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Recovered Report #0004: 'A new Norm'; Author Unknown;

Status: Declassified; Approved for public consumption.

The following report details the extraordinary set of circumstances occuring around the time of last days of [REDACTED], a corrective facility for delinquents with a particular philosophy of what exactly 'correction' means, located at coordinates [REDACTED], hidden deep in the lush forests of Swiss Alps' peaks, durning the period of [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], and under jurisdiction of [REDACTED].

The perspective of this inquiry, as stated in previous instalments, is Yui Nakamura - a mousy Japanese student sentenced to enroll into [REDACTED] under a flimsy pretext. His life in the facility, growth, as well as his attempt at escape will be detailed and used to contextualize the broader circumstances within this work.

To ensure clarity for the readers, a concise summary of the events preceding current report is due.

Previously, our protagonist beared witness to the beginning of facility's new ploy, an examination period leading up to an event only described as 'The Graduation'. Forced to accomplish possibly illegal tasks, Yui found out the secret underbelly of the ordeal - the alteration of the students via nefarious means in accordance to the [REDACTED]'s agenda. Yet the road of discovery wasn't clean, and Yui witnessed death once again. This time claiming the lives of other students. Faced with those challenges, he befriended his eager Overseer, and began planning his next moves with questionable allies. Now, faced with a dilemma questioning his loyalty and morals, he has to make his choice... With many more to follow suit in his Quest to escape the Paranormal Crossdressing School For Delinquents.
> Sit still. Explain it’s still too dangerous to harm Angelina; even emotionally. [DC40:89 GREAT SUCCESS!]
> [Character Read (Angelina): Passed! RES+2]
> Day Three Since Rebirth...
> [Graduation Day 1: Late Afternoon]
> [Resistance: 56+2=58]
> [School Corruption: 42%; Threat: +26%]

The blinding lights of artificial windows covering the ceiling so far above; the smell of detergent permeating the air, choking out the remaining taint of dust; but above all, a hand proffered in earnest from across the table, and with it, a pair of sly, ocean-blue eyes slanted in content – it all makes your stomach turn.

The whole massive library seems dead-frozen around you in response to Jaq’s cruel suggestion, her cold, but undeniable logic. But it only makes sense, really. Angelina is who she is – and that’s exactly the problem. Her apparent contentment with the facility, fear of danger, devotion to her task. None of these traits bode well in turning her to your cause. If you want freedom of action, like the proudly standing blonde said, the overseer must be out of the picture.

...And you are to be the one who delivers this dagger straight into her unsuspecting, fragile back.

Truthfully, you’ve made peace with your cause: to escape this abnormal prison along with Seo-young. How does fooling around with Angelina further this cause? The confrontation with her, or rather the teachers who stand by her, is all but guaranteed to happen eventually... And in the end, isn’t it preferable to break her heart, rather than leave her for whatever other fate Jaq might have in store for her?

Yet, below the desk - far from prying, scheming eyes - you squeeze your left pinkie. The one you interlocked with ‘Ange’ not too long ago. A sign of the pledge she came up with. A trace of innocent warmth still lingers. She’s a mere strategic friend, but a friend, nonetheless.

...and friends stab in the front, not the back. This isn’t who you want to be. This isn't yet the time for you to brandish this dagger.

Assured of the way forward, you meet blonde’s expectant gaze. On cue, her simper contorts in consternation – realizing the fish clearly escaped her net. “Jaq.” You start apologetically, remaining steadfast in your chair. Her hand stirs as she’s left hanging. “It’s too dange-”

Concern fades, supplanted with a glower. “It’s too dangerous to have her stay. We went over it already, and it’s a terrible time to argue, Aki. Your dearest teacher’s pet will be back at any moment.”

“Listen, Jaq. I simply don’t believe it's wise.” You match her tone and put your hands on the weathered birchwood table, taking her aback. You can’t allow this to pass, Jaq’s previous goodwill be damned. There are principles on the line. Hopefully they won't kill you again. “I bet the teachers won’t care much to distinguish between physical or emotional harm, really. Especially if in the end she runs away from us crying. If we bully her out, they will make our lives hell. You’ve heard Ms. Brüngger!
“Stop that...!” She spats, azure eyes stab daggers into your chest with sudden, but sadly expected fervor. She won’t let the previous assault on her slide easily. Yet, she hesitates, proffered hand quavers back close to her chest. “That hag. That violent hag... Why are you even covering for her pet so much? What is in it for you? …You already have me- us, Aki.”

Sighing, you sit still awaiting her outburst to pass, when Jaq’s wannabe butler, Alex, finally makes his move. Carefully, he puts his hand on her shoulder in reassurance. His black, elegant suit and dark-brownish hair a stark contrast to Jaq’s gold-blonde mane and sterile-white lab coat... You almost forgot he is still here. He always seems to walk on eggshells – and he owes you an explanation why.

Noting his lack of support for your case, probably to not agitate Jaq further, you let it slide and continue, now calmly. “Yes, the Sex-Ed teacher. She probably can’t wait for us to make our move so she can get her hands on us, I’m afraid. I believe we should find another way of handling our overseer-” As you say, a spark of an idea shocks you to a stop. A spark of an idea that invalidates the proposal entirely.

...Angelina’s character. Her very personality.

Seizing the opportunity, Alex says tiredly. “Pardon me, but Madam Aki has a point. Let’s try safer solutions first, before we-”

“Wait.” You butt in and carefully slam your palm into the countertop with a satisfying, light *thud*. The spotlights on you once more, as even Jaq was taken aback by your sudden assertiveness. Further, in a blink, it's your chair that creaks and echoes against the library’s ceramic tiles. Now towering over them you lay down your findings. “Jaq, I’ve done my scouting, and I don't think it can work as well.”

Eyebrows raised; she cocks her head. “Scouting?”

Nodding, you continue. Maybe you can salvage her goodwill. “I’ve got to know her personality a little better, and perhaps your scouts were mistaken. Yes, she’s a coward when faced with danger, but not with other people. Ange- I mean Angelina, won’t be deterred by this at all. She sees everyone as fundamentally good, and if we hurt her, she will double down to understand why we would do it and try to solve what she sees as an underlying issue. She will simply double down and prod deeper into our activity.” You stop, letting your words sink in, and try to forget how many times she did it to you already.

Of course, you conveniently leave out that you were mild in your rejections, or that Ange only ever called you a good girl, but since she reasoned out Jaq and Alex’s involvement with literal nazis as a childhood trauma, you probably hit the mark. “I think we will need to find another method to deal with her, as violence is out of the question, thank you.” You finish with confidence and sit back down, but not before respectfully bowing... you don’t know why you bowed, but whatever.
At least the efforts paid off, as Alex shows you thumbs up and laughs politely. “It seems Madam done her Homework, don’t you agree, Miss Jaqueline?”

“It seems so... Hmm, delusional idealism trumping despair and weakness. Pathetic.” The diminutive blonde murmurs, anger replaced with a scornful scowl. At least one not directed at you. Yet, her gaze lands on you again, albeit softening rapidly. “So, you were only scouting.” She furtively sighs with relief, but you still catch it. “You seem to perform well independently as well. Admirable, very much so, but you remain my underling, and the Head can’t function without understanding its own Body.” She says and leans on the table. “Coming forward, you are to relay everything to me. A bird’s eye view is the best advantage, but we need every crumb we can muster to realize our ambitions. Oh, and one more thing.”

You blink as she starts tousling with a loose strand of her hair bashfully. “We must have our feet firm on the ground, Aki. I'm aware I told you of the monsters in the first place, but the situation is dynamic, and even our very senses can deceive us in this place, as you are aware by now.” She says, turning the other way and right at Alex who nods approvingly.

“All I want to say is that everything’s possible. Governments, CIA, MKUltra, non-Euclidean layout, unsettling dreams, and maybe even monsters. But we Must keep it together and be reasonable, for all we know, it could have been the scheme of the authorities. And if we are to suffer deception, we will surely lose everything.”

Well, that’s certainly a shift of the mood, as it’s probably the closest to an apology that she can get to. Even the old library suddenly became that much less foreboding with the knives holstered. If only Jaq was always like this.

As you are about to reply, she straightens in her chair, an air of authority restored in kind. “Moving on, let’s conclude the meeting.” She says again with a stern face and begins summarizing everything she said before: beginning with ‘the cargo’, or the contraptions in your terms – today, there are three. One in the Canteen; one somewhere nearby, and one – worryingly – somewhere in a cave near faraway male dorms. They are likely the sources of corruption. Her allies will try their hand on those in the school grounds, but she can’t couch for their efficiency.

Both you and Alex frown as she reminds you of what's to come, but she adds with a small, uncertain smile. “There is a silver lining, the operation was abrupt enough for most guard units to enter a state of moderate disarray and confusion, which should make your moves easier. At least today. And remember: Be bold, Aki. Steel yourself too. But we are playing a long game, and I can't afford to lose you or Alex this far in.. You are crucial assets, yes. But don’t destroy the cargo, it might prove useful. We will write history, so act accordingly.” She says, and gets up, slipping out of her coat, fishing out her bag below the table.
Prompted by her uplifting words, you follow suit. Together with Alex, you follow the short blonde and soon the rhythmic clacking of yours and Jaq’s school loafers echos across the old alleys of aged birchwood and ancient tomes. Stopping right in the middle, Jaq hands her coat her ‘butler’, leaving her only in the standard school attire – a navy blue blazer and a knee-length pencil in the usual classic plaid pattern along with opaque black thighs. An attire you are well familiar with.

But one, completely unfit to what comes next. Too ordinary.

Abruptly, she stands upright, her azure, glimmering in the faux light, eyes meet yours as her lips curve into a mischievous smile. “Nakamura Aki.” She announces with splendor, almost comically regally. “You proved yourself reliable once more. Your history... attests to your independence, indeed. Henceforth you will be my officer paving the ground for my future tower to rise. You will deal with the hindrances as you see fit and cross out the authorities’ schemes. In your disposal I shall grant you my underlings to command - Alex won't mind, I'm positive – while I handle the more diplomatic and special parts of our ambitions! So, what’s your plan now, Officer?” Immediately, she starts awkwardly tousling her hair again as if she realized how corny it all was, but stays silent.

Floored with the performance you stand like a pile of an unfinished quota. Should you like... kneel, or something? Nah, no way you will kneel to her antics, right? And are those really ‘Your ambitions’? You glance sideways at Alex; you Did Not see it coming. Shrugging, he simply muses “Seems like diplomatic partners rubbed off on Miss Jaqueline, eh? I’m fine with the arrangement.”

With no meaningful help, you fumble over your words. Next move? Should you accept? That’s quite the advancement in ranks, but will she grant you travel permits too? …Nah. Somehow you doubt that.


Gentle knocks at the library’s main doors stir you out your thoughts – time’s up.

As the doors open halfway, her absurdly sweet, feminine voice calls out. “I’m back. Um, I’m coming in.” A second later the doors open fully and the Asian girl with hip-long dark hair enters and carefully closes the doors behind her. Her outfit, like you and Jaq, the usual school attire. Yet while both of you fit it well - this girl seems to embody the outfit, making it shine despite its commonness and lack of distinguishing features, as if it was designed to fit her, and her foremost. This girl is Angelina Zhang, your overseer. Somehow, she’s a crossdresser, like you, but you would never have guessed that on appearance alone.

But that’s not even the weirdest thing about her. It’s a facility for delinquents, yet she seems like the warmest and kindest person you ever met, ostentatiously so. Your very gut churns at the idea of stabbing her in the back... did you make a good choice covering for this beaming paradox? All you can do now is hope you did.
When she sees you, her careful expression changes into an apologetic smile. Immediately, she starts making her way to your group, in her hand a large tray with five neatly tied bags, albeit one is much smaller than the rest. “I’m sorry I'm late, but the canteen is closed, so it was difficult to get you all food.” She says weakly and presents her tray as she goes. “The teachers are... tired, but they are glad you are working hard for the benefit of our community. I'm glad you are alright too.” She focuses on you especially at the end.

Looking back, Jaq doesn’t really bother with faking it, and glares at Ange with mistrust, meanwhile Alex rubs his neck, smiling awkwardly. Sighing, you smile back, and your overseers smile rises ever-so-slightly.

“I thought we could eat together to-” A sudden burst of movement on the floor above stops her dead in her tracks. All of you look up. There, the sound of small feet gets closer. Closer. And then, like colorful Cat-like comet, Cat Don Fluffles jumps from between the wooden frames... And plummets straight on Angelina’s face, downing her along the tray to the floor.

“Ouich!” She squeals as you rush in to help her get up, and the Cat-Projectile harmlessly bounces off and lands atop the now fallen tray – the smallest, fifth bag in its snout. Cheeky Bastard. At least Jaq is having fun, judging by her hearty laughter. “I-I’m fine... Owie.”

At least all of you are here.There is one thing that Jaq hasn't mentioned. Judging by what happened earlier in the alleyway, can you let Angelina go back alone? Your fates are intertwined.

What’s your plan now? (All are RES-1)
>Certainty first. Start with the canteen.
>Fill in the blanks first. Search for the ‘cargo’ near the canteen.(DC:20)
>Danger first. Find the cave system near the male dressing rooms.(Furthest, takes longer)
>Finish the Quota, there is so little left.[187/200] 1d100
>Escort Angelina yourself. Nothing heavy, just pleasantries.
>Escort Angelina yourself. Stab her in the front – talk heavy subjects.(What? Write in! 1d100)
>Sneak to the bunker to meet with Seo-young.
>You CAN handle politics! Ask Jaq to take you with her.(DC:70)
>[Aki] Enjoy dinner together! Have Jaq open to Angelina! Baby steps~ [RES-3]
>Write in!

Officer Aki, reporting in! What's the first command for Alex?
>[C] You are coming with me, pretty boy. Sing me your tales.
>Scout for the cargo, and report back.(Which one?)
>Find and handle the cargo by himself (Which one?)
>Escort Angelina to her dorm.
>Take care of the Quota.[187/200]
>Write in!

Conquer the Stars! What should Cat Don Fluffles do?
>Whatever They please.
>Follow me! Please... 1d100
>Help Alex! Please... 1d100
>Escort Angelina back to her dorm! Please... 1d100
>Write in!

>Deny the title, you aren’t Jaq’s underling.
>Kneel to Princess Jaqueline~! Tease her. 1d100
>Kneel to Princess Jaqueline and vow to be not just an Officer, but her Knight. She is your way out. [RES+2]
Links to previous instalments:
Part 1: >>5586645 (different QM - Wuxian)
Part 2: >>5625745 (different QM - Wuxian)
Part 3: >>5638663
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Part 6: You are here, dummy~

...And I've just realized I made a mistake in the damned title. it's the PCSQ6. Six! Noooo! A tragedy! It's me who's the dummy! Updating at Night is a curse, it seems :/

Love me some unchangeable posts; Love me some 3000 character limit. I love Questing on 4Chan sometimes.

Anyways, I'm Back~

Sorry for being late, but I've returned just yesterday, and when I've seen the state of the update I've written back then I just cringed and scrapped it immediately into the bind where it belonged.

Here, have a new one. Hopefully it represents a quality standard which is worth maintaining and, of course, exceeding.

To players: Ask away if you have any questions, the 3000 limit is a ***** and I had to cut some info peaces and stuff.

Of course, old vets, fear not. I fully intend to run this quest until the very end~ Have a good one and see you later!

(I will post mechanics revamped tmrw, it's late rn and I'm already dying.)
Aby here. Jaq is either trying to get us complacent with rank ups or pulling the leash tighter trying to keep an eye on us. I say we sneak the bunker so we can update Seo-Young about the school status and get her input. Send Alex to take care of the quota, and bring the don to help us. Finally we could kneel to the princess since we get that sweet RES and it looks like Jaq wants to get rid of the corruption to rule over the school so we should still look for the whistleblower escape.
3000 Words is a *****, and takes a lot brainpower to keep in check. Here are some more info regarding time and votes.

This turn will mark the beginning of The Evening. Jaq gives you one-time permit to cross into prohibited areas, and you will take your illegal equipment by default. Jaq will be busy with her own matters.

More Options of what you can do; reply to the previous post.
>Search for the Journalist to prove yourself. (DC:30)
>Head over to Natalie and the survivor. (Far away)
>Head over to Black Market to trade. (Far away)

>Finally we could kneel to the princess since we get that sweet RES
One thing for clearance - It's the vow option like before. By taking it you promise AND want to see Jaq' cause fulfilled, at least for how you understand it right now. It's a sign of trust that will have consequences for both you and her... and perhaps others.

Not saying you can't do it, just to be aware of the weight of pledges.

Equipment and Schedule comin' soon~
File: The Schedule .jpg (132 KB, 720x1281)
132 KB
132 KB JPG

~Sunrise: Free~
> Get ready for School.
~Morning: Free~
> You didn't show up as 'O' requested. Wonder if the option still stands.
> Lessons start at the end of the morning - being late could yield consequences.
~Midday: SCHOOL~
> The Canteen. Daily dose of 'HRT' Pills and possible extras for Se-young.
> Lessons - CANCELLED
> Examination is taking place in the library. Today's task - 'paperwork'.
~Afternoon: SCHOOL~
> Lessons - CANCELLED
> Examinations continue.
~Evening: SCHOOL/Free/Club activity~
> Strangers claiming to be journalists want to meet you. Want a relic - or a 'shinie', as the girls called it - as a proof of loyalty.
> Possible Club Time/Socialisation.
> Showers, skincare and supper.
> Angelina's girls are planning a sleepover in the library. Maybe you can spy on them?
> Bedtime and sleep.
~Midnight: CURFEW~
> Sleep.
> Clocks hit midnight, and the Day is Concluded.
~Late Night: CURFEW~
> Sleep.


> The examination started, and most students are busy. Currently, three contraptions are active...

> 'All find its way to Black Market,' or so 'O' claims. Trade 'shinies' for Omnia's stash. Open: at Nights? In the mornings? Need more information.

> Cleaning Club. It's been a while: Maybe you can get a permit from Ms. Brüngger as the president?

> Jaqueline's Web grows ever more; Student Council, a small militia, guards, Black market and the nurse. Like you, she didn't slack at all.

> Nat's infirmary welcomes all, no matter the time. Plagues call for doctors, but can they stem the tide? Natalie needs assistance with finding cues to advance her research. Cure progress: 10?/100, next threshold 33.

> You were seen talking back to a guard. Hopefully the gossip won't spread too quickly.

> Natalie is willing to teach you the basics of medicine and approve you as an official nurse with Medical Staff Permits. Progress 0/300

> Change requires permits to move across certain areas. A guard mentioned permits can be taken from: Angelina's Student Committee; Jaq's Student Council; Medical Staff, or nurse, approved by Natalie, the head of the Medicine Department; or as a Special Club President - which you probably are, but need approval from Mrs. Müller

> Cat Don Fluffles seems unsettled and behaves in a uncharacteristically lively manner. Are They aware of corruption?
> There seem to be more caves around the Facility. Is it a one large system?

> The doors leading to the forest - to outside - are in the main lobby. They are large and look tough, maybe a key can be found... but maybe they can be brought down too?

> Homework from Ms brüngger - compartmentalization. Is it still required?

> The Library predates the first recorded settlers... What secrets does it hide outside of Spider webs? Technology?
File: Equipment!.jpg (172 KB, 850x654)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

> school outfit - (bloodied and tattered) - left in the living room.
> Sturdy, way too large suit.
> school outfit spares 2x
> clip-ons hair extensions
> school backpack
> Duffel Bag - stores more items (B-Man)
> hairpins
> notebook with map
> 'New' HRT pills, x2
> bottle of water
> whetstone
> needles
> hairspray
> butt plug
> Sturdy Boots (Spirit)
> Natale's 'Sciency' Glasses (Aby)
> Medicine Notebook(0/300, efficiency: -20(alone)+10(above Avg int)=-10)
> Map leading to Guard Barracks
> Natale's LAB COAT - Jaq haven't took it, yet.

> crudely sharpened knife (hidden in the empty classroom)
> credely crafted boar-hunting spike (hidden in the empty classroom)
> G36 rifle (in armory)
> Handgun ??? (In armory)

Chemistry and Medicine:
> sulfuric acid
> hydrochloric acid
> Jaq's experimental 'Vaccine' - A curious invention born off of Jaq' and Natalie's efforts. Supposedly meant to counteract Corruption, but how did Jaq made it so fast? Effects unknown.

> One-time pass to female dorms (Medical Staff)
> One-time pass to forbidden areas. (Student Council)

> Rose colored eldritch pendant left by fishmen. Gleams beautifully; no utility beside that. (Small gewgaw)
> Mysterious green dice. Always falls on 1. Scary. (Small gewgaw)
Seems like our comrades are away, Aby. ;-;

Well, I take the blame for this. Anyways, I think I will begin updating tomorrow... tho it's quite the important vote... so maybe not.

If nothing will happen I will update After tomorrow. Although I really hope we will collect the others soon and recover quickly.

I really done ****** it up, didn't I?
Well shit I thought it was just supporting her plan for now since we still don't know her endgame for us to be killed or enslaved.

Don't feel too bad maybe they were just busy considering the quest came in the middle of the week. Hopefully we get them back tomorrow to continue the quest.
What’s your plan now? (All are RES-1)
>Search for the Journalist to prove yourself. (DC:30)

Officer Aki, reporting in! What's the first command for Alex?
>Escort Angelina to her dorm.

Conquer the Stars! What should Cat Don Fluffles do?
>Follow me! Please... 1d100

>Kneel to Princess Jaqueline~! Tease her. 1d100

Yellow has risen from the purgatory of last thread's archive...

Assuming the kneeling to Jaq while teasing her option is to deflect from our possible disloyalty by flustering her, but if that's not the case, then my vote for that would be changed to:
>Deny the title, you aren’t Jaq’s underling.

Otherwise, I think these are all pretty solid votes? What say ye, Aby?
Hey, BMan-on here. I'm...here, at least there's that.
I just finished reading, so I'll try and break any deadlocks we have so far. As per usual these days, no promises. I'm still not at 100%.

For EXTRA Jaq, I'm with yellow. Teasing doesn't seem to tie us to her, unlike the third option.
>Kneel to Princess Jaqueline~! Tease her. 1d100

For the others, I'm not even sure myself. So much to do, so little time...

Looking at things, the guards being disorganized should help us move during curfew. It could be worth leaving Se-young and investigation till then?

I also want to finish the bloody quota. We already invested and it's so close...maybe leave it to Angelina to pick?
>Ask Angelina if she needs Alex to accompany her back to her dorm, considering everything. If she says yes, she falls into your trap and you can convince her to help Alex wrap things up here~!
I'll roll for that too.

Hmm, the journalists may be a good idea. Not even for a potential escape, but also because they could be another way to scout and disable corruption sources...
However, I don't see the option in the list, so maybe we have some time before we risk missing the meeting? I'd rather way for QM Aki's input on that.

Whether or not that's an option would affect my choice for Yui, Don Fluffles and maybe even Alex so I'll stop here and wait for now.

Glad to see we're back. I'll try and keep up. Try being the imperative word unfortunately...
Hello! glad to have you back!

>I'd rather way for QM Aki's input on that.
You are 100% right here. I failed to explain everything. So here I go:

>so maybe we have some time before we risk missing the meeting?
Yes, you do. The individual periods are generally split into three parts: early, mid, and late(ex. evening.). This option is where you will go in the early evening, and depend on choices(ex. straight to the target in the bunker, without looking for shines), encounters, performance (rolls) you can get over stuff faster, or later. Some choices can cost entire periods, but I will mark them for you.

Timed a activities, eg. 'O's proposal or Journalists have a limited time window to do, and generally being there sooner than later might be appreciated as well. On the other hand, activities like Cargo or quota can be done until midnight. And not a second later. Unless...

Be wary that wounds, state of mind, and simple energy will impact performance. Late at night you will have tougher time handling complicated affairs, meanwhile hitting an all-nighter might tire you in the next day. Some locations change depending on the time as well...

Pick your battles, guys. Time doesn't stop and graduation is getting all the closer.

Feel free to ask about ANYTHING that's unclear. My intention is to be as fair as I can... but also challenge you a little~

>Ask Angelina if she needs Alex to accompany her back to her dorm, considering everything. If she says yes, she falls into your trap and you can convince her to help Alex wrap things up here~!
You can convince Angelina to help, but not like this. Jaq and she have stuff to attend to, so she won't stay to wait for Alex... but for you, perhaps. Also, she promised something, and so did Alex, but who knows. Roll away~

>Teasing doesn't seem to tie us to her
Yep, this one doesn't tie yo to her. Just a little playing around. Remember the dice!
File: Love~.jpg (104 KB, 850x749)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I'm glad to have you all back! Sorry for disappearing for so long! I've got my energy back too, so let's go and do this!
are the votes unchanged? Should I assume them final? Sorry again for not explaining time a little more before.
Rolled 30, 19, 91 = 140 (3d100)

Well me and yellow's vote for journalists doesn't work, so it has to go.
>Yui wraps up the quota quickly. Hopefully we get done early enough to have more time for the next action. (1d100 for performance?)
>Don Fluffles stays with Yui. (1d100, as asked.)
>Alex escorts Angelina back to her dorm. (1d100 to beat the corruption option. Which is a shame because we really could use that chat with Alex. But we don't want something to happen to Angelina...no matter how much Jaq would like it. Besides, getting these two to trusts each other could be a good thing, especially if we eventually "turn" Alex away from Jaq, all in order to protect her of course~!)
>Yui teases Jaq. (No dice?)

That should be everything.
So, to refresh my memory, do Jaq's abominable Brownshirts offer a 33% chance of finding a corruption source or a 33% chance of disabling it?
Hmm, not the best rolls. That 91 should be the C roll, so shame about that. But hey, that should be the quota taken care of, and maybe this will help make sure nothing happens to Alex and Angelina and that they have a good chat?

The cat, as always, does as he pleases. A universal constant. Unlike cats themselves, which freely shift between states of matter...
>Well me and yellow's vote for journalists doesn't work, so it has to go.
Why? did I make a mistake somewhere? it's the beginning of evening, so you absolutely can go to Journalists.

>Jaq's abominable Brownshirts offer a 33% chance of finding a corruption source or a 33% chance of disabling it?
each group adds 33% of disabling it. Jaqs network finds at the beginning of the day!
>Yui teases Jaq. (No dice?)
>Kneel to Princess Jaqueline~! Tease her. 1d100
you mean this option? if so, it has a 1d100 for how well it goes.
Rolled 28 (1d100)

>Why? did I make a mistake somewhere? it's the beginning of evening, so you absolutely can go to Journalists.
>so maybe we have some time before we risk missing the meeting?
>Yes, you do. The individual periods are generally split into three parts: early, mid, and late(ex. evening.). This option is where you will go in the early evening, and depend on choices(ex. straight to the target in the bunker, without looking for shines), encounters, performance (rolls) you can get over stuff faster, or later. Some choices can cost entire periods, but I will mark them for you.
We can go Journalists now, but we'll still be able to later in the evening, while the other options will go away. To me, it's worth picking the more time-sensitive option. I have things I really want Yui to do now, while I only may have thing I want Yui to do later, so I consider it worth pushing back. But that's just me.

My bad for not reading the options again!
But do please roll as well anon, no matter what you pick!
I will await confirmation of other's choices until tmrw morning, then update~

Also, next update will be less important so I think 2 votes should be enough. 2 or the day after the first vote. I really want to speed it up!

I will also compile the mechanics for ease of use~
I support Bmans plan since we need to clear the quota before time is up and run to ger our shit rolling. Would have liked to touch bases with the journalists but we need to get the quota out.
We'll still get another opportunity for the Journalists next choice anyway!
Also, more rolls are often better!
Rolled 36 - 10 (1d100 - 10)

Alright! Updating in an hour, but I the meantime... Rolling ????????'s Performance. 1d100-10
Update 90% ready, and coming in an hour. sorry for being late but family has a meeting at my house.

Don't worry, I will 100% update today, but I don't know about tomorrow, as I will be leaving for an entire day.

Have a good one~
>Finish The Quota. [187+30=217; Quota Exceeded: (17)]
>Alex: Escort Angelina back to her dorm.
>Don: Follow me! Please. (19)
>EXTRA: Kneel to Princess Jaqueline~! Tease her. (28)
>[Day 1: Early Evening]
>[RES: 58-1=57]
>[SC:42%; T:+26%]

*Whirrrr!* *Whirrrr!* *Click!*

Mechanical sounds echo through the elegant chamber as you assist yet another colorful file into its final destination. Right there, on your table, the last two half-full boxes stand mockingly - the very remnant of your group's quota. But relief eludes you, for as your right hand performs its menial task again and again, the left one lies firmly planted on your forehead, supporting you in this awkward time. Sighing in exasperation, you absentmindedly continue your group’s assignment.

Although It’s been a few minutes since your group separated – and you did That - the lingering sensation of all eyes on you keeps your guts in firm clutches. Even The Cat stared! Well, you did an opsie. Or at least it seems so?

It was the heat of the moment, really. A split-second decision. A result of mythical surge of playful confidence emblematic to your new station, like one of those aristocratic bluebloods in Shonen Mangas you don’t exactly remember, but feel you have read back home. It felt exactly like that. And it also felt like it would be funny to tease Jaq a little - a small act of petty revenge for her overt skepticism... Long story short, you played your part in Jaq’s theater, but perhaps you shouldn't have! Would a cute curtsy be a better fit? Were you both princesses in this scenario? Argh! No, this is Really stupid.

Hastily - maybe too energetically – you slam another paper into the open maw of the shredder, causing the metal box to wobble dangerously. If only you could disappear like that paper... Actually, no. You’re fine. You had enough of being shredded for a lifetime, or perhaps two.

Taking a deep breath, you focus on the falling heaps behind the plastic screen of the shredder. You have to get over it and learn. What happened, exactly? Firstly, you helped Ange get back up and helped her pick her haphazardly scattered rations. Then, as she was adjusting creases out of her school attire, you covertly informed Alex to escort her back... And then, smirking, you reached for Jaq’s palm, and kneeled – delivering one of those corny pickup lines straight out of trash comedy skits about Medieval European knights.

That’s a fact. But the new president did not find it amusing, and much less took your ‘pledge’ seriously. Rather, it upset her as she glared behind you and towards Ange... perhaps she really wanted to keep your pacts a secret? Then Alex’s tired wolfish whistle, and your overseer’s loud gasp. Argh! WHY?! Why did you do it? Why were they so silent afterward? And why was Jaq so conflicted in her scolding? And Ange so hurt? Did she think you are fine with 'wrong' ways of Jaq's?

If anything, it's a little insight in how others are humorless...
File: The Quota.jpg (90 KB, 800x500)
90 KB
But, moving on! It wasn’t that bad. At least for a blink Jaq seemed genuinely happy, so she might not pick on you for that. In the end Ange stepped in and offered you all her gifts. The food was and is nice, you think, and put another rice ball - or onigiri - into your mouth. Supposedly, one of her friends is a high-ranking baking club member, and yeah, you can feel it as the dish melts in your mouth along the explosion of delightfully distracting savory, homely taste. The bag contained even some tissues for hygiene, and in Jaq’s case – allergy syrup and a burger.

After each of you – including Cat Don Fluffles – had your specific bag, she announced that while you still have time to work, the library is off limits during the night and - what's especially pressing – tomorrow at the end of the morning the special, mandatory meeting is scheduled in the ball room for all male students. The teachers have ‘exciting’ news to announce. A change is coming to ‘help students express themselves better’. Sadly, you couldn’t share Angelina’s enthusiasm at the news, but at least they served as a good distraction to your performance.

Afterward is how you got there. Angelina said she must discuss something ‘secret’ with her gal pals; Alex dutifully offered to escort her back home – something she clearly wasn’t comfortable with, but a few words of yours mollified her a bit. You, of course, took to the remaining quota to get it over with... And jaq and Don-


The abrupt sound of tome rapidly closed in one of the closer aisles brings you back to reality, followed by the all-too familiar serious, but higher-pitched voice. “Aki, don’t slack.” Jaq says, remianing focused entirely on searching through the rows of ancient literature and evidently alerted by the sudden quiet. The Cat, one you told you to assist you, took off and started scouring the library again. Hopefully it will return shortly.

“Oh... Right.” You answer. “Right.” Soon the main chamber is enveloped by another fit of whirling of jagged blades and ruffling of torn paper once again. With food pushed to lower priority, you continue your task. For some reason Jaq stayed back in the library even though she said she would deal with diplomacy first and foremost. When you asked her to help you with the quota, she dismissed you with the ‘I'm too busy realizing our ambitions’ spiel, so you gave up, and didn’t even bother with further questioning.

Of course, you tried peeking whenever she wasn’t looking. For the most part, Jaq seemed to inspect the books, but sometimes also the corners searching for... you don’t know exactly, but rows of history, biology and chemistry seemed to attract most of her attention. Although nothing seems to garner any interest beyond superficial observation or an occasional raised eyebrow. At times you try to squint and look for the titles or distinguishing features of the tomes she does pick up, but all of them have the same leather or plastic coverings on them.
This process continues for some time. The blonde exploring as you keep working, and covertly observing her every move. Until she reaches the librarian’s counter that Ange is so fond of. There, she looks around the surrounding shelves. When it’s clear again, you look there again and see her disappear below the large desk, just like Ange did some time ago. Guess she’s aware of the control panel now.

A pang of worry latches to your gut as the boxes quickly get more and more empty, but Jaq remains unseen. Finally, she emerges, hand on her chin in deep thought and – to your mild concern – heads towards the staircase leading to the first floor. Stepping on the first step, she stops and looks sideways to face you again, her azure orbs meeting yours. There is something in them; in her tiny pupils, uncertainty? You gulp as even with this apparent weakness she remains steadfast, gripping the railing tightly. For a moment, the hacking sounds of your ‘community service’ fade away as you share this tense, yet weirdly intimate moment with the first person you met about to rethread the path you yourself took not that long ago.

Does she not care about what you have said at all? You think, but flinch when your hand grazes over the now emptied box, ending the moment. Sighing, Jaq turns to face the stairs once again. The red rug covered stairs upon which - to both of your surprises – Your Cat casually, almost irreverently, prances step by step down, passes between Jaq’s legs, and promptly sits next to the main doors, as if ready to leave. “Hmph, seems like you should go...?” She says. “Right, Knightie?”

Surprised by her light words, you look back and peer into the boxes – true to her words, somehow, the boxes are all empty. Further, one of the boxes you were taking from was allowed to be left for later, so you done a little more than necessary. Probably not enough for a reward, but still.

Sitting still in deafening silence, a stark contrast to a mere minute ago, it's time for you to make a choice... What next?

What to do with Jaq?
>Just let Jaq explore.
>Warn Jaq again. (DC:10/50)
>Plead Jaq not to go. (DC:40)
>Physically Threaten Jaq not to go. (DC:20/40)
>Scare Jaq away. (DC:60/80)
>Reason Jaq needs to go back to politics. (DC:40)
>Ask Jaq to go out together... (DC:02/90)
>Write in!

Where to?
>Keep working the quota; stay close to help Jaq if necessary. (1d100)
>Fake leaving and stalk Jaq. (DC:75 to not be found)
>Ask to Assist Jaq in her exploration (DC:70)
>Search for ‘Journalists’. (DC:20)
>Head to the Bunker.
>(Cargo)Head straight to the canteen.
>(Cargo)Search the canteen area for the missing one. (DC20)
>(Cargo)Go find the caves near the male dressing rooms. (Far away) (DC:30)
>Write in!

Cat Question?
>Cradle Them in your arms – You need Them with you.
>Handle them to Jaq; she might need Them.
>Let Don do what Don pleases.
>Don, follow me! Please.
>Don, stay and protect Jaq! Please.
>Write in!
File: tnd.png (66 KB, 712x406)
66 KB
Yo, the QM of Stellar Turmoil misarchived your quest as "Tranny quest" or something dumb like that. You'll have to rearchive it if possible idk if that is.
>Warn Jaq again. (DC:10/50)
"You go up those steps and you will die Jaq. Some things are better not known."
Better to just give her a warning instead of using fear or threats. Let her know we still have secrets we can rely on.

>Head to the Bunker.
We must find Seo and begin our descent to find evidence for the journalists.

>Don, follow me! Please.
Don won't escape from us.
I'll wait for the others before rolling anything in case consensus changes.
Your quest has been misarchived. I suggest contacting admin@thisisnotatrueending.com.
This is a smaller vote, so two votes are enough... but as I said yesterday, I will be leaving so I'm not sure if I can manage to update today. Wil keep you updated.

In the meantime I will collect and streamline how time and then school works. There are stuff to make make more clear.

>the QM of Stellar Turmoil misarchived your quest.
That's a pity. I hope they get over what caused them to be so spiteful.

>You'll have to rearchive.
>Your quest has been misarchived.
Huh, yet again a new mountain... alright! Thank you for telling me, dearest Anons.

>"Tranny quest"
It always irks me the wrong way when any form of exploring the heavy topic of Gender and how it structures our life is simplified to 'Transgender'/'tranny' stuff. This sub genre is deeper than just that, imo. Ero, it's so much more interesting to explore than the usual - expected - manly men and womanly women, at least in my humble opinion~

I owe an explanation:
>Warn Jaq again. (DC:10/50)
Warning Jaq doesn't prevent her from going, but makes her more careful.
>'You go up those steps and you will die Jaq. Some things are better not known."
this sounds more like:
>Scare Jaq away. (DC:60/80)
Which fully intends to get her not to go. Giving the reasoning might prove beneficial!

>wait for the others before rolling
Having some rolls as a backup is always nice... unless it's a 1.
I'll support your votes, though maybe not with that specific line to Jaq, since according to >>5765002 that would be scaring her off.
Glad the votes are in, but please, rolls!
Rolled 41, 41, 48 = 130 (3d100)

Not very Gigachad of him, to be honest.
Is this the fabled "tranny Discord gang" ? Ironic.

>It always irks me the wrong way when any form of exploring the heavy topic of Gender and how it structures our life is simplified to 'Transgender'/'tranny' stuff. This sub genre is deeper than just that, imo. Ero, it's so much more interesting to explore than the usual - expected - manly men and womanly women, at least in my humble opinion~

With how many simplistic bait quests with a similar subject matter have been cropping up recently, I'm not surprised by this. Backlash was to be expected. Hell, it maybe was the point. Doing it this way was dumb, admitting to it was dumber. No reason to shit up the archive, especially with a multi-thread quest involved.

>Warn Jaq again. (DC:10/50)
"I know i can't stop you. I know you aren't going to listen to me on that. But please be careful. There is something wrong in that area. Maybe it's rotten flooring, maybe it's black mold. Maybe something else. Just...trust your gut in there, and don't linger. If the cat appears, try and follow it, especially if it's trying to lead you away. Animals have better sense than humans after all, surely you can trust that scientific fact?"
>Head to the Bunker.
I was thinking Yellow would push for the Journalists and trading a shiny bauble for some semblance of trust, but I guess we could try and show up with something more. I'm personally in favor of trying to persuade them to help counter school corruption activities.

Don Fluffles staying would make Jaq safer, so asking them to come with us feels wrong. But if it's what you guys want, then so be it. There's no guarantee it'll follow, though I don't see a need to roll for it? Either way, I'll roll 3d100 in order, just in case.
Rolled 60, 55, 87 = 202 (3d100)

Going with B-mans vote since warning is better than scaring her away.
As I said, I'm away for today and I won't be able to update. I will be back home tmrw, so in around 12h, and then I will get it done!
Rolled 72, 24, 87 = 183 (3d100)

Yesterday we stayed overnight, so I just returned home! Gotta eat something, then I will update, but it's coming 100% today!

>Just...trust your gut in there, and don't linger.
I will reduce your DC for this write in. It hits the mark quite well~

Anyways, see you soon~
>Warn Jaq again. (Lowered, due to keyword. DC02/10:72 GRAND SUCCESS!)
>Head to the Bunker.
>Don, follow me! Please. (55)
>[Day 1; Mid Evening]
>[RES: 57-1=56]
>[SC:42%; T:+26%]

With the quota over, it does seem like Jaq is right again, and you should really be leaving. Whether out of the newfound Officer’s duty, ‘Knightie’s honor, or purely for your own benefit, doesn’t matter. The time simply won’t wait, and not having to fear quota repercussions doesn’t mean it’s over. Far from it, actually - This was the easy part, you think, and slowly clamber out of your chair.

Down the chamber, next to the main doors, Cat Don Fluffles jerks back up and starts rubbing the birch gate in a not-too-subtle suggestion to get a move on. But you aren’t done here yet. Something needs to be done. Tentatively - wary of even the steps of your loafers on the tiles - you reach the foot of the stairway on which your Wanna-Be ruler remains hunched over the handrailing in the middle between the first floor and the main chamber.

“Hey, Jaq.” Your careful voice breaks the silence, as you grasp the ornate navel post for reassurance. You are well too aware of how specific Jaq can be, but for the good of everyone you must protect her from herself. You can handle walking on eggshells like Alex for a moment.

Stopping scouting the area looming ahead of her, she gazes down, towering over you. A knowing, albeit reluctant smug crosses her lips as she spots your position. “Hmm, Is it time for another stunt? Shakespeare, perhaps? I’ve heard the European knights wore skirts, but Japanese lore eludes me.” She jokes with faux confidence.

Chuckling awkwardly – she clearly won't let you off this hook easily – you continue grimly. “Look, I know I can’t stop you. And I know you don’t want to hear it.” You start and she nods amicably, nudging you to go on. “...Just, please, be careful. There IS something wrong in that area. Maybe it’s rotten flooring, or black mold. Maybe something else entirely. Just... Trust your gut in there, and don’t linger, okay?”

Yet, your gut churns as Jaq’s face sours. For what feels like hours the blonde stands still as if stunned. Finally, she says dreamily. “Trust my gut? Like survival instinct? Or like an inside voice. Telling us how to go about things? Yeah, but how we are to know...” She hesitates again, and silence befalls the library again, so much so you can hear Sparkling sound of Your Cat rubbing the wood impatiently. As you begin to worry, she adds weakly. “...Which one is ours?”

“W-What? I don’t quite get what you mean.”

As if hit by The Cat, Jaq reels away from the railings and rapidly shakes her head. “Of course not! Ridiculous. Forget it.” She blurts out, and haphazardly scampers further up. Once there, she continues with a stern but shaky voice. “The time’s key, Aki... I will take care. You can trust me, but now be on your way and prove I can trust you. I won't stay long too... Schedules to keep and all that.”
Schedules? You have some too, and you should really get moving as she said. Who knows how patient those ‘journalists’ are. You ponder, as the petite form of your peculiar ‘friend’ disappears entirely into the Southern wing high above. Whatever Jaq meant in her absentminded rambling you will have to ponder on the road. At least she sounded sincere when she promised to take care of herself.

Still a little anxious, you step away from the staircase and return to the doors. Your brown eyes meet with Your Cat’s pale, pupilless whites as They evidently moved on from rubbing to forceful scratching at the wooden surface with its front paws. “Time to get a move on, right, kitty? And you won't trick me. I know you cats can phase through solid objects.” You muse, finally leaving your workplace, but not before turning one last time.

Above, peering from behind the foremost bookshelf, a pair of azure eyes furtively scans your every move. Caught, they hide in a string of gold-tinged hair... Weird, even for Jaq.


Retrieving your illegal stuff was relatively easy. With the library right at the edge of the ‘legal zone’, the Bunker is almost a mere stone toss away, and by extension the abandoned classroom where you left everything you would prefer not to be seen with. The new rules hold fast – as a guard stood in the hallways and demanded a permit. Thankfully Jaq Gave you one, so you had no issue. So much so the guard didn’t even bother to listen to your cover up story and just pushed you past him. Rude. She didn’t even pet Cat Don Fluffles who enjoyed jumping over their ignorant head.

From there it was up to the races. The ‘illegal’ parts of the school, as usual, were dead empty, with matting paint, crude graffiti and the rays of the evening sun breaking through the grated, reinforced windows to keep you two company. At least the rays make for a fine light show when combined with Your Cat sleek, mirror-like ‘fur’. Perhaps, it's for the best, given the fate of the previous students. You wouldn’t want to risk Don’s safety, of course, since you are responsible for Their well-being

But the 'Sugoi' ended when you reached the classroom’s hidden stash. There is everything you left; nothing’s lost, yet you might have just overestimated your value. The journalists wanted proof of your loyalty and reliability... but can a bunch of greenish, loaded dice; or some, arguably quite pretty, but still mere pendant be assumed to be ‘proof’ of anything, especially reliability?

You know you can do better than that, but would they understand? Would they listen? Perhaps they would, but they could just laugh you off and move on to someone else as well. That woman sounded like she had a short fuse too... No, you better get something of actual value first, rather than waste precious time explaining yourself for nothing.

With that in mind, you – now fully armed - and Your Dearest Cat have but one destination, thankfully it's so close: The Bunker.
File: The Bunker Doors.jpg (361 KB, 1900x1013)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
The road was uneventful as before. Until the very end, that is. As you sneak past the final empty corner, the massive, circular blast doors come into view, covering nearly the entirety of the hall ahead with their steel breadth. Like always, the white lights above the entrance flicker menacingly, as if to the rhythm of your very steps. Not even a day had passed since you were the last time, yet it each time the descent feels fresh with anticipation, like-

Don stops abruptly, almost tripping over mere meters away from the target. Already on edge, you flinch too. “Hey! Don’t just do that. You sca-” *Whoosh!*

A blast of steam bursts from the sides of the doors, followed by a mechanistic clatter of rusty gears inside. The lights start to flicker with wild abandon. The doors are opening! “Shit! Shit! Nice one, Don!” You yell as your heartbeat rises and a spark travel down your spine. After all that peace, this! Grasping the still indifferent Cat, you dash back behind the dilapidated corner as all that clangor gets louder.

Pressing into the wall, you let Don go, and peer carefully from your cover. Like always, the heavy doors open slowly, so terribly slowly. Then - with the final burst of... white mist? From inside - One, two... No, three humanoid silhouettes emerge, with something like a small vehicle next to the tiniest one. Following them, a surprising cold wave of air. All this is new.

Squinting, you focus to distinguish the figures, but can’t as the mist persists. There is movement... And the figures emerge.

All three donning the unmistakable orange Hazmat Suits, with two of them carrying guns on their hips - the same ones as the guards, you realize, the sight of Leonnie menacingly patting her weapon right in your face still clear. The vehicle with them, disappointingly, is a mere cart. Just like those used by the cooks in the canteen, now pushed by the smallest of the three. On it, there are several caches, most obscured by a white blanket, but two remain visible and above the mist: the former, with barrels of long guns protruding and with countless bullets scattered around it; and the latter, with... old, plastic cassettes in different shapes? You don’t remember exactly, but you must have seen them in those old movies back home.

“Who are you?” You mutter to yourself. Your Cat sneaking a peek just below you, its ears raised high in alert. “Not your friends, eh?”

Down the hall, the figures come to a halt, and with some difficulty get off their helmets. Confirming your suspicions in the process as three human faces come to clear view, all are probably women. The fog settles around the height of their hips and reaches even far enough to your hideout. It envelops you up to your midriff and you shiver as the hill travels all throughout your dainty, hairless body. The school attire is woefully unprepared for such a cold, you ruefully note. Your Cat is completely buried.. But can cats even be cold? Given how cold they are so coldly indifferent?
File: New Friends...?.jpg (95 KB, 1024x722)
95 KB
The smallest woman, probably not older than you more than 5 years, let's go of the cart. Her blonde, curly locks fall down her back, as she clutches her machine pistol and shivers as well. “Oooh boy. Sure do love when they spontaneously make us dive down there. And because some old project kicks again, really? Why would they send me of all people, also? Not like am used to actual live ammo.” she says in a fluent English, her accent similar to Jaq’s as well.

“Not SOME project.” The middle one, in probably her mid-thirties and with a light-brown comb states flatly, pointing a pen accusatively at the blonde. In her free, black gloved hand, instead of the gun is a paperclip. “THE project. The one your papa probably sent you in desperation, and upon which you and his wealth hangs. Be glad something happened those few days ago... What were you doing during the brief?”

“Was told to push cart. So I did.” The, probably American, blonde shrugs. “And you really should have warned me before you fiddled with that generator. Live ammo’s no joke, and that fizzle scared me shitless.”

Humming to herself, the brunette marks something in her documents. “Always forget you wayward scions always get the janitor jobs. But no matter, our job is done as far as it could be, so we can deliver those recordings back to the boss and arms to the inner barracks, then you are free to do whatever. Now, repeat, please.”

Scoffing, the ‘scion’ waves her away. “As if.” Afterwards the conversation becomes more lighthearted, as they converse in the mist, seemingly uncaring about previous slights. The third, largest one put her helmet back on, and said nothing at all. Worryingly, the mist doesn’t seem to fade still, and you don’t have the privilege of a heated suit. Worst still, in a passing comment the more reliable brunette mentioned there are five of them in total.

As you hide in your cover, Don’s sleek ‘fur’ grazes your leg as They clearly head elsewhere in the fog.

But there is one thing that casts stones upon your heart – Seo-young. What If this cold fog surrounds the Bunker, how does she fare? She’s no better dressed than you!

What should you do? Safety, speed, information?

> [C] Hide in the fog and sneak past them to the bunker. (DC:35)
> Hide in the fog and sneak to the cart to steal a cassette, then go to the bunker. (DC:50)
> Hide in the fog and sneak to the cart to steal a weapon. Fight them right here. (4d100, 1DC:60; 3DC:55)!!!
> Try to get close and steal from the cart by pretending to be a lost ‘Doll’. (DC:50+(100-RES(56))=94)
> Stay hidden and eavesdrop until they all are gone. Maybe they will reveal more? (1d100) [RES-1]
> Follow The Cat... Wherever They may lead. [RES???]
> Too risky. Retreat somewhere else. (Where?) [RES-0/1]
> [Aby] Lob The Don at them. Take what you can then scamper back to the Bunker. [RES-3]
> [Aki] Why pretend~? You are but a lost Doll, seeking your savior! ...and the cart’s cargo, of course. [RES-5]
> Write In! 1d100 [RES-0/1]
Quick Explanations:
Non persona Options Marked with [RES+/-] mean the end of the period. Options Marked [RES???] are ???.

> Hide in the fog and sneak to the cart to steal a weapon. Fight them right here. (4d100, 1DC:60; 3DC:55)!!!
In this option, the first roll must succeed, as other rolls are combat rolls with said gun.

If there are any uncertainties, ask away! Hopefully I didn't miss anything. Also sorry for not replying a lot, I was vbusy this weekend!

Never have I thought I would be able to work on something up to 2 in the morning that isn't some high action game... Damn did I do well by starting QMing. Thanks for playing guys!... girls~
What a lonely day... well, have a good one~
> Follow The Cat... Wherever They may lead. [RES???]
I have faith in the Don.
> Follow The Cat... Wherever They may lead. [RES???]
Fuck, so we cannot start combat unarmed and outnumbered. Taking the cart is too dangerous to take without protection. Don is weird but might have something it might want to show us or Don does what Don wants.
Sorry, something school related came up, and I can't get into the writing mood... I finish the rest tmrw! Have a good one~
>> Follow The Cat... Wherever They may lead. [RES???]

I'll follow the movement. Also, I was looking at suptg, and thread number 4 also seems to have been griefed. The one archived back in June.
All of the threads also have a lot of downvotes. Weird. It could be one very obstinate person, or several who really don't like this quest for some reason? Not sure why, honestly, this is good stuff in my book.
But hey, if they want to play that game~
I do mean contesting the votes, not doing anything to, say, the one QM who basically admitted to screwing with our archived threads once, of course!
Aahh Update:
As I said before, I on the upheaval today, and feel numb. on the plus side, I'm almost at the end, so after tmrw I should have a free reign up until 30th where I perhaps will have be away, then the 7th could mark a start of some massive problems.

Otherwise I it should be fine! So have a good one~ and like always, I'm there ... just a little numb.
Okay Aby, watch out for spiders since they like to challenge humans on their territory.
Lurker here. I love this quest, and the theatrical style of the QM.
Sorry, the next update will come tomorrow. My head hurts already and I had to rewrite it in the meantime, as I've gotten into the flow kinda ignoring broader context, meanwhile the next update Will. Be. Very. Important. so I want to make sure it conveys what it should. I will shorten it too.

I've been trying to get you there since the first thread, so I have to nail I down~

I'm sorry but I've gotten myself in trouble with the school and redlining.

A little preview without context~ (subject to change.)
> '...Sadly, there was truth in that belief, but I was too arrogant to admit the possibility. They knew all along - seen all along - and now, after the fact, I can finally see it as well. Here, we aren't, and never were, parts of privileged few, we were naught but lab rats, allowed to loiter about in their maze. For nothing but to further their research, a means to revive their ambitions. Perhaps, out of morbid curiosity. Indeed, we never posed a threat to worry about and oppose, rather, we were to be guided and used. This is what those markings next to our names meant, but yours was different...'

The update is coming Soon~ I will finish this quest!

Well, good to have you, then. I always tried to foster a carefree atmosphere, so feel free to vote.
Ohajoo~ Update in 4h, gotta get back home, then brother will stay on PS4 for a while and I don't wanna write Femboys with family in the room, but the update is 100% today!
I'm so sorry for not updating. I will get back and finally rework it, if not I will post it for what it is.

IDK, I had this exact update planned for a veeery long time, yet I just can't get it right what so ever. I'm sorry, I get that this is getting ridiculous - and it is - but bear with me. I'm there, not flaking, it's just an important update and I want to get it right meanwhile I was busy... So sorry.
>When following the cat becomes a major cannon event.
What has the Don revealed to us?
I'm going to assume you're the QM that posted in the qtg, things line up too well and I think I can identify your writing, even with all of the gae stuffed in a closet.

It's fine. Well, not really, from experience I can tell that not being able to get a satisfying update out day after day eats at you, but you have to realize that its /fine/. I'm personally on the side of "take a break and come back to it" rather than "post it at a set point, damn the quality.", if only because I'm not super active these days.
From how you make it sound, you would benefit from giving yourself time to not think about the quest, then either reread your old notes or the old threads, or whatever was the setup for this update, at least in theory. I can't get more specific without knowing what you're going for, sorry.

Hope you're doing okay mentally still!
>I'm going to assume you're the QM that posted

> I'm personally on the side of "take a break and come back to it" rather than "post it at a set point, damn the quality."
I'm too. But not of choice, even.

> you would benefit from giving yourself time to not think about the quest.
The problem is that the quest is not the issue, it's the victim.

Willingly or not, I will take a break, sorry. I mean it, I just got sick, and didn't leave the bed. almost whole family did as well, so don't worry it's not some stress bc of the quest. Probably bad food from yesterday.

> What has the Don revealed to us?
Not telling!... But I WILL.

I hate what is happening, I really do. This particular update was 'in the works' almost from the start, I just... idk. it feel like I'm writing sand paper and hate every moment of it, wherein previously I could just sink in and literally burn midnight oil, now I feel alienated from my own work, somehow, even though I know exactly what is the plan. (and the contents are literally mostly pre-written already)

Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that my quest is the only one I look into for a while now. The golden rule is that good writers are good readers, and I slacked on the latter as of late. As I write it, the high energy I had at the beginning of this thread was facilitated by me reading up my para-social senpai's works, which I slacked on afterwards...so today I try to catch up on some quests and books to get a hang of it again, but the migraine got me bad, and I mostly just sleep... Alternatively, the problem might be deeper, but that's not here or there, and I won't let life best me.

Anyways, know that - if you follow me through my... petulance and weakness - I'm committed to this quest. I won't flake it, hell, this quest has almost all that I like, so if I flake here, I will flake everything. Flaking is not an option.

Have a good one~ and take good care of your diets! Again, I will be back, AbyAnon, BAnon, and my Thirdie~ and if there indeed are lurkers, we'll see you soon.
L u r k I n
Update: A Week of rest.

>>5768295 , >>5769714 , >>5770191 , >>5767481 , >>5772418

Hello. I don't know what to say, but that I tried.
Today I felt better and so I wrote again, and for the entire day. Nothing but that and food. In the process I filled but one and a half post worth of text, and of maddeningly atrocious quality.

Brute forcing it just doesn't work, and only makes me miserable and bitter. For this reason I decided to heed BMan's advice and take a break for real this time. Give me a week, maybe (hopefully) less. In that time I might take care of other pressing things too, which might just solve my block, like finding a job so family shuts up, or closing the academy for example.

But I don't want to leave for a mindless break, so please, if you have anything you didn't like, and want changed in my writing, tell me, please. I'm still an incompetent newbie experimenting with my style, so it's better to hear it now than once I get stale.
> Write in!

And one other thing, since it's kinda important. Should I make a new thread once I start anew, and post the link there, or continue here? In a week this thread will be hardly visible, and I want you all guys to know I'm back, somehow.
>New thread?

I will probably be lurking there still, as I don't believe I can fully let it go, so if there are any questions for anything, feel free to say whatever you want.

I'm so sorry. And I can't state enough how much I appreciate you guys giving me the time of day, or how much it pains me to see my passion project driven into the mud by my own weakness and incompetence.

No matter what, I will be back. For now, I'm sorry, but goodbye.
did you take over this quest from some other QM?
Yes, I did. I found the ending quite... unsatisfactory. We will reach a better one, I promise.
I hope it's too disappointing. Original QM did a great job, but I hope I don't disappoint either... at least in so far as the already written updates are. Sorry again.
I was going to say maybe you would be better with your own quest, but if youre happy im happy
Probably a new thread since this one will drop off from all the bumps from the other quests.

>Brute forcing it just doesn't work, and only makes me miserable and bitter. For this reason I decided to heed BMan's advice and take a break for real this time. Give me a week, maybe (hopefully) less. In that time I might take care of other pressing things too, which might just solve my block, like finding a job so family shuts up, or closing the academy for example.

I've said it before, but I really do get it QM, what with being in a similar boat.
For those same reasons I can't really be a great judge of anyone's writing currently, especially not my own.
Speaking of, assuming this thread is still up by the tie you see this, would you be opposed to me posting that much promised and much delayed BMan omake, assuming I get it to a vaguely satisfactory state this week? It won't be much, but maybe it would help your block by giving you Yui from a different pen, so to speak? And it might tide the other anons over some?

Either way, hang in there. You know I appreciate being kept in the loop. Having a QM just drop off the face of the Earth hurts a lot more than repeated delays from my player's viewpoint.
And yes, I'm aware of how hypocritical that sounds considering it's been 9 or so months since my own adopted quest finished its first thread...
File: Still here!.jpg (66 KB, 828x511)
66 KB
Sorry for late reply!
>would you be opposed to me posting that much promised and much delayed BMan omake
I absolutely wouldn't mind. I never really minded.

>Probably a new thread
I thought it over, and I will continue in this thread, since it's far away from being archived.

>Either way, hang in there.
I do, and I thought over the situation. In the end... Yeah, once again I cause my own burn-out.

Looking back at the update after disconnecting really put into perspective how unrealistic it was to expect to write this much this condensed, and still make it fun-ish to read. Sadly, I was way too stubborn to see it, even skipping choices in a foolish railroading attempt.

Anyways, I cut the update, and rewrote script to be later paced, meaning the 'preview' I posted bf is irrelevant, sorry! Turns out notes from before 3 months of experience aren't the best at guiding progress. As I see it, my previous 'idea' on that update was literally impossible without infodumping to a ridiculous degree - it's kinda liberating to think that it wasn't as much a writing issue as being a damned Baka issue. I'm glad I didn't post this shit.

With that being said, I will certainly hit on the reread to freshen up and correct a few other stuff... And yes, it's the 3rd time I elected to write myself into a corner with easy solutions that I was too stubborn to take, leading to a burnout. Hopefully I will learn from my mistakes, finally.

Give me 3 more days to recuperate and catch up! Cya, and have a good one~! (and looking forward to all player projects~

Umm, my IP is banned? For some reason?
Might be a constant refreshing issue since I get new IPs when my router disconnects. Also phone posting always gives you a new IP every time you open a new tab.
Alright! I'm back home! Tomorrow (as in 10-15h) we restart the quest! Consider it... a warning.

Cyaaaaa soon~! all of you<3
Welcome back!
I'll be waiting to read what you end up settling on.
As for me, it's done, but this weekend and Monday got a little hectic, so I'll wait until we've hit our stride or you take a day break again. Time-wise it's still okay. Quick, if anything. I wrote it with the intention that it could take Yui several days to recall the interaction entirely.
File: The Cold Mist.jpg (15 KB, 346x281)
15 KB
>Follow The Cat... Wherever they may lead.
>No RES roll? Punishment is due. :3
- - -
> [Day 1; Mid Evening]
> [RES: 56-2= 54]
> [SC:42%; T: +26%]
- - -

Once again, you peer over the edge and survey the Bunker’s surroundings. Fortunately, the situation remains the same – the talkative newcomers add their bickering to the steady mechanical clanking permeating the hall; meanwhile the third leans on the wall, around where the console should be. Around your waist, the fog swirls and churns, pouring from the wide-open entrance and obscuring the floor like a menacing, snow-white blanket of biting chill. Far behind, the steel blast doors loom ajar.

Someway, somehow, you need to get there if you want to reach Seo-young, you know it. The worthwhile evidence is close second. But the guards stand in the way. The first two seem more or less harmless, busy as they are, but the third remains annoyingly vigilant, constantly monitoring the entrance and the console. A stark contrast to the more laidback rest, and there are two more down below.

“W-what to do? Oh?” You whisper to no one in particular, when the sleek, distinctive form of The Don grazes your thigh-high sock. “W-what do you think? We can't stay here, but I don’t want to retreat empty handed, and leaving Seo-young is out of the question too.” You firmly hug your chest to drive the message across... and preserve the heat. This and the doors will close soon, meaning you both don’t have much time.

The Don, of course, remains loudly silent in Their indifference. Instead, opting to spiral around your utterly obscured legs disruptively. Humph, not helpful!

...Or is it? Utterly obscured? ...Perhaps?

Gritting your teeth, you carefully submerge your hand into the thick fumes. Ignoring the gnawing cold, you watch it get consumed almost instantly. “Ha-ah, promising, r-right, Kitty? I think we could just... sneak past.” You say pulling it back out, a hint of warm, albeit uncertain, pride flaring in your gut. Like the shinobis from the history lessons that you must have had before all this! You can crawl, and machinery will cover the sounds and fog sight! You start tracing the slaloming path ahead.

Instead of praising your ingenuity, Don abruptly *thwaps* your thigh like a whip with Their Tail.

“Ack! W-why?” You wail quietly but freeze as the voices down the hall abruptly go silent. Realizing what happened, you dash back behind the corridor, palm firm on your mouth, internally cursing The Pesky Cosmic Feline. Back there, the guards exchange some curt comments, so instead, you fish for the sounds of steps from among the machinery.

Hearing none, you breathe a sigh of relief and rub the grazed spot ruefully. It got way too hot for a moment. All thanks to your Kitty. Why would They- “K-kitty?” Where once was You Cat, now is the foreboding emptiness! You look around the hall, but of course it's just more fog flowing between the lockers and shelves. “R-really? Hit and run?!"
File: Not much to see...jpg (2 KB, 403x200)
2 KB
You scoff as you ponder just how spoiled The Cats can get these days. Were you a too dotting mistre- master? ...No, it's Angelina’s fault for feeding Them bad food, probably.

Yet you can't dwell on that for long. Suddenly, the previously steady machinery roars with renewed vigor, curbing your contemplations and dashing any hopes of planning with the ear-piercing wail of straining cogs of reality at hand. And it’s the clangor you know by heart already, after all those descends alongside Seo-young. The blast doors are beginning to close! Too fast! The time is almost up! You must reach the elevator while you still can!

Now alone, you hastily peer over again. The guards are all on the move, with the two loitering around the cart and preparing the area, and the third-!

The third makes her way over to you, gun drawn.

For a split second, you feel as if yours and their eyes met, even though the terrifying, black shield of the hazmat mask. Time stops for a second, with it, its abstract noises. Did she see you? It’s too late to run... On instinct, you dash back and stumble limply below the misty white ocean. Drowned ever further by the heavy, rock-like lump of panic in your stomach.

There, the sudden shift of temperature - of your surroundings? - sends a dazing spark headfirst and through your body, and a new cloud starts fogging your racing mind...

Like in slow motion, you lie at the bottom by the wall, surrounded by nothing but the swirling tendrils obscuring the traces of light, leaving you in grayish darkness. The world, the danger, ebbs away. Only distant vibrations and the slowing pounds of your heart send ripples through the cozy blanket of your newfound bedding. It’s almost serene. With gentle licks of ice cooling the burst of fiery emotions. Shielding you from everything with its otherworldly plumpness. The evidence, The Cat, Seo-young, the guard, everything swirls along with the tides. Everything.

You barely blink when the orange boot stomps mere finger length from your face, shuffling your hair out of the way. For an undetermined amount of time, the shape remains. With it, you in your stasis, heart’s in sync with the slowing vibrations.

Then, with another ripple, it moves away, revealing... a shimmering shape behind it? You squint dazedly and the blurry, bright dot turns into a series of many tiny, golden and white ones lined in the shape of thin fibers. Focusing further, the mysterious constellation forms... an animal? Or more like the nerve system of one, sitting patiently and overlooking you from afar. Like a small - morbid - guiding light.

Realization hits you. With it blessed, albeit still wobbly, consciousness. The loving licks of cool morph back into the piercing icy spears all over. There is a pulsing, painful sensation at the back of your head. The machinery is getting even more silent. The doors are closed, and with them, the fog stopped pouring in,as now rays of light pierce through the greyish canopy.
File: The Passage..jpg (50 KB, 736x490)
50 KB
Then, with another ripple, it moves ahead, revealing... a shimmering shape behind it? You squint dazedly and the blurry, bright dot turns into a series of many tiny, golden and white dots lined in the shape of thin fibers. Focusing further, they the mysterious constellation forms... an animal? Or more like the nerve system of one. Looking as if sitting patiently and overlooking you from afar. Like a small - but morbid - guiding light.

Realization hits you. With it blessed, albeit still wobbly, consciousness.

The loving licks of cool morph back into the piercing icy spears all over. There is a pulsing, painful sensation at the back of your head. The machinery is getting even more silent - the doors must have closed. With them, the fog stopped pouring in, as now rays of light pierce through the greyish flowing canopy.

Stirring your surprisingly stiff body, you focus on what you hope is The Don. In response, They cock Their head. Emboldened, you muster the remaining strength and force your cold, dainty arms to crawl. Each time you catch up, Pesky shape scampers back. Each time, there is more light. Each time, more and more of your strength returns. Until finally, you hit a wall. Or rather, a small wooden piece of furniture which The Cat phases through, indifferent to mortal problems like friction.

Desperate, and understanding, you push it to the side. It gives way right when your head starts protruding from the remaining mist, revealing a hole. You came here for different reasons...

Sighing, you concede and slip inside. It sure does beat getting caught.


You flop at the side of the entrance, spent but slowly recuperating. Tiredly, you scour your surroundings. Up ahead, a single ray of light from the outside shines and bounces off from the evidently crudely hewn walls of a narrow, limestone cavern. A single, utterly dark and even tighter passage looms ahead. All of it is terrifyingly claustrophobic, with the cavern not wider than two meters, and the passage around one. Worryingly – the air is not stale as one could expect, rather the familiar light breeze flows from the passage. Like before, it doesn’t help with your dizziness and headache.

Even worse, Don seems positive about delving deeper, judging by Them sitting expectantly far ahead next to a turn, glowing with colors out of space. Tired, you close your eyes and think.

What to do from there?
> It’s about time... Take Jaq’s ‘vaccine’ and follow Don into the caves. [RES???]
> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]
> Wait for the guards to leave and head to the bunker. DC40/80 (how much time passes) [RES-2 for each period of hiding]
> Wait for the guards to leave and head elsewhere (where?) DC40/80 (same rules)
> Write in!

> Wield your trusted wooden Pike.
> Tight spaces small arms – take the crudely sharpened kitchen knife.
> Acid into their eyes! Wield the bottles of acid.
> Go barehanded.
Finally! After 2 weeks of waiting, I can finally levy the punishment for not rolling RES roll~ Look what you've done! Yui is hurt now! FEEL BAD... NOW!

Next time C option will win by default!

On more serious note: Duh, I knew the previous update idea was ridiculous, but if I wanted to deliver it, it would unironicially would he an 8post update... or 6, but in such a hurried manner and with so many skipped choices that it's, again, ridiculous.

Anyways, the things I'm still too stubborn about is insisting the votes will be a part of the update, and not a separate post, no matter how atrocious the 3000 words limit is.

Anyways, glad to be back! But also with a note: I think I will be updating every 2 days, with exceptional 1 days waits, as even now, with literally entire update pre written to ridiculous degree, I still had to spend whopping 4hours before I was semi content with it. So to prevent burning out, I will just set the 'acceptable boundary' to two days... but we will see.

Fun fact: I can fit in two meaningful choices in the span of the initial idea for this update. I'm stupid sometimes. and wayy too stubborn...
Bad QM! You hurt Yui, so no votes for you!

Jokes aside I haven't had the greatest day, and Ii read the update while I was on the move, so I'm not quite sure what went down. Also, that cryptic bit about not rolling for C doesn't help. Did we end up going for a weird in-between option, then? It seems we moved through the mist and into that rumored cave system instead of the bunker, but I'm curious how that apparently very obvious passageway wasn't something Yui noticed before. Was the mist always there too? It's been a while.

And I don't believe I need to reiterate my feelings on dice rolls. While the C roll was a good idea for storytelling purposes, and despite the fact that players rolling instead of the QM gives us an advantage...I dunno. If we forget, can't you just roll the damned things once and roll with that instead of doing this? I mean, you do get to make a bigger update if you can just skip the next choice, I guess. Or would there still be a "vote"?
I'm just going to go to sleep now. I'll vote in the morning. Maybe.
>so I'm not quite sure what went down.
Yui panicked and hit hi- herself in the head. Then lied there limply for some time.

>Was the mist always there too?
Nope! a new occurrence from the bunker! The guards did something down below.

>apparently very obvious passageway wasn't something Yui noticed before
It wasn't obvious. The bleak halls are filled with occasional useless furniture, and the entrance was hidden behind one that Don led you to in your daze!

> dice roll
Alright, I will be rolling too...

Damn it seems my worries were well founded that this hiatus will be a massive set back... eh, hopefully we can bring it back over time again.

Anyways, I muled over the mechanics for a while, and came to a conclusion that... yeah, most of them are quite redundant and stall the story. I decided to cut some out, leaving mostly the corruption and C related stuff unchanged.

I also decided to hurry things along a little more, given that having two more threads is probably going to get too stale. What it means in practice is that things meant for other days will be happening faster, and maybe - just maybe, if you are brave enough - you can escape today.
>Anyways, I muled over the mechanics for a while, and came to a conclusion that... yeah, most of them are quite redundant and stall the story. I decided to cut some out, leaving mostly the corruption and C related stuff unchanged.
I'm hoping we get a more thorough explanation on that later.

As for votes, well waiting seems silly since we'd get the same drain as exploring, and that vaccine...well we didn't even ask Natalie what it does if I can recall, so I'm not about to have Yui stick it in his arm. Jaq is absolutely Machiavellian enough to give us crappy stuff just to get more medical data. Unfortunately, being a Machiavellian like her often leads to a breakdown of trust with one own allies, which she is starting to experience with Yui...and perhaps even Alex...
> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]
> Wield your trusted wooden Pike.
While the knife is perhaps easier to move and attack with, never underestimate spears in hallways. Also, the utility of having a solid length of wood to cross gaps or use as a climbing aid. Also, last I checked wood on rock makes less noise than sharp knife on rock, no? Yui's already fallen once, and is probably still a bit woozy.
ehh, kinda lonely in there... Not sure if I want to go off on with one vote alone. I will wait until tomorrow, maybe Aby will come or the supposed lurkers.

Don't worry I will provide you with all still relevant mechanics with the update. But for all it's worth i opt to keep the C and stuff relating to corruption.
>> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]
>> Wield your trusted wooden Pike.

Yeah a knife can slip out of our hands and we need reach especially since we are stuck in the cave system with untested medicine. Fuck we are losing so much RES today and need to get something done until the guards leave.
Hello there Aby! That's two... hopefully the Thirdie will get back, too... and perhaps those supposed lurkers too... I won't lie, the idea of more folk pouring in was quite a warm one.

On the bad side, I'm glad I said two days as the norm, as today I had some job finding crap and was a veritable stress ball for the whole morning I was at home. Update tomorrow, maybe even two, if there are votes~
> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]
> Wield your trusted wooden Pike.

For the reasons given by BMAN and Aby, these shall be my votes.

It's good to see you again Aki QM.
It's okay, this crap can really eat at you. I would know. I'm glad you seem to have gotten over your block!
Update! Got busy with house chores, shopping and soon diner. but update should be around 3-5h, and definitely today.

Cya soon~
I haven't beaten the rut yet, idk, that atrocious fog is still there and I just can't put anything on paper that's valuable. Then the family moved in and usurped my room for the console and the rest is history.

I will try to get it tomorrow. I assure you, I will beat this shit or it will seal my very real tombstone.
Hello! Update, I'm away from home and might not be able to finish the update. Family refuses to quit...

I will try to get it done tho.
File: I'm sorry..jpg (346 KB, 1920x1080)
346 KB
346 KB JPG

Hello, guys... I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do. I tried, but it just doesn't work.

From the day one I repeated this mantra of 'i will not flake', 'i will not flake', but now, I just can't go on. I'm on my third sleepless night because of my incompetence and im afraid just how much further it will go.

I'm sorry for doing this. Returning only to fuck off again... but I just can't do it. This update was supposed to be simple and short, with notes and everything laid out, but I just can't. Day after day, I just write utter mess or just stare at a page, panicked and in self-hatred. I just can't feel it, and it makes me miserable.

...Why so serious? It's just a quest? No, it really isn't just a quest. I always believed life is defined by creation and ambition, this quest was my creative expression, and now I feel utterly hollow. I get it, I killed my own passion project out of my incompetence, and this realization stings... and once I flaked once quest, what stops me from flaking for another? Pathetic.

Worse still, I can't say this is this particular quest thing. Initially, I thought of maybe starting a different, much easier to write quest. Of course, Femboy related but less overtly so to get notoriety on the board and continue this one with a larger base afterwards. Yet, I tried starting it up and I can't get shit done here as well. Hell, even this post, it feels like I have too much to say so can't say anything at all... like I completely lost my ability to express myself.

I can't believe it's over, but I don't have the heart to say it isn't. Deep inside, I know I will regret posting this crap post tomorrow. I regret it right now. But I feel like must come clear or I will wither away...

I'm sorry if this post is a jumbled mess, but as I said, I have simply too much to say and I'm exhausted. I'm sorry for failing you guys, Aby, BMan, and Thirdie. Perhaps one of you want to pick it up? I don't mind even if you scrap every word I wrote. I just don't want it to die.

I hope the initial idea will come to pass, that this fog will pass and I can continue, and one day return to where I started, preferably with you guys. I can't believe how much it means to me that you bothered after all my bullshit over this time.

Again, I'm sorry, and thank you so much for all this time together. Hopefully we can meet in one of the quests again, preferably mine, or yours... Thank you, for all the headpats as well.

I will be there until this thread is archived, the Capitan sinks with his ship, so ask me anything if you feel like it... and fuck I can't not say it, if I find the strength again, I will post it as a new thread, the same name but number... I hate doing it, so so much.
Trust me QM, I understand. I'm still terribly late to my last quest, my last skirm, and Ii don't want to start something new out of fear I'll let it fade away too.
I won't pick this up, not because of these reasons, but because you've made this quest yours, and I do believe you'll get it going again eventually. It certainly doesn't have to be today, or even in a week or a month, but you'll find yourself in a better headspace eventually. I believe in you.
And since we're no longer anons, might as well take it further. Do you have a Discord, or some form of online presence where we could keep in contact if/when this thread sinks. You sound like you could use more headpats, and maybe we can get each other in a questing mood again?
Truly, you don't even know how much it matters that you understand... also sorry for late reply, was busy.

>you'll get it going again eventually
Yes. I've already made up my mind. I don't want to let it go. As a certain effeminate, black mage boy once said: 'the failure isn't falling down, but staying down~'

I just need some time to relax and handle irl stuff.

>Do you have a Discord
Yes, now I have. Name's 'Shui_ShuiQM'... is that a name drop?! Nah, you can call me AkiQM or however else.

>You sound like you could use more headpats
I do... but Headpats are for job's well done, not this.

>maybe we can get each other in a questing mood again?
I might just need that, thank you.
I did end up making a /qst/-centric one as well. Sent over the invite a few hours after your reply. It's also got QM at the end as a result.
I do hope you're doing okay still.
And headpats are multi-purpose in my mind! ^^
Shui Shui? Are you Chinese?
My own guess is European and a weeb. Also, hi.
Hi. Thread 6 starts tomorrow.
Arrives at my quest, doesn't vote or *headpat', just demands answers :/

Such a crude culture... Tis' no wonder you did not participate in my quest, yet.

>I do hope you're doing okay still.
I'm doing fine, especially since I've made my mind and I will be continuing the quest in some time. Also, thanks for headpats~ I Will NOT disappoint.

>Thread 6
You mean to pick it up? I'm curious now, who is gonna make it better~ but I'm not yet conceding~!

I will not lie, /qst/ suffers from a severe lack of Femboys, so anything would be appreciated. (although I would prefer this to be left to me, but I quess I cant stop you...and probably don't even deserve to stop you)

> a weeb
Surprisingly, I'm not. But I probably should be given that my writing is more melodramatic in anime-esque fashion. Or at least that's what I was told by a 3rd party.

Anyways, I'm sorry again, but I will be back. It isn't over... now off to sleep.
Well that sucks but we had a good time fucking around with the school and making theories. Sucks that I didn't get a chance to attempt to navigate the tunnel loop.

I have ideas for a quest but I still have work and busy making omakes for another QM. I want to try to improve my speed as it takes me like two weeks to type ten pages. IF I have inspiration or a solid idea.

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