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October 2014
35525093Lessons in Knighthood Quest 1Nicole, who is totally a human and not any kind of non-human, applies to be a knight.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-15 31 
35561568Lessons in Knighthood Quest 2Nicole explores the palace, and critically fails the darkness.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-16 24 
35603743Lessons in Knighthood Quest 3Nicole hugs her commanding officer, and meets the mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-18 22 
35643439Lessons in Knighthood Quest 4Nicole goes to class. Life lessons from an orc, and dinner with an elf maid.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 20 
35664501Lessons in Knighthood Quest 5Nicole turns hyper, and demonstrates epic ninja skills.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 22 
35722822Lessons in Knighthood Quest 6Nicole goes shopping, and gets lots of exposition.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-24 20 
35766755Lessons in Knighthood Quest 7Nicole meets the Duke, who is nice, and her new instructor, who is not so nice.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-26 20 
35807005Lessons in Knighthood Quest 8Nicole goes for dinner with the Duke. Also, she has no idea how to massage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-28 20 
35827734Lessons in Knighthood Quest 9Nicole proves her worth against William, and saves Clarissa's life. All in a day's work.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-29 21 
35869090Lessons in Knighthood Quest 10Nicole deals with the aftermath of the previous thread, and stops Victor from doing something silly.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-31 18 
November 2014
36218009Lessons in Knighthood Quest 11Nicole and her commanding officer's day off.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-17 20 
36260511Lessons in Knighthood Quest 12Nicole learns a bit more exposition, and meets her new partner in the City Watch.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-19 23 
36300942Lessons in Knighthood Quest 13Nicole sees her cop partner in action, and gets slightly envious.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-21 17 
36405550Lessons in Knighthood Quest 14Nicole chases down a mysterious shadowy cheaty figure via freerunning across the city.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-26 20 
December 2014
36658249Lessons in Knighthood Quest 15Nicole deals with a temporarily depressed mage, before having a lunch conversation with the cleric.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-09 18 
36775190Lessons in Knighthood Quest 16Nicole joins the elf maid in her secret study spot, and then has dinner with the Duke and the very sleep-deprived mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-15 21 
36851380Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole finally gets the mage to sleep, only to wake her up not long afterwards when the archaeologist visits.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-19 18 
36998422Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole learns why elves are so afraid of elves.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-27 16 
January 2015
37175405Lessons in Knighthood Quest 19Nicole fills out lots and lots of forms. Also she gets a message from the underworld.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-05 18 
37238346Lessons in Knighthood Quest 20Nicole discusses options with the mage, and then has the best coffee of her life.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-08 17 
37370288Lessons in Knighthood Quest 21Nicole finally gets custody of the ring while on very little sleep.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-14 18 
37524145Lessons in Knighthood Quest 22Nicole finally manages to get some sleep, which is something of a minor miracle.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-21 20 
37697647Lessons in Knighthood Quest 23Nicole finally meets the Golden, and promptly sends her into a panic.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-29 17 
February 2015
37896728Lessons in Knighthood Quest 24Nicole reports back to the professor, waves at some dwarves, and finally finishes the day.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-02-07 18 
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