issues at the checkpoint as well, you think to yourself upon reaching the front of the queue at the disciplinary checkpoint.

As per usual, you follow closely behind Yukari and walk past the checkpoint, planning to tour the canteen before heading to-

With a simple yet assertive command over the megaphone, the two of you are halted in your steps as a familiar, petite figure hops in front of you to block your way.

“Let me see that.”
Hotaru Fukuhara, in her usual twin pigtail and a slightly messy uniform from rushing back and forth in her duty, points at the half finished can of Kaiju in your hand. Needless to say you comply without contest, still confident that you’ll pass the inspection from ‘‘little miss oni’.

The disciplinarian squints her heterochromic eyes and reads the can’s labels with raised eyebrows. Her expression quickly swaps from ‘skeptical’ to ‘confused’ to ‘concerned’
“Why would you drink this…?’’
Even the infamous ‘iron maiden’ lets slip a soft mutter as she stares dumbfoundead at the nutritional label. However, you are not quite sure why something as innocuous should warrant her attention.

“This isn’t good for you, you know that? Hasome?”
Her voice sounds more concerned than judgemental, a stark contrast from her attitude towards Mifuyu yesterday. Moreover, she actually remembers your name-
On a second thought, of course she does. She’s your class president last year, not to mention her zealous attentiveness to her duties, be it leading class votes or making sure everyone in class meets the required criteria on dress days.
Considering her disciplinarian position, you can’t exactly place her familiarity with you as a benefit.

“It’s an energy drink! How can it be bad if it gives energy?”

“Do you have any clue how much sugar and caffeine this thing contains!?” Her naturally booming voice stuns your eardrums like a truck. “I’m confiscating this health hazard!”

“Fukuhara, what’s your problem? That’s just an energy drink!”
“This has absolutely nothing to do with you, Yae! Move along!”
Yukari, standing by your side, voices what seems to be a protest. While nowhere as intense as the standoff against Yayoi earlier, Yukari’s words alone are enough to catch Hotaru’s attention just for a short while.
Long enough for you to voice your own grievances, if there are any.

>Snatch it back from her hand and glug down the rest in an act of defiance
>Surrender the Kaiju. It’s only got one third left anyway.
>Protest, energy drinks aren’t against school rules, this is clearly an abuse of power
>Write in
>Snatch it back from her hand and glug down the rest in an act of defiance
>Reiterate that none of this is against the code of conduct

Senki is like an inverse harem protagonist, a magnet that attracts all the worst girls instead of the other way around.
>Protest, energy drinks aren’t against school rules, this is clearly an abuse of power
>Snatch it back from her hand and glug down the rest in an act of defiance
Koito and Michiru are fine.
Yayoi is sus but I'm willing to give her a chance.
>Protest, energy drinks aren’t against school rules, this is clearly an abuse of power
>>Snatch it back from her hand and glug down the rest in an act of defiance and Protest, energy drinks aren’t against school rules, this is clearly an abuse of power
>Snatch it back from her hand and glug down the rest in an act of defiance
welp, found best girl
File: 1607340071826.png (773 KB, 1098x2000)
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773 KB PNG
>found best girl
Glad to know we've come to a consensus on who's best for our boy.
I honestly have already forgotten who any of these girls are. I only remember Yukari because she's the abuser.
aye she was a weird one, best steer clear from her. I've forgotten who all the girls are too but I'm a sucker for a softass student council member

man green hair was cool too but she was a fashion student, -100 points.

OP added a charsheet at the start of this thread so it'll be much easier to track down for future threads.

That said despite having such large of a cast there really seems to be only four, at most five clear cut options avaliable.
Yukari, self explanatory
Yayoi will likely will end up being just as abusive but in a different way
Mifuyu, would require Senki to cuck his brother
Michiru shows some signs that suggests closeted degeneracy

Koito is the only one who doesn't have any sort of stigma attatched to her yet, other than being a better version of Yukari.
What's wrong with fashion students?
she has bad fashion sense if she has to study for it
She designs costumes for the drama club, so she can't have that terrible of a taste.
Waaagh! A primal war cry rings within the depth of your soul.
You have no idea what rebellious spirit has possessed you in the moment, but taking this moment of distraction, the impulse from within compels you to snatch the can of KAIJU back from Hotaru’s hand.


Hotaru notices your anomaly and turns to you, by then you have already utilized your height advantage to keep the can out of her reach. If her goal is to prevent you from bringing your Kaiju into campus through pressure and intimidation, then very well- you’ll comply with her demands, but on your own terms!

You press the opening against your lips and, in an act of defiance, bottoms up the can to pour all of its remaining contents down your throat. Downing a third of a can of highly carbonated drink in one go is by no means pleasant, but this is not done for your enjoyment. This is to send a message!

*Glug Glug Glu- Gugh!?"
Bold as your actions are, your reckless attempt in emptying the can so quickly has resulted in some unwelcomed droplets of Kaiji to enter your airway.
“Ack- *Cough! Cough! Cough!*”
The highly carbonated and most definitely acidic liquid leaves an intense foreign body sensation in your nasal cavity and upper airway, making you cough uncontrollably like a man with tuberculosis.

She shouts out your name in great alarm, finally realizing what you have done and the predicament you got yourself into. Yet of course, she already is too late, for you have already downed most of the contents within the can and coughed out or spilled the rest.

Hotaru immediately springs into action like a fireman on a rescue mission. In a moment’s notice the student council secretary/ disciplinary council MVP storms up behind you and wraps her arms around your body, her hands locking at the center of your abdomen.
For some reason the first thing that registers in your mind is that she is planning to suplex you- there’s no way she’d throw you over your head, right?

“Spit it out! SPIT IT OUT!”

Obviously, pulling off an infamous wrestling move is far from her intention, but that does not make what she actually does any less painful. With a string of intermittent but forceful squeezes, Hotaru applies force onto your diaphragm, forcing your organs to react.

“Fukuhara! What are you doing!? Senki!”
Amidst Yukari’s protests, your attention is solely on the revolting sensation and the warm stream of gastric contents oozing up your esophagus, culminating in a jet of neon blue liquid pouring out of your throat. This ungodly mixture of gastric fluids and the carbonated, sugary drink leaves behind a highly acidic, disgustingly sweet and fruity aftertaste in your mouth. And as if that was not bad enough, you had to be reminded of the mess you made by the stench that permeates from the puddle you just created.
Ironically, not eating breakfast proves to be your only saving grace-at least you don’t have to retaste solids of your previous meal.
Like a marionette with snapped strings, your body bends powerlessly forwards the moment Hotaru loosens her grip on your torso. Your senses dull while you stare down at the ground, gagging and coughing incessantly in a natural response to clear your airway of phlegm and liquids.

Your ears ring with the frantic and concerning calls from both Yukari and Hotaru rushing to your side, at least that is the most you could make out to be. The two voices soon tangle themselves into a heated argument to which your mind has no energy of processing.
As you try to control your breathing following an immeasurable period of excruciating, eye watering agony, your body suddenly registers itself being propped up by an outside force from under your left shoulder. You look down and soon meet eyes with the source of this assistance - Hotaru carefully tugs herself under your left armpit and holds onto your left arm, propping your body up with her own and preventing you from falling over.

“Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!?”
Even in this position, ‘little miss oni’ still has the initiative to lecture you on your actions, to which you could only muster a low groan in response.
Loud chattering among the passing by students of Kidosaka rings all around you, no doubt a result of the debacle you created. Your heart sinks further as realization soon dawns upon you - you’re sure to become the topic of the week.
But that is the least of your current concerns...

“Hang on, I’m taking you to the infirmary.”
Firming her grip, Hotaru tugs on your left sleeve, as if to steer you onto the direction she dictates.

>Refuse, you will go there on your own
>Weakly ask why she did what she did
>Try to break free, you’ve had enough of this suffering
>Write in.
>Refuse, you will go there on your own
Is there a reason why the first action every other girl Senki meets is to immediately try a hand at manipulating him?
>Weakly ask why she did what she did
>Refuse, you will go there on your own
>Weakly ask why she did what she did
I would say in this case it's just Hotaru not being the brightest of the cast
>Try to break free, you’ve had enough of this suffering
>>Try to break free, you’ve had enough of this suffering
>Weakly ask why she did what she did
Unwilling to make another scene following your earlier unsavory fountain act, you give in and allow Hotaru to escort you to the infirmary. Standing only at the height of your shoulder, you at first thought the gesture Hotaru offers in helping you walk to be token at best, but is soon shocked by how sturdily built your old class president is.

Not only is she actually propping you upright, she even manages to drag you forward in marching speed.

However, the height difference and her firm grip on your left arm still places you in an awkwardly lopsided stance, constantly falling over to the left at every step.
At this position your left hand dangles over her shoulder, sporadically brushing against something large, round and soft to the touch, though you are too preoccupied with trying not to trip to pay it any extra attention.

This strange tango between the two of you has unwillingly gathered the attention of every single student you’ve brushed past on your way, every one of their curious gazes reinforcing your urge to curl into a ball in seclusion.
Nevertheless, you keep marching down the path Hotaru guides you through- interestingly, other than the curious onlookers along the way, you also catch Yukari at the corner of your eye, following closely behind.
Hotaru takes the route around the exterior of the auditorium, a path less traveled by other students. Away from the crowd and their consistent chatter and attention, you decide it is a good time to finally break the silence with Hotaru for a reason or purpose to the pain she put you through.

You weakly muster your still sore throat to mutter a question to your assailant. It’s a simple, basic question, but you mean it from the bottom of your heart.
“Why? What were you thinking, chugging an energy drink like that?”
For a second, she looks shocked by your audacity to even ask, but ultimately starts lecturing you again with no signs of remorse.
“Overconsumption of caffeine could potentially lead to a heart attack, you know?”

***Accumulated skill points can unlock special interactions and choices***
[Int Check: Tally, 4 / Required, 3 -- Passed]

This topic immediately brings you back to a past occurrence where your mother, concerned about your late night gaming antics and related caffeine intake, brought the issue up to your father.
Your old man, a psychiatrist that also practices family medicine, ended up giving you a stern, one-hour long lecture on the topic. While there is no way you can remember every detail, the basic idea is that as long as you drink enough water and don’t down too many cans within a few hours, you should be fine.

“Bu-but that’s just one can! That’s well below the line of overconsumption!” You decide to weigh in your knowledge and past experience into your argument. “I checked with my dad! He’s a doctor!”

“...Still, you shouldn’t chug the whole can down at once! You experienced first hand how dangerous that was, didn’t you?”
Stubborn as a mule, Hotaru remains steadfast in her stance, though she does seem to waver when presented with your fact-backed retort.
“I-I was only trying to finish it right there because you said it’s not allowed on campus...”

“I- That wasn’t the point! You shouldn’t be, um, drinking that…”

Her gaze sinks to the ground as her expression begins to soften, apparently choosing to give up on arguing against you. Looks like your softer approach happens to hit her soft spot, putting her into quiet reflection of her actions-

”Can’t you see this all started with YOUR INSISTENCE!?”
Which is cut short by none other than the cantankerous Yukari, quick to rekindle the flames of conflict and pick up from their previous quarrel.
”Hush, Yae! Getting Hasome to the infirmary is more important now!”
”Yeah? And whose fault was that, huh!?”
As it stands, not even the reputation as “little miss oni” can easily deter Yukari’s belligerence. In a surprisingly mature display, Hotaru opts not to reply, instead remaining silent for Yukari to stave the steam off her head. With no fuel to her fire Yukari’s outbursts soon cease, leaving only Hotaru’s audible groans under her breath as you continue down the passageway.
Taking a turn around the auditorium you reach your destination, right in front of the infirmary door.
Conveniently positioned between the auditorium and the main classroom complex, this location is easily accessible from both ends, in case of any non-critical medical matters on campus.
Yukari steps in and slides the door open, and you find yourself greeted by the signature scent of rubbing alcohol in the air.

Sunlight pours through the row of windows to illuminate the interior of the simplistic yet well equipped facility. The rows of beds next to the windows are adorned with fresh, snow white sheets, a most welcoming sight to weary students.
Next to the adjacent walls are the metallic cabinets for files and medical supplies, neatly arranged and labeled for easy classification.

Right next to the entrance is the nurse’s desk, where you spot the staff in charge of this room.
Your school nurse sits legs crossed in her seat, spacing out as her right hand props up her head. A pen dangles negligently on her left hand, her slim fingers toying with the slender wood-stemmed utensil in a way that’s both coy and suggestive at once.
A woman in her mid to late twenties, she carries both a noblewoman’s mature, regal poise and the enviably robust figure of a Greek sculpture, well accompanied by her dress choice of a pure white nurse uniform and tight fitting black leggings.

Colloquially known by the nickname ‘Nurse-san’, the lady is quite popular among male students as eye-candy material, and it’s really not hard to see why.
Her reputation among female students, on the other hand, is one of more… mystical and erratic in nature.

The disturbance at her door catches her attention, where she tilts her head slightly from her original resting position to better observe your entry with her pale amber eyes.

“Ah, a lovely little triangle” She smiles amicably at the sight of you being propped up by Hotaru on one side and Yukari standing on the other. “What seems to be the problem?”
”He choked on a carbonated drink and puked after I tried to clear his airway”
Hotaru chimes in before you could form up an explanation, attempting to answer in your stead.

”No, YOU made him puke by pulling a heimlich maneuver on him, when he would’ve been fine with just a few coughs!”
Yukari’s retort follows soon after, unwilling to let Hotaru take the reins of the conversation. Unfortunately, that serves to kickstart another bout of verbal conflict.
”That was an emergency, Yae! What would you have done, let him choke?”
”Well I wouldn’t have bitched about a can of-”
”Alright, alright, you two can fight over your lover boy later.”
Raising both hands, Nurse-san breaks up the quarreling two with a deliberate tease, forcing both of their attention onto her.
“I’m not his-”
“It- It's not like that-”
The two girls immediately halt their argument to voice their protest. Yukari’s cheeks appear to have adorned a soft shade of pink, while Hotaru flusterly waves her hands, wondering how the conversation got here in the first place.

”Now, now.” The adult in the room wags her index finger in front of the girls to cut their complaints short. “If you keep arguing, I’ll have to write you both an infraction~”
Both girls immediately swallow their words to Nurse-san’s relatively light hearted warning of disciplinary action.
Casual as she may sound, Nurse-san is also reputed to never shy from carrying out her threats.

"Put him there, would you?"
She points at the round, wheeled stool next to her desk, which Hotaru helps set your bum onto before finally disengaging from you.

“Oh and, before we start... Could you please have just one of these ladies here to keep you company? I don’t want to have to deal with cat fight casualties.”
Nurse-san's words and her playful grin give a clear indication that she’s just half heartedly playing with you.

On the other hand, your two female acquaintances are glaring silently and wrathfully at one another, like two territorial apex predators ready to tear open each other’s throat. The tension rises with every passing second, with Nurse-san’s jest becoming a progressively tangible outcome.
You should probably do something to break up the standoff…

>>>Ask both of them to get on with their day, you can handle this alone
>>>Ask Yukari to leave, before she loses her temper and pounce on Hotaru
>>>Ask Hotaru to leave, she’s caused enough ruckus for today
>Ask Hotaru to leave, she’s caused enough ruckus for today
The OP for Heimlich maneuver actually states that you should try slapping the patient's back first, and only proceed with the Heimlich if that doesn't help. Minus 57 points to Hotaru!

>Ask both of them to get on with their day, you can handle this alone
A medical examination is a private matter.
>Ask Hotaru to leave, she’s caused enough ruckus for today
>Ask both of them to get on with their day, you can handle this alone

Will Senki ever be freed from abusive harem members?
>Ask Hotaru to leave, she’s caused enough ruckus for today
>>>>Ask both of them to get on with their day, you can handle this alone
>Ask Hotaru to leave, she’s caused enough ruckus for today
File: nurse_by_mafuyu_.jpg (297 KB, 816x1167)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
If anything, Hotaru has caused enough trouble for you today, and you do not wish to run into any more problems with her around. Nevertheless she is a member of the disciplinary council, so you opt to take a more tactful approach in asking her to leave you be.

“Fukuhara, um, thanks for taking me here,” You mouth a surface level gratitude to avoid conflicts, before rolling out your main argument which you know she can’t deny. “I… I think you can leave us here? I’m sure you have duties to attend to.”

“I-...” Hotaru wavers, looking at you concerningly, but after a moment of silence with words stuck to her throat, she lets out a resigned sigh. “I understand.”
With furrowed brows she turns around and heads to the door, leaving Yukari and you in peac-

“Yeah, screw off, you-”
“It’s fine, Yukari!" You cut her off before she could restart the hostilities again “I’m okay! For real!”
Your body in turn reflexively turns around to grab her by the arm, hoping she’ll take your cue to stop.

“What was that!?”
Hotaru halts her steps right before the exit, gleaming over her shoulder straight at your childhood friend. Her low, bellowing voice echoes throughout the room, demonstrating that she does not intend to take this transgression kindly.

“N-nothing!” You swiftly interrupt again before the two could jump back at each other’s throats. “Just leave us alone, please.”
Hotaru and Yukari exchange one last antagonistic glare, and the former finally decides to back off and make her exit. You take a breath of relief, knowing the message went across in the nick of time.

“Whew, that was close!” Nurse-san clasps her hands to an obviously sarcastic cheer, almost as if she’s enjoying the events unfolding at her doorstep. The smile quickly shifts to a more serious demeanor, as she turns her attention back onto you. ”Now lover boy, how are you feeling?”

“Okay, I suppose.” Your answer is interrupted by a cough. The worst of the effects from regurgitating your stomach contents have long passed, but the lingering irritation is still prevalent to make you instinctively clear your throat. “Throat’s a bit icky from, um, that incident earlier.”

“Hmmm.” She nods, putting on her latex gloves and mask, then takes out a stethoscope, a wooden tongue depressor, and a full set of tools for an upper airway checkup. “Now, let’s see what’s wrong with you!”
“Hm, nothing too serious.” Following a surprisingly professional full checkup, Nurse-san tosses the wooden tongue depressor into a nearby metallic bin, then stands up from her chair. “Wait here for a second.”

She opens the medical cabinets and scrambles about the different layers, before finally returns to you with two types of pills, one round and pink and another a white ellipse.
“Take these with warm water, and you should feel better. You might want to rinse your mouth with warm water too, helps get rid of residue acid in your mouth.” She instructs, tying the pills in a small paper wrapper before handing them to you.
“If your stomach still feels upset before lunch, drop by before you eat anything. Otherwise, you’re clear to go.”


Just as you plan to stand up and leave, you feel a gentle pat on your shoulder from Nurse-san, her playful smile returns as she instructs you to come a bit closer. As you comply, she leans just a slightly bit forward to whisper into your ear.
“Best start thinking about how to placate the ladies now, lover boy~”

You nod, albeit somewhat awkwardly, before she lets go of you and waves you goodbye, still wearing the same mischievous smile.

“What’s wrong? Let’s go already, Senki!”
Thankfully, Yukari doesn’t seem to have caught what Nurse-san said right before sending you off. She’s pissed off enough as she already is.

The two of you leave the infirmary, quickly pacing towards the main classroom complex in hopes to beat the bell.

“Dear God, Senki, what the hell did you get me?”
“It’s an energy drink... I think?” You try to produce an answer that hopefully won’t rile her up farther, noting the fuming, seething flames Yukari displays earlier following the run-in with Hotaru.
Which does beg the question…

“Um, Yukari, why are you so… revved up today, against Fukuhara?”
Yukari has always been aiming for the top in her school performance, and as someone aiming for that goal, standing up against the disciplinary council is not a standard course of action she would take.
Not to mention, you don’t remember her having an axe to grind between them either.

“She’s picking on you for no good reason, isn’t she?” She snaps back without a second thought, sounding strangely akin to Mifuyu of all people. “I know she’s nosey, but I thought she’d be better than that. Ugh.”

“Thanks...For speaking up for me, ya know…”

Her cheeks faintly reddens as you two exchange glances - as if, just for a moment, she has been truly touched by your words.

“Eck, just go to class already!” You feel her hand patting you on the back. “I don’t want to be late for some bullshit like this!”
The little episode at the checkpoint has effectively reduced all leads you have accumulated from waking up and heading out early. When you finally make your way into the classroom, you only manage to beat the bell by a mere three minutes.
The scene at the classroom looks more or less the same as the day prior, with students gathering in their own respective groups.
It’s junior year afterall, most of these social circles here have been well established from the previous year.

However, certain outliers still exist, sitting alone in their seats minding their own business. Among which includes Michiru, who stares quietly and attentively at the two male classmates a few desks in front of her.
The pair happen to be the same two Chihaya was bickering with yesterday, once again engaging in a heated debate. Brushing past them on your way to your seat, you roughly overhear their topic to be on heterosexuality (or there lack of) in being attracted to androgenous characters. Though, their discussion narrowly misses your attention compared to the sight before you.
Panting heavily with cheeks pink from blushing, a wide-eyed and smiling Michiru fervently observes her classmates while her hand and pen flies on her notepad, akin to a sketcher fully engrossed in capturing a moment.

“Morning, Michiru-san.”
You greet her casually as you settle onto your seat to catch her attention. While it may be a bit impolite to disrupt her work, you do have a pen in need of returning.

With a peculiar screech she snaps out of her feverish concentration, quickly slamming both arms onto her notepad to cover its contents.

Michiru loudly returns your greeting, her words sounding more like a declaration than a reply.
Holding onto her notepad with stone-hard determination, Michiru glances at you alarmingly like a rabbit looking out for a passing snake, ready for drastic response at any unprompted movement from you.

Your classmate’s one-sided high alert state has landed you in a rather awkward situation. You are not sure what you have done or said that has agitated her, hence you decide to just put the pen on her desk and get the issue over with.

Slowly, you take out the pen from your pocket, and places it onto her table. While she at first shrinks back in response to your approach, her glance quickly switches to one of curiosity to the purpose of your action.

“It’s the pen you dropped yesterday.” You begin, keeping your words straight to the point while keeping both of your hands close to yourself and in her view to show that you come in peace.
She stares at the pen then back at you, your disarming actions sufficiently lowering her guard for her to free one of her hands to reach out for the pen-
“Oho~ What could this be?”
Exploiting the moment of distraction, Chihaya swipes away Michiru’s notepad from under her arms with the dexterity of a thieving monkey. Holding the notepad from his fingers, Chihaya jeers as he deliberately dangles it in front of its owner in a clear cut taunt.

For a brief moment, Michiru appears to freeze solid. Overwhelming panic soon emerges in her eyes as realization sets in that her treasured notepad is no longer her possession. There is not a single trace of anger in her expression, but in its stead, absolute dread.

“G-give it back!”
Her subsequent squeal, sharp as a frightened hamster, sounds more like a plea for help than anything. Well tucked into her seat, her attempt at standing up results in a sharp bang as both of her knees struck the bottom of her desk drawer.
Her body visibly recoils back into her chair, and the effect of the collision immediately apparent with her long, sniffing groan as her eyes fills up with tears. Even while her body shivers from the pain, Michiru remains adamant, reaching her hands up in an attempt to grab back her precious records.
However, the mischievous Chihaya simply raises his hand higher, whisking the notebook just slightly out of her reach.

“Now what do we have here?” Giggling malevolently, the troublemaker mockingly flips through some pages, though you can tell he’s not actually reading through them, at least not yet.

>Stay out of it
>Tell Chihaya to quit it and leave Michiru alone
>Snatch the notepad back from behind and dangle it high above Chihaya’s head
>Write in
>Tell Chihaya to quit it and leave Michiru alone
>Snatch the notepad back from behind and dangle it high above Chihaya’s head
The manlet needs to be taught of his place in the pecking order
I feel Yukari could easily be a contender for best girl if she worked out her anger issues.
And good job QM for writing tsundere moments that doesn't read like cringe.

>Tell Chihaya to quit it and leave Michiru alone
>Snatch the notepad back from behind and dangle it high above Chihaya’s head
We shall see, Senki has yet interacted with the rest of the cast as extensively as he does with Yukari
>Snatch the notepad back from behind and dangle it high above Chihaya’s head

And her control freak tendencies. And her total absence of respect for human dignity. And her lack of self-awareness.
>Snatch the notepad back from behind and dangle it high above Chihaya’s head

I think the overarching problem with Yukari isn't that much related to her anger issues as opposed to how she demands subservience from her peers and lashing out when they show any signs of noncompliance.
With Senki she overreaches to the point where she's demanding who he should and should not hang out with. (Makino sisters)
File: michi by funkysatou.png (2.06 MB, 2086x2150)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
If Chihaya is going to be a bully, then the best way to teach this little bastard a lesson is to give him a taste of his own medicine… And you just happen to have both the height and the right position to dole out this punishment.

While Chihay places his focus on the notepad, you quietly shuffle both your legs to the side of your chair, allowing you to get out of your seat without even brushing against your desk. Now fully sitting sideways, you quietly move out of your seat and set your eyes on your target.

Stealthy as a praying mantis stalking an unsuspecting cicada, you raise both hands to your eye level, slowly but surely approaching Chihaya from behind. All is an opportune moment to strike-

“My, my! Look at all this!” Chihaya smugly taps the notepad to make two audible clicks, much to the dismay of the already disheartened Michiru. “I wonder what Sensei would say if he sees this?”

“P-please! Please don’t show him!”

Michiru once again lowers her head onto her desktop and pleads for mercy, with enough force to cause a knock when her forehead hits the hard surface. Unfortunately, her act of subservience only further adds fuel to Chihaya’s power trip moment.

“What about sharing them with the class?” He flaunts with wide open arms, as if recreating a famous taunt from an award winning movie about ancient pit fighters. In a considerably arrogant, overconfident display, Chihaya holds the notepad at the tip of his right hand far away from the center of his body.

He has created a welcoming opportunity for you to strike- and strike you did!
“See, this here says-”

Chihaya is swiftly cut off by the fact that he is now staring into an empty hand- and the realization that the notepad is no longer in his possession.

“Wha-!?” His expression is one of shock and confusion, until his gaze falls upon the current position of the notepad… or more specifically, the individual that had just snatched it from him moments ago- you.

“Hasome, the hell is this about?”

He voices his complaint at you spoiling his fun, all this time fixing his eyes on the notepad that now rests on your fingertips. He reaches to swipe the item back from you…


Only to end up empty handed when you move the notepad high above the trajectory of his grasp in the nick of time.

“Very funny Hasome,” He snarks, reaching for the notepad once more, only to reach the same effect as before.

“Alright, quit being a bitch.” Unrelenting, Chihaya tries again and and again, only to barely miss the notepad each time by your trickery.

“Jump, Chihaya, jump!”

“You can do it, little man!”

His two acquaintances have dropped their debate and turned their attention into this bullfight. They are most definitely not cheering for him.

Chihaya's initial grin fades as he finally catches on with the gig you are playing on him. Unfortunately for Chihaya, he’s not the only one who did- he has made himself the clown of the circus.

”SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He snaps angrily at the two, yet it only achieves the opposite of what he had hoped to achieve. The ruckus caused by your collective actions is enough to draw the curious glances of almost every member of your class. Chihaya’s face instantly flushes red as a namahage with anger and embarrassment, and soon rushes towards you for one last ditch attempt-


Or so you thought, as the shock of his kneecap striking you at the groin arrives a split second after the action itself registers in your brain.


He angrily storms away, leaving the notepad with you but at the cost of reeling from the critical strike. The painful knee strike narrowly misses one of the most fragile parts of your body, but the force behind the hit is enough to cause a proportional shockwave of pain and nausea coursing through your body.

Had you known such to be the consequences, perhaps you should’ve stayed out of it.

“God damnit…”
As you lay face down on your desk recovering from the strike on your manhood, you feel a gentle poke on the center of your back.

“Thank you, Hasome-kun...” Michiru’s voice, low, thoughtful, and distant, rings in your ears- though, you can’t be certain whether that is just how she sounds naturally, or that is a filter effect caused by your mind being preoccupied with the pain.

This marks the second time within thirty minutes that you were physically assaulted, yet as terrible as it may sound, you don’t really wish to end up back in the infirmary after just being discharged.

“...Are you alright?”

“Eh… I’m fine, I guess.” You weakly prop your head up and turn around, just in time to lock eyes with her again- to which she timidly shrinks back her hand, her glance wavering between you and the notepad on your lap.

“Here, your notepad.” Michiru scurries to grab her treasure the moment you present it back to her, holding it tightly in her chest.

“T-thank you.” She murmurs again, lowering her head in gratitude as a shade of pink overtakes her cheeks.

“D-don't mention it.”

You give her a casual backhanded thumbs up and force yourself to smile amidst the lingering pain. Gotta stay cool to the end if you’re gonna play the hero, no?

“Goood Morning, Class!”

Sensei’s energetic greeting as he makes his entrance marks the beginning of classes for the day, and the crisp and loud ringing of the bell that soon follows signals the two of you to cease your chit chat and take out your books.

As the morning class goes on, you hear a few soft mumbles from behind, alongside the all too familiar brushing of pen against paper. Peeking over your shoulder, you notice Michiru has shifted back to her ‘observation mode’, the feverish, passionate grin from earlier fully returns onto her face.

With her notepad on her lap, she resumes her note taking antics with the passion of a zealous scribe, all the while murmuring to herself.

“E...cu… tion”, You vaguely overhear some of the words she murmurs in bits and pieces. Somehow, you feel these weird lexicons aren’t anything to do with the class, nor are they within your realm of understanding...

Time flies, and so does your morning lessons. Thanks to adequate sleep, the drowsiness that you would normally experience does not kick in, and you are able to keep your mind semi-focused on the classes… but not exactly learning much of anything in the process. But that’s behind you now- lunch period is just around the corner!

What do you plan to do during lunch break?
>Return to the infirmary for an additional checkup

>Gather with your friends and have lunch together

>Meet up with Yukari's group again

>Visit the 'haven' of the schoolyard you visited yesterday, maybe Mifuyu and her group are there
>Return to the infirmary for an additional checkup

What happened to the formatting?
Had to post with phone today. Apologizes for any inconvenience.
>Return to the infirmary for an additional checkup
She did want us back for a second checkup right? Shouldn't take too long
>Visit the 'haven' of the schoolyard you visited yesterday, maybe Mifuyu and her group are there
>Visit the 'haven' of the schoolyard you visited yesterday, maybe Mifuyu and her group are there
>Meet up with Yukari's group again
>Return to the infirmary for an additional checkup
>>Return to the infirmary for an additional checkup
Before you reach into your bag for your bento box, you recall Nurse-san’s heed for you to drop by the infirmary. Though all that craziness from the events of this morning has long subsided, you still feel the need to go for another checkup. Such is the discipline you can thank your old man for passing down to you- it’s better to be safe than sorry.
As soon as you hear the bell, you hop out of your seat and make your way to the infirmary.

“Nurse-san! I’m here for the checkup!”
You proclaim loudly as you slide the infirmary door open with full force without a second thought. To your surprise, you are greeted by the sight of an empty desk, with Nurse-san being nowhere to be seen in the room. Your mind pauses for a brief moment until you realize what time of the day it is.

She must’ve gone on a break, likely to fetch lunch for herself. In that case, perhaps you should wait here for her return. A part of you wish you had brought along your bento with you, but Nurse-san did mention to have the checkup before eating anything.
While you wait, you might as well make yourself comfortable at the row beds for a nice, cushioned seat. You make your way towards the beds, now partially obscured by thick curtains of sliding fabric between each unit, no doubt to ensure the privacy of potential occupants. You head towards the closest bed and brush aside the fabric, soon to realize you aren’t the only person in the room.
Occupying herself in the sweetest spot slightly next to the window, Yayoi Makino rests perfectly serene on the pillowy mattress. The sun shining on the bed narrowly misses the area around the pillow, warming up the sheets and cushion she is currently lying on without shining straight into her eyes. She is in the perfect position for a warm, comfy nap, and the content expression on her face reflects just that.

Lying perfectly straight on her back Yayoi rests, relaxed and comfortable with her hands held together tenderly on her stomach. The rays of the noon sun slants through the windows, casting shimmering highlights on the white sheets of the bed and the sleeping girl herself.
Long tresses of her hair flow smoothly along the curve of the pillow like a gently flowing stream, forming a wavy, golden frame to the incredible fairness of her features. Her skin, porcelain smooth and cream-and-peaches in complexion, glistens with life under the sun’s rays, a testament to the effort she puts into taking care of herself.

The scene before you resembles the physical manifestation of the sleeping beauty from the titular fairytale, and you find your full attention engrossed by her presence, just as with every other encounter you had with her thus far. As she lies perfectly still and completely unaware of your presence, you couldn’t help but take a few steps closer, if only just to better admire the picturesque sight before you-

“Good day, Hasome-san.”
Seemingly out of nowhere, Yayoi’s carefully leveled voice breaks the silence and takes you by surprise, almost making you stumble over from fright.
The elder Makino flicks open her eyes, her limpid, tender gaze piercing right into your soul. She sits up from her fairytale-like slumber with a good stretch of her arms and shoulder, then finally turns her head towards you.
“My, what a nice day… truly a shame to have a sound nap cut short.”

“I-I’m sorry!” Reflexively you begin apologizing, your hands automatically raised into a defensive posture. “I didn’t know you were, you know, resting….”

“Hmm...” She hums, pouting oh-so-thoughtfully while she shuffles herself to the side of her bed, positioning her body to face squarely at you. Yayoi then tilts her head and gives you a mild scowl, as if finding your justification to be less than satisfactory.
The displeasure she displays towards you reminds you of your previous encounter with her earlier today.

“How inconsiderate of you, leaving a girl hanging like that...”
"H-how can I make up for you?” You suggest, quickly referring to your old gamebook of handling a displeased Yukari. “Maybe something to eat? I got both my lunch and breakfast packed and ready tod…”

With surprising dexterity Yayoi leans closer to you and presses her index finger gently against your lips. You instantly feel your heart rate spike, not too dissimilar to your encounter with her yesterday.
Seeing your most definite blush, she lifts her pout and gives you a playfully wicked twinkle with her eyes.
”You could do me a favor instead,” she suggests, a soft grin forming across her delicate features. “Meet me at the library in twenty minutes, and perhaps I’ll forgive you.”

“O...Okay?” That answer certainly leaves you with more questions than answers. “W-what should I-”
She lifts her finger off your lips, wagging it before your eyes in an obvious signal for you to stop.
”I’d much rather discuss the rest in private.” She explains, her eyes jolting towards the door. “Nurse-san shall return soon, and besides, I believe your friend is at the door.”

You turn your focus to the entrance as well, just in time to see the door slowly slide open, as well as the chatter of a very familiar voice.
“-maybe you should ask him yourself?”
At the doorway stands Nurse-san, facing sideways as she chats with her companion in the corridor… who happens to be none other than Hotaru, the little miss oni who assaulted you this morning.
“Well, look who’s here!” Nurse-san blinks in mild bemusement upon noticing your presence, which in turn also directs Hotaru’s attention towards you. Little miss oni stands frozen and stupefied upon seeing you, as if the prospects of you being here has never crossed her mind.
You, on the other hand, can hardly contain the dread her actions have imprinted in your mind, and you soon find yourself curling up behind the thick fabric curtain desperately thinking of ways to evade her should she come charging in for round two.
“Would you like to come in?” The nurse asks her companion, though to your relief Hotaru shows no intention in entering the room.
“I… I should take my leave.” She respectfully lowers her head towards Nurse-san and declines the offer. “Thank you for your time, Nurse-san.”
She dashes off no sooner after finishing the last word, leaving Nurse san shrugging at the turn of events.

“I shall take my leave as well,” Yayoi declares as she puts on her shoes and hop off the bed. “You’ll need privacy for your check-up, no?”
“I… I suppose?”
As you untangle yourself from the curtain, you are unexpectedly pulled by Yayoi’s grip on your shoulder, tagging you just a bit closer to herself.
“I’ll be waiting.” The older Makino whispers in a soft and strangely hypnotic tone, followed by a mesmerizing wink before dislodging herself from you. As you watch Yayoi disappear into the corridor, you find yourself dumbfounded by her almost seductive approach, alongside the mixed signals she’s been sending on every interaction.
She seems both extremely eager to have your attention, yet at the same time, displays almost no affection towards your person… What could she really be wanting from you?

“Aren't you quite the sinful Casanova.” Nurse-san’s soft chuckle while she settles at her workstation breaks your ponder and brings you back to reality. "Jokes aside, let's see how you're doing."
The checkup turns out to be...surprisingly quick. The process merely involves a rudimentary set of questions and being handed another round of pills, which combined took you less than five minutes to complete. Nevertheless, you find yourself beelining straight for the library, opting to postpone lunch until you’ve settled your ordeal with Yayoi, lest you disappoint her one more time...

Soon you reach the heavy ornate wooden door on the opposite end of the corridor from the infirmary, at the furthest corner of the main classroom building- your destination, the school library.
Pushing open the door, you find yourself at the main commons area, the brightly lit atrium of this expansive facility that spans across two separate floors. To your front is the main counter, sandwiched between the tables of the study area on your left and the rows of computer desks linked with printers on your right.
The rows of well stocked shelves surrounding the commons area are filled with textbooks and other frequently borrowed items related to school works. A storage area is allocated at the back of the ground floor, reserved only for staff members.

At the corner of this atrium sits a separate set of stairs leading downstairs, into the extensive basement that distinguishes Kidosaka’s library from your standard school library.
Known as “the dungeon” by students, the dimly lit underground archive houses a titanic collection of hardback books from all over the world accumulated through the decades of Kidosaka’s existence, dating as far back as a century ago. While not as neglected and dust-collecting eerie as the nickname may suggest, the densely filled shelves obscuring view between lanes and a dimly lit, and usually harrowingly quiet environment makes for an ideal breeding ground for urban legends as well as sets for movie club members filming horror shorts. Of course, for the reputation alone, most students tend to stay clear of the area unless they have some purpose to be there.

Checking on the clock hanging on the center of the library’s main commons, you note an approximately 15 minutes surplus before your designated rendezvous time with Yayoi. Perhaps you could do something while you wait…

>Find something to read and sit at the study area to pass time
>Go to the computer desks, maybe read a few threads on the Antpires forum
>Explore the underground dungeon because why not
>Reflect on why we're such a spineless, girl-whipped sad sack of dung.
>Explore the underground dungeon because why not
>Explore the underground dungeon because why not
>Find something to read and sit at the study area to pass time
Only for Yukari and Yayoi it seems. Latter actually sort of reminds me of how QM portrayed Subaru's thoughts on Margaret in the other quest.
File: 1615537077092.png (1.12 MB, 1032x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>Explore the underground dungeon because why not

Margaret is a big cinnamon roll.
Yayoi is just... I don't know, something doesn't sit well with the way she speaks.
>Find something to read and sit at the study area to pass time
She's fine you schizos.
The fact that she's not abusing Senki already makes her much better than Yukari and Hotaru. Neither is she a creep like Michiru.
>Not a creep
Everything she has done so far has been inviting Senki to pursue her for some unknown reasons but I'd wager it's to hurt Yukari. Might be a bit malicious but it's still by no means a creep. It's nothing compared to say, Michiru passively stalking people and documenting every little detail about them.
Michiru is just writing yaoi about her classmates.
Which , to be honest, is creepy.
Alright, we likely wont have time to finish off the next bit before the thread sinks.
Thread has been archived, and we'll be back as soon as the next bit is ready.

Thanks everyone for joining!

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