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Recovered Report #0001: 'The Measure of All Things'; Author Unknown;

Status: Declassified; Approved for public consumption.

The following record details the extraordinary set of circumstances occuring around the time of last days of [REDACTED], located at coordinates [REDACTED], hidden deep in the forests of Swiss Alps' peaks, durning the period of [REDACTED], and under jurisdiction of [REDACTED].

The account you are about to read concerns itself not with objective analysis of overarching plots, shifts in balance of power, scientific breakthroughs, nor systematic classification of abnormalities emblematic to the period. These matters will be analyzed only from the perspective of the thread tying it all together - the thread of Man, and, in particular - Yui Nakamura. A Japanese student witnessing and actively participating in the events.

Of course, opponents can point out that describing the complicated web of events occuring at [REDACTED] from the perspective of an singular outlier - which author assures, Yui Nakamura is, but that for later - is bound to miss both the circumstances of the average and fail to convey 'grander' intentions at play objectively. To that author merely replies that the statistical average can only be understood and contextualised from the perspective of an outlier - abnormality already hints at normality. Similarly, analyzing Yui Nakamura's circumstances might tell us more about the efficacy and mentality of either Powers-That-Be - or those whose name shall be unspoken - than analysis of polices and socio-economical factors and abnormalities ever could.

With that being said, the scientific, political, sociological, or historical value of this report is low. The author lacks credentials to legitimize conjectures, nor necessary imagination or will to tell the absurd facts in a consistent frame of a singular narration. This way, author hopes, the report can evade attributing greatness to acts of mere chance; heroism from desperation, nor intention from happenstance.

For last, the author assumes it appropriate to explain the methodology of the following report, and a disclaimer.

The events described were selected from the spoken accounts of the remaining participants, notes, and official data gathered by authorities. The author used them to distill truths from embellishments, connect facts, and infere motivations. Obviously and unavoidably, due to the nature of available evidence this report is written in accordance with authors's own perception of truth and biases. Inevitability, there will be other readings, stressing different parts and ideas, inferencing different motivations, and some, most likely, with access to a different array of evidence altogether.

In the end, It's up to the reader to infere their own truths of the events occuring during the fateful closing days of [REDACTED].
File: School uniform.jpg (127 KB, 800x1066)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
People define the place and events - their qualities and quirks; fears and ambitions proclaim what collective sociological and historical analysis cannot see.

- Descriptions taken from official records and Yui Nakamura's own notes at the time.


Yui Nakamura (中村優伊)

Femsona: Aki Nakamura (中村彬)
> 'Femsona' - the requirement of the [REDACTED] for all students. In simple words 'a feminine self'.
Sex: male
Gender: Girl(male)
> Like many others, Yui was forced to adapt.
Ethnicity: Japanese

Physical Examination Scores:
> 1. Strength: Average
> 2. Dexterity: Average
> 3. Endurance: Above Average

Intellectual Examination Scores:
> 4. Intelligence: Average
> 5. Wisdom: Average
> 6. Charisma: Very High

Resistance (RES): 68
School Corruption(SC): 42%
Kill count:
- Human: 0
- Abnormal: 6
- ???: 0


- Lost Memory
- Loyal Friend(Se-young)
- Traumatized by Fishmen(weak)
- ???

> Not yet to be disclosed for narrative purposes. Durning exploration of the bunker beneath the lowest foundations Yui suffered mortal injures - but survived by reasons yet unknown. However, he lost his memory of times before the facility.

Life in the Facility:
> After accidentally killing one of his bullies, Yui was sent to the school for delinquents located in Swiss Alps. Officially aiming to reintegrate them into society by imbedding feminine traits and making them more fit for living in the society. Unlike many others, Yui resisted schools efforts. Important acts including:

> breaking curfew and exploration of non-euclidean facility, establishment of Cleaning club, armament, discovering the connections between the facility, government, and private sectors - and most importantly, fueling the will to escape and preparing plans and familiarizing himself with the abnormal nature of the place.

> Established connections with most key figures in the student body, as well as gained trust among the facility's staff and curious strangers.

> Explored, fought, and survived in the mysterious bunker containing unearthly experiments and established a foothold within. And yet, many more secrets await beneath...

> Gotten himself a split personality disorder? In a way? Meh, so long as it delivers. Say hello to Corruptive Wife Aki; Smart, if not bloodthirsty Aby; loyal and dependable Spirit; and that dude over there with his bros and bombs, B-Man.

> Established contact with... ah. He Always had A Cat, named Z'Athu'reen... Um. Yui changed His name to Cat Don Fluffles, to reflect It's galaxy-like coloration and deep, indifferent eyes... Or something.

At the beginning of the following report Yui sleeps in his dorm, having finished the previous days by rebuilding his friendship with his comrade Se-young Kim, meeting a particular Guardess and pondering an ominous offshoot comment by the principal, Ms. Müller, suggesting a shift in the way the facility went about things - If only he knew.
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: [Optional, but useful.]


The following is the account of figures that, for one reason or another, became the facilitators of the described events. Characters whose actions, connections, and desires will influence the events greatly. The reader should accustom themselves to those important individuals, lest they miss the Skopos of the report.


Jaqueline Bridges:
> A friend? Just who are you, Jaq? Formerly known as James. She was your first friend and the first person you trusted - but maybe shouldn't have. Frail, but charming, elegant, and most importantly, stunningly intelligent. Popular among other students and has a few henchmen of her own. She's calculating and manipulative, analyzing and using others to further her agenda by pulling their lines like puppets from behind the curtains. Yet, If school's files are to be believed, she's a mass murderer, claiming chemistry as her weapon. Fact made all the more likely by her approval of Machiavellian methods and mechanistic view of the world. Her ambitions are as grand as they are mysterious. Just how large a web this innocuous-looking spider knit while you weren't looking, and just what should you do about her, and her ambitions?... Shes also Waay to forward with kisses. Damned emotional manipulator! Is there something else to it? Just what does she want, really?

Se-young Kim:
> Partner in crime and a dependable friend. President, and last remnant of the previous Student Council. Has a reputation for being an 'ice queen' who doesn't tolerate foolishness, but she seems to have a real soft spot for you. Rumors circulate she hails from a rich chaebol family, but she's reluctant to share her past, so much so she pressured you into promising not to bother her about it. She's evidently intelligent, impressively regal, evidently hails from a rich family, but is also a little hot-headed when it comes to the safety of other students and you especially. Thanks to her position, she has extensive knowledge about the facility and people. She *supposedly* was ratted out by Jaq, which she antagonized in a moment of anger, and now she's on the run by the authorities and lives in a... Luxurious, first class living room deep in the bunker, but she lacks food sources and needs your help with rations. Together, you and her explore the accused corners of the bunker.

Ms. Müller
> The headmistress of the 'School'. A corpulent and formidable woman. Her presence commands respect, however she also radiates energy... Or at least she used to, last time you've seen her she was tired and overworked. Adamantly stands for feminist principles and is an overall a sympathetic person, yet she doesn't shy away from disciplinary methods and carries out the facility's purpose out of principle. In a tired offshoot comment she hinted at coming changes and something called 'Graduation'. Worrying...

> The eyes are open and the word is spoken. Now, it's only a matter of time.
File: Alex.jpg (100 KB, 569x1184)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

> Surprisingly educated roommate... Jaq's seemingly blindly loyal henchman. Gentlemanly, well-spoken and exudes a butler-like demeanor, which makes him protrude from the rest of more traditionally masculine and brutish students. He's reliable, cares for Jaq deeply, and carries out her will. Together, you and him... well... in the storage room... But you promised not to talk about it! They put Chemicals in the (pink)water that you made you gae! Anyways, he Looks well in the maid outfit, but seems to be overly dramatic over it. What is his deal?

Angelina Zhang:
> Uncanny, devoted student? If Plato was alive, he would declare her as the ideal Form of Feminity, maybe even Beauty. She's kind and empathetic, goes out of her way to care for students's well-being. Seems to care about gender equality and diversity, so much so she was leading the new Student Committee. Often hangs out with her also effeminate roommates. You don't engage with her much, but she had an uncanny vision of, seemingly, your death and return. Still, it's a school for Delinquents, what is SHE doing here? Is she like you, Jaq, or maybe something else entirely?

> The Big Boss of 'Black Market', the girl's clique held in the massive storage room in female dorms. A biological female. Supposedly, she's scary and has a tendency to be violent in the name of the persona she acts out, a 'mafia boss'. However, when you met her alone, she was more clumsy and dorky rather than menacing. Seems to know, and possibly employ, an intelligent girl called 'Natalie'. Claims her 'Black Market' has everything, or at least, everything finds it's way to it. Willing to trade 'Shinies'(eldritch relics) for stuff from her stash. Left you a curious note...

> Mysterious prodigy of medicine and science at some of the most prestigious universities on the British Isles. You haven't seen her yet, only seeing her overly academic notes meant for 'Omnia', the girl she evidently has a history with and is close to, albeit something must have happened for them to speak through messages alone. Seems she arrived at the facility voluntarily. Probably lives somewhere in the female dorms.

Cat Don Fluffles (Z'Athu'reen)
> A mysterious, cat-looking creature you found in... That you Always had! It's Your lovely Cat! It's sleek and space-black 'fur' glimmers with countless stars and nebulae. It's blank white eyes captivate with secrets of the world. Try as one might, Your Cat is mute and seemingly deathly indifferent to everything and everyone, with only sporadic unexplainable bursts of interest... But in spite of all that, It's still the cutest cat in the whole universe! And it's YOURS!
File: Cat Don Fluffles!.jpg (76 KB, 352x392)
76 KB
> Conflicted Guard. Biological female(?) and a Guard at the facility. Smitten with your Femsona she wanted to do bad things to you, but changed her mind after you made her protect you. Quite protective and caring, but evidently deranged and proudly corrupt - seems to like cute things, your Femsona included, and has no moral qualms about using power to take what she wants. She seems overly trusting and talkative, but for some reason calls you a 'Doll'.

'The Journalists":
> Strangers with a proposal. Two people abducted you - A nerdy man with thick Slavic accent and scary woman - claiming to be journalists. In exchange for sensitive information and relics they are willing to show you the hidden exist which they used to get inside. They want to meet again in the evening, but ask for a relic to earn their trust.

> You haven't seen him in a while. Your ex-roommate and bully. He is quite intimidating and has a tendency to be aggressive and violent. Made inappropriate and sexually charged jokes at you for your feminine behavior. Rude! Last seen being taken for reeducation... like many, many Others.

With it ends the introductory chapter of this report. Hopefully it sheds light on the state of affairs.

Let us proceed to Yui Nakamura. To you, dear reader...

Part 1: >>5586645
Part 2: >>5625745
Part 3: >>5638663
Part 4: You are there, you dummy~
File: Somewhere, somehow...jpg (369 KB, 1947x1540)
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369 KB JPG
Day 3 since rebirth: *...In which the hourglass turns no more.*

> No. At least hug The Cat to ease suffering.

Lucid dreams; some try all their lives to archive them - to feel the freedom steming form power over the world; to witness otherness, beyond their norm. You really weren't among them. At least, as much as you remember.

And yet, here you are.

In pitch black void of space. In the distance uncountable stars glimmer and, seemingly but a step away, a tiny, ping-pong ball sized earth orbits around... you? With miniscule oceans and quite adorable continents. To think that all your problems and worries exist and die on this small pile of unassuming stardust. A pile utterly irrelevant in the grander scheme of things.

Thinking about it, you could just *boop* it; or redirect it to the sun. A small extinction event could be entertaining once in a while. But alas, even a stone can serve a purpose...

... What were you just thinking? And why is it getting so hot? And what is this-


You stir as disembodied warmth caresses your face. Dismayed, you turn to the side, but with little effect. Still dazed, you open your eye to see the stray rays of light breaking through the canopy of outside oaks and spruces... and passing through the grating of the window, painting all it touches with the strokes of gold - a new day, thankfully on earth.

In summer's early mornings even dingy, sparsely furnished dorms of this school have a secretive beauty to them - one only magnified by the withering paint and cracks in the old walls. The dream and the brilliant light make it all seem almost bearable, If only you could spend this spring outside among the lush flora of this, be it as it may, beautiful mountain peak along with your friends...

No, you *Will* spend this summer outside. And on *Your* terms no less. You will conquer this facility and then move on.

Coming to, you feel something soft and pillow-like pressing into your stomach from beneath the sheets. Tentatively, you rise your duvets and see Cat Don Fluffles curled into a small ball, purring lazily. The wayward rays light reflect on Its sleek 'fur' and glimmer with motley of vivid and oddly familiar colors. Huh.

Wait, purring? Your mute Cat-?!

Abrupt, hurried steps emanate from the corridors and break your chain of thought. Yet another Deja Vu, and like yesterday, your roommate Alex stands by the doors, evidently eavesdropping. Meanwhile Jaq lies splayed on her bed and kicks her feet absentmindedly.

Still focused on the doors Alex announces. "The steps are once again fast. And light."

Jaq quickly finishes. "Therefore they don't carry what we are looking for. It also means there are at least two. Keep listening."

"Understood, mistress Jaqueline. I will inform you if anything happens."

Thankfully they must have missed you waking up, so you go back to pretending to still be asleep. They might reveal something about Jaq's plans. Your Cat consents and stays still as well.
File: Jaqueline.jpg (335 KB, 1748x2480)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Staying in this uncomfortable bed is not a welcome prospect, but if it means getting information on Jaq's plans you will do it.

Then Jaq gets up and dons hers - yours, well, school's - lab coat, and starts fiddling with her blonde hair. "No need. Just wake Aki."

Alex nods and walks towards you.

Well, the plan was fine, but soon, after but a small token resistance for appearances sake, you get up and start getting dressed while small talking with Alex.

Once you're ready, you mean to ask Jaq what's going on, but she cuts you off with a wave and says authoritatively. "You are my best friend, Aki, so listen well. Bad things are happening, much different than our old exploration and petty plots. The times have changed, and I need you to trust me and listen to me." She pauses to let her words sink in.

"You need to go to infirmary in the biological females's dorm. There tell a girl named Natalie that Jaqueline sent you - bring to Alex what she gives you. If you have the time you can get a check up, or whatever you want, but you can't be late to lessons today. Alex will await you next to our class."

Alex nods and you feel his expectant gaze on your shoulders. "I know its a little sudden, but mistress Jaqueline means well. Are you in, madam Aki?"

Alone against two, you stand contemplating your next course of action... Didn't that girl 'Omnia' left you a message? And should you even kowtow to Jaq? Is that the best idea?

When you look back Jaq smiles cutely and leans in to kiss you again. You jump back surprised, to which she pouts and whimpers. "You don't trust me, Aki?"

What's the plan? It's early morning. Next time period: Morning.

> You're in. Go to the infirmary.
> You're in. But tell me what's going on. (1d100)
> Only in if you tell me what's going on. (1d100 DC60/80)
> You're busy. Go elsewhere (where?) (1d100)
> You're busy. Go to infirmary for yourself. (1d100)
> Write in!

Do you trust Jaq?

> Yes, you do. (True)
> Yes, you do... (lie) (1d100 DC70)
> No, you don't. (1d100)
> You don't know... (1d100)
> Lean in and kiss Jaq back. Yes you do. (True) (1d100) (RES-2)
> Lean in and... kiss Jaq back. Yes you do... (Lie) (1d100 DC90) (RES-1)
> Write in!

>whip our switch blade, kill Jaq and then ourselves.

It is the right way to end this tale.
I'm going to catch up and vote later on
Mechanics Revamped:
Like always, mechanics to ensure fairness. Forgot to post them before... Ops!

1. Compulsions ('C':)
> When option marked by 'C' is present,but not chosen, resistance has to be rolled (1d100). Resistance Roll (RR) is always the last one and needs to be larger than Compulsion Roll 'CR'.
> If highest RR is lower than highest CR, 'C' option wins independent of votes.
> Compulsions will often be marked by "RES+/-", if they aren't, they aren't going to impact RES by themselves. (Still can put in compromising positions tho)
> IMPORTANT: Compulsions are NOT 'bad' by default. They are expressions of Yui's bodily needs, instincts, and desires... Some more 'outside' induced than others. Good Girls follow their desires always~!
> What Compulsions you have is determined by traits, symptoms and RES. The overall amount by RES.

2.1. School Corruption(SC):
> Current 42%: Most Students accept their Femsonas as extensions of themselves, with remaining boys questioning who they want to be.
> Next threshold 50%: ???
Daily gain +2 + EVENTS.
> school corruption impacts you and all other students.
> ALL originally MALE characters have their own corruption meter, but it can't be lower than SC.
> Every character evolves differently when their corruption rises. Some might change a lot, others less. Can alter desires, to more or less beneficial to you.
> There are way to increase it faster - for you or others.
> Upon reaching 100%, you Win! You, and all your friends are Good Girls and wifes~! Unless you don't want it to happen!

3.1. Resistance (RES). Current: 68
> Dictates the ability to withstand Compulsions.
> Affects the narrative voice and opinions present... Some options could be locked or unlocked by having a specific RES level.
> 'RES-x' next to any option means RES loss if that option wins, '+' vice versa.
> Reaching negative RES doesn't end the quest. It turns it RES into Docility (DOC) which strengthens CR.

4.1 Crits in general.
> Crits override other rolls
> 100: DUH
> 69: LEWD CRIT. Always success but lewd.
> 1...: Crit Fail. That will Hurt.

To mechanics of corruption and RES we will get back in due time~
Rolled 33 (1d100)

>> You don't know... (1d100)
We don't trust her blindly, but it remains to be seen whether we'll wind up enemies or not. She wants control, we want out. Fin on paper, less so if we go with the more fiery escape plans...

Before I decide for the first choice, I would appreciate a shinies count. No use going to Omnia's if we only have 1, since we need to reserve one for the "journalists" this evening. Also, gossiping with Omnia could make us late for class.
Welcome back QM! My quest conditions for B-man's "small favor" are ready, but I'm iffy on a drop-off point and on the reward.

I was thinking that the fact Yui isn't taking his pills would start to show physically, and considered a way to remedy that, but I'm not sure if we've seen it to be a problem. If anything, that's a reason to see Natalie. But maybe getting a check up would lead to her discovering we aren't taking them, meaning problems...
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Right, I'll also propose a write-in, then. Let's just ask Jaq!
>Ask Jaq how much Natalie can be trusted to keep quiet about the health checkup results.
Your things, as of right now!

>school outfit - (bloodied and tattered) - left in the living room
>school outfit spares 2x (Current gear)
>clip-ons hair extensions (Current gear)
>school backpack
>Duffel Bag (B-Man) (Current gear)
>notebook with map
>'New' HRT pills, x2
>bottle of water
>floral tape
>butt plug

>crudely sharpened knife (in classroom)
>credely crafted boar-hunting spike (in classroom)
>G36 rifle (In armory)
>Handgun ??? (In armory)

>sulfuric acid
>hydrochloric acid
>lab coat - Jaq has it.

'shinies': (all in classroom)
>Rose colored eldritch pendant left by fishmen. Looks pretty. (Small Gewgaw SG)
>Dice with weird symbols. Always roll 1. Scary. (SG)
For simplicity's sake all 'shinies' of the same category have equal worth, but you can haggle with good arguments and timing.
Rolled 69, 19 = 88 (2d100)

> You don't know... (1d100)
>Ask Jaq how much Natalie can be trusted to keep quiet about the health checkup results.
Any votes for first option?
Apparently not. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing the result for the write-in first, but looking at the rolls, we may not get a clear or good answer.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

> No, you don't. (1d100)
Rolled 9 (1d100)

>> Only in if you tell me what's going on. (1d100 DC60/80)
I'm going to tentatively go with this one, but I'd rather wait for the others anons and get a clear majority, maybe even a half-update with the write-in question. Jaq's kept us in the dark and has been very open about being pragmatic enough to use and discard anyone. I say those lips lie in more ways than one...
You guys got time. Tomorrow I've got a Big One, but after that I will update and will have a lot of free time till next week~

(I might try smol post in the morning, but can't promise anything. My German sucks. Bad.)
Was gonna laugh at another bait thread but this has way too much effort.
Rolled 66, 97 = 163 (2d100)

Its not a bait thread as QM AKI and the rest of the split personalities were here before the spam wave. Also.

>> You don't know... (1d100)
Personally I will never trust her considering she prioritized her ego over president access and lied to us about her motives. However, her going out of her way to help us is basic pragmatic investments. She helps us, we help her, but we keep out of each other out of our plans. Hmm I guess it boils down to a non-aggression treaty between each other. Also we can't lie convincingly and being evasive would let her think she can try to earn out trust instead of JFK'ing us.

RES ROLL second
Rolled 28, 69 = 97 (2d100)

> You're in. But tell me what's going on. (1d100)

Oh fuck forgot to vote for the first vote. So yeah we can help Jaq's plan and become a core part of her plans, then hold it hostage for future information when we become too important to kill off. If she evades, we can press later but giving her a yes or no answer would burn the last goodwill we have with her.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

> Only in if you tell me what's going on. (1d100 DC60/80)
Alright! I'm back. Sorry for essentially post-and-running you for 2 days.

Voting closed - Words are coming~
File: Don't pretend.jpg (60 KB, 728x455)
60 KB
> Only in if you tell me what's going on. [DC60/80:76 Mostly SUCCESS]
> You don't know... [69?]
>Ask Jaq how much Natalie can be trusted. [19]

Silence falls on the sun-kissed dorm. A seemingly perfect spring morning condemned to irrelevance as Jaq takes another silent step towards you. You step back in kind. Her face rapidly losing any positivity she had just mere seconds ago.

"You don't trust me, Aki?" She repeats herself, and takes another step.

Stepping back, your mind races for a reply. She was your first friend, the one you had the most in common with - yet, now? With everything she said? How power and winning is all that matters? Does her 'victory' include you, or are merely a stepping stone? And... Did she really lie to you? About her power grab at the cost of Se-young; her past; and your relationship as a whole?

Steeling yourself, you stand still, and she stops in turn - you can't escape those questions anymore as you can't avoid the wall a few steps behind. It's about time for answers.

Clenching your teeth for strength, you breath out. "I don't know, Jaqueline. I just don't know."

For a split second a bolt of emotions goes through Jaq's face, but she composes herself. Yet, before she can say anything Alex asserts himself between the two of you, albeit still facing you. "We were supposed to be going!" And reaches for your hand.

Undaunted, you dodge his grasp. "Not before I know what's going on!" You

"Madam Aki, it's not the time to spat with-"

"No. It's only fair. Alex, guard the doors." She says calmly. "I suppose I neglected informing you over the last days... It's only natural to doubt." Having said that Jaq relaxes and shoos Alex away - this time with a small smile. Oh.

Soon, Alex stands by the doors and glances back worriedly. "Please, don't do anything you might regret." He whispers to whom? Then gently closes the doors.

Instantly, Jaq closes in on you, making you flinch in surprise as she wraps her arms over your shoulders. Yet, even on her toes, the peak of her morning light-kissed golden hair barely reaches your chin. Sapphire eyes meet yours. "You don't need to worry. As I said way back..." her voice laced with honey. "...You and Alex act too foolishly to stay on your own. I can handle all your bullies, just assist me with mine." She smiles and cranes to kiss you.

Dismayed at her words and yet another manipulation, you push her away and, Surprisingly, she flops bonelessly to the floor with a thud. Back of her oversized lab coat falls and blankets her wrist up.

On que, Alex barges in... And just stands, seemingly unfazed as Jaq sniffs quietly. With a knowing look and he rolls his eyes.

Emboldened, you continue with still roaring heart - and a hint of blush. "I *hah* want to know what *hah* you are doing. Then we can cooperate!"

Displeased, she scampers back to her queenly bed and sits petulantly with a pout. Yet, she doesn't look angry at all... More like fighting a grin? What a way to start a day?
File: Jaq's hair.jpg (132 KB, 850x1128)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
With trouble averted, Alex returns to guard the doors meanwhile you join Jaq on her bed.

Sadly, the seemingly 'amiable' mood died in seconds, leaving no trace of it's existence, as Jaq adjusts the lapel of her lab coat with stern face.

With nothing else to do, you ask her about her plans. But she waves you off. "I can't tell much." She stops, and looks at you with squinted eyes. "I don't know if I trust you, Aki. I just don't know if I trust you." She says with a deadpan.

With a sigh you ignore her jab. But smile a little. Just a little. "Then tell me what is it that I am to take from that Natalie."

After contemplating a little, she relents, and says. "Medicine - a prototype medicine." Then hesitates. "A vaccine, to be exact. To avoid the unwanted consequences of staying in this place. Among other, less important things."

Somehow, deep down, you just feel. Feel. That she's lying. Not completely, but she avoids the whole truth. There is more to that story. But, in a way it's reassuring to see Jaq lie as naturally as she breaths - not much changed, despite all the efforts of some.

"Wait, vaccine?" You ask, only now comprehending. "Against the HRT pills?"

She looks at you like you've lost your mind. Then deflates and sighs with exasperation. She just looks at you with genuine, crushing pity. Did you say something wrong? "...Against the HRT, right?" You repeat a little worried.

That lab coat makes her all the more credible... but, with a dismissive shrug the diminutive 'scientist' says. "Here's a reason why you should listen to me, and only to me. You're losing the plot. But now hurry, you are wasting my time. Remember to say I sent you. Get a check-up if you have time. Don't be late."

Eh? Maybe Natalie will tell what's going on exactly, since your First Friend clearly doesn't want to spare you the time of day.

Sensing Jaq made up her mind you ask one last question. "Can I at least trust her with the findings? She won't reveal them to the..." You cringe at the memory. "... Principal, right?"

Yet, she finishes fiddling with her coat and without skipping a beat jumps up. Then looks back at you and states "We should go. Time is not on our side." Humph. Thanks for nothing Jaq.

With nothing to add, you get up and go towards the doors to join in with probably impatient - and definitely worried Alex.

Well, it all didn't take too long, so you probably don't need to rush. Unless you want to pay 'O' a visit as she requested too. It will be the first time you visit the biological females dorm completely alone. Actually, do you have to, or want to go alone?

Looking back, Jaq adjusts her hair while looking at the dorm's mirror - a broken shard of glass held in place by stupendous amount of chewing gum. She seems to be free. Or maybe-

"WHERE IS THE CAT?!" You yell, as you realize the small dorm lacks a galaxy or fifteen.

Jag shrugs, not looking away from her 'mirror'. "It does what It does."

"Yeah..." Somehow you aren't worried, but maybe?
File: The Map of the Surface.png (406 KB, 1197x800)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
With that said, you grab the old doorknob. Time to decide the final course of action.

Companions?: (Characters present with you won't be able to do what they set out to do originally. Can be good or bad. Who knows? Not you, not yet.)

> Like the 'old times'... Insists Jaq goes with you. (1d100 DC90)
> Why deliver to class? Insist Alex goes with you. (1d100 DC60)
> Cat Don Fluffles [LOCKED]
> Go alone. You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
> Write in!

Destination?: (Depending on your performance and choices you might not be able to do everything. And you definitely won't have time to finished every character's options, nor do you need to - pick your battles.)

> 'C': The infirmary first. Jaq fulfilled her part of the deal. Somewhat.
> 'Black Market' first. And the stored items.
> Jaq seems weirdly amicable today, stay and talk with her. (1d100 DC20) (about what?)
> Look for Cat Don Fluffles! Bad Chunk Of Space! No scampering away! (1d100 DC20)
> Go to class and talk with other students. You have a LOT of time to talk!
> Write in
Alright, with tests done I have a week of relative free time. Back to daily updates~

Once again, sorry for the delays, I poorly managed my time.
Rolled 15, 18 = 33 (2d100)

> Go alone. You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
Hmm, the corruption is spreading in our mind but none of the identities seem to notice. We still have Yui confident in himself by the cracks are forming.

> 'C': The infirmary first. Jaq fulfilled her part of the deal. Somewhat.

Vaccine as a partial truth? Can't be for the HRT but with so little info I can only guess that it could be a treatment to slow the air contamination, abomination, or mental submission. Best we can do if try to grille natalie for more and activate Aki to try and pry something out.
Rolled 55, 37 = 92 (2d100)

> Go alone. You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
> Look for Cat Don Fluffles! Bad Chunk Of Space! No scampering away! (1d100 DC20)
>Hmm, the corruption is spreading in our mind but none of the identities seem to notice.
> None... *Cough*

>You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
It's more of an innocuous joke, you are doing well. Your RES is still 68 and SC42% - For now!
>> Go alone. You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
> 'C': The infirmary first. Jaq fulfilled her part of the deal. Somewhat.

Yui's lost the plot, but it's understandable, he isn't used to anomalous bullshit. Most likely it's something to help people fight the effects of the school itself, be it the space or the building. Jaq seems to truly want to rule over this place in the long term.

B-Man is laughing, in a slightly horrified tone. Also, I'll wait to see what comes out of the infirmary discussion to make that dream sequence post with B-Man and dump yet another potential quest/errand on poor Yui!
Alright! Voting closed, will start writing soon~
Ehh... The update kinda grew in size. I'm sorry I will finish it tomorrow morning.
> Go alone. You're an independent woma- hah, as if!
> 'C': The infirmary first. Jaq fulfilled her part of the deal. Somewhat.

With the final glance at the sunlight emanating from the free world you press the old doorknob. With a creak the lock gives way-

"Aki." Jaq's soft voice keeps you still, yet her attention is firmly on the 'mirror'. "Is it better to be feared, or loved?" She states, more so than asks.


"The answer?" She stops and fastens the last button of her coat. "Both are a sign of failure. I won't make that mistake."

Then she turns around and coyly smiles, presenting herself proudly - without a crease, with well kept golden hair and perfect make-up. Like Angelina Jaq reaches ideals of feminine beauty and seems to enjoy herself. "What do you think? Befitting a student council president?"

"P-president?!" Stunned, you can only open the doors for her as she happily skips past you, nudging you lightly on the nose.

"President?" You mumble to the now silent room.


After a moment of silent contemplation you leave your dorm as well. Surprisingly, both Jaq and Alex were already gone, and all that was left is the buzz of artificial lights and faraway, but surprisingly numerous, footsteps.

Alone or not is not a big issue - you explored worse by yourself, although who knows? Maybe the girls will be a more formidable threat than some overgrown, alien fish on legs. Eh? With a shiver you get a move on - it certainly won't be that bad, although... At this point you can consider yourself a veteran of the abnormalities, but when was the last time you had a wholesome, careless discussion with your other colleagues? The class barely knows you. Hopefully you still can lead a chill discussion, or maybe it's just inviting trouble - bad habits to distract you from your escape. Could a grey student offer anything useful?

Shaking the intrusive thoughts away, you focus on the task at hand - the infirmary, and that whole 'Natalie' girl.


As you sneak to your destination the usual, seemingly desolate and withering away hallways - which have more in common with an abandoned ruin than an actively attended school - you see something peculiar. You see life, even so early in the morning.

With a dash you hide between the lockers and eavesdrop as a cordon of two guards clambers through. Among them is a group of five students carrying and evidently struggling with a fridge-like steel container - in all likelihood the guards 'employed' the students to do their work. Whether the container is that heavy, or the ostentatiously effeminate students are that weak is hard to discern.

As they pass your hiding spot, the students seem to be in quite a jovial mood. Circumstances notwithstanding. With jokes and giggles they mock the grumbling guards who hurry them along to some unknown location. Are the guards lazy enough to risk employing students or something else entirely?

Leaving your hiding spot you hurry to make up for the lost time.
File: Leonie is not happy...jpg (16 KB, 320x452)
16 KB
As you pass one of the crossings leading to the 'anomalous' parts of the school, you see a guard. With a gun in hand they zoom from one side to the next and hum some, surprisingly cheerful, song. Getting to those parts might be problematic... And Se-young needs her rations.

Worriedly, you move along. Distant talking and steps getting all the more clear. It feels like another world; from eerie silence to disembodied chatters and steps. Somehow, it makes the place all the more hostile.

Getting close you see yet another group of guards. This time, with familiar faces. Leonie and the Masked Guard stand alone and seemingly stare defeated at the wall with a massive gash in the weathered, peeling pain, revealing the concrete wall beneath. Next to them - a pair of brushes, bleak yellow paint, other DIY paraphernalia and several cardboard boxes. Heh, seems like lack of janitors bites them in the end, but why bother making this place presentable now?

You sneak behind them, and hide behind the corner, when Leonie huffs with exasperation. "Please. please, let's go get some 'interns'! It's a breach of contract anyways."

"No." The other barks, sill overlooking the wall.

"If not 'interns', how about the 'dolls'? They would love to help us. Like the girl from yester-" She hesitates, then continues. "But others are fair game, right?"

The masked one grabs a wide brush, then points it at the brat. "'Dolls' or not, they are still living beings. What happened to them is no grounds to exploit then further. Get to work, you were idle far too long. It gotten into your head."

Sighing, she says seriously. "Not like I have anything better to do." Then grabs a brush herself and coos. "You will change your mind in an hour~"

"Huh? Wanna bet?" They say and cock the head to the side, brushing Leonie's face with their brush.

Angry, she deadpans. "The game is on." And they both get to unpacking the boxes, albeit with varied enthusiasm. With it done, you move along yet again. It never been so busy in here.


Finally, with a sigh of relief the female dorm entrance looms ahead. With it a singular, expected guard. Just like Alex before, you wave your hand in 'greeting' and move past-

Suddenly a hand grabs the collar of your unform and gently pulls you back. "Wha-? Why?"

"Nooot today, young lady." Comes a high-pitched voice of the, evidently female, guard. "Authorities got mad. Today's orders block the entrance of average students to indicated locations without authorization. Female dorms are one of them." She lets you go, but sadly, outside - blocking the way through. "Are you a a part of, or have approval from, the student committee, Student council, medical staff or approved club membership?" She asks genially.

Well, shit. "I'm the head of the cleaning club." You say, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Thinking for a second, she shrugs. "Do you have approval confirmation? Like from the principal, or something?"

Defeated, you breath. "No..."
Annoyed and disappointed, you and the guard share an awkward moment of silence. Did even Jaq missed this directive? Come on! How could you know it, if it's so sudden?! At least the guard seems sympathetic with her sheepishly scratching the back of her helmet. "I'm so very sorry, I just can't let you through."

You can't give up now, right? Or can you? One way or another you might need a new piece of paper soon.

> Insist to let you pass once. (1d100 DC35)
> Try to distract the guard. (1d100 DC80)
> Fetch Leonie for help. You are with the guard! (Leads to another vote)
> Say Jaq sent you! That will work... Surely.
> Give up, go somewhere else (where?)
> [Sprt] Stand for yourself and talk about unfairness of such sudden decisions. Demand who did it! RES-1
> [Aki] Have a mental breakdown and weep. Your friend is in the infirmary! RES-3
> [B-Man] Oh? What is it? Show her fake papers. (Papers Remain) (1d100 DC50 each time)
> Write in!

If you can ask... What do you want to know from the guard? (Some options imply certain questions, or give you 2)

> Where is the infirmary? (Possibly Save time) (1d100 DC30)
> Lead me to infirmary! (1d100 DC75)
> The new directives - Who? (1d100 DC30)
> The new directives - the guarded zones? (1d100 DC75)
> [Aby] Trick the guard about the guarded zones [Locked] RES-1
> About the Traffic in Female Dorms.
> About the upheaval in the hallways. (1d100 DC55)
> Write in!
OOC: Question
What update size is the best? Originally, this update was nearly 4,5 updates long minus the options, but I elected to split it up. Its not a quest if it's just text.

Similarly, before it B-Anon posted the idea of shorter 'clarification' updates, which I quite like. They make sense. So, if anyone going further wants to stay longer or avoid a certain decision for the time being - feel free to request a shortie about clarifications, just as long as it has enough votes for it.

Like always, sorry for not updating yesterday, ambitions over reals can screw me over hard~

Oh, and btw, I've read through the previous threads and, oh boy, have I changed. Those 2 whole threads aren't nearly as gae as a single post of mine before! Hehe... And someone said I couldn't be unbiased! So mean to lack trust in Your Loving QM~!
Rolled 45, 43, 52 = 140 (3d100)

> [B-Man] Oh? What is it? Show her fake papers. (Papers Remain) (1d100 DC50 each time)
> Where is the infirmary? (Possibly Save time) (1d100 DC30)
> About the upheaval in the hallways. (1d100 DC55)
Rolled 1, 75, 22 = 98 (3d100)

I will say you handled it pretty well so far!

> [B-Man] Oh? What is it? Show her fake papers. (Papers Remain) (1d100 DC50 each time)
> Where is the infirmary? (Possibly Save time) (1d100 DC30)
> About the upheaval in the hallways. (1d100 DC55)

Kind of reminds me of Medal of Honor Allied Assault, some infiltration missions where you do have a button to show fake papers. I wonder if name-dropping Jaq would help. On the one hand, she apparently did get elected as student council president, on the other it's best to just let the guard see what they want to see with the fake papers.

We definitely need Jaq to get us a paper if she wants us to go on errands like that. It will also help Yui move around even when not on Jaq's orders. I'd go with
> Say Jaq sent you! That will work... Surely.
but the lack of a DC...concerns me greatly.

Interesting. Painting the hallways makes the school presentable. My bet is on graduation being a genuine slave auction with clients coming in to get a look at their investment. Almost makes you want to stick around to blow up some important fucks too. Almost.
Also, neat bit showing how using the term dolls dehumanizes the students so the guards see them as objects, not people with rights and a mind. Tried and true technique!
I think that is my second 1 of the quest. Had one last thread too. So, critfail on the fake papers? Can't remember what had happened then.
File: Oh...jpg (80 KB, 689x515)
80 KB
>fakes papers to a literal guard.
>1, crits override.
Oh boy. Ok, since it's quite a crime you got here... and at the very beginning of the day as well...

I will allow for some small rule break, since I'm such a loving QM

If AbyAnon votes I will count their vote with the SpiritualAnon, and if the outcome will be larger than 100 with the starting 45, I will make that 1 go *Puff*... But only if you get more than 100.

Oh, boy... Or you we don't rule break. Decide for yourself - as they say, consequences of our mistakes tend to be more interesting than our successes... Surely.
I should point out that I had, in fact, this scenario prepared - just did not expect it this quickly, if at all. Oh, well.

Also, no it's not game over.
Should I close voting? It's getting late, and I aim for 1 update per day.
I mean, roll if you want? Because Ii sure ain't doing it.
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Well, it will most likely be a short update.

Jesus Christ, this is why I don't want to roll in quests.
Look alive brother(or sister, or B-person), you just made a memory!

Also, you avoided the Crit, but you still have some explaining to do... It's still a failure, just not a tragic one.
Rolled 48, 65, 7 = 120 (3d100)

> [B-Man] Oh? What is it? Show her fake papers. (Papers Remain) (1d100 DC50 each time)
> Where is the infirmary? (Possibly Save time) (1d100 DC30)
> About the upheaval in the hallways. (1d100 DC55)

My god what the fuck happened while I was gone?
We grabbed the wrong papers of our transportation. Say we lost our friend in the woods and pop Aki to weep as we are desperately hoping our friend is just hurt and in infirmary instead of missing.
File: Female Dorms Guard.jpg (214 KB, 447x1033)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
> [B-Man] Oh? What is it? Show her fake papers. [1! CRIT AVERTED, 48 = FAILURE]
> Where is the infirmary? (Possibly Save time) [DC30:75 SUCCESS]
> About the upheaval in the hallways. [DC55:52 FAILURE]

To think that after all that slipping behind the backs of the guards you would be standing here - at the entrance to the female dorms. Their blueish, unsettlingly sleek and clean walls and lockers mock you from the comfort of the one thing that you simply had no way of accounting for; a new set of orders and an armed guard ready to enact them. At point-blank range, no less.

At the very least this obstacle doesn't seem to enjoy rubbing the circumstances in, and is more sympathetic to your plight. Calmly she bows so that you and her are on equal footing. "Look, I know I was letting you through for the longest time. And I get it, we all have friends beyond the walls and all that, but I just can't let you through."

Still dismayed, you agressively rub the temples of your nose - Jaq won't like it. although, she must know about these regulations right now. Especially if she's indeed a student council president... But why can't you remember any elections? Sure you helped her gather data, but no elections actually took pla-

"Are you alright? Did you like, doze of?" Guard's concerned voice shakes you out of your conjectures. "Please, move along and return once you have them. Now shoo!" She 'smiles' and pats you on the back. While her mouth is obscured by a black balaclava, she isn't as scary as she first appears looks.

Disheartened, you turn around and with a lumbering gait start going back. It's a time to get yourself a document, but how? Eh? You pat the concealed pocket of your button-up shirt that inexplicably started itching, then pull... A red ID Card? It's signed with your credentials, and with a small stamp in the shape of a red cross on white background in the corner. Next to it, an elegant writing: 'Approved Member of Medical Staff; Nurse; signed: Dr. Natalie Jlassi, Head of Medicine Department.'

Stunned, you do a double take - the card is still there... And somehow you know it's fake. A cheap forgery. Did Jaq slipped it for you? Or something - someone - else did it? With a shrug you face the guard once again. No time for questions, either about the card or how a twenty year old has the title of a Doctor of medicine.

Retuning, you wave the counterfeit in the air with enthusiasm. Its your way though! "I've found it! Here, my documents." You announce proudly, striking a pose and twirling your black hair extensions - in a blink of an you became a nurse! At least on paper.

The guard for her part doesn't seem to share your glee, and her previously genial eyes slant with suspicion. Slowly, she snatches your ID and proceeds to skimmer through it.

For some time she just twirls the small plaque in her hands, looks from different angles, and brings it closer then further again. With each of her glances your pulse jumps. If only you had real ones..
File: Like a fish in a barrel.png (752 KB, 1515x1080)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
As the guard keeps doing her damnable duty, you get another idea. It's time to ask her something - to gain information; to distract her. Both is good.

Tentatively, without rising her awareness too much you ask. "Where is the female dorms's infirmary? I've only worked in 'girls's."

In response the guard mumbles the instructions as she eyes some details you of your ID Card. The infirmary lies near the heart of the female dorms, in a special corridor. The instructions seem clear enough, even with your guide being evidently distracted.

Content, you ask once again. "Lady Guard, do you you know what's going with the whole upheaval in the hallways? It's unsettling me."

Right then the guard stops overlooking your ID, her eyes full of suspicion, and with a hint of indignation. Your heart stops when she pats your card with a gloved finger and calmly states. "This ID is fake."

The words chill you, and for a second the world spins. "W-w-w-whaaat?!" How?! "It can't be!"

Still calm, the woman shows your the card and pats it once again. "Here, and here, and over here. Someone did a great job forging it, but there are flaws never present in the real ones, like the logo being slightly bent to the left. Similarly, you have approved papers but you were so surprised about them?" Her gaze pierces you; burning you with it's newfound intensity. Then taking a deep disappointed sigh she continues. "Forgery is one of the heavily punished crimes. Can you provide any reason why I shouldn't report you to the authorities, if not outright gun you down?"

That woman holds the key to your very life! You can't end up like the others! You just can't stand there! And why did she need to be so thorough!? All others didn't care!

Steading your breath, you center yourself and meet eyes with the expectant guard - Her blue ones accuse you of wrongs you know you've committed and yet cannot admit. Although, unlike all other guards, this one seems not hostile, with her rifle still at her hips - she looks disappointed, disgusted even in your criminal deeds.

Yet, no matter how calm she seems, panic wells within you. Panic so unlike back then with the monsters - you could have fought back, not here. And what will they do to you? Is what awaits you not worse than death?

It's All in...

Any excuses? (This turn might be pivotal point in this version of the documents. No guarantees, no good solutions.)

> 'C': Fall unconscious. Let it go... (1d100) RES-1
> You didn't know it was fake, you just found it! Beg for forgiveness. (1d100, DC:75) RES-2
> Stay silent... Let fate run it's course.
> Cry Jaq sent you. Twice the charm, right... RIGHT? RES-2
> Deny the the fact of the matter. (1d100, DC: 90)
> Bargain for your freedom by ratting out Se-young.
> Escape to the bunker. (1d100, DC: 90)
> [RES60+] Fight the guard and die with honor and on your terms.
> [Aki] Break down, apologize, and wail in horror. RES-8
> Write in!
> Escape to the bunker. (1d100, DC: 90)
The DC here was meant to be 65, idk why it's 90...

Honestly, I did not see it coming. But hey, at least it's not a crit~ ehh... Good luck.
No Spirit option?
Feel free to suggest one! I thought about it too, but I struggle to come up with one that can assist you realistically. I will approve if I see a cool one~

and no, you can't beat the guard in melee.
>[Spirit] Adopt a firm posture and grin. Congratulate the guard on being so observant. Tell her she's passed the secret test given to guards.
I thought about it, but once she caught you and is suspicious of you, would she really believe you with nothing to back it up? 'prove it' and you crumble...

Sorry, I don't give it pass a as no-dice way out, but you can add it as a 'lying' with lower DC than:
>Deny the the fact of the matter. (1d100, DC: 90)
And no RES loss.
Something like this?

I will also add a new one: Again, no perfect Options.

>Adopt a firm posture and grin. Congratulate the guard on being so observant. Tell her she's passed the secret test given to guards. (1d100, DC:80)
>Implore the Guard to consult the matter with nearby Leonie. (1d100, DC:50) RES-1
> Offer community service in exchange for keeping it secret. (1d100, DC:40)
Rolled 76 (1d100)

>Adopt a firm posture and grin. Congratulate the guard on being so observant. Tell her she's passed the secret test given to guards. (1d100, DC:80)
I might as well try, even if the chance is 20%. Refuge in audacity.
File: Blergh.jpg (95 KB, 425x392)
95 KB
>4 away
Remember to roll RES, otherwise you will get the 'C' option of blacking out. And please, reply to the main post, it makes it so much easier! Thank you~!
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Do stats like Charisma still have an impact on DCs?
Yes. That's why you haven't seen a 90+ convincing check since forever, unless with Jaq. Most of what you see should be around 90-99s

The consequences of our mistakes tend to be more interesting that those of our successes. It's not over.

Also, I'm not the binary boy, so if you miss DC by 1-5 I generally assume stuff as 'small failures' - you still fail and face some consequences, but they are greatly diminished. It doesn't feel right to have a 2 be similar to 76 for DC:80, or maybe the discussion will continue further, who knows? Not you sadly... Good luck, from your loving QM~
I'll assume you're Spirit anon, but either way I tip my hat off to you sir, that is the kind of poker faced lying I can only aspire to. I'll admit I was ready to have Yui learn the ways of the Polish and French resistance, militarize the bunker, launch daring night raids and forge an alliance with the fishmen. But we may yet have a chance.

Honestly not sure I should roll. Ever again for this quest.
But since we're four off, maybe another clever write in could eke out the barest success?

>If she questions the test, say it comes from Miss Jaqueline, the new student council president, who probably got it from Mrs Muller, who wants everyone to be on their best behavior with the expected guests for the "graduation". We both know the guests are the kind to get their way and try to push hard-working people like you around~! And you're sorry for pulling that trick, but you're following orders too. Anyway, if you have questions, you can go and find miss Jaqueline, but for now, do keep quiet about it. And don't worry, even if your colleagues fail they won't be in trouble, this is supposed to be a fun~ learning experience for everyone!

Using my guess that the painting means guests are coming for graduation, and that it will most likely be an option, so we can expect rich backers. Then commiserate with the guard on how they can be assholes. Hopefully Jaq wasn't kidding when she said she was the new president. Maybe a little bit of Aki thrown in there, looking back. After all, could a doll really come up with such an elaborate scheme? Come on now, she's obviously on orders from someone competent!
>Honestly not sure I should roll. Ever again for this quest.
Hey, don't be tough on yourself! Dice is dice.

On the other hand:
Should I be closing votes faster? In general, my policy was to await all of us to vote, but it's unlikely things will change, and I'm afraid I won't be able to work at night today...
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Alright, voting closed~!
Rolling how well you fare with finding the infirmary, and whether you gotta keep your nose.
1-33: Panic and directions don't pair well... Agh?!
34-66: it was this way? Yeah... Oh?
67-100: Stress can go and... Easy! Now just- Agh?!
Sorry, I'm Tired. I will finish the rest tomorrow. I will post some thoughts on the schedule too.
File: Onlookers.jpg (56 KB, 800x600)
56 KB
>Adopt a firm posture and grin. Congratulate the guard on being so observant. Tell her she's passed the secret test given to guards. [DC:60:76 SUCCESS!]
> Alibi [DC-20]

Silence befalls the intersection between the world of girls and those of 'girls'. The previous hustles of guards fade to the far background of your mind - you have to figure something out to appease the final obstacle to your current goal. Appease her, or... *Shudder*

No. You won't go gentle into that good night - You can't run; crying is out of the question, and so, improvisation it is.

At once you straighten - now, or never - and grin genially at your would-be captor. A gesture she clearly did not anticipate, as she cocks her head and looks at you curiously. Her gaze screams the 'go on, show me what you've got!' vibes.

Running on adrenaline, you quickly indulge her. "Congratulations! You've passed the test!" You announce proudly.

"The test?" She says, smirking.

"The test!" You stop letting your words sink in. "One prepared by Miss. Jaqueline!" You fish for her reaction, and are met with nothing, but a small curiosity. "Miss. Jaqueline THE new Student Council President!"

"Oh, so like a biiiiig deal, right?" She says half-sardonically.

"Yes! And she probably got the idea from Mrs. Müller who wants everyone to be at their best in the coming 'Graduation'!"

At that she laughs a little. "Young lady, the it's early summer, it's not yet time-"

"Hey!" You shush her, and she shakes her head mesmerized. "We both know the guests are the kind to get their way and try to push hard-working people like you around~!"

Her masked face betrays bewildered fascination at your performance. And yet, undisturbed, you push further. "Anyway, if you have questions, you can go and find miss Jaqueline, but for now, do keep quiet about it. And don't worry, even if your colleagues fail they won't be in trouble, this is supposed to be a fun~ learning experience for everyone!" You finish with a deep exhale. That felt as if you recited something. But hey, that's your natural charisma at play.

Looking back, you see two peculiar things: first and foremost, your interlocutor seems delighted at your words with and wipes tears from her eyes; second from behind her a dozen or so long heads peeking from the doorframes - female students are looking at the event you unknowingly host.

With a sudden pressure and adrenaline passing you shy behind the guard for cover. You never were a presentation kind of person, maybe one day. Thankfully, as soon as they are spotted, like one, all scram inside their respective dorms... Guess you will be famous for a while.

Then the guard speaks, her tone laced with mirth. "Well, young lady, given all this. I'm glad I passed~"

"So, as you can see, I need to go test the others." So you reach for the fake documents. Yet as you reach them, she snatches them away.

"Don't worry, honey. I will assist in your duty!" She laughs, but shreds the ID in half right in your face. Oh.
At once cold sweat returns in vengeance. Did you fail in the end? Fear once again grips you, clutching and twisting your guts.

Yet, surprisingly, the guard woman simply stands aside and leans on the wall in silence and starts humming. With her seemingly out of the way, the entrance to the female dorms lies wide open. Tentatively, you lock eyes with the guard who shrugs.

Emboldened a little by her gesture, you step inside the sleek, blue corridor. After the first step comes the next and next, until you walk with confidence once again. Guess you managed to fool her-!

"Hey, young lady!" Comes jovial yell from behind you. "Please, don't 'test' me again after this. I might be less than willing to cooperate." With the obvious hint taken, you do the reasonable thing and instantly bail from sight - last thing you want is for her to change her mind.

After swerving behind the nearest intersection you breath a sigh of relief. It was Waay to close, and the convenient papers are gone as fast as they arrived. A shame, no, not really. Which means you need papers of your own to counter the new directive. Otherwise you won't leave the 'safe zone' easily - and Se-young needs her rations.

With a sigh, you get back on track. Hopefully the worst passed.


Retracing the route the guard absentmindedly disclosed, you reach the peculiar hall. A large white double healthcare door with gilded symbol of a staff and a snake entwined with in a downward spiral shape. Needless to say, it leads to the infirmary.

With enthusiasm at the quick find you step inside. The first thing of note is that it's not infirmary - not just infirmary - but a whole mini hospital wing with at least four wards and one door at the very end with an ominous crimson light above it. This place is eerie in a familiar way - distinctly colder than the main dorm; with silence broken only by the working ventilation and your steps; and dingy, dim light overhead that somehow misses half of available space. It's just like the bunker. well, minus the smell - here it smells like artificial soaps and cleaners with a tinge of something else.

Unwilling to stay for any longer than necessary, you walk over to the first ward on the right. On the doors a large engraving says 'infirmary'. You are about to knock when suddenly the doors click.

Abruptly the ward doors burst open. In a split second you jump out of dodge, steel frame missing your head by inches. "Hey! Be careful- eh?!" You gasp, when a pale blur rockets from the inside.

Still reeling from the previous evasion, the new threat unceremoniously slams into you, knocking you both - along the wind out of your lungs - to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Momentarily dazed, you feel small weight lifting from you, then duo of voices bickering.

"Kiwi...! What have I told you? Not this way!" Comes an angry, feminine voice with an harsh accent.

"Hehe... Ups~" closer one - and sweeter one, albeit weak and cracking - coos unapologetically.
File: ???.jpg (73 KB, 488x809)
73 KB
With a pained grunt you grasp your aching chest and shoulder - main victims of the assault - and look over to see blurred figures standing over you. One thing catching your eyes instantly is the contrast; the girl on the right, Kiwi(?), Is short, deathly pale and dressed in a white gown-like clothes, meanwhile the other girl seems incredibly tanned and wears a vivid greens and blacks.

With a deep breath you start returning to your senses. But before you can, you are yanked to straight legs by the tanned one. "Kiwi, dear, return to the lab in an instant. And as for ya..." Her authoritative voice shakes you back into consciousness. "I 'dvocate silence. If you dare gossiping about what just occurred yo will be my next- hm? A boy?"

Surprised, she cautiously let's you go, making sure you can stand straight. You finally get to see her fully - shes not tanned, her skin is just autumn-brown, with jet-black hair and face with light features emanating exotic beauty unheard of back in Japan. She's dressed casually, quite unbecoming of the location. Was she leaving? She might be slender and frail-looking, but she *Definitely* is a girl.

When you look away in shame, you see the glimpse of the pale girl from before limping towards the doors at the end of the hallway, sniffing. However the other girl quickly jumps right Infront of you and blocks your vision with her angry face. She corrects her glasses and nudges you with a finger. "What is a boy doing here? Are ya a pervert, a rat, or one of the bullies? This place is off-limits, you know? Why didn't you call in first?" She barks utterly agitated. Wait, it is? The infirmary is off limits? Then, the doors behind her click and she visibly relaxes with a sigh.

Well, you came here for Jaq and was supposed to find Natalie. Is that her? Although she doesn't look like a certified doctor of medicine, nor does she speak like one... Much less a prodigy.

Well, only just what to tell her? Should you assume her identity?

Why you've come here again? How to approach the situation?
> 'C': Tell her Jaq sent you. Indulge curiosity and try to look past her.
> Tell her Jaq sent you. Be professional, even if she isn't.
> Tell her Jaq sent you. And be casual.
> Jaq can wait, focus on, and choose Medical Staff Permits.
> You are here for a check-up. Don't mention Jaq. (1d100, DC:80)
> Push her away and follow the pale girl into the 'lab'. (1d100, DC:20)
> Knock her out and investigate the 'lab'. (1d100, DC:70)

Anything to add? Optional, might backfire. (Can select 2)

> Ask for her name first.
> "You are Natalie, right?"
> Mention 'O' and your relationship. (???) (1d100)
> Ask about possibility of getting the Medical Staff Permits.
> Change the subject and ask about infirmary and the girl. (1d100, DC: 40/85)
> Try to flirt. It's the first *Girl* you've seen.
> Be spiteful. Go outside and fact-check her claim first. (1d100, DC:50)
> Ask about the 'lab'. (1d100, DC:85)
> Write in!
Casual QM comment. I don't envy anyone who hosts Anime Pic based Quests about black people. So difficult to find pics in that art style... Literally took me hours.

Also, going further. I will approve of 2 votes to start writing, unless it's a very important choice. I don't wanna write at night...
Rolled 81 (1d100)

Glad my write-in pushed it past the finish line, but that was much too close.

> Ask for her name first.
>If she's Natalie, act casual. If not, act professional. Mention Jaq's errand in both cases.

If she is, mentioning Jaq should hopefully get her in a better mood for a casual chat. Our collective stress levels could sure use that right about now. If she isn't, no need to make enemies.

Okay, so only the C roll. Seems low risk, so I'll roll for it.
I will wait for more votes. I guess.
Rolled 65, 4 = 69 (2d100)

> Ask for her name first.
>If she's Natalie, act casual. If not, act professional. Mention Jaq's errand in both cases.
Also good job Spirt with that write in way back. I keep getting busy so I can't make it to the quests earlier with my theory crafting. But yeah asking for a name and revealing our Jaq errand can help us avoid creating a leak.
File: Options appreciated~.jpg (283 KB, 403x532)
283 KB
283 KB JPG

1. Voting closed~ will start writing after house chores. (1,5h +/-)

2. A few questions I would to have answers for. Thank you, for efforts!

> What do you think about the pace?
I'm a child of Akun and my style reflects it in it's slowness/detail over progress. Problem is, Akun is a much faster site, and here it clogs down updates with more trivial matters. So, do you prefer fast and to the point updates where we go along the story faster, or more character driven updates with internal dialogue and dorkiness? Or maybe what I do is fine? As always I look forward to ANY criticism! (Hopefully the '...' amount proves it! Thanks for that BTW)

> Vote counts? Are 2 or 1 enough for average update? (Discounting Major choices, those I would rather have at least 3 or wait 24h)
Since the beginning I was committed to the idea to let all of us vote, and then write, as not to discriminate based on circumstances and generally vibe together. However, it kinda slows the updates, or makes me update at night. My idea is to either have some "count down" after the first vote or if two agree on one thing just go with it, but this kills Write in ideas and conversation about what to do. What do you think? Ideally I would love to keep the 1day1update.

> Any criticism in general? (Optional)
>child of Akun
I am Yui's complete lack of surprise.

More seriously, I prefer 1 update per day. I've found in my own quest-running and other ventures that having a set posting window is important. Even more important with quests is having a consistent voting window. Tell us anons how long the vote will be open for, when the next update should drop. It doesn't matter if updates are inconsistent or miss a day so long as the voting window stays the same, and is hopefully long enough for everyone to vote. About 10-12 hours can work.

That's my view on it. The best quest I ever followed on here had 3-5 dedicated anons, strategic planing, civil discussions, and near the end we had an update every two days. We'd vote on the first day, then the QM would close the vote and take the next day to make the update to keep a consistent updating schedule and work on it when it was most convenient for them. And it worked well enough, we always got enough votes (usually only 3 for combat phases though, as some anons didn't really want to deep-dive into that system, which is a shame because it was great.)

That should hopefully solve vote counts question. Also, that quest had the QM rolling, not the players. Here, we have an incentive to wait for more people, because it might secure a (better) success on a DC.

That's my two cents.
I will think it over.

The update is about 70% finished, but damn... Am I not content with it. I will update tomorrow morning, so in about 12h, sorry.
>child of akun
One of us, one of us.
But yeah as teal blue says 1 update per day helps out catch as many anons for voting as possible as many of us either has a job, school, or dealing with house chores so we come back late.

Also for me I prefer time to try and think of ideas and plans. Aby was made to schizo post random unconnected theories born from small insignificant facts.
>One of us, one of us.
I mean, at this point, considering how the rest of the board views this quest, maybe we should all just give up the pretense and all get a trip? I mean, they're already calling us fags. (Though to be fair they do that with everyone.)
File: Fag? Own it~.jpg (59 KB, 527x306)
59 KB
Update coming in 2h~

>Aby was made to schizo post random unconnected theories born from small insignificant facts.
What a good girl~

>maybe we should all just give up the pretense and all get a trip?
In truth, I started Questing here to learn for Akun(I think I said as much). That's why I haven't altered the way I write to adjust for 4chan. And, NGL, I was contemplating it for quite a while too - initially I thought that there might be no 2nd thread, but the first was archived way too fast and severed the communication.

And I'm kinda afraid that starting in the middle of things would be a hindrance.

There is also the problem that my final exams start at 14th and last until (possibly) 30. Most aren't a problem at all, but it stacks and weights me down. I don't want to start the career with an actual name by going (possibly) radio silent for a while.

>they're already calling us fags.
I will creep post and admit that you were right back in the first thread when you theorized I've got a thing for abusive relationships - I don't mind it all, scratch that, I like it~ it motivates me to piss them off!
File: Medical Ward.jpg (62 KB, 1280x768)
62 KB
>Ask for her name first.
>If she's Natalie, act casual. If not, act professional. Mention Jaq's errand in both cases.

What a change of scenery. One moment you stand alone in yet another gloomy offshoot of this school, and in another you stand face to face - and are interrogated by - an exotic beauty in some of the most revealing attire you've ever seen. And you are also in pain. And add to it that none of it is even your fault!

Nonetheless, as her question about your purpose in the infirmary lingers in the air, you dust yourself off and meet her gaze. You will not kowtow to her intimidation. "I'm on an errand, but first, who are you? What's your name?"

As you prepare for conflict, the girl simply nods and relaxes. "Figured. Just at the right time too." She says genially and adjusts her glasses once more. "Name's Natalie Jlassi, Head of Medicine Department, at your service." She stops and proffers you a hand.

Taken aback by sudden change, you hesitantly reciprocate her gesture. Guess you just found out who that Natalie is. But before you can speak she continues.

"And It stands to reason you are one of the Jaqueline's subjects, may I know your name? For the medical report, if nothing else?"

"Oh, of course... My name is Aki Nakamura, it's nice to meet you." You repeat the usual sermon, albeit hoarsely as your chest still hurts from the previous tackle. Hopefully she won't misuse this information.

Content, she rises her free hand and points at the infirmary's doors with her thumb. "After you! Don't bother with formalities, I'm a doctor, and I'm supposed to serve life, not deny it with seriousness." She smiles, previous glower completely gone, then casually pushes you towards the doors. "Capishe?... Eh, she's rubbing in on me."


Stepping inside is a relief. At least in a aesthetic way.

In the full contrast to the drab antechamber, the actual infirmary brims with sunlight from the screens imitating windows. The gentle lighting gives the room a welcome cozy and warm feeling, as does the usual sleek and clean design.

At once Natalie requests you to sit on the bed in the corner, meanwhile she struts over to the small, office area marked by the large rectangular desk to prepare herself. There, she switches her casual green hoodie and glasses for more adequate white coat and thick, square glasses. It's comforting that she's finally looking the the part... For the most part, if not for the striped black and white thigh highs.

As you get comfortable - which is quite easy - Natalie dives beneath her desk and fishes out a small, thumb sized, plastic container. Then she spares you a sidelong glance and assuringly whispers. "Please, strip to your pants... Or panties, and get comfortable. I will start the check-up in but a minute."
File: Female Dorm Infirmary .jpg (260 KB, 1920x1297)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
You didn't sign up for it! Surprised you all but squeak. "B-but I'm not there for a check-up! I mean, I haven't decided on it yet. I'm there for the package for Jaq, I mean Jaqueline."

For a split second Natalie looks just as surprised, but quickly sighs knowingly. Leaning back on her chair she looks at you apologetically, then with a small chuckle says. "Jaqueline you gods forsaken fennec... Listen, Aki, if you want to get them 'package', there is a price, and evidently your Mistress did not find it necessary to inform you that the price is to volunteer for a check-up." As she finishes, she fishes for your reaction.

And you don't disappoint. Instantly you huff indignantly. "It's so like her..."

"Ja, that's so like her." She smiles and gets up. "But hey, on my Hippocratic oath I swear I won't force you to do anything." She says cordially and walks over to sit next to you on the bed.

Before you can say anything again, she drapes her hand over your neck and brings you hugs you. "Please, don't feel bad, it's just the way it is sometimes. Look, I can't force your hand, but how about I sweeten the deal?" She coos, and you flinch away from her grasp quite scaraused. "HEY! Not like this. First, let me apologize, it was mean to assume you are one of Those girls. Secondly, know that you partake in something greater than both of us combined. We do it for everyone in here, not just the gods forsaken delinquents, or cunning fennecs, but all the innocents too, you included. Surely you want to return home without this paranormal curse?"

"Curse? What do you mean?" You quickly reply worriedly.

At your question she grabs her chin and contemplates her next course of action. "Do you have a medical background, Aki?"

"None." You say matter-of-factly, too worried for a strategizing.

Sighing, she adjusts her glasses. "I don't mean a literal curse - well, I don't deny it could be a curse too anymore, but there is something unique about this place. Somehow it leaves a stain on us, in a way that conflicts with our modern understanding of..." Both of you share a look. And you scratch your forearm sheepishly. "Alright. Something here changes us in peculiar way. Over time it lingers and gets worse. I research how to cure, or even better, use it to assist humanity. Here? Better?"

You nod, still a little annoyed by the deception and the fact you weren't in on the happenings. "Will this affliction follow me even if I were to leave?"

Natalie only nods grimly. Fuck. Then puts her hand on your shoulder and whispers. "It's alright. I've got it, give me some time and I will bend reality to humanity's heel!" She yells childishly, evidently trying to cheer you up. "So, will you assist me? I promise on my Hippocratic oath that you wont feel any unendurable pain durning the check-up."

With a deep breath, you look her back in the eyes, and she responds with a gentle smile.
File: Natalie.jpg (151 KB, 581x811)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
The word 'unendurable' is a little worrying through... As is the fact that 'O' wanted to meet you, and you still need to pick up your items.

But then something else picks your attention, Natalie had a spare glasses. A sciency type too...

Hesitantly, you ask one more thing. "Hey Natalie-"

"Just call me Nat. That's how friends called me back in the university." She interjects.

"Oh, ok."

About the check-up. Will take some time...

> Reject the check-up. So much for trusting in Jaq... Go back (where?)
> Reject the check-up. Talk with Natalie about (what?)
> Accept the check-up. For science... Do you even want to know? (RES-2/-5) <learn the impacts of Corruption>
> Write in!

Anything else? Want to ask anything? Can ask multiple (2).

> Ask about Medical Staff Permits - inquire about becoming a school nurse. Responsibilities and privileges and requirements.
> Ask about Natalie's opinion on Jaq. (1d100)
> Ask to borrow glasses. (1d100, DC: 50)
> Ask about 'O' and the file you've had.
> Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... (1d100, DC:20)
> Ask about Kiwi and the lab. (1d100, DC:50/101)
> Ask about more details about the disease, or the curse... (1d100, DC: 20/90)
> Have a casual chat and improve bond. (1d100)
> [Aby] inspect the equipment and talk about it with Natalie. [LOCKED]
> Write in!
Rolled 93, 45 = 138 (2d100)

She's got a white coat!
I'm almost surprised there isn't a related Aki option! ^^

Also, pretty expected stuff with the curse. I will say watching Natalie squirm and bravely struggle as her understanding of reality is squiii~shed by the uncaring powers of the unspeakable is fun to see! She'll bend or break soon enough, most likely. Hopefully bend, since that would be a simple change in worldview rather than a shattering.

Not sure on the check up yet. Sunk cost fallacy has me saying yes, but that could be a hefty chunk. But knowledge is power. Yet, Natalie obviously doesn't know the real juicy bits, since she's still trying to bring the curse back to her understanding of medicine and biology. Still, Yui and his masks could piece together a lot from her notes and explanations. That or ask B-Man for a crash course in dealing with "affected" locations.

In the meantime:
> Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... (1d100, DC:20)
Hopefully an easy info grab.
> Have a casual chat and improve bond. (1d100)
Let's get those DCs down. Hopefully it doesn't cost too much time. I'm guessing no, so long as we keep it within the allotted numbers of topics? And the other choices are either not interesting or have too high DCs for the juicy bits of info. Also, it usually pays to be friend with the doc. I mean, Yui's already died once this week!

And what was Aby's item again?

So you didn't qm on Akun, just play, and decided to "train" here? No, I don't recall you mentioning that.

>I will creep post and admit that you were right back in the first thread when you theorized I've got a thing for abusive relationships - I don't mind it all, scratch that, I like it~ it motivates me to piss them off!
*sigh* I've said my piece on it, and I never liked drama or baiting. But you do you.
Ah, exam season, right. Always a bitch.
>I'm almost surprised there isn't a related Aki option! ^^
Once again I'm ashamed. Once again I fail to see the gae... It's your fault for having such high RES and little relevant symptoms! I need a non-gae mindset for writing! Meanies!

Aki has to make do with only the memories of hunting Budimir... Poor girl. But She. Won't. Be. Starved. Out~

>And what was Aby's item again?
It's the glasses! You can get them now, without going to 'O', but she might have other things to say, at least this early in the morning...

>Hopefully it doesn't cost too much time.
No, rejecting the check-up saves you a lot of time... But it slows down science!1!
You can select this option instead of the additional one of bond building. I can assume 93 carries over.
> Reject the check-up. Talk with Natalie about (what?)

>Also, it usually pays to be friend with the doc.
Now YOU can be a Doc, or atleast qualifed! But hey, papers~
...Someone deep within you could help you learn faster... Someone's yearns to be unleashed!

>But you do you.
I meant it in the context of my relationship with 4chan!

For last, Gods Damnit, you mistaken two characters with each other!
>you mistaken two characters with each other
Which two?

And switching the chatting to asking for the glasses but gaining it back instead of the check up might be worthwhile, yet Ii'm still somewhat interested in the info. I'll wait for the others to weight in. What a shame that, 93 was two digits off from a +1 RES.
File: No MORE RES! - Aki.jpg (29 KB, 500x500)
29 KB
>somewhat interested in the info.
Which info?

>Which two?
'A real lady(Male) doesn't kiss and tell~' - Aki, Akitionary of Proverbs, 42§.

>What a shame, so close to RES+
Aki: *Angy Gae Noises*

Since it's a big vote, I will keep it up for 24h (since update), or 3 votes, or you guys request a faster update.
Oh, the info provided by the check up, the effects of corruption. It may also affect what kind of deals B-man could offer to help with that.
Rolled 97, 88, 39 = 224 (3d100)

> Accept the check-up. For science... Do you even want to know? (RES-2/-5) <learn the impacts of Corruption
With the data set Aby can try to hunt down the corruption and begin finding ways to work around or through it. We got the RES so we can afford a bop.

> Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... (1d100, DC:20)

Meat puppets or T-Doll sort of things?

> Write-in: Asking for the glasses while chatting with doc for bonds.
Aby: "Game the system take three actions at once! SCIENCE CANNOT BE DENIED."

Nah, I view having a trip on qst as a QM only thing and don't want to sully that tradition.
File: SCIENCE BITCH!.jpg (174 KB, 992x1403)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Yui: "This is too dangerous, so I won't have a checkup."
Aby shows up smacks Yui on the floor as she takes control.
ABY: "Knowledge is power and that power is MINE."
Yui: "Aby no!"
Aby: "ABY YES!"
Rolled 40, 49 = 89 (2d100)

> Reject the check-up. Talk with Natalie about the guards
> Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... (1d100, DC:20)
> Ask about more details about the disease, or the curse... (1d100, DC: 20/90)
Rolled 75 (1d100)

I yield to that 97. Man, where were these rolls five minutes ago, it would have saved Yui a lot of stress!
So that 97 means +1 RES, meaning the option is now RES-1/-4, and the high roll should mean less damage/more info. You may have just made it RES neutral.
Poor QM and poor Aki, but at the same time not so much. Look, on the bright side, knowing the mechanics lets us take calculated risks with Aki more often!

I also support asking about the Dolls still, and also the write-in. I guess I should roll for it too? Oh boy.
We have a the votes, but I will leave it open for 3 hours more, just as a last chance to change your mind or add anything.

Abby to the rescue~ but...
Duh. It's a diceless option... Come on, what am I supposed to do now...? Whatever, know that I'm your Loving QM and I will yield. B-but it's the LAST time! When no roll is needed, no need to roll!

>I yield to that 97.
Does that mean you change vote to?
> Accept the check-up. For science... Do you even want to know? (RES-2/-5)
> Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... (1d100, DC:20)
> Write-in: Asking for the glasses while chatting with doc for bonds.
Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

No pressure, but adding a small comment why and what you want from it could sway others to your options better!
Uh, I assumed the RES loss being variable would mean a dice roll with several DCs too. Also, I know you like us rolling!

And yes, I'm changing to support this, write-in included.
Alright, voting closed~
I kinda assume anything with RES checks means we recognize and try to resist the corruption as it seeps into our minds. Plus we lik rolls. Praise QM AKI.
Damn. That's by far the longest update to date, I will update it tomorrow. Woah... Hope the delay will be worth it~

Expect Words at the eleventh hour! (Not really, but I will post as soon as I can)
Update in an hour. Also: AAAAAAAAaaaaaa
As someone who once thought writing 1,5k quest updates everyday was fine, then had one balloon up to well over 2,5k, I believe I can relate.
What quest did you write?
File: Infirmary Bed.png (536 KB, 560x420)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
>Accept the check-up. For science... Do you even want to know? [Alright, 97: GRAND SUCCESS!+1RES]
>Ask about other students, and the word 'Doll'... [DC20:93 GREAT SUCCESS!]
>Write-in: Asking for the glasses while chatting with doc for bonds. [DC70:75 SUCCESS]

A moment of comfortable silence befalls the bleached walls of the infirmary. Absentmindedly, you fiddle with the silk-like upholstery of the hospital bed, meanwhile Natalie, or Nat, sits silently on her heels at the opposite side. Whenever your eyes meet, her lips curl upward in assurance.

Her proposal - thankfully not a threat this time - once again looms in the sanitized air. Should you take this enigmatic check-up? But is it even a question, really? Given that, if what the Doc told you is true, you are condemned to suffer it's consequences - whatever they are - even if; no, When you escape? One way or another, you might need her, and if undergoing all this will assist her, then it's a win. Might as well get over with it!

With a burst of purpose you dash to your feet and look straight into flinching Natalie's wide, amber eyes. "Alright. For science! Natalie, I'm in!" You announce with determination. It might be an overkill, but, she said she didn't like seriousness.

"Hey, don't get up so quickly! Ya will get dizzy!" She chastises you and points a finger accusingly. You frown, but her facade cracks and she snickers in mirth. "But that's the spirit! Don't add yourself valor, it's just an ordinary check-up... well, for the most part."

Afterward, both of you chatter and bicker for a moment. With her playfully mocking your unform - damn her! To which you finally respond by telling her you're in a hurry, which she thankfully takes seriously.

Then, with a playful sigh she clambers out of the bed. "All things considered, I like this bed - reminds me of uni." She's says , but then adjusts her glasses and coat and her smile falters. "Now, please, strip and lay down. Give me a second." She says seriously as she passes you by towards her tiny office.

Agreeing with her sentiment, you are about to roll over the hospital bed's azure curtains when you remember - the 'sciency' Glasses! No idea why you are so hell bent on them, but there has to be a method to that madness. Quickly you ruffle the curtains and grab Natalie's attention. It will sound weird... "Umm, Natalie. I-"

"Call me Nat." She interjects, and gets back to gathering some medical paraphernalia.

"Nat." You say, and her lip rises, albeit she doesn't look your way. Well, here it goes. Channeling the energy from before, you... Stammer. "C-could I, like, borrow your spare glasses? The 'sciency' ones, Please." Don't ask why...

"Oh?" She grabs her pair as if to confirm you mean it and you nod awkwardly. "Sure. It's not like I ever break mine." Yes! "But come and check whether they fit you. During most of my years in Britain I had nothing but books, and It took it's toll." She mumbles, but continues her work unfazed.
File: Hehe~.jpg (36 KB, 331x290)
36 KB
For a moment you stand still and hold on to the curtain, fishing for Natalie's reaction to what she's said. However outside of her initial tone she seems completely fine. Suddenly, she rises her hand towards you and on her palm lies a white glasses case. "Are ya coming?" She asks, eyebrows raised.

"Oh, y-yes." On the double you take the case and put on the glasses. At first it's just as the nerd warned you - all is blurry and your temples start to hurt and you are about to give up and take them off, when suddenly a burning sensation runs through your head, immobilizing you, ensnaring you... Deep within you hear an echo of a gleeful, yet menacing cackling of a young girl. What?

Before you can ponder this question you hear yourself coo. "They are perfect! Just imagine what we can do together!"

"Come on, tis just a pair of glasses." Natalie smirks and rolls her eyes, wholly ignorant of your potential. She could be the key to your ambitions, and she won't even know! "But I'm glad there is some use from them, and that you like them. But now strip! I mean for check-up."

"Of course, of course! One thing at a time." Satisfied, you return her smirk and skip back behind the curtains. Previous chest pain and worry fade and give way to wayward curiosity... And yet, ignorance still festers within you and like a line they drag you down, preventing you from manifesting your will in it's full grandeur... Disgusting slaves- <RES-2(Aby unlock)>

"...Are ya undressed already?" Nat's curious tone is accompanied by a 'knock' on the curtains.

With haste you catch a breather, suddenly mentally tired. Looking down, you barely started unbuttoning the blazer. "Oh. Not yet, sorry." You breath out ashamed.

Nat sighs. "I understand. Mood swings and all that. To you, all this must be new, confusing and frightening. You might barely understand your own body right now. So, how about we talk? Got any questions so I can dispell your worries?" She whispers sweetly through the curtains.

Well, you could use that. Finally starting to undress, you ask a question that actually worries you. "What is happening to us students?"

After a second of contemplation Natalie responds sounding quite upbeat, probably not to stress you further. "As I said before, while here, your body undergoing changes, kinda like puberty, but in a... Different way. Each of us undergoes it differently, like discomfort or change of ones self perception... or muscle mass. Some..." She hesitates. "...Eh, mad fennecs claim changes can be guided in a controlled environment by oneself, but I am yet to confirm such hypothesis. Oh, but remember that change mustn't be only bad, everything has positives, alright? Although, don't worry, with your help I will find the cure in no time!"

Unconvinced, you step out of your loafers and black thighs, leaveing you only in your pants, pencil skirt and with one more lingering question. "The guards were speaking about some 'dolls'. Do you know what they are?"
File: Dolls...jpg (522 KB, 1294x1118)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
As you step out of your pencil skirt, you repeat your question, yet you're met with silence.

When you are about to open the curtain, she suddenly speaks once more. "Aki, you work harder than an ox to make it as difficult as you can." She sighs. "Don't use that word. It mocks those who were exposed to this curse too much and too abruptly. With physical stress, like by adding a electric shocks, it overrides their minds, leaving in their place docile... Well, blank dolls - with no personality or quirks past their role." She says, voice cracking.

Your stomach churns and you sit back down on the bed. The implications, and dangers are explicit - no wonder Leonie trusted you with so much... wonder if that's what happens to those sent to reeducation... and what would happen if that guard from back then reported you... and if they can, why bother with the school at all?

The curtains flutter, and you meet quickly meet eyes with your nurse who kneels before you with a weak smile, her elbows gently resting on your thighs. Suddenly it's gotten quite hot. Ignoring your daze she smiles. "That's why we must keep doing check-ups and find a cure." Her firm but genial voice calms your beating heart. She certainly has experience.

With that, she assists you out of your skirt - not without a offshoot comment - and lays you on the hospital bed. The upholstery calms you with it's sleek, yet comfortable texture.

Then the check-up begins proper. At first, it doesn't differentiate itself from the check-up you went through durning initial exams of this facility, albeit with a lamp blinding you form above. She checks your pulse, blood pressure and sample... looks you over, and with her soft, now gloved hands touching cautiously over your neck scar and dainty muscles.

All things considered, she analyses Almost every part of your body - and audibly notes in her clipboard in between. Honestly, maybe it's her professional yet empathetic demeanor, or finally a comfortable bed, but eventually, all worry fades as you near mindlessly follow her whispered instructions accompanied by blinding light and comfortable stillness - time and space seem to fade.

However, your near asleep, subservient daze is broken when Natalie rises and moves the lamp to the side. Coming to, you see her return with a small, barely a thumb sized syringe filled with a blue fluid - and like that, the magic is gone and as you watch her wide eyed. "Is that part of the examination too?"

"Sadly, yes. The changes occur both in the mind and body. Assuming there is a relevant distinction... Nevermind." She puts her free hand gently on your shoulder. "I need ya unburdened by norms and expectations to reveal the underlying symptoms."

'Unburdened'? You audibly gasp, but then she brings her hand to her breast and solemnly announces "Know that on my Hippocratic oath I am ready and willing to lay down my life to protect ya if anything were to happen in your vulnerable state."
File: Tell me what you see...png (511 KB, 521x509)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Once again, your eyes meet Natalie's blazing amber orbs as she awaits for your approval to continue. But you set your mind long ago, steeling yourself, you bite down on your lip and nod her way. Instantly, with you barely registering, she inserts the tiny needle into your arm's vein. It's done.

"Alright, in a second I will ask you several questions and show you images, please, tell me what you think, meanwhile measuring your heart rate." She instructs you, and you nod again, increasingly feeling more and more light headed.

She looks at you owlishly, inspecting the effects, but you can't seem to care. You just wonder if you will look as good in glasses as she does. And they are androgynous too, so you can look handsome or pretty, depending on what you want at the time. So cool...

For sometime Nat asks you things in a hazy language you can't really comprehend, but thankfully, you mumble her responses anyways. At least you hopefully do. Then come the images - girls gossiping; *Big* girls; boys; money; house; a massive mansion; an alien, green thingy in a cute spaceship; large, faceless man in a suit; dresses and suits; weird hole in the ground; sweets; then the school itself, afterward it's too abstract to name... and more. So weird and confusing. Doesn't help the fact that she clearly haven't buttoned her cleavage all the way!

Weirdly enough, after a while, Natalie reaches and puts her fingers on your eyelids - she looks content with a small smirk and nod - closing them. Would would she-?
. .
. . .
. . . .


You stir and jolt awake, eyes irritated by the wholesome, yet artificial light of the now familiar dove-colored infirmary. You are still lying on the hospital bed you were on before, but the curtains are wide open. Rubbing your eyes, you skim over the room and see Natalie writing something on the old looking console-like computer in her 'office' desk.

With a sidelong glance she spots you woken up, and quickly dashes towards you. "Woah. Easy there, you should be asleep for a while longer... But I guess it makes sense, given your results." Proffering you a hand, she helps you get up. "Go get a shower in the side room if you can. Sleep and cold showers are the easiest ways to combat the short-term effects of the high doses."

"D-doses of what?" You ask tentatively, still a little dazed.

"Of the air, in a way." She says sheepishly. "That drug I gave you is not much more that this gods-damned place's distilled and condensed air. Well, more like what's inside the air. Difficult to say if it's particles or not, as they remain unseen no matter how hard I try, but- oh. Nevermind."

It's actually truly airborne?! You gaze at her wide eyed, but she helps you towards the doors at the side of the room. Feeling a little overwhelmed, and with effects still lingering you just wobble to the supposed bathroom and shower. You could use one. A cold one at that.

The cold shower helps, at least a little, albeit it still was a small dose. Ready and redressed you step out of the bathroom more or less rejuvenated. It all also made you realize that you need to hurry if you want to get to class on time.

In the main infirmary, Natalie fiddles with some papers, but makes a 'come hither' motion wither her finger as soon as she sees you. You quickly do, and sit down opposite to her - it's time for the reveal.

"I've got your results, and cross-referenced them with your initial diagnosis at the beginning of the 'semester'." She says calmly, and stops to let her words sink in. You grip the side of the desk. Come on, the results!

Then she adjusts her glasses infuriatingly slowly and lays the papers flat on the desk, shoves them to you... And beams. "They are excellent!" You breath a sigh of relief as she continues. "Your results show marginal mental symptoms, and slightly below expected physical alterations. If Gods exist, you are clearly blessed, Chommie." She says, clearly relieved herself.

As you splay on the Infirmary chair trying to calm your pulse, Natalie's eyes narrow. "Ya know, science could use someone like ya. How about we work together?"

"What do you mean?"

With a furtive look around, she all but whispers. "Let's say that my current benefactor's values and my own are widely misaligned, but I need to keep doing my research. Bring me afflicted students, equipment, or research that will assist me in my work. Gods be my witness, I Know I can beat this pathogen, curse, or whatever else this is!"

"Is it really beacuse I'm not afflicted that much?" You ask quietly, adjusting to her own tone.

A Cheshire grin appears on her face. "In you honest daze, you might have revealed some interesting details." She says smugly. Oh no... But she straightens and says sternly. "On my oath I will not tell anyone what you unknowingly said, but please, consider this offer and no matter what, never speak about it with others, especially your Mistress."

As you sit still, Natalie shoots you with beaten puppy eyes, so you turn around. You need to think this through. At least your 'package'is secured.

> Agree unconditionally. For science.
> Agree at a price. She needs you, maybe more than you need her. (Name your price)
> Agree, but ask for clarification about her 'benefactors'.
> You aren't sure yet. Request more information. (What?)
> You aren't sure yet. Talk about it later.
> Disagree. It might put you at odds with Jaq. She told you to trust her...
> Write in!

Any questions, before you leave? (Don't count to time) (can pick 2)

> Ask about Medical Staff Permits (School Nurse). Responsibilities, privileges and requirements.
> Ask about faking you documents (1d100, DC:90)
> Ask about Kiwi and the lab. (1d100, DC:30/90)
> [Aki] Cuddle with her while she wears her coat. RES-2
> [Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity.
> Write in!
File: Evolution?.jpg (162 KB, 1200x645)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Traits & Corruption Symptoms:
Detailed character information and effects.

1. Lost Memory:
> like a container to be filled... Effects: ???
2. Loyal Friend(Se-young):
> Se-young always tried to help you - Helping her back is a compulsion.
3. Traumatized by Fishmen(weak):
> You won't touch sushi ever again. Escaping them is a compulsion.
4. Experienced:
> You've seen some wild shit. Alters stats:
> Wisdom: Above Average
> Endurance: High
4. ???
> ???

1. Mixed Feelings: [RES<80]
> Gender is a forlorn concept! Go one way, or another... From one way, or another~ (broadens 'reach', not much else)
2. Two-Spirit: [RES<70]
> Yui or Aki, It doesn't really matter! You are at home with your femsona. Improves acting, and broadens wardrobe options~ (lower DCs for performing Femsona)

1. Soft and smooth: [SC<30]
> Such smooth voice, skin and features! Only brutes hide emotions~ (become just a lil' more emotional, no other effects)
2. Dainty built: [SC<40]
> Girls don't need strength~ Alters stats.
> Strength: Below Average.
> Dexterity: Above Average.

Roll dice for symptom after after passing the threshold.
Swallowing 'New' HRT pills allows you to choose the symptom and replace one. Each successive Pill doubles the RES cost: 3-6-12-24-58

Current RES: 65, Next threshold 60:
Current Personal Symptoms tree:
> 1-5: Lonely Maiden~.
> 6-10: Loyal Vassal.
> 11-15: Discerning Eyes.
> 16-20: With Friends like these...
Current General Symptoms tree:
> 21-40: Feminine Sensibilities.
> 41-60: Blabbermouth.
> 61-80: Fashion Girl.
> 81-100: Personal Space Not Included.
> [NONE]
> [NONE]
> [NONE]

Current School Corruption(SC): 42, next threshold 50: (+1 Major and Minor Symptom)
- ???

> 1. Strength: Below Average
> 2. Dexterity: Above Average
> 3. Endurance: High
> 4. Intelligence: Average
> 5. Wisdom: Above Average
> 6. Charisma: Very High

> ALL traits and symptoms impact Narrative voice and have certain effects on options or dice.
> Getting a symptom adds a new one in it's place.
> Traits and Symptoms paths adjust to how who you are and will update constantly; your choices matter - become a nurse? More 'nurse' like symptoms like ex. Amplified Empathy; change self-perception? Boom! change.
> why? I found this system much more clear and evident to what RES and SC does. Allows for more planing/risk management.
> Can you get rid of symptoms traits? Probably. How? Ask Someone.
> Ask away~
Quick QM note: it was surprisingly fun, by far the longest update - hopefully a learning opportunity. Also: AAAAAAAaaaaaaa!!!
It was near the beginning of the year, and was very, very different from this. Not going to say anything else as I would prefer keeping the two separate, at least for now. And I currently am not even sure if/when I'll resume it.

I'll need some time to digest all of that, but this seems to be some good info. I'm definitely more in favor of helping her, as I'm not confident this stuff will go away once Yui is outside of the place's influence. Assuming it even stops spreading and worsening at all...
For now, I'll pick these 2, and am open to being convinced otherwise!
> Ask about Medical Staff Permits (School Nurse). Responsibilities, privileges and requirements.
Would definitely make Jaq suspicious, so we'll have to see.
> [Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity.
Always good to have a personal code and a proper order of operations!

As for the long-awaited B-Man dream sequence, it should happen around Monday, because let's just say QM isn't the only person screaming internally about a writing project turning into an overly bloated mess. Except it's for work and I'm spending my weekend on it like I did my week. Argh. So Monday. Maybe Tuesday.
>I'll need some time to digest all of that
Sure, you've got time. About 24h, I need to cool down too~

>I'm not confident this stuff will go away once Yui is outside of the place's influence.
Nope, its permanent. Natalie said so here: >>5682347
>"Will this affliction follow me even if I were to leave?" Natalie only nods grimly. Fuck.

If you want a 'Pure' Ending, you have to find a cure - whether Natalie or otherwise. Better hurry, who knows what's coming~

Also, just a tiny spoiler: it's theoretically possible to escape today, with current symptoms which are more or less innocuous, albeit it would require some good rolls and going All-in. You theoretically see a way how, but it will leave a lot of threads loose.

> [Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity.
Damn! My bad, letting Aby use you costs RES-1
My bad, sorry... I'm indeed your clumsy QM~

>As for the long-awaited B-Man dream sequence
With any mechanics, please, wait until you get your announcement in class. It will reveal the structure of this part of the quest, and you won't have to work blindly.
>With any mechanics, please, wait until you get your announcement in class. It will reveal the structure of this part of the quest, and you won't have to work blindly.
Got it, it should line up well enough anyway.
And I'll see about the Aby option. 1 RES seems worth it, but that's always how it starts.
As for escaping today, that's interesting. I'm guessing the journalists could smuggle us out if we brought them enough documents that they would be satisfied and leave, offering to take Yui with them out of the area?
>Aby laughing in the background.
I can do like a quick ABY POV since this information is a lot to process through her little head. I can probably add in Aki in to influence her direction since it's been a while since we see her.
> Agree at a price. She needs you, maybe more than you need her. (Name your price)
Your lab coat, your glasses, and an official title of assistant. Maybe even a cool ID tag if we go full nurse/scientist. And most of all a hug for SCIENCE.

> Ask about Medical Staff Permits (School Nurse). Responsibilities, privileges and requirements.
We might squeeze in document recoveries depending what we discover deep in the bunkers with Seo-Yo. We just need a hallway pass and a cover story to explain all our movements and get a gun since eventually Jaq will notice we are moving too freely.

> [Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity. [Cost RES-1]
Aby: "Science at any cost, do not deny me Yui."
Poisoned Knowledge

Roaring waves crash on the sandy beaches in front of the glass throne. Swirling minerals, glass, and salt particles ride upon the tides as every particle dance in random patterns. Slowly but carefully each atom solidifies as aquamarine crystals jutting out of the sand as it points to the sky above. Vibrating salt cube crystals creeping across the refined sand like vines. All the while glass and silicon mix together to create cloudy crystals that dissolve in the air to give the setting sun an otherworldly shine.

Aby adjusts her glasses as she opens her palm to allow the glittering dust to swirling around her hand. Concentrating, distilling, and refining parts of the information this Nat has given to her. Grabbing hold of the dust and squeezing until a small crystal shard shines back to her. Seeing symptoms lists each a potential leak and threat to her goals.

"Not a leak or a threat, but an opportunity." Whispers out Aki.
"Corruption will get in the way of progress." Hisses out Aby as she stares transfixed at the glass shard.
"But with senpai Natalie, you can control and replace symptoms that would benefit you."
"I-its a risk!"
"But both of you guys did such a great job resisting. What is the harm in dipping for a small bit in to ensure guaranteed progress?"
"I- we don't need anything more. This is enough."
"Buuut, you can do so much more, take more, become more. Jaq took ou-your lab coat."
"I didn't even get to wear it for long..."
"Here you can get another coat, a skirt, glasses, a new shirt, an ID card. Become the scientist you are meant to be."
"Yeeess, progress demands sacrifice."
"But Yui will get in the way."
"I will make him agree to it as information is always important."
"Good girl now get that new friend!"
>and an Official title of assistant. ID card.
*Whispers* let's keep quiet about things for now.

> Recover documents from the bunker.
You are onto something, Aby~

Deep within the shadow-shrouded bunker, at the entrance to the rusted, long abandoned warehouse, a lone feminine figure huffs and puffs as she works tirelessly to bring upon safety to yet another corner. Abruptly, seemingly for no reason at all, her regal, flowing voice dances over the old walls. *Ah!* *ahh!* "N-n-no." *achoo!* "Why you..."

No! You must destroy the lab coat! You cannot control it, Aby! Look what it did to Jaq! <3

Can Yui survive combined Aby and Aki? Can he live and tell the tale of predators, or will she marry a rich scientist and become famous in scientific community?! ...Do you want to know more?
Okay no official title and ID but can we have an unofficial title?

Laaab cooooaat pooowwweeerr. MOAR. Become the theoretical scientist you are meant to be.
>but can we have an unofficial title?
Perhaps. :3

>Laaab cooooaat pooowwweeerr. MOAR.
Closing in about 2 hours.

Contested: only 1 vote.
> Agree at a price. Your lab coat, unofficial title, and a hug will suffice.
> Ask about Medical Staff Permits (School Nurse). Responsibilities, privileges and requirements.
> [Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity. RES-1
Are those final choises?
I'll support the price, and add in the glasses, just in case, even if she already gave them away. Also, a promise that she keeps us informed of her progress, and maybe gets us a few goodies for interesting samples we bring back. Again, stuff she proposed, but it never hurts to repeat things. Aby wants to be a scientist too, so it should work.

B-Mman and his brothers would be very, very interested in solid research conclusions on any "corruptive" effects and location.
One of the big hurdles in the way of B-Man just proposing a pretty heavy Faustian deal to just send in a rescue raid on the school is the threat of corruption. It'll get mentioned in the dream sequence since I'll go over the consequence of the lewd crit with Alex. Another is technically the lack of reward, but it's a relatively minor concern. But good intel is certainly something Yui could use to drive down the price, so to speak. Kind of what the "errand" should be about already.

I'll also keep the two discussion topics, including the Aby option for 1 RES. Might as well let her shine, we've learned that lesson with Aki.
Yeah I agree on this totally on unbiased vote also add in the glasses in case Nat didn't give those to us. Aby demands the whole set for full motivation on the job. Yeah the permits and aby request is good.

If Aki can't have the gea the she will influence da gea.
Get in the lab coat Aki! Do a spin!
File: The Capital, bb~!.jpg (6.97 MB, 4000x3000)
6.97 MB
6.97 MB JPG
Oh girl(male)! Today I'm 'gathering reference material' in the capital to make Aki proud, and tomorrow I will be busy as well. This ISN'T flaking.

I will try to update, but I'm afraid the chances are 50/50 for tomorrow and virtually nonexistent for today.

On the positive note I updated/filled in the symptoms among other things while on the train so tomorrow's possible update will shine some light on the kind of girl(male) you could become~

Sorry for the inconveniences but it's the last straight for me. Wish me luck, and take care~!
Your loving(albeit clumsy) QM~
It gud QM Aki see you soon with the lab coat of powah.
Info update! I'm home, just need some time to unpack! *Boom* *confetti* Will try to deliver words today~ *more confetti*
Eh family needed briefing, update 90% finished but I'm dead tired after travel and don't have it in me to proofread it/don't trust the quality. Tomorrow morning update.
Explanation to the 'New' HRT pills - using them gets you a minor symptom independent of thresholds and allows you to replace one symptom from the tree with a new one. If you find one to be too radical.
Once you have a symptom on you, it stays. At least for now...
Symptoms will get more radical with lower RES or higher SC.
When perk is obtained a new one takes it's place in the tree - usually more radical or completely different.
The tree updates with developments and is connected to how you fare - certain symptoms might fade away or mutate/combine.

Current RES: 65, Next threshold 60:
Current Personal Symptoms tree:
1-5: Lonely Maiden~
> You've got issues, girl... While alone your RES rolls(RR) suffer -20 penalty, while in company (Cat counts) gain RR+10. Requesting companionship is a compulsion.
6-10: 忠/Chū.
> Loyalty. Designate one character as your bound. While with your bound, rolls gain +15. Can't harm, nor lie to bound - their safety, pride and will is your compulsion.
> If the bound is harmed...
> And if they die...
11-15: Discerning Eyes.
> Owlish glance reveals imperfections. When wearing glasses: Rounds Non-RR rolls up. Without: Worsens vision, rounds down.
> Glasses can break when: losing physical confrontations/checks, Crit fails. QM Rolls dice.
16-20: With Friends like these...
> ...Life becomes easier. You are a magnet for the weird, aren't you? CRIT fails can be avoided with the help of a mysterious contractor/student. Once. There could be a cost afterward...

Current General Symptoms tree:
21-40: Feminine Sensibilities.
> Kiyaaa~! Don't get handsy! React to outside stimulus in more feminine way. Alters stats: Lowers Endurance, but further decreases Femsona DCs.
41-60: Blabbermouth.
> Whisperers whisper, and so do you~ develops a fondness for gossip and general blabbering. When engaging with biological females 'gossiping' is a compulsion, +20 to rolls at the cost of RES-1 each time. (excluding Natalie and most staff)
61-80: Fashion Girl.
> Sooo CUTE~ Develops a passion for cute things like clothes, animals, or eldritch 'shinies'! Engaging with 'cute' or interesting things is a compulsion, so is trying new clothes. Shinie finding rolls +10.
81-100: Personal Space Not Included.
> Brings people together~ When uncertain, fearful, or excited develop a tendency to cling to people. Some can find it charming... Some, not really. Clinging becomes a compulsion.
> [NONE]
> [NONE]
> [NONE]

Current School Corruption(SC): 42, next threshold 50: (+1 Major and Minor Symptom)
- ???

REAL STATS: (Aby increased INT)
> 1. Strength: Below Average
> 2. Dexterity: Above Average
> 3. Endurance: High
> 4. Intelligence: Average
> 5. Wisdom: Above Average
> 6. Charisma: Very High

Initially, I wanted to post it when the time is right, but duh, I won't be able to sleep without posting for 3 days, so here. Sorry again~

> What do you guys think? Makes sense? Are mechanics clear?
Personal symptoms not too bad but blabbermouth will burn through our resistances hard so we have to get rid of it if we roll it. But yeah makes sense these will be mild while we still have our RES and low SC. But threshold is very scary as one bad symptom might cripple our time management.

>Aby only raised INT to average.
This hurts Aby's soul. Also damn we high charm? Maybe we can start poking at Jaq's social control more.
Fashion Girl might come in handy, if only because dressup opportunities are comparatively rare while phat loot is eternal. In the end it's all down to the dice, though.
>Aby only raised INT to average.
>This hurts Aby's soul.
Wait what?!?! I specifically increased it to 'Above Average'. That was literally the reason I posted it?!
Ehhh... Ok. Here...
> 1. Strength: Below Average
> 2. Dexterity: Above Average
> 3. Endurance: High
> 4. Intelligence: Above Average
> 5. Wisdom: Above Average
> 6. Charisma: Very High
I'm getting some heavy Mandela effect... Now it's fine.
Discerning Eyes seems interesting, though now the mental image of Yui getting his glasses broken and then just pulling out a pair of shades pops into mind.
>Agree at a price. Your lab coat, glasses, unofficial title, and a hug will suffice.
>Ask about Medical Staff Permits (School Nurse).
>[Aby] Request a note and code down all your plans and assignments for clarity. RES-1
>Get in the lab coat! Do a spin!

The Infirmary once again falls silent, and, like before, it's comfortably so. Something about those clearly artificial, white, yet so warm lighting that whispers of the promises of outside's freedom - and yet it's nothing but a lie, a screen on a wall. And you aren't there yet, you might never truly be if this screen - the curse, or corruption - substitutes your freedom with it's projection. This doesn't leave one much choice... Yet you still have leverage.

A muffled scraping of your chair on the lacquered vinyl floor alerts Natalie as you turn to her again and crane over the broad desk. "Alright." You whisper, but snatch the small container Jaq asked you about. "I agree, but I would ask for something in return."

A sigh escapes her lips and she muses. "Ja. Very sensible... Very sensible. But unlike some, Chommie, I don't have anything I can bargain with. By the gods, I even live in this infirmary." She accentuates her claim by lightly patting her desk.

"That won't be a problem." You wave her off and proceed with your demands. As you go through, nat's mood jumps from disappointment to perplexity. And by the end, Nat merely starts to pretend checking your results playfully, ruffling with a strand of her hair. "To conclude, yout demands are..." She says as if reading, then adjusts her glasses. "A pair of glasses, one lab coat, an 'unofficial title', and a... Hug?"

You nod in agreement. There is no way to explain it, so you just sit straight like a good businessman - with a good face to a poor game.

"Alright, I can be arranged, but does it really have to be MY coat?" She whispers with a chuckle as she covers behind her chair, clinging to her coat in mock terror. "P-p-pervert~!"

"Eh? N-no... It doesn't have to." But maybe it should? No, preposterous. "...Any will do." You add, trying to keep the straight face but failing.

With an eye roll the nurse moves on and grabs a spare lab coat from a wardrobe in the corner. Neatly folded, she hands it over and you waste no time in taking it; something inside - actually more than one - yearns for it. Its polyester and cotton smoothly slides along your own - equally as smooth - palms. "This is it." You mumble, awestruck. After so long it happening.

Tentatively you slide it on, adjust the shoulders, and carefully fasten the buttons - and like this, it happened. Elated you skip over to the mirror and... Oh, boy. Again, deep down, you still are a boy, but... "Damn"
File: The Red Cross.jpg (20 KB, 612x612)
20 KB
The flowing whites of the coat mingle with the navy pencil skirt and accentuate your slim figure in the tantalizing fashion, and together with the glasses they give out an air of competence and... Authority. One that wouldn't ever expect from your old mousy self. Was that how Jaq felt when she took the first coat for herself? Hopefully you will different, since it's just a temporary solution.

Looking back, It clearly fits you well, but there is one thing that still nags you. With a deep breath, you steel yourself, but relax - you shouldn't be doing this... BUT - releasing all inhibitions you spin around frivolously, sending the hem of the coat and skirt fly into the air with a satisfying flutter. "Ah!" You beam at the reflection as your clothes return back to their original state.

You will not do it ever again. Probably.

"Are you alright?" At once you go pale. Nat is still there! Her concerned voice shakes your quite perverse thoughts away. "Just making sure, Chommie, if I didn't make a blunder with the check-up..."

Crimson shade covers your face at your realization. "It's fine! Anyways." You adjusts your *new* glasses to regain composure. "The hug." You blurt out - but it doesn't help at all.

"Ya are something else. Completely unlike my benefactors." She says as she steps up and catches you in a bear hug. "Together, we will reverse this mysterious curse, I just know it, 'my unofficial assistant'~" She whispers into your ear.

You just smile awkwardly, there is a little *too much* stimulus for you right now.


Soon, the embarrassing scene ends, and both of you sit back down. To avoid further complications you took the coat and glasses off, for now at least. Although, you still have a few ideas she could help you with.

As Natalie dutifully fills in your secret folder you poke her. "Say, Nat. Would me playing a nurse help in our plans? Would you sign me the Medical Permits? Maybe-"

Without hesitation she shushes you with her hand, and looks at you irritated. "Ya won't be 'playing' anything. I will not sign you a fake Medical approval. Medicine is no joking matter. Those around you will look up to ya and trust ya with their life. If ya go like this, you might get people killed. I will be failing them if that happens." She says sternly and goes back to work. "But I can teach you the basics to qualify. More staff are always needed, so I encourage you to try it."

"Don't mind me asking, but what are you nurses even doing here?"

Thinking for a second she lightly smiles. "On average, we either stay in the infirmary and await patients or do the visitations and check-ups. Sometimes during the events we tend to be assigned roles near congested areas or as assistants. It's a tough job, but rewarding one. The Gods elevate those who save lives, it's a great feeling." Then she rolls her eyes. "I suppose, people do remember their saviors too, if you are more pragmatic one... It will allow you to wear our coats too." She snicker at that. Hey!
Well, that didn't work. Although maybe having a medical experience might... On reflex you touch the scar left by fishmen - that's probably a bad example, but a new better one might always appear. No matter now.

Leaving the question open, you poke working Natalie again. Thankfully she doesn't seem to mind. "Do you have any spare notes, please?"

"I have too many notes." And soon a white note slides over the desk towards you. "By the gods, take the pens too!" A small container filled to the brim with colorful pens follows suit. "Don't look at me, over time they stacked."

Having no problem with that you look at the note. You don't necessarily know what you want to write but a feeling nudges you in the back of your mind and- "This will help us progress, trust me." You coo to nobody in particular, and soon infirmary is filled with the noises of a pen hitting wood like a woodpecker. Both you and Natalie are busying yourself with paperwork.

But time is essential and writing down objectives shouldn't interfere with said objectives. "Done! Thanks Nat! Continue to assist me and we will see fast progress!" You announce nonchalantly as you look over the pages of symbols and numbers - all with hidden meaning, ensuring you and only you can read it's contents.

"Assisting ya? Well, that's why I'm here, I suppose." She says and let's go of her work. "So are you leaving now, I guess the lessons soon start? If anything happens, I'm here."

Getting up, you get rid of the creases and take off your glasses... Wait, didn't you take them off? Whatever. "I probably should. I don't know if I should trust a friend of mine to cover for me. How long it might take for me to be worthy of your approval as a nurse?"

"Basics? We don't demand a PhD here, so around two, maybe three evenings, but if ya are gifted, maybe two will suffice." She says, but then smiles mischievously. "Eager to don the coat again?"

"Be glad I didn't request yours." You respond wrily and move to the door.

"Heh, ya wouldn't have the balls to strip a girl anyways~" comes the teasing reply as she begins to stretch on her chair.

It might be better to ignore it. Seems like you've forged quite an rapport with the local head nurse quite quickly.

The plans?
> 'C': Go back to class. Tempting fate isn't the best policy.
> Jaq will figure it out. Stay for a while longer. (Do what?)
> Jaq will figure it out. Stay and have Nat teach you the basics of medicine (1d100+10, progress 0/300)
> [Aby] Have Jaq work and cover for you. Stay and learn the secrets of medicine! (1d100+110, progress 0/300)
> Jaq will figure it out. Go visit Omnia, it might not be too late.
> Jaq will figure it out. Go collect your illegal stuff first.
> Write in!

Anything else? (Optional, but might backfire)
> Wear the Lab Coat and glasses to the class.
> Ask if Natalie can go with you. (1d100, DC:65)
> Take a HRT pill? It's a controlled environment, right? (Starts a vote)
> Write in!
File: Notes!.jpg (95 KB, 1131x1600)
95 KB
Your Notes:
Your notes; written in a convoluted code - consisting of signs, pictures and numbers - of your own(?) invention. Meaningless and Incomprehensible to outsiders. Perfect to systematize plans and maintain clarify of thought in a private manner.

Plans always change, and so should your notes.
> write in!


Sunrise: Free
> Get ready for School.
Morning: Free
> 'O' requested your presence. You are to come alone...
> Lessons start at the end of the morning - being late could yield consequences...
Midday: SCHOOL
> The Canteen. Daily dose of 'HRT' Pills and possible extras for Se-young.
> Lessons.
Afternoon: SCHOOL
> Lessons.
Evening: SCHOOL/Free/Club activity
> Strangers claiming to be journalists want to meet you.
Early Night: CURFEW
> Bedtime and sleep.
Midnight: CURFEW
> Sleep.
Late Night: CURFEW
> Sleep.

> Escape the Facility. Alone? By what means? At what cost? All questions for later.


> 'All find its way to Black Market,' or so 'O' claims. Trade 'shinies' for Omnia's stash. Open: at Nights? In the mornings? Need more information.

> Cleaning Club. It's been a while: can arrange the meeting between you, Angelina and Jaq... Not sure about the last one anymore. Useful cover, or maybe something else.

> Jaqueline's web grows ever more; possibly encompassing Student council. Just how large it is already?

> Nat's infirmary welcomes all, no matter the time. Plagues call for doctors, but can they stem the tide? Natalie needs specimens and cues to advance her research. Cure progress: 10/100, next threshold 33.

> The Guards are on the move, following new directives from above. Was it Mrs. Müller's idea?

> You were seen talking back to a guard. Hopefully the gossip won't spread too quickly.

> An unforseen change requires permits to move across certain areas... A guard mentioned permits can be taken from: Student Committee, governed by Angelina; Student Council, now *supposedly* governed by Jaq; Medical Staff, or nurse, approved by Natalie, the head of the Medicine Department; or as a Special Club member - which you are, but need approval from Mrs. Müller.

> Natalie is willing to teach you the basics of medicine and approve you as an official nurse with Medical Staff Permits. Progress 0/300

> Something big approaches. Mrs. Müller offshoot comment named it only as 'Graduation'.

> Cat Don Fluffles scampered away and wanders alone. Truly a tragedy.

> Write in!

This post can be the collection of all your ideas about what is happening and what could be valuable to remember~
File: A new note?.jpg (22 KB, 236x406)
22 KB
Feel free to add your own notes! Reply to this post to for a convenient storage of all ideas about this version of the quest.
Like this?
> Your dreams are unsettling ever since the accident with the Fishmen. What does it mean?

Or however you want~
Fill it with objectives, useless though, or anything you want easier access to! It might be more useful if the note posts be singled out to avoid bloating the replies, but it's fine anyway!

QM note: it was supposed to be a short update... Im afraid I won't be able to post tomorrow. 2tests tmrw and 2 day afterward.
> 'C': Go back to class. Tempting fate isn't the best policy.
We burned through a lot of time and need to return back to class. While I would like to do an Aby we started slipping our control, so we have to put her in time out for the day.

> Write in! Maybe take some medical notes that we can study for homework
Get the formulas and basics of first aid so we have something to study between classes or at lunch. Jaq will see it but we can force her to cover our classes in exchange for limited medical access.

For timetable we can go in with O in the morning and attempt to buy a watch so we can manage our time better. Do medical homework at lunch and approach Jaq with a deal to cover use anytime we ask no questions asked and we in turn offer to deliver or recover something for her. Leaving out the implication that we will look into the product ourselves.

Evening we pull in the cleaning club with angeline or do the journalist meeting. But we need to do cleaning soon otherwise the school might gets suspicious on the lack of cleanliness.

Night we pull an ABY and explain to Seo-Young our current plans to hopefully escape in a few days and the new HRT pills to lessen our symptoms. We could also pull a B-Man and send him down into the bunkers for extra killing potential.
Current plan is probably work the scientist angle to get samples, control group, and Nat's data from the deep bunkers to help the journalist escape plan.

From there we require at least four spots for recovery to take Yui, Seo-Young, Natalie, and Mr. Don. Maybe even Omnia if she turns out to be a better friend than expected.
> [Aby] Have Jaq work and cover for you. Stay and learn the secrets of medicine! (1d100+110, progress 0/300)
FFS. I start to think Aby is sabotaging me from within; it's the second time I forget the RES loss for her... Worrying. For the future, all [persona] options cost RES as you give up control, if I didn't write it, it means Aby is on the prowl.

Corrected, and altered to reflect her better and the fact you literally let Aby steer for hours.
> [Aby] Have Jaq work and cover for you. Stay and learn the secrets of medicine and show Nat how it's done. (1d100+210), progress 0/300) RES-5
So lonely down here Today... Well no matter, I'm barely holding stuff together as is. Hopefully there will be votes soon~
>> 'C': Go back to class. Tempting fate isn't the best policy.
Let's just keep things moving, both in and out of quest.
And yeah, sure, support that write-in. I can see Yui wanting to get some first-aid practice in. Bleeding to death tends to do that to you.

I've been pretty busy this week as well, but I'm getting more time to think today, so I should be getting around to that B-Man dream sequence soon. Will have to change up the potential quest reward most likely. I'm taking suggestions as to what it'd be. Most likely a small object though.
Alright, I will update tmrw morning/10-12h~

>I've been pretty busy this week as well
I sympathize. I essentially crawl back home. But I will discuss it after the next update.

>new HRT pills to lessen our symptoms.
HRT don't lessen the symptoms. Rather they force one symptom, but allow you to choose which, AND as a compensation you can delete one symptom from the symptom 'tree' or rolls that you still haven't gotten but would be too dangerous to risk getting.

The ways of getting symptoms is to fall below threshold of RES - which rolls minor symptoms, or SC - which rolls for 1 Major AND 1 Minor, but 50% major might be little different different... well, anyway, another way is to use HRT pill like a good girl~
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Alright, voting closed~

Rolling small encounter!
> 1: Curious Biological girls.
> 2: Unsettlingly Happy Leonie.
> 3: indifferent Cat Don Fluffles.
File: New notebook.jpg (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB
> 'C': Go back to class. Tempting fate isn't the best policy.
> Write in! Maybe take some medical notes that we can study for homework.

Standing by the infirmary door with your hand on your chin you hastily ponder - the time is running, and lessons are, probably, about to start soon. On the other hand, given your ventures into the depths being able to patch a bleeding might be a factor that might spare you from repeating the... Previous circumstances - For either you or Se-yo *cough* Se-young.

Shaking the worst scenarios away you face Nat again. There could be a way of having a pie and eating it too. "First aid seems interesting, but I can't stay. Could you give me the Medical notes as homework?" You ask hurriedly. The flow of time present at the back of your mind.

For a moment, her smile dies down and her brows furrow. "Ja, I could do that, but ya might be overwhelmed alone, ya know?"

"I hope I will manage. Please."

With dour looks she nods and looks beneath the desk. "Alright, but if you need any problems I'm always here so feel free to come..." she resurfaces with a small, white notebook with a heart and a slip of paper. "And if I'm not, just ring the doorbell, ya know, the one ya rudely skipped before." Sassy.

Without skipping a beat you grab items and thank your new companion. Thankfully
They are quite light. Coming to the door, the girl muses again. "The slip is a one-time entry permit for temporary assistants, don't show it to anyone but the guard at the entrance... And say hello to your Mistress, but remember." She bring her hand to her mouth and whispers. "Keep our cooperation a secret."

Nodding, you say your goodbyes and leave. But instantly when you enter the main hallway of the Medical Ward you see the doors leading to the lab are slightly ajar. And there, someone with a pair of... glazed Purplish eyes obscured by long, broom-like, brown hair silently checks you out. When they realize you've seen them, they disappear and the lab doors close with a silent click. Huh.

Too pressed to reach the classroom in time, you ignore it and dash for the main door - but not without checking for a bell... And its really there in the form of a small console with five buttons. Somehow it looks older than those inside the bunker.


The journey away from the female dorms was uneventful, although the previous guard patted her pocket at you and gave you a glare - an obvious warning for the future. Well, at least you have the one-time permit to get back from Nat.

Moving on to the significantly less visually stimulating male dorms you see a change. No longer are the halls 'bustling', at least in comparison to how they were before. Once again they are devoid of life. The only evidence left of previous activity - marked red 'X's on the most rugged parts of the walls, and cleaning and painting paraphernalia divided into stations with numbers. In the end, it seems the guards didn't do anything substantial... Who could have guessed?
As you get closer to the class you spot a lot of different stations like the ones you've seen before. Some, among other things, with paint close to a graffiti, brooms next to larger heaps of dust, or with toolboxes next to broken doors and caved in shelves. All marked via a number.

This close to the active classrooms some students pass you by. You've even managed to overhear a pair murmuring complaints and making predictions about the purpose of those stations. Although it's becoming more and more evident.

Coming to the lobby, you can see your destination - the sex ed. classroom in the distance. With it's doors wide open it's easy to spot Ms. Brüngger preparing for lessons, which means you weren't late. At the revelation you breath a sigh of relief, and with now much calmer gait you walk towards the class. Now you also can see Alex with his distinctive black suit standing by the door and letting in other students as if he was one of the guards himself, although he's evidently more reliable. Standing straight and gesturing the students to pass he clearly awaits your return with the 'Experimental' 'vaccine' Jaqueline requested you to grab.

But it's a question whether you should just let her have it. Maybe a small test before? Although...

As you leave the lobby, a familiar glimmer catches your eye. Right ahead of you stands proudly Cat Don Fluffles - stands proudly on a large, fridge-like container carried by two masked guards, completely undisturbed by the shaking. It's the exact same looking container the students moved before and the guards seem to slowly clamber in the similar direction, huffing in extertion all the while.

Hesitantly and well aware of the time, you cover behind the bleak gray lockers. While the guards clearly haven't seen you - nor The Cat, for that matter - Your Cat's unblemished white eyes pierce through your cover... And your soul. What is It doing there? It's impossible to discern it's intentions, like always, but maybe it wants to warn you, or to follow the cordon? Pick It up? Or just let Them go?

As the cordon gets closer to the left turn leading to the canteen and other classes you are left no choice, but to make a choice.

What should you do about it?

> 'C': You cannot leave Your Cat in life threatening situation like this! Take Cat away and with you to the class.
> There are busy. Just go to class.
> Surreptitiously trail them and Your Cat, Jaq will figure something out. (1d100, DC20)
> Run and give the 'package' to Alex but go back and trail the cordon. (1d100, DC70)
> Run, give 'package' and excuse yourself with Ms. Brüngger. (1d100, DC:75/90)
> [Spirit] Assist the guards to their destination, have them excuse you. RES-1
> Ask what they are doing.
> Write in!

That 'Experimental drug'...

> Nope. Just let it be.
> Take one of the tiny vials for yourself.
> Don't give it back to Alex for now.
> It's a vaccine, right? Its too small to harm you anyway, right? (1d100) ???
> Write in!

> school outfit - (bloodied and tattered) - left in the living room
> school outfit spares 2x
> clip-ons hair extensions
> school backpack
> Duffel Bag - stores more items (B-Man)
> hairpins
> notebook with map
> 'New' HRT pills, x2
> bottle of water
> floral tape
> whetstone
> needles
> hairspray
> butt plug
> Sturdy Boots (Spirit)
> Natale's 'Sciency' Glasses (Aby)
> Medicine Notebook(0/300, efficiency: -20(alone)+10(above Avg int)=-10)
> Map leading to Guard Barracks

> crudely sharpened knife (hidden in the empty classroom)
> credely crafted boar-hunting spike (hidden in the empty classroom)
> G36 rifle (in armory)
> Handgun ??? (In armory)

> sulfuric acid
> hydrochloric acid
> lab coat - Jaq has it.

> Jaq's delivery: 'Experimental' 'vaccine', to be given to Alex.
> One-time pass to female dorms (Medical Staff)

> Rose colored eldritch pendant left by fishmen. Looks pretty. (Small gewgaw)
> Mysterious dice. Always falls on 1. Scary. (Small gewgaw)

Some information about the future... So, as I was saying, I'm going through the final month of my academy and the most difficult exams are going to be on 22nd, until that I'm afraid the current 'unpredictable' mode of posting will be present. To top it all off I'm leaving for a trip... With different exams, tomorrow too.

However I also come with a question:
> What do you think about shorter updates like the one today?
With more choices in between stuff? Instead of the lessons being one 3 post update have them possibly split? What about 1,5post updates? Ideally I would much prefer daily updates, even if it's probably too ambitious...

Originally I went for the 3 post updates to save the time but it became the norm and one that I can't realistically keep in the current circumstances. Paradoxically, the time saver is now resulting in me updating later and prolonging. Amazing.

Just know that no matter what - even if I won't post at all(unlikely) until the 22nd - I'm not flaking, and especially not so without telling anyone. If I allow myself to flake once, nothing will stop me from doing it again and again, so I wont~

Have a good one, your Loving(but clumsy) QM~!
Hmm, so BMAN what do you think? We can't leave the don all alone but burning another RES for spirit option might be going through our reserves a bit too fast. And relying on dice just makes this bad.

For the experimental drug. I say leave it be as we will work on a better cure using other test subjects. Jaq can have the incomplete version while we get the finalized one.

Shorter updates look good since class lectures while good for worldbuilding, I am more interested in character interactions and exploration.
Rolled 40 (1d100)

> Nope. Just let it be.
That's for sure, >>5689388 is right. If Jaq wants to test it, let her. Best not inject unknown drugs, especially not ones designed to provide a physical fix to eldritch effects.

I'm intrigued by the fridge thing, but not enough to burn RES, and we did just go through all these lops and dangers so we wouldn't be late to class, so I'm loathe to give that up. Might just have to go with the C option again. Maybe we can ask around with the other students later? Or maybe ask Alex now?
> 'C': You cannot leave Your Cat in life threatening situation like this! Take Cat away and with you to the class.
>Write-in: Ask Alex about the containers when you deliver the package?
I will wait for more votes, since AbyAnon didn't really vote and I don't want to assume/want to see option on the write in.
Rolled 43 (1d100)

Okay sure.
> Nope. Just let it be.

> 'C': You cannot leave Your Cat in life threatening situation like this! Take Cat away and with you to the class.
I just really don't trust dice but time to let them roll. Sorry for being late I was busying walking the dog and gaming with a belgium.
Alright! I will post tmrw morning; currently busy, and won't have enough time to fish today. Have a good one~

I somehow got so busy and forgot I have one of the finals tomorrow morning, so I will update later(but still tomorrow)
Fast update!

Sowwy! The exam turned into a whole day of partying. Voting closed, writing!
> 'C': You cannot leave Your Cat in life threatening situation like this! Take Cat away and with you to the class.
> Nope. Just let it be.
> Ask Alex about the containers when you deliver the package? (43)

The clock ticks... Well, hopefully it still does. It's hard to tell among the dead still relative grandeur of the main lobby on which you finally have time to take a look at from your hideout just outside. You never were someone to appreciate finer details of architecture, and this place certainly didn't foster any such notions with it's drab and 'desolate' aesthetic. Yet the lobby, while still upholding the abhorrent 'piss-yellow' paint tradition, is filled with sparse, ancient, yet still elegant furniture and shelves with countless similar - probably decorative - books. In a way it reminds of the principal's office, albeit with a more down-to-earth feeling.

"Humph!" Tired grunts ring increasingly further away. Reminding you, you are supposed to be somewhere.

Nodding in self assurance, you glance a final time at the lobby, and in particular, the door at the end of it - enormous, reinforced, but unguarded, at least for now. They lead to the forest you were once allowed into, and further, to freedom. Maybe one day...

...But now you have to be a responsible Pet owner. Inconspicuously you leave your hiding spot and dash towards the cordon. You catch-up just as they are about to swerve in the direction leading to the canteen and other classes; to which exactly is a matter for another time. Standing on your toes you reach and scoop Your Cat from the fridge-like thingy, ignoring the muffled grunts of disapproval from the guards.

With - obviously indifferent - Cat Don Fluffles nestled cozily in your arms you break into a careful jog back to the sex. Ed. class right ahead.

Arriving at the entrance, you come face to face with concerned Alex next to the doors. Having let in all other students he states. "Madam Nakamura." Then bows to you respectfully. "I apologize for the haste, but do you have what Mistress Jaqueline required?"

Still a little energized from the jog, you nod, petting Your Cat all the while. "That I do, but do you know what's the deal with the containers carried by the guards?"

Content, Alex gets closer - way into your personal space - and whispers and looks around. "One matter at the time, please."

With that, you take the 'package' from the bag and slip it furtively in his hand. As Alex confirms it's contents you repeat your question more sternly. "And the containers?"

Pocketing his catch, Alex steps back content, and brings his hand to his chin in thought, smiling. "Interesting, aren't they? Miss Jaqueline is investigating them as we speak. From what we have gathered, there are three of those containers, but we remain clueless of their purpose-"

A loud smack of wood hitting wood echoes from inside the classroom, followed by authoritative voice of Miss Brüngger calling the students to sit down.
File: S3x. Ed classroom .jpg (82 KB, 800x450)
82 KB
You and Alex share a hasty look - time is up. However, contented smile doesn't leave his features. He speaks lightly. "Seems like you must go, Madam Aki, but know that Miss Jaqueline will certainly handle this matter. Maybe you should pay her a visit? Today she's accommodating herself to the Student Council Room and could use the presence of someone equally as forward thinking as her."

Well, that confirms it. But how did it happen so quickly and what happened to the election remains a mystery. You nod, frowning, and turn back to the class when a hand gently grabs your shoulder. Immediately, you and Alex share yet another look. This one much more serious. Still softly, but a little on edge, Alex whispers. "Miss Jaqueline is a weak and fragile girl deep at heart, under no pretext can we allow her to alienate herself in that room with nothing but her ambitions. For our own sakes, if nothing else."

Gulping, you pet Cat Don Fluffles a little faster. "I will see what I can do..." You whisper back, then wiggle free of his light grasp. "I need to get back to class." You muse.

With that both of you say your hasty goodbyes as you enter the classroom, and Alex going... You have no idea where he's going, actually. Probably to further Jaq's agenda, or maybe he has his own hobbies? Maybe one day you could chat a little beyond the why's and how's, but that could be a trap. Maybe it's better to no got used.


Instantly as you enter, miss brüngger shots you a glare. Thankfully you know you weren't late so you more or less shrug it off and walk back to your seat...

Wait. You've got a pet inside the class! Alarmed, you look at the passive Cat lying in your arms, then at the classmates and the teacher... And they seem indifferent to the fact you just might have broken a few rules. Actually, they seem completely unaware you even brought in a Cat, with nobody paying you any mind above the average.

Carefully sitting in your desk you confirm one other thing - Alex was right, Jaq is nowhere to be seen, meaning you will be sitting alone. Well, with Your Cat.


The lesson started as Miss Brüngger foretold. With her checking the 'homework' of improving compartmentalization of students. With you too having to explaining what you've done. Thankfully, the teacher seemed pleased with the changes you made, and went on a long tirade of what our choices tell us about us. Sadly it was hard to focus as at the beginning of the lecture Cat Don Fluffles seemed to get bored of just lying still and scampered away.

This, however, further proved the theory that other students did not merely tolerate you bringing an... Animal... To the class, but are completely unaware of it's existence - like a lover scorned Your Cat jumped on others desks, claimed their shoulders as Their own seats or... Phased through the bags and legs of the furniture. So cute~
File: Angelina .jpg (168 KB, 650x918)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
All those things, and yet the teacher said nothing, the students whom were scaled or whose pencils They pushed off the desk by The Don merely grunted, but went back to work. Mikhail, whom had his pencil case pushed just picked it up calmly. Interesting...

And yet more interesting is the fact that while everyone was oblivious to it all, one student seemed to glare daggers at you. One that you wouldn't ever expect to be even capable of glaring daggers at all - Angelina, whose brow twitched as she sat straight on her assigned seat. Worse still, her eyes followed Cat Don Fluffles, unmistakably aware of Their presence.

Several times you gazes met, and her visage softened considerably for that time, only to return soon after.

This particular development took over your attention, and muffled the silent whispers of other students or Ms. Brüngger's lecture. For the most part, the game of evading each other's attention while figuring the other out that you started playing with Angelina went on for quite a while. After the initial glares, she started looking a bit more passive, more genial and considerate, more like Angelina you've known before. And, at the end, she looked at you sweetly, with smiles and small cocks of her head to the side when your eyes met. It's quite unsettling, actually.

At the end of the class, the novelty of this discovery somewhat wilted, and both of you just started as Cat Don Fluffles circled on the teachers desk, constantly brushing Ms. Brüngger's neck and face with it's sleek tail and making a mess of her papers, distracting and unsettling her in the process. Weird to see a serious teacher struggle and think the tail of the evident Cat next to her had to be an annoying fly that she hopelessly tried to swat away. This, arguably endearing, scene had you struggle to not laugh, meanwhile Angelina politely giggled into her hand. This will all be a problem, but for now you might enjoy yourself at your teachers expense.

Finally, Ms brüngger jolts up to her feet, making all of the class, you included stir. Then with a loud hit of her ruler into the desk she announces, fury evidently welling up inside her. "Listen up, girls! Today everyone has to be present in the canteen at the end of the next break. The principal has an announcement. It might answer your questions about the stuff thrown around the corridors. Next assignment. Improve you know what further. However you want... Class dismissed!" With that she promptly flops back to her armchair and points a finger at the doors. Quite satisfying to see the staff here so angry.

Understandably, the students all around you start to get up - some in a rush, some with attempted grace, and some just casually.

As you pack your things back into your duffel bag, you hear a pair of loafer skip and stop next to your station. Somehow you know just who it might be.

The familiar, feminine, and melodic voice chirps in. "Hello, Aki. Do you have time?"
File: Ms. Brüngger .jpg (33 KB, 350x622)
33 KB
As you conclusively close your bag - to make sure Angelina won't see anything, among other things - you look up and see Angelina smiling genially and proffering you a hand. "Wanna hang out? We are both members of the cleaning club and yet we barely ever speak." She says quietly, making you lean towards her. "I don't wanna pry or anything, but you speak so rarely with others, Aki. I'm sorry, but I'm worried. I truly hope you are alright, I can't imagine how it must feel to lose the council president, she always seemed like such a lonely, but still caring and dependable girl." She adds ruefully.

Kinda at a loss, you sit straight in your chair, and as you are about to speak, a thud brings both of yours and Angelina's attention to your new interlocutor - Cat Don Fluffles, who jumped and your desk and sits still, paying you both no mind. She knows it's there. Somehow. That might be worth investigating...

With that you are left to look at Angelina still holding up her small hand, yet behind her, a few of her effeminate henchmen, or friends started piling up, all seem eager to talk with Angelina, or maybe even you. Hastily she comments. "If you don't feel comfortable, we don't need to take the others. And don't be afraid of reaching the canteen on time, Aki."

Ehh, maybe having other friends could be... Beneficial, In more ways than one, so to speak. But there are so many other things you could be doing as well... Wonder what would Se-young done in such a situation, or Jaq.

How to spend this break before lunch?

> 'C': Follow Angelina and her friends, for once just enjoy the moment of being a student without ulterior motives. RES-1
> Ask Angelina to go alone and hang out with her like a normal student. RES-1
> Ask Angelina to go alone and address The Cat in the room. (1d100, DC:60 if fail RES-1)
> [Aki] FINALLY someone to talk to! Bond with the girls, a breath of normalcy! RES-3
> Skip the lunch and visit Jaq in her new office...
> Catch Mikhail and ask if he wants to visit the school nurse. (1d100, DC:20)
> Stay in the class and study medicine (1d100-20, progress 0/300)
> [Aby] Stay in the class and discover the secrets of medicine... Hippocratic oath not included. RES-3 (1d100+80, progress 0/300)
> Get back your illegal stuff, you might need it.
> Go early to the canteen and ensure you get extras for Se-young.
> Go look for Alex. (1d100, DC:60)
> Go scout the area for the containers from before. (1d100, DC:30/80/95)
> Write in!

The Cat question: ???

> Keep Cat Don Fluffles with you.
> Let it do what it pleases.
> Cats aren't allowed in the canteen, even Those who break the laws of the universe! Leave it behind.
> Write in!

Any questions? For whom?

> Write in!
Sorry for the delays, it grew in size~
Woah, so lonely in here... Well, happens I guess.
> Go early to the canteen and ensure you get extras for Se-young.
More food and I would go for C but we just passed on burning RES for Don. Also busy a lot since my car broke down and now I am trying to find a new one before I get fired or have to quit my job.
Rolled 53, 10 = 63 (2d100)

File: It was fun~.jpg (104 KB, 850x749)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So, with nearly three days passing without a vote, I think it's safe to say that magic is lost. And with it, I want to thank you all for bearing with me for so long.

I hope you've enjoyed it at least to a degree as I did, and maybe took something out of it, similarly, to the degree I did. It was amazing to share my first quest with you guys, ending notwithstanding. Even right now I'm glad I had such players to guide me into proper QMhood.

With that being said, I won't lie I would love some feedback on how it went, just like at the end of the previous instalment. I always liked to think of myself as a learner, and ALL feedback would be appreciated - especially the negative one. It's always better to curb the bad habit at its root. So?

> Feedback? (What I executed the poorest, what was alright, what bored you(like the pace, lack of conflict in some scenes, inconsistent updates, too/not gae enough, confusing, inconsistent characters, etc.)

Once again, thank you all for your time and all the delicious (YOU)s you've gave me over our time here. Unironicially, oftentimes they felt much more rewarding that academia's fake pleasantries.

In a way, it's truly poetic: the quest that helped me cope with the stress of final months of student life reaches its conclusion just as it ends too. Again, thank you so much... Although I can't mask that it's stings.

Maybe we will see each other in sometime - possibly in another quest - or maybe you will evade me like a PLAGUE from now on~

...Anyways, have a good one, boys! (I might write epilogue once everything's over, for even an illusion of a conclusion.)
R u fucking kidding me? 2 mins? Ahhahahaha! Now that's awkward... I thought it was over.


So, like, I don't know.

Another vote?

> We thread ever Onwards.
> It was fun while it lasted, let's move on.

That's so awkward... Independent of what, feedback is appreciated. Also, please, don't feel pressured to follow if you are no longer interested/it's not the same/magic is lost. I don't hold grudges or anything. I don't have a right to your time, nor am I fragile enough to KMS for ending one quest - quests are primarily the expression of our desires for creative FUN, and if it's no longer fun, tell me so(just add feedback).

So think it over... Jez that's awkward. Everyone tells me that I'm a defeatist, but boy...
I'm still here. I've just been less present these past few days on qst due to being busy and distracted. And what time I did give to qst was focused on another quest where I'm similarly involved, with a character also trying to not lose their minds.

I will say the updates becoming ever larger has made me go "eh, not feeling it, Ii'll catch up later" a fair few times recently, with predictable results.
I did read this one a couple days ago, just thought "that's a lot of options, I'll check back later to see what the other anons think" and poof, two days went by!
For me it doesn't mean I'm no longer enjoying the quest, just that my participation level changes over time, ups and downs.

But dammit, I still have stuff to write on here, so I'm not ready to call it quits, especially f the other anons are still involved to balance out Yui!

(I'm BMan-anon, just in case my trip changed)
> Go early to the canteen and ensure you get extras for Se-young.
Save the RES. Frankly not sure if it's worth pursuing Angelina for now, or at all. Definitely a latent psychic or something similar, so she'd be a great asset for bunker-delving, but getting her to that point sounds like a hassle.
If anything, best to wait and see how she takes whatever will be announced, it should tell us how "salvageable" she is.
Also, gotta play up that Se-young compulsion~!

>> Keep Cat Don Fluffles with you.
Emotional support (cat ? Sure, cat, don't question it, it's never worth it, act natural!) for all the bullshit that will get thrown at us with the announcement.
So, I will try making smol posts then. But shitstorm is not yet over at all... It will be on Monday, but for now, I will be incredibly busy.

Just to contextualize how f***** I am, I will say that I need to watch 10h Worth of e-lessons, meanwhile another course starts in in 2h, meanwhile I need to get on the train. I will try to update, and it should be an easy one, but again, until Monday afternoon I will be going through the wrangler.

Just so you know, it's not flaking.
Hello, a small update: I am fu****.

I'm woefully underpreapred for the coming exam of critical importance, so I decided to send this quest on a hiatus until Monday. I'm sorry. Again, this isn't flaking, but I need all mental power I can gather in those last 3 days.
Its okay just the fact you stayed with us this long was nice as we tried to give Yui another ending. Even if we started to get a bit bloated with so many directions that it bogged down the quest.

This be Aby I was not able to stay on much as I had to get a new car as my old one puffed out smoke and sounding like it was going to explode.
File: Guards.jpg (8 KB, 236x198)
8 KB
> Go early to the canteen and ensure you get extras for Se-young.
> Keep Cat Don Fluffles with you.

The rummaging of desks in the background starts to quiet down. More and more students leave the classroom, meanwhile you, Angelina, and in a cosmic way, Cat Don Fluffles continue your confused standoff. With Angelina proffering you a hand, and Your Cat offering moral support, probably.

Truthfully, it's all a little fishy right now, and there are more important tasks at hand. Like making sure Se-young actually stays alive. Wonder how she fares in that warehouse...

Meeting Angelina's eyes, you drape your bag over your shoulder and with a huff get up on your own. "Your worry is appreciated, but I must reject your offer. I have an urgent matter to take care of in the canteen. I'm sorry." You say with a polite bow.

"Oh.. Are you sure? I can-" She looks back at students behind her and does a swift curtsey. "I would be most grateful if you left us alone for a moment, please."

With that, the motley of Angelina's effeminate crew behind her shrugs and leaves. Muttering as they leave something along the lines of 'we understand', 'its fine', but also, curiously enough, 'be careful with her, Angie' and 'Miss Kim was bad influence, Aki.' Did your friendship with Se-young made them think you are as stern, or possibly even as dangerous as Se-young is? Despite your rather mousey personality? Interesting.

As the last henchman leaves, you pick Your Cat and begin leaving yourself. Angelina's eyes for a moment dart towards it, further confirming she's different than the rest. "Appreciated, but not necessary. I will go by myself."

"I understand, but I still insist you shouldn't be going alone. Girls like us should stick together. We could talk about our troubles, discuss the lessons, do homework together. I've made a small flower garden in my dorm, and we could-"

"Maybe later." You cut her off as you leave the classroom. Once outside, you hasten your gait to get away faster. Why did she suddenly got so pushy? She out of all should know it's a bad thing.


With the initial hurry you connect with the groups of students who seemed to also navigate towards the canteen. Well, almost connect. You walk several steps behind, casually petting Your Cat on the way, meanwhile on lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

And there the guards are out again. This time creating a impromptu wall steering the students towards the canteen. There is even Leonie, or at least you think it's her, as she wears a curious mask with a large cylindrical filter. Worrying. But she's busy with the other masked guard.

Moving on, you reach the canteen proper. Thankfully, it looks just like it always did. White walls and ceiling, and rows upon rows of tables. With some already claimed by cliques of friends and occasional loners. All in all, a perfectly ordinary canteen for a school.
File: The Canteen.jpg (137 KB, 1191x670)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
You came here this early with a purpose. And it wasn't just wanting to get away from the awkward situation with Angelina - you have to provide for Se-young.

The small warmth of pride swells in your chest at the thought. And riding this positivity you make your way to the counter, where the same as yesterday assistant busies themselves with wiping a spoon.

Putting your arms on the counter you go over the formula. The formula of mentioning you are with Jaq. Unsurprisingly, the student gives you exactly what you wanted and you store it safely in your bag. Food is secured. But how to reach her without piquing attention?

As you turn around from the counter, worried but still happy, you realize something peculiar.

Angelina, alongside her friends, is making her way towards one of the tables near the ones reserved for the teachers and the staff. She's evidently beckoning you closer with her finger. Guess she's not relenting in her desire to spend time together.

Yet, as you are about to contemplate what to do about her request, Jaq enters as well, Alex following shortly after. Both of them seem busy talking and It seems they haven't seen you yet. They sit in your usual place - near the entrance, far away from the staff and other, more talkative students.

Well, it's about time for lunch and with it, the dreaded pills and the reason why the principal wanted your class here in the canteen.

Sparing a glance in Angelina's direction again, you can see her shooting you with doe eyes. Unwilling to play her game, you go on to hastily scan the area for the best course of action. Choosing the table is always the best part of social life - one small gesture, one turned back, kills... completely no pressure.

> Sit alone in the middle and don't take take the pills. Compromise, right?! (1d100, DC40)
> Sit alone in the middle, but take the pills.
> [Aby] Sit alone and imbibe knowledge of medicine. Don't feed Aki. RES-2 (1d100+80, progress 0/300)
> Sit with your usual pack - Jaq and Alex, and don't take the pills. (1d100, DC40)
> Sit with your usual pack, but actually take the pills.
> Heed Angelina's call, sit with her and her friends. Don't take the pills. (1d100, DC60/90)
> Heed Angelina's call, sit with her and her friends. Take the pills.
> [Aki] Stay and flirt with the barmaid, she's got a coat too~ RES-3
> [BMan] I'm gray. Sit close to Jaq and Alex and eavesdrop on them. Don't take the pills (1d100, DC30/60)
> Write in!

Any questions or topics? For whom? (Optional)

> Write in!

I've come bearing good news~!

Finally I can breathe freely, meaning daily updates. On the wrong side: boyyy, did I get stale after a week of not writing or reading. Hopefully I will get out of the rut quickly, beacuse even through I knew exactly what I want from this update, it was one of the most time consuming for the amount of words it has.

Anyway, Thanks for patience!

>bloated with so many directions that it bogged down the quest
That would be my fault. I started it all with the idea of handing out a lot of ways of escape, but I needed to establish them first. Is it really all bogged down, really?
Rolled 78 (1d100)

>Write in! Skip lunch and ask angeline if she could help us practicing our medical duties by going to the nurse for a check up.

I don't want to take the pills and we need something to get angeline to get off our back. We can skip lunch and take our portion in the basement.

It kinda was when we kept getting distracted with all the new exits when we have limited time to get out and prepare.
Us staying for the announcement is pretty important, and I think the staff would notice us not being there, which wouldn't be ideal.

I will ask whether you've forgotten to add a RES cost to BMan's option, QM. I'll consider it if some of the other anons roll with me, because my track record is...well, you know!

And yes, I know, I'm late. I also had a work project to worry about until Tuesday afternoon, and took a day to chill instead of plot or write.
>RES cost to BMan's option, QM.
No, i didn't. BMan doesn't have an inherent cost, but doesn't have guaranteed results either. It's outside help that can have you do things you wouldn't be able to do. BMan's costs, I think, will come after you escape~

Sorry for late reply.
Okay shit I rescind my vote until we get Bman back.
Rolled 59 (1d100)

>> [BMan] I'm gray. Sit close to Jaq and Alex and eavesdrop on them. Don't take the pills (1d100, DC30/60)
Let's go, then! I'll need more rolls to back me up though.

And don't worry, it's just Another Small Favor! (to be determined at a later date by your friendly faustian deal provider~!)
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Shit okay.
File: Sneaky..jpg (188 KB, 700x771)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
> [BMan] I'm gray. Sit close to Jaq and Alex and eavesdrop on them. Don't take the pills. (DC30/60:59... 60, GREAT SUCCESS :3 )

Angelina should really get the message - you are faring well. Of course, she doesn't get to know that Se-young is still kicking with her usual grace, or that you still get to interact with her on daily basis. But still, she of all people should know that persistence is not a virtue, and her expectant gaze is not helping the matter. It only adds more pressure to the miso soup of emotions you have to go through. If only you could-

"Oi! Is it too much to expect you not blocking the que, Ms. Trap!?" A harsh voice comes from what you now realize is a growing line of students awaiting their meal. Huffing in assent proves you still haven't moved away from the counter.

Hastily apologizing, you make your way through the crowd. Pushing your way through towards where Jaq and Alex are sitting and chatting. Where you think they are, because it's quite a task to see them from among all this movement of similarly dressed people. Truthfully, the only times this school bustles is when they feed you - no wonder, most of you are quite literally starving - or when you are leaving classes. That too speaks volumes about the quality of subjects taught.

Anyways, it will help you escape Angelina, but maybe... Just maybe, you could try and eavesdrop on what Jaq is thinking when you aren't present as well. It's a long shot, but it might put you one step ahead of her.

Soon, after some aloof apologies and near misses, you emerge from the school's version of a breadline. Then, making sure Jaq or Alex won't spot you, you sit rights behind them... There is no way its gonna work-

oh, what is it?

A newspaper. Do they even deliver them all the way over here? Anyway, convenient.

You seize it and bring it to your eyes, but focus on your 'friends'. They seem to remain ignorant of your presence, much less your intentions. However, they speak of nothing of note - just expectations towards the meals and random blabber, with Alex steering the conversation.

For some time you listen like this, meanwhile absentmindedly munching a burger. You were about to give up this obvious spying when suddenly the staff wades into the canteen, headed by a weak looking Ms. Müller at the front, with bags on her eyes growing all the more pronounced since you've last seen her. They walk to their area of the canteen, and begin eating in uncomfortable silence.

The entrance seemed to quieten your friends conversations, so, just like them, you finished your meal and awaited further developments, constantly holding up the obscuring newspaper.

The general tense air in the room made it quite easy to fake take the pill and storing it in the pocket. Maybe for use in the future, like in Natalie's research, or in a more nefarious way.

Anyways, with that done you lie on the bench and wait. Soon, it will be the time for the main announcement.
File: Cogs spin.jpg (229 KB, 1007x700)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
As time went on, more and more students finished their meals, with worried whispers following suit. The enite canteen's alive with them. And yet, Jaq and Alex seem to await the announcement in silence. Until finally, Jaq lightly groans in exasperation and says petulantly. "Just where is Aki? You've seen her last. I should have told her to stay with us once she's done."

At that Alex happily joins in. "Somethng might have came up for her, mistress. But I concede, it would be much more enjoyable to have madam Aki with us, wouldn't you say so too?"

Jaq waves him off. "Don't be ridiculous. It speaks volumes about her priorities." Then starts fiddling with the remains of her food with a fork.

"I maintain my position." He shrugs and slowly drinks from his cup. "And, further, I fail to understand why you insist on ordering Aki around. We both are aware she's too rebellious for it, so why not just be honest with her, before she inevitability turns against us?"

Hesitating, Jaq merely replies. "She should be obedient long enough until it doesn't matter. Then, I-"

"No. With all due respect, then you will what?" Alex scoffs, evidently growing tired of something. But you cannot tell what exactly.

Yet, a bell's loud clangor signals the beginning of the announcement. Everyone goes silent, including your scheming 'friends'. Well, mostly, there are still so murmurs here and there. Undisturbed, Ms. Müller stands up from among the the staff, wobbling a little tiredly and with a small microphone in hand. Things you can see even this far away.

Then after clearing her throat to muffle the remaining she begins her speech. "Welcome, girls!" She exclaims, her arms spread wide. "As you know, my name is Ms. Müller, your headmistress. Some of you may be wondering why we gathered here, in the canteen, today." Her voice booms across the room, tiredness seemingly lost in translation. "To answer this question, you have to remind yourself why you are here to begin with. When you first came here you were mean, toxic delinquents unprepared to exist within a civilized society." She stops to let her words sink in.

In a way, you feel a small deja Vu. Yet, this time no students dare to interject, as the room remains silent.

Content with the discipline, Ms. Müller continues. "But it was then, hopefully your time here proved to be fruitful, for we are approaching the graduation!"

A wave of murmurs and gasps crosses the room, meanwhile Jaq nods slowly.

"However, you still have to prove that you've changed. For this reason, today and the next three days will be devoted to examining your readiness. That's the end of today's announcement. For your assignments each group should find their last teacher. Good luck, girls." As she finishes, she unceremoniously gets back to sitting, meanwhile other staff members set out and stand along the entrance wall.

Jaq gets up as well. "Things are really getting faster. Find Aki, she might be useful." And Alex nods.
File: Food for top students.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
Hearing your friends talk about you makes you stir, but you quickly calm down and keep the appearances. Who knows how Jaq will react to know you spied on her.

But it begs a question: what now? You are expected to gather around your last teachers, meaning Ms. Brüngger, but should you go with Jaq and Alex, who seem to be in a hurry and clearly have ulterior motives? Maybe it would be valuable to just play it safe and meet with Ms. Brüngger after all others get their information already. Or maybe...

As Alex gets up the whole canteen gets up as well, all heading in directions they were instructed to go. Absentmindedly you grasp Your Cat who seems to patently sit next to you, it's time to pick your groups, if only for a moment. At least for now.

"If only Se-young was here too..." You muse as a groups of students you don't know pass you by.

With whom you rendezvous with Ms brüngger?

> Go alone after dust settles.
> Reveal yourself to Jaq and Alex, and go with them.
> Sneak up and join in with Alex and Jaq. Keep it as always. (1d100)
> Connect with Angelina and go with her.
> Leave early. Head somewhere else. (Where?)
> Find upperclassmen and ask them about the 'graduation'. (1d100,DC: 60, if you can return in time)
> Write in!

Any excuses for why you weren't with your friends?

> You were with Angelina. (1d100)
> Just change the subject. (1d100, DC:40)
> Write in! (1d100)
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Sorry about the lateness, it's been a pretty shitty day.
I'm leaning towards
> Reveal yourself to Jaq and Alex, and go with them.but I'll admit the choice paralysis is real here.
As for the excuse, we could maybe try this?
>(Write-in) Approach them as if you just walked in from one of the entrances, without your tray obviously. Say you weren't hungry and wanted to be somewhere calm to think about everything you learned from the nurse Jaq sent you too, Natalie.
She should be expecting us to have our own agenda, and to have asked questions to Natalie. She'd also expect us to have to take time dealing with it, either because she had to herself or because she didn't, and us having to feeds her ego.
Doesn't feel like we gained much here, but hey, practice makes perfect with gray man techniques!
If there is time, an idea to make it better would be taking time whenever many students are together to pick out clothing trends, or just practice gray man theory. Sit somewhere and try to list one or two things that set someone apart. Just using adjectives to describe them. The end goal being to avoid making yourself recognizable, or maybe even to accentuate completely different things about yourself. It's the fancy version of the cartoonish googles+mustache combo. Identify the average and the outliers, then become so average that people's gaze will pass you over. Also should help decrease chances of harassment, even when there's nobody else around to blend in with, since you're just uninteresting.
Rolled 51 (1d100)

Sure that write-in works well enough and we gotta get rid of Jaq before she poisons us in our sleep since even Alex doubts Jaq.
File: IMG_20230624_223421.jpg (3.32 MB, 4000x3000)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB JPG
Sorry! I just came back home! I will update tmrw morning!

Fun Fact: to save money durning travel I slept in some school shelter. Here is the pic I took. It's quite familiar to what I imagined the more narrower hallways to look like in the quest. Spooky~
That looks more like a bunker with those small hallways and cramped spaces. Spoopy.
File: Crowds.jpg (164 KB, 1278x719)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
> Reveal yourself to Jaq and Alex, and go with them.
> Approach them as if you just walked in from one of the entrances. Say you had to mull over what you've learned from Natalie [65]

Friends or not; plots or not, you still need Jaq and Alex. And its not like you don't have ulterior motives of your own, right?

With an internal compromise reached, you wait a little longer until friends distance themselves, using that time to scour the canteen: Alex seems to engage reluctant Jaq in conversation as they make their way towards Ms. Brüngger. On the other side, obscured by the mass of other students, Angelina is slowly strolling with her company as well.

All in all, everyone looks on edge. Whether a student you don't know or one of your colleagues - even Jaq - all share the same worried, or even dismayed expressions as they somberly make their way to their assigned teachers. Its all too sudden, with hundreds of questions pilling up, but the fearsome authority of Ms. Müller kept everyone silent. Yet, now that she's sitting down furtive murmurs grow into loud yells and monologues complaining about suddenness of everything. The whole canteen bustles - a perfect cover.

With your bag and cat in tow, you get up and slither between the grey crowds and soon find yourself near your destination, Jaq and Alex who stood at the very right end of the line of students forming your class. However, as you are about to greet them, you get a better idea.

Hastily, you turn around... and almost bump into a broad looking stu- Mikhail!? With a gasp you step back. "Oh, I'm sorry!"

Smiling politely, he shrugs. "No biggie." Then casually passes you by. "Don't be late, Ms. Brüngger seems to be in a pretty bad mood lately!"

"Ok..." You breath sigh of relief and move on. At least he doesn't seem to be into bulling anymore.


Soon, you arrive from the direction of the main entrance, pretending you just entered and connect with the class. Instantly, Ms. Brüngger informs you to choose a group, which you effortlessly do, and walk over to Alex and Jaq.

Due to background noise and tense atmosphere, you simply explain you needed some time for yourself after the check-up Jaq herself recommended. Thankfully, she just goes quiet after murmuring she has work for you afterward, meanwhile Alex simply greets you back.

After a minute or two, Ms. Brüngger checks attendance, and after confirming everyone was present, informed you all will be leaving the canteen for more appropriate environment for explanations. Then, assisted by a pair of guards you make your way back to the class.

On the way Jaq explained briefly what happened, and you tried your to look shocked at the revelations. Although, the fact you will be undergoing an exam starting today and with no preparation remains stunning even now.

As you approach the class proper, with your group being the last to enter, Jaq grabs your hand out of the blue and whispers. "There is more than meets the eye with those exams."
File: Class upheaval .jpg (139 KB, 702x473)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Eventually, your group makes it inside and all of you, including your cat sit down.

The questions once again float in the air. However, Ms brüngger evidently doesn't command the same respect as the principal and soon the pot boils over.

"It isn't fair! We didn't have time to prepare!" Demurs a student in the back.

"What's going on?" Asks one of Angelina's henchmen.

"Principal didn't explain anything!" Screams someone in the middle, and afterward many more voices join in, all voicing different issues.

All aimed at the teacher, until one someone asks. "Student council should fight for our rights, right? It sure has to against the rules! Student Committee as well!" The comment is met with applause and grabs the attention of both Jaq and Angelina, who seem to contemplate the issue.

The sound of wood hitting wood brings back order - Ms. Brüngger has had enough. With her ruler she stands up and pulls out a sheet of paper. "Don't get ahead of yourself. The lesson starts now. " She hisses sternly and leaves a moment for the message to sink in.

Unsurprisingly, most classmates - begrudgingly - sat back down straight and listened.

"Now, listen well. Starting today, you will be undergoing an exam determining whether you are worthy of returning to society, and whether you can be considered a true girl or not. There is no preparation, for you should always be prepared to behave. If you manage, I'm pleased to announce you will graduate and be returned to the society proper. However, those who fail after such a long time of working together will... face reeducation, as evidently, they weren't able to overcome their toxic masculinity." A shudder goes through the entire class, you included. "But, you don't need to worry at all. The tests, if everyone cooperates, will be a piece of cake for good girls like you."

You look over the class for reassurance. Needless to say, you find none - even Jaq seems uncharacteristically frightened, or maybe flustrated is the more apt word. "Everything alright?" You ask, mostly out of curiosity.

Without replying, Jaq nods unconvincingly, clearly thinking about something else. Yet, her worry quickly infects you as well and you opt for your most trusted method of stress control: petting Cat Don Fluffles, and letting it's indifference rub on you.

"It will be fine..." You whisper, more to yourself than anything.

"Of course it will be, Madam." Alex's interjects, and lays his hands on yours and Jaq's shoulders. "Unquestionably, both you and mistress Jaqueline will figure something out."

At the other side of the class, Ms brüngger took a piece of chalk and with loud smacks drew a table with names. "You will begin with something easy. Today you will give back to society what you used to take. Put simply, you will build not destroy, with community service. Hope that explains the things outside!" She cheers as she writes. "Of course, there is always a lot to do for every community."
File: The blackboard.jpg (55 KB, 728x410)
55 KB
The class is conflicted. That's beyond doubt. With some more questions arising, but being quickly shut down increasingly flustrated teacher who clearly doesn't like prodding Students.

Clearing her throat, she continues. "Every group will be allowed to choose which assignment they want. Assuming they posses the competences necessary for the task, that is." As she finishes speaking, so too she finishes writing.

On the board a few tasks are grouped and listed, most of them are forms of cleaning, repainting, and repairing stuff like desks or doors. However, students with additional competences can undertake different tasks, with student council, among other things, assisting in paperwork of the staff, and student's committee performing the role of overseers... There is a small heart drawn next to the student's committee's name on the board - clearly they play favorites, but it'd quite unsurprising that Angelina's Committee will get special treatment.

When the class acclimated themselves with the board Ms. brüngger goes on. "In your groups decide on what you want to do. It's also the last time to change with whom you want to be with." As she's about to sit down she has the moment of epiphany. "Oh, students with competences beyond those listed should inform me, and we will see what you can do to benefit everyone with your individuality." Then she finally sits back and looks with a satisfied grin as the students bicker in their groups. "Remember, no loners. Antisocial behavior will not be tolerated, so if you have a problem finding like-minded indivials, write a complaint letter and send it to the hospital in which you were born." She says with a chuckle.

Sighing, you look over the class. Angelina and her cronies are visibly happy - sure, they won't overwork themselves for sure. Suddenly, a familiar hand grasps yours. "You wouldn't abandon us now, right, Aki?" Jaq says, but her grip becomes slightly firmer.

Suddenly, Alex barges between you, severing Jaq's light grasp. With a heavy sigh he states. "I'm afraid madam Aki is not a member of the student council" Then he glares at Jaq. "And such manipulative behavior is unnecessary. Just say what you mean, that you would rather share a group with her."

His bold words and clear stance stagger both of you. He means business. Hopefully he won't pay the price, as Jaq backs off and sulks, beads of tears in her eyes forming; hard to tell if real, or not.

You and Alex sigh, but you straighten and look back at the class, petting Your Cat absentmindedly. "Not being a part of student council is an issue..."

What will you do?

> Request Jaq to add you Student council, and remain. Paperwork for the staff.
> Join in with Mikhail and average students in cleaning. Usual community service.
> Join in with Angelina and her committee. Overseer.
> Talk with Ms. Brüngger about your cleaning club. Choice after.
> [B-Man] I'm not learning form my mistakes. Fake Medical ID. (DC:60)
> Write in!
Woah, it grew. Also, if I ever die and hell is real, my own will be filled with pic finding requests. In no way should It be this tough to find pics...

Well, Anyway! I'm back, sorry for late update, but i was out, then not only did it grew, I also was busy with garden work, meh. Have a good one!
>I'm not learning from my mistakes.
Ahah. No.
> Request Jaq to add you Student council, and remain. Paperwork for the staff.
I mean, it's a freebie since Jaq wants us there, and it shouldn't harm our relationship with Angelina overmuch, just in case.
> Request Jaq to add you Student council, and remain. Paperwork for the staff.
I would have went to medical but we didn't start our internship and have no knowledge in case they quiz us.
Fuckkkk sorry guys, I don't know what Ive expected. Kinda hoped for more time now that it's all over but instead I'm traveling all around with family.

I'm back today, and for a while, but I'm out during the next weekend as well.

I will update tomorrow morning, and will try to haste it until then. Sorry!
It good you got a family that drags you against your will to the markets.
File: Forest Outside.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
> Request Jaq to add you Student council, and remain. Paperwork for the staff.

It's about perspective. Somewhere, a look outside welcomes with radiant brilliance of the spring's sun flowing through the sparse oaks and spruces to the frivolous symphony of countless birds. A perfect greeting for a new day.

Here, on the other side, the wild forest suffers little sunlight to pass. Shrouding the high foliage outside with sickly lime colors. Here, it's dark, calm, serene even, with not even the gentlest of winds upsetting the scene. Here, the birds are replaced by crickets, eerie silence, and the shadow of the large manor itself.

Yet, something ruffles in a large bushes mere dozen meters away - small, yet just enough to grab your attention among the tranquil greens.

Then, eyes. A pair of dark, hazel eyes meets yours. Intrigued, you hold your breath, until, a moment later, a deer skips from among the foliage, but abruptly freezes, as if realizing it's sin of disturbing the stillness of the gloomy woods. Nonetheless, it's curious gaze never never leaves yours.

Mere meters separate you and this newfound, yet so familiar creature... Mere meters, a thick wall of reinforced concrete, bulletproof glass, and iron grating for a good measure.

...So close, and yet so far.

A quiet sigh escapes you as you lean on the windowsill. "Soon..." you muse absentmindedly to Cat Don Fluffles sitting right next to you, seemingly appreciating the view as well.

Soon you will what? Escape? When? How? With whom...? Is this graduation a means to truly leave, no strings attached? Could it be this easy? Why now?

"Aki." Jaq's stern voice grabs your attention, and you look away from the window and back inside the room. "Stop brooding. I've prepared the documents. Come."

Guess that's it for observing the local fauna. For the final time you meet eyes with the denizen of the forest, who, as if on cue, scampers back into the endless green. At the very least, there is life different than monsters...

"Beautiful, wasn't it?" Muses Angelina, as she sits cross-legged on a folding chair near the doors. The facility assigned all groups an overseer from the student committee, and Angelina volunteered to look over you and Jaq. "...Unlike this miserable pit of a room. Truly, a disgrace to Student Council, and good taste as well. I used to frequent this place and loved the regal feel this room had." She says solemnly.

"I guess it was." You state as you join in with Jaq, but ignore the furniture question. But you cared little for deer's beauty, for you it was free.

"Overseer, let me remind you that you are obligated to oversee our work, not my fashion sense." Jaq replies with disinterest as she sits straight at a cheap student table straight out of a classroom. Truthfully, the student council room went through quite the metamorphosis. "The previous furniture was excessive and took too much space... And it was just a deer."

"So you were looking too." Angelina says. "Noted."
Before anyone of you can say anything, Alex interjects. "It was quite beautiful indeed, miss, albeit the room fulfills it's purpose independent of it's garments." He says as he fiddles irritably with his suit, apparently in discomfort. At least he has a proper mirror now.

Rolling your eyes, you fill in the papers jaq gave you. Back in class you asked your blonde friend to let you into the student council, and she agreed. Kinda. Not really...

Citing that she can't just let you in, in fear of accusations of nepotism, she did not let you in per se, but you will perform a role of an approved assistant in carrying out the will of the council. At least until you earn the right 'in the eyes of the people' which sounds odd coming from your local diminutive tyrant.

Pragmatically, what it means is that you have no authority of your own, and derive it only from the president's will, hence your access is limited until Jaq says otherwise... It might prove problematic, but for now you have to make do. At least you have a group of people you know, and a task that seems easy. Paperwork assistance shouldn't be problem... And hopefully Jaq won't be causing problems, nor Angelina.

Anyways, afterward all students signed their names in groups near tasks they want to perform, then all of you scattered to designated locations for briefing. Your 'group' includes you, Jaqueline, Alex... Angelina as an overseer, moral guide and messenger of the authorities' will, as well as one guard who ensures peace and Angelina's authority over you, and who patiently waits just outside the council room. Although you don't know who the guard is as they arrived after you, and haven't entered outside of signaling their presence.

Be it as it may, here you are, signing your service to Jaq in a hollowed out version of a student council room awaiting instructions from Angelina. In a way, it's saddening that Jaq erased the last part of Se-young above ground, but you don't need to say that, nor question why and what she did with it... Just sign, and wait.


Soon, your fate is officially sealed. Now, officially, you are Jaq's *****. At least for the time being. Thankfully, you can quit... Probably.

Sighing with mixed feelings, you let Jaq finish filling in the remaining blanks and get up. It should be about the midday, and so far as you know, there is nothing you need to do, since you already gotten Se-young's meal.

"How long until we get to work?" You ask.

"When you are ready!" Angelina beams your way. "But remember you will be assessed by both performance and attitude."

"Half an hour." Jaq states as she gets up and gets closer to you, whispers. "I need to take care of something. Keep the hag busy, but don't listen to her blabbering." Then she says normally. "I need to inform the principal, or we might have legal problems with Aki." The tiny blondie smirks sweetly... and lies as naturally as she breaths, indeed. Perhaps, even more naturally appropriates your free time.
Clearly unconvinced, but still, Angelina let's Jaq pass her by. When the doors thud behind her, the raven haired beauty looks at the doors in trepidation, brows furrowed and gripping a file of papers she's received from Ms. Brüngger. "She lies, doesn't she?" She states flatly, then hugs her file close to her chest.

For a moment you are at loss, but Alex metaphorically jumps in. "Miss, it's impolite to assume... well, the worst in others." He stammers, yet he's well too aware of what's going on to sound convincing. He's no Jaq. Not by any means, no matter how he tries.

"I'm responsible for her, both as an overseer and fellow student. What if something happens to her while she's not on my supervision? Or if she does something herself?" She asks hastily.

"Mistress Jaqueline is... Independent, yes. She will reach the principal and return in due time. No need to... Worry."

"What should I do..." Your overseer blabbers to herself. "Her corruptive fame precedes her. Just what should I do?"

...Just what should YOU do? Alex isn't the best of liars, but soon Things might start for real. What's truly in your best interests?

> Cover for Jaq. Appreciate nature with Angelina by the window. [RES-2] (1d100, DC:35)
> Cover for jaq. She won't pass assisting Alex with his suit together with Angelina. [RES-3/5] (1d100, DC:70 to not embarrass yourself)
> Cover for Jaq. Look over the authorities's orders together with Angelina. Stay and Show me! [RES-1] (1d100, DC:55/85)
> Let it be. Ask if you can use bathroom and make a scout the area for a moment. Let Angelina do whatever. [RES-1] (1d100, DC:10/55)
> Let it be. Study medicine alone in the meantime. [RES-1] (1d100-20, progress: 0/300)
> No. Take Angelina and stalk Jaq. She played you enough. [RES-1]
> No. Agree Jaq lies and send Angelina after her. Do something in the room[RES-1]
> [Aki] Cover for Jaq. Ask Angelina about flowers and girl talk with her and Alex~ [RES-4]
> [Aby] Cover for Jaq. Professor Aby explains the importance of medicine to Angelina with a group study. (Including glasses!) [RES-4] (1d100+40, 0/300)
> Write in! [RES-1/2/3?]
Sorry for delay! I had to rewrite it because the pace was waaaaaayyyyyy toooo sloooow. But it's there, and with it, daily updates. Assuming there will be votes~!

Also, just for a little future proofing: this thread might get archived in some time, and I was (still) thinking about name change for this quest. I really, really don't like it. It's so literal. It hurts.

I was also thinking in making the first post a little more simple than my current "6 post recaps" that scare most people away, and instead "start again" in a way, with instructions to characters instead in story, rather than in the info dump. Is that a sound idea?

Anyways, sorry for inactivity, hopefully I will revive the spirit it probably lost during my impromptu absence. Sorry!
Holy ****.

Just reread the update, and... Boy. Tiredness due to the rewrite shows, especially at the end. Sorry. I so wish I could retroactively change the options proper, but alas - 4chan.
Yeah just skip the recaps and just have like a sentence stating important people. Jaq potential backstabber, Angeline watchdog, Alex puppet, and Seo-yung best(future) friend(wife)

I say we choose Cover for Jaq. Appreciate nature with Angelina by the window. [RES-2] (1d100, DC:35)

Originally I wanted to make a write in to cover for joq. Talk about our futures after the school with Angeline. Then I realize we have not giving it much thought and cannot lie without the Aki option. So better to hit the nature and tank the RES cost instead of tanking the Aby cost and denting our reserves.

What do you think?
>> Cover for Jaq. Appreciate nature with Angelina by the window. [RES-2] (1d100, DC:35)
Yeah, sure, might as well. Still feels like we're being played by Jaq, which is true, but also like we're definitely getting less out of this than she is. I'm not sure what she's playing at. Does she really expect Yui to just go along with it? It's worked so far, sure, but it's getting closer and closer.

Also I have the first post of the quest-giving update done and it's been sitting in a word doc for the past two days. I need to get it done but frankly, whenever I think of writing anything currently I just give up.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Forgot the fucking dice. Sorry.
Alright! Update tmrw morning. I hope~
Rolled 67 (1d100)

We are being played and our usefulness is running out as Jaq is taking up our time when we could be spending it either trying to make a better cure and hide it from Jaq or continue exploring with Seo-young. Since we are in the paperwork office we can either demand a real answer from Jaq to see if her plans conflict with ours or we can negotiate to stay out of each other's way. We can Aki and bluff that we can proc a secret mole when she turns against us, our mole outs her secret dealings and we have the guards come after Jaq. We know she has connections to the underworld, doctor, a "cure", and hates Angelina. Now if she calls out bluff or doesn't believe us then we have to kill her to avoid any information falling into the wrong hands.
Sorry, something came up. Will get to writing as soon as I get back~
K, back. Writing~
It's embarrassing how often this shit happens, but i will finish the update tmrw morning.

I've spent the whole day randomly kayaking with family, and I won't be able to finish the update on time. It's 60-70% ready, but I'm drifting in and out of consciousness as is, and after the 'oh, boy' quality of the last update I want to take my time with it and post something that won't make me scream internally.

Although I do have a question. Namely: do you guys prefer...
> me informing you about delays or anything like this.
> or should I just not post anything and pass it in silence.

Independent of choice, I'm both NOT flaking, nor am I bored of this quest at all. I'm actually quite excited, but alas - life.

So far Ive set my priorities to clarity, but it spams the thread, and imo at this point apologizing borders on insulting you guys given how often it happened in the past two weeks or so, and with nothing changing... Anyways, sorry.

Tomorrow I will update 100%, or I'm literally dead IRL.
>> me informing you about delays or anything like this.
With how often quests flake around here, there is almost no such thing as too much communication around updates.
And frankly I'm in a similar boat (pun intended) with my own update, which I want to post before the thread slides off because I've held it up long enough already.
We'll get there!
> me informing you about delays or anything like this.
Let us know if you get delayed as if nothing is said we would take it as it becoming a dead quest, and having to move BMan and Aby out into the streets.

Plus writing hard as it has to thought of, framed, filled in, and typed.
> me informing you about delays or anything like this.

Alright! Then I'm glad I choose the popular option from the start!

I bear some news:
1. I will be leaving for long trip, BUT I will have a lot of time in the evenings so that shouldn't be a problem!
2. On the worse side, today I'm incredibly busy with preparations/cleaning/cooking/mapping and so the update will be late BUT today for sure 100%, just not in the morning as I promised.

File: calm Angelina.jpg (379 KB, 2880x1800)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
> Cover for Jaq. Appreciate nature wih Angelina by the window.[RES-2=62] (DC35:80 SUCCESS)

The Council spoke... And graciously usurped your time as well. Oh, and Jaqueline's the council now, given that Alex wasn't ever too keen to object to her will. The Question is: does that further or hamper your ends?

...Well, no matter, a question to ponder for another time. For now you will play along and keep doing the diminutive blonde's bidding. There are simply to many questions and uncertainties to be burning Bridges(hehe) on top of it all. At least for now, that is.

Shaking your head in exasperation, you gently pat Alex on the back, garnering his attention. "It's fine..." You whisper, then walk over to fidgeting Angelina and lightly drape your arm over her shoulders. Thankfully both of you are of similar - so comparatively small - heights.

When her disarmingly wide eyes meet yours, something in you yields and you sigh loudly. "Look, Angelina, it's fine. It's among Jaqueline's responsibilities as-" for a moment, the words get stuck in your throat. "-As student council president to handle paperwork, and there are guards to ensure her safety."

"But what if she-"

"It's probably just a standard procedure... She won't do... That much." You say through gritted teeth - it's truly difficult to lie to people with such innocent and genuine air to them. Especially so when covering for a suspected mass murderer. No wonder Alex struggled as well.

Seeing that her small frown didn't falter at your words, and feeling your willpower rapidly depleting, you gently start leading your overprotective overseer away from the doors and towards the windows. It would be So much easier if she actually resisted, instead of leaning in...

Once you arrive at the windowsill you hastily take your arm away and step back. "So, eh, Angelina." You muse as you focus at the shadow-stained forest outside to regain composure. "You once told me you took care of a garden. I mean in our assignments. But, like, what do you think about it here. The forest, I mean."

An obvious change of subject, but...

Angelina goes uncharacteristically silent. For a moment, the only sounds inside the drab remains of student council room are those of breathing, as even Alex and the weak wind outside stand still. When you are about to see what's up, Angelina finally joins you and slowly leans in on the windowsill as well, looking dreamily at the distance. The file she clung to put aside, right next to... Alarmed looking Cat Don Fluffles?

Well, thanks Cat. However, they evidently got bored as Thier indifferent gaze now scours the inside. But, you don't see anything outside of Alex giving you thumbs up, but Don looks elsewhere.

"What I think about the forest?" Angelina finally states and starts slowly petting Your Cat. "I think it's a scary and unfair place."

"But what what about the deer? Wasn't it beautiful?" You look at her quizzically, and she responds with a small smile. "...And free?"
File: Of Deers and Girls.jpg (48 KB, 728x410)
48 KB
For a moment, the silence graces the room again. Surely, you haven't alarmed her with the 'free' remark?

"They are beautiful, yes... But they exist in spite of the unjust forest. They are prey animals, Aki." She muses, observing the still greenery of the forest and petting Your Cat lovingly. "And the deer aren't free either, aren't they? No, the deer obey the rules of the wilderness, and are bound by them. This food chain wants them scared for life and to thread carefully at all times, or they will pay the price... Does a deer truly care if she can go anywhere, if anywhere she goes she's threatened? Even when surrounded by other deer, they remain pray to others." She finishes with a solemn sigh. "I don't think they care. I wonder if it's the deer who envy us. Cozy behind our walls, with fairness enforced by rules, equal, and among others just like us, free of those who would wish us harm. The deer in the forest will never know peace, and so, they will keep running from everything and everyone, lest they pay the price..."

"Hmm..." You hum, not really knowing how to approach her monologue, but Angelina seems to be content with just petting Cat Don Fluffles. With nothing better to do, both of you calmly look out of the window. Whether what you see is the same remains to be seen...


After some time of - quite comfortable - silence, the mood lightens and the three of you, Angelina, and Alex, engage in some lighter chatter, with you and Angelina still leaning on the window and Alex by the door - but the time flies...

Then, as nothing of value was happening, Alex announces that he wishes to go to the toilet, since 'mistress Jaqueline' was probably 'busy with paperwork'. To your surprise, Angelina smiles and allows him to leave, but with a guard in tow. Leaving you two alone.

"Why haven't you sent the guard with Jaq?" You ask, as your eyes meet again.

For a second she laughs awkwardly, then smiles. "I was... afraid of staying alone without an escort."

"Then why allow them to go now? You are alone now."

At that she beams. "Beacuse I know you won't hurt me! You might hang out with bad people, but you are a good girl at heart, Aki." She says and leans a little closer. Close, but not uncomfortably so. "That's why I'm not worried." As she says so, she quickly skips back towards the doors and takes a peek.

Seconds later, the raven haired beauty returns, face a lot more serious. "Aki, I know you are different from them. You shouldn't hang out with people like Jaqueline." She stops, letting her words sink in. "But what happened, happened. So let me ask you, Aki. Could you please help me help your friends? Please, Aki!" She pleads, eyes full of hope. "I know we can help them turn a new leaf, instead of engaging in such destructive behavior! There is always a way-!"

As your overseer speaks, suddenly Your Cat jumps from the windowsill, alarmed still, with tail raised, garnering both of your's attention.
Confused you just stand there, as a person you barely even know offers you such a heart felt proposal. Angelina seems not only genuine, but also excited at the prospect... But what does she mean by 'turn the new leaf' exactly?

Meanwhile The Cat stops by the doors, and as if hisses, albeit silently. Just what is going on with it? Is something wrong? It was acting weird for some time - much more lively in it's cosmic indifference.

Anyways, you might not have much time for explanations, or maybe you do?

How to approach Angelina's offer? A counter proposal? Or maybe you should just crush her ambitions... Or follow them?

> Join forces with Angelina. Whatever she means, Jaq played you long enough.[RES-1]
> Join forces with Angelina, but inform Angelina her quest is hopeless, but you will try. [RES-1]
> Don't join forces with Angelina, and inform her her quest is hopeless, and she should give up quickly. [RES-1]
> Ask for more information before making a choice - what's your plan? (1d100) [RES-1]
> Ask for more information before making a choice - 'such destructive behavior'? (1d100) [RES-1]
> Politely refuse Angelina's offer. Not yet, but maybe in the future. [RES-1]
> Clearly refuse Angelina's offer. You won't undermine your friends! [RES-1]
> Clearly refuse Angelina's offer. Attack her for her cowardice. [RES-1]
> [Aki] Join forces with Angelina! Bond over making the school a safer, more equal place! [RES-5]
> Write in! [RES-1/2/3]
BMAN what do? Angelina knows we are trying shit and its only a matter of time before jaq gets rid of us too. So we are basically trapped in between both situations. We have to kill Jaq to stop leaks and Angeline will push us when we don't join her.
Still thinking about it. Working on my own posts. Overall I want to refuse the offer, she's just drunk too much Koolaid at this point. I would have prefered posting with a proper answer but I'm about to go to sleep and we're two spots from falling off so this may be archived when I wake up.
> Politely refuse Angelina's offer. Not yet, but maybe in the future. [RES-1]
I guess I'd go for that but that isn't a proper vote yet. Afraid we might need to postpone this one to next thread, QM!

> Afraid we might need to postpone this one to next thread, QM!
I probably should have been more conscious of this possiblity. It's not the best place to start a new thread, but oh well.

I will also be quite busy tmrw due to travel until evening, but I hope I can get this one before the end.

Anyways, have a good one~!
Any decision reached?
>> Politely refuse Angelina's offer. Not yet, but maybe in the future. [RES-1]
>> Clearly refuse Angelina's offer. You won't undermine your friends! [RES-1]
Either of these two. I like the politeness aspect, we don't need to turn her against us, which is why I wouldn't go for the attack one. But I don't want to leave it open-ended. So maybe a write-in?
>Politely refuse Angelina's offer. You don't believe her plan will work, and besides, you don't want to under mine Jaq. [RES-1]
I fear friends would have been pushing it with Jaq. Again, it's all about letting her down gently I think. I'd rather have her as a mild-mannered if insistent church-lady type than have a full-blown cultist with latent psychic abilities breathing down our neck. And that's before we take into account the potential for that kind of profile (fanatical devotion+latent unguided psychic) to be affected by whatever bullshit is inhabiting the facility or the bunker. That's how you end up with a literal cult to the Old Ones.

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