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The year is 2031, and Europa has erupted into war between two competing military alliances, fighting for two competing visions of the world. One side is looking to the future and one side is looking to the past. One side is a multipolarity with no center, and the other is based around "Greco-Roman civilization".

The EU and NATO are dead, they did not survive the Great Recession of 2008. That was the world that Tabak knew and grew up in, a world where Eastern Europe was thriving, while most of the rest of it was being torn apart. A world where Pretashinko had convinced the various nations of Eastern Europe to band together to survive, to prosper, to never let the past oppress them.
>>5266299 Description of the two sides here

Tabak has a powerful and capable technology known as "Tactical Operating System for Stability, Utilitarianism, and Peace". In the training exercise it widely expanded his capability to command and consider, now it needs to help him hold the Hungarian capitol. This kind of technology was incredibly powerful and was likely going to be what decided who won this war.
>>5266557 Further Description here

Tabuk had a private meeting with Pretashinko, the man known as "The Tzar" and he is shaken by what he has seen. Those eyes...That thing in the shadow..... The light....The shinering...... Either Tabuk is going insane little by little, he was heavily manipulated, or something is going on. There is something about the world that he did not know before.

Tabuk had fainted. He said made it clear that he was not certain who he could trust, but something went wrong and he fainted after that. It was like he lost his ability to keep his cool and his body just shut down from the stress.
File: People, Food, Memories.png (3.65 MB, 2948x2032)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
Current events
>>5274458 (OP) (OP)
See first post for synopsis of setting and what happened before.

Comrade Leytenant Polkovnik (Lieutenant Colonel), Code Name "Tabak (Tobacco)" set down his pipe and splashed water onto his face, again and again, before he stared at the man in the mirror. There was some kind of tan or burn around this circle of his face, as if he he had been sunbathing with a circle taped over his eyes, nose, and mouth. There was footsteps and then a plate of beef stroganoff and Kvass was set down next to his pipe. Tabak looked over at "Sofia", a woman who supposedly now was in the inn and bar management business. The tattoos, makeup, eyeliner, and leggings reminded him of what she "used to be in the business of". She had a tactical vest on and a Bizon SMG hanging from her body, grey civilian clothing that possibly was ballistically rated.

"If you being here as some kind of collateral is the proof of honesty and commitment, I am not entirely sure how you are going to...."

Tabak looked over at the door and saw half a dozen armed men in bulky civilian clothing, with helmets on top. They were either elements of the criminal underworld that were willing to clean up part of their act and cover up the rest. The elements that were willing to be loyal and cooperate against the other half. They could be that and/or from ZoBRR (Zolotiy Baagh Rapid Response, (Zo-lo-tiiiiiiy Boag), the most powerful private military corporation in the world. Ukraine, Central Asia, Mongolia, India... Those were their recruiting grounds.

"Motor Rifle Infantry, BTR-82AEs, one single company, and we are dug in just as well as the infantry... Vehicles and all..."

She picked up the mug of Kvass and held it out to him.

"Assuming we survive this and you hold the objectives, I suppose being welcome within the red light districts of three nations will have to suffice. You will certainly be welcome in my establishment."

She walked away from him in a certain way, in her boots, the kind of walking that indicated she knew he was watching her.
Loading map of the area
Tabak finished the food he was prepared, finished the drink, and had a good smoke as well. While he was supposed to be having leave or have had leave, all of this was so stressful, it cancelled out the effects of "leave". Looking over the reports on paper and a tablet, he saw that his men and the new veterans that were added.... The had a good 24 hours to let off steam before they were dragged to the frontline or whatever this was.

They didn't get any helicopter dismounting training, or not much more than a few hours, but they had elevated morale. Looking down at all the men he was now in command of, hundreds in fact.... He take another inhale from his pipe.

>HQ Company, "HQ 1"
>ATGM "Kornet" Platoon, "AT oдин (Odin)"
>AA "Igla-S" Platoon, "Krah (Crash)"
>Grenadier "AGS-30" Platoon, "Rjab (Ripple)"
>Recon Infantry Platoon, "Ohotnik (Huntsman)"
>Mortar "Sani" Platoon, "Opolzen (Landslide) or " Opol" or Mortar 1"
>Light Infantry Company 1, "LIB Anna"
>Light Infantry Company 2, "LIB Boris"
>Light Infantry Company 3, "LIB Gregori"

>Mechanized "BTR-82AE" Infantry Company, "Zolo 1"
Loading an explanation of the tactical hexgrid map
Stats for half the units are ^
Stats for the AGS are here
File: Current Map.png (1 MB, 1206x741)
1 MB
Tabak heard distant cracks and pops in the distance of small arms fire, which quickly got louder and louder. This means Romulus Sparta has already invaded deep into the country and is now fighting to take the capitol....and/or.... It means members of the Hungarian state and military have turned traitor..... As he hustles his feable body back to his command trailer, he hears Interslavic (It has words from Proto-Slavic, the "grandfather" of almost all Eastern European languages) from his radio.

The nationalist leadership has turned traitor and is siding with Romulus Sparta. We're detecting a whole armored Battalion moving towards the parliament building. It's a coup. The signal is already being sent to Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Hold your positions and buy yourself as much time as you can. This country can not fall by under any circumstances.


Tabak sits down in his chair and looks at all of his screens, before sighing out as he again remembers all the men he is in charge of. Almost all of them are light infantry, without vehicles and with minimal logistics requirements. His Battalion is at full or enhanced strength, and has around 500 people now excluding support staff. It's time for him to start giving orders right now.

>Decision Time! First to 3 or most in 24 hours!

>Move AT Odin and Rjab to 10.3
This will allow them to have firing arcs down two roads, while also supporting LIB Boris
>Keep AT Odin and Rjab where they are
This will protect them from enemy fire, avoid movement times, and allow you to also fire across the river as need be.

>Bonus Decision!

>Send Ohotnik out on foot to a 13.0, while hidden, to look down all major roads
>Mount Ohotnik on Zolo 1 and quickly check out 13.0, with the option to race back as needed.
Zolo 1's trenches for their vehicles and men will not be damaged by moving this unit.

Also accepting
>Write in

If you have any questions, any requirements for stats, or you want to ask TOSSUP a question in character... Feel free. Any question using your character's logic, reasoning, or talking to other people in character... Requires a roll of 1d20
File: Support Weapons.png (1.22 MB, 1752x916)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Here is a picture so everyone has more context to what stuff is. After this, I am going to leave this thread alone.
>Keep AT Odin and Rjab where they are
Mount Ohotnik on Zolo 1 and quickly check out 13.0, with the option to race back as needed.

>Move AT Odin and Rjab to 10.3
>Mount Ohotnik on Zolo 1 and quickly check out 13.0, with the option to race back as needed.
Rolled 20, 8, 4 = 32 (3d20)

-and allow you to also fire across the river as need be.
What's the speed of units and armor over rivers, the cover rating of a river, the logistical effects of moving over rivers, and the size capacity (how large/heavy units (e.g., larger than infantry) can be transported) of rivers; I'm guessing slower and more vulnerable than on land, unless there are heavy waves, but easier on logistics and easier to have larger units transported?

-Tabak heard distant cracks and pops in the distance of small arms fire, which quickly got louder and louder.
-We're detecting a whole armored Battalion moving towards the parliament building.
Is the whole armored battalion likely the only enemy we will be facing; or does the sound of "small arms fire" state that we will be facing other units too, likely infantry and mechanized infantry; I'm guessing the enemy can come from both the west and the east, based on how
->Move AT Odin and Rjab to 10.3
faces west
->Keep AT Odin and Rjab where they are
faces east; but we can expect the enemy to come from the east more because of
->Mount Ohotnik on Zolo 1 and quickly check out 13.0, with the option to race back as needed.
indicates 13.0, the east, to be a significant area to recon?

->Keep AT Odin and Rjab where they are
-This will protect them from enemy fire,
How is 9.2 more protected against enemy fire than 10.3, they're both the same terrain type hex; is it because there's less roads/lines of fire from the east facing into 9.2 than 10.3; if it's the roads from the east, wouldn't 10.3 be protected from the river on the west, unlike 9.2, unless it's easier to protect against the river than land urban hexes?

3 questions, rolling 3d20.
>What's the speed of units and armor over rivers,
60 meters a cycle, cover is -2 for units shooting at you
>Is the whole armored battalion likely the only enemy we will be facing; or does the sound of "small arms fire" state that we will be facing other units too, likely infantry and mechanized infantry; I'm guessing the enemy can come from both the west and the east, based on how
You don't know how many, and any cardinal direction
>is it because there's less roads/lines of fire from the east facing into 9.2 than 10.3;
Yes, and more distance.

River is exposed area if worry is long ranged weapons
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Is there an embarkation phase (entering water hexes) and disembarkation phase (exiting water hexes) for units to cross water bexes; is there a time when units are more vulnerable than being on the water hex itself; is the speed of 60 meters a cycle for all units in water hexes without the >>5274475 amphibious trait?

1 question. 1d20. Or do I not need to roll for a question since it would be a part of the 1st question for >>5275328?
>Is there an embarkation phase (entering water hexes) and disembarkation phase (exiting water hexes)
Some vehicles according to their descriptions have to be specially modified to swim and others say they can just drive into a river.

Units (Really just vehicles with infantry in them) that are designed to swim appear to often travel around that speed of 60 meters a cycle.

Light Infantry can't swim fast enough, certainly not with all their kit.
-Or do I not need to roll for a question since it would be a part of the 1st question for >>5275328 (You)?
I'm guessing the roll was necessary, then.

>>5275492 states that any unit, the ones that can travel over water hexes, that travels over water hexes would be extremely exposed and slow. While leaving them with the HQ unit at 9.2 would leave them with a line of fire across the entire river and land on the west side, the enemy will want to avoid the river as much as possible.
The only time I can think that the enemy will want to travel from the west side is to station far-ranged units to shoot over the river instead of going into the river. If they correctly presume we'll be in the most fortified hexes with the most cover, the heavy urban areas, then they can try hitting us without having spot our own units first. Of course, this is presuming the enemy commanders had intelligence or experience they almost certainly don't have to draw general conclusions on what to expect. Certainly no intelligence or experience against our forces to draw such detailed conclusions against us.

The entire east side allows the enemy to travel at full speed to all hexes our own and allied units aren't already stationed at.
What we've been told so far about our enemies, and how they likely would behave, we should focus on the east as much as possible. The east is the most likely direction, and the direction the enemy will have greater distance and blocked lines of fire where we can't fire into their whole formations.
Rolled 5, 6 = 11 (2d10)

Regardless of what the choices are, I need to roll to see who detects whose transmissions.
Both sides have a radar unit in a recon Platoon, so they get bonuses for that. Vehicles are easy to detect too.
File: T-72M4CZ.jpg (74 KB, 640x360)
74 KB
"This is Ohotnik, we think we can get on top of Zolo's vehicles like you suggest. It's not to far of a drive, we will report in when we get there."

"This is Opolzen Actual..... We'll pack it up and try to carry this there as fast as we can."

"This is AT Odin Actual, we're following with them."

After about 18 seconds of checking all the screens and listening for anything to go wrong, as the distant gunshots continued to pop, Tabak did not see anything that was out of the ordinary.

This is Ohotnik Actual, with the radar team, we're picking up a lot of vehicle movement and radio transmissions south of us. Whoever these people are, they have a lot of C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) installed in their vehicles, I think we are facing either Romulus Sparta's best in terms of armor battalions... Or it's one of the best of the Hungarians. Picking them up from the south, two companies roughly coming up one road and two companies coming up the other.

AT...... Odin...........fuck..... Actual.....If we.....Could run....Faster....We would......"

After about half a minute, he got further messages on the encrypted coms.

This is Ohotnik, We're looking around and we can see what looks like a stranded Hungarian armor company nearby, I'm seeing what looks like T-72s with lots of ERA. We don't want to engage them just yet....

This is Ohotnik Actual, you're been picked up by multiple scanners or something.... You're what we call 'red hot', completely detected.

Cyka blyat....I'm getting a transmission as well, patching you in now.

Sorry.....Interslavic No Good..... KNG Loyal.....I am... Golden Spur Actual....T-72 Em Four See Zed.....Broken....No Good....Slow....Gun....Good....KNG Loyal....Need Time....Fix....Slow...Broken..... Please....KNG Loyal...... Slav Brothers...

Tabak was not instantly sure if the Hungarians should bail out of their tanks and be escorted into someone safe or not. Checking his readouts, he saw that this model of tank was a 'Monkey Model" T-72 that had pretty good third generation ERA mounted. The math was that the pathetic 400/490mm of rolled homogenous armor protection, was multiplied in effectiveness by x 1.43

"HQ 1! This is Tabak Actual, how good is 700 millimeters of protection against HEAT?"

"HQ 1 here, is this including ERA?"
File: Current Map.png (1.42 MB, 1703x841)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG


"If they get hit from the front with the heaviest RPG-7 warhead, they are in trouble. I overheard what model of tank that is, I think that's the best the Hungarians, Czechs, or Slovaks have.... They can stand up to their own tanks."

Tabak lit his pipe and leaned back as he tried to think about this..... Each of the hexgrids was 200 meters and a tank like that likely had.... Checking his readings... 8,000 meters maximum range. So any units that showed up at the bottom could fire down any roads available at them for maximum effectiveness. 13.0 was a death trap, the units needed to move out of that area or conceal themselves immediately. 15,0 wasn't too bad so long as they didn't get ambushed.

"Zolo 1, do you have the RPG-7s and the heaviest warfares for them? Tell me if so and how many."

This is Zolo 1 Actual, we have 12 such systems and 24 of the heaviest warheads. We're also veterans... What do you need us to do?"

Decision Time! Best to 3 or most in 24 hours!

>Move Ohotnik to 14.1, tell them to go stealth and look for ambushes
>Move Ohotnik to 16.1, tell them to go stealth and look for ambushes

>Bonus Decision

>Tell Zolo 1 to dismount at 12.1 and prepare an ambush, send their vehicles to 13.1
>Tell Zolo 1 to dismount at 16.1 and prepare an ambush, send their vehicles to 15.0
>Tell Zolo 1 to dismount at 14.1 and prepare an ambush, send their vehicles to 15.0

>Write ins too
I forgot to crop the bottom and left of the image, please do not kill me, I have a family.

Grid-hexs are actually 200 meters for this battle.
>Move Ohotnik to 14.1, tell them to go stealth and look for ambushes
It's the train staion, of course!
You have three threads in the catalog. Stop spamming and use one thread.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Is there a thread link and archive link from the previous 1 or 2 threads for this and the prior quest?

>>5275337 is me. I got the new thread link from >>5274487.

-This is Ohotnik Actual, you're been picked up by multiple scanners or something.... You're what we call 'red hot', completely detected.
-13.0 was a death trap, the units needed to move out of that area or conceal themselves immediately.
Which unit of ours was detected; "Zolo 1"?
We could try using the detected unit to bait the enemy into our lines, into an ambush. We could bait them into "AT oдин (Odin)", which was a consideration I forgot to state in >>5275328 from the idea generated by >>5274484
->Mount Ohotnik on Zolo 1 and quickly check out 13.0, with the option to race back as needed.
-This will allow them to have firing arcs down two roads, while also supporting LIB Boris

Closest line for "Ohotnik (Huntsman)" to reach. Their Recon Infantry Platoon should give them better vision than other units. Which should give them clear vision down the road onto the south-east end, thus seeing from where the enemies will spawn.
-It's the train staion, of course!
I don't know what being on the train station on the map >>5275709 will do, but it could be a strategic area by itself for underground transportation of infantry. Or how it's already a hub of underground tunnels and overground roads that will make it a natural intersection to watch over.

>Tell Zolo 1 to dismount at 16.1 and prepare an ambush, send their vehicles to 15.0
This will cover the other hex stated on
-Move Ohotnik to 16.1, tell them to go stealth and look for ambushes
Which means both hexes -- the main road from south-east, and the minor roads from the south-east -- will be covered.
In addition, we will have a Mechanized "BTR-82AE" reinforcing >>5275706 Golden Spur.

-Sorry.....Interslavic No Good..... KNG Loyal.....I am... Golden Spur Actual....T-72 Em Four See Zed.....Broken....No Good....Slow....Gun....Good....KNG Loyal....Need Time....Fix....Slow...Broken..... Please....KNG Loyal...... Slav Brothers...
This will ensure Golden Spur will have ample coverage and time to repair their T-72 Em Four See Zed.
Having a repaired 'Monkey Model" T-72 will be a great boon both in this battle, and future ones it will be deployed in. Gaining brownie points from loyalist Hungarians and our Russian command for rescuing the loyalist Hungarians will be a nice bonus too.

1 question. Rolling 1d20.
This board is just too slow, stuff that has been left to die like a week or weeks ago, is still in the catalog.
>Is there a thread link and archive link from the previous 1 or 2 threads for this and the prior quest?
The first thread links to here and the OP for here links to the first thread. I think the proto thread links to the first thread.

That thread was a prototype, a testrun, and a failure. The technique was too broad, and everything but the character stats was retconned.
>Which unit of ours was detected; "Zolo 1"?
14 + 5 = 19, Strong Sucess

A whole company of large vehicles filled with technology and radios, is easy to detect from a wide number of different methods. Thermals, radios, "rubble detectors", long range optics, satellites, and so on.

A platoon on foot that is less than 1/3rd the size is likely a lot less detectable, but it's generally not a good idea to remain within a hex-grid or area that is "red hot". The enemy is likely to have some degree of long range ordinance to fire. It's also the middle of a large intersection of roads, wide open with no cover and nothing for incoming fire to accidently hit.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

>Move Ohotnik to 14.1, tell them to go stealth and look for ambushes
>Tell Zolo 1 to dismount at 16.1 and prepare an ambush, send their vehicles to 15.0

Rolling dice.
File: Current Map.png (1.41 MB, 1703x841)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
This is Ohotnik, we're laying low at the train station. This station has been turned off for now, no one is coming through here unless we want them to. We're going to see about putting some guys on some roofs or in some trees. I think we'll have a clear line of sight down all the usual angles.

This is Zolo 1 on foot, we're going to see about finding some concealable spots that give us good line of sight.

This is Zolo 1's vehicles.... We're taking partial cover behind the tanks, they seem to be mostly fine besides the damage to their tracks.

Tabak took another few puffs on his pipe and checked all his readouts. Having a moment of clarity, or dumb faith, he twisted a few knobs and adjusted his settings.

"This is Tabak...Slav Brother....Golden Spur Magyar Brother.....I am KNG Brother."

He hoped that his clear but slow Interslavic would be a linguistic, verbal hand held out to the stranded tank commander.

This is Ohotnik... We see two battalions of tanks like our Hungarian brothers at 13.3 and 13.4.... Came out of nowhere very fast, ripping up the roads......Cyka blyat.......Kurganets-25s.... Thats the best IFVs Russia can make.... Tabak...Comrade.... I think we are facing Honor Guard here.....We're not going to engage any of these units, there is too many of them....We can only hope they don't see us....

This is Zolo 1 on foot... We'll hold our fire till enough tanks are exposed, but if our friendly tanks open fire too quickly, we'll have to just fire anyways.... We're scared to fire though... If we do an ambush, they're going to know where we are....and we'll be deep within point blank for their HE-FRAG rounds.

Decision Time! Best of 3, or most in 22 hours

>Tell Zolo 1 on foot, to engage any unit that shows up in range
>Tell Zolo 1 on foot, to engage any unit that shows up in range, but only after it notices a friendly unit, presuming it survives being shot at by Golden Spur
>Tell Zolo 1 to remain hidden and prepared for ambush, attacking only if units try to flank the Golden Spur
>Tell Zolo 1 to remain hidden and prepared for ambush, attacking only if units try to flank the Golden Spur
Pincer them?
stay in your own quest nigger
>NazBol propaganda
That's what I thought and why I stood up against the QM.
Okay boomer.
Rolled 5, 18 = 23 (2d20)

-This board is just too slow, stuff that has been left to die like a week or weeks ago, is still in the catalog.
I was thinking along the lines of sup/tg/ for a more official and easier to use archive for multiple threads. One that lasts after the threads die.
is the link to it for the /qst/ board.
The "Click Here For Request Interface" button underneath the "Add Thread" section on the top-left toolbar, within the bottom-left of the toolbar is how to access adding a thread to the archives.
Is the link once you click the "Click Here For Request Interface" button properly.

-This station has been turned off for now, no one is coming through here unless we want them to.
Can we interact with the train station in any way; say use them as an underground, hidden means of travel to other train stations or as a bomb shelter?
Can we interact with manhole covers to travel in underground sewers, hide in ambush within the sewers, or hide from bombings?

Protecting Golden Spur is our priority. They certainly can flank Golden Spur since >>5274475 states they can travel at full speed in lightly urban areas, roads, clear areas, and presumably clear urban areas.

2 questions. 2d20.
>Can we interact with the train station in any way; say use them as an underground, hidden means of travel to other train stations or as a bomb shelter?
Bomb shelter, possible source of reinforcement. We can't leave the area for now, we can only reinforce ourselves via the train station and are not allowed to leave the objective or lose it.
>Can we interact with manhole covers to travel in underground sewers, hide in ambush within the sewers, or hide from bombings?
We don't have the training to go into the sewers, we don't know the area, and our kit is too heavy.
Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d10)

Rolled 6, 4 = 10 (2d10)

Um, that's not good. Rolling again
Rolled 10, 5, 1, 3 = 19 (4d10)


>Barely Passed
Overcome and thus failed

Tabak has already put more tabacco in his pipe and lit it again as he tries to figure out what exactly the enemy is planning. Like the popular American cartoon "Гyбкa Бoб Квaдpaтныe Штaны", the enemy is just sitting there...menacingly. They can't see them currently, but they can roughly detect their locations. Standard procedure at times like this, is to just be as quiet as you can and just watch, look for the enemy. At any moment someone will see someone else, and then the shooting will begin. After about a minute, he hears on the radio the following.

This is Ohotnik... We lost track of the enemy mechanized infantry....They have tanks that have moved up into position instead.... What is going on...

Tabak sits there wondering what is going on... It could be flanking... But if it's flanking... Would messaging them to warn them be a good idea? It would expose their position...and if they are in hiding... How would someone sneak up on them.... They would see someone passing in front of them right?

There was suddenly the sound of something louder than the cracks and pops of distant rifle-fire, but quieter than cannons or mortars. After that were several explosions like the sounds of cannons or bombs.
Rolled 4, 5, 3, 1, 10, 9, 4, 6, 6, 4, 6, 7 = 65 (12d10)

Tabak felt cold sweat begin to drip down his face as his mind filled with the possibilities and horrors of what likely just happened.

"Ohotnik" They are likely moved among you right now. Find them and start shooting!

We're trying to do that! Hold on!

This is Zolo vehicles here! We got four burning wrecks, we're going to start opening fire as soon as we can!
File: Current Map.png (921 KB, 1192x731)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d10)

Firepower 53 - 5 = 48, Scoped RPG-7V2, dual stage largest warhead.
Enemy Cohesion = 32
Disrupted with any hits at all, kills on any hits at all
Advanced APS, half number of hits (rounded down), ignore any hits where the unit quality and dice roll don't exceed 20.
Unit quality is 8+8 = 16 = Needs a 5 or more
Seven hits counted

Tabak started dialing his one of his monitors to one of the camera feeds running from Zolo 1, to see what was happening, as they were too busy fighting or trying to make sense of what was happening to get back to him. After a few seconds of panic, he saw two burning wrecks in the distance, in front of the BTR-82s...About 600 meters down a road. Checking another feed he saw another burning wreck down a second road

Tell my family, that I killed a fascist!

Tabak checked the feed and tried to figure out who that was..... it was Ohotnik
Rolled 1, 1, 7 = 9 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 1, 6, 3, 2, 10, 3, 8, 2, 10, 9, 9 = 65 (12d10)

Firepower 53 - 5 = 48, Scoped RPG-7V2, dual stage largest warhead.
Enemy Cohesion = 38, any roll would kill them
Third Generation (90% Chance of Ignoring Hits under 57)

He heard the sounds of what sounded like 12 cannon blasts, and then all the sensors for Ohotnik went dark.
Rolled 4, 1, 10, 5, 7, 5, 10, 7, 5, 8, 2, 10, 9, 10, 3, 8, 4, 5, 7, 7, 1, 6, 2, 10, 4 = 150 (25d10)

Firepower 27

As Tabak's blood ran cold......The radio crackled and then he heard something he didn't want to hear.

For Ohotnik!
File: Current Map.png (720 KB, 947x699)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
Okay, so it caps out. I guess we will just let the first 12 be us and the last 12 be them.
Zolo on foot, RPGs
Firepower 27
Enemy Cohesion = 32
Disrupted with any hits at all, kills on any hits at all
Advanced APS, half number of hits (rounded down), ignore any hits where the unit quality and dice roll don't exceed 20.
Unit quality is 8+8 = 16 = Needs a 5 or more
4, 1, 10, 5, 7, 5, 10, 7, 5, 8, 2, 10
Nine almost hits, 4 hit hits

Zolo BTR-82s
Firepower 26
Enemy infantry
24 Cohesion, 30 to kill
Kills on a 4
9 kills

9, 10, 3, 8, 4, 5, 7, 7, 1, 6, 2, 10,
Hungarian Infantry
Firepower = 25 - 4 - 5= 14
Zolo on foot Cohesion = 25
Nothing happens

Hungarian Kurganets-25
Firepower = 26 - 4 = 22
Zolo on foot Cohesion = 25
Disrupted on 3s, killed on 9s
Two squads dead, 5 disrupted

Tabak had some flickering in the feeds, and he had looked up to check the other screens, but when he looked back..... He had to flick between multiple feeds to see what had happened. There was seven burning wrecks of these advanced IFVs and Hungarian bodies littered around the areas behind or beside them. He could see that multiple buildings had collapsed, that three roads were in ruins...

"This is Golden Spur.......

Tabak realized that something was wrong, that didn't seem to be the exact shaking voice he knew before.

"This is Golden Spur.......Two...Two man........Two Fives in front are surrendering...... Speaking Hungarian.....

As Tabak flicked between the feeds, he realized that indeed this was true.... The enemy vehicles were emptying and the men were dropping their weapons as well.

"Zolo on foot! Zolo on foot! Are you alive!"

There was silence..... "This is Zolo on foot, second....Zolo on foot Actual is missing part of his arm...and the we're trying to keep 'is blood inside of him.... I have five squads that are unharmed and are in pretty good condition.... and I got five that rocking back and forth or in shell shock.......

Checking the screen, Tabak saw that things were not good, and the situation had really decayed.
Tabak put out his pipe, because at this point it seemed to just make him more deathly afraid and worried, panicked even.... None of the readings he saw were good... Except that 12 vehicles and 12 squads of the enemy had been killed or forced to surrender.... It had came at the price of 5 squads and Golden Spur actual being dead, his tank crew, and three tanks with them.... They were taking more of the enemy with them than they were losing, but they were still facing down veterans with some of the best kit in the world.

He was stuck with a difficult decision... The door had opened and he noticed that "Sofia" had entered.....

"I heard that some of my friends are dead..... I presume you need help getting them to rally?"

Tabak looked back at his screens after glancing over at her and his guards for a few seconds.... Tough decision..... He could tell what remains of "Zolo on foot"..... To move those still able to fight into good positions, and tell the rest to hide, rest, and keep their insides inside..... And... No...They didn't have the range and likely were out of warheads.....There was also the possibility that the tanks could flank and blow up their position, killing them all......So really he had two different choices than he first thought

Decision Time! First to 3 or most in 22 hours!

>Try and rally Zolo on foot, so that you have 10 squads you can move and fight with.
Or maybe just retreat with actually....
>Tell the five squads that are still able to act, to change locations and go into stealth, than sneak back to Zolo's vehicles (For reloads or just to rest.)

If the enemy goes around the corner and attacks before he finishes rallying, they're all going to die. If he enemy flanks later or never, all those still alive, will stay alive.......

"I have my own headset and PDA as well, I will help you rally those who are disrupted.... But I will trade you one favor, anything you ask, within limits of two weeks salary.... If you help me....and you trust me...."

>Bonus Decision

>Tell Zolo vehicles (All 12 of them) to move closer to Zolo on foot to recover wounded and help those still intact to reload.
>Tell Zolo vehicles to focus on trying to figure out where the closest enemy armor is, and to see if they can quietly flank. Radio silence is required for this.
Zolo's vehicles need to do something, as Golden Spur is down four tanks...or something...and the enemy still has 12....And they can't ambush as the enemy knows they are there.....
>Tell Golden Spur, Second, to focus on watching the main road.
>Don't say anything to Golden Spur

>Write in
>Tell Zolo vehicles to focus on trying to figure out where the closest enemy armor is, and to see if they can quietly flank. Radio silence is required for this.
>Tell the five squads that are still able to act, to change locations and go into stealth, than sneak back to Zolo's vehicles
>Don't say anything to Golden Spur
>Tell Zolo vehicles to focus on trying to figure out where the closest enemy armor is, and to see if they can quietly flank. Radio silence is required for this.
>Tell the five squads that are still able to act, to change locations and go into stealth, than sneak back to Zolo's vehicles
>Don't say anything to Golden Spur
Rolled 8, 1 = 9 (2d20)

Whatever happens, I need to roll two character stat rolls.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

I'm honestly not sure which direction they will go. Voting is still open.
1 is left, 2 is right.
Rolled 1, 5, 7, 4, 3 = 20 (5d10)

Should've rolled 3d20 here. I'm going roll extra right now, just so I don't have to later.
Rolled 2, 8, 2, 8, 8, 2, 5, 5, 6, 10, 2, 1 = 59 (12d10)

>Tell Zolo vehicles to focus on trying to figure out where the closest enemy armor is, and to see if they can quietly flank. Radio silence is required for this.
>Tell the five squads that are still able to act, to change locations and go into stealth, than sneak back to Zolo's vehicles
>Don't say anything to Golden Spur

>Tell Zolo vehicles to focus on trying to figure out where the closest enemy armor is, and to see if they can quietly flank. Radio silence is required for this.
>Tell the five squads that are still able to act, to change locations and go into stealth, than sneak back to Zolo's vehicles
>Don't say anything to Golden Spur
Tactics Check: 8 + 2 (Int), +6 (Tactics) = 16
Willpower/Sanity Save: 1 + 2 + 3 = Natural Critical Fail, Modified Failure

The pressure was just way too much. There was seconds on the clock and he had the capability to make a quick decision, so he was obligated to do something. If the technology was not there, then it would be a huge mess and outside of his hands. However, he had the ability to act, and so he had to act. People would blame him and he would blame himself. He was smart enough to follow his training and do what he was certain about first....

"Zolo vehicles, find a clear path and try to quickly, quietly flank them. I want something that looks like a pincer if you can do it..... Go radio silent and go as fast as you can without being loud.

"Zolo actual, On it boss."

He was cracking like an egg, he could feel the white leak out of his head as cold sweat dripped down his face.

"Zolo on foot, second, try and not expose yourself as you change locations. Try to........Try to.....Try to move closer to where the Zolo vehicles are."

After several seconds, he realized that he had been staring through a narrow cone of vision. He couldn't see anything to his right or left, and his eyes darted around way too fast. I think I'm having some kind of panic attack or I am going into shock. The next thing he heard was on the radio.

"This is Zolo on foot, second, we have no idea where our vehicles are..... Where did they go?

Fuck...., Tabak thought to himself.... They are moving away from each other most likely...... And I can't remember why I made this decision that I made....

Turning his head, he looked back at Sofia to see if she had managed to rally the rest of Zolo on foot.... She was on the ground gasping and squeezing her eyes shut, pushing them into her head. He was confused about how exactly this happened.
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d10)

Ambush Roll 7
Counter Ambush Roll 4 - 4 (Moving tanks) = 0 [They also weren't looking this way and were likely to fail too]
BTR-82s Firepower: 17+10 + 5 (Ambush) = 32
(SP (66) (First Generation Composite Armor)/ 2) + 10 morale = 43 [Let's drop armor slightly over a 1/4th, since it's the rear] 32
Third Generation (90% Chance of Ignoring Hits under 57), Ignore due to rear attack
Disrupts on a 0, kills on a 5

7 kills, 5 disrupted

"This is Zolo 1 vehicles. We see seven wrecks and the rest are bailing to surrender. We're going to switch to messaging Zolo on foot, or whoever is available. We need them over here to help with prisoners.

This is Zolo on foot, second. We're able to see you on the radar and are moving to where you are now.

Sofia was behind him and she gasped out, before shaking her head, likely hearing exactly what he was hearing. She had a bottle of something, like pills, poured out onto the ground, and she had spilled some water on her self. Grabbing the bottle, Tabak realized that it was some moderately strong pain killer. Blinking, he looked over at her and tried to check to see if she was going to die or become very ill...... She was just in pain, she wasn't sick.....Strange....Then he saw that there was this thick bruise on her thigh, looked like someone had hit her there with a baton......Looking around, he couldn't see who did it.... He was confused....

Tabak got up and hoped that he was still not inside that wave of panic... As he checked his screens.
File: Current Map.png (910 KB, 1193x720)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 9, 7, 5, 3, 9, 9, 10, 7, 3, 3, 8 = 74 (12d10)

23 Firepower plus 20 against vehicles
-5 for the Metis-M1
Kornet has no changes.
File: Current Map.png (911 KB, 1181x728)
911 KB
911 KB PNG
Firepower 43 (3) and 38 (3), 31 (12, RPG-7V2)
(SP (66) (First Generation Composite Armor)/ 2) + 10 morale = 43 [Let's drop armor slightly over a 1/8th, since it's side] - 5 = 38
Third Generation (90% Chance of Ignoring Hits under 57) Side hit and ambush, ignoring extra ERA
Three kills [Kornet]
Disrupts, Kills on 6
Two disruptions [Metis-M1], 1 kill
Disrupts on a 7
7 disruptions
Two units that were disrupted by Metis-M1, got hit by a RPG-7M1 dual stage warhead and killed
6 tanks wrecked, 5 disrupted, 3 tanks worth of firepower

Tabak checked the readout, there was nothing to do, the two groups would keep shooting at each other, till one was dead or surrendering. His laptop said in yellow text something, he squinted.

Veterans don't fight battles they can't win, certainly not on the offense. 50% fatalities is a lot, so is 75% wounded or out of the fight.

This is "AT Odin Actual, they're bailing out of the remaining six tanks."
File: Destruction.png (720 KB, 1175x431)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
"Outside of three squads of Ohotnik, you only actually lost about twenty or so 18 men.... So overall that is about five squads.... Four tanks is four tanks.... but that is only twelve dead friendly Hungarians.....

"Nadzor" was sitting at a table inside one of the trailers setup outside the Hungarian Parliament Building, with Tabak and Sofia. "Nadzor" was looking over some paperwork and his laptop, while Sofia did the same. Tabak didn't know what they were doing, because he was too busy trying to not look at anything, trying to think....

"13 dead Hungarian trailer tanks, 39 men.....Eight whole squads of about 64 in all, dead enemy infantry.....

"You want to count the captives as well, along with off to the side the routed enemy. He was facing down a fully strength armor battalion and most of his fighting was done with lowly RPG-7V2s....Count the silver with the gold, it may be silver, but it's still good."

Sofia had a patient, sympathetic look for Tabak and he sighed out, flicking his eyes over to see how much "Nadzor" was judging him...He couldn't tell. Tabak looked down and closed his eyes, trying to calm himself.

"Four squads surrendered, 32 men....extra count gets us up to 60 that are captured or killed but missing in terms of infantry....... 11 enemy tanks surrendered, 33 men......So that is over 110 killed and about a hundred more that are surrendered and thus out of action for the whole war......How many friendly were wounded?

"About 20 contractors were wounded, they might make a full recovery or be out of the fight forever. Either way the insurance is going to pay out, and they're going to be pensioned off. If they can work again, they have to work for us, that's what the paperwork says. They've been told to not spend all the money, in case they make almost a full recovery...."

"So we are looking at about 60 dead or out of action on our side, for about 200 dead or out of action for their side.

"And it's still a full strength armor battalion and his men were mostly using RPG-7V2s......The enemy was also all veterans, with the best kit they could get... Count it.

"Three to ten on the low end, maybe one to five on the high end..... You made some mistakes, we see on the feeds that your men fucked up two or three ambushes.......But you managed to mostly make a recovery and you got partially lucky....

"Nadzor" slapped his paperwork shut and started to packup his laptop as well. Grabbing his things he got up and looked over at Tabak, who was now able to look up at him.

"You did well enough to meet our high expectations for you and justify further use of the ARASI.... but there are people in the higher levels who say you could've done all that with just a map and some tokens...... However, we can't be too mad at you, because you saved the Hungarian Parliament... What remains of Golden Spur also put in a good word for you.."
What remained of Golden Spur was likely going to be too shaken up from happened to fight more, they had maybe a battle or a few skirmishes in them. Looking over the maps and what footage he could get, Tabak thought he figured out what happened.....Ohotnik were veterans who were trained to be quiet and as recon... Surely they would only fire if the enemy was close right? That enemy armor company had prepared to flank later... Maybe he knew that and that was why didn't tell Golden Spur to watch the main road......However that made it hard to understand why Ohotnik didn't do much damage..... They were close enough right? They could've just called in that the enemy was flanking.... Did they get some light machine-gun fire or some indication they were spotted?

That could've have been his fault, some kind of freak accident happened.....As for Zolo on foot, they seemed to not pull off their ambush, despite where the enemy was located.....That was why Golden Spur Actual was killed with 11 others.... Why it became a slugging match between Zolo on foot and those vehicles......He had used Zolo's vehicles correctly, lost none of them... killed and disabled many......

He had put AT Odin in the right spot too.....

He could've done better, but a lot of these problems were out of his hands....Sometimes veterans make huge mistakes..... Two companies, and two platoons, all completely or partially failed to do an ambush or keep their cool.

He needed to talk to callsign "Daa" about the veterans in the LIB who had lost it or failed something.... Talk about those who were dead..... See if the LIB was as intact as it could be and get replacements for those killed.



Okay, I think a simulation and a battle is good enough for now. This has dragged on pretty long with the 24 hour updates, I'm okay with two players on average, but I think we lost ManyQuestionsAnon.

At this point, I am willing to provide stats or explanations to any units or mechanics you saw previously. I can also explain to you why Hungary almost was coup'ed the way it almost was.

>Tabuk understands and is aware of a lot of the things that are going on around him. Idealist or not, he knows that anyone can betray him. He will not admit to anything or expose himself in any way, unless he is certain the other person either can not hurt him, or is more vulnerable than he is.

Earlier, you voted for this. Do you want to do character drama stuff now? I can do two or three more days.

>Decision Time, First to 3 or most in 18 hours

>Quest is done for now
>Character drama stuff
>Character drama stuff, Tabak thinks that someone can't hurt him or is more vunerable than he is (Or have proven he can trust them)
If you pick this option, you have to say who and why.
>Write in
>Character drama stuff
File: CBD Pouches.png (256 KB, 1148x523)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Tabak leaned back and got himself comfortable, finally within a space that was not the command trailer or some bathroom nearby. Inside what was basically a motor home, he was slumped over a sofa. Opening a container of CBD pouches, he took one out, felt it in his hand, and then put it into his mouth to suck on.

"Okay, now you can talk..."

"Daa" cleared his voice and cracked his knuckles, before lighting a cigarette from his box of what earlier appeared to be Winston "Xstyles". Tabak a deep puff and then a loud exhale, as the room filled with smoke.
Drawing two cards for Daa's personality, locking in earlier choices for Tabak's personality

"You're a good CO, I think you have talent. Assuming you remain loyal to the system and do not anger God, I see good fortune for us."

"Us?" Tabak did a subtle smile, raising one side of his lip.

"Yes, Us. I and the rest of the contract troops were promoted upward into this battalion. All the squad leaders were just Yuri-s carrying their RPKs or other important weapons for the squad.... Ohotnik Actual was just the second in command for a recon platoon before....With the increase to conscription...We're all likely to get promoted again. I think at this rate our bloodied conscripts will see an increase in rank, but likely not much of an increase in pay..."

He sucked in more and then let out another deep breathe, filling more smoke into the air. It smelled premium, a bit more expensive.

"I will not lie to you.... Besides God, My Wife, the KNG, Chechnya, Russia....My attention is on my career..... I take leave with the men, I know many of the men, I deserve to take credit with the rest of the battalion.

"So what exactly is it that you want from me? I remember the old Soviet saying...Trust but verify.... I want to move up in the world too, but.... I intend to keep the bullet impacts at least 100 meters from me at all times.... I'm not going to get myself assassinated or in deep water."

"A psychological counseling unit has been moved up, we've all been given combat and victory bonuses, and we're in an exotic land where we're the savors of parliament.... The men don't need to understand Hungarian to get some action, and they might not even need much money... There are plenty of places to get good food, we've been given some gifts... We have some funerals to go to, people to mourn.... I think we can recover in a few weeks, and be ready to fight again... We get another victory...hopefully with less losses... like the last one... and we're moving up...."

He got up and Tabak looked at him. Tabak now watched with a blank expression, as he pulled out a set of shades from his shirt pocket and unfolded them to put them on. Tabak held his lit smoke in his right hand, with his arm slump and hanging.

"Are we getting a new recon platoon... What about more equipment...We clearly need more weapons..."

ZoBRR (Zolotiy Baagh Rapid Response, (Zo-lo-tiiiiiiy Boag)
Rolled 8, 5, 1, 15 = 29 (4d20)

Rolling Tactics, Reasoning, Insight, and a hidden skill, in that order, respectfully.
File: The Eyes.png (416 KB, 1137x472)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Tactics, 8+2 (Int) + 6 (Tactics) = 16
Reasoning, 5+2+3 = 10
Insight, 1+2 (Wis) + 3 (Insight) = 6, Critical Failure
Unknown Education, 15+2 = 17

"Nadzor, if you don't want a repeat of the losses like last time...I am going to need more weapons...."

"I'll send you a list of what I think I can find, you get first pick again.

"I salute you, goodbye Comrade."

Tabak hung up and slumped back into his sofa, closing his eyes. This was the second conversation where he could pick nothing out of what the other person was feeling, thinking, or appearing to think or feel. It had been a whole 24 hours of just blankness, it was like he was blind. At the same time, he knew he was blind, he just didn't know what to do about it.

He still wasn't sure about if Pretashinko's eyes had really glowed or not, and why exactly he had fainted. Considering his wave of panic during the battle and his now inability to read faces or hear tone.... It could very well be a psychological breakdown... He should see the counselling units as well...

When an alarm had went off, it was six hours later and he had already had half a dozen tabs open on a laptop, a desktop, and a tablet. He hoped that the firewalls and VPNs were good enough for now.... But maybe he just wasn't safe enough.... Tabak realized he had printed out and bond four different stacks of paper the size of books...and had read from them as well....

"This glowing eye thing is not just Pretashinko." Great, he was now talking to himself. He let out a deep sigh. "There are reports of other leaders who can do the same thing.. not that many..."

Tabak checked his authorization codes and found that his clearance was higher in KNG allies, than KNG countries. A lot of the rumors he was finding were around Nepal or Tibet... So maybe he should check and see if his clearance in India would get him anything.

"Hello, KNG Authorization Code.... 765 Uma Jack Heat Death Novice 516 Missed Shot November..."

After he read off his card that was in his hand into the phone... there was silence and typing for an eternity... He looked at his watch... No...30 seconds...

"Your line is secure. What would you like to know?

"Is there any departments that handle incidents like.... that investigation into that strange prison. Am I cleared to know if that was or wasn't real?

"You're cleared to know, that was real. Most of the documentation is within Fist Killer Command. I can patch you in to them.

Fist Killer Command? "Yes, patch me through to them."
File: Choose Your Weapons 2.png (686 KB, 1250x900)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
While we're waiting to see what happens next for the drama, plot stuff, how about we decide what weapons to get.

>Best of 3, or most in 24 hours
>Nine Metis-M1 ATGMs, enough for one per platoon or three per LIB company
Bridges the gap between "AT 1" and the infantry squads on the frontline. No more having to agonize over HQ 1's placement or trying to make it run places.

>Two RPG-30s per squad, or 24 per LIB company
This system is a disposable 105mm tandem shaped charge, with a precursor round is fired shortly before the main round. System was nicknamed in some circles "Abrams killer" even though it's clearly designed to defeat Russian or IDF systems. Romulus Sparta likes very light vehicles, so they use APS and ERA.
>TLDR, defeats APS, defeats third generation ERA, blows up tank with 600mm of RHA protection (T-90A T-84, M1A1H, Leopard 2A4)

>Two RPG-29s per platoon, 6 per LIB company
Just as effective as the RPG-30, but does not negate APS. Just 105mm tandem shaped charge with lots of range.

500/1000/2000 Metis-M1 ATGM (+20 vs Vehicles)
50/100/200 RPG-30 (+20 vs Vehicles)
125/250/500 RPG-29 (+20 vs Vehicles)
200/400/800 RPG-29 with tri-pod and fire-control unit (+20 vs Vehicles)

>Please roll 4d20 when you vote, thank you

I am also accepting write ins for questions to ask FKC
Rolled 16, 13, 19, 15 = 63 (4d20)

>Nine Metis-M1 ATGMs, enough for one per platoon or three per LIB company.
File: TOSSUP File SCAR.png (42 KB, 640x888)
42 KB
Tactics, 16+2 (Int) + 6 (Tactics) = 24
Reasoning, 13+2+3 = 18
Insight, 19+2 (Wis) + 3 (Insight) = 24
Unknown Education, 15+2 = 17

"Back in 2016, you were familiar with what was happening at the time in India, yes?"

Tabak looked at the picture of India on the map at the time, with all the changed borders, areas controlled by various rebel groups, and other factors at play.

"Was this before or after you elected some internal military, law enforcement leader?"

"This was a bit before and a bit after his election."

It was like 15 years ago, but he remembered the details of the time and how he looked into it out of interest. India was a major KNG ally, the biggest in the world not side the KNG proper. It used T-90As and Kalashnikovs, growing closer and closer to the KNG day by day, or it was. It had points in time where it grew closer to the United States.

"There was three or more attempted coups from the far right, constant revolutions and riots from the far left and far right, and you were being invaded by Pakistan, the Taliban and Iran at the same time. Rebellion in the east calmed down after a peace agreement and the front in the West came to a stall...white peace."

"Correct. We had a task force known as "Operational Tactical Police", it seems to operate like your Internal Ministry Spetsnaz. Very covert, used colors as codenames to avoid their families being used as hostages.

"Yeah, didn't you have some Purple guy who brokered that peace deal?"

Tabak closed his eyes for a moment, deciding to take up some Systema lessons had really relaxed him. A bit of physical exercise was good, despite how feeble he was.

"Well... He tried to do a coup....Had about two divisions that failed to take the capitol. There was air assault commandos flying across the country to assassinate his political rivals."

Tabak looked at the capitol of New Delhi and the largest city of Mumbai..... A lot of the violence seemed to be happening that area.... So many coups in the capitol and so many uprisings in the slums of Mumbai.

"We found out later he privately called himself "Faust", which seems to be reference to some German story about a man selling his soul to the Christian Satan.... I'll send you an encrypted file on the TOSSUP database. You can read details at your own speed."

"Thank you for your help."

"I want to warn you something....If you ever wake up without much memory where you are after going somewhere...and you start getting headaches and nightmares.... You should contact us.... You wouldn't be the first one....

The line just went click, just like that. Tabak stared at the ground as he tried to concentrate and think about this.
Considering that there was plenty of chances to do things that were missed, I am a bit at odds about what kind of choices I can offer now. I can think of maybe one choice that I can offer, so I'll offer it now I guess.

>Best of 3, or most in 24 hours

>Move Light Infantry Battalion towards being "Airborne"
This means adding BMDs and improving ability to be "airlifted" to new places.
>Move Light Infantry Battalion towards being "Air Assault"
This means the Battalion gets organic helicopters and will get training to rapple into areas faster.
>Move Light Infantry Battalion towards being "Motorized"
This would mean getting access to MRAPs and similar other vehicles to Humvees (Tigr is Russian option).
-They didn't have the range and likely were out of warheads
-Outside of three squads of Ohotnik
-You made some mistakes,
What's the difference in stats and equipment between Ohtonik and Zolo on foot? Should we have swapped Ohtonik's and Zolo on foot's position so that Ohtonik's recon ability would watch over ambushes on Golden Spur's flank, and Zolo on foot prepared an ambush on the main road against the South-East enemy tanks with presumably higher combat focus since they don't focus on stealth for recon like Ohtonik?

-but I think we lost ManyQuestionsAnon.
I couldn't post, but I still lurked.

>Move Light Infantry Battalion towards being "Airborne"
Hopefully we can eventually move up to military gliders. Until then, airlifting in general is a very fast and stealthy way of deploying behind enemy lines.
Ohtonik and Zolo on foot were both Veteran Infantry equipped with standard small arms and the latest model of the RPG-7 with the most effective tandem HEAT warheads.

Zolo's squads were whatever size the BTR-82 can hold as dismounts, I think it was 6 or 7. Ohtonik's squads matched Soviet truck squads or for vehicles that held more than BTRs or BMPs.

Statwise, I think Ohtonik would've had a +2 to spotting and hiding. They also got huge bonuses to "macro-stealth" (Being detected by commanders and radar, stuff like that) because they were a platoon and had no vehicles.
I'll compromise and allow you to bring in supplies by gliders, which is something that a few militaries are working on. Infantry will have to be airlifted and vehicles can be airdropped, but can't deploy from gliders.
File: .png (162 KB, 1024x576)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Nine Metis-M1 ATGMs, enough for one per platoon or three per LIB company.
Locked in, sorry for the wait.
Even for his level of clearance, a lot of the files are heavily censored. There is no mention of glowing eyes or any of the strange things he wants explained. Tabak puts a CBD pouch in his mouth and sucks on it as he crosses his fingers, looking over them. He gets what is likely a really bad idea... TOSSUP....it's supposed to be an "ARASI", Artificial Reading And Suggestion Interface.......Which means it should not only be able to keep track of large formations and crunch numbers.... but it should be able to give advice and read for itself......He had seen it warn him during the exercise....

He went back to the command trailer and started turning things on by one, flicking switches and making sure everything was plugged in. After that he watched the laptop with its black screen and yellow text, before he put in his details, hoping it would do as he asked.
>I can't make this into an image easily enough, so here is a link.

There was reports around the world, but a lot of them tended to be around areas where important people were, people who would make sudden and great changes in their status. This could be related to how Pretashinko said he "cheated". Trying to dig through the files for hours, he only found three rumors that seemed to make any sense to him....Three worth thinking as possibly true.....

1. This "Faust" guy had a codename known as "Purple". He did a lot of good things, brokered peace with a large faction of rebels.... recovered important packages in secret missions.... helped stop a few riots and a few coups..... but he came back from vacation or something...and he was mad that his boss was elected president...and not him? Why? He ran for an unpopular party, and he had barely been putting himself out there... In fact he had pulled a lot of strings to get his boss elected.....

The other thing that came up here and there, was that "Faust" had really sold his soul to something dark and evil. The Indians were mostly Hindus, and even they believed that "Faust" was like character in the story. There was rumors that he was able to corrupt people and manipulate them. It was the only explanation why he got so many people to act against their own best wishes, quickly, and without explanation.

2. There was this "Vixen" lady over in some war-torn hell-hole east of India. What intel there was on here, indicated she used to be some international assassin of some sort. Somehow, she had risen from the gutter and ended up as some kind of "Christian Saint", despite not believing in the Christian God. Despite this, it was extremely common to report that she performed miracles.

...This was strange... None of this could be explained by Christian teachings, despite the clear references to Christian beliefs and figures.
3. There had been a secret experiment run under "Purples" authorization. They had tested some new medicine or something on a series of non-violent volunteers in a medium security prison. After that, their behavior radically changed. They stopped associating with their previous criminal groups and started to band together, little by little. The nightmares started and the behavior radically shifted. A lot of them either got out on good behavior, early... or ended up moved to a "black site" where the hackers and crackers were put to work as some kind of defense project.

They had enough processing power to run an ARASI, but they had to do so much of the work by hand, writing the code in real time.


>Decision time
>First to 3 or most in 24 hours! Regulars votes count for 1.1 votes!

>Try to obtain access to this medication and test it on yourself.
>See if you can find an opening in your leave to visit this Vixen
>Go to India and try to use your clearance to get access to this "Little Black Book" of "Faust's" dark secrets.
>See if you can find an opening in your leave to visit this Vixen

Always get info first hand if you can.
Assuming this ends up being locked in, I will need time to think about how this is going to go, but I have half of the ideas figured out so far.
>See if you can find an opening in your leave to visit this Vixen
Not gonna try some devil drug.
I just remembered that I might want this system to line up with all my other ones and how real life works. As such, I'm going to factor in that wearing heavy armor and being loaded down with ammunition reduces units mobility to 40 meters a cycle. This is a full sprint, which they can do for 200 meters before they need to rest.
The US military 2 mile jog, comes out to 20 meters a cycle. This does not make a unit tired until it moves 2 whole miles (Equiv in meters obviously.)
Multiple plane flights through East Europe and Central Asia, to India, plane flight out of India to some place that he's never noticed on a map before. The Meek Province of Vixen, a place of contradictions and dualities. You packed up whatever files you could get off TOSSUP, and you had time to read on the plane. The more you learn about it and Vixen, the more confused you likely are to be. As soon as you step off the last step of the staircase rolled up to the plane you just got off... You can feel something is different about this place....
File: Vixen Tactical Humvee.png (1.47 MB, 1432x968)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Rolled 16, 3, 16, 15 = 50 (4d20)


Three fairly modern pickup trucks, purple ones with what look like yellow adidas stripes, are tracing towards the plane in single file, followed by a purple and yellow camo'ed Humvee with a large... automated turret on top...with a big gun.... Tabak reaches for his CBD container and puts a pouch in his mouth, before calmly walking to the back of the plane where the luggage was kept. Showing his tag, glancing over at the vehicles racing towards him, taking his two plastic orange cases. Coughing, he opens the case out and straps a fully loaded RPG-26 to himself. Another Humvee is racing towards him, accelerating past the other vehicles, which are spreading out now into the shape of a V. This other Humvee is covered in mounted weapons, and seems to be going so fast that if it made a sharp turn, it would completely wipe out.
File: Pickup Truck Transport.png (675 KB, 1441x542)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Tactics, 16+2 (Int) + 6 (Tactics) = 24
Reasoning, 3+2+3 = 8
Insight, 16+2 (Wis) + 3 (Insight) = 21
Unknown Education, 15+2 = 17

"They could park and light us up if they wanted to and for the most part not really hit any of the passengers. Or gun us down while charging..... They're either going to get close to us and hold us hostage or kidnap us, or they're going to do nothing."

Sofia put a hand on his shoulder, he could tell it was her by the size of her hand.

"Fan out and go to ground, watch the backblast."

There was the unlocking of containers and the scurrying of ZoBRR (Zolotiy Baagh Rapid Response, (Zo-lo-tiiiiiiy Boag) contractors. They were all Indians and Central Asians, because the European (Ukraine) section of the PMC was bought out slash drafted by the KNG, all the veterans and demolished vehicles were back inside the system. These individuals were trained to the same standard as his countrymen's contract troops, they carried AK-203s, GP-30s and RPG-26s, they wore camo that was recolors of Flora or digital flora, they had vests that were copies of the 6B5-15, and their helmets were 6B47 "Ratnik-BSh"s. The influence of the KNG had expanded a lot over the years, controlling the entire "heartland".

"She's just like an African Warlord."

In the plains and deserts of Africa, the Eastern European Steppe, the large plains of Central Asia or Mongolia, the deserts of parts of the Middle East even, a warlord was once judged by the number of horses they had. Now in the Third World, power was often judged by how many "pickups" with machine guns a warlord had.

"She's the biggest warlord in the world. As that steamer once said... 'Speed, Aggression, Momentum.'"

The trucks "pulled over" at various angles around the plane, at a distance where it was clear that the back were loaded down with benches. Slavic looking people in blue camouflaged dismounted and took up positions, with M16s that appeared to be mostly made of polymer and body armor that seemed very puffy. They moved like their combat loadout was maybe half the weight of what he was used to seeing, maybe it was. Fast trucks, light gear... These people were even wearing Kevlar helmets that didn't cover their ears, less weight to worry about.

"Do you know these people?"

"I know Nakita, who runs half the Slavic Underworld. She knows Vixen."

The uparmored Humvee was thick and heavy, and it took a few seconds for it to start moving and it was slow on it's ability to turn. As it parked itself close to him, a big man with a ripped human armor and a bulky cybernetic armor, undid the latches and pulled the heavy door open.
>>5284666 (You)
An expensive leather jumpboot came out of the door, before the leg was exposed from behind the concealment of the door and the body of the vehicle. Some kind of trap music was coming from an internal speaker system, as a second leg came down and slammed on the ground. Beyond the bullet-proof glass he saw a woman with short black hair, multiple scars, dark eyeliner, extremely red lips, and ...some kind of expensive western helmet with a little golden halo welded on top. As she came around the door, she had a camo'ed tracksuit on, with a puffy chest rig, and a ring on every single finger. Tattoos were stenciled up and down every single limb. Some words were in English, some were in Russian. She had morale patches on her chest rig that looked like: the silhouette of lips, a female devil and angle holding hands, a woman with arms crossed over her chest and holding pistols, a black anarchy symbol, a fist symbol of resistance, a steering wheel, and other things. She had purple words hanging from a golden chain, which read "God's Favorite Vixen". On close inspection, one of her arms said "Inner Circle of Hot Babes". Her eyes were hidden behind what looked like a very expensive brand of tactical shades, possibly a designer brand.

"Just all bling I guess." Tabak then realized he should've have said that out loud to a violent warlord surrounded by loyal, fanatical even, hired killers.

She had two M1911s, one on each hip, one of which was chrome and one of which looked golden.

"My my, so here is the up and coming commander who has reminded the fascist pig-dogs that their 'master race' can't win any wars."

Tabak watched her through the tinted lenses of his own pair of tactical shades. She was like some kind of popstar, rap artist, and action hero was all mixed in a blender, and poured into expensive tactical gear. Everything about her was filled with spectacle and "attitude". He had never seen someone who looked so much like a dominant lesbian in his whole life. She raised her two fists up and put them together, showing them to him. They read "Head Shot".

"I was not informed that I would be greeted by any heads of state.... And your Russian is very good."

"I'm as much the leader of this place as Queen Elizabeth was the leader of the United Kingdom. However, I'm on all the state-corporation boards and the ruling party, is my party. Here, people respect killers and they respect personality. I am a born killer and a born personality."

She was a complete contradiction. The richest anarchist in the world, a Saint who didn't believe in God, a lesbian whose people had the best brothels in the entire world, a religious nation that ignored the brothels, a financial empire of cellulose ethanol that wanted to go green, a rare earth element money-printer that encouraged people to recycle electronics. A married woman who dressed like she was single. A chaste who surrounded herself with pretty women.
She shook Tabak's hand with her left, which forced him to accept her hand with his left.

"Come come Comrade, there is only so many hours you can be this close to greatness." She shook Sofia's hand as well, stopping to turn the woman's hand and look at it while holding the fingertips, her right hand lifting up her own shades for a moment. "Hmm, I think I will sit in the middle.... Let us go now..."

When "Vixen" turned around, he saw that she had what looked like a devil's tail stitched into the back of her shorts and tanktop, just a flat piece of fabric with some angling. Sofia was helped in carefully by Vixen, who watched the 40 something scoot over a few times. As Vixen raised one of her legs and got her boot on the step, the angle, movement, and appearance of the leg allowed Tabak to realize it was a cybernetic leg. It was almost the right color, but the shine to it was not quite right. She got into the vehicle and looked back at him.

"How old is your leg?"

She looked down at them both and then looked over at him.

"16 years, never had them replaced after the previous ones got blown off by a Mills Bomb."

Tabak grabbed whatever handholds he could find and climbed in as well, before someone pushed the heavy door shut.


Hours later, they had dined, drank, looked at her impressive collection of firearms, shook hands with the local "movers and shakers", and see all the statues of her. Vixen was leaned back on a sofa, with some woman of similar age, blonde and lacking all the tattoos and cybernetics, curled up to her. Sofia had been sitting close as well, not quite curled up so much as sitting exactly right beside and sometimes whispering with her.

When Tabak entered the room after he had talked to a few local mercenary commanders for about half an hour, Vixen stirred and looked around, before looking at the two women with her.

"Up up, the Comrade Colonel came here to speak to me, not everyone else."

Tabak took a seat and sighed out to himself. He had drank, smoked, and chewed enough for now. At the moment he was just having canteen water and letting his liver rest. Slumping back into a sofa that was perpendicular to Vixen's, he put his legs on the safe coffee table she had her legs up on, and just looked over at her. The little table had a cloth over it, which had plenty of marks from boots or various other things.

"I might be a leader of men and able to shoot two people in the head with two different pistols at the same time, while in the dark...... That is it.... I leave the tactics and the strategy to everyone else.... I sign anything that promotes light gear and going fast, follows my three word motto for gear and vehicles..... I can answer questions and advise you on politics, that is about it."
I've been thinking about previous choices voted for and the last set of rolls for all of this. Different rolls would mean different outcomes, different things noticed or thought.
Tabak thought about his for a moment, rubbing at his chin with his right hand, holding it with two fingers and rubbing a finger at his beard. If she was telling the truth, then she had a lot in common with Pretashinko. His early career involved a lot of kicking in doors and shooting people in the face, and then he was just a politician who ruled in that manner. Pretashink found rich people to compromise with, Vixen made herself into the rich person.

Tabak was just a frail, but somewhat gifted commander. Maybe he had the look and speaking skills to get into politics or give speeches, but his minimal interest in politics and high skepticism of others... He felt like he was picking up on things however... On the one hand, he knew that the dual symbols of angels and devils were...highly sexually charged. Perhaps she wanted to be admired by men and out of their reach, or was just trying to turn the heads of women. Maybe it was a cold, calculated method of keeping others distracted in negotiations or a persona for the cameras. At the same time, this was a very religious place and she was believed to be "The hand of God" by some.

"If you don't believe. What is your explanation for your miracles and the words on your chain?"

Her lips curled into a smile and she put her hands in her lap, crossing the fingers.

"I was once a burnt out husk of a woman in a ditch.... and when I got myself out of that ditch, I thought the world was just 'dog-eat dog'. I wanted to be the big dog, the ultimate bitch..... Something went wrong however... and I began to change... I became aware of my true nature and began to tap into my full potential.... I found myself repeatedly over and over falling face first into power and status. Got into a dispute with another killer, who was my friend, end up accidently as the local warlord...Went into a coma...Woke up and I was declared a Saint.... There was a lot of luck or a lot of favor, of blessing, of something or someone or some group or groups smiling upon me..... And part of making it here while I was making so many enemies was kissing rings, bending the knee, and... committing myself to new world views....."

Her head leaned back and those shades that covered her eyes stared up at the ceiling, while she seemed to be a million miles away.

"So who exactly did you bend the knee to? And what about world views? Pretashinko's world views?"

She shook her head, not looking at him. "I had strong contacts with Faust, and I wasn't the only one.... There was this other assassin, only he was way more into 'fuck money, get bitches', and he expanded his holdings like he was in prison.... Always shooting the biggest dog in the face, and taking the empire with both hands."
File: Scrapbook 1.png (316 KB, 1443x750)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
"I'll make two points, before I shut up and let you ask your questions."

She adjusted herself and sat up, pulling out a drawer and lifting a scrapbook. Opening it up, she kicked the drawer shut and put her legs back into it. Opening the book up, she looked down at it and sighed out, possibly thinking about the past.

"Well.... Faust and Wrath...my old friend...they went one way....... and I was always torn between two other ways to go....... There was Pretashinko's way, my girlfriend's way too....and then there was "Black"'s way. Didn't want to submit, bend the knee, just bouncing back and forth between two options...... like lover's........... My best soldier, my best commando...my most devoted follower.... I think he went full-psych a few months ago, went full devil-mode, and now he's popped like Wrath."

She passed over the scrapbook, trying to hold it out and straining herself with her back bent. Tabak bent himself over and reached out, straining as he took the book at her. Looking down at the pictures and her handwriting, he was glad she labeled who people were.

"Who is this devil-looking guy? Your follower?"

"That's Black.... He really liked never showing his face and was really into Samurai stuff... wanted to be super spooky....I think he was too much of a hedonist or something.... Worse than even me...."

"Huh, you knew a lot of really crazy and strange people.... all trigger happy?"

"Yeah, all born killers, commandos for hire, and sell-swords......Flip the page."
File: Scrapbook 2.png (161 KB, 544x739)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Tabak was looking at a square that was colored into three triangles that were each two colors, with pictures of people and scribbled words.

"Who are these people?"

"The things you see in the dreams and nightmares. The things that really are the rulers of the world, that carve it up into their thirds..... Couldn't ever quite pin down what they were......or pick just one color to represent any of them......"

"So... Your answer to my question about you not believing..... is that you're just blessed?"

"And I don't know why. I have never really stuck to one master, or had one master...... So if these are gods or something....or beings... or ideas..... I never picked one..... I'm blessed and I'm rich.... Seems I've had the favor of both....here and there...."

"Which way was Pretashinko's way?"

"Him? I think it was the selfless, sacrifice way. The investment bankers, stock managers, energy consortiums, PMCs, and Gucci arms dealers.... I think they're all that green grey way.....All the top gun, ammo, armor, and tank companies are just one Mega Corp...The Conglomerate.... They like peace...People buy expensive stuff during times of peace....It's gonna be cheap stamped shit in this new, big world war. Things are going to get broken.... That recession they say is coming... Could end up as a Depression...Even if the war buys a few years of boom....all those people have to be fired when the war is over....All the broken stuff will be broken...Dead people will be dead..... It's going to be a global disaster of humanitarian and economical proportions.

I said my bit, ask your real serious questions now."

>Decision time! 24 hours! Proven Veterans get to pick two questions, 1 use IDs get 1 question (Two limit for all the 1 use IDs, sorry VPN users).
Everyone gets a free write-in question too, if you want.

>What is the situation with glowing yellow eyes and can you do that?

>What do you mean by "my true potential" and "my true nature"?

>Can you provide some explanations about the dreams and nightmares; why they happen?

Why did you write down Mercy?

>You said you thought you wanted to be a big dog and the ultimate bitch, but what did you change into?

>Why the angel and devil imagery? Is it a persona thing, a hot ladies thing, or a way to keep distract lustful negotiators?"

>Free Write In

This is the second to last series of updates. I'm aware this was really long, but I wanted to give respect to a character that was given to me, and have a dramatic ending.

There will be the answer update and then a "Goodbye and Epilogue" update.
>Can you provide some explanations about the dreams and nightmares; why they happen?
Not VPN, my work has some dead zones.
"Can you provide some explanations about the dreams and nightmares; why they happen?"

Vixen looks over at Tabak for a few seconds, before lying back with the back of her head rested on top of the sofa headrest.

"In politics and competitive arenas.... When you push against something to force it to be a certain way, to weaken your enemies, to force compliance, to exert your will.... Someone or some group will push back. You get their attention.... They notice you.....And even if you've broken them and made them weaker, that is often counteracted by how angry and desperate they become in a position of weakness...... It's just like physics and what Newton said.... Every force or action has an equal and opposite force or reaction...... That is where the dreams and nightmares start, that is their origin......If you push too hard and you take too many shortcuts.... You start glimpsing things you aren't meant to see.... Sometimes while awake or sometimes while asleep..... Like the layer between this and the other places are weakened..."

Tabak was able to tell by watching her that she was being honest and she actually believed this, but he could not make sense of what she was saying or decide if he believed what she said was reality. He could think of a lot of rumors and new age beliefs about other places beyond barriers, about how the barriers were thin inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone....Book series about how the end of the world in nuclear hellfire would shatter the barrier between this world and the afterlife... Hell even....

"But the nightmares, the ones separate from visions, or bad acid trips, or places where barriers are thin......The nightmares you just start having and you don't know why...and the location or how sober you are doesn't matter........"

Vixen lifted her head and sniffled once, but she wasn't on the verge of crying just yet. Turning her head suddenly over to Tabak, she pointed at the scrapbook.

"I don't have a picture of Purple, because by the time I knew what he looked like, I didn't want to remember anything about him..... But um........... Narcotics are like a spark or a flame..... If there is a lot of fuel, you're basically doomed, but if your life just improves so much...it becomes a lot easier to quit....Purple and I were forced into the good life, tricked into the anti-narcotic..... Given the best possible odds to go clean and fix our lives, possibly even fix the world around us.... We wouldn't have to steal from those who cared about us to fuel any habits.... or abuse and manipulate the ones who we should love.. and were loyal to us..... I was a selfish bitch and an assassin....and he was a volunteer who chose to fight for his people and then break bread with the enemy to bring peace after decades of fighting..... I was a cancer and he was a cure, a solution....and we were both... given an addiction to going and being clean..."

A single tear ran down from each of her eyes.
Tabak could not fully understand what she meant, as he was not used to someone using so many metaphors and talking so much from the perspective of emotion....about events and people he had no context for.... Whatever she was talking about, it was deeply true and deeply painful for her. She had said that a lot of this stuff happened 15 years ago, and on the drive to this place, he felt like this city as the capitol of cheap, plentiful mental health. A hub for globe-trotting mercenaries and the psychiatrists that cobbled together their minds.

"Was the first thing you were trying to tell me..... Was that there are consequences for your actions? That you make enemies and things go wrong?"

She sniffled and it was a wet, almost sick sounding sniffle as she nodded quickly.

"And you wanted to tell me that you see things that you or science can not quite explain, when you do very serious things?"

She nodded even faster, squeezing her eyes shut. Her eyeliner was running down in lines across each of her cheeks. Reaching into a pocket she pulled out a handkerchief and blew her nose into it, before looking down and......thinking? Closing herself off to him?

"And the third thing..... You were talking about some kind of corruption.....and getting your life together....and something about morality....right and wrong....bad people and good people..... And.... Something about going clean..... But under all the metaphors, I lost track of what you meant or how this involves nightmares.....You said something about a loss of agency, of being forced into something....."

The room went silent and he listened to her taking in deep breathes of air, and then letting out deep breathes. A lot of women he knew would play with their hair to sooth themselves....But she leaned forward... pulled out the drawer, pulled out a metal gun with an orange tip....and just murmured to herself as she pointed it with two hands out at something he could not see......He had a headset on and so he could hear her....All quiet noises were made loud and all loud noises were made quiet.....

"I am the pistol, the pistol is me.... I direct the pistol, I control the pistol, I point the pistol at what I want to die, and it dies.... If too many things need to die, I shoot two pistols... If the thing is too far away.... I use a Heavy..... Nothing can hurt me because everything dies in the end..... Eventually enough bullets cause all things to end..... Nothing is faster....No one has better aim..... I do not feel fear.... I do not feel my finger pull the trigger.... I only feel recoil.... I do not think.....I just act....I act in the moment..... It is by the gun that I have agency, and it is by the gun that I exert my will on the world......I am the pistol, the pistol is me."
She pulled the trigger so many times that he lost count, the pistol pointing to the left, than the right, than to the left again. Sometime it was sweeping and sometimes it was stiffly pointed at one thing. Before he knew what was happening, a magazine dropped out of the gun and she was reaching with her left hand into the drawer and slamming another one into her.....replica? Toy? She pulled the slide and held the thing out with one hand like she was holding someone at gun point, like it was extortion.

Her face was defiant as she breathed in a bit, sucking in.... tears? Snot?

"In life, there seems to be two kinds of voices that people say are in their head...and I don't mean like hallucinations........ One voice is sometimes called narcissism or ego or god-complex....it tells you that your special, different, important, above other people.... Better than them..... Tells you to take what you want.... Others don't deserve what they have.... Drives you to kill others......"

She swallowed, and it was like a gulp. Maybe she was trying to not start crying again. The pistol was still held out at a stiff and aggressive angle, tilted slightly.

"The other voice tells you are small, that others are more important than you, that you are weak and pitiful and a burden on others..... That you deserve nothing and you're a fraud.....Some people say that voice is depression... or self-loathing...... and that voice drives you to shut down or even kill yourself....."

She went silent for several seconds, and was starting to tear up, so Tabak thought it was a good time to ask for clarification.

"So you went from one voice to the other, is that what you are trying to tell me?"

"Someone had infected me with some kind of.... illness...some kind of virus..... and that twisted and turned me..... Normally a needle like that inoculates you against a disease....but this was a retro-virus...... This had instructions in it......"

He narrowed his eyes and scrunched his brow...... Was she describing?

"Are you talking about gene-therapy, genetic engineering on humans....against their will or knowledge?"

The pistol was lowered and she gave him a sideways glance, before she raised the pistol and returned her eyes to it, giving him a slight nod without looking at him.


"And....we're talking about depression.....so......." He looked down for a few seconds, trying to make sense of her point....... He looked back up at her. "They gave you a gene therapy to give you depression?"

She let out a slightly frustrated breath from her nostrils.... "The voice said I was small and that others were more important than me...and it did say I was a burden.. It said I was a bad person.....but it didn't say to kill myself....."

Tabak tilted his head.... Either this woman was completely crazy or something very dangerous was done to her.

"What did it say to do?"

"It said to stop being a burden... To wake up and change."
File: Straight Edge.png (198 KB, 350x233)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
"I was so low, so down and in the gutter..... But when this voice filled me with even more self-doubt.....made me question everything I ever did...... That was where the nightmares came from.... I had nightmares about every single decision I ever made....That had consequences....That hurt someone else.... And I had really bad headaches because my brain was always working so hard to make sense of it all.....Changing and twisting into a new shape....All these lights that had never been turned on....They were screwed in or replaced with brand new bulbs......and those lights were flashing like crazy....All the time.... It was incredibly painful.... Not like being slapped in the face or stabbed or shot..... But it was like this great bitterness and sadness...."

She lowered the pistol and turning it so that her palm was facing the ground, her fingers just let go of it and it fell into the drawer with a bit of a crash. Letting out a deep, frustrated sigh, she looked over at him, and he thought he saw a tiny bit of a forced, trying, hopeful smile.

"You're heterosexual right? A man?"

Tabak was caught off guard by the crash and then by her question. Her sentimentality was having an effect on him all this time, and it was strange.

"I might be not be romantic, but yes..... And you're supposed to be a lesbian, a woman?"

Tabak tilted his head and watched her, trying to figure out where this was going and if he was understanding her.

"You don't submit to anyone?


"Nothing goes into you?"

"Nothing goes into me."

"I thought I was the same...." She looked away from him and she was looking at something far away. "I opened myself up and I submitted to the new voice, to the nightmares and the pain and the self-loathing..... To the doubt....Regret....And second guessing..... All my populist feelings bosomed and grew.... I felt so close to the people here.... They were my people.... And I began to fight for peace.... I had actually once ran outside in a undershirt, and I had kick-boxed and wrestled two opposing visiting leaders into submission....For peace....... I was reborn anew...... I became like how Purple was supposed to be....How he used to be..."

There was another large silence again and so Tabak was tempted to just guess. "And he.... became something else" There was silence.... "He became like how you used to be? Even with that voice in this head? He tried to take over and kill all his political rivals right?"

She gave a slow, small nod of her head, before letting out a deep sigh. Frustration or regret, he wasn't sure which.....

"I never really submitted one way or another, but I rejected what I used to be completely..... He... just wouldn't submit to anything or anyone.... He pushed away the nightmares and worked feverishly for a cure to that voice......and the other voice was fed and allowed to take over.... He wanted to be God over a billion people.... And then millions more......"
I said as much in the main general, but inputs and questions are being accepted for 48 hours after the last decision thing was posted.
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but >>5283040 is okay. It's easier to manage our army if there's shared capabilities.
I would've considered using
->Two RPG-30s per squad, or 24 per LIB company
for the ranges we were within before, and how close-ranged urban warfare is. Perhaps like the training exercise/simulation, we could see more usage of the
->Nine Metis-M1 ATGMs, enough for one per platoon or three per LIB company
after we picked >>5282397
->Move Light Infantry Battalion towards being "Airborne"
because of the more open terrain/clear terrain nature of Airborne units.

This is fine. Anything we could do to make gliders available for infantry and vehicles?

>What do you mean by "my true potential" and "my true nature"?
Sounds like something we could use to improve ourselves.

>Why did you write down Mercy?
The fact it's colored in blue, differently from others has my interest. I don't know how we could apply the concept other than what we've been doing in automatically capturing surrendered units.

-Everyone gets a free write-in question too, if you want.
>Free Write In
-Things are going to get broken.... That recession they say is coming... Could end up as a Depression...Even if the war buys a few years of boom....all those people have to be fired when the war is over....All the broken stuff will be broken...Dead people will be dead..... It's going to be a global disaster of humanitarian and economical proportions.
>Is there a way to prevent this recession/depression/global disaster of humanitarian and economical proportions.?

->First to 3 or most in 24 hours! Regulars votes count for 1.1 votes!
Thanks for the mechanic. Regulars won't have to worry about tie-breaker rolls as often.

Thanks for using a real-world map for our first real battle (second battle played). It was very interesting to learn about the layout and utilize it, and it felt immersive.

-( /civ/?)
You may want to call it a /wargame/, since that's what you called it in the /qtg/ general. It's what this game/quest most closely applies and aligns to.
File: Large Estate.png (2.79 MB, 1296x972)
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2.79 MB PNG
The previous thread was archived, I already know how to do it.

After a short period of silence, Tabak opened his mouth a bit to speak, before going silent, he was having trouble remembering what she had said. Sighing out, he got out a notepad and began writing what he could remember in the order he thought it happened, putting different topics on different pages. After he then he had salvaged what he could memorize for later, he looked up at her and asked a question.

"What do you mean by "my true potential" and "my true nature"?"

She had changed into something and that was related to realizing this..... something she was talking about..... And it was connected to success..... Perhaps it was something about genius.....or perhaps her inner thoughts on politics..... Something like that.... Perhaps.... What about his own inner potential to realize?

"I suppose as a Saint, I would use a parable.... I will make things clear in a bit....... Have you heard the story about the Head Caretaker and the idiot

Tabak peered out at her, looking down for a moment to think about it, before he flicked his eyes back up at her and shook his head.

Once, long ago, there was a large estate. It was owned by a wise, kind old woman. There was a large building with many impressive attractions, and outside there was a large area of farmland and cabins made of logs......... There was a professional team of caretakers who maintained the building, like a mansion or resort, but the rest of the lands were left alone. There was a large population of fools and idiots who lived in the cabins and used the farmland, without asking the wise, old woman..... And she would pick people from the cabins, after a certain amount of time or a certain amount of age, to live inside the estate, play games, and feast......"

Tabak was trying to draw this on an open page of his notepad because he want to have something to look at, as he tried to understand where this story was going.

"Well..... The fools and idiots were just that....fools and idiots...... They trashed their living spaces, they didn't thank the wise, old woman, and they believed or thought or insisted that some other woman, man, or even themselves owned the land, the cabins, and the farms........ And yet, if any of the caretakers saw them, they were supposed to bow very low and behave like servants or staff. The people in the estate were better behaved, but they had at times broken windows at the cabins or got drunk, or ran around screaming naked...... The caretakers were well educated, wise, older, stronger....and the fools were unwilling to learn and often unhealthy, fat even........."

She paused again and seemed to be looking downward, collecting her thoughts, which was good as he was trying to organize his own.

"One day the head caretaker could not stand it anymore and he tried to takeover the estate......and he failed... so he was banished........"
"Now..... The Head Caretaker was fairly important and respected, so a number of the other caretakers sided with him and were in turn banished........ Over the years, some of them had at night had children with some of the fools and idiots, the ones that were outside the estate and living in the cabins....... They had drawn some humans over to their own mansion, and they claimed that was just as nice or even better than the last one....... So you had three places, the first mansion, the log cabins, and the second mansion...... Two teams of caretakers, two owners of two different mansions....... At the same time the people in the cabins still were not fully certain who owned what and would argue, fight over who owned the cabins or who owned the mansions or which mansion was better or if either of them existed at all........."

Tabak was starting to have a feeling like he knew where this was going, he had an impression fairly early in the story, but then he was not as sure. He suspected again now.

"And the children of the banished Caretakers were born hating the fools, despite being half fool themselves, because it came from the Caretaker blood inside their veins.... And they were also prone to be reject caretaking and reject being told what to do...... Even the children of children were like this, so strong was the Caretaker blood...... And this went on and on and on and on....For such a long time.....

Until among the youngest children of the Caretakers..... there were one or a few or some.... Who were almost entirely fool..... But that urge to rebel, to turn away, to say no and reject being told what to do was still strong..... And so.... They rejected rejection....Rebelled against rebellion..... They couldn't exactly go back to being Caretakers, nor could they resent all the fools..... And so they were something else......"

She got up slowly and carefully pushing down on the sofa, before gesturing for him to stand up. He did as she gestured for him to do.

"Close your eyes."

He sighed out, and decided to close them, but he was listening very carefully. He certainly was not going to open his mouth.... She grabbed his right hand and raised it up, before lifting it over his head. Tabak went along with this, but he tensed up his face and was suspicious..... Then his hand was on her hair and being pressed into her head.... "Feel for it.... He moved his fingers and checked her hair or whatever this was..... Before he found an indication that she had hit her head....She had a bump....But when his hand was moved... He found another bump...With the texture of......a knuckle? Which mean.......Was that bone?

She whispered into his ear, her breathe was hot and fiery.

"I am one of the children. I have horns. My words are like honey and my form is by its nature seductive.... That is pure nature, what I am....."

"Like a ....succubus?

"I do not know if those are real, but perhaps....
"W-Why did you write down Mercy?"

"Because I was forgiven.... Like I said....I was a bad person...I did bad things... and it is by my nature to be impulse, self-destructive.....demanding, prideful, manipulative....... But I was given a second chance...and when I even hesitantly and timidly took that chance..... I was completely forgiven..... Is like opening myself to the nightmares and my doubts had clensed me of my past....Of who I used to be....Like I said...I bosomed, I was reborn....... Purple was given a second chance before he even needed it, and he pushed it again.....Now he's dead...... A lot of us tried to make the world different by force and violence and bravery...... Most of those who heard the third voice... We are still alive... Despite that we were called to sacrifice.... And we take such excessive risks....But those I knew without the voice.... Most of them are dead or used up..... Everyone who has rejected the voice after having it....Is gone, toast....Food for the ravens.

You can open your eyes and take your seat."

He opened his eyes and watched her, looking up at where his hand had been..... He couldn't see the bumps under her hair, but they must always be there all the time.... Just hidden..... Sitting down slowly, he grabbed his notepad, but was too scared to write anything yet. His fear led him to another question.

"Is there a way to prevent this recession/depression/global disaster of humanitarian and economical proportions.?"

"When leaders are committed and refuse to budge, to such a degree that war is to happen..... They double down more and more into the fighting..... They might even spend years, decades preparing for war as well...... Each side commits exactly as much as it can bare to commit and as much as it thinks it needs to win..... Eventually both sides commit everything they can..... Convert as much industry, conscript and levee as much as they can, borrow and spend as much as they can......And then the war is down to who can have the most, the fastest..... And who can take from the other or break what the other has.... A war of attrition and numbers and logistics..... Everything but the War Machine is used up and converted over.... And then both sides do everything they can to hurt each other and refuse to surrender till they've lost everything....... And then after that.... All the soldiers are fired, all the factories shut down, and then millions lose their jobs and are laid off.... All that debt has to be paid off.... All those factories and cities and people are gone....."

She was talking about Total War, what had happened in the two World Wars as well. The first Russian Civil-War......

"Part of my domain is MindWalker, and it had a brutal civil-war for years..... Both sides were fighting over land, resources, the drug trade....religion...ethnicity.. And other sides joined in to profit, get influence, or kill people they hated....... It was extremely destructive.."
File: Roads Being Repaired.png (1.61 MB, 1280x720)
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"Did peace happen? How did it happen then?"

He looked over at her, civil-wars that were part ethnic and part religious could be very ugly and deadly, even more-so with a lot of weapons and drugs involved.

"My inner circle and I figured out how to convert cellulose.... Especially genetically engineered switchgrass.... And we were converting it into a huge industry with patents around the world..... A lot of the fuel was being sold directly to Shanghai and India.... India was in a huge war and was willing to pay a premium..... At the same time, the war-lord that ruled over Tibet had lost most of his men invading Nepal and MindWalker.... So I was able to .... Liberate Tibet...... We discovered the largest deposits of rare earth elements in the world..... the rights were placed in a national corporation... And part of the stock was auctioned off for investment money..... With all this incoming income and the ability to take huge loans....With collateral and steady payments...Low interest rates from KNG...... I was able to pay off a few members of both sides of the Civil-War.....and then I bought more people off.... Eventually I greased enough palms that people saw more profit in taking bribes than fighting....."

"I don't think that Romulus Sparta can be bribed, they might be as rich as we are......."

"You can maybe bribe their supplies or proxies..... As for preventing a huge outbreak of suffering and economic hardship...... You need to do what you can to make sure as little civilian industry is converted to war.... That as few people die and as few economic, humanitarian resources are broken........ That the war is as short as possible with as little collateral damage...... That means you need to crush them on the battlefield..... And avoid crushing them at home.... It's not easy...... Paris survived the second World War because neither side was willing to station troops in it and defend it from the other, because they didn't want to risk having it broken and destroyed....... You put troops in Budapest and now there is so much destruction downtown....... It was that or letting the fascists take the capitol and parliament with it....."
I will do the last update and possibly the last decision to make in the next waking period. I have been thinking about the last post and working on the new /qst/.
>Tabaks thoughts on war and his Battalion
Tabak for a long time was just an officer studying the concept of the ARASI that he know has access to and uses. We has read papers and wrote papers on the finer points of urban warfare, of the future of warfare being over highly economically valuable urban areas. He is interested in Light Infantry, as they are highly mobile and require the least amount of resupply. In the past Russia and the KNG had incredibly sloppy militaries or they were underfunding their militaries in a bid to rebuild their economies. For the most part, the mostly highly trained soldiers of the KNG are those who have been fighting for democracy in Africa or Asia, or those who have been fighting terrorists inside Russia and Ukraine.

The Internal Ministry is thus the core of the hardened veterans. They can't be deployed outside Russia or Ukraine, but people can be demobilized and remobilized, or other measures. The Internal Ministry provided the Spetsnaz that were funneled into "Liberation" Brigades. Airborne and Naval Infantry have seem some fighting as well, decades ago in Africa and the Middle East. Some units have seen fighting in the "Stans" and what used to be part of Northwestern China.

The open areas of Asia and Africa favor easily supplied motor-infantry in trucks and possibly BTR-80s that can swim. Built Up areas favor light infantry with lots of weapons and the most heavily armored tanks that are escorted by infantry.

A Light Infantry Battalion, with increasing amounts of Airborne training, is going to end up being the easy to deploy and easiest to supply unit possible. Tabak feels that he has a bright future if his men can build up experience, and/or more experienced units can be rotated in.
>Tabaks thoughts on Politics

Tabak was willing to meet the leader of his nation and this leader of this...other place. He personally likes to see things for himself, doesn't like to give trust unless given it, and votes based on function rather than ideology. He is a KNG loyalist and is supportive of the allies of his people and the KNG. Tabak is willing to move up in the world, but he is not desperate to do so.

Any posting he is given, he wants to be careful and make the best decisions he can make.
>Tabaks thoughts on morality
Tabak's morality is not defined by religion or economic beliefs, nor about specific ideologies or philosophies. Tabak believes it's his obligation to constantly improve himself and act upon accurate information. At the same time, he is able to act without being filled with doubt.

He believes in the rules of war and is beginning to become concerned about the immense suffering that "World War 3", also known as "The End War" is likely to cause.
>Hours Later, At the Airport

"I'll be honest with you.... I think some of my subjects are going to be contracted out as mercenaries for one of those intra-national struggles in Western Europe. There is a lot of chaos and civil-unrest, someone is going to come out on top, and I certainly won't let it be a Romulus Sparta ally..... The KNG is funneling training and funding to groups in Germany as well, the Social Republic of Germany.......'

Tabak watches her through his tactical shades, before he walks away to hand off his luggage to the loading crew. Walking back to her, he points at his watch a few times, indicating the plane is about to leave.

"You got a few minutes Tabak..... You got hours on the plane.... You might want to think over what you want to do with your life...romantically speaking.... It would be easier to be gone for long periods of time....and to be raising one of those heterosexual families..... If you pick someone who is strongly ideological and/or very devout. You don't want to be arguing, especially about how to raise any children.... Whatever happens, we have plenty of professionals and minor nobility here..... You can go home and marry someone in the KNG security apparatus....You can rip a page from Alexander and marry one of your former enemies in the Balkans or Italy........ You can marry an ideological loyalist......Someone deep within the underground and mercenary system of Central Asia and Eastern Europe..... Maybe even someone who knows as much as you know.... That things are happening.

Right now, I need to ask you....Not all my units are go-fast racer boys.... I have Light Infantry of my own.... 'Freemen' is their nickname. They are veterans and are ideologically highly motivated, borderline fanatical. I already know gaps in your unit are going to be plugged with ZoBRR, but ZoBRR can sub-contract out..... But I want to know what the fuck is going on over there.....And I might have investments to make.... Churches to setup... Things I don't want to be smashed... All in the Balkans...... You got a minute Tabak!"

>Decision Time, First to 3 or most in 24 hours

>Commit yourself further to Vixen
This requires you to partially accept her for what she is, as messy and confusing, possibly manipulative.....as she happens to be.
Vixen may have the time and ability to mentor you a moderate amount
She is also "torn" between two separate ideologies. Trusting her more, allows you to not have to pick a "supernatural side" or whatever she was going on about
>Commit yourself further to Pretashinko and the Yellow Blue Faction
Going down this path is going to mean hard work, but also mean cooperating with the strongest person in the world, in terms of "pull". He is however, extremely busy and will only give you time if you become really important
>Commit yourself further to Green/Grey, the faction of reason and practicality
You don't have to believe in anything and Sofia seems really easy to reach.
-The previous thread was archived, I already know how to do it.
So you did. I mistyped the archived thread's title. Which is why I didn't notice it at the time of the post.
I voted for (+) or (+1) on your archived thread.

>Commit yourself further to Pretashinko and the Yellow Blue Faction
We've sided with Pretashinko so far. I don't see a reason to change that now.
-He is however, extremely busy and will only give you time if you become really important
While I doubt we'll ever become important enough to warrant his attention, it's a matter of principle rather than whatever will necessarily benefit us the most and how likely it is to obtain those benefits.
>Days later
"Nadzor" and Tabak are leaned over a map of the capitol, a primitive old-fashioned affair.

"Looks like the battalion is healing quite nicely, and will be ready to be back in action after about two weeks of leave. This is good as we need them in the field as soon as possible. The Light Infantry Battalion now matches the on paper strength, and even has aspirational assets like Metis-M1 ATGMs at the platoon level....... These will be staffed by veterans, but we are pulling them Ukraine..

Looking over the map, there are various markers placed on it, mostly a few different colors and with little flags in them to indicate what they are or where they are from. "Nadzor" points at three formations close to or in the capitol.

"Motorized Infantry Battalions should have one supporting Armor Company, a few translators have been assigned to Golden Spur.... So they will fulfil that role...... Here and here will be your sister Battalions, both Light Infantry, but they are motorized and are getting around in Tigrs... All Russians and immigrants.... There is a Ukraine T-84 Armor Battalion here, third generation ERA, upgraded to roughly T-90A standard if not better........ That puts you in command of four companies and makes you a combined arms formation..... within a combined arms Light Infantry Regiment..... The two motorized battalions will watch your flanks and the armor battalion will be stationed behind the city as an armored reserve. They are very fast, so they can flank around the city as need be......You will be answering to Colonel Vsevolod Morozov, callsign "Garrote"....

Looking over at Tabak, he points to the HQ formation for "Garrote" which is stationed behind the city by the T-84 Battalion.

"Garrote has a more powerful version of TOSSUP and will be most easily able to network with yours. He is expecting you to be fairly self-sufficient, as he has to keep track of three other battalions and two of them are less experienced than yours.

"How self-sufficient do I need to be?"

"Enough that you don't call for air-strikes or artillery support. You can still call in Spetsnaz Guard Volki units or reinforcements from reserves.

"And what about my unit's future as airborne? Assuming we find enough time to train and BMD-2s can be made available?"

After Hungary is secured and this war calms down a bit, we're going to see if we can clear up things with our possible allies in Cyrus. With their assistance we have about a third of the middle east willing to work with us...and the allied Turks want to liberate the rest of their nation..... You're likely to be airlifted there and spared whatever BMD-2s we have for an offense. You'll be tip of the spear to assist the locals, as they don't have any mechanized infantry.
"As that Westerner once said and Pretashinko once repeated...... 'He who controls Eastern Europe, controls the Heartland, he who controls the Heartland controls the World Island...Eurasia and Africa.... He controls that controls the world.... But it's not about he...It's We....We are Eastern Europe.... Between Slavs, Uralics (Includes Hungarians and Fins), Stans (Central Asia), Mongolians, Indians, Westernized Persians... Kurds, Westernized Turks, and all the other groups..... We are the Heartland.... We are one big industrial machine.... All using the same ammunition....All sharing technology....All trading with each other first and the rest of the world later..... Since the 2010s, it has been a question if we are or the NAU would be the world superpower...... The Yankees outnumber Eastern Europe and vastly outspend us....They project power well.... But now, they are tired...and we are growing strong and prosperous..... Decades of waiting on investments made in Africa are paying off..... Right now we are stronger than the Soviet Union has ever been...... When this war is over..... We will be in a position to dictate the terms of their surrender..... And we will rewrite the future with our allies.....

Our position of advantage will be greater than the Americans were after World War 2, when the world owed them money and they had all the nukes.... We are greater than any empire, even the Mongolians at their height.... Greater than all the Imperialist powers in the era of enslavement and oppression, and greater than half of their total strength......

Russia, and Eastern Europe...have been a sleeping bear for hundreds of years....Always making the West afraid, always threatening to wake up and become something great..... Something prosperous.......

The ideology and devotion, of excitement for a proud, victorious future...... He went quiet and raised his eyes from the map, closing them.

"What about all the suffering this war will cause?"

"The future is going to be widespread suffering...The clock is ticking..... All kinds of issues are spiraling out of control.... We're going to have all kinds of demographic crisis's....place with too many children....places with too few...... Competition for resources.... Overurbanization..... But.... When this is over... We will decide who owes who what amount of money..... We can erase records.... We can lower interest rates.... We can waive debts if our inspections find strong policies to encourage growth.... There is so much industrialization and technological advancement happening right in front of us...We are standing at the doorway to the Future...... All of this progress, all of this construction and advancement.... There will be enough to put things the way they should be....... There will be enough wealth to bring an end to fighting...as much as theirs ever been an end..... And enough incentive to reduce corruption and improve living standards... No longer will we live in Hell."
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The decisions made so far will be made canon and saved. I will be backing up all the images from this thread as well.
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-This is my most recent thread. All serious players from here only identify themselves and get special treatment (Votes counted as slightly more)
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