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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
As the new school year progresses, the new class arrangements begins to set in. This brings some unexpected changes some of your friends, but who are you to judge them? More importantly, you were invited to lunch by your childhood friend. It would only be appropriate to not keep her waiting

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The Cast (updated from the previous version):
(!) Denotes ongoing events. Characters with no (!) have no event Senki notes in particular or can participate in at the moment.

The archive of the previous threads:
For the time it takes Mifuyu to finish all the sandwiches, the two of you end up arriving at the front gate roughly five minutes after the first bell. Such is by no means a major infraction, though it did earn the both of you a tardy mark as well as a round of scolding from the prefect of discipline.
Thankfully, the prefect releases the both of you early so the two of you may still reach your first lesson in time.

Wasting no time, you two soon find yourself at the second floor staircase of the homeroom building.
“See you later, Senki-kun!” Before the two of you part ways, Mifuyu bids you farewell and flashes you a wink. “Thanks for the sandwiches!”
“Laters, Mifuyu-nee.”
She hurries up the stairs while you continue down the corridor to your homeroom. You time your entry carefully, sneaking into the classroom through the backdoor right when sensei was writing on the black board.

As soon as you set your bag and sneak into your seat, you take out your notebook to hopefully catch up with notes for the ongoing class. Switching between catching up on note taking and listening to the lecture turns out to be quite difficult, particularly when you can’t stop wondering what ‘surprise’ Mifuyu plans to throw at you during lunchtime.

Your busy morning routine is suddenly interrupted by a poke on your back from what feels like the butt of a pen.
“Did something happen?” You hear Michiru’s soft whisper from the seat behind. You wanted to answer, but you know turning around in the middle of a lecture is the rough equivalence of painting a target on your back for sensei’s attention.

To covertly reply to her question, you rip off an edge from one of your notebook’s empty pages, and begin writing your reply onto the little piece of paper.
“I ran into Mifuyu-senpai, not much else.”
Once done, your hobby of making and tossing paper airplanes comes in handy when performing the art of note passing.
Targeting the moment sensei turns around to write on the board, you perform a flip toss from the side of your seat and flings the little folded note to the desk behind you.
A little ‘tot’ from behind signifies the note likely landed on the tabletop you were aiming at.

“Mifuyu-senpai?” Michiru pokes your back and whispers again, to which you respond with two nods.
“A-are you in senpai-”
Both the whispering and back-poking ceases, and are in turn replaced by the noises of pen scribbling against paper. Michiru’s note taking has more or less become a regular occurrence when interacting with your eccentric classmate, so you’re starting to not pay much attention to this habit of hers.
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Morning classes conclude with the ringing of the midday bell. You pick up your belongings for safeguard and immediately head to the courtyard to honor your deal with Mifuyu.
You follow the same path you took on your previous accidental run-in with your senpai and her friends, soon finding yourself before the ‘entrance’ of their hideaway. You can already hear chatter from beyond the foliage, so you probably shouldn’t keep your senpais waiting.

You take off your backpack before squeezing through the narrow space between the shrub and the tree, lest you get embarrassingly stuck in the tight spot and make yourself the butt of a joke.

“Ah, Senki-kun!”
As soon as you clear the gap, Mifuyu walks up to you and greets you with a more enthusiastic than usual handshake. True to her words, Mifuyu has summoned her entire clique of friends, though the congregation appears to be bigger than the last gathering’s.


“Oh, hello!” “Oh, hello~”
The identical twins answer in unison. Satsuki peeks her head over her senpai’s shoulder and gives you a wave, while Uzuki greets you with both her hands holding onto a sizable pink shopping bag. You would’ve had problems identifying between the two by their faces alone, but thankfully Uzuki’s messy, waist length blonde hair and the proud ahoge on the top of her head makes her appearance leagues different from her sister’s well groomed short hair.

“Look here, gang!” Mifuyu walks up to your side, wraps her arm around your shoulder and presents you to her friends. “Senki-kun here does not have his lunch today!”

“Huh? Isn’t he already a grown ass lad?” Koito raises an eyebrow and folds her arms before her chest. “With all due respect, senpai, I fail to see how that is my problem.”

“Aww, don’t be like that, Koito-chan! Senki-kun here, he’s a good boy!” Mifuyu puts on her most confident smirk if she was completely unable to read Koito’s mood. “Surely we can figure something out for him?”

“Uh...huh.” Without outright protesting against her senpai, Koito displays the same kind of dismay you commonly experience from an irritated Yukari in her brief answer. The sheer coldness from her uncaring amber glance is enough to send a chill down your spine.
“Senpai is right!”
“No lunch, no life~”
The two Makinos, on the flip side, immediately pop up next to you, showing sympathy to your predicament via a few understanding nods.

“Senki-kun can share lunch with us~” Uzuki unzips the shopping bag and proudly presents its contents- two large cylindrical stainless steel thermos containers, each with one of the twins’ names written with permanent marker on the top cover.

“Great, if there’s nothing else to discuss, I’ll be heading to the canteen.”
Even without looking, you can tell from Koito’s deadpan remark alone that wants to be done and leave this place ASAP.

“Hmmmm, ‘good boy’, you said?” Surprisingly, Misao flutters her eyes at you with a low, ponderous hum. Both her appearance and attitude are drastically different from your previous encounter-not only is she dressed properly this time, she even shows a noticeable interest in your situation based on her friend’s description.

“If he’s been such a ‘good boy’...” Misao as she joins the rest of the group encircling you. She undoes the top most button of her uniform shirt as she approaches, finally stopping right before you and leans in, gently brushing her right index finger against your chest.

“Don’t you think he deserves to be properly pampered, Mifuu~?”
She twirls her finger, purring in a sultry and devilish sweet tone while she looks up towards your face. Having made sure she has your attention, she squeezes her arms together, accentuating the exposed portion of her upper chest.
Her overwhelming presence makes it wickedly difficult for you to find a proper response, or even what to think...

>Sell your dignity and ask to be pampered
>Accept the Makinos’ offer of sharing lunch
>Go to the canteen as well and get something to eat
>Write in
>Sell your dignity and ask to be pampered
>Accept the Makinos’ offer of sharing lunch
>Accept the Makinos’ offer of sharing lunch
Misao is bad influence
Also don't forget to thank Mifuyu for the invite
>Go to the canteen as well and get something to eat
>Accept the Makinos’ offer of sharing lunch
Will Yayoi be present too?
This is the actual first post of the update. We made a mistake and missed out a portion when posting.
Osana deez nuts amirite?
”I-I think I’ll join Makino-san for lunch.” In a snap decision, you twist your neck away from Misao’s general direction, desperately fighting the soft whisper in your head tempting you to peek down.
“Aww, that’s a pity.” The seductress senpai grumbles playfully, twirling her finger on your chest one final time before disengaging from you with a flick of her hair.

”Leeet’s Goooo~”
On the other hand, the Makino twins raise their fists high in the sky and cheer in victory. The two seem awfully welcoming of you to join them for lunch, considering they’re going to be sharing their portions with you.

Before you depart with the twins, however, you feel the need to address Mifuyu for holding the day’s gathering on your behalf. Proper etiquette has to be followed, after all.
“Thank you for the invite, Mifuyu-ne… senpai!”
“No problem!”
She strikes you with a confident thumbs up, then pulls her face near your left ear for a whisper.

“Try not get too overwhelmed by the twins~”
She says no more, instead follows up with a snickering wink, as if to say “You’ll see.”
With a soft push Mifuyu nudges you towards the twins’ direction, where the two Makinos quickly catch you by the arms.

“This way!”
With Satsuki holding your left arm and Uzuki holding your right, you find yourself helplessly overpowered by the overenthusiastic girls and lead out of the ‘hideaway’. In fact, today marks the first time you manage to clear the shrubs blocking the entryway… with a surprisingly coordinated three-person leap towed by the Makinos.

The whole experience of traveling through the courtyard with the twins reminds you of a video you’ve seen before, about a toddler trying to walk 2 much larger dogs and ends up being walked by them instead.
By the time you come to a stop, you’re standing on the side of the courtyard’s main walkway, leading to the central pavilion.

Satsuki releases you from her grasp and proudly presents your destination with wide open arms- a lone, no-backrest stone bench, just about wide enough to fit three people.
On the other hand, Uzuki unhands you as well, now focusing on fitting the picnic blanket she produces from her shopping bag onto the bench itself. Next comes the thermos bento, which is set onto the center of the blanketed bench.
“Hm-hm, hmm~”
Humming a soft, light hearted tune, the messy haired Makino opens up the bento boxes and takes out the contents: three separate sub containers of various sizes from each bento box, from the smallest one on top to the largest one on the bottom.
Sparing no time the twins take their seats on each end of the bench and eagerly place the largest container onto their laps.

“And today’s main course is~”
With the enthusiasm of kids unpacking their first Christmas present, the twins flip open the lid of their lunch container to reveal-
The two announce in unison as a burst of steam escapes the opened lids, filling the surrounding with the salivating combined fragrance of cooked meats, seafood and saffron. The thermos lunch boxes have done an excellent job in keeping the meals’ quality and presentation close to being freshly made- warm and palatable, if not just a bit damp.

Hunger compels you to come closer towards the sisters’ lunch while they jovially take out their utensils for the feast. To your surprise, you find the two bentos’ contents to not be exact clones of one another: Satsuki’s paella is topped with prawn, clams, mussels, and calamari, while Uzuki’s contain slices of herb-flavored chicken, sausage, and diced up bacon.

The very fact that their bentos are customized to their preferences reflects the effort of the person preparing their meals. It does make you wonder what Yayoi has in her bento, and furthermore…

“What about these?”
You point towards the unopened containers, curious about what delicacy they might hold.
“Oh, I wonder?” With a spork at hand, Satsuki lifts the lid off her medium sized container with equal curiosity. Contained within is an assortment of cooked eggplants and bell peppers, all with their skins peeled, topped with diced tomatoes, olive oil, and a sprinkle of chopped herbs.
“Augh, veggies…”
Uzuki grunts softly while she checks for the contents of the smallest container. Both her and Satsuki’s eyes light up upon seeing the generous slice of basque burnt cheesecake the container holds.

“Cheesecake! Yay~”

While the twins cheer for their dessert with a high-five, you can’t help but ponder at the sheer authenticity of this full three-course lunch. Either the parent preparing the meal is Spanish and very dedicated to the task, or they had some professional chef preparing their bentos for the day.
Regardless, such does add to the rumor of the Makinos being from some ridiculously well-off family.
“Here, Senki-kun!”
Satsuki’s voice brings you back to the scene, where you find yourself presented with a pair of mini silicone tongs… as well as the entirety of her ‘vegetable’ container.
“I’ll take a sliiiiight bit…” She picks up a single slice of eggplant from the container with her spork from the container and layers it on top of her paella, then quickly returns the favor by giving you a good spoonful of seafood paella from her main course.
“And mine too!”
Uzuki, too, shares with you a spoonful of her meaty paella, then proceeds to dump the rest of her eggplants and bell peppers into your “plate”.

“Senki-kun, why don’t you sit down~”

Uzuki pats on the space on the bench between her and her sister.

“Um, but-”

“Don’t worry!” Satsuki quickly follows up by picking up all the containers in the middle, creating a space just roughly big enough for you to sit. “There’s enough space for all of us!”

Normally you’d decline squeezing with others while eating lunch, but… the twins won’t stop looking anticipatingly at you with their watery puppy eyes.
How can you turn down such a warm invitation?

You pick up a slice of the eggplant with the tongs, grasping with the unfamiliarity of such an unorthodox utensil and trying your best to not bump the twins with your elbows. How do these two not have chopsticks? Furthermore, why are they using sporks to eat their meals…?
That’s a genuine question you wanted to ask the two, but one glance at the childlike glee on their faces while eating their meal puts you off the idea.
Hence, you decide to not bother the two with petty questions and bite down on your own food. The vegetables have been thoroughly cooked, giving them a soft and slightly mushy texture. Flavor wise, they carry a distinct smokey scent, which couples decently with the natural tanginess of the vegetables and the refreshing taste of the tomato garnish. If there’s anything missing, you feel the dish could do with some garlic, but you’re not one to complain when offered a free meal.

Eating in the courtyard feels considerably different from your usual lunchtime in the classroom with your friends.
It’s not just the fresh air and the sun that feels different, however…

“U-chan, can you pass me some of your sausage?”


Uzuki turns to her side and leans in with her bento to pass food to her sister, while Satsuki does the exact same to receive said food in question. While this movement should usually be of little problem, the fact that you’re sitting right between them makes a hell lot of difference. The two are effectively sandwiching you throughout the entire exchange, pressing their entire upper torso into your shoulders every time they want to switch food or even just chat.
You’re not too sure what to think of the constant softness pressing against you on both sides, but given how nonchalant the twins are with skinship, it’s probably best to not to make a fuss about the ordeal.

The twins aren’t the only company you have throughout your meal today, however.

“Good day, Uzuki!”
A group of students in sportswear passes by, greeting Uzuki with a wave with one hand and a volleyball in the other.
“Wanna play ball later?”
“Sure~” She answers, smiling wide and warm like the sun itself. “Let’s meet at the field~”

“Sup U-chan, wanna go KTV after school?”
No sooner after the first group leave does another show up to greet Uzuki, this time a group of female students with tinted hair and noticeable makeup. Their general vibes reminds you of Misao, but not yet reaching the same level of sass.
“Nah, not today~”
Uzuki turns them down politely, again with a friendly smile.

The sheer popularity Uzuki experiences from her fellow schoolmates somewhat surprises you, given your impression of her being of rowdy and unruly repute.

You turn towards Satsuki, intending to learn from her about her sister’s popularity.

Just as your first encounter with the twins, you calling their surname warrants a response from both Makinos.

“Oh, um…”

“You can just call me Uzuki~” As if bailing you out of the slightly awkward situation, Uzuki smiles at you understandingly and gives you a thumbs up. “Surname alone is confusing sometimes~”

“Call me Satsuki too!” Satsuki quickly tries to follow-up her sister’s greenlighting of first name usage with her own. “It’s OK!”

“Well in that case, Uzuki-san-”

“Hey Makino, you coming to practice today?”
Your question is cut short by a curt and rather loud address towards the Makinos. This time it’s from a group of sturdily built male students, forming a semi circle around Uzuki. If you were to take a wild guess, you think they might be from the school’s judo team.
“Of course~”

“See you later, Makino!” “Doesn’t feel like practice without you!” “”Let’s do newaza today!”

“Sure~ See you guys in the gym after school~”

What differs most about this group has to be the sheer number of folks who drops by to say hi, all of which exclusively towards Uzuki. Her sheer popularity with all these varying groups is impressive, and she doesn’t seem to have any problems juggling around them either.
“Makino, who’s that guy?”
A particularly tall, wide shouldered and robustly built member of the group steps forward… more specifically, he steps right before you, pointing you right in the nose.
“He’s Senki-kun, he’s my friend~” She answers with her unequivocally jolly and laid back tone.
“I see...”
The male student trains his pressuring scowl and rageful glare towards you, staring right at you for a good few seconds before he finally turns around, not forgetting to remind Uzuki about the practice before leaving with the entire group following behind.

What the fuck was that?

With the amount of people coming forth to greet Uzuki slowly dwindling, the three of you manage to finish off what’s left of the bento. The twins are even gracious enough to share their piece of cheesecake with you, even if it’s just two sporkfuls’ share.

“Where did you get this from?” You ask, astonished upon tasting the magical dessert. The cake itself seems to instantly melt the moment it touches your tongue, releasing not just the scent of fresh cream and cheese but also the honey-and-caramel sweetness all over your mouth.
“Dunno, but it’s goooood!” Satsuki shrugs with a straightforward and very expressive grin. “Uzuki, do you know where this is from?”
“Nope~” The other twin swallows her food, then replies in the exact same manner and expression

While you are incredibly intrigued to further inquire about the cheesecake, it seems like there won’t be more answers from the twins even if you press on. You won’t be forgetting about the cheesecake anytime soon, though.

“Alright, I’mma head to the field~” Whistling freely after downing the last piece of cake, the popular Makino leaps up from the bench and prepares to take off. Before leaving, however, she stacks her containers into her thermos bento box and hops to the other side of the bench beside Satsuki.
“Sa-chan, it’s your turn to take the boxes back today~”
Uzuki places her bento box into the shopping bag she was carrying and presents the bag for her sister to take.

Satsuki prepares to receive the duty from her sister, but you place a hand on the bag before she does.

“I’ll take it, as thanks to the meal.” You say, fully meaning your words. It’s proper courtesy to help them with the task and the cleanup- they’ve been your host, after all.

The question is, what should you do afterwards, for the rest of the lunch break?

>Go the the field and join Uzuki in playing ball
>Spend some time with Satsuki in class C
>Visit the literature club, it’s quite chill there
>Visit the literature club, it’s quite chill there
Bait choice.
1 gets us in trouble with Uzuki's simps and 2 strains our relationship with Shinichi
>Visit the literature club, it’s quite chill there
Visit the literature club, it’s quite chill there
>Spend some time with Satsuki in class C
Shouldn't we give him a push then? That makes Karin open for our taking
>Visit the literature club, it’s quite chill there
More in character for Senki to find somewhere quiet.
Go to the Literature Club.
“Let’s head back to class.” Satuki suggests, folding up the picnic blanket and placing it into the shopping bag beside the bento boxes.
You lift the bag off the bench and head back towards the homeroom building. Following the wide and energetic struts of the young Makino reminds you of the question you’ve been waiting to get off the top of your head.


“ ‘Satsuki’ is fine!” Satsuki halts her steps and turns around with a protesting pout. “We’re friends, right?”

Given her insistent on this whole name thing, you might as well abide by her demands.

“Sure, Satsuki-san…”

Satsuki smiles jovially at you calling her by the name, then skips right next to you to better communicate.
“What is it, Senki-kun?”

“Has your sister always been this popular?”

“Ow.” She pauses, her gaze drifting towards the ground for a brief moment but quickly rebounds back to you.
“Yep, U-chan is amazing, isn’t she? She gets along with a~ll kinds of folks.” Despite her best effort to sound cheery, you can feel a slight hint of dissatisfaction from her delivery.

“Is something wrong, Satsuki-san?”

“N-no, it’s just…” She inhales deeply, followed by a deep sigh. “I wish I can make friends like she does...”

You know all too well that sense of comparative inadequacy eating her up from the inside, given your days growing up with that superman of a brother.

“I’m sure you can do it, Satsuki-san.”
With no tangible solution, words of encouragement is the most you could do to comfort her.
Fortunately, your words do have the effect of brightening her mood, even if just a bit.

“Thanks, Senki-kun!”

The return of Satsuki’s cheery demeanor does put a smile on your face
Your destination of Class 2C is rather empty, given most of its members are out and about enjoying their lunch break. With no crowd blocking your way or questioning your entry, you dutifully place the shopping bag onto Satsuki’s desk, thus finishing your task.
“Thanks for your help, Senki-kun!”
“No problem, I’ll see you later.”

Satsuki bids you farewell, then hurries off to join the group of fashionable girls gossiping at the corner. You, too, start planning on how to spend the rest of your break. On your way to the door, you happen to catch a stunned looking Shinichi standing along the way.

“Hey, Hojo.” You greet your friend as you walk past his side. Strangely enough, he does not give you the casual greeting- as a matter of fact, he stands there frozen still, not reacting to you at all.
“Senki...kun?” He mutters a soft greeting with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Weird, the two of you have always referred to each other on a surname basis. It’s not that you’ll mind if he calls you by your first name, given you’ve been friends for over a year now.
It’s just strange he’s doing so out of the blue, that’s all.

“Yeah, Shinichi?”

“Oh.. Nothing.” Your friend from Class C snaps out from his trance-like state and moves along, where you do the same.

Lunch with the Makino siblings turns out to be just as overbearing as Mifuyu had warned you to be. Sure, the twins are as warm and hospitable as a pair of fluffy great pyrenees, but the attention they gather and the subsequent pressure from the crowd is more than you bargained for.
Now all you want is a quiet spot to chill.
The courtyard is certainly nice and relaxing, but you’ve already had a hefty share of the noon sun while on a picnic with the twins. Somewhere quaint, quiet and air-conditioned would be nice...
Speaking of which, Sakura did say you’re welcome any time at the literature club. The spot fits with every criteria you’re looking for, so might as well make good use of her invitation.
Who knows? You may have found an all new napping spot.

Following the mostly vacant corridor Sakura led you through yesterday, you soon stand before the sliding door of the literature club. The general remoteness of the area allows you to hear even the most faint of ambient noises, including the rattling of furniture coming from the other side of the door. Either Sakura or Michiru must be in there, perhaps finishing off the project they were working on yesterday.

In that case, it would be rude to bust in unannounced.
*knock knock*
The rustling behind the door stops the moment you give the front door a few light taps.

“Please, come in.”
A polite and composed welcome compels you to enter.

“Ah, good…*pant*” Sakura greets you upon your entry, amidst her somewhat unruly breathing. “Good day, Hasome san.”
Sakura stands near the center of the room, her back leaning against the center bookshelf while her arms strut over the small desk before her. The droplets of sweat on her forehead implies she must have been busy with some physical task earlier. Perhaps she was moving the desk around to sort out the bookshelves?

“Do you need a hand, Konishi-san?”
“What…*pant* do you mean?”
“Weren’t you sorting out the shelves earlier? I can help.”
In any case, she looks like she could definitely do with some help with laborious task at hand.

“Thank you for the offer,” She nods at you with a smile, having sufficiently recovered from the exhaltion to talk normally. “But that won’t be necessary. I was just finishing off some cleaning.”

That explains the packet of alcohol wipes lying on the desk, as well as the strange odor hanging in the air. While faint, you feel you recognize this slightly metallic odor from somewhere, presumably during some of the more extensive home-cleanup sessions.

“Please, take a seat.” She gestures you towards the seats lined up beside the wall, while she vigorously rubs a piece of alcoholic wipe over the edges of the desk before her. “Would you like to have some tea?”
“Surely there’s something I could help with?”
Having been of minimal assistance during your last visit, you feel compelled to be helpful this time around.
A gentle smile forms across Sakura’s fair and delicate face, no doubt moved by your words of selfless assistance.
”In that case, could you help straighten up the books on the shelves? I bumped into them earlier, and may have made a mess.”
Sakura gently points towards the bookshelves on on the far end of the room, beside the windows.
“Sure thing”

You walk around the desk Sakura was vigorously wiping and towards the bookshelves. True to Sakura’s assessment, the collection does appear to have fallen over one another, with a few volumes knocked onto the ground.
Thankfully, it’s nothing a little menial labor can’t fix.

”Hasome-san, what brings you here today?” You hear Sakura’s inquiry over the faint bubbling of water, likely from a boiling kettle.
"Nothing in particular, really.” You answer, busy arranging the books in place “I quite enjoy the atmosphere here. It’s… quiet, in a good way.”
“In that case, would you be interested in filling our our club application?”
You could feel the sliver of joy in the raised pitch of her voice as she brings up the topic. To be fair, you’re not against the idea either.

Given your ongoing feud with Chihaya, joining last year’s movie club may not be the best idea. The similar nature and the nice, quite environment meant that the literature club may just be your best alternative.
Not to mention, the company here isn’t all too bad either.
“Thanks, I’ll consider”

You finish reorganizing the bookshelves and return to your host about the same time she finishes with making tea, where you find yourself greeted by the faint scent of oolong in the air.
“Please, enjoy.”
Calm and serene, Sakura occupies the chair right across the desk and presents you the same porcelain chawa you used yesterday.

You carefully take a sip from the steaming hot chawa, trying to enjoy the fragrance of the Chinese tea without burning yourself in the lips.
“Is there something on my face?” you ask curiously.
“Pay no mind, Hasome san. I’m merely reading your aura.”

“Why yes,” She nods with a suggestive glance from her crimson eyes, followed by a strangely mysterious chuckle. “I have learned a thing or two from serving Inari-sama.”
Normally, you would assume her suggestion to be a trope from some novel she’s reading recently, had you not known of her family’s kannushi lineage for Inari Shrines.

The added mysticism makes you wonder if she actually knows a trick or two...

“Hasome san, would you be interested in a little fortune telling?”

>Luck for the coming week
>I don’t believe these things
>Luck for the coming week
Considering the sort of people on our ass now might as well
>Luck for the coming week
>Luck for the coming week
Low key progress check
The bible says that witchcraft should not be supported. We do not believe in this trite garbage.

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