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You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
Just like what Mifuyu told you, the two younger Makino siblings were quite overbearing to deal with. However, it was nevertheless a rather refreshing experience. Meanwhile, your relaxation in the literature club was accompanied by Sakura giving you a fortune telling… and some not-so-subtle invitations for you to join the club.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The Cast (updated from the previous version):
(!) Denotes ongoing events. Characters with no (!) have no event Senki notes in particular or can participate in at the moment.

The archive of the previous threads:
Growing up between a staunchly fact oriented father and a supernatural fan mother, you don’t find yourself leaning towards either of the views when it comes to matters of faith.
That said, you’re not against participating in harmless superstitions like fortune telling either. Sure, you don’t believe in predicting the future, but as your mother would say, “As long as it’s harmless, why not give it a look? ”


“Wonderful.” Wearing a deeply intrigued smirk, Sakura points at the vacant chair right across the table. “Please, take a seat.”

As you grab the chair to sit down, a little blue omamori on the table catches your attention. While you doubt the charm serves any substantial purpose, its presence does enhance the ‘fortune teller’ atmosphere.

“What aspect of your life would you like to ask Inari-sama about?”
You give Sakura’s question of ‘what’ a good moment of thought, remembering the teachings of your mother:
Whenever interacting with fortune tellers or so-called psychics, avoid all private topics. Talks of personal matters such as relationships or finances could easily be diverted into a questioning session, putting your privacy in jeopardy. The same rule applies to all cases- Sakura included, friend or not.

Afterall, a real psychic would already be aware of all the details before being told, no?

“Well, could you read my luck?” You decide to go for the most generic and least sensitive topic, without outright stating your innate skepticism.

“Sure.” She reaches her right hand towards you, placing it palm-up above the omamori. “Your palm, please?”

Palm reading?
Given Sakura’s Shinto background, you certainly didn’t expect such a typical Chinese procedure to be a part of today’s ritual. Then again, you’re still a novice in cultural studies- perhaps Inari sama learned a thing or two from other religions too?

“Hmm.” Sakura traces the lines on your palm, her delicate fingertip leaving a ticklish trail everytime it brushes against your hand, Her crimson eyes keenly observe every imprint and wrinkle on the extremity, accompanied by soft, sporadic mumbles whenever she appears to have made small discoveries.
Once she has gone through every wrinkle at least once, she raises her gaze and gives you a strangely suggestive smile.

“My, you’ve become quite the center of attention recently, haven’t you?”
“Um, sure?” You stick with your plan of staying ambiguous to any attempts at digging information. “What about it?”
“Hmm… According to Inari-sama, your newfound companions will open doors to opportunities, but also bring upon misfortunes from your past…”

That sounds as vague as advice from fortune cookies.

“The Leaves of Knowledge will bring you good luck, but beware of the Chamber of Libra- you might not like what you find there.”
Leaves of Knowledge? Chamber of Libra?
Sakura’s sounding like she has either read one too many fantasy novels, or gone full chyunii a whole 3 years too late…

In the end, all of the advice from ‘Inari-sama’ felt like a huge lump of absolutely nothing useful. Then again, isn't fortune telling always like this? Whatever she may say, it’s all upon your own mind to decide whether the predictions do apply.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Konishi san.”
Nevertheless, you thank your host for her hospitality, mainly for the tea. A quick peek at the clock on the wall suggests that the lunch break is soon coming to an end, and in turn you decide to return to your homeroom sooner rather than later.

“Thank you for today, Konishi san. I should be heading back to class soon.”
Finishing up your second cup of tea, you thank Sakura for the hospitality and prepare to take your leave.
“Hasome san?” However, she calls for your attention just as you place your hand on the handle of the door. “One last thing from Inari-sama before you leave.”

“What is it?”

Gliding gracefully, she juxtaposes herself to your left, then whispers gently in your ear.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your rendezvous with the Makinos a secret from Yae san.”
“Ku-kuku~(paste music note symbol)”
She disengages from your side and, masking her mouth with the back of her hand, lets out a high-pitched and almost unnatural chuckle, akin to the yap of a small canine.
“How did you…”

“Inari-sama won’t give away her tricks~”
The glimmer of joy in her crimson eyes while she watches you freeze on the spot makes evident that she enjoys teasing you way more than giving you the answer you seek.
You return to your homeroom shortly before the afternoon bell, giving you ample time to check your desk and locker for booby traps from the grudgeful manchild. You find nothing suspicious, but for safety’s sake you decide to double check with your comrade on the seat behind.

“Michiru san, did something happen during lunchtime?”
“U-um, not much, I think… I was in the clubroom, mostly.”

Michiru’s not working on her notepad today, instead she’s busy packing what appears to be a bundle of paintbrushes and other painting utensils into her backpack. You do recall Sakura calling Michiru the art club’s ace, which does make you wonder… could she be jotting down ideas for her art pieces on her notepad? That would explain all the privacy.

The rest of your school day passes without incident, save for the rumor being passed around about some ghostly noises coming from the depth of the library’s catacombs.
With an Antpires megacampaign waiting for you back home, you don’t care enough to join the exploration efforts today-

”Hasome, have you got a minute?”
Unfortunately, your plans of a speedy return home are disrupted by Hasegawa sensei abruptly appearing right beside your desk.
You look up, phased as a deer caught in headlights. What have you done this time?

”Have you been sleeping better recently?”
To your relief, it turns out he’s just checking on your wellbeing. How nice of him.

”I think so. Thank you for the suggestions, Sensei.”
”No problem!”
Sensei nods with an invigorated smile from your comment. Judging by his amicable tone, it’s unlikely that you’re in any kind of trouble- which does bear the question, for what purpose did he come up to you today?
”Say, Hasome, could you do me a favor?”
“Favor?” You raise an eyebrow at the unexpected request. “What kind of favor…?”
You seem to hear the enthusiastic scribbling noises from the seat behind you, but you decide to pay it no attention.
“Can you help me deliver this file to the principal's office?” Sensei passes you an A4 envelope, with the words ‘classroom evaluation’ written on its cover with blue ink. “I have a meeting to attend shortly.”
Principal’s office? That’s not all that far. Sensei has covered for your napping escapades earlier, so running a small errand isn’t too much to ask of you.
”Great! I’ll be counting on you then!”
Your homeroom teacher gives you a thumbs up then leaves, not forgetting to bid every student along the way farewell on his way out.
Compelled by your newly assigned task, you stand up from your desk with your backpack on one shoulder and the envelope from sensei tucked under the armpit of the other arm.
But before you leave the classroom, there’s a little message you’ve got to send.

”Got an errand to run, will leave school alone later. See you tomorrow.”
Alright, that averts a potential scolding from your short tempered osana. You send similar messages to Akira and the rest of your friends as well, lest they stay behind waiting and getting worried about you.

“See you tomorrow, Michiru san.”
As always, Michiru hurriedly shoves her notepad into her bag before waving you goodbye.
“S-see you!”

On your way to the door you pass by Chihaya, too busy chatting with his little group to pay you any attention. Hopefully it’ll stay this way for the rest of the year.
Given the time of the day, the corridors and staircase of the homeroom building is jam packed with a torrent of students hurrying about their day. Thankfully, your additional task means you will not be joining the crowd today.
The Principal's Office is on the third floor of the classroom building, right next to the main staircase that serves as the central vertical passage of the structure. You know that area like the back of your hand, thanks to your brother’s student council position last year.
Almost every occasion of walking home together involves you waiting for him while he attends student council meetings there.
Suffice to say, boredom is quite a strong incentive for exploration.

As a matter of fact, you manage to reach your destination a little too early today, and the usual student council meeting is still in session.
Normally, this is where you’d be goofing around, waiting for the meeting to conclude… but the sounds coming from the little crack of the usually closed office door reveals an interesting turn of events unfolding within.

“...Ought to be a bit more gentle in your approach, Ms. Fukuhara.”
The familiar voice of Ayato addressing the name of your old class president coming from the room most certainly captures your attention. A peek through the crack reveals a smug Ayato sitting at the conference desk, twirling his curly violet hair in a very obvious taunt directed towards Hotaru.
Your overly serious acquaintance sitting right across him, in turn, responds to his words with a silent death glare.
“Hush, Jyumonji.”
The atmosphere within the room freezes as soon as a tall, ponytailed female student steps forward to take initiative. Even with her back turned towards you, her cold and powerful voice alone demonstrates both the authority of a harsh but respectable leader and the tranquil fury of a tropical storm brewing in the horizon.
“If you cannot refrain from going off topic, I will see you expelled from this meeting.”
The absolute confidence in her posture captures the attention of the room, while her harsh words to your brother’s acquaintance blows the frivolous attitude right out of him.
This cold, demanding yet almost regal poise sends chills down your back, reminding you of the rare occasions where you witnessed your father becoming absolutely livid.

That probably explains why the sight of her back appears oddly familiar...

“Please forgive me, madam president.” With his right hand on his chest, Ayato lowers his head and offers a proper, if not dramatic, apology. “Let’s all go easy on the temper, lest anyone blows an artery-”



Ayato’s backhanded jab and the explosive reaction it garnered from Hotaru is promptly dissuaded by… the blow of a whistle, from none other than the stout, older gentleman hosting this very meeting.
His preferred attire of polo shirt, trousers with suspenders and a whistle around his neck gives off the impression of a sports team coach, which till this day still confuses almost every single student and staff upon first contact.
While the getup and his course of action may not be those one would expect from the principal of this illustrious academy, his act effectively distracts both students from their confrontation.

“Now, now, children, let’s keep this meeting civilized.”
Soft spoken and well composed, the old gentleman’s soothing words compel all involved in the standoff to back down and return to their seats.
Having brought down the tension in the room, the principal gently nudges his wide-brimmed round glasses and picks up a laser pointer, diverting the students’ attention to the white board beside him.

“Do we all agree on the agenda and arrangement of the club fair?”
The white haired gentleman points to the plans written on the board, much like a sports coach finalizing game plans to his team.

The unanimous decision concludes the meeting, followed by a string of claps from the principal congratulating the reaching of a consensus.

“Alright, children, take care on your way home.”
The ending of the meeting also marks the end of your spying session. To avoid being caught in the act of peeping and eavesdropping, you promptly take a step back to wait by the adjacent wall.

You disengage only slightly before the door swings open, with Ayato holding the door open for his fellow student council members.

“Ladies first.”
Ayato’s gentlemanly bow and display of chivalry fails to amuse the two ladies, both of whom promptly ignore him and exit the office… leading them right next to you.

“Oh, hello there!” The ‘madam president’ offers you an amicable greeting as soon as she notices your presence. “You’re… Hasome-kun! How are you?”

“Wait, president, you know him?” Catching up behind, Hotaru seems equally as surprised as she is to see you here.
“Why yes, we had a friendly chat at the library earlier.” The president replies, with a doubtful gaze from Hotaru regarding the circumstances of your acquaintance.

“What brings you here, Hasome- ah!” As if suddenly recalling a missing detail, she turns her attention back on you. “Pardon me, I haven’t given you my name yet, have I?”
“I am Kaoru Kido of class 3A, a pleasure to meet you.”

Wait, Kido? The zaibatsu family that owns your school?

The tall senior takes half a step back and, holding the edges of her uniform skirt, gives you a curtsy alongside a considerably formal introduction.
No wonder Yayoi gave her the moniker ‘ojou-sama’. You would have never suspected the well mannered, easy going senpai you met in the library to be such a… prestigious figure.

“Ni-nice to meet you…”
You’re quite baffled by how seriously she makes her introduction, particularly by how reminiscent it was to your first encounter with Yayoi. You feel the awkwardness of not knowing who you were even talking private matters with washing over you, now that you know her identity.

“How’s your friend, the one you told me about? There’s much we can discuss-”

Just as miss president jovially picks up the topic of ‘dealing with haughty folks’ from your last encounter, Hotaru approaches her from the side and gives her a tap on the shoulder.
With the height difference between the two, Hotaru had to tip her toes the best she could in order to reach and whispers into Miss President’s ear.

“Ah, yes, of course.”

Miss president gives her junior a nod, then turns to address you with an apologetic frown.
“I’m sorry, Hasome-kun, but we have unfinished work at the student council office.” She politely offers you a handshake before her departure. “Please, feel free to visit us any time!”
You hastily accept the handshake while Hotaru keeps urging Miss President for a speedy departure.
The duo’s height difference and interaction reminds you of a particularly chatty mother and her impatient child who can’t wait to get home- a dynamic you find rather familiar, if not outright endearing.
“How nice it is to see a friendly face around.”
Your attention swiftly diverts to a deep, but rather jolly voice chiming in from behind. It’s distinct enough for you to immediately tell who is speaking.
“You won’t believe the amount of tightrope walkin’ and hoop jumpin’ in this duty, Hasome.” Ayato passes by, flashing you his signature shady grin. “What brings you here today, anyways?”

“Oh, um, I gotta deliver this”
You hold up the envelope sensei asked you to deliver.

“Courier duty, I see.” The baby faced but surprisingly old-fashioned senpai gives you a pat on the arm. “Best you not keep the wise ol’ panda bear waiting.”

Ayato props the door behind him open for you, prompting you to proceed with your duty

“Just so you know, the invitation for a cup of coffee at the news room still stands,” He softly reminds you of the offer he made on your first encounter. “So long as you’re interested.”

“Thanks, I’ll consider.”

Following two gentle taps on the opened redwood door, you enter the office once you’ve gotten the principal's attention.
“Come in.”
You see the principal sitting at his desk, crushing whole walnuts with a small wooden mallet then picking out the edible parts with his thick, sausage link fingers. His round head, thick neck, bulky shoulders and a wide girth in the torso certainly reaffirms Ayato’s affectionate description of an ‘old, wise panda bear’.

“Hello there, you are… Eiki-kun’s brother, Senki Hasome. Am I right?”

Despite the wrinkles and greying hair, the elderly man is in exceptional health, spirit, and particularly mental prowess. Hell, he probably memorizes the name and face of every staff member and student of your school.

“What brings you here today?”

“Hasegawa sensei asked me to deliver this envelope to you, sir.”

The principal receives the envelope from your hands and holds up his glasses to take a better glance.

“Thank you for the delivery, is there anything else?”

“No, sir.”

“Alright, take care on your way home.” Setting the envelope aside, the principle picks up a porcelain bowl filled with already peeled walnuts and places it before you
“Would you like some walnuts?”
Crunching on the handful of walnuts you’ve been offered, you walk out of the principal's office a free man. Now that all of your friends have probably already left campus, you’ve got the opportunity to hang around a bit longer than usual.
Perhaps you should take up one of your senpais’ invitations...

>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had
>Visit the student council room, miss president wants to see you
>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had
Kaworu is great but I think we're already knee deep in the Makino route to make the pivot to her. Not to mention they aren't on good terms either
>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had
Don't really want to deal with Hotaru this soon
>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had

To be fair the anon is kind of right. Senki is already progressing with the siblings to the point where the association is actually having an effect on his circle of friends.
Yukari doesn't like Yayoi and vice versa. We know Yayoi has a bone to pick with Kaworu and Shinichi probably thinks we're trying to steal his crush.
>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had
>>Visit the student council room, miss president wants to see you
>Visit the news room, there’s coffee to be had
Welcome as miss president’s invitation may be, the thought of another potential incident with Hotaru tingles your danger alarms. With the previous less-than-pleasant encounter still fresh in mind, you decide to play it safe today and take Ayato’s invitation instead.

Heading down the central stairwell next to the principal’s office, you make a sharp left turn at the second floor’s main corridor, heading towards the direction opposite to the literature club. This path first brings you
past the teacher’s office, the computer lab, and other specialized classrooms of the complex’s ‘yolk’- the most traveled and utilized rooms, situated in the immediate proximity of the central stairwell.
Most of these classrooms appear to be locked at this time of the day, save for the teachers’ room where chatters of an ongoing meeting can be faintly heard from outside the door.

Traveling along the corridor brings you to a second set of stairs, which separates the ‘yolk’ from the auxiliary rooms. Mainly occupied by indoor clubs, these rooms are mostly filled with members preparing for the Club Fair tomorrow.
You pause your steps as you pass by the door of your old movie club, spending a moment listening to the chatter of club members preparing the recruitment drive.
While you were never a core member, knowing you probably won’t join these jolly folks again due to your feud with Chihaya does make you rather sentimental.
You take a good, deep breath to collect your emotions, then spurs yourself on to your destination.

A few more club rooms down the walkway, and you find yourself at the final club room next to the ‘boundary’ - a linked corridor between the homeroom and classroom buildings. Past this junction lies where students call the ‘dead zone’ - an entire row of unused classrooms, all with locked doors and fully curtained windows.
Such privacy leaves very little of the rooms’ interior visible, save for a brief glance through the tiny folds between the heavy fabric. While you’ve never seen anything but sheer darkness with brief rays of light from gaps between other curtains, you swear there’s something lurking in these shadows…

The general absence of student activity meant this area is mostly cloaked in an eerie silence, with one exception- the soft clatter of keyboard from the newsroom.
Standing between an unused, fully gutted classroom and the storage room for the school band, this single inhabited room stands out like a lighthouse on a new moon night.

With its remote and unorthodox location, you reckon the newsroom to be on the list of ‘least visited functioning rooms on campus’, right next to the library’s underground archives and the literature club.
You approach the newsroom’s dimly lit door to give it two good knocks.
“S-stop! Someone’s at the door!” Cries a startled, squeaky voice, frantic as a spooked guinea pig.
“No worries, darling Momiji. It’ll be but a minute.”
A deep, calm voice soothes the panicking critter with some much needed reassurance, followed by a string of footsteps towards the door.

“Why HEL-LO there-”
Ayato answers the door, greeting you with a sharp, pleasant smile and an apt little tug to fix the collar of his uniform, all to the background of a wooden oriental screen standing right behind the door. Despite his violet hair appearing more messy than usual, his cheery demeanor shows a more refreshed individual than when you last saw him at the principal’s office minutes ago.

“Hi, Senpai.” You wave your hand and return the greeting in kind, perhaps a tid bit less enthusiastically.

“Well, well, ain’t this a welcoming sight.”
His relaxed poise reflects his pleasant surprise of your presence, though perhaps the same cannot be said when it comes to the female senior in the room.

“Who is it?” Momiji’s voice comes from far beyond the screen, which blocks the line of sight between you and her.
“A much anticipated guest, darling Momiji. He happened to arrive ahead of time!”
“Oh? What kinda creep are you having over this time?” She retorts with such disdain you can almost envision the disgusted expression on her face. “Don’t tell me it’s- Look, I’m NOT selling my used socks to anyone, alright?”

“O fret not, darling Momiji!” Ayato orates with the sonorous voice befitting of a lead singer in a musical as he latches his left hand firmly onto your shoulder. With a surprisingly powerful pull for a man merely reaching your shoulder in height, he leads you into the room and right around the corner of the screen.

“Senki-boy’s here for a friendly little visit!” He announces your entrance like the master of the house welcoming an honored guest, much to the bewilderment of a stunned Momiji. “And a nice warm cup of coffee, am I right?”

“Um... yeah! Thanks for the invite, senpai.” You nod awkwardly in agreement as you watch Momiji’s face flush red.

“Dandy!” Paying no attention to his lady’s embarrassment, Ayato directs you to the long couch at the center of the room, right behind the wooden screen at the door. “Why don’t you take a seat over there?”
You politely take your senpai’s offer, planting your bottom onto the soft cushion of the furniture. As your senpais leave you at the couch to attend to their matters, you let your gaze wander about your new surroundings.

Directly ahead of the couch sits three school desks, lined up side by side to form one singular unit.
A digital printer sits on the desk to your left, connected to the two laptops on the middle desk. The rightmost desk holds a series of odds and ends, including a single lens camera plugged to a charger, a metal pen holder, and a small stack of paperwork.
The series of cords under the desks connects all electric appliances to the outlet on the wall.
A paper tag sitting atop the printer reads ‘editor’s desk’, as if the getup wasn’t already obvious enough.

To the left of the editor’s desk are a row of filing cabinets, lined neatly against the wall. Each individual drawer is labeled with ‘photos’, ‘year books’, or ‘school news’, each tagged with a range of dates that stretch back to the previous century.
A large bulletin board hangs on the opposite wall, where a small table on castors holding a ball of red yarn and a bowl of pins rests between the wall and the right side of the editor’s desk.

The layout of the school newsroom vaguely reminds you of the office of a private detective from a TV series you used to watch in middle school.

Your eyes finally focus on the makeshift coffee table behind the editor’s desk next to the window, where the two senpais congregate.
Ayato busies himself with preparing coffee, fetching the appropriate cups and utensils from the drawers. Momiji sits on the wheeled editor's chair beside him, swaying side to side and twirling her silver blinding bang covering her right eye while she waits for the kettle to boil.
From her demonstrably restless motions, you can tell she’s doing her best not to give into the urge to spin in circles.

“Senki, lad, how do you like coffee?”
“I’m… fine with it.”
Honestly, coffee isn’t really your go to choice for your daily dose of caffeine intake. You may enjoy the aroma, but you’re not too fond of the tartness and bitterness that comes along. As long as your host has plenty of milk and sugar to spare…

Unfortunately, you find your optimism soon dashed by the assortment of items your senpai places on the tabletop.
The copper swan neck kettle, the zipper bag holding the ground beans and the metallic filters placed over the coffee cups all signify an inconvenient reality-
Ayato’s most likely one of those ‘freshly brewed coffee’ enthusiasts, who won’t have their coffee any way but straight.

”Senki, dear boy, I’m sure you’ve got quite a handful of questions.” Ayato calls for your attention as he carefully measures the amount of ground coffee to be poured into each of the cups’ filters. “Go on, ask away!”
>What could you be of service for?
>Ask about what Eiki may have left around before graduating
>Inquire about the famed ‘Chamber of Libra’ as described by Sakura
>Ask Momiji about what Karin wanted from her the last time they met
>What could you be of service for?
>Ask about what Eiki may have left around before graduating
>What could you be of service for?
>What could you be of service for?
>What could you be of service for?
Neither one of them seem particularly trustworthy
>Ask Momiji about what Karin wanted from her the last time they met
Ayato’s invitation invoked memories of your first encounter with this eccentric senpai. Specifically, you find the mysterious ‘service’ he alluded to back in the library archives particularly of interest.
“Senpai, you mentioned some sort of… service you provide?”
“Ah, yes, of course.” Ayato sets aside the utensils he was fiddling with and levels his voice at the mention of the topic. “What do you need? Scholastic assistance? Private counseling? Or perhaps… item procurement?”

To be honest, you had imagined the words to be mere pleasantries, or perhaps a greeting followed up with a dramatic, drawn out speech about duties to the school and fellow students. You certainly weren’t expecting Ayato to live up to the private investigator motif and actually have a list of services he can provide.
Furthermore, your extent of knowledge about the newsroom barely surpasses its namesake, let alone anything about those operating it. Hell, you don’t even know how Ayato is tied to the student council.

“Go on, don’t be shy.”
Perceiving your silence as hesitation, he walks closer to you with a wide smile on his face, muttering encouraging words to your ears. You being seated at the couch enables him to approach you at eye level, maintaining a full, unblinking eye contact. The dim violet irises of his wide, oval eyes are nearly large enough for you to see your own reflection, coupled with his efforts to maintain an impeccable smile creates an unnatural look that grows more and more uncanny by the second.

He clearly means no harm, but the fixed expression on his delicate, child-like visage against his snow white skin carries an uncomfortable resemblance with the creepy antique porcelain doll your mother once showed you in your younger days… one that haunted your dreams for years.

“Um, senpai?” You nervously fidget your fingers, peeking away to avoid having to relive the spooks of your childhood. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…?”
“The merchandise, of course!” Ayato maintains his overly enthusiastic demeanor as he comes even closer, his eyebrows twitching suggestively with the emphasis on the word ‘merchandise’.
“State your desire, and I shall-”

“Ayato!” Momiji's loud interjection comes alongside a soft thud of a paper ball bouncing off the back of Ayato’s head and onto the ground. “Have you even told him what you do?”

“Oh, silly me!”
Ayato exclaims with closed eyes following a second’s delay, and gives himself a soft slap on the forehead.
“Forgive me, young Hasome, but such intricate detail must’ve slipped my mind.”
He graciously lowers his head with his left hand on his chest and his right hand raised before you, as if reaching out for a handshake…
With a snap of his fingers, a rectangular paper card appears seemingly out of thin air and right into the right hand’s fingertips. The white card, no larger than his palm, is decorated with geometric patterns on the edges, with the letters ‘AA’ calligraphed prominently on the center of one side.
The way Ayato presented the card seems to suggest he wants you to have it. It is only appropriate for you to pick up the piece of paper from his hand and give it a closer look.

‘Ayato Jyumonji
Chief Editor, ‘Kidosaka Courier’
Vice President, Kidosaka Student Council’

Wait, this is… a business card?
You turn back at Ayato, catching him giving himself a proud little pat on his chest while winking at Momiji. The girlfriend isn’t having any of it, however, rolling her eyes at his outlandish presentation.

“Senpai, you are the vice president?”
“A largely nominal position, I’m afraid.” Ayato nods and takes a step back, ceding you some much appreciated personal space. The fact he’s no longer giving you that creepy ass stare does wonders in putting you at ease. “Any solid power is held firmly in the hands of Madam president. But rest assured, dear Senki, things are quite different in this room.”

Standing before the editor’s desk, the eccentric senpai swings his arms wide open, putting the whole room in focus like an artist showcasing his masterpiece.
”As long as I keep the post running and the folks reading, I have free reign over all resources allocated to the school news service. From to funds to equipment to clearances, you name it-”

The whistle of a boiling kettle cuts through the air like an air raid siren, disrupting your senpai’s big flashy speech.
”And let’s not forget coffee.”
“So, senpai… do you two run the entire school news yourselves?”

“Oh no, it’s just me nowadays.”
Ayato replies, taking extra caution picking up the steamy copper kettle and raising it high above the row of delicate china lined up on the coffee table.
Carefully, he tilts the kettle, allowing a steady stream of boiling hot water to cascade down like a small waterfall into the cups below. He made the extra effort of making a swirling motion with the kettle while pouring through each metallic filter, allowing the ground coffee within to come into even contact with the water. Done with the dangerous duty of handling boiling water, he sets aside the copper kettle and gets back to you.

“It’s mainly editorial duties for me- organizing interviews, contacting writers, formatting columns, handpicking photographs and so on.” Ayato resumes the topic with you as he checks the time with a silver pocket watch chained to the belt loop of his uniform pants. “I used to have a photographer who doubles as my assistant, but unfortunately we parted on a rather sour note.”

Sounds like this weirdo petite gentleman micromanages this entire post, which begs the question...

“What does Kazami senpai do then?”

“Momiji’s here to provide some much appreciated moral support.” Ayato turns to his girlfriend beside him sitting in the editor’s chair and pulls her closer with a hand on her shoulder. “Isn’t that right, Momiji, darling?”

“S-shuddup!” She retorts at the inappropriate tease, cheeks reddening like a ripe apple. Sounds like she may have bit her tongue on that one too.

“I’d love to do the photography myself, of course,” He lets go of Momiji and returns to the row of almost ready coffee, removing the metallic filter on one of the cups to give the contents a good stir. “But I’m stretched a bit thin between duties… here you go, darling.”

Ayato passes Momiji his freshly finished handiwork, then returns to finalizing the preparations for the other two cups. Seizing this moment of distraction, Momiji immediately reaches into her school bag and pulls out a dark brown plastic squeeze bottle of… chocolate syrup!?
Away from her boyfriend’s view, Momiji positions the bottle over her cup and squeezes it with full force, sending a stream of the sweet condiment flying into her coffee. With equal dexterity she closes the lid and slits the bottle back into her bag, right as Ayato completes his brew.

You don’t really understand why she behaves like a student cheating on an exam, but you really wish for some chocolate syrup right now.

“I see a wonderful shutterbug in you, dear Senki.” With the professionalism of a butler, Ayato walks up beside you and serves you your coffee on a small plate. “Should you ever decide to pick up the hobby, you know where to find me.”
The coffee was exceptionally fragrant, but also way too bitter for your liking. It’s no wonder Momiji brought her own sweetener- you can’t even fathom how folks like Ayato manage to drink it straight everyday, let alone enjoy it.
After having done your best to gulp down the last drop of coffee, you thank the senpais for their hospitality and call it a day.

Having asked all your friends to go home before you, you have the rest of the journey home all to yourself. Perhaps you can take a little detour…

>Go on a jog around the fancy part of town
>Visit the new shops around the metro station
>Head to the old bookstore near Yukari’s place
>Head to the old bookstore near Yukari’s place
Eating at Yukari's place again?
>Go on a jog around the fancy part of town
>Visit the new shops around the metro station
>Head to the old bookstore near Yukari’s place
Newsroom seems more rewarding than literature if those are going to be our only choices for club activities
>Head to the old bookstore near Yukari’s place
Visit new shops.
You decide to take a detour to Daizoudou, the old and very familiar book store along the main street near the old train station. In addition to being the midpoint between your home and your old elementary school, it is also conveniently just around the corner from Yukari’s place, making it the ideal meeting spot for you and your pals during your younger days.

Additionally, your mother had the habit of dropping by the store to pick up her weekly subscription of supernatural magazines while walking you brothers home from elementary school. Such a habit made a regular patron out of both of you - she would have her magazines, while you and your brother would get your mangas and novels.

Speaking of which, it’s your turn to buy Jump this week.
This sacred duty used to be shared between you, Eiki and Haruto on intermittent weeks, but you reckon your brother will be a bit too busy in college to keep up with the tradition.

You slide open the old but cleanly kept wooden door at the front of the shop, and are greeted by the distinct scent of printed material. The sound of an old enka song slightly muffled by static noise plays from the radio on the counter, next to the wrinkle-ridden owner of the establishment sitting in his usual spot.

”Hello, Kazuki-san”
The old man at the counter looks up in response to your greeting, nods, then goes back to reading his newspaper. He doesn’t talk much, but he’s always willing to give you a little discount for purchases, given your family’s status as loyal regulars. What a generous man.

Passing by the chest height hardwood front counter, you begin navigating through the claustrophobically tight passageways between the shelves, filled to the brim with stacks of books, magazines and other printed materials. Some of shelftops are piled much taller than you are, so high you wonder if a slight push could cause the entire store to topple down like Jenga pieces. Alas, you’re not an old customer for nothing- navigating through this maze? You can do it blindfolded if you had to.

Returning from the manga section with the newest issue of Jump tucked under your armpit, you pass by the magazine rack while heading to checkout. The pile of newly arrived hobby magazines does make you wonder… has mom picked up her magazines yet? If not, you may as well do her a favor.

You take out your phone to make a call home, where your mother picks up almost immediately.
”Hello? Senki, dear?”
”Mom, I’m at Daizoudou now, do you need anything picked up?”
”Hmm... Ah! Senki!” She replies delightfully “Could you help pick up my ‘Wild Wacky World’?”
”Sure thing.”
”Thank you, my dear. Don’t get home too late~”

You finish up the call and pick up the magazine your mother specified from the shelves. Maybe you could start doing this every week from now on- what better leverage to ask for an increased allowance, than to volunteer as a helpful paperboy?
You marveling at your own shrewd plan while turning around inadvertently resulted in an accidental collision with a fellow customer passing through the narrow inter-shelve passage behind you. Thankfully, it’s not a full-blown collision like your first meeting with Uzuki.
”Oops, sorry-”

An unspeakable chill serpents its way up your back as you recognize who you just bumped into.
Hikaru Fukurara, the infamously hardass chairman of your school’s disciplinary council, stands menacingly before you. Towering over your head at a height of over 1.8 meters, he stops dead in his tracts and meets you face to face.
His height isn’t what made you nervous, given your brother stands at about the same height- it’s the permanent scowl on his forehead and the katana sharp stare that makes you instinctively lower your head to avoid eye contact.

You’ve never met him outside of school before, but you’ve seen him on his disciplinary duties, catching every infraction like a falcon scanning for prey. Hell, you’ve even witnessed him breaking up fights between unruly students, single handedly wrestling and subduing both sides at once like some veteran centurion.

You most definitely didn’t expect to see him here, of all places. Why is he here?

A quick peek at the books in his hands makes the answer obvious. The stack appears to be made up of sophisticated college prep books, as well as… a magazine, sandwiched between the thick paperback workbooks. This makes you incredibly curious about the magazine, but you’re in no position to take a closer look… lest you piss off the man and get your ass decimated.

“Excuse me.”
Instead of demanding an apology, Hikaru softly mutters his words, suppressing his voice as one would when speaking in a library. The fact he gives such a gentle response comes as a surprise, particularly when you’re expecting a more thunderous repercussion.

“Are you alright?”
Taking notice of your startled state, he takes a step back to offer you some space while lowering his arms to assume a more relaxed stance. In sharp contrast to his shoebill-like scowl, he shows more concern towards your well being than the fact that you bumped into him.

You manage to squeeze out an answer, hoping for this needless standoff to end ASAP.

“Take care on your way home.”
He bids you farewell with a nod, then heads to the front counter to finish checking out.

Perhaps he’s not as scary as you had imagined… outside of school, at least.
Following your trip to Daizoudou, you got home just in time for dinner. Your mother is particularly appreciative of your voluntary service, and spends a good amount of time speaking about the new UMA detailed in the magazine you got her.
The subject happens to be about micro-fauna from outer space, which just seems ridiculous...ly right up your alley.

You end up having quite a delightful discussion with your parents at the dinner table, learning a thing or two about sci-fi ideas that might actually apply to the real world along the way. (+ intellect)
The rest of your night resumes as usual, including the new routine of putting slimy lotion on your face. It doesn’t seem to do anything drastic, but you do feel your skin becoming a little smoother than before.

The next day is the long awaited Friday- school’s open for outside deliveries for lunch, there’s the club fair in the afternoon, and you have a little traditional rendezvous with your childhood friends at night.
Your morning classes pass through considerably uneventfully while you are spacing out, thinking about the good stuff in the afternoon.

*Ding Ding Ding~*

As soon as the lunch bell rings, most of the class rushes to the front gate to fetch their orders. As for you, well, you were more or less perfectly content with the meals your mother prepared for you.
Besides, you’d be dining out tonight- there’s no need to spend extra cash doing it twice in a day.

“Hasome, come over!”
Before you start eating your lunch box, Karin makes a surprise entry, yanking you by your right arm in an attempt to drag you elsewhere. The two paper bags in her hands meant she’s already picked up her lunch, and most definitely plans to be having it soon.

“Oh come on, we’re eating at the usual place. Don’t tell me you forgot about it?”
Under Karin’s potent physical persuasion, you pick up your lunch box and join her towards the meeting point.

A short stroll and a few flights of stairs brings you to the ‘usual place’- the top of the stairwell beside the ‘dead zone’ at the main classroom complex, right beside the locked door leading to the roof.
You and your friends from the same class used to congregate here for lunch last year, though you haven’t exactly been keeping up with this habit this year, based on various circumstances.

Turns out Karin and you are the last to arrive, where both Akira and Shinichi have already taken their usual spots- on the highest steps, beside the locked door to the roof.
Akira waves at the two of you to welcome your arrival, which you wave back in kind. Shinichi, on the other hand, remains scrolling on his phone, merely giving you a sideways glance as you take your seat on a lower step next to Akira.
Honestly, you are kind of surprised he is even here, considering the newly acquainted company he has been hanging around with. Then again, you’re kind of guilty of the same thing.
“Sup, Shinichi.”
“Hm? I thought you called me Senki the other day?”
He blinks and pauses, as if his mind short circuited for a second.
“...Right, Senki.”
Shinichi’s eyes slowly squint into a scowl following the flat and unenthusiastic calling of your name. For reasons unknown, he seems to be rather irritable today…

“Oh, you two go by first name basis now?” Karin looks between the two of you in mild astonishment as she sits down beside Shinichi, passing him a paper bag with a pineapple mascot printed on top. “How’d that happen?”

“Ugh, not much?” Shinichi shrugs and pulls out a freshly made burger from the paper bag, munching on the sandwich without another word to his childhood friend.

“Ooooh, I’m sensing some~thing’s going on!”

Karin begins poking her nose around Shinichi, trying to catch anything about his antics in the past few days. Her enthusiastic inquisition successfully diverts his attention away from you, giving you the chance to eat your lunch with Akira in peace.

“Minami’s quite enthusiastic today, but what’s up with Shinichi?” You whisper to your friend, trying to get some clarification on some fine details you might have missed.
“She must be glad to have the both of you around today.” Akira replies gently, setting his chopsticks aside from his unusually puritan lunch of boiled chicken breast and broccoli to talk to you. “As for Hojo, I reckon it must have something to do with the lady he fancies.”

With Satsuki? He seemed rather happy the last time you saw him hanging out with her, what could have possibly happened to sour his mood so thoroughly?

“So Hasome, how’s things going between you and that Makino girl?”
Before you can come up with a sensible explanation, however, Karin pops her head between you and Akira, her eyes glittering with curiosity. Her inability to extract any spicy information from the uncooperative Shinichi means she’s looking for a new target- which is to say, you.
Thankfully, you’ve expected as much from her, and thus has a very effective countermeasure up your sleeves.
“Oh, nothing much.”
You give her the most deadpan, straightforward, and truthful answer you could put up. You’re being completely honest with your answer too, - ‘nothing much’ as in ‘nothing much you're willing to share with anyone’.

“Nothing? Really?” Unexpectedly, Shinichi has decided to join in the interrogation. “What about that lunch you had with her, huh?”
“Lunch…?” The mention of lunch comes at you as a complete surprise, particularly when you’ve never actually had the chance to dine with Yayoi thus far. “I didn’t have lunch with-”
“Oh, cut the bullshit!”
Shinichi exclaims, angrily tossing the paper bag in his hands into the wall right next to him.

“Hojo, there’s no need to-”
“I’m not talking to you, pretty face!”
Akira’s interjection in an attempt to defuse the situation only seemed to agitate Shinichi more. Shaking, the pissed off youth stands up and points his finger right at your face, his attitude stripped of its usual polish.

“Do you think I’m stupid Senki? I SAW you yesterday!”

The crack in his voice implies he’s more impulsive and aggravated than you’ve ever seen him before, but more importantly, yesterday? By goodness, is he flipping over the picnic you had with the twins?

“Look, let me-”

The door behind your group suddenly slams open in full force, sending the blinding rays of the high noon sun straight into your retinas.
“HEY! What’s going on here!?”
As you struggle to open your eyes, your eardrums are further assaulted by a thunderous holler, delivering a one-two punch that temporarily incapacitates you right at the spot.
Hold on, you recognize that voice—

Akira and you call out in unison at the unexpected intrusion of your old class president, who busts into the scene with the ferocity of a stalwart paladin kicking open the gates of a vampire’s castle. The fact all four of you are cowering from the bright light and trying to cover your faces certainly reinforces the image.

From the narrow slits of your squinted eyes, you observe her petite silhouette descending a few steps before shutting the door behind her, allowing the lighting of the surrounding space to return to a more acceptable level.
The shock of her entrance dissipates with the return of your sight, but shock quickly gives way to obedient attention as little miss oni positions herself right in the middle of your group.

“There’s no fight going on here, is there?”
She spins her head, surveying the four of you like a detective interrogating her suspects.

“N-no?” You answer, rubbing your eyes
“Are you sure?” She shoots a glance at your direction, arms folded before her chest while standing tall and proud. “Because I heard an argument just now.”

She carefully inspects the reaction from each of you in a counterclockwise sequence, moving through you, Shinichi, Karin, and finally Akira.

“What happened here, Uchida?”
Fixating her entire attention onto Akira, she leans in right next to him, attempting to get his testimony.

”We were… only a bit riled up in our discussion, that’s all.”
Akira awkwardly squeezes out a slightly more eloquent excuse than any of you can come up with. Even then, he still looks visibly stressed under the pressure of Hotaru’s inquisitive gaze.

“Well if that’s the case…hm?” Hotaru initially appears satisfied from the words of the most exemplary student of your bunch, until she notices the splash of ketchup marks on the wall.
She tracks the red stains on the wall and floor, until she finds the crumpled up paper bag on the floor… not far from Shinichi’s foot.

“What is this?” She points inquisitively at the trash produced from Shinichi’s recklessness, demanding an explanation for the mess that has been made.

“I…dropped my food!” Shinichi hurriedly picks up the paper bag from the floor, trying his best to wipe the ketchup stains with the paper bag but only succeeding in creating a red smudge on the wall. “Right, Karin?

“Right!” Karin nods vehemently, handing Shinichi a handful of tissue while joining in to dissuade any suspicion from little miss oni. “It’s…a little accident! Hasome saw it too!”

“Yep, that’s right.”
While Shinichi and you may have your differences, basic intuition compels you both to put whatever disputes on the back burner, for now.

“Remember to clean up when you’re done, then.”
Despite her initial suspicions, your combined efforts proved enough to convince her that nothing is awry.
Hotaru soon retreats through the same rooftop door she arrived from, but none of you dare let down your guard…until you hear a soft, locking click from the other side, and a string of footsteps that gradually grows more and more distant.

All that is left is a long, dead silence in the air in wake of Hotaru’s tumultuous intrusion, though at this very moment you’re certain all of you can breathe a collective sigh of relief from that close call.

“Ahem, so, what plans do you all have for clubs this year?”
Clearing his throat, Akira attempts to rekindle a friendly conversation among the group, with a hopefully less touchy topic.
>Act like everything’s normal and talk about the literature club and the offer from the school news
>Address Shinichi’s flipping out and explain to your friends what happened yesterday
>Stay away from Shinichi lest he flips out again, leave the spot to get some air
>Write in
>Act like everything’s normal and talk about the literature club and the offer from the school news
>Clear up with Shinichi one on one later

Also funny how the two Fukuharas ended up being opposites of each other
>Act like everything’s normal and talk about the literature club and the offer from the school news
>Act like everything’s normal and talk about the literature club and the offer from the school news
>Address Shinichi separately
Also jab him for falling so heads over heels for Satsuki
“Track and Field, volleyball. You know, the usual.” Karin eagerly picks up the topic, trying her best to bury the schism with casual smalltalk. Her choices are consistent with her last year’s picks, given she must’ve got friends in those clubs already.

“All sports? Again?” Shinichi snobbishly questions the wisdom of his childhood friend’s choice of clubs. While it is true that your school recommends a balance of sports and cultural experience for extracurricular activities, there are no hard rules enforcing the students’ choices.
Besides, if you remember correctly, Shinichi himself didn’t take any sports clubs last year either.

“Yeah, I like it that way. Problem?” Karin glares at Shinichi for his dismissive attitude, then turns her attention towards you. “What about you, Hasome?”

“I’m actually considering the literature club.”
You follow Karin and Akira’s lead, recalling your chill experience with Sakura and setting the whole conflict aside as if it has not happened at all.

“Do you even read?”
Even with the combined efforts of you three, Shinichi still makes another antagonistic jab at you. This time, you decide to not entertain him with the attention he so desires.

“Not cool, Shinichi!” Thankfully, Karin is here to speak your mind, even with the added bonus of an elbow to Shinichi’s soft belly to shut him up for the time being.

“Though, I gotta ask… there’s a literature club around?” Karin shoves a grunting Shinichi aside and resumes the conversation, eyes wide and puzzled by the mere existence of the club of your choice.
Considering her lack of affinity towards indoor activities and the current state of the club, you can’t really blame her.

“Yep, it’s on the second floor, just around the library..” You twitch your eyebrows at Karin and decide to somewhat teasingly pitch a recruitment. “It’s a pretty chill place. Interested, Minami?”

“Eh, I prefer playing ball over… writing book reports, or whatever the literature club does.” Karin takes less than a second to turn down your invitation, figuratively passing it to the one next to her. “What about you, Akira? You read a lot, don’cha?”
“I’d sure love to, but unfortunately, my hands are full with elective courses.” Akira gracefully declines as well, giving an explanation not too different from his reasoning of not joining any clubs the year prior.
At this point you just assume he’s not a fan of afterschool activities, which is quite a pity. You really wish there’ll be some opportunity for you two to hang out, which is made more difficult due to the two of you being in separate classes.

“Oh, I also got this offer from the newsroom.” You carry on, bringing up the other invitation you’ve been given. “The editor senpai wants me to be the school news photographer.”
“Photographer?” Akira looks at you ponderously, mildly surprised that you landed the offer. “Senki, were you always into photo shooting?”
“Not particularly, but it seems pretty interesting.”

”Wow, recruiting an amateur? That editor must be desperate.”
Of course, Shinichi just had to run his mouth one more time. Sometimes you gotta admire his persistence, even if it’s with something as petty as being a little bitch.

”Shin-i-chiiiii!” Karin turns around and lands a slap on her inimical osana’s thigh with her full might. The resounding ‘SPLAT’ was powerful enough to create an echo down the stairwell, and most certainly left a clear handprint on the point of impact.
At least that’s what you assume, if Shinichi’s equally recoiling ‘owwww!’ and the fact he’s rolling in pain while grabbing onto his leg are anything to go by.

You spend the rest of your lunch break chatting with Karin and Akira. Shinichi will occasionally join in, but only when you’re not the one talking. There is definitely the need to clear things up with Shinichi, but you reckon it’s better done later when he’s in the mood to engage in a proper conversation.

Your little group scram to the first afternoon bell, heading to your appropriate classrooms to continue the schoolday. The classes are a bit of a drag, but thankfully today’s lessons are made to be around 10 minutes shorter each to make more time for the special event of the afternoon.

*Ding Ding Ding*

The fourth afternoon bell spells the end of the physics lab session, as well as the overall conclusion of the week’s lessons. Normally, this would be a cause of celebration for you and your fellow students, but today isn’t the normal occasion- it’s the first week of school.
Under the guidance of the senseis, Kidosaka’s entire student body is orderly and effeciently herded into the gymnasium for the Club Fair.

As soon as you set foot into the air conditioned main atrium of the gymnasium, you immediately notice the modifications done to the space to accomodate for the event.

Gone are the nets and poles the volleyball court, and in their place are various 10 by 4 columns of foldable chairs, with a wooden stand beside each column labeling which class the chairs are designated for.
The basketball court’s hoops are also retracted and moved to the sides, enabling more space for the various club booths to be set up along the court’s sidelines.
On the furthest end of the atrium lies the elevated stage, with its usually lowered heavy curtains now lifted for a projector to be set up on the stage’s side. The ‘Welcome to Kidosaka Academy’ slogan hanging high above the stage and the words ‘CLUB FAIR’ projected on the stage’s backscreen marks the thorough transformation of the normally sports dominated atrium into a proper auditorium.
Your class takes position on the second column from the stage at the center of the assembly, giving you a very clear view of the entire elevated platform in front of you.
Once all of the students and staff have been seated, Principal Kido walks out from the backstage, occupying the spotlight with a microphone in hand.

“Welcome, students and fellow staff, to the Kidosaka Academy!” The amicable and panda-like old gentleman begins with open arms. “Allow me to introduce myself…”

The Principal's speech is concise yet informative, giving the new students and teachers a brief rundown of the academy’s history, facilities, and administrative structure. In fact, he manage to finish his supposedly 40 minute speech within 30 minutes, sparing the rest of the session as Q&A for any student with additional questions about the academy.

Aside from discovering the new VR headets for programming classes available for limited loan in the school computer lab, you also happen to learn the reason behind the lack of a morning assembly in the first week of school. Turns out your Principal has passed the decision to merge the year’s first assembly with the student orientation and hold it alongside the club fair, so he may save time for everyone.

Compared to the long, drawn out morning speeches you had to endure in the scorching outdoors fields of your middle school days, Principal Kido is an absolute godsend.
Once the Principal has made sure all students are clear of questions, the robust old man hands his microphone over to Kaoru senpai, who was patiently awaiting her turn behind the heavy curtains on the side.

“Thank you, Principal-sensei!” Kaoru thanks the Principal for the microphone, then walks up to take the front and center of the stage which he previously occupied.

“My fellow students, I am Kaoru Kido, your Student Council President!”
Standing tall and proud, the ojou-sama president delivers her words with the same enthusiasm and clarity as her older relative “Welcome, everyone, to the Club Fair!”

As soon as she finishes her introduction, Kaoru produces a little clicker from her pocket and with the click of a button switches the slide projected on the backscreen behind her.
The new slide on display is a floor map of the atrium, detailing each clubs’ locations while also grouping the clubs into three differently colored sectors.

“Today’s goal is not meant for signing up for clubs, but for each club to demonstrate what kind of activities they’re offering to enrich your campus experience.” Kaoru briefly explains the core idea for today’s event, lest anyone new student panicks about having to sign up on the spot. ”Club representatives, please take your positions while we give everyone the agenda for the club fair.”

With Kaoru’s order, many juniors and seniors from the student body leave their seat and head for their appropriate booths. At the meantime, Kaoru uses the build in laser pointer to draw attention onto the floor map behind her.

“To avoid crowding, we have separated the clubs into red, green and blue sectors.” She explains, drawing circles with her laser dot around the differently colored regions. “Each grade level will be touring one of the sectors for 15 minutes, before moving clockwise onto the next sector.”

You remember the color rotation system your brother meticulously planned out last year.
Instead of grouping clubs of similar types together, the measure deliberately splits up the more popular clubs, such as drama and the various competitive ball sports, into different sectors. The end result is less crowding around the booths and more opportunities to interact with the club representatives, a win-win situation for everyone.

“Please feel free to attend trial-sessions for as many clubs as you wish, but please note you may only officially sign up to a maximum of two clubs, with applications due by the end of next Friday.” She continues speaking, turning the slide to a display of a club members’ list form.
“The club representatives are responsible for finalizing the members lists of each club, so please speak with them after trial sessions if you would like to join!”

Finally, she raises her free hand, directing everyone’s attention towards students sitting on the immediate front row just below the stage.
“Fellow members of the student council and the disciplinary council will be guiding each grade level groups between sections and keeping order throughout the event.” She says as the students of the front row stand up and turn around, greeting the rest of their peers with a waving hands.
From your position, you could easily make out the Fukuhara siblings and even Momiji amongst the members. However, Ayato, the supposed vice president, was nowhere to be seen.
His assessment about him not being the slightest bit welcomed certainly stands true.

“Once again, everyone, please enjoy the Club Fair!”

Kaoru’s speech is met with a round of applause from the entire audience below the stage, which is when you notice a particularly loud clapping coming from somewhere on the stage.
Upon closer look you catch Ayato standing alone in the shadows of the suspended walkway above the stage, right next to where the banner is hung. His loud claps almost feel like a cry for help, from someone ostracized by his colleagues and stranded in a remote post.

It’s hard to not feel a bit sympathetic for his predicament, but alas, there’s not much you can do for him.

As Kaoru’s speech draws to a close, the student council members begin forming up lines in preparation for the students to begin their club tour. Once the order is given by the senseis, you and your fellow students begin forming up lines to browse the club booths, with your grade level starting with the ‘blue’ section.

While you wait in line, you take a good look at clubs around you, noticing the floorplan of the club fair to be once again on display on the screen of the stage.
Fifteen minutes is quite short when you need to get in line to get to see a demo. Perhaps you can better plan out what clubs you’d want to see from each section?
(Please pick ONE club from each section. Name in brackets represent character you’ll mainly interact with for each choice)

>Tennis (Misao)
>Drama (Mifuyu)
>Handicraft (Koito)

>Judo (Uzuki)
>Board Games (Nanase)
>Literature (Sakura)

>Football (Haruto)
>Art (Michiru)
>Swimming (Satsuki)
Handicraft seems like another interesting choice. We are already familiar with literature and none in Red actually suits us
For clarification:
Please pick one club from RED, one from BLUE, and one from GREEN
Senki will visit the most voted club booth when it is his turn to browse each sector.
Handicraft (Koito)
Literature (Sakura)
Swimming (Satsuki)
Drama, Literature, Swimming
Other two are self explanatory
Seeing what this can offer since we already have an idea what lit. is like
Nothing in Senki's interests in this column but there's Satsuki and Yukari to hang out with

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