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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
After what looks like an unending misfortune at school, the light is finally shining through the tunnel at the end of the day. Sure you may have missed your lunch over a scuffle with one of your classmates, but your childhood friend has kindly offered assistance, inviting you to eat at her place.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The Cast (updated from the previous version):
(!) Denotes ongoing events. Characters with no (!) have no event Senki notes in particular or can participate in at the moment.

The archive of the previous threads:
“I’m going to grab something from the supermarket.” Yukari gives you a heads up as she points at the glowing billboard on the other side of the street that marks her new destination.
You follow closely behind as she changes her trajectory down the street, and soon the two of you are standing at the glass auto door entrance of the shop, with a tall stack of shopping baskets to the left alongside the lanes of shopping trolleys of various sizes.
You reflexively pick up a shopping basket from the pile and place it into a small trolly, pushing it along as you join Yukari in the jungle of groceries and household items.

While watching Yukari pick up fresh produce from the refrigerated aisle, Sakura’s parting mention of the club fair this Friday resurfaces in your head.

“Say, Yukari... What clubs do you plan to join this year?”
“Huh?” She looks at you puzzlingly, a pack of komatsuna in her hand. “Why, all the sudden?”
“I was just wondering, you know, since the club fair is this Friday.”
“Hm…Probably swimming, like last year.” She replies, placing the greens into the cart. “Let’s go get some dried goods”
“Just swimming? Again?”
“Yeah. I’ve got better things to do than mingling with folks in school-”
Yukari goes on a tirade about how she has better uses of her time when the scent of freshly fried croquettes snatches away your attention. You find your mind gently spirited away towards the nearby cooked food aisle, exacerbated by your long starvation that could make even the loathsome collard greens appear salivating… to an extent.
Great as the temptation of a quick snack may be, you are well aware how impolite to Yukari it would be for you to fill up before dinner. As such you fight against your instincts, turning away from the rows of bentos, croquettes and other deep fried goodies-
“Hey, I’m talking to you!”
Yukari’s sharp voice alongside the snap of her fingers in front of your face forces you back to the topic at hand.
“I-I’m sorry!”
“Let’s just get this done quickly, aight?”
At least this time she’s understanding enough to not blame you for temporarily spacing out in the presence of food.
File: Yu by shuugetsu karasu.png (573 KB, 893x644)
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573 KB PNG
The shopping resumes as you travel to the aisles at the back, away from the cooked goods and refrigerated sections near the entrance. Your mostly sideline role of pushing the cart around gives you plenty of opportunity to ponder about your own club options.
Kidosaka has a rather robust collection of student-driven clubs and other extracurricular activities, which students are actively encouraged to participate in. The recommended combination is to take one sports club and one non-sports club or activity, but for the most part students mix and match as they please.
For your childhood friend who finds socializing unappealing, swimming club was the only extracurricular activity she participated in. As for her reasoning...
”There’s a free, professional grade pool and shower facilities in school, so why the hell won’t I use them?”
Being in the club Mifuyu is captain of also meant the two spent quite some time together, though you’re not sure if Yukari sees that as a positive.
“So what are your plans this year, hm?” She pokes you on the arm, signalling you to take a turn at the ‘dried goods’ lane. “You’re not gonna just go home and play on your computer all day every day, are you?”
“Hm… I haven’t really made up my mind yet.” You reply, following and parking the cart at the corner while she proceeds with the task at hand.
For the previous year, your only choice of after school activity was the highly popular movie club, mainly for its extremely recreational reputation. As the name implies, the main activities consist of watching movies of various genres, alongside a student film project every semester as a showcase piece for school events. The overall experience was as laid back as you had hoped, save for Chihaya occasionally stirring up ruckus and ruining the tranquility.
As for your friends, Karin went both sports while Shinichi went both non-sports. Curiously enough, Akira did not join any clubs- a fact both the drama club and the filmmaking enthusiasts of the movie club find to be quite a pity.

“Alright, I have everything.” Yukari returns with a handful of small shaker jars of spices, dried herbs, and a pack of raw pasta, then dumps them all into the trolley. With this selection, you can somewhat deduce what she has in mind for dinner tonight.
“Yukari, do you think there’d be some interesting new clubs this year?” You suggest hopefully while joining the queue for checkout. “Like, say, gaming…”
“Ha, you wish!”
She simply shoots down the idea with a smirk.
Finished with restocking at the grocery store, the two of you start moving towards Yae residence just down the street. As per usual you carry the groceries while Yukari leads the way, a considerably tame labor in exchange for a meal tonight.
The scenery begins to change rapidly about a block down the street, where standalone houses become scarce while high rising, concrete buildings become commonplace.

In contrast to the quiet residential area where your family home is located, this part of town is a typical neighborhood urbanized during the mid-Showa period, consisting of multi-story apartments, office buildings and a shopping district surrounding a train station. Given the age, the area is a bit worn down aesthetically in comparison to the surrounding neighborhoods, yet the streets remain bustling with activity nonetheless.

As soon as the station proper comes into view, so does a two-story, antiquated wooden building, standing out like a stub amidst the molded, concrete monoliths erected around it. The driftwood signboard atop the main entrance reads “ODEN” in bold, an obvious pointer to the signature dish of this food establishment.
The second floor, on the other hand, is not accessible to guests, but rather the living quarters of the owner and his family. You know this all too well from the various past visits to this specific building- it’s the Yae residence, afterall.

The two of you enter a small alleyway to the side of the building, revealing a staircase leading to the second floor.
With a small key in hand, Yukari unlocks the door leading into her home at the top of the stairs. The wooden, seemingly antiquated structure swings halfway open with a squeak, where your friend immediately freezes at the sight fed into her eyes.
“What’s the matter?” You ask puzzlingly, waiting a few flights of stairs below her in the narrow staircase.
“Senki!” She quickly shuts the door, propping her own back against it to close it for good measure. “Could you wait here for a moment?”
Her request is accompanied by a deep breath and a wavering, embarrassed look in her eyes, making you wonder what could be behind the door.
“Alright! I’ll be right back!”
Following your greenlight Yukari half opens the door behind her and slips in through the crack, shutting the door in your face before you even get a look inside.
“Hey, Murasaki, you’re home--”
The familiarly deep and raucous voice of a middle aged man rings from the other side of the door, welcoming his daughter home with a jolly tone...
Followed by the deafeningly shrill screech of said daughter, drowning out the warm greeting moments ago.

“Drinking beer? C’mon, it’s just one-”
”Wow, calm down! A man’s free to be in his undies at home!”
Despite the daughter’s aggressive attitude, the man remains completely unphased and casual. If anything, his voice merely indicates mild confusion, nothing else.

”Oh, okay.” The mention of someone else being at the door finally spurs him into action, evident by the various rustling noises of items being shifted around from within the residence.
“Who’s it exactly? Your classmate? Your club friend? Or some boy-”
”Ah, gotcha.”

The door before you swings open after a few minutes of what sounds like a desperate spree of things getting shoved around.
“Sorry for the wait!” Yukari emerges from within the establishment, all worked up and panting heavily with a broom in her hand. She wipes her sweat-drenched forehead with the back of her free hand, then does her best to put up a welcoming smile. “Come on in!”
Stepping into the Yae residence feels like taking a short trip down memory lane. The living room is almost exactly as you remember it on your first visit more than a decade ago: the randomly squeaky plank hardwood floor, the comfy armchairs facing the old oak cabinet used as a TV stand, the vrooming of the dehumidifier in the corner, and the faint but ever present scent of kelp and katsuo.

Further into the restaurant is the semi open kitchen and the dining area, separated by a waist high counter. The dining area beside the window consists of a set of antique yet well maintained wooden tables and chairs, glimmering dimly in the flaring orange rays of the setting sun. A similarly old shelf standing tall in the corner, decorated by an assortment of decorative objects on display, ranging from handcrafted wooden bears to priced antique ivory statues to plastic and pvc models.

As a matter of fact, the collection seems to have grown again, with new plastic tank models and figures from the latest shows dotting the lower half of the shelf.

“Hey whazzup, Senki-boi!”
An enthusiastic and thundering greeting from the Yae family patriarch makes you shudder a bit as soon as you pass through the door.
”H-hello, Yae-san...”
You politely and wryly return the greeting to the man, sitting messily in his armchair in the living room. He receives you with a big, warm smile, but also a disproportionately sharp glance which seems to be a hereditary trait of the Yae bloodline.

Bearing a rugged but well maintained beard, his undeniable virility is further exemplified by the well defined muscle tone of his limbs and torso that puts even some of the athletes at your school to shame, let alone other men of his age.
Truth be told, you never feel too accustomed to handling the man's overbearing presence and keenness, even when you know he means no harm.

“Bah, spare ‘em formalities! So what’s you here for today-”
“U-um, I’m here for din-”
“Senki, I need your help!”
As if she doesn’t want the two of you to interact, Yukari interrupts the conversation with a nudge on your back.
“You want your dinner, right? Then get a move on!”
The nudge soon becomes a push as she leads you away from her father, whisking you into the kitchen.
File: kitchen_by_feel_nasitaki_.jpg (1.34 MB, 3080x1859)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Steam fills the air above the stove as water heats up in the pots above the flames. The simmering noises are accompanied by the sizzling of olive oil on a frying pan, creating fumes with a greasy, savory scent.
From the neighboring counter echoes the crisp, fast paced slicing and dicing of vegetables, mushrooms, and fishcakes on the chopping board. Each of the processed ingredients sit neatly in small stacks, waiting for their turn to be put in good use.
Times like these make the small and seemingly claustrophobic Yae kitchen transform into a mysterious and fantastical atelier of an alchemist, where everyday food items are transmuted into wonderful works of art.

Yukari sets her kitchen knife aside as the timer behind her goes off, where she immediately takes out the small bowl from the microwave and adds more condiments into the mix without skipping a beat.

Despite claiming the need of your assistance, Yukari ends up handling almost all of the cooking process herself. As a matter of fact, she bars you from going anywhere near open flames or sharp objects, relegating you to work at the sink washing vegetables and cleaning used dishes.
You're not one to complain, though- you have much greater confidence in Yukari’s cooking skills than in your own.
Hence it’s best to stay put and do as you’re told, even if you do want to do something else other than watching tap water flow.

“Here’s the last one.” You pass the last batch of cauliflower to Yukari busily working at the cooking counter. Her concurrent handling of three tasks at once is certainly impressive, but one thing does make you wonder...
“Yukari, what are you making?”

“Pasta with chopped oden pieces in mentaiko cream sauce.” She replies, placing the vegetable she just received from you onto the chopping board. “Also, these are for a warm salad.”
“Um, could you… make some egg rolls, by any chance?”
“Why?” She pauses halfway through the process of scooping boiled pasta from the pot to the adjacent frying pan.
It takes her approximately two seconds to remember what your favorite dish was.
“Senki, this isn’t a restaurant.” Her eyes narrow to form an irritated glare as she brushes off your request. “You eat what I serve, understand?”

“Okay…” Your shoulders slump from the disappointment of once again missing out on your favorite dish that you were supposed to enjoy for lunch. Then again, Yukari is already making dinner for you, so maybe you shouldn’t be pressing your luck too far.
File: pasta .png (830 KB, 1000x575)
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830 KB PNG
You wait in eager anticipation at the sink as the soft ‘ping’ on the timer rings again, signifying that the meal is almost ready to be served. You peek over to Yukari’s station, just in time to see her working on the plating - combining the pasta, sauce, and toppings together.

“Done.” Standing proudly with both hands on her waist, she proclaims softly and snickers to herself in a little self celebration… until she notices you watching.
“What are you looking at!?”
“Well if you’re doing nothing, make yourself useful and take this to the dining table” She waves at you to come over and presents you her handiwork, sitting on the kitchen counter before her- freshly cooked spaghetti generously topped with chopped up satsuma-age, chikuwa and other assorted oden ingredients, all of which blanketed in a buttery sauce infused with orange-pink mentaiko.
“Remember to take plates and silverware as well.” Yukari’s reminder as she points to the drawers under the kitchen counter brings your focus back to the task at hand.” I’ll go join after I’m done with the warm salad.”

”Roger, roger.” You respond robotically, your eyes eagerly fixated onto the delicacy in the bowl. The savory scent of the butter sauce, with hints of spices and seafood, billows into your nose, delivering a fatal hook into your already growling stomach. The dish undeniably tingles your appetite in a way that your lizard brain compels you to return to your basal instincts.
Holding back the desire to dig in, you do as instructed, carrying the items and setting them on to the dining table to be served. You are soon joined by Yae-san who, like you, is also helplessly drawn in by the scent.
“Hoo- something’s smelling real nice!”

The two of you take your seats, while you pass him a plate and some silverware.
“Senki boiii, look at you! You kids are already this big.” He laughs heartily and pats you on the shoulder. “Ya know, I met ya ma earlier, she’s just as fine and lively as when you were small!”
“Um… thanks?” You find it somewhat difficult to come up with a more eloquent response.This isn’t the first time you hear your mother complimented for how well she takes care of herself, it’s still a strange thing to hear… Even more so coming from Yukari’s father, who as you remember, is a widower.
File: yuk anger.png (561 KB, 507x684)
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561 KB PNG

“Yer dad’s a lucky man.” He nods in reminiscence then shines you a bright grin. “What about you, Senki boi? Got a girl you fancy?”
“I… no?” Knowing the man, it’s only a matter of time before he asks this sort of question- yet not even once have you been able to give him a comprehensible reply.
“Hmm, strange for a such handsome boi like yaself.” He strokes his beard while shifting his glance into the kitchen, where Yukari is still making preparations for her own plate. “You know, Murasa over here…”
He flashes you a very suggestive wink, a gesture that boxes you between a rock and a hard place.
“Um…” Your mind short circuits for a brief moment, scrambling to find an appropriate answer. “I-”
“What are you going on about, old man?”
Yukari’s clear, ear piercing voice shuts down the conversation right on the spot.
Arriving at the table, she eyes her father with suspicion while laying down the bowl of freshly steamed war salad, alongside a small plate in front of you… containing a freshly made and sliced up egg roll.

Without another word Yukari grabs the chair from across the table from you and sits down, strutting her chin with her hand and looks away to the other side with a soft ‘hmph’.
“T-thanks, Yukari!” With your eyes glued onto the miracle delicacy, you thank Yukari with gratitude blooming from the deepest part of your heart. She seemingly intends to say something in response, yet her attention is swiftly diverted towards a playful whistle sounding in the background.
“Hush it, old man!”
The blush on her cheeks and her father’s light hearted chuckle already says it all.
Partially due to the involuntary day-length fasting, the dinner turns out more filling and rejuvenating than you can wish for. In no hurry to head home, you spend the rest of the day helping out the Yae household, and at the same time finishing your homework with Yukari. Her father would periodically peek over, asking if you would like to have some drinks or snacks, only to be shut down by the persistently irritated Yukari every time. Though you’ve always wondered why Yukari’s this critical towards her own father, you figure the matter is a private one and opt to keep your mouth shut.

Regardless, Yukari’s superior academic abilities prove very helpful, and with her instructions you manage to finish your homework early, learning a little extra in the process. (+Intelligence)

The two of you finish up your schoolwork just as you notice Yukari’s father has already left for work.
“You’d better get home before your parents start to worry,” Yukari reminds you as she puts away her books. “Try to keep yourself out of trouble, and don’t forget, next time dinner’s on you!”
Of course, she wouldn’t be Yukari if she didn’t mention the credits due on your part.

Bidding your childhood friend goodbye, you leave the Yae residence just as the lights of the first floor restaurant flicker on, signalling the opening hours. You arrive home slightly after 7 pm, with plenty of time to take a bath and have some time for yourself too.

>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
>Resume expanding your hivemind civilization throughout the galaxy (+Intellect)
>Try exercising such that the events in the morning won’t play out again (+Athletic)
>Prepare to sleep earlier (more events the next morning)
>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
>Try exercising such that the events in the morning won’t play out again (+Athletic)

Welcome back
>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
>Prepare to sleep earlier (more events the next morning)
Your egg roll won't trick me, Yukari. You're still an abuser.

>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
So she's just one of those classic stuck up "I hate my dad" types?
Aside from the absence of a mom the family doesn't seem to have any problems whatsoever.
>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)

But that is the point of taking her route isn't it? To weather away her abusive tendancies so she truly becomes someone that's desireable.
I'm pretty sure most of the other "waifus" in this quest will follow the same module, seeing that all the girls so far all have some rather questionable personality traits. While those who don't exhibit any of those traits are already in a relationship
Yukari is pretty much genderswapped Bakugou from MHA isn't she? Same temper, high achiever mentality, and even the same sort of family dynamic. Senki is her Midoriya.

I'd still give her a shot since she does genuinely care for Senki's well being and can be quite sweet if she wants to. But otherwise it's either Koito or Yayoi.
The problem is actually Senki himself being your typical dense as a rock harem light novel MC.
Except instead of flocking to worship him like what harem light novel girls do the girls here treat him exactly as what he is.
>To weather away her abusive tendancies
A calssic reason why people stay in abusive relationships. It never works though.

Being oblivious to others' romantic feelings is not a reason to be abused though.
There's alway the more effective shock therapy option where she can face some consequences before coming around. Though I'm not sure if Senki is capable enough to pull it off at this stage

But eh, I believe that's where the stats come to play
Fraternizing with the Makino sisters definitely would since Yayoi is guaranteed to rub it in her face. Though I'm not sure if that's a can worth opening.
>Resume Koito’s skincare routine (+Social)
First things first, you feel the need to clean yourself after the long, exhausting day.
You toss your milk-stained uniform into the laundry basket beside the bathroom, preparing to take a shower and change into a fresh set of comfy home wear. While grabbing what you need from your room upstairs, the round-capped bottle of lotion sitting on your desk reminds you of the skincare routine Koito suggested you take.
That should definitely be carried out, after you’re done with your shower-

On your way down the stairs, you hear your name being called. The voice, more cold and authoritative than usual, takes you by surprise and makes your nerves shudder.

“Y-yes, dad...?”

“Come down. We must talk.”
He does not sound happy. At all.

You descend down the stairs, steps heavy as a condemned inmate hand picked by the warden to be punished and served as an example.
Soon, you come face to face with your father, sitting at the dining table facing the stairs. Stoic and dour, the middle aged family patriarch sits completely still with his arms folded on the table, the only movement of his statuesque presence being his crimson eyes that track your every movement.

He taps the tabletop with his fingertip, to which you reflexively take the seat right across him, anxiously awaiting to know why you are summoned.
Truth be told, your father’s sharp glance and general lack of emotion are none too concerning for you, given how well you know the man. Him not starting the conversation by getting straight to the point, on the other hand, flares up all the red flags and causes cold sweat to start forming over your forehead .

“I received a call from your school earlier.”

Your muscles tense up at the mention of ‘school’- immediately the incident of you sleeping through classes yesterday pop into mind. Did one of the sensei ultimately decide to inform your parents?
Should that be the case, you can’t begin to imagine the kind of trouble you’ve gotten yourself into-

“Tell me, what caused you to vomit?”

You feel as if a heavy boulder was lifted off your chest as those words register in your head. The way he starts the conversation really makes you paranoid for a moment, but as it turns out, he’s just asking you about the little run-in you had in school earlier today.

“Oh, it’s nothing serious-”
“I’m not repeating myself, son.” He gleams at you, displeased with the answer. “Were you unwell?”
“No, um, I had an altercation with-” The words 'disciplinary council’ almost escape your lips when you suddenly realize how bad it might sound to your father. “S- some other students...”

With furrowed brows your father shines you a razor sharp gaze, apparently not too convinced by your testimony.
“You got into a fight?”
Worse yet, your attempt at concealing information has led to an unfortunate miscommunication.
"No! I- we were talking, then I got distracted and...choked on something!” A very dilapidated recount of what had happened today blurts out of your mouth in a desperate attempt to not escalate his concerns. “A classmate did the... something maneuver-"

Your father nods, his expression returning to the neutral, stoic state as he takes in your explanation. Even without another word, his perpetual and barely blinking gaze alone exerts such a petrifying effect on you that you feel like a chick cowering helplessly before the mighty basilisk.
At the same time, you curse at your own incompetence at the back of your mind. How did you manage to screw up explaining something this basic and straightforward?

A tense, seemingly eternal moment of silence engulfs the table between the two of you. The heavy air makes you too anxious to even swipe the sweat over your forehead, with each passing moment of silence feeling harder to bear than the previous, until…

“Very well then.” Your father delivers his verdict in the same monotone he begins this questioning with, but this time you can tell from the lessened lines around his eyes and his oral commissures rising by 10 degrees that he has indeed eased up quite a bit.

“Son, I’m glad you’re fine.”
Despite his consistently stern demeanor, you realize his sole intention of calling you over is to check on your wellbeing.

”Thanks, dad.”
Knowing that you are not in trouble with your father, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief-

”However, I must make sure you are aware of the dangers of an obstructed airway, as well as actions to undertake in case of an emergency…”
Your heart sinks as he starts speaking again, this time with unimaginable verbosity in contrast to his usual taciturn self. Eiki and you call this his “seminar mode”, and he’s not gonna let you go until he’s absolutely done with his lecture.
There’s no telling how long this will take...
In the end, the lecture takes away somewhere around 50 minutes of your night. Throughout the ordeal, your brain is forcibly crammed with excessive knowledge on the dangers of asphyxiation, what actions to undertake in case of a choking, alongside various methods to clear the airway for yourself or for someone else should the need arise.
As per usual, your father refuses to let you go before you are capable of performing each action correctly and reliably.
The repeated drills adds much physical strain to the already tiresome lecture, but at least you learned something out of it, even if not at all voluntarily. (+intelligence)

Completing your father’s crash course on choking means you are finally free to clean yourself with a nice, refreshing bath. You take your sweet time in the bathtub, allowing the warmth of the water and steam to seep through your veins and relax your muscles.
In turn, you step out of the bathroom feeling like a new man, rejuvenated and humming a jolly tune with a towel on top of your head. Having completed your homework at Yukari’s place, you have the rest of the evening at your leisure-

“Senki?” Your mother waves for your attention as you walk by her, sitting at the dining table before her laptop. “Could you help me take a look at this?”

“What’s wrong?”

“The computer just shuts down by itself, and won’t start back up.”
She gestures to her own laptop on the table, sitting quietly with a black screen.
Her puzzled look and the opened facial cream container sitting beside the mouse indicates that she most likely ran into the issue while conducting her nightly routine of video watching and skincare.

“It’s been running a bit slow lately… what happened to it?”

“Here, let me take a look.”

You pull up a chair to sit beside her and begin examining the machine. There may be little you could do given you are not a professional, but at least you can try diagnosing the problem based on your various hours on your own computer.
From her description, you suspect it may have been some sort of malware or an issue with the battery.
You hold out a hand and press the power button, and…
Surprisingly, the screen boots up normally.
“Senki! You did it!” Your mother congratulates you cheerfully, though you worry her optimism might be short lived.

“Hold on just a bit, I haven't done anything yet.” You answer, feeling a bit unworthy to receive such praise. The system continues to run, booting up the OS albeit exceedingly slowly, the process taking a lot longer than usual.

As the desktop finishes booting up, you load up the antivirus and begin scanning for any suspicious files on her computer.
The first out-of-place item you notice is a rather strange exe. file labeled ‘KS’ at the bottom of the screen, with a strange totem-like icon. That was not there the last time you helped her run a malware check on her device...
“Mom, have you downloaded anything strange recently?”
“Hm? What do you mean?”

“There’s a chance that the system might be infected by some malware from your downloads.” You explain, pointing at the totem icon. “What’s this?”
“Ah.. it’s…” She stutters with a hint of pink on her cheeks, her glance shifting to the side as if she’s not sure how to explain it to you. “I-it’s, um, something private…”

Private? It must be one of those folklore related stuff your mother likes reading then, you conclude. You would have the same awkward moment if she were to ask about how your favorite game functions too.
Either way, if she doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s best you leave the topic at that.

Quite some time later, the system completes its diagnostics. Clearing some junk files seems to have helped, but the device remains running only slightly faster than a snail’s pace. The issue must be with the hardware.

“So… Is it functioning now?” Your mother peeks curiously over your shoulder at the computer screen, somewhat anxious as she watches you operate her device.
“I think it’s best we send this for a checkup.” You say, handing the mouse back to her. “Maybe on the weekends?”
“Sure!” She shows her appreciation for your assistance with a big, warm embrace and a soft peck on your cheek. “Thank you, my dear!”

“N-no problem, mom.”
Despite there not being anyone around to see, you still feel somewhat bashful about your mother’s display of affection. You are, after all, no longer a small child...
The rest of the night goes on as you planned - you return to your room and apply some of the ‘extra moisturizing lotion’ onto your face and body, as per Koito’s instructions.
The slimey sensation on your skin remains difficult to get used to, but fortunately you have Antpires to help distract your mind from the presence of the alien goo coating your body.

A casual round of digging nests ends quicker than you expect, and you find yourself lying in bed earlier than usual. You decide to have a last minute swipe of your phone before turning off the lights. Might there have been something you missed earlier?

>Check the group chat between your friends. Karin said something about new shops earlier today
>Contact Yayoi, you have made up your mind on her offer (accept / refuse)
>Check out what the commotion from yesterday was amongst the boys only chat group from last year
Okay, what the fuck.
With a parent like this, it's no wonder Senki is a doormat.

>Check out what the commotion from yesterday was amongst the boys only chat group from last year
I must admit I don't remember who Yayoi is and what was her offer.
>Check the group chat between your friends. Karin said something about new shops earlier today
Strict dad and soft mom, nothing too much to see here.
>Contact Yayoi, you have made up your mind on her offer (accept)

The only thing you need to remember is that she's hot and makes Yukari seethe
>Check the group chat between your friends. Karin said something about new shops earlier today
>Check out what the commotion from yesterday was amongst the boys only chat group from last year
File: 83093887_p0.jpg (4.03 MB, 3383x4771)
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>Contact Yayoi, you have made up your mind on her offer (accept)

Second best girl in the current roster, not counting Mifuyu
>Contact Yayoi, you have made up your mind on her offer (accept)
What could go wrong?
While browsing through the chat groups in your social apps, a notification for a note made by none other than yourself pops right up on screen.
“Make a call”, it reads, followed by the phone number Yayoi gave you on your first encounter.

Your mind flies back to your conversation you had with the older Makino in the library. She went out of her way to give you the most outlandish invitation to join a study group imaginable, all due to some act of kindness your brother did for her siblings in the past...

Part of you feels this whole ordeal to be too auspicious to be genuine, yet…
“Call me.”
The radiant smile Yayoi shines at you and the gentle touch of her fingers as she writes on your palm seep into your memory every time you see her phone number. You simply couldn’t get the impression she left on you out of your head.
Furthermore, from a pragmatic standpoint, what reason have you to turn down her offer? Sure, cramming with Akira and Shinichi a week before the exams has served you thus far, but that is hardly a consistently reliable strategy.
Perhaps this can be an opportunity to change up your study routine for the better.

With your mind set, you click on the number to make a call. You did notice the current time reading “22:37” on the top right corner of your phone’s screen, but you’d prefer to have this resolved tonight instead of delaying it for another day.

You wait patiently while your phone dials the number and softly ‘dooots’ with each ring, until the other end picks up right after the 6th time.


“Who are you? How did you get hold of this number!?”
An ice cold and undoubtedly aggravated roar almost throws you off your bed. Amid the unexpected confusion, you manage to vaguely make out that yes, that is indeed Yayoi’s voice. In a far cry from your amicable run-ins with the older Makino, the animosity in her tone lingers like a stormcloud, flickering with highly volatile lightning.

“I-I’m Senki Hasome…” You anxiously state your name, doing your best to keep your voice from cracking with your dry throat.
“Ah, Hasome-san!” To your relief, she instantly mellows out into her familiarly amicable tone as soon as you clear your identity. “My apologies. I’m not used to receiving calls this late at night.”

No wonder her initial crankiness, you must’ve disturbed her in an unexpected and likely inconvenient time.

“I-I’m sorry, is this a bad time to call?”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” A reassurance from her silky, calming voice is enough to put you back on track. “So, may I know of your decision?”
”Of course. I would like to, um, join your study group.” You get straight to the point in order to progress to the next step for your study plans. “So… should we discuss the details?”
”Ah, certainly-”
Her words are cut off by what sounds like a soft moan… or a distant yawn, which causes a revelation to dawn upon you-
By “this late at night”, could Yayoi actually mean “past her bedtime”? In that case, it would be inappropriate and impolite to keep her up any longer.
“L-let me call you back tomorrow.” You suggest, not wishing to bother her any more than you might already have. “I’ll call earlier next time, I promise!”
There’s a moment of silence over the phone, then is promptly broken by the sound of a soft chuckle.

“That would be lovely.” Her voice, sweet and succinct with a hint of amusement, as if she already knows what you are about to say. “Is there anything else?”
“Well then, have a good night, Hasome-san...” She bids you farewell, her voice slowly drifting away with each syllable. In fact, you could even picture her slowly slipping back into slumber in your mind.
“G-Goodnight, Makino san.”
You turn off your lights shortly after concluding your call with Yayoi. True to your promise to sensei, you’ve reserved slightly more than 8 hours between your bedtime and the time of your alarm.

In the blink of an eye, the rays of dawn from your window shine on your face, marking the start of a new day. This time, you manage to get sufficient sleep, allowing you to undergo your morning routine in an orderly, non-panicking manner.
Your way to school is equally smooth sailing- no scuffles with Yukari, no unexpected run-ins, and no disciplinary council to bug you over an early morning drink either.
It’s been a while since you’ve had such a trouble-free morning, you think to yourself as you walk up to your indoors shoe locker and...

It’s not closed?
You’re quite certain you placed your shoes in and shut your locker properly prior to leaving campus yesterday. A sudden twinge of worry stops you from pulling your locker door open, while your mind races through the possibilities.
Could it be Chihaya? Could that mischievous imp done something to your shoes?

Carefully you sneak a peek from the small top opening of your locker door. Your pair of shoes appears to still be there, but you aren’t convinced. There’s still a chance he might’ve snuck something disgusting on or inside of your shoes.
Insisting to do a full checkup of your locker, you fling your shoes out of the locker with minimum contact. Curiously enough, something else aside from your shoes falls out of your locker and hits the ground with a metallic ‘clank’.

To your surprise, the object is neither thumb tacks or nails in your shoes, or any object that could constitute as part of a malignant prank. Instead, it is the neon blue can of KAIJU that rolls on the ground, with a folded note taped onto the side of the beverage.
Picking up the can, you carefully rip off the taped message, revealing a note written in neat, properly formatted letters.

“Hasome, sorry for the troubles yesterday. Please drink it slowly, and never have more than one a day!”

Even without the signature, the preachy wording alone is a dead giveaway that the note is from your old class president. You never expected something good to come out of that debacle from yesterday, but this nevertheless puts a smile on your face.
Just to make sure, you give the can a thorough inspection,making sure no one has tampered with it prior to your arrival. No needle holes, no abrasions, no loose caps... Everything seems rather intact.

“Not bad.” You nod and murmur to yourself.

“Come on, Senki, what’s the holdup!?”

Heeding Yukari’s impatient call, you quickly slide the bottle in your bag, then rush to join her side.
This might not be a bad day after all.
You reach your classroom and plot onto your seat, but not before taking a good look to make sure nothing is poured onto it-
“D-don’t worry, Hasome-kun,” Surprisingly, your timid neighbor calls for your attention to give you a heads-up. “No-one has come near your seat today…I-I’m sure of it.”
You feel a comaradice budding between the two of you, forged through the troublesome harassment from the manlet cunt himself.
“Thanks, Michiru san.”
It’s good to know that you’ve got an ally in this debacle. Speaking of which…

You look around the classroom, spotting Chihaya sitting in his seat without company and uncharacteristically quietly. His oddly ‘calm’ demeanor makes you doubt what sort of malicious prank he may be plotting next. While he doesn’t seem to have his eyes set on you at the moment, it’s wise to keep a lookout for-

Karin’s vibrant voice pops almost out of nowhere, and you find your vision blocked by the view of her uniform. You pause to look up at your friend’s face, who greets you with a cheerful grin.
“How’s it going? You got home alright yesterday?”
“Yep. I got a bite and got home alright.” You reply truthfully… More or less. “So how were the new shops Shinichi talked about? Were they any good?”

“Ah, right, about that…” For a moment you notice a soft change in her demeanor. Despite retaining the smile, you can tell from her eyes that she’s not her usual jolly self.
“Um, you see, it’s---”
Sensei barges into class just as Karin speaks, sucking the attention of everyone away while at the same time drowning out Karin’s words.
“Ah jeez,” Karin quickly makes her retreat upon Sensei’s entrance, but not before giving you a wave. “Laters then, Hasome.”
“Sure, laters.”

Curious as you are about what happened, you probably have to wait until lunchtime before you can find out what happened yesterday. Speaking of lunchtime, there’s quite a lot on your to-do list...

>Build rapport with Michiru to counteract whatever Chihaya plans to do
>Seek out your friends and find out what happened yesterday
>Look for Yayoi, perhaps resume the discussion you had last night
>Visit the student council office, maybe thank Hotaru for the drink if you run into her there
>Explore the ‘havens’ in the courtyard because why not
>Build rapport with Michiru to counteract whatever Chihaya plans to do
>Seek out your friends and find out what happened yesterday
>Visit the student council office, maybe thank Hotaru for the drink if you run into her there
>Seek out your friends and find out what happened yesterday
>Build rapport with Michiru to counteract whatever Chihaya plans to do
>Build rapport with Michiru to counteract whatever Chihaya plans to do

The most significant and imminent threat to your tranquil school life has to be Chihaya and whatever mischief he must be planning. He’s being oddly composed today, considering his feud with you and the schadenfreude from his group of associates stemming from the incident yesterday.

Instead of being a sitting duck to his schemes, it is wiser to start preparing now… First things first, an ally who knows Chihaya’s antics while also having a negative opinion on the manlet will definitely be helpful. Thankfully, you know just where to look for the perfect candidate.
During one of the short breaks between classes, you turn around from your seat to propose this alliance to Michiru. As usual, she has her full attention on her notepad, softly murmuring to herself while her pen flies over the pages..
“U-uh!” Michiru shudders upon hearing her name, reflexively pressing the notepad onto her tabletop as her eyes meet with yours. “Y-yes?”

“Are you available during lunch break? There’s something I’d like to discuss.”
Her expression sours and her shoulders tense, as if she’s anticipating the need for a fight-or-flight response.
“I-is it something serious?” She asks, clenching her notepad tighter and burying it closer to her torso. “It-it’s not about my notes is it?”
“No, not exactly.” You reply, trying your best to deescalate the situation. “It’s more about...”

You turn your head aside to survey your surroundings, making sure the subject of this discussion isn’t eavesdropping.
“It’s about Seto, and whatever antics he may be planning.”
“I-I see.” She nods with a sigh of relief, though remaining vigilant by holding onto her notepad and keeping an eye on Chihaya’s position. “Um, let’s talk about this over lunch at… same place as last time?”

Last time...she must be referring to the pavilion in the courtyard.

“Sure. See you there.”
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As soon as the bell for the lunch break sounds, you pack most of your valuables into your bag and sling it onto your back. You know better than to leave them lying around Chihaya’s reach.
You make your way to the rendezvous point, finding the familiar trio already there and having taken their seats.

“Shalom, Hasome-san.”
Sakura is the first to greet you as you take your seat amongst Yukari’s group of friends, facing the awkward dilemma of how to return Sakrua’s various foreign greetings.

“Good afternoon, Konishi-san…?”
You decide to go with the safe, familiar option while eyes instinctively drift towards Yukari. As you are aware, she’s not quite fond of consistently attending to you alongside her friends.
“What do you want today?” She sighs, this time sounding more tired than pissy. “If it’s anything about yesterday, do it some other time.”

“Um, no... I’m here to talk with Michiru-san today.”
“Huh?” Her eyebrows raise at the unexpected answer, while her gaze shifts to Michiru with curious intent. “What are you two up to?”
“I-it’s about Chiha- Seto.” Your timid classmate begins with a soft murmur. “He's being chyunii and targeting me and Hasome-kun with his elementary school bully antics…”

“That midget?” Yukari abruptly interrupts Michiru with what sounds like a deliberate insult. “Couldn’t you just put a hand over his head to keep him at an arm’s length? Not like he can do anything about it.”
You can’t even be sure if her words are meant as a sick burn or to be taken literally.

“Ah, what Hasome-san did yesterday must’ve hurt his pride.” Sakura chimes in as she dissects the circumstances with a faint smile. “Quite the typical case of a Napoleon complex.”

Unlike Yukari who fails to take Michiru’s explanation with any hint of seriousness, Sakura proves to be much more adept at making an assessment on Chihaya’s character.

“What do you suggest I do then, Konishi-san?”

“For a little man with a big ego, the only ailment to a disgrace is to have his pride mended… or have it completely shattered.”
Sakura suggests, as if speaking from personal experience

“W-we can’t let that immature asshole win!” Enticed by Sakura’s sentiment, Michiru squeaks in to put her own quarter in the discussion. “That chyunii manlet needs to be put in his place!”
Her voice and spirits soar as her language takes a rather strong turn. For a moment, the introverted, quiet girl that sits behind you scribbling in class seems to have changed into another person
“And what might that place be, Michiru?” Sakura inquires with a suggestive sultriness in her tone, which only serves to further entice Michiru’s agitated sentiment
“Easy! He deserves someone to buck break him and drill him in the-”
“Alright, alright, that’s enough.” Yukari slams the breaks on the conversation in the nick of time before it derails into a place where the twilight of normalcy no longer shines. Having calmed her two associates, your childhood friend turns her attention back onto you.

“So what’re you gonna do?” She folds her arms before her chest, her sharp eyes no doubt judging your resolve. “You’re not planning to just be running away from him all year, are you?”

“Hm, I… To be honest, I haven’t gotten a clu-”

Out of nowhere, a figure tumbles out of the shrubs behind the pavilion and clings onto the edge handrails, sending a storm of leaves spilling all over your vicinity. You have instinctively held tight onto your bag, planting it between you and the source of the disturbance like a riot shield. While you hear the worried gasps from Yukari’s friends, Yukari’s angry growl at the intruder soon garners all of your attention.

“What the hell- Mifuyu?”
“Ahaha, nice to see you, Yukari-chan! Senki-kun and Michiru-chan too!”
Her uniform wrinkled and untucked, her waist-length chestnut hair messy and riddled with leaves, your ‘reliable’ senpai picks herself off the ground, eyes lighting up as she recognizes your company.
Broken bits from the shrubs shed messily over the floor as Mifuyu climbs over the handrails and plants herself onto the bench you and Yukari are sitting on.
This highly uncharacteristically unrefined and poor display of herself paints a heavy contrast on how the proud prima donna usually presents herself.

“What in the world are you doing?” Yukari reflexively puts a lid on her bento, holding it shut with both her hands. “What do you want--”
“Please, I need your help!” Putting on her best performance of a damsel in distress, Mifuyu swiftly slides herself right next to Yukari, holding her hands together in a pleading manner while gently snuggling against the displeased. “There’s some real horrifying folks out there to get me. I need somewhere to hide!”

“What are you on about?” Yukari frees one of her hands to make some space between the two of them. “Stop being ridiculous, there’s no such thing as ‘horrifying folks’ on campus!”
Genuine as Mifuyu’s act of distress may be, Yukari simply isn't buying it

“No-no! It’s real!"
”Y-Yukari!” Michiru's worried squeak cuts their argument short. Shivering with her notebook in hand, your classmate points sharply into the distance “Look!”
In the distance, around some less than five meters away, stands the tall and stern figure of the disciplinary council’s most notorious inquisitor -Hikaru Fukuhara. Pacing around the premises like a hound in search of the fox, Hotaru’s brother appears to be searching for something… or someone.
”Ah, it may be wise to vacate this area.” Sakura suggests casually, “Maybe use the literature club room?”
”I-I second to that!” Michiru yells, instantly shooting her hand up agreement while she shoves her notepad into her bag. This commotion, of course, caught the attention of the otherwise unprovoked inquisitor on his mission.

”Huh? I don’t see any reason to.” Yukari remains steadfast, not planning to move at all “It’s not like we did anything-”

”Aaaah!” Next thing you know, Mifuyu has already hopped back over the handrail and is trying desperately to re-enter the bush from which she only just pushed herself out from. “I-I need to get out of here!”

Doesn’t take a genius to figure out she does indeed have something to hide, and almost definitely running from the most feared disciplinarian of the student body.

>>Stick with Yukari, there’s no reason to leave or hide
>>Sakura has a point, head to the literature club room with her and Michiru
>>Help Mifuyu with her escape
>Sakura has a point, head to the literature club room with her and Michiru
>Help Mifuyu with her escape
>Sakura has a point, head to the literature club room with her and Michiru
>Stick with Yukari, there’s no reason to leave or hide
>Sakura has a point, head to the literature club room with her and Michiru

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