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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
Your bombastic second day starts with getting physically assaulted by someone from the disciplinary council, followed by an altercation with a rather troublesome classmate. Though you have piqued the interest of the older Makino sibling, you’re not sure what to expect from her.
Right now you’re on a little voluntary adventure into the library’s abyss, where danger may be lurking around the corner...

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The Cast (updated from the previous version):
(!) Denotes ongoing events. Characters with no (!) have no event Senki notes in particular or can participate in at the moment.

The archive of the previous threads:
A strange burst or curiosity emerges from within as your gaze brushes past the lone set of stairs leading into the “dungeon”. It’s been a good while since your last venture down there with the rest of the movie club, and for some reason you feel a little extra adventurous today…
Why not go down there and have a tour? Maybe you will find some pretty interesting stuff down there.

The first thing you notice upon reaching the bottom of the stairs is the sharp drop in air quality. In contrast with the well ventilated atrium of the first floor, the dimly lit underground is blanketed by a dense, stale atmosphere, carrying the ubiquitous scent of old paper, dust and mothball.
In other words, exactly what an old library archive would smell like.

Without much thought you step into one of the passageways between the shelves and begin traversing the labyrinth.
The tall shelves, each roughly two and a half meters tall, line up in rows as far as the eyes could see, are packed full of labeled hardbacks that made looking across to the other lane an almost impossible task. Such feature gives the already narrow lanes between the shelves a particularly claustrophobic feel, adding a tinge of perturbation of what may be hiding around every corner. If anything, traveling in this maze of printed works resembles venturing into a set piece within a survival horror game. But of course, there are no eldritch horrors or the infected lurking around the corner, nor would there be any medieval gothic demon trying to jump you at any possible chance. This is real life, afterall-

*Shish shish*

What was that!?
You freeze in your step, unsettled by the faint yet unmistakably present rustling noise echoing from the depth of the hall. It may very well just be a book falling off a shelf, or a rat running over some papers... but that noise of an unknown source still made your heart pump and your hair stand on end. Nevertheless, you press on. Every step you take on the old wooden floor, creaking from the years of wear, brings you closer to the source of the noise-

*Shish* *Thump!* *Hmph…*
You slow your steps as you begin to notice the rustling you heard earlier to actually be a concoction of three distinct noises, one of which strangely resembles that of a… low groan?
The implication of an unknown number of other people present in this space makes you immediately think of abandoning this venture and head back upstairs. While your more conscious half tries to convince you that it’s just your mind playing tricks, the more primal part of your brain readies your body for a fight-or-flight response.

It is not due to the fear of the unknown, but rather from your horrendous past experiences here… specifically Chihaya’s countless jumpscares on your last outing here with the movie club, followed by the obnoxious and crackling laugh-in-your-face moments that sting particularly hard in your memory.
Sometimes you really want to sink your fist in that manlet’s face...
You shake your head and start backing away, lest you run into another bunch of mischievous cunts with ill intention-

“Well HEL---LO There !”


You let out an embarrassingly loud shriek as your entire body shudders at the unexpected greeting. Instinctively you spin around, quickly spotting the culprit casually leaning against a bookshelf at the intersection you just passed.

At first glance, you almost mistook the person for a female student... but who could blame you? His pitch black with violet streaks curls lengthwise against his snow white skin, framing his gentle and youthful facial features that gives him an androgenous if not outright feminine appearance.

“Forgive me for approaching unannounced.” He steps closer and, with a hand on his chest, lowers his head to offer you an apology, voice surprisingly deep, musculine, and silky smooth. He carries the vibes of a broadcast show host from the old radio days.

Standing around the same height as Mifuyu, his baby face made him look not a day older than fourteen. Yet, his speech and the even more old fashioned behavior gives the impression of a man in his forties during the height of the previous century.

You would most definitely have a greater freakout seeing this ghostly pale, feminine figure reminiscent of an apparition appearing out of the blue, had you not seen his outfit.
Donning a set of impeccably clean and ironed Kidosaka boy’s uniform, he is by no doubt a student in your school. The silken and distinctly checkered scarf wrapping around his neck, the tyrian purple decorative handkerchief in his chest pocket, and the pair of well polished leather dress shoes he wears all point to a rich and esteemed upbringing.

“My, I hope I haven’t startled you witless,” He raises his head to give you a wide, welcoming smile. “You don’t happen to have a yellow streak down your back, do you?”

You find yourself at a loss of words, particularly when you haven’t got a clue as to what he’s talking about.

“The name’s Ayato Jyumonji.” Disregarding your lack of a coherent response he introduces himself, raising his right hand towards you for a proper handshake. “Glad to be at your service.”

“Nice to... meet you?” You raise your hand slowly, cautious at any sign of him pulling a trick on you. Yet, again, he gives you no such leisure, instead reaching to grab your hand for a firm handshake. As his eyes meet squarely with yours, his smile widens furthermore, making you awkwardly do the same in return.
Something about this person just rubs you the wrong way, even if there isn’t anything inherently ‘wrong’ at first glance. You are almost certain his etiquette comes from his family background, but the perpetually forthcoming enthusiasm only serves to make you even more skeptical.
The most unnerving part of him, however, is that smile on his face- a perfectly amicable and cheerful smile, almost wide enough to mask any emotions or thoughts the man may be trying to keep hidden...

“Now, what does a fine chap like yourself seek in the depths of this venerable forest of knowledge?” Almost as if completely oblivious to your suspicion, Ayato simply maintains his demeanor and offers his assistance. “Perhaps I could hel-”

*CLANK!* *Thud! Thud!*

His words are abruptly cut off as a loud banging noise instantly grips both of your attention. It is the sound of something quite huge tumbling onto the ground, followed by a string of softer noises of similar nature.
Coincidentally, it’s also in the same direction where the noises from earlier were coming from.

“Oh dear!” He turns towards you and points toward the opposite direction of where you came from. “Perhaps I should have a gander, would you like to come as well?”


“Dandy!” Ayato gives you a confident nod, “I reckon it’s this way!”
Seeing him spring into action compels you to follow his lead, diving into the deepest parts of this underground space.

It is around the corner from one of the last shelves lining against the wall when the source of the noise finally comes into the light.

The noise, as it turns out, is the soft groans of a female student, rubbing her thigh as she sits haplessly on the ground amidst a small pile of messily scattered books.
Even in the dim light, the emptied shelf right next to her and the thick layer of dust pelted on her short silver hair and disorderly uniform are clearly visible, making the course of events that lead her there that much easier to picture. You lightly curse yourself for panicking over something as harmless as a clumsy student.

“Are you alright, dear Momiji?”

”I-I’m fine!” She looks up rather panickingly, blushing and quite out of breath “I- I was just… looking for you! G-got here from the courtyard and, ya know...”
That’s a questionable answer to a question no one asked, but more importantly, their names do ring a bell.
Weren’t Ayato and Momiji the names of the two seniors Misao pointed for you to seek out? If they are indeed the ones you seek, perhaps they could shed some light on your curiosity...

>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
>Ask them of their connections with Misao
>Ask the two senpais what they’re doing here
>write in
>>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki

A bit unrelated but when is Focus going to run Pacific Theater again?
>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
To be fair maybe we should have just asked Eiki directly when we were on the phone earlier
>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
>Ask the two senpais what they’re doing here
>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
>Ask them of their connections with Misao
Focus is currently at a place where internet connection is pretty flimsy
There's some difficulty in discussing details for say battle plans needed for that quest.
Hence at the moment we will be doing this one, which doesnt require as much research.
As soon as focus gets better internet, we can get back to the VC quest.
>Ask them if they knew anything about your brother Eiki
“My, you ought to mind your steps, dear Momiji!” He slowly approaches the girl kneel sitting on the ground, placing his hands onto her shoulders from behind. Reflexively, Momiji’s body shudders from the sudden contact, before raising her head innocently to meet a smiling Ayato.
“Sport, let me introduce this lovely mademoiselle. She is Momiji Kazami, my assistant in arranging these archives, amongst other duties.” Ayato presents the girl and gives her a gentle peck on the head, resulting in her timidly hiding her face between her hands.

"Momiji, this is... well, sport, I don't believe I've gotten your name yet?"
Ayato’s words remind you that you have neglected to introduce yourself amidst the abrupt turn of events.

”A-ah, right… I’m Senki Hasome.” You fill them in with a tinge of embarrassment. “Eiki Hasome is my brother… do you happen to know him?”
The words seem to just escape your mouth by instinct, earning you a collective puzzled look from both of the seniors.

”Our ol’ president?” He muses with a soft whistle, your brother’s name obviously having clicked in his mind.
“E-Eiki senpai’s brother?” Momiji lowers her hands to look at you in wide surprise at the revelation, her already blushing cheeks flush into a deeper shade of peachy pink.

“No wonder the resemblance!” Ayato exclaims with excitement as he sneaks a peek at the girl’s reddened face before turning back towards you. “I know him quite well indeed! I was his secretary during his office at the student council!”

Judging by their reaction, you come to the conclusion that they most likely have never known of your existence until now. The faint air of oddity lingers in the air, much reminiscent to the scene where you first learned about your brother’s acquaintance with Misao. Thinking back, neither he nor Mifuyu has shared anything about their in-school connections with you before yesterday.
“He never mentioned me?”

“Ol’ Prez prefers to keep different aspects of his life quite separate, as it appears. He's quite an enigma himself.” Ayato nods in thought and clicks his tongue. “But, I believe I can shed some light on a few... points of interest about him, during his tenure in the council.”

“Points of interest?”

“Why, yes! There’s a few right off the top of my head.” Ayato frees his right hand from Momiji’s shoulder and waves it freely as he begins his oration.

“Ol’ Prez likes to have his coffee black, but would sneak in a spoonful of honey himself before anyone sees it.
He keeps his secret collection of goodies in the back of the second drawer of the president’s desk at the office...
Oh, he always puts the gramophone to good use, filling the workplace with old school music whenever he’s present...
Say, you like jazz?”

The torrent of trivia about your brother comes to a halt with a rather abrupt question, almost as if Ayato’s checking if you’ve been paying attention.

“Not.. particularly?”

“Oh?” He pauses for a second with a raised brow before proceeding with a shrug. “Ol’ prez was a great admirer of Frank Sinatra, is all.”

“Didn’t know that, hm...”

The liking for honey and the secret stashes were consistent with what you know of your brother, but jazz? You don’t recall noticing your brother listening to jazz at home, or show any particular interest in music in general. Maybe it’s just something he does in school?
Aside from that, most of the ‘points of interest’ Ayato stated are mundane to a fault, definitely making this endeavor feel a bit frivolous.

“Would you like to hear more?”
Though he does have the desire to continue the conversation, you can’t help but find your attention drifting away from the topic, instead gravitating towards Momiji sitting on the ground.
Your eyes, having adjusted now to the dimmer lights down in the archives, can now faintly make out her reddish hue on her cheeks, her untucked uniform, and her heavy, labored breathing. Like a frightened puppy, Momiji twitches and nudges softly against Ayato’s leg, while the standing senior brushes his fingers against the back of her head.

Despite staying relatively quiet throughout the conversation, her body language heavily signals a level of physical strain and uneasiness.Your gut feeling tells you that she may need a visit to the infirmary, but instead of jumping into conclusions, you decide it’s better to only offer your assistance should she need it.

“Senpai, are you alright?” You reach out your hand and offer to help the distressed Momiji up, yet...
This little offer for help ends up having the opposite effect as you have intended, sending her into panic. Reacting as if someone has unexpectedly grazed her legs with a block of ice, Momiji jolts off the ground and leaps almost two steps away from you. In an incredible display of athletic prowess, she not only manages to jump from a previously knee sitting position, but even manages to land on her feet without bumping into the shelf right behind her.

Now that she is standing, the first thing you notice is her height- standing almost at the same height as you, she is by no doubt one of the tallest girls in your acquaintance. Tall as she is, however, what truly captures your attention is not her height, nor her mature and robust figure that rivals even Misao, but her perpetually timid behavior when around Ayato.

“S-sorry Hasome kun, but t-there’s this urgent...something!” She stutters wildly, her hands grabbing tightly onto his left arm as she shuffles beside him, positioning herself to take cover behind his shoulder. In the face of her distress, Ayato retains his collected composure, giving Momiji a few gentle pats on the head.
The scene itself resembles a comical role reversal, where an adult cowers sheepishly behind a middle school child while the latter offers comfort to try soothe the former.

“Ayato-kun! S-sensei says he- He needs the catalog of shelves, um, 2167! H-he needs it before the end of the day!”
The male senior raises a concerned eyebrow, his gaze shifting between the mess of documents knocked over on the floor, then to the seemingly endless shelves of the archives.

“My, my. One hellova job ahead of us.” Ayato murmurs following a long sigh. “My apologies, young Hasome, but looks like duty calls.”

“I understand,” You nod, realizing that you have been interrupting his duties ever since your first encounter. Not to mention, you also have an appointment you’d hate to be late for.

”Feel free to pay us a visit at the newsroom, should you ever have the opportunity.”


You nod and leave the two seniors to their own devices. Their answers leave much to be desired, but at least you’ve discovered a new thing or two. Maybe you should just bring this topic directly to Eiki himself, or maybe… You could do a little more digging yourself in the student council itself. Who knows what you’ll find?
>Volunteer to help, and ask what happened between the two of them

Surprisingly large amount of Yayoi flags here
>Go to the courtyard for a stroll
Ascending the stairs brings you back into the library atrium well lit by the noon sun, where the dashing rays from the windows temporarily blinds your vision. You lean against the handrail of the stairs while your eyes adjust to the new environment, soon to notice a series of loudening footsteps, most definitely someone approaching your position.
You squint your eyes towards the approaching silhouette, gradually able to recognize the comer’s most definitely femine figure and her waist length blonde hair-


Yayoi Makino greets you with a playful wink, followed by pressing her index finger on her lips to remind you of where you are. You silently acknowledge her reminder with a nod, while she swiftly skips right next to you to deliver her message.
“I’m glad you can make it, Hasome-san.” With tipped toes, she blows a faint whisper into your ear. “Come, we have things to discuss.”

Yayoi gives you a light tug by the sleeve of your uniform, guiding you into the study area of the school library. She makes a brief stop by one of the shelfs to pick up a textbook, before finally settling at a medium sized long table by the window. Seating herself at one of the wooden chairs, she invites you to take the seat right next to her- an invitation you have no reason to turn down.

“Hasome-san, if you don’t mind me asking.” She begins softly, setting the textbook onto the table between the two of you. “How well are you faring in academics?”

“Um… okay? I suppose?” What an odd question, you think to yourself. While the inquiry itself is rather normal, the lack of context made it feel rather out of place. “Why?”

“I was wondering, would you be interested in having somebody to study with?” She continues, her carefully serene gaze meeting yours. “If so, I’ll be more than willing to be at your assistance.”
“You mean… form a study group?”
“Indeed.” She nods, folding her hands onto her lap. “For years I have taken up the responsibility of tutoring my sisters, and I could do the same for you, if you would like.”
As welcoming as her invitation may be, she hasn’t quite given you an answer to the question you’re after.

“But why, all of a sudden?”
”Last year, when my sister got into some serious disciplinary trouble, President Hasome… your brother voluntarily stepped in and spoke to the principle on her behalf, ultimately succeeding in revoking her expulsion.” Soft spoken and well composed, Yayoi finally reveals the reason behind her reaching out to you. ”In order to repay this act of goodwill, I figured it is only fair that I offer assistance to his brother too… if you would accept, that is.”
She breathes in deeply following the verbose explanation, then raises a finger to mark another reminder. “Please do keep this ordeal a secret. It is a private offer, after all.”
You stare back at her dumbfounded, unsure of what to make of the revelation behind her welcoming approaches. While part of you already expects her goal to not be out of an interest in you, it is nonetheless somewhat of a downer to learn that everything she did was just to repay a debt owed to your brother.

On the flip side, it is true that your academic performances leave much to be desired, particularly when compared to your valedictorian brother. Having a regular study group would definitely be much more beneficial and constructive than begging Akira and Shinichi for a last minute crunch before exams, as Karin and you so often do. As for Yukari… owing her favors aside, her spartan style and lack of patience makes flunking a subject or two a comparably tame alternative.

”You don’t have to decide right away, but please do give me a reply before the end of this week.” She flashes you a warm smile, folding her hands on top of the textbook. “Just don’t leave me hanging again, alright?”

“O-of course.”
The confirmation flies out of your mouth like a reflex. Then again, there seems to be no other appropriate response available.
“Very well! I’ll be looking forw-.”

Out of nowhere, a low, feminine voice disrupts the tranquil atmosphere of your little rendezvous with Yayoi. It cuts Yayoi short of finishing her sentence, alerting the both of you to the figure approaching from behind.
The appreciative smile on the elder Makino fades instantly, and for a moment you catch a split moment of what seems to be genuine distaste from her usually gentle features before she spins around to face the one calling her name.
“Ah, Hasome-san, could you believe who’s gracing us with her presence?”
You, too, turn your attention towards the ‘intruder’ - A female student with long, pitch black hair tied into a lone ponytail that reaches all the way to her waist, holding some books in her hands. At a height comparable only to Momiji, she possesses both the build and muscle tone fitting of an athlete.
Perhaps due to her towering presence, this newcomer carries a certain aura of maturity that make her appear as if she was a staff and not a student, had it not been for her uniform.

“Ojou-sama, to what do I owe this honor?”
Yayoi stands from her seat and lowers her head with a curtsy, just as she did to you yesterday. However, you can sense her intention this time to be far less than friendly, and more of a deliberate act of subservience.
“Ojou-sama” does not budge in the face of such passive-aggressiveness from the Makino. Instead, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, much like a parent garnering her inner strength in an attempt to endure a rebellious child.
“I was wondering if you could… tell me how this reads.” She moves in closer, revealing a piece of handwritten note folded between the textbook she’s carrying. “You’re much better at this than me, and-”

“Pardon my insolence, but this one is unworthy of such a task, ojou-sama.” Yayoi blankly turns down the offer with another bow, though you could tell she has not even laid a single glance on the piece she’s presented with. “Forgive me, but I must attend to my other duties and take my leave.”
“Yayoi, wait-”
“I’ll be seeing you around, Hasome-san.”
Her attitude towards you, on the other hand, has not changed a bit. Flashing you a wink, the elder Makino swiftly slips away, presumably to somewhere away from the presence of the ‘ojou-sama’.

The student in question shakes her head disappointedly, as if she has been expecting this outcome from the get go.
“I’m really sorry you have to see that.”
She turns to you with a wry smile, and gives what feels to be a heartfelt apology.
“I, um… it’s okay.”

If Yayoi’s bouts with Yukari are deliberate taunts, what she did with this individual would be straight up spite. Each word and every letter out of Yayoi’s mouth towards this student is laced with ice cold mockery. The fact that Yayoi appears to treat this individual with more antagonism than Yukari does indeed pique some of your interest.

>Volunteer to help, and ask what happened between the two of them
>Head back to class to join your friends
>Go to the courtyard for a stroll
>Write in

(Sorry I accidentally deleted one of the posts earlier and figured i might as well delete and repost all 3 again)
>Volunteer to help, and ask what happened between the two of them

>Head back to class to join your friends
>Volunteer to help, and ask what happened between the two of them
>Volunteer to help, and ask what happened between the two of them
“I could help, if you don’t mind.” You raise your hand to get her attention, offering her the assistance where Yayoi refused. “May I take a look?”
“Ah, it… it’s a bit of a private matter.” She hurriedly slides the note in between the pages of one of the textbooks she is holding, reinforcing her grasp to keep the books shut. Her reaction, while not as extreme as Michiru’s protectiveness of her notebook, does make you quite intrigued as to what the note says.
“Um… you are… Hasome-kun, right?” Stuttering, ‘Ojou-sama’ attempts to change the topic, taking note of your last name not dissimilar to almost every past encounter that you’ve lost count. “Are you related to last year’s president?”

“Yeah, he’s my brother.”
It’s almost as if everywhere you go, you find the shadow of your eminent and distinguished brother looming over your head. As much as you hate to admit, you’re pretty much used to it by now. You fully expect her to follow up with either some words of praise to your brother, or asking you how he is doing.

“He’s a good senpai… um…” She pauses midway, noticeably bottling up the rest of the sentence as her gaze wanders about your face. “If you don’t mind me asking, are you… friends with Yayoi-kun?”
To your surprise, she opted not to question further about your brother, instead pivoting the topic onto you.

“Not exactly. We only met yesterday, but I think we get along alright. Hopefully.”
While it is a bit of a stretch to label Yayoi as a friend, it’s also true that her interactions with you thus far have been quite cordial. Compared to the various other folks you have seen her come across, at least.

“Please forgive her if she comes across as stubborn or haughty at times.” Her tone turns apologetic again, with a tinge of sorrow underlining the delivery. “She doesn’t mean ill, she’s just...like that, sometimes.”
As far as you’re concerned, Yayoi certainly doesn’t present herself as ‘ojou-sama’ has described, at least towards you. More importantly, you can sense that these two definitely share some history together, and likely not a pleasant one at that.

“Are you close with her?”
“We used to be close when we were younger,” She sighs, reminiscing the past with a noticeable scowl. “Though we drifted apart through the years…”
You lift a curious brow at her claim. While you are not one to doubt her own experiences, the amount of animosity Yayoi exhibited earlier certainly screams something more severe than a mere ‘friends drifted apart’ scenario.
“If only I could find a way to mend things...”

Her mention of wanting to ‘mend things’ instantly reminds you of your various experiences in dealing with your cantankerous childhood friend. Perhaps your first hand accounts could help her in her endeavor?
“I… happen to have a friend who, um, gets pissed pretty easily.” You begin, volunteering to share a few pages from your ‘Handling Yukari 101’ handbook. “Maybe I can help with some ideas?”
“Um…” She stares at you with wide eyes, initially puzzled by your suggestion. “What do you have in mind?”

Nevertheless, she chooses to take a seat beside you to hear you out.

“Not provoking her further usually helps, at least from my experience…” You start, your mind flipping through the various memorable moments where the two of you ran into some form of disagreements. As you recall, most of the time Yukari’s temper weathers out as quickly as it rises, which you can’t be sure if the same applies to Yayoi’s situation. But you can only share what you know- and you’ve got plenty to share when it comes to Yukari.

As you list out the array of appeasement options that comes at the top of your head, the senior flips open her notebook and begins jolting down notes as if she’s in class. Slowly, but surely, her expressions brighten as she continues listening to your lecture with mild enthusiasm.

“...and usually she’d be less angry in the next hour or two.” You finish, quite surprised at yourself for presenting this long without suffering some sort of an anxiety hiccup. (+Social)

“That’s very helpful! Thank you, Hasome-kun!”
In a sharp contrast to herself moments ago, the senior has returned to a brighter and much less deflated disposition. Gone was the gloom and scowl on her face, and in their place is a confident, energetic smile.
With her soft refusal to divulge details on her relations with Yayoi, how much of what you suggested could work for her remains unknown. Nevertheless, you choose not to sabotage her optimism, at least not after you’ve spent this much time and effort cheering her up.

“Any other scenarios you’d like to hear about? I happen to have a good amount of them.”

“Sure, I’d...Oh dear!” She interrupts while looking away, just as you are about to add some other recollections into the mix.
Your eyes trace her line of sight, landing squarely on the clock hanging high at the library atrium. Time does fly by when you’re not paying attention, with the clock’s hands displaying a mere 15 minutes remaining for your lunch break.

“I might have to go.” The senior picks up her books and hurriedly hops out of her seat, but not before giving you a grateful nod and bidding you farewell. ”See you next time, Hasome-kun! Feel free to drop by the student council office anytime!”

Student… council?
Dumbfounded by the sudden mention of that location, you watch her exit the library in rapid pace and disappear into the hallway, only to realize you haven’t even asked for her name.
By the time you step back into your classroom 10 minutes before the break’s end, the room is still only 2/3rds filled. A good handful of your classmates are still outdoors enjoying what’s left of break, and the same can also be said for many of those that are already here.
As per usual, Karin isn’t around, most likely playing ball or other sports with her athletic friends. Chihaya is chatting up with his group of friends, while Michiru is still busy working on her notes. Overall, nothing really out of place.

You quickly return to your seat and take out your bento box, setting it on the table and undoing its binds. There’s still some time left to eat, and since you haven’t ingested anything solid since this morning, you are quite looking forward to the extra padded lunch mom has packed for you.
You pull back your chair, pick up your chopsticks, sit right down and it’s time ea-
Yet as you eagerly lift the lid of your bento box, a creeping, wet coldness instantly runs through your bottom and lower back. As if struck by lightning, you jump out of the chair, leaving the embattled furniture to tip and topple onto the ground.

You reach to feel the backside of your soaked pants, feeling up an unpleasantly moist sensation that drives you to immediately spin around and examine the chair to find what’s gotten onto your back.

Kneeling beside the downed chair, you notice splash stain marks on the seat and backrest, alongside some residue of a liquid: pale white in color, with the same consistency as water, and gives off the very familiar scent of dairy…. Isn’t this milk?
With a finger, you scoop up a few droplets to make the confirmation.

Why is milk splashed all over your seat? You don’t recall mom packing it in your lunch, so there’s no possibility that it could have leaked out of your bag. No such beverage is present on Michiru’s table when you entered earlier, so it could not have spilled out from her side either. Where could it have come…

“What’s the matter, Hasome?”
A familiar voice greets you from behind, knocking your thoughts short.
Chihaya approaches idly with an arrogant strut and a light hearted whistle, most definitely dropping by just to see what you’re doing. With that wide, shit eating grin on his face you almost thought he must have won a lottery or something and is here to gloat, as he always does.
“Why the wet pants huh?” He snickers malevolently, circling you to observe your sorry state. “You pissed yourself or something?”

A tinge of anger instantly surges through your veins. If this spill isn’t an accident but a deliberate act, you might just be looking at the prime suspect...

>Cave his nose in (Athletic check)
>Turn the insult back on him (Intellect check)
>Ignore and let it be (Social check)

(Current Stat Points: 4 Intel ; 3 Social ; 1 Athletic)
>Turn the insult back on him (Intellect check)

Milk? He must be compensating for something.
>Turn the insult back on him (Intellect check)
>Ignore and let it be (Social check)
At this point is there any character in this quest that doesn't get a kick out of abusing Senki?
>Turn the insult back on him (Intellect check)
>Turn the insult back on him (Intellect check)
“No, there’s just milk spilled all over my seat.” You make your reply calm and dismissive as he halts his steps between you and your desk. “Quite a pity to see it gone to waste. You look like you need it way more than the chair.”
You stand up and dangle your hand at around his height to drive this taunt home, keeping a keen eye on Chihaya’s legs as the roast drives the shorty to the brink. Unfortunately for him, you’ve got your legs locked together this time, fully prepared to block a knee to the groin.

However, this time his anger did not manifest in explosive behavior as you had expected. Instead, this time he contains his temper and keeps his cool… almost too cool, as if his rage has dissipated like a pot of boiling water poured into the freezing winter lawn. You know very well how petty Chihaya can be when it comes to bouts, and it’s simply uncharacteristic of him to let his pride slide, unless-

Instinctively you reach for your bag hanging on the side of your desk and toss it on the ground behind you, denying any possibility of him trying to sabotage your belongings.

Managing to keep one step ahead of him, you watch in anticipation of him losing his cool and go haywire- but instead, he merely leans lazily against your desk and watches you back, with a laid back yawn and not a care in the world.
At this point you are more puzzled than anything. You know he is planning to do something in retaliation, but now that you’ve deprived him of his prime target, what else could he-

By the time the sight of your bento box sliding off the table top registers in your brain, there already is nothing you can do to save it from its fate.
The metallic collision rings through the classroom as your bento hits the ground on its side, mercilessly spilling all the contents in a horrendous splatter. You can only watch helplessly as your mother’s handiwork - the sandwiches, the steamed vegetables, and your favorite egg rolls- lie squandered on the cold, heartless limestone floor.
“Oops.” Your angry glare returns to the venomous miscreant, who shrugs nonchalantly with a gleam at you and a blood boiling grin on his face. “Didn’t see that there. Clumsy me!”
That son of a---
Just as you’re about to pounce on the hateable manlet to make him pay for his deeds, Michiru grabs you by the shoulder and stops you in the nick of time.
“I-it’s almost class time!” She stutters violently, pointing out the soaked mess that is your back and behind “I, I can help clean the floor, you should probably go clean yourself…”
Your vision shifts between your ruined bento, Chihaya scurrying away, and then finally onto the clock-
Which shows you have approximately seven minutes left before class starts.

Michiru’s words do hold up to reason. You’ve already stood your ground against Chihaya’s petty harassment, and as much as your blood boils at the sight of that midget, you’ve got more to lose and nothing to gain from assaulting him here and now.
“Ack, goddamnit…”

In the end, you decide to bottle up your temper, opting to put the final bit of break time to clean yourself as much as you could at the restroom. Granted, five minutes isn’t close to enough to blow your pants dry with the hand dryer, but it’s still better than nothing.
You manage to get back to class right before the bell rings, returning to your seat with a clean, polished patch on the floor and an emptied bento box stacked neatly on your table. Michiru has definitely done as she promised she would, and for that you give her your gratitude.
“Y-you’re welcome…”
The half blooded girl nods timidly, before again obscuring her face behind her trusty notepad.

With no food in your belly you’re basically running dry throughout the entire afternoon, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything. (no stat gains from classes)
The only saving grace is the little stockpile of candy you keep in your bag’s front pocket in case of emergencies, and today definitely counts as one.
By nibbling one small piece of hard butterscotch an hour, you manage to make it to the end-of-day bell, finally to be freed from your involuntary hunger streak.

>Leave school with your friends, and grab a snack before heading home
>Go find Yukari and go home with her
>Visit the Student Council office
>Visit the Newsroom
>Go find Yukari and go home with her
Of all the people in the cast Yukari seems best equipped to handle something like this. At least judging by how she reacted during MC's altercation with the student council girl
>Leave school with your friends, and grab a snack before heading home
Yukari would just double down on the abuse.

Karin, Akira, and Shinichi are the only other people in this story that has neither abused Senki, or exhibited giant red flags so far
>Leave school with your friends, and grab a snack before heading home
>Go find Yukari and go home with her
Am willing to give her a try with how she redeemed herself earlier
>Go find Yukari and go home with her
>Leave school with your friends, and grab a snack before heading home
>Go find Yukari and go home with her
After what felt like the longest five hours of your life, the tumultuous school day is finally coming to an end. You pack your bag as you crunch down and swallow the candy in your mouth, savoring the lingering bit of sweetness for the energy to go foraging as soon as you get out of school.
“Oii~ Hasome!” Karin calls for your attention, waving her hand to stop your footsteps as you brush past her seat. “Shinichi said he saw some new shops open up near the station, so we’re gonna go check it out! You wanna come along?”
Karin seems to be in a particularly good mood today, apparent in the infectious excitement glistening in her bluish-grey eyes. However...
“Eh, not today…” You reply weakly, placing a hand over your empty stomach. “I-”
Your lethargic reply is drowned out by the very audible gurgles of your stomach, which helps explain your situation better than any words possibly can.

“Oh… Well, maybe we can find you something to…” She pauses, taking note of your fatigued, malnourished look. “Ooon a second thought, I’ll go tell Shinichi and Uchida. You take care, Hasome!”
Karin stands up from her seat and gives you a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, her merciful glance offering some comfort to your plight. The two of you bid each other farewell as your energetic friend rushes out of the classroom like a gust of wind, presumably to fetch Shinichi from Class 2C again. As for you, there is nothing you desire more right now than heading straight home for a warm, filling dinner.

You pull out the final piece of boiled sweet from your reservoir and toss it in your mouth as you shuffle listlessly down the hall, before pausing your steps briefly upon reaching Class 2A.
In the absence of club activities, Yukari would usually take the shortest route home right after the end of class. Since today your intentions happen to align with hers, you might as well join her on her way home-

As you stand before Class 2A’s door pondering how to word your invitation to Yukari, Hotaru Fukuhara brushes past you from behind- the last individual you want to run into again today.
“Are you-”
“Please just leave me alone.”
Not even waiting for her to finish nor sparing her a look, you make your lack of desire to engage in any interactions with her clear before entering Class 2A and shutting the door behind you. With the troubles she has incurred upon you fresh in mind, you’d much rather not associate with her unless absolutely necessary.
The first thing you notice upon setting foot in Class 2A is the disparity of atmosphere in the space compared to the other classes. There is a tight, somehow strangulating sternness in the air, as if class has not ended despite the final bell of the day ringing five minutes ago. Those who have yet to depart for extracurricular activities congregate into small groups, quietly comparing notes and discussing whatever that was taught in class today.
In sharp contrast to the casual, laid back vibes of your class or the post-apocalyptic chaos that is Class 2C, class 2A feels so much more… genteel and civilized. It’s almost like you’ve returned to the dedicated studying space of the cram school you used to go to.

In this hall of study you spot your childhood friend, sitting sideways in the seat on the second to last row by the window. Surrounded by her two friends, one on each side, Yukari packs her bags while Michiru excitedly gossips about something, with only Sakura listening with any interest. Certain that you’re not garnering any unwanted attention, you close your distance with the trio.

Michiru is the first to notice your presence, instantly shrinking from a campaigning senator to a hermit crab in her shell. She hides her face behind her notepad while ducking behind Sakura, who by all accounts is half a head shorter than her.
“Speak of the devil…” Sakura grins suggestively at her timid friend, then turns to greet you with a nod of acknowledgement.
“Good day, Hasome.” She welcomes you with the same mischievous grin she gave her friend. “Say, is it true you intend to emasculate Seto?”

These confusing words escape Sakura’s lips with her signature stoic grace, completely unexpected from a traditionalist beauty like Sakura. Your gaze instinctively drifts towards her cowering friend, hardly able to imagine what exactly she so passionately described moments before you made your appearance.

“Ew, Sakura, could you NOT?” Yukari, for her part, sharply shushes the inappropriate question in a snap. She then glances at you with her characteristically sharp falcon-like gaze, telegraphing the inquiries she has about your presence.
“Senki, what do you wan-…”
She pauses, inspecting you briefly from head to toe, most definitely taking note of your sorry shape before her eyes lock back with yours. “Why are you extra ghoulish today? The hell have you been up to?”

“I, um…”

No sooner as Yukari’s interrogation begins, Michiru sneakily shuffles beside your osana and whispers into her ears. While you have no way of knowing what Michiru is saying, the gradual smoothing out of Yukari’s usually critical gaze no doubt explaining to her what happened earlier today.
“Alright, alright, I get it.” Yukari’s attitude mellows out, her expression gradually transforming from critical to concerned. “What are you here for, Senki?”

“I was wondering… Would you like to, um, head home together…?”
You can clearly hear the collective astonished gasp emitting from both of Yukari’s friends the moment your words register in their minds. Your childhood friend turns to glare at them with belligerent intent, resulting in the pair to both take a cautious step back and bundle together.

”Say, Michiru, could you kindly accompany me to the literature club? There is a project for this Friday's club fair I want you to have a look.” Sakura grabs Michiru by the wrist, then flashes a wink in your direction. “It's quite urgent, so let’s get on with it... and not bother these two~”
Picking up their bags, the two swiftly vacate themselves from the premises.

“That nosey---!”
You could practically feel the heat from the anger boiling under Yukari’s skin. On the bright side, at least her rage is not directed at you this time, making defusing it much easier.
“So… are we leaving?” You say, attempting to divert her attention away from her source of anger.
“...Fine, let’s go.”
“You started a fight with Seto today?” Yukari inquires at you as she walks ahead of you on the way back home. “ I thought you weren't the confrontational type?”

“Didn’t think he’d stop if no one stepped in.” You shrug while your stomach gurgles a dry growl, almost as if it's agreeing with your sentiment.
She stops her steps, tilts her head over her shoulder and stares at you unimpressed. “Since when did you become a superhero wannabe?”

“Since…” You stutter as your mind clogs for a moment, when suddenly a perfect explanation for such a deed pops into your mind in the form of a pretty recent memory.
“Since you stood up for me this morning.”

Yukari freezes, vision fixating onto you, eyes wide and flabbergasted in a moment of silence.
She turns her head forward and immediately takes off, almost breaking into a jog as she shoots several meters ahead of you. Left in the dust, you attempt to catch up, but your weakened state and regular lack of exercise hampers your attempt.

In the end, you only achieve this when she reaches the intersection with the convenience store. Despite the green light at the crossing, she halts her steps right at the vending machines, crossing her arms before her chest and looking towards your direction.

It’s more than obvious that she’s waiting for you to catch up- and when you finally do, the lights have already blinked back to red, and you almost tripped over from overexertion.

“Jeesh, you really haven’t eaten anything today, have you?” She points at your miserable state, this time with a tinge of care and compassion in her tone as she passes you a handkerchief.
Y-yeah… Thanks.” Panting, you take the cloth and wipe the sweat off your brows, your body leaning forward with your free hand on your knee while you catch your breath.
“Well, why don’t you come to my place? I’ll make you dinner.”

All the exhaustion aside, your thought process ceases function for a brief moment. The many disappointing and short-ended reveals you encountered today has made such a welcoming occurrence a bit hard to process.

“D-don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not doing it specifically just for you! I just happen to be on dinner duty tonight, and we eat early, so-” Yukari wags her finger as she frantically tries to explain away her reasoning, eventually getting more and more worked up in the process. “Ack, you coming or not!?”
“Y-yes! I-I’d be honored to!”
“Hm, good!” Yukari returns with a confident grin. “Don’t forget to call home though, I’d hate to have your mother worried.”
Without missing a beat you do as she suggests, receiving not just a greenlight from your mother, but also an… encouragement?
“Have fun Senki! Remember to be a gentleman, and don’t be home too late~”
Sometimes it’s hard to tell from her perpetually pleasant demeanor.

The lights happen to turn green right as you’re done with your call home, with the two of you crossing the street to head for the Yae residence.
Perhaps you can use this opportunity to ask her about her day, or something else down the line while you’re on the way...

>How are things going in your class?
>What do you plan to do for the weekend?
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday
>What do you plan to do for the weekend?

I'm not sure if this is just QM trying to show us Yukari's good side. But by the way she behaved from the start till now it seems like she gets the kicks out of helping Senki out of trouble.
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday
Looks more like another case of QM toning down the tundere after going overboard initially. Happened with Hibari in Pacific Theater
>Ask about what clubs she plan to join this year, since club fair is on this Friday

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