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November 2011
17065352In the SwamplandsAnon wishes to know how a civilization based in marsh/bog areas would work. /tg/ reponds, and we soon get Cajun bayou-dwelling lizardmen spearhunters who wear armor made from gator leather and giant-swamp-beetle chitin.swamp, marsh, bog, lizardman, hunting, gators, spear-throwers2011-11-30 5 
June 2012
19568525Fortune: Evolution Game 6-2 (Swamps)The swamp regions become home to water-striding ticks, ant-like frogs, godfather crabs, snapping turtles, and the skies fill with flying fish of every kind. Welcome to the Bayou, now paddle faster, I hear banjos!Fortune Evolution, evolution, evo, game, swamps, bayou, bog2012-06-23 5 
May 2013
24762261Swamp Lizardmen Civilization Game #1Escaping from our dwarven captors, the tribe of lizardmen face further tyranny from their reptilian brothers and are forced to hide inside an old underground ruin.Generic, civilization game, civilization, game, swamp, lizardmen, lizardman, collective game2013-05-11 10 
August 2013
26562425Civ Quest: Murderous Zealous Swamp Dryads Edition/tg/ plays as a nation of human hating Dryads, forced out of their forest homes by (you guessed it) humans. They swear revenge, and then get attacked by warring Lizardmen. A druid gets injured, and a Dryad killed. Collective Game, Civ Quest, Swamp Dryads2013-08-12 0 
May 2017
53209134Lord Farquaad's Bounty OfficeLord Farquaad accepts bounties on all fairy-tale creatures.Farquaad, Shrek, Funny, Shillings, Schillings, Swamp2017-05-16 24 
March 2018
2298775Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 1Another Post Apocalyptic Game begins, run by Strelok with the system developed by GenieStrelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-03-03 2 
2337270Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 2Nat 1 makes us black out for 5 turns and our giant serpent brain to leave, control all the zombies, and fight monsters from the deep caves.Strelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-03-12 1 
April 2018
2393470Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 3As the Grave Tribe is returning to normalcy, we sense a target of opportunity and send our hunters, but things are never simpleStrelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-04-04 1 
October 2020
4476525Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 1In which we meet Jakob Absol, lord of the swamp, inter our father, have a vision of our own death, and go to a partySwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-10-09 18 
4486372Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 2Minor Lightning Stroke, apply directly to the foreheadSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-10-21 10 
November 2020
4501524Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 3The first day of lordshipSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-11-04 8 
4520521Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 4The First BattleSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-11-15 6 
4533170Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 5In which Jakob receives the delegation from the Ryd Mountains and interrogates the Night HuntersSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-11-28 7 
December 2020
4550865Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 6Battle plans, catfights, and the basic rundown on MihtoismSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2020-12-09 6 
January 2021
4564094Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 7The TrialSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-01-03 6 
February 2021
4595830Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 8Well, Well!Swamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-02-06 2 
March 2021
4638311Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 9The aftermath of the Well and arrival at Kidney LakeSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-03-05 2 
4682032Swamp Lord Quest #10In which O-Tora and Daisuke cross bladesSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-03-14 2 
May 2021
4735471Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 11Ignore the description of the last one, it's WRONG! Mea culpa! After taking the Sunken Tower, Jakob deals with victory and new treacherySwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-05-02 2 
4793657Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 12A council of war and a short breakSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-05-29 1 
April 2022
5182912(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 3Here you go, abducting hotties and dropping bodies again! Blackmail, lies, corruption, rough sex, and murder, all hiding in plain sight!! Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Skeletor, Toothpaste, Rape, Sex, Detective, Cop, Harem, Coom, Thriller, Twist, Blackmail, Velton, USA, Swamp2022-04-06 2 
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