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File: SkirmJamSplash.jpg (245 KB, 1024x1536)
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245 KB JPG
Welcome to the 2022 /qst Skirmish Jam in which we all come together to make new skirmishes. I am Cognis, this year’s Herald of the Jam.

>What is a Skirmish?
A skirmish is a collaborative tactical game, think of it like a tabletop wargame in which each unit is controlled by a single player and the QM redraws the map each turn based on submitted actions. While this will suffice as a general description it is not a hard rule. Some skirmishes are more nebulous with the QM allowing leeway for unplanned actions, while other lean more towards a formal set of allowed actions.

Skimishes have a long history as part of /tg and later /qst. You can view many previous examples here:

If you wish to participate int the jam simply read the rules and declare your interest. Your skirmish must be based on a creative prompt which will be revealed on April 1st.

>Jam participants have one month from the prompt reveal to submit their rule set.

>All player facing rules must fit on a single image, you may have hidden rules and stats but if you have to post more than one image to tell your players how the game is played then this criterion will not be met.

>The Skirmish must be built from scratch, no using pre-existing assets or ideas you had lying around in a folder somewhere. (You may however, shamelessly copy pictures from the internet.)

>The skirmish must have some connection to the prompt no matter how thin.

>After the submission deadline contestants will be called up in groups of 2 and be given 2 weeks to run their creations. Depending on the number of contestants it might take another month or two for the jam to reach it’s conclusion.

While I have no real way of enforcing these rules do note that entries which do not fulfill all the criteria will not be eligible for any awards at the jam’s conclusion.
File: Fantasy01.gif (4.04 MB, 768x768)
4.04 MB
4.04 MB GIF
As of late I've been tragically busy, but I'll endeavor to contribute something.
Finner. Sounds fun. I might give it a go. Also. come back. Blades Skirmish QM, come back...
Been a while. This time, I'll see it all the way through.
File: RealFruit.jpg (40 KB, 396x374)
40 KB
Due to an oversight in skirmjam advertising I am now legally obligated to add the following rule:

>Secondary prompt: “With 100% Real Fruit”. Incorporating the secondary prompt into your submission is not required, but if you do AND meet the original criteria your entry will become eligible for the special: They-Actually-Did-It-The-Absolute-Mad-Man Award.

Sand Castles? Is that you? If it is, welcome back. You are not part of the old guard, but you are now initiated in the craft of skirmish. I wonder what you will make this time.

It is good to see new faces, unless you are an old hand not using a trip. Either way welcome to the Jam.

Hail Londry, lover of jank. Will your entry this year intrigue or frustrate? Why not both?

As Herald allow me to impart some wisdom to potential newcomers. Since skirmishes almost always involve a map of some kind it is advisable to use an art program with layers to run your game. You can find a list of free open source drawing programs here:


Do not be discouraged if you are lacking in art skill, many a skirmish has been run with simplistic tokens and the power of imagination.
Oh I forgot; link to the skirmish discord:


Joining is not mandatory; all pertinent information will be posted in this thread.

>come back. Blades Skirmish QM, come back...
Alas Blades Skirmish QM is busy... very busy. He might pop in to say a few words but I fear he simply is in no position to run anything these days.
Interesting, might join if not too busy
I'll echo IG, I'm short on time (and a permaplayer), but I have played a few skirms before, so I'll check this out and maybe make something.
Skirmishes are bigger commitments than quests. Hopefully this year, you will both find the time.

The time is upon us, the prompt for the jam is:

Contestants have from now until 23:59PM 30th of April PST to submit a 1 page rulesheet.

>New contestants may still join but the deadline will not be extended. If you see this late and still wish to join you accept that you will have a tighter deadline.

Please make sure you have read and understood the rules.

Good luck to you all.
>Dance Commander
>With 100% Real Fruit
Well this is now interesting...
Since this is by far the best thread to ask:
What happened to the question/help thread?
Questions regarding what? I don't think skrim has ever been big enough to have a dedicated questions thread. Quest Thread General is alive and well.
>Quest Thread General is alive and well
... and I'm fucking blind
Is that you Trigger?
>Skirmishes are bigger commitments than quests.
And those are already difficult enough!
No, Trigger is someone else, I am Cognis, surely you've heard of me? <.<
Who art thou
I ran Mecha Mercs, Mega Mercs, Moe Drones, E.V.A, Lute and Pillage, Hard Vacuum and of course: Cognis Quest.
Surely, you've heard of Cognis! He's . . . Not Trigger.
Bump, I've got something in the works, don't you autosage yet.
So, uhhhh, any submissions yet? Any skirmishes going at all right now?
The deadline is still a week away. We'll likely get submissions as it starts to get closer. We may need to make a new thread if this on is too far down.
File: WIP preview.png (213 KB, 1169x936)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Getting my foot in the door with a screenshot of a WIP.
>clear visual instructions
how can someone be this based
Intriguiging... is that a combo sysyem I'm seeing based on dance steps?
File: player guide finish.png (991 KB, 1000x2000)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
My submission is complete!


Long ago, the four countries of Pirouette Kingdom, Bailando Republic, Holy Discotheque, and United Swing States had waged war upon each other - that is, until the invasion of the Krumpgoblins and the Nae-Naecromancer threatens all four corners of the dancefloor! Now they must unite and defeat their gyrating foes in... Battlefield Dancefloor!
Cool!! Can't wait to take her for a spin
A bit unclear on how dodge works.
See the orange steps? If you succeed in the dodge roll, enemy hits don't count on the orange steps.
Our first submission, and a rather creative one too.
Submission accepted!
File: download.jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
I'm having a hard time creating a skirmish based off the prompts, especially without feeling like I'm ripping off Indonesian Gentleman now. I like the song but all I can think of that isn't super similar to dance-fighting is something something Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and I don't have any compelling quests to write about that, certainly not a skirmish. I even mulled it over for a while but I think I need to move on.

Dan-dan-dan-dancing is forbidden.

I was gonna shrug this Jam off but I think I'm going to try to get a submission in even though there's only a week left. Wouldn't want someone to win just because no one else showed up, now would we?
Come on man, I'd love to see what you have cooked up!
>without feeling like I'm ripping off Indonesian Gentleman...

Do not be ashamed! For even if it is another dance skirmish, it will be your dance skirmish. It will be dance off!... for skirmishes!

Last jam there were like 3 viking themed skirmishes.
Was the prompt vikings? :)
File: SplashSheet.png (1009 KB, 1111x2222)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Alright. Done.
Deeper mechanics will be kept ambiguous, this should be a sufficient foundation.
The premise will be conveyed via greentext when the game goes live.
[spoilers]To summarize: 4D skirmish wherein you play as delinquents and have a good time.[/spoilers]
Interesting... not as obviously related to the prompt, but I do see a dance skill and even the thinest connection will suffice.
Time travel hmm? Well I hope you've taken steps to avoid having your brain melt.

It was the immigrant song by Led Zepplin. Vikings was one of the more obvious interpretations.

Submission Accepted.
Found a song that would fit my entry, from the perspective of the big bad Nae-Naecromancer:
But wait, that song wasn't "Your Mom Is An XX" by Otsu-Chan...

Hey fellas. Can you guys recommend me a program to make maps with? I'm trying to make something that's visually similar to those conqst threads, with borders and areas of the world. But I'm not sure how to get started.
Could I get an updated invite, please?
Here ya go!
Just a few days left...!

Can't wait to play every entry.

I'm still stumped beyond stumped, trying to go off the prompt/song. I've got a half dozen ideas crumpled up on top of the metaphorical trash heap. I just can't force it, though. There's a sliver of a chance I'll submit something, but either way I've been thinking quite a bit about what I want my skirmish to look like. Thanks for that, and I'll try to participate. I'm not running any quest at the moment so if I really wrack my brain, maybe I can make it happen.

May the best 'mish win!

I'm ready for some JAM!!!!
Okay, inspiration finally struck for a plot and setting, now let's see if I can beat the clock and get the mechanics figured out in two days.
Any suggestions for programs to run the maps with? Not a big fan of inkscape, but I do like that it differentiates objects, unlike something like MS Paint.

How is everyone else going to be handling the multitude of assets that needs to be moved every turn? I'm looking into MapTools (i think it's called) and it's got a small learning curve but looks rather decent. I was just wondering if anyone had other suggestions.
I got photoshop so I can easily turn the map units into a brush. If push comes to shove I can brute force it with ibis paint x.
None of the top 9 free open source drawing programs did it for you?
Didn't try 'em, but based on their descriptions, none were focused on RPG map design, and it didn't seem like most of them let you move around individual resources, except for inkscape, which I have a love/hate relationship with (due to my own incompetence regarding exporting and file formatting). The two or three at the end that are in Korean or Cantonese... What am I supposed to do with those? They look worse than MS Paint...

I'm likely going to use premade maps and credit the makers, and do the edits in inkscape. Maybe I'll try using MapTools, it looked pretty customizable without being incredibly difficult to learn. Or maybe freehand it, but I've got like a day and I intend to draw/design the players/enemies too, not sure if I'll have time for creating my own maps from scratch. Rules are 90-99% finished, locked (loosely) in place and ready to be put to paper.

Really regretting not buying a cheap draw tablet earlier. Maybe I'll get one before my skirmish runs. My rule page may be a little lackluster in terms of flashiness and original art, but hopefully the whole quest won't look that way.

How do you intend to call submissions up to run? First come first serve? Draw names out of a hat? Cognis's choice? Volunteers?
>Cognis's choice
I'm gonna call up two contestants at a time and give them two weeks to run their skirmishes. Rinse and repeat until all contestants have run. At the rate we're going, this will not take long.

Also I do realise this will give QMs who run later more time to work on stuff behind the scenes but there's only so many playets to go around. Everyone still needs to submit their player facinging rulesheet by the deadline.
Alright, I've got about a day to submit the rule page (I think), which I'm pretty sure is done.

I'll figure out the maps before it starts somehow... Likely going to have to free-hand my own stuff. I couldn't find any programs I could tolerate.
File: Image10.png (197 KB, 1104x583)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Finally done. The little abomination that is Eden Down lives ! And so becomes my first skirmish.

Eden Down is a (cooperative ?) skirmish that I think breaks so many established conventions I'm half tempted to call it a party game.

In short, you are a demon. Other demons figured out how to take a piece of the Heavens and pull it down to Hell, then how music and rhythm can counteract divine influence and help you not melt when inside a small enough piece of said Garden.
You are one of the few that are willing to take advantage of this, regardless of the consequences, and pillage the Garden of the Almighty for...fruits. Fruits containing the essence of Creation itself, but still !

The idea has been running laps around my head for the entirety of this slog of a month, and now I'm sharing it with you. The people.
It's lacking several aspects that I wanted to put in, but I do believe it nails both prompts quite well.

Hopefully I got the quality to an okay-ish point. I improvised a bit at the end.


Looks like we'll have at least a 4-man bracket, so long as I don't get bonked in the head and lose consciousness. I've got a bad habit of turning in my assignments at the very last second.

The free version of Hexographer is pretty dank and cozy, picrel. Still learning, but it's fun and easy to use.

Posting one-page rulesheet soon.
Submission accepted, perhaps the only submission that incorporates the secondary prompt so far. We shall see if fruit features in the game when the others actually run.

File: WELCOME TO THE MUTIE MOSH.png (1.74 MB, 3360x3492)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

There wasn't much left when the garden burned. But there was still the wind.
File: The Wind Rose.png (189 KB, 1200x750)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Submission accepted, this is a complex one, but offers the players the most agency as far as I can see. The relation to the prompt is readily apparent too.

I accept this entry.

A very interesting entry, possibly the most unconventional one yet. Certainly one that lives up you your reputation Londry.

I accept this entry, however I do not see how you have incorporated the prompt into it. Unless you can give a satisfactory explanation or show the connection when running you will not be eligible for awards at the end of the jam.

But maybe that's fine with you, after all skirmish begins not with a desire for accolades but with a creative itch that demands to be scratched. (At least for me.)

The players are commanded to dance a certain set of steps, defiance aside. But no fruit. There's no garden where any ordinary wind could hold such sway.
Rolled 48, 38, 9, 20, 84 = 199 (5d100)

Hmm... I shall take this into consideration. A final verdict is not necessary until it is time to hand out the awards, for now let the games run!

The deadline has now passed. As the Herald I will no longer officially recognize any more entries. If anyone has made something that was not ready in time for the deadline I encourage you to run it anyway outside the jam.

I, Cognis, Herald of the 2022 /qst skirmish jam, do hearby recognize these entries:

Indonesian Gentleman


Eden Down Anon

Fae Smelter


I shall roll dice to determine the order of running.
Londry and Indonesian Gentleman.

You two shall run first. You have until 11:59PM, the 15th of May to create your threads, sign up players, run your game and bring it to a conclusion.

I am aware that players running later have more time to prepare behind the scenes, alas I have no real way of enforcing "pencils down" completely. But beware! If Londry and Indo finish running early the next contestants will be called up early. Be ready to run at any time!

No go forth! Londry and Indonesian Gentleman, create your threads and link them back here.
File: 1651400706848.gif (938 KB, 412x264)
938 KB
938 KB GIF
>No go forth
File: Spoiler Image (677 KB, 609x449)
677 KB
677 KB PNG


NOW GO FORTH! Londry and Indonesian Gentleman!
Oldest hands first. Dice God Areng has a sense of humor.

Thread up. Starting in 3 days, given players.
Are we re-rolling on May 15/16, or using these same numbers to decide who runs next?

Or since it's an odd number and to save on time, should we run all 3 remaining skirmishes together instead of 2, then one by itself?

Would be cool to have another Skirm Jam later like in October-December if you're up for... Heralding... again.

Also, any news on an upcoming thread for Mega Mecha Vacuum?
>Are we re-rolling on May 15/16, or using these same numbers to decide who runs next?

>...should we run all 3 remaining skirmishes together instead of 2, then one by itself?
Probably all three. Depends if there are enough players.

>...another Skirm Jam
Anyone can take up the mantle of the Herald. Although I'm not keen on doing it again in the same year.

> Mega Mecha Vacuum?
I have no concrete plans, but I am keen on running both systems. Es-specially Hard Vacuum. We'll see how things go after the jam.
File: raw.png (253 KB, 500x374)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Picrel (no offense intended)
Well strictly speaking. All the Herald has to do is facilitate the jam, so that means setting the rules, picking the prompt, archiving threads, handing out awards and just all around poking people to participate I guess. To me the whole point is to get people to run skirmishes, as long as people are doing that I'm not gonna get too hung up on the details.

The previous year's Herald ran things thier way, you've seen how I'm running this year's jam. My philosophy is to have lenient rules and enforce them strictly.

The next Herald might have a different idea of how things should go. Like the prompts for last year and this year have been songs, but they don't have to be. They could be something else.

Some people want the jam to become a board tradition, but the truth is it only happens when someone can be fucked to organize it. Everyone wants someone else to take the initiative. So if you decide to be the Herald it's your show.
Thanks for explaining. I'll see where the state of skirmishes is at around that time, if I can remember.

I'm glad you heralded this one, because I've noticed a lack of skirmishes recently, and I've been wanting to run a multiplayer quest for a while. The Jam greased the wheels for both of those issues.

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