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File: is.it.fae.or.fey.jpg (244 KB, 1433x1120)
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The city rustled with the noises of mankind and the flashing lights of technology. Pierre stood alone in the dirty streets. He had tried to gather allies around the city for his war against the great enemy but all the creates he had encountered refused, The gnome refused to speak to him, the dog that run away and the magpies had tried to it him. He was going to face this challenge alone once again. He was trying to feel unquiet, but such emotions were to complex for his stuffing’s.
He was the proud defender of his human’s slumber; he was her teddy! He knew failure was not an option, but the assaults had become more and more dangerous, the shadows extended a little bit further every night and took vicious shapes.
The sun hanged dangerously close to the horizon, he griped the sharpened pencil he had been using as a spear. He started walking back home.

The storefronts of the city illuminated dozens of strange trinkets of doubtful utility. As Pierre approached his house, the commercial district was left behind and the streets showed more of their old age with chips walls and windows eaten away by time.
The sky started to tinged orange and the sewer slimes bleed into the street to enjoy the cold breeze in the veil of the dark.

As soon Pierre arrive to his destination, he made his way to the side alley. The grime and garbage that hides from the city secluded a small window with which he could sneak inside, but as he zigzagged to avoid the puddles, he observed a problem.
“Puff balls with no sugar! They locked me out.”
The window allowed him to go into the ground level and then he just needed to go up the stairs.
But now it’s locked from the inside.

-How does Pierre get inside?
> Use the gutters to go up. (Strength check)
>Wait at the door until someone comes in/out (and now we wait)
>Throw a stone at the window to open it (Instinct check)
>Write in
File: oh.shit.window.jpg (144 KB, 906x1058)
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144 KB JPG
Stats: from 1-10
/Strength- your physical prowess
/Aberrance- The sanity you remove from humans that see you and the strength from your powers
/ Instinct- Gut feelings, perception and inherit knowledge
/Speech- How well you can talk and use words
/Corporeality- how real you are, the greater, the more humans will see you. Also serves as HP, if reduced to 0 you die
When you need to make a check roll 1d20 and add the relevant stat, if the result is bigger than the DC you pass.

Pierre starts with:
/Strength-[1] /Aberrance-[1] /Instinct-[2] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[1]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>>Throw a stone at the window to open it (Instinct check)
>> Use the gutters to go up. (Strength check)
>Throw a stone at the window to open it (Instinct check)
>> Use the gutters to go up. (Strength check)
We need a tie breaker and someone to roll 1d20
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Rolled 15 (1d20)

>Use the gutters to go up. (Strength check)
File: I.m.going.home.jpg (958 KB, 2132x1569)
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958 KB JPG
>Use the gutters to go up. (Strength check)
Pierre looked up, there was an open window a few stories up, he began to formulate a plan to get inside by scaling the gutters. Leaving his pencil on the ground he took a grip on the cold metal and began to pull himself up.
The start was easy, but as the ground got further away the rust and cheap paint loosened his grip. A ray of hope, he had reached the window. He just needed to make the jump, he just needed to swing himself and then reach for the stool.
Roll = 1+1 = 2; DC = 6; Result = crit failure

Pierre observed as the window began to shrink and the wind whistled in his ears. He was falling. He frantically tried to reach for safety but his body whirled in the air without control.
His last thoughts as he saw the ground near were laments for leaving Charlotte alone.

he was in a puddle… the body of the teddy had harmlessly fallen to the ground and landed in a puddle of dirt and grime. For a second, he felt relive he dint actually died, until he realized he was covered in filth.
“Oh, Barnacles. I will need to go in the washing machine.”
[temp. status = Very dirty: -3 to stealth, -1 speech]
He climbed once again, and this time found success. He then maneuvered trough the mailboxes until he entered his home.

The entrance greeted him with the smell of cigarettes and dampness. The floral paper in the walls tilted ever so slightly the you could see the bricks underneath in some places. Charlottes mother profile contrasted in the darkened living room, only illuminated by a bluish glow from the TV and the ambers of her smoke.
Pierre decided not to linger, if she saw him alone, she would surely misplace him in the trashcan again.

Making a turn he passed through the hallway into charlotte’s room.
He tried knocking but his fist carried to little weight.
“May I come in?”
Some quick steps and the door opened in front of him.
A little girl with curly hair and a missing tooth, she was wearing a sweater that reached her knees and a pink plastic tiara. She was smiling down at him.
“Lieutenant Pierre! What has happened to you!”
She scooped him up and carried him inside.

The room was painted a light violet and littered with toys from fast-food franchises or garage sales. A few essential furnishings were pressed against the walls in a failed effort to obscure the mold.
Charlotte took her teddy to a plastic table and began to scrub him with some rags, but only manage to take away the most superficial grime.
“You naughty bear, where did you go?”
“I was … making more friends, but it didn’t work out.” He lied, she did not know abut the monsters in the shadows at night. And he intendent to keep it that way, she should not fear sleep, he needed to protect her.
“They are so mean, and you missed the tea party.” Pierre looked behind her, a few plastic cups rested on the carpet and two naked barby dolls sat silently.
“I will not miss it next time, but now you should go have dinner.”
“Miss Robinson gave me spaghetti, so I don’t need to make sandwiches. I just want to play more!”
Pierre looked at her, miss Robinson was the neighbor in front.
“Charlotte, you should make a present for her. She makes us a lot of food.”
Charlottes face wrinkled up, pondering what would be an appropriate present for the old lady.
Her face brightened up when she came up with an idea.
“I will draw her cats!”
She quickly scuttled to get her crayons.
With her distracted, Pierre started to think of preparations against tonight’s invader.

>What do you do to prepare?
-you can make 3 actions, preparations that would take a long time will take up 2 actions
(example: cleaning up)

[spoilers] sorry for the delay, and looking at this now i should have spent more time formating [/spoilers]
I'm a fucking idiot
I remember this quest, it's nice to have you back.
>Obtain throwing spears (toothpicks) and a sword (knife) from the kitchen
>Construct a simple booby trap on the windowsill
If the latter doesn't take a long time then also
>Clean up for easier movement around the house
>I remember this quest, it's nice to have you back.
This happened before?

How? I'm liking th equest so far.

Yeah, found it archived only on yuki la for some reason. We played as an eldritch wolf searching for a place to call home after our forest fell to the advance of man. It died after OP revealed that we would be changing characters. A shame, but now it's here again, so everything is alright.
File: dovawb1b7y831.jpg (159 KB, 1275x1650)
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159 KB JPG
>How? I'm liking the quest so far.
grammar mistakes

>This happened before?
Same setting, diferent characters.
You don't need to know anything about the previous one to enjoy this one. But if you still want to see it:


My fault. I wasn't on a good mindset and never archived it.
I was on your previous quest and I liked it very much, it was short but sweet. I can't wait to see how this one goes.

Same as this guy >>>>4691612

Played in the quest until IRL stuff took over and had a very good time with it. Also really like your art style-- adds to the mystical flair of the quest!
File: the.great.enemy.jpg (1.19 MB, 1947x1603)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
>Obtain throwing spears (toothpicks) and a sword (knife) from the kitchen
>Construct a simple booby trap on the windowsill
If the latter doesn't take a long time then also
>Clean up for easier movement around the house

With not much time a head of him Pierre moved quickly, he began by sneaking into the kitchen.
The greasy walls and empty shelves would indicate there was nothing of value here but he had a plan.
searching inside drawers and among poorly stacked tupperware he found the tools he wanted.
He fashioned himself a quiver with tin foil and filled it with a few skewers he found.
Then he took one of the wieldier kitchen knives for himself,
a blade fit for a warrior he thought.
>7 Skewers: melee/ranged, thrown 5 m , +1 rolls
>Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.

Returning to the violet room he decided to prepare by setting a simple trap on the windowsill with a few strings and Charlottes rock collection.
By the time he finished, Charlotte had already gone to sleep.
Pierre sat at the edge of the bed and began to remove the dirt still stuck to his fur.
He wasn’t really clean, but it was better than nothing.
>Pierre is now = [Dirty: -1 speech]

While the day crossed from one to the next and the humans were at their deepest dreams the artificial stars of the street shut down.
When they returned Pierre’s little world to light there was a figure blocking half the window.
The silhouette remained fixed on the outside of a third floor. Pierre took a better hold of his weapon. The air began to stink of ammonia, and the constant scraping sound of insects in the walls came to a stop.
With the thickening of shades Pierre could no longer tell what was real.
The hanged man in the corner, the maggots reaching to him on the floor or the cacophonous whispers that came from the window.
He gripped the orange bedsheets, that was real, that was his anchor against his great enemy.
He looked behind him, to the little creature under his protection.
He could see her dreams, he didn’t know how but he did.
He loved sing the many stories that would unfold.
Pierre had once sneak to see the fantasies of Charlottes mother but found none.
Ge gently stroke the stream of smoke that served as a window to the dream.

A scraping sound called his attention, a bulge began to swell under the carpet in the center of the room.
His mind began to think of how to achieve victory.
>Fight (Strength)(Which weapon and how?)
>Go for the light ( How?)
> Touch the dream (Aberrance)
> Try to communicate (speech) (what to say?)
>Write in
thanks, having a few people remenber it fondly is nice
>Go for the light ( How?)
Go for the light swich ,
i realiced it might be confusing
>> Try to communicate (speech) (what to say?)

Ask what it is and what it's doing here.

Support >>4692474

If it's the enemy, fight with the knife.
File: 67-thetracks.png (386 KB, 800x621)
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386 KB PNG
Sorry for being late, If you could roll 1d20 Bo3
Rolled 1 (1d20)

The dice gods sure don't like Pierre
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 18 (1d20)

File: A.skeleton.jpg (691 KB, 1483x1637)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
>> Try to communicate (speech) (what to say?)
>Ask what it is and what it's doing here.

Pierre stood at the edge of the bed, enduring the incoming storm. The carpet was slowly swelling, the mass underneath began to pierce its way out. A skeletal figure of vaguely human shape emerged. Its head a mess of twisting pillars of void.
A confusing sight to the teddy, as if the light reflected in its entirety of the creature.
the stun quickly was discarded and replaced with bold confidence.
He could not falter, not now.
He resorted to one of the many lines he had used playing knights with Charlotte.
"I'm Pierre, and you are a intruder. Name yourself and purpose or you shall meet my blade."
Pierre lamented not being more original.
>Roll: 18 +2 (speech) DC: 16 Result = Success

The skeleton did not move, evaluating the situation.
there was tapping at the window.
The creature tilted to the side and its shape vibrated slowly.
A sharp metallic voice emanated.
“Leaveth. Thee doth not deserve to expire.
My just cameth as retribution.
Thy only warning.

Pierre was confused, then angry.
“What could this child have done to you! There is no vengeance here monster! Only a child and your end!”
The path began to clear, the foggy shapes in the shadows retreated.
There was only him and the hand of the enemy.
There was only the closing battle.

The creature awkwardly shook its bones.
“thou art to young, apologies.”
Then began to advance.
Was that a apology to his master in the window? Or to him?
Pierre did not know cared much at this point.
He looked around himself searching for an advantage
He could directly confront him snatching the initiative.
He might be able to drop the wardrobe on him, but it would be risky
He could rely on his skewers until it got close.

He turned around, the smoky portal to Charlotte's dream sang about forests and fawns
He had never dared touch them for fear of breaking it, but the pull he felt to the windows of the human mind was real.
Like gravity, maybe just once won't be that bad…

>What does Pierre do?
>Drop a wardrobe on his ass!
We said leave, jerk

Shank him! He's on our turf, so we gotta do what gangster teddies gotta do
>rely on his skewers until it got close
>Fight; rely on skewers until it gets close, then stab the creature
I should have ask for this hours ago, sorry
Can we have 1d20 Bo3 or in the worst case scenatio someone roling 3d20
Rolled 18, 10, 18 = 46 (3d20)

for the bone thing
File: it is.jpg (310 KB, 1443x1129)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Yeah this is my fault.
I will see you guys tomorrow and i will come back with a dice sistem figured out.
I'm wingging a lot of it and it feels wrong.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 3 (1d20)


Out of curiosity, what do you use to paint your pictures?
They look dope.
I second this. What do you use, >>4695263.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

File: Behind the scenes.jpg (780 KB, 1992x1831)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
I use the watercolor pencils,
You start by loving them, then you hate them, then you accept their limitations.
Then i discovered i can make the colors more vivid altering the contrast and making other minor changes.
except the skeleboy, that is a sculture.
That it way you can see shadows in the image.

I will post a working dice system in a few hours.
Then back to rutine.
Rolled 8, 1, 8 = 17 (3d20)

It came to me that we need 3d20 more for melee.
Please roll.
Thank you
Rolled 14, 45, 54 = 113 (3d100)

Rolled 18, 8, 18 = 44 (3d20)

Correct roll
>rely on his skewers until it gets close then stab

Pierre directed his attention back to the creature.
He was enough to stop this creature.
Starting with his skewers, he threw them.
The wood spikes flew through the air and hit.
> Roll: 10 + 1 DC: 18 + 1 = failure

It was not very successful, some got stuck between its ribs and antlers but would not impede its advance.
Taking the kitchen knife he prepared.
The girl rested without knowing the little battle around her.
The air was cold but the teddy bear could not tell.
With the creature on top of him, a single cut was forced.
Putting all his weight on the weapon, it was not much but it is what he had.

> Roll: 18 + 2 DC: 10 + 1 = critical success
> Weapon effect activated
> The creature's strength is reduced to 0, basically paralyzed

The slash crosses its spine, splitting it in two.
The rest of the bones begin to fall like a jenga tower.
The room falls silent, neither termites nor the creature make a sound.
"It’s ... it’s that it?"
Pierre looks around him, searching for the shadows or the man at the window but he is alone.
"That was… anticlimactic." he thought to himself, finally being able to breathe easily.
Had he really been afraid of this?
Had he really feared losing Charlotte to this creature?
Like on cue, she shifted position on the sheets.

Realizing that he had to hide the corpse he descended and pushed the pile of bones under the bed.
The nights would now be quieter.
Pierre wondered if the man in the window would return, he had been thwarted but not killed.
The stuffed animal descended into a dreamlike trance to the cooing city sounds of car horns and the occasional cat fight.

The morning came like many others, Charlotte woke up and went for breakfast.
Her mother prepared cereals for her while the bear filled her backpack and then she left for school.
Together with her, her mother goes to work, having only a cigarette and a coffee to wake up.
Dressed in a black trench coat and stained pants.

When the door gave the last turn to its latches the first rays of the sun entered through the window.
Pierre approached it, passing through the gloomy living room.
Standing up on the dirt-ridden table he surveyed the streets.
Overhanging the fields of bricks stood the crystal titans, Charlotte said they were cloud scrapers, or something like that.

Pierre was alone in the house again until his humans returned.
He never knew what to do with this time.
He sometimes he tried to clean the house, but he never went far.
He other times he went out for a walk, he didn't know anyone so he just walked around looking for more stones for the collection.
He had to get rid of the corpse, but it wasn’t urgent.
Charlotte probably couldn't see it, there were a lot of things she couldn't see.
Like the alley next to the church.
But first things first
Clean up.
Running into the kitchen and dodging the beer cans that dominated the living room
He climbed onto the kitchen counter and turned on the water.
15 minutes later he was like new.

>What will Pierre do during the morning?

I really need written rules for the system so here we go.
1-Actions will only need 3 rolls
2-Combat will be pitting the rolls of the players vs the Qm, there will be 3 rolls.
The highest rolls of each will be compared. Whoever has the most wins will be the victor of that round of combat.
After each round the loser will receive damage equal to the weapon used.
In case of draw both receive damage.
3-Having an advantage in combat will give you an additional d20, having disadvantage will remove one.
4- Crits will activate if the diference in rolls vs Dc is 8 or greater.
Okey, the intro to the quest is oficialy over.
you have been presented with the main pieces of the game.
You can do whatever you want in the mornings and the evenings ,where charlotte will be here, will be a little more linear.
Also, if you have complaints on the dice system proposed , feel free to try to make it more fun.
What's in the alley next to the church? Not a vote yet, just a question. Also I suggest giving prompts of what Pierre usually does at this time of the day.
File: 1594430305869.jpg (22 KB, 563x531)
22 KB
>What's in the alley next to the church?
what will you vote?
i will give the vague, odd answers but there will be an option to write in

>Also I suggest giving prompts of what Pierre usually does at this time of the day.
I...I just have "house chores" on my notes and i don't remenber what sleep drepived me ment...

crap I didn't know those existed, and might I say they look exquisite!


Let's go to the alley near the church-- adventure awaits!
/qst/ doesn't deserve this qm.
This is going to be dreampunk?

Please, let it be dreampunk
Well then,
>Go to the alley near the church
I would probably suggest having anons do rolls against a set DC, because with a 3d20 vs 3d20 system the rolls are basically a coinflip. But if you want to do that I'll try it out.
>Go to the alley near the church
File: 1606118074575.jpg (57 KB, 640x626)
57 KB
> 3d20 vs 3d20
I only want this for combat against npc, actions will have a set DC.
This is mainly to give a fighting chance to the few enemies you may find.
I understand failure is also part of a story so removing the chance off loss makes things stale.
Don't worry about figting god, the fact that Pierre has 1 Hp serves as camouflage.

perhaps ... probably
first time i heard that term so i don't know what expectations it carries.
>What will Pierre do during the morning?
[OP is not home so you get a meme]

Now that he had remembered the alley, he had always been a little curious about what was in it.
But time had never been an ally, so he had decided to forget.
But now, he could go and explore, it had been a while since he could do this.
Taking his knife and his skewers, she prepared to leave the dingy apartment.
He just had to slip through the hole of the mailbox and down the stairs.

In the street, the skies left their nocturnal palette and took on a lighter color.
The masses of humans had already begun to move and the artificial wasteland was pumping with blood again.
The buildings were the same dull color as ever, and its eyes watched the humans with little interest.
Their electrical lungs puffed out the heat accumulated during the chilly night.
Pierre meandered the streets avoiding the dirtiest and dodging the men with whom he shared a sidewalk.
The fact that they could not see him brought some disadvantages.

With one last turn he reached the church, older than the entire city.
Constructed during the Renaissance and engraved with the dreams of men, who were dead.
Its shine had been tarnished by time and the lack of will by people who did not need her.
And between her and a generic store building was the alley.
The first time that Pierre saw it was when a bird entered through it.
If not, he would never have notice it.

What does the alley conceal?
>The mirror city
>the beggars mausoleum
>A rawboned factory
>none above, only the distortion game
>Write in

-Game of distortion-
Add a photo to your vote and they will be added into the scene in some way.
The more complex the photograph the more changes it will have.
A box will be a box but a place will become a unrecognizable parody of its former self.
Today's post is shorter so i have more time to figure how the new pieces will fit.
I will try to give the same amount of time to all of them.
Alice in Wonderland. Dream Eater Merry. Paprika. The Sandman (Neil Gaiman). Kingdom Hearts (in a sense). Inception. Dreamkiller.

Those are general examples.
File: obelisk.jpg (237 KB, 514x700)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Will the other options include objects from the distortion game? Let's try it out, I think an obelisk will fit well in
>the beggars mausoleum
tasty new brain food
>Will the other options include objects from the distortion game?
>>A rawboned factory
File: Im-so-excited.jpg (17 KB, 285x300)
17 KB
Anytime I seen an obelisk in a surrealist setting, I vote.

I second this anon!

Can hardly wait, QM.
>>the beggars mausoleum
File: Usual.city.jpg (578 KB, 2440x1483)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
>The drawing pending for today

... Its one image per human, everyone can contribute, even if you don't vote.

I don't know if i worded it wrongly but its not my intention to limit the game to one photo.
File: creepy.jpg (84 KB, 500x496)
84 KB

I know it's too late but posting image anyways, so here goes.
The time limit is tomorrow when the next turn starts.
That wasn't for the prompt. That was just a pic-related post.
but i understand that was a reaction image, not a adition to the game so don't worry.
but you can still add one.

I just figured out what that is.
Boomer vampire coffin.
File: 2021-03-17 23.22.28.jpg (1.01 MB, 2320x1717)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
What does the alley conceal?
> The beggars mausoleum
-Distortion game-
Obelisk ^ 2 (mild distortion)
Sofa / tomb / guard-post? (Very high distortion)
Excited kid (high distortion) (I choose to ignore the previous post)

The alley sinks slightly to the right.
Letting its cobbles rise slightly, like scabs of a poorly healing wound.
Pierre began to move forward, enjoying the adrenaline rush of exploration.
The sky, which had already lost the blush of dawn, changed again.
Turquoise veins emerged and melted back to the celestial ceiling.
The alley walls were covered with moss and symbols drawn in chalk, they looked recent.

Finally the path opened onto a small abandoned square.
The rotten buildings leaned on the healthy ones so much that you could not know where these parasitic structures ended and the others began.
The plaza, reminiscent of centuries past, revealed to be the church's cemetery.
Multiple tombstones with faded names covered most of the space.
In the center ,an obelisk, its base was covered with roots, as if emerging from the small structure.
Looking higher it was seen how fragments of rock emerged from its clean walls and orbited it until they disintegrated with time into more gravel and dust.
There was also a mausoleum without a door, from afar you could see several ceramic jars and other trinkets placed in a ritualistic way.

Pierre, however, could not take his eyes off the humans.
Dressed in dirty garments and sewn by inexperienced hands, they appeared to be disguised as knights.
But on their waists and backs, you could see real weapons.
Pierre came over to investigate.
With the proximity he could see small flames floating around the men.
They only seemed to dance, play, and whisper things to the humans they accompanied.

In the circle of men, stood a small funeral pyre.
On top, an old leather sofa with a dead human on it.
There was a human disguised as something religious in the middle of a speech.
"... Our pain is now great, but paladin Johan would have reminded us that pain is the only true thing in this world. Pain always comes to teach us a lesson, it is our duty to accept it and follow its mandate to find the meaning of our plight.
He died by his own hand in search of this revelation, in search of an escape from the lies of the immaterial.
Now we send him back in ash to escape from this prison ... "
His speech continued from him, talking about the echoes that guide us and how they will be guided by him until he reunites with God.
Pierre had to stop paying attention, as the small flames were pulling at his fur.
Now they did look like humans, with a blurred shape.

They're pulling him into their flock, trying to get him to join in on his games.
This confused him a bit.
But one thing that suddenly caught his attention was a dagger carried by one of the knights.
It had an iridescent glow, all weapons did.
Pierre knew that they weren't just kitchen knives and axes.
Hut he couldn't say exactly what they had to stand out.
He decided that he was going to steal it, that for sure could kill The Enemy.
The problem is that it was on the man's waist, that was something to mush far up.

He decided to risk it and jumped.
*plof *
He bumped into the man's scrap armor.
The positive side is that the man did not notice.
The negative is that now there were quite a few of the spirits surrounding him.
Trying to pet him, was surrounded by children or people without self-control?
"Hey! Stay away, I'm a warrior not a dog!"
The bickering continued without any progress.
That was until a scream put him in tension.

"On guard, brothers!
The echoes huddle!
Protect them!
A beast must be close.
Make the angels weep in longing.
They will not have any more of us today! "

A lighter is thrown onto the pyre and begins to spit out red tongues of heat .
Now Pierre is trapped by some ... spirits?
Surrounded by a mass of warriors, who luckily do not seem to see him, and in a place that does not seem close to home in any meaningful way.
A couple of options go through his head but no plan seemed like a good plan, and that annoys him since these homeless seem to be capable of killing creatures like him.
If only he could learn more, maybe he could find a way to track down the man in the window, instead of waiting for the next attack.

-What is Pierre going to do?
> Play with the fae (Instinct)(preferences to something)
> Consume (aberrance)
> Escape (how)
> Talk to someone (speech) (who)
> Stab someone (strength) (Who)
> Write in
Let’s get some 1d20 Bo3 just in case.

Sorry i posted so late but this has been my longest update.
Around 820 words+ over detail image.
Whoop! Whoop!
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>> Consume (aberrance)
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Consume (aberrance)
If they're going to be mean to us, we'll be mean to the spirits as well.
Rolled 14 (1d120)

>Consume (aberrance)
>> Play with the fae (Instinct)(preferences to something)
>Play with the fae (Instinct)(arousal)
File: What.png (349 KB, 700x732)
349 KB
349 KB PNG

Its been 2 h since i saw this and that single word is still tormenting me.
I know this board is full of horny but...
this is a teddy bear and the fragments of dead souls. I... This is breaking me.
What does it mean?

It means that there are coomers among us.

The winner is:
>Consume (aberrance)
now you guys have to choose a skill, you get more stuff, but this in particular afects the scene .

You need to choose the new skill Pierre gains.

>Low polymorph : You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]

>Unarmed fighting: When attacking without weapons add + 1 to rolls and on crits you deal 3 damage (normal crits deal 2 damage)

>Broker: You can give and receive Aberrance from willing creatures.

>Write in (Beware, overpowered skills will get you a permanent detriment)

I personally never judge but this one in particular is racking my brain when i try to understand the how.
I'm mostly curious on what he expected.

So if >>4699869 are reading this, I don't hold anything against you, but please explain so i can sleep tonight
>Low polymorph
When i say imperfect copy i mean subtle stuff, like really long fingers, sharp teeth , or a changing color pupil.
This small thing stack until you run out of magic.
But you can spend both charges at the same time to be 20 min.
This is the only skill that can be upgraded with more events.
>>Low polymorph : You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]
>>Low polymorph : You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]
I'm now a meme! Thanks OP.

Yes I'm coomer and yes I take pleasure in trolling quests. But desu I also wanted to throw you something weird to kickstart your creative juices. I honestly believe arousal can be playfully incorporated into this story.

Rolled 19, 14, 19 = 52 (3d20)

I will close voting in 40 min then post

I will be honest, with that curve ball i would
have needed to take a day off to figure that
one out
File: Looks.kind.of.wack.jpg (673 KB, 1836x1836)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Today I had more free time than usual so you get a sculpture of an echo.

/Strength-[2] /Aberrance-[2] /Instinct-[2] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[2]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>Guide : +[aberrance] to speech rolls if you are telling the truth
>Low polymorph: You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]

The creatures surrounded him, they kept trying to pet his fur.
Pierre considered the benefits of trying to escape with a tunnel.
Looking up at the sky for an answer, he was startled by one of the creatures that jumped on top of him.
It was hugging him.
It felt familiar, but odd.
Without a better plan, Pierre hugged him back, thinking about the night before.
Thinking about the fear of death, afraid that he might lose everything.
The warmth of the echo was comforting, It brought memories of Charlotte.
He increased the tightness in a failed attempt to feel better, and others joined in.
Submerged in this sea of fragments of the human mind ,he was alone.
This was all that remained of some humans, presumably, most of them left nothing at all.
Was this all there was to the humans, just dying and transforming into this crude versions of their former self as an escape of oblivion.
This scared the bear.
And with the creak of the glass the creature he held crumbled into several pieces under the pressure.
A few shot out, cutting and wounding those who were so close to him.

The dancing flames spread out quickly, hiding behind headstones and the robes of humans.
Pierre was left alone, with a corpse for company.
"no, no. Did i meant that to happen?"
The pulverized glass floated for a few seconds before plunging at the teddy bear.
you are lying in an uncomfortable bed in rooms with gleaming white walls.
The smell of alcohol and disinfectant kills what little fresh air comes in through the window.
You've been there for a few days, passed out in class, and then showed up in this very room.
Mother sits next to you, her eyes are puffy but you still see her bluish color.
The doctor enters the room, she leaves to talk to him.
They never tell you anything, they never let you go out to play.
There are other children in this room, but they only play board games.
They always say they are too tired to move, you believe them, they are so thin that their hair has fallen out.
You told them this jokingly, but mother told you to “shut up”.
The positive side is that there is a television, they always play cartoons.
You can always talk to the other kids about it, or what you will eat when you leave the hospital.
Going for waffles is the most popular option
You wonder when they'll let you go

Pierre was raised from the floor of the square by the screams of the homeless.
"He has taken one of the echoes!
Free it from life! "
Pierre felt weird, as if his stuffing had expanded.
The fur on his body looked weird too, more coppery?
"Let your echoes guide you! The creature is invisible!"

> Roll = 18 + 2 DC = 19 +6 -4 (lack of perception) Result = Hit (1 wound)
Corporeality- [1/2]

Pierre saw the metallic flash before flying through the air.
"I have thrashed him! He is near!" exclaimed one of the knights.
The pain was real, Pierre desperately clutched his guts as he started running, still dazed.
He slided behind cover.
The stuffed animal focused on the breath in his nonexistent lungs.
He peeked out from behind the tombstone that he had taken for refuge.
The tramps were still just as lost, they had just been lucky.
Pierre looked at his wound and screamed in horror.
The cut was deep, but the worrying thing was that his cotton had been exchanged for human hair.
He made a feint of throwing up but nothing came out, he didn't have a stomach in the first place.
He was only experiencing emotions brought from another mind, from another body.
He was still afraid, he looked again.
The warriors approached, a pair of flames mounted on their shoulders whispering his hiding place.
He knew he could run to the exit and escape, but another lucky hit and it would be the end of him.
Another solution was to try to escape through the hole in the wall, he did not know where he would go but the debris would cover his escape.
And finally there was the option to hide.
Or maybe the obelisk could do something, but its function or purpose was a mystery, so either he had a good plan or it would be useless.

> What will Pierre do?

Lets get 1d20 Bo3 just in case.
And as a note I'm changing the crit ocurrence for when the diference of Roll and DC is 12 or more.
This was too close since i forgot modifiyers are a thing
I'm still thinking about crits and i cant decide.
What do you guys think i thould be the diference that trigers them?
8,10,12 ,none?
i'm not sure since it would realy sell how strong some things are but also make it too punishing if you got bad luck.
but then again, you get 3 dice.
Rolled 19 (1d20)


Run into the hole. They can't catch what they can't reach.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>escape through the hole in the wall
Personally I'm not a fan of crits, especially on a d20 system.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>Escape through the hole in the wall
File: 2021-03-19 22.41.36.jpg (1.06 MB, 1947x1830)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
The walls of the plaza leaned dangerously to their weakness.
And between holes and cave-ins poured fresh air into this damned place.
Pierre noticed it and with a sprint he reached one of these entrances to plunge into darkness.
He climbed through the rubble and slipped through the openings offered.
The smell of death and the screams of the hobos was soon left behind.

He took a moment to rest, and felt the draft of air that had brought him there.
Following it, he found himself inside an old abandoned house.
A few more minutes and he got to the door.

His eyes were assaulted by glittering walls and impossible structures.
Skyscrapers that turned so that they could burry themselves again in the ground, channels of strange liquids and apartments that seemed imitations of the visions in an hallucinogenic getaway.

He couldn't go back through the plaza so it was up to Pierre to find a new exit.
The celestial ceiling, where you could see it between floating buildings, kept its color, but those turquoise veins were still hanging.
Now they seemed closer, like the branches of a vine hanging placidly from a tree.

Pierre began to walk through the absurd streets of the city.
He passed various strange things, statues of flesh, parks without gravity and buildings that seemed to come from the mind of a frustrated artist.
The mere act of looking behind filled him with dread, he could hear things moving.
But turning only revealed streetlights and some buildings that had tilted in various directions, remaining inert while still in his vision.
This world was weird, it was impulsive.
It was a rotting paint box.

Another thing that he noticed that had been bothering him for a while is that there were no people.
If this was a parody of the city, where were the human parodies of the city dweller’s ?
While Pierre complained to the heavens, the ground shook slightly.
The sound of the rock breaking and landslides forced him to look in fear.
Pierre only saw the torso of the gigantic creature, it looked like it was trying to resemble a centipede, but built with plastic bags and construction equipment.
The teddy bear ran to some hiding place.
After a few seconds, he realized they hadn't seen him.

He needed to keep walking.

-What does Pierre find?
> The traveling fair
> The oracle of trash
> Mary of our sorrows.
> A lifeblood market

Yeah, I get it. I still want to keep the crits (maybe in a stupid move of my part) but I will make it so they only activate when the difference is 12 or greater. That should be enough to avoid it happening accidentally but be it more common when there a big difference in skills.

> A lifeblood market
>A lifeblood market
File: hklifeblood.png (1.19 MB, 1000x938)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
> A lifeblood market
Lifeblood reminded me of picrel. The distortion game is still on, right?
File: stan-yak-mp1.jpg (39 KB, 400x400)
39 KB
I would prefer to keep the game of distortion contained to specific posts .
I'm mostly afraid i will come and find 7 completely different images to integrate in a minor plot update.

But, you have brought up a good comparison.
I'm not referring to lifeblood in the sense of physical stuff. The fae don't need that to survive (Pierre is a good example since he doesn’t even have a mouth)
I'm referring to souls (more parallels to H.K.) , the thing Pierre consumed when he killed the Echo.
The fae have no use for coin, and souls remain one of the few things worth bartering for.
>> The traveling fair
File: we.will.buy.your.shit.jpg (982 KB, 1830x1726)
982 KB
982 KB JPG
Pierre advanced through the unreal streets of the city.
With time and enough attention, he found a pattern.
There was a normality in certain streets and it followed a radial pattern.
He only had to get to the center and maybe there, he would find the way out.

At the end of the route where the rusted buildings seemed more normal was an industrial warehouse.
It was not a small structure, but what was surprising is that it had integrated with the houses around it, as if the concrete warehouse had come first and the rest were built around.
This was not an exit, but it filled Pierre with hope because there was someone there.
The size of a bear and as hairy as one, someone was sitting next to a door.

The stuffed animal began to approach.
However the furry humanoid creature was the one that started the conversation.
"Where are your parents? Don't you know it's dangerous to go out like that?"
This casual interaction caught Pierre off guard, causing him to ask a stupid question.
"eeehhh ... What is this place?"
"Are you serious?"
The guard thought for a while.
"Look boy, this is The Market, I would help you look for your parents but I have to keep watch so garbage daemons do not approach.”
You can stay here with me to wait for them or go in if you have confidence.
Just stay away from the loan shark and don't touch anything if you can't afford it. "

Pierre looked inside the market, which was more a series of stalls on the walls and some sellers with their products on thin sheets.
He saw how they took things but they just shook hands and took it away after every trade.
This confused the bear, he did not see any type of currency.
Pierre decided to try to get a little more information from the guard in a more subtle way.
"Oh! I had to get something but forgot currency! What should I do?"
The ball of hair scratched it head.
"You must be used to human markets.
As long as you have [aberration] most sellers will be able to accept it as payment. Although those who cannot simply accept other objects or humans.
At the end of the corridor there is a butcher, you can ask him for help with the deals, he is a friend of mine. "
Pierre decided to sell the idea that he was a child.
He was a little worried about correcting him and if that might change his attitude.
"Thank you very much sir"
"Be careful ... you have to give me the name before entering. It is a rule."
That word had escaped his lips, he had not been able to consider lying and he had already said it.
What kind of place was this and what creatures were these?
"Be careful Pierre."
Entering the market created many conflicting emotions within him.
But the strongest was disgust.
Restaurants with rotting smells, vendors of trinkets and weapons covered in grime.
One of the walls had given way to a meat pustule. What was it begging for?
He also got to see the butcher before his vision failed him.
A hole in the wall with a dozen humans chained together in various states of dismemberment.
Pierre wanted to flee, he wanted to burn this place to the ground.
But surrounded by creatures stronger than him and without a safe route back home he would have to put up with it for now.

> What will Pierre do now?
Now you have the opportunity to make many options such as exploring or interacting with different characters, you can also invent things.
The 5 most voted will be made.

-Game of deduction-
You know that Pierre is a fae creature, now my question is:
What does he normally eat?
Everyone can try to come up with a theory, you may have to discuss it amongst yourselves.
If you hit the spot or get very close = [+1 to instinct]
>invent things.
I made a miss translation,
I mean you can make up things to do
>You know that Pierre is a fae creature, now my question is:
>What does he normally eat?

Dreams-- not like those evil creatures we fought in Charlotte's room do but good dreams. The power of a good dream is enough to revitalize him to full strength, and the vivid, wild dreams of children are the most potent.
Go to the butcher

Also support going to the butcher. Seems like the safest bet.
>go to the butcher
Dreams is a good guess.
Okey, so far the butcher is a must visit.
any particular questions you are going to ask him?

Also, you guys are not limited to proposing 1 theory for the -Game of deduction-
As long as you write a few words explaining the why, you can present as many options as you like.
I think i might not be that proficient in english because i keep transmitting the wrong message
>any particular questions you are going to ask him?
Maybe ask him to tell us about the Market in more detail, what we can find here etc., we still don't know where exactly we are since the guard dismissed us so quickly.
>Also, you guys are not limited to proposing 1 theory for the -Game of deduction-

Dreams seemed the most logical.

I couldn't think of anything else that Pierre could possibly eat, unless he's secretly into the whole child-guardian business for the same reason the Beldam from Coraline was (and we were proven wrong of this very early in)...

>As for what to ask the butcher...

"Prithee, sir, do explain the purpose of these purchases and how they bestow benefit upon the customer?"
File: Friendly.face.jpg (588 KB, 1738x1403)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
Pierre was still somewhat lost, and he was worried that the guard would find out if he spoke to him again.
So she decided to follow his lead and talk to the butcher.
He passed several stalls, the vendors were slightly humanoid but their products ranged from human magazines to dream catchers of “exotic” bones.
The flesh pustule that bubbled from the wall tried to grab him but it didn't reach.
A sign above this read "Instant weight loss plans."
Passing in front of a restaurant and what looked like a clinic, Pierre came to the butcher shop.
Getting close almost caused him to vomit, several live humans hanging from the ceiling and walls.
Some were missing limbs, but none seemed to react.
A tentacled green creature stood behind the counter.
His facial expression changed from him when he saw Pierre approach but it was so strange that he could not have guessed what emotion he was showing.

"What is such a small child doing here?"
"Prithee, sir, do explain the purpose of these purchases and how they bestow benefit upon the customer?"
Pierre hoped speaking like this would disguise himself better.
The salesman emitted a wet laugh.
"Is your first time in market? HA! Mom cruel if she teaches you like this.
Here, Uncle Rasp teaches you. "
the mollusks mass came out from behind the counter and approached him.
"Here we have some pantries, not many ways to retain lifeblood so we settle for this.
Humans are braindead, otherwise product would spoil. "
The creature drew a cigar from its folds of fat and carried it to where there should be a mouth.
He came out the door of the establishment and began to point.
"Next door is Dr. Cardena, sometimes helps me if I have to cut a lot from a human.
There at entrance, there is restaurant, it is mainly for savoring but if you need to store something they usually help if you compliment drinks. "
Rasp picked up a stone from the floor and threw it at the meat homunculus on the wall.
"Stay away from that one, only causes problems but it's too big to kick out."
Then he pointed to a closed booth in the market.
An aluminum plate with a door created a gap between all the stalls that inhabited the market.
"That over there is Bowie's house, you need work? he can probably give some errands.
Although careful, they usually take you to material world ... "
He hits his face with a tentacle
"I forgot the door! You see that arch over there, one with two guards. That's the entrance, you have to pay little but only to use it when leaving, entering is free."
Pierre continued looking around for a while trying to decide what to do.
"Hey kid, don't stay there. They taught you play briscola?"
Pierre shook his head.
"Well come, you have to wait for your mother to pick you up right? This the third time this year this happened. Today's parents are disaster ..."
Rasp kept complaining about random things while he played cards with Pierre.
It almost makes him forget that the ground is covered in blood and guts.

>What will Pierre do?
-Game of deduction-
No, they weren't the dreams in >>4693614
I wrote "maybe just once won't be that bad ..."
Pierre has not dared to touch them.

In classical Japanese culture it is believed that all the objects you have had contain a fragment of your soul, applying this principle of "pour your heart into it" in a literal way you get how Charlotte's teddy bear came to life.
Emotional attack or pure feeling, both would be valid answers.
That is why the fae can sustain themselves from fear and pain.
it is easier to produce, the underlying problem is that if that is what you pour into your soul, you will behave in it.
File: 1601333436193.jpg (124 KB, 736x550)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Holy shit
>Emotional attack
Emotional attachment.
my correcttor is shit and i need to go to sleep.
See ya tomorrow guys
>>What will Pierre do?

>Take your leave (politely). The essence from this place is a direct contradiction to Pierre's inner self.
>Go to Bowie's house, see if we can get a side job that isn't too distasteful
Supporting, either we earn something or get transported back to the real world and escape.
Ask him how we can make it back to the material world.
>"Although careful, they usually take you to material world ... "
>He hits his face with a tentacle
>"I forgot the door! You see that arch over there, one with two guards. That's the entrance,

yeah, i kind of wrote it weird.
thats the way out, but they tax you.
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 262x193)
7 KB
I'm going to be 30 min late or so.
Pierre knew that he was not going to be able to endure being in the room much longer.
It already pained him a lot not knowing how to help these humans to also stay more than he needed.
With a little bow he thanked Rasp for his help and ran out of the slaughterhouse.
The small, ornate archway at the end of the market was a doorway to the home, but he would rather not risk it than to have no money and to be thrown out.
He would attract a lot of unwanted attention.
With that line of thought he headed to Bowie's house.

Dodging the few people who moved through the market, he reached the aluminum wall.
There was a metal door with two slots, one for the eyes and one at the base.
The matted metal contrasted in cleanliness with the rest of the market.

Pierre knocked on the door and waited.
A buzz sounded behind the wall but no one came out.
Pierre knocked again.
This time the slot of his eyes slid to the side, revealing three green pupils.
"Who are you? I don't buy! What did send you?"
The buzzing was louder, like that of a mosquito.
"I'm Pierre, do you have work and could do?"
"No! Yes! Wait!"
The window closed again, there were many murmurs.
"Are you armed ?!"
Pierre decided to show him his kitchen knife.
"HA! Bad. Very bad. How do you expect to kill an oneiric with that.
It cannot! Immature boy"
There was more movement behind the door until the eyes came out again.
"The armed fae must always trust. If they don't carry a weapon they don't need it! Danger! Bad, bad, bad, bad .... Your work!"
The bottom window was opened and bony human hands offered a small sack and a scroll.
"You go to the gate, you show parchment, they leave you in jobs.
You must enter, take a tooth, leave a coin from the bag. Easy, easy! Children like you are not seen, you bring me teeth. I pay! I pay, I pay teeth. "
Pierre took the scroll and looked at a relatively long list.
This could take him all day even if he was going fast.
He would be home by bedtime in the best case scenario.

"Is this the only thing you need help with?"
The thing was silent for a second, and another hand emerged and pointed to the pustule of meat that was begging on the wall.
"Precious fangs, I want to but I'm punished. Steal, emerge with one. I pay well! I want powerful mouth bones."

Pierre had a bad feeling for whatever motives Bowie wanted teeth, but he wasn't asking for anything terrible.
Weird, but not malignant.

> Does Pierre accept a contract? Which one?
Roll me 1d20 Bo3
Todays image is very shitty.
Might redraw tomorrow.
Rolled 17 (1d20)


>accept the contract to get teeth

Maybe we can get some (non-evil) aberrance in the process.

also is it my imagination or is charlotte missing a tooth or two in the photo we see of her?
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>accept the first teeth contract
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Accept the contract to gather teeth
Yes, she is.
it was a subtle way of indicating her age.
good memory.

So its quite probable that one of her teeth was traded by the neckbeard tooth faerie
>sorry today you dont get a water color drawing.
>I'm just not feeling right now

Pierre didn't see it as a good idea to try to pull a tooth out of that thing.
So he decided to accept the first contract.
He took the parchment and the bag and said goodbye.

Once he reached the arch the guards stopped him.
They really looked human, but the odd proportions and fangs revealed them as part of this world of delusion.
Pierre handed them the paper.
They read it and headed for the door, muttering some distorted words that almost sounded like real ones.
They gave Pierre permission to pass and so the work began.

> Roll = 17 +2 DC 15 Result: Success

During the rest of the day the routine would be coming out of somewhere, usually a closet, and looking for the loose tooth.
Sometimes it was easy, other times he had to climb bunks or avoid traps set by the infants.
Most of the list was visiting different children, each room a little world.
The different views from the windows made it clear that they were in far off places.
From arid areas to wooden houses in lush forests.

Sometimes there was another creature like him, it was the first time this happened.
He tried to take advantage of a little time he could spare in talking to them.
But few could speak English, they almost always spoke in other languages.

The worrying thing about that job was when portals took him away from homes.
The strangest had been a dental clinic with several teeth under a pillow and then the nursing home.
He wasn't sure if a denture would work, but since he was there.

By the time he was done with the list, he had spent most of the day.
Returning to the bazaar he headed to Bowie's house.
He knocked on the door again and the buzzes returned.
Pierre felt tired.
"Yes, yes, good harvests! You take payment, receive payment."
His skeleton hand reached out and touched Pierre.
A feeling of warmth and tranquility ran through the stuffing of him.
The little windows in the door were slammed shut and Pierre was left alone in the crowd.
The feeling of exhaustion had lessened, but the weight of his nonexistent bones was dragging him into colapsing.
He just wanted to go home.
The guards, knowing that this time he had no contract, charged him for the pass.
And part of the energy that had recently settled within him, I left him.
it was not much, but enough to miss it.

> +2 aberrance / 2/2 corporeality / +1 instinct

Pierre took a couple of steps through the archway and his mind could only focus on the cloud of enfeeblement that clouded his judgment.
When he looked up he was back in the City.
The sun was setting and he was in the same situation as yesterday.
How far that time was, yesterday.
An aura of mysticism surrounded that day, his life as a teddy bear had been very quiet.
But the appearance of the Enemy and his escape to the unreal world drained him.

The route was similar to the one the other day, the same roads,
the same slime emerging from the sewer that this time he stopped to say hello, the same dirty streets and the same old house.
It went up like the other day and was received in the same way.
Trapped in his sense of fear with the arrival of midnight.

Pierre was grateful that he didn't have to sleep.
He would have freaked out if he hadn't been able to protect.
What would the night bring?

> Does something come to visit?
-a human comes to the house.
-a whispering melody.
-no, it’s just Pierre, it’s just the endless paranoia.
-Write in

-Game of distortion-
Add a photo to your vote and they will be added into the scene in some way.
The more complex the photograph the more changes it will have.
A box will be a box but a place will become an unrecognizable parody of its former self.
Today's post is shorter so i have more time to figure how the new pieces will fit.
I will try to give the same amount of time for all of them.

>I swear I added this image to last post
File: pala4.jpg (131 KB, 960x652)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Does something come to visit?
creepy unease
File: distortion_game.png (1.09 MB, 1449x901)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>1- a human comes to the house
>2- a whispering melody

Changing to let something come to visit
Didn't know Magnus the Red had access to 4chan

You mean as in "anything goes as long as it phisical"?

Could be human, could be anything... leaving it up to you, OP!
-Distortion game-
-Parrot wings (Medium distortion)
-Family ghosts (not pictured) (very high distortion)


Pierre sat on the edge of the bed like many other nights.
His guard only stopped at dawn.
That night there was also an interruption.

Again, behind the window frame there was someone.
Colorful wings and skin dyed by scales.
It opened the window and let herself pass, always hovering slightly above the ground.
Pierre knew this thing by name, and he hated it.

The angelic parody approached Charlotte, her hand approached her cheek, in an attempt to touch a memory that she had left behind.
But Pierre knew she wouldn't, because she had come for him.

"You have grown a lot since I last saw you."
A soft, dissonant voice came from her lips.
"My answer is still no."
"Come on Pierre, he gains power and you need a lot to defeat him."
The bear pointed at her accusingly.
"I'm already growing! I don't need your contracts."
She floated in laps around him.
"And look at the price that it has incurred, you have been contaminated by the soul of another. And your enemy will return furious, we will not be able to defend you."
The stuffed animal's anger was palpable.
"You don't help me because you want this! You want to force me to become your pawn!"
She caressed the teddy with all the love she feigned.

"And is it so bad that you join us? Our job is the same.
Protect innocence, and we are very few. We need soldiers like you. "

She was doing it again, taking advantage of his weakness.
The the only thing that Pierre could think was the discomfort it caused him.
He reminded himself of the definition they used of innocence.
They didn't protect children, they only protected the masquerade.
They considered themselves the guardians of mankind.
Parasites of human faith.

"Pierre, she is turning into a woman. How much longer will she need her teddy? How much longer until you are just a childhood memory? How much time to live do you have left on this path that you lead?"

> "All the time she will need." (Kick her out)([Martyr route])
> "I don't know ..."
> "I will not die! I will not disappear!" <lie> (+1 aberrance)([Fallen hero route])
> Write in

>I'm just not feeling right now
Good news, I wasn't sad, it was just food poisoning. We go back to plan.
Took me longer than expected but I think this is my best writing to date.
I realice this might be confusing since we have no previous interactions ourselfs so ask as many question as you need
>> "I will not die! I will not disappear!" <lie> (+1 aberrance)([Fallen hero route])
>> "All the time she will need." (Kick her out)([Martyr route])
What group is she asking us to join?
> "All the time she will need." (Kick her out)([Martyr route])
File: EUjtRP5UYAAdOkC.jpg (88 KB, 720x960)
88 KB
Pierre does not know what they called themselves.
But he has seen their contracts.
they work like "the X files", they are a few humans and fae that want to keep the secret of... all the things you have been seing.
They try to protect humans but are not above making them disapear.
the contract would be a fae document, so it would literaly hold some power over Pierre.
they have been trying to recruit him since he was able to hold off the Enemy.
This decision will impact on how i write dialog for Pierre, since I will have a more acurate telling of his real motivation.
>"All the time she will need." (Kick her out)([Martyr route])
Pierre hated her, but that didn't mean she was wrong.
He took a deep breath and asked himself the question.
How much he was willing to sacrifice for Charlotte.
He looked behind him, to the bundle of her sheets.
Her red-haired curls spilled out among the fabrics.

He existed thanks to her, it was only fair that he dedicated his life to her well-being.
Pierre looked at the imitation of purity.
She repeated herself, trying to break his spirit.
"How much time left do you have on this path?"
"All the time she will need."

She looked at him sadly, a beat of self-reproach.
"Why does she have to be the master of your fate?"
A playful smile replaced previous emotions quickly.
Pierre did not know if she was genuine but he suspected that it was.
A mask had fallen and the serious presence had been replaced by something more jovial.
"Too bad, I really wish I had you as a sidekick, I'll be back.
Catch you later! "

With those last words he floated up to the window and disappeared.
She used to change her personality between conversations but this sounded weirder than usual.
He got over to the window to see if he could get one more glimpse of the feathered annoyance but no.
What dire idea could that mind be thinking.
He had tried to kill her before, it didn't work, it dripped off like smoke.

When he went back to bed he realized something.
The bones were not underneath.

The rest of the night was spent searching the entire house.
He had to make sure that it hadn't survived.
The good news is that it wasn't setting up an ambush.
the bad thing is that he was not inside the house.
That worried the teddy bear, but it was out of his control so he focused on the present.

The rest of his guard was silent.
Dawn came as always, Charlotte woke up and went for breakfast.
Her mother made toast for her while the bear filled her backpack

She stopped for a second in front of her friend.
Trying to maintain eye contact with his buttons, she threw her question.
"Pierre, I'm going to the park today afternoon ... are you coming or do you have to go to work?"
At first this confused the bear, but then he remembered that the last few days he had spent away from home, trying to find a way to defeat the Enemy.
In the process he almost neglected his mission.
"Of course I will go Colonel Princess Charlotte!"
The bear made a military salute to the girl and she returned it.

Soon, Pierre was alone in the house.
Deciding what to do.
He could go back to the cemetery, although he didn't know what for.
Walking around the house looking for ideas he came across a red piece of paper.
<Eviction notice> could be read in large white letters that contrasted the document.
"That's not good."
The rest of the house was just as dirty and messy as ever.
A couple of bargain magazines were new on the couch.
They would soon join the layer of paper that covered the room.
Maybe he should clean?
Or maybe visit Mrs. Robinson, he hadn't talked to cats for a long time.

> What will Pierre do?
hey, I don’t have any names for the sociopath angel. Any ideas?

>Pierre talks himself into conducting purity ritual which will lock Charlotte forever in youth, allowing Pierre to guard her forever
Clean the room.
>Visit Mrs. Robinson
We need to find some way to prevent eviction though, that's bad.
> Pierre talks himself into conducting purity ritual which will lock Charlotte forever in youth, allowing Pierre to guard her forever

in one hand it's funny, because that would fit into [Fallen hero route]
on the other hand, there is no classical magic in this world,
you will not see anyone casting spells or rituals to invoke demons.
The only real power is in the souls, and using them as a weapon creates a risk that your
enemy will redirect or devour them.
But it is a creative solution to one of the biggest problems in adventure so have this piece of lore.

"No one knows where souls come from. Why they appear in the bodies of the progeny of this world is a matter of speculation."

>We need to find some way to prevent eviction though, that's bad.
If you don't , Charlotte's mother will.
i will wait a little bit longer but we need a tie breaker
File: 1590446407659.jpg (102 KB, 1280x936)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d2)

I really hate doing this, but we need to choose
>>4711281 -1
>>4711741 -2

I'm sorry but i cannot permit this option since it would invalidate this votation>>4709445
Rolled 1 (1d3)

yes, My ID is changing a lot.
Each time the router goes bad we need to restart it and i get a new color.
Also, the name>>4711268
Raziel is pretty cool.
Pierre would really like to explore.
To be honest, he would rather do anything but touch the filth in the house.
But someone had to sanitize this place and he is the only one with the dedication to do it.

With a fear of bleach and other such products, Pierre chose to put things in garbage bags and throw them out the window.
They would fall into the alley and be picked up by the unfortunate human who had that job.
He was progressing well until he tried to throw the empty bottles.
Someone called the police.
"Too much noise, I need to be more careful."

Several hours later he had managed to clean a large part of the house.
He couldn't get the stains out with just water and cloth, but at least the house had some order.

But while he was hiding empty bottles in a closet, he found a box of firecrackers.
This could be a great weapon but the old look of them made him question the quality.
There were other boxes as well, the oldest looking one had a pile of photos of Charlotte's mother and a red-haired man.
Some love letters, withered roses, a wedding ring ...

What most attracted Pierre's attention was a metal piece.
There was something strange about her ... a fragment of a past that did not belong to him.
He looked around trying to find an excuse to run away with.
This was the mother's closet, it was Roses's closet.
He shouldn't be here.
He tried to take his mind of the discovery, but only found shoes.
He looked back at it.
He had to decide what to do.

> Consume (+1 strength, +1 speech, -1 corporeality)
> Destroy it (new skill; Thief of Pasts: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories)
> Leave it there (+ 1 aberrance)
> Write in

/Strength-[2] /Aberrance-[4] /Instinct-[3] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[2]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>Guide : +[aberrance] to speech rolls if you are telling the truth
>Low polymorph: You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]

>5- Skewers: melee/ranged, thrown 5 m , +1 rolls
>Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.
>8- Firecrackers: (ranged) (1 use) on hit = 2d3-2 damage.

Its too dark for me now, I will make a drawing in the morning.

you guys can vote, I hate deciding by random
I forgot the rage on the firecrackers
>8- Firecrackers: (ranged)(8m) (1 use) on hit = 2d3-2 damage.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1 >> Consume (+1 strength, +1 speech, -1 corporeality)
2 >> Destroy it (new skill; Thief of Pasts: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories)

Actually screw it let's go for Thief of Pasts. It's handy af.
>Destroy it (new skill; Thief of Pasts: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories)
Voting Raziel for the name.
>Potato slayer
Oh, also
>5- Skewers: melee/ranged, thrown 5 m , +1 rolls
>Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.
>The art owed
>> Leave it there (+ 1 aberrance)
File: To+adventure.jpg (233 KB, 1631x1175)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
> Destroy it
Pierre knew something was wrong with this thing.
He felt sad just looking at it, the humans needed this not to exist.
He thus began his little crusade against the piece of metal.

He considered throwing it out the window but he needed to be sure it was destroyed.
He started by trying to melt it in the furnace, then throwing it from very high and then trying to break it with a hammer.
Exhausted, he had only managed to scratch the object.

He sat against the wall holding the puzzle.
Then it hit him.
Using the bleach, he submerged the metal piece in it.
The piece seemed unaffected, but the glow it had diminish.
Whatever was lurking inside the memento drowned.

Pierre took the piece out carefully, it was something ordinary.
He returned it to its place and prepared to throw away the used bleach.
Something was floating on the surface.
He touched it with his hand and the liquid resembling mercury soaked the fabrics.
Everything turned black.

I’m in the car, my wife is driving for me.
We had a reunion with some friends.
I’m to intoxicated to do anything else but complement her eyes and stare to the road.
The baby sits behind, she has been really quiet.
She still clutches that teddy we gave her for her first month.
I reach to her hand, she grabs it without opening her eyes.
My wife screams.
There is a hit on the car.
Time gets fuzzy.
The cold wind is crawling down my spine.
I feel numb.
This reminds me of camping.
The sky is beautiful.

Pierre woke up in a cloud of confusion.
This was the first time it had happened to him, he had never had the need to sleep.
And that didn't seem like a dream, they were more like memories that had emerged in his unconsciousness.
Looking out the window the sun had only moved a little, he had been asleep for two hours or so.
This filled him with a fear of the lack of control that he had experienced.
Two hours was a long time.

The rest of the morning he was spent looking for ways to hide if these periods of vulnerability became consistent.
He had never ever needed to sleep, what had he done to make it necessary now?

Charlotte eventually came home from school and ate some of the instant noodles that took up an entire shelf in the pantry.
Returning to her room she prepared her bag to go to the park.

"What will we need Colonel?"
Charlotte started stuffing things into her backpack.
Chewing gum, a flashlight, her tea set, colored crayons, etc.
"Now I just need a gun."
Pierre was a little scared.
"Why would you need a gun?
"Why does a bear need a knife?"
She was not wrong so Pierre made something up
"To defend myself from the birds, I am too small!"
"uhmmmm ..."
She didn't seem very convinced but she didn't argue with him.
Soon Pierre was also tucked into the backpack and they set off to the park.

Pierre did not see much of the trip since he was tucked in a backpack.
But he knew they had taken the bus.
When the zipper was finally open and his head could slip out he saw they were on the edge of the City.
Where a road separated the concrete jungle from the withered native world of the earth.

"Charlotte, this is not the park."
She picked up a stick from the ground that had reached that side of the road.
And she wielded it like a sword.
"Don't be a baby, adventure awaits! Huzzah!"
She charged into the woods with the teddy poking out of her backpack.
"At least look before crossing!"
But it was too late, they had sunk into the woodlands.

Most of the expo consisted of catching frogs in the stream, climbing an old dead tree, and following a possum for a while.
Then she then she threw food at him and when she got bored she kept exploring.
Luckily the skyscrapers were still visible, so getting lost was not possible.

What does Charlotte find?
> What was there (Remnants)
> What never was (Future)
> What is always (Herbage)
> Write in
Rolled 2 (1d2)

At least one person voted for Raziel and thats enogh for me to make it that.

Now, for the weapons:
100% -Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.
this one cannot be change in the middle of an adventure becouse you may choose something based on what you have seen.
So no voting, sorry.
on a 1- Skewers >>4713497
on a 2- Firecrackers>>4713456
> What was there (Remnants)
> What never was (Future)
>> What was there (Remnants)
>What was there (Remnants)
> What is always (Herbage)
File: Op+you+asshole.jpg (720 KB, 2080x1657)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
The exploration continued, but the trees grew larger and thicker.
The scent of rotting leaves and mud intensified.
Branches that tried reaching the sky’s now folded themselves to create a compact roof.
“Charlotte, we should go back.”
The child did not pay attention to him.

The tree trunks became sparser until they became pillars to the leafy sky.
The twisted barks of the trees took on animal forms but their calm exterior gave the impression of being able to end at any moment.

Titans of yore, the keepers of secrets from the birth of this forest.
Reduced to hollow shells.
And like the cicadas, you are never sure if they have transformed or died.

"Look Pierre! That's a great picnic spot."
Pierre did not know whether he would look at her in horror or amazement.
She couldn't see the corpses?
He decided not to mention it, as to not accidentally destroy the veil that hid them.

Then he looked at the place she was pointing at, a gigantic rock twice her height.
What little grass grew on the ground avoided the rock and its surroundings.
Leaving it in a dirt clearing where the monolith stood.

Pierre was a little scared, but he was weaker than the girl so he was dragged anyway.
Once the girl had secure herself at top, she began to take things out of her backpack.
Pierre kept looking around them.
Wondering what had turned this place into a graveyard.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the plastic cups rolled across the rock until they hit the ground.
"This may not be a good place for tea."
Pierre decided to try to cheer her up
"Of course! This is an impenetrable fort against our enemies!"
"Who are we at war with Lieutenant Pierre?"
"Mrs. Robinson's cats! Are planning a heist to steal all of our tuna cans! They must be stopped so the-"
The stuffed animal noticed that there were many birds on the branches. Too many.
Most were watching them.

Charlotte noticed something wrong with Pierre and raised her head.
Her eyes widened
"Pierre. I'm scared." She whispered as low as possible.
She could see them, therefore they were real.
But what was happening to them?

What do?
-Run 1d20 Bo3
-Defend the fort 4d20 Bo3
-Search for shelter 1d20 Bo3
-Throw food at them 1d20 Bo3
-Write in

-Game of deduction-
Knowing that the fae eat souls, emotions and other scraps of the subconscious.
What do creatures like nymphs and elementals eat in the wild?
(+1 instinct)
File: spoon1024.jpg (78 KB, 1024x768)
78 KB
Okey, you guys might tell me:
OP you asshole,you rail-roaded us into this forest.
Why do we have to deal with this?
I say,yes.
Wait! dont leave yet, i explain
Charlotte is the way we can keep the mornings to pure player decision and the rest i can force you into meting things from the plot.
You might also tell me.
What plot? you make permited us to chosse what we found.
I say yes, I make half of the plot on the fly.

Why i'm telling this now?
We have been going for 18 days now.
I need criticism.
What parts are you enjoying, what not?
what things feel are pointless and which ones you would like to have more time to explore.

and no, you may not clap Raziel's cheeks, I'm too confuse what is going to hapen to Pierre in the long term since he has been eating fragments of humans souls.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>What do creatures like nymphs and elementals eat in the wild?

Life forces of plants/animals/nature?

Gonna roll a d2 before rolling my d20s to decide wat do next...
1 > Defend the fort
2 > Throw food at them
Rolled 4, 11, 9, 13 = 37 (4d20)


Rolling to defend.

As for criticism, I'm having fun with this quest-- feels like a lighthearted adventure and I quite enjoy the whimsical feel it gives.
>Defend the fort
I'm guessing they eat strong emotions from animals, and humans if there's any around.
I don't have any criticism right now. I like the surreal feel of the quest.
Rolled 3, 1, 2, 7 = 13 (4d20)

-Defend the fort 4d20 Bo3
>What do creatures like nymphs and elementals eat in the wild?
They eat humans.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>Search for shelter 1d20 Bo3
>Game of deduction: each other maybe?
Your grammar is a bit weak I think, and I sometimes can't understand the scenery you're describing, but maybe it's just my esl showing. Otherwise, a great quest, the drawings of outlandish beings and places are simple, but entertaining to look at.
Rolled 9, 8, 16 = 33 (3d20)


>Life forces of plants/animals/nature
>I'm guessing they eat strong emotions from animals
Yes, even the trees have souls.
Not like humans, but they do have one.
In comparison they are like a spoonful of lukewarm water and glass of orange juice. Both are drinks but are not equal.
Animals are also fair game, since fear is something all the living must know.
(+1 instinct)

>I sometimes can't understand the scenery you're describing
Yeah, I get it’s the worse part as of yet.
Most of the stupid mistakes are from rewriting and forgetting to reread the sentence.
Well, that and rushing the update so I can say I do one per day.

Now, rolling for the avian's
Rolled 9, 3, 1 = 13 (3d20)

Rolled 5, 8, 12, 8 = 33 (4d20)

I needed 1 more roll for the players.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

1-4 Runs away
5-6 Stays
File: A+war+most+fowl.jpg (952 KB, 1826x2473)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
Pierre looked around him.
He was surrounded.
If they tried to descend, they would risk an attack that would cause them to fall.
And they seemed focused on the girl, distracting them would not be easy.
There was only one logical path left.
Raising the knife above himself he gave his war cry.
"Defend the fort!"
Charlotte raised her stick and began to get ready for battle.

Some of the birds took to the air and came around them in flight
The foliage of the trees did not allowed them go very high.
But they were persistent in keeping a close distance.

Pierre decided to take the initiative in the confrontation and threw firecrackers at them.
Charlotte assisted him in his task by tossing her plastic cups.

>Roll Pierre; 5 + 2 DC; 16 +1 = Fail
>Roll Charl; 11 + 3 DC; 16 +1 = Fail

The cups flew over the air for a few meters before reaching the ground.
The firecrackers, even thoght they passed close to the birds, had a very long wick
and exploded much later than intended.

With that the attackers became defenders.
The cloud of feathers and beaks swooped down on them.
Covering the light momentarily.
A cry from the child indicated the clash between adversaries.

Roll Pierre; 12 + 3 DC; 9 + 1 = Success (1 damage)
Roll Charl; 13 + 3 DC; 9 + 1 = Success (1 damage)

Pierre waved his knife erratically, but managed to damage the feathered ones.
Charlotte was doing better, she had grabbed one and was using it as a shield against the rest while she hit them with a stick.

>Will they retreat?
>2/6 + 2 damage = 4/6
>Roll = 4

The clash would not last more than a few seconds but it was enough.
When the first birds began to hit the ground the squawks became more natural.
and the enemies began to revert to primal instinct.
They fled, those who attacked them and the wounded, all quickly dispersed with the fall of the spell that had a hold of their weak minds

Pierre was able to catch his breath, and cheacked that his human was unharmed.
Except for a few scratches they were fine; the birds were not heavy enough to push them out of balance.
and tumbling down of their tower.

Without having to speak, they both descended from the rock.
"Have we finished exploring?" was the first thing Pierre said.
Charlotte put on a thoughtful face, deciding if she really wanted to go home.

Her decision were stopped by a few squawks.
Of the few birds they had killed, there was one among them that was still breathing.
Its wing was bending in the wrong direction.

"Shall we take him to a vet?"
"I don't know Pierre, he has attacked us and we have no money."
"Shall we leave it here then?"
"Could he have tea?"
They both stared at the starling not knowing what to do.

> What do you do with the bird?
File: some+shit.jpg (699 KB, 1526x1754)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
have one extra thing just to confuse you
>> What do you do with the bird?

Kill it.

Inquire as to why it attacked you.
File: Spoiler Image (4 KB, 324x451)
4 KB
Changing to this.
>Tell Charlotte to turn away, then kill it
I meant this as a joke >>4717558
but its true, its only a bird
> all quickly dispersed with the fall of the spell that had a hold of their weak minds
I can write an interrogation without votes, don't worry
Kill it.
I have nothing to contribute, but I like what I have seen thus far. Thank you for posting this.
For the first time I'm going to close votation.
It will be a shorter update since is interrogating a bird but i will post something to compensate.
File: 1616919466820.png (261 KB, 1459x1428)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Okay, I will post this now because i can't come up with more jokes for now.
Feel free to edit new punchlines for this.
Will fill it up along the way.
Will be back in a few hours with the update.

>Thank you for posting this.
Not sure for what, I'm just along for the ride
Where would Pierre and Lupin be on this chart?
Pierre is part of The parasitic guard since he was created by Charlotte.

Lupin...I don't think he is in the chart yet, he is one of the last pure offspring of Mother.

Also, if you guys come up with better names give it a go.
I suck at that.
File: 2021-03-30 23.03.07.jpg (272 KB, 1594x913)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
> 3 votes to question him
> 2 votes to kill him

Pierre studied the starling, he didn't trust this to be just bird.
"Charlotte, we must interrogate our prisoner."
Charlotte gave him a skeptical look but her stuffed animal was already on action.
He didn't have much experience extracting information so he started with easy questions.

"What are you?"
* Kiaaaa! *
The bird only squawked due to the pain in his wing.
"If you don't answer me, I won't be able to-"

The conversation continued with this type of exchange for a while.
"I know you are not just a bird! Answer right now!"
Pierre threw his hands at the bird's neck and began to strangle it.
* Kiiaaaa-kiiaaaaarrrrrggggggggg "

"Pierre, I don't think that helps. I think it really is just a bird."
Pierre pondered if that was true without letting go of the feathered neck.

"So he's not our prisoner?"
"Hmm, no, he will be our patient. I will be the doctor and you can be the nurse."
Putting the bird inside her backpack, Charlotte decided to go home to "take care" of the patient.
Some people looked at them weird every time complaints came out from inside the backpack.
But nobody stopped them.
The silver lining was that Pierre sat on her lap, so he could actualy see the return trip.


With the last turns of the lock the trio entered the house.
it was dark except for a few moans from the mother's room.
Soon the little one locked herself in her room and started applying bandages to the bird.
It didn't stop screaming during the process but Pierre was grateful that this was the only thing he could hear.
Charlotte was able to reposition its wing but whether it would actually heal was another story.

Charlotte started humming before heading out to the kitchen to grab dinner.

"Mommy brings strange men,
into the house.
they always leave at midnight,
when noone looks around.
They all smell of booze,
and presents soon will be out. "

Pierre still did not know if that song had been invented by her or by her mother.


With the arrival of night, only Pierre and the bird remained awake.
He could throw it out the window, it was open.
He would just had to say that he got better and left.
He could give it to the cats and they would get rid of the corpse.
Or he too could wait.
If it really was just a bird, nothing would happen.
Unless we was cautious he locked it in the closet.

The starling gave him a cold look, appraising him.
"Don't look at me like that, you know this room isn't big enough for both of us."

>What to do with the bird?

20 min late, got distracted by animal videos. But hey, no grammar mistakes
Feed it to the cats.
Feed it to the cats, we'll tell Charlotte it flew away.
>>What to do with the bird?

I'll support feeding it to the cats.

Can we just suck the abberrance from it in the process?
>Can we just suck the abberrance from it in the process?
I actually didn't think of that, but it's a good idea
Do this first.
> Feed it to the cats.

Pierre looked his opponent in the eye
the little girl was already sleeping under the sheets
and he would terminate the feathered ruffian.

Sneaking up with only the streetlights beyond the window like witnesses,
he grabbed him by the beak and began to crawl towards the exit.
Interestingly, he was not alone on the nightly getaway.
The man who had paid for the mother's affections also disappeared under the cover of darkness.

Pierre arrived at Mrs. Robinson's door.
For some reason, even living in an apartment, she had installed a cat flap.
The bird tried to resist but soon found itself in the clutches of the little hunters.
Pierre knew that as long as he did not interact directly, the cats would not pay attention to him.

A tiny luminescent orb was left behind in the hunt.
And he took it for himself.

The invigorating sensation to which he had been exposed so many times returned. But it was much weaker than when he had consumed the Echo.
He assumed it was because this was a bird, but he knew deep down that was not the only reason.


The morning arrived as always, Charllote showed sadness when she saw that the bird had abandoned his medical treatment.
Pierre managed to convince her that it had left because it was feeling better and it would want to see its family.

After a while, the bear was alone in the house, deciding what to do with his morning.
He could go explore and see what he found.
Those homeless carried very good weapons, although he would need a plan to find them.
Or could I go for real guns, maybe steal from a mall?
It was not a good idea but maybe getting money for the rent would be a better objective.
[Right now I have a killer headache, sorry for today's mistakes and lack of content, it hurts to think]

[Hidden mechanic discovered; The higher your stats, the more difficult it’s to raise them.
Many creatures have hidden stats like perception, Which determines if they can see you.
Another is their soul, which determines how much you get.
The lager you grow, the more aberrance/soul/emotions you may need to sustain yourself.
Charlotte provides enough for now ]

/Strength-[2] /Aberrance-[4.2] /Instinct-[3] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[2]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>Guide : +[aberrance] to speech rolls if you are telling the truth
>Low polymorph: You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]
File: 1616919466820.png (611 KB, 1459x1428)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
Also, this is done for now
>get money for rent
I don't exactly know how though.
Okey, my headache is gone, lets give more options.

>Explore the city and see what you find
>Search for the hobo templars (Where whould they normaly congregate?)
>Go to the mall and steal some better equipment
>Get money for the rent by stealing (Where?)
>Get money for the rent by scamming (How precisly?)
>Write in

>I don't exactly know how though.
Pierre is invisible to normal humans, so stealing might work.
He can also delete memories and Pretend he is a kid.
As a sidenote do you know whats up with the reporting canadians.
Last year was tha infection

HEY! I forgot a skill!
>Thief of Past's: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories
>>Explore the city and see what you find
>Explore the city and see what you find
> Explore the city and see what you find

Pierre got ready, he needed to move.
He needed to grow, he needed to get stronger before confronting the Enemy.
But for that he needed to find a place that would allow him to improve.
He was not limited by the weapons he carried.
He was limited by his own body, and he only knew one way to change it.

He prepared his equipment, and he left the house.
The hallways of the apartment block smelled of cat urine and mold.
When he went out on the street, it only improved visibility.
The stench of the sewers echoed between the city walls.
The breathing of buildings drowned in a haze of artificial flavor.
Today was not going to be a good day.

Pierre decided to stay positive and performed an ancient ritual to decide where to go.
He threw a stick into the air and started walking in the direction it pointed when it fell.
During his walk the sky began to clear, abandoning the burden that was forcing on the city.
Although still cloudy, filtering the sun's rays into a uniform brightness.

Pierre found himself in front of a structure, he knew there was something of interest in there.
The what, he couldn't guess.

> What is the structure?
-A morgue (Danger zone bro, this one is especially dangerous)
-The museum of natural sciences
-A glass and steel pillar
-Ambers of delirium

_Game of animosity_
Make up a rival or obstacle, more difficult, more reward.
Can be anything. Write a small text? A picture? Just a single word? Go for it

note: I was talking to a friend. He convinced me to allow you to have access to all your tools.
I will only put a limited use to what you load. Do tell me if you prefer another way.

/Strength-[2] /Aberrance-[4.2] /Instinct-[3] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[2]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>Guide : +[aberrance] to speech rolls if you are telling the truth
>Low polymorph: You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]
>Thief of Past's: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories
>2- Skewers: melee/ranged, thrown 5 m , +1 rolls
>Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.
>3- Firecrackers: (ranged) (1 use) on hit = 2d3-2 damage.
File: 1579530923920.jpg (97 KB, 1080x1122)
97 KB
I should put the options in greentext not the questions
File: spiky bunny.jpg (91 KB, 700x586)
91 KB
>-A morgue (Danger zone bro, this one is especially dangerous)
>-Ambers of delirium
>Ambers of delirium
>Game of animosity
I'm thinking some fairly weak fae creature that hangs around the area.
> Ambers of delirium
> Game of animosity: seconding >>4722080
I will throw all ideas into a blender so feel free to add more stuf into the mix.
Otherwise the eye rabbit will be ^2 , I guess
>Amber’s of delirium

The building was among others taller and more modern ones.
Its brick walls, or at least the parts not covered in posters and advertisements, had taken on a yellowish tinge.
Its aluminum roof and wide wooden doors gave it the appearance of a large shed.
Broken windows and a rotten door would tell you the place was abandoned.
That they were letting it deteriorate, so that when it finally collapsed the land could be used again.

But the noises from within indicated that something was alive in there.
Pierre's sense of adventure gave him strength, and by breaking a rotten board in the door he was able to pass.
The interior was revealed as chaotic mess.
Various junk and trinkets littered the floors, creating mountains of garbage.
They mostly consisted of copper cables bent into shapes that looked like human sculptures.
The few rays of sunlight that entered were reflected, giving a sickly amber color to the ceilings and walls.

At the end of the warehouse were the of a house.
An old mattress, a faucet and a stove for warming up.
A man in waders and scruffy hair was working at a table.
Pierre went over to investigate.
The skeleton of a man finished the trinket he was making and tossed it into a pile.
He then took more materials that he had accumulated on his feet and started again.
The smell of tobacco was strong but it was mixed with something else.
The contents of the table were kept out of the bear's vision but he knew there was the loot.

Before deciding how to go up, a head poked out from the top of the table.

"Who are you?"
Those were the words that emerged from the creature.
It looked like a rabbit, but there were too many things wrong to begin to describe it.
The number of legs, the eyes, the head sewn together.

In his confused state Pierre realized that it were asking him.
"Eeeh, an adventurer. And you?"
"The boss hasn't given me a name yet."
That was weird, even for the situation they were in.
What did the boss have to do with his name?

He decided not to think about it too much and jump to the next question.
"Have you done this to him?"
The multilayered hare smiled at him with human teeth.
"Nah, someone else cursed him. I'm just waiting for him to starve so I can bring the emerging lifeblood to the boss."
Pierre was a little worried about that, but curiosity led him to ask again.
"What did he do to be cursed?"
"Bah, the usual. Humans started killing fae and vice versa. This poor bastard was caught alive. I wasn't around so I don't know more. I wonder if the boss cares if he dies before its due?"
File: Spoiler Image (15 KB, 588x541)
15 KB
The creature's head spun around his neck a couple of times with a thoughtful look.
"Well adventurer, it's time for you to go. There is nothing here for you, unless you want to stay and watch.
When he finishes sculpting, it is his job to put everything as it was. Then he starts again.
It's quite entertaining the first few times. "

Additional questions do you want to ask?

To do ?
> Kill the rabbit, Kill the human
> Kill the rabbit, try to help the human (how?)
> Stay and see what he does
> Burn the place
> Leave
> Write in

Roll 3d20 Bo3
Sorry if its not what you were expecting, but that image is confusing to look at so you get a rabit^2
with extra eyes.

Where did you get that image anyways?

Looked up surreal sharp things on google images if I remember correctly.
>> Burn the place
Could we help the human somehow with our absorbed abberance? Btw if the rabbit tries to interfere we shank him.
>Kill the rabbit, try to help the human (how?)
If we successfully kill the rabbit, try to communicate with the human and see if we can help.
Hopefully the rabbit isn't too powerful.
>Could we help the human somehow with our absorbed abberance?

Aberrance is less a stat and more of your energy reserve to use your powers.

Boys, I need the 3d20 Bo3
Rolled 9, 12, 2 = 23 (3d20)

Rolled 2, 7, 15 = 24 (3d20)

Rolled 7, 19, 6, 4, 19, 18 = 73 (6d20)

Shit, I forgot I have to roll.
Rolled 10, 4, 20, 12 = 46 (4d20)

I'm going to start writing so i guess is Bo2.
The enemy will have to abide to that as well
Rolled 9, 5, 19 = 33 (3d20)


Am I too late?
a bit, but you can roll the damage on the firecrakers 2d3-2
Rolled 1, 3 - 2 = 2 (2d3 - 2)

If you don't get a roller in time, you could just roll for Pierre yourself.
Rolled 2, 3 - 2 = 3 (2d3 - 2)

The situation was strange, and Pierre knew it was dangerous.
But he couldn't leave the human alone, leave him to die.
He was a defender of humans, and leaving him to his death went against his own existence.
The air was laden with the stench of grime and few things around Pierre would give him an advantage.
Evaluating how to get rid of the hare, an idea came to him.
"I think I'll stay and watch for a while. Can you help me up?"

The creature fell into his trap completely.
"Sure, it would be nice to have someone to talk to."
He extended two of his legs to help him up.
Pierre put firecrackers in his hands and quickly lit them.
The creature, in his confusion, lifted them up to see what had been delivered to him.
* BOOM *

> Range combat
> Roll; 9 + 2 DC; 10 Result; success [Damage = 2d3-2 = 3 and 1 => 2 damage]

The small detonation knocked it to the ground where he twisted in pain.
Two of his legs had become stumps and most of his eyes had been burned.
Crimson blood emanated from its wounds.
The seams of his flesh began to loosen, revealing more eyes and movement within.
Pierre decided that he didn't want to deal with it.

> Melee combat
> Roll; 12 + 2 DC; 5 (Prone) Result; Success [1 damage]

Pierre decided to start stabbing the creature until it stopped moving.
The descent of the kitchen knife on the hare was mechanical.
The impact on his body with each blow, shook his nonexistent bones.
The splash of blood on his fur ended up blinding him.
But he just continued, he had to make sure it was dead.
He had already missed an enemy by not being careful.
This time he would make sure there was nothing left.
The beat continued until it was just a lump of pink meat and the teddy bear was covered in gore.
The dirt was washed away with blood.

Turning to the human, he hadn't moved.
He was still engrossed in the task.
Pierre climbed the table after a couple of tries.
Apparently the blood is very slippery, who could have said.
Pierre tried to get his attention by talking to him and clapping his hands.
The latter only managed to stain the human with blood.
"Sir, you need to leave or you are going to die here."
"The pieces don't fit, the pieces don't fit. I need to make them whole."
The man was in a kind of trance.
Pierre scanned the place for something useful.
The table had some basic tools for sculpting.
Hammers, knives, chisels ...
And there was loot, among rusty metal pieces, a dagger somewhat smaller than his knife shone with the sick light reflected off the junk.
It had a simple look, but it reminded him of the swords of beggars from the other day.

> Object obtained; consecrated blade; +1 to hit, +1 to hit for each point of [Aberrance] on target.

Pierre looked back at the human.
Dirty and drenched in sweat.
His fingertips bled and made him squirm as a copper point accidentally sank into his wounds.
Pierre tried to hit him but only covered him in a bit of gore and momentarily distracted him.
The human would repeat a couple of prayers every so often to his god or to his task.
Without stopping to rest.

The mass of meat on the ground began to look more like bloody cotton candy than a corpse.
Pierre considered stealing his power.
He only knew one way to do it and he suspected it would grow larger than his adorable body could bear.
New flesh would emerge.
Was it worth it to stop being Charlotte's bear to be stronger and to be able to protect her better?

How do you help the human?
> Kill it (preferences to how?)
> Kill it and consume his soul. [Body breakthrough] (You are not helping)
> Call helps other humans (how? They don’t see you)
> Set it on fire, who has not used it to break curses?
> Write in

What to do with the corpse?
> Consume [Body Breakthrough] (your own body)
> Burn it
> Bury it
> Leave it there
> Write in

I had to draw that fucker 3 times until it resembled a human and I'm still not happy about his looks.
Stupid humans
* >Call help from other humans
>> Kill it and consume his soul. [Body breakthrough] (You are not helping)
>> Call helps other humans (how? They don’t see you)

Look for the hobo templars, get their attention and lead them to him.

Burn the rabbit's corpse.
>Set it on fire, who has not used it to break curses?
>Leave it there
I don't think Charlotte would appreciate he becoming some fleshy monstrosity.
The hobo templars want to kill us so that's pretty risky.
> Set it on fire, who has not used it to break curses?
> Burn it
Maximum pyromancy.
>The hobo templars want to kill us so that's pretty risky.

That's the point, they're going to chase us when they see us. We can lead them here.
File: Spoiler Image (1012 KB, 2988x2988)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG
I realy like having every scene in 1 post.
That way we don't get stuck with "it didn't work, now what?"
So have -The game of perception-
to see if thats even an option.
In case of failure you cant find the hobos.

-The game of perception-
Is the image a photograph or a painting?

>Maximum pyromancy.
so far, yes!
it's a photograph.
Photograph with filters?
Yeah, it's a photograph taken with a shitty camera.
You can find the hobos if you need to (until the end of the quest)
> set fire to both

Pierre began by dealing with the pink meat mass.
A single flame and it started to burn.
It did not emit any smell or smoke, only the light.
Tongues of fire rose in uniform patterns, reaching for the stuffed animal.
but suffocating long before getting even close.
the meat dough never cooked, it just reduced it's size until only a burned stain remained on the concrete floor.

[+ 0.5 Aberrance]

Then came the human's turn.
This was not pleasant for the bear, but he could not think of anything better.
He would probably regret it, but since he had the lighter out ...
The fire slowly grew through his sweaty garments.
The vomitive smell of burning filth and flesh grew rapidly.
Pierre tried to throw up, but without a mouth or stomach he got trapped in the sensation.
The human continued his task until half of his back was already burned.
A scream of pain and multiple attempts to put out the fire brought the man out of the trance.
Pierre stayed watching him, he didn't seem to be able to see him.

When things calmed down he rested his weight on the table.
The man studied his surroundings for a while.
The confusion with his situation was apparent.
Grabbing a broken pipe like a cane, and covering the wound as best he could, he started to head for the door.
He walked with many difficulties but he seemed to be able to advance without having to stop.

Pierre decided to follow him for a while to see where he was going.
After entering a subway station and walking down the tracks, Pierre decided that he was no longer going to follow him.
Nobody there found it strange so he assumed it was normal.
Either that or he was very stealthy.
Probably the second since a lot of burned meat was exposed.

With this adventure closed, Pierre decided that the best thing he could do was go home and remove all the gore that had stuck to his fur.


Hours later and after the teddy was washed several times with fabric softener stolen from Mrs. Robinson.
Charlotte returned to the house.

That day, Charlotte had no big plans so they stayed watching movies and drawing.
It was quite casual, and Pierre enjoyed being able to go back to doing simple things.
When they began to play with a block of clay while the mother was away, the telivisor began to spat out things that did not matter to him.
Ignoring it was fine until it started showing the images and had to sneakily change the channel, again, and again ...
He mantained the preasure on the button to change channels
But they were all the same.
He he turned off the screen before the girl saw it.

The rest of the afternoon passed without incident.

What was on the TV?
> Emergency message from the government. [Natural disaster in the City]
> Police alert [Terrorist attack?]
> Static
> Write in

I will write a little to add context to it.
This is great

>the same looped sequence on all channels, something like

Support but more staticky and distorted
"A hacker group known as 4chan entered this TV network last night and put Never going to give you up from Rick Astley, on loop, on all channels for 7 hours."

no, this is a joke... probably... it up for dabate
>> Write in

Something akin to LOCAL58TV

I realice now this is not how TV works
>Police alert [Terrorist attack?]
This have been helpfull but I'll probably not going to live up to expectations.
Have a shitty comic in an effort to compensate
File: At.least.it.has.subtitles.jpg (657 KB, 1781x1608)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Pierre sat on the edge of the bed.
The girl had begun to fall asleep and her mother had not returned yet.
He started thinking about the TV show.
They were interviewing a person, but nothing was understandable.
The words almost sounded like some he knew, but far removed from any language he had heard.
Superimposed on the video was a static filter.
The raspy sound of crisping electricity hummed beneath the dialogue of the humans.
Numbers sometimes appeared among the sea of pixels.
They would quickly sink again.
The strangest thing were the subtitles, they weren't letters.
Lines that to those who did not pay attention, would look like scribbles.
If you concentrated on them you could perfectly read their meaning.
"Protocol 457- Perceptual reinforcement- Forget this-"

Pierre knew that he had seen them somewhere else, but he couldn't remember.
He found all this very confusing.
Who was the message for?
What did it mean?
Who sent it?
Questions haunted the teddy bear.
They almost made him forget the task of guarding.
But the tapping on the window pane brought him back.
There it was.
The Enemy.
File: Spoiler Image (722 KB, 1363x2083)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
The closed window was force into opening
With a slick movement it set foot on the room for the first time.
The darkness that normally hid it from direct observation dissolved into the air.
The creature looked… stupid.
A man made of random overgrown animal parts.
A dragon tail, some crab legs, a skull for a head and a bear arm.
Some of the more dominant details.
The creature looked absolutely demented physically.
But a smooth calm voice accompanied this broken body.
“Evening, a friend of yours came to us, the winged one, and she passed on the message that you wanted to give an ultimatum. “
The thing looked awkward
“We would normally not do this, but we have been playing a tug of war for some time now.
It should end. We are sorry, but we need to end you.”
Pierre grabbed his knife and prepared.
This was very stupid but he would not go down without a trying to kill it.
The thing raised his hand in a effort to calm him down.
“We are not a monster, I will come back tomorrow. The child deserves to say goodbye to her childhood friend. It is only fair.”

>What will Pierre do?
>Ask a question? (you can only ask two)
>Pretend to ask a question, try to stab it now (1d20 Bo3) (Which knife?)
>Tell it to fuck off
>Write in

Sorry its such a small update for all the shit that is going on.
But i really wanted two drawings to have to spend less time describing
>>Pretend to ask a question, try to stab it now (1d20 Bo3) (Which knife?)

Use the consecrated blade.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d20)


File: 2021-04-06 13.21.57.png (3.12 MB, 1433x1839)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>Pretend to ask a question, try to stab it now (consecrated blade)
File: 1617644442632.jpg (52 KB, 702x873)
52 KB
Rolled 10, 7 = 17 (2d20)

Okey, you have a ... +10 to hit (2 strenght and + 8 blade)
he has a .... +6 to hit... and a disadvantage becouse ambush so he has Bo2
lets roll
Pierre cared not for the monsters words
he care not for who was under that skin.
He cared for ripping it out and ridding the world of such a loathsome thing.
No one would shed a tear.
But he needed a plan, Raziel had probably sent him here with low expectation.
He just needed a distraction, and maybe the Program in the TV could help.
Yes… This would also take it away from the room, and in turn, away from Charlotte.

“Did you do that in the TV.” Pierre already knew the answer but waited patiently.
The creature was confused for a second.
“Can I show you in case you know something.”
The creature was skeptical of the bear.
“Your enemy stands here and you worry for a TV?”
Pierre urged him to follow him out of the room, its curiosity peaked, it obliged.
Once in the living room Pierre turned the TV on, and the strange program was still there.

The Enemy was enthralled by this visage.
“How quaint, this is –“
>Roll 9 + 10 DC 10 + 6 Result: Success
The blade was already deep between the ribs of the thing.
Pierre quickly withdrew while twisting the knife inside the wound.
A trickled of blood came out even as the creature applied pressure.

Pieces of his skin began to fall and other parts became more visible.
A mask had been torn, the aberration stood exposed
“We shouldst did expect this. But i guesseth i am a blinking idiot for believing this relationship was higher than this.
i had coequal a nicer form just for thee. “

It placed its hand on the coffee table and rose.
Intestines hanged from his torso while the few stretches of his skin receded to the inside of its entrails.
“ i shall taketh ev'rithing from thee coward.”
Its large bear claw moved quickly but Pierre could manage to side step it.
A single blow could seriously harm him
The Enemy was mad, he just needed to take advantage of that.

How do you defeat the Enemy?
>Kite him through the building (Roll 1d20 for acrobatics )
>Head to head combat (gain initiative)
>Maybe Ms Robinsons cats will help? (50%)
>Lead him into a trap Pierre had made(roll 2d20 to see how well prepare it was and a dodge)( any specifications/explanations on what trap will lower the DC)
>Write in

Roll 3d20 Bo3
don't trust the cats
Rolled 7, 5 = 12 (2d20)

>>Lead him into a trap Pierre had made(roll 2d20 to see how well prepare it was and a dodge)( any specifications/explanations on what trap will lower the DC)
Rolled 16 (1d20)

>Kite him through the building
Rolled 18, 14 = 32 (2d20)

>Lead him into a trap Pierre had made
Rope (or maybe strips of cloth tied together) staked to the ground next to a doorway, holding a bucket of rocks, small tools, etc. suspended over the doorway. Cut the rope and the bucket drops down.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>>Kite him through the building (Roll 1d20 for acrobatics )
File: tegaki.png (24 KB, 200x400)
24 KB
it appears we are at a draw.

could you break the tie, i promise i will not include the felines.

Or anyone for that matter, you can change votes if needed
Rolled 14, 19 = 33 (2d20)

Changing to this.
Rolled 14, 18, 9 = 41 (3d20)

File: Its+the+final+showdown.jpg (647 KB, 1790x1957)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
Pierre began running, and the monster followed.
He was slower, but he had the advantage of fitting through the mail hole.
With a jump and a lot of months of practice he quickly got out of the house.
The Enemy crashed into the door, slightly pulling it out of its hinges.
He started going up to the rooftop.
Making traps in the house would have been reckless so he has made a few around the building for this types of occasion.

The loud sound of breaking wood indicated that the frame hadn’t hold for much.
He got to the stairs and began his ascent, but his short and stubby legs could not run that fast.
Pierre looked behind to see the creature lunging at him.

>Roll 19 +2 DC: 18 +5 Result = Failure [ 1 damage]
He took the brunt of impact.
Its left arm got ripped out.
His flings spilled out, a mixture of cotton, animal fat and human hair.
He wanted to scream but he needed to keep moving.

The Enemy, in its hubris, had crashed into the wall and fallen backwards.
As it rolled down the stairs Pierre reached his destination.
Thank god for Ms. Robinson, she had installed cat flaps on all the doors the landlord could not see.
The roof access was one of them.

The night was cold, a dusty wind traveled the city.
Pierre turned and prepared for it to arrived.

>Trap made by Pierre Roll = 18 + 3(Instinct) DC= 12 – 3 (explanation) Result = Critical Success

The trap was simple, a cut of a rope and a bucket would fall in the Enemy.
As he held his blade he saw the city skyline, illuminated from below by artificial stars.
The omnipresent skyscrapers blended seamlessly into the clouds above.
Except one that was engulfed in violet flames.

The rumble of the thing took all Pierre’s attention.
The door opened with a kick and he dropped the bucket.


“Whot? Are thou jesting?” the skulls tendrils flickered and the monster loomed over the teddy bear.

Pierre’s arm held a lighter, and a simple flick started his own personal inferno.
The Enemy and the rest of the contents of the spilled bucket erupted with a heat wave.
The thing tried to run, but he could not escape his burning flesh.

It fell
Pierre neared it, preparing a finishing blow.
But it shed a great deal of flesh.
A burning pile of meats and cottons was still burning.
But the enemy had become smaller, he had become weaker.
“Death is not enow, we shall showeth thee our hopelessness.”

How does Pierre fight him?
>Apply knife until its stops moving (Gain iniciative)(Roll 3d20 Bo3)
>Firecrackers (Range)(Lose iniciative)(Roll 1d20 Bo3)
>Skewers (Range and melee) (Roll 2d20 Bo3)
>Try to force him into the fire (Choose a weapon) (Roll 1d20 Bo3)
>Write in
/Strength-[1/2] /Aberrance-[4.7] /Instinct-[3] /Speech-[3] /Corporeality-[1/2]
>Imaginary friend: You can be seen by children at will.
>Guide : +[aberrance] to speech rolls if you are telling the truth
>Low polymorph: You can transform into a imperfect copy of a human child, the longer you remain transform, the more apparent your disguise will be [10 min max duration][2/day]
>Thief of Past's: Spend 1 [aberrance] permanently and remove the last 24 hours of a person's memories
>2- Skewers: melee/ranged, thrown 5 m , +1 rolls
>Potato slayer (knife): melee, +1 roll, crits remove 1 strength from enemy to a max of 1.
>1- Firecrackers: (ranged) (1 use) on hit = 2d3-2 damage.

Since this is possibly going to be the first combat to last more than one update I will try to spit them fast since they will be short, also as a remainder, you have 1 HP left.
File: 1594620399345.jpg (25 KB, 640x429)
25 KB
I was rereading this and i just found two gramatical mistakes.
I'm so disapointed.
I could have posted at normal time and I could have found them.

>His left arm got ripped off.
>His ripped off spilled out, a mixture of cotton, animal fat and human hair.
well, the fuck did my translator do to the correction!
It got worse!
Rolled 4, 7, 6 = 17 (3d20)

>>Apply knife until its stops moving (Gain iniciative)(Roll 3d20 Bo3)

> his left arm got ripped out
> The contents of his arm spilled out, a mixture of cotton, animal fat and human hair.
File: 1598937044282.jpg (11 KB, 312x296)
11 KB
yes, thank you
I was afraid of fucking it up more so i keep quiet
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>>Try to force him into the fire (Choose a weapon) (Roll 1d20 Bo3)

Rolled 1 (1d2)

oh no.
>>4731398 -1
>>4731450 -2
Rolled 1, 16, 1 = 18 (3d20)

It was supposed to be for 3 rounds of combat so i could pick the best of each column.
I guess I will only do 1 and do Bo3 with what we got.
File: 1587733030376.png (32 KB, 500x400)
32 KB
Something has happened inside the quest.
Depending on your choice we might end by tomorrow or I will need to make a new thread.
I have only 12 more days where I can be a Qm.
I think if i manage my time well i will be able to post 2 updates a day but only 1 art. Or two but low quality.
I'm telling you this becouse its going to be weird.
>I have only 12 more days where I can be a Qm.
What happened, OP? IRL?
File: Expectations.jpg (613 KB, 1622x1594)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
>Apply knife until its stops moving

Pierre was done with the murderous blob of meat and cotton.
“Fuck you!” that was his battle cry as he charged, he would have hopped for something more dramatic but he was tired and the wound of his missing arm was still bleeding out stuffing’s.

His mind was clouded with pain.
The blade hummed the a song of violence that blinded him.
He needed to kill the abomination.

His steps were quick and precise, a jump and his descent on the monster marked the end of the battle.

> Roll 7 + 9 (1 strength + 8 blade) DC 16 + 2 Result: Failure.

But he tasted defeat
The Enemy's hanging guts rose like tentacles and seized him.
He tried to cut them but he only managed to expose himself to more attacks.

The beast slammed him against the ground.
His nonexistent lungs emptied and his vision turned black.
The weight of his enemy pinned him to the ground.
His weapon was knocked out of his reach.
Tears of blood leaked from the buttons on the plush toy.
He had failed, he had failed Charlotte.
all the meaning of his existence had been lost.
He hadn't been able to protect her.

"Please, don't touch the girl." It only remained to beg, that he alone, would receive the punishment for his failure.
the skull showed no emotion.
"Children art cruel, those infants giveth life to things such as we, and then alloweth us roteth in their forgetfulness.
i shall taketh hence yond from those folk , and i shall becometh thy future. "

The tentacles pierced the bear's fur, draining it of life.
But leaving enough to force him to live
-1 Strength / -4.2 Aberrance / -1 Speech / -1 Corporeality

Pierre was forced to experience death,
and he was forced back into the world.

Pierre was awakened by the magpies pecking at his buttons/eyes.
The sun was high and the city bubbled with life and activity.
Stunned, he looked around.
A pile of charred meat and the bucket were there.
Not his blade, the Enemy had taken it.
The building that he had burned the night before was still standing.
"Charlotte!" The realization hit him hard.
He ran as fast as he could back to the house.

The door was off the frame and there was police tape.
Fearing the worst, he ran into the room.
But there was nothing.
It was the same as when he left the night before.
Except for the pink backpack.
"Yes, right, she is at school." That calmed him down.
The police tape would be for the door, they would have mistaken it for thieves.
There were still many things that his human needed in the room so he decided to waitfor her return.

By noon he was sitting on the floor of the room.
Repairing his arm.
the sounds of someone entering the house brought him out of his work.

Pierre checked that his arm was well attached and he went to the entrance.
There were two men dressed in black suits and with sunglasses.
They reminded him of a movie he saw with Charlotte long ago.
Although they had a weirder air about them.
They were inspecting the door.

Pierre leaned closer.
They both turned in his direction and looked directly at him.
This was the first time an adult had seen Pierre.
The shorter one took one of his hands to the earpiece he was wearing.
"Control, the resident entity is still alive."
the other male approached him, getting on one knee to get on level with him.
"Between the police report and Raziel's statement we know what happened here. Did you manage to neutralize the hostile entity?"
Pierre was silent for a while.
Deciding what to do.
He suspected that he might sneak in a question before answering himself.

What will Pierre tell the agents?
> Tell the truth.
> Lie, you will kill the Enemy, it is your revenge.
> Say that I run away before you could kill it
> Refuse to answer.
> Write in

What question will he ask the agents?
> Write in

IRL stuff. I played with the advantage of seeing it coming.
Thats why I needed to escalate things.
I don't know when i would be able to run quest and I would feel like shit if i left without a ending for this.
maybe its not exacly 12 days.
But tops its 16.

I feel you, anon.

I had to put my quest on hold for real-life things.

> Lie, you will kill the Enemy, it is your revenge.
>"Why have you failed to neutralize the hostile entity on your own? Does your organization expect beings like me to do the work for you?"
>> Tell the truth.
>Tell the truth
> Tell the truth.
File: 2021-04-09 12.07.12.jpg (1.37 MB, 1631x1759)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
> "Why have you failed to neutralize the hostile entity on your own? Does your organization expect beings like me to do the work for you?"
>> Tell the truth.

Pierre looked at the men in a mixture of hatred and contempt.
His face was not capable of showing such complex emotions that he did not know he had.
But even so he tried, without much success since the agents continued immutable.
he decided to channel his frustration into a question.
"Why have you failed to neutralize the hostile entity on your own? Does your organization expect beings like me to do the work for you?"
The closest agent did not show any indication of processing his question, just waiting for the answer to his question.
The shorter one, and the youngest, gave a soft laugh.
"The teddy is giving us an atitude senior."
Everyone was silent for a while.
Pierre wouldn't answer until they spoke first.

After the first minute the young man replied, even with the negative look of his superior.
"The pachtwork entity is non lethal to humans. As long as he does not reach critical mass we won't go out of our way to terminate it."
This was infuriating for Pierre.
Didn't they protect humans?
Perhaps he was the only one who cared.

This revelation only raised more questions.
"What about me? Did you expect me to do the job for you?"
The young man began to speak but was interrupted by the other agent.
"Like you, there are hundreds in this sector. You are not special. We did not expect anything from you. Just because you have caught Raziel's attention does not mean you have ours.
Was the entity terminated? "

The air around the man changed to a more aggressive one.
Pierre decided not to push his luck and answer honestly.
He told them about TV, about trap... about how he failed.
Pierre only saw a hint of surprise when he commented on how the Enemy had been left after the fight.
the older got up and left the house, starting a conversation with "Control".
The youngest left later, saying goodbye.
"Thank you for your collaboration, a pleasure to have met you." "

Pierre was alone again.
He returned to the room, to think about his future.

Hours later someone re-entered the house.
It was Charllote's mother.
He grabbed a couple of plastic bags from the kitchen and started packing clothes from closets and other necessities.
Pierre decided to pretend to be an inanimate object for her to pick up.
He required him to stay in a period of drowsiness from which it could be very difficult to get out.
But it was the only way he got people to see again the stuffed animal that he inhabited.
When she got to Charlotte's room she started packing clothes .
She eventually paid attention to him.
She hesitate for a few seconds, but she put the teddy in with the rest of the essentials.

Where is Charlotte living until the problem is fixed?
> Another apartment
> Ms. Robinson's house
> A hotel
> Write in

_Distortion game_
Tell me about the house with pictures.

Note: I will do another update at the usual time.
>> Ms. Robinson's house
>>> Ms. Robinson's house

I'll bring pics in later
File: haus2.png (786 KB, 1000x938)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (214 KB, 1440x1350)
214 KB
214 KB JPG

Original version of the above house.

Fun fact: this was a condemned building.
Used to be covered in all sorts of graffiti before it was painted to look like this.
> this was a condemned building.
ah, so it has done its time and reformed.
Good for him...her..it.
I'm going to be 1 h late becouse my classmates are asses.
I'll locked it at Ms Robinson's house
File: 2021-04-09 23.34.34.jpg (247 KB, 1244x789)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
> Mr. Robinson's house
-Game of distortion-
-Green and blue color of a corrupted image. -Low Distortion

The trip was very short.
The bag containing Pierre was brought into one of the rooms.
From the proximity he deduced that he was at Mrs. Robinson's house.
This theory was confirmed when he was finally able to get out of the bag.
Neon green painted walls and varnished tile floors gave the place away.

Pierre decided to see what he was doing Ms. Robinson while he waited for Charlotte.
It would take her an hour to get back from school.
Walking through the ornate corridors of the house he found the old woman sitting
in one of her padded chairs.
Beside her the hunting rifle that she used as a walking stick.
the police had tried to stop her, but as far as Pierre knew she was still using it.

On the lady's lap was a purple cat.
and seeing Mrs. Robinson's hair of the same color he could suspect that she used the cat to practice.
The mysterious television in the house was also there.
Bright blue but with a texture that would make you think its stone.
a South American soap opera was on.
Pierre sat down with the rest of the cats to watch it.


The door latches clicked and she entered.
Pierre quickly went to Charlotte.
Bombarding her with questions and trying to see if she was okay.
The little girl continued walking to the carpeted kitchen and began a conversation with the old woman.
Physically, the stuffed animal did not notice anything out of place.
but something was terribly wrong.
She couldn't see him.
Pierre tried to pull her clothes to get attention but it didn't work.
"Charlotte this is not funny. Answer please! I have failed but ... not this. Please ..."

[Charlotte is no loger considered a child. "Imaginary friend" skill does not work with her]
[Pierre has a new detriment: Independent, each day you consume 0.2 * [Corporality] in aberrance. Should you reach below 0 you die.


night came as always, with Pierre sitting on the edge of his human's bed.
But there was nothing left to protect, her mission from him had ended with his failure.
Pierre knew what was coming for him now.
He was going to starve, or whatever that was called for creatures like him.
the meowing of the cats was the only thing that could be heard in the silent night.
He no longer had to stand guard, but the Enemy had taken one of the neciv parts of him.
So he won't have to sleep again.
he was only trapped with his thoughts until the first rays of the sun released him.
"Good thing you haven't gone far, otherwise I couldn't have found you."
Pierre looked up, there is the parasitic angel.
Pierre wanted to be angry with her.
For talking to the Enemy, for sending him, for coming back here.
He wanted to hate her, but he was too tired for it.
He put his head back on his knees and just asked
"What do you want?"
The angel adopted his famous personality mask and began to speak.
"You think you are alone, but it is only the illusion of being free for the first time. Rejoice for your human, who no longer needs you. And join me in our protection from the rest. ·

Pierre snorted, there it was.
always trying to get him to join her amd her band of mercenaries.
"Leave me alone" the teddy did not want to devote energy to this
"No, no, no. For you to get mired in your sadness? You need the company of your good friend Raziel."
The plumed parasite stayed by his side, talking to him about vain things.
Trying to take his attention away from the problem in front of him.
He would have apreciated the sentiment if it was not for the seriousness of the situation
What was going to happen to his life.

> This was inevitable, accept your destiny [Martyr route] [Ending]
> You cannot recover what was lost, but you can avenge it [Hunt the enemy]
> We will have to find a new place in this universe.
> [Locked] [Fallen hero]
> Write in

note: i started writting and it went out of hand
>> You cannot recover what was lost, but you can avenge it [Hunt the enemy]
> You cannot recover what was lost, but you can avenge it [Hunt the enemy]
>> You cannot recover what was lost, but you can avenge it [Hunt the enemy]

We should've become a flesh monstrosity when we had the chance.

Say, OP, what would've happen to our story if we did that?
File: dwy3ptfscdr61.jpg (669 KB, 2392x3122)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Well. Now you know what the Enemy was after since the begining of the quest.

>Say, OP, what would've happen to our story if we did that?
A minigame about building Pierres body, to see wich stats increase.
And Charlotte would have not recognize you so you would have needed to choose between abandoning her (similar to mr dad)
Or trying tto convice her you were Pierre. This could have gone horribly wrong if you had poor choices of body.
Since a humans take damage to their sanity depending on the aberrance you have when tey see you and directly die if their perception is half the Aberrance of anything they see.
Becouse Pierre is still a teddy bear his abominable part is pn the inside for now.
Thats why he bleed human hair and actual blood earlier in the quest.
> This was inevitable, accept your destiny [Martyr route] [Ending]
>Now you know what the Enemy was after since the begining of the quest.
Maybe it's the meds suppressing my thoughts, but I still barely understand what's happening lmao. I'd guess the Enemy wanted to separate us from Charlotte, thus causing our death, is that correct? And the Raziel bird offered us to join the mercenaries, who get to live, but without attachment to any particular human?
>You cannot recover what was lost, but you can avenge it [Hunt the enemy]
We have to get jacked, become an eldritch monstrosity and take our vengeance. Consuming a human soul would work I think.
Also, two questions. Does Charlotte still remember us, and what would the fallen hero route have been?
File: 20210410_100114.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x1836)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
>Does Charlotte still remember us?
Do you remenber that one toy you had when you were a kid?
I still do, and he sits on my shelve, but my mother told me i used to talk to him when i was very little.
I don't remenber that.

>What would the [fallen hero] route have been?
fallen hero would be a self preservation route, Charlotte was a means of survival.
If she no longer serves a purpose, then she is no longer usefull alive...

>And the Raziel bird offered us to join the mercenaries, who get to live, but without attachment to any particular human?
That is... accurate. I called them mercenaries in a degoratory way, but its also not a false statement.

> I'd guess the Enemy wanted to separate us from Charlotte
"Thee doth not deserve to expire.
My just cameth as retribution."
He was after Charlotte, its not personal with Pierre... or at least it was not personal.
But hey, lets play the game.

--Game of deduction--
You have interected with the Enemy a few times now and i'm a beliver of "show dont tell."
So what is the Enemy?

Everyone can try to come up with a theory, you may have to discuss it amongst yourselves.
If you nail it = [+2 to instinct]
if you get close = [+1 to instinct]
I will resolve this tomorrow

i will make another thread since we are at the end of page 10
The enemy is the befoul fae. They wanted to eat Charlotte's soul.
Okey, update done and new thread.

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