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July 2022
5289203The Graverobber's Daughter VIChlotsuintha has a close call in a public house, then comes across a gull that has Scarification Glyphs, possibly scrivened by her father.Graverobber's Daughter, Thief, Magic, Witch, Dark Fantasy, Body Horror, Cosmic Horror, Eternal Rome, Alternate History, Female MC, TrashQM2022-07-05 0 
5290397Mahou Shoujo AcademiaA quest about an Academy that trains magical girls in a far future post-apocalyptic setting. Our MC is a holy maiden, diligent and pure.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-07-03 7 
5285388Panzer Commander Quest #77Business at home is wrapped up before the wedding. Visiting and retrieving friends.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, An Utter Lack of Tanks, terrible romance2022-07-03 1 
5285508MINIMUM WAGE COMMANDOIn which an unwitting and formerly dead(?) Agent is thrown into the sewers, QM gives up, and the thread is sparse.Collective Game, Alphabet Soup, Thread is Sparse2022-07-03 0 
5291293The Dead Don't Dream - A Vampire Hunter QuestAfter months spent in a haze of drugs and booze, ex-detective Roland Wozniak gets the first lead on his daughter's killer in a long time.Collective Game, The Dead Don't Dream, The, Dead, Don't, Dream, Vampire Hunter, Vampire, Hunter, TQM2022-07-03 5 
5285876Knight(s) Quest #7The Grail is secured from ass-clapping cultists and Episode 1 of Captain Knights: Civil War™ occurs.Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-07-02 1 
5294551Modern Blue Goblin (Mythic RPG)Muhammad Saiful, a violent blue goblin, explores Singapore. A Google Street View quest. Collective, Google Street View, Modern, Random, RPG, Satire, Singapore, Wux2022-07-02 0 
5285615Air Wing Commander QuestThe start of the Great War, the Bergen Scourge, and Lieutenant-colonel Helene Valmont command over 14e Escadre Mixte "Liberté"Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2022-07-01 2 
5281599Western Quest(ern) 7Our Leadkeeper tour guide gets kidnapped by derrongs, so we search the Underglock to find him.corruption of a miner. Western, wild west, quest, collective game, gunslinger, cowboy, bandit, horse, drawquest, western quest(ern)2022-07-01 1 
June 2022
5282682LordtechSketchy young adult inherits a few mechs but loads of other things. Based on the Battletech Cyoa. Collective Game, Battletech, Lordtech, Mech, ASF2022-06-30 0 
5287645Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest #9The End of Part 1. (This is the real Thread #9. The prior one is Thread #8)Fire Emblem, Three Houses, TreeHouses QM,2022-06-30 16 
5290674Goblin assassin questPine, a goblin assassin does free lance killings and tries to help peoplemedieval fantasy, make your own NPCs, Action, Goblin, Fantasy races2022-06-30 1 
5274593Escape From The Valley: Issue #2[An abortive thread cut short by a strange inability to post] The Escape continues, pushing further east into San Bernardino and out 2nd US Civil War, Action, Comedy, Modern, Quest, Gaiden, Prequel, Los Angeles2022-06-29 0 
5263348NRP-AllStars Edition #1Isekai NRP wherep layers relive their old nationsNRP 2022-06-29 0 
5288520Dark Ones Return #1The return of a powerful forceCollective game, Dark Ones Return, Fantasy2022-06-29 1 
5309771Do Your Best Quest #130Johnny equips a Tomato, and Philonune gets a follower.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-06-29 1 
5297344The Mystery Dungeons #8Treasure Town celebrates the return of Team Poképals (and is promptly destroyed after) and the guild enters taserland.The Mystery Dungeons, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2022-06-28 3 
5319064Gaol Quest ending threadThe quest culminates. Rataplan, rataplan.Gaol Quest, Collective Game, James Calaca, Petunia Karachova, Gobson G. Gobson, Sierra, inmate, prison, Gongalla Gaol2022-06-27 5 
5288055Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 9You trained a bunch, caught Rufflet, Rufflet evolved and you reached Silveridge Town.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Champion, Training, Silveridge Town, SuperBusy2022-06-27 1 
5316488Saiyan Conqueror Quest 177The battle with the Abyss and what lurks therein reaches its peakSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2022-06-27 2 
5273761Gaol Quest thread #9On the way to the Crack we stop at Wreck, saved a suicidal boogeyman, argued with the devil in Crack, and parley with a god.Gaol Quest, Collective Game, James Calaca, Petunia Karachova, Gobson G. Gobson, Sierra, inmate, prison, Gongalla Gaol2022-06-27 5 
5275413Horror World #3The nameless power-user awakens after a deathly encounter and finds a warehouse full of dark secrets.Horror World, horror, Male MC, Argent, Terra Hypnagogica, Collective Game2022-06-26 1 
5299205Guild of Calamitous intentA short game about the advance of a guild of a guild of supervillains making dastardly devices.collective game, Supervillains2022-06-26 0 
5279354Renovatio Imperii Quest 2 Manuel makes preparations for the oncoming war. Hard and costly battles are fought but then NewbQM goes on hiatus because of a work trip.Renovatio Imperii, civquest, byzantium, rome, medieval, collective game, NewbQM2022-06-26 2 
5313250Agent of the Magisterium #1A magus in the employ of the Office of Special Investigations is suddenly reassigned.Collective Game, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Original Setting, Agent, Magisterium, AotM2022-06-25 2 
5278157Dawn of Worlds: Apoch - Second AgeThe second age, of Culture and Strife, begins anew. Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest, Dawn of Worlds, Apoch, Multiplayer2022-06-24 0 
5253825Dawn of Worlds: Apoch - First Age #2The age of Land and Beasts continues, and reaches a conclusion.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest, Dawn of Worlds, Apoch, Multiplayer2022-06-24 0 
5286113Gunship QuestYou work for the suppression bureau as a gunship pilot. Animated.Animated, Sci-Fi, Original Setting, Gunship Quest2022-06-24 6 
5263897The Testament of Tatamu (One Shot) Part #2The story of Sinleq Unami continues with the Calypso's return to safe harbor in the wake of Sinleq and Gully's dive's messy aftermath.Collective Game, Testament of Tatamu, Original Setting, Post-Apocalyptic, Kaz, One Shot2022-06-22 3 
5263368Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #11In which David pushes his ship and his equipment to their limits.HFY, HFY Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Shortstack, Collective Game, USA, Marine2022-06-22 13 
5312930West Blue Seadogs Quest #19After exploring the prison island Silver finds a new friendWest Blue Seadogs, One Piece, Collective Game, Anime, Humor, Autism2022-06-22 14 
5270371The Little Dungeon That Could #5We expand the brand collection, explore the city, defeat invaders, and acquire an angel. The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building2022-06-22 8 
5273502Eden Down - A SkirmJam SkirmishDemons use a DJ booth to drag a small part of a certain Garden down to Hell and plunder it for fruits and profit.Collective Game, Skirmish, Skirmjam, Skirmjam2022, Eden Down, Garden, Demon, Music, Fruits2022-06-22 0 
5268199Kobold Swamp Survival CIV 5Kobolds deal with an angry wizard and the realities it comes withKobolds, Collective Game, Civilization2022-06-22 3 
5284677Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 6The Supreme Ruler goes on a grand crusade while trouble brews at home.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Space Monke, Collective Game, Space Opera, Civ2022-06-21 2 
5295239Gorgon Child Quest 33After a long pause, Cici's adventures continue. Preparations for the Seer envoy begin in earnest.bananon, Collective Game, gorgon, medusa, cute, RE: Animated2022-06-21 1 
5264486The 2nd Primarch Quest 17Lieren and his sons bring prosperity to the people of the Zoroast, while seeking to protect another of Kanzeon's sisters. Liberty soars.Collective Game, Quest, The 2nd Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Malal2022-06-21 15 
5273564Valen Quest 81The knights get on with their training while Irue picks a fight with a horse.RizQM, Valen Quest, Collective Game2022-06-20 3 
5286089Eastern European Post-Apoc CivOP rips off Genie & Others. Faction is former military in the Saint Petersburg Metro. Players scared of Communists, Cultists, WomenMetro 2033, Metro, Russia, Post-Apoc, Post Apocalyptic, Modern, /civ/, 2022-06-20 0 
5285621Mechanicus' Primarch Quest 7The pilgrimage arrives at the Holy Planet and the 2nd legion is reunited with it's primarchCollective Game, WH40K, Warhammer, Primarch, Forge World, Techpriest, TalOS DAV1S, The Machine QM, Acillian, Skitarii, Titan2022-06-20 11 
5269971Advent Soul Quest #17Life happens and quest goes on hiatus. Check twitter & docs for return news. Thank you for reading.Bleach, Collective Game, AU, Advent Soul Quest, Trippy2022-06-18 12 
5271145Body Horror Quest, 52nd VeinShu suffers a mental breakdown, commits mass murder, holds a feast with the masses, and undergoes a metamorphosis. Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, level-up, it makes sense in context 2022-06-16 6 
5258206Forgotten Realms AdventuresIn which our drow protagonist is driven from her hime intk a world of adventure and friendshipGreenwood, Forgotten Realms, fantasy, adventure, D&D, friendship, drow2022-06-16 8 
525309440K Conscript Quest #2 – City FightOne month later, Cat survives fights with furries, Tau, and a Necron Warrior.40k, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Tau, Necrons2022-06-16 0 
5275841Imperator Academy Quest 2Maximilian Kolbe gets invited to a "family dinner" of imperial proportions, meets the primarchs, and then QM abandons the quest.Imperator Academy, Collective Game, 40k, dating sim, VacationingQM2022-06-16 0 
5265023Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 1An engineered agent of a reptilian conspiracy sets forth on a quest to subjugate some unruly kobolds and restore the glory of Dragonkind!ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, adventure, chad, shamanism, bros, hoes, social injustice2022-06-15 6 
5276883Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #46Izzy and Pantea continue to make their way through the rounds of the Mifan Tournament's second day!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2022-06-15 11 
5294135Do Your Best Quest #129Johnny learns about past, present, and future Calamities.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-06-15 1 
5269197Alterac Resurgent Quest 13Alric continues his visit to Capital City, meets with the Alteracis and takes his first steps in the complex road of romanceAlterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2022-06-14 6 
5250872On the chopping block #1In which you start your duties as an Inspekktar.Collective Game, Inspekktar 2022-06-14 2 
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