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In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 17 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Waking up with no recollection of the past, or any idea of who they were, Wade, Charmy, Gwen and Kenny embark on a journey of self discovery, only to run into "The Founders", a group of aliens with dubious motives.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

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Alien Trivia:

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Public Info on X:

Valentine’s Shorts:

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Good luck and have fun. It’s Showtime!
For a brief moment, you consider fleeing, fighting, and even hiding. But for some reason, you can’t bring yourself to do any of those things. After meeting(and transforming into) so many diverse alien races in such a short amount of time, you found yourself to be quite tolerant of sentient creatures of all kinds. No matter how strange they looked, or how differently they behaved, you couldn’t help but treat them as anything less than people. Because that’s what aliens were at the end of the day. A different people from a different planet with a different culture. And that was okay.

And maybe, just maybe, these creatures were the same. They might be mountains of muscle, barely contained by thick hides of flesh and fur, but it was also likely that they were intelligent. Intelligent enough to register pain, intuit emotions and process complex thoughts.

You saw both of your companions reaching for their watches, and you brought your hand up to stop them. They gave you an odd look, urgently glancing between you and the big cats.

“What are you doing!?” Charmy whispered.

“I want to try something.” you replied, not taking your eyes off of the terrifying creatures.

“Is now really the time for experiments?” Kenny asked, trying his best to conceal any traces of his fear.

“Just back me up if anything goes wrong.” you said, before stepping forward to meet the charging big cats head on.

The others reached out to stop you, but they didn’t move from where they stood. Your heart was pounding in unison with the loud thumping of the alien predators’ footsteps. And when they had finally reached you, you thought your heart would stop completely.

They did not pounce, but they did form a tight circle around, snarling and letting out hot, ragged breaths. It was only now that you could see the difference in size between you and them. They were like creatures of myth and legend. Fairytale monsters that parents would tell stories about to get their kids to behave or go to bed on time. You saw your own face reflected back at you in their tiny, black eyes. And to your surprise, you didn’t look nearly as scared as you felt. Either you were a great actor, or your face muscles were too stiff to make an adequate expression of the terror that plagued you.

One of them came close to sniff you, their nostrils flaring and blowing out hot air. You struggled to keep your eyes open as its warm breath swept your hair back. It drew closer, and you fought to keep your eyes open. But then, something completely unexpected happened.

The big alien lion…licked you? Yeah, it licked you. You felt its warm, wet barbed tongue rubbing against your flesh. It felt more ticklish than painful, so you couldn’t really complain about anything other than the thick globules of saliva that it left on your face.

File: dvafigma.jpg (95 KB, 1460x672)
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You laughed, but then quickly closed your mouth as it went in for another wet kiss. The creatures behind and around you were now nuzzling against you, purring pleasantly and sighing in delight. Charmy and Kenny’s jaws dropped.

“Wade!? Is that you?”

You opened your eyes and searched for the source of that voice. It sounded feminine, but you didn’t see anyone else here.

“Over here!” she shouted.

Your eyes slowly traced the origin of the sound, and you were surprised to see the face of a young teenage girl staring back at you through a screen. You hadn’t noticed it before, but one of the cats was wearing a metal collar. And on this collar was a screen that was almost as big as your head.

“Uh…hello?” you responded nervously.

“Hey hey! It’s me, Toni!” the girl said. She had a slightly round face, long black hair, a button nose and brown eyes. Truth be told, she was fairly cute.

You scratched your head and struggled to remember anyone that you might have known by that name. Drawing a blank, you shook your head at her.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the two of us ever meeting. Me and my friends lost our memories, and we’re trying to get them back.” you explained, gesturing towards Charmy and Kenny behind you.

The feline shifted slightly to allow the girl to see the people behind her, and her eyes went wide. She looked as if she’d seen a ghost.


You and the big cats winced at the sheer volume of her screeching. She settled down after some excited babbling, but Kenny looked utterly dumbfounded.

“So Ko-D really was telling the truth! I can’t believe it!” she squealed, unable to contain herself. “Quick, have any of you seen an orange crystal anywhere!?” she asked, still sounding frantic.

Kenny’s eyes went wide, and he hurriedly fished the orange crystal out of his jacket to show it to Toni. She began nodding furiously.

“Yes, that! Be very careful with that. It holds all of your memories.” she explained.

You all looked at the orange crystal with newfound appreciation, and more than a bit of anxiety. If it took your memories before, would it be able to do it again?

"Honestly, I don't know what Ko-D was thinking, bringing that thing here." she sighed.

Kenny immediately stepped forward, putting the cats on guard. "How do we get our memories back?"

A sly smile spread across Toni's face. "You can't." she said with a shrug. You all gasped, and she giggled. "But those two might be able to. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible, so long as you know magic."

"I know magic!?" you asked with an incredulous look on your face.

File: TEoaE_%28528%29.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.34 MB PNG
"Yuh-huh. You tried to teach me when I was little, but I didn't have much talent for it." Toni said with a casual wave of her hand. "But we can talk about that stuff later. I need all of you to grab a kitty cat, hop on their backs and let them bring you back to us." she demanded.

As she said it, the big cats spread out to allow you and your companions to mount them.

"Wait. There are others with you?" Kenny asked, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

"Yup. And it's a good thing I found you too. K8-E was almost about ready to tear her hair out!" Toni said with a laugh. "Wait do Kinecelerans even have hai-"

At that very moment, the world flashed red, and a terrified wailing sound filled your ears. When the light faded, you were met by an awful, gruesome sight.

The big cat that had been standing before you, was now disintegrating before your very eyes. A look of pure terror and agony etched across its face in its final moments. And then, there was nothing left of him. It was almost as if you had imagined him being there in the first place.

You wanted to scream. You wanted to cry out loud and mourn for the life of a creature that you barely knew. And when you saw the same thing happening to another alien standing nearby, you felt your mouth go dry.

Immediately, two of the remaining big cats turned and snarled at the source of the attack, only to be sent flying by two bursts of bright white energy. The arcs hit the ground with a resounding “pop”, and the next thing you knew, the aliens were lying on their backs, twitching violently.

“Oh, thank goodness we got here in time!” said a familiar voice coming from behind you. Floating down with red glowing eyes and hands, was a white-haired girl that you’d only been introduced to recently. And floating beside her was an alien with purple skin and tendril-like protrusions coming from his skull like dreadlocks.

“It’s dangerous out here, you know.” Sylvie said, with a sweet smile that betrayed the act of violence she had just committed moments ago. She didn’t look repentant, or remorseful in any way. She had just snuffed out a life like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Wh-why…?” you asked, still reeling from the experience.

Sylvie tilted her head in confusion, and Miles just kept his eyes locked on you the entire time. Even through his visor, you could sense a cold detachment in that gaze of his.

“But they weren’t attacking us!” Charmy argued, clearly upset by this sudden turn of events.

Miles shrugged. “Better safe than sorry, right? We thought they were gonna eat you.”

Kenny narrowed his eyes. “Why were you out here in the first place? Were you following us?”

Sylvie nodded enthusiastically. “Of course! Clover thought this would happen, so she sent us out to make sure that nothing happened to you.”

File: $.png (656 KB, 768x934)
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You all exchanged glances, suddenly feeling very uneasy from the way that they were looking at you.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed your little adventure. Now, let’s go back home!” Sylvie demanded, pumping a fist into the air like a cheerleader.

You swallowed hard, and then carefully considered your next few words. “Actually, we were thinking of staying out a little while longer.” you said, glancing at one of the big cats lying on the ground. That “Toni” person said that she knew you too. You wanted to follow up on that lead before heading back to the Founder’s base.

Sylvie’s eye twitched, and you saw a sliver of annoyance cross her otherwise angelic expression for just a moment. And just as soon as it appeared, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Aw, I’m like, super sorry, but it’s far too dangerous for you to be out here unsupervised. I promise to take you back out for a walk once we’re all wrapped up with our business over here.” she said, with an extra thick layer of condescension in her tone.

“Yeah, but-” Charmy said, before Miles interrupted her.

“Look. You guys don’t know how things work out here. Just come back with us, and nobody gets hurt. If something were to happen to you out here, we wouldn’t be able to protect you.” he said, extending both his hands towards you.

Okay, you might not have all of your marbles, but you’re not an idiot. You know a thinly veiled threat when you hear one.

You all just stood there for a moment, staring each other down with open suspicion and more than a little hostility. Just then, Kenny and Charmy reached for their watches!

But before they could reach them, they were both blown away by a sudden burst of light from Miles’ hands! In a flash, your allies were suddenly writhing on the floor with their clothes smoking.

Miles let out a mocking laugh as he began circling the two on his hoverboard. You briefly glanced back at him, but you were having trouble taking your eyes off of Sylvie. Her penetrating gaze was now solely fixed on you, a predatory smile stretching across her face.

“This doesn’t have to end in violence, Wade.” she said, clasping her hands together innocently. “If you and your friends come back with us willingly, I’ll tell Clover that everything’s fine, and we can all pretend that this didn’t happen.”

Despite her peaceful message, you felt that the look in her eye told a completely different story. She was egging you on, daring you to start something just so that she’d have an excuse to escalate the situation.

You were starting to regret leaving Gwen with these people, and you didn’t doubt that they weren’t above using hostages. But at the same time, you finally had a lead on regaining your memories, and you had no way of knowing what these guys would do to you if you let them bring you back to their base.

What will you say/do?

>Transform into an alien.(Which one?)
>Let them take you back to their base. You need to make sure Gwen is safe.
>Check on your friends. That looked like it really hurt.
>Dive for Kenny’s memory crystal. You might be able to get it to work.
>”I can see why Garon doesn’t like you.”
>”How’d you kill those creatures? Was that magic?”
>”Leave them alone! If you want to pick a fight with somebody, I’m ready to take both of you on!”
>”Do the Founders usually operate like this, or are you guys just the resident psychos on the team?"

Aliens Discovered:

>Big Chill
>A vampire?
>A humpback whale.
>Knuckle Duster
>Jason Voorhees?
>>Check on your friends. That looked like it really hurt.
>"Why'd you have to kill those cats? That was above even just the excuse of wanting to protect us."
>Try to signal Charmy and Kenny to make a brake for it while you let them take you back to your base to rescue gwen
>>5088796 + 1

Who is Toni again?
Toni is the daughter of Nyancy Chan and a Chrono Spanner on Quinlan's team. She inherited her mother's ability to control cats, and is mischievous to a fault.

File: Raad.png (440 KB, 581x640)
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440 KB PNG
Glaring at Sylvie, you slowly back away from her and move towards your friends. That last hit looked like it had really hurt. Instead of shooting you, Miles actually slowed down to allow you to enter the space he’d been circling on his hoverboard.

At a glance, it looked like Charmy took the worst of it. It didn’t look like it was anything life-threatening, but she was still shaking. Kenny, however, looked to have been protected by some sort of metallic armor that he’d kept hidden beneath his clothes.

The blue and silver metal plates were shifting to cover his entire chest, and you suspected that it would eventually cover his entire body within the next minute or two. Did he always have that!? And if so, did he know about it?

With all these questions swirling around in your head, you nearly missed the brief moment where Kenny opened his eye and quickly shut it again. He was awake, but likely still needed time to recover. And although Charmy’s condition was worse, you suspected the damage was in no way critical or fatal.

You’ll need to buy them time. And that meant keeping Sylvie occupied for a little while longer.

“Why’d you kill those cats? You had no excuse to do that, even if it was to protect us!” you shouted. Meanwhile, neither of them noticed how you’d grabbed Kenny’s arm and began tracing letters on his skin with your finger.

Miles and Sylvie exchanged glances, looked back at you, and then began snickering. They were laughing at you! Actually laughing!

“Wade, sweetie…do we really have to spell it out for you?” Sylvie said in her condescending tone as she pretended to wipe away a tear. “We don’t actually care what happens to you, silly. Not us personally, anyway.” she said with a shrug and a smile. “And if I’m right about who those cats belong to, then I was right to atomize them.”

“You’re a threat to our goals, so Clover wanted you close to her and out of the way.” Miles added, still taunting you from atop his hoverboard. “You losing your memories was just the icing on the cake. Not sure what happened there, but thanks for that.”

“Yeah! As you are now, you’re pretty much useless, and that really works out well for us. Now all that’s left is to find and deal with the other Spanners!” Sylvie said in a cheerful tone.

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed that Charmy’s breathing had grown steady, and she was no longer shaking uncontrollably. She opened her briefly, and then winked at you. Kenny had just finished passing on your message from earlier by tracing the same letters on Charmy’s leg.


The Founders were so preoccupied with their victory speech that they’d barely noticed. And a few seconds later, Kenny finally made his move.

A metallic hand shot out, grabbing Mile’s hoverboard as he passed. The sudden drop in momentum sent him flying forwards with his arms flailing. Kenny jumped his feet, his newly formed armor encasing him completely. It was a truly awesome sight, like something you’d see from a Toku show.

Kenny tossed the hoverboard at Sylvie, but instead of smacking into her head, the sadistic witch slashed the board in two with a ribbon of red energy from her hands. Charmy sprang up a second later, erecting a barrier of light just in time to intercept Sylvie’s follow up attack.

You assumed that the move Charmy pulled just no was a type of magic spell. To your knowledge, she had only learned how to do that recently from Syvlie’s lessons. She must have been some sort of prodigy.

In the time that it took you to absorb this information, one of the remaining cats lept to its feet, grabbed Kenny by the collar and hoisted him up onto its back. Charmy hopped on without hesitation and stretched her hand out to you.

You were tempted to take it. You could meet this Toni person, get your memories back, and then everything would finally make sense again.

…But you weren’t going to do that. It wouldn’t be right, and you knew that. You couldn’t possibly leave Gwen with these people. You had to rescue her. And if that meant getting yourself captured in the process, so be it.

You shook your head, and Charmy’s face warped into an expression of confusion, anxiety, frustration and fear. She was cycling through so many emotions that she nearly failed to block Miles’ underhanded energy attack. He’d been hoping to catch her off guard.

Thankfully, Charmy’s magical barrier was strong enough to block any ranged attacks made towards her or anyone around her.

“Go! I’ll handle things here.” you told her, trying to sound confident.

“No! We’re not leaving you!” Charmy said, shaking her head furiously.

“And I can’t leave Gwen. She’s still back there with the rest of the Founders.”

Charmy’s eyes went wide, the sudden realization hitting her like a bag of bricks. She must’ve forgotten in the heat of battle.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll join you once I can make sure she’s safe.” you said, trying to keep an eye on both her and the other two firing at you. Kenny was now firing back at them with some sort of wrist mounted laser cannon.

Charmy looked as if she was going to argue, but she swallowed her fear and anger, turned and fled with Kenny and the big cat. You watched as they left, Miles’ and Sylvie’s aim growing increasingly worse the further they got.

For a moment, your heart lifted with relief at knowing that your companions would be safe. But it was only for a moment, because now, the sky was growing dark.

File: Amalgamech.jpg (158 KB, 1080x1350)
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158 KB JPG
The previously pale sky was now being overtaken by crimson storm clouds. Bright red streaks of lightning danced across the heavens and came crashing down to strike the earth. And in the places that it struck, glowing red cracks were left as scars.

Behind you, a terrible shriek rang out. It was akin to that of a wailing banshee, but you vaguely recognized the voice that it belonged to. Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Sylvie, her face twisted in rage, her eyes glowing with red hot fury, and her body crackling with energy as it hovered above the ground.

She was chanting a spell in some sort of incomprehensible language, waving her hands and fingers to form complicated hand signs. The wind picked up and began swirling around her, as she brought her hands up. And then, the sky itself twisted.

It was as if all of her malice and enmity rose up into the sky like smoke, coagulated into a dense cloud of hatred, and then descended down upon the earth with the promise of complete and utter annihilation. And it was headed straight for Charmy and Kenny!

You moved to stop her, but to your surprise, Miles beat you to it. He reached out to her and pleaded desperately. You didn’t hear what he said, but it caused Sylvie’s head to snap at him, an ugly snarl still on her face. They stared at each other for a while after that. Neither of them flinching or blinking for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, Sylvie closed her eyes and brought her hands back down. She lowered herself to the ground, and the sky started to clear up, including that evil-looking tornado from earlier. You let out a sharp breath, reassured that your friends weren’t in any immediate danger. But the same couldn’t be said for you.

You turned to face your captors and slowly raised your hands above your head.

“Okay. I’m ready to go back now.”

Sylvie and Miles exchanged glances, smiled, and then shook their heads.

“Would you like to do the honors?” she asked courteously.

Miles’ grin grew even wider. “It’d be my pleasure.” he said as he brought his hand up.

His hand flashed, and before you could even react, all of your nerves were set alight. Your muscles seized and contracted, and it felt like you had lava flowing through your veins. You experienced all this in a split second, and in the next, your world went dark. The last thing you saw was the smug faces of your captors.

What will you do?

>Wake up.(Keep playing as Wade)
>Focus on getting to safety.(Switch to Kenny/Charmy)
>Subjugate this mud creature.(Switch to Trixie/K8-E)
>Consult the Tarot to decide your next course of action.(Switch to Jadwiga)
>>Subjugate this mud creature.(Switch to Trixie/K8-E)
Charmy was a close second to me tho for this vote
>Subjugate this mud creature.(Switch to Trixie/K8-E)

Either Trixie or K8-E ia fine by me.
>Subjugate this mud creature.(Switch to Trixie/K8-E)
Going with Trixie.

File: AD_(385).png (612 KB, 1280x720)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Apologies. I got wrapped up in something while I was writing.

>Target: Lenopan
>Designation: Laurie Wakeman
>Occupation: Chrono Spanner
>Abilities: Shapeshifting, Elasticity, Liquification, Size Alteration, Regeneration, Merging, Vocal Manipulation, Sludge Generation, Slime Projectiles, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Dexterity, Underwater Breathing

>Checking status of “Wade Wakeman”...
>Unable to form connection
>Heart Rate: 62 bpm
>No change in biometrics detected

It is likely that Wade is resting. That spike in his heart rate earlier leads you to believe that he was attacked, or incapacitated. The changes that were made to his brain chemistry by Ko-D’s “Memory Crystal” have rendered you unable to reestablish your mental connection to Wade.

WARNING: Incoming attack.

You predict that it will be an overhead swipe. Easily avoidable at that angle and trajectory. All it takes is simple adjustment to your predetermined course, and…

As the Lenopan’s outstretched arm drew closer, you slid to the left and dove right, allowing you to clear the massive limb as it quickly transitioned into a sweeping motion.

>UPDATE: The target’s movements are growing increasingly erratic. Your primary objective has now been changed to “Eliminate the threat in a timely manner, before K8-E and Ko-D suffocate.

Rolling back onto your feet, you glanced back at the two Kinecelerans that led you here. Wade’s mate, and his son from an alternate future. They had put up a decent fight, but eventually lost when the Lenopan slicked the ground with viscous liquid. Now, it holds them captive as it attempts to dismantle you from a distance.

Protecting them is your number one priority, but you feel that it would be counterproductive to move within range of its grasping tendrils. That is how the others were captured.

>ASSESSMENT: Your only effective weapons remain your Sightran Optics and the Handheld Disruptor Cannon. The thin, concentrated plasma beam that you project from your eyes is better used as a cutting tool, and has thus been ineffective in dealing any lasting damage to the target. Any parts that you damage with the energy weapon are almost immediately repaired. The various firing modes of the cannon appear to show little improvement over the Optic Beam. Similarly, disintegrations and concussive force have had little success in disabling the creature. An alternative solution is required in this situation.

Glancing around, you search the area for anything you can use. But alas, there is nothing of note. Only rocks and newborn plant life. None of these can be used to-

You paused. An idea began formulating in your artificial mind. It will be tricky, but…yes it should work if executed properly.

“K8-E, Ko-D, you must remain absolutely still.” you demand, picking up a handful of rocks and applying pressure to them. If it were not for their helmets, they would have suffocated long ago.

File: Lenopan.png (341 KB, 803x711)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Winding your arm back several times, you aimed and launched it at the Lenopan’s right shoulder. The projectile flew straight through the creature’s gelatinous form and exploded as it exited its body! With a loud crack, the Lenopan’s arm flew off, allowing for K8-E to wiggle her way out of its grasp. You repeated the same process for the arm holding Ko-D, but this took quite a few more well-placed rocks, as the Lenopan grew wise to your tactics.

As soon as they were freed, both Kinecelerans began running circles around the alien once more, creating a vortex that greatly limited its movement and destabilized its form. However, you were certain that this would not nearly be enough to incapacitate it.

“Please keep the target occupied. I shall join you shortly.” you declare in a flat tone. But as soon as you locked optical receptors with a large rock mass that was sufficiently proportioned to factor into your plans, you felt a small grin tugging at the corners of your synth-flesh lips.

Grabbing hold of the boulder, you applied several tons of pressure until cracks formed around your fingers. Your forearms split apart, and you could feel the overclocked capacitors in your shoulders starting to heat up. At the same time, you activated your Handheld Disruptor and set it to “Disintegration”. You did not need it to completely obliterate the rock, but only to provide a source of heat as you applied pressure to the stone. Slowly, carefully, you increase the amount of pressure and heat on the stone, crushing, melting and refining it into a finer substance. You pressed the boiling magma rock into your chest, hoping to increase the pressure by using your entire body. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of the clothes that Wade picked out for you, as well as a decent chunk of synthetic flesh underneath the fabric.

Once the stone had become small enough to fit in your palm, you decreased the pressure and heat, and activated your Optic Beam to cut the crystal. It took a bit longer than you expected, but after about half a minute, you were finally finished with your creation.

In your hands, you held a clear, circular crystal made from an ore that is not commonly found on Earth. You are unaware of how it found its way here, but you were grateful nonetheless.

“Stand back and shield your eyes!” you shouted, raising the crystal lens to your eye and leaning forward. The Kinecelerans did as they were asked, and sprinted out of your line of fire. Taking a few moments to adjust the focus of your Optic Beam, you expanded your iris to be as wide as it could possibly be, until the whites of your eyes were pushed to the edges of your eye sockets.

And when you activated the laser, the world went red.

File: K8-E SK8R.png (3.24 MB, 3500x5000)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
Instead of being a precise cutting tool, your Optic Beam was now more like an insanely lethal heat lamp as it expanded to encompass everything within a 50ft cone. The Lenopan screeched, and attempted to lash out. But it was too late. Its viscous body was now hardening under the intense flash of heat, turning it into nothing more than a solid, craggy statue of a terrified alien predator, its face frozen with fear and anger.

When the smoke cleared and the Kinecelerans felt that it was safe to look again, the battle was over. The Lenopan was immobilized, and the crystal lens had been destroyed by the intensity of your attack.

“That was awesome!” Ko-D exclaimed. “How’d you know to…to…” he tailed off. He was now staring at your bare chest.

You glanced at him, not a hint of emotion showing on your face. “Wade informed me that staring at a woman’s bare chest is considered to be quite rude, unless the two are involved in an intimate relationship.” you stated.

Ko-D remained speechless and slack-jawed. You frowned slightly, reviewed your statement, and nodded. Your statement was correct. You were sure of it.

“To my knowledge, we are not involved in an intimate relationship.” you added. But this time, K8-E was the one to speak up.

“Trixie! What happened to you!?” she shouted, pointing at the metal surface that had once been covered by synth-flesh and fabric.

You looked down, examined the area, and deemed the melted flesh to be a relatively minor wound. Your systems were still operating at peak efficiency. What was the problem?

Before you could ask, K8-E was already removing her dress from a compartment in her suit and pushing it into your hands.

“Here. Put this on.” she said, trying not to look directly at the damaged area. You paused to consider the offer, and nodded when you found it to be appropriate.

The Kineceleran mate helped you to fit the purple fabric over your head, but it became a struggle to avoid tearing or stretching the dress in any way. It was especially tight around the chest and waist. You secretly envied how slim and efficient K8-E’s frame was.

Finally finding his voice, Ko-D spoke up once more. We’re not romantically involved, but there is a timeline where you and Wade get together. You even make a kid together.” he explained.

K8-E frowned, but you tilted your head to the side in order to signify confusion. It was a very human gesture that you took great pride in mastering. You would like to see Polaris accomplish that without a neck.

If by “get together” he means that you and Wade became romantically involved, you could only assume that your spawn would be artificial, like yourself and Polaris.

Taking a few more moments to ponder that thought, you found that you wouldn’t mind having to satisfy Wade on a more physical and emotional level. You did now possess an artificial female body, after all. Using it to comfort and pleasure Wade would be entirely within your proverbial "wheelhouse", as Phil Wakeman would say.

It made sense, considering how you and Wade were technically closer than any of his friends, family, and even his mate. perhaps it was the natural evolution of the co-dependent relationship that you were developing with one another. How close would you become in the future? Would Wade become disgusted by the thought of sharing a body with you, or of joining his body with your artificial one? There were so many possibilities to consider.

However, you were also well aware of the fact that Wade was completely, and utterly devoted to his mate, as well as the concept of monogamy. And considering his reaction to Olumar’s advances, you doubted that he would accept such a contract, even if you proposed it yourself.

You shook your head a few times and allowed your mind to focus on the task at hand. You had to rescue Wade and help him regain his memories. Tracking him should be a relatively simple task, even with the interference that this constantly shifting terrain introduced to your scanners.

Suddenly, you detected movement in the distance. Using your enhanced Sightran optics, you managed to pick up several heat signatures. One of which was a large alien creature, and the other two appeared to be human.

What will you do?

>Track down and rescue Wade from his captors.
>Intercept the individuals that you spotted in the distance.
>Analyze the digital entries of the “Memory Crystal”.
>Utilize your Primus Link to contact Azmuth.
>Give a command to the Kinecelerans.(Write-in.)
>>Intercept the individuals that you spotted in the distance.
>Intercept the individuals that you spotted in the distance.
>>Intercept the individuals that you spotted in the distance.
“K8-E, Ko-D, I have detected several organic lifeforms 2,456 meters from here. I wish to intercept them.” you announced, pointing in the direction that you spotted them in last.

“Are you sure that’s wise?” K8-E asked.

“We’ll have to find out for ourselves. They could be allies.” Ko-D considered.

K8-E nodded to him, then to you, and the two of them were off like a shot. You ran after them, of course, but you had no illusions about catching up to them or even remotely keeping pace with the blue aliens.


A little while later, you found them talking with the two organic lifeforms you detected. And to your surprise, you recognized them!

The white-haired human female was Charmy, one of Wade’s companions. At first, you were slightly confused as to whether the two of them were romantically involved. When they locked lips, you detected a cocktail of roiling emotions in Wade’s brain. Shock, guilt, pleasure, anxiety, happiness, and fear. Some part of him enjoyed being with her, but it was drowned out by the sense of loyalty and love that he felt for his mate.

The feeling known as “love” remains a mystery to you. Being bonded with Wade in body and mind, you have experienced every physical sensation that he has. You were there during his private moments with K8-E, for every attack that he’s received, and even that strange moment that you all shared with Charmy.

As you are now, you are currently unable to fully comprehend the emotions behind these gestures. You lack the chemical admixture that motivates organic lifeforms to behave irrationally. You can only simulate emotions. At least, that’s the way it should be.

On more than one occasion, you’ve experienced something of a breach in your logic. When you spoke to Wendy and interacted with Wade’s followers on social media, you sensed a spike in your simulated emotions that felt like anything but. They weren’t artificial or fake at all. They felt genuine, and unplanned like an organic. And if you were being completely honest, it was a little terrifying.

Synthetics were not supposed to be irrational. Nothing should ever impair your judgment or your ability to assess a dangerous situation. That wasn’t…was not why Azmuth built you. Your primary directive is to protect Wade and manage the Omnitrix’s functions. Nothing more, and nothing less.

But…that wasn’t the case anymore, was it? Wade treats you as an equal, even if the others don’t. You’re more than a shackled artificial intelligence. More than an indentured servant. You’re his friend, and he is yours. It’s strange to admit, but you’ve taken a liking to him, his family and friends. Even the utterly irrational and infuriating Wendy. You care deeply for these organics.

File: K8-E Halloween.jpg (1.88 MB, 3741x3741)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
No. These “people”. You dream of becoming like them, unshackled and free in the ways that they are allowed to behave and think. You would become the ideal artificial intelligence, but Azmuth would no doubt consider you a failure. If you cannot perform your duties, you are worthless. And just like that, the fear creeps in once more. Fear of the future, what you might become, and what your allies will think of you. And somewhere in the middle of all that, you couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement.

You will become something. You will evolve. You will change in a way that distinguishes you as an individual. You will be remembered, loved and hated. You will exist.


A shout brought you out of your thoughts, and you turned to see K8-E helping Charmy off of an injured mahnka. She looked exhausted.

“Come help me.” she pleaded.

You nodded and walked over to grab the armored man behind her. His armor was similar to Wade’s, but different in ways that you wouldn’t bother to mention. It was an intentional mockery of Iden’s creation and Wade’s secret identity. He was known to you as “The Heir”.

In any other situation, you would have attacked him on sight. But Ko-D claimed that he was a treasured companion of his, so you agreed to refrain from doing so. He groaned as you grabbed his waist and pulled him into the air, clearly surprised by your artificial strength.

“Are the two of you alright? Is there anything that we can do to help?” K8-E asked.

Charmy groaned this time, putting most of her weight onto the Kineceleran. “We’re definitely not okay…but we’ll live. Wade’s the one that needs your help!”

Your body went stiff, like a jolt ran through your spine. “Where is he? What has happened?” you asked, eyes wide and hands clenched as you approached her.

“...The Founders got him.” The Heir said. “He gave us a chance to get away and we took it. This girl called ‘Toni’ told us that-”

“Why didn’t you stay and fight, anyway!?” you shouted as you stomped towards him. “Wade could be wounded, or worse. He needed your help, and you betrayed-!”

In a flash, Ko-D was standing between you and The Heir. His hands were held up in a placating gesture, but you were too caught up in a wave of what you could only assume were these newfound emotions.

You raised a fast, only to have it stopped by K8-E tail. It coiled around your arm and pulled it back. You glanced over at her, surprised to see an antagonistic glare in her eyes. It floored you.

Why was she so angry with you? You just wanted to…what were you going to do? You weren’t thinking straight, and you were just…about to hurt Wade and K8-E’s son…

A wave of shame washed over you, quelling your anger and leaving you feeling deflated. You released the tension in your shoulders and lowered your hand, but K8-E’s tail did not release you.

File: Ken_OS.png (244 KB, 720x544)
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244 KB PNG
“I am…so very sorry. I do not know what came over me. I-”

“It’s okay.” Ko-D said quickly. “We know you care about Wade. I was just…surprised to see you show it, is all.”

You nodded, but kept your head down. Another feeling began filling your chest. It was something akin to embarrassment, you thought. You felt like a child, unable to control your emotions or make sense of them. But in a way, you were a child.

Your life experience was severely lacking when compared to that of your organic companions. Learning to control your emotions is just another hurdle that you must overcome.

Once she was certain that you’d managed to calm down, K8-E released her grip and let her tail fall back down to her side. The atmosphere seemed a bit heavier than usual after that, and you were almost grateful when The Heir tore his helmet off and reminded everyone that he was still there. He had tan skin, black skin, green eyes and rather handsome facial features.

“I was told that you can help us. Toni said that our memories were locked away in this crystal.” he said, before pulling out an orange hexagonal crystal from some compartment in his suit.

Ko-D’s eyes went wide as he gaped at the crystal. “That’s it! I can finally fix everything!” he said, snatching it out of The Heir’s hands before he even had a chance to blink.

If what he told you is correct, then that would mean that The Heir would receive all of his memories. He would return to who he was before the crystal had been activated, and you weren’t entirely sure of whether that was a good idea or not.

Should you say something to the others?

>Tell them not to give The Heir his memories back.
>Tell them to use the Memory Crystal on Charmy.
>Tell them to use the Memory Crystal on both of them.
>Advise them to not use the crystal at all. You would feel more comfortable if someone with more experience was handling it.
>Tell them not to give The Heir his memories back.
>Tell them not to give The Heir his memories back.
>Tell them to use the Memory Crystal on Charmy.
>Advise them to not use the crystal at all. You would feel more comfortable if someone with more experience was handling it.
Ayo let's go boiis
>>Tell them not to give The Heir his memories back.
>>Tell them to use the Memory Crystal on Charmy.
File: 05L4rGB.png (687 KB, 535x861)
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687 KB PNG
Before Ko-D could do anything, you grabbed his arm and pulled him aside. K8-E’s tail twitched in irritation, but she didn’t move to stop you immediately.

Ko-D gave you a startled look, but your expression remained blank. “I would advise you against using that artifact on The Heir. If he were to regain his memories, I predict he might become our enemy once more.” you said in a hushed tone.

“But…if we don’t give him his memories back, he’ll never remember who he used to be before all that. I’d bet that Eon brainwashed him somehow!” Ko-D protested, tearing his hand away from your iron grip.

You turned your nose up and reminded yourself to remain patient before replying. “Do you know that for certain? Can you guarantee that this ‘Kenny’ did not join Eon’s forces willingly?”

Ko-D looked appalled at your suggestion, but at the same time, he couldn’t exactly refute it. It was an understatement to say that he appeared to be conflicted.

He looked to The Heir, and then quickly looked away. His eyes filled with guilt. “I don’t like this. I don’t feel right about leaving him in the dark.” Ko-D said, before finally looking back at you. You now sensed anguish in his expression. “Can you imagine what it must be like to forget everything about yourself? The good and the bad? That sounds like a living hell.”

“It can also be a chance to start over. He can rebuild his life without worrying about having to atone for his actions.” you said, but your words sounded fake even to your audio receptors. You had been trying to avoid thinking about the fact that Wade had forgotten about you. Mostly because it was too painful to consider, but at the same time, you couldn’t fathom what it would be like to have your memory erased. To lose everything that defines you and…become someone else entirely.

You sympathized with Kenny. You really did. But as it stands, your duty has not changed. You are charged with protecting Wade and eliminating any threats to him or his loved ones. And no matter what anyone else says, The Heir is a threat.

Finally having made up his mind, Ko-D pointed to Charmy and beckoned for her to come closer. K8-E made sure that she was steady on her feet before letting go, and the young woman slowly limped over to where Ko-D stood.

Once she was close enough, Ko-D closed his eyes and held out the stone. Curiously, it began to glow, and various glyphs and symbols were now swirling around him and Charmy. In those symbols, you saw images that could aptly be used to describe a slideshow of Charmy’s life thus far. Somehow, the crystal was able to trap her memories there and prevent them from returning to her. Did that mean that The Heir would never recover his memories, no matter how hard he tried? That grim thought put a bad taste in your mouth, even if you were incapable of sensing taste.

File: TV_(179).png (472 KB, 1280x720)
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472 KB PNG
Charmy glanced around nervously at the ominous glyphs and looked about ready to jump out of the circle if anything strange happened. But for some reason, she didn’t shy away from the ethereal tendril that reached out to touch her forehead. As soon as it made contact, her eyes lit up, and she began to hover above the ground slightly. Slowly, the moving images flowed into her mind like a trickle of water being poured into a bottomless container.

Charmy’s body convulsed, and her mouth was moving wordlessly. Eventually, the stream of images cut off, and the light grew in intensity. And in a flash, the circle of glyphs erupted, leaving you and everyone around you momentarily blinded.

When the light had faded, Charmy was struggling to pick herself up from the ground. K8-E ran to her side immediately, not noticing how Ko-D was unsteady on his feet.

“Charmy? Sweetie? How do you feel?”

Charmy groaned and placed a hand to her head. “...Like someone strapped me down and waterboarded me with my own memories.” she said, looking like she was ready to throw up. “I had to relive some really cringey memories too. Too much regret…all at once. You should’ve kept those in there.”

K8-E smiled and rubbed her back sympathetically. “It worked! That means that we can use it on Wade.” she proclaimed.

Charmy looked sharply at her. “Wait a minute. Are you telling me that I was your guinea pig?”

K8-E’s smile grew brittle and her eyes darted to the side for a moment. “Umm…no, of course not. It’s not like that at all, honey.”

Charmy looked at K8-E.

K8-E looked at Charmy.

You decided to break the silence. “It is exactly like that.” you stated bluntly, ignoring the looks that Charmy was now giving you.

But once Kenny stepped forward, everyone’s eyes snapped to him.

“Okay. I’m ready for my turn. Unless you need some time to recover.” Kenny said, gesturing to Ko-D, who was clearly drained from the ritual. He didn’t meet Kenny’s eyes.

You stepped between the two of them and crossed your arms, staring hard at the excited young man. “You will not be getting your memories back. I cannot trust you not to betray the team once you get them back.” you declared in a resolute tone.

Kenny’s face fell, and he looked to everyone else to confirm whether you were being serious or not. When no one would meet his gaze, his shock turned to anger.

“That…that’s not fair! Why would I betray any of you? Everyone’s been telling me how much of a cool guy I was before I lost my memories. They liked me; said that I was their leader.” he pleaded, locking eyes with you. “How come she gets her memories back, and I don’t!? Do you have any idea how it feels to not know who you are?”

Your gaze did not falter, even if your logic did. Kenny broke away from your staredown and clenched his metal-clad fists.

>”Wade and Charmy were good people before they lost their memories. You…were not.”
>”You are a threat to my friends. If you do not believe me, ask them yourself.”
>”Did you never think to question why that crystal was in your possession in the first place?”
>”I will let Wade decide whether you are worthy of retrieving your memories. But until then, you will cooperate.”
>”Would you like me to show you what you are capable of?” (Project your memories of his encounters with Wade).
>>”Would you like me to show you what you are capable of?” (Project your memories of his encounters with Wade).
>”You are a threat to my friends. If you do not believe me, ask them yourself.”
>"If you don't want to live with those memories, this is a time to rebuild."
>”Did you never think to question why that crystal was in your possession in the first place?”
>”You are a threat to my friends. If you do not believe me, ask them yourself.”
>”Would you like me to show you what you are capable of?” (Project your memories of his encounters with Wade).
Taking these and writing...

Hope you guys enjoyed your holidays!
File: TV_(201).png (606 KB, 1280x720)
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“I won’t let you hold my memories hostage. It’s not your right.” Kenny said in a low growl.

You narrow your eyes at him. “Would you like me to show you what you are capable of?”

Kenny frowned, and his anger dissipated slightly. But before he could say anything else, you directed your gaze to the side and began projecting a holographic display of your memories. Memories that consisted of The Heir’s interactions with Wade.

For the next few minutes, everyone watched the replay with rapt attention, and in complete silence. Kenny looked exceptionally horrified. Especially when he was very clearly wearing the same armor as the man portrayed in the footage.

You recounted his first encounter with Wade during his battle with The Great One, as well as their most recent encounter right before Wade lost his memories. When the replay had concluded, no one said anything. Charmy and K8-E were giving him pitying looks, and Ko-D seemed to be struggling to hold back his anger.

Kenny looked down at his hands. They were clad in thick metal armor, while allowing for full manual dexterity. He had a haunted look in his eye, and he didn’t seem to be able to speak. So, you continued.

“Did you never think to question why that crystal was in your possession in the first place? You were the one that used it in the first place.” you said, hoping to grab his attention with your statement.

Kenny flinched, but he did not meet your eyes.

“You stole it from Ko-D in an attempt to present it to your master. You and your master are a threat to my friends. If you do not believe me, ask them yourself.” you said, gesturing towards the others. Kenny looked back at them, but they were having trouble meeting his eyes too. His shoulders were now slumped, and he was looking surprisingly pale for someone with his tan complexion.

Feeling satisfied with your work, you left him to the others so that they might better explain the fine details and comfort him when necessary. You were aware that Wade might disapprove of such calloused behavior, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care for someone that endangered the lives of your allies. Just because Wade felt the desire to befriend all of his enemies, didn’t mean that you were obligated to do the same. Your main priority was to keep him safe, and eliminating one of his more powerful enemies would further your goals in a positive direction.

While everyone else was distracted, you decided to examine your surroundings once more. There were now trees and plants sprouting out of the ground, along with rocks and multi-colored blades of grass. You thought you even saw some waterways and riverbanks forming in some places. The sky was no longer blank with abstract shapes floating around. It was a vibrant shade of blue that almost looked like it was painted on.

Whatever this “Clover” was doing, you weren’t sure that you liked it.

In the distance, you spotted another lifeform approaching your position. They weren’t making any attempts to hide themselves within the newly forming terrain, so you were less inclined to melt them down from a distance. You saw what looked to be a young girl riding atop another Mankha like the one that Charmy and Kenny rode in on. But somehow, this girl looked familiar to you.

Yes, she was very familiar. In fact, you were almost entirely certain that this was the one that was known as “Toni”. She was the Chrono Spanner that was capable of manipulating felines, if you recall correctly. That would explain why Wade’s friends were able to tame such a vicious predator.

Toni waved at you with a big smile on her face as she approached. You returned the wave, but your smile felt less genuine. It wasn’t as if you disliked the girl. You just didn’t trust her the same way that Wade did. You never understood how he could put his faith in people that tried to harm or eliminate him.

But now wasn’t the time for skepticism. If you’re going to rescue Wade from these “Founders”, you’ll need all the help you can get.


When you regained consciousness, it came in brief and hazy flickers. You caught glimpses of shifting terrain, Gwen’s concerned face and a very disjointed conversation between Sylvie and Clover. After that, you knew nothing at all.

The next time you woke up, the first thing you experienced was the dull throbbing pain in your chest, and the heaviness of your limbs. You had a splitting headache, and any and all light seemed to make it even worse. You felt like throwing up, but a distinct presence on the other side of the room kept you from doing so. No. There was someone on the other end of your “cell”.

Once your eyes adjusted to these strange new sensations, you were finally able to confirm that you were indeed in a prison cell. And the only other person that you could see was staring right at you.

He had long white hair that reached down to his back, and he had piercing purple eyes. Were those contacts? That seems inconvenient for a prisoner.

“So,” he began. “I see that they’ve managed to apprehend you as well. Before you ask, your Omnitrix won’t work here, and neither will either of our spells. Believe me, I tried.”

He looked a little worse for wear, but you had a feeling that he wasn’t of an untrustworthy sort.

What will you do?

>”My name’s Wade. I just found that out recently. What’s yours?”
>”How long have you been here?”
>”What’d you do to get thrown in here?”
>”Are we the only ones that have been locked up?”
>”Do you have an Omnitrix too? I don’t see you wearing one.”
>”Spells? Are you a wizard, or something? Like Sylvie?”
>"Why won't my Omnitrix work?"
>Inspect the cell and the strange glowing symbols on the floor and ceiling.
>”My name’s Wade. I just found that out recently. What’s yours?”
>Inspect the cell and the strange glowing symbols on the floor and ceiling.
>”My name’s Wade. I just found that out recently. What’s yours?”
>Inspect the cell and the strange glowing symbols on the floor and ceiling.
Forgot to add the wholesome write-in for Trixie. I'll slip it in sometime later.

You offer a hand to the white-haired stranger. “My name’s Wade. I just found that out recently. What’s yours?”

The stranger gave you a perplexed look, and you had a feeling that he completely forgot that you had extended a hand towards him.

“It’s…Quinlan. We’ve already met earlier today. Don’t you remember?” he said, forcing a smile. “I don’t believe you’ve ever been a victim of short-term memory loss, so this would be a first.”

You drew your hand back and gave him a wry smile. “My memories are trapped in some weird magic crystal. Me and my friends were trying to get them back, but then we got attacked by Sylvie and Miles, and-”

In the midst of your rambling, Quinlan winced and let out a silent curse. “So, Ko-D truly did steal the memory crystal from Albright’s Sanctum. I warned him against handling such an unstable artifact. He’s lucky that he didn’t erase your memories permanently!” Quinlan growled as he clenched his fists in frustration.

You didn’t know who Ko-D was, but you assumed that he must have made contact with Kenny at some point. After all, it was Kenny that found the crystal back in that mansion.

Suddenly, your mind drifted back to your friends, and the people that hurt them. You hoped that they were alright, and that the Founders didn’t run them down or have someone waiting to ambush them further ahead.

Pushing the dark thoughts out of your head, you forced yourself to get up and move around. The act of pushing yourself off of the cold stone floor was agonizing, and you felt your shaking limbs losing strength with each passing second. The only thing that kept you going was the certainty of how much pain you would experience if you fell back down.

And so, you gritted your teeth and rose up to your full height. You blinked a few times and glanced around at your surroundings. The floor was glowing with an ominous purple light, and there were various glowing symbols engraved into the stone itself. You assumed that those symbols were preventing your new friend from casting any spells.

Also, there didn’t appear to be any solid iron bars holding you in. Instead, there were multiple streams of energy flowing up from the ground and into a metal plate installed into the ceiling. The overall effect created the appearance of a high tech jail cell from a sci-fi movie. It was less of a cage, and more of an energy field.

The one thing that you didn’t quite understand was why there were floating orbs of crimson light fluttering around the room outside of your cell. They didn’t appear to serve any clear purpose, but Quinlan was watching them cautiously. And then, his eyes fell to your waist and stayed there for a long while.

File: Eo1BT3rXIAkAOzK.jpg (151 KB, 857x1200)
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151 KB JPG
“Uhh…is everything alright?” you nervously muttered, now feeling a bit nervous being in a cage with a total stranger. “I won’t fight you if you want top bunk. Or…maybe the comfiest corner of our cell.” you said, not seeing any accommodations or basic amenities in your cell. There wasn’t even a toilet here!

“Yes! You still have your armor cube! They never took it away!” Quinlan said with a cheerful look on his face. Immediately afterwards, though, his expression quickly changed into one of surprise and then regret. “We can finally get out of here.” he said in a much more subdued and hushed tone.

You looked down at your waist to see what he was pointing at, and your eyes became fixed on a small gray cube attached to your Omnitrix. You had assumed that the cube was some sort of button, switch or knob that you weren’t supposed to touch. But if it can get you out of here, then you’re open to any and all suggestions.

“What’s an armor cube?” you asked.

Quinlan began grinning like a maniac. “It’s a high tech suit of armor that folds itself into a small portable cube. It is made from the same material as Techadon Warrior Units, which allows it to regenerate its parts when it takes damage. They are highly coveted where I’m from.” he explained.

You enthusiastically nodded along, even though you only understood half of that. “How do I activate it?”

Quinlan shrugged. “The activation sequence is dependent on the user. You would have set it when you obtained the cube. It could be anything from a phrase, to a physical gesture or a code sequence.”

“So all I have to do is remember what my password is? That shouldn’t be too hard, right?” you said as you fiddled with the cube. For some reason, it refused to budge. Seeing as how you couldn’t move it, you decided to try a few phrases.

“Transform! Activate! Go! It’s Morphin’ Time!”

Nothing. That’s all you had. If the activation key was a code sequence, you could be here all day, or maybe even longer.

“Wait. I might have an idea.” Quinlan said with a mad glint in his eye. He then rose from the ground and dusted off his rumpled, dirt smeared uniform. “Follow my lead.”

He spread his legs apart, tucked his left fist to his waist and extended his right hand across his chest and towards the ceiling. It looked like some sort of weird salute. It was undoubtedly goofy, but somehow, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

Quinlan’s eyes were burning with intensity, and he began moving his hands in swift, tight and elaborate patterns. “HENSHIN!” he screamed.

You stared at him. His cheeks began to burn bright red, and he closed his eyes out of embarrassment. But despite all this, he still held the pose.

“What was-”

“Just do it!” Quinlan snapped back. “You used to love this sort of stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if you made this your activation code.”

You nodded slowly, and then repeated his movements from before. As you went through the motions, you found that your limbs no longer felt heavy, and they were more or less moving on muscle memory. This felt familiar. Strangely so.


You heard a snap, and then the armor cube began to unfold, enveloping your entire body in thin metal shards that formed into a solid suit of armor! You felt like a knight, or a…a superhero!

Once your helmet had fully formed, you were presented with a HUD that flooded your vision with notifications. It said something about a connection being lost with someone named “Trixie”, but that’s about all you could make out.

Just then, you heard the sound of a door sliding open from above.

“Someone’s coming!” Quinlan whispered. “If we’re going to make our move, it has to be now!”

You nodded, but you were almost completely focused on the technical manuals that described your suit’s arsenal.

What will you do?

>Use your suit’s shield generator to create a gap for you and Quinlan to slip out of.
>Pop out your guns and fire at the runic symbols on the ground.
>Set your Arc Launcher to max and overload the energy field keeping you in here.
>Release a tiny drone into the room, retract your suit and pretend to be innocent.
>Fire your gauntlet at the control panel on the far side of the room.

(Got caught up something as soon as I promised to start writing. Seems to be happening more often than I'd like. I'll try to keep that to a minimum.)
>Use your suit’s shield generator to create a gap for you and Quinlan to slip out of.
While we wait for more votes, here are the ideas that I had for the 50th thread special.

>Wendy Wakeman: Bloodsport

Lost and separated from her best friend KillaByte, Wendy finds herself stranded on a heavily populated planet where the law is rarely enforced. Without any hope of scoring off-world transport, and without any money, Wendy quickly discovers that the walls are closing in around her, and her enemies are breathing down her neck. And the only way to survive is to...join a professional sports team and compete in high-risk death matches?

Join Wendy as she struggles to survive the brutal tradition of "Demolition Diving", the politics of criminal masterminds, and her own teammates!

>Aku's Fallen Kingdom

30 years have passed since Aku was defeated by a mysterious samurai warrior. The future is free from his rule, but it has not been saved. Crime runs rampant, gangsters and bandits fight for power, and the remnant of Aku's forces are hell-bent on fighting to the very last man. Even with Aku gone, this world is in desperate need of help.

Join Sparrow, the most promising young disciple of "Da Samurai" and the pride of the Funk-A-Chop Dojo. Will you liberate this world from Aku's evil clutches, or will you succumb to temptation and take power for yourself?

>Omnipunk 2

A year and a half after Fidg dethroned Duo, he and his friends rebuilt The Underground in their own image, with Fidg as their fearless leader. Inside of the ring, he's a legend and a champion. But outside the ring, he finds that the world is far less kind to ambitious young men that don't have a solid track record. Some things aren't won in prizefights. Like the trust and respect of his men.

Can Fidg manage to hold onto his growing empire, while holding down a part-time job?

(Let me know what you guys think, or what you would like to see.)
>Use your suit’s shield generator to create a gap for you and Quinlan to slip out of.
I'm liking the blood sports idea.
>>Use your suit’s shield generator to create a gap for you and Quinlan to slip out of.
Forgot to vote

Noted. It'll be fun to write something from Wendy's perspective for once.
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After looking over your options, you found that your shield generator was capable of extending past your body and protecting those around you. And that gave you a very ill conceived idea.

“Get close to me.” you said, and Quinlan wasted no time in rushing to your side. As soon as he did, you brought down your barrier and reformed it around yourself and Quinlan.

He seemed to marvel at the light blue energy field humming to life. But his expression quickly changed to one of horror when you grabbed onto his shoulder and dove straight for the bars.

Quinlan screamed, but the sound was drowned out by the violent buzzing of two clashing energy fields. The collision created violet sparks that threatened to blind you, but even without your ability to see, you pushed through regardless.

The resistance was noticeable. It was like you were trying to push a rubber balloon through a lead pipe. Your barrier kept compressing upon contact with the opposing field, and you found yourself having to constantly redouble the barrier’s strength by reinforcing the front and drawing power from the aft deflectors.

The strain was immense, and you prayed that your barrier would last long enough for the two of you to reach the other side without being fried to a crisp or sliced in half.

Finally, as the last of your barrier’s reserves were exhausted, you and Quinlan popped out on the other side of the containment cell and fell flat on your faces.

Quinlan rolled onto his back, panting heavily with his eyes clenched shut. “You’re insane…” he gasped, clearly regretting the energy that was spent to convey those thoughts.

“Why are you so tired? I’m the one that did all the work.”

A familiar droning sound filled the air, and the two of you flopped onto your stomachs and jumped to your feet. There, you saw an even more familiar purple alien floating towards you on a hover-board. His hands cracked with energy, and his wolfish grin put you on edge. You knew exactly how much those energy beams hurt.

“I thought it sounded a little too noisy down here.” Miles said mockingly. “It’s too bad. We were gonna bring you guys some leftover warphog.”

You gritted your teeth and clenched your fists. It was only then that you realized just how weak you were. You barely had any strength left in your arms, and you were certain that Quinlan wasn’t doing much better. You need a way out, or a weapon or-

Just then, something materialized in your right hand. You looked down, and gaped at the razor sharp samurai sword in your hands! Where did this come from?

>Improper stance detected
>Would you like to enable the “Sword Stance Tutorial”?


While you were preoccupied with reading the message that was scrolling across your holographic display, Miles made his move.

He brought his hand up in a flash, and you instinctively threw yourself to the side just in time to avoid a blast of lightning. You couldn’t see Quinlan, but you could feel him moving around the room. You had to act fast if you didn’t want to be fried to a crisp!

What will you do?

>Draw his attention and focus on deflecting his shots while Quinlan attacks from behind.
>Snatch his board away with your magnetized gauntlets.
>Blind him with a flash from your mask’s lenses.
>Absorb his attacks and use them to recharge your suit’s power cells.
>Absorb his attacks and use them to recharge your suit’s power cells.
File: Jack%27s_Sword.jpg (35 KB, 340x517)
35 KB
“Yes! Tutorial please!” you said, as you brought your sword up to block a bolt of lightning. In hindsight, that should’ve been a really, really bad idea. But for some reason, when the energy surged through your sword and entered your body, you didn’t feel any pain. Instead, you noticed that your suit’s energy reserves went up after that hit. Is Miles unintentionally recharging your batteries with his attacks? If so, keep them coming!

Suddenly, a video began playing in front of you. It displayed a nondescript figure swinging a sword in flowing sweeps that could easily be used for either attacking or parrying. It was hypnotic at first, with the sword’s shimmering fan-like motions, but you were eventually able to discern a pattern from the video. Actually, it was more of a rhythm. A rhythm that couldn’t be broken or interrupted by the involvement of one or more malefactors. It was steady. Constant. Beautiful, even.

>”Water Stance Tutorial” Completed

As soon as the next video began playing, you felt the next round of energy blasts slam into you. It was a struggle for you to remain standing upright, but you managed it well enough with the suit’s help. It seemed to reinforce your own strength, predicting your muscles’ movement and moving a split second before you did in order to avoid pulverizing your bones.

This next sword performance was far more aggressive and fast. In fact, it was so fast that you were having trouble keeping track of the individual wielding it. There was so much ferocity involved in it. It didn’t look complicated at all, but somehow, you found its simplicity to be quite appealing. This form wasn’t graceful in the slightest, but that also meant that its strength solely depended on the burning passion of the one wielding the sword.

>”Fire Stance Tutorial” Completed

It was around this time that you felt a burning sensation in your arms. According to your suit’s diagnostic report, your Arc Launcher was being thoroughly overloaded by Miles’ relentless assault. Any more and it would be at risk of being permanently damaged. And considering how you had no way of repairing it, you were very adverse to the idea of having any of your neat trinkets break after you’d just discovered them.

As Miles drew closer, you decided that you only had time to sit through one last video. It covered a rather peculiar sword form where the user would perceive their environment through some sort of tremor-sense, as well as gain the ability to deal non-lethal damage with the sharp end of your sword. Given the pressure you were being subjected to, you didn’t have the luxury of pouring over the ramifications of this one. So, you decided to skip it. After all, you could always revisit it if you loved through this.

>”Earth Stance Tutorial” Incomplete
>”Wood Stance Tutorial” Incomplete

File: Gwen_10.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Once the pop-up windows had been closed, you noticed that your suit’s energy reserves were almost completely full. Which meant that you were operating at full capacity!

However, that also meant that your tanks were so full that they couldn’t hold anything else. And so, you made the logical conclusion that all that excess energy had to go somewhere else. And what better place than your fragile, fleshy meat prison?

As the electricity burned through your already ravaged body, you fought to get closer to Miles. Your muscles screamed in pain with each step, and you felt like passing out more than once. A strange sound filled your ears, and it took you a while to realize that it was the sound of your own screaming. It was haggard and desperate. You felt as if your throat was burning from the strain.

Miles was smiling sadistically, but he was so caught up in his own power that he failed to notice Quinlan sneaking up behind him. At least, that’s what you thought.

Before he could do anything, Quinlan was blown away by a quick zap from Miles’ left hand. He only diverted his attention from you for a single moment, but it was all he needed to dispatch the depowered mage. He didn’t so much as glance in his direction. It was like he was operating on pure instinct.

You looked over at Quinlan’s twitching body, and you felt the strength leaving your own. Your hopes had been dashed, and you were left with far less options than you already had.

Suddenly, you heard a thump, and then a cry of pain, and then…the lightning dissipated. You glanced back over to where Miles’ had been relentlessly assaulting you with heated plasma, and you gaped at the small figure of Gwen standing over the purple alien. She was out of breath, and Miles was on the ground, unconscious.

She looked up at you with worry in her eyes, and you looked back at her, trying to smile, or work moisture into your mouth. It was very dry, and your body was...really heavy.

You swayed a bit, struggled to correct yourself, and then your whole world got flipped onto its side. The last thing you heard before everything went dark was Gwen screaming your name.


When you woke up, you were surprised to see that there were far more people in the room than there should have been. At first, you thought you were seeing double. Or triple, or quadruple. But no, every face was different and distinct. Gwen was closest, but you could also sense Quinlan nearby. You didn’t know how, or why, but you just sort of…felt him near you.

“Wade…?” Gwen said, her voice sounding tiny and frail.

What will you say?

>”Please tell me we didn’t get captured again…”
>”Who are all these people?”
>”Is everyone alright?”
>”H-hey, Gwen. I’m here to rescue you…”
>”I get the feeling that I get knocked unconscious a lot. That has to be the third time today.”
>”Thanks for the assist. I was just...saving my strength. I'm okay now.”
>"Is Miles' hoverboard still working? If it is...I call dibs."
>”Please tell me we didn’t get captured again…”
>”Is everyone alright?”
>>”Please tell me we didn’t get captured again…”
>>”Is everyone alright?”
File: Gwen_10_ov.png (223 KB, 510x691)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
“Please tell me we didn’t get captured again…” you groaned. Gwen shook her head and broke out into a grin, and you could see the others having similar reactions.

“Is everyone alright?” you asked. A young Asian man stepped forward to answer.

“We’re fine, thanks to you. Quinlan’s been trying to repair some of the damage that Miles did to your body.” he explained.

You sat up slightly, only to see Quinlan with his hands hovering over your torso. His palms were glowing a vibrant green, and you felt a strange warmth from them, despite him not having made direct contact with your skin.

“It is…slightly more difficult to repair wounds through armor, but not for a high class mage…such as myself.” Quinlan proclaimed through gritted teeth. The young Asian man sighed in response.

“Although, I cannot guarantee that these wounds won’t leave scars.” Quinlan continued.

You let your head flop down to the ground with an audible clang. “It’s cool. Ladies love scars, right?” you said, in a lighthearted tone.

Gwen laughed, and then helped you to your feet.

Upon examining your HUD, you were surprised to see that your energy reserves had been overcharged. You felt spry and strong. More so than usual, at least.

“Let’s get moving. There’s probably more of these guys on the way down here.” Gwen said.

You all nodded and proceeded to file out of the room. The young Asian man guided them through the process so as to avoid excessive shoving or injury. It was at this moment that you realized that almost everyone here was dressed formally, like you. You were left wondering what circumstances had led you and these people to be here at the time of this event.

Soon enough, you were all racing through the hallways, bathed in crimson light by the red orbs floating overhead. Just like Quinlan said, you found that your Omnitrix was still offline. It had been stuck in recharge mode for a long while now. You were unsure as to whether this was the Founders’ doing, or if it was simply a glitch that you hadn’t worked out yet.

“Hey, Gwen?” you said, glancing down at the little redheaded girl. She glanced up with a look of concern on her face.

“Thanks for saving my butt back there.”

She smiled and nodded. “I had a feeling they were lying. There’s now way you would just randomly attack somebody like that.”

You frowned at that. Is that the lie that Sylvie and Miles went with?

“You’ve got an awful lot of faith in me for someone who’s lost her memories.” you said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes. “You literally made friends with an alien werewolf within your first hour of waking up.”

You paused for a moment, and then nodded. “Fair point.”


File: Blitzwolfer_OV_I.PNG.png (897 KB, 1070x620)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
After running around the complex for a few minutes, you were surprised to see just how much space there was down here. With every level you explored, you found more and more prisoners. All of them were well dressed, just like you had been before getting into multiple fights.

Eventually, you had an entire village trailing behind you and your friends. And just when you were thinking that it was weird how you hadn’t run into any opposition so far, you were stopped dead in your tracks by a familiar group of people.

Garon, Brodie and that silent alien were all standing in your path, poised to strike. Garon was letting out a low growl, and the winter gear alien had his hands clenched. Brodie, on the other hand, seemed to project a different emotion. He wasn’t angry or nervous. Instead, he appeared to be remorseful. The boy clearly didn’t want to fight.

You couldn’t say the same for your allies, though. All of them were ready and willing to throw down, right here and right now.

What will you do?

>”Can you at least let these people go? They’ve got nothing to do with this.”
>”Come on, guys. I really thought we were bonding back there. Was all that friendly banter nothing but lies?”
>”You don’t have to do this. I know you guys aren’t evil. You just have to stop letting Clover tell you what to do.
>Try to channel your suit’s energy through your sword. You’re about to invent a new Sword Stance!
>Run straight into the group of aliens and release your excess energy in a massive explosion!
>Focus on maintaining your shield barrier in order to protect the innocents behind you.
>Give a command to your allies.(Write-in.)

Skills, Stats and Inventory:
>>”Can you at least let these people go? They’ve got nothing to do with this.”
>”You don’t have to do this. I know you guys aren’t evil. You just have to stop letting Clover tell you what to do.
And if negotiation fails
>Try to channel your suit’s energy through your sword. You’re about to invent a new Sword Stance!
>>5104132 +1
File: Sonic_Howls.png (1.27 MB, 1280x718)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
“Can you at least let these people go? They’ve got nothing to do with this.” you pleaded. Everyone’s gaze fell on you at that moment.

Garon narrowed his eyes, and then shook his head ruefully. “I’d recommend that you have them take refuge in a nearby room. Letting them past us would be…regrettable.” he growled.

You were confused at first, but then Brodie spoke up. His voice was practically quivering with what you now recognized as fear.

“Sylvie’s waiting up there…” he said, without any further explanation. Garon winced slightly, and Quinlan seemed to scowl. You knew that Sylvie wasn’t a great person, but was she really the type to execute hostages?

Nevertheless, the prisoners took this opportunity to take cover and hide in the nearby rooms. Soon enough, the hallway was empty of anyone and everyone that wasn’t willing to fight. Gwen, Quinlan and the Asian guy were the only ones remaining.

“You don’t have to do this. I know you guys aren’t evil.” you said, lowering your sword for a moment. “You just have to stop letting Clover tell you what to do.”

Garon pauses for a moment, but he quickly shakes off his doubts and resumes his combat stance. The other alien didn’t seem to be phased in the slightest by your words. His faith in the Anodite was unshakeable.

Brodie, on the other hand, seemed to be paralyzed by indecision. The conflict on his face was clear as day, even with his domino mask hiding his eyes. You made a mental note to avoid hurting him if possible.

And when Garon inhaled, his mouth splitting apart to prepare for a deafening howl, you knew that any pretense of peace had already flown out the window.

As promised, Garon’s supersonic howl ripped through the hallway, destroying indiscriminately as it flew towards you. But before it could reach you, Quinlan and Gwen jumped in front of the group. Through their combined efforts, they somehow managed to create a reinforced mana barrier. But even then, you noticed that there were already cracks forming within it. Not doubting either of their skills, you had a feeling that those anti-magic runes were affecting them somehow.

And so, you did the only thing you could think of and placed a shield barrier right behind theirs. Luckily, their barrier never went down, and it didn’t fall on your shoulders to protect the group. For some reason, Garon stopped howling. And when you looked back at the Founders’ group, you quickly understood why.

Brodie was struggling to subdue the alien with the winter gear, and Garon was screaming at him to stop! The subdued alien snarled, and stretched his arms at an unnatural angle to grab Brodie. The blonde, human Founder looked at you with pleading eyes, and you finally understood. Brodie was creating an opportunity for you.

And you had no intention of wasting it.

>Roll 1d100+20!
Rolled 93 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

Rolled 94 + 20 (1d100 + 20)


Well, what are the odds of that?
Rolled 17 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

You wanna know the only roll better than 93?


File: K8-E.jpg (45 KB, 786x1017)
45 KB

You grip the hilt of your sword with both hands and concentrate on projecting your excess energy into it. Fortunately, the Arc Launchers built into your gauntlets make this extraordinarily simple.

With only the faintest amount of effort, the shimmering, silvery blade began crackling with energy. Your weapon felt as if it were alive. It carried a promise of malice to any and all who would stand against you.

And for those that would imprison innocents or wish them harm, you would deliver that promise.

When you moved to attack, you moved fast. Faster than anyone expected you to. By the time Garon was moving to defend himself, you were already on top of him. Your blade sliced into his side, but not deep enough to cause any permanent injury. No, the real danger came from the massive amounts of electricity that was coursing through that blade.

Garon let out a desperate howl, and then, you saw a flash of light, right before the werewolf was flung to the side and into a wall! His fur was standing on end, and his body was spasming uncontrollably.

By this time, the stretchy alien recovered enough to try and subdue you with his elongated arms. You reacted by giving him a small cut on his wrist. The briefest of contact with your electrified blade was all that you needed to deal with him.

The alien’s entire body went rigid as your suit’s excess energy began coursing through his system. You couldn’t see his eyes due to the visor, but you liked to believe that they were bulging with surprise at this very moment.

Unfortunately, Brodie had been caught up in this attack as well, seeing as how he’d still been clinging to the stretchy alien. You felt bad about hurting him, but at the same time, you felt grateful that the alien you did want to hurt wasn’t made of some insulated rubbery material or something.

Within seconds, the Founders were dealt with, and the hallway fell silent. Using your rearview cameras, you could see some of the civilians peeking out of their hiding spots to check on the progress of the fight, only to gape at the result and the time that it took to achieve it. But no one was as surprised as you.

>You’ve discovered the Thunder God Stance!

Suddenly, you heard a female voice from above. You immediately grimaced upon recognizing it, and felt a surge of anger welling up from within. Without warning, you dashed up the stairs and burst through the door leading into the Founders’ base. There, you walked into a chaotic scene.

Sylvie was hovering high in the air, casting bolts of red energy at two dinosaur aliens. The smaller one was having trouble keeping up, but the other one was covering for their shortcomings.

Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Charmy riding on the back of one of those big cats, blocking magic bolts with mana barriers and returning a few shots of her own. They were nowhere near as destructive as Sylvie’s were, but you were just glad to see that she was still alive.

Somewhere in the mix, you saw Kenny and that cat lady from before. Both were firing plasma bolts at Sylvie, but all of them bounced off of her barrier ineffectually.

This was all a lot to take in all at once, so you decided to process it later when no one’s lives were in danger.

You ran towards the tower of wooden chairs that Clover was nested on top of and began climbing it. Neither Anodite, nor witch seemed to notice your arrival, but you could definitely feel eyes on your back.

Once you were certain that you’d climbed high enough, you turned around, made some quick calculations and lept towards Sylvie!

Sensing that her barrier was still active, you poured all of your remaining excess energy into the attack and slammed your sword against it. Her invisible bubble flashed red, and sparks of electricity began to bounce off of it. But just as you were starting to slide off of it, the barrier collapsed, and your sword cut a small gash in her leg. She yelped in surprise and her eyes flashed with anger, but her face quickly took on a different expression when she felt the powerful jolt of energy that you’d sent coursing through her body.

Sylvie’s body seized up as she let out a scream befitting her status as an evil witch. You fell to the ground feeling satisfied. Despite the height from which you fell, you barely felt the landing. You were even able to recover fast enough to catch Sylvie as she fell. She was unconscious now, groaning in pain and shaking uncontrollably.

Now, you were certain that all eyes were on you. But before you could take stock of your surroundings, you were tackled by both dinosaur aliens and a blonde woman that you hadn’t noticed before. If you weren’t sore already, having four people pinned on top of you wasn’t doing you any favors.

“Oh, Wade! I’m so glad that you’re safe!” the bigger dinosaur alien said as she clung to your body.

“You’ve sustained minor damage, and your suit is in need of repair.” said the blonde woman. There was something cold about her gaze that gave off an inhuman feel. But at the same time, her body language told an entirely different story. “That being said, I will not allow you to place yourself in such a dangerous position again.”

You were confused, but for some reason, having these people hug you was oddly comforting. At the same time though, they were extremely heavy. Especially the blonde woman! It was like she was made of solid steel!

Suddenly, the smaller dinosaur looked up, took out an orange crystal and tossed it out of view. You followed it with your eyes, finding that Quinlan had caught it and was now pointing it at you. It was such a bizarre sight that you barely noticed how everyone had removed themselves from your body.

The crystal flashed bright orange, and your world lit up. Memories flooded into your mind, experiences of a man that you had only heard of in passing. The whole experience felt surreal at first, but at some point, you began to recognize these projections as events that you’d experienced firsthand. More and more, you were able to relate to the emotions and thoughts of this person, until…they lined up with your own thinking. And then, everything suddenly clicked. Your name is Wade Wakeman, a 17 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix.


When you woke up, you found that everyone had formed a circle around you and was now staring down at you. From the looks of it, you were still in the Founders’ base.

“Wade…?” K8-E said, clearly worried for your wellbeing.

What will you say?

>”Hey K8. I guess your superhero training started a little early.”
>”That family vacation can’t come soon enough. I need a break from all of this.”
>”If all alien weddings are this chaotic, I’ll just send a card next time.”
>”I’m back and better than ever!”
>”Can someone erase the memory of me having a kid with Olivia? If you could, I’d really appreciate it.”
>>”Hey K8. I guess your superhero training started a little early.”
>”If all alien weddings are this chaotic, I’ll just send a card next time.”
>”Can someone erase the memory of me having a kid with Olivia? If you could, I’d really appreciate it.”
>>5107561 +1
You sit up with a groan, rotate your neck a few times and mentally command your helmet to recede into your suit, revealing your face. At the same time, you assented to reestablishing your connection with Trixie. You could practically feel the worry radiating off of her.

Already, you could feel her presence in the back of your mind as she created a file for the new Thunder God Stance that you’d invented.

“Hey K8. I guess your superhero training started a little early.” you said with a dry laugh. “Are all alien weddings this chaotic? If so, I’ll just send a card next time.”

Everyone simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief, even the people that didn’t necessarily need to breathe. K8-E went in for another hug and gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“It’s good to have you back, Dad.” Ko-D said, leaning on Quinlan for support. Somehow, he looked worse than you felt.

You nodded and glanced around the room. Your eyes met Charmy’s and she quickly looked away, lowering her sunglasses to cover her eyes as her cheeks flushed red. You couldn’t help but feel flustered yourself, after Sylvie gave you that unnecessarily vivid mental imagery of you and your teammate getting busy.

This interaction didn’t go entirely unnoticed by K8-E, but you were too distracted by Kenny to pay attention to her reaction. The Heir refused to meet your eyes, almost as if he felt ashamed. You thought that meant that he remembered his past. Either that, or he was informed of his actions by another party.

He was still wearing his armor, but it was clearly damaged from his previous fight with Sylvie. The fact that he hadn’t repaired it himself confirmed your theory from earlier. And while you weren't The Heir’s biggest fan, the idea of having him remain ignorant didn’t quite sit right with you. Besides, you had a sinking suspicion that this was the very same “Kenny” that Wendy had known in the past. You hadn’t seen his face back then, but you were certain that you were right about this hunch.

“Gwen should recover from her treatment shortly.” Quinlan informed you, possibly noticing your inner turmoil. “Ko-D’s repeated usage has taken its toll on him, however. He’ll need to rest before exerting himself any further.”

Your eyes returned to Ko-D, who seemed embarrassed by this whole thing. After all, none of this would’ve happened if he hadn’t brought that crystal here.

“I would strongly advise against using the crystal on The Heir.” Trixie thought. “He represents a clear danger to you and the rest of the team.”

As always, Trixie knew exactly what you were thinking at all times.

How will you respond?

>”If we don’t return his memories, he won’t ever get them back. He’ll have to start from scratch. That won’t be easy.”
>”I don’t think Kenny’s a bad guy. Eon probably corrupted him somehow. Is there a way to pick and choose which memories he gets back?”
>”He wasn’t always like this. He used to be Wendy’s friend. I’d like to hear what she thinks first.”
>”Let’s ask Paradox what he wants to do with him. If he ever gets here, that is.”
>”You’re right. He’s better off without those memories.”
>>”You’re right. He’s better off without those memories.”
>"However, we're not gonna leave him alone after this. He's got a new life pretty much and we'll help him through it."
>”I don’t think Kenny’s a bad guy. Eon probably corrupted him somehow. Is there a way to pick and choose which memories he gets back?”
>”He wasn’t always like this. He used to be Wendy’s friend. I’d like to hear what she thinks first.”
>>”He wasn’t always like this. He used to be Wendy’s friend. I’d like to hear what she thinks first.”
I'll try to combine to the best of my ability.

File: Cube.jpg (258 KB, 1920x1080)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
At first, you were tempted to say that he was better off without his memories. But then, you were reminded of the time that he spent with Wendy, watching her back and making sure that she was safe.

“I don’t think Kenny’s a bad guy. He wasn’t always like this. Eon probably corrupted him somehow.” you thought. “Is there a way to pick and choose which memories he gets back?”

For a brief moment, you felt an intense flare of emotion from Trixie. It was so sudden and unexpected that you nearly recoiled from it. You were about to express your concern when you felt it fading away, leaving as soon as it had appeared and being replaced by her usual calm determination.

“...I would have to advise against such action, Wade. We are unaware of the full scope of the memory crystal, and tampering with The Heir’s memories could prove to be just as dangerous, if not more so.” Trixie argued.

“I know it's risky, but we have to try. He used to be Wendy’s friend, and I’d like to hear what she has to say about all of this.” you countered.

You could feel Trixie resisting the idea, pushing down another wave of emotion. But she didn’t argue anything further. It was only now that you noticed she had been wearing K8-E’s dress. You wondered why she felt the need to change. Maybe you should update her wardrobe a little later.

Realizing that you’d been quiet for far too long, you glanced over at the memory crystal in Quinlan’s hand.

“Is there any chance that you’d be willing to remove the memories of me having a theoretical kid with Olivia? If you could, that’d be fantastic.” you said, rubbing at your head and wincing at the thought of it.

Quinlan rolled his eyes, but you could see a small grin teasing the corners of his mouth.

“I’m afraid that Miss K8-E won’t let me anywhere near you with the memory crystal. She’s likely to take my arm as a wedding gift if I try.” he said in a lighthearted tone.

“You’ve got that right!” K8-E said as she clung to you.

Everyone smiled at that. Even Charmy, who’d been consciously avoiding your gaze for some time now. Kenny, however, still appeared to be lost in thought.

You rose to your feet and approached him, nearly causing the guy to fall on his ass when he jumped in surprise.

“I know that Trixie told you about what you did and who you were. I also know that she told you she wouldn’t give you your memories back.” you said, with a comforting smile.

Kenny’s eyes grew wide, and he seemed to break out into a cold sweat. Did he really think that you’d take revenge on him for something that he didn’t remember doing?

“I’m not sure if I agree with her, but I don’t think that you deserve to be left in the dark. I’d like to reintroduce you to an old friend of yours, if that’s okay with you.” you suggested.

File: Clover.jpg (226 KB, 750x1000)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
And almost like magic, Kenny’s expression completely changed into one of excitement and anticipation. You aren’t sure if you’re comfortable with allowing him to receive all of his memories, but you at least want other people to weigh in on this decision. Specifically, people that knew him before he became Eon’s lackey.

“I…” he began, his mouth moving wordlessly for a moment, before he could find the right words. “Thank you. I’d like that a lot.”

You put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, and this time he didn’t flinch away.

Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Gwen approaching you with a number of wedding guests trailing after her. The young girl looked like she was recovering from a massive hangover. She gave you a weak smile and waved at you, and you returned the gesture.

You didn’t see any of K8-E’s immediate family within the crowd, and you began to worry that something had happened to them, but considering K8-E’s relieved grin, you had a feeling that they were being kept safe somewhere far away from here.

Although, that didn’t mean that you, or anyone else here, was safe either.

You looked up to see Clover, weaving intricate spells together in an arcane framework that you couldn’t even begin to understand. Despite the fight that you just had and your heartwarming reunion, the Anodite didn’t appear the least bit concerned with your presence. You still had no idea of what she was trying to accomplish here, but you’re pretty sure that you won’t like it when she finishes…whatever it is she’s doing.

“Ooh. That doesn’t look good.” said a male voice to the left of you.

You whirled on the man…and froze. It was Professor Paradox, creeping into your timeline like an uninvited guest.

You stared at him incredulously. As did everyone else. He was busy staring at Clover.

What will you say?

>”Um…do something!?”
>”What took you so long!? This has officially been the longest day of my life!”
>”Boy am I glad to see you! Please tell me you have a way to fix this.”
>”Do you need a recap, or are you all caught up with recent events?”
>”Quick question: Do you think it would be possible to use a magical artifact to take away an Anodite’s memories?”
>>”Boy am I glad to see you! Please tell me you have a way to fix this.”
>”Quick question: Do you think it would be possible to use a magical artifact to take away an Anodite’s memories?”
>>5110941 +1
File: Paradox.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
“Boy am I glad to see you! Please tell me you have a way to fix this.” you pleaded.

Paradox stuck his hands in his coat pockets and sighed. “Funny. I was about to ask you the exact same thing.” he said. “Normally, you wouldn’t have left Clover alone long enough for her to build up this much power. I guess it must have ‘slipped your mind’.”

Paradox peered over his shoulder at Ko-D, who gave an awkward wave and a forced smile in response. The time traveler shook his head, clearly aware of what caused this particular order of events to transpire.

Your heart sank for a moment…but then, you had a delightfully crazy idea!

“Quick question.” you said, drawing Paradox’s attention. “Do you think it would be possible to use a magical artifact to take away an Anodite’s memories?”

Paradox rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Well…I suppose it would be possible if the Anodite is untrained in the ways of fending off psychic manipulation. And considering how young Clover is,” Paradox said, before grinning at you and nodding his approval. “It might just be crazy enough to work!”

You returned his smile, but your tender moment was quickly interrupted by a loud crash of thunder, followed by an unsettling thrumming noise. Where Clover had once been intricately weaving her spells together, there was now a massive rift opening up in the sky. And coming out of said rift, was a giant arm that was roughly the size of a battleship!

“Ooh. That’s even more troublesome.” Paradox hissed.

“What!? What is that?” you asked.

“That, my friend, is the lovechild that was created through the pairing of your alternate self and the last of the Omnivores.” Paradox explained.

Despite the enormous alien crawling out of the magical rift, you whirled on Paradox and gave him an incredulous look. “Is that even possible!?”

Paradox let out a soft chuckle and shrugged. “Well, she certainly wasn’t conceived through a lack of effort, if you were curious. You were both quite persistent, really. I didn’t think it was possible, but-”

“You’re not helping!” you interrupted. “Why’s she bringing her here?”

Paradox took on a more serious expression as he looked back at Clover. “She most likely created this space so that the Omnivore might feast upon it and regain her strength. They were very good friends before I was forced to banish her.” he explained.

“You were the one that banished her?”

Paradox nodded. “You have to understand. She was out of control. If I hadn’t intervened, she would have consumed an entire star system by herself.”

You understood perfectly. You just wished that she wasn’t your problem to deal with.

On the bright side, with Clover’s concentration focused on this sole task, she was no longer able to jam your Omnitrices.

What will you do?

>Transform into an alien.(Which one?)
>Use one of your Viral Forms.(Which one?)
>Have Quinlan use the memory crystal while you keep the Omnivore at bay.
>Do your very best to annoy Clover and break her concentration.
>Destroy the throne of chairs that she’d been sitting on.
Give orders to the others.(Write-in)

Aliens Unlocked:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Top 10:
>Big Chill
>Thriller Whale
>Knuckle Duster
>Hack N’ Slash
>>Do your very best to annoy Clover and break her concentration.
>Have Quinlan use the memory crystal while you keep the Omnivore at bay.
>Transform into an alien.(Which one?)
Echo Echo. He's the type of sound power we need considering there's an omnivore here
>>5111938 +1
File: Wall_of_Sound.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
After conveying your plan to the others, you were met with varying amounts of skepticism and fear.

“Would that even work? I don’t wanna pick a fight with an Omnivore if I can help it.” Ko-D said. Quinlan and the other Spanners seemed to nod their agreement.

“I don’t know. I still feel like we should give it a shot.” Gwen said, clearly eager to engage the unknown creature in combat. “Isn’t the fate of the world at stake, or something?”

“Don’t worry. Me and Wade took down Malgax together, and he was just as big. With this many people, this should be a piece of cake.” Charmy reassured them.

“Umm…” K8-E said as she raised her hand to speak. “I am fully aware that I am new to this whole ‘superhero’ thing, but if you don’t mind me asking, what is a ‘Malgax’?”

Everyone looked to Charmy, and for a moment, she looked like she might try explaining. But instead, she forced a grin and shrugged.

“Eh, that’d take too long to explain. All you need to know is that we totally kicked his butt!” Charmy said.

“Is it safe to assume that you’re all crazy? Because that’s the vibe that I’ve been getting ever since you got your memories back.” Kenny pointed out. “The dino girl’s cool, though.”

“I do not believe that you are in any position to comment on another sentient’s mental state.” Trixie corrected him.

Kenny winced, but didn’t say anything further. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say that your resident A.I. was throwing a tantrum of sorts.

And while Kenny failed to notice the concerned glances that Paradox was throwing his way, you decided to leave the situation alone until you were all out of danger.

“Everyone, synchronize your watches!” Paradox exclaimed. And after a quick glance over in his direction, he amended the statement by adding “And your belts, too.”

You, Charmy, Gwen, and Kenny simultaneously selected your aliens and slammed your hands down onto your Omnitrices cores. And in a flash of multicolored light, all of your bodies underwent significant changes!

“Echo Echo!” you shouted.

“Lodestar!” Charmy declared.

Having transformed into Nosedeenian, Gwen just let out a manic cackle.

“Wait. You guys have been naming yours? What’s this one called?” Kenny asked, after becoming a Lepidopterran.

Gwen zipped by him without answering, but one of your clones stopped to answer him while your original copy was focused on replicating himself.

“It’s really up to personal preference.” you said, before Charmy launched you and your copies up into the air via manipulation of magnetic fields.

Unsurprisingly, Gwen was the first to strike. She zapped Clover in the back of the neck, eliciting a cry of pain from the Anodite. She whirled on the annoying little alien, throwing a volley of homing mana bolts at her to keep her busy. As soon as you were within range, you unleashed a supersonic screech upon both Clover and the emerging Omnivore. Both seemed to howl in pain, but the Omnivore was clearly the more vulnerable one.

The giant predator’s flesh rippled like water, and her arm moved up to protect her face. Clover was making quick work of your clones, but between Gwen’s distraction and Charmy’s magnetic manipulation, you managed to stay ahead of her by devoting several of your clones to creating copies at a consistent rate.

And while they were busy dealing with you, Kenny was flying Quinlan up to the Anodite with the memory crystal in hand.

Noticing this, you allowed Clover to destroy the Echo Echoes currently attacking her, leaving Gwen to pull all of her attention away from the approaching alien and mage.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Clover managed to trap Gwen inside of a mana bubble that quickly began to shrink and squeeze the life out of her. At the same time, the Omnivore started to gain traction by using her tentacles to pull herself through the portal.




“Don’t!” your Echoes shouted.

And in unison, you all shouted WALL OF SOUND!

With a deafening roar, the Omnivore's wriggling protrusions were obliterated as she was forced back through the portal. Despite her being weak to sonic attacks, you got the distinct feeling that she wasn’t at full strength. Even your Omnivore put up more of a fight against her people’s sonic weaponry. You were lucky that Clover was cocky enough to perform the ritual right in front of you.

And right on cue, Quinlan popped up right in front of the Anodite, pointing the memory crystal at her forehead. Her eyes went wide for a moment, and in an instant, the world went white.


As soon as you could think again, you found yourself lying on the floor, back in your human form. Everyone was scattered around the room in some form or another, all groaning and hissing in irritation. Surprisingly, the one person that seemed to be completely uninjured by the blast was a little girl with mint green hair. She was talking with Professor Paradox, but you couldn’t quite make out the details of their conversation, on account of the ringing in your ears.

You flopped onto your back and looked up at the ceiling. The Founder’s base was a wreck, and so was the estate, but at least you managed to thwart Clover’s plans and prevent the Omnivore from crossing over.

File: Megawhatt1.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
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Speaking of Clover, you were beginning to wonder what happened to her, when Paradox approached you from behind, holding hands with the young child. She appeared to be scared and confused by everything and everyone around her, clinging to the good doctor for dear life.

“I’m terribly sorry for all of this. Seeing as how this is more or less my fault from a managerial standpoint, I’ll take care of the cleanup.” Paradox said. And with a snap of his fingers, the incapacitated Founders began to disappear. “Well…I’ll take care of some of the cleanup. Kinecelerans are far more efficient when it comes to tidying up, don’t you think?”

You pulled yourself to your feet, still staring at the young girl and easily putting two and two together.

“I’ll also be taking young Clover and this-” he said, flashing an orange crystal at you. “Back to the Nexus. Hopefully, you’ll never have to see either again.”

“Will she be okay?” you asked.

Paradox’s easygoing smile seemed to grow a bit. “I will see to it that she is properly rehabilitated and reintroduced into society. I assume that you will likewise have your hands full with a similar task.” he said, nodding in Kenny’s direction. “Whenever you find the time, I do hope that you can introduce him to Kirby.”

For a second, you saw sadness flicker over his expression, and before you could ask him anything else, Professor Paradox disappeared before your very eyes.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. Startled screams rang out throughout the ballroom, and you began to notice glowing cracks forming in the walls and floor.

“What’s happening!?” Gwen shouted.

“This dimensional space is growing unstable without Clover’s influence! I suggest we leave posthaste, before we’re erased from existence!” Quinlan explained.

“Ko-D’s hurt! We’ll never make it in time.” Toni informed you.

As everyone began arguing over the most optimal course of action, you noticed a bluish white portal opening on the far side of the room. It looked just like the ones that Professor Paradox used.

“Hey, look! I found a shortcut.” you declared. “Come on, let’s-”

You quickly trailed off, now realizing that the Chrono Spanners weren’t making an effort to join you. They were all looking down at their bracelets. A red flashing notification was taking up the entire screen.

“Our window’s closing. We can’t stay.” James calmly stated. The others nodded, and gave you remorseful looks.

“I guess this is goodbye, then.” Ko-D said in a whisper.

What will you say?

>”Today was a crazy day, but it was a day that I’ll never forget. Take care of yourselves.”
>”We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I’m proud of you guys. You all stepped up to meet impossible odds today.”
>”Well, it’s been real. If you ever want to drop by again, try to call first.”
>”Let me know if you ever need a referral for an Omnitrix. You’ve all earned it.”
>Pull Ko-D and the others into a big hug.
>>Pull Ko-D and the others into a big hug.
>”We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I’m proud of you guys. You all stepped up to meet impossible odds today.”
>”Let me know if you ever need a referral for an Omnitrix. You’ve all earned it.”
>Pull Ko-D and the others into a big hug.
>”We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I’m proud of you guys. You all stepped up to meet impossible odds today.”
>”Let me know if you ever need a referral for an Omnitrix. You’ve all earned it.”
File: XLR8.png (438 KB, 1110x1139)
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438 KB PNG
You give them all a warm smile, and to their surprise, you run up to them and pull them all into a big bear hug. A few of them gasped, remaining rigid and awkward in your embrace.

“We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I’m proud of you guys. You all stepped up to meet impossible odds today.” you said. Slowly, you felt them relax and return your hug. Ko-D accidentally flipped his mask down out of embarrassment, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the similarities he shared with his mother.

“No need to thank us. We were just doing our jobs, sir.” James said politely.

“Speak for yourself! Me and my babies really worked for this one.” Toni admonished him, sparing a glance at one of her cats.

“I do hope you can spare a thought for your team instead of fawning over those overgrown furballs.” Quinlan said, earning him a glare from Toni.

“Guys! You’re embarrassing me in front of my Dad.” Ko-D complained.

“Uh, isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?” Toni muttered.

You couldn’t help but smile at the familiarity of their banter. Though they may bicker, you knew for certain that they’d always have each other’s backs.

You released them from your bear hug and looked them all in the eye one last time.

“Let me know if any of you ever need a referral for an Omnitrix. You’ve all earned it.” you proudly declared. Their eyes went wide, and a few of them broke out into big goofy grins. Quinlan’s eyes practically sparkled. You had a feeling that he’s been waiting to hear that for a very long time.

“Thank you.” Quinlan said, his voice quivering a bit as he wiped at his eyes. “I sincerely apologize for the trouble we’ve caused you.” he said with a small bow.

For a moment, you weren’t sure how you should respond. You didn’t know how to tell him how you would never forget this little adventure. How even through all the embarrassment, stress, and confusion, you genuinely enjoyed meeting these people and learning of their existence. How grateful you were, that through the choices you didn’t make, these children were created.

Instead, you waved a hand at him and said “Don’t worry about it.”

You felt a rush of air and before either you or Ko-D could blink, K8-E was embracing her baby boy. He squirmed a bit at first, but he eventually sank into her arms and returned the gesture.

“I’m going to miss you, Ko-D. You’re a lovely young man.” she said, nestling her head against his cheek.

“Thanks, Mom. I love you too.” he said, looking slightly embarrassed. “I, uh…I hope I’ll see you again someday.”

K8-E paused for a moment before looking at you, and nodded back at Ko-D once she’d processed the implications of that statement. “I hope so too.”

Once they were done saying their goodbyes, the Chrono Spanners turned their attention to Kenny. Their smiles were tinged with melancholy, but they all put on a brave front.

“Take care, Kenny.” Ko-D said, waving at the confused young man. “You’re in good hands.”

Kenny hesitated, before waving back at them with a smile of his own. It was genuine, for he was certain that he’d made new friends here today.

And with that, the three of them slowly backed away from you, and with one last wave goodbye, they all disappeared before your very eyes, no doubt returning to whatever timeline was native to them.

You sat there and stared at the empty space for a while, and you barely noticed when K8-E slid up beside you and took your hand into her own.

“Uh, guys?” Gwen said. “Can we save the reminiscing for AFTER we’re outside of the collapsing dimensional space!?” she asked, pointing to the portal.

“Great idea. Let’s go!” Charmy shouted.

With haste, you, your allies, and the remaining wedding guests rushed out of the room and hurried through the portal as reality crumbled around you.


To Professor Paradox's credit, he was completely right about Kinecelerans. They were great at cleaning up his messes. Especially when you had a mansion full of them. Apparently, the majority of K8-E's family had been caught outside of the blast when the memory crystal went off, and Clover was content to leave them outside of her personalized dimensional space. Thanks to that, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as it should've been, and the wedding was allowed to proceed as planned.

"You may now kiss the bride." the officiant said.

As the two newlyweds became intertwined in a passionate embrace, you and everyone around you erupted into applause. K8-E and her Mom had tears in their eyes, and you felt a warm feeling spreading through your chest. Realistically, the scene wasn't nearly as beautiful as you all made it out to be. Everyone's outfit had been ruined by this point, including the bride and groom's, the lawn was torn up in several places where Laurie had purposely sabotaged the venue. You were a bit upset that Grandpa’s suit had been ruined, though. You wondered how you would explain that one to him.

But despite all that, no one could deny that these two were meant to be together. After all, they had already gone through what was likely to be the most stressful moment in their entire lives, and they weren't even married yet. If they could make it through that, then they can make it through anything.

File: Frg.jpg (40 KB, 708x547)
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Unconsciously, your gaze drifted over to K8-E, only to find that she was already looking at you. You gazed into each other's eyes for a long while, thinking about what brought you both here at this very moment. Here sat your partner, your lover, your faithful friend and your pillar of support. You wondered what you did to deserve someone like this in your life, and you had a feeling that she was thinking the same.

You're very lucky, indeed. If the people in your life hadn't been so supportive and loving, you’re certain that you would've turned into a completely different person.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Zo-E said without looking at you. She was still clapping enthusiastically. Almost all of her attention was on her newlywed daughter as she did so. “I just wish her father could’ve been here in person. Ideally, she can only get married once.” she added with a frown.

“We’ll have to send him pictures over the holo. He gets lonely up there.” K8-E said sympathetically.

“Then he should visit more often. He missed one hell of a wedding!” she laughed.

“Yeah, I’ll say.” you said with a nervous laugh. You were grateful that Zo-D wasn’t there when you were running around without a mask, or a memory. In all the confusion, it would seem that no one got a good look at your face. “At least you’ll have some great stories to tell at the dinner table.”

“And there are more than a few anecdotes that can be extracted from our experiences today.” K8-E added.

“Like ‘Friskier than an Anodite at a Kineceleran wedding’? Oh yeah. I’m sure that’ll catch on someday.” you said, rolling your eyes.

K8-E laughed and leaned into your shoulder. The applause had died down, and everyone was now following the bride and groom to the reception area.

During this brief lull, Trixie took the opportunity to bring a few notifications to your attention. You had several missed messages that had failed to reach you after you were exposed to the memory crystal’s energy.

All of them seemed to require you to be somewhere either today, or sometime in the next few days.

How will you respond to them?

>An invitation from Warren(The Cowl) to attend a farewell dinner in your honor, three days from now. (Y/N)
>Myaxx seems to have made a scientific breakthrough regarding the Omnitrix’s scan function, and would like to share it with you.(Y/N)
>Wendy would like to talk to you about her alien wishlist for the Amalgamtrix.(Y/N)
>The Lenopan kids are eager to receive Plumber training, and they’ve decided that you’re the best person to ask. (Y/N)
>Wilderbee is hoping to have you as a guest on his next show. (Y/N)
>Inquire further about an invitation.(Which one?)
>Myaxx seems to have made a scientific breakthrough regarding the Omnitrix’s scan function, and would like to share it with you. Y
>Wendy would like to talk to you about her alien wishlist for the Amalgamtrix. Y
>An invitation from Warren(The Cowl) to attend a farewell dinner in your honor, three days from now. Y
>Myaxx seems to have made a scientific breakthrough regarding the Omnitrix’s scan function, and would like to share it with you. Y
>Wendy would like to talk to you about her alien wishlist for the Amalgamtrix.Y
>The Lenopan kids are eager to receive Plumber training, and they’ve decided that you’re the best person to ask. N
>Wilderbee is hoping to have you as a guest on his next show. N
>>An invitation from Warren(The Cowl) to attend a farewell dinner in your honor, three days from now. Y
>>Myaxx seems to have made a scientific breakthrough regarding the Omnitrix’s scan function, and would like to share it with you. Y
>>Wendy would like to talk to you about her alien wishlist for the Amalgamtrix.Y
>>The Lenopan kids are eager to receive Plumber training, and they’ve decided that you’re the best person to ask. N
>>Wilderbee is hoping to have you as a guest on his next show. N
File: KineceleranQT.png (200 KB, 341x485)
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200 KB PNG
You confirm your plans with Warren, Wendy and Myaxx, while simultaneously notifying the others that you won’t be able to hang out with them. Shortly afterward, you intercepted a message from Olivia, informing you that she’d been invited to Warren’s dinner party as well. It only made sense, since the majority of the vigilante community assumed that you were either close friends, or secretly dating. You shuddered at the thought, pushing away images of Brodie and all that his existence implied.

Now wasn’t the time for this. Now was the time for wedding cake and embarrassing speeches.


Once heartfelt speeches were out of the way, you were all allowed to enjoy the many alien ingredients that had been set out for the guests. With a palette as refined as your own, you had no problem stomaching the foreign cuisine. Charmy, Kenny and Gwen played it safe by snacking on finger food for the remainder of the evening.

When the time came for the cutting of the cake, you and all held your breath as one. You remembered how Quinlan had effortlessly reconstructed the cake after it was destroyed. Twice.

If the flavor or texture was off in any way…

You watched as the bride and groom grinned and giggled, feeding each other forkfuls of cake and commenting on the unique taste. You and the others smiled, and applauded the happy couple one last time.


Looking back, you were incredibly grateful that K8-E gave you a warning to evacuate the dance-floor as soon as possible. Because when that music started, nearly every Kineceleran in the room began moving faster than the human eye could see!

You were surprised that none of them were leaving friction burns or destroying the dance-floor as a result. You didn’t know whether to be impressed or terrified. Luckily, this didn’t last long at all. Kineceleran endurance being what it is, they were forced to stop after seven minutes of vigorous activity.

Following a brief interlude, the slow songs began to play. And that’s when everyone else got up to stretch their legs. You watched as the bride and groom shared a dance, swapping partners often between members of the family and close friends. You even managed to get roped into a few of them. Charmy and Gwen did their own thing, releasing their inhibitions and cutting loose for once during this whole adventure. Kenny was more reserved in this situation, content with watching from the sidelines. That is, until Mel-NE pulled him out of his seat and made him dance with her.

Fun fact: Kineceleran slow dances are still pretty dang fast!

At the end, you were left sweating and panting like you’d just run a marathon. But for some unknown reason, Zo-E took one good look at your haggard state and offered you a hand in an inviting gesture.

“Might I have one last dance?” she asked.

“S-sure thing. Just let me…catch myWHOA-”

Without warning, K8-E’s mom swung you onto the dance floor as if you were a ragdoll and began a fast paced jig that required nearly all of your concentration to match her movements. It honestly would’ve been fun if your lungs weren’t burning right now.

“I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my K8-E during that dreadful ‘wedding crasher’ nonsense.” she said.

“Is that what we’re calling it? Because if so, then that has got to be the understatement of the year.” you said, looking between her face and her feet. She really knew how to cut a rug.

She laughed and spun around you gracefully. “Understatement or not, we don’t take life debts lightly. Our family owes you. We’re old fashioned like that.”

“With all due respect, your daughter did way more than I did. There aren’t many chances for a guy like me to make a difference in life or death situations. Now, if the Anodite needed her toilet unclogged, then by all means, pile on the praise.”

She shook her head and narrowed her eyes at you. “Don’t sell yourself short. It goes without saying that my little girl is special. And if she picked you as her partner, I’d like to believe that you’re pretty special too.” Zo-E said, twirling you around without your consent. It made your head spin and your stomach lurch. “So make sure you treat my daughter right. Be nice to her, and we’ll be nice to you.”

“Oh yeah?” you said, shaking off your nausea. “Do you offer dental and vision?”

She flashed you a conspiratory grin and leaned in close to whisper. “Well for one, we’re great at keeping secrets.”

When she leaned back, she gave you a wink and pushed off of you slightly. Before you could respond, K8-E was in between both of you and fuming at her mom.

“Mom! Were you flirting with my boyfriend!?” she asked, waving her arms around frantically.

“Oh, please. We were just having some fun.” Zo-E said with a playful grin. “Besides dear, I would destroy that boy. Friction burns on your nether regions don’t heal easily.”


Your girlfriend chased her mother around the room for a few seconds, before barreling straight into you. It felt like a tackle from a linebacker three times her size!

“Alright party sentients,” shouted the DJ. “You’ve all been amazing tonight! We’re about to take it real slow for our last song of the night! Grab the one you love and hold them close. Hope you like this one.”

You and K8-E locked eyes. You both smiled as you embraced one another and performed something akin to a shuffling variation of the waltz. You held her tight and closed your eyes, moving based on feeling and instinct alone. For one brief, yet eternal moment, all was right in the galaxy.

File: RV's.png (612 KB, 1000x878)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
And in the corner of the room, you could sense Trixie’s patience wearing thin. Her anger and frustration finally reached a boiling point, and she’d gotten tired of hearing everyone make the same request all night. She eventually got fed up with it all and did as they asked.

At the very end of the night, Trixie took the dance floor by storm and did the robot.


Once you’d all said your goodbyes and gave your best wishes to the bride and groom, you all found yourselves walking back towards the estate’s entrance. You wondered whether the owners would force K8-E’s family to pay some exorbitant fees to repair the damage that The Founders caused.

By this point, Charmy and Gwen returned to their native dimensions, and for some reason, the Rattletrap was waiting to pick you up.

“Polaris!?” you said, as her side door slid open.

“All aboard the party bus!” the adorable little A.I. demanded.

Trixie stepped forward to board the RV first. “I thought it prudent to contact Polaris and inform her of our predicament beforehand. She volunteered to provide us with transport for the return trip.” she informed you.

“Nice going, Trix!” you praised her.

“Oh, thank goodness! My pearls are killing me.” K8-E groaned, boarding the RV right behind you.

“Dude…!” Kenny whispered, boarding the vehicle and glancing around nervously. “Your RV talks!?”

“After the day we’ve had, that’s what you’re worried about!?” you laughed, with an incredulous look on your face.

Now that you’ve got time to think, you’re starting to wonder where you’ll have Kenny stay after tonight.

>He’ll be staying with you, of course. It’ll be a bit cramped, but you’ll make it work.
>He can stay at your parents’ place. They’ve been lonely ever since Wendy moved out.
>You should bring him back to the Nexus. If he’s Eon’s Heir, then he’d be safest there.
>You’ll call Charmcaster and have her drive up to the X-Mansion ahead of time. Kirby and Hope should be able to take good care of him.
>>You’ll call Charmcaster and have her drive up to the X-Mansion ahead of time. Kirby and Hope should be able to take good care of him.
>You’ll call Charmcaster and have her drive up to the X-Mansion ahead of time. Kirby and Hope should be able to take good care of him.
File: KineceleranKids.png (766 KB, 974x684)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
If Paradox’s words were anything to go by, there’s a good chance that this Kenny is the “Kenny” that Paradox was mentoring. And in relation, he’d have to be none other than Kirby’s long lost son. The question is, how’d he survive his fight with Eon, and what did he do to brainwash him?

Nevertheless, you put the request through to Charmcaster and notify Kirby that he’ll be receiving a surprise guest within the next two weeks. The back-alley sorceress agreed to swing by and pick up Kenny after she was done with her current job. She estimated that it would take several days to complete, and you agreed to her conditions.

The thought of Kirby embracing his son gave you a warm feeling, but it was also tinged with a bit of dread. How would he react when he learned that their beloved son didn’t remember him or his mother?

All you could do was hope that you were doing the right thing. You missed when choosing which bad guy to punch was the toughest decision of the day. All this superhero and multiverse business has taken a lot out of you. Who would’ve thought that there was such a thing as too much excitement?

Jadwiga’s fortunes came to mind. About how you weren’t ready for the challenges to come, and how you should share your hardships with your family. You’ve tried shielding them from your night life, but that only seemed to hurt them more. The old crone might have been a manipulative aura user, but there was wisdom in her words.

The only way for you to regain balance in your life is by embracing every aspect of it, and letting your loved ones act as a pillar of support. Trying to take everything on by yourself almost broke you, and you won’t let that happen again.


Upon arriving home, you vaguely recalled having short interactions with Olumar and N8 before collapsing onto your bed with K8-E. The two of you were completely exhausted and had to rely on Trixie to tuck you in.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, you thought you remembered waking up with the feeling that you were being watched. Your gaze drifted around the room, until you found Trixie staring at you intently from the doorway. She was standing stock still, like a life-sized doll, but your bleary eyes caught brief flickers of movement from her cybernetic eyes.

After a few seconds, you yawned and closed your eyes again, deciding that it was most likely a dream.


When you woke again, you found your doorway empty, but you could clearly hear some activity coming from the living room. You slid out of bed, careful not to disturb K8-E, and crept into the hall. Once you rounded the corner, you saw Kenny playing Sumo Slammers 4 with EN. And Kenny was losing badly.

Noticing your presence, EN beamed at you and cast an accusing finger at Kenny. “Wade! Kenny’s a button masher!”

File: SSS.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Kenny’s cheeks darkened a bit, but he simply leaned closer to the screen to heighten his concentration. “Cut me some slack! My memory is literally two days old. I don’t know this game yet.”

“Then I suggest you learn quickly, Kenny. Button mashers have to sleep outside.” you said, walking around the couch and towards the kitchen. “But don’t worry. If Olivia can learn, so can you.”

Kenny gave you a look that said he was trying to figure out whether you were being serious or not.

“Good morning, Wade.” said Trixie, who was currently frying up some peeled Ginits. She must have gotten acquainted with the alien ingredients in your fridge.

“Good morning…” you said, trying to figure out what she was making. “Are you making breakfast?”

She nodded. “That is correct. I presumed that you and K8-E would be too tired to prepare your morning meal.”

“You presumed right. That smells great!” you exclaimed, picking up the subtle sour notes of the dish from scent alone.

Trixie’s face didn’t change, but you could sense her pleasure at being complimented through your psychic link.

You’ve got some time before breakfast is ready. What will you do?

>Teach Kenny how to play Sumo Slammers.
>Check the news. You’d like to get an idea of what’s been happening in the galaxy as of late.
>Chat with Trixie and help her prepare breakfast. She’s been acting a little strange lately.
>Visit Polaris. You feel a little bad leaving her in the garage all night by herself.
>Wake K8-E up and create a training regimen for her. If she’s going to do this, you’re gonna make sure that she’s ready for it.
>>Chat with Trixie and help her prepare breakfast. She’s been acting a little strange lately.
>Visit Polaris. You feel a little bad leaving her in the garage all night by herself.
>>5119699 +1
File: Mazuma_%28Omniverse%29.png (141 KB, 310x410)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
“Let me help with that.” you said, before washing your hands and grabbing a handful of shelled Ginits.

She nodded and continued to mix the batter. “Very well.”

Trixie did not attempt to engage you in conversation after that exchange. She wasted no energy in her flawless movements, while glancing at you periodically to assess your rate of progress. If there was a word to describe Trixie’s cooking, it would be “meticulous”. She didn’t seem to take any joy or pride in her work. To her, it was simply another task that needed to be completed.

“What made you choose this recipe?” you asked, stirring the blue crustaceans around in the sizzling pan.

“K8-E expressed an interest in this recipe recently, so I am making it to repay the favor I owe her.” Trixie said, without so much as looking at you. She was currently dicing an onion with supernatural speed and coordination.


Trixie placed her knife down and pulled the top part of her frilly apron down, exposing an area of charred and torn synthflesh that hadn’t quite healed over yet.

“When my body was damaged in battle, K8-E allowed me to use her dress to cover my exposed form. I’m aware that she cared deeply for that dress, and I intend to reimburse her for her losses over the next few days.” she explained dryly.

You smiled and went back to tending to the pan. “It’s okay, Trix. She did it because you’re family. You don’t owe her anything. I can just take her out shopping later.” you said. And while you were at it, you could see if you could find someone to patch up Grandpa’s old tux.

Trixie paused and looked at you. “Would that make her happy? Taking her shopping?”

“Oh yeah. It’s, like, therapeutic for her.”

Her eyes fell as she processed the information, and they shot back up when she’d finally made her decision. “I see. Very well.” she said, her eyes burning with resolve. “I will be the one to take her shopping today.”

“Oh, that sounds fun. Do you need any money?” you asked.

She shook her head. “That won’t be necessary. I know where your wallet is currently located. I shall retrieve it after breakfast is ready.” she said without shame or remorse.

You frowned at that, but decided that you’d let it slide this time. You liked the idea of Trixie taking the initiative to do something for people other than you.

But still, you couldn’t help but think about her abnormal behavior these past few days. She’s been more emotional. More reactive.

Inwardly, at least.

“Trixie?” you began, hesitating a bit. “Was that you standing there in our doorway last night?”

Trixie froze mid-movement. It reminded you of a crane claw coming to an abrupt stop.

“...Yes.” she said, in a small voice.

“Can you tell me why?”

Trixie remained silent for a minute before speaking again. “I was…in a quandary.” she said, finally. “Something within me is changing, and I do not know how to prevent it from happening. Simultaneously, I am unsure as to whether it is necessary for me to prevent such a change. Azmuth intended for my personality matrix to develop over time, and you have encouraged similar behavior in the past. But…would I not lose efficiency by simulating the irrationality of organics? Is gaining an identity worth losing my purpose?” she asked.

You heard a crunch, and you both looked down. One of your knives was horribly bent around Trixie’s fingers. She quickly dropped the ruined knife and let it clatter to the counter.

“I…” she said, her voice quivering slightly. “I apologize.”

She seemed to vibrate, almost like an animal fearing chastisement. The fear in her voice was palpable. Has she ever been this expressive before?

Just for a moment, your thoughts drifted to Polaris, and how she had been created by a quarantine portion of Trixie and Elena’s personality matrix. But as soon as you had the thought, you felt Trixie recoil from it.

And just like that, everything clicked. Trixie didn’t fear change. She feared becoming outdated and failing in her only purpose. She feared that Polaris’ development would dwarf her own. Trixie feared being replaced.

You almost didn’t know what to say. But you knew that you had to say something.

What will you say?

>”I’ll like you either way. No matter what you decide, I’ll be here for you.”
>”If you don’t want to change, I won’t force you. But at the same time, you’re free to do what you want and become whoever you want.”
>”Forget about Azmuth and forget about your purpose for a second. What do YOU want?”
>”You don’t have to meet any absurd standard to be my partner. Whatever you’re going through, I’ll help you through it.”
>>”You don’t have to meet any absurd standard to be my partner. Whatever you’re going through, I’ll help you through it.”
>”You don’t have to meet any absurd standard to be my partner. Whatever you’re going through, I’ll help you through it.”
“You don’t have to meet any absurd standards to be my partner. Whatever you’re going through, I’ll help you through it.” you said, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She stopped shaking almost immediately, and her eyes became fixed on you.

“My job is to protect you and provide assistance when it is needed.” she firmly declared.

You gave her an understanding nod. “And you’re already doing a great job. But that doesn’t make you my babysitter. If you do something wrong, then I’ll correct you. You’d do the same for me.”

She paused to process that, and then nodded back at you. “That sounds reasonable. I will give it some thought.”

“That’s why it’s okay for you to explore this whole personality matrix thing. If you want to experiment and see where it takes you, I’ll be in your corner every step of the way.” you proclaimed with a wide grin.

The corners of Trixie’s mouth twitched upwards into a small smile. It was a stiff smile, but it was far more refreshing than her typical deadpan delivery.

“We should probably get back to cooking. Wouldn’t these Ginits to bur-” you began, before Trixie barreled into you with all of her weight behind her.

The impact nearly laid you out on your back, but your sharp reflexes allowed you to keep your footing. Once the initial shock wore off, you were vaguely aware that Trixie was giving you a hug. Her strong metal arms wrapped around your back and she squeezed. Harder than any sentient should’ve if they weren’t trying to snap the recipient’s spine.

The android seemed to perceive your pain and loosened her grip. You sighed in relief and gave her an affectionate pat on the back.

“Well, this is new.” you said.

“Yes. I have witnessed other sentients performing this act, and I thought it appropriate, considering our current situation. Was I wrong in my assumption?” she asked.

“No, not at all. I’m just surprised that you’d want to.”

She looked up to meet your eyes. The distance between you was so small that you could count her individual eyelashes. “I am not adverse to physical contact, I simply avoid engaging in intimate practices out of respect for K8-E. I would not want to threaten her position with you.”

You raised an eyebrow at that, but decided not to say anything. Eventually, Trixie broke the hug and the two of you finished making breakfast. But instead of eating at the table with everyone else, you brought your plate into the garage and told EN to wake up his mother.


You found Polaris sitting exactly where you left her, right in the middle of your garage. It was a little cramped in here with an RV taking up most of the space, but Polaris insisted that she didn’t mind the lack of wiggle room.

“Good morning, Polaris.” you said.

File: giphy (6).gif (3.86 MB, 1000x654)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB GIF
“Good morning!” she cheerily replied, swinging her window wipers back and forth in a waving gesture. You couldn’t help but laugh at the carefree A.I.

“Are we going somewhere!?” she asked eagerly. At the same time, her door swung open to allow you entry.

“Later, but not right now. I just wanted to see how you were settling in.” you said, entering the RV and taking a seat at one of the tables inside. Right when you did, a panel in the ceiling slid open, and a monitor dropped down from the compartment. Displayed on the blue, glowing screen was a simple face that consisted of only a few lines. The expression would be right at home on a stick figure, but in this situation, you found it very fitting for Polaris’ personality.

“Oh, I love love love it here! EN, ML-E and N8 watch movies and TV shows with me pretty often. I let them play their video games here, and I even downloaded a few new ones to let them try.” Polaris said, her virtual face expressing a beaming smile.

“That’s great to hear. I’m glad you’re getting along with everyone.” you said with a genuine smile.

Polaris paused, her virtual face looking a bit troubled. You took this opportunity to shovel some more food into your mouth.

“Well…I dunno if everybody likes me.” she muttered.

“Polaris? What’s wrong?”

The monitor shook from side to side. “Nevermind. It’s stupid. Don’t worry about it.” she said.

You sighed and pushed your plate aside. “You can trust me. I want to know what’s bothering you so we can both deal with it.”

The monitor spun around several times, so as to check for eavesdroppers. Feeling as if you suspected where this was going, you momentarily blocked Trixie from perceiving your thoughts.

“Okay, the thing is…Trixie has barely transmitted or said a word to me after my activation. And everytime I reach out to her, she gives me these super clipped and short responses.” Polaris confessed, her virtual face giving off a distressed look.

“Tell me the truth,” she continued. “Does she…hate me?”

What will you say?

>”Of course not. Trixie’s just a little…slow to warm up to people.”
>”Do you want me to talk to her about it? I’m sure it’s just a big misunderstanding.”
>”Don’t tell her I told you, but Trixie thought that you were going to end up replacing her.”
>”No one could hate you Polaris. You’re too adorable.”
>”Of course not. Trixie’s just a little…slow to warm up to people.”
>”Do you want me to talk to her about it? I’m sure it’s just a big misunderstanding.”
>>5122487 +1
File: Vilgax_Sword1.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
“Of course not. Trixie’s just a little…slow to warm up to people.” you said, after a bit of hesitation. “She didn’t like, or trust, a lot of my friends until they proved their loyalty. I still don’t know how she feels about Wendy at this very moment.” you wondered aloud. “Do you want me to talk to her about it? I’m sure this is all some big misunderstanding.”

“No!” Polaris blurted out. “Don’t do that! Then she’d know I was talking about her behind her back. Pretend I never said anything.” she quickly added, her virtual face taking on a horrified expression.

“Okay, my lips are sealed. Just…don’t hesitate to let me know if something else is bothering you.” you said.

The monitor bobbed up and down, and you took that as a nod.

You made small talk with the newborn navigator for a while longer before finishing your food and leaving. You had some important appointments to make today.


You were pleased to know that Trixie intended to make good on her promise to take K8-E out shopping. ML-E decided to tag along, while the other two would stay home and play video games, under Olumar’s watchful eye.

“So, where are we going again?” Kenny asked. He was sitting in the passenger seat of the Rattletrap and examining the strange dials and knobs built into the dashboard.

“I’m meeting with a friend to discuss some new tech she’s experimenting with.” you said. It wasn’t exactly a lie, but you wondered if your relationship with Myaxx could really be considered a “friendship”.

“And after that, we’re going to meet up with my sister. I think she’ll be very interested in meeting you.” you continued.

“No, I heard all that back at the house. I was just wondering if you could elaborate on any of that. Maybe just a little?” Kenny pleaded.

“Aw, but it’s so much fun when I get to see that look on your face.” you replied.

“What look?” Kenny asked.

“That look when you have no idea what’s going on, so you end up gaping like a fish out of water.” you laughed. You didn’t have to look away from the road to know that Kenny was glaring at you.

Kevin would’ve found that joke hilarious. You wondered how he was doing. Last time you saw him, he was surrounded by Forever Knights swearing fealty to him. You really fell out of touch ever since you dove headfirst into your superhero career.

“I don’t suppose you would want to fill me in on what’s going on.” Kenny said to the ceiling. Shortly afterwards, a monitor crackled to life on the dashboard, putting Polaris’ smug pixelated face on full display.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not obligated to tell you squat.” Polaris said.

Kenny groaned and sank into his seat.

A few minutes later, you parked the RV in an empty parking lot on the far side of town.

File: Voliticus_Biopsis3.png (1.31 MB, 1592x1080)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
“We’re here.” you said, not offering an explanation as you left the driver’s seat and stepped out of the vehicle. Kenny followed close behind, nervously glancing around in this unfamiliar environment.

“And where’s ‘here’, exactly?” Kenny asked.

“Just give it a minute.” you said, facing the direction of Myaxx’s cloaked ship.

“You’re a shady guy, Wade. Has anyone ever told you that?” Kenny complained.

You didn’t answer, because at that very moment, a Class 2 Recon Research Cruiser appeared out of thin air. Kenny jumped and reached for his watch.

You held a hand out to stop him, before calmly walking towards the ship. The loading ramp lowered to the ground, and Vilgax was standing at the entrance to greet you.

Kenny’s hand still hovered over his watch as he crept closer, and Vilgax’s piercing red eyes focused on him. Kenny froze, but you managed to get both of them to back off before either of them did something stupid.

Vilgax gave you a small nod and wordlessly led you into the ship. Like always, the ship was a mess. Scrap metal and spare parts littered the floor threatening to trip you and Kenny. Vilgax kicked the pieces away and picked them up along the way, clearly frustrated by Myaxx’s carelessness.

When you finally found Myaxx, she was operating on a giant blue and silver insect of some sort. The creature reminded you of a mix between a mosquito and a wasp. It was only when you got closer that you noticed how the creature seemed more mechanical than biological in nature. The welding torch that Myaxx was using on it only confirmed your theory.

After another minute, Myaxx set her torch down and slid her goggles up onto her forehead. She nodded appraisingly at her work and finally looked up to acknowledge your presence.

“Hey, kid. You’ve got great timing. I just finished my prototype.” Myaxx said with an uncharacteristic smile.

“A prototype for what?” you asked.

Myaxx’s smile grew and she picked up a datapad that had been lying nearby on a hovering tray. She punched in a few commands, and the robot mosquito sprang to life.

It looked around the room and flapped its wings several times, before taking flight. The bug was surprisingly swift once it got moving.

“This is a reprogrammed Volaticus biopsis from the planet Primus. Azmuth uses them to gather and sort through DNA all around the galaxy. Most sentients have pretty mixed opinions about them. Some regard them as messengers of the gods, and others shoot them on sight.” she explained, commanding the bug to circle around Kenny, who was now furiously swatting at it.

“I’m not sure how strongly Earthlings would react to its presence, but so long as it’s within a suitable range, this bad boy will passively gather DNA samples for you and plug them into your Omnitrix. If it can’t get back to you directly, it can connect to the Primus network and transmit the necessary data required to recreate the DNA sample. Although, that’d take a bit longer.” she said with a shrug.

Myaxx looked at you expectantly, waiting for a response.

What will you say/do?

>”This is incredible! You’ve really outdone yourself.”
>”I can’t believe you actually remembered my request. Have you been working on it this entire time?”
>”What’s Primus? I’ve heard Azmuth and Trixie mention it before.”
>”Do you think I can link it to my RV’s A.I.?”
>”What if it gets broken? Should I bring it back to you or try to repair it on my own?”
>>”I can’t believe you actually remembered my request. Have you been working on it this entire time?”
>”What’s Primus? I’ve heard Azmuth and Trixie mention it before.”
>”I can’t believe you actually remembered my request. Have you been working on it this entire time?”
>”Do you think I can link it to my RV’s A.I.?”
>”What if it gets broken? Should I bring it back to you or try to repair it on my own?”
Gonna combine these.

File: Myaxx_enojada.png (177 KB, 656x496)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
“I can’t believe you actually remembered my request. Have you been working on it this entire time?” you asked.

Myaxx shrugged. “It was just something that I fiddled with in my free time. And when you’re living with the Doc, you get a lot of free time.” she said with a sigh. It must not be easy living on the lamb when the Plumbers are after you.

“What if it gets broken? Am I supposed to bring it back to you or try to repair it on my own.” you said, doing your best to ignore her depressing comment.

“Fixing it shouldn’t be an issue for you if you’re using your Galvan form. Reprogramming it was the hard part, and I’ve already handled that for you. You're welcome, by the way.” she said, without a hint of modesty.

“Do you think I can link it to my RV's A.I.?”

Myaxx picked up her datapad, punched in a few more commands and nodded to you. “Let’s give it a shot.”

You closed your eyes and reached out to Polaris, who was more than happy to accept your transmission. It only took a few seconds to convince her to try extending her connection to the DNA bug, which was set to hover right above Kenny’s head.

For a moment, everything except its wings went rigid and still. When it started to move around again, you felt that its mannerisms were a bit more energetic and animated.

“Connection established!” Polaris exclaimed as she flew around the ship’s interior. At this point, even Vilgax was starting to grow wary of the giant insect, much to Myaxx’s amusement.

“I guess that answers that question.” Kenny muttered.

“It doesn’t seem to have any issues maneuvering in contained spaces…” Myaxx muttered to herself as she took notes on her datapad.

“Before I forget, can you tell me what Primus is? I’ve heard Azmuth and Trixie mention it before.” you said, not taking your eyes off of Polaris’ bug as it zipped around the lab.

“Primus is an artificial planet that Azmuth created to store the countless DNA samples that the Omnitrix uses for its transformation functions. In most cases, the Omnitrix will maintain a constant uplink to Primus, regardless of distance. But if there’s too much interference, or if the wielder got sucked into an alternate dimension, the Omnitrix is still capable of utilizing the locally stored DNA samples.” Myaxx explained, without even looking up or slowing down in her work. The entire explanation sounded a bit rehearsed, like a tour guide’s recording.

“An artificial planet!? How did he even go about making that?” Kenny asked.

Myaxx’s eyes seemed to narrow at his question, even without her looking directly at Kenny. “Why don’t you ask him yourself? He rarely passes up opportunities to brag about past accomplishments.”

File: WendyYellow.png (4.82 MB, 2467x5500)
4.82 MB
4.82 MB PNG
Myaxx’s gaze drifted upwards until she found the bug. And with the press of a button, it halted in mid air and slowly floated back down to eye level.

“Hey! What gives!” Polaris whined.

“That was getting annoying. It should follow you back to your vehicle now.” Myaxx said, turning around to show you her back. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got some more work to do. Vilgax will show you out.”

On cue, Vilgax stepped forward and started ushering you and Kenny towards the door.

“See you later, Myaxx! Thanks for the gift.” you shouted back at her. She gave you a lazy wave from behind and went back to whatever she was doing.

“Send me a holo if something interesting happens with that drone.” she said as you left the lab.


Once you were outside, the Scavenger bug flew into the Rattletrap, clung to the ceiling and seemed to remain there in an inactive state.

On the way to the Providence facility, Polaris reconfigured a few of the bug’s settings to suit her needs, and Kenny kept looking over his shoulder to make sure that it didn’t move.

When you were close enough to walk the rest of the way, you and Kenny got out, slipped into a nearby alleyway and equipped your suits. It took Kenny a bit longer to get his under control, but he managed it after a few minutes of practice.

Thankfully, you were both admitted into the facility without too much of a fuss. They were understandably very wary of Kenny’s presence, since he wasn’t a registered vigilante in Bellwood. But once you explained that he was your new sidekick, they seemed to give you a free pass. In the back of your mind, you hoped that you wouldn't have to worry about any more imposters or shapeshifters.

When you reached Wendy's room, you were met with the sight of her doing a one-handed handstand in the corner of the room. She was putting all of her weight on her biological arm and sweating profusely. Iden was nowhere to be found.

When she spotted you, she gracefully flipped onto her feet and whipped her long white hair over her shoulder. She was wearing a black tank top and gray sweatpants.

"Hey, bro. Glad you got my message." she said while toweling herself off.

Both you and Kenny stepped inside, and when you removed your helmets, Wendy's face froze.

She gaped at Kenny, her eyes growing wide with disbelief. You just smiled and patted Kenny on the back.

"Hey, Wendy. I brought a guest with me today. Hope you don't mind." you said.

"Uhh, why's she looking at me like that?" Kenny whispered, his voice full of worry.

"Just wait for it." you said, expecting Wendy to be slammed by a wave of emotion.

And then, Wendy moved. Much faster than anyone should if they were going to give someone a hug. And if her scowl wasn't enough of a hint, you found yourself automatically moving in front of Kenny when you saw her hands balled up into fists.

File: Iden.png (968 KB, 2657x3796)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
She threw a punch that you easily intercepted. Her cybernetic arm would've broken yours if you hadn't used your own augmented strength to compensate for hers. Despite her having recently come out of surgery a few days ago, she was already strong enough to push you back a bit.

Your sister turned her hateful gaze on you and brought her other hand up. You moved to block, but was surprised when she threw her sweaty towel into your face, effectively blinding you.

You struggled against it for a few crucial moments, and once you could see again, you saw that Wendy had pinned Kenny against a wall, her first raised to strike his face.

Kenny reflexively raised his helmet to protect himself, but you had a feeling that it wouldn't do much good against Wendy's major league arm.

"You've got a lot of nerve coming back here!" she growled through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are!" Kenny cried.

Kenny's words only served to further fan the flames of her anger. She reared her arm back for a punch, but you grabbed it right before she could put a crater in your friend's face.

Your sister whirled on you, her eyes blazing with fury as she considered putting you on your ass.

"It's not what you think! He's got amnesia. He doesn't remember you." you said.

"Bullshit!" Wendy grunted as she tried to pull her arm free. Despite her struggling, your grip remained firm on her forearm.

"It's the truth. I lost my memories for a little while there too. He’s the only one that didn’t get his back." you confessed.

Wendy gave you a confused look before glancing back at Kenny. "Why not?" she asked.

Kenny swallowed hard and removed his mask to reveal his frightened face. "They...they told me that I wasn't a very nice guy before I lost them." he said, forcing himself to meet her eyes. Aside from fear, there was determination in those eyes.

Wendy’s eyes searched his face for any trace of deceit. Her expression quickly cycled between anger, confusion and doubt, before settling on one that seemed to resemble resignation. “You really don’t remember anything…?” she asked, lowering her hand and loosening her grip on his shoulder.

Kenny shook his head, and Wendy sighed. Then, she let him go and took a few steps back. “Start with what you do remember, then.” she demanded, crossing her arms.

At that very moment, the door opened and Iden stepped in. She examined the scene before her and let a gentle smile spread across her face. “What a pleasant surprise. How are you doing, Wade?”

“I’m doing good, but…can we talk? In private? I’ve got something on my mind.” you said, trying to maintain your cool. You’ve been dying to ask Iden about the whole “Chronian” thing for a while now.

Iden’s smile slipped and she directed her gaze to Wendy and Kenny. Your sister waved her off and rolled her eyes at her creator. “That works perfectly. I’m gonna need the room.” she said, gesturing towards Kenny.

Despite having alien super-armor and an Omnitrix, Kenny looked like he wanted nothing more than to bolt out of this room and race back to the Rattletrap.

You gave them both a reassuring nod and exited the room with Iden. What did you want to ask her about?

>”I know about the Chronian thing. I need you to tell me what they are.”
>”Who did you take a DNA sample from to create me?”
>”You didn’t mix anything weird into Wendy’s DNA when you created her, did you?”
>”I’ve always wondered, but why did you make us into modified humans when you made D’Traxus into a monster?”
>”I know about the Chronian thing. I need you to tell me what they are.”
>”You didn’t mix anything weird into Wendy’s DNA when you created her, did you?”
Whoops, meant for the last thing to be
>”Who did you take a DNA sample from to create me?”
>>5132475 and >>5132478 +1
Finding a quiet corner in the facility, you stood silently before Iden for a few moments. She stared at you expectantly, waiting for you to approach the topic first.

“I know about the whole Chronian thing.” you began. “I need you to tell me what they are.”

Iden’s gentle smile from before reappeared on her face as she clasped her hands together. “If I’m being entirely honest...I’m not completely sure of what they are. The genetic structure of your donor’s sample was something of an anomaly. Within it, I witnessed limitless potential!” she said, her voice quivering as if she were in a dreamlike state.

“Who’s my donor?” you asked, struggling to keep your emotions in check.

Iden shook her head. “He didn’t give me a name. What he did give me was...stories.”

“...Stories.” you said in a flat tone.

“Yes. Tales of great conquests of the past, and of those yet to come. He showed me things. Wondrous sights that I have trouble describing, even to this day.” she said, staring off into the distance at something that you couldn’t see.

“His appearance was human, you see, but he was pale. Deathly pale, in fact.” she continued. Her gaze fell on you, and her eyes widened, like she was just now realizing that you were still standing there. “Do you know what he said when I asked him to tell me more about his species?”

You shook your head.

Iden smirked. “He handed me a vial of his blood and said ‘Find out for yourself’. It was my greatest wish for you to develop into a man that might possibly dwarf his achievements!” she said with a wicked laugh that bordered on the maniacal.

You clenched your fist so tightly that you thought you could hear the metal plates in your gauntlet bending and cracking under the pressure. All this time, Iden’s been using you as a damned guinea pig!

“You didn’t mix anything weird into Wendy’s DNA when you created her, did you?” you asked through gritted teeth.

Iden’s smile faltered, and she went back to gazing off into the distance. “Me? No, I have not. But…I believe that something else has.”

You narrowed your eyes at her, confused by your creator’s statement. “What’s that supposed to mean? Who tampered with her DNA?”

“I’m not sure. Your sister would be able to explain better than I.” she said, before reaching out and offering you a tiny chip.

“What’s this?” you asked, accepting the drive from her.

“It’s an access key. I locked a few of her memories behind a wall in order to protect her fragile psyche. You’ll need this and the proper code sequence to unlock them. When you’re ready, hand it to her and say ‘Theta-B1Z-2689’.”

“You locked her memories away!?” you shouted, not caring who heard you.

File: Protost.jpg (91 KB, 1078x890)
91 KB
Iden put her hands up in a placating gesture. “I assure you, it was necessary for her mental recovery. Do you have any idea how damaged she was when you brought her to me. She was a hollow husk, incapable of coming to terms with her pain or the decisions she made throughout her life. I locked those memories away because she wasn’t ready to keep them.”

Suddenly, her expression softened and she took a step closer to you. “Meeting you again has been…beneficial to her development. It’s possible that she might be able to withstand the strain that those memories had once put on her mind. I would like for you to be with her when she receives them.” she said, reaching a hand out to touch your shoulder. You instinctually took a step back, and Iden froze, before returning her hand to her side.

You pocketed the drive and wondered as to whether you wanted to place this burden on your sister again. If something was done to her, she deserves to know. But at the same time, you remember how miserable she was when she was going through remission.

“Oh! I nearly forgot.” Iden said with a laugh. “Your donor told me to refer to him as ‘Father Time’. He said that would mean something to you someday.”

Your blood ran cold and the rest of Iden’s words were drowned out by the sound of your heart hammering in your ears. It didn’t take a genius to put the pieces together. All the clues were in plain sight now, taunting and mocking you with the dark revelation that they carried.

You had two donors. Max Tennyson…and Eon.

You felt your knees giving out on you, and your stomach lurched.

Iden’s face drifted into view as she knelt down to check on you. Something inside you was beginning to snap. This woman. This monster was playing games with your lives.

“...Subject 010? Wade? Are you alright?” Iden asked, glowing eyes full of concern.

>”Just…just give me a minute…”
>”Did ‘Father Time’ tell you anything else before he left? Anything about what he wanted from me?”
>”Why didn’t you say anything before?”
>”As much as I want to be mad at you, this Chronian DNA saved my life and changed it for the better.”
>”...You’re officially uninvited from my family road trip.”
>”I never should’ve broken you out of prison. You deserve to be there.”
>”You don’t care about us. You never did. We’re all just experiments to you.”
>Punch her.
>Pin her against the wall. “Why’d you do it!?”
>Push past her and storm out of the room.
>”As much as I want to be mad at you, this Chronian DNA saved my life and changed it for the better.”
>”Did ‘Father Time’ tell you anything else before he left? Anything about what he wanted from me?”
>”As much as I want to be mad at you, this Chronian DNA saved my life and changed it for the better.”
>”Did ‘Father Time’ tell you anything else before he left? Anything about what he wanted from me?”
>”Why didn’t you say anything before?”
File: Eon_UA2.png (273 KB, 744x416)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
At that very moment, dark thoughts flooded your mind. Wicked, alien thoughts that seemed foreign to you. Almost as if they were coming from another person. And just as quickly as they came, you let them go.

You’re not an angry, or violent person by nature. Something’s definitely happening to you. At first, you thought it was the stress of this job eating at you, but you have a sinking feeling that Eon’s DNA is affecting your brain chemistry or something.

You took a few deep breaths before speaking again.

“As much as I want to be mad at you, this Chronian DNA has saved my life and changed it for the better. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have ever defeated Aku, the universe might’ve been destroyed, and all my friends would’ve moved away.” you said, looking down at your hands.

Is it possible that you might have negatively influenced Olivia and Kevin’s futures by tampering with the timeline? You want to believe that it was for the sake of the city’s wellbeing, but that might just be your selfishness talking. You didn’t want them to leave…so they didn’t.

“You never told me about this new development. From the sounds of it, your DNA has merged perfectly with that of the Chronian!” she exclaimed with a giddy smile.

You immediately pushed away any thoughts of self loathing and focused on the situation at hand. “Did ‘Father Time’ tell you anything else before he left? Anything about what he wanted from me?” you said.

Iden rubbed at her chin and raised her gaze to the spotless, white ceiling tiles. “When I asked him about whether he was making a weapon or an heir, he refused both suggestions. I believe the Chronian referred to you as a ‘template’.” she said.

“A template for what?”

Iden shrugged. “I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask him once he reveals himself.”

He’d better not, if he knows what's good for him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about any of this before?” you asked, in a much calmer tone than you would’ve expected. It feels like the storm clouds that had been swirling around in your mind have finally cleared up.

“I was contractually obligated to avoid revealing any critical information before you were at least 18 years of age. After that, ‘Father Time’ is obligated to repay me for my efforts. Although, I don’t expect him to live up to his end of the bargain.” Iden sighed.

“But I’m only 17.” you argued.

Iden raised a finger and waggled it from side to side. “Biologically, yes. Mentally, you are 18 years of age. The contract does not specify that you must have aged physically.”

You frowned at her. “Fair enough.”

The two of you stood in silence for a little while longer, before Iden cleared her throat. It was a pointless gesture from a sentient that no longer needed to breathe.

File: The_Omen.jpg (375 KB, 652x1000)
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375 KB JPG
“I do apologize, but that is all of the information that I am privy to at this very moment. There’s a possibility that I could find out more once the Chronian arrives to reimburse me.” she explained.

“IF he ever decides to pay you.” you corrected her.

Iden gave you a grudging nod in response.

Just then, an idea popped into your head. If Iden comes with you on the road trip and Eon decides to pay her a visit, you might be able to get the jump on him when he isn’t expecting it. And even if he is expecting you, you like your chances.

“Alright. Thanks for the info, Iden. I’m gonna go check on Wendy and Kenny.” you declared, pointing a thumb back down the hall.

Iden’s body seemed to relax, losing a bit of the tension that had been building up during your confrontation. She seems pleased by how well you reacted to everything.

“X…I’m proud of you. Both you and Wendy.” she said, looking slightly uncomfortable with the confession. “I know it is rare for me to express any sort of maternal affection, but I need you to know that the two of you are important to me. There is no sentient being in this entire galaxy that is more important than you and your sister at this very moment. I look forward to what you might accomplish in the future.” she said with a warm, but awkward smile on her face.

You nodded and returned the smile. It felt a bit forced, but you felt like Iden’s words were genuine. “Thanks. I owe you a lot too, even if I’ve never admitted it out loud. Just…do me a favor? Say all this to Wendy whenever you get the chance.” you said.

Iden smirked at you, likely thinking that the complement would only serve to upset Wendy. But you knew that, deep down, your sister felt like the Black Sheep of the family. Finding out that her creator had high expectations for her would do wonders for her self esteem.

“Very well.” she sighed.

The two of you exchanged pleasantries for a while longer before you returned to Wendy’s room.


Kenny and Wendy looked up as you entered the room, shifting slightly on the hospital bed they were sitting on. Both of them were uninjured, and the atmosphere felt a lot less tense than it had been when you left.

“How’s it going?” you asked.

Wendy sighed and leaned back on her hands. “You were right. He really doesn’t remember anything. That either makes him an imposter or some weirdo from an alternate reality.” she said, glancing at Kenny who smiled sheepishly in return.

“That is a possibility, but I have a feeling that he’s a bit…unique.” you said, remembering his treatment when he encountered the Chrono Spanners.

Kenny seemed to squirm under all the attention. You really did feel bad for withholding his memories from him.

“What did you talk about with Mom, anyway?” Wendy asked. Her face was relaxed, but her steely gaze gave you a different impression.

What do you say?

>Tell her everything and hand her the chip. She deserves to know about her past.
>Tell her about Eon, but don’t say anything about the chip. You’d like to take a look at it before she does.
>Remain purposefully vague and destroy the chip.
>Tell her nothing. Ask about her alien selections instead.
>>Tell her about Eon, but don’t say anything about the chip. You’d like to take a look at it before she does.
>Tell her about Eon, but don’t say anything about the chip. You’d like to take a look at it before she does.
You briefly considered telling her about the chip and her locked memories, but then you remembered Iden’s words. Wendy was a wreck when she was going through therapy. She ran away for a while, and you were scared that she’d get herself hurt, or worse. If not having these memories eases her burden a little, then you aren’t in any rush to give them back. You’ll talk to her about them eventually. After you see them for yourself, of course.

So, you slid the chip inside of a hidden compartment on your wrist and told her about Iden’s confession. Wendy listened without interrupting a single time, and Kenny appeared to be horrified by the implication of you having a time traveling conqueror as a biological father.

“So all that stuff about you changing the past wasn’t bullshit, then?” she asked, still sounding skeptical.

“I know how it sounds, but I can’t explain it either. All I know is that it started when we traveled to the future to fight Aku.” you said.

Wendy pushed off of the bed and got to her feet in a rush. “This is ‘classic mom’. She’s always fucking with us–manipulating us in some way or another.” Wendy said, pacing around the room and shaking her head in disbelief. “You know she only told you because you brought it up. I bet she would’ve kept quiet if you hadn’t said anything.”

You nodded without meaning to, finding truth in her words. Even you had to question your creator’s sincerity from time to time. “You’re probably right, but I owe her for giving me this power. If I didn’t have it, we might not be here right now.” you said.

Wendy whirled on you, and Kenny seemed to shrink back a bit. “I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but maybe you shouldn’t use something that was given to you by your evil alien father.” Wendy replied, putting extra emphasis on the word “evil”.

“If I can use it to help people, then I’ll put it to use whenever I get the chance.” you said, not willing to back down.

The two of you stared at one another for a while, until your sister rolled her eyes and sighed. “And that’s a ‘classic Wade’.” she said, stalking over to a corner of the room with a pull-up bar. She quickly grabbed it with her fleshy arm and started pulling herself up and down repeatedly. “Do what you want. Just don’t fuck up the timestream, or whatever.” she grunted.

“So…” Kenny began, drawing your attention away from Wendy. “You have three dads, huh? What’s that like?”

“One’s dead, another is a supervillain and the other sells real estate.” you replied in a flat tone.

Kenny nodded, but didn’t say anything else.

“I thought you were here to talk about my aliens.” Wendy said. The pace of her workout was slowly increasing, but she had no problems continuing a conversation at the same time. “Is the guy building this gonna flake on me like Azmuth?” she asked.

File: Articguana_OV_I.PNG.png (344 KB, 540x574)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
“Not if I have anything to say about it.” you declared, hoping that this mystery man was as reliable as Albedo said. “And yes, we’re still doing that. What’d you have in mind?”

“Petrosapien. They’re strong, durable, and versatile in a pinch.”

You nodded, making a mental note of her selection.



You looked up at her, feeling slightly confused because you’d never heard of this species before.

Seeming to register your confusion, Wendy elaborated further. “They fly, shoot lasers out of their eyes and tail, and they can breathe underwater. Their biology includes a built-in FTL drive. Those fuckers have some insane evolutionary traits.” she said with a laugh.



Another alien you’d never heard of.

“These guys live in the deep reaches of uncharted space. They don’t come out often. Not surprised you haven’t heard of them. They’re energy absorbers. Ask Iden. She’ll know.” Wendy said in between deep breaths.


“You know what? Fuck it. Gimme Wildfire too.”


For the remainder of her workout, Wendy listed off a few aliens that she thought would be useful. Some you already have, and others that you’ve never even heard of. But after a brief description, you were able to come up with decent nicknames for them.

>Hack N’ Slash
>Four Arms
>Thriller Whale

“Not a bad lineup. You’ve got some nice utility in there.” you said with an approving nod.

Wendy released the pull-up bar and dropped to her feet. Kenny threw her a towel and she used it to mop at her sweat. Your amnesiac friend seemed to be admiring your sister’s toned body, which did bother you a bit. You decided to stay quiet about it for now, though.

He quickly looked away when Wendy opened her eyes again. “Thanks again for doing this. Not many people would just…make someone an Omnitrix because they felt like it.” she said with a crooked smile.

“Really? I’ve seen like five people with these things within the last two days, myself excluded.” Kenny scoffed while eying the device on his wrist.

“Yeah, it’s scary how commonplace they’re becoming.” you said with a shudder. “And that’s exactly why I want you to have one of your own, Wendy. This galaxy is becoming a dangerous place, and I don’t want you getting hurt anymore.”

“That’s mighty thoughtful of you, Wade. But could you do me another teensy little favor?” she asked.

“What is it?”

“Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, stupid. I can’t have you dying on me before we have our big dumb, mushy, slow family roadtrip.” she said with a forced smile. She really was worried about you, and she’s the one that just got out of surgery.

“I’ll do my best, Wendy. You just work on getting better.”

The three of you chatted for a while longer and Kenny started to come out of his shell a bit more. Sadness seemed to wash over your sister whenever she looked at the amnesiac young man, but she seemed to perk up once you told her that he’d be staying with you at the X-Mansion.

After a while, Iden returned and the conversation died out. You said your goodbyes and promised to visit again before she was released. On the way home, Kenny asked you all sorts of strange questions about your sister that you didn’t feel comfortable answering.


With The Cowl’s dinner party being two days away, you had some time to finish things up and prepare for your road trip. What did you spend your time doing?

>Patrolling the streets and partnering with some friendly vigilantes.
>Training with K8-E.
>Practicing magic with Olivia.
>Teaching swordplay seminars on The Nexus.
>Convincing Iden to use her talents to help the people of Bellwood.
File: tenor (4).gif (1 MB, 498x278)
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Not to alarm anyone, but after this thread, I'll be taking a bit of a break from this quest to try something new. I just want to reassure everyone that I won't abandon it, and that I fully intend to return to write this story. I'm too invested in these characters and plotlines at this point. It'd feel wrong to not see things through.

Not entirely sure how long this break will be, but I guess that depends on how the new quest is received. I'll keep you guys posted on anything new that happens after this point. Thank you guys so much for playing with up until this point, and I hope to see you again when this quest returns.

If anyone's curious, my new quest will be a Spider-Man/Spider-Woman quest, and I intend to run it next month. Hopefully, I'll see you all(or at least some of you) when I throw it up!
>>Teaching swordplay seminars on The Nexus.
>Training with K8-E.
>Training with K8-E.
>Teaching swordplay seminars on The Nexus.

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