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August 2013
26752019Ascent Quest 1In which a mysterious stranger enters a mysterious town in search of magic artifacts.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-21 16 
26789098Ascent Quest 2In which there is a gibbering monster in the shadows.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-24 13 
26839517Ascent Quest 3In which the Wanderer sets things on fire and runs away.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-26 12 
26879047Ascent Quest 4Wherein the Wanderer and the Foreigner wander the village, talk about stealing a baby jackalope, and then enter the city proper.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-29 12 
September 2013
26937968Ascent Quest 5Wherein we play around in the city, get a hug from an inhabitant, and then make a new friend.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-01 11 
26983624Ascent Quest 6In which we solve our problems through clever application of explosions, learn a new trick, and our past is starting to haunt us.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-03 10 
27042905Ascent Quest 7Wherein we explore some catacombs, get greeted by something, and then receive some mail.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-06 9 
27105544Ascent Quest 8In which we talk with a lady, get attacked as soon as we stop talking to her. Then we talk with a gentleman about said lady. We get a second glove. Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-09 10 
27143256Ascent Quest 9Wherein we fail a lot, spend the night in the city, and meet Something.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-11 9 
27199333Ascent Quest 10Wherein we find lots of paper, loot part of an entire city, and then give a girl some jewelry.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-14 9 
27261895Ascent Quest 11In which we relive our past, and find out some things about our friends. New locations are found.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-17 8 
27315437Ascent Quest 12Wherein we get clumsy, get hurt, and find out that there's a lot more behind the disappearance of Kystara than we thought.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-20 8 
27364871Ascent Quest 13In which we walk through the rain, find a shipwreck survivor, and watch Tarda melt.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-23 8 
27417538Ascent Quest 14In which we speak with Marcus, go hunt for a book, and things start to get serious.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-26 8 
27467672Ascent Quest 15Wherein the wanderer learns that petting jackolopes are a bad idea, and then his heart is broken.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-29 10 
October 2013
27519292Ascent Quest 16In which we learn about the Runic Project, Tarda, and about our new bodypart.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-02 10 
27567611Ascent Quest 17In which we punch something harder than ever before, and Tarda wants revenge.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-10-04 7 
27625658Ascent Quest 18Wherein we fight a monster, and then recover something that Mal had left behind.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-08 8 
27678162Ascent Quest 19Wherein we get a complete overhaul, help Tarda, and talk with Mal.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-11 8 
27721593Ascent Quest 20In which we have a talk with Ann, recharge some runes, have a talk with Marcus, and then enter a warzone.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-14 7 
27776548Ascent Quest 21Wherein we fight a strange remnant, give Mal an arcane item, and then ride a jackolope.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-17 8 
27792210Ascent Quest 22We go to a kobold village, talk with Tarda, and reunite with Steve.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-18 7 
27809703Ascent Quest 23In which we talk with 'Failure', go to a festival, and then talk with Rebel.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-19 8 
27843513Ascent Quest 24Wherein we fight monsters. Lots of monsters. Then we learn absolutely nothing about the indomitable project.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-21 5 
27863210Ascent Quest 25We get stabbed in the lung, our part-remnant nature starts to assert ourselves, and then we go dragonnapping.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-22 6 
27899079Ascent Quest 26Wherein we talk about Bruno with Tarda, learn that Steve is causing us pain, and then fight with Kaederi some more.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-24 5 
27917202Ascent Quest 27Wherein we blow up a building, give Tarda a bunch of notes, and then we get a trog to play with our leg.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-25 7 
27970416Ascent Quest 28We find out that we have a brand new body. We take it for a spin, spend some time with people, and get an offer from Tarda.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-28 8 
28004528Ascent Quest 29The Wanderer puts on the Indomitable Project. Shit happens. The story ends... For now.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-30 14 
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