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Previously on Final Girl Quest...

What started out as a night to remember, is rapidly devolving into a night to... dismember. With the horned intruder unleashing his vengeful bloodbath, the gang scatters all around Hughes Mansion, shortly before everything goes dark. The lines are down, the storm is growing violent, and the body count has only just begun. Thankfully, Megan and Sarge are dying to get there...

File: Heart Attack Bridge.gif (185 KB, 678x651)
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185 KB GIF
The aging patrol car was climbing up the mountainside road like The Little Engine That Could; its worn tires screeching in protest at every turn. The radio had stopped pretending it could handle the storm a while ago, and was just giving off a steady stream of static.

"Bork! Bork!" Sarge complained, as if to say: "What kind of Bizarro water even is this?! I can't drink this! This is madness!" as he frantically licked at the passenger's seat window, trying very much in vain to suck on the rain on the outside.

Megan mechanically patted him on the head, before rummaging for her emergency pack of Claws inside the glove compartment. She tore the pack open with her teeth and stuck a cigarette in her mouth; the little crab mascot with the Ray-Ban Aviators and the blonde mohawk on the front looked like it was having the time of its life, smoking away at the beach, surrounded by perpetually surprised-looking pin-up girls in revealing swimsuits.

"I'm gonna quit-- I am! I promise. Just... not tonight, okay? Okay." the Sherriff's Deputy said to herself, conveniently avoiding to look at her reflection in the rear-view mirror as she did.

She took a drag off her cancer stick and made a right, finally arriving at he clearing before Heart Attack Bridge.

"Ugh, I hate that freaking thing." she mumbled to herself as she slowed down. "I mean, if you can afford a suit that costs more than my car, then you can afford a new bridge, dammit!" she ranted at an imaginary Mayor Hughes.

"Woof! Woof!" Sarge exclaimed, as if to say: "Rookie, watch out!" placing a paw on her shoulder.


Megan slammed on the brakes and brought the car to a stop.

"What the..." she looked up ahead through the windshield in disbelief. There should be a patch of rickety old bridge where the headlights were shining, but there wasn't... Nah, that couldn't be it, right? Her eyes must've been playing tricks on her due to exhaustion or something, and the pitch black darkness and heavy rain weren't helping, either. Right...? Right?!

She left the engine running, got out of the car and walked over to what was left of the bridge on this side of Brooker Canyon...

"Oh, no... No-no-no! I take it back-- I'm sorry! I don't hate you that much!" she pleaded in desperation.

"Arf!" Sarge offered, strolling over to her, as if to say: "Sucks to be you.", before cheerfully shoving his snout in a puddle of water nearby.

"Crap. This is not good-- I gotta notify the Sherriff." Megan reached for her radio, only for her hand to be met with n empty stretch of belt. "What?! Where's my-- Oh, no..." she momentarily thought back to her desk, where her radio was still waiting for someone to pick it up. "Good job, Scott."

"Great, that's just great. Best night of my life, hands down." she tried to take a drag off her cigarette, only to suck on some bitter nicotine juice. "Eugh!" she spat out and ran a hand over her face. "Now what?"
Megan's eyes shone bright for a second, as a sliver of hope came back to her. "Duh!" she slapped her forehead. "I've got a CB in the car!"

She'd only taken a couple of steps toward the beat-up sedan when...


A lightning strike landed smack-dab in the middle of the car's hood, sending bright sparks flying everywhere; smoke coming out of the grill as the headlights died a moment later.

"Well, that's not what you want..." Megan mumbled to herself, resigned, drenched and surrounded by darkness.

She turned on her flashlight with a heavy sigh, walking over to the edge of the canyon once more. She turned the flashlight toward the patch of bridge on the other side and scrunched her face for a moment.

"I can jump that far..."

"Woof!" Sarge exclaimed, as if to say: "HA! HAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *snort* HAAAHAHAHAHAAA *wheeze* AHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"I'm a track and field medalist, dammit! A high school track and field bronze medalist who hasn't trained in years, but still..."

"Bark! Bark!" Sarge called, as if to say: "This way, rookie! Quit fartin' around!" making his way to the north along the edge of the canyon.

Megan looked from the bridge to the dog and back again.


>Megan jumps
>Megan follows Sarge

I'm also gonna need you guys to roll a d20.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>Megan follows Sarge
Oh hey, welcome back!
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>Megan follows Sarge
Didn't think it would return lol
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Megan follows Sarge
>Megan follows Sarge
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

>Megan follows Sarge
Welcome back, QM!
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>>Megan follows Sarge
>Megan follows Sarge
>Rolled 20 (1d20)

Thanks for sticking around, boils and ghouls, and a warm welcome to any newcomers. I forgot to add that I'd count the best out of the first three rolls, so I'm counting the best one overall, instead. Lucky you. Next update coming in a few minutes, once I'm done editing.
Hughes Mansion

"Steph, what do we do?" Audrey squeezed Stephanie's hand, looking from the stairs to the bay window and back again.

"Those footsteps sound kinda heavy to me..." Priscilla rubbed the back of he neck.

"Yeah, I'd rather take my chances with whatever's over there." Stephanie nodded, motioning toward the end of the hallway. "Let's book it."

The girls started running down the corridor, making a right at the bay window; none of them noticing a loopy Spencer clumsily wandering off toward the stairs...


"There it is again." Stephanie aimed her flashlight at the door. "It's coming from the library..." she readied her slingshot.

Priscilla grabbed the doorknob and raised three fingers in the air with her free hand.

Stephanie nodded.

Two fingers.

One finger.


"Grrr!" the fat racoon from earlier - wearing one of Amber's bras as a hat - jumped up and snarled at them, before slithering away between their legs on its way to freedom.

"Eeek!" Stephanie got startled and lost her balance, firing at random.


The sound of broken glass came from somewhere inside the library, echoing all over the place, amplified by the acoustics of the room; a cold breeze following soon after.

"Pretty sure they heard that all the way to South Lake..." Priscilla whispered.

"Quick, in the library!" Stephanie led the girls inside and locked the door behind them.

"Um, Steph? I think you broke a window..." Priscilla walked to the far side of the room; a lightning proving her right moments later as her silhouette flashed for a split-second against said window, framed by thick curtains waving in the wind.

"Wait, where's Spencer?!" Audrey looked around.

"I-- I thought he was with you..." Stephanie raised her shoulders.

"We're *not* going back out there." Priscilla pointed at the door.

"Oh my God..." Audrey broke down crying. "I-- *snif* I was such a dick to Tiffany, and-- and now she's gone! *snif* And-- and now Spencer's g-gonna die *snort* and it's gonna be my fault!"

"Don't worry, Audrey. He's-- We're gonna find Spencer, okay?" Steph hugged her friend.

"I know it's kind of a horrible thing to say..." Priscilla adjusted her baseball cap. "But, um... I'm sorta relieved..."

"What?! *sinf* Like *snort* how?!"

"Well... Black people always die first in horror movies..." another lightning punctuated Priscilla's point, but her silhouette looked much, *much* bigger this time around...




"SuBvErted! HaR-hAr-HaR-hAr-HaAaR!" The man brought down his axe, slicing Priscilla's right arm clean off at the shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Audrey unlocked the door and ran away, screaming in panic.
File: PJ.png (37 KB, 497x639)
37 KB
Stephanie aimed her flashlight at he far side of the room, illuminating a flailing Priscilla writhing in agony, with the horned giant standing behind her; warm blood spraying out of her fresh wound and onto bookshelves, paintings and assorted furniture like a garden hose gone haywire.

"Oh, no..."

"NeEd a hAnd?!" The man picked up Priscilla's severed arm and waved it at her. "HaR-hAr-HaR-hAr-HaAaR!"

"S-Steph, help! P-please!" Priscila whimpered, falling to the floor; her one arm reaching toward her friend.

"What do you want, you *monster*?!" with her anger overriding her instincts, Stephanie climbed up on a reading table and started firing at the man with her slingshot; marbles bouncing off of him like marshmallows.

"YoU." the killer threw his axe at her.

*thwip-thwip-thwip-THUNK! CRASH!*

The blade flew through the air and landed on one of the table's legs, bringing it down and Stephanie with it.

The Sherriff's daughter landed on the floor head-first, as her flashlight escaped her grip and rolled away; its beam resting on a fallen Priscilla.

Stephanie propped herself up on one arm and rubbed her forehead, just in time to see the man crushing her friend's head into a pulp as he walked toward her; brains and blood momentarily hugging his work boot as an eyeball slipped away under it.

"OoPs, mY bAd! HaR-hAr-HaR-hAr-HaAaR!"

Stephanie started backing away on her elbows - mouth agape and eyes wide with horror - but it was too late.

"DoN't woRry, StEphaNie. I'm nOt goNna hUrt yOu..." her grabbed her by the throat and raised her in the air.

"Urk!" Stephanie tried to loosen his grip with both hands, to no avail.

"YeT! I'm sAvinG yOu foR lAst, HaR-hAr-HaR-hAr-HaAaR!"

"Khhh-why...? Why are-khhh-you d-doing khhh-thisss..." Stephanie mustered.

"SiX yEars aGo, yOu tOok EveryThing awAy frOm Me..." he tightened his grip.

Stephanie was about to faint.

"So toNight, I'm tAking EveryThing awAy fRom yOu..." he tossed her aside and turned to leave, as the girl landed on her friend's corpse.

"AnD All yOu cAn dO is wAtch! HaR-hAr-HaR-hAr-HaAaR!" he slammed the library door shut and locked it behind him; the sound of his footsteps growing fainter as he walked down the hallway.

Stephanie rubbed her throat, greedily sucking in all the air she could handle, before breaking out in a coughing fit; all that entered her lungs was death and Charlie Blue. She sat beside what was left of Priscilla, squeezing her one hand in hers and sobbing in the darkness for a while.

Finally she got up and steeled herself, wiping her nose on her sleeve.

"Eugh..." she looked down at herself; her hoodie was covered in gore. She took it off and threw it away, revealing the ivory-white wifebeater underneath, still in pristine condition; get a four-pack at Jimmy's for only $6.25!
"Alright, freak..." she turned her makeshift toothbrush hairstick a couple times to tighten her bun. "You want me? Then I'll give you *exactly* what you want." she grabbed her flashlight and looked around. "Twenty bucks says you won't like it." she walked over to the broken window and peeked outside; it led to a wide covered balcony. She pointed her flashlight to the right; there was a small green door on the south wall.

>Climb out the window
>Check out the green door
>Look for any secret passages

I'm also gonna need you guys to roll a d 20. I'll be counting the best out of the first three rolls.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

>Look for any secret passages
Rolled 10 (1d20)

>>Check out the green door
Um, guys...?
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Sometimes if no one rolls for a day or so you might want to just ask people to roll again for the third roll, QM. Just some advice for the future!

>Look for any secret passages
Also, digging the music choices, as ever.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>>Look for any secret passages
>Look for any secret passages
>Rolled 14 (1d20)

Next update coming tomorrow. I swear, one of these threads I'm actually gonna take advantage of the bump days and not let them go to waste.

Duly noted! I thought maybe everyone was away for the weekend, or something.
Thanks! Hunting for songs is one of my favorite parts of this.
Posting from my phone. I am terribly sorry for the delay. I know apologies are worthless at this point and I can't blame you guys for losing faith, but every single time I'm like yes, this is the perfect timing to have a good ol' thread, something fucks me over. Every time. Like clockwork. This time around it was both work and my computer. The most infuriating thing is that it's never writer's block or whatever, it's always shit outside of my control. Anyway. Next update coming TODAY, come hell or high water. It'll be the first thing I do once I get off work, and that's a promise.
File: NFSD duffel bag.png (42 KB, 759x523)
42 KB

"Sarge, wait up!" Megan waved a hand.

"Arf!" the retriever replied, as if to say: "Move your ass, rookie! I smell people juice! We ain't got much time!"

"I'll just be a minute!" Megan ran over to the back of the torched patrol car and popped the trunk open. "Okay, let's see..." she briefly looked around inside with her flashlight, before grabbing the empty duffel bag to the left of the compartment and stuffing it with supplies...

>NFSD duffel bag:
>Shotgun x 1 [loaded]
>Flare gun x 1 [loaded]
>Pack of shotgun shells x 1 [buckshot]
>Pack of flares x 1 [red]
>Pack of .357 Magnum ammo x 1
>Medi kit x 1
>Pack of D batteries x 1
>Length of rope [conveniently unspecified]

Half an hour later and about a quarter mile down the road, Brooker Canyon was getting visibly narrower.

"Sarge *huff* gimme a--" Megan dropped the duffel bag and placed her hands on her knees. "--gimme a second. This *huff* this thing weighs a ton. Omigod *huff* I gotta *cough-cough* I gotta quit smoking... Like *huff* yesterday..."

"Woof-woof!" Sarge called, as if to say: "Rookie! I found a way across!"

Megan looked up and aimed her flashlight toward him.

A big Douglas fir had fallen -no doubt having been struck by lightning, judging by the singe marks- forming a makeshift bridge across the canyon; it looked just sturdy enough to support the weight of a brilliant dog and an emotionally unstable blonde.

"Okay, we'll just take it slow..." Megan swallowed, as Sarge hopped onto the tree trunk and made his way across in seconds.


The Sherriff's Deputy, stuffed her flashlight in her back pocket and climbed up on the log, reluctantly putting one foot in front of the other for what felt like hours, using the odd lightning to map her path; her hands tightly wrapped around the straps of the cumbersome canvas bag hanging in front of her, as chunks of tree bark cracked under her weight, before flying away and into the storm.

She was three quarters of the way through when she slipped and lost her balance.

"Oh, f--"


Megan fell down on all fours and instinctively hugged the tree trunk; the duffel bag hanging from her right hand, as the left one held onto the Douglas fir for dear life.

She looked down.

"Oh, no. No-no-no..." she closed her eyes and pressed her face against the tree.

"Bark-bark!" Sarge called, as if to say: "Come on, rookie, you got this!"

The tree shook. A chunk of earth fell down the canyon, followed by a handful of rocks as the log dropped a few inches.

"This isn't happening-- Sarge, quick! The bag-- get the bag!" Megan yelled, swinging her arm back and forth until she gathered enough momentum to land it in front of her.

The dog jumped to her, biting one of the straps and dragging the bag to the other side.

The tree shook again; this time around dropping about a foot lower.
"Okay, Scott, it's now or never..." Megan psyched herself up, as cold sweat blended with rain and trickled down her face. She jumped up and ran the rest of the way across, landing face-first onto the wet grass on the other side, as the tree was swept away from under her feet and tumbled down the canyon.

At long last, the dynamic duo emerged from the woods and into a very familiar clearing...

"Make-Out Point...?" Megan looked around with her flashlight; there were bear traps everywhere.

"What the..." she scrunched her face, as her beam landed on what looked like... a severed foot?

"Jesus H. Christ, what the hell happened here?!"

Sarge suddenly snapped his head to the east and started growling.

"What's wrong, boy?" she patted the dog, as a long sorrowful howl sent chills down her spine.

She turned around, aiming her flashlight at the sound.

There was a wolf trapped in one of the rusty maws.

Walking closer, she saw the creature was drenched in blood and breathing heavily;

"Oh, buddy..."

The wolf slowly turned to look at her with sad eyes, mustering a whine, as if begging her to end his torture.

Megan bit her lower lip as she pulled out her Colt Python...

>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery
>Megan lets the wolf bleed to death
>>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery
>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery
Welcome back, QM.
>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery
Guess it won't be helping us in the El Gigante fight later, huh
>>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery
>Megan puts the wolf out of its misery

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