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November 2012
21502953Fabrique Generale Civilisation Quest.The adventures of the Corporate Cooperative continue! We build some large, automated wrecking machines, learn about geddonite, build a wall, shoot the crap out of the Vice Lords, and meet the Molochians. Oh, and the dude who ran Star City Quest says hi. Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover, Light_City2012-11-10 22 
21509308Fabrique Generale Quest: Bow to her MajestyThe vice lords fall, the mollochians learn their place, the Men In White are revealed, and we meet an enemy that may prove to be our greatest challenge yet.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-10 14 
21533075Fabrique Generale Quest: Bickering Gets you nowhereUpgrade our rovers and preform attacks on Majesty units. Lots of development, Joint Project with DBRL and trade for silk producing equipmentFabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-12 12 
21566417Fabrique Generale Quest: Muties be hatinWe complete a lot of research and make our troopers awesome, then mutants attack, darwin claims they were from Majesty and we discus better Viktry town protection.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-14 13 
21573705Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: Rock and Roll AngelIn which we upgrade V-Town, work on producing better equipment, and take control of a sattelite and learnj about the machine eat machine world of near Earth orbit.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-14 11 
21611825Fabrique Generale Civilization QuestIn which we execute some slavers, make a treaty with some tribals, finish off one of our tanks, make headway with our satellite, and have a christmas celebration.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-17 12 
21625086Fabrique Generale Quest - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕWe build a fear-inducing, 70mph tank with missile racks, a huge fucking gun, and full auto anti-materiel guns. Oh, and we make a heap of economic progress and give our troops a slogan.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-18 11 
21640512Fabrique General Civilization Quest: Atom and EvilIn this thread we switch over to Months instead of weeks (and get a greater scale of action) Finally develop a fleet of aerial drones and helos, mass produce our tanks, make progress with our research, and come to unbderstand the true nature of The Majesty.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-19 10 
21646579Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: Rise And FallIn this quest we finally start to take the fight to the Majesty, we develop defenses and weapons, build vehicles, drones, artillery, and gadgets, and then we field them. Our Merger with DBRL is on the line, can we defeat The Majesty and Claim Light City as our Rightful Domain? Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-19 17 
21676786Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: Under Blood Red SkiesWe start this installment off by getting the living hell kicked out of us by Majesty Orbital Weapons Systems, from there we make contact with the Pawn-King and learn more about the Majesty's true nature. Oh and we begin setting up a New Spartan Coup De Etat.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-21 11 
21683084Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: expansion and liberationDevelopment of a basic AI begins with man's best friend, we encourage the population to be the best possible human they can be and deal with the New Sparta leadership who has lost touch with reality.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-21 12 
21717537Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: All Roads Lead...In this installment we we finish a network of roads between the surrounding settlements, back a Mafioso who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, finish upgrading SAURON and recieve a disturbing message from our mysterious friend The Pawn-King.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-11-24 14 
December 2012
21978091Fabrique Generale: Tripping The Red Light FantastiqueThanks to a lucky series of natural 100s and some dogged determination we develop better armor, laser weapons, rail guns, better geddonite batteries, an expanded AEGIS defense system, and we give our allies better gear. Kind of a slow thread really.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-12-11 13 
22010575RFabrique Generale: Diggin' a hole editionIn which we dig a hole, develop anti kinetic Kill weapons and argue a great deal.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Light_City2012-12-13 8 
November 2013
28363011Fabrique Generale Quest: Nomad Edition #1We are John Varkov, medic and survivalist, as he tracks down his missing sister south of Light City and encounters the Pawn-King.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Fabrique_Generale_Quest_Redux, Collective_Game, Quest, Post_Apocalyptic, Equity_Lord2013-11-19 3 
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