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Imagine making a quest that goes on a year long hiatus twice in three threads.

Imagine continuing that quest.

This is that dream come true.

Around two years ago I started a quest called Vegeta Quest, where we took control of pre-Saiyan saga Vegeta.

==Allow me to link it to you boys and girls:==

While no summary could be good enough for the good shit we've been through together, I'll scrap something up:

Vegeta, rightful holder of the title "Prince of all Saiyans" after the fall of his planet, has seen his life change in the past year. What looked like a simple mission to a low power level planet turned into a near-death situation and a complete disaster for Frieza's interests. After saving the life of his two servants, Raditz and Nappa, the trio set coordinates for Earth to hopefully meet Kakarot and heal their wounds with his help, exiling themselves from the Cold Empire.

They found that Kakarot had become 'humanized', unwilling to let go of his friends to join your ranks. Still, your weakened state did not leave you many options. In exchange for healing by the earthlings, you swore to not destroy or harm the population of the Earth and train with Kakarot for a full year.

After learning a variety of techniques from Kakarot and his reluctant comrades, Earth was invaded by the Crusher Corps, but through cunning and 'experimental' tactics, Vegeta was able to defeat Turles and destroy his ship, unaware that within were the seeds of the mighty Tree of Life. Turles then joined the Saiyans on Earth.

Kakarot, angered by Vegeta's actions during the battle with Turles, asked to duel Vegeta. After a long fight, Vegeta smashed Kakarot's limbs and rendered him unable to move, not before an intervention by a particularly angry Gohan. Tensions are high as the fighting was bloody, but it proved that Kakarot and Raditz were capable of great feats when spurred by their compassion.

Meanwhile, in exchange for saving Earth from Turles, the Brief family designed a powerful new armor for the Saiyans and were constructing a spaceship for Vegeta and his servants in order to find out if any other saiyan remnants still fight around the galaxy...
Our Vegeta is a princely one. Almost undefeated in battle, he lost vision in one eye, which is milky white, and wears an upgraded battle armor with a purple cape capable of blocking ki blasts that, along with his purple ki sword, provide him a regal look. His short stay on earth has revealed many things to him, first, that Saiyans and humans are genetically compatible, second, that the training methods there provide some powerful increases in power levels, third, that the genius of the Brief family could very well design a space fortress for the Prince.

Thus, Prince Vegeta, the brutish Nappa, the surprisingly compassionate Raditz, and a newly subjugated Turles prepare for their next move.

With that said, I'd like to announce a formal return of Vegeta Quest for anyone who is interested. The OP will come later tonight (GMT+1).

I heartily recommend reading the three threads. They're enjoyable and a lot of fun was had by past anons and I.

Posting the broad rules for the quest:

>system is a simple d100 vs DC. Application of 'best of x rolls' varies per roll!
>votes will last for ~30 minutes. Since I expect a very slow start due to the nature of reboots, I can conclude a vote at anytime to keep the quest going during my writing hours.
>dialogue choices are only there as guidelines of what I think Vegeta could decide on a single issue. Write-ins during dialogue options are highly encouraged.
>choices during battle may have higher or lower risks, and often entail higher or lower rewards. Bear in mind that sometimes, higher risks does not mean it provides a similarly high reward. Try to see which move is best for a situation, or even provide a write-in with what you think is best!
>Zenkai only occurs during a real battle for your life! You can't abuse it by being brought to near death during training, as you technically know your life is not in danger. Though if there is a real chance of death during training (for example, a gravity chamber crushing your bones) you may be able to increase even if not as much as after a real fight!
>You are not expected to be goody two shoes, and you are not expected to be pure evil bloodthirsty Saiyans. Saiyans are unique in that their nature is to be brutal and to seek fighting, but they can mellow out over time as Bardock and Vegeta demonstrated in the OG timeline, though they can hardly reach levels similar to that of a human. Do what you think is best for character development!
>Don't feel obligated to stick to Earth! You have spacefaring vessels, there's a Galaxy to explore, and I can always come up with some interesting choices.
>There will be a bunch of waifu options!
File: NappaFist.jpg (71 KB, 1280x704)
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Chapter 4: The way forward

After your honor duel with Kakarot, there was a clear tension with the humans. The blue-haired daughter of the Brief family did not speak to you or Turles as you oversaw the construction of the ship. Kakarot and his son no longer visited your capsule home.

For a Saiyan, this was not bothersome. You didn’t understand the fineries of these humans. But then again, Raditz had also become ever so slightly distant as he continued to visit his brother and his nephew. Perhaps seeing you beat his brother almost to death was too much for his softened heart. Or his defeat in the honor duel against Nappa had stung his pride too much.

You adorn yourself with a new suit of armor and cape today, watching the one-armed Raditz put on his gi and fly out to meet Kakarot after exchanging a few words with you.

Nappa, wearing the battle armor provided by Capsule Corps, returns from a hunt with a slain giant boar held by one hand, he drops it in front of the door of the house. You watch the skies as Raditz departs, arms crossed.

“Got us some food, Vegeta.” He says, landing beside you. He looks to the skies and senses Raditz flying away. “Still pouting? I did beat him pretty good, heh.” He says with a smirk.

“The earthlings are tense about our being here, Nappa.” You say. “And we need their technology to spur forward our expedition to find other Saiyans.”

“You know my opinion on these things.” Nappa replies. “We should not court the bastards, we should force them to do what we want.”

You stay still, in deep thought. As far as you can see, the most useful humans would not be cowed, and they are naturally compassionate and helpful race.
Thoughts that they instilled onto Kakarot.

Thoughts that increased his power level tenfold. Thoughts that made the Ki of Gohan reach levels beyond yours.

You feel a tingle in your dead eye as you remember that day. Had Kakarot’s spawn hit you with his headbutt, you would’ve felt it for weeks. His rage when seeing his gravely wounded father turned him into a primal beast.

“And yet Raditz almost beat you, and Kakarot was able to dent my armor.” You lead your eyes away from the sky and stare at Nappa. “And you saw what Kakarot’s kid did by the end of the duel.”

Nappa stays silent for a short while, unable to come up with an answer. “Well…” He finally says. “His power level spiked. Not the first time we see it.”

“But it is the first time we see a tenfold increment outside of Oozaru.” You reply, stern.

“Tenfold?” Nappa says, surprised.

“Your inability to properly learn such a simple technique astounds me.” You say, irked.

Nappa seems bothered by the quip, but he lets it go, likely out of fear and respect. “So what’s the plan with the earthlings?”
File: Raditz Good.jpg (74 KB, 736x943)
74 KB
>”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.”
>”Everything was done according to the rules. We won’t act for now. Our top priority is overseeing the spaceship project.”
>”Perhaps we could speak to Raditz about this.”
>”I’d like to speak to the blue-haired woman first.”
>”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.” but follow with I’d also like to speak to the blue-haired woman first.” when going into formalities.
>”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.”
I think i actually participated in the first thread, neato
No, wait, changing this to >>4970414 This dude's option, I didn't look at the latter half of what he said.

Eyyyy good seeing you back King!
>we're back!
>whew, that was a long update. aight, see y'all in 364 days
>>”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.”
>mfw it’s back
Nice to see you again, King. How have you been handling the ‘rona?
Supporting this.
>>”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.”
Oh shit I remember this quest. Good to have you back, King.

Should also probably mention that there's probably not enough Sayians left in the galaxy to safely breed, and inbreeding long enough will probably lead to stagnation.
File: Vegeta l.gif (1.23 MB, 480x360)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
Got a laugh out of me anon
>Nice to see you again, King. How have you been handling the ‘rona?
It had ups and a lot of downs but things seem to be getting back to normal now, thankfully. Hope you boys weathered the storm well too.

Thank you all for the warm welcome, now to write
File: Turles gi.jpg (29 KB, 768x694)
29 KB
”I’d like to reestablish formalities at the very least. Try to seem more… approachable to Kakarot and his allies.”
Nappa is obviously not quite impressed by the answer, though you’ve noticed his frustration is not the same as it once was. “If you say so, my prince.”

“I’d also like to speak to the blue-haired woman first.” You say.

He smiles deviously. “Of course you’d like to.”

A quick glare shuts him down. “Her infatuation with me simply eases rapprochement. Kakarot will be the easiest to convince, but the leaders of the Capsule Corps are the most important in the short term. They are devising our spaceship after all.”

Nappa sits down, thinking. “So, the plan is still to get out there and find other saiyans?”

“Of course.” You reply.

“You think Raditz will come?” Nappa asks. He seems sincere and worried.

“Yes.” You say, though some doubt gnaws in your mind now. How far will Raditz go after being softened like this?

With that, you bid Nappa goodbye. He heads off to prepare a fire to roast the boar and you head inside and put on some spare earthling clothing. You remember that blue haired woman giggling while her mother provided these. A neon pink shirt and yellow pants. You don’t know what’s so strange or funny about them, but it could help simmer down the initial tension.

You dress yourself up, go out the front door and fly up slowly at first, then crush the wind around you as you break the sound barrier.

It takes a little while to reach the Capsule Corps. As always, Turles is fiddling around with the ship. Making mechanical adjustments and making sure everything will be spaceworthy.

“And why don’t you design and build our ship?” You ask, arms crossed and flying down upright to make landfall.
Turles wipes the sweat off his brow and onto his capsule corps jumpsuit. “Well, I’m a mechanic. I leave the big stuff to the engineers.”

“Anything to report?” You ask.

Turles heads into the guts of the spaceship. “Well, Kakarot has come around to ask me if I’m his brother.”
A smile appears on your face, but you recede it. You felt your heart warm up at Kakarot’s silliness. You have to shake your head to drive those earthling thoughts away.

“I told him no. It’s just a common hairstyle in low class warriors. Doesn’t stop his kid from treating me like another uncle though.”

“And the spaceship?”

“Oh right, that’s still a while off. Couldn’t tell you how long just yet because these people come up with designs so fast. No one I knew in the Cold empire was this fast.”

“The fast ones were probably killed off for being too fast.” You say.

Turles comes out of the ship’s guts with a smirk. “Like the Tuffles? Heh. Brawn beats brains if they’re strong enough.”

“Did you fight against the Tuffles?”
File: MrsBriefDBZ.png (284 KB, 608x456)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
“I was born when the war broke out so I didn’t quite reach fighting age, even by the end of it. Though I did fight to defend villages, and heard some warriors say that I did some damage as an Oozaru at the end.” He smiles, as he cleans his hands. “That was a long time ago though.”

That would imply this warrior is in his early 40s. You sense his ki, which he does not yet know how to hide. The many times you’ve done so, you’ve tried to round it to a proper number. His power level is probably around 30.000. As far as you know, the only reason he hasn’t destroyed this planet and left is because… Well he doesn’t have a spaceship, but even if he did, he feared you in your Oozaru form. Sadly for him, not having a tail renders him much less powerful.

Still, he shows respect towards you as his Prince. Good enough.

“Where’s the girl?”

He tilts his head towards the house. “In her office.” He closes his eyes, concentrating. “She just hid from the window frame she was using to spy on us.”

Your eyes widen, surprised. “You’ve learned already?”

He shrugs. “What? It’s not that hard. It’s like learning to ride a plasma bike. Do it once, you’ll do it again.”

That was still very, very precise.

“Good work. Get on with the spaceship.”

“Aye.” Turles replies. “…my prince.” He says, after a short pause.

A little too sarcastic for your taste, but you’ll let it go for now. You head to the capsule corps house to ring the doorbell, but the blonde wife of the Brief opens right before you do so.

“Ah, my. The prince! I was just heading out to go shopping. Would you like me to get you some new clothes? Sunglasses, maybe? Groceries?”

“No, that is fine. I’m here to see…” It ticks you off to call her this way. “Bulma.”

“Ah yes, come right in. She’s upstairs. Poor girl is still so upset about how you treated Goku.”

Isn’t she upset too?

She seems to notice your reaction to that. “Don’t worry. I just say that we have to respect how Saiyans do things! Who are we to tell them not to hurt each other over pride?” Her optimistic tone does not quite fit the sentence she’s uttering.

She grabs her bag and heads out, waving you goodbye.

You enter the house and close the door behind you, heading towards Bulma’s office. You knock.
File: Bulma 2.jpg (163 KB, 1500x750)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Bulma slams the door open, her hair is disheveled and her expression pissed off. “What do you want? Who told you you’re welcome here?”

“Your mother.”

She angrily grips the door. “Of course she did. So what do you want?”

“I’m here to uh…” Now that you think about it, diplomacy isn’t the strong suit of the Saiyan race. “Speak.”

Her expression turns from anger to a mix of it and confusion. “Speak?! About what?!”

“About my duel with Kakarot.”

“Duel?!” She yells. “It was more of a slaughter!” She continues. “You hurt him so bad… He was broken!” The thought seems to almost bring her to tears.

You cross your arms. “It’s how we Saiyans do it.”

“I don’t care! You hurt one of my best friends. Don’t you know how that feels? To see a friend hurt?!” She looks at you with defiance. This has been so ever since the fight happened. Even though she is so much weaker than you, her stare is filled with hatred and defiance and never fear. If only she were a Saiyan…

Your mind tries to wrap itself up around the mentality of an earthling. You try to think of how you would feel if Nappa or Raditz were beaten this way in front of you. You think of the disappointment you’d feel over their ineptitude. But you also feel…

>Anger. You’d want to destroy anyone who dares attack your soldiers.
>Sadness. You don’t want them to suffer needlessly.
>Pride. You know they are good soldiers, and they fight for your ideals.
>Pride. You know they are good soldiers, and they fight for your ideals.
Honestly it's fine. Us Sayian grow stronger every time we fight. Goku will grow much stronger once he recovers, and we never intended to kill him.
Bulma should keep in mind that despite looking similar to humans, we are literally aliens. Biology, philosophy, society. All literally alien to humans.
>>Pride. You know they are good soldiers, and they fight for your ideals.
Also, explain to her the necessity of it. Frieza will not be pulling any punches and Kakarot needs to know that. He can't let his guard down or think they can be swayed like his other enemies turned friends. Was it too much? Probably, but it just goes to show the severity of the threat of Frieza.
Alright, I'll try to put these thoughts into the next post as well.
File: Bulma.jpg (31 KB, 491x375)
31 KB
“I know how it feels.” You say. “And I feel pride when I see a comrade hurt for the sake of our ideals.”
Bulma does not seem convinced. “Proud? Of what?”

“Of their sacrifice. The more we fight, the stronger we are. The stronger we are, the fewer foes can dare to stand up against us. That is the Saiyan way.” You smile. “Had it not been for us Saiyans, could you have defeated Turles?”

She looks away, towards the window. “I…”

“You couldn’t. He would’ve wiped out humanity and taken the Earth’s power for himself.” You walk into her room, looking down from the window. You notice Turles looking towards you, then continuing his work.

“I subdued him, because that is how the galaxy works. Its strongest empire is ruled by the strongest creature.”
She does not move from the door frame.

“If Frieza came here…” She says.

“There would be no battle. We would all die if we tried to stop him.”

“So what hope is there?”

“Us. The Saiyans.” You say, half-sitting on the window sill. “The more we fight, the closer we are to Frieza.”
“Can’t we…”

“Talk?” You finish her sentence. “With Frieza? Hah!” You laugh. “He would lift a finger and send this planet to oblivion.”

She turns back. “But you guys…”

You drop your smile. “Don’t say it. We have a deal with you and Kakarot.”

That seems to sting her in a way you don’t quite understand.

You continue, “We are aliens. Different to humans. Sure, we are physiologically and biologically similar, but there are many, many differences between humans and saiyans.”

“You’re not quite in the right with that.” Bulma says.

You look at her, surprised. “What?”

“Goku changed. Raditz is changing.” She says. “And from what I’ve heard from Raditz. It’s a surprise you haven’t genocided or enslaved the entire human race already.”

You glare at her but she is defiant. That fool Raditz. “You’d best stop that train of thought before we change our mind.”

“It’s the truth.” A smile appears on her face. “Saiyans can, in fact, mellow out even though they are a different species.”

Tch. You look away. “That’s not the crux of the matter.” You retort. “The fact is that eventually Frieza will find us. It’s a matter of time.”

Her defiant look turns serious.

You look at her, getting up from the sill. “That is why we must cooperate. While our species are different, our objective is the same: To topple Frieza.”

“Well, it’s not like the entire human race is riding along with this.” She says, her tone turning into sarcasm. “It’s just the Capsule Corps and the Earth’s strongest fighters.”

>”And that’s all we can use here.” You’re honest with the fact that the rest of the human race is probably useless.
>”And I thank you for your support.” Try to be friendly to Bulma.
>”We’ll make do.” Serious and realistic. Things aren’t so great, but you must try.
>”And I thank you for your support.” Try to be friendly to Bulma.
Gotta act like a proper prince.
Let's go for it.
>”And I thank you for your support.” Try to be friendly to Bulma
File: BbCfZv4.png (545 KB, 400x728)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Btw. I didn't roll for Goku's Zenkai boost after his beatdown. We'll do a best of three as always.

Roll 1d1500+1000. Best of three.

Since this was technically an honor duel and Vegeta wasn't likely to kill Goku, I'll give him a smaller Zenkai boost than the rest. Still, he was hurt pretty badly and you were both fighting as if it were to the death.
Shit, meant to write 1d2500+1000
Rolled 1631 + 1000 (1d2500 + 1000)

Forgot to put it on the rules! You can reroll if 5 minutes passed since the last roll.

The next update will be the last for the day and for a little bit, since I got plans for the weekend. The next session will have Piccolo goodness and we'll start to shape up our spaceflight crew.
Rolled 1090 + 1000 (1d2500 + 1000)


I might be an ratard
Rolled 1630 + 1000 (1d2500 + 1000)

An increase of 2630. Considering your last fight with Goku, that should be a total of 11.630!

Now to postin'
Rolled 349 + 1000 (1d2500 + 1000)

This zenkai isn’t over 9000, but it’s something.
Also, I am of the opinion that we must at some point create Trunks.
File: Bulma Scouter.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
“And I thank you for your support.” You say. It is true that just a few months ago you would never have been caught saying that. Can things change so much in so little time? Perhaps your allies not being condescending bastards who’ll stab you on the back at the first chance makes you be less of a condescending bastard who’ll stab others in the back at the first chance.

Eh. Whatever.

Bulma seems surprised when she hears your words. “I wasn’t expecting a thanks from you.”

“Relish them. You won’t get many.” You reply.

“Whatever you say, macho man.” She says. “Let’s make your visit worthwhile.” She heads towards a strongbox, opening it with a datapad and taking out a large scanner. “Check this out.”

At the press of a button, an interface pops up and, after a minute, it shows a number.

“Five saiyans in this solar system. The search radius is circular and takes into account all forms of life.” She says.
You look at it, amazed. This device is likely the most advanced radar you’ve ever seen. “You’ve done it this fast?”

“Yup, and it’s a modular device. You can plug it into the computer of your ship to expand the search radius and not spend hours waiting for it to finish if you want to encompass larger areas.” She continues, praising her invention with pride. “I’ve got experience with scanners.”

“With scanners? Why?”

“Oh! Uh…” She takes a hand to her chin and thinks. “We had to detect geological formations that were apt for mining. Took us a while. Government stuff.”

Huh. “It doesn’t detect half-breeds?”

“That’s a mean way to call Gohan.” She says. “It filters them out. Though you could set it up to detect them.” She continues. “But if there’s a half-Saiyan, surely the Saiyan would be there too?”

Not necessarily, no. But you keep that to yourself. “That is excellent progress.”

“Right? With this and your scouters…” She picks one she had laying on the table and activates it. “You should be able to find out where Saiyans are. I’ve taken the liberty to just have them show an ‘Unreadable’ warning when they can’t read past certain power levels. Having them explode seemed awfully inefficient.”

Something in your mind ticks. You feel your dead eye twitch and look behind you. Three relatively high power levels are coming in, fast.

Bulma reads it, “Oh, that should be Goku.”

You open the window and climb out, flying down besides Turles.

“He’s stronger now.” He says, resting from his work.
File: Gohankid.jpg (13 KB, 225x275)
13 KB
You smile, Kakarot is the third strongest Saiyan. You see him, his child and Raditz flying down. All wearing gi, and Raditz wearing his fur cape over his stump shoulder.

Raditz approaches you and bows. “Prince Vegeta. It’s good to see you.”

You wave a hand and he stops his bow. Kakarot and his son land. You notice a glare from the child, but Kakarot pats his head. “Calm down Gohan. Vegeta won’t hurt us.”

“Your miraculous beans are a great boon. What a strange planet this is.” You say. “Anything else you hide around here?”

Kakarot laughs nervously. “Yeah, it is pretty great here.” He says. “It was a good fight the other day. It had been years since I fought that hard.”

“You struggled well, considering our difference in power.”

“It made me see that I’m not all that strong after all.” Kakarot says, somewhat amped up. “I’ve got to train more, get stronger, and beat you.”

You cross your arms and let out a chuckle. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“I’m not.” He replies. That determined look in his eyes. He’s a foolish one, and yet…

You look at his child and sense a power level similar to Nappa’s before the explosion at Rekar. He’s clearly looking at your milky eye.

“Oh, by the way!” Kakarot says, changing the subject entirely. “Piccolo told me he wanted you to meet him in the desert.”

“Piccolo?” Turles asks.

“The Namekian.” Raditz replies.

“Oh. I did wonder why a Namekian would be here of all places.” Turles says.

“So Piccolo is an alien too?” Kakarot asks, befuddled.

“Yeah from a third rate planet.” Raditz replies. “They’re known for high power levels, but their planet is worthless and their species is inherently peaceful.”

“That’s crazy! A whole planet of people that are just as strong as Piccolo!”

Kakarot’s hype finds no support among the dour saiyans around him, and Gohan is simply confused.

While there is no reason to hear what the Namekian has to say, it’s not as if you have anything better to do at the moment.

“Well, I’ll take my leave.” You say.

“Mind if I accompany you?” Turles says in haste. “I’d like to speak to you.”

“Do as you wish.”

Raditz glares at Turles, then looks at you. “If he goes with you then so will I, prince.”

Turles crosses his arms and smirks. “What? Don’t trust a fellow Saiyan?”

“No, I just don’t trust you.” Raditz responds with venom in his tone.

“Enough. Stop squabbling like children.” You say. Then, without uttering another word, you blast off. It’s not too long before you sense the ki of both Raditz and Turles approach your position.

Nice session, King. See you later.
Thanks anon. Lots of talking for a saiyan quest but that'll change soon.

Have a good weekend boys, stay away from the rona and keep on trucking.
Thanks for running, King.
File: March of the dweebs.png (1003 KB, 1014x763)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
I'll keep spectating next session
See you in... who knows how long, bye lads

Ah thanks for the heads up, ill mark a date next next year
Thank you for reading.

File: Saiyan Trio.gif (104 KB, 340x456)
104 KB
104 KB GIF
The Saiyan Brothers!

Raditz flew somberly towards his brother's house in the early morn, as was custom for the past few weeks. In his mind, a myriad thoughts crossed. Was he faltering due to his visits to his brother? Was Nappa right?

And yet, he was stronger than he'd ever been. He almost defeated Nappa...

He felt a ki signature in front of him. It was Gohan. His expression turned from dour to a slight smile. He stopped midair and watched his nephew fly towards him. The child had much to refine in his flying, but he was more than capable of keeping up.

"Have you been training as I've told you?" Asked Raditz.

"Yes!" Yelled Gohan. "I'll show you uncle!"

Raditz sat cross-legged in mid-air and watched patiently. He felt Kakarot's ki too, but he was still at his house. Talking with his mate, probably.

Gohan clenches his fists, obviously trying very hard to concentrate his ki. Enough time for Kakarot to eventually arrive at the scene.

"Oh, he's showing off already!" He says, sitting in mid-air as Raditz does, a few meters away from him. Raditz looks at his brother condescendingly, the man is too aloof, how could he even be called a Saiyan?

"Double..." Gohan said, lifting his two arms in the air and opening his palms. Raditz could see the ki flowing to his hands and the child's strength increase.

"Sunday!" He finally yelled, throwing two platinum blue beams towards Raditz and Goku. They were easy to dodge, and a bit too thin to make a real impact.

But Raditz could only feel pride at the sight, his smile had grown without him noticing, turning into a bit of a funny grimace. Goku noticed and headed towards his brother, putting an arm around his neck.

"Check it out Gohan!" He yelled, pointing towards Raditz' face. "He's so proud of you!"

Gohan started dancing around in the air, celebrating his victory.

"Enough!" Raditz angrily yelled at his brother. "Get off of me you runt!"

But Goku didn't, and it didn't take long for Gohan to join in into a family hug. Raditz was irked and trying to loosen their grips while father and son laughed merrily to celebrate Gohan's new move.

Raditz knew that he was happy, but he feared the day when Vegeta finally told him that it was time to leave Earth.

But duty comes first, and when the time came, he would join in his Prince.
kek, I wonder if Goku is a good or bad compared to other saiyans considering he hardly raised Gohan.
To a Saiyan I feel like it would be unusual for Goku to interact the little he has already. Saiyan children are considered pretty much independent once they can walk and Saiyan parents don't care much for silly things like "family values" anyways.
TBF Piccolo was pretty much the father figure in Gohans life.
Okay i have been catching up on the archives and I can't believe you guys fucking threw Oozaru Gohan at Turles ship, what a fucking move man gg.
I was catching up and that made me chuckle as well, but what made me laugh was when it actually worked. Absolute power move
I got a few hours to write tonight! Here we go.
Ah! Subarashii Kingu-sama!
File: Turles.png (1.15 MB, 854x470)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
The strong winds of Earth’s atmosphere made for a pleasant companion in your flights. You were accustomed to the tough atmospheres of hostile planets, from the reek of ashes entering your nostrils from surfaces littered with turbulent volcanoes, to poisonous atmospheres rising from filthy jungles.

Turles approaches you first. “So, um… Prince Vegeta.” He says.

“What is it?”

“Why haven’t you conquered this planet and wiped out its entire population?” He asks bluntly, earning a glare from Raditz.

“I believe the fact that we’re using it as a base of operations is pretty clear.” You respond.

Turles shrugs. Apparently that was the one thing he wanted to ask. He lets some space build up between you and him. Raditz is the next one to approach you.

“Prince Vegeta.” He says. “I thank you for visiting the earthlings. They will appreciate the gesture.”

“I don’t remember assigning you as ambassador for Earth.” You respond. “I’ve noticed that you’re softening up, Raditz.”

He turns away, ashamed. “That’s…” He shakes his head. “I…”

“Return to your formation.” You respond to his poor attempt at formulating a response.

The winds turns hotter, sand flies in front of you, bothering you ever so slightly during your flight. It does not take long to sense the ki of the Namekian in the distance. You twist to the left and lower your altitude, as do your two companions. The Namekian is in sight, sitting cross-legged and arms crossed at the top of a rocky pillar.

As you make landfall, he gets up and stares you and your companions down. Raditz and Turles make landfall. The three of you make for a peculiar sight. Raditz’ gi, Turles’ work fatigues and your pink shirt.
Yet the Namekian can’t avoid letting a trickle of sweat fall from his brow as he watches you warily.
“A few weeks ago, you called me a Namekian.”

Apparently Raditz did not interact much with this one.

“Yes.” You respond.

“Then I’m an alien, and I have a homeworld somewhere in the galaxy?”
File: Piccolo1.jpg (41 KB, 355x500)
41 KB
“Yes. Known for high power levels, but their planet is dirt poor.”

The expression of the Namekian switches to doubt and anger.

“Feeling homesick?” Turles says with a smirk.

“Keep your retorts to yourself.” The Namekian responds. Turles grips his fists, “How dare y-“

“Enough!” You yell. “Is that why you called me here? This is a waste of my time.” You say.

You ready yourself to depart, as do your two companions. The Namekian turns his hand into a fist, his nail biting into his hand.

“Wait.” He says.

For a moment, you think of simply blasting off, but decide it would be more proper not to, considering your renewed friendly approach towards earthlings.

“I-“ He says, doubting every word that comes next. “I’d like to request you to take me to Namek aboard your spaceship.”

You had a thought that this is what he was going to ask of you, but your eyes still can’t hide your surprise that he actually did it.

“I thought you had a home here.” You say sarcastically.

“My reasons are none of your concern. In exchange, I offer my strength to you in your quest, so long as you do not act as some sort of genocidal maniac.”

You hear a loud “Pft.” Coming from Turles, who is obviously trying to hide his laughter. Your reputation precedes you. The Namekian clearly shows displeasure at even proposing this, but he seems out of options at the moment.

Raditz comes close to you. “He is the second strongest sapient on this planet, and crafty.” He says.

“Didn’t he call himself ‘Demon King’ in front of us?” You reply with a tone of irony.

“That’s uh…” Raditz takes his time to think of a reply. “In the past? He’s softened because of Kakarot’s child. His intentions are no longer evil.”

You eye the Namekian with your one good eye. He’s glaring at you still, clearly frustrated at the thought of fighting along with you. Even now, you think he’s pondering a plan to escape or fight back in case you turn on him this very instant.

>”Fine. You can come with us.” The Namekian will appreciate it, this is pretty much a promise to take him to Namek at some point.
>”All we get in exchange is your strength? You’ll have to make a better bid.” He won’t appreciate it as much, but he would be the weakest member of your team.
>”You’ll have to ask your scientists to make a ship for you, I refuse to take you in.” You don’t want a compromise like this. He’ll understand, but will be disappointed.
Can I get 1d100 roll, best of three? Vegeta might be sensing something.
>”Fine. You can come with us.” The Namekian will appreciate it, this is pretty much a promise to take him to Namek at some point.
Green man has joined the party.
Rolled 15 (1d100)

i fucked up the roll like always
Since there wasn't much warning for this one I'll let it stew overnight and continue tomorrow.

I wonder what Piccolo's planning.
Rolled 30 (1d100)

>”You’ll have to ask your scientists to make a ship for you, I refuse to take you in.” You don’t want a compromise like this. He’ll understand, but will be disappointed.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

I haven't used this site in fucking forever. Time to see if I remember how to roll still. Anyways, that said, I'm the person who made the "Throw Gohan" option last year.

> Consider Piccolo's respect seriously for a moment. "No... not as you are, Namekian. If you were to travel with us, I'd expect a warrior worth keeping. As it stands, Raditz here could slaughter you. I'll make you a deal "Demon King". Reach a power level over nine-thousand, and you may join us."
You sir, I thank you for that laugh.
Also, supporting this option
>>”Fine. You can come with us.” The Namekian will appreciate it, this is pretty much a promise to take him to Namek at some point.
Rolled 94 (1d100)

>”Fine. You can come with us.” The Namekian will appreciate it, this is pretty much a promise to take him to Namek at some point.
>>”Fine. You can come with us.” The Namekian will appreciate it, this is pretty much a promise to take him to Namek at some point.
We have a winner, but since I always appreciate a good write-in, I'll spice it up with >>4982125 proposal

Welcome back, your write-in then probably created the most fun part of the entire quest. It was a blast to describe the scene.
File: Spoiler Image (145 KB, 970x711)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
“Fine, you can come with us.” You respond.

He seems to relax ever so slightly, but hearing your voice again makes returns him to his natural, paranoid state of mind.

“But.” You say, a smile appearing on your face. “You may have noticed that you’ll be the weakest among my soldiers, Raditz could turn the ground purple with your blood.”

The Namekian furrows his brow and grits his teeth.

“My condition is that you grow stronger so that you can serve me better, Namekian. I don’t care if it’s here, in the ship or during our travels, but I won’t let a weakling like you serve me if they can’t keep up.”

The Namekian’s quick reply stands in contrast with his nervous demeanor. “Fine.”

“Good.” You say. “Well then, ‘Demon King’, how about a power level of nine thousand to get started? That should be enough."

“Nine thousand?!” Raditz exclaims. “That’s more powerful than me! You’re expecting this Namekian to reach that level of power?”

“Haven’t Namekians with power levels beyond ten thousand been reported?” Turles says. He looks over to the Namekian standing in front of you. “Considering this weakling has likely undergone a rise in power level as sharp as Kakarot’s, I’m sure he can manage.”

You lift your hand, bored of the discussion. “That’s enough.” You say. “That is my condition. If you don’t meet my requirements, you will never be taken to your home planet.”

That last sentence clearly stings the Namekian. “Fair enough.” He replies, a gust of wind carrying sand and dirt seems to sign the lease contract between the both of you. Without saying another word, the Namekian turns his back, stands for a few seconds, and then flies off.

Something in your mind stirs, you detect various ki signatures around you rising then extinguishing themselves. As you look above and around you, you see balls of yellow energy going out one by one as the Namekian departs. Turles and Raditz look at you, at first wondering what was up, then seem bewildered at the sight above them.

“That bastard…” Turles says, his arms crossed. “He could’ve called those down on us at any moment.”

How did you not detect that? Energy waves like that should emit a strong power level. You grit your teeth in anger. This is an insult, but…

“He hid them from us.” Raditz says. “That Namekian can hide the power level of the energy he has removed from his body? And make it stand still outside his grasp?”

If Nappa were here, he would likely have a wide grin on his face. That Namekian… The time it would’ve taken you to realize what was going on and dodge all those attacks would’ve been ample enough for him to flee the battlefield. Battle was unlikely, considering the matter at hand, but that green bastard was cautious.

And smart enough to trick you.
File: Vegetable shirt.jpg (17 KB, 318x276)
17 KB
Once, you’d have prattled on about killing him for this affront, now, it seems more useful to you to see him live on and teach those techniques. Had he planned this entire setup to prove himself capable? He had no reason to spike their energy readings before extinguishing them. Or perhaps it was just a downside of the trick, the energy could only stay dormant so long as it was completely still.

Your warriors watch you ponder, a hand on your chin with an index finger scratching it.

Your anger turns into a smile. “See why the earthlings are interesting, Turles?” You say, watching the last of the energy balls disappear.

Turles lets out a “tch”. “He would’ve barely hurt us with that.”

“And we would barely hurt Frieza with anything we throw at him.” You reply. “All of these tricks and the earthling’s mastery over their energy… The more we learn of it ourselves, the more we can refine our techniques. Grow stronger, develop tactics…” You say, deep in thought.

Raditz nods. “In just a few months, we’ve learned the solar flare, we no longer have a need for scouters…” He smiles. “Well, Nappa might still need one.”

“And we’ll have a spaceship, yeah yeah. Yadda yadda.” Turles finishes with a shrug. “I get it.”

You glare at him, angry at his disrespect. His power level clearly made him feel superior still.

He looks back at you. “Ah, sorry for that.” He says, taking a hand to scratch the back of his head. “Didn’t mean nothin’ by it. This is just… Different, from the usual destroying entire planets and races gig we used to have.”

You shake your head. “That ‘gig’ never brought us any closer to destroying Frieza.”

“My fruits of power sure did.” He says, sighing. “But a certain giant monkey ripped through my spaceship and burned down all the seeds I had. A few more of those and I could’ve torn Frieza limb from limb.” Turles brags.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure.” Raditz replies sarcastically.

As the two warriors enter an argument, you sense Nappa’s ki, you jump in the air and blast off towards him, the air around you swirling to take the impact and almost knocking off the unaware Raditz and Turles. The ship would be ready soon, you thought, and you had to be ready for what you could find in space…

We'll continue soon tm in this thread. I'd like to prepare something nice for your first space trip.

For those reading, I'd like to ask: What would you like to see in the trip? I've got a few ideas but I could implement some fun anon suggestions too.
I'd be down for a Frieza Force encounter; throwing someone like Zarbon at us could be a good amount of fun. Also, maybe a chance to go grab up Tarble at some point.
Frieza force encounter could be fun yeah
How about a run in with the people from that filler reflective spaceship? Should make Picollo realize just how the stakes are
I wanna run into other Carbage farmers, And some other weird stuff.
I good enough excuse to blow up and destroy a ruined barren planet taken over by killer robots that are programmer to kill all organics.
On mobile back at home town, hope I remember my trip

The Frieza force is always active, for sure. As for Tarble I'm not fond of Super (style got wacky with too little substance to it for me) but I'll eventually add him, he probably won't be the type to join a Saiyan army though.

You mean the ship with the kids that Bulma met on the way to Namek? Could be fun for a future run in but next chapter will probably be more fighty.

Carbage farmers? Wtf is that? Post link.

The robots could do for some filler, desolate planet thing sounds like a good setting for what I got planned though.

Thanks for chiming in boys. Helped me iron out what I want the next episode to be about.

Will Vegeta risk discovery for his own? Find out in the next episode of Vegeta Quest! (It won't be in a year I swear, ||just in 364 days||)
That is the ship I meant yeah
>(It won't be in a year I swear, ||just in 364 days||)
A trick! WM will wait till a leap year!
See you in a year, King.
File: Vegeta Nappa.png (318 KB, 315x582)
318 KB
318 KB PNG


Nappa had been lucky to catch you. He throws you into cliff rock and rushes you down, you’re able to recover though, and deflect his blow and punt him in the belly. He’s not able to resist the pain even though he wears the Capsule armor and grips his belly, you use the moment to kick him sideways and send him flying. Following right after him.

He recovers midair and yells, firing a pale yellow energy beam at you, making you fly slightly to the right. You smile, thinking you had him, but notice that his yell was not only for show, he fires his mouth beam towards you, you cross your arms in front of your face and get pushed back ever so slightly by Nappa’s power.

Your gloves are torn, you clench your fists in anger. Nappa rushes you but you know his one weakness. You fly away from him towards the ground and make a rough landfall, surfing the ground and tearing through the ground with your boots and sending a storm of dust in the air.

You sense Nappa’s ki within the blinding dust cover you’ve prepared. You dash towards him at full strength and prepare a punch. What a surprise to see the hulking man look right behind him as you approach and actually use his arm to block your hit, it still buries him into the ground and tears a crater where he was standing, forcing him to kneel to stop the blow.

Satisfied, you say “Enough.” And fly out to the crater’s edge.

He smirks. “Liked that one huh?” He takes a hand to his knee and lifts himself up.

“You’ve been practicing?” You ask after crossing your arms. Your purple cape flutters with a gust of wind.

“Aye. It’s useful for hunting.” He replies, stretching his shoulders. “I hope this satisfies you, prince.”

“It’s a good start.”

You hear an engine rumbling in the distance. You step back and turn to look behind you. Sure enough, the Capsule Corps’ flying device is heading straight towards you. And yet… Strange. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Bulma is inside its cockpit, clearly struggling to maintain control and unable to avoid its eventual crash right in your face. She gestures at you to move away.

Nappa doesn’t even bother moving, he’s just watching with a funny smile.

>Head towards the cockpit, pick Bulma up and save her from the crashing device.
>Surely these fools have installed some sort of safety device in case of a crash? Simply dodge and watch.
> This isn’t even going to hurt. Stand still.
File: Battle Armor Capsule.png (293 KB, 682x1172)
293 KB
293 KB PNG

Created by Bulma after extensively studying the torn armors brought by Vegeta and his crew to Earth. The chest and belly areas are protected by a powerful alloy of your old armors' materials and earth materials. Layered in a lamellar disposition that further extends its flexibility without sacrificing protection, the Oozaru form does not tear through the armor.

The shoulder pads have been reduced and made to stick to the shoulder for a better ergonomic disposition, and the full body skin tight suits are composed of rare fibers that can stop energy blasts. The gloves and boots are made of a combination of dinosaur scales and plant fibers to ensure they last as long as possible, being impervious to most simple damage.

For the prince, cape clasps are provided in order to tie a purple cape specifically designed to protect the wearer from energy blasts.

The armor is a clear grey and the suits are on the darker side, while the pauldron's composition gives it the usual clear brown tone. The gloves and boots are both white.
>The woman is being a fool but it would be bad for you if you let her crash, extend a single hand to stop the ship from crashing, she might have a bumpy stop but you don't care that much.
>Head towards the cockpit, pick Bulma up and save her from the crashing device.
>tell her to learn how to fly on her own time, not while inventing.
Support, at least attempt to help this foolish subject of ours.
Alright, physics be damned. That will require a roll.

Give me 1d100, best of three. Inb4 Bulma crashes and dies.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

No, Fuck you physics
Rolled 94 (1d100)

Fuck physicis indeed
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Rollin again because waiting sucks.
94, astounding success (respecting physics).
You know I realized that my plan could have gone wrong for Bulma but hey we rolled good so it's water off my back.
Oh yeah. Have you seen Invincible? Think of omni man and the train scene.
Jesus we dodged a bullet(train)
File: Bulma 3.jpg (62 KB, 600x1185)
62 KB
You sigh, glaring at the plane rushing towards you. Instead of jumping out of the way, you jump forward, flying towards the plane then flying besides it. You see Bulma watching you in panic.
You fly in front of the plane and face it, trying your hardest to maintain your speed while flying backwards. You touch its nose then begin slowing down. It’s clearly a huge strain on the plane, but it works.

Your arm muscles strain and you can feel the adrenaline rush inside you, letting your ki flow faster and smoother. Slowly but surely, you bring the plane to a halt, your fingers digging into the metal and the various screws and bolts getting blown off from the pressure you’re putting into it.
You touch down and your feet drag themselves through the ground. Now, the pressure from the earth tears the plane further. It’s hard to keep yourself together, keeping balance while on the ground and also ensuring the plane doesn’t rock off to a side.

Eventually it comes to a full stop and you slowly let it land on the ground. The front of the plane is a wreck, but the cockpit is safe and the engine seems to be in the back.

The cockpit window opens and a relieved Bulma wearing pilot gear, including a simple leather helmet, goggles and a scarf, exhales and breathes the fresh air of the hilly prairie.

She removes the strap from her helmet and brings the goggles up. “Well, that was a ride.”
Nappa flies toward the plane and starts checking it out. He only has a meddling interest in technology, but not like he had anything better to do at the moment.

You remove your hand from the nose of the plane, the gloves only have dirt on them. You grip and loosen your hand. Good material. You look to Bulma, “I thought you’d put a safety measure on something like this.”

“Oh, it does have an ejector seat. Check it out.” She puts her upper half into the cockpit. You see Nappa check her out for a second, but a glare from your dead eye makes him sweat bullets and return to his deep investigation of the plane’s engine.

At the press of a button, the pilot’s seat flies off upwards. Both you and Bulma watch it fly almost fifty meters in the air then deploy a parachute which flies along the air.

“So why didn’t you use it?” You say.

“Oh, I would’ve at first.” Bulma says, you see her signal to Nappa behind her. “I thought you’d throw the big guy at me to stop my plane since that’s your preferred tactic.” Sarcasm seeps through every word, but you know that part of her believes it was an actual possibility.

She shrugs. “But, when I saw you flying by my plane, I wondered what your plan was. And I wanted to see it in full detail.”

You’re surprised at the response. This woman is foolish, utterly foolish. “Are you an idiot?” You say. “You easily could’ve died there.”

Her smile is more of a taunt. “Didn’t know you cared.” She says.

You’re ashamed to have reacted to that one, your expression betrayed you. Thankfully Nappa did not see that one. “I don’t. I need the spaceship.”
I am once again asking for your patience because I wrote an update that is way too long.
File: spaceship.jpg (37 KB, 700x393)
37 KB
She throws a hand in the air. “Of course you don’t, macho man.” She says almost tired of interacting with you. “Since that’s the only reason you care, I’ve got good news for you. It’s ready.”

Nappa looks up, your eyes widen. “Already?” Only a few months had passed since your meeting with Piccolo.

She nods. “That Turles guy was a good help. It made things go way faster.”

You’re glad you kept that one alive then. “I want to see it.”

“Sure.” She says. She takes out a small keypad and presses a few buttons. She then looks up.
And you see them, you strike a surprised pose as does Nappa. Attack pods?!

Three of them fly down, slightly bigger than the ones you brought. They crash land and form three craters. Not as big as you might think, it seems they slow down before hitting the ground.
The pods open up, revealing a relatively spacious interior with a seat. Bulma heads towards one and gets in it, not even needing to bend down to enter through the hatch.

“C’mon.” She says.

Both you and Nappa enter an attack pod each. Your looks of bewilderment not going unnoticed to the smug Bulma.

The seat is comfortable, like an armchair. You can actually rest your arms and legs well. You see Nappa from your pod, his seat automatically adapting to his larger figure, you hear him laugh with glee at the sight.

The pod doors close, a transmission opens at your right with a hologram of a video call. Bulma appears, “Alright. Time for send-off!”

The pod rumbles, lifts itself slowly off the ground and blasts off towards space. Your hands reach to the air to open a comm by instinct, the blast-off check from the Frieza force attack pods. No menu opens, so you put it back to your armchair.

As you break through the atmosphere, you see through the pod window a white elongated ship with various pods attached to its sides.

Your pod slows down as it approaches the ship. Bulma’s comm opens without an image feedback this time. “I’ve made it so your attack pods automatically reach the spaceship and dock. There isn’t much user control, but that’s not what they’re for right?” She says. “Sadly, I couldn’t fix the issue with its inability to travel to another point in a planet with its owner still inside. But!” She says triumphantly. “It can now automatically return to the ship! No more waiting for it to break through the atmosphere and return when you want to call it! Now you just have to wait for it to enter atmosphere and land.”

Raditz probably told her the reason why you had to fly through Rekar instead of travelling with the pod to Nappa and Raditz’ position.

As your pod finishes docking, a click is heard as it locks into position. The door of your pod opens and you simply have to sit up and walk in. A shiny hallway is the first thing you see, with a sign above the door to the rest of the ship reading “Pod hangar”

Nappa and Bulma both leave their pods.
“Hah!” You hear Nappa say. “This is great.” He lifts a fist in excitement. “Yeah!” He walks off and the door to the rest of the ship automatically opens for him and closes behind him.
Bulma takes her hands to her hips. “Honestly, that big guy can’t even wait for me to give the welcome speech.”

You take a few steps through the hall, watching the seams and walls holding the structure together. It’s fine work, finer than many Frieza force ships.

Bulma turns to you. “Happy?”

You nod with the usual Saiyan dour expression.

Bulma looks back towards the door, Nappa is clearly exploring the rest of the ship.
“Alright.” She says. “You know, I wanted to ask you something…” Her face reddens, she seems somewhat ashamed.

She takes her hands to her chest, clasping them together, looking at you directly in the eyes.
“Can you please take me with you?” She asks.

You’re taken aback. What? Does she not know the risks that…

Of course she knows.

“Don’t be a fool.” You say. “We’re not going on a pleasure trip. You would be the weakest among all of us. You’d die...”

“And you still need my expertise?” She says tauntingly. “If you take me with you, I can collect samples from other planets and the places we visit! I could prepare new schematics for you in exchange! Slowly but surely, with my genius and your brawn, you’d get even stronger, and…” She trails off, seeing if you’ll finish the sentence. You don’t humor her so she continues after a pout. “…And we’ll get closer to defeating that Frieza guy!” She says.

“Why can’t we collect the samples and bring them to you?”

She’s obviously flustered by the question. “You think I’d trust a Saiyan with bringing me proper samples?! If you haven’t torn, destroyed or brutally eviscerated something you don’t understand, you simply can’t live with yourselves.” Crocodile tears flow from her eyes. “Oh, if only Turles’ ship wasn’t a flaming wreck of broken alloys by the time you were done with it!”

“We’re still going to tear through things, even if you want to study them.” You reply, crossing your arms and relaxing onto a wall.

“Yes, but I’m the one who knows what’s worth it and what isn’t. As Turles tells me, I’m the engineer here!”

You didn’t know Turles would be the type to humor her.

You sigh. This is a mess. She is clearly very excited at the prospect of exploring space.

>”Fine, you can come with us, but you’ll have to be careful.” You’re worried about Bulma’s wellbeing, though the thought disgusts you.
>”Absolutely not. You’re staying on Earth.” You’ll come back at some point. Even if the stuff you bring in is worse for Bulma’s designs, it’s better than risking the life of an important asset.
With this I'm off for the night (GMT+1 bros) and I'll continue tomorrow!
> "Fine. I expect you stay by my side for the duration of this trip then - don't look at me that way, you're the only person here worth anything - dammit stop looking at me like that! Because of your brain, woman!"
> With that said, you'd been thinking of more techniques. Maybe a Ki shield would be useful, especially when you'll be protecting someone. Damn, you always did hate escort missions.

More people ought use Ki shields - we know they can be made, it's a wonder more don't utilize the concept
Yeah 17 used shields and they were pretty helpful in ToP.
>”Fine, you can come with us, but you’ll have to be careful.” You’re worried about Bulma’s wellbeing, though the thought disgusts you.

You have to train with piccolo or something.
>”Fine, you can come with us, but you’ll have to be careful.” You’re worried about Bulma’s wellbeing, though the thought disgusts you.
File: Bulma for ants.jpg (10 KB, 236x177)
10 KB
”Fine, you can come with us, but you’ll have to be careful.” You say.

Her expression turns to pure glee as she hears that, she jumps in joy.

You clench a fist in anger and stop relaxing on the wall. How can she be this airheaded?! “Hey! I expect you to stay by my side! You’re the only person in this dirt planet worth anything!”

That takes her aback, her surprise gives way to reddened cheeks. “Huh?”

You realize that what you just said could easily be misinterpreted. “Don’t look at me like that!” You say exasperated, relaxing back and crossing your arms. “I mean it because of your brain.”

She lets out a nervous chuckle. “Right, because of that. Heh.”

The scene falls into a dreary silence.

“Hey, uh… mister prince.” Bulma says, her voice is full of doubt, you can tell she lifted a hand in the air. Your eyes sharpen up but you don’t dare look at her expression right now. “You and I… We…”

“VEGETA!” Nappa’s bellowing voice interrupts the conversation as he triumphantly walks into the pod hangar, both you and Bulma almost jumping from the scare. “You have to taste this weird cake that’s in the fridge! It’s delicious!”
Bulma looks at Nappa and her expression turns from surprise to anger. “Hey!” She yells back at Nappa. “How much did you have?!”

“Like a full hand of mine.” Nappa replies, hand soaked in shaved cream.

Bulma pulls her hair in anger. “That was supposed to be for the blast off party!”

“The what?” Nappa asks, confused. He then looks at you. “C’mon prince Vegeta. You’ve gotta come and give it a go.”

He sees your flushed cheeks. “Oh uh…” He says, taking his clean hand to scratch the back of his head. “Sorry. I interrupted something. Heh.” He waves his hand in the air as he turns back to the ship’s main hall. “Carry on, carry on!” He says.

Bulma’s cheeks flush again, but she’s still angry and there’s no stopping her. “What do you mean ‘interrupting something’?!” She says, storming through the door to follow him.

Honestly, you’re surprised Nappa hasn’t just asked if you were going to make her a mate. Was he getting used to earthling ways too?

Days passed. Supplies were packed by your underlings and various Capsule Corps employees to your ship. Enough for a 6 month trip. Bulma bored you with details on how the ship’s water purification system was the most efficient in the world, allowing everything to be neatly recycled, the moments of silence were too tense for her to stay quiet.

Raditz and Nappa argued about Raditz’ ‘earthling ways’ a few times, Turles just stuck to the hauling work, though you’d noticed something peculiar about his ki… You still had to analyze it better, but it was clearly getting weaker.
It was another day of sitting cross-armed watching others work at Capsule Corps, it was boring, mundane work to be done but after this… You looked to the sunny sky and saw the infinity of space opening up to your race once more.
File: GokuThink.gif (666 KB, 416x498)
666 KB
666 KB GIF
You sense Kakarot coming to visit. You hadn’t seen him in months, busy as you were training with Nappa and Raditz. According to Raditz, Kakarot too was busy working out and training… with the Namekian. You could sense sharp ki power-ups during these few months.

Sure enough, he appears in the horizon and eventually makes landfall in front of you. He waves a hand as another grabs his gi belt. “What’s up?” He says.

You don’t respond. Raditz, clearly angry, yells at his brother. “Show some respect, he is your prince you know?!”

Kakarot puts his hands up to calm down the mood. “Sorry, didn’t mean to offend.”

You look at him. “Come to join up the expedition?” You ask with a smirk. “You wouldn’t be the first.”

Kakarot returns the smile, not noticing the irony in your tone. “Nope, sorry!” He responds. “I’ve got a trip of my own to make.”

“Oh really?” You ask. “Where to?”

“I heard there’s a really wise guy hidden somewhere on Earth. Knows a few techniques that are even better than my master’s.” Kakarot pumps his fist in the air. “I really want to learn from him!” He says.

“How much are you going to learn in 6 months?” You ask.

“You’d be surprised.” He says with a sly smile. “I’d like to have another fight with you when you return.”

“Really?” You say, your smirk swelling with pride. “Do I have to remind you how the last one went?”

His smile does not disappear, he seems even more hype. “No need. It’ll be different, next time.”

You shrug and let out a prideful giggle. “Of course it will be.” You say. “They all say that.”

Bulma comes up to Kakarot, wearing fatigues, a cap and a wrench in hand. She threatens Kakarot with it. “Goku!” She yells. “You don’t come to visit in months and now you’re out here just because Vegeta is around?!”

“Sorry, I was super busy! Chi Chi insisted to take Gohan to school and I had to train with Piccolo!” Kakarot says, holding on to Bulma’s wrench. “And since when did ‘that spiky-haired guy’ become ‘Vegeta’?” He asks.

Bulma reddens in surprise and it swiftly turns to anger. She clenches a fist. “I’m going to murder you…” She says, then storms off back to her house.

“Huh.” Kakarot says, astonished at her reaction. “You know, I think she…”

“Don’t even start.” You interrupt Kakarot. “We’ll see about a duel when I return. Until then, you better prepare yourself.” You warn.

Kakarot nods, clearly satisfied, then heads off to talk with Raditz and Nappa.

Things seem to be in a bit of a lull. Perhaps you want to talk to someone? Do something specific? Each post asking to speak to someone about a certain matter will result in a small filler post before I post the take off update.

>Talk to someone (Say who and the topic you’d like to talk about)./ do something (specify what, think it would have to be done in the next few days).
>I’m good, let’s fuckin lift off.
Wingman Nappa is a concept I haven't considered, but am now all too entertained by it.
Oh, also;
>Check on Picc- the Namekian's status, see if he has reached the required power level.
File: piccolo-meditation.gif (314 KB, 498x371)
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314 KB GIF
=Visiting the Namekian=
It’s a quick flight to the Namekian’s location. Amidst a sandy desert is an isolated and bountiful oasis surrounded by a great forest. The sandy skies turn fresher as you reach the river that feeds this place.

You pinpoint his location close to a waterfall, he sits cross-legged at the edge of the small body of water that formed around the waterfall’s bottom, wearing his usual garments, including the weighted clothing.

You stand in the air and cross your arms, watching him meditate. He has clearly noticed you, as his brows are furrowed. Or perhaps that’s just his natural expression.

“I’ve personally come to tell you that we’re departing in a few days.” You say. “Have you reached an acceptable power level?”

“Thank you for the heads up.” A smile appears on his face, his eyes still shut. “Sadly I’m sure I haven’t reached what you set out for me just yet.”

He lets his ki flow, swirling into a pale blue aura around him as he releases it and stops suppressing his strength.
You notice that he is stronger than before, you’d say around a thousand more in the power level scale. That’s quite the increase, considering the last read you had on him was 5.500.

“How’d you increase your strength by a thousand in just a few months?” You ask, perplexed.

“I cashed in a few favors.” He says. “Old acquaintances.”

Hmph. What a pedantic creature. “This is not the level of power I had in mind for an ally in my ship.”

“Aren’t you taking Bulma?” He says. Now his eyes open, he watches you warily, but you still feel mocked by his look. “I think I fit the bill nicely.”

“She has other uses beyond strength. Do you?” You respond with a bit of venom in your words.

“I do, but unlike the humans and Goku, I keep them to myself and my closest allies.” He says. “I believe my trap technique caught you by surprise that one time.”

You furrow your brow and your smile twists away.

“As you might imagine, I’m not thinking of stopping my training. I will reach the power level you want during our expedition. To compensate for not reaching your objective, I’ll throw in a technique or two.” He finishes.

Tch. You close your eyes, calming down. “Fine. Come to the Capsule Corps in two days.”

You jump in the air and blast off to return to the ship. The Namekian watching you as you leave, then shutting his eyes and returning to his meditation. Soon, a bunny and a deer come by, drinking water besides him.
> Go and visit... Kakarot's brat. Preferably without his mother and around his father. You've been curious about the half-breed ever since you figured out that Earthlings could mate with Saiyan's; just how much of the Saiyan instinct is left when you mix the blood of an Earthling?

I like Gohan and kinda just feel like interacting with him because... why not?.
File: Gokuhome.jpg (36 KB, 600x339)
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After visiting the Namekian, you decided to head out and speak with Kakarot about his half breed son.

The child still had a tail, could turn into an Oozaru and his power levels spiked to unforeseen levels when angered. Spiking power levels due to emotions were a common sight, but the child pulled one of your muscles when you threw him away from you after beating Kakarot up.

It was interesting, to say the least.

Detecting Kakarot’s power level was easy. As you reach down, you watch him give something to his wife and she goes inside after giving you a look.

You land near the capsule house Kakarot called his home and look around. A small shrine lies to the left, and Kakarot built some humble extensions to it.

You then look to Kakarot, who seems slightly uncomfortable. “Hey Vegeta!” He says. “What’s up?”

You look at his child, who fearfully hides behind his father and grips the pants of his gi. While he may show fear, his eyes are defiant, they stare right into your dead eye.

“I simply wished to know more of your… son.” You say.

Kakarot proudly pats his son’s head. “Oh, Gohan?” He says, obviously relieved that this was going to be the topic of the conversation. “What do you want to know?” He squats in front of his son, “Gohan, say hello to Vegeta.” But Gohan shies away and refuses to do so.

“I noticed his power level spiking when he protected you from my wrath.” You say. “Did that happen before?”

Kakarot shrugs. “Not that I know.” He says. “I was kind of out of it, but I did feel the surge of his energy.”

He doesn’t know? Saiyan parenting skills at work. You sigh. “Was he born with his tail?”

“Oh, yeah.” Kakarot responds. “I used to have one, but it was cut off.”

Huh, you wonder how that one happened. “Is he a warrior?”

Kakarot takes a hand to his chin. “Uh… I mean, he’s strong and he can master Ki techniques very easily, but he’s more of a bookish kid. He likes peace and quiet.”

In Planet Vegeta, those were called non-combatants, but they usually had very low power levels… This child is almost as strong as Nappa was before Rekar just in his normal power level. And that was mostly due to you throwing him against Turles’ spaceship. So they still have the ability to grow stronger in the face of death.

Kakarot tries his hardest to make Gohan more welcoming to your presence, but fails repeatedly.

“You said he masters techniques easily?”

“Yup. Piccolo and I taught him one, as did Raditz. He mastered them in a few months each. He’s a genius.” Kakarot’s voice is brimming with pride. “But, y’know, Chi Chi wants him to get learned too, and I think it’s important for him to know about a lot of things so he can do what he wants most, even if that isn’t fighting.” Now his voice turns gentle, looking at his son with a warm expression, he pats his cheek, and Gohan mellows out a bit, hugging his father.
File: GokuGohan.jpg (59 KB, 606x611)
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Something stirs inside you, it’s not disgust, just confusion. What kind of Saiyan doesn’t want to be a powerful warrior from birth? Kakarot is clearly seeking that goal in his own way, but the child is not. A saiyan his age would be tearing through villages trying to get stronger and ensure his survival, this child was fine with… Having fun? Or something like that…

It’s quite noticeable that these half-breed grow in power quickly and have power spikes. Yet the lack of a fighting spirit make them unreliable. The only thing that truly brings out their potential is the fear of losing a loved one, as this Gohan child had when he saw you beating his father.

That, or sending them into Oozaru form and letting them rage about.

“I’ve heard enough. A Saiyan should always seek to become stronger. Your child is clearly not a full-blooded Saiyan.” You turn around and prepare to fly away, your cape fluttering to the wind.

Kakarot shrugs. “That’s not a problem. Gohan is Gohan. I’ll always be there when he needs me most.”

You look back to see father and son. Kakarot waves you goodbye childishly as his son watches you warily still. You jump and lift off, sending leaves flying and pushing trees around.

As you fly away from Kakarot’s house. You’re still unsure what to make of all this.
> Speak with Bulma in secret. You've been thinking... Turles is still the most dangerous individual amongst you, and while you have faith in your own ability to subdue him, all it takes is a moment of weakness and opportunity for him to turn. While it could be simple to dispose of him, you have another proposal - why not come up with a means of growing stronger faster? Ask the woman if any of her "technology" or "science" can assist you in the process. Besides, there's more than just Turles out there... Frieza exists somewhere out there.
Alright, I'll write this one up tomorrow and that'll be the last request before the take off update.

The take off and first incursion will happen in a new thread so new players (bump order newlads) join in for the big event.

There will be fights and rolls to come and a full blown session now that we gained a little traction after my second year long hiatus. TBA soon™.
You could also go with the fan designs for Tarble. They make him more fitting for Z, even if at times he looks like Shallot or Adult Gohan.
how badly did we screw cannon now that the Z fighters aren't going to space?
Looks good actually. I also don't want him to be married to an alien toddler, so fuck that, he isn't married.

There's an anon that put it eloquently: the timeline is desperately trying to readjust itself.

Though Goku and the band aren't going to space, they know there's big threats out there. Let's say that some of their more powerful friends are also scared shitless by this turn of events and may be willing to bend the rules ever so slightly in their favor.

While the humans will have a hard time keeping with zenkai and other Saiyan power level cheats, that doesn't mean they aren't going to try their hardest to at least be able to support Goku when the time comes.

Meanwhile, the Frieza force is also readjusting it's objectives. The thought of three Saiyans surviving that blast and just hanging out somewhere bothers him since that wasn't the plan.
Thats fine, Freiza isn't a trainer thingy yet.
That's fine, he could get married to one of the human girls like Tights or Launch. It's a real shame that his wife wasn't actually a HOT TRUFFLE WOMAN since her name is a pun on grapes.
Archived, we continue in >>4991281
Don't worry anon, I haven't forgotten about you.

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