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April 2014
31749898Operator Operator QuestIn which we Operate Operationally. Tell the doctors to go home, we're doing the operations now.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-04-28 16 
May 2014
31904347Operator Operator Quest 2In which we Operationally tickle our unsuspecting prey. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-05-05 13 
32057200Operator Operator Quest 3In which we prove that Operating in a dream is indeed possible.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-05-11 12 
32196572Operator Operator Quest 4In which we witness our first critfail and learn a well-guarded secret.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-05-18 11 
32279175Operator Operator Quest #5: You Will (Not) ProgressFishing and Fortune-tellingOperator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-05-23 9 
32376085Operator Operator Quest 6In which we visit our clone and get ourselves armed.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-05-27 11 
June 2014
32515243Operator Operator Quest 7In which we use 6 snipers and drop a chopper on a heli.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-06-03 12 
32752769Operator Operator Quest EXTRA #1: Chekhov's Prophecy You are not Darius Duravi.Operator Operator Quest, collective game, warsim, archivist2014-06-13 6 
32957859Operator Operator Quest 8In which we meet Tina and find out that our social circles are more inclusive than we thought.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-06-23 6 
July 2014
33227464Operator Operator Quest EXTRA #2: Darida's Side Story You are not Darius Duravi. You are simply his clone... gender notwithstanding.Operator Operator Quest, collective game, warsim, darida2014-07-06 5 
33419910Operator Operator Quest 9In which we begin our daring escape from Huxley's lab complex.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-07-15 5 
33558078Operator Operator Quest 10In which we Operate the hell out of the laboratory. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-07-22 6 
August 2014
33859547Operator Operator Quest 11Welcome to the jungle. This is where you'll Operate. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-08-04 6 
33979745Operator Operator Quest 12You are not alone. You are never alone in the jungle.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-08-08 7 
September 2014
34695482Operator Operator Quest 13The end of the beginning.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-09-07 6 
35171395Operator Operator Quest 14A good drink can wipe the sweat and soot off your mind. Or..?Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-09-28 5 
October 2014
35520304Operator Operator Quest 15Years pass and people change. But some things must be remembered. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-10-14 6 
35625438Operator Operator Quest 16Terrorists attack the lab. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-10-20 5 
November 2014
35920567Operator Operator Quest 17Darius plans a daring escape and plays grab ass on the way.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim 2014-11-04 9 
36198903Operator Operator Quest 18Darius wakes up and is presented with a bevy of options. Gradually.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-11-17 6 
December 2014
36891742Operator Operator Quest 19In which not much happens.Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-12-22 2 
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