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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>The Feast of Big Totem
The colossus of Big Boss is seen even beyond the mountains, rising into the clouds. This horror is soon followed by another, a rain of bloody flesh. Every nation suffers the will of Big Totem in their own way. All over Syph the feral savages are converted, struck with a sapience from their devourment, a spark of divinity behind the eyes. It had come at cost as large as its herald, for perhaps only a fifth of this new breed of Goblin survives the Feast of Big Totem.

>Cathedral of the Old Sun
Pandemonium befalls the worship hall. Congregants both Syphian and Totemic fall to animalism. When the madness passes, lamentations fill the air, wails of grief and damnation.

The majority of Simfuni lands sees only a spattering of bloody rain, but the Great Canal, so infested with river Goblins, is hit hard. Even into New Venezia there is a brief, but explosive, chaos. Instruments of every nation are frenzied, even little calves are afflicted. They battle over the chunks about them, causing a terrible dissonance within the Great Melody.

Their lands free of the Goblin menace, the Yadi experiences the awful hail of fleshy gobbets without much effect upon them but a disgusting temptation to taste it.

At the very edge of existence, the Gali experience the least of the Feast, as a mist of blood stains the ice.

A ravenous, uncontrollable, all-consuming hunger fills the nests from the Mirth wellspring to the Shirk river, only growing the closer to the epicentre of the Feast the poor beast is. Blood supranaturally seeps through the soil, driving the need to consume. Daughter slays mother in the hunt for just an ounce of it. The earth of the Golkur Plain flowers red with, from above and below.

A pink mist comes with the morning fogs of Myn, whilst the northern reaches are afflicted with a strange hunger for the scraps of viscera which litter the sands.

The bloodlust that washes over the Turtles is nothing new, until brother kills brother over gobmeat. Vicious greed fuels them in their hunt for the rained down morsels, and where a Turtle finds another feasting, he attacks him for the meal.

Reeling from the bombardment of the sanctuary of purity which is Kaa'Raat, few had time to deal with the odd chunks of coagulate which spatter the hills.

The Dakan shelters the Shadows within from the truth unfolding in the south, though the unfortunate around Achroma's Lake bear full witness, and the truly unlucky on the front lines bear full brunt of the Feast. A return to a state of primality, of the basic function of kill-or-be-killed. No one east of the Echos Kateros hills is spared the torment, slaying his kinsman and ally like vermin, to gorge upon the flesh Big Boss had cast their way.
Balance de-harmonises with the Feast, for the briefest moment the Carvil’ax’seset return to ancient, bloodied, primitivism. Nowhere is this desecration greater than the lands around the Holy Pool, where Goblins are so numerous. For a race so in-touch with the unseen, more terrible than the loss of a boughful of Dryads, is the imprint of an altogether foreign grasp upon the afflicteds' spirit. Thankfully the inner Rings escapes almost completely unscathed, as do the island colonies.

>Everlasting Waters
The lands of the Green Strait see the worst of the devastation, pounded with meteoric lumps of flesh. In Carcosa the Ants rampage through the farms to devour them, stricken with an uncharacteristic hunger. It takes very little convincing to turn Iti back through Amranna to her usual path. As the spectacle continues, the stinking meat falls next upon Thios, where Whale and Goblin both fall to cannibalistic greed; The bay of Maui'loti froths red with bloody sea foam.

Along the northern border of Dybet, and in the mines of enslaved Gobs, the chaos is unimaginable. Anubisid degrade themselves in savagery, fighting over the festering meat of Big Boss like the rabid jackals they are. The same is true for those who staff the Dandertrail forts, falling upon each other in competition for the stuff.

Much of the Oni's home-jungle protects them from the horrors befalling the rest of the world, but those who border the Goblins, along with the menagerie reserve, feel the full brunt of the Feast. All along the River Ekis Oni kills Goblin kills Oni, all for the taste of Big Boss's final gift. The walled centre housing the subjects of Oni torture see riots, as the beasts now rival their captors in intellect.

An ungodly spray of blood comes with the light morning rains.

Far from the epicentre, the Dwarves of the throng witness the looming shadow beyond the mountains, and soon after the stray glob of flesh falling within their lands.

While the homelands and island outposts suffer "only" the horrific sight of the tearing colossus and his visceral rain, those on the front lines of the Entente's war are showered with it. All order breaks down and brother slays brother in the Feast. Fraternian, Shadow, Turtle, or Goblin, nothing but devourment matters. Then, in the blink of an eye, the hunger is gone, replaced with revulsion and guilt.

Already rocked by the explosion in the northern hills, Human holdings are hit with a spattering of goblin gore.

The capital escapes unblemished, as the northern oases are splattered pink and red.

Rain comes over the tundra, but not of sleet or ash, but blood.

>Blackstone Cooperative Quarry
Utter barbarity descends. Each member forgets his brother in cooperation, it is each one for himself. Carnage sprays across the Blackstone, which gladly laps it up. Not only the booming cackle of Big Boss fills the air, as it is charged with electric magics.
>Create silver mines.
-So pure, so radiant, the vibrations of silver have become a sought after commodity within Simfuni society. It rings with a pleasant tone throughout the air, and the sounds it echos are hardly absorbed as is with the case with copper, and so the Simfuni's songs dance off from the ore with eloquence. The Maestros of stone offer up their performance to the ears of the silver deposits, and beckon the earth to part so they may reach their audience.

>Discord rears its head.
-It has been a while now that the Simfuni have governed New Venezia. While it can be said they have done a decent job, they credit the city's success to the joint operations of those it welcomes, most notably their friends from the Everlasting Waters. Over time, some of its people have been attracted to Theatra itself, and much to the Simfuni's joy these new comers were welcomed in. Yet as time went on something strange began to emerge. Among these new folk there were some that began acting weirdly. Few at first, more and more quickly fell to the same plague. Most would simply flee from Theatra, some scattering into the wilds while others returned to Venezia. The little that remained though only became worse and worse.... (Create condition "Discordia" for un-attuned people, you decide the symptoms/consequences)
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Missed turn action:
- Expand and claim these tiles for the co-operative.
Reposting actions

1. Harden Thy Metal: There's blood in the air and it's making Oni anxious instead of excited. This was a first and worrying omen for them! With nostalgia and will, Oni decided they put this off for too long. Oni traded silver and beautiful gems with the Little Oni for coal. They quickly built blast furnaces all around their cities, especially the mines and started to upgrade their iron into steel.
2. Clean Water for All: With the needed roads now in place due to the gobbu's work, it was time to finally clean up their land! Yokusna is a bathhouse city, precious pearl of Oni, but it's the only place to really get a good bath and flowing water. This won't do. The Nobles and Elders are complaining the commoners are quite stinky and want Benmi to do something about it already! Perfumes can only do so much. He wanted to slaughter the lot of them for complaining while his father is missing, but he did agree the smell is getting bad. He orders a complete aqueduct/sewage system expanding the land allowing water from the rivers and lakes to flow into the cities and homes.
On the behalf of the Megyros

1. The world is getting more dangerous and chaotic by the day. But there is hope still. While we need to delve deeper into the spiritual, we must also defend our worldly bodies. We will train new soldiers; instill the ideals of peace, defend, and spirituality. We won't go down without a fight.
2. While we are a merchant people, we do realize we also need to ensure our waters stay safe for them to return. We will research better ship building techniques
3. And build more maritime ready ships to defend our shores
4. We ask of our Oni friends to send a admiral of theirs in hopes he will teach our people new and better strategies to better organize, fight, and defend out at the sea.
(Oops. Forgot to put Oni reaction.)

This should have been obvious, but Oni wanted to take a chance. King Benmi orders troops to quell and bring peace to the river borders and stomp out the riots in the menagerie. Something tells him the researchers are going to punish the gobbu more harshly than he could ever do.
1: Lobarra/Kudzu action tax: 2/4

2: Colonisation action tax: 3/5

War post:
Begin moving troops to blackstone citadel

Can’t react to goblin stuff right now will do so whenever able
Pask is unphased by recent events, and after ensuring no ill effects upon its people it continues its current course of action.

1. Pask continues the development of the Grand Devisery within Obron. This is critical to accomplishing Pask's goals.

2. Pask begins the creation of an Inculcation Forge, for the creation of the rune-infused tools and items for Pask's glory.
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>Global Event: Rain of Flesh
The shadowed sight of a monster rising above far mountains sets Dwarven mouths to grumbling - has some foul Cravic beast made it across to this continent's shores? The smattering of gore that falls from the sky a little later does little to hinder this assumption. For the most part, where this foul stinking flesh lands it will be briskly burned by Dwarves who find it.

>Action 1: Ulzrailk
Midway (or near enough) between Æbleholm and Ederakung, the settlement had been growing as a rest-stop, and a good place to stay for those Dwarven tourist wishing to visit Guldfar's great temple and field of gold without doing damage by staying at the place itself. Now, with a Brassworks established to bring more industry to the area, Ulzrailk finally gains a town charter and becomes site for the non-religious administration of the province.

>Action 2: Seeing clearly
>Glassworks and Fortress
With the northern coastal sands surveyed, techniques recently bought in from the Gyldenland will here be put to use with a Glassworks established to produce glass from the most favourable sands of the area. And with Glass and Brass both now in production, the wonders that may be made from these are crafted again on these new Syphic shores. From the cliff at the eastern edge of Dwarven lands Gylden dwarves may finally see clear images rather then hazy shapes as they look down through cloud into sweltering jungles; where new fortresses rise along new roads and the land lies heavy with meat-fall. Such militarisation, and such masonry placed behind it - the Dwarves commission a fortress of their own to stand upon the heights of their mountains, so that the Jungles below might be watched and Dwarven lands defended from perceived threats.

>Response to the Pixies:
The Dwarves humm and deliberate the words of the Pixies. And then they shake their heads as one. No, it is the Tanglewall around Thornbush that is of the most vital import to let crumble away. Did the Pixies not see how it burned north of the river, how the fires consumed it and spread to the city; thousands of their brethren burned to ash by boundless flame that had taken root in those warps of drying wood? No, allowing Tanglewall to remain around a town of so many would be a simply irresponsible fire hazard, let alone allowing it to regrow in the places already stripped away from.

However, if this reasoning is not enough to satisfy the Pixies, the Dwarves are willing to allow a small compromise. If allowing some small, isolated corner of the wall to remain would smooth further relations between Pixie and Dwarf, then the Dwarves of the Æblenthrong would allow the wall of the southern Tangle-tip to remain, where the Tangle touches upon the Zarunteg valley and the Metaki hills. This way, no Dwarves from these areas would be able to simply stroll into the Tanglewood without going through the relevant authorities in Thornbush.
Uni receives disturbing news from the south, a vile god has arrisen, not one of noble war, justice, water or death, this is a god of avarice, of greed, of gluttony. Fortunately, the Cult of Moth knows exactly what to do with those who partook in his flesh, lashings, brandings, purification, they shall repent for their sins. As for Uni and her Wepawet mac Lir, she better take haste to complete this war, so she can hurry back home.

Action 1: Send guilty warriors up north, to Prenhearn, where there is no goblin flesh.
All warriors, or people of strong bodies, men and women who have partaken in the sinful flesh of the pretender god are offered a path to redemption, they shall go on a crusade, to rid us of an enemy most ancient, right a wrong of the ancient past, and aid an ally who is now family for the Pharaoh. As for the posts they used to man, we should have plenty of virtuous warriors to put in their place.

Action 2: Continue the voyage to attack the Pure Lands, to shatter their cities, their forges, their farms.
Through jagged waves and icy squalls we endure, we shall destroy all of their settlements and structures, we shall see how much of an army they can raise when we turn their farms into burning fields, their forges to rubble and their cities into slaughterhouses. Worry not overmuch about their armies, these bunnies are cowardly and fast, but their structures are far less mobile. Smash with cannon, hammer and ice.
(Reposting as was told to do, now with response to the event)

With the sudden and unprovoked attack by the savages, and the word of such horrific slaughter, combined with the very skies raining with blood after the horrific sight of that...thing, many would volunteer to join the Colonial Army or form various militia's to serve under it in order to protect their home and fight off the hoards of this Fanw forsaken place, a number wishing to do so as to be able to find a way back home to Llychlyn after things had grown peaceful enough to do so. However, the few of Clan Wynn who were teaching more or less all of the colonial army the ways of war were not enough to deal with this influx, and naturally they knew their skills as Meistri Rhyfel would be needed on the front. As such they swiftly got to work in teaching the next generation of those who would eventually take their place. Naturally they'd take the most promising of the Gwaywffyn Mynydd, Coeden Fwyell and Helwyr Saethwr and impart their skills of training onto them, and ideally from there more could come to be made in time, allowing far greater numbers of those who wished to learn the ways of war to protect their home to be taught, and by extension far greater numbers of soldiers to be raised from the population. Ideally, it will also mean that soon, quality quantities of new soldiers would arrive at the front.

Meanwhile something more curios would be trained. A group of Helwyr Saethwr shocked at the fact that a whole rain of arrows seemingly were deflected or dodged by the enemy got a very nasty idea to deal with them, and with the canonau brought to the front, they knew they had their chance. Given the speed of the shot fired from canonau, they were confident that any charge could be dealt with provided a shot was loaded in fast enough and fired fast enough, and so, this small group of frustrated Helwyr Saethwr would specialize themselves in the use of these weapons, aiming to make use of their skills from their training and to apply that combined with their own further training to make a destructive bit of artillery, and swiftly they'd have a myriad of idea's as to how to employ themselves on the front lines, along with their commanding officers... For a siege weapon, canonau were quite maneuverable. Perhaps warfare could be revolutionized with them? Regardless, those who had dedicated themselves to such still kept their bows and axes, and fully aimed to use them alongside their new weapons...Still, they'd like to see those overgrown rats try and dodge or deflect the shots from the canonau...

>Action One. Training of the next generation of drill masters and teachers of war.

>Action Two. Canonau Dinistriol, a sub section of the Helwyr Saethwr.

Brother against Brother! Father against son!

Chaos and carnage erupt among the turtles over the scraps of flesh from the heavens, the sudden decrease in the goblins numbers and the change in their behavior sending waves of fear and madness among the turtles who believe the good times when Goblin meat flowed freely were over and now all must fight for the few scraps that were left.

And it could have continued, even after the first terrible hour, as the turtle clans held such anger and competition and fear in their hearts, ready to break down turtle society into a dark and terrible age. Were it not for one, singular Turtle, whose voice could be heard booming across the meeting hole of the elders.

"BROTHERS. . ." he said



The War of the Feast is over
The Goblins Crusade has begun

It was as if the entire turtle nation had gone into a feeding frenzy, as almost every able bodied turtle, even some of the young ones and old men, took up arms or crafted them, donning whatever armor and weapons they could.

The huge mass of turtle population that had been building up on the meat of the green goblins, now threatened by the perceived loss of their abundant food source, now causes huge swathes of the turtles to rise up in ad hoc and impromptu legions, auxiliaries, militias and warriors aplenty. All coming together under the banners of unified hunger and survival
Turn update:

Rather than work on Lobarra this turn, new first action due to war and all that.

1: Memory of the Old War: Sharpshooting II

Memories of an ancient dryad sharpshooter empower our peerless ranged units, but these are but memories.

Focussing on them, honing in on the ancient muscle memory and minute adjustments needed to strike true.

The memories mean nothing without training, but training and refinement we now provide so we may fight as well as the ancients did.

The dryads trained in such a way are given spirit bows and grouped into regiments known as Clades of Klaia, a cut above the average dryad hunter.

Goblin response:

The return to ancient bloodshed is less disturbing to the rings than it would be to most, the Carvil’ax’seset accustomed to blood and violence, but the conflict so close to the holy pool is unacceptable, dryads quickly cleaning the area up of goblins after the madness settles out, and the afflicted being led back to the forest.

As for what to do about the giant goblin and the goblins in general, it is unknown. The Carvil’ax’seset have no real response to this, but prioritise the defence of their alliance first. Things such as this can be sorted out at a later date after some interrogation.
1. Learn the market language. There are many races that the goblins have encountered yet there is a common thread among many of them. Whenever they see a new race they tend to speak a certain language as if it were likely that the other has it. For most goblins this would be a lost cause as they are too young and distractable to learn another tongue they are not forced to understand in daily life due to how much easier it is to communicate in their own. The cognitive dissonance of speaking every word wrong from their perspective being too much for them. With the more adept minds of the new cycle of goblins however they are able to better cope with this quirk of their biology. With ample examples all around them ranging from the common dander to the sun cathedral the market tongue quickly spreads across the nation and greatly eases its namesake with foreign nations.

2. Learn Carvilaiid (war dryad language). The forest goblins have grown quite close to the dryads. They had been taught much of their ways and many of these women had effectively taken the place of their shamans giving them great sway over the tribes there. Such constant proximity has compelled even the young goblins of the old cycle to learn the tongue for it allowed them to get closer to the totem. There was also an eery nostalgia associated with it as well. As if this were not the first time that they had learned to speak this language. Because of this, their active efforts of proselytizing of those on the dandertrail, and a sizable border share the language has quickly caught on throughout the land proper in the new cycle as they use phrases to ward away and interact with other spirits not associated with their totem as they had been told that it would be more effective that way.

3. Study the strange blackstone and the magically energy from it. Out of all the places in the world the blackstone quarry perhaps had the strangest response to carnage invoked by Big Boss. To the shadow goblins this is a dream come true as their totems seem to be truly the strongest after such a display. Enough to silence any nay sayers in their old tribes who may have claimed they were merely going through a phase. Their newly intelligent shamans work tirelessly to figure out how to best channel and direct this energy and how they may reliably achieve more.
> the call of the overlands
The time has come.
Shovels shall go silent, hammers shall clank once more, forges lit up, houses emptied.
The Imnaki go to war, and may the surface tremble at the steps of the Umunak

> action 1: train all our soldiers into forming better shield walls and improve our shields for that same purpose
The enemies we are going to face are sneaky, but this shall not stop us! We will not fight them in their ways, we will force them to fight us directly: a unified wall of imnaki steel cannot be fought with daggers and stealth, not when the wall is unbreakable and unified in both body and mind

> improve our armor: make it more covering, tougher and harder
Mobility has never been our main strength, but this does not matter: why focus on something when it’s impossible to achieve?
We shall double down on our strengths, we shall create an unbreakable shell of metal, and put a soldier in each of them. Our legions will glitter like the stars we’ll never see, and their wrath will be just as unstoppable
> warpost: send all the equipment, troops and building materials that we can afford to send to the frontlines. Especially, cover all the blackstone in Queensmusk, so that it may not be stolen without notice
The Umunak march. The blackstone travels with them
Reposting action
Event: The Yadi has been attacked by strange magics; and that will not be taken lying down. Looking at those of the island and beyond blame is placed on the goblins as they were recorded to have strange and animalistic tendencies; and such magics could be the cause. War is being prepared.
1. The drya put this new magic to use. The first experiment will be a simple but useful one. Steel leaf is ground to powder and alum is added and used to enhance trees used for boat making. This new tree, simply called Steelwood, is worked to be both strong and fire resistant in it's qualities; taking from the two resources added to it's essence.
2. Scouts and trackers are sent to find the young sapling that ran away. It holds great power but seems to be of a strange mind; but probably not as crazy as the Sonyakians. In either case the young sapling should be cared for and we can not let a kindred wander alone.

With the current defensive line holding strong, and the majority of most local militia and proper Colonial Army forces in the area, the forces acting in the defense of Prenhaearn would prepare for the coming months. While the flood of new recruits hadn't yet been trained enough to be a part of the proper Colonial Army, and the Canonau Dinistriol were still mainly practicing, a number of probing skirmishes would take place over the river line, mainly looking for where the rabbits were weakest, taking place at day and night. These strikes would be cautious ones, and generally testing the enemies response time, their numbers, the quality of the troops in the area, and the quality of their equipment. This vital reconnaissance would be of vital interest once the colony made it's push against the invaders. Further, an attempt to bait the enemy into crossing the river would be done by making a makeshift damn in the north, which would be alerted to break the dam in a set of fires. The idea being that once the battle started, the rabbits would be held at the river and the sudden flood would wash a large portion of their army away, and anything that got across would have a river to their backs and without any supply, allowing the forces of Prenhaearn y Wladfa to destroy them. The main goal of all of these was to find a weak point to exploit, and to cause as many losses to the enemy while losing as little as possible in turn while the colony amassed further forces for a harsh, decisive, and brutal counter attack.
Fluff: These odd chunks matter not. What matters is the war! And such a devilish attack to. No.. something will need to be done to ensure a proper counterattack can be made. For now it shall be made a living hell to even step foot into Usagi territory

1/2 action: Put out the flames

1/2 action: Rebuild what was destroyed of the city

1/2 action: Troops March home

1/2: action: Build a fort on the peaks after the battle

War post: Set flames to the east and west of Usagi territories. Make even getting to the rivers to cross a nightmare. Troops are to focus on the surrounding areas for now instead of directly attacking the fort that seems to command these massive booms. The only ones that shall be dealt with at this time are the ones in the mountain peaks. Troops shall be sent up there to fight and once that is over a fort to look down upon our enemies shall be constructed. Be wary of more of these blasts, and see if stopping them is a possibility at all. Our focus has switched to the defensive all to quick, but lay traps about along the boarders to make them think twice before trying something so malicious again.
Tldr set blazes along the western boarder and across the eastern river. Set a fuck ton of traps about and focus on defense. Murderize the idiots at the top of the mountains and build a fort if possible
Addendum: the rabbits that made it across the river are to return after setting fires. No sense in getting unnecessarily captured by those heathens
Frontline Informational: Yier 2138 Edition (A Katedra produced propaganda paper destributed to Guard troops)

Soldiers of the Guard, while the northern fortress held until the last man, and many martyrs have been made denying the disgusting foe a strategic asset, for every death caused by the vile Grittidim, a thousandfold shall be slain in recompence. Know that your actions in holding the lines provide our allies the time they need to strike with us against our mutual foe.

While you should not fear death, know that to give your life meaninglessly is equivelant to treason against your species! Know the time to attack, and the time to pull back to rear lines. Know the time to flank and the time to hold your lines. Every man and woman, volunteer or conscript is vital to the war, and much like with your pay, your life should not be squandered on frivolous endevours. If you suspect your formation's captain of needlessly spending the lives of you and your comrades, report to your nearest Katedra represetative! We can ill afford officers who waste lives and resources!

Running low on food rations, or have the meals provided caused a drag on morale? One only needs to look a fallen foe for a way to change up a meal. They don't just look like rabbits after all. For instructions on how to field dress and properly cook one of the so called "Usagi", speak to your regimental cook.

Remember soldiers, you fight for all of us! From the Council of Sahs directing the war effort from Makaan to those on the homefront. For the Species! For the Nation! Humanity stands tall!

1. Iron Mines and Founderies: With steel production stalling in the south, the source to the north must be exploited. With it's location close to the front being so close, a foundery will be installed above the mines. We do not have the time to wait for shipments to make their way south, and so refining and forging will be done just off site.

2. Reinforce the Frontlines: With our fort to the north overrun, and those forces guarding it holding to the very last soldier, the Pantheon gains new martyrs to the cause of the defense of our homelands. However, a war is not won by creating martyrs. A majority of forces pushes to the north, bordering where the fort once was. Defenses are established of earthworks and traps, War Golems are readied for combat, and soldiers are prepared. The line MUST hold!

With lines in the north holding against the onslaught, our efforts to the west have proven more than successful. As a result, a sizable force of former City garrison soldiers, ones most suited for close quarters urban fighting, are detached and sent through the mountain paths to take the Grittidim capital. With bombardment unceasing thanks to said paths providing a way for logistics to resupply those positions, as well as eliminating the overrun position's occupiers, the capital should be depopulated and left for Engineers to Raze in short time. Golem platoons too are chosen for the cityfighting task, as their natural heartiness from construction and their armor makes them peak shock assault forces for the push in.

In the North, in those established positions, the forces hold. Once an assault subsides, a counterattack is pushed. Should a section be overtaken, presighted bombardment is to fire on the taken area for ease of reclamation. Every 5 daes, soldiers are to be cycled to rear lines as to keep them from exhausting themselves to a completely detrimental point. However, should the Rabbits pull back, Additional forces are to be sent to take the city.
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

Drya Collective kelp beasts are added to our ships via coral hooks, and rakes for the crews to prevent stranglings.

The forest north of Har'Gun'Heshi is prospected.
The Do'laroshans have constantly struggled to shun their baser instincts, to stand out and shout instead of hiding in silence. This, however, is a different kind of primal. The thrill of the hunt, the taste of warm blood, all are familiar to the Do'laroshans, though not like this. This is gorging, and wrath at the loss of even meager scraps of food. When they come too, the blood of others on their matted fur, they wail with uncharacteristic volume.
Then, silence falls as they look to the remaining goblins, who have cursed and vexed their people so...
>FLUFF - The Whispering Library is open to the Shadowfolk, finally. Shamans who have taken up the call of Recordkeeper begin cataloguing its mysterious contents as merchants organize the delivery of needed supplies for planned building. In the process of temporarily packing away books (they don’t want to get dust from construction work on them!), separate those in recognizable languages to be studied first.

> Rumour
The Chieftans gather, calling the Shamans to their side. Why has the use of Sa’terif, the blessed art of Shadow Casting, been outlawed by them? Do the Shamans have knowledge on what has scared them so, and how to prevent it happening again?

>Action 1 - Rally the army.
Afflicted by the curse, the Do'laroshans have scattered, chasing the fallen chunks of foul flesh. Regroup, and re-organize with the nearby Fraternians. The Trenches must be defended, for perhaps more foul trickery from the Co-operative will come this way.

>Action 2 - Create policing and detective force, The Watchers, its influence spreading from We'vara to the distant island cities of We'wait.
Back in We'vara, and from the frigid city of Is'lara, the haggard High Shamans, yellow robes disheveled and eyes weary with lack of sleep, call upon members of the various hunting tribes. They instruct them to don new uniforms the Loom has spun out, crisp green tones topped with the golden insignia of the High Shamans, a scarred eye. This new policing force will spread through the land with the Shamans authority, ensuring that crime is kept to a minimum, and that none practice overt displays of Sa'terif, the shadow magic the Shamans have recently banned.
File: The southern line.png (34 KB, 754x626)
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Action fortify the southern border with the simifuni fort and defensive line
With the Blackstone cooperative unwilling to compromise on the Goblin issue even after the tragic events of the green purge. War is no longer avoidable, and if reasonable intuition is to be believed the Dryad will do whatever they deem necessary to defeat us, we must prepare for every outcome, and fortifying the south is a strong start. The border is fortified, with defenses and patrolled are created, an early warning system is set in place so that the people of Fraternlands heartlands will not be taken off guard by an attacking force. And a grand fort is raised to act as the heart and soul of the defensive effort.

Action Improve Feel Lifeforce
The greatest minds in the nation have been summoned by the king to improve our magic and science in an effort to produce new and effective tools to win the coming war, time is short and the enemy is on the march. They begin with Feel Lifeforce.
Feel Life force improvement: The Fraternian mage community takes on the task of improving Feel life force, the main objective is to improve the range and accuracy of the sight. With the secondary goals of decreasing the issue of blinding from large groups of life force they say with this improvement our scouts and ranged forces will be far more effective giving our men an edge that they will exploit against the enemy.
The Fraternians and the Shadowfolk alike have been accosted by the goblin-induced rage, the Fraternains more resilient in their discipline than their native allies. Nevertheless, righteous fury allows the Do'laroshans to re-constitute their forces, and together, a plan is hatched.
Fraternian horsemen are sent to the Turtles, messages of reassurance and the plan laid out to bring them into the fold. From within the trenches, and sallying forth from the nearby fort, a fifth of the Fraternians and Shadow forces rush to overwhelm whatever may remain within the nearby Goblin Fort. Attacked from three sides, it is hoped that the fort will fall quickly.

Before departing, the Do’laroshans give permission to slaughter the remaining goblins in their entrapped pit (the farm by the fort), the duty falling to Fraternian life harvesters to fuel their magic in the coming times.

Following the trenchline into the Turtles' domain, the twin armies look to quickly unite with their shelled allies. Once together, quick deliberation and organization will precede a charge on the Quarry itself.

It's walls circle the deep and thunderous pit, marked by a pair of forts and one other building. As they are attacking from the north, the closer fort will be prioritized, Turtle and Fraternian siege paired with heavily armoured knights and well-stocked Shadowfolk archers. A large group of Do'laroshans will also spread along the wall, pitons and ropes driven into the stone as they seek to quickly scale to the ramparts. If successful, they will fight/sneak their way along it's top until they reach the two forts proper, looking to open the gates from within. Once inside, the forces will quench what resistance may remain, and look to garrisoning the fortifications themselves for the inevitable counterattack.

Of course, seeing the charged properties of the Blackstone, the Shadowfolk will stay well-clear of the inner quarry itself, warning their allies to do the same.
The Fraternian military will move with the shadows to link up with the turtles to launch an all-out assault of the fortifications of the quarry, the Forts will fall. 20% of the force is diverted to take the Goblin fort, while the rest march on to aid in the main assault. At the fortress near the simifuni and the mole door in the mountain are any forces moving to relieve the cooperative are to be harassed with skirmishers and suffer supply line attack. On the home front, the military stands at alert and resolute for anything that could be on the way. On the waves and islands, the naval forces of Fraternland stand ready to turn back and dryad aggression, and our forces on the island stand ready to throw them back into the sea if they come.

The fort assault plans, from the front, left, and right sides, soldiers from all three nations with siege ladders, and a battering ram, will attack the fortifications under the cover of arrow fire and catapult fire. the arrow fire will focus on preventing wall defenders from being able to effectively attack the assaulting forces. While the catapult fire will shell the inside of the fort to prevent the enemy from organizing.

wounded will be taken to the rear where Fraternian mages will have field hospital set up using healing magic to stabilize the wounded to minimize death. Our or arrow/missile range at the rear, the force will be covered by the fraternian Cavalry ensuring that no enemies can surprise the force.

during the preparation phase of the attack, the shadows will be infiltrating the fort from the rear and opening the gate for Fraternian forces to flood through, if they are successful, the cavalry will charge in through the open gate to aid the shadows in holding the gate open till the main force can charge through, if the shadows fail then the Fraternians will carry out the planned assault as stated.
before big boss went made, Fraternians had a curiosity about goblins, kind now they want nothing to do with them, and firmly believe the Do'laroshan was right about the species as a whole.

[r] I would like to request a rumor

addendum to the war post
the Fraternian mages are kept topped off by using animals, plants, and goblins from the Do'laroshan goblin farms.
>Redoing for my warpost

-Create the mines as mentioned
-Send some troops to reinforce the citadel
-create walls around New Venezia
>Blood Rain:
The reddish pink ice only serves to increase the bloodlust of the tribe. It won't be long before we venture forth from the ice once more.

>Action 1: Magical Enhancement, Extra Limbs
More time and effort is spent into learning this art.

>Action 2: Construct Silver mine, Precious stone mine
File: image0-157.jpg (151 KB, 848x810)
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151 KB JPG
Okay redoing my turn.

Drya Collective kelp beasts are added to our ships via coral hooks, and rakes for the crews to prevent stranglings.

The western ocean is protected with two forts, see image.

In response to goblins

>The Ants of the Chantry are free to have their feast, but all other residents are warned to stay in their homes. Across the waters, either the chucks are burnt where they land, or pushed out to the water to sink by the forts. For the crazed civilians, local garrisons are deployed to beat sense into the most rabid in Maui'loti, and after the Crimson madness fades - those that feasted upon flesh carry themselves with a quiet shame - no one speaks of who ate their fill or how much, but it is known.

Up and down the Green Straight, drowning parties begin where groups of young bull Laga capture unwary goblins and tie rocks to their limbs, before swimming out to the deep and letting them sink. (Some gangs of my youth are committing 'isolated incident pogroms'l
Turn update, update:

Don’t work on colonisation this turn either, instead an action to move our armies to the blackstone forts.

We specialise in ranged combat and cavalry, and will abuse both advantages to the best of our ability.

The moles and goblins and dybeti are still garrisoning the blackstone forts, they will stall the enemy until our forces arrive properly.

Addendum to war

Seeing the whales attempt to build fortifications off of our Coast the Navy takes action to drive them off using a combination of arrows severing bolt all guided with the use of fuel Lifeforce to make them a bed and it their effort if need be lethal force will be used the construction of these forts will be prevented at all costs.
Addendum addendum:

My fleet is there to ensure the fraternitans are pushed away, fleet warfare is all about bows since neither side has cannons so the advantage is mine if they attack
With whales too we ensure the forts get made
Addendum to war post,

With it made clear the Dryad are intent on forcing an expansion of the war to the waves and islands the military force on the island attack, first assaulting the Dryad seaport razing it then moving to attack the Dryad settlement on the island, not taking chances with their enemy control life force is used to drain a path to the settlement leaving the fuana to weak to aid the dryad, and super charging the Fraternian forces using restful night to replinish themselves and keep going any hostile dryad resistance is meet with magic, steel and arrow, the city itself is offered the chance to peacefully surrender to ocupation on the promise it's people will not be harmed.

Noting that since the priXie war there has been no major dryad military pressence on the island so at most they have civilian militas to fight with
Addendum addendum addendum addendum in response to pre-empt the addendum

Too many addendums, pretty sure he has to wait until next turn to resolve all the other stuff first, but if not then I stop whatever he does and he also dies
File: map45.png (991 KB, 2048x2628)
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991 KB PNG

[D] The wind howls, and the dead howl with it. They scream of dark and nothingness, unending. They wail and gnash their teeth for having been damned. The wind howls. And the dead walk.
>Powered by some terrible unseen magic, the bodies and bones of the deceased crawl from their graves & burial urns, at first shambling aimlessly. But in near-unison they turn their focus in one direction; For those of the south, it is north. For those of the east, it is west. For those upon Deinos, it is north-west. And for the Gali alone, it is east. The Golaetur'kot rattle and the pale bones of Laga royalty rise from the Eye. Most fearsome of all, the dead of the wars walk also.

Guided by both her Children and Laga caregivers, Iti returns to her circling. But barely out of recovery must she beach herself again, in hopefully much more friendly waters, to lay her next brood.

The sweet chiming of silver is to the Simfuni like the soft lilting song of the birds. The drums of war beat however, meaning many of the Instruments must make their way from the hum of Theatra to the dissonance of the Quarry. These two are not the only instruments which play though, for the song of New Venezia is growing, and must be protected. Walls then, to keep the song nurtured.

(>>4910626) The Oni line the pockets of the Dwarves with opals, silver, and whatever else they ask for in exchange for cart upon cart of coal. The Oni are afeared of the changing world, and steel alone will comfort them.
So great is the need for clean water, that an entire arm of the Kaphypso river is dried up by damming its source. And enormous stone reservoir feeds aqueducts running to the three western towns. It will require another tyrn of work to bring this fresh water to the capital and neighbouring religious communities.

[+2 PE]
The monastery's training grounds see many more applicants, sent north from the capital with simple weapons, to learn the necessary skills to protect the homeland. Though first disgruntled, the growing atmosphere of worldly hostility sways them, and these new recruits are taught well. Yet war may come not only by land, but also by sea, so it is that improvements in every aspect of shipbuilding and naval tactics need be found. Foremost is the construction of sturdy, reliable ships, necessitating stronger, dual even triple hulls, and to move such heavy vessels much larger sails. Secure in such advancements, a standing navy is to be built, one designed to both chase off potential threats, or sink them should they not heed. (>>4910004) Having come from across the seas, Oni admirals are hired to teach whatever tricks and tactics they have devised to the Bovine. Ramming, false retreats, boardings, all of it.

[+2 PE]
The Clades relearn their past, and bow in branch strike deadly and true. And not a tyrn too soon, as the Quarry sees combat. The Dryads move once more to war.
[Grand Devisary now within Obron proper] The enormous foundations laid, next comes the piers & columns, thick stone walls, and the required buttressing for such an immense structure. To save Obron from the stench and smog of a hundred furnaces however, the Inculcation Forge is built, in a location previously suggested for the Grand Devisary, across the river. Only when the winds fold back upon themselves does the smoke blow towards the city, but clever Paskian augurs can spin an omen good or ill as they please.

Ulzrailk is a pleasant little place, always full of travellers and their heavy purses. Money has a way of staying put once it's spent though, and the town soon becomes an administrative & trade hub.
The sands of the north prove wonderful for glassmaking, giving clear & near-colourless glass when blown. As the kilns are being built, so too is an imposing tower upon the mountaintop, providing a domineering view over the jungles of the Oni and the Goblins.
Reluctantly they agree, but always one to overextend a deal, much more than the Dwarves would like is remains tended to. Blasted Pixies.

The guilty are gathered and boarded. A long journey to the frigid north awaits them. Untainted guards watch over them, doubly so as they stop now at Stazgud to resupply. [Again, such a long naval movement of soldiers will take 2 turns]
The time has come for the chilly Dyb to reek havoc upon the Great White.

As war demands, new instructors must be taught to accommodate the swelling ranks.
A wicked smile crept across their faces as the canonau are suggested, which is quickly agreed upon, with rigorous training provided. "Osgoi hyn, Cnofilod!" is the cry of the cannoneer.

A hungry rallying cry rings through the nests and holes throughout the small nation. For the Turtles war had been synonymous with plenty, but now it falls to the more universal meanings of hardship, austerity, and most egregious of all, rationing. Perhaps this is another spur to battle for so many Turtles. The great mass of shells marches south, their bellies to fill. No longer a feast, now it is a crusade, one to maintain their very way of life.

[post the goblin land deal in thread, and it'll be official]
From their burrows they come, carting musked Blackstone behind them (just in case), the Umunak are a-war.
Every last imperfection must be drilled out of them. Act as one unit, one hive, one mind. As. One.
The same must be of their armour. Leave holes only for nostrils, to breath & sense. Allow only limited movement to avoid weak points in the joints. March as one, at once, left right, left right, bound in steel, bound in sisterhood.
>Big Totem
The Market tongue is spoken widely enough upon the peripheries that collecting it together, coherently at that, is easy enough. Similarly, the Goblins wished to learn Carvilaiid also. (>>4910291) Bound now by Totem, the Dryads of Dhaastu teach them it. This thirst for knowledge does not end here, for the Feast had sparked something within both them and the Blackstone they quarry. Painful testing reveals the stone does indeed drink the blood poured upon it, afterwards filling the air with a staticky magic. In an enclosed space, the magic seeps only through the cracks in the walls, and not the walls themselves. A small chip can take in a drop or two of blood, whilst the ancient cut block the size of a Goblin greedily sucks up the supply of blood from three Goblins entirely. The same small chip will emit but the briefest shock, whilst the block once fully sated discharges hair-raising power for almost a full turn of the sun in the sky. Covering the stone forces the magic in the opposite direction, but like an invisible smoke, it then billows out in all directions.
>Up and down the Green Straight, drowning parties begin where groups of young bull Laga capture unwary goblins and tie rocks to their limbs, before swimming out to the deep and letting them sink. (>>4913636)

Bringing their magics together, the Purebreeds experiment without their sap, resulting in the strong, but ever-so-slow growing Steelwood trees. Their previous experiment however remains a concern, that Carasprig thing cannot be left to run wild, for both its own safety and perhaps that of the Yadi. Every possible sighting is followed, which with outliers discarded shows a track north, through the forest and warm plains, over the Hitels, past the mines towards... that Dryad.

The fires are contained before they can spread, but far too much is lost to be repaired in just half a tyrn. Instead, the most vital structures are repaired, chiefly the stone walls.
Having both sent and received shocks, the army is ordered home, bounty in tow, where they may be purified ready for the battles no doubt ahead. Among their tasks is construction of a fort upon the highest reachable peak, overlooking the enemy in the south.

[+1 PE]
There is no time to dally, the war needs steel, and needs it now. Set Men to work the source found before, and forge it on site.
The line is drawn. Earthworks, trenches, hidden falls and spikes litter the hillside, daring the Rabbits to cross it.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>4913118) A number of Sonyakians are added to Laga vessels for their added destructive power, though their individual minds may prove an occasional hindrance.
A coral fort is transported and reconstructed for New Venezia. A second begins out in the open waters north of it, but alas the hulking ships of the Fraternians disrupt the work so badly it cannot be completed.
[R] Shadows which move on their own accord, that whisper the death of Achroma and downfall of the Dakan. Shadows which move between the worlds beyond, that whisper of damnation. Shadows which are not Do'larosha. Shadows... the shadows...
Sorting the Library is an impossible task. Though no longer the maddening labyrinth it once was, the racks still shift when not observed. One might as well try to teach a Fraternian how to remain silent.
Rally, regroup, and march out. Nothing can be done with the Shadows in such a shambles.
Shamanistic authority spreads silently through the forests, plains, and ice, over the waters and onto the islands also. Where once one was watched only by the ever-vigilant Achroma, now it turns that one is watched too by the Shamans' eyes beyond their heads; The Watchers.

[R] Whilst helping repair a pit in the road after the rains, a worker pulls out a muddy nugget of native gold!
Stone is laid upon stone, til no Netch can look over it. Perhaps it will be found true that good fences make good neighbours.
A noticeable area of deficiency is that of sensing life force beneath the waves, another is that of information-blinding. The first is solved with a readjusting of the eyes whilst the spell is cast, while the latter is more tricky. The solution, it is found, is by mentally tuning the life force which passes over the eyes, filtering out that with little life force such as grasses, insects, songbirds, etc..

Experimentation begins on how to unlock the secrets of this polymelia, quickly discovering that grafting alone is not sufficient. Infection, blood-loss, and shock are often the cause of a subject's death. However trials upon those who are strongly magicked fair far better, though not with 100% success as of yet. It is found that it is necessary for a large portion of the innate rage within a Galissan to integrate the limb into the host. Further, this must be maintained for said limb to be of use.
A second mine of silver, is followed closely by one of jet.


-The Second Purity Wars: Fire and Probes-

Damage done, the Rabbits retreat over their rivers, setting fires in their wake. They return with spears & arrows, or with burnt paws & singed whiskers. The feet of the poor Pure priests blister as they dance for the troops to leap up between the peaks, revealing the locations of the impure mountain forts. Fanwen probes across the Baean reveal the absence of Rabbit forces, instead a number of fires quickly gaining hold in the grass and brush. The dam project is put on hold, but the plans kept ready.
A path through the mountains straight into the enemy's city is searched for, but not found, dashing the hope of a quick victory. No matter, clear out the rubble, reposition the bombards, and recommence firing. Do not let them finish that pitiful tower up there either. Bombards are also brought north with the push of Men, retaking up to the smouldering hills, firing on any white puff-tails seen. Should this position hold, as it easily should, they will march once more.

-War of the Feast or The Blackstone Conflict: A Run then a Crawl-

In disarray from their Totemic feast, the fort of Goblins is almost too easily toppled. High on this victory, Shadows & Fraternians join with galloping crusade of the Turtles, clearing the forest and filling their bellies. Their next target however will not be so simply brushed aside, they move to attack the Quarry. Trained for such a task, Do'la make it quickly up the outer wall, but peering over the edge into the Quarry reveals nothing to them, so all-consuming is the darkness of the stone. Scampering along the wall they find the comically short door into the tower frustratingly well barricaded. There is little ammunition around for their catapults, but what is found is hurled into the Quarry, scattering (or splattering) those few within. That which is aimed at the fort itself however does little more than superficial damage to the Blackstone inlaid façade. A ram is sent then, cracking the grey-stone foundations. The Entente can only wait for the towers or walls to fall, though, as the gate cannot be opened by the Shadows.
Bolts, arrows, and stones fire out from the towers, of both steel and Blackstone, piercing many of those who dare tread close. The Fraternian field hospitals see many more patients than they had expected, as the phenomenal power of the stone is presented to them first-hand. Each of the armies of the Blackstone Cooperative arrive as the first stones fall. The well-slaked Blackstone still charges the air as the brawl begins.
Great white fish are seen in the waters off Kalia, sailors take them as an ill omen. Proven true as Fraternian and Bandru'ii ships dogfight over the watery foundations of a Laga fort. Here the physical size advantage of the Men's navy scuppers the efforts. Not satisfied, they turn to the Dryad ports on the island, firing arrows at anything that moves within, but unable to do much more.


Action 1: Spirit weapons III

Improving all spirit weapons, melee and ranged,

Stronger bindings, more poignant inscriptions, dousing in holy water at the moment of the binding, attracting stronger spirits.

All of these and more allow all sorts of spirit weapons to display their supernatural abilities better, cutting more effortlessly and hitting with greater force.

Action 2: Spirit bows II
Improving specifically our ranged spirit weaponry.

Reducing the pain a spirit goes through by carving special guides and channels into new spirit bows means a spirit can put more of their influence into each arrow while suffering less for it, resulting in an overall improvement in arrow guidance and penetration, on top of the general empowerment that comes with better spirit weapon technology.

War: Rock and a Hard Place

The entente is in an awful position, take advantage of this while we can and make them pay

They are caught between a rock and a hard place, the impregnable blackstone fortresses and the still impressive Dybeti hillfort.

The Carvil’ax’seset take forward position to occupy the dybeti fort and use it as a staging ground to unleash their cavalry on the trapped GFU soldiers, now facing assaults from both the fort and the quarry.

We have a firm cavalry advantage on this hilly terrain and will maintain it throughout the war, our bows allowing us to strike from extreme range with exceptional force.

The moles and simfuni move to occupy the quarry walls while we relieve pressure.

The GFU has not committed their full military force to this front seeking to attack us elsewhere.

The Entente militaries are already exhausted from fighting eachother, meaning we have less enemies to fight and we fight exhuasted troops.

This is the co-ops fourth war together, we all have experience in conflict and veteran troops, the entente however lacks anything of the sort giving us a firm advantage.

As we begin striking the GFU from two sides, it is likely their allies will have to remove troops from the siege to support them. This plays into our hand, allowing us to dedicate more forces to attacking the besiegers.

We plan to in essence trap the GFU between the two forts.

Let them understand that should they surrender they will be spared, capture whoever we can to hold for ransom.

Should things at the dybeti fort go surprisingly poorly for whatever reason, there is another fort nearby to support us.

Should the GFU begin moving to a more sensible position realising their folly harass them constantly with our superior cavalry.

Meanwhile the Takhab are encouraged to put their ballistas on the fortress walls and use it to snipe enemy artillery.

We continue attacking with blackstone weaponry, a massive advantage over those without, who are already beleaguered from fighting for so long.

(Post 1 of 2, global event reaction and naval battle to come later)

1.Brains for the Living to Study: It was a surprise; Gobbu actually showing intelligence! While they made a mess of the menagerie, they were quickly subdued and put back in their enclosures for what good is being smart when someone strong can just do this? A meeting was held with the top scientists at the research lab on what to do with the Gobbu. Some wanted to stop the experiments and just kill them all. Others wanted to continue with them and improve the menagerie's security. Though, there was one skinny Oni named Zansiiramu at the table who was just smiling. He then yelled very loudly for the others to shut up. Usually, a brawl would break out due to this type of rudeness, but everyone obeyed for he was the current Administrator taking over after the previous one die from the riots. Some rumors say, he killed his predecessor though no one really wants to bare the wrath of him. Zansiiramu handed over documents purposing new experiments. With the beautiful Minotaurs finally giving in and letting them use their bodies and the gobbu getting smarter, they can expand research! In the documents, it shows new ideas and techniques though for Oni, they seem...malicious. He counter their worries by saying this will be punishment for the Gobbu for daring to rise against them! Beside, they call Oni stupid; are they really going to allow the little shits get away with that?! All the other Oni nods their heads in agreement and approve of the new experiments.

Quickly, the new research on the purpose and function of the brain; what is it made up, what does it do, and how does it do it, began. At first, the research started with gauging the new found intelligence of the gobbu, Oni (uneducated and educated), and Minotaurs with puzzles and writing. Afterwards, things got more...cruel. First, they did the same tests, but they beat the heads of them (except the beautiful wonderful Minotaurs!) until they notice minor damage to the subjects affecting their thinking was noticed; it escalated from there until the subjects were mostly vegetables or soon to be dead. Then came the favorite part of Zansiiramu, the experiments he has waited for since the beginning, the brain surgeries. It was difficult to keep the subjects alive while prodding the brain, but that didn't stop the scientists! Eventually, they found techniques on keeping them alive with drugs and minor healing spells thus letting them cut and poke brains while seeing what it does to the body! They did the same thing to animals, because why not? Oh, the wonderful smell of grey matter! (Improve the understanding and knowledge of biology/medicine)

2.Get On Our Mind Level: While it was good and useful Honshakti was founded and being researched, many of Elders thought it was outrageous for Oni to forget about Norotoba (Cursed Words)! It's part of their history and culture and shouldn't be pushed aside for something new! They had to make it popular again, but how? One day, a Elder called for a meeting on purposing a solution for their predicament. His son is a scientist working on "Seikaa Anoosa" Farm told him they were experimenting on figuring out what was the function of the brain for the body and mind. Quite the cruel and bloody tests, but fascinating results. The brain does affect how someone thinks! This gave the elder an idea. Why not purpose curse research along side with the mundane research? It will help both sides and re-establish the important of Norotoba all in one! They agree and sent a letter to Zansiiramu. At first, he scoffed at the old men's idea, because he looks to the future, not the past, but thinking it over, it would benefit them on how brains interact with supernatural elements. Many of witches were sent to the Farm to work along side the scientists. With the previous information, it wasn't too difficult for the witches to create a curse that drain the intelligence of a target. At the beginning, it was only short memory loss for a short while. Eventually after much refining of words and hand gestures, subjects began to lose older memory and knowledge until they became drooling idiots who could barely function! (Research and invent Curse: Mind Drain)
>Reaction to Global Event
The young generations were weirded out by the walking shambling corpses raising up and moving around while the older generations were crying tears of joys. Finally, their precious necromancy has come back! King Benmi orders guards to herd the zombies out of cities and direct them where ever they're going. He has no time for this!
The Grand Ministries fury at the defilement of Pask's dead is quite great. It continues the persuance of its own goals, yet a large body of Ministers is tasked with the slaying and re-burying of the risen dead.

Action 1: Pask pushes the Grand Devisery to its finish, moving with urgency after the great insult against the Paskian people.

Action 2: Pask also finishes the Inculcation Forge, for it shall need many empowered tools to truly ensure the defense of its great people.

-The Blackstone Conflict: Addendum-

>Not satisfied, they turn to the Dryad ports on the island, firing arrows at anything that moves within, but unable to do much more.
This is struck from the record of history.

Action: Improve naval ship design
Taking the lessons learned in the recent battle with the dryad and whale naval forces, and using them to improve our ship design, we will improve their survivability and reliability. As it has become clear the waves will be a flashpoint and war zone for the conflict, it is time for Fraternian naval capabilities to be improved to match this new age of war.

action develop spell Crippling bolt
Crippling bolt builds off the lessons from stunning bolt and severing bolt a vial dark spell has come into being, able to permanently destroy a targets connection to their life force leaving them a husk of their former selves. While under normal circumstances such a spell would be seen as unethical, unthinkable, but in the forge of war, nothing can be taken for granted

will post my war post later
> global event: the raised boneyard
The moles are ecstatic to see their ancestors rising from the dead! They take this as a sign of the lady’s blessing. The moles shine the dead’s weapons and armors, and give the ones with rusted gear new weapons, before trying to lead them into battle with them. Who knows, perhaps sentience is left in them

> the hilldeal
A trade happened, underground, where none could see, for it was a shameful deal, if a very important one.
The Big Boss of the goblins had long been one of the mightiest powers of the overlands, and the moles had long tried to infiltrate its holds from beneath, with success if painfully slow.
Tired of the endless, largely fruitless work, the council chose a more… efficient solution.
The Big Boss would give the imnaki great parts of his underground, and he would bathe in dirt and feed on worms for a month, in return he would add the moles overland to his domain and a queen would move to his harem, to rule it as it’s queen. Now, it’s time for the world to know of this deal

> first action: the militarization of the Adnaki
The enormous moles found underground long ago have been tamed, yes, but while these… weird cousins are helpful in day-to-day life, is it not odd that they are not fighting alongside us as well?
Ah, dishonor! We have denied our cousins the glory of battle!
But how to employ them?
As chariots of course! Pairs of Adnaki will haul a wheeled platform, ripping through the earth for surprise charges into the surface where they will rip apart the enemy!
Yes, they will be great warriors, for we shall train them as such

> action 2: make armor and weapons for the Adnaki
Unfortunately, our cousins do not have thumbs. Not to worry though, we can forge them armor ourselves! Spiked helmets, heavy plate, reinforced nails- our trusted companions shall be unstoppable earthen juggernauts on the battlefield

> war post
Invade the Quarry. Take back our lands from the Entiente invaders: none shall have the blackstone but us.

Use our artillery advantage as much as possible, and make sure to use our tunneling chariots to dig under or through walls whenever possible
File: Turn.png (54 KB, 508x493)
54 KB
>Event: The Golaetur'kot Rattle
First the cry, then the great shadow and the shower of gore – and now this! The bones of our ancestors stir, and the Golaetur'kot rattle as even their spirits shudder in fear of being stolen away. Oh woe, are agents of Snehvid truly at work in the world? Though the morticians do what they can to speed up preparations and internments in this crisis – one does not want to see a barely-departed relative get up and lurch away from hearth and home! - it is the priests and priestesses of the Dwarven creeds who find the most new work falling into their hands. New wardings are set to fend off fresh malicious energies that might again try to wake the watching dead, and dispels are cast to calm the bones of those that still move and return them to watchful rest. Dwarven dead are not meant to wander once they have earned their peace.

>Action 1: The Ancestors Watch
>Research ancestral spirit protection

'Ancestors watch, that's what they do;
from sunlit heights watch over you.
A wisdom stored up over life
helps dwarven kin overcome all strife.
They calm your fears, they help you learn;
they guide you safely through the tyrns.
From holy lights of sun and moon
they grant to you protective boon;
For in the other world they steep,
so when malicious forces creep;
Ancestral spirits powers flow
and protect all 'neath the Gylden glow'

The recent rattling of the Golaetur'kot has many Dwarves rattled as well. Are we failing our ancestors, and so failing ourselves? How can we ensure the ancestor's spirits will still guide and protect their living descendants if the Golaetur'kot themselves cannot be protected? The priests of the great Temples drink of the Ichor and seek divine guidance; can Dwarven ancestors who have become their Golaetur'kot be protected from magic by similar wardings to those that allow living Dwarves to better resist these energies? And can the Dwarven spirits within the Golaetur'kot be helped in the duty of protecting their descendants; turning aside the arrow that would strike true or the edge that would cut deep? The Dwarves work to implement what they find, to increase what they can do to aid their ancestors and what their ancestor's spirits can do to protect and support their descendants.

>Action 2: Fort and Farm
A new fort, to match and watch over the one in the jungles far below. And a new farm upon the fringes of the field of gold!
Dybet is in turmoil, as the dead rise, which is seized by the Cult of Anubis as a sign of Uni's lack of piety toward Anubis, raising a mob to march upon the palace. Fortunately the palace is well guarded by those of the Blackguard which was not brought on the Wepawet mac Lir, and their anti-Anubisid tactics, but it has become a siege, as the Cults of Moth and Undine try to prevent a full on rebellion by the wider populace. The sinful warriors have yet to hear these news, who knows what they'll do when that time comes.

Action 1: Continue the guilty expedition to Prenhearn, with haste.
With trouble back home, we must finish the fight as soon as possible. Besides, these sinners may just add to the anti-Uni numbers, if they get home at all. Either way, we hope our Prenhearn brethren can make good use of them, to be the shield for their bowmen.

Action 2: Commence the bombard and invasion of the Pure Nation.
With the pressure mounting back home, we have to make sure this strike hits hard, very hard. Pharaoh Uni shall take a more active role in this war, personally commanding every barrage by the Wepawet mac Lir to hammer whatever fortification in her way to rubble. The troops that prove exceptional shall receive recognition by Uni herself, Uni's husband however, will act to mediate any dispute between the Prenhearnic and Dyb troops, as we are sure to loot a lot of silver from these lands. We'll also need some chefs to prepare meals out of the bunnies we'll kill.

War Plan: Search and Destroy.
Don't chase down skirmishing parties, strike strategic targets, forcing the bunnies to levy an actual force to oppose us, if they don't, we will ravage their infrastructure until they are no longer able to levy an actual army anymore. Our marine forces that aren't swordsmen (such as Prenhearn archers and hammerers with ice priestesses) will all have an attached force of swordsmen with shields, as the bunnies' speed has them often bypass the frontline to hit our more vulnerable units, so we must ensure our weakest link is strong. This will weaken our frontline, but the bunnies have no force strong enough to defeat our frontline anyway.
Fluff: How peculiar that the bodies of those who have already gone to the moon would arise once more. It’s likely the ploy of the damned impure! Trying to bind them to life and death only to fail as their eternal body has already left to the moon. Avoid them if possible, and don’t engage in them, there are other issues to worry about.

1/2 action: Continue to rebuild the city

1/2 action: Strengthen the southern walls
If we can’t counterattack then we can prepare! Use the stone and some iron to toughen the wall so should there be a next time the damage is mitigated and can be repaired with minimal effort.

1 action: Pure Offense: Pure Hittting
As important as it is to swing hard at the enemy it’s just as important to hit, and even better to hit with precision. The spell is to assist with the strike be it from a ballista or from the more common blade and hammer to the head. A myriad of things can throw an attack off, this spell is there to negate that as much as possible

Warpost: Continue to bunker down and get prepped for oncoming armies. At this point in time it’s better to have them attempt to strike at us than it is to attack them. Prepare traps on the boarders and set scouts out. Use large groups of about 20 to perform quick strikes to try and shave off numbers as possible. Anything in coming across rivers prepare flames and operation feller to slow them down. The objective is to prevent them from infiltrating the boarders of purity at all. If possible, let them walk in some before the boarders if applicable before trying to cut off their supplies and coming at them from all angles. If engaged with those with the thunder sticks, it’s better to enhance one with speed and defense, striking from hidden positions. Lastly if not stated already, traps. Hundreds to thousands of traps to break bones, impale flesh, slow groups and ensnare them. If a large army appears, get around to their flanks, draw the sides out and send troops up the center of the split to close them off from eachother. Even breaking them up by a couple hundred feet can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Use ballista shots to take down anything that looks like normal weapons would have a hard time taking down, and flaming ones to sink ships.
Event: Not many old Drya corpses are left, them not having bones and all being allowed to return to nature, but those that do rise are put back down to the best of their ability. This event is also blamed on the goblins.
1. Two steelwood groves are made to provide their needed lumber to create weapons, ships, and shields.
2. The armies of the Drya march north towards the holdings of the goblins at the tip of our Laga allies. There will be no forwarning as, to the Drya, the war was declared with the blood rain.

With the dead seemingly having risen from their graves, a myriad of people would be shocked. Some would go to try and talk to their relitives, provided they were recognizable. However, this swiftly would be seen as extremely concerning to the Clan Howell priests in the colony, who believe that something terrible has happened with the connection of Fanw in this place. This has lead to most of those who believed that this place was Fanw Forsaken to have their words listened to by many and resonate in them, and a great deal of panic and a desire to return to Llychlyn would be shown by many who already held such views. However, Llychlyn has overcome one Fanw Forsaken place. It will conquer and purify another through the same way it conquered the last. Trwy Ddur Bendigedig a gwaed.

Through this, further drill masters and trainers in the three types of units in the Colonial Army would be drawn from those who were apt for the job. Something that was far easier to find now that there were far more people dedicated to the training of soldiers, and now there will be ever more, so that whenever the people of the colony need to mobilize their militias and the more peaceful folk, they could be trained and readied for war in little time. Further, with the conflict along with the drastically increased effort on martial matters the colony had undertaken, an effort would be done to find those who were in the colonial forces who were skilled enough to possibly join the Meistri Rhyfel. Of course, those who were seen as worthy were only worthy to be tested, however had they passed, then they could join the elite of the elite, and make the unit of the greatest soldiers of Prenhaearn and Llychlyn soldiers just that bit larger, and more importantly just that more available to be assigned to leading our armies and soldiers to victory.

>Action One. Further expansion of those skilled in training.

>Action Two. Grant the first Prenhaearn born non Clan Wynn worthy the honor of becoming one of the Meistri Rhyfel.

With the rabbits seemingly gone and leaving a trail of fire behind them, the Colonial Army would advance with the freshly trained soldiers and new Canonau Dinistriol. Of course, the fires would slow the forces down, as they had to constantly make a line of fire breaks so as to not have their supply cut off by the fires, but this wasn't too terrible. The Army would mainly be concentrated as it marched, with a screening and scouting force ahead and behind it to ensure that the army wasn't ambushed, and any enemies were to be dealt with as soon as possible. Further, the Helwyr Saethwr who were acting as scouts would be equipped with a small buckler for the time being, so that they could utilize it alongside their sidearm be it sword or axe so as to be better able to deal with the rodents should they come. Once a sizable force of the enemy was sighted, the same plan from earlier would be employed, a number of probing attacks looking for a weak point, however, instead of waiting, they would strike if they found that weak point, and strike it with an amassed force so as to outnumber the enemy in the battle, even if outnumbering the enemy army wasn't possible. Additionally, all non scouting Helwyr Saethwr would be protected by Gwaywffyn Mynydd, so that any attempt at going after the archers would be met with a spear wall, along with the Helwyr Saethwr's own axes and swords. This naturally was possible thanks to the influx of soldiers brought by the greater number of trainers, and by extension the influx of Gwaywffon Ifanc.

Lastly, any savages will be treated as they treated us. Life for life...Though we will try and get some information out of them beforehand...If they can be reasoned with.
>Everlasting Waters

A war fleet is raised, a gathering of the battle barges and knights and their elven riders, we sail west through the canal and take our positions upon our fort in New Venezia. Our main strategy will be hit and run attacks with our knights, trying to lure the enemy into Traps ( kelp boys) with our ships hidden, and retreating back to the fort before the enemy can ready a true response.The goal is the destruction/theft of the majority of the enemy fleet over a tyrns worth of this attrition. Should the enemy attempt to raise a massive force capable of crushing the fort, the fallback horn will be sounded, intent on preserving our forces and pulling back through the canal.

Magic Research

>We know the traditional use of our magic to control our lesser water brothers, the destructive use of the Scream, and all the various utilities, however outside of the water it is relatively useless due to how the Sound carries. However a new technique is discovered on the raids against the Fraternians.

>The Silence- a pod of trained Laga surround a ship, a series of clicks and whistles transcends into a chorus, until with a loud *POP* the world goes silent to the men on board. Though the battle still rages and the captain is bellowing orders through a grimace of pain from the coral arrow in his shoulder, no man can hear a word. A mixture of burst eardrums and countering frequencies when done correctly turns a ship's deck into a quiet slaughterhouse.

>tldr - new whale magic makes epic sphere of so much sound, you can't hear shit.

1. Study the magic emanating from the blackstone. The shamans continue to study the strange power of the blackstone. For while they see how it is powered and the potential that hums within they have little idea of how to best discharge it. Perhaps they can use the energy to fuel the power of the totem and perform great blessings on their warriors before battle. Perhaps they can find a way of releasing it all at once in a focused way to unleash great destructive power. Perhaps they discover something else. Regardless it is something that has enraptured them entirely.

2. Attune blackstone pieces to the blackstone totems. Unsurprisingly the shadow goblins use as much blackstone as they can to decorate their tribal totem as it is considered the perfect representation of all that they stand for. This has only been furthered with the blackstone's ability to absorb the lifeblood as totems are already meant to represent the entirety of life to a goblin both physical and spiritual. This unique synergy presents an interesting opportunity where shamans can utilize this greedy nature of blackstone to attune smaller pieces to their liferich blackstone totem monolith counterparts to be considered part of the whole even if separated. Much like how an individual goblin is to the tribe. Through this newfound connection it will allow the shamans to perform unique tribal blessings upon the blackstone and keep their potency when they would otherwise exhaust themselves. Preserving their value.

3. Make a farm somewhere in the plains and a forge near the copper mines. The transition from isolated savages to interconnected empire had been a sudden if radical one. Great highways connect much of the nation and tribes flock to their appropriate cities in droves. People have taken to actual professions rather than daily scavenging just to survive necessitating a great restructuring of food production. The plains goblins finds great success in this change as they are able to exploit much more of their territory that would otherwise be considered too risky to reliably hold for grazing grounds; Which has them grow the fastest among all the races of goblins. Industry has also been taking hold throughout the nation. Whereas before there was local and crude crafting of individual goblins there are now great manufacturies that churn out various products but especially those of war. Much experimentation happens within as artisans test out personal innovations and client requests.
Global Event: For a nation so inundated with death where each day would result in a number of lives lost that other nations would find perpetually crippling; The Totemic Goblins find little undead wandering around in their nation. The only bodies affected are those that happened to be killed before this strange phenomena took place as it is considered a biological and sacred duty to consume the fallen personally for greater power for the self and for the tribe. Even for those that arise the goblins would hunt them down with zeal for the chance of such a strange meal that was somehow overlooked. Some have noticed that corpses of other races seem to trespass in their lands and with great eagerness they eat them as well forming great roaming bands seeking to intercept these undead migrations. With such practices in place the totemic lands are perhaps the most free from such a scourge. It also strangely inspires little if any new tribes when normally such strange events always brings about some new wave. Perhaps the idea of living death is simply not of interest to goblins.

Whale Drowning: While the laga are mighty and have formed groups of their own they still do not comprehend the changes that ocurred with the goblins. Whereas before such things were mostly ignored or unnoticed as their empathy was lacking and were largely seen as a rival eliminated. Now the goblins see the death of their fellows and realize that they could be next. Whats more is that these young laga mostly antagonize the ocean goblins whom are notorious for holding universal tribeship with one another and plotting against everyone else. Realizing that acting openly would only harm their interests as the laga would likely use this as an excuse to officially retaliate they begin to set up traps for these brash hunters and use their contacts across the channel to discover their identities and through that their enemies. From the shadows they work to systematically ruin their lives and those of their families as wealth from the mainland is sent in for these operations. They hear about the raids from the youths who brag so openly in advance and set up their demise. Many of these raids are soon doomed from the start as the goblins themselves start presenting false targets and rumors to have them commit to error. Through this campaign they hope to effectively neuter their opposition even if they may still be despised by them
Warpost: Big Boss sees a marvelous war about to happen and she is not about to miss it! While much of the nation is still recovering that is hardly an excuse not to go fighting. She spends much of her time rallying the various cities and assembling a great levy. The contrast of before and now is stark in how it is organized (and that there is any organization at all) as each goblin could be considered a soldier now instead of a naked weaponless savage whose only hope was to steal a weapon from a dead comrade or the enemy. Now each stands as an archtype for their tribe's way of fighting that all work together to form a varied army and actually utilize their resource rich land to make a plethora of equipment. Once formed they are finally sent north to assist the blackstone cooperative and their shadow cousins.
Warpost 2: The Naval war

Dryad-made ships of living wood sail out to support the whales in our objective to destroy the fraternitan fleets.

Our avian allies can fly far to scout for boats and harass sails, while our bows outrange those of our enemy and are integral to picking off foes.

In case they attempt boarding, living wood maybe be manipulated with plant magic to wreck havoc on them only at incredibly close ranges, and spirit weapons will make short work of their boarding crews.

We act primarily to support the whales however, they have the large ships able to crush the fraternitans while we are far more able to thin out crew numbers, occupy enemy ships and prevent them escaping on the winds.

The dead rising:

This is a horrifying sight to behold and rightfully has the rings unnerved, all manner of voices tell of how this unbalance may be related to this event or that tree being in the wrong place, and with the rings currently mobilised for war sisterly bickering breaks out nationwide as Carvil’ax’seset blames Carvil’ax’seset for poorly tending their gardens and causing this.
>Discord rears its head.
-The madness of the goblins and the drums of war drive some of New Venezia to Theatra, seeking refuge from the disasters of fire and flesh. Eagerly the Simfuni welcome those that flee into their embrace, offering safe harbor to those who seek it. Yet as time went on something strange began to emerge. Among these new folk there were some that began acting weirdly. Few at first, more and more quickly fell to the same plague. Most would simply flee from Theatra, some scattering into the wilds while others returned to Venezia. The little that remained though only became worse and worse.... (Create condition "Discordia" for un-attuned people, you decide the symptoms/consequences)

>Be thy weapon.
All of the latest chaos in the world drives some Simfuni to realize that they have been overly peaceful, perhaps even naively so. Though in possessions in armaments of war, these are instruments the Simfuni are little experienced in. Aware of this awkward relationship between them and their weapons, some artisans begin to train with the one tool they've known all their lives: Their voices. Concentrating upon their voice, they learn that if trained enough and with some concentration, they are able to project a concussive blast of sound forward. Though strenuous and short ranged, it offers their otherwise fragile fighting form a meaningful weapon should a hostile entity get too close.

> haha time for forts
>Action 1 - Upgrade/repair/claim/whatever the Goblin fort that we just destroyed. We should probably build another one in the-
Hey is that gold?!?!
Build a gold mine by the Simfuni fort in the south!!! Quickly! Smelt it down and send it to Thisi to be worked! Blessings of Achroma upon us and him!!!

>Action 2 - Where were we? Oh yeah, forts.
Our Fraternian allies have requested aid in defending their shores. Build a fort on the southern tip of the sand-stripe of their southern coast, and another one east of the most northern sand-hex.
On the behalf of the Megyros

>Global Event
The Minotaurs are shocked from the raising corpses of their dead and other races. This is unsettling and feels extremely unnatural. They quickly mobilize their army in case these undead creatures attack them and their allies.

1. With the threat of supernatural undead, the Minotaurs fear mundane attacks might not affect them as well as living creatures. The Monks have a idea that might work though it will be a harsh journey. Many of monks come together to monastery and set off to delve into the hostile jungles of their Oni friends. They ask a ranger to take them into the heart of the jungles. Muchichi, the ranger, tried to dissuade the monks, but they insisted on going. After a week long journey, they came to the Black Heart (a nickname by locals) of the jungles where only the brave, or foolish even dare to come. The monks understand this is dangerous task, but for their people, they will do it. They ponder and study life, its ways, its purpose, and it meant to be in it. The monkey eats the mango, the leopard eats the monkey and the giant flower eats the leopard. All are in the One Cycle; all has its place. Each creatures' energy is never wasted; only move to one state to another. Pondering on this revelation, the monks ponder if they can "manipulate" chi; to control it not with force, but gentle "persuasion" of becoming one with it with mind, body and soul. Daily, they duel each other and wild creatures trying to eat them carefully trying to "move chi. (Improve spirituality, possibly getting chi manipulation/enforcement)

2. While monks are off to their journey of inner spiritually, merchants prefer a more mundane profitable task. Their goods are can't be compared for they are the best! But, there's always room for improvement for a good sellers never stops looking for new ways of earning money. Merchants do love the wooden crafts their people make, but lately, the designs are getting dull and quality lessening. They do not want to tarnish the reputation of the Minotaurs with these shoddy products! Quickly, they search for new talented individuals and poach them as permanent craftsmen for their businesses. Over time, with fresh blood and minds coming together, they figure out new better ways to craft with wood. (improve craftsmanship of wood)
- fluff additions - allow Fraternians and Turtles to man the the repaired goblin fort, basically make it an Entente fort. America has given permission to allow Entente members to stay in the sea-side forts in his nation as well.

The Do'laroshans are a little bothered by the dead rising, especially the numerous recently slain in battle. Speaking with the Aphthyians, as well as many Do'laroshans having seen the undead before, quickly assuages their worries. This is strange, but not a danger.

The Fraternian generals have proven their skill, the call for frequent scouting paying off as the approaching army of the Co-Operative is seen in the distance. News is relayed back to the sieging army, and though some argue to stay, the order is sent through the ranks to retreat swiftly, aiming to return north and man the defensive trenches, fortifications, and city limits of Nestu. Enemy cavalry that may approach is handled by Fraternian mages, Do'laroshan archers and their shamans as well, for the the news coming in from home is good! Discovery of gold, and the fact that the High Shamans have banned Sa'terif across the realm, along with a period of no use, hopefully allows the army to use it once again without fear. A Thrown Voice order is cast into the air as a test, calling for all to fall back. Of course, if this immediately brings on a pang of fear, the order to cease casting will be given at once.

Some, however, see new opportunities even in this retreating defeat. With their magic hopefully returned to them, the bowmen on the wall of the quarry quickly climb down to rejoin the fleeing army, but a few make the hasty decision to stay behind, snatching as many arrows, blackstone or otherwise, and then doing their best to disperse into the shadows. Down into the quarry, along the walls, or hiding on the roofs, surely a Blackstone Quarry has plenty of dark spots for them to lay low and skulk around in, especially with their magic returned to them. The priority is hiding, but exploration, followed by escape, will soon be the order of the day. If they can manage to infiltrate the forts themselves for a look at their interiors, so be it!

Once in the trees, the Do'laroshans feel much more comfortable. Like when they battled the Gali, the defensive line is enhanced with archers making the canopy their home, ready to rain down death on those who may approach. Shamans, still wary of possible danger, will keep Sa'terif to a minimum, only using it to enhance their movement through the trees and attacks from unexpected angles should an army approach.

If no army approaches, divisions of Do'laroshans will dedicate themselves to harassing any who may approach the most northern of the Quarry forts in hit-and-run/hide tactics, especially at night. Priority is given to striking any small patrols sent their way, as well as construction workers who may be looking to further fortify the walls and forts.
The Turtles are horrified and disturbed at the dead walking.

"It's a sign!. . .the dead must. . .surely be. . .angry. . .that we fight. . .against each other. . ."

"No. . .see how. . .they ignore us. . .they are . . .hungry that. . .we no longer. . .offer them. . .goblin bones. . .to eat. . ."

"This is. . .an ill. . .omen. . .and foul. . .magic. . .must be. . .at work. . ."

"Perhaps. . .perhaps not. . .they are only. . .bones. . .and pose no . . .threat to. . .us. . ."
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"There aren't many. . .goblins here. . .anymore. . ."

"We have. . .taken . . .most of them. . .let us. . .leave this place. . .and regroup. . ."

With no interest in the Quarry beyond the goblins, who have since been depleted, the Turtles pull away from the southern fortress and quarry, specifically returning back to the Great Trench. There the crusade pauses for a moment as they regroup, re-arm, and consider their next course of action. The Shadowfolk had been warning of some sort of. . .attack on turtle grounds? Surely this couldn't be. . .

1. The Whales have invited us to wage war onto the Goblin City on their island, but before this can be done a foothold must be prepared. We will build a colony on their island by their permission, and prepare for siege operations against the Goblins. These were apparently, much fiercer than the feral goblins

2. Whether defending their homeland, or attacking a Goblin city from below, the Turtles prepare for some serious siege style warfare. They begin to use their fine steel crafts to assemble even stronger, thicker bodily armors and especially sharp entrenching tools, the better to both dig and hack with, while the legions drill and train to fight in dark tunnels, breaching walls and doors with heavy sledgehammers, using shields to cover flanks and rears, and how to tactically dig new tunnels in attack or defense.
quarry front
Thanks to the foresight, and wisdom of the generals and military histories passed down through the ages, the Fraternian army has early warning of the coming armies. Knowing that the Cooperative will want to force one decisive battle to win or lose the war, the Fraternians will instead refuse to give it to them. Able to withdraw back to Entente lines before the Cooperative armies can reach them the Whole of the Entente forces withdrawals north, to the defensive lines. But the Fraternians are not ones to give up the fight easy, enlisting the help of the Do’laroshan, they procced to traps, pitfall, and make everything in their wake a nightmare of dangers that if marched through would be a suicide. To ensure this force is protected till their work is done skirmisher forces supported by magi and Calvary will slow down the enemies' advance if needed.

Once at the lines, the Fraternians will dig in, while Blackstone is effective as penetrating through armor, with enough earth, anything can be stopped, so the Fraternians set about helping prepare the lines to improve on the earthworks, cover for rangers and magic users to attack from, in the lines, chock points, and blinds that will make the enemies number advantage meaningless. Casters are told you make use of Feel life force to give our men an early warning should moles attempt to tunnel into the lines, and to use severing bolt at will. As the turtles, and Do’laroshan will help keep them in supply. When the enemy comes, they will not find a force fearful and weak, but an alliance ready and willing to fight. All along the defensive lines, the Entente will not be found wanting.

With the destruction of the Whale fort off our coast, and the firm victory for Fraternian forces some call for us to move on the Whales and push them firmly back to their side of the continent. However, wisdom prevails over the brash high of victory. They would be expecting just that, no instead, the Navy will focus on area of control, claim the shipping lanes, claim the ocean. From the great gates of the dryad dockyards to the passage across the mainland, Fraternian naval assets will force them back into their ports and keep them there.

The whales as all living things have life force, even if our watchers in crows nest can’t see them, our magi can, Feel life force proved invaluable in preventing the completion of the whale for and it will do so again, only this time we know where they will be, common sense dictates they if they mean to win this war they will have to come for our fleets, meaning every ship will have one mage dedicated on spotting duty, watching for whales attempting to sneak up on the fleets. Once we know they are there we can lure them into ambushes of our own, using stunning bolt and severing bolt to prevent them from attacking and then finishing them with arrow fire, however, all whales are given the chance to surrender, and they will be detained but unharmed.

A ship flying a flag of truce is seen heading for the whale position of New Venezia.

The dryad, navy is an interesting thing in the battle at the fort, we observed that their tactics were really on range and, what appears by all right to be living ships, which after the battle was confirmed by our mages, reporting that they indeed, have life force. This is invaluable to us, as it means we can cripple their ships with our magic. severing bolt, works by disrupting the targets connect to its life force, meaning we can remove their living ship advantage. and our mages, bowmen, and superior naval abilities will carry us to victory, even if it is a slow one. We also know that the Dryad have sway over animals we would be fools not to expect that they will use them in battle against, us, as such each ship will have 5 dedicated magi, supporting the watchmen in the crows' nest using severing bolt to kill any birds that might spy on or attack us, as well as rotations of Arrowmen and the rest of the ships magic compliment ready to support this effort, if the enemy should try to send a mass wave attack of birds at our forces.

{we are focusing on controlling the waves we are not attacking their fortified positions, just forcing them to stay in them}

1&2. Defense: part 8 and 9
With the rabbits seemingly content to flee back into their lands after inflicting…in the grand scheme of things very little, this only gives us more opportunities to prepare. Half the attention is paid to both the northern and mountain fronts. With the mountain bombardment forts being reinforced by the influx of soldiers who had been meant to take the capital, both within bombardment distance are upgraded. More and better quality cannon, Volunteer forces from the Praenhearn militaries new artillery division, and better defensive measures overall. In the north, more fortifications and earthworks. A grand line to ensure that any attempts to cross the river are futile. Not to mention, bombardment positions similar to those on the mountains.


With the Northern front calmed; if only for the moment, it is time to once more forge defenses worthy of our people. The northern lines are upgraded, with Golem labor able to accomplish in a day what scores of Pioneers would take multiple to do. The Eastern front is, as it always has been, tasked with bombardment. Unending, unwavering, and now with dozens of formations worth of soldiers to ensure they do not fall, and to rush forwards in case the city is breached once more. To that effect, Golem sappers; that being Golems trained specifically in digging and demolitions, are tasked with creating a path through the mountain. If we cannot walk around, we shall go through. Even by the coal mine, Golems are tasked with tunneling North to emerge behind the rabbit's created defenses, though then to immediately ensure the tunnels cannot be accessed by them. We can always have them excavated later after all.

Ocean Front: Knowing that the rabbits have nothing in the ways of a navy, only rather pathetic attempts at swimming towards ships to board, A fleet of warships is sent on a similar path to the Dybet to assist in bombardment of coastal defenses and infrastructure. Similarly to our entrenched positions, should one be overrun, it is to detonate.
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The aquatic Men of Myn had begun to grasp a foothold in the sea and sands of their little corner of Deinos, but sadly sometimes things are not to last. It began with the dying of their serpents' eggs, and as they could no longer breed, the serpents too gradually declined. In turn their economy, so reliant upon them, followed suit. Fish riots came next with poor catches. What was left sailed back home, the colonial experiment a failure; Consul Synic takes his own life for the shame.

New totems are carved, following closer than ever the sacred patterns of Sen to draw ever more powerful & loyal spirits in. In this same vein, holy geometry etched into each arrow grants the spirits an ease in the splitting separation of firing.
The husks of Dryads clamber up through the roots of great trees, little more than shells of decay. Most make it only a short distance until their hollow or rotten trunks give out beneath them, collapsing them down again; A few of these struggle to crawl still, before whatever power had driven them up fades and they become inert once again. The Rings are strewn with their bodies.

The tests are approved and undertaken, vastly expanding upon the relatively limited base of the Oni's knowledge of intelligence. But one test has been saved for last. While they are sleeping or defecating, a Goblin is stolen from the group, for as they have grown smarter this is the only way to take them. His arms and legs are strapped down, as is usual in the centre, but then his head is also. As the poor Gobbo sweats for fear, struggling against his restraints, Zansiiramu steps up with a saw of his own design. His personal study upon animals had perfected a circular saw with razor thin teeth, which is spun between the palms of the hand creating, in his own humble opinion, a beautiful circular hole in the skull of the "patient". Wherever it is needed, three or four quick spins and a new hole is drilled. Once (if) they stop screaming, the real "science" can begin. Poke the brain above the temple, watch their body contort. For an Oni as sadistic as Zansiiramu, it's rollicking good fun.
The first time the curse is placed upon the target, he receives little more than a headache & a need to sit down, but as successive curses (at exponential costs mind) are laid upon him, he shrinks within himself. He loses his intellect, regressing until he is nothing more than a drooling buffoon. Some wonder if perhaps many an Oni have not fallen prey to such a curse in the past.
As one, the dead move north, up into the hills through (>>4915638) Dwarven or (>>4916543) Goblin lands. Hulking figures even in undeath.

More is the word of the tyrn; More cannon, more bombardment, more Men on the front. The riverside is heavily built up with earthworks against possible Rabbit re-invasion too.
[You need to spend an action to move a military navy that far]
[NM] Paskians once more await their judgement, if they have done the Will of Injunction. In the temple courtyard the tray homeland earth is placed in the light of the sun. An unseen hand traces a smoking rune into the dirt: ߒ. After this the fields and gardens of Obron bloom in winter; Trees hang heavy with fruit and the nets heave with fish.
The honoured and the ignoble dead arise within the crypts, frightening the funerary guards most terribly. They seal the tombs to prevent the shambling corpses' escape, returning with mace and club to beat them back to restful death. For those kept unaware of these happenings, it is a day of celebration as both the Grand Devisary and Inculcation Forge are declared finished. They are opened with fanfare and crowds, followed shortly by crews of scribes and smithies respectively.

In the water, the hull is the largest target from the sides, and with the Laga in this war, below. The idea comes quick, reinforcement. As they coat their bodies in steel beneath a tabard, so should it be of their ships. Strips of steel plate are hammered into the inner hull, then covered over with a pitch solution from the Turtles to prevent decay.
The Crippling Bolt spell requires a truly obscene amount of life force, that is, slightly more than that which equals the amount with the target (to account for travel-losses). This wicked shot shatters the target's connection with their own life force, leaving them a drooling shell of their former selves.

Families rush to their ancestral burrows to welcome any of their beloved dead who rise. Gleaming swords are pressed into bony hands, steely armour clamped over rotting flesh, only for the deceased to drop them limply and crawl out onto the surface.
(>>4916543) Though discussed under the old Big Boss, it is agreed by the new. This new Big Boss(ette?) signs the deal as her first international act, furthering both Taknab and Totemic lands with a single 𐄂. The chosen queen breathes a sigh of relief, believing she will no longer have to become part of some stinking harem, only to be sorely disappointed when the new Boss insists the deal be followed to the letter.
The burrowing Adnaki tear through the earth with zeal, hauling behind them Imnaki in a specially designed cart which decreases drag and snags. Unfortunately the grand explosive entrances into the surface which were desired are simply not within the power of the Adnaki's short limbs. But such large targets are obvious weak points, this cannot do. Fit them too with armour! Cover them over with plate of steel.
The dispels and charms of Æblemore calm the dead who walk. The old bones cease their rattling, returning to restful eternity. The young Kalnthrunr thanks the goddess that his dear mother's bones are not among the disturbed. As the priests' and priestesses' quick actions show, it was outside magics which had affected the Golaetur'kot, which with trepid relief they too give thanks in prayer for their settling. Charms are draped over every receptacle, over four or five in fact. This itself becomes a form of ancestral thanksgiving for their watchful gaze is felt, in dreams, in prayers, in the small joys of the day. Alas there is little more the spiritual can do in the physical than these small favours.
As blessed furrows are ploughed around the Field of Gold, the scrutinising eye of the Dwarves watches over the unruly jungles.

Riots erupt, only barely contained within the capital. They call for Uni's head, for the head of her foreign husband, and the head of their bastard half-breed. It is as yet to devolve to looting, but it is only a matter of time. (>>4916496) Unaware of the madness unfolding, the guilty finally arrive in Traethllwyd to be schooled.
This invasion must succeed, not only that it must be seen to succeed. Such an occasion may be used propagandistically, and such an occasion cannot go to waste.

[Waning Crescent]
The bodies of the moon-sent walk? Let them walk. They are but vessels for the true lunar self.
The bombarding ceases for only day, before it comes once again. Little can be done as the city is repeatedly hit. The stone cellars, ice-houses, and temple grottoes are the only places safe against the iron rain. The blasts come at random, sometimes with minutes between a hit, sometimes more two hours, there is no reason to it. After a lull the iron balls can be easily collected for use within the apparently out-of-range Great Forge. Cautious surveillance brings a map of the areas of the city unaffected, whilst the extreme south sees by far the worst. This gives a roughly triangulation of the bombards should such a surgical strike be deemed necessary. Citizens retreat to purified sectors within Kyo, as priests and official conduct business in the warrens of an old mine.
Working deep within the mountain away from the bombardments, the priests prepare their next spell, one of precision. The answer comes quickly, but sounds more like a masochistic game than a ritual spell. The priests take a blessed silver blade and with haste stab into the space between the fingers of a splayed hand. Their focus and accuracy reflects upon the target, when the priest fails, the target falls briefly back to their unaltered state.
[B] As the Purebreeds give their portion of sap to experiment with, one gives more than their share, much more. They alone give enough for four more experimentations! Frightened that such a feat should kill them, the others entreat with them to stop, but they give freely, for they have been blessed this day. When at last they seal themselves, they are no worse for wear.
The rotting trunks of old Ent or Dryki are easily put back into the loving earth where they belong.
Near the ports and forgetrees of the Drya, are two groves of the newly magicked-up Steelwood saplings planted. They are tended with great care at this, their start of a long growing cycle.
The army begins it's long march from the Yadi, but without the roads and canals of other nations, make it only to their coal mines by tyrn's end.

[R] [Far too early, try again in four turns]
The dead do not know their own children, as they wander with little aim west. Fanwen rush to their departed, only to be met with sunken eyes without recognition or any sign of life within. Still the walk. Such a sight is enough to draw more to the cause, if not even the deceased are safe from the foulness of this land, they must arm themselves with spear and know-how. Both the Gwaywffon Ifanc and teachers swell again. But not only the lower ranks, as the Meistri Rhyfel see their first recruits who have never known Llychlyn soil.

>Everlasting Waters
The fleet is rallied, they head for the canal. By tyrn's end they have made it to the gate of the Doldrelles. Hear word reaches them of a developing magical technique that the Laga of their destination have discovered. With just the right frequency of clicks and calls they have managed to create a small pocket of anti-music, which dulls the hearing to practically nothing within it! However it is little more than a prototype spell at present, requiring both more research and more voices.

(>>4917434) Ill magic or not, the bones and bodies walk west into Umbral lands unimpeded. They show no malice in their ghastly faces, or any intelligence, simply the instinct to walk. Shortly after their own dead have gone, dead Rabbitfolk make themselves known as they stumble gracelessly into the dense trees of the Chiming Holt.
The small number of Turtles who had made their home at Iti's Sanctuary within the country of the Laga are invited to the task of slaughter. First however, a more secure base of operations is required for the scheme, and so Nesthri is raised for it. [It's currently home to more like a home-guard than a full army, you'll need to spend 2 actions worth of "troop movement" to get a proper army down there]
Train and retrain. Drill and redrill. Work and rework. Polish and repolish. A stricter diet as whipped the Turtles into a tougher fighting force than ever before, allowing them a momentary, surprising burst of speed.
>Big Totem
Endlessly tinkering with the Blackstone in their collection, dark tribe shamans find that once a small chip has supped and discharged, it will not do so again. It is only when a shard is bigger than about a large Goblin's hand that it has the ability to "recharge". It is also noted that this charge can be shaped, in a way, by feeding the stone and quickly covering it over in all but one space. The larger the shard, the thicker the needed covering, but far-travelled lead is just as good in reasonably thinly hammered sheets. The most notable discovery yet has been that in such a manner, an apparatus of a lead casing and pointed iron rod, creates an electric prod.
The rituals of attuning are performed with great spectacle. At midnight, on the night of a new moon, a great bonefire is all that lights the gathered tribe as their shaman gives his own blood to the Stele. This huge, and hugely heavy, piece had been carved by unknown hands many hundreds of tyrns ago and was once going to be the centrepiece of the gardens of the Blackstone Cooperative headquarters but now stands with great pride over the dark tribe's encampment. Static magic crackles out over the crowd to great cheering, then a flake is bashed off. This is then touched to all the flakes to be so attuned. Unfortunately, though a great spectacle and morale boost, the ritual ultimately did nothing.
The growing need for something more than a stringy hare or wild carrot every other day only increases as more pastures are built and fields ploughed. Much the same can be said for the forges and metalworkers of copper as iron is diverted to the war effort.
True, what the Goblins lack in their own bodily dead, the fates make up for in the wandering corpses of the lower nations. (>>4917559, >>4913913, >>4915827) The lumbering dead of the giant Oni, sheltered Minotaurs, and haughty Dyb traipse into Totemic lands. Only to be, when not accompanied by the grieving or triumphant(!) living, re-killed. Unfortunately, whatever meat they can gather from them is rancid, not to mention most of them are just clattering bones.
(>>4916537) Goblins aim to drown these Whales not in water, but shame! Tricksy clever schemers they are; merchants are accused of selling shoddy wares, sailors of dumping waste in clear waters, farmers of selling near-rotten goods. For each Gobbo life lost, a Laga family name should be forever tarnished.
[You'll need to use an action to move your army up north so far]

Knowing this to be the work of the Aphthians, many Do'la tearfully accept the fate of their dead. Their path to the city of bones is made clear, and the ghastly procession watched with a bitter mix of sadness and awe.
Tentatively, at the border of the floating enemy, the discovered gold is mined, as at the other front the toppled fort of the Goblins is repaired for their own use. Too, at the same time this fort is rebuilt, new fortifications are constructed along shore of the Opur.
Not all the songs of the Simfuni are sweet, as those friends of New Venezia find in their journey to Theatra, for that city's droning ambience is fit only for the Simfuni and their attuned instruments. Discordia is a condition more of the mind than the body, beginning as headaches and fuzzy thinking, devolving the longer the individual is exposed to the hum of Theatra. Next comes paranoia, a hyper-awareness of their surroundings, and an overall jumpy demeanour. Those who for some reason choose to remain in the city suffer fits of anger, lashing out at any who draw too close to them, before finally shrinking to more wild beast than sapient. Up until this point, removal from the city of the Simfuni will slowly lessen, even fully removing, these effects with time, but those who have shrunk to their basest of instincts require recivilising by trained Instruments.
It is weak now, barely more damaging than if a careless calf were to bump into the target, but the Instruments need only to tune themselves. It is sad that such peaceful creatures must sing such violence.
To the Simfuni, it would be difficult to tell the living from the floating dead, were it not for their lack of song.

Frightened and suspicious of these walking dead, the monastic army is summoned to watch over the living. It is soon found unneeded as they simply wander aimlessly for a time, before gradually heading north into Oni jungles. The most harrowing scene is that of a mother rushing to hug her recently deceased boy, only for him to blankly stare, still thoroughly dead.
In the Black Heart of the Pravos, it comes to them piece by piece in their meditations. As the cycle of the sun, so is the path of life, a circle without beginning or end; A constant flowing loop of energy which does not expand or contract. That is journey of all things, pulled by this energy through fate. But what is that force? Can one alter it's course? That force is Ki, and with great pains, the Minotaurs of the sands may conquer it.
Any old bull can whittle a stick or piece together a dolly, but it takes a careful hand & keen eye to be accepted to even apprentice at a Durranic guild. It is here that a calf joins the trade, already surpassing his seniors. He does not carve wood but release from the block, or even splinters!, the art he sees within. He is soon master of his own workshop still barely with horn-nubs, developing new tools & machines to better his craft. Drills, lathes, planes, flat-saws, the works.


-The Second Purity Wars: Death on the Shiro-

The field of battle is not spared the rising force. On the day of the awakening of the dead, the slain know no enemy. Fanwen, Usagi, and the very few Men or Awoo whose bodies were spared the blasts rise from where they fell. Through snows or plain they wander west.
Unable to much more than prepare, the Rabbits do just that; A truly staggering number of traps are laid as the enemy bears down upon them. Ballistae take aim at Dyb ships that invade the Great Pure White. Lastly, straggling survivors of the fort raid return, carrying a small number of burnt & mangled remains of some strange weapon. It is as these heroes arrive that the Anubisids make their move, striking the river fort with extreme strength who hit back with literal fire. Unable to traverse further than this fort, they make land, met with intermittent but precise Rabbity raids who appear and disperse back into the snow like a throbbing migraine. The Jackalfolk continue the arduous climb of the Hoppsekilles, only to be greeted by the vast expanse of the northern wall of the Moonlit Arena.
The Usagi are given the briefest respite whilst many more bombards are installed in the mountain forts. Then as they have perhaps breathed a long held sigh of relief, the bombardment begins again in full force. As all this unfolds, tireless golems slowly cut a path into the extremely tough granite of Little Syph, another nasty little surprise for those disgusting Grittidim.
As the Children of Fanw break north, they must constantly monitor the growing fires set by the pyromanic Rabbits, cutting breaks along the way. There is precious little more than can be done however, as the path into the hills is littered with sadistic Usagian traps.

-The Blackstone Conflict: A War on Different Terms-

The field of battle is not spared the rising force. On the day of the awakening of the dead, those slain in Feast of Totem and of Flesh pull their broken bodies from the blood-soaked earth, and shamble west.
With the approaching armies spotted, the Entente restrategise. A short chain of thrown voice spell relays the order to withdraw. Their own goals achieved, the Turtles make an uncharacteristically hasty retreat behind their monstrous trench to recoup. Following closely behind is much of the rest of the three nations' armies denying the Cooperative a pitched battle in the low hills. Not ones to let a gift, no matter how bloody or spitefully delivered, to go to waste, a number of Do'la retrieve as many of the already fired bolts & arrows littering the field before disappearing into the trees. Their position now one of defence, at least two thirds of the Entente are on far more comfortable turf, immediately further fortifying the position to the best of their ample abilities.
Western Dryad cavalry are the first on the scene, staging at the Dyb fort, launching attack against the straggling Entente. But for what they give, the Entente (in part) return, as dazzling bolts of magical energy ring out. Those hit, especially the amphibian and insect steeds, are painfully jolted, but it is not the pain of a physical impact, but a shaking of one's very life force. M'vaa give out under their riders, who being spiritually connected are also shakingly stunned by the spell. Taknabian forces are second to heavy-footedly arrive, itching to fight, to quell the fire of rage in their bellies. Trailing behind them are provisional wagons, guarded most conspicuously. So slowed by their impenetrable steel however, they cannot hope to catch up with the fleeing. Trailing far behind them come the Simfuni, who float like, well, Simfuni, awaiting orders of who and where to bash or screamingly sing.
The sieger now becomes the sieged, as the bolts of rakatak, arrows loosed from spirit bows, and painful discordance is fired into the Chiming Holt. But a fraction of a handful of Shadows slink unseen from their position on their cleared section of wall, down into Quarry proper. Here tyrns of determined bashing, prospectful tunnelling, and dark tribe warrens give a thousand places for them to hide. In the east, another war's fires rage, dimming the skies with smoke.
The waters of the Xira Coast see yet more blood, as Fraternian and Dryad fleets face each other once more. As Whales are spotted they are blasted with a spell which shocks their very essence loose, and if they do not surrender are pierced through with arrows of cold steel. The two navies go tit-for-tat, unable to sink the others ships with their current weaponry. That is of course until a gargantuan ship of the GFU ploughs straight through the broadside of a Dryad boat as it's crew hides beneath thick shield-cover. Unfortunately for the Carvil’ax’seset, the magics of the Men & Morphs is devastating against them in unforeseen ways!
To the seawalls of New Venezia however, a single (still substantial) ship rows with a lowered (still visible) flag, they come with peaceful intentions. Furthered is this when many of the crew are seen with their right hand raised not holding their weapons, another symbol of their intent.

1. Hell's Toll: Benmi was sad. His father is missing and no one, but him thinks of looking for him. Even when his concubines are pleasuring him, he still thinks of looking for his dad. Then one day, he got a idea. Maybe he can get father to come back if he proved he was strong like Beni! He grew up with the scandlous raunchy stories of his father going into Hell killing the Hell Prince Asura and bringing back his head. Another one was being so bold that a group went back to bring a flame from Hell. That will surely bring back his father to play games again!!!! He orders his priest to open the portal wide enough (and ensure it wait burn him into a crisp like his uncle). Despite the protest of his royal court, they quickly silent themselves when Benmi told them why he was going into Hell. He was going back the old glory of the Oni with Hell Flame! If Oni could have heart attacks then they would all have it. They were estatic at the news especially the Elders! The royal court made sure priests did everything to ensure the return of Benmi. On a hot night after many days and nights of meditating, Benmi enters the portal to Hell and to his destiny.
2. A Furnace of the Damned: While their most generous, handsome, strong, and wonderful king goes into Hell to bring their desired flame, the Oni are quick to plan! Near the lake for they will need much water for the coming project. Their best blacksmiths, architects, and witches put their minds together on designing "Jiigo Chattii" (Hell's Furnace) for it will be the greatest project of the Oni yet. Financing the project is the Elders since this will be a cultural renewal of Oni smithing; price has no limit Day and night, they work 24/7 building, designing, and even using Oni who died as material to be used. No sacrifice is too great!
Fluff: Those whelps! Their stupid massive iron balls that they sling at us. All that can be done for now is to move away from the area continuing in the land surely a folley. However.. even if a retreat must be made it can be reclaimed and purified, purified like our ancestors before did. All is not lost yet!

1 action: The black, ebony and grey rabbits. Go and collect as many crystals from the gift those from the moon sent us.

1 action: Mass evacuation of citizens, no doubt with those golems and odd weapons they’ll be coming as they destroy our glorious Queendom.

War post: The Black, ebony, and grey rabbits are to be buffed as much as they can be, the magic through the aid of these crystals that are no doubt overflowing with purity having been from the moon themselves. They are to carry back as much as possible as fast as possible without being seen and without being caught. Take a long way if need be.
The main force is to continue carving off enemies as they can, and aim for the supply trains going to the boats. Cut those off and possibly take the boats if possible, leave more traps to stall them if they try and come back to stop the group that is being sent to do that. A retreat to Kyo, although not Pure, it’s better than living in merely purified lands, a purified city providing much greater protection against the impure. Leave a back door in the walls, for when the time will come that we can inevitably take the city back. It only needs to be a small flaw but one will do it. Lastly make sure that the black, grey and ebony rabbits are equipped with the blackstone weaponry lest they are unable to carve away at the items. Only a single sword to be left behind with the queen at this time.

Rumor: What’s the chatter?
With the completion of the Inculcation Forge and the Grand Devisery, The Grand Ministry rejoices at yet greater proof of the superiority of Pask's will. Thus it begins to cement this superiority, so that Pask shall remain inviolate against the undoubtedly many horrors of this new world.

Action 1,2: The many Devisers that serve in The Grand Devisery begin the laborious task of devising the new sub runes necessary to fully utilize the runes that Injunction grants Pask. Their first focus is the sub runes of the Force Rune.

Force Angled Square: This subrunic pattern is commonly utilized throughout the entirety of Pask. Its purpose is for simple constant repulsion, with it applied to the clothing of all individuals to reduce exposure to the elements to a significantly more bareable extent. Crates are similarly stored with this rune in mind to reduce their contents exposure to detrimental elements. Another common application is upon the walls of Pask and its many buildings and roads, significantly increasing resistance to rain, hail, and boulders/arrows in the event of an attack upon Pask. Most importantly it is used upon Paskian cloaks and cuirasses to reduce the incoming force of attacks in melee, or significantly dampen/nullify the impact of arrows. Paskian soldiers in full body armor, primarily minotaurs and werewolves, will find the effect enhanced due to coverage. It is also utilized at Pask's fish farms so that the water flows as Pask wills it and the fish are directed likewise.

Force Flipped Triangle: This subrune serves dual purposes. Its purpose on a weapon or tool is to enhance the amount of force exerted in a swing or blow, typically applied to the entirety of Dictate Clubs or Rendition Axes for enhanced effectiveness. Particularly enterprising Ministers will see it applied to their gauntlets or boots for obvious reasons, whereas for some Minotaur and Werewolf Ministers it is standard issue equipment. The sub runes other purpose is, when liberally applied to structures, to increase their structural integrity. This way buildings and walls last for longer and can withstand more weight and force, while miners can mine safely with the strengthened supports keeping the caves from crushing them in. Thus making Pask more durable against events and attacks.
It is fortunate that Uni or her child aren't present in the palace to witness this turmoil, but that also presents an issue, that if the rioters were to get into the palace they would see they are gone. It is thus important to not let the palace fall, lest we risk the entirety of Dybet be swayed.

Action 1: Establish Whiteguard in Anubira.
The Cult of Moth has been there to deliver punishment, but have relied on warriors to catch the criminals. This worked well on the occasional criminal or gang, but not for mobs of these rioters. For this reason, they shall establish a group of warriors of their own, the opposite of the Blackguard, they are the Whiteguard, all Anubisid and acting in the open. The Whiteguard are riot police, donning heavy armour and using cudgels (there is a taboo against using blades against unarmed Anubisids), they block streets and disperse crowds, allowing them to disperse them and arrest the instigators, to face justice without a mob to hide behind. They wear a white surcoat to prove they haven't spilled any blood, also because white is the colour of Moth, the Goddess of Justice.

Action 2: Raid and Pillage the Usagi eastern holdings.
After a long journey, our provision stores aren't quite as full as they used to be, furthermore our ships have taken it's fair share of damage. Thus we will make an extensive operation to solve this problem, while also dealing damage to our foes. Captured rabbitfolk will be turned to rations, captured iron and wood used to repair our ships, we will richly pay our troops with silver we seize. That which isn't used, is burnt and destroyed, turning the white snow black with ash.

War Plan: Push the rabbits to the mountain, destroy their holdings in the hills.
The rabbits are resisting us, they present a wall against us, but this wall fails to encompass so much farmland, we shall set a portion of our forces to besieging this Arena, preventing any forces to be sallied forth while we ravage their holdings in the countryside, making sure there is no shelter for their sneaky skirmishers to hit us from behind, before we take on the Moonlit Arena itself.
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>Wandering Oni Ancestors
Our own ancestors' spirits have been calmed to rest again, but the dead of past Oni generations make shambling northward progress; though those that emerge into Dwarven lands from the Kaphyso's steaming waters are stripped of even the remnants of flesh by a thousand hungry aquatic mouths. The Dwarves deal with these deathly walkers as they had dealt with their own; the priestesses of Æblemor again casting their charms and dispels to send these bones back to the peace of the grave, and return bodies and bones to their horned-giant kin.

>A New Heir
Though times have been troubled, it seems they bought the Royal couple closer together in many ways. Now Rehilda gives birth to her first child, a Dwarven girl. There is little hesitation from the Kalnthrunr in declaring that this child must receive the name Glodrana.

Action 1: Central Survey
>Survey lands marked with red X's
The open grasslands that stand between the rivers Rodikol and Untirkol, as well as the forests of the Tangle and the Copse – a stretch of land known by some Dwarves as the Aeturkolfilt – might be charitably described as 'underpopulated', and also represents a yawning gap at the centre of the Dwarven map of surveyed domains. And so the surveyors are sent in, to assess if these lands are home to hidden value of any variety beneath their soils.

Action 2: Runic Revival
The events of many recent Tyrns have had the Gylden of the colony fall back upon ways more religious, and some seen as older, some ways more Ashen then their own. The crafting of runes of power had not been greatly known among the Gylden Dwarves of Sigod; yet with the Dryads bringing possible rumour of the most ancient and feared of frozen foes emergent from her Apple-root bonds in the cold lands of the north, any tool of potency must be examined for revival. The Dwarves work upon the ways of Runic crafting; Runes of Gold, Voktorz and Silver forged beneath the holy lights upon Ichor-blessed metals. Runes to empower, to grant speed or endurance; to create movement and flow magic. Any legacy of Dwarven runic crafting must be recovered.

[R]umour – In times such as these, the rumour mills are rife. What among them might have value, bring benefit?
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

The Fleet of the Everlasting finishes its journey through the canal, finally reaching New Venezia with it's entire force. It is from here we shall begin our hit and run campaign to defend the Bandru'ii.

Greater improvements to our ships must be done, our workshop in Har'Gun'Heshi has used tyrns old technologies for too long. Actual bilge pumps for leaks are added, stores of wax and timber for repairs, and lastly is how to keep the kelp beasts under control- let them keep a goblin corpses or two to keep them happy, and then chum the waters with fish guts when it's time to fight. Over time hopefully they have learned to fear the kelp scythes our sailors carry.

With the increasing number of annoying traps left by the savages, the advance has a number of issues. Sure, the traps are for the most part not deadly, as Fanwyic reflexes are able to mitigate most of the danger of stepping in one, but they still cause a problem great enough for something to be done in the field. Naturally, a solution would be found in a number of Coeden Fwyell, who would due to their work in the past, time with disarming traps for the army, or were otherwise skilled in their safe deconstruction. These Coeden Fwyell would be known as Torwyr maglau, a simple name, but a effective and fairly accurate one. Skilled at spotting traps and dealing with them, they'd ensure no more injuries hamper an advance, and more importantly ensure that casualties of any kind from any sort of trickery with any mechanisms in the woods would come to a halt.

Other than this, while the Meistri Rhyfel had expanded, it was important to ensure that they remained the best of the best. Adopting a technique from the mainland, the Meistri Rhyfel would have to spar with eachother and hone their skills, along with accept sparring matches with those below them. Naturally, if one was defeated by a non Meistri Rhyfel, they would be required to step down, or prove themselves as still worthy of keeping the position. Yet the title would remain with them even if they were required to step down, provided their removal was for things such as age rather than some sort of major infraction or breach of Fanwyic ethics. Regardless, this along with a few other methods would ensure that the Meistri Rhyfel were the best of the best in combat, be it ranged or up close.

>Action One. Coeden Fwyell Torwyr maglau

>Action Two. Ensure the Quality of the Meistri Rhyfel.


The army's advance would continue forward, as it did, dealing with the fire if it needed to as it marched further. They'd try and follow the trail that the savages left behind in order to reach their lands and deliver retribution, their tactics the same as last time, scouting ahead and keeping other small troops on the sides and rear as scouts to ensure that no action against them was done in secret. If they had no resistance, ideally they'd reach the savages lands, and be able to follow any roads or paths to their tribal holdings. Further, the firebreak that was created would be made into a makeshift pathway for supply once the fire died down and make it easier for the many goods and soldiers to join the Colonial army in it's goal of wiping out the savages. If any enemy force is sighted, it is to be thoroughly scouted out, and a few minor skirmishes will be attempted to draw out a weak point to strike at the neck of their army, and cut it down, if any more of the savages even muster another raiding army...If a heart of darkness that these monsters come out of is sighted, the Fanw Forsaken place is to be purified through flame and blessed steel, and will become a priority to march to.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action develop new ship type
speed, that is what the dryad have over us, an advantage we must take away. While they are unable to sink our ships we are also unable to sink their own except by ramming them apart. This is where our new ship class will come in, The glider, smaller, faster, and reinforced, it will act as a serious threat to the ship of the Dryad, able to get in close fast, and herd them as well allow our bigger ships to simply smash the enemy apart, or working in tandem two gliders can splinter an enemy ship by hitting it from apposing sides and passing by each other once they shatter the enemy.

Action send schoolers to the Library on the invite of the Do’laroshan
Recordskeepers of the newly renamed Library of Creative Minds, at least that is the name offered by the Do’laroshan for this massive place. None the less this center of knowledge and learning was not something the Fraternian people could pass up.
>Achroma's Ritual
It comes time to once again seek audience with Achroma. The Shamans offer the first coins of their newly constructed Mint alongside the usual offerings, awaiting his presence in the pitch-black temple. They will seek knowledge on how best to combat the terrors that struck their shamans so, for if what they say is true, then Achroma himself would be endangered!

>Action 1 – Library of Whispers? No, the Library of Creative Minds!
Renamed the Library of Creative Minds to distance itself from the ruinous curse that used to linger here, this library is planned to bring all allies of the Entente together to create and discover all manner of wondrous things, under the careful scrutiny of the Do’laroshan recordkeepers, of course!
Of note, a first pass at translations have offered up accounts of wonderous new magics. Much is too esoteric to be used, or even understood, but a passage on something called ‘scrying’ brings attention on how to fling magic a great distance away! Applied to the Thrown Voice Sa’terif, it may allow the sounds made by the magic to stem from places the Shaman merely knows off, not necessarily see.

>Action 2 – Build a Mint next to the farm on Thisi, and a Temple at the Turtle-shared market.
Finally, a source of gold has been secured! Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum are all sailed in a wide arc north, pouring into the Do’laroshan port on Thisi to be worked at either the Smithy into jewelry, or the newly founded Mint! Along with this work of wealth for Achroma, the Turtles will finally be properly introduced to his splendor with a construction mirroring that in the Dusk Market.
(Coin details to follow)

>Action 3 – Begin Infiltration
The news that some Do’laroshans remained at the Quarry has the shadowfolk reeling with mixed amounts pride and fear. How brave they are, to stay behind and risk capture! How foolish they are, to stay behind and risk capture! They must be rescued!
Except, one of the green Chiefs say, what if they can remain, and work to subdue the hated Co-Operative from the inside?
So, under moonless nights, rainy evenings, and other periods of gloom, small groups of Shamans, Hunters and Assassins venture forth from the tree line, shadowy magics of silence and darkness hopefully hiding them from watchful eyes. Thrown Voices can distract, if needed, while the wall is once again scaled under cover of the bubbles of silence. Once inside, they will rendezvous with whoever remains within, learning what they know and aiding their escape, if needed.
In the following weeks, this procedure will look to be streamlined; small tunnels, pre-weakened wall segments, assassinated guards, no avenue of access will be ignored as the shadows look to make entering and leaving the quarry easier and easier. Long-distance communication with Thrown Voice will hopefully aid this tremendously.
Of course, entry into the forts themselves will prove much more difficult, but all things in due time!
war post
Having come to an accord with the general of the whales, the Fraternian naval strategy would shift, rather than pushing the Dryads and attacking them along their trade lanes, and risk and engagement with both dryad and whale naval assets, they would instead focus on protecting Fraternian waters, and trade lanes from Dryad incursion. Having agreed with the whales they would not attack them or the dryad if they would agree to not assist the Dryad in assaulting Fraternian ships or territory.

having learned from their battles with the Dryad navy rather than relying on missiles and magic fire to take out the enemies' ships a method of herd and smash would be used. Were our ships will force the swifter dryad ships into kill paths that will prevent them from using their speed to dodge away, this will be done in junction with our magic Stunning and Severing bolt’s being our primary offensive spells used against the living ships of the Dryads, our ship board marines will focus on protecting these mages and other ship critical crew from the enemy arrow and missile fire with shield wall ceilings. Crippling Bolt will be used for high priority targets such are captains and officers of enemy ships, to cut the head of the snake leaving the crews of the enemy without structure and order.

efforts to capture rather than kill surrendering targets are to be made, but not at the risk of our own men, fleeing enemy vessels can be pursued and destroyed if they can be overtaken while still in Fraternian waters once they are out, we will not pursue them in keeping without promise and agreement with the whales. The Anti dryads and whale measures from the last turn are also still in effect.

had a little time before the meeting so I made a small war post for my navy
Action 1: Clades of Cordatta/Ganne

The Clades of Cordatta or Ganne are essentially identical in their function, but possess an at times unhealthy rivalry towards eachother that is funnelled into professional competitiveness or else risk the ire of the mainland elders.

As a clade it’s core is made up of the relatives and adopted daughters of Cordatta and Ganne, as well as the direct offspring of Loeth and Daith.

They organise themselves much in the same way as the Clades of Klaia, but as Cordatta and Ganne are far far younger than the ancient Klaia who lived in times of myth and legend these Clades must rely on training alone rather than ancestral memories.

This is merely another hurdle for the vigorous youth to leap over with manic excitement, these saplings being the youngest of the rings but the most adept at sea.

Commonly found running around challenging eachother to duels at sea or half blinding themselves with bits of cloth, and with a particular affinity to the Uhu and Smyr more than any others, these dryads shine with all the brilliance and love of live that wanes as the Carvil’ax’seset grow old.

They are despite their incendiary temperament our naval elites, and expert boarding crews, tasked with overrunning any vessels that are foolish to come too close, fighting in tandem with their avian partners as perfect partners, the birds overrunning their foes and the Clades closing in to finish the job soon after. (So keen on the birds are they in fact that no Carvil’ax’seset is complete without a bird on her shoulder and a ring of berries in her hair to feed it)

The Clades as elites are armed with melee spirit weapons able to cleave through foes, featuring less archers than most Carvil’ax’seset regiments but having more of a focus for their use, the more mature of the lot picking out priority targets rather than just raining wild fire on enemies.

With training on boarding tactics and armed with spirit weaponry and their trusty companions the Clades of Cordatta/Ganne will rule the seas for tyrns to come.

Action 2: To build a bigger boat.

Improving naval technology, our foes rely entirely on ramming which means they need to get close.
This will be their downfall.

This new ship type is designed to be the bane of any vessel that relies on ramming by being specifically designed to flood enemy ships with Carvil’ax’seset warriors via grapnels and boarding ramps, built larger and tougher more in line with GFU vessels to facilitate the transport of more dryads (Given a lot of the space on GFU ships is taken up by cattle, this advantage adds up) and resist any successful ramming.

Warpost: The molemen of the Taknab finish transporting a new weapon to Xira Gates, the ballista. An actual naval weapon, we can rely on more than just boarding and ramming now, but we can truly fight at range.

Ballistas as much as are transported are equipped to dryad vessels and used in the following conflict to sink GFU ships.
Any GFU vessels that come close are to be boarded and fought off to dissuade them from just relying on ramming, their focus on this singular tactic will be their downfall.

The rings can now attack via ramming via boarding and at range through superior bowmanship and use of ballistas, having far more avenues of attack than the fraternitans.

Even if our naval improvements are not completed right in time for the battle we still possess potent spirit weapons that will make short work of fraternian sailors and allow us to take their ships.

The Whales have been convinced to actually take part in the battling and accompany the dryad war fleet to take out the GFU navy to leave it buried at the bottom of the ocean.

As we board GFU ships our war-birds charge simultaneously at our foes as the dryads pounce aboard, the chaos exploited by the Sennites to cut down resistance in that moment of panic using their armour piercing spirit blades.

(Land war post to come soon-ish)
>Create the town of Calibrus
-With the first cases of Discordia rising in Theatra, the voice of the melodic city hums with a concerned tone. War without, chaos within, they could not turn those who fled to their heaven away to die in the wars of the world, but what good is shelter that comes as the cost of one's sanity? Pressed for time and desperate to tend to the worst cases, a shelter would be molded to the more quiet south of the forest. Here the afflicted could rest under the care of master instruments who would sooth their minds back from the fragile brink they found themselves on.

>Sharpen thy edge (Strengthen the concussive strike)
-The concussive strike developed by aspiring artisans of war is but the newest instrument in the Simfunis arsenal. As with all instruments, it will require skilled hands to bring out its fullest potential. These hands came from an elder Simfuni, one who had served in the wars before. Though now too old to march along his old fellows, his keen voice had not dulled with age has his body had. When he first heard of this new technique, he brimmed with youthful vigor. He considered himself an artist, and though kin to musicians and painters, none seemed to understand that war was an art in of itself as he did. This then was a rare chance indeed. A new instrument of war? There were scarce such things here, and he simply couldn't ignore this opportunity to flaunt his master. Painstakingly he practiced and trained his voice with this new technique, his strong vocals beating away at the air as a hammer on stone. His fellows were blown away by the sheer might of his song, and soon the militant and artisan minded alike sought training in his way for use in their performances.
> 1st action: improve the rakataks
Our enemies flee! Alas, our poor cousins were not bred for great speed.
Who can fault them though? Neither are we
Well, if the enemy won’t come at us on their own terms, they’ll come at ours!
Our rakataks shall be bigger, more numerous, capable of throwing larger bolts!
And most importantly, we shall aim them better: if we were able to use our echolocation and pheromones to aim crossbows, we’ll be able to do the same to aim our great siege weapons

> 2nd action: create Ora-kal
The Ora-kal, the finders of shadows, shall be a new section of our military, built specifically to root out and eliminate every shadow infiltration.
They shall be trained to smell them, to feel the shift in the air of their presence- for what do shadows matter, to one who has no eyes to see?

> war post: shining waves
Advance west and consolidate our position.
The Imnaki are slow, that much has been shown, but they are unbeatable on the long run: their endurance is unmatched (save some superhuman species). It only makes sense that they'd be sent to expand the Blackstone territories west, to dig in and fight at the first sight of any enemy or bandit. A slow but inexorable advance
Land war:

The Entente has retreated north.

Leave a full garrison to defend the blackstone forts and send an army west to exploit the gap in the Entente defences, their trench does not extend as far as the goblin fortress.

Aiming to take the lands in green, don’t assault the trench head on, take advantage of its defenceless exposed side.

(Generally assume all Co-op members fully garrison the forts as they march west in full force to retake our lands)
(Note, not splitting my army in half here, just leaving enough to garrison the fort)
File: Pincer.png (157 KB, 660x459)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

With the height advantage given by keen-eyed Shadowfolk climbing the pine trees of the Turtle's lands, the Entente's forces can be kept abreast of the Cooperative force's movements.

Once the army is seen moving west, the Entente's forces will mirror it, moving along the trenches and settling in along the tree-line north of the recently claimed Goblin Keep. Once the Cooperative has deeply committed to their attack, the Entente will begin their own.

Fraternian mages will drain the nearby trees before the engagement, stocking up on necessary life force. This may damage the forest, but the lives it may save can replant and care for what grows anew! Once invigorated, the Mages will bless themselves and their Turtle allies with the gift of Life-Vision. Only then will the army march onto the plains, and begin to slam the cage shut.
The aim is to pressure the Cooperative army, striking at it's back and forcing them to flee further into Entente territory, where stockier fortifications, or the opportunity to use the trenches against them, await. If they commit to attacking a fort, aid in it's defense, and do to them what they would have done to us had we stayed to battle at the Quarry, putting them between a rock and a hard place!
Once the armies draw near, the Shamans will begin the dance of dark clouds, shrouding the battlefield in gloom. Reduced vision may harm some of their own allies, namely the un-blessed Fraternians, but so too will the Dryads be hampered. The Simfuni, and to a lesser extent the Moles, will need to be blinded by the spells that devour sound, though this can only be done in melee.
The Turtles will form the front line, equally potent in strength as in their defense. To the sides and forming the core, Fraternians, versatile and numerous, their mages ready to stun and drain any foe they may face, prioritizing the Bandru’ii’s formidable cavalry. The Do'laroshans will line the back, raining death from afar to target the vulnerable Simfuni, or the Dryads if an easy Netch kill cannot be found.

A new venture, small teams of Do'laroshan Shamans and Life-sensing Fraternian Mages will also skirt the battlefield, keen eyes watching for high-priority targets or vulnerable areas. When one is sighted, they will move under cover of pitch-black shroud and silent void to strike quickly, equipped with the precious Blackstone arrows they salvaged. Commanders shouting orders, or particularly vocal Netches inspiring their allies, none will be safe once ensconced in true darkness and total silence.
Aware that the Moles possess unparalleled digging capabilities, it is decided that commitment is needed to counteract this. Keeping them under pressure is key here, as every mole digging underground is a mole who isn’t defending his more vulnerable allies above ground. Utilize the Fraternian numbers and Turtle’s indomitable weight to shatter their defensive line, turning a regimented army into a free-for-all. If the Moles try and dig up under Entente’s soldiers boots, let them also trip up the Cooperative they were locked in combat with.
1. Train and raise wargs. It was not just the sentient races that were affected by the bloodshed. Those unfortunate animals which had the unfortunate attention of the local goblins to the point of being the center of their totem found that connection utilized to also bring them the madness. New monstrous species had arisen from this with intelligence in their eyes beyond their normal kin. The archetypical example of this is the warg. A mutated wolf that has grown in size and posseses a simple although cunning intelligence utilized fully to feed their ravenous apetites. Much like the goblins of old. Utilized most often by the forest goblins these "pets" have started to spread all across the goblin nation as both seem to find the other naturally agreeable with one another.

2. Train goblin riders. There are many animals spread across goblin lands and many of them are much larger and faster than the small goblin. Not desiring to constantly walk everywhere which would take them much longer than their long legged allies they figure it would be best to force animals to do so for them. This has taken various forms where the stereotypical pony, donkey, and camel are used to the more exotic where the ferocious wargs are trained to allow a small rider on their back. Their natural fury being something to be feared just as much as the rider with impressive manueverability to climb and possessing natural pack hunter instincts. In the savvanah there is mention of the great horned and trunked beasts being dominated to carry a palanquin on their back allowing a great many goblins to ride upon them.
Short Post, busy atm

1. The turtles need to prepare for the inevitably goblin siege, and begin building up furnaces and arms production in their new colony on the Whales Island

2. A new Goblin Farm is prepared near Nesthri, both to supply the formation of a new army, and also to have a place for the aniticpated goblin captives. The first goblins will be shipped from our existing goblin ranches.

"Our allies. . .beg us. . to aid. . .them. . ."
"They say. . .there are. . .more goblins. . .approaching?"
"Nay. . .their enemies. . .not ours. . ."
"And yet . . .they are still. . .our allies. . ."
"We will defend. . .and stand beside. . .them. . .alas. . .pray that. . .their war. . .ends soon. . ."
"We will. . .follow. . .the shadow. . .and fraternians. . .to the trenches. . .and hold. . .the line. . ."
we follow the plan
Land war:

The GFU has only 60% of their military present, while the Do’laroshans and turtles have only 75% each. This was before they suffered their losses from the failed siege at blackstone citadel and had many of their stragglers run down, so overall numbers can be expected to be less than this.

They are depleted before even engaging us in proper combat while our armies are all fresh and veteran.

Our plan is to form up with the molemen as our front line and our Clades of Klaia behind them. The Klaians are to terminate all high priority targets with extreme prejudice.

The largest threat to our Clades are other archers, so focussing down other archers (Given we are fighting outside of a forest the shadows cannot scatter and hide, they must be in formations where we can shoot them easily) and secondly focussing down mages.

Little can protect a mage from a blackstone arrow carried forth and guided by an angry spirit in launched with the expertise of a Klaian Clade member to whom the spirit is bonded with.

Spirit bows fire guided armour piercing missiles, coupled with the armour penetration ability of blackstone they will sail directly through anything in their path can be able to cut through multiple men each.

We are fully armed with blackstone weaponry, blades and arrows and in some cases armour, possess the advantage in cavalry and at range. We can shoot further and more accurately than anyone else on this battlefield, with our bow spirits magically guiding our arrows, this investment allowing us to hit reliably even in dark conditions.

Our falconry expertise and ability to speak to the spirits of our close companions allows us far greater scouting ability than our foes have, letting us see them coming from far further than they spot our troop movements.

This is combined with the fact the co-op is travelling along the road so moving much faster while the entente is travelling in a purposefully difficult trench making them go far slower.

We will arrive and set up first, should the fort not be taken before we get word from our falcons that the entente armies are moving then we move back along the road to set up ready for their assault.

Should we take the fort first then we use it to aid in our defence against the Entente.

Blackstone is a phenomenal advantage here, the Do’laroshans have some used blackstone scraps but we have actual supplies of blackstone built up over at least a century that we are now ready to unleash on our foes.

In any case we will not be caught off guard.

As the entente moves far slower than us we have the time to manoeuvre to a better position.

General war plan:

Moles in the front, dryad spirit blade wielded intermixed with moles and dryad spirit bows, Simfuni blasting support.

Carvil’ax’seset archers are hunting mages and other archers as they are perfectly specialised for it. They will try and defend their mages, everyone would, but they have little ability to.


1. Cannon Ammunition:

The issue of close ranged combat with Cannon has come up, as well as improving the capabilites of current shot. From those that had arrived, a few of Clan Dzen speak of the beginning ideas of a "grenade", some kind of hollow, iron shelled explosive using Compound to detonate it. However, these Grenades seem fairly useless at the moment. That is, until the suggestion is made to upscale them to be the improved shot they seek. In addition, recent advances in the College's chemistry department has found that ground, heated mollusk shells of all things become increadibly hot when exposed to water, and on their own are quite caustic. All of this combined has netted the military 3 kinds of shot.
1: Bullet Shot- Packing standard gun bullets into a sort of wooden sleeve creates a cone of iron death infront of the cannon, if fairly short range. These will primarily be issued to the forces near the river where any crossing will surely be hampered by such a weapon.
2. Compound shot- Utilizing an impact fuse of Quicklime and water, a ball which has impacted will quickly burst it's iron shell, sending fragments and lit compound in a decently sized radius around it.
3. Quicklime shot- A far more devious form of ammunition, Quicklime shot is similar to Compound shot, except there is no fuse, and the shell is thinner. Upon impact, the shell splinters, and the force of the sudden stop disturbs the quicklime powder inside, causing it to spread out in a wide area.

2. More. Fucking. Defenses!


The bombardment continues, the tunneling continues, the fortifications continue. The Fortress of Humanity continues on it's way. Should we be able to, we shall storm Kaa'Raat, if anyone is even left.
Posted on behalf of Taknab

Lux said my old turn was too meta so new action 2
> improve our troops’ running speed
The Imnaki are a strong people, their muscles trained by harsh exercise and years upon years of hard work- why is it then that we are the slowest of people?
Taking inspiration from the sudden bursts of speed of the now defunct Big Boss (made honorary mole by the will of the people), our troops shall be now trained to show the same unexpected stamina, to catch any retreating army unprepared with a final hammer blow in the back of the head
Also give me a rumour, amphibian.
War post 2:


Rumour [R]

Do something nice for the dreamer, throw a little celebration with some foods and drinks she might like, the wheelfingers insist on giving her a mechanical trinket, the voices a bottle of holy water, the Klaians wish to send someone to meet her and young the Ganne/Cordattans muscle in on eachother each trying to send someone to the meet up.

We did rather upset her last time so we won’t demand she tell us anything, but if she has anything to say we are ready to listen and give her some conversation. She does her best for us, let’s do our best for her.

Intermission end:

Alright so the entente is destroyed.

We catch them approaching us with birds and reposition around them, the turtles are only holding the line in the trenches so they won’t be attacking us fully, we don’t know that but it also doesn’t matter that we don’t know that, blackstone will murder them as easily as it does anything else.

Our weaponry is superior to our foes so when charging us they will have to run through arrowfire.

They have no effective weapons against the moles steel but we have weapons effective against turtle shells and steel armour, blackstone.

We will use our cavalry to widely flank the entente forces and have them all fire spirit arrows over hills, using the terrain to our advantage.

Life bolts travel straight, arrows fall and can hit things behind walls, the terrain thus allows us to attack with impunity, birds are used to scout over hills to better guide fire.

This way we use our cavalry to outmanoeuvre while avoiding life bolts, any forces they send our way can be outrun as we retreat firing arrows and results in less force on the front.

Only as the battle draws to a close or their mages are depleted do we swing the beetles in for proper use in shattering flanks.

Should they run, we shoot them down.

The moles can absolutely be trusted to hold the line given they are near immune to enemy weapons but have weapons that cut through the enemy, as well as that they possess field artillery that can crash through heavy infantry, ballistas historically being very useful in an anti infantry role.

Once their heavy infantry is crushed due to being outnumbered and unable to harm ours they will likely be routed.

In any case, the dryad garrison left behind is to march along the road and slam into the back of the entente forces.

By defending with a heavily armoured front of moles the GFU are unable to wield their life magic to any real effect against us, unable to use it on cavalry due to terrain.

Our arrow guidance counters shadow illusions, allowing us to kill their mages, our archers skill allows them to do this reliably and they have little to nothing in the way of armour.


We will fight on the terrain most advantageous to us at distance from the forts, birds let us see the enemy coming and select a battlefield. (2/3)
Since the enemy are attacking us we get to pick a nice defensive position. Given the hilly terrain we choose a hill in the area and wait for them to come to us, raining arrows and keeping the high ground.

They would flank us if able but they have no cavalry worth anything compared to dryad or mole mounts.

Eventually, if all just descends to a brutal melee, we will come out on top simply due to the advantage of blackstone.
File: map47.png (972 KB, 2048x2628)
972 KB
972 KB PNG

The Hell Tear is torn wider, and to roaring cheer & blaring trumpet, Benmi steps through; Visions of a hundred worlds flash before his eyes as he strides through the jagged rift. With a single slow step, he is in Hell. Screams of torment and of pleasure fill his ears, the stench of sulphur, excrement, and other excretions assault his nostrils, and the writhing of devils and the damned assail his eyes. Seed of Hell as he is, the denizens pay him no heed as he wanders, rather aimlessly, overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the place which weighs down upon him. He stumbles into orgy dens, narrowly avoids falling into crevices full of hellish beasts, gazes awestruck at the temples & palaces of bone. He is almost lost, til he remembers himself, his meditations, his mission. A deep, fetid breath, he centres himself, and with purpose marches onwards. So focused, he is soon at the pit from which the Hellfire belches, he need only reach in and take one... "Benmi... Son! What are you doing here?!" [you still get the flame, don't worry]
As their most magnanimous, most magnificent, most manly king ventures into the bowels of Hell itself, the Oni get to work on a forge able to contain the sought prize. Much of it is cut into the hills, with flues to direct the immense heat of the Hell Flame. Those who give their life to the project have their blood poured upon the soil, their bones crushed & worked into the mortar, that they give their bodily strength to the thing.

[New Moon]
[R] Farmers & Trappers who fled from the forests after the assault of the impure arrive with knowledge, and samples, of a pink flowering plant which they say contains a heart-stopping poison. One need only to extract it.
[NM] The moonless night grants them cover, bravely the chosen bring up from the frost vast quantities of the Moon Fall metal, harder than steel. As soon as they have delivered their lot, they are out on the ice again to collect more. A great heap stands ready to be worked at the forge.
The great mass of civilians are moved into Kyo, else the numerous scattered farmhouses. More hardy Rabbits seek shelter in the deep mines around the capital.

The pickings are slim when it comes to choosing Anubisids suited for such a task, but guided by Moth, and by perhaps thinning the town-watch ranks a little, a decent number of Whiteguard are recruited. Their first tasks are to keep the palace secured, and quash this forming riot. Having been riled up by religious tensions, half the crowd is easily assuaged, but the other half take a little more, convincing. Miraculously calm is restored, without any deaths.
The raiding begins in earnest. The farms are looted, mine plundered, whatever of value is stolen, and whatever is left is torched. All the while dealing with the Rabbits attacks.
Devisers work tirelessly to find the right formulation for the subrunes requested of them. An extra stroke here, a tittle there, a repositioning and, ah! just like that. Perfect.

[R] Between the chatter of who is marrying who, and what the priests supposedly get up to when the temple doors are shut, is something of actual interest. One of the Dwarves in the Crescent mountains has been breeding bigger and bigger boar, one has supposedly reached the height of 24 Gylder (~4'9")! Kamigg or Kameng's their name, something like that at least, some Ashen name.
(>>4919262) Dwarves trundle in through the tiny land border shared with the Oni, with carts stacked high with crates of the bones of the newly resting dead of the Devils. A ways north of recent construction they are stopped, thanked for their returned, and politely escorted back out again.
There is a great deal of inebriated rejoicing throughout the Throng with the announcement of Renhilda's first child. In the old lands, she would be only heir presumptive, with a great deal of grumbling that the queen fulfil her royal duty more properly next time, but such backwards ways are quite rightly behind the Syphian Gylden.
The central lands are turned over in search of ore and gems but, perhaps disappointingly, turn up only a small number of spiralling fossils.
The Runic Ways hail from a distant, dark, past. When words of powerful wrath were carved into stone beneath the Backbone, before even the First Gift was given. But as Wickedness Herself is said does walk the earth, loosed from Her binds, the Dwarves must take from the ancestors which first bound Her.

>Everlasting Waters
[+3 PE]
The Ghoulish procession continues around the ice and then heads west along the coast of the warring Usagi, the Nest of the Turtles, and past some strangers fishing nets, but it does not yet stop.
Well rested and restocked from their nearby fort, the Laga forces make for the Great Canal. Once the gates are opened for them, they process through, with just enough space for two astride. After that long swim they decant into the waters of New Venezia, ready for whatever task lay ahead of them.
A hundred deliberate small improvements are always favourable to one large stab in the dark. Keeping the ships rowing, their crews protected, and their additional armaments well-fed will be crucial in the coming battles.

Simple, effective, and frustratingly necessary as the army makes north.
As the very best, the Meistri Rhyfel cannot be allowed to slack or become boastful. Additional sparring is demanded, against each other, and those of lower rank who show potential. The threat of demotion alone is enough to keep them in fighting shape.
Lessons may be learnt from the shipwrights of the past, for as this naval stalemate continues, and continues to threaten Fraternian naval control, a means of overcoming such a thing is obvious. A vessel of some speed, to lure or corral Dryad ships into their demise at the crushing prow of the existing fleet.
At the invitation of the Shadows, a small number of Fraternian scholars make their way to the imposing Library on Thisi. Here, in a half-remembered ritual, they are installed as Recordkeepers, tasked with the protection and maintenance of the place & its collection. [Your first free tech/spell will be 6 turns from now]

[NM] There is little clatter as Achroma steps lightly into His den. He listens to the little voice of the Do'la beneath Him, "True it is even above the mundane, that all things have a price, child. As thou hast whispered thy will into being, thou hast invited the dwellers within, without. Darkness which doth move as the living. As thou art shadow of the world, they are shadow of thee."
[!] Enough of the stacks have been searched that something both legible and useful is found. A loosely tied scroll of large, flat leaves, lightly traced over with old Do'laroshan script. Quickly it is translated and the message within learnt. It contains a short series of hand gestures which amplify the voice, at first such a thing would be of no use to the Shadows, until continued reading shows it work with the Thrown Voice spell, also.
With so much precious metal, the Do'laroshan mind turns to what else it may be used for. There is, after all, only so much body to decorate and space within the treasuries of Achroma to fill. That is when the notion of their own currency comes to them. Straight away a mint is built upon the more defendable Thisi, and coins are struck of every metal. In a similar vein, a temple to Achroma as God of Greed is raised overlooking the Turtle market.
Before the substantial Cooperative armies positioned themselves, such a task was a breeze. But as more of their forces arrive, it becomes increasingly difficult to send Shadows over the wall. The Molerats have been noticed sniffing at the air, pointing their ugly squashed faces at hidden Do'la, and being a general nuisance to the spying operations. It is suggested to take as much Blackstone as can be carried and escape before their numbers are too many, perhaps within the creel of the Goblin workers they've managed to subdue.

Calibrus, where the afflicted may rest and the pilgrim attune, surrounded by the song of the Taqsim. Here, Discordia is not, for the hum of the land is gentle and easing.
A voice fit for war rises from those whose song is unfit for the Maestros of Stone or Forest. They're shrieking, sonic blast is honed, as the Maestros had honed their own craft, into a terrifying Concussive Strike of sound.
Having avoided being hunted by Goblins, as many other undead have, the crawling bones and cadavers of the Imnaki make their way through Wincester Forest and up into the Northern Pass.
[R] Dryads who have travelled through the Taqsim woods of the Simfuni return with tales of how the balance is pristine within, and that the spirits themselves sing joyfully. The work is certainly magical in nature, the Floaters could not possibly achieve something mundanely.
[NM] The Dreamer is roused from her sleep by the gathered crowds, and upon opening her eyes gives a great exclamation of joy. Around her are her (many great) nieces, all come to her in celebration. And with gifts! She thanks each of them for such a wonderful awakening, putting the past behind them. She asks to hear what is happening in the Rings and beyond, but is disheartened once again by the news of yet more war. "Oh how sad it is that so much killing be done in dear Bandru's name! He no longer whispers to me in my old age, or perhaps he does, I am quite deaf. Has he fallen back to his old ways; Wishing for conquest? Does the canopy need still grow? Bah," She looks over the gifts sadly and sighs "Do we not yet have enough?"
The twins, Ganne & Cordatta, having bloomed upon the isles of Dopio & Kalia respectively, have grown to be mistresses of the sea. They each helm a clade of sailors trained, albeit against themselves, in the boarding of ships and taking thereof. It is now time to put this training into practice. Having learnt that the Men & Morphs aim to sink Dryad ships through barbarous ramming, let them instead find vessels awaiting such an act. Let them draw close with assured victory. And let their hubris be rewarded with grapnel and cut throat.

[R] *sniff, sniff* What's that smell? Smells like, wet fur and, *sniff, sniff* old grubs and, *sniff, sniff* intruder.
There's an old joke in Taknab; "What's better than a Queen? A big Queen with a big brood." And so what's better than a Rakatak? A big Rakatak firing big bolts. The analogy is perhaps a little tenuous. Nevertheless the project is agreed upon, the model Rakatak is dismantled, the pieces scaled, and a new model made. A big model. Being so cumbersome they require a team of at least four to operate, with a fifth acting as sniffing-scout.
C'mon lasses, just because you're covered over in steel as thick as your teeth from head to foot, weighing almost a third more than you do without it, that's no reason to slack! Get your knees up! My old gran runs faster than you, and she's undead! Rigorous training continues for new recruits, bringing them up to a more respectable walking speed, able to expend bursts of energy to sprint a short distance, especially to close the gap between them and their prey.
>Big Totem
The warg, monstrous beast of fang, claw, and slobber, are a fitting companion for the Goblins, who until the recent Feast had been described in much the same way. They spread quickly across Goblin lands, as they prove themselves useful in more than just scaring the neighbours, as with some training they may take a smaller Gob upon their back as a rider. They even sometimes follow orders.

[+2 PE]
So much to plan, so much to forge, but nowhere to do it. Seeking a more stable foundation, the Turtles move inland, upon which they erect the first great forge upon Deinos. To accompany it is a precinct farm similar to that in northern lands, from which a number of Goblins are chosen, "made compliant", and the long ferry journey south begun. (>>4925543) They make it as far as Guard's Head, entering Human controlled waters.

Wicked would the mind that has dreamt such terrible devices be, were they not built for use against the Grittidim. Burning without flame. Tearing without blade. Destruction, absolute.
Earthworks are reinforced, stakes are driven, gunners' nests are dug. Should a single Rabbit be foolish enough to be seen, in their last brief moments of life, they will know the full might of Humanity.

[+2 PE]


-The Second Purity Wars: Ash & Ice-

As the Dyb raid the countryside, Usagi priests perform their rituals. Intermittent attacks slow the advance just enough for the select among the Rabbits to be empowered. Fuelled by purest fury, imbued with purest magics, they begin their counter attack. Speed unmatched, fur like steel, weapons of sharpest Blackstone, they are a storm of devastating might. They strike with precision, pierce the breastplate & the heart, and do not stop. For every one hacked or blasted down, for even when dismembered they persist, at least four of the invaders are slain. Such blinding wrath diverts attention, unwittingly allowing another flank behind their lines. The smoke of burning farms is joined by the licks of flame which rise from the Wepawet mac Lir.
The western hill fires die, and with them the Rabbits there in their outlying hovels. As the march continues, the Fanwen eat well.
As the fighting rages over the mountains, the efforts of Men do not cease. Tunnelling golems are yet to breach the north, but it is only a tyrn away.
-The Blackstone Conflict: Closing Darkness-

The armies draw their plans, they plot the possibilities, unlikely outcomes, worst case scenarios. But well is it known that no plan survives the first encounter with the enemy. The great mass of the Cooperative forces unite and push westward toward the old Goblin fort. Scouts return, signals are given, plans inevitably change. The heaving throng veers north to cut off a flanking manoeuvre, bolt and arrow are exchanged, along with shots of sparking magic, and then... waiting. Each side halts, awaiting the other; For the Entente it is certain death to break into the hills, for the Cooperative a costly slog to enter the trees. But the magics are not yet over, for hidden as they are, the Shamans dance, pouring out clouds of darkness. Others join them in their steps, muting the world around them. As this foul gloom creeps from the twixt the trunks, unease follows with it. Mild panic then, morale falling as the cloud continues to grow. Only vague scents and flashes of spirit betray them, as the Entente attack. Limited in both Blackstone & life-sensing mages, their strikes are not quite those of their foes. At last the Shamans must rest their feet, slowly dissipating the fog, revealing a number of dead on either side; Most numerous among them, the graceful Simfuni.
Skirmishes continue, land is cleared, the Cooperative steadily, wearily push west. Were the cowardly Entente to face them openly they would be crushed, but entrenched as they are they are a deep & bothersome thorn.
Away from enshrouding magics, the war for control of the Xira cools somewhat. Heavy "Rakatak" ballistae from Taknab are assembled along the sea wall and loaded onto Dryad ships. The Whales, torn by their conflicting agreements, dally, no doubt angering the Sennites who come to adjoin them. Only a third of the agreed Laga swim out from New Venezia, excuses of defending the city, tired flippers, and unpolished melons are limply given. However the Fraternians pull back to defensive positions, protecting their ports or convoying their impressive merchant navy. As with the war on land, skirmishes are inevitable. Here is where the new clades and classes are put to the test. The Gliders of the Fraternians are a nuisance, but one all too easily sunk with broadheaded ballistae. Two failed rammings of, and subsequent boardings from, the latest Dryad vessels however, is enough to dissuade the action in future, most annoyingly with enough escaping survivors to tell of it.


-The Second Purity Wars: Addendum-

So far into the hills, Dyb can only watch as the flames are thankfully doused, but relief becomes panic as the oars of the great flagship, Wepawet mac Lir, whir. Picking up incredible speed she crashes straight through ships behind her, barrelling backwards down the river. So well built is she, that as she grinds along the northern bank of the lower Shiro, then into the west, she remains floating. Her masts betray her position as she is turned in the open ocean and makes west. It is a near certainty that the Rabbits, if they have left any aboard alive, do not know what value they have stolen more than a mere boat.


Action 1: Clades of Cordatta/Ganne II

The Clades (Effectively one clade split into two factions that hate eachother) are effective but can be trained to greater heights.

Their experience in shipboard combat is impressive but they must become greater yet, more rigorous drills, shoutier leaders, dazzling eyepatches, colourful birds…
Oh yes, and of course intense specialisation in combat however it takes shape on the seas, that is the main part.

Action 2: The Sentinel Mundane (Mage slayers)

The wretched death magics of the Fraternitans and the creeping absences and shadows of the Do’laroshans are perversions of the natural order, so say the Voices that travel to war.

These magical individuals of other nations are high priority targets and must be slain, mages in general pose a serious threat in any case, and so with the blessing of the circle this elite holy order of mage hunters is born.

The Sentinel Mundane are entirely varied in their tactics and recruitment, gathering experienced Carvil’ax’seset from all walks of life in their forest halls, the young, the old, members from one of the great Clades or skilled wanderers who show promise.

Attacking past the various guards battlefield mages are likely to be assigned, identifying mages by the slightest spiritual differences and worn equipment.

Slipping in and out to assassinate their targets from close range or from afar, on foot or from shipdeck or gate wall or beast-back, the Sentinel Mundane are zealous in their pursuit of enemy mages through whatever means necessary.

The Sentinel Mundane now serve as the militant arm of the Sennite faith, giving praise to Yaln’wa their patron spirit and fighting in his name.

Warpost: Coming soon!
With the seizing of the Wepawet mac Lir by the bunnies, the Anubisids are shocked, their pharaoh, their god king is... But her husband, Madoc Protheroe remains on land, as he was busy mediating between the Prenhearn and Dyb troops in the looting endeavor, so he is ready to take temporary command.

Action 1: Develop golden armour alloy.
We have long used bronze as our armour, even when steel proves superior for weapons, for armour, steel rusts and is a boring grey. If our pharaoh's guard or the whiteguard is to wear an armour, then it should have a golden sheen. Thus, we will task our smiths with developing an alloy using gold, iron, and whatever else works, to make a golden metal harder than steel, imperishable like gold and with that unmistakable radiance.

Action 2: Operation Dullahan.
Madoc Protheroe takes direct control of the Blackguard and marines, and soon sets off to rescue his wife and child. If anyone opposes him, he will cut them down, if anyone refuses, they go overboard. Let the lilly livered cowards continue the raiding, we have a pharaoh to rescue.

War Plan: Raiding continue, but weakened, as a large force is sent to catch up to and recapture the Wepawet mac Lir.
Our soldiers will continue to ravage the lands, making the bunnies pay dearly in blood for their sins. It also acts as a distraction, as they see more and more of their kin be ripped into bloody chunks with our bare hands, they will not pay attention to our true goal.
An expedition is sent to the west, a force of our finest marines and blackguards, here to rescue their pharaoh, onboard the Wepawet mac Lir, our marines will mainly busy themselves will working the oars, putting every ounce of their strength into rowing faster and faster, whenever the wind is unfavourable for the flagship, we will close in, until we are ready to throw grappling hooks onto it.

Set up a temporary encampment atop a hill ready to defend against Entente retaliation in the little red box and slowly take out the isolated trench section from the side using mole and beetle cavalry, with skirmishers taking out mages in the meanwhile.


Attack the military ships at Kalport port to secure our naval dominance over the green region, defeat their fleet and then move to secure the harbour.

Defend the encampment against any retaliation, obviously.
Action 1: Pask takes its runic knowledge and further fortifies the walls of Obron, building a second layer of fortification around the city for the purposes of both layered defense and orderly city expansion. This second layer also encompasses the Inculcation Forge for its defense as well, such that were Obron attacked it could yet still receive the precious weapons for Pask's defense.

Action 2: Pask turns its focus to the critical training of its Ministerial Forces. Built within Obron is the Minister War Academy, where all Ministers of the government are to be rigorously trained in the usage of Pask's weapons and materials and its many combat doctrines.
At first, Benmi's mind and eyes are clouded by the rage he felt of his father Beni leaving him and his nation (but most importantly him!), he became overwhelm with happiness and sadness at finally finding his father! He gave him the tightest of hugs. After a hour of hugging, he put down his father. Suddenly, he had a extremely angry look on his face with his eyes glowing hell blood red and punched Beni's face right on his nose! "THAT'S FOR LEAVING WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING, PAPA!!!!!!"

1. Toxins Begone!: With Jiigo Chattii finally built, the Oni celebrated for recreating their most prized cultural building! Though, the festivities were a bit short lived due all of the pollution coming from it. The smog choked lungs, the water became black with soot, plants were dying around it, and diseases were growing and infecting people. The Elders had a problem with that since the younger generations were protesting and demanding nature be protected. No one really know what to do besides either dismantling it (never happening) or ignore the complaints and risk riots. The priests were sent as a last resort with Jurio leading them. He came to Jiigo Chattii while riding on a chaise lounge carried by strong Oni servants while complaining about the hot smog filled air and the sick workers. He stood in front of Jiigo Chatti and before he could even say a word, he fell unconscious due to the heavily polluted air. The servants sighed, and coughed, in relief they can finally have a moment of silence. In Jurio's dream, he saw groups of satyrs riddled with disease cover in boils, cracked skin, their fur falling off and so on. Another group were Oni coughing crazy with some gasping for air and blood coming out of their mouths. The source was evil spirits with hazy fog following them. Then came a little satyr carrying a fan. He started fanning crazily with wind glistening with life energy at the evil spirits blowing them away killing them in the process. (Research Purification spell)
2. The Powers of the Gods: There was a curious Oni named Soken researcher living in Nazena's university. Ever since he was a young boy, he was fascinated by the roaring thunderstorms that happen all year long in the Green Hell Jungles. He often wondering if Oni could ever touch the beautiful lightning without dying? Well, Soken will find out! He set off with his hearty lug head of a brother Hindo as his assistant to jungles where the strongest thunderstorms were born. There they spent many of days and night studying the storms. He discovered lightning strikes usually tall objects especially those with metal (his brother got struck when he held up his axe in the air) and liquid such as water (different amount of impurities affect the strength and conductivity). After getting enough data, he went back to Nazena to inform his fellow researchers and to heal up his poor brother At once, his group continue researching ways to harness this wonderful deadly power! (Research electricity)

With the army's advance further into savage territory, it is becoming harder and harder to supply them with things such as powdwr gwn, replacement equipment, and reinforcements. However, with the lands cleansed there was now the chance to continue the advance of the Colonial Army, and with it, it's supply. This would be vital for the campaign once the forces of the Colonial Army start taking losses again. Ideally, reinforcements won't be needed outside of just further bolstering our forces with what the Dybet send us, however it will be important to transport replacements when needed, and what dead we have back home. The road will also be vital in the future when we colonize these lands once they have been cleansed of the forsaken and safe for Fanwyic settlement. Perhaps much in the way of resources would be found there?

Regardless, there was another thing that was required for the forces of the Colonial Army, and that simply was the Meistri Rhyfel. Of course, while their number wouldn't expand further, they could at least be able to put their skill to further use by learning from each other and those who are veterans of the early battles with the savages. While they may have specialized in the art of the spear, bow, axe, or in some cases sword and shield, it would be best for them to learn just how to counter the actions, movements, and strikes of one with a weapon that was not of their own, and better their understanding of the limitations and advantages of not only their own weapon, but their enemies, along with their racial abilities. With this, they can become far more prepared to deal with anything that was thrown at them, and it meant that they would be far more likely to survive and slay the enemy. And ensuring the best of the best of the Colonial Army were best able to deal with even the greatest elites of the strongest enemy army, be they savage or civilized, would also ensure that they wouldn't die like the rest.

>Action One. Road construction for logistics.

>Action Two. Further improvements to the Meistri Rhyfel. The best of the best shall not die like the rest.


With the current advance of the army, and roads being constructed, the forces of Prenhaearn would try and cross the river. By now the majority of forces that were brought to the colony from our Dybet allies will have arrived to join up with our forces, despite the uncharted and uncivilized terrain and said Dybet forces potentially undisciplined nature. Naturally, crossing the river would be difficult, but following it, a place that can be forded would eventually be found. However, the forces of Prenhaearn would be careful in this regard, they'd stay a fair distance from the river and use scouts to try and search for any enemy forces, and a good crossing. If no signs of the enemy exist, such as missing scouts or direct reports of the enemy, the army will continue to move into the savages territory and continue to purify the Fanw Forsaken lands. If an enemy force is sighted however, the army is to try and find multiple crossings, and feint movements to one with a minor force consisting of somewhere between a quarter and a third of the main army, and then use another ford to move the main army before attacking the enemy from behind with the minor force joining in on the flank. If the minor force in this event is attacked before the main army gets into position they are to fall back in a fighting retreat and join back up with the main force if possible after. Regardless of the circumstances, once the river is crossed, the lands will be purified in the name of Fanw of the savages, and after the army will move on to go deeper into enemy territory once all logistical routes are secure, so that a bridge could be constructed across the first river.
Fluff: This land isn’t going to last much longer as the overwhelming impurity flows into it in great hordes. The loud banging from the mountains that have fired into the city, and the large doggish creatures that have tried to invade our lands and destroy our resources to some avail, slowed and crippled by our own forces. However, the true perpetrator behind it all has still yet to show their hand, and with the current condition of both the people and the army, it is a better call to find a new land to purify despite the deep sadness it may cause. For how can there be purity in the world without us here to purify it. It is no good if we are all sent back to the moon this early, as then we’d be able to do nothing but fight eternally with no chance of victory. But while we’re here we still have a chance to purify this world, creating a new moon to eclipse the first and overpower the tyrant that reigns over it. That is why this must be done.

1 action: Mass Voyage across the sea
This continent is done for. Another time we’ll need to come back and cleans it but for now, have the claimed ships come up the river and get civilians, priests, nobility, and troops alike onboard. Grab massive amounts of plants and items to bring with us on this great voyage as we don’t know how long it may last as we travel out West away from them. The Usagi nation will need to regroup. It’s certainly down, but like the motto, we shall push our luck.

1 action: (if both are needed for the voyage, relegate this one to it)
Collect this poisonous plant and keep some for growing later on, others to be used now as a final means of dealing damage, it to be made into a liquid form that should diffuse with some heat.

War post: Those that are not boarding ships right away, likely less than 100 troops in this mission in total, are to run about, setting down small vials of the poison in various places be it the capital, on farms or even in mines before lighting the structures aflame. Leave nothing to these invaders, and leave what’s left as dangerous hellscape for them to trudge through. We know they have stone goliaths, but those will hopefully be slowed down by the flames in some way. Other than that, get back to the ships and aid in final preparations to leave.
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>Big Pig
News of these larger Boars reaches Æbleholm, and Kalnthrunr Zuvrek – himself fond of Boar-riding since his childhood days – invites this Kamigg (or Kameng, better make sure to sort out which name it is first) to bring samples of his herd to court. Do these huge pigs make good riding mounts, or are they just intended as larger feed-beasts? The Kalnthrunr wishes to see them in action, to see if their ancestry would improve the riding stock in the stables, or the meat-herds of the woods and farms.

>Death of Badion Grunkup
Old even for a Dwarf, it is with sad news that the passing of Thane Badion of the Grunkup is announced. His will-reading does not pass without controversy, for it had been expected by some that the Grunkup domains in Melzkagilt would be split between his two natural-born sons – instead, Glovan is to inherit title and lands, with the Meluz-twins Mavon and Malgli each to be granted sums of coin and Thadthrunrings below their adopted brother. The reasons for Bavir's disgrace and omission from landed inheritance are found when the younger Dwarf-brother turns up to the ceremony with an Oni concubine on each arm; for after playing his part in meeting Yogi and working to help set up the floating market, he now runs the Dwarven end from the former great-ship Papa's Clog, first docked at and then fully interlinked into the laketop trade-centre. With Glovan having a wife and four children – the eldest of which being father to Dwarven sons of his own – it seems Badion took the choice that would lead the majority of succession along their branch, rather then chancing Bavir's empty nest.

>Action 1: Glazchorkurg
With agreement made with the Dryads to play host to Danderfey in the small northern province of the Gydergrove, a new town is established. It is to be close to the Ichor grove from which the province is named, nestled within a bay; but also adjacent to the Glassworks to provide dwelling and amenities to the glass-workers of this growing industry. Although apple trees are routinely planted on new-settled land by Gylden Dwarves to act as ward against Snehvid, the recent revelations that this foul cold force might be abroad and the expectation of visitation and even settlement by apple-loving Dander result in this town being planted with an exceptional number of tree-lined streets and apple-orchards in the surrounds.

>Action 2: Amenities for Zadulkodt
The southernmost Gylden town has, since inception, served as little more then a glorified dormitory-town for the families of Dwarven warriors at the nearby fortress. For the most part, this is because the Town was not built in a location of Dwarven choosing, being constructed upon the ruins of a Meluz town. But the best must be made; and the local Dwarves decide to develop their fishing industries, opening up a new fishing port to help them harvest the bounties of the waves. And a mine for salt is opened up, so that what is caught might be quickly preserved.

1. Train warg warbeasts. The goblins of old were bullies of the highest order to anything they can get power over to compensate for their own lowly station or the trauma of having been once lowly themselves. This has not actually changed at all in the new age but with their new intelligence they are capable of rationalizing it as great leadership to get better results out of their inferiors. With the increasing popularity of wargs many have seen having a large pack at their command as a natural surrogate to other goblins. It is made even easier as Warg mentality is similar to old goblin mentality which in comparison the average goblin now could be considered big chief levels smart meaning these practices actually work on them.

2. Goblin tinkering. As the nation recovers from the bloodshed that had decimated its population their new quirks have become increasingly apparent. Having more time to dedicate to their own projects as they are no longer as harshly conscripted and are more capable of independence; A plethora of odd and unique homestead innovations have been made increasingly popular. An expression of wild unbridled creativity of the individual goblin, this frenzy of invention has made even a tribal neighborhood look radically different from house to house. This has led to cities looking almost as disorganized and chaotic as before, but now there is a method to the madness where complex back and forth between neighbors as shows of superiority somehow result in small incremental improvements that diverge wildly from community to community.
This war must be ended swiftly, lest it grow foul in nature even moreso. Our full navy sails out to take the port of Kalport. From here we with prevent the GFU from having a foothold, or fostering military support on the island. The civilians are not to be harmed unless they take up arms, great echoing cries from the shore commanding them to flee.

Our ships have already had Taknab ballistas, however a alteration of our own has come to being over the course of this war. A slightly bigger bolt, a spool of rope and a reel, and the 'Hari'tun' is born, or more literally "the ship fisher".

>will post warpost later today, if you are writing the post, give me a call or dm me and I will get it to you, or worst comes to worst - I do what Trygon says I do.
Posted on behalf of the HDS

1. Railgun improvemnt: Hope they're usable in combat now
Breach the mountains, bring troops to the other side, kill any rabbits found, have Engineer corp RAZE any rabbit structures found, march west in slow, methodical way where every few miles emplacements are dug in case there's a fight.
Posted on behalf of the Drya

Lux missed my last turn when I asked him to post it.
1. Continue the march north and destroy the northern goblin settlement.
2. Send the navy north to blockade their port, destroy their ships, and ensure none escape.

This turn:
1. The abundance of sap shall be put to use in one of the most expensive experiment yet. Glass for clarity of mind and sight shall be put with bodies of tools using monkeys as the normal dryads. Materials connected to the divine such as gold, silver, stone of the Protector, and gems in the color of the far gods shall be used to create a dryad of clear thought and divine connection.
2. While pigments are not normally used they are not unknown and an idea come to mind. A pseudo drya is made with gold for the light of the giver and glass for clarity of it. It's flowers shall glow with sunlight and be able to be made into glowing pigments and dyes.
(Added fluff)
Benmi was angrily walking around punching whatever came close to him while Beni was just sprawled on the ground rubbing his poor broken nose. He didn't think Benmi would this angry; he always wanted to be King so what happened? Then again Benmi was a complete daddy's boy so he probably thought he abandoned him. Poor kid. Beni picks himself up off the ground while ignoring the sexy monsters trying to get his attention. His son needs him! Plus, he's scaring off his orgy partners.

(Added fluff to action 1.)
The researchers conducted many experiments to see what could guide the flow of electricity and how can they create it as well? Metal was obvious, but which type? They used many types though most were poor until they used copper. They noticed electricity follows the path made of copper more closely and ordering than other metals. To create electricity was the more difficult part of the experiments. Oni know you need energy to create static and that static needs to jump to something metal or living. They came to this conclusion since whenever they dry clothing in a tumbler, they get all charged up and get shocked when touching something metal or another person. Or when a lightning is about to strike, their hair stand up pointing to the sky. During the thunderstorms, they gather data detailing different levels of impurities and different types of acid could conduct electricity.
Fluff: The Paskians grow ever more industrious, and refuse all overtures of unity and cooperation. Re-arm the traps along the borders, keep the visible types along the outskirts but arm truly deadly and hidden ones for those who ignore the warning, choosing to press deeper in the darkness. For the foreseeable future, Paskians are no longer welcome in Dakan Grove, or in any other Do'laroshan land, and will be warned as such should they choose to trespass without cause.

Action 1 - Fortification techniques.
Truly, it was the Fraternians who came up with the majority of the ideas, but it was left to the more widespread Shadowfolk to enact the measures. Across the lands of the Entente, forts would be 'upgraded' with a slew of anti-siege techniques, specifically set to counter the prodigious capabilities of the Co-operative forces. Of note, the ground underneath and around the forts is dug up, a thick lining of sulfur placed along the bottom to deter the smell-oriented moles before being filled in again. To further discourage their early attacks, metallic plates with long spikes of either metal or wood are used as flagstones, their points reaching into the earth to harm any who may try to dig up from beneath.

Action 2 - Extract Do'laroshans from the Quarry.
With infiltration growing more and more difficult by the day, extraction of all the Do'laroshans must be accomplished. Of course, this venture must yield fruit, so before they sneak away in the night, they go looking for treasure.
Their first priority is information, the layout of the quarry, it's walls, patrols, and if possible, the inside of the forts. When no more scouting can be done, they will gather as much Blackstone as possible and scale the walls, heading for home.
Action 1: Implement ballistae as part of the defenses of Kalport.
The ballista is not a new concept for the Fraternian people, our arbalists armed with the finest crossbows that the crown can produce speak to that, but we have not built them as the Dryad have this will now change and the first of the Fraternian Ballista’s will be placed in defense of kalport and her dockyards.

Action 2: increase the Fortifications of Kalport
As the war expands the need for defenses on land and sea for our southern island become ever more clear, while we have taken some precautions on the island to protect our port and landholding, but even more is needed, we must be ready to throw the enemy back into the sea or back from our walls, we will never give in willingly, we will Defend our homes to the last!

War post, Dryad Intelligence needs work

while we pulled back to protect our trade lanes that by no means meant our holdings and trade lines in Kalport were left open, we simply stopped attacking them, when the try dryad began mobilizing from the port on their smaller island holding we saw it, when they started mobilizing on the north side of the island we saw it, and when they send fleets at us from the mega ports of there we were it, and were were ready, local naval forces based out of Kalport, fought delaying actions and holding attacks to force the enemy to earn every nautical mile of the sea from us until they were fully committed to the attack on kalports Harbor, then they would pull back and help hold in the port, to the last ship, and man, all stops were pulled out every trick in the Fraternian mages book used nothing is held back, this would not be the day a Fraternian city falls. The delaying and holding actions were not for nothing they were to buy time for the newly improved defenses of Kalport and her harbor to be given one final inspection and for the local reserves to be called up and defenses man, soon the Fraternians would find out how the dryad liked Fraternian Balista bolts and catapult rounds.

I should go without saying, but every magic spell in my arsenal is being used from restful sleep, to life force transfer to the bolt family of spells, also we are taking no prisoners that make it to the port proper, they are drained and killed for their life force. if need we will sacrifice one of the Farms on the island if it means keeping the magic flowing.

see the pic [I have no idea where Bandru'ii got the idea that the naval position looked like how he made them, but this is the real positions, I pulled back to protecting my trade lanes and ports, those include the south ones, I simply stopped attacking his, this can be seen in last turns war post. the second half of my war post to come soon]
File: Sideswip.png (210 KB, 1096x764)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
this is me
Battle at the landing grounds
while the local naval assets normally at Kalport fought in this desperate defense, the rest of the fraternian navy and northern and homeland reserves prepared to activate the fraternian counter stroke, while the Crown had always wanted to contain the war to the quarry, it would seem the dryad had other ideas. After the whales attempt at placing a fort on the Fraternland coast it was clear a contingency plan needed to be made, as such Operation Sideswipe was created, should the Dryad commit to a full-scale assault on The Island holding of the Crown then the local naval forces were to force them to fully commit their naval assets to the cause while the rest and the reserve military forces were to in act an invasion of the Dryad homeland with all Dryad naval assets engaged in the Battle of Kalport nothing would stop them from sailing to and land our forces on their land.

Once landed All military assets would be given the green light to Conquer the enemy taking Life force from those that resisted and refused to surrender, The Fraternian people would not go quietly into the night!

also we bolt and drain the hell out of any living plants that the dryad try to use against us.

Any ship flying an unknown flag, or none at all, will be inspected. This is standard procedure, but important to note. Naturally, should a ship be detected and clearly be manned by the Fanw Forsaken savages, it is to be dealt with via broadside and superior speed and maneuverability until the ship slips under the waves, after which the ship will leave any surviving crew to it's fate. However, if by chance the captured Dybet Flagship is sighted, it is to be reported and a large naval force sent in to capture the vessel. Ideally usage of cannon will be quite useful in clearing the decks via grapeshot, and the internal area's can be cleared by a mix of Coeden Fwyell and a few Meistri Rhyfel.
-While Calibrus was established to aid the fight for harmony within, it can not sit blindly to the Discord of outside world itself. The Maestros of stone gather to spring forth a wall of Earth to embrace the town into the warmth of its protection. Here, the only worries allowed within these walls are for the ones suffering from this Discordia.

>Found a military school that teaches the arts of war.
-The art of the concussive not spread like wildfire among the Simfuni of Theatra. Many sought to hear this note for themselves, and all who did was blown away at its potential. While only a few among the general populace were able to gain proficiency in the art, most that did would go on to use it in standard songs, true to their performative nature. For a few this was a startling realization that war, is indeed, an art, like the one who perfected the concussive strike. Seeking out this maestro of war, these few war-minded individuals gathered to discuss the philosophies and nature of war. This would be the first of many gatherings as all came to slowly understand that war should be appreciated for what it is. And from this group sprung the first school of war in the Simfuni culture. To them these philosophies would come to be known as the Maqam.

The army pulls west, and then north, following the road towards the Turtle-Shadowfolk market. There, Entente builders, spearheaded by the defense-minded Turtles, have erected a sizeable fort to safeguard the precious market and the temple to Achroma that stands over it. From behind it's impressive walls, the Entente can recoup and reinforce their numbers.

New implementation of anti-mole siege should tip the scales in favour of the defenders now, and the Shadowfolk look to make the Co-Op's further efforts more difficult in their own usual manner, employing stealth. While the majority of their forces will stay to man the walls, small teams of Do'laroshans will perform night-time infiltration of the Co-Op army, wherever it may be. Their target is to cripple the Co-Op's siege capabilities, sneaking into enemy camps under cover of darkness (both normal and magical) to silently sabotage any ballistae, catapults, or other tools that may aid in taking down the forts that now stand between them and Do'laroshan lands.
Posted on behalf of the Turtles

1. Build a lvl 2 fort by the Entente market.
2. Claim land by the whales (grab the area where your new forge and farm are) with their permission. If not claim land nearby, we are building up the staging ground for the goblin war
File: file.png (44 KB, 452x313)
44 KB
Posted on behalf of the Gali

>Action 1: Magic Enhancement, Durability
Hunters gather, standing some tens of paces apart, pacing about one another like the sun to the moon. The tension in the air is cut quick, by the crack of spears and rocks being throw with speed not unlike that of the yet unknown war canons of the east. The objective of the duel, however, is not to dodge, of course. But to receive! Those who can splinter a spear with chest are commonplace, the true prize is the glory of turning a stone into gravel with one's forehead.

>Action 2: Magic Enhancement, Extra Limbs
Many try, and still many fail. It is not too uncommon to see irritable hunters wandering about with a third arm, though it would appear to belong to a child. This failure may yet still be the kindling required to fuel the rage to complete this seemingly impossible goal.

>Action 3: Road Construction, Part 1

>Action 4: Undead Purge
These grotesque abominations have been a plague to our southern hunting lands for too long! Hoarding riches, resources, and edible livestock, in contrast to those who own them.

>War post?
Hunters head for the undead city, killing and pursuing those they encounter along the way.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

1. Expand across the river into the hills.
2. Welcome our dwarven friends with a farm and forge of their own
> First action: create our mighty ships, the Bak-der
Aka “weaponized moving mass of dirt”
The moles are tired of this land-based conflict - so why not move it a bit?
Of course, the blind moles can’t navigate a battle that efficiently while at sea, with so many smells, so the Taknabian fleet is composed of great platforms of wood carrying a huge mass of dirt, rocks and sails, filled to the brim with crossbow and rakatak bolts.
These are not to be fighter ships, no, they are to be troop transports, shields for other coop fleets and ammo stocks to assist troops overseas.
Although, they will obviously have rakataks.

As is clear, their maneuvering ability and speed are abysmal, which is made up with by great resistance and ease of construction (it’s literally wood with dirt)

> 2nd action: create Ora-kal
The Ora-kal, the finders of shadows, shall be a new section of our military, built specifically to root out and eliminate every shadow infiltration.
They shall be trained to smell them, to feel the shift in the air of their presence- for what do shadows matter, to one who has no eyes to see?

> war-post: slow avalanche
The mole men rest, simply guarding their positions while their new maritime brethren are sent to brave the waves and return victorious

GFU is doing a really weird invasion, the rightmost invasion is basically doomed to be intercepted and the left one won’t go undetected either due to flying right past Daith.

I think that 0% of his navy is defending kalport and it’s all dedicated to this invasion so our mission should be a breeze.
A third of all my naval forces are defending kalport, as Bandru'ii has already said before they are using everything they have for this attack, meaning they are committing everything to it, leaving nothing to stop the remaining 2/3s of my naval from doing this invasion, along with my naval defenses on the island itself, the place is heavily defended, and has sailers and soldiers willing to fight to the last man to defend it.
File: map48.png (1.12 MB, 2048x2628)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG

The Clade(s) of Cordatta/Ganne have now had practice against the enemy, revealing their potential weak areas. The noise and confusion of battle cannot be understated. A host of tactics to keep order, training against the observed Fraternian forms of combat, and a thousand other minor improvements to whip the Trees into fighting shape.
The Sentinel Mundane are sent out amongst the ranks, to observe the Men & Morphs in their ways of magical warfare. Only battle will tell if they are effective in their observations.

Unhappy with the current gold-copper alloys, especially as their patina are often blacker than Dyne silt. The forges are tasked with the production of some metal with the strength of steel, but lustre of gold. Their attempts are complete failures, gold and iron simply do not alloy. There are some initially promising results with the addition of copper, but the metal is hopelessly brittle. The final trial is something painfully simple, steel, covered over with gold leaf.
Guided by Madoc Protheroe, loyal Dyb halt their raiding, breaking for the river. Bodies of both Rabbit and Anubisid choke the flow and stain what little water that does run crimson. They are pulled up onto the shore, in frantic search for if the Pharaoh or heir are among them. Great cries ring out as a father finds his son, he cradles his cold, damp body closely to himself. Undeterred the hunt continues until at last, devastatingly, the body of Uni is found; Her throat has been slit so deep she is nigh decapitated. Worse, wrapped tight against her in her cloak, is Soteriaeth. By some miracle, as he is pried loose, he stirs, coughing up water. The attending Dyb pray aloud that he may be saved.

Inculcation Forge complete & typical Paskian paranoia flaring, an additional layer of heavy stone walls are erected. The Minister War Academy too rises, against the inner west wall, and soon fills with prospective War Ministers.

[Waxing Crescent]
By the grace of good winds the stolen Wepawet mac Lir flagship, though low with cargo, is carried far through the freezing waters. Past sheets of white ice, (>>4925435) a swamp heaving with fat turtles, and (>>4928544) near-endless stretches of net-enclosed fish farms, before cresting a rocky bluff & coming to rest in a shallow natural bay. Here they must decide, continue west, or make landfall.
The Ikutesen flower is difficult to propagate in pots, but larger troughs designed to closely mimic their native woodlands find much greater success. As such however, they are far rarer than would be liked, and so much of the native plant is harvested at great risk, with the poison then extracted. The troughs are sent with the escapees, and the poison sent as instructed.
"Son! Son! Calm, please!" Beni holds up his hands in plea, "Benmi know I did only what I thought was best for the Oni, and of course for you, my boy. Here in the Hells I feel young! I am free from my mortal body. Son... I am old. Older than you even know, were I to stay in the world I would have soon become bent and drooling like the foolish ancients who still cling to their half-life. I did what was right, I see, and feel," he says rubbing his nose, "that you are blessed among the Devils, hellfire rages within you."
He lands heavily onto the ground, billowing dry earth up around him. When the ever fattening Satyr finally stirred, the air close to the ground having noticeably less smog, he hacks and coughs in a pathetic, overwrought display. When no one comes to help him, he sits himself up and loudly proclaims his latest vision, "What chokes the air is evil, miasmatic spirits! A ritual must be performed to chase them high into the sky where they will be burnt up in the sun!" Proud of himself he orders Oni to lift him back into his chaise and carry him out of this awful place. The priests of course are left behind to figure out what that ritual actually is. After many trials it is found that an extremely precise playing of the life chords can wave away the pollutants in air.
Trapped Lightning is a wonder to behold whenever the rainy season or summer storms come. Most Oni see it only as an amusing novelty though, or worse, as a dangerous meddling, but such worries are not enough to stop Soken. He continues to refine his lightning rods, attaching them to the highest trees and spires, with laboriously hand-extruded wires of copper drawing the electricity to an array of storage tests:
>Solid blocks of copper - 𐄂
>Tangle labyrinths of copper wire - 𐄂
>A vat of water - 𐄂
>An intricately cast golden idol of Saagfuru - 𐄂
>Hindo's stupid idea of a stack of alternating Gylden coins -

[+3 PE]
A long stone road is laid up to the edge of the hills, easing the war efforts.
Meistri Rhyfel are warriors above all, over all others, masters of weapons martial & ranged, and of course of their own bodies.

>Everlasting Waters
A final stretch covered, and the procession of the royal dead arrive at the Angos Cove. At Aphthys.
(>>4930310) Well stocked and well armed, the great force of Laga swim brazenly into Kalport and blockade it. They croak out in Albionic: "Lay down your weapons, cast not your magics, and no harm shall befall you."
Hari'tun ammunition is delivered to a good percentage of the fleet, general instructions given, and a prayer to Old Pa'pa clicked.

Having already once been overrun by Goblins, Turtles move uncharacteristically fast to protect their beloved market from the coming horde.
The population on the island of Deinos slowly grows, but their resource needs outgrow them as they prepare for war against this Goblin infestation.
There is a commotion in the palace courtyard, as a strikingly familiar face rides in upon a truly enormous boar. She slips from it, and tosses her impressive silver beard over her shoulder. "Well now, didn' expect to be back 'ere so soon, eh!" who else but Kamena makes her (re-)acquaintance with a head nod, "Ya majesty. I'm 'ere about me prize pigs." [IC?]
There is great mourning throughout the holdings for the death of Thadthrunr Badion, that he had led the Dwarves of the sweltering jungle to success in such harsh environs was a testament to his fortitude. Glovan, likewise, had already taken over some of these roles with his father's failing health, and done a superb job of it. (>>4928826) As to Bavir, that hedonist, is rich enough off his lakeside ventures to never be bothered with again, least of all because of his perversions. Rumour has it he rides around on an Oni's broad shoulders with a whip!
How pleasant that others who appreciate the simple apple should be found in this new world. They are welcomed to the new town of Glazchorkurg with garlands of blossom, and thimbles of Ichor. Far south in warm Zadulkodt, the fishing idea takes off! Soon heaving nets are being pulled up from the waters. In even more abundance are oysters, and a large eel species which feasts on them.

>Big Totem
[+2 PE]
The Warband, larger now than they had been seen leaving with, arrives at Home-Place. Zhog angrily leads them, barging past the fortified entrance screaming out for Big Boss. He is enraged, not the weaselly coward that had been sniggered at during the Queen's tea-party so long ago.
It doesn't take much to convince the wargs to join them in battle, it is almost as if the beasts had been only waiting for such an ask! Of course, once they have tasted blood, they are unfit for anything else but war.
Goblin cities become madhouses of invention, for which only the Goblin inventors know the workings, and use. A number of bamboo pipes bring water from the rivers into and out of Arstruk-Onu seemingly at random, large spinning sails sprout from the rocks of Rusmo-Naza to drive grinding wheels without grist, the plains of Ongu-Slag are planted with thorn-bushes where fleece is said to magically sprout.

Kalport is the obvious target of the Cooperative, isolated from the mainland, bordered by the enemy. Thankfully the Sennites do not have the total control of the Xira they believe they do, merchants continue to transport supplies around the islands, though admittedly many less of them & convoyed by great warships. Aboard one such vessel are a number of ballistae carried, to be installed upon the northern wall and dock towers of Kalport. Along with them is brought the stone necessary to complete the fortification of the city, including the starts of sea walls.
A number of minor improvements are implemented to the design & manufacture of the railed gonnes, bringing them up to just under the power of powder gonnes. Theoretically they should far surpass their powder counterparts, but there are most certainly forces of which the Men of far off Andreth are not aware, nor are their sciences capable of understanding. [Hard Tech Limit hit: Functional railguns only proven in 1917]
How such a thing came about is subject to many a myth or rumour; a jar of tar is dropped on a candle, a charworkers cup is left too close to the pits, Vaygr Himself came to the monks with the message. However it came about, the idea is planted for a thrown weapon which explodes upon contact. Thin walled vessels of clay harvested from the Little Keye prove most effective, with a number of possible types: Lime, wicked coal tar, sifted flour, etc., etc..

[+1 PE]
(>>4929202) Their flagrant attack against the Yadi cannot be forgiven. The Goblins of Deinos must die. The might of the Drya army end their march in the near-lifeless sands, and put an end to whatever green, squirming thing infects them. Close behind them follow their navy, indiscriminately raining steeleaf arrows upon the squalid nest of Zutô-At.
Many precious gifts, having been traded from all over far Syph, are buried in the sacred earth tended by the Purebreeds. What sprouts from them is entirely unexpected however, as the tiny green sapling grows, and grows, and grows. An enormous stalk support a single, drooping seed pod. In a tyrn, the pod turns from green to brown, drying out, before gently opening up. Inside is a creature less than half the size of, but proportioned as, a Dryaven. It's soft bark is the colour of burnished bronze, and where an ape has a head, here flowers a white lily. It descends with grace from it's pod, and gazes up at the Purebreeds, and Giver above them. [Drylium in doc]
So much sap been given, t'would be a shame not to continue experimenting, but this time for a pseudodrya species which will banish the dark of moonless nights. A species of mahogany is chosen for it's amplitude of flowers and hardiness. The growing is painless, if a little slow, but the greatest surprise comes when it blooms. Alas it does not beam as the sun, or at all! The Purebreeds sigh for their failure, but as the autumn comes the tiny flowers give way to distended pods which glow like Shiape oil lamps. [Lampoules in doc]

From the surrounding Taqsim, earth is called up round and high to protect their city of Calibrus. It is a sight to behold as it is being sung to be sure.
Away from sensitive ears, the Conservatoire of War is built low in the mountains. Here the concussive bellows can be sung without worry, and almost as importantly, spectating tourists can easily watch.
The Entente are not fighting conventional enemies, they do not come with catapult and demands, but tunnelling beasts and spirit-talkers. Novel opponents require novel fortifications, leading to spiked foundations, pits of stinking sulphur, and trapped floors to prevent any unwanted ratty visitors.
The dozen or so Shadows still within the walls are ordered out, but to first collect whatever valuable information they can. Most escape without notice, and one promising young Do'la helping three others make it out with a cleverly thrown voice, but alas two do not leave the Quarry. They are caught scaling the wall, sniffed out by those bastard Molerats, and pierced through with bolts of Blackstone, their murderers then standing over the bodies & gloating to each other. Their sacrifice shall be remembered (and quite possibly avenged). As to the collected information, it is as follows:
>The entrance is below ground, a slope leads to a heavily guarded access into the western fort.
>Guard duties overlap, but as activity lulls so too does their stringency.
>This aside there is a section of wall, technically within Turtulean lands, which is farthest from any access and therefore the least surveilled.
>The dark Goblins which mine much of the stone are surprisingly fragile and still easily tricked. This is where much of the requisitioned Blackstone was acquired.

The same frenzy to conjure a body armoured like tanned hide has been repeated so often, it can be performed with little thought, with only marginally more thought to better the effect; Something tougher is wanted, skin like steel. New scourges are fashioned, the rage enhanced, the body toughened.
The flow of rage within the body is better understood, including the flow into the magically grafted limbs. This allows for more consistent results, especially for those particularly capable in the arts. Those with older grafts may have them magically severed, and the newer methods applied, the residual rage of their past ridicule is all the better for it in fact.
The centre is located, a place of spiritual power. From that point the roads are laid, with those made to the eastern and south-eastern temples halted by the rocky outcroppings.
The Undead are nothing more than craven vermin, who flaunt their hoarded wealth in the faces of the hunters. They must be destroyed.
[B] Recent seismic activity worried the elders dearly, but save a few loose roof tiles, there has been no damage. Worry soon becomes elation, as news quickly pours in that the movement of the earth has uncovered two springs in the highlands, which have already made headway through the sands. Over the tyrn, and without any Bovine intervention, groves spread over the hills and valleys!
For the first time the Durranos stray from their dual rivers, up into the Danos hills. (>>4929082) Here they set out to make the Dwarves feel welcome, providing ample farming acreage, along with a well furnished smithy.

[+2 PE]
Everyone said the Imnaki were daft to build rafts filled with dirt, but they built them all the same, just to show them. They sank. So they built a second fleet. Those sank. So they built a third. Those caught fire, capsized, then sank. But the fourth fleet stayed floating.
The Ora-kal are sent into the Quarry, to sniff out whatever Shadows may be foolishly attempting to hide. Even the minor scent trails they have left are followed, frantic hidden lines around the earthen tunnels and cliffs of Blackstone, right up to the walls where the last two interlopers are attempting to climb up, laden with illicit rock.


-The Second Purity Wars: The Fall of the Pure-

The impure will know the kind of taint they bring upon the land, as phials of poison are worked into the earth, thrown through the streets, dumped into the cave-waters. Alas they set only a few fires before the wicked forces of Men and Dyb manage to fire upon them. Their sacrifice will not be in vain, they have done the most noble and pure works against the evils of the world! The automatons at last emerge north of the mountains, drained to the last. No matter, this is one of the Men's favourite tasks. The walls of Kaa'Raat are blasted open, the army swarms in, the city of purity is razed to its foundations. Fires rage over the lands of the Rabbits, and a sweet inebriating smell mixes with the smoke.
The long slow march of the Fanwen continues after finding a ford near enough inside the forest of some strange bipedal Turtles, and the land swept for Usagi. The handful left are summarily executed. The next target, the smouldering city in the hills. They faintly see the pennants of the Wepawet mac Lir in the far north, headed west at considerable speed.
Whatever ships that remain seaworthy are boarded, ordered out of the river, and after the flagship. Those bastard Bunnies will pay for what they have done to Uni! Yet no matter how hard the Anubisids row, whichever god reigns over these icy winds does favour the Rabbits above them.

-The Aphthys Affair: Dawn Raid-

It begins as soon as the first rays of the suns light creep over the horizon. The sky is red as fresh blood, an auspicious portent for the Gali. Through the forest they scour, easily slaying those in the outlying shacks, searching & killing until not one corpse remains moving. Farther south they push, tearing down the charcoal piles and lumber mills in hopes of something else to murder. Still farther, into the fields, the Skeletons are disassembled with glee. The cattle are slaughtered in their pens, the Gali feast well on them, even the entrails and bones. Not yet sated, they make east for their prize. As ravenous wolves they close in, blood smeared and howling, crashing through the flimsy wooden gates, into the streets of Aphthys.
The city is a maze of stone and half-timbers where even the Do'la occasionally get lost, but this does not stop the horned beasts of the ice. Their fury carries them, breaking through doors or windows, tearing apart civilians and guards as if they were cloth dolls. They raid the larders and stores for more to fill their bellies, then turn to looting. It continues until they can no longer sustain their rage, but even sapped as they are, the walking dead can put up little in way of attack.
Riders are sent to the Dusk Market for aid.
-The Blackstone Conflict: Battle of Kalport & The Valmad Landing-

At the heart of the conflict, a stalemate is reached. Each side withdraws to fortified safety. Whilst the Dryads raid the lower Trench, the Shadows cause a steadily growing pile of annoyances; cutting ballista cables, random bouts of magical darkness or silence, stealing rations, etc..
It begins with the arrival of the Whales, those betrayers, who demand surrender. They are the first to feel the force of Fraternian ballista bolt. There is a twinge of painful regret with each loosing, each mournful wail, each dead Laga. More troublesome is the living seaweed they bring with them, who chip away at the docks & ships therein, but a good severing bolt sends them off. But this was merely a prelude, as more than half the might of the Sennite naval forces now assails them. Unfortunately for the Dryads, the Great Canal cannot accommodate their new larger ships. More bolts are loaded, hulls are blasted through, ships are sunk, but it is just a scratch. Boats are rammed, boarded, set ablaze. Still, it is too much, the water is choked with ships on all sides. It is a confusing melee of bolt, beam, and branch.
The enemy caught up in such a fracas, Fraternian forces sail brazenly past Kalia and Dopio, landing on the shores of Old Valmad. Here, in civilian lands, their life force magics are devastating. Spiteful vengeance drives them, draining the very land to fuel their continued rampage. Nothing save the Apothecary's Dream is spared, but only for as long as it will take for a decision on it to be made. Not even the pilgrims at the stump of Valmad are given amnesty, they too are felled by steel and magic. Sen weeps.
The Council of the Blackstone Cooperative calls a meeting in Londision, this war has gone on long enough. Representatives from each Cooperative nation involved are called for. [IC]

-Thios Massacre-

The Drya crash over the sands as an angry wave, slaughtering whatever stand against them. The walking Trees may be felled with adze or bolt of Blackstone, but precious little has reached the outlying colony. Their rampage continues right up the dense tree line of Zutô-At. Drya have yet to see such trees, and are therefore somewhat loathed to declare war against them as well as the Goblins. Drya naval forces blockade the little jetties of the "city", only able to sail so far. The attack being so sudden, the Goblins are totally under prepared, it is only their difficult location that spares them.

-Battle of Kalport Addendum-
>...a prelude, as more than half the might...
is now rewritten as
>...a prelude, as nearly the full might...
File: HDS Flag.png (11 KB, 900x600)
11 KB

1, 2, and the Warpost:

With the forces of the Colonial Guard finally on the other side of the mountains, it is clear the Grittidim have left. According to all allied information, they are completely gone! This is fantastic! All land formerly occupied by the foe is to be completely razed of all signs of habitation. Farms burned, villages torn to pieces, the very ground set alight (with non-chemical means of course) and the ashes tilled to create fertile farmlands! All mines are to have flames and igniting substances sent down their shafts to burn out or suffocate any foolish enough to have taken shelter inside. Obviously the lands will be officially claimed by the Human Dictat of Sylph as frontier territories, designated for colonists to soon inhabit. Should we come across any known locations of trapfields, obviously the area will be saturated with incindiary fire, and the area after swept by Golems to set off what will be terribly ineffective leftovers. After all, what foe fighting us would set traps specifically for the Superheavy infantry? Regardless, the grandest triumph has been the razing the inside of the Grittiidm capital. Now, let us finish it. Remove EVERYTHING. The walls, the foundations left over, let not a trace of them exist where the capital once stood, where anything of theirs once stood!
(Rumor, please!)
Benmi didn't want to listen to his father for he is right. He's getting old and he hates seeing his papa being frail and weak. He just couldn't stand it! With tears in his eyes, he ran off to fight something strong to distract himself. Beni sighs though he was smiling; he knows his son will prevail at anything he set his mind to. Just like his papa!

1. Mastering Electricity: Success! They have finally done it; the power of gods has been bless onto them! So, the next question is...what the hell now? The possibilities were endless though that was making the Oni confused. They never knew they could do this; it almost like the gods are playing a prank them. Well, Soken wasn't going stay dumbfounded anymore. He has more research to do! Such raw new power still needed to be refined and thought through lest disaster is cursed upon Oni. Soken and his handpicked fellow researchers continue researching ways to harvest and control electricity. From improving wiring to making sure it doesn't cause fires (there's rumor there's a sticky substance that stops electricity , refining cropper to better conduct, creating batteries to store and send electricity to planning this "electrical grid" Soken is excited about. (research electrical engineering)
2. Gigantic production: This new source of power hasn't gone unnoticed by the merchant class. A spy in Soken's group told them of the wonders of electricity and how it could lead to many new things like electric powered Oni workers!!! (Well, this was a exaggeration due him seeing Hindo getting electrocuted from a experiment and running everywhere). Faster workers means more money! The merchant class screamed with joy and quickly pour loads of money into the group to also research better and quicker ways of creating the things they need for electricity. They also rain money to commission all artisans of all fields; from artists to construction workers to ship builders, create a new better standard in the production of items for soon new items will be created. Faster workers with faster molds! (improve mass production to uber mass prodcution)

The war continues, the fight against the Fanw Forsaken continues. And the army continues to march. Yet, even so more improvements can be made. The Gwaywffyn Mynydd are a backbone of our army, the most numerous when one counts the Gwaywffon Ifanc. Yet, their job was vital for holding a proper formation in combat, for keeping cohesion in the many ranks, and for holding ground and keeping the enemy at bay. The Gwaywffyn Mynydd are good spearmen, yes. Perhaps the best of all the peoples back on familiar coasts, but that isn't enough. Home is peaceful. Home is not Fanw Forsaken. Home has been clensed of the darkness. Here, things are different. The Gwaywffon Mynydd need one thing to be instilled into them, one thing to make them greater than any other and better than anything the enemy could ever throw at them. They need to be an immovable wall for our enemy. To do this, drill is needed, yes. However something more is also needed. Comradery and unity. By making them value their unit and brothers and sisters in arms and instilling this greater, every casualty changes thoughts from fear of death to vengeful determination. Let our glistening spear tips become an unbreakable wall...

Meanwhile, the army continues. Yet orders have changed. They are to continue marching as they had been, yet kill no more. Instead, they are to capture. The savages have vanished. There is a reason for this which we must find out. The Fanw Forsaken don't simply vanish once light shines upon them. Only with Blessed Steel are such removed. And there is only one way to learn this for sure. Any and all found are to be subdued and interrogated. Their vile tongue will be learned, and from there, we can glisten insight into their disappearance. Naturally, much in the way of restraints will be needed for the savages, and they will be joining those before them once their use to us is gone, but we will get the information we desire sooner rather than later. The debt in blood that they took from us in their wanton slaughter has yet to be repaid.

Molwch fod yn Fanw. Bydd y bwystfilod yn cael eu lladd.

>Action One. The Backbone needs improvements. Let the Gwaywffyn Mynydd be our unbreakable wall.

>Action Two. Interrogations. Learn their Fanw forsaken tongue, and everything else we can.



The soldiers and those at home are restless with how few have been seen since their forces ran from us to deal with our allies...There has to be more. The Fanw Forsaken do not fade so easily...

Continue the advance.
Capture any that we can.
Learn where their sickly ilk are.
Force them to repay the debt.
Action 1 and 2: The Sentinel Mundane

As before but better. Let them be unmatched in their slaughter of mages, for they are most wretched.
The existence of these GFU witches is against the very will of Sen, even their births are mistakes, kill them all and let not a single runt survive, these are the cries of the great and righteous Carvil’ax’seset inquisitors, unseen agents, assassins and riders and archers and more.

War: (The first of many)
The Florakinetic Carvil’ax’seset had not been sent to fight in the north for obvious reasons such as the north not having any trees to manipulate, but now may serve in battle in the defence of their homes.

The exaggerated power of GFU bolt magics now meets the actually developed Plant magic of the Carvil’ax’seset in the middle of a forest, perfect.


The GFU does not have the means in any way at all to drain a forest of life, do stop wanking them off.

Deploy Valmad, as Valmad is a non-living entity and I have described him as such before like all totems or spirit weapons he is immune to life-altering magic.
Due to not being alive.
He is an inanimate object.
I will repeat again, he’s not alive.

This means he can only be dealt with by the GFU using conventional weaponry, of which they have little that can scratch valmads exterior, especially not before Valmad unleashes the extent of his magical arsenal to howl the trees into a rage and have them rip the GFU to pieces and blast apart the fraternitans with spiritual assaults.

The Sentinel mundane focus on attacking specifically life mages, slaughtering as many as possible as is their job.

The florakines move to mass murder general GFU infantry, they invaded the wrong forest nation and will be cast back into the waves.

The ward against fire is still up.

The GFU absolutely does not have the capability to drain an entire forest of lifeforce, I will just state this since they seem to believe they can, do you have any idea how many trees there are?

He is a totem of such overwhelming power thag he is designed to be a one man army, perfect for dealing with this tiny fraction of an invasion force.

Valmad, the Sentinel Mundane and the Florakinetics are deployed to extinguish this invasion attempt by the GFU and save the land while they are at it.
Warpost intermission:

All the reasons why a totem is immune to life magic bolts, vol 1:

A totem is a nonliving (read: important) structure infused with a spirit, and specifically designed to contain this spirit and not let it escape, think of it like a gravity well where the higher quality a totem is the more massive the gravity well, the more effort is needed to escape the totem.

Life magic bolts involve severing the life essence of an individual from their physical body.

A totem has no life essence to begin with, due to again being non-living, but even if it was to be in some way effected which it would not be, the intense amount of engravings and patterns on the totem would continue to bind the spirit to prevent it being displaced from the totem in question.

Valmad is not an ordinary specimen of a totem, he is the grandest and most powerful of his kind, the collective gestalt of thousands and thousands of dryads over the years into a single gargantuan spirit that is bound to a container so expertly crafted that for its cost in manpower and resources to construct one could make a whole new country.

His totemic body is equal parts prison and dwelling, the inscriptions and form that go all across his body bind his spirit to the totem and allow him to manifest his unfathomable power freely in the material world.

Effective weapons against Valmad would be field artillery pieces, high explosives, napalm-based attacks and the like, none of which the GFU possess, entirely relying on their magic to be capable on the battlefield.

The Sentinel mundane further pressure this weakness by specifically targeting the GFU’s mages, which again cannot drain entire forests of life. They have to drain one tree at a time and then they have to spend the life energy they just got to begin draining another tree, it wouldn’t make any sense.

Regardless the sentinel mundane are in their element here, assassins freshly developed in Ash’sen chosen and now deployed to defend the homeland with Valmad and the Florakinetics.

We are only fighting an estimated 20% of the GFU military here to begin with, this tiny fraction of their military should be easily handled by an entity such as Valmad. It is not as if they have infinite mages either, stretched across all their navy and various battlefields like at Kalport.

How the GFU even knew to invade when we were distracted attacking kalport given how long an invasion takes to prepare and how far away their ports were is a question likely to be asked throughout the ages, the likely answer being they had precognition to time it within the few hours or so the fight lasted.
Let alone how they constructed a massive sea wall in just the several hours notice they had that proved enough to slow us down.

Thinly veiled complaints aside, Tremble before Valmad, he who has been disturbed. War is brought once more to his own forest, he is roused to action as the engine of war he was created to be.
Cont (part 3/?)

Even if, for some reason the gods themselves decided to be biased and expand the domain of life magic to affect things without lifeforce, the absolutely tremendous vastness of Valmads essence would be enough to render him immune from any such attacks due to there simply not being enough magic in a mage to affect his vast majesty, the king of the forest.

Valmad intermission over:


Deal with kalport, seize the port to choke the GFU fleets back to their other ports and finally secure the Xira.

On the matter of kalport it should be noted that aside from the whales possessing whales, they do also possess a sizeable conventional navy of boats, crewed by elven infantry and ballistas.

The false report of boats somehow getting stuck in the canal when they aren’t even there is dismissed with vehemence, and the dryad who cried wolf responsible for the mistake severely reprimanded.

We do expect of course more spamming of the fraternitans bolt attacks, which are rapidly eating into their food supplies and starving their citizenry, and are also ineffective against the armoured whales and anyone else they may fire them at.

The whales on their own are already highly resistant to bolt attacks due to being so huge and having so much life energy as a result, that is takes more than a fraternitan mage can even muster to displace their lifeforce, let alone sever it.
This is ignored however.

Regardless claiming kalport is of importance so we plan to get that done sooner rather than later.

The only thing that ever seems to get mentioned by battle reports are these fraternitan bolt attacks, giving credence to the theories that they are either vastly overblown in terms of effect and importance or the fraternitans simply have nothing else going for them militarily so nothing else can be reported.

In any case the development of the sentinel mundane to specifically cull this threat will force them to find something else to protect them from our wroth.

With our victory here the fraternitan naval capacity is cut down by a full third and their operational range greatly reduced, no enemy ship may even approach kalport without being fired upon.
Fluff|: Staying out on this vessel any longer would be foolish. It would be a tragedy on top of the tragedy that has already befallen the Usagi people. With that there is only one thing to do and that is to make landfall on this new uninhabited land where the white falls untouched. Using the natural cove as a place to store the ship, citizenry and army alike are moved off the ship as plans and preparations are made to begin a land anew. One that shall be able to topple the ones in the east, and one that shall wipe out any trace of the impure upon this blighted world.

1 action: Claim the land
In the name of the Usagi, this is where the new empire shall rise.

1 action: Build farms
Starvation is a matter that must be dealt with swiftly, homes and shelters can be formed in neat the lands that have trees. Stone will be harder to gather here but perhaps homes can be made out of material from the white expanse.

War post: We don’t know if it’s over yet. Decommission the ship and use it for parts, move the plants into an environment they can survive more naturally in, take the large iron objects they used to destroy our fort and set them up to take down any enemy ships. For now, our aim is to be as discreet as possible, being able to lick our wounds and rise once more.
>A second child
Rehilda's second pregnancy comes to an end with the birth of a second heir, and this time a Son! Glonion Laegratt is given a hearty welcome to the world, and blessed with the Ichor beneath the mid-day light at Guldfar's great temple.

>Action 1: Voktorz Lanterns
Bright, blazing Voktorkz has been used by Gylden Dwarves for the rare properties possessed of the metal for many a tyrn since first uncovered; but with cold and dark rumoured as abroad those properties are seen of higher and higher import to magnify. Retired from court life to his extensive workshop in Ederakung, Korek Laegratt works to enhance and unlock the properties of this substance he first gave name to. Binding with Steel and Brass to make strong mechanism about it, focusing with fine glass; reflecting with silver and strengthening with gold. Korek works with a small team of thinkers and metallurgists as they debate, discuss and bounce theories and ideas off one another, even hiring a runesmith to work alongside his group as a test of enhancements that might be written in this recovered field that is still something of a mystery to most Gylden.

He works to makes small lanterns that will blaze without need for fuel across the land, lanterns that will bring the light of gold into the dark places of the world. And he works to make larger lanterns with such strength and brilliance that the shadows themselves will melt away and any truth of them be revealed in beautiful light; lanterns such possessed of the Strength of energies of Guldfar that in circumstance might bring the full glory of His glow even into the darkest and most cold of nights.

>Action 2: A Growing Cutting
>Temple and walls for Tornebusk
Though the forest-folk of the tangle have for the most part kept to their isolationist ways where they could, with enough numbers there are always outliers. And today, these outliers are celebrated as the first pixies who felt a kinship with the goddess are inducted into full status within Æblemor's temple priesthood. With their own to speak for them and to them, and with land now cleared of the tanglewall to place new construction upon and allow the growth of new groves, a temple on Æblemorine lines is to be constructed on the outskirts of the Pixies's town of Tornebusk for these converts to offer their kin the protections from Snehvid enjoyed by the Dwarves. The growth and the tending of gardens that the Tanglefey once claimed to stand for will be recaptured in the tending of the gardens in the grounds; and for ones as diminutive as the pixies the Hedgehogs of the grounds will be not only a natural pest-control, but also a surprisingly formidable guard animal. Also, with the land around Tornebusk now cleared of the Tanglewall, the space is now free for the solid Dwarven walls once planned about the town to finally be constructed.
Madoc wishes revenge, however, he is soon subdued by the Blackguard. Their duty is to protect the Pharaoh, but though Uni is dead, Soteriaeth is too young, thus Madoc is the Pharaoh-regent and must be protected, whether he wants it or not. The Blackguard hold Madoc captive for now, until he accepts his new duty. Time will tell what the Anubisids will think of a Son of Fanw sitting upon the throne, though they could put the halfbreed there later, when he comes of age.

Action 1: Prospect further down the Dyne.
We have failed to make a proper alloy, gold plating steel means that scratches will expose it, to sight and the elements. Perhaps we simply didn't have the right metals for it, we still have much land yet to be prospected along the Dyne, not to mention the Ifri desert. It'll also be a good excuse to get more of our unruly youths out and about, to get some life experience, to build character, and expend that energy they used for the protest.

Action 2: Send the flagship-less Pharaoh's fleet to Prenhearn's ports.
We need to bring the Pharaoh back. But first, Madoc will have to return to the Protheroe Clan, to inform them of the grave news and put Soteriaeth in their care, for there are talk of troubles back in Dybet, best keep him safe until Madoc can confirm safety. Uni's corpse will be frozen by ice mages, so as to stave off decay until she is returned to her homeland, to be buried there like all Pharaohs before her, though the Protheroe Clan also gets to make funerary offerings, to aid her in the afterlife.
Move our army in the north along the road back the way it came, sending it back to our land with 15 tiles of movement.

The GFU want total war as they have begun razing our land, and so we shall give it to them, total war it is.

This northern skirmish is ended, they will need guard themselves against our full wroth.

As for the naval war we continue as we were, now ready for any GFU retaliation on the waves, generally preparing for an expected counterattack while we finish taking the port under our influence where we will then be able to use its infrastructure to make ships for our side of the war rather than the fraternitans.

Kalport will feel the brunt of starvation soon as their life mages eat through all of their cattle, and should hopefully surrender quickly given most of the kalport defenders have been slain.
(Added fluff)
Some artisans lament needing to use generic bases, but that's the beauty of it. It makes your imagination work harder to think creatively!
While King Benmi is away, his concubines are regents. The merchant class purpose a new beau be establish since times for changing and they must ensure Oni products are up of the highest quality! They suggest the Beau of Commerce and Product Standardization be created with one of their own named Hinshibabata, a meticulous Oni with a eye for details, as its Main Administrator. If a product isn't perfect, it is destroyed and recycle until it is!
Posted on behalf of the Gali

>Action 1: Mountain Paths
The roads through the rocky terrain are carved out, as straight as those across the ice, towards the epicenter of something much greater. A grand design masterminded by the greatest Gali yet, the same man who as a child possessed such a mastery over his rage he could conjure appendages at will. For once in the Tribe's history, the people have a unified effort beyond that of survival.

>Action 2: Magical Enhancement, Additional Limbs
More experience beyond the typical brawl in the undead lands is a boon in the progression of technique, and without perhaps any concerted effort, it seems the hunters have honed and improved their abilities passively.

Gallisans roam the streets, indiscriminately annihilating the walking rot, and feasting on that which is fresh. The undead who may flee into the water are pursued by those who believe themselves competent swimmers.
Those not laying waste to the city continue to stalk and roam the countryside.
> 1st action: make bigger and better boats
Our mighty vessels are the result of numerous attempts at a successful craft- they can be improved upon further.
We’ll begin with a wider floating base, to carry more material, then add reinforcements of wooden pillars and stone bricks to increase the structural strength of the whole.
As a finishing touch, we’ll add more sails and a couple of towers for sharpshooters. Our boats shall no longer be such, they shall be floating castles

(Wrangdan’s note: Lux you son of a salamander dont bullshit me by saying they can’t fit through the canal. I know your games)

> 2nd action: improve my army’s ability as a defensive force
The Imnaki are called back to the defensive lines, and as mighty as our sappers may be, we need an even better understanding of defensive warfare if we want to succeed and bring honor to our people.

Now, every time we are even SUSPECTING we might need to encamp, our armies (whose name I’ve forgotten dammit) shall raise mighty palisades and earthworks, as well as underground bunkers.
Rounds of steel-clad watchers shall patrol the camps, rakataks raised and Ora-Kai shall conduct constant inspections.
Our frontlines shall be as unbreakable as our armor

>warpost: tide recalled
Keep sending ships to assist the dryad efforts, while our land troops are sent back to defend the co-op territories from attacks by making fortifications and preparing the pre-existing walls to endure new assaults. None will break through
(Set up Trade Network with Dolarolo)With Pask significantly more secure than it was before and its people cared for, the Grand Ministry feels it can begin the slight turning of its focus to exterior matters, though only for the good of the people of Pask. The Ministry examines its resources and the peoples needs, and finds itself lacking below the level of significant reserves Pask seeks to achieve. With this deficit noted, the Grand Ministry sends a squad of Ministers to the Umbral Lands, led by the Elven Lord Minister Dradian, to begin negotiations for materials. As always he makes the demands of Pask clear, and seeks nothing but clarity in return. Thus the negotiations are short, as the Umbrals agree to regularly trade exacting amounts of Lead and Wood for a great portion of food. Lord Minister Dradian returns with this news, and soon the Ministry begins the regular movement of supplies to the Umbrals market. They place the materials, they take their supplies, and they go back to the sanctity of the land of Pask.

Action 1: Pask's current first priority is the creation of the rigorous training regimen for the Ministry War Academy. Through the War Academy shall go every Minister of every rank in the government, for Pask will allow no ineptitude in any that lead. In the Academy they shall be trained first and foremostly in the myriad arts of Paskian war, though with many applications to normal Paskian affairs. The first is the Clarity Doctrines, wherein the Paskian Minister is taught to always know the purpose of what they do at any time, what their enemy wants, and how to seek and obtain the goals of Pask regardless of the enemies determination to stop them. This culminates in a number of strategies and viewpoints, all with the goal of maintaining Paskian Supremacy.

With dogged purpose and great knowledge, they are then trained in the Enactment Doctrines, wherein they are taught the myriad tactics of combat. They are trained with near every weapon of Pask, though in particular its Giselle Blades and Dictation Clubs, balanced weapons meant for the deliverance of decisive strikes and the creation of stalwart guards. They are then trained in the functions of their gear, for in battle they are expected to bring the enemy low and shatter them, driving them forth into the muck on a much more personal level than solid formations and mass marches. The Paskian way of war demands Ministers disrupt the enemies formations and concentrations, and for the supreme skill and purpose ingrained in every Paskian to be shown clearly as they overcome each individual foe. The usage of mass formations is focused less, and more on individual initiative and skill grouped into small squads of units. Thus this aims to ensure no Paskian is overcome in a duel, and that they can force the enemy to see the true greatness of Pask with each micro conflict as they turn the battle to Pask's advantage.
Action 2: Pask also directs its attentions to the secondary wall layered around Obron. They name this wall the Heidron Wall, for it holds the purpose as a second great line of defense around Pask. Thus, its clear the Heidron Wall must be as sturdy and defensible as any other location within Pask. The Grand Ministry therefore takes a large number of runes and begins the application across the entire wall, with great focus and tedious efficiency ensuring the wall becomes magnified in durability and grandeur, so the enemies of Pask shall never be able to overcome it before Pask drives them into the mud.
File: Muh claims.png (26 KB, 658x266)
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Welcome the Paskians to the Sunset Haven (Market name, to go with Dusk Sanctuary in the West). Lead, barely used in the Shadowlands or beyond, is readily sold for more food, along with lumber as the Paskians demand. The Food is split threeways, shared between members of the Entente where necessary to help alleviate the difficulties of war.

Action 1 - Beef up our "Navy".
Our Fraternian allies have brought tales of the pitched battles they fight on the high seas. With the armies by the Quarry on standby, resting and recovering within the safety of their fort, the Do'laroshans look to emulate the warships of their allies, building bigger, more sea-worthy vessels. Black hulls and dark sails will hopefully emulate the Do'laroshan way of hiding that is so essential to their way of life, while many gold and silver coins are traded hands to secure some ballista that the Fraternians say is necessary for battle on the high sea.

Action 2 - Claim Pic Related Tiles.
On the high seas, scouting ships watch for enemy sightings, coordinating vessels full of supplies and colonists, across the waters. Making landfall on the empty lands close to enemy territory, nightfall see's them spread out and begin living off the warm, humid lands they now call home.

Up north, news of Paskians 'trespassing' into unclaimed parts of Dakan Grove make their way to the city. While not directly under Do'laroshan control, it's taking is still seen as somewhat of a crime, though little can be done about it at this time. Hastily, citizens are directed to quickly take what remains of the nearby forest under their protection.
Posting on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

Begin moving supplies from New Venezia to construct a fort in the bay of the town, from here we will conduct our blockade of the town. Goods will be searched, and only foodstuffs and essentials will be allowed to enter port, any other goods will be turned away or confiscated.

>final testing of Song of Silence spell
Posted on behalf of Megyros

Establish a temple in thanks for the blessing from our god, and work on renovation projects or restore buildings in accordance with my culture
Posted on behalf of the GFU

action one
rally the city of Kalport into a militia to defend against dryad and whale forces

action two
using the resources on hand to trap valmad, but rigging it to fall over crushing anything that falls to get out of the way in time

move my fresh undamaged navy to attack with full fury against the Blackstone cooperative naval forces besieging Kalport, with the way into the harbor choked with wrecked ships they will not be able to make port nor flee, we will wipe them out resecuring the waves, then will move to aid the beleaguered militia defenders.

With kalport being attacked by the rest of the GFU navy a decisive naval engagement has finally been found.

The various shipwrecks dotting the waters give a sizeable strategic advantage to us, as we can get to them first and station assassins or convert them into fireships, the presence of such shipwrecks severely impedes manoeuvrability highly limiting enemy ramming, while our vessels are already situated in advantageous positions.

The three navies present, the dryad, whale and fresh moleman navy expect to see not insignificant casualties, but from this battle it is hoped the struggle on the waves is fully ended as the oceans are secured in the wake of the GFU’s defeat against our combined might.

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