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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78620743
Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78673520
Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78741798
Part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78798673

And the Discord link: https://discord.gg/3JSJM29A

>Orikan secluded himself in his ship to begin his divinations.
>I had already provided orikan with several ancient maps from the original battlefleet gothic game.
>Six sub-sectors where they had been at one point before abbadon had captured them.
>It was no guarantee that they would be in the same place.
>But all of these had been found in this region of space.
>If i came back with all 6 of these blackstone fortresses i would cream myself.
>Trazyn and Phillias sent swarms of small scouting vessels out.
>If orikan did not find everything we would cast a wide enough net to guarantee we would find a fortress or two.
>I sat back and watched Dozens of ships disembarking into the void.
>I Sent out orders to look for any signs of power sources or anomalous occurrences to the fleet.
>We had an immense 7 million cubic light years worth of space to explore, if not more.
>I don't expect them to find anything right away.
>Orikan was probably going to spend a few years getting himself in his little time bubble.
>Doing so to let himself do longer in depth divinations.
>That was well enough for me.
>We might be here for...a few centuries.
File: guilhem-resseguier-15 (1).jpg (409 KB, 1920x1040)
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409 KB JPG
>20 Years passed with no incident.
>I Had spent that time helping in the effort.
>What we had found surprisingly was massive mile wide clusters of mineral asteroids.
>Since I didn't have much else to do I had my Skorpoids begin harvesting the materials.
>It would be nice to try my hand with some new foreign substances.
>We mined one asteroid for 37 years straight before it ran out of any materials of note.
>Still no reports on the first fortress.
>Still no word from orikan.
>I had gotten started on working on another wafer of amarathine.
>But by half way through the intensive process I was pinged by orikan.
>He had claimed he had found one anomalous power source in one section of space.
>Nearly 79 years in meditation and he finally gets a beat on ONE.
>I could insult him later.
>In any case Orikan, Phillias, Trazyn and, myself made way towards this power source he had detected.
>We ended up passing through the nebula to get where we needed to go.
>We were making way towards a sub-system finally.
File: Quinrox_Sound_Map.jpg (60 KB, 346x459)
60 KB
>There was a formation of 10 stars that had matched what we had been looking for.
>A Great big constellation as was depicted in the old books.
>Orkin was able to narrow it down to a section where 3 stars were, and immediately I pointed to one star.
>”There, Brigia, right there.” I tapped the glyph screen and sent him and the rest of our team to look at the area.
>”We'll find it somewhere near there.”
>Orikan sighed and took my word for it.
>Over the next few weeks we closed in.
>I was so filled with anticipation I could hardly wait.
>Finally we entered into the solar system.
>We saw a few gas giants, asteroid belts, a few frozen planetoids orbiting an old star.
>It was so cluttered with debris, so many frozen clusters, and floating yet to be identified masses..
>Somewhere in this system we would find that planetoid
>Fanning out we split up into sections.
>I was looking through the habitable zone, 3 planets were here.
>One day long from now these worlds would support billions of human lives.
>It was a nice distracting thought, but i needed to focus.
File: Blackstone fortress VI.jpg (65 KB, 1000x675)
65 KB
>I looked over the first planets orbiting satellites and found them each to be far too oblong to match the shape of a fortress.
>The second planet had none to speak of, but it looked as though the planet was ripe for populating, it was free of pollution, a virgin world.
>I Shrugged off the thoughts and pressed onto the final world.
>It was littered in orbiting clusters, it was half the size of the planet neptune.
>So much water, great stretches of land masses it was beautiful.
>I watched it absentmindedly for a few hours, I felt like an astronaut for a bit.
>I had been traveling across millions of light years, and never really stopped to consider it, it was so mundane to a necron, but not for a human.
>All that line of thinking was cut off as I saw the blackstone peeking out from behind the enormous planet's shadow.
File: Hulks of bygone ages.jpg (184 KB, 873x610)
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184 KB JPG
>I Called over everyone, informing them we had found it.
>The derelict ship was awaiting us.
>I had us brought in closer, and as we approached we were greeted by unsettling sights.
>Clusters upon clusters of space hulks of aedari, orkoid, and other xeno wrecks, floated in orbit of the fortress.
>Still we pushed on, closer to the moon sized star fortress.
>We reached one of its underbelly gates.
>And I simply remained at the bridge to awestruck to even speak.
>I touched the display glyph, as if touching it was me touching the great fortress.
>So long have I waited for this.
File: scarab pillow.jpg (183 KB, 1564x1564)
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183 KB JPG
Im gonna skeedaddle for the night, i do ask that you bump through the night so i can continue.

im really excited to share lots of Blackstone fortress lore.
nightly bump
bump has awaken
This is getting really interesting. I look forward to seeing them try to take it over.
mmmmmmm, eldar loot to experiment with
This isn't good. You write MAYBE 100 words/post, at a literally juvenile level (middle school kid?), it's all crap that bekongs elsewhere, and then you demand for your simps to fucking bump the thread? Go write on fiction.live and spare us your stupid ramblings.
thanks for bumping while we are away anon
Why don't you go make another Alignment thread or "How does 'Insert character or Race' fair in the 40k universe?" thread. Or better yet go back to your Tau rape thread that deviants like you populate. If that doesn't suit you stay in your bait female space marine thread faggot.
OP. You promised to take this shit to /qst/.
I didn't, what gave you the impression I would do that?
>I can post my shitty thread all I want because there are other bad threads!
You are defending all of the things you are criticizing, you know.
The previous thread where you lost a war to a single autist and agreed to make the next thread on /qst/ instead
They don't care. This shitty thread is their one shot at minor e-fame and they're going to take it. Oh and janny is going to allow it because he's a colossal fag.

I don't think he actually agreed to anything. Plenty of other people thought maybe it should happen, but here we are.
The difference is those are crap bait threads. This is /tg/ writing that whether you think it is good is irrelevant. If you don't like it than I don't know, maybe not click on the thread? But that would be to much to ask from autist like yourself.
How is this /tg/? Please explain what anything in this thread has to do with traditional games.
> Mistook a random anon as OP
>This is /tg/ writing
Then it's also /v/ and /vg/ writing since there are 40k video games.

If you're not writing about a game or within a rule set, it's not /tg/ it's just senpai fiction. Fuck off.
look at this anon
he bumps the thread for free
a thread he doesnt even like
be sure to not give him tips
for he does it for free
>If its not a game or boardgame then its just fiction

ah yes lets remove the CYOA thread and anything else that isnt specifically from a franchise leaving only the insert here General #number
thats what you want?
Guess you haven't heard of sage before.
But if you really want anon, I can follow the example set last time and take us to bump limit solo. Would you like that?
Huh, CYOA? You mean those threads where a rule set is created and replies discuss and work within those rules? Like some kind of...traditional game...?

I don't care if you think this is the best thread ever made, it belongs on /qst/ and not /tg/. It's just fan fiction.
do it my fren be sure to mind the 8th and the 9th although the one you should watch out for is the 15th
File: Inquisitor.jpg (655 KB, 1280x1280)
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655 KB JPG
There was a sick snapping sound after each step, as my power armor crushed skulls into shards of bone. This place was a desolate ruin, a world long ago sieged, fallen, and ultimately purged according to the Emperor's will. Despite the exterminatus order, I still wore full battle dress, by now all too aware that dead places rarely remained dead in the presence of an Imperial Inquisitor. Gray skies rained ash and ferocious storms tore away at some small fragment of human architecture that still remained. Ugly, brutish, uncivilized things, like so much of the accursed Imperium these days. Well, perhaps that would soon change.

I stepped through the threshold of the governor's secret librarium and out of the gray muck and detritus of the surface. This place had been shielded and guarded, because it held an item of supreme significance. But the governor was weak and he died with the rest when his planet was lost. Yet, even now I could see that his prized possession remained unharmed.

I approached the ancient scroll cautiously, scanning the room and ordering my attendant servo-skull to investigate the smaller nooks and crannies. It warbled along, following my orders, though it pained me to even look at the primitive, barbaric device. What miseries had befallen mankind to create such an idiotic, loathsome tradition? I grimaced and looked around at the wreckage which remained of the librarium, priceless artifacts long since turned to dust and scraps. All except for the scroll, which still floated in its containment field.

At last skull declared the place free of foes, and I shed my second skin, stepping gingerly onto the ash-covered floor. If the scroll proved true, I would not need it any case.

I quickly disabled the ancient display field and carefully took hold of the parchment. Despite my expectations, it felt springy, flexible, durable. Nervous energy and excitement boiled up through my skin as I rolled it open...
Why are you so desperate to impress strangers on the internet, genuinely?
>CYOA's are traditional games

Are you part of the nigger statistic or something?
Boy I hope this is the same Inquistor from Brian the Stupidest Space Marine Ever Produced by His Gene Seed
why are you so desperate to not have fun?
They're more traditional games than literally writing fiction about a /tg/ setting.
If someone wrote D&D fiction on here it would be just as irrelevant. You're only getting away with this because jannies don't do their jobs
I don't expect newfags you understand what a blight quest threads were
so would you rather go and join the endless shilling my fren please kindly fuck off there then
who is shitting up these threads with whining about another board?
>you can't say I'm shitting up this board when you're shitting up my thread!
Doesn't work that way, chief.
File: check'em.png (207 KB, 575x673)
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207 KB PNG
dubs on his side
does work that way my fren, why do you come in a thread you clearly hate even?
Go post a quest thread then in TG and have it get removed. the jannies are doing their job.

Quest is just DND with words
This is storytelling writefaggotry where one person has the wheel and writes. however this specific writefag thread also contains that other people write on top of that

Quest is interactive
One cunt tried to be interactive here with cryptek anon and basically got told to fuck off.
File: Inquisitor Pain.png (205 KB, 416x442)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
The text was not any form of Gothic, High or Low, nor any language used today, but it was the ink which seemed more interesting. As soon as I had rolled it open, there was a magnetic sound, like a generator coming to life - or a lasgun charging before it fired - but concentrated in this small roll of paper. Well, it wasn't paper, actually, it was a durable nanotube device, and to my glee it still seemed entirely functional. The ink, silvery and glowing every so slightly, rolled down the paper with purpose, navigating toward my fingers. I suspected it had some kind of IFF recognition protocol, as it stabbed my thumb and drew blood, and then proceeded to whirr energetically. All according to plan so far.

A moment passed, no more than that, before the parchment dramatically reassembled itself in my palm, the strange nanomachines inside of it fixing themselves into the shape of a syringe. Even in the grimness of this hellish universe I couldn't help but smile with glee.

I injected it without hesitation, straight into my neck. It wasn't just a fluid that I had injected, though, I could FEEL the machines wriggling around inside my body, through my veins. What a coward the governor had been, or a fool, to leave this treasure unspent. But all the better for me, I cackled, as my veins began to glow softly from the work of the devices.

True enough, there were still machines like this in the faded Imperium, but the machines which were operating inside of me were only a system of delivery. The changes they wrought were extraordinary by any standard, and 'ere long I could feel power surging through my veins.

My human form was being forcibly evolved, uplifted, and it was stubbornly trying to refuse. Pain wracked my senses, and I fell to my knees, crying in agony. I knew that this sensation would not last. It was only the death throes of an inferior me, a me who was slaved to the madness and tyranny of lower life...
You're a blight on this board and I'm sick of jannies selectively enforcing the rules.
You make a post about how politics is literally changing the game itself- boom 3 day ban for "off-topic".
You make dozens of shitty threads just writing irrelevant fiction and that's just fine with janny.

You're not talking about traditional games, you're writing fiction in a /tg/ adjacent setting. If jannies won't do their jobs, then all that's left is to voice displeasure.
Why isnt this in /qst/
>This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

This is a quest thread.
You have main authors who write fiction, they take advice from other authors, but can choose to ignore all suggestions and just write their own story if they want to.

It. Is. A. Quest thread.
Because of it was on /qst/ that faggot Neckbeardia wouldn't see it and these losers would miss their one opportunity for a crumb of e-fame
File: letter_necron.jpg (69 KB, 620x491)
69 KB
my fren
you are on the wrong board
your sentiments are correct and true
but your methods are wack
come back in two or three years
lurk moar in these boards
or your tourists visa will expire
and so with heavy heart i must say
BACK TO >>>/pol/catalog
File: mechanicus_sip.png (113 KB, 512x512)
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113 KB PNG
this is a story not an interactive game, not as far of topic as /mgw/
>durr if you notice companies literally changing rules based on their politics you belong on /pol/
Christ you people aren't cut out for 4chan. Having reddit cookies in your cache should be a permaban.

Not to mention this rubber-glue shit you're trying here. You belong on >>>/qst/ now off you go
Rules on quest never say it has to be interactive. In fact they explicitly protect the authors right to ignore all suggestions and write their own story.

For a moment I thought that the Fortress was IN a Hulk. That would have been funny.
rent free why pull your hairs?
File: Inquisitor Happy.png (430 KB, 716x625)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
In desperate, nerve-splitting pain I struck out at everything near me, kicking the display case, pounding the floor with my bare fists. My teeth were grit so tightly, but they chattered as my whole body convulsed in pure, unfiltered primeval suffering. And then, suddenly, my bloodied fist met the floor again, only this time it cratered the stone like so much wet tissue.

I laughed madly as the pain subsided, washed away in part due to the euphoria of realizing my transcendence. But the lion's share must have surely been that pain itself was rendered insignificant against my new body.

At once, I stood and lifted the case from the ground, even though it was mounted to the floor, and threw it as easily as I might have tossed a quill, crashing through the wall of the librarium. Strength such as this was surely nigh-unparalleled, except amongst the most powerful daemons of the immaterium. I stepped through the hole I had made back into the gray wastes of the ruined planet, and looked to the sky.

I jumped, clearing several stories in a moment, leaping across the caved-in dome which once represented the height of the Imperium's influence here. I chose to land on top of the roof, though the force with which I impacted the three meter thick stone was still enough to powder it and send it careening fifteen stories to the ground. I, however, did not.

Instinct was of no use to me, here, but my willpower, bolstered by the confidence I had in my new body, proved a truer guide. My will insisted that I would not fall, and so it was that I remained where I had landed, only now, with no surface beneath my feet. Unpowered flight, another keystone of my abilities. Eager to test it, I soared upwards, into the towering clouds of ash and lightning.

These storms easily tore apart great structures, to say nothing of how they rent any life which may have wandered into them. For me, though, it was a pleasant experience, as I let myself drift along the intense winds...
ITT: Samefags go around circle-jerking and masturbating over how horrible the OP is for not taking this to /qst/; just make sure to ignore that your increasingly-cancerous 'OP IS SHITTY' posts are as much a blight on this board as the jannies.

Fuck 'how politics is changing the game', that shit is cancerous and inevitably leads to flames and madness when SJWs and /pol/acks decide to jump in.
again rent free
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. "They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion." Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.
>more redditisms
You really don't help your case do you?
Trying to smugly pretend that you're in control of a situation when you're losing is day 1 shit.

Come back with a justification for how writing 40k fiction is /tg/-relevant or don't bother replying
That would have been funny. But can space hulks actually get that big?
File: deathmark.jpg (110 KB, 1047x1125)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>The 4 other ships closed.
>We once more hopped onto a call.
>Trazyn was the first to pipe up. “This place, it's a treasure trove of relics.”
>”Derelict ships of at least 20 different races i've managed to identify, these are all impossibly ancient.”
>”They're all forming AROUND the blackstone, not on it.”
>That was curious.
>I piped up.” We need to send a scouting force ahead.”
>”See if the defenses of the blackstone are active, the power should be on from what i know.”
>durrrrr I'm totally unbiased you guys, I hate the left AND the right! Never mind the fact that I only discourage these discussions when the right has a point
Only an arsonist pretends fire fighters are as bad as the fire, faggot
see the /mgw/ or storytelling gen
who is doing the reddit spacing again?
It might be possible, if the hulk holds together long enough or has some way of dragging in extra mass.
>boy I sure hope X happens in your story Cryptek-sama!
>it happens
Sounds pretty collaborative to me, faggot
> I informed them of fluctuations in gravity, and the uncertain nature of the rooms caused by the blackstone fortresses defenses.
>We deployed a small force, hundreds of scarabs, wraiths, Skorpoids and squads of deathmarks.
>The most mobile individuals who could navigate unhindered by most of the defenses.
>Along with the deathmarks i had trained to spot spindel drone eyes, i think we had a good chance.
>They left with a handful of relay nodes, something to keep communications up in the event we lost comms to them.
>We all watched as they headed into one opening in the fortress, a triangular passage in.
>Entering in, they kept a continued stream of updates.
>Everything was alright.
>paragraph breaks are Reddit spacing
Thanks for confirming you're new
File: Ork_Space_Hulk.jpg (114 KB, 773x525)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I see no reason why they can't be, its just a bunch of junk smashed and warp-welded together.
You know what guys. These anons are right. I am retiring from shitting up /tg/. I will live out the rest of my days peacefully with my gay Filipino furry lover.
If you need me you can contact me on Discord

Nice strawman there, but it's tickling my allergies a *tad* too much. I ain't encouraging either side on this; I just want you both to fuck off back to Bunkerchan and /pol/ so the rest of us don't have to deal with your 'X IS PUTTING POLITICS INTO MY TG IS SHITTY' BS.
>I'm not encouraging either side. I'm just seeing one side with complete control of the hobby, and the other side dissatisfied with what they're doing with it, and telling the latter to shut up :)
Points for trying to hit all /tg/'s pet hate-ons, but everything else on that is terrible.

Obvious troll is obvious, 2/10.
I would never troll. All further story posts under this name should be considered non-canon as I did not write them
Hello fake nigger
Please do not use racial slurs. My boyfriend is very sensitive about the world we live in right now and I want to make it a place where he feels safe
Do you have any sources to prove that one side has such a complete control of the hobby, or are you talking out your arse?

Yeah, I sense faggotry here.
File: just as planned.jpg (87 KB, 683x476)
87 KB
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, more free time on the first page, give us mooooooooore this is going EXACLY as planned
the more you fucktard post the more interest this thread garners and you jarheads are doing all of us a fave by letting us live in you heads rent-free
File: Inquisitor Nonplussed.jpg (57 KB, 850x921)
57 KB
Time passed and I accustomed myself to the nuances of flight, as much as I could in such an environment. Despite its normally lethal concentration, the ash didn't disturb my breathing whatsoever. Either my body was filtering it, or my innards had become as durable and resilient as my skeleton and musculature, but in any case I felt fine. Better than fine, I felt great.

I dropped out of the cloud layer near the governor's palace, and glared angrily at it. A monument to the selfisheness, stupidity, and savagery of the modern human species. Such a stain on the universe should be wiped clean.

A difficult sensation built in my eyes. Heat, energy, tension... it was all built up for one reason. Destruction. In the next moment, a blast of red energy elicited forth from my eyes and cut the palace, a structure which spanned entire city blocks and was designed to survive sieges by the enemies of mankind, in two.

Now, I felt ready to leave this world, and exact retribution on the fools who had so readily cast the future of the human race into the trash can. I ignored the lander I had arrived on and flew up past the clouds, into space. It was cold for a moment, but then the warmth of the system's sun filled my body and I felt more alive than I ever had. In space I could fly much faster, I realized. Probably, there was no upper limit on my speed, whatever mechanism powered my flight was completely beyond conventional knowledge. But I still needed my ship, to travel between star systems. At least, for now.

I arrived aboard by the simplest means - crashing through the hull. Armsmen and crew were shocked, and some of them were ejected into space because of me. I wasted no time hunting them all down, pasting their frail bodies against the interior of the starship.

Unlike most in the Inquisition, I did not believe in using navigators. My ship was guided by a relic from the "Dark Age" of Technology, an 'abominable intelligence...'
>Do you have any sources to prove that one side has such a complete control of the hobby, or are you talking out your arse?
>I want proof of the politics in this hobby but I also don't want you to be allowed to talk about politics in this hobby!
You played yourself.
Maybe if you looked at what people were saying rather than shilling you have seen the dozens of statements from all the major war game and RPG companies about diversity, representation and BLM
Fuck you.

This is 4chan, not some Tumblrtard hugbox where claiming to be gay is an instant 'I win' card and playing it causes an internet lynch mob.
>hey guys, I still don't know what "sage" is!!! :D
oi, stop stealing my name you git
Ignore him. Just use the exterminatus and go on.
I'm sorry if that's how it came across anon. I only wanted to express my genuine desire to retire from writing to spend more time with my gay Filipino furry boyfriend. Seeing you use a slur like that for under my skin. I'm sorry for any offense I may have caused
in other news; the gaydar is going haywire when i point it at your comment, faggot
File: blackstone-exploration.jpg (60 KB, 1024x512)
60 KB
>We were receiving a grainy live stream of their entrance.
>We couldn't clear it up with all this hulk debris interfering.
>They traveled a few miles before they finally reached a torn down gateway.
>They waded through the rubble to enter into the chamber.
>A few Skorpoids dedicated themselves to harvesting the debris of the doorway for future clearance.
>Traveling they found a small chamber bearing a spire and a few lights to brighten the room.
>The tiled floor was a hexagonal grid, seemingly randomingly dipping across the floor.
>A few connected doorways led to a few other chambers.
One: who cares, unless you're terrified that the niggers, trannies and fags are going to crawl out of Diverse!Games and rape you up the ass at night.

Two: If these companies don't go full BLM IS LOVE BLM IS LIFE they'll get a horde of SJWs and political talking heads screaming about how racist they are; better to make a statement and keep the sweet sweet moolah coming in than risk a PR booboo.
Anon, I JUST announced my retirement. Could you at least wait a few threads before impersonating me?
All of this is non-canon
File: download.png (12 KB, 257x196)
12 KB
>Calls me faggot
You're not doing a very good job of pretending to be unbiased. You're doing a remarkable job of downplaying opposition and trying to preserve the leftist perspective though
Personally I think the only mistake OP did was making so many threads in so little time, which gathered the attention of too many tards, which would make it harder to post in following threads... perhaps OP should consider writing more in advance, even if he has to take long pause
You're also doing a remarkably good job of not responding to my earlier point, fuckboy. Sources. Do you have them?
File: Daemon.jpg (560 KB, 496x702)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
"Greetings, Inquisitor," the AI chirped at me, as I finally entered the bridge. I was captain of my own vessel, and as such there was no need to purge this place of the filth that had occupied the rest of my ship.

"Set destination to Terra," I ordered, slumping into the command chair. This vessel was only a frigate, no real warship, but for me it was only a means to an end, the pathway to ending this foolish Imperium as quickly as possible.

I realized that I was quite tired, probably from the stress of my transformation, and took the opportunity to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of tittering laughter, never a good sign. I sighed and stood, scanning the bridge. We were in the immaterium at present, and a purplish glow dominated the bridge. "Show yourself, creature," I wearily demanded. I had nothing to fear from denizens of the Warp, now, I was confident.

"What a strange thing I have happened across, a ship with only a lone human girl as its passenger!" The response came from the air around me, the voice smug and feminine.

"Daemon," I cringed at my own use of the grossly inaccurate term, "I am not a girl, and I am no longer human. I am something more. Test me and I will destroy you," I threatened.

"Ooh, so feisty," she giggled. Annoying, I thought, that I didn't have a way to simply extract her from the air and choke her unconscious. "Well, don't worry, I'm not a nasty demon here to ruin your day. I thought I'd just tag along and watch what you're up to." Just outside the bridge window, she apparated. A blue-skinned, winged girl, attractive but certainly alien, and obviously unaware that her position afforded her no security.

"I could rip you from where you stand and tear you in half," I explained. "The void is no shield against me, not any longer."

"Ah, but the warp itself? Would you so readily plunge into pure chaos?" she giggled again.

"I choose not to do so only because I'm busy," I responded gruffly.

"Oh you ARE interesting," she smiled.
What's this?
a mess
A shitshow on all sides, mixed with shitty writefaggotry, yells of 'OP IS A FAG' and random /pol/tards. Also, namefags.
It says fag
Now you got me thinking... Can a space hulk become so big that I would turn into a planet? I mean, gravity will take hold of all that mass once jt gets out of the Warp...
we namefags usually just write tidbits of sideplots but it's such a mess right now it would not be worht the effort imo
Probably not. Can you imagine how much rape that'd put out if it got Orkified, though?
No, THIS what is this.
Planetoid Sized Hulk? Probably. More a matter of time really. And time is fucky in the Warp.
same poster
Are people insulting each other in cipher?
File: Spindel halls.jpg (172 KB, 1000x737)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

bruh how did we get to talks about BLM or far right stuff , all I'm writing about is necrons and folks get butthurt because I'm not sucking off the imperium. Id like to thank the janitorial staff for helping clearing the spam.

>They opened up another chamber, and immediately opened fire.
>They had peppered a spindel drone full of beams of gauss shots, energy beams, and dissipation beams.
>It cracked and fell under such a concentrated beam of deadly shots.
>But as they focused in, they found the drones were inactive.
>Half a dozen dead drones were strewn about the tight hall.
>They had either been killed or without power for who knows how long.
>One deathmark collected the bodies, and sent them back on towards the entrance.
>We would have time to research these drones while they ventured deep.
>Trazy, Orikan and I were all pleased with this development.
>No doubt we would be bickering who gets to dissect the thing.
File: Inquisitor Angry.png (67 KB, 242x256)
67 KB
"Silence, creature," I responded, now mostly resigned to being grumpy from having awoken too soon. This daemon represented no threat whatsoever to me, it only wished to annoy me. Sadly that was not enough to merit an adventure into the raw immaterium, and so I would have to endure her unwanted attention.

She watched me silently for a time, but silence did not become her, it seemed. "You killed the others, right? Why would you do that?"

"Simple - they are my enemy," I answered. "The Imperium... no, the entirety of humanity, has betrayed everything good and decent that exists. I intend to destroy it, destroy humanity, and destroy all the other races which have abandoned justice."

"Abandoned justice? Isn't it a bit hypocritical, when you attack your fellow humans for choices they didn't even make?" she queried.

"They are hopeless. All that they can ever do is degenerate into the equally loathsome fools who worship your masters. I have no patience for those who deny their own power and worth. No servant of the Emperor is untainted."

"Yet you are an inquisitor, are you not? How many have you killed in the name of preserving this way of life?" the daemon smiled, clearly enjoying the exchange.

I frowned at her words. "I am beyond hypocrisy. My actions, whatever they are, are my own choices. All that I have done has been done in accordance with my will. That I have changed my attitude in light of changed circumstances, it's only rational."

"Rational? Hmm, a bold choice of words for a woman who is determined to murder her entire species. Is your supposed transformation not proof that humanity can change, and live up to your ideals?"

At that, I laughed. Though she clearly had the aspect of a Tzeentchian daemon, this girl was so woefully uninformed. "My transformation is proof that humanity deserves to be destroyed."

She quirked her head, confused at my response. "I would pry more, but sadly, we're out of time for now. Good luck on your quest," she smiled.
We got here because

Started going on about politics and how butthurt he was over changes to 40K. Cue 4chan being 4chan.
Isn't this Blackstone found lifeless anyway by the Imperium in M34-5?
Called it last thread. Jannies might leave this shit up but moderators actually give a fuck about the rules.

I wish you the best of luck with your quests
Don't really care just archive this on /tg/
Oh fuck! We got moved to quest!
Welcome to /qst/.
What happened here?
If we get ID code what's the point of being anonymous.
People didn't take to kindly to the writefaggotry happening here
Finally, heres hoping this is gonna be a normal ride.
Part of me doubts that.
I wouldn't mind if we managed to shake some of the retards off during the move.
Might as well name our self.
Wait does CrypAnon get thred privileges.
And make it double.
I'm curious to know what the Necrons will reverse-engineer from the sentinels of a Blackstone Fortress. That would be a sight to behold.
Good question.
a guy named cryptek anon started writing in /tg/ about an anon who got isekai'd into an necron but people didn't like that it was on /tg/ and started spamming the thread until it was moved here
File: 1518591237767.gif (2.4 MB, 250x188)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
>>an necron
Grammar aside, people had a problem with the fact we also had people writing side stories along with the main. Used it to try and say 'ITS QUEST' Apparently someone higher up agreed, so now you get to see the remains of a /tg/ thread.
go make your own thread this is for cryptek anon not your your story
But... this isn't a quest.
Yeah. these people think that a quest and writefaggetry is the same.
they need to stay in pol with their retardism
Seriously what >>4766673 said, go make your own thread don't derail this one.

Forget it man we've been trying to explain that in every thread, and look where that got us.
Yep. We are aware, seems others aren't though. How likely do you think the mods/jannies here will knock this thread out?
Guess we just have to wait until another mod moves us back. Or we'll just rot here I guess...
Then tell a mod to move it back.
They won't because they moved it here.
You mean anons correctly pointed out that writing 40k fiction isn't actually anything to do with tabletop games

Can we just have our writing now?

It's literally collaborative story telling. Shut up and write
It's probably for the best anyway. Faggots were making a habit of spamming up the threads. Maybe that won't be the same here
That fucker with the inqusitor says otherwise.

When even the quest people are saying it isn't a quest....
Write what? We were reading until retards like you came along.
>Be Chari
>We watch the live feed of the deathmarks who headed into the fortress first
>The room was tense
>It also didn't help that the debris surrounding the fortresses was giving us a bit of static.
>Audio was lost but our deathamrks seem to be doing fine
>A dozen of those spindle drones were found... deactivated.
>I didn't personally know if that was more worring or a good thing.
>However I get an idea, and make a request to Ish for a few spyders go into the debry field and begin scrapping some of the ships for resources.
>If were lucky we might find data as to what made the fortress attack them and avoid making that same mistake ourselves.
>Also we could maybe use the sypders to slightly keep the radio signal stronger
>But I can't shark the feeling something will go wrong
>When even the quest people are saying it isn't a quest....
1 guy who hasn't been present for any of the dozens of previous threads where writers took input from other posters.

Either way it doesn't matter. No one on /qst/ is going to complain. This is a great opportunity if you'd all just stop bitching for a moment
Why the honest hell do you care?
Troll keeps on trolling and he will never stop.
File: Inquisitor Thinking.png (284 KB, 755x641)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Naked and surrounded by enemies that most in the Imperium regarded as a death sentence to fight, I felt confident. I had seen skitarii fight, before, with blinding speed and inhuman precision. They had been worthy of placing in the highest caliber of human warriors, though there was little left of them which could be called human. But now, I saw their movements and perceived them to be as slow as those of a doddering geriatric.

I ducked under the first skitarii to attempt to stab me, moving in just such a way that he ended up skewering his comrade. I tossed both of them handily into another who was charging a heavy plasma weapon of some kind. Honestly it was bizarre that they would even try that, given their orbital cannon had only deprived me of my clothes, but in the end there was little they could do.

The unstable plasma battery exploded and took most of the other skitarii with it, but two stragglers still attempted to attack. I gripped one by the neck, flew into the ceiling, and smashed his skull against the durasteel plates until it was gristle. The other, I bisected with a single kick, sending its torso into a sealed bulkhead where it exploded into gore.

I landed and took the red cloak of the first skitarii to die, the least damaged overall, and adorned myself with it. As superhuman as I was now, I didn't like the thought of exposing my nude body to others.

As I approached the eastern bulkhead, I noticed that the hole I had created when entering this place was sealed up by some kind of foam, and there was then a subtle hissing which elicited from vents in the floor. Poison gas, some kind of nerve agent, perhaps, but it had no effect on me. I ignored it and lasered my through the next door, where eight quad-cannon bolter turrets immediately opened fire. The rounds hit me and felt like minnows nibbling at my toes, it tickled. I smirked and tossed the loose chunk of the bulkhead that I'd walked through into one turret. I sprang into a leap-kick that annihilated another turret and then tossed the wreckage down the wall, breaking apart three more. The remaining three I quickly dispatched by means of lasering, and it again fell silent.

Their security countermeasures had all failed, thus far... I wondered what they'd do next. Certainly the Mechanicus had hoarded some terrifying weapons, another symptom of the madness that plagued humanity. There were, of course, the Titans; Mars was, after all, home of the Collegia Titanica. Yet, I wagered they'd be more destructive to themselves than to me. Perhaps the Mechanicus had made the same calculation.

Things went like this for a while as I cleared bulkhead after bulkead, heading toward the heart of the Fabricator-General's sanctum. At last they seemed inclined to bargain, as the next chamber I entered had only a servo-skull with a vox attached. "Inquiry: why are you doing this, Inquisitor K-" I crushed the skull with my fist, not even acknowledging the attempt.
That "guy" is the most popular QM on the board.
Don't you have some Space Wolf furry scatflic to write?
He can be king of /qst/, doesn't change the fact that a fragment of a thread that was mostly shit posting and arguing isn't representative of the story telling that was going on previously
What's wrong with the story he's writing?
Besides that it has nothing to do with what was originally being written?
It's not his thread.
Nothing, other than it needing to be in it's own thread.
File: Drukhari.meat.pit.png (466 KB, 512x512)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
>> 4766638
The ID is unique for each thread.
its to avoid samefagging.
Not the best, but better than nothing

>> 4766508
Damn, you are at part # 8.
I really need to catch up.
Awesome work by the way
Whom'st ever is writing the Inquisitor stuff

Go make thyself a thread for it is off the topic of the topic we have here as this is about Cryptek anon who is a necron and his adventures trough out warhammer 40k. Yours is a Inquisitor having a diffrent adventure.
Thus to the Inquisitor writer. Kindly fuck off nigger.
You would not write your quest on someone else thread.
This is the same.
It is being impolite
Lets calm donw now guys. No need to get yer panties twisted, Its in the past now okay ? We got moved to qst, now we just move on with the ride.
Improvies adapt and all that shizz. Lets just focus on cryptek anon's quest to get metal booties.
It's not a quest though. You just got sent here.
Though I have no investment in the discussion, myself if I'm being honest. Just pointing it out.
File: you.dense.fuck.jpg (139 KB, 875x980)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
writing, anon.
It's spelled 'writing'
Nigga what's going on here. Shouldn't you make your own thread, or go back to /tg/?
Its why everyone's getting frustrated, he's trolling to the best of their ability trying to derail the story because we dared to start this series on /tg/ instead of /qst/, and is contiuing to do so for some reason even though we have moved to /qst/
Did someone report them yet?
Take a look at the previous threads and see how much good reporting does.
On my phone from siblings house but damm what fuck all happened. I went to get donuts and now were here in quest, and I have an impersonator over there back in Tg trying to same name me to get me in trouble. What the fuck
Get a trip.
"Same naming" won't mean shit. 4chan bans by IP.
Plus, as someone who saw your alleged impostor and thought you'd all been sent here, i can say you were already unpopular enough before any impersonation. As far as most anons are concerned this guy is just doing exactly what you were doing in the first place and they won't care whether its really you or not.

Try not to let the idea of e-fame get to your head. You are nobody, even on 4chan no one knows nor cares who you are. Thats kind of the point
File: Regular_BF_Spindle_Drone.jpg (63 KB, 1000x1000)
63 KB
>The drones seem weird spindly little things
>I swore Trazyns eyes lit up
>Not sure how will he, Ish, and Orikan settle on who gets the first drones
>I do wonder how are they powered though and finding out how do they fight might increase our troops' chances of survival.
>However Ish did say there were larger drones called Guardians
>Which was worrying, to say the least.
>I can only hope that they too aren't active as well
>... But why did some of the drones seemed damaged
>I can only hope there isn't anything too dangerous in this fortress with them
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Rolling for horse
File: Into the breach.jpg (47 KB, 1000x560)
47 KB
Gonna try and salvage what remains of this thread, i am not used to whatever the hell /qst/ is so dont expect anything beyond the usual format of my writing. oh and now that impersonator on/ tg/ may try and steal my posts.

>They marched onwards into the blackstone.
>Scarabs mapping out every inch of the structures.
>Nodes were placed all over the walls.
>The narrow seemed to expand outwards, lacking any proper organization.
>Eventually the floor began to incline until it reached the point where it became a shear wall they had to climb.
>This presented no issues to the floating masses, they simply began moving upwards.
>The deathmarks held onto the wraiths and ascended towards an opening.
>Once they reached the top they found themselves in a secure antechamber.
File: endless nothings.jpg (85 KB, 877x620)
85 KB
>They spread out across the chamber, they saw one diverging room quite well lit.
>Heading to the light they looked out to the expanse before them.
>It was a massive drop down.
>The lighting we had seen had been coming off randomly off surfaces with little reason.
>Looking at its complex and seemingly impossible geometry gave me a slight headache.
>They did notice some movements however, nothing clear.
>A quick blur in the far distance moving from one chamber to the next.
>This fortress was inhabited by something.
>I began charting out the rooms and creating a basic map
>Updating them constantly
>Adding in any notable details that could be used to navigate or aqueous later in our travels
>I don't know what is in the fortress aside from what ish has told us of the Automata that are always within it
>However the debris that is floating around does show that others have been annihilated for no discernable reasons
>I request again that a group of spyders be sent out to harvest both valuable materials and gain any information that might have survived about what the ships were doing to incur the wrath of the fortress.
>Now that I think about it we could also use a few spyders to get a better connection to our deathmarks that are within that fortress
>I just keep an eye out till then
So is the plan to continue posting on /tg/ or /qst/?
File: old skully.jpg (63 KB, 268x223)
63 KB
plan is to continue this thread on qst than ill see what i do.

>Gravity was actually a fluid thing here.
>The rules of this chamber seemed to be that any surface had its own gravity.
>Should something float they would simply fall weightlessly in the center of the room.
>We had a few scarabs that had got caught in this strange phenomena.
>They caught glimpses of ancient calcified husks of debris occasionally floating lazily.
>I could've sworn i saw a floating calcified ork skull.
>The group moved towards the movement they had seen from afar.
>All of their weapons were primed to fire.
/qst/ because /tg/ says we don't belong there...
Probably. Can't say cause i'm OP
i think it might be to continue on /qst/
shit sorry meant I'm not OP
Sorry OP
>Be Mask
>I have been covering the deathmarks on some of the details that I am allowed to share after the meeting.
>Even showing them the spindle drones and what Ish has told us about them
>It wasn't much... but it was certainly better than going in blind.
>However the few space debris around are a bit worrying, not to mention a calcified ork skull was spotted in the fortress.
>Knowing the orks it is most likely they have grown to un acceptable numbers.
>How much is unknown.
>Though a few spyders have gone out to search the debris fields for any information and rare resources we could get.
> It unsanctioned but I'm not going to say anything because it has helped clear up a bit of communication static
>They did report that the ship has something within its hull but it is currently unknown.
>Though a few deathmarks while in the vacuum of space can use Dynas invention like jet packs which might help
>I can only hope this operation is quick and we have no casualties or outright no fighting would be the best-case scenario
>I can only pray for their safety
No shit, Batman?
We all know that this isn't a qst, but if it means to shut up a troll, we go to whatever the fuck we need to go.
Even if the adms don't wanna deal with this shit.
Can't wait to see them fight Kronks... That's my guess.
neck yourself cockmongler
I agree. The ID system at least get us to know who the troll is if he tries to screw up more.
File: space_hulk.png (573 KB, 1024x569)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Little late to the party mate, but I'll give you an A for effort.
I’d prefer if weird fury guy just got a 30 day ban and we could be on the right board, that’s unlikely though because he’d just get a VPN and try as hard as he can to ruin this story

>Go to quest
>Go to fiction.live

>They continued to wade through the strange chamber for an hour before they reached the opening.
>They occasionally collected samples of the remains of what remained.
>One such peculiarity was a red crystalline humanoid mass, it had branches and roots growing from parts of its body but it still had humanism features..
>The quality was too bad to discern much of it, we had it sent back through the pipeline.
>They pressed on, entering in that next hall.
>Gravity had taken normal root the instant they stepped onto the floor of this chamber.
>One Canoptek Acanthrite noticed something as they entered this chamber.
>Organic matter, clumps of hair.
VPN doesn't help much tho. I got banned in the past even using one. Still didn't cared because I was using it on /pol/, so nothing good was lost.
There may be still hope for us then
He tried. But he doesn't have a single spark of creativity of what to do with the story. The thread was already reported and spammed into kingdom come.

You can continue your usual procedure. Here we know who is who.
>Samples were collected naturally, but it informed at least some sort of mammalian creature was inside the Blackstone.
>Or at the very least something wearing a poor quality pelt.
>They pressed onwards for a few hours finding more signs of this place being inhabited.
>Strange holes littering the Blackstone walls, flakes of skin tissue, nondescript puddles, dried up plant fibers.
>I would have continued to watch but I finally received the spindle drone remains.
>Each of us received 2.
>Mine were more intact.
>Orikan and trazyn received...less than mint condition drones.
>I went quite upon realizing something.
>Spindle drones aren't normally able to leave the blackstone, when defeated they are absorbed by the blackstone.
>So why didn't it do that?
>Could it be that it's because it recognizes the ship as being also made of blackstone?
>That would explain why it's allowed to leave the fortress.
>But that still leaves the question why it hasn't been absorbed by the blackstone.
>I have the 2 sets of drones locked into floating suspension fields.
>Much of this gave me cause for concern.
We know.
Faggots on /tg/ don't.
we tried to explain that but the retards screeched and got the mods involved
You keep bitching about this as if anons had the power to move you.

You loved it when the janny was keeping your threads up despite the rules.
Then a moderator had to step in and actually enforce the rules. /tg/ is not a place for works of fiction just because your characters are based on a tabletop game setting.

Frankly you put Discord in every OP, maybe if you're so upset about being on /qst/ you can fuck off to Discord.
But that's not good enough for you is it? You want to be noticed. You want your chance at the lowliest e-fame: being a somewhat notable writefag on fucking /tg/ of all places.
You're pathetic, honestly. Shut up and write your quests.
man you must have some daddy issues
Fuck this retarded shit. Writefaggotry has been perfectly acceptable on /tg/ in the past. OP you can talk to the mods on IRC to see what needs to be done. Also remove the discord link. Nobody likes a discord fag.
Witty retort. You know usually insults work better if they make sense in context.
Such as you knowing all about daddy issues while you desperately chance e-fame to compensate for the approval he never gave you
Nothing else to do but troll on a Saturday huh?
Here's a thought. Maybe OP wanted to write for the sake of writing?
Isn't it kinda telling that you followed us from /tg/?
Cryptek seems to be the only one making the bet of it. Nobody else is
Followed nothing. A new thread came up on /tg/ and I came to check why you faggots werent sticking to your new board
Very telling. He's just mad he didn't think of this first. He probably watches neckbeard too since that's what he seethes about too.
>When. It. Relates. To. Games.
Your sperging about how stories set in 40k don't count because it's only a setting for traditional games has never held water. It's never been true and you're targeting threads that neckbeardia makes (admittedly shit-tier) videos about because they live rent-free in your head. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but their existence doesn't mean /tg/ is being flooded with redditors, that's been happening long before this.
>It's so fucking simple. You got a thread where you could write in peace.
We had that before you showed up. And all you've done since showing up is disturbing that peace, even after the move.
>and all you're doing is bitching and moaning
>about how it HAS to be on /tg/
OP is writing here, isn't he?
>For what reason? So you can be on Neckbeardia like Cryptek? It's genuinely pathetic.
Imagine being so pathetic you can't fathom people enjoying something and getting mad when some autist comes to try to be the fun police. Enjoy your (you).
That isn't any of us, its some copycat fucker who I'm pretty sure got banned.
Read above
>person who complains about Neckbeardia must watch neackbeardia
Solid logic, shit for brains
I'm happy to consneed that, but he's why I came here. Fuck all to do with following you, so the faggot who's own ego can't handle how insignificant he is can go choke on cock
Yeah, it's irritating to have to deal with no-class, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging trolls. Especially when they follow you to other boards.
>Followed nothing. A new thread came up on /tg/ and I came to check why you faggots weren't sticking to your new board
Oh fuck off with your imposter trolling thread. Ran out of material for the Space Wolves story you were shitting up the other threads with to you decided to copy/paste this story huh?
Its called projection and you're great at it.
Who hurt you anon? And how did he do it?
Can we not... look fighting anymore on this is stupid on/for both sides

We are here and that is it... nothing more nothing less.

Also kindly stop antagonizing one another... shesh lewis

But I must point out that we keep trying to antagonize one another we will just end up right back into square one all over again. An eternal pointless struggle for both sides.

Everyone takes a different view on rules... some more lenient, others more strictly. We might never always agree on everything. But I think we could agree that directly coming here to be antagonistic and be antagonized is just stupid.

So everyone kindly stop this lollygagging, grow up (both sides) and take a seat and talk with something that resembles civility about it.

But a question why fallow us if the problem has been resolved and just a few anons are discussing it and not op?
Man... You're being more jelly than my ex.
Chill your tits down.
I wonder how long it will be before Trazyn swaps his drones with anons when they aren't looking.
It's Trazyn. He already has
Enough... It's done and the last thing we need is more text. Because now we are both going off-topic.

I'm far more concerned with the observation Anon had with the spindle drons
In Lore, isn't the Brigia Fortress offline when the Imperial's find it?
Alright, fair enough.
You don't need to do that here.
Threads last about a month generally.
That thing with the Fur or pelt? Ork? or a hunter from either Alderi or human empire?
Dunno yet. Given how long these Fortresses have been around, anyone's guess.

No Humies. This writefaggotry is set something like 20 million years before m41.
File: bumps.jpg (146 KB, 800x450)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Humans probably not...unless this things been in the warp, which cause time in that is a bit fucky
I dont think it is humans i mean were still what 12 Million years befor 40k and if i remember corectly the human empire started in 20k? So would be a bit early for humans
Actually, I just thought of something from the first thread. Didn't the Slann wear fur pelts?
last that i noted this story takes place...
17.6 Million years before current lore of M42
wow nice, folks notice small details like that.
It could be anything from the pelt of an exotic beast to Krork pubic hair. So it's really anyone's guess.
Isn't there something like time temporal anomalies that can happen in the blackstone fortresses??
Damm got my numbers wrong bu t thanks for clearing it up
Imagine if that was why the Slaan went around seeding worlds with life. They just wanted better furs to wear.
Oh? Nice. Didn't knew. Never used /qst/ before, only /tg/ and a single-night rage-fuck with /pol/...

If thats a thing then sure, admittedly I only ever skimmed WHQ:BSF lore. Did not personally care for the game itself.
Is it possible that the old one's have a proto human already in service to them even before, since they were desperate to use every one of their creations.
...That assumes that the Old Ones made humans, and they didn't just evolve naturally
And sorry, thought just came to me; Wouldn't a Proto-human just be a Jokaero?
If humans are evolve jakaro what was added warp sensitive?
i guess /tg/ is a shtposting board now like /pol/ and /v/
File: avz43Dd_460s.jpg (49 KB, 460x378)
49 KB

Humans evolved naturally, the old ones died/fled the galaxy long before the humans came along.

as for the jakaro evolution theory. well thats gonna be a hard no, the jakaro haven't evolved at all in the last 60 million years in lore. trazyn has multiple jakaro weaponsmiths in his gallery and they are exactly the same as their modern day counterpart.
I was pretty sure it was natural, but it was an interest thought all the same.
Can we please the /tg/ crap behind?
Already did.
we did (just hit the little triangle on the post then hit hide post, its such a nice feature)

Now we are speculating on what is causing this irregularity on (in) this Blackstone fortress. Because as op pointed out, Spindle drones are always consumed back into the fortress.
>I would have continued to study, but I received several pings that called for my attention.
>Rushing to the bridge I came to look upon the screen.
>They had reached a chamber bearing a maglev lift.
>What's more there appeared to be seemingly intricate alien technology littering the room.
>There appeared to be more of the crystalline tree people here.
>I wasn't sure what they could be.
>I Gave the order to collect them, and then ordered them to delve deeper on the maglev.
>They did so without question.
File: Metal Wolf Chaos.jpg (482 KB, 1413x980)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
>One deathmark sunk his hand into a slot terminal on the maglev.
>He shook for a moment before the maglev stirred.
>Quickly the chamber opened up.
>Walls flying away like theater curtains, and extensive railway for which the maglev could travel upon.
>The Maglev rocketed off.
>Feverishly the deathmarks planted the relay nodes into surfaces hastily.
>The connection stuttered and the quality noticeably dipped.
>God it was like looking a 144p video
The thought of the Necrons of all people having bad reception makes me laugh.
They are the result of 5G C'tan Technology.
What did you expected?
File: Krork warrior.jpg (669 KB, 1920x2720)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
>I gave the order to the Skorpoids to rush back and bore tunnels into the maglev railway chamber.
>We can't lose connection with them.
>The fucking latency of the transmission was awful.
>The main scouting team continued to travel with the Skorpoids working feverishly behind them.
>Eventually after a few minutes the maglev stopped at a hard to describe scene.
>As in there was so much indescribable debris that littered the chamber, still they gave static filled responses.
>They mostly spoke of machinery, things like flying craft, or ramshackle looking weaponry.
>But for the briefest moments I saw something through all of the film grain, pixilation, and latency.
>”Is that..?”
File: Old ones.jpg (47 KB, 514x246)
47 KB
>”Thats a bloody KRORK!” I exclaimed, the others took keen interest.
>The deathmarks informed me it was ancient and massively damaged, back broken, major breaches in the armor and small beam holes.
>”Move onwards, find out whatever is alive down there.” I ordered.
>They nodded along and kept moving through.
>Phillias pinged me on a private line. “Cryptek, what is it exactly you believe we may find down here?”
>I shrugged. “The Blackstone has a way of attracting many to it, whether they know it or not.”
>”Us however, it should be anathema to us, as far as i know, no necron has ever wielded one.”
>”It is my belief that these great bulwarks were once a creation of the old ones.”
Well Shit

Also we are gonna need more concern pics at this rate.
When do we get a *concern* face for all necron units?
Also, just putting this out there; If there are Krork, Proto Eldar and Slann are likely there too.

Calling it now.
Well, do we have any drawfags about?
Breath in and Breath out... BOI!!!
File: Slann text.jpg (128 KB, 806x569)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Phillias and I spoke for many days after that, occasionally noting all manner of small finds.
>Quality fluctuated often.
>More anomalous things came to pass.
>They were met with more spindle drones as they progressed, most offline, discted, or in some rare cases NO-Clipped into walls at odd angles.
>There were more signs constantly showing signs of life living here.
>Markings on walls in dried up flaking fluids, More plant fibers, Symbols of dozens of unknown races littered the walls or piles of metal debris.
>I could understand none of it.
>They did report on one piece of debris having an amphibious face.
>Be Chari
>The spyders and a bunch of skorpioids have been ordered to move forward to keep the connection between us and the deathmark scouting party.
>I am glad my unauthorized advancement of spyders are being overlooked
>But now I am even more worried
>Could this just be just getting a stronger signal?
>Or is this a prelude of an oncoming battle within the fortress itself
>I didn't like the idea of either possibility.
>I think the other necrons also felt the atmosphere
>Few openly prepared for battle, but many more who prepared slowly.
>Quietly as if to maybe not draw the attention of the fortress.
>The only bright side is the fact that rare resources have been found in a few of the surrounding debris of all the ships.
>Even a few data packets, which I handed to Trazyn to maybe translate and find out anything.
>He could keep them all if he shares any information with us.
>I kept a nother packet just in case he steals it.
>I kept all the ones relating to chemistry and science notes that I did find
File: Ship graveyards.jpg (373 KB, 1422x800)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
>One time after seeing more signs of Krork activity, I swore out “This is the precipice fortress all over again!”
>I hadn't realized i had still been on the private call with Phillias and she seemed to want me to dive a bit more onto that topic.
>I Shut up right away.
>I waited a few minutes hoping for some unexpected developments to let me worm my way out of the conversation.
>After 47 minutes Phillias hissed an order to me. “Ishskar, This continued silence is wearing on my patience.”
>”Do you believe i will let you keep secrets from me anymore?” She ran her fingers over the crackling orbit of her Relic Warscythe.
>I immediately blurted. “Phillias I do not perform well under constant threat of viole-”
>I slapped my hands over my mouth.
>I fucked up.
>I immediately began spam pinging orikan.
>Phillias had left the call.
>I was fucking trembling, Phillias will not take me yelling at her laying down.
>Orikan answered and I received an override order on the bridge of the ship.
>He was about to argue, but then he noted something crackling to life
>Phillias had hard Translated onto the bridge of my ship, warscythe held aloft.
>”ORIKAN FUCKING DO IT!” I yelled as phillias gutted me, hoisting me up through my ribcage.
>Her warscythe tore at my insides as she brought me closer to her. “I can tolerate much from you cryptek, but your continued actions are making me reconsi-”
File: idiot.jpg (9 KB, 184x184)
9 KB
Time fuckery!

>I let out another sigh and groan, the fucking image quality was horrendous.
>The death marks held up a calcified orkoid...maybe krork?
>I was about to burst into a hail of obscenities.
>But I received a ping from orikan.
>”Ack one moment Executioner Phillias, i need to speak with orikan.”
>I Joined a call with orikan.
>Without warning he started “I would be careful with the executioner, your over familiarity with her will lead to problems cryptek.”
>”What?” Before I could ask him what that meant he left the call.
Never thought I would say this, but I kind of like Orikan now.
Ok... so he just helped ish.
I hope he shows you the footage because you owe him now. He'll try to anchor that point
ha ha dumb robot
>be Me Canoptek Dyna.
>Wakes up in embrace of a Tomb spyder in a housing unit for Canopteks on ship.
>learn I was catatonic from power loss.
>Last thing I remember was experimenting with some of the green stuff the Cryptek made which I "took" as payment for helping him with his experiments.

>gets a rundown of what's happened while essentially in Necron coma, we find big ship cryptek is after, but its inside mass of broken ships.
>Must make reminder to loo. . . Examine the ships for any new tech.
>Returns to Workshop and see my Mechs, is happy no one stole them while I was "out".

>From briefings before from Cryptek, he says its dangerous in the ship he wants, if its dangerous I must bring big Cannons.
>Rides out in My Jackal and enters the big ship or the Ship mess at least I can't tell,
>carries my Ael on my Jackal, When I made Jackal I made it possible for my Ael mecha to latch onto the back of Jackal, it looks awkward but it means, Jackal has 2 back mounted gauss Cannons.
>Sometimes even my genius scares me.
File: Jokaero_Vessel.jpg (50 KB, 602x594)
50 KB
>I shrug it off as more divinatory bullshit.
>For now i go back to watching the deathmarks feed for a few hours.
>And boy was i glad i did.
>They entered a massive chamber with a steep fall down and a doorway located a few miles upwards.
>They would have to get up there, or they would have had they not noticed something deep in the depths of the pit.
>A ship that was unmistakable of xeno make.
>It was hovering in place, with messes of cables drilled into the Blackstone.
>They had even managed to have several pathways carved into the lower levels of the Blackstone.
File: Jokaero Weaponsmith.jpg (254 KB, 905x1188)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>Everything fucking snapped into focus.
>The plant fibers, the liquid pools, the beam holes, the paints on the wall.
>This was all the work of the…”The jokaero.”
>I turned to my bridge crew. “I need a crew, I need to go inside there.”
>Within the hour me, a massive vanguard of warriors and THE WHOLE GODSDAMN COMMAND STRUCTURE of necrons would be traveling in a shuttle to the fortress.
>I needed to personally deal with the monkeys myself, the group didn't seem to think so but wouldn't let me go without them.
>I was beyond excited to try to meet the jokaero.
>No doubt they would try and kill us but damm was this worth a shot.
>If not, trazyn would capture all of them in a tesseract labyrinth.
gonna call it a night, tomorrow ishskar gets to chimp out with some of the most silliest race in the entire galaxy.

Managed to get out like 16 posts over the day. im still miffed that instead of handling things differently, we were moved to quest. if mods complain about us being on /qst/ well we already have a reason for why.
Take care Cryptek, tomorrow brings new possibilities.
File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
he will be monke
File: Hitching a ride.png (112 KB, 620x530)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>Realise the only ship going to the other ship is the one the crypteks on.
>But Dyna always has a plan
>Using the Jackal's claws and such, I latch onto the outside of the ship while not causing any interior damage.
>Then hop into the Ael, Bind the claw to the ship so Jackal won't be thrown off, then wait.
>I think this might possibly be the first real fight i'm gonna do against sentient organics.
>I. .i'm . . i'm not scared or anything, I, I have my Jackal and Ael, i'm gonna, , , gonna turn them to ash and bone.
its highly likely he will kill monke
Cryptek every time he talks too much
Why does it feel like the inquisitor and commissar both know their gonna kill the guardsman so they just act like they aren't going to, to gain trust.
To me it looks like they only have a half hour or so on their shift before they can call it a day, so they are pretty happy that the only thing left to do is interrogate a single guardsman.
File: Demitsoru_Rahkshi_Art.jpg (163 KB, 686x670)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Apperantly Ish has identified the creature living in the Blackstone Fortress
>He wants to speak with the Jokaero
>Not sure how that will go, but I will pilot my necroid
>Never know if combat will ensure while talks go on
>While boarding the ship early I hear a clamp on the hull
>It was probably a few skorpioids clamping onto the hull
>Thats strange, but then again we will have the entire command staff on this ship.
>I hope this goes well
just taking care of a few things and getting a new book, i should be back in an hour and 45 minuets from now.

cant wait to get my hands on Liber xenologis
based and fortresspilled
File: Plasmamancer.jpg (77 KB, 375x846)
77 KB
>Be me, a cryptek of the Hemmeth Dynasty
>Nertek the Plasmancer, The Vizier of Annhiliation
>Also known as Nertek the Legless, to those not in Eldritch Lance range.
>Currently homeless, given our world was rendered uninhabitable and or Tomb Complex destroyed.
>Being awoken and roughly escorted with barely any time to gather anything had been more then irksome.
>That and the confusion that came with said awakening, the memories that still float around my mind unbidden.
>How incredibly old I was when I had walked willing into the balefire
>I was a grandfather, and for some reason that terrified me. More so then anything.
>And now we are here. Have been here in this stranger's tomb.
>Our Dynasty in turmoil, our people struggling with memories forgotten.
>What are we to do now?
File: necron-pencil.jpg (38 KB, 403x500)
38 KB
>Many of those of the Court of sequestered themselves
>To mull over memories and digest all these changes
>Others, more politically minded individuals, have taken the opportunity to jockey for new positions
>The Court has been nothing but this since we have arrived
>Many wonder if its a matter of time till the Phaeron gets sick of it all and starts ordering executions
>To be a scarab on the wall when that happens
>Truly I would give up my arms for that
>As for myself, I am one of the later.
>This Tomb Complex is so empty
>So easy to find a bolthole here to call my own
>And then to meditate
>On both what was, what is
>And what will be.
File: commandeered.jpg (67 KB, 851x464)
67 KB
>We headed in the Blackstone fortress with no issue
>Once we cleared the recently cleared doorway, Trazyn and orikan began running all over the place with rapt attention.
>I Hurried them along. “Keep up, we have greater discoveries to see.”
>I was more giddy to see the monkeys.
>We made way for the strange gravity defying chamber.
>I Found my gun platforms were more or less immune to the movement.
>The Propulsion network was far stronger than that one of our other constructs.
>I had one commandeered for Myself, Nehebkau, Orikan, Phillias, And trazyn.
File: Farseer.jpg (171 KB, 989x1400)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>We were able to arrive at the next chamber several hours ahead of our fighting force.
>Immediately all but phillias began to scour the room for relics.
>There were Skorpoids excavating the various items from the room.
>I Finally got a chance to look at the crystalline tree things.
>To my horror I instantly recognized what it was now that i wasn't looking at a 240p visual transmission.
>It was an Aeldari Farseer, casting a spell.
>It was entirely made of what I can assume was a Psychically resonant crystal like soul stones.
>Its legs and arms sported branches of a tree like crystalline tendrils.
oh no
Oh...oh that's not good.
Whelp, playtime is over folks
File: 1618510102147.png (249 KB, 480x502)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Finally, the Eldar love interest is introduced.
I thought phillias was the love interest ?
Every good story has mulitple possible love interests. Also, Phillias is mean.
That's why whenever I read her name, I read it as "Executioner Phallus", because she's a dick.
But the eldar will literally murder Cryp Anon on default ?
File: ChrisCron.png (153 KB, 388x346)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Sir, can you please take a seat
since the eldar seems to be crystal, the aeldari is dead.
File: scary lady appeal.jpg (111 KB, 640x571)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
But tall scary lady is a nice thought
File: Soulstone.png (372 KB, 323x526)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
>I scanned the aeldari up and down.
>No signs of life.
>The thing was solid crystal all the way through.
>It must have been at least older than 40 thousand years old minimum.
>Eldrad was turning to crystal at the ripe age of maybe 30 thousand years of life.
>But this was crystal all the way through.
>”Though it may also be that this aledari was conducting research i mumbled.”
>I turned to trazyn. “We’re going to find more of these, I want to split half of these with you.”
File: Share with me.jpg (928 KB, 1550x800)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
>Trazyn turned to me, deathmask in that smug perma-grin.
>He gave a nod. “But of course dear Awakener, I Would be more than willing to share in your plight for knowledge.”
>”I will however receive pickings.”
>I let out a soft laugh and sigh. “I had a feeling you'd say that.”
>Returning my attention to the statue I was reminded of another crystalline occurrence.
>Remembering that aboard the vengeful spirit, there existed a psychic crystalline formation of sanguinius existed perpetually.
>I would have continued thinking about that, when i felt a change in temperature.
>My first thought was to turn to orikan, but I found that the heat was entirely centralized to One single string on my harp.
Honestly, that's probably a pretty good way to reign in Trazyn so he doesn't fuck you over that hard. Just go in expecting him to take stuff, tell him that you only want certain things, and that he can have everything else.
A minor setback.
File: The Empyric Cord.jpg (402 KB, 2000x2000)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
>”The Empyric Cord?” I lifted my harp.
>There was a tiny noticeable collection of purple little particles streaming from the aeldari to the cord.
>It was strange, taking a peek over my oculus I tried scanning the phenomenon.
>300 hundred scans over the course of 2 minutes of staring up next to nothing.
>The only thing that was being picked up was a thermal scan.
>I tried shutting off my ocular to blink for a moment to muse on it.
>The purple fucking particles floating off of the crystal and towards for my string.

>The Empyric Cord: This one was strange...it had its own micro stasis field to ensure it was inert until it was to be used, all i know about is that its a Positively Warp charged Blackstone cord, what exactly that means in terms of usage is unknown.

Oh fuck indeed.
File: Psykers powers.jpg (83 KB, 390x660)
83 KB
>”What the hell is this warp shit?” I mumbled to myself
>Phillias leaned uncomfortably close after that hushed curse, asking. “Pardon?”
>”Forgive me, I just noticed all this.” I pointed to the weird warp particle tether.
>She stared for a few minutes, and so did i.
>”What are you expecting me to see here?” She asked.
>”Wait can you not see it?” I would have raised an eyebrow.
>She gave a nod no.
>”Its all these little purple parti-” It soon dawned on me for a moment.
>Necrons cant see warp occurrences, they can see the physical manifestations but not phenomena like this.
>So why could i see it?
Our boy's a regular Marvin Gaye
WOULD YOU FUCKING LOOK AT THAT, MR FUCKING IMPOSTER CAME BACK TO MY THREAD. Get the hell outta here, you cant same name me here dummy.
Funny shit, really

My wild guess? Because Anon still has a soul, and so by extension, can be influenced by the Warp in some way.
Begone before you get another ban.
Your presence is not welcomed here.
>implying people can't tell each other apart using IDs on /qst/

>implying I ever got a ban on /tg/ in the first place
File: Mark of the beast.png (592 KB, 1440x1045)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Your the dumb butt who decided to make a pretender on tg. Forshame.
You could barely make any coherent work of your own even with all the stuff i had written. Your the person who was spamming gay Filipino stuff as well weren't you? it was you all along anon.
Anon why do you think writing gay space Marine stories was okay, and why do you think impersonating some fanfic writing nobody would be a fun time. Please do not return, you are not wanted here, just like you didn't want us on the carpool that was /TG/

Return to your Bait threads, crit roll complainin, Coom brain pillow stainin, Women hatin, sneed postin, swamp you jerk
>gay filipino shit
First I've heard of that - I just made the bogus thread and reposted your shit. Not to mention some of the ideas from my post made it into your actual story:

>Eldar in the fortress

>acquiring more Spindle Drones for Orikan and Trazyn, but with less explanation

>referencing the 7th Blackstone Fortress near Precipice

>trips of truth, which is obvious since my story clearly merged into yours

Your frustration at my existence is entertaining. At this point I'm just here to read.

Here's your first (you) of the thread
Get over yourself, >>4766515 that was always the plan.

>Clusters upon clusters of space hulks of aedari, orkoid, and other xeno wrecks, floated in orbit of the fortress.
Just got here whats happening!? Ishy alright?
File: 354683.jpg (245 KB, 2248x1500)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>implying I'm not Piston
File: music stops.jpg (46 KB, 615x879)
46 KB
>I dialed back my chronosene, I can't continue that sentence...
>”Pardon i don't mean to bother you with cryptek babble.”
>”I mean to say that this crystalline form is radiating some thermal energy.”
>That was enough to placate her.
>This was another thing on the list of things to investigate.
>Man i had a steadily growing list of anomalies to look into.
>After Trazyn pocketed the contents of the room into a tesseract labyrinth we waited on entourage.
>And marched on.
>We arrived at the maglev room and found the collection of alien tech.
>None of it was recognized by me or trazyn.
>Hopping onto the maglev I took center stage and jammed my hand into the slip and activated the maglev.
>It Sputtered for a moment before propelling us forward.
>For Several moments we were on the fast track up ahead.
>But something changed.
>There was more fog around.
>We could hear a loud pressurized hissing, as though some safe doors were opening.
File: Guardian Drones.jpg (344 KB, 1000x1330)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
>Pounding down with a heavy thud, and crushing several immortals...
>Came a set of 2 Guardians Drone, and a trio of Spindle Drones.
>Their bodies twitched, like unhinged puppets Nothing like I had read about.
>They moved more like the Guardian Scouts From BOTW.
>No time to think about that.
>After those words left my lipless mouth I felt a searing overwhelming pain, and a heat like no other.
>There was a hole burned into my chest cavity, and I keeled over dying.
>All manner of bolts of plasma firing around me as I faded.
File: 245762.png (253 KB, 534x319)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>In war there is poetry; in death, release.

Time Fuckery mk 0.2

>We arrived at the maglev room and found the collection of alien tech.
>None of it was recognized by me or trazyn.
>Hopping onto the maglev I took center stage-
>Orikan Shoved me to the side. “Idiot!”
>”Stop right there!”
>”You nearly got us killed, you simpleton!”
>Orikan hurled posh insults one after the other, blathering something about a debt.
>I interrupted him, ”Orikan shut it, what is it that went wrong?”
File: Soi soi motherfucker.jpg (218 KB, 1920x1080)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>He gave a deep sigh. “Something in this fortress detected us, not long after we left on that maglev.”
>”Large constructs, they instantly killed you and began firing upon all of us.”
>”They took out a dozen immortals, critically injured Trazyn and that so called chronomancer.” He stared at Nehebkau very briefly.
>”Before they were brought low by your vanguard and the executioner.” He gave a nod to Agakhet and Phillias.
>”And finished off by those ridiculous constructs of yours.” he signaled to the Skorpoids.
>I pinched my temples.
>”what tipped them off?” I looked around the room, and noticed the far greater number of forces.
>”Nevermind, We were detected thanks to our numbers weren't we?”
File: 9yp4f5yy9ej51.jpg (374 KB, 1668x1668)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
>line up all the Canopteks and prepare them to lay down their not-lives
Or go in smaller groups?
File: Heavy weapons time.jpg (35 KB, 473x539)
35 KB
>We debated a plan for a few hours.
>In the end we came up with a complex firing solution.
>The swarm of Skorpoid already in the room were to move through the tunnels they made into the wall and get into position.
>We loaded up onto the Maglev, First scythe Agakhet and His fellow lychguard Khempharet at the front with fuck off massive shields.
>Behind me were Phillias, Trazyn, and 10 Triarch Praetorian armed with Rod of covenant, all poised to blast.
>Both Nehebkau and Orikan gathered together in a ritual to actually SPEED our shots up, and increase our perception time.
>30 Immortals two of which were mounted on a pair of Mobile Mounted Gauss Destructors trained upwards.
>Lastly we had a healthy helping of 10 Deathmarks, because why not?
File: Counter tactics.png (314 KB, 1134x603)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>Before anything I quickly ran back out of the platform.
>”Hold on one last thing!” I exclaimed.
>I Raised my harp.
>”I won't sit here being useless, Now Check this.”
>I Held my harp rocker style. “ÜBERCHARGE PRIMED AND READY!”
>With that final word, I strummed The Waveform Cord with such conviction I felt like I was Jimi Hendrix rocking out on stage.
>A Sonorous Pulse of electricity Consumed the gathered host of necrons.
>Their necrodermis alight with Surging power, Flickers of balefire raising and falling from their chest cavities as though they were breathing flames.
>I Couldn't ask for a greater force.
File: shooting phase.jpg (109 KB, 640x754)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>I jammed my hand into the slip and activated the maglev.
>It Sputtered for a moment, like Orikan told us it would before propelling us forward.
>We flew into the fog, every gun trained on a space above us.
>When we heard the pressurized hiss in slow motion we opened fire.
>There had been an opening in the roof that had parted up ahead.
>I Dialed back my chrono sense, to simply watch every shot fire off.
>I Heard the Crackling Shots of warbling, sickly looking beams of energy from the deathmarks Synaptic Disintegrators, the beams already several meters ahead and leaving the speed up bubble of time around us.
>The Praetorians with rods raised, each letting out a popping cry of Starlight unleashing a potent burning projectile.
>Shrieking hisses of venting super heated air as the streaming wall of Gauss beamed in perfect synchronicity in a converging point.
>The Horrid cacophonous shredding whine of twin meter wide beams let free from the Gauss Destructor platforms.
>In the end I was blinded and deafened as the tunnel began to shine from the light of over 500 Skorpioid units lighting the room with horrid shots from the Particle beams from their weapon array.
>The Drones only managed to fall a meter and a half above us before their existence was Utterly and totally terminated from this reality and every one adjacent to ours.
File: 100% iq tactics.jpg (108 KB, 1280x889)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Gonna rest now, holy shit that was so much fun to write, it took a long time but fun regardless. not gonna lurk tonight since its 1 am

but id really love to know what you thought of this lovely display. im pretty proud of how it turned out.
Having save scum Orikan time binding shenanigans really does make a difference when its on your side
Better with us than against us.
>The Drones only managed to fall a meter and a half above us before their existence was Utterly and totally terminated from this reality and every one adjacent to ours.
Ah there is no kill quite ike overkill.
it's not necessary...bumps have no power in this realm
no, this.... this can not be!
We don't do that here, also it takes a month for threads to be archived.Plus we got a 750 bump limit
Your odds of winning go up way higher when there’s a guy who can save scum on your team.
>When we were on our way to the maglev, we passed by what appeared to be an Aelderi
>This was my first time ever seeing one... But why was it crystallized?
>Ish mentioned something about those super duper tiny particles around his cord.
>I didn't know what color they were
>Any way when we got to the maglev I first got an odd feeling of déjà vu (as ish might say)
>Then Orikan stoped up calling Ish many rude things
>Ish was an adult, and respectfully asked him to calm down and explain.
>Apparently Ish died Trazyn was critically injured and a whom lot of other smaller details.
>They spent hours debating on what to do
>Before deciding canopteks at the top would use the side tunnels to surround then also gun down this contraption...
>We were buffed by orikan allowing us to process time slower
>Then again by Ish who bathed us in bale fire...
>One mass firing solution later from everyone, and everything...
>It ceased its existence, though we were hit by a tiny bit of dust particles from the thing that once was there
>Though the bale fire will empower us for five more minutes
I cant wait to see these blackstone fortresses in action.
They were so awesome in the hands of that DICK abaddon
Yeah, imagine what they could do if they were used by someone who was competent enough to stop their arms from falling off.
File: pain.jpg (32 KB, 500x400)
32 KB
>We were excited for a moment, a few cheers from trazyn, and the immortals shouted out this victory.
>It felt quite gratifying.
>Nehebkau and Orikan let down their bubble, and I quickly patted Orikan’s back.
>”See, look at that.” I said with a bit of confidence.
>”You can do good yet orik-” I Didn't get to finish.
>As suddenly the maglev banked HARD.
>The platform flew end over end OFF the rail path.
>We were sent flying in a sprawling mess across the chamber, the maglev crushing and slamming into debris and denting the blackstone walls.
Uh....Oh.... talk about early celebration.
File: detailed projection.png (299 KB, 271x437)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>After a few minutes we picked ourselves, Most only had minor cosmetic damage.
>Nothing that wasn't instantly healed over by the balefire.
>We got a ping from the scout squad ahead.
>There was some serious monkey business, they were really chimping out, making all sorts of howler monkey sounds.
>It was about time I got to work, I looked around and collected the clumps of plant fibers..
>”Just a moment folks, defend me while I prepare something.”
>”I have to do a minor transmutation ritual.” The group nodded and formed a phalanx around me.
>I Started projecting my tour with trazyn onto the ground, speeding through all the recordings to find a certain moment.
File: Jokaero.jpg (45 KB, 449x458)
45 KB
>After a few minutes i got the exact moments i was looking for.
>I had the moment where i had seen the family Jokaero eating the Banana like fruit.
>I pulled up the dozens of scans i had done on it, i heard trazyn swear.
>”You plan on feeding these apes these fruits?” Trazyn asked incredulously.
>I nodded and perked up. “Actually trazyn, you have a sharp memory, can you pull up every fruit you've seen the jokaero eat and their chemical composition.”
>He was left speechless for a few minutes, before sending me over a fruit basket worth of data.
>I chuckled to myself.
>And got to work on working on an alchemization ritual.
File: Banana.jpg (194 KB, 1920x1357)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>It took around a half hour to alchemize an entire shantee town's markets worth of fruits.
>Converting the energy i had stored in my resurrection orb into matter was an easy way to speed the process.
>Using the plant fibers and some transmutation we had gotten several food stuffs that would make any jokaero go bananas.
>I got weird stares for making monkey based puns to myself every few seconds.
>I didn't care, this was too funny.
>We Progressed onwards eventually reaching the area with all the bits of iconography of slann, orkoid, i let trazyn just clear out the room in a labyrinth this time.
>I was of a singular mind set at the moment.
>We finally met with the scouting party.
File: Monkey business.jpg (299 KB, 1459x1059)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>When I peered over the edge, it was vertigo inducing and I quickly reeled back.
>”Gosh, and they just live in that ship floating in the middle of all this?” I said with slight panic.
>Trazyn started on jokaero behavior but I turned him out for once.
>”Alright we need to get their attention somehow, preferably not violently.”
>”Kinda get the feeling they might run the show in this fortress right now.”
>The group remained quiet.
>”Trazyn do you have any Jokaero audio files you can share with me?”
>Trazyn nodded and orikan made a remark i didn't bother to listen to.
>"How will we deal with the Jokaero?"
You guys going full monke i see.
yes, your point?
File: Canoptek_Scarabs-0.jpg (136 KB, 568x752)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>Be me, Nertek the Plasmancer
>Deep in the tomb complex of a world not my own
>Failing at meditating
>Why you might ask?
>Simple, I was wrong about the complex being empty
>While Necron patrols are far and few inbetween, the Canopteks are everywhere.
>Always something buzzing or chittering nearby
>The sheer amount of them is staggering
>And interesting
>Perhaps another time I will have to observe some of these Voekhet designs
>It doesn't take long though for these constructs to learn to avoid my Guardians
>And soon I'm left alone
>Alone in with my thoughts
>Probably not the safest place to be but its among one of few things I can still call mine.
>Even after our awakening it still feels incomplete
>I remember faces, places, and emotions
>The last great war of the Necrontyr, and then the revelation of the C'tan
>I still remember the look on my grand children's faces as the walked into the fire
>So Proud. So Foolish
>But then again I had been too blinded by a want for vengeance
>I wanted to reach out into the galaxy and make it burn for all its cruel injustice
>I vocalize a sigh, and push the past away. It could wait.
>I 'open' my cyclopean optic again as I hear something approaching
>It doesn't take long to reveal itself, as an Immortal walks past the door
>Carrying something that was very much not a Gauss Blaster
>My Chronosense sense kicks in, as I take in every detail of this weapon system
>Must be one of these new weapons I heard the Overlords gossiping about
>Certainly a Gauss Weapon, and given its size, its apparent weight given the tardiness of the already slow Immortal
>I studied for a good while before letting time resume its normal course
>It stopped at the door, seems to scan the room, and then stomp away
>It was quickly followed by several Canoptek who also scanned the room and then left
>I was left processing said information for some time after they left
>It seems I would need to pull up what archival data there was on this Dynasty
>From what little I can recall, nothing indicated them as being weaponsmiths
>However, much might have changed
>Much HAD changed, and my sitting in another Dynasty's tomb complex was a perfect example of that
>I grumble as I finally receive a message demanding my presences at the Court
>It only took them a decade to finally notice my absences, a shame really
>I'd have to find another excuse to go find the information I sought
>Perhaps even acquire one of these new Voekhet designs for study
>Maybe even use
>If I could smirk, I would but alas
>I slowly get to my 'feet', shifting my shoulders as phantom aches plagued my body
>I called my guardians to me and watched as they stalked out of the shadows
>Optics bright in the ever present gloom watch me, scything limbs tucked to their sides
>"Come Sto’ik, Stan’do, time to go.”
>Perhaps old fashion of me to vocalize the command, but oh well
File: mmmm monkey.png (242 KB, 779x724)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
>After trazyn sent me a dense data packet of what sounded like a howler monkeys mating cry, I gave my vocal emitter a few tests.
>I had trained and modified my own throat to allow me to replicate sounds from memory.
>I Gave a few bestial grunts.
>”Is there a point to this, why not have trazyn just place them into a labyrinth, i have seen him stea-acquire larger items than this in his labyrinths.” Orikan grunted.
>I scoffed. “Orikan, you were on a hot streak but it seems I have to clue you in on something.”
>”None of what we have seen is standard.”
>”From the holes lanced in the nigh impenetrable blackstone, the dead Krorks, the collection of space hulks, the spindle drones leaving the fortress in our care.”
>”It's clear to me that these are the source behind these curiosities, and perhaps a method to avoid the anomalous defenses of this fortress.”
File: ape angry.jpg (879 KB, 1500x2126)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
>That gives him something to think about, in the meantime I walked near the edge.
>And let the ape-like groans of the jokaero slip free from my vocal emitter.
>The booming “HOOOH’s!” And “HAAHA’s!” bouncing and echoing off each surface, it was simian sounds in stereo.
>The group must have thought me mad when I took the hunched low stance of the apes.
>But i did not concern myself with such thoughts.
>Instead I watched the ship stir in its place.
>And saw a singular Jokearo swing off cables with little care of the danger of falling into the chasm below.
>It was rapidly scaling the walls towards me and my group.
return to monke indeed. Hilarious!
mmmmmm, monke
Makes you hope that the monke decided in its spare time to make some sort of universal translator
File: jokaero fren.jpg (1.17 MB, 1022x980)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Currently watching kong vs godzilla so i just wanted to toss out one more post.

>A strong sinewy ape swung before us, it was small, child size.
>It held up its finger rings towards me, as if about to blast me.
>I heard each pattering slap of its feet as it came closer.
>And quickly, it swiped a banana from my loose grasp, and quickly peeled it with its free feet.
>It gave the fruit a sniff, before scarfing it down greedily.
>It lowered its ring and just started taking as many fruits from my grasp as it could hold in its grip.
>It hugged several pomegranate-like fruits under its chin and scurried to the edge of the pit.
>And let out a series of howls, I can only hope it liked the fruits.
File: mmmonky.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1185)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Shortly the collection of jokaero came stampeding out of their little ship.
>it was a total of 6 of them.
>Complex machinery implanted in each of their spines, many ringed fingers, strange goggles and wires strung about their small frames all but one.
>There was one that was incredibly imposing as tall as me, just by being on all fours.
>His fur was immaculate, his every limb covered in muscle.
>This apex ape sized me up, instead of plucking fruit from my grasp, it reached out for my wrist.
>My guards were about to strike but I halted them with my free hand.
>The fruit I had been hugging to my body tumbled to the ground as he pulled my arm toward his face.
>He was observing the several Digi-Rings on my left hand, the ones Trazyn had given me 4 centuries prior.
Why don't you take a trip OP? IDs help but a trip would be easier at a glance.
Lol, those rings are gonna help and hes gonna get the "SASUGA ANON" moment isnt he.
After all only a MASTER DIVINER can forsee the necessity of dealing with monkeee
>The great ape let out a babble of grunts and howls that I couldn't for the life of me understand.
>He Turned me around to face one of the Krork corpses and he quickly thumbed the activation button on the ring.
>A Concentrated Superheated beam surged outwards striking a wall, rings of thermal energy feverishly followed after the beam, cooking the air around where the beam had traveled.
>The wall had been MELTED, i didn't even know blackstone could melt!
>And for all that my own finger was only a few degrees hotter after that
>This Greatly pleased the ape as it showed me its maw of teeth, lips pulled back to show gums.
>I was momentarily disturbed but I gave it a quick approving nod.
>The Ape picked up a spikey melon, and took a seat before me, for some reason i felt like he was trying to talk shop with me.
File: ape diplomacy.jpg (53 KB, 1080x768)
53 KB
>I took a seat, before the patriarch ape.
>The ape didn't bother peel his fruit and instead chewed through the skin, or peel of his fruit.
>He Held up a fruit gesturing to me, and made a hand sign with his free hand.
>It is almost like a form of sign language.
>”Oh, yes the fruit!”
>I Paused and began to project a vid capture of the lush biomes from my tombworld.
>This caught his attention.
>He gestured for a few points on the planet that I assume he enjoyed.
>”Do you want to live there?”
File: Schematics.jpg (92 KB, 736x642)
92 KB
>He gave a nod, and we continued.
>He wanted more food, passage out of the blackstone, and something else.
>The patriarch ape pointed to a few units around the room.
>Each of them happened to be the units i had constructed, the weapon platforms, the canoptek constructs, and some of the new gauss weapons.
>He paused and took something from his back.
>An intricate clockwork device.
>It gave its own projection.
>the projection showed dozens of blue prints, machines being built and then each base component coming apart…
>”You want me to provide you with resources to build?” I made a few projections to try and depict that process.
File: a fortress in operation.jpg (162 KB, 1600x1143)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>The patriarch howled and gave a happy nod.
>I gave a nod in return, things were going pretty well so far.
>”But there is something we want.”
>I began to make several projections.
>Images of the blackstone operations, moving, flying, Traveling along the sea of stars.
>I showed me and my countless constructs repairing destroyed halls.
>I projected each relic that was once in piles of heaps in organized displays, everything neatly stored within a museum.
>”I want to repair the fortress.” I offered the ape a hand.
File: the fortress in wake.jpg (212 KB, 1280x720)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>He remained in deep compilation for several minutes.
>Even his clan of siblings remained mostly quiet, save for the wet juice filled bites into the sweet fruits.
>The patriarch was in deep meditations, occasionally running a thumb over his projection device.
>He flipped the device on.
>And showed me projections of the drones, and a few other constructs I wasn't aware of.
>”D...did you reactivate them?” I was left shocked.
>”Have you been trying to reawaken the fortress?”
>He answered by showing hundreds of systems and mechanisms of the fortress.
File: ceaser the ape.jpg (33 KB, 259x280)
33 KB
and with that my medicine is kicking in, im going to rest for tonight. despite being pretty tired for most of the day i feel i was able to make sufficient progress today
File: Moke meme.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
tfw Iskar to everyone when somehow negotiations work better then expected
The fact they are ok with all this happening, that they haven't interjected yet is surprising
Considering not only the time they could save but also the potential losses that could be incurred because of the Jokaero, ehhh? It's odd nobody else decided to step up to plate, but then again, they did see them use tools to MELT blackstone, a very difficult thing to do under any normal circumstances.
Also if nothing else, the Necrons watching are getting a good idea of how to do diplomacy with the Jokaero, which is good because they were enemies in the war in heaven, iirc.
He should also ask for some more direct communication device/translator, he got an agreement, but more could be communicated. They could do it via the implants, just sending short range radio with language data cross-referenced with mathematics, then have conversation to work out context and speech pattern and how they relate to higher context like technical talk.
they called me insane, told me it was foolish to try and speak with the apes. And here i am, with an auger guide to the Blackstone fortress and a family of hyper intelligent simians.
File: auger of dispair.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
>I heard a stream of expletives coming from Orikan, trazyn, and even the reserved Nehebkau.
>”So you are in possession of one of the fabled auger’s of despair.” That likely wasn't its name
>This device reminded me of an item I had seen in one of the Audiodrama’s, Blackstone Fortress: Augur of Despair.
>A story bearing a device with mapping features into the fortress, Along with who knows how much data on its inner mechanisms.
>Phillias spoke out, i think surprised herself. “You know of such a device Ishskar?”
>I nodded and returned to look upon the patriarch.
>I thought for a moment longer before making a projection of the drones. “Do you know of these constructs?”
>The Patriarch stamped his chest with his closed fist, and pointed to himself.
>Did...no...does he mean?
Damn these monkeys have HUEG brains.
File: sucessful negotiations.jpg (201 KB, 1366x768)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>I added the ape himself to projection, making it seem as though he was commanding the guardian and spindel drones.
>The Ape nodded solemnly.
>I leveled a stare at orikan and shut him up.
>”Forgive me, my colleagues are...difficult sometimes.”
>”The terms are acceptable, we restore the blackstone together free from harm and you will be free to move about my planet with more resources than you can dream of.” I Made several projections on the ground between to illustrate the meaning of my words, he seemed content with this.
>I offered him my ringed hand.
>And the patriarch took it, giving my hand a firm shake, His kin jumping and hollering in joy no doubt.
got to head to work, but i had to drop those 2 posts before i headed off.

In other news ive finished like 90% of the Blackstone fortress books, i just need to finish 2 short stories and than fully read through my new liber xenologis
Stay safe skeletonbro
out of all the 40k anon stories, I did not expect the necrons to be the ones to practice proper diplomacy
That's because it's not the Necrons doing it.
Arent they the most likely one to practice doplmacy depending on the dynasty ?
Very dependent on the Dynasty
now this truly is
and big win
monke bump
Monke bump
We don't need to bump here guys

But feel free to do Monkeposts, no bad time to Monkepost
File: Trade deal.jpg (866 KB, 1029x1280)
866 KB
866 KB JPG
File: monke.jpg (64 KB, 513x486)
64 KB
Based Jokaero
File: MONKYSPIN.gif (40 KB, 160x90)
40 KB
Hmmm, monkey
File: Workshop.jpg (218 KB, 873x643)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>They Brought up their ship from the hole, The thing was massive.
>But looking at it, it seemed to be the perfect dimension to slip through the halls.
>They invited me into the ship, ensuring the others would not follow.
>The inside of their space was a mess of a lived in workshop.
>Every colorful surface held half dissected weapons, strange welding instruments, and an unorganized collection of parts littering every table surface.
>They had small spaces, grooves between tables, with cushioned spots for them to rest upon.
>I saw the source of the plant fibers, They had a small tree, it seemed to be steadily growing fibrous fruits, they would drop down into baskets.
>They had been feeding upon this kiwi like fruit, there wasn't much else for them in the area to eat.
Ishkar must had been a god send with the variety of fruits he provided.
>The Patriarch ape showed me off to the lower deck of the ship.
>There was a series of strange Blackstone consoles, and other jokaero systems cobbled together to form a large holofield interface.
>The Great rose to his full height, he was nearly 9 feet tall upright what had this roided up ape been doing to get to this bulk.
>He began quickly working on the holofield, flicking away unnecessary data and bringing up several floor plans.
>Not floor plans, individual chambers in the Blackstone fortress.
>He Retrieved his clockwork device, removing a small Blackstone pyramid from within.
>He slipped the Blackstone device into a small slot in one of the jokaero machines.
>The machines buzzed with data, and all across the projected chambers new images flared to life, overlaying on the existing map.
>Controls to summon up Drones, or as it seemed, to deactivate them. “You've found a way to hotwire the old system!”
they were infinitely cloning a kiwi fruit with all the necessary Requirement's to keep themselves fed and fit for who knows how many generations.
but being offered a variety of new flavors must have been welcome, no? And I wonder if Ishkar can produce seed of other fruits to add to his tombworld's jungle biomes.
Wouldn't you get tired of eating the same old same old piece of fruits for decades? Sure, you could try grilling it, dehydrating it, making smoothies, fruit salads, but there comes a point where eating the same thing in different ways gets bland.
Legit LOL at this. Orikan being sassy is pretty funny.
File: road map.jpg (822 KB, 3840x2160)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
>He thumbed an alien rune on the display, and the eyes of each drone went dark.
>He had deactivated the drones systems.
>My jaw would have hit the floor had I been capable.
>After a few minutes I pulled up my own projection.
>I asked him to lead us to the heart of the blackstone.
>He paused and turned to his display.
>Going over his systems he began pulling up a wider view of the blackstones snaking networks.
>And presented a map leading to the innermost section of the blackstone, but it seems as though he had no control over the centermost corridors of the fortress.
File: trap hole.jpg (39 KB, 544x544)
39 KB
>That was still a hundreds or so miles worth of fortress that we would have to look through, but this was excellent.
>The reason why i hadn't just bore into the central column was i had no idea what i could be damaging in the process.
>But now we had a crystal clear path to get to the center without damaging the fortress.
>I Looked over the charts, following the pathways, making a mental copy.
>He led me out, and asked that all of us follow his vessel.
>I nodded and was placed back onto the ledge.
>The jokaero ship floated into the hall, now awaiting us...
>Fuck...How was i going to get all these necrons to the other side.
>I remembered for once I had my harp.
>I surged power from my orb matrix, and strummed the The Fortification Cord.
>The blast of sonic force transmuted the ledge, extending it out half way over the pit.
>And it solidified into a long archway.
>I continued along the pathway, and in a few minutes I had a perfectly stable and sturdy blackstone walkway into the next chamber.
>The warriors followed after me as we moved at the behest of the jokaero ship.
>I could swear I heard orikan curse me under his breath.
>I didn't mind much.
File: reflections.jpg (921 KB, 3190x1794)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
>We traveled for several hours, the ship was in constant motion.
>We could see that the halls had been painstakingly cut in ways to allow the ship to move freely.
>Just how long had these jokaero been denizens of this ship?
>Questions for later.
>Occasionally they would warn of us snares or other traps laid out.
>Pressure plates, or unstable floors.
>After 2 weeks of walking through hundreds of chambers, myriads of maglevs, untold machinery, mountain sized pyramids, and so many more constructions within the Blackstone we were nearing the inner sanctums.
>We Reached a Long chamber, one who’s every surface was polished to a clear reflective sheen.
File: Manifold paradox.jpg (291 KB, 2200x1352)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
>My mind was buzzing with static, constantly drumming with it.
>It was pulsing louder the more I stood in the room.
>My legs didn't move by my own will, I broke from the rest of the group.
>Something in these walls called to me.
>I stared into a billion of reflections.
>None of them a necron.
>I stared into a face I had not seen in Four Hundred Seven Two years.
>I was staring into my own reflection, not ishskar, but my human face.
File: Reflections on reality.jpg (167 KB, 1280x940)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>I touched my reflection, looking over my every feature.
>My Messy hair, My eyes' mundane color, the pigment of my skin, the length of my nails, the shape of my arms, the small gut I had.
>I wasn't much of a looker, but it was a body I could be myself in.
>I felt hungry, I wanted to head back downstairs and have some leftover donuts.
>I saw my reflections walk through my old home, calling off to someone else.
>Muffled though it was, I could hear myself speaking, I saw my younger sister walking to the fridge, I reached for her but my hand hit the wall.
>I...no my reflection walked to my mother, asking if she’d like to visit the park later in the day, I even offered to invite my older sister, we could have my nieces and nephew join us.
>The reflection blurred for a moment, things changed.
File: Reality Undone.jpg (2.17 MB, 4096x2731)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
>I saw another human thing, no a chaos thing.
>I saw a bone thin thing covered in brands of each of the blighted chaos gods, it had my facial features but it was so...changed.
>The thing that was me but not, was adorned in Warped Terminator war gear, every edge sharpened for deadly intent.
>I was wielding a twisted blade, it radiated with vile energies, screaming faces warping across the surface.
>My blade was known as Drach'nyen, a prize I had claimed in ages long gone.
>I was amongst my congregations of neverborn brethren, my horrid daemons scheming, whispering, and constantly offering up horrid powers.
>A Greater Bloodthirster demanding i let them slip free to Murder Baal.
>A Lord of Change asking that I direct its Æonic Scepter to Burn Fenris.
>A Putricent Great Unclean one asking me to bring Virus Bombs to Macragge.
>A Sensual Keeper of Secrets offering itself to me so that I may Break Medusa.
>I scoured the lot of them, we had the Blackstone to claim
>My vision blurred and reality shifted.
>The reflection I saw was human.
>Different from my own, Head shaved, aquila emblazoned upon its forehead.
>I saw him toiling up a near endless stream of stairs.
>Banners of billions of houses, an endlessly massive ceiling for which i could not see extended beyond anyone's comprehension.
>Rows of martyr skulls lie upon plinths leading towards the massive golden mural in the distance.
>The eternity gate was a spectacle which few denizens of the imperial palace would ever have the privilege to look upon, spiral mosaics, the snaking form of a draconic beast, falling by the will of the master of mankind, cherubs already singing his praises.
>I wept as I continued up the endless stairs, my legs in agony as I climbed, the great knights of golden radiance nodded to me as I was somehow moving closer to that beautiful door that no human deserved to ever pass through.
>I was to meet with his lordship of holiest terra.
>As I finally reached the top of the staircase, his master's custodes guided me along into the inner sanctum.
>I came to tell my lord of Starforts
>My eyes blinded by the golden light that overtook me.
>I was elsewhere, dozing off.
>I was Asuryani, my long ears, my slender form, the great robes that adorned my body.
>I was lazing on a field of grass, looking off to the domed ceiling, the void outside of the craftworld a beautiful but terrifying expanse.
>I could hear the stamping footsteps of my venerable ancestor, and another.
>The first construct of wraithbone, and cold gemstones, a wraithseer looking at me.
>The second, a Bonesinger, she was a close friend.
>The trio of us spoke for hours, speaking of the future, talking on all matters of possibilities, I spoke of a black gift in the void, the Talismans of Vaul.
>That reality faded from me.
File: Endless geomtry.jpg (700 KB, 1900x630)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
>For unknown times I stared, I saw into a billion realities, some not my own.
>Cups held within hands, Mothers comforting sons, Bones shaped in new ways, Ships feeding upon worlds, souls merging into others.
>My head rocked, vibrating, pulsing with infinite reality.
>I felt i was dying, losing myself in the endless sea of possibility.
>Every Audiobook, Every Anthology, Every Animation, Every Collection, Every Codex, Every Core Rulebook, Every Drama, Every Miniature, Every PDF, Every Poster, Every Series, Every Store.
>All the information I had known about this reality pulsed painfully through my brain all at once, each fighting for dominance.
>One line pounding loudly above all.
>A passage from a book I had purchased in a different time.
>‘It is a dimensional mirror,’ said Alpha Primus. ‘We see a representation of reality as it might have been, had fate taken another course.’
>I Had stared into an abyss and it had stared back
Oh Nooooooo
File: blackstone bby.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1271)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Forgot to mention it, got too caught up in writing, But as >>4774525 we hit 400 posts of this story.

I've been really excited to write this part for quite, and i think i lived up to my own expectations.

Tomorrow i should have some free time in the morning to write a bit, so ill def try and keep the momentum i had in these last few post. For now I'm going to get some rest.

Please do let me know what you thought of these last few parts, i Genuinely would love to hear what you folks thought.
I think it's the perfect level of trippy for the sort of "transitory scene" we're in, and an interesting thought to explore. though I have my doubts that anon would survive craftworld politics.
listenimg to kaine salvation when reading this part is making me feel things
you.... you do realize that there are ork models with ponytails, right?

congratulations on lording yourself over people despite not knowing shit lmao.
hair squigs, mate
File: Hair Squigs.png (1018 KB, 935x2433)
1018 KB
1018 KB PNG
Orks are fully bald, and squigs come in many forms. Orks make do.
This isn’t a quest.
holy fuck you did it
you have managed to shitpost an entire thread to shill another board
collaborative story writing is no quest you insufferable faggot
Just finished reading up, this story is dope, looking forward to more.
From the /qst/ sticky:
>In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion.
The thread is fine based just on these statements, since OP is the one driving the story forward and writing it.

On the other hand:
>If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here!
The collaborative element of most quests is active audience participation (rolling for things, drawfaggotry, etc). Go to any other /qst/ thread and you'll see these elements. I don't see that sort of collaboration happening here - it's all just OP's writefaggotry, with other stories happening concurrently but not affecting the original plotline. Thus it is not a quest, and the thread shouldn't be in /qst/.
Worst part is the fag who was whining back on /tg/ cherrypicked the first part of the sticky and claimed its a quest, you can bend that first part so much to make a lot of non quest things be classified as quests
we all hate the bastard that bitchend and moaned at the mods, what a faggot
as far is i'm concerned, as long as the story isen't takendown, it'll probably be fine
I'm aware that it's actually just a squig, but the dude was being a pratt, implying they don't have hair and trying to act all superior and shit.
If the other Necrons can se in the mirror, I winder what Orikan would see when combined with his existing powers.
What would the other Necrons see, a non caser ridden version of the Necrontyr, ones who had been helped by the Old ones. One where Orikan‘s warning was taken seriously. Maybe anither where the Silent king never left or put them into the great sleep.
Imagine one where Orikan and Trazyn are actually the best of friends, imagine that awkward shared look between the two.
Would be very interesting.
I like the story. It has heart. Sure, some times it has not been all that proofread or grammatically sound, but the ideas have been good. Dimensional mirror part was kino.

And while I didn't particularly like all the imposition of the extra side-stories and fluff, I didn't get my jimmies rustled either since Cryptek Anon didn't let it go to his head or let it take over the story. Just a shame that some people have arbitrarily booted it right off /tg/ even if the subject matter is /tg/ through and through. Just the usual writefaggotry, really.

Oh well, it could have been worse. The anal mod could have banished it to /lit/ or any other board that does writefaggotry.
File: Possibilities.jpg (385 KB, 1400x948)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
>Agakhet and Phillias tore me from the mirror, reality struggling to take a hold of me once more, why were they unaffected?
>I could feel my chest heaving, breathing heavily, these were unconscious actions I took, left over from when I still drew breath.
>They were trying to grab my attention, but my ears were still ringing with static.
>I was tossed atop one of the Grav platforms and quickly moved towards the exit.
>I could still see reflections in the ceiling as we made way for the doors.
>Life as a Harlequin, learning esoteric lores and plundering the depths of the black library.
>A Kunnin and Brutal Life as a Mek Boi, assembling dozens of Rolla’s fit for a WAGHHHH BOSS.
>A Long life serving under the emissary, fighting against the dark princes forces to claim the last crone sword.
>A Neutered existence floating in amniotic fluid as I waged war as Warhound titan, Laying waste to hundreds with a single devastating blast from my Turbo Laser array.
>A ghost within a shell, a suit of sky blue ceramite armor, bringing warp fire to all those of Fenris.
>A short survival under the greater good, I was to mount an offensive within Ta'unar Supremacy Armour, to defend my home world from the oncoming swarm.
>A Debauched existence as a genestealer hybrid, procreating, adding to the family, the Four-Armed Emperor would be pleased as my progeny spread beyond the stars.
>Life as a star god, gorging myself upon the souls of the god things of the aeldari, suckinling the vitae fire from Khaine the bloody handed, new legions of necron warriors rising from my new conquests, tomb worlds by the thousands waking at my behest.
>One Being soaring above the untold billions, Feasting and consuming all, butchering humanity with bio weapons and taloned appendages, a wonderful existence as Tyranid Harridan.
>Endless existence, Endless hunger, Endless Minds spanning the size of the universe, Chasing embers in the void beyond galaxies, a milky looking cosmos I planned to swallow whole.
>My consciousness slipped from me.
File: 1434630438388.gif (56 KB, 500x357)
56 KB
He's here!
and now he questions if he ever was a human. long long ago ...he's going to have to accept that he is far more of an anomaly than he thought he was in the first place... which is interesting
>Be Jokaero Patriarch of my small tribe of young.
>I am known as Fiore-Vaux, But to these young I am known as Elder Big One.
>My tribe was not always this small, and I was not always known as the Elder Big one.
>There had been a time when there were other such tribes within the fortress, Each held dozens of our kinds.
>When inspiration and ingenuity were in great supply, Generations of my kind have lived and died in the Blackstone.
>In time before even my eldest ancestors we were told of our forefathers breaking free of the shackles of the Krorks, and defending their homes from their slower dimwitted ancestors.
>That was another age, we had lost many generations, amongst the last eldars.
>And all I have to show for my many years is the inspiration of others, their ancient unknowable creations filling my own form.
>I Have held onto the relics of the tribes long gone.
>The Vessel of Agrham-Kash and his Tribes last Son
>The Body of Meresh-Orik and his Tribes 2 young daughters
>The Aegis of Inspiration of the Elusive and insane Bratro-Sirt and his Sickly son.
>My Tribes Wellspring of Fiber fruit, and my Great Grandson.
File: jokaero in war.jpg (285 KB, 1024x1326)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>Bratro-Sirt had claimed his Inspiration would not stop, Claiming he had found a ceaseless muse.
>A device born of the Stone, The Aegis of Inspiration, a machine for which he claimed could be used to move this stone we had called home.
>In his madness he went into isolation, altering and dealing with machinery not meant for the hands of us, this device was made by a most wrathful and long gone creator whose name is lost to us.
>The Stone we had called home from generations had been tormented, Its long dormant defenders stirring.
>One by one The tribes fell as all manner of changes afflicted the home we had known.
>Changing it, Removing the rules that governed it.
>Stripped us of the defenses that had made us capable of living in such a place.
>Forces had mustered against Bratro-Sirt, and I had donned the Body of Meresh-Orik, swelling my form with unnatural Physique and killing the fiend Bratro-Sirt, but those that had joined me in the war had lost their lives.
>Many more died before I discovered how to rest control of the Aegis of Inspiration, I had created a safe haven, but those who would inherit it were few.
resourceful monkey, but how did he know where the black stone fortress was?
they were in it, they've been living inside it for god knows how long.
Kinda implied that he and the tribes have lived on it forever.
File: Jokaero fix.png (120 KB, 289x213)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>Years came to pass us by and we have used The Aegis of Inspiration to gain new insights into the fortress.
>We Could conjure forth its guardians for our own usages, We discovered inner sanctums, thought lost by our ancestors.
>We Traveled across the blackstone, merely surviving.
>The inspiration of my ancestors lost to us.
>So long had we been in the fortress we began to believe a quiet existence in the derelict fortress was all that was left for us.
>Until an ancient enemy came to the fortress, constructs made of a strange metal and weapons made of the stone of the fortress.
>We had motes of knowledge of them, Genetic memory of them, but I dared not start war with them if i did not need to.
>So I hid my family deeper, prepared many traps, almost all were easily avoided or outright ignored by these individuals, and so when they came in greater numbers I summoned the drones.
Our Cryptek interacting with the distressed Jakaero:
File: IMG_20210428_044206.jpg (56 KB, 1000x541)
56 KB
File: necron heavy.jpg (105 KB, 640x774)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Two drones was not enough, I was readying the group to leave but their numbers were far too much.
>We would not be able to escape.
>I removed the brakes on the maglev, and allowed it to crash hoping it would slow them.
>These machine men, we could not see them on our monitors, only picking them up on motion sensors tucked within the walls.
>I was preparing the systems of the Vessel, readying for war, when the Sirt the younger left the vessel, called by the sound of another elder Jokaero, i did not believe it.
>He communed with the metal warrior, a leader of theirs, and called to us.
>The Metal man had brought blessed nutrition, a confectionary meal, something that had no reason to smell so sweet, My kin ate happily, joy overcame them, i had forgotten the look of their smiling faces.
>I would make a deal with this sage enemy.
File: simian scientist.gif (1.31 MB, 600x771)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
>As I made my approach, something caught my attention, this mono eyed enemy.
>He wore a ring of a forefather, so intricate in design, so inspired in its beauty.
>I took his hand and released the devastating force upon one such wall.
>The beam that it had fired was some sort of maximized thermal lance that would reduce any to not but liquid.
>With the ring of the ancestors, I approved of him, taking a seat and gorging myself in the sweet, and tangy sourness of these “Fruits?”
>We spoke of dealings, promise of blue skies, vast organic foliage, a planet where we would be free, the promise of even more of these sweet fruits.
>My kin eating away were at the verge of tears, my grandson sniffing, mucus leaking from overstimulated senses.
>I couldn't not refuse and indeed asked for more.
>I asked for access to his constructs, more resources, other means of inspiration so that my kin and their descendants may prosper.
>We spoke at further length, and I showed him the power of the Aegis of Inspiration.
>He was eager to learn from it, though he did not plan to take the aegis from me.
>He instead had aims to RESTORE the fortress, generations of mine had tried to reach its innermost sanctum.
>But our cruel creator prevented us from ever entering its depth, the stories of less inspired minds plunging to their deaths trying to uncover the fortress's heart.
>But this man, this single eyes machine, showed me images of the fortress in movement, sailing the great sea of lights.
>This one could in fact awaken the great machine from its ages of slumber.
>He would Bring our home of stone to his world.
imagine his shock when ish had a stroke XD
Reject necron return to monke
File: Slann Star god.jpg (636 KB, 1500x1923)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
>I showed them the way to the heart of our world and they followed us on the long journey to the core.
>They had little issue warding off the maledictions of the mind, or the other gravitational disruption.
>We did eventually reach the realm of reflection, one of the last chambers before reaching the Blackstone's heart, many a great elder or foolish uninspired would come to this chamber in ages past to glimpse unknowables.
>Bratro-Sirt, had been one such fool, his madness consumed him here.
>I did not believe these men of metal would succumb to this room's insanity, but from the safety of our ship we could no longer hear our companions follow.
>We headed to the next chamber and rapidly dismounted, the sage was entranced by the reflection.
>me and my kin called, cried and screamed at his foolish allies to save him before madness would take him.
>They did eventually tear him away, but in the end he was babbling gibberish.
>He spoke in a tongue our geneforged minds instantly understand.
>Words of our ancient and forgotten creator, a tongue that no Jokaero had heard since the time before our forefathers.
File: Old Sages.jpg (333 KB, 1365x1365)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>We dragged him to the final chamber, an empty expanse of nothing for which we could not enter.
>We directed them to a final gate way.
>His words of creation spilling out and lighting the shrouded room, mile wide runes powering up.
>He was activating ancient unknowable machines with his words.
>What manner of Old one could speak such powerful words.
>We could see the gateway opening.
>For a moment I considered stepping into the chamber, but recoiled instead.
>In the past we had seen any manner of life perishing trying to enter, subservient races could not cross the threshold of this passage, not without whatever insight these immortals had.
>I saw them disappear into the gate.
M-monkey bro....
File: 1617140944344.jpg (100 KB, 910x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I hope Ish is ok
Damn bro...
How in the WARP.
soul mirror is a helluva drug, my guy
File: A return to basics..jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that i'm not alone.
>Two Silver colored skeletal figures stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>Executioner Phillias and Trazyn speaking to one another.
>Oh shit it's this routine AGAIN.
>My head feels like it's been all over the place.
here is trazyn trying to save the most prized piece of his future colection
File: 1589604143209.png (314 KB, 512x392)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
This the third, fourth time he's woken up like this?
File: 1535578843680.jpg (61 KB, 1134x1203)
61 KB
fourth, i think
Oh shit, here we go again
File: awshitherewegoagain.jpg (414 KB, 1920x1080)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
File: Stairways and Ruins.jpg (670 KB, 3840x2099)
670 KB
670 KB JPG

Play while Reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpoZ4IeKfew

>I Quickly surged a sliver of the power of the Resurrection orb through my various subsystems and neural matrices to get me back to a good point.
>Nehebkau and Agakhet spoke in unison noticing me spark to life. “Ishskar has risen!”
>The assembly of necrons turned to me.
>Rubbing my temple I looked around. “I wasn't out for too long was i?”
>Orikan spoke up. “A few minutes at best, we have reached the inner sanctum of the fortress.”
>That got me up.
>”We have traveled into this…” He gestured to the chamber around us.
>It was an expanse of stairways and battered expanses of dilapidated columns.
>I could hear a tune playing in the distance, though no one else seemed to hear it.
>Was the Blackstone singing to me?
well this can't be good
methinks homeboy has some warp beasts that want to eat him
File: Droop.png (361 KB, 963x800)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Am calling it... He be an Old One soul, or a timeless creature, or a MF pure uncoded soul or some shit. Limitless potential crammed into a tiny, itsy-bitsy drop of soulstuff... Or just retard, witch would be lovely xD
last option, your boy is just a nerd and nothing more, Kek.

Hella lore, and the right circumstances put him in the position where he is. Though i only illustrated the core 40k races, he definitely had a chance to experience exitance as one of everything. You even saw him as the tyranid hive mind for in one line. What im saying is he experienced the brief reality of being some of the greater beings in the lore, tiny bit of insanity carried over when he was pulled from that mirror.
let's hope he dosen't end up completely like a mad babbleing idiot
File: Happy Necron.jpg (733 KB, 3024x3024)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
Hell yea xD But the bit about him seeing basically every option makes you wonder right? If the mirror is suposed to show you alternate futures, and he is suposedly a human soul, shouldnt most of the options be human? If we take him being a necron now as an outlier case, since he thinks of himself as hooman INSIDE a necron then it wouldn't it be kinda logical for the mirror to show him alternatives of human lives?

(Just grifting :P Love the story man <3 Put them fear of Spooky, scery Metalcrons into dem filthy organics! Necrodermis reigns supreme!!!)
so... a necron with a human soul that is now tainted by warpy bullshit, this isn't going to end well .
Pretty sure its the reason he can go C'tan state, and that state is probably resetting/healing/protecting his soul each time he does it.
>When the maglev was launched I stuck the landing
>... And so too did the praetorians... and the lych guards... and Orikan... and a few of the deathmarks stuck it as well.
>Mask felled on his deathmask which was funny, Recorded that shit
>Ish managed to synthesize 'fruits' and got the Jokaero to come out...
>Just going to make this report short
>We now have Jokaero allies to help navigate us through this labyrinth
>The other news is that Ish promised the Jokaero a place on our homeworld, resources, and a lot of 'inspiration'.
>Deathmakrs were oddly cool with this
>... Shards fucking dam it now they are making 'Planet of the Apes' references...
>However as we were navigating this fortress to get to its core I noticed the mirrors
>My reflection wasn't there just a blurry silhouette that looked... wrong
>I also felt an immeasurable hatred against that reflection, for reasons I don't know why
>After a few minutes one Jokaero noticed Ish was missing (how the fuck did that happen!?)
>They immediately pleaded for us to save us from the mirrors of madness...
>when we found him... he looked catatonic, he was alive but seemed to be drifting off in hs own thoughts
>I was worried, but a few of our necrons carried him along
>I could hear mumblings... though what he was saying was untranslatable
>When we got to the room the Jokaero couldn't enter, but Ish's ramblings seemed to somehow activate the blackstone fortress
>I was confused as hell (much like many other necrons) as a 'gate' seemed to transmit us necrons to a larger room
>There was... music?
>Where it was coming from was unknown to me...
>... When Ish awakened he said he heard the music as well.
>But none of the other necrons said they heard music...?
>... The shards is happening right now.
File: 1611027806496.jpg (20 KB, 598x554)
20 KB
>Shards fucking dam it now they are making 'Planet of the Apes' references...
File: eddy.jpg (7 KB, 266x190)
7 KB
sure but its more fun to imagine Ish as a necron version of noise marine looking like Eddy in powerslave with a guitar on his back
File: Askewd.jpg (1.97 MB, 3840x2160)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
>The tune was...fragmented, but still had a somber mood.
>I directed the others to follow, instinctively shushing them.
>A white light filtered in from everywhere yet there was no discernable source.
>We climbed past ruined statues, of indiscernible nature.
>Shattered walls. Blasted through and erased any information, I silently threatened to not dare touch anything.
>We walked along ancient walkways, marked with runes of which my mind occasionally guessed at.
>The others kept asking me what i was saying, claiming the words i was speaking were turning the fortress on.
>I Didn't know what they were talking about, and kept pressing onwards, runes lighting with each step I took towards the furthest depths of the fortress.
Is Cup Anon reincarnated from Cryptek Anon?
File: Final Approach.jpg (1.6 MB, 3840x2160)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
>We're reaching the end now, the sight of a final station on the horizon.
>More we traversed.
>Ancient blackstone weapons, positively charged discarded.
>Husks of reptilian skeletal things sat sentinel every few dozen miles.
>Trazyn said something about the slann, to which I did not respond.
>The song was growing louder now.
>The fortress had heard me say something after I stared into reality.
>It thought I was its master, come to finally claim her, to restore her.
no but i thought it would be near to reference some of the other stories from /tg/
Time to waifu the Starfortress
Gajinka time


>The consoles were many, ancient mechanisms made for greater hands than mine.
>Colossal creator deities once sat at these terminals, and so i to took my seat upon them.
>I didn't know what I was doing, Slipping my hand into massive slits in the surfaces, feeling oily ichors from within, I felt them suddenly solidify, my arms unable to move out.
>I told the others not to move and not to worry, and I turned the latches.
>Grills in some far distant ceiling came rushing down.
>Black oil came to drown us, some fought it, others did not.
>The oil spilled over the edge, and I could hear the blackstones song rise.
>We were overtaken by the ichor, frozen in as every inch of this impossible room began to fill.
File: Sinking.jpg (200 KB, 1654x2342)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>I remained awake, unable to breath, but still able to think, and wait.
>I heard the voice of the fortress, its song still in my mind.
>Whispering to me its secrets, guiding me to bringing her online.
>I listened intently, what keys to enter, what dials to turn, What systems need fixing.
>Data streamed into my consciousness, had it been my soul, or this metal brain that had gained this knowledge?
>All I could do was digest this knowledge, reciting in my mind what it was that needed to be done.
>And so we waited for the room to fill with the oil.
>For when it was full, reality would take hold in this chamber.
File: Powers Surging.jpg (2.71 MB, 3840x2160)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
>And we waited for hours, so many of them, It felt like ages, weeks even, then months came to pass, a century is how much time i had spent learning all there was.
>And then I heard the clinking metal of my cape rattle behind me, movement restored after a century of waiting.
>The other necrons were confused, but I had no time for that.
>I had been possessed with insight.
>I wasted no seconds in quickly raising the machine awake.
>Pieces of my consciousness streamed into the myriad consoles as I stabbed my tail output into a newly made port in the terminal.
>These were ancient systems I did not fully grasp but I was invigorated.
>I was learning this living system, conversing with it as I started it, a vast intelligence impossibly old.
>Together our consciousness Meshed into one another, where a tech priest or Hertek would have tried to overpower and work around the myriad of systems, I joined it, embracing it.
>Tectonic beauty of Blackstone, metal, and far far far more held within it.
>A consciousness vast yet separated from the warp, possessing great machinery to manipulate it the weave of reality with sciences and sorceries.
>With her enhanced touch I was able to assert my signal onto all of the skorpoids, canoptek constructs, and Drones..
>Work was to be done to fully return her to operating capacity.
Blackstone Fortress shipwaifu get.
File: Swarm the decks.jpg (263 KB, 2000x1180)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>Time Dilation was removed from this chamber, and instead applied elsewhere in the fortress.
>The Jokaero had perhaps seen us leave only a few hours ago, but a full century had passed within this innermost sanctum.
>I Informed the others that soon I would wake the fortress fully.
>They all questioned me, asking how I had done such, and why I had insisted on constantly uttering that Unintelligible audio from my secondary vocal emitter.
>So that was where it was coming from.
>My mind had been altered after looking into the dimensional mirror, mortal beings would have become confused and gone completely insane.
>Maybe I already had, or maybe I hadn't, my mind was already fractured.
>I commanded every construct to begin the Great work.
2nd Primarch Quest has a shipfu too. Common theme in 40k things here.
Well thats just rhe perfect combination, a warp based soul since the Old ones got warp knowledge down to a superscience just like how the Necrons know there stuff with temporal and engery manipulation and construction, and a Necron machine mind designed for processing snd storing such immense amounts of data that the minds that would normal come from simply can’t take.
File: Time control.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
>I ORDERED Nehebkau and Orikan the two Chronomancers down to assist the constructs.
>Orikan raged against me, letting me know what he thought of him ordering me around.
>Phillias stopped him from hurling insults at me and had him go and do as asked at threat of bodily damage.
>The Two Chronomancers were to cast the largest version of Zatoth’s Harmonious Sphere in the areas in which the Canoptek constructs occupied during their works.
>I had already planted the complex miles worth of engram data into their matrices, meaning they would make quick work of repairing the ancient systems.
>Their time bubble would see that work be done within the fraction of the time.
>I ORDERED Phillias to gather all the Metallic ships to one end of the ship.
>She half raised her Relic Warscythe to me, but let it go.
>All those resources would be needed to ensure the Millions of years of plundering and damage would be undone, Phillias knew this, and opted to not murder me for once.
>As for Trazyn, i asked that he capture the Jokaero in their ship within one of his Tesseracts.
>And to bring them to me, as to allow them to assist me.
Well that is rathe rude to just capture the guess you made a good deal with, thought he is being fully consumed by the knowledge, so it might take a while to go back to normal.
im mostly going off the fact they couldn't enter that chamber at risk of death. and this is a quick and easy way to cheat that problem.
File: Blackstone awakened.jpg (2.86 MB, 3840x2160)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
>When the Jokaero released within the command center they were in awe, they had been given access into the heart of the fortress command space.
>They would help for a scant few decades, helping construct additional command terminals, and allowing me to take possession of their so called “Ageis Of Inspiration.”
>I Had more intimate control of the defenses of the outer sections of the fortresses defenses.
>After the first century, we had pulled the hulks into range of the fortresses' grip and dismantled the clusters of Orkiod, and Xenos vessels, leaving only the organic vessels and that of the Aeldari.
>The 2nd century had ensured Nehebkau and Orikan had sped up the process of Restoring the Damage that wracked the many Facilities and the power network, both Chronomancer had spent well over a Millenia worth of effort to maintain the bubble and speed up the work to our perception.
>The 3rd century saw the Jokaero returning to a tesseract, and had seen every vessel not in search of the other fortresses brought into the starfort.
>The 4th century saw to it that we had brought its Ancient Shields and tractor beams online, which were promptly used to bring every single non-organic ship into our starfort for diction and “Resource Acquisition.”
>And 72 Years after that, the Blackstone was awoken, A Five Hundred Seventy two year affair for us necrons, and a far longer time for our chronomancers.
File: time.gif (2.31 MB, 360x200)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
and with that i think ill go ahead and get some well deserved rest. let me know what you folks thought.

Oh yeah ish is now 1044 after all that, so hes a pretty old man now.
man, I am loving all of this. Please keep up the great work.
Hopefully Fiore-Vaux Survived all that time, would be pretty sad if he didn’t.
But I bet there are more Jokaero now.
He totally did, and there probably will be. There is like 0 reports what so ever on jokaero life spans(i even have Liber Xenologis which hardley tells me much beyond the Jokaero being able to open passages in the blackstone and mess with its tech) , but seeing as literally everyone else from the war in heaven is long lived, a cool 2000+ year life span doesn't seem all to bad for these techno Monkeys.
Bro this shit is crazy and I love every second of it, keep it up.
And I bet it they wanted to they could use their tech to make it even longer, some regeneration wand or some auto-dock, maybe some healing and anti-aging nanites.
Also hope that the Blackstone Fortress has some food processor system for any organic crew, would be a big oversight by the old ones and/or Vaul (if he had a hand in making them).
did the old ones eat? (being serious, not really a 40k nerd)
Probably used to, then they ascended to pure warp energy as some pouts because they learnt that much about psychic powers and the warp. So they probably ate just cause, but that didn’t mean the Eldar, Krok, Jokaerao and their other creations didn’t need to.
I loved this part of the story.
(Posting this at work sorry if Id is different)
but I do have a singular question... What are you going to call her (the fitness, and will you give her a way to verbally speak)? Also you might want to apologize to phillas and orikan. Best not to rock the boat with those two...
The *fortress
Fucking auto correct...
File: orikan.png (1 MB, 1005x1206)
1 MB
>After the blackstone was awoken my mind haze and the voice fortress evaporated.
>It had been intoxicating, i suppose i understood orikan more when he had the voice of vishani guiding him in “The Infinite and the Divine” Story, all that knowledge went to my head.
> And it started hitting me in waves how much i had fucked up.
>Yes the blackstone fortress is operational now, but i nearly got myself killed ordering both Orikan and Phillias around.
>I apologized to Phillias, Informing her I simply lost myself in all the research I had been conducting, the fortress had compromised my better judgment for a period.
>When I approached orikan, he seemed impatient.
>”Now then I believe you owe me some answers, I have incurred 2 life debts reversing the timeline to allow you to still annoy me with your continued existence.” Orikan Snapped.
>I let out a drawn out sigh. “Yes I suppose after this endeavor you will start helping yourself to all the research you can find to start your path to achieving that form of light.”
File: Spoiler Image (216 KB, 945x675)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Minor Passage Spoiler for The Infinite and the Divine:

>”There will be a thoughtform being that will come to reside within you orikan.”
>”One who will push your studies into the heights of Astromancy, Chronomancy, Datamancy, and finally Voidmancy.”
>”When the stars are just right you will be able achieve this form, but you need to read up on many texts.”
>”The Vishanic Manuscripts Digital copies will be a guide for you Orikan, You will only Read them, I will be the one to decide when you are ready to collect any trinkets to progress your studies.”
>”The pursuit of planets and Artifacts from other Dynasties will be forbidden to you orikan.”
>”And to ensure you don't go looking where you don't belong I've prepared something.”
>I tapped my throat, playing an audio clip from “The Infinite and the Divine.”
>A Consequence of things to come should orikan follow the path of a scoundrel.
He is risen!
oh shidd
Who wants to take bets he still manages to fuck this up and blow up a gallery on Solemnace?
should also warn trazyn about the bell that will toll 13 times and yeet a good part of his collection
File: flayed-one.jpg (49 KB, 633x668)
49 KB
>Orikan ran a hand over his chin. “The Vishanic Manuscripts, I am unfamiliar with these texts.”
>I snickered. “The Ammunos Dynasty is where you will find such records, I'm warning you now…”
>”Trying to seek out that dynasties mysterious will only propel you to a violent end, or corruption.” I flashed a projection of a depiction of orikan as a Flayed.
>The image unsettled him, turning his ocular away, warding his face from the horrific image.
>He hurriedly lowered his arms, trying to return his composure ”That can't be, I have closed myself to such possibilities.”
>This was true, but scaring him with this lie could steer him clear of doing something stupid.
>I hammered the lie in further ”There are only a handful of necrons who are immune to the viruses, and I can assure you, YOU.ARE.NOT.ONE.OF.THEM.”
>This gave him a lot to think about.
Ishkar finally grows some balls and does a bit more manipulation, nice.
me no like flayed ones
ah, this is a pleasant place and pace...
OH FUCK THAT'S RIGHT SZERAZ WANTS TO MEET YOU! (worse part is he and orikan and he share the same goal...!)

File: A fortress moving.gif (4.15 MB, 1122x720)
4.15 MB
4.15 MB GIF
>With last minute tests settled and final preparations made, I headed back to the bridge of the starfort.
>My void crew, pilots, and Agakhet, my personal Lychguard of all people, would help me pilot the great vessel.
>Its lower haff moved in counter to its upper half, and after a single slow rotation the vessel began to move onwards.
>Once more I connected my input into a port in the console.
>I informed the ship we were in search of her 5 other sister starforts within the systems, letting her know that they were all alive, power on but defenses most likely in a state of disrepair.
>She informed me with her restored systems she could indeed locate the other fortresses within a certain range.
>The power of our combined augers could double our sensor sweeps to an area of around a thousand light years.
>We Could maybe find another Fortress in a relatively short amount of time holy shit, is...is this how Abaddon was able to pinpoint where each of the fortresses were?
da-yum. she's one fine ass ho.
File: Blackstone fortress III.jpg (1.74 MB, 3493x1799)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
>We sailed for several decades before we received one ping.
>Our sensors picked up something at the very edge of our auger sweeps.
>A slight fluctuating power signatures, these readings were consistent with what information the ships data banks had on other fortresses.
>We closed in on the fortress with all haste.
>Life signs were picked up, a few hundred of them actually.
>We also picked up ship signs...
>There was aeldari abroad.
Hope the Jokaero can share in the disproval of the Eldars disrespect of the Old ones by stealing the webway. Might be more humiliating to the pointy ears if Fiore-Vaux can add some criticism to the call when its made.
Ok seriously who is Fiore-Vaux... I try to google him but nothing appears.
Just a made up ape name. All the jokaero names are made up.
The big monkey nerd anon made a deal with
Oh thank fuck I thought I missed some part of 40k lore...

I've got money on a little fledgling farseer who fears a single eye.
Reasonable assumption, here’s hoping the Fortresses defenses slow them down
File: kill them all.gif (938 KB, 360x270)
938 KB
938 KB GIF
The only good knife ear is a dead knife ear
File: Gethsemane_Map.jpg (62 KB, 346x444)
62 KB
>We closed in on the Gethsemane Sub-sector, stopping our approach at the edge whatever scanning arrays could be done.
>I pulled my input from the command console, slamming a closed fist hard on the surface.
>This was seriously bad, WE CANNOT let the Aeldari get a single fortress, ESPECIALLY during their height of power.
>This isn't fair, they weren't supposed to know anything about this!
>I let out a deep breath, trying to regain my composure as I turned to face Phillias.
>”My Executioner, permission to break the informal non aggression act with the aeldari.” I blurted.
>My chronosense whirred hard, trying to make a follow up that would appeal to her wants.
>With her being a constant presence in my life for these centuries, i think ive gotten a good idea what kind of person she is.
>How like most of the Praetorians, She so desperately wants to see her Empire thrive, even if she's has a funny way of showing it...That and murder, she very much likes the idea of murder, she hasn't managed to kill anything beyond all these Video game simulations.
>I quickly followed my previous sentence with ”If only to claim something that by all rights should belong to the Immortal Empire.”
File: eldar_ears.gif (74 KB, 500x348)
74 KB
UwU pls no bulli
No bully, only murder
He coupd try and big a massive physic dampiner and jammer to prevent long rang communications for the Eldar, maybe even using the entire fortress as part of the amplification, cause its all blackstone.
I hope Phillias goes full doomguy on those knife eared shits.
I bet the fortress’s sensor array is good enough to let them target their teleport so she can get int the middle of the largest group so she can have a good massacre.
We can only hope. Death to the Knife Ears.
Look at the fucking cake on that one, lads. God damn.
File: Aeldari fleet.jpg (107 KB, 1024x572)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>She couldn't emote her murderous glee but I think the slight chuckle I heard for a fleeting second was evidence of that enough.
>”You have my approval and my blade to engage.” Phillias said.
>Agakhet AND had identified a Trio of Phoenix Battlecruisers, a Duo of Hellebore Frigates and several other craft.
>That actually surprised, oh fuck...I was too Thorough with my in depth implantations of EVERY single ship within all the Battlefleet games, BOTH the tabletop and the Two Video games, not to mention extensively tweaking and adding all the ships from the Rogue Trader :Battlefleet Kronus, not to mention all those other smaller books with their rules.
>I had been unknowingly preparing my Protector and the Executioner Phillias over the many centuries for this mission without even knowing it.
>The Pair taking the reins of the weapon arrays, already determining the flow of battle far before we had even entered the solar system.
>Phillias was already ordering a team of ships from her own reserves, planning to get our teleportation array to drop them off ahead of us.
>We were planning BLITZKRIEG tactics against the Aeldari, If Saim-Hann Could see us they would shit themselves.
File: stare_necron.gif (489 KB, 550x600)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
File: to war.jpg (407 KB, 1280x811)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Give Orikan and massive data storage devise so they can record the operations and how it went, then tell hum to go back in time with it to a little before the attack so that they could then do it like badasses. For the records of course, goads keep that cool factor on.
File: 1619726677216.png (1.58 MB, 1200x962)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka
File: Ascending to farseer.jpg (120 KB, 836x1276)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
these next posts took way too long to type, hope you enjoy.

>Be Yvralla Ulthrwal, Council High Fireser of the world Miarisillion, and devotee to the Goddess of Fate Morai-Heg.
>They called me a madman, they said my visions of the future were insanity.
>My visions of the cyclopean necron had only grown more Distressing.
>But when I predicted the Waggghhh of Heavenly Ascension with such precision and in such detail to guarantee victory they came crawling back to me.
>I was quickly elevated to the rank of Farseer during the conflict, having been personally responsible for the destruction of 12 greater Orkoid fleet vessels from crashing down upon a vital Mercantile Craftworld.
>After that i had access to the greatest esoterica texts our world had to offer.
>For decades I researched the ancient text, finding council in the ancient Wraithseer Ancestors, and glimpsing into the future.
>I have came of scarce set of text mentioning an artifact of a matching description
>The name chilled my very being to say such a thing. “The Talisman of Vaul”
File: Talisman of Vaul.jpg (40 KB, 400x300)
40 KB
>During the War in Heaven, there had been a form of grand alliance under the Ancient Creator race.
>Beings known as the Jokaero, K'nib, Krorks, Rashan, Slann, and our race defended the once beautiful paradise of the galaxy from the Necron, and their fiendish so-called star gods.
>In these texts it makes mentions of our God Vaul, The God of Smiths forging and aiding the creators on a Powerful Artifact.
>This Artifact was said to reach within the realm of souls and spill forth a destructive beacon for all to see.
>And yet it was so much more than a weapon, True Immortality, Insights of the creators means by which to spread life across the stars, Untold Wisdom...There were so many whimsical claims.
>But what terrified me was that I believed that it was that this tool of our creator and our god vaul...could be claimed by the immortal enemy.
>My visions were concise in this manner.
>The Ghost with one eye would claim these moon-No the talisman of vaul and with it, he could snuff out the aeldari.
File: rising forces.jpg (358 KB, 1920x1080)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>And so I called forth favors, in just 2 decades I had assembled and personally overseen a competent fleet fitting of my station.
>390 Guardian Defenders, 125 Black Guardians, 80 Khainite Warriors, 55 Wraithguard, 25 Wraithblades, 20 Bonesingers, 18 Warlock Council Members, 10 Wraithlords, 8 Wraithknights, 4 Wraithseers, 1 Phantom Titan.
>As for Our fleet It consisted of 10 Solaris Class Light Cruiser, 5 Vaul Class Cruisers, 3 Phoenix Battlecruisers, 2 Hellebore Frigates, 1 Void Stalker To lead them.
>With my great forces, and several ancestral relics we headed for the void.
>A region of space greatly uninhabited by our people.
>Many Webway gate trips later, we were deposited at the far foothold of the sector.
>My vision had told me a great enemy was present here, already in search to claim one of these talisman’s.
>And so we scouted, avoiding his legions many scouts, we had plans to secure one of these talismans, no...not one, but ALL of them.
>Before the wicked cyclops could taint our god's works.
File: 1596961605502.png (699 KB, 1300x712)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Eldar dunking time.
File: think about wife.jpg (116 KB, 1200x913)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Today in general has been hard to write, only managed to get 10 posts before calling it quits. Feels bad.

I hope its at least been enjoyable, but man i felt like i should've written more. Ill be lurking for a bit before i head to bed.
The Time Has Come and So Have I.
Sleep tight, Crypek Anon. Keep on keeping on.
Its ok man, things happen, you’ll do more tomorrow.
File: guestcrypteks1.jpg (262 KB, 1200x677)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
>Be me, Nertek of the Hemmetnh Dynasty
>Unwilling participate of the Court of Hemmenth
>One of many Crypteks who have been recalled to this ad hoc meeting place
>Someone had snitched on us, and apparently had quoted some ancient law stating something this and that and blah blah blah
>Basically we were needed
>And for what you might ask?
>Oh just talking about where the Hemmenth people should build its new tomb complex
>I would be more interested if it hadn't been into its 17 year of talks
>Same points over and over with no signs of either side stopping
>I had long since devoted a small sub process to recording what was happening
>I found the conversations of my fellow Crypteks far more appealing
>I wasn't the only one grappling with true memories, one's not clouded by time, damage, Bio-transference and the meddling of Dead Gods
>Nor was I the only one had taken a keen interested in the Voekhet's weapons and strange canopteks
>I found kin among several of the Technomancers, Voidmancers and a few of my own order
>They were eager to observer, to test and to potentially use such weaponry
>Our musing also went as far to ask what the Voekhet might know that would require them to build such new weapons and Canopteks
>Our kind hadn't truly innovated since our Change, since we threw our souls away for greater power
>Many would say it was unnecessary for we stood at the peak of all sciences
>I was starting to think that mayhaps that was...ill thought out logic
>And several of my fellow Crypteks were starting to agree
>I 'blinked' and cursed
>Five Decades of this damned court and they were still at it
>I reclaimed by sub-process and devoured its stored information
>Nothing new, same arguments, same people
>Should we stay, or should we go now
>Looking around the Court, others were starting to make their displeasure seen...
>Though none were so bold as to call this farce out, not while our Phaeron was still watching
>The argument was being sparred over by an....Overlord Narath and a waste of necrodermis-I mean Esteemed Cryptark Inera
>One was known to me from the war....a love for ramming the enemy with his command barge
>Surprisingly to good effect, no one expects a Necron to ram...well...most nobody
>And the Psychomancer with far too much interest in politics
>Heard she was trying to stylize herself as some sort of 'Noble Cryptek'
>What an absolute farce
>It was funny to watch her try though
>So...where were they?
>Or right
>Overlord Narath was making the argument that taking a world for ourselves was the proper course of action
>Not his exact words but I think I'm allowed to paraphrase
>Stating that even if Hemmenth was a vassal, it should still be important for us to maintain some autonomy
>And what better way to do that then on a completely different planet
>Making side arguments of how odd it would be for two different tomb complexes of two different dynasties to be built on the same world
>Or that it would also allow us to claim the resources of said world
>Mostly valid points, though he did skim over the whole 'How would we even get there' bit
>The Cryptek picked up on that though
>She made the point that trying to would almost certainly require asking for further resources from the Voeketh
>Inera seemed far more focused in destroying Narath’s argument then pushing her own
>Her own being if they were going to be vassals, we might as well use our new liege lords to their fullest
>Again, not her exact words but she could fall into a star for all I cared.
>From were I stood, it seemed no matter which path we took, we would still find ourselves further in debt to our ‘saviors’ >Most we’re grateful for the intervention, but the incident that left us bereft of most of our resources had left many sore >Probably none more so then the Phaeron, who sat on his throne in silence >I didn’t envy his position right now
File: Necronman.png (985 KB, 811x936)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
>I was about to tune this all out again, when something changed
>A Noble came down of the steps and moved towards the bickering duo
>I had to cycle my optic a few times to ensured his
>This was breaking with so many protocols, and the stir it was causing was enough that Narath and Inera to stop and stare
>A Necron Lord of minor standing, his name taking a moment to surface from memory...Nebumum
>He came to a stop between the two, still caught flat footed by this blatant transgression, raised his voice for all to hear
>"Members of the Court, Loyal Subjects of the Hemmenth Dynasty, how long do we intend to keep up this sham going?"
File: necron-lord.jpg (50 KB, 715x468)
50 KB
>The continued silence only seemed to embolden this...wire crossed goon to continue
>"We hem and haw over the best way to further indebt ourselves to those that have rendered us homeless."
>"We dither about for the better part of a Century, when we should have taken action as soon as we had the chance."
>"Why search for a new world, or try to build a new complex, when we are standing in one right now?"
>"The Voekhet's Awakened number in the few hundreds at best, whereas we stand with over three million warriors waiting for the signal."
>"Wipe them out, and the Canopteks will fall in line, and we can take this place, rebuild, and-"
>And Overlord Narath had heard enough
>The fact he had waited this long was surprising
>"YOU WOULD DARE?! You would be so brazen as to court such dishonor?" The Overlord too his glaive in both hands, not assuming a combat stance but still very threatening to someone within range
>Having seen what that Overlord could do with that ancient weapon...
>I would be in no rush to cause a duel, but then again I wasn't the madman down there
>"Is it? Is it dishonorable to want what's best for Our Dynasty?"
>"YES! We gave our word, and our word must bind. For it not to would invite ruin."
>"Ruin? Are you trying to make me laugh? WE ARE ALREADY RUINED YOU BLIND FOOL!"
>The Command was rang across the hall, and every eye turned to the throne
>For all heeded the Phaeron
>main character supposedly knows about 40k lore
>supposed to know that eldar in this era aren't like drukhari, and are more amiable like the craftworld eldar
>immediately goes autistic screeching about eldar
>doesn't even try to contact and talk with the eldar, making a trade for the fortress by utilizing his meta knowledge of events
>was willing to do this with jokaero and pretty much everyone else so far
>instead instantly goes into "hurrr elf am bad" meme


Its actually a good thing this shit got removed off /tg/.
The Eldar hate the Necrons, you faggot. Diplomacy would never work.

>doesn't even try to contact and talk with the eldar, making a trade for the fortress by utilizing his meta knowledge of events

Meta Knowledge that includes knowing that Eldar should in no way shape or form be anywhere near the Blackstone Fortresses, Also knows that Eldar hate the Necrons in any era regardless.

Fuck off
Jokaero don't like necrons any more either.

Despite looking like fucking orangutans with cyber eye augments, they're extremely intelligent creatures who also went through the same fucking war against necrons that the eldar did.

But despite that the main character was supposedly capable of making a trade with them. By taking a chance with diplomacy.
Their not immortal they have short lives compared to qnn Eldar, their animosity fades with the passage of time. The Eldar still remember the war in Heaven.
File: 1602216681450.jpg (170 KB, 768x1024)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
wow not only are your opinions shit, but your lore knowledge is shit too.
Eldar: Bad Robot bad
Necron: Good Elfs Bad
>be Stasis Krork
>Locked away in Trayzn the Magpie's vaults somewhere
>Gods that infernal itch on my nose won't stop
1. Yes, and he does quite seem to.
2. They aren't, but they're still hostile. They brought a battlefleet with them and suddenly appeared right on his doorstep.
3. It's almost like they're going to singlehandedly ruin the entire universe by creating a 4th chaos god and turning the realm of souls into the warp. It's almost like they were warned about this to some extent and just continued to go on that path because they won't be convinced into not being decadent fucking mongrels
4. Yes, let's try to be diplomatic with the 18 cruisers, 2 frigates, and 1 void stalker fleet that expressly came here to kill us. Knowing that the Aeldari would never accept peace with the Necrontyr, this couldn't possibly go wrong.
5. They are bad, they pose nothing but a threat to the entire galaxy. The current Aeldari may not be expressly evil or hostile to all other life in the galaxy yet, but they are still expressly hostile to Necrons, and they are still going to cause the single greatest calamity in the entire 40k universe.

and yes, I do consider 40k craftworlds inherently hostile to all other life because they have no qualms discarding other people on the simple motivation that they "aren't worth the effort." Even when it's more beneficial for them to help the people.

In conclusion, fuck yourself you self-lauding cuntwaffle. You're not as smart as you think you are.
>Be stasis Khainite warrior
>Next to the sweaty stasis krork
>Mid battle leap, one foot tip-toed on the ground.
>Mind slowly churning through link to the realm of souls.
>boredom of 4.5 million years worth of sitting here, stuck...
>Can only amuse myself with giving other psychic-captives mild itches...
Oh yeah no, necrons do be kinda evil. It's not ubiquitous, but it's still fact. However, the Aeldari, though not inherently evil, are literally the source of half the fucking problems in the 41st millennium. If you're going to simp over elven ass that's your business. But do try to remember that you're making an ass of yourself, nobody here likes you, and you're a fucking retard if you think sparing the Aeldari could ever be an option for Ish, it's just not realistic.
If you’re such a good writer and know so much about 40k, why don’t you just write Your own thread instead of talking shit, nigger.
File: 1616603659977.jpg (214 KB, 1200x720)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>Still Stasis Krork
>Near pixie looking warrior of Khaine
>Odd thing happened today
>Notice crack on ceiling that I have been staring at for the last several million years
>Has that crack always been there?
>Oh Zog it
>Who cares, Magpie's green bugs will repair it eventually
>Gods that infernal itch on my nose still won't stop
an ayon list what good the eldar actualy did beside getting grillmon out of bed? (games included)

i mean they fucked up alot so i just wanna know what good they did.
they have done some good, but nothing can really make their existence a net-positive with the whole Birthing Slaneesh deal, man. The immaterium was not always a hostile, daemon-filled hellscape that punctured the mind of every psyker, you know. The necrons' only real cosmic fuck-up was the c'tan. However, unlike Slanneesh, the c'tan can be killed eventually, shard-by-shard.
Which the necron did. Generally speaking after the whole war in heaven business, the necron actually tried to clean up the mess they've made. What with them finishing off the Ctan.

Unlike a certain race with their RAPE GOD.
>Still Stasis Khainite Warrior
>Time just fucking trickles by...
>Luckily, I only experience one in every ten years due to being in Stasis
>Still, all that time left with your soul lounging is fucking boring.
>Gave the entire Hrud population a few chambers away phantom itches.
>Those guys are gonna be unbearable once they break out.
>We ain't so lucky, though...
>War in Heaven Display is wel defended.
>The Stasis Farseer told us that the future where we'd be released was delayed, if not outright unmade by that Cryptek weirdo.
>Fuck him, we just had to wait a few million years.
>Time to give the Stasis Jokaero Weapon slave working on the Krork's armor the phatom itch.
Fuckers just dipped and told the rest of the universe to deal with it
Wait I have a Jokaero in the same stasis as me? I did not know that.
Spoilers: read the Infinite and the Divine. It's described very early in the book.
File: Spoiler Image (4.08 MB, 3024x4032)
4.08 MB
4.08 MB JPG
File: Grave Premination.jpg (102 KB, 791x791)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>I entered a deep mediation during our transit within the system.
>Assisted with the foresight and guidance of my warlock council and those of the venerable wraithseers.
>Trying to divine the location of one of these Talisman’s is a difficult process.
>A decade without any luck.
>It didn't matter, we continued our divinations.
>I Offered a quiet prayer to Morai-Heg before one such ritual.
>I felt our goddesses wisdom imparted on me.
>The talisman was orbiting a world rich in minerals, a fledgling solar system, devoid of sentient lifeforms.
>We rushed off, weary to not alert off the immortal enemy.
File: Dorment and awaiting.jpg (1.7 MB, 3124x1917)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
>We reached our destination within 4 years standard, avoiding much.
>The Talisman brought many to tears, Reaffirming to all of those doubtful of my claims, that my work here was imperative.
>We disembarked into the fortress, keeping the trio of Phoenix cruisers and other frigates to guard the talisman whilst me and my combat force headed in to heart to awaken the talisman.
>When we stepped off our vessels inside the fortress, we soon found that even our most skilled Bonesingers were unable to make use of their talents against the strange substance that made up every surface of this starfort.
>Pressing on our vanguard of Wraithguards took point, ensuring our safety.
>We ended up coming across areas of...troubling concern.
>Rooms of oil, chambers without gravity, Intangible walls that would allow ones to simply walk through them, chambers emanating undecipherable signals.
>Navigating this locale would be quite difficult.
Have to run to work, when i get back we will start this battlefleet gothic mess. should be fun!
the knife-eared fucks will be mighty spooked when they see the power of this fully operational battlestation!
most based story so far
File: IMG_20210427_134554.jpg (60 KB, 640x592)
60 KB
I have returned.
And now I've updated me with the story.
Good work, Anon. Take it easy and do not burn yourself.

Spider-mech monke for you.
Sorry anons, for not linking each post to one another...
>Be Chari
>While helping my fellow canopteks in the repair work I noticed a... guardian drone(?), but it always seemed to follow me
>It was unsettling
>Why was it doing this?
>I loved them on a visual level but didn't know how to feel about them
>But I knew for a fact they were a massive help with repairing the fortress
>However I personally didn't know what they are like
>... Or do they not have (or have developed) a personality like a few of us canopteks?
>The drone doesn't get in my way but it always seems to follow me...
>Maybe I could do a few more experiments to ease myself
>... With any excess materials, we wouldn't (or use) need of course!
>... And it's still following me to my 'workplace'
>Shards dam it...
File: into the fortress.jpg (1.97 MB, 3840x2160)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
>Several weeks of travel saw to it that we were cut off from the outside forces.
>Our communications networks unable to pierce fortress, and short way webway jumps within its walls proved fruitless.
>We Accepted we would need to drip feed our fleets information once we made return trips.
>What a fool we were, for the first time in a millennia I was caught in the present so intoxicated by the lure of the talisman presence...
>That I had not devoted myself to constantly view the future of my wider surroundings beyond the fortress.
>We had traveled for several weeks, quickly making way to the fortress's heart.
>We were still well packed on provisions, and would likely not need to return for another several months.
>But we had not received word from those of our collages from within docking stations of the starfort.
>Thankfully it can't enter my workspace
>but it is outside my door
>However my workspace isn't very large
>But that never bothered me before
>It was always a bit nice
>Though I noticed I had a terabyte of information that I know I didn't make/record (was it from the guardian drone?)
>Lots of data to test, and experiment with... none the less
>Even with a minor note in more advanced mechanical devices
>Worked on that for a solid few decades...
>Until I got a ping from high command which said only two things
>'... The informal non-aggression act with the Aeldari... - was terminated (temporarily.)'
>and then...
>'Prepare for battle against the Aeldari...'
>Oh... shit
File: Deep Strike.gif (4.99 MB, 600x381)
4.99 MB
4.99 MB GIF
>Be Executioner Phillias.
>Myself, Agakhet and the void crew have taken operational control of the fortress.
>We began pulling in