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Last Time on K-City Chronicles

It had been an abnormal day in K-City when a young Kaede Kinochita discovered her powers by helping a mysterious salaryman that promised her great things for her future if she wanted to become a Hero. That same day the martial artist Kai Fu started the opening of his dojo wishing to fulfill his dream of becoming a full fledged and recognized Master.

An amnesiac with ninja powers, Yama Kitagua, battled through the fuge in his head when he saw someone getting attacked. This was his first confrontation with the Skittler, a monster holding great potential. When the Skittler ran away Yama went to eat some ramen where he ran into our young heroine together with Shinon Watanabe, the salaryman that was advising her about the Hero Entrance Exam.

Grouping together as a Hero group Kai, Kaede and Yama had some adventures as Heroes, saving kittens and butchering monstrous spiders. The Skittler met an old TIME WIZARD after being bested by his Nemesis and started a Groupie Squad willing to follow and help him out in exchange for his special skittles.

Come join us. There is plenty of room in this great city of ours. Heroes, Villains, invisible Reporters it matters not. But beware for this city is not a place for those wishing the most normal life, what with monstrous heroes and heroic monsters running around.

One Quest Man Character Resources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uQ16Kn5qbbP7rmqmIu_sefCFxFZ6do21/view?usp=share_link

Characters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQmXvQBof9Ct4qXiSeKoUNsj1E4mFikS/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=115802121408955167630&rtpof=true&sd=true

Character Abilities Spreadsheets:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y-iQI071VscxnbxCACRSe8uxoZO08WzT/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=115802121408955167630&rtpof=true&sd=true
Rolled 36 (1d100)

Kataguri gave Kai a quizzical look as the Martial Artist vowed to take vengeance and kill all the Snakes still hiding in the woods. The Exterminator seemed not particularly enthused about that prospect.

“Just make sure to finish the job properly this time and I might consider getting my units out to your fight scenes again.” the Exterminator stated flatly and combed through his short hair using thickly gloved hands that had to be unbearably hot after the Adrenaline had started to settle.

But the man did not relax, instead taking to patrolling the grounds against any intrusions while the Heroes would be out.

Yama kept his distance from Byakko as the white Tiger prowled towards the forest not wishing to set anything alight near the large Feline.

“So you're joining) Alright Let's see where the snakes came from. Should be easy to follow considering how many of them ambushed the workers.” he spoke, waves of heat still rolling off of his body. Standing too close to the Ninja would be very uncomfortable right now even with a cool breeze blowing through the woods.

It was indeed not too difficult to follow the trail. The Clearing where the Ambush had happened was an ashen grave with a thick layer of soot coating nearly everything. The main thrust of the Snakemens attack had cleared out a good chunk of brush which allowed for easy tracking by the cat and the Heroes in turn.

What they stumbled across was an old manor that seemed to be part of the entrance to an old abandoned amusement park. A couple of small snakes slithered away from them and posed little threat when they moved towards the entrance. It had no door and seemed to lead directly into a large Courtyard. A singular Tree grew in the center underneath a broken Skylight surrounded by pillars. The Place seemed silent and still but there was an uneasiness in the Air.

>Rolling for Observation DC 40/60/80

also this is the Archive link for anyone interested.

It was quite... chaotic in the beginning.
Rolled 15 (1d100)

Rollin' for opening eyes
dont worry we are equally blind.
File: central_Manor_courtyard.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Rolled 5, 23 = 28 (2d100)


The Couryard seemed peaceful when they looked around and nothing seemed to be too out of place. There were signs of relatively recent activity but nothing pointing towards an ambush as far as Yama and Kaede could see.

On the far side a set of double doors still clung to the frame but seemed like they could fall over any second at the touch of the lightest breeze. Towards the east a large free standing staircase rose up to the first floor to what seemed like to be a Library.

Westwards some stairs led down into a shallow pool of water but through the shattered remnants of the door and a window on the first floor the bones of a massive creature were visible, suspended in the air by thick stainless steel cables.

Neither of the two could make out much and Yama wondered where they should go. The Library as well as the apparent display hall could hold something of value to them but the snakes were likely deeper inside the amusement park that they could spot through a couple shattered windows in the far back.
The two humanoid snakes that had attempted to ambush the young Hero and the Ninja had been a bit too loud. They lunged from the ceiling trying to surprise them. It would have worked had they not loudly cursed at the humans butchering their bretheren.

The Snake attacking Kaede practically skewered itself head first on Kaedes Knife that cut through the monsters head like butter. And the one that had thrown itself at Yama managed to collide with the Ninja but at a bad angle and concussed itself against the steely chestbones of the monstrous Ninja. It also was quickly dispatched by Yama stepping down on its neck with enough force to crush the throat into a paste.

What had happened to the snake trying to attack Kai neither of them noticed at that moment until they turned around.

leaving space for Kai Anon.
Rolled 74 (1d100)

I'll roll too
Rolled 67, 1, 59, 39, 51, 55 = 272 (6d100)

Alright, that's enough for Kai to try and block the attack
Rolling Strengh and Withstand
...Does a 1 count as a crit fail even if we pass DC 50? It's impressive that it took that long for us to get one
nah. if you pass the minimum DC then you still make it. just describe it a bit more humorous.

also on the DC 80 you would have found something nice in this room.

I can give you two hints to what can be found within the LIbrary and the Display room. Since you made the DC 60

There was some movement in the Library by an almost writhing carpet of snakes

and in the Display room the massive Skeleton displayed from the ceiling was swaying lightly even without wind.
Wait, Kaede did get one that got her feeling depressed
Rolled 56, 2, 56 = 114 (3d100)

Ask they reached the location that the snakes were coming from, Byakko decided to stay by the pool of water, gently pawing at it.
Kaede and Yama decided to search the displays, Kai focused on the book at the library.
It seems that a section dedicated to ancient warfare caught his interest. What was written was far from manuals, and even if it were, these were likely more akin to outdated ways of fighting then lost secrets. Still, it was interesting to know how the ancients fought.
It was then that the hair in the back of his neck stood up, and a large snake man lunged at him! Kai grappled the monster mid jump, and slammed him with all his might into the floor! However, that unblaced the bookcases that were near, and an avalanche of books and curious feel on top of both of them!

Rolling athletics to dig myself out, and rolling Byakko observation for him to hear the commotion.
Dispatching the Snake that had tried to ambush Kai, by catching it mid flight and crushing it against the floor, had allowed Kai to make some observations around the room. He decided to go for the Library and walked to the West while asking Yama and Kaede to investigate the Display room.

After Kai ascended to the Library he could take a look around and while many had been damaged by plantlife some had been well preserved. Others had just recently been moved as he noticed when being attacked. The Snakeman was a pale white with rings set into a massive hood like the head of a Kobra. It wore richly embroided and bejeweled clothing while a set of metal claws had been placed onto its fingers.

It hissed at Kai and gestured for two of its minions to attack the Martial Artist while he was down. It stood back and opted into spitting crystalized venom at Kai that liquefied upon impact.
Rolled 3, 58, 49, 58, 11, 66, 99 = 344 (7d100)

Byakko got distracted from playing by suddenly hear a noise coming from the path that the others had gone through. He immediately bolted toward that path, just to find Kai trying to claw himself out of a pile of him own making, and the white tiger started helping him get out, not even noticing the ninja and heroine fighting some rooms over.
It was then that a trio of snake started attacking them!
Rolling for Byakko's power and avoidance, a migth roll from Kai to rush from the pile and attack now that it has been loosened.
Rolled 61, 100, 15 = 176 (3d100)


Yama had accepted Kais plan and gestured for Kaede to follow him. The shallow pool dominated the lower part of the display room and Yama offered to carry Kaede over to the other side. The Skeleton hanging over them was still swinging slightly and a bone fell down into the water close to them. Looking up at the fossil with distrust Yama spotted a patterned Snake maybe the Size of Kaede. It had four arms and was wielding a staff while it nestled into the ribcage of the Skeleton.

The Displaypiece suddenly started glowing with a Green Aura and ripped itself free from its confinement. Dashing to the side to avoid the Large Theropod Saurian looking similarly to a T-Rex, with a Reinforced Ribcage and longer forearms, Yama cursed.

"Shit Kaede can you get in there?" he asked the girl before sidestepping and launching himself towards the Skeleton at the same time that Kai was attacked in the Library. His Knife was engulfed in a blaze strong enough to cut through steel and replicate bones alike while boiling the water around Yama.

>Rolling for Power Fire.
Rolled 15, 46, 55, 19, 92, 6, 11, 18, 47, 98 = 407 (10d100)

Byakko managed to barely avoid the attacks of the snakes and start to push back against them. However, not only was he outnumbered, but he was on the back foot, being caught out of position and with his back to a wall, or bookcase in this case. So he could only fight of one of the snakes.
However, the snakes liquefying venom, Kai's attempts to dig out plus Byakko's help loosened enough of the pile that the martial artist could free himself. So he opted to forgo all finesse and put all his strength into it, jumping out in once swift motion and bowling over the second snake fighter that as pressuring Byakko, knocking him out!
He then turned to face the albino snake that was staying back, and moved towards them, letting the white tiger finish the fight it was embroiled in. This went from a 3 on 1 to a 2 on 2!

Rolling might to attack snake, withstand to approach while being pelted by acid venom spit
Byakko will try to finish his fight
Rolled 60, 96, 87, 71, 79, 32, 88, 31 = 544 (8d100)

Kai moved towards the pale snake undeterred by the venom rain, quickly entering it's personal space, landing a flurry of punches and kicks. Although some of them were avoided by the snake's flexibility, or blocked with it's rings, enough landed to hurt it, with the creature hissing in pain.

Meanwhile Byakko was still struggling to land hits due to the lack of space, however not having to deal with two opponents at the same time gave him enough leeway to allow the tiger to perfectly avoiding all attacks.
Hearing the hiss of its leader, and seeing the inability of the tiger to attack it as a lack of threats, the snakeman turned his back to byakko to try and attack Kai's back!

Rolling might to pummel albino, withstand to deal with the snake's backstab, and rolling for Byakko athletics to catch the snake

He launched Kaede in the somewhat vague direction of the enemy before exploding into movement. The Water where he had stood was pushed back by the combined heat and sudden shockwave of Yama jumping. The weapon in his hands seemed to liquify and turn into a stream of molten metal controlled by Yamas mind and the Fire turning it nearly into Plasma. The Monstrous Skeleton swiped at Yama with its tail and the Ninja struck with unnatural strength. The Plasma Sword sliced through the replicated bones and protective ESP Layer. Grabbing hold of the bones still connected to the main body Yama redirected his momentum and slashed along the Spine of the construct.

By slashing at those parts in front of him and then stepping onto them Yama managed to push the pieces apart and making it harder and harder to control the thing by the Snake in the Ribcage. The Ninja was thrown off the back by a blast of pure ESP Power which launched him into the ceiling almost twenty meters above the Skeleton. But that burst of power had a price.

For just a second the Skeleton faltered and the Warlock controlling it from inside the Ribcage scrambled to reassert its control, leaving it open for Kaedes Attacks at close range.
Kai did not stop his relentless attack, not even when the other snake jumped on his back at started constricting him. No matter how much it tried, it could not stop Kai from exhaling and inhaling, so much so that it was starting to loose grip. As it decided to attempt to bite him, Byakko bit it's neck and dragged the animal out back.
The snake's venom was now sprayed all over it's own body, from being merciless pummeled while attempting to spit and bite the invader, slowly corroding the rings and jewelry it wore.
A few seconds later, all the snakes were now dead, and both Kai and Byakko were unharmed. Although the equipment of the head snake had melted away.

They decided to take one last look through the library, to see any exits and hallway, before heading towards the display room to meet with Yama and Kaede to share information.
File: Spoiler Image (372 KB, 1600x1000)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Oh, and will there be a museum or building recreation in the middle of the amusement park? Something that the mutant snakes turned into an actual temple?
Rolled 48, 84, 23 = 155 (3d100)


"Shit Kaede can you get in there?"

That gave the young girl an idea. Yama send her on the ennemy way, but Kaede doesn't act just yet...
Now, the guard is down!
Kaede dashes forward the warlock.
>Rollin Power (Expanding 1.5 charges)
yes. that is somewhere deeper in there... there is the big boss. and the Hatchery
>84 + Bonuses : Reached threshold of 75 (Non-crit 100 - 25 from distraction)

Kaede visualize herself not only jumping to the warlock place, but more exactly swapping positions...

>Warlock yeeted out of the ribcage, leaving him vulnerable

From the heightened position of the warlock, Kaede fells down with the disrupted skeleton.
Hey, is that a secret alcove above where they came from? Kaede is pretty sure something shined inside... To check once the snake warlock tail have been kicked.
Rolled 49, 15, 31 = 95 (3d100)


The Warlock had been taken completely by surprise and without the contact to the Skeleton itself the loss of control could not be easily regained. When it was spotted by a falling Yama he threw several of his shuriken at the shocked creature trying to skewer its head with the deadly thrown projectiles. Landing in the water proved little difficulty and he surged forward, taking his monstrous form to overwhelm the Snake as it desperately tried to skewer the Ninja with the Sharp end of its staff or scratch the Ninja with its claws.

>roll 1D20

>1-5 basic Marital Arts instructions
>6-10 basic supplies
>11-16 advanced supplies
>17-19 worthy relic
>20 secret Technique Scroll
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d6)

The Bladed Staff hit Yamas armored chest and shattered into hundreds of pieces. In return Yama grabbed the Snakes skull with one hand. It tried in desperation to bite at Yama but only managed to destroy its own teeth before the other hand of the Ninja ignited. Fiery destruction enveloped the digits and were not extinguished as they were plunged into the Snakes Torso. Flesh cooked and blood boiled before Yama ripped out the leftover charred heart and devoured it quickly.

With the Snake skewered Yama tore its body in half before taking a look into its inside if it had any valuable organs inside that his body would recognize and take out before his lunch. Afterwards he devoured the body whole with his cloak and checked on Kaede to gather her before returning to the central room where Kai was returning to.

>Rolling for Ability stealing
1-3. ESP Telekinesis
4-5. Venom Glands
6. Telepathic ESP

On their way out Byakko growled and tried to direct Kais attention at an old display. It had not been destroyed though the description of the item was faded somewhat. He could barely make out what read like "Awakened Beast Pills." It was a small etui with one thumb sized pill inside that gave off a very light Aura. It was likely that Byakkos finer senses had noticed the Ki stored inside them. but that was not the only thing stored inside. There was also what seemed to be a recipe book written in a script that looked positively ancient but also familiar to Kai.

>Awakened Beast Pills: Taking one of these pills can forcibly Awaken someone to their true potential for a while but will leave them drained afterwards for some time.
i hope this is okay for you.You can write your own worthy relic if you want to and just ignore this part
It's ok, I had not idea what to write. In fact, these pills now give me a way to train awakening breath, which was something I was struggling to think of how.
good to know that i pinned that down to roughly something useful to you. also no worries about the clothing and Jewels.... they were all replicas.... the snake just liked how it all looked and looted it from the shops.
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Rollin' for Kaede's loot (the alcolve)
you have an idea what you are getting out of that?

for now there is only one pill but the manual lets you make more
Have something precise laid out for crit. This fells in range for some suits improvement material or a better blade, feel free to write for me
File: Liquid_Metal_Blade.jpg (5 KB, 194x259)
5 KB

There had been some things of Value for Yama. Mostly a somewhat Crystalline Organ that he chomped down on using his actual teeth and jaw before devouring the rest of the body. He could feel the Organ being converted and laced into his bone superstructure . When he arrived at Kaede it was already distributed and integrated. Looking over the shoulder of the young Heroine he would have raised an eyebrow at the curiousity in front of them. It seemed to be some kind of knife burried in the Skull of some unfortunate Animal that had been killed here. The Ninja was no longer giving off burning hot energy and as such only his normal Aura of danger crept up on the girl from behind.

When the young Heroine pulled the knife it slid right out and elongated a bit. It seemed to be almost Liquid before taking on the form of her preferred knife, completely capable of slotting into her Wristbands fixture without a problem. it seemed to be capable of bending if needed but was also sharp and stiff enough to easily bury itself in concrete without taking any damage to its edge that did not quickly repair itself.

"A self repairing knife... looks sharp. Come lets see what Kai is up to." he told the young woman and pointed through the window on the upper floor to get back to the main room unless she wanted to go back down and through the small pool again.

"So you had some trouble? I am sorry i would have helped but we had our own problems. A snake animated an old skeleton." he explained and was reliefed that the two Martial Artists were apperantly. fine.
File: Lost_Temple.jpg (226 KB, 1024x1024)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Rolled 69 (1d100)

the only other way out was in the back of the main room. The doors were left ajar and looked very unstable and nearly fell over when Yama glanced one of them with his increased bulk.

Outside they stood in another dense part of the forest but it seemed like the Treetops were a bit further from each other allowing sunlight to touch the ground. A Sign welcoming them to the Kamazonas Amusement Park was half buried under foliage and plantlife. A path of cracked asphalt was still visibel and led between large trees. It was clear that it had been very much frequented in the last weeks and months.

There was no Ambush though at several points it would have been Ideally suited for it. "We must have reduced their numbers severely in that initial fight.... to be fair if it had not been for us they would have wiped out those poor bastards from the Extermination and Cleanup Crews." was one of the comments Yama gave and seemed to itch at the thought to burn away the last remnants of these creatures.

At the end of the path they found an old looking temple though a quick Check told them very easily that it was a replica with faux rocks. The entire Building gave off an ominous feeling and pressure the closer they came to it. A voice seemed to scratch at the back off all of their heads while humidity and Air temperature skyrocketed.

>Rolling for Willpower DC 50/ 75/ 100

Failure imposes -20 to all rolls until disruption is ended
DC 75 grants immunity to disruption
DC 100 grants +10 to future encounters until Disruption is ended.
Rolled 3, 29 = 32 (2d100)

"Yes, there were a few in the library, but we managed it. I probably caused more harmed by being accidentally clumsy then the snakes did."
Rolling Focus
DC 50 just gives a -10 to all rolls until end of disruption.

Yeah Yama was feeling somewhat weird. Shadows at the edge of his vision and constantly changing temperatures didn't help but at least he had some of his other senses to help him move about only slightly hindered.

"L.E.A.V.E." a powerful voice commanded directly in his head and those of his comrades. "That must be their Boss..... but we wont just let ourselves be pushed around right!" Yama tried to boost the confidence of the Team.

Trait Demon: As a King amongst monster he can easily overcome the commands of a lesser monster. Can probably also affect allies.
>Updated battle suit : Blade Bracer from +5 to +10
This is bad, but Fighting Spirit and Underdog should offset some of the morale in combat. But outside of it, Kai is getting distracted.
yeah its visual, auditory and tactile illusions.

The Boss is a powerful Esper.
Just noticed that your name is missing a n
Actually, it's missing an an
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Rollin' willpower (mind defense)
Rolled 90, 37 = 127 (2d100)

Kaede turns around and start absently-mind backtracking.
Wait, she's forgetting something, right? Oh, yeah, her team mates
>Teamwork (+10)
The least she can do is getting them out.
Yamazuka seems aware, but Kai is perturbed.
Is space warpin' around? Poor sucker, unknowning Kaede got means to track it on her own...
But her power is not available right now. She can just feel the faint edge of everything nearby on her extra sense.

>Rollin' observation (With One free dice comin' from power intersection)
you are right... must have dropped it somewhere on my way when creating the thread... i was beating around the bush somewhat when compiling everything.

also Yamanon is correct. You can read it either as Yama non or Yam anon. which i find mildy more amusing than Yamaanon
Kai started seeing snakes slithering on the corner of his eyes, and whispering hisses in the back of his head. Cold and warm breezes coming and going from random directions.
"I'm not going to give up, but it's going to be hard to tell real threats from fake ones. I think we should avoid splitting up again."
File deleted.

"Alright sure. Lets stick together. wouldn't want anything to happen. Just make sure to look out. Not sure how up to date the Snakes are with Fire Codes." he joked and took a look around to find the entrance. It was easy enough to find, what with it being a massive gaping hole leading into darkness. There was only one route to take which had not been completely overgrown.

And even with Kaedes Space Control powers she would notice that there was little she would be able to do since most of the things she sensed were nothing but illusions. Still there were some dangers she could feel with Snakes moving through the walls, though many of them were hollow anyway.

They came to a split in the path when reaching a Staircase. They could either move below or towards the top of the faux temple. The way downwards was a broad ramp that slowly spiraled with many dragmarks upon the blank concrete. Upwards was more of a staircase but here there was lots of dirt almost turning it into a Ramp.

Or they could break through a thin wall that Kaede noticed with her spacial powers as to being obscured by a very light reality bending ESP. Behind that would probably be a small to medium sized room.

"So where do you wanna go? I would guess that if i were the Boss i would probably be in the best spot for the view." Yama reasoned. he hadnt noticed the hidden room yet and was more concerned with burning small spiderwebs that they had encountered before they could get caught on his irregular back.
Rolled 71, 44, 99 = 214 (3d100)

>Rollin for punching through the wall (cool factor)
Yeah you look very cool while punch through dome drywall. You can write it..there is a Storage room on the other side with Mystery Meat (Monster Cells stolen from the Beastmaster) and other resources. Like possibly some gold
Rolled 22 (1d100)

Rollin' for loot
Rolled 29 (1d100)

yes loot
File: Cells.jpg (76 KB, 474x448)
76 KB

>"So, where do you wanna go?
- This way."

The weak plaster gaves way to a large alcove, layered with shelves
One boxes present some gross meat balls with way too many jiggly, fatty and veiny part to consider them for ramen. Kaede feels sicks just by staring at them.
Hey, is that ingots? Kaede tries to grab a steel-looking one, to get her fingerprints right inside... A soft metal like that... Lead? Yeah, better not touch that.
And what's this one, in a bowl? Quick silver? Is everything in there a health hazard?

The knife itches. The mastermind of weak-ass loot will pay for that waste of time.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

Rolling observation to see if I notice something about the funny balls
"Well, since there's nothing to see here, we should move on up the stairs"
File: Manor_Boss.jpg (107 KB, 691x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Rolled 31, 52, 67 = 150 (3d100)

"Huh.... these are... weird..... Maybe the Doctor will be able to tell me more" Yama said and grabbed the box to put it next to the entrance to the room that Kaede had just punched into. He had to admit that she was quite perceptive if she wanted to be and was properly motivated. Also going through the boxes that Kaede had looked through he found the metals pitifully weak under his armored fingertips and nothing about his biology told him that any of those were needed right now.

He did however find a small etui with several green stones inside. Each one was a cut gemstone and roughly the size of the nail of his thumb. They were missing a necklace but the Jade pieces looked quite nice he had to admit. Laying those down on top of the Box with the strange cells he joined the others and offered them to go scouting ahead. he still could feel the monster Ruler of this place try to worm his way into his mind but the Creatures influence was still suppressed though it was getting stronger the closer they got to the staircase.

"I think the Ruler of this place is above. I can.... feel him trying to break into my mind." Yama growled and followed Kais suggestion up the stairs.

He moved first and as such was first to be attacked by several snakes launching high caliber Riflefire at him the moment his head crossed the upper end of the staircase. He pushed through regardless but did notice that his regeneration was a bit impaired.

>rolling for Resilience (Zombie) DC 60

At the end of a large Plattform sat an oversized and ugly snake with Arms and a hilariously engorged cranium. Its eyes were located in its hood and stared with Malice. A shield of some kind seemed to protect the creature by bending light and other tings around it. Maybe even Teleportation would have a hard time reaching him. About a Dozen other snakes lined the Plattform. Three of them had Guns stolen from the Exterminators but threw them aside now that all the ammunition had been expended, falling back to Swords and Shield together with their venom.
Oh yeah, should I have rolled for loot too?
good night guys. i will be going to bed now. its late here. see you tomorrow anons

you can. if you get a 30+ you get some actually useful loot. There is a lot of stuff in that store room.
Yama thinks its jade.... but its just glass jewelry.
Rolled 94 (1d100)

Alright, here's my roll
Well... pull something out if the hat i say. That is gonna be something good i think
Rolled 55, 22, 47 = 124 (3d100)

Is the roll affected by the mind warp? Either way it's something good, just no idea what.
After Yama deals with the shots, Kai decides to move in and help him face the snakes.
As he blood pumps, feeling the coming fight, his mind starts ignoring the illusions and words sent to him.
Rolling might to just bowl over their shield wall
Rolled 93, 65, 81 = 239 (3d100)


Using her meatshield to advance, Kaede get the liquid blade ready.
Just a couple more seconds...
Alright, the power is back. Still, it will be hard to reach the snake guy...

>Rollin' Power. DC is 75
Rolled 53, 72, 20, 41 = 186 (4d100)

>rolling ESP for the Snake Patriarch to defend against Kaede.
Demon +20
Potential +5
Go Big in front of your subordinates +10
File: zoeUlt.gif (4.36 MB, 1056x720)
4.36 MB
4.36 MB GIF
>Outift : 103 vs 102

Kaede runs, extend to the end of her reach, jumps, throw her arm and shift weight. Clever positioning, that Kai see as very good spatial intelligence, allows her stab to use the maximum range offered by her jump.
>Kaede consumed 1 charge (0.5 remains)
Her blade strikes true, the monster hiss, bending his power.
And just like that, Kaede is back where she comes from. Power is down.

>Unlocked new use of ability : Blink (for 0.5 charges, Kaede can flash back to one of her previous jump position of the sequence)
Actually, I have an idea. Either a bunch of rings or a bracer lined with some incredibly durable metal. Also heavily decorated
Kai learned Hung Ga on the Flying Tiger Claw school after all.
Watch Kung Fu Hustle, it's a great film
Rolled 17, 51, 12, 30, 68, 33, 53, 63, 51 = 378 (9d100)

Kai reaches the trio, and manages to unbalance them, knock them out of their shielded stance.
However, it was not enough to make them prone, not that it would hep much with them being snakes, however, one of them was hurt!

Rolling for the snakes attack, withstand to resist it, then might to continue fighting!
Rolled 63, 1, 13, 35, 74 = 186 (5d100)

The snake were quick to retaliate, pouncing on Kai to bite him. However, the martial artist simply twisted his new fitting rings, forming a bracer that that stopped their fangs. One of them was smarter, and chose to use it's swords instead, cutting Kai. However, he barely felt the damage, and responded with a spinning kick, finishing the snake for good.

"One down, two more to go! I got to thank Master Min for teaching me again when she comes to pick up Nya-kun!"

Test your might!
Thank god that the first two rolls were for the snakes
Rolled 67, 21, 30 = 118 (3d100)

Rolling withstand against the snake that didn't eat shit
Rolled 55, 33, 55, 25, 92, 72, 59 = 391 (7d100)

Kai turned his attention to one of the pair. They were now separating to attempt to flank him, since they lost the power to directly overwhelm with strikes.
The martial artist decided to take the initiative before they could gain the upper hand again, and struck quickly. This caught one of the snakes off guard, as it was preparing to raise it's shield and take a defensive stance, in order to allow the other to be the aggressor. They were hissing their plan to alternate.
This meant that Kai's first punch ended removing the snake's grip on the shield, letting it be wide open for the beatdown that shortly followed. The second snake of course attacked Kai while his back was turned, but it did nothing to halt the sensei's brutality.

"Nearly done now. How about I give you a taste of your own medicine?" Kai said with a grin, before moving to grapple the last snake.
Rolled 17, 12, 93, 10, 36, 85, 18 = 271 (7d100)

Just a bit more
The last snake was way more determined and skilled then the last two. It made no mistakes or pauses, even after they were all defeated. A shield bash followed by a pommel strike was the answer to Kai's prideful attempt to grapple it.
Of course, the man did not attempt it's charge just because of a bloodied nose, but he did change the objective. Instead of wrestling the snake to submission, he rammed it to the wall, pinning it there.
The snake tried to slither away and cut the martial artist, but Kai keep repeatedly bashing himself against the shield, turning the monster's protection into it's own doom.
After a minute he stopped, stumbling backwards. But the snake was dead.

"I think I went a bit too far."

Now I'm letting Kaede and Yama duke it with the big boy
Rolled 33, 33, 32 = 98 (3d100)

good comedy and nice choreography with some interesting use for techniques


Literally Facetanking the entire Compliment of Snake Ammunition barely left a crack in Yamas armored form as he coated his arms in fire. The Shield looked like it would not be easy to breach for him and he instead concentrated on taking out the three snakes opposite Kai's side.

He laughed just a bit too high pitched as he unleashed the Fire he had summoned around his arms, creating a consuming, raging and blazing torrent of destruction

>Rolling Power DC 50 to control the blaze in the right direction instead of indiscriminate DC 60 to not be any threat to allies.
Rolled 18, 32 = 50 (2d100)

Rollin' Aura enhanced dexterity to avoid the conflagration of Doom
Rolled 33, 10, 69, 77 = 189 (4d100)

It was a good thing that the Monstrous Ninja had taken a couple of steps and Kaede had managed to teleport when he went on the offensive. Fire poured forth in a torrent of liquid destruction as Yama jumped the Snakemen and lunged between them. He had wished to annihilate them in a raging Inferno only for them to prove themselves slippery bastards. Fire lashed out in all directions wishing to pull the snakes in and anything else that would burn.

They struck at his sides with steel blades and inhuman strength, possibly enough to damage him with the Fire consuming him. They were protected by a slight reality warp of their leader that also made their blades unnaturally sharp. But Fire still burned and the snakes still died.

>rolling resilience for Snake Counterattack.
Rolled 75, 83, 7, 41, 70, 83, 18 = 377 (7d100)

After stabbing the big scaly pervert, Kaede glances. Kai is busy with smaller snakes, so is Yama
Wait, Yama, this fireball is too close, too close!
>Kaede suffered one wound (1/2)

And the big snake, disappointed of his attack missing, is coming back for her.

>3 dice of Aura-enhanced Athletics vs snake defense (>>5652421 : +35)
Kaede benefits of :
>Battle suit
>One stack of Fightin spirit
>On the Hunt
Amounting to +30
Rolled 45 (1d100)

>83(+30) VS 83 (+35)

Kaede lunges, Kaede dash, Kaede slashes.
However, the shield holds. Kaede was close - a hair width of her blade connecting to the body of the atrocities, more than a couple time, but she's still unable to reach the wretched thing.

Kaede can't hold a rhythm bothering the snake patriarch long enough. He flexes his will, and send a powerfull brain-wave.

>Rollin' Mind Defense. DC is 50 because of the closeness of previous roll.
Rolled 48, 72 = 120 (2d100)

Kaede fights against the mind slug. Fights really hard.
Her body gets slow, anormally so. She feels heavy, exhausted.

>Kaede suffered one wound (0/2)
Kaede fell into deep sleep.

Rollin' fastened healing
>Kaede self stabilized but won't wake up right now
Rolled 53 (1d100)


With his followers defeated the massive Snake roared in Anger. Its shield faltered and its momentary distraction was enough for it not to capitalize on the opening Kaede had left herself after being burned by the flames of her ally.

Yama was unhurt. The instinctual fear of fire had made it so the snakes flinched back just enough for them to be less than effective. And the few shallow cuts were quickly sealing up again.


As he turned around from the carbonized skeletons that was all that was left of the Snakes in front of him he noticed Kaede going down. If he had eyes he would have blinked at the scorched girl just sinking to the ground with the only visible injury being the scorchmarks on her costume.

His jaw snapped open, revealing a second row of teeth deeper inside his maw as he roared in frustrated anger at his own incompetence at controlling the blaze. The Fire around him and at his feet forgotten as he lunged for the Patriarch behind the collapsed shield, armorgrown knifes in Hand.

>rolling Willpower to see if he can overcome Fire dependence after seeing he hurt a friend with it.
>3 dice after are for power Control
>4 dice after that are patriarch attacking.

effective +15 for Yama rolls
Rolled 33, 56, 30, 3, 66, 23, 72 = 283 (7d100)

forgot the extra dice

and Yama is not entirely over his Fire Addiction.
Rolled 71, 76, 65, 64, 91, 99, 31 = 497 (7d100)


The Fire in his heart was partially doused as he realized that he might have just seriously hurt the young heroine. This left him a bit distracted while charging the Patriarch. The Snake monstrosity hissed loudly before swiping at Yamas legs with his staff. The Ninja easily cleared that attack by jumping but was knocked back by a telekinetic push sending him across the roof while simultaneously grinding his armored plates against the pavement. By the time he managed to arrest his momentum, rich red blood stained the ground.

Several of his armored plates had been ripped of his chest Area, leaving his pectoral musculature exposed. >3/4 HP remaining

"You are weak.... young. as is everything these pathetic humans have made. Killing my servants changes nothing" the snake spoke to their minds as it readied itself for another attack using its prodigious psychic might. Yama attempted a ranged attack, trying to outmaneuver the creature

>3 dice for Yama
>4 after for Snakeman.
Rolled 74, 28, 46, 19, 28, 61, 92, 43 = 391 (8d100)

The Snake pushed away the attacks with contemptive ease before unleashing a barrage of deflected munitions. Yamas Body was being torn to shreds as the explosive ammunition tore apart his defences.

>1/4 HP remaining.

Feeling faint Yama grasped at anything that would help him defeat the monstrous snake. Hissing, echoing laughter filled his head until it was silenced. "Release us...... no more holding back. Show this worm what it means to fight a True Ninja of the Village!" a growling voice demanded of him and he vaguely recognized it as his own. Fiery Energy filled exhausted, shredded muscle. Scarlet coated every inch of his swelling body.

The laughter of the Snake seemed to die in its throat with Yama's body rapidly regenerating from every scratch and piece of damage he had taken. "NOW..... LET ME HEAR THAT AGAIN YOU FILTHY CREATURE." he spat with a growling voice that seemed to be able to produce nothing lower than a full human shouting voice. Black Armor cracked and was flexed to near breaking point as Yama started moving. This time he was barely trackable to the human eye as he wanted to obliterate the Monster that had attacked and pushed him so far.


>Effective Bonus for Yama 35

healed to full due to Carnage Mode

>5/5 HP remaining
Rolled 69, 59, 67, 59, 3, 77, 55, 29 = 418 (8d100)

Even with the enormous speed advantage it was almost not enough. Another pulse was thrust into Yamas face but this time he was not pushed back. Having not made the mistake to attempt to jump over an attack he had a secure stance to drive his burning claws into one of the patriarchs eyes.

The Snake screamed in pain, trying to bite and scratch the monstrous creature currently trying to tear it to shreds. But nothing made it through the hardened flesh and bloody boneplates that was not near instantly repaired.
Rolled 35, 26, 91, 62, 44, 13, 58, 65 = 394 (8d100)

Rolled 81, 27, 15, 93, 93, 49, 41, 7 = 406 (8d100)

possibly the last round depending on how it goes.

The Two monster stabbed and slashed at each other. On occasion Yamas Arms turned to blades or he spontaneously generated them from his armored plates to stab and cut. Fire surged where his defenses were breached by psionically driven might. The conflict was violent and harsh lasting possibly minutes though for the combatants it felt like an eternity of thrusts and counterthrusts. When the dust settled for Kai to see Yama was still standing with a roaring growl accompanying every heaving breath he took.

A distinct feeling of brutal violence surrounded the Monster without cloak as he casually tore off the Patriarchs Head after having broken through its ESP defenses. Unblinking Yama looked over at Kai before chucking the head of the snake into the air and catching it in a wide open maw, devouring it in a single bite.

"SO........ HOW IS...." the Ninja started before collapsing, rapidly shrinking back into his monstrous but not human form. It seemed like whatever he had done had put a massive Strain on his body. This was more visible with the deep Lacerations that covered his body now where his surgical scars gaped open with raw wounds. And while he would likely recover soon for the moment he was out cold and pretty much at the mercy of Kai. The Bulding was no longer on fire having been extinguished by the violent clash. But it had still become unstable due to the same clash happening on the rooftop.
File: Exavia_Imatoja.jpg (153 KB, 707x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

>K-City Hero Association HQ
>Esper Surveillance Station.

"SIR i just detected a Dragon type Monster from the Outskirts where we sent that Extermination Force!" the young Esper Woman shouted into her Headpiece. She had just woken up from her meditation after detecting a Powerspike of tremendous power. She barely managed to keep herself together and not throw up from the sheer feelings of malice and death rolling off the presence that she could still feel and was hanging over the city like a dark mist.

Her handler looked up at her and sighed. "Are you sure Imatoya-san? Not just some overgrown Trash Monster again stealing our Landfill again only to put it back hours later?" he asked but before he could ridicule her for always being overconcerned, he saw her pale complexion turning slightly green. In a flash he was up and dialed his own superior to inform him of what had happened and where the suspected Dragon Class Monster was supposed to be.

The Director took it somewhat less seriously since there were supposed to be two B-Class Heroes there, even if they were on Probation but would send over the Twins to check it out. If something were to happen they could stay alive long enough to inform the Association and for Sonic with his posse to get there.
File: th-3809498172.jpg (22 KB, 474x279)
22 KB
Rolled 27, 61 = 88 (2d100)

Kaede slowly come back to her senses.
Wait, what are Yamakuza and Kai doing?
Hey, that's the two ninjutsu-sharing weak ass ninja, right? They're not alone...

"Little brother, you let a civilian in?
>- Can't... Outrun... Her..."

"My Scoop sense is burning!"
Kooch kooch kooch, she can't let them see what's behind, Yamakuza need to get his act together!


410? Looks like she climbed two ranks. Well, she will have lasted a bit longer than the cop's grim warning - although she count at least one close call per day since the beginning of her activity.

Time to cover her team mates on her field of expertise
>Rollin social [Charm] (Smile, Handsome, Outfit : +20)
>Kaede nails it with her holding on of the investigators.

Let's let Kai react to Yama's transformation/Beat him up/Talk him down to human/Hide the incriminating proofs.
>Talk him down to human

that is not happening. Yama fell unconcious after the battle ended what with that power being very draining on him what with repairing all that damage in fractions of a second. The monster Form is his normal form after what happened to him in the KGG Labs. Its just that his mask when in use will not slip when unconcious/sleeping.
Rolled 93, 95, 86 = 274 (3d100)

After Kai finished up fighting the three snakes, he turned to see that Yama had changed forms, and throwing fire everywhere. Again.

He was fighting way more brutally then he did before. Almost like he had during the spar, he must be going all out. As much as Kai wanted to move in and help finish the fight, the two were trashing around too wildly. So instead, he saw Kaede laying on the floor hurt, and dragged her away so she would not be hurt in the crossfire.

By the time he had finished bandaging the poor girl, he saw that the monster was finished with his rampaged. He gently put Kaede inclined in a wall while approaching Yama carefully, in case he was out of his senses. Ripping a head off and then eating was a bad signed, but being able to talk was a positive one.

But it was then that Yama collapsed, rapidly shrinking. Kai didn't not waste a beat running over to him to try and help. He was not a doctor, and Yama body wasn't really normal, but he had to.

"So he had to use his transformation technique again? Must be a pretty strong one if it meant he square up against a Dragon."
Said a feminine voice from behind him

"But why isn't he turning back? His concentration should be broken now that he is unconscious..."
Added a more familiar sounding one

Rolling knowledge to patch up both Kaede and Yama. Success or failure don't really matter
Speech to bullshit the ninjas
yama is fine just very much exhausted. maybe Kai could say that Yama is conscious just immobilized due to the backlash of the Technique... his body is very much regenerating right now but badly beaten.
Don't worry, I had a sillier idea
Alright then. I wont interfere
The twins did not break Kai's concentration on his check up, in fact he managed to talk with them while doing it. It went quicker then he thought, as it seems that the ninja was not hurt, only completely exhausted.

"What dragon? There were plenty of snakes with limbs, and one even talked, but none of them flew."
He asked

"No, not an actual dragon, you dummy! A Dragon level monster! We got a message from the Hero Association that there was one here, and we rushed to help!"
Replied Dowa

"And once again we find you three were already there solving the case. You could at least warn others before so we don't waste our time you know?"
Sighed Kowa

"But this wasn't a HA mission, my dojo is in this park and we were here to exterminate some monsters that made a den nearby." Kai answered "Shame about the dragon though, I thought you two had seen one around here."

"You are right, an actual dragon would have been cool. Every time you fight a interesting monsters, turns out it was just a person or animal that transformed, no ancient being straight out of a fairy tale."
She said, eyes full of wander

"If there was a dead dragon, I bet we could make some powerful items out of it's parts. The teeth and claws would be great for weapons..."
The other added lost in though

"Personally, I would want to talk with them. A magical being like them should know plenty of martial art secrets."
Added Kai

"Really? I don't think a they could share much with a human, with the whole difference in body and all."
Questioned the male ninja

It was then that the white tiger arrived, having finished fighting the stray snakes that had been left behind
"Master Min taught Byakko here martial arts, surely a wise dragon could do the same." Said the martial artist while petting the animal

"Well, I for one would love to meet a Qilin. Their description sounds so majestic."
Said the sister

"You only say that because you think that unicorns are too cliche"
The brother commented

"Shut up, you don't know anything!"
The female ninja pouted

The three kept talking about creatures and powers from folk tales, completely forgetting about the supposed dragon threat or Yama's transformation.
File: Spoiler Image (1.16 MB, 800x1138)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Oh, and we probably should do a loot roll
Still up to you all if you want one of these on the altar or not. Might be too early, or mess with things.
Ad here one last image of the snake men
File: Spoiler Image (75 KB, 1306x1079)
75 KB

The voices of people reached Yama in his unconciousness. There was Kaede trying to talk to someone and the voice of Kai talking with others that felt familiar as well. He was still mired in his exhaustion and was barely aware of the surroundings through his cloak touching the faux stone and the blood that had dripped from his wounds before coagulating.

There had been memories, fragments his past. The faces of many people he had known and killed. The terrifying presence of That Man that had founded the Ninja Village and the day he had been brought to swear his allegiance to the monster. Everything was spinning weightlessly without him being able to feel anything but the sensation of the ground and cool air blowing over him.

While they were talking his body slowly healed until he suddenly could start feeling his limbs again. But there also was another feeling much more urgent and he propped himself onto the side to throw up a mixture of scarlet blood and destroyed tissue that had to be ejected from his internals. Only then did he slowly get up and started to undo his monstrous form. The plates slowly receeded into the surgical scars and Ink covered Skin once again was visible beneath the deep neckline of his shirt. And while his clothing looked pristine he himself looked not that great, feeling pretty ill for quite some more time. "I think.. i could use... a bag of Ice..." he murmured and slowly walked over to where Kaede was still talking with the reporter.

>pic related how Yama is feeling

sure why not have one of those. Maybe down below in the Hatchery which is what gave the Snakemen such power and the old one had been the first one to touch it and be transformed, stealing cells and other such things to create an army for his god.
Rolled 32 (1d100)


The Boss just gives Yama two Level in ESP Telekinesis due to the consumed Head. he will not devour the Body with other people in sight or possibly later surveying the scene.
you wanna write that somewhat soon? i would guess the Twins would notice after a minute or so that Yama has regained Conciousness and might have some questions for him. or just want to try to get more information if he maybe remembered something what with his regenerative Powers obviously being a cut above the rest while transformed. it would be logical of them to assume that he might remember more with some more healing to his nigging being done.

But its your call i will go to bed soon. Night Anons
Already rolled a lot for loot, letting that one slide

Sorry for the low engagement, busy days, can difficultly write more. My life should get back on "manageable" difficulty starting Friday
i get it dude make sure to stay sane and healthy while dealing with the daily madness.
I was waiting to see if Kaede was going to write something about the reporter
No problem. You are juggling a lot after all
>K-City Kusigawa Group Hospital Laboratory
>Prodigy Genetics Lab

Doctor Nakazono was confused. He had received a new set of samples apparently from the same source as before. But several genetic markers did not match up in any way. There were too many factors that simply did not match up. From the strange crystalline formations in the subjects body to several markers that would put it more into the range of arachnids nothing made sense.

He had consulted with colleagues and they had all come to the conclusion that at least the Arachnid portions would have to be a mistake, through incompetence on the Doctor taking the samples. But the Crystalline formations were a further Mystery until a professor specialized in ESP was consulted. He quickly identified the substance as ESP reactive and proposed that the subject had to have developed ESP spontaneously. While it was rare in older individuals it was not impossible to unlock ESP potential that was already there.

When the Prodigy was confronted with the test results they went still and pale. “This….. could be a problem….. We have to recapture the Subject as soon as possible. If it can generate ESP spontaneously then who knows what it can do later if we give it more time to evolve…. and steal abilities from those it kills.. FUCK!” that last word was shouted and combined with a flipped over table.

The Prodigy seemed like they were seething and got ready to call their Teacher, to demand not only more supplies but also the newly enhanced enforcers. No matter if they were not done with field tests.
>Interview with Janna

That's loud. Hey, it is her first live interview!
"Hello everybody! Glad to meet you, I'm Kinetic Kaleidoscope, newly annointed C-Rank Hero.
- Handled. We happened to be nearby when we met snakes and spiders. Human-to-building sized.
This should not be a problem anymore - we can safely say that Humanity reclaimed the Theme park, and that Nagas Temple can be turn into both a touristic monument and a research center on ancient civilisation.
- I'm the spokeperson of Kinetic Knights, so you'll have to stick to me. On one hand, sorry to Yamakuza and Koach Kai fans, on the other, you can agree I'm way prettier!
- Well, it's normal that a dragon breath fire, right? Kaede let out a cristalline laugh. No dire wounds are reported on our side.
- Trade secret of the Kinetic Knights. All relevant details are known and given to the Hero Association."

Behind Kaeded, the ninjas and Kai are chatting. Perfect.

"Anyway, we'll ask everyone to evacuate. Hero Association cleanup crew will ensure no more threat remains in the temple. Don't forget to vote for your favorite Knight in the upcoming popularity challenges! Kinetic Kaleidoscope out, as always eager to let the taxpayer know she's doing her best with the support provided by her Hero Allocation ;) "

Kaede walks out the reporter.

How does the twitch Chat (mostly) reacts?
>OMG outfit burn show some side boobies
>Kinetic Kaleidoscope is so cute!
>Lol whatever get the randoms thrash heroes out.
>We are here to see hero, plz show hero stuff else unsubscribe
> Do they really expect us to believe C and B class rookies fought a Dragon-level monster and didn’t get instantly squished? Talk about clickbait.
Rolled 20 (1d100)


The Interview seemed to be over when Yama joined the young Heroine and the Reporter. "Everything alright K-Chan? That Snake geezer attacked you with ESP did he not?" he asked the young woman completely unaware he was being filmed as he put a hand on her shoulder and looked very much relieved. He seemed to fuss over her for a bit before settling down again with the knowledge that she seemed fine enough. There was some obvious guilt written on his face that the reporter immediately picked up on and tried to get a comment from Yama.

>rolling Charisma to make a good impression accidentally

vote comes in after seeing what i rolled.


And Yama did not leave any lasting impression but also did not make a complete fool of himself. Feeling overwhelmed he just stated that Kaede was the Face of their team and he was just making sure that everyone was alright after an Eventful day and afternoon.

"But you really need to leave. This building got pretty roughed up by those ESP Blasts that old snake used." he said, pointing towards the mutilated corpse of the Patriarch. The crowd at least got to see some of the gruesome gore that was left after the fight.
Rolled 23, 84 = 107 (2d100)


Rollin' Social (subskill : Trashtalk)
I'll assume Kaede is rank 2 in this subskill based on her past interractions.
>Perks : Outfit, Smile (it's more insulting when done with a shit-eating grin)

Kaede reads the chat on the portable screen brought by the reporter.
> Do they really expect us to believe C and B class rookies fought a Dragon-level monster and didn’t get instantly squished? Talk about clickbait.

Something snaps in her. How dare them fail to worship her?

"Hands of, Yamakuza."
Kaede slaps the hand of the ninja, who looks like a beat-up puppy.
"A message for all the patriarcal pigs both in real life and online. It's easy to act all high and mighty behind a screen. Just to let you know, I'm C Rank because of the bigotted hero association unable to see the strength of a proud and liberated woman - you incels might think it's all talk, so come at me bruh. 1v1, live. Around 6% of you faggots should be in K city right now, so if nobody shows up that say the chat is made of at least a few thousand cowards."

>Non-crit 99 : taunt works
Everybody gets out of the building, and people start swarming.
Hey, that's Koichi, Kintoki, Kristoff and, less surprisingly, Kenichi. Looks like 5-People brawl is on the menu.
>Forgot Picrel

"Look Kaede... be careful. I will get Kai and we will make sure no Snakes will come back. Tell us where you are going and i at least will be there... after getting something to eat. I am starving right now" Yama said and escorted the reporter to the exit of the building before joining Kai and the Ninja Twins on their way down into the dephts of the building.

Kowa or Dowa, he was not sure which approached him while they were taking a look around. "So you remember anything more since a couple days ago?" the Ninja asked with Curiosity. Yama was a bit too distracted to catch the almost predatory tonein their voice, hungering for knowledge and potential violence if something bad came to light.

"I think i lived in a village. There was someone there with... multiple heartbeats. But not much more.... there are the eggs. We should get rid of them." he answered absentmindedly and completely failed to catch the mouth of the Ninja beside him fallen open. Dowa or Kowa seemed to be momentarily stunned by the revelation and immediately informed their twin, leaving Kai and Yama to destroy the Hatchery and discovering a mysterious cube held there on a pedestal.

Yama reached for the strange object, feeling an almost instincual connection. "What do you think it is.... Something the snakes worshipped?" he asked Kai while slightly hesitating.
File: CUBE.jpg (413 KB, 1440x1367)
413 KB
413 KB JPG

in all caps for everything that has to do with GOD
Rolled 79, 38, 46, 63, 64, 64, 36, 74 = 464 (8d100)



>3d100 for Kaede (Get More Power : +14%, 2 stacks of Fighting Spirit : total +24%)
5d100 flat for scrubs
>5d20 for first wave of random
Rolled 58, 41, 58, 87, 5, 10, 9, 10, 26, 87 = 391 (10d100)

>103 vs 74 : Kaede wins
Will write later
Group fight!
>3d100 for Kaede's team (2 stacks of fighting Spirit, teamwork, get more power) vs 7d100
>Double 58 (+34) vs double-87
Things will be interresting. Will write in 2/3 hours.
that is not gonna help her popularity or justice rating... but maybe her Fighting Ability or endurance.

no need for pressure. i will be busy as well. gotta try and revive our dead Teammate in DND.
As Kai and the twins talked, Yama awakened and transformed back. But because the martial artist had already finished checking up on him, they were no longer standing above him, so the three did not notice

Kowa and Dowa had a emergency meeting

"Multiple heartbeats can only mean that whoever trained him wasn't human. Now that can only mean two things..."
Said the brother

"...either that he is from some sort of monster ninja village..."
Added the sister

"...or he is from the Ninja Village, end trained directly under The Ninja With No Name"
Concluded Kowa

"Do you have to be so dramatic? Just say That Man, He or Him like everyone else, no need to make up a title!"
Protested Dowa

"It's easier to keep track in a conversation this way! Anyway, focus! This is more important. If he is some sort of oni ninja, then he got to have a bunch of special, never before seen techniques..."
The male ninja answered

"...and if he is from the Ninja Village, then he would have even more secrets locked away in his head. Either way our clan would benefit!"
The female ninja continued

"And either way he would be incredibly dangerous. We have to be careful now, do it slow and steady. There's no way we could take him down directly in a fight, and if the HA finds out..."
He elaborated

"...then they would get theirs hands on him and we would lose our chance. Alright, we need to get him to trust us, get close to him, then try to get more of his memories back and convince him to share what he learns with us."
She said

"That's easier said then done."
Sighed Kowa

"It's the only option we have."
Finished Dowa

"I'm not sure, the pedestal and the location makes me think that it was part of this room's exhibit to begin with." Kai said, look over everything "But then again, the snakes seem to have removed everything else from this hatchery, so why would they not only keep this one, but put it right in the center?"

He then shrugged
"Whatever it is, it must have been important. We should probably pick it up and bring it either the Hero Association or the Government."

Do we roll to see if GOD takes notice that a new hand touches the beacon? Or if a hole opens up?

a new Hand touches the beacon. lets roll for it. But who does it. Yama or Kai?
where would it be worse?
Kai would definitely refuse a free power boost straight up.
If GOD worded it as offering to train up, take him as a disciple? Maybe. But a deal for power? No way.
so your offering to take the CUBE? Because he probably also could not tempt Yama. Not easily at least. His instincts are very much so scrambled that he sees humans as something to protect. Something weak to give sanctuary to.
Oh, and the moment that kill all humans or become a monster get mentioned, Kai would try to leave. It goes against everything he holds as a Martial Artist. Or a Martial Autist
When GOD talked to Flash, Saitama and Manako, he acknowledged all three, so would he offer to us both no matter who touches it?
could be.... to be fair i have not read the latest chapters
And I have a confession to make: I haven't read the manga, saw the anime or seem the webcomic, my knowledge is entirely based on the wiki. Although I did just read chapter 138 and 139 because I wanted to know.
I often go on these fanfic quests based on properties I know nothing about to enjoy not metagaming
and i have a confesssion to make. with latest chapters i mean like the last 50 or so chapters i have not read
alright now that my comrade has been reborn as a.... Reborn i have the time to write something about God offering the two Power. want me to write it or are you on it?

The silent communication between the two Ninja went entirely unnoticed by Yama who was busy crushing eggs before being distracted be the CUBE.

Kais opinion made a certain amount of Sense to Yama which meant that his hesitation somewhat diminished. He was sure that he could probably survive it if the thing had any adverse effects on non Snakes.

"Alright lets get this thing out of here and somewhere safe, where it can be studied for its significance." Yama agreed and closed his hand around the CUBE. Time seemed to dilate as his hands closed around the object that seemed so impossibly heavy.

*FU KAI ...... KITAGUA YAMA..... YOU ARE WORTHY. LAY YOUR HAND UPON THIS CUBE OF MINE. MAKE A WISH WITH ENOUGH FORCE AND IT SHALL BE GRANTED. FAIL IN YOUR ULTIMATE DESIRE AND FACE FORFEITSURE.* a Voice spoke to the two Men directly in their minds. From there the Voice split between the men, each of them hearing their own version of what it offered.

"YAMA. I CAN GRANT YOU POWER BEYOND COMPREHENSION! A FOOLISH MORTAL SOUGHT TO EMULATE MY POWERS BY TURNING YOU INTO A SLAVE! SERVE ME INSTEAD AND ERADICATE THE VERMIN CRAWLING OVER THE LANDS TO RULE AS A GOD ABOVE ALL OF CREATION" the voice offered, showing Yama landscapes filled with burned trees. Ashchoked skies dominated a lonely world of darkness and cold, where only the last few Embers of Yamas Inferno warmed the few surviving creatures. All of them were Monsters seeking refuge in the Shadow of a titanic Yama where small flames still clung to his feet. The Monster worshipped him, bringing food and other offerings. Amongst them humans and one specifically Kaede.

The young woman was bound and gagged as they threw her into the folds of his immense cloak to have her be consumed. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR REVENGE FOR HER TRYING TO NAME YOU! TO USE YOU LIKE A TOOL! TAKE HER POWERS FOR YOURSELF. DONT LET YOUSELF BE CONTROLLED BY SUCH AN UNWORTHY LITTL-" the voice was choked as the titanic Form spat out the humans having been thrown at it.

"no." was all the interruption Yama gave, taking all his rage fueled strength and lifting the immensely dense cube with visible effort. Changing into his Monster Form in a Heartbeat only made the effort of carrying the Cube slightly less taxing on his weakened body.

At the same Time Kai was pulled into his own Vision. Hundreds of Masters bowed before him. "JUST A WISH AND ALL OF THOSE THAT HAVE MOCKED YOU WILL BOW BEFORE YOU! I CAN GRANT YOU ANY POWER YOU DESIRE WITHOUT ANY TRAINING REQUIRED!" the voice offered Kai, before showing him turning into a Beast like Yama. It offered him to make him even stronger than the Monstrous Ninja could ever hope to be. To have total dominion over all of Martial Arts. Or to rule the World. As long as he obliterated the vermin crawling over and clawing at the dirt of this beautiful little planet, he could have all of it as his property.

hope this is okay to you.
File: KaedeIsTheApex.png (4.59 MB, 1920x1920)
4.59 MB
4.59 MB PNG

"Hey, WhatsYourName, care to be a propper announcer? Unless you prefer the job of Ring Girl, but you'll have to ditch clothes for that...
- Could take you down even if one of you fuckers brings a tank. Now, are we talkin' or fighting?"
Round 1 :
That's... Quite a crowd that gathered. Some scrawny and skinny-fats, mostly.
They don't even dare get in. Not after the first untrained one ate some gravel after a dodge and a faceplant on the ground
The following ones? Well, they were more used to it - street brawlers, muai thai, and one guy that show up with a occidental P-City longsword and medieval armor.
As if that makes a difference. That one is Kai-school grappled and put into submission - armor does not protect joint lock, does it fucker?
The crowd is tied around insulting her and cheering on the full display
Her vision troubles.
-Fuck off, esper nerds. I hate your kind with a passion you can not even start to fathom.
Her vision focuses again.

"Allright, dimwits. Which one mentally threatened me right now? We're switching to group fight. 5 to ten against me and my crew."

Kristoff seems surprised. "Fighting... for you?
- Didn't you got the memo? We're all training."
Kenichi, Koichi and Kintoki are fearless above the danger.

Yeah, the scrawny geeks where good warmup. That does wonder for Kristoff self confidence. And it's a personal pleasure to kick a sexist cunt in the nuts. Bliss.
Yeah, more like it. The gang broke a sweet on that one - And Kristoff is out of it.

>87,87 vs 92, 92
The two remaining groups fused and attacked together.
Danger. Those one are trained - Yakuza? Military? Delinquents? That does not really matter in the heat of action.
Koichi... Is surprisingly reliable. covering Kenichi, striking done one opponent, then distracting other to leave a bit of breathing room to an overwhelmed Kintoki, he seems to dance on the battlefield.
Kenichi fells, attacked by the leader. Three thugs overwhelming the saberman and his boken, Kintoki joins the mate out of it - but took two of the opponents with him.

Kaede does not stay idle. Auras projected all around, she dodges, dives, slash with her pen.
The bad sports, keeping up a fight after a make-believe lethal wound? She punch them out of consciousness.
Only Koichi and her remains. Using her friend as bait, she strategically take opponents out one after the other.
Only the leader remains. He rushes toward her, but she's already behind him, her arms in choke hold.
Rolled 97, 69 = 166 (2d100)

"Nothing personal, Kiddo." - the fact he's 1m80 and around twice her weight does not matter. She flashed at his neck level and let gravity do the job.

"So, that's why I'm an Hero. That's why I made those claims you thought where preposterous.
This week, I've been beaten up so bad I lost consciousness..."
>The Yakuza
>The dummy
>The Spider
>The Snake
"... 4 times. That is, if I'm not forgetting any. And still, I'm on my two feets, kicking your collective gross unwashed ass.
Because remember, we are Heroes. We do all that for you. You can't imagine how hard it is, how much we work, how close calls are. Still, we're here to shield you and protect you from atrocities.
Remember of the humans behind our public personna - in my case, I'm a sweet girl, I promise. Just I don't like bullshit."
Kaede grabs the camera.
"So you, the sad Troll. Carefull of what you say, or else I'll barge in your gremlin stenchy cave and will taught you that free speech is not consequence-free".

Will write the result tomorrow, bed time

Rolling Social (Charm) to increase her public standing after that little speech + display
File: Spoiler Image (89 KB, 301x283)
89 KB
How did all of those people get there so quickly? I thought you were still in the overgrown park with the now-dead snake monsters.
I had planned a superchat from "Ryonachad420lmao" but it wouldn't make much sense now, thematically.
This is good. Sorry for disappearing, I had to go to the gym, then take a shower and eat dinner.

The moment Yama touched the CUBE, Kai felt a pressure. One that was very similar to the one he felt when the snakeman tried to calw in his mind, but much, much more.
A voice talked to him, promising wonders, if only it did his biding. The martial artist would like to say that he would always have denied it, but that was not the truth. If it had come to him after he was barred from entering new dojos, he would have accepted it. Even now, there was still a part of him that wished to agree, a lingering desire from before he established his dojo. But in all the masters bowing, he saw the few that were good to him. And from that, he saw his students, his new friends, his grandfather. And the tenets he took as his martial arts way.

"There's no self-improvement in being handed over strength" He remembered the training, the beatings and fights, how each one slowly taught him more and honed his body.

"There's no honor in hurting the innocent and defenseless." He remembered his Yu telling him how a monster killed his parents when he was a baby, and lead to his grandmother passing away.

"There's no respect in treating one life differently then another." He remembered the odd people and animals he saw or met in different cities and dojos, and how all of then were so similar deep down.

"There's no duty in following an unworthy master." He remembered the masters who never held to any beliefs beside power, the ones that he abandoned instead of the other way around

"I'LL NEVER BOW TO YOU! BE GONE FROM MY MIND!" He answered with all the certainty his sould could gather.

Well, the part of the overgrown park we are is a flooded bronze age themepark / museum, so I imagine that it has an entrance to the abandoned or frontier districts like The Edge. SO people could have arrived in time.
Maybe he liked the fighting. Or at least thinking how Kaede was beaten unconscious 4 times in a week
Blame it on THE TIME WIZARD. He also likely watched just out of sheer boredom with his Ultra Dominance in Gatcha Games. Might have accelerated the Timeframe for those people to get there
Kaede and Janna got out of the park. And it's like in Fallout or whatever game : people settled back once a zone is cleared. Or time wizard, but unnecessary hypothesis this time I think.

>Any idea for the social crit consequence?
first the crowd is really against Kaede. Calling her a dumb little girl that does not know what she is doing before slowly coming around to herself. so maybe she gets a boost to FIghting Ability and Popularity?
maybe also gain some more stalker.

sorry kinda out of it right now.... those MDF plates reek and the amount of superglue does not help me think. was building a transport Box for my Army.

The power faded, Time resumed normally and Yama could see that Kai also had some form of strange encounter. "You alright Kai? You look like you have seen a Ghost" the suddenly transformed Ninja asked. No one had seen how it had happened but he was holding the CUBE and was very much struggling to carry the normal looking object. A good sign of that was that he was making sounds while walking with the pavement beneath him having small indents after stepping off of it.

"I could go for some Ramen.... Wanna drop this off at the association and then visit Kirin's? I think the other students can get here and check out what else is left to bring back to the Dojo." he asked the Martial Artist casually, still unaware of the two Ninja now staring at him with disbelieve in their faces.


Maybe they would see the end of Kaedes Brawl. Yama just shook his head at the dispaly of senseless violence and probably pulled some looks, what with him just walking around in his monstrous form together with three B-Class Heroes and carrying a strange Object.
>they all joined hero association
>right when it's going full corporate and starts falling apart
>and hunters are being formed
How does it feel to be a corporate rat anons? What are you planning to do now?
File: positive_thoughts.jpg (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB
we will always put our best foot forwards and do what is necessary.
what is "necessary"?
probably continue protecting people. At least that is what Yama is wanting to do. Might have to pick up a small job in the meanwhile.

or kill his Nemesis and take over the dudes Medical Empire with more money than any singular government in this world
Yamary Sue.
Please no need for such words.

He is Garyama Stue ;)
File: 1683197375843.png (125 KB, 1196x624)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
it's just cringe whenever I see you take the spotlight, "more money than any singular government in this world" just broke the camel's back
If you refer to the character creation document in the first thread that is pretty much what it said about the Money perk which is why it was so expensive to get. The anon toned it down a bit for the current version. Yamas Nemesis is still a vastly rich and powerful man.

If you want to create your own Hero/ Monster. Like the Skittler for Instance. Feel free to do so and see if you can do better than this cringy anon.
"I agree, the sooner we get rid of this, the better."

As they left, they saw what looked to be a battlefield in front of the museum, with multiple civilian hurt.

"What happened here?"

Sorry if it's not very good, I'm having a very bad day
Yeah, I toned down a lot of the perks, originally a bunch of them were just having powerful items, resources or powers that canons characters had.
But I supose that comes with it originally being a jumpchain cyao instead of a quest or whatever we turned this into.

I wonder if the Skittler is around, he is funny.

"Kaede made a public challenge... heard her yelling about it just before we left to make sure the Job was done." Yama answered Kai but gestured to the petite Woman that was apparently pretty fine even after a lot of people had been pretty heavily beaten.

Yama did not want to stay around, mostly because he could hear his stomach churning and the humans looked tastier the longer he looked at them. If Kai wanted to stay and look over the young woman he was free to stay but Yama left quickly spreading some amount of panic moving towards the Hero Association. Entering the front door he nearly bumped into a young blonde woman that froze when she realized what was standing in front of her.

A shriek pierced the room and the Esper jumped back to take cover behind a nearby couch, covering her ears as if to block out something. The receptionist looked extremely pale as well at the clear monster just strolling into the Association Headquarters. "Ramen Yakuza here. I bring something taken from my last excursion into the Outskirts with the K-City Knights" he growled while pulling his Hero card. Setting the CUBE down he finally managed to relax a bit while the Object sunk half way through the reinforced front desk.

And even though he had not much of a face to express Emotion he seemed quite embarrassed

are you feeling sick dude? Hope you get better soon.
I hope you're okay mate... On my side, life autoshaker has stopped today, will let a few days to let dust settle... But Dragon's Dungeon next thread is right around the corner
good to hear you are finally getting off of the Roller Coaster. and that little Sidrijika can get back to being a Daycare employee.
"Did she now? I guess I was too busy with the ninjas to notice" Kai said "I'll trust the CUBE with you to deal with in that case. See you in Kirin's then!"

Kai then headed towards Kaede
"Hey there K-Chan! You've been my student for so little and you are already going around issuing challenges?" The martial artist asked her in a berating tone

But before the girl could defend herself, he laughed, dropping the facade
"Atta girl! A good fight is the best way to learn! You make me proud, just don't let the victory get to your head!"

"Oh, and next time tell me first, so we can do it properly at the dojo."
He said while moving towards Kenichi , that was nursing some new bruises
"Come on, let's get back to the others." He told him, before turning to the other three boys "I think today I'll treat you to ramen for the good work!"


Returning to the dojo, Kai met Kataguri

"The snakes are gone now. Seems that they had sent most of their number to the attack earlier, but there were still a few powerful ones in their lair, together with their leader." He said "HA even sent a couple of heroes after we finished, something about a Dragon? There was nothing that strong level there though. But Kowa and Dowa helped make us sure that it was all clear."
Just some problems that put me in a really bad mood. I'm a bit better now, my head is clearer. Thanks for the worry.
Also happy to hear things are better on your end as well

Kataguri had not stopped his patrols around the Dojo and some of his men had joined him after the injured had been taken care off. The Exterminator looked a bit twitchy when Kai arrived.

"So those two came about to help out. I thought i felt someone creep around here some time ago." he commented but seemed relieved that the Snake Problem had been dealt with. And he actually allowed himself to relax, leaning against the Side of his Armored truck to pull out a couple cigarettes. he offered Kai one but was not offended when the Martial Artist declined

"You don't seem the type to worry overly much but after shit like this I need some way to relax. Even if the Wife is gonna kill me. Maybe i should try and get some of those RK-E Models from R-Net. Hella expensive but they come with lifelong warranties. And more expendable than human lives." the man commented as some of his workers went further into the park to make sure everything truly was dead and to assess the damages that had been done. Even though it was unlikely anything would be build in the Edge for a long time it was still good to know what might collapse and lead to future problems.

The Cleanup effort would likely take another day or two what with the additional area that had been opened up but that was a matter for the Hero Association to figure out.
After delivering the CUBE to the shocked employee Yama turned to leave. His gaze wandered around the open room, taking in the sight of many people looking very much scared. Especially the young woman that had dove behind the lounge chair seemed terrified and didnt even want to look at him. Unsure on how to approach her he left instead as silent as a shadow gliding across a wall.

When he stepped outside he disappeared, slipping into his human guise with well practiced ease and made his way to the Ramen shop.
File: Exavia_panic.jpg (87 KB, 750x1000)
87 KB
Exavia was terrified. Luckily she had some capabilities for Telekinesis to stop herself from the embarassing bladder Evacuation she had had when Yama had entered the building. Her supervisor was surprised when she stood in his office after her shift had ended and while he was still filling reports. "THIS IS INSANITY! THE DRAGON CLASS WAS HERE IN THIS BUILDING!!!! ITS A GODDDAMN HERO!" she shouted at the man who seemed very much so taken aback by the accusations she had spat at him.

She was very much manic muttering that she had recognized that Aura when it had stood before her and looked at the Monster. It had been much weaker but undeniably the same signature she had detected that afternoon. "Dont you get it?! We have a walking disaster at our hands if that thing... this Ramen Yakuza gets out of control or decides we are not worth protecting or working for!!!" she shouted at her supervisor who promised that he would look into the matter and take appropriate action.

Exavia only sighed. He forgot too often that his mind was an open window to her. looking at him it was impossible not to see what he was thinking. "Then doom us all. I quit." she muttered at him and left her employee badge right there on the counter. He was too perplexed to stop her and by the time he had recovered she was already gone.
>Any idea for the social crit consequence?
Most of the people watching the chat would be at least convinced Kaede is more than pretty face, and the pretty face adds to the appeal. I don't remember if Kaede uses social media much but if she did she'd see a huge bump in interest from randoms. Good time as any to start something that could generate ad revenue?

No matter how high you rolled, provoking a street fight and (more importantly) publicly criticizing the Association's rankings and hiring practices is going to get Kaede an email from their PR/HR department. It will be presented more diplomatically due to the high-roll, though.
Kaede will receive either an email or snail mail from the K-City HA branch sometime on the day after the livestream saying the following:

Kinetic Kaleidoscope,

It has come to our attention that you have reported sustaining repeated and serious injuries while performing your duties. We are reaching out to remind you that as a member of the Hero Association you are free to avail yourself to the services of any member hospital at no personal cost by presenting your hero ID card or otherwise identifying yourself as an Association member.

It has also come to our attention that you recently played a notable role in a public disturbance and publicly voiced criticism of Hero Association hiring and ranking policies. We would like to remind you that all public representatives of the Association are encouraged to maintain a level of professionalism, which in the present case lapsed at an inopportune time. Due to the experimental nature of our most recent onboarding procedures, by which you were processed, those events will not be recorded as official infractions in your employment record. In the future, please direct any complaints regarding Association policies through official channels.

If you are not satisfied with your hero ranking, understand that the rankings are not static and that performance evaluations and updates are made on a regular basis. For C-class heroes in particular, performance evaluations are done on a weekly basis, and include but are not limited to the factors of frequency of heroic deeds, estimated level of destruction averted, popularity, and public relations ratings.

If you would like to issue an official clarification of your recent comments, please contact Roger Maestro by telephone at (XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. XXX) for consultation on how to proceed.

If you would like more information on other Hero Association policies or benefits, feel free to call our toll-free hotline or visit our official website.

Hero Association K-City Branch (Human Resources)

>I wonder if the Skittler is around, he is funny.
He needs a little while to finish washing up and replenishing his supply. And dodge the heroes who were called into the area by the monster-sighting report that flower-girl filed shortly after she got to class.
damn that is the most HR Mail i have ever read

and i had to interact with HR way more than i liked during and after my hiring.
It's awesome. Keep bringing consequences to our stupid action please, this is exactly what this quest needed.

got any specific ideas for Yama just barging into the HQ in his Monster form?

i am planning some things with Exavia teaming up with Dr. Kusigawa/his minions but i am horrible when it comes to the association.
What about the men-in-blacks getting contacted through the opaque parallel counterpower, the Hero Regulation Consortium, to try to capture Yama?
the same Men-in-Black that wanted to capture Shinon?

where are you o great invisible reporter.
I'm not very sure, seems that HA doesn't accept monsters, and the ones that do look like human in zombieman's case, or have a human appearance that they keep hidden like webcomic's Sweet Mask. But in this quest's K-City, it has been stabilished early on that some companies are hiring trolls, HA has a hero and construction contractor that it's not sure if it's monster or some incredibly modified cyborg, and a hero that can transform into a monster with drill for a head and hands (although he might be unpopular, since Dennis' original build had No one knows him).
Maybe Yama would be put in an even stricter probation, with a dedicated handler and weekly evaluations like a C-class? Forced to sit to another lecturate, be officially reprimanded, docked pay? Made to not use his monster form unless in combat, and avoiding doing it in public? Give samples to the HA scientists for study, so they could create items?
Mostly because of PR and corporate corruption, HA is only getting worse after all.
that does sound interesting. The Evaluations and additional Lectures with stronger probation mostly. His Monster Form can still be useful for rescue operations and stuff like that.

The samples could be something that the Men in Black want... The HA would probably have outside people working on it like in hospitals and stuff.

I have an idea for a Handler though. Exavia could be the one since she can actually identify him when he is somewhat close by. And she did quit her normal job just that day because she believed that maybe just maybe she could actually do some good there and prevent a catastrophe from occurring. and i do believe they would like to keep a strong mindreader close at hand.
File: Esper_Headgear.jpg (147 KB, 736x1074)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

"Hey Kai-Sensei. Oh and you guys are also here. Damn Kirins is gonna be full today." Yama commented after arriving and quickly sat down. Ordering a beer together with his fatty Ramen Noodles the Ninja allowed himself to relax a bit and flexed his arms before commenting about how extremely heavy that damn CUBE had been.


After calling a Taxi the young Esper had burried the face in her palms when the vehicle started carrying her away. She was upset, equal parts angry and fearful. Angry at the incompetence of her supervisor and the seeming indifference of the Association that such a dangerous monster was not only around but part of their structure.

The Fear was a much more primal thing, the fear of a prey animal cornered by an Apex predator. The Fear of an animal faced with its certain extinction. As such she almost jumped out of her skin when her Phone rang. The number was one she did not recognize though it was one of the Hero Association. Carefully responding she was a bit perplexed. "Director Agama? What is it Sir? If its about my resignation i will not return to my last position. I can no longer work with him...... wait you want me to become a Supervisor myself.... what is your plan?" she asked with apprehension in her voice.

While at first she did not expect anything good would come of it, she was surprised that he wanted her in charge of the a Hero Probation and weekly perfomance Reviews for that new Ramen Yakuza Hero Monster.

"Alright... i bite. But I will need some time to prepare... The day after Tomorrow would be the first review right?" she asked.

When she returned to her residence Exavia quickly returned to her room and started rummaging. When she finally found her old Headgear that she had used during her youth to control her powers she embraced it. "God Exavia.... what have you gottern yourself into.... at least i can try to steer that monster in the right direction." she mumbled before attuning herself to her Equipment.

Species: Human

Origin: Esper

>Perks +1000
0CP - Potential
0CP - ESP (Telepathy, limited Telekinesis)
200CP - Great Seer
300CP - ???
100CP - Doctorate (psychology)

>Items +300
200CP - Apartment
200CP - Communicator
300CP - Esper Headgear
I personally would give her a budget of 600 instead of 1000, to fit the follower criteria. Unless you want to save that for Toma.
The way I see it, 1000 is for people with incredible potential, top S-Class kind of thing.
But maybe that is what you are going for, someone powerful enough to be able to serve as a monster wrangler. Or someone that is very competent, but whose powers are mainly supportive.

The Follower is supposed to be the Cyborg Monster Toma Hasegawa as you pointed out. She will be toned down for the actual Follower Part. as she will lose much of the Infrastructure she had access to beforehand.

Exavia is not supposed to be a follower to be sure.
She is more a supervisor and sometimes contact.... and of course trying to be a voice of reason while being a Monsterwrangler.

She was on the force to be on the lookout for very strong monsters but got super fucking frustrated that many of her warnings were not taken seriously. The Thing with Yama was just the Cherry on top of the Shit Sundae.

The Director of the K-City HA had to pull a lot of favors together to keep her on in a new position.

i could pull her down a bit though. maybe cut out the Apartment and the Great Seer bit.
she does not have potential to be a Hero by herself. She is a Telepath but not very offensively capable.

Her sheer raw Power might be on paar with the B-Class Esper Sister. Forgot her name right now.

But her training focused on other things than combat. more control so she could actually sleep at night and not broadcast her own thoughts to everyone in the goddamn city.
>Perks +600
0CP - Potential
0CP - ESP (Telepathy, limited Telekinesis)
300CP - ???
100CP - Doctorate (psychology)

>Items +300
200CP - Communicator
300CP - Esper Headgear

alright so she still lives at home and is not a great Seer anymore. Still very powerful Psychic with wide ranging Telepathy. and a Psych Degree. no wonder she is such a nervous wreck.
I'm going to guess that the ??? is Rebirth. Planning on having her be eaten by a monster in the future?
Maybe. ;)

Its just something she is not aware off herself so i left it out. And things can happen. She would hate it though to be sure
Kusigawa would love to get his hands on her on that case. She would be great research material on the interaction between monsters, humans and ESP powers.
She would havr to become aware of it first. Maybe it could come up during some screenings in a zospital after she collapsed from exhaustion or something by pushing herself too hard with that Headgear of hers.

Also lying to her face to face is supremely difficukt. How would she say it.

Not reading your mind is as difficult as not trying to not see through an open eindow while your eyes are forced open.

anyway. I will go to sleep now. Is there gonna be any writing today?

I would guess Kaede Anon is busy with little white
I'm curious what kind of subtext Kaede will read into it and how she'll decide to react, I was very deliberate about how it was laid out. Bit of a shame Shinon vanished, Kaede would probably have wanted to talk with him about it.

I also considered a wife/girlfriend of one of the guys who died to the snakes might have an axe to grind against you for giving inaccurate information on how secured the area was, and to spice things up she could be a lawyer who targets Kai's dojo for building-code compliance issues or something. That way Kai would have his own subplot to deal with in response to recent events, and it wouldn't be the kind that he could resolve by just punching his way out.
Timmy will have to give her the slip.
Now more seriously, I don't know how good of an idea that would be, it would be mostly a legal procedures, and I don't know anything about law. But giving a challenge that my build isn't built around is a legit idea.

Thinking about it, this extermination feels like it would be one of those long cases where everyone keeps passing the blame to other.
For example, it was Veggie Man that called the exterminators, so it would be him that chose to call the Government instead of HA. But Kai was the one that gave the go ahead, and he did so with limited knowledge.
Kataguri expressed doubt that the giant spiders were real, which shows that the Government did not the the request seriously. However, they probably would doubt because if it were monsters, HA would be involved.
The HA didn't deal with two monsters dens, only getting involved in the last moment. However, the knights dealing with it could count as HA solving the issue.
Kai withheld knowing about the snakes. However, the only proof was a single corpse being digested, and the city had multiple mutant animal attacks previously.
In the end, the information that was passed along was correct since there was a giant, mutant spider den, and they were completely destroyed. A clean up crew was needed, not active threat exterminators. None of the parties knew of a monster army or an imminent attack. So it likely would get dismissed.
Actually thinking about, Kai having to deal with a bunch of Karens complaining about how harsh his training is, and having to deal with visits from buildings and park inspectors that receive "anonymous tips" could be interesting. Also having to maintain it all to be open to the public to visit the park itself, not just to study the dojo.
He could always just say fuck it, and make his dojo on the wilderness itself, but then it would be far away from the city, his students would have to live there and monster attacks would be even more frequent. Also he would having to actually find a good spot and build it from scratch to begin with.
So not worth it just to escape the wrath of a woman scorned.
Also the Timmy part is a joke, Paul Fellow is his birth name and he is not involved in slip and fall scams or meth trade. But he is not a saint though.
Oh yeah, Kai has Underdog. He probably wouldn't quit after a harassment campaign, most likely be emboldened by it.
Got to remember to think like the character.
File: tegaki.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
To be honest it wasn't a very developed idea. Simplifying it to "money problems due to various factors" might be easier, and it would be somewhat funny because in the actual OPM story Saitama is dirt-poor until Genos starts paying his rent and expenses.

***Meanwhile, during the livestream***

In his break-room, the monstrous scientist chowed down on more chocolates as he cycled between view-screens, wondering if anything interesting might come up. Sure enough, it turns out one of the newer heroes was in a street-brawl in one of the less-populated areas of town. At first he was simply amused at how eagerly the humans started beating the snot out of each other, but he quickly realized that the powers the C-class hero displayed were undeniably unique.

"It seems that girl is more powerful than her rank would suggest. And those powers may be of interest to my partner...." He murmured to himself as he scratched his gumball-encrusted head with sharpened candy-cane fingers. Picking up a headset and dialing in the correct channel, he then deactivated the suspended-animation cell of one of his creations and said into a microphone "Jawbreaker, come to my breakroom in half an hour. I'm planning an operation for you."

Exactly 30 minutes later, a 7-foot tall being with a red, elastic, humanoid body covered in jawbreaker candies of various colors, shapes, and sizes kneeled as he reported in, "What is thy bidding, my master?"

Pulling up a few portraits on his view-screens, the monster-leader answered, "These 'K-City Knights' display attack power exceeding what would be expected of heroes of their ranks. You are to find them when they are split up and fight them individually to collect combat data. The Hero Association may have begun sneaking powerful combatants into their lower ranks to throw even the more intelligent monsters such as myself off our guard; I'd like a confirmation one way or the other. If you defeat one of them, bring them here so I may conduct some experiments. Primary target is the girl, Kinetic Kaleidoscope, but the other two would-"

"I will bring her before you, or die trying." The Jawbreaker replied stoically.

"I beg your pardon?" The monster-scientist responded, taken aback, "I never approved a 'death before dishonor' mentality. If you're going to lose just disengage; in the early stages, probing attacks are sufficient. I'd rather not have to make another combat-candy to replace you."

"Oh. Thank you master, I just assumed I was expendable because you created me to fight." The Jawbreaker said.

"I'm not a callous poindexter who doesn't care about his creations. You and your brethren are the reason I do all this." His master said as he rose to return to his lab, "The Age of Man is ending, the Time of the Kandyman is nigh!"
So the new mastermind makes his move.
Flower-headband girl yelling about "The Kandyman" when she first saw the Skittler wasn't actually a random throwaway line.
what reasonable Monsters with reasonable methods that dont just waste hordes of minions?

Oh the Inhumanity.
Hey guys, long story short, yeah I've been busy. Will try to update in the weekend, no promise.
Good stuff Yama. And Skittler
Name: Striking Light

Species: Monster
Origin: Esper

>Perks +600
Monstrous Physiology (Adult Humanoid, Lower Jaw Missing) - Free
Because I'm a Monster - Free
ESP - Free
Sassy Lost Child - Free
Alone - 100
The Terror Cosmic - 500

>Items +300
Cube - Free
Limo - Free
Esper Headgear - 300

do i make a character sheet in google sheets now
well it depends.

Do you want this to be an ally. an attacking force?

A player Character?

If its a player character you get another 400 points for powers. you could just put those into items but if its supposed to be something long term then Mask might be something you want to consider. Then your main opponent will likely be THE TIME WIZARD because anything else will not be able to challenge you. The only true danger here would be Saitama himself and things like God, maybe Blast or other creatures God directly creates to fight you.

Otherwise i think i speak for the other participants here that we would prefer to not have the City get blown to Smithereens or depopulated since its cooperative Storytelling we are trying to achieve.

also some background would be nice. What are the powers and for player characters maybe some kind of backstory. It can be as simple as: "Turned into a monster after a certain Candy brand closed down production."
if you wanna stay with a Player Character maybe try

>Perks +1000
Monstrous Physiology (Adult Humanoid, Lower Jaw Missing) - Free
Because I'm a Monster - Free
ESP - Free
Sassy Lost Child - Free
Alone - 100
The Terror Cosmic - 500
>100CP - Mask
>100CP - Kingpin
>200 CP - Misdirection

>Items +300
Cube - Free
Limo - Free
Esper Headgear - 300

Self Reliant and tough. Capable of switching faces and outfits on a whim to pin anything on anyone they fell like. Really tough to break mentally and holds many valuable connections while being able to leverage them for maximum effect.

You can still do what you like to. I was just trying to present you with something else. also still cooperative storytelling so please no blowing up the city with crazy ESP
Overall agreeing with that
>G-City Kusigawa Research Lab

When the call of the Prodigy came in Dr. Kusigawa’s eye twitched in annoyance. He had been in the middle of some mild testing, pitting Subjects 54a and b against hordes of smaller threats where they could get used to their new Enhancements and expanded senses.

54b was a veritable cyclone of destruction. Charged monofilament wires sliced through malfunctioning Cyborgs and Genecrafted monstrosities. It's titanium alloy claws crushed steel armor to scrap, rending the flesh beneath to ribboned pulp.

In comparison 54a was holding back. But that was in it's design. The additional processing Power it had received allow Toma to not only wield her guns with greater efficiency but also to control a swarm of a dozen Drones, less for more complex forms with more abilities. Right now she mostly used them to stream data to her sister Unit, allowing 54b to fight with 360° of vision.

Only barely managing to tear his eyes from the streams of data the call was accepted. “What do you need?” he growled at the monitor, showing his prodigy.

The Fact of Yawann-230 developing on it’s own was something that he had anticipated, what caught his attention enough for him to forgive the intrusion was the fact that the newest samples had been found to be ESP active.

“So there is a Factor to ESP…. I will have to find some Esper to experiment upon. If their powers can be harnessed then…… oh the possibilities are endless. You are forgiven for now my Prodigy” the older man gushed with excitement.

“But progress does not wait. I will make sure the Hunters are ready tomorrow and on their way. It will be the day after that they arrive.” was his promise, which seemed to relieve the Prodigy visibly. He would have to make sure that they showed less emotions. While very successful the Prodigy was still a bit too emotional for his liking and would require further training as well.

Returning to his observations he started speeding up the simulation, quickly ramping up the pressure and forcing his subjects to work closer together with 54 a needing to use it's gun ever more until they were down to their pulsed laser Emitters, build into their palms. The blasts were still enough to burn holes into an unprotected body but were much less effective against heavy armor.
File: 9fag.jpg (41 KB, 460x345)
41 KB

>Speech success : Critical

The chat reaction is overwhelmingly positive.
[Deupsonym] : As a girl from K-city, this is so inspiring to see
[VirtualViking] : Tits or GTFO
[Stranger333] : +1
[Stranger164] : +1
[Stranger741] : +1
>You perverts and troll retards should have get your chud-face beaten in a swollen mess hiding your uglyness
You know what, girls? It's time for men to realize anons are not all male"

*Deupsonym is now known as "Kylie"
*Stranger258 is now known as "Rachel"
*VanquishingCanary is now known as "Fairytopia"
*WeirdAl is now known as "WeirdAlice"
*Bones is now known as "Symphonie"
*Stranger921 is now known as "D_City_Dyke"
*Picmon is now known as "BcityBustyBlonde[DMOpened_:)]"
*Axe is now known as "Axel"
*VirtualViking is now known as "GamerGirlLolSoQuirkyPlzSendMeAttention"
*Ben is now known as "IloveYouKaleidoscopePlzDateMe"
*Stranger738 is now known as "Sandra"
*D_City_Dyke is now known as "PrettySureKaleidoscopeIsInMyTeam"
*Stranger12 is now known as "TitsOutForKaleidoscope"
[Pornomancer] : "@TitsOutForKaleidoscope Pics or it is not happening"
[Stranger86] : Nice rack @TitsOutForKaleidoscope
[Stranger333] : +1
[Stranger164] : +1
[PrettySureKaleidoscopeIsInMyTeam] : +1
[69420] : +1
[System : User TitsOutForKaleidoscope have been banned. Reason : Forbidden domain external link]

Well, the chat is messy, but among all the flood and the gender war that sparked in the discussion - is that guy really claiming his ban was not justified for posting moobs amidst a great revolt for equity, really? - Still, lots of those girls write heartfull messages, asking Kaede questions.

>[Harmonie] : It's easy to act tough with your skills. I'd love to do the same. But I have no power, no strength, no training
"Stop devaluating yourself, Harmonie. My life was not easy. Never was, but it's a bit simpler lately... Anyway, last week I was someone very mundane. A shadow of the street, whatshername of the class, the not-too-ugly waitress.
I was assaulted by a monster. Alone, empty street. I couldn't fled - which was the sensible option, can't stress it enough. My only options where to give up, or stand up and fight. Something awoken in me - maybe because quitting never was an option in my head?
I might be a one-in-a-thousand thing, so please don't go out and pick fights. But you can aim for improvement. Take a martial art class. Learn to shoot. Register with Emergency Rescue Team. Help a grandma with her groceries. Tell a troll online to eat shit. Get all friendly with a nice incel, date him, turn him into a better man. Make the world a better place."

>Trait aquired : Feminist role-model
Does it have a mechanic signification? Maybe a +1 in relevant rolls?
File: Jawbreaker.png (747 KB, 764x436)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Rolled 13, 49, 30 = 92 (3d100)

Welp, the day was long enough. Kaede heads home. There's something she's forgetting.
Kooch, days are only that long. She needs to spend time and bond with the little beast.

Unknown to the girl, a menace lurks in the shadows...

>Rolling power against Jawbreaker probing attack, DC : 75
Perks :
>3 stacks of fightin' spirit (+15)
so Kaede did not go to Kirins to eat with the others?
What good it does to be faster, if the attack is unseen?
With an uncanny agility, the Jawbreaker sneaked behind the young heroin. An hammer-arm punch later, he carries the unconscious youngster toward his master

Nope. And we have a disparition case at end.
If he wants to be one of God's servants he could for this too

>Perks +1000
Monstrous Physiology (Adult Humanoid, Lower Jaw Missing) - Free
Because I'm a Monster - Free
ESP - Free
Sassy Lost Child - Free
Alone - 100
The Terror Cosmic - 500
Chosen - 400 CP

Items +300
Cube - Free
Limo - Free
Esper Headgear - 300

He could change the headgear for this too

Mothership - 300

Full on space threat

Anyway, nice to have you on board.
Although Skittler also has only 600, and has slowly been upping his points to 1000.
Because he originally was meant to be a monster of the week, but he ended up surviving two encounters, so the Striking Light could be something like that
Rolled 66 (1d100)

Eating and drinking enough to make a champion of Sumo blush Yama would have seriously bled his wallet dry if Kai's Buffet from R-Net did not cover the costs. The Owner was in good spirits feeding the hungry Martial artists and Ninja.

He probed the boys between his own meals, mostly about why they wanted to join the Martial School of Kai and what else they were interested in. In Return he told them a bit about himself, skipping most of the grisly details of being a killer for hire. Instead he talked a bit more of his Training and what kind of things he had to do to finish his training. Meanwhile he was drinking a lot of beer but did not appear tipsy in the least even after having exhausted the entire supply of beercans that establishment had prepared for the day.

"Alright i should probably get home- oh welcome back Morotoki." he started when he felt soft paws on his shoulder. He gave the Kitten some scritches in between his ears and excused himself for the night.

He went out for a short walk with his Cat, going about some of his own business. It was mostly just checking out the surrounding area of the Hospital to find areas of ingress and testing out his newfound abilities to scale even sheer walls. He noticed that it took quite a lot of effort for himself to climb up sheer surfaces and he could not rush it. So camouflage would be needed.

>rolling perception to notice something being amiss with Kaede. DC 85

Returning to his Apartments he wanted to turn in for the night and walked into the entrance hall of 21-B Lavender street.

that could work too yeah.

well Terror Cosmic is not just some simple enemy. we cant really deal with something like that. no matter if they have 600 or 1000 Points.
Well, he could have been someone that just accepted the deal, so great potential but currently not knowing how to use the powers.

But having someone high powered fighting other big shots could be interested compared to our more comparatively street level stuff. OPM's Earth even has a bunch of wilderness that exist only to be low up after all.

Anyway, now that Kaede wrote something, I can start thinking on how to continue Kai. All this monster hunting got me into Toukiden 2 and I have been distracted trying to finish the game in my spare time Naginata is the best weapon in my opinion
Sorry for the delays in writing. Tried to push an high-effort update to make for it
66 < 80

Not noticing anything amiss he went to his apartment, continuing to work on his Ninja Scrolls before sleeping for only a handful of hours and getting up again to practice some of his Lightning Ninjutsu.

He was shaken out of his Morning Training when there was a sharp knock at his door. A young woman, with glowing Headphones and an earnest Expression stood before him.

"Mister Kitagua... Or Ramen Yakuza. We met yesterday already. I am Exavia Imatoya." she told him.

Now that she had told him he did recognize her somewhat she had been at the Hero Association the day before and had looked at him terrified. He bid her to enter, which she did while he kept an eye on her.

She looked at him earnestly and then began laying out the grievances that had been heaped against him. "And please don't lie. I can read your mind and if i did not believe you to be capable of redemption" she stated, taking Yama by surprise. She revealed to him that she would be evaluating him in the next couple of days to make sure he did stay in Line with HA work. That meant restricting his Monstrous power and doing a whole lot of extra work if he wanted to be accepted in the Association for real.

maybe but that will be something they themselves will have to decide.

Catching the girl in one arm as she slumps to the ground, the Jawbreaker turned his communicator back on and reported, "Master, I have acquired the primary target. Now returning to base."

"Already?" The voice from the headset replied, "How much combat data were you able to collect?"

"I was able to confirm that my stealth, speed, and power specs were sufficient to favorably conclude the confrontation in a single strike." Jawbreaker answered as he started running toward the van he'd parked about a quarter-mile away, driven by a noncombatant candy since he himself didn't have much in the way of opposable digits.

"Well, that went more smoothly than I expected it to." His leader said, "Good job Jawbreaker! Now make sure to remove any devices she may be carrying that could remotely track her movements, then take her to site 4. I'll arrange the transportation of the experimental apparatuses and be there shortly."

"As much as I would love to comply with your request, I may not have the capability due to the configuration of my body." The Jawbreaker replied, reminding his leader that the most he could do was slide around a few of the smaller hard-candies to hit things like buttons. Even opening doors could be a chore for him.

"Then tell your driver to do it in your place, and to give her a candy-injection to keep her in a drowsy food-coma even if she begins to come to during transport. It would be quite the hassle if she teleported out of the van partway through." The monster-scientist clarified.

"Good idea. Jawbreaker out."


I haven't made stats of the Jawbreaker but the character concept was that his body was elastic so he could stretch himself while fighting kind of like the Luffy from One Piece, and also is covered in hard-candies that can give his punches or kicks more stopping power (like wearing brass-knuckles) and are like armor for his relatively less durable elastic body. The hard-candies can slide around in their relative positions a little, but they move kind of slowly. Since his body is designed for combat, he has trouble with mundane tasks such as using equipment that normally requires input through fingers.
Rolled 57, 92 = 149 (2d100)

Alright, time to attempt monkey-wrenching your little plan.
>2d100 Fastened healing to attempt recovery.
DC 75. If failure, Kaede will be sedated all right.

"I deeply apologize for scaring you yesterday... I was not aware was a Monster until after joining..... nor my full power." he told the young woman who just sighed and concentrated.

"Alright... i can see you are honest with your remorse. Just tell me... why? Usually monster are supremely hostile to humans. Why do you protect us instead." she asked with some relieve in her voice.

"Yes. I have no reasonable answer. Just a gut feeling... you are soft and.. weak. while i am tough and strong.... should i not use myself to defend you so you can become strong yourself." he replied unsure if she would be offended. But Exavia just laughed.

"Alright damn you actually believe that. I think you might be more human than most humans I know." she replied before telling him to go out there and do some good with his powers.

"Alright i will get K-Chan... ahem Kinetic Kaleidoscope see if she wants to come with me. She lives next door and is much more driven than i am. She might wanna get to know you." he told her with a big smile.

Exavia just looked confused and told him that there was only a strange cat inside the Apartment he was thinking off. "And they are hungry... looks like they weren't fed since yesterday." she told Yama.

The Ninja furrowed his eyebrows asking her if she was sure and when the Esper confirmed it he asked her to call Kai if he had seen Kaede and went to break into her apartment. Feeding her little Displacer Kitten her took a look around and found no sign of the young woman. And he was slowly getting worried that something had happened to her especially after seeing that she still had not read her mail.

the "Nanites" still work apperantly
Not really. But Kaede doesn't know how it works until her, or most likely Koichi, succeed a Smarts [Medicine] DC 75 or Smarts [Superphysiology] DC 50

Kaede slowly gets back to her senses.
Is that a van full of candies? Stranger danger.
Is that hands on her body? Stranger Danger!
Are her clothes getting pulled away? STRANGER DANGER!
Couldn't find relevant pics, and have sullied that poor laptop search history

With enough energy back in her, time to do something.
Rollin' power again. DC : 50/75/95
Rolled 54, 56, 78 = 188 (3d100)

I guess she breaks the syringe, knocks the driver away, and recovers enough to be ready for round 2 against Jawbreaker on an even footing? She might be a little too drowsy for her buffs to be active right away.


"Nani?!" Jawbreaker yells when the girl suddenly regains her senses and knocks the driver away before he can inject her with the sedative. He also appears to be dazed from the hit she gave him, slumping onto the floor of the van.

"The speed of your recovery exceeds expectations, Kinetic Kaleidoscope." Jawbreaker said as he raised his fists into a trained boxing guard, "You may give me some combat-data after all!"
Rolled 47, 2, 90 = 139 (3d100)

>"Good Idea. Jawbreaker out"
>"Gnomiliscious, park the van. Go take her things away."

The liquid-metal blade immediately jump in her hand. Kaede slashes at the thing above her, which can't even let a growl of pain, holding the honey dripping from his throat wound.
The door. Kaede rushes, open the sliding metal pannel, rushes out.
>"What the... Gnomiliscious, noooooo!"
The clumsy candy golem was just around the door, struggling to open it - was Gnomiliscious wanting to have some private time with the naked teenage? Did it deserve a knife wound?
Sexually-promiscuity degrading worth. How typical of rape-culture enablers.

Didn't typed fast enough it seems.
Universe flicker one second, and her memory blurs. Did she punch the gnome or slash him? It does not matter.

>Roll for your Jawbreaker!
Perks : Fightin' spirit (1 stack), Potential - +10
Rolled 61, 96, 65 = 222 (3d100)

Gnomiliscious' wound was way worse than he thought at first glance. Where did that knife come from? Oh right, teleporting.

"You're not getting away with that!" Jawbreaker yelled as he stepped out of the van and threw an extendy-punch at the girl

[I really don't know what stats/modifiers to use. I conceptualized Jawbreaker as being threat level demon but on the weaker side. Let's just see how good the dice are].
demons are very powerful. and more like Monster Kings where Dragon types are Monster Emporers.

A Tiger class would likely be much more feasible. still a +10

Also the Monster Association with several Dragon Class Monster as their leader have maybe a bit more than a Dozen Demon class monster. but its your monster so dont let me discourage you.

Wolf gives +5
Tiger +10
Demon +20
Dragon +40

to rolls to show the exponential increase in power with the monster.
I get that, but realistically there's a spectrum of how tough monsters on a given threat-level are. Monster-Bakuzan from the Super Fight was Dragon, but Gouketsu still would have dumpstered him with ease despite being the same threat level.
My idea was if someone like Deep Sea King is 'high demon' like Gouketsu was 'high dragon', Jawbreaker would be 'low demon' like Bakuzan was 'low dragon'. Maybe Jawbreaker gets +15 to indicate he's significantly stronger than the average Tiger, but not up to snuff for Demon class?
I'm thinking more in terms of narrative than the numbers for modifiers.
that could work. He would still be a good cut above the average Tiger Class Threat.
Adding to this, his creator has the perk "Genius (Candy) Geneticist", so I figured one of his soldiers should be more than just threat level Tiger
alright i did not know that so yeah that can certainly work.

Rolled 37, 26 = 63 (2d100)

rollin' resilience...
He could be a tiger and have other perks that enhance his abilities. beyond that.
No idea what or how though, sorry.
File: KaedeVsJawbreaker.png (186 KB, 1920x1920)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Rolled 55, 74, 86 = 215 (3d100)


Kaede turns on her heels, and run away - or at least pretends to And completely miss that her opponent is stretchy.
The plan is layed out. She runs, jump-kick a wall, grab a balcony ledge. Until she feels her opponent at the outer range of her power. she propel herself hard on the ground. And switch position, applying downward red aura to the monster.
The plan is simple : break that tough nut using everybody's weakness, gravity.
>Uncrit 100 vs crit 111
Wait wait wait wait, he was not supposed to bounce, just break in a thousand pieces on the ground - and fill Kaede's sweets jar for the year to come!
The airborne jawbreaker extends is gum-like appendage, with harden sugary shells forming rounded concussing appendage.
Kaede takes the hit right in her head.
>Kaede suffered one wound (1/2)
That won't help her with the dizziness. That pisses her off.
>Fightin' spirit (2stacks), Potential : +15
Still too dizzy to use her battle suit correctly.
Rolled 9, 3, 51 = 63 (3d100)

I guess I could say he has martial-arts skills that make him more dangerous than the average Tiger but he isn't a lot stronger than them physically.

Let's see how the dice look. He will try to do a spinny attack using the bigger hard-candies on his arms to try to crunch up Kaede's armor.
Rolled 74, 23 = 97 (2d100)

Jawbreaker's definitely getting the worse of that exchange. Can he adjust his armor to mitigate the damage?
just realized that you increased the points for a Nemesis by 100 from 200 for the Mad Nemesis to 300 Nemesis... would that give Yama another 100 points?
Is it enough for avoid the wound?
Does Jawbreaker maintain the fight?
Hmm, I think he'll take some damage and want to continue but remember that his boss told him not to risk getting killed off, so he'll resort to smashing up some of the nearby buildings to cover his escape before reporting back to his boss.
Probably. I changed Nemesis because it was connected to the whole jumpchain bit, and I removed most of the 300 drawbacks, because in my opinion, they were what I rewrote nemesis drawback into, but with canon characters.
I also fused Monster magnet and Wanted into a single perk, and created weak point ot counter it, plus turn Uglyness into Pet Peeve by making it more gneralized.
Thinking whether I should fuse pet Peeve and Weak Point as well, since they are both weaknesses, but one is mental and the other is physical. Also upping the weakness to 200 and maybe bringing back Baldy, since I thought gimmick covered it, but gimmick cost points while Baldy gives
then at some point in the future he will get something neat for 100 points. After some form of evolution. maybe he masters his Mask power more in some way or another.
Rolled 56, 31 = 87 (2d100)


Kaede grit her teeth. The Jawbreaker smiles, feint a punch, kicks instead. Kaede stabs.
The sugar amalgamate acts too late. Honey sips from the flesh wound.
Kaede smiles. Honour is saved at least.
>Rollin' self-healing to recover enough to use her perks to the full extent; won't get health back unless I crit
Feel free to roll for next round
Rolled 9, 55, 19 = 83 (3d100)

>56 : enough to get "Battle suit" perk, not enough to trigger Get more Power or On the Hunt

That's more like it. Kaede moves are getting swifter, harder.
>Perks : Fightin' spirit (2 stacks), Battle suit : Liquid Blade (+5) Potential (+5) : Total +20

Rollin' Athletics enhanced by Auras
Rolled 50, 42, 53 = 145 (3d100)

"Kuso-onna!" The Jawbreaker growled in weeb-speak. He wanted to make this gremlin suffer for what she did to Gnomiliscious, but remembered that his boss would prefer he cut his losses than double-down and make things worse.

"Let's see how you handle this!" The monster shouted as he used the elasticity of his legs to compress and accelerate himself incredibly quickly toward the van. Throwing it into the air toward his opponent, he then bounced toward another car, then another, then another, likewise hurling them toward the girl while also extending his arms to break through some walls and windows of the nearby buildings, as well as breaking any nearby street-lights to shroud his position. Car alarms started going off, and he hoped that between that and the loss of light there would be enough chaos to let him retreat.

Dice can indicate how well it works
I'd say we're both unable to hit the other.
Kaede will take the first chance at a strategic retreat she gets.
After the talk with Kataguri, the started to organize themselves to go check on the snake den, so Kai went ahead and invited his other students along as well. Byakko would stay in the dojo, of course, but he did deserve something nice, so the sensei left him some fresh beef. He probably was already full on what he snacked on the snakes, but the martial artist knew that the tiger always was a bit gluttonous.

Kaede had refused her teacher's offer of a free ramen buffet. While the fact that she would have to be around her four admirers and the have to deal with Yono's tsundere nature probably had something to do with it, it was mostly sheer exhaustion and desire to spend the evening resting on her apartment together with her new cat. Still, the boys did take him up after Kenichi vouched for his teacher.

When the group arrived at Kirin's, they saw that Yama was already there. Yama and Kai had a chat about the cube, and was glad that the dangerous object was deal with. Although he did tell Yama that he shouldn't have walked into HA in his monster form, it was a miracle that the security or any nearby heroes didn't try to fight him. K-City might be odd, but that was pushing the limits. However, everything ended well, and his friend was alright.

What was really impressive though, was the monster ninja eating almost enough to match the rest of the group alone. Kai had already began to worry that his buffet ticket might decline something like. It was all you can eat, and covering for other was allowed, but that was just a lot. The martial artist appologized to the owner about how quickly his friend went through his stock, and his group taking the space of his entire shop. However, he said that he was just glad about the increase in business, if it continued like that, then he might just be able to upgrade. They then talked some more about cooking, with him mentioning that he would sometimes watch Veggie Man's podcast to spice up his recipe, and that he heard that Kai would be a guest in the next one, with a ramen recipe to boot, trying to get him to share it before the episode. The martial artist got a bit embarassed about the small fame he was gaining in the cooking world when compared to the martial arts one, but he declined, saying that it might be best to leave it as a surprise.

When the party ended, Kai returned to the dojo, and started working to repair all the damage of it being invaded and turned into a field hospital in just two days. Almost all the progress the school had made towards fixing the park was set back.
Then we'll call it draw!
Rolled 71, 78 = 149 (2d100)

Fierce stances. Trading blow. Fast footwork.
Both fighters are actively locking gaze, matching hits, increasing distance. Until, in full sync, turns their back to each other and run away.

That was anticlimatic, Kaede though. But life is not a story, and her little pussy is dependant on her after all.

>Rollin social [charm] for kitty care
Why do I have the feeling that a bunch of girls are going to want to join up the dojo now yo try to emulate their new hero? The trio are probably going to be creeps and get slapped by Yono, Kaede and the newbies, as their slapstick nature demands.
This could tie in on Skittler's idea of Kai having money troubles and social troubles. He would need to hurry on with the repairs, remodelling and refurnishing to expand the school for the new increased demand, and his harsh training style won't be liked by everyone.

Wait, that image is from a internet game where you launch a luchador isn't it? What a blast from the past.

Also, I've been thinking on making a new potential villain, but I'm having some trouble trying to finish the build. Do I go for a 1000 one or a 600?

Mountain King


Martial Artist

-0 - Monstrous Physiology (Extra eyes, horns, fangs, giant, mane-like hair, ogre-like appearance)
-0 - Because I'm a Monster
-0 - Wolf (fear aura)
-100 - On the hunt (Likes to fight ?)
-100 - Brotherly Love (Beats his underlings into obedience ?)
-200 - Zombie (Difficult to take down)
-200 - Demon
-300 - Carnage Mode (Goes into rage)

-0 - Buffet (Gourd or cup with infinite sake)
-100 - Custom Equipment (Giant Kanabo)
-100 - Restricting Armor (Cuffs and chains to get a better fight)
-200 - Monster HQ (Mountain lair)

+100 - Weak Point (Bean allergy)

I also thought that there would be 5 more monsters with him, having more or less the same build, but being tiger instead of demon.
One would be two brothers, one red (stronger) and the other blue (smarter), one that is female (second-in-command), one that has metallic skin and one that has fur over his body.
alright, will use this build

There is a man watching crows. He is sipping on some lemonade that he bought from a fast food restaurant.

The sky is a glorious rusty rose, but the ground is shaking. He gives it no mind as he stabilizes his position with reality-warping powers. Life never goes wrong when you're basically a living death ray.

Still, there were no people around needing help. No good will to gain.

>lol what now?
Hey, the displacer kitten is not as skittish.
She even looks glad Mommy's back home - and is tied between sullying the cleaned litterbox or mightily pouncing on Kibbles.
The order this have been sorted out is unclear for Kaede, who went for a shower - and a subtle oscillation in time-space continuum leads to believe the kitten was in both state at the same time.
"I really hope this is not caused by my power tearing and patching space again and again..."

Kaede heads toward the bedroom. A mew later, she gives an hand to a not-obfuscated position cat to join her. Kaede sunk in dreamland, once again.

She dreams of cactus, again.
>Anybody got idea of the specifics?

Yeah, I was setting up a few students at the gym as a consequence. The Deupsonym/Kylie on will eventually join the Simp Squad, despite overall suck at everything she tries except Human Ressources. My Jawbreaker headcanon is indeed comin' from Burrito Bison

>Find some people to play the highly critically acclaimed miniature wargaming game "The Ninth Age", allowing to flex with his carefully mini painted with extra care, and presenting visual effects unseen before thanks of his power mastery allowing to grow photonic cristals directly on the thin undercoat for amazing iridescent effects

>Refrain from killin' opponent who are as always way superior in the way of the game, no matter how smelly overweight cave dweller or young kid that can barely read the rules.
She will dream of the cactus growing beautiful flowers, but every time some gets close to appreciate them, they get stung by sharp needles.
The flowers eventually turn red from drops of bloody, and one day whither away, leaving only the needles.
I misspelled some words
That butterfly made me remember a documentary about how the pigment blue doesn't exist in nature, and the few animals and plants that are that color actually just use optical illusions.
Shit, the bean allergy was supposed to have a ? because I'm not very sure about it

Shortly after entering the apartment Exavia did start to pick up Kaedes Signature and gestured for Yama to leave. Closing the door behind him without even touching it.

"Well first off. i know you were worried. Still no reason to break into anything. Second... i think this place is lined with more lead and anti ESP material than the Training room in my familys manor. That is why i could not detect her. She seems to be sleeping" she informed Yama and had not called Kai yet about Yamas Fears.

Inviting Exavia along, for a short patrol, was quickly shot down by her. She would be able to keep taps on him from elsewhere. She just wanted to make sure that he knew that he would be under surveillance. Yama thanked her for not springing it on him just like that and left for a short Patrol before finishing at Kai's. There had been a small robbery he had stopped but nothing extreme.


>The Cactus has two sides after being crushed again and again. One soft an mushy the other hard and thorny. There are other Cacti protecting its back so it can rely on needing to protect only one side.
Rolled 53, 55, 46 = 154 (3d100)

Kaede woke up.
Weird, the kitten's kitchen's plate is half-full. She filled the one of the little lounge yesterday.
"Kittykat, did you beg Yama for another meal?
> - Meow
- Rascal."

Kaede starts her day with training her power while doing her daily routine.
>Rollin' for power.
Perks : Potential, get more power (10 stacks) : +20

Looks like the number of charges expended does not impact the recovery time. Kaede also measured the time she can blink - a handful of seconds, enough to open her letterbox before snapping back.
Inside, two letters among junk mail.
That one... It's from Mister Kogure.

Miss Kinoshita,
As your teacher, I won't let you down - the old hag be damned. This letter is to inform you the creation of a new club - parahuman physiology and capacities examination - supervised by yours truly.
Best regards, Kogure Tatsuo

How thoughtful.
Yeah, first thing today is to go meet him. Kai will understand, right?
Rolled 70, 87 = 157 (2d100)

>Barely meeting the 75 DC
recovery have not been complete.
Kaede feels strained. Still, some progress are noted.
>Rolled 4 seconds on the d6 and 2cm on the d10 on external roller to not clutter the thread

The next mail is less than pleasant :
"If you would like to issue an official clarification of your recent comments" reads more like an order than a suggestion.
Kaede picks up her phone, and dial the number.
>Rollin' social [charm] to salvage PR.
Relevent perks : Smile, Handsome, Outfit
DC : 75/Crit
Pretty sure you cant salvage those things without a crit.

HR people have no Soul. just like Gingers. or wizards.
Actually there’s more to Roger Maestro than first seems. A pity I’m at work and don’t have time to give clearer details. Can we do that part a little later?
i dont mind it. but its not me responding to such a mail. Yama has a Handler that is very much..... afraid of him. and will do her best to make sure that he does not feel unfairly treated and goes on a hidden rampage.
Kaede prepares herself hard, ready to listen remorsefully, preparing points and counterpoints.
Nobody answer. Kaede leaves a voicemail.
I'm still keeping that XP

Kaede heads out; Hey, it's Kristoff! And he have stuff!
"So I did it. The strange metal, I used it for a frame. I put only a small layer, that should not hinder your mobility, but won't protect much"
>Acquired Battlesuit upgrade : Cyborg thin shell - +5% to Withstand
"The energy cores, well, I did something else with them..."
>Acquired Battlesuit upgrade : reactor boots - +5% to dexterity/Athletics (to run away and not fight)
Well, you're better geared now...
Just so you know, suits are modular. Even if you keep providing materials, you'll have to make some choices on what you want on your layout."

Mechanic : Battle suit. 4 slots, each amounting to +5% in something contextual. Depending on the mission, will adapt the chosen modules. Current modules : Drone-blade, +5% on attacking with a flash, Liquid-steel blade, +5% on combat-related tests.

Time to head for school.
File: Tomas_Car.jpg (34 KB, 748x421)
34 KB


The Trials had been going on for the entire Night. On the next day at first light the two Cyborgs had been run ragged. The Dozen Chamber wide Battlefield was pure carnage. Blood and guts decorated every wall. It also had piled up to such an amount that the two creatures were standing ankle deep in the coagulating slurry.

The last two creatures unleashed into the chamber had been inferior genetic copies of Yawann-320. Their accelerated growth had left them with little in the way of mental faculties beyond blind rage. They had also lacked the Subjects ability to absorb genetic information and integrate it into the body. They had still been supremely dangerous for anything below an entire Army Division with Artillery and Air support. Now the cloned subjects lay obliterated amongst the scattered gore. One had been blasted to smithereens with high explosives while the other was rendered limb from limb by charged monofilament wires and claws.

Dr. Kusigawa was as satisfied as he could be with his crunched together timetable. Another day of tests would have done the Cyborgs some good but their Equipment was ready. Sending them to processing where they were refurbished with the updated bionics and new weaponry was a matter of several hours.

A new vehicle had also been provided with two seat behind each other. It was the most modern vehicle money could provide with enough storage room for the Combat Drones and to accommodate the bulky form of Subject 54b. 54a had been stripped out of her previous combat form so she could be integrated into the new car. Taking to the controls of the new car like a fish to water the two of them screeched out of the underground base they had been in.

"54a. Subject Yawannn-230 is mine to capture. I already failed once. i will not do so again." the Killing Machine in the backseat growled. Toma wanted to bite back that she had a name but held back, instead offering a non commital grunt. No need to risk the Implants punishing her. But inside of her head she was boiling with anger at Dr. Kusigawa, which caused near constant pain to drive her onwards.

The engine roared its anger as they left the city. Toma blasted a mutated animal to dust with the Plasma Cannon on the roof and didnt even slow down as they passed the glassed area of road leading out into the wilderness.
I'm pretty sure they have it, but trade it away when they join. A deal with the HR devil, to become one of his servants in tormenting the world.
is Kaede joining that new club... and is she dragging her Squad in with her....

also neat on those Battlesuit parts. i take it there will be parts with higher quality offering more or several bonuses in the future?
More or less. There is also the body part equipped. For now, body is donned with armor, arm with blade bracers and leg with reactor boots.
Some reactor arm thruster will conflict the blade bracers for example. I'm trying to slowly build a toolbox.
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 460x345)
22 KB
bodypart equipped..... well you might wanna get some extra Arms. Even if they are Bionics for more Bonuses. Maybe a bionic Tail with some utility functions or something.
Nice idea, not what I'm aiming for
Could you give a quick summary of what Kaede said in the voicemail?
"Hello Mr Maestro... C-class Hero Kinetic Kaleidoscope...
I just received your mail, so I was reaching out regarding the official clarification of recent comments issue...
Could you call me back at +XX X XX XX XX XX at your best convenience? Thank you."
The man remembered that there was a game store in K-City. It was supposed to close down soon, but he figured he could sneak in a game or two with the late stragglers—board games were kind of free at those places, even if they seemed to not even use boards.

Opening a portal, the man warped to the front lobby of the store. The smell of cold air greeted his nose.

After walking to the right side of the store, the man spotted three people sitting down at a table—two adults, one child. The fat one seemed to be arguing with the kid.

“Um, you don’t understand. You can not take back movement once you roll for it.”

“That’s stupid!” the kid rebuked.

“That’s what’s in the rules.” The fat guy scratched his scalp. “We can play something like Monopoly if you want…”

“I’m not a little kid! I’m 12!”

“Could we get on with the game already?” The other man said. “Who cares if the edge isn’t perfectly aligned or whatever, just get on with the game. We won’t even get through one game at this rate.” He waved to me. “Hey, bud. Wanna join?”

“That’s cheating!” the kid piped up.

“It would give an unfair positional advantage to the new player,” said the fat guy.

“It’s fine, I can wait. What’s your name, anyway?”

Apparently, the kid was Mago, the fat man was Ryan, and the other man was Sal. The first two didn’t really want him around, but he convinced Ryan to let him stay by putting on a light show with his, making the table glow in the pattern of a ruler so their measurements could be more exact.

“Bah, it’s just an excuse to rules lawyer more,” scoffed Mago.

In response, he made the idols of people they were using to play shine brightly by growing various crystals on them, which got some “oohs” and “aahs” from the child.

“This is a war game, not some kid’s show with colored lasers and walls,” scoffed Ryan.

“Both of you have forgotten the most important question as of right now.” He turned to face the magician. “What’s your name?”


As the sun set, the game concluded with Ryan winning. Dan didn’t really understand the rules, but he tried to enjoy himself anyway. When he ended up losing first, he portaled away to the roof of the store.

His mind wandered into the subjects of monsters. They were an odd bunch, seeming to be characters from some story that had a central power and not much else. Since they could be created by a human getting obsessed with pretty much any concept in existence, how had Ryan from earlier not transformed into a board game monster? How much mental tunnel vision did one need to become a monster?
Most of my free time today was spent updating the qst I'm QMing, so it took me a while to get to Maestro's response and proposition.

He'll call back approximately 10 minutes after Kaede's classes let out and if she answers he'll say:
>Miss Kinoshita, I'm terribly sorry that I wasn't able to take your call this morning. I've reviewed your record and came to the conclusion that the sooner we're able to move past your indiscretion the better. In terms of heroic activities you seem to be punching far above what's expected of your class-ranking, so I'd like to see that you have the chance to meet your full potential as a hero.

>From what I can tell, the simplest approach to smooth over your comments would be that you could blame the fact that you were repeatedly knocked unconscious that very week on your 'mixing up some of the details' that you were trying to convey over the livestream. So long as you walked back the bit about calling the Hero Association 'bigoted' and 'unable to see the strength of a proud and liberated woman', that should be sufficient to mollify the PR department.

>The tricky part would be deciding on the way you present your clarification so that it doesn't come across that the Association is twisting your arm and coercing an apology, as in my opinion that would make for a bigger PR misstep, this time mainly on the Association's end but it would also reflect less than favorably on you that you capitulated to outside pressure after you talked big and followed through in a street-brawl.

>Ah forgive me, I may be giving you too much to consider all at once; I should give you some time to deliberate on how you'd like to approach this. I'd also like to meet you in person to work out the finer details, as well as bring a related opportunity of advancing your career as a hero to your attention, should you be interested. Might you have a time where you expect to be available later this week, assuming no crisis pulls you back to your duties?
"Wow, thank you for your comprehension and support!
If I understand right, the best move in my hands would be to wait for an opportunity within the week to gather as much person as I could, and amend my comments in front of a live stream with a similar audience? Good thing I kept that Janna girl number...

Regarding availabilities, can't promise anything, but does tomorrow at 10 works for you?"
Rolled 59, 31 = 90 (2d100)

With the day of class - Exam preparation for future schools, but Kaede does not really care now she has a job, does she? - gone, and the call answer, Kaede heads toward the room dedicated to club activities.
"Ah, Miss Kinoshita. Glad to have you among us..."
A handful of student - of which Kaede only knows Koichi - is there.
"Let's try to apply the past days theory on a concrete example, shall we?"
>Rollin' Parahuman Physiology for Koichi.
2 dices, DC 50
File: squabble.jpg (42 KB, 500x673)
42 KB

>K-City Center. Outside the Cybergames Bar&Grill.

The Food did not go that great after the last cook quit and watering down the drinks led to even the regular drunkards not wanting to return here. Therefore it had been pretty lively with the four of them there.

When Dan appeared on the roof the Sun was setting beyond the old Nature Park, that had so recently been sight of a fight. There was still the smell of smoke in the air up here from the fire that had raged amongst the trees.

It held the promise of a creature of conflict with unbridled fire raging in its veins. But the signature had grown significantly weaker afterwards. It was not really worth Dans Time. Not when the afterimage of the Tower of THE TIME WIZARD was still sometimes flickering in and out of reality.

The CUBE at his hip hummed with energy at the sight of the Tower. But there were other things maybe more worth his time.

Below him two Police Officers were arguing in their Squad Car.

"I am telling you Detective. Its real. I found signs of proof!! And just look at that brazen Name. He must be their boss or something. WHY else would he have their Organisations Name as his Hero Name!" Detective Okumura called out to his subordinate.

Detective Kaitlyn was trying her best to not show her annoyance while they were driving along the slow road. Her Aura showed Anger and annoyance, while Omumuras showed extreme obsession and an unwillingness to change away from his current course of action. The CUBE quivered almost in Delight as it became aware of the swirling Emotions beneath them.

added your character to the sheet. But you can do any further changes yourself just by clicking the link in the Opening Post. Its open to the public. Also you might wanna get some picture as some sort of approximation.

I hope that you are okay with this current course i am presenting here.
Rolled 16, 65 = 81 (2d100)


When Yama arrived back at the Dojo he could see that the last day had taken quite a toll on the old building. Several parts had been damaged or brought into complete disrepair. Seeing that Kai had apparently gotten back to work while having additional students already led to Yama offering to help with the Cleanup. Seeing that most of the new blood would be way too intimidated if he again sparred with Kai he got to cleaning and doing repairs.

The specks of blood and other biomass that were still left were quickly consumed by his cloak. While he used his monster form he kept out of sight, making sure no one would notice his passage.

There were some electronic components that needed to be repaired and while he had no real knowledge on how to fix them he at least could safely replace them easily while not worrying with his durable physiology.

Some floorboards had long since rotted and still other parts of the Dojo Garden had been overtaken by the woods, which left a lot of raw Materials unclaimed that might still be of use. Thinking back on the weird feeling he had after consuming the Snakes head he tried out something new, consuming old rotten wood with his cloak and trying to recombine it into something useable.

>first rolling ESP to help with reconstruction. A third hand can be useful for the work. then the next three dice are for synthezizing usable wood from the wood that has rotted and been consumed.
Rolled 24, 53, 18 = 95 (3d100)

blegh. damn rolling. mostly just me hitting the wrong key on my numpad.
some slight improvements and savings on the material. Sadly most of the wood was beyond useless but what he could find with some structure left he did repurpose. The planks of wood needed some extra work with his knife to become smooth and made floorboards that had no real texture.

He was somewhat satisfied with this but there was a weird aftertaste of wood on his tongue for the rest of the day. Also his bones didn't seem to burn his body up quite as much whenever he used those powers to help with the work, by either holding tools or workpieces in place to work on.

Towards Midday he returned to the more fleshed out rooms of the Trainingarea informing Kai of the progress he had made in some of the hallways and the leaky roof. He was also interested in just how many of the young people still remained after a morning of weeding out the weakest of will and body.
Over the course of the next hour, Kaede jumps every few minutes to achieve various tasks. Blinking to pick up an object behind a wall and coming back, Jump-highkicks, height- difference swaps are among the thing tested.

"... You know what's strange? Your movement are way more precise and controlled when you're using your Jump power.
- I think Koach Kai said something similar. Any idea why?
- It can come from several factors.
It's most probably a side-effect of your power : Are you familiar with the concept of "Required second power?"
Maybe you have limited precog while jumping - allowing to implicitly pick more easily favorable outcomes.
Maybe you have innate movement optimisation - as portal can be a chaotic system, you require perfect precision for the jump to work, which carries on on next actions?
Or perhaps a good old agility buff while the power is active?"

>Feel free to add a write-in reason how it works Haven't chosen which one is the truth yet
>something else is inside your brain allowing you your powers and taking over whenever you use them.

>maybe some Time dilation is happening where you have just simply more time to use your powers and the following actions. and you just dont realize it due to the nature humans perceive time. just like that one time they send someone to space and they came back slightly younger than their twin sibling even if they were the older before.
Maybe it's a sort of self-preservation instinct, your head get into overdrive during the jump so your don't accidentally kill yourself.

Or maybe it's an innate three dimensional understanding, that is forgotten, but has been remembered by gaining powers, kind of like babies have a swimming reflex that goes away.
It could be that the power has a separate origin and will of its own. Kaede wasn't born with it after all, it just conveniently developed when the crumble-monster went after her. Perhaps an entity from the abyss between timelines did battle against the Time Wizard a little while before the events of this quest began, and when the Time Wizard defeated it part of its immaterial corpse was scattered into this timeline, where it maintained a tiny sliver of its combat instincts and attached itself to Kaede by happenstance? A power like hers is fairly unique even in this setting, where people normally are strong and fast just because they're strong and fast, not because they're altering the flow of time.
File: Rhinodile.jpg (136 KB, 768x768)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

With a lot of food for thought, Kaede heads home
That was a quiet day. A bit of training, sorting almost all of her backlog out, some rest.

Kaede walks across the corner of the street.

Suck your father, Murphy, we'll see if your law help in that case.

Threat level : difficult to assert.
Raw power is akin to Demon. But the thing is damn stupid.
>Tough skin
Leather and scale merged together to create an armor that blades and bullet will struggle to overcome
This appendage can pierce, then bite. A fail physical test means the beast will hold you in its mouth, effectively grappling you.
Hey, I put a Tank in my tank so it can tank while Tanking. Limited to 1dice, DC50 higher if wounded by Spoiler

Mechanics : the dredge thing rolls 3d100 + 10 for physical rolls. Slashing and piercing need to overcome an additional DC of +30 to hurt.
Clarification : let's assume Kaede rolls 75 with mods.
>Rhino rolls 70, 70+10 >75, Kaede suffers one wound and is grappled
>Rhino rolls 60 : 70<75<100 : Kaede is not grappled but fails to hurt the monster
>Rhino rolls 33 : Rhino suffers one wound.
Do you want someone else to roll for this?

You have been quite for some time? Not finding the time/muse to write anything?
I mostly wanted to leave room for you guys to do your stuff while giving an opportunity to cross path again. I didn't mentionned beeper or message-writing on purpose - Kaede might not be the first one to notice the thing, and beeper could have been unheard
Ah alright... mostly waiting for Kai...

But Yama is likely busy at the time. He wants to give Kaede space.

but maybe someone else will show up
File: Light_Combat_Drones.jpg (37 KB, 640x480)
37 KB

A Drone was hovering Nearby. Its near sentient Datastructure hummed to itself, checking and rechecking the internal graviton compensator to avoid being torn apart by its own mode of transportation. The Rhinodile had been noticed but ignored aside from being logged. What caught its lenses more however was the young woman on a collision course with the monstrous creature.

The Facial recognition software in its server picked her out and managed to put a name to it. A larger conciousness pushed the rudimentary Drones program aside.

"That is Kinetic Kaleidoscope.... She was one of those you fought against.... Right Hasema?" Toma asked her other self in the car three blocks over. They had settled down for now in some backalleys while hacking into Security protocols and public surveillance. They had stumbled across other backdoors and entrance points that led to places they did not dare explore more with the Data Demons that were haunting those dark places, protecting them from intruders.

"Shut your trap A. She will lead me Yawann-320. And if i have to beat it out of her. Fighting with her will allow me to gather more data before killing her. Keep on the Surveillance." the Cyborg Killer growled back over her Commlink. The heavy Frame jumped out of the car and got moving, climbing the building with ease.
File: Togawa_Close_Combat_Model.jpg (342 KB, 1920x2715)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

Kaede would notice the half Dozen Drones slightly before the Monster's heavy stomping and civilian screams reached her ears. They seemed to be a mixture of surveillance and Attack models. They had underslung rapidfire twin guns with large lenses in their center. They seemed very advanced making her teeth itch instead of producing sound while gliding around. They seemed to project an anti Grav field around themselves from their emitters and were quite agile.

They might be some kind of new invention from one of her stalkers. Or the property of the massive Cyborg that just took a leap from a nearby building. It looked ready to fight and stood almost three times Kaedes own Size. Electricity flowed over its claws. But instead of attacking her it instead pointed to behind here, where the equally massive form of a Monster barreled around the corner.

Two Drones swiveled to film the monster while another two took to following the Machine in a respectful distance. And the last two were following her. Maybe a good opportunity for her to make a good impression.

Kai Anon. just waiting for your input to continue writing Yamas Day.
Sorry, I've been busy and distracted these past couple days. I also took a covid booster shot so I'm feeling a bit sick. I'm writing something right now, I'll try to finish it today.
I'm also having some trouble remembering all the plot threads that I have and how much time has passed, so I'm going to write everything I can think of here to make sure. I have Master Min coming to pick up Byakko, the Veggie Man podcast, the R-net invitation, new students from getting a popularity upgrade and Kaede's livestream, legally sorting out the dojo, Kai making the basics of his own style, maybe some complaining about the training regimen or the state fo the park. There's also the looming beast army invasion that was hinted before, and Yono acting as a distraction for Yama. I thought that maybe some old friend and enemies that Kai made could appear to challenge him, and maybe a tournament arc in the future.
no worries mate. making sure you stay healthy is important.

also Yono acting as a distraction to Yama? color me intrigued.
The Yono thing was the hospital sneaking mission. I don't know if you want me to write the her part of the plan or just handle it all since I already had mentioned what she was going to do.
Rolled 2, 8, 8, 81, 12, 17, 35 = 163 (7d100)

Rollin' Physical against the beast

Kaede :
>Battle suit - I'm counting the mobility and the blade, resulting in +10
>Potential - + 5
>On the Hunt - +10
>Get More Power - +15
Totalling +40 She's giving her all, and she'll need it

Last 4 dice are rhinodile
Rolled 27, 80 = 107 (2d100)

Rollin' withstand, at +5 from the suit...
Rolled 78, 18, 28, 66 = 190 (4d100)

ah alright. i was blanking on that one. I had it written down in my notes.

I will likely roll the entire thing on my desk and put it into writing. until something goes inevitably wrong.


>Demon +20
>On the Hunt +5
>Data Found +5
>Drone Uplink +10
>Energy Core +10

deals Electric and piercing Damage
Rolled 76, 59, 1 = 136 (3d100)

Kaede brace, get her weapon out, facing the wretched thing. Kaede bolt, attempting to circumvent it for a good old stab
>81 vs 8, 8, 2 :
Waitwaitwaitwaitwait that thing have no right to be that nimble and fast!
>Base bonus of Rhinodile updated to +25 instead of +10 thanks to RNJesus
The thing crunch.
>Withstand success
The cyborg-girl armor part hold. Really good thing Kaede suited up this morning. Still, she's in hold.
Try to keep a mover down, bastard!
>Rollin' for power to flash away. Good success will inflict wound
If you're hitting at rhinodile, you'll have to roll for the monster - 4 dices. Also, Electric and piercing are really ill-suited against the beast
Rolled 21, 92, 60, 62 = 235 (4d100)


the Electric will later turn into a disruption field when it comes to her using the Monofilament Wire to slice through Armor and get into weakspots.
I’m starting to feel like everyone’s out to get Kaede lately…
Dan chooses to ignore the two. He warps to an house at an unspecified location near the border of K-City to wait for the night to pass and everyone to wake up.
Pretty sure kaede is out to get Kaede at this moment. I was just grtting her some backup since Yama is not Available right now
Rolled 64, 81, 100, 93, 42, 13, 62, 79 = 534 (8d100)


138 vs 117 +30 defence vs piercing damage

The massive armored Killing Machine met the charging beast head on. With its jaws occupied the creature, Hasema slid just across its frontside, slashing at the beasts eyes though the tough skin acted like elastic armor.

It bend and some slight nicks were all the damage left when the Cyborg had cleared the particularly dangerous part where she could have been Skewered.

Some light Gunfire peppered the Rhinodile but was of little use with its thick hide in the way.
_"Switch your combat mode. something more flexible might pierce its hide at a Weakpoint."_ Toma interjected through the data link. And while Hasema sneered at her interruption she did take the advice.

"Don't get yourself killed Kaleidoscope or get sliced apart. I will destroy this thing." she growled.

Extending long gossamer thin and shimmering threads from each finger. With a slight discharge the threads turned into crackling pikes giving off the distinctive smell of Oxygen being separated.

+60 bonus
>Disruptor Whips: negating the defensive boost against pierce attacks, designed with Yamas Monsterform in Mind.

160 CRIT vs 104
After the weapon had been activated Hasema lunged forward with unbelievable speed. The Wires seemed to lose cohesion when they impacted the Beasts flank. A quick tap of her feet catapulted the Cyborg Killer over the Monster. The Wires snuck across the tough rubbery hide, catching in crevice's and skinfolds.

The Rhinodile roared and tried to Bodycheck Hasema into the Wall. But the Cyborg was braced. Metal screeched while ripping up the Sidewalk before the momentum was exhausted and the Thing itself was lifted into the air.

"Now..... SCREAM FOR ME!" the Cyborg screeched through its loudspeakers and into the Datanet, activating the disruptive field along its weapons.

Toughened skin was reduced to atoms in an instant as the field tore apart the molecules in fractions of seconds. That the wires went rigid only added to the damage as they tore through more tissues where they had buried themselves in joints and deeper tissues.

The monsters mobility was severely crippled by this even if its could start to regenerate the Damage already dealt. But the Blades had not been its only problem as Hasema buried its claws in the thick blubber and lifted it over their head. Servos screamed in protest as they were pushed to their tolerances, before the Monster was thrown through an abandoned storefront.

And meanwhile the almost insane Cackle of the Cyborg bubbled through its loudspeakers, as it reveled in the carnage wrought.

>Dealt one damage and reduced the beast bonus to speed.

your turn Kaede
Rolled 65, 48, 87 = 200 (3d100)


>Battle suit - I'm counting the mobility and the blade, resulting in +10
>Potential - + 5
>On the Hunt - +10
>Get More Power - +15
>Teamwork +10
>Fightin' spirit - one stack : +5
Rolled 29, 72, 21, 19 = 141 (4d100)

and of course the monster
Rolled 9 (1d100)

Which have also a chance of regen DC 50
Kaede runs, dashes, slide on the ground. Capitalizing on the action of the cyborg, Kaede goes under the monster.
Its belly is attempting to regrowing. Kaede slices what seems to be the source of regeneration - that is surprisingly effective.
>Monster failed to regenerate
>Monster suffered one wound (3/5)

Still, Kaede see the flesh starting to mending again.
Rolled 73, 38, 8, 34, 62, 27, 64, 28 = 334 (8d100)

Rolling for Hasema against the monster. Lets see if can keep this up or will become scrap metal.

Same bonuses as before
133 vs 104

The Cyborg did not relent. Turning off the disruption field, to preserve the Longevity of the filament. When the Monster burst from the destroyed storefront it was already being anticipated.

Combat Data streamed over Hasemas mind, giving her the optimal solution to redirect the monster. Kaede was still at the edge of her Awareness when the Cyborg made a grab for the monsters horn. The sharp claws bit into the hardened protrusion and started pulling. While sidestepping Hasema pushed the monster into an ever smaller circle before leveraging the built momentum to flip it onto its side.

There was still the large wound on its stomach cut even wider by the young Hero. "You have HUGE guts....... RIP AND TEAR" the Cyborg roared. A clawed Hand plunged into the monsters innards and started pulling. Blood splattered while painful electro shocks surged into the creatures innards.

Moving backwards for a bit Hasema laughed while holding up part of the monsters guts like some kind of deranged victory belt. But the Monster was not yet done and the Drones kept good watch for her for any sudden movement from the monster.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Rollin' for the monster regen factor...
>Rhinodile suffered one wound (2/5)
>Rhinodile recovered one wound (3/5)
so it recovers per attack or per turn?
Per turn in theory

i hope its okay to bring these two in here right now.

Kai's evening work was barely enough to clean up the main path leading to the dojo and the garden. He probably would have to change training to clean up duty again, the areas that he had reclaimed an were planning on using were now overgrown. Even the trail that he used for the jogs were a mess! Could the spiders have atleast tried terraforming after invading, and not before?

The martial artist went to sleep completely exhausted, so much so that he missed waking up at the crack of dawn as always, sleeping in for the first time in quite a while. He rushed out to complete the morning chores, deciding to skip his training for now, he could try to sneak it in while teaching when the students arrive. He focused on tending to the garden first, which thankfully was the part that was spared the most from the attacks, due to his and his student's daily care and Byakko's pen being right next to it.

"You sure this is the place? It and the park looks quite rundown..." He heard a voice come from inside the dojo.

"I trust my research, this should be Koach Kai's place." A nasaly one said

"If there's anyone that would be brave enough to study here it would Kinetic Kaleidoscope!" A confident voice piped up

"Don't worry, if anything bad happens I'll protect you." A male voice added

"We can protect ourselves very well, white knight." Answered an angry one

"I think I saw the white tiger from that cute photo near the back." Said a softer one

"The dojo looked better a couple of day's ago." Said Kai, coming into the room to see a group of varying ages, but mostly women "There were some mutant animals with the power of making vegetation grow, but we dealt with them."

"A monster attack?!" The youngest girl exclaimed

"Well, this is The Edge, and we've been having quite a few animals monster lately" Said the girl with glasses

"He is a hero, and Kaede trains here, I bet it's the safest place in the neighborhood!" Added the energetic girl, that was wearing a school sport uniform and carrying a bag

"That doesn't explain why the place itself looks like this though. This is not what I expected from something called a dojo." The one that was wearing makeup commented

"I only recently turned it into a proper school, so I've been slowly expanding and changing things as needed. Your little group is larger as my current class." Answered Kai, feeling pressured, since he was worried about potential students coming to check at inopportune times."

"So are you able to take us in, or are we too many at once?" Asked the boy

"I'll teach everyone that is willing to learn! Much of the training is done outside anyway. In fact, the overgrown state of the park is great opportune to start teaching from the basics!"
"Wait, do you mean you want us to clean it up for you? That's not teaching, that's slavery!" Shouted a girl that look like a punk

"I think I saw this in a movie once, the master makes the student do chores, but it's actually training!" The genki girl exclaimed

"Is that true?" The younger one asked

"Yes! If the park wasn't overgrown, I would have had you help tend to the kitchen garden, or just rake sand." The martial artist replied

"Isn't pounding sand meant to be something meaningless?" Asked the bookish girl

"No, you get to pound sand, leaves and rocks later, for now it would be to just to rake it. But yes, it is menial work meant to be a pointless effort. It teaches patience and humility, on top of just being a physical exercise."

"Teachers are all the same, talking about modesty..." The more uppity one comented

"Well, in that case we are in!" Replied the lone male

"Who gave you the permission to answer for us, huh?" Immediatly added the angry one "But I agree, can't judge without seeing afterall."

The young girl really wanted to pet the white tiger, but Kai warned her that it was not a good idea, since he somewhat skittishabout it, and not really his pet to order around. While she was disappointed, the others convinced her to not try it. The more glasses girl suggested to Kai to create a website for the dojo, since most of the posters he put up were taken down, and she had to track the location by researching old posts in social media. She volunteered to do it when Kai admitted he didn't have a computer or access to internet, or even a tv. Although he wasn't tech illiterate, it was still shocking to her.

With the students work, things went very far. Soon Yono and her gang arrived and were introduced to the new prospective students. The trio tried to hit on the girls, but all got slaps for their efforts, even from their boss with order to stop being creeps. While she wanted to have a fight with everyone, she knew that they were far from ready for a spar, so she pushed it off. And she got well with them, except with the beauty obsessed one, although there was a surprising lack of jabs traded between them. Kenichi on the other hand was much more polite, and treated very well due to appearing on the stream fighting side-by-side with Kaede

The new students focused on lighter work, clearing vegetation, while the older ones used some of the materials to fix battle damage, and even repairs that were not done before. Yono took a leadership position in that effort, seemly have some knowledge about construction practices.

Yama eventually appeared, and helped fix things up as well, joining the older students on the heavy duty, although mainly doing things by himself.

Seems that some of the quieter ones had decided that martial arts was not their thing, but all of the six livelier ones decided to stay. Soon Kai would have to start actually separating classes and teaching in batches, instead of doing it all together or giving personal attention.

And speaking of personal attention, he should probably start working towards those ideas he had about a style of his own. It worked well enough against the snakes, but in the end he did end up relying more on his sheer strength and endurance then a set of techniques. Perhaps he should start with a name?

He would like to work with the recipe for that pill he found, but by what he could find, some of the ingredients were very rare of expensive. Getting them would take some time, resources, and learning how to make the actual thing.

I hope late is better then never.
Rolled 42, 24, 72, 91 = 229 (4d100)

all good man. we were not running away from you ;)

"Look Kai I think i might go out into the wood and get some more floorboards. The Material you still had here was a bit.... insufficient, so if you hear some trees fall its not a monster attack. Just me being... well me." Yama told the Martial Artist before adding that he would try not to burn down anything else.

He offered his compliments to those that had stayed to train before turning to walk into the forest. Taking a couple of minutes to make sure that no one was following him before transforming and getting to cutting down trees in a manner that the place might later be used as an obstacle course.

By splitting the trees open and stripping the bark he could create some floorboards with his cloak but drying the wood enough before cutting it into more suitable pieces would provide a challenge.

>Rolling Willpower to hold back with the Fire DC 50/ 75
>Rolling for Power DC determined by success of first roll. 100/75/50
While he did not want to hold back there was still enough control for him to only burn roughly half his stock before the wood was dried well enough for Transport and further processing.

It was likely pretty late when Yama returned to the Dojo to offload the first half Treetrunk and over the next hour he brought two more full trees. "Alright. that should help for the future. Maybe we will need to get some oil." he stated while wiping the sweat off his brow.

His clothing was still immaculate when he met up with Kai after the students had gone home. "Oh yeah. The HA put me on... extended probation with weekly performance reviews.... You got any tips because i am pretty sure i scared the hell out of my probation officer yesterday." he told Kai clearly hoping that the Martial artist might have some advice for him.

His pager lay forgotten in the depths of his pockets when something about a Street Brawl in the Main City came through asking for some Hero Backup since it had been confirmed there was a Monster on the Prowl.
Rolled 32, 84, 68, 37, 79, 60, 52 = 412 (7d100)

Solid update, KaiAnon

>Kaede vs Monster
>139 vs 104 to overcome/119 to wound : success
Kaede keeps dancing in the devastated street. Even though it's the first time she ever see that cyborg, the young heroin capitalize perfectly on the opening created by her temporary partner.
Maybe it's because the fighting style reminds her of Yamakuza's?
Another stab tears away a chunk of meat half her weight.
>Rhinodile suffered one wound (2/5)
That dagger is amazing. The cutting power is even enhanced by the speed increase of Auras and the bursts coming from the new boots - Kaede really love those pumped-up kicks - is making all the difference.
Also, she's fighting for quite a while now, and haven't been wounded. Keeping flash as a defensive option is a more viable tactic than offensive use - something to keep in mind for the future.

>Your turn, DroneAnon!
Rolled 28, 19, 57, 99, 66, 73, 5, 91 = 438 (8d100)

if my connection in the middle of Nowhere works. Gladly.

Same Bonuses like last time
CRIT 159 vs 131 to wound

Kaedes little Maneuver had been observed and catalogued by Hasema, who filed it away for later review. The Auras, that could be observed were an especially juicy tidbit that the Doctor would love to own in his collection.

"For a second i thought you were scared Kaleidoscope. But looks like you got some bite in you after--- OH NO YOU DONT!" the Cborg laughed while the Beast on the ground was trying to get up.

With a swift kick to its cranium the Cyborg stunned Rhinodile while blood gushed forth from her amored, taloned toes impact.

The Cyborg was obviously enjoying itself as it could see how the Biology of the Creature tried to pull itself back together while still trying to regain its sense of balance and composure. In essence Hasema was giving off serious Monstrr vibes herself right now while Drones caught every second of fighting.
Rolled 10 (1d100)

>Rhinodile trying to keep up
If this regen roll DC50 fails, it choose to die
The walking aberration have been slayed.
"Thank you for your help. Now, I'll notice the association, and take my leave.".
Kaede extand her right arm for a full hearted handshake.

How does the cyborg reacts?

>Shake the heroin hand, then silently trail her
>Leave her be... for now. Enough data have been gathered.
>A knock on the head. Priority changed. The doctor will need her.
Hatred was Hasemas immediate reaction as Kaede closed in for a handshake. _"A what are you doing?"_ she growled into the datanet at the speed of thought.

Toma just told her that trailing her would get more data on jer abilities and schedule. They also already had a priority target that should not be kept waiting. She was just a distraction to their main goal.
_"You are soft. Refering to this subject as her you pathetic creature. All your good for is reconaisence"_ Hasema growled again.

After what appeared to be only a moment of hesitation her massive armored hand reached for Kaedes own. It almost gently envrloped half her arm and there was a tiny prick during the handshake. Several Nanotrackers were injected directly into her bloodstream, allowing for covert trailing.

"Be careful out there Kaleidoscope. Dying would be wasteful." It warned her and seemed to take some samples from the fallen monster before also leaving the scene to quickly disappear
Rolled 86, 8 = 94 (2d100)

Just checkin' if "fastened healing" purges nanobots...
_"Signal Terminated Hasema... lokks line she might be onto us"_ Toma informed her companion whos dataform seemed livid.

_"Send the drones after it you useless pile of junk. Do i have to do all the thinking. We are not letting that Subject grt just away"_ she order causing Tomas Dataspirit to darken with contempt
Rolled 96, 40 = 136 (2d100)

>rolling for Drone Stealth. Since they are optimized for surveillance they get a +20 to Stealth rolls and with Hasema's knowledge of where Kaede lives they can trail her from a fair distance.

_"Return for maintenance. we will start moving soon for optimal surveillance coverage."_ Toma growled into the Datasphere. Then the two drones detached from following the Close Combat Cyborg. Those two instead started hovering after Kaede, using their knowledge of where she lived from Hasemas Databanks to stay far away from the young Heroine.

When Hasema returned the back door of Tomas Car slid open to allow the entrance. But even with its impressive size it was not easy for the Cyborg to enter quickly. She started folding parts of herself into her body to nestle in there. By the time she started her maintenance routines a couple more barbed insults had been spat at the other Cyborg in the car.

Toma carefully kept her emotions in check when she was being insulted. Exploding now would only compromise their mission and invite further punishment. Instead she divided her consciousness into different parts. Two parts kept watch over the different Video feeds she was being fed. She was very sure that Yawann would no longer be so careless to walk into full view of a Camera in the city, but it would pay dividends to be thorough. And the third part kept an eye on the road.

She reacted quickly when a police car pulled up next to her and gestured for her to pull over.

"What seems to be the Problem Officer Okumura?" she asked when the Detective exited his car.

"You are aware that toting such large Ordinance and an unregistered Cyborg within City Limits is six felony's in one right." the officer confronted her, his hand at an EM Emitter to scramble her if she tried anything. It was pathetic but quickly skimming his personell file revealed everything she needed to know. Behind her Hasema was surfacing from her cycle and would likely not be nice enough to humor the man. Instead she would likely just butcher him.

"But everything is in Order Officer. Here are my permission slips and you have strict orders from Chief Kono to not interfere in our business. Also those things are about three decades too early to scramble this cyberware. Consider this a friendly reminder to know your place until someone actually breaks the law." she told him, closing the window before putting the pedal to the metal and speeding off into the city.

Hasema had calmed down again seeing that they were moving again and Toma could go back to her own thoughts observing Kaede and her interaction with other people.
Rolled 6 (1d100)

>Rollin' for Kaede Observation.
Despite the +20, I'll consider a crit a success. It won't happen
i should have clarified. its two drones since the two rolls. they are individually not that great at sneaking around outside of camouflage if Toma does not put considerable processing power into them. like right now each of those drones has 1/18 of her focus on them and are mostly self reliant. She just monitors the feed not assuming direct control.
"Come on, Kaede... There is that last thing you need to do before heading home."
Kaede is extremely conscious of her immediate environment. In particular, she's watching carefully so no one see her walk in that specific shop. The monster gore on her? The shopkeeper won't mind, knowing him.
The shameful purchase secured in her bag, she leave the shop similarly self conscious, failing to noticing airborn cameras.
Finally, Kaede walks home, pet her kitten, and go for a necessary shower before indulging in her guilty pleasure

When are you available for the Roger part?
so Kaede got Ice Cream?

Cameras kept a good watch on Kaede though did not follow her inside, only making sure that she was staying at home as to not risk being discovered. Having seen her interact with people in a positive way had caused Tomas reactor to throb a bit. Some subroutines that were abnormal had coursed through her body, creating a longing feeling she did not think she could ever have.

"-- Hey Schrottkiste! Listen you Dummkopf have you found Yawann-320? What else could you get distracted by?!" the other Cyborg in the car shouted, startling Toma.

She stumbled over her words while the other Cyborg glowered at her from the backseat. "Nutzloses Stück Dreck. I will do this data gathering myself. Go make yourself useful and use your own eyes as well." Hasema announced. She practically leapt out of the vehicle and moved towards the closest public access terminals. Sinking her talons into the console she hacked past the weak firewall and delved into the Datanetwork of the city. With a direct connection she could find palces where protected data would be kept that might help her work and so she became aware of the public Persona of Yama, Ramen Yakuza, the B-Class Hero.

Toma drove off in a huff, leaving Hasema to rampage if she were to be ticked off by some idiots. Driving around at random she eventually found herself on Lavender Street below the Apartment Building. The car had not been quiet until she turned it off. Ordering the two drones back to herself she left her rifle in the car to not appear threatening. With metallic knuckles she knocked at Kaedes door after a couple seconds of hesitation.

There are sound coming from the appartment - sound the like Toma never heard.
She knocks, she hears a rush, the music stops.

Kaede watches through the peephole.
Hey, is that the cyborg that fought the Rhino with her? Did she followed her home? Just when Kaede thought her stalker issues where getting started...
She definitely put herself back on scrutiny with the brawl stunt. Oh god, it will start again. Goodbye, peace, you were a perfect companion for the short time we spent together.

Kaede answers through the still-locked door.
Sometime today, maybe a couple hours, but I thought the timeline Kaede gave him meant it would be a while in-game before they met
The cyborg seemed to be at least of a similar make but was not even close to being as big as the one she had seen earlier this day. The drones however were giving her a familiar feeling, by making her teeth itch. Those were definetly familiar.

"Hello Kinetic Kaleidoscope I apologize for the interruption. I just felt like i should warn you.... its about my sister. The one you fought alongside with not three hours ago" she started. Her hand reached for the cyborgs head. Something seemed to bother her as she half turned and gestured for her drones to leave.

"Your abilities have drawn the eye of someone very powerful..... and... urgh.... they might try to capture you. I.... dont know why i am telling you this... Oh no.... my sister.. she has found his residence.... Please evacuate" she stated, suddenly sounding a bit more fearful. With trembling legs she turned and seemed like she wanted to walk right out of the first floors window.
Didn't expected yama to send character knocking at the door, I wanted to synchronise with you because in my head-timeline, this is 18PM and the meeting with Roger is at 10AM the next day.
well she can just leave and lure her sister away that is a possibility.

she does have much more free will than her sister.
Waitwaitwait she's surpisingly familiar. Once the bulk is cut up in her mind, Kaede can't help but recognize the metal as the one currently mounted on her battle suit. The girl seemed to know Yama at the time, him not. Is amnesia a simulacrum to avoid taking responsibilities?
Kaede picks her pager.
"@Y-A-M-A-K-U-Z-A---Y-O-U-R---G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D---T-H-A-T---Y-O-U---D-O-N-T---R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R---I-S---B-A-C-K---W-I-T-H---H-E-R---T-W-I-N---O-R---S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G---C-O-M-E---S-O-R-T---Y-O-U-R---C-H-I-L-D---S-U-P-P-O-R-T---P-A-Y-M-E-N-T-S" - Kino Kaede
>"L-M-A-O" - Hein
>"N-E-E-D---T-A-C-T-I-C-A-L---S-U-P-P-O-R-T-?" - Bud
@KinoKaede have been muted for 10 minute by Network Admin. Reason : "T-H-I-S---C-H-A-N-N-E-L"
@Hein have been muted for 60 minute by Network Admin. Reason : "I-S---F-O-R---I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T---M-A-T-T-E-R-S"
@Bud have been muted for 60 minute by Network Admin. Reason : "O-N-L-Y"
File: Tomas_Monster_Form.png (2.79 MB, 2268x4032)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Opening the window, the Cyborg leapt outside quickly. The drones following her catching a picture of her Pager and the messages she had fired off. One of them stayed at her side while the overpowered motor of the large car roaring. There was the scraping of metal on metal for about half a minute and if she looked outside she could see a much larger frame slowly standing up. It was about four meters tall and heavily armed, with the Plasma Cannon cradled in its arms.

"I mean it. Dont be seen. She is not someone to let prey slip by. You saw what she did to that monster this afternoon." the drone chirped at Kaede

He Pager went off shortly after.


@RamenYakuza has been muted for 300 minutes by Network Admin: "T-H-I-S---G-O-E-S---O-N---T-H-E---R-E-P-O-R-T"

if you want to you can have your deal with Roger any time now. With this new information from the pager, Hasema will want to hit the HA next with a Lighting raid on their servers that are likely not in the HA headquarters.
Rolled 59, 88, 76 = 223 (3d100)

"Yeah, yeah, thanks."
Rollin' for Power (Flash) with a 90 DC
Rolled 26, 58 = 84 (2d100)

Kaede can't remember how the drone and the cyborg get inside when she never opened up the door. She could chalk it on a slow descent into madness induced by too many head traumas, but the good thing is both Koach Kai and Yamakuza reported the same thing.
Anyway, flashing the drone away barely failed by one hair. With the growth of her power, Kaede feels she's really close to pull off flashing other things or people - but the difficulty of the task is tremendous.
(Rollin Auras, DC 65)
Rolled 9 (1d100)

Kaede opens the window. Apply her auras to the drone, hoping her differated direction field would be enough to get it off her place and regain her privacy.
"Kinetic Kaleidoscope, I feel disturbances! Your place might be under EMP attack!"
The drone rotated, blinking a panicked red LED. Hey, that gives her one more idea. She picks the laser pointer bought for entertaining Kittykat and point it at the aeroported nuisance.
Rollin' for the kitten.
File: Spoiler Image (297 KB, 850x735)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
the drone was in the hallway in front of her apartment. No need to teleport it out. i was assuming there is a hallway connecting the different apartments. the Drone and Cyborg did not enter her private living areas.

somewhat like this floorplan
Blame it on the time wizard. Playing it for the lolz because it's really on point with one punch man is - a real and serious threat is looming, Kaede just cares about getting her peace back from someone who took greater risks to reach her.

The ungrateful bastard keeps sleeping.
Looks like the drone is staying with her. Kaede close the window, pulls the curtains, sit on her generously padded armchair, feeling the smooth velvet on her skin, her arms resting on the elegant oak wood carved smooth curves. She put the vinyl turntable back on.
The drone keeps whirring.
Yeah, the pleasure is spoiled.
Out of spite, Kaede goes for something she haven't in ages : Homework.
Not school, don't be ridiculous. More like catching up with Hero association official documents.
Watching Kaede the Drone hovered from one side to the other for a couple more seconds before settling down and just silently watching. Outside there is the sound of two extremely heavy pairs footsteps. They got louder before growing more distant and finally falling silent.

Only when they had completely settled down did the drone calm down as well. It sat itself down at the top of her Armchair and finally turned its propulsion off. The only sound it now made was when its lenses refocused on something else. It seemed particularly fascinated by the small displacer cat.
That sounds fine. Are we assuming today in-game is Friday (evening) so the meeting would be Saturday morning? That way Kaede wouldn't have to worry about getting time off school.
The suggested location to meet is a cafe near the HA office; Roger's paying (technically the Association's paying since he has a corporate card that he can use for work-related meals).
Kaede managed to reach the agreed location on time. She still haven't dealt with the drone stuck in a corner of the laundry room, and haven't done her daily power training routine, but she made it.
She gaze around the present persons, scouting for Mr. Maestro...
File: Roger Maestro.png (393 KB, 540x450)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Rolled 27, 24, 4 = 55 (3d100)

A fairly handsome bearded man of average height in a business suit waiting near a check-in area quickly catches sight of the heroine, and walks over to greet her:
> Ah, young Miss Kinoshita! A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Roger Maestro. I've arranged a table for two, you may help yourself to whatever on the menu happens to strike your fancy.
Roger orders some tea and cookies
> Before we get down to business I'd like to ask how you're feeling? I didn't mean to leave you nervous on how you'd be able to settle this issue for half the day yesterday. And are you feeling well in terms of injuries?
[Kaede can respond however she likes]
> I do believe that setting up another appearance on the same influencer's livestream as the one you made your earlier comments on would be ideal, as you'd be amending your statement to roughly the same audience. I'll make sure the record for this case is marked something along the lines of 'fully resolved - no further action required' once you complete that task.
> Now I would advise you to, if at all possible, have a number of other topics to discuss on the stream and let the issue of clarifying your statement come up naturally. This should make it sound more genuine, as I'm sure it is, and the more cynical viewers would be less convincing if they accuse the Association of pressuring you into apologizing. After all, I'm not requiring you to humiliate yourself with a public apology. Blaming your previous injuries for leading you to 'jumble what you meant to say' and clearly declaring that the Hero Association is in your opinion *not* a bigoted organization should be sufficient. You may wish to briefly mention the success that some of the popular heroines such as Miss Tatsumaki from S-class enjoy to hammer the point, then move on to whatever other topic the interviewer wants to discuss.
> Now I did have one other point of interest that I wanted to bring to your attention: I'm a senior researcher in the Hero Association's R&D department as opposed to PR or HR, but as I enjoy a fair amount of freedom in picking up other projects I pulled a few strings and saw to it that your case was assigned to me. Your abilities have struck me as quite fascinating, so I'd like to offer you a chance to access my department's facilities to learn more about what your power is, how it works, and how to further develop it. I have high hopes for your future as a heroine Miss Kinoshita, and I hypothesize that achieving a better understanding of it could have hte added benefit of revolutionizing certain industries.
> I'm not asking you to do this for free of course, you'll receive compensation at overtime rates for each hour you assist us, in addition to a favorable bump in your performance rating. The choice is yours if you're interested in participating.

Roger is rolling to come across as notably charming and friendly (he has the Handsome perk).
Looks like the RNG aspect didn't turn out very favorably. Oh well.
Kaede definitely interpret the whole thing as Old beau trying to hit on her.

Will write tomorrow, it's late
In actuality he was buttering her up hoping that she'd agree to volunteer for his research, but this is a sensible reaction.
File: Yama_serious_business.jpg (66 KB, 736x1089)
66 KB

Thanking Kai for his input Yama excused himself for the evening and promised that he would return in the afternoon of the next day since he had a prior engagement with his probation Officer for an evaluation.

That Evening he met with the Beerknights at the Bearded Bear Beer Saloon and impressed them by drinking them under the table and still being able to walk straight afterwards to get home. He did feel quite a bit of a buzz but assumed that most of it was more the destroyed implants in his head than the Alcohol speaking.

The destruction of the pavement and the distant howling of Sirens went completely over his head when he went to sleep to awaken the next day somewhat refreshed. There still had been nightmares but they had been muted for at least several hours from the buzz.

Still he had to get ready for his meeting. Looking himself over in a mirror he found his current getup not really up for the task. Maybe good enough to use out on the streets but the poor woman was already scared enough of him and he wanted to come over as more civilized. Not the half mad Criminal that he appeared to be right now.

Over the Internet he found some examples of what a business suit would look like and over two painstaking hours he managed to change his outer appearance without affecting his face or other bodily features.

>Lilac Street 35, K-City HA-external Evaluation Office

Exavia was already there when Yama arrived, shortly after breakfast time. His suit sat just right and the Esper would have had to do a double take, if she did not read his mind's signature, to confirm it was actually Yama. Without his delinquent outfit he looked somewhat respectable and maybe even friendly when he smiled while in his human form.

>Hopes and Dreams unlocked now that he finally dresses not like a delinquent.

Exavia had a notepad and a Voice recorder sat on the table. The woman was seated on a comfortable looking Armchair. She gestured to the chair across from her where a cup of coffee sat ready for him.

“Take a seat Mister Ramen Yakuza…. This meeting will be recorded for future review. I hope this is alright for you.” The esper informed her interviewee.

Confirming his consent they started going over his past weeks accomplishments, mistakes and triumphs.

About an hour into, or half way through, the review Exavia stopped. “Wait a second…. i sense hostility… rapidly a-” she started and then screamed in fear as the wall of the first story office exploded inwards.
Rolled 40, 58, 19, 53, 51, 49, 5 = 275 (7d100)


Yama had jumped up and tried to shield the smaller woman as she had become more frantic. His body was covered with shrapnel as Hasema tried to get at the target of her hatred right in front of her.

“YAWANN-320!!!! I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!!” the cyborg roared with hatred distorting her voice. The Ninja rose to his feet, shaking off the debris.

“I’ll try to” the woman on the floor replied to the thoughts of the monster protecting her from the other one. She tried scurrying back and get out of the way of the soon rampaging monsters.

>rolling 3d100 for Yama then 4D100 for Hasema
Yamas Bonuses:
+10 from Deadly
+10 from halved Demon
+10 Ninja Tools
+10 Ninja Scrolls

Hasema Bonuses:
+Demon +20
+On the Hunt +5
+Data Found +5
+Drone Uplink +10
+Energy Core +10
Rolled 22, 64, 93, 66, 18, 62, 95, 47, 77, 93 = 637 (10d100)

98 vs 103

Hasemas claws lashed out at Yamas Face. He managed to just barely jerk his head back. But that left him open to have his feet swept out from under him. Hasema laughed manically as she pulled Yama out into the streets and smashed him into the streets.

This was not even close to enough to actually deal any damage. What did cause him a lot of pain was extreme current surging through his body. His flesh seared, crackled and popped at the entrance and exits points before he managed to free himself from the grip.

"Give me a good fight. Without your little friends!" the cyborg growled and Yama just was confused before another challenger entered the Arena. A high powered Shot rang out. The hyper excited Sunplasma scorched a groove of molten stone into the roads before impacting with a violent sizzle.

His entire exterior was blackened and charred, leaving him barely standing in the middle of a crater of tar. He looked more like s skeletal husk made from dark glass.

"A!!!! WAHT DID I TELL YOU!!! THIS IS MY PREY!!! DONT GET INVOLVED!!!" Hasema screeched and gestured for the other cyborg to stop firing.

Exavia was desperate for help. She was certain that if she came out now then she would likely either be killed as well or captured alongside Yama. But that hatred, that had just swung around at the Cyborgs own teammate gave her an idea. Reaching through the shroud, she touched upon the woman's mind.

Half a kilometer away Toma stiffened as she felt something brush against her mind. She could feel the fear of the one making contact, dragging out what she had felt the day that she had run into Dr. Kusigawa. The pure thought how he had exploited her since then made her bile rise and Reactor throb with anger. Protocols tried to punish her but were shoved aside by sheer psychic pressure overloading the bandwidth. Then another feeling was poured into her brain. The feelings of protectiveness that Exavia had scooped out of Yamas brain was instead poured into her.

And Toma wept oily tears when she realized that the braindamaged monster subject held more care and affection for people, he had not met more than a week ago, than she had ever received from her master. Anger that she had held contained, bubbled up through the cracks in her psychie that Exavia had illuminated. The Plasma Driver was redirected with a new target in Mind.

But not only that. The Drones returned to Toma with all haste and any Datafeeds were cut.

_"No Hasema you stupid bitch. I won't"_ she replied over the Datanet, and she could hear a relieved sigh in the back of her mind.

The compliance protocols noticed something was amiss with her psychology and started hatefully biting. But she endured the pain, completely aware that the protocols would ramp up until she either complied or died. But she had found something that might be worth dying for .

>Rolling 3dice for Yamas Zombie factor, 3 dice for Tomas Gunplay, 4 dice for Hasema attacking the Traitor
Rolled 5, 15, 74, 1, 1, 71, 79 = 246 (7d100)

>Zombie DC 50/75/100 against 93

Yamas body was recovering, but not as quickly as one might have guessed. He had been locked into a glassy prison of carbonized flesh and bones but was not dead. Some part of him had survived and absorbing the heat radiation the regeneration started. Thin strips of muscle tissue shattered open the cauterized surface, inviting unspeakable agony.
2/4 HP recovered.

>Toma 125 vs 143
The realisation that they had a traitor amongst their ranks as soon as Toma stopped turning over Data from the data and her transmission, forced a change of priorities. Yawann-230 seemed to be incapacitated for the moment and so the Traitor became the first priority. The first shot went wide against the Close Combat monstrosity.

The second shot of the Plasma cannon had almost caught the charging close combat cyborg. But even cut off from the Datanet and the Drones Hasema was faster and much much stronger than her sister.

When Toma tried to relocated, she found her escape routes be quickly cut off with Monofilament wires that slashed at her exposed servos and gun. Hasema was just too strong for her. Her only close combat option that had any chance to deal with the reinforced chassis that had been designed to tank Yamas highest recorded damage output was a short Heat Dagger that would leave her painfully exposed.

But she didnt get much of a chance as her body was encompassed by Filaments. Only an Emergency evacuation of her human form allowed her to survive at all, but left her even more exposed.

She was scrambling trying to come up with something that would allow her to turn the tide but was only rewarded with more pain that started to incapacitate her.

>roll 3 dice for Yamas Power, rolling 4 for Hasema.

Yamas Bonuses:
+10 from Deadly
+40 from doubled Demon
+10 Ninja Tools
+10 Ninja Scrolls

Hasema Bonuses:
+Demon +20
+On the Hunt +5
+Data Found +5
+Energy Core +10

Without his conscious input his body had reacted. First slowly but then ever faster flesh was generated from thin air, red armored plates covered the tender meat and a hateful howling burst from his still forming maw. Exavia froze where she had taken refuge and quickly fainted from the proximity of the fully unleashed monster. Her last thoughts were of how the ranged Cyborg might have just saved their lives and was slowly dying by her hateful creators hands.
Rolled 55, 99 = 154 (2d100)

134 vs 119, 1, 1

Hasema was grinning like a woman posessed as she enjoyed toying with her counterpart. She had not killed her immediately. Instead kicking and berating her again and again for being completely useless and worthless. She hadn't even noticed that Yama seemed to have recovered from their first strike.

The Monstrous Ninja didnt give her a chance to realize. Almost like a ballistsic missile the Ninja Monster collided with the Cyborg. Her threat sensors had almost allowed her to deflect the incoming blow. If its hadn't been an afterimage. Four Monsters were flashing all around her, confounding her sensors and clouding her mind.

Hasema stumbled as she blindly lashed out in all directions only to never reach her target. She was getting more frustrated and confused by the Millisecond as her reduced bandwidth caused her mind to lag inputs for her body.

This momentary relenting in her assault as she tried to get back on proper footing was all Yama had needed for a vital blow. Hardened bone penetrated a near imperceptible weakpoint in her monstrous carapace and buried itself deep in one of two Hydraulic pumps, needed to move her body. When she tried to rotate to retaliate the Pump exploded sending shrapnel through her entire internal structure.

Her Core went critical as it was punctured. Emergency backup power teleported her backbox away before her body and Yama were engulfed in a all consuming fireball. But this time he had been more prepared for such an attack. His body was blackened by the radiation unleashed but managed to absorb most of it.

Turning to the still living cyborg, that seemed to be in incredible pain on the ground Yama crouched. The cyborgs face looked pleading while wracked with pain. "Please..... safe .... me" she croaked before screaming her pain to the heavens. The only thing Yama could do was be at her side and slowly feed her his own blood to try and stabilize her.

a connection was forming. He could feel how her body was raved by something very familiar to him and tried to help. Bone tools were a crude imitation of what he had used for himself but maybe he could help her.

>Rolling medicine. Monstrous physiology and his blood make this one pretty easy since he just has to get in and pull out a module. DC 15/50/75
Rolled 35 (1d100)

>Crit 99

Pinning the woman down with his Cloak Yama tried to help her. One strong, clawed hand held the head perfectly still as his knife made the first incission.

Prying open Tomas Braincase was easier than he had anticipated. But the mess of wiring and technology was more than just confusing. He prodded some pieces that illicited more pained grunting or groans. The Speakers of Toma had given up on trying to convey her pain, opting for low frequency squealing.

Using his blood to prod at the electronics embedded into Tomas body he identified those that seemed to be doing the greatest harm. Trying to isolate them did not really work, there was already inflammation and in some cases outright rejection that had been kept in check by constant dosage with drugs.

Now everything was thrown out of control by something. Over the next half hour he managed to stabilize Toma to where the pain was no longer mindshatteringly powerful. And then something strange happened. Where he lost connection to his blood, as it turned into Tomas tissues to try and repair the damage it found new structures.

Her body was reacting, synchronizing even while he pulled out Electronics, trying to find the one that was making her go haywire. Eventually he could feel her warm hand on his own. "It's-chrzzzz-. can heal -krztsch-" the Cyborg spoke with a heavily distorted voice.

Respecting her wish he pulled back and witnessed the womans body shift. Metal turned almost liquid as she started repairing herself without even lifting a finger and finally sitting up.

"The little voice was right.... you are compassionate." she murmured and bend forward slightly in a small bow. Standing up Yama gestured for her to take his hand as he turned back into his human form, with fully formed suit immaculate.

From the Sidelines a lone flash blinded both of them. A crowd had gathered after the fighting was over. The Beerknights stood to one side and had apparently kept the crowd from getting too close to the fightscene. But one Reporter with her team had slipped in.

"Here's Jana live for our beloved audience right after this conclusion of the battle. For those that missed it the entire Vod can be found on our channel after the program is over. As you could see here. Ramen Yakuza saved his Girlfriends life after defeating an enemy that had disturbed their meeting with a very important HA Official. What is your comment Miss Imatoya?" the blonde whirlwind of a reporter asked Exavia, after having dragged her out of her hiding place.

Exavia faltered a bit, still recovering from her being unconscious for a while.. Yama took over instead, supported by the somewhat smaller Toma.

"We were lucky that Miss Imatoya noticed the attacker before it could destroy much more of the city or hurt any other people. If anything this victory belongs to her... for her invaluable support during the fight." he stated, hoping the people would buy it up and smiled.
>+10 Hopes and dreams
someone else can write the Chats responses. I am quite bad at those myself.

maybe another +5 or so for Exavia helping would get him to that DC 50 to make any actual impact.
Could you give a quick summary of what the viewers of the stream would know?
Sure. Yama is a somewhat unknown hero. Recently recruited by the HA
Showed up once against that supposed dragon threat. The fighting was very quick at the end there with afterimages that the cameras were struggling to catch. But he did seem to do brain surgery as a massive monster and the patient walked away from that encounter after alot of damage in the fight.

The people saw the last part when Toma turned traitor and dont know she worked for a mad scientist. But it seemed to confirm the rumor that she is the girlfriend of the fresh B-class Hero ramen Yakuza

Exavia is an employee and apperantly pretty important for city security but not a hero directly. She has her name and pic on the websote though Someone might recognize her for the Esper she is and that she recently changed departments into something more involved than simple monitoring duty.
Hope that is alright to work with. pretty tired right now
Also affiliated with the KCity Knights.

Destroyed the Cat-a-clysm with his team together where his "combat form" was unveiled.

The form he used here was similar but different with his red armored plates instead of white being very well distinguishable.

He walked in his scary combat form through the city varrying something implrtant to the HA where Blast dhiwed up not much later to confiscate the thing he had brought in. Or so the rumor goes
Chat response are easy for me.Not procrastinatin in any way on my own update

>OMG how something so ugly date something so cute
- This will leave scars, they'll looksmatch that way
>Any other one think the knights are a really complete theme? They have a Martial Artist, a Ninja Cyborg and a Trad Hero Girl. I can't recall other members, but an Esper would be a nice complement to their group...
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>Hey Janna, could you put a deeper cleavage?
- Kaede is not in the live? Boring
>In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact they are STREAMING RAW-HAND BRAIN SURGERY WITHOUT AGE RESTRICTION MY 7 YEAR OLD IS TRAUMATIZED
-In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact that median viewer attention spawn duration is 5 minutes
>OMG I hope Ramen Yakuza tryhard on operation Sam Dunk in his youth
- Did he just... Fetch some electronic board in the brain of his GF and threw it away?
>Is his GF highly-customisable? Like Anger-- or Horny++?
- Hairs --
>Boobs ++
-Boobs ++
>Boobs ++
-Boobs ++
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>Boobs ++
-Can I apply as Boobs enlarger for highly customisable GF?
>Boobs ++
-Boobs ++
>I think this is called "Getting a MD"
-In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact that Nothing is happening in my life and the world is boring plz just kill me
>Cyborg fights right under my staircase, with drones and monowire, situation settled for 10 minutes, Chattard complains and Chatturbators sully everything. Never change, In Media Res.

Jana kept up her public image chattering happily away while trying to pry out more Information from the Hero, his supposed handler and potential new recruit for the K-City Knights.

"So what is your relationship with Ramen Yakuaz Miss Imatoya?" Jana asked and the Esper gave her the answer that she was his handler due to special circumstances after the Incident the other day. She refused to go into more detail, citing several NDA's that she had to singe though the Association would likely make an official statement.

"There you have it folks. The K-City Knights might be on the way to the absolute top when they are already receiving such special considerations after being active for less than one week and being made up of only low level heroes. We will be in the thick of the action for you and follow their rises and falls!" she called out with obvious glee in her voice. Giving their viewers a cheeky smile and wink combination, combined with a bit of cleavage she had turned around for just a couple of seconds before noticing that the Heroes and employee had vanished into thin air.

"I am sorry that i could not drive you home right now.... but my car was destroyed in the fight." Toma said, bashfully. Her Bionics looked a bit more human like and felt even warm to the touch as Exavia noticed. But the heat in the Cyborgs cheeks was not just the excitement for her new lease on life but she had also read the chat while the other two were being interviewed. Exavia could only just stop herself from vomiting. Those people on the Internet truly were sick bastards.

The two Women were holding onto Yama who had used the momentary distraction by the reporter to escape into the streets and only after clearing several blocks did he set them down.

"Alright thank you for that Yama. We will have to repeat our interview later on..... my notes were destroyed. Good God do i hate having to fill in paperwork." Exavia exclaimed and was surprised when Toma offered to give her the backups of that recorder. Eyes narrowing to slits the Esper could clearly see the answer of how she had gotten those recordings. Shaking her head and muttering that she would have to delete her browser History cause a small chuckle to come from the Cyborg. Exavia took her leave then by ordering a Taxi for herself and telling Yama that Toma was now his responsibility if he did not want her killed for being a Monster herself.

"So..... i think i know someone that might give you a place to stay for now.... Can you still be tracked?" he offered and she confirmed in the negative that the Tracker was in the part of her brain that he had removed. But some extra Tech would be good to have since she would have to make repairs, which would be impossible without enough raw Material.

no procrastination right?
File: Tomas_Apartment.jpg (181 KB, 1600x867)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

Their movements through the city were quick when Yama decided to carry Toma. Mostly so they would not be spotted by any cameras that were on the lookout for them. he set her down before offering her to come inside and maybe grab something to eat. He made some tea and cheap Instant Ramen, that he had found stashed away in the Apartment.

Morotoki was very much excited meeting the new person and quickly placed himself into Tomas lap to demand scritches. The Cyborg obliged after some time and seemed to calm down a bit. After a short meal she started breaking apart Yamas old Computer for parts and used his surgery tools to start her own repairs, though she did note that her body was slowly stitching itself back together with even the metal mending.

When they returned to Lavender Street Yama knocked at Kaedes door checking if the young woman was home to ask her directly if Toma could live there. He already had an Apartment in mind for the Cyborg where she might very well have everything she would need.
File: Jawad.jpg (104 KB, 958x708)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Rolled 9, 26, 80 = 115 (3d100)


His the guy hitting on her? He's old enough to be her father! Men are all the same in the end.
But is he? Or just being genuinely nice and interested in helping her? Koach Kai and Yamakuza are suprisingly okay, and Mr Kinton was of great help earlier - maybe he was the one smoothing up things behind the scene?
In the end, Kaede can't afford to offend her HR contact. Even though the "favorable bump in your performance rating" was accentuated with a wicked grin and a suggestive wink, Kaede is in no spot to outright reject such proposition.
And the string pulling to ensure he got the file... Kaede really hope she haven't found one more stalker.
"That's a very generous proposition. I'll keep that in mind and will formally answer in a few days, if that's okay? I'll try to take action regarding comments in the meantime... Oh, excuse me, my phone is ringing... Hello... Yeah? ... yeah... I'm really sorry Mr Maestro, duty calls..."

That bluetooth button triggering phone rings is really a key purchase to get out seamlessly of tense situations. Kaede wonders if it can be adapted to the Hero Association Beeper for an even greater dramatic effect.

Walking home, she find Yama knocking, alongside with his ex girlfriend.
"This side.
>- Ah, Kaede. Was wondering if you were home...
- Was not. So, you found your girlfriend? Figured out the child support?"
Both cyborgs blush hard. Cyborgs blush?
> " Child... Support?
> - It's not what you mean, Toma, Kaede is pulling your leg!
> - No, she's not? Her hands are in her pocket?
> - Ahem... Anyway... I wondered if we could install her in the building...
- You're getting her this far, and not asking her for leaving with you? What kind of wet noodle are you?"
Both blush and waddle again. This is too easy.
>"That would be... abusing of authority status, according to one of the book you made me read.
>- And I... would feel... I don't now...
- so, you want the downstair one? OK for me, but you'll have to provide something to this home. Yama is already dealing with the cores, so I expect either rent or a similar service. I don't want my building to turn into deadbeat anonymous gathering."

>Write-in what Toma will do for Kaede for the flat.

Once that is sorted, Kaede goes for her daily flash training...

Picrel is a french meme about Jawad, the guy that rent the room to the Bataclan shooter and was really surprised when journalist told him that, he answered he just wanted to help around
>Rolled 5 on both my d10 and my d6

That's quite good progress both in time and range. Slow and steady. Quick maths gives her a 8% total range increase since she started training.
I think I will change that mechanic once I reach the threshold of 20 days of training, am currently at 16 and I feel range improvement is too slow with the current method in relation to the Get More Power perk
Rolled 45 (1d100)


Kaede's attempt to get under their skin made Yama cringe after realizing where she had maneuvered them. One day he would have to find a way to make her less interested in such things. Maybe she would grow out of it. But that Toma could stay there for a while made things easier but he did not know what she was exactly capable of.

"I could.... take care of security. This place is littered with breaches waiting to happen. I cracked your wireless connection password on accident by barely looking at it..... maybe better doors. But i can pay.... had time to transfer some assets before i was locked out of the network." Toma offered to Kaede and would transfer an amount that sounded reasonable to her by comparing local rents.

"Also i will be taking her back... she is the only Drone i have left." she stated as the Drone reactivated its antigrav unit and levitated over to her when Kaede went to enter her Apartment.

The new Apartment was quickly raided by Toma who proceeded to pull apart most of the Electronics within the first hour to secure them against intrusions before settling down and letting the days events sink in.

Yama for his part went out on Patrol, meeting up with other heroes and being on the lookout for crime, be it hidden or not.

>rolling Perception for Crimefighting and Hero Work. DC 50 to make any difference, DC 75 to do a good job.
You really showed that monkey shoplifting was bad, Yama.
eh. mostly just small things. Helping an older woman across the street or getting a Cat out of a tree. nothing impressive there.

he mostly tries to do good wherever he finds it. and he is only so perceptive.

>G-City Kusigawa Research Lab.

The Emergency Teleporter screamed as the small black box arrived, containing Subject 54B's consciousness and what was left of their brainmatter. It was slightly scorched from the overloading reactor but the mind inside was still alive, though barely

Tora-6539 retrieved the Item. That it was here was a bad sign and the tentacles around the creatures maw quivered in fear. Plugging the Cyborgs brain into a specialized station the Squidman was assaulted by the angry german ranting of the Sunject. He quickly muted her but the angry cyborg constantly overwrote his commands on the console while he tried to read out the memories and Datalogs for the Master. It also noticed the redirection of assets of money and cars that were being transferred and put a quick freeze on the compromised accounts

The good Doctor was not far behind the Emergency teleport and his face had a severe case of overly high blood pressure and ranting Karen combined into an expression of pure rage. Wearing an expensive tailored suit in the Kusigawa Groups colors of red and black he had obviously been in some very important meeting that he had just had to cancel

With a flick of his credentials he turned off the Loudspeakers. "I didnt remember installing a Language module in these enforcer Models." he growled while looking over the locks

"Actually Master.... that is their native language" the Tora unit replied automatically without thinking, having studied all the files of the various Agents. They were the last words it ever spoke as the fist of the annoyed Doctor decapitated it with a single punch

The monstrously obsessed man absorbed everything that his Enforcer had managed to record. The Regeneration, that was displayed had been far beyond anything his simulations had shown him. But what really caught his eye and that level of destructive power was also a good chunk beyond the previously recorded maximum.

What interested him most though was the last few readings they had received from Subject 54a. The Cyborg had been severely damaged and was on the verge of being killed by the compliance protocols. But it was brought back by the regenerative powers of Yawann-230. "It can infuse metals...... it can infuse METAL? HOW?!" the Doctor shouted, completely confused

This was beyond what even he had thought possible. That Cyborg had become now almost a fully organic creature based on metallic compounds which could regenerate by itself without any need for maintenance. This would be something he would have to add to his own creatures

The data he received made the loss of one of his most unique specimens almost worth it. Ordering a new Tora unit into the room to clean up and prepare the Cyborg for rebuilding the Doctor left

There were still deals to make with the Hero Regulation Consortium. Maybe those would be more capable of providing those samples he now wanted more than ever. But he doubted that capturing Yawann-230 was feasible now
so is everyone just busy or did this die?
I've been having problems non-stop since monday. Every time I manage to get some time to sit down to catch up or write, I feel too down to finish.
damn dude. I hope things will improve for you. take as much time as you need.

i might do a side adventure for a bit with some other characters then as to not run away from your point in the story.
A bit busy on my side and want to let room for KaiAnon and other anons
>"That's a very generous proposition. I'll keep that in mind and will formally answer in a few days, if that's okay? I'll try to take action regarding comments in the meantime... Oh, excuse me, my phone is ringing... Hello... Yeah? ... yeah... I'm really sorry Mr Maestro, duty calls..."

The girl exited the cafe in a hurry, leaving both her unfinished beverage and her contact in the Hero Association's management behind.

Setting down his teacup, Roger sighed, "The young ones on this planet really can't seem to sit still for more than a few minutes."
File: HRC_Man_in_Black.jpg (443 KB, 1920x2351)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
The Agent of the HRC was a bit nervous. Any meeting with the KGG held the opportunities for many great things. He even had some genetic enhancements from their last cooperation. But there was also the possibility of whoever was sent being turned to chunky salsa if they displeased their host to be returned to HQ alive and still screaming.

That the Monstrosities wearing human skin in the room had not attacked him immediately, when the good Doctor had left without saying much, was probably a good sign.

He wasnt so sure of his survival though when his business partner returned with an insane glint in his eyes. "Demonstration. NOW!"the Doctor commanded and siced one of the abhorrent beasts under his command at the Agent.

The Agent scrambled backwards and narrowly dodged a bone blade, that had grown out of the arm of the security guard. Rolling backwards his hands immediately went for his pistol. But one look at the Bodyarmor and rapidly increasing Volume told him that the little stinger would do little but piss the monster off.

Getting to his feet and creating more distance between themselves and the monster the Agents eyes flickered over to his briefcase. Different Scenarios played before his eyes as he tapped into his ESP to determine a way to success and he picked the one he was most likely to complete.

Ducking at first under a swing his foot lashed out to destabilize the stance of the hulking mass of bone blades and bad attitude. It bought him only fractions of seconds which was barely enough to shift his head out of the way of the next blow. Instead his armored arms were caught.

He was launched several meters towards the wall. Bouncing off of it he used the momentum to catapult through a volley of launched spikes to land to the side and around the destroyed table.

His briefcase opened with a touch. Yanking out a larger gun he barely aimed and fired. A tiny projectile exploded against the brutes chest.

A brief flash blinded him even through his shades but the beast had stopped moving. It was flash frozen and encased in Ice. It would likely survive since it had enough mass and an unnatural biology.

"Would that be to your liking Sir?" the Agent asked the Doctor.

"That might get you in range. i hope you have more skills to extract Data. Capture is out of the question if the Subject unleashes its full power. Chemical weapons should work against the Subjects allies though. Here is your briefing. If you run into any Candy people..... capture those. They hold some minor interest." the doctor replied and the other guard handed over a tablet with all the specifics.

When the Agent exited the KGG Headquarters and got into his car his stoic facade dropped and he was exhausted from using his powers. His colleague offered him a cigarette before driving off. They had a mission again. And a chance at revenge at the Hero that had interrupted their capture of the Enigma Esper.
Are you guys ok?
File: The_Skittler.png (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
I feel like I've inserted too many plot-hooks and minor characters to keep everything up to date. I guess Skittler dodged random heroes and cops while refueling and eventually met up with the nudists (who were surprised to find out that he conveniently survived being killed) to plan a jail-break.
"The passing of Gnomiliscious will be mourned by us all." The monster-scientist said as his minion completed his report.

"I'm sorry master, if I'd known the girl could recover from being knocked unconscious so quickly I never would have-"

"Spare me the excuses." The monster leader cut him off, "You did well enough to return; now let the hate flow through you. It appears your specs weren't tuned as highly as we would have liked, so I'll be making a few modifications before you deploy again."

"Of course." The fighter-candy replied, "I'll make sure to use the power you give me to obliterate those accursed Knights, master!"

"Well I was mainly planning on giving you opposable thumbs so you wouldn't need a driver next time." His boss clarified, "But I could probably augment your attack-power too. Anyway, your next target should be more straightforward."

"How so?"

"You should be able to collect combat data by just walking into his dojo and challenging him to fight you."
busy just like you were. Birth and Weddingdays are plenty this time of year.
Tell me about it. Are you involved in either? Cause I've been enrolled to plan a wedding game activity as I'm known as the one good in board games and escape games, so they want a wedding-sized escape game
just involved in the wedding anniversary of my parents. But my sister and some buddieds had parties over the last few days that i attended after nearly a full week of touring across the country for training.


The Group of Agents that had been briefed by the still profusely sweating Agent Jameson on their new target while he was on the Way to the G-City airport to rejoin them in K-City. Being equipped with Tranquilizers and some very advanced projectile weapons procured from Metal Knights supplier. Since heat based weaponry would be of little use against their primary target nor would they help in gathering samples they were to remain in reserve just in case.

"The Cyber spooks said something about part of K-City surveillance suddenly falling out of our surveillance. What do you think could have done something like that?" Agent Michael asked his four colleagues. The burly agent wasn't the smartest man of the team but he was the best muscle they had in a while. After the last one nearly got himself killed a good chunk of them had to be replaced with newer recruits.

"Stop asking questions. They are gonna tell us if they find out. Till then we assume it will work against us. Sadly that bioweapons confirmed resting place is smack dab in the middle of the red blackout zone." Agent Simon replied. He was the most experienced Field Agent on the Team and had to show them the ropes if they did not want to get defeated again by any bioweapons or ESP user. Though he doubted that their current target would kill them if they fucked up. Though it might just leave them crippled and wishing for death considering that the Subject had been one of those Sadist from the 40th class of the Ninja Village.

Agent Iskariot seemed more than ready to get on this mission. They had been on a Transfer from Section L to Section A and passed through K-City. Under their Orders however they managed to recruit the Ninjas that had been bought from the Ninja Village some years ago.

"It will be delightful to see what that Doctor did to him. I really really want to see him bleed and beg to spare those he has betrayed the village for. You think so too right Quisling?" he responded. The other ninja only nodded and continued sharpening their weapons.

"So you will take up the infiltration of the Red Blackout Zone? Alright we will be looking for any secondary and tertiary targets then across the city. That new Heroine Kinetic Kaleidoscope was also on our list together with any mutated animals... and 'Candy people'..... that sound so stupid and complicated to get any live samples off." Simon cleared with the Ninjas and had to take a moment for a Facepalm when he read what their superiors expected of them.

The Teleporter were to be taken alive and he had been long enough in the busniess to know what that meant. Keeping someone drugged out of their mind was extremely delicate to not kill them while not letting them wake up. And just zonking them over the head like in the movies more often than not killed people with internal injuries. And considering she was apparently friends with that Bioweapon and another B-Class hero meant that they would have to disappear her very very quickly and quietly if they wanted to survive the next 24 hours nevermind the next weeks and months.

The Team split. Agent Simon, Samson, Michael and Thomas made their way to their cars, that they had stored in the garage of their Safehouse used for briefings and mission preparation. Iscariot and Quisling on the other hand were confidently walking out the door before disappearing into an Alleyway and from most cameras. They were now on the hunt for that damnable prey that had killed so many of their fellow students just weeks before their Graduation from the Village.

Bloodlust spilled from them in almost visible waves as they closed in on their targets location. They stopped on a rooftop across from Lavender Street 21-B No cameras had noted their approach and the Drone that had been on a Patrol pattern was easily evaded. What they did find was interesting though.
File: Cars!.jpg (77 KB, 1178x644)
77 KB
A troll had just gotten out of a heavily armored car and approached a small looking human woman. But with how big Trolls were that meant that the white Haired woman was more than likely almost two meters tall and carried herself with unnatural grace. If she had not moved the two Ninjas could have almost sworn she was a statue with how still she had stood. Quisling already produced an old camera with physical film and no electronic components to snap a quick couple of pictures.

"Wait... isn't that that Troll Robertson? I heard he had retired from his days as an Armsdealer somewhere. That might come in handy for this mission." Iscariot murmured. This was certainly no ordinary car then if that was the case and Quisling took some more pictures of the Exchange of a very fat wad of cash for a set of Keys.

The woman seemed to thank the Armsdealer politely before wishing him farewell. The Troll was picked up by another armored car and left as quickly as he had arrived. With mechanical strength the woman in white got into the car and seemed to make some adjustments before parking it in the Buildings Garage. Getting closer they quickly noticed that security had been massively increased. New cameras that looked homemade were covering every angle of approach.

Even the roof was being covered with multiple of them covering each others blind spots. What they could make out from a distance showed them that there had also been new locks installed that also looked a lot like some kind of crazy Guerilla had just taken whatever they could get their hands on and just bolting it to every unsecured opening they could find.

Toma doesnt really need sleep anymore so she worked most of the night and started finishing everything up as soon as Kaede and Yama left for the day.
Rolled 33, 79, 84, 69, 62 = 327 (5d100)

It's a new day, meaning new training routine.
Will Kittykat join today?
>3d100 power, 2d100 Social (charm)
>External rolls of 6,8
Slow and steady progresses. Kaede finally made it under the 12 minutes bar for her power cooldown.
Kittykat watched with greater interest, but still haven't joined yet.

Yesterday have been surprisingly calm, despite the Yama's girlfriend thing. Having a day off felt good - great even, but the girl can't grow complacent.

>Who's available for doing some collab writing?
Done that a lot with Yama lately, I'd love teaming up with the Skittler to kick some ass together before the inevitable betrayal of one of us, either against Kandyman, Beastmaster, Nudist, Men in blacks or Cyborgs
Well Yama is available. But my guess is you want someone else to colab with.

If you need some Men in Black from the Hero Regulation Consortium or maybe the Beastmaster you know i have an eye open.
I can envision two scenarios where the Skittler may reluctantly agree to a team up. One is an encounter with one of the Beastmaster’s monsters when it’s rampaging and attacking civilians at random. Skittler would be irritated that potential patrons were being munched. The other was Skittler and Kaede bump into each other, fight for a couple rounds, then the ninja mercenaries hired by the MIB show up and attack because it would waste their time to wait for their targets to finish fighting each other.
Let's go for the beastmaster one, can you write up the hook?
I can, but not for a few hours
As my posting history shows, I'm in no hurry
File: owlbear.png (322 KB, 458x456)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
"Well crud, that one escaped after all." The Beastmaster grumbled as he examined the wreckage of the cage he prepared for one of his less controllable specimens. Unlike the Rhinodile, which was designed with the intention of outlasting and grinding down tough enemies, this creature focused on agility, strategic timing, and lightning-quick attacks to vital points to diable large numbers of unarmored foes. And it had just escaped into the city, where easy targets would surely present themselves en masse.

"Hopefully I'll be able to retrieve it when it simmers down after eating its fill..." the villainous esper hoped.


"I wonder what all the racket's about this time..." The Skittler said as he swung from rooftop to rooftop largely unnoticed with the help of his new ribbony appendages. Really, he didn't want to remember how much of a pain it was to be stuck with just legs. Deciding to observe the situation from a distance at first, he noticed that monster-sirens were going off before looking down at a grisly specatcle. A large creature with the build of a bear but an owlish head and beak had severed the tendons in the legs of over a dozen civilians and was taking its time eating them alive as they screamed or tried to crawl away far too slowly to actually escape.

"Hmm. This is a grim scene. Also not really my proble-" The plastic monster began to mutter to himself before he recognized one of the injured victims. He was an underemployed man who always accepted the Skittler's offers of free candy because he was could barely pay his rent and didn't want to spend as much on food.

"Tch! One of my most loyal patrons... and I could probably get the others hooked if I bailed them out..." The Skittler reluctantly admitted to himself as propelled himself toward his acquaintance on the street.

"Skittle-bro? What are you doing here?" The man whispered as the plastic monster stood above him. The owlbear also immediately took notice of the new interloper as he landed.

"Doing what I always do." The Skittler said as he dropped a small pile of candies right in front of the man, "Sharing the taste of the rainbow. Those should perk you up enough for you to get away." Squaring off against the anomalous amalgamation of mammal and bird, the Skittler then annouced to it, "But yours will put you into a food-coma."

The owlbear is kind of a dangerous matchup for Skittler because of its speed, intelligence, and sharp claws
File: skittlerman.jpg (1.39 MB, 3840x2160)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Rolled 25, 74, 57, 25, 77, 63, 49 = 370 (7d100)

Well, week-end is over. Kaede rushes toward the origin of the noise.
Devastation. Kaede count 13 wounded - or worst. Two monster are present : a Bear-Owl and the dreaded Skittler.
"You! it's your fault! Since all that time!
- What?
- That's what your end-game is! Filling people with chemical that turns them into monster beast!"
Kaede wonders how far is she herself - between Yama's seed injection and taking Skittler's knob of candy the other day, has she lost her humanity?

"Everything matches! The monster-hybrid appeared around the same time you started roaming the city! And the most loyal you found, you turn them into candy-man like the rape-dwarf of the other day!
- What? You're insane. He's... savin' us!"
The low voice comes from a civilian.
Welp, time to put aside any hard filling and do what she must.

>I'll let you roll for how well you perform before Kaede's arrival.

Kaede got +20% from teamwork and battle-suit.
Rollin' power (3dice) against owlbear (4 dice, no advantage applicable against a Jump attack. Next turn will be a different story)

But maybe Kaede does not know the difference
Maybe I'm going too far with shitty dual meaning attempts
Rolled 63, 2 = 65 (2d100)

To be honest if someone else could handle my stats and bonuses I’d appreciate it, I just can’t keep track of what does what.
Rolled 92, 87, 38, 70 = 287 (4d100)

Well, adding your trait to the character sheet on the common drive would definitely help
Say the one managing is character stats and XP on a local file
I'll roll for the Monster, based on claws and random bullshit i'll say it got +20 on you

92,87,70 vs 63 : Goddamn massacre

The civilian made a compelling point, further validated by the skittler sorry state of ripped plastic shred under the claws of the monster.

>Trait : Pest - One part of it manifest by the inability to wound you too much on one go

"Alright, Skittler. Still got some sugar in you? We'll take him down... Here's the plan, I'll distract him, you shoot your shot"

>Kaede : Success
Kaede punches at the monster that ignored her so far. It gets angry. Good. Kaede flash behind, slashing her blade back, drawing a gash in the whole belly of the monster.
>Owlbear suffered one wound
The thing let a sonor growl, standing on hind legs.

>Here's your chance, Skittler! Flat roll for power, DC 50 thanks to the Kinetic Kaleidoscope distraction!
Rolled 60, 41 = 101 (2d100)

Alas, I am slain
Well not quite
… yet
Do you want to write the follow-up?
If not, what do you want to do with your success?
>Heal the owlbear
>Poison the owlbear
>Sedate the owlbear
>Aphrodisiate the owlbear
Sedate was the plan.
Btw I don’t think Skittler has worked out an aphrodisiac formula, but maybe in the future…
Although if I’m not careful he’ll turn into a straight up hentai villain.
And then Kaede would never leave him alone.
Rolled 43, 38 = 81 (2d100)

"Shame they're wasted on a mindless beast, but here goes!" The Skittler said as he reached two of his more intact ribbons forward to force the owlbear's beak open a little longer. Then the skittles were sent into the creature's maw, which it swallowed whole.

[The owlbear will get a food-coma, but a saving throw is made to see how much it can continue fighting]

Addressing the heroine as an aside, the plastic monster commented, "By the way, don't start thinking we're friends kiddo. Though if you want some Skittles I still have plenty."
The owlbear gets a hefty debuff to its speed. It will probably try to fight one more round but if that doesn't go well for it then it will try to escape.
Rolled 29, 17, 62 = 108 (3d100)

Rollin' Physical (2 dice, enhanced by 1 dice Aura)
The attempt is to kite without wounding and exhaust the owlbear while keeping him on spot, until it collapses.
Kaede benefits from Teamwork and Battle Suit : Reactor boots. (+15)
DC is 80
File: Owlbear.jpg (253 KB, 1000x1365)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Rolled 71, 43 = 114 (2d100)


>"By the way, don't start thinking we're friends kiddo. Though if you want some Skittles I still have plenty.
I still hear all of the Skittler voices with Bill Cipher filter on
- Yeah, hold that thought once danger's gone. Just know that monster are on a spectrum for me, and we're on an alright-I-wont-kill-you-on-sight basis on my side. "

While talking, Kaede is running around the Thing.
>34 : Failure
Distracted by the talk, she fails to notice a sudden burst from the opponent. Kaede applies auras, Red to increase metabolism, Blue to slow the attack.
>77 for 80 : Failure
The monstrous claw falls on the girl.
>Rollin' withstand, DC 75, benefits from +5% battle suit
Kaede raises both arms, grit her teeth, attempt to endure the incoming blow.
Something happens. She felt air quitting her breast, that will leave bruises. Not fractures at least.
The new metal is amazing. The thin cyborg-material shell was the key of not getting eviscerated here and there. But there is something else. She will have to talk with the eggheads about that.

Kooch, the owlbear is fleeing after its failed attack.
>Your turn, Skittler
Rolled 97, 83, 31, 11 = 222 (4d100)

"I could just let it leave, but it may be good PR to act like a 'good guy' just this once..." The Skittler thought to himself as the damage he took earlier started repairing itself [the first two dice]. He then tried to catch one of the owlbear's legs to trip it up with one of his ribbons, then use another to try to papercut the tendons behind its knee [the next two dice].
Rolled 92, 81, 53 = 226 (3d100)

His self-repair ability exceeding his expectations, the Skittler is pretty close to full health again. He isn't able to grab the owlbear on his first go, so he'll try to trip it up by scattering candy under its feet before it gets too far away and try to grab it again.
Conveniently throwing a bunch of Skittles near the injured civilians while he was at it, Skittler managed to make the owlbear slip and then caught one of its legs by the ankle. He then yelled at Kaede, "Yo hero-girl, go do what you get paid for before I get tired of this volunteer gig!"

Kaede probably gets a ton of bonuses if she attacks since the owlbear is debuffed and tripped.
Rolled 25, 99, 61, 30, 41, 70, 46 = 372 (7d100)

Going' for the kill.
>Teamwork, Suit : +15%
>Tripped ennemi : +15
>Sedated ennemi : +10
3 dice for me, 4 for the owlbear
Will write up tomorrow, but I think the 99 Killed him dead.

Can I use the crit to impress the Skittler to answer truthfully to a couple questions?
>What effect can you give the Candy?
>Are they obligatory addictive?
>Supply me a bag of non-addictive senzu and we're leaving in good term.
He wouldn't care much about how well she fights, but he was already planning on sticking around and giving candy to the injured if Kaede didn't immediately try to attack him. His repeat-customer healed enough that he could move his legs again and the bleeding mostly stopped.

>What effect can you give the Candy?
"O-ho, look at who's seeing things my way! Maybe you're not so bad after all. Right now I have 3 types: some healing, a burst of energy that would eventually crash into a food-coma, or an immediate food-coma that you'll be extra refreshed from after you wake up. I can also make them so delicious that you'll start chewing them involuntarily when you taste them, but with those the primary effect is less pronouced."
>Are they obligatory addictive?
"You're going to be wanting more the instant they hit your taste-buds, regardless of the formula. Don't you know that even off-brand crap can be somewhat addictive?"
>Supply me a bag of non-addictive senzu and we're leaving in good term.
"I don't have a bag on me, but I'll pour you as many as you want to carry. It is my reason for living after all."
Haven't heard from Kai in a while, I hope Garou didn't pay his dojo a visit and beat him out of the story.
he did say something about things being tough on their end.

lets just hope that we wont be needing Kai for a while at least. but Kai is likely very busy with the Dojo and all that Legislation he suddenly finds himself embroiled in.
I'm alive. Tired and stressed, but alive.
Things should get better sometimes this week or the next. Hopefully.
File: turtle-web.jpg (744 KB, 1024x1536)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
good to know. so in the meantime stuff can still happen.
File: Spoiler Image (36 KB, 554x554)
36 KB
That image reminds me that I've been planning on getting a monster turtle/tortoise pet. I even collected a few images and a video before things got hectic.
File: Spoiler Image (56 KB, 700x525)
56 KB
And have a few more
File: Spoiler Image (104 KB, 1024x820)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 1500x844)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
sure get a pet.... it should be.... strong. A truly awakened elder beast
File: Spoiler Image (236 KB, 960x540)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
maybe with a Beard?
File: Spoiler Image (118 KB, 910x607)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Last image.
And here's the videos in question:

>maybe with a Beard?
Yes, he definitely has a beard. The idea was that Beatmaster tried to mix all different types of tortoises and turtles into one animal, but it would look like mainly like a galapagos turtle and snapping turtle, but with a beard (somehow) and some moss growing in the back. And although very powerful, it was too lazy to actually fight, so it would just laze around the pond and eat things from the garden.
>awakened elder beast
I was going for the four (or five) chinese constellations symbols for a theme but with the japanese names, so it kind of works?
Genbu the back tortoise would be my turtle, Byakko the white tiger already made his debut as Master Min's pet and eventually Suzaku the vermilion bird, Seiryu the azure dragon and Kirin the golden qilin would also appear. I even tried to foreshadow it with the talk with Kowa and Dowa.
Fuck it, have another image as well.
ah the Constellations. i thought you were going for the four directions from Japanese Mythology.

but those are somewhat close when i think about it.

The turtle is sent out by the Beastmaser because he needs space and just sits down in the middle of some public park and eats some grass while lazing about.
File: Spoiler Image (76 KB, 1024x1024)
76 KB
Forgot to spoiler the image, kek.
Well, the constellations are the directions too. And colors as well. It's something of a staple of chinese mythology. They match the five deities, the five emperors.
Japan and Korea probably got them because of cultural interchange, and likely china was affected by their local traditions as well.
I only did one optional course of Chinese and Japanese culture and history back in college, so I'm far from an expert though.
better than myself. i took a single course of the Chinese language (mandarin) some years ago so i have no idea about history. i only knew of those directions from some youtubers analysis of some of the demons in shin megami tensei 5
Rolled 97, 24, 57 = 178 (3d100)

don't mind me. Just MIB doing what MIB does best. Surveillance
File: Agent_Samson.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB

Agent Samson adjusted his scope again and Simon cursed at him when the feed they were watching turned grainy before coming into focus again. The team had set up about half a kilometer away on a rooftop the moment they managed to locate Kinetic Kaleidsocope on their cameras while she rushed towards the rampaging monster. The battle and its aftermath were being recorded right now. had the fight dragged on longer or the subjects been more evenly matched then they might have considered attacking them.

"Now tell us you two monsters... tell us what you plan to do." Agent Michael grumbled under his breath. The large man was impatient and wanted to just tranq the two targets right then and there. Only Simon had managed to dissuade them from that course since in the city their targets could quickly disappear and responders would be very close by. Instead they would have to lay an ambush.

"We can find out where that Bear came from. It seemed intelligent. Maybe someone made it. I heard something about a lot of mutated animals appearing during the last few weeks." Thomas threw into their discussion. The Hacker of the Team had been hard at work pulling footage from where the monster had arisen. He also kept a look out for when the Hero and Monster were to split. And two other agents would take some samples from the sweets that the Skittler had left behind for people. If they truly were addictive they would have to properly dispose of them for the science Team at Headquarters to analyses.
K-chan... the owlbear isn't gonna kill itself...
Yeah, sorry

>99 : Execution
The beast is wounded, disoriented, slowed. Not less dangerous - a cornered animal is a danger no matter what, and classical military knowledge, according to TV at least, is to leave a way out to avoid ennemies fighting to their bitter end.
The thing coils, pouncing toward the girl in a last ditch attempt. Kaede focus, recalling the teaching of Kai. Keeping calm, relaxed muscles --
"Tension means slowness. You will have to rest the muscle first, then allowing to move again. Release your own brakes, fight relaxed"
The young girl jump.
Her good condition enhanced by Auras, she lift off the height of two stories. Spinning, extending her leg, powering her boots, a mighty kick send the monster skull craking on the concrete.
"That... Will make a nice winter coat..."

>Discussion about candies
"I won't take your secretion in a bowl made by my hands. Let's not meet at the bridge between Cinnamon street and Liquorice street tonight at 8. Earlier, I would have left three bags labelled. I'd like you to gime me samples. I'll pick them off later. Good for you? Now, do your thing with civilian fast - the association is already on its way."
Rolled 79, 11 = 90 (2d100)


I'd say MIB notice talking, and maybe Kaede "looking the other way" regarding Skittler, but won't make the specific details out of the conversation.

Will MiB attack? Or just observe, until Skittler flee and Hero Association comes by?
File: Agent_Simon.jpg (33 KB, 432x522)
33 KB

"Cant quite make out what they are saying.... i think something about a meeting later.... The Monster does not have a mouth to read." Samson reported and gestured for the Cyber Security Agent.

Thomas shook his head. They would at best have minutes if they were to engage now until the Press and the association showed up. The HRC was influential but they couldnt be careless in their engagements.

"Then we will continue observation. Maybe we can find out more about that girls powers and the monsters other abilities. I think there were reports on the Network and some chatter on some forums. Thomas look at what you can find. Michael take over the surveilance. DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS ORDERED!" the experienced Agent Simon commanded their little Taskforce and they started piling back into their inconspicuous car's after both Skittler and Kaede left the Area.

The one Team made up of Simon and Thomas followed Kaede in a suitable distance while Michael and Samson were following the Skittler which proved rather difficult, what with how slippery the Monster was. While Simon wanted to order back the two Ninja both of those had apparently turned of their comms. Likely going dark for some deep cover infiltration using their transformation Jutsus.

Ball is in your parks. DC 75 to notice for Kaede since they are using Tech. DC 50 for Skittler since they have to be much closer and Michael is not particularly stealthy.
File: Agent_Michael.jpg (141 KB, 1024x1747)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: Agent_Thomas.png (362 KB, 512x512)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
and now the two other Agents. so you have a good visual representation who is stalking you.
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Officer Kaitlyn shows up.
Kaede rake that fresh supply of Good Girl Points for the association, before skinning the beast - using a corpse bag requested from the Police Forces to store it.
That was messy. Welp, time to head home.

>Rollin' Observation
Failing to notice the Men In Black, Kaede heads for the shower, before picking up her phone.
>Text message for Kintoki :
"K Kintoki, need you to do me a solid. Take 3 plastic bags. Label them with "Heal", "Burst" and "PowerNap". Let them at 7.45 PM at the bridge between Cinnamon and Liquorice."

No way she's letting the public speculate about her acquaintance with a monster.

I promise you guys it's not meta based on the stalking from MIB

>Will MiB notice the text via Hacking? Or is Toma's network security strong enough to shield our young Heroin?
Rolled 80, 6, 24, 25, 1, 92 = 228 (6d100)

at home there are two odd looking people hanging around smoking and look like they are about ... and a lot of new cameras waiting for her. Her door unlocks automatically for her. Seems like Toma did upgrade Security here by quite a bit.

The hallways are also clean. Immaculately so. As if the upper layer that had all the dirt beat into it had been scraped off.

rolling for Cyber Security. Toma 3 Dice with a + 10 due to her nature of being a very involved cyborg.
HRC Thomas 3 Dice

Security does not hold up. Toma looks up from her work on some replacement parts when she notices the intrusion.

>Someone is watching your phone K-Chan
>Several blocks away. Will try to find them.

the message pops up from an unknown number.

About half a Kilometer away Thomas barely manages to disconnect his Laptop from the Internet. "Shit that was way too close. Those defense protocols are seriously bad news. Almost as bad as our own." Thomas sighed and relayed what he had found to his superior.

"Then its time to set a trap. Whoever that Kintoki I think they will lead us to the meeting point. If they cant contact the Skittler any other way then they will still have to come there." Simon acknowledge and contacted Michael telling them to continue following their Tertiary target.
Rolled 65 (1d100)

>Rollin' Smart(cunning) to see if Kaede have it in her to send'em in a goose chase or just ignore it.
New message to Kintoki.

"Change of plan. Instead, leave bags at the bridge between Magnolia and CherryTree."

New message to Kristoff
"I need a favor. At 7:30, leave a word sayin'
"relocated target dropoff to Magnolia/cherry. You might be followed"

That's probably paranoïa. But changing the actor, messing with location and a third simp for pick up might do the job.

Message to Toma :
>Find them. Beat them up. Lock them in the bicycle garage while watching them until 9PM.

Kaede really starts to feel like a Kingpin. She likes it.
Rolled 27, 13 = 40 (2d100)


The message to Kristoff was read immediately and the Man replied that he would get on that immediately but sends a question why she does not want to ask Yama. That Ninja dude would probably be much better at picking things up without being seen.

Tomas reply is shorter and much less flowery.
>Can Check but went dark. Still battling their viruses. Professionals at work.
>Guns don't do prisoners easily.

But shortly after the roar of a monstrously powerful engine filled the air in front of the Apartment. A new armored Car sped off into the Streets, disregarding most rules of traffic.

rolling to pick up the trail of the Men in Black.
>DC 60
On the Hunt
Energy Core

unless its a critical failure then the car will not be stopped by anything. But there might be some destruction. Of course she hacked the security network and turned off the cameras first before speeding off.

There were a lot of angry drivers and more than one stoplight was disrespected by the time Toma arrived where she had last located the position of the mysterious attackers. But even her advanced sensor Equipment was unable to pick anything up.

>Nothing here. They slipped away. Tire Tracks. Likely very fast driving. probably hacked security net to cover escape. Returning to base after maintenace.

was the Message Kaede received twenty minutes later.

Half the City away the two Agents were still very tense when they pulled into a Drive-In to catch a quick snack before moving out to secure the site of the initial Droppoint. While the target would likely not show up there. Their contemporary partner in Crime might still.

Agent Simon prepared some easy traps from a distance and loaded tranquilizers into his pistol. "Alright lets just wait. Hope you like fat soaked burgers. And leave some for the Boss. He should join us in another two or three hours" he grumbled. to Thomas who was working on his spare computer after deliberately bricking the one Toma almost compromised.
Allright, let's see how stuff play out for the Skittler (and what happen to Kintoki and Kristoff, if they are even spotted)
Rolled 10 (1d100)

After hearing the girl's proposal and scattering enough candy for the civilians to stabilize their wounds, the Skittler replied, "Hmm hmm, right, Cinnamon and Liquorice. An intersection of boring flavors, but I suppose it can't be helped. Two other things before I go: one, I object to your characterization of my goods as 'secretions'. You're trying to make something delicious sound as revolting as possible. Cease this foolishness at once. Two, if you eat only one piece the effect won't be very strong, and the more flavors you mix together the stronger the effect. It's called 'tasting the rainbow', so you have to actually do that if you want to get the full benefit. Eating one of each color would be more effective than eating 25 all of the same color." Turning around dramatically, he concluded as he hopped away, "With that, my work here is done!"

Shortly afterward, the Skittler got the impression that he was being followed.
Meh, it was probably nothing. But it couldn't hurt to start going along the rooftops again to cover more ground and have a vantage point to spot people who look like promising new consumers.

"Think it noticed us Samson?" Michael asked slightly nervous. They had just gotten a tense report from their partners and the big Agent was visibly sweating thinking they bricked it up when the Skittler switched to the rooftop.

"Unlikely. It didnt speed up any further. but it will be difficult to track. Lets check out that crossing Simon got us." was the reply and they stopped their trailing to drive there directly. Maybe they could snatch the courier. With some luck it would only be a normal human that was being manipulated or something
>Why not ask Yama?

Kaede does not want people to know her dabbling with the Skittler. She'd like to avoid embarassing questioning.

Could you write up the Men In Black ambushing the Skittler? Should I roll for Kristoff stealth?
i can write the Ambush. That should involve the Bruiser of the Group Michael and the Sniper.

and the question why not ask Yama was from Kristoff if that was not clear.

as a person i could at least imagine that.

you should probably roll for Kristoff Stealth. and maybe a perception test if he notices the traps the MIB has laid.

About an hour later the dynamic Agent Duo had set up close to the Bridge between Cinnamon and Liquorice Street. The Smell of the Sweetsfactories nearby had caused Michael to almost gag. Samson didn't seem to care much and loaded a Magazin of Containment Foam Bullets. Splitting up would be the most logical course of action what with Samson being a long Range specialist.

"Never understood why people like Sweets. Its just way too much sugar. Veggieman has it right in that regard." Michael grumbled and spat out in visible disgust towards the industrial district. He had taken position in the blind spot on the other side of the bridge from Samsons Perch.

On the other end of the Communicator Samson sighed and recalibrated his angle for the current weather conditions. "Don't let the boss hear you. He would have your badge for liking a Hero too much. If you want to gush do it when your not being recorded." he grumbled back. It was almost half an hour before the Time they had received. All they had to do now was sit and wait.
Rolled 42, 62, 18 = 122 (3d100)

forgot to roll for how stealthy they are at blending in.

Michael first die, Samson the other two.
Rolled 49, 31 = 80 (2d100)

Let's go Geekman
First stealth, second perception.
Kristoff went to the Bridge between Licqoric and and Cinnamon right?
Dropping out the letter

Dropping of the bag

Uncontacted yet, will pick up the full bag while Kaede will create a diversion

alright.... then Kristoff will get himself jumped my Agent Michael. does he have any combat abilities? Because if not... then that Agent will have an easy time with him.

Probably DC 85 for Kristoff with no combat training.

DC 70 if he has some experience.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Kristoff only combat training was from taking hit like a chief when bullied in middle school, high school and university.
>DC 90

Agent Michael had noticed the lanky, Nerd looking man moving towards and then beneath the bridge. He had an immediate suspicion since that man looked not like he belonged. And while Michael himself was not the best at blending in he nontheless had the advantage with his training.

Following Kristoff he shadowed him. Spying his reader he didnt notice any of the Emenations from the Bioweapon and was sure that this was just a normal man. Samson gave the affirmative that he would continue keeping watch while Michael took care of business.

While Kristoff could have just been a Delinquent wanting to tag the bridge it seemed too close to the Deadline for his apperance to be a coincidence.

Before the young man was capable of tagging the wall Michael made his Move. Burly hands grasped at Kristoff and had him in a control hold within two Heartbeats. "Now come quietly and we wont have to hurt you Mister collaborator." Michael growled threateningly into Kristoffs ear and practically lifted the young man in front of himself.

A minute by foot and around a corner, along seldom traveled roads there sat their car. The door opened at an invisible signal and Kristoff was pushed inside roughly.

"Now that we have some privacy I have some questions for you." Agent Michael started and pulled his sunglasses slightly down while flashing an official looking Goverment ID for just long enough that Kristoff felt like he was under Arrest by some kind of Goverment Blacksuit bureau.
Rolled 85, 90 = 175 (2d100)

>No message nor confirmation of Kristoff

Alright, something is going wrong.
>Socials to convince Toma to track them, Yama to wreck them
Rolled 2, 12 = 14 (2d100)


Yama had a stressful day with quite a lot of low impact work and nothing really going on. The only really dangerous thing that day was the Owlbear attack and he was quite a bit too late for that. Instead he want to the hospital, at least it wasnt the one owned by the KGG, and did some slight miracle work on those that were unlikely to pull through.

That caused a bit of ruckus in the media but the doctors were unsure on how the patient managed to recover being unable to spot the Monstrous Ninja on their security feeds.

"Wait you send that.... Boy out to meet with the Skittler? A malicious monster? I..... I should punch you but he probably needs help and i don't wanna patch up a hole in your guts." he groans, obviously unhappy about the situation and a cold pack on his forehead to sooth his pounding headache.

Toma seems unimpressed by the entire situation before sending Kristoffs last known location data to Kaedes Phone together with a message.
>"cant track skittler
> too good at evading cameras
> Other POI require more time."

rolling for Tracking of MIB DC 75
otherwise there will just be the location Data of Kristoffs last ping to go off of.

Well a certain Agent Thomas just noticed the attack. and is feeding false information back to Toma.

On Tomas end.

>"other POI 29.82 km away from last known kristoff location
> stationary since 1.38 hours ago.
> correlation unlikely
> will check out
> yawann-230 on route to bridge deaddrop"

a couple seconds later

>"get moving or rust"

Below on the streets the deep roar of a cars engine grew as Toma burst forth from the Garage and made turn so sharp a normal human would have found themselves squished into their seat and maybe even hit their head against the window. Her reinforced bodystructure barely flinched however while speeding down Lavender Street and diving into the evening traffic.

At the same time Yama knocks at Kaedes door. "You wanna come with? He is your... boyfriend... employee.... after all." he asked her and offered to carry her so she could keep up with him.

Tough he did seem like he might just get angry if she were to refuse it was unlikely he would outright refuse to help Kristoff.
The girl sighs.
Looks like Kinpinning will have to wait some simps competent enough to drop a bag and pick up another.
"Let's go."
Rolled 35 (1d100)

Yama offered to carry her in front of him or on his back if she wanted. Unwilling to transform inside the city for the moment he didnt have his cloak to envelop her before setting out.

Almost casually he clambered up the side of the building up to the roof where the Monster ninja was quickly building speed. With a grunt of effort he jumped to the next buildings roof and started making his way to the north where Kristoff last location had been registered.

The bridge quickly came into view and they descended down to a lower roof where Yama wanted to survey the Area to find where Kristoff might have ended up.

DC 50 to make out the unmarked not at all suspicious car DC80 to make out spot Quisling and Iskariot that had followed them

hope this is fine for everyone. i would expect that the Skittler might also soon show up
We really can't tie our shoelace today.

His eyes moving right over the black car Yama found little of interest there. he was more focused on the bridge and set down Kaede. "I will take a look down there. You said something about leaving a message? If its there then he was nabbed afterwards and if not... he might not have made it here at all."

Kaedes Phone rang with a new message
>"no one here
> theory
> got fed false information
> alter theroy
> got counterhacked
> new data k included"

was wondering why my computer was erasing my document for some reason...... accidentally put a pot of paint on the backspace key.

In the black Car Agent Michael nodded in appreciation at the thoroughly intimidated young man in front of him. "Well thank you for-..... what do you want T?" he asked suddenly distracted.

The brow furrowed before his face broke into a wide grin. "So that Bioweapon and Teleporter are here? As well as I and Q? Damn we will be getting to see if those two are actually worth the money we payed for them." he bellowed and practially lept out of the car before moving to the trunk to retrieve his heavier ordenance.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

do you have statblocks for Iskariot and Kisling
>Rollin' observe I forgot to roll
Iskariot & Quisling

Power: 2
Ninjutsu: Lightning/ Ice techniques

Physical: 2
Athletics: 3
Deadly: +10 to combat and physical checks

Social: 2

Infiltration: 3
Stealth Strike: +20 against unaware target

Resilience: 2 (4 HP each)
Pest: +10 to escape, cant get onshoted

Willpower: 2

Smarts: 2

Ninja Teamwork: +15 to combined tests/attacks against a singular target

They are very similar in abilities.

also kaede is not oblivious. still probably not enough to stop Yama from getting himself Skewered with needleblades
Rolled 64, 36, 50 = 150 (3d100)

Ok, I'll let you roll the attack on Yama;
Kaede will act at the same time to counterstrike while Yama is sheesh-kebabed.

>3d100 Power (Flash)
>Relevant perks :
>Teamwork (+10)
>Drone-Blade and Liquid-metal Blade (+10)

Not counting on the Hunt as they're not the target Kaede was getting out for; nor get more power because she's not in a training mood and more a "fucking deadweights" mood.

If I crit, I'll ask you to let me write the first interraction of the fight
Ok; roll for your ninjas attack on your ninja.

The worst of them is getting swapped with Kaede attack, disrupting their Ninja Teamwork flow; the best have to Nat score better than 84 to avoid the still-surprising-even-when-aware TP-hit
Crit would have swapped Yama and a Ninja for the other scoring on his own goal
Rolled 73, 98, 18, 83 = 272 (4d100)


Behind them two Human shaped weapons skulked from the darkness. The Ninjas had stalked the Hero Duo and now were ready to strike. They had received blades with hollow tubes that they now used.

Iskariot had to hold himself back to not announce himself as he launched forward. a tiny flicker of recognition showed on the face of the young woman that Yama had set down.

But still the two powered on, not that they had much choice what with having catapulted themselves against Yama.

A quarter of a Kilometer Away Agent Thomas growled in annoyance that the Ninja were engaging the Bioweapon on their own and brought his rifle around, carefully taking aim.

Michael laughed and jab himself with a retrieved needle feeling the mysterious stimulants fill his muscles with incredible power and started running, forgetting to lock the car for Kristoff to slip out.

Iskariots launch and aim had been true. The flashing power of the Teleporter had disrupted their Teamwork as Quisling was forced to engage her.

Yama just wanted to call something out he thought he had spotted as the needlelike Blade penetrated just below his shoulderblade and pierced his primary heart together with his lungs. Tissue samples were violently pulled into the blade by a vacuum pump and ripped more delicate tissue to pieces. Yama couldnt even scream as his lung collapsed when the Ninja pulled the blade free. "Do you feel now what you did to our comrades you traitor?" he taunted and got ready for another attack.

Yama 2/4 HP remaining

Quisling noticed just in time that the weird play of the light in front of him was the signs of Kaedes Teleport coming in. Instincts took over and he slashed at the air where Kaede would materialize.

93 vs 84

The strike went around Kaedes defenses and bit into her flesh where the hardened armor gave way to much weaker connective tissues just before the Ninja rolled out of the way of the dual bladed counter strike with those strange knifes she was carrying.
Rolled 59, 7 = 66 (2d100)

Don't get overcarried, let me try to withstand the blow
Rolled 63, 59, 9, 17, 79 = 227 (5d100)

>Kaede suffered one wound (1/2)

Ok, it's getting deeply personnal.
>Figthing spirit (2 stacks)
>Battle suit : liquid blade

First dices for me, last for the ninja
File: ralph.jpg (34 KB, 679x374)
34 KB
Rolled 18, 95, 85, 86, 35, 11, 57 = 387 (7d100)

he could have still failed to draw blood which is why i wrote nothing about wound loss.


>Yama retaliation against Iskariot
> Yama first 3 dice +20

luckily Quisling only gets a + 10 from deadly. since they have been seperated.

> High powered Rifle Anti Tank shot against Yama last 2 dice

DC 75 for hit, DC 95 for clean hit with no splatter against Quisling
Rolled 78, 47 = 125 (2d100)

Kaede triggers her aura, engaging the man in close quarter. Her only hope is to outspeed him.
The metal blade falls on her like ligthning, Kaede being late by so little.
>Withstand; DC 50
...But fast enough for taking the hit with her metal shoulderpad.
>One more fighting spirit stack.
Rolled 25, 86, 6, 25, 55 = 197 (5d100)

The blad still dripping with Yamas Blood the Ninja raised his weapon for an execution strike when a Supersonic Bullet grazed Yama Head just enough to pull him to his side.

Advanced Biology reasserted its control over his body as he unleashed the monster within. Spikes grew and grew forcing Iskariot to jump away. But still the raced forwards, being launched with unnatural muscle spasms. They sliced into advanced bodyarmor and delivered burning searing pain as the blood inside of them ignited just seconds later.

While his Armor had protected him from the worst of it Iskariot was still wounded.

>2/4 HP remaining.

"Okay.... you got a bit better since that day but-" the Ninja started only to be interrupted by a punch to his faceplate. Advanced sensors were pulverized to dust as the armor took the full brunt of the attack Yama had launched.

"So you know me..... we will have to have a talk later." the Monster growled back and spat too red blood. The wound in his Torso had already scabbed over and his secondary organs were doing a good enough job to keep him alive if not completely functioning.

On his observation Post Samson cursed nearly having hit his own ally. But the speeds at which the attack had occured had left him little choice. Now with Yama moving hitting him would be extremely difficult. "Well nothing about it.... lets try that containment foam." he muttered and used the selector on his rifle to switch the loaded bullet. He once again aimed carfeully hoping to reastrain Yama with the next shot.

>Yama vs Iskariot. That critical is restricting his monster form half its strength and blocking regeneration for a while until the mess inside of him is cleaned up.

Iskariot gets a +10 to the exchange as Agent Michael rockets into the fight to provide backup with Super Steroids and close Quarters Gunplay.
Rolled 10, 44, 12, 82, 37 = 185 (5d100)

Third round
>Teamwork out as Yama can't provide assistance
>Battle suit, 3 stacks of Fighting Spirit : +20 vs +10
Rolled 34, 72 = 106 (2d100)

Withstand, DC 78
+5 from armor
This was a mistake, Kaede thinks.
The man facing her is way more than her match. Despite auras, he's faster, stronger, overcoming her.
One more stab. One more twist to intercept it with armore. One more breath too late.
>Kaede suffered one wound (0/2)
Rolled 37, 85, 18, 4, 90, 91, 7 = 332 (7d100)


The bladework of both Ninja was brutal and fast. Yamas blades were shattering almost as fast as they were regrowing with each collision. But that was part of his plan. With his faceplate destroyed Iskariot had problems keeping an eye on the fight with sharp shrapnel being propelled into his general direction.

"Now we have you Monster!!!" the Agent shouted as Mechanical enhancements and Drugs propelled him from streetlevel up to the third floor of the building and onto its roof. But he was not that helpful for the Ninja since they had not trained together.

Another slash and another flash of pain in Iskariots arm forced him to let go of his weapon. The Ninja growled in Annoyance and used footwork to throw the Sword back up again and caught it with the offhand. Yama was panting with only one functional lung he was not able to keep up his usual onslaught.

"Get out! Thats a cornered animal" Quisling shouted and started running from Kaedes Prone form. A syringe filled with some of her blood in his hands. The blade had collected some tissue samples during his last attack which should be enough to satisfy their customer for the moment.

Iskariot also took one look at Yama who was starting to burn up and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. He disengaged leaving Agent Michael raging that the Ninja were deserting just when he had arrived. Limited in his ability to reason due to the drugs he had taken he kept up the offensive forcing Yama into a continued fight. And Samson wanted to allow his colleague to survive opened fire.

>Yama first three dice. effective +0 against the Agents Teamwork and combat drugs.
DC Thomas Shot 45 for Containment hit. Critical Hit might allow them to steal Kaede.
Rolled 31 (1d100)

Michael laughed as the blows that rained against his body were absorbed by adaptive muscle mass and reactive implants that redirected the blunt impacts into the ground, allowing him to stay toe to toe with Yama. Even then the Monstrous Ninja might have managed to get the upper hand if not for the high powered shot from Samsons Rifle.

The Bullet did not hit the Monster but instead exploded half a meter in front of him, showering him in sticky slime that quickly started to expand and harden.

Flames were squashed under expanding foam and an angry roar was cut off by the expanding foam. Michael laughed even more as he believed himself to be the winner of that bout and that they would show Simon that they didnt even need him. He only stopped attacking Yama when Samson screamed at him through the Ear piece that they had to leave now.

The expanding foam made it impossible for him to get at his enemy and beating him now would only make the monster break out faster Michaels rational mind told him and he begrudgingly retreated.

it took Yama a couple of minutes until he finally managed to break out of the hardened foam. Spitting out chunks of foam that had forced themselves down his throat he rushed to Kaede where Kristoff already was sitting. The young man was trying to help her but was apparently unsure what he should do. Tomas Voice could be heard over Kristoffs Phone where she instructed him on how to do first aid.

Kristoff might be able to do it even with a DC 70. but the real roll belongs to Kaede.
Did all this shit go down near the intersection Kaede told the Skittler to go to? I thought she wanted her simps to move around at different locations to make the drop harder to trace.
Yeah.. but k went out to leave a message for changed meeting place at the bridge
Rolled 67, 97 = 164 (2d100)

Rollin' fastened healing
Rolled 34, 37 = 71 (2d100)

"Hands off, Kristoff, I'm... Surprisingly okay".

A bit of introspection seems to indicate her body acted on its own to apply directional auras on the bloodstream, avoiding loss, with both slowdown of the stream and platelets fastening resulting in mending the damages at an incredible path.

Kaede breath.
"Why didn't you retard answered your phone? Dropping plasting bags in a street is too difficult for you?"

>Rollin' social (trashtalk) to push Kristoff's improvement

>"He was caught by some man dressed in a black suit. And his holding pen was shielded from signal. Same Agent that fought against Yawann-230 grabbed him. Christoff here would have little chance if he had fought. Debrief will be needed later. Maybe some tea for his nerves."

Toma threw in over the Phone while Yama kept back and on the lookout for potential threats. The Monster Ninja was still a bit wobbly on his feet and while he had transformed Exavia wasnt blowing up his phone yet so he probably hadn't tripped her senses in any meaningful way.

"Also dropping plastic bags? Are you planting things for you to do because you don't go out on patrol that often?" The Ninja asked with curiosity at what was going on.
"I can promise you it's not.
It's confidential, for a reason. Trust me, I have a plan.

Well, the plan will involve more training. I can't keep up getting beat to a pulp every day."

Kristoff is pouting in a corner. Well, sucks to be him Kaede guesses, but sucks more to be her even more. Kaede won't pamper the boy for a measly harmless kidnapping.

Skittler, would be perfect moment for you to barge in.
Sorry about the delay, I was really busy today

"The fuck is this? It was supposed to be a simple drop-off, but now teleport-tramp decides to show up in person, and with friends too? I thought she was turning over a new leaf, but now it looks like it was all just a setup. Ridiculous!" The Skittler puzzled as he looked over the scene. He got suspicious when he heard a bit of commotion near the drop-off point, and after he got a view from one of the surrounding rooftops he felt his suspicions were proven correct.


Right after he yelled that, he realized that he may have gone a bit too far, both because the tattoo-guy was nearby and because he was technically squandering a chance to share his candy. Though she's clearly being a bad-actor here. The monster decides to shoot a few handfuls-worth of skittles down at them defiantly before scuttling away.


I guess you can try to convince him to stick around or give chase? You wouldn't know what properties (if any) the ones he threw down at you have.

"WHAT!?! You send him here to meet with the Skittler? I thought you were worried about your friend K---- something" Yama almost shouted but kept his voice down. He glared at the monster before abruptly turning demonstratively away from Kaede and to Kristoff.

"At least try not get other people involved next time you make a deal with-" he tried to chastise but bit his tongue all too aware of his own nature to want to be hypocritical to her. Instead he grunted dismissively and spat to the side while returning to human guise.

He scooped up Kristoff and went to leave Kaede behind.

"Well lets get you back to your home K......" he started unsure about the Engineers name and blushing a bit about it.
>"Christoff." Toma corrected him through the phone.
> "Also get yourself some better security. breaking your phone took all of one point two-three-nine seconds. Not bad but not good enough."
With those words she closed down the call and got back to her work.
Rolled 6, 38 = 44 (2d100)

>Rollin' Socials
>To the Skittler
"I was ambushed and assaulted. It was planned to be a simple drop-off, without direct contact. But fuck off if you don't believe me"
Sadly, the first part was said with a raspy voice, with a deeply sonorous profanity.

>To Yama
"I had a reason. This is 'xactly why I didn't wanted you to get involved."

Kaede picks up the candies in the bag, tearing the label on the way.

Kaede heads home, get some leftover, and go to sleep on the frustrating day.
Rolled 87, 10, 23 = 120 (3d100)

Yama rolled his eyes at Kaedes little Outburst but didnt dignify it with a response. Instead he left before his murderous hedache combined with the bad day so far would cause him to lose his temper and blow up on her for being so calous with a normal humans life.

He left with Kristoff in his arms and followed the young mans directions to where he could get home on his own. When he sat him down in front of his door there was a flash and some reporter looking type grinned almost ominosuly as he scuttled back into the gloom of the city not believing his luck at having spotted Ramen Yakuza with a younger man in his arms, just after it had been revealed that he had a Girlfriend.

Yama oblivious to the implications wished Kristiff a good evening and then returned to base.

When he walked down the hall Toma was waiting for him outside her door and beckoned for him to follow her.

>"You require medical assistance.... you helped me and i would like to help you out"
She stated flatly but still seemed to blush a bit when he entered behind her. The room had been very much modified greatly with new metal surfaces and blinking lights nearly everywhere.

She gestured for him to lie down on a bare metal construction roughly weldes together from stainless steel.

"If you think you can help... i will give myself into your capable hands." Yama murmured but her enhanced hearing still picked it up loud and clear.

She had prepared some painkiller cocktail strong enough to kill most things instantly which would likely be just enough to dull Yamas Pain. After laying the IV she pulled out the Diamomd ripped saw and started cutting and extracting.

rolling Smarts Medicine DC 45
>Subskill : Powertool-based medecine
Maybe even Mechanical Enigneering. And she did alright. Even with her current equipment
There were some sloght hickups but Yamas enhamced resilience to pain made it almost like working on a machine.
>("If machines had a pulse.... or independent thoughts.... or constantly regenerating")
Toma thought to herself while up to her elbows coated in too red blood. Cracking one the skull had been as much of a Nightmare as her own memories when the Doctor had experimented upon her body. There were untold amounts of tiny little pieces, most of which had been encased in hardened tissue as to not be a danger for the future. They were almost like macarbe pearls she had found whenver removing one of them was possible.

Her patient could feel all of it she knew but not a single word of complaint had risen from between his lips as the hour dragged on and the Chemical Cocktail dulling the pain started to dwindle.

Finally she set down her tools and cleaned the wound. She had ruined several drills and Sawblades just keeping the wound open enough for her to work and these tools had all left residue.

>"That is as much as i can do for now. My funds for the time were limited. I will do better ne-"
She told him but he silenced her whe. He sat up.
"No need to apologize. You did great.... but i think i should clean up now" Yama quickly interrupted.

She blushed a bit more as her heartbeat skipped a beat only to continue twice as fast when she saw his genuine, bright smile.

And of it hadnt beat that hard, she would have heard that his did not beat any slower when he had seen her relieved smile.

After cleanup was done she held him back for a second and wanted to say something but froze at the last moment. In the end she just wished him a good night and quickly closed the door behind him, scolding herself that she would only be a liability to him when her sister returned and she needed him to not get hurt for her sake like he had for Kristoff and Kaede today.
Rolled 77, 5, 80 = 162 (3d100)

Kaede is fast asleep.
She's dreaming of a cactus.
The cactus is growing, sprouting buds that will definitely turn into exquisite flowers, until they are crushed. The cactus get together, grows again, get crushed, grows again, get crushed. Grows again with even more resolve. Get crushed even harder. Defiantly grows again.

New day, Kaede wake up fully refreshed.
After taking care and petting Kittykat, time for daily training.
1 cm more. 6 seconds less. No improvement related to amount of charges.
... "I'm not getting better fast enough. At this rate, I'll..."

Kaede picks her phone.
"Mister Maestro? I thought about your offer... I might accept. Are you available today?
Also... - Kaede shakes the skittles bag - I won't come empty-handed... The presence of biochemist might be useful"
Rolled 82, 60, 2, 73 = 217 (4d100)

>G-City Kusigawa Research Lab
The samples had been brought in with Air Express Delivery. The Hero Sonic Fury himself had been assigned for the protection of this Maximum security cargo. That some very shady men in black had been the ones to deliver it had sat badly with him but orders were orders and anything related to the KG Group was likely to help humanity on the whole.

While Dr. Kusigawa would have liked to dissect the A-Class hero he was sure that his disappearance would lead to questions he would not like to answer. He had been all too happy that the hired muscle had managed to acquire a full range of samples. He even greeted Sonic Fury himself and made some smalltalk while the samples were already being processed for further study.

The tests for Yamas were already prepared and the Tora Specimens would be able to continue them until it was time for the analysis. The other sample that they had managed to acquire would still serve well.

But before that could happen first the Hero had to go. “The scientific community will have to thank you Mr. Fury. What you delivered to me today will one day mark the beginning of a new Age for all of humanity.” the Doctor started and complimented the Hero out of the door before whipping around and rushing to the Elevator.

“Sadly no Bone Marrow… so full cloning will be difficult…. but not impossible.” he mumbled while continuing down towards his more esoteric laboratories.

Rolling 4D100 for Smarts, Genetics. DC 95 to create a functional clone of Kaede. DC 70 to get partial functionality, DC 50 to gain at least some knowledge. What he might learn…. well i don't know enough about Kaedes Power to make any statements so that will have to be you. >>5682899

Also Yama went to sleep after taking care of Morotoki and writing on his scrolls. Probably got up after four hours of restless sleep and running for a bit just to get all that energy out of his body.

Power of Kaede :
Not tied to genetic factors, much more of a lifetime of being late and struggling because of shitty environment

Granted by a good, benevolent but less powerful than god, well, god.

Works with an extradimentional "passenger" that fused with her soul; not clonable with physical means. Mysticals might work

Skittler, are you around? Wanna roleplay Roger again?

Here's what Kaede wants to do.
>Try to get chemical formulas of skittles. Goal is identification of chemicals responsible of both functions and addiction
>Try on lab rat if a tasteless coated pill made of grounded skittles still grant power
>Theory is chemicals are absorbed, but candies won't touch the tastebuds

Feel free to tell what will work and what won't
alright. that is just enough for him to find out that there is no genetic componet for it and unless its genetic he is not that interested. he will likely want the genuine article for the future though and see if some other means would provide him with a copy of the power.
I can write something once I’m out of the wage cage
"Ah Miss Kinoshita, I'm glad to hear from you. It may take some time for me to get my equipment ready, but I should be ready for your arrival by around 3pm today. I'll send you the address of my lab, and I'll see if I can call someone in from the biochem R&D department in the meantime."

They won't find anything out about the Skittles on day 1 since the lab results need a few hours to come through. Eventually it would be determined that trying to break down the candies into their component molecules also breaks down the effects they have. It's an all-or-nothing deal for them, though it may be possible to develop a drug that could be taken after the candy's effect wears off to reduce later cravings. Developing that drug would take some time.
"Genetic mutations due to contaminated living conditions likely. Still no sign of that Teleportation power.... Is it in one of those dormant genes. Or maybe we require a live specimen. prepare a tube and the special scanners." Dr. Kusigawa mumbled while studying Kaedes genetic blueprint.

Recreating her would be quite the act with the limited material that he had access to. While efficient his new hired help were still just brutes, unaware on the finer points of sample extraction. Not that he could blame them too much. Not after what had happened to Subject 54 Primus.

The Tora Unit at the Doctors side recorded all his rumblings due to its master being once again taken by one of his moods. It shuddered at the sight of the Dozen Test tubes containing a bunch of ominous cell clumps. In just twelve hours there was already a Dozen clones of its masters best work were being prepared for study from within an insulated environment.

They had received the reports from the Prodigy who had also received a small part of the recovered samples. In here absolutely nothing would be left to chance. The Toras attention was pulled back to its master as Dr Kusigawa talked directly to it just a second before its head exploded.

"Another failure i see. Clean this up and get me a new notetaker that wont get distracted and waver with its Handwriting." he snapped at another Tora in the room which hurried to immediately comply, unwilling to risk its masters wrath.

But just before he was about to put away the sample for the day he found something peculiar. Something that piqued his curiosity. "Wait is this..... It is. Oh my.... Yawann-230 did you try to reproduce? What else could it be injecting your genetic material into this subjects Body directly...... Maybe there is more to you than meets the eye. Prepare a new Tube. I have Material to splice and figure out if it is suitable." he exclaimed excitedly.

if this makes anyone uncomfortable just tell me and we can disregard this last part of him splicing Kaedes and Yamas DNA.
alright.. this is linked to >>5683112
and >>5683084
No complaint
So if a murderloli monstergirl shows up in a few in-game months, will Yama be on the hook to pay Kaede's child support?
she could probably gaslight him into paying. not that he has much money at the moment. And Toma wont be paying any
thread archived.

when do you guys wanna continue? Thursday would work for me.
Perfect for me
Sounds fine. BTW Roger is setting up an 'escape room' for Kaede to practice her powers in, hopefully I'll have more details later this week.
Quest is almost falling. We need to create new thread
I will get on it as soon as i am home... should be another two hours i think

Here it is. Gonna be kinda busy for a bit longer. they swamped me with work today.

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