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February 2010
8208190Pokemon Quest. Get your nostalgia gogglesHello there! My name is Oak. Some people call me the Pokemon Professor. This world is inhabited by creatures we call Pokemon! Some people play with Pokemon, while others battle them. I study Pokemon. I am here to serve as your guide through the world of pokemon training.Pokemon, Collective Game, Gary MOTHERFUCKING oak, Treecko, Quest2010-02-21 -3 
8210509 Pokemon Quest 1b. Get your nostalgia gogglesYou are Sarah a 12 year old pokemon trainer from pallet. Having received your brand new Treecko your are now battleing Red and Gary your childhood friends. Red has a Hoot Hoot named Dr. Hoo and Gary a Whismur. You are Jungle Jack , your pokemon, is on the ground trying to ward of as series of peck attacks from the good doctor as whismur charges into the fray having now deflated to normal size.Pokemon, Collective Game, Gary MOTHERFUCKING oak, Treecko, Quest, Battle2010-02-22 -4 
April 2012
18672944Oak River + Horror AdviceDiscussion about playing outside leads to a neat little game idea and horror adviceHorror, Oak River, Awake2012-04-12 20 
December 2012
22117884Politics of SkyrimA heated discussion of Stormcloak and Imperial politics during, before, and after the Skyrim timeline. Lots of debate as to which side was in the right. Everyone drinks mead and feels good afterwards. tes, The Elder Scrolls, skyrim, ulfric, stormcloak, talos, politics2012-12-19 5 
July 2014
33665998Pokemon QuestAlways sunny in Pallet TownPokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-26 30 
33693499Pokemon Quest Part 2An autist, a retard, and a bitch continue their journey to Viridian City Collective Game, Pokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-27 21 
33713244Pokemon Quest Part 3RED, the Pokemon autist, continues his journey and cockblocks his rivalCollective Game, Pokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-28 17 
33756905Pokemon Quest #4The Gang Goes to Pewter CityPokemon Quest, Collective Game, Red, Green, Blue, Beedrill, Professor Oak2014-07-30 13 
August 2014
33805313Pokemon Quest #5Red fights the Pewter City GymPokemon Quest, Collective Game, Beedrill, Red, Green, Blue, Professor Oak2014-08-01 17 
33998929Pokemon Quest #6Did someone say shiny?Pokemon Quest, Collective Game, Beedrill, Red, Green, Blue, Professor Oak2014-08-09 8 
November 2020
75778206Of Trolls and TreesA short writing prompt about trolls under bridges inspires /tg/ to create a charming fantasy setting with an interesting history.trolls, bridges, Oak, worldbuilding, kings, fantasy2020-11-05 30 
December 2021
82330143Kabal of the Cloaked Void thread #2A continuation of 82269828, involving norse feral world guardsmen and a Grotesque monstrosity made from a Dreadnought.40k, Creation Tables, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Cloaked Void,2021-12-08 1 
February 2022
5108744Revelations: Persona, Session #0: Pre-Show Entertainment Maya Kira enters a prestigious girl's school, meets new friends and encounters strange things.Revelations Persona, Japloak, High School, Maya Kira, Arcana2022-02-17 2 
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