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You are Yui Nakamura, a courageous Japanese student who once defied bullies, only to find yourself imprisoned in a foreboding Swiss institution for delinquents. Within these sinister walls, you're forced to adopt the guise and manners of a woman, under the influence of a postmodern feminist ideology.

In this strange world, you’ve forged an alliance with Jacqueline, an expert in chemistry, and Se-young, the student council president. Together, you’ve uncovered a dimensional anomaly in the school and an underground bunker. A library pamphlet exposed the school's dark history as a covert CIA facility for behavior modification, and you learned about dangerous creatures that roam the forest and school at night.

In an underground aquatic research lab, you died while battling fish-like monstrosities with Se-young's assistance. However, on the astral plane, a shadowy figure resurrected you with memory loss and subtle personality changes.

Meanwhile, Se-young, falsely accused of murdering other students, remains confined within the bunker. In the school's corridors, you encountered a mystical cat named Z'Athu'reen and two journalists who offered an escape route in exchange for a relic.

Later, you collaborated with the school nurse to combat the institution's corruption, delivered a mysterious sample to Jacqueline, and reconnected with Angelina, the overseer. Your quest for truth unveiled a disturbing 'graduation' scheme, involving illegal tasks and student alterations. After retrieving your belongings from a hidden classroom, you made your way towards the bunker.

Three hazmat-clad women emerged from a white mist, raising concerns about Se-young's safety. You devised a plan to sneak past the guards, narrowly avoiding detection, and followed Z'Athu'reen into a mysterious limestone cavern.

Links to previous instalments

Part 1: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5586645 (different QM - Wuxian)
Part 2: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5625745 (different QM - Wuxian)
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Part 6: https://archived.moe/qst/thread//5762023
Part 7: You are here, baka~
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You flop at the side of the entrance, spent but slowly recuperating. Tiredly, you scour your surroundings. Up ahead, a single ray of light from the outside shines and bounces off from the evidently crudely hewn walls of a narrow, limestone cavern. A single, utterly dark and even tighter passage looms ahead. All of it is terrifyingly claustrophobic, with the cavern not wider than two meters, and the passage around one. Worryingly – the air is not stale as one could expect, rather the familiar light breeze flows from the passage. Like before, it doesn’t help with your dizziness and headache.

Even worse, Don seems positive about delving deeper, judging by Them sitting expectantly far ahead next to a turn, glowing with colors out of space. Tired, you close your eyes and think.

What to do from there?
> It’s about time... Take Jaq’s ‘vaccine’ and follow Don into the caves. [RES???]
> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]
> Wait for the guards to leave and head to the bunker. DC40/80 (how much time passes) [RES-2 for each period of hiding]
> Wait for the guards to leave and head elsewhere (where?) DC40/80 (same rules)
> Write in!

> Wield your trusted wooden Pike.
> Tight spaces small arms – take the crudely sharpened kitchen knife.
> Acid into their eyes! Wield the bottles of acid.
> Go barehanded.
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How are you, everyone? Here, have a cookie~

I'm pleased to say I'm doing well, and I've resolved to continue the quest in due time. Thanks for the support! I want to assure you that I won't let you down. So, stay tuned, I'll be back to continue the story. You can find me on Discord with the tag Shui_ShuiQM.
For the new readers, Don is Z'Athu'reen's nickname.
...Seriously? Here I thought it would be something interesting, and it's just another impersonation.

Hey, now I know how Wuxian was feeling! As they say imitation is the highest prise~!

If it wasn't clear, it's a fake thread.

...Also, I use tildes much better, thank you very much! >:)
It's not a fake thread. I'm just putting some pressure on you to encourage you to continue.
That's literally the by-the-book fake thread.

By doing this...? I said I WILL continue. And I less than a month as well. This just litters the board and hampers everyone around us. Not cool, we are in it together, and if you want me to 'continue', then why don't you just post headpats in the OG thread?

...Yeah, you're just trolling the board. Also... that writing, especially focus... are you Wuxian, by any chance?
> You aren’t a lab rat. Follow Don into the caves without the untested medicine. [RES-2]

> Tight spaces small arms – take the crudely sharpened kitchen knife.

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