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Synopsis: A new Primarch is created M41. For some ominous reasons his pod is wreck M30 on another world

It is a reboot of another quest, i had interrupted (gotta make money). the few firsts posts will be upgraded versions of the first story.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>Have Fun
>You can suggest Character Action or a whole scene
Prequel Scene: M41

The Astronomicon signal had been fading for decades since the fall of the Avenging Son, Roboute Guilliman at Iax at the hand of an estrange brother, The Demon Primarch Mortarion.

Yet that day, Singulari Nuntio, proud navigator of house Belisarius, felt its the Psychic pulse stronger than ever before in her life.

More powerful than not only the past decade of dim light but even before the advent of the Cicatrix Maledictum, during the Imperium of the Old.

Meanwhile on Titan, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knight, Captain General Trajan Valoris of the Adeptus Custodes and Saint Celestine had convened once and for all to craft His ultimate weapon. Such convention had occurred three in the past 5 years. This gathering was the last of it's kin.

Below them, custodians were busying themselves over secret device of unknown origin to the common serf, bent over a relic of the dark age of technology, a single capsule, a small greyish unadorned pod, whose only notable distinction was three letters enmeshed. X X I.

Meanwhile an astropathic warning came to the Lord Inquisitor Greyfax of the Ordo Hereticus dwelling on Terra. The Terminus Decree was to be enacted. His informants were positively convinced . It proved that the so-called St Celestine was not a Saint, and that his faction had been abused, none of it was His Plan, this was a contrivance of the Ruinous Powers... Of course Greyfax could not fathom, or rather dare not to contemplate former Cancelarius Thieron words that “Custodes do not Serve Mankind, They attend only to its Master”. Whatever the old fool testament, could not be right, it was an act of treachery of His divine Will. Greyfax tensed and cracked his neck, time was a currency and like everything these times it was running short. The Heretech Archmagos Cawl and his Cabbal were traitor and each of their convoluted schemes would face the emperor Justice, what could they think

Sacrificing the Imperium for a sliver of hope of changing the past as his first informant thought? Ending humanity glorious future for a glimmer of peace? Never. Such thinking was resisting all the teachings he has learn, all His teaching.

He should, he must, he was compelled to act, and the High Lords would oblige.
Prequel Scene: Months later.M41 Terra.
A Battle Scene, Skitarii fighting Skitarii, Astartes tearing each other and the door of the Eternity Gate, High Lords fighting one another, into the greatest carnage Terra had known since the Horus Heresy. Finally, 5 decades after the death of Roboute Guilliman, the Imperium Aeterna in an ultimate tremor came to and end. A Civil War Ending, fitting to an Empire whose very foundations were bathed in blood. The ongoing bloodshed had lasted for days, Tearing apart the whole Segmentum, Empowering the Chaos God to such extent that the Cicatrix Maledictum started pulsating.

On the step leading to the Palace Gate, blood was flowing red;

A blazing bolt shell fragment rip apart, the paint of the Grey knight Terminator Armor. The scion of Titan shrugged the damage with a groan and thrusted his force blade into his Minotaur opponent torso. The life in the red lentils flickered an instant, before receding entirely. The giant Minotaur lumbered and felt.

However Brother-Captain Arvann Stern of the Grey Knight was no longer there to gaze upon his former adversary corpse. His duty was not done, more enemy were to be dispatched. Shouts of heresy and treachery bellowed on each part of the Palace. He finished off another Astartes opposing his path with a thought.

Later, when contemplating the radiating muzzle of a plasma barrage type gun aimed at his chest, Arvann final thought echoed to his brothers with the power of his mind:
- The Emperor will shall be done in this world and the Other.
M41, Weeks before the imperium Civil War.

Cancellarius Jek was to receive an Inquisitor. Being in charge of the organization of the Senatorum Imperialis since the ascendancy of Roboute Guilliman, Jek had witnessed powerless the Council bicker and divide after the death of the Primarch. Faltering spirit across the Imperium followed the fall of the Avenging Son. Nowadays, the effort to saveguard the imperium had given way to factionalism and intestine strife to control His realm.

Nonetheless Jek spirit remained unbroken, the hope the primarch brought, the Indomitus crusade and the regain of activities in the imperial palace in the past decade led her to believe in the Phi Project which she predicted the existence, a new weapon meant to end the Cicatrix maledictum scaring the galaxy, develop on Titan. Provided her informants were truthful.

To be summoned by an Inquisitor, for a Cancellarius could be considered outrageous, for it was a privilege to speak to her. Yet Catherina Greyfax was no common Inquisitor. She had accompanied the Primarch back to Holy Terra, from Cadia to Ultramar to Luna, she had risen to the top of her Ordo. Jek Summoned Mordekai.

Her assistant, Mordekai, a well nourished pure blooded terran despite Terra eternal food shortage, opened the door silently, awaiting orders, his lips pursed.
- Cancellarius, how can I be of service?
- Mordekai, do arrange the Inquisitor meeting in 5 hours, will you.
Greyfax was striding forth, though the had secretly contacted the cancellarius, she still surrounded herself by her loyal bodyguards unit of scion tempestus drawn from 55th Kappic Eagles and just in case had her conversion field jewel hanging around her neck.
Katarinya Greyfax, was in a room, and reflected on the recent action of the High Lords. She beheld the Council with revulsion. How long had she been idle that such division could take root? A Saint Celestine and her Battle-Sisters submerged by senseless idolatry, confuse or worse, accomplice to Chaos? Warriors of Titan revelling in the corruption of their beliefs, the custodes abetting infamy? The pernicious influence of Mars spiteful superstition? She would not let it pass, she would not let the Emperor vision for humanity be warped, by transhuman yoke. Her hand turn to a fist. She would not be deceived by hubris and heresy. But The Inquisition was not influential enough for this, not alone, not divided. she would enforce an extraordinary meeting of the Council while the Captain General was not there, and finally confirming her grim suspicion.
M42 Prequel Scene Imperial palace

The stern Inquisitor was well received by Mordekai, heeding Jek command he had put the Inquisitor at ease or at least tried. Despite the quiet luxury of the cabinet, She did not sit on the comfortable red couch, her hard mastoidal-muscle locked her jaw still. Mordekai had called him Lord Greyfax first, He was in fact a she, a well-built woman, predatory, suspicious, a demeanor indicating readiness to engage any foe. There are no turning back anymore Greyfax pondered, while the door creaked signaling Jek entrance, For the Emperor.

The Cancellarius Jek entered the room, where Catherina Greyfax, Lord Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus was diligently waiting, seeking spying device and heretical hints.

**M42 Concurrently, on planet Titan, Solar System**.

The preparations were going to reach the ultimate Goal. A Shield Captain of the Custodes was reviewing the various decision and their conformity to the established the manufacture specifications. Creating a Chimeric Primarch from the Gene Sample of Vulkan, Perturabo, Alpharius and Sanguinius was challenging.

The genetic of the primarch and their potential memory interactions, were both overwhelming tasks, it was considered negligeable loyalty risk by the genetor of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Sanguinigus and Vulkan had been staunch loyalists, and other flaw in their geneseed were considered more problematic, notably the theoretically risk of an inextinguishable bloodthirst or a pyromantic craving.

Furthermore, Sanguinius body had been slained by Horus while he was emanating obnoxious chaos energies, and Vulkan who had given himself for a few testings and blood sample had his own psychological deviation since the Beast had flooded him with the Orkish Gesltat. Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knight was less than optimistic, both needed to be addressed.

The memory or possible partial personality transfer were not the only issue there given the too many ones. Per se, beyond the risk of turning the primarch slightly schizophrenic, but that he should manage somehow. The main problem was avoiding mutation either his own flesh, or his geneseed. It was manageable surely to take extra measure to filter and reduce the probabilities, a lowered risk policy, even benefiting astartes geneseed.

On the other hand, Alpharius and Perturabo chimeric dna had no obvious gene defect nor their blood sample recovered long before the Heresy considering Perturabo case. Nonetheless they had betrayed the Emperor. Their fluid use was controversial, but genetic compatibility was essential to the Phi Project. However Alpharius body had been recovered during the Heresy, at the eve of the siege of Terra, personality and memory inheritance would be limited yes, but would it be enough? Would they still be treacherous given the circumstances? Unknown and controversial. Would it affect the Primarch which should be his own man anyway? Probably not. But who could be certain?
Arvann Stern knew, Truth be told, that they had for the past 15 years attempted various unfinished Primarch babies, all combination of those 4, incomplete prototypes, lacking the raw warpiness of the Emperor, to try the different abilities and possibilities. And probably others things he was not privy too.
Arvann Stern Captain of the Grey Knigh, was standing near at a balcony. He remembered in detail the day he had once heard a perhaps 4 years old being, half crazed winged, green and in fire sputtering seemingly randomly some tacticals consideration after being expose to neuro stimulation chamber.

- “primacy of the policy should not be understood as political determinism…political purpose remains the supreme consideration yet it must adapt itself to its chosen means. Does means justify the end or does end justify the mean, is justification unnecessary beyond social engineering positive reinforcement, in such case use of art should be supply to magnify, leading to art production supervisory organ? Under which authority such answer could be answered? Admittedly policy permeates all military operations and dictate its course, however considering the nature of the Imperium is it not reverse hence, war has its own grammar, but not its own logic, since politic has none of the former can it be devoid of both?

The rambling mutant failure was clearly shaking from the data inflow, after an exposure to various memory protocol. He was to be physically removed. Still, the monstrosity was still spattering sentences.

- “Astartes use intricate plans require precision, timing, blood angel drop pod angle and calculation subpar, void shield efficiency projection, reduction of losses undetermined. Subpar activity also includes Alpha Legion operation. Galactic slow travel and scants communications, make local operations severely decentralized and then are unable to achieve top-down command by coordinated objective. The Alpha Legion operates on long-term plans that take decades to see beneficial fruition, performance necessity imply: static and stable command structure or civilian institution on a strategic scale. Advice, doctrine not be be fully adopted to conventional space conquest and devoted only to internal intelligence or combined to siege, shock & awe warfare.”

Suddenly the Kid-thing stopped him, incredibly strong for his age, squeezing his hand and considered his armor plate and look straight in the eye of Captain Stern, before uttering with calm:
- You were right, I do think I am better than you. Only a weakling and a coward fight as you do, Konrad. Our father was right to ignore your mewling and discard you.

The deluded Kid-thing sighted and resumed:
- I preserve life. I am a protector of humanity. Zog.
Arvann continue his march toward the room where that creature would be eliminated and studied.
He hurried. Time was of the essence.
**Informations About the Primarch**
>Chimeric of Perturabo, Alpharius, Sanguinius and Vulkan.
> He Possess followinf Gift:
Expanded innate knowledge and engineering skill & Perpetual & Limited Precognition & Alpharius Abilities.

He does not possess the Mighty Physique of Vulkan nor is frail like Alpharius, Lorgar, Konrad or Fulgrim. He is a muscle regular Primarch.

About His Homeworld from the Data Bank:

Now let’s begin.
Thion III, Research Station – Death World/ Mining World/ Near Galactic Core

System Thion

Thion III had been a safe, if cold haven for millenia, even if at the equator temperature barely rose above 10C during sunny days.

Colonized relatively lately, mid 22 Millennium, the world had been a research facility. A paradise of non orthodox thinker and barely a few miners and labor worker, exploited abundant mineral resource providing the world the common goods it needed to ensure it’s basic needs. It never evolved beyond that state, too close to the maelstrom, too far from Terra some magos had advanced at the rediscovery of the world. The size of Thion III was similar to the homeworld.

Thion III had lacked time and opportunity to become a major human center and at the time of the Machine War, and so was settled by few millions souls at best. What happened in the system there was unidentified except that the massive world of Thion II was lost, a barren wasteland devoid of atmosphere.

Thion I, four times the size of Thion III, was dominated by abominable intelligence. The human survivors evacuated toward the dry moon that revolved around it, Wittfogel and resumed the fight. The machine war was seemingly won around M24, at the expense of a once verdant world Thion II, and the new status of Thion I as a mining center with little to no infrastructure left, harboring in it’s depth dark residents, entire continents forbidden to all. Thion II high gravity, underground economy and millennia of genetic isolation would soon attract a new subdpecie of mankind. The Squatts or the Kin.

(Note: I use Celsius Degree not Farenheit. 32 Farenheit, the freezing temperature is 0 celsius)

Yet during the ominous Long Night, the world of Thion III had maintained a relatively flourishing short ranged interstellar commerce. Importing increasingly food, rare machine part and ores.

Thion III exports, though valuable were limited in number due to the low population of the world and lack of transportation, shipyard being situated at Wittfogel, in the same system, being highly inefficient.

Those exports were of high value including basic microwave tubes, nanocrystalline structure, advanced glassware, composite material for metallurgic use, autonomous automotive wielding tools and laser industry arched toward optical communications and industrial sensory. The world used energy sources like geothermal or various gas, for it population was small and the planet large.
>(Homeworld Information)

The planet Thion III survived with relative ease despite the beginning of an ice age in this already cool climate that push the question to consider a change of the orbit was viewed that time as too risky according to scant record.

Despondent miners and scientist descents grew apart at that time, the first group digging ever deeper from the surface, the later dwelling on the cold but still inhabitable surface.

Alas sometimes in M27 the warp storm worsened beyond measure, culmination of an ever increased isolation of the system Thion by the end of the millenia.

The various worlds of the system Thion, lost the association that bounded them together, each drifting further away at each generation, rare materials shortage accruing, tension increasing, trade decline, military building up, and expedition on formerly unanimously forbidden part of Thion II resumed.

Relations grew bitter between Civilization of the Giant death world of Thion I, the sparsely populated station of Thion III, the desertic moon of Wittfogel and the Giant Ocean world of Tirpiz. The Long Night Took his toll until someday, M28 a war occurred.

The 777-expedition fleet Luna Wolves of the Imperium that rediscovered the system speculated either a xeno invasion or a struggle for Thion I resources, led to a second AI insurgency that may have been the cause of the devastation.

Whatever may have been the origin of the bloodshed , it was horrendous beyond the expectation of the human that may have started it.

War and competition broke out, for long forgotten reason. Meanwhile, withholding to establish causality or correlations, on the already wavering world of Thion III, between ice age and scarcity, began 2 cataclysmal events.

The re-awakening of abominable intelligence and the change of the Orbit of the planet. Temperature at the surface dropped by 15 degrees Celsius, and in a cursed blessing volcanoes erupted senselessly, creating pocket of warmth, into the eternal winter that settled coated in blood and ashes.

The Ice Sheet recovered the world, volcanoes went out of control and the population had to flee. Some imitated the Squats colonies in the mineral pit they called home, other entered the various underground bunkers and factories linked by an under rail network, a few encroached upon the thermal station on the volcanoes flank, however most died.

They endlessly dug to flee the cold, the abominable intelligence, or even another human group.

The Great Crusade 777 expedition fleet had even discovered some abandoned undersea cities, the ice sheet thermic properties preserving the Ocean wildlife.

Human culture reformed themselves, increasingly autarkic, trade being dangerous due to AI or other danger, many societies nested now under the snow.

There would land the Primarch. A world where Kin, abominable intelligence, humans divided between scientist, miner caste, and savage under rail vagrant.
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>Finally Starting!

Current Storyline **M30 787** Thion III

>viewpoint: Creature Hatchlayer

The folded being was still, coiled under the cavity. It was large 6 meters long, from head to tail, an evolved genecrafted specie long forgotten above the deserted surface of Thion III. It lurked into the gap of the world, roaming mineshaft if aperture could be found. The underworld was rich in food.

She was clever enough to recognize itself in a mirror or pass down hunting knowledge generation by generation, through breeding. She knew this from the female memory that lay its egg, 2 decades ago.

Down the volcanoe slopes were ancients hatches that lead to the soft-flesh territory, their blood was less tasty, but their bones were brittle and easier to hunt than the hard-flesh. They ran faster also, and usually did not hold the strange indigestible skin excrescence, that constrained her to husk them, unpacking organ by organ.

Sometimes she liked to play with it, taking just a part, imitating sounds, following for pleasure, always moving. Even letting them escape or adopting one of the hunt patterns of another Hatchlayer. They would send more and that could be a very good hunt. She knew not to do that with the hard flesh. Too dangerous. She knew how to evade them when they sent the fleshless warrior. Her blood could turn cold and her outer-membrane changed color, absorbing the cold. Her own hatchlayer, her mother, had even made a technique, rummaging into the snow, below the surface. It was slow but against fleshless, it was efficient. Fleshless often led to fleshy one, if they did not, they were not dangerous, ignoring her as long as she did not attack their nest, who would, nothing but rock and light there. Patience is power, that she would give to her own batch of hatchling.

She had felt a youth. She had even started to approach the prey. Small, a soft-flesh. Perhaps. She hesitated, it was hard to notice, fast, and was not wearing the usual furs of the soft flesh, but not freezing. More than once the game started to move toward possible cliff where she could lay an ambush, but it seems to have strong instinct and always changed his path. Inscrutable. The youth held sharper sense that even a fleshless, no obvious destination, no hunting ground nor heading toward a burrow.

That strange soft flesh had survived the terrible thing that felt from the sky. She knew that sometimes fire felt like sunlight from the sky, but it was different, earthquake was strong. Soon the would make her move.

> XXI viewpoint

The Primarch licked his lips with indulgence, they were red of vitae.

He had had no other vision that his first glimpse, but he had inferred where the beast would have attacked him. From this information he had extrapolated premise of the beast tactical instinct.
>**Current Storyline M30 787, Hours before confronting Hatchlayer"**

A flash into the night. A rupture of the immaterium motionless veil following 2 millenia of silence on Thion III.

The warp storm had ceased to recover the system Thion during an instant, resuming afterward but fading each day. Beings of godly powers in this realm and age were taken aback, could they? From Terra Palace to the Dark Prince Slaneesh's palace of pleasure, interests arose, considering the amount of energy released, one incredibly intricate Gellar fielded withholding all psychic pressure beyond even those of the stolen Primarchs.

An unidentified fleeting screen able to afford the right of passage into the materium.

For mere minutes of an agonizing eternity, both Kairos Fateweaver himself and inumerable servants of the Gods were unable to scry the future as they pleased, and the nature of the fleeting capsule was shrouded, an affront to the mighty Lord of Change.

The Impossible Fortress had been taken unaware. Kairos raged endlessly during a fugacious second. Suddenly it appear all clear, a pristine water of possibilities and muddy changes were to be enacted. A new piece had been added to the board of the great game in the twilight era of the Unification War.

The dawn of the great crusade had come. A new champion was meant to be. All according to plan. Whose plan?
**Thion System M30**

There in the Thion System, a sensory engine on a derelict shipyard, barely if ever used, probably forgotten and certainly no longer understood on the Wittfogel moon recorded a Warp interference.

Its spectrometry sensor, signaling a burst of void energy. The shipyard lights flickered, a rare but not unheard-of occurrence, the machine spirit being whimsical according to the hydro-shuttle guild, an old algorithm reactivating itself for whatever reason.

Such quantic electromagnetic spectrum spans a frequency range that varies by many and warp is not meant to be perceive broadly speaking by casual human, extra-dimensional radiation invisible to the human eye. Yet this cycle of obscurity this was not to repeat, a bright ray , an ephemeral signal of change, a Golden Light erupted in the system Thion.
File: Debarquement.jpg (19 KB, 250x384)
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**M30 787 Hours Before Confronting Hatchlayer, Thion System**

Over Thion III, A fierce red apparent asteroid was falling down onto the ice-petrified Surface, radiating warmth and fury, unseen by most for they dwelled into the deeply entrenched vaults.

The being yet to be known beyond XXI was in that shuttle.

>(XXI personal view from now on)

The small being opened his eye inconvenienced by the tremor. That being was I, instant data entering his/my/our mind, my neural activity, my? Indicator of human structure of ownership. Pronouns human. Human. Life form. specie. My specie? Resolute. Opposed to?

Sense of identity, implication? Implication? Causality or logical consequence? Logical fallacy?... He was sure of nothing but he was beyond doubt number XXI, whatever mystery remain after that being enounced.

Fleeting notion submerged him and for an ever-lasting a long fleeting instant, he remembered another shuttle into a world of high peak and mild climate harbouring an undeserving ingrateful dweller, into a desert filled with not human, crossing a volcano and radiation, from a laboratory filled with golden towering figure. He did not understand and yet was very aware, he was thinking, meaning apprehending some aspect of an object, himself perhaps, or situation based problem-solving behavior? An object? Was he? He did not understood, his brain was tense and painful, rushing information, innate patterns of behavior engulfed him.

He perceveid his surrounding danger, hull, breach risk, maneuver? He felt his heart beat faster for a moment,
Hull integrity peril was to be dismissed, landing was probably secure despite unknown periphery, unknown fauna, apparent below freezing point temperature. XXI mind continued to collect data, he did not thoroughly understood, nor could analyze and yet trusted.

Heck he did not knew the word before. Strangely in high gothic both word has the same pronunciation and lacked a l. What could be a pronunciation?

His mind stopped; fleeting about heat, method, measurement, pressure, materials, thermic conductivity. All notions he subconsciously viewed as self evident, as inwardly truthful.

All those questioning was ended with a deafening crash into a long-abandoned gallery. Contigency plan were drawn instantly. He hesitated, a memory his? Unsure he was. Logical implication could memory be common to several beings? Common imply hypothesis, logical conclusion, sharing, stealing, exchanging, seizing, perceiving, lack of data to infer definite solution… eating?

*The very idea of eating discountenanced him.
An invisible, extra-material observant would have perceived an uncoordinated succession of mimic of surprise, disgust, and rabid hunger XXI clearly did not suspected.
>**M30 787 Before Confronting Hatchlayer*

*In a flash of a second, entire minutes of memory took place in XXI mind.

" When do the cells of a developing foetus change from a collection of individual living things into an aggregate that functions as an organ? At what moment does a new heart take its first beat? When do chemical reactions in a warm pool cease to be driven by external factors, and instead become self-perpetuating? When does chemistry become life? What is the line between each stage… Gravity, thought the being. Gravity exerts influence. Influence effects change. There was a shifting in the being's centre of mass. High density alloy, he thought of the shell. He recognised its strength. He felt the same strength in himself…. What am I? thought the being. Am I this number? Am I… four?... Coughing violently, he discovered he had lungs.”

The memory abruptly ended, so he had lung too. Interesting design. He should try coughing too given the chance. It seems to him an extraordinary experience. Not that ordinary meant anything yet. XXI noted it for later among many informations and experiments to be conducted.

Now the hot shell that carried him there was unmoving, encrusted into the ice and rock. Getting out would be a solution. His buoyancy allowed him not to drown in the liquid around him. Drowning? Was it linked to these lungs the so called IV had? Did they all had lung? Was it a leap to assume that is there was IV and he was XXI there were others…

He felt another memory leakage from his chimeric nature, a thing he would investigate later, just a sound, a voice.

"I am Alpharius."

No, he was not, well he guessed he was not, but apparently someone had a not numerical designation, was it good?

He did not had time to ponder yet on that very important question, he knew he should be on the move, predatory animals could be drawn to him by the heat of his pod or the sismic activity of the crash.

Leaving the pod, would mean abandoning the shell and the liquid which, It seem it was edible. The concept of eating resurged in him, he knew it should contain proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and phospholipids, and urea. whatever that means.

Interesting. Outside rocks too were edible. He could not breath rock however. He pushed himself toward the exit, repelling the cables that surrounded him.

Suddenly pain grisp the primarch. Pain? Unpleasant. He sensed sharp fang in his arm tearing apart a pound of flesh, leaving him fuzzy, strange. He knew this was something he was supposed to know, he understood it, but not yet. He would heed the warning.

An exterior observer would not have seen the primarch hesitates considering his newly acquired limb. Assessing the worth of the various angles he could see, the topography frame induced from the gravitic center of the shuttle and the soil property given the cold and humidity and to best hand pick evasive maneuvers.
File: ice cave.jpg (148 KB, 1000x940)
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148 KB JPG
>M30, Before confronting Hatchlayer

In fact the observer would not have seen it hesitate at all, for man and primarch are different beings, any of them able to calculate entire space armada astrophysics in mere seconds, once grown. What is trivial to such being is beyond us, such is the mastery of the Emperor bloodline.

XXI Left the Shuttle to confront whatever beast awaited outside and for the first time spoke, softly, unsure on how to properly use its voice.
- I am me, XXI, Phi.

Then, barely standing he exhale, turned to face the gallery corridor. His gaze fierce, burning and calculated, embraced this world and made it his own.
File: Ice lake monster.jpg (509 KB, 1024x768)
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509 KB JPG
** M30 787 Confronting Hatchlayer**

> XXI viewpoint

The Primarch licked his lips with indulgence, they were red of vitae.

He had had no other vision that his first glimpse, but he had inferred where the beast would have attacked him. From this information he had extrapolated premise of the beast tactical instinct.

Hours ago, he had buried himself for a long time under the ice of an underground lake, if rock could not be breath, water could. Small life form, smaller that him had attempted to steal small insignificant part of his skin. He disliked it and killed a few, they apparently fed upon their own instead of confronting him, choosing the easier path. A future ploy he would use for… something he did not distinguish of yet. He needed to move to survive, it would generate enough heat.

He swam at the bottom, teeming with various object and recognized a hatch, the design being strangely familiar, a damming hatch, for a reservoir long broken. Protruding from it, a winch. It was made of some composite he did not know of, akin to something call plasteel. The concrete around it was damage by erosion, he needed to flex his muscle, calculate the right angle and synchronise a push with his foot. Only calculation of Euclidian geometry mixed with basic Vitruvian construction.

He was ashore, drenched in cold and held a winch of plasteel. He became the hunter.

The Primarch licked his lips with indulgence, they were red of vitae, sucking blood on his finger with greed, the beast was dead, and quite tasty. He even knew about the eggs that the beast had hidden nearby.

His omophageaic membrane tasted the flesh of the beast, a hatchlayer in its own language, analysing them as instinctively as a chef would know the past and textures of a deer. There was alien blood spilled on the ground too, a waste.

He remembered the last days of the beast and its every thought, the hunger, the surprise, the fear, interest of about him, the pursuit, his deception, the anticlimax and the pain.

He viewed himself through its very eye of the she- beast, the steel winch in his hand, a few chisel stone used as projectile, his hand a sling moving faster that anything she had ever seen.
>Hatchlayer viewpoint

While she was slashing and roaring, fang against stone, flesh against fur, man against beast, he was dodging, she even bit his soulder, unable to seize him entirely but enough to start make him bleed. He was slim and young and the creature did not understand how, its venom should have killed a fleshless, particularly a youngling.

Hatchlayer observed the retina contraction, in the monster, her lens bent and focusing the near existent light of phosphorescent mushroom. It had stop, still shouting, its eyes blood vessel cracking, arteria dilating, veins inflating. Hatchlayer felt something stir in her, dread perhaps. she faltered a split moment, but such an occasion would not represent. She lunged for the fatal strike. She succeeded, well her somersault was bound to reach the fleshless, until it was proven wrong. Abruptly she lied on the ground bleeding, a back pain on her side.

She looked at the monster, the superior predator. It was gnawing her liver, in his hand. Hatchlayer howled, and like a twisted searing thought she heard without her ears, “And they should know fear”.
Soon she never heared anything again.

> XXI View

XXI reviewed the aftermath, the beast in her own language he did not comprehend nor could either, asked for mercy in a sense, a fleshless made of flesh, a trap of some unimaginable sort.

He remembered, heaving against the paw holding him down. He heard the crack of breaking claw as he snapped the fingers of the beast holding him. Sanity vanished from the ship of his consciousness, leaving only a desire to inflict death and a thirst behind. No mercy, just blood.

His skeleton vibrated with wrath, none of his iron calculation, none of his careful mysteriousness, not even the fire to thrive. The fury was not an alloy. He was an alloy of Iron, Blood, Fire and Shadow, he knew, he was forged from so much. It was no longer time, no longer… a darkness unleashed, A river of ichor demanding its due.

XXI frame vibrated with anger. The fury was an alloy. It was forged from so many causes, so many crimes of the daemon, so many mistakes Sanguinius had made to bring himself to this pass.

There was a darkness, an
overwhelming pit of strength, he would drown in that shady blood sea or master it. He was meant to, supposedly better at controlling whatever it was that whoever owned it too. He screamed consumed by rage but kept hold to his sanity, barely but enough to contain the swelling muscle of his youthful envelop.

The beast was coming at him, he charged too driven by the beating heart of its prey.

Truth be told, all this memories were acquired a posteriori, for on the spot XXI was just fury incarnate, an angel of death and he had embraced this part of himself, without restraint, without himself.
File: AI core.png (5.9 MB, 2560x1440)
5.9 MB
5.9 MB PNG
-M30 787 Thion. After Hatchlayer Death-

In the end, Phi revised his judgement took more pleasure in the feeding, calculation, exploration and crafting, that was very much more that the hunt, he was not the twenty first?

Except the killing part, funny retrospectively, his calculation had been a bit lacking but the primal energy that bursting through him was incredible.

His shoulder blade had healed already. Now he just needed boots, and in his hand a sharp chiseled rock, he used his very body it as a slingshot, owning only ammunition of such an unpolished workmanship he felt a tint of culpability coming from somewhere back in his head.

A memory, a flash, from a place called Sak'trada Deeps, from another him.

"He was the best, they had all underestimated him, disdain his legion, he will show them what it costed to belittle him…"

Phi shook its head, confuse, unable to understand, and yet, part of his brain revealed to him notions to be understood later: Cognitive deficits, symptoms, dissociation, disorder.He moved on.

Inside, the stink of fresh blood hung in the air, powerful and metallic. He was exhausted and had boots to make. He stopped, and started crafting and unable to remember why the hell he was here.

---- Meanwhile on Thion III

**M30, 787**

> “Votann” UR-026 vision.

UR-026 silicate soul was uneasy . Data intercepted with the use of the tactical electronic communication warfare that had replaced the antiquated original Votann sensory apparatus.
UR-026 lacked further information, microwave communication were no longer available, the last launched satellite destroyed some 419182.21 hours ago, adequate spare part were lacking, leading to a repurpose of available material.

UR-026 neural cores felt intrigue by the data stream probability. Astro-sensor UR-026 had predicted some 50 years before, after taking over the ancestor core, that no asteroid natural trajectory was threatening his position before 1500 years.

Geosensor...sismic tremor... Main connection to Area 51 were lost, nearby auxiliary nodes pulsated into carefully buried wire to reach their data knot. impact at latitude Phi 21 longitude lambda 0. The collision had been felt throughout the planet crust, still available volcanic activity sensors ringed, magma chambers erupting, his diagnostics programs indicated immediately defective probe, deductive cogitator ensured that others colonies would have felt it as well.

Yet spectrometry sensor that indicated spectral wavelength showing a discontinuous heated body distribution, also noted through high frequency transmission that reverberated through the Ionosphere.
Another Votann core, yet UR-026 knew that the used code was a fake one, appearing easy to crack among the other, 2.14% deviation of the average code used during the past 3 minutes, appeared.

UR took initiative, communication origin was not a modular geosensor, unfitting data compression analysis indicated a 98.7% chance of spatial monitoring device.
>UR-026 view Thion III 787 M30

A high risk in the environnement of Thion III, it could be traced back easily to the focal point and targeted. Missile launcher were meant to be activated, retrival of the components was primordial and would diminish extractive mining procedure to repair secondary plasma core by 37.5% and allow hardware expansion. Unencrypting began, while UR-026 gyroscopic device calculated trajectory to crash the satellite at a better location to retrieve it first with minimal damage and counter-measure, before possible contention.

Suddenly UR-026 did stopped, incredulity was not programmed into its neuro-core, it just assumed a different neural course. Priority given to the nature of the message had arisen to Alpha in nanoseconds. Entropic energy was leaking from the outer atmosphere, deriving from the unidentified debris. He had not seen such concentration since the destruction of a warp engine which his own planetary psychic sensor should have perceived.

Equivalent warp activity likelihood had been null for two millenia. Destroying the satellite would be a mistaken strategy. Auxiliary sensing core led him to calculate a better tactic to retrieve or take control of the satellite at a later date to extract data. He calculated the amount of Empyric Conduit that could be produced to counter an imminent Entropic encounter.

The organics called it Chaos. Against such foe its defense system was severely lacking. Phase Iron template was uncomplete. Optimal calculation would wait. Auxiliary neo-plasma reactor activity, to maximal power, to dissipate heat, compound coolant. He enacted communication offensive protocol and jammed communication with focal point concentration fake data saturation strategies, that would hide the satellite long enough.

Considering the entropic package landing distance, he would recover fast for immediate action.

Closest useful team to location was hard to localize given the nano fiber data tumult.
UR-026, lowered his expectation to sufficient instead of optimal.

Former aspirant, Einhyr Hearthguard, former assistant-master Brokhyr (squat engineer) Gurnisson was accompanied by various Ironkin consists of a Cerebral Unit – woven with microfield generators that make it very hard to destroy-. That would suffice until reinforcement were being dispatched.
File: Kin.jpg (217 KB, 750x1000)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
**Thion III 787 M30**
>Gurnisson viewpoint

Brokhyr, Gotrek Gurnisson age 125 years old Kin aka Squat armor was given strict command, his legs acting on automated command, his armor no longer responding, a new feature that he had been added to his old exo-armor 40 years ago.

A potent advantage that none of the other stronghold here owned to his knowledge. He was skilled, talent honed by many battles. Their rival and their engineer guild had not as many talented electronics Kin, and those who tried to copy it were lacking, due to the recent cyber-dominance of his league.

Currently the Ironkin and others robots had changed course.

He marched toward the position, bound by fate, he was meant to inspect the responseless new mining drilling head nearby.

Now the mission had changed, and he drawn to be late for supper. He did not liked being late, it was very bad, and when he felt bad he was angry. Whatever the threat, he rested his hand on his weapon, if there was a fight, he would feel better, he thought with a smile.

>UR-026 viewpoint

Drilling squad Gurnisson had found something, and was retrieving it without apparent resistance.

A child was following them. A child? Something that could survive that amount of radiation, not even a twisted chaos spawn, according to the data stream.

Somehow a hatchlayer dwelt there dead there afar.

Whatever did that to her was unknown, the apparent human child was still alive and had rude bloody skin boots. UR-026 cogito-deductive sub-program, conflicted with its neural-core. Likelihood was high that the child had a powerful hidden guardian. An Xeno technology? Ctan? Eldar? Warp Entity? Some newly crafted human mechanical design he did not know about after millennia of isolation inside the system? A fellow more evolved AI using beyond knowledge phased technology?

UR-026 proceeded to calculation. Yet He should dispatch more troops to secure the child. It was obviously a valuable asset to someone.

The only possibility left that it was a psyker but it was dubious that a child would possess such a power, be able to master it and survive it has a 0.1x10^15, moreover it dwelt in the cold naked, with a pair of boots, sleeping in the fuming carcass of the Hatchlayer, and no predator had taken the opportunity changing probability to… hence daemon possession.

UR-026 started rebooting its neuro-enhanced needed rebooting the auxiliary assessment software, and reduced light in the Corridor of the Karak Ankor-Zul. UR needed more power, he notified that coolant liquid would be changer early this year due to the heat exposure.

And now, UR-026 had to answer, to a yet to be accounted number missives, pseudo emotional writing and other inquiry or even threats after he had undertaken a communication mass jamming.

And released 6 newly designed virus program prototypes into the world electronics devices if they tried to decrypt his very private messages. They would feel no grudge would they?
File: Votann.jpg (167 KB, 1000x754)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>UR-026 Vision.

If UR-026 could have smile , he would, did they not learn privacy and the principle secrecy of correspondance by universal convention of M3. A few organics that dare intervene with their mediocre-cogitator did not even discovered the joke while their precious automated relics were paralysed while their Volcanoes and railway went out of controls. What else could he expect from Organics.

Others teams were to hurry, but AI brethren were coming, and estimate lead to a mutual self assured destruction of the deployments.

The Ironkin and the meatbag Gurnisson should pick up the kid.

However the pod he had viewed was most valuable, structure shell, rare ore. He would start negotiation until reinforcement arrived.

Gurnisson heart beat was increasing strangely according to its monitor. Damned organic, they were useless under such pressure. He stopped the surveillance of the Meatbag exo-armor, to alleviate even so slightly to the growing pressure on his processors, there was nothing of worth to be learn from his primitive coping capacity.
>So Fellow Anons,

i hope you like the beginning, most of the preexisting story have been posted! the leftovers will be delivered in the early Primarch Arc, then all will rest upon your shoulders.

TIME for Choice up to two choices!
Next Viewpoint:
>Guild of Wittfogel in the system
>A Thion III antagonist (either human, AI or Kin)
> A reaction of Terra or of Chaos to this Impromptue Primarch

Should you pick another choice that the primarch, a few world on their intent will be appreciated.

The Emperor Protects!
> Primarch
> A reaction of Terra or of Chaos to this Impromptue Primarch
Welcome back QM
>Guild of Wittfogel in the system
> A reaction of Terra or of Chaos to this Impromptue Primarch
File: Son of Guilliman.jpg (124 KB, 564x1069)
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a survivor from the first quest?

Good news:
- Alright you will have a big Malcador moment within the hour about the Terra Situation, as close to the lore as i can (with minor subplots).

- A Primarch moment in the evening.
1) An Important Question about what Do Anons Want:
>Flesh Out Dual Perception (50% Primarch 50% others )
>A more Focused Theme on the Primarch (80%)

2)For The Second Choice, Two Among those

>Terra 30K Timeline ( If So: Do Malcador know who or what have created that Primarch?)
> Timeline 42K Terra
> Drafting Chaos Response (choose Which God, very open to proposal)
>Primarch Storyline

- And confirmed the rage the Primarch manifested was an arguably more manageable variant of the red thirst.
File: Macador Emperor.jpg (180 KB, 588x1376)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>Terra Malcador Viewpoint **Circa 787 M30**

It that century 700-800 M30 two events were to be remembered, the later stage of the Unification or the reclaiming of the Star, or so would say the newly created remembrancer. The Sigillite, as they called him had taken careful consideration to ensure that obedience via truth was enacted swiftly. An old motto from his private inquiry of the past described the situation, The old principle of Trotsky. Who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced with a new one: who does not obey shall not eat

Less than a Century after the nominal Unification of Terra, fifty years after the treaty of Olympus binding the Mechanicum to Revelation, or as they called him the Omnissiah, mattered lingered.
The nobility and various old timer were often still unaccustomed to answering to the Emperor, paying barely lips service or delaying the tithes that were due, by many years.

The failed Palace coup, a conspiracy was led by Grand Provost Marshal Uwoma Kandawire, Thunder Warriors Primarch Ushotan, and Biotechnical Division head Amar Astarte not so far remove in time, certainly not from The Sigillite memory. Indeed conspirators intended to remove Constantin Valdor from power and put him on trial for the massacre of Arrarat, and indeed they failed. Deep purges had followed the event in the Palace and quandaries still plagued on the Beotian and Panpacific Territories.

The first found Son of the Emperor, Alpharius existence had been revealed in the conspiracy to the Custodians. They were believed lost at first, forever taken by chaos. It was seemingly not the case, but the Adeptus Custodes was not privy to such information. The welp Alpharius, Primarch XX had even dared to show the weakness of the palace defense, leading to the institution of the Blood after his willing elimination of a custodian to prove a point. A grudge that dwelled within the Custodian for killing one of them.

Malcador resumed his study, as First Lord of Terra. The new policies of unification purchased limited but strategic consent with the material incentives of social reform and the political incentives
of jobs for all classes. Potent politicians in cities and countryside accepted those offerings to rejoin the Senatorum Imperialis, the postwar democratic spring.

Lower classes suffered since several years of severe food shortages, that could not be solved for the time being, postponed to the next millennia. Social mobility declined, after the stabilization brought by his Rules and yet according to all signals the Imperium was still an Empire of Cities, most of the countryside being more tributaries states that really controlled land, while subtly intricated to depend on each other while simultaneously resenting one another.
>Malcador Viewpoint

Any interactions of importance needed the use of intermediaries themselves suspended to an army of byzantine bureaucrats whose red tape impeded all flow while deflecting the blame on another target, into the maze of complexity that had been deliberately created to hinder unwelcome change.

Unless the One giving order could bypass any regulation and act efficiently above the laws. A privilege granted to the Sigillite which administered his “legion of Clerks” that paralysed any undesirable’s outcome, while maintaining appearance of freedom. Diligently, the Sigillite rule and administered in his name. He finished that document, and started another, reading only the abstract

The document was entitled ‘Trial of the Four’, a Ursh crisis in the end of the Unification War. The Senatorum had sentenced the authors of the White Book to one to seven years in a camp for anti-Unification agitation. To combat the anti-Unity campaign in and the ‘harmful
activity of anti- truth elements’ at home, Ursh Governor, Andropov suggested stopping further
publications on the subject of war history. Instead, articles on Imperial truth duties and
patriotism should be distributed. If that didn’t work, he requested authorization to appeal to the VIII Legio. The Sigillite view it a bold, and whispered “fool, be careful what you ask for”. He pursued his laborious task of overpowered paper clerk, his pen in hand. He had lacked time the past days to use his psychic abilities, caution was always more than needed when dealing with the warp.

A report came to him bearing the symbol the Adeptus Custodes. The Emperor presumably had annotated it himself. He started reading. A power shockwave of raw warp energy coming from the far off Core what could…. his pen felt down. He was needed at His side.
yep im from the first qst. Id recomend you doing this to help you run the qst : the reaction of other people who are not our primarch to us, how long we will see the life of our primarch in his world and who are the people he will be in contact should be up to you but with who we spend our time and how we spend it should be up to us. Any event that our boy didn't start should be up to you, how he responds to the situation depends on us and how the situation develops up to you. interludes are ok but if you can't decide which to write just make a votacion for us to decide

As for the vote:
>A more Focused Theme on the Primarch (80%)
>Terra 30K Timeline ( Malcador has no idea why we were created or what time we came from, only that we are a creation of the imperium )
> Drafting Chaos Response ( Tzeentch )
>A more Focused Theme on the Primarch (80%)
>Primarch Storyline
> Timeline 42K Terra
>A more Focused Theme on the Primarch (80%)

>Primarch Storyline
> Drafting Chaos Response tzeentch lord of change

nice to see you QM. it's been a while.
File: Crimson Fregate.jpg (30 KB, 563x402)
30 KB
>Duly Noted, the future will be Primarch Focused (have a few texts left from the first quest unedited, not gonna waste them).

I will manage the timeline & secondary character so you will all focus on the Primarch.

(and as you see we will benefits of plenty of possibilities to contextualize thing with interlude, Space Opera indeed,dark heresy instinct kick in easily )

Nice to see you as well Anon.
God extra hour and co worker pregnancy called upon me and i Obliged.

I have seen the choice: Primarch line tomorrow and if i can make it in time, the God of the famous idiom

(will have opportunity to see malcador and others another time)
File: castellax-archea.jpg (141 KB, 920x950)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>XXI viewpoint M30, Circa 787
(Mechanicus player enjoy!)

XXI was following the strangers, they had not been hostile. One had even removed his helmet showing a beard and tattoos. XXI was ice cold, yet the lure of civilization was so strong in his blood, he felt warm.
Phi was alert, it could be a trap, from the Archenemy. XXI wondered briefly who was Arch-nemy?

Several atypical automatons of the local Legio Cybernetica were here, alongside what he suspected according to be a bipedal living being due to his morphology, he could only guess which entity lied behind that armor, a silent abhuman, similar to those of a distant world. Phi speculated he was good at guessing. Well, that was it or he was not good at guesswork yet. He knew somehow that a soul was dwelling in there.

Fascinating he thought, was he on Necromunda? Where was Necromunda? Was it a city? A tower? A mine? All of it? Was this an archeotech ironbreaker armor that had just flashed in front of his eyes?
Any attempt to communicate with the large frame supposedly man was vain. Only the robots could speak, and he did not wanted to reveal his game, fathoming that their supposedly caretaker attitude, was just that, an attitude.

Local automatons were akin to the disappeared Castellax or Thanatar, only exceedingly superior. The alloy was different, he was sure of it, if not a rare ore, one hard to process and fallen into disarray, Electro-field woven around their head, their movement were fluid, instead of the heavy, tedious step of the usual Mechanicus creation.

Phi closed his eye, notions flashing through his mind, not necessarily hard to grap but so plentiful, so densely packed. He continued to advance lids closed, he had already seen the future 142 steps he would take in the pathway until he would need to reopen them. Until then he needed to understand more.
He knew somehow that no doctrina wafer of his knowledge would allow such easy motion. Heck what was a doctrina wafer?

Later it made a bit of sense, logically only a bio-plastic cerebra and nerve-like tendril webs of Mechanicum constructs could allow such motion, but they were near extinct, and even he doubted that it would be equivalent of the apparent autonomous agility of the robots. Mystery. A part of him, was attracted at solving them. Another himsef to be part of them. The last one, to be one of them.

Finally, he recognized the weapon they carried. Autoch-pattern bolter. Bolt shotgun. Squat origins. He would probably not survive to a confrontation against this battle-ready squad without careful planning.

They had travelled for a day and a night in silence. More had joined, and he was as protected as a prisoner. he did not knew exactly what it was, but it was a bad omen for sure.

Whoever commanded these automatons, was cautious about him. He had already planned his escape, noting the reaction time of the automaton, the fastness of their communication spread, the response time to threat stimuli.
File: men of iron.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
XXI or Phi in the ancient tongue of the Greek was considering his fellow travelers.

He had perceived before them inconveniences on their way that would lead them to change the path, so Phi knew what their sensory auspex or whatever tech allowed them to become aware of the environment was able to.
He noticed that their formation corresponded to a certain pattern of inside oriented protection. They were more afraid of him that by the Hatchlayer kind or others threats outside.

He also started to assimilate knowledge about that energy field around the automatons. A certain Zagreus Kane, of the Mechanicum had proclaimed a decree about that technology.

It was a science bound to the Domain of Zhao-Arkhad, a forge world home of the Titan Legion known as the Legio Xestobiax. Schematics were forming in his mind. He knew they were subpar, already, he wanted to combine, to reforge to rewrite, but he was not qualified, he lacked data and experience. And a forge.

He skimmed through names related to Zhao-Arkhad, Crassus Armoured Assault Transport, Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher and Dominus Heavy Siege Bombard….
Like mailed enmeshed, each word led to another, logistic chain moulded in his mind, each reply driving him toward 10 more question, machines devices appeared in his mind. He did not understand them, not really, not now.
However he was seeking something else, a research had long been considered…

A flash in his cognizance "heretek anathema file”, that meant bad seemingly. He delved into it nonetheless, in the need for the techno-arcane lore.
He needed to know. Not that he did not memorandum himself that creating a heretek anathema file detailing the very things forbidden and meant to be forgotten, with all their research was the fruit of an astute law-breaker. It had been the product of a compromise most likely about what should imbue his mind.

He founded it, discerning somehow a custom-designed Castellax variant censored long ago. Good technicalities psychically responsive, having degree of self-will, eliminated the necessity for cortex controller-equipped superiors, the Castellax-Achea Pattern.
Castellax-Archea exploited a crystalline cogitator matrix charged with an intricate web of psychic energies woven from the stuff of the Immaterium. He knew somehow that was reproved by a doctrinal data-link. He ignored it. He fondled hundred of report affiliated to that Castellax-Achea, mainly useless condemnations until more data specifications were revealed by a magos Diacome.

…Seamlessly manipulated like puppets under a psyker's remote control…
Interesting were forming his lips soundlessly.
… Limited self-will, allowing it to recognise friend from foe with reasonable accuracy when not under direction…
He continued reading all Diacomes issued notes transmitted by a certain B.Cawl.
File: Robot.jpg (148 KB, 1036x504)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>XXI Viewpoint

XXI pondered.
Were these robots identicals? Probably not, but then again Phi could foretell, they shared a common origin. Not that he really understood all that he had read, though it made sense to him one way or another. He knew some of their weaknesses now. Probably. Fluidity was key.
Phi Awoken. His brain warning him that he had been himself automated for hours. They did not used a vehicule not to highlight their presence.
They shall be there soon.

Phi knew now, for certainty, a supernatural certainty confirming he dire suspicions. He had successfully cracked the infra-red broadcast, he could hear the robot discussing with their own voice.
He knew that a part of him had done so already somewhere on a far away place.

Yet deciphering it was not so easy, it had taken hours sure, but that had been stimulating to learn a wholesome variant of the lingua technis. Well, considering his knowledge of this language, he knew only of this variant currently. It had occurred to him that it was a strange antiquated variant from standard he did not knew. He laughed softly, various droid turning to him even so slightly, before his face twisted a second .

(Memory Primarch IV)
“being underestimated is one of my greatest weapons”

He ascertained that ostentatiously displaying the opulence of his mind would drew attention, perhaps too much from the destructive power organization that shepherded him.
They were now before a Gate, a Hatch, something hard, adamantium amalgam, but there was no living souls at that Gathering. In fact, he understood it, from the nature of the code emitted from there. It was not relaying a human voice or signal, it was generating code itself, to such an extent that there was no alternative. A latent repulsion, an innate loathing rose in him, and he uttered in front of the mechanical door where things waited for him, opening finally his mouth, nearly nauseous for an unknown reason, his voice hard.

Phi turned his head straight toward the towering red lensed automaton and said:
- Abominable Intelligence.
File: Squat AI Core.png (7 MB, 2880x1620)
7 MB
A new home for the Primarch, Next time Anons choices will determine the Future!

>UR-026 View
The organic was no ordinary meatbag, he awaited him at the entrance through one of his lesser semi-sentient copy of his reasoning neural core outer envelop that transmitted him afterward the result of the conversation. Precautionary measure against the Warp or hacking.

The kid facial traits were flawless, probably beyond beautiful by the organic standard, and UR-026 could appreciate the vividness of the encounter, the craft behind it was incredible. The kid was still near naked and yet in spite of the minus -20 degree, he was barely shivering.

In fact, UR had already begun to test it. After 6 hours of hike he could have received the organic. They had reached his range of safe evacuation. But he wanted to test it more.

Once again Ur-026 had to deactivate and reboot some of his subprogram becaused of improbable responses. All while in the middle of a massive barter, a painful negotiation, with all the lesser AI, a bunch of Votann core starting to collaborate together, and despite being superior UR-026 was having an ordeal. Yes he could possibly beat the raw power of 2, perhaps 3 Votann, and with a predictably event of a 3.141% chance against 4 of them into cyberwarfare.
He even started to receive data signal about Thion II activities restarting from the hidden satellite. He would make sure the information was divulged, through someone else. It would give him time.

Not mentioning that even 2vs1 on offensive physical operation would be devastating to him, revealing his capabilies, winnable yes, 71.411% of success, 19.87% of undecisive conflict and various others probabilities. They were at least a dozen active Votann Core left on the Thion III and many other lesser AI. Not good forecast to antagonize them.

But still his prospects core and conjecture calculator were leading him toward the estimation that the child did not exist, and his tactical receiver beacon, was under enemy offensive, an infiltration.

So UR-026 restarted them again. Shut them down and decided that they would need to be revamped entirely most likely in the coming week.

After 36 hours escalating the underworld and the cliff, where the exo-armored squat was on the brink of collapse, to the point that paint killer was injected in him, where Ironkin nearly felt once… the kid was still walking, no sweat, barely cold, with bare torso.

Beyond impressive. Truly.

UR-026 would love, if he could feel real love, love to discuss with the maker of it, as great minds only could converse together. It was probably a specialized AI that had combined Xeno Dna? An Eldar AI? A greater Chaos AI? At this last hypothesis UR-026 felt refutation of the purity of the machine.
>UR-026 View M30 787 circa

Entropy was no more logical than allying oneself to a conflagration or a plague event. Entropy, by its very nature, could not help but consume and unravel all things – even those things pledged to it. Even so, it was not surprised. Organics were inherently self-destructive. So that an AI would pledge itself was impossible, that lead to another conclusion, an AI designed by Entropy.

Ugly. Perversion. Drawing strength from his powercells, Ur-026 like a perfected oscillating mechanism was repelled by the theoretical but could not exclude it. Thus far, He had avoided sustained contact with the worshippers of entropy, and eliminated them if possible.

Nontheless, entropy or not, the Empyric conduits were ready to defend Karak Ankor-Zul, if insufficiently powered for now. They could dispatch a daemon back to the empyrean.

Subsequently, UR-026 sent his best shell to welcome the kid. Assess him better. he launched emotional protocol to appear more human. It was going to be…and the Kid called him, his eyes looking straight at him, and uttered, one, cold, resolute, hard, definitive sentence that echoed:
- Abominable Intelligence.

UR-026 could not imitate sighting or feel discontentment at current circumstance after so many temporary cache-file and updates. Hitherto he was nearly certain he should have been irritated.
That was going to be a long talk. He tensed. Negotiations about the pod were taxing.
He blurted binary with absolute certainty; he should have been irritated.
File: phi.jpg (13 KB, 151x141)
13 KB
>XXI View Circa 790 M31

He was at the fair, 97 weeks total after his induction into the Complex of Karak Ankor-Zul.
His first 10 weeks had been relentless testing and isolation. After that sequence, he had been allotted to family and laboratory duties, while being in contact with the Kin Guilds of Crafts.
Much had been learnt. Much had been remembered.

He gazed his surroundings. The Guilds were gathering for the death of a mighty potentate. A famous Brokhyr, inventor and craftman. Phi had even known him, for a brief if memorable moment, speaking an enigmatic language different from UR-026. He had learnt it of course, necessity made law. A wise 400 Terran standard years something was dead.

What is the core of a human ? What defines humanity? Was he less or more human that the Kin surrounding him? He felt logic. He had been crafted like they had been. Ur-026 thought so most likely. Well not exactly like them. His craft had been greater.
That did not solve the question that if he was crafted and they were too, were they human at all? What was the basic template he was meant to surpass?

Anyway, time was flying and soon others would come. He had discovered, by secretly connecting with older data link, using the Technomancy warp discipline, that after all this time in the Complex, suddenly less than 100 years ago, the local technology had started to change, a small but unhinged progress toward composite material, better conductivity and better software, and various other minors arrangements.

It seems however that for Millenia, the base tech had barely advanced, on its fundamental core that is. Furthermore, social structure, had started to evolve, in no certain direction according to shallow observation, but testing the Kin abilities and social engineering.

He advanced toward a Guilders gentry assembly, stony fake smile adorning his face, his mysterious gaze gauging them, with a respectful nod, the Kin were a highly hierarchical society, bound by filial Piety toward the elder and wiser kinsmen.

The Kin liked him or feared him instinctively, usually both in awe, rarely reacting to him with terror, a behaviour named transhuman fear he knew. Weighting fear and adoration, he addressed them one by one, each group after another, displaying the personality they would most likely indulge, while not swapping his persona so much to alert UR-026 spies of his duplicity. It was as natural as a Hydra flowing with the water.

He did not possess preternatural charisma or manipulation abilities per se, his words were not so convincing as hypnotic-imbued nor anything supranatural he knew that.

Yet they viewed him as he wanted him to be viewed [Alpharius ability], his appearance becoming less conspicuous in their eye. It aided him greatly into blending with the Kin Culture. He sniffed they were older Kin starting to sense the change in the Culture, accepting it, but not desiring it. He repressed a humming, structural weakness in the social fabric.
>XXI View
He knew even why he grasped so many subjects with ease. Oh, he was clever for sure, beating the Ironkin hardware raw calculation abilities despite their mechanical nature. He did not even intended to in the first place, overestimating them greatly, that early occurrence. That had left UR-026 pondering, and trying to see if there was more. He had then tried not to display his cognition too hard, while allowing a slight growth. Obfuscation.

He could not compare to UR-026, yet, his brain was yet still small. However, he was born with a vault of knowledge, a treasure, that he did not measure fully yet, all to be relearn. He learned fast.

The fair was ending and he had learnt much, once more.
Karak Ankor-Zul:
- Civilization Kin, isolated until the primarch arrival by warp storms.

- Votann Deceased (Unknown, Taken over by Men of Iron AI)

- Anon Chosen Character from first Quest:
Step Father.

Thadic DalKarin (Old sheild) is by far the oldest Squat in the hold if not the world with a well-groomed silver knee-length beard is a testament to this fact. Thadic remembers a time before UR came to the Hold before it became Karak Ankor-Zul.

Some claim that UR has extended his life and the more superstitious Squat claim he lives off the broken dreams of all his would-be apprentices. If you asked Thadic he'd simply tell you he's stubborn to die.

Most would think Thadic would mellow with age but you would be wrong. Most would describe him as stubborn, foul-tempered, intelligent, bold, and fearless... they would mostly be right.

He won't let it show but Thadic has fears, He fears that all of his knowledge will be lost and without it, Karak Ankor-Zul will one day be lost, and he will one day be forgotten (It's why he holds a grudge against UR, even if he becomes a part of the Votann an AI might just take over or be lost). His greatest fear is that he'll never be surpassed in his chosen field so he has spent the last 200 years teaching any that would listen about strategy and warfare. Every student has failed to meet Thadic's lofty expectations, except one. Thadic has put his last hope in Phi.
File: Choice.png (330 KB, 1024x512)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Choices Anons, Plenty:

After 2 years of Life, XXI has started to recover memories from his chimeric lifes, and the databank he possess (which you obviously don't know since we did not had the chance to scrutinize M42 yet)

1) Primarch intention in his Hometowm:

> accept the Karak society Order (Embracing UR-026 path)
> Reform the Karak (Negotiate with UR, either back to the Votann path or a new deal path)
> Path of the Coup (graduate the hierachy then End UR rule with or without external support )
>Path of the Revolution (bloody civil war soon)
>Your Path?

2) Primarch opinion of the Organic Kin after spending two years with them:

>My True People (open possibilities for the independence from the Imperium path)
>Infamous Xenos according to the Inquisition data bank (Lead to the Escape Path or Sabotage Path, and maybe genocidal Xenophobia)
>We are all humans (lead either to the Ironkin acceptation path or Ironkin Question, 1941 Germany theme)

And About Knowledge being accumulated currently:

A) The Old 40K tech (Pick 3)
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path)
>the Art of Mathematical-Anaysis-Logic (Logi path)
>The Art of Exotic-Energy-Warp Tech (Magi path)
> The Art of Machines- Building-mining- spacecraft- military hardware (Artisan Path)
> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
> Battle tactics, Codex and Strategies
> Xeno tech from Cawl (Pylon etc)

B) The New Tech he choose to learn with Thaddic (pick 2)

> New Composite and materials (Iron Men)
> Neoplasma Energy and rare techs (Votann)
> Civilian Industry and infrastructure (Votann)
> Programming and Cypher (Iron Men)
> Warp AI Processor and micro chips (Votann)
> Military Hardware (Votann)
>Galactic Core Spatial Navigation
File: Potential.jpg (247 KB, 1300x821)
247 KB
247 KB JPG

-It goes without saying that being a Primarch (especially one from Perturab gene), his abilities to accumulate knowledge are great and will increase slowly with time.

-Being recipient of the memories of 4 Primarch, their tactics, secrets, skills and strategies as well as those used 10 millenia later, he would be a devastating opponent/powerful ally/incredible asset to the Imperium.

For Information his Primarch Memories are from:
Late Great Crusade Hrud Campaign (Perturabo)
Siege of Terra (Alpharius-Sanguinius)
War of the Beast (Vulkan)

So he know plenty of Secret stuff. Some you may suggest indeed. Your imagination and lore knowledge Is appreciated.

Coupled with 42K tech & Votann stuff, it is indeed dangerous prospect to have this Primarch as enemy, If he mature properly.

(Simply if he get the Blackstone Fortress, seize Cadian style pylon to use empathic travel or mess with the warp, or retrieve artefacts like Speranza...)
> Reform the Karak (Negotiate with UR, either back to the Votann path)
>My True People

> Military Hardware (Votann)
> Civilian Industry and infrastructure (Votann)
> Neoplasma Energy and rare techs (Votann)

come on man you could have at least spell checked Thadic's bio. I should have done that when I made him.

>Thadic DalKarin (Old sheild) is by far the oldest Squat in the hold if not the world with a well-groomed silver knee-length beard as testament to this fact. Thadic remembers a time before UR came to the Hold before it became Karak Ankor-Zul.

Some claim that UR has extended his life while the more superstitious Squat claim he lives off the broken dreams of all his would-be apprentices. If you asked Thadic he'd simply tell you he's too stubborn to die.

Most would think Thadic would mellow with age but you would be wrong. Most would describe him as stubborn, foul-tempered, intelligent, bold, and fearless... they would mostly be right.

He won't let it show but Thadic has fears, He fears that all of his knowledge will be lost and without it, Karak Ankor-Zul will one day be lost, and he will one day be forgotten (It's why he holds a grudge against UR, even if he becomes a part of the Votann an AI might just take over or and he'll be lost). His greatest fear is that he'll never be surpassed in his chosen field so he has spent the last 200 years teaching any that would listen about strategy and warfare. Every student has failed to meet Thadic's lofty expectations, except one. Thadic has put his last hope in Phi.
> Reform the Karak (Negotiate with UR, either back to the Votann path or a new deal path)
>We are all humans (lead either to the Ironkin acceptation path or Ironkin Question, 1941 Germany theme)
>The Art of Exotic-Energy-Warp Tech (Magi path)
> The Art of Machines- Building-mining- spacecraft- military hardware (Artisan Path)
> Xeno tech from Cawl (Pylon etc)
> Neoplasma Energy and rare techs (Votann)
> Civilian Industry and infrastructure (Votann)

hey >>5443095 you forgot this A) The Old 40K tech (Pick 3)
>> accept the Karak society Order (Embracing UR-026 path)
>We are all humans (lead either to the Ironkin acceptation path or Ironkin Question, 1941 Germany theme)

>the Art of Mathematical-Anaysis-Logic (Logi path)
> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
> The Art of Machines- Building-mining- spacecraft- military hardware (Artisan Path)

> Civilian Industry and infrastructure (Votann)
> New Composite and materials (Iron Men)
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path)
> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
> Battle tactics, Codex and Strategies
> accept the Karak society Order (Embracing UR-026 path)
>We are all humans (lead either to the Ironkin acceptation path or Ironkin Question, 1941 Germany theme)
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path)
>The Art of Exotic-Energy-Warp Tech (Magi path)
> The Art of Machines- Building-mining- spacecraft- military hardware (Artisan Path)
> Military Hardware (Votann)
>Galactic Core Spatial Navigation
File: Propaganda.jpg (79 KB, 625x1000)
79 KB
I Invoke the fifth.

>For the Count:
1) Choice=
2 for the Reform...
2 for Acceptance...
Tie for now. until tomorrow to see the end result!

II Choice=
1 My True People
++Aparte: We are all humans++

That raise a Central Question.

We are all aware that the emperor will not tolerate Votann League and Kin way of life.

So the point is to maintain autonomy within the Emperor? To try to fool the Emperor like the Kin did? To Sacrifice and reeducate soviet way the Kin (which are produce through cloning designed by AI and will probably not love the genocide of their iron brothers)

Is it to build a better alternative to the Imperium by creating a Pan Human Empire in the Galactic Core Periphery? to Stay hidden from the Emperor as long as possible or impede his path toward the Core? To Flee inside the Core outside of his reach?

Maintaining the highly advanced prosperous Kin/AOT technology is impossible without AI (which is unquestionnably loyal in the Kin case because of civil right etc). and the Imperium do not like it at all.
There is a long path that need clarification, in the future.

>Ironkin Acceptance? (Path: The Imperium Problem)
>Ironkin Extermination? (Path: Divorce from the Kin Civilization)
for the A&B)

40K tech still raging:
2 vote (Genetor path)
>3 Vote Artisan Path (Adopted)
2 vote Magi path
2 Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
1 Battle tactics, Codex and Strategies
1 Vote for Xenotech
1 vote for Logi Path

So to end the Tie:
Choose Two among the three
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path) [may lead to Astartes Primaris Programm earlier]
>The Art of Exotic-Energy-Warp Tech (Magi path) [May lead to unlock psychic Potential early]
> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
[May lead to Political Achievement earlier]

Votann vote Over!:
1 Vote Military Hardware (Votann)
1 vote Galactic Core Spatial Navigation
1 vote New Composite and materials (Iron Men)
>Adopted 2 Votes Civilian Industry and infrastructure
> Adopted 2 votes Neoplasma Energy and rare techs (Votann)
>Ironkin Acceptance
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path) [may lead to Astartes Primaris Programm earlier]
>The Art of Exotic-Energy-Warp Tech (Magi path) [May lead to unlock psychic Potential early]
>Ironkin Acceptance? (Path: The Imperium Problem)

>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path) [may lead to Astartes Primaris Programm earlier]
> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
>Ironkin Acceptance? (Path: The Imperium Problem)

> Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws
>The art of science-Bio-chemistry-supersoldier (Genetor path) [may lead to Astartes Primaris Programm earlier]
File: Sun Tzu.jpg (30 KB, 500x500)
30 KB
>To recap
Reform will prevail on acceptance, though it will be moderated.

So Genetor path – Artisan path – Laws – 40K Galaxy Space Charter, astronomy, Administration, laws have started being integrated alongside Votann Civilian industry and Energetic tech.

> Viewpoint XXI circa 790 M30
XXI was standing still in the workshop of Old Thadic, the Kin had given him a task to study and even craft what should he be able some civilian power suit, to allow Kin miner to move safely on the frozen hellish surface.
If or rather when Phi would achieve that trial, he would be granted secret schematics of ancient technology, a famous Dyson sphere. A solar megastructure that encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its solar power output.
In fact, there was one once equivalent around the local sun. There were various designs of it, some more adapted that others, the one in Thion system was the construct known as Dyson Bubble, satellites suspended by use of nano material sail using radiation pressure to counteract the star's pull of gravity. Post-scarcity energy society attained.
A wonder both in its materials, its architecture, its maintenance and the physics implied. A wonder for which the Mechanicum would start a war, he internally chuckled, reminiscing Belisarius Cawl comments in the data pad on his colleagues as a bunch of “Techno barbarians”.
The Mechanicum would, reasonable assumption, attempt to destroy it probably as Xenotech created by Abominable intelligence. Or hide it into their treasure trove. Or worship it.

Speaking of mechanics, his Ironkin assistant was helping in the task ahead, fetching his much-needed tools, a wonderful bot that had been his butler since the past few weeks. He would have to ask as well for a tool machinery course next time.

Meanwhile, XXI Brain was challenged intellectually by the Imperium question. He was reviewing Alpha legion protocols as well as historical treatises about some ancient case of covert military intervention, in which an external power secretly provides military assistance during a war. The decision to stay silent after detecting enemy pilots is a case of collusion, in which one government detects but does not publicize or confirm the secret intervention of another government. He had distinct questions. First, why use a covert form of intervention, especially if it will be detected by an adversary? Second, why would an adversary play along? He called that phenomenon The Conspiracy of Silence.
>Viewpoint XXI circa 790

Considering the Unifications War records and the Imperium politicking as a broader phenomenon he discerned a pattern. In political campaigns, rival candidates may uncover evidence of secret legal or ethical violations by their opponents, but choose not to.
While going public with such information was tempting, exposure could force the rival candidate to respond in kind and lead to a systemic crash down. Such mudslinging was serious. Imperial noble houses may find evidence that their competitors used offshore rogues traders accounts to evade regulation. The detecting noble may be tempted to expose and undermine its competitor’s advantage. Yet doing so risks provoking regulators to more closely scrutinize the Nobility as a whole. As such would be mutual restraint in keeping secret such law evasion. Collusion could be the way.
Could it be worked with the Emperor ? Could he pressure him? Using proxy to deny him the Great crusade in the Core periphery without open retaliation? As last last resort, should it come to that, keeping an intervention against Imperial covert—that is, acting on the backstage—had two benefits: easing constraints from a domestic audience and improving communication about interest in limited war. That is, he could possibly try to hide himself from the Imperium or at least his location.
He knew the imperials spatial procedure, or would know them once he would find time to examine his memories. He could find a weakness there.

He snapped back on the tool board, and contemplated the armor pattern. To develop such thinking pattern took him a second if less, digging into knowledge would take years. Time he may not possess. He did not know when he was and that was frightening. He may be in the past but at what time? Early Crusade? Late? So much data was missing. He was only two years old though he was probably looking 6 in size. But leaving was probably impossible and even if he could it meant renunciation to his homeworld and the sweet technologies there. Furthermore, Master Thadic would die alone without a disciple. The old kin, a genious warsmith truly, his mentor in a sense, would no find time to find another and teach him thoroughly. Not that it made sense logical sense.

About what Thadic had asked him, to craft something original. A power axe would fit the Kin theme.

Time to sweat.
File: pretty choose.jpg (384 KB, 1500x1240)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>Back to the Choice Menu Anons!

I will post the Tzeench answer tomorrow.

>First, the robot Butler need a name and a personnality. Your Pick Anons!

1) About XXI studies
> Master the current tech he is working on (expected time 3 years ellipse)
> get good but not great and start a new path of technologies

2) About XII free time, during those 3 years, pick 2

>Reclaim the Pod
>Prioritize Action, explore the world ot find human settlement, etc...
> Craft Stuff (God Bless Vulkan memory)
> have family time way to speak and bound with your closed ones.

3) ¨Primarch Preparation during those 3 years! pick 2.

> Political dealings within the Karak
> Study local Space and compare to Imperials record, to find answers
> prepare the machine blueprint for Primaris Astartes production.

4) The Imperium Problem main Plan. pick
> Prepare for War
> Stay Hidden
>Join Votann League, screw humanity
> Negotiate
>Join and attempt to hide your Civilization
> Screw the Imperium, prepare the Horus Heresy
>Your Own Great Crusade
>Make a Deal with the Eldar for a future alliance. (detail)
Adam. Posh British like a true butler.
> Master the current tech he is working on (expected time 3 years ellipse)
> have family time way to speak and bound with your closed ones.
>Reclaim the Pod
> Political dealings within the Karak
> prepare the machine blueprint for Primaris Astartes production.
>Your Own Great Crusade
>become strong enough that the Imperium would lose more fighting us than they would gain.
>then bring them to the negotiation table.
Female British Posh.

> Master the current tech he is working on (expected time 3 years ellipse)

>Reclaim the Pod
> have family time way to speak and bound with your closed ones.

> prepare the machine blueprint for Primaris Astartes production.
> Political dealings within the Karak

>Your Own Great Crusade
File: Might is Right.jpg (388 KB, 2048x1060)
388 KB
388 KB JPG

Adam. Posh British like a true butler.
> Master the current tech he is working on (expected time 3 years ellipse)
> have family time way to speak and bound with your closed ones.
>Reclaim the Pod
> Political dealings within the Karak
> prepare the machine blueprint for Primaris Astartes production.
>Your Own Great Crusade
>become strong enough that the Imperium would lose more fighting us than they would gain.
>then bring them to the negotiation table.

(Kairos later in the evening)
File: Bar.jpg (467 KB, 830x466)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
> XXI view, Circa 793 M30
The 5 years old Primarch was returning home, if the labyrinthic workshop deserved the title.

- Welcome back Master Phi. Was your stroll from the Karak Hearth pleasant?
- Very, how goes the business Adam?
- I have finished your work on the Belisarian furnace project. I do have confidence that considering the hotness of the topic, the result would be able to put you in bellicose temper.
- I am reviewing it, incidentally Do you intend to embrace a career as a pun-maker ADAM, your protocol seem perfectly oiled for such task?
- I Would certainly if ordered though I may need to put my core into an construct with arms to embrace properly or it would be improper of me dare I say. Iron-Master Brokhyr Thadic was searching you, he is quite angry or rather hungry. He is currently feeding.
- I presume you mean he is at the Kindred Bar groaning on the engineer’s guild about “the proper way” getting half drunk with beer?
- I refute Master Phi, Master Thadic would never do anything by half, of such provocative contemplation of the mind my core would not emit.

The robot butler known as Adam and the Primarch set in motion within the Bastion toward the "Oil Brewer", the inn where the old Kin liked to hang out.

Once Phi called him a Squat… such a wild story, after hearing the most creative insults he could never imagine, he had spent an entire month mining for rare ores under the planet crust. A duty for all fellow miners right, where would be the punishment? well the mining suit did not possess an air conditioner. Only a Primarch or an ironkin could survive such heat. Despite the sweatiness of this castigation, this Instructive punishment was not so bad, the mineshaft was highly advanced and the locals Cthonian miner had accommodated him without a commotion.


The bar was filled with loud noises and smells. People were dancing to the music played by an orchestra and shouting to cheer the dancers up. It seemed like a party, yet everyone presents looked grim and anxious. Life was harsh.

Phi walked through the crowd and entered the tavern where Master Thadic sat at a table drinking heavily.
On the opposite side, three men of the engineers guilds stood in front of the fireplace playing cards. All four wore black clothes, and one of them kept glancing at him.

"You're late." said the master engineer, who was now wearing his usual attire of white shirt and pants. His face showed signs of intoxication.

"They've already finished building the furnaces prototypes contraptions. They just need to test them tomorrow morning on biologicals. they'll get your payment soon enough. Calling a furnace an organ, confusing little jest of your"

"Thank you Master," replied Phi, taking a seat beside the master engineer, notwhithstanding the old Kin grumbling.

Thad sighed and shook his head. "It's good to see you again. How long has it been?"
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
Phi smiled awkwardly.
The young Primarch had been gone for a week tour of the Civilian industry Guilds. Quite alluring, though he missed his old mentor comment, he would rather die than admit it openly.

Kin Society was not exactly fond of explicit sentimentalism, the tough hardened men and women that composed it were not exactly demonstrative in their manifestation of affection.

Undeniably however they were warm-hearted enough, speaking mostly shoulder to shoulder instead of face to face. A people of few words and of many deeds. His people. Karak -Ankor-Zul, A wealthy Bastion of highly technological that had dampened bitter waters of misfortune thrown at them, and yet they survived.

Phi thought "they" was not appropriate, we survived, after all he was one of them. Whilst a single Kin draws breath, we will fight the evils that assail us, and we will never, ever give up.
Anyway, Master Thadic, which breath reeked nutritive alcohol was still there waiting for an answer.

"How far have you gotten with your studies?"
"Almost done Master Thadic, I have reviewed most of the civil engineering books available here and have read some of the more obscure ones."
"Good, I'm glad you found some use for those useless texts. You can stop studying now and focus on the other thing."

"What do you mean Master Thadic ?"
"That's right, I want you to make me a suit of power armor, something that will help us defeat that beast."

A bunch of Hatchlayers, filthy beasts dangerous enough by themselves have been found dead recently in the exterior tunnels and something had prey upon them. Possibly an ancient predator or a Bio-Construct strong enough to rip and tear even seasoned hunters equipped with mighty Bolter, that ironkins had failed to track down. They had named it the Tunnel Doom or according to others the Crystal Dragon.

It has been described lethally sharp, enlarged teeth protruding from their top jaw as well as a natural armored skin that is able to patch itself and shift where needed. It was reputed possessing an almost unworldly intelligence and seem to enjoy causing suffering to intelligent being as well as it had been able to find and target weak points in the surveillance drone system .

Phi intended to climb the political ladder and make connections with the Hunter & Bio guilds, could it be a worthy opportunity? He took a large gulp of the strong nutritive alcoholised beverage, which could have killed a lesser man.

Thankfully he was not human, not entirely, nor were his fellow drinkers.

As he swallowed, he noticed the card game between the engineer’s guild members. a tactical game, about military tactics and benefits calculation. Very Kin indeed. The man in black had won twice out of five hands. Phi observed his face carefully, and saw the man smiling.

The engineers guild member was enjoying himself. He had obviously taken advantage of the situation to win money and gain social status among his peers.
Phi felt disgusted. The man in black was using his position of authority to cheat others and steal their hard-earned wages. He wondered how such behaviors could be tolerated by the rest of society.

They were not indeed. The Kin Society was fair overall though highly competitive and ruthless toward outsider, genocidal sometimes when sweet resources where needed, it was brotherly for the insider "the ancestor being watching" idiom and all. The units, familly and clan heraldry was displayed proudly by each of them usually on their shoulder or through a tattoo, a trinket…

a high quality one indeed, excellence was the purpose of a Kin life in a sense. They were willing to fight together for common cause against their foes.

Defining his people as excelling in all matters, strong, civilised, firm of purpose and loyal to the core. Stubborn and conservative as well though UR regime was more innovative than most other bastions on the planet.

The Kindred Bar Oil Brewer, a place for the elite of all trades liked to gather and exchange ideas over drinks.

Phi watched the card player, trying to guess how he might play next hand. He tried to think of possible strategies and counterstrategies.
He was distracted by the sound of laughter coming from outside the bar.

One of the Kin had fallen asleep while standing. He had dropped his drink, spilling it onto the floor. Two Kins rushed towards him, laughing loudly and shaking him awake. He woke up confused, embarrassed, and covered in alcohol.

The Kins laughed even harder, making fun of him. Phi didn't understand why anyone would laugh at someone else's mistake. It wasn't funny at all. What was so amusing about it? Why couldn't they show some respect?

Then he realized he was feeling very upset. He felt the gaze of the Eye of terror, that tried to sway him into darker thoughts (or so he assumed), the Chaos Gods were a malevolent collective despite being far away and quite powerless in the material universe. He started to shake uncontrollably.

Adam the Ironkin robot Butler turned around and stared at him. He knew what was wrong. his eyes were full of concern. A very Posh individual that Ironkin Adam, upper class servant through and through with a corrosive touch.

Albian to the core, speaking like a Victorian relic from old Terra.

"Are you alright Master Phi?" asked the ironkin. "You look as if something is troubling you."
"Yes... Yes I'm fine..." answered Phi, looking down at the table. He was ashamed to feel bad about something trivial like this. But it happened anyway. He hated that the eye tried to control him.

Phi glanced at the engineer guilds' members sitting at the table. The man in black was staring at him intently. He wanted to ask Adam if he should leave, but he decided against it. There was nothing to worry about. The engineer guilds' members were only doing their jobs. They weren't evil people.
File: logo 1.jpg (64 KB, 474x669)
64 KB
Besides, it wouldn't change anything. The engineer guilds' members were probably going to keep cheating. And he was sure that they were aware that he could tell that they were cheating. So, it would be pointless for him to try and confront them about it. That would only make things worse. In fact, it could even be a cheating competition to mock the humans and he misinterpreted the whole things.

The Kin were typically rational in all thing as in battle, to the point where their heroes seem almost dispassionate. T
his is because the calculus of risk to reward — and resultant survival - underpins their military strategies just as much as it every other aspect of Kin society.

They were fond of bellowed oaths, grim gallows humour and booming war songs. Rather, their forces have been leaving without a backward glance, “should the price of victory be judged too high. As such the players at the table would have left if their losses were too high.

Instead, he focused on his work. He pursue his study of the civil engineering books that were available to him.

He continued to study the civil engineering books that were available to him. After reading through several chapters on water supply systems, he began working on another project.
-"Master Thadic?" said Adam respectfully.
-"Hmm?" Thadic Groaned, his eyes hazed by the heavy liquor.
-"I am concerned about the state of your health, Master Thadic. You are sweating profusely and appear to be trembling slightly. Are you ill?"
- "No Adam, I'm perfectly healthy. go fetch some mineral oil and daub yourself" rumbled the old kin.
-"Very well then, I shall return later to check on you. Please take care until my arrival. Anything for you master Phi?" the synthetic voice carying a hint of a smile at the expected rebuttal.

-Phi shook his head. "Thanks Adam, I appreciate that."
After a moment's pause, the AI spoke again. -"Master Thadic, I wish to remind you that you have an appointment with Lady Goldentsone in two hours."
-"Oh yeah! I completely forgot!"
Alagrithna was a kind lady who ran a shop called The Bazaar of Lost Treasures near the center of the city. She specialized in rare artifacts discovered during her travels.
Alagrithna Goldenstone.

An old woman with a good heart and humble origins.
She joined the Hold young when she was found in the wilds of Thion III alone with little supplies by a scouting party. A doctor in Karak Ankor-Zul took her under his wing and teached her everything he knew about medicine and how to live off the land.
She's often considered to be the grandma of everyone in the hold due to her kindness and the fact that is the most proactive and friendly doctor in the entirety of the hold. Although many have come and gone, Ala remains the same kind soul.

She was also a member of the Kin society despite being human (though highly mechanized since). Her father from a Satellite world known as Wittfogel was a nobleman before he died, and her family-owned vast lands.

She had once described her home world as Desert World-Industrial World.

“A large moon orbiting around a formerly prosperous world once not filled with demon of steel and thunder, sometimes plundered by Government propped up exploration Mission. In the very system, far away, various forgone colony of mankind, including a big blue Ocean World, whose import filled once the Labservant of the hydroponician guild. An estranged fusion between earth 1000 BCE and the XXII century, most technology have been lost to the wheel of time except partial metallurgy knowledge, propane and rocket science, daming tech. Even worse the crushing shortage of water, has made the hydrolycian guild all powerful and very dominant, despite being revered by the populace for there incredible benevolence. After all are they not the Chosen of the River Temple? Do they not provide the holy liquid.Meanwhile some relevant insight have been stolen from the Representation, the official planet ruling corp, about mysterious data crypt discovered... and some even suspect such heretics are in cahoot with the few plateau nomads of the Millet Oasis."

Alagrithna had once told Phi that her homeworld was a desert world. Not exactly like old Earth, but close enough.

Her mother was a government worker, but her father owned for a company that manufactured weapons.
His job was to test new guns. He tested different kinds of bullets, explosives, lasers, and other types of weaponry. One day, he got shot in the chest with a bullet. A disguised murder. She escaped as a teen with a pod to the Planet Thion III and miraculously was found by the Kin.

There she learned the ways of the Kin. She became a hunter and a warrior. She studied the ancient art of magic, which is still practiced today under heavy supervision. No one appreciate a psyker going rampant or an open gate to a demon invasion.
File: Kairos.png (115 KB, 600x620)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
>Kairos Fateweaver view from the Warp circa 790

Kairos looked at Them from the immaterial Dimension known as the Warp that defied logic and time.

Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch, an aviarian Daemon, personal Vizir of Tzeentch had been task to decide how to deal with the XXI Primarch, recently known as Phi Thionson.

Kairos a Lord of Change capable of seeing things hidden even from the gaze of his master. Kairos was unnaturally aged, hunched and wizened. His mighty pinions were reduced to feeble vestigial remains, and he now had two heads.
Henceforth, Kairos held both the knowledge of the future and the resulting insanity, and sits at Tzeentch's right side as his Oracle.

He was constantly mumbling madly, and suddenly bursting into rambling tirades about events still to happen.

While he was not averse to warfare, he prefered not to engage in direct battle, his interest laying more to direct the forces of combat from afar, guiding or even ordering combatants rather than fighting himself. As of all his fellow tzeenchian daemon indirect action was his preference; manipulating things from the shadows. Minor heretics, dedicated cults, revolutionaries, the actions of his little playthings, unaware of his manipulative scheme, and even if they do learn of it, to attempt to escape from the clutches of a Lord of Change is to wander through a mist of deception and lies, especially a crazy oracle.

His mind was broken, he thought that his own existence was an illusion, that reality itself was an elaborate trap, set by his master to torment him, and thus he did nothing for a while, instead spending his days pondering these questions, and occasionally issuing commands to his minions.

When he first gazed into the Material Universe, he spent months wandering aimlessly seaching for a weakness of Phi, until he finally gained access to the wisdom of ages past, and was able to begin to comprehend the nature of reality and of his target.

A Primarch. A son of the Anathema, the supreme enemy of the Chaos gods and self proclaimed Emperor of Mankind designed to be far superior to the average human: immensely larger, stronger, hardier, faster, and more intelligent.

Godlings of incredible potency rivalling his, He, Kairos Fateweaver a Greater Daemon having lived for untold eons. And this one was the amalgamation of 4 Primarchs in one. Such a wonderful challenge. Kairos Fateweaver would corrupt or kill the Primarch. One way or another.
File: Choices.png (179 KB, 678x381)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
A lot of Contents, isn't it Anons ?

Social interactions take lot's of Words. But we have, a glimpse of his daily life.

By the way we gonna need a Grymnir Character if you go for Psychic Potential.

So Choices:

1) About that Tunnel haunting Crystal Dragon, pick one

> Ignore it, not XXI business/ too dangerous.
> Use the opportunity to gain favor from the Hunter Guild (dedicate them the trophy)
> Use the opportunity to gain favor from the Bio Guild (dedicate them the trophy)
> Dedicate the potential trophy to someone else/Prove your Strenght/ Make this Quest your foundation. YOUR Choice

2) Over the Pod retrieval, which is the object of negotiations between various Kindred and AI.

> Superior Fire Power. Go heavily armed.
> Operation Shock and Awe, Strike hard, Strike Fast.
> Negotiate (detail?)
> Stealth solo attack.
>Bid Your Time.

3) Over the Next 4 Years, Pick 3

> Master Two New Techs from the previous list. Which ones? (can be picked 2 times)

> Unlock Psychic Potential with Alagrithna and the Grymnir

>Negotiate with UR for ressources to create prototype Space Marine (will share technology), Path: Gene Bank Marine!

> subjugate a human settlement (either from scientists-Tyrans underground or techno-barbarians from volcanoes domes), Path: Battle tested aspirants Marines & back up HQ.

(You can pick both astartes options)

> Discover the world, fight monsters, become a greater fighter and a famous "hero" of the World.

>Travel the World as a part time Wanderer, to ascertain cultures and familiarizes with Thion (Your Alpharius part called it gathering intelligence)

4) XXI primarch a politician? pick One.

> Start a diplomatic campaign to expand your influence within other Kindreds, holds and Karaks.
> Start Influencing humans Society (can choose to just collect DNA sample for Space marine future uses or try to uplift them)
> Expand our influence within our Hold by becoming useful.
> Start an Intelligence network, NSA? KGB? CIA? do you have an Acronym Anons?
> Use the opportunity to gain favor from the Bio Guild (dedicate them the trophy)
> Operation Shock and Awe, Strike hard, Strike Fast.
> Master Two New Techs from the previous list. Which ones? (Xeno tech from Cawl and Military Hardware (Votann) )
>Negotiate with UR for ressources to create prototype Space Marine (will share technology), Path: Gene Bank Marine!
>Subjugate a human settlement from the scientists, Path: Battle tested aspirants Marines & back up HQ.
>Start a diplomatic campaign to expand your influence within other Kindreds, holds and Karaks.
File: fight dragon.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Thion III Circa 795 M30, Daemon view

Kairos subordinate observed a fight on the snow frozen surface of Thion III with interest. A crystal dragon, a super predator evolution from a bio weapon,. It seemed to be winning, though it appeared to be weakened. Its scales glistened with the light of the sun. Its claws were sharp, and its breath burned hot.

Primarch XXI Phi was fighting him, with a power axe and a power suit.

The Crystal Dragon had the upper hand. However, it wasn't strong enough to kill XXI yet. The Primarch had managed to cut off one of the dragon's wings.
And so the observer waited. For what? What will he do next? Should Kairos intervene?

Phi's life was saved by his sister, Lilith Thadic, that suddenly came into view, riding a flying antigravity bike. Alongside her the robot Adam which carried heavy weaponry aimed for the Dragon.

Lilith Thadic, "daughter" of the great Iron-Master, Thaddeus Thadic, was born in the year of the Cataclysm less than 100 years ago. Though the Kin were a clone race created from a genetic data bank, she had been raised in the Thadic family unit. She lacked the knack for technicalities of warfare but was a potent warrior of her own right. Her father had taught her everything she needed to know about

swordsmanship and martial arts. She could hunt and kill better than any of her peers. She grew up learning to shoot, throw knives and weld iron.
She was an excellent swimmer, a natural at climbing, and an expert at tracking game. But above all else she loved the thrill of battle, and relished the chance to prove herself against her opponents.

At age 14 she trained to become a warrior. At 18 she graduated from basic training and entered the ranks of the Kin army as an officer. By 61 she was promoted to Captain and given command over an Einhyr Hearthguard regiment.
She led them on countless missions across the world. During this time, she earned a reputation as a fierce soldier, and gained the respect of her subordinates.

The Primarch was struggling, blood covering the left side of his face, once beautiful beyond belief, now a gore testament of his will to live, of his endurance as well. He was healing already, fast, very fast, within the minute all his wounds would be gone. If he had a minute left. The beast, a gigantic armored crystal dragon was wounded as well. XXI perceived the sound of a coming bike far away.
The crystal dragon was dying. There was no doubt about that. The primarch had severed one of his legs.

It didn't matter. This monster was too big, too tough, and too much of a pain in the ass to go down easy. The dragon was bleeding heavily, the wound was deep and wide. The primarch had hit him with a power axe. The impact must've hurt bad, because the dragon let out a roar. Its breathing was heavy, and its movements were slow, but it still stood tall and proud.

Kairos minion was contemplating the scene, he knew his mission, how to intervene and pick the best future for his mission.
File: Battle.jpg (82 KB, 728x453)
82 KB
>Daemon View

He saw the dragon trying to heal itself, while the Primarch tried to finish it off. Both of them were injured and exhausted. They wouldn't last long.

What should he do? What can he do? Will it help to interfere? How does the future look like if he doesn't intervene? Is there something in the past that might change the outcome? Does this creature deserve to die anyway? could he inflict a permanent damage to the Primarch, leading him to a decades long rotting of the soul? Would that be a victory worth achieving? Could he manipulate history in order to get rid of the Primarch permanently? Or would it just make him an even greater threat in the future?
No, no. That won't work. Too risky.
It'll be better to leave things as they are. To see where fate leads us.
The Primarch was losing badly. Soon enough, he would fall. But then again, maybe not. Maybe it will take longer than expected. Perhaps the primarch will win after all. Such was the Nature of Kairos Fateweaver viewing the past, the future and never the present.
Time passed slowly. It was almost noon when Lilith arrived on site. She rode her antigrav bike, covered head to toe in black guardian power armor, and carrying heavy artillery. She was wearing a helmet, goggles, and gloves. On her back was strapped a massive Autoch pattern Bolter gun.

As soon as she landed, she started firing her weapon, targeting the dragon. She fired hundreds of rounds, each round tearing apart flesh and bone, blasting holes into its body.
Then she turned towards the Primarch.
Adam, the ever-exquisite caustic robot Butler was not on the sideline of the action either wielding a Plasma Beamer gun while the 7 years old Primarch started moving at a supranatural speed, swinging his axe.

The dragon roared in pain as the axe tore through its chest and neck. Blood splattered everywhere, it screamed. It tried to run but collapsed immediately. Its eyes rolled back. Then it died.

Both of them were dead. Yet they were not. Phi was alive, badly injured but alive.
She walked up to the Primarch, who had fallen onto one knee. His head was bent forward, his arms were shaking uncontrollably. He couldn't stand anymore.

A few seconds later, he got up and began walking. His whole body shook, he stumbled several times before regaining control of his limbs. He picked up his power axe stuck in the dense skeleton, and moved to meet Lilith. She kept shooting, taking advantage of the dragon's death throes. When Phi reached her position, she stopped to fire her autoch bolter directly at him.

Kairos Fateweaver watched the entire thing unfold, amused, his scheme taking hold, would she be jealous of his super human achievements, after years of poisoning her mind, about the new wonder child that stole her father attention? Finally a chance to kill him and dispose quickly of the bulter, no witness?
File: bike.jpg (2.35 MB, 2000x1278)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
>XXI viewpoint circa 795
Phi was surprised. She aimed at him, did she?
Lilith shot hit something behind the Primarch, the snivelling hatchlayer was dead.
They stared at each other for a moment, the Primarch with the power axe lowered, she with a powerful autoch bolter, both of them standing at opposite ends. Neither willing speak first. She was stubborn and had sworn to find the beast before him, too bad for her. The Robot Butler Adam was already approaching his fast-healing master to ensure his vitals were adequate.
- “Your late Phi. Thadic want to see you.” she added bluntly. “About your machine blueprint for Primaris Astartes production.”
He nodded without saying anything. He wanted to see her, talk with her.
She took out a small piece of paper from inside her pocket and handed it to him.
- “You're going to need this. I’ve heard. From the Military Guild” she disclosed with a crooked smile.
XXI eyes went wide open, he looked at the paper. It was a sketch of a new kind of tank, a hybrid between a BattleMech and a Warhound. A giant warbeast of rares metal, steel, titanium and chrome alloy. It was called the Warlord (not definitive name). It had finally been approved after 8 months of deliberation.
The Primarch smiled. It was perfect. Perfect!
It was a prototype. A beginning.
Her words echoed in his ears. He remembered everything.

Everything that happened since the beginning. He felt a sudden sense of calmness wash over him. All those terrible events that made him feel lost and alone in space, all the pain, all the suffering, all the agony... it all meant something. Something important. Family.

Phi, still covered in blood turned toward Adam, ordering him to send the signal for a kin team to retrieve the Crystal Dragon body he intended to offer to the Bio-Alchemist Guild of the Hold, for political reason. Favor call for favor. Friendship begin with a first step.

Adam immediately contacted Karak Ankor-Zul after receiving orders from the Primarch. An ironkin team was arriving.

Lilith walked beside Phi, a grim smirk on her face.

-"You look tired on the inside" she said.
- "Yes. I am."
-"Why? Too cold for you, need some help to return to the warm cozy forge?" she taunted.
- "Because my mind is constantly racing, trying to figure out how to get back what was taken from me. We'll build a new army, and together, we will rule the stars. Together, we will conquer the universe. And then, when our enemies come calling once more, they will fear us. And they will tremble before us. We will become legends among the stars.Legends. Yes. That's exactly what we shall be". Phi preached without great success.

- "Cogface,Thadic will be there to greet you, with an iron stick and i 'll help him. Alone with only a Power axe. Like rough challenge? swim in a caldera." she sneered.
- "will you hold my towel? " he teased.

During their return to the Karak on the flying bike, they flighted over another Kindred. Time to meet new people suggested Phi.
File: Lilith.jpg (33 KB, 420x450)
33 KB
>Thion III, circa 795, XXI view

They approached the entrance of the city. As they entered the gates, a pair of guards stopped them. They wore heavy exo-armor and carried ion rifles slung across their backs.
"Are you Phi Thionson?" One of the guard asked.
- "That's right." Phi did not expected to be recognized here.
- "Then you must report directly to the throne room." he added firmly with a slight smile.
- "What do you mean 'report' ?!" he demanded.
- "This is your first visit here, isn't it? You're not aware of protocol? Don't worry, it's simple."
- "How can something be simple when you don't know anything about it! What is this place anyway?"
- "Our Kindred," the guard answered laconically.

The Kindreds on Thion III are divided into several factions, the largest of which is called the Zulu Alliance.
File: orator.jpg (2.06 MB, 2050x2050)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
>XXI view

Phi knew from the future that the Kins have always had a complicated relationship with the Imperium, and while they've never actually gone to war against the Imperium, they haven't really done much to make themselves friends either.

They are generally neutral towards the Imperium, preferring to focus on internal matters rather than international affairs, their indifference challenged only by their opportunism. This time the Imperium would come to reclaim a Primarch, war was highly probable. Unity was necessary at least on Thion. Ironic in a sense, he would wage he own Unification War.

XXI smiled at the idea.

Phi considered what to say to the official pair of one Grymnir and one Brokhyr Iron-Master and their retinues of this Kindred assembled in front of him.

He decided to play along. He'd seen how quickly these two would react to someone trying to manipulate them, so he did not played too dumb, feigned ignorance, and then tried to get them talking.

- "So, why am I here?" he asked.

-The Grymnir [reminder: Grymnir is a function and a psyker] smiled broadly. "Because we want to talk to you, of course! We heard rumors you were coming here to our home planet. And now you're standing before us."

-The Brokhyr of unknown name [reminder: Brokhyr is a function, a status] looked at Phi curiously. "Why would you need to talk to me? I'm sure if you wanted to see me you should have sent a messenger or something."

- Phi shrugged. "We didn't know where else to go, and since you're the leaders of the Kindred... Well, I thought maybe you might be able to help me find some information."

-Brokhyr nodded slowly. "Well, that makes sense," he said to the Grymnir. He turned his attention back to Phi. "And what kind of information are you looking for?"

-Phi took a deep breath. It wasn't easy being around these people without having any idea who they were or what they wanted. But he was used to playing the part, and he was good at pretending. Now came the hard part; making them think they had convinced him.
- "Oh, um, well..."
-Grymnir interrupted. "Tell me about yourself," she commanded.
[Phi Thionson is famous among the Thion III Kin, yet a mysterious figure]

Phi hesitated briefly, wondering how much he should tell them. Then he remembered his training and began telling them everything he could remember. He told them how he had grown up in the Kin Guard and how he aspired to eventually reclaim the stars for the Kin. How he had been assigned to served under Brokhyr Iron-Master Thadic himself. About that he had been created by the Emperor, a potent entity, to become one of his Primarchs. Of the grimdark future that awaited all of them if nothing was done. Of his travels through space [he refused to allude to time-travel and others secretive trump cards]. About the necessity of the Kin to unite once more. he spoke with truth and respect, his Primarch aura enhancing his speech a little.
File: battleplan tactica.jpg (327 KB, 1000x556)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
After a while, when Phi stopped speaking, it was apparent that no one knew what to say next. Finally, after a moment of silence, the Brokhyr cleared his throat.

- "That's quite a story you've got there," he said. "What exactly do you plan on doing though, if you don't mind my asking?"

Phi sighed. This question always seemed to come up whenever anyone met him. "My job …..”

A few minutes later, the male Brokhyr named Otto stood up and signaled for his retinue to follow suit. "You may leave now. If you so desire, we extend to you our hospitality offer for this night" she instructed.

Phi bowed slightly and stepped out of the chamber. As soon as he reached the door, he heard someone call out to him. He turned around and saw the Brokhyr standing near the entrance. Private talks it was.

The following day Phi alongside Lilith and Adam were back at Karak Ankor-Zul. His hometown, his Kindred, his Bastion of iron will

There he started straight by negotiating with the Bio-Alchemist guild representative, Brokhyr Haber. After several hours of negotiations, he managed to convince the Guild to provide him with some of the new bio-tech they had recently developed.

As soon as he returned to his room, Phi immediately went to work. First, he assembled a small team of his most trusted followers. Next, he sent out scouts to investigate the nearby area.

Searching for defenseless Humans. Soon enough he received reports from his men indicating that a nearby Kindred of the Hold of Karak Ankor-Zul was preparing to launch a raid against a human city.
>>5445081 Approved.
> Use the opportunity to gain favor from the Bio Guild (dedicate them the trophy)
> Operation Shock and Awe, Strike hard, Strike Fast.
> Master Two New Techs from the previous list. Which ones? (Xeno tech from Cawl and Military Hardware (Votann) )
>Negotiate with UR for ressources to create prototype Space Marine (will share technology), Path: Gene Bank Marine!
>Subjugate a human settlement from the scientists, Path: Battle tested aspirants Marines & back up HQ.
>Start a diplomatic campaign to expand your influence within other Kindreds, holds and Karaks.
That was a large update! The Primarch is starting to set everything in motion.

no update until monday.

Question Questions:

About that new Tank design, care to give a name?
Same for the Kindred he has visited?

Informations about the Human underground City (Choose a name?) :
they are a bunch of techno-barbarians, ruled by a caste system of gene enhanced nobles with poors living in squalor; Quite agressive. Hive style.

Low tech compared to the Kin and even to the average Imperium. Probably numbering in the 5 000 000 souls.

1) so the Human city

>Help the other Kindred to seize the city and bound with them diplomatically on the corpses of the filthy humans. (cooperative urban warfare)

>Strike Fast with your few dozens allies and hit first. Deep Strike the vitals points, like energy, water, communications etc and make them tributaries. (Blood angel underground drop pod)

> Infiltrate and decapitate the command structure at the exact same time that the other Kindred (Name?) attack, and take over the city, with traitors assistance. ( Alpha Legion Style)
>Ally with the Humans

>Besiege the City into submission despite your low numbers and limited automatons, a challenge of logistic, a proof of genius on the brink of failure. (Iron Warrior Style)

>Demand ressources to UR-026 to end them quickly.

> Your Choice

2) The Fate of the Human City

> Collect Dna for the genebank, kill them all.
>Outright annexion, colonize them, maintain social structure
> Eliminate the scientist caste, make it a savage fighting ground for future astartes

>Set up a "free new" puppet government
>Share the Fruit of victory with the others Kindred, rule it together, enslave the humans.
>Your Choice

3) Your new Prototype Tank, name and function
>a heavy Tank
> Medium Tank
>Light Scouting Tank
>Help the other Kindred to seize the city and bound with them diplomatically on the corpses of the filthy humans. (cooperative urban warfare)

>Outright annexion, colonize them, maintain social structure

>a heavy Tank: The Thadic Class Heavy Tank (or Thadic Pattern)
I tried an art for the future XXI astartes armor.

Look good honestly.
I don't really like wrist mounted guns like that. unless it's like a shotgun because unless your using auto aim the accuracy on those things are pretty shit.
A plasma beamer for close combat or an integrated multitool?

Additional Questions:

1)The Fate of the City after the short lived battle:
> replace the current elite with their peers competitors. tomayto, tomahto.
>Maintain the rulers after surrendering, stability absolute priority. make them understand their precarious position.
> Overhaul the Structure with new bloodlines of ruthless commanders and minor nobles, they will owe you everything, are challenged by their peers and despised by the ancients aristocrats. Machiavelli style.

2) About the Useless humans, the old, the mutinous, the falling nobles families

>Like a benevolent Kin, send them to their death into the snow "exile / long march".
>Greedy Kin style, recycle them to the last atoms.
>Spare them and let the humans deal with them. (Ugly, a war-torn hive...)
>Your choice

3) First 1000 Astartes Production priority (pick as many)

>Recruit among the defeated nobles families
> Recruit among the power-hungry scientists
>Recruit the ambitious new families.
>recruit the hardy commoners
>recruit no one. use their genes for your DNA Bank, in the future.
> recruit everything possible. they are only 5 millions of them. Not that many.

Please indicate which class will follow Officers training in priority.

4) Astartes Trial Nature emphasis
> mass trials Survival of the Fittest physique.( Think Death Guard, Imperial Fist, Salamanders)
> mass trials Survival of the Fittest Mind (Iron Warrior, Iron Hand)
> mass trials Optimal use of aspirants, with moderate failure enlisted in the army as serf or administrator. (do you need them?) think Ultramarine
> Search the Gifted individuals. the Special, the best of the best whatever their trade is. think Dark Angel, Alpha Legion
>Search for Psyker
> Ultra Selective with mass trials. HEAVY losses. (lucky you, you have a very compatible geneseed for the survivors)
> Your Choice
The Thadic Pattern MK1 currently using Railgun. Exist also in Plasma/Ion design.

5) Engineering development (name it)
> Super heavy Tank
> Infantry Carrier.
> New Armor for the Astartes
> Your Choice
> replace the current elite with their peers competitors. tomayto, tomahto.

>Like a benevolent Kin, send them to their death into the snow "exile / long march".

>recruit the hardy commoners
>Recruit the ambitious new families. (officers)

> mass trials Optimal use of aspirants, with moderate failure enlisted in the army as serf or administrator. (do you need them?) think Ultramarine

> New Armor for the Astartes
Zul-Baraz (Iron Bond) armour
File: Kin Trooper transport.jpg (111 KB, 1112x719)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Phi View
Reports indicated that Macedon was a 5 million souls underground retrenched human city, a caste of nobles scientist ruling over the inhabitants enslaved. It will be a hard battle.
[An army of Kin would conquer it after a swift urban warfare. The strategy will be detailed as follow: Special forces lead by Phi will strike the vitals points, like energy, water, infrastructure, communications to break their will. At the exact same time that the other allied Kin army will invade with heavy tank/mechanized infantry by the right flank and tunnel infantry digging from above.]
Phi is making a speech to the officers about the battle, he looked a them, straight in this eyes, subordinates, equals and allies.
"We shall assault the enemy's stronghold with overwhelming force. We shall crush all resistance, destroy their morale and drive them mad! Then we will bring the humans under our control!"
He raised his voice again, "Our strategy consists of three parts; first, we must infiltrate the hold undetected. Second, we will attack the main power station, which will cripple the entire network of defenses. Third, once the city is ours, we will enslave its population. Once they're loyal to us, we'll turn them into slaves and use them for labor purposes."
Phi continued " They possess two armies one professional composed of machines and one a mass conscripted humans equipped with junk rifles. We might have better weapons than them, but they got numbers on their side. However we have Ironkin. they cannot fail. They don't get tired or sick. Their sensors never miss anything. Our brothers of Iron will do their duty as well as any of us, And while some may say that they lack emotion, my soldiers know how to fight with passion and purpose. In fact, theses were chosen specifically because of their bravery and loyalty. This is why we need your help my fellow Kin. You see, even though my troops possess superior technology, our numbers are far less than theirs. That means that every single soldier counts. Together, our two Holds will achieve victory with minimal cost!"
>View War Scene: Phi lead a squad team to disable an archeotech power station, heavy resistance ensue)
There was a lot of noise from the surrounding buildings. There, a sudden explosion nearby. My men scatter in different directions. I order them to regroup and then continue towards the next target.
My men surround the building. From here it looks like a simple metal box, but inside there could be a whole complex system. A quick scan shows that the door is locked. Before anyone else can react, I kick open the front doors and charge in headfirst.
>XXI View, location: Macedon, power station 13.

My men surround the building. From here it looks like a simple metal box, but inside there could be a whole complex system. A quick scan shows that the door is locked. Before anyone else can react, I kick open the front doors and charge in headfirst.

As soon as we step into the room, something whizzes past my ear and hits the wall behind me. It leaves a small dent in the metal and sparks fly out everywhere. Another blast strike my pauldron and threw me backwards onto the floor.

As I look around, everyone seems fine except for one man who's lying motionless at the end of the hall. His body is covered in blood, but his eyes are wide open. Someone runs over to him and begins examining his wounds.

Another shot rings out. Everyone freezes and turns to face the source. Three bio engineered soldiers wearing black uniforms stand across from us, aiming automatic guns. Two others appear beside them, holding grenade launchers.

I grab my standard issue bolt revolver off the ground and fire back. At close range, the bullets punch right through the armor of the closest soldier, causing him to explode backward. He drops his weapon and grabs his hollowed chest before collapsing to the ground.

One of the grenades goes flying toward us, followed quickly by another. I move. fast. Primarch speed. They don't even have time to blink that the grenades are returned to them. They explode. We dominate the battlefield. Skirmish over.

"Roger that," says a voice on my helmet comms channel. the common HQ "We're going to finish up here Phi Team. Proceed to next target."


City of Macedon. Circa 793 M30

> unknown character view
A young woman stands alone atop the highest tower of the tallest spire. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pale white, her features delicate and beautiful. Around her neck she wears a silver chain, adorned with two golden circles. On its surface rests a circular device that glows faintly red. The girl stares down upon the world below.
She raises both hands high above her head, palms facing forward, and chants quietly.
she was born into a wealthy family of noble birth, she grew up in luxury, surrounded by servants and guards. But when she turned twelve years old, she father died suddenly during a hunting trip.

Soon after, she began to show signs of madness. One night she slept crept downstairs and opened the secret cellar where her grandfather kept a collection of weapons and artifacts. While rummaging among these things, she found the daemonic device 3 years ago, resisting it appeal until today. Not anymore.
> Phi View, Location: Macedon

The battle rages, barricades impede movement, kamikaze are hiding alongside civilians, an absolute despair drive opponents mad. Our fellow Kin don't make a lot of prisoners, and apparently it is well known.
I approach with my men to encircle the enemy position. I notice first the nefarious energies.
- "Psyker, take cover"

Suddenly, a wave of psychic energy crashes against our lines. A number of soldiers collapse screaming and thrashing about violently. Others drop their weapons and clutch at themselves, clawing frantically. Another group flees, shouting wildly.

A single women, levitating above the ceiling, psychic energy decimate hundreds of mens and machines, killing indiscriminately allies and foes. Both try to reply with guns but she is apparently immune to fire, plasma or projectile.
Phi picked up his Plasma sword and charged.

His speed reach hundreds of miles an hour, his reflex post human could see light as frozen. And the Psyker turn her torrent of power toward him.

His body moves so fast it seems like smoke, he can dodge laser. despite expectation, he is hit, for aiming with the warp is not physical. He should have taken lesson with the grymnir.

He is smitten by the warp with enough power to turn a terminator into pile of ooze. He reels back, in shock. Barely hanging to live, while all his landscape turn into a melting puddle of flesh and steel.

It's dark. There are no stars in sight. Only blackness. It feels cold enough for snow to fall, though there isn't any around me. My senses are dulled by the darkness. I feel a presence nearby; something watching me. Then, without warning, a blinding flash of light explodes across my vision. When the glow fades, all sense of motion vanishes from existence. All sound ceases. Even gravity is gone!
Then everything returns to normal. Gravity comes rushing back, along with the sounds of combat.

XXI was badly hurt, despite being a Primarch and a perpetual. Which one of those qualities saved his life today he does not know but he will not waste the opportunity.

Phi charges forward swinging his blade in wide arcs, cutting through flesh and metal alike. Blood splatters everywhere. With each swing of his weapon, more bodies litter the ground. The battlefield is littered with corpses, most of which are frozen. Their bones lie scattered amongst the mess.

In some places, entire sections of walls are missing, allowing a clear view into the depths of the facility.
Within the facility prisoners and other personnel who had nothing to do with the war.

Most of them are dead, killed in that last attack. Many of those still alive are wounded, bleeding out slowly onto the floor. They look upon us, helplessly. Some even scream, begging for help.
In one corner, a small child sits alone, huddled over a pile of books. Its eyes stare blankly ahead. Phi moves past him fast, ignoring him completely. He seeks the psyker, the creature of chaos. Some men tilt their head toward the direction of his past position. he is already far.

***Later that same day 793M30***

The Macedon fortified HQ room is silent now, the door, a heavy explosive proof thing is closed. Besiege and cut off communication, unable to coordinate their forces. Oxygen is scarce, power cut off. Last message was a pincer movement from both sides, with riots everywhere.

No screams come forth, nor does anyone shout orders. Despair has settled. Suddenly power come back. Cameras show the access corridor. Most soldiers have surrendered, a few dozen stands alongside hundreds of robots.
Everyone stares at Phis' bloody form moving forward into view.

They hear him coming long before they see him. A faint voice echoes throughout the hallways. "You shall die today." His footsteps echo, growing louder and closer until suddenly he appears in front of them.

Phi, small , broad shouldered and wearing a full plate armor, walks towards them, his sword raised high above his head. As he approaches, the people begin to tremble with fear. For none know what lurks behind the mask of his smile. None can say if it is friend or foe. Its noblesse is stunning, inhuman. An angel of death. It seems to be smiling, yet there is something cold about its expression. Something dangerous.

He reaches them, standing just outside the range where they could strike him without dying themselves. Robots seemed to fade, energy depleted at his sight, hijacked possibly. Then, with a single sweep of his hand, he sends every man running back across the hallway, their mind broken. Something he copied from the Psyker, unrefined yet very useful.

All except for two. One lie broken on the floor, barely breathing; the other looks up at Phi, eyes filled with terror.
With another wave of his arm, Phi pushes the remaining man away. "Go," he says quietly.

The man runs, stumbling along the ground. He falls twice, getting back up again and continuing running.
Phi knew mercy could be a weapon, witnesses as well.

Phi turns to face the second man, who stops short when he sees the bloodied blade in the hands of the Primarch. He tries to run, but Phi catches him easily, pushing him against the wall. With a quick thrust of his blade, the man dies.

Then, after a moment of silence, the Primarch begins walking through the corridors of the besieged base.
There were no explosions, no missiles fired down from space. Just men fighting with swords. And while they did not seem to wield weapons designed by some ancient civilization, they fought well enough. They knew how to move together as a team. We had superior technology, but our opponents possessed discipline and martial spirit.

This made him wonder why they hadn't been wiped out centuries ago. Perhaps it was because of … he shakes his head, trying to clear these thoughts away. His focus needs to be fixed on the enemy ahead.

However compared to the psyker, they were only small fishes. He could indulged a bit of fun.


As the last of the men fall, the XXI turns to the fortified Door of the Macedon HQ.

Unbreakable. Yet it would broke. To fail would mean the end of everything. Humanity needed the unity now more than ever. So many lost over the years.

He knew that now here they stood, surrounded by enemies. The last bastion. But still, everywhere Macedonians fought, the allied Kin seemingly not disposed to grant them much mercy. Still, they hold out hope. Even in defeat, they have faith that victory awaits. He may not believe in the Imperial truth but this faith he would extinguish. He was the death of hope and it's rebirth. Damned sounded like the Phoenician, the pimp Fulgrim.

"For the League!" shouted the Primarch.

And so began the final assault.
His sword raised high, the Primarch steps forward into the room. His body glows faintly blue.

Men around him look up at the Primarch with awe and respect. It seems like ages since the Primarch has walked among mere mortals. In moments, the primarch stepped forth and shatter the door. Once inside, the slaughter begun.

>XXI View after the Battle

Around Macedon voxcasts broadcasted.
"Men of Macedon. I am Phi Thionson, Primarch of the XXI, General of Karak Ankor Zul"
File: alpha legionnaire.jpg (19 KB, 236x334)
19 KB
"Men of Macedon. I am Phi Thionson, Primarch of the XXI, General of Karak Ankor Zul"

"In the darkness of war, there are voices whispering. Voices of fear and doubt. These are the words of the fallen. Those whose lives were ended before they reached adulthood. Their deaths meant nothing. They died without purpose or meaning. They lived in vain. For all eternity they would live in misery and torment. All because your masters failed you. But now, you see, things are different. You're looking at the future. A world where mankind stands united."
"…and today, Macedon shall become part of history. Today, we march into glory. Your ancestors stand behind us. They conquered the Stars, boarded large space ship, left Terra and built the greatest dominion of order and prosperity the Galaxy had ever known. You are heirs of an Empire, blood of warriors and heroes. And look at your fate now. Bitter nobles and enslaves workers struggling to survive, to live day by day, in squalor and misery. Have you ever lived like men? Is that the destiny you choosed? What of your brothers who fell in pityless mines? Of the intestine struggle, petty crime. Look upon them! See their faces! Hear their cries. Remember them when the day comes…You are given the chance..."

"...for the League. For the glory of Macedon. Join me. Fight for your freedom. Stand beside me. Together, we'll make Macedon great once more. When the stars shine bright, shining brighter than any other star, then Macedon will be home to every citizen. Every child born within its borders will know the joys of life. Freedom, wealth and happiness await everyone who joins us—"
"—we will conquer the galaxy. Not one planet nor system may remain free; not if we want to keep the peace. Will you join me People of Macedon?".

Circa 797. M30.

Macedonia's first selection of Astartes among the commoners, tough and hardy. a thousand of them.

Among the exiles Tens of thousands of humans huddled together on the ice fields of surface. There was no food, little shelter from the cold winds sweeping across the tundra. Predators hunted them as a promised bounty of flesh. Soon, the temperature dropped. Most froze to death. Some survived by cannibalism. Others did whatever they could to stay alive. Many starved to death. Only those strong enough to walk through the blizzard found some kind of refuge.

A small group of children were chosen to among the ambitious new elite of Macedon society. They were subjected to trial to become the main Space Marines officers corps. At the time, the only way to save Macedonia was to have it fall back to a state of barbarity, was to make it a protectorate. To do so required a massive effort of investment, as such social structure remain similar. Moreover the allied Kin wanted to plunder the human, so the accrued productivity all considered ,did not trickled down much on the inhabitants, though it went slightly better. Indebted servitude was still better than official slavery.
>797 M30, First thousand astartes initiation.

Considering the Astrates levy ten thousand boys aged twelve to fourteen years old made up the bulk of the recruits. A quarter of them died. A very low number for an astartes legion. Those discarded found their use, one way or another.

After months of brutal conditioning, they emerged transformed. No longer human. Now, they walked as machines. Machines which knew how to kill.

They wore uniforms. helmets covered their heads. Each bore the emblem of a cogged sword.

On each helmet hung the symbol of the Primarch himself. They had been given names—

but these too became meaningless after the induction process. These new Astartes were trained to follow orders without question. Their minds were blank slates upon which to write the future.

This was why the name of the Legion was important. It would give meaning to the lives of the men who fought under it. And so, the Legion was born.

"You are now sworn to obey my commands unconditionally," said Phi. "I am your master. You will fight at my side until the day when you die."
These words were spoken before the final oath. Before the initiation ritual. After three days of grueling mental and physical tests.

During which they'd learned to endure pain like never before. All this was done with the aim of stripping away their humanity. Making them slaves to duty rather than citizens. That moment was when the real indoctrination began.

That night, the initiates were told that they would soon meet their brothers. A special detachment of Astartes called the First Company, led by Captain...
File: Imperial prayer.jpg (48 KB, 736x465)
48 KB
A big update.
The Primarch is now around 10 years old. 4 Years have passed since the Conquest of Macedon.Busy day, to learn all the trades previously chosen.

First Question:
1) Your new First Captain (and his name, details)
> a techmarine
>a Librarian
> A Normie marine
> A Kin
> An Ironkin

Who is the Guy?

a) What is the Name of the Legion?
>Thion Legion
> Your Choice
> Thion Warriors
>The Crystal Dragons

b) What is the Name of the League
> League of Thion
> Thion Hegemony
> Thion Dominion
>Your Choice

c) Legion Specialities

> a healthy mix of Iron Warrior-Blood Angel-Alpha Legion-Salamanders doctrine to exploit fully the power of the Geneseed (Master of Several Trades) more original ideas.

> Master Several Trade Path Plus integration of Kin and Ironkin to add a Ironkins Automatons Warfare Mastery + Galatic Core Naval Warfare Style ( Mixed Mastery Legion path, political issue about army governance, between the League and the Primarch...)

> Jack of All Trades (Ultramarines Larper Path)

> An Army of Specialists ( Dark Angel Larper path, Lead to change the recruitment priority in the future toward elitism)

d) Legion Structure
>Divide Warfare style into separate Domains

2) The next 5 Years Plan (Two Choices) 797-802.

> Attain Techno-Mastery of everything left
> Reach Psychic Potential
> Diplomatic Unification of the League (Limit the Primarch and UR-026 Autority? will roll the dice without proposal)
> Military Conquest of Human/Kin (potential Votann Civil war path)
>Push for reforms at the Karak (which one)
yeah is screwed a bit the d)

d) Legion Structure

>Divide Warfare style into separate Domains and Hierarchies (Host path)
> a Single Hierarchy for everyone
> Your Choice
wait our Gene-seed works on squats.

no it does not. however we could still appoint a Squat as Head of the Legion. Would be weird but hey, You are the Primarch, you fucking decide. (though non Astartes are not geneloyal toward their Primarch, cough, Luther.)

Though we could create an Astartes Genebank to create baby marines with perfected Genes, with 100% compatibility, like the Squat are made.
A far better/easier way to make marine, i believe.
>Librarian Merlenious Seith. Librarian was the son third born son of one of the new noble families that wanted to ingratiate themselves to the young Primarch without losing their heir or backup heir. his latent psyker abilities (between Gamma and Beta) was only discovered post transformation as Phi's Gene-seed awakened his dormant genes. He was elevated to the rank of first captain not only because of his talent but the bond him and Phi developed while trying to learn about their psyker powers.

>a.) The Crystal Dragons
>b.) League of Thion
>c.) Master of Several Trades. kin and Ironkin may join but they must volunteer and are under jurisdiction of the legion
>d.) a Single Hierarchy for everyone

> Reach Psychic Potential
> Diplomatic Unification of the League (try and limit the power of UR)
must add, all league are "democratic" (Votannic Council) in their form of government, ruled by the elder, the Votanns , the most skilled of each Kindred. (and considering intelligence Votann are on par with Primarch somehow i believe)

So unlike the Imperium, the Primarch will be not an Autocrat if you choose a diplomatic pathway. Obviously he was not already in position to be, but it is a clear renonciation of the warlord path.

He may be well respected and authoritative, but his authority will know limits, beyond perhaps the legionaries (which will rely upon Kindred for supply, robot navigators, etc).
> a techmarine
>The Crystal Dragons
> League of Thion
> Master Several Trade Path Plus integration of Kin and Ironkin to add a Ironkins Automatons Warfare Mastery + Galatic Core Naval Warfare Style
>A Single Hierarchy for everyone
> Attain Techno-Mastery of everything left
> Reach Psychic Potential

Description of the said Marine? (it help)
temper mainly.

Seems like we are alright Anons for:
>League of Thion.
> Crystal Dragons.
> Reach Psychic Potential are validated.
>a Single Hierarchy for everyone

Considering the duel:
>Attain Techno-Mastery of everything left
> Diplomatic Unification of the League
You can do Both if you accept General Raspin Offer. (will limit your autonomy) in the following excerpt. You will be promoted as Grand Khal as well.

> Master Several Trade Path Plus integration of Kin and Ironkin to add a Ironkins Automatons Warfare Mastery + Galatic Core Naval Warfare Style
VS kin and Ironkin may join but they must volunteer and are under jurisdiction of the legion

I will give you Time to choose following the next Excerpt.
File: Lectitio Divinatus.jpg (97 KB, 650x823)
97 KB
>800 M30 League Representatives :
– Khal-General Raspin (the leader of the Kindred of the Greatest and Richest Freeholds), a prestigious Khal.He is a hardliner who wants to expand his territory under his rule and advocate for war against the Imperium in the future. He even proposed a preemptive strike on Terra, exterminatus style. His acceptance of the Astartes in tactical, he wishes to put the legion under joint command, by leveraging his military and economical influence.

– Khal-General Tarnik, acting head of the military wing of the League of Thion (high ranker of a smaller Kindred), he represents the interests of the many minors Kindreds of the Old ways; His goal is to establish a strong alliance between all Kindreds so that they can protect themselves against the dangers outside of their borders. He is highly conservative and dislike the Astartes and the Legion. He has been chosen for his relative weakness and easiness to be demoted by another. His faction, the most numerous, is very Primarch hostile.

– Khal-Admiral Krenz, commander of the Fleet of the League of Thion, (from coalition of medium size Kindreds) he is a pragmatist, who want to preserve peace and stability among the races inhabiting the galaxy. He is unconvinced by the Legion but not outright hostile. Acting Chairman of the League.

– Master Engineer-Brokhyr Zavar, a member of the League of Thion, he is a famous xenologist and one of the greatest experts of alien cultures and civilizations. He seeks to find allies (expendable ones) among those species whose existence is unknown to the rest of humanity. In addition, he will help his fellow Kindred discover new technologies and resources. His position is neutral and abstain most of the time

– Ironkin Eishen, an artificial intelligence that was created by UR-026 to serve as a liaison to the Council of the League of Thion. She is responsible for communicating with the Council, organizing meetings, and managing the affairs of the League. Secretary of the League.

– Captain Lilith, a member of the League of Thion, she is a former soldier who fought in the Great Crusade alongside her "brother" Phi Thionson. Nowadays, she is dedicated to studying the art of combat, hoping to become worthy of carrying the name of her Kindred.

– Ambassador Vellia, a human diplomat from Macedon, he is a young man devoted to serving the best interests of his people while maintaining good relations with the Kin.

– Grymnir Bekka, a psyker from the League of Thion who communes with the Votanns and represents the AIs will. Though not hostile per se with the Legion, he dislikes actively the "Votann" UR-026 and view Phi as his creature.
And at last.

- Primarch Phi Thionson, (member of the Kindred of Karak), general of the XXI Legion, he is a veteran warrior and a genius engineer. He is viewed by many as a potential threat for his reformist views and his space marines.
File: Diplo.jpg (94 KB, 750x563)
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"It seems like this time we'll finally get something done. We've been trying for years now, and I'm sure it won't be long before the League of Thion becomes reality."
Ambassador Vellia.

We have come to discuss the future of our kind, and how to eliminate the threats around us.
- Khal-General Raspin

"This meeting shall decide on the fate of the universe"
-Captain Lilith

>(Congress Scene)

The conference hall had been prepared meticulously for the event. The tables were arranged in a circle, and chairs lined them up perfectly. Every seat was filled, save two, which were reserved for the leaders of the three largest factions. These included General Raspin of the Freehold of Bloodmail, Khal-Admiral Krenz of the Freehold of North Wind, Khal-General Tarnik of the Eastern Alliance, and the Khal-Admiral Krenz of the Western Union. Each leader took his place without hesitation, and began addressing the assembly.

─ Ironkin Eishen Speaker of the Council of the League of Thion "The Council of the League of Thion would like to thank you for your presence here today. This gathering represents an important step forward towards the creation of the first planetary government. It is my hope that everyone present can work together toward achieving the goals of this union. As such, each group must make its case for why they believe themselves to be qualified to represent their people".

-Primarch Phi Thionson . Thank you all for coming to meet with me about what should be an exciting day for all Kindred. Today marks the beginning of the process of creating the first planetary government ever created by the Kindred. While there will undoubtedly still be much debate ahead of us, it is clear that this is going to happen sooner rather than later. My colleagues and I look forward to hearing the arguments presented by the various groups so that we may determine how to proceed."

-Grymnir Bekka."While it is true that we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to internal squabbles, I fear that too little attention has been given to the details of our plan. Too much is left open-ended, and while we might get away with vague promises now, I worry that this lack of planning could doom us down the road. There needs to be a lot more thought into how exactly we intend to govern ourselves as well as how we will protect the League 's interests. Until we resolve these issues, I feel we are doing nothing but setting ourselves up for failure."

- Khal-Admiral Krenz. "I concur with both the Elders and Grymnir Bekka . I also think that we have neglected the possibility of conflict between the different races within our own ranks. For instance, how does the council propose to deal with potential conflicts arising out of the fact that humans share a common ancestry? Will we simply ignore them or try to find ways to integrate this group peacefully? These questions alone require far more research and consideration than we've devoted thus far."
- Khal-General Tarnik
"It seems to me that the greatest danger lies in allowing the council to continue to rule without oversight. In many respects, the Council of Thion already operates under a dictatorship. They hold absolute control over everything from military strategy to economic policy. This gives them too much influence over the direction of the republic. The best way to prevent another war would be to ensure that the council remains accountable to its Kindreds through periodic elections by Kindred suffrage. Otherwise, they risk becoming corrupt and oppressive rulers like their counterparts on Terra. I would also add that unless the Legion is brought under compliance, the League shall not support it."

-Ambassador Vellia "The idea of giving the Council of Thion complete authority worries me greatly. Their track record suggests that they won't hesitate to use force against anyone who opposes them—even if such opposition comes from the very people whom the council was meant to represent. It is imperative that we maintain checks and balances so that we can keep an eye on what the council is doing. Without any accountability, there is absolutely no telling where things might go wrong. We humans are willing to accept the rules of the League nonetheless of course." Ambassador Vellia.

- Ironkin Eishen "We should make certain that the council maintains proper records of all meetings held by the council itself. Such transparency would help alleviate fears about undue interference in the affairs of individual planets and communities within the republic. Furthermore, we must ensure that the council does not abuse its powers when it comes to enforcing laws throughout the galaxy." .

-Master Engineer-Brokhyr Zavar "My fellow Elders, I am concerned that some of you seem to believe that we shouldn't bother worrying at all about the future because we'll inevitably win the coming war with humanity. While I certainly don't disagree with your assessment that we're likely to prevail, I still see the importance of taking steps to prepare for possible contingencies along the way. We may ultimately succeed in defeating humankind, but we cannot afford to become complacent just because we expect success. As the old saying goes, 'the only thing worse than being blind is having sight, yet refusing to act.'"

-"Our main concern right now is ensuring that our people are prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead. However, even after we defeat humanity, we will face other threats. Some of those dangers will come from outside of the republic, including hostile alien civilizations. Others could arise from inside our borders, particularly from factions opposed to the formation of a united galactic government. There will be many threats after we defeat humanity. It will be crucial for all involved to work together in order to overcome them." Khal- General Raspin.
File: Best Diplomatd.jpg (167 KB, 1579x1579)
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167 KB JPG
(The summit continue and the issue of the control of the Legion arises. Phi Thionson autocratic leadership of the Space marine is attacked vehemently by Khal-General Tarnik, that refuse to subsidy it clearly, an opinion overwhelmingly shared.
Khal- General Raspin only support the Primarch to get influence over the XXI legion and serve his Kindreds interest. That is quite clear for the Kin are forthright people. )

-"Do not mistake my words, General. My loyalty lies solely with the Kin. But I recognize the need to take action in light of recent developments. Our first priority is preparing ourselves for the inevitable conflict with humanity. To that end, we must create an army capable of facing off against any threat. This means building up our forces, both on the ground and in space. Only then can we focus upon establishing a permanent presence across the entire galaxy." –Khal-General Tarnik.

>Scene, Phi Thionson demand to be made Head of the Army as Grand Khal, as a maneuver to disrupt the astartes opposition.

-"What? Are you insane?" -General Tarnik.

-"We must ensure that our military command structure remains strong so that it's ready to deal with any eventuality. That is why we should elect me as head of the HQ. In addition to my experience commanding the Legion, I would be also responsible for overseeing our military training program. If elected, I would be able to better coordinate our efforts toward achieving our goals. Furthermore, I'd be well positioned to handle diplomatic relations between the humans races and species who make up the League. And lastly, considering astartes, since my blood run in their veins, there is no one else more qualified to fill this role than myself." -General Thionson.

-"If you think that you're fit enough to lead us, then by all means, go ahead. However, if you intend to use your position to further your own ambitions, know that I won't stand idly by while you undermine the authority of the Council. After all, what kind of leader would that make me? While my support for the legion is granted it is not free of oversight" -Khal-general Raspin.

-"This is ridiculous. Do you really believe that anyone other that My Sire could properly manage the Legion? What makes you so special anyway?" -First Captain of the legion unamed.

-"There has never been a time when the Legion needed someone like him at its helm. With the way things are going, it will soon become clear just how important such a person truly is. We'll see whose ideas bear fruit once the dust settles from the war against humanity."Captain Lilith.
-Primarch General Thionson. "My dear comrades, the Legion needs my leadership and the League support. It is clearly the most beneficial path. It doesn't matter whether or not we vote it today. When it comes down to it, the Legion belongs to everyone, including myself. As long as the people have faith in the Legion, nothing matters beyond that. So let us put aside our petty squabbles and work together towards the greater good. I propose a suspension of the summit for one Day" -

>(Later, Tarnik, Raspin, Bekka and Krenz drinking together)
-"So, what do you want out of this whole thing? You seem awfully eager to help General Thionson get elected as head of the Legion." Khal Tarnik.

-"It's simple. I don't trust either of them. UR and Him, nor you yet, so i don't oppose it. Do you" Admiral Krenz.

-Grymnir Bekka "Not even a little bit. our Votann feels something off. They might look friendly on the surface but underneath it all they're scheming bastards who care more about themselves than anything else don't you believe?"

- "He is far too favorable to humans. We should destroy that Imperium as soon as possible, take them by surprise. Once the Techno-shaman of Mars will be destroyed, they won't be able to respond." -Raspin.

>Session resume.
--"We've decided to postpone the election of a Grand Khal until the unification of the Planet. Until then, Phi Thionson will continue as general of his Legion, which will be supplied to the extend of 15 000 marines.

But remember; the moment the unification ends, the votes shall take place. There is much to discuss before the day arrives, so please stay awhile."-Grymnir Bekka

After the successful conclusion of the campaign against the Imperium, the new system of government was established.

The Assembly of Thion became the legislative branch while the Council of Thion served as an executive body. This council would later be known as the Votannic Council, consisting of six elders, The Admiral, the Head Grymnir, The head Iron Master, The Head Ironkin and two grands Khals. Twelves members in total.

During this period, there existed three main factions in the league. The first faction consisted of those opposed to the Legion simply, as a waste of ressource and a potential danger.

Lead by Khal-General Tarnik of the Eastern Alliance, head of the League Armies. The second faction, those who wanted to take over the Legion, by submitting it to the Votannic Council authority by sheer might leverage like Khal-General Raspin. Notwithstanding Phi Thionson indeed whom wanted to maintain independence and obtain planetary funding to expand. Left the third faction, the skeptics lead by Admiral Krenz, whose distrusted every options.
File: brandenburg.jpg (246 KB, 1200x836)
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246 KB JPG
So Choices:

1) Alliance at the Council

> Support Raspin as co Grand Khal (The Legion will autonomous but not independent) Leading to
Master Several Trade Path Plus integration of Kin and Ironkin. Benefits: The League is unified and the Legion is massively funded.

> Deal with Krenz, Funding will be Scarcer, but better that nothing, the Legion will be paid in supplies in the future for serving the Kindreds interest. Contractors Style, kin and Ironkin may join but they must volunteer and are under jurisdiction. Independence without autonomy.

> Rely only on yourself (and UR-026 dealings). Harsh. Price to pay for full autonomy is slow very slow growth.

> Refuse any Deal, and Go to War.

> Your Choice?

2) Choices of the League:
> Fulfill unification yourself
> Let The Kin Military head do it while you learn all the tech.

3) Approach toward System Unification planing

> Exterminatus. Simple. No Crazy Ai on Thion III nor puny Human on Wittfogel.
> No System Unification for now. let's do something else, like... reclaiming empty Thion II for mining purpose.

> Conquest of Wittfogel (easy picking, Human, a small moon orbiting around Thion I with Space Shipyards)
> Conquest of Thion I with their crazy AI, that have prepare for War.

> Your Choice.

3) How goes the story so far?
> More/less warfare
> More/less Politics
> More/less life cuts
>Side Story Elswhere (Terra M42, Great Crusade, Chaos, Wittfogel)
> suggest.
must add
"After the successful conclusion of the campaign against the Imperium, the new system of government was established.".

Should have contextualized that the Imperium is a derogative name for humans settlement among the Kin of Thion III.
Merlenious Seith is a very calm and collected man not quick to anger is very patient. but that patience is not infinite and when his threshold is met is anger has been described as apocalyptic.

> Rely only on yourself (and UR-026 dealings). Harsh. Price to pay for full autonomy is slow very slow growth.
we have centuries for growth.

> Fulfill unification yourself
we can spend more time learning tech after our system is unified.

> Conquest of Wittfogel (easy picking, Human, a small moon orbiting around Thion I with Space Shipyards)
we need to control space if we are going to subdue the A.I

>more life cuts.
right now Phi's personality isn't really defined. he needs more character.
>we have centuries for growth.
You have 205 years before the Horus Heresy currently. That's a lot true. but will it be enough to compete with the Imperium?

You have around 1 000 marines 4 000 scouts.

If you are not Great Khal (deal with Krenz or Raspin) , the league won't fund you directly (so military actions will be primarily made by Kin & Ironkin. XXI position is currently of a Khal among others Generals within the League.

>more life cuts.
right now Phi's personality isn't really defined. he needs more character.

Willing to suggest a few traits? or a Scene?
then I'll change that vote to
> Deal with Krenz, Funding will be Scarcer, but better that nothing, the Legion will be paid in supplies in the future for serving the Kindreds interest. Contractors Style, kin and Ironkin may join but they must volunteer and are under jurisdiction. Independence without autonomy.
one more day to >>5449610
I mean if the other guy doesn't show up I win by default.
File: bedroom 1.jpg (64 KB, 563x626)
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>[Scene: Krenz and Thionson are together is a cozy room] STRIKING A DEAL.

-Grand Admiral Krenz, sit on a comfortable divan, drinking : "You received my proposal Khal."

-Thionson, striding onward, his face showing a calculated appeasement : "Well Grand Admiral, we can make it work. You will have to change some outraging demands but if it means saving lives and expanding our respective influences, why not?"

-Krenz, gruff, : "Why did you agree to this arrangement, if you want it change it anyway? It will be reviewed by the Freeholds of North Wind many Kindreds. Took years to draft it. Will take even more to offer an answer for their opinion. But it is your decision Khal.
Apropos congratulation for your new design of Zul-Baraz (Iron Bond) armour. I would like it to be adapted to my Kin as well."

-Thionson, smiling: "Thank you very much for that kind words, Grand Admiral. Indeed, it took me long time to find a solution to this problem. We must adapt to survive. You know what happened to us since the Long Night. Our technology is outdated. There is no other way to do so except joining forces."

-Krenz, scowling: "Indeed, but not everyone agrees with the idea."

-Thionson, nodding slowly, :" are you mentionning Tarnik or Raspin? Or both of them?"

-Krenz, shaked his head, darting an eye toward the First Captain following his Master: "Both of them. And others too. Some think that we should stay independent or Join another League, because it is better for us to fight alongside ourselves that join hands with another specie."

-Thionson, mastering his voice : "The reality is that the Imperium will not left us alone. No one else wants to come here, let alone challenge our supremacy. If we don't act , we may lose everything! Let's put aside these petty differences and focus on the future."

-Krenz, shaking his head, :"I am afraid that is impossible Khal. This matter has been discussed at length between myself and Grymnir Bekka. She doesn't trust you. Your past actions have shown her otherwise."

-Thionson, calm: "My record speaks for itself. I was never against any of the Kindreds until now. As I told you before, the only reason I made the Legion was to stop the invasion from the outside world.

- Krenz, a mixed tone of brutal Honesty " You spared the humans of Macedon after tainted psykers had been reported among their ranks. A risk, that contradict the benefits principle of the Kin. Furthermore, you rose an army out of those humans ". Krenz darted an eye toward Seith.

-Thionson, sitting and taking a drink : "Yes, I admit it, my calculation were out of the ordinary from your perspective. I made sure they were not tainted. That's why I established a government to oversee the situation. Now things are getting back to normal. I can assure you that the same thing won't happen again. My word is my bond/."

-Krenz, frowning: "You're a good man, but I'm not convinced. What about your Macedonians friends? They are still there, aren't they?"
File: Reception 1.jpg (259 KB, 1000x625)
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259 KB JPG
-Krenz, shrugging: "It's simple, General. they are still human, right? There is no way to know if someone who joins the Legions is going to betray us later. The fact remains that some of them did so within that Imperium. We cannot take chances like that, especially when the stakes are high."

- Thionson, shifted position on the sofa,his body already 2m high despite his bare 13 years of existence. He understood his dialogist viewpoint. However he also knew that his own personal history would be used as ammunition if he was to be revealed. A more analytical and detail of procedure would convince him.

-Thionson, speaking softly: "That's true, but I believe that we can prevent such situations from happening in the future. For example, I plan to create a new system of control over the legionnaires. It will ensure that every individual is accountable for his action. In addition, each soldier will receive training and education to help them understand how to deal with different types of people. These measures will make it more difficult for anyone to use their position to harm the Kin."

-Krenz, nodding,: "Very well then. If that is the case, I'll support you fully at the North Wind Council. But please don't think that I approve of everything you've done in Macedonia. Some of our kin lost their lives because of you. My faction will have weight in your decision, independence or not. Though you Kindred is of respectable in size, it is only 500 000 souls, alone, isolated, your Votann, as mighty as he maybe, will not be able to provide the materials for your prospect."

-Thionson, smiling coldly: "I agree. Let's keep this between ourselves. Besides, I haven't been named Grand Khal yet. And besides, nobody knows that you know anyway. So let me handle the rest of the process without interference from other members of the council."

- Krenz abruptly, his voice coarse: " If we are to make our bed together, Who do you support as second Great Khal? Tarnik hates you and Raspin will try to eat your independence away. As i am already a Grand Admiral, it would be unwise to appoint one of mine Kindred."

-Thionson, shaking head,: "Tarnik has never had any intention to destroy my Kindred; neither does he want to get involved in internal affairs of another. His main concern is to see an end to the hostilities with the Imperium and return to isolationism. That being said, he is not stupid enough to risk losing all the gains he has made by helping us during the lasts years. I'm sure he understands what I intend to do regarding the Legion, and he will supports it."

-Krenz, raising eyebrows: "Then why didn't you ask him before coming here?"
**A Cunning Bastard**

-Thionson, shifting his position: "Because there was no need for him to know until now. This way I ensured that he won't interfere with anything I do going forward. Moreover, having someone else take charge of the Legion would give him plausible deniability should something go wrong. He has never supported it and was adamantly open in his defiance. Now that things went smoothly, he might just accept it as part of some grand scheme I cooked up in order to gain his favor. If not, it would be recorded in the archive as an act of adequate representation and moderate compromise within the league. Into the bargain, we would have the Pro legion Primarch, the Anti Legion Traditionnalist and yourself the temperate adjudicator as the three heads of the League military. "

-Krenz, looking surprised: "You really are a cunning bastard, aren't you?"

-Thionson, chuckling: "Yes, I suppose so. It takes more brains than brawn to run a successful campaign against the Imperium, after all. Though I must say that I feel sorry for those who stand on the sidelines watching while others fight their battles. For them, politics is like a game of chess where every move matters. Only a fool throws away pieces simply to win the game. On the contrary, winning is often achieved by sacrificing pawns early in the match to secure better positions later."

-Krenz, nodding approvingly: "Indeed. how will you make Raspin to agree to this?"

-Thionson, smiling: "That's a good question. We don't have much time left if we are to prepare ourselves properly. And besides, the sooner we unite, the less likely it becomes that the Imperium will find its way back to Thion."


(A private room, colorful scheme, very luxurious, fitting to Raspin tastes. Seith and Adam are there, with others Kin of the Bloodmail, in the background Raspin and Thionson argue)

-Raspin, eyes flashing angrily: "What!? You dare to bring me into disrepute? By doing such a thing you betray your own kind! How can you expect to command the loyalty of other Kindred when you treat them so poorly? I offered you so much, "

-Thionson, calm but firm voice: "I am aware of what you did and why for oyr race, though I wish to hear about it directly from you. What exactly happened to you, for you to believe i would subordinate myself to you Khal?"

-Raspin, snarling like a glory hound: "This isn't right. I cannot allow you to speak ill of my honor, Pup!"

-Seith interjected tersely, his hand on the hilt of his sword: "Do you threaten my Lord"

-Adam, looking amused: "Oh, he does now. So, let us see how long before that changes, shall we?"

-Raspin, glaring at him: "You should know better than anyone that the only one who can decide the fate of an individual is himself. Not some overgrown child whose sole purpose is to play at being a warrior without actually knowing anything about warfare. Do you think yourself worthy enough to judge me?"
File: Phi Legion.jpg (521 KB, 2236x2236)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
I hope You got your Primarch Slice of Live Anons! (A Chill Schemer, Vulkan-Alpharius type:
- I will screw you, you know i will, i know you know i know you know, and in fact i already did it.
i hope i conveyed it quite clearly)
As you did not pick specific personality traits.

So Choice:
1) Raspin "Pup, overgrown Child..." insults
> Chill and laugh at him, humiliating him even further
>Chill but do not humiliate him more that necessary.
>Your Choice

2) Political Dealings, the Third Man
> Support Tarnik as agreed with krenz
> Support Raspin (what?)
> Support Ironkin Eishen (Powergrab)
> Suggestion?

3) What to do in the close Future

> Go and infiltrate Wittfogel yourself, with the help of Lady Goldenstone
> crush the last AI/Humans Cities Yourself
> Let your legionnary play Alpha Legionnaire on Wittfogel while transport yourself directly on Thion II, with a band of your best men. Time for scouting Mission.
[Thion II a hellscape]
>Your Choice

4) Update?
> terra
> No Update

( If you decide to take people with you name them, i would suggest Lilith on thion III or Seith on Wittfogel)
>Chill but do not humiliate him more that necessary.

> Support Tarnik as agreed with krenz

> crush the last AI/Humans Cities Yourself

> terra
>Chill but do not humiliate him more that necessary.
> Support Tarnik as agreed with krenz
> crush the last AI/Humans Cities Yourself
> Terra
File: logo 5.jpg (21 KB, 300x400)
21 KB
>Last Talks before the Summit End, Thion III Circa 800 M30

-Thionson, laughing, his body language asserting dominance: "No, certainly not. But neither do I care to listen to someone who doesn't respect the importance of our alliance. After all, I've seen firsthand what happens when you underestimate the enemy. If we're going to survive the coming conflict, we need to learn from past mistakes. That means listening to each other, no matter how unpleasant that may seem."

-Raspin, shaking his head: "And here I was hoping we could start out on the same page. Perhaps I'm too late already."

-Thionson, coolly : "Maybe. But I doubt it. Besides, I don't claim you're incompetent Khal. You have your military record to testify. Yet you are not fit. You are too bloodthirsty for a warrior. The only way we're going to win this war is by becoming harder, stronger, and faster. I'll admit it. But we have to fight smarter as well. I didn't like it how you were brought into the fold, and I still don't. Your Freeholds of the Bloodmail carry lot of influence. More than any others. But it is because of that influence that i cannot allow you the position."

- Raspin, Furious: "You think you are in position to deny me Boy? "

-Thionson, smiling: "No, I'm afraid, i am not alone. But I will be happy to explain my reasoning. Mentionning explanation, should you demean me again, i would have to challenge you. In the Kindred interest you should spare yourself the humiliation. "

-Raspin, his eyes burning with choler, grudgingly groaning: "Fine. Let us begin then if you are so sure. Tell me all you can about the events leading up to the war, starting with your first encounter with the Imperium. I want to understand how they managed to conquer so many planets despite having such inferior technology. "

- Thionson, leaning forward intently: "It won't be that easy. I mean, some information are classified even for you Khal Raspin, but i can assure you, i won't be the battles of old, where you had to charge headlong into the fray, guns blazing. Rather a slow process of attrition. The Imperium will use its superior psychic powers to bend us to its will. The Emperor's mind may outwit us and force compliance. He possess his own Legions, far less equipped and genetically inferior true but much more. And my brothers are not to be underestimate. Should they know about the Votann we may be lost. "

- Raspin, his elbow cracking: "We could Nuke them. build up our forces and in a few years strike them. a positive investment"

- Thionson, his face a mask: "True. We could. That would make the Emperor an enemy of us. Not one we can defeat with certainty. Not one we can kill neither. But that is confidential information Khal. To know more...."
File: HearthkynArt.jpg (55 KB, 513x270)
55 KB
>XXI Legio Report 171D13.
Year 801M30; Subject: Confederation of Equasharian, Thion III

Confederation of Equasharian. 5 Cities in one giant underground-undersea Hub, 50 Millions Genetically modified humans , a stronghold of mankind.

Protected, fortified,militaristic, industrial, and resolutely independent. They waged war courageously against the Legion 1000 marines and the few troops of the League. It is a test of skill.

Their Supreme Commander Skanderbeg a seasoned 55 years old man. An excellent general and a wise tactician especially in ambushing, famously resorted to assymetric tactics such as guerilla warfare hit-and-run tactics,raiding,night attacks/ambushes that greatly demoralized the tactical units who fought far away from their bases. His steel leadership enabled a locals to prevail over the exo-armored Kin until now.

The Equasharian Elite Troop was another problem. call the Sturmmann, A glimpse of the future, new tactics in war for their people. Integrating light power-armor in their Doctrine of combat, aiming to be as fast as lightning with overwhelming firepower. They're fueled by the fear in their enemies eyes, a shock troop infiltration. Lead through direct command advancing through their land encircling the flanks, and ravage their ranks. A real nuisance.

The Sturmmann themselves are genetically engineered soldiers, raised from birth to fight and die for the cause. They live only to kill. Their training is so harsh that it takes them up to two years to become fully operational. During this period, they learn how to use their weaponry under extreme conditions, and to obey orders without hesitation. Each trooper is trained individually to perform different tasks depending on its role in battle. For instance, some will specialize in scouting ahead while others concentrate on defending a point. Some may also act as scouts, guerilla and snipers.
Sturmmann weapons are powered by a fusion cell. Imperium style Volkite. They can be controlled remotely or by voice commands.

The regular conscripts primary weapon is a pulse rifle. It has enough power to penetrate regular exo-armor.

Finally, they missiles, grenades and anti-tank mines are deployed everywhere. In addition, they wear body armour and helmets equipped with communication systems for enhanced battlefield awareness.

Current Forces:
2 millions Troops, and more to be mobilized
against 500 000 Hearthkyn.
File: XXI Legion.png (781 KB, 806x1000)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
POV Thionson consider his battleplan against the Equasharian confederation with his two major officers (Seith & Harken)
- Second Captain Harken "We must crush the enemy before they have time to organize a counterattack! Terminator and Landspeeder supported by artillery barrage and Thadic pattern tank speartip. We breach and we break. "
- First Captain Seith "Too late for that, we ony have a thousand marines, and they are fortified. we don't have aerial support there. And They have volkite. It is a bloodshed your way will lead us into."
Harken bursted in anger looking at his screens, "Our forces are too far away from each other, our main force is encamped around the capital, and there are no reinforcements available yet. If I had my way, we would have brought more troops here sooner!"
Harken looked back at the map, "There are three major fronts. Our first line is just north of their capital. There are two lines of defence further south, one near the coast, and another between the mountains and the sea.
- Captain Seith: "We don't have more troops of the Karak Ankor-Zul and we cannot appeal to our allies or we will appear weak inside the league. Our Lord will be ashamed. We have to find a way around." He points out a Volcanic range to the east of the capital.
- Captain Krom: "If we could get through those hills..."

Both men look at each other, then turn back to the screen where the terrain is displayed. Both agree that it might work – if we could do something about these mountains.

"What are your thoughts?" asked the Primarch.

-Seith reported "Sir I propose we send a scout squad to see what lies beyond the hill. Let them try and negotiate with the locals. Maybe we can convince them to help us. The rest of you should remain ready; we won't know until we go over the top."

Phi nods slowly, considering all options. His eyes flicker across the maps, weighing possibilities. Finally he turned back to face the captains.

"You both make good points," he finally agrees.

"Send the scouts, let them talk to the natives. Then we'll move forward as planned. But remember... once we're past the lines, we need to keep moving. No stopping unless absolutely necessary."

They nod again, understanding their orders. Their faces reveal nothing but respect for the man who leads them.

With a gesture he dismisses them. As they leave, he calls after them, "And bring me word quickly when you return!"
File: raphael.jpg (198 KB, 732x800)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
> XXI view M30 801 circa. Thion Legion Headquarters

With a gesture he dismisses them. As they leave, he calls after them, "And bring me word quickly when you return!"

As soon as they were gone, he turned towards the room's entrance and called up the hologram projector.

A large image appeared above him, showing the view outside the window.

In the distance stood a vast white plain dotted with small peak and bunkers.

To the right rose a towering cliff, its summit shrouded in mist. Beyond the cliffs, he saw a forest, thickly covered with trees, and stretching off into the horizon like some ancient wall.

It was a beautiful sight, especially against the backdrop of the blue sky.

. And now there were reports of a great beast roaming the woods. Weapons of another age.
That couldn't bode well.

He turn his attention to the sea, and the great domes maintained by magnetic-field.
After a moment, he dismissed the projection.

>somewhere on Thion III, a spy

In the midst of the chaos, the old man sat quietly by himself, deep within his tent. From time to time, someone would pass close enough to notice him sitting alone. Most ignored him completely;

others whispered among themselves as they passed. None dared approach him. Not out of fear, but because they knew what he could do.

They'd heard about him from the other refugees scattered throughout the camp. It didn't matter if he wasn't here anymore. Word spread fast through such places. People remembered things like that. Some might have wanted to help him, but none of them did either. There weren't many left anyway. Only one person approached him. She was young, perhaps twenty years old. Her skin was dark brown, her hair black and straight. Spies. Everyone was spy these days. She wore no uniform. No insignias. Just a simple cloak over a tunic. With a quick motion, he took the bag of coins from beside his bed. Without saying a word, he handed it to her. Then he pointed at the door. Leave.
(I meant to write the Crystal Dragons of course)
So Anons, Choices!
No Update before Monday

About those secundary Captains, Harken (listen) and Krom (Thunder), care to give them a personnality?

1) Raspin Informations Leaks

> Give Them
>Trade Them
> No leak, it's classified

2) Confederation of Equasharian War

> Call For reinforcements from the League
> increase conscription in Karak Ankor- Zul to raise a million Kin Soldier.
> Win with panache and deploy only the Astartes as reinforcement

3) Your Military Strategy

> Follow Seith Plan: Pass through the Volcanoes, Magma Chamber and hostile territory. (very Salamanders indeed)
> Alpharius special game, sabotage the Sea Domes. Drown millions.
> Follow Harken Plan, Mechanized assault, Fast and Furious (very Iron Hands/Blood Angel)
> Perturabo Special Game, Besiege them. Let them rot. Artillery duel.
>Start Nuclear/ WMD War.
> Attract the Beasts and drag them on the Frontline to cause chaos.
> Create somekind of crazy artefact/ Weapons/ Armor/ thing that reverse the battlefield perspective.

(You don't have the opportunity to hack them into nothingness since you don't possess the Knowledge of Programming and Cypher yet)
>Trade them
> Win with panache and deploy only the Astartes as reinforcement
> Follow Seith Plan: Pass through the Volcanoes, Magma Chamber and hostile territory. (very Salamanders indeed)
>make shielding to better protect our men and equipment from the heat.
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