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May 2011
15108500Stuffed Bunny QuestMr Fuffles comes alive to help his owner by writing letters.Stuffed Bunny Quest, Quest, Collective Game,2011-05-31 8 
June 2012
19535955Stupid Bunny on Drugs QuestA stupid bunny does drugs.Collective Game, Drugs, Animal Crossing, Bunny. Nice Teeth2012-06-19 7 
September 2012
20762850TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume TenMostly Worldbuilding with lighthearted fare. Scottish Rabbit-folk are detailed. Harbinger has a slice of life moment.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears, fey, bunny girls2012-09-18 10 
June 2013
25594732A tale of a rabbit, a hobbit and that dmAnon appears with a story-time of much bullshittery inflicted by a rail-roading DM, and one plucky rabbit that manages to survive it. A game of kill the wabbit ensues.storytime, that dm, one lucky bunny2013-06-23 46 
February 2014
30542753Moon Rabbit Quest [Oneshot]An adventurous moon bunny looks for his friendsMoon Rabbit Quest, Collective Game, bunny, cute, rabbit2014-02-28 12 
September 2014
34936025Pansexual Tucute Bunnykin Quest 1we Fight the Patriarcy rather ineffectively and try to sneak to play a video game.Satire, Collective Game, Pansexual Tucute Bunnykin Quest2014-09-18 11 
November 2014
36316393The Buns! Quest Episode 2Miko breaks into a restaurantcollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, freaking out, in a restaurant, tfw almost bunny get2014-11-22 1 
36340628The Buns! Quest Episode 3Wherein Miko gets people to open a fridgecollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, bunny get, lionhead, aww yiss2014-11-23 1 
December 2014
36581571Daughter of a Tyrant Quest Part 2Princess sets out, picks up a sidequest. Has not yet touched fluffy tail.Daughter of a Tyrant Quest, Fist Mage, Mad Scientist, Princesses, Bunny, Wolf2014-12-05 11 
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