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After some Problems with giant Snakes attacking the Dojo and Exterminators Kai has to deal with a large amount of paperwork and has to push his Hero duties onto the backburner as he scrambles to get the Dojo into a shape worthy of his newfound attention. Consulting with a lawyer to make sure he stays on the right side of the law.

Yama was put under heavy probationary restrictions after sowing terror in the citizens while bringing a cursed relic to the Association. On his first probation meeting they are attacked by two subjects of the mad genius geneticist Dr. Kusigawa. While having to rely on his carnage mode this is overlooked in favor of some favorable PR for the Association. One of the Subjects is freed from the mind control of the doctor and joins up as a Security and Tracking Specialist as well as Tech support. Though not without a lot of Teasing from Kaede.

Speaking of the young wunderkind. She was beaten down again and again in fights within the week. She became part of the mad doctors designs when she fought alongside Togawa who relayed her abilities for review. She tried to reach a deal with the Skittler but that went south when her errand boy was snatched by Agents of the HRC and interrogated. While trying to find out what was going on she was ambushed together with her colleague by Ninja that had been hired by the HRC and several samples were snatched from her while they were both temporarily incapacitated.

Feel free join us. There is plenty of room in this great city of ours. Heroes, Villains, invisible Reporters it matters not. But beware for this city is not a place for those wishing the most normal life, what with monstrous heroes and heroic monsters running around.

One Quest Man Character Resources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uQ16Kn5qbbP7rmqmIu_sefCFxFZ6do21/view?usp=share_link

Characters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQmXvQBof9Ct4qXiSeKoUNsj1E4mFikS/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=115802121408955167630&rtpof=true&sd=true

Character Abilities Spreadsheets:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y-iQI071VscxnbxCACRSe8uxoZO08WzT/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=115802121408955167630&rtpof=true&sd=true
File: Toma_Embarassed.png (128 KB, 280x379)
128 KB
128 KB PNG

Yama yawned after getting up the next day and felt pretty exhausted from the prior day. He coughed up some more containment foam that had managed to stay in his lung for the night. Morotoki meowed and rubbed its flank against his leg before jumping off to chase the bouncy ball of left over foam.

"At least one of us can be free of worries for the day." he laughed and caught the cat to give him some scratches before playing a bit with him, though that last part quickly devolved into some training for the morning.

When he wanted to leave for the day he found Toma standing in front of his door, a small picnic basket in hand. She quickly scrambled backwards and blushed. "Here.... I... got you something.... hope... you recover faster...." she murmured and shoved the basket into his arms before rushing into her own apartment and leaving the dumbfounded Ninja Monster with some homecooked food in front of his own door.

Confused he found some sandwiches that were somewhat burned with the cheese on them having made them a soggy fatty mess. Not wishing to waste food he quickly scarfed it down and left the basket in front of Tomas door. He was unsure if that was enough and finally decided to call out to her.

"Thank you for the breakfast. I feel full of energy already." he called out to her and left to go on the search for the Ninja from the day before. He had things to work through that were unfamiliar to him and maybe some good old fashioned violence could help him make up his mind.

In her Apartment Toma was sitting on the floor. Her reactor was threatening to overload. And every time she thought she had it under control a new wave of emotions threatened to overwhelm her.

"Why did you have to thank me for that mess.... how can i be helpful if i cant get something like that right." she wondered out loud and buried her face in her hands. Her subroutines picked up the slack in the meantime preventing her momentary lapse of focus to compromise the defenses too much.

Still there were sharks out in the water keeping watch and they started circling closer.
Rolled 11, 45, 86 = 142 (3d100)

Kaede leaves the research lab. At least giving the components used in the Skittler's candy snacks went well.
It's been almost a week since she last saw Kai.
Taking her pager, she starts typing at the speed of sound.
"@KoachKai A-V-A-I-L-A-B-L-E---R-A-M-E-N---?"
>User KineticKaleidoscope have been muted for 15 minutes by NetworkAdmin : "F-F-S---T-H-I-S---I-S---A-N---E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y---L-I-N-E"

"It's her.
- Move, move, move!"
Three men in black suit, donned with sunglass, get out of a car and engage the young girl in an alley...
"Allright girl. Tell us where is Shinton and what have he done of The Briefcase. This can go the easy way or the hard way"
>Shinton : nobody knows who he is
What the Kooch? She doesn't know that guy. Oh well, they look easy to beat up. And she can totally take the win - and there is a bit of Déja Vu - have she been on that place before?

>Rollin Power (Flash)
>Perk : Battle Theme
Rolled 40, 64, 32 = 136 (3d100)

>Battle suit : +10 on jump
>No particular way or awareness of her jumps : 55, non-crit 96 - two successes

First, the minions, then the squad's boss. Kaede start moving. Runs, aligns two of them, deploy the blade, teleports, recalled it.
>Remaining charges : 0.5
If only she was a bit stronger, she could chain another jump and take care of the remaining one. Well, she can - but she'll get really motion sick.
Allright girl, you know how the power work. You have to push yourself to repel your limits.
>Rollin Power (Flash)
>Perks : Battle suit (+10%); Get More Power (+18%), On the Hunt (+10%)
DC : 90. Something happens on a crit.
File: Overexhertion.gif (1.04 MB, 418x454)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
>Non-crit 102

Bending her will, Kaede tore space once again. Her blade flies back to her wrist, cutting the man in black on its way. Three down.
A spectral hand rips her guts and press her guts.
Kaede gives back her daily sustenance to the concrete-shell mother earth. Flawless victory, still she remains with a bitter taste in her mouth.
>Kaede leaves the research lab.
It all got offscreen'd?
Can we assume the biochem specialist that Roger called in talked him out of running his experiments when it was discovered that Kaede kept getting beat up and hadn't been medically examined yet?
The escape-room must wait for another time.
We can still run what happened inside as a 10 minutes ago flashback

"Well you look glum Mr. Maestro. Was that young Kaledioscope girl here and you didnt get what you want from her?" Exavia asked when walking into Maestros Office. She had a thick stack of files tucked under one arm that were labeled 'CONFIDENTIAL' and a picture of Yama was printed on one of the folder

"As you might have heard i was... hired for a new position. And i could use a second set of eyes going over the data to find possible ways to stop Ramen Yakuza should he ever decide to stop being a hero.... which he might do if the Association continues on its current trajectory." she stated before quickly correcting herself that she didnt want to kill him, not that she was sure anyone but some high Level S-Class Hero would be able to manage that. She just wanted to plan contingencies with him to keep him if not friendly to the association friendly towards civilians.
I prepared an outline/module where you can fill in Kaede's reactions

When Kaede reached the lab, she was greeted outside by a woman with dark rings under her eyes in a lab-coat, who introduced herself as Dr. Nemuri. Though she seemed like she was ready to take a nap at a moment's notice, Nemuri was rather insistent that Kaede not participate in Roger's experiments before she could give her a general medical exam.

> Kaede-anon can give the specifics of their interaction

When she led Kaede into the lab, they were greeted by Roger, who flatly asks, "Dr. Nemuri, to what do I owe this unexpected visit? I believe this is the first time you've dropped by my lab this month."

"Making sure you don't run the new recruit ragged with your wacked-out methods." She replies simply, "It looks like her medical records haven't even had an official update since she started work as a hero, so I'm giving her a general exam before I give you the green-light."

"You're not authorized to interfere with my work, or have access here without my approval, for that matter." He rebutted.

"You called for someone from the biochem department, and since Dr. Hana had an unexpected bout of food-poisoning right before she could make it, I took it upon myself to step in on her behalf." Nemuri replied.

"Conveniently for you." Roger commented with suspicion, but decided against pressing the issue for the time being.

> Kaede-anon can write in the results of the exam. I expect Nemuri would easily notice traces of Kaede's repeated trauma from getting beat up so often. K-chan needs more HP :(

"Yeah, you need to take some rest." Nemuri concluded as she started scribbling onto a notepad. Tearing a page off, she handed it to Kaede before explaining, "Hand this to any K-city Hero-Association medical clinic and they'll get you prescriptions for something to help you recover."

> If Kaede tries to brush her injuries off as not a big deal, Nemuri will get frighteningly insistent. When the candies get handed over ->

"Huh, are these Skittles? Haven't seen any in ages. Sure, I'll see what we can find out about their properties." Nemuri said.

"Good grief." Roger sighed, before composing himself and telling Kaede, "It seems we'll have to begin some other time. Ah I nearly forgot, have you scheduled an interview with that influencer you mentioned the other day? You don't seem the type to get social-anxiety from phone-calls, so do get that set up today if you can."
> "Well you look glum Mr. Maestro. Was that young Kaledioscope girl here and you didnt get what you want from her?"

"Everyone seems to be waltzing into my lab today." Roger replied wearily. Glancing at the stack of papers she threw down for him, he asked, "What does our resident early-warning esper have to show me?"

> "As you might have heard i was... hired for a new position. And i could use a second set of eyes going over the data to find possible ways to stop Ramen Yakuza should he ever decide to stop being a hero.... which he might do if the Association continues on its current trajectory."

"Oh, what's this about the Association's 'current trajectory'?" Roger questioned with a knowing smirk, "Do I sense insubordination toward the upper management? I should warn you my office has video and audio recordings running 24/7, so choose your words carefully."

That threw her off guard a little, and before she could think of a reply he laughed, "Don't fret my dear, I don't forward the footage anywhere unless I see a particular need. It's mainly deterrence against false accusations of a particular variety."

"Erm, right. Anyway..." she said before quickly correcting herself that she didnt want to kill him, not that she was sure anyone but some high Level S-Class Hero would be able to manage that. She just wanted to plan contingencies with him to keep him if not friendly to the association friendly towards civilians.

"Is that so?" He asked rhetorically as he started paging through the files, "Let's see, Adaptive Biology, Hyper-Regeneration, Superhuman physical parameters, a highly-sophisticated fighting-style, multiple Monstrous Transformations, with one estimated at disaster-level Dragon... as much as I appreciate the odd challenge, if you want to bypass the official channels I can't do something like this for free."

"So what would you want in exchange?" Exavia found herself asking.

"As head of the Experimental Physics section of the R&D department, I've had a tangential interest in expanding our knowledge of psychic powers. If mastery of it is enough to put someone near the top of S-class, it's certainly worth extensive study. And that's where you come in, my dear." He answered with a winning smile as he stood up and stretched his hand forward to shake on it.
>"As head of the Experimental Physics section of the R&D department, I've had a tangential interest in expanding our knowledge of psychic powers. If mastery of it is enough to put someone near the top of S-class, it's certainly worth extensive study. And that's where you come in, my dear." He answered with a winning smile as he stood up and stretched his hand forward to shake on it.

Exavia slightly rolled her eyes before she returned the gesture, having anticipated it."If your looking to fluid control, technomancy or something stranger i am not the best subject. For Telepathy i can probably help you quite a lot though and i am a somewhat passable Telekinetic. Do you have a suitable environment set up or do i need to inform my family to have one provided for you?"

"Just try to not get too excited over it. I think your thoughts are leaking." the Telepath replied and pointed Roger towards a Doctors report that had been found in the city. Several pages were missing however since it had been picked up by the wind and scattered across the city.

The doctors Name, that had performed a Medical Check Up on Yama was still legible though and might provide a starting point for him if he wanted to find out more. Before she could say more though a groan escaped her several seconds before a pager went off.

"Damn the Director wants me in his office to talk about the incident some days ago. Seems he finally at least glanced at my report. How that man keeps his job between Tea breaks and constant biscuit cake is an enigma to me" she rumbled with discontent and excusing herself.

"I always appreciated how you can at least keep your mind ordered. If you really want to speak to me while i am in. Just think of it really really hard. Otherwise send me a Mail. i get to those as quickly as i can." she jokingly told him before giving a polite bow and leaving the room to speak with her own personal Nemesis.
File: DrNemuri.jpg (70 KB, 750x405)
70 KB

> Kaede-anon can give the specifics of their interaction

Roger have walked the girl all around the facility, getting deeper and deeper. Just the two of them.
"Come on, hero girl. I prepared some... tests... for you"
Kaede felt a shiver in her back. Was it an innuendo again?
"Dr. Nemuri, to what do I owe this unexpected visit? I believe this is the first time you've dropped by my lab this month.
- Making sure you don't run the new recruit ragged with your wacked-out methods"
Kaede immediately feels safer, no longer alone with the bad-vibe man.
They squabble a bit, about medical exam.
"Actually, mr Maestro... I think that's a good idea to check up"

The doctor lead the young girl to a fully-equipped room.
"Are you comfortable with Genetic sequencing girl? Your Genome will be saved by the association. This can give insight to your powers. Rest assured that you'll share the Intellectual Properties of any power-related gene and technology with the scientist discovering, or inventing from it.
- That... sound like a mutually advantageous deal. I'm no biologist, so correct me if I'm wrong : that can be used to track if I change due to exposure of dangerous things, right?
- Correct, with some other relevant metrics."
Kaede gives a sample of blood, go in the XRay Machine, and undergo the full Check-Up.

"I see numerous traces of traumas. But they're strange - they look old. According to your record, this one - she points to a skull injury - happened last week, while the bone fusion look complete
- Is that... good?
- Really unusual. Looks good short term - this kind of repair actually strengthen bones. But it might cause aging."
She types a few more command on the gene machine computer.
"We'll sample... Wait, that's weird. Your bone density is higher than what's expected for a woman your age... Same for muscles... *Ding* Ah, the gene sequence is here... No unidentified gene sequence... This won't be exploitable, I'm afraid. Now, let's check Telomere lenght...
- Telowhat?
- Telomeres. Cell bumper for division. Basically, when you're a newborn they're longer and get shorter at each copy. We can use them to age cells... That's strange too. Your telomeric length is aligned with a 13 year old, not a 17 girl...
-What does it mean?
- Well, it might look like your power is changing your growth to peak in all that matters : Bone density is optimal around 30, muscle around 25, brain around 18..."

>Kaede Fast-Healing : the time shift and regen at cellular range is the explanation of the "Get More Power" part of her kit
>Also, the numerous and repeated Trauma doesn't seem to have long-term effect for now
"That's good to hear, doc.
- That only mean you've been lucky so far. What happen if you get injured so hard your body can't heal? Or heal wrong? The amount of damage you took in the past weeks is insane. Tune it down. Else, you might very well get yourself killed. Or in permanent pain."
File: MedBay.jpg (633 KB, 3000x1714)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
Back to the facility tour, Mr Maestro looks at his watch.
>"Damn... You girls surely took your time... It seems we'll have to begin an other day...
- Before that, I want to handle you those. Extract from the monster known as the Skittler. His chemical are definitely useful, but addictive. I think the addiction is based on taste only - and they work better in color combination. Can you try to make a tasteless pill with grinded colors? That might get the benefits without the nasty addiction part
> - Huh, are these Skittles? Haven't seen any in ages. Sure, I'll see what we can find out about their properties." Nemuri said.


Back in the alley, with the Men In Black.
Well, they were not menacing enough to call Janna. Kaede really need to get a win against something, while still standing after it.
She still won't lose free PR - Time to call Kaitlyn for bagging them up.

>Kaede reach the XP threshold for auto-dice success for Physical(Athletics) thanks to last fight. Is that a stretch to take that as a XP milestone and level up the skill?

Probably not. Yama will get his next milestone when he gets to first base XD
god dammit. i meant yes. it can likely serve as a good narrative point for powerup.
fuck i must have had too little sleep
> Do you have a suitable environment set up or do i need to inform my family to have one provided for you?
"You needn't concern yourself with that, I have a very particular way of doing things." Roger replied.
> How that man keeps his job between Tea breaks and constant biscuit cake is an enigma to me
"I'd wager his ability to juggle and prioritize social capital is his strong-point." Maestro suggested
> If you really want to speak to me while i am in. Just think of it really really hard
"My inclination is toward finesse over brute-force." Roger answered telepathically, surprising the esper at how clearly his message came through.
about twenty minutes later the K-City Police Department was on the Scene. Officer Kaitlyn looked extremely sour about her duties. Likely because her superior Officer was also on sight to help with bagging the Men in Black. He was already going wild accusing the men of being part of the Yakuza after finding a couple of vouchers for a nearby Ramen Restaurant in their pockets while searching for weapons.

"So they attacked you.... did they yell anything? Your face does not look like i wanna immediately punch it even with the Fame you have been garnering Miss Kaleidoscope." the officer asked Kaede, clearly annoyed at her superiors conspiracy theories and why she was the one doing all the work instead of him.

Listening to Kaede she marked the Name down but didnt seem to recognize it. Still she offered to drop Kaede to drop her off at her school if she still had to go there or else somewhere in the Inner City while her colleagues were bagging the Men in Black.

"I swear one of these days Detective Okumura is gonna turn into a Ramen Monster seeing how obsessed he is with you being part of some kind of underground Ramen ring." she chuckled when they were alone in the car before warning Kaede to stay safe and look out for any suspicious people in her enviorment.
Rolled 76, 44, 92 = 212 (3d100)

It's a really good thing the year have become exam preparation. As Kaede already have a job, she does the most logical thing and go training in the sport equipment storage room.
The girl is really eager to tear through her limit.
Bucket? Check. Exhaustion resupply rations? Check.
>Rollin' Power (Flash)
File: 4885041-200.png (3 KB, 200x200)
3 KB

Bonuses : Get more Power (+18%), Potential (+5%), and counting situational Fighting Spirit (All worked up after the goon fight of this morning, plus trying really hard at improving her power since the beginning) : Counting as a success for what I want for the girl

After an exhausting morning - and a fair share of full buckets - Kaede did it.

>Charges reserve of Kaede grew from 1.5 to 2
>What Kaede can do with charges :
Flash - TP to target under range - 1 charge
Swap - Switch position with target under range - 1.5 charge
Blink - Flash back to one jump of the sequence - 0.5 charge

Looks like pushing herself over the edge again and again and again is how to grow her power. But the ominous words of the doctor resonate in her ears. Looks like expanding half a charge over her limit is safe - more would be a real danger.
Yama, could you create a monster to throw in Kaede's path out of school?
I can. Its gonna take a while though.

Was thinking about having Yama meet the Skittler and being more curious than angry this time around ask hin ehat the hell was going on since Kaede obviously is trying to hide some sort of deal. Maybe even leave as no longer motal enemies.0
God damn it.

Got a trainee with me for the day so i will have to look a lot more professional than usual. So less time for the quest sadly.

Kaede was just getting ready to head home from school when the screaming started. At first it was but one cry in the distance of the school campus. Likely a girl had just seen a particularly big spider or something similar was how she could brush off the first two or three screams. But the more joined the chorus only to be cut off the more worry crept in.

She hurried even more to finish and not run out, dressed only in her birthday suit after a much needed shower. She was just ready when the PA system crackled to life. The directors voice could be heard over the static while something pounded against her door. When it finally broke in there was a high pitched scream, as well as gunshots, echoing across the entire school before the rush of Electricity caused the entire system to die with a high pitched screech that hurt the ears of everyone in a blocks Area.

When she dashed out of the Gym she could quickly see what had happened. The Things looked like Zombies crackling with Electricity and other elemental forces. They used their powers to stun students and teachers alike before dragging them off to god knows where.

Mr. Kogure had managed to blindside one creature with a Baseball Bat and bashed its skull in while it had tried to get at some students but was now surrounded himself by two more.

But for the Moment Kaede would have to worry about herself. One of the creatures had spotted her and lopped into her direction on mismatched legs enhanced with electric power. It had a crazed look in its eyes as it made to lunge at the girl. "Fo -zap- the great Fü -zap- King of Bone -zap-" it howled, convulsing with electric energy every couple of words.

>Sallac the Electric Ghoul
>Threat Level: Wolf(+5 to all rolls)
>Electrokinesis (+10 to rolls to attack in melee when opponent makes contact or is using metal Equipment)
>Loping gait. Slow at medium distance. can bound large distances and lunge small ones with little difficulty.
>Already dead. (increase HP by half of Resilience rounded down) 4 HP

i hope this suits you.
Sallac rolls two Dice for his power as that is his primary means of attack. His attacks are non lethal. only debilitating.
Rolled 20, 8 = 28 (2d20)

Highest result +15 is DC to deal some damage. Results within+10 with metallic options inflict debuff -5 to roll for next round
Rolled 57, 43 = 100 (2d100)

Wrong eice size. Which is good for you probably. 100 crit would have been nasty
Rolled 24, 36, 26 = 86 (3d100)

Kaede use a teleport-punch. No bonus from equipment (armor not put on yet), no perks directly applicable.
Rolled 25, 60 = 85 (2d100)

>Failed by 36
Resilience (Withstand) roll, DC 50+36
File: punchGrab.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
Rolled 70, 65, 9, 49, 31 = 224 (5d100)


Kaede runs toward the monster. Blinks across it, hurling a punch toward the ugly monster's head.
That didn't went according to plan.
And then, the monster release his inner electricity.
>Withstand failure by 26 : Kaede suffers one wound.

As if this would stop the girl.
>Serious mode : on
Perk : Battle !

Perk : Fighting spirit - +5%
Perk : On the hunt - +10%

Rollin 3d Kaede, 2d Monster
Rolled 1, 69, 97, 95, 1 = 263 (5d100)

Time to put her training to good use.
>1 charge remaining
>Teleport is notoriously difficult to deal with

Kaede blinks back to her origin position. And kick hard in the crotch of the electric thing.
>0.5 charges remaining
The hit was strong enough to make a normally constituated male to collapse. If the electricity was not a big enough hint, it's not the case. The thing turns around with jerking motion...
Kaede blinks back at the other side of it.

>Fighting spirit - +10%
>On the hunt - +10%
Rolled 12, 10, 85, 57, 14 = 178 (5d100)

I'll disregard the double-1 for the sake of Epicness
>97 (+20) vs 95 (+15) : Kaede gets the upper hand
Kaede is back at the other side of the ghoul, using the momentum and the jumps to build cicular momentum, delivering a hard strike with the boot's heel on the temple of the monster.
Monster which erupt in lightning.
Good thing Kaede choose to strike with her shoe - soles are isolants, right?
>Ghoul suffered one hit (2/4)

>Get More Power + On The Hunt + Crit :
Something's strange. Kaede feels half a jump is still available. Kaede brush it aside - no time yet to ironise on how what took her almost two week of daily training with achieved in a ten-second fight.

>Fighting spirit - +10%
>On the hunt - +10%
Rolled 13, 20, 87, 82 = 202 (4d100)

Using her newfound ressource, Kaede blinks once again to her starting position, chaining another confusing kick.
A small headache brows, and her power turns White. Looks like what might be limiting that strategy if she keeps growing is not the number of charge, but the amount of time her charges stay available, she figures out while delivering one more hit to the sparky punching mannequin.

No more jumps for the girl.

>Rollin' aura-boost (first dice) Physical (next three dice) (Athletics).
>Circumstancial malus of -10 as Kaede is weaker than the monster, resulting in a net +5 advantage for the ghoul
Rolled 35, 21 = 56 (2d100)

Forgot to roll monstah Powah
Rolled 55, 43 = 98 (2d100)

The wretch undead collapse under a full-body weight punch to the nose, breaking its skull. Koach Kai would be proud.
The problem : it was only one of them.
Kaede quickly picks her pager, typing with one hand while donning her battle suit on the other.
@KineticKaede A-T-T-A-C-K---A-T---H-I-G-H----S-C-H-O-O-L---E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-L---Z-O-M-B-I-E-S---B-A-C-K-U-P---R-E-Q-U-E-S-T-E-D
>@KineticKaede was muted for 15 minutes by @NetworkAdmin : D-O-N-T---U-S-E---P-A-G-E-R---F-O-R---P-R-E-T-E-N-D-I-N-G---E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y---A-S---A---C-O-V-E-R---F-O-R---A---R-I-D-E---H-O-M-E

While the pager buzz, Kaede sends several text message : one for Janna "Happening in K-city High Right Now", and another to her schoolmates "Get safe. Regroup on the field"

>@KineticKaede was unmuted by @NetworkAdmin : N-V-M---M-B---S-R-Y

>@KineticKaede message was Highlighted by @NetworkAdmin

Kaede heads toward Mr Kogure, catching a breath after defeating that first ghoul
>Rollin' Fastened Healing. DC : 75

The Monstrous Ninja breathed in deeply of the smog choked streets of K-City. The fog had kept the particulates from dissipating and now a certain tang hung in the air, clawing at his throat. It tickled his nose but his self control kept him from sneezing while surveying the city lying out below him.

The early day had passed quickly with only some very light work to be done but he had been on the lookout for more than that.

"And now there you are my prey." he growled when he spotted a familiar shape skulking around K-City High. The Skittler had been sighted around here several times already assaulting students. But what he did when he met some of them seemed to contradict Yamas gathered intelligence. So he decided to investigate.

He crept down the side of a building until he was above the Skittler. "Greetings. I have questions Skittler. If you decide to answer i will let you run off. Hows that sound." he suddenly offered the Skittler, while still glued to the wall and looking like a white armored cyst protruding from the wall.

But before he could make any more threats or ask questions his pager beeped and Yama scoffed annoyed as he produced the item from within his cloak.

"Hey aren't you girls from K-City High? Get out of here. There seems to be something bad going on there." he commanded the girls. A deep rumbling growl build within his chest before he cursed like a sailor and jumped off towards the School and the emergent Problem that had been so thoroughly swallowed up by the ever increasing fog.

Close by to Kaede Mr. Kogure had managed to fight off the other zombies but seemed quite hurt by them. Still he led the few students around them. "Ms Kinoshita. Come with us to the Evacuation Point." he called out to Kade and seemed relieved when she appeared only slightly injured. The bat he was wielding was glowing with a faint light that quickly dissipated when the Girl got closer and left the sports tool an ordinary weapon again.
> "Greetings. I have questions Skittler. If you decide to answer i will let you run off. Hows that sound." he suddenly offered the Skittler, while still glued to the wall and looking like a white armored cyst protruding from the wall.
"Umm... sure..." The Skittler answered uncomfortably. He'd tried to get up to date on recent rumors, and one of them was that there was either a hero with a disturbing monster-transformation or a monster who'd been LARPing as a hero recently appearing in the city. And from recent experiences the candy-wrapper had reason to believe that this person was the same as the tattooed weirdo who refused to willingly eat any of his candies in their first encounter. And also was the monster who wanted to question him now.

>But before he could make any more threats or ask questions his pager beeped... he cursed like a sailor and jumped off towards the School and the emergent Problem
"Yeah, you better run! " The Skittler laughed as the other monster departed, contniuing more quietly, "Do they seriously let that guy work as a hero? He's way creepier than I am. So... anyone else want some skittles?"

If there are zombies in other parts of town the Skittler may end up fighting them, especially if they refuse to eat his candies.

The Skittlers Words stung a bit did Yama consider the Monster beneath himself. But the call had come and he had to answer being on probation and all.

The School was not far away and he made it there within the minute, making an entrance by taking off the head from one of the creatures, that had been dragging an unconscious boy away to a sewer entrance. Reverting to his human form to not frighten any people that might spot him Yama took quick stock of the situation. The fog was heaviest across the Schools premises leaving the buildings as large looming shadows.

Shapes moved in the roiling banks of fog but it was nearly impossible to tell what was human and what monster. Especially since he had only a vague idea what a Zombie actually was.

Meanwhile the Skittler had been surrounded by a couple of Highschoolers that had been playing hookie and saw the monster as a great opportunity to get some time off school with no consequences. That they had been getting sweets was only the cherry on top of it all. That had stopped when the fog started rolling in. It had been just after the other monster had left and now it was as thick as soup.

The Teenagers looked a bit nervous. Only one looked like he was having a good time. "Your so cool Mr Skittler. You werent even a bit afraid of that new B-Rank Ramen Yakuza" the boy praised the monster. He was ooing and aaing at the different colored skittles and happily scarfing them down.

An older student had turned away a bit earlier but was now running back. Snot was running from his nose as he cried for help. And behind him a half Dozen shambling shapes emerged from the fog.

"Surrender- your souls... to the King.... Beneath." the first creature wheezed and seemed thoroughly disinterested in the sweet confections the Skittler had to offer.

When Kaede arrived at the group Mr. Kogure led them towards the basketball court. It was surrounded by high fences and had several locked gates reinforced with steel.

"Alright... you children stay here. I will check out the main building maybe find--.... hgn....." the man started as soon as they had gotten in, before gripping his side and grunting in pain. Still he seemed undeterred to go back out there where the fog crawled like a living creature, hiding horrors beyond human comprehension.

A ghostly haunting melody drifted through the fog when the PA system stuttered to life again. Something had probably taken hold of the Schools systems. A rasping voice that caused chills to creep down everyones spine spoke in the whispers of a hundred dead while still being recognizable. "now my good students... there is no need to struggle... the king of bones will embrace you all in his eternally loving arms..... welcome your new family... with open arms." the voice of their principal wheezed through the intercom, interlaced with static before cutting out into the melody again that seemed to have put at least one of the students into a trance.
Rolled 89, 89 = 178 (2d100)

"For Kooch sake, Kintoki, snaps out of it!"

Kaede is shaking Kintoki, that become even weirder than before after hearing the strange sound
>Rollin' willpower for Kintoki
The power of simpage is steonger than forbidden melodies devised by a deranged sorcerer
Rolled 24, 20, 31, 16, 57, 91, 82 = 321 (7d100)

"You good? Good... Stop fiddling with your noodle, get your saber in hand, and let's fuck up that one..."

>Second round vs a ElectricZombie

Perks :
>Fighting spirit - +10%
>On the hunt - +10%
>Teamwork - +10%
>Battle suit : liquid Blade - +5%

Rollin :
>1 dice aura, 3 dice Physical, 1 dice Kintoki (no perks, sucks to suck), 2 dice Power Ghoul
Rolled 9, 51 = 60 (2d100)

>66 vs 91 : failin' by 25
Rollin' withstand
DC : 50 + 25 - 10 (fighting spirit) - 5 (Cyborg Thin Shell) = 60
Rolled 31, 7 = 38 (2d100)

rolling 2d100 mysterious power.
Kaede heals one HP. Mr Kogure faints.

Kaede and Kintoki dash toward the monster, perfectly synchronised in a cross slash. The ghoul grins.
Well, this goes as when someone pee on the third rail.
>Kaede suffered one wound
Rolled 36, 73, 97, 82, 39, 6, 80 = 413 (7d100)

Surprisingly, the girl is not much burnt by the electric surge.

Through her clench teeth, she tells her acolyte :
"Let's... avoid getting our blade grabbed..."
File: chrono-trigger-x-slash.gif (1.94 MB, 640x480)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Rolled 47, 87 = 134 (2d100)

The key is not the movement, but the timing.
>Crit - 132, non crit 108 and 117
The two young people dash again toward the monster. Kaede let Kintoki take half a second of advance, until flipping her aura full power, and timing amidst the pulses of power.

Extending her blade, the zombie's head fell clean.
>Ghould defeated.
Kaede takes a breath...

>Rollin' Fastened Healing
Rolled 52, 91 = 143 (2d100)

Kaede feels well. Great, even.
>Kaede recovered a second wound (2/2)
"Mister Kogure!"
Wait, how did the man fell? He was not attacked...

"Kenichi! Here!"

>Rollin' Kenichi Emergency Care

Fighting the minions is pointless. They have to go for the chief.
Yama, are you close enough so Kaede see you?
Yama, I'll let you say if Kenichi 91 is good enough regarding Kogure condition.
Yama is probably not too close. He jumped in around the main entrance but is currently ciurcling around the school and obliterating weakened ghouls from cover. might show up at the basketball court during or shortly after the emergency care revived Kogure

sorry pretty busy with some other things right now. so no massive updates from me for the next hour or so.

he will wake up but still be very weak. He seems to have aged about ten years.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

perception to see how much he spots while circling around the school. he knows not much of the layout and the fog is pretty THICK

>Perception 21

Yama was in a bit of a rush. No matter how many of the lesser creatures he killed there were always more stumbling from the fog. They were absolutely no danger to him but still he stuck tot he shadows while making his way around. The melody playing across the speaker system however made his teeth itch and the voice had been nothing more than garbled growls to him. One or two students he had encountered seemed to be in a trance which could not be shaken easily. In the end it was easier to knock them out and stash them securely away where the creatures would not find them.

"Wait... didnt Kaede go to this school? Where did she usually hang out at...." Yama wondered out loud and continued his path towards the Sport Court.


With a loud cough Mr. Kogure opened his eyes. "You- have to be...... oh.... you are alright Miss Kinoshita and Mister Atsuta... Did you get that infernal creature? Being unable to protect you... I am a failure as a teacher" the teacher stated while Kenichi popped out a small bottle with painkillers from the First Aid kit on the Basketball court.

The Teacher didn't seem happy but the fact that his stomach wound was still very painful he reluctantly took some of them to take the edge off.

Suddenly his eyes focused on a dark shape in the fog. The humanoid figure was dark, balancing on one of the steel pipes holding up the fence with apparent ease. Mr. Kogure grasped for the bat at his side and seemed to freeze as did the rest of the students as the thing moved.

It fell forwards and did a sommersault before landing on the yard with inhuman grace. "So a group of people not mindcontrolled or getting Kidnapped? What good luck." Yama called out to the girl and the other students at her side.

Mr. Kogure forced himself to stand up and tried to shield the other students from the approaching Ninja regarding him with great suspicion.
File: genuine_anger.png (511 KB, 808x451)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Rolled 36, 70, 77, 71 = 254 (4d100)

>"Surrender- your souls... to the King.... Beneath." the first creature wheezed...

"Boooooring. Now taste the rainbow, fools!" The Skittler said as he fired off his signature skittle-spam into the mouths of the lead zombie.

>it seemed thoroughly disinterested in the sweet confections the Skittler had to offer.

"Boooring." The zombies grumbled as the leader let the candy just fall out of its mouth.

"It didn't work?! Nothing can resist chomping down once they're started tasting them!" The candy-wrapper yelled in disbelief.

"Maybe their taste-buds don't work like normal because they're kinda dead?" One of the students suggested.

Furious, the Skittler announced, "You have genuinely angered me: time to die, you tasteless trash!" before moving forward with the intention of seizing the first zombie with his ribbons and kicking it in the head until it snapped off.


For the sake of simplicity I'll assume this zombie is electric with the same type of bonuses, but the electricity won't work because the Skittler is made of plastic. I can't track XP at all but Skittler has threat-level Tiger, the Alone skill, and a decent amount of combat experience by this point. Maybe +15 over the zombie. Round 1 the other 5 zombies aren't attacking, because they're slow and probably want to go after the humans first. Two dice each fighter.
yeah pretty much. the electric ones are the fastes
Rolled 47, 87, 94, 57 = 285 (4d100)

First zombie takes damage (3/4 HP), but it's head is sticking to its neck more stubbornly than expected. The other zombies ignore the Skittler and surround the students, who hesitate and huddle together with their backs to a chain-link fence because running into the fog would risk running into another cluster of monsters without knowing until it was too late.

"Hurry up and die for real you trash!" The Skittler frothed as he kicked the zombie while holding it in place with his ribbons. This is going to take too long, though at least the other zombies looked a little weaker than this one.

"M-Mr Skittler! Help! They're closing in!" The biggest skittle-enjoyer whimpered.

"So? If you want me to do something about it toss me a weapon or something!" The candy-wrapper, then thinking to himself. "Maybe the body of this one will suffice as a bludgeon. Worth a shot."

Swinging the restrained zombie around into the clump, the Skittler tries to do a little crowd-control.


2 dice each side, same advantage as last time since they aren't paying attention and the first one is restrained.
Rolled 87, 5, 79, 28, 96 = 295 (5d100)

The zombies' encirclement is broken, and two of them take damage (Electric one in 2/4HP, one of the others is 2/3HP, the other 4 are 3/3HP... I'll make 2 of the others fiery and 3 icy, a fiery one took damage). Tossing the electric zombie into one of the two fiery ones, the Skittler then offered a ribbon to each of the four students who'd clustered at the fence and said, "Grab on, you guys are getting me some tools from the hardware store down the road so I can kill these fucks. I'll lead through the fog."

"... better than waiting here I guess." The oldest of the class-dodgers said as he took hold. Not waiting for the other three, the Skittler just wrapped around their wrists and started pulling them along.

Rolling 3 dice to avoid any random encounters on the way to the shop, two to find improvised weapons
File: tegaki.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
Rolled 2, 66, 17, 88 = 173 (4d100)

They manage to make it to the shop without much trouble, though a bigger, lumbering monster could be faintly made out from the vibrations its footsteps made (Earth-element zombie, 5HP). Worry about that later. The shopkeeper had locked the door, but the Skittler slid a ribbon through the crack to let himself and the delinquents in. Luckily, the students talked the owner into letting them borrow some hammers and machetes and help him defend his shop.

"Hahahaha!" The candy-wrapper laughed as he got a feel to swinging two hammers and two machetes around at once, "A shame I'm dropping my usual elegance for cliche pragmatism, but the insult to the flavor of my Skittles demands brutal retribution! You lot hold the fort, I'm going out!"

Now more properly equipped, the Skittler ran onto the roof before hopping into the fog to slaughter the group of zombies that had pursued them and were crowding at the door, trying to break through.

"Electro dies first!" The Skittler yelled as he swung the hammers at its skull and the machetes at its arms.


Advantage is strengthened from having four weapons and the element of surprise
Rolled 97, 54, 94, 38 = 283 (4d100)

Right as he's about to crush the skull of the electric zombie, a huge, dirt-covered hand swats the candy-wrapper off-course.

"Damn, I assumed the big one was the mindless beatstick type, but his timing was perfect." The Skittler thought as he landed and recovered his balance. He didn't really take any damage from the hit, but he also hasn't made a dent in the enemy's numbers either. Though he couldn't quite make the big guy out, he could tell it was at least 8 feet tall, stocky, and tough enough that the machetes might not pierce its skin. The hammers would probably work if he landed a clean hit, though.

The sheer number of enemies is becoming a problem. Scattering skittles all over the ground, the plastic-monster tries to catch them flat-footed and rush in while the big one is steadying itself. Electro is the target again.
First two for Skittler, next two for Electro.
Rolled 68, 8, 62, 76, 72, 56, 78 = 420 (7d100)

The hammers and machetes swing true this time, crushing the zombie's head before cleaving it off its neck for good measure. However, this time the ice and fire zombies don't sit around and do nothing. The Skittler's body suffers extremely uncomfortable heat expansions and contractions from getting hit by fiery and icy breath-attacks. He decides to try to finish off the one that took some damage earlier while autohealing. Hopefully the scattered candy is enough to slow the others down from counterattacking.

2 dice for Skittler's autoheal, 2 to attack the damaged fire-zombie, 2 for damaged fire-zombie to defend, 1 for other zombies to attack
I also have to go to sleep, will continue tomorrow
Unavailable for this quest this weekend
Rolled 100 (1d100)

For the sake of saving time and streamlining the narrative I'm going to just roll one die to determine the outcome. 1-25 Skittler kills a random number of the remaining enemies before running out of gas and fleeing (earth-element zombie will survive automatically), 26-69 Skittler kills all of them except the earth-element one then flees, 70+ he kills all of them. It would probably be a protracted fight where he isn't taking much damage, but he also isn't dealing much damage either so he's carried by his autoheal.

That be how it be sometimes
>Nat 100
Ok... I guess the Skittler is going Ultra-Instinct or something.
sure take the time you need. will be busy as well.
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
Slashing up the damage fire-zombie a little, the Skittler is again batted away by the giant earth-zombie, who sends a ripple through the asphault to throw him off balance. As the others lumber around, the candy-wrapper suspects that it's going to take a while for him to kill off all of these things, and at more than little risk to himself since the severe temperature-changes from the fire and ice zombies put some strain on his plastic body. Technically he's satisfied his pride by killing the one that spat out the skittles, it's not like his job is to kill other monsters or protect people.

"Don't give up, you can do it Skittler!" The girl of the group who skipped class (the Skittler figured she was what was called a 'gyaru') yelled from the store.

"We're counting on you, Skittle-bro!" One of the boys shouted.

"Yeah, they blasphemed the taste of the rainbow! Kill 'em!" The most dedicated student yelled.

"I have... fans now?" The Skittler thought to himself as he reconsidered leaving, "You know what, who says I can't kill every last one of these fucks?"


[One-off situational theme-song: Activate!]

Jumping away from the biggest zombie, the Skittler spun his ribbons around each other until they were all wound together. Picking the right distance, he then yelled, "Come on!" at the shambling corpses.

"In the name of the Lord of Bones..." They all groaned in unison, but as two of the ice-zombies got just within range, the candy-wrapper violently unwound his ribbons as though they were the rotors of a helicopter, the hammers and machetes swinging around at incredible speed, dicing up and crushing the two as they advanced. As they fell, he also threw one of his hammers at the head of the damaged fire-zombie, ripping its head off from the momentum of the collision.

"Three to go." The Skittler said as he stepped forward to slice and dice the remaining ice and fire zombies. He felt a familiar and nostalgic energy welling up inside him, driving him to attack with greater and greater speed and ferocity.

"Could it be coming back to me? The power of the Legendary Super Skittler?" He thought to himself, making up the part of it being a legend on the spot, "Perhaps the more fans I gain, the more of the power I can restore?"

"Unexpected resistance... cease!" The big one grumbled as it stomped and created waves in the asphault again. The Skittler was more prepared this time however, jumping and using his free-ribbon to grab around an overhanging street-light and swing around behind the zombies. He brought his hammer down onto the skull of the last fire-zombie, then slashed its arms off with the machetes for good measure.
"Now for the last of the chaff!" The candy-wrapper yelled as he swung his machetes at the last ice-zombie. Deep cuts were made in its chest, but it grabbed the ribbons and tried to reel the Skittler in to make it easy for the earth-zombie to attack.

"GRAAHHH!" The big one roared at it slammed its fist down onto the troublemaking candy-wrapper. It didn't anticipate the Skittler getting right back up after it raised its fist again with no apparent damage.

"Punching a candy-wrapper isn't going to do any damage, you know." The plastic monster taunted, "No wonder zombies try to eat brains, you've got none of your own!"

As the ice zombie tried breathing a freezing mist at the Skittler, he responded by shoving his hammer into its mouth, blocking a lot of the mist. His ribbon hurt a little from the temperature change, if he just kept eating hits from that his body might become brittle and start cracking up. Tossing the hammer at the big zombie's head, the candy-wrapper then yanked the machetes out of the ice-zombie's grip and slashed its head off.

The fight against the earth-zombie took a while longer. Its sheer size made it able to withstand a lot of damage even from the hammers that the Skittler recovered from where they landed. Its weakness, however, was that it didn't have any tools at its disposal that could leave lasting damage on an enemy made of flexible plastic. Though the Skittler kind of wished he'd brought a pickaxe, the hammers were enough to eventually grind down the large zombie.

"Your victory is hollow... the King of Bones will have your city..." The last zombie groaned in a deep, rumbling tone right before the Skittler brought the hammer down to shatter its head.

"Try again whenever you want, the result will remain the same!" The candy-wrapper yelled in triumph. More quietly, he noted, "The fog's still pretty thick, wonder where it came from...."

After he walked back into the hardware store, he gave everyone there a few handfulls worth of skittles before going on his merry way.

"Careful Mister. You look hurt and should probably lie back down. I am with the association and here to help. I was in the Area" Yama said which only slightly seemed to lessen Mr. Kogures vigilance. The teacher was still distrustful even after Yama produced his Association ID but one of the girls seemed reliefed that a B-Ranked Hero was there.

Kenichi just nodded to Yama even though it was clear he didnt like the Ninja. Still he looked reliefed that he no longer was the only one keeping Kaede safe. The Teacher slowly sat back down on a bench to keep pressure on his wound while Yama walked over to Kaede to have a quick chat.

"So whats the situation. You said something about zombies. I assume that are the rotting looking creatures kidnapping students. got rid of a couple of them on my way over here. but the sight range is attrocious." he gave as a status report. Meanwhile the song playing across the PA system seemed to increase in volume and Yama grimaced.

"And what is it with that infernal screeching? Stuff hurts my ears. Any idead where the source could be inside the building I wann turn it off before my teeth start itching even more." he inquired with the young heroine who only heard the mournful melody still on the air.
Good shit.


going full in there.
Solid update Skittler. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

>Any idea where the source could be?
"Well, my best guess would be the Headmaster office.
Plus, she's old and all rumpled, so her turning into a Undead Lich King thing would not be surprising..."
I hope the Headmaster is not the King Of Bones. This is prime trashtalk opportunity

>Next scene is the three of us teaming against the boss?
I think it will be Yama and Kaede going against the Boss.

she is not. She was attacked in her office. Hence gumshits before it was turned off for a bit
File: Deathknight.jpg (477 KB, 936x1200)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Rolled 45, 58, 44, 18, 66, 73 = 304 (6d100)


"So you think the Headmaster... Mistress?... could be responsible for this entire thing? Then we should be careful. They probably know this place even better than you do." Yama cautioned and turned to leave.

Mr. Kogure wanted to protest but Kenichi tried to silence the older man. However the boy still had little chance as his teacher forced himself onto his feet.

"You.... you might be... a Hero..... but if you let anything.... happen to my student....... i will have your head." the Teacher growled through gritted teeth while holding out the Baseball Bat. The Bat faintly started glowing again before sputtering out as the last Strength left the man.

"I will make sure she stays safe. These things are not that dangerous." Yama replied and helped Kenichi lie down the Coach before they could finally go.

Kaedes Knowledge of the School was invaluable when they made their way through Zombies. The amount of them seemed to have decreased together with the ever increasing amount of violence. Drag marks of blood lined the floors in many hallways. Scorchmarks and small fires covered many surfaces but no bodies were left behind. All the while Yama seemed to become ever more twitchy and aggressive, snarling on occasion and destroying some of the speakers that they moved by at particularly close range.

The Headmaster could only be accessed through a secretaries office. That one was already in a terrible state with the secretary missing. Several bullet holes punctured the door to the Headmasters office and a faint glow seeped through.

As Yama bent down to listen for any signs of activity from enemies when the door practically exploded into his face.

A reddish glow permeated the thick fog that started filling the room. A brutal looking Monstrosity held an Axe over its shoulder.

"So you are the ones making trouble.... The King will enjoy your services." it rumbled, which sounded as if a thousand souls were tortured to produce the sound. Behind the creature the Headmistress sat with an empty look in her eyes. Her fingers were moving across a Synthesizer's keyboard in jerky robotic motions

>rolling 3 Withstand dice to stop damaged from the Door and Kick to the face.

Orgal the Deathknight
Threat level Tiger (+10 to dicerolls)
Master of Fog (+5 to dicerolls while in Mist, Creates more mist one turn after it was disspelled)
Lethal Blade (Withstand suffers an additional -10 to block damage, +10 to evade damage due to size)
Bruiser (breaking through walls and floors to close distances quickly even in tight quarters. suffers no penalties in manmade structures due to size)
Already Dead (increase HP by half of Resilience rounded down) 6HP

3 dice for Attack rolls against Yama
Rolled 36, 32, 96 = 164 (3d100)

Expanding 1 charge for Power (Flash) to attack with the blade
DC : 75

Remaining charges : 1.5
>Fighting spirit - +10%
>On the hunt - +10%
>Teamwork - +10%
>Battle suit : liquid Blade - +5%

+35; -15 -> Global +20
I'll use the crit (and .5 charges) to swap position with the boss, making him auto-miss Yama, take a wound, and opening him to a retaliation
Rolled 52, 29, 53, 31, 91, 75, 73, 16 = 420 (8d100)


The Kick through the door had Yama knocked back and onto the floor. The Axe was already swinging downwards as the monstrous Deathknight tried to cripple the Hero. Still disoriented from the Headinjury he would have been to slow as the blade already nicked the clothing just above Yamas shoulder. The Blade gleemed with Bloody hunger only to first only cut air before biting into the floor.

"What!?!" the Monster howled as it was displaced. It barely seemed to notice the blade sticking out from its side, where a thick black Ichor dripped from.
>5/6 HP

It turned around glancing at Kaede and raised one of its gauntleted hands. Black flames started spreading and set the fog around it on fire. "Then write in Agony!" the Deathknight howled and the flames raced through the entire room, consuming the fog and causing debilitating pain to those that had been breathing it in. Yama raised a Telekinetic shield trying to keep the wall at bay. otherwise he would have to endure the pain of a hundred dead souls.

Kaede can easily flash around the wall of black flames. Yama will have to do a Saving throw. First two Dice are Telekinesis in an attempt at pushing away the Fog. Then 3 Dice to attack the Deathknight. Then three dice from the Deathknight.
The barrier had tiny holes. Small enough to keep out bullets but the almost liquid fire burned through the gaps and engulfed Yama with pain though it didn't deal any direct damage.

Still Yama rose to the challenge of the creature and pushed himself up.

Bonuses canceled out for Yama due to Peroxysm.
>91 vs 85

His steel blade flashed and sank into the joint of the Deathknight. While it didnt cripple the creature, black ichor, sticky as tar spilled forth while the Large Cleaver barely missed the Ninjas foot. Still the focus of the fiend was clearly on Yama, who was now right in the creatures face, shaking like a leaf through the muscle spasms wracking his entire body.
Rollin' power (Jump), expanding 1 charge (remaining : 0.5) with same mods of +20 to avoid the firewall while skewering demonguy again
Rolled 87, 70, 50 = 207 (3d100)

>107,90 : Two success
While the big guy are busy showing off in their stell-clad muscle wielding phallic compensators, Kaede flashes, recalling the blade, runs behind the beast with said liquid metal following across a circular arc. Height was perfectly aimed at knee's tendons.

>Lord of Bones suffered 2 wounds (2/6)

Kek that faggot is not on a rememberall villain trajectory
Rolled 42, 40, 92, 24, 80, 10 = 288 (6d100)


Yama retreated a bit trying to recover his strength but still he couldn't shake the strange powers off even if they faded slightly.

The slash across where the things tendons were supposed to be was effective but still its movements didnt seem to slow nor did it give any indication on how wounded it was. New fog started seeping from its plates but if the fight continued on its current trajectory then there woudl be no time for it to coalesce once again into that thick oppressive atmosphere.

its just a Deathknight. Nothing too big.just a Tiger level Threat Kaede could have possibly beaten him on her own. The two of them were a bit overkill since i did not know if Kaede would call for backup or not. still not too bright in the brain department that creature though. and no sense of pain.

Yama first.

92 vs 90

With the Fog as a Medium the Deathknight might have managed to effectively sidestep the strike, the crippled monster ninja, had aimed for its throat. But like this. the Blade plunged into darkness and hit something solid with a scraping sound.

Still the creature laughed. "You are too late... The tithe has been collected already-" it croaked, strength seeping from its body with every drip of black Ichor.

A hacking cough splattered liquid across the floor and Ninja and started sizzling. A bleached human skill started appearing in the darkness but it still had strength left unless Kaede managed to finish the thing off.
Rolled 77, 59, 68 = 204 (3d100)

One last jump. Exactly, a blink. Should be enough.

With a last gurgle the Slime covering the creature exploded outwards as Kaede severed the Creatures spine. It still stung a bit but nothing a quick wash would be unable to prevent damage from.

"Well that was... easy. i wanna say. But damn. That black Flame hurt like a bitch." Yama grumbled and wiped off his knife that was starting to show signs of wear after cutting through the caustic sludge. Kaedes Weapon didnt seem any worse for wear from the ordeal it was put through.

A groan from the other room pulled their attention to the principle. She had collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut as soon as the creature had been defeated and didnt seem like she would be waking up soon.

The fog was dissipating and they could hear the sirens from outside, that had been muffled so far. They probably had a couple of minutes until the police arrived at their current location.

"You did good here K-Chan. Cant believe that thing got the drop on me like that." the Ninja spat, accompanied by him spitting onto the corpse of the fallen opponent.
"Hold that thoughts for a minute... The interviewer is coming, and I have PR to salvage"

Will write tomorrow
"Alright suit yourself. i will make sure the woman stays alive. No matter what you say. having a dead body on screen would look incredibly bad." Yama said and shook his head, somewhat disgusted that Kaede was more interested in talking to the press than making sure people were safe.

Making sure the woman was still alive he made sure to bring her into a stable position before the Press got there.
I assume you are super busy with ypur own quest
Life is doing that. Quest, PhD manuscrit, other obligations...
Rolled 89, 41 = 130 (2d100)

Rollin' social for how the interview goes...

>Handsome, outfit, smile, teamwork (capitalizing on Yama...)

Also, wondering if Kai Anon is still around
File: Janna.jpg (201 KB, 1371x980)
201 KB
201 KB JPG

Kaede takes a deep breath, and recalls Mr Maestro's words...

>From what I can tell, the simplest approach to smooth over your comments would be that you could blame the fact that you were repeatedly knocked unconscious that very week on your 'mixing up some of the details' that you were trying to convey over the livestream. So long as you walked back the bit about calling the Hero Association 'bigoted' and 'unable to see the strength of a proud and liberated woman', that should be sufficient to mollify the PR department.

First thing, she have to get the flow rolling.

"Hello everybody, this is your friendly city Hero Kinetic Kaleidoscope! Today, with the K-city Knight Ramen Yakuza, we helped the situation at K-city High.
> - For those unaware, today K-city High was attacked by someone introducing himself as "The Lord of Bones, assaulting the school with a force of dangerous emaciated looking monsters."
Janna signs her cameraman and remote team to insert images live for the viewers. Image displayed one one screen, near the live chat.

[Fairytopia]OMG This is Kinetic Kaleidoscope ! I love the girl!
[Symphonie]In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact they are streaming live the result of a terrorist attack with people turned into zombies, with live footage of K-city dead people.
[GamerGirlLolSoQuirkyPlzSendMeAttention]Oh god no the feminists found the chat again

"Hello to the chat by the way? How are you guys doing?"

[Stranger25] Good
[Fairytopia] Good
[Stranger8763] Good
[Sandra] Bad
[Crom] Good
[StrangerThings] Good

"Well, first thing first, the zombies are not people that turned, as far as we know. Plain old monsters. My team take them down, to avoid a cataclysm - and the loss of many friends, teacher, acquaintances as it is actually my high-school."

[Pornomancer] In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact I wish with all of my soul to get some action in the middle of Kinetic Kaleidoscope
[IloveYouKaleidoscopePlzDateMe] I love You Kaleidoscope Plz Date Me
>The tricky part would be deciding on the way you present your clarification so that it doesn't come across that the Association is twisting your arm and coercing an apology, as in my opinion that would make for a bigger PR misstep, this time mainly on the Association's end but it would also reflect less than favorably on you that you capitulated to outside pressure after you talked big and followed through in a street-brawl.

"Then, I'd like to talk a bit about the association. I made some rude comments last week. I'd like to come back on them.
Let's just say... I was not in a good spot emotionally. I just discovered my powers, got a few nasty concussions, and talked badly from the Hero Association. This was entitled, and frankly, out of place as I didn't took contact and used the Association network and ressources at all. So, let's take a part of humble pie, and appreciate the amazing work done by our support crew, you guys are the best"

>Skittler, is that enough to salvage PR?
>Yama, anything you want to say to the world?

"This got kicked hard. And whoever was at this was more interested in capturing people. everyone i saved from these Monsters were merely unconscious. Or under some sort of influence by whatever those infernal sounds were they were sending across the PA System. We will find this Lord of bones and kick his ass into the stratosphere when we track him down. I will make sure he pays for everyone he has made to suffer."

Yama kinda grumbles, while making way for the First responders to attend to his patient. He looked supremely unimpressed by the entire thing even with some pieces of wood still sticking out of his skin and making his left face look like a bit of a porcupine. Live on Camera the people could see the splinters slowly being pulled into his body and disappearing beneath his skin.

During the Triage of Yama the prinicple had regained her conciousness but had been in a lot of pain from whatever had been done to her. Medics had put her on a stretcher and were carrying her outside. The older womans eyes slowly slid closed as she is carried away from Kaede. "Why...?" she questioned before falling unconcious again due to some pain medications being pumped into her bloodstream.

[Stranger555] OMG they missed a zombie right here
[Rafifouel] Porcupine-man, Porcupine-man, doing whatever a porcupine can
[Stranger25] In Medias Res means in the middle of the action. This is a clever nod to the fact next time Ramen Yakuza will get some action, his dick will shoot some splinters
[D_City_Dyke] I wish I could peg Kaleidoscop petite butthole
[Sandra] Do you think Kaleidoscope and Ramen Yakuza are sleeping together on the side?
[StrangerThings] That would explain the martial art guys disappearance. Jealousy
[Crom] Wishing he could be Kaede so he get TOPPED by the muscular Yakuza
[LegendOfDruss] Chatturbators sully everything, homosexual edition. Never change, In Media Res.

I love writing that live chat
do you just have a number of random stream names on the ready for those parts?
Some are made on the fly, other are friends online tags, keeping coherence among viewer.
>K-City Hospital roughly the same time as the Incident at K-City High

The Prodigy had been ripped from their studies by the Intruder Alerts going off. Several hostile creatures had made their entrance by unknown means. Radio Equipment was all but useless as a strange Fog had scrambled signals and turned off power.

The Prodigy was murmuring curses under their breath when turning a corner. Their enhanced senses had made it possible to pick up gunfire from that direction. They had come upon a scene of carnage with several undead looking creatures dragging off the unconscious security personell as well as researchers. Only the Cyborgs had been torn apart as strewn about. Anger was rising in the Prodigys throat as bone blades snapped from their arms.

The first Zombies was stabbed in the back and paralzyed from the neck down. It still tried to bite at the Prodigy while they tasted the goo dripping from the wound. "Normal human but heavily degraded material..... and some sort of slime. Should not be animated...... Theoretical. Either monster taking dead hosts or ESP Medium. Require more test Material" they muttered and sidestepped two Zombies lunging at them with Firey hands.

With contempt the first one had its head crushed against the floor and immediatly stopped twitching. The second Zombie was instead being dismantled until they could no longer move and would be observed till expiration.

Sadly for the Prodigy they were not left alone to observe. Three more Ghouls stumbled from the fog and had to also be dispatched. With a shrug they left the still struggling body and continued on their way, looking for a way to end this annoyance.

In the distance shouts of protecting the samples could be heard and they sped up. Over the next hour they systematically build resistance until finally finding the creator of the fog. The Revenant urged its minions to attack while using some of the Kidnapped researchers as hostages to stop them being shot to pieces. Unluckily for everyone on the Side of the Revenant they were standing in front of nothing of particular importance.

"Blow them to hell. I had enough of this diversion and wont negotiate." the Prodigy commanded coldly, making the security personell freeze for a second.

"Ma'm " one guard seemed to want to protest. The hostages begged for their lifes but when the second became two the Prodigy wrested a Grenade Launcher from the surprised guards hand. Switching to a special shell the trigger was pulled. Hellfire erupted amongst the zombies, consuming everything around it and leaving naught but ash aside from a couple fire Zombies that were now leaderless and easy pickings for the remaining guards, that appeared shaken.

"Take tomorrow off and write reports on how this happened or your terminated." the Prodigy chastised the Guards and strolled down the corridor back to the still twitching body they had left almost an hour earlier only to find it burned to cinders by one of the cleanup squads.
Thought you would have eaten zombies for some XP Yamanon
he was kinda busy making sure the woman stayed alive. Wont eat in front of other people. because they might get scared.
Also while on his way around the school he ate some of them of screen to replenish energy. Tries not to do it in front of people since it seems to make them uncomfortable.

Those Zombies also were too weak to give anything useful aside fromBiomass
>Skittler, is that enough to salvage PR?
Yeah Kaede's probably fine now. Side-quest complete!
Have you made progress in Maestro's Gauntlet?
I have the general idea of what's in it now. Do you want that to be one of the next encounters?
I'd loved to.
So I'm shamelessly hijacking the thread.
I made a new Pokemon thread to fight the cesspool catalog spawned from the last /qtg/
Right now I have to fight a tiebreak; any player or lurker to give an hand?
Kaede receives a call from Roger not long after the livestream, who congratulates her on making it through the encounter and invites her to his lab again the following day.


Kai-anon hasn't been around in a while, but do you guys remember that oni gang he brainstormed in an earlier thread? They might work as an adventure subplot. I was thinking they could have raided the liquor store in the outskirts of town during the zombie event and ganged up on Kai so he'd have an in-story reason to be out for a while.

I don't have a link to the archived threads, can someone maybe post it? Would like to refresh on what he had in mind.
File: Shuten Doji.jpg (559 KB, 1000x1306)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
Here you go.
That was kind of what I was thinking, they would ran out of drinks other then their infinite sake they have and would started raiding, Maybe even eventually find out about the beer knights and to give a reason for them to attack K-city in full force.

Been having trouble to come up with an excuse for my disappearance. Thought about training to create my style since I leveled up martial arts to 2, massive reforms on the dojo, even making so granpa Yu would get sick and Kai would have to go to city C.
Lots of ideas, but nothing gets out of my head into actual words. And then I get frustrated and end up playing video games instead of finishing writing.
probably a mixture of training and the legal trouble keeping Kai super busy for days on end. He doesnt need to have a family problem on top of that.

if you want to. Yama would show up to help a bit with the Dojo and kinda ask how Kai is doing and if anything else happened during the Zombie attack.

The school was not the only place attacked. as shown with the hospital. Other puplic institutions were also under assault. in order of importance. The Dojo might have been on this list. but very far down.
Rolled 45, 41, 11 = 97 (3d100)

Glad to see you back!
You could also had too many on your hands with the new students at the dojo.
Or simply got the shits for one week after not enough Ramen.

Kaede picks up her phone.
"Was the reaction appropriate enough? Enough honorable amends have been made?
... I understand...
Yeah, I'll make it"

Kaede wakes early - petting Kittykat, then doing her daily training routine...
Yeah, nothing much comes out of it.

Kaede hopes really hard putting her life on the line is not the only way to improve.
Will have trained without fail enough tomorrow according to my sheet to trigger "Get More Power" and get significant distance/time increase with every day of training

The muffled sound of several things falling and breaking to the ground disturbs Kaedes morning routine. With the School having been attacked classes have been suspended for a couple of days to make sure everyone can recover from the sudden attack and have time to mourn if they lost friends. Though the Headmistress was quite insistent that they should still learn at home as to not fall behind with their studies for finals week.

If she were to look outside she could see several electronic components and computer rigs standing on the ground. Several Harddisks had slipped from the pile and shattered all over the floor. Toma had already grabbed a broom and started tidying up when she noticed Kaede. "You want a new Computer? 38.43% improvements to performance could be made over your current one. Free of charge if you clean up for me." the Cyborg asked her Landlord and gestured to the Hightech parts across the hallway. She had probably ordered the parts the day before and paid for expedited shipping.

Without waiting on Kaedes Answer Toma already turns back to her apartment. The sweet smell of waffles wafts outside though its undercut with the acrid smell of burnt batter, which seemed to exasperate the Cyborg. She murmured something about stupid delivery people coming at the most inopportune of times and ruining her attempts to provide a tasty breakfast. The door was left open and the clatter of kitchen Equipment could be heard.
Rolled 32, 12 = 44 (2d100)

"Deal, but I want waffles too...
Kittykat, go win your rent and kibbles.

Oh, hey Yama, so your girlfriend is cooking you breakfast? Livin' the good life, eh?"

>Rollin SOcial (charm) to try get the cat working.
That little asshole licker keeps doing exactly that.
"I'll never get anything of that cat... I should ask Kai with feline-training tips..."
Rolled 1, 26 = 27 (2d100)

Rolling for Toma cooking.

She has all the knowledge but none of the Skills.

Yama had appeared sma bit after Kaede having heard the commotion. Morotoki was on his shoulder, sharpening a Kunai with a Whetstone. "For Petes Sake K-Chan. She is nlt my Girlfriend. Just looking out for us. She offered you some waffles too right?" he retorts, tjough maybe blushing a bit too much for it to just be the aftereffects og his morning training.
While they were bantering outside inside there was a full blown crisis. Not only had the waffles burned already. But the waffle Iron had started to catch fire as well. Only a quick reach for the Exstinguisher made sure that the fire did not spread.

But the breakfast would be very much ruined. Toma seemed to almost have a breakdown now about ruining something so simple again.

"Hey you okay Toma?" Yama had entered her domicile after hearing the whoosh of the chemicals rushing to smother the flames. He was taken aback by the woman being close to crying with reddening cheeks and embarassment being written over her face. He was ata loss for words and stumbked over his words trying to console her that is was just some dough and they could make new ones.

He will need help.
Rolled 82, 59 = 141 (2d100)

Rollin' Social[Empathy] to see what I can do about that...
Alright Yama, gives me more insight on what's wrong with Toma in a few keypoint I'll integrate in my pep talk
One thing is that she seems extremely embarrassed about this failure happening in front of other people.

She likely does not want to be a burden to the one's that showed her a modicum kindness.

Her feeling of self worth is extremely fragile. probably still feels a massive amount of pressure to make herself useful and not be discarded like a broken tool. Likely some sort of Trauma. Might need to hire a therapist.

"Toma? Toma? It's ok, you just burned the waffles. It's not pleasant. It happens.
- I'm so useless... It hurts.
- Hey, you're a kick-ass cyborg techno infiltrator, not a walking oven!
- So... shamefull... After all you've done for me..."
Okay, that's going nowhere. Kaede walks toward the rambling android and slaps her.
"Yes, punish me!
- Okay, gross, sort that out with Yama. You're back at your senses? Cool. Let's go to my place; got peach-flavored green Tea and Zero-k cereals, chill out girl."

Somehow, the shock factor coupled with the invitation sorted the situation out for now. The shared breakfast is a bit awkward, with Yama and Toma not saying anything - Kaede is pretty sure they both have their mind in the gutter thinking about "punition" in a private setting.

"Allright my Clankas, got to go, nice sharing the moment with you, I'll leave you together for whatever you want to do but not in my home.
Why are you looking at me like that? I don't have the C-word pass after giving both of you a room?"

>Kai, I'd love to pass through your Dojo in a later update, feel up to the task?
>Skittler, ready for your gauntlet
It may be hard to coordinate timing of updates, so it may be for the best to just give you a breakdown of the schedule Roger planned
>He hands Kaede a 50-page essay that he authored on "11-dimensional slipspace theory", leaves her with some tea and cookies and tells her to figure out as much of it as she can for an hour. He says that he expects that she can develop her power more effectively if she understands how it works on a mechanical level.
>>The theories are actually legit, but the DC to learn anything useful is somewhat high. I don't think Kaede was that big into advanced math.
>After the hour's up he comes back and hands her a funky-looking device with a USB-attachment and tells her the goal is to plug it into a computer at the end of his obstacle course.
>The obstacle course is apparently in a sub-level that has one-way access, and the course is primarily made up of a maze of panels with circuitry integrated into them that lets them swap between being transparent or reflective like a mirror, but there are a few other obstacles like pitfalls and sheer walls. The panels can also slide around somewhat to make it harder to maintain her sense of direction. The exercise is to make her use her teleport ability periodically to get around the really difficult ones and possibly test teleporting into a space that she's generally aware is empty but can't see at the moment (like a panel that was transparent suddenly turns reflective before she teleports through it)
>>Toward the end of this phase a perception/intuition-type check may reveal something interesting about the funky device and the sub-level if it's high enough
>If she gets genuinely lost arrows can appear on the panels to reorient her. Roger doesn't want her stuck there all day.
>Once she plugs the USB into the computer, the small, circular room that the computer's in will start spinning very quickly, pushing her against the wall from centrifugal acceleration that's a couple times as high as gravity. Test to see if she can either brute-force her way out or teleport out without losing her lunch. And discover if teleportation carries angular momentum over or not.
There are a couple activites after that but I think that should be enough to get Kaede started.
Rolled 44 (1d100)


>The theories are actually legit, but the DC to learn anything useful is somewhat high. I don't think Kaede was that big into advanced math.
How boy, time for my favorite Subskill, Navier-Stokes, to shine!
File: Toma_flabergasted.png (126 KB, 284x379)
126 KB
126 KB PNG

Toma did seem to calm down somewhat when Kaede slapped her. For a second after he involuntary cry there was only the faint beeping and whirring of her Bionics in the Background. Yama had kept his breath, trying not to create a new incident. He followed, with a hand of Tomas shoulder, trying to be a reassuring presence to the Cyborg.

Sitting down with some cereals and a mug of tea had her look a bit awkward. She only had a few bites muttering something about not needing many calories to support her few biological parts. Yama ate what she left over, being pretty much a biological machine.

Kaedes comments left both of them flabbergasted though more about the latter part than the C-Word.

"But i am not-" the Ninja started but interrupted himself. He knew how prone Kaede was to misinterpreting his words. No matter what she claimed her thoughts always went to the worst interpretation. So he kept his mouth shut and offered a hand to Toma following after Kaede to leave as well.

Going over to Tomas apartment they cleaned up the mess.

"Look Yama.... I... I just wanted to make you some breakfast.... as a thank you and-" Toma stammered nervously but was silenced by Yama raising a hand.

"I know. And its no trouble. Dont do it just because you feel like you have to. Do things you find fun... and try to forget the Doctor. I dont remember much and i think its better that way." he admitted to the Cyborg. Toma seemed to have steam pour from her ears as one of her cooling pipes burst and she quickly asked him to leave so she could fix herself up.

"Then... maybe dinner? Without distractions it should go better." she promised him and then quickly shut the door on him breathing heavily behind the door.

Unsure if he was responsible for that outburst but in good Spirits Yama finished cleaning up where Kaede had left off and then also left the building, Going on Patrol seemed tedious to him today. Maybe he would have a nice walk in the park instead. Switching to his business suit when no one was looking he started moving towards the outskirts and tried to find some peace of mind where his thoughts didnt constantly return to the almost fearful Face Toma had made.
First order of business today : Going to the Association. If she can, she'll stop at Kai's dojo later - been a while, and she can't wait to bash the annoying girl after jumping 3 times all around her.
The receptionist takes her ID, gives her a temporary badge.
"Shouldn't I have a permanent hero card that grant me access?
- As the... 410th C Rank hero? Prfft... You'll probably be dead before the red tape have been cut and the badge is sent by mail to you"
Yet another frustrated ugly butch.
"One thing is sure... I'll be long dead the next time you'll be brushing those teeth
- Beg lower, my nose have yet to be destroyed by years of smoking; And my host is there, hopefully never see you again"

"Allright, girl. First part today is theoretical work.
Take this --- SLAM --- and try to see if you can grasp it and apply it : understanding might improve your limits..."

>Navier-Stokes : 44
The maths. The assumption. They're all wrong - it doesn't take into account flux dynamics and chaotic impact of initial and boundary conditions!
Kaede tries to "improve" the manuscript with a separate pen and paper...
And struggles hard. She can visualize perfectly the figures of the blood flowing in her body, in Position, Speed, Acceleration and Jerk, but how any of that do that relate to ðVx/ðt1?
Yeah, she's missing the basics to point out how the advance sucks.

"That's... too hard for me..."
Mr Maestro glances at the sheet of paper. The girl is trying to convey something. Something essential. Something she does not have the tool to express. Nobel-Prize level. And not aware.
"Then, you'll need some tutoring. We'll discuss that later. Get that Goober.
- A... Goober?
- Generic Object Optimal Bypass Emergency Rebooter
Any "key" or device meant to neutralize the nefarious machines of their enemies. Let me introduce you to today's obstacle course."
Light flicks. They're blinding.

"See you on the other side"

>3d100 Flash, 1d100 Observation
Rolled 13, 31, 95, 18 = 157 (4d100)

Including the dice
18 isn’t enough to get much. Maybe she’ll notice that the Goober seems a little different at the end than it did at the beginning, but nothing definite.
Are you going Permutation City on me?
If I were it would be a total coincidence since I don’t know what that is.
Rolled 90 (1d100)

rolling for possible encounters for Yamas hunting trip while on his way to his hidden cabin.
File: Hidden_Springs.jpg (117 KB, 1500x500)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Rolled 92 (1d100)

Diving into the woods Yama let go of his guise. While it usually felt just as natural as his armored form now it had felt unbearably restricting. Instincts took over, driving him to seek prey in the absence of being unable to form the thoughts what he truly wanted.

Minorly mutated animals were just as much on his list as lesser monster were. Things that haunted the woods bend out of his way while he gorged a hunger that could not be sated and drank rivers of blood for a thirst that would not be slaked.

Suddenly the ground gave way when he divebombed a left over mutated snakeman that had ran away after its leader had been slain. A mess of roots and sharp rocks shredded the creature into ribbons as they plunged downwards until finally they broke into a large underground chamber. Yama vaguely managed to take in his surroundings before plunging into cold water.

He was unsure as to how long he had had been swimming though it could not have been more than a couple of seconds since he had plunged down here when light pierced the darkness revealing a serene Scene of natural beauty before him. The twisted roots of a large Tree had formed a natural outcropping that pretty much drew him in.

Settling down in it a feeling of peace started filling him as he drifted off to sleep. Sinking back into a soft bed no nightmares assailed him as Hazel eyes blazed like twin suns above him.

rolling willpower to see if his body reacts to the intrusion. DC 50 to start developing limited telepathy.

Half a city away Exavia exhaled, shaking with the exertion she had placed upon herself. Removing her Esper Gear she thought about how close they might have come to disaster if Yama had continued on his rampage across the abandoned park and made his way to the Dojo out there. She had redirected him to the hidden cabin he had and made sure he would sleep till his emotions had calmed down. Still he had killed a lot of monsters in his path and even prevented a small attack by mutated Animals on the city.

In his bunker the Beastmaster was raging. Not only had several of his projects grown impatient and been released early so he could focus on more important subject. Not only had they been slaughtered like cattle without achieving anything. "No. It devoured them. All of them with Hide and hair. I couldn't even really learn anything about that monsters powers...." he raged, making the animals around him shiver with sympathetic anger.

Toma will be available if someone calls for help. And later in the day Yama will have calmed down as well.
Amazing SciFi novel where the protagonist can expand over all quantum reality, then collapse only when he's succesfull - like walking right through the front gate among two guards an infinite parralel number of time until a reality let it do that with both sneezing or whatever and failing to notice him.
File: 3D Riemann Sums.jpg (105 KB, 1117x727)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I see, the name and context did imply something along those lines to me. This is more related to the type of entity that Kaede got her powers from.

Anyway, now that Kaede's made some progress I may as well reveal the rest of the schedule
>After Kaede gets out of the super-spinny room, the lights will dim and go into "red alert" mode as a lockdown commences. The ceiling will start descending in blocks at various speeds (see pic related for an idea of how it might look at a given time) and Roger will tell her over an intercom that she'll have to follow the arrows lit up on the panels to take the fastest route out and not get trapped or crushed. You can assign whatever DC seems appropriate.
>On failure, the lockdown is suspended when Kaede is either trapped or right before she gets squished, and Roger tells her over the intercom that it was to see how she acts under unexpected pressure, and unfortunately she still has a ways to go. The ceiling and lights go back to normal, but the arrows giving directions are toggled off so Kaede still has to figure out how to get back.
>On success, she'll get to the exit and find Roger waiting there wearing a fencing suit and having a spare set of gear approximately her size there. "If you call yourself a knight, Miss Kinoshita, it's only proper that you learn to fight as one!" While not a professional swordsman, he's still pretty good.
After that Kaede can just rest and help herself to refreshments. Roger then informs her that she'll get a modest bonus in her next direct deposit from the Association as compensation for her assistance, and that she can take some of his less dense research materials home with her for further review for next time.
Rolled 62, 21, 48 = 131 (3d100)


Kaede steps in the Maze. Low lighting. Mirrors. Walking across a corner, she heards a whirrling sound. She backtrack, and of course the wall moved. Hey, that one is see-through - wait, not anymore? Cool Cameleon wall technology - would it work for Invisibility cape? The next step is obvious.
>Crit at Power
Kaede flex her mystical muscles in her lower spine. Instead of immediately jumping like she usually does, she takes a bit more time. She knows she doesn't need a line of sight to jump - she went through her front door several times that way. But she was well aware of the environment on either side. Right now? This awareness is still present.
>New Power trait : Quickscan - preparing or triggering her power give Kaede a full 3D scan of environment at range
A gut feeling. Kaede smirks, and jump. Not only behind the glass wall, but also just below the ceiling. A split second is enough to confirm her hunch. Kaede double-jump.
"Miss Kinoshita? Where are you?
- The upper floor was reachable with a double-jump. And is less crowded. But it defeats the point, so I'll get back."
Does Kaede see anything weird on that floor?
Kaede blinks at her first jump position, at the upper limit of her 6-second chain jump sequence.

The newfound spacial awareness turns the maze into a cake walk - still took her almost an hour, with her current 11 minutes 48 seconds cooldown between two jump sequences. Still, the hidden cliff behind a "jump-though" mirror and other minor obstacles where as good as inexistant.
And here's a small circular room holding a teeny tiny computer. Goober in.

>Battle theme :

Stuck against the wall, Kaede focus...
>Rollin' power to see if she can either brute-force her way out or teleport out without losing her lunch.
Rolled 60, 83, 29, 9 = 181 (4d100)


>Discover if teleportation carries angular momentum over or not.
Behind the wall, a straight corridor and a curved one. Kaede understands what's tested. She'll test something of her own.
>62 + 19% from Get More Power : Meet DC of 50
Kaede jumps, conserving her speed, until she hit the mattress at the end of the curved wall. Blinks back in the room - Okay, so the Blink does not require to be under the usual range... Good to now... - And make a 0-final speed jump out of the room.
>62 + 19% from Get More Power : Meet DC of 80
With her breakfast still inside her. Still, that was nauseating.
Regaining composure, she hope she impressed the association with that little show-off.

*Alert! The building is under attack!*
Strong buzzers and red lights.

"Follow the arrows! get out! get out!"

>Rollin' 3 dice athletism, enhanced by 1 dice Aura
Kaede runs. The blocks are coming down faster and faster, but with irregular shape. She slides above a particularly low one, jumps over an other, meet a wall. Another pannel switches. She's trapped.
"You have to jump! else you'll get crush!
- I can't. Last jump was too soon.
Her power is still White - and for a good minute and half. And even then, the exit is farther away - she's not eager to meet the consequences of jumping while in Red.
The cogs in her mind spins wildly. There must be a way out of here. Breaking a pannel? No, they're too sturdy for that. Kaede have to crouch under the ceiling block.
"You have to jump! find it in yourself!"
Kaede is lying down. She feels the weight on her head, on her back, compressing her chest. Is it the end?
The buzzing sound stops, the impassable wall falls. Kaede slither away from the crushing weight.
That one was to check if her cooldown could be forced under heavy pressure. It can't

>I'll take your input on Roger reactions.
My day-job kept me really busy, I'll try to give you something to work with soon.
"It seems this is the girl's limit for now." Mr. Maestro muttered from his observation room as he toggled off the lockdown. Good enough for day 1, he'll have plenty of data collected from her repeated teleportations to go over later. The device's exposure to slipspace also appears to have initiated its recovery process, as planned. Oh right, he should probably send the Kaleidoscope a water-bottle or something. She could certainly prove useful in the future; it surprised him that the rest of the Association was seemingly overlooking a hero whose abilities were qualitatively similar to those of the top-ranked S-Class hero. Then again, it's not as though that man's specs were common knowledge in the first place. It had taken him a fair amount of digging to suss out even the most general details. And it would be a while before the girl could even begin to compare to someone like Blast, but the potential should be there.

Adjusting the obstacle course's panels and routing the vending-machine robot in the sub-level to her position, Roger then annouced to Kaede over the intercom, "It seems the lockdown has brought you to your untimely demise, my dear. Fret not, refreshments are on the way, free of charge. After you've rested, take your time coming back to the exit; you're more than halfway through the course, so assuming you don't take too many wrong turns you should be out before long. Oh and don't mind the delivery robot's turns of phrase, someone modified its vocabulary protocols as a prank and I haven't found the time to revert them to normal. Once you've finished the course I can address any questions that may have come up for you before your dismissal for the day."

As one of the glass-panels in the section Kaede is waiting in slides open, she sees a vending-machine with wheels roll in and say in a robotic voice:

Salutation: Good morning meatbag-girl.
Query: Would you care for the sustenance that you organic meatbags require? I am also programmed to provide all manner of psychological assitance. Or shall I kill something for you?
"Anything with chocolate?"
She will pay it with an acne outburst. But she needs it.
Unwrapping the candy bar, she flinches at the sound of plastic wrapper
"Shall I terminate that plastic bag once and for all meatballed-meatbag?
- Nah, it's just reminding me of some monster... someone... I don't know."
Kaede walks the rest of the maze, the moving section still and the blocking obstacle removed.

>"Once you've finished the course I can address any questions that may have come up for you before your dismissal for the day.
- What was that on the upper floor?"

KaiAnon >>5706104 you there? I want to come by your Dojo next if that's fine with you?
Then we can regroup with Yama in the park to slaughter some monster
I’m not 100% sure what you meant by the upper floor. If you meant that Kaede went up out of the sub-level and back to the surface floor, then back into the maze again, she would have observed two things
>The teleportation out and back in would have felt like she needed to force it a little harder than usual
>The amount of distance she traveled vs. where she showed up on the surface level wouldn’t quite align. Either her sense of direction was messed with in the maze or the straight-line distance she traveled in the sub-level wouldn’t match the straight-line distance she traveled out of it.
Roger would tell her not to think too hard about it, and if she pressed the issue he’d say it’s confidential and she’ll need to ask again when her standing in the Association is higher.
On spot. thanks for the feedback.
File: Girl_oni.png (344 KB, 319x445)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
"What a pain, all I wanted to do was see if the humans brewed up anything good since we had our last parade." The lone, 10-foot tall oni complained to no one in particular, "Can't see anything through this fog. DOES NO ONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THE DAMN LIQUOR STORE?!"

A raspy chorus of voices in the distance groaned, "The army of the dead shall claim yooouuuuu!" A small troupe of zombies having various element-themed properties shambled toward the female oni.

Reaching toward the head of the nearest one, which had flames erupting out of its mouth, she hissed, "NOT WHAT I ASKED, CORPSES!" as she crushed its skull in the palm of her hand. "YOUR ROTTEN MEAT ISN'T EVEN GOOD FOR EATING!" Maybe their bone-marrow was still edible, she hoped as she ripped out its spine and started gnawing on it.

"Is someone out there?! Hurry and get inside, it's dangerous!" A man's voice called out from the fog.

"Oho, this could prove amusing." The oni muttered to herself as she changed the tenor of her voice to a higher pitch and put on an act of being a scared civilian, "Kyaa! Zombies are everywhere! Someone save meeeeeeee!"

After a momentary pause, the man's voice yelled again, "Keep calling out, Veggie-Man is on the way!"

What a weird name, she thought, maybe he's one of those "heroes" that she'd heard had become a fad with the humans in the past couple years. "Hurrryyyyy! They'll catch me sooooooon!" She screamed again as she dismembered a couple more of the zombies with minimal effort, making sure to leave a few for the hero.

As the hero engaged the zombies, the oni made sure to keep enough distance from him that the fog would obscure her appearance. From what she could hear, the zombies were giving him a harder time than they'd given her, so she made sure to cheer periodically and pretend that she couldn't escape until there was only one zombie remaining. As the hero had been tired out a little, she decided to speed things along and just rip out the last zombie's spine like she did to the first one, revealing her appearance to the hero for the first time.

"What the-!" Veggie-Man panted as he caught sight of the towering oni.

"Finally, someone who can give me directions to the liquor store! You're my hero!" She cheers in a cutesy voice, contrasted by the gore splattered on her sweater and the disembodied spine she's holding in her hand. She wasn't expecting the hero to be an old man, but it makes little difference since he'll just be her tour-guide until the fog clears.

"Another monster?! That's a dirty trick you pulled just now!" He replied, irritated at how he'd been manipulated.

"Ah, don't be like that! I really do need your help, it's been ages since I've dropped by town and the layout's different now." She argued innocently.

"It's not my job to give monsters directions to places for them to pillage." The hero flatly answered, but the oni's instantaneous mood-shift gave him chills.
"What a shame. You see, I sometimes feel the need to start eating people. Especially troublesome men who won't do something as simple as give me directions." She said coldly, her serpentine eyes locking onto the Veggie-Man's. Changing back to her cutesy voice, she continued, "Well, I did get some amusement out of watching you fight those corpses, so I could let you off the hook with just an arm and a leg!"

Deciding discretion might be the better part of valor at the moment, Veggie-Man backtracked, "Wait a second, I just said it wasn't my job to give you directions. I never said I couldn't do it as volunteer work."

"Glad you're seeing things my way!" She beamed as she slapped his back so hard that he stumbled forward and needed a few moments to catch his breath.

He started giving her directions, but she couldn't really keep up with them and decided, "Ah, nevermind. Just walk me there, I'd probably get lost in the fog anyway. Consider yourself lucky to score a date at your age!"

"R-right. Of course." Veggie-Man replied, opting against telling her that he was married and spends time with his wife on a regular basis.

Stealthily pulling out the pager issued to him by the Association and holding it at his side out of her line of sight, Veggie-Man then started typing:

-- Monster on route to liquor store in outskirts. Requesting backup. --
*Convenient timeskip since I don't have time to write everything out*

Pulling himself out of a pile of rubble in the liquor store that he'd been thrown into by the 10-foot tall female oni, Budknight grumbled, "First zombies hidden in fog, now exhibitionist monster-girls. This day gets weirder and weirder."

Confused by the beer-hero's assessment, the oni asked, "Exhibitionist? I'm still wearing my sweater." as she weaved around the combined attacks of Veggie-Man and Heinekeknight with her unpredictable movements. She used a technique comparable to a 'drunken master' style, if someone knowledgeable on the topic were to guess.

"Naked skin below the neckline is naked skin! Flaunting your legs so shamelessly!" Budknight yelled at her in consternation as he sprang to his feet, focusing the nozzle in his suit to spray at high pressure and shooting beer into her face.

"Uwah!?" She grunted in surprise as the stream of beer disoriented her momentarily.

"Gotcha!" Veggie-Man yelled as he grabbed her knee and tried to force her to the ground. However, her size and weight made her tougher to take down than he'd anticipated, particularly because she was able to brace herself with her tail.

"You like the beer? Have a full keg!" Heinekeknight shouted as he hurled a 50-liter barrel at her head.

"Whoa!" She yelped as she flinched back and batted the keg down onto Veggie-Man with one of her hands, knocking him out cold.

"You bitch!" Both of the beer-knights yelled in unison as they charged at her. Their coordination and renewed ferocity forced the monster onto the defensive for a while, but between the size difference and her peculiar martial arts, she eventually gained the upper hand and knocked both of them away with a swing of her tail.

"You're so dramatic, it's not like I brought everyone down from the mountain to tear your city apart." She said nonchalantly as she started picking up unbroken bottles of various alcoholic beverages and stuffing them into a sack that she'd stowed somewhere inside her sweater. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, she added, "Though if he likes what I bring back, the Mountain King might come down himself, bringing the rest of the gang with him." Shrugging her shoulders, she then concluded in a ditzy tone, "Welp, that's a problem for another day!" before leaving the store with a full sack of bottled drinks slung over her shoulder.

A few moments after the oni left, Heinekeknight wheezed, "I'm not looking forward to reporting this..." as he managed to get air back into his lungs after the tail-swipe winded him.
Nice launching up a new plotline while tying what our other heroes where doing man.
>Kai, you still around here?
Pretty sure that is Kai. He was talking about Oni coming down the mountains.

And needing to challenge them before they wreck the city
It's Skittler/Maestro ID
Your right. I didnt notice. Sorry
Still an amazing opportunity to pull him back in the game
If you are here but still suffer "writer blocks" wave your hand mate, we'll help unstuck you
Yeah dude. We will help you brainstorm how you wanna get back into it
By the way, my character-concept for oni-girl who looks like Ibuki-Douji from Fate Grand Order (except she doesn't have the sword) is she's tied with the Mountain King as the strongest oni, but she leaves him in charge and just does her own thing because she's an airhead who's either mischievous or lazy most of the time. Aside from being pretty strong, she also has 'drunken master' techniques that make her movements unpredictable. Maybe some other gimmick too if I think of something appropriate.

Haven't settled on a name yet.
Name recommendation if you are taking them
Also its me
did you plan for the group to discover that good woman on her way back or tracks of her to bring them onto the right track?
I figured she found her way out of town quickly after the fog cleared, so no one would have had time to find out what happened and catch up before she was gone. My general idea was after the beer-knights and veggie-man reported what happened the Hero's Association would post a bounty and see who would sign up for the extermination squad. Maybe hire a contractor to track the oni or wait for a hero who was good at tracking to transfer in from out of town.
alright. then probably time to resume our regularly scheduled activities.

>Kai. If your out there. let your voice be heard.
Eyes heavy the droning beat of electric music pounded the Dreamers sleep. Half remembered pulsing spikes of symphonic energy driving themselves deeper and deeper into his subconscious. Strange fogs of color danced with shades of purest black in a caleidoscope of movement leaving the Dreamer nauseous as he tried to parse meaning from them. There was some success, faces he could make out, Names to remember. Enemies, like Iscariot, to hate and instructors to fear swirled together under an underlying monstrous heartbeat from thousands that were one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPe3LT37h-Y&ab_channel=dannyBstyle

With a Groan the Ninja Monster awoke on soft bedding. Unsure on how he had gotten to the cabin in the first place after settling down in some sort of hidden spring. Something felt off as he grabbed a can of some sports drink from the fridge in the hidden cabin. It felt like a third eye had opened somewhere allowing him so see things that had been hidden to him before.

The Dreams were fading quickly like a fraying red thread. His desperate attempt to cling to the memories but the last threads snapped with enough force to have Yama real back. Mumbling to himself Yama washed his body with cold water and left for the Dojo where it felt like forever he had first met Kai.

When he arrived feeling fresh from the short run he only spotted Yono with her little gang an approached them to ask how Kai was doing and if they had been affected by the weird fog that morning. Some small talk lifted the Ninjas Spirit and helped take his mind off of what he might have forgotten again.
So... as much as it pains me to say this, we appear to have been ghosted. Kaede and Yama, do you guys want the show to go on without Kai? If so how do you want to handle it?
to be honest. i think we can work around the Kai Shaped Hole left. The Dojo is still there. Kai just had to give up being Hero for a while to make sure everything is alright and bring things into order in his own house (just in case he wants to return in the future). Like he specified, Family and the Tiger are things that the Character needs to worry about.

So i guess we can continue as pretty much normal. I could maybe take over Blazing Yono and her sister. Also doing a bit of work with the Beastmaster already. so that would be fine for me to continue. gotta come up with more crazy animal Hybrids for the future then.
I can go behind that. It also let room for Kai (Or even Shinon) to come back.
Full disclosure : I'll be really busy next week...

Milling about while watching several of the new trainees while they cut the Garden back into shape. Even with the Spiders and snakes defeated the foliage was still an aggressive grower requiring almost daily recuts while further renovations were being stymied by a lack of raw materials and funds. Still only the main Dojo and several of the Living Rooms were up to date with the rest being cordoned off till repairs could be made.

>"Oh yeah. Kai-Sensei is out. Said something about having to return Byakko to their master. Should be a couple o'days until he returns. My guess is he just needed a break from the constant consultations and regulatory bullshit the city's been dragging him through. The Kids here still need some motivation to continue training. We wanted to spar in a few amongst us."

The Bancho of her little gang shrugged a bit non committal before offering Yama to spar with him instead of Kai. The Ninja took a second to think before agreeing to the offer and expanding upon it by offering tutelage on some aspects of his own training.

"Mostly the defensive and movement techniques. I dont want to teach people how to kill." he quickly threw in when noticing the disapproving look of the fiery young woman.

A couple minutes later Yono and her gang had gathered the students for the short demonstration. Something the students did seem to appreciate after having spent most of the day just training their bodies to exhaustion. What they didnt appreciate were that the stretches and continued physical training Yama put the through.

Towards the Evening the students were beat but many of them had made good progress on their own path to martial arts feeling more limber. At least they would once they could feel their limbs again.

For the evening Yama invited Yono and her bunch to go out and drink with him at a local Ramen Shop on his Paycheck. There was more money there than he remembered and wanted to treat them after a long day.
Rolled 42 (1d100)

I'm settling on 'Hannya' as the girl-oni's name, after the masks. She might append cutesy "nyaas" to her words every now and again.


Die roll is approximate percentage of alcoholic beverages that will be remaining in the sack by the time Hannya gets back to the oni-camp. She is an airhead and will drink at least some of them on her way back.
Maybe when she is sufficiently inebriated she starts with the cutesy stuff
"Ayy bro, looks like Hannya's coming back!" A bulky red oni yelled from his lookout-point, a small, roughly-hewn stone-wall overlooking a ridge with sight-lines going far along the entire side of the mountain. The lookout-point was also positioned close to a narrow passage in the mountain that led to the camp where the oni were holed up.

"... great." A slimmer blue oni grumbled as he stepped up to see, "Looks like she's bringing some booze back this time. If she hasn't drank it all already."

After a short while, the two eight-foot tall oni hopped down to the entrance to the narrow passage and awaited the female's arrival.

As she threw a now-empty bottle over her shoulder to shatter on the rocks behind her, Hannya greeted the two, saying, "Heeeeey bois, ya miss me? *hic*"

"Not really. But welcome back." The blue one replied.

"Hey Hannya, mind if I try one of those?" The red one asked as he pointed at her bag.

"I dunno-nyaa." She replied noncommitedly. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out two bottles and tossed one at each of the other oni, "Try those I guess, hehe."

Popping his open, the red oni tossed it back before grumbling, "Hey, that one was almost empty already!"

"Oops~" Hannya laughed, "Did you like the last couple drops?"

"... yeah." He answered, "Now I wanna get some for real!"

"Bleh! Did you piss in this bottle?!" The blue one said after tasting his.

"I promise not-nyaa." She replied, "The humans' stuff was kinda-nyaa hit or miss this time around. Nyaa."

"You're not a fuckin' cat. Fuckin' hell, go see the king already, we killed a few beasts and they're getting roasted right now." The blue oni sighed in exasperation.

"Yaay, I can trade my-nyaa loot for meat!" She cheered, "All, uh, half that's left. Hehehe."
We're on page 10, Yama can you take Archive duty?
Will do that. Gonna start writing relatively soon again. Was just incredibly busy and had a lot of other things on my mind.

You think that the Association might send in the Ninja Twins for scouting and they then need to get reinforcements with their findings?

Sonic Fury will be busy the week over
Good idea. We might also involve The man, The Myth, The Legend, Power Drill Dennis.
i would say to start again tomorrow. i will still be busy today.

and i now archived the Thread
I totally forgot about that dude. He got statted out at the beginning of the 1st thread didn't he? I think he was really powerful but had a demerit where ayys were hunting him or something.

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