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This is a multiplayer civ quest. Fantasy setting, tech level about antiquity but maybe with some modern things like powder weaponry, greater medicine, etc.

You start with 100 working people (or other beings if you pick a different race). This number increases by 1.1 each turn, but you can modify this later. One turn is one year in-game. During a turn you may allocate resources and workers to projects. There's no action limit, but spreading your workforce thin will make projects longer to complete. These projects may be constructing something, prospecting for resources, diplomacy with other players, etc. Successful projects will provide a benefit to some part of your state, e.g. temples may appease gods who'll give you blessings; orichalcum weaponry will give you the edge in battle; higher quality wood will allow you to construct bigger, more complex ships. Turns will last about 2 days. I'll make events sometimes to shake things up.

This should be about it. Feel free to ask questions if something's not clear.

To participate:
1. Name your civilization
2. Pick a race
3. Pick a colour
4. Draw your location on the map (the blank one)
5. (Optional) Make a trip.
6. (Optional) The goal of your civilization & fluff. The more you provide, the more I can work with in constructing the plot.
7. Write your opening actions.
File: geomap.png (76 KB, 4000x2000)
76 KB
The geographical map.
Grey - mountains
Reddish brown - highlands
Yellow - desert
Teal - arctic/tundra
Shades of green - plains & forests. From brightest to darkest: tropical, deciduous, coniferous.
File: tegaki.png (237 KB, 4000x2000)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
1. Kugel-Globo
2. Frog people
3. Blue
6. The The Kugel people are a deeply religious people and god-fearing people. They seek to honor their gods by building grand temples and wonders dedicated to their worship and through ritual sacrifices. Will raid other people's for slaves and sacrifices if possible. Their society is ruled by the high priests of the gods who are said to able to commune with them directly.

Opening actions:
>Start clearing the forests for lumber and land to build
>Build primitive huts for the population to live in and a crude shrine.

This good?
Aye, that's good.
Pic rel
See above
Thesalon took upon itself to be a beacon of reason and goodness and to stand as adversary against the corruptive nature of the material world. They worship the idea of good and seek to embody its many forms. Its people see the world with a clear divide between good and evil and are quick to fight and plot against those they deem irredeemable but are forgiving to those they consider misguided. They see themselves as the shepards of the world.

Start seeking animals to start hearding them.
Make huts for people to live in with the nearby wood.
File: Map.png (104 KB, 4000x2000)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Forgot the map
Forgot the trip
1. Eros
2. Incubi
3. Red
5. Later
6. All male pale androgynous race from the tundras, their ancestor is Lord Cupid who was emperor of the south and had 6969 concubines and 100000 children, he was cursed to only have male children after the goddess of fertility watched him abuse his first born daughter, she raptured all his daughters to the heavens and also cursed his sons to only have sons, and that any wife they take will die after 4 years. Lord Cupid took all his thousands of sons to go destroy the goddesses most famous temple in the north, but her avatar stopped his army in its tracks, damned him to 4 million years of wandering as a lustful ghost with no genitals and exiled his living sons to the tundra of loneliness in the south. His sons only survive by kidnapping women from villages across the mountains, but the curse strikes them down out of mercy after 4 years. The sons of Cupid goal is to lift the curse and survive.
7. The High phallus priests have made prophecies that Cupid would be granted one lifetime as an avatar among his sons in between his millions of years of punishment after his daughter who still loves him pleaded with the fertility goddess. This year he is supposed to be born, look for the signs in the newborns.
Okay i wrote this very fast to save my spot and color so i didn’t name all the mythology characters now I will to make it sound more real

Ancestor- Emperegnator Cupid to his sons he is the only one who can ever have this title he is worshipped and his sons transfer the pleasure they get with their wives to him in great degenerate rituals to ease his celibate punishment

Enemies across the mountains call him the Great Abuser, The Shamless Seducer, The Deceitful Rake and other more offensive names

Goddess - Isos

The sons call her The Hag Queen and other insults, they see her in their wives and treat them horribly only the most pathetic pick me wives are honorary members of the nation and not slaves

Daughter - Dior she has a mixed reputation some see her as a traitorous whore others a victim of the Isos who wants to reunite with her father who is sorry. It depends on the sect

Leader - Testicus the Boundless he’s a hero who has kidnapped brides from every continent
here’s my trip i think
1. The Metrog
2. Idrudari
3. Brown
4. Pic
5. see above
6. The Metrog began as a gathering of tribes, each led by tribal chieftains, each different but unified in a single belief: their kind was made by their god because they were lonely, and desired companionship. Unfortunately. The Metrog proved to be primitive beings, fit for survival and little else.
Their god loved them, but saw them as children, not companions, and the Metrog’s goal ever since has been to elevate themselves up to their maker’s level, so that they might accomplish the goal of their existence.
Unfortunately, just HOW they should ascend has been the subject of debate for centuries, wars even started over it, until finally a caste of priests and priestesses have decided that the species needs to stay together to have better chances of fulfill the maker’s design and that any plan to achieve ascendence they could make themselves would be just a construction made by their primitive minds, and as such destined to fail or prove wrong in the end.

Their god is one (though they have not thought of the existence of other gods, they do not exclude the possibility. They just only care about this one because it’s their maker): Akret. Akret is nothing and everything, it is perfect. It is beyond flesh, beyond tooth and claw and spike, it is the purest form of sentience and wishes for all its children to join it one day, once the spark of intelligence it has given them finally results in their ascendance to its level, that it may know loneliness no longer.
The god itself never ordered the Metrog to zerg rush perfection like they attempt to do, only that they do it eventually. It’s perfectly content to just observe them until they get it right.

> Culture:
Until very recently the Metrog were tribal hunter-gatherers, led by chieftains who ruled over a warrior caste whose duty was to protect their gatherers from the other tribes and hunt down large animals. They know toolmaking, their tentacles and forelimbs proving surprisingly dexterous, and they favor spears and daggers over axes. They have a distaste for armor and clothing, simply spending the winters in caves covered in furs rather than covering themselves.

Priests are the most important members of their society. To become a priest means to have glimpsed Akret in some form, to have seen its magnificence in some form. Those who have achieved this aren’t hard to find, given that such a contact leaves one forever changed: they move with an indecipherable purpose, speak with an almost ethereal cadence, and tend to lose tone in their kind’s naturally muscular limbs
> species: the Idrudari are mammals which reproduce by laying unfertilized eggs which are then fertilized by another individual. The species HAS a gender division, but it’s very slight (males are slightly longer and thinner, females are slightly more stout) and if a group has too many males or too many females it’s members will start producing pheromones, which will cause some individuals to shift to the other gender (same way Clownfsh do really).

They have no concept of family (as in, they will only care about their friends and partners, but not about their offspring), but do have a concept of relationships (again, like friendships and partners). Offspring is raised by the community as a whole

Starting actions:
> build a temple to Akret
> start planting fruit trees and berry bushes around settlements for continuous access to food
File: starting placement.png (106 KB, 4000x2000)
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106 KB PNG
>1. Lagolandia
>2. rabbit people
>3. navy blue or lustful pink
>4. Draw your location on the map (see pic)
>5. name taken
>6. The core tenant of Lagomophkind is being fruitful and multiply, large family gravid bellies, and constant growth and prosperity are all central pillars on which the species prides itself. status is determined by how fat, happy, and number of children sired. they are always chasing a perpetual golden age of plenty and prosperity. Omnivorous with a preference for plants. as they are small they prefer using intellect over brawn to overcome their enemies and sheer overwhelming numbers.

>dig out a burrow settlement for our tribe for safety from predators as well as the fickle humor of nature. (50 people)
>gather nuts and berries to keep the tribe fed population growing and hunt small game mice, squirrels, and the like(50 people)
File: Marrowkers.png (103 KB, 4000x2000)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
1. Stone Cold Maws
2. Trolls
3. Green
6. Descending from the mountains into the jungle, driven out by a harsh storm. They left behind there old home for a much greener, thriving, and warmer home. Lead by the eldest shaman, and her counsel, Roc Feller. The trolls follow the old ways and worship Vaprak.

Opening actions
>The women trolls tasked with child rearing begin clearing out a warren in the dense jungle. 20 Trolls
>The others begin felling trees fascinated by the exotic wood. Rarely where there trees this stout in the mountains. A member of the counsel chief craftsmen, Maul Shaper, begins to weapons for the hoard. 80 Trolls
File: Yeti homeland.jpg (9 KB, 250x124)
9 KB
1. Greklatini
2. Yeti
3. Cyan
The yetis are polytheistic however their main god is Grek God of ice. They wish to cause an ice age.
> Gather stone
>Build a temple for their gods
Oh shoot is there still room?
Sure is, anon, just be mindful of others' territory picks.
File: Location.png (90 KB, 4000x2000)
90 KB
Daíonan Tribes
Half Demons (Traits include things like gigantism, red eyes and black sclera, horns, claws, tails, red, purple, blue or pitch black skin, bat like wings, ect)
(Check the map, it's marked)
From the northern peninsula to here.
The Daíonan tribes are the result of a large nomadic group of humans who worshiped something they probably shouldn't have. This tribe, being successful in their rituals and managing to summon the demons they worshiped, were very swift to willingly follow their 'gods' orders, and were 'blessed' with children that were greater than they were. Over time, the demons that were summoned were banished due to outsiders interference or otherwise forced to return to the underworld, but the half demons that now ruled over the lands still lived and were still there. They value sins and see them as useful and as a force to drive people to work for what they desire with the exception of sloth, the only sin they seem to hate. This ironically makes them value diligence quite a bit. Another thing of value seen by the people of the Daíonan tribes is the prominence of demonic traits, and generally, those with few visible ones are often shunned to an extent. Other than this, there are still some relics from when the demons they brought into the world walked with them, the most noteworthy being a pitch black blade twice the size of an average human called Mávithanátoslepdas which has strange red engravings in it, and it's handle made with ornate rose gold. Despite this, anyone who tries picking it up feels the handle burn so extensively that it is impossible for them to keep a hold of, though it has been said in the past that such a blade feels cold to the touch of the last person capable of using it, which was the demon that used to own it...
To simultaneously ensure that the demonic blood in their vains continues to remain strong while also not becoming completely sub servant to those who their ancestors worshiped. Also to not get murdered by religious folk.

>Opening actions

50 Halfdemons scavenge for various useful things in the area, mainly food and similar.
30 Search for various materials and attempt to gather them
20 attempt to create basic tools and the like.
File: Ant Location.jpg (493 KB, 4000x2000)
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493 KB JPG
1. The Empire of Ant
2. Giant Ants
3. Reddish Brown
4. Pic
5. -
a. Imperial Expansion
b. Build the Worlds First Hive City
c. Be Fruitful and Multiply

We are the Empire of Ant. Lead by our Empress, beloved by all, we seek to claim our rightful place in this world, to ensure a land of peace, plenty, and security for our progeny, and to let nothing stave our ambitions, be they to reach the very stars themselves one day.

And though we may share this world with other races, the Empire shall stand tallest and proudest among them.

The Great Hive City shall be our future dream, and the promise we offer our children tomorrow, a community built of piled earth and stone to reach the very clouds. The earthquake shall not shake it, the rain and wind shall not topple it, a living city to last the ages.

>75 Ants Forage for Food
>25 Ants dig out the Queen's Room, where she can lay many eggs
QM is there npcs? Can we say that land not taken by players has npc human villages or maybe other normal species like elves and dwarfs
File: 1640247944701.png (104 KB, 4000x2000)
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104 KB PNG
Elves and Trolls
Golden Yellow

In barely living memory, a noble but defeated household of blackforest elves crossed the Gyuline waters in search of new homelands on the continent. Their ships drifted north, far north, until they came upon a small harbor landing which by chance also played home a great village of shore-trolls. The former consist of your typical raven-haired, forest-eyed stock, whereas the latter are wily sleet-haired brutes whose height can vary from four to twelve feet (though all come with a dextrous tail). The elven marchioness was desperate to restore her house's prestige, so instead of trying to take the settlement in arms, she instead entered the orbit of Semmes, one of the troll king's younger sons. The couple was wedded before midwinter, and had usurped the old king and his crown prince not long after. Since then there have been several troll kings ruling over several coastal settlements, and I have recently inherited control over the interior forests from my grandmother. We have good reason, I think, to be proud of the little dual-monarchy we've built here.

In terms of "goals," I would propose that we need synergy internally and prestige internationally. I harbor no delusions about retaking the home islands, at least not yet... Anyway, I allocate my workers thus:

>1) 75 shall begin construction of a woodland citadel. It is a type of fortification that has no walls but the forest itself, remaining hidden and nebulous.

>2) 10 shall build a warrior's hut. It does not need to be large, but it must include everything needed for training.

>3) 10 of our trolls can begin setting up an iron mine for later use.

>4) Finally, the 5 hardiest shall venture out into the forests of our realm. I know not what these seekers will find, but hopefully it will be useful.
File: Quanli.png (102 KB, 4000x2000)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>1. Quanli
>2. Fishmen (Swordfish)
>3. Silver
>4. Around the circle on the southern islands
>6. The Quanli are a race somewhere between man and the fish of the sea; by a strict definition their nature is amphibian but their visages resemble swordfish and they see closer relationship between themselves and the fish of the sea. They have a strong martial heritage originating from a tradition of fencing duels to determine position and status within the tribe. They do not as yet hold a specific deity, believing that there are many spirits and beings of power in the world but hold no record that any have ever shown them favour or explained themselves.
>7. Write your opening actions.
50 Quanli will try to domesticate crabs to herd for meat and shell.
30 will scout their lands for resources
20 will practice and refine their fencing 'swordsmanship' using their facial weapon.
File: Starting place.png (113 KB, 4000x2000)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
1.True Oasis

2. satyrs


6. chased from their original homeland through forests and over mountains for their boisterous & drunken ways. Their pursuers finally stopped when they had been chased into the desert but this was not the end of their plight for a cruel trickster god seeing them tired & weary sent vision of a grand oasis that was but a mirage. The Satyrs took the bait splendidly rushing to the mirage with the last of their strength but after running for days without rest and beaten down by the hot desert sun they were delirious and treated the mirage as if it were real throwing a raucous party celebrating their luck and cursing those who chased them long into the night. The trickster god was baffled at first but soon found themselves laughing harder than they had is centuries and so rewarded the satyrs by turning the mirage into a true oasis while the slept.

7. plant grapes
Yes, there are.
Best thread I've seen in the last 3 months
yeah, I have a good feeling about this one as well I just hope it doesn't peter out after one thread.
Same here, tends to happen with awesome civ games with a lot of players. Really liking the diversity of tropes here!
I really hope that the QM doesn't abandon this one. Pretty sure he did another civ quest that went nowhere and was duble abandoned after one guy said that he will continue only for him to never post. I particulary like the fact that there are NPCs this time and from the looks of it the population will increase faster than the other game witch is a plus in my opinion.

Your fortune: Merry Christmas!
if we are lucky and qm sticks to his a turn every 2 days plan we should get the first turn tomorrow.
Amen brother, let’s hope
File: polmap2.png (51 KB, 4000x2000)
51 KB
The Kugel find themselves in a swamp, your native biome, yet without home to retreat to. While the land may be little suited for construction, you nevertheless craft simple, yet effective tools, and begin your work of setting up a proper settlement. A few months of treefelling and construction later, you've got yourself a neat little village on stilts, and a surplus of wood to boot.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]
[You may undertake a major project using the wood you've stockpiled]

However, not all is good. While you have constructed a shrine, the gods are silent. This does not sit well with your deeply religious folk. Perhaps decorating the shrine, or, better yet, a sacrifice is in order.
You have 110 frogmen now.

Cynocephales find themselves on a partly forested plain, with highlands and mountains at the fringe of your territory. Sending your scouts around to see if there are any animals that can be domesticated, you find a herd of wild sheep dwelling in the highlands. Over the course of the year, a portion of your population works on capturing them, and soon enough they are under your control.
[You have domesticated some sheep. This provides an additional source of food and a supply of wool, which can be used in a textile workshop.]

Most of your population, however, is occupied by building housing. By the end of the year, a proper village is formed.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]
You have 110 cynocephales now.

[Due to the pecularities of your race, your growth multiplier starts at 1.15 and decreases by 0.05 every year you don't make a raid to capture women, until it reaches 0.95]
In the cold reaches of tundra, you await His coming. Lord Cupid, incarnate in one of the children of your race. You look for signs, which don't appear for months. However, eventually, when most have given up hope, a child is born, not pale like all of your kind, but charcoal black, without any light glittering off his skin. The only white thing about him, his eyes, radiant, shining. What powers he possesses is yet to be discovered. Perhaps it is time for more grounded tasks, while the avatar matures?
You have 115 incubi now.
Your land is heavily forested, with rare caves where you spend winters nestled between the pine and spruce trees. Little fruit grows here, however, this is easily fixable; you mount an expedition south, which arrives back with apples and plums. It will take a couple of years for them to begin yielding a considerable harvest. In the mean time, you plant several types of berry bushes. They provide a supply of black-, rasp-, and other berries in summer and autumn.
[Your people feel safer with a surplus of food. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

With food secured, you begin another project, building the temple to Akret. With your crude tools, there is not much you can do, but you make best use of them, and the result is a spacious building with several spires pointing towards the sky. The inner sanctum becomes regularly used by the priests to communicate with Akret.
[You may now commence rituals (describe them?) to receive blessings or guidance from your god.]

That aside, the scouts who brought back fruit also mention that they've encountered a magical beast -- unicorn -- deeper inland. Perhaps it would be beneficial to align it?
You have 110 idrudari now.

Your land is sparsely forested plains. Half of your population crafts simple tools and starts digging out warrens; with these ready, you are not only protected from the vagaries of nature, but also find yourself in a rather defensible position should you be attacked.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of warrens. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

The other half of your population gathers all the food they can. While this did provide a single boost, perhaps cultivation of food would lend better stability?
[Your people were well-fed this year. The growth multiplier for this year is 1.2 instead of 1.1]
You now have 120 lagomorphs.

The storm has chased you down into the humid, hot jungle. Still little acquainted with this climate, you decide clearing out some warrens to live in would be a good start. By the end of the year, it is done.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of warrens. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

Most of the male population starts felling trees of great height. Maul Shaper gets to work, and by the end of the year, you can arm most males with clubs and mauls. Simple, but deadly in the hands of a troll.
[You have armed your people with clubs & mauls. This will provide a bonus in combat -- anything is better than fighting with your fists.]
You now have 110 trolls.
With mountains not far away, you start mining stone using what crude tools you can procure. Hauling it back to your settlement would be quite hard, but yetis are robust and strong. By the end of the year, you've got quite a lot extracted.
[You have a stockpile of stone ready to be used for a major project]

With stone obtained, you use a portion of it to construct a temple to Grek & the other gods. One of the more spiritual yetis steps forth and becomes a priest tending to this holy place.
[You may now commence rituals (describe them?) to receive blessings or guidance from your god.]
You now have 110 yetis.

You strip the nearby trees of fruit and berry bushes of berries. While this does provide a quick boost to food, it'd be better to secure a constant supply.
[Your pop growth multiplier for this turn is 1.2 instead of 1.1]

The halfdemons searching for useful materials come upon an interesting discovery on the shores. Amber can be collected here, an interesting commodity which could be fashioned into expensive decorations for trade.
[You have found amber. It can be used for trade in raw form, or made into jewelry and the like.]

The toolmakers gather stone and sturdy branches, and shape them into tools. While they may not be of the best quality, they're still better than crude, makeshift ones.
[You have obtained tools. Tasks now require less workers commited to them for the same efficiency.]
You have 120 halfdemons now.

The Queen needs to be fed if she is to remain alive and healthy. The ants gather food from the surrounding territories: fruit, berries, and small game, and bring it to Her Majesty. With a surplus of food, she lays more eggs than usual.
[Your pop growth multiplier for this turn is 1.2 instead of 1.1]

The remaining ants dig out a hole, leading into a spacious chamber where both the Queen and the workers can rest.
[In this safe environment, the Queen can lay more eggs. Until you reach 200 population, the growth multiplier is 1.15 instead of 1.1]
You have 120 ants now.
Checked trips.
I have a bit of trouble picturing what this citadel is. Is it like, a bunch of traps and trees cut in such a way as to allow ambushing?

With new lands inherited, you decide to properly defend them. A great portion of your population, both trolls and elves, commit to turning the forest into a single deadly battleground.
[You have constructed a woodland citadel. You will receive a bonus against any attackers.]

The citadel is not the only thing you construct, however. A warrior's hut is built, housing both training weaponry and providing a space for soldiers to spar, honing their skills.
[You have constructed a warrior's hut. You may now train your population, increasing their prowess in battle.]

The trolls you sent into the mountains prospect for metals over the course of the year. They found a vein, indeed, but there was not enough time to build an mining outpost itself. If you were to allocate 10 trolls to constructing the mine next year, you'll have a steady supply of iron for your state.
[You have discovered an iron vein. Iron may be used to craft both weaponry and tools.]

The explorers return with news of a village. Apparent from some observation, most of it's inhabitants are human mages, with an Elder Witch at the head. They seem to have spotted the exploring party, but didn't attack, so they don't seem hostile at least.

Besides these, a kind of dungeon was found, a dark entrance to the depths of the earth, its half-erased decorations depicting all kinds of snakes. The explorers didn't dare descend there, the place had an eerie aura about it.
You now have 110 elves & trolls.

The Quanli find themselves on a tropical island. Securing a source of food is the primary task to which most of your people are allocated. They find it in giant crabs which are your neighbours on the shore. Some limbs broken by the crabs' claws later, you have a herd of crustaceans semi-tolerating your presence.
[You have domesticated a herd of giant crabs. Their meat provides you with a stable source of food, and their shells can be crafted into heavy, but hardy armour.]

Scouting your island, you determine that the big mountain in the centre is actually a (probably sleeping) volcano. Land is greatly fertilized by ash, and there is obsidian to be found here. Tropical nature is quite dangerous due to all types of venomous snakes and predatory felines, but bountiful in fruit. The exploration party has not checked the other side of the island, though. It'll take another exploration project to do it.
[You have discovered obsidian. This brittle material may be used both for tools and cultural applications.]

The sparring with head swords makes your warriors a bit tougher to beat in battle.
[Your warriors are now experienced and will have a bonus in battle.]
You now have 110 fishmen.
Finding yourselves in the middle of the desert, with nothing but meagre supplies of food, you decide to plant grapes that you've brought with yourselves. Soon, a vineyard is formed, however, it won't bear grapes until some years pass. Perhaps building a wine press in advance would be a good idea.
[You have planted grapes. It'll take about two more turns for them to mature and be ready for harvest.]
You now have 110 satyrs.
Some commentary about the first turn, I've warned you anons about spreading the workforce too thin, but consider that turns take a year, that's a lot of time when even 10 people can build much. Besides that, remember that green areas on the map aren't just forests, they also include plains.

Also, from now on, I'll implement a system of rolls, you may prospect for a certain resource in your territory, but you roll 1d100 to see if any is found.

Finally, I'd ask you to name the geographical objects that you discover. Seas, mountain ranges, plains, rivers, etc. I'll gradually add the names to the map.

I think I know which quest you're talking about, I was inspired by that one but I'm a different anon.
>consider that turns take a year, that's a lot of time when even 10 people can build much
yeah I was rushing a bit to save my spot on the map & probably should have done more but I like to imagine the satyrs just partied for the first half of the year then one of them noticed that they were running low on wine so they all said well shit better plant some grapes

turn two actions- make the oasis more homey & party ready by building a wine press, gathering reeds from the oasis to make pan flutes and hanging up hammocks.
Qm you still open to new players?
>Build a grand sacrificial altar behind the temple. In the middle of the altar their will be a great pillar of wood where the sacrifices will be tied. The sacrifices will be lit on fire and if the gods are pleased with the sacrifice, the pillar will be unscathed from the fire at the end. Leaving only a burnt corpse.

>Hunt for a suitable sacrifice on the island. If we are unable to find one, it will have to be among our people.

>Build weapons
The silent child emerges from his mothers womb, his skin resembles obsidian and seems to suck away the very little light that reaches this part of the ice caves. His white eyes have no pupils, yet Testicus, the only incubi not a priest allowed to witness the miracle, can feel the avatar’s stare burning into his being. The newborn starts to grunt and wail, it’s voice disturbingly deep and mature already. High Phallo-Priest Ejaculanius bends down and places his ear inches away from the Lord’s tiny mouth.

Testicus is shocked, it can already speak? The uneasiness in his cold heart only increases, he spent his whole life waiting for this day and now only feels a vague sense of impending horrors to come.

Ejaculanius stands back up and looks over at the now ever so slightly trembling leader of Eros.

“He says to prepare the Spermark.”

Testicus nods. The Spermark is a traditional Eros ship building technique, although it only happens every few decades for the most important raids. It entails the best swimmers with the highest lung capacities swimming into the mouth of a massive sperm whale with nothing but spears and killing it from the inside, allowing it to beach and providing a huge vessel that can be quickly hollowed out for the transportation of many dozens of incubi. The flesh on the inside once dug out is repacked and frozen in the caves, providing enough provisions for the longest voyages. The practice is very risky however, sometimes the whale is able to fight back, or the hunters fail to dig towards the lungs in time before suffocating.

After Testicus leaves, set on his task, one of the younger priests reaches towards the Lord’s umbilical cord for the cut, as is normal, but before he can he is stricken with a sudden coughing fit that turns into a seizure. Before long, the poor unholy man is laying in a pool of his own blood pouring from his eyes and ears.

“None of you will touch it. I already lost my daughters, I won’t lose my mother.”

The poor woman doomed by fate to give birth to this monster weeps, for it’s all she can do.


12 Phallo-Priests will have the horrifying task of taking care of the avatar, feeding and attending to his every need.

12 Incubi who are the best swimmers will try to kill and beach a sperm whale, when they succeed there will be a workforce of 24 will be ready to convert the poor creature into a ship the “Spermark”

Another 24 will hunt seals and walrus for food, tusks, and bone.

12 will spear-fish with very thin icicles from the cave and forage the nearby coral reefs. Not primarily concerned with food but capturing known poisonous flora and fauna used to enhance traditional Eros weapons. This task is almost as dangerous as whale infiltrating, some will probably die.

The rest of the 55 incubi (if i can math) will go on a pre-season raid, this involves not crossing the mountains and terrorizing tundra villages instead. Capture slaves of both genders, pick easy target villages
>Action 1
With Thesalon in its humble begginings, its people launch an expedition to find if they are alone on this continent they call Voskot(Pasture). 20 scouts are chosen to venture north and then east, along the river some of them claiming to exist. Should they find civilized beings out there they shall act accordingly and establish good relations with them, be it via trade, proselytizing, or just good will.
>action 2 & 3
With the scouts gone, the rest of the population is quick to improve the situation back home. 45 of them shall start farming the land around Thesalon, while the rest will try to improve the harvesting of wool from their wooly flocks.
Rolled 75 (1d100)

I’m guessing I should roll?
Rolled 63 (1d100)

Sorry i think I assumed too much about my surroundings for this turn my bad

I don’t think there would be a reef near a tundra so change it to looking for one and if there is none just hunt for poisonous fish in general and also go up north-east towards the greener areas if necessary

I also assumed there would be small villages in the tundra so like above just look for any humans or weak races indigenous to the area and attack if they’re not strong and stealthily kidnap people who stray away if they’re not

And i’m going to roll to try and take down a whale since frog guy is too
Sorry if i'm late, I might be on and off a bit but I want to play.


>Human-Elf Hybrids

Region called the Akaos

Emerald Green

>Culture (Adding Extra stuff for fluff)
Ottoman Hellenics

>Civilization Goal
Restore the fallen empire from its decadent state and restore the balance of the realm. To manifest the phoenix's prophecy and become the hegemon of our continent, also to resist the expansions of other civilizations and barbarians (if any)

Phoneix stuff

>Opening actions

>Build defences
>Rally able men to organize our settlement
Dont forget to pick a place on the map
File: Zesh.png (111 KB, 4000x2000)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Rolled 94 (1d100)

>1. Name your civilization
>2. Pick a race
Mostly humans, a few elves, all of them magically talented.
>3. Pick a colour
Pink, I guess All the good colors are taken...
>4. Draw your location on the map (the blank one)
>5. (Optional) Make a trip.
Am I doing this right?
>6. (Optional) The goal of your civilization & fluff. The more you provide, the more I can work with in constructing the plot.
Mantó had been plagued by visions for all her life. Visions of terrible things being done to good people, of the world being destroyed. She could do little to stop them, or help those she saw suffer. Not by herself, at least. When she was old enough to leave her village, she began a journey across the continent to gather those similarly gifted and like-minded. None of them with her own gift of prophecy, but people able to command winds, move stones, control the waves, make fire dance, and do other wondrous things. Shunned by the superstitious, exploited by the power hungry, they followed her, some of them eagerly, some reluctantly. Years later, when enough had been gathered, she lead them to an exodus across the Kárlan sea to found the nation of Zésh on an island she had seen long ago.
Discover the source of these visions, if there is a source to be discovered. Unlock the secrets of magic and develop the potential of the Zésh people. Become strong enough to protect the innocents of the world from those who would prey on them and prevent the apocalyptic future that looms.
>7. Write your opening actions.
1. Dismantle the boats that brought us here, build a village.
2. Secure a permanent food supply by fishing and cultivating farms and orchards.
3. With our immediate needs secured, explore the island. There was a reason we were brought here.
10 Quanli will spend all their working hours keeping and maintain the herds of giant Crabs; though others will of course add to the numbers if events or circumstances would require them (I assume ongoing maintenance would require less people then a new project? If 10 is too few to allow the herds to prosper and grow, siphon Quanli from the next and last projects).

The land we find ourselves in is fertile and bountiful in fruit.
50 Quanli will devote themselves to turning natural forests by the shore into groves of fruiting trees, working around those fruiting trees already in place and spreading their seedlings into cleared areas around them.

30 Quanli will devote their time to building dwellings from the wood gained from turning forest into fruit-grove, a village of fairly basic huts of wood and earth.

And the final 20 Quanli will craft and and assemble armour of crab-shell.

We will name the mountain a name that in the Quanli language means 'Obsidian Beak'
Can't IP banned
Safety, it was the word on every bunnies' lips and heard in their ear, The Great Warren was the finest work of their species, never before had Lagomorphkind known true safety. while Omnivorous by nature there small size and preference for speed and steal has left them less than amazing hunters. More often than not they are the prey. but no more United under Chieftain Peter Cottontail and Chieftess Judy Cottontail (formerly Judy Hopps) the species is not united. Before unification, they represented the largest and most organized tribes of the forested planes. it was only natural the minor tribes would fold into them once unification was made known, at first there had been paltry grumbling at the new order.

This decent however was quashed with the success of pairs bonded leadership and successful plans. 20 new souls had been welcome into the world, not a one lost to predators or ailment all happy and healthy. United and Safe, for the first time in Lagomorph history they were able to begin to dream of more, so much more.

>Action 1: search for edible plants then gather them planting seeds in clearings near and around The Warren to secure a stable food supply. Which will fulfill an inherent cultural need of abundance and prosperity, soon the bunnies of the warrens may need to expand the tunnels to account for the chubby bunnies to come. (population 40)

>Action 2: using the natural resources on hand develop basic tools to improve worker efficiency while we rabbit folk are great a digging out warrens, chopping trees, and attacking prey not so much. While shelter, food, and sensual pleasures are all things greatly enjoyed by rabbitkind, without the means to maintain or protect it, these things are worthless. It is better to be peaceful than harmless (Population 40)

>Action 3: expand the warrens with Breeding dens. The saying breeding like rabbits exists for a reason, and the lagomorphs of Lagolandia are no different. The breeding dens will ensure that every bunny has his or her day. While also ensuring constant population growth and fulfilling the core cultural tenant of be fruitful and multiply. (Population 40)
The yeti name the mountains The Flantic Wyns meaning mountains of home in their language. Their God of mountains and stone Flantomas is said to have hidden his greatest treasure within his greatest creation so some yeti seek it out. Yetis, having a mostly carnivores diet, have always hunted their food however one yeti family decides to try something different.
>25 yeti will craft stone tools
>30 yeti will mine the mountains looking for ore
>15 yeti will attempt to tame a herd of reindeer
>the rest will hunt for food
Rolled 97 (1d100)

forgot roll
Rolled 96 (1d100)

oops forgot to roll
Roll 2 more times for poisonous fish and village raids since these are dangerous tasks that can lead to deaths.
>I assume ongoing maintenance would require less people then a new project?
Yes. In fact, it is assumed that maintenance is done by the hidden part of the population (all those that are not workers) and by workers collectively on occasion that their help is needed. But if you dedicate a portion of your people to this, over time you'll gain results such as increased quantities of more docile crabs, the meat of which will boost your pop growth.
How am I supposed to place you down on the map then? Make a trip and post from phone or something.
Is everything in order for my turn, I think I only needed to roll once right?
Aye, you actually didn't need to roll at all since you didn't prospect for anything or do dangerous stuff, and materials for tools & edible plants are assumed to be commonplace.
oooh alright damn shame to waste a 96 but thanks for letting me know
How about me QM? Everything alright with my entry?
Yeah, it's good.
Can i choose which roll for which if not first for fish second for raid
Rolled 75, 77 = 152 (2d100)

You can't, but both rolls are a good success.

With the berries and fruit that the land around them had, the Daíonan tribes had a far better understanding of the new home they had, for the time being, settled in. And with the new tools available a number would go out to hunt rather than to simply gather. Other than this, the discovery of Amber didn't result in much other than a handful collecting the nice looking material, at least for the time being. A good deal of work however would come from a gluttonous sort who sought to find a better way to fill their stomach, and observed the plants for a sizable time. And upon growing an understanding of how they worked, he aimed to grow them himself. In this, he convinced a number of others to join him in his efforts and communicate what seemed to work well. And in time this would result in a basic understanding of agriculture that would prove vital to the tribes survival and potentially prove an end to their nomadic way of life, especially when combined with the work of a prideful woman who sought to make a far grander home than the hide tents most had others had. It was arguably the first proper step to civilization the group had. And if all went well for the half demons things might just go even further in that direction and lead them to a bright future...Time would tell how these various projects went however.

40 half demons forage for food.
20 half demons hunt.
40 half demons work upon discovering agriculture.
20 half demons work on building better structures to live in.
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Rock Feller orders a search of the surrounding lands. She sends the trackers and scouts, lead by Snow Reader, they stick near the jungle and foot hills.
>30 Trolls

Rock Feller unleashes a horde into the jungle. There goal to seek out a animal worthy of its meat and fat, capture and return it, to start a herd. Grass and plant is plentiful here.
>50 Trolls

Maul Shaper never had this much wood before, what he did have always had to go to making weapons. With a near inexhaustible source he could make tools, a luxury for trolls. He experiments making new tools.
>30 Trolls
File: Formian.jpg (78 KB, 400x414)
78 KB
The Ants begin to separate into specialties.

The Plant Cutters, who hew down the trees for their notorious green, who plant and gather berries, fruits, and tame and domesticate the small animals.

And the Drivers, who strategically hunt and consume the largest monsters many times the size of the ants. Gigantic spiders, beetles, jungle mumaks, but only targetting the old and the large, allowing the smaller ones to flee and regrow their numbers, bringing forth meat, bone and fur back to the hive.

>40 Plant Cutters forage for food
>40 Drivers hunt for food

Other ants, the Workers, start to build. Digging the Great Hive City, laying the first stones, making both fortress, home, and capital.

>40 Workers lay the foundations of the Great Hive
Sorry QM I was smashed last night, I'm this guy (>>#509756) using another device. Really even mobile data is banned for me weirdly, I can describe where I am though. I'm on the first continent's northern tip, in close proximity to Lagolandia.
Trying to roll but I'm messing up dice+1d100
put it in options and what are you rolling for even?
I hope that if we get all the turns in early we can have an early update.

not trying to pressure the qm, I am just hyped about this quest
He’s got a lot of players to write turns for don’t annoy him too much or he will dip after 2 turns trust me QMs will do that if they feel overwhelmed
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Thanks mate, rolling see if my opening actions are successful.

Hope QM had a good christmas, I need to autistically paint maps XD
File: akastros.png (52 KB, 4000x2000)
52 KB
Like this? picrel
I will say now that you start with a good corpus of knowledge, so researching simple things such as agriculture isn't really necessary. I'll count that project as your people organizing farmlands around the village. But, well, if you want to roleplay these gradual advancement it's all good, I enjoy reading these.

Also, a late Merry Christmas to all anons.

Your fortune: Feliz Navidad!
Yeah mate, that's just perfect. So explain how warfare, diplomacy, cultures and langauges play into our world. I'm hyped for some domination
Hey QM, I have a question: How are the unwritten rules of a society developed? Say a civilization puts more value in favours and reputation than money or its citizens comunicate more by implying things over saying them outright.
How can things like those be made?
>So explain how warfare, diplomacy, cultures and langauges play into our world.
lmao idk I'm winging it mostly.
Serious answer: warfare is decided by dice rolls which are modified depending on your weaponry, numbers, what type of troops you're fielding, terrain, fortification, etc. Later in the game, for wars between players and against major npcs you'll be able to draft proper armies which will move on the map.
idk what to explain about diplomacy, you find players/npcs, send diplomats to them and negotiate what deal you want to strike between you.
Languages will mostly be behind the scenes, in your vicinity you'll be able to speak in common tongues, while when negotiating with distant realms it'll take a turn to educate translators or something along these lines.
Culture is an interesting subject, it'll mostly depend on players, like if you're more interested in watching the numbers grow and your civ conquering stuff and don't want to bother with it, you'll mostly ignore it except when I introduce some customs of peoples you conquer, but if you want to, you may write more lore and I'll try to respond to it.
See about culture above. It depends on how you introduce it, I'll be writing the update this evening to be posted tomorrow, and this is a bit of a spoiler, but I'll have you encounter a village with highly warrior-like honourable culture, and if you make contact with them you can write something like "due to proximity my people slowly learn from the warriors" and you'll develop a culture that values honour more like that.
I see. I asked you that because I was unsure how to introduce things that would happen over a large period of years, so thank you for answering.
Also I'll expand the lore a bit so both of us have something to work with other than "they're a civilization of moralfags." Do know that I will add or change things as time goes on.
1-Thesalonians belive that all good gods are reflections of the Ideal Good they worship. I plan on making said Good into a person once we hit the Axial Age so expect a couple of heresies.
2-They also recognize 2 major archetypes: the Hero and the Sage. They seek to embody them and associate times of great activity with the Hero and more quiet times with the Sage.
3-they value trust a lot. The more society trusts you to do good and not waste its resources, the more oportunities you will have. I plan to develop this into something of a "social capital" everybody has. Think of the social score but without government oversight.
Epic can't wait for tomorrow, guess we'll see how much this thread can grow.

Also sorry for the ids changing, had to switch to another device.
hyped for tomorrow, catch you then.
>1st action: 60 Idrudari shall begin building burrows
Finally, food has been found! The Idrudari have always been an industrious lot, and now that they don’t have to bother with hunting for the time being, they can focus on their priests’ design: a stable people, a United people. And nothing unites quite like a physical gathering place, a village: homes are a symbol, and the priests of Akret pride themselves of their ability to study them

>2nd action 50 Idrudari… keep planting berries
It seems like a whole bunch of the new “villagers” are VERY into this whole “planting” thing. The priests see no harm in letting them be, so why not? More food never hurt anyone
Want to do diplomacy next turn? we are both demonic races and probably speak the same language and share the continent
what’s the picture from? isn’t this from a movie? it looks very familiar
That’s the predator from alien my guy
The sauce is the tomorrow's war
File: polmap3.png (68 KB, 4000x2000)
68 KB
You cut down some of the common palms and build a simple wine press. The vineyards aren't yielding enough to make proper wine yet, but you use some of the grapes to make a more well-rounded diet. However, you still mostly subsist on dates & bananas growing around the oasis.

With hammocks hung up and flutes made, you've somewhat livened up your free time. Combined with a stable source of food, debauchery reigns & parties are held often, lifting the popular mood.
[Due to quality of life rising, your pop growth modifier is now 1.15 instead of 1.1. However, with little fertile soil, food may become an issue if your population keeps growing...]
You have 121 satyrs.

Using the wood you've stockpiled, you build the altar for ritual sacrifices. Its foundation is carved with intricate patterns, dyes made from some of the more common flowers are painted across it, making a grand monument dedicated to the gods.

You also contribute a portion of your population to preparing weaponry. While stone-headed spears aren't much, with no other materials in the vicinity, they'll have to do.
[You have armed most of your working population with weapons. This will give a bonus in combat.]

>75 + 10
Using the weapons you've crafted, you send out scouts to see if there are any suitable candidates for sacrifice on the island. They report that a toxic beast -- basilisk -- dwells deeper in the woods of the island. A large group of hunters are sent out; 6 of them die in a fierce battle from both tooth and poison, but the rest bring back the creature's corpse. Placing it on the altar, the priests light the basilisk, and to everyone's joy, the pillar does not burn indeed -- a sure sign of benevolence from the gods!
[You have received a blessing from your gods. For 4 turns starting from the next one, your pop growth modifier is increased by 0.1 (for a total of 1.25) and your warriors' weapons are imbued with holy strength. You may also attempt to communicate with the gods through rituals.]

The scouts who sighted the beast in the first place also report that in the southern end of the island, there is a tribe of amazons -- humanlike women of unparalleled strength. You do not know if they're hostile or friendly yet.
You have 121 frogmen.
File: geomap2.png (76 KB, 4000x2000)
76 KB
You fucked up in math, if we count that 12 incubi who beach the whale also step in as arkbuilders, it's still 43 remaining. whatever I guess, it's still an okay number for a raid.

The Phallo-Priests wrap the newborn in the highest quality furs for warmth, regularly wash him, using precious fuel grass to heat water, and bring food on command. The black child develops slowly, it will be a while before his full power manifests.

The hunt succeeds, but at a cost -- 6 incubi, half of the diving squad, are dead, swallowed by the cold and unforgiving ocean. No time to mourn, however: the avatar's words are absolute. Builders get to work soon, and over the next year, they finish constructing the Spermark, a great ship for a great purpose.

The fishers venture out over the course of the year and slowly build up a stockpile of poisonous liquids in your settlement. 3 die in incidents, but most make it out alive.
[You have obtained a stockpile of poison. It may be applied to weaponry a few times to give you the edge in battle.]

The 24 sent to hunt seals and walruses regularly return with prey, feeding the other incubi and the avatar.
[With greater access to food comes greater prosperity. For this turn, your pop growth modifier was 1.2 instead of 1.1]
[You have obtained walrus tusks. These can be crafted into decorations or hardy weaponry.]

Most of your population makes an out of season raid against the rare human villages daring to live in tundra. In fights, 7 incubi die, but you obtain 20 working human slaves and replenish your pool of women for childbearing.
You have 122 incubi and 20 human slaves.

The scouts you sent along the river return with news of a warrior village. Making contact, your explorers have determined that they value honour and strength most of all. They did not seem outright hostile, but rather unfriendly and condescending. It seems you must prove your worth in duels for them to consider Thesalon their equals.

Further upriver, where plains end and highlands and mountains begin, your scouts found a settlement of orcs. They are usually barbaric and dangerous, but these seem somewhat civilized, at least not attacking your party on sight. The scouts found out that the lands from this point and some length to the east are ruled by an orc chieftain who reined in his peoples' aggression. They are now working the land, while those upriver mine the mountains for copper. They call themselves the Gurun'dar.

Back home, you start tilling the land and planting some cereals regularly.
[With great access to food, your pop growth until you reach 300 population is increased by 0.05 for a total of 1.2]

You also start to breed the most wooly sheep for better yields of wool. It's a long project that'll take about a decade of dedicated effort to come to fruition, but shouldn't require too much regularly contributed workforce.
[1/10 wool yield increase]
You have 127 cynocephales.
Halfelves find themselves in the coniferous forests. Determining housing to be the top priority right now, your people craft some makeshift tools and start felling trees to build a village. By the end of the year, it is done.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Your pop growth until 200 population is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

To resist the potential danger of invasion, your workers construct a stockade around your village and a relatively low tower for view over the surrounding area.
[You have prepared defences. This will provide a bonus in combat should you be attacked.]
You have 110 halfelves.

The prophecy brought you and the other exiles here. However, you cannot dedicate all your efforts towards the divination and prevention of disasters; more grounded matters come first. Disassembling the boats, you set up houses to live in.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Your pop growth modifier until 200 population is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

A portion of your population start occupying itself with food acquisition: fishing, setting up farms which yield the first harvest in the autumn of this year, and fruit trees, which are yet to grow strong.
[Your pop growth modifier until 200 population is increased by 0.05 for a total of 1.2]

With basic needs secured, you send a party to explore the island. You have seen this place in your visions, and so must have been brought here for a reason. Over the year, the scouts search the entirety of the island. Most of it is similar to the landscape you find yourselves in: forested hills with the occasional minor river. However, two things caught their attention. The first, a huge stone disk set into the earth in the middle of the island with mysterious symbols etched into it and 9 circular indentations near its edges. The second, a village of fishmen on the other side of the isle. You do not know whether they're hostile or not yet.
You have 110 humans and elves.

With 10 crab shepherds dedicating most of their time towards crab taming, the crustaceans are bred to be more docile and with bigger and harder shells. It'll take years before results are seen in plain view though.
[1/7 crab enhancement]

The fruit cultivators collect seeds from common fruit trees and clear out ground to plant them. Soon enough, saplings appear. In 2-3 years, you'll have a stable source of food ready.

A squad of builders uses the trees cut down by agricultural workers to build housing for your growing population.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Your pop growth modifier until 200 population is 1.15 instead of 1.1]

It takes some broken shells to refine the procedure, but by the end of the year, your workers have some batches of crabshell armour ready.
[You have armed a portion of your population with armour. This will provide a bonus in combat.]
You find some wild varieties of cereals and clear out ground to plant them. By the end of the year, you reap your first harvest.
[With a stable source of food, your pop growth modifier is 0.05 higher until you reach 200 population, for a total of 1.2]

You haven't discovered metals yet, but stones do their job as tool head just fine. Sickles for reaping, shovels for digging, axes for chopping -- all of these are gradually made by the workers you assigned to the task.
[With your workers equipped with tools, it takes less workforce for the same efficiency in completing the projects.]

The construction of breeding dens, underground areas specifically dedicated to sex and childcare, makes the population growth spike.
[Due to construction of dedicated breeding areas, your pop growth modifier raises by 0.05, for a total of 1.25.]

Disturbing news come from the east -- some of the farmers working the fields have been attacked by a pack of dire wolves. It seems they have stumbled upon your lands and deemed you easy prey! You have lost 5 lagomorphs to them.
You have 133 lagomorphs.

Using the stone you've gathered, your people make simple tools. They're not the best, but they're better than makeshift ones.
[You have equipped your workers with tools. Projects now require less workforce for same efficiency.]

Yetis prospecting for ore in the mountains return with great news -- they have found iron and a vein of sulfur, a dangerous pyrotechnical substance. Your workers have set up an iron mine and begun extracting the metal. It should be said that you've scouted only the northern mountains; whatever treasure Flantomas has hidden is yet to be discovered deeper inland.

The reindeer are commonplace in tundra; by capturing a herd you've secured a stable source of food.
[With stable food, your pop growth rate modifier is increased by 0.05, for a total of 1.15 until you reach 200 population.]

The yetis you've sent to hunt have decided to fish instead, since the most useful form of wildlife, the reindeer, have been already tamed. Over the year, the fishers' contribution has helped the tribe grow.
[This year the pop growth modifier was 1.2 instead of 1.1]
You have 132 yetis.
The hunters and foragers scour the land for prey and edible plants. Their diligence provides a great contribution to the prosperity of your tribe.
[Due to hunting & foraging, this turn your pop growth modifier was 1.2 instead of 1.1]

Deciding that depending on what nature gives you is foolish, you obtain some vegetable seeds and till the land, turning it into farms.
[You have secured a stable source of food. Your pop growth modifier increases by 0.05 until you reach 200 population, for a total of 1.15]

The other basic need of your people is a roof over the head. To provide protection against weather and hostile faune, some workers are assigned to build houses. By the end of the year, you've got a village.
[Your halfdemons feel safe under the protection of houses. Your pop growth modifier increases by 0.05 until you reach 200 population, for a total of 1.2]
You have 144 halfdemons.

Your scouting party has encountered batmen resting in the middle of the jungle. As the trolls approached, the winged devils attacked your scouts. Luckily, the trolls were armed with clubs and mauls from before, and could escape with minor injuries. A cave was seen nearby; perhaps the batmen were protecting it?

The horde tasked with collecting animals suitable for shepherding returns from their hunt. They bring with them big snakes (boa). While regularly you wouldn't eat snake meat, they're long and there's a lot of them, so they'll have to do.
[You have obtained a den of snakes. Your pop growth modifier increases by 0.05 until you reach 200 population, for a total of 1.2]

Maul Shaper tries making tools. Some, such as hammers, are easy to make due to their similarity to mauls. Others, like axes, are quite hard to make with a shortage of stones which you bring from your previous homeland. Besides, they require extensive sharpening before they become useful.
[You have equipped your workers with tools. Projects now require less workforce for same efficiency.]
You have 127 trolls.

Your hunter-gatherers return with a considerable yield. This year, like the previous, the Queen is well-fed.
[Due to hunting & foraging, this turn your pop growth modifier was 1.25 instead of 1.15]

The great project begins. A Hive City, capital and citadel, towering over the landscape. The foundations are partly laid this year, however, it soon becomes apparent that it won't be able to support its weight with simply clay and earth. To proceed to the next stage of building, you need not only harder, more durable materials, but also better tools.
[1/7 foundation of the Great Hive]
Since this is your major civilization goal, it'll take decades to properly finish.
You have 150 ants.
Burrows are dug out, holes in the earth leading to underground dwelling places. This is a welcome change from spending the nights in cold caves.
[Your people feel safe under the protection of houses. Your pop growth modifier increases by 0.05 until you reach 200 population, for a total of 1.2]

You increase the area of berry plantations. These should provide a surplus of food for longer.
[The 0.05 increase to pop growth modifier from food now lasts until 500 population.]
You have 127 idrudari.
I've another announcement to make, from now on I'll just write effects in square brackets of actions which auto succeed such as tool crafting, farming, etc. This is because it takes a lot of time to write proper descriptions and they're basically useless since they simply restate whatever you wrote. I will, however, keep writing whatever events happen to your civs & results of exploration & probably more lore.

Also, the Quanli anon raised a good point of maintenance for completed projects, from now on farming & keeping herds of animals & maybe other projects in the future will require a (small) portion of your workforce dedicated to it in order for them to keep providing bonuses.
The assembled Kugel people watch the great altar alight with bated breathes. They are not used to silence from the gods and it unsettles them deeply. As the the basilisk burns a great green smoke wafts through the air, swirling around the congregation, and then suddenly the smoke rushes into the hunter who slayed the basilisk nose and mouth. The hunter coughs and retches in shock before realizing that he’s fine, he can’t even feel a burning in his lungs. Instead he feels better than ever, imbued with a strange strength and vigor. The hunter leaps over the burning altar in a great feat of strength and the fire devours the basilisk body leaving only the altar, looking as pristine as the day it was built.

The hunter becomes known as The-One-Who-Leaps and anointed as a favored one by the gods, and allowed to roll in the ash from the sacrificial fire for good fortune.

The Kugel people let out a great croak celebrating this wonderful moment. Freed from their depression the Kugel copulate more vigorously and the warriors stone spears strike unnaturally strong.

Taking the blessing of the warriors to be a message from the gods, the Kugel prepare to subjugate the Amazonians in their name. Taking slaves and sacrifices.

>Almost the entire tribe of Kugel set themselves to war in the gods honor. 100 do periodic raids of the amazonians and try to provoke a glorious pitched battle.

>21 spend most of their time beneath the altar, scattering the leftover ash and uttering prayers for their favor in battle.
Rolled 87 (1d100)

I keep forgetting to roll
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Current parameters

Pop size: 150
Army strength: ?
Economy: ?
Culture: Mixed at the moment
Defenses: Good.

Year 0 (Age of Rebirth)

[Roleplay of events of the Akastros Empire]

Scribe: Alfur Ozan

After the calamity struck the our empire like the phoenix reborn from its ashes we begun to carve anew our progenitors magnum opus, many a times have the scribes of old written about how we were bested on the battlefield and humiliated but the prophecy still continues. We shall recreate the phoenix's prophecy and rebuild the central empire that dominated this continent from an unknown past, we shall see if this rebirth of our empire would finally achieve this dream.
The brave sons of Ruslan ibn Akaos have started the resettlement process, the new pasha hopes to carve his name in sands of history by creating a realm fit for our future Sultan to reign but this has many issues. First we do not have our technological advantage from the previous dynasty and moreover most scrolls were lost in the battle of Isra, next uncertainty comes from the fact that we lost our eastern provinces which have fallen other rival pashas and barbarians so a raid or an incursion from the east would be a deadly problem but our wise pasha prevented this by building moats and wooden ramparts. Crude defences but it would hold off raiders for the moment, the next issue is that we're prone to sea attack and I must speak with the pasha about this eventually. At the moment I have no doubt in our pasha and expect great things from him.

one will be blessed eternally who says that God is the ultimate

Alfur Ozan

[My action for the the next turn ]

>Organize the army
>Begin ship building
>Allow merchants and farmers to begin expanding their expertise under watchful eyes of the nobles.
Rolled 31, 100 = 131 (2d100)

Ejaculanius, the High Phallo-Priest claims he can sense a gathering of demonic energy in the north, but he knows nothing about them and cannot contact them. 6 of the senior Phallo-Priests including Ejaculianius will sacrifice the most beautiful human slaves to power a ritual attempting to make some sort of magical contact with the distant presence, whether that be with astral projection or dream entry or something along those lines. If direct communication can’t happen atleast try to gather as much information as possible. First roll

6 of the junior Phallo-Priests will continue to tend to the avatar and his mother. Attempt to find out what his future powers could be using traditional methods of Eros divination. Second roll

15 humans will be forced to build the Spermark, and they’ll be prodded with long icicles to work tirelessly, by 5 incubi overseers. Fed minimally, don’t worry about slave deaths in order to get the best result on the ship.

10 of the strongest incubi will train as bodyguards for the avatar. Since we have no training equipment they’ll physically train their strength and stamina with tundra marathons, a few of the weakest might die which is no big deal.

20 incubi will continue to hunt walrus for meat and ivory.

20 incubi will go on a mountain expedition (see picrel) but avoid raiding until returning with information.
Document any interesting resources, races, creatures, locations etc.

20 more incubi will do the exact same thing as above but towards the green areas. No raiding until next year, find out who and what lives along the river.

20 Incubi and 4 human slave guides will travel east and do the same as the first two expeditions. Look for particularly strong races that might be living in the tundra who could make future mercenaries

15 Incubi will use ivory to craft better weapons than icicles. Swords and long spears preferred

I’m using a lot of men on those expeditions so I hope i can cover a lot of ground QM since i see other expeditions use only a few i think

Recap by project

6 Phallo-Priests caretakers/diviners (roll for divination)
6 Phallo-Priests 1 human magic diplomacy mission (with a roll)
15 humans slaves Spermark plus 5 slave driver Incubi
10 Incubi physical training
20 Incubi walrus hunting
15 Incubi ivory crafting weapons
20 Incubi mountains scouting
20 Incubi forest/river scouting
20 Incubi + 4 humans guides tundra expedition

My leader will go on the tundra expedition so maybe give them a little result bonus compared to the other two

I think my math is good this time
forgot the picture
Whoops pops is 110 not 150 hehe
How many population do I have for the current turn?
Ah, sorry, forgot to add. You have 121 fishmen.
While watching the reindeer herd eat, a yeti has an idea and begins to gather up shrub. Meanwhile one of the craftsmen has an idea that he believes would require wood however due to the lack of trees in the tundra he instead gets the rest of the tribe to help with a different project. Seeing how important flora was this year the priest decides to make a sacrifice. A small adult reindeer is brought into the temple where it is killed. This act of violence within the temple ensures the Gods are aware that a sacrifice is occurring if they weren't already aware. Lastly due to this sacrifice being a gift one of the hind legs is removed. The symbol for Philintrix the Goddess of vegetation is drawn in blood on the leg while the rest of the body is taken to be thrown in the wilderness where the Goddess or her servants can collect it if she wants it. The priest explains why the sacrifice was made in a prayer before leaving the temple. After two days pass or a sign is seen the priest returns to take the leg out of the temple and throw it into the wilderness.
>15 yeti take care of the herd
>15 Yeti try to make slings out of shrubs
>49 yeti search for trees and gather wood
>20 yeti plant trees
>13 yeti make a sacrifice to Philintrix
>20 yeti scout the land
I will have my update posted later today, I am in one of those creative moods, and really fluffing up my actions, but I need to take care of IRL responsibilities, life, am I right.

Yeah the whitespikes from “the tomorrow war” are really fuckin cool so I used the image. I just love their design
Rolled 95 (1d100)

As expected, the island of Zésh has proven hospitable, a suitable new home. The presence of another race was a surprise and only time will tell whether that surprise proves a boon or misfortune. Necromancy was suggested for the more menial tasks, but we will not stoop that low. Elementals and Golems will serve our needs. They are just as tireless as the Undead, if perhaps harder to produce. We also need to learn more about the strange Disk, our neighbours, and perhaps the island itself. Leftover workers and perhaps the new Golems and Elementals will begin construction of a Tower that could only be considered a Wonder of the World.

>Experiment with summoning Small Elementals and constructing Clay Golems to supplement our workforce.
>Attempt to divine the secrets of the Stone Disk.
>Make contact with the fishmen. We come in peace. Curiously, no vision has revealed their intentions.
>Send another exploration party. Have we discovered all of the island's secrets?
>Lay the foundation for a grand Tower of the Arcane, a place to centralize and augment our research into the Art of magic.

QM, is it alright if I don't strictly allocate my population to the various tasks? I'll always list them in descending order of importance. Also, I named the sea we crossed the Kárlan sea, for when you next update the geomap.
Roc Feller sends a gang of trolls armed with mallets into the foot hills to gather stone.
>80 Trolls

Over these few years some trolls have gathered around Maul Shaper for his knowledge in craft. Bits of material and tools have accumulated in his little corner. He orders his pupils to expand his den.
>Build Crafters Den
>20 Trolls

Snow Reader knows just the thing to deal with these flying rats. He informs Maul Shaper and Shaper gets to work on the bolas.
>27 Trolls
>Allow merchants and farmers to begin expanding their expertise under watchful eyes of the nobles.
Could you elaborate on that? I don't quite get what their expertise is. Also, at this point your civ is somewhat like the
There's virtually no trees growing in tundra, and they can't grow even if you plant them due to harsh climate. You could send an expedition south for lumber though. Does this sound good?
Aye, that's alright. I'll make sure to put down the name of the sea, you just circled the entire island and I wasn't sure which side you approached from, but it seems I guessed right.
Don't forget that the snake den needs tending in order to keep the bonus to pop growth.
sounds good
Roc Feller sends a gang of trolls armed with mallets into the foot hills to gather stone.
>70 Trolls

Over these few years some trolls have gathered around Maul Shaper for his knowledge in craft. Bits of material and tools have accumulated in his little corner. He orders his pupils to expand his den.
>Build Crafters Den
>20 Trolls

Snow Reader knows just the thing to deal with these flying rats. He informs Maul Shaper and Shaper gets to work on the bolas.
>27 Trolls

Some of the teenage trolls are tasked with keeping the boas safe. Mostly finding the snakes and throwing them back into there den and keeping the eggs safe.
>10 Trolls

Forgot we have to tend to herds.
Our “blackforest” lineage does not typically build dwellings into the trees themselves; too few of the pines grow large enough to manage it. However, the woodland citadel is an exception to this rule. Its building does not dress the outsides of the trees, but rather hides military installations within their wide canopies. Not every tree is a deathtrap for the enemy, but they also have no way of telling which ones are. Great swathes of forest land can be defended in this way, making up for small numbers. The standard citadel can also be improved with the addition of magical wards and ground traps; it can even be made more dense. Anyway, my workers will be allocated as such:

>10 trolls shall begin iron production.

>10 workers shall begin construction on a house of knowledge. For now this is, once again, merely a hut-sized building, but it is where we store things like books, machines, and relics. Children with magical aptitude will also be trained here.

>35 workers shall construct a smithy. This must necessarily be made of stone and stocked with appropriate tools. Furthermore, it must be built to a troll's proportions, since we are a kingdom of partners.

>10 workers shall cut down a few rare, high-quality logs, then dress and store them for later use

>45 workers shall erect a basic palisade around the landward side of the main troll village.

>In return for this, I shall send an envoy to my co-monarch, requesting that he send a few experienced warriors to take up residence in our warrior's hut and help train our young people.

>As many children of the community as can be fit inside the hut shall begin their warrior's training. Neither instructors nor students need belong to a particular race, nor shall the races train separately.
Total: 121 Quanli

10 Quanli crabherds will continue their full-time work keeping, tending and protecting our growing herds.

10 Quanli will nurture, protect and maintain the fruit-groves as they grow and slowly mature.

50 Quanli will be set to work making what fishing tools and equipment they can - nets, rods, perhaps small boats?

30 Quanli will be set to work digging a quarry for the extraction of stone and obsidian.

And the final 20 Quanli (who appear to be the high-status warriors of the tribe) together with the singular (1) Quanli who acts as tribal chieftain will set to work on whatever Obsidian we are able to extract, fashioning the sharp volcanic glass into what weapons they can - the tips of spears, or perhaps the heads of arrows; whatever it seems most suited for in their hands
The merchants started working hard to revitalize the broken economy trying to create a steady temporary currency to stimulate an environment conductive tor travelling merchants or travelers (adventurers). Farmers expertise is pretty straight forward, their job is just farming and herding animals so we don't starve. Also you didn't finish your statement, our civ is like the?
So out of curiosity is it too late to join in with my own entry?Also as an FYI I'm currently visiting family so my ID will be changing over the next couple of days.
File: tegaki.png (234 KB, 4000x2000)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
2) Varana
3) Navy
5) ??? Explanation for this please if this is anything beyond traveling from where our race currently is
6) To explore the new land/world they have wound up on and to make their mark on history while having some fun along the way.
7) 1-Construction of tree based dwellings (similar to Star Wars Ep 3 Ewok village but for larger race) = 60
2-Inspecting and exploring island for natural resources, flora, and fauna in groups of 5 in the cardinal and inter cardinal directions of island = 40
File: 2K.png (145 KB, 4000x2000)
145 KB
145 KB PNG

If you are still taking entries I would like to play

1. Softpaw
2. Catfolk
3. Black

6. Water worshipping explorers, the bounties of sea and land are seen as gifts and favor of the gods. Peaceloving but vengeful, the catfolk prefer to live as a quiet river but can be riled into a horrible tsunami

7. Assuming 100 catfolk -

30 assigned to chopping wood/gathering foliage/gathering large river rocks
40 assigned to gathering/hunting food/fishing especially
30 assigned to building rudimentary shelters/altar/shrine

The catfolk hold flowing water as holy; especially so where it meets the ocean. This site is most holy.

Major Goals -
* Shelters
* Food -> Fishing Industry?
* Simple Altar made of a single large river rock -> Shrine made of larger river rocks

Once shelter is established, the next major goals will include a stable food supply ( ideally fishing industry but whatever the waters/lands provide will be accepted ) and creation of a Shrine to the waters; built along the banks where the river and ocean meet.

Simple offerings will be left at the simple hastily constructed altar for this year / until the shrine is finished. ( Assuming good harvests, the single biggest perfect catch is left after a simple ceremony. If food is scarce, a small catch or nonfish such as a bowl of berries are also acceptable. Fishies are seen as the highest of offerings but the waters must provide. )

The Shrine is relatively simple and small; as larger rocks are found/harvested the altar is expanded until there is a ring of 8 or so rocks buried in the ground with the largest most prominent rock as the altar above ground facing over the water.

nice love to see catfolk in the game
I dont know how to roll
hey QM like I said the muse spoke and man did I have fun listening, please let me know if I can do my turn as I have planned it out I figure that all this can be done reasonably in a years time, but I still wanted to make sure I am good to go. Please let me know if I need to change anything or roll anything.


Turn 3
>Fluff starting region is named Fukrus

>Action 1 use 20 rabbits: The tragedy at the eastern farms has hit home for the bunnies of Lagolandia. Predation was not something new to them, but it had been so long since it had happened that the horrors of it hit as if it were the first time. Scared does, bucks, and bundled kits filled the tunnels and commonplaces of the Great Warren. Calling out for comfort and safety from their Goddess Verameeka Mother of Rabbit folk and Goddess of Fertility. Being her children created in her image they prayed and lamented for her to save them. At the behest of his people and urging of his more spiritual mate Chieftain Cottontail ordered an expansion of the Warren to create a space for worship, prayer, and ‘exultation’~ to Verameeka. The space itself will have a shrine with an effigy of the Fertility goddess engraved on it, in a room with space for the shaman of the Goddess to preach her message, a private group ‘exultation’ den for adult followers only. After all, Verameeka is a Goddess of fertility and desires her followers to be fruitful and numerous, such displays of carnal pleasure please her to no end.

tl:dr use 20 workers to build a church/orgy den (worship burrow) to please the rabbit fertility goddess to earn her favor and protection, also make the chieftess the shaman if you don’t mind, or think of a fun bunny name to run with for the shaman.

>Action 2 use 30 rabbits: While many of his fellow bunnies were filled with fear and trepidation at the appearance of the dire wolf threat, Chieftain Cottontail would not allow himself to be. While his mate Chieftess Cottentail oversaw the expansion of the Great warren for verameeka worship burrow, he would task his brightest hunters, gathers, and trackers to devise traps and pitfalls that to aid in killing off the dire wolf menace. Using the tools and resources provided by the grace of the Goddess He would see to the destruction of these monstrous beasts and make their homeland safe once more.

tl:dr use 30 workers to build traps and pitfalls to deter the dire wolves and hopefully kill some.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

below your name in the options field type this exactly 'dice+1d100' without the quotations
hehehe, yeah it was a big turn for me, I don't usually get to make such meaty turns but man I love when I get to do so!
>Action 3 use 20 rabbits: During Tribe council, which is a time set aside where both the chieftain and chiefess sit and hear the issues of the tribe, mated worker and hunter bring them a proposal. They suggest that more should and can be done to prepare against the dire wolf threat. The goddess’s protection will be good, and traps and pitfalls will surely make the dire wolves warry but will happen if one or a pack should breach the great warren, how would the tribe defend itself? It was with this in mind that the mates had their idea, the axes, Sickles, and shovels they can be improved upon and made into weapons of war. The Axe can be changed so that the blade has a rounded head better for hacking off limbs rather than chop wood, the sickles can be straightened into daggers to slash and stab, and for the shovels, if you lengthen the shaft and put a pointed head on it you can stab at beasts from a distance safely out of biting range. The Pair have prepared carvings of the design in tree bark. Only needing the chief and chiefess to sign off in the project and sign off they do.

tl:dr use 20 workers to develop weapons from the simple tools the tribe already knows how to make.

>Action 4 use 50 rabbits: with every reasonable means of defense and offense being prepared all that remains is to rally every Buck and Doe willing to stand in defense of the great warren, of their families, of their homeland, for their Goddess! Once the traps and weapons are ready, they will go on the hunt driving the dire wolves into traps, hunting them down and killing them, locating their den and slaughtering them as they rest, and take their pups for our own to domesticate them and turn our predators into our tools! The bunnies of the great warren will train, with the weapons the workers are building and when they are ready, they will win.

tl:dr use 50 warriors armed with the weapons we are developing and aided by the traps and pitfalls we are making will go out and wipe out all the adult dire wolves, we will then take the pups and domesticate them.

>Action 5 use 13 rabbits: with so much happening in the Great Warren at once and a war to prepare for, the two heads of the tribe are simply overwhelmed. So to help lighten the load and ensure everything is done with due excellence they tapped the senior-most builders and hunters they task them with developing tactics that use the new weapons, traps, and pitfalls so that when they march against the dire wolf menace they will stand victorious with not a soul lost. being given such a position is a great honor and a sign of respect. reserved for the truly worthy among the tribe.

tl:dr use 13 elders to develop warfare tactics to effectively use our weapons, traps, and pitfalls to win.
proofreading man, it doesn't matter how many times you do it, a mistake always somehow makes it through.
Rolled 35 (1d100)

Rolled 83 (1d100)

(If it's something I already 'have' I'll fluff it still as gaining these developments and such. Considering what I plan on doing this turn with my research, if I already have both just consider it as greater advancements for both I suppose.)

(Same language? Probably not. Otherwise, potentially. Though from my understanding of your fluff your people are merely cursed by the goddess of fertility rather than descendants of proper demons from the underworld, so expect the elders to find said claims of being Incubi humorous.)


With further plant based food secured through this new 'agriculture' thing that has become all the rage among those with the blood of demons of voracity in them, a lot more demons are able to diversify their efforts. Of course, most of the various hunters continued their work, and those now working in the tending of plants have tried finding further methods to maximize output and increase the variety of plant based food available. Still, with most emulating the work of the prideful woman who created the first proper house for themselves, a number of Halfdemons worked upon the expansion of work on both stone and wood in order to either one up their neighbors or simply gain a more comfortable home. Furnishing them with greater and more nice looking furniture was also something that was worked on as a sort of branch off, though others further worked on creating more extensive and elaborate structures. This was a simple start, but certainly a fairly quick one with regards to the speed at which structures more advanced than extremely basic twig shacks and tents were being created. Though, admittedly, there was some influence in the stories of the great constructs of the underworld, so it evens out. The last important thing of note is while all this was underway, a number of Halfdemons searched for something of use that could potentially be made into tools similar to the artifacts left over from when their ancestors were merely servants that usually caused issues for those who tried to use them due to the magics tied to them that were meant to protect them from being used by anyone who wasn't the proper demonic owner. Though, a few of these demons of the more greedy sort simply used this as an excuse to gather the amber that was discovered a while ago.

30 Halfdemons Hunt.
30 Halfdemons research Agricultural methods further.
20 Halfdemons research Masonry.
20 Halfdemons research Carpentry.
20 Halfdemons research Architecture
20 Halfdemons prospect for Copper.
4 Halfdeamons work on gathering Amber.
Oof think is going to take a while if everyone is going to mircro-manage this way, QM what about using certain group pharses that can reduce the lengthy description or our actions like

>I send out a platoon of soldiers to scout the area. platoon = 50 men.

You get the idea we can even use custom fantasy units of measurement to at least make it seem easier. Also you should track how much players are active and how many has taken their turns so we can all be.on the same wavelength to avoid complications later on.
Something like this would make it easier for the QM to keep track of things.
Rolled 49 (1d100)

after two years of living at the oasis the satyrs are ready to call it their new home and name it Satyrs' Fortune but with this place being their permanent party pad some changes must be made. First the trash & shit shall be dealt with so that means shoving it all to the edge of where they live. Next some of the guys need more in life the constant parties they need babes to party with & so they set out on a mighty quest for tail. And last of all it appears that when you have the only source of water for miles some things come to you

Turn three actions- compost to improve the land, around half the satyrs scout the general area, start taming any animal that come to Satyrs' Fortune. rolling to see if anything cool shows up
>Also you didn't finish your statement, our civ is like the?
fuck, my bad. What I wanted to say is: your civ rn is more like a commune where most people are workers, there's simply not enough goods or people for the emergence of higher social classes that subsist entirely on trade (merchants). Maybe I'm wrong though and it doesn't quite work like that, I've no degree in economics. Either way, introducing a currency and trading with travelling merchants seems like a fine action.
Read the 4chan faq for tripcodes.
It's fine, most anons already describe their actions in lists.
you still accepting new people op
Yes. This is probably a bad decision and will lead to burnout, but I live dangerously.
Rolled 81 (1d100)

>Action 1
Send 2 envoys, each with wool, meat and cereals to the village and orcs to establish trade relations. Each envoy will be accompanied by 10 cynocephales that will carry the goods. Prioritize copper as when trading with the orcs.
>Action 2
Continue the selective breeding of sheep. Put 15 cynoces in charge of that.
>Action 3
Send 40 workers to establish a mining outpost in the northern highlands. Roll for what they find.
>Action 4
Have 50 workers start the construction of the Alithetalati, a grand religious-academic-administrative building, using the rocks dug out by the new miners.
Oh no. Another dead civ quest
File: Untitled.png (32 KB, 1297x821)
32 KB
1. Name your civilization

2. Pick a race
Human (amazonian)

3. Pick a colour
sickly green

4. Draw your location on the map (the blank one)

6. (Optional) The goal of your civilization & fluff. The more you provide, the more I can work with in constructing the plot.

The sarmatian marshlands is home to countless number of serpent, poisonus plants and strange disease. within this harsh environment exist the sarmatian tribes. the tribes of sarmatia is a matriarchal society ruled by the warrior queens. amazon warriors, snake priestess and witch doctors form the elites of sarmatian society and compete against each other for influence. the sarmatian fought using poison and ambushes, with amazon archers and basilisk riders forming the backbone of sarmatian army.

the witch doctors holds the knowledge of poison and medicine. their goal is to unravel the mysteries of nature.

the amazon warriors holds military might. their goal is the security and stability of the sarmatian tribe

the snake priestess holds the strange art of divination, using self induced hallucination to look into the past or the future. their goal is to find the ancient, forgotten gods of the sarmatian people and connect with them once again.

7. Write your opening actions.

1. (50) build the gardens of the witch doctors. a place for the witch doctors to collect and study the medicinal and poisonus herbs of the sarmatian marshland

2. (50) have the snake priestess divine into the past to search for knowledge of their missing gods
You got this QM!

Captha: YEET8
Do u have any friends that can help you do turns i think this is a lot for one person or change turns to 3 days

Please don’t leave us ):
> (Same language? Probably not. Otherwise, potentially. Though from my understanding of your fluff your people are merely cursed by the goddess of fertility rather than descendants of proper demons from the underworld, so expect the elders to find said claims of being Incubi humorous.)

I said same language because i think QM said civs close to eachother have the same language but not far away ones

And how dare you we are real incubi and on the demonic spectrum apologize for your racism
fight fight fight fight fight
QM, have you considered making a discord and bringing on someone to help you write upturns, burn out is a real concern and this is a rather fun game I would hate to see it die due to you getting overwhelmed.
I have no acquaintances who can write big posts in English or, well, actually want to do that. I could delegate power to players, but I'd rather increase turn times to 3 days first. We'll see, for now I manage. If I won't be able to keep up anymore, I'll make an announcement about changes coming.
understandable, and if you have to increase the time between updates to three days definitely do so, better to have slower updates than no updates.
Rolled 34, 16 = 50 (2d100)

Rolling for Amazons vs. Kugel-Globo & direwolves vs. Lagolandia
god damn, I hope that was for the wolves and not for me do I need to roll against them? and if it's just for the overall outcome, then rip. guess I will back up and punt for the next turn.
It's the wolves' roll, not yours. I took this >>5099834 as your roll, even if it was just a demonstration.
awesome, thank you for that.
Trust in the plan anon don't worry

Kek mate

World politics would be funny
We have

Frog people (Kugelese)
>Goal is to bamboozle folks and build monuments

Cynocephaly/Dog-Folk ( Thesalonian)
>Eco-fascist Spirtualists who would wallop civs with large economies

Red wahmen (Erosian)
>I assume they're semen demons who want to torture every mortal men's weak soul in submission

Idrudari (Metrogs)
> Hey they look like lovely blokes, pretty sure this faction is the most peaceful.

Bunny Folk (Lagolandians)
>To have a need, a need to breed

Troll (Stone Cold Maws tribe)
>They are a nature loving tribe trying to have a nice farm

Yetis (Greklatini)
> Terraforming goes brrr

Half-Demons (Daionians)
>Roleplaying Huguenots trying not to get cucked.

Ants (Empire of Ants)
>Looking for a large picnic basket

Elves/Dwarves (Nw'semmesians)
>Trying to wing it in a new land while having occasion race riots

Swordfishes (Quanlites)
>I guess to polish their marital skills
[10/10 would assimilate this folks if even the chance]

Satyrs ( Oasisian)
>Harvest moon.exe

Half-Elves (Akaostrians)
>Manifest destiny, also , HOL' UP *shuffle cards* YOU BE SAYING *pillages village* THAT WE *has another civil war in the same century* FINNA BE *wears onion hat* ANCIENT ELVES AND SHEEZ?!

Human-Elf (Zeshas)
>Basically a nation that seeks world peace....through violence

Varana (Kopokian)
>Portugal in this world

Humans[PC term = Amazonians] (Sarmatian)
> Return to monke

Player count total: 16 Players so far.
File: yes.gif (306 KB, 220x220)
306 KB
306 KB GIF
>Bunny Folk (Lagolandians)
>>To have a need, a need to breed

>I mean your not wrong, not wrong at all
Ironically QM should give you racial bonuses and stuff because of rabbits reproduce quite a ton
that would be nice, but I am not gonna push for it, if it happens it happens.
>Eco-fascist Spirtualists
God willing the coming heresies won't need many Nights of the Long Knives.
>who would wallop civs with large economies
>Implying I won't be the one with the large economy
See you once I develop money and a seaworthy fleet
>Tfw literal seadogs would wreck your civilization
>while having occasion race riots

It's funny that you think our people could get themselves organized enough to have a race riot. Do you also believe that my entire realm only has 110 working age adults? You see, neither sea trolls nor wood elves are particularly well known for collective civilization-building. The former are a lot like humans in their self-serving natures, but gifted also with cunning, resilience, and occassionally, strange magic. Not to mention their breeding rate makes elves seem more like rabbit-folk. They love their "individualism" to such an extent that the various village kings will often have to literally adopt housecarls into their families to secure loyalty.

And then there's us. Did you know that most of the elves here don't even have a dwelling? I mean, it's not like we need them; we're not halflings. But it means that when my servant goes out and says, "Your Marquess offers his coin and blessing to anyone willing to build the damn blacksmithy," only twenty people show up. I've heard tales of half-orcish slavers in the southern deserts who will track runaways for three hundred leagues or more. Well, those guys have nothing on me. I'm not going to tax you into poverty so I can dress in gold like some petty human duke, but if we're to survive out here, you're going to have to stop fucking around like it's the home islands.

All that said, I think things are going well so far. My biggest mid-term worry is dealing with the spirits of these lands. My nobles and I are responsible for such matters, you see. Our people may strive to live in harmony with other life, but there is literally a village of humans a few miles from here. Anyway, blog over.
When you put it like that maybe adding you to my soon to be hegemony will actually be an improvement.
Does anyone hear barking?
Don't you have any child to prey upon, fey? This peninsula isn't big enough for both of us.
Sounds like we'll need to enforce some peace through violence.
The shepard does not let his sheep go astray. There are other ways to bind people together, other than bloody conquest.
Speak softly and carry a big, magical stick.
Isn't that true, You and I will get along very well when we make contact.
Oh boy oh boy I already have 2 players I want to assimilate (no not conquer but invite to join me on my crack adventures), need some sweet martial bonus.
uhhh Erosians are boys ):< and we are pussy demons

incubi is boy succubi
lol L nerd :p
(Surprised at being considered Huguenots, at least if you are referring to the French protestants. Though until today I never heard of them)

(Your Incubi were mortals cursed by the goddess of love. Our Incubi were infernal beings from the underworld. We are not the same.)
(As for language, we are on the same continent, but I plan on going sorta Greek in terms of language so...)
being a "real" incubi isnt about where you are from its about how much pussy you steal and yours got none
I wonder how demon racism would play out

Erosians: иди дoмoй, cyб-дeмoн
Daionians: σιωπή ιερόδουλη
i would win the racism battle because dainas are rape baby mongrels and our blood is pure

(Did you read my fluff? Their ancestors were willing. They were literally demon worshipers. We are half bloods. You are at best thin bloods and at worst imposters. Also we aren't so ugly women die from being forced to endure living with the shame of being touched by your people. Our men and women who are touched by the 2nd circle don't need to steal anything as it's not theft if it's given willingly.)


(This is based, and probably very accurate. Loving the banter between us RN though.)
Half bloods are an abomination and real demons in hell probably think youre a laughing stock

and either way demons were pretty much created to serve as slaves for the lords of hell and evil humans, you are actually just mongrel descendent of a slave race. Watch us summon your ancestors and make them our bitch

I thought we could be friends because we are both descended from evil beings but i might have to put you in your place first

(They probably see us as slaves or servants DESU. As for you, your people are probably not viewed as much better. Lastly, to call demons slaves to the lords of hell is to say that every king lords over slaves. And Demons most certainly aren't slaves to evil humans, more often or not they fuck over evil humans and take their souls. Regardless I find it funny our OOC bants have struck so deep.)
(Odd that T B H was turned into Desu when it's not spaced...Didn't know that actually was a feature.)
Frog people will kill all demons and demon sympathizers. No need to even sacrifice them, the gods will be pleased enough with the abominations being dead.
>They probably see us as slaves or servants DESU. As for you, your people are probably not viewed as much better. Lastly, to call demons slaves to the lords of hell is to say that every king lords over slaves. And Demons most certainly aren't slaves to evil humans, more often or not they fuck over evil humans and take their souls

psh we'll see about that. also i need some of your demon women to breed with and see what happens, ill give you some whale meat in exchange
Rolled 70 (1d100)

Rolling for Sarmatian divination.
File: polmap4.png (69 KB, 4000x2000)
69 KB
File: geomap3.png (77 KB, 4000x2000)
77 KB
[The prayers of those remaining home have been answered by the gods. You receive an additional +5 bonus in battle against the amazons.]
>87 + 10 (religious) + 5 (religious 2) + 5 (simple weapons) = 107 vs. 69 = 34 + 10 (stronger) + 15 (training) + 10 (weaponry)
Raiding the amazons, picking off little groups, you eventually induce their anger, and your enemies come out of the village walls en masse to punish you. You give battle in the middle of the woods. It is a fierce fight, and many lives are lost, but eventually you emerge victorious.
[You have defeated the amazons. 25 frogmen lay dead, but you've obtained 40 amazonian slaves.]
You have 126 frogmen and 40 amazonian slaves.
[You have trained a militia. Should you go to war and conscript your workmen, they will receive a +5 bonus in battle.]
[You have started ship construction. By the end of the year, two galley smallships are put to water. They require a 30-man crew to operate.]
Your people have occupied themselves by researching enhancements to agriculture. They've got some ideas how to increase the fertility of fields, but it'll take time for them to come up with something interesting. [1/3 agriculture research]
Others have proposed to reinstate the imperial currency of old, however, you have no access to noble metals. However, a number of merchant ships pass through the strait -- your people try to call their attention, and soon enough, one of the vessels approaches your shores. While you have no special commodities to trade, you've put your name out there, and others will periodically come to trade with you. [You have gained access to local trade network. Perhaps prospecting for some goods would open up trade opportunities?]
You have 127 halfelves.
>31 + 10 (sacrifice) = 41
The visions are dim. You can confirm there are some of your -- or similar -- kind on the other side of the continent, but you fail to establish any sort of communication.
The Phallo-priests' visions are flooded with information. In the future, the avatar's searing gaze will burn right through flesh, his touch will suck lifeforce out of his enemies, women will fall in love upon hearing his voice, and he will attain high mastery of magic, should he want to practice it. However, he will not be invulnerable; while he might be perform feats of magic, his body will be quite weak and easily harmable. A 'glass cannon' would be a good way to describe him. Besides that, his powers won't work on those under the blessing of Isos.
[The Spermark is further enhanced by the slaves, it becomes a truly fearsome ship. However, 8 slaves die due to unbearable amounts of labour.]
[10 future bodyguards are trained, 2 die under the harsh program, but are replaced by fresh incubi. They will receive a bonus in combat, however, they must practice fighting with actual weapons to become true warriors.]
[Due to walrus hunting, this turn your growth rate modifier was 1.25 instead of 1.15.]
[You have armed your workers with bone weapons. This will provide a bonus in combat.]
Your scouting parties return. They are united in one fact: humans all around hate you. It is probably connected with years of raiding and treating slave women horribly, but they're not sure.
On to other news, the tundra expedition has determined there is a distant yeti tribe who are quite solitary and hold no grudge against Eros. They could be convinced to become mercenaries, but what could you offer them? The expedition has also found a curious construction, a temple of ice (is it even ice?), fiercely protected by the tundra tribes. Perhaps it is some kind of holy place for them?
The mountain expedition has not gone too deep into the mountains, but they found out there are dwarven holds in them. The dwarves aren't exactly friendly to you either because of their contacts with humans, but they won't kill you on sight at least. One hold is left abandoned; the only dwarves the expedition contacted have been rumbling something about monsters lurking there.
The river expedition was the first to return, they report that the humans who you've raided for so long have set up a fort to prevent your raids. It's not a big one, but with a tribe of your size it'll take considerable effort to take it.
You have 151 incubi and 11 human slaves.
[The herd keeps the yetis well-fed. You've also accumulated a stockpile of leather from the butchered animals. These could be crafted into armour (but that requires tanning, for which tree bark is used) or traded.]
[You have made some slings. Using the leftover stone from previous projects, you assemble a cache of ammunition for them. This will provide a bonus in combat.]
[It takes several sacrifices to attract Philinrix' blessing. A patch of land around the temple de-freezes and blooms. You could plant trees here!]
The scouts and the southern expedition for lumber return. They report that a group of humans make their living south of your encampment. They seem neutral for now, their main occupation is whaling, they sell blubber to southern peoples in exchange for goods. After communicating with them some more, the scouts determine that there is a legend of a kind of vault in the middle of the Flantic Wyns. Perhaps that's where Flantomas, the God of Mountains, has hidden a part of his treasure.
[You have a stockpile of lumber for a major project, and several saplings to be planted around the temple.]
You have 151 yetis.
[You have constructed 20 golems. They can perform simple tasks such as maintenance of the fields.]
The Stone Disk reveals to you that it is a kind of key to the prevention of the coming calamity. It must be completed with 9 Circles of Power scattered around the world. Perhaps that's why the prophecy lead you here.
Contact with the fishmen has gone disastrously. They are very territorial, shouting menacingly at your envoy and even throwing some spears! Luckily, no fatalities came from the contact. Still, if you want the island under your control, you'll have to deal with them eventually. They numbers are approximately similar to your own.
The scouting party searches through the island once more, in spite of fishmen patrols now monitoring their territory. They find a cave in the southern part of the island. There, cyclops, mighty beings of old, lay in chains, dreaming. They wake up to the sound of your scouts' footsteps, and plead to be let free. However, they must have been placed here for a reason, one that is not known to you.
Some of your population keeps working the fields and tending to the fruit trees. They grow steadily.
The scouts and scorned diplomats get to work on the Tower of the Arcane. It'll be a long time to construct it, but once completed, it will be an unparalleled magical beacon and place of learning. [1/2 Stage I Tower: Foundation]
You have 132 humans and elves.

[You have gathered enough stones for a major building project.]
[You have constructed Crafters' Den. Tools & goods manufactured here are of higher quality. You may also specialise workers, e.g. stone masons or woodworkers, out of regular workers.]
[Using offcuts of stone you've gathered, you equip the trolls with bolas. This will provide a bonus in combat.]
With a bit of experience, you find snake meat insufficient to feed the tribe, not to mention that they eat prey that could potentially end up in a troll's stomach. However, keeping them is not without benefit -- their shedded skin could be used for armour. Also, some trolls have something in mind and ask to assign them to experiment with the snakes for a few years.
[You lost the +0.05 pop growth modifier]
[You have obtained snake skin.]
[Contribute 15 trolls for 5 years for an unknown advancement.]
You have 146 trolls.
[You have started mining iron.]
[Your workers have constructed the house of knowledge. Assign some to train here, and you'll get mages or scholars.]
[Hauling stone from the mountains, you construct a smithy. With the iron you're mining, you can craft good tools, weaponry, armour, and other things.]
[You now have a stockpile of lumber for a major building project.]
The troll monarch responds favourably to your proposal. By the end of the year, a palisade is built, and experienced warriors arrive in your lands.
[Training yields better results.]
[It'll take about 4 years for youths to mature, but they'll receive a major bonus in combat from their training.]
You have 133 trolls and elves.

[2/7 towards crab enhancement.]
[The garden workers inform that the fruit trees will grow enough for harvest in a year.]
[You have obtained a fishing fleet. The boats are small, but good enough for fishing. They'll provide +0.05 growth rate modifier starting next turn, and require 10 fishmen in maintenance.]
[Digging into the mountain, you stockpile stone, which can be used for a major building project.]
[You have equipped your workers with obsidian weapons. This will provide a bonus in combat.]
One stormy night, a ship crashes on your shores. It seems to be manned by some kind of lizardmen. You do not know whether they're hostile yet.
You have 140 fishmen.

[You have constructed housing. This will provide +0.05 pop growth rate until you reach 200 population.]
The scouts report a kind of magical spring flowing from one of the caves. Its waters rejuvenate after hours of work. In the north, they found a herd of bisons, these could be tamed for access to milk, meat and durable leather.
You have 110 varanas.

[After collecting big rocks and placing them in a circle, the shrine is ready. It may now be used to communicate with the gods and ask for their blessing.]
[You establish a fishing industry. Starting next turn, you'll get +0.05 pop growth rate modifier, but it'll require 10 catfolk for maintenance.]
[You have constructed shelter. Until you reach 200 population, you get +0.05 pop growth rate]
Leaving the offerings at the altar, you feel a reassuring presence. The gods smile upon you. However, a bigger sacrifice is required if you hope to receive their blessing.
You have 110 catfolk.
[The shrine to Verameeka boosts your pop growth rate a further +0.05. That's good but... it's starting to get out of hand a bit.]
[You have constructed traps, but 7 of your people have been picked off in the forests. Their sacrifice shall not be forgotten. This will give a bonus to combat against the dire wolves.]
[You have converted your tools into weaponry. You lose the benefit of efficiency for a bonus in battle.]
>83 + 10 (traps) + 5 (simple weaponry) + 10 (numbers) = 108 vs. 36 = 16 + 20 (much stronger)
The battle with the wolves develops ideally. They fall into traps, and get pierced by your warriors' spears. There are casualties, but they are few, 10 in total. After searching through the forest, you find dire wolf pups, and take them with you to domesticate.
[It will take 2-3 turns for dire wolves to grow. They must be trained by at least 10 lagomorphs.]
[With some experience in battle, you understanding of tactics is boosted. Still, it'll take years to come up with formations, hierarchy, etc.] [2/6 tactics research]
You have 155 lagomorphs.

[Due to hunting, this turn your pop growth modifier was 0.1 higher.]
[The research into agriculture progresses nicely. Your demons are experimenting with fertilizers and their effects on plant productivity. They say they should have results in about a year.] [2/3 agriculture research.]
[The research into masonry and carpentry finishes. With basic tools invented for the purpose, you can now make simple machines and turn stone into useful blocks. Decoration is also a possibility.]
[Architectural knowledge has reached a basic level. You now know how to construct moderately large, if fairly simple, buildings out of wood and stone.]
[Some distance deeper inland, your scouts find a hill with a small vein of copper. It's not much, but it'll do, for now.]
[With little workforce gathering amber, it'll take a bit more to build up a considerable stockpile, or a dedicated maintenance team to supply the potential amberworking industry.] [Amber stockpile 1/2]
Some of the demons scouting for copper have reported sighting humans who have escaped after being sighted. This could be bad if they warn their home villages of your presence...
You have 187 halfdemons.
[You have started expanding the fertile land around the oasis. It'll take some years before it becomes fertile.] [1/7 land improvement.]
The scouts return. They report that there's mainly sand everywhere, but to the south, near the shore, there is a moderately forested savanna. They've spotted elephants there. Also, this year bedouin caravans have started appearing. They bring with them spice, textiles and other goods. They're also willing to sell you some camels. [You have gained access to local trade network.]
Your vineyard workers report that grapes are ready to be made into wine.
You have 140 satyrs.

The envoys return. They report orcs being enthusiastic about wool due to harsh alpine winters where they live.
[You have opened trade with the Gurun'dar. You now have copper, and about half of the wool you produce is being exported to orcs.]
The warriors keep hogs, and brew beer. They already trade for cereals with some eastern peoples you're yet to meet. They offer you beer in exchange for wool, but their exchange rate is outrageous. It seems they look upon you condescendingly as upon peace-loving folks.
[The selective breeding program continues. 2/10 wool yield increase]
The workers discover marble! It is a precious building & trade material. The mine will require 20 dedicated miners to extract considerable amounts.
Using the marble you've discovered, the builders begin the construction of Alithetalati. It is a major project, but with the workforce you dedicated, it should be done in 2 years (one of which has passed). Your people are enthusiastic about its construction, for by studying they can embody the ideal of the Sage in themselves. [1/2 Alithetalati construction.]
You have 152 cynocephales.

[Gathering various plants from around the area, you start the establishment of witch gardens. It'll take about 3 years for the plants to mature.] [1/3 witch gardens.]
You divination gives moderate results. The forgotten gods seem to be imprisoned somewhere far away. There are guards, some kind of mighty creatures that need to be defeated to access their prison. What should be done after that is not yet known to you.
You have 110 amazonians.
After giving it some thought, I've decided to have turns alternate between 2-3 days due to the amount I have to write. We'll see which length prevails in the end, though I expect 3 days to be the main one.
Another announcement I want to make is the standardization of maintenance for food & animal herds. To keep the +0.05 growth rate bonus from agriculture, you need to dedicate 10 population per 100 total. e.g. you have 150 population, to maintain the bonus until 200 you need 20 workers tilling the land. For animal herds to provide the bonus to population growth, you also need 10 dedicated per 100 population, but if you also herd them for resources e.g. leather or wool, and/or enhance them, you need 15 workers per 100.
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Rolled 46, 18 = 64 (2d100)

The Kugel-Globo gather the amazonians in front of their swamp village. Poking and prodding them with spears to keep them docile they pick out suitable specimens the gods would be pleased with. 4 of the strongest amazonians and the amazonian recognized as the leader are chosen as sacrifices.

The 4 strong amazons are tied at the base of the pillar while the leader is tied at the top. The fire is started at the base of the pillar and it is said that the screams and coughs of the sacrifice at the top will be the determining factor as to whether the gods will commune.

The rest of the slaves except 1 are sent to do hard labor expanding the village on stilts.

1 particularly pliant slave is allowed extra privileges in exchange for drilling the Kugel warriors and hunters in Amazon tactics. They clearly were well-trained, if it were not for the failure of their heathen gods they might have won.

The Kugel people spend most of their time looting the Amazon village for valuables and preparing the groundwork for a great monument. Though a small group is sent to explore the last unconquered part of the island

>5 Amazons sacrificed to commune with one of the gods asking for a mission to honor them. (you make one up if you want to QM unless you want me to. I like the idea of having a random god I don’t decide answer.)

>34 Amazons expand the village on stilts

>1 Amazon teaches their tactics to the Kugel-Globo

>45 Kugel loot the Amazon village looking mainly for luxury’s such as gold or silver or fine crafts and also leftover weapons

>15 explore the rest of island for any other peoples or things to build with other than wood

>66 Kugel lay a solid foundation of dirt and wood, stronger than stilts, over some of the swamp to prepare for a grand monument depending on which god answers their call.
File: Thesalonian-mechants.jpg (184 KB, 1063x766)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Action 1 & 2
Have 32 citizens build temporary workshops and have them manufacture copper tools and distribute them to the rest of the workers
>Action 3 & 4
Assign 20 citizens for agriculture and 30 citizens for animal hearding, with the copper tools
>Action 5
Assign 20 citizens for mining marble, with the copper tools
>Action 6
Continue working on the Alithetalati, with the whole workeforce of 50 cynocephales, with the copper tools.
That or non-canon LARP like we're this world's equivalent to a /pol/ack
Rolled 94 (1d100)

> dedicate half our Idrudari to expanding westward along the coast
Now that our situation has been stabilized, we must expand! Grow further, and perhaps see what happened to that visage from a few years back?

> the other half shall pray for prosperity
The time has come: sacrifices are organized, as the priests starve themselves and hold themselves apart from the rest of the herd, attempting to ascend to the great divine’s supreme realm.

The ritual is more of a time of penance at the end of which (hopefully) contact with the divine should be established
May add fluff later.
>21 yeti take care of the herd
>21 yeti plant trees
>16 yeti attempt to trade with the humans for one of their boats
>21 yeti will try to make boats. If the trader yetis are successful they will try to reverse engineer the boat we gained.
>21 yeti will try to convert the humans to the yeti religion
>51 yeti will gather more stone
I have a few questions QM.

>[The shrine to Verameeka boosts your pop growth rate a further +0.05. That's good but... it's starting to get out of hand a bit.]

Is this meant to be an in-game warning about the population growing faster than food resources or a meta-message that I need to cool it with the Population buffing actions? If I have been leaning too hard into "rabbit pop growth go brrrrr" sorry, I just thought for the species it made sense. But if I need to lay off it for a bit I will, alternating pop buff action every other turn.

>[You have constructed traps, but 7 of your people have been picked off in the forests. Their sacrifice shall not be forgotten. This will give a bonus to combat against the dire wolves.]

do these remain and can I put them down as national development, counting it as border defense.

>[You have converted your tools into weaponry. You lose the benefit of efficiency for a bonus in battle.]

so I now have weapons to arm 50 rabbits, but used up all my existing tools. so to regain my efficiency bonus I need to build more tools.

that's about it, other than that I want to say how much I have enjoyed the quest so far, and hope to see it continue, thank you for running, and I hope you are having fun as well.
Rolled 100, 11, 48 = 159 (3d100)


110 Catfolk

15 assigned to Fishing Industry
10 assigned to the Shrine and its upkeep
40 assigned to Exploration - West along the river, South along the coast
20 assigned to Build Canoes
25 assigned to building stone tools/bows

It has been a good year.

The Shrine was finished with no major setbacks or holdups and now sits prominently on the shoreline. The Gods have not spoken directly to us ( yet! ) but smile upon us favorably, I am told. Good. We must discover how to gain their favor but tiny steps before we run, as such things go.

The fish are biting, the Industry is capable and providing. Also good. We will depend on their hard work for another year while we look for more stable sources of food/resources. Everyone appears to be happy with the shelters that were built and mating pairs are proving fruitful. Many blessings to be thankful for.

Looking to the future, there is much work to be done. We must Explore these lands to find its bounties and resources; we need much more available to us if we are to continue to grow. With luck, [ Rolls 1+2 ] the Explorers will find what we need.

To aid in our expansion, we must form build canoes, and bows for weapons/fishing. The canoes will allow our explorers more range and allow better travel over the most holy waters. The bows and arrows will increase our fighting strength and allow the explorers to possibly bring back a larger offering. [ If possible, hold off exploring until the first set of canoes/bows are finished? If not allowed they explore on foot/unarmed for the year. ]

[ Roll 3 for the Gods favor/luck ]

Captcha SHTVW - Shitview, oh no
In-game warning. Though it's not only about insufficient food produced by workers for the young. You'll see about what else further in the game.
The seven rabbits are dead.
Yes, you need to assemble tools once more.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

I think I forgot a roll
Yeah we have to shitpost and make the thread alive.

>I'm doing my part.png
i have an important question how many people can i fit on my ship? if i pack them like sardines and deaths are acceptable
Current parameters

Pop size: 127
Army strength: Güt
Economy: WIP
Culture: Mixed at the moment
Defenses: Good.

Year 1 (Age of Rebirth)

[Roleplay of events of the Akastros Empire]

Scribe: Pinor Ali Farouk

The past year has been fruitful to our pashadom, the men rallied to defend our province have trained young men whose blood boil for the fatherland thus creating a little militia called the young Akùrs. Its prominent leader being a young lad called
Oloran Usman, he's been rather hot blooded during this past months rambling about waging wars with the eastern pashas to seize rightful territory. I have no honest opinion on this matter because I for one distrust the phoneix's prophecy but perhaps i'm to cynical to believe that our empire was created to be destroyed, I digress from the main point. Seems this young man will set out to the world eventually, only time will tell if he brings glory or shame to our pasha. On better news our economy is taking to pick up, implementing proper trade by barter practices we've been able to create a semi-sustainable realm of commerce. The problem now is to get proper commodities to fund this economy perhaps we should dabble into the craftsmanship taught to a select few of us from dwarvish soothsayers. A couple of ships have been built so let's see what kind of impact it can have on our province, a great news to share also is the slow and steady development of a forgotten agricultural art soon we shall remember. As I see it, our pasha is a dreamer and an idealist so he's currently imposing our former culture with new themes to scratch the fancy of the disgusting barbarians he brought with him, at least they are proper cannon fodder during a battle. I wonder if any merchant would pay good money to take them as sellswords, Well that's all I have to report at the time, may the glory of the true god shine bright

Pinor Ali Farouk


Oloran Usman: Damn fucking traitorous snakes, if we cannot subdue them we shall find allies who can *takes one ship and begins his voyage*

[Pop Manager]
-Farmers: 50
-Highland Noble Tribesmen: 43
-Young Arùks: 20
- Shipwrights: 5
-Pasha: 1
-Infants/Children/Old folks: 13

[My action for the the next turn ]

>Usman Ali Farouk starts coast hugging while sailing north east looking for new lands.
>Farmers continue their work
>Mass literacy drive and cultural rejuvention occurs in hopes of creating a universal religion and/or culture.
>More military training is drilled into the Young Arùks trying to make them more competent/hot headed.
>Tell the Merchants that our province provides quality mercenaries and bodyguards. In the mean time we ask to be paid in raw materials or different animal breeds from other continents.
Rolled 92 (1d100)

Forgot to roll again
Lol upper percentile roll, ELVISH BROS WE CAN'T STOP WINNING!
Rolled 2, 66 = 68 (2d100)

4 years have passed since the avatar-birther named Lupa was captured in a raid near the river. As expected, Isos mercifully strikes her down, leaving a lifeless body. As demanded by the tyrannical child, the umbilical cord was not cut and still remains tethering him to the corpse of poor Lupa.

“I said I won’t lose a mother. It’s time to use your famous erectomancy, Ejaculianius. I won’t accept failure.”

Erectomancy is the risky and draining practice of raising the dead as a flaccid shaft is raised from the softness. It involves transferring blood from the living to the dead, and often results in unintended consequences. Ejaculanius has famously bragged about his skills with this dark sorcery, although he may have slightly exaggerated as he only raised a walrus which died three days later from a brain aneurysm.

“Ye-yes Great Emperegnator, I’ll use the rest of the slaves.”


12 Phallo-Priests attempt to raise the avatar’s mother from the dead in a erectomancy ritual. They sacrifice 11 humans for blood to use. Whatever abomination they may create terrifies them. Roll one

20 Incubi hunt walrus to keep up with the demand for food

7 more of the top incubi are recruited into the 10 elite Fucktorial Guard (the bodyguards), they train with ivory weapons ceaselessly (17 total)

20 Incubi including Testicus load onto the Spermark and head towards the coastline near the uncontacted Yeti. Impress them with our cool ship and give them nifty skulls from dead slaves and ask them about the Ice temple, maybe they will know something about it.

80 Incubi will use ivory weapons to keep raiding the tundra villages. Go further west this time now that we know the area better. Don’t be shy take everything and everyone they see (only humans though) Roll two
Oh yeah Usman, took 4 Young Arùks with him so the pop reduction now is 123
>Fucktorial guards
>Maximum Kekus.png
I’m 3 under my total incubi i think i fucked up math again just add 3 to the bodyguards i guess and i wonder what pain that 2 roll is about to inflict on me
Ignore the warning just endlessly coom and breed even as the corpses pile into mountains your race is the only one hornier than mine
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About 200 I guess? Now that I've looked up a sperm whale's skeleton, I've some questions regarding how exactly the Spermark is made, since the ribcage is so small in comparison to total length, but whatever.
I guess we just took out all his guts like his lungs and stomach filled them with air and strapped them to his belly and taxidermied him or something

I know nothing about boats or physics or making things out of dead animals so i am just bullshitting
Rolled 32 (1d100)

Roc Feller let's the trolls experiment with the snakes.
>15 Trolls

Maul Shaper trains young trolls in the art of wood working. Teaching them what woods are good different projects and tools. He also trains trolls in the art of Stone shaping. Being able to chip a stone into an edge is difficult.
>Train 20 Wood workers
>Train 21 Masons

Roc Feller leads a raid on the batmen. Looking to plunger there cave and take heads in the name of Vaprak.
>90 Trolls
Our efforts will be allocated as such.

>8 nobles (that is, myself and some cousins) shall spend three seasons of the year performing the rites of adoration. We target three groups: the creator gods, the ancestors of the word, and the spirits inhabiting the land with us. I really don't think there's any need to contact the winter-vale just yet. Our object this year is the increase of food, good health, and most of all, fertility.

>10 acolytes shall aid us by constructing temporary altars, gathering ritual ingredients, washing away our blood, etc.

>15 workers shall spend the year a-hunting. Every elf owns the bow his father made, at least, and many trolls are decent trackers. So I think it would be a shame if our feasting year lacked for good meat.

>70 workers shall be granted the honor of building our head village. It will begin as a large collection of ground-houses, located entirely within the protection of my citadel. We hope to have several hundred people here, eventually.

>30 workers shall take up residence in the forge and explore the blacksmithing arts. I don't really want anything from them except that they grow in their craft.

>Friendly contact shall be established with the mannish village. If I can find the time, I will personally meet with their Elder and tell her that we respect their boundaries and customs. They are also to be given gifts, including the fine prepared logs. In return, we request that a few experienced mages be sent to instruct our young people in their art.

>Speaking of which, send any magically inclined youths we find amongst our populace to study at the house of knowledge.

With further knowledge and prosperity, the people of Daíona continue their work as usual. Those of gluttony still tend to the fields and diligently work at finding greater methods to produce abundance while the various others work on hunting. However, with far better capabilities of construction under the tribes belt, a number would create a far more sophisticated lodge for the tanning, butchering, and otherwise processing of game and the tools of a hunters trade. Similarly a number would work on new methods of working with skins of the animals hunted so that there could be greater amounts of clothing that lasted longer, all the while a small number gathered amber for themselves and the tribes. Yet, with the report of a number of nonblooded sighting their works, the tribes of Daíona would be swift to work on utilizing their new knowledge in architecture and the working of stone and wood for defensive structures, specifically creating a basic hillfort. All the while a number of halfdemons of wrath with long, sharp claws would train to become what was called Afanistís. Infantry armed with nothing but their natural claws, strength and agility who rely upon all three. Similarly, a number would work on a training field for them to practice with more than just extensive exercising and sparring, ideally with blunted claws to minimize injury. Though obviously if fighting with a real enemy was expected they would sharpen them. Ideally those villages would leave them alone and stay out of their way, though in the worst case scenario they'd at least be prepared...

20 Halfdemons farm
20 Halfdemons research agricultural methods further
30 Halfdemons hunt
20 Halfdemons create a hunting lodge
20 Halfdemons research better tanning
30 Halfdemons build basic defenses
20 Halfdemons train to become Afanistís
20 Halfdemons build a training ground
7 Halfdemons gather Amber
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Rolled 95 (1d100)

"The Disk consumes my dreams. It erupts in fire and ash, burning everything. It shrouds the world in darkness, an eternal night where no living remain. Cold winds howl around it, causing an everlasting ice age. It endlessly spews a cursed mud that dissolves the very souls of those it touches. It summons a monster from beyond the stars, a parasite that feeds on the planet's life force and leaves behind an empty husk of a rock as it moves on. So many ways the world may end, and no way of telling which, if any, are a real threat and which are just the ramblings of my stressed mind. I have not shared my nightmares with those who followed me here. It would only cause them to worry needlessly. There is nothing any of us can do until we discover the first Circle of Power anyway.

The fishmen proved irrationally hostile. They are to be the first obstacle on our path. It is odd that I did not see their hostility, but not unprecedented. My visions have always been far from reliable. We were lucky to not suffer any losses so far, but I am not so naive as to expect this to remain the case. We are at war. Our lack of metal leaves our equipment equal or perhaps inferior to theirs. Golems, magic and intelligence are our only advantages against them. I have ordered the necessary preparations. Fortifications, patrols, training and Scrying will be the first steps that will lead us to victory. We will attempt to negotiate once more from a position of strength after we have humbled them. I do not wish to exterminate them but they may leave us no choice.

The imprisoned Cyclopes remain an enigma. Who put them in chains? Why? And more importantly, can they be trusted not to betray the one who frees them? I will keep striving to divine an answer to these questions.

Our attempts to summon Elementals were met with failure. We were unable to devise a stable, working Summoning Circle in time. Golem creation proved a more fruitful avenue. Perhaps in the coming years we will be able to resume experimenting with summoning circles, but in the meantime I retasked my people accordingly. Golems can be the backbone of both our workforce and our military. And with a proven way of creating them there is no reason to split our efforts.

Our sages are now devising a Scrying ritual. Using magic to view remote locations is our only hope of finding the Circles of Power in a timely manner, and will prove invaluable in following the fishmen's movements. They were here before us, they know the territory better than we do. There is no other way to prevent ambushes and raids.
Despite the setbacks, construction of the Tower of the Arcane proceeds briskly. The new Golems have been an immense help in that, as well as in our burgeoning fields and orchards. I know I will not live to see the Tower's completion. This knowledge is another burden I cannot share with anyone, not even with my husband. I know he would try to avert my fate, and that would be disastrous."

-From the personal diary of Mantó, posthumously proclaimed the first Queen of Zésh

>Continue constructing Clay Golems. Expand production by creating a permanent Golem Workshop.
>Erect fortifications around our settlement and the Tower of the Arcane construction site.
>Set up a Training Yard where the more martially inclined among us can devise drills for our war against the fishmen. Our basic doctrine will have Golems serving as footsoldiers with spellcasting support. Golems are expendable, people aren't. All able-bodied adults shall take turns practicing basic combat spells and what to do in battle. A well-trained militia is necessary for our security.
>Organize patrols to dissuade raids against our fields, always with Golem support.
>Research a Scrying Ritual.
>Attempt divination on the Cyclopes.
>Continue construction of the Tower of the Arcane.
Oof I know that feel bud, have a good one.
Rolled 24 (1d100)

Total: 140 Quanli

20 Quanli will maintain watch over our herds of Crabs.

20 Quanli will keep nurturing and tending to the growing fruit trees of our groves.

20 Quanli will man our fishing fleet.

40 Quanli (including those specifically trained as warriors) will head to confront the Lizardmen. Whilst we hope their intentions are peaceful, we will be prepared to repel them should they be hostile.

And 40 Quanli will use the stone we have gathered to build a harbour with solid walls, to protect our fleet and village from the worst ocean weathers and hostile forces that might come by sea.
File: basilisk.jpg (32 KB, 718x427)
32 KB
1. have the snake priestess perform another divination to figure out the location of the imprisoned deity (20)
1. build a lumber camp to chop and collect wood from the surrounding marshlands 20
2. build amazonian warcamp, a place to train amazonian archers and warrior (20)
3. send a couple of amazon to search and capture a sarmatian basilisk from the nearby swamp (something like gigantic komodo dragons, highly venomous with thick skin but slow and dumb) (25)
4. send the witch doctors to look for edible plants from the surrounding swamp (25)

population: 110 amazonians.
Rolled 97 (1d100)

also witch doctor gardens (1/3)
Turn 4
current stats

Growth rate: *1.3

Settlements: The Warren – upgrades: breeding dens, The Worship burrow of Verameeka

Developments: farms, traps &pitfalls, tamed wolves (1/?)

Technology: simple stone tools, simple stone weapons

Storage: 50 basic weapons, 0 tools

Major historical events
0 FGW year of the founding of the great warren following the unification of the two largest tribes and the absorption of the many minor tribes.
3 FGW The war of the wolves began with the loss of 7 bunnies, and the safety of Fukrus.
4 FGW War of the wolves end with the great Dire wolf pack having been wiped out and their pups being taken for our own.

Important figures:
Chieftain Peter Cottontail
Chieftess Judy Cottontail (formerly Judy Hopps)

Year 4 FGW (founding of Great warren)
Population commitments: 55
Farmers: 20
Hunters: 20
Wolf tamers: 15

>Build more tools use 30 bunnies
With the War of wolves at an end and the great warren once more secure once more, it is now time to morn and rebuild. To ensure victory the tools that were so important to the development and maintenance of the Great warrant were turned into weapons of war. Now that peace has returned it is time for the Tribe to build more creating enough that the workers and laborers of the tribe are properly equipped to do their respective jobs.

>Expand out the Great warren in size to accommodate the tribe’s growing population using 50 bunnies
The fecundity of the rabbit folk made Chieftain Cottontail glow with pride, holding his kits and watching his many young bucks and does play around himself and his now very voluptuous mate chiefess Cottontail made him smile with a warmth only a father can know. However, in the back of his mind, he recognized that the war with the wolves had slowed the development of the warren to keep up with the desires of his people's unending growth. To ensure that the growth never has to slow, the ruling couple organized the greatest expansion project seen since the founding of the great warren. Because in the end, Verameeka wills it, the population must grow.

>Develop basic education practical survival skills and wisdom using 10 bunnies
As the tribe grows and more kits are born their education in survival skills and the wisdom of those who came before them must be passed on. Calling on the elders of the tribe the dual chiefs ask them to prepare lessons in skills and wisdom for the kits that will help them thrive and better the tribe. Ensuring that those that come after us will be equipped to carry on our legacy expand the glory of lagolandia.

>Continue to develop tactics using 10 bunnies
While the war is over and our predators slew some questioned the need for further work into the idea of tactics, however, the mated chiefs disagree. Using these times of peace to prepare for war will ensure that when that time comes once more, Verameeka willing it won’t but if it does the bunnies of Fukrus will not be found unprepared.
let me know if I need to roll anything or if I am good, I also wanted to put in my current stats above my turn to make it easier for you.
The bunnies did great
Thesalon does not appreciate the usage of canines as indicative of all carnivores.
fox arent canines
They are canines. Canine and Caninae are terms for the subfamily of Canid family. Vulpini is a tribe of that subfamily, and contains foxes. Their for, foxes are Canines.
Nice argument, unfortunately yo mama
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KEK, though shouldn't it be BCC
The D had to go somewhere, would't he?
wouldn't he*
Sorry about missing a turn, had a busy work week. Any chance I can make one up?

>50 Ants work on the Great Hive Foundations
>25 Hunter Ants try to capture some Giant Beetles to domesticate into beasts of burden and mounts
>25 Other Hunter Ants kill more meat to feed the ever growing nest
>25 Worker Ants replant new trees that will grow into future food
>25 Other Worker Ants keep cutting down trees to grind up into a nutrient paste to feed the hive

don't start that, allowing makeup turns with 16 players would be cancer, QM already had to move the updates to every 3 days
I'm going to say since it's New Year and I've got a lot on my mind, the update will arrive in the latter half of the day tomorrow (UTC+3), not the first half as previously.
No, but your population keeps increasing during turns you skip.
I've already got it all neatly organized in a text file. While I appreciate the help, it's not really necessary. Also, your turn is alright.
Uhh, I don't think the pop manager quite aligns with the projects you're attempting, e.g. you have no sailors allocated to the exploration mission. Whatever I guess, I'll just judge where to direct them myself.
>I know I will not live to see the Tower's completion.
The Tower of the Arcane may seem like an intimidating project, but if you dedicate some workers to it, it may very well be completed in Manto's lifetime. It's got only got three relatively short stages.
actions - to celebrate the building of the wine press & the start of what can only become a booming friendship we shall throw a party & invite the trader to give them a taste of what we have to offer. Also maintain composting & start wine production.
>I've already got it all neatly organized in a text file. While I appreciate the help, it's not really necessary. Also, your turn is alright.

alright cool, let me know if I got the stat stuff right because I will also keep track and I want to make sure it is right.
Happy new year everyone!

>I've already got it all neatly organized in a text file.
Any chance of sharing this on a pastebin or would it be too much effort?
>The Tower of the Arcane may seem like an intimidating project, but if you dedicate some workers to it, it may very well be completed in Manto's lifetime. It's got only got three relatively short stages.
I am hinting at an early grave, which is why her husband would seek to to change it. Everyone knows that all good oracles have seen and accepted their own death. Good to know about the Tower though.
Yeah I should've allocated some pops for certain tasks, sorry mate skipped my mind. The ships are just in the harbour and one was taken.

Happy new year everyone
Russian or Turk?
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Rolling for converting humans to yeti religion.
Rolled 19 (1d100)

Rolling for tundra people vs. Eros.
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Rolling for batmen vs. Stone Cold Maws.
The Yetis couldn't get dorimed sadly
Rolled 56 (1d100)

Rolling for rites of adoration success for Nw'semmes.
Rolled 51 (1d100)

Rolling for finding giant beetles for Ant Empire.
I really need to start writing up a little every day instead of making a 6-hour marathon for each update.
File: polmap5.png (70 KB, 4000x2000)
70 KB
The amazons are a proud people, and do not yield easily to pain. Even as the flames consume them, the most they let out are grunts and low groans. This inspires fear in the Kugel observing the ceremony; wails of pain are supposed to be necessary to connect to the gods! However, as the burnt corpses turn to charcoal, the pillar they were tied to remains standing, which is a sign of a successful sacrifice. More than that, the patterns on the pillar depict six bent lines in a diamond-shaped enclosure -- the sign of Lakur, god of the water. Below this depiction is a picture of a great ship with many frogs on it. The priests are united in explanation for these pictures -- the god wants you to build a great ship in his name. It should be said that taking too long to accomplish this challenge will probably anger Lakur. Not only that, you have no supply of truly good shipbuilding wood...
[The gods' blessing extends an additional 2 turns (until turn 8). You have received a challenge to build a great ship.]
[You have expanded the village on stilts. It will now provide a bonus to pop growth until 400 population.]
[The amazon training you refuses the privileges you grant her. She only asks that some of her people be freed from captivity.]
[You have begun training warriors. 30 of your population will receive gradually increasing bonuses to combat until they reach +15 in 3 years.]
[Searching through the village, you find several accessories of noble metals: gold and silver. The amazons' weapons are mainly made out of stone, but some houses have iron spears and swords. Nothing particularly extraordinary though. You also find out from the slaves that they were occasionally visited by travelling merchants approaching the island from the south. You indeed spot some ships coming and going throughout the year. Perhaps that's where the amazons obtained the noble metals.]
The-One-Who-Leaps and several other heroes who have proven their worth in battle take the iron weapons for themselves.
[Your island is quite poor in resources. You find nothing of value besides some woods and stone outcroppings.]
[Over the course of the year, you dry an area of swampland and lay down the foundation for the monument.]
You have 158 frogmen and 35 amazonian slaves.
30 of the frogmen are warriors.
[You have equipped your workers with copper tools. It takes less workforce for the same efficiency in executing projects. Specifically, it takes 7 workers instead of 10 per 100 population to work the fields and 15 instead of 20 to work the marble mine. The stockpile you've built up is enough for up to 300 workers, more tools will need to be assembled after that.]
[3/10 wool yield increase.]
With copper tool aiding in the construction of Alithetalati, the grand building is complete by the end of the year. Made of marble, its roof supported by pillars, and several grand lecture halls to hold debates and educate young Thesalonians, it is a testament to the craftsmanship of your people.
[You have built Alithetalati. You may educate mages & scholars here. In the future, the administration of your empire will be easier.]
You have 190 cynocephales.

The idrudari taking the western lands once again stumble upon a unicorn. In fact, there's several of them! The magical beasts seem wary. They also dwell around the same area, as if avoiding something...
[You have expanded your lands along the coast. Perhaps a further exploration expedition would be good?]
Making offerings and starving themselves, the priesthood finally receive a response from Akret. He touches some more idrudari, who glimpse the god's form, his indescribable magnificence. Akret grants you prosperity, and passes a gift of magic to several idrudari.
[This turn your growth rate was 0.1 higher. Several of your people have become mages.]
[Fruit trees have finally matured. They require 5 idrudari per 100 population in maintenance, but provide a +0.05 boost to pop growth and can be traded for other goods.]
You have 190 idrudari.

[You have planted some trees around the temple. They will mature and be ready to cut down in 3 years. Some are grumbling, however. The ultimate goal of the yetikind is to cause an ice age, and making the ground more fertile goes quite the opposite direction. Perhaps a change of agenda is in order?]
[The trade goes splendidly. You obtain a boat in exchange for some reindeer leather. Reverse engineering it, you find out they're of quite simple construction, using wedge-shaped parts to hold wooden planks together. You could construct one of these out of the wood you've obtained.]
[The humans are adamant in their beliefs. Your proselytizing mission yields no results. It caused some enmity to appear between your two tribes.]
[Over the course of the year, the yetis make some trips to the mountains and build up a stockpile of stone once more. This can be used for a major building project.]
You have 174 yetis.
[You have constructed a canoe fleet of austronesian design. This will allow long-distance exploration expeditions.]
[Capturing birds for fletching and carving stones into arrowheads, you produce bows to aid the expeditions in case they encounter someone hostile. Besides that, with stone tools your projects require less workforce for same efficiency.]
In the latter half of the year, when all their equipment is produced, the expeditions depart...
The first expedition returns with great news. They have found a sacred spring! The symbols of your sea gods are drawn over it. You do not know yet what it does, however. Besides the spring, your explorers have found a garden with all kinds of herbs growing in it. It'd be a great help to obtain medicinal or dye plants, but the garden itself is guarded by animated statues -- golems. They seem to possess a kind of intelligence, upon asking what you'd need to do to get access to the garden, they responded in low voices that you'd need to contribute a plant of your own. However, the garden itself is rather expansive itself, it'll be hard to find a plant that is not already there. Finally, your explorers have stumbled upon high-quality clay. This could be made into ceramics and traded.
The other expedition returns with bad news. Apparently, in the jungle there's a barbarian chiefdom of Feajtak intent on raiding nearby villages and states. They have not paid attention to "small fries" like you yet, as the explorers managed to ascertain, but should you grow enough, their armies could very well appear at your doorstep.
The gods are pleased with your sacrifices and maintenance of the shrine, but the most blessing you receive is them showing the way to the sacred spring from earlier.
You have 132 catfolk.
[2/3 towards agricultural advancements]
Legacy of the Phoenix Empire lives on. Imposing ancient culture on new lands happens to be a bit hard, but slowly, your people are starting to unite and consider themselves citizens of a single state.
[I am not sure what you meant by unifying your culture if you already start relatively united?]
[A portion of your population starts specialising in combat. The Young Arùks are becoming stronger. They will now receive +10 bonus in combat instead of +5.]
Upon hearing your proposal, the merchants agree to let you know if any wars are waged where mercenaries are needed. By the end of the year, they inform you that on the western shore of the continent near your own, there is need for warriors to fend off a large number of dire wolves. Will you take up this offer?
Usman Ali Farouk's voyage goes nicely. The young explorer finds two states. The first is a pashadom like yours, named Kilbeun, on the peninsula on the opposite site of the strait where your state is. They are rich due to the rare gold mines in their territory, but also strong as well, capable of hiring mercenaries to protect their precious metals. The second state is a tribe of lagomorphs. They seem rather peaceful, but still, some possess arms to defend themselves. They call their state 'Lagolandia'. Besides this, Usman has discovered ancient ruins on a peninsula between the two states. The explorers have not investigated it further, however.
[You have opened diplomacy with Lagolandia.]
You have 146 halfelves.
30 of the halfelves are Young Arùks (warriors).

The erectomantic ritual goes horribly wrong. The corpse, inflated with blood, seems to stand for a few seconds, and sighs of relief are heard from the Phallo-Priests who believe it is done. However, moments later, the tissues of the Great Empregnator's mother burst in a red spray, and the umbilical cord is severed. Not only that, the avatar himself is wounded due to some of the accursed blood flowing into him.
[Due to walrus hunting, your pop growth this turn was 0.1 higher.]
[The Fucktorial Guard expands its members. Due to intensive training, their bonus in battle will be +15. This is not their skill ceiling, but obtaining further mastery over weapons is proving increasingly difficult.]
The yetis receive you with wariness, but without outright hostilities. They apparently trade with the tundra peoples sometimes, but their contacts are few. Still, they tell you that the Ice Temple is a tomb for a great hero of these lands' peoples, Mylthir. They do not know what the tomb contains, however. Perhaps there is some artifact of great power there?..
>66 + 10 (bone weaponry) = 76 vs 39 = 19 + 10 (bone weaponry) + 10 (numbers)
While you have suffered 15 casualties, overall the raid was a success. Your pool of women is replenished, and you have captured 30 more slave men.
You have 165 incubi and 30 human slaves.
17 of the incubi are in the Fucktorial Guard.
[1/5 snake unknown advancement.]
[The training proceeds smoothly. By the end of the year, you've got an engineering corps of masons and woodworkers.]
>32 + 15 (stronger) + 10 (bolas) + 5 (clubs & mauls) = 62 vs 84 = 74 + 5 (simple weaponry) + 5 (numbers)
The raid fails. Initially, it seemed like you were winning, but the damned batmen just kept coming at your forces, no matter how many were swatted by clubs or stricken down by bolas. At the end of the day, you made a dent in their numbers, but had to retreat with 25 casualties. Some of the more innovative trolls propose that making armour out of snake skin and training would give you more of an upper hand if you were to attack again.
You have 143 trolls.
20 trolls are woodworkers.
21 trolls are masons.

>56 + 20 (length of rituals, amount of helpers)
The gods and spirits are impressed by your dedication, and answer your prayers. For two years, the land will give greater harvests than before, and your people will be cured of ailments and allowed better lives.
[Your pop growth receives +0.15 for two turns, including this one.]
[Blessed by the gods as well, hunters bring home a variety of game. Your pop growth this turn was 0.1 higher.]
[The village is built. With access to additional housing under the protection of the woodland citadel, your people feel better. Your pop growth is 0.05 higher until you reach 300 population.]
[The blacksmiths keep training. In a year, you'll have 30 smiths who can forge superior quality weapons.]
Closer to the end of the year, you make a diplomatic visit to the witch village. The Elder Witch greets you with kindness. You bring gifts, which further pleases her people. She agrees to send some mages to train your youths. As the conversation drifts to other matters, she mentions that dark news come from the west. Apparently, a necromancer tried attacking a kingdom there with his horde of undead, but was repelled, and now decided to attack western states to increase the numbers of his dark army. She asks if you would be willing to fight together should the twisted mage arrives on your borders.
[The youths begin their training. As with the warriors, it'll take 4 years for them to mature, but their support both in battle and at home will be invaluable.]
You have 186 elves and trolls.
[A stage of agricultural research finishes. Armed with knowledge of which fertilizers to use for each plant, the gluttunous farmers increase the output of fields. The bonus from farming is +0.1 population growth instead of +0.05 now.]
[Hunting has, as previously, allowed greater prosperity. +0.1 population growth this turn. Moreover, due to construction of a lodge you may now research ways to harden leather into armour, as well as train dedicated hunters, who not only will hunt with greater efficiency, but also bolster your armed forces with their precise bow skill.]
[Your research into tanning will eventually allow you to produce leather of quality great enough to be considered a tradeable good. 1/3 tanning research.]
[Using your architectural advancements, the halfdemon builders erect a wall around the settlement. It's not exactly high, but it's better than a simple stockade and allows patrols to watch over the surrounding territories. It will provide +15 bonus on defence.]
[The training ground is built. You may specialise workers into warriors or Afanistís here.]
[The most wrathful of halfdemons begin using their claws to practice for the inevitable confrontation with humans. With the training ground constructed, they reach a certain level of mastery over the year.] [20 Afanistís will receive a +10 bonus in combat now.]
[The halfdemons gathering amber have built up a considerable stockpile. These could be crafted into exquisite decorations.]
[Due to your population growing, the housing you've constructed previously is no longer enough. To keep the +0.05 bonus, construct more.]
[Some of your people have reported sighting increasingly frequent groups of humans in the wood. They must be readying a strike against you...]
You have 253 halfdemons.
20 halfdemons are Afanistís.
[A golem workshop is built, a building laid out with magical binding circles and piles of raw materials ready to be made into constructs. With this, you may now construct more complex golems, or regular ones in greater amounts.]
[During this year, you have created 40 clay golems, for a total of 60.]
[You have constructed simple fortifications. They will provide a +10 bonus on defence.]
[The orchards have finally given a considerable harvest. 5 workers per 100 population are required to tend to the orchards, but due to your people's diet becoming more diverse, you receive +0.05 pop growth. Besides, fruit may be traded for some goods with merchants.]
The training yard is done in a few months. Here, your people train both in spellcasting and close-combat fighting, and by the end of the year, you have a militia ready to repel attacks.
[Your people will receive a +5 bonus in battle. They may be trained further, though.]
The patrols you organized are timely: the fishmen are becoming more aggressive, actually attempting incursions into your territory. With golems taking the brunt of damage, you have only 3 mage casualties, and 15 golems lost. You'd guess the fishmen are going to make a full-out attack soon.
[1/2 Scrying research]
Divination on the cyclopes is successful; you receive visions of their long lives. Apparently, they were leaders of a mighty tribe, and were honest rulers, valiantly defending their people and ruling them fairly. For a time. The vision darkens after that; apparently, seduced by something, they have started precticing dark arts such as necromancy and soul manipulations. Eventually, they were defeated and imprisoned here in magical chains for eternity.
With most workers allocated to other projects, this year the Tower of the Arcane construction has not advanced.
You have 162 humans & elves.

[3/7 towards crab enhancement]
[The Fruit trees have matured. Allocate 5 workers per 100 population here to get +0.05 pop growth, or trade fruit away for other goods.]
The lizardmen seem friendly enough. They appear to be traders on a trip across the oceans, but with their ship in disrepair, their journey has been cut short. They are interested in your obsidian and wood. The lizardmen offer to teach you their shipbuilding expertise and provide some of their goods (including stuff like gold) in exchange for obsidian worked into accessories and helping them repair the ship, which appears to be stuck near some of the cliffs on the southern edge of the island.
[You have constructed a harbour with solid walls. This provides protection against enemies approaching by sea, and allows construction of complex ships.]
You have 175 fishmen.
You determine the imprisoned gods' location to be an island, far to the west, between two great continents. There, giants of stone and horrid beasts stand guard beside their prison.
[You have constructed a lumber camp. The rate at which you obtain wood is increased.]
[You have built a war camp. Amazonian warriors and archers may be trained here.]
[7 amazons die in the fight, but a basilisk is successfully captured.]
[The edible plants are already being gathered regularly to feed the tribe. Perhaps planting them in more fertile land than swamps would be a good idea?]
You have 114 amazonians.

[You have equipped your workers with tools. Until you reach 300 population, projects require less workforce for same efficiency. After that, more tools will need to be built.]
[The Great Warren is expanded. It can now accomodate up to 400 bunnies.]
[Survival & wisdom education progresses nicely. The younger generation is definitely prepared for adult life; some of them display a particular interest in some of the things that are taught, such as plant qualities, or woodland navigation. If given further training, these could develop into woodsrabbits or herbalists.]
[The research into tactics progresses further. Various formations are devised. 3/6 military tactics advancement.]
You have 202 lagomorphs.

[You have tamed a herd of giant beetles. They can aid in construction, or be used for food & making something out of their hard carapaces.]
[The Worker Ants devise a plan of cyclical re-planting and harvesting of trees in three-year cycles. This will require about 10 ants per 100 population to keep up.]
[Hunters bring in a good amount of game, once more. +0.1 to growth rate this turn.]
[The construction of the Great Hive Foundation progresses smoothly. 2/7 Great Hive Foundation.]
[The Queen's Room is insufficient to house the ever-growing numbers of ants. It will no longer provide a bonus to population growth, unless expanded.]
Your hunters have reported spotting giant wasps buzzing around, scouting your lands. Suspicious...
You have 257 ants.

[You keep composting the sandy land, making it more fertile. It slowly, but surely darkens, turning into soil. 2/7 land improvement.]
[You have started producing wine.]
Over the year, you invite various bedouin groups to party, and your oasis becomes a popular local place. The caravans are more open to trade than ever! [What would you like to trade for with the bedouins?]
You have 161 satyrs.
A late happy new year to you, anons.

>Any chance of sharing this on a pastebin or would it be too much effort?
Here you go: https://pastebin.com/zaZmFb5i
idk if I'll be updating it though. If you anons really want, I'll do it, not much work copypasting from my text file to pastebin, but it's mostly for my own convenience so I don't really see any point to it.
>If you anons really want, I'll do it, not much work copypasting from my text file to pastebin, but it's mostly for my own convenience so I don't really see any point to it.
I like it because it gives me something to check my own notes against and make sure I am not doubling up on actions, but I also understand you are dealing with 16 player nations and don't want to overload you.
oh and happy new year I will post tomorrow, need to recover from new year celebrations.
>Action 1 & 2:
Continue tending the fields, heards and mine.(14 workers for fields, 20 workers for heards, 30 miners for future developments that wll require a lot of marble.)
>Action 3:
Call upon the 20 scouts for another expedition eastward, towards the people with whom the warriors trade.
>Action 4:
Put the Alithetalati to good use and start teaching the young minds both practical sciences and the value of the traditions of their kin.(36 soon to be scholars)
>Action 5:
Start working on a new project, a port in the now named Gulf of Liman.(30 workers)
>Action 6:
Expand the temporary workshops into proper facilities for artisans, be they masons, carpenters or smiths(40 workers)
>Year 4 FGW (founding of Great warren)
>Population commitments: 55
>Farmers: 20
>Hunters: 20
>Wolf tamers: 15

this part of my turn was taken into account when population calculation was taken into account right, as well as the maintenance of the pop growth buffs
Rolled 93 (1d100)

Roc Feller bellows "Damn these sky rats! My warriors have been coddled by the warmth and fruit of this paradise and grown slow and weak." She orders a arena to be built of stone so that it can be stained with blood. Too appease Vaprak and mold our trolls back into warriors.
>Build stone arena to worship Vaprak and train gladiators.
>21 Masons 40 Trolls

The snake thinkers continue there work on there snake project.
>15 Trolls

Snow Reader leads a team prospecting the jungles for resources.
>20 Trolls

Hide Chewer gets to work making snake skin armors.
>27 Trolls

Maul Shaper continues his teachings with the woodworkers, he even learning new things himself, as there is much to about the different woods.
>20 woodworkers continue to expand there knowledge.
Rolled 47, 5, 96 = 148 (3d100)


132 Catfolk

20 assigned to Fishing Industry
10 assigned to the Shrine
20 assigned to Exploration - North [Roll1]
30 assigned to Clay Harvesting and building support structures - Clay Pit, pottery wheels; kiln, storage etc
2 assigned as Potters - Gain experience through crafting daily general use items - cups, bowls, cutlery etc
20 assigned to building general workshop, archery range/bow+arrow crafting support buildings, barracks + more shelters if time allows/remains
10 assigned to study the Sacred Spring [Roll2] / build support structures nearby
20 assigned to Train as a Militia - Archery as primary weapon, claws/teeth/wrestling as melee last resort.
[Roll3 - General Luck / Gods Favor]

Another fruitful year and the Gods have shown us their favor(s). There is much to cover. A Sacred Spring! A most holy site has been found. According to our lore, these sites are tied to the Gods who watch over them and by extension the folk who tend them. What secrets does it hold? What can we learn? Perhaps the Gods will speak to those who are listening.

A Garden was encountered that appears to be under guard by Golems. They request an offering of a sample of a new plant. Our explorers are always seeking new plants as a matter of their job, access to this site would be a great boon. Perhaps the fabled and rare Holy Catnip will be found inside? I have never partaken of it myself. The elders tell stories and it is a great honor to be chosen. Often reserved to the warriors before battle and various clergy as part of their rites when it is available. To find a supply.. My mouth waters at the thought. Leaders who achieve such a feat are remembered through song and dance and by name. To gain access to a supply enough for the common folk is grounds for a Leaders reign to be remembered as a Golden Age. Perhaps I will be- Enough, I cannot dwell on this further. Our explorers understand the stakes at hand and a bounty has been established as reward to the team that succeeds in finding a new plant for the Golems or Holy Catnip itself.

We have Barbarians to our SouthEast. They call themselves the Feajtak and are raiders. They are too close for comfort, and it is only a matter of time until they turn lustful eyes in our direction. We cannot sit idly by and wait until it is too late to defend ourselves. Preparations are being put into motion. We have lived as nomads and explorers for most of our history; but we as a folk are once again digging in our claws to the earth; this area is worth defending. The Sacred Spring is so sacred that to have it within our borders is a great honor. We cannot leave, we cannot be defeated. We must survive, we must learn its secrets.

Which brings us back to the issue at hand of barbarian raiders. It is time to raise a standing militia that trains and focuses on warfare as their daily job. It is a small group for now. Smaller than I would like. With time we will have more folk to dedicate to our defense. It is only a matter of time until the raiders come to our lands. Next year we will dedicate time and effort towards walls and palisades and archery towers. First we need skilled archers. Baby steps.

Eventually we will have the time and resources to train every catfolk in archery; so that all may serve in defense. It will take work to get there but it is work worth taking.

[ Happy New Year everyone! ]
Damn, I did take farmers and wolf tamers into account, but forgot about hunters. If my recalculation is correct, you should have had an additional +0.1 growth rate, and thus 217 bunnies.
Rolled 27, 71, 38, 57 = 193 (4d100)

The Kugel-Globo are joyous to receive a message from Lakur. He has given them a divine mission that must be completed post-haste, however the island does not have great shipbuilding wood and building Lakur's ship with inferior wood would only anger Lakur. Lakur's ship must not only be a ship, but a monument to him, a symbol of his holiness and power.

There is also a question of what to do with the amazonian slaves. They are poor workers purposely working slowly despite their great strength, too prideful to be cowed by the overseers spears. It is decided that the amazonians will be given an ultimatum. They must convert to our gods and they will be accepted as apart of the Kugel people, not as workers, slaves in all but name, but as a proud caste of warriors who will fight for the gods glory, killing heathens and capturing sacrifices in battle. It is also made clear that once they convert the amazonians will be recognized by the gods as their worshipers and the Kugel gods are cruel and vengeful, willing to strike down a blasphemer at any moment who would dare pledge themselves to the heavens and then turn their backs. Betrayal will not be wise.

>Free Amazon slaves and create Amazon warrior-caste who's sole job will be related to martial matters

>Have all of Amazon Warrior caste train with the Kugel warriors

>8 Kugel Globo tear down the sacrificial wooden pillar and shape it to become the mast of the ship. The pillar has been used in many religious ceremonies and will serve beautifully as a part of the ship and as a holy symbol.

>30 Kugel participate in a grand hunt looking for valuable animals to kill, their skins, meats and other resources will serve as trade fodder.

>30 Kugel start fish farms intending to provide both food and exotic pets in trade

>30 Kugel trade with ships requesting vast amounts of ship-building wood and expertise towards building ships in exchange for the unique resources of the swamps, such as herbs, skins, poisons, and swamp fish.

>60 Kugel Begin cutting down local trees and building a harbor. Even if they don't have ship-building wood, the wood there is sturdy enough to build a static buildings atleast

>29 Kugel start to practice blood magic with the slaves who refused the ultimatum. Through many sacrifices the Kugel have realized the power of blood and sacrifice extend beyond the realm of the gods.

>The-One-Who-Leaps has distinguished themselves time and time again and is said to be holy. They claim to be the son of an unknown god. He declares to unlock his holy powers and be recognized by his holy progenitor he must go one a journey, he ventures into the most dangerous part of the swamp and intends to survive their with nothing but his self and deep prayer.

(I don't know how many rolls you need to so have 4)
Wait I miscounted get rid of >30 Kugel start fish farms intending to provide both food and exotic pets in trade as an action so that it will make sense
cool and no problem mistakes happen to the best of us, it was caught and corrected so no harm no foul. Besides, it's part of why I keep a current stats sheet myself so that I help lighten the load of double-checking stuff and also do not have to constantly badger you with questions.

so pop in at 217

the worship burrows and breeding dens will continue to provide pop buffs till 300 pop and once I am above that I will need to upgrade them to continue to get that buff right?
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Lagolandia Turn 5

Population: 217

Growth rate: *1.3

Settlements: The Great Warren (+0.05 pop growth until 400)– upgrades: breeding dens (+0.05 pop growth until 300, 10 for maintenance ), The Worship burrow of Verameeka (+0.05 pop growth until 300, 6 for maintenance)

Developments: farms, traps &pitfalls, tamed wolves (2/?)

Technology: simple stone tools, simple stone weapons, Survival & wisdom education


Buffs and Debuffs:
basic weapons + 5 in combat
Simple tools (less workforce needed for the same efficiency till 300 pop)
(On turn 6) - Dire wolves grow 10 maintenance
(3/6) military tactics

Major historical events
0 FGW year of the founding of the great warren following the unification of the two largest tribes and the absorption of the many minor tribes.
3 FGW The war of the wolves began with the loss of 7 bunnies, and the safety of Fukrus.
4 FGW War of the wolves end with the great Dire wolf pack having been wiped out and their pups were taken for our own.
5 FGW The bunnies of Fukrus, develop Survival & wisdom education and expand the great warren, allowing for even more unending growth and prosperity. The tools lost to the war of the wolves are replaced giving them tribe even more utility.

Important figures:
Chieftain Peter Cottontail
Chieftess Judy Cottontail (formerly Judy Hopps)

Maintenance commitments total population 100
>30 Bunnies are used for farming
>30 Bunnies are used for hunting
>20 Bunnies are used for continuing tactics research
>20 Bunnies are used for continuing dire wolf domestication

>20 Bunnies will Expand and upgrade the breeding dens with more luxurious dens, new permanent staff trained in massages, service, and a warm welcoming attitude to keep the mood thumping~
>20 Bunnies will Expand and upgrade the Worship burrows of Verameeka, the shrine is made larger, the gathering space for the shaman's sermons bigger to hold more bunnies, and the acoustics are improved so the hymns and chants of The fertility goddess can truly touch the hearts and souls of all in attendance.
>20 Bunnies will continue to teach Survival & wisdom education for the young bucks and does that show great interest and promise in becoming either woodsrabbits or herbalists
>20 Bunnies researching agriculture for ways to improve crop yield and survivability
>20 Bunnies researching masonry so that the tribe can better utilize the stone resources available to them.
>17 Bunnies will prospect the land for new luxury food crops, and spices, to diversity and improve the quality of life provided through food.

sorry for the limited fluff this turn I am just wiped out from the New Year but still wanted to make my turn. let me know if everything looks to be in order, thanks a lot for running
>16 Worker Ants Ants go into Tree Farming/Harvesting
>100 Ants Expand the Queen's Room deeper. Her protection and the eggs are absolute
>25 Ant Princes, freshly spawned, exercise their wings. They will be flying troops
>50 Hunter Ants start sharpening sticks for javelins to throw
>25 Worker Ants develop simple tools, hammers and shovels, to improve the digging
>41 Ants Hunter Ants chew up poison plants to spit out a noxious saliva, becoming spitter ants

[Qm's queries to be answered]
>Thought your realm was united with the same language ane culture
Lore: Akastrian Empire was embroiled in a coup which saw all the former dynasty members brutally executed, Ruslan Ibn Akastros being the only one to survive this. Changelings took the form of family members slain so the public wouldn't know and had Ruslan dealt with maiming him in the process but if by faith or plot armour the mad lad still lived. He was found in a stream and was taken Highland Tribesmen due south of the continent, there he agreed to let them become the new nobles thus starting the battle/war of isha.
Rolled 70 (1d100)

Current parameters

Pop size: 146
Army strength: Güt
Economy: WIP
Culture: Undetermined :P
Defenses: Good.

Year 2 (Age of Rebirth)

[Roleplay of events of the Akastros Empire]

Scribe: Deniz Ibinzion
The past year has been grateful to our little feudal state, trade is up and running, buildings are being stacked, farms are being expanded, military power is being reorganized and rejuvenated. I cannot tell you the horrors we faced during the battle of Isha, brother vs brother, father vs son and vice versa. It was a horrible event which would destroy any normal civilization but since we are already destined to collapse it didn't affect, now we march on to new heights. The merchants of the world have been visiting more regularly, they recognise the skills of our young men who have military tactics known from both unknown cultures and can synergize this martial concepts. The young Arùks at the end of every year have 5-30 graduates, 60% of this officers go on to become military advisors or generals while 30% become judges or justicars. Only 10% are eager for combat and a thrill, thus sending them the merchants sounds like a good idea since Usman Ali Farouk went AWOL because we couldn't give him his thrills. My little ear heard that a certain tribe of harefolk are having troubles with wildlife, we should send some of our talented officers to go help them so they can help us with a future offensive against the eastern pasha.
A little step is same as a large leap
Deniz Ibinzion

Young Arùk Officer: Seriously, I get to leave this boring place to have fun? Alright i'm ready to die in battle!

Usman Ali Farouk:* Enters Lagolandia with his boys and walks into the center of the settlement* We need your help.

[Pop Manager]
-Farmers: 60
-Highland Noble Tribesmen: 12
-Young Arùks: 36
- Shipwrights: 10
-Sailors: 14
-Infants/Children/Old folks: 13
-Pasha: 1

[My action for the the next turn ]

>Usman Ali Farouk opens dialogue with Lagolandia and slanders the eastern pasha
(Pop needed: 36-3 Young Arùks = 30 remaining)

>Farmers continue their work
(Pop needed: 60 farmers)

>Tribesmen attempt to urban plan and start building better infrastructure
(Pop needed: 10 - 12 Tribesmen = 2 remaining)

>Young Arùks have been through hell and back so the Pasha allows them to found their military school/guild ready to teach tactics to anyone interested (yes foreigners included for a good tuition fee)
(Pop needed: 30 - 10 Young Arùks = 20 remaining)

>Send 6 Young Arùks to the merchants in exchange of domestic livestock breeds from other continents
(Pop needed: 20- 6 = 14 remaining)

>Continue Building ships and training sailors on how to navigate/fight on the high seas.
(Pops needed Shipwrights: 10 )
(Pops needed Sailors: 13)
(Sorry if this is a bit confusing/too much QM i'm wasted as well XD)
Rolled 31 (1d100)

Total: 175 Quanli

20 Quanli will maintain their tireless watch over our herds of Crabs.

20 Quanli will keep nurturing and tending to the fruit tree groves.

20 Quanli will man our fishing fleet and fish the waters around our island.

20 Quanli will resume their work in our quarry, bringing up stone and obsidian.

30 Quanli will work on improving our village, strengthening houses with quarried stone.

30 Quanli will go and see what help the stranded Lizardmen need, to repair their ship and learn their shipbuilding expertise as well as crafting some obsidian accessories to suit the Lizardman tastes for the purposes of furthering trade. 5 Quanli Warriors will attach to this group to try and keep this operation secure from potential threats.

And 30 Quanli (half of them trained warriors) will go to scout the unexplored side of our island to see what treasures, wonders or terrors we might be sharing a home with. Will there be metals in the ground, sugars and spices, fine clays for potting, new beasts to domesticate?
A quick reminder to all anons: keep naming territories you discover, we need to fill the geographical map.

Just to be clear, you can still build ships with wood, it's just that they can't be particularly complex and/or big.
>let me know if everything looks to be in order
Ye, your turn is good.
You must first find considerable amounts of poisonous plants. Roll 1d100 for that.
Rolled 49 (1d100)

Town is taking shape. I might add fluff later, busy weekend.

>Use the Golem Workshop to produce two new types of Golems. 3/4 of the production will be Clay War Golems, sturdier than the basic model, armed with built-in bludgeoning weapons and unsuited for civilian tasks. 1/4 will be Clay Panther Golems, focused on speed and attack over sturdiness, they will serve as a rudimentary light cavalry to flank and harass.
>Use golems to improve our fortifications by digging a ditch and erecting towers along the palisade.
>Finish research of Scrying.
>Train our militia further.
>24 of our people will abandon their other duties and train full time to become proper Battle Mages.
>Intensify patrols until we can follow their movements with Scrying or they attack, whichever comes first. We cannot be caught unaware.
Basic strategy is to use all our stacked defensive bonuses to crush their assault and then deliver terms: We will not be driven out. We do not wish to enslave or exterminate them but they will leave us no choice if they do not surrender now. Their people can prosper together with ours if only we end this pointless war.

>so I don't really see any point to it.
I like seeing the official stats. Also, I made 60 golems and lost 15. Shouldn't I have 45 left?

>A quick reminder to all anons: keep naming territories you discover, we need to fill the geographical map.
I'll get right back to that after I deal with some unsavory neighbours
>Shouldn't I have 45 left?
That's right. Fixed.
>Names Moutain Broke back
>Names Valley Valley
>Names Desert Sugon
>Names Cavern Crack den
Is their a war or conflict I should be looking at right now?
so I can understand these foreigners from across the sea, because they are close enough that both languages share a common language ancestor. Or is this a situation where sea people just rolled up and tried to wall into my settlement and we can't understand them?

>>Usman Ali Farouk opens dialogue with Lagolandia and slanders the eastern pasha

once I know if I can even understand you I will see about cooking up a Diplo response.
desu, I wish we had a discord server for this game, I think the size of it would lend itself to it, and would make Diplo stuff nicer, but that is just my view on it.
I'd say your languages are different, but you can work out a rough translation in a year (1 turn).
I can make a discord but I don't see many anons asking for it.
>I'd say your languages are different, but you can work out a rough translation in a year (1 turn).

cool, I will see about dedicating some population to it next turn.

>I can make a discord but I don't see many anons asking for it.

eh, forget I mentioned it. it's a minority view for sure.
Id like a discord
>I can make a discord but I don't see many anons asking for it.
>it's a minority view for sure.
I wouldn't mind it. We're all already namefags, might as well go full tranny. I don't see much we all can talk about so early but it might come in handy later.
>Usman Ali Farouk:* Enters Lagolandia with his boys and walks into the center of the settlement* We need your help.

as usman Ali Farouk entered bunny land, he was watched, when he began to turn toward the Great Warren a rallying call went out, and by the time he began trying to close in on the warren entrance he was stopped. The head of a war axed buried in the dirt before the feet of the knife ears stilt legs. as bunnies armed with spears, axes, daggers reveal themselves the 30 or so half-elves would find they are nearly surrounded with the rear open to them, implying that retreat from rabbit lands is possible. at the front to rabbits would step in from of the rest a buck with strong shoulders and a dagger more compare able to a short sword on his back, and a doe hefting a great war axe, both clothed in the pelts of snow-white dire wolf furs the heads of the beasts resting on there own looking out at the strangers through the now vacant and empty eyeholes of there former predators. One of the pelt wearing rabbits speak

̴̹̃г̴͖͐є̶̠͊ש̵͈́ђ̶͎̌ ̷͓̆Շ̶̢͆г̴̨̏є̷̮̎ ̴̞̄þ̸͈̉ṵ̵́̾ ̸̞̽ﻮ̷̭̄๏̶̙͘ ̵͓̾ร̶̰͐г̷̞̑є̴̝̔ש̵̭͝ђ̶̹̌ ̸͉̔ค̴̧̽ภ̶̺̕ﻮ̶͚̉є̴̡̿ש̸̯̍ ̴͓̋ย̷͕͗Շ̷̝̂г̷͎̈є̶̦͊ ̷̓ͅภ̸̺͛ภ̸̞̽เ̴̰̓๓̶̙̂๏̶͉́к̵̭͠ ̴̈ภ̶̜̀ภ̸̢̂เ̷̢̍ ̵̫͝í̶̥̆ ̶̯̐ɭ̷̪́ö̶̥̚๔̷̢̈́ภ̵̼̈́ ̷̢̽г̷̧̿ค̵̜̚к̸͕͑к̴̺̃๏̶̣͌,̷̳͗ ̸̠̂Ŧ̵͍̔є̶̦̈ ̷͗þ̵̡̒ú̵̦͐ ̴̼̈́Շ̸̜̒г̴̓ͅє̶̬̑ ̴̏͜г̶̡̈́เ̴̭͒ภ̷̺̎เ̸̡̽ש̸̥̓,̸͕̈ ̸̗̉þ̸̡́á̷͖͐ ̸̞̈́ﻮ̶̥͘ﻮ̴̥̀є̶̩̏ɭ̷̙̑ð̴̪́ย̸͕̒ ̵̧̛เ̷̝̈́ภ̴̰̔ð̷̤͊г̷̮̉ย̴͍́ ̵̻̚ภ̸̢̌ק̸̻๏̶̣̑ש̸̏͜,̸̝͝ ̵̹͛Ŧ̸̺̑є̸̜̐ ̷͉͗þ̸̮̋ú̷̡̊ ̶̗̓Շ̸̭͝г̵̻͗є̸̪͐ ̷̒ͅó̴̡͂г̸̗͊ย̷̨͛ภ̴̫̊เ̷͍͗ש̵̨̓,̶̢͝ ̶̋г̸̫̎є̶̝̐ﻮ̵̗̇ð̵̖̐ย̶͎̔ ̴͕̈́เ̴̭̓г̴͎̆Ŧ̷͔̈ð̸̟̌ ̴̙͑เ̵̯̀ש̴͙͑ð̴̫̿ ̷̢͒ย̷͍̈ﻮ̸͖̊ð̵̦͝เ̷̰̀ ̵̳͗þ̷̨̌í̴̤͗ค̸͕̃ภ̴͕͌,̴̖͆ ̶̣̄þ̶͓̆ש̵̳̉í̵̒ͅ ̵̠͗ค̵̛̗ð̸͓̈́ ̸̙̾þ̷̗͒ú̷̱̓ ̶̦̌Շ̴̠͝ภ̵̣̕ย̸̞̈́๓̵̤̽ ̴̠̂เ̶̝̌к̵̼к̸͍͐є̵̥̈ ̵̯̎ค̸̞͘Ŧ̷̮̽є̷͝ͅﻮ̷̢̈́г̷̱͆เ̴̈́͜Ŧ̷̘̋ץ̸͎̃ ̷̞͆þ̵̝͑ภ̴͕͊ค̷͚̊ภ̶͈͛ภ̴̻̃є̶̰̂ ̵̥̾ค̵̱̂Շ̴̧̔ร̶̼̏ð̶͔͠ ̷͓̆เ̸̞๔̷͎̏ภ̸̘͑ค̸̝̂Ŧ̸͕̀เ̶͙̉ɭ̵̭̑.̴͎̈

after finishing all the rabbits remain still, and ready, waiting for the group of strangers to respond.
A discord wouldn't be bad mate, I vote on it.

Usman Ali Farouk: *Looks at the majestic beasts in their natural habitat and listens to the strange language spoken to him ane his colleagues, in confusion he removes his ushanka in a shape of a white onion and begins to respond to the rabbits but first he bows and raises his hands to show humility*

>[Diplomacy Challenge]


The lack of imidate aggression and the knife eared stilt legs leaders show of respect soothed the chief and chieftess, but the total lack of a common tongue was worrying very worrying indeed. a short and hushed conversation is had between the pair clad in their snow-white dire wolf furs. before both seem to nod to one another in agreement.

ó̴̫͇͒̎ṙ̷̬ ̴̤͛̽í̵̥̰͗̓

with a word, the various bunnies around the strangers seem to relax, not griping their weapons as tightly nor looking at the strangers as sharply. a closer look shows that if the strangers attempted to be hostile, they would not be taken off guard, and on them in moments.

though likely the main focus of the strangers would be on the two dire wolf fur-clad bunnies as they place their weapons into sheath stepping forward and raising their hoods. the buck has soft and plush lop ears and is covered from head to toe in a creamy brown fur coat, the doe is a sleek gray from tip to tail, with proud and tall ears turned toward the strangers. the two return the gesture of respect bowing their heads to the lead kife eared slit legs. before the Buck speaks


ภ̸̣͗ภ̷̜̀є̶͝ͅ๓̴͈͐ค̴̢̑๔̶̯͂ภ̴͈̌ค̴̯͊๒̴̬̽ ̵͖̒г̴̹̒เ̸̾ͅՇ̶̪͝ร̶̡̈ค̴͈̓Ŧ̵̖́ ̷̣๓̶̹̈́ย̷̫͘ภ̴̢̽ค̶̡̌๓̷͕̾í̸̯Շ̴͚̐ ̸̝ð̴̮̂є̶̛̭๓̷̭͠ ̵͖́เ̶͕͆๔̴̣̄ภ̷̫͂ค̴̙̕ภ̸̗̑๏̷̭̔ש̶̡̀ ̵͙͋ค̵͈́ð̵̬͠г̸͎̈є̸̼͛ש̷͈̑ ̴͎̓ﻮ̴̪͒๏̶̬̊ ̵̼͆ย̶͉̈́г̸͍͝ð̸̫̋ö̵̼̌ ̸̪̓Ŧ̴͓́ค̶̜̌ ̴̖Շ̷͍̀г̸͇̏є̴̣́ש̵̮͗ђ̴̰̏ ̵͔͗ค̶͇̎г̷͇͒æ̸̮͗ɭ̸̥̓ ̵̖ﻮ̸̹͐๏̴̗̃ ̷̧͝г̸͔̚ค̷̪̒þ̵̖̂ ̴̯͝Շ̶̻̄ร̷̺̍ค̵̰̄Շ̸̟͛Շ̷ͅเ̸̳̋ђ̵͖̓ ̶̱͌๓̶̭̈́ย̸̹͂ภ̸͉́ย̴̮́๓̵̱̓ ̷̝̀ð̶̒เ̵͍̀ש̴̩̀ ̷̨̛ﻮ̶̟͌๏̷̱ ̵̡̿๓̶̞̏ย̴̦̓ภ̷̝̎ย̶̩̇г̷̳̈́æ̸̝̐๓̵̣͂ค̵͎̚๔̴͔͐ภ̸̠̿ค̷̫͐ɭ̸̢̄ ̷͍̕ð̴̖̓ค̸̭́ ̴͂г̸͙̔ย̵͇͑ภ̷̮í̴̹̏ภ̴̪͝ค̸̧̀к̸͕̚ ̴͕̀ค̸̫̃๔̶̨̔ภ̷͚͆є̶̱̊ร̴̘͊ ̸̉͜๓̶̹̍ย̸̧̑ภ̷̡ย̴͔̈๓̷̳̃ ̴͔͆ð̶͈̍เ̷̞̓ש̶̺̓ ̴̜̆.̵̙̃ภ̸̨͑ภ̶̥̀เ̶̺̃þ̴̹̋ ̵̼͂ภ̶͙̉є̷̨͝๔̵͓̉ ̶̗̌ð̷̬̈́ค̷̦๔̵̖̾ภ̶̭̀г̴̘̾є̶͔͗ש̶͙́ ̴̩̄ค̵̰͂к̴͎͘є̵̛͕๓̸̠͂ค̵͚͝г̷͓̇є̸͓̃ש̶̜͘ ̶̹̽๓̸̫̚ย̷͓̕ﻮ̵̪́є̴̟͛๓̵͓̀ ̶̝͂ﻮ̸̹͑๏̵̡͝ ̸̱̋เ̴̛̯ð̴͚̒เ̵̭̒г̷̳̋Ŧ̸̤͝ ̷̜̈į̷́̾ ̸̟͝ð̵̦̄เ̵̗̄г̵͙̏ค̵͖̋Ŧ̶͇̄ ̵̨͒๓̴̢͝ย̵̭̀Շ̸̢͒є̵̧̔ﻮ̸̨̈́ ̸͉̈́ð̷̣̾เ̴̫̒ש̴̬̈́ ̴̘̄ภ̶̈́ͅє̸̩͊ ̶̞͘г̷̼̈г̶̟ץ̸̧̒Ŧ̶͔̈́ ̸̪̀ð̶̬͂ค̴̦̔ภ̵͘ภ̸͓̋ค̵̪͛ ̸̦Շ̴͕͂г̴̹̿є̸̗̈ש̷̺̓ђ̴̻͝ ̴̥̌ð̸̗̆เ̶͕̾ɭ̸̰͗เ̷͖̕к̵͚̋ร̶̦̏ ̶̨̊๓̸͓̈́ย̸̳̋Շ̴̪̆є̴͍͘ﻮ̵̠̎ ̷̭̓ð̵̖̾เ̸̺́ש̵̻̿ ̶̠͝ภ̷̮̾є̶̠́ ̷̬̚г̶͊ѓ̷ץ̴̰͑Ŧ̴̰̑ ̸͆ͅѓ̸̨ค̸̯͝к̸͕̌к̶̧̀๏̵̭̌ ̷͓͗เ̴͉̓ɭ̶̡̊เ̶̢̍๓̷̢̈́เ̴͙̋є̷̉ͅђ̷̛̼ ̷̼̕á̵̯͐ ̵̖̎ภ̴̨̓ภ̷͍̈́เ̵̠̔ ̵̤̉г̶̱̃é̵̟̈́


þ̷́͜ ̴̩͗Շ̴͔̿ק̷̯͂ץ̵̧̇є̵̹̕ɭ̶̼͐ђ̵͎̚ ̵͜͠เ̷̭̈́к̸̩̽к̴̜͆є̵̺́ ̸̰͆๓̷̳̃ย̵̟͐Շ̵͍͊є̸͓̂ﻮ̶͓̇ ̶͕͘ð̵̫͐เ̴̜͊ש̵̦ ̸̱́,̴̱̇ภ̶̼́เ̷̗͌ﻮ̶̧̎เ̵̳̽є̶̡̈́ ̶̟̚г̷̫͊ค̸̦̔к̶̞̑к̴̤͋๏̵̼͆ ̸̰̈́เ̶̯๔̶͎̂ภ̴̠̈́ค̷̦̕๓̴̏ͅค̷͛ͅг̷͕͊Ŧ̴̘͒ ̸̘̎г̷̦͝є̶͋ ̴̡̍๓̷̥̈є̴͙͂ร̷͇̓ ̵̀ͅย̷̧̔ﻮ̵̤̾ภ̷͕̃ย̷̤͘Շ̴͖͑ ̷̱̌г̸̺̍ค̵͚̏ɭ̷̖̆ค̷̫̑Շ̴͙̉ ̸̯̏ú̴̫̂þ̷̄ ̶̞̒.̴̯̇á̸̰̇þ̷̖̇ภ̷̭̿ภ̴̖͘є̶͇́ ̵̮͛๓̶̣̓ย̸̬͋ภ̴͉̏เ̶͈̃ש̵̦̊ ̵̏ͅ๓̴̟є̴̗́ร̵̗̇ ̸̠͐г̷͍̂ḛ̷́́þ̵͎͌ ̶͔̈́เ̸̧̂Շ̴̟̈ó̵̝͐๓̶̨̉ ̵͖̉á̶̧̔ ̶̮́ð̴̠̇เ̵͕̐к̷͎͒є̷͇͂Շ̵͒ͅ ̸̛̥เ̵̘̏к̷̝̑к̶̱̏є̸̫͠ ̴̡̉๓̷͈̚ย̴̯͝Շ̴̻̿є̷̮̊ﻮ̴̞͐ ̴͈̏ð̸͖͝เ̶̥̆ש̷̛̼ ̷͚͛ภ̶ͅє̵͔̽ ̸̫̿,̶̼̌ﻮ̵̳̑ค̸̩͐๔̵̭̋ ̸͖͛ภ̶͚̎ค̶̤͒ภ̵̼̔ภ̷͓̉є̸̗þ̸̡́ ̸̙͝ѓ̷̢ค̵̖̽к̴̡̈к̸̞͊๏̷̜̇ ̶̠͘г̴͚̔ย̴͓̐ภ̴̯เ̸̝̓ש̸̻̆ó̶̻͝ ̵̼̃เ̷̣̄к̶̱͠к̶̣̂є̴̺̐ ̸͓̌Շ̵͕́г̷͕̏є̵̨̎ ̶̌ͅú̴̮͊þ̶͉͝ ̶̯̓ð̶̮̂ค̷͙̇ ̴͔͘é̸̥̈́ร̸̖͂ ̶̤̃ﻮ̷͈͑É̵̻̋

as he does the doe is drawing in the loose dirt, it shows stick men with knife ears leaving back to the border they came from, in the company of stick men with the unmistakable bunny ears. it goes on to depict the strangers and bunnies parting in peace, then the depiction of 7 moons and 7 suns passing is shown. finally, a group of bunnies and knife ears is shown meeting once more at the border sitting and talking with one another.
sorry for using too many posts but the character count was being a bitch
Whether or not the yeti should use things that won't be available during the ice age is a debate as old as the tribe. The current chief had overthrew the previous one over this debate and feared that he himself may be overthrown if he didn't assure the people still respected him. So he began to get some of his most loyal supporters to help him. He also ordered the missionary yeti to make amends with the humans. Meanwhile the tribe puts their wood to good use.
>30 yeti take care of the herd
>20 yeti tend to the trees
>21 yeti hunt and fish and gift the food to the humans
>31 yeti become the chiefs pr team
>36 yeti try to make leather armor
>36 yeti make boats

[Conversation after the bunnies start their meeting]

Young Arùks #1: What the hell is happening?

Young Arùks #2: No idea, it seems their hospitality is a bit questionable but it would suffice. So squad leader...happy your crazy plan hasn't killed us yet? *whole party turns to Usman*

Usman: *isn't listening to them but is intrigued with the bunnies and the illustrations showing both humanoid figures with different sets of ears, he twirls his moustache and starts to create crazy theories about it*

Random young Arùks: Squad leader?*touches Usman*

Usman: *Slaps hand off* will you fool be silent, i'm trying to understand this strange painting

Young Arùk #6: Why? Looks like primitive nonsense...we're wasting time in hostile territory. We should leave *scratches head*

Usman: We don't leave till we get help or make help, got it? *Turns to the rest of them*

Random Young Arùk: Ah...Squad leader?

Usman: What is it?

Random Young Arùk: From the illustration I can denote 3 types of stick figures to represent 3 different peoples...

Usman: *turns to him* hmm and?

Random young Arùk: What if this is a basic run down of their interaction with foreigners.

Usman: It would be easy to think so, I prefer not to dwell on speculation. Well boys get your bunny face on, we're becoming harefolks for a while

>Usman and the young Arùks decide to live as Lagolandians till next year to overcome linguistic barriers.

With the sightings of humans ever more present, and the potential of a strike incoming, a greater number of the more wrathful and a few more prideful would be trained to become Afanistís in a similar manner as to before, though in greater numbers. Ideally, the sizable enough force would prove to be enough to protect the tribes from any attempted assault, and after such the human attackers who lived could be interrogated to allow a counter attack to be organized. However first was further preparations for battle, and in that simply more soldiers would do. As this was done, a sizable number would start working on the work of tanning. Mostly due to the skins that the many hunters had to offer from their work. This would ideally allow far more clothing for the population and far more comfortable and longer lasting clothing at that. Further the village itself would be further expanded due to the increasing population, all with more advanced houses thanks to the new methods of construction and the materials utilized in such. While all this was underway though, a number tied to greed would try and make use of the copper that was found, getting a number to gather it while a sizable number worked on what was taken from the earth to properly work the material into something useful, if such a method could even be found, while another subsection of prideful crafters worked on making the most beautiful trinkets with the amber that was gathered. The only other main thing of note was that the hunters would simply sharpen their skills and techniques further, partially due to the threat of invasion and partially due to the desire to further improve their craft and gather greater amounts of food and leather for the future. All in all though, the tribes were really coming into something of their own. Perhaps at the rate they were going they might become something of a proper civilization or city state. And the place they built their homes that they have stayed for far longer than most would gain a name. Tylisseutherna.

40 Halfdemons Train to become Afanistís.
40 Halfdemons research better Tanning.
40 Halfdemons work on further housing
40 Halfdemons Research metallurgy
30 Halfdemons gather Copper
30 Halfdemons become Hunters
20 Halfdemons Farm
13 Halfdemons work on crafting jewelry with the new Amber
Rolled 45 (1d100)

> assign 50 Idrudari to the fruit trees
> assign 50 idrudari to building Fishermen’s huts and another 50 to start fishing
> assign 20 Idrudari to praying at the temple (ALL the mages must pray)
> assign 20 Idrudari to building workshops- masons, lumberjacks, all this sort of places

The colony is a bustling hive of activity- the priests are ecstatic about all the growth and development, but organizing is getting quite difficult! So, priests take to leading the chieftains and their citizens personally, managing tasks and assigning roles on the fly.
For now, expansion is stalled- we do not want to risk lives discovering what is upsetting those majestic beasts, our efforts are better spent otherwise: gathering food, building huts and workshops, to eventually improve all of our tools and homes!
And how could we forget about our great divine? Prayer must be kept up!
Seeing the strangers either didn't understand the message in the drawings or had no place to return to, which the bunnies surmised as their equipment wasn't in the best condition upon closer inspection, the decision was made to allow them to remain in Lagolandia but not in the warren, they were still strangers after all. it was decided they would lead the strange stilt-legged knife ears, to a nearby meadow away from the settlement but still within their land. Furnishing them with supply and material to make lodging, perhaps in time, the language barrier can be successfully broken down. but that is an endeavor that will take considerable time and effort on both party's sides.

>the half-elves are allowed to remain in lagolandia but not into the city at least until a common tongue is established.
>is literally building a reich because of fear from other races
I wonder what goes on in them warren

Random. Though, if you mean reich as in the original meaning of realm, most certainly.
>What happens in the warrens, stay in the warrens

Yeah but hey, you're playing on hardmode. I wonder when npc factions[world hazards] would start wrecking our civs.
File: PLEASURE.gif (565 KB, 367x265)
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565 KB GIF
Home village: Altimir
River Samalin

[ Fluff for next round because inspiration hit ]

> There is a saying - that even the smallest kitten can be wise. It started quite simply, with an astute observation. As the kitten listened intently to the storyteller regaling the exploits of the explorers, the young one asked about the golems and what exactly they were. The Elder explained that they were made of clay and powered by magic. '...Clay like we have?' and all conversation stopped.

> The kitten had not asked something taboo but had stumbled upon a blind spot all of us Elders shared - With all the progress the scouts and Explorers had made during the last year, we had simply not considered dabbling with magic at all. It is not that magic is unknown to us - Simply put, culturally, it was rare. Tidecallers, catfolk with control over water; tended to show aptitude at a young age and one has not been born for generations. We have a story of a Tidecaller mother giving birth to another Tidecaller and an Aircaller ( even rarer! ) together, and that is recognized as essentially Legend. Past CatLords often called for these children to be put to death because of fear and insecurity over power. I am not those past leaders. In more recent times, Tidecallers fables have changed and the last one generations ago was raised and became a skilled expedition leader, able to control the seas and at least partially the weather.

> Such a skilled magician would be a boon to our folk in these times, if one were to be born. But again, it has been generations since any magical catfolk has been born, and that coupled with our folk not settling down means that we have essentially a magical blind spot. We know magic ( and even stranger things ) exists, but we have no experience with it. But we can potentially learn. We can study the Golems of the Garden and with time/luck potentially unlock the ways of Golemancy. Perhaps the Golems can be persuaded to teach us an insight with an offering of our fine clay. Perhaps they will understand our plight, our desire for a stronger defense than our simple stone can offer.

[ Next round - The plan is to attempt to send the explorers back with the potters and a golems worth of fine clay as an offering. Using the potters and time to craft a golem in the Garden golem's image and perhaps show worth/value to the Golems or hopefully a living caretaker? Someone made them, perhaps a mage is still around. To learn Golemancy would be a valuable skill for our people armed only with clay and stone. We did not ask questions and perhaps there is more to learn ]

[ It is likely going to be a fight getting the catfolk to settle down and settle in to establishing roots in a single location. Exploring and wanderlust have been the generational and cultural identity for quite some time and while stories exist of an empire of catfolk, those are stories told and not seen as a reality to be lived. To be continued character limit -

[ With time and technological advances and defenses they are likely to come around; but it will come down to winning these battles and slowly winning a war against constant uprooting and traveling and exploring. Some of this will be able to be mitigated by allowing the catfolk with the most wanderlust to go on exploring expeditions and seeing new sights and returning with stories. Even to known locations like the planned expedition back to the Garden/ or the Sacred Shrine. But that trick will only work so many times, rotating through the catfolk with wanderlust and old locations will get old and new expeditions will need to be planned. Balancing these needs against our new need for defense and training will be a struggle; but a fight I think can be won. It will take years to rewrite the cultural identity to this location and taking pride in what we accomplish/build; but it can be done. In many ways my lasting reputation as a CatLord rides on establishing these new roots and digging in our claws. Continuing to practice our religion will be essential to bridging this gap which is part of why I have kept the faith these years thus far. I dont know how long it will take. ]
Rolled 22 (1d100)

>You must first find considerable amounts of poisonous plants. Roll 1d100 for that.
A heads up to anons who haven't submitted their actions yet, I'll start working on the update tomorrow morning, so you have about 12-15 hours to submit your actions, after that I'll be posting without you.

Roll 1d100 for battle this turn.
Unless your roll was for battle with the fishmen, do the same.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

I assumed the roll would be for that inevitable battle but here's a second roll if it's needed.
Rolled 85 (1d100)


A roll, as requested
>A heads up to anons who haven't submitted their actions yet, I'll start working on the update tomorrow morning, so you have about 12-15 hours to submit your actions, after that I'll be posting without you.

awesome looking forward to the update as always
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Let's see how things go, ideally well.
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Actions - Maintain composting & wine production. Trade for camels & various plants, mostly edible to increase food variety, but ask if the have any that could be processed into drugs specifically hallucinogens, Talk to the caravans about setting up an trading post at Satyr's Fortune
oh that roll was to see if they had the specific drugs I was looking for should I roll again for negotiations for the trade post?
Ok, I'll take the first one then.
No, you have enough goodwill to establish a trade post without rolls.
Rolled 58, 71, 1 = 130 (3d100)

Rolling for
1 - pirates vs Quanli
2 - fishmen vs Zésh
3 - humans vs Daiona Tribes
>humans vs Daiona Tribes

god fucking damn those humans got rolled
Humans: Roll up tribal style and yell OOGA BOOGA
Daionians: So anyway I started blasting.
Oof the justice enforcers lost the race war
as long as my bunnies are fine I am chill with the rest of the world doing its own thing. to borrow a line from dune with a bunny twist, the fecundity must grow
Should've called your civ Fecundlandia
>Should've called your civ Fecundlandia

don't tempt me, once I take over a few more territories, I just might rename my nation

>Fecundlandia's national anthem
Was expecting a rickroll ngl XD

I guess QM is busy typing so no updates today, still wondering when an updated map would be shown.
to be fair this is a fuckton of work

Waiting patiently QM take your time
relax bro it's only mid day
File: polmap6.png (70 KB, 4000x2000)
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File: geomap4.png (77 KB, 4000x2000)
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[Wool yield increase 4/10]
[Due to more than necessary workers allocated to marble extraction, you have built up a stockpile for a major project.]
Your scouts return. They report finding the Kingdom of Antellim. It is ruled with an by tyrants, quick to stomp out any opposition, yet at the same time relatively egalitarian, allowing the lower classes to ascend to administration with enough willpower, so long as they don't anger their superiors. Their cities and villages possess councils that manage resources allocated to them from the central government. Antellimians are a hard-working, diligent people, quite welcoming too, greeting your scouts with openness. Their main production is zinc, a rare metal used in brass smelting. They also herd sheep and cut down shipbuilding wood. Antellimians trade extensively with peoples on the southern side of the sea.
Another piece of information your scouts have learned is that a necromancer is building his army to the east, beyond the borders of Antellim. A worrying development.
Regarding scholar education, it'll take 3 years until the elders fully instruct them on sciences. When they're ready, they may be assigned to various tasks such as drawing up architectural plans, documenting your people's culture, etc.
[1/3 36 scholar training]
[You have built a port. Provided you supply it with shipbuilding wood, galley midships may be constructed here. This also opens up the possibility of sea trade.]
[Workshops are built. Here, masons, woodworkers and other craftsmen may be trained.]
[With population growing, free houses are being occupied. They need to be expanded should you want maintain the pop growth bonus.]
You have 238 cynocephales.
The masons' expertise comes in handy as the arena is built. Cyclopean methods of construction -- joining very smooth stones together without the use of mortar -- lend themselves to a grand building in the middle of the jungle. Moreover, since it is dedicated to Vaprak, the Troll God smiles upon you. Due to its size, it'll take 2 turns to be built. [1/2 Grand Stone Arena]
[2/5 snake ??? project]
Snow Reader returns with the search party. While they have not found many industrial or direct application goods, they report finding cocoa trees and trees with curious resin that can be used as dyes and aromatic substances. They also report that to the south, the jungle slowly recedes first into savanna, and then into rocky desert. There, they by chance met a caravan of bedouins. Communication was tough, but they determined that a trade route passes to the south of your lands.
[You have obtained access to local trade network.]
[You have equipped your trolls with snakeskin armour. This will provide a +7 bonus in combat.]
[Woodworkers and Maul Shaper continue their education. It'll take another year for them to finish experimenting, but then they'll be able to construct machines to aid in building or war. 1/2 woodworker education.]
You have 165 trolls.

The gods are pleased with your constant tending to the shrine. Should you maintain it for a couple more years, you'll receive a blessing. [2/4 Gods' blessing]
The northern explorers report that forests give way to plains there. They've sighted a herd of wild horses -- these could be domesticated as beasts of burden. There is nothing more of note there, at least as far north as the explorers have gone.
[Over the year, the potters gain experience. As a result, you have started producing ceramics. These boost your peoples' quality of life. Obtain one more resource of the same type, and you'll receive a bonus. Alternatively, these could be traded away.]
[You have built a bow and arrow workshop and shooting range. Your archers can be trained further with this.]
A disaster strikes! The workers have accidentally corrupted the spring with impurities and dirt as they built the supporting structures around it.
However, the gods were willing to forgive this blunder due to your dedicated worship. The spring clears itself, and is ready to be studied again.
[You have trained 20 warriors. They will receive a +10 bonus in combat. Their skill can be enhanced further.]
You have 159 catfolk.
20 catfolk are warriors.
The Amazons are divided. Half of them join the warrior caste, yet half remain as slaves, faithful to the old spirits of the land that they worshipped.
[The freed Amazons train with warriors, teaching them ways of waging war. Your 30 warriors now get +10 bonus to combat rolls. They can be trained further, but that requires specialised training facilities.]
[The mast of the ship is ready.]
The swamplands of your home are poor in wildlife whose skins or meat can be regarded as of high quality. The best they can do is kill the rare crocodile and harvest its skin.
The merchants come and go over the year, returning with increasing amounts of shipbuilding wood. This is quite odd considering how little you can offer them. It'll take another year for it to become large enough for the project you're attempting to implement.
[1/2 shipbuilding wood stockpile. Roll another time next turn unless you find something valuable.]
[You have built a harbour. Greater ships may be constructed here.]
The blood magic rituals are unsuccessful. With no reference material and help from gods, the Kugel only wound themselves in search of spells that can aid them. Perhaps they're simply not meant for mortals to possess.
The gods recognize the devotion of The-One-Who-Leaps, and show him a sign in the sky as his seclusion comes to an end. However, various signs the priests notice indicate that he must complete one more ordeal -- slay a mighty beast on the mainland by himself -- for him to be accepted as the Champion of the Gods.
You have 198 Kugel frogmen, 20 amazonians and 15 amazonian slaves.
30 of the Kugel are warriors.
All free amazonians are warriors.
[4/6 tactics research.]
[Dire wolves have grown. The tamers report that you'll have a loyal and trained pack of wolves next year.]
The expansion of various warren facilities has proven fruitful. With comfier breeding dens and greater shrine to Verameeka, the rabbitfolk has access to both recreation and faith for the foreseeable future.
[Breeding Dens and Shrine to Verameeka will provide bonuses until 600 population now.]
[Woodsrabbits and herbalist training is proceeding smoothly. One more year and their education will be done.]
With greater population, better technology for food production is needed. Your researchers begin experimenting with agriculture on small plots of land dedicated to this purpose.
[1/3 agricultural research.]
Others study the ways in which stone may be shaped and extracted from earth. However, without considerable deposits or highlands nearby, the research is predicted not to go too far.
[You have researched Basic Masonry. Build a workshop for training masons. To further research this branch, gain access to deposits of stone.]
The scouting parties return with meagre finds. They've brought with them some fruit, which can roughly be categorized as luxury food, and information that to the east a herd of aurochs, wild bulls and cows, dwells. They could be domesticated.
In the past year, something is going awry in the tribe...
You have 304 lagomorphs.
30 of them can't be allocated to work because of ??? (roll 1d100 to find out the cause, DC: 90 but will get lower over time)

Some ants are tending to trees, but simply not enough for the colony to grow.
[Allocate 10 ants per 100 population to get a growth bonus.]
The Queen's Room is greatly expanded, including branching passages leading to areas where eggs are kept and nurtured by the Hive.
[Queen's Room is now Queen's Hall -- provides bonus to pop growth until 700 ants.]
[Ant Princes become the warrior caste of the Hive as a nimble strike force. They will receive +10 bonus in combat.]
[You have equipped your ants with javelins. This will provide +5 bonus in combat until 500 population. After that, more javelins will need to be made.]
[Makeshift tools out of easily obtainable materials are made. Projects require less workforce for same efficiency until 600 ants.]
You find little to no plants that are highly-toxic enough to be used in battle. There still remains the option of venomous animals, such as snakes.
The wasps are getting more aggressive. They have kidnapped or outright killed 20 ants on missions around your territory.
You have 276 ants.
25 are Prince Ants.
>14 unallocated Aruks
>30 implied living in Lagolandia for the year
Uhh... I wish you would just allocate pops normally, without dividing them into weird castes. Children & old folks are included in the hidden part of your population already, so is your ruler.
[Farmers have finished their research. They've now got knowledge of which fertilizers to use for which plants, this will boost crop yield. You'll get +0.1 pop growth from food instead of +0.05.]
The noble tribesmen present a plan to Pasha regarding the expansion of the village. It includes paving the roads with stone, building medicinal and recreational places. However, without properly trained masons and/or woodworkers, it will remain just that -- a plan, not reality.
[You have founded a military school. Here, officers to lead the regular troops may be trained.]
The merchants laugh at your offering of 6 Aruks as mercenaries. They respond that they need several dozens for them to be considered a proper force.
[Sailors have received the basic training, but there's not enough of them to man even a single ship. They will receive a +5 bonus to combat on the seas.]
[Shipwrights have finished another galley smallship. However, it'd require over half your population to man the full fleet. Perhaps it's time to slow down a little?]
Worrying reports come from the west. A barbarian chiefdom, one of those which sprawled up after your empire's collapse, is becoming more aggressive, sending scouts into your territories. It's only a matter of time before casualties are sustained.
You have 176 halfelves.
36 are Young Aruks.
13 are sailors.
[4/7 crab enhancement]
[New houses are being built and reinforced with stone from the quarries, both expanding the living area and fortifying your village. Bonuses to pop growth from housing will remain until 500 Quanli now.] [Provide housing with enhancements, and you'll get people in a better mood, boosting both their productivity and performance in combat.]
>85 + 10 (crabshell armour) + 10 (obsidian weapons) + 5 (training) + 10 (numbers) + 15 (harbour) = 135 vs. 93 = 58 + 10 (experience) + 15 (iron weapons) + 10 (ranged advantage)
Your scouts hurry back from the other side of the isle to report a pirate cove! At the same time, a ship full of them attacks the merchant lizardmen. The ensuing battle is tough, but you ultimately emerge victorious, capturing a galley midship (100 crew required) and 50 pirates as slaves. Your own numbers, however, decrease by 25 Quanli, brave warriors sacrificing their lives to protect the tribe.
Due to urgent news and a fierce battle, the scouts couldn't complete their survey in time. What they found out is that the southern part of the island contains little in resources, except for a growth of sugar cone. It'll take several years to make proper plantations, however.
Except for the pirate incident, the repairs to the ship are progressing as usual. By the end of the year, the breaches in hull are repaired, and the workers performing them are instructed by the lizardmen in the ways of shipbuilding. They also exchange obsidian accessories for gold and several sacks of spice. They also promise that they'll put your name out there once they depart.
[You have gained a stockpile of spice and gold. You have gained access to a local trade network. 30 of Quanli are now experienced shipwrights.]
You have 194 Quanli and 50 human slaves.
30 of Quanli are shipwrights.
[You have enhanced your defence with a ditch and watchtowers. Your fortifications now provide +20 bonus in combat.]
[You produce 20 golems, 15 war clay and 5 panther clay ones, by the time fishmen attack.]
[The militia is trained to the greates extent at +10 bonus to combat. To further enhance their performance, a dedicated warrior corps need to be organized.]
These are all the preparations you manage to get done before the fishmen attack in summer. There are 150 of them, with warcries they descend upon your village, intent on subduing your people...
>49 + 20 (fortification) + 10 (militia) + 10 (tactical superiority - golems) + 10 (magic) = 99 vs 81 = 71 + 10 (bone weaponry)
... and get crushed in their reckless assault. Counterattacking with panther golems in pursuit, you chase them to their village and fully subjugate their people. While they may be subservient now, it'll require years of indocrination for them to change their warlike ways. You have dominion over 100 fishmen now. It remains to be decided what exactly to do with them.
Tallying the losses, you determine that half your golem army and 20 sorcerers lay dead in and around your village.
[You have finished scrying research. You may now scout the surroundings with greater precision and monitor the waters around your island. Immediately putting it to use, you detect merchant ships passing nearby, and let them know about your village. You have gained access to local trade network.]
[24 battle mages begin their training. Masters of both sword and sorcery, they will become fearsome warriors against your enemies. They have +15 bonus in battle.]
You have 183 humans and elves, 100 fishmen, and 32 golems of various types.
24 of humans are battle mages.
[Your gifts of deer skin and meat have appeased the humans. The failed proselytization attempt is now in the past.]
[The yetis communicating with the tribe on behalf of the chieftain slowly, but surely indoctrinate the yetifolk that that using objects that won't be around in the ice age is alright. The grumbling won't settle for some time, however.]
[Using part of the lumber stockpile for tanning, and then boiling the leather in water melted from snow, your craftsmen equip the common yetis in leather armour. This will provide a +8 bonus in combat until 300 population.]
[Using the lumber stockpile from the southern expedition, yetis who reverse-engineered the whalers' boat get to work in constructing boats. By the end of the year, you've got a fishing fleet. If you dedicate 10 yetis per 100 population to fishing, your pop growth rate will increase.]
Whaler humans bring worrying news. Apparently, somewhere to the southeast, a warlord is assembling an army, intending to raid the western coast of the continent. He'll soon be heading to your peninsula. The whalers won't be joining him, and ask for your help should he decide to force them to join. Some yetis, however, propose that you partake in the raid...
With the tribe growing in size, there is not enough slings and tools for the same efficiency. More of these need to be assembled.
Remember to man the iron mine if you want iron, and that there's a sulfur deposit in the mountains.
You have 200 yetis.
[The numbers of Afanistis increase over the year. There are 60 of them by the time the humans attack.]
>86 + 15 (wall) + 10 (Afanistis) = 111 vs. 1 = 1 (CRITICAL FAILURE) + 15 (bronze weapons) + 10 (numbers)
While the humans are better equipped, it is a disaster for their army. Slaughter reigns on the battlefields, as Afanistis tear through flesh with their brittle claws. Losing only 5 halfdemons, you kill 50 humans and capture 50 more as slaves.
[100 bronze weapons have been scavenged.]
[2/3 tanning research.]
[The housing has been expanded. It may now accomodate up to 600 halfdemons.]
[Your people begin their research into metallurgy. Ways in which the metal can be cast, tools for shaping hot metals into shape, and other things are being investigated. 1/3 metallurgy research.]
[Using simple tools, your halfdemons extract copper from the earth in the outcropping. It'll be some years until the metallurgical research advances before it can be molded into a proper shape.]
[30 halfdemons become Hunters. Until your population breaks through 600, should they be assigned to a hunt, they will provide a supply of not only meat, but also muscus and less-damaged leather which can be crafted into higher quality garments.]
[Using up the amber stockpile, you've created jewelry. Prized by the more prideful halfdemons, it becomes a symbol of status and respect. One more resource of this kind, and you will get bonuses due to improved quality of life.]
A stunning development -- Mávithanátoslepdas, the accursed sword, moves on its own, twisting and pointing north with its blade as an echo is heard from it. Perhaps its owner is in that direction? More magical investigation about the sword is needed...
You have 317 halfdemons and 50 human slaves.
30 of the halfdemons are hunters.
55 of the halfdemons are Afanistis.
[There need to be idrudari tending to the berry bushes and plantations as well for considerable amounts of food other than fruit to be harvested.]
[Fishing provides yet more variety to your people's diet. +0.05 pop growth for 10 dedicated idrudari per 100 population.]
[Prayers please Akret, yet he is hesitant to give you another blessing. Perhaps he wants you to advance on your own...]
[You have constructed workshops. Various craftsmen can be trained here.]
Slightly alarming news have been reported from the western reaches. Unicorns there have been disappearing, some of theirs skin stained in black. Suspicious, crackling sounds are heard from the woods...
With growing population, burrows need to be expanded if they are to accomodate enough idrudari.
You have 238 idrudari.

[3/7 land improvement]
[The bedouins are happy to trade fruit other than what grows around the oasis for wine. They offer bananas, pineapples, mango, as well as the exotic cocoa beans.]
The merchants deliver you a mild narcotic plant called the dreamweed. It is not very potent, but induces a sleep-like state in those consuming it.
The caravans want more facilities if they are to stop here. Try building bathhouses and the like for them to set up a proper trading post.
You have 185 satyrs.
>>30 of them can't be allocated to work because of ??? (roll 1d100 to find out the cause, DC: 90 but will get lower over time)

oooooh shit, a mystery, fuck yeah this is gonna be good man I hope I catch it early so I can start working on it rather than being in the dark but hey we will see how it goes!

I'll work on my turn in a few hours maybe tomorrow at the latest
Rolled 6 (1d100)

Continue the Arena.
>21 Masons 40 Trolls

Snake thinkers continue research.
>15 Trolls

Maul Shaper and woodworkers continue their knowledge.
>20 Woodworkers

Snow Reader and the scouts begin to study and track the wildlife of the jungle. Mostly the big game to figure out what they eat and their migration patterns.
> 20 Trolls

Maul Shaper orders a collection of the hardest woods the trolls can find.
>20 Trolls

Hunters fall in love with the cocoa, they say it gives them a edge in the chase. Roc Feller orders Old Baba to begin cultivation of the tree.
>29 Trolls

Don't know if I need the roll to track animals.
The chief ask the humans to teach the yeti how to make the weapons they use to hunt whales. In exchange the yeti will teach them how to make slings and help them against the warlord.
>30 yeti take care of the herd
>20 yeti take care of the trees
>20 yeti fish
>36 yeti make slings
>26 yeti mine for iron
>31 yeti research metallurgy
>11 yeti make bolas
>26 yeti teach the humans to make slings if the humans agree. Otherwise they will help the sling and bola makers.
Rolled 73, 35, 1, 95 = 204 (4d100)

>14 Amazonian Slaves are ordered to build a lodge to the warriors for training and rest

>20 Amazonians train with the warriors

>28 Kugel create an idol to Lakur, adorning it with the accessories of gold and silver looted from the Amazon village. It will serve as the figurehead of the ship.

>60 Kugel build canoes designed for speed and ease of use, perfect for hit and run raids.

>49 Kugel, split in half to explore the two smaller islands near the Kugel's home island. They look for any people's to raid or resources to use that are not present on the home island

>10 Kugel priests are selected to practice blood magic again. This time with a suitable sacrifice for the gods. 1 amazonian slave is sacrificed.

>The-One-Who-Leaps is sent to the mainland on the canoe with an iron spear and a bag of holy ash to slay a mighty beast.

>20 Kugel start a fish farm, hoping to farm both exotic fish for trade, and regular fish for food.

>30 Kugel dig a pit where the sacrificial pillar was, where it will serve as the new sacrificial place. Sacrifices will be stones to death there.

I'll do fluff later. Also rolls for the exploration please be good, my home island is basically barren.
Is this the first nat one?
Rolled 41, 69, 44, 87 = 241 (4d100)


159 Catfolk
20 Warriors

20 assigned to Fishing Industry
10 assigned to the Shrine
10 assigned to Study the Sacred Spring [Roll1]
10 assigned to Clay harvesting
12 assigned to return to the Great Garden to study Golemancy [Roll2]
20 assigned to Build Defenses - Walls, archery towers, trenches, palisades etc
20 assigned to capture Horses and build Pasture support structures etc. Begin breaking/training if time allows [Roll3]
57 assigned to train as Warrior - Archery+Claws for melee
[Roll4 - General Luck / Gods Favor]

[Roll2] - 10 Wanderlust catfolk and the 2 trained potters with an offering of our finest clay; to attempt to study/learn from the Golems and/or mages/caretakers the ways of Golemancy. This may not be possible but we will try.

Another fine year for the catfolk with much to plan/discuss -

Tragedy struck as our builders were working near the Sacred Spring, and it became polluted. But the Gods showed favor upon us and the Spring was able to purge itself of said impurities. Truly this is a holy site. With luck we will come to understand the Gods involved, one of these years. The holy catfolk will continue their study and I have faith that they will have good news to report. All in good time.

Our explorers found wild horses in the North, and this year we will send an expedition to capture the herd and bring them back to be trained and raised. With luck and time we will train them as beasts of burden, with more time perhaps we can train them for combat as well.

Speaking of combat, preparations are well underway to prepare for eventual battle with the barbarians nearby. We plan to build defenses and our warriors are remembering the ways of combat as I write this. It has been quite some time since there was a standing army of catfolk; our folk have been explorers and travelers for so long. We must draw deep for the Honor of our ancestors and past empires. With luck and strength may we become a modern one.

To aid us in our preparations for war I am sending a caravan back to the Great Garden to research Golemancy. As I wrote before this is a foreign magick to us but perhaps it is one we can learn and come to understand. Our two trained potters and some explorers experiencing wanderlust are being sent with an offering of our finest clay from the pit. With luck they will scratch that itch and return successful in their study of the magick.

Another year of luck and growth. May the Gods continue to favor us.
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Total: 194 Quanli (30 Shipwrights), 50 Human Slaves

20 Quanli will maintain their tireless watch over our herds of Crabs.

20 Quanli will keep nurturing and tending to the fruit tree groves.

20 Quanli will man our fishing fleet and fish the waters around our island.

20 Quanli will continue their work in our quarry, bringing up stone and obsidian.

30 Quanli will work to develop and improve our toolmaking abilities, doing their best to replicate any tools we might have come across upon either the Lizardmerchant or pirate vessels as well as developing their own ideas with local resources.

30 Quanli will use the stone we quarry this year to lay out stone irrigation systems, directing any local streams into the village so that both the Quanli and our local agricultural projects can be kept nice and moist.

The 30 Quanli Shipwrights will spend the year working on our various vessels; maintaining and repairing the captured galley midship and repairing and upgrading our fishing vessels with our new knowledge.

As we would not expect scurrilous, dishonourable pirates to obey orders or hold much discipline under instruction, 20 Quanli will spend their time breaking and training these 50 human thralls so they might do work to make up for the harm they have done our people under firm Quanli control. If they are judged sound to work as we wish, we will have them begin working on creating a plantation for sugar cane.

The final 4 Quanli will be those who have shown most aptitude for quiet and careful movement, and we will use them to keep a watch from a distance upon the pirate cove so that we might get some ideas of their numbers and capabilities - has blunting their attack and taking their ship crippled this band, or do they still rate heavily as a threat?
TURN 6 im dumb
I’m sorry but I don’t get it- how am I supposed to organize the food and fishermen? How many people?
The Satyrs enjoyed partying with their new caravan friends but once again the need for babes called to them. they had tried looking for all across the desert but none were found so they decided to try something crazy.
Operation Chick Magnet

actions - Maintain composting & wine production. Construct a inn/bathhouse called "Satyr's Gift". Construct a workshop. Experiment with the cocoa bean to make things like chocolate & hot coco. Research making glass or if glassmaking is known start producing glassware for the inn. Trade or build anything needed for the other actions.

I also asked to trade for camels QM if there is a reason that wasn't mentioned in the turn then you can ignore these actions: Milk the camels. Research camel butter, yogurt, & cheese. Combine camel milk research with cocoa bean research for better hot coco & milk chocolate. Shear the camel & make pillows and blankets for the inn and to trade.
Sorry mate guess my next action is going to be pretty standard and normal

Current parameters

Pop size: 176
Army strength: Güt
Economy: WIP
Culture: Higlander/Akaostrian
Language: Western Akaostrian
Defenses: Good.

Year 3 (Age of Rebirth)

[Roleplay of events of the Akastros Empire]

Councilor: Suldusk Baradar Eren

Greetings and salutations bureaucrats of the pashadom I write this report to fully explain the extent of last year's work in detail, as you may know several younger officers went AWOL and we lost track of them. Due to this circumstances the academy would be much harder on newer recruits and scrutinize every action taken by them, this isn't to punish then per say just to make sure they have a good head on them. I applaud our farmers for the hard work they've accomplished, due to their perseverance and tenacity we know have a stable food source which negates the risk of us foraging this badlands. Giving us the ample opportunity to scout and report back on their findings, we anticipate that the job would be a difficult one but none less a better reason to send the brightest to test their mettle. Several Tribesmen threw in in genius ideas which our Pasha was planning to do eventually but was occupied by other pressing matters, apparently we need to make this refugee camp more of a capital so building a watch tower, moats, ditches, better stone buildings and a plaza would help grow our budding empire. Sadly we do not have the individuals to build such sophisticated structures, so the executive order is to train as much people as we can. We cannot build a proper navy without a bigger population it would be rather comedic to civilians embark with us on the high sea but thats a risk none are willing to take, the only course of action to be taken here is to abandon dreams about sailing because we have a problem inland. A barbarian clan seems to have spawned over yonder and are violating our national integrity by sending scouts over our border, I'm not a man of violence but I do hope this rapscallions get what's coming to them. The economy is doing well at least not that we have much of an industry to attract more merchants, even our human resources seems to be lacking and I write this as a councilor not a father but I certainly hope those young Arùks return home safely.

Signed by
Suldusk Baradar Eren


Usman Ali Farouk: *Looks at the other Young Arùks* So boys think i've gotten a hand on their language, would be better if they had a written script anyway lets do this

[Actions for next turn]
>Train Masons, Architects and Woodcutters.
45 Half elves

>Send a punitive raid on the barbarians to gauge their technological advancement and ferocity
50 Half elves
6 Young Arùks

>Make innovations to our armour and weaponry
20 Half elves

>Build a watch towers and cheval de frise to deter invaders
25 Half elves

[Special Action]
>Begin our Diplomacy with Lagolandia
30 Young Arùks
Rolled 89 (1d100)

Oof forgot to roll again!

Turn 6
Population: 304

Unavailable: 30

Available: 274

Growth rate: *1.3

Settlements: The Great Warren (+0.05 pop growth until 400)– upgrades: breeding dens (+0.05 pop growth until 600, 10 for maintenance ), The Worship burrow of Verameeka (+0.05 pop growth until 600, 6 for maintenance)

Developments: farms, traps &pitfalls, tamed wolves (2/?)

Technology: simple stone tools, simple stone weapons, Survival & wisdom education, [1/3 agricultural research.], Basic Masonry

Fruits, need to claim in the east herd of aurochs, wild bulls and cows

Buffs and Debuffs:
[Woodsrabbits and herbalist training is proceeding smoothly.] 1 more turn
basic weapons + 5 in combat
Simple tools (less work force needed for same efficiency till 300 pop)
(On turn 6) - [Dire wolves have grown. The tamers report that you'll have a loyal and trained pack of wolves next year.] 10 maintenance
(4/6) Tactics
Something is wrong in the warren, 30 rabbits are unable to do anything the cause is unknown dc is currently 90

Major historical events
0 FGW year of the founding of the great warren following the unification of the two largest tribes and the absorption of the many minor tribes.

3 FGW The war of the wolves began with the lose of 7 bunnies, and the safety of Fukrus.

4 FGW War of the wolves end with the great Dire wolf pack having been wiped out and their pups were taken for our own.

5 FGW The bunnies of Fukrus, develop Survival & wisdom education and expand the great warren, allowing for even more unending growth and
prosperity. The tools lost to the war of the wolves are replaced giving them tribe even more utility.

6 FGW The tribe upgrades the breeding dens and worship burrows ensuring the population has access to pleasure and faith in equal measure. They also began developing new methods of farming and stone working, all while something begins to steer within the warren itself striking down 30 bunnies with some kind of ailment.

Important figures:
Chieftain Peter Cottontail

Chieftess Judy Cottontail (formerly Judy Hopps)

Build a workshop

Domesticate the wild cattle to the east

Scout eastward

Learn the half-elf tongue

Maintenance commitments total population 120

>40 Bunnies are used for farming

>40 Bunnies are used for hunting

>20 Bunnies are used for continuing tactics research

>20 Bunnies are used for continuing dire wolf domestication

>20 Bunnies will continue to teach Survival & wisdom education for the aspiring Woodsrabbits and Herbalists, as they grow ever closer to being masters of their chosen fields.

>20 Bunnies continue researching agriculture for ways to improve crop yield and survivability. While the past year was a good start, the work was only just beginning. And not a moment too soon, more and more of the population was needed to just keep up with current population levels to say nothing of the ever-growing need to breed that would ensure those population levels would just keep rising.

>40 Bunnies developing and building improved tools, as the population of Lagolandia the demands of its workforce grow. Old tools are starting to break and are in short supply. Complaints of not having the tools needed to work are common only second to those about how half the time these tools are so old that they are breaking mid-job. Obviously, this had to be handled quickly and efficiently. The chief and Chiefess ordered that new and improved tools be made taking the lessons from this generation of simple tools to make the next more reliable, longer-lasting, and better overall.

> 40 Bunnies Expand the great Warren to accommodate for the tribe's ever-growing size. Be fruitful and multiply these are the words of verameeka, and the creed of Lagomorphkind, with only two years, passed since the last Warren expansion an outsider might think that the bunnies of the tribe might ask themselves if perhaps, they should slow down? However, they would be wrong as such an idea never crossed their fluffy little heads, in lagolandia, the kits must grow. Armed with the new tools provided by the sweat of the skilled craftsbunnies, the mated leaders approved yet another expansion to the great warrens many dens, burrows, and gathering places, truly it was becoming a grand city befitting of its name.

>30 Bunnies build Crafting burrows, with the near-constant need to create new and better tools at higher rates every year it was becoming obvious that the skilled crafts bunnies of the Warren needed a dedicated space for them to work and build. A sentiment the mated rules of the tribe agreed with when skilled bucks and does of the warren brought forward the idea.
(Basically, I am building workshops for skilled crafting, with the idea this will stretch out how long the tool buff lasts before reaching the population threshold, as well as further improve the efficiency of tools since they are being made in a workshop which means improves standards and quality.)

>15 Bunnies scout lands east now named Hoppsland as a gift and honor to the chieftess from the chief to celebrate their 21 litter of kits. 6 years of joint rule had turned her from a lithe doe of war to a thicc MILF with curves that belie the muscle and strength hidden just beneath the surface.

>15 Bunnies head east to begin attempting to domesticate the herd of aurochs, wild bulls, and cows, that dwell in those forested planes.

>10 bunnies learn the half-elf language from the small party of half-elves living in lagolandia right now.

>4 Bunnies begin looking into what has caused 30 of the tribe’s bunnies to be unable to work if it is a sickness or bad spirits, every bunny is needed, every bunny must work, and if something is beginning to sweep through the warren it needs to end before it can truly begin.
Rolled 90, 59, 42 = 191 (3d100)

the first roll is for the mystery of what's happening to my bunnies, the second is for scouting for useful resources/plants in Hoppsland, and the third is for the 4 rabbits looking into the mystery as well since 30 rabbits don't just stop working.
>90 on the first try
>just makes the DC
>the mystery is unlocked booooooooooooiiiiii

well, that went better than I could have hoped for.
File: Claw.png (45 KB, 221x181)
45 KB

The calamitous defeat of the enemy army is celebrated by the general population, and much in the way of gluttonous feasting, lustful passion, and greedy claiming of the spoils of war is taken. The strange weapons that the attackers had would swiftly prove to be claimed by the greedy and soon would give merit to the methods of those halfdemons trying to make the copper found bend and mold into the form they so desired. As such, work on Metallurgy would continue as would that of tanning which by the end of the year saw a good deal of progress. Of course, now that the threat of an invasion if severely blunted, work would start on making life just that bit easier. A proper place to store the various tools for farming and the seeds of crops, along with better maintained fields would prove useful in the creation of a proper farm. Further, work would similarly start on a lumberyard and quarry to allow easier access to stone and wood. Of course, with the current tools available to the half demons, work on both would be a bit crude but likely sooner rather than later work on better tools would only further increase the quality and amount these places produced, alongside more importantly the comfort and beauty all buildings in the town of Tylisseutherna. Further, the new prisoners would be for the most part put to work to gather copper and amber for the settlement, and they would be guarded by fifteen of those who so easily and wrathfully smashed through their lines of lightly armored soldiers. For if there was one thing the Afanistís were good at it was dealing devastating blows to lightly or unarmored infantry. A few others were given the misfortune of being interrogated for their knowledge on the strange weapons and the location of their homes, alongside the reason for their strike. There was obviously a presumption behind their assault but confirmation would be best to have, and perhaps more information onto the nature of any further forces if they exist would come into being. On a related note, a number of Halfdemons would look around to try and discern any noteworthy plants, locations, animals or similar in the nearby area, and a smaller group would search for any other valuable materials, if any existed. While a chosen few tried to examine the blade and any reason behind it's pointing, a few attempting to utilize rituals to see as to why the blade pointed where it was. Perhaps exploration to the north where they once migrated from would begin sooner rather than later?

Regardless, now that such a glorious victory had been achived, and peaceful matters could be focused upon once more, the people of Daíona were likely in for continued prosperity.

40 Halfdemons research tanning
40 Halfdemons research Metallurgy
40 Halfdemons build a proper farm
40 Halfdemons build a lumberyard
40 Halfdemons build a quarry
30 Halfdemons Farm
30 Halfdemon Hunters hunt
30 Slaves gather Copper
20 Halfdemons scout around
15 Afanistís guard the captives
10 Halfdemons try to discern the reason for the blade's strange pointing
10 Slaves gather Amber
7 Halfdemons prospect
5 Slaves are interrogated about the location of their homes and reasons for assault.
5 Slaves are interrogated about the bronze weapons.
5 Halfdemons train to become Afanistís

(If I need to do any rolls lemmie know)
Basically, agriculture is usually worked by the hidden part of your population. However, if you allocate additional workers from your worker pool (the ones you assign to projects every turn) to agriculture, this provides a bonus to pop growth. The number you need to allocate to gain the bonus scales with your population at a rate of 10 for every 100 population. So, e.g. you have 250 population and want to get the +0.05 growth bonus. You then assign 30 workers (since you're aiming for 300 population) to work the fields and get the bonus. Same for fishing. Fruit groves require 5 workers per 100 since these are largely self-sufficient.

These numbers can be reduced by researching agriculture, building infrastructure such as aqueducts, producing equipment (tools) for your workers, etc., like with copper tools for Thesalonians.
my turn look to be in order? I think I have my population usage right and the dice rolls as well, but still wanted to ask.
File: SHAME.png (8 KB, 490x236)
8 KB
For shame
Get fuck, GET FUCKED, imagine cheating in a civ quest game.
File: 1593691430013.png (447 KB, 875x629)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
I am considering making general exploration (as in, without seeking specific resources) have guaranteed random results, so that there isn't a case where entire areas are devoid of resources. Should it become like that or remain as-is for the challenge? "Search areas" can be increased to balance things out, so that there isn't suddenly a concentration of goods around exploring players.
Also, I made a discord: https://discord.gg/rHuhQxSwE9 It's pretty barebones, but roughly functional.

I'll be reading anons' posts in detail tomorrow, but a quick count of total workforce adds up to 314 while you have 274 available?
I am disappointed in you, Akastros anon. I'll let it slide this time (if you're willing to keep playing with such SHAME) but if you pull this shit again you're getting kicked out.
My thanks to Zésh anon for spotting this, I'll let you have one reroll to use at your discretion. Ignore it if you want to play on completely even ground with others.
Addendum: so I fucked up my population distribution and this corrects it.

Maintenance commitments total population 110
>40 Bunnies are used for farming
>40 Bunnies are used for hunting
>15 Bunnies are used for continuing tactics research
>15 Bunnies are used for continuing dire wolf domestication

Actions Commitment of total population
>15 Bunnies will continue to teach Survival & wisdom education
>15 Bunnies continue researching agriculture for ways to improve crop yield and survivability.
>30 Bunnies developing and building improved tools
> 30 Bunnies Expand the great Warren to accommodate the tribe's ever-growing size.

>30 Bunnies build Crafting burrows
>15 Bunnies scout lands east now named Hoppsland
>15 Bunnies head east to begin attempting to domesticate the herd of aurochs, wild bulls, and cows, that dwell in those forested planes.
>10 bunnies learn the half elf language from the small party of half elves living in lagolandia right now.
>4 Bunnies begin looking into what has caused 30 of the tribe’s bunnies to be unable to work.

I removed all the fluf and just put the population distribution, just assume the fluff from the first posts is still the same.
>I am considering making general exploration (as in, without seeking specific resources) have guaranteed random results, so that there isn't a case where entire areas are devoid of resources. Should it become like that or remain as-is for the challenge? "Search areas" can be increased to balance things out, so that there isn't suddenly a concentration of goods around exploring players.
I'd be in favour. Low rolls mean something bad happens, high rolls give something good, but something always happening is more interesting.
>My thanks to Zésh anon for spotting this, I'll let you have one reroll to use at your discretion. Ignore it if you want to play on completely even ground with others.
Thanks QM. I reserve the right to use that reroll. I promise to use my powers for Good.
Lel thats fair, tried to be slick and I failed. Well gg and its time join the discord.
Tried my shot and got caught xD
We came so close to annihilation. We fortified our village, we trained our magic, we improved our golems. We knew when exactly and from where they would come. And it was very nearly not enough. One lucky shot. One bone spear through your father's heart. Our defense almost crumbled when our people saw their commander die. We would have lost everything if not for Devon, a Battle Mage in-training, barely a teenager, who rallied them and lead us to victory. But... that's not important now.

He's dead. I can hardly believe it. One last cruel surprise, a reminder that for all I see, I still don't see everything. I named the island's sole mountain Ákros in his memory. I wonder, what will you think when you gaze upon something that shares your father's name? Will you hate us, for leaving you alone? Will I see him again and watch over you from above? I was certain of my path for most of my life, but I find myself with nothing but questions in my last days.

My daughter, I know you will have questions of your own when you find this diary. I hope reading it can answer some of them. I know you will lead our people to greatness one day. You will save many lives, perhaps the world itself. I wish I could see you grow up with my own eyes, hold you for more than a brief moment, but..

I love you. Never forget that.

-Last entry in the personal diary of Mantó, posthumously proclaimed the first Queen of Zésh

It has been a hard year. This last day of the year was supposed to be a happy one. This birth should have been a wondrous occasion to celebrate and put the hardships behind us. But our leader did not survive the birth of her daughter. She appointed myself, Bardenar and Malkiel to lead Zesh in her absence. She asked to be buried next to her husband on the slopes of Mount Akros. And with her last breath she named her daughter Stella and I didn't realize how fitting it was until later. A Red Star was seen on the sky tonight. I do not know if it is a good or a bad omen, but it is certainly an omen of greatness.

We three are still discussing what to do in. In the meantime, we have resolved to treat the fishmen better than they would have treated us, show them a better way. And we will continue the projects that Manto began until we come to a decision.

Now how do we break the news to the people of Zesh?

-Sage Galyr, private notes
Rolled 91 (1d100)


>Resume construction of the Tower of the Arcane.
>Garrison the fishmen settlement with Battle Mages, War Golems and a rotating unit of militia and diplomats under Commander Devon. Allow them to continue living as they were and observe. Mingle and attempt to begin assimilating them, impressing them with our might, our magic and our advancement. Try to learn what drives them to be so aggressive, be it nature, culture, or their gods' demands in order to better address it in the future.
>Explore the island more thoroughly, escorted by Panther Golems and using Scrying rituals. We are looking for Arcane resources, be they crystals, metals, plants or anything else.
>Expand our village to provide housing for the growing number of our people
>Establish a Stone Quarry on the Ákros mountain.
>Attempt to sell Fruit and buy Tools, which we sorely need. Ask the traders for information on the area.
>Expand our orchards to provide enough fruit for our people, exports and for the fishmen, if they happen to be omnivores.
>Construct 8 War Golems, 1 Panther and 22 Regulars. From the previous turns, I'm assuming I can construct 40 Regular Golems with my current Workshop, and that the other kinds count for 2 Regulars each.
>Train 8 more Battle Mages

Rolling for exploration, are any more rolls needed?
Rolled 96 (1d100)

Cant post lore today, so I’ll just do actions. If there’s time I’ll add lore later

> put 40 workers to tending to the fruit trees
> put 40 workers to fishing
> put 60 to building better and bigger burrows, for more families to live into

The people are scared- what is happening? Why won’t the Divine commune with us? Have we failed it yet more? The priests can only maek them work to have them forget about their issues- work and pray

> put the remaining 98 Idrudari to work on learning how to fight and hunt with spears
If there is one thing the Idrudari have always been good at, it’s fighting. They originated as belligerent tribes, warring clans who would slaughter eachother to the man under the banner of their respective beliefs, and clouded their training may be by the years of farming and fishing, it’ll take longer for it all to disappear.

The priests see the rising threat, the danger of the unknown, and so they inspire their people to do what they do best: train. Train to hunt, to kill, to fight. Metrog will not be left behind
>28 Worker Ants Ants (276 Ants / 10 = 27.6) Tend to the trees
>125 Warrior Ants go to War against the Wasps, going to search out for their nest
>25 Ant Princes go to War against the Wasps, going to search out for their nest
>98 Ants will stay in reserve to protect the Queen, and ideally work on the Hive Foundations while doing so (presumably working on the hive will surround the Queens' Room or they can work on the parts close to it, to keep close to her in case of Wasp Counter attack)
I come back a more learned man & would like to add more actions to this turn!

Additional actions - Build a distillery. Research alcohol production starting with chocolate liqueur. Any satyrs not building or researching focus on improving as their skills as hosts, bartenders, or musicians.
File: expansion.png (113 KB, 4000x2000)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Rolled 90 (1d100)

>Action 1:
A worrying development in the east, send 11 diplomats with gifts of wool and meat and copper to establish good relations with the antellims.
>Action 2:
While that is happening send a squad of the 3 best scouts we have to investigate the so called necromances in the east.
>Action 3 & 4:
While back home talks of expansion have begun and with it the Elders of Thesalon have aproved the establishment of a new self-sufficient outpost out west, named Dytiason. it shall start with 60 people and it shall send back home wood for ships and other resources in exchange for manufacured goods. Likewise, the mining outpost shall be expanded into a proper town with the adition of 30 citizens.
>Action 5:
With wood coming in, the port of Thesalon an its 30 workers shall be busy with the construction of 3 seaworthy ships.
>Action 6:
While all of that is happening the people still need to be fed. Have 21 workers be responsible for the farms and 45 for the heards.
>The last 38 shall put the new workshops to use and start creating new tools and other products for the populace to use.
Alright, I hope you fallen logs have enjoyed the year off. Been having lots of children, yes? Not murdering your neighbor for his silver, yes? Well, your lord is back; turns out our cherished ancestors couldn't eat the whole of his skin. Now line up for tasks before I fucking faint.

>20 workers shall expand the warrior's hut into a real hall

>20 workers shall expand the house of knowledge into a real studium

>10 workers shall build a craftsman's hut, for all the things we can make without metal

>20 more workers shall take up residence in the smithy and train as blacksmiths

>30 blacksmiths shall begin researching the production of mild steel. This stuff was considered a luxury back home, but we've got an iron mine and the trolls might want some. I also wish to be able to brag about my smiths' skills

>10 workers shall be trained as full-time acolytes. If we ever find the need to cut down more than a few trees at a time, then these guys should be able to see that our loggers aren't impaled/decapitated/peeled like fresh fruit by the spirits

>40 workers shall gather the food and materials necessary to put on a mighty feast.

>5 workers shall scour the forest for a large, uninhabited clearing.

>10 workers shall go exploring beyond the mage village

>All remaining workers shall use this year to increase the density of my citadel. I don't need it bigger, just stronger.

>I assure the great witch that my force of arms is hardly worth anything right at this moment, and yet I suspect that she would make a far better neighbor than some dusty old bone-lifter. I will resist him if he needs resisting.

>Send word to the dignitaries of the various troll villages that I'm putting on a mighty feast next midsummer. If they wish to treat with me, bring gifts, air grievances, or just debauch themselves, then they are welcome to come over.
File: totemteller.gif (3.11 MB, 560x315)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
No turn today, my dudes. I failed at properly organizing my time. My apologies. The turn will arrive in about 12-15 hours when I get my sleep and finish what I've begun writing. gif unrelated
It's more than fine shit happens
Rolled 10, 69 = 79 (2d100)

Rolling for Daionan exploration & blade study.
Rolled 71, 60 = 131 (2d100)

Rolling for Ant Empire vs. Wasps
Rolled 79 (1d100)

Rolling for Nw'semmes exploration.
File: polmap7.png (71 KB, 4000x2000)
71 KB
File: geomap5.png (78 KB, 4000x2000)
78 KB
[The Arena is finished. You may train gladiators here. Training them provides not only experienced warriors, but also lifts the common folk's mood and, sometimes, attracts Vaprak's attention.]
[3/5 snake ??? project.]
[The woodworkers' knowledge deepens. They may now construct machines of war and peace, complex buildings, as well as intricate wooden decorations.]
To the west, there are large jungle animals alright, gaurs -- jungle bulls -- tigers, antilopes, and others, but most are very aggressive for some reason. The expedition returns 10 trolls short of the 20 that left, lost to rabid beasts. Snow Reader tells that they glimpsed a temple in the deeps of the jungle, but decided to head back since the losses kept piling up.
[You have built up a lumber stockpile for a major project.]
[It'll take 4 years, one of which has passed, to clear land for the orchards and the trees to mature and start providing harvest.]
The batmen start scouting your territory and attacking some of the patrols. No casualties so far, but their aggression will probably grow unless kept in check.
Maul Shaper, now possessing greater understanding of wood, proposes constructing a battery of rapid-firing anti-air machines to shoot the flying devils down. However, this would use up the wood stockpile you've gathered.
You have 180 trolls.
20 trolls are woodworkers.
21 trolls are masons.
Significant people: Roc Feller (head of the tribe), Maul Shaper (head woodworker), Snow Reader (tracker-hunter), Old Baba (cocoa farmer)
Checked trips.
You should dedicate more yetis to fishing if you want to get the bonus to pop growth. e.g. if you have 230 yetis but you're aiming for 300, you allocate 30.
[The treeplanters report that the trees will be ready to be cut down next year. Moreover, in the time that the trees were growing, they kept gradually planting new saplings, so you should have a steady supply of lumber so long as you keep tending to the mini-forest.]
[Over the year, yetis prepare for war. Slings are made out of bushes, ammunition and bolas out of stone byproducts in iron mining. You should now have enough to arm up to 600 yetis. Bolas provide +10 bonus in combat, slings +5.]
[After mining for a year, a stockpile of iron forms. It'll be a while until you research metallurgy and start smelting it though.]
[Several yetis begin experimenting with the iron stockpile, heating it up, trying to mold it into useful shape by hitting it. It'll take some years until a method to this craft forms. 1/3 metallurgy research.]
[The humans agree to your proposal. They teach the yetis how to make harpoons -- throwing spears tipped with jagged heads. An effective weapon both for whale hunting and tearing horrible wounds in your enemies' flesh. The slingmakers teach humans how to make slings in exchange. Something could form out of this...] [You can allocate some yetis to research how to combine slings and spears.]
Several dozen refugees arrive in the frozen north in the warlord's wake. A battle will most likely occur this year. Judge carefully how to prepare for it.
You have 240 yetis.
[You have constructed a warrior lodge. Warriors may be trained further here.]
Over the year, the amazons teach the warriors everything they know. They may still jointly practice in the lodge to enhance their skills even more.
[Your warriors now receive +15 bonus in combat, just like the amazons.]
[The idol is glittering with gold and silver now. The God of the Oceans will surely be pleased once the ship is complete.]
[The canoe fleet is built. Due to its relative simplicity of construction, it didn't require shipbuilding wood.]
>73, 35
Sailing out on the newly-built canoes, the scouts explore the smaller islands. They return with mixed results. The first party, investigating the larger island, reports that it has outcroppings of salt crystals. If gathered, these could be traded for shipbuilding wood with the merchants. The second party finds a ghost city, with great buildings, yet empty for some reason. The place has an eerie aura about it...
The priests attempting to practice blood magic fail again. Not only did they fumble in the ritual itself, their lives were claimed by an accidentally summoned being of stellar ancestry. Molding into a horrific blob of flesh, the horror from beyond the stars escaped and now stalks your home island! People fear for their lives...
The-One-Who-Leaps is yet to return...
[It'll take about two years for the fish to multiply enough to provide a proper addition to the Kugel diet.]
[You have dug out a sacrificial pit.]
As the amazons are put to hard labour in the name of foreign gods, 4 of them commit suicide by drowning themselves in the swampland they were ordered to turn into the lodge.
With the population growing, the simple weapons you've equipped your people with are not enough. More need to be made if you are to still receive a bonus in combat.
You have 248 Kugel, 20 Amazons and 10 Amazonian slaves.
30 of the Kugel are warriors.
All free Amazons are warriors.
Significant people: The-One-Who-Leaps (champion)
[The gods are watching as you tend the Shrine... 3/4 Gods' Blessing.]
The Sacred Spring experimentation proceeds slowly. Over the year, the springworkers tried applying it to wounds, splashing themselves with holy water, dipping weapons and tools in it, but nothing quite works. However, there are some strange effects from it being ingested, mainly concerning water manipulation. The catfolk who have been tending to the spring are confident that they'll find out its secret in the coming year. [1/2 Sacred Spring research] [No roll needed - just assign workers next turn.]
The golems seem at least a bit intelligent, so several catfolk aspiring to magic and your potters return to the clay giants to ask for guidance in golemancy.
"Little ones. We do not know how we were built, but we were not forbidden to allow studying us. So long as you inflict no damage upon our bodies, feel free to investigate what you want." -- such was the reply of golems to your request.
Over the year, the expedition has found strange symbols etched on the golems' bodies. Copying them, however, yielded no results. It would seem you need a kind of core, a source of magical power, either harvested in the wild or created by a mage, to make an animated construct.
[You have constructed fortifications. This will provide a +10 bonus on defence.]
[You have captured a herd of horses. However, taming them proves a difficult task. It'll take 3 years, one of which has passed, for you to train them into subservience.] [1/3 horse domestication.]
[The warriors continue their training, with older ones helping the younger. There are 57 warriors now, 20 of which have +15 bonus in combat, the rest +10.]
Gods have shown you favour this year. One of the more hardworking shrine tenders, Masthimin, says he feels some kind of change within...
You have 191 catfolk.
57 are warriors.
2 are potters.
Significant people: Masthimin (shrine tender)
[5/7 crab enhancement]
Studying the foreign tools, your toolmakers determine that to craft superior designs, metals, such as iron or copper, are needed, as well as insights into metallurgy. The northern side of the island remains to be explored -- with luck, something can be found there.
In the mean time, they replicate what they found with obsidian.
[You have armed your workers with obsidian tools. It now takes:
8 instead of 10 per 100 population to work the fruit groves,
16 instead of 20 to keep watch and enhance the crabs,
6 instead of 10 per 100 population to man the fishing fleet (this is combined with boat enhancements)
16 instead of 20 to extract considerable amounts of stone and obsidian from the quarry
until 500 population]
[The foundation is laid, but it'll take 2 more years to construct aqueducts and irrigation systems. Not only that, it will require a dedicated corps of masons educated in workshops to finish the construction.]
[The year is spent disciplining the pirates. At first, they carry themselves with a considerable amount of chutzpah, but once they are poked a bit with spears they tend to quickly get to work. They should be ready to start the plantation now.]
[Over the year, the scouts keep watch near the cove as the pirate ships sail in and out. They determine that your valiant defence and taking of the pirate ship has put a dent in their overall power, they seem to have had 3 galley midships in total, one of which is now yours. There should be about 200 of them left.]
[With growing population, you no longer have enough weapons and armour to arm every one of your people, and youngbloods have not received the training that some of the older Quanli did. Time has come for a military expansion.]
You have 243 Quanli and 50 human slaves.
30 of Quanli are shipwrights.
How do satyrs increase in number if there are no women among them?
[4/7 land improvement]
[Tying together heaps of reeds for the roof and cutting down some old, less useful trees around the oasis, you construct a simple inn. The camel wool is sheared and spun into threads in the workshop, eventually made into pillows and bedsheets.]
[A workshop is built for experimentation with both cocoa beans and glass smelting.]
[By the end of the year, the more innovative satyrs determine that heating ground cocoa beans with water produces a bitter, but stimulating drink -- hot coco. Chocolate remains out of your grasp, for now. Another experiment is adding camel milk to hot coco, this gives the beverage a softer, less bitter taste.]
[You start investigating how to form glass. The bedouins told you something about heating sand, but the melting point and techniques for its manipulation are unknown.] [1/3 glassworking research]
I forgot about the camels. You have them, too.
[The bedouin caravans share the techniques for getting dairy products made from camel milk. You get an industry underway.]
[You try to construct a distillery, but due to your extensive building, there is not enough wood around the oasis, and you can't just start cutting down date trees since they make up the majority of your peoples' diet. It will take 2 years for the trees to grow back for another building surge.]
[Due to improvements in quality of life with the introduction of hot coco and dairy products, which can also be exchanged for various luxury items such as dyes, spices, and noble metals with the bedouins, the mood among the satyrs is at an all-time high. You receive an additional +0.05 to pop growth, as well as less satyrs required for maintaining wine & other industries.]
[Obtaining musical instruments from the bedouins, several satyrs become professional musicians. Others mingle with the travelling merchants, becoming hosts as your desert friends stop increasingly often at the inn.]
You have 222 satyrs.
30 satyrs are professional entertainers & hosts.
[Masons, Architects and Woodcutters begin their training. They should be ready to provide their expertise in about a year.]
The punitive raid against the barbarians goes horribly wrong somewhere along the way. Your men depart into the forest in orderly columns, led by the most qualified officers -- the Young Aruks --, but never return. Perhaps they got themselves into an ambush set up by the barbarians?
Your people start experimenting with various materials that can be used for weaponry and armour. Merchants bring tales of bone weaponry, some ships from distant lands manned by lizardmen bring brittle obsidian, but most of all are valued weapons made of metals such as iron, bronze and the like. Now, if only you could trade something for these metals... Some of the pasha's advisors recommend prospecting around the village for tradeable goods. While you wait, the restless armourers make some makeshift armour out of wood.
[You have armed your men with wooden armour. This will provide +5 bonus in combat.]
[The fortifications and stockade are reinforced and expanded over the year with the addition of more cheval de frise, the thickening of the wall, and construction of more watchtowers. The fortifications now provide +20 on defence.]
[The Young Aruks that went AWOL return, Usman at their head! They tell of Lagolandia -- land of lagomorphs, and claim to have decoded their language. Formal diplomacy between your states can now be carried out.]
[With the return of Young Aruks, the military school now works in full force. Merchants spread these news far, and soon enough you have several foreigners educated in exchange for a fee. This could be used to purchase the metals for further experimentation by your armourers and weaponsmiths.]
Keep in mind you need to allocate a portion of your population to farming to keep getting the pop growth bonus.
You have 170 Akastrians.
30 Akastrians are Young Aruks.
13 Akastrians are sailors.
Significant People: Usman Ali Farouk (Young Aruk leader)
[The wolves have fully grown, now tamed. There are 40 of them.]
[The woodsrabbits' and herbalists' education is finished. You now have a corps of 20 each of great hunters-trackers and herbalist doctors, or even poisoners.]
[The agricultural research progresses further. Various substances are tested to determine whether they're good fertilizers or not, and for which plants specifically. 2/3 agriculture research.]
[5/6 tactics research.]
More tools are made over the year from makeshift materials, but you should find stone, or, ideally, metals if you are to build truly durable and effective tools.
[Simple tools now last until 1200 population.]
[The Great Warren is expanded to more than double the previous size. An entire field is now riddled with burrows. This will provide a bonus to pop growth until 1000.]
[The Crafting Burrows are built, mud and dirt huts with various tools and contraptions for all kinds of crafts. Specialist craftsmen may be trained here.]
>59 + plot
[The rabbits find an outcropping of high-quality stone. This could be used for both better-quality tools and as a building material. In the distance, the scouts report spotting a great tower with an eerie light at the top. They also had a distinct feeling of being watched until they entered the lagomorphs' territory.]
[The half-elf language is translated. The half-elves themselves have departed, but during your limited communication, you found out the location of their state -- Akastros. You can now engage in diplomacy with them.]
There is no illness that has stricken down rabbits -- quite simply, they have become sex addicts, lazing around the shrine to Verameeka and the breeding dens instead of working. They claim they're fulfilling the ancient rabbit tradition of unlimited procreation, so cannot be judged. What's worse, their way of life is spreading, since the hard-working rabbits see their less diligent brothers and decide that their work is not worth the effort! You have a crisis on your hands.
You have 410 lagomorphs now.
20 lagomorphs are woodsrabbits.
20 lagomorphs are herbalists.
70 lagomorphs CANNOT be assigned to tasks.
Significant people: Peter Cottontail (chief), Judy Cottontail (chieftess)
[With tanning research finished, your tanners gain understanding of the production process for two types of leather: buckskin and boiled. The former can be used for durable and warm clothing, the latter for production of armour.]
[The halfdemons working on metallurgy understand that heated metals may be shaped more easily, they are now trying to build kilns in which temperatures required to melt them can be achieved. 2/3 metallurgy research.]
[A farm is built. With proper infrastructure, it takes 1 less worker per 100 population to keep the growth rate bonus.]
[You have constructed a lumberyard. Here, woodworkers may be trained and wood more efficiently gathered and transformed into useful shapes.]
[To construct a quarry, you must first find deposits of stone, or gain access to highlands or mountains. Your most daring scouts report that deeper inland, a mountain range can be found, but you'd need to construct an outpost there to begin harvesting it.]
Hunters supply the tribe with meat, as usual, but also start bringing in almost undamaged leather and musk -- a substance with a strong smell. More greedy and prideful halfdemons immediately adopt the substance, using it as perfume to denote their high status. Overall, a kind of social hierarchy starts forming, with "noble" halfdemons overseeing workers and warriors.
[With a supply of musk, the quality of life increases. All maintenance tasks require 10% less workers per 100 population.]
[A steady supply of copper and amber comes from the slaves' labour.]
The interrogated slaves are reluctant to speak at first, but torture by wrathful halfdemons opens their mouths. They tell that they come from the north, from the kingdom of Lumesthan. You recognize the name -- before your great migration south, they were among your most dangerous enemies. It seems they found out about your new location and decided to root out the utterly evil (in their view) demonic corruption.
The slaves interrogated about the bronze weapons aren't very helpful. It seems they were armed with them, but not told the method of their production. The most they reveal is that the arms are made of an alloy of copper and something else.
Since the north is populated by enemies and the east has already been dedicated to copper mining, the scouts head south. They find that woods there turn to coniferous ones. Near the shore, to the south of a great river, there is a lone monastery. The monks there, upon closer observation, are training in martial arts. The woods they dwell in are determined to be good for both shipbuilding and crafting of weapons, which the monks do extensively. They seem to have spotted the halfdemons and tried to attack your scouts. Luckily, your explorers escaped with no casualties.
The blade seems to make sounds once in a while. Putting it in relatively sound-isolated place, a house with thick walls, the halfdemons investigating it listen. It subtly, very silently says: "Mávithanátoslepdas, come to me... Free me...".
You have 412 halfdemons and 50 human slaves.
60 halfdemons are Afanistis.
30 halfdemons are hunters.
The Tower construction continues. The foundation stage is complete, however, latter stages require good stone and dedicated masons...
Over the year, your garrison keeps the fishmen in check. They also try and understand their language and discern the reason for their aggression. Closer to the end of the year, when their words are finally understood, one of the fishmen noble-warriors explains that "white-skins come to Muujen in the past. Talk to us. Promise trade. Promise friendship. Then betray Vur! Take Muujen for themselves. Take us slaves! We rebel, and attack any white-skins. You, different white-skins. Not enslave us. Vur confused. Future will show, white skins trusted or not."
>91 + 10 (scrying)
With caves in the south explored, containing only the chained cyclops, it is time for the northern ones to be scouted. Over the year, several of your people descend and investigate the underground tunnels. They find what they're looking for -- magical crystal growths. These attract the magical currents flowing throughout the world around themselves. These could be made into golem cores for more complex golems, ground into magic-enhancing inhaling powder, or for other, more specialised uses.
[You have expanded your village. It may now accomodate up to 600 people.]
[A quarry is built. Considerable amounts of stone can be extracted here, useful for both Tower of the Arcane and other construction projects.]
[Trading fruit for tools, by the end of the year you build up a moderate stockpile for all kinds of workers. These are good quality, too -- iron and bronze ones. It now takes 20% less workforce to perform maintenance tasks.]
The merchants tell you that on the southwestern reaches of the Sea of Karlan, there is an island with the city-state of Anom on it. It is a the greatest trade and maritime power of the area. The eastern shores are sparsely populated, with an assortment of rare tribes harvesting what they can from the land and exchanging it with traders for more useful items. To the northeast, there are two smaller islands which are little-explored.
[It'll take a couple years, one which has passed, to expand the orchards. They'll also require more maintenance once it is done.]
[The golem numbers are increased, both those meant for war and dedicated to peaceful tasks.]
You have 229 humans and elves, 110 fishmen and 63 golems.
32 humans are battle mages.
Significant People: Galyr, Bardenar, Malkiel (Sage leaders)
[The burrows are expanded. They can now accomodate up to 600 idrudari.]
Most of your population trains to fight in response to the mysterious threat to the west. They develop techniques to use when fighting with spears, the agile tentacles growing out of their back used with great precision and strength.
[You have trained most of your populace into a militia. They will receive +5 bonus in combat.]
The idrudari living in the western reaches of your territory report trees blackening and dying. Some of the idrudari are feeling their power getting sapped and black spots appearing on their skin...
You have 310 idrudari.

Ant Princes vs Wasps
>71 + 10 (training) + 5 (javelins) = 86 vs 70 = 60 + 10 (numbers)
Warrior Ants vs Wasps
>71 + 5 (javelins) = 76 vs 80 = 60 + 10 (numbers) + 10 (flying advantage)
In spite of your valiant efforts, Ant Princes in particular felling several dozen foes, the battle is a loss for Ants, with 70 casualties. However, a dent has been made in the Wasps' numbers. More than that, the Wasps send a messenger. They tell that while initially they judged you to be simply food for the swarm, they recognize your strength now. They propose a division of territory between your two nests.
[The Great Hive construction keeps progressing behind the frontlines. 3/7 Stage I Great Hive.]
You have 248 Ants.
10 are Ant Princes.

[You have established diplomatic ties with Antellim.]
[It takes an entire year for the scouts to make the trip there and back, but they bring news of farmland devastated by hordes of undead, now populated only by supply-starved armies of Antellim and its allies keeping watch on the eastern borders.]
[Over the year, the cynocephales set up outposts to the north and west, expanding the reach of Thesalon. They indeed find shipbuilding wood in the west and begin supplying it to the metropole. The new towns set up free housing for settlers. The pop growth bonus now applies until 800 population.]
[By the end of the year, the shipwrights manage to construct 3 galley smallships, which need to be manned by a crew of 30 to operate.]
[5/10 wool yield increase.]
[You have increased the amount of tools available to your populace. Copper Tool bonus will last until 800 population.]
Keep in mind the scholar training still needs to be advanced.
You have 298 cynocephales.
[Expanding the hut with additional facilities, such as a shooting range, wooden practice dummies, recreation areas, and other facilities, you shape the building into a proper warriors' hall.]
[Increasing the area covered by the scholars' hut and setting up gradually ascending sitting benches and study desks around a central stage, you provide a place for elders to impart their knowledge into aspiring scholars.]
[A craftsman's hut is built. Various types of craftsmen can be trained here.]
[While 30 original blacksmiths have finished their training, 20 new ones are introduced as their apprentices. 1/2 20 blacksmith training.]
[The blacksmiths, now with a considerable amount of experience, start experimenting with methods with which steel is made. They already know the basic principle of this alloy's smelting -- that coal needs to be added -- but how much exactly for mild steel is not yet known. It'll take 2 more years for the experiments to give fruit and form into methods. 1/3 types of steel production research.]
[10 acolytes are trained over the year by the elders. They learn basic ways of communication with spirits and how to soothe their anger. Proper magic, however, remains out of their grasp.]
[With food gathered, plates and tableware crafted in a newly-constructed hut and a clearing found, everything seems set up for a feast.]
The scouts return. Besides stumbling upon the already-found Asp Dungeon, they report finding a variety of medicinal & poisonous herbs, as well as trees with aromatic resin. If an outpost is set up here, these could be harvested for trade and other applications.
New trees are included in the citadel, new places of ambush and traps set up. [The citadel will now provide a +20 bonus on defence.]
The trolls are delighted to hear your invitation to a merry feast. Most promise to show up for the occasion.
You have 279 elves and trolls.
In case any of you missed them, here's links to the discord and pastebin with notes on various stats of your civs:
If you find any mistakes in either posts or stat lists, kick me either here or on the discord and I'll fix them.
Another announcement: exploration has been changed, now low rolls = something bad/scarce resources, high roll = great amount of resources/something good. There's also a plot slowly forming in my head for each civ, so these may be modified due to that.
Finally, I am considering introducing automatic maintenance if you anons want it. What this means is, you point out what you want to maintain, e.g. allocate x amount of workers to a mine permanently, and when I write posts I just write down something like
"You have 100 fishmen. 20 are busy doing maintenance, leaving you with 80 to allocate to different projects."
This way we could cut down on actions repeating every turn or things like housing expansion which occurs once in some years.
Excellent work.
Yep, nice work QM. I'm essentially doing automatic maintenance already, so I'm all in favour of that system. And a plot for each civ? Awesome! That's what's better about a civ quest with an actual QM over a civ computer game.

Also, the pastebin doesn't have the correct number of fishmen/Vur. It should be 110, right?
Rolled 97 (1d100)

>20 yeti take care of the herd
>20 yeti tend to the trees
>30 yeti fish
>12 make sacrifices to Bombabus God of combat and strength
>10 yeti search for a place to ambush the army
>18 yeti make clubs
>43 yeti train with the slings
>43 yeti train with the bolas
>The rest train with clubs or just train if there are not enough clubs
Division of Territory may be acceptable however, ants demand more. Ants also respect strength, and as a fellow insectoid race, the Ants push for a formal alliance between the two empires, to form a greater Union of Insects. From experience, two ant empires in close proximity may inevitably go to war unless there is unity of accord. The ants propose that with Ant resources, and Wasp warrior culture, both may benefit greatly. Ant Princes are eager to train among the deadly wasp warriors also.

>25 Princesses train in the art of diplomacy. Like all ants, they are genetically bred for loyalty to the current reigning Queen. They become skilled in both the verbal arts, as well as the release of communication pheromones for speedier communication with large numbers of ants or with insectoid races that we do not know how to speak with. They are set to help smooth relations with the wasps. One day should the Queen ever perish of old age, she releases her death pheromones, and the eldest and healthiest among them will become Queen. no politics will be involved, simply all the princesses gather and the most suitable among them will automatically release the pheromones of new queen type and their thorax and appetite will grow in great size. the other princesses continue their duty, albeit as duchesses as new princesses will be made by the new queen
>25 Ants tend the trees (248 Ants / 10 = 24.8)
>As a formal display of commitment to insect unity, 100 Warrior Ants offer to go hunting with the wasps to kill more giant monsters in the jungle. With wasps helping to kill the creatures, ants and giant beetles can more easily gather and cut up the meat before it spoils, divvying them up evenly among wasp and ant
>98 ants continue to work on the foundations of the Great Hive
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Fuck, why are we here in this godforsaken dump, babysitting these smelly fishmen? And now we send them gifts? We want to better their lives after they just killed two dozens of our friends for no reason? What the fuck? Why are we even listening to these old coots?

Yes, yes, I know SHE appointed them but they're not her. And could she even really see the future?

Look man, I know she saved you from slavers. I'm just saying. We all saw how devastated she was when Commander Akros died. Didn't she see that coming? Or did she just... let him die? And that baby. She might grow up to be a tyrant or a fool for all we know!

Haha, very funny. No, you're a fool if you don't see whats' right in front of you.

What I suggest? Commander Devon has the right idea. He's just a brat, but a brat with a good head on his shoulders. Learn what we can from them and then put them to their place. The strong win and the weak suffer, that's the law of the world.

Hey, don't you roll your eyes at me! And how should I know where he's sneaking off to? Probably training to get stronger, not like us lazy bums. I'm telling you, this kid has ambition. He's going places. He's the one we should be lis... Hey, where are you going? Wait for me!

-overheard late night talk among a Battle Mage patrol

Our people are still uneasy, but morale is improving. The fishmen - or Vur as they call themselves - are not hateful demons but a race who was hurt and sought to avoid getting hurt again. We will earn their trust, it's just a matter of time.

At last, we three have come to an agreement as to how to divide our tasks. How Galyr can be so easily distracted despite having such a single-track mind I will never understand. And Bardenar, that idiot, would turn us into a nation of builders for his grand projects if we let him. Patience. Patience is key, I keep telling him.

We have unanimously decided to seal the Cyclopes cave. Nothing good can come out of interacting with them. It wouldn't stop a dedicated Earth mage from sneaking in, but who would want to do such a thing?

-Sage Malkiel, private notes

>Continue assimilating the Vur. Offer them bronze tools (not iron) and the service of golems for some of their more arduous tasks. Offer to spar regularly with their noble-warriors. If they accept, Commander Devon will use these wargames to develop better tactics and improve his own personal strength.
>Establish a Lumberyard.
>Finish expanding the orchards.
>Extract enough stone for this year's needs and to create a stockpile for the Tower of the Arcane.
>24 Zeshians will specialize in scrying and dedicate themselves in locating the 9 Circles of Power before it's too late. Galyr will lead their efforts.
>20 Zeshians, under Bardenar, will use the newly extracted stone to construct a Harbour and upgrade as many of our homes as they can. They need experience in masonry before resuming construction of the Tower.
>Malkiel will begin experimenting with the Red Crystal to determine more of its properties and how to extract it without damaging it.
>Our golem makers will begin experimenting with fashioning Golems out of Stone. All three Sages will assist.
>Sell fruit, buy tools. Ask the traders if some of our people, Water Mages in particular, could join their crews for a year or two to gain seafaring experience and see the area first hand. Also ask them if there is interest in Stone and Wood as Trade Goods.
>Construct 40 basic Clay Golems
>Train 8 Battle Mages

Since we're naming cities, my capital will be the city of Zésh, on the island of Zésh, of the nation of Zésh. No, that will not get confusing at all why do you ask? Also, they named the island Muujen, but what do the fishmen call their village? That is how it'll be officially marked on the map.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Continue unknown snake project.
>15 Trolls

Old baba continues tending to the orchards.
>20 Trolls

Rock Feller raises a brow at Maul Shapers machine idea 'This should be good.' she says.
> Start constructing the rapid fire machines.
>20 Woodworkers

A lone mason is a stone above the rest. Stone setter and the masons begin expanding there techniques on stone.
>Masons deepen knowledge
>21 Masons

Begin counter-aggression on the Bat devils. Preforming hit and run raids to maim there targets, then retreat into the thick underbrush.
>29 Trolls

Great cheers echo through the jungle as Roc Feller announces the completion of the arena. Trolls young and old prepare there trusty clubs for combat. A great tournament is held to see who's the strongest.
>Train Gladiators
>75 Trolls
Rolled 62, 78 = 140 (2d100)



191 catfolk
57 warriors

20 assigned to fish
10 assigned to the Shrine - [Masthimin]
10 assigned to the Sacred Spring
10 assigned to Clay harvesting
10 assigned to Horse training/domestication
10 assigned to Explore NorthEast peninsula [Roll1]
10 assigned to build Shelters
5 assigned to train as Potters - 2 Journeyman? and 3 Apprentices - 1 Golem body for study/research, pottery
10 assigned to study/devise advanced Tactics for Warfare - Elite Warriors
96 assigned to train as Warriors - Archery+Claws
- 10 Elite Warriors instructing, 37 Warriors, 49 Recruits
[Roll2 - General Luck / Gods Favor]

Another fine year with dedication and perseverance paying off. The Gods have shown us favor, even if reserved, in many ways. Those tending the Shrine and studying the Sacred Spring feel confident the Gods will smile upon us soon. How, we do not know, but we shall continue to keep the faith.

The Exploration expedition returned safely with knowledge. Not enough for us to craft Golems, but a better understanding of Golemancy and with luck, the remaining secrets will be revealed eventually. They were allowed to study the Great Gardens Golems and returned with that knowledge intact. Still a resounding success in a world filled with dangers. The potters who went on the expedition have been instructed to craft a perfect replica of a Golem, so that all may see and marvel. Perhaps with time we will discover the missing secrets.

We were able to capture a herd of horses - large beautiful beasts of burden filled with strength and resolve. It will take some time to tame them, and already there are catfolk earning their trust and working with them daily. I am told in a few years. We will learn how to live with them and hopefully they will learn to live with us. All in good time.

The barbarians to the SouthEast still exist and still are a threat to our safety. We are not in a position yet to survive their attack and will continue to train. Defenses were constructed and our Warriors will spend more time training and improving. Some Elite Warriors have asked to break off and spend time studying advanced Tactics, so that our standing army fights better and with more precision. I have allowed their request and am sure with time they will return to train the others. It is only a matter of time until their gaze is in our direction, and with Luck and the Gods Favor we will be ready.
File: 1641642011538~3.png (19 KB, 996x1039)
19 KB
Rolled 99, 58 = 157 (2d100)

Name: Lelotl
Race: Salamander(amphibian) people
Colour: Lavender/pale purple
Fluff: In the middle of a storm and monster plagued swamp there is a lake. At the bottom of that lake, there lays the city of Lelotl, where the eternally youthful Axolotls rule the Salamander race. Between their immortality and regenerative abilities that put other salamanders to shame, the fully aquatic nobility of Lelotl rule with an iron fist. Their queen, having as many centuries as she appears to have years, hopes to expand her kingdom to encompass the swamp, and perhaps, all the waters of the world.

>start training low blood warriors into monster hunters
>Produce floating farms so crops can be grown closer to the capital.
Total: 243 Quanli (30 Shipwrights), 50 Human Slaves

20 Quanli will maintain their tireless watch over our herds of Crabs.

20 Quanli will keep nurturing and tending to the fruit tree groves.

20 Quanli will man our fishing fleet and fish the waters around our island - if this is too many, some will also look for other good fishing spots.

20 Quanli will continue their work in our quarry, bringing up stone and obsidian.

20 Quanli (including 10 of the shipwrights, as their crafting skills might be useful in hut-building even if not in their specialist field) will set to work constructing workshops so that we might train specialists.

30 Quanli (including another 10 of the shipwrights, as they know what woods work best and we will need most in the future) will set to work establishing a plantation of lumber-trees a little higher up the slope - the forests might seem endless right now, but we must be secure for the future of our fleets.

The 10 Quanli Shipwrights remaining will spend the year doing repairs and maintenance to our fleets as needed.

10 Quanli and the 50 Human slaves will set to work making that sugar plantation.

The 4 Quanli scouts will maintain their watch upon the pirates, so that we might be alerted and forewarned if they come for us again.

9 Quanli will experiment with spices - 4 with seeing if any of the ones that came in seed form will grow in our climate, digging a few small gardens to try growing them, or to test if any local plants would have similar effects; and 5 Quanli will test our purchased spices out to see if they can be worked into our cuisine - would they go with fish, fruit, crab?

20 Quanli will get to work making more Obsidian weapons and crabshell armour for the tribe.

And 50 Quanli, under the supervision of 10 of the Oldbloods (so 60 in total) will undergo a full year of training as warriors. We shall not let our marital traditions dry up!

Also, over the past few years our settlement has slowly acquired the name of 'Quanval', now this is finally made official.

I'm fine with automatic maintenance if you'd want to introduce that OP, a lot of my stuff is currently maintenance as it is.
>Edit, the capital of Lelotl is Camelotl
Rolled 30, 70, 70 = 170 (3d100)

The Kugel-Globo are in a time of crisis. They foolishly ventured into the realm of the gods, trying to harness the power of flesh and sacrifice and they were punished for it. 10 holy men are dead and an unholy being stalks the island, a punishment from the gods.

To appease the gods their must be sacrifice, and struggle.

5 Amazonian slave's hands are bound behind their back and they are tossed into the pit. The priests then start doing loud mournful croaks begging for the gods as the amazonian slaves are stoned. After the sacrifice the priests will carefully descend into the pit and pick out the rock that is stained red the most. That rock is blessed by the gods and will be fashioned into a spear to slay the Horror-Beyond-The-Stars and given to a suitable warrior.

It would have been The-One-Who-Leaps who wields the holy weapon but he is yet to return...

>5 Amazonian Slaves are sacrificed to create a holy weapon to kill the Horror-Beyond-The-Stars.

>20 Amazons and 15 Kugel Warriors are sent to slay the horror

>5 Amazonian slaves and 28 Kugel are sent to collect Salt crystals

>15 Kugel Warriors and 14 regular Kugel with one priest are sent to explore the ghost town

>25 Kugel are sent to trade for shipbuilding wood

(This is assuming if I get shipbuilding wood but)

>150 Kugel work on Lakur's holy ship.

(ill figure out what i want it to look like later
I've left something rather vital out of the fluff by mistake. In the world of the salamanders, everything noble, prosperous and safe is at the bottom of the lake, everything vulgar, poor and dangerous is on the surface. As such, "above", "high", and "top" are considered disadvantaged, while "beneath", "low", and "bottom" are considered advantaged. Thus "low blood", here, refers to the Axolotls and the most trusted Salamander families. Sorry for the confusion.
>How do satyrs increase in number if there are no women among them?
Well you see unlike what ever you heard on Earth satyrs on Geomap.png If this planet does have a name that I missed feel free to call me a dumbass are descendants of long-lived nature sprits that would simply be born from the woods they call home. However when their ancient ancestors met other races they were shown various new things that the sprits, who could survive by simply absorbing natures energies, had never seen before like wine & music coming from instruments & sex not just for reproduction but for pleasure. Most sprits saw these as novel indulging occasionally but the satyrs progenitor found great joy from these acts. Unfortunately the body of a sprit is not suited for these act and so the progenitor used all his might and split himself into many lesser forms, that are now known as satyrs. Satyrs have lost much of the powers originally had by their "father" but as kin to nature sprits they still possess some traits such as slight magical powers and the ability to be born from the land, though they greatly prefer other methods.

tl;dr Nature sprit nonsense
File: seadogs.png (15 KB, 652x353)
15 KB
Rolled 77 (1d100)

>Action 1:
You know the drill by now(21 for farms, 45 for sheep)
>Action 2:
Learning should include both practice, not just theory. As such, have the 36 soon to be scholars learn not just from our elders but also from the skilled workers and artisans of Thesalon(36 students + 8 skilled workers + 8 artisans)
>Action 3
With the news of the eastern necromancer the Council has come to the conclusion that Thesalon and his people need to be prepared for the coming hardships. As such a number of decrees have been proclaimed:
The farmlands shall be expanded with 80 new farmers tending them...
>Action 4:
The first 2 galleys shall be manned and send on a journey across the Thalasmas Sea. The first one, Penelope shall venture south and seek out the trade partneres of the antellims while the second ship, Argos, shall venture east to seek survivors on the coast of Voskot(60 seadogs)
>Action 5:
A new mine shall be opened in the north, in the Aspro Mountains as they have come to be known. With it 30 new miners shall be send north(roll for it)
>Action 6:
And finally, a commity of 10 elders and artisans have been tasked with designing weapons for the comming conflicts.
Rolled 15 (1d100)

> send 5 scouts to check on what the fuck is going on west, evacuate the affected zones
> keep supplying the fields and fisher’s posts, assign 100 Idrudari to the task
> keep training the 208 remaining Idrudari- we must be ready
>>5112977 352

While the news of the kingdom that bothered the slowly forming city state back in it's tribal days many times before had found them was bothersome at best, that the south had enemies as well in the form of strange monks made it clear that they were surrounded on all sides. As such, construction on further defensive structures to add to the city states protection would be done. Mainly this would be in the form of a defensive ditch and a number of raised earthworks, alongside a few watchtowers to give those guarding the settlement a greater view of afar, and much of the leather gathered would be turned into armor while the Afanistis worked on methods of defeating any enemy that came after them in an effective manner, mainly through mock battles and recalling what worked during their defense. The sword and the call from it's owner meanwhile would be ignored, for now at least. There was no way they could get to the north without a fight they would lose. But that would change in time. Meanwhile, a strange number of halfdemons tied to envy would try and usurp those of gluttony by searching for various plants that had use not as food but as a cure for various ailments. This was partially due to some of their own having gotten ill, and partially due to the simple fact that it would actually get them some recognition. Those strong with gluttony ignored and dismissed this, simply continuing to expand their farms with greater irrigation, using what nearby rivers and brooks there were to aid their crops by digging small ditches that the water would flow into to help keep the crops well cared for. Meanwhile a few halfdemons of lust and pride worked on trying to put words to stone and wood. A method by which stories and words could be conveyed without speech. Lastly, a few utilized what amber was there to work on more jewelry and a number more worked furthering their skill with lumber and woodworking.


50 Halfdemons research Herbology/early medicine.
40 Halfdemons research Metallurgy
40 Halfdemons work on expanding irrigation
40 Halfdemons work on expanding defensive structures
40 Afanistis work on tactics.
40 Halfdemons work on writing.
40 Halfdemons work on leather armor
32 Halfdemons farm (10% of 40=4. -4 from farm=32)
30 Slaves mine Copper
30 Hunters hunt
30 Halfdemons become carpenters
20 Slaves gather amber
20 Afanistis guard the slaves
10 Halfdemons work on further jewelry.
Bunny Population total: 410

Bunny specialists:
20 woodsrabbits, 20 herbalists

Non-bunny specialists
dire wolves 40

non-specialized bunny pop 370

>maintenance population 142 NS 15 S total 157
50 farmers
30 bunnies 15 woodsrabbits hunters
20 breeding den pleasure bunnies~
12 faithbunnies tending Verameeka shrine
10 wolf trainers/breeders
10 research agriculture
10 research tactics

Action population 183
>Use 70 bunnies to try to counteract the false doctrine of the coomer bunnies making them see their actions go against the word of Verameeka using a religious solution to end the crisis

The shaman of Veerameka teaches that she is the mother of bunnykind, and goddess of fertility. By her nature she is a being who relishes pleasure and encourages her followers to revel in it as well; however, she would never be so hedonistic as to endanger her children, because while she is a Goddess of fertility, she is also the protector, and mother of lagomophkind. We have faith in her that she will keep her covenant and be there when we call out, to answer our prayers in our darkest hour, to do a parent’s duty. And in turn, she trusts that her followers will do the same for their own kits. The shaman, Further teaches that her core tenant is to be fruitful and multiply, however implicit in that order is to ensure your kits that will come up after you can do the same and enjoy the same if not great pleasures you have yourself enjoyed. This is what the coomer bunnies have forgotten, by their hedonistic heretical doctrine they scorn the tribes’ kits. And if allowed to continue down this ruinous path they will condemn the generations that come after to never know the heights of pleasure they enjoy, instead, they are leaving them only an inheritance of ruin and hardship. Indeed, these heretical bunnies need to be made to see the error of their way before it is too late. For with the great heights of pleasure and breeding that verameeka promises us all, so too does it come with even great depths of responsibility and care. Such is the will of Verameeka
>Use 40 bunnies paired with our 40 dire wolves to force the comer bunnies out of the breeding dens and shrine, those who do not work do not eat.

Chieftain Cottentail would not allow all he and his mate had built to fall to ruin, he would not let his kind be overtaken by the subversive and blasphemies teachings of the comer bunnies. At his mate's request, he promised that she and the shamans along with any bunnies that could be spared would be given time to work to counter and undo the damage these comer bunnies have done, to the faith and themselves by embracing such false teachings. Which he would honor, but once their time was up any who still clung to their false teachings would be forced out of the breeding dens and the shrine of their Goddess and made to work like everybunny else. For while Peter was strong in his faith, he was also the chief and he had to put the tribe first. It was with this in mind when he told his 40 trusted bunnies what they would need to do and said “those who do not work do not eat” if his mate the chieftess was unable to sway them with the true teaching of the faith, then he would correct them through force of arms.

>Use 10 bunnies to build an orchard to start benefiting from fruit we have naturally growing around Lagolandia

While the chief and chieftess were occupied with their joint plan for how to deal with the crisis, along with the bulk of the tribe, the mundane working of the tribe still needed to be done. A small skeleton crew of bunnies wanted to begin growing and harvesting fruits in an orchard, like the farms, to help the tribe and increase their prosperity and abundance. Even in crisis, it is important to continue to believe in a bright future, at least that is what the head bunny of the orchard project says.

>10 bunnies and 5 woodsrabbits to Claim the stone resources to the east and build a quarry there

Stone is an incredible resource to further develop the tribe and its people. This is why an expedition of 15 bunnies embark on a journey to build a quarry at the stone deposit in the east as well as a path to and from the quarry providing a safe means of travel to it from the great warren. Most of the expedition would work on establishing the quarry while the skilled woodsrabbits would go about the task of marking the best path to and from the quarry. With high hopes and high spirits, they depart for the east, in the name of Lagomophkind.

>15 herbalists to find and collect herbs and plants that can be used for medicinal purposes

Educated and armed with theory the new herbalists of the tribe are eager and determined to put what they have learned to work for the betterment of the tribe. As a group, it was decided that the best way to do so would be to gather, grow, and discover new herbs and plants to heal and treat the sick. 15 herbalists would set to this task searching first the local lands for known herbs and plants to gather into a medicinal garden, then later further out in the lands still wild and unknown to them.

>5 Herbalists to act as healers for the tribe tending to the sick and injured, I would like to make this a repeating action

While the bulk of the herbalists of the tribe is on their mission to find new healing herbs and plants, a small few volunteers to remain in the Great warren using their wisdom and herbs, to heal the wounded and tend to the sick, deciding themselves as Bunnies of mercy, putting the tribe and patents first. (call them mercibun for singular and mercibuns for pural)

>15 bunnies build a tannery burrow so that we can begin to make armors and clothes from the leather our hunters are gathering from their kills

To make use of the growing stores of leather a group of bunnies set about the work of building a tannery burrow. They see all the leather that is just gathering dust and know that so much more can be done with it, or at least if their ideas pan out. They see all the possibilities that the leather has, it can be made into clothes and armor to better protect the tribe. But only if they take the time to build the means to use it, which they had decided to do.

> 13 bunnies train in the crafting burrow to become full craftsrabbit specialists.
While the average bunny can do any job given enough time to learn who to, but as the tribe grows and builds become more complex the need for specialized workers grow, and these first baker's dozen will be the foundation brain trust on which more craftsrabbits will be made.

QM hey you missed one of my actions from the last turn in the discord you said for me to just put a reminder in my next post this is that. I Domesticate the wild cattle to the east. Below is the action verbatim

>15 Bunnies head east to begin attempting to domesticate the herd of aurochs, wild bulls, and cows, that dwell in those forested planes.

sorry for the long post but got into the zone and this was my last chance to have a meaty post before the spring uni semester starts back.

actions -set up automatic maintenance for research, composting, wine production, & camel care. send 4 groups of 2, one Host & one entertainers, with the the traders to promote Satyr's Gift. train more entertainers & hosts.
Rolled 83, 7, 74 = 164 (3d100)

rolling for coomer bunny suppression, search for medicinal herbs and plants, and final safety of the quarry expedition
Rolled 34 (1d100)

rolling for Red Crystal experiments
Labor will be allocated as such:

>50 workers shall be sent to the expanded warrior's hall to train for a year. I do not expect they shall become elite troops in that time, but they will be sufficient for now. 20 will learn the ways of the spear, shield, and sword, whilst the remaining 30 may study the longbow and longsword

>15 workers shall be sent to the expanded studium to train as magical assistants for two years. These guys help mages in long-term projects, but do not have the gift themselves

>10 more workers shall go to the studium and explore the native troll illusion magic. I know not how long it will take them to become full mages, but once again, we are a nation of partners

>20 elves shall take up residence in the craftsman's hut in order to become professional bowyers and fletchers. This is largely a cultural thing for us, because I as a lord am technically also master of archers

>20 trolls shall spend their year in the mine, so that we can have a large stockpile of iron ore to work with

>10 workers shall build a small forest outpost, in order to collect resin and herbs in respectful volumes

>20 workers shall expand the village housing. They will, of course, only build under my citadel

>30 workers shall build and furnish a large inn on the outskirts of our village

>60 workers shall clear a basic road through our realm, leading from the mage village to the troll capital

>10 acolytes shall beg the tree-brothers' forgiveness for the destruction necessary to build said road

>34 workers shall act in various preparatory and serving rolls at the midsummer feast, and will try their best to listen in on gossip without getting caught. They can report to me after cleaning up the mess

>I hold an impressive feast, and use the opportunity to propose a new project for our kingdom: the Tall Hill Hall. This will serve as the seat of highest honor in our culture. The greatest heroes will drink here, the worthiest songs will be inscribed on every surface. Its doors will be magicked, its hearth ever-warm. Folk will gather from miles around to hear the wisdom of its poets. What's more, we shall build it here, on the sight of this feast. But I cannot support such grandeur alone, I need the help of my brother-king, of all my brother-kings.

>Samples of the herbs and resin shall be taken to the studium, to see if they cannot be transplanted, turned into potions, or improved in some other way
Rolled 88, 69 = 157 (2d100)

Rolling for Greklatini vs. Warlord
File: polmap8.png (71 KB, 4000x2000)
71 KB

You sacrifice several deer to Bombabus, and he answers, granting your warriors strength and endurance.
[In the coming battle, you receive +15 to your roll.]
The yetis searching for a place to ambush the coming army come to the whaler people for advice. They find out that there is a pass between the Flantic Wyns and the yet-unnamed mountains -- one of the rare places in the flat tundra where an ambush may be set up. When the warlord arrives, your warriors will be ready.
[You arm your yetis with clubs. This will provide +5 bonus in combat.]
[Over the months leading up to the battle, your people undergo a specialised training course with bolas, slings and clubs. You get 43/44 of bola-yetis, sling-yetis and club-yeti warriors which will receive a +7 bonus in combat.]
At last, your scouts report sighting the warlords' army. Messengers arrive to both your and the whalers' tribe, delivering an ultimatum to either join the warhost or be forced into slavery. You refuse, and march forth along with your human allies to the mountain pass...
Warrior yetis vs Warlord's guard
>88 + 5 (clubs) + 5 (slings) + 10 (bolas) + 8 (leather armour) + 10 (tactical superiority - ambush) + 15 (Bombabus' blessing) + 7 (training) + 10 (stronger) = 158 vs 117 = 69 + 15 (training) + 8 (leather armour) + 15 (bronze weaponry) + 10 (bows)
Militia yetis and whalers vs Warlord's army
>88 + 5 (clubs) + 5 (slings) + 10 (bolas) + 8 (leather armour) + 10 (harpoons) + 10 (tactical superiority - ambush) + 15 (Bombabus' blessing) + 10 (stronger) = 161 vs 87 = 69 + 5 (training) + 5 (slings) + 8 (leather armour)
The battle goes in your favour. Your warriors throw rocks and bolas, stunning the enemy, before finishing the job with clubs. While the warlord's elite warriors are greatly armed, your allies' harpoons impale and twist their guts all the same. At the end of the day, the lesser-trained enemies are routed, and you stand victorious on a frozen field of gore and corpses. Tallying the casualties, you find out that 40 yetis' lives have been taken by the enemy.
You have 248 yetis.
115 yetis are warriors of various specialisations.
File: geomap6.png (78 KB, 4000x2000)
78 KB
[It'll take 2 years, one of which has passed, to groom the Princesses into the great diplomats they're meant to be.] [1/2 princess training]
The wasps refuse your proposal of a unified empire, however, they accept the offer of maintaining positive relations in the future. They also agree to organize a hunt with the warrior ants. In spite of 10 casualties on your side, it goes splendidly, and several beasts dwelling in the jungle are slain. This strengthens your ties with the wasps somewhat.
[You have established cordial relations with the Wasp Empire.]
With the halfway point to laying down the foundation reached, the ground meant to support The Great Hive is riddled with burrows and holes, but the walls between them are strengthened, compressed by the builders, and carved with simple, yet beautiful engravings. Truly, a magnificent structure it will be.
[4/7 Stage I Great Hive]
Several Ant Princes, while loyal to the Queen, are suspicious of wasps, who have killed their comrades so little ago. They refuse to go on the hunt with those they consider enemies. This could lead to split in the Hive...
You have 298 Ants.
10 Ants are Princes.
The Vur assimilation goes on. They become relatively fluent in your language, no longer speaking in broken, short sentences, but communicating extensively. They are grateful to receive bronze tools and quickly adapt them to their tasks. The fishmen prove, quite ironically, adept fishers, hauling in good catches that last them days. They are also decent shipbuilders as well. The Vur canoes may seem simple at first, but they are extremely maneuverable and fast.
The proposal for wargames is begrudgingly accepted by their elders, but they demand you teach them magic in exchange for their sharing of tactics with you. Over the year, war exercises are held, interspersed with times when the Vur share their expertise of guerilla warfare, which they learned back when the fishmen had to fight for their freedom. Things are not going completely smoothly, however. Some of the battle mages "accidentally" injure fishmen over the year that wargames are practiced. Some enmity is born between the garrison and the villagers of Yuki, how they call their settlement.
[2/6 tactics research]
[A lumberyard is built. Here, woodworkers may be trained and their craft practiced.]
[While more fruit comes from expanded orchards, more maintenance is needed, which is done by a joint operation of golems and fishmen, to whom a portion of the harvest goes.]
>29 + 10 (scrying tech)
The mages try all year, yet fail in divining the location of Circles of Power.
[The aspiring masons experiment both in using their magical power and more commong methods to shape stone into useful forms. A harbour is constructed, where ships may be assembled. Many homes are reinforced with stone, mostly those of higher-ranked Zeshians.] [1/2 mason training]
The magic crystals remain an enigma. Shaping golems around them seems to only disturb their function, and inhaling ground crystal powder seems to induce delirium, which makes the seemingly improved magical abilities useless.
The stone golems are initially falling apart, but with some experimentation, their creation process is refined and by the end of the year, you gain the ability to craft sturdier, heavier golems.
The traders accept your request, allowing a dozen of water mages on board, so long as they assist in boosting the ship's speed. They tell you that simple stone and wood are not desirable goods, but exotic variants, such as marble or granite for stone and shipbuilding or hardwood for wood, are prized among traders. You, however, have neither.
[The golems are constructed and the mages are trained.]
You have 287 humans and elves, 127 fishmen and 103 golems of various types.
40 of the humans are battlemages.
Significant people: Galyr, Bardenar, Malkiel (Sage leaders), Devon (battlemage commander)
[4/5 snake project]
[2/4 cocoa plantation]
The warrens are flooded with sounds of woodworking, trees shaped into ballista-like, mobile machines. Branches are sharpened and turned into ammunition for these, assembled into clips of five for the promised rapid fire. Animal, mostly snake, innards are used as flexible rope with which the projectiles are hauled towards the enemies.
[You have assembled a battery of anti-air machines. This will provide a +20 bonus against aerial enemies.]
[Their expertise already extensive, the masons with Stone Setter start deepening their knowledge in how stone may be shaped into useful forms.] [1/2 mason education]
The raids against the batmen are a success. Thrown bolas pull them to the ground, where clubs and mauls finish the job. You manage to thin out the numbers of your enemies, but now they move in larger groups. If you wish to confront them now, a full battle is inevitable.
The great tournaments goes... great. Mighty warriors showcase their strength and mastery of weapons, however simple clubs may be, and the younger and weaker fighters learn a thing or two from the more experienced ones. A champion emerges at the end, beating even Roc Feller herself. Cliff Breaker is his name.
[Due to the tournament, trolls increase their mastery of weapons. +5 bonus in combat. Moreover, due to entertainment, the popular mood is high. Tasks will require 10% less trolls to be accomplished efficiently for 3 turns.]
You allocate your population in a good manner, just deduct 10% from each task and assign them to an additional project or two.
With your population growing, there is now a shortage of weapons: clubs, mauls and bolas -- and tools. More need to be crafted to maintain their bonuses. The same applies to warrens.
A pair of satyrs come to your tribe with one of the bedouin caravans, advertising an "oasis inn" named "Satyr's Gift". Perhaps this is worth an investigation?..
You have 207 trolls.
20 trolls are woodworkers.
21 trolls are masons.
Significant people: Roc Feller (head of the tribe), Maul Shaper (head woodworker), Stone Setter (head mason) Snow Reader (tracker-hunter), Old Baba (cocoa farmer), Cliff Breaker (champion)
The gods are pleased with your consistent dedication to keeping the shrine. One morning, the shrine tenders wake up to find the stones that make up the shrine turned into granite, and holy water contained in indentations at the top. More than that, your people feel a source of divine endurance open in them.
[The shrine was upgraded. Tasks now require 10% less workforce for same efficiency.]
Masthimin, the shrine worker, finds that he now possesses the power to manipulate water to a limited degree. Perhaps the gods judged him worthy to be a Tidecaller?..
The catfolk assigned to studying the sacred spring determined that it consuming its waters boosts magical capacity, especially connected to water manipulation. Hearing of your efforts in studying golemancy, they suggest you assign them to this task, since they have some ideas.
[2/3 horse domestication]
>62 + plot
Your scouts return. They report finding a small copper vein on the peninsula. They have also spotted a lake with a building's spires pointing up out of the water. A curious find, although exploring it would be problematic.
[You have expanded your village with additional shelters. These will last until 600 population.]
[Over the year, the journeyman potters share their expertise with their apprentices. Their workshop is expanded a bit, allowing for more ceramics to be produced. Golem study proceeds as well. The symbols etched on the golems' bodies seem familiar somehow... This needs further investigation by the elders.]
[Your greatest warriors begin their research into tactics and ways of war, how best to exploit the mastery of archery cultivated among your warriors.] [1/6 tactics research]
[The other warriors' training goes on. Your army is expanding to protect your tribe from the inevitable assault of the raiders -- with this much clear, the catfolk's motivation to train is high.]
You have 230 catfolk.
5 catfolk are potters.
106 catfolk are warriors on various stages of mastery.
Significant people: Masthimin (water mage - shrine worker)

The lowbloods, the nobility of Lelotl, prepare for war, for now only against the monsters plaguing the swamplands. The highbloods participate as well, aspiring to become like their superiors through hard work and valour in battle.
[You have trained your people into a militia. They will receive a +5 bonus in combat. They may be trained further.]
You set up farms above the surface of the lake. Assign some workers here to get a bonus to population growth.
You have 110 salamanders.
[Your crab herders report that the crab breeding program is a success. In a year, they will be introducing several types of crabs for various applications. 6/7 crab enhancement.]
[The most daring fishers report sighting islands to the east. Perhaps an exploration expedition is in order?]
[You have constructed workshops. Specialist craftsmen may be trained here and practice their chosen crafts.]
[It'll take some years for the trees to grow enough to be cut down. 1/3 lumber plantation.]
[With little sugarcane initially available, it'll take some years to expand it to a proper plantation. The Quanli tending to the fruit groves recommend constructing a sugar mill in the mean time. 1/3 sugarcane plantation.]
The only spice you find can be cultivated is nutmeg and hot red peppers. The rest the traders provided to you in ground form, obviously unfit for cultivation. Experimenting with food over the year, your cooks find out several recipes for all types of food you consume. Generally, as your people start living more comfortably, with obsidian tools and varied food, they start working harder and with more motivation.
[Tasks now require 10% less workforce due to raising quality of life.]
[Over the year, more obsidian weapons and crabshell armour is made, enough to arm up to 600 Quanli now.]
[The training course invented by the Oldbloods enhances both their own mastery and brings up the fresh recruits. This corps of warriors will receive +10 bonus in battle.]
Your scouts report pirate movements on your shores again. It seems one of their ships on a raid has spotted your village. It is only a matter of time before they attack now...
You have 304 Quanli and 50 human slaves.
30 Quanli are shipwrights.
60 Quanli are warriors.
>30 + 10 (sacrifice)
The gods do not favour you, it seems. There is little power to be found in the stone that is meant to be the holy weapon. Still, little is better than none. It is given to the strongest of the Amazons, Sicrelinthe...
>70 + 5 (holy weapon)
... who ends up wounding the horror. Still, a wound may be healed, and the Horror escaped after sustaining it, taking 5 warrior Kugel with it, so the hunt is not over yet. Not only that, regular weapons seem to do little against it, perhaps another sacrifice and prayer is in order to receive a blessing from the gods?
The ghost city is mostly made up of grand monuments, with little to no functional buildings. Their spires reach towards the sky, their marble walls carved with intricate symbols and ornaments. In one of the buildings, the priest and warriors find an altar with water flowing out of it. Tasting it, they are, for some moments, transported into another reality, one where the city is populated by hordes of ghosts. Drinking the water again, the explorers find themselves among the ethereal populace again. The ghosts don't seem to be hostile, at least, only watching your scouts with curiosity. Communication with the ghosts reveals that there is a King among them, ruling the city from one of the grandest buildings. If you wish to deal with the city somehow, you should probably go to the ruler.
[You have set up a salt mine on the island. Allocate workers here regularly to get a steady supply of salt.]
[Trading salt for shipbuilding wood, you finally amass enough of a stockpile to begin the construction of the grand ship.]
[During the year, over a hundred Kugel work to construct the ship. The carcass is done, yet carving it with decorative ornaments is still needed to receive Lakur's blessing.]
The-One-Who-Leaps returns! He bears the head of a wyvern -- a mighty beast indeed. His body is imbued with divine strength, and his eyes have great knowledge behind them.
You have 304 Kugel, 20 Amazons and 5 amazonian slaves.
25 of the Kugel are warriors.
All free Amazons are warriors.
Significant people: The-One-Who-Leaps (Champion of the Gods), Sicrelinthe (Amazon leader)
[6/10 wool yield increase]
[The scholars deepen their knowledge by participating in the craftsmen' work. Through this, they learn the intricacies of various crafts and prepare an engineering background from which they can plan city expansion and other building projects. 2/3 scholar training.]
[With expanded farmlands, you now produce enough wheat to export it somewhere.]
Penelope returns with news of the Kalimanian Tribes populating the gulf to the east of Antellim. They are a simple folk, mostly producing food and hunting for leather, which they both use and export. Recently, they have been devastated by the necromancer hordes, yet ultimately fended them off through an allied effort together with Antellimians.
Argos reports finding the Chiefdom of Ctildyrea and the City-State of Joviir. The former are formidable mages of water, using their power to steer ships around the Thalasmas Sea, employed by traders around the area. They also grow various herbs, which they export to Antellim in exchange for zinc. Their culture is rather laid-back, they are merry people which often have holidays for even the smallest occasions. The City-State is a strong land-based power. Citizenship is only granted to those who served in the army for a set amount of time. The Joviir make raids against the southern states and trade spoils for useful items around the Sea. They also breed horses, which are renowned around the area for their endurance.
The prospectors find a small deposit of adamantite -- a very hard metal, one of the best for war applications. However, due to the size of the outcropping, it seems you won't have access to it for long.
[The elders and artisans spend their time testing various shapes of weapons and how to balance them for optimal performance. They also devise plans for machines of war to be built. It'll take 2 more years for them to come up with worthy ideas. 1/3 war thought.]
Worrying news come from the west. Insectoid hordes have been reported to ravage the area, consuming everything in their path to fuel the swarm. It is only a matter of time before your people become an addition to their diet...
You have 373 cynocephales.

The scouts return. They report sighting a giant hole in the ground, a true Abyss, from which black bile flows and corrupts the landscape. You do not know how to deal with it yet. Some suggest the mages do something about it, others want to ask for assistance from Akret. With evacuation, you have managed to contain the threat, for now, but who knows when it'll reach your core lands...
[The training goes on. Your militia now has a +10 bonus in combat.]
You have 403 idrudari.
[It'll take some time and experimentation with drying, boiling, distilling solutions and other manipulations with various herbs, as well as investigation into the effects of various medicines on the body, for methods of treating illnesses to form. 1/3 Early Medicine research.]
[The research into Metallurgy is finished. Your halfdemons know how to work with various metals now. It'll take one more year to study alloys. 0/1 Alloy Smelting.]
[With expanded irrigation, the farms are starting to become somewhat automated. 1 less worker required for food maintenance.]
[Watchtowers are built, earthworks are piled up to make the city-state of Tylisseutherna elevated above the surrounding lands. With a ditch, the enhancement of defences is complete. They will now provide +25 bonus on defence.]
[With experience in battle gained, your Afanistis warriors work out which tactics to use against humans. While the more wrathful ones suggest simply charging and crushing the humans, most are proceeding to develop proper, advanced ways of waging war.] [2/6 tactics research]
[Work on writing -- etching symbols that carry meaning on wooden plates or strips of leather -- is underway. It'll take another year for a dictionary of words to form.] [1/2 Writing]
[With hides stockpiled by hunters, your leatherworkers produce armour of boiled leather over the year. Enough to arm most of your population. Much to the sorrow of the prideful halfdemons, for they would've preferred the leather be crafted into luxurious clothes for themselves.] [+8 bonus in combat until 1200 halfdemons]
[30 carpenters are trained by the end of the year. These can work on advanced buildings.]
[With a surplus of jewelry, it'd be a good idea to find someone to export it to. Some suggest the warrior monks to the south could be placated with gifts, to show them that halfdemons are not really evil hellspawn (or are you?).]
You have 536 halfdemons and 50 human slaves.
60 of the halfdemons are Afanistis.
30 of the halfdemons are Hunters.
30 of the halfdemons are Carpenters.
[The agricultural research is finished. Techniques were devised and fertilizers discovered that lead to optimal harvests. Food now provides +0.1 to pop growth.]
[Tactics have been developed fully. So long as you lead an exercised force, they will receive +10 bonus in all combat.]
The heretics suppression goes splendidly. While a couple dozen listened to the chieftess' words, most had to be dragged out of the breeding dens and the shrine grounds by force. Most realized the errors of their ways as they were put to forced work, but even then about 30 decided they would rather leave the tribe than be slaves and escaped into the woods outright. No one heard from them again.
[You have defeated the sex addiction and reinforced your faith, at a little cost.]
[It'll take 3 years for the trees to mature and start bearing considerable harvests of fruit.] [1/3 orchards]
[The quarry is set up and starts providing stone. The path through the forests to the Great Warren is now well-trodden, but the eerie feeling of being watched persists among the colonists.]
>7 + 20 (expertise)
[However much they searched, the herbalists couldn't find herbs in quantities necessary for a garden to be established or a stockpile to be collected.]
[The mercibuns begin their work. Due to proper medical care now provided to the general populace, the rabbits become overall healthier. +0.01 growth rate.]
[The tannery burrow is built. Here, using tannines from tree bark, leather can be made more useful, durable, warm.]
[You need to specialise your rabbits more. Craftsrabbits is too broad of a term - use woodworkers, masons, shipwrights, blacksmiths, etc. instead.]
[Retroactively: you manage to capture the herd of aurochs. Still, these are quite wild and easily-angered animals, it'll take 2 more years for them to be fully tamed. 2/4 bull taming.]
A stranger arrives in your tribe. A lagomorph just as you, oddly enough, he asks to meet the heads of the tribe. He desires the position of an advisor, claiming to offer "a great boon for a great sacrifice, if you are willing to follow my guidance", but refuses to specify what exactly he means. He also mentions that he may depart at any time, if his company becomes unneeded.
You have 531 lagomorphs ready to be assigned to tasks (536 total with maintenance workers), and 50 dire wolves.
20 lagomorphs are Woodsrabbits.
20 lagomorphs are Herbalists.

Your inn becomes widely known across the desert due to your travelling entertainers. The bedouins finally agree to set up a trading post at your oasis. Slowly, but surely, your inn becomes a bustling hive of activity and revelry. Some of the travellers bring long-desired women with them! Now, to convince them to stay...
You have 164 satyrs ready to be assigned to tasks (267 total with maintenance workers).
The youths you sent some years ago to train as warriors have grown up. They are formidable swordsmen and archers, ready to protect the realm. [You have 40 warriors with +20 to combat rolls]
The elves you sent to warriors' hall have trained as well over the past year. They have attained a degree of mastery over their chosen weapon. [You have an additional 20 longbowmen and 30 close-combat soldiers who receive +10 bonus in combat]
The magical assistants begin their training. They shall know the ways of how magic works, but without truly wielding it. [1/2 magical assistants training]
It'll take 3 years for the illusion mages to be instructed by the rare troll mage in the ways of their craft. [1/3 illusion mage training]
It'll take another year for the bowyers and fletchers to master their craft. Upon finishing their training, they'll be able to assemble weapons of superior quality. [1/2 bowyer & fletcher training]
The iron mine is operational for the entire year, bringing up ore to be used by the blacksmiths in their various projects. [You now have a stockpile of iron]
The forest outpost is set up. So long as you allocate a portion of your workforce here, you shall receive its boons.
The village housing is expanded to accomodate a total of 1000 elves. However, building any more than that could prove to be problematic in the future -- you citadel is not endless, after all.
The inn is built -- a place of rest for the weary traveller, however rare they may be in your forests.
While building the road has angered the wood spirits, the acolytes have succeeded in their mission, smoothing the tree-brothers' rage. You have an invaluable object of insfrastructure in your hands now. It's been called the Marquess' Road, in your name.
The feast is a success, merriment and revelry reigns on the forest clearing where trolls and elves eat and drink to their hearts' content. The trolls cheer to your offer of building the Tall Hill Hall with them. They pledge their full support to the initiative. Once the feast is done and everything is cleaned up, the workers you sent to gather gossip return. They report that, besides rumours of the necromancer, the rare troll traders going south spotted a ship of cynocephales -- dog-headed men -- sailing in the waters of the Antellim Kingdom to the south. There are also rumours that an ancient troll relic of some kind was found to the west, beyond the mountains. These are vague, though. It would take a dedicated search party to locate it, if you wish to do so.
The research into herbs starts. The students at the studium carry it out as part of their education, and should be ready to present results in about a year. [1/2 herb & resin research]
A messenger from the witch village arrives -- they request your help in the coming year against the necromancer, he seems to have finally reached your lands.
Remember to allocate workers to finish their training and keep researching things like mild steel.
You have 321 trolls and elves.
40 are elite warriors. 20 are longbowmen & longswords. 30 are shield and spear/swordsmen. 30 are blacksmiths. 10 are acolytes.
A little announcement, I got a rangeban. Posting small commentary like this is fine from mobile, big updates are hard. While the issue persists, other anons will be posting the updates I send them.
Another thing I want to mention is: I'll be taking over player civs that remain inactive for 4 turns and (maybe) doing something with them.
Also, the automatic maintenance system is online, just write what you want managed behind the scenes and I'll take it into account when I write the turn. See Oasis anon's turn to see how it works.
I will be updating the pastebin later. Also I fucked up the political map and forgot to add some civs, this will also be fixed later.
Rolled 54 (1d100)



230 Catfolk
106 Warriors

25 assigned to Fishing Industry
10 assigned to upgraded Shrine
10 assigned to the Sacred Spring
10 assigned to Clay Harvesting
10 assigned to Building Copper Mine and Harvesting
10 assigned to Horse Training/Domestication
10 assigned as Potters
11 assigned to train as Mages / study Golemancy/Tidecallers - [Masthimin]
10 assigned to study Tactics - Elite Warriors
10 assigned to become Coppersmiths - Building Metal Workshop -> Copper Tools
114 assigned to train as Warriors - Archery+Claws
- 47 Elite Warriors, 49 Warriors, 18 Recruits
[ Roll1 - General Luck / Gods Favor ]

Our folk have been patient and hardworking and the Gods have finally shown their Favor upon us. I was awoken early one morning, being nearly dragged by the Shrinetenders to our Shrine. There, with my own eyes, I saw it had been transformed overnight into beautiful Granite stonework with pools of holy water inlaid into the top.

To do such work ourselves would have been at least weeks if not months of effort, and we do not even have a source for the beautiful granite! We are truly blessed and finally, after so many years of traveling and searching, where the Catfolk need to be. This land is ours to defend and any catfolk who has doubts can merely gaze upon the Shrine and have their commitment renewed.

As another blessing, the catfolk studying the Sacred Spring report a connection to the Sacred Waters and perhaps the spark of becoming Tidecaller Mages. In addition the Shrinetender Masthimin is reporting the spark as well. All of them are being allowed to train and work on their skills. What a blessing it would be to have an army of Tidecallers able to defend our lands. We would shine among the greatest catfolk civilizations in generations if we were to have multiple Tidecallers in our midst. To have more, skilled, would put us into the highest reaches if not take position as the greatest catfolk civilization to have lived. With the study and care of the Sacred Spring such goals may be within our reach. I will allow the Mages to train diligently. I do not know what resources they will require and most likely they will not either. Such things will come with time and skill. All catfolk hold Tidecallers with great regard and to be training the spark of magic is a position of honor. None involved want to see failure and the dishonor such things would bring.

Moving on to other happenings, the training of the Horses as beasts of burden is continuing well. I am told with luck they will be fully domesticated and ready for work / perhaps further training next year. These creatures and their capabilities are new to us but we will learn together.

Our scouts have returned successful once again, this time they bring news of a small vein of copper. This metal is not unknown to us but like all metals, it is rare and highly sought after. We will train miners and will upgrade our equipment with it as best we can, for as long as it lasts.
Rolled 32 (1d100)


With luck the copper vein will last long enough to upgrade our tools and perhaps craft some melee weapons for our best warriors. We are thankful for the blessings of the Gods as they come and will do our best to make good use of them.

In addition to the copper our scouts found a curious building deep under water. We are skilled swimmers but holding our breath for the distances and times required for this would take a blessing from the Gods themselves. ( Not unheard of, but such feats are usually reserved for Heros on epic quests! ) We will leave this building alone for now, perhaps a path to exploring will open itself to us in the future.

Our potters have used their skill and expertise and created a perfect replica of the golems guarding the Great Garden. I am told Elders are curious about the symbols and some seem familiar. Perhaps their long memories will remember something interesting [Roll1]

The small Army continues to train and gain strength. With the blessings of the Gods and proof of their works in plain sight, all catfolk who can see should have their doubts removed and be able to commit themselves to their tasks with even greater resolve. This area is blessed, we are blessed, and we must be ready to defend these lands when enemies come. And they will come. It is only a matter of time. Our catfolk Army grows and continues to train, and the Elite Warriors, elders in their craft of warfare, continue their research and training towards better and stronger ways for catfolk to fight. Such things take time but are required for the strength we wish to build.

We are already a shining star among the generations of catfolk. So many were left to wander and explore and never had the opportunity to build and show their strength towards something better. This location, these lands, show so much promise and potential and we must not squander it. We must remain committed and strong, ready against those who would do us harm. We build for the opportunity of those catfolk yet to come, that they may see peace and fortunes our ancestors could only dream of. Such things are within our grasp of our paws and we must do everything we can to succeed.
Rolled 38, 25, 11, 96 = 170 (4d100)

There is a legendary potion, caocao, which is said to make the youthful energy of the Axolotls multiply, it's ingredients, however, have long been difficult to obtain. Not anymore!
>10 of our mightiest warriors shall clear out the lesser monsters nearer the Lakeshore
>60 highborn foragers shall be sent to the swamp, in three teams:
>20 search for cocoa beans to plant
>20 search for the hot peppers and their seeds
>20 search for a bee's hive, to bring back the queen
>A further 20 on sustenance farming on the floating farms
>And finally, our artisans shall prepare equipment, so the ingredients of Caocao can be farmed on the Lakeshore.
Rolled 43 (1d100)

A hunt is lead by Snow Reader to clear the surrounding animals around the old temple, then explore it.
>62 Trolls

The warrens are expanded mostly do to the brood mothers needing space for there young.
>18 Trolls

Some young adventurers are enticed by the satyrs and head to oasis. They grab some coca from Old Baba's trees for trade.
>18 Trolls

The counsel orders a collect of stone and wood.
>36 Trolls

A troll without a club is a pitiful sight. Maul Shaper and the crew get to replacing old clubs and shaping new ones. Maul Shaper takes extra time into crafting a maul for the champion Cliff Breaker.
>20 Woodworkers

Stone Setter and the masons continue their expansion of stone techniques.
>21 Masons

Continue Sssnake Project.
>14 Trolls

Old Baba continues the plantation.
>18 Trolls
The unnamed mountains are named the Flantic Shavilysh roughly translating to Mountains of No Return/Trespass. The chief host a celebration of their victory and invite the whalers to join the celebration.
>30 yeti take care of the herd
>20 yeti take care of the trees
>at least 30 yeti fish
>15 yeti make spears
>15 yeti try to combine spears and slings
>15 yeti study metallurgy
>15 yeti make lithophones
>15 yeti make flutes
>20 yeti practice playing the lithophones
>20 yeti practice playing the flutes
>the rest of the yeti hunt or fish
The Kugel people receive The-One-Who-Leaps with pure joy. The priests could sense his presence long before he arrived on the island and quickly prepared the harbor for his arrival. The last of the holy ash was spread across the harbor and a crude plank of wood set up at the very end of the harbor.

As the One-Who-Leap get close to the harbor in his canoe, the Kugel people cheered and each of the Kugel warrior took turns leaping with louad croaks as far as they can off the plank over the One's canoe. As The-One-Who-Leaps stepped onto the harbor it was clear to all who saw him that he was a Champion of the Gods.

It was quickly decided that it not was suitable for The-One-Who-Leaps to not be equipped with holy items. 4 more Amazons were sacrificed, however, instead of the sacrificial pit they were slowly drained of their blood by the priests. After three large stone bowls were filled with blood, the skull of the wyvern, the tip of the spear used to slay the wyvern, and Sicrelinthe's holy rock were soaked in them for 30 days and nights. 3 priests chanted the entire month with no sleep, food, or any wordly comforts, over the bowls. If the items were dyed completely red by the end of the month it was a sign that these items were now favored by the gods.

While the items were being blessed the next priority for the Kugel was to finish Lakur's mighty ship. Kugel directed by priests carved the myth of Lakur all around the outside of the ship in pictures.

"When the Kugel people were still young and the Heron still ruled the world they were barred from the water. The Heron had decreed that they were prey and hiding under the water would not do. Whenever a Kugel would try to enter into a pond the Heron Gods would send a a storm to blow them away. The Kugel had no choice to watch as their young grew shriveled and malnourished without the water and as the Heron's would descend and eat the slowest of them exposed on land. Lost and afraid they would pray to the gods for safety, but The-Calm-Pond had long been slain by the Heron Gods. Someone did respond to them, however, Lakur, the largest of the Minnows offered to blow away the Heron's evil winds with his tail if the Kugel would worship him. The desperate Kugel accepted and everytime an evil storm tried to blow them away Lakur would dissipate it with a mighty swing of his tail. For his might and courage for defying the Heron Gods Lakur would be accepted by the other gods as one of their own, as a part of the Kugel Pantheon."

Once the grand carving was finished the last Amazonian was tied to the sacrificial mast and the priests prayed for the waves to drown her. To christen the ship with a sacrifice so it's journey's will be safe from evil storms.
With the completion of the ship and the blessing of the weapons everything seemed to be going smoothly for the Kugel except for the fact that the Horror still lurks on the island.

Wait I deleted my old post because it was wrong but it had rolls on it so I'll paste them on my new post
Rolled 27, 96, 16, 84, 72, 72 = 367 (6d100)

Uhhh I can't find the old post on Archive.moe so if anyone knows had to find it tell me. I'll just go ahead and roll again for now.

It is decided that The-One-Who-Leaps and the Amazon leader must kill the horror beyond themselves. It is immune to normal weaponry so the other warriors would only hold them back.

The Horror is not the only otherworldly being the Kugel must deal with. They also must deal with he ghost who they have ambivalent feeling about. They see the ghosts as misguided sons of the god of death so they must not mistreat them because they are holy, but the ghosts are also not supposed to be here. They are supposed to dwell in the underworld with their father. A priest and a few escorts are sent to meet with the ghost king and find out why they're are here.

>4 Amazonians are sacrficied and 3 priests chant ensure the rituals go well (The Wyvern skull is meant to be a headpiece for the One btw)
>1 Amazon is drowned on the sacrificial mast as on offering to Lakur
> The-One-Who-Leaps and Sicrelinthe go to slay the horror
>10 Kugel go meet with the ghost king
>60 Kugel carve the myth of Lakur into the ship
>30 Kugel start building animal pens to domesticate animals
>50 Kugel start trapping animals to go in the animals pens, looking for poisonous one especially, maybe if they're particularly lucky they'll capture a breeding pair of basilisks.
>30 Kugel build eggs dens to protect their young and increase birth rate
>60 Kugel go explore the mainland on Lakur's ship
>30 Kugel pray for victory in battle over the horror and for blessing in general
>30 Kugel harvest wild swamp berries and plant them near the village
I really hope the 96 is for slaying the horror
File: file.png (39 KB, 891x479)
39 KB
Oh thank you man. Use these rolls QM since they were first. Don't want it to seem like I'm cheating.
>Action 1:
Set up automatic maintenance for farming and hearding. Have it scale up with population.
>Action 2:
Establish a mining outpost for obtaining adamantite, send 30 workers to clear the way and establish it.
>Action 3:
Trade with the joviiri for their horses, give them copper and marble for pairs of them. Likewise send an envoy of 10 diplomats to facilitate these trade deals and establish cordial relations with them.
>Action 4&5:
It's time to take action against the undead hoard. First we must help our comrades in the east. Start exporting wheat to the antellimian armies for free, Alongside the wheat send diplomats to open a dialogue with them and forge an alliance.
After that, establish a military outpost in the Kalimanic Gulf(60 cynoces, also pic rel with the name of the outpost) and start supplying Kalimanian Tribes.
>Action 6&7:
Finish the education of the soon to be scholars(36) and contiune experimenting with weapons of war.(10)
>Action 8:
Send the 20 scouts west to observe the insectoid hoardes and their movements.
> Action 9:
Build a great road system to link the major settlements with Thesalon.(70 workers)
> Action 10:
Have the rest of the cynoces thinker with our farmland to see what techniques yield the best harvests(AKA: develop irrigation canals(49))
File: MilitaryOutpost.jpg (54 KB, 757x398)
54 KB
Forgot map
Rolled 2, 25 = 27 (2d100)


The various people of Daíona continued on as always. The various halfdemons tied to envy still tried finding ways to actually cure disease and attempted utilizing herbs in a myirad of ways to achieve this effect, and some observations were found, though not too many at least, not yet. Still some things which were poisonous were accidently found, as well as some things that seemed to help a little at least. Their progress was slow regardless, unlike those working with copper now. They continued their work to try and see what exactly made the strange metal the weapons the non blooded who attacked them were made of, along with anything else of note regarding such things. Similarly, work was done on a building dedicated to the production of various tools and weapons made of metal, and a few others worked on making a proper mine where the copper was so as to better and more easily and safely extract the metal. However, a large number of demons would work to try and figure out their surroundings to a greater extent, specifically in roughly cataloging the various animals and plants that were in the general area that could be of some use, while some others tried looking for more metal and minerals in the area that could be of use. They were guarded by a few Afanistís so as to be safe incase they were attacked, though they mainly stuck to their lands, trying not to go too far into the kingdom of their arch enemies or the monks of the south. In less exciting news, a number also worked on cutting some of the forest for greater lumber and the halfdemons who were now skilled woodworkers were swiftly utilizing that new lumber to make nicer beds, tables, chairs, and other crafts of lumber to furnish homes and make life just that bit more comfortable. Further, some of the wood would be used to try and make greater bows than currently were possessed by the hunters and the rest of the city state. It was mostly experimental work but something nice might come out of it. Lastly, a halfdemon tied to pride, Theresa pondered something unusual.


50 Halfdemons work on medicine.
40 Halfdemons work on researching alloys.
40 Halfdemons construct a smithy.
40 Halfdemons construct a proper mine for the copper.
40 Halfdemons further search the lands for animals, plants, and similar of note in the area.
40 Halfdemons further prospect.
40 Halfdemons work on writing.
40 Afanistís work on tactics.
40 Halfdemons gather wood.
40 Halfdemons research better archery.
35 Halfdemons farm. (10% of 50=5. -10 from farm and irrigation = 35)
30 Carpenters make furniture and similar goods for homes.
30 Hunters Hunt.
15 Afanistís guard the slaves.
10 Train to become Hunters.
5 Afanistís guard the scouts.
1 Halfdemon ponders the beginning of everything, what was the source of it all, and how the realms came to be, before the divines. (Early cosmological Philosophy)
30 Slaves gather copper.
20 Slaves build a small comfortable quarters for themselves and fellow nonblooded.
Rolled 45, 92 = 137 (2d100)

Total: 304 Quanli (30 Shipwrights, 60 Warriors), 50 Human Slaves

26 Quanli will maintain their tireless watch over our herds of Crabs. (Please automate this from now on! The Crabs should always be tended by as many as are needed to get good yeilds.)

24 Quanli will keep nurturing and tending to the fruit tree groves. (Please Automate this from now on! The groves should always be maintained by as many as are needed to get good yields.)

20 Quanli will man our fishing fleet and fish the waters around our island. (Please Automate this from now on! To fish the sea is an ancient tradition, and as many as are needed to get good yields should always crew our boats)

30 Quanli will practice and work to train themselves as Stonemasons this year.

20 Quanli will tend to the planted 'lumber' trees, and start more trees of these types growing in extension areas.

5 Quanli and 20 Human slaves will set to work making a sugar mill, to be ready once the Sugar cane has matured.

5 Quanli and 20 Human slaves will keep tending to the Sugar cane of the plantation to keep the number of plants increasing.

10 Quanli and the remaining 10 Human slaves (former pirates themselves) will work to try and duplicate some of the ranged weapons used by the pirates, so that the Pirates might not have an advantage of ranged weapons if they attack again.

With the north of our island still unknown and unexplored, a party of 20 Quanli (including 10 warriors) will go scout out the area - let us hope we'll make valuable finds.

The 30 shipwrights will spend the year improving our galley, constructing a ram resembling our own noble Quanli visage upon the prow of the vessel from wood and obsidian, and palisades to shelter from pirate ranged weapons. They will work in three shifts. so that there will always be 10 working upon the galley - even if it takes sail, so they might help our with knowledge and repairs.

The 4 Quanli scouts will maintain their watch upon the pirates, so that we might be ready and alert when they come for us again.

And the final 100 Quanli (Including the other 50 warriors) will ready themselves practicing with and drilling upon the galley, ready to use it and themselves against the pirates if they should try and attack our village and harbour again - and the latest report made this sound as if it will come soon...

Whilst the report from the daring fishers is of great interest, it is decided this is not a risk that can be taken whilst an attack is apparently imminent - only if there is no chance of an attack falling against our people in the year should we consider this.
Devon stormed out of the meeting. Something about the fishmen? I wasn't really paying attention. No, not fishmen. I'm not supposed to call them that anymore. Galyr and Malkiel insist we should use their proper name now but I can never remember it. Zur? Vun? Something like that.

The masons will have to continue their dull work without me for now. I'm making ships until they catch up to my level. Galyr promised to ask the Fu to share their shipwrighting insights. I hope they'll help with some ideas I've been having.

Speaking of the devil, Galyr is going to work full time with the Vuc on... something or other this year. Malkiel will keep playing with his crystals. He says he has some more promising avenues than huffing them to consider. Ha! Ha, I say!

Project Updates:

Project Magic Tower: The architectural plans have been finished for two years. Two! All we need to do is actually build that damn thing, and those two insist on such mundane things as practicality or amassing experience. Bah! I'll give them a year and let these fledgling masons doublecheck my flawless design like they ask. But this is the last delay I accept!

Project Marlin: I'm sure there is a better form of propulsion than oars and sails. Fish use neither. They have tails and fins. Why has no one thought to copy them for a ship? Maybe the Nu shipwrights can help me answer that question.

Project Blackbird: No matter how much Galyr insist otherwise, I know birds have some sort of natural magic that counteracts the natural attraction of the earth element in their bodies and allows them to fly. I have been unable to find the source of this magic, or replicate it, but I know it's just a matter of time before I unlock their secrets.

Project Isle in the Sky: That can't possibly work.

Can it?

-Sage Bardenar, personal notes
Rolled 36, 4, 25, 43 = 108 (4d100)


>Set up automatic maintenance for farms, orchards, golem production, stone extraction, wood gathering, scrying for Circles of Power (24 scriers)
>Continue assimilating the Vur. Accept training their most promising candidates in the basics of magic. Continue the war games, their hit and run tactics are eminently compatible with our own hammer and anvil approach. Offer to construct a stone building of their choice in Yuki, hopefully the first of many. Offer to permanently supply them with golem labour, food, fruit and wood, ask them to supply us with fish and for their assistance in various tasks to be detailed below.
>Construct a simple stone tower around the Stone Disk to house the scriers. Perhaps proximity will improve their efforts. It will be good practice for erecting the Tower of the Arcane.
>Continue upgrading the city of Zésh with stone buildings.
>Bardenar will design and construct two nimble ships meant for exploration, asking for Vur assistance on the designs. 10 Zeshians will begin formally training as shipwrights.
>10 Zeshians will begin training as woodworkers, assisting initially in ship construction before branching off to make furniture and other such products.
>Devon will ask the Vur to guide an expedition into the ruins of their oppressors' settlement. Perhaps something of value remains there.
>Galyr will ask the Vur elders to work together with him in order to ease tensions, learn their history and legends and share knowledge in general.
>Search the island for medicinal plants that can be cultivated. Ask the Vur if they know of any such things.
>Malkiel will continue experimenting with the Red Crystals, changing tracks to something perhaps more productive. They attract magic. Can they be used to store it, as a sort of mana batteries? And can they be used for permanent enchantments?
>Construct a second Golem Workshop in the city of Zésh.
>Sell Fruit. Buy weapons if able. If not, we have no pressing need for other goods so it's a good opportunity to begin filling our treasury.
>Construct 32 Clay Regular Golems, 5 Stone War Golems, 1 Stone Panther Golem

Roll1: Scrying for Circles of Power
Roll2: Exploration into the ruins
Roll3: Search for medicinal plants
Roll4: Crystal experiments
Rolled 45 (1d100)

>automatically assign 100 workers between the fisher’s huts, the fields and the fruit trees
> send 5 scouts back to check on the hole. They are to throw lit torches into the hole and try to burn away the creeping blackness
The scouts’ pale hides are marked with the blood of fishes and juice from the berries, as they say goodbye to their friends and families. They might not come back. They will be remembered.
> Assign all our mages (No fuckin clue how many those are) to finding a solution
> assign 200 Metrog to training as Militia
The priests lead the people in ritual training, starving themselves before every sparring session, stabbing and slashing with their spears to the rhythm of prayer, the people are made to cut themselves before battle, to get used to pain and bleeding.
Sure it’s gonna fuck em up good but hey they’ll be good fighters at least.

> assign however many Idrudari are left (dunno cuz I dunno how many mages there are) to building training camps and weapons, split evenly between the two
Training can only go so far to help with improving a people’s strength, at least without proper training tools and actual weapons!
The priests don’t know if this “Abyss” can be killed, but that’s a possibility they have to be ready for
Maintenance actions to be repeated for all time current pop use 182
>60 bunnies are trained into permanent farmers (every turn going forward assume I place/train enough bunnies into farmers to maintain the growth buff from food)

>60 bunnies are trained into permanent hunters (every turn going forward assume I place/train enough bunnies into hunters to maintain the growth buff from hunting)

>20 bunnies’ work/staff the breeding den as pleasure bunnies~ full time (when this building is upgraded assume I place enough staff to keep the buff up once upgraded)

>12 bunnies work as faithbunnies tending Verameeka shrine (when this building is upgraded assume I place enough staff to keep the buff up once upgraded)

>20 wolf trainers/breeders (assume I place enough bunnies as trainers/breeders to keep the dire wolf population growing at a buffed rate)

>10 bunnies to act as warriors to patrol the road between the eastern quarry and the Great Warren.

Action population use 314 none specialized 35 specialized
>10 bunnies are used to further expand and develop the farms based on the knowledge learned from agricultural development

>40 bunnies are used to start building standing military force, 10 are assigned to train as dire wolf riders to act as mounted shock units

>20 bunnies Build defenses around the warren and outpost at the quarry to protect Lagolandia, staffed by warriors of the tribe.

>10 bunnies continue to tend to the orchard, helping it grow healthy and strong

>24 bunnies upgrade the great warren with stone

>20 bunnies upgrade the breeding dens with stone allowing for bigger, and sturdier breeding dens

>20 bunnies upgrade Verameeka's shrine with stone carving

>10 specialists have 5 herbalists and 5 woodrabbits, form the Wisdom hollow to educate the youth, 10 bunnies are used to build the wisdom hollow (it’s a school basically)

>Have 5 herbalists become full-time Mercibuns, bring the total number of herbalists mercibuns to 10, these new 5 take apprentices to teach them the ways of medicine, care, and mercy, to expand their numbers (the doctors are taking on apprentices to teach them how to doctor while they are acting as doctors)

>5 herbalists 10 woodsrabbits, 40 bunnies, and 10 direwolves form expeditions in teams of 6 (1 Mercibun, 2 woodsrabbits , 3 Bunnies, 1 dire wolf rider) searching local lands for herbs and medicinal plants as well as north, east, and south, with one team searching the local lands and two teams for the other cardinal directions.
>20 bunnies to Dig out a Merci Covert for the mercibuns to practice medicine at, and tend to the sick and ensured (Effectively it is a primitive hospital)

>set 10 rabbits as permanent tanners making luxury buckskin fur hide clothing

>Set 10 rabbits as permanent tanners making leather armors

>Set 10 rabbits as permanent tanners making everyday utility items such as sacks ropes, slings

>specialize 20 rabbits as woodworkers

>specialize 20 rabbits as masons

>specialize 20 rabbits as builders

>Use 10 rabbits to continue domestication efforts of the aurochs

>5 woodsrabbits build a woodsbunnies lodge a place for hunters, trackers, and those who are Intune with the forests to gather and hone their craft

Answer to the farlander rabbit’s request to become an advisor
>Allow him to become an advisor, conditioned that he is not a heretic nor try to lead the tribe away from the teaching of the goddess

please let me know what I need to roll and if anything needs to be changed
>65 workers shall continue their training: 20 at the smithy, 20 as bow-makers, 15 as magical assistants, and 10 as illusion mages

>30 smiths shall spend the year researching mild steel

>75 more workers shall spend the year training in the warrior's hall (40 archers and 35 infantry)

>10 workers shall harvest herbs and resin at the outpost

>10 trolls shall mine iron

>10 trolls shall go into the mountains in search of precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper. If they find anything, they have my permission to set up a mine there

>10 workers shall staff the inn, with an eye towards scouting talented individuals such as adventurers, scholars, or businessmen. They can report to me at the end of each year

>21 workers (11 nobles and 10 acolytes) shall spend the whole year rousing the gods for war. I know it hasn't been long since we have appealed, but I figure our spiritual friends are hankering for some good old-fashioned violence after all this peace I've been waging

>It's go time. I send all of my warriors save ten (80 in total) to the aid of whatever forces the elder witch has gathered. She may assume command, since I will be preoccupied this year. All I ask is that she go on the offensive and try to kill the death-cheater once and for all

>10 infantrymen will patrol my realm for danger

>I offer the elder witch the opportunity to move the populace of her village into my care. After all, we've got spare houses and an inn
Also, should the battle go poorly, I humbly request that she retreat forces into my territory. I feel like putting this citadel to proper use at last.
Rolled 20, 85, 63 = 168 (3d100)

roll 1st is for northern exploration, 2nd roll is for eastern exploration, 3rd roll for southern exploration
Rolled 60, 41, 7, 74 = 182 (4d100)

Rolling for Nw'semmes prospecting, prayers to war gods, and vs. Necromancer.
File: geomap7.png (78 KB, 4000x2000)
78 KB

[The mine is built. Assign some catfolk here to gain a steady supply of copper, which can be made into both tools and weaponry.]
The horse domestication is a success. Used as beasts of burden, these help with the more arduous work, such as transporting large amounts of clay and copper from deposits. They may also be trained to serve as cavalry. [20% less workers needed for every physical non-crafting task.]
[More potters are trained every year to sate the tribe's need for ceramics. However, with this amount of catfolk dedicated to industry, you now produce enough to export somewhere. What remains is to find some more amicable neighbours or traders.]
The mage training proceeds briskly. They regularly drink water from the Sacred Spring, and after a year of such practice, the ability to bend waterflow seems to stick with them even without consumption of holy water. At this point, they can levitate water spheres and alter some currents. Their true power still develops. [1/3 mage training]
The golemancy study is a success. The mages seem to gain an understanding of the runes as their abilities are awakened. Not only that, some of the elders who travelled far during their long lives seem to recall the symbols. These were used by human mages, and are a kind of script that documents what this golem is meant to accomplish and how it is constructed. With decryption and understanding of these symbols, the mages attempt to imprint them on a test golem, and -- it moves. [You have unlocked Golemancy]
[New tactics, new formations are invented as well.] [2/6 tactics research]
The coppersmiths set up a smithy. It takes a year for them to familiaraise themselves with the metal, but now they should be ready to produce tools and weaponry for the tribe.
A call for wandering is heard again among your people. They seek to explore new lands, either by sea or deeper inland.
You have 276 catfolk.
10 catfolk are potters.
11 catfolk are apprentice mages.
10 catfolk are coppersmiths.
114 catfolk are warriors.
Significant people: Masthimin (shrine worker/head mage)

>38 + 5 (training)
The lesser monsters, contrary to what their name may suggest, are quite mighty compared to a regular salamander. Your warriors slay a lot, but not enough to ensure safety of the Lakeshore. One more hunting party should be good for that task. Also, some casualties are sustained -- 2 of those sent lay dead.
>25, 11, 96
The foragers seeking cocoa beans and red peppers come empty-handed. However, a queen bee has been captured -- with this, honey may be produced. Due to monsters skulking around the swamp, you lose 10 of the less-agile foragers on their mission.
Since only one ingredient of caocao was secured, your artisans prepare artificial hives and plant whatever flowers they can find around the apiary.
You have 115 salamanders.
File: polmap9.png (74 KB, 4000x2000)
74 KB
The hunt achieves moderate results. While the angered animals are cleared out, their rage led to severe casualties -- 21 trolls, a third of those sent, lay dead in the depths of the jungle. Snow Reader pressed on with the remaining expedition and investigated the temple. Inside seemed like a library of sorts, with strange symbols etched into the walls along with pictures. They show first a kind of people fighting against a mighty being among sands, then the being in chains, and after that it breaking the chains and laying waste to the lands. The final picture is that of a shining crimson sickle. Besides these pictures, in the temple there is a collection of metallic tablets, a kind of alphabet translator, and the troll tongue is among some of those recorded on it. However, it seems encoded, so it'll take some time to decode it. In the temple, there is also a strange contraption, a complex series of spinning circles (?). The expedition has no idea what they mean.
[The warrens are expanded. They may now house up to 800 trolls.]
The adventurers are yet to return after a year has passed...
[You have obtained a stone and wood stockpile. These may be used in a major construction project.]
[A club for every troll! -- this is the motto of the woodworkers as they get to shaping weapons out of felled trees. By the end of the year, you have enough clubs to arm up to 800 trolls. Cliff Breaker and his mighty maul are an inspiration to all -- his presence in an army will boost its performance with a +5 bonus. Your craftsmen suggest that if you were to find hardwood, they could make clubs which would be truly fearsome in combat.]
[The mason training is complete. They may now shape machines and complex stone structures, as well as statues and other intricate decorations.]
[The snake herders bring in a report by the end of the year -- they have bred snakes to be strong, big, fast, and loyal, making them no ordinary boas and anacondas, but WAR SNAKES. They may be deployed with great efficiency against light- or unarmoured enemies, as well as any cavalry or beasts of war. While they won't be able to outright crush the more heavily-armoured enemies, they may immobilise them for ease of killing by trolls. There are 40 of war snakes.]
[3/4 cocoa plantation]
You have 218 trolls. 18 cannot be assigned to tasks (on a journey to satyrs)
20 trolls are expert woodworkers.
21 trolls are expert masons.
You also have 40 war snakes.
Significant people: Roc Feller (head of the tribe), Maul Shaper (head woodworker), Stone Setter (head mason), Snow Reader (tracker-hunter), Old Baba (cocoa farmer), Cliff Breaker (champion; +5 bonus in combat for army)
[The spears are made. With a growing arsenal of weaponry, your warriors now need to be specialised into classes, such as spearyetis, bola/slingyetis, clubyetis, etc. You can maintain a militia of all yetis, just write how many for each weapon type.] [Spears give +7 bonus in combat]
The yetis trying to combine spears and slings discover that by throwing a spear using a sling attached to the middle point makes it go faster and fly farther. [You have discovered amentum. Spear-throwing troops gain +3 in combat]
[2/3 metallurgy research]
The celebration is a success. The yetis playing instruments bring a much-needed relief after a tough battle. Whalers seem to become friendlier than ever to you. Perhaps with another common project, they might join you.
You have 310 yetis.
115 yetis are warriors.

Checked trips.
[The outpost is set up. Allocate workers here for a supply of adamantite.]
[Your ships course over the year between the Joviiri homeland and Thesalon, delivering marble and copper, and bringing back precious horses. The Joviiri, however, are no fools, they only send horses of a single gender, so that you may not get their finely-bred cavalry for yourselves. The trade and your diplomats facilitate good relations.]
[The Antellimians appreciate the help and readily accept your offer of grain exports. The Kalimanians are alike in their response. Overall, relations between your states start improving due to your help.]
[The Aplamos outpost is set up.]
[Scholar education is complete. While they cannot perform hard work themselves, they are polymaths who can direct regular workers in the role of a mason, woodworker, or other builder. They may also start the development of your philosophical doctrine, or teach in schools, or perform other mental tasks. Their uses are very varied.]
[2/3 war thought]
[The scouts are set. So long as you keep 10 of them in place, they will warn you when the insectoids will attack in advance.]
[With the road network in place, it takes less workers to man the mines in the north and Dytiason -- the lumber settlement -- in the west. 13 each for marble & adamantite mine for considerable extraction.]
[Over the year, the foundation for aqueducts and irrigation channels leading from them is set. It'll require one more year and a dedicated corps of scholars guiding the workers to finish them] [1/2 irrigation & aqueducts]
You have 352 cynocephales ready to be assigned to tasks (467 total). Of these, 60 are in Aplamos and 292 in Thesalon mainland.
36 of the cynocephales are scholars.
>77 + 5 (sacrifice) + 15 (secluded prayer)
The sacred weapons are dyed red as they are lifted from a pool of blood where they soaked for an entire month. The priests that chanted with all their might without food for an entire month lay dead, but they accomplished their mission.
Several months of work and a single sacrifice, and the ship is finally done. On that night, the sounds of storm are heard out at the sea. The Kugel go out to escape the ocean's fury, but it passes them by, as if the shore and the ship are protected by an invisible wall. Among the raging clouds and water, Lakur's shape, that of a minnow leaping out of the water, is formed by the monumental waves. You have pleased the Fish-God. [For 7 years, raids carried out by sea receive a +15 bonus. Your fish farms have been completed without further input from your workers. Also, your waters now contain rare fish -- delicacies that can be traded away for other goods. If traders don't hear about your less friendly exploits, that is.]

>54 + 15 (holy weaponry) + 10 (Champion of the Gods)
Sicrelinthe and The-One-Who-Leaps return, bloodied, battered, but alive, and having slain the Horror. It was a tough battle, and it seemingly absorbed all blows, until its movements first slowed, then stopped entirely. A spectre was seen leaving its corpse. It is unknown whether the Being still skulks around out world or passed on to ravage another.
Not with some casualties, 10 exactly, but the basilisks' broodmother is slain and her hatchlings captured and thrown into the pit dug out by the Kugel domesticators. In a few years, so long as you allocate a portion of the Kugel to this task, you'll have a den of domesticated basilisks.
[The egg dens are built. Here, eggs laid by the Kugel mothers may be deposited for care by nurses. +0.05 pop growth. Maintenance is 8 per 100.]
The explorers return with two pieces of news. The first, they found a bustling, little-defended village on the coast. They noted that merchant ships were coming to and fro in the harbour. The second, they located an outcropping of stone to the north. This could be used to reinforce your village, and in other construction projects, as well as crafting better weapons.
The berry bush projects succeeds. [This is essentially the same as food bonus for other civs, just allocate 10 per 100 and you'll get a growth bonus]
The Kugel meeting with the Ghost King report that there is no particular reason why the ghosts are in this world. In fact, their presence here is deliberate: a civilization long ago decided to immortalise itself and constructed a grand city, the City of Ghosts, and bound its citizens' spirits to it. Like this, their kingdom, where they lead peaceful lives, was born. Due to how long they existed, they possess a wealth of knowledge gathered through the ages. However, the problem is in convincing them to part with it...
You have 387 Kugel and 20 Amazons.
25 of the Kugel are warriors.
All Amazons are warriors
[New herbs are tested, new medicines are invented. 2/3 Early Medicine research.]
[Over the year, your halfdemons dedicated to alloy research sacrifice various precious items from before the Long March south, made of tin, lead, and other metals, to combine them with the more common copper. They gain an understanding of alloys, and the chief ones they develop are brass -- copper with zinc -- and bronze, the coveted material from which the invaders' weaponry is made -- copper and tin.]
With new advancements in metallurgy, it seems fit to expand the mine and construct a building dedicated solely to forging tools, both military and civilian, out of metals. [You have constructed a smithy and expanded the mine.]
Your scouts return with half lost, Afanistis guarding them don't return at all. It seems they stumbled upon a Forest of Ents, and were chased away as demonic spawn by the angered treemen. Well, at least they found plants of note for sure.
Those prospecting find that the outcropping of copper continues further inland, turning into construction-grade stone. This could be used to reinforce your walls and buildings in general.
[3/6 tactics research]
By the end of the year, an alphabet is formed and a writing system assembled. Now, all that's left is to teach the common worker what those strange symbols mean. Or, should reading remain the privilege of the prideful?..
[You have obtained a lumber stockpile. It's not particularly hard or big enough for shipbuilding, but it's fine fore more mundane tasks.]
[Using part of the lumber you've gathered, the halfdemons experiment with various archery innovations. Which shape of the bow is the most efficient? Which fires the farthest? How to position the hand when drawing the bowstring? -- these questions are answered by those working on it.] [1/3 archery research]
[Carpenters get to work immediately after finishing their training. The furniture they make is good, and fought over by the envious halfdemons. However, there is enough for everyone. The quality of life in your little town raises further...]
[10 more fill the Hunters' ranks]
What is a halfdemon, or a demon? What was at the beginning of demonkind? What was at the beginning of the world? As your civilization develops, a need for philosophical doctrine forms. [What direction do Theresa's thoughts wander in?]
Slaves appreciate sleeping in a proper building instead of shacks and tents. This should lower the chance of a potential revolt.
You have 651 halfdemons.
55 halfdemons are Afanistis.
40 halfdemons are Hunters.
30 halfdemons are Carpenters.
Significant people: ??? (Mavithanatoslepdas owner), Theresa (philosopher)
Due to the exchange of experience, the research into tactics progresses at a greater rate than usual. The Vur share their sign language they use for voiceless communication between warriors and their expertise of woodland navigation. [4/6 tactics research]
The fishmen already possess a rudimentary form of magic -- shamanism. The shamans' craft, however simple, is a fresh look on magic for most Zeshians. Still, the training of shamans' apprentices, who volunteer to learn magic, is carried out in a fashion traditional to humans and elves making up the majority of population. They learn hard, but work long and silently on exercises suggested by their teachers. [1/3 Vur mage training]
The chief of the Vur, Nirmarjul, orders the stone building constructed as his and the noble-warriors' living place, to denote their status.
Between the construction of the tower for the scriers and the stone building for the fishmen, the masons have gained enough experience to continue the Tower of the Arcane. In fact, they point out some mistakes in Bardenar's plans that could lead to instability of the structure -- it seems training them was a wise decision after all. [Mason training complete. Scrier tower is built.]
[The stone construction this year does not end just yet. Houses are reinforced under the oversight of masons. Some more goods imported, and the popular mood will rise.]
Picking out the largest trees, the fishmen instruct your workers to shape them into canoes and outriggers for better stability. They share their sail and rigging desi